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Cranbrook Herald Mar 2, 1911

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Wo ate well equipped to
turn out the beat clan
of work
In the Herald Pays —Try
Our   Local   Column!
10Y. a line
Groceries and Hardware
In These Two Linen Wholesale Houses will be in
Early Operation According to Present Plans
Cranhiook uk a wholesale center
will sunn tic un established fact, The
plans of tlioao In teres toil in forming
n local wholesale grocery are rapidly
Hearing com plot Ion, with ovory prospect Of tholoiiuh  K<)iliK success,
In this connection Mi. John Pink,
a brother nf Mr. Juki' Kink, anil well
known to every business man In the
Kootenay country, lias been up from
Spokane tint past low days, thoroughly Investigating tin- situation. II is
the hope of the promoters nf thi* new
company that Mr. .lohn Kink may he
induced to return to Cranbrook ami
take, over the management of thc
wholesale company. With lohn Kink
at its heud the feeling is Unit*success
is assured. However, at this writing Mr. Kink hail not definitely decid- |v
believes It Ih now on the eve of a
period of marked expansion uml (eels
thut it .should      he the iilui   ui every
business mnn in the community tn
co operate in any movement looking
to the concentration of the whole
mile trade of the district in Lhift
In the course nf his remarks Mi.
John Kink alluded to the posslblll
ties for a wholesale hardware house
in this city. Whilst Messrs. Mellride null McCallum engage in the
wholesale business to a certain e\
tent, neither linn has heretofore laid
itself out to secure the full measure
nf business possible.
Subsequently the Herald man waited upon Mr. Mellride tu ascertain his
iews on this subject.    Mr. McBride
Sewerage By-Law Should be Re-Submitted
Tuesday's Vote Admittedly Not True Criterion of Citizens'
Wishes in the Matter
iaHHw^HHSKRBQKfije tototo totototommtotototommtototototo
ed as to whether or no it would    be
possible for him to so arrange      his
other business interests as   to      he |tllc wholesale trade.
able to take charge here yet awhile.   cognised   Cranbrook's    advantageous
As to the prospects of the propos-  situation to secure this trade and ar
ed wholesale   house,   Mr. .lohn Pink | rongometits he had had nude, wav for
intimated thut it was his intention
to devote more attention hereafter tit
He fuJlv     re-
speaks most enthusiastically and
with exceptionally wide knowledge of
the territory and tbe class of business to be transacted.
Discussing the proposed wholesale
grocery with the Herald, Mr. -lohn
Kink unhesitatingly expressed unbounded confidence In Its ultimate
success. He bad gone closely into
the question of freight rates, etc.,
and was convinced, as a result ot thc
enquiries he had made, that a Cranbrook bouse would quickly he able to
secure control of the trade nf this
district. He stated thut, tin matter
who ultimately assumed the management there could be no question hut
tbat thr business would, in the
course ot a few months, be placed on
such a basis ns to ensure iis pros
perity* Mr. John Kink retains the
Utmost confidence in the potentialities of the Cranhronk district.       He
i some time pasl, tn permit of his
giving this branch of the business
closer attention, were now ahout
completed. His staff has heen entirely re-organi/til and his slock is
being overhauled and supplemented
so that he wilt be in a position to
make a businesslike hid for the
wholesale trade of South East Koo-
I tcnay. As an evidence of the extensive nature of Mr. Mi-Bride's prepara
[tions, it    may he said    that he has
'now under order upwards <>[ eight
ears of hardware from Victoria, Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton ami elsewhere. Mr. McBride recognizes that
Cranbrook is favorably situated to
command the wholesale trade id
South Kast Kootenay. once ii is
gone after in a practical, businesslike
manner. This he Is now in a position to do and will do-
" Municipal Clauses Act 1896." Section 77:—If any bylaw
which requires the assent uf Ihe electors is rejected by them, no other
by-law for lhe same purpose shall be submitted lo Ihe electors during
Ihe same year, unless al least one-fifteenth in number of the electors
whu arc qualified lo vole on the by-law petition Ihe Council, at an
interval of not less than sixty days after the defeat of the by-law, and
requeil that il may be again submitted lo the ratepayers, binding themselves, in such manner as the Council may decide and approve of, to
defray the cost of placing the by-law again before the electors, in the
event of it not receiving the necessary assent lo become law.
Tuesday's vote on the sewerage hy
law was very much in lhe nature id
a thunderbolt, li had nnt. been anticipated that there was any organic
ed opposition to the bylaw, and it
had been taken for cranted that
every property owner would bo sufficiently alive in the Importance of the
occasion to poll his or her vole.
The result shows conclusively that
there was both organized opposition
and a disappointingly large lack of
interest nu llie patt of property own
Out ni a total possible vote pi
snme liner hundred and fifty, only a
few over one hundred and fifty weir
not    represent    the   well considered
judgment of the ratepayers of the
city of Cranhrook.
The citation from the Municipal
Clauses Act, ut the head of litis
article, sets forth cleat ly the man
ner in whieli the fresh appeal ran he
secured. There shnuld he no difficulty in securing the signatures nf one
fifteenth nf tin- electors wlm are
qualified to vote on the bvlaw to
the necessary petition.
All that js requisite now Is organ*
Izcd effort on tlie part of those concerned, and that Includes everv property owner aud resident in the city,
tint  even      excepting      those  who nu
Tuesday     marked       their    ballots
Mr. Alex, l'otvin arrived in town
tbe (alter part of last week and in
course of con ver sal inn wilh a Herald
representative staled Unit it was his
intention to open a lirst class steam
laundry ahottl the middle nf March,
U he could secure suitable premises
in time.
In connection wit ii the laundrj he
intends to run uu up to date dyeing
and cleaning plant
lie will have associated with bim
a stall ot eight competent laundry
bands, as well us .m expert dyer,
cleaner and pirate)
Mr Pot vin >s an expert laundrj
man, as he worked In ail departments
ol the New Vmk Steam Laundry,
Montreal, fot llnee years, and hu
lee-riiih been at ling -is mm
a steam laundiy in llegina
The action of the play takes place
in Japan,   outside the treaty limits
Act I.—The tea house of Ten Thou
sand Joys,
Ait II—a chrysanthemum file in
the Palace fJanlens.
There will he sixty people in the
companj and an orchestra of eight
polled, and whilst of the total
pulled eighty were It, favor of tbe hy against the bylaw. The Herald
law and seventy-three against, the l dues nol believe that two per cciJ
majority was Insufficient, the major of the seventy three who t'oted
■ Ity necessary being three fifths nf Ute against the bylaw are really opposed
vote polled. to    the    Installation  of a yweroge
The situation thus treated is a scr-   system in this    eitv, and the Herald
lous one. inn there is nothing tn   in- [Is    quite certain   that of    the two
gained in    fault-finding, or In crying {hundred qualified
over spiIt-mllk,     The qdestlon      i
Whal can he done, and done quickly
remedy   the situation?      The  Me
aid unhealtattnglJ calls fnr the resubmission of the bylaw, believing
that the vote polled on Tuesday Hoes
iters, wlm failed
ii> mark their ballots either for or
against the bylaw, fully tm per cent
are in favor of the early installation
nf a sewerage system.
Why then was there so large nn adverse vote and,   relatively, so small
a favorable vote''
t'p to Monday evening, despite
careful Inquiries, the Herald had not
encountered a single Voter, who was
openly opposed to the I law. In fact
the unanimous opinion appeared to
he that it was only a question of
the majority in favor uf it And
yet it is quite obvious tbat there
must have heen something in the
nature of organi/.ed opposition to the
bylaw. On Tuesday, while polling
was in progress, a Herald represent
alive, in making his rounds, came
across several who intimated Iheir
intention of voting against the hy
law. Upon being asked why, the reply was either to the effect that they
intended to show that the "two dollar" vote could not run this city,
or that "so long as Mi Oeo. Thompson is retained ns city solicitor, they
would vote against any measure of
this kind."
Ite these reasons good or bad. tliey
were obviously sufficient to Influence
a good many votes against the bylaw.
On the other hand, when It     came
to investigating   why so many failed
to vote at all, complaints were made
(Continued on page eight.)
Advance Cranbrook
Board of Trade Inaugurate Active Campaign for
Advancement of Industrial and Commercial
Interests of Citv and District
At a special meeting of the exei u
live counoll of the hoard of trade,
held on Monday afternoon, earnest
consideration vmi-- given lo the pre
paratlon of plans foi the advancement of the industrial and commercial interests of tills city and district, It was the unanimous opinion that the time vvas ripe for an ag
gressive campaign, looking to the
utilization of the great natural advantages, of    location, climate, soil.
anil undeveloped     resources With
this objert in view several commit
tees were appointed, each having in
charge a seoarate phase of the campaign. The committees thus appointed have power to add to Iheii
numbers, and aie expected in report
progress at each and every meeting
of the executive toiincil.
Hefoie  dealing  with   the abode mat
ters, Mr   it. I*:   Heattie, wbo     was
present b\ request, gave an Interest
ing talk about  the present   st.,-
the Cranhronk   Klectric Light       and
Cower company and    ilu- t'ranbrook
Hrick company      Mi   heattie     was
able to assure the council that     the
Klectric Lighl    company was m    a
position to   supply     upwards ol BOO
horse power for   Industi ial p
at   rates  thai   would compan   :..
ably with those offered     In Spi
Kernie, or   any    other nearby town
He thought that it would he decided
li   in the best Interests of tbe city,
il the    council   would   take ste) - I
make known to the world the possibilities in the industrial     Wtt)
i allable at  Cranbrook      Mi   Eh at
tic spoke along similar lines m     :,-
Hard to the Cranbrook Hn«k
pany, a   purely local concern, manufacturing an artnle   that was      admittedly superior i" any other similar district product     Ottawa      experts had    examined   the Crai
bricks and had reported them to   be
the   verv Ones)    quality      Whilst1
both r      '..      ■•■
dertaklngs, in which be was
ly Interested, he felt that their progress anil development wm'jM      make
for the general prosperity of the city
nnd   district and    therefore merited
the earnest attention of the board -■;'
trade.      Mr   Beattie's remarks wen
warmly applauded, all preaent ag
*amv6^-jm3tr*-r,*:^';:   **,,■-•'.,-;;■. .ii^-aMaKSStffcf
el   fn
CASTS   OF    LOCAL \M\ in R5I
WHO Will. PUT ON Till
The (leish.i,   that    popul.ii   two.nl
t(tilledt   Opert,   is  to  lie  pill   on bv
loi ill amateiiis in the neat  Inline
The caste will be as follows
O Mimosa San—Chief Qeilhl
Mis  i:  Paterson
.hilH'tle—Kieliib  Mind  .    .,
Miss  Hell.)   Ut .Kill
O htku S.in-tJ(isba
Miss   til,ill
(1 liana San-Oclsha
Miss Klls Leitch
O hmkoi.j Saii-Oclsha
Miss  Mai ton Senile
Knmuiasakt San—tieisba
Miss   Violet   ll.llleV
lady Constance Wume-U Kngllsh
Visitor In   Japan  Mis     Item-diet
Miss Worthlngton
  Mrs   \   i. McDermol
Miss Kthel Hunt            Miss Kumiss
Miss Mabel (Irani 	
  Mrs. M. A. Macdonald
Miss Louie IMnmpton 	
  Mrs, Raworth
Miss Molly Seun.ore 	
 Mrs. a. D. Macdonald
Knglish    Ladies,    diesis   of   Lady
Reginald Fairfax   . It   T. Brymner
Wck Cunningham ... D. .1. McSweyn
Arthur Cuddy         R. M. Henry
Oeo. Orlnston   E, Paterson
Officers II MS   "Turtle"
Tommy Stanley—Midshipman 	
  Miss Mnrgnret Kennedy
Captain   Katana-4 H     Governor1!
Ouard  Oeo. D. Ingram
Takemlna-Sergt. Of the Governor's
Guard  S. L. fl rattan
Wun   HI—Chinese   Proprietor   ol
a Tea House  Allen DeWoll
Marquis I mart—Governor nf I'rov
itttm M. A. Macdonald
Ctsiita, Qtutia, Attendants, etc.
^EDMONTON     j               _
y'  1 ..-^PRMCEALBERr "
^IfER^ j
To the People of Cranbrook and this District:
1 |USSa most of you know me.     1 worked In this district lolling about Cranbrooh and tin- district (or many years      III health forced me
Kamloops      Do you know thai town'     Have you lieard the details oi Its awakening?    Do ymi know It is tbe largest town between Calgary and
bound io be ihe groat distributing point in the Interior of Hritish Columbia?    Do ynu know thai during the coming yeai ihe wort of building lha
will be commenced?     Ih> you know  thai the C I' It   ll building an alternative freight route from tied Deer up the Yellow  Head I'ass in Kamloops
bought Ifttl (all 1160,000 of property to enlarge its yards, shops and round house, and will build .1 new depot'   Do yon know thut the Provincial 0
(lid Man's Home'     Do you know  ibnl a new  Catholic Convent, costing 18*5.000, has just been completed? Do you know th.it the citv is to build
Do you know that the town has from  1,800 to 5,000 people'    Do yrtu know ihal the government and the CNR   are to build at once a nn
cost 1850,000?    Do you know thut the streets an- all mailed, cetiieiii .sidewalks laid, residential st reels paved,   the tjimate superb, the yard
vines that aie iu bloom to November 1st, and sWl  to show life again in March?    Do you kno
lown will have at Icial 16,000 people Dn you know that the country Is surrounded by magnificent
many prizes'1     Do vou tm there is no more delightful place on earth to live''    Well, we do.     W
study to.    We have staked OUI all on Kamloops. lts main  others have done lhe same and made
io another climate, and 1 la aled  ■
Vancouver?    Do you kaou thai it Is
Canadian   Northern   mt" that lown
Do you   know   thai  tbe   C   P   ll
■vriiimciii is  tn build .i ne* 1300,000
.1   m-w   hospital   to coal   1125,000?
1 u.Ik and railway bridge at  Kamloops to
bowers of beauty, made so bv Rowers .nil
that the population will double in IJ oi 16 montha, ami within lifted
rmlng and fruit lands, with mineral galore, and that Kamloops apple:
Know alt these chances as well as a man can know anything 1h.it he li.i
years    lhe
have   won
given (Ins.*
Beckman's Addition
is only I- blocks from lhe highest priced property in the town, a beautiful residential sile commanding a inagnilicchl view-
lie placed on sab"—every nlhei lot. Why-'    Deeause we feel Confident in oiu own hearts that we "ill double out money on lhe
you can buy on terms of l-Mh down and 5 per cent per month for IS months.    That gives ymi a "hance to sell in five or si
Vantage Of Iho increase.    To make money one should liny before the increase.
F. K. Simpson, Heal Kstate Broker, Kamloops, B.C.
C. R. Ward, manager: Local Agents.
Lots on Sale after 6th of March.
Lots nre selling tor 1210 to $400 each, but only ball will
othei half nexl year Tins is no cheap proposition, yet
months nml allei a few payments an- made gel the    .id
Ing tint anything and everything
that could be done to exploit these
two Important local Industries
should be done.
Thc remalndei ol thr session was
taken up with .i discussion ol ways
and means ol exploiting thc Indus
trial and commercial resources ol the
■ It) and district To fa< llltatc oi
ganization and to ensure close attention to details several suh commit
tees  wi re appointed, as follows:
Kina nee—Messrs,      Paterson     and
Hencdi, I
Publicity    .unl    Statistics—Messrs
Elwell and Supple
IM:.- portatIon—Messrs    MeCallimi
.i id Ward
Industries    and      Mining—Messrs
Gurd and Macdonald.
ilturc     and     Roads—Messrs
11      and Wilson
ommittee will at ooce    gel
busy  galbi rinn     data and preparing
■ is : gnrding lhe special   In-
Bt rusted to its charge     and
progri is reports will be n ade       at
if Uie ixi   illvc coun-
odjournment  .\ re oiu
•,.'ii w a- unanimously   adopted     in
struct inn tb.- finance committee     to
. the    city council and ask
for an   ap     priath    ol 11000     lo-
f the proposed
ttc<  will     also ■ ■■   irl
<ttibs< riptioi -   from   tl - business
■■*' ni *     oncerned
■   ' tiding ol   Cranbrooh and
■ ■   - : ■   tnding districts
ntenl ion "f the council of
ii i of trade to take bold     of
impaign in a    thoroughly ag-
spirit, to j alist the lervices
erery persot    ipablc of lending as-
s -• u      li d •■*   pare i    tro ible    In
gathering *  gethei  -   h data as will
prove most  helpful i:   • in
:   " ■■  ■   ■:     SU*
MR      AMi    MRS      M   -I   DORAN
The Gait, Ont., Mercury, gives the
■. account of tbe golden wed
Oration ol Mi   and Mis. M.
i' ran, "■     parenti ■     Mr. Wm
loraa, ot this city:
t at good many years    has
n held   In tbis city a guldwi
■ ramry i elebration     in
*hich    :    ' neral   interest was
taken and l    tbi  principals in which
art; were    es
:ended than the celebration of then
Hden wedding which Mr   ami   Mn
Michael .1, Doran held at then home,
is Wilson street,   Monday night, In
the     preset   ■     :  about  Iwo hundred
•■ •
•a better  known and more highly
otd    j oaple than Mr   and
Mrs  Doran would Indeed be hard   to
Hnd and this foci was very much m
lit;. •    at the    pleasant occasion,
■. writ- lurrounded hy a host
o(    admiring   friends and showered
■.nth -t v.-ry great number of beautl
fnl and metnbraacei     Prom
llnren they received a purse
other friends too
lentlon,    othei gift i
en     handsomely  retBetnbwwl
»  ! i-Tf-tto   a.."!
p|'   sj 'I b) Us      nil fuih
ers, ol «i * •,  ibe) have    al
rays bet n itatrat b Irlsndi   11"- i*d
i- - of Loretto held a Ugh n i
pectail) for Um    popular otd couple,
in then chapeli which was beautifully
■I-. orated *       i   ■  ind arhlte
■■Mr   Doran Is well known here  as
(or polling wb-dlvl
*i. i.  \ ■   I       Hi   an ■ '*■ ■■■   Istj
i-  Us  '.*■«.    IM7,
■ it Irom \ns old home      I
I ral       Count)  Kerr)   In land, and
out Iron   H lyoi,
w>st Port, (ust tin opposite pari   ol
lhe      Enu raid    Isli "    Thej were
vere married n, ihe Church ol     dui
Ladj |u IMI nnd bare hen residents
.,l this cltj evei since      Mi [Doran
d>r a ureal  manv  vears carried on a
grocerj    business on *M*    Mark*'
Square     As a result of theli happy
union nine children, sli nl whom nre
slill living, were born to 'hem
Those who are still living and who
were proud to be able \*> congratu
late their parents upon attaining the
fiftieth yeai o! their married life are
Mis.   Keline.lv   and Mis   ,1    |l   McKee
both of thi- iity, Mis Dcmpsey,
Austin and Stanley, ol N'ew York,
and William. o| Cranbrook, H   C   In
addition to those there are six grand
"Their many frinuls have expressed
in hearty congratulations the sili
cere wish (hat the happv couple may
live ,i good many yeais still in this
iitf. which has reason to he proud
0| just such line old ptODfCI residents
.o  they " TBE   OllANKltOOK   UKHALI)
Your Opportunity.   Your money docs not accumulate rapidly in the bank.   Try Calgary
Real  Estate and let it double while you sleep.   Your friends have made money in Calgary.
Why   not You?
Calgary's beautiful West End Annex is your opportunity.   The first hundred we sold on terms of
one-third cash, balance 3, 6, and 9 months.
But Listen! Listen!
The next hundred are for you and at your own terms.
and ten per month until paid for at $100 and $125.   Send five dollars and say how many you
want.   Balance can be arranged and payments made at your own bank.   If investment is
not satisfactory in one year, money will be refunded with interest.
References: Standard Bank.
The B and R Company, Ltd.
Interior Lumbermen Face the Facts
Mucognise Benefits of Reciprocity Arrangement
am Blake's View.*-.   A Hritish Point of View
\i the lime the reciprocity agree
ment was Oral reported, ami onl}
telegraphic summaries were available,
the Mountain Lumbermen's assocln
ium met in annual convention at
Nelson. There and then, upon the
ver) slight Information available the
association passed a resolution con
demiiltig tin- reciprocity movement
'iln- Herald then took occasion lo
point nut tIiut iln- Lumbermen's ns
sjici.ilinn had acted hastily and pint)
ably contrary to Ihelr own beat
interests. Thai this comment wa.
i.ui .md lo ihr puint is evidenced by
,i circuIni leltei since issued to mem
hers of the association by theisoorc
laic.  ,t copy   of  which  follows.
