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Cranbrook Herald Jan 14, 1915

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 ^' f
Volume of Routine Business Transacted at Session of City Dads-
Accounts Passed
The city council met at the city hall
on last Monday evening with Mayor
Taylor In the chair and Aldermen
Horlo, Hickcnbotham and Cnmpbell
The minutes ot the last mooting
'wero rend and approved.
Accounts wero reported by the finance committee ns follows, punned and
nnd ordered paid:
Burns * Co., I .til *   19.116
Cranbrook Sash ft Door Co.,
Ltd        2.25
City I.lvcry        3.60
City   Transfor  ft Warehouse
Co      63.80
Cranbrook Bleotrio Light Co.,
Ltd    213.40
C. P, 11. Telegraph        7.01
City Clerk's snndrtcH      11.46
Cranbrook Drug ft. Book Co.,
Ltd        1.50
Herald Publishing Co      03.20
Hill,  E. A        6.50
Kootenny Telephone Lines..,.     25.66
Manning, Irn, Ltd      87.20
Mecredy, T. T       15.00
McBride, J. D        6.88
Prospector Publishing Co....      6.88
City engineer (payroll 1    131.00
Officials (payroll)     325.00
Police (payroll)     432.60
Fire department (payroll) ...   275.00
School board (payroll)   1406.46
Parrett, T. N       6.26
Parks, F & Co       5.10
Cranbrook Steam Laundry       6.10
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.
(thawing)         32.16
Water Debenture Accounts
City Livery ,       8.50
Cranbrook Sash & Door Co..      0.77
Canadian Allls Chalmers    160.41
City Transfer & Warehouse Co    14.30
Cranbrook      Foundry        &
Machine Shops       68.75
Delmer, J        5.96
Hanson Oarage        1.10
Lajole, M 26
McBride,  J, D      66.88
Parrett, T. N       6.76
Parks, F. & Co       6.16
Pay Roll     337.26
C. P. R., freight       69.66
Mulleur Mfg. Co      18.80
Account of thc Hanson Oarage company for $85.50 was referred to the
police commissioners.
The annunl report ot the city engineer was then read and received and
filed.  The report follows:
To the Mayor and Aldermen, Cranbrook, B:C.
Oentlemen: I have pleasure In submitting for your consideration nnnual
report of work carried out by the
City Engineer's department during thc
year 1914.
Streets and Lanes
During thc year 1914 n considerable
amount of street and alley grading
was done. Some of this work war
light cut but In a number of thc
streets tiiere were some fairly heavy
cuts. The total length of grading wan
2.43 miles street work and 3.67 miles
of nllcy work. Added to this there
was about 0.7 miles of street crowned
1913 for tho same period two hundred
and twenty-one (221) were thawed
and In 1912 one hundred end eleven
(111) were thawed. In December
seventeen services were thawed out
on tho old wood pipe system.
During the year 6 leaks were repaired on the distributary system and
54 on the supply mains.
Throe hydrants were replaced during the year on account of defects.
Two Corey hydrants replaced with
Ludlow type and one Matthews type
replaced with Pratt and Cadytype.
Water was turned off on 101 services and turned on eighty-one services during tbe year.
Six new services were Installed during thc year. The number Is less
than In former years, due to the financial conditions retarding building
Estimates were prepared last
spring for a new steel pipe system to
roplace tho present wood pipe. It
was Intended to start the work on
August 16th, but on account of the
money market tailing through the
war, thu work was not started until
September 28th. Tho work Is fully
covered by Mr. Mcculloch's report to
Ono hundred and ninety-one (191)
services have been changed over to the
steel pipe system. Of this number
one hundred and one (101) have been
lowered, somo on account of streets
being graded and the others on account ot freeslng up each year.
Four hundred and thirty-two feet of
' sewer waa laid on Van Horne
street and 400 feet of 6" sewer On
East Dewar lane In block 34, also two
manholes were built, thus completing
the scheme originally laid out for a
sanitary sewerage system for the
Dlspsoal Works
It being necessary to cleanse the
top layer of coarse gravel In the
primary filter at the disposal works
this was done In the manner described ln monthly report of May 12th.
Although no appropriation was
made for the work, It was deemed advisable to remove growth tn the sec-'
ondary filter. This also was done
js described In report ef May 12th.
Sludge bed was also cleaned at lhe
time the above work was done, two
feet ot sludge being removed.
Siding around primary filter was
removed In April for ventilation purposes during the summer months and
wsj replaced before the cold weather
set In.
Trays over the primary filters were
cleaned off twenty-fire times during
.he year and works generally maintained.
During the year 13,460 feet of main
tower and 12,460 feet ot branch fewer
were cleaned. All blanch sewers
were flushed out.
Eleven leaks In manholes were repaired and twenty-eight manholes
were altered where grading bad been
Plonbleg Permits
Forty-six plumbing permits were
granted during the year, you will observe that this number Is much less
.bun last year, when one hundred permits were Issued, but this condition
was to be expected, taking into consideration the financial situation of
the past year.
Local Institute Holds Best Meeting Id
Many Monks—Discuss the
Pnblle Market Subject
Ne City Election as Withdrawals and
Sustained Objections Cat Nominees
to Required Number
1    Aulder Clarke Bowness was dcclar-
the i el* elected mayor by acclamation by
 ....     .,.„,.,.i.      .or ! the returning officer, T. M. Roberts, In
me"y"'months"was'held'on'Saturday the cUy elec'lon t1"8 Keek'tllcrc' bel»S
The   best   meeting
Cranbrook    Farmers'
held   by
last In the city hall. Mr. N. McClure
occupied thc chair for a short time
in the absence of the president, who
Is acting as market clerk. The secretary was instructed to have a petition
prepared for circulation among the
InsUtute, etc., of B. (.'. re compensation for cattle killed on the railways
through Inefficient or insufficient
guardn being used. At present tlie
cattleman may win his case but tiie
railways appeal and can run costs up
out of reach ot the average stock-
Mr. A. B. Smith's appointment ns
member of the market committee was
Mr. Alb. H. Webb reported progress
made with the market, and the meeting was addressed by Mr. C. B. Ward,
the chairman of thc market committee. He outlined the schemes
tbat were at present In front of the
committee and asked for suggestions
trom those present at the meeting.
Mr. Parham, tho superintendent of the
Dominion experimental farm in the
Invermere district related the experience of the Invermere farmers with
a market. They had tried an agent
who received and disposed ot all produce. The agent found difficulty In
disposing ot the surplus that was
usually left at the end of the day.
Then with regard to prices: Some
brought produce to market in excellent condition and there was no difficulty In getting rid of it. Others
brought It but paid no heed to the
condition of the stuff, yet although
tbis was thc drag on thc market they
expected to receive just as good a
price as those who bought thc best.
He thought the Cranbrook plan of as
many as possible standing with their
own produce and then u market agent
taking charge of any other stuff that
might be brought In by farmers who
had either not the time, ability or Inclination to make good salesmen
would be ln advance of their scheme.
no candidate to oppose blm.
No other announcements for aldermen were made except by the six men
who wcre supporting Mr. Howness, but
at tlie eleventh hour on nomination
day It waB found tlmt besides these
candidates two new ones had been
proposed. The pien nominated for aldermen were: A. J. Balment, Lester
Clapp, Joseph Jackson, Oeo. F. Stevenson, W, B. McFarlane, J. B. Hall,
Oeo. Leask and tiustave Erickson.
Objections wcre made to the names
of Geo. F. Stevenson, W. B. McFarlane
and J. B. Hall. The returning
officer acting on the advice
of the city solicitor threw
out the objection against Mr. Stevenson and uphold thc objections against
Mr. McFarlane and Mr. Hall, declaring Messrs. Clapp, Stevenson, Erickson, Jackson, Balment and Leask duly
elected by acclamation.
The nominees for school trustees
wero Wm. Henderson, Harry White,
Ira K. Manning and J. Henry Spence.
Mr. Spenco withdrew hlc name and tho
returning officer declared thc other
three elected by acclamation as school
'trustees for the ensuing year.
The objection to Mr. Stevenson was
on his property qualification and It is
understood that an appeal from the decision of the returning officer may be
All ot the men elected are well
known and need no boosting by the
Herald. They all have had business
experience and arc fully conversant
with conditions and the city's affairs
could be ln no more capable hands at
this time. Mayor BowneBS has served
In the chair before and his re-election
by acclamation needs no comment as
to his popularity or qualifications to
fill the position. The men supporting
him are all elected upon a platform of
strictest economy for tho ensuing year
and the mayor Ib warning citizens not
to look for much street or sidewalk
[ Improvement this year.
,    Every retrenchment possible wlll be
He thought «mt production was an | mRde |? „„„ to ude the clty ,„„,„,„
easy matter compared with disposal
after production aud that If Cranbrook got the market question settled
on sound lines while the demand
about or even more than equalled the
production, thc farmers and citizens
would be saved the difficulties they
had in the Okanagan, where production waa so far ahead of market
facilities as to cause lsrge quantities
of produce to be wasted each year.
the financial crisis.
School Trustees
On the board of school trustees are
equally efficient men. The re-election
of Harry White, who has served as
chairman for the past two years, wlll
greatly assist the hoard In the conducting of school matters during the
next year. Mr. White knows more
about the Cranbrook schools than any
: other citizen In the city, because of his
with the road machine.   Of the nbovc
work about   0.93   tulles    were ncw {repaired and put In condition,
strets opened up, viz: chirk avenue     Respectfully submitted,
between Kalns and Edwards streets, i J. C. Olenday,
A delegation was appointed to ln-1 ci„|,e ass0clatlon with school work for
terview Uie  Express Agent  with a j ,h(! paHt fcw yearB   At tlitu particular
view to having thc express office open ,|me HarrJ. w„|te |s certalnlf the right
Nuisance Orenad Ion 'n<! morll,n* ol market day, as one j man )n thc r|gnt p|acc    Mr Manning
Burning «f rubbish was carried out I man from a distance bad his produce | ghou)d provc , vsiuaDie man on the
it the nuisance ground and a road j locked In the office and could not ob-1 ^„aTrt „„ ne taKeB a conscientious Input in to enable tho garbage cMtfac- uta „ „,, jj.ao and i,a(1 t„ stay over i terMt ,„ ,„„ sclloo|8 and ln the child
refuse1 *"<"*** Bi*"   <" carry   hl"   """' '«">■   »'r. Henderson ls not so well
Cemetery ! home.    Thai kind of business is not Kn0WB as ule others, but Is fully qua!
Fence around the old cemetery waa | profitable to htm as a producer. j j|j,,,i t0 protect the Interests ot the
A paper on "Rotation of Crops" was ' schools.   Mr. Henlerson has been
given by Mr. Alb. II Webb.     It was resident of the city for a number of
which was slumped nnd graded and I   T|„, report 0f J    W  FbBter,   fire ! well received and a lively discussion
Sd" Van" Hmirstre™ wWch'"^! *,hW' »'»" rec*''v'd mi nl"*   Thl' ™" UUme*'   A volt' "' tl""k" wns "c"
stumped and graded. ' | port appears elsewhere In this Issue.
Approximately 0.77 miles of graded
corded Mr. Webb for his efforts
street wob gravelled and rolled with
the government rond   roller,   which
wiib lonned to the city.
There being approximately nine
miles of wooden sidewalk III (he clly
and some ot II In bad condition heavy
repnlrs were necesary. These were
carried mil und nl the present time
sidewalks are In (ulrly good shape
nnd walks were laid were placed
where tiiere had been no walks.
New Hiimli'ii Sidewalks
New   WOOdSn   sidewalks   were   laid
on the li din whig streets:
Oranbrook street. Hydo in Harold,
720 feel II font wnlk.
Van Hornc street. Durlck to
French, liiiit fool ti tool wnlk.
Kdwiirihi slreet. Harden In Lumsden, 510 feet il loot walk.
E. Fenwick Uno to B. Norbury
Lane '.'till fool tl I""! walk.
Harwell avenue, block US. 430 feet
(I fool wnlk.
Martin liviiine, blook 19. Hl« foot 4
fool walk. . , ,
Making n Inlnl "1 ■'•»» feet nt II fool
wnlk uml 100 fool nl t t""t walk.
I'unerrte Sidewalks
The cnlicrcte sldewi.lk Inlil tn 1913
nn Units Itrecl alongside Uie Odd
Fellows hall was uftcetcil hy the action of the frost nnd the contractors
agreed lo nuikn this good as reported
on Mur.li 7th, 1914. Up-to-date
nothing bus been done.
No new work wns curried out during thc yeur.
Bridge on IxiiiIb street nt Garden
avenue was ro-bullt and nisdo six
foel wider, aluo bridge on Fenwick
avenue. Bridge on Armatrong nvonuc
was repaired and put In place where
washed out. , ,
New brldgo was built over creek in
lane In block 34. Guard rallu were
pluced on bridges on Norbury and
Hanson avenues.
Street Sprinkling
Street sprinkling wao carried out
under tho direction of tho fire chief.
Athletic  tlronnds
Lacrosse grounds behind tho government building wero ploughed, levelled and rolled.
Twenty park benches wero obtained
and placod around tlio bandstand by
.the government building.
-Owing to tho very mild weather
laBt wlntor the inalntonanco charges
wero very light on compared with
former years. Between February 2nd
and March 17th, 1914, fifty-tour (64)
aervlcei were thawed oat, while la
It wis moved and carried that a car - Selling up such an able pupcr.    It
of cement now on hnnd he taken over i was commended by the Dominion gov-
from Hotson, Uder a Goode at a price ernment representative, who was prc-
.i( I2H4.40 and that Engineer McCul- < sent.
lough Include this In his estimates. Mr. A. B. Smith gave a short talk on
Account of   191.00   from   Hotson,; Winter vs. Summer dairying. In favor
Lcdcr ft Ooode for pumping water was i of winter work.
ordered Included In Engineer McCul- j    Dr. Rutledge urged sll present to
lough's estimates, Alderman Campbell go In for mixed farming, for as had
voting against thc motion. been pointed out by Mr. Webb, this
Engineer McCullough'B report wasldlBtrlrt wss well suited to grow the
then read, received and filed.   The re-1 necessary fodder crops for thc live
port aws as follows
years and we believe he will make
good. He Is a C.P.R. machinist and
has a family nf his own.
Address of President and Secretary.
