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Cranbrook Herald Dec 14, 1911

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Array >'.,«•>
In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c, a line
BEG 10 1911
We tie well   ei|tiipjieil  to
turn out the \wt\ class
NO. 50
Timely Suggestions for
The Christmas Shopper
Cranbrook's Merchants have Provided     YOUNGSTERS 10 ENTERTAIN
Handsomely for the Holidy Trade
-"Stores all filled with seasonable Articles
This week (lie Herald man has
imirie his round of tht* stores to note
too preparations mado by local merchants t« supply tlie Christmas season demands ol citi/ens. lit* was
amply, even exhaustively, convinced
that nothing has been overlooked i»
any line to ensure abundance of
gotMl cheer, both liquid and solid, and
that no one need be at loss to select suitable Christmas gifts tor
young and old, ot either sex. It is
still a little early tt, see the stoles
at their best, although in a day or
two window and store decorations
wiH all be completed and the prolusion with wbieh Cranbrook storekeepers have provided Ist the Christinas season will be obvious to every
man, woman and child iti ibe city
with eyes to see.
Starting out on his rounds the
Herald man naturally visit etl lirst Unhandiest store, wbieh happens to bo
that ol Raworth Bros., the jewelers.
Here he found the Christmas decorations were already underway, and foi
an exhibition of good taste, art and
refinement, one would have to navel
far afield to beat tlie showing made
by the Raworth Bros. To particularize would be useless, unless une
were prepared to devote several columns to an enumeration of costly.
dainty Jewelry, exquisite chinaware.
fine silverware, etc., etc. One feature tf tbe Baworth Bros. Christmas showings, however, deserves
special mention, and that is the
large stock of ladies' hand bags, ol
•beauti.ul designs, specially Imported
from New York.
A. I.. MciKrmot's wholesale liti-
uor sure adjoins Raworth Bros',
and to rail in there next was tbc
natural order. Mr. McDttmc*. makes
a specialty at Christmas turn- nt ca-
■faring to family needs, and for tins
piitpiise this Christmas season mis
laid in a cholc* aciectlon ol Imported
ports and sin-trie*. Kor the male
members ol tin* lamtl) be bas a specially selected line ■>. White Horse
Cellar Scotch whlskej.
Coming nexl   t<>   lhe FttiV Mcrcan
tile's fine stun'. OOC IS  ittTUCk lit   the
artistic taste displayed b] tbe window dressers, Missis Fletebet ml
Dilantin. These voting men certalnlj
understand tins branch -*i t-h-rli bual
ness and it is no Dxaggcratko to
say I bat the) ean make a display nt
poocl ies ami Chi isl mas delicacies
thai would be a credit to anj n-**.
York oi London store ot course
they have the |oodi 10 work with,
that is a ipeetallt) ol Fink's,     the
best that is going m t-veiy hue Mi.
I.uhllaw, ibe manage) ot tbo grocer]
department, would havo detained tbo
lleiald man until long aMei Christ
mas quietly, bill eloquently, descant
ing upon tbe varietj and excellence ol
tin* giM»ds oi ins departmeni How
BfCr, time was pKCtOUl, and onl*
iiriet notes wen- made, Needless i"
sav thai Kinks preparations toi
Christmas are upon a,generous scale,
tn laet this season thej an- carrying
a blgfet •t.tiH'U I ban evei I ■*-
fore, and, bappih, thev report -> 1
vame   sales   ahead ot anj previous
yeai's business in tins city Among a
few ol the tlelieaeiis s*i.nall\ Imported fm tins season are Do Jong'a
chocolaad appha, musl be sampled
to lie properly appreciated; Japan*
rtoo cakes, Llboy'a California aapara*
gus in tins, canned right at 'be
place of growth, ami fai auperfoi tn
the usual canned aspaiagns, washed
Turkey ligs. waabed in honey. Marry
Webb's Xmas puddings, Crosse and
Blai kwell's mlttCC meal ami ground
aliiiomls, ItcVlttlo antl Price's nntl
Huntley and Palmer's biscuits, Shar-
wood's Melange, Spanish pitmen tm,
French truffles, ami Ihdgway's teas
and coflcea. The chinaware depart"
ment is lilies: to overflowing with
dainty crockery ol every description,
notably some choice handpainted
children'% Nippon novelty china, exquisite Royal Crown Derby ami
i.ibby's eut glass.
Entering nrxl the clothing departmeni of Kink's big emporium, om
enrnuntcteri the genial II. .1. Mr
Sweyn w*ho was loaded with, tads
and    figures   relative  to his depart-1
20TH AND 21ST,
Next Wednesday and Thursday
evenings the public school children
will eiitertsin the public at Uh* Audi-
jtorimu. The programme includes a
Christmas cantata "Santa Claus and
His    Friends," tableaux, fancy danc-
meril's core for the Christmas requirements of the Cranbrook public.
Here again one notes with appreciation the skill   displayed in    window,
decoration,   tlio work of Messrs. Me-  «* ***   llli,ls. marches and numerous
Sweyn and Brown.    For this Christ- specialties
The     caste lor     th**
include the following:
mas season Mr. McSweyn calls special attention to a line of dressing
gowns and smoking jackets, fancy
neckwear, scarfs and ties to match in
silk, of special designs, specially selected for Cranbrook's dressy young
men. A fine Hue of travelling and
hand hags, with sterling silver fittings, is another line tbat will attract those in search of suitable gifts
for their male friends. The furniture Detective ...
department, under the management of Mail Carrier
(i. 11. Chapman,   of the Fink Mercan- Grandma   ...
tile   stores is likewise crowded with Susie 	
choice Christmas   wares, and    those] Judith ...
who have a   preference tor something Margaret
solid in gifts will do well to pay
visit to this department.
cantata   will
Santa Claus   Sidney Elmer
Chief of Police     Tom Penncfather
Dr. Bills          Bert   Murgatroyd
Little .lefl ("Tough") 	
  Charles Elmer
... Nigel Thompson
.. Marshall Barton
  Jack Hast am
  Sarah Palmer
... Oracle Miggins
Frances Drummond
  Irene Elmer
•lack Frost
Heat tie-Murphy's drug and book
store came next on tbe list. Here, as
usual, one found the most liberal
preparations bad been made for the
Christmas season. From the amaz-
ug profusion of articles, entirely foreign to thoughts of pills and blue
powders, one's attention was caught
by the handsome display of eut glass
ami brass goods, toilet sets and
leather goods. The stock of toys
ould amply supply the demands ol
host of Cranbrook kiddies and together with tlie line display of itgplia.d
autl Tuck's Christmas cards, books
and calendars, make up a showing
that will delight the hearts ot every
youngster lucky enough to accompany  mother tn the slore.
\1 the CCS. the Herald man
round what appeared to be an inex-
haaaUbk supply of toys, but ho
learned that they were going fast.
Tbe C CS. this Christmas time are
making a speciality of furniture, earning an exceptionally large stoek,
which is being disposed ol al weep-
tonally low prices.
