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Cranbrook Herald Sep 6, 1917

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i | ISH i 111      IKIA    	
.\i .Mi-.Ki; 3d
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
fm&*llr**m*l**lmtS**As**slmm>   SS*m%.   ** <*%********,* ' ****%•• **».%' ****\tl
Will lilw* Illustrated Lecture een
"Tlio Meld* nl' I'n !*"
There la u Ural in store tor those
wlm i'iiii attend llu. Illustruteil lecture
nexl w.'ilii.'silii.v evening, tlrsl day of
the Pair, ni ih.. Auditorium, by Cnpt.
Julia VV, llonsliaw, Vancouver.   Tlio
li'riiii i "The Hold, ul' le'rnnco" will
begin ul 8 o'clock; admission 26 conU,
'I'ln* following in i'i  i, Inlicn rrom
tin' Dally Colonial:
wiii'n i'iiii. .lulu, w  llenilinw inn
IIU In k|>i'|iI< lust  |,lulu ,u Hi,. Ali'Viili
lira ''lui' mi hor observations nl tin*
war In.ut. there was nol ;i snii m*.
orciiiilod in tho onllre undllorliim, and
eager llitonar* i.ii„„i In the roco oi
ni Un' i.in*, making up on nudlonco
whirl) mu: i hnvt. iniiulii'i'i'il over BOO
Arranai'iiii'iils    Menli'    lee    t'lili'i'lain
liclcmilcs  Tu   Tuke   Charge  nf
ltl>l,r|.sliini.|il   IliKilhs til   I'iiii*
The rogular monthly meeting nf
Hn. Womon'B Institute win. weell attended mi Tuosday afternoon nt He
Tin. II 'able J  11. Kin*;. Minister
nl' Public Works, ami Mi-. King arrived in tin* clly mi Monday fen* a Bhorl
visit uiiii trlends and relatives While
hero Hn' Honorable Minister will n-
Pnrlsh   Hull,  presided ovor by  Mrs.  view the work ln thia dlatrlct coming   "'
W. n. MePnrlono.   Owing to tho ill-  under   Ills   deportment.     Combining
ness nf Ur*.. .1. W. Burton, Mrs. .1  w. | plonsiire wltli liu*.iiie'.-s he motored in
Spence  Mildly   nclodl us   Booretary \ si  Marys Lake with Mra. King and ie
Vrrnngemonla    wet-re  made    I'm* the  party nf rrienda "n Tuesday ami re-
.i.iiifiii'i    nml outortal 'nl    .it the  turned Wednesday nml  rcimris huv-:
dulogales win, win visit Cranbrook at lng had a v.-ry enjoyebl ting    II*
Hm ini'iii.iiiiiliiii Convention em Sop-1 addressed .;  n ting nf Hn*  Liberal
Association in tlio Committee Room mi
tenibor Mill, _Qt]i and 117th ol tin*
Parish Hull ami the Prosident hopoil
ti. see a full olleiidnnce nf members
mnl I'.i'i.'iiii. ni Hi.' rocoptlon  lm
iii-:,i  ni'ii'i'iiiHiii.   Tin-  progrnm  in o
M'i> full .iim donling wlili lum co*
nomlcs, child-training, health sel io,
nf  III.
evontng giving   a lirirf
aglslatlan passi .1 by
It is witli considerable regret thai
we have in 11111111111111' Hn receipt nf a
telegram in Cranhrook yesterday conveying   tin-  Bad   intellige   nf  llm
death in Lethbridge ..f Mr. .1. .1 Ken-
Mr Kennedy wai '..ill atul
favorably known here having lived
I:.*!*.- fur many years previous tn i,i>
moving tn Lethbridge apoul four yeara
ago Hi* wa- in cliarge nl tun paint*
Ing de|>artmenl nr tlm ''   P   it    He
:■"    ed  a   mosl   gi nlal  and   kind
benrted disposition and was o very
Mgl i> eslcemed ami res t.*.) citizen.    II.' leaves in imitii'ii Iii    loss a
Former Editor ol Prospector Passed
lee  hie.   Heivartl   Funeral  at
Winnipeg Today
Tha mysterious hand nf death lia. 1
removed a 'nrmer resident "f iliis city '
in the poraon of Prank M. Christian, ,
wlm succumbed t.. typhoid  fever nt '
1 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sunday last, after J •
111*.!   Willi.TV
llm  tin
Bl'ssliill   nl'   tlm   local    HOUSO.     Tlmt'.'
was a lur-m mnl very enthusiastic turn
iml lit llm Committee Rooms tn wel-
vi'lfe anil two children in wl 1 tlm
Herald extonda lis very siucerc ami
heartrell sympatl le
Cnpt. Hon
pally In llu*
111II1111 Tom
sketched llu
lay prime).
10,   anil   sli
I,' "Blight)
onses trom the bnttlefleld tn tlm Eng.
llsh convaiesccnt hospltnl us only oue
uf actual exporlenco, win, had poi'son-
ally visited tlm places shown in tlm
Inntorn sllele.s presented, could, Hit
narntive was recited in easy, ontor-
tnintng language bul tne slory she un-
tolded of tlm courage, Buffering ami
sacrifice nf Canada's suns in Prance
was gripping and Impassioned.
Twice IViiutuli'ii llcsii'ic V. I*.
"When iim boys gn out tu Franco tlm :
first time it is hip-hurrah, atul the
liniiils are playing," declared Cnpt.
Ilciisliaw. "When they are first wmin-1
ded, they taste nf tlu* anguish uf war.
but thoy gu hack again, cheerful and
Kind tei get there. Hut when they nre I
wounded again ami mitsl return tn tlie
HI THE FRONT r5,,!1::::"
patriotic  work otc. etc   nnil all  tlie come the Minister wlm was In
miljjpcin will lir given by capable men ! Id   rorm  and   His  addresa   *
uml women specinllsta mi tlie several j much enjoyed by all those pros
tiuestloiiH.    Tho   visit   of   Mr.   \V.   E.
,,| Scott iiu* Snporlntondonl ni' VV. I. (or
it r.. is eargorly antlclpatod together
wiiii other dignitaries nf the Advh
ory Board.   Music will Iw InterBpcn
nl   ami   several   popular   ladles oi
Cranbrook    have   vohin towed   their
sei'vlcoa for the severnl sessions.
Tlie advisability nf serving refreshments at the Fair next week was ilis-
eussed and finally it was decided tn
j ih* su. Mrs, Geo. Smith hettis elected
! as convenor. It is expected that
■ tbere will be nn sale tea. eoffee. enke,
snndwlcliefl. iee cream, candy, fruit.
pop-corn, cigars etc., and nil proceeds
will bo used fnr patriotic work.   Donations of candy, and  home cookiiiE
will in- gathered in at the I. 0. P. K.
Rooms on .Norbury Avenue as early
as  possible on  tlie morning nf Sep-
fin their sleeve In
home will not do their
much.   Any man who
lackers at !
it is too : .
go back i
tember 12th.   The President earnest-
riglvting line, wearing two gold stripes | iy  r(,uestet|  tne .....operation  or the
members towards making this effort
j a big success, nnt only for the reputation of tin* Institute but equally for
'■ "    r »■<•  1'rn,lt ,im'ithe  good  of the  Fair  generally and
tin* debt we owe tn "nur bnys" who
aire co.ist.uitly "carrying on" the war.
Mrs.   Hersey  varied   the   program
wiih a capital demonstration nn to-
twice deserves the Victoria Cross."
Watch.v»rd is Ki'i'iciein'j
Turning tn the work of the hosplt?
als, she said that their watchword wat
efficiency.   Tl
tin-  medical   :
Flanders, as well as iu England, was
le organization ol   mato cunning and tlte making of to-
-  KL   1'i''1 '"■   ■ll"1 . inato jelly which was handed round
with refreshments Inter on.   The ran*
mngnltlcent, nml the untiring devotion H|c ffM |„ tIl(. ],.nll]s 0- -v(rgi Ja(lk
to duty superb   "Yon who have rein- Thompson,   Mrs   .].   Kennedy  kindly
lives at the  front."  site said, "must assisting.
realize that  when wounded they are PCl- ..n,ir BoyB« prr,ce]a to oe som
''" for Christmas, 19 pairs of socks were
receiving as careful and as skilful
■ftBrtttm unfiv ,1? m.-, '...".ii: ...... .:: ..*■ r$^Tn7i\~~
nt   limni'."    The  hospitals,  she  said. V'otes of sympathy  were expressed
wee of varied exteriors, but all  had „,   \H,hn]( of Mrs   *#   H   nrowil mid
the same equipment, modelled along
the most effective and scientific lines.
When she was In France two years
ago she had been told that conditions
could imt be Improved, but her last ;.,
visit had proved thai tbey had been,
that what bad been efficient then wus
now perfect.
Co tu forts Needed
Some of the things most needed by   pt
the men in the trent hev during tho  r<
Mrs. Christian, senr, in tbeir bereavement sustained by the loss of their
ri spectlve sons.
The meeting dosed with tli
sill IT -
of tlu
"National Anthem.'
\ HKXAra
Saskatoon Star, which sup
tported the Liberal pnrty In th-
ant  election,  says  it   regards ih*
a three week's Illness,   Mr. Christian
was in the 37th year nf his age.
The deceased was n native of Grimsby, Kngland, and came to Cran book in
where lie engaged In the printing with the Herald, being compositor
tm- two years, ami later Identified himself with the husiness end of ihe concern    under  the    late  F,  .1   Deane,
Ahout   n   year  later  he  severed   hla
connection with tho Hen Id and undertook the business end of the Prospector,   tho   pioneer   newspaper   of  the
Kootenays     lie   eventually   secured
control of thai  sheet  and  for three
y.ars edited  and  managed the concern until about two years ago, when,
along wltll many othor country week-
Mr. \ CI. Langley,  he resident mill-1 lies, tlio Prospector was laid to rest
ing engineer tor both Wesl und Fast   [,,  the journalistic cemetery.
| Kootenay,    has a  matter    of nearly,    i,ilst  November  Mr.  Christian   bo-
1 square miles of ter-   cured a lucrative position in the print-
The' lli-iil. in Hilii:'** I nieiliiTi-
We nro iiulcliiieil iee Mr. Frank Cnrl-
worried  to
I liis moat itn
Hi. la called hero nnd
there. Every poinl is
nml i.uiiii il' lie bcllerea
wlm hurry hint elny nml nlgllt,
son tor the following letter, received j x,, doubl lie Ims his linn' i-nril inure'
by Mm trom Snppor John Foamo.      tjthnn (Hied, Imi nnyliojy, he hna not
llllll'   tu
■alii by
hut he I
nil nf II
Dear Frlond.- No doubt ynn may
think me ilond but I am still kicking;
wus over to France mid geet wounded
lnsl October In tlle Somme battles;
yuu remember I belonged to the
102nd  Battalion, Warden's Warriors.
Ing department of the T. Enton Co.,
nt Winnipeg, his family following In
tho early spring.
Ills removal  has caused  profound
sorrow   nmong   tho   membilrslilp  of
Orescent   Lodge,  No.  S3,  Knigllts  eef
iiliniiik illalficl yet,   It Is j pytlilas, wiio. by reason of close asso-
mliors of tbe profess! -lation witb him. know him best and
:ie of ihu oldcl f the ' nppreclnted   his   storllng   character,
Coats and Suits
ForFall f
rlli. Tlmt Is tin' clnas of
inun we wnnt. When lie comes he will
bo welcome, We feel. RoniPbow, thut
Alf will como when ho possibly run do
The boys did get a hell of a cutting I       ,., (|(  .„!|sml v„n ,„„„„,,
up; many arc killed, I do not know I      r|m| ,_„„ „,„, „„, ,,„., ,, „ ,„
ull but will name a fow:   Lett  wns|ln roo o „, „,o „,,,„■., lirim|)i||.
i iu residence ul the fnrtbosl
poinl from t'rnnhrook, Hint Is. Revel-
rherp is ii mattlr nf six milea
| nf good  wngon  rond constructed  hy
tlie Victor Mining Company ir Fori
I Steele waiting for his n K.  The manager is now packing do,\vn the oro tei
j tin' trunk rond in Hn' valley and tins
lei a contract to Mr. V B. Fenwick eef
Fori Steele in haul M bj i..itor truck
to the railway station. This looks like
Mr. Joaoph Ityan has effected thr
killed,  nlso  Hill.  Reed,  McLaughlin
wus blown to pieces; Harker, Thorn-,   (1
ns were wounded, nisei Hotter, Dick; |   "'
Thomas was to be sent to Cannda a
cripple;   Smithy,   Wnn  sang  "Adam
nover imd no Mummy." best his left
leu; seers wus wounded hul is hack
in  France nn are  llarker. Thomas;
Haggarty wus ulso wounded hut  is
back   tn  France  again.    There'  are
many ntliors I cannot think of wlm
wore   wiiiiiided   nnd   killed.    Lieut,
Lister   was   mode   Major,   is   nlsoL;' .   .,„...        ,„   ,.,. „„
wounded, how lueel 1 know not; he gol
It this spring.    There Is only a  tew j
nf the mu 102nd left nr was when 1
last  henrd from there.
splendid   porsonnllly,   cheerful   dli
position iititl   fnithtul   adheroncc  i
the principles eef Ills bulge*.    Hi* OCCII-   , >
pioil aevornl Important offlcca In tho   '
.,l,„,„    I,,,I,,..     I,,,1,11,,,,    ,l,,,l    ,,)'    _.,.ii„,
Ryder Bar, Moyle Illver
Mr Teddy Wntta of Wattsburg, to Mr
A. n. Nash, M. I*:., nf Nelson, for a very
satisfactory price.    Me   f»'ash is i***-
peeted let to make his preliminary ex
amination nf the -.'nnni'l ley tin' lllth
Inst John 11. Hawkins, tlie owner of
the placer lease of thc ground is nnw
ut the fronl und his Interests are being looked nfter hy Mi*. Teddy Walls.