That   Ihis letter conveys  the      well
considered opinion nf the leading
lumbermen is further ovldcnccd liy. a
statement made bv Mr 1' I.nnd in n
Herald representative yesterday. Mi
I Hul frankly admitted that the ns
v..i.itiMM had acted too hastily, being
i nl m possession of the details ol
Ibe proposed agreemenl al lhe tune
pa ied theli resolution
The circular letter referred lo
.iii." t reads as follows:
office of Secretary, Nelson, B.C,
I Ctb February, 1011,
To Members—Re Reciprocal Tarifl on
li appears that at our annual inct-t
ing ue did nnt have correct minima
lion regarding the proposed changes
in the larilTs nl Canada and the
United Slates. It is imt intended
tu change the present Canadian tar
ni affecting lumber at ail
The American tarifl will he materially reduced, ns shown hy the (ol
lowing table, and, therefore, It. C
manufacturers will nut tu- placed al
any greatei disadvantage than wc
have been laboring under foi the
past ten yeara, On tlie other hand
hy reason uf ihe reduction ur thc
I'nited Slates tin iff on shingles the
Industry in H C will derive n sub
slnntlal bcnclH, ami when tin- lumbei
market in the Slates recovers wc
shall he m an Improved position to
ralei foi some id iheli trade.
fell is quoted as giving the following
Interview in regard to reciprocity:
"From my recent trip to Canada I
am convinced that Canadians fully
realize the progress and prosperity
j that have accrued to Canadian manufacturing and agricultural industries
frnm cheap money sent out at a rate
'ui over 1380,000,000 per annum by
; l-.ugli. h Investors. I am confident
thai the first thing taken into consideration by the fan.idi.iu ministers
wuuld he whether tbe reciprocity at
rangement witb tbe United states
might affect the securities against
'which these large investments have
. lieen made. I believe it will prove
lot inestimable advantage to Canada
(treat material benefits will be derived by (lie whole Dominion in both
agricultural und manufacturing Industries from tho opening of American markets.
j "The future prosperity of Canada
must he largely based on the sound
ness ot agricultural industries, and
the enhanced value of western farm
lands that will result from reciprocity will mean greater security to
Knglish Investors. The free and lar
get markets, wbicb reciprocity will
open In Iln* tanners of tbe west, will
cause groatel demands for the pro
ducts of tho factories ot tho cast
Canadian statesmen hate taken nil
vantage nf tbe situation, It appears
lo mo they hnvo secured splendid
terms fur Canada in exchange for
giving     Americans    whal  Americans
by investing their money at high
rates of interest, while assisting iu
the development of the Hritish empire. I deeply regret lu read the
speeches made here by snrne tarifl reformers, who seem shortsighted,
They appear tti be as much wedded
to doctrinaire preference as their
political opponents are to theoretical
free trade."
There seems to he an Impression in
certain quarters Hint if Canadian
wheat is diverted in any considerable
quantity to the United .states in
the working out of the reciprocity
agreement (treat Itritaiu will be in
some way injured and may have tn
pay inure for ber wheat than she
now does. As a matter of fact,
during Ihe past live years Canada has
sent the t'nited Kingdom a little less
than an eighth of its wheal supplies.
Kven the United Stntes, which will
ere lung be a fund import ini* country
nn a large scale, has been a greater
factor than Canada In feeding the
people uf Oreat Hritain. Taking
wheat and lluur, the Hritish board of
irade figures give the following
—Kngland gives Canada free markets,
and as the premier says: "More she
cannot give without taxing tbe lund
ot the people aud exciting wide
spread agitation and resentment."
What, then, is Canada, a growing
country, to do, with lier ever-increasing output? New markets sbe must
have; and it is altogether ridiculous
to suppose, then, that she should not
seek to enlarge her trade in tlie most
natural market in the world for her
—her next-door neighbor.
Mr.   P.   C. Larktn,    who recently
published, in the Toronto Olobc, a
letter approving of the agreement in
favor of freer trade in natural products between Canada and the I'nited -States, bas received from Hun. S.
II. Blake the following note, with
permission to publish it:
My Dear Mr. Lnrkin: I read wilh
the greatest pleasure what appeared
to me to be a most convincing letter
from you in the morning papers of
thu day. It simply cannot he replied to. There has hulked up in my
mind very largely a fact that I have
I not seen touched upon, nml it is tbat
nothing    will go sn   far   to make a
ment of tarifl considered to be neccs-
Isary in the interest of either England nr Canada should sever the ties
jof loyalty ami degrade us to the
[low level ol persons who desire to
continue tbe union only because of
some material advantage tbat may
Witb   all best     wishes,   faithfully
(Signed)                    S. II. Blake.
Alt tele'
Shingles    .......
Sawed    boards,   planks,     deals    and
other lumber,    planed ur finished
■ in one side, per 1,000 feel board
IMancd   or   finished ou one   side and
longued and grooved, or    planed
or finished on two sides  ,   "-.*"> per pen!   12.00 pei M   fi
IMancd or finished on three sides, or
planed   nr finished    on two sides
and    tongued    and grooved,     per
I .mm ft, board measure . 25 per Pen!   2 .871 per M. ft
IMancd   and  finished   on lour aides,
per 1,000 feci board meaauro .    28 per cent   $2.75 per M. ft
United sin
Kali's nun
Reduction in
proposed fur
i  a.
V. s.
2iir   |ii*r M,
nn. pet M. fl.
inc. per M. II.
BOc. pel M.
tin*, pet M  fi
J0c. per M. li
SI T.I per M
.■.ii,* per M. fl.
$1,311 per M. fl.
50c. per M, ft.    (1.25 per M, It*
SI.12) per M. It.  21.25 per M. tt
$1 50 per M. ft.  21.25 per M. It
British Point of View-        ■ investment
IKItMKW    WITH    PROMINENT   M. fjrcnfcll
Tbal Canada has secured 0 gnu
bargain In the reciprocity ngrecmer
iv I Hi the t nited Stntes and tbnl 1
will stlmulntc rot hei  than check tl
<r British capital in   thc
s the opinion of Mr.  A.
son iu law of Earl Grey,
a member ur the banking Orm      of
Chaplnln,   Milne,   0 ren tell ami com
pany, and chairman of ihe Canadian
agency of one   of    llie  leading  I'nun
dian bond  Issuing houses  in   London
In a cabled message, which reached
Ottawa a dav ot Iwo ago, Mi   (Iren
could have taken for themselves nl
any time hy simply lowering their
own tariff wall Without asking per
mission frum Canada. Investors In
Kngland will speedily realize Iho
many trade advantages derived hy
Canada through the reciprocity nr*
laugemeiil, and will be more anxious
in participate in ibe opportunities
offered bv sound Canadian enterprises
|008 .
1000 .
Total Imports
.   ... 07,854,000
Prom U.S.
I'i, 7it" ,wm
It will be observed ibat iu tbe
year 1000 Canada sent a little over n
sixth of Britain's wheal und flour,
and tbe I'nited Slates a little under
a sixth, It is almost certain that
from this time forward lhe wheat
exports of the United Stntes will
decline steadily, while those of Canada will as steadily Increase until
the Dominion in the form of whent
or Hour will contribute at least a
third of Britain's total importation
of breads tuffs, The fear tbat this
great volume ol east hound grain will
reach tho seaboard through United
States channels instead of by Canadian railways nnd lake nnd ocean
vessels is nne that does not seem to
be well founded, remnrks Ihe Toronto Globe, If rates nre nt nil on an
equality tho St. Lawrence route will
nlwuys command the bulk of tbe
northwestern export wheat trade
against lhe best efforts of New York
or other Atlantic seaboard ports.
Kliihslnn   simulant (Conservative)
people absolutely happy and content
ed and uot look (or a change as when
they have work, reasonable remuneration, and sufficient fond nml clothing.
Now, anything thnt will tend In
bring these results will, therefore, be
n vital element iu Canada retaining
its present position. Not only does
Canada not look for a change from
England to the I'nited Stntes, but It
is absolutely distasteful to Canadians. If permitted to work on the
lines that open tn Ihem such trade,
business, nnd financial results as will
conduce to their prosperity, then
they will not think of any change of
allegiance; but if tbey are thwarted
in this respeet, dissatisfne/ion will be
introduced and change will be desired.
i It Is always very repulsive to me
, to find that so many men nre now
beginning to place the Integrity of
the Hritish empire upon the low plat
[orm of tai in", trade relations, preference, etc., as il some little change
in    duty or   some little rearrange
Following is a copy of a circular
tbal has been sent out by the public
health department of the provincial
government addressed to the health
officers of Ibe various municipalities
and districts throughout Hritish Columbia.
Hear .Sir: I enclose copy nf our regulations recently issued. In this
copy you will see that vaccination is
now compulsory in British Columbia,
and that municipalities throughout
the province are asked to take steps
to put it into force. Tbis, 1 trust,
will be done without delay.
Yours faithfully,
C. si, Kugun, Secretary.
Tbe regulations referred to were
adopted liy (he provincial board uf
health uud approved by His Honor
tbe Lieutenant (tnvcrnur In Council,
January 81, 1011, They are entitled
"Regulations fur the Prevention ol
the Spread of Smallpox tn and In
British Columbia "
After providing fm tlte quarantine
uf districts, etc., where smallpox is
discovered, and for lhe fumigation of
premises, etc., anil the isnlutiou nt
patients, etc, (he regulations provide: "That all local boards id
health shall arrange suitable times
nnd places for vaccination nnd give
public notice thereof," and it is required that "every resident of this
province shall forthwith be vaccinated or produce to the meitlotl health
officer of the district or municipality
where he or she resides a certificate
or proof ul .successful vaccination
within tho preceding seen years, or
a certificate thut such person i.s nl
present Insusceptible of vaccination,
or a certificate ot physical unfitness
for vaccination." The regulations
further provide that "it shall be the
duty nf the school trustees and teoch-
rs of nil schools (public or private)
to see Hint the provisions nf the pre-
wling sub-section are forthwith complied with by all children attending
such schools, high schools or colleges.* '
A penalty not exceeding $100 for
each ami every offcucv Is provided, or
No one but those who are alllictcd
with the dreadful Kldne) Disease
knows what tbis means, nndtyou who
are so afflicted will forget all about
it in a few days if you are only wise
enough to lake FIG PILLS Fig
Pills are guaranteed to cure yuu. If
nut your money back.
Sac a box al all leading drug
stores, or mailed on receipt of price
by Tbe Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas,
imprisonment for n term not exceeding six months.
Tbe policy uf the public health department is meeting with strong opposition wherever attempts are matte
tu enforce the vaccination order, anil
the government is being urged tu
have the order recalled
The cause ol the order was ni t-
hrenk of smallpox in Ihe Fraser
Rlvor valley, and u spread ol lhe
disease to Vancouver, Latest re
ports are to the effect tlmt Ibe outbreak has been safely checked
Tenders fur buildings Dlsplnj head
•♦ •*•• ♦■
Tenders for Buildings
more ol Ihe   following buildings will
be received up till r n March 22lld,
till I, nt the office ol Division Engl
neer, Calgary, Alia* Plans, speelfl
cal inns and form of lenders enn bo
seen al the office of the Assl Chiel
Engineer, Winnipeg, Division Engl
neers, Mouse .law, Calgary and \ ,ui
eouver. Resident Engineer's office
Medicine Hat nnd Cranlirook
I   c. p. IL    Standard No   I Section
I House ai Bowcll, Langdon, Mnharg,
('licneka, Hup, Anthracite, Snwhnck,
Stephen, Cathedral, Airdiie, Wessex,
lunisfaif, Peulmlil, Labuina, Mt-naik,
Mile 11.7 Wetasktwln Subdivision,
Stowe, Lundbreck, Frank, Coleman,
Galloway, Eager, Sandstone, Azure.
I 0, P. II* Standard No. 5 Station
Western Lines al Tompkins, RedcllIT,
'(with 50' freight shed) Suffleld, How
Island, Burdctt.
1 c. p. It. Standard No. in Station
at Glclchen, llassain*, Hosmer,
I   C. p. It.    No. 1 Bunkhouse al Calgary and Reh Beer.
I   0. P. H.    Standard "A" Station
with 00'    freight    shed al Conmoro
and Bittern Lake.
Locomotive Foreman's cottage Ked
Six stall addition to Standard No.
2 Engine House Hed Deer
a!   .H T-HK   UKAMtltOOK   IIKHALI)
Vf      1   LfelW i
j j  /   "    ■«*
• On*   thorough   application   of
Zam Buk at night will bring ease    ** ',
8   6y morning.   Zum-Buh slop, tlie
:■'.  imarting, heath th* tracht, and
X  inaliet ihe hunda tmooth.
:■■       rilOIH   Miss Ilottlo Iwlranil, lliilualmrg, "'
a Onl.. Wlllssi—"I una t„iiil,l>*,l Willi ,<li.i-i|,,*.l
■;l linnila uml iiiiui nn.l iii.llniii; evur awlnuii lu lioel
;•' tlu-iu llturullgillv until ui, founil Kulll I'. I. It
jii Ina ourwl tli.'in. My follisr In- nl.*,, mail It
1*. fill' HtiiL'r.il .kin trullb'ss iiii.I ti,Jin in-., uu I thinks
11,.-■., M llulllillg IHio/.llll ll.ili."
Minima aliniilil sou ili.it limit* olillilion mu /un.
Iln Jully, iia tliutu llnolltliig llw [irsraitun.  A Hills
/..in link lightly ituoa-eii uvur iln Inn Im-il wrists,
afu*r *,.i.liin.', will pravuilt uliaji*
/mt.liuli l, al,., a .ni. ultra f ir >
Itahi iini.i'im.   lilootl'lHilaoains,
liurn,,u<l brili.aa.   Mo Ihi*. .1.11.1
"Every HOME N££t!S IT.
;;sieiiia-ftMSfitf«Kw^?' ^^rfw**^r*^m
Editor The Herald:
At a meeting lu-ld In Nelson, on
the evening of tbe 23rd nil , compos
ed of the residents of the Taghuni
distriet and citizens of N'elson, for
the purpose of protesting against tin-
unfair treatment received from the
hands of Mr. ,1. II. Schofield, mem
her for Ymir, Indignation and a feeling of strong protesting, cbaraclci
were exhibited in a marked degree,
at the neglect of the Taghuni bridge
und the road connecting Slocan and
Nelson. Tbis work, which is one of
great necessity to the development
of the ram-lung, mining anil lumbei
interests, was placed before the
premier, tbe minister of public works
and minister of lauds during theii
attendance at the Conservative con
vention held at Nelson This, along
with a road to Balfour, a rood 16
Ymir connecting with the trunk
roads, and the great Sheep Creek ,
district were all shown to be, as well i
as the one already mentioned, to lie ,
of great necessity for the develop ,
ment of our resources \ replj was
given the deputation, which was im,' ,
sented undei the auspices of tin-
board id trade and introduced bj the
members from Yntn and Nelsi . I i
the premier and his colleagues, and
their reply conveyed to the minds nf
those presenl a promise, bo much so,
that the residents ol the various dis
tricts, and cltirens of N'elson dire I
ly interested, did not foi one moment
imagine tbat then wishes would be
so flagrantly disregarded, vet on the
teoelpt ol tl stimates, nol a  rent
was provided for the Taghuni bridge,
nml onh a small proportion roi the
Nelson and Slocan road, and foi tbe
Nelson and Ymli root! not a cent I
hoknowledge ihe grant of nu- thou
sand dollars rrom tin- appropriation
and tlie special granl of nine thou
sand live hundred dollars foi the
Nelson-Balfoui rood tti whal ■■-■•
alone is Ibis In ilu . Iti j I is i S'e]
son, for those who wish li
to Ymir, mid the much disgusted re
stdents id Taghum who aie hem inn)
in? It is Impossible foi tin i am' 'i
to bring in his produce unless it*
paying   iiti'.ii    freight     ni    expri is
charges,    even   the  sel I children,
whose parents nllon them ' i, and
the people travelling lo the mines
and mills have lo < ros - a railroad
bridge lo Granite, with h Is a most
dangerous undertaking foi adults, let
atone children \ resolution was
passed endorsing n lari * pi titlon
signed h> three hundifd, deprecating
the treatment aftei ihe understand
ing from the promlci and in-* minis
ter thut these works would receive
attention Mi -i II Seholield,
member for Ymir, iu lhe estimates
has been granted one hundred nnd
two thousand dollars for lhe Ymir
district, mid seeing that all these
works are a necessity In lhe riding
the people cannot understand why
they should gel such ,\ small percentage unless it is (or the purpose of allowing Mr. Seholield to distribute
according to his own Idea, lhe large
balance which will In- spenl in some
favored        portion of his
can depend upon a majority al lime
of election, Iml I can assure Mr.
Seholield that lhe large vote nt tbis
end of his riding will not tend to
swell the majority in his constituency. There is something in the system when Mr. Seholield is allowed to
take one hundred nnd   two 11 sand
dollars nnd make what disposition he
chooses, and the sooner Mr. McBride
and his government lake steps to
bave   these   appropriations expended
under the guidance of independent
management, than, as it is now, given to politicians as a mess of pottage, the better. So much is this
becoming a grievance at tbis end of
the Ymir riding that the people will
demand a readjustment of the constituencies, Nelson heing directly Interested in the development of the
Ymir, Salrao and Sheep Creek dis.
trict, also Kootenay Luke, lhat it
would he only fair to make Ihis one
constituency and allow the member
from Ymir to retain from Castlegat,
Trail and Robson, ur otherwise they
might   see   tit   to    give Mr.  Seholield
Trail alone, or combine Trail with
Itosslnnd, whieh would he a fair division of the territory mentioned,
and Rossland with her large propor
tion of votes could remed] such in
justice which has heen perpetuated
bj Mt Schofield on this portion of
his ruling 1 do believe il is the
Intention of thc government to act
fairly wilh each and everyone, but
their trust is uot well founded when
they place it in thc hands ot a member, who cannot use above small
ward politics and do his dut] by
gi\ing the miner, lumberman, ranch
■i and .towns their just nghts
Therefore, II the government's atten
tion is drawn to the matter, 1 be
Heve ihev will reniedj such tavorit
Ism a-* exist*, at thc presenl time
and ihe wilful waste oi the peoples
monej bj doing a little work here
and there, whereas if a propel system
were carried out ycarlj thousands ol
dollars would be saved
The Nelson Datlj New*.' editorial
mmeiit In connection «Ith the
meeting and resolution above men
tioned, complains ahout the letter
so ompanj Ing said petition being
signed In one man 1 don't know ti
■i i*. usual I 'i a seen l.n \ In submit
ling a resolution to have more slgna
lutes than his own attached Pos
tfbl) ih«' edltOI ol thp News has a
mon up lo date method of submit
ting resolution) He asks the rea
son win the government is not keen
I)  Interested In    the carl   construe
tl i ii"- brldi >, and In answering
the querj suggests the rtelaj wns
caused bj representations being made
i,. the government lo have lhe bridge
built al anothei point If there has
been an) suggestion made it was
made en Urol j Dn accouni ol rumors
emanating from lhe local govetumenl
nil, i   from   Mi   Seholield     The
answci t" thi- editor's quer) li eon
tamed in iiu- estimates nat providing
funds foi the Taghum bridge and
\iihi   load
^ ours trulj,
William  Allen
Nelson, H  C , i-yi.  28th, 1011
The rather unusual spectacle has
heen presented of a rather sharp decline in the approximate earnings of
the Canadian Pacific railway during
January, due doubtless to tho smaller crop lasl season, while llie price
of the Block in the markel is going
up, and everybody seems bullish.)Thc
rise is also the more remarkable iu
face of the prophecies of dire dlsas.
ler if the reciprocity agreement goes
through, one of those to he hardest
hit being ihe Canadian Pacific. The
newspapers favoring reciprocity naturally ask how this can he in view
ol llie fact Ihal    much has I n said
of searing British capital away by
Ihe agreement while il is well known
thnt llie price of Canadian Pacific
slock i-i practically fixed and controlled by lhe London market   If the
business of till) company was likely
to he Utterly destroyed, us suggest
ed, Ihey think the stock would nol
advance in the face of such a prospect. The heaviest decline in earnings shown yel this year was for the
first week of February, the decrease
heing {278,000 compared with a year
>. The maximum earning capacity of the company is reached in
October and the minimum comes iu
February. H has to be remembered
that this year's records are being
compared with a banner year and
some further expansion will have to
lake place before the records created
in HUH can be beaten lu the meantime the company announces its in
lentioii uf invading a new field hv
running steamships to tbe West Indies and creating a link uf hotels
Anglican Synod
Itev. 12, P. Flewelllng and Mi c
A. Cock, attended the meeting ul
Synod at Uevelstoke lust week.
The bishop appointed Mr. E, A.
Crease to he chancellor of the diocese.
Election of ollieers resulted as billows:
Registrar, Archdeacon Beer;
treasurer, Oeo. Johnston; auditor, .1.
M. Lay; executive committee, Rural
Deans I'rocunier, Greene und Flewelllng and Messrs. Yenubles, Bush
und Cock; clergy delegates to Synod,
Archdeacon Beer, Rural Deans
Greene and Procuntcr and
Rev.        E.       A.       St. fleorge
Smythe, Messrs. Crease, Busk
and Vcncrablcs and Cock
(substitutes, Rovs. Procun-
ier, Phillimore und Flewelling and
Messrs. Armstrong, Johnston and
Carsar); Bishop's appoint ments to
executive, Rev. Steele and Mr. Lay;
lioard of management of M.S.(',('.
and S, S. commission, Archdeacon
Beer, Bev. Oraham and Messrs. Busk
and Cock.