Turning tho cornei snd dropping In
.n Patmore Bios, ono learned that
rdware ic.i made special picpaia-
tlons loi i .' stmas trade, and lu
Ibis ■ < nn.* tion Mi Patmore i\h*Vm
ol the necessity ol being provided
with    cooking ranges lhal can tv >e
nu upon io do theli extra work   it
I.i-  season   willi absolute safety   and
ol this kind tbe Patmore Bros, tarry
a beavj     line        Moreover,    dainty
bath  ii fixtures   aro verj    much
in demand bhese days, and the handsome sets "i nickel plated, glass bath
room fivtuies carried bj Pabmoro
Bros would make a most acceptable
Christmas presenl to manj a bouse
. Florence Bathie
.... Florence I'ren
... Marion Leitch
  Kdith L'ren
..Mabel Passmorc
  Vina Boris
Doris Wallinger
Leaders of Fairy Drill:—
Orma McNabb
Dora Pye.
Leaders of Doll Drill:—
| Ida .lohnson
Alma Sarvis.
Eva Donley
Laura Richards
Bcrnlcc Fraser
Wanda Fink
Lauretta Armstrong
Jessie Kennedy
Jessie McDonald
Rita Cameron
I   Km li Stevens
I    Marguerite Drummond
[   Kdith Caslalcc
i    Louise Elmer
\i the  Cranbro
\\ I* I-man, win
large stock ol turn
iu addition !•• ki
is making a ipeoti
the Caiman's to,b
tress it,. in\,'. thai
imi everyone a
rest at Ptat1»tmi
nk Exchange, Mi
is now carrying a
nun* ami crockery,
tchon utensils, etc.,
Hty ol mattresses,
i' oxaii. a tl*. mat-
will ensure anyone
comfortable night's
time or any other
Dora Pye
Ruby Deacon
Elsie Beattle
May Smith
Maisic Small
Meric Taylor
Kdith McDonald
l.ilby   Fiulay
Flora Baldwin
Lottie Leask
Blanche Brault
Alice Brown
Mabel Turner
Vinn Doris
Orma McNabb
Lottie Moore
Gladys Spence
Iteitha (till
Oracle McFarlanr
Francis Nobel
Don thy Macklo
Kind   Gill
Helen   Bridges
Doris Wallinget
Alice Rood
(Vila Dow
Olive Dow
Mabel Passmorc
.Augusta Doyle
of    till*.
m1i| min
Dorao says
-Mr sell the Carman's Mattress de
Luxe because Its makci stands back
of ii with a (I,mm guarantee that
its a iH'ttet mattress and contains
more long uin-* cotton than the
most widely advertised Ha mattress
iu America. It's sold on a thirty
nights free trial and lull purchase
price refunded il not up to our
claims. The Carman process ol Intel weaving the cotton into nine large
Dully layers     make it not only      the
most comfortable, but tla* most sanitary mattress made."
Crossing Armstrong avenue etc
drops into Halsall's dry goods store, I
nicely fitted up in preparation fori
the Christinas rush, which according
to Mr. Halsall bad already commenced. For the Christmas trade Mr.
Halsall laid in a special stock ol
ladies' novelties, iu scarfs, handkerchiefs, gloves, etc , making as pretty
and choice a selection ol seasonable
gilts as rould he found anywhere.
(Continued on page (our).
Pearl Pratt
Marion Drummond
Gertie Hopkins
Kathleen Brown
Nina Belanger
Bessie Woodman
Mary Carson
Annie Shaw
Vtvian Fraser
Marie Washington
Mamie Bartlam
Ida Johnston
Wil ma Parks
Flossie Robertson
Merle Bennett
Maudic Scott
Margaret Laeey
Kdiih Murgatroyd
Jessie Fennissey
Leonora Little
Mattel Fiulay
Marie Kdith Could wel I
Sadie Laeey
Alma Sarvis
Hope Taylor
May Brake
Within the nevt few days steel on
the Kootenay Central railway will be
laid Into Fort Steele. This joyful
.■vent is to be royally celebrated in
tlw old town tm December Sfltb, when
the ceremony of driving home the
final spike will be performed by that
veteran advocate ol railroad connection for Fort Steele, Dr, Watt.
The occasion will be one ol general
jubilation, in     which a number     ol
Cranbrook   citizens have been invil
to    participate, and   they will
tliere to    share in   the rejoicings
their Fort Steele friends.
In preparation for this glad eve
Mr. McNulty, ot Fort Steele, is e
gaged in the manufacture of a Spc
ial spike, which wilt be fitted with
gilded head of a size ami shape th
will ensure its being driven home i
the first crack of Dr. Watt's bamme
The Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Limited, arc doing a lot of new-
work in the city these days, n-
miHleHing the plant, taking down the
unsightly muss of wires now strung
along Louis street, from the Methodist church to the Church of England, aud along Armstrong avenue
from Baker street to Edwards street,
along Baker street from the Imperial
bank corner round to the lloyal
hotel. In all they are engaged in
stringing some six thousand leet of
new cable.'
At the local head office the switch
board at present in use is to be moved upstairs and a new switch board
installed, which will provide additional capacity for 150 subscribers.
When these improvements are completed the facilities of the local
office will he more up-to.date than
ever and the office will be in a
position to give a generally improved service, free from all petty local
Since our last appeal, the Herald
has learned of lour or five cases within the city limits, and of one just
mtsidc, where the prospects tor a
merry Christmas are anything but
ihccrtul. lu each case several little
•hitdrcii are involved and the Herald
feels that it is only necessary to
make this fact known to secure
ample provision for the Christmas
dinners of all ol these unfortunates.
The Herald would like to be able to
add some little gift from Santa
Claus for each of the children All
donations for this purpose will be
distributed through recognized charitable workers in the city. At this
season of the ycac all those who have
enjoyed good fortune during the preceding twelve months can well afford
to give a thotijjit to those less fortunate. A trifle from your plenty-
may assist in brightening the Christmas searon for the few children in
this city whose parents, (or one cause
or another, an* Unable to make any
special provision therefor.
Since Christmas is a children's festival, it becomes apparent that the
poverty antl want which robs the les-
live season of its     festivity, turning
Marion MacKinnon
Patricia McDermot
Gladys Shaekleton
Ethel Clapp
I.eonoiu Hill
Helen Worden
•Hmmie Logan
Robert- Beaton
Jack Moflitt
Harry .Smith
Leonard Burton
•Joseph Frost
Norman Wasson
Eric MacKinnon
Leaders oi Floral Drill:—
Agnes Reekie
Margaret St. Kloi
A thoroughly enjoyable entertainment is assured The youngsters
have been rehearsing diligently lor
sometime past, under the guidance nl
Mr. Geo. D. Ingram ami are now-
well versed iu their respective partst
Crowded bouses will be the ruin and
wise people will hook their seats
t'he goixl will into mockery ami the
joyous and the joyous greetings to
satire, bus iis particularly poignant
effect upon the little ones. To llie
adult i min red to some extent to disappointment and hardship the failure
of Christmas is comparatively little
fell, but the youngsters' imaginations
are inflamed hy tht brightly lighted
and gorgeously decorated store windows, their hopes raised hy the legend of old Saint Nick, and their e\-
pectations made sanguine by tin*
stories ot joys in store for their
more fortunate playmates. A season
which promises so much ami fails to
fulfil is an embittering influence indeed.
The Model Variety Store opens up
with a full line ot Xmas toys.
Miss Fraser, of Vancouver, is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
A fine assortment of Xmas chocolates in fancy boxes at Little and
Mrs. Miller, of Skookumchuk, was
doing Xmas shopping in the city the
first of the week.
Bargains iu ladies' and gentlemen-,
novelties at the Model Variety
Mrs. Ingles, of Winnipeg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Nelson, aud will
remain until alter the holidays.