\   Mineral   I \liiliil~ al  Hie  tall  l'air
ruining winter, ('apt. Honshu
wore trench caps ami muffloi
Imli tnitts. sleeveless sweater
uml nil sen-Is of woollen cloth
aid.  "bare  possibility of tlle election ofj log,    He wlll  mnke a  good  one
iu'-  Sir Wilfred  Lnutler as the gravest' that, I'm sure.
.'ks  danger Canada 1ms faced sltu-p con-     This wur is by no means over >
federation "   Ouelpli Herald i those Oermans are stayers and I
Frank 'Calupbell, (li'iergt* Crow, Cub
Robinson nnil Ilenrgi* Lung. Joined
the Brigade thiimpline packers, and
I've heard Ihey won the distinguished conducl medals. They suit were
entitled to them the wny they worked carrying up bombs and ammunition tn us uver open ground, no cover
for  them. '•    " "«• heen dec I to huve a good
Colonel Wnrden had Hie fever and and representative exhibit of the local
was In the hospital in France a lung i minerals uml ores al the Full Fair on
lime lnsl winter and spring, but is the 12th nud ISth Instants. Now that
people ull around us. uml even imitiy
nf those with us here In Cranbrook,
are becoming actively Interested in
ih,, minerals of tlie elisiriet, it hns been
further decided thut there will be in
(Continued on page four)
abovo lodge,  holding Hinl  of
 I  Inlor   VI Cllnncollor,    He  wus
a member uf the Insurii lopnrt-
nient of Hie. snme. lodge. Tlte funeral
is being hold unilor the direction of the
local lodge.
The deceased  wus also a chnrter
member eef Cranbrook Typographical
Union.    Prior tn coming to C ids
Mr.   Christian   j nioyeil   to  soveral
Important cities in (Iermany, whore ho
, mado n  siiuiy of color printing, an
'mportnnt branch of lhe or! preservu-
Ive nl' nrts.
There are left to mourn bis loss an
iged   mother,  who   left  Tuosday   lo
..nun.id bj  attend the funeral, a  wife uml two
small children.   The funeral wns held
today   (Thursday).
Frank Christian  has "pone  west."
Mny the Lord rest liis 801,1,
OIK Lnniii'iiis ini* i'iiii Sciisun linvp ntlrnellvi*
sum rl tie's*, hi stylo Htlll I'Mi'H in i'iiii I in I Inui*; h
ni'i'ri-i'il ill |iii|iiiliir |iriri's,
Wc have ii lurge nssortiiiciil of -.lylov from
llu. li'itdim* design ers nml u generous rnnge ol
iniiterlnls from trhcli lo select.
He* cordially Invite ynu to Inspect nur caller-
lion nt' nutlientlc nml exclusive designs.
len.'k again.   I've henrd Joe Preston
is taking a course lie Officers' Traln-
i*i* another wlntor in store fnr ns on
The Reign of Thuggery versus
The Reign of the Common People
t    I*    WATTS
I HtMlllllllh   Mill   MITKS
_.   He,*  firing lim*.
Now for news nf myself ateel linings.
! I gut hurried nnd Mown up een the
31st October, ami wns semi lo Kng-1 The Poultry, Pigeon
land suffering from shell shook; I Journal of Victoria, B
could met stand me my feet for over 1 three yeailj* subscript!
three weeks nnd was very nervous; | nni as special prlzt
tl nt
H ui ij  i>.  useless to appeal In the
mi   ol  humanity to the hide-bound
partisans of either shit* ns thoy nre
in iiu' business of politics for a pur-
' . Ir ii,.ils aro on record and
they cannot escape Wo final reckoning,    Luckily  Hi.*  rank  nnd  file of
both parties a huge majority do nol
ml Petstock
. is offering
iu Us Jour-
for dressed
Id   I   talk,  had  lost  my I Poultry, Eggs and Rnbblta.
k | belong in that clans, and with then
roposes the power seldom used li
null ihe machine elemcnl whicli
usurps the rights of the peoplo
Vears .im. I wus ploading wiih a popular Premier in abolish the machine
tlie uintlvo powor of which is polltl-
■ ii inn' igc, il.,* dispensers   if the
spoils of offlco .v,. A..,,;   i,  Indicated
Hint Hn. party could nol be held lo-
gothor  will t  it. nml Him   he  wus
powerless to enforce It.   A member
m Parliament staled ho held bis s	
I'llll  II
ll„„ lhe Kleclornle Is li led oi Its
II ighl-
Th..   problem ot   attneking abuses
without Incurring the mall	
cnlprlls, I- one I simll not try lo se.lv.'
especial!) ns lii.u particular chi aro
i,„l,ii lho Impedlmontl, Iho stumbling
i.i,,, i. |n Un* way of unifying all true
patriots wlm un' proparetl
parly and other "ism tor lhe one
grand ond In view, for which hundreds
ul thousands ol lhe beat and bravi i In
Canada have offored to sacrlfli a tholr
nil iii Iili* nm! whom wu wlm are lefl
promised lo supporl wilh mn* lust mon
<ni,i onr laal dollar,   Vol In reply to
n,,. or)   fur ■■ i. tor help   some
eallousl) reply, this muni  lei h	
by purl) llghl i"i' !'*'»'i ma!) i noli
men nnd llieir associates nnd you will
Uml thoy in" allied with tho automatons nl political suing pullers, wl )  vlrlt f bis prlvllogo ot dlspona-
voluo powor nmI spoils bcfoi-i duly, In   lng lho pooplo's money nnd Jobs and
tholr selfish   pin-siilUi dn   they ovor  that if patronage wus taken from hlni
pause to t le I iiK whal tho HmbloBs, eye-  ho would bo el.* .v nnd out.
less, miiiini'il uml crippled buys* the      A minister ul' puoiie works niem-
iiiuthiTii. fathers, sisters, wives uml  ber uf n Pratrle Ooverninont told me
willows, will  havo In suy In Hie mis- 111,' dotnlis nf Ills ntlelllpls to get Ills
croants   whu   mil   only   llodgo   eleelng party tn uhnllsh the vile system, ns bo
their duly, imt try to fnlteu un tho perslatcd im was persecuted to sueh
misfortunes  nf  heroes,    Thoso   who nn extern! ley the machine element in
sot pnrlylain today beforo Huir plain both parties that In' retired from Hie
duly,  will  bu nl   lonsl  suspected nf pollllcol arena In disgust,
belonging tu thai einss. This mil system I hnve time end
Lum: dreary duys  will follow lhe again  discussed  wiih   four different
wnr. Hie ngonized  memories of the Premiers, some of whom were most
l'olutlvt's nl' ilu> lost will lei* acute und ' doslrdus nl   abolishing   the   system.
Hi,, determined nnd iusi vengonnco nf toil their colleagues instead of being
Hie   hundreds  nf  thousands  nf  re- the  peoples nml  tlm  Promler'a scr-
nirni'il  heroes  will   I oncontrnted vants  were the masters nml  would
and tholr wrath, wlll full without huve num. nf it I suggested having
morcy em ll lprlls, Hum right, lho subjool openly discussed In Portent might nnil trickery, will reign, Moment su Hint lhe people could
uml modern thuggery will bn dopns- loam how their representatives, the
oil. Tlm Anglo-Saxon Invu of jus- llnlliirnble members, stood, but Hint
lice wlll exterminate Hint Just us could not he done until Ihe parly In
surely aa ll exterminated tho ami,mi (Continued nn pugo timr)
Bpeecll lur three weeks nnd ynu run ,\t the lust meeting of tin* Directors
Imagine how glad 1 wns when nne ! || lvas decided to divide ihe Basoball
morning us the nurse came around puree into throe prizes Instead o( two.
1 said gnnil morning the Bame aa First prize 175.00; second prize -jr.o.en
usual tn her    1 nm nnw transferred third prize 52.-V.00.
a-oitple, extra lady ■.'*, cents. There
will be a further charge nl 25 cents
for refreshments, supplied by Mr. It
The refreshment booths ten the Fair
grounds will be in charge of the ladles ui tlie Women's institute.
As there remains but a few elnys
limn* I'm* lhe opening uf tin* Lust
Kootenny Full Fair, ihe Directors
who huve worked hard ami conaclen-
tlously would like to make* o final
appeal in all tbe farmers, poultrymen,
ranchers, fruit growers, ete... nf I'rnu-
brook unit District to bring iu all thc
exhlblta they poeolbly can, and tu
make a showing this ycur that will
lent rival anything ever attempted before in the* history nf Cranbrook Fall
Fairs. They would nlso like tn mnke
., final appeal tu the business public
,if Cranbrook and Dlstrlcl fur their
wholehearted support In order '."
bring Hm Fair this year in a greater
success ihan ever luetli financially ami
The Cranbrook Jnhhers Limited will
huve a  big  display of various com-
 Iltlus and specialities nf food lines
nt Hie Fair on ihe second day of the
In  llu* Canadian  Engineers, sn will I    Tho Ladles Work, Cockcry, and the I ppir.   Samples wlll bc hooded out to
nut  see  ihe  ifiiim]  again     Here  Is Flowers and Plants Departments wlll j householders     Don't   forgel  lo  give
news  I'm* ynu!   I  was married  tn all j he
Irish las,' last month, June r.th: got ! in,
uler the supervision uf llu* We.
Institute with Mrs   W, I'.   Mr
n fine gnnd girl too. so I'm very eoo-
H'oieil thai way. I expect to go to
France very snnn again sn this will
i he the lnsl letter ynu will gel [rom
me In England,
I wish I wus In Cranbrook m-riii:
In*ll with this wnr. hul mny as well! The lecturer
Farlano as Superintendent.
Tlini,.  attending  the   Fair  should
nut miss the Illustruteil locture In the
Auditorium   by  Capt.  Julia   W,   lien-   for llelT
shaw.  "The  Field.-   nl   France," iiii I _
Wednesday    evening tin
spent tl
them n visit lining th.. Full*.    Yuu will
iiiiss something worth having if ynu
■ In. Thev will show ynu how tu re-
illiee  Illl. enst of living.
Cranbrook  Fall  Fair Notes exeunt
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
JVM   iiHfc W imr\fs t* mtljfs *S    **$****>   *1tf**^s*lS*ft***mrmS\f* ■ i tr\\fs, at
sit   ..- -   ,    "^      . *"_—_--___. _.! tS3sasssss*J***Mm*******M*M**S*s************M
Motorists Attention!
It matters not what car you drive,
we are always at your service
Another Carload of
expected this week    The price is
$571.00 fob   Cranbrook
The Hanson Garage
ile and t..i<t' iliim:*' us they come, ter  in   Franco end  will  tell nf the
Will close for mi* time,   (in-Mincs i ™"rnRp. Buffering enjl  uacrlfu
tin* Canadian sens in France.   During
i  ,:,. ,   ,-,.*, v.-1, ...,...■■■.   i .  (l.|t,ie eventnj. neveml wu leal numbers
,   '     . i will  ii,. rondored  by  tin-  b.-t   local.
tal eut,   Locture begins at .** o clock I
and the admission will be 2fi eotitu
in  nrtditlon  to the  special  prlaes
which havo already been specified in
tho Supplementary Mal we have i n
advised  by tho Cranbrook  Trading
Company  thai   tho  Western  Canada
in ynursplf ni-'l *viiv.
I. \ IHMC DAY   \T Kl Mill CI I \
Labor Day waa a bin day nl Klmhor
ley Mils year and many from Cran
hrook journeyed there for the day.   fn  Flowr Mmltod, are further donating
tlu* morning ami at Intervals during
tlu* afternoon running, jumping, nml
other sports took place, in the afternoon a game of baseball waa staged
between Kimberley and Cranhrook resulting in a win for Kimberley to the
titno uf 13—8,   Cranhrook wns ploy-
llu* fnilmvinK prizes: For tiie besl 2
loaves of bread baked from "B & K"
flour: Ist prlae, 2481b sacks '■!. \ K"
flour; 2nd prize, l-OStb Back "» &• K",
(lour; 3rd prlae. M!-'1' sock "it & K" j
flour; itli prize. 1-24lb sack "it & K"
flour.   The prizes arc behifr donated '
inn witiiout some of ber best players,|l*irough Tiie Cranhrook Trndlnu Ct
wlilcli no iloiilit mnde llie score somewhat  more  different  than   it   would
otherwise havo been.