In the course of bis charge. Bishop
DcPOttClcr said:
"It is pleasing lo report that efforts are heing made towards the
building of a new ehurcb at Cranbrook.    The cburcb property in that
ity is very valuable aud well located. If some assistance can he given
hy our English friends, 1 feel sure
the new church can be built in the
near future."
The impression that some people
iive that the Canadian government
annuities scheme is available only to
persons over the age of in is quite
erroneous, an impression arising,
probably, from tho fact that SS is the
i-arliest age, except [or invalidity or
disablement, at which the annuity
can begin, Naturally, the younger
the person is when the purchase is
begun, the smaller will be the payments which he or she will have io
make to secure the same annuity,
md smaller will hr the apparent
ust But an)  person over the age
ut live may purchase an annuity. An
account of the sad ending of an old
aCetttleman who hail until recent lj
lived all his life in a Canadian province, hut upon whom
fortune fot some reason luut not smiled, was commuui-
atcd a few days ago in a despatch
front a I S. city, lie had gone lo
Michigan to stay with a son (or the
remaindci of his days, Imt shortly
iftei his arrival the son died leaving
no means, and the father who pre
[erred death rather than the poor
house, to which he was to hove
been sent the following day, terminated his life If tb/ old gentleman
had heen provident in his younger
days and had laid aside but lOe. a
week, the amount accumulated al
:t per cent compound interest which
he would have had at his disposal at
an would have purchasnl for him an
annuity of Mkii a year, an income
sullieient to have enabled htm to
have provided for himself for the re-
inaiiiilei of his days. Had he had
ihe opportunity at 80, as all residents uf Canada have today, of paying in to the government annuities
fund a sum of llic. a week, his income at Ko would huve heen over
(fiSB instead id tlRO, and hud he died
nt any lime before 'attaining the age
ol su liis heirs would have received
everv conl that he had paid in witb
( per cent compound interest up to
the date of his death. As the old
gentleman reflected upon the past, it
no doubt seemed but yesterday when
he was a boy. Still, young men
ami women are disposed to spurn
the thought that old age is Inevitable, that the day will come when
they themselves will be old, and that
the poor house must he their ultimate destiny if they have not made
provision against sucb a contingency
But it will be impossible for them
to dodge the Issue, and the system
of suving which the Annuities Act
affords them is positively the only
means available hy which they can
make this provision with absolute
ccrluinty, mid witb lhe smallest out-
lay. Explanatory literature may
he obtained nt the posl ofllce, or
will he supplied ou application to
the Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa, to whom letters may tie sent
free of postage.
From thr Herpicide Onl
You an- becoming bald I he hair Is
getting thin on the lop til youi head
aud unless ymi lake nn advice yutl
will, hefoie long, he as haiiless as a
croquet   hall Reineinhei  Itm thut
chronic baldness is incurable
ll is all due tu duiidru] l ean
[because you always lu' .* ilandiull
Hakes on your coat coil, i He Ides
being an Indication •. u ipendlng
baldness, it also suggests   mtidiiiess,
Newbro's Herpicide «ill kill the
germ that causes datidriin thicks
further accumulation ui arl skin
and  stops falling ban
Vou arc nol Inking hi nances
when you purchase Hcrpii idi i.ml you
are tempting [ate when ynu tisr- nnj
thing else Herpicide Im thousands
upon thousands ol satisfied users wlm
testily lo its.germ dest to*, nr* and
haii presort Ing ipialH leu
Voui druggist Is n ilhi 11 ed t i
guarantee one dolhn : < bottle *
The hesl barbers reeoimm ml and use
Send Iiu- jn portage In Nie Hum
dde Co., Dept. It-, Bel roll, Mich ,
for sample and booklet
Heattie -Murph) Co , Ltd . Special
Tilth: HERE
Herbert Booth, youngesl sun ol
(ieneral Wm. Booth, of London, who
was associated with his father tor
twenty-three years, and who is now
filling an extensive tour nf preaching
and lecturing, embracing many Canadian cities from Si. John in Vic-
Tuesday next when he will deliver his
bloseoplc lecture un tin- entrancing
story nf the "Karly    Christians" or
Soldiers of the Cross "
Mr, Booth has reeenllj concluded a
mission under lhe auspices nl lhe
Methodist ehurchs in Vancouver He
is now engaged in a mission for Ununited Presbyterian churches of Victoria, B.C.      He comes to Cranbrook
ou his way to Kort William,
This lecture in many ways Is
unique. The pictures were prepared
under Mr. Booth's supervision from
dramatic tableaux hy six hundred
living models. ll js made up of Iwo
hundred beautifully colored slides
aud fifteen hundred tv. | of moving
picture IHm. It represents anil describes the persecutions of ibe early
Christians, their weddings under
ground, the Catacombs, In cave ami
forest, their triumphs at the stake,
their battles with lions, lhe sorrows
of slavery, death of Stephen, the
burning of Polycarp, thc forty Christians aud the burning limekiln, the
scaffold of gladiators,  etc , aud cott-
lutles   with tin* touching and thrill
ing    story of    Perpctua,   thc young
mother martyr
This     lecture     has heen    delivered
ight hundred aud fifty times, mid
bus crowded tin- largest auditoriums
of Australia, t'nited States and
(treat Britain, commanding audiences
as large as eight thousand persons
For flfty-thrco consecutive nights
Mr. Booth gave this message lo New
York City.
This i.s undoubtedly a great opportunity for Cranhrook people to hear
nne of the most powerful and thrilling lectures of modern times, enhanced hy beautiful graphic slides and
moving picture features. FurlllOl
details will he given next week aud
in posters and dodgers:
Mr. Booth delivers his lecture here
in the Presbyterian church under the
auspices ot the Voung People's flulld
The generosity of Lord Stratheona,
High Commissioner for Canada, to
distressetl Canadians in England,
was shown at Westminster police
court when Emily St Legcr was
charged wiib obtaining money from
him by fraud Lord Strathcona's
secretary produced several letters in
different names, hut apparentl) in
the same handwriting, which had
been received during the last three
months The first letter, .sinned
"Florence K. Wilson," represented
tbat the writer, a CanadlSh, was
destitute, a long illness having swallowed up her little savings Lord
Stratheona Immediate!] lent a \K'>
note to the address given in Porto-
hello mad l.atci a letter wns re
ceived signed "Agnes McColl." Vs
Ristance was    implored foi a widow
The Miller says:—
is a better flour, because 1 follow
it through every stage.    First,
I am mighty particular in the
selection of the wheat, anil that
counts a lot.   In fact, it is one
of the very biggest factors in making a
superior quality of flour.   There is a big
difference   in districts, you  know, and
for Seal  of  Alberta   we  select  wheat
from particular districts.
"Then   we  are    careful   about    cleaning   it.
It is screened and scoured and washed.    It would
be hard to do  any more than that, wouldn't it ?
Then we have searched  the  world  for the finest
milling machinery, anil we have it here    When the
wheat is milled it is  tested  and aged, and not a
sack goes out to you until it is just right.   And that
is why so many people say Seal of Alberta is a better
flour.   Those who use it know it is better, because
it makes a larger, lighter, whiter loaf of better texture
and finer appearance.   Those who use it know it is
better- I have told you some of the reasons why."
Tin* ilenlli litis tttki'ti place nl l-'it'tl
crick Aii-lillialil Vaughan Campbell,
lliltil Karl I'awilin. Tlio late Kail
vvas lirst lortl ni Hit* ailiutialu lor a
short lime al llie close uf Hit* last
Unionist administration, anil wns one
ni tin* f.ani* Unionists wlio look part
in ilu* veto conference. For ten
year.* In* was chairman ol the (Trent
Western railway. Descended from
tho ancient Thanes ol Cawdor, thc
home nl iln* Kails Cawdor is slill
Cawdor Castle, where tradition has
ii Duncan, King ui Sent land, was
murdered liv Macbeth. II is ungracious tn pierce a historic bubble, Imt
tin* truth is the murder scene was
enacted rather more than four hun
dii-il yeais heforc Cawdor Castle was
built. Nevertheless, Cawdor Castle
is rich in-historic associations whleb
hear tbe strictesl Investigations
Liml l.miii sheltered there nflci Hn*
slaughtel at Cttllodcn, ami tin* room
is slill sliown iii which In* rested
Money to Loan
Private party will loan money
in various sums up to $1,000.00.
C. I'inkncv.
•1.1*0. Cranbrook. B.C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER,  C..' O . LL.D.. D.C.L., Pnrsiotrir
Always ihi* Ik-si Quality and
-tjui-fk Service. Busitn**u*Mt-n «
Lunch.   Opaa Day and Night.
1 Baldwin & Lancaster X
Contractor! for uil kinds of Cellar X
Wnrk. feet-pio-p, Foundation*. 2
Wells,   Pipe    Laying  and m.y «|
work ol that ilenvii|>tiuii.
Wooden  I'iji-   Laying
Asay a Neurall
Nervous Exhaustion
Since the tissues receive their tone
from the nerve centres, lustrou i
eyes, a clear complexion anil sym -
metrical figure can only be preserved by maintaining full nerve vig*
or. When the mirror warns,
"Asava-Nbcrau/' ifl required,
It feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
quickens the appetite, aids digestion, and restores the sparkling
radiance of full nerve vitality.
$1.50 l>er buttle.    Local agent.
»»■»♦■»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Wc do not require a half page ad. this
week because we sold EVERY LOT in the
SOUTH END ADDITION in sixty days.
We will shortly have another sub-division
on the market. Keep a look out for our ad.
as we fully expect every lot will be sold in
less than thirty days.
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
The Money Orders of The Canndi in B nk *. t Commerce an
convenient and economical method of 1 ' "■: small sinus of
They are payable without charge nt e\ inch of a chartered
Canada (except in the Yukon Ten and i.i the principal
the I'nitcd Slates.
The Orders and full informal.)    regarding them may be obtained
on application at the Hank
In the event *.-!' loss of a Mt ni ■ Ordei the Bank will, on
a satisfactory guaranteej make .1 gei .:. - to refund the
the lost Order.
tank i'i
ties ol
eipt of
1.1 it , 1"
U. T*Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
•♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦<•* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*<
,,-,«.T,.   ..** ^
Rlgliaiul I.*" a>
l',...u*.»t,aliiH. .i'i**: a>
Vuiiiulii S.al.'iii*. ♦
Vapor -*,.*• 11.- *
I*  ial   Dd Bib 1 ♦
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V.,..,l*„i,** -,.,.-■,,- ♦
Hot Wai.1 -*;.!.ni. I    ♦
P. 0.   BOX 831 _^^^^^^^^
4> *********************************.
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Now is tlir- timt*. Mon- the Spring rush come
to L',*t your rooms Papered and Dec, rated.
All w.irk L'uar<iiit^.*'i
B.   H.   SHORT
P. O. Box M
rhe J'ainler and Ilccuratur
Arin-t-i.n*; Ave.
Phone 111
A Good   Home I
is what it* dear t<» every man. A home
is where Peaoe, Comfort, Co ti tent ment,
and Plenty is found, That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"OrenbrooV1 is mentioned think ol tbe
provisions Joa. Brault has made for uu
ideal home al th.-
Canadian Hotel
•lust rectiri
■*:i.     liig
■*.:  *    •    : ' ll
Satan hi
White PUh
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Ballbat
S lis
Herri iih
BI stars
Salmon Bellies
Salt Maokarel
Suit Herrings
Your Phone Orders arlll be piompllj itlenilnllo
P.   BURNS   CO..   LTD.
lumrporabd mow
Capital Paid Up $6,aoo,m>» Reserve $6,000,000
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
11. s. UOLT, President l . l.. PBA8E, General Manager
AtYoiiut** d( riniifl. Corporation! wmi Individ nail loliclted,
out of town butineii receive* every attention a
BAVINGH DEPARTMENT   DepcelUol fl 00 and onwardi received
nml Interest allowed «t correal rate,   N<> formality «' delay In
AQeneral Banking Boilnuetraniacteda
Cranbrook Branch: I). I). McLAWS, Manager VBANBHOOK Hi&KAUD
-      —•
CRANHROOK HERALD  marks ol n well known British linn
kci  ami Colonial Investment nntlioi
By the lloralil   Publishing Companj, ,ty ,„,,„,,„,, ,.K,,V|„.,,. ,„ ,*„„ i,,,,,.
.1.  IJeant', Managing Editor,
CKANHKUOK. B. C, March 2, I'M
Ii' ii wi-n- worth while a good ileal
ol span- might bo devoted to depleting Un- sentiments ol t'ranbrook
citizens when they learned thai tlie
sewerage     bylaw had     nol carried
As thr discussion progresses, nppobi
Lion i" the proposals lessens nm
[nun all quarters come expression)
of approval of the course adopted ii
this connection by the Laurlei ad
niMiiri Ki-:s.
The "sane, safe*1 financial polity ol
However,    there     would be   nothing the provincial    $0 ve rumen t seems to
prod tabic in   that,  oi even edifying fhavo been abandoned,       Thu "mini
The proposition roi Immediate   eon j vol ol extravagance" predicted bj Iln
sidnalioii is: How lo secure the sett jopponotits whin ilu- composition    of
eragc system  this veal', in spite    ol tho   legislature became known   aftei
Tuesday's mishap? i Iho last elections   sccnta to have sel
Elsewhere in tins issue, In oui re In with a swum liml should give joy
pott ..i ih.- polling, .1 plan is outlined lo nil Iho hangers-on.    Ai one sweep
whercb) thc desired end ean be   ne tho govornmenl proposes lo wipe out
complisiird     From reports llm! -<■■*'•  "s surplus    ol   ova 13,001),  nml
reached ibis   olliee    ami f ntei plunge Into n ileflcll <*f et|unl propor-
views wiih    represenlntlve turn, ihe tions     Tlw   public expenditures  are
Herald \s convinced tb.it II ibe bylaw to leap from ;i little ovei  Hl.tifttf.tHill
iu- resubmitted Immedlutelj  ll     will lo ovei (12,000,000   We ure lold lhat
(■any easily.    IVhllil the Herald fat      si ol   ihis    Increase <rf 1*3,000,0041
ore this course unequivocally, ll     hi i'i Uio expenditure is to go to public
im means favors   the pursuance     ol works, but jusl $l,2fil,0fl0 more is lo
similar Inactlvllj with regard lo gel In- spent   mi    ihis   department than
ling mu the   vote thai characterized was spent   last   year        In    othei
lasi Tuesday's election     Tho Herald winds, less Hum    half lhe Increased
is prepared t.i   practically guarantee expenditure is to ho put Into permau-
the city ngnlnsl anv    expense In the ont public works,    Cor the resl    wt-
resubmission nl   thc bylaw lo      tlw have increases In ministers1 salaries,
electorate ami it does this in lhe in- an Increase in thc vote for education
lie) thai Tuesday's vote does      not of a palt'rj    hundred    thousand, and
represent   lhe well considered wishes other Increases which the government
of tin-   propert) owners in the mol organs do    nol     seem lo think are
in    nl   sewerage   inslallat'on.   The worth mentioning       So doubl there
Herald believes that side issues were will bo a generous   provision of pap
permitted lo InOuenee votes nnd lhat f"i  tho government's newspaper sup
those iralh concerned In the passage porters.
ui the bylaw railed to lake practical Last eeat there was a surplus    ol
steps lo secure thai end      In      the $2,22*1,7-17, which was derived entire
firm belief thai the best Interests   ol ly from the sale of permanent nssels,
iln- city ol Cranbrook, the health  ol \ quarter million alum- was brought
its   riti/ens, demands    the speediest In by the   sale of Point (Irey lands,
possible Installation of an up-to-date besides large   sums from tho altoun-
se we rage system, the Herald appeals Hon of   other permanent     public as-
to every   property ownei  to      sink   sets.     I'm Ibis year   S3.0Q0,     is
every otlu-i   consideration   save that calculated from this source and that
of the city's true   welfare and lo en sum together with Iho surplus     now
operate loyally jn ilu- passage       of on band of over two millions is     lo
this bylaw when it shall nexl        be be wiped mit and a debt uf $2,000,(1011
submitted, is tu hi- plunged    into, making      in
round   figures     Ihe    expenditure of
In the discussion ibat still eon tin
urs with unabated vigoi nneni thr
reciprocity agreemenl some very in
teres ting statements have heen made
recently, clcarlj Indicating a better
understanding j»f the situation ami
a truer appreciation ut lhe probable
workings ol the tarifl changes
Among the most noteworthy of iv
eeiit utterances nro the statements
hv Hon. Clifford Siflon and Sir Wil
ham Mackenzie Tbr former lakes a
decided statu! in opposition tu reelp
roelty, and whilst we regret verj
much Ihal su well Informed a wesl
■-rn public man should, lempornrll]
at any tale, line up against the
agreement, liis utterances are
worthy careful consideration II"')
Clifford Siflon has heen a faithful
and eminently valuable public sn
van! liis services to Canada, as
minister of the Interior, cannol he
over-estimated and Ins views un any
subject affecting the west arr de
serving id careful attention. How
ever, it is not in be expected thai
(here    will    hr  complete unnnimltj
even on   lhe     part   of  those  who,  in
the past, have proved such elTHionl
workers fur ihr advancement of the
hesl Interests of Western Canndn
Sn William Mackenzie, of Mackenzie
and Maun, who, when tlu- reciprocity
agreement was first announced, gave
mil an interview wnrmlj condemning
the measure, lias since seen the
error of bis ways and is now a
strong advocate of its adoption To
those specially Interested In lhe llrlt
isli bearing of the proposed arrange
ment we cordial!) commend ihe    ro
$5,000,0011 of tin- provincial perman
enl assets in Iwo years
Tin- question is, how long is the
provincial credit going to stand the
si rain' One would have though)
ihai wilh a bilge railway liability hy
reason of its guarantee of the Mac
kenzlo and Mann bonds, the provin
■ ial government would have exercised
ordinary business caution iu its administration of thr public assets.
Nui only do we lind the government selling oil its available assets
and spending the money, but wc lied
it plunging into debt exactly iu thc
proportion whieh it expects lo sell
Ibese assets. That is lo say. il expects to sell $2,000,000 worth ui
lauds ami it deliberately contemplates Incurring a dcbl of $2,000,	
It is jusl thc same as if a farmer
were to sell a few acres id his laml,
pul a part of tin- proceeds Into Improvements and spend thr rest
ami au additional large sum in riotous living while al the same lime he
endorses bis neighbor's notes to the
full extenl of his credit If the fai
tiler tarried ou lhat soil of thing
llOW long would he last-
Vet thai is precisely what mir sag
acious legislators at Victoria are
ilolng They are using up lhe pn.
reds of previous sates uf lauds, thej
an-   spending    i... nun, mm fur   which
they expert   to sell nn'ir lands,     ami
they an- spending $2,000,000 more
than that again fot which they propose to no into debt, while at the
same time Ihev an- on Mackenzie ami
Mann's bonds for $21,000,000 ami the
Interest, which if they arc called up-
Taylor Milling and Elevator Co.,
Manufactures of Ihe famous
" Pride of  Alberta "
"Molher's Favorite Hour."
Office and  Warehouse on C.P R   Limits
West   of   Freight   Sheds.
on lo pay will bring It up to a huge
sum further.
Thr government's total expenditure
for 1010 will reach—according to thu
estimates—$12,103,697, au inn ease
of nearly $1,0110,0(10 over lasl year,
while as I have mentioned the increase in public works expenditure
will he only slightly over $1,250,000,
leaving about two and thrce-i|uartcr
millions which it may nol bo inappropriate to say will he spent on
"riotous living."
Such a fiscal policy could only he
possible in a house of the composition uf that which sits al Victoria
With practically ao opposition oltec-
live criticism is Impossible, No
member, exeepl thr lour Liberal, Is
going lo rise ia his place and criticise tho expenditures because each
has already been fixed by liberal ap
piuprialiuiis fur his own district,
Criticism is disarmed by participation of all in thr expenditures Press
criticism is choked by generous expenditures for printing ami advertising The carnival goes merrily on
and there is no voice to say liny—
none, at any rate, lo which this reek
less government will pay any heed
Tin- lesson which liritisli Columbia is
likely lo learn from electing n got
ernmenl supported by a practically
unanimous house bids fair lo he a
costly one. If the present budget is
a sample ol whal lhe province Is to
he heated Io during the balance of
this government's term of ofllce British Columbia will have plenty of opportunity to reflocl upon the folly of
November,  I WW.
Tin* Irish bishops luiv,. elected Dr.
-Inlin Haptist Croaier, llisliu|i of
Down, Connor ami Dromore, in tin-
tVrchblshopric ol Armagh, i,i succession In Archbishop Alexander. Dr.