Treasurer—Other Important
A fairly largo attendance of members of the Cranbrook Poultry and
Pet Stock Association turned out Friday evening last for the annual meeting and election of officers, which was
held In the old gymnasium building, j
Promptly at 8 p.m. the president, j
Mr. A. B. Smith, called the meeting I
time If that one man has to sell nil SEVERAL CASKS
product from door   to door
private personal    delivery.       If
goes   tn   (he   retailers   he' hns   to  Ill-
low them the making of prices both
waVB and take out his pay largely on
trade.    Second,   we  need  n  meeting ,   ,     ,., ,   ,, ,       ,
Place of our own. wc pay more than ' Jl"'Bt' ' i,oral's0" neld a sosslon ot
we can afford (or this place, although ; county court In thc city this week,
It makes a splendid meeting room, i commencing las; Monday. Tho follow-
next show "1"Is,t„'""k ',onvard to our i f„g were thc cases which came before
next Show, If (lie past one had been
down town we would have had a nlml
hundred dollars gate money, besides ! llnllnn vs. Burr
the satisfaction of an open evening, j    Sidney Holton, of Calgary, exchang-
where ^o\»TerstltTem°se,4Btim H ~ """^ ^ ""' 2T
their innings. They never go home , hue f"r l"'r ranch at Wasa. These
till morning then. I lands   were   unoccupied   during   the
We need a home where our hooks i summer of 1914.    Under instructions
"'■d  records,    coops,  a    library    ofl
Judge Thompson llcars Several fuses
This Week In Cniiiiiriink
(o order, stating Hint a vast amount
of Iniportant.busluesB had to bc trans-1 standard" works'anTbullet'l'nTcan be i(rum ,l,c I'rovi,lclal Wee0 Injector
acted, and called on the secretary to M* u"d where type pictures of' defendant H. W. Darr cat the greater
read the correspondence Hhnw a'"1 """d'ug llla|is can he ex-   part of the hay on the premises.     A
Secretary   McGregor  read  a  mini-1 used      """   "   b''"''k   b°°rd  C""   be!portlon ot this ',n>' l'onti,l,u'<1 tlllslles
ber of communications, among them '    We need u show room ulso Ialul   was  !"a*'kl'11  °"   ll"!   frmim-
being one from A. M. llcuttlc, of! Tll,! Fanners' Institute needs a The balance Barr removed to bis own
Waldo, expressing liia regrets at not i mclti"G room, also a plaee where live ! land under Instructions, for payment
being able to attend the Ilrst winter  ^The '>__<\V'lns%M, I"'U  ,        °« »'» »»" ■ "' "'"'"" "' coauK-
show of the local association.      Mr. I home   . ™° X. ?.,., 'S"".1 ....'.'..,, ,,.." i tion with the woeds and thistles. The
Beattie in the letter stntcd he would ' ™ry and ull have a grist of bulletins
walk five miles to sen a good poultry
show. We can quite understand
[•resident Smith then presented his
annual report, a document full of Interest to poultrymen of this district.
The report In full follows:
The President's Address
Ladles and Gentlemen:
In presenting this, my report for the
past year, I feel sure tbat yon will nil
at Ha close, and after hearing also the
report of the secretary agree that
your directors und the association
hnve a right to congratulate themselves on the year's work.
Our work for tlie year has been tn
me a pleasure, as on muny occasions
the generosity ot the directors und
'.heir wives opened their Iiousch to the
nxecutlvo for meetings: In fuct tile
meetings almost promised to become
social functions so well were we
treated, To be candid iu tlie matter
the amount of good cheer furnished by
our hostesses almost kept uh from
setting any work done. As president,
I want to thank Mrs. Olll, Mrs. McOregor, Mrs. Harvey nnd alsu our now
ibscnt friend, Mrs. E. sinter, for the
several times we were so generously
mtertalned. Our meetings last winter were Interesting and instructive
o those who attended and I believe
llong with those of the year before
have done much to fix breed types In
the minds of our members. Our members havo during the past year
brought several new varieties Into
"ranbrook ho tliat our locul catalogue
of breeds and sub-breeds Ih a fuirly
not cosily taken to meetings.
Wc ail need a market where consumer and producer enii get together. It wlll be money to both nnd
better will bring both to a better appreciation of the other, meaning In the
end a better Crnnbrook and a better
I ask you to give your committee
man u strong support In what he
sees to bc wise in tills matter. It
means n lot to us nit.
I would like to recommend tlmt the
secrotay convey to Mr. A. M. Beattic, of Waldo, our appreciation of thc
very attractive exhibit ho sent to our
show, while always u member <>[
our association Mr. Beattte's location
is such that a less enthusiastic fancier would not chance shipping his
stuff out in cold weather. Mr
Boattto ts one of tlio kind of landers
wlio. getting the hug years ago hack
In Ontario, came west to try ami cure
it. hut witiiout much success, for
wherever there is n poultry show
within reach his stuff wlll he seen
ind always good slufr.
In closing I want to thank the executive for the wny they have worked
throughout the year nnd to again
Jiuphuslzc my Indebtedness to the
secretary for his efforts through
Which we hnve now shell a large membership nnd had so successful a
show. 1 very much regret that he
has expressed a desire to retire (rom
Ills olllee tonight, lie has certainly
been tlie man (or the place.
ln electing your new officers be
sure and secure men willing to give
their time to the work. No man Is
Justified in accepting the presidency
'arge one now, about thirty varieties t unless willing to get to the meetings,
3f fowls being fairly represented In j no matter bow few are likely to turn
ind about the town. up,   tie  and   the  secretary  must   be
Our summer meetings arc not woll there. A less efficient man. always
ittended and In hot weather tt In al-' on tlio Job, will In the year do better
most Impossible to get a quorum. '■ work thun tlie able one with wavering
We had Mr. Terry here In June and j Interest and Irregular attendance. In-
I tried to get hlni out to n few outside ! sist In your nominations ou this point
ranches, 1 only had time to get him to   Ilrst.
three places as my time was pretty I I thank you all for the honor I have
well filled up then. He also guve us ■ had of being your chairman during
i talk at our meeting that night. The : tlie year of our first show. 1 have
only fault I find with Mr. Terry's visits j tried not lo spare myself In the work
on this side is they ale too short and I of this association in the last two
too far between. Mr. Terry'B work at! years und I feci it- was work well
the coast 111 endeavoring to stop Im-1 spent. Tlie Farmers' Institute has
portatlon ot diseased stock, deserves, re-elected me president of that body
our strongest support snd I hope we: and I liave been devoting more time
shall be able to get himself or Mr.! to outside work than my own affairs
Upton here this spring In early breed- i Justify, so I must ask you to look
Ing season. While the work of the | elsewhere for your president tonight
year waB carried on with a show in : You can feel sure tlmt 1 will be only-
view, at the last, when It came to bc j too willing to serve you In any lesser
near the time for action, your dlrec- capacity or as a private member, and
tors wero very doubtful of the wis-! you may always be sure of my heart-
-lom of attempting to hold a show on j felt support. I wish the association
-account of tho hard times, and putting a successful year and thank you for
It up to the association, tt agreed ! your hearing,
with them on a vote.     In Informing j yours truly.
the B.C.P.A. secretary of this decision j ' A. B Smith
Mr. McGregor stated that If they i The secretarv-treasurer's report
would give a small grant for a purely j waH „„„, reaa s|IOW|„g tte business
local one-day show wc would try to i
put it across, hence our show and for
transacted by thc association for the
llood Line of Bayers Witb aa Increased Interest In tbe Market
Mr. McCullough reported that the
contractors had laid 97H.0 feet of 14
Inch conduit pipe line, 1166 feet of 10
Inch  pipe  distribution  system,  4112
■iil.'ISAS llti|,nq|J,K|p sdpj ipo| g JO VIS)
93(2 feet of 6 Inch pipe distribution
system, There lias been sail Up and
how In use 31 hydrants and 03 gate
Tiiere Htlll remains to complete the
system 1040 feel of 14 Inch conduit
pipe line, 04411 feet of 0 Inch distributee pipe and 10,319 feel of 4 Inch distribution pipe. There are 14 hydrants
Htlll to be set and 13 gate valves.
Tlie new system now provides ample
fire protection.
A motion was made by Aldermen I -
Campbell and Horlo lhat upon com- INDIES AUXILIARY
lilctlon of the present water aystem; WILL HOLD DANCE
that releaso of the lands Included In ! __
right-of-way of ths old water mala be
Last Saturday was one of the best
market days held In Cranbrook, more
stuff being sold by the farmers than
on any previous day. The quality of
market produce generally was a big
stock.    He is a Htrong advocate of j Improvement over previous markets.
100 lo K.0 acre farms for the stock-1 The display of vegetables and fruits
(((.jp,., j were gotten up In a much neater way
A committee was appointed to buy !;'«"' **torc«d Mage generally are
potatoes for the boyH'   competitions improved,
and supervise their work.   Mr. W. J.
Atchison Introduced the subject of a
local Ice cream factory, and this was
followed by a suggestion for a milk
depot.     Farmers, business men nnd
citizens arc cordially invited to thc
meeting lo be held   February   12th, |
when the following wlll be discussed:
A central milk depot fur Cranbrook
witli Ice cream factory attached; an
egg circle or depot to be worked In ]
conjunction  with above:  egg  circle j
paper by II. T. Williams.
plaintiff sued (,>r (S50 damages for
illegal trespass. Mrs. Donohuo
Claimed to be entitled to the damages
ss purchaser of the property. The r.c-
tltui wns tried with a Jury on last Monday, tlio Jury returning a verdict (or
the defendant, It Is reported that Mrs.
Donohuo will carry tho ease to the appeal courts. The following were the
jurors: Qoo. 1'. Stevenson, foreman;
John Levitt. A 11. Smith. W, J. Atchison. \v, K. Worden T. T. Mecredy
(or Hie plaintiff and a. n Macdonald
and W. A. Nisbet for the defendant.
sinmlurd Lumber CO. is. Lexer!
This was an actiou brought by the
plalntltT against the defendant B. A.
Lezert hy the Standard Lumber Co. for
goods sold and delivered to the
amount ot I36T.S6.
Mr Simon Taylor, malinger of the
plaintiff company, gave evidence that
no particular time was mentioned for
payment nt the account The defendant lA'zert claimed that the lumber
was to bc paid for when lie gut the
money out ot it This Mr. Taylor denied Judge Thompson gave Judgment
for the defendant Lezert. holding that
Ihe time o( payment has not yet arrived and tlmt the action was brought
prematurely. The company to pay defendant's costs. T. T. Mecredy for the
plaintiff and A. il Macdonald tor the
Ureal Wesl Saddlerj Co. i«. Burtun
An action by the company against
Dan Uiirton. a partner in the firm of
W. M. Park ft Co. The company assigned some montlis ago paying a
dividend to the creditors. The plaintiff proceeded against Burtou for the
balance of tlieir claim. Judgment was
given for the plaintiff for IS06.20. W.
A. Nisbet for plaintiff, T. T. Mecredy
for defendant.
Scott is. Shackieton
An appeal from the small debts
court (or a claim on "Calgary Oil
Stocks." The appeal was dismissed
and the plaintiff given Judgment. W.
A. Nisbet for appellant and T. T.
Mecredy (or defendant
Rex is Eimar
Delendant Is a German and was
charged with carrying firearms without a license Accused elected (or
speedy trial and was acquited T. T.
Mecredy (or crown and A B. Macdon-
ild  for defendant
Kev i.. Hike Patrlskl
Defendant charged with stealing a
pig from the C.P.K. Elected for
speedy trial was found guilty and
sentenced to six months in Nelson
I Im (hunu loung 1-. Tom Voting
An action (or HIT 00.   The case was
ill come
glvon to the Roblnson-McKeusle Lumber Co. upon obtaining a conveyance
In feo free from encumbrance ot the
right-of-way as actually required for
the new system, such conveyance to
be submitted to the city solicitor for
Council adjourned.
We are Still Sellla*, Oar Best
Grades—& k K. PURITY
for M.7& cwt.
The Udles Auxiliary to tho Broth-
erhood of Railroad Trainmen wlll
hold their annual dance at the Auditorium theatre on Monday evening
next. The ladles of the Auxiliary are
working hard for the success of the
affair, whicb promises to eclipse all
previous social functions attempted
by this body.
Already the decoration committee
are busy arranging the many details
ot tbe event. Tbe Cranbrook orchestra wlll furnish the music. Tho patronesses are: Mrs. P. Dallas Mrs. H.
Hughes Mrs. R. E. Knight Mrs. W. J,
Flowers Mrs. J.   Cameron Mrs.
Other Grades ll.M aad II.S0
Laurie Miss Ella Ryekman and Miss
Elsie Park. Tho ladles are making a
special feature ot the refreshment end,
which, after all, Ib tho leading fca-
Iture of any event.    A special committee of ladles wlll look after the
.„_„_, , gedwaaariat*      _ .
leanllncss being a notice
able feature.
Prices generally were lower, the following being the quotations by the
various producers:
Pigeons, 25c. each.
Flowering plants, 2r,c. up.
Rabbits, 2.V.
Head cheese, 2 for 20c.
Beef, 14c. and 16c.
Cabbage, 10c. head.
Buttermilk, 10c. qt
Homemnde ham, 16c.
Apples, per box, 11.40.
Apples, Be. tb.
Chickens, 70c.
Butler, 36c.
Mutton, 16c.
Beets, 11.26.
Parsnlpe, $1.50.
Carrots, $1.26.
Turnips, $1.26.
Honey, 3 lbs. 76c.
Turnips, lc. Ib.
Chickens, 16c. Ib.
Eggs, 60c. dosen
Honey, $1,00 per pall.
Pork, 10c. to 13c.
Lard, 16c.
Sausage, 12Uc.
Head meat, 12",ic.
Beef, 12c. and 14c.
There Is a difference of opinion as to
J.! the best market day, somo claiming
Thursday Is the best day, while others
believe that Saturday Is the ideal market day. Saturday seems to meet
with tho approval of most people, as
on thai day the buying is done for the
family, and more people are In town
than oa aw otter day,
Its Initiation and ln a large measure | year Just passed.   Tlie report follows
Its success also, we are Indebted to
our secretary and his pluck and hard
We were so unfortunate as to lose
one of our   strongest   fanciers last
spring In the person of our vice-president, Mr. E. Slater, and he haa been
much missed, especially In preparing
for the show.    I often wished he were
round to help us out.   I am sure we
aro all glad to see bis name ho prominent fn the winning lists of Hip
shows near the coast and hope when
he brings a string over to our next
show he'll get thc surprise of his life
In what he comes up against.