The Dancing clah gave another very
successful party at the Masonic hall
on Tuesday evening.
II. S. Mather, the genial hotel man
from Fort Steele, is in the city today.
Don't forget Saturday, December
10th, when the Model Variety Store
opens up.
Judge and Mrs. Wilson and Mr
Martin returned today Irom a several days sojourn in Spokane, tn
business and pleasure.
Come   to the     Y.M.CA.  Saturday
afternoon,   December With, and
some useful   and dainty things
Xmas.   A regular   down east
gain counter will be a pleasing
Ed. Elwell, of tbc firm of Beale
and Elwell, is expected to return
from a four mouths trip to Kn-.i'and
tomorrow. Mrs. Elwell ami children
will extend their visit lor a longer
Leave your    orders earlj [oi      t ll
Mowers,   roses,    carnations, cluysa*i-
theinums—Campbell ami Manmriji
Mrs. Frank Macplierson's hyme . n
Garden avenue was tlm nged losl
'Friday afternoon by visitors, the
occasion being her Ont reception
since coming to Cranbrook. Mis
Maephcrson was assisted in receiving
aud entertaining her guests by Mrs.
W. J. Atchison, Mrs. Geo. Leask,
Mrs. C. *1. Little, Mrs. It. .1, Binning and Miss Marlon Service.
Leave your orders early lor cut
flowers, roses, carnations, chrysa i-
themums.—Campbell and Manning.
At a meeting at the Cranbrook
hotel Monday afternoon the Intermediate Hockey club elected A. L.
McDermot manager and A. C. Pye
secretary-treasurer. It wai decided
at the meeting to amalgamate the
Intermediate Hockey club with the
'Ladles' i luii
A few potted plants to arrive al
onooi Ferns, primn sea, cniai "as and
mums.—Campbell and Maiming
Toy Land
Now Invites
We want you to come and see the
Great Range of Toys, Dolls, and general
Santa Claus things for the children.
As a favor we want you to inspect
every stock of Toys at your command.
Compare the difference in quality and price
with ours. We are willing to abide by your
We saved big money this year by buying direct from the manufacturers
We have three stores to supply Wc
buy quantities, you get the benefit, both in
price and quality
Get the Habit
< if Bending Canadian-made Xmas Cards ami Calendars to your friends.
< H course we have all kinds, but we are very proml
nf our showing of
Canadian-Made Cards and Calendars
depicting Canadian life and sci-m-s. I >nr loral view
Curds and Cali-ndars nre well worth seeing. Send
them to your frieuds and boost Cranbrook and
We are giving witli .-ach book purchase a
Beautiful Holly Box FREE
It adds greatly to the appearance "f yonr gift and
is a strong reminder of Xmas.
Leather Goods
Have been shown in Cranbrook for years. Imt
nothing like the stock wm ofrVr for your choice has
ever Ih*hi shown bt-forr*. Don't make a mistake and
be sorry.   See ours and be happy
We Carry*
a Complete Steak of
Edison 4-Minute Records
Vmi can always get what you want when you want
it. Call iu aud see tlie machines and hear the new
Victor Victrolas
From S20 to $100. The great Hornless desk
machine. We hare a (nil range oi machines and
records.    It will Ik: a pleasure to show them to yon.
The Great Danger of
during the Xmas rush is entirely eliminated at this
■tore,     Mr. Murphy and Mr. Noble will pay
Special Attention
to Every Prescription That is Filled
Tin1 rush will lie great but not nt-arly so great as
ilu; cure we will tiive to every Prescription or drag
order. Long yean of experience nre ralnable at
Xmas time.     We never get excited.
Call Early,
Call Often, and don't forget we will pack any purchase nnd guarantee safe delivery lo any place.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The RexaJlL Store
Send us your Xmas Mail Orders and get qnick and
(iiinrnntccd Results.
Cranbrook B.C.
******************************************* THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
COLD SORES   AND ULCERS ARE | law the same
Tin* No Temere decree which has
excited so much controversy all over
tlu. world during Uu* pnst few months
ami which is saitl in somewhat vague
and indefinite terms in somo muartcrs
in have contributed to Uu* defeat el
the government ol Sir Willrid Laurler
ia the province of Ontario, forms tho
subject of ;m article in the latest ol
Mi. .lohn s. Ewart's "Kingdom
Mr, Bwarl gives a very clear ami
definite exposition of the decree in
Its in.uun'. upon marriage, ami
shows that whatever may bo its
etTect in a religious sense upon Roman Catholics it has absolutely no effect upon the validity of marriage In
civil law eithei here oi in any other
Hntisli country. II Is shown thut a
great deal oi misapprehension exists
on iveount of whal litis lit en very
foolishly saiil »y persons wlm either
knew little of wJial they discussed or
cared little Inr whal complexion they
put upon il. It is pointed out that
in reply to a question in the house of
etiiiiiuoiis, Mr. Birr el I (a member of
the British government) said "Tho
law knows nothing of papal marrlago
legislation. Wo believe that under
it, our Catholic fellow men are not
so free to marry ami lo divorce and
marry again. Our courts will continue to administer our own law,
ami all wlm apply for its benefits
shall havo litem. It has lost none
of its efficiency silico August. 2,
Both the Synod of Toronto aud llie
Methodist body in that city ait
blamed for sending out disturbing
emanations calculated to arouse sectarian prejudice without throwing
light tm the question at  Issue     ,
These art* given as samples of tht1
headlini-s in which tlie Synod's indiscretions wen- shown "An- lhe Dt>
trees of Home "* Rule in Canada?"
"Rome Can Destroy Matrimony?";
'•Tin* Members of the Protestant Reformed Religion Have Rights" "What
Power is tu Settle Our Marrlago
Mr. Bwarl proceeds to show that
lhe present excltcmcnl was precipitated hy the Heberl case. But for
it, the promulgation of the Ne
Temere decree mlghl have attracted
little attention iu Canada or England. Protestant assemblies here
have associated tin- decree with the
case. They have Imagined that the
east* was an enforcement of the th-
Croc—tliat (he Pope issued a deem' iu
Rome, and that a Canadian court
had forthwith given elTccf to it in
Canada. For example, a resolution
of a Methodist meeting in Toronto
contained the following:
"We noli- with alarm that the
ground is taken hy tht- Romish j
church, and evidently hy tlie judge •
in the east* cited, that the N« Tcmeri*
decree of tin* Pope and College of!
Cardinals at Rome gives authority tu
the said church to subordinate Uncivil laws of the Province of t.uchce,
aud thus make null and void the authority oi tlif lieutenant-governor
under whose seal the marrlago was
performed." I
Ami it pastoral letter of tin* Anglican
House of Bishops (21 May, 19 LL)
contained lhe following: "Whereas,
the minds of many have been greatly
disturbed by a decision in the
courts ol the province ot Quebec
annulling a marriage between two
members of the Roman church, solemnized by one authorized hy the
state to officiate at marriages, and
by enforcement ot the decree known
as the Ne Temere decree by the
Bishop of Rome; ami "Whereas, we
believe- tin* said decision to in* rjon-
trnry to the Christian ideal of marriage, to involve grave mil injustice, and to be in its consequence
destructive to the home life of the
people." The writers of these sru-
t-onces, Mr. Ewarl says, mosl completely misapprehended ihc situation.
The To Temere decree had no mure
to do with the Heberl ease than
had the Turco-Itnllan war. l.ct mc
make this perfectly clear tit is a
simple task), and afterwards endeavor to explain, with such precision as
I can, what the effcel of the decree
really is.