In the ovonlng a dance was Riven in
the pool room atul it was crowded to
capacity,   Tho cranhrook Orchestra
supplied the music in their UHial excellent manner, tho floor wus in first
class shape atul everyone In good humor could only result In one thing-
All Al tlmo for all who were present.
The dance lirokn up about :t.:to a.m.
Exhibitors to die Fair will pleat
take notice that nll entries may he
mulled io Uio Secretary up tn Saturday tho sth Inst.
All Exhibits shli 1 by oxpress or
freiffht and addressed lo tiie Secretary or Unnnl of Managers of tho
Fair will Ho properly looked after and
conveyed to tin* pair ground
Thero will bo u danco held in dm
Auditorium on tho second evening
of the Pair under the nnsplcoa nf the
AHsni'liitlon.      Admission    $1.00    per
FREE!      FREE!
Edison's New
ReCreated Music
Llslen i" the laifsi popular songs
rn the dat, bear the nffl tlowr rcrunl-,
IMcn \o the net*, hand -elcclinus, some
i'iiii* vaudeville recrinls loo!
..Iirluu jour friends, llmj ttiu tu* rc«
froHbed bj thi* deiifiiiinl music.
We want ymi lo lie skeptical i .M'o
iranl yon to demand proof (haf llie
New Kdison Is what we claim it to
be We shall --how you actual photographs "i ureal artist* -iii!_iru_ ami
playing in direct cr.ntpiiri-.iin iiitlt
Kdlson's Ke-CreaUon of their work.
. Then wc -hall ask yon t« li-ten and
judge for yourself.
We   are  conlent   to  uhide   In   jour
Cranbrook   Drug &  Book Company
THURSDAY, SKIT,  lilli.  1017
.■)    Ill,    .MTU!!'!', pt'l- III, !I2C
Per dozen 15c
li'i'sh   Killed —
l'l I III*.
Uur Aim—
"I'linlilj  \ Servile"
"poctf .l-luSRsft    JS
reduction in
tlieso Is tlte enormous nornial waste
(mnl in cities and towos,   The city
I lin' i.ui under the iiiiiectus of the
s.iviiiK Campaign"  shows 630 ions
;ss wastage l",er the nionth ot June.
It you have
ls hot keepi
l.'t  lis
orgltml condition.
Good Wurli   1'nir Prices* anil
\n  Held).
\e-\l le. III.- I'.'.l Ofllce
l. I*. il. Ilul.li luspnliii*.
li.  \. leu-, Miiiiiii*i*i*.
II.   I.   Ili'illi'.   Si'iri'lui'j   nml   Kdlloi'
and mm miles I
when  mi   Hi"  alter-  ,
wai*,. eel* ,i  lorpedo,  ,
ion in* In* *'."lil give  "
dp wos struck amid-   i
wu,. Injured by u tnl-
i. wholo nt llio crew      Practical help tor housewives Is bp-
owaways took lo the  lag given in Ottawa, aad other cities,
submarine shut away where tho women's organizations are
the wireless apparatus ot the stricken carrying on demonstrations in tho
vossol. Tho boats wore ordered to ap-1 canning, drying anil storing of vege-
proach llio submarine, and the men tablos and fruits. Tlie Food Control-
to get oa board, in- attended the opening demonstro
Cnptnln  Hassan wns taken  below,  lion al Ottawa and guv
nml Iii" erew wen  lined on the deck   dorsnlion in tlio movement.
mnl ordered lo dlscnrd their lifebelts. —	
These w. re deliberate!)  kicked .hit-   (J %f
board by lho aormans, ul Iso rob I'HKSS  (HMili:\TS
bed Hn*  llrltlsli  aeomell  of nil  thoy   tt tt
possessed    nl' value,    Tin*   Hermans
linn removed llio oars nml balers, otc
from tlir    boats, mnl    pi lied in
smash the boats with nxoa,   Thai il ■
Ihey w.ni  below mi.I the submarine
i rniil.ri.uk. II. I.
lili'iiiliir nib. 1(11"
v. in. e. h. 6Ricc
II,mis li a.m. to S p.in.
Ilogiilux liinncr \ Sliorl Orders
Reasonable Prices
Special  Table   tor   Ladlos.
,**'Si'SK^»la_,       Meel8    evcry
88 _*3__?S   Mo*"-"*' ui«l11
■*-4r_a^_>«§J    at Fraternity
Hull.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially luviteeil.
K  II. McPhee      W. C. Adlard
Secy. N. 0.
"Tho aorninn peril has dlsappoured,
il imi,...,! lliurie wns ever su.-li n tiling.
| Uniergoncy;    Twelve   months   lmvo
j passoel    since my    Right Honorable
trlond, ti,,'  1-ri  Minister, first lu-
montlis, in* more, liave passed since
porll.   Ho saw Oeri iy almost ready
1 in jump al tin' tliroul of Grenl  licit-
nin.    He saw clouds on ii"* boriaon,
I ll>. heard murniers mnl rumblings of
stant thunder,   Bul ray Right linn.
lend today may live in ponce.   Tin'
masphora is pure, tin. sky is clear,
Crunbrook, It. C.
Meets evcry Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
Hie Fraternity Hull
R. C. Curr, C. C.
I>. de Vere Hunt, K. H. _ S.
1'. O. Boi G22
Visiting brethren cordlully Invited to uttend.
know Hi
mil tin* civilized world huve I t deceived nn Hit' eiuestlon."   sir Wilfred
IIVlOtSEAS Cl.lill
Meets in Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
I', m. .m
Membership open   to  British
Visiting   members   cordially
E. Y. Uruke,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
■llie iriitlt is
tin* legitimate
lin* Vaneouve
i 11 La a :i   polltiCI
•ilfri'il Luurlor Is
i of Ignoble clr-
all tlm efforts nf
.■mi elevate blin
i;i:niiA\v    hints    t'A.VADA
Is ih,. report, tokon Inn
Huusard, ol
Polricr in n
nil Hi" cons.
ill by linn. :
iiilinii Upper
a to
II 111
*fc   Sf
Moots  In   the
Parish    Hull
£jS      Ilrst   Tuesday
rf      afternoon   of
*£\        every    montll
*«_ asm. "l '* liru*
^**      Pree.H., Mrs,  W.
ll.  McFarlane.
Soey, Mrs, .1. \v.
Burton, 1*. 0. Box 021.
ah ladies e
o-dially Invited.
Llcensod hy Prov. ('.overnment.
3|ieclol  attention  given to Nervous uiul Rheumatism cases by
Mold ituy Treatment
Build up the. system nnd
Rlcatly IUq nerves Uiroui*h Elcc-
trlc Vibration, lulcriml Kxorciso
Violet  Hay  nnd Ozone, a. per-
ri*rily uutu
ill proeess.
Tric-t ._3 ct&iKiM-L
*'ei u. llCCHAP-fcail
capital nnawor tn the Quel 'onten-
liien lhal it. Is liini' enough I'm' us In
ini,,. irp arms \\h.-n Cnnnda Is at-
"Speaking aboal Hm indemnity tbey
Intend In I'Xa.l from lOngland after
tlm wnr is over, Prince Frederick of
Lowensteln recently In Munich, pro
ims.'il as an Installment Hn* cession ol
Canada to lho Fatherland.
"(Hn- nf llii' many excellcnl reasons
why Herman)* so ardently covets Iliis
..nr fair Ooniinli f Canada Is lo In
found in Hn* following lines nf llu
Rhenish W'estfallsclic SMtung of late
"aormuny will claim Canada as an
Indemnity nl wai*. because this will
pormll Hn' Cerman-Ainorlcans t<>
shako tin* (lnsl nf llm Culled Slates off
tholr r.'.'i mnl pass across the lim* In
Canada, where lho) would live under
Hm folds i.r Hm Germnn rim.:.'"
"Hut r,m yell is board: 'Wo will
tight uml din when Cnnntln is actually
Invaded.' Ci da. honorable gentlemen, Is actually Invaded. Our flglil-
Ing linos, em laud, ar.* Flanders mnl
Um North of France:  lm waterB,
ilmy are llm Nnrlli Sen ami llm Mediterranean. Would ynn rather have
tlii'tn al Halifax or Quebec, am! wail
nil ilmn in fight? Following ihis
snme logic, New Brunswick might say.
nfter Halifax was blockaded by Um
(le'i'iiimi rioot, we are willing to fight.
Iml w,' will wall till si. John or Monc-
lon is attacked,' ami when si. John
ami Moncton wore besieged, Quebec
would shout, -we. nr,' ready in rigid
>, bni only when Quebec is nc-
tunlly Invadod-,' nml when Um glorious obi .lly of Quobec an. Invaded,
Toronto would clamour, 'wail eiuill
Ottnwa is assailed nml then, ley .lieigo.
we will show them whnt Scuts uml
Loyalists can il":' nml when llm holy
city nf Toronto Is in Um throes ni
linn uggrcsslon, Winnipeg and Vnncouvor will sli unconcerned, because
war lias tint been carried yel as far us
! the wild and until)' Wi-I..
I "Tliis pica is a criminally nhsurd
plea. II »•■ wail mull Um shores of
Canada are Invadod, li wlll in* inn
Into: Canada and nil 'mr hopes wlll
be gone Irretrievably."
.nil mi, ri . in
nl llm iitil'oriniin
rlpltated inlo II
mil   ."iL'iim.'l-    w:
ml when Hm torpedo stuck tlm ship,
bul nmi'i'v wns m.i oxtended tn him
by the brutal linns.   On • two of tho
men Iiml mnnnged lo retain life-belts.
ami Bowman evns one nf Um fortnnntc
few.    lin was also an CXcellenl swim-
mer, mm when lm board mm of the
apprentices, a moro Imy nl' aboul 17,
mill Ini' help, lm swam towards hlm,
mnl took blm nndor his care.
Tim horrors nf thai torrlblo struggle
in Um water by brave seamen, need
nnt lm tleseribod. One afler another
Uny sank beneath Um Bitrfnce, Um
victims nl as callous ami as coldblooded n murder thnl Ims over been
committed nn 1 1 or sea.   Bowman
iiitiliniii'il lo support lim apprentice,
ami cheered liim as besl lm coald.
lint llm poor iml grow delirious and
cried In heartrending tonos for liis
mother ami fntlier. Tlm strong man
in,I Um Imy promlsi -I each othor lhat,
if either Biirvlved, t'.:cy would wrllo In
Um othor's relatives, ami tlm poor lad
gave Ids companion it farewell iims-
sugo   in   his   mother thai    his lasl
Illy II. K. Ilnwaril)
"Whut ain limy lining'.'" says Ibc
Inhabitant of Mars in bis fellow as
they peer through tholr telescopes.
"Killing one another, knocking down
bouses, blowing up buildings nnd
spending u colossal tjuantity of labor
in producing till sorts of appliuncos
needed for the killing," lie answers.
Tbe British war debt nf $10,000,000,-
000 Is merely n statement lo the et-
IVct lhat Creat Britain bus burned up
nnd destroyed a mass of commodities
represented by that sum: it now
"in." i pe'eeuiin.'s thnt Uie first annual charge
' oa the labor of tlie country Bliall be
to make tlie peoplo devote a pari of
llieir work tn mailing good what iii
destroyed. This promise is about us
much lllto an assi'i lis iim promise of
a   Sl'llliollllaslcl'   In   liis   scllillul'l'.   tllat I
sillli.llMSSY  IMI MI'KIKH,       ■„,,   ,vti|   io.,.,,  Umn,  an   hour  after
IIOItlillN  imi illl: I'KOI'I.K. school.
  H-'nim Um Individual vlewpolnl the
Tlm I. 'let' Liberals, win. bave nl-   Ciivcrnmellt   lliilld  Is mi  U8S0I   as  llm
...ii . I.,,ni opposed in public owner-   i pie will surd* lm niiiilo in work ll
si i,       ,ii  iletcrmlned thnl the ran-  out.)
a,Ii.m  .'-.nr ill   Itnllwny shall fall In-       A  tax  merely  means Uml   llm CloV
lo llu* hnnih of tho Canadian Pacific ornmenl  tnkos  Iron li  person  til
Hull wny      If Um   Canadian  Pacific corlaln   amoiinl   nl  liis   possessions.
Railway can obtain possession nf llm s,i far, sn good, nr rnthor sn bad, I
I'jiinilinii    Nortltorn    Railway   thoro there la worse in follow lor Um use
nil! lie litlle pro8pocl nl loWOI' fl'olglll    linnle nf tlle g I  lain.I  is In ile'lruy
rates throughout tlm Dominion I'm* a oilier gneeds.
gcnornllon  tn  c     [,ord  Slintigh-      How conies It than that war brings
m'ssy is using  l.iinriei* ami Um anti- nil apparent prosperity along with il'.'j
cnnscrlptlonlBl   Liberals in  Ids  right Tho oxpl.'.nntlou Is a perfectly.simple
agaiasl Um Covcramont ami against one.    In a bunker's pltraco it  s
public ownership,   It is all the easier i living  mpital.   Tlm Government
fm' him in iiu ihis because he himself tnkos recklessly, ami elves lavishly. \
-iiles with them in tlmir opposition lee ns a result of the Uovornmont's war
compulsion as ihe only moans of re- finance,    everybody  is    dipping his;
enforcing  (he  Canndlan  nrmy over- bands doep Into the supply of uccum-
sens.   Ton,nl,,   Daily   News. uhiteil   goods,   without   making   new {
—.  ones.  I'asi   enough  to  replace  them.