The past year, while fairly good for
egg ssles, has been decidedly poor for
disposal of poultry meat, ducks having
actually been a drug on the market
and chickens very low priced and In
small demand for this place.   Qeese
and turkeys, of which we raise only a
few, have done betcr, some very nice
new stock  In  these 'latter hn," been I » ■ ^l'_Zttor"ol onlv UU      T"
brought In In Ihe psst yesr In Slate;" »    p ,i" ' rt, stole that the  "' *« ™'rl"' «•""
turkeys and African geese by our f.l- [ "•,„%!,.''olm.'lesli'ow 'engaged | week and th. curler,
in wnr liave almost completely Baort-thave been busy every afternoon snd
■Iced their poultry for meat and „mtB. The president end vloe-pre-
where are they going tn luck tu for
Secretory-Treasurer's Report
Ladles und Qontlemen:
The Cranbrook Poultry and Pet
Stock Assoclutlon began the year
1)11 with n cash balance o( $19.60 In
In (lie bank after payment of all bills
Incurred during 1918, which gave us a  ttOmfi lor arbitration and
very good  start on   the  past  year's   igahi at the next term of court, r. I.
business, whioh  we liave now closed ! Mecredy for plaintiff and A. II   Mac-
wltl, a cash balance ot $69.89 after d     ,„ tol. defendant
paying ull bills tor 1914, and leaving: ,„.„.,, ,. j„i,„ ,,   liilehell
all In good shape for what I trust will'    ' <ril ,'ar"'" '*• ■"'"" '" ■"*"«"
he an even more successful year.    Ini    Action   on    promissory    a--'-      tor
reviewing our work for the past year
I enn sec where we have hud a rather j
up hill road to climb owing to general
depression and otlier things over
which we have no control, which has
i hud a tendency to liave a rather depressing effect upon our breeders who
1 were Inclined to materially reduce
i their stock. This I very much reg-
' ret, ns In my own opinion I can see
■it n not far distant date where there
; will be a demand for not only eggs
i hut layers.    Reports state that tli
et   III
low member, Mr. John Brennan. w
Is to be congratulated on thc quality In ,
both breeds,    but   especially in the
geese,  which  are  splendid  types  of
their breed.
As you know your directors on the
Initiative of Mr. A. II. Webb held a
boys and girls poultry raising competition, all particulars of which you
have already heard. We received 61-
peclal commendation from Mr. Terry
and the department of agriculture on
the move and I hope to ,ee it repeat-|*»r, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ a    ,
further  supplies,    I  think  ll
t'runbrtiok    It   will   be   from
points, which  will have an effi
on our local market.     I also, in going
iver our membership list of 1914 und
comparing II wltli the year previous,
miss tile names uf several of our old
(rlends wlio   were   not wlih ua   Inst
nnd   I   trust  that   we   will
ed this year with one or two changes
In Its program.
thanrMs^y SffiffiKW : "j »■* "-at our total mombonjhln tot
lhat work and the labor It coat hlni j »14   wns   n nety-se v.   Hi   Is  a
Since coming to this town he has been   «*» creditable  si owing nnd  proves
one of the busiest men, and yet he J without 8 doubt that our association
always bas time to take on another I ia by no means a .lead one.
Job If it Beeras for the good of the ,    Wo succeeded in bring Ing In
.„.,.,       M.v hi. .h.'nw never crow   11500.00 worth of wheat at a sav
town. May his shadow never grow-
less. Wc need a lot of such men
Our slater association, the Farmers
Institute, ls now struggling to establish on a permanent baals a farmers'
market, of which one has been held
for three weeks now ss a tryout, and a
public city meeting on Monday has
advanced tbe scheme to the forming
of a committee of ways and means
with a favorable reference to the
city council to give the project
municipal assistance
Our representative of this association was given a Bent on the committee, subject to confirmation by this
body and 1 hope he wlll bc confirmed
In place at this meeting, when new
business comes up.
I bespeak for the market the support of tills association on three
scores: First, the working poultry-
man needs the market, a one man
Mil, stands still loo Bach of tbe
ISiiO. Judgment fur plaintiff with full
amount. T. T. Mecredy for plaintiff
md A. H Macdonald for defendant
V. Rourtnej it. al. i-. frank Ileaena
Suit to recover wages Judgment fur
plaintiff   T T Met redy lor plaintiff.
i has been keen interest taken
during the past
i at the local rink
n buy eve
I evening.
1 intent's competition has only une more
other gams t" play, with the *lce-praaldent
t "I1-(leading by (uur imlms.
The Inter-Club competition la now
I occupying the attention of Ibe club
I and games In tlila event are of dally
I incurrence.
j A Subscription was taken this week
to provide prise* for tbe bonspiel at
1 Lethbridge next week, when several
Cranbrook rinks will participate
Two rinks from Kernie visited Cranhrook yesterday and two (rom Cixn-
brook played at Fertile lust night Tlie
rlnkB going to Fcrnie were: Jas. B
Henderson, skip; (loode. Bowness and
rinnlield and W, F. Cameron, skip; E.
H. Patmore. T. C. Phillips and L. J.
The Fernie hoys played their Ilrst
41600.00 worth of wheat at a saving of
about $8.00 per ton to our members
over current store prices.
As you nil know wo held our Ilrst
winter allow and ttic success of same
no one can doubt. Wc staged four
hundred and fifty birds, and using the
words of Judge orr "the quality of lame on the local Ice yesterday after-
tlie birds wbh above the iiHiial ut otlier | noon and wcre defeated by Cranbrook'
B.C.  Hhowa"  whicli  lie  hnd attended | \f,—i.   Tlie visitors rink was c-.impoa-
sklp; E.
this winter, whioh should stimulate   a   ,   AlfI,(.d   Cllnvlnlng
us in going ahead in Improving our i '■     _ „
stock und getting them out Into com-'Evans. David Black and J. II. dual..
petition with other birds at outside Tliey were opposed by 11. W. Supple,
points and allow the world what the I skip, J. F. Campbell, B. MacFarlane
district   can    do.     Tills
moans Of advertising la the only
method uf placing "ur products on
the market at a belter price than common eggs and roosters tiring.
1 understand that a number uf
birds liave been disposed of since thc
Bhow at good  prices,  which  goca tn
nnd   I.ester  Clapp.
!    In thc evening game the l-'emle llnc-
up waa Jlminy Johnson, skip; Bert
, Black, Dr. lionnell and W. A. Ingram
j and the Crnnbriuik rink, A. A. Ward,
skip;  F. Tophaiu, W. M. HnrrlB and
prove that wo must gut our blrda out > Oeo. Hoggarth.   Cranbrook also won
(Continued on page two).       Jthls game, 11—6. *d*A« FOUR
L. P. SaUlvaa, Editor
J.R. Thompson, Batlaesi Manager
Om   Tear
Men in the Public Eye
AdvartJafac Rates
Dtsplay   Advertising,   15   cents   per
Colama laek.
NoUces er Claseifled Ada. 10
• line.
Cranbrook, B. C. January 14,191,1.
*A        i
The time is ripe for the government
of British Columbia to bring forward
a food production policy for British
Columbia. We cannot continue Indefinitely to "reap where we have not
Who's Who in Wattsburg
matter and we have given away a lot   ml frum one Canadian military con
of space endeavor in k to got a true  ler where there aro too many officers OBANBBOOK   €ITY
] November 14th—Telephone call to
, fire ln Slaterville, 6.20 p.m. Caused
by lamp explosion. No damage,
i December 16th—Telephone call to
fire In house In Slaterville, 11.25 a.m.
i Cause unknown. Total loss. Value
: $600.00, partly covered by insurance.
Owned by C. F. Bathamley.
Total calls, 5.
;    Total damage, $700.00.
J. W. Poster,
Cranbrook's Guardian of the Peace
Makes Creditable Showing for
the Vear Just Closed
The following is the report of Chief
of Police Adams for the nine months
i that he has been In offlce. Two hundred and fifteen prisoners were received at the local gaol during that time.
, Fines amounting to $2,164.50 were re-
' ceived and an expenditure of $632.50
was made for keep of prisoners.   The
: report as a whole Is most encouraging and shows the pollco are alive to
their duties.
police m;.
candidate,  when
It's been cheap
We were impressed with Mr. Watts'
earnestness when he stive us two
hours to apologize or take the con-
to another eity wliere there aro not PAHTMENT
enough.   They  think  there  is  little To His Worship the Mayor and Police
question  but  that  they  will  obtain Commissioners   of   tho   City   of
commissions In the second or third Cranbrook, B.C.:
contingents. ; Gentlemen :—
There are still more than one hun- ■' I have the honor to submit for your
quencoa, but apparently that was dred officers at Salisbury Plain, and i approval my report of the city police
until the next batch of knlghthooda 0,lly part of llis •**dverti8ln6 campaign thoy will probably be returned to Can- department from April 1st until De-
and we have been expecting a real ada. The majority of the men who cember 31st, 1914,
contest in vain. We imagined the arrived said tiiat they could have had In cells at midnight March 31st,
The Canadian troopB at Salisbury editor of tlie Postage Stump was pub- j commissions ln Kitchener's army. The
have created a splendid Impression.; Mailing Mr. Watts' nrtlclcs under the , reason that more Canadians did not
Rudyard Kipling spent much time delusion that in them lay something '■ accept, they said, was because of the
with them and this-Is what he says: ot public interest, something of bene-: difllculty of an officer without a priv-
"In my lifetime I havo seen an army Ht to Kast Kootenay and British Co-; ate income living up to his rank In
' lumbia, and that he would bc glad to ' Kngland. Many of them, too, pre-
glvo such a service gratuitous. ferred to go forward later on with a
But he now acknowledges that it Is j officers were frank In their criticism
paid mutter nnd that hi advance and ; ot Mujor-General Sam Hughes, minim a liberal scale. ; Ister of militia, for sending so many
Along with the acknowledgment of ' surplus officers to England with the
tlie payment for apace came another , Canadian troops. He should have
theatrical advertising dodge in the known, they said, that It would create
ment of a creamery was Introduced.; Bi,ape of lt challenge, which is maul- I trouble, and the surplus men would
This Is something which the Herald f(lstly unrillr| aH it prov|*ieB a gruc. j have to be sent back,
would like to see brought out by; Rome aort o( punishment for the One can hardly blame the return-
further discussion. It would seem j S(;ribes, but would allow Mr. Watts to ! Ing officers for tlieir criticism of
that there Is an opening here for ,,0 S(.ot frotli evon slIl)p0sing the | General Hughes. He must have
such a business.     There is   $30,000  scribe8 proved him a swash buckler, | known that there were too many of-
"Slr Sam" was possibly too suggestive alliterative a combination for the Bhould have been paid.
compilers of the New Year's honor
list to stomach. The minister of war
wlll have to worry along as a plain
major-general (unless he can contrive a further promotion somehow)
until the next bate!
are handed around.
of 100 good men; In my lifetime I have
seen an army of 1,000 good men, but
never before In my lifetime have I seen
an army of 30,000 good men such as
I have seen today."
At thc last meeting of the Farmers'
Institute the matter of the establish*
-worth of ice cream alone brought into  (ind a w*"mt not; | fjcerB anu that lt would be lmpos-
thls city every year from outside something more sportsmanlike will, slble to retain the services of all.
points, at least, that is estimated by havc to b(, arranBe(i an(i the advertls- ■ Unfortunatoly, however, a large num-
local dealers. This alone should prove illB B|mce in the Herald paid for before ! ber of offlceis In the Canadian militia
a lucrative business for some enter-  the HCr|bes can accept. ', aro  political   appointees, and    with
prising manufacturer who could turn , Kven though Mr. Watts is consumed j these there can be no quarrel, as far
out a first-class article. If good ice wltll jealousy of the Herald scribes! us General Hughes Is concerned. It
cream was manufactured here a sale I BUcn a display of venom will not bring J Is probable that some of the best offl-
could be found outside Cranbrook as : |lim •„ to the public favor he so earn-1 cers were returned and many of the
well.   This worked In connection with  ,,My drives for. ! political  friends of the minister lof
Since the Postage Stamp has ad-1 militia were permitted to remain.
initted the fact that thoy are re- I Recent despatches told us of the ele-
celvlng payment for this advertising ! vatlon of Major Lawless, of Wlnnl
1914          1
Received during the year   215
Total   216
Discharged during the year  211
In   cells at  midnight   December
31st, 1914   6
Total     216
Prisoners were disposed of as follows :
Released, time expired     39
Released, fines paid or otherwise
disposed of   141
a dairy nn a small Bcnle, a milk depot
and an egg circle ought to prove u
tempting business for some one to
engage iu and if private capital is
not disposed to take it up let the
farmers co-operate and carry it on.
Here Is food for thought for the farmers as well as the Crnnbrook board of
trade. A little encouragement by
both might result in such an enterprise being started.
The election of Mnyor Bowness and
thc men supporting him by acclamation saved tlie city tlie expense of an
election and gave the aldermen their
seats without any strings tied to them.
Mayor Bowness was not opposed and
the confidence the people repose In
him wlll not be shaken in the coming
year. This Is a time when tlie best
Interests of the city can only be served by everyone pulling together. A
number of important matters are tu
come before tlie Cranbrook public ln
the near future, matters of Immense
public Interest, which will need the
support of every citizen. Like many
small towns the city possesses a
coterie of grouches, men who kick
and rebel at everything for the city's
good unless they can have tlieir own
way. Just at this time when the nation Is iu peril and small things may
count for great ends every citizen
should be patriotic enough to forget
small differences and work for the
public good. Mayor Bowness Is ln a
position to accomplish much In tills
regard for Crnnbrook In the coming
year and It Is hoped that he wlll have
the support of all good citizens und
that a welding of community effort in
the right direction will result.
The thanks of the city are dn. thc
members of the lettrlng city council
who have piloted the city through the
past, most strenuous year. There
has been a great amount of discussion of the city council during the
past year, In connection with the
starting ot the city's now waterworks.
Numerous mistakes wore undoubtedly
made but they were largely the result
of the conditions of the year and not
nf the heads or hearts of the city fathers. These men have worked hard lo
protect the city and at the same time
to get tlie work underway as quickly
as possible.
Taken to the provincial goal....
Taken to Nelson goal	
Taken to New Westminster asylum 	
Taken to Vernon, B.C	
Taken to the hospital for treatment 	
Taken to the other places for
trial   ,	
In cells at midnight December
31st, 1914 	
Total     216
Classified as follows:
Whites, males   164
Whites, females      32
Negroes, males         4
Negroes, females     2
the Herald must refuse to give lt free,
especially In view of our circulation,
whicli Is a matter of pride to the publishers.