Heberl v. Clouatre: Two points
were involved iu tin* division, namely:
I According tn the law ol Quebec,
a Protestant minister cannot marry
two Roman catholics.
'2. According to the law ol Quebec,
the validity of a marriage contract
between two Roman Catholics must
be divided hy the Roman Catholic
Ecclesiastical courts and not hy the
civil courts.
That the. No,Temere decree had no
relation to, or influence upon the Hc-
bert ease, results very indisputably
from the fact that the decree came
into existence in 1907, whereas the
1.wo poinls involved in the ea«e have
lieen discussed in a long series of
similar casts dating back at least
sixty years, and very probably to a
very much earlier period, I might
content myself with a mere slate-
merit of that fact; but perhaps n
lew words In explanation of oaotl ut
the points of the case may not he
without interest.
Tho (Imt uf     them is one of purely
Cold sores,     chapped hands, ulcers,
and winter eczema ure common
troubles just now, and for all these
Zam-Buk will he found the surest
autl quickest remedy. Sometimes
cold sores arise from chilblains on
the toes or lingers, and in, the former
ease, where colored socks are worn,
there is a danger of blood-poisoning
from the dye, Zam-Buk being so
powerfully antiseptic removes the
danger as soon as applied and quickly
Mr. w.   .1. llalliday, of Ash Grove,
(int., says: "I   had   my   little linger
frozen, and   it   cracked at the
joint, causing a had
charged  freely
The     pa
which dis-
would   not heal,
was very   had,   ami   the
Ituk. i
\ ci v .■-
hand hecam
7.» in-
had shape.
friend advised me 1
md    I soon     found
ias altogether different
ial ion [ had ever tried.
slioit     time  ll   healed tl;
s I.illir May. of Stoucy
says: "A few weeks since, sev-
nasty, disfiguring cold sores suddenly broke out on my lips, which
became much swollen. Seeing my
condition, a friend advised me to
try Zam-Buk and leave all other preparations aside. This 1 did, and
was much pleased, after a few applications of this haltn, to see every
ue healed."
Zam-Buk will also he found a sure
ire for eczema, blood poison, vari-
ise sores,     piles, scalp   sores, ring-
In one, the wife may
gel her "thirds," und tho husband
his "curtsey," in another there mny
lie a sort of property partnership,
and so on. Ami those arrangements
an* the results of the fact of marriage—they are lis civil effects; while
the marriage itself is a religious act.
The distinction is simple.
Some uld cases have been interjected into the dispute. The viewi of
tin* Roman Catholic church however,
remains unaltered. K still regards
marriage as a sacrament and a majority of Qtiobec judges would decline
to declare whether or not fwo!
Roman Catholics were husband and
speaking very deferentially, I !«•-
lieve that the functions ot the Quebec
civil courts are not thus limited,
and tliat in a province in which ah
religious arc, frum a legal standpoint
equal, the majority view is not only
anomalous in theory, hut Impracticable iu operation.
Very clearly, the courts must have
jurisdiction in eases which the parties
do not belong tu any church. Por if
not, the validity of such a marriage
cannot be investigated at all.
Mr. Ewart holds that the
judgmeats ut the courts themselves
show that the Quebec judges must
have jurisdiction iu all eases except
thoso in which the interested parties
are Roman Catholics. Thus tlie conclusion is arrived at that il in that
special class of cases, the Quebec
courts have no jurisdiction it mU3t
bo because of some very special position occupied by tlie Roman Catholic
church.      But it has no special posi-
8IR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -  $8,000,000
Tha Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every facility
for the transaction of their banking* business including the discount and
collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes are supplied free of charge
on application.
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank of
Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same careful
attention n*J is given to all other departments of the Bank's business.
Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as satisfactorily as
by a personal visit to the Batik. A231
rt. T.Brymner, manager Cranbrook, B.C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never (nils. These
pills nro L'xccutlitiKlv jmwerfu! In regulating Hie
generative portion »f tlie lemaie system. Kefuse
all cheap imitations. Dr. de van's are sold at
IB a box, or tliree fnr till. Matted to any address.
The Scobell Drug Co,. St. Catharines. Ont
For sole at  Himtie,  Murphy &  Cu.,
Oppoaite O.P.K. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     ()'*.T    A
iiliuiiiiil puffins', babies' crap-'lion In lliis respect.    It is his  view
linns iiiiil cl
Iii niscs, nm!
1   sk
places, cuts
Injuries ge
All ilriiggl.
box, III   |IO!
Is   11
ll Ire
1 -stores sell
Irom Zam-H
at 50c.
uk Co.,
Toronto, ni
fuse    harm
nm 1
fill   i
■ -11>t of   pun
nations and
*.     Ile-
1 se also
III.       Ilesl
lor 1
uk   Soap, 2;
hy'.s tender
Ic. tab-
legal character: "Can Roman Catholics (nol (-iin Protestants, ami not
run a Roman Catholic* and a Protestant; Imi ran Roman Catholics) he
legally married otherwise than hy a
Roman Catholic priest?" Tho answer
depends not upon the terms of any
decree—papal or other—but upon tho
proper interpretation uf an uld Quo-
hec statute. Long technical arguments can ht* urged in support of
each side of the question and the
((iicbcc Judges hold different opinions.
I shall not attempt an examination
of the     merits     of    the
that the Quebec courts have Jurisdiction to decide the quest ion     uf     the
validity of marriage that nu distinc-
lious can he made between eases     in
whieh Roman Catholics are interested and those in which they are not.
j    As   to   the  No Temere   decree the
Roman Catholic church does not pre-
j tend it affects the civil status ol the
parties   concerned.      The    principal
! clause of the   Nc Temere decree has,
' substantially, been in force as Roman
i Catholic ecclesiastical law for    more
than 150 years.
■ (a). The only change effected hy
the decree, was to extend the application of the rule to the case of
mixed marriages. Since the decree,
a mixed marriage is, in the view i,(
the Roman Catholic church, invalid,
unless solemnized by a Roman Catholic priest.
(b).   But the   view ol the   Roman
Catholic    church   has no more effect
inlllctlne upon llle e'vil vau,Mt>' o(  *hc    mar"
..„,.. .       .        .     lingo, than   has   the view    ot      the
opinions.      I here is ninth       lo      be
saitl    upon both     sides of (ho    question, and    I have not fullv considered,     .. ..  ,        .....   ..        ,,„„
1    If it be said that   the validity     of
mixed marriages ought not to be re-
fcr red fur decision to the Roman
Catholic ecclesiastical courts, the
sufficient reply is, that no such
question over has been so referred;
that it is extremely improbable "hat
such a question ever will be so referred; aud that present objection and
ii.     All that I have to say is    that
if   the view ot the statute upheld     in
the Hebert case is wrong, the remedy
is an appeal to a higher court; and if
that    view    is right,     then, Roman
Catholics    desiring    to bc   married
must obey the     law so Iun-; as       it
stands unchanged.    Ought it to    be
changed?        Certainly,    if   Roman      .    . ...
,, ,,  ,. .   . ,, ,  ,      ,    ,,  agitation are, therefore, premature.
Catholics so desire.     But 1    should *
think     thai     inasmuch a*      Roman :.-,—-    " .