Borden lins from the firsl retained Across    the raise    sunlight of  n-ar
Un*  confldenc '  Um soldiers,  lm- prosperity there must  presently fall'
cause be lias always sought the same' "to long shallow of the rising  price j
md   which    tliey nro seeking,    nnil "1 rood    and necessities    that must,
broughl nil available civilian resourc- sooner nr later, starve Um world into
es 1.. Um search.   In the coining crisis peace.
in    Camilla    as    a    result;    Im  will       Wflr   brings   wiiii   it   llm   peculiar I
have  against   him  nil  llm cowards, phenomena of Wnr Prosperity.   Here
llm   shirkers,   llm   aliens,   ami. I am , Is  tho Interpretation of il.    ll   is as
afraid, mosl of the habitants nf Que- 'i' nn Industrious farmer and liis fan*.-'
imc   He will siifter li'iiia the loss nf 'iy bed worked hard I'm* a generation.|
support from those wlm are overseas; nml     nmmassod   flocks     anil   herds,
ami if im goes iii ibe country with tin* haras and buildings, anil gooil stores
traditional candidates, who have long of provisions and grain.   Then In a
It is manufactured
tobaccoin its purest
Tt has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Hang   up your  Pot Lids and know where to
find   them.
thoughts were nr her.  .lie Ilmn „.
imconscious  and  simrtiy afterwards  beon Identified with other and debut- momonl of insanity bad set to work
expired   though   Bowman   supported   "Mo causes, I am afraid tlie forces I I" burn the buildings, tn kill and rte-
lll.ll  for a  furllmr two  hours in  Um   have mentlo I will he two powerful vnur   the  animals,  ami  gorge   lliem-
valnh thnt thoro might be n spark  fer blm.  Canada then for the moment -elves    with  the    grain  and  neenls.
nl life ami thai  help  wiiul mc.    : '■'•' "I ■''' ">"  <™r. save I'or the throwing Um resl away.    In this mad
Cilnsgow Weekly Mainland Record.        forces now thoro.   Pew la Canada aro °W  "'■"  *<•«  oi  Um  family,  more
Tlm foregoing harrowing •■tale ..I'i •'•*'■'■' ■    ''' <"' "*»'<" >'•'"<■ "llollc ove" "'"" liu' ''"''' nibs "is
llm sea" will fill the mind of tlm aver- . forromonts.    Kven  after  n   victory „ silly hands bofore tlm burning homo
i.Ki' person  wiih  horror and detcsta-   Division    is  useless    until  recruited, und leers. "Father it is warmer here
liuti    Hut where Is the place for those   Afl"' ""' s""> • "•"■ »flor *.'lmy we nnil nicer, and there  is inoi'e in eat
dn who havc ceased i wero "all in" until refreshed by new Umn In lhe old days.   Fntlier wc are
night lo obstruct aad  troops,   it (lien, thero he a lapse in prosperous    we hnve    done a good
tho head of tho gov-  Canada the Canadian corps must be thing."     Th™    presently   the    fire
11 who   helpless Inr tlm Umi' being."    A  let- burns eleewn Into ashes anil tlie nlghl
Plains' 'e'1' "f a distinguished Canadian sol- comes and tlm dark, ami where Um
Her in Mr. I*. \V. Thomson, corrcs- \ grain  once stood ami tlm meadows.
;i lent   V'l'   Um   lloslnn   Transcript, I smiled In  lho sun,  the  wolves shall
.vhnin  Im describes a "Warrler In- '• howl ngain, nnd wliere lhe lunnoslead
lellectunl"  nf  Internatloanl   r^puta- «'no there will be graves.   Sueh is the
ion.   Toronto   Daily  News interpretation of War.
 ..  Tlu* farmer anil his family nre tlte
Women's help count much in the In-  lMTHOXAUli   AM'   I'Al.l.S (IN   A\ nation, and tlie idiotic son laughing
reused    production    of    vegetables.              Kr'FICIK.VT lili'Iliill bi'siein llm fin; is the war thcorinl
I'lm Ottawa  Wo n's Cnnudian Club I talking of the boom of trade.
ugluiut i'i
nro fighting nnr bullies nn Um plains I
nf Flnadi is. in order to gain a political advantage hy Um help of a solid
disloyal province ami Irensonohle
aliens over lhe west
has realized llu
its garden proili
m of $121.00 from |    Dismissal of Provinclnl Constable
up to Inst week,    i w. C. Forrester of Creston Is another
I example   nf   rank   violation   by   tho
.Many hoiiBoholds hnve already put  Brewster government nf hs no pat- j
inlo effect beeriess and bacnnless days : ronngo pledge.   Aiier having been for '    ,
Tuesdays and Fridays caelt week ami   H years in the service, during which
lmvo  ipprohonslon nf any' bodily   ho  won   recognition  as an efficient
calamity,   Thoy rather feel c rful  and pnlnitaking officer, Mr. Forrester
:.i tlie sense of duty accomplished.      ; I'M   been   summarily   dismissed by
.  j Attorney-General Fnrrls.   -No reason
What elimination of waste menus: Iis offered.
Silt   lllll U, AS   lllll.   CIIMIIIAii-
I.A I IS Sill ARTHUR li llllll:
frilling of llm Brltlsii population;
Mr   Forrester lias heen dismissed
neb cm
ing money i
hold: filling our llrltlsh brothers' din
in I'   pails,   iiml   finally    winning   tin
dian house-1 •■"' lu'1"1"
lint bccnii
Corn is good rood. Tim
tcciistoincd I" cut '"l'ii
ible rjnantlty. Since' we Know in Con-
ida how in prepare Ii lor consump-
hin. we am going In spare wheal wil-
f failure to do his duty
ie litis refused to "play
favorites."   Ills duly was to curry out
tlm law, without regard In lhe politics
I nf anyone wlm might lee charged with
lins 'ire   breaking il.    He has done so and de-
onsidcr-  Be,'ves t!"' commendation of tlm pub
lic  for Ui
of   III
lay liave antagonised some
ers-l hat-he. * Xelson  Daily1
desire to congratulate you personally on the complete und important success with which your coni-
imitifl of tlm Canadian Corps has beon
inaugurated. Tlie two divisions you [
employed on the 15th inst totally defeated four (ierman divisions, whose
losses an* reliably estimated more
(linn donhh' those suffered by tlie
Cenadian troeeps. iim skill, bravery,
ami determination shown in Um attack and in maintnlalag lhc positions
won against repeateil heavy counterattacks were In all respects admirable.
H'KKE THU.   m:»   I.AIliI
llncly enough for the needs ot i
clgll tellies.
It* fo
De (Udsa Hotel
Hunting ami Fishing
•Unionist Investment Co. Cid
< ki is i nn m> in i: it
A deed Which iinliivalleil llm blackest crimes of lhe bloodthirsty pirates
of former days lias been committed by
llm llci'lllatis against the helpless
crow of the Tyno stenmcr, "Belgian
Prince."   Forty-three men were tuken
hy  a   1* bnal   In   a   spot   nil   tb"   whle
ocean where tlioro appeared In be
nn chance of oscnplng, ami were then
cast Inlo Ihe sen to drown like rats.
Fortunately tliree of llm helpless victims    -vere   rescued,   anil   they   have
lived lee make known In the world line
utter savagery lo which tlm Huns can
iloscond In tholr Intense haired of lhe
Mr. Thomas Bowman, who was
milking his flral Irlp on lbs "Belgian
While .1. C. Wntlers was egging on
a Sydney audience to fight conscrtp-
  I tion, tlte Sydney audience egged Mr.
Will Crooks, Um British labor mem-j Winters off the stage. This iiiiinlfes-
ber for parliament, says thai rathor tatlon ot dlsagrcomcnl wilh lhe views
than yield to Um barbarian Kaiser lie | "l' Hr. Wntlers will be deplored by all
would sic his own family wiped mil who are Interested In lhe conservn-
iinil every member of tlm iiriiish Km-1 lime of rood, 11 Is possible, however,
pire perish.   II,. knows what Um Tell-  thai Un* eggs wire bail.
ion peril Is. because lm has seen It  ■	
This Is a , .r,l vear In III,, growing | himself.    Will ('rooks could ilo much HORN
of polnlocs in lhe United Sl s.   Tlie   '" l"'l"l*' l'*",i"1" tliro«_t1l llu* struggle 	
crop Is estimated nt 407,000,000 hush- ffil1' ""' »lloll» m" shirkers If be, Stownrd-On Friday, Aug'.si .inih
.•Is being 17 millions more thnn Hm '<>"•" »l»'° """• ■''"' " I'ccrilltlng (nur 1!U7. nl Um Cottage ll»s| Kl, to Mr
record crop nf IIU- Tbe buckwheat '" "''s country. Toronto Mail and nnd Mrs,, w, steward of ibis city, i
Is tho largeal for many years and onla  Empire, son,
(.epulis Uiul of Illl.',. —- '        _______________ ■
Tiie fishery industry in Canada has
received a siiiiuilus by Um campaign
if Um Food Controller. The fish In-
lustry alrcedy employs 08,000 men;
ivor Mini f whicli an* employed in [
im   sea   fisheries   llllll   Uie   balance   ia
lie Inland fisheries
It will pay you to test Giant Stumping Powder
in competition with any other stumping powder.
After using one case of it you will continue to use
it for all of your stumping.   J. L. Eidson writes:
"I have used practically every powder on the
market and find there is more strength in Giant
Stumping Powder than in any otlier. Neither I
nor my men had the least hit of trouble in getting the very best results."
will get your stumps out cleanest atul cheapest
because it is made especially
for blasting stumps in
British Columbia. It is the
pioneer Canadian stumping
powder, made in British
Columbia for 32 years.
Free Book
Vancouver, B.*.C.
S.„J ene your book, " Hrur, I'a.niinr »lih
omit stumping I'onilrr." I ,n, iuteiaatf-l la
tha it-biccta *.'t.i,*li I ba.e *»,,kr.l X,
You will want **££
our free book sa1ln-!t"^,,
oils nt blast-
inn stumps in this section. It was
writtenespecially to cover conditions
in Hritish Columbia. You w ill find
it well worth sending for. Mail the
llHn lmtiii tin* inilwiiiU against famine. U in in Canada's record harvest.,
Muny city employees havo already on-
Itstcil fur tlio fimu-luirver-t work. In
Ontario the Provincial Government
pnys railway faro both wnys. of o'l
men who ao.
Mr. A. II. Brittain, Vice-Prpsldent of
Hip Maritime Pish Corporation, uml
Vir.'-ProM(t<>nt of tlie C'anadlnn FUh-
orlftB Assnriiillnn, declares that fish
in a rlieap nutritive form of (ood nnd ,
Its Intense ii so by tbe public will play
an important part in the solution of
tlie food problem during tho wur in
tbis country.
Domestic economizing is a nnfrintir,
duty, hut if not praetised. tbo time)
might be npprnaohhin when it wlll ■
become a firhu necessity. Potrlotlc
peoplo will agree wltli every word of j j
the Food Controller's odvlco to Can- i
iiili'm contiunierfl. urRlng the necesnily     '
i tf\.'       _»l5       «! •-. ifft       f U      j 1,    .   >
FT F. Dalley. Co. of Cnnmln. LlJ.
11,•„,:>„,,,   Can.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nf Canada. Llnillcil
Olllrt*, Hiiii*llliit: and Itrfliiliii* Di'iinrliiniil
h ill i: I. T !■: it s an ii it i: v i n i: it s
I'lllU'llAHKIIH IIK 1101,1), HII.Vlll, COI'l'Blli I.KAI) AND /.INI! IIUK8
For the Round Trip
Going August 31st to
September 3rd
Sept. 3rd
always via
rixu, 111:11 iin i.iiiit si:m:.Miii:n :,tii
Tuke iielviiiiliiui' (il Hie Siiiiiiiiit's IiinI |iiililii<
liiillilnj li) Knivt'llliiK iiu
Canadian Pacific Railway
Apply any (l. 1*. R. Afient.
II. Iluwmm, Dist. r*n*e«.|ij(cr Agt. Culitiii'j. THURSDAY, SEPT.  Hth.  I1H7
Pt nre three
About One-fourth
Of All Our Boys and Oirls
have   ilorcctlve   vision.
nro  i.'iiiiini)   liniiillriii
their  i>l
il    In
I de
r the eyes In
sel I,   it    nge   when   tho
oyes iii-i' .-.till Immature, has
much tie elo with this apparently abnormal proportion.