Uroxier is fllty-clght years old, nnd
became bishop ol Ossory in 1HII7. He
was translated to Down In 1907. ih*
is a great organizer nnd n racy
speaker. He was born in Cmnily
I'avan, ami graduated al Trinity
College, Dublin. Ile was chaplain
in Archbishop Knox. The new
archbishop believes in atheltfcs, and
is a keen horseman as well as a
good hand al the reins. Hi* was one
nl the lirsi members ut tin* Dublin
Wanderers Football club, and has
played crlckcl with skill and eulliiis-
According to official figures jusl is
sued the high standard nl Hiitlsh
naval gunnery was well maintained
in linn. China heads the list nl
Heels ni squadrons in the hearygun
section wilh 50.028 points per gun nr
turret. The .Second Division Holm*
l*'lii*i and, second cruiser squadron
lakes second place, witli 17.5117
points, hut the Natal, of this ali vi
don, was lirsl among the individual
ships Willi a score of 90.18. The
China squadron is again first in    tin*
l-'i nder list, and the Minotaur ol
thai squadron, which secured 11.10
hits a minute, is tin* bcsl Individual
**lii|i Tin* Capo just beat the China
squadron in lhe six and three-pound*
er list. The Natal held lirst pnsi
tion in naval gunnery lasl year alsn.
ami the China squadron has headed
Mm list in battle practice for the
Insl three years.
Tho board ol education aro arranging tn bnid the Imperial Education
conference on April 25-38 (Inclusive).
Tlu* conference    win in* attended by
representatives ol all Ilu* ban Iiu*
aiinu departments—English, Scotch
and Irish. Tlio replies from his
majesty's Dominions ileynnd the
Seas are mil yet complete, hul as
arrangements now stand lhe govem-
 nts of Ontario, Nova Scotia. Manitoba, British Columbia and Sask'al
chowan, and of New South Wales,
South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia, will |„> represented
The govornmenl ol Now /.calami ami
the Union govornmenl nf Smith Af
ricn are sending representatives,
while representation will also he arranged in tin* ease ni ilu* govern
minis nf M.ili.i and lhe Straits Sol
Momenta certainly, nml ol seven ol
'I ther Crown Colonies possibly,
Speaking al n meeting of the
Royal Institute nl Public Health-
called logeltior tn discuss ihe question ol tl (termination nl mis in
ilns country, sir James Crlchton-
lirnwiic suid Hint experiments had
shown that each rat consumed grain
or did other damage In the extent nf
a farthing a day. The calculation
was that there was nne rat to every
aire in Kngland and Wales, and if
that were so the agricultural loss
due to rata was tlj.liim.lMiii a year.
If the rat were exterminated we
might reduce nut importation of
grain In the value of some millions
per annum. It was a wonder sn
ruinous a scourge should have been
tolerated so long, and they were
.instilled in Innklng forward tn legislation. A campaign against rats
lias been stnrted.
Figures have jusl heen issued giving evidence of a serious slackening
n the administration of the Aliens
\i*l Aliens In Ihe number of 1711,-
083 were landed In this country during linn, as against 822,548 for lhe
previous year—an Increase ot im(585.
Hut, nn lhe other hand, the number
lo whom leave in land was formally
refused tell [rum 13*17 in 10011 to
'Mi last year, inning the year 1511
expulsion orders were made, as compared with 5IU for the previous
At the Methodist parsonage on Saturday lasl, .Inlin (liililing Abbott
anil Caroline Elizabeth Haslam, of
Springfield, P.E.I., were united in
matrimony by tbe Rev. II. Hughes.
Mr. und Mrs. Abhntl will reside al
A practice will bo held iu the gym
Thursday nlghl nl 8.15, All players
an* asked in in* present, and gel Into
guud form fm a series o[ matches,
which are In be played shortly.
The Cranbrook Bowling league was
auspiciously inaugurated al a wcll-
attendod meeting in Iho Y.M.C.A.
lust Thursday evonlng. Oltlccn
were elected us follows:
President—R. Brown.
Secretary-Treasurer—L. .1. Cranston.
Executive Committee — It. II.
Benedict, H. Ilathie, It. s. Oarrett,
II. Sutherland and Rev. c  (I. Main.
Tho adjourned meeting took place
un Wednesday night, when tho following teams, were entered:
C.P.R. Shops, C.P.R. Traffic
Dept, Y.M.C.A. and two Icams representing the north ami south sides
nl Baker streei respectively. '
Tl pening    match will he played
tomorrow (Friday) night between the
Simps and the South Side ol Baker
In one of the best games seen here
this season Nelson defeated Cranhrook hist Friday by a score of 7—1.
There were fully four hundred and
fifty people round the rink when the
game started about 8.lfi p.m. aud as
lliere had been no skating during the
afternoon the lcc was in perfect condition for fast hockey.
II, Bishop electrified the spectators
by opening the score for Nelson in
the lirst minute. After this, play
during the first period, was decidedly
in favor of Cranbrook, although L.
Patrick managed to break through
and score in 13 minutes. Si\teen minutes from the start Connolly brought
the spectators to their feet with a
roar by scoring a goal with a shot
which Iv Bishop had no chanec to
stop. The lirst period closed with
the score 1—i in favor of Nelson.
Two minutes from the commencement of the second period L. Patrick
scored for Nelson. This was all the
scoring iu this period. tJianks to the
good work of K. Bishop and McMnn-
us the two goal keepers. A. Perrier
was unfortunate enough to get a
smack in ihr eye which necessitated
a stop of about three minutes, whilst
he was being attended tu. Score
1—2 in favor of Nelson,
The third period was the fastest
twenty minutes hockey ever played
in Cranhrook, and kepi lhe spectators in one continual roar. Thresher opened the scoring for t'ranbrook
iu one minute II. Bishop followed
in six minutes with another (or
Nelson. In less than one minute,
as the result of a pretty piece of
combination play between McGregor
aud Connolly, McGregor sent the
pnlators wild hy heating Iv Bishop
again. Afler Ibis play cbiiiig<i*d from
end lo end of the rink in ipnek succession and A. Bishop and L. Patrick scored fnr Nelson, whilst just
on the call of lime McWha tallied for
Cranbrook,     The final score     wns
The Arena [.ink company in con
function with Ibe local Curling club,
intend taking immediate steps to
secure the bidding of a Winter Car
nival in this rily next year, along
tbe same lines as the carnival held
in Rossland last week.
The Arena Itiuk people have canvassed the mutter among Ihe hockey
• lubs ol lhe surrounding district and
havo been promised active nml hearty BUpporl and Ihey have the Utmost
confidence thai a   carnival ean     be
held here that will Ih- second to none
ever before held In tho Kootenays.
The ladies hockey match nt the
Arena rink last evening atttacted a
large gathering and proved vastly Interest ing. The Moyie ladies carried
of! the honors, winning by a gout to
nil. Tbe play throughout was exceedingly vigorous and yet entirely
free from anything objectionable, in
fact tho young tadies gave an excellent examples of how to play the
game. They put any amount of
spirit into the play, fought every
foot ol the ground with the utmost
vigor and withal avoided everything
in the nature of wrangling. That
the teams were very evenly matched
shown by the score. Movie's,
team contained al least one player, i
who would rank ns a star In any Hue
up. Miss l.ily Conrad certainly
knows how to play hockey and from I
start to mush of the game Miss [
Conrad pluyed excellent lim-key, gain- '
ing hearty applause from the onlookers. The one and only gutil
scored was the outcome of an exceedingly pretty piece of play by Miss
Tlie teams lined up as follows!
Miss Hall
Miss Blarkbimi
Miss Marlette ,
Mrs. Innis
Mrs. McPbei
Mrs. Simms
, Miss Campbell
Miss Bridges
Mrs.   l.nwes
Miss Conrad
Miss   Keiilirilv
Miss  All wood
Immediately following the ladies'
match last evening, the Intermediate
teams of Cranbrook and Movie again
11 ied conclusions, A Well foughl
mutch, resulting in victory for the
home team bv a score of I to *(
On Tuesday night teams represent
ing the ltoyal aud Cosmopolitan
hotels met ou Ihe ice. After a
well contested game the Cos. boys
won out with a score ofj7 to I.
The Junior hockey players Journeyed to Movie on Monday, where
they met defeat at the hands of the
lakeside youngsters, by a score of 2
to (I.
Sundays—Low   mass at 6.30 a.m
high mass. 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary aud Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and   holy days of oblige
tioo—Mast at 8 a.m.
Weak  dayt-ftUst at I a.m. at tbe
Father Plamondon,
Pariah print
March 5th.
Children's service at 11, Parents
are requested to come with their
boys and girls to this service.
Sunday school and Bible classes at
three for men and women.
Kvening service at 7.30, Congregational singing, and a hearty welcome to all who attend no other
Tuesday.—Tbe usual league service
will not be held, on areount of Itev
Herbert Booth's lecture iu the Presbyterian church, to which all members are urged to go.
Thursday.—Devotional and sori.il
hour at 8.
Friday.—Choir practice at H.
March fith.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Subject: "The Christian as the Salt
of the Earth."
Sunday school and Bible classes at
1 p.m.
Kvening service at 7.30. Subject:
"The Question of Amusements "
Tuesday, March 7th, illustrated lecture by H. Booth.
Monday, at 8 p.m.—Monthly manager's meeting.
Friday, March 3rd.—Choir practice
and business meeting.
Let us overhaul your Blower .System and put it in lirst class running
condition for the season. Vie install
the latest and best systems in separators and switch boxes now in use
anywhere. We have had many years-
experience in this line of work and
can guarantee • first-class and satisfactory working job.
3-lt patmore Bros,
The prospective completion of the
Panama Canal by 1»I"» is a factor
that Is being kept in mind hy those
in t ei est ed In British Columbia tint
her lands They count upon It tutting practically in two the cost of
reaching half the lumber markets id
the world. While reciprocity meanwhile seems feared by some B C
timber interests, it is noteworthy
that Washington lumbermen just as
strongly oppose it from their side.
Regarding liritisli Columbia us a
timber investment field, Dr. -ludson
Clark, of Vancouver, has this summing-up in a pamphlet recently published by him on the subject:
By far the greatest proportion
(fully 80 per cent) of the forests of
British Columbia are held under the
so-called Special Timber License.
This is essentially a system of leasing common to nil the Canadian
provinces, and also obtains on the
forest lands controlled by the Dominion or Federal government. These
leases, formerly limited to a '.11-year
tenure, have now been made renewable from year to year as long as
merchantable timber remains on the
British Columbia tide-water for-1
ests are unusually safe ns regards
fire hazard, and from the investor's
Joseph Ryan
Real Estate,   Notary Public,
Conveyancing. Deeds,
Contracts of every kind
Louse,   I.Minis li.'ld miller Coal
Licences will mil be ontortainod.
Large areas ol Tluibor Lands In
llic Province.
li,.), I   under
auy purl <>f
R.aworth Block,
Baker St., Cranbrook.
Whether il is
As well as anything
in the
6> ® ® ® ® ® ® ... ® [ii... (ai.. Ig ®
Dealers In
Presli aud Cured
Poultry, lianie nml
in Season.
J.01VE   OS   A   TRIAL
The Old P. Wood's
The Hardware Men
standpoint are but very moderately
Standing Umber bus been Incrcas
ing in value for more than half a century without a set-back, and this
increase has been world wide and increasingly rapid of late yenrs.
Pacific const sdunpage bus been
only recently greatly Influenced, notr
withstanding its high quality, be
cause of its distance from ibe greal
market*,      It   is   bUII   relatively
The normal increase in RluinpagO
values, obtaining iln* world over, as
sun's hut a moderate return on
stumpage COltlng *l fin per M and
>ver, bul assures immense returns on
hlgh-elass alutnpago secured for
$1.00 per M. or under—as is prat
livable in Hritish Columbia today,
.Speeial increases in stumpage Value! will be realized bv owners of
Hritish Columbia limber when—
I. The additional rail transportation facilities now under way are
3, The Panama Canal permits of
cheap and speedy transport of Pacific
timbers lo Atlantic markets,
While Ontario still maintains n
lead ns lirst province in the production of lumber, British Columbia has
now outstripped Quebec—and will
probably continue to do so, for the
time heing at least, owing to increasing use of Its fir nml eedur resources.
The first complete report of the
forestry branch of the department of
the Interior upon lumber manufacturing is just now available but rovers
only to the close of 1009, The total lumber eut tn Canada in l linn (of
whieh  Ontario   produced
if yon appreciate n pure
sparkling lieveingtf, There
is not another brand *>.• well
Vou nmy order any flavor
you like, one is equally as
fioil us another. If you
huve never lasted "ur
Drinks, you un* surely
losingutreat. Order today
East Kootenay Bottling
Every Ni^lit
Saturday Matinee nl .'I p.m.
Special Feature
MAUl'll U.
was :i,M l.ui'i millions of board loet,
nl thn value ol |0>,I1J),|77—I Utile
less Iiiiui mii'-iiinlli nf Ilu* lumber ml
in tin* United Slates In I'WR, tin* last
year tnr which llie United Stales
statistics arc available, mnl n little
less tliaii ilu* lumber eut iii ilu* state
ef WasliiiiKltm In 1007. The production nf lumber In Cunniln In lllllll
was 1*18 board leet per bead nl lhe
population, or 27 per eenl more thun
the per capita product Ion nf lumber
un,. third) |In the United States the year belore. THEORANBROOK  HERALD
Exercise Books
A large assortment just arrived.    Made
from the best paper procurable.   Numerous
Designs  lo  choose  from.    Also  complete
line of school supplies.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, - British Columbia
We have exceptional facilities fur
Eye Tenting, am) can tit yon wilh
lenses that are |i*operly adapted to
your particular ease. We take great
pride iu fitting onr Kye Ulasn
Mounting* to the face. If you want
something that is up-to-date try a pair
of onr
Remember wc grind them right herd,
We test your eyes one day ami deliver
your glasses the next.
Fresh fruit at The Palm.
P. Lund is in from Wardner loday.
Jii nn R, .Slater shoes $l.*.o.-l'I'.S.
Pr. .1. II. King has gone -1011111 to
California to bring Mrs   King home.
Cucumber*, and celery at Little and
H. II Ross, of Waldo. Is in town
Fresh cut (lowers every Tuesday
and Friday.—Campbell ami Manning,
Worn—At, the Home hospital, to
Mr. and Mrs. W. K C, Hall, a son.
February 25th, 1811.
Molr'fl chocoltttco—nll flavors—al
The Palm.
W. McDermiiit, former)] of the
Heattie Murphy Staff, bus gottO down
to ihe roast to accepl a position
Sli no k stain shoes K* ""' — c C s
Mrs H. P, Moffatt lefl .'ii Mondaj
foi Medicine Mat, where she »ill rls
it Iriends roi several weeks
Extra choice eastern creamer) butter —Campbell ami Manning
Mayor DeVere Hunt, who has been
ovei in llossland dining the Week,
returned home yesterday
When buying nhocolatps buj    pop
hum's wc  have them always fresh—
Little and Atchison.
It. B, Heattie Is leaving for Milk
Itiver, Alta., tomorrow on u Short
business trip.
$6.00 K. Slater shoes I4.40.-C.C.S,
Mrs. {Rev.) J. W. Miller, of Movie,
has been staying a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hill.
We always give speeial attention to
green vegetables and fruits; fresh
every day at Campbell and Manning's.
111.00 F. .Slater shoes S4.50.-C.C.S.
Mrs. W. .1. Uren will entertain at
a tea in behalf otj the Ladies Aid
society on Thursday, March Oth.
Iti.OO F. .Slater shoes $4.50.—C.C.S.
We still have some of those sweet,
juicy oranges left—Little and Atchison.
$6.00 F. Slater shoes $4.50.-C.C.S,
M. .lohnson, of Leask and Johnson,
Mayook, sustained a fracture of one
of his arms on Tuesday.
MM F. Slater shoes $4.50.—C.C.S.
A choice line of confectionery, also
the famous (lanong's O. II. chocolates; always fresh, at Campbell and Manning's.
$6,011 F. Slater shoes $4.50.—C.C.S.
Customs collections for February
amounted to $3,262.33; inland revenue returns amounted to $1628.35.
SALE Saturday night at the VV,S,
Fine eating and cooking apples ai
Little and Atchison's.
Mrs. Ronald Hrown will receive
informally at her home.on Garden
avenue on Saturday, March ith. between the hours of -f and 5 p.m.
$13.00 suits $5.13.—C. C. S.
Huntley and Palmer's choice afternoon tea biscuits and cakes at Camp-
hell ami Manning's.
$13.00 suits  $5 18.—C.   C   S
It A. Sutherland, of W II. Wil
son's .staff, was called to Calgary on
Mondaj last by news of the sudden
death of bis youngest brother,
One buckle gum rubbers $1.85.—
c. c  s
Home made candy Mc it* Satut
day only at The Palm
Watch the UTl.lt st PPBR
SALE Saturdaj night at thc C.C.S
Irraagemcnts are undcrwaj foi a
hockey  match    to    be played   next
week, between    a  team of local lad
lea .uni  gentlemen, garbed In bobble
$13.00 Mills $8 13.—C   C s
on    Saturdav   last   Lis Bouchard
Satisfaction guaranteed
with the most troublesome of cases.
ami Miss Uriia Brault. daughter ol
Vdelard Brault, of this city, were
united in marriage at the Catholic
church hy Itev. rather i'lamondon.
Grape fruil at Little and Atchison's.
SALE Saturday nlghl ut thc C.C.S.
Born—At St. Rugene hospital,
Cranhrook, ll. C , February 28th,
11)11, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Ka-ssio, a
son. Motltrr nnd child are both doing, well.
$13.00 suits $5.13.—C, ('. S.
Home wanted for girl attending
school, willing to take charge of
child or help iu home work. Apply
at Canadian hotel.
Watch the AFTER sr.TKit
SALE Saturday night al the C.C.S.
Miss Bessie Barker, formerly office
assistant in the Herald, lias gone to
Kamloops to be stenographer in thc
real estate Office of F. K. Simpson.
$13.00 suits $5.13.—C. C. S.
A meeting of the Cranbrook-Fcrnle
Farmers' Institute will he held iu
the Y.M.C.A. rooms on Tuesday nevl
at 2 o'clock. Business of general
interest will he up for consideration
One  buckle    gum   rubbers $1.85.—
c. c s.
We have  just   received a shipment
f thnt famous We task! win creamery
butter.—Little and  Atchison.
The song service at the Methodist
burch lasl Sunday was a great suc-
ess. Mrs. J. W. Miller, the special
soloist, added much to the enjoyment
f the programme by two well ren
dered numbers.
112 piece dinner sets X7.2.V—C.C.S.
Two hundred beautifully colored
slides, I'i.ki feel moving picture film,
and a ihrilling lecture on the early
Christian martyrs, Knox church,
March 7th. HI
112 piece dinner-sets $7.25.—C.C.S.
(>. C Manning and wife, of Lon
don, Ont., an- visiting Mr and Urs
1. i; Manning, on then honeymoon
trip. Mr. O. C, Manning is C P I.
bridge foreman al London,
SALE Saturday night al thc v v <*
No story so entrancing as Ibat ol
the early Christians Mr. Booth,
Knox church, March 7th Mt
The next regular meeting of the
Cronbi00k hoard of t rode 1akes
place on Tuesday evening, Members
should keep the date in uiiiid ami arrange to attend. OS business of im
portance will he up for consldcro
112 piece dinner sets (1 25.—C.C.S.
NKW LAID   BOOS that we guni
ftntec Ul   LlttlO and   Atchison's
The kootenay Telephone Lines,
Ltd., have opened an exchange in
Klko Kith a list of subscribers of
about fifteen This exchange will
also he used as a switching point for
thr Waldo ami Baynes Lake district
SALE Saturday night al the C.C.S,
Mr Booth's lecturo on "Early
Christians" (Illustrated) is something you should hear. J It
Men's ovei rubbers hi<— c c. S.
Ai tin- curling rink this week lota)
and Fernie teams tried conclusions,
ibe honors retting with the visitors.
Paring the week Messrs, Iloggarth
and McSweyn skipped rinks al Fer
nic, hut failed lu rapture auy of lhe
Men's over rubbers 84c.—C  C. S.
The funeral of the late Andrew Os
strom  took     place on Sumlay aftei
noon last, itev c 0 Mam official
ing. There was a large turnout of
Movie miners ami representatives of
thc Swedish Society, Including a
I.t 1 lie number of lathes, as a maik oi
respect to the deceased
Men's over rubbers 81c—C. C S.
R. T. Brymner, manager of the
local branch of thc Rank of Commerce, has received from the manager of the Ottawa branch, a sovereign
of the first King (ieorge V. issue,
minted at the Royal Mint in Ottawa. The coin is a very handsome
112 piece dinner sets $7.25.—C.C.S.
"The Glory Cloud" is the subject
of Rev. Charles W. King's Sunday
morning sermon. The Lord's .Supper
at close of this service. F.vening
subject: "The flood Shepherd—His
IPersonality and Power" Strangers
always welcomed.
I Makes the past live again; helps us
(to appreciate our faitht Mr. Booth's
.lecture. Knot church, March
,7Ui, 2 11
j R, S Perry, father of F. J. F
Perry, of this city, has arrived in
'town from Lacoinbe, Alta, on     his
way to California, wheru he
has extensive oil interests Mr,
Perry, sr., js nn old timet in the
country and speaks enthusiastically
of tho remarkable progress made in
(he pasl few years.