Catholics  appear to be perfectly sat-1   WAN TED.-A competent m
istie.1 with   it, ami Inasmuch as Pro- °"ce;     App|y       to     Mw
tcstants  cannot be in   the least    affected by it, nu Protestant ought  to | AAAAAAA^AAJ-AAA^J.       ^AA
expect to accomplish very much    by   ^••••♦••••••♦••••••♦*J
agitation against it. I
The Quebec judges hold opposite
opinions, also, upon the second point
Involved iu the Hebert case, namely,
tin* jurisdiction of the civil court
to divide upon the validity of a
marriage contract between two Roman Catholics. I
, Tu understand the Roman Catholic
.view wo musl distinguish sharply lu*
t with marriage antl tlie eivll effects
of marriage. The Roman Catholic
church declares that marriage is o
sacrament; and ihat the church alone
ean deal wilh it. As tu the legal ni
civil effects of marriage, the church
makes no pronouncement. They arc
'clearly within the scope ut the civil
.law, and in no two  countries is  the
T nm prepared lo feeil
a liiiiitcil number of
Imrsi's nml cuttle for the
winter muni lm.
For particulars apply
P. O. Box 18
^^^^^^^^^        4fl-5i*>
& COLDS »*—*•
Mathieu's Syrup
»t   int  mm** 1MB IJv.Tr Oil
tint only stops u cntigh hut cures
it. Its tonic and restorative
properties enable the system tn
permanently throw off ■ cold.
35c for large bottle.
Sold everywhere.
1    >.    "ITMimi  Cf*    rm* PNKMMnOII
of TAR   &
^^^^^  Distributors (or Western Canada ^^^^^
Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Scikaloon
Have 11 very line assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
Ail trees ottered for sale are grown in our own nurseries on
tliu Coldstream Estate
V. D. CURRV, General Agent
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlie Shoe Specialist
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Day I'lione 283 Night I'lione :I50
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Prescribed and recommended for women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result fiom their use is quick and
permanent. Kor Rale nt all drug
•stores. Il-toUelfi
Provenzano Bros.
General Merohanta
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
P.O. BOX 194 MOM 144
************** 44444444449999
********************** ********
Imperial Bank ol Canada
I). R. WII.KIK. .'resident.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINUS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of fl.UO and
upwards received aud interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: 9. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
It yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing  send
it to
Special prices lor family work.
The P1TNER Lights
Are the Bt'Rt GiiBolinc Lights in
the World. Headquarters for
this Province
The PITNER Light Co., Nelson, B.C,
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Room, with Until..   'Phone in
every room
Burlier Shop on the iiremiaea.
Thorunujily np-to-,iate.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
OKO. P. WEIJ.8, Proprietor
B. TO.MK1N, Manager
Builder and
' |   St'ptir Tanks and Concrete
i > Work KOnorallj a
'' specialty.
Estimates   Freely  Qivcn.
P.O. Box 346
Cranbrook, B.C.
| A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook'' is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault bas made for un
ideal borne at the
1 Canadian Hotel
*S     Til i- tw
*     Columbian     »
« »
D in u guaranteed pulley. Tliat is, £
ji satisfaction in guaranteed in every **.
-, respect.   The -
t Nelson Iron Works J
4} IIMITID       (j,
^ Ua. an ever increasing .lock. -
„ Writ, them lor particular.. -
KOR SALE.-A pair ot good
shafts; almost new. Apply Box 5,
Herald office. 47-tl*
Low Round Tilp llaieato
Tleketoon sale
'mini to return within three
Ticket.*, it-micd in connection
with Atlantic 8teamt*hi|-H will bo
on sale from NOV. 10th to DEO.
Hint, inetnrive, and Untiled tu live
monlliH from ditto ol iet-ue.
Flueit Kt]>)ipment, Standard
First Chiai ami Tourist Sleeping
Can, Dining Cars uu all thtotigh
trains.        _
Compartment— Library— Observation Car on "Imperial
Apply to nearest C IMI. Agent
for lull information, or
Distrlet Paiaonger Agent.
Calgary, Alia.
that the above mentioned Emma M.
Livingstone has tiled a petition to
the judge of this court, being the
County Court of the County in whieh
the land in question is situate, for a
declaration that she is entitled to receive a lease of such laml under the
Coal Mines Act and Amending Acts,
which said land is situate on
tbo Flathead River In the District ol
East Kootenay and is described ns
Commencing at a post plnnlcd at
I the northeast corner of the Mrs. E.
M. Livingstone claim ut or near tho
south-east corner of the Catherine
Good claim, theme south 811 chains,
thence west 80 eliains, tliencc ninth
| Kll chairs, thence east 80 chains to
tbe place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or lest.
tliat His Honor Peter Edmund Wilson
Judge ot the said court, hy order
dated the 10th day 11 November,
1011, has ordered tbat any person
having any objection to the prayer
of said petition lieing granted Mull
on or before the 10th day ot January, 1913, file with the Registrar of
said Court at Cranbrook, B.C., a notice of such objection ami shall nt
the same time serve a demand in
writing upon the petitioner or her
Solicitor for a copy of the Bald petition and the affidavit verifying tbe
same, and shall within eight days
after the service of said petition, file
and deliver a reply thereto, with
leave given to alt parties to further
And the said judge has further ordered    Ihat a    copy of said petition
(I'l'ltt.IHIIKI) ANNt7At.LV)
Enable** trailers throughout the world
to communicate direct with Knglish
in each rlui***** of goottt*. Ueriiles being
a complete commercial guide to London ami its BiihurliH, the directory
contains lists of
with   tlie  t.i.ii.li   tliey ship, and   the
Colonial  and   Foreign   Markets  they
nrtnngeil under the Ports to which they
sail, ami indicating the approximate
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc.,in the principal provincial towns
and industrial centres ot tlie United
A copy of the current edition will he
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Order for 20s.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise their trade cards for 'JOs., or largie
advertisements from *10h.
The London Directory Co., Ud.
25 Abchurch Use, Losdat, B.C.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a nevTand
A modern equipped Oafe at moderate
Bates tl.iKhtiiil up per day
Coiiin nf Unwind St. nml Finn! Ave.
Our lui- meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
moral KToiis
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
anil affidavit shall Im llellvcrod In
any party nn a|i|ilk-atlfln toiim intuit!
in writinj! In Ihc iK'titlnnrr nr tirr
Anil Hie Bald Judge hn. lurllirr ar
tliTnl Unit Dtp snlil iH'liltnn should
lie lii'iinl nt llm Court House, ('ran
hionk, B.C., on tlw 12th day nl February, 1M2, at tho hour nl 10.30
o'olook in Ihc Inronoon, local time.
Ihilod this 10th day ol Novtimlfr,
This notice was issued hy George
Herbert Thompson, whose address Inr
service Is Held lilnck, Maker Street,
Cranbrook, M.C., Solicitor lor the
petitioner, who resides at Craubrook, U.C..
0. W. F. Carter,
lleglstrar ol Uie County    Court    ol
Kast Koolenay    Holder, at Crnnbrook. 4'i fit
The i,eiiiliii)i Buaincas College
of the Northwest
Where young people can receive
u tliorouj-li business training.
I. in session twelve months in
the year.
No entrance examinations.
■ Board and room nt very reasonable rates.
We secure position, lor our
Our new beautifully itlnstraleil
catalogue sent free upon request.