Drlng the children to us without delay it you ure ul nil dmilit
(ul ni' ihe condition e.r their
oyes! We will tell yuu frankly
II glnsscs nre necessary, uud lit
litem ir noeded see Unit Hi, ■■ are
I'lirrivl    lee    tho    iasl    detail
glasses thnl will glvi Un* greul-
esl iiiiiuiiiit „r benefit,
W. E. Wilson
ll Id. lll'TII UN
Kilby frames plcturea,
Air. C, W. Ferguson ot Minneapolis,
.ns ji visitor in the cily on Tuesday.
Some line eating apples, $1
j Craubrook Trading Co.
;    N'ieo dry potatoes, $2 50 a cwt; $1.60
j for 50 IbB.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
]    Miss Margaret MccKenzle of Wlnni-
! peg left on Tuosday for Swift Current
Kev,   \\\   II.   Hrldge  wlll  give  h
rowell uddress on Sitndny,
sled ii terestfl and |
■■' ■' 'Mill-',    (illt-
woll :i    ii  it that
Preserving Fruit
I i'i
We are carrying n run hue of hoots   resumed in SI  Marys Hull in 1
ind   slide's. — Criiiilironli    exchange,
, Armstrong Ave.
Mil not  .   tei   ■ ■ oui   i * - ug_     We
rt    - ■  ■     tab rated, accepted '
;;.e i • as Dlvii • institution, shims, i
.'■ • ted labor, agricultural poverty,
ovi rnment >**. corrupt - tui uses and \
ornorntlons. We have -not been j
■, of Ihe poor mid oppress*
d,   li i- up in us today, it we would
u tlfy our exlsti in e ui  ome tin* j
inltatoi - ni' Hn,!'-* Kii.i don   i n earth,
ll      guilts    ,.     ... -     ,,,:     i ,■ ■ •   oul     mo   ] 11 bill    lire
and   bu inest   ami   | olhii   .   w, Itii   tin*
brol  ■■■.(!   ut m mic
of   tl          tlce, ol sorvtei  and   m rlfii e     Vnd
Join    tl       .'.i..:-. ■;  i:..-   more   than
Let us Fix You
up wilh
•".ee Lin . ladles 25 eo
Hi- ll. w, lilvlus i.r Chloiigo arrived 	
in il Ity In*-, ivoolt in Iiml. ovor lho     Tl"'   Secrctarj T ,.
Kilning Blliintloii In this district, Cranbrook   Branch  ol
  Ambulance   Vssoclatlon   arknowleils generall ; ll  Inviilves
**'■    Thn Mlssos Theo nml 1311a Fonwlck   "   "   l'""l"i '  *!*■**  trom   tlm   i  I        loi i	
_  .,( |.',,i'i si,.,.i,,  ivoro visiting ri-londs   ';rnnbrooh   ciinu mn   \ imi „.,,,., ,.,.„ ,
in tin* city lum s Iny, "I   our    oi lal    ysten       tnd   ii   in
Mr.,\  B. Allen of Udmontnn nrrlved   ... ..      .,   righi   ugi I     len ,
Hardware * Mill .Supplies
Cranhrook      -      H.C.
i:>. ith |i||	
id i
llllllllK.  I'i
III   tin
U  si'iiii'iiiiiei' uiiii nr ii
X|K'C|    11    sllillllll'tll    eel'    1:1-   [    R
lii'i'lu   freestone   I'eiiclit's,   leui-
iim   i'lime   I'iiiuis  uml   Itiirlltett
fruil  "ill   in* nil i.i   llu* firsl
,,!* it
sl  II
'iinilite   nu,I  Mn-  price  tftiiii'iiii
l.».|    us    liuie    ynur    order  j
ciii-li ti. Uu. su|i|ilj* is limited,
Little & Atchison
Get Ready for the Fall Fair
'I'ln* Purity Knur .Mills nre offering llio following prises
for llu- liosl liniiil iiiuilo from llieir Hour III the I'ntii-
lirooli I'nlr:—
Isi Prize  1 lis ih. sucks Purity l'l *
-nil    "  I lis lit.   " "  '      »
•Ird   "   l in ii,. '	
Iili   "   l ii ih.	
Stnple Groceries, Hoy, Grain, Feed, l.'lc
('iiu*. nml regulating.   E, A. Parker,
mi. Illl, ie n Box r.L's. t'l'iiiiiiraili.
Miss .1. Uiibbo of llollovuc, wns II
illor in Hn* .My lnsl Mondny n guesl
the I'l'lllllil'iink  Hotol.
Kill Pi
nol .nil i'n
■-- -3'.T?T?
-.--     '.V*fllij:
1 m?t§
"an you think of any reason why
there should not be one in your
fiii-aila)  und   iiici -   ■ There I    | rptt) item
wltli the director, ol lum pro Maod
r abaolute control ol vlnclal governmeni ti    m
onees.  nl thc Fair Rroim      . !;     . ■  i...   ..     |
—-—- I !■:■■   in thl   town who tli
ie monthly meeting ol tho Porn I ieir   oul tlieli   ■            o know thnl
Institute will he held ou Sattird t n     ird i   reli                     In erUlrlum
                           I the Sth Inst al  2.30 oVIoct*.     In od ol   lhe  (iovemmenl   ind  tliey   would
. .1. Patch ot NeUon is in tho  Mltlon  to  thc  regular  buslnet    ll   If lone their Job; they nre nol  Llboral!
i week lu the Internals of tho I hopod tlmt the crop competition reporl and  therefore only  hold  their  place
[Daily Sown,                            will be ready tor tlio meeting. on   mfferanee,   Scores lmvo already
Mr, John Lnurlo left on Tuesday tor     T1,e  •**<&•*•* Aid  of the  Method l**.! era nnd  parasites might  have their
Fori Worth, Texas, tn attond the Car-  Church will hold thotr monthly meet- iinyment; scoros hnve boen appointed
men's Convention.                               big    °"  lllc   afternoon of Tuesday, in jobs;   nol   because  tliey   woro In
 .                           September Utli nt the home of Mrs. the least Biiitod to those jobs, but bo-
Wc are carrying a full line of hoots! *'•   ".  Argno,  Burwell  Avenue, nt  3 cause  they  worked  to  gel   tliis  "no
o'clock. patronage"    government    in.      The
  hole democracy knows* this is true.
Judge Thompson nnd M. A, Beale l[ was equally true undor tho equally
returned on Tuesday from a ten days corrupt conservative regime. It is
fishing trip up the Elk Hiver; they nn Intolernhlo wrong nnd ents Unreport  having had  excellenl   fishing   life  mu   of the  soul   of  tlie   | plo.
nnd  brought  hack  some  fine  sped- Wu are here to free nnd  raise thai
mens of the finny tribe. soul;    to  break    the   fetters.    The
Mr. T. B. Deacon of Vancouver, the of  quiol   peoplo nsaonlated  tor their
genial  manager in  Iiriiish  Columbia own spiritual culture but Cod's own
tor the Manufacturers' Llfo Assocla- iustrumeni tor tho progressive ostab-
tlon nf Toronto, wns in the city hist llshmenl of truth and brotlierhond on
week endeavoring to mnke arrange- earth,"
ments tor establishing nn agency hero, - -	
  tin:  ropii's piaii:  phopos.U.S
Shorthand, Typewriting and  Hook- \\|> \vil.\T .Jl-:iMIANY  IMVH
keeping nt King Edward's School.- All |(m 'plIK.ll
dny attendance $10.00 a month; Even- .	
ing classes. Mondays and Thursdays
from 7 to !> p.m.", $.!.on a month; Daily
and evening attendance $12.00 a month
Classes will open on Mondny. Aug. 27.
Private lessons by arrnngcmfSnt,
We   nre   pleased   I
Tin*    1.-   IV.
ill   Vi.'lill;,.  ll,M
EllllMlBBJ*.           111.
und    shoes.— Crunbrook    Exchange,
Armstrong Avo.
Miss    Sybil  White returned   home
Monday nfter spending u month at the
Mr. w, A. Sutherland of Calgary
was transacting husiness In the city j
this week,
PcttflheE and prunes for preserving
nbout next Tuesday, at the Crnnbrook
Trading Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Manning returned
this week from Proctor. 11. ('., where
j tliey have been spending a vacation.
j An initiation night will be field by
f the Maple Leaf Hebeknll Lodge No. B
1 on Wednesday. September 12. !i nl
i S p.m. (sharp) All Robckalis cor-
I dlally invited.
nnuoncB that
ng tb
Is      ||
Vor bread made from "B * K"
i'lnnr the following prizes are given
at the Pall Pair, by the Purity Flour
Mills, through the Cranbroolt Trading
Company: 1st prize. 2-081b sacks of
"B .*.- K" flour; 2nd prize. l-0Rlb sack
-H & IC" flour; 3rd prize, Mfllb sack
-li & K" flour; tth prize. l-24lb Bai k
"li & K" riour.
Mr.  and   Mrs    N.  A.  McLarty  and 	
Mr. and .Mrs. Lome Laldlaw of Med-' Sl,ll,I">'- September Dth, Is, Decora-
Iclne Hat motored into the city last t,on 1);l-v for ""' lll,;l! lod*ee- Kni*-'l!li-
Sunday. o( Pythias.   The ceremony will lake
  place in the morning at  10 o'clock.
Mr    v C   VVelsman of Lethbridge,   TW K  ot p- I!a!1 wi" t,,, onen Sal"
lies.      Next   10   BOClnllSl
fill    party,    ■'The  Con
strongest in  Parllamci
"in.inui nr 70,-
*re  are.  from
Uiniian Cnllio-
i their pollti-
re," is ihe
t.    Por years
contract tor next year's Chautau-
has heen formerly approved by
Ellison-Wblto Company,
William Gibson of Victoria the judge  ...
of field crop competition was in town j
Saturday and Monday last and visited!
different entries in the competition.
representing the Lethbridge Brewing
Company, was lu the city on business
Mondny and Tuesday.
Agl, W. F. lloran, Ctnnbrtok i:\chnnge ' Bros,
urday afternoon from 2 to •; oclock
to receive flowers Plowers will be
gratefully acknowledged tor the purpose of remembering departed friends.
Miss   Egnn   of  Toronto  arrived   in * 	
i* city on Monday to lake charge of Tiiere are a number of Jam tins at
* Millinery Department al McCreery the Ked Cross Rooms which have not
os. been   filled   and   anyone   wishing   to
  assist the !  0  D. E. In this way will
Myers, private secretary ti' kindly call nl ihe rooms Monday or
11. King, Minister of Pub- Thursday afternoon when they will
i*. visiting friends in ihe be given them by the convenor*;. All
ei, jam litis must be returned not later
Little Davenport
-.III-   \i    U I.  1101 its
'llll.c   ill    Illl*    I..   II.   ill'll'l-
I lir Slliell.
( IIITII II ITI   "I   nll'lHIII »m vi'*<
i,,ii'. .  ii  !|i|iliciltl(in
"AIM *    Mil * ' ■':■■■
"(lullllil      Mil i I'lll  . I   111
",- ih i-i" Ml       '' lull i.
"Uilitli" Mini  ,.l ' 'i  ■■
•I nl    I'',     leen ,'    M   II I   ' Claim.
' I lit tf It.  I   III II 'nni" Mlr.'iil I'lieltii
•*N,,||1,. i ri , 11  n il" Ml ii i.il Cliilln
-Kill . I'i;,,". i   I"  \h i.'-il I'lnlri.
-ri ul, I, .1,." i.' Mineral i'I.iIiii.
'■Mnn li' Mln.ml I'l'iin .
-.Inly" Mlnoral cinlrJ
"Wnlilli." Mineral Clnlm.
S'limli*   iei   tlio   l''"I't   Hli''''-'   MIlllllB
lilvl.inn if Kit Kootenny Hi IricL
wiii'iv I,,nnil (in Sullivan lllll,
KiniliiTliy  n. r.
I.nwfill    llii!ili*l*    Tlii'    fiill'i'.liililli'il
Miiiiim .e:* Sinoltlni ('nini miy nf Canada, LlinKod.
Xninlii'i' ot llu* linlilor's Fe'i'i' Minor's
Ccrtltlcntc   00807-B.
Tali ill." Mini I J. K. Cram, Proa
Minor's Certificate, MMl-li. acting iim
ngonl Pn' tlio Contuiliilntoil Mining .*;'
BmoltliiB Cnninanje ot Cnnneln, Umitod,
Fr,',. Mhior'a Certificate, 00807-B, In-
ti'inl. nl tlio i'iiii nf sixty ilnye from
till, ilnli' lliei'i'iif, In nniily lee III.' Mlnlni!
Recorder tor n Certlflcnto eif Iinprnvo-
nii-nln, fnr llio purpose nf obtaining
Crown (Ir.nitii nf tlio nbove Claims,
Anil further tako ntelifu tiiat action
under Section sr. of the "Mineral Act"
must  In* llllll! cod  linftiri' tlio li'Hll-
iini'o of uncle Cortlflcnto ot Impl'ovo-
Dated tills ullli dry of July, 1317.