! peg, who was responsible for one of Indians, males       3
the most foolish acts since the be-
i ginning of the war when he ordered
j the arrest of Knox Mogee, editor of a
i Winnipeg weekly paper, for critlcis-
| ing General Hughes.—Vancouver Sa-
! turday Sunset.
Siatcnient   of   Chief   Shows   Small
Losses for the Year—Recommendations Made
A   well  defined  report  is current
that at the forthcoming session of tlie
provincial legislature that body will
he asked to amend the Liquor License
Act to compel hotelkeepcrs to close
tht* bars at  ii o'clock each evening
(instead of 11  p.m.)  while the war
is In progress. rire CM(J, Foster haa presented his
:    The  argument  advanced  to   sup- annual rflport for m4 to the city
: port such a decided change In the CQUncU     To say U)0 leaBt the report
act ls that the consumption of liquor |a encouragillg( showing a small pcr-
! is of no particular benefit to those f,entagc Qf loflfles dur|ng tho ycQr
■ consuming  it.  and  that iu  a great The re])0rt jn fuI, folloWB:
I many casese if money could not be cranbrook, B.C., January llth, 1914.
[spent    on.   liquid    refreshment   the Mayor  and  Council  of the  City of
i aforesaid money  would be available1       Cranbrook:
I Tor local relief, patriotic funds, Bel-' awttemem I take pleasure In here-
. . with submitting my report of the fires
i glan assistance, etc. dur,ng Ulfi |}(l3t yenr that haB been at_
f    If, ns we nre given to understand, tended by this department both In the
' the move Is made solely for the pur- city and outside to the end of 1914.
pose  of curtailing   useless  expend!- The damage  for tho year has been
...... very light and at the present we have
turo or money,  why single out the onlJ 2,000 feet of Are how that we can
] hotel  business?    Why not limit tlie depend on In case of tiro and 500 feet
Half-breeds, males .
Hindoo, males .
Chinese, males .
Japanese, males .
hours confectionery, for instance, can
lie sold. People can get along alcely
without candy; besides, its hard on the
Why not put stringent regulations
on livery stables; walking is healthier than driving anyway. Close up the
theatics; comic operas particularly
are quite often snwewhat Immoral.
Shorten the aliening hours of restaurants; people eut too much. Lock up
tlio deportment stores three days a
week; folks are stocking up with
"bargain" commodities that will still
bn on hand weeks after the war ends.
And seeing news Is scarce make it an
Indictable offence for weekly papers
to Issue oftonor thnn fortnightly, thus
providing the usual quota of news per
Issue—and t educing the subscription
rate fifty per cent., and enabling the
people to get to bed earlier thus making a saving mi both fuel ami coal
The llOtolmon of the province have
paid $200 or $400, or whatever the 11-
Alderman Campbell UB : cense fee may he. on the undestandlng ^ ^  ^
chairman  of the  finance committee, | ^J?*?!^8. .^A _ ____t I »» «WBge on Kdward t street,
and as acting mayor during the ah'
of this was purchased In 1909 and
with the extra water pressure some
of this may be of little use. It will
lie necessary to have some now equipment this year.
The annual report of the chief of
the fire department of the City of
i'ranbrook for the year 1914 Is as follows: Department responded to 17
['alls, 12 In the city and 5 outside.
Calls tn tho Clly
January 4—Verbal call to lire in
Presbyterian church, 6.30 a.m. Smoke
February 5th—Telephone call to fire
in house of V. Hyde Baker, 8.30 p.m.
Smoke scare.
February 5th—Verbal call to lire In
house of Dr. Bell on Norbury avenue
i :'.o a.m.   Chimney fire.    No damage.
February 14th—Telephone call to
lire In Royal hotol, 3 p.m. Caused by
defective chimney. Damage, $25.00.
Wm. Steward, proprietor.
March 4th—Telephone call to fire
In post office, 5.10 p.m. Caused by
sparks from chimney dropping
through outlet to roof, setting fire to
clothes on wall below. Damage $10.00.
May 12th—Telephone call to (Ire In
rear of C. H. Parker's dray stable, 4
a.m. Caused by hot ashes too near
fence.   No damage.
August nth—Telephone call to fire
sence of Mayor Taylor, has done u
tremendous amount of work on behalf of the  city.    No  account  was
mately tho same in 1915 as those oh- j p,m;   caused by heated engine. Dam-
talnhig ln 1914 and the government \ age $50.00 to car.   X Meyers owner.
will bo getting money under falso pretenses If it makes any such drastic cut
passed  without'his careful  scrutiny I ™  tlie houw  Inscribed   for selling
and full value was    demanded    for' ••(n,or*
every dollar pnid out. The other
members of the council, especially ,
those on the special water committee,| merely alone alono thh session; the
The  McBride   government will  be
well advised In leaving the Liquor Act
have worked equally hard and every
member has had dally problems to
solve for thc municipality. Thc passage of thc milk bylaw and the wood
measuring nnd coal weighing bylaw
and the curtailment nf the pound-
koepers rake-off were the most Important pieces of legislation of th***
moral or material well-being of the
province is not ItaJiti to suffer by
allowing the law to stand as lt l&
particularly during the war.—Creston
Canadians are still wondering why n
large unmoor of ollicers who accompanied the first expeditionary force
to Kngland liave been returned.   More
Thc cat r uiul* out of the hag last
week when the Crnnbrook Postage , than fifty reached Halifax lust week
Stamp announced that Mr. Watts was following a cable from the Canadian
paying for his personal advertising., inllltia department. They regard
Tha Herald baa been duped In thin > Uie return to Canada as a transfer-
September 15th—Telephone call to
lire in house on Garden avenue, 11.30
a.m. Chimney fire. C. T. Davis, tenant.   No damage.
November 2nd—Telephone call to
fire ln house on Garden avenue, 2
p.m. Chimney (Ire. T. T. Mecredy.
No damage.
November 6th—Telephone call to
lire In house on Burwell avenue, 7.30
p.m. Chimney fire. A. J. Balment.
Xo damage.
December 4th—Telephone call to
fire In house on Hanson avenue, 2.45
u.m. Cause unknown. Damage $400,
covered by Insurance.   George Walsh.
December 14th—Telephone call to
fire in house on Clark avenue, 8.35
p.m.   Smoke scaro.   M. JackBon.
Total calls in city, 12.
Total damage, $485.00.
Fires Attended Outside City
Feb! unry 9th—Call to fire In passenger conch, 8,45 a.m. Light damage.   C.P.R.
August 5th—Telephone call to Are
near hospital.   Grass fire. No damage.
September 19th—Telephone call to
llro In Slaterville. Stable on tiro, 11.30
p.m.   Damage $100.00.   J. Crowe.
Total     216
Accounts received during the year
ending December 31st, 1914, totalled
Year ending 6269 meals have been
issued as follows:
Prisoners 6745
Destitutes    524
Total    6269
There were 304 meals at 35c. per
meal issued to prisoners of war, making a total of $106.40.
Also 624 meals were supplied to destitutes, which were charged to the
Sunshine Society at 10 cents per meal,
amounting to $52.40, which brings the
cost of feeding prisoners to $473.60, an
average of 7'i cents per meal.
During the period year ending De-
comber 31st, 1914, prisoners have been
engaged at street cleaning, Including
the stumping of the whole ot Kalns
The creek running through the city
was also cleaned out.
Mala streetB have been kept free
of rolling rocks, and crossing scraped
during muddy weather.
The two general cemeteries were
weeded, cleaned and driveways edged
with rock.
During the last nine months year
ending December 31st, 1914, fines
amounting to $2,164.50 have been paid
In tocourt.
The restricted area was ordered
closed on November 31st, 1914.
I havc the honor to be sirs,
Your obedient servant,
P. Adams,
Chief Constable.
Officers Installed Last Night at Fraternity Hall—List of Officers
Last evening District Deputy President, Sister A. Llddlcoatt, assisted
by Bro. J. Turnley, Grand Marshall,
installed the officers of Rebekah Lodge
No. 19, at Fraternity Hall. The officers
Installed are as follows:
Noble Grand—Sister M. E. Jones.
Vice-Grand—Sister Celestla Bennett.
Recording Secretary—Sister Ada M.
Financial Secretary—Sister Alma
Treasurer—Sister Nellie Baker.
R.S.N.G.—Bro. R. W. Russell.
L.S.N.G.-Slster Ella M. Taylor.
Warden—Sister Adlard.
Conductor—Sister Nellie Phillips.
Chaplain—Sister Racklyeft.
R.S.V.G.-Slster Flowers.
L.S.V.G.—Sister Elsie Park.
Outside Guardian—Bro. Adlard.
Inside Guardian—Sis. Bertha Hickenbotham.
Past Noble Grand—Sister Lllla
After Installation a social time was
■pent, there being over forty members
(Continued from page one)
; In company In order tbat they may be
appreciated. I consider that our executive acted wisely In bringing In
! Judge Orr for our show, aB he gave
us a good Idea as to the merits of
our birds and only regret that time
did not permit ot his having more
time at his disposal after the show in
order that he might have talked Individual birds with tho exhibitors, but
thiB Is our first. Just await the next!
I am pleased to be able to report that
the show proved self-suBtainlng, taking Into consideration the $100.00
grant from the B.C. association. Gate
receipts $12.50, and the additional
membership which it brought In. Of
course had it not been for the agricultural association giving us free use
of the new poultry building and ribbons at reduced prices the report
would have been different.
In conclusion I must ask you to
' accept my thanks for your assistance
I during the year Just closed and I also
' ask you to donate more of your time
nnd energy In assisting my successor
for 1915, which wlll bring a sure rc-
Yours lu tho work,
W. W .McGregor.
.    Auditor   Webb's   repot t   wall   then
'presented.     Tho roport follows:
Auditor's Keport
! To  the  Members of the  Cranbrook
Poultry and Pet Stock Association:
{Ladles and Gentlemen:
|    It Is with pleasure that I find the
; finances of the association In such a
! good condition.     Much credit Ib due
I to your secretary and the directors.
I would suggest that where petty
cash payments are made by the *ec-
retary, he record same on a stul in
cheque book and Issue a cheque for
total amount payable to himself thus
saving trouble with vouchers, etc.
Believe me, your obedient servant,
Alb. H. Webb.
After the reading ot the several re-
; ports, which were received, the as\oc-
| lution passed a hearty vote of thanks
' to the officers for their splendid work
; and Interest In the association during
I the year.
In this connection we would like tc
say a word. Under the guidance of
the president, Mr. A. B. Smith, and
the secretary-treasurer, Mr. W. W.
McGregor, the Cranbrook Poultry association has made marvelous progress during their term of office.
These gentlemen have been good
workers for the organization, and It
was with reluctance that we learned
of their desire to be relieved ot office.
The association did well ln placing
; on record Its hearty approval of
their work. We believe that A. B.
Smith nnd W. W. McGregor have been
; thc most capable and earnest workers
the association haB had thus far.
A vote of thanks was also tendered
Mr. A. H. Webb as auditor and in
connection with the boys potato competition carried out last spring.
The election of officers resulted as
Hon. President—T. J. Doris.
;    Hon. Vice-President—A. M. Beattie,
; Waldo.
President—B. Palmer.
-   Vice-President—W. Harvey.
Secretary-Treasurer—A. H. Pigott.
Directors—A. H. Webb, C. R. Shep-
i pard, E. T. Cooper, A. B. Smith.
Delegate to B. C. Poultry Association—W. W. McGregor. Alternate—
: B. Palmer.
Mr. Palmer was elected to repre-
; sent the association on the public
| market committee. A general dls-
I mission on this subject then took
; place. After the pros, and cons had
; been threshed out, It was carried that
j the delegate be given a free hand and
! to use his own discretion In deciding
Important matters which would cven-
! tuully come beforo the market com-
' mlttee.
Mr. C. R. Sheppard thought thc time
had arrived when the Poultry association should purchase a lot in the
city and erect a building for holding
Us meetings and shows. This matter will be brought up again at a
later meeting.
Mr. W. W. McGregor, the retiring
secretary, showed his Interest in the
association by donating his salary for
the year toward Its funds, stating lt
would be a "nest egg" for the new
Mr. A. L. Barnhardt, ot Glenllly,
a poultryman with a good reputation,
waB present and addressed the meeting, dealing with conditions ln his
home town and stating he would ln
future keep the association posted as
to developments In Glenllly In future,
It was moved and seconded that
the president prepare a list of subjects for the winter meetings.
The question of eggs for the boys
hatching competition was brought up
by Mr. Shoppard. He thought thut
next year tho boys should pay the
sum of $1.00 for a setting of eggs, instead of 50c. and that tho association
should appoint two members to test
the eggs. A report wlll be brought
ln by the executive committee bearing on the subject.
The executive committee will wait
on the city council with a view to
securing the council chamber as a
place of meeting.
A matter of general Importance to
poultrymen, especially ln the sale of
their product, was brought up by Mr.
C. R. Sheppard. It concerns tbe
more attractive way of putting up
eggs for sale ln the city. 'He.suggests that the eggs be put up In cartons, neatly printed, bearing the
name of the association. Mr. Shop?
pard was of the opinion that the poultry Industry had developed to the
point where the system of moro attractive means must be taken to display the product. Mr. Shcppard's
tolls a good story and has It all cut
and dried. This matter will come up
In thc noar future for further hearing.
Others who spoke on the subject were
C. H. Knocko, T. S. GUI, A. B. Smith
and B. Palmer.
f. 1.   Atchison brought  ap    U»
Card of Thanks
I wish to thank the Electors of this City for the confidence placed in me by returning me to the Office of
Mayor of the City of Craubrook by acclamation for the
ensuing year. I am glad to note my endeavors In handling
the city affairs during my last two termB of offlce have
been appreciated.
I assure you that I will make a greater effort this year
than I did in the past and do everything I possibly can to
carry the city through the present financial depression.
We being elected to the platform on the strictest
economy, the people cannot look for any large amount
of improvements, such as street and sidewalk Improvements during the coming year.
question of tlio IiIkIi prions usked for
eggs ou tin' public market, stating tlmt
on ono occasion lion Irult liuil sold
for u higher price on tho marltot thnn
obtained nt the stores. Mr. Atchison in tho course, of IiIh remarks ad-
vancoil houio good common-sense arguments, stating that tho farmers
cannot expect tlie public to luirchaso
provisions nt the market for cash
whon the same articles can he had of
tho storekeeper oa- 30 days credit.