TO RENT.—A large warm stable
can be used as warehouse, $6 per
month or ?*"> nn lease. Apply Herald office. 45-tP
(J. II James, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses,
elected to take speedy trial heforc
Judge Wilson ami oppeared before
him on Saturday last. lames was
acquitted, the court holding thai
there had been 110 criminal intent on
lus purl. (! 11 Thompson appeared
Tor the crown. A, B. Macdonald for
the accused
SALE. Von Olrsewald, brink
house,  Hanson aVcilUC, jn*
i' P R, trainmen running west of
Pott Arthur are rojoicing ovei the
successful outcome of the recent wage
conference held at Winnipeg The m
crease In wages granted Is expected
In average oul at about in pei cent
with certain rearrangement ol muk
lug ci unlit ions ilmt are eminently
Mil piece dinner sets $7.25.—C.C.S.
Al the next meeting of the citizenship deplt it men I of t be Kjnvoi Mi
League a hill will be Introduced re
at rioting ladles from wearing bats
that measure more than eighteen
inches wide. Strong opposition is
expected lo lhe measure, but the
supporters of Ma- government are
confident that II will go through,
and urge all members to lie in (heir
places, with prepared arguments ou
.March 28th.
One buckle gum rubbers $1.85.—
C. C. S.
Crow's Nest lodge, No. 7.V,, Motherhood of Itailway Trainmen bas pre
senled .1. K. Kennedy, who is leaving Lethbridge for the coast, wilh a
purse containing film, as a token oi
lhe esteem in which he is held, Bro.
R. B. Layng was elected lo Ibe position of treasurer, rendered vacant
by the resignation of .1. K Ken
Men's over rubbers 81c.—C. C  S.
The management of the Canadian
Paeiiie railway has called for lenders
for Ihe construction of thirty miles
of the Kootenay Cent nil railwav
south from Golden. This carries
>ut the plan of lhe company to
gradually complete this line and
Connect Golden wilh Galloway on the
Crow's Nest route, opening up rich
agricultural lands.
Men's over rubbers S|c—C  V   S.
A few of Mrs. E. C. McKlnstry's
near friends gathered at lhe home of
Mrs, M. McKaclurii on Saturday
evening last ami presented her wilh a
parting address ot appreciation on
tin- eve of her departure for Vancouver. A handsome hand satchel was
the tangible token of their regard.
The address was read hy Mrs. Main.
and the gift was presented lit Mrs
Men's over rubbers B4c.—C. C. S.
Dr J. W Collin, formerly of
Moyio, has gone over to Rossland to
relievo Br. Knglish for a few weeks
It Baldwin and .1, Lancaster, both
well known residents and former
C employees, have formed a part
iiiisbip ami purpose carrying on genial contracting operations along
lines in which they are specially
■killed. Tliey are prepared to under
take contracts for cellars, cesspools,
wells, foundations, pipe laying and
am work of (hat description. Their
specialties will be cement work and
wooden pipe laying P o. Box
112, cily, will catch     them at     any
Men's over rubbers Sic.—C C. S.
The British Columbia government
has rescinded lla order enforcing the
B C log scale throughout the entire
province The provincial application
I this rule will therefore be postponed, probably for another year
The position taken by the lumber
manufacturers of the Interior of the
province in respeet to an official log
scale is that the Boyle scale, while
it shows a nominal over-run which
allows an apparent advantage to
mountain operators, is really olfoel
by other disadvantages tinder which
(hey operate, as compared with their
more favored competitors nl the
coast. Pending further Investigation, the interior operators are pen
milled to use the Doyle scale for the
payment of royalty.
FOR SALE—Two ponies, cutter.
buggy nnd one n\ ,-f harness Ap
ply lo W. F. .Johnson, plumber and
tinsmith, Hanson avenue 2-M
General Mnnagee Lopci announces
that the Lucky .Itm Smelting coin
puny will mote its plant from Nelson
to Medicine Hat this spring. The
reasiin given for ihe transfei of the
works is that the heat from natural
gas lends itself much mote readily
to control than lhat generated in
nny other maimer nml an even tern
perature is one of tin* requisites to
the successful manufacture of zinc.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company, It is understood, is largely responsible for securing the industry
for Medicine Hat, and In older to
facilitate mailers is gelling operations under wny Immediately, and
will supply gns from the company's
private well.
Men's over rubbers 8 lo.—C C. S.
The sparkling musical earned?
"Managing Mildred" is announced as
lhe attraction at the Open house for
Thursday night next. Match Blh. The
famous Knglish opera singers, who
made such an Impression thiiHighout
the wesl last season an- featured   iu
The Careful Housekeeper
ie proud of Iter Kitchen Utensils
Slu- knows that half lhu bother of
oook.ua is saved if her pots, etc,
are of the ri^lit kind  ami  quality.
The name "McClary"
on your Kitanielwart- stonily for
uitiuli the huiiii* tiling UB  Slci'lini,*
on silverware. It means the
MERIT nml (DUALITY it. both
eases, They look nice ivbenyoti
buy them nml they prove even
nicer la actual use, Their long
wearing qualities tnuki- them tlo*
cheapest you can buy,
"The Range Store"
this company and will Introduce the
last two scenes of Verdi's "II Trovn
lore" in costume The remarkable
duet "The Miserere" as sung by
• luaiiita Hush and Chas IMcijuel hns
invariably been encored five ami six
times, -".Managing Mildred" ts by
Walter Lockwuod, a young Chicago
author and contains some I went)
song hits.
Men's over rubbers .Ste— C   r. S
Head lhe posters about Mr Booth's
lecture in Knox church, March
7th. 3-11
The Winnipeg Citadel Silver band's
visit this week, proved eminently
successful. The band! men rtfscoui
sed sweet music to (he delight ol
music (overs and the public respond
wl liberally with donations The pi In
ipal conceit wj . held jn the |»res
hyteiian church on Monday evening,
and despite oilier atl rail ions, n
crowded house greeted the'visitors
In the unavoidable absence ol Mayo
llunl, Mr. v.eo. if Thompson preslil
I'd .\n admirable programme was
rendered iu excel ten I style, During
the evening Adjutant McKleney tool,
occasion to icier to tbe needs of the
local Salvation Army hand, pointing
nut ttiai ii was aimed in give Cranbrook as good an Army band as an;,
in the west. In response to this
appeal a sum of $37.5(1 was eontrl
butcd, for which Captain Taylor e\
pressed heartfelt gratitude In nddi-
tion to the big concert on Monday
evening, the visiting Army bandsmen
rendered several open aii programmes
to the great enjoyment of tin* public
generally. They left for S'elson ami
thft const  on Tuesday.
Men's over rubbers .Sic— V   C S.
ORGAN FOR   SALK.—In first-class
condition, tfS.OOcash.       Apply  Bos
}, Herald otlice. MI
The Allen Players have been playing to excellent business all the
week at the Opera bouse. This
company has gained a firm hold on
the appreciation of Crnnhrook audiences. They put on good plays ami
give excellent representations Miss
Veina Pelton, tht1 lending lady, h an
exceptionally clever actress, who
spares no pains to Iill her various
roles in a thoroughly artistic man
iter.     She was seen tu spei tai     ad
vantage In "Merely Marv Anne" on
Monday evening (in Tuesdaj even
mg a capital production of "Tlie
Second Mrs. Taiti|iieray" was girpn
"Out of the Fold" was the produc
tion last evening In all of these
performances    most creditable work
has    been    llolie,   the        Mien   t'l.net-
\identic believe in maintaining
high     standard        This     evening
"Magda" will be    put on and should
prove a strong  drawing card     Foi
tomorrow evening thai populai
edy "Hell to ibe II ,,1," will     be
the hill ami will certain!] draw a
large audience On Satuth.iv even
itiK anolher comedy, entitled "Hello
Bill" will bring Hn company's en
gagement io a clone and no doubt, ns
a special mark ..( tppm Intioi   ■
will be another  bumpl I
Om-  buckle    gum   rubbei 1 SI I
c. c s
Kvery woman knows the stun* that
advertises aggressively is able to
sell for a small pel sale profit—on
account of a large volume uf sales
One   buckle    gum    rubbers  M.M
c. c. s.
Business changes wen- fairly numerous during the week, an evident
sign of the approach nf spring John
Manning has moved into his line new
premises on Baker si nit, adjoining
the post office Cl f> Ingram has
opened up his new music store in the
premises adjoining I be Cranbrook
Agency, Bakei street, although his
complete stock has nnt yet come to
hand. I' F, Patrick's garage, on
Clark avenue has been opened, but as
vet his stoek of autos has not aim
ed. He will have mv machines
shortly, the mosl "f which are al
ready spoken toi \ C Pye bas
been unable to gel moved Into his
new ipiartets on Bakei street, in the
old Imperial Bank premises, hul    he
expects lo make the tmnifel in the
course of the iie\1  tew  dn.s
Spring Suit Styles—n
HE Suit Styles (his seas-
on    kave||    j3jp      Mi.
i-ticn    ** ..   ***aK*' .'.■-',*    *    - f   *.*   t. ■ \
reac h e
stale   of   perfection
Extreme and loud
ellecls   have     been
avoided.      Fabrics —
and   the cut of gar- __^>i
ments are |   '^i
'^f-fi    ■
Our styles for
Spring are correct,
Every detail of cut and shape in Lapel. Collar
and Shoulder—in the drape of coal and trousers
is exactly ri^ht. The greatest hand-tailoring
organization in the country made them up
Special Measure Department
Wo  liuve  liuiulrads * t   p:illorns   ot   tin
inclusive   nml   ilistiuctivi    i*U    *•      Ti e grej
musl in uviilenee, dost*]} I ,
lirmvn fabrics
Vou tiiki'  in.  ,.*i.i . * - ■   iterial, ill auil
n-orkmaiislii') aro   backi il   U|     sritl    *   -
Back (.iuiiriinti i*"
If yoo vranl  to  f.*.! your S|
aud don'l wnnl ii to -•■•  rry L'omi
McCreery Bros,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores.
Prof. T. W   i-"
American lecturt 1 on -■ ■ ial
Is booked to address   ..   erl
meetings In thi ■' in h l<*'.\
and 17th. under the .1   ; .
V.M C.A.    During tbi
a half of his   stai  fn t<
Shannon    uill address .-■ -\- ■
ings of working P.P.H
ihops ami othei o nt .a! point
on the evening ol thc second da;   1.
will delivci hi   fai -     -
Grapes" in   the V. M   V, A
ihis lectin,*, di all
Of heredity,  h.i    I- ■
t(calif received     a-herevei delivered,
throughout the i'nili '• -' ■'
Eastern Canada
A visit to anj good   ton ol    anj
time is always a pica   .
Hut readers <>f   advertisements Iwr;(
ITIIKN sucb   visit   ari  HOST ."i;
Won'l Siand For Bran Mash.
There ia no Lu k    of cxi Item
Klko, says ti„-    pernio   Free Pre
Rfghl on top of the transfer of   the
Klk    hotel 1..    Bill) Ken. t.i ('ran
brook, and the mammoth tbii '■    1
clearing sate ol It   Ifirf/. a promfn
enl lumberman of the dtstrii I
forward with the announcement tha'
lie is in     comm "1 !'. ■■;
VcrJgen, Chiel Prlc    ol     0 Doulrha
boi colon)', v. [tb s ■ It •■■ ( ■
Hit) Do tb   [1 tmmei
Being pn *  as     in
taking such .1 itep, the sawmill man
franklj     Mated    that
high   price of meal 1 nlvorou 1
lumbcrjai li dI ■      presenl daj    bad
bet omc an 1 rpt ns|i    lusurj
said lumberjack bad anothi 1      Hun
coming il he supposed II posslbh  1
,u,\ concent to n aintaln .1 balan ■
Hie right ild<  ol ths profit snd !<
nt   with    I
1 nd wholesale     Foi long he    has
been trying to instill Into the minds
j'i tho -■ besotted    1 batchers   the
benefits to in iii tr 1 'i frum .1 purelj
vegetarian diel In rain be bad
pointed out tin- nutritious qualities ol
the succulent peanut tnd to no
purpose he had demonstrated the fact
1l1.1t good health would ever be the
lot of him who always made it a
point to ask foi a second helping of
turnips. Ids argument had been
barren ol effeel lli-- entreaties ha I
l.ill'-n on deaf cars, and those be
nlghtcd wielders ol the double-hit
were "-till gorging Ihem pIii ** t<» thc
enrichment ol suadrj meat dealers,
and the Impoverishment of the man
with the hiir Itfi k
Hut he wasn't through yetg Not
i.v a cross hanl! Ue wai gftlng In
ine ererj* son ol a larrlgan on the
fob, ami hire tivi tariom . and the
Doulti would fill the bill, too bet;
and with that be rushed of! to die
tate another Idler to pete to nilh
his Doubt on in etpres
1    \ little latei .1 v ltd uill itrangei
**'..      packed wa   bag
*   .   I
He j tbe <        v.      to
and noddi
I libai      tl I
■-'!>■      to
-'   ■ .   he
I   ■
Ian teoden-
as long as 1
"but thete  1- a limit
l*ve n
• rd      an 1
■' prune
• •   1 fcllo
■■   ..
I a*) "
■• 1 rain
-      ■    '
Money to  Loan
Private part> will loan money
In variout aurtij up to li-.ooo.oo.
C. Plnknaj.
fJ.P.O, Cranbrook. B.C.
BI  I!
Wi an agent, for the
"Miithty   Reo"
If you am tliinkinu ol buying
1 reliable .*ir at n rea. mable
price Call and Hoe I ■ Win-ill   have ono   in Block  in u
fi *
News of the District
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSDhonol i«!°*«a avety nerve In the body
''"*f lo lla proaat tension I rtllorea
(III   Fred  Itoo )
Mi Wnlsli Nottingham, ol Cranbrook, is visiting wilh his nlil
Mentis, Mr anil Mrs Cllon Campbell,
ol North Star part
fm IV -seven drummers ilsiii'il Klk,
lust week      om* guy in
Waldo; M.   Iloric
I'I lllllll link
Ooltlio   Abbot!,
iii'it fur Ilu* [O.K.
married ul t'l'iiiilii
I.i Miss (.', Iliislni
Sask, Iln ii'liinii
.rn llh*   nltr-rnnou
ling mill I'llgl-
 i Uriii
'll      Willi  I
train, Du
al iinlnv
is   lllllll'
Irom |
Minneapolis uiul
ll i   liis  ll'lllll*
tin- liami-     ni
wants i.ili.ilr
Hill     l.cni
trotting   Im
Hllulll'Ss   I
is      Mow,
Klljuli's si
l.inilirr.'.fi *
srlls     Ills
"Mas" i
wlm       in
. .1,1,1., t .-,1
. a Michel
I party being eiiiri luini'il in tin* home
Mrs George Hunter, liiiiin** Ibe
evening Ml ami Mrs. Abbotl were
serenaded by a band bnslilt orgnnl*
nl bj sunu* ol ilu* citizens in honor
nl tin- occasion Several selections
well* rentlereil, In which Bound an
penred in In* tlie [iredomlnnlittg   fen
i*i in iu
tin- sw
in. who
than inrlii'l-
tvas "i bed'
1 III* ll
!!   Klk
Apple .
a' Uu
Ibis wi
Ilu* lie
Klku' Klk
says change
Ilu* Ilii; Hell
ll  Sinclair,
iniiinii'iii,    >'
Johnny Thompson
breaking wesl ol C
m,w wiib Ins pares
Ilia   hotel,    Il'ltnnl
special trom Klko I
miles lb* go! hi:
rights nv.'i all i
meets tn maki* ami
Waldo In* bml visit
ging camps and II i
fui* Frill
r I' I
k.    i
.mils uml
land il<*
I,III     tin*
ami tin* i
Ilu*    be:
lib ni    iiu* happy
*l week is iln
wlm bu
ml k
s ul  lb
In   nm
, ll K
anil     is
a  llvelj
, thirteen
ur     uml
Ilu i
when In* gol tn
I seventeen log
nk jusl twenty
I* and
two hours ti
ami li mil lu
him vmi r
elephant cock
Hob Webb,
rye, Cumuli
brandy, Tom
Holland uml
mixtures, lor
make ilu* mnl
ilmi blind siilin
have either
il trip,
; to
u pink
Sheep Herders
itli-s c
in   nub,    Three
nn tin* Square
icvernl   mini
the Pollock Wiin
pany, in Fernie, w
week Hub is one
such n sunny natut
[reckletl because ol
is iii Klko
,.[ the ti-vv
* Hint t In y
il      Dob is
in I i*l est Ills
Wi* lead Ihal  I*
liieiniv luminary
age manufacturer,
heel and Junk
Iv is inukitu- ium
llolj    Hollers  lll.ivn
'ai lluiiis. the great
ami   summer satis
, predicts a  rise   111
Somebody manitest
Iiiiui a i.iiv proiit
nni* are
south brant
li  mi"
We uml.
Isl Ullll
•ailed ii Hu*
l   hone)   an
1 Ihal
tin* Agnett
rived tmin
III heel      .iml      pork and
everybody bul the eunsumei
The lalesl song iu Klko is ent I tied
"Dei Married Men Make the Hesl
The <• l' II ^'
Ibe work on tbe
Waldo and llaynet
ilu* braueh uill be
lid*  tilulitti  <H   eli,
Toin   («lll   uiH   be
Mi     Milium.  •»
ware   company,
toba uiib his funilly.
li would be ii very grcflt shame if
Miss Dorothj   Arnold    was found in
be dead, jusl as (be detectives bave
discovered su main flrsl "lass clews
as tojici whereabouts Tbe young
lad) lhat was held iii flagstone ami
who Mill Leoccj  went down to    see
proved ta be Mis. Millie llllle-IMitlld
ihe iti.iiiket from tbe Indian reserve
Leneey sajrs Prank Downs made Uie
mistake on account oi the girl's
Cory I ii»w says there was no In
dinns in Klko iiniil l-ieil Roo moved
in atnl Kred gays there's a whole lot
ol Indians In Klko thai don't weai
blanket-., and as tbe president ami
tn.- president of tbe Klko board ol
trade ore never In town, wlmi are
you going to dn nl < It
Soclct)    Items     foi        I 111*-   week   .lie
withheld on account ol the driftwood
in the river,
Tbis week we gol absolute prool
that ibe mail wlm could run a pnpei
tu sun everybody .mil lhe preachei
wbo ean preach to please every mem
lu-i oi bis cliurch both died nnd wenl
to heaven long ago,
Qeorge Meilott is opening up a
swell billiard ball .mil pool room,
clgai store, also Furnished Rooms
lur families and tourists
From the accounts ol the sultrag
iii.* outbreaks In Ureal Britain ami
Yorkshire, one mlgbl Inlei that thr
streets are knee deep In i"-fls. rata,
nne .md hairpins
Miss .lane Phllllpps Is vlattlng hei
parents at Frulllands
We understand on good authority
thai v it Wlckson, Blko's Bril
bank manage) and no* bank managci
n( the Merchants Dank, Vancouver,
is also raising umbrellas
(Special correspondence
\n Imperial   Veteran's ass
bas been organized   in Fcrnt
Ibe members aie talking nf
an nmbulaiiee, II tin- cltl/cm
slmw   interest   enough   in   tbe
Tbis is almost n necessity in Pernle
aud would he quite a humane act. In
ease of accidents or illness the pat*
lent must be borne in the hospital
un a stretcher, whieh ean be l>\
tm means Hie mosl comfortable way,
and many a pattent dreads the
thought id being carried almost as
much as the treatment We hope
the citizens oi Penile will slmw
enough interest in this matter t j
enable the society lo carry out their
good Intentions and in a short lime
lune au ambulance and attendants
In accommodate tlie sufferers
Tbe mosl talked «.f sport nl pre
sent is bumping lhe humps in West
Fernle Tbe ski club bas found
i|iiite a slide uf about half a mile on
tbe hillsltde and they seem tu hove
su much spurt tbal quite a number
of beginners are spending several
limit's a week in practice,
Out line weather is continuing, but
tint quite sn mild The days are
beautiful!) line, but the nights bring
tti vitality, l'rematiire decay nnd nil BOiyial
kites* .iv.-itetl at once. Phtwphoqol will
to you a new man. Price IH a box, or Iwo lor
Miiiletl to any addrus, Th* Suotwll Drug
r sale at Ucatlo, Murphy & Co.,
been very sick for several days. Dr.
Wall, of Steele, is in attendance, and
to add to this affliction George K.
is taken down with an attack of
Oeo. K. Henderson, sr., president
and manager of tho Mull Rlvur I'.'ee-
tiir power company, relumed Inst
Thursday from an extended business
trip east, taking in the important
cities, Including Montreal,
The bachelors, and others, who
tame in from the prairie last fall and
bave been engaged with the CJ.IMt.
in ilu- lie camps up the rivet, aie
reluming tti their claims, lo mike
the necessary preparation toi spring
Kred Douglas hits several thousand
railroad ties at tbe head of bis
chute on Mull river, ready fnr in
specllon and sullieient water How in
Ibe rivet, to float them lo tlie Kon
K. tv Men edict, who has heretofore
accommodated the public with a
place where they could replenish their
mortal bodies, has closed Ids res
tan rant. Joseph Hailing will cater
In the wants ol the travelling public
hereafter, and .loe knows just how it
should be dolie.
t  ami keep llic
links, both for curling and skating,
iti perfect condition. The last car*
nival nf the season was held on
Manila) night of this week It was.
however, rather poorly attended uw
ing to othei attractions In town.