The Coilnnllilittnil Mlnlni* X* Smoltlng
Ciiinpuny of Cnntiilii, l,imitod.
I'or J. K. Oram. 2'> nt
lho IB
.1   1 luly
inline etnrned Mnn 	
where she lins been Seattle, Wash Mr nnd Mr-. II. r
ml Mrs I Manning Orahnm of Crnnbrook, it C, nro in
eeks. this city visiting with Mr. Qralinm's
mother, Mrs. Qrahnm  Devorc    Mrs..
f Montreal, rep-JQraham, who was Miss Clara Bnrtley
rosnnllng    "I.u   Preferencla"   cigars,  until  her marriage in early August,
'.:'-.   trill-.it linn   linsinoss   in   tlio  oily I Ims.  silo  snys.  fallen  ll  COmplOtc olip
i-isi «-eok ond : tieo to the charms of thc Piigel Sound
 — country.   The wonder of lis scenery
Mrs A. II Campbell-Smith, B. E„ nnd the perfection of the cllmnte -III
i' Si    \„ of Kingston, Ont., has taken   always ho, she snys. sources eef un-
l-i .e.-l.-s cottage *m*r Norbury Ave ling delight to hor.  "Yon nro much
mnl I'.ihvnril Slreel liko   British   Columbia,"   sh,.   Bald.
. _  "The Bcenery is of tho same variety,
'l'ii,* monthly mooting nf tho I n. n. ..r course Whnl Beoms sn marvelous
IS., "ill in* bold In lho ltd Cross to mo Is to find a city of Seattle's she
Room mi Friday nflornoon, Beptom-! nnd activity rlKhl in the lionri of this
ber nili. ni 3.30 o'clock. | llttlo Swltsorland."
in* J II Caldwell ol Klngsgnto Our roprcsonlotJVo tumbled Into tho
Dominion   Voterinnry   inspoctor  was Kngllsb (imroi, ,'ii Sunday, (we don'l
visiting In Hm oily Imt Friday and  I «  whal ho ems looking tor!) be
Bntnrdnj' I liniiils us In iho following sentences
which in* look down lu -linrtlmnd ns
Commencing Wednesday, Soptsmbor thoy fell (or rnthot burst) trom the
Bth, card pnrtlaB nnd dnncos will be spoukor's lips:
rcsumod In St. Marys Hall to be given "Tlio Church Is losing hold, has
overy two woeks; admission: gents lust its bold, on tho pooplo, Tlie
.'.ii nni*.. ladlcB -*' oonis. membership nf organised Cbrlsllan-
  iiy    dearensos   nnil   population    In-
Mr. Wm. Gibson of Victoria, Inspect- creaso Why? Many ronsona no
or of iTtii's. visited tho Dlstrlot (Ills j doubt; ono Is thai thc working unit.
weok in mako an inspection of tltpiitiini Is nueni men) don't enro Ion
Kmhi imd vogntnhle crops for the cents nliinit It. Mow many C, P. It.
Provincial Qovernment. mon In this town lulte notice of llm
Church oxoopt when the wife want's
tbe Centre ims boen called "trumps"
in German politics. All chancellors
require to dlckor tor tlieir support uf
Government measures. Von Tirpitz
alwiiys maintained nu intimate linson
with tin* naval expansion 1.111m.
Ever since Rtsniurk's nnti-Romnn-
isi crusade (U(e catcalled Ktlltur-
kninpf), lhe order ol the Society ..f
Jesus Ims been bsnnod trom Germany. In vuin even the powortitl
Centre party ims agitated and intrigued for the ri'i'iiil ot li ntl-jKiuil
lows. In mi" Uio Rolchtt', wus manoeuvred Into voting fm* llieir repent,
but the Governnu nt, which only
obeys Parliament "'non ii fools like
lining so.  Ignored  the notion.    -Nnw.
well-informed    Goran wspapers
Btato, the antl-Jesull Ian b nro at in.i
to be abolished. Tin du'rk forces nro
girding up their i tin i-i every direction, conciliating here ond appeasing
thero, They know thai with the obnoxious Jcsull li.us cancelled the
Ji'suits will bo ban i to the Government chariot more loyally than
ever beti re. Is this tho price Germany is paying for the peace proposals from tlie Vatican!
Such a poul - proposed emanating
from tho Vatican, where Germany
luul established the ci litre nf Its v.'o.n-
ilfrfiil spy system in Europe, and of
wlilch Monsignor Rudoli b von Oer-
In.'li wns the t'-.'nnil -leel powerful
hend   occupying tlio poiltlon of Mas-
protected -nlo ill Iliis rnliili./* .in*  u I it!
broiiglil  in  ll i*.    'nn* samo nlghl
Von liorliii'li escaped across tbo fron
tier Into Switzorlnnd, Two honm nf
lor liis escnpo tbo Itnlllin police bllrsl
in iiu iliinrs nf his linn:.,, nm! discovered   ovldoiices   ni   t ',*   Ilmn   n
'■..iv nf iirii-iii'i'iinii, pioi . .is ,i renin ,,t which ".nil nrrostB «*ori. mnde
Hi., next dny nil over Italy, Bbowlng
Hn, wldesproud iintttro nf tbo pluns
nl iliis Goi-mnn master spy. operating
in,in Uio Vatican.
Ilo was, ns iimy ho oxpocted, woll
Biippliod with money, which wns Judiciously plnioil. Vlllnlllnnl was
piiiil ,u 1,500 I'.n* Uio Influence of his
pnpor, nnil othor sums amounting to
over E'1,000 worn pniil In tlio polltlcnl
dully, "I.u Viii.iriii." nu behalf ni Gor-
inniiy. Monsignor Germnnin Strnn
lorn, belonging 1" llm "Acnilemy Noble
Ecclcnlnatics, Rome," noted ns Germnn ngonl distributing these hrlboH
t.. th.* Itiilliin ucwspapei-s.   Iiiformn-
ilini  wns supplied in il noiny  by
cleverly written Items in tin- nunny
columns nf the newspapers.
Suspicion foil upon liiin after tlio
destruction nf Hi" two Italian bilttle-
ships,   tho   Mr lotto   lli'iu   nml   tho
Koiniuriln iln t'lncl. Hi' evns believed
in  I...  iii   possession  nf  information
nliinit. tlio lileel  to destroy tin* vessels
mnl Uml he' carried mi n clandestine
correspondence with Uu* Huns uml' ■'
cover "f Hn' "diplomatic vnllse"
which is, nf course, Immune from
search or censorship. It was proved
tlmt through these pirns tiiere was
iiiiiiniiiiiiontoel tn Count vnn Emberg,
|t*liief of tin* Austrian Bureau nt 7.nr-
: loh..  llio  lu I  tion's  procurable  in
Rome relating to allied naval move-
! ments in tin* Medltorrnnenn, und this
probably accounts for the treacherous fate nf many hundred Italian
Tho trial nisi, revealed Hint secret
i enclaves wore held In nn hotol In
I Rome, the innlit members of which
. were Huron Fniuz Stochnmer, Councillor of tlio Prussian Legation tn tlm
Vntlcan: Uorr ISrzberger, representative of Hm "Catholic Centre" party
in tho Reichstag; Monsignor Bau'm-
gartnor, domestic prelate in tlm
Pope; the correspondents of Uio
"Viilerllind" nnil of llm "Neue Freie
Prosse," n prlesi named stelcer. nml
(litroln, tli" editor of the Roman Catholic clerical  nowspaper.
Von. Cerlnoli got away beforo toll
authorities could arrest him, Pomar-
ncl, nil accomplice, evns ordered lu hi
shot, the otlier spy conspirators were
sentenced to various tonus varying
from three years' Imprisonment ,..
penal servitude for life.
The connection of the Vatican wltli
these incidents will account fnr tbo
pro-German character of its peace
porposals, and will doubtless loud lho
/.llled powers to place tho true value
mt tlm sincerity of Its pious und bu-
iiimii. pretensions.
Th.*  Iiiiiiriuuili.il   upon   whioh   the
abovo   r." IS   Is   I.mini   11,   BUCll   trust-
worthy    papers    ns    tlm   "Evening
News,"    Hn'    "Despatch"    mnl    the
"Dully Chronicle," nil ol Londnn.-
Itov, K. Bosworth, Montreal.
Open For Business
Star Cleaning Works
C. E BOOKOUT.  Proprietor
•lm* ils eeiili rranbrook denning IVorks.)
I  RespcctfuUy ask a trial order
Somewhere at the Front—
Every day boxes from home are going
to the boys in the trenches. And of
the things they get, a great prize is
WRIGLEY'S —tbe Gum with Lasting
It takes the place of food and drink in
case of need—which is often. It keeps
spirits up—gives vigour and vim. A
packet in the pocket lasts a long time.
The Flavour Lasts I
Chew it
after everyy
u i- tif the Papal Wardrobe and Private Secretary in the Popp, ii enn
scarcely bo believed I'm, Iw eould be
Lruated   wltli   tl:.-  confldi    »i  Uie
Pope without iln* Popi 'a fid! knowledge nf what In* ":!- :i'n! what hi**
nmcli In atlon t. wore. !' would not appear ii I"- difficult i i ""i'i** the In-
•-lilrY.t.'in   oi   pcai < '   -;il-   from
■ui-ii ii source aa tli ■
Th- clever ploti of I il Papal Prl- ■
vato Secretory were unearthed by tiie '
wonderful  aatutonoan  nf tin'   Italian
Socrol Borvlco.   Prom tho report -if       llarvett  Thankafflvinu s.
ills triiii. together with timt "f iwven     8 n.m.   Holy fommunlon
fellow ciiimptrntnr.. n rtocumenl cov-      il   a in • Mattlna  and   Holy   rom-   than 2,560 acl
orlng 00 pa gon, tin* following partlcu-   nniiiii.ii.
lara an* ii)( od: •■  p.m    Sunday  Bchool.
Tliis Private Secretary "f the Pop)      7.30 p.m.   Ev«n«ong.
waa formerlj  an officer in the der- W   H   iirlilt-'e, it
Coal   mining   rights   af  tli*>   OntiJin-
III ltl*'l (III Kl II
tawa, or to any Agent or Bub-Agent
of iKimlnior; J^ands,
w. W. COREY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B—Unauthorized  iiubllcatlon   of
this  advertisement   will   not  be   i<ald
ion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and   [0f
Alberta,   rIi*■   Yukon   Territory,    tlie
North-Weat Territories and in a por-   __	
tion of tlie Province of Hritish Columbia, may  be  leased  i«v a term of muii l
twenty-one yeara renewable for a fnr- ■
Uur term  ol   :i  yoars  at  an  an-                Land Rpghlrj   lei
ntinl rental of .*i an acre.   Nol mor>-
l.e |i ;i-.*(i tu one
The l.-dlos Aid Society nf Knox
Church will moot in the Sunday
Bchool room next Tueaday afternoon
nt :t.:tn o'clock. Hostesses: Mendnmes
Henderson, nnd McBlruey.
them to slay home and mind tiie hide
oi*  is  loo  busy  with  a  cookery snle
to gjt aupi'or?   Tlie Church  In  the
eyes   of  tlie  nia.fiuH  represents  se.i-
tlment    and    vested    inleests    anil
tiiere in a deal or truth In the view.
A special meeting of the rranbrook i Unions we can get out nnd prove lo
Poultry Assncialiou  will be held lu j tlie  world   we  Btand   for  Bomothlug
the city Muii on Friday evening, Sep-] else we Reserve to potlali and perlah
leinber 7lh. at S.lri o'cloclt,    Members] we shull.    Thfl future of tlu* Church
who    are  Interested    in  poultry nre   depends upon our ability to win the
urged to make a apodal effort to attend an Important business wlll be up
fnr iliscme-inn nnd action at thia meeting.
sympathy of laiior by proving thai i
we i-.tand foi* social purity aud jus- j
lice, and that we are willing to mc-
rlfke the Lush mutiny subscription3l
When Tired and Nervous
If the end of the day finds you weary or irri-
table.with aching headand frayed nerves.you need
something to tone and strengthen the system.
are a remedy which quickly helps in restoring normal
conditions. Theyacton the stomach, liver and bowels,
and so renew the strength, and steady the nerves.
A few doses of these world-famed family pills will
Bring Welcome Relief
Prrparrd only I,r Tl.umna Raaaham. S*. Hrlana, Lancaahir., Ea.Laaul.
.Sold „»»,..,I,, ,,. ,,. ( aiutda and U. S. Aaioka,   la, bua.a, 25 taaU.