Mr. W. Harvey who has a monopoly
on tho sale of Plymouth Hock eggs
In town, advocated keeping up the
prices of cggB, stating people did not
mind ]>nylng»tho top price when they
knew they wero getting a strictly
fresh article.
Krires Local Institute lo Keep Heart
In The Work—So Sacrllice Too
tlrcat tor W. l.'s
trilling ailments. Tho camps are on
tlio brocsy downs, tho tents havo
tloors, and huts nre building everywhere. Tho mud Is pretty bad, but
no ono I'umplulnoil ot that, or Indeed
of anything clue excopt that thoy all
without exception wanted to go to tho
front, and with true Canadian in-
dependence nnd gay unconcern, wanted to go whether thoy were ready or
not I I understood (rom headquarters that equipment was not complete. But neither you nor I will
lament that our lads are not being
rushed In. There Is, alas, time
I have been able to be ot uso to
some of our soldiers, have got hospitality In protty English homes for
some of them, different week end.,,
have written letters for some busy
ones, have shopped for othera. And
I want you all to feol that the sons
and husbands of our members may
ask me freely to do anything I can for
them. So please let them have my
address, as appended. There are lots
of other Canadians here who would
like to help out our boys If they
| knew addresses of any. Salisbury
; Plain Is so enormous thnt unless one
i knows the exact address of a soldier—
~,,„ , „■■., I brigade,   company,   rank,   number—
mc following communication from everything, it is Impossible to end
Madge Robertson Watt, seere-! anyone. So far, nearly every address
tary of the advisory board of the Wo- i8ent me '" wronK-
men's Institutes for British Columbia ■ ' ,tou°?. th.ot many of our bo''8 had
will be rend «,i,i, ,,„„„ i„. . . T i"° (woollen) mitts, mufflers, belts,
win ne read with deep interest by | etc., especially from B.C. So I have
Herald readers.       Mrs.    Watt Is   a  " '
daughter-in-law of the late Dr. Watt
of Fort Steele and Elko.   It was our
intention to publish this letter last
week In connection. with the nnnual
| report of the Women's Institute, but
space would not permit.   The letter:
C|o Parr's Bank,
Bartholomew Lane,
London, E.C., England,
I November 25th, 1914.
To the Women's Institutes of British
My Dear Friends:  It seems ns If It
were ln another age that I said goodbye to you all  and came to other
been collecting and making these.   It
Is pretty cold here and In France.
I would like to urge you all to
write very often to these lads. When
they go to the front many letters are
lost, so >uu wlll just have to write
that many more. Remember that
camp temptations are hard to avoid.
There Is little recreation after work
(atlhough we are trying to place halls
everywhere) and the wretched public
houses are here witli light and warmth
and cheer, nnd beer at a penny a
glass. It Is little wonder tbe soldiers
drift Into them. And, oh! the harm
It all docs. These awful women
drinking in the bars, tempting our
-. - — rfw« ,.,, bum vntiic iu uiner ,,,,vu,
scenes to try to get back health and i '
power to work again. So much has Do wrltc t0 every one you know,
happened, such an upheaval! My u,lli P°,nt 01" "lat tl10 honor of Can-
private grief has long since been mer- iada ,s '" llls keeping, and that he
ged in the perfect maelstrom of sor-1caD "IS1" we" on|y I' he has kept from
row that has overtaken tho empire drink—and other things. No doubt
These are indeed dreadful davs, und i ■our 00>'s are all right. I was assured
know that you all are sharing to the I""" B- c- bore splendid repute. But
full in thc common responsibility I a gentle warning hurts no one, and
liave often pictured what our meet-!""1 ,onKer it all lasts, the more the
ings must bc like now, everyone knit-1 "eei- An<l io wrlte cheery letters,
ting for our gallant soldiers and " '8 s0 casy here to be depressed,
working out plans for utilizing to the ITel1 everything bright and funny you
full the resources of our province, i l'aa. Forgive me if I have written
There will be no sacrifice too great I'00 muon on this, 1>ut my heart goes
for our W. I.'s to undertake In the'out t0 our lads, so many, so young,
defence of empire. ; and I cannot bear that evil should
Indeed, our activities are especially!comc Qear them If we can ward it oil
suited for this period.   The needs ofj    I have written so much that I can-
the empire will be fulfilled by our
exertions. What organization Is more
lilted for Instance than ours, to deal
with the food supply; It In our men
folk who produce the supply. It Is
our women who store it nnd preserve
it and use it to the best advantage.
Our Women's Institutes can best
teach this not only to Cunadu but to
not say anything at length on the
other subject of my letter—to tell you
what I am doing over here for our Institutes. That wlll have to be In another letter. But I have not been Idle,
as you wlll nnd when I return. I
liave learned so much that surely I
ought to be ot more use to you all.
I think I may say that the Women's
Institutes of B. C. are now better
Only the other day I wns nt a meet- known here than any other women's
Ing where It was announced that Bel- society In Canada. Interviews have
glan women from tho country dls-; appeared In papers, and I have spoken
trlets were to form a colony In Kng-1 In many parts of England. Some or-
land to teach how women could de- ganlzations hore, such aB the Mothers'
vclop rural living, how they upplicd Union, would, I think, like to affiliate
agricultural and domestic science with us, so we will be an empire-
principles, and farm women's organ-1 wide society ln days to come
Izatious to country life, nnd make it I
I hope you will not feel that I am
'profitable. When I was asked tc ', X«Z\\.i e.„ . V"" ' *m
! speak, I pointed oul that Belgian wo-\%,„„T__.1 ^SJ°vadvaDce T
men learned this from Canada, IndhlSd^lS»!K!^Ito«^^w.1,.
were ono of the Ilrst to recognise Se Kf __% ,?aii«!'Se0.1,1,Jr« !e!
value of our Women's iHetitute*. SSv will "ESS ii.S*Jjf &* ButJ'
There was considerable applause, tor ffi"",1 5??.',""' "• a ,ew ,mol>*h»
Canada is very dear to England today.: fflSViZi. ZXnT*, UP *?&.
In the greet period of reconstruct. __ .1^'??"ir"' * •"" _*?
Hon after the war, agriculture will; „°X „'V » „Tin™, WorK' Wl"0.,'"
play a great part. There will have n°.'l„„1f \\\TZb&A 80n,eono «1,«
to be production to make up for all \_ ","_ JXfy, ?.i!Jd' w? ,rau»l a»
this frlahtful waste I'mlnuhio.il. !?"* forward to fresh nctlvlty when
state 2d and pr v, e capital wil Uo- *__*__*_> \*f ""' '"*"'-
operate to develop our farming re-!00'" mi •*"»■'•«• wa" '« over,
sources, and there will be better days I ' an1 writing at a most critical motor rural Canada, as for rural Eng-1 ment. In tho dayB when, If Invasion
land. Already here there Is great """*'" ut ""' " '"ay come at nny mo-
actlvlty along those lines. All sorts'!""'" Ilut '""H bc,ore you get this,
Jof committees ure at work, ami It is ' ""I"' *■"*•} danger will havo passed,
I pretty generally recognized lhat this "H J™. ™ danger to Paris, to Warsaw,
i Is one of tho first measures of im- t0 ('«'nls.
I portunco to be taken up ull over the I am going tn live beside Mount
empire. Vernon   Hospital   and   Convalescent
So I need not urge you ull to keep Home, which Is under Canadian doc-
|our Institutes prosperous and going, lors and nurses, aud It wlll be my
I lo continue tho splendid work I know dally work to llud out later from day
' you urc all doing, und to keep lu read- In day what Canadians nro brought
luess for tho great work tliat Is to In we must, ulns! face this posslbll-
come. Ity - and rest assured that If thero aro
It haB boon wonderful to be here, to soldiers from B.C. wo will help pass
see England at peace and In war. 11 Hie tlmo of convalescence. We can
have collected u great deal or material trust our boys to do us little harm to
und many photos and pictures, and j I thenisclvcn as possible, and as much
hope I can have a chance when I got | Io the enemy, and must of the
back to tell you all about It. Most of' wounds aro slight nr heal easily,
all, I havo been Impressed by the pur-1 Ploaso forgive the length of thin
fectly marvelous work of the women's letter, and please receive my best
organizations. There seems tn bo wishes for the year to como. It wlll
nothing English women cannot under-1 bring a new England and a new em-
take. Their ability ln moet'ng the fire united, prosperous, purified. It
situation ut the very beginning and I Is moro than ovor, our glorious motto
dealing wltll lt, ls as wonderful as thc : —"For Homo and Country!"
manucr In which, they have curried [ (Signed)        Madge Robertson Watt,
lt on.  _
Tho day after war was declared, j
women were at work for tlie relief of f WILL HE IHtlVEN
distress, to set men free to enlist, to I ll wv Ml mus neron
take care of their wives and chlldron, uauiv in  IHIS BUSH
and .within no time they had shown1 	
how to utilize all existing women's j    .   ,,,,,
organizations and had formed new A "ttle mo"> "arvatlon and Hr.
emergency organizations to deal with i Bowser and hla mannlkln, Sir
every sort of work women could pos-' Richard, wlll be driven further
slbly do.     All honor to English wo- „,,„ tlle „„,„ ,„,„ th„ peop)e of New
I am writing Jtwt now to say that aa
many uf you will have near and dear
ones In the ranks of our Canadian soldiers, it wlll bo a privilege for me to
sea If there is anything I can do for
Lliuse, Individually, over hero. I have
heen to our camps on Salisbury
1'lnln, and have seen many of our
hoys. You wlll be glad to hear
again that their health la Very (ood,
leu than «e per cent have tvea
Brunswick have driven our old college
chum, the grafting Premier Fleming.
"Dog cat dog" haa been McBrldo's
policy for the people of British Columbia. We are In the hands of railroad
corporations, banks and land monopolists. We have aB serious a condition of landlordism as our forefathers
■have aver kaown.-Mte.ui Reporter. JANUARY 14th, 1916
' Are a Oreat Blessing
Our equipment is complete for testing eyes and
gringiiig glasses. Let us
remove your headache or
eyestrain and give you
comfortable and distinct
vision. This is our specialty.
We want your glasses to
be right. This principle
has made our business
what it is. A reliable
guarantee goes with all
glasses fitted and ground
W. H. Wilson
Den Werdcn, the Fort Steele hotel-
man, was ln tlio city Monday.
Archie Leitch, of Jaffray, was ln
the city the flrst of the week.
Qeorge Leask went to Spokane the
first of the week on a few days business trip.
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the Overseas Club took
place last night.
The "Emma D" people have grouped
their claims on Perry Creek and will
work them through a tunnel.
Tomorrow night Court Cranbrook,
Ancient Order of Foresters, will hold
their annual ball in the Auditorium
Wbrk has been stopped on the city
water works and Mr. Goode, the contractor, is returning to Lethbridge on
Tomorrow evening the annual congregational geetlng of Knox church
will be held In the Sunday School
room.   Members are asked to attend.
Senator 0. G. King and Mrs. (Dr).
J. H. King left Monday for Chipman,
N.B. Mrs. King will visit her former
home and spend some time ln the
MrB. J. T. Millar, of Fernie, Is
spending a few days ln Cranbrook, the
guest of Mrs. A. C. Blaine. Mrs.
Millar was formerly Miss Hazel Hirtz
of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Small who have
been visiting In the city of opportunity for the past few days, returned
to their home In Canal Flats Monday.
Annie Orr was thc name of the
young lady who lost thc fur last week
and which was left at this office by
Mr. W. F. Attridge. Annie claimed
her fur Monday afternoon nnd went
home happy.
The Udles Auxiliary of the Y.M.
CA. will hold r sale of cookery in the
Y.M.C.A. building on Saturday. January 23rd, from three to six o'clock
Tea will also be served. Everyone
cordially Invited.
Mr. and Mrs. J, It. McNnbb returned Sunday frum a two weeks trip to
Fort William, where tliey have been
visiting llieir relations. Mrs McNabb will he nt home to her friends
on her usual calling duy.
The St. John's Ambulance Corps
wish to acknowledge receipt of
$13.41) from the executive of the 107th
regiment as purl of the proceeds of
their New Year'H bnll. MnntinlK on
"First Aid to the Injured" can be had
from Miss Harrison nt 35c. per copy.
Miss Florence Johnson, who has
been In tlie city on a snd mission, on
account of the dentti of her sister,
whose snd death we chronicled last
week, left for Iter home in Moyie
Saturday. Mitts Johnson wlll resume
her duties as teacher In the Moyle
public school.
Thc Sunshine Society gratefully acknowledge thc following donations:
Tho (.ranbrook Volunteer Club,
-cheque for $13.40; Methodist Sunday
achool, cheque for $10.00; H, H.
Bourne, cheque for $5.00; Merchants
Association, $25.00; Mrs. Christian,
ar. 60 lbs. flour; Methodist Church
Udles Aid, 1 quilt.
A general meeting of the members
of the Board of Trade wlll be held In
the city hall tomorrow (Friday) at
8 pm. The meeting Ib called for tlie
purpose of making arrangements for a
proposed trip by the Board to Athalmer on the 26th Instant. All members are requested to bo present.—J.
P, Fink, secretary.
On Wednesday next, January 20th,
a social dance will be held In St.
Mary's hall. The purpose of the
affair ts to clear up the debt on the
piano, A first-class time Ib promised. The hall has thu best dancing
floor tn the city. Tho Cranbrook or-
chostra will discourse a good pro-
crft» of nusfc.
J. W. Payne waa a Nelson visitor
this week.
City Clerk T, M. Roberts was laid
up at his residence this week with an
ulcerated tooth.
Mrs. F. B. Miles will receive on
Thursday, January 21st, and thereafter on the third Thursday of each
A. E. McCullough, engineer In charge
of the city waterworks, left today for
Nelson and wlll not return until work
Is resumed In the spring.
Mrs. Pauline Dixon, wbo for the
past three years has tad charge of
il'o Cosmopolitan hotel dining room,
has resigned her position and left for
Missoula, Mont. She has made many
friends ln Cranbrook who wlll be
sorry to learn of her departure.
An entertainment by the pupils of
Miss Rumsey and the King Kdward
school will be given at the Auditorium
on Saturday afternoon, February 19th,
at 2.30 o'clock. This Is tho second annual event of this nature, the entertainment given last February proving
a great success. Several new features
will be Included tn the program this
lt Is estimated that ten thousand
tons of genuine "Made In Cranbrook"
ieo will be cut here this winter. The
Ice Is now about 25 Inches In thickness
and is of excellent quality—smooth
and cold. W. E. Worden commenced
cutting last week and Is now engaged In hauling to the city a large
quantity for the several hotels and
other users.