The Nelson hoekey lentil enme over
nn Saturday olghl ami heat the Per
uie boys The game wns a most interesting one, ami well worth watch-
lug. The lirst half brought Fernie
success, but in tbe second hull lhe
Nelson boys let no opportunity slip
and when time was up the score was
s—i; in favor of the visiting hoys.
Miss Jessie Denlson lelt on Saturday's local for Calgary, where she
will spend a few weeks among
Rev II II (irant is taking a few-
weeks vacation tu tn tu regain his
usual health He has in.i heen feeling well fui some weeks, so the board
ni managers have decided that a rest
would he beneficial uiul he has left
ti.t the coast His pulpit will be
occupied hy Rev Mr Wilson, of
Hosmer, next  Sumlay
I   ll. Turney     was up from I .ethhridgc last week.
A Sew Kngland    supper was given
in the    Maptist      church   on Tuesday
evening, February 28th Supper was
served from 5.30 m 7 in by the Purl-
Ian maidens ol the church \Ilei
this a long and well prepared pro
gramme was rendered
Mt   Pete I.und) tell nn the post of
flee steps one day last week and bus
ol     his
In   till
painful   innine
head        lb- is
hut   would  lint   <aie  t
(eat   nf  otlileltr
o be
iln a
(Speeial correspondent t i
K. s. Home left mi Wednesday fur
t'algaty and other prairie points.
A   K. Leitch visited Fernie       on
Saturday, Incidental!)  taking in   the
hockey match.
(ieorge 11 eold hit hn Ryan nn
Frida) lo transact business Ior the
K   K   1.  Vo.
Felix l.afniitaine, ol Fori Steele
Junction, was in town Satunlav getting supplies lut his ramp.
The annual meeting of the shareholder* <d the   Kast Kootenay I.	
her company, l.ld , was held on Mon
day lasi al the company's nlllce here
among those presenl were Malcolm
Lelteh, Oak Lake. \\ II Miles, Porl
age In Prnlrle; -las Park, Mtnhurn,
Alta , las Joyce, IIU \ Y
Krapfel,   Trlwood;    C  D     McNab,
I hi in- a warning t
Charge  Ol     sueb  plans The  step!
have been in a very dangerous con
•lit inn the great el part of the win
Mi Herbert Llpbardl arrived home
from the east <<ti Monday night Ills
man) Iriends are delighted lo see
him back again
Miss II t'olllngs hit Fernle on
Tucsdn) morning in Macleod, whin
ibe has accepted a position
\ numbei ol Fernie "has brcn*"
wenl 'inwn to Hosmer on Sundaj
and ptayed "something" with u.e
tlosmci "would he's " The game
looked a little like hockey, but In
stead of a pink tliey had a football
and instead uf hockey sticks, tbey
used brooms and instead of hustling
like hockey players, tbey took their
time and eventually won .*— i. your
correspondent thinks it better not to
give the  names Of  these  "has  beelis"
ut the "would he's" either.
(Speeial  correspondence.)
Mrs    Lottie  Cllendenntng    visited
fi lends at Wardner   for a tew     days
Insi week
Mis. Rant/, of   the Kdward hotel,
<>f Wardncr, drove   up from the  city
last Sunday
Mill) Males, who bus been ill    Ini
several weeks, is nni Improving ver)
rapidly, much   in the dlsnppolnlmenl
I his man.  friciiiH.
Mr.  Oeo   I    Henderson, o ,    has
(Speeial correspondence).
The    machinery    for lhe (VV.I.F.
company's new saw mill arrived    at
its destination   safely   last Monday.
The bald statement of this [net does
nut convey anything of interest     to
those who know nothing or the problems nf transportation in the valleys
of the interior of the province     ol
British   Columbia.       First of    all,
then,   Golden,    the nearest railroad
(own to    Wilmer is eighty-live miles
away,     the    toad between the   two
places runs   along (he hanks of    the
Columbia river,     sometimes on     the
level, more often    iu a deep cutting
nlung the   sides of the Rocky Moun
tains, with no room for passing other
vehicles except    at   certain stopping
places.     At two different points    on
Ibis road  there   are especially sleep
grades, nne at     the Vermillion Pass
the olbei at  the Sinclair Pass,     he
ides   the    usual   mountain up and
down   grades,     so it  will he easily
itidetstnod     thut   the  lirst  difficulty
lay in     negotiating the roads.     The
econd difficulty    was the   weight ol
he boiler,   which alone weighed nine
thousand  live hundred pounds,     and
this    had     to have a    speeial sleigh
il.     Alt the other parts ol    the
mill wete sent on ahead.     Tbe boiler
was drawn by a (otir-horse team and
with its special attendants eame last
A team with sleigh, on which were
\11a    chains and   appliances, with
men  for    shovelling snow  al      bad
points in the road, or for helping   in
other   ways, went immediately      in
front of the boiler sleigh, whilst behind tame the "jigger" with chains,
etc., lor    bidding   back going down
hill,   also   for helping     to push up
grade.   Considering the state of   the
roads, whieh   this winter were    not
well packed, as there was no "January" thaw, but great quantities    of
soft snow, the haul was made in record time, taking only three and    a
half days (torn Qolden hi to Wilmer
Just to show how greal an interest
was evinced in    such an unusual undertaking   all     through    the valley,
bets were freely taken as to the utter Improbability of ever hauling the
boilei   as    far as    the five mile post
nn Golden.     Most of the old time
Ighters wete of the decided opinion
tbat  to safely land the boiler    here
was an impossibility.     All's      well
that  ends    well, thanks to the man
who   won't     give in to   difficulties,
without a good    trlul, and   the bets
are still being  paid ofi by the ions
Mi Norman A.
his survey camp
but expects to uin\
mete"     as  soon      i<
pears a little more
Mi v v, Tayloi
company's olliee lur
in the survey camp
Mi   (1   Hamilton    has gone       io
Calgary to confer on important mat
tels Willi tbe directors of the I' \   I
K compan) ami wil] not return   for
atiutbei   week Mr   (ietald  Meyers
weni   with    Mi   Hamilton      The-,
made Ihe liip from Wilmer to tin)
ihn in twent) eight hours with the
one team This shows that the trip
can easily he done wilh ordinary
horses in a day ami a half without
\eiwoiking the horses.
'   A hahy girl   was burn a few   days
ago at   the ho  of Mi. ami       Mrs,
While on bis way In work last'Friday afternoon Mr. S. f. Smith hud
the misfortune tu slip and fall on a
piece of |ce, and sprained his ankle,
He has been confined to the house
since, but js doing as well as can be
Mr, Mnekeiiilei and family have
taken up housekeeping in tho house
recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Lund nnd Misses Hazel ami Kdytbc Lttitil took in the hall
in Cranbrook a few days ago.
The people of Wardner enjoyed a
rare (real on Saturday evening, February 25th,     when   the play entitled
"The Siiowbn
Wardner hall
ly local anil th
al S.-HQ o'clock
erstoue, victim
represented by
I" was given in llic
The talent was pun-
curtain vvas raised
sharp. Felix Fcnth-
.ii his own ph»t, was
Mi      F. W. Durgoss
Mr. Burgess bail one nf the most
dlfllcUlt parts ami carried it nut
without the slightest error. Mr.
Thnriiyeidit, Feather stone's Uncle
John, was played by Mr. R. Anderson. Mrs, Feai heist nne was represented hy Miss Kdytbc Lund, who
proved herself to bo n very ellicient
actress. Mrs. Feathers tone appeared lirst in a beautiful pale pink satin evening dress, with white trimmings. Miss Kthel Granger was represented by Miss M. Sheppard who,
t first appearance, was attired iu a
handsome dress of blue silk. Penelope, the maid servant, was represented hy Miss Hazel Lund and the
man servant's part was taken hy
Mr. l>. J. w. Macdonald. Harry
Pendergast was played by Mr, V. A.
Lttndborn, who acquitted himself very
The stage was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The ball was
tilled wilh spectators and the proceeds,    When  all expenses were paid.
From the lust quarterly statement
ol JHiw, Fraser and Co., Ltd., Vancouver, it would appear that thai
institution is in n very healthy condition uud has an excellent, standing
in the commercial world. The concern
is well officered aud financed, .besides
having excellent references from
hankers and other reputable institutions. The last quarterly statement
issued November 30, llllfl, follows:
Cash ou hand  $ 3,008.30
Cash hank B.N.A.
Current Acct.
Savings Acct. .
Available cash  $:
Real Estate, Securities
First liens   08,013.07
Collateral loans . 111,277.55
Shares    owned in
full, cash value. 10,500.00
Real estate cost. 31,708.-15
Total Investments
Furniture & Fix.
Safety deposit  h\
Cur, Acct. Rec. ...
amounted to $30.75.    This is to
given lo the buys for the purpose
organizing a baseball team.
(Special correspondence)
J. A.   Copes. F. W. McDonald, C.
L. Boyle,   I). R.    Aiusley and S, F.
Couver,     representing    the National
Land    company,   of Cam rose, Alta.,
lones bas started
at lhe Bungalow.
i- over to "Inver-
-. the snow disap-
. of the V \ I.F
mined Mr   Junes
ispecial correspondence),
Mr, Oeo, (tunc, of Fernie, renewed
Id acquaintances here Inst Sunday.
Miss Minnie Service, of Crnnhrook,
spent Sunday in town, tbe guest o|
Mr. and Mrs. It   A   (lieen.
Misses Delia Mow and Mrmnmniid,
ol Cranbrook, spent the week end
with Mrs Otto Wisner.
Miss Ilii ktiihniham. of Cranhrook,
spenl Sundav with Mrs A Sheppard.
Messrs. Eaton, Johnson and
Markle wenl to Fertile on Saturday
afternoon In witness lhe game of
hockey between Fernle and Ctnn
were guests at tho Central hotel on
Sunday lasl.
Al. Jones, of Kimherley, visited
Marysville on Sumlay and registered
at the Central hotel.
A meeting nf the Marysville Conservative association was held in the
dining room of the Central hotel,
which was kindly loaned liy the proprietor, Mr. Paul Handley, on Saturday last. II. L. Sawyer, vice-president, presided in the absence nf the
president The chief business ol the
evening was the election of officers
fm tbe year 1011; A. Mellor was
re-elected as president; 11 L. Sawyer
as vice president, aud Ooo, James
as secretary-treasurer. The following gentlemen were appointed on
the committee: Paul Handley, David
Douglas, .1 nlui llorman, David Mini,
John Bennett, and II. L. Sawyer.
Three new members were added to
the list, making a total of nineteen
new members al the last three meetings. It was moved and unanimously voted that a letter he forwarded
to the attorney-general to ascertain
the cause oi Ex-Const able Oeo.
James' dismissal, who, the association thought, did his duty in n mantlet which was satisfactory. The
meeting adjourned at 10.30 p.m.
Mt. and Mrs. Barnes entertained n
few friends at a card party on Saturdav night last, Those present
were Mrs. A. Mellor, Miss Nellie
Handle)*, Miss Maude House, Miss
Marguerite Bennett, Mr 11. .staples.
Mr L. Williams, Mr. K. Williams,
\ happy evening was spent.
Miss Maude House who has been a
guest at the home of her aunt, Mrs.
Handley, Central hotel, has left for
her home at Oreat Falls, Montana.
Arthur A. Ward was a Marysville
visitor on .Sunday last.
fail Anderson, the vlotinisl and
Chas Waterman, of guitar fame, left
here on Tuesday (or Cranhrook to
give the Cranbrook boys n musical
Total assets  $103,313.83
To the public—
Deposits  $10(1,057.12
Demand Col     7,870.01
To Shareholders-
Capital    stock   ... 50,000.111)
Undivided     pro.. 35,381.57
Safety Me. bx. Rec        34.50
An Absolutely Reliable Roof
is una uf tlu: htsi investments it fanner can possibly make. The
trilling mliliii.inal sum yon pay for NEP0N3ET Roofings is
inaili* n|i i,liiiiytiini-s over in tin* atliliiii-iiui protection In ymir liuild-
ing. freedom from repair bills, lire risks anil all roofing troubles.
Tla* Ontario im-.riiiiii-iit, nil tlm lei
Inrgeal iiisiuiif.icturliiu lliiliistrlca Mill lliiiiianmla
iikiI Mri'iiNit; i I'.n'.i.l k.oiinn i.r venn. Tlw
i< Iln* ilraiiijcat *ir*.iiiii.*i.l l.n* tl»*ir UK.
Tulk \i ilii .i man wlio li.ii u-.-.l Nti'inisi r Pa
in *i I. 1    Our dealer can olve ynu Uu* iiann
lnr.ililv.    Tin iv nre ilillir.nl NE'nmtT Kmifiiig
liigi, nml Nl 1'iinsi.i WMcrprtai! Iliillilliia I'nprn
illng mllro.nl., man)* <
'I pi.int.*i,  I t.inui'i-
i*.mil ul NCPimsn li*
i.i itiwiii,*.
ll kill ll .1 I
Imi  ilillriii
■in ly.*,.
Write for Hook uf Pinna and Information on Poultry lloiuea
II .tiiitntoJii.ti*lint)..uan liiillillng ur re|i.il,li,**
ami ||lve enact illinciial	
NlPinil.l I IiimW, .i,,i.|,n.-.    II ,..11.1 li...*. IV i.iii* In vmi KjHiv. Mh 11..
Total liabilities .
The Masonic grand lodge ol the
ptovince of tjiiebcc is holding its annual session in Montreal and the opportunity has been seized to make a
formal disavowal ol any connection
with the grand lodge ol the Orient,
the French organization, whose
members in this city, members ol
Emancipation lodge, are just getting
settled down after a great stir whieh
commenced last summer prior to the
Kucharistie Congress and lasted lor
several months. Antagonism to the
Roman Catholic church is a specialty of the French organization, while
quite the reverse is the case with
the Knglish Free Masonry. They do
uot want to he mixed up with such a
crowd and do not hesitate to say
In the meantime the Roman
Catholic church authorities make no
disl inc tion.
V. K. Simpson, formerly editor of
the Herald, has been In town this
week making arrangements for advertising the new addition he is put
ting on at Kamloops. lie is still
in the tobacco business, having two
stores, and they are under the management of his brother, as Mr. Slm|i
son will devote his entire time ti
the Rfckmnn addition. Kamloops is
having a great move forward, and
everything points to il being thc hig
distributing point ni the interior
Mr. Simpson left Monday for Nelson
The Wonderful Cure
Dr. Ehrlich'a Specific or''000" Id the only specific
ever discovered lo cure blood uoivon qnickly ard
RucccBsfnlly. We hnve seemed this remarkable
Bpecfic*'(HKt" which has been fully tested mnl ptoved
to Iw tt POSITIVE cure for the terrifying Bpeclfie
blood disease, 'MlOtl" i ..ow in nee lu our
laboratory. Remember "OOtC has cured i housands
ol men In Kurope; mostof them were cured alter
lirst treatment. We are experienced medleal
doeton nnd know how to diagnose your case, using
Von Dungern's Blood Ten.
Write for Information.
Fpeclal  treatment  for all other dlgeases  oi  men,   Nervous
WraUc*-.   VariiuM   Velsr.   Hydrocele.   Blend   snd    Skin   Disorder*.
Siren.    Ulcers,    kidnev.    Bladder   and    Rectal  DUonlcrs.  tile,  aad
Conlncled Ailment*.
Heat Anatomical Museum in the North-west.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash?
I tiilt'i lhe .inspires nl the Kpworth
League a large audience gathered in
the   MHhodiKl   church    on Tuesday
evening, Feb   2lst, nml    enjoyed   the
programme oi vocal selections provld-
■i| Refreshments were afterwards
served in the vestries by a large stall
l willing Workers, and tlie pleasant
veiling was brought to a close by a
game nf basket ball In the gy minis
um, Mi. Teet and Mr. .tohnsloti being the captains. The crowd in
the gallery cheered the hoys considerably, nnd there wns some excellent
pitching. The honors fell t« Billy's
team, after quite a hot battle. The
basket hall players intend to have
n series ol games shortly.
Today's store advertisements pro
bably contain information ot IM
al thr jiinrilitn nf thi* Fraser ami
Nechico Riven, will lie the largest
eity on the (Irani! Trunk Pacific
Transcontinental Hallway west nl
Fort (Ieorge is the geographical
ami strategic commercial center ot
Hritish Columbia—the natural supply point lor a splendlil mlicil Innii
ing, mineral, timber and coal area
of millions ot acres inaili* accessible
by 11(10 miles ol navigable waterways.
Splendlil openings lor business ami
Let   us    send   you a Iree copy ol
Hritish Columbia lliillctin of Itilot
mation," containing up to dale news
ol the great Inland Kmpire nl Canada.
Write or call al once
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
Paid Ip Capital, S3r.i»,0IM).
Iniiil Owners and  Sole Agents Kort
George Townslte.
Head OBlce, (Wll llower Building,
Vancouver, H. c.
Imperial Bank oi Canada
I). It. WILKIE, 1'rwi.leul.
Calgary Realty write us for full particulars. We will
Khtlly ni v« you full information ns to the vnlne of outside sillslivisiulis.
Calvary Realty is soaring. Now is the limn to invest
Imfiiri' tlie oar linns nre completed.
Accounts   ot   Ci>rp*.)ratious,   Muiiicipulitii's.
Farmers Ulld Private Individuals invited.
Drafts uud Li'tters of Credit issurd available iu nny part of
the worl I.
SAVlNliS DEPARTMENT -Special attention
given to Savings Hunk AccountB. Dcpunils nf U.OO nnd
9 upwards received nnd interest allowed from date of doposlt,
[   Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
** t ******************************************
It is the Same Mm
The I'lmv tlmt is I
< l.Mjil iih the Hesl
Better limn Hie Ilrsi
The Cosmopolitan
If you come in
Vou will I'tuiu.'
K. II. SMALL, Proi-biotoh
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
•Ml ********************************************* THS   UllANBKOOK    ILlftKALD
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
Moriey to limn on favorable turniB.
I'lvery caru ami uomfort
A homo Irom homo
Spiieinl ntloiition in ossofl u
Maliiriiit)*, llliiiuiiiiilisiti
and i'lH'iiiii.inl.i
TiiruiH  iiiuiluiiilii
HKS. B. Ill-NT. Mnlriiu.
I' i). Hoi I'lmiii. J
Physicians and Surgeons
OSes it Kseldnre.  Ariii.tiiini A.a
rormooni - - - - I.UU to in nil
Afternoon. - - - 2.011 tn   .Illl
Evenings - . - . 7.ml to  fun
8«nd«j*s - - - - a.3U to   ...in
ORANBROOK :•    11    11    it    B. 0
Orailiiaia   ol   Ontario   Veterinary
roil**,*., 'r.ir.iiiiii. in mm
Or.iliiai. itnil Medalllatof McKlllip's
Vatarimir. Oollinrn. Ulitcago.
In  1000
Nina year*, .xperlenfia iii Veterinary
|.i*i,.*r*i,*.. iii .Miitiiti.lui
Ollicc—Hit door to Pod Ollice
f-k.se 131      -      P.O. Box 184
Might call-11. H. Slmrfa Ha.ld.-iii*.
-     DR. F. B. M1LBS
I to 12 era.
1 to  t p.m.
J to   I p.m.
OtHot la nev Reid Muck
ORANBROOK        -      -      - B.
Notary Public
19 Cosmopolitan Hotel
Cranlirook nml Fort Steele
j. a. CUMMINGS   X
JlWliW Cranbrook. B.C. J
B.  C.   anl   Sjrveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
Art fir Halcyon LITHIA WATER
Kor lamily uae lliere in nothing
an wliiileHKiue mnl a,, purs BI
HALCYON I.l Illl \  W\ l'l*:ll.
SOLO AT ALL  ll.l'.-s
Hi. moved bi*. Office from Bskoi Uteri
tu Norbury iiveiiiii*. nesl door
in liiiiiiin*:- i'lu.in Muili.i.
Opiiotllo I'.IMI. Million
THK    PLAUE    TO     OUT    A
HenclqiinrterB for nil kimls of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlie Shoo Speoiulist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C-
P. 0. BDX 104 PHONE 244
II yuo want  satisfaction with
your washing  send
it  to
BpeGiui 1
j for*(aidUy work.
Is prepared to supply help, skilled er
unskilled, 011 shortest possible notice; to find employment end |uat-
antoe positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property for
a small commission.
Addresi'-W. Parker, 11J Beksr It.
NELSON, B. C. 48-ly
AND CHEMIST.-Charges: Gold,
silver, copper and lead, $1 each;
gold-silver, $1.10; silver-load, 11.50;
gold-silver, with copper or lead,
12.50; zinc, $2; -sllvcr-lead-zinc, t*'l.
I'rices for oilier metals on application. P, O. Boj CD., 1108, Nelson, I), C. 4C-tf
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Hiioiii*. willi Baths.   'Phone ill
everv room
Burlier Slmpon the premises.
Tlioroii**lily up-to-ilsle.
Kates, $2.00 a day and up.