IN Tin: MATTI .: OF  >'•   VPPl.I*
■Plilleant CATION : ,1 .:.  ,   ,.    *   , ilui I    n-
Apiilloatlon   r„r  n   lean  must  be C'arilfl                     il. * .    ill   ,. !
made by tha applicant In  |,ersnu to Xowu of Kin... •;•.   Pro Inc.  ol I rll
Lite  Agent or Sub-Agent e.f tliee elln- t.c.u| *.     .._,: ,,(
trlct In which tho right, applied fnr
*r"n\'"myed territory the land must '■"'•!l '* '*w HBREBV GIVES .* ;,t It
I,   ilwcrlbed by .actions*, ot legal .ub- „ ">}"£   Z." .1'    "   '; ''',' e.,'"ri'
•llvl.lon. of .cctlons, and In „ns.,rv**y-  '" " "'  ' "" a""r ' le >^' <">*■
,*,! territory tho tract aii-iHcei for .ball ■'■"" hcieofa duplicate   .1 tho Cor-
be itaked oul by the applicant hlmeelf.  [I'lcale of Title to the abovi menl ,1
Each  application  must lm accom-  '»•• " ,lll« "« ,"' •*'""<■» ?/°"**,l"cl1,
 Had by a tee of J5 which will bo Certificate Is dated the  Hth day of
refunded if the riuiitu applied for are September 1900 and nnmbi red 3647K,
nol available, but not otherwise.   A Dated at the Und Iteglatry Office al
royalty shall be paid on the* mcrch- *>elJon' n* '■■■ ,hl- "c'1 ""? '•' A"E"»t.
antable output of the mine at the rata lt'1,                   _
nr five >'.nts per ton. ''■ * ?,.,"*   .
.,               ,   ,, llisitrlil lli'si, irnr.
The person oporatlng the mine .hall,    DiUg „, flrM ||Cation, Augual Bill,
furnish the Agent with sweirn returns ,017,                                                V!-nl
accounting  feer  the full  quantity of *
merchantable coal nilncil ami nay the	
royally thereon,    If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such re- DR. DeVAN'S FRENCH PILLS ,„";„:
turns Bhould If* furnished at leant once (nlallng I'lll (,.r w„men.  \; n boi „r it.r.-.,for
..,.,,r II".   **"lrt at all Prog nlnev.. ur inkil.d toany
,l ■   '" .elrtr.'H.e.n f.'-.,li,l„[ |,rl,e    'III. s.hi, Ll. I'Blei
'Iln. I, asee wlll liieliiile tlie coal mill- £°_i.l^Csilsstvsm. Onuito.
ing righi y. PHOSPHONOL FOR MEN.  IS
Por   ; .11  information   application 2».!tMTXlB,^a \_*?i*»\\*\
elioiilil bo mad. to lho Secretary  A ^PtaSafirP^&lJSiaBB
the li.uurtiii, ut of  the   lutwlnr,   Ot- —i—■■ ^ PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, SEPT. 6th, 1917
critn .v
its, Ete.
IV. F. Curd         0
J. Spn
It. C
News of the Surrounding District
Hrs. Green & MacKinnon
I'livsii'iuiis iiiiiI Surgeons
Ollice ut residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 200 .0   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2 30 to  4.30
UeP     ^JIHfiUJ „__,----,
■               Vi :   IB   "   tsj\
m   W  h\   \.l •*:
I '
Zam-Buk ends the 13
>e**.in, and stops bleed, i ',
_i)J i"B.   Try it! > <
I       Jill dealers, 50r.. hex. g]
• '      ■' ■   -    s
-■;■:■   iea_~       as: '**1.J.!"; J
DR. I'. 11. MILES
Oilleo 111 Iliilisim Blork
OFFICI': llOl'ltS
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
Llconied by Provincial Uovl,
Maternity l.iJ Ocnorul Nursing
Macsage nnd Rest cure, Highest
Reforo s.  fair  terms.  Apply
Mits. A, salmon. Matron,
Phone 259 P. 0. Hem 845
Aiidrcss.Onrden Ave, Cranbrook
li nfter. happens sue
l„-;ili. thai the woman who is n chronic bal-gnin hunter bus ii husband wlm
Inks  liko  -if bud  got   bim  ut the I They'll rhuckle the babies mm »,■■■>-• Mh. M       ,
1 nl counter, II nilglil round Irish   »t tholr uunts, * 	
  ...   ., ,,„,, :    And forgcl nil about the cronces In       ""' '"''   i'mo*
their nants I" to hnve lhc rlgl i io choose llieir
llingllng llrotlici      as    an Atuerl-        ,,,,„,,,,„,.   F*,*n Fair, September own   rulers;   the   ,wtlran   mav   re-
can uuper arc lerobnble  the most or-   ish, nnd Wth. ton   ive  huve  il   mid  enjoy  It!  the
Igtnal   of   ill  circus   nie„.     Yet   they  , mUm    ...    ,   a(,mU   ,m|
t± il". i pic don't,   Wiul iieri'eiiia *>. of
101.11'('IIM'U'.S  ■ ,,,. ,„,,,,,.   | „   ,,..,  „,,,„„■„, ,.„,.
 -eel the 11   c. Cublnot Jllnlsters.       „ M ,*,,.„... ,,.,*„  ,,,.„ ,,.:;
,,,:,;;;,;;:::;:';:;;, ':",!;;,1;;, 5$™**   I3,1U11,0|1„„„„, .,„„, , ,lf ,.„. h„.. „„„, ,, , ma
 -  "    "' '  in in-t*tiiu;i m i where Uie _umln I'ome from for tba
ey aebleved lnal oxiieiwlve  oainiinlgiw  lo  nniUM nud
have noi 11    Ingle new Llitnp to otter   tj
i*> ovor-       XKWS IN ('.Tim
East Kootenay
  liiev hav,'        I	
been  lor tile sunimr bolldaya     Miss St, .Mares chin
E. n  I'litterson from Port Haney tor lated on the sin       ^^^
Roosville, I*'.. I.loyd Dnvlc . itoosville Buturduy ufternoon In iheir mlxoil sale  dlstrnct lho pcopl
\*aili*y, Mlsa  ll:,:i .  -.'■i.ni uuver, Flni
alone, and Mrs. Umthurm, for Elk
urrived lhe lnsl of the iveok.
Aire you c lng to the F;ir this y a
my dear? I charge ot
•Twill he better by fur than ll was  $47.40.   T
.Mrs lh
,1  r :y goods nl   the      A   highly   resi .1   'Iiei""'  Inno-
lm „oUe(| was $10*1.00   cent of political Intrigues, u*l,ud
,1 Mrs  Muckny ever,' in mc "'hero dn citmpuign funds come
ooitery table, proceeds! from?    Surely   bolh Ipnrllos  cannot
Misses Delia   Oreaves, obtntn funds from tho sa,,,,. source?
Civil uml Mining Engineers
II. C. I nml Surveyurs
There'll   he  apples
•Twill   !"■  .:   feus
through nnd throng
plums  niiel
,;„,„!  things
liny Phone ami, Night Phone 115
.Nnrliiirj Ave, next tu Cily Hull
il   Josephine   Drummond A slii.it time
nrgo nl  Uie  laiiey   work when ll..' i.,li
'eds:   JM.76.    The  coke, politicians »
Mrs. Santo, was ruffled al ffllj    I'"   Hi
,,,'K mill,'; ihe proceeds
.vere $6.80:   Mrs.   Mncltny reason i-- s„
nur of lhe enke,   The i"n siver,  lhe   i
...,, in clmrgo nf Miss Rice ond ; i'y   'he    hi
                                    Millar,  proceeds:   $14.80.    .Mrs. over Govern
_ Doolan poured lho tea i,ud coffee nnd  nuot	
.- per word ror first week, and le tier   .,      ,, , ,,      ,     , ,,,„,,.
,          , *                        ..Irs. Mnl'lMv and Mrs. I.ei lore fill tlle not :
word (or eaeh week after.                         ,    ,                              . •,,,,, *,.„
I Ices.  Tlie musical program was under "ee pih
nr.   she anil the ie
Frniicls ::
wero in .
table, pro
donnlcd bj
the tnncy
lhe rnffle
evns I* v.
Ilito both political mn
nson is so obvious il
sails   are
i,. vax stavekkn
Teacher ul I'lnnotorle
Cranbroolt, II. C. Ho* «8»
TO HUNT   (I I simile, lurge buy
l,,li, electric light.   I'lione 1195.   31 ll
I'OH  SAI.K    I iiriiilnre.    Ipplj   12s
I In
■ direction of Mrs. Walllngor.   she a
i.lereii a selection on lhe violin, ar I
iioa'iied hy ler dan. Iiier. Miss Mur-
Tl,e Misses prances llrnmmoiiil, '
Delia  Cre:
id   Mrs.  .1    !<■ in
Moiiliiiiii Rcslnnrnnl
Meals ut All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes ami fund)
Opposite Hm Hank or Cotnmerco
iiii.'su.i:   ill's,]
or, also holy's hlcycl'
1; guild eiilll llellt-
I'lione 306,   ::,i
1*1 l\l)    for inline,
\V. II   Hrldge, Recti
Hule sale. Appl)
iry, Cranbroolt.
i   I'OH sai.i: s ri
particulars cull 21:.
turned hiiusi1 - fur
Armstrong Ave.
In clinrge of Hie
Mrs, .1. A. (h'llesl  »
lllli SAI.I! Suck
era. iilmosl new. pic
Apply Herald Office.
feltlinu cam.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour waslilnR
send It to
Htiecial iirices tor familv
Forwarding  nnd  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and (irccnhill Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Umjiiiir and Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 03
wltli Mrs. .1, T, Millar a, Secretnry-Treucurer. These
holies i„.,| 10 express tlicir tltnnks 10
all ,vho so kindly helped Iiy iheir donations ".ml assistance lo unite the sale
a   snores*.    They also  wish   to tlli'.ili
ihe ladles who I'uve their services on
tltn musical program.
„.,,,-    ,., Ill  lh"  lusl   WOOli  of August, I'V.lliel'
Kennedy,  who makes  his  lieudtiuorl-
    ers 111 si. Marys Rectory, Crnnbrook,
nlng uiiii-hiiic  visited the following  places:    Vnhk,
irms accepted.  Klngsgnte, Sirdar, Duck Creek, Cvos-
36-2t*   cent    Vnlley.     II"   said   mass ami
 preached „i each of these places,   (in
i'llll SAI.i; llm. Illllir, t**u sows, ins| Sunday lo visited Wardner ami
and nine young pies. Apply Cran-(,laffray. lh, Mondny I," visited Hull
brook Trading di. 30-tf. | River nnd nonrby lumber cumps.   (hi
   Thursday, Septcmhor Oth, he expects
FOI!  SALIi   Bond   drlvinu'  horse!   ,„ sc.(, *.*„, catholics in Cnnyon City,
l"'11'''   ,''';'*i "i<>-   Apply   Hen if-   |,„,|   mil,   Creston   and   Movie.     lie
"ce* "'''"will  he hack a! Craubrook  Monday,
 ' tile   llllh.
D'AKTKII   A  driving horse, llghl-      **,,Vi    Father Jliirphy,   tbo   newly
Kill SAI.i: Since
in excellenl condition
Apply lh raid Office.
r his doubts vanished
i.„is of some famous
Hie   Interests"   Sub-
les?    Thej
is uo au-
e   so  apparent'
is   domlnntlng
ernments.    Later 011 1  will
icrete Instances wlilch iiavo
1 seen ihe light of publicity.
, pay for servility
pay homage, ami
"  ma ters of the
The  inline,'III  eleC-
liavo the freemans
,■ „n,. rulers! Of
way. dial Is as 11
boicc of voting ror
me,,, hai did ynu
uglily Into Hie de-
'hem up ami win,
•se the majority of
eases nnd ynu will find Ihe handiwork of tlio political innchlnes nl Hie
bottom. They select Hie men whieh
saves ih,. peoplo a h.i of trouble,
sometimes lint nol often the people
wake up ami tnko a hand in llie
game, but Ihey find lhat Ihey are 'ilay-
in,.' the game with the two parties
niili loaded dire ami unlimited fuiiila.
anil gangs nf unscrupulous hangers
on either getting something eer hungrily hoping nini mosl nr them are
he   Imping. BUCll  arc  (he sail of the
politici 1 earth tlie "leet end precious
strung parti-tans, Bttch are Hie men
eti'liiire In
nl  who  s
wine lee
iv. we must have 11
ht, 1,11 lhe most 1110-
Wed. & Thursday, Sept 12 & 13
Cranbrook's Big Annual Event
$2,000 in Prizes
Exhibition of Pure Bred LIVE STOCK, POULTRY, Etc.
Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products,
other Features
BASEBALL Tournament, Auto Parade, Slow Race
The Fair will close wilh a
BIG DANCE in the Auditorium
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, at 9 p.m.
(o KooteiMt) Landing:, inclusive* to Crniihrnok and return. Dates of sale. Sept.
11th. I'-'Hi anil  I :tlli.   Return Limit Sept. 14th.
SExn vour i:nthii:s to a. l. nciiersiot   secretary.
cellent copper ore tins been token. I
It is the Intention of these Bentlemon
to start work on these claims, Indeed,
ii would nol Biirpi'lao If the work luul '
already boen begun on them. A large
sample of iiie ore from the Empire
Kw,,a shown at the World's Great Land
Fair in Chicago ii, mi-' ami attracted
a great ileal of attention. M proved
to lu* Uu* riches! ore shown, nave one
which wns nn almost pure iiurniie.