Mr. Parham, superintendent of the
Dominion government experimental
farm at Invermere, passed through the
city last Saturday on his way to Ottawa to attend the winter conference
of superintendents. While In the city
he attended the Farmers' Institute
meeting at the city hall ln the afternoon and addressed that body, firing a very interesting lecture.
A pretty wedding was solemnized
on Monday at Moyle when Miss
Exalla Boisjolle became the bride of
Mr. James Miller, a popular resident of Crows Nest. Father John performed the ceremony. The bride ls
a most popular lady of Moyle, being a
resident of that city for a long time
and being universally well liked. She
wlll be greatly missed In social
circles. The happy young couple
are receiving the hearty congratulations of their many friends.
About fifty people from Cranbrook
attended the Hard Times dance given
by the Cranbrook orchestra at Fort
Steele on last Tuesday evening. Several automobiles, besides the Hanson
truck and a big four horse sleigh load,
carried the dancers to the neighboring
town. A five-piece orchestra furnished the muBlc. Supper was served In
the Masonic hsll and a large number
expressed their pleasure at the fine
time enjoyed. Prizes were won by
Mrs. Attree of Wasa and Mr. Percy
Parker of Cranbrook.
The Herald office ls now equipped
to supply butter wrappers to farmers.
It wlll be a source of profit to every
farmer to have butter wrappers In
which to offer their product for sale
on the market The prlted wrapper Is
not only an advertisement for the butter but also for the farmer and customers will come again for the same
brand once It has been tested and
found satisfactory. We have secured a shipment of the very best butter
paper and the special Ink used for the
printing of these wrappers. We print
them for $3.50 per thousand and 500
ut $2.50.
Has lt ever struck you that now is
(he time to purchase a home for your
family? Desirable property can be
purchased below cost, simply because
the money Is needed. We can sell
these properties on easy monthly instalments with just a small cash payment. Why not take advantage of this
opportunity, which may never occur
again? We can sell you today a nub-■
stuntlal two story residence, central-
ly located, for $1000.00. This prop- ■
rty cost over $1800.00, and the pay-'
ments are about what you are paying
for rent. Call on Beale A Elwell'
for full particulars.
Will Commence Work on Prize Lht al
Once— Committees Appointed
for the Year
At a meeting of the directors of the
Cranbrook Agricultural Association
held at the city hall last night the
preliminary work for starting a fair
/or this year was begun. A very interesting meeting was held and work
on thc prize list was started. Committees were arranged and the work
of the year apportioned. Mr. A. H.
Webb was elected secretary by the
The following are the officers and
committees who wilt hnve charge of
the work this year:
President—T. J. Doris.
VIce-PrcBldent—W. B. Bardgett.
Directors—Three years, Dr. W. J. i
Rutledge, A. Nanzel, W. J, Atchison;
two years, A. H. Webster, W. B. Mc-
Farlane, Alb. H. Webb; one year, T. j
B. O'Connell, F. A. Russell, Q. I
Grounds  Committee—\V.   11.   Hard-,
gett, Superintendent    of Truck    and
Grounds; Dr. W. J. Rutledge, Superln-
tendent  of  Horse  nnd   Hog   Depart- j
ments; A. Nenzul, Superintendent ofj
Cattle and Sheep Departments; W. J. j
Atchison, Superintendent  of  Poultry |
and   Pet  Stock   Department;   T    li.
O'Connell, Superintendent of Financial
and Dog Departments; W. B. McFarlane, Superintendent   of   Vegetables,
Fruits and Floral Departments; F. A.
Russell, Superintendent of Grains and
Grasses and Dairy Products and Culinary Departments.
G. Hougham, Superintendent of
School, Art and Fancy Work Departments; A. H. Webster, Superintendent
of Attractions and Concessions.
Finance Committee—T. B. O'Connell, A. Nanzel, W. J. Atchison.
Advertising Committee—G. Hough-
am, W. B. McFarlane, F. A. Russell.
Attraction Committee—A. H. Webster, W. B. Bardgett, Dr. W. J. Rutledge.
The above Is a portrait of Mr.
George F. Stevensou, the .Managing
Director of tlu* Crnnbrook Jobbers
Company, and a probable candidate
at the coming Conservative Convention for the representation of East
Kootenay in the Federal House. His
party is to be congrutuluted on the
selection they have mnde, that is, assuming our Information to be true, of
a man of brains and ability both in
business and in public affairs. We
believe we are correct in stating that
Mr. Stevenson Is as well thought of ln
Fernie as he Is in Cranbrook and that
he will command the unanimous and
active support of every man In the
district of the Conservative faith
whose support counts for anything.
Though opposed to us In politics we
are bound to admit that Mr. Stevenson possesses tlte power of Impressing his personality wherever he goes
and that he will prove a foemun
worthy of the steel of uny political opponent.
Ten Days Notice
as Been Served
To Our Sales People
To Forget the Price but Sell the Goods.
Ladies' Suits, Ladies' Coats,
Children's Coats, Children's Dresses,
Ladies' Sweaters, Ladies' Furs
Have Been Selected as Our Special Line of Attack
The Prices on the above mentioned lines
have been Slashed square in two.
Fifty Cents Has the Purchasing Power of A Dollar
Half Price for Ten Days Only
First of a Series Wilt be Held Saturday Night In the Edison Theatre
—A Good Program
The question of raising money for
the boys at the front, thajt Is money
with which to purchase little remembrances and comforts from time to
time has been agitating the minds of
the local members of the 107th Regiment for some time. The men here
are not being paid and a good many
are unable to make any donation to
such a fund and so the officers of the
Volunteer Club have hit upon the plan
of holding a monthly patriotic concert for raising funds for this pur-
The first concert Is to be held In '
the Edison theatre on next Saturday j
evening, January 16th, at 8.30 p.m. An
excellent program has been arranged
and a nominal admission fee of 25
cents will be charged.
It ls only a short while since the
Cranbrook boys left home and friends
to go out and fight ln your defence.
Remember how only a few short
months ago we assembled at the sta- j
tion to bid good-bye Hnd God-speed to
the noble boys of this city who answered the call of Britain? Are you as
loyal and patriotic today as you were
then? Remember how yon cheered
and waved your hat as the train pulled out? Remember how. In a drenching rain, you stood around waiting
for the train which would convey the
boys off? What did a little rain matter
to us that day? Cranbrook surely
did her duty In this icgard. Hut we
are not done yet. On Saturday evening tn the Kdison theatre thc 107th
boys are holding a concert, the proceeds of which will be used to purchase n few little presents for the
Cranbrooks boys at the front. Keep
your enthusiasm alive by attending thc
I-ust Friday evening thc masquerade
xkatlng carnival was held In the
Open Air rluk. It was an Ideal night
Tor this event and shortly after the
doom were opened the Ice was covered with a throng of grotesque flying
figures. Here you found yourself tram*
ported Into unknown lands where
•vcryone was strangers, but all were
happy and care free. There were
some haughty damsels, some classy
gowns, some Bowery girls and others
representing various nationalities and
one lady representing a man (evidently a suffragette). There waa among
the male persuasion uncouth tramps
and gay Lotharios, clowns, coons, and
a motley assortment from all corners
of the world. A stringed orchestra,
under the able directorship of Mr. T.
E. South. In the center of the scene
twanged ont melodies which would
remind one of a Madrl Ores frolic In
the sunny southland. Forty per cent
of the gate receipts were distributed
as prises hy Mr. Lesert, the prlie winners being as followo: First ladles,
Mrs. James Boyce, as Liberty; second
ladles, Miss Flo Baldwin, as Highland
Lassie; third lady, Mrs. Frank Scott,
as Miss Canada. First gentleman, Clifford McNabb; second, Carl Olll, as a
hobo. Wilfrid Dallas won a season
ticket far being the beat clown on the
Little & Atchison have secured a
lease on tlte building recently vacated
by lra R. Manning, Ltd., on Raker
street and as soon as needed alterations are made In the building will
move their grocery stock from their
stand on Armstrong avenue to the
new location. The new quarters will
greatly Increase thc floor space of
their Btore besides giving them additional cellar room. They have occupied thc present stand until thoy arc
now among tho oldest firms In thc city
occupying the same quarters without
change of firm or name.
TOM RKNT (Wort.Dk flie-roon.
si cotU|«, 116 per month. Apply
Boi 8., Herald office. GO-tf
FOB BALE OB TO LETr-Two roened
home on Armstrong avenue. Apply
Netl Institute. 62-tf
WAHTEDr-8et double work Cram
Mont be li good nhipe nd cheap
for cash. Apply Box 11., Herald ofllce. 2-lt
L08T-A  kitten,  black  and   white!
striped', half Persian.    Finder return to Herald office. 2-lt
FOB 8ALE.-TWO Rhode Island Red
cockerels; also wanted one Cornlsli
Game cockerel. Apply Box C, Her-
ald office. 2-lt*
You wm find relief In .Zun-Buk I
H MM* thi burrimj, •tinging
I ptln, stops bleeding and brings
*»**. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, nuani curt. Why not prove.
-- -  4U BnssnUl,tsni Slots*-
am buk
(Spectacular Production by This Well
Known Company
Two large houses greeted the Pantages here this week at the Auditorium on Wednesday and Thursday
evenings. The Russian dancers were
the headline™ of the bill and were the
best ever seen ln thia city. "The War
of the Tongs" proved an interesting
und spectacular production with an
atmosphere that was strictly Oriental.
Tho other acts on the bill were exceptionally good. Six numbers completed the program, the longest show
this circuit has provided ln this city
since they added Cranbrook to their
circuit, the bill lasting two hours and
twenty minutes.
Vaudeville shows gain lu popularity
every year because they provide a
light sort of mental relaxation with
picturesque und pleasant setting and
are patronized by thc general public
more generously than the more heavy
and costly productions. The popular
prices also help to draw full houses.
The Pantages circuit Is one of thc best
of thc vaudeville houses and they
have a string of theatres from coast
to coast through the United States In
Cunadu.    •
Cranbrook has proven in thc past
that they appreciate the advantage of
being on this circuit and so long as
Ihey bring attractions similar to the
one this week they will find a responsive and appreciative public.
Key    City    Lodge    Hold    Successful
Meeting Lust Monday Kvening—
The Officers
The installation of ollicers of Key
City Lodge, No. 42, I.O.O.F., was held
Monday night, January llth. District
Deputy Grand Master J. H. Turnley,
assisted by H. White, Grand Master
of British Columbia, and Past Grands
Ireland, Dixon, Brake, Hullett and
Russell performed the Installation
There was an exceptionally large
attendance, and at the conclusion of
the lodge business a splendid banquet was spread.
The Columbia orchestra gave several good numbers, and Bros. J. L.
Palmer and J. F. Broughton sang
solos that were greatly appreciated.
There were ulso some very cleverly
delivered and Interesting speechs by
the Incoming officers.
Thc officers for the ensuing term
N. O.-R. A. Racklyeft.
V. O.—S. L. Coop.
F. 8.—J. P. Brougton, P.O.
R. 8.—W. II, Harris, P. O.
Treasurer--W. C. Adlard.
Warden—W. Davis.
Conductor—8. Fyles.
R.S.N.G.—W. G. Robinson.
L.S.N.G.-D. Wilson.
R.8.V.G.—C. 8. HeBter.
L.S.V.Q.—C. Rendall.
H.S.S.--G. Reece.
L.S.S.—A. Nicholas.
O.G.—R. Dixon, P.O.
I.O.—H. O. Stringer.
Chap.—A. H. Webb.
Week ending, January 23rd, 1915.
C. Company
Parade of all ranks for instruction.
Division A. ft B.  Guards and plcquets
Monday, January 18th at 7.30 p,m. In
tho old gymnasium.
C. «t D. Company
Lecture, 1914 drill formations on
Wednesday, January 20th, at 7.30 p.m.
In the old gymnasium.
!>. Company
Drill parade Friday, January 22nd
at T.M f.m.
On Thursday lust the children of
Christ church had tlieir unnual supper und Christmas tree tn tlle Maple
hall. After supper a delightful concert was given by the younger
children, under Miss Dorothy Webb,
their Sunday school teacher, who for
the last two months hus been Instructing them In their vurlous parts. The
concert was a great success, the
children all doing their parts very
well, und the little girls looking
very sweet In their fairy dresses.
The following program was carried
Chorus—The Festive Time	
 Infant   Class
Recitation—The    Christmas    Tree
Boy W.Webb
Song—The Volunteer Organist	
 ).. Ada Jecks
Dialogue—Christmas   Stockings	
  Infant Class
Recitation—The Christmas Letter..
  Mabel Cameron
Song  Edith Caslake |
Recitation—Lulu's  Complaint	
  Dora Pye
Scarf Drill Infant Class
Recitation—The Watermelon	
  Eddie (Jarani
Dialogue Order and Disorder
Recitation—Baby Rogle	
  Isabella Christie
Recitation—Christmas Has Come..
 Vera   Baxter
A large number of people attended
aud after the Christmas tree was divested of the parcels, the entertainment closed, being a most successful
affair In every respect.
The regular weekly meeting of the
O. B. C. of the Methodist church was
held Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
After tho usual business a paper on
"Christianity and War" was read by
Mr. Turnley, and u short lecture was
given on the war by Rev. W. E. Dunham. Miss Edith Caslake then entertained with a pianoforte solo. The
evening finished with games and
music. There will be no meeting on
Tuesday next owing to the Cantata
being on that night.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorised  fSlO.liUU.OOIl.OO
Capital l*ald Dp     7,000,000.00
Reserve nnd Undivided Profits     Mfl6.0tlU.00
MR. PBLEG MOWLAM), President.
MR. ELIAS ROGERS, Vice-President.
MR. EDWARD HAY, General Manager
MR.  WILLIAM  MOFFATT, Assistant General Manager
Accounts of Corporations. Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
choir at both services.
Onward Bible claaa at 3 p.m. A
mixed class for everybody.
If you have never experienced the
inspiration of a large hard-working
Bible class, make a trial visit to this
one.    Vou will not be disappointed,
A hearty invitation ia extended to all
to atend the above services.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor,
.Morning .worship, 11.00k. Topic:
"Present and Eternal Rest—-How to
Obtain It.*'
Evening worship, ".30k. Topic:
"War in Heaven"—The Occasion—The
Combatants—The Power That Brought
Victory—The Issue.