P. WKI.I.S, Proprietor
TONKIN, Manager
Chop   Suey   Noodle
A Ilui** M.-al nn.l a Uml Meal
Knahlea traders
id communicate
ilEI)   asm ALU 1
throughout iIm- world
direct with   Kngllsh
in eacli clan ol goods.   Besides being
a complete commercial guide tn London nn.l  iis suburbs,  iln*  directory
contains lists of
with  the (Jootls ihey ship, s ndtbe
Colonial and   Koreign  Markets ihev
arranged under Uio Ports to which tbey
■all, and Indicating tho approximate
jf leading Manufacturers- Merchants,
if., in the principal provincial towns
and Industrial centres ol the I'm ted
A copy nl the current edition a ill In
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Ordet Foi 20a.
Dealers seeking Agenci
w. 11  Bsatb
Poaml Dtnwtei
na a 0
(Ieneral Hlacksmilhiii)!
Sleigh Repairing
Logging Slcijjhs made lo order.
Large Slock of Hardwood Runners on hand.
Of Interest to Farmers
an ad ver-
rail it.ls for '-'Oh., m largte
nlf fruiii 00s
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Ahthunh l.imr. I unJon, B.C.
I'llONK    all)
Traoc Mrtnwa
CopvntoHT3 Ac.
litMnfti* I*.
^TaSm OMtM tut
taMW Uken lit
H, ItllbOL. -      .
(title fln.c.lea.1.
ir'iiDiiKiiiu uiitt'illn.
miurili Mumi .': Cu. Ln-ulvi
•/Ml-, lH..tni>>- lH.*|:llil.    Mitt li/
*,    Don't pay express or duty
~oa8hoel SIhbIo or Musical.
_ 1 us t r 11 in, ii I -i    when   I   can*
•supply vmi  with EVERY.*
* THING in the Musical Una*
* at prices which cannot belt
*l! beaten, Anywhere. »
4.    Year's of musical exper- »
* ience have  ciinlileil  me to **•
* culer to a l)lllsic-*1oving >
41 public
It Vou nre a
Music St in lent
Singing Teacher
("Imir iicniier or
Concert Singer
t can supply your every want'
4       Ml'SIO DEALER
* CRANBROOK,    -    B.C,
Iii reference to the discussion now
in progress ancnt the bearing of reciprocity upon tin- fruil Industry in
British Columbia, tho following communication addressed tn the N'elson
News, will bo found decidedly pertlu*
Sir—Thai we have as gnnd a climate as thoro is to be bail in any
part of the world is undoubted, ami
that we van produce apples oi the
very lirsl quality has frequently boon
Bhown, nol only at Hie local shows
hm ui the First Canadian apple
show at Vancouver, and at tin- various bIiows in America and England
lo which our apples have boon sent.
1 havo such Implicit confidence in
tho great future oi this district for
the production of apples Impossible
tu he excelled in any part of tho
world that I am making the move i
am doing, 1 attended the local apple
show and the Vancniivei show and
have handled a greal number of up-
ples for various growers,
1       have bad excellent
opportunities for seeing bow the
dees ate grown, bow eared fur, Imw
(lie crop is harvested and how after
production the crop has been placed
on the market. 1 assisted in the
selection and staging of apples for
the two aforementioned shows and
since that time have dune a considerable amount of packing.
1 have fnr a long time been greatly
disappolntcd with the general handling nf the apples by the great majority o f producers. I have not
scrupled tn express my feeling to individual growers from time to time.
Having a spare day on my hands I
made tbe round of alt tbe principal
retailers aud also wholesalers in Nelson, and the result has been that
former disappointment bas been
increased to disgust aud here are unreasons.
From every firm—and I must express here my sincere thanks to
those men whom I have troubled
With my questions and who without
exception most willingly gave me all
the information in their power—I received the same reports, apples are
sent to them in a wretchedly bad
stale; they are not graded; they are
hadlv packed, and one two eases
were mentioned where the apples in
thc box- have not been of the variety
named on the outside.
In my presence every one of the
firms interviewed by me opened boxes sent to them for sale by,ranchers
in this district and together we took
samples from boxes opened In this
wav. These sample I am sending to
you, sir, that if any person should
he sufficiently interested you might
allow him to see these samples for
himself I have numbered tbe hags
in which the apples are sent for
identification purposes It is not
my       intention to mention
any names in this letter but of this
1 can assure you, the boxes from
which these samples were taken bad
on them the names of owners who
are considered to be
our leading ia the
fruit industry, to whom 1, as a newcomer, in common with others, have
been used to turn for advice.
In one store I was shown a box of
apples purchased from the rancher
owning otic of the largest ranches iu
the district. It was a hox of Baldwins and was in excellent shape, but
the purchaser was in the happy position of being an independent buyer,
thai is he was not in the unfortunate
position of tbe grocers who are forced to take the apples to keep their
customers, hut at another store within a stone's throw nf this one, 1 was
informed that the same rancher had
sent iu apples which were not considered lit  to be exposed for sale.
In the case of one rancher only
Could I bent no cause fnr complaint
rom those men who handled bis apples and I saw for myself some apples of his which were marked "grade
which might well have passed
for "grade 1." But this is the
single oasis in a truly vast desert
and it was refreshing.
Kvery retailer assured me that
every dependence could be placed on
the apples from the American side. I
.uu including iu the samples sent you
one American apple picked at ran
dom while wrapped from a hot chosen at random from the remnants nf a
carload Int.
There was no preferential selection
made in this ease* The American
apple iu every case is quoted nt least
25 cents higher in priee hy retailers
Ihnu the inferior apples they are obliged to take frnm customers The
duty coming into Canada from the
United States is 13 cents per box.
This small amount would hinder no
nne irom buying n hox of apples of
assured quality throughout in preference to a box of thc Inferior apples nt present so frequently expose*!
for sale In the various stores in Nelson.
I do not say that there are no ex-
exceptions tn this almost criminal
stale of affairs hut in my round of
the stores there was but nne man,
as I have already said, whose apples had always heen found to be of
the quality they were represented to
he. There may he and certainly are
other ranchers whose apples are of
of   those
1     Is there
in onh
grade 17
j'Ai'i have
a bettei
Kdltoi The Herald:
At a recent      mccllllf!  n|  llic It   C
Dairymen's association, ihe directors
decided to divide Ihe farm dnirj
impetitton, which has already heen
in progress for one year, Into two
classes, in order that a number oi
our smaller dairymen In the province may have a chain
ing fnr the cup, medals and Ik
and not lie compelled t
against the larger dnli
province, thus giving lhe small
an equal chance wilh tlie large
In this matter the ilir
ing arrangements fnr ,
of which will he pub 11
one which will he o
ance to that of Ih
given hy the
Thev    are all
there uo Inspectors appointed (jj pic
vent this sale? Is there un Inw to
prevent ,thc sale of apples of grade 3
being sold as gradi
law to prevent apple fit only fo
hog feed being sold ai
Have  the local  ass,
power or having the powi    v.
no ability   in enfon
of affairs?
if we are to compi le with Americans or even with oiu fellow growers
in the neighboring districts ol the
interior .stringent laws mm i he en
forced, Trees musl hi prayed and
pruned, the apples mu • i„. thinned,
■archilly picked, ui II irml; graded
nnd thoroughly well packed .md tin*
grades iruh marked on lhe outside of
the boxes
Raymond i   nicks
Nelson.   Feb.  38.   1011
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Preach reKuiut.,r i never faiji. Tliew
pills aro exceedingly pirnr-lnl in i.'i-iiltitine. the
liaieratlvu purlum ol tin; Ifiiml.; sysiem. Retime
all cheap imitation!*. Dr. it* Tan'-- aie Wil Nl
'{,-,1 bus, or three tnr Illl, Mailer! tn auv .i-i-lru-***..
Tlit* Scobell Drue Co,, St. f'rtliArliittsV Oat
For sale ni Hcatlc, Murphy »\. Co.,
.Nearly every stoic advertisement
holds "probable profit" for yon. Nobody else can decide for you what ad.
ji is—or in what way it holds proiit
for you.
oi ih,
ctors are makeup, the name
bed later,   hul
equal import
. larger trophy
provincial governnienl
to     giving three medals
eorrespnndiug   with those of llie lar
ger dairies.
Tbe division of the competition in
to two classes is as follows: Those
having five to fifteen cows milking
and the large dairies, those having
over fifteen cows milking, This divl
sion should induce a larger number
of our dairymen in the province to
compete in this competition- All the
expense that is required is that they
become members of the It ('. Dairy
men's association, and hold thetnscl
ves open for two inspections per
year, by such judges as may be appointed by the association.
For fuller particulars and entrance
forms, apply to the secretary of the
B. ('. Dairymen's association, Victoria.
Trusting that this little news item
will he nf some Interest to you and
thanking ynu iu anticipation for anv
publicity which you nny gl'.i this
notice, I am,
Truly yours,
p. II  Moore,
Victoria, B.C , February 25th,
Unless you ean make it profitable
for people to watch ynnr store ads.
you'll not make your store ads. pro
Citable to you. Nothing is surer
than that.
■ ■
thai all persons having any claim
against lhe estate of the late David
Breckcnridge, who died ou or about
the i.tth day of February, IfllO, at
Cranbrook, Hritish Columbia, are re
quired on or before the 1st day ni
May, Mill, to send by post prepaid
to the undersigned solicitors for An
tilo Breckcnridge, the Administratrix
of the said estate, theii names and
addresses ami full particulars <>f their
claims in writing and a statement of
the accounts und the. nature of the
securities, if any, held by tneui, and
such statement shall be verfjed by
statutory declaration.
ANI) TAKE NOTICE that after
the 1st day of May, Mil, Annie
Breckcnridge will proceed lo distribute the assets nf the said deceased,
having regard only In the claims of
which she sliall then have had notice,
ami will not he liable tn any person
of whose claim she sliall not then
have hah notice.
Dated this   2011i day of February,
A.D. ion.
Harvey, McCarter and Macdonald,
Solicitors foi' said Administratrix.
I 31
City of Cranbrook
that ou Tuesday, March 7th, 1911,
the Court of Revision for the Municipality of the city of Cranbrook,
II. ('., will he held in the Council
Chambers on the above date, at 10.30
a.m. (local time) for the purpose of
revising the Assessment for the City
of Cranbrook. Those making complaints against their Assessments are
it-united tn have their protests in
the hands of the City Clerk (10)
days previous tn the first sitting of
the Court of Revision.
Dated   at  Crnnhrook,    H   (
Kith day of January, mil.
18-fit C.
M   C
illy *
■I into mv Hii-ld nr,'. One H"">.-
Into. Itraiidnl - l»"on Itiuht Hi'-.
ninowiuie limnon top ol rump; Uiw iVair
(tbt I fi) Rte. On tier pleaM call, paj pj
penurs nn.l toko iiniinii) away.
]>. .1. MrOINNIS,
FOR SALE   Morris Hall Safe. I
1'ructicnll)'  new,        IiibhIi* 1
mcusureiiii'iiU  I  ft. 2 in.,2 !*-
2 ft. 10 iu.. x 1 ft.    Double 1
Doors infliilt*. -!
Two-Tliinls Coat.
aisisjajajsjsisisw..;. laaia-aaaaaia
« D2 u *»
that an application mil In* made un-
dn I'art V. ol ilu* "Water Act,
1909." to obtain a license in lhe
Cranbrook Water District.
(a). The nuine, address, uiul occupation oi the applicant: Rbss-Saaka-
toon Lumber   Co., Ltd * lioad ollicc,
Waldo, H. ('., capital 159,000 In *'i	
shares or   linn each.    Amount puid
up 1400,000.
lb.) The inline nl thc lake, stream,
or source (if unnamed, Iho description is): A sprlim in Timber License
No. .12017. In Hie cnuyon near tin*
(c). The point ni diversion: Al tin*
(d). The qiiiinlily ol water applied
for: One cubic loot per second.
(e). Thc character nl llie proposed
works: A dam, pipe, and u water
(I). The premises on which iln* water is to be used (describe same):
The logging railwa) ol the applicant.
(g). The purposes lor wliich the
water is to he used: Supplying locomotives.
(j). Area of Crown land Intended
to be occupied hv Iho proposed
works: None except highway.
(k). This notice was posted on lhe
13th day ol February, 1011, and application will he innile to the Cum
missloner on the Ilii day ol April,
(I). Give the names and addresses
ol any riparian proprietors or licen
sers who or    whose lands arc likely
quality but I am speaking  ,„    *,„ affected    liy   I lie    proposed
apples   I have personally !works,   either    above or   below the
bandied and   which are actually   lor  nutlet: The linker Lumber Company,
talc*. Ltd., and Prod Hammond.
What Is Ihe remedy? Ross-Saskatoon   Lumber   Co., Ltd ,
Is there no law to prevent the sale |        II. II  Ross
nl   apples   affected    by scab?    Are Waldo, II 0, Wt
"ai it here sincE dm:
Wc want ewiyoneto tmw
tljat we are paying *
c~4% Interestr^
pcratinum credited m'ttilj'
on MVtn^a iqK*3ito(*1-
S u{wari))dub}ect ToM'ith
drawal br chetjaite 6. »
<^5£ Interest-^
Wt rnvtst nonef fortWa
■Initial ffrawial business.
We wniil'ttur avinie aant
Sifyou arc nol saving -
^atf matwatly, •»«■*-
*** ca5ilyhan*31e<> —
\ou7an send by Draff,
Post Office * 6wre33
better k witMraroja
can be made *****
■>*■■ any may you wish.
V(£are Riipoiwible
Rcllrlif^* ***
or To anyone In *
Write as about it to^Lay
321 Camble Street.
Vancouver B.C.
Cranbrook, II, C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
.1   M,  lluysc, VV.   '
l-'. M  Christian, K, li. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
No. II,
Meets every second and   fourtb Wed
netday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    Iteliekali. 'coldlally Invited.
Miss B. Johnston, N  0
Miss lliekenbotham, Sec'y.
• •»JBaaH»»S ■■»■■»• OaasSOaaa..* «
Cresount Ijiinoii Nu. :i:i
Meet, every Monday
night at   New I'ra-
'ii^Saj/* ternity   Hall.    So-
lournlng Oddfellows cordially invltsu.
I*.'   II   Potmore w   M   Harris
N* O. seo'y.
Cranbrook    Ledge,
No. 3,
A f.  i  *    M.
Regular meetings on
■p^;      llie   third   Thursday
ii evory month.
Visiting brethren welcomed,
A, C. sliaiiklanil. W M
E. \V. Connolly, Secretary.
Meet! In    Fraternity Hall Fire, ami
Third Fridays
T   Fraser, E   V
H, MacKinnon. M. I!   and C
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at i
p.m. sharp.
Um. Anderson, Chiel Ranger
L. llent. Secretary
Visiting hrethren made welcome
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday ol each month at
•i p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward,  P.ee. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting hrethren made welcome
:: Presbyterian Cburcb {
— t
i   SundAT moroliig ferrje-e it U)
Sunday    evening     service
;        7.30 o'clock
j <   Sunday      School   aad    Bitde f
I , Class at 3 o'clock J
|   Presbyterian    Guild. Tuesdav, J
,        at » o'clock *
-»♦■»♦■»♦♦*•»♦♦♦■> ■»»♦♦♦♦■*.»«,
Baptist Cburcb;
Pastor, Charles W. King.
Parsonage   Norhury Avenue.
'Phone, 2M.      P. O. Boi MT.
Regular Services —Sunday, 11 *
a.m. and 7.30 p.m., Bilile *
School with Young !.«**il«' •
Pblletbea and Yauag Men's ♦
Bible Class, 3 p.m. *
Monday, Young Peoples', I J
p 111. *
Wednesday. Mid-Week Meeting. *
A cordial Christian welcome f
to all. J
I    T. K. FUTA   [
| OPPOSITE DEPOT        PHONE 211 ;■'
1 tWt |
>>.:.t..  -       . ■ .* ■■-■■■ i':;.K*^-* '*■
TAKE NOTICE Uml I, .lolin .1.
Johnston, ol Kurt Steele, It. ('., occupation Fanner, Intend to apply fur
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing af a post planted at
the north-east corner ot Lot No.
Rltlfi; thenco 20 chains east, thencu
in chains south, thenco _ii chains
west, thence 40 chains north to place
of commencement.
.lohn J. Johnston,
Dated February 7th,  l'*ii     52-9t*
TAKE NOTICE lh.it I. Joseph
Wright, ol Rossland, B, C, occupa
Mon Cigat Maker, Intend to applv
rot permission to purchase the following described land:
Confmenclng at a posl planted
about li chains west of the S. tf.
corner of Lot 739?, being tbe initial
post N. K. corner; thence south 8fi
chains, tlicncc weal H. chains, thenee
south it; chains, thence west 34
chains, thence north 53 chains,
thence east 80 chains lo point <>t
commencement ami containing 345
acres, more or less.
Joseph Wright, Locator
J  ll Hutchinson, \gcnl.
Dated Nov. Stb, IfllO 15-ut*
TAKK NOTICE that I, Bella
Dodson, ot Baker City, Oregon, occupation Housekeeper, intend to apply Un permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on*
ol went from tho N W. corner of
Lot "397, being the initial post N. E,
corner; tlicncc south so chains, tlicncc
n ' H chains, thence north SO
■': Bins, thence cast 11 chains t»
point of commencement and containing 112 acres, more or less.
Belle Dodson, Locator
-'. H. Hutchinson, Agent,
Dated Nov. Stb, 1910. 15 9tf
TAKK NOTICE that I, John I.a-
pesh,   •* Rossland,   B. C, occupation
Miner, intend to apply f<-r permission
*,,• purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about 11 chains west of the S. W.
corner of Lot 7ifJ7, beins thc initial
post N. W.; thence south 36 chains,
ther/*' east It chains, thence north
Mt chains, thence west 11 chains to
point of commencement and containing SQ acres, more or less.
John Lapesh, Locator,
J   H. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated Nov. 8th, 1910. 45-9t*
TAKK NOTICK that   James Fish-
**:, nf    Rossland,    B. C., occupation
Agent, *i.\erA    to apply for pcrmii-
s.on to purchase     the following den-
ribed land:
Commencing at a post planted
about 11 chains ir, a westetly <l rec-
tlon from tbe N. *.V. cornel ol Lot
:-. ■" being tht IntUal : txl N* K.
on - thence inulh W 'hains,
■v:. t west 80 'linn**, thence ciith
<*\ • bains, Uwnce east •■■) i hairs,
then - north m chains, ihence cast
in chains to point of conmencetnent
and ron tain ini; 520 acres, mora or
James Fisher, Locator
J  ll  Hutchinson, Agent,
Dated Nov   Mh. 1110 *Mt*
\  FOR SALE  1
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a modern equipped ('»(« nt moderate
Rates ll.oojunl up pei day
Corner of Howard Bt.and Front Are.
our Iiui* meets nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
4*.    in    Northern   Alberta, T  **********************
f   r|i <       President .* T. b, Qiu
T— ..    , . ri!|       HeereUrjriS, M»ODo».i.n
X Fot I""*"'"'""* "I'l'ly* ♦ I; ; i,„ InlonnsUon -s-pnllDi Isi	
♦ A. O. SIIAKKKI.V. ♦.'"■"■I   iil-rii'iilliiri*   «|.|'lv   lo Un'
♦ nrrrramn   mm I *'' Beorettry, Onnbraok, H. t.