Tin- convenience of the claims to railroad transportation is all in their fa-
vor. There is no man in the distriet
better acquainted with iln* resources
of the Fort Steelo anil Cranbrook area
thnn Mr. Galbrnltli and II is highly |
satisfactory tbat be shows ;i keen in-
terest in what must prove the sal-
vatlon Industry of East Kootenny,
Whnt timber we bad is gone or Is go- j
democrat and single linrnc
Foot, Kimberley, B.C.
in. snlvo
of    affa
General Slerehant
Employ meet Agent
P   O   Box 108 Phone 244
WANTED   \   .vnllress    I'm* Hotel,
references required.   Apply, The Ul
lonlst Invest nl Co,, Ltd., Wasa. IU
"''■ A-  appointed Parish Priest of Crnnbrook
la making arrangements for n week's h1"1" lHe l""'t
run sai.k
St'VUII   reiieuie'd   heillst*
and  two  lots,
modern   convonlencos
eooil situation,
will ■.'■!] uhonie, Apply
\. li. Bridges.
LOST   t Willie: Imskcl, wltll Intekli',
botwow Slntcrvllli nnd ray resldeinco.
Plndor rocolvo rewnrd *it lUlcotrlc
Llgllt Co. ottlco.   13. II   Me l'l       35,
The Slime Specialist
NiitlsfiM'tieen liiiarunteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
nil aglinsl and sny.
i is iiteliti.s. is tiiere
this horrible state*
Absolutely none.
ie [rom leeeili parties
■lie* i.iiiI brook Hie
I im tliem by llie*
.; tbere Is no eon-
i In   Canada wortii
wlillo ror evblte men t.» quarrel nlmut.
null.' nu mi,* question tlie abolition .ef
the* s]i*.iils sy.tfiii nnd (lie venomously bitter   pnrttzan  n**.*it   r.ei* pov/er
would cease, tle<* leunies of Bolflsb purls one ol tin* most popular mission-1 llz»ns Km,M disperse and mlglil tben
.....   ...    .1...   e,*.....       O.I,a   mloCnn   ulll'll"   SlUlll't IllllH   tlSOftll.
open mi  Sunday n nlng nnd closcl    HelP    fnn"    ;'    "BUaiSESBUKB
,.,, tbo evening ot tho following Sun-  W*""*   OH   NATIONAL   GOVERN-
day.    Th,*  dm.*  wl *   announced' MENT"   nnd    lot    partisanship and
spoils bo  consigned  to where they
siiriiuir from, the* Spieevn of llndes,
"New e'lmins of Bondage Ke.ri-i'd for
Farmers" will bo the subjocl matter
fin*   purl    HI   UOX!   issue
mission during the month eef Novem
ber. li is practically Bettlod tliat tbe shackle
services ot Father .1. I*. Reynolds, D. mncblni
li.. n. M. I. ot Edmonton, formerly lentlous
rn'   Boston,   Mass.,   will   he*   Bocuved.   vvll"° ''
Father Reynolds Ims had n very wide  	
axporlence in preaching missions
both In Canada and the United Stntes
t is no exaggeration ue sny. thai bo
the nioiit popular missionaries in tbe West.   The. mission will
ul* iiu* day nnil i ing up in smoke In half a dozen ofl
enn* pulleys. For tbe rest, the lumbermen i*nn only find lnteor witli tip
greatest difficulty nnil when found I.
far from being of the best. It e-oules
He this thnt we must look Oul for [111-
olher industry to Inlie tbo place e.f tin
iiii: iiomi: iiakkhv
Unlet. Frame, Prop.
Fresh lirend, Cukes, 1'les
iiml Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave       Opp Clly Hall
Spokane, Washington
TtllB   house   hus    the
happy distinction of being the favorite stop-
plug place In Spokuno
for the people of British
Columbia Wo appreciate
this patronage uml do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable
Our location in excellent —
floso to Oreat Northern Station
and O. W. R. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
houses and places of amusement,
Seo   Nh'iiiiishhi  on   Itoof
Snap   T > ri'til, ubout len ticrcs, sail- j later,
ul.; for g.irden or clilcken ralimjr;      At a recent meeting of the parish
ton minutes wnlk trnw  Posl Office;   ioners of St, Marys Church the Gcji
Cheap.   A i-i 'y  Martin   llros.     ,l3-4t  eral Church Committee wns solecto
. _ .. .. .Ua follows:    Mr. Job. Brault, Mr. P
WANIIlli   .Mill   Wood  and  Blabs, 8.  Murphy. Mrs. J. B. Goneat, Mra.Ut-
also Cordwood fur shipment in cars. N- s* Mackey, and Mr. M, .1. Conroy. 	
Write giving quantity, kind and price     Tl"'   L;,,i^  nl'  ,,u'  A,llir  Society tt   - tt
tn box. 32-Ctjbave heen re-organlzed with t!i» foi- (Continued from page one)
lowing officers in charge:   Prosident chargo of the exhibit one who cun give
Mrs.  .los.   .lai-hso:;   Vice-President: real Infonntlon about the specimens,
Mrs  Jos, Brault: Senrctiv.'y-Tronsur- telling where they wen* found, their
it:  Mm, J, T. Millar, values and usob.   Ho will also point
Uepulrc  on   the  Catholic   Church, out the differences between ronl gold
corner Louis Street nnd S'orbury Ave, unit the fool's variety of that elusive
,  .       will siu.n in' completed nnd ll ill- metal.    Man)   thero aro who do nol
HM( SU.r.   Organ, I Inlon Organ  Hco wlll bo open for service on Sun- know the difference,   lt 1ms been sug-
i'o..   plntio  shape,   In   splendid  con* day, Beptomber Ifllh.   The two morn- goslcd, too, thnl a lecture bo given
ditlon. ll stops, 2 kneo swells, cost i 'nB Bervlces will be at eJghl and ten each day of the Pair on the mineral
$160: for quick Hale Ml..   Apply Kilby  o'elock.    Sunday  Scliool   will   bo al resources of lhe dlstrlcl around Urnn-
Armntrong Avenue 33-lf.  lwo "'clock  p.m.  whllo Lho ovonlng brook,   Wo do not realise whal Ib al
service  will  bo nl  bnll  past   soven  ■ feel   tnd Llu  procesi nl oducntloi,
j POSITION   H'ANTKII   Sl*enugrii|iln»r,   P»-1ier " ■'   Kennedy. O   M, I. will mnj *      ell   Ln    imv, u   Inter,
! two years' experience, best references,;     l-eglnnlng   with   Wednesduy,   Hep      Any one from ll nUido who wish-
Kraduuto Kingston. Ont, nuslncss Col-1 tontbor Btl intertnlnmenl will '" ea to have his oro shown bad better
[ I'Olt sw.i:   A   g I  driver, perfect
condition, rive years old, weight 1000
: pounds: also harness und buggy, good
' condition, Por more particulars write
j to Nick Murtmchuk, Wycliffe, It. C, GI»
lumber trade.
"Keys Oi Good Hmlth and l.uni: Life
Sl|-,*ll|rllt linpiirline Itleeieil Ineie-liieii;
lilveH lie weakened, riin-down pe*ee-
ple the vory mipporl nnd Btrengtli
if lie iiiiiiint siipply y  i | IINK
iiin.i.Ait. and ii largo battle wlll In*
sent piesl   1,1,1 ll.
Weil.* tor ;i copy e.r "How to lint
mnl Wliol lee Kiel". Sont iii nny address In Canada PREE.
llllll II r Slnel       I Willi Mil.
lego. Anply i.i-nsi, Collage, cornel
Norlinry \vennc anil Edwnrd St., oi
llernld Ottleo. 30-21*
Siinly Art or Elocution vvlili MrB,
Cnmpboll-Smltli, B. E. II, Se, A. I...*.
suns nt ynur own homo in* ut my sti:-
,11,,. Photos enlarged, estimates glvon
mi uny art work required, i.ennk's
cottngo, comer Norbnry Avenue and
Edward ste I. 80-11*
given every two weeks ui St. Mnrys ciinimnnlcnto wltli  Mr. Josopli liyun I
Heluml.   Tl venlng Bliall np, ii win »lio Is In charge m the mattor.   llu|
:. eierii party,   Al 0.30 llinch will i„. will -,*,* lo ii Uml thc oxhllill is prop-
sorvod.    Prom   10.00  to   l'.,p  thero ,*i\  dlsplnyod nnd rightly Inliellod.
will i.., music and dancing,   All arc Umpire (upper lineup
rortllally Invited, TU, re hi u group ot claims on Sand
  Cn , k, near Jnftray, iu which Mr. It. I..
Till*; HKKIN OK TIIUfldRIIV versus T.  ,„,:ill, _.„ Cotolle, su.uU. ,„.„
Interested oft which leiimc must ox-
tiii: 111:11.\ im*' Tin: nnnn
l.WH KOll sai.i: 11,1 ms;, iiuule
1. Kootenay District, eontnlnlng 606
ncros, locnled throe miles weat of
Crnnbrook, li. C. railroad runs thru
ono cornor ol the properly^ Tin* land | impilnltly obey Its behest:
A political innchlno with nn ubn
(Continued from pngo ,eii.'i
secret caucus approved; tlio machine
element   ruled   tluit,  as   It   rubs   ull
minus, in socrot caucus, nml woo be
to  tbo daring spirit  who  docs  not
iieljeiins that ini which llie Enst Kootonay Saw Mil! is located, Tins Is ex
cell,*nl grusrinK nnd agricultural land,
witli plonty nt open range adjoining.
To Betllo up mi 0 ilnto, 1 offer n clear
title lo this land for 13.00 por aero,
Cash.   If you wanl graatng land, all  ■„,;■„,„, hicks ovor tho traces o- stint.
>'"' ''"ve e, is in nee nnd look nt  the loosh the hounds eef ibe mnc'nlm
11 mill ynu eelll buy il      1*    l.llllll, llnx    .,,.,.  ,,n,.,.  |||-,
180,  laothbrldge, or  W   I*'   Burg  Tlie Sovereign 1'onplc
Cranbroolt, H f. :i3-if.  w|,0 u,|-|, t|lr,y ru|0| ttrj ((W|,,,| |)yl
danco of filthy lucre Is u powerful
ongino of warfare: 11 controls many
uewspupiTs, which make nnei un-
innlte, inililli* opinion, tlie*y alsn sot up
dcml-gods tor public worBhlp and if
£ rf Bscket of     -.
Clean lo handle! Sold by ull Druggists, Grocer*, nnd General Stores,
Fruit Fair
All Visitors to
the Big Fair
next Wednesday and Thursday, are invited to make this
Store their Headquarters; meet
your friends here, use our phone,
write letters andask for Information which will be Cheerfully
given or obtained for you .Special accommodation for Ladies.
Having on display the very
latest productions in Ladies'
Coates, Suits, Sweaters, etc.
Men's Clothing of all kinds.
Furniture, Rugs, etc.
The Tailoring Department is well slocked with the latest and besl Suitings
Illl   I Wtlll.N PATItlOTIIl umi
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       I'll lleillons   for  the   l>ti I riot ti*
CpDT      1 Q     9fl     1017' ''"'"' '"'  ""' mon"1 ot '**"liusi  "it,*
"Cr  1.    \ /--i.\J,   \7\l 111880.01, which brings the mini for
the. nine months beginning 1st  De-
,*, iiiIiit  linn, up to $16,146.36.    In-
i-lii,leei   iu last   month's collections
eve're     llu*   following     friem   nitlsld,.
Crows Xest l'iiss Lumber I'ee.. $:'^S.-
7.",; Oils Staples Lumber I'n., Ltd.,
403.76i Yabk Lumber Co., Wnsa. 17.110
Wattsburg Lumbor Co., 46.60: Sullivan Mine Relief, r.no.on.
I'llll Tin: ROITMI ntir
'rn m:i,s<»\. 11. c
(■ullli; Hull*** Sept.   Is In -JO
Return I,Imil Sept. .l'iiiI.
Tcmlers fur  llei'ieshmi-nl   llnullm nl
Fair I.nnmils
Tendera will be received by Iho
Secretary, r. o. Ibex 100, up 10 noon
nn TuoBilny, Sept. lib, for lho soft
ell-Ink uud rofrOBhnienl bienlbs al the'
Pair Grounds feer the two days nf the
Travel iln
"Tlie WorlilN OrpnlPHl HIuImmi)"
UlHtrlrt PnBflongor Agont,
Calgary, Alta.
A moating o( the Proiierty Owdom
^^^^^^^ of Ut BD1S will lip Inlri in lloale h
Morning service, 11.—Subject: "Bo-  Blwell'a office uu Norliury Avetitio ul
yowl tlio dravi'." 10 a.m. on -Mtli Sop'amHr, 1.H7.   All
Evening   selFvIco,   7.30.  Subject:  ownora »mi all otnors Intcrontoil in
"Tlit* Hani llnuil." | llio Irrigation Illtr'i nro pnrltuillnrly
Proacher: Rov, Jamos Dunlop,      | rfqnntfd ro ba praiaat.


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