Write for it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lst.v. Madison     - *J SPOKANE
If yon come to
me for treat meat,
expeet ta hf
cund. If others
bavefalled expret
nu* to liin* joii
I'lilr-**. 1 know
tlml I cuu cur.*
.vmi I will not nc*
M*l*t your fiinf,
and hi every in*
Mt ii int- I ti-fnt hy
my own or initial
H-i vhiu'-'iI and
»elan tl flu im'-
I bods.
Spermstorrhoes, Orfiik Wcikicii,
Lost Vigor, Varicocele. Hydrocele. Cm**
traded Disorders, Specific Blood Polsot,
Piles an-I   Slrictirn— restoring   all
aftYi'inl i» -innt. liHiiirniiil mnl lieitllliy
•irtiitn in the (•liorte&i po-t-jilili1 space
of time.
*'■•' nil tlie Itirnis ul lliavnaea of M,'ii.
Consultation andInatrnetiv. Imukl^i in.
at offlea or Iiy mull
Soiling onr Roirsnltcd lo five
isllsfiriloa slock. Free onl lil.
Caili weekly. Kicluilva lorrl
Toppetitili. WaoH,
notice; is   hereby given
(hat thirty iliiv;; afler. data I inteii-l
to apply to tin; lion. Chid Commissioner nf (.anils and Wnrkf (or a
liconso fo prospect Inr eoal ami pel
roleum on the following lamls situate
in tlie District ot Southeast Koo-
teiinv, Itritl.sh Columbia, in Hloek
Commencing at a post planted at
nnd ln'ini; the N. \V. corner post ol
tho Join Virgo claim; thenco running
8(1 chains south; thenco oast ku
or near 2 miles or 160 chalr.s cast of
tho X. V,. corner post ot I.i t 1683
chains; thence north K0 chains; thenco
west RO chains to a point ol commencement, making 010 acres, more
or less.
Located this 28th day ot October,
.lohn Virgo, Locator.
llaptlite N Lamerlcuf
his mark. 41-St SECTION
*j*™  ^»
(From the Via).
Satan was at one time n mail.
Later In* evolved Into an ntigol anil
dwelt in Paradise.
There must have been n time when
he was worth) of trust and affection,
otherwise tin* Almlghl) would never
have allowed him In eulcr Heaven,
Hut Satan was of n peculiar ills
Ile hati llu* ''artistic tempcm-
meiil," which is to say, he was
moody, Irritable, fault-finding, nlso he
was idle.
lie smoked clgarotlos ami much ol
the time was full of dope and booze.
Instead of trying to remedy tin*
ura' points of Paradise, he merely
pointed them onl and harangued
about them to all wlm would listen.
Antl Satan still Hilda mischief for
itlle bauds to do. It wns the same
then: Satan would neither tunc
harps, launder llu* lobes, nor polish
tbe pavement, which was made af
gold and precious stones.
It too-' a lot of labor ami a deal
of skill to set the pavtng-stones, hui
while the workers wero nt it, Satan
would sit on the curb ant! make
sport of them.
When tho Almighty came .around to
see how things were getting along,
Satan would whisper unkind things
about Him after He had passed,
and kick about how severe He was in
The Almighty warned Satan Irom
time to time to get busy, but his
answer was, '-I am!"
"•Sure enough," replied the Almighty, "but ut. the wrong thing."
They tried lo got Satan to lead
the Choral Society and break in the
new arrivals, some of whom sang
slightly ofl key.
"I teach those jays? Why, they
have no voice—they only have a
disease. You should never have let
them in—what this place needs is a
new gatekeeper who has nerve with
him, and can direct lhe wr.ng applicant where to ro' No, I'll n■■>. Kail
your orehestri**, any any .v.;.*, I am
drilling a little class of i.v; [••An ... *l
have no time; 1 am orgaiUtng nn
Anvil Chorus."
It was no use—Satan would not do
what he was told. He always knew
a better way. and he sneered it
every plan for a Heavenly betterment that he did not himself suggest.
And he suggested precious few, ami
these he could not carry out.
There was only one thing that Interested him, ami that was the Anvil
When the saints gang Hallelujahs,
Satan would start up bis favorite Instrument and pound. He wasn't
Industrious In anything bul knocking.
Finally he had gotten ao many
people believing thai iln- anvil was
reallj sweeter than the harp, that
thr Almfghtj lost patience.
\mi when 11 was discovered that
Ratan bad started .» factor} lo make
Grand Prize
at A. Y. P.fc:
Seattle, 1909
hammer-handles,   the Almighty dcold- legal representatives.    For a slightly
ed lo lire him bodily. Increased payment the annuity would
So the word was passed along, antl be guaranteed for ten years certain,
tlio saints quietly tucked their robes or for life whichever should Ik* the
ul their belts and made a rush for .longer. Everyone should apply tor
Mi. Sal uu ami his band of Knockers. Information iu regard in this most
It was soon over, Satan was shot j provident system of saving—a system
oui of Heaven lilt* a rubber hall from, which if adopted will bring as its ro-
a vaudeville caution. want an    old age of comfort, happl-
Milion says he fell rm three weeks!,, ness antl dignity, Literature descriptive id Its features, and tables
showing Hit- cost on different plans,
maj In- obtained al the post ofllce 01
i*ii application to the Superintendent
of Annuities, Ottawa, to whom letters go free of postage
Last spring a brief neltclo on Lhe
^Canadian Kice Library for the Blind
appeared in these columns. In that
article- it was stated thai, the library, then nt Maikham, Out., was to
be removed to Toronto. The removal has since taken place, and the
C.F.L.B. now occupies quarters at.
105 Annette St., Toronto, Ont.
The Canadian Free Library tor the
liliud is attempting to reach und
benefit all the blind of Canada, but It
is encountering serious obstacles) iu
lhe realization of this hope from the
difficulty ot securing names and    ad-
Tit * Housewife says:
"1 Icow llul nn»*h<*f matin-.- * i m piv**
• u \ tl  ful ..   ! Itcil'titul ih.,' a*
Giniiau's $15 M?trrc3sDeLuxe
Uvaiise ih in ».n..f.:it*l>'r ll 11 i ,- .
la ilrt-p a'-. I i ■ d * I aft-; .-■
li**m*- an.! vm •->• *li c i i ttfialmi .ml
. Tun. ,1 in I1 <* n -ruin ■ !' ' u \
ilumim 0M I ■' ••■<•'* •• ■ .|H.iabk* to
fi.,1 m M«I«uUl a MttMh It*
i«l«mly t»..it!t many linn* llu* $15
you payljf it."
It is the desire of the C.F.L.B.
establish a printing department for
the purpose of printing Canadian
texts iu embossed type for tbe use of.
the Canadian blind. There is at pre-
sent no such establishment in Canada, with the result tbat Canadian
literature is practically unavailable
i our sightless citi/ens. Thirty
bousand dollars are required to scare n sufficient income to make the
plan feasible. Less ihan a
thousand ol this amount is nt present in the treasury ot the C.F.L.B.
The library asks tbe Canadian people
this Christmas to help it to realize
this plan so worthy of assistance.
We *ll ike Cat: «'• Mattlf ■ |V I ..*,-
',+*'*, I •f*   Iti   Ti'-k-t   "■ill  1,4. k    tl  it Willi   ■
$l,0«K) giiiftNtcc tli i ib • h'l-r mottnW
and rotilvnt MON MRJ (WS cnllon dnnl!?-
nott wjjely *m|v«i..'<*xI $' *» tn *»'*■*% in Amu
tc*.   h'atoldont '■• BidhsfmbUlindfull
purckaae jprir« t.-fumtl if not up to oui
cUitnt. TneC4.*nnn ; roieX* ol in!-*iwe.i\i.y
lhe f("llo« into n-ne |,,ryr fluffy Uyen mate
il *M only lhe mott rrmfoiutik, but too tiioil
•Mrtaty oitltte-M mmic.