Sunday school. 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class 3.00 p.m.
Vou are invited.
On Saturday, January 16th, wc shall
commence a meeting entitled "The
Probable Ton."
Sunday,- thc 17th, evening service at
s p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. gospel sei flees, to which all are welcome.
Capt. and Mrs. Hustler.
W. G. Dunham, Paitor.
Sunday services: The pastor wlll
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Uplift ln Soul
Hub/et (or Ave mlnuteB addrcus to
Junior congregation: "Trust in (Jud."
Evening subject: "German Militarism and Intemperance."   An analogy.
There will be special music by thc
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning services. 11 n.m.
S. S. anti Bible class, 7.30 p,m.
Hev. w. J. MacQuarrle, B.A., Knox
Presbyterian church, Fernie, will
preach nt morning and evening services,
Organist—Mr. H. .Stephens.
Choir Leader—Mrs. B. Paterson.
Dr. Pidgeon, of Westminster hall,
will deliver an address t,n Social Service Work in the church on Friday
evening ut 8 p.m. All Interested in
the work are Invited.
The fact that there is less dyspepsia
and Indigestion   iu this   community
(hull  tiiere  used  tu  be is  largely,  we
believe, due to tlie extensive use of
Hexali I).vh|.i]isIh Tablets, hundreds ot
packages of whicb wa have sold. No
wonder we have faith in them No
wonder we are willing to offer tliem
to you for trial entirely at uur risk.
Among other thing*, they contain
Pepsin nnd Bismuth,
greatest aids known
science. They sooth
stomach, allay pain, eh
and distress, help to digest the [ood,
mid tend to quickly restore the
stumach to its natural, comfortable,
Of     111
the  Inflamed
eck heartburn
The Woman Who Takes
the proper help to keep her digestion right and her system
free from poisonous accumulations, is not troubled
with headaches, backache, languid feelings, unnatural   sufferings.        All    women    who    have    tried
know thia fcrtoa remedy to bo tha proper help for them. A
few doses will mol:o immediate difference and occasional use will
cause a permanent Improvement in health nnd strength. They
cleanse tSo system and purify tho blood and every woman who
relies on Boocham a Pills, not only enjoys better physical
condition,   with   quieter  nerves  ud brighter spirits,   but   sbe
Enjoys A Clear Complexion
W»rth a QhIm* ■ Bex
*t. Halm. I all
healthy state.
There i< no red tape about our
guarant*.-*?. it meats just what it
nays. We'll ask yuu no questions.
Vour word is enough for us. if Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets dont restore your
stomach to health and make your digestion easy and comfortable, we want
you to come back for your money.
They are sold only at the 7.000 Itexall
stores. and in tliis town only by us.
Three sizes, 25c, 50c, and Sl.o0.~-
Beattle-Hnrpfay *"o. Special Agents.
! in going straight to the weak
I spot in treating disease? If so,
y^u will never use anything
but Peps for coughs, colds, bronchitis, and throat and lung
troubles.    Listen why I
Peps are tiny tablets, which
contain rich medicinal ingredients, so prepared that they turn
into vapour in the mouth, and
are breathed down to the threat,
the breathing tubes and lungs
Oiti'.'btBiitura-i go— not to the lungs
nni tthmt at bi!, bet to tbe ston.icn.
There U absolutely no direct conn oc tion
lwtv.rf.-ri doiiiftch cti'l ItlOSB,
Whin yon hsva a bad coM, yow
digestion ii weakened, V u 1<<'o ejjpe*
tit*, and if a m^n.yi urti»iij.lin.oke<ioes
not ":i.*togfKr-i." In other words*, your
digestive intern in licking lone. AU
enogh  mix tmes   nuke  this condition
Jion't rnlnyonrstenseli to heal yosr
lung*. 'I ■.,.■■ it r**iM» iy IhstgOSS rigbl to
tbe root—Peps
surprising how thn end caught,
catarrh, bronchitis, «ore-ihi-'»t, "clergy*
nan's throati" asthma, and all lung
troubles, 0 main no y ison, and ere
boat (or oMldrsa,
I>r Oordon Btabtss t*yst*>--"If you
wish to sue anil and a oongb, if Jou
desire to loosen tfokltng phlegm, and
clear the- throat and the hrea'long t*il*«,
uiq !'*■;. The pine fumes and baUtmic
fumes, bo bsnefr Eal in throat and lung
trouMe, whichSr4 liberated whsn a I'ep
is put into the month] alto asm another
good unroots, Tbsyars strongly gsrtnf*
cidal.and germs of dfisosss in the mouth*
on the palate, in tha throat, and in the
breathing tabes, era at ones destroyed
by their action."
Have yon tried this famous
renvdyl If not, ent out this
srtlcle, writs *. i"f*it the name
•il lU'anf this paper, end mail
it (w th lc. stump to |wiy return
pot age) to l'ejis Co., Toronto.
A fioe trial  packet Will  then
THUMDAT,  JANUARY 14th, 1916
Regular meet-
lDgl    od    the
third Thursday ot every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
T. H. Banflclu, W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,   See.
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
3611 Richards St
Craubreek Ledge
.No. ia<*
Meet, •very Wednesday at I rm.
In   Royal   Black
Knights' Hall
Baker Street.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank Carlson, Sec., Boi  TM
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Ilarrlstcr,    Solicitor    and
P. O. Box 859
Ujal Orange
No.   U71
Meet, flrst and third
Thursdays at » a.m.
I In Royal Blaek
Knight, ot Ireland Hall, Baker
R. S. Garrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsinan, Roc. Sec.
HamMers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
_f»**fiSfij. Meets every
HJCZa Monday oljln
■W^XHm) » rratemlty
Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
It. A. Racklyeft J. F. Brousliton
N.G. Fin. See.
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
l'la'ttlclaiis  and  Surgeons
elflltie  st  residence. Armatrong
OKh'lCl! nouns
Forenoons    9.00 to 10.00
Afturnoouu  UOO to   4.00
Bveulngs    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    130 to   4.30
Cranbrook.   B.C.
OMtlve iu Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
NO. 12. I.O.O.F.
Meets tlrst and third Wednesdays In each month.
A cordial Invitation extended
to visiting brothers.
R. W. Russell, Chief Fatrlareh
H. White, Scribe
Maternity und Ueneral Nursing
Uurdeu Ave.
Terms ou Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Flaa»e H*» P. O. Box 845
Pride ol f'ranbroek Cinle, Me.ll*
Meets In .Maple Hsll lit aid
3rd Wednesday at e»ek
mnntli at 8 mm. skera.
Mrs. Shaw, CC.
Mrs. .1.  llird. Sec.
p. o. Ba 602
Visiting Companion, cordially
Phone 346 1'. O. Box 585
Funeral Director und Embalmer
Building Contractor
Denier in  Kent Estate, Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meet, every Tuesday at 8 a.m. lu
tlie Fraternity Hall
Alax. Hurry, CC.
111. Ilalsall. K. ot R. & S.
P. O. Box III
Visiting brethren ourdlally tu-
vited to attend.
Wrll and Mining Engineer,
It. C. Land Surveyors
Uity Pbone 233 Mglit Phone 35
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Meets every seeond aad fourth
Wednesday at Fraterilty Vail
Sojourning Rebekah, etrital-
ly Invited.
Sis. M. !•:. Jones, N.G.
Bia. Ada Hlcksobotkan*., Ree. tee
General Merchant
ttniuluynieiils Agent,
P. ti. Box 108 Phone 244
Meet, lu Maple Ball seaend
and fourth Tuesday tf every
month at I ll
Members!!, •■«• la  IMMsk
t. Y. Brake,        J. F. Utrar,
President tests***,
Vlaltlng mambaM —tAtsPtJ
Forwarding    uml    Distributing
Agent for
l.ellilirlilge 1 oul
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil I'o.
braving and Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Plione 63
Meets In the Maple Hall
Oral Tuesday afternoon el every
month at 8 p.m. ud the tone)
work clan meet* an third Friday evening tn the aame »le«e at
• p m.
Mra. E H. Leamai, Free.
Mr,. J. Shaw, S« -Treas
P. O. Boi IM
All ladles serdlelly la.11*1
Itoht. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Narbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all klnda of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
President:  A. B. Smith
Meets regularly the Ilrst Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McOregor,
P. O. Drawer 419
Praaldent—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
tho Secretary, Cranhrook, B.C.
Maetlng—The third Thursday
el eaeh month, at old Gym, at •
Shorthand,   Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
od Hon, Tues. uml Ilium. Ev'g,
from 7 to 9 o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
Migh School course      8.50
School course      8.60
Kindergarten       1.85
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Clicrrlngton
Phone 290
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladles Hals
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
J. Taylor. Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk aud cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
We guarantee to Pleaae
(Special   correspondence)
Born—At Kort Steele on January
5th to Dr. und Mrs. McCallum, a
A. B. Fenwick ts up and nt it again.
He lost tour days with a bad attack of
la grippe.
T. T. McVittie and A. L. Doyle motored to Cranbrook Monday and returned Tuesday.
Warren Woodland returned to
Steele Tuesday last after a short
visit to Fernie.
For supplying liquor to a couple of
Indians last week, a white man of thc
district was fined $50.
Mrs. Davie, who has been staying
here with her sister, Mrs. Btnmore, re
turned to Toronto Wednesday.
After an absence of several months
our old ttlltcum and friend, came
back and stayed a few days with us
this week.
A special meeting or the Fort
(Steele Water and Electric Light Co.
was held on Wednesday last, Q. F.
Pownall presiding.
Messrs. Barker, Eassle, Merrick
and Clark journeyed to Cranbrook last
week and engaged a local squad at
curling. We didn't hear the result,
but they appear to have been decorated with the Iron cross.
Mrs. Wallinger nnd her talented orchestra gave a Hard Times dance fn
thc opera house here Tuesday, and
to see the garb worn by several of the
dancers wouldn't convey any hard
times fn the least. Yet when you ask
a fellow for that quarter he owes you,
Well, that's different.
Tlie first of a series of patriotic
afternoon teas was held at the home
of Mra. Cann Saturday laBt The
time will be occupied by a musical
program of games. The general admission Is 25c. With the proceeds at
each of these teas the ladles are to
purchase wool and other material and
make up Into useful gifts for the soldiers at the front.
(From the Creston Review.)
Mr. Lund, of Cr..ibrook, spent New-
Year's with friend   in the city.
Misses Qeorglna and Melva Cartwright returned to Normal at Vancou-
j ver on Friday. '
J. B. Winlaw left on Tuesday on a
husiness trip to Owen Sound and
other Ontario points.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nelson, of Yahk,
were entertained by Mrs. O. Andeen
for a few days last week.
Miss Ella Dow returned to Cranbrook on Sunday, where she is attending high school.
| The market Is well supplied with
' fresh eggs this week and the price ls
back to 50 cents dozen.
P. Neal, who was op the drug store
staff for the Christmas rush, returned to Cranbrook on Sunday.
Messrs. Anderson and Farby of Windermere spent several days around
Kitchener looking up old frlonds.
Miss Johnson, of Cranbrook, Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson, of Moyle, spent Ncw
Year's with Mr. nnd Mrs. V. Olcon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Spiers were thc
Creston representatives at the masquerade ball at Port Hill on Saturday
Jus. Heath Is tho new president of
the Creston Farmers' Institute, J. H.
Ltdgate has been re-elected secretry-
Thc contract for supplying wood
for tho Erickson school for 1915 has
been let to A. B. Stanley. Some five
cords wlll be required.
Miss Erickson, who has been stopping with her sister, Mrs. C. O. Bennett, for a couple of months past, returned to Cranbrook this week.
Mfsu Jean Palmer left on Friday for
LaUiirr, B.C., where she wlll tcacli
school this year. Miss Ruby Palmer
returned to Medicine Hat Sunday.
Tlie stork was unusually busy the
last week of the old year leaving two
boys and one girl lu three different
homes In the valley between December 26th and 30th.
H. Bothwell Is finishing up the new
house on Ills ranch here and has announced his Intention to visit thc
prutrlcs next month. Listens liko a
charivari might bo In order shortly.
Dan O'Nell was taken to Cranbrook
hospital on Wednesday for treatment
to one of his eyes, which ho Injured
noma time ago. The operation Is a
critical one but his frlonds are hoping
for a successful operation.
Five hundred and three deer In
twenty-nine years Is somewhat of
record for a single rifle that has had
hut one owner to hang up. However,
such an honor belongs to a well
known Erickson citizen, Ira Beam,
who has just celebrated his sixty-
slxth birthday, and a 45.70 Martin
rifle that he wouldn't part with for a
scnatorshtp. Most of his big game
killing was done In Montana, where
he traded venison almost as freely
years ago as we do cordwood la B.C.
He has been in the province for seven
years and, barring 1913 when he only
killed two, has always bagged his
three deer each seajon. A very wide
circle of friends will wish him many
more years of as good hunting.
doing supply work on Sundays. Since
the war broke out the hospital work
has Increased to on alarming degree.
Stobhtll, the largest parish hospital
In tho city, has been cleared out of
parish patients, and the entire Institution has been handed over to the
military authorities. Today there are
over two thousand wounded men
housed In the Glasgow hospitals.
There are eighteen hundred in Stob-
hlll, about two hundred In the Royal
Infirmary, a hundred In the Victoria
Infirmary, and a hundred and fifty ln
the Merry Flats hospital In Govan.
As they are all Englishmen, seventy-
live per cent ot them are Episcopalians. From this you will readily understand the extra work that has been
placed upon my shoulders. Even with
the assistance of another chaplain
it Is very difficult to overtake thc
visiting that must be done each week,
und, consequently, we are kept hard
at lt from morning till night.
Some of the men ore very badly
wounded; others again have slight
flesh wounds which heal up very
rapidly. One man got wounded on the
front of the right shoulder, and the
bullet travelled upwards over thc
shoulder across the buck, und then
downwards and lodged In the heel ot
Ano hor man received
(By Fred Roo.)
Mr. C. H. Skinner, of the W. C. W.
Co., Fernie, was in Elko and Baynes
this week.
Contractor Wm. Woods Is taking out
piling for the Saskatchewan government, Reglnu.
Miss Alice Phillipps, of Frultlands,
Is visiting with Mrs. Billy Kerr of the
Klk liotel this week. «
0. D. McNab, manugcr of the Baker
Lumber Co., motored to Elko Saturday
and left on 514 for Calgary.