♦ PI KIOTO, A1.1A ♦   ^ >l,.ciinii
Kvery second wedneedsy
Something Doing up
the Kootenay Valley
ll   bus liri'li nllillinnl   lu ilnlllili* tlU! .tlio merits
mail service between (.'riiiiliiuiili nml
(liililni. That I*-, iiislrail "I nm
him* mu* stage ii -veek lu*i\\i*rii iln*
north nml thu south .ml*- ol the valid, there "ill now In* two, horsed,
equipped nml managed hj It, I*'
Kiiiiliu.il. who has had ehnrse ol this
innii route lor many years im**i This
convenience is   now doubl) necessary
owing in    Hn*   rush I  Ihe rnllej
mi   aecounl     nl Ihi K nl the
Kootcna) Central In the very ncai
future " maj also be snbl in Ihis
connection thai during iln* coming
Biimmi'i months II will l«* possible
I,, hire <i ni"i"' cm in I'ranhrooli
ifniii the garage ol Mi   I'.uinl;    tn
lake a trip  th to Hew lhe Iiunous
scenic beauties ui 'In* Windermere
[luring tin* negotiations fin lhe
doubling i.l Hn* moll service il eame
out, through a well liilormeil portly
nlliriiil source, thai Hu* C P II
wuuld In* iiiih* i" lull* care ni Hn*
malls between Clnlden anil rranbmob
in Muy, 1012 Thai means thai Ihe
K V II   "ill Im* finished h) thai time
mnl certain nl Hn* laels .i** ".  I w
them polnl tn 1Mb     Onl)  ll Ihci
day ilu* C I' I!   asked loi lenders loi
tin* construct! f thirl)  miles    ol
until tn Hi- mi in Hn* south end ol
Hn* sixteen miles alrend) hulll smiili
hum Clolden. This new contract,
when completed, will bum', lhe steel
as ial as Spilliiniiu linii II is alsu
said un reliable authority Hun as
soon us Burns ami .Ionian. Hn* con
tractors who bave the work between
(lalloway and Wasa, hnve llnished
Ihelr prescnl lob, Ihey have anotbel
waiting lor tln-m i" ' anal flat oi
beyond that point
Many ol those wl re alive     n>
tlie Kootenny valley
ue already securing locations up
lliere l.mil llindlip, wlm was out
here lasi August, and who expressed
liis intention ol having a residence
there, has purchased W, s. Santo's
ranch ul SOU acres ut Thunder I Iill,
,,ii iln* west shore "I lhe Upper Columbia lake,   im ,i very long Hguio,
lie is iii i   the    wealthiest noble-
ii in Kngland aad quite a fniimiis
nil;   game  sportsman \   trilling
matter "i some twenty liuus, hail n
.nm' 1.1 elephants, rhinos, hippos,
(Irenes, hullaloes (tlio must dangerous game In the world, grtal) nol
excepted) have heen shot In III ill III
Mivsiiuila  nml     llillisli   Kasl   Allien,
i lernlng which countries ami    his
I Hng therein l»* 1ms written       a
 si charming volume,    lie is    i*s
mill tin* man In bring iiiiui) others
uf lus rlas, ii. follow liis exnmple ul
Investing In Hritish Columbia land,
■.MukiiiK ii intelligently and, lor re-
creation taking In the wild Hie id
Hn* hills lir is im tenderfoot. He
.unl Lady llindlip have mushed it as
certainly very few could rough it in
lhe dollies nf tin* Stlckecn mountains
alter sheep uml gol them, tun. During sunn* parts nf Dial Hip the)
'fir nfii'ii two hundred miles Irom
Hn-   ncarcsl    habitation,      Whether
Lady llindlip will rn ul nr imt is
iiiuTilain.'hul Luiil llindlip will bunt
Hn* Si-lkiiks ami Hn* Itockies nrxi
• lusiqili Ityan, who pul through the
purchase of the ranch In the Inteicsi
nf l.nnl llindlip, is Irylng in Bocure
Huh lluggarl I" lake charge nf    lhe
t ling mii       N" mu* knuw.s      ilu*
country better or Ibe haunts ui llie
big game more lamillarly
Sewerage By-law
| !i\ law. bul    «.* iln   mil know     what
Ihey would nmounl lo.    However, al
Should he Kc-Slll)l1littcd the   outside, they    will be InsignM-
  leant, and the   Herald lias uo Itesila-
K'liniiniii'il from pane one.) ■ ''"" whatever '" guaranteeing    thai
tin- Inlaw ean In- re-submitted to the
Unit tin- lily council hail taken      in. electors   without entailing a cent uf
adequate steps tn enlighten Hn- pub 'expense upon the city treasury
In- as In Uu* real sitiialinn with    re I
Kiiiil   lu   tin*     sewerage    question j
Whilst ihis seems a s wain   ;               LODGE CIRCLES
quale ground nl eomiilnint, still    It
was  made and    musl In* recognized ,
Anotbel complulnl mnili* is Uml    no The Knights nl Columbus are    ne
organlred ellorl    was uiade t.. bring lively    extending   iheir organization
nut   the vnir IhroUgh  Ilu*     Kootcnays.    Tu Clan
It matters now   very little   what brook was   extended Iln* lirsl honor
.Muse*, .in* ..il,nd im tin* small inn* "i being manieil a charter. lis coun-
polleil mi Tuesday      The all-lmpnrl ell 11,.->, _ hail    Bcveuly-IKo members.
am question Is: 11.• w to retnedy   Hu- That was in May, 1000,    Tin* roun
mistake made? ell   imw    numbers over nm- hundred
The board nl trade might well take mnl   twenty.       Quito    recently Hu*
u leading pan in orgnnl/ing fm      a (Irand   Knight    ol iln*    Cranbrook
Iresh submission nt tin- Inlaw to  Hn* council, Joseph Ryan, was appointed
electors     The expense Involved will district deputy wilh both West    ami
m.t   In*   greal        Tin*   advertising, Mast     Kootenay  under  his Jurisdic-
piniiiiii! ami lees nl Hu* returning ni lion,    Hr al nun* sel tn wnrk      In
liri-r ami ins clerk, constitute       Hn* organise a council in Nelson,     from
chief Items, ami so f.u a* these  are whirl) point   he returned un Tuesday
concerned, Hu* Herald is pleased    to ufter arranging tin* preliminaries  fur
In* able i<> stati* thai nol one    cenl tin- Initiation   which will take place
mill In* expended       Tin* Herald will in May.
undertake tn ilu   tin- necessary    ml |   Hi- reports thai hu ■ini-t some lifly
vertising ami printing fm ih.*     good nf ilu*   Catholic gentlemen nl Nelson
nf the cause     Tin* Herald ha- iscer- m ilu* Catholic club uu Sunday   ami
tained Irom Returning Wheel       Mi again on    Monday evening.    Efforts
Roberts, that In* will he pleased    lo had been made in Ni-lsun lormcrty in
niie his services un election day,   a- establish lhe order there, bill     from
returning officer, free nl   charge, ami a Benin *•[ strangeness, it want      ni
Hn* Herald will further undertake in knowledge nl Hu*   scope ami meaning
provide a clerk loi  ibnl nccas h nl thu order, u reeling nl apathy ami
no cosl tn tl n     There may   In* indifference, nothing   worth      while
sum.* othei    minor expense!  in con was   accomplished        Possibly, too,
ncction with 'is  -ii.ini   i f    the thn organizing got off on thc    wrong
[not; but now, however, Father
Allhull, the purisli priest uf Nelson,
Mrssis. .1. i). Patenaude, *l 1., Clio-
qm-itf, Thomas Scanlan, Joseph
Meagher, Duncan McDougall and
mini)* mure uf the leading Catholics
uf lhe city have actively taken up
tlie matter the movement Is hulilnl tu
lie ti success. In facl, beforo Judge
Ityan hail left the city the success uf
lhe new council was assured.
It is expected thai the degrees will
In- rnnlerreil nu .Suiulay, lhe 2Hth
Muy, anil thai frnm Nelson alone
probably seventy-five or eighty will
lie initiated us well as a considerable
number from Spokane, Crnnhrook,
Pernio, Moyio, Greenwood ami   other
points. IJllltO    a lew  lire expected
linin the  Sullivan   mine at Klmhor-
Tlie Kaglo8''hall and Knights nl
Pythias' hull adjoining uie iwu really spleniliil I'liuiuliers, lar surpassing
iu excollencQ uml convonlciico tho
I'luii'u* hull in Spokane, when' Hm
degrees aro conferred iu ilmi city,
The Nelson hull is a credit to tho
• ity anil the orders which hulll it
Hero lhe degrees will he exemplified,
'In- Spokane team under the direction
nl h'raiik .1. Horsey, the dislriel deputy of ilu* Spokane distriet, will
lake charge nf the work iu the three
I'lu* day's linings will terminate, ur
culminate iu a Brand banquet which
will, must probably, he laid in tlie
large ilinitig room at the Hume
hotel. Here some hundred anil twenty ur hundred and llfty will assemble.
II will he recollected what a stir the
Knights inaile in I'runbroiik two
mars ago when the council was inau-
mililleil.     This stir will he quite   as
 eh in evidence in Nelson.
The Knights nf Columbus is an exclusively Roman Catholic order and
was organized In bring the men ul
Hie seventeen nr eighteen millions nl
Catholics in the United Stales inn
closer social anil   [internal relations.
Vlong these lines it has proved n
most astounding success. Though
founded only about twenty-six years
agn it now numbers over two hundred and eighty thousand of a mem-
hcrshtp. I,He insurance of its members al very Inw rates, tluuigh nn llie
step plan, is a strong leature of the
order to which belong many nf the
most promiaent nien in the Slates
ami Canada, such as Chief Justice
White, ul lhe supreme court of the
I'nitcd stales. Sir Thomas Shaugh
nessy ami man)' another, ll may In*
recollected also that two thousand
live hundred uf the order walked in
the place nf hunnr at the F.ucharis
He Congress at Mnnlreal lust sum
The eiillar social held by the Maph
l.eal Rebekali ludgc Wednesday evening, March 1st, was a great success,
there being about sixty present
Progressive whist was first indulged
in, the prizes being awarded lu Mrs
\V. II. McFarlane, a ring can,*, and
Mr J. II Fletcher, a necktie. Re
iii'shments were served, alter which
a short prugramme was rendered,
Song   Miss McNeil
lti'i*i1atiun..Miss A. M. lliekenbotham
Speech Mrs. A. (iill
Song  Mrs. Patrick
Speech   Mrs. W. II. MeFarlaiu
Speech Mr. J. il  Flctchci
Music wus thca provided (ur      all
wlm i.mil to dance.
The committee, consisting ul Mrs.
W F, Cameron, NO.; Miss A M
liikiiilmtliaiii. Miss Kll.i I: .Inlin
inn. Miss la.ll Cameron, Mr    1   ('
lllemlay, did all in their   power    to
make lite <>v,.|iing the   success whieh
it wns.
At the regulai meeting ui Key City
bulge, Nn. 12, 1.0.U.K. uu Muuduy
night Ilu* Initiatory degree was cun-
feiieil un a candidate. Tho lodge
hail the pleasure ul entertaining Hro .1
II. tllass, past grand nl North Slur
mlge, Nu. 2, Winnipeg. Bro. tllass
has been a member In guud slutiding
with the l.O.O.K. Im over forty-one
years. He ably assisted iu the
wnrk of tlie ludgc mid     ut  the eluse
il the wnrk addressed llie members
present. The first degree will be
ennlerri'il next Muiuluy nighl nml a
guild attendance is requested.
Among the    appointments recently
inaile hy the Grand Si I the Grand
Chapter ul Royal Arch Masons are:
Grand Muster nf second veil, .Inlin
ll. Ronl, Vancouver; grand orgnnlzor,
■ Inlin lllack, Dawson; grand stcwanls.
In. A S. Sbniiii. Kciiura, A. II.
Iiiicksnn, Wciiisiiiiiiii, ii I*:. Plowman, Rossland ami J, it Anderson,
Areola, Sask.
^a^P    Whenever you say the word our
fl   I     Tailors will get busy oi your new
^^fl     Spring Garments.    We point with
pride to our reputation for doing the best
Tailoring in this locality and, on the strength
ol this, we solicit your order Ior the coming
Come in to see the New Woolens.
The Suitings and Trouserings
are in many choice patterns and
We'll take pleasure in talking Tailoring with
you at any time before you leave your order.
rit-rthunt Tflilor
§       s 8
Division I-
Miss Alward
Division II.-
Miss Dick   5a
Division Ill-
Miss Currle  II
Division IV.—
Miss 11.     Alward If,
Division V.—
Miss  Henley    .12
Division VI.—.
Miss Easton   37
Division VII.—
Miss    llaiiiilluii   . 3(1
Division VIII.—
Miss Paton   If
Division IX., H.S.-
I,. J. Cranston ... It
<  rt P,   o
31.08 88.71
lli.77 8n.ll!
115.03 88.11
II 03 01.18
17.11", 112. HI
31.27 81.61
:i2.:ln 811.87
11.10 110.00
12.80 01.13
.3(12   321.31   811.2:
Division T.
Laura Itieliarils, Itertha Brown,
Oracle Higgins, Bertram Murgat-
rnyil, Ashton Powers, Edith Caslake,
Florence Ilathie, Hubert I've, Orville
Bow, Jack Haslam
Division II.
Marion Robertson, Cordon Wallingcr, Alice Wood, Jack Wilson, Nathan llaiiih-ii.lt. Dulur Brault, Mill mil
Carson, Arthur Campbell, Vinev
Hurls, Olive Dow, Wcsllcy Findley,
Gordon Fowler, Willie Leatnan, Irving I.eask, (Ienrge Pratt, John Pye.
Division HI.
Vera llrailwin, Grace Bardgett,
Samuel Bennett, Charles Elmer,
Knid Gill, Brunswick lluinilton,
Gladys Johnston, Merrill Leask,
Italnsford Parks, Mabel Stray, Erie
.Spence, Merle   Taylor, Vincent Ken-
Division IV.
Beatrice Barclay, Melville Dallas,
Earl King. M.nv Leask, Harold
I.eask, Alexander Mcniiic, Orma McNabb, Margaret St. Riot, Gordon
Taylor, Cnlman Tonll/, Doris Wallingcr, Sadie Wood.
Division V.
Elsie Ileal Ile, Romeo Brault,
Gladys Brooks, Allen Brown, Willrid
Kennedy, Walter Laurie, Dewey McNeil, Viola Sarvis, Violet Simpson,
('route*. Taylor, Frank Wilkinson,
Mabel McGoidrie, Harold Haslam,
Irene Bernard, Eleanor Aubertin.
Division VI.
Fuie Crisler, Jennie Hopkins, Vin-
Icl .limes, Sadie Lace), Ada McKeli-
lia, Margaret Mnrrixon, Alma Sarvis,
Muriel   Walliiiger,     Norman Wassuii,
Verm* Woodman.
Division VII.
Itoberl  Beaton,   Charles Chapman,
Marie  Dempster,   Norman Campbell.
Otto   Gill,     Alired   .Inline,   liiiiinii*
kimhiill.     Willie    Leask.    Ma Bing.
Edith Murgatroyd, wilma Park, Roy
tlniiicliiniil. Warren Sneiice, I'vtil
Selbv. Samuel Spc<.rs, Philip Tipper
Division VIII
Mable FlnlajT, Marine     llrmnntoiid,
Mnmy    Henderson,     Gertrude Hopkins,     Russcl   Leask.   Pearl Pratt.
Eddie Spenca, Hop,* Taylor,     Bert
Tnwnsinil, Ycrnn Welch, Elsie Welch,
(IciirR,* Welch, Everett Williams,
Barry McDonald, Pearl Barclay, Eva
Barclay, Thir/a Johnson, Kathleen
Brown. Homer Auperlin, Harold
King, Little Chapman. Helen l.eclorc,
Tom Reekie.
The lollowing Is the list nf pupils
in Blvisiun 1. arranged In order ,d
merit, ai milling to the February examinations:
Senior Class.
Irene Wilkinson, Olive White, Winl-
ficd Beacon, Willnil Dallas, Vera
Crisler, Lauretta Armstrong, Bcrnice
Eraser. Edith Caslake, Elmo Wilkinson. Ionise Elmer, Ernest Junes,
Madge Rohcitson, Bert Murgatroyd,
Melton Leek, Ashton Powers, Carl
Maekey, Jack Haslam.
Junior Class
Florence Balhle, Franres Drum
inolid, Charlie Morrison, Kenneth
Campbell, Laura Richards, Curl Gill,
Orville   lion-,    Wumla   Fink, llcrllia
i .1.
, *i.
• hi
, hi
■ i.,
• hi
. ..,
Spring Hats
Whoever are interested in correct styles
are interested in our hats. We have them at
all prices and when we sell a Hat it will be a
good one or we will make it right. Attractive
and reliable hats have given us the hat reputa°
tion we have today.
11< i
. 1.1
. .1.
11, i
• I, i
• 1.1
■ 1.1
. ii i
. I,,
. ii .
i ii ,
• 1.1
• i.,
• >i i
, I,.
. i,,
. i..
. .1,
, 1.1
• 1.1
. 1.1
. ni
,., i
• H i
11, i
i H.
, .1,
• n i
i,. i
• *
... *
, .11
... >
i •
• >i i
, .1
■ i. >
•.. i
♦♦»♦»♦♦♦»♦*«**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦•♦♦♦♦»*♦♦♦»♦»* ******j*j*j**»****>********
Brown, Gladys lliekenholbam, Eva
Conley, Reta Cameron, Oracle Hig
gins, Hazel Taylor, Edith Adderlcy.
Hubert Pye.
la the play nil for the Burns cup.
wliich the CrunbriMik rinks won ul
lhe Fernie bonspiel lasl week, two
very interesting games were played
nn the local rink last week.
In the afternoon C. McDuiigul, Norton Campbell, C. It. Ward, with
Oeo, Iloggarth skip, played W. E.
Miller, E. II. Small, E. Patmore
with Judge'Wilson skip. Iloggarth
won an exciting game by a score ni
13—11. At thc commencement ol
the 12th end Judge Wilson had a
lead of 3 but owing to nervousness
or some other unexplained cause, bis
men were unable to place .a single
stono where he wanted them.
George's men, nn the other hand,
could not make a mistake and totalled live points, bringing them out
two ahead, amidst much enthusiasm.
In the evening George Hoggartb's
rink played It. E. Heattie. with I)
J. Johnston, F. Rossitcr and It. McCreery skip. This game caused a
hit of excitement, but in tlie end
MeCreerv pulled nut ahead. Score,
McCreery gets the cup lur a year
and along witb it he and bis players
itch get a handsome medal.
(Ienrge Iloggarth and his rink get
Imir plump turkeys as a sulnc* lnr
lusing the cup
At Lethbridge uur curlers did iml
do much more than enjoy Iheiuscl
ves. 'lli,*, (ailed lo carry on any ul
lhe silverware, except the consult,
tion cup, but they all speak in the
wannest praise id lhe splendid bus
pilality extended Ihem Ii) Hie I Jib
bridge players.
On Saturday last a battle royal
was waged nn the rink at Wilmer he
Iwccii the local curlers. Wilmer
sunt up a rink composed ol J. M.
McLcuil, A. S. Moore, B. Harvey
with K. Tunnaclifle skip to try conclusions with tho Irrigation company's team, skip-til by O. A. Bennett, who played (I. Meyer, T. G.
Taylor and W. II. clcland. According to "street talk" nothing but
utter dctcat was in (ront of the irrigation boys wlio, as it afterwards
turned out, instead ol being hopelessly beaten, hail things all their
own way right Irom the start, coming out victors with a score ol IS to
Ten ends were played and to
tho credit ol the town team, who
Withoui stalwart Fred Stalker and
George Starke, it must be said the
majority were holly contested in
spite ol thc runaway appearance of
score. Thc all round lively Interest
taken in curling in Ihis dislriel with
the really good    lorui lhat has been
PALMER, Miss DOLLY   Residence
BRIDGES, A. D  Residence
MORTEN, MISS E, S  Resilience
WOODMAN, J  Residence
Johnston, E. D Blacksmith shop
SELBV, W. I  Resilience
MOFFATT, It. P  Residence
SAKAOIfill, J  P.siilencc
CHARBONEAU, J  F    Hciidcnce
BALDWIN. W    Pc: iih nee
III ItliOYSK. MRS   .1   ll     Kmidctici
1'. F. PATRICK   ...   ."   Ollice
DARLING, II   Resilience
SEDGWICK, MRS  Resilience
HANKS, D. A    Resilience
McKINSTRY, S. c  lUtdcnco
British Isles and Cornation Tour.
Hi'V. Robert Hughes' |>arl\ uill leare DotLon on    new
t'unmil liner the "Kraneonia" nn     Ma, JiHh al    11    .1 in
Disembark ut (Jueenstown •Juno Blh, vlatl Cork, Dlarnej
t'ustie, Haiitt), automobile   via  Qlragarlfl    la  Klllarnej
theme tn llnhliii, Hclfust ami Larue Strium-i lt.Slr.111
Uct,  SrutliUiil,  thence   In    Aw,  liml      nil  In    QIUgDV,  "-1
Loch Lomond ami Loch Katrine in KititiburgTi fin-alb Ui
Yiuk, Sunday in historic Mm t.i with 1mi.1i choir, Thence
to Warwick, coach tn Bhaknapoarc'i oounlry—Strailord-on
Avon, uml Kciiilwoitli. Then oil to Olford, Ini tout nt
the CollogN. thi'iiM* tn London, anivlni June Hal In
rvadlnraa (or tin* ltnyui Coronation Proortalon mt June
22ml.    S|ifi .iii ruorved scats at flfl each prorldrd   Aula
niohilc tout „(  llu< citv nt  nlghl   to vh*w   tho lllURlllfBUotUI
Rvcrythlng found r\.r|n miiiilny lumh Inclusive rale
(loin CraiihiiMik, wtth return r.*mil for Hint* montlis via
Montreal, iiix-t.il Htop-uvrrK aiinw-*-*i--M'i; :,n  Children un
<lrr twelve $272.fill. To those who wish to arrange Iholl
own rail transportation, the rule from Boston, hark lo
Hoston or Montreal, will hi' $2N7..'i4l. rhililrt-n under twelve
1212.60, A Spet'tal Tour from London nn to the rnntin
ent (or 25 days, visiting Frame, (Iermany, Switzerland
nnd Italy for *lo'> 7'> ltetiim steamers leave for Montreal
<m July 22ml ami 2«lh. or earlier if so desired. Imtncd
i.-'e nellmi is necessary to secure nrcotmnoilatloiis. Write
The R, 11 Tours, Hox 7H2, Cranbrool., |l. V Hankers
and reference, The Canadian Hank of Commerce. 2 tf
shown during Ihe short season, givei*
inmiiisc of great names next winter
and there is no doubt whatever that
the rinks sent from Wilmer to com
jiele in neighboring Itonsplels will
(trove very (minulalile opponents.
Your ads. carrying ymir store
news, should appear as regulaily as
dors this newspaper. If a newspaper omitted an issue now and thru-
even for so weighty a reason as tear
lug tbat It might rain—II would nol
be a good newspaper


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