The Cranbrook Exchange
Armslrong Avenue
Agi-i.ts for
Interest iu bowling has Increased
at the V.M.C.A. alleys during the
past week. The prizes for high
scores have not arrived but are
peeled soon. Muring the week single
string high scores were as follows:
Toot, '2:12; Myers, 223; Cttsh, *221,
Stephens, 21!)* Three string highs
were Myers 562; Teet, 574.
I   In the league contests better scores
illy Fred Roo).
A  mass Hurt inn was held 111    Klki
Tiii-iilay nlghl  under the auspice,   o
tlie   Elko    Conservative association
tt discuss matters of
thi' liusiiii-ss interests
town mi ihr Crow.
if the    li
Inlorni mi
dresses ol those without sight, from m l>cillS niwk*.      Following is    the
lhe   necessity nl canvassing Inr liuids 8H*n*Hni? ol   the teams and      games
lo   dclray   Ihe expenses   cl mainlen- Pl«#"**":
aiicc.      The   hoard ol    niauiigemelit 	
therefore requests all readers nl this' Won.      Lost.
Journal   who    arc acquainted    with Maker si. South
blind persons noi now enjoying    the Tigers 	
benefits   of the library, to send       in C.P.R. Simps ...
such names and addresses to the sec- Ramblers 	
retary, S. C.    Bwitt, M.A., a Wash- C.P.R. Olliee 	
inglen   Ave., Toronto,   Onl. It  also Block 88 	
makes   a   direct appeal to the gener- Sharks 	
oils    Canadian public   to contribute, Professionals
at this jnynus season,    some    small .
portion nl the wealth wilh which   it    THIERS VS. PROFESSION U.N
has   been    blessed    during the past '
year.    All contributions should     be
senl to   Ihe    treasurer,   B. W. Iler-
iiinn, Esc . .17 llalniule St., Toronto, 	
Ont. I liosslt*'r
1 Barber .
December 7th
0 raves
1311— 3811
130— 3SH
116— III)
118- 137
125- IHI
1138   705   055   2018
... 110
. 80
lill— 395
80- 200
126- 432
132- 307
109— 303
Leather collar boxes $1.
5*62   683   572-1827
Friday, December 8th.
Phillips    157 181 123- Ull
('line  138 151 101- 300
Taylir 108 87 108- 3113
Mali 137 115 148- IQO
Topham  Ill 170 177— 191
■ -Tliere Is nothing more admirable
thnn thrift, nml there is nothing
more pitiable loan when ibe accumulations ol thrill are pocketed by the,
rapacious harpies who prey upon the
small investor," says the Etonomtst
i ng
it is therefore not onl) itosirable.
imt n Is absolutelj necessar) thai we
shonltl have iOme plan ol investnu-nl
under which trc mat by putting aside
from week lo week or month to
month n ix >ii ton ot om earnings
make provision againsl tbe '* rainy
■i.u. ' and this plan is afforded by
iii- Canadian Qovermnent'a Annuities
tct, which was approved by members ot both houses of parliament,
Tbe benefits to be derived from the
purchase ol a gowtwneni annuity as
a meant ol making provision (or old
age are, it maj be stM, fni more
bountiful than those \\huh mav be
derived from anv other safe Investment, and fai greater than tbe
peopti have am Idea, nf, simply for
■iV reason thai with, every paymenl
<<( annuit. Is returned a portion of
the    purchase mono) togethei    with
■.' ii nd interest at  i per cent     if
tin* annuitant Hens tin* average nun>
bet "i yean he mi) be Mtpeotud bo
live iccordtnf to mortality oiper-
i ■ in- will receive back all that he
paid   Hi  as well  as  the intelest   tliere-
on, Dul this is not nil. fot should
lie sum ite this expectation the annuity w'H nol tease, 1ml will go on
unlil his death. It seems pnradn\i-
• al lhal a man can use bis principal
without his income becoming less,
hut this is made possible under tbe
Annuities System.
The age nt five is tbe earliest ago
at which payments for the purchase
ol nr annuity may Ih* begun, and the
age of 55 has been fixed as tlie earliest age at which, except for invalidity or disability, nn annuity may
begin, hut (he longer It is deferred
tbi larger, of course, will be the
amount received. Kor example, the
piiyiticnl of SI a week by a man
25 iinlll he Is .Vi. wmiM give hlm
an Rimulty from tbe latter age        of
S9M.M, payable quarterly- while II
be continued paying until he was BO,
his    annuity   would be   V'.i: :iii      In
Maker St.
! Johnston
1(14- tl!l
178- 475
157— 161
135— 520
207— 126
^^^^^^^^^^^ many friends
and whal few enemies wc may haw
that out site throat is much bel'ter
and WO are gosh darned thankful we
wasn't born a giraffe.
Tin- Christians anil Devils will
meet Thursdnj night to consider
what color the church should In*
['ink leas and purple whiskies mi
all the rage these days, and society
notes are begging publicity,
Prank Worth ington and Lester
Clapp lefl lor ihc south fork Monday morning on a big game bunt.
Dig game hunters got over two
hundred and fifty deer at Klko lliis
fall. This does no) Include the
deer laken out by the * several
hands of Indians from Tobacco
Plains, Kort Steele nml Kalispcll.
A company has been formed in Cal
gary to "float" un airship.
We are frank to say wi* have ui
golf links or curling clubs to cultivate the appetite and weary llie sob'
at present in 'Klko, bill we have oth-
iliings equally exhausting, if needed
lo make your life a burden, notaiily
packing deer mil of Iln* .south fork,
unloading big tumps of (iall coal
(thanks to the manager of the North
Star Lumber company) ami munching
boneless oranges from Flagstone,
the town everybody is talking
The Ancient Order of Sour-Doughs
held their annual Mulligan at Gate-
Way December Oth in lho I lay diggers
hall, followed by a dame Report
rays the Mulligan was thai itiwU
you couldn't slick your fork in tbe
Young Collier, who was trying to
fill the position of night operator .it
Klko and tin-horn sport left for the
United states, having behind him
universal respect aud among some of
us the sad sense of heavy personal
Teddy Mills (tbe Jester) is registered at the Columbia hotel.
New laid eggs are sixty cents per
dozen in Elko.
Frank Dickinson, mayor of Jgffray,
Oeorge Mead, rf Creston, and some
friends from the west broughl in six.
teen deer from   the south fork.
If you feel that yon must hav*
this Christmas something besides
good spring water, and ginger beer
fails to relieve that tired feeling,
drink buttermilk, if never changes.
The hunting season will soon      be
over.        It's lieen a    big boom        In
this     fall and the merchants
lift!)   731  869—230*
December llth
Itev.  Dunham      140   111
.1. Cush
Kilby     ...
McOallurn .
150- (35
159- 101
109— SRI
UJ- 308
ti!t8   ti23   tilfl-lfttO
117- 156
135— 360
103- 335
156- 152
ion— 3o:
012 703 650—1996
. Dec
!, 18th,
I'.l-.lt. Slmps-
173- Ml
170- 181
121- 185
1 IK
200— IIII
Ul- 112
1*0— 415
123- 110
Tin mi psi»ii	
143- 132
110— 305
149- 122
and liverymen have had a good time
closing in on the long green.