The Ladles Guild are holding a
cookery sale this week In thu millinery department, post office block.
Crucow Is becoming almost as widely known as the Purple Cow, or Mrs.
O'Leury's 'or the one thut jumped
over thc moon.
The Roberts and Wlnsor snwmllls
sturted running this week and the' )i|H left foot.
North  Star ls expected to start up'■ a bullet in the left jaw, which trav-
ubout tlie 15th of this month. , elled down through the left lung and
London, Eng., papers announce that, came out underneath ono of his ribs
the Jam of Nawangar has gone to | near the heart. Others arc so frlght-
tlie front. Jim Thistlebeak says thc ! fully shattered thut they will be help-
Marmalade of Dundee haB been there ' less objects for the rest of their lives,
tor some time. Many and strange are thc stories
A party of duck shooters from ' tliey llave to te*-* 0ne Poor chap who
Fernie"came down on the late train : had *••■* r*B-*t leg amputated above the
and went out to Rock Creek and got i knee told me that his regiment was
eleven Mallards, returning to Fernie, quartered In one of the trenches at
_ 514. < the battle ot the Alsne.   They were
American papers state that Champ I firln* on the Germana who were w!th*
Jlark's daughter is to marry a news-!,n two hundred yard8 ran*e- Sudden
l»aperman. Jim Thistlebeak always ■ J J* ^___-*_\\\ __*__.**
•laid there was considerable diplom- j
icy In the Clark family.
Miss  Patience  Letcher, of Fernie, i
.vas visiting her parents In the Roos-
.file Valley this week.    Mr. Blair, of;
.'owley, Alberta, was also a guest of I "t
he Letchers this week.
trench and charge with the bayonet.
With a shout they sprang to their
teet and made a dash forward. This
unnerved the enemy, who Immediately fled before the line of glittering
1 steel. This soldier was running full
tilt at a German who threw down his
gun and raised his arms as a sign of
Severnl Edmonson horse buyers arc i 8Urrender, and just as the Englishman
iround Flagstone nnd the Tobacco; aoproached the Qerman Bhouted t0
Plains buying up horses. George i hfm in English: "Don't kill me. sir,
Seott, of Nelson, who owns a big ranch ; r have ft wife and four of a fam„y in
it Roosville, sold five work horses. ] Cowcaddens, Glasgow." He was
They have already shipped one car-jtaken prifMIlW| and on the w back
oad from Elko. to  the  ba8e  the  EngUshraan   aBked
A Vancouver editor says mince pie I him to account for his presence in
is "nothing but drugged '.hash be- the German ranks. He said that he
.ween crusts." "We've always be- j had taken a holiday ln Germany the
.ieved," says Jim Thistlebeak, "that! week before the war broke ont, and
perpetual wet weather eventually■ happened to be In Germany when war
soured a man, but not to the extent of waa declared. Being a German reBer-
lenounclng the dish of our fathers. Viat we has summoned to Join the
A boy was sent to the penitentiary; colors, and, consequnetly, was not
n New York state for two years in, allowed to return to this country. He
;he criminal court last week for is now however, out of harms way till
stealing walnuts from a freight car. the end of thc war.
Pew men ever robbed a freight car^ i had a talk with another soldier In
i»ut how would you like to get two' Ruchlll hospital who is suffering from
-•ears for every time you swiped wal- a severe abdominal wound and
nuts? erysipelas.   He told me he had heen
Mr. A. E. Ingham, the pioneer lying ln one of the trenches for three
■anchor of Sheep Mountain wob in daya without getlng out The Ger-
,*:iko this week with a petition for a mans who were entrenched about two
tew road to the Elko River Crossing; hundred yards oft had ceased firing,
it Frultlands and waB Indorsed by' This young man foolishly jumped out
ivery taxpayer In the district and we: of the trench and Invited some of his
ire confident it will get a stjuare deal comrades to follow him, ln order that
from the minister ot public works. : tliey might have a gome of football.
Mrs. E. B. Holbrook, the pioneer | He no sooner leaped from the trench
merchant ot Elko, wns a Fernie visl-1 than he heard a whacking noise
tor tills week. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Thomson of the Columbia hotel, Elko,
ire visiting their daughter, Mrs. T.
Duncan at Passburg, Alberta, this
week.     Mr. and Mrs. Ayre and fam*
i though some one had struck him
: across the back with a stick. A
; rifle bullet struck him on the small of
' the back, passing upwards through
: the left lung, and coming out at the
ily motored to Baynes and Waldo this shoulder    blade.      Another    bullet
passed through his body below the
.vcek, making friendly calls.
P. B. Fowler, manager of the Can-! fltOT1"h-   He Buffered «reat <»»». hut
idfan Bank of Commerce, Fernie, was
•n Elko this week In connection with
the taking over the Merchants Bank
now making a good recovery.
The  authorities are   taking   every
precaution   against   air  raids.    All
business. Both managers went, to trains are darkened at night, and the
Fernie on the evening train, and Mr. coast towns are veritable dungeons ot
Stanhouse, chief accountant of the mldntght gloom.   Recruiting meetings
are held all over the country ln order to encourage men of muscle nnd
courage to join the "contemptible
little army."
I am sending you a few copies of
"John Bull" and "Punch," which may
Merchants, going through to Loth-
bridge, being transferred to that
A Leeds, Yorkshire, miner, presented himself at the recruiting station
ifter the Scarboro bombardment. He
was obviously old and gave his age ai' » of WteWit to you.
(2.    "You ore much older than that," j    Remember    me    kindly   to
said the officer.    "Now what Ib your | Co*« •** enquiring friends,
real  age?    Don't lie.    The punishment for false attestation Is two years
imprisonment."   "Well, If you must
havo the truth, I am 65, but you just
pass me and when I come hack I'll do
the two years."
kindest   regards   and   best
Your chum,
For the benefit of tha Herald creditors, I have placed the collection of
all accounts, due the Herald1 Publishing Co. prior to November 1st, with
Mr. T. T. Mecredy, who wlll attend
to them during my absence from
W-tt J M. Doom
Iter. V* h* Cowan, of Waldo, Recelveti
Letter of tieieral Interest to
Herald Readers
Rev. C. L. Cowan, of Waldo, received a very Interesting letter trom
the Rev. J. Ross Colquhoun, well-
known to many Waldo, Elko and Cranbrook people, In which he gives many
Interesting sidelights on the tragic
side of the war. In his capacity as
chaplain to the Bishop of Glasgow,
tt Is also part ot his work to visit
hospitals where many of our wounded
soldiers are cared for. Mr. Colquhoun letter follows:
20 Kew Gardens,
Glasgow, Scotland
November 7th, 1914.
Dear Charlie:
I have mado a very good recovery
from my recent Indisposition, but mj
nerveB are still 'rocky.' I have resumed my chaplain's work which I feel
rather a strain on my weakened physical condition. However, with a
modicum of care, my nerves should
soon become a little more settled.
As I told you In ono of my former
letters my duties consist ol visiting
varloue boayitaU to phe eity, aid
By •Cleric"
"A Retrospective Glance"
"Those things that are behind."
Philip 3:13.
1914 haa gone; 1915 Is here.
"The months from which wc hoped
so much
Have gilded from us at our touch.
I won't say that 1914 yielded what
we expected from tt. Indeed, for most
people lt has been a disappointing
year. What bright hopes have been
shattered, what splendid dreams have
not materialized, what magnificent
"castles In Spain" have crumbled, God
alone knows.
The pacificists have been rudely silenced, and their cry of "pence, peaco"
has been replaced by the ominous, and
sickening "boom, boom" of a thousand
cannon. When 1914 dawned we were
told by wise men that a greater harmony than ever existed between the
nations; but the closing months revealed that we had been living In n
false security.
It has also boon a disappointing year
for business men. Many living In
comparative wealth at the outset of
the year are today beggars. The honest tradesman or manufacturer thus
circumstanced has our profound sympathy; tint the grafters ud real estate ebarkJ, wbo Uve been brought ta
the ground In the crash, deserve none.
1914 has been a disappointing year
to Socialists. United in all countries
as 'hey apparently in times of comparative peace, they have split asunder at
the command of the war god, and men,
who paBlonatety proclaimed tlie brotherhood ot man tho world over, are
now among the fiercest slayers of their
fellows. This Ib a cause for poignant
sorrow, and, Incidentally proves that
among some, devotion to country Is
stronger than love for their noble
Again, tt has been a disappointing
year tor such as held high opinions of
mankind generally. We huve heen accustomed to hear such complimentary
remnrks as to man's evolution from
bur bur ism und cruelty to culture and
mercy, that it must havc struck our
teachers with profound consternation
to witness, during tho lust months of
1914, such acts of wanton vundultsm
und ferocious brutality thnt Napoleon
would huve scorned and tlte pagan
world never hnve con tout plated. Thero
Is something wrong sumewlierc lu our
civilization when men In this century
will go back with one bound to worse
thnn medieval atrocities. Suy what
we will, the march of civilization has
halted! And yet while this Is a time
for destruction, lt seems to me to be
a fuvoruble time for reconstruction-
reconstruction of our ldcus on what Is
right and what is wrong, what Ib honorable and what is dishonorable, for
among nations there is no accepted
The church, too, is staggering under
a sense of acute disappointment.
While in one sense her teachings have
been obeyed, In another, they have
not, her mission work tn some quarters ts being suspended or curtailed,
and this is a heavy blow to her. Thus
some of "those things that nre behind
as well as present cnuse searching of
We know what Paul means ih the
text. He has heen recounting his descent—a cause, if he cared to avail
himself of it, for pride; his life previous to his conversion—a model of
severest bigotry—his appreciation of
the knowledge of Christ, and modestly
admits progress; but disclaims perfection. He is glad that he has made
progress in things Christian; yet he
will not be lulled into a false security
or laxity, and so exclaims: "Forgetting those things that are behtnd * * *
I press toward the mark for the prize.'
Note briefly two considerations of
the past.
1. IT Is Irrevocable. What we said
tn 1914 remains recorded; what we
did cannot be undone. Said Omar
Khayyam long ago :
"The moving finger writes, and having writ
Moves on: nor all your piety nor wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a
Nor all your tears wash out one word
of It."
That Ib welt If all we huve done
merits the approval ot God, otherwise
It is a most serious cause for anxiety.
It Is "those things that are behtnd"
that cause uneaslnes; for there Is not
one of us but would cancel some of
them If we could, and blot out forever
If posible, and forget It memory permitted. What caused the remorse of
Judas? Just what lay behind, and the
fact that the past was Irrevocable!
What gave the rich man In Hades such
uncomfortable pangs? Just his memory of what lay behind and his knowledge that the past could not be undone! 'We should all remember that
"the things that are behind" are behind, they cannot be effaced, annihilated or undone.
2. The past may be forgiven even
tf lt cannot be undone. For tills Christ
came, for this he died, for tills he lives.
Surely It ts god news to know tha*. the
"tilings that are behind" muy bc forgiven. Let us all begin 1915 ussured
of this.
A Delicate Dish for This Seaioa ol tke
Year Which Costs Onl* s
Tills Ib the time ot year when the
wild or snow shoe rabbit ts the best
(or Uble use, and as the flesh Is very
good It Is a good way to cut down the
meat bill by using them Instead ot
other meat. But not many people
know how to properly prepare them.
When rightly cleaned and properly
cooked one can hardly tell them trom
chicken, so I thought I would give the
renders of the llerald somo ways I
have found very nlco and tasty.
To clean the rabbit carefully take
the skin off. Then pull the hind legs
apart, which unjolnts the hips; cut
thorn off. Then cut off the end of tho
backbone, nnd throw away, as this
part is strong and lt affects it all
when cooked. Clean the body part
well, and cut ln pieces to suit the
taste. Now put lt ln salted wator and
lot stand some time. Now take boiling
water and drop the pieceB In. Put
In salt. Let par-boll In this for 20
or 30 minutes. Pour this water off
and pour on more boiling water and
let simmer until ready to fall oft the
bones. Season with plenty of pepper.
A little sliced onion. Now the meat ts
ready to make Into anything you want.
It can be fried after being rolled In
flour; also lt makes a fine stew by
making a rich gravy over lt.
The bones can readily be taken out
and a nice rabbit pie made, or It can
be run through the meat chopper and
made Into meat balls. You must always remember to put plenty of seasoning In and cook well until tho
meat Is ready to fall off the bones.
You may havc some trouble ln getting all the fur off after lt Ib skinned, but this is easily done by wiping it thoroughly after It haa been
washed before cutting up, using a dry
Mrs. E ,B. Burge.
is open for engagement
Dmcm, Social! Etc.
Apply to
Hn. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
If you want latiifactlon
with your washing
■end lt to
Special prices for family
Tho Kaiser—Tho scalps of his "dear
cousins," King Qeorge and the Czar.
The British Army—Dinner In a
Berlin rathskeller.
Thc French—Alsace-Lorraine and a
little Germany on the side.
The Belgians—Wilhelm and his boob
aB "permanent" guests.
William Jennings Bryan—A continuous Chautauqua circuit
Mexico—Any kind of war.
Hon. Robert llogcrB—An election, or
possibly two.
Sam HughoB—A title.
Sir Richard McBride—Snnic place
to go and hide.
Mr. Bowser—Ditto.
Editor of The Howl—A IlKAI. joke.
Everybody—A prosperous year.—
Western Howl.
NOTE.—If the editor ot Thc Howl
wants "a real Joke" lie hml bettor
Bonio to Cranbrook.   Wc hare "It."
Phono 105 P. O. Box 31
Organist Methodist Church '
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: 2 to 6
Evenings by arrangement
KiiiktiiiK Hit lor Wumm. $6 * boi or ttiroofor
flu, Hulil tt *ll Uriift stout, or tnilUtl toinr
■(lUri-uon iiTulpt uf i>rlcc. Tiik Scoskli. Diti-u
Co , tit, trttlmnn_ Oiiturlu.	
"iUlltrifnr NerTo *n<l hiwii; lnorMan"mr
mllnr ■'   u Trt.il.. will Illl fiat vou tin   11 ■ Imc  n*
niaiti-f  h Tf>uti' -will liiilld you up. IS rt boi,or
two fot j.s. nt clmir ■t-ii-M. or hf mail oortoelpt
of i>rii o  th a uuHtLL Hutu) co.t It artWriwi,
two for j.s. ni ilrutr *t>>na.
lifinci     ■■-
BHlUt-Mufpbj Co., LU.. Unit.
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all placea ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnlBhed. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Roof


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