Jim Taylor, transportation manager for the Birnle Contracting company, is having some great experiences with his pack trains over the
mountain passes, packing out dacr
for big game hunters. He jumps into the work like a chicken Into a
dough dish.
It's possible that a special train
will run from Klko to Cranbrook for
the Trainmen's ball.
Delhi, India, Dec. ia.-KJng Oeorgo
Vi and his consort Queen Mary were
today proclaimed Kmperor and Km-
pies*. of India, Tne culminating
act »( the Knglish monarchs accession to tlie throne of his vast Indian
dominions took place amid a seen:
which for richners of color and
magnificence of decorations probahH
has never been surpassed in modern
times. The crowning was followed
by an act of generosity on the King
Emperor's pari, of which a slight
hint hail at read) been given. Tbs
Viceroy proclaimed that lho King-
Kmpcroi was to donate a large sum
of money to promote popular education and that further handsome gifts
wi uld be made.
Gibraltar, Dec. 13 -Shipwrecked oil
i desolate coast, lowered into a
of small boat by sailors and then can-
si/ed among the breakers and rescued
Irom drowning hy the efforts of the
boat crew, while one of her daughters
was swept away and was saved by a
  British  tar   just    as she was disap-
lU«r ease, it be died before the date pearlrtg, was the experience today of
lived for the annuity to begin all bis PrinecM l.miise Victoria, princess
pmmenls wilb compound intcicst al royal of Great llrllaln and Ireland
3 per cent Would bt* refunded to    Li* ■ ami aunt ol king tleorge V.
One of the liveliest civic    elections
in    the  history   uf     Lethbridge took |
place    on Tuesday,   resulting In '■
M. Hatch   being elected mayor, wbfloj
Messrs.   Adams,     Skcith, William,oi
and Ami wore elected lo fill tlie aid
crmanic vacancies.
The birth rate for Knglaml am
Wales, the lowest on,record for the]
tliiid quarter of the year since the
Dstabllshmenl of civil registration, is
recorded in the returns recently Issued by the registrar-general for llie
Ihinl quarter of this year. In the
I'niled Kingdom 377,05*5 births and
178,105 deaths were registered in thu
quarter, the natural Increase in population being tltcreforc 10-1,560. Thu
birthrate was 21.3 per thousand, and
lhe death rate 15.2 per thousand of
the estimated population (45,311,078)
The births registered In Knglaml and
Wales numbered 222.601, or 2-1.4 per
thousand of the estimated population
(36,168,750), this figure being 2.!» per
thousand below the mean rate'for the
ten preceding third quaetcrs of the
year, and the lowest on record for
any third quarter since civil registration began. The deaths registered
in Knglaml and Wales numbered 110,-
9.»6, or 15.5 per thousand, this rate
being 1.7 per thousand above tbo
mean rale m the ten preceding third
that thirty days alter   date I Intern I j
to apply to the.  Hon   Chief Comtnis-I
sioner   of Lauds    and   Work*   for a
license to   prospect for coal and pel
roleum on Ibc following lands situalc
in    the   District  of Southeast Koo-j
tenav,   Hritish   Columbia, in    Hloek
Commencing at a post planted a!
and being the N. W. corner post ofl
lho .lohn Virgii claim; tliencc running
80 chains south; thenee east 80
or near 2 miles or 160 chair.s east ot
the N. K. corner post ol Lot 1663
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence!
west K0 chains to a point of commencement, making Old aires, moult r less.
Located this   28th day of October,
.John Virgo, Locator,
llaptiste N Lamcricux
his mark. 46-5t
The greatest kind of Christmas present—
the greatest Christmas present of its kind, the
Edison Phonograph
a gift for ALL the family, a gift for ALL
the year, and for ALL the years to come
Think iif the money that U thrown iwayontrlflct at Chriittmi time—thecindy
tliat i*. eaten, the tojn that arc broken, ihc Cbrlitmu curds that arc- merely
glanced at and thrown away. What have you to ihow for last year'i Christina*.?
Now think of the Edison Phonograph—the gift of a lifetime, thai bringi to
every member of yi mr family all of tlie ver v kind of entertainment «*Vt h prefers—
not merely fnr a day or a yea.-, Imt for *ihu%s. That'< -.<.ti.it nukes the Bditon
the great-'***, kind of gift. The Edison hrir-jt you the four great advantlgtl
which you should look for in a tound-fepfodw Ing instrument, ami which yon
will lind only in the Edbon-*-eaacU) the right i neof tound for yow home*
tltenpphfre rcprodudng-polnt, whichdoeanot icratchor wear the recordiand
lasts forever—no changing of needle*; Amberol Records, which play twice Si
long as the firdinar*.'record!, rendering eat hmnn-oviiiom Hnpletely, the ability
*- ' d reprodWe your own records, in your owit home, lust at ti e to lite u
' '       lal-oratory. That** what nuke*, the Edison Phonograph
make a
the rccordi made
the (*;re.ite>t gift of its kind, j	
There are Kdlaon deaten eterrwiiere. Go t.« ilie aeanst ai .1
hoar tin* Bdlaon Pboaompti pUy tv-th Bditu suiuUut »t«t
t.-ii-.Ti .*\ i ii infill Reoaraa, tiet conpleta ataloas from v»*ur
dealer or from lu. Bdlaon rhun.>«r-tpiiv sis.so ■ ■ 12*0.00.
h>lj-ini Sliiinliinl K>v»til<<.40c. Hilton Ami. mi 11...".'.- ; i.,,
tw kca.i loiif Ktte. K<1. ..m Or jiid Oprra ll- - ■•' '■■ •»< '■ $2.SO.
100 UhMicU Av*«u*
Or «t.f«-, N. J. U.S. A.
ill bc l9e.m4 at
Beattie=Murphy Co., Limited. Agents
Cranbrook. B. C.
If you arc suffering from Eczema,
Psoriasis or any other kind of -skin
trouble, drop into our stcre for i;.-
stant relief. Wc wtl guarantee to
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We have sold other remedy for skin
(roubles, but none that we could
recommend more highly than the
well known compound of Oil ot Wln-
tergreen, Thymol and a few other
ingredients that have wrought such
wonderful cures all over tbe country.
This compound is known as D.D.D.
Prescription (or Kczcma and we know-
that the very first application will
cool and heal tlie itchy, burning skin
as nothing else can.
We know that D.D.D. Prescription
will bring relief. Either write the
D.D.D. Laboratories, Dept I'.Q,, (fi
I'olbourne St., Toronto, for a (ret
trial bottle, cr come in and see mi
ahcut it.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Ltd
Xmas Goods On Sale! S
Tliia in a rur.- u-jportunity
ralnable Christmas moj.
to buy beautiful
at exceptionally
Finding an Overstock in Many Lines
I Imve ileciilwl to viive the public Christinas  iiftr-
gaius on Christina, liood. before Christmas
Sale Lasts Until January 1st
All Millinery, Costumes, Gown*, Coats, tlie whole
strx*k. many beautiful tfifts for tlie Laiiiee
All Fancy Good* ami Small Wares bare lweu «•-
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Big Stock of Art Goods in Burnt Wood M'ill Bv
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[♦MMW»*)MMM»OHItMMMM»MMM»M*M ♦»»•»•♦♦♦•♦>»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
Hon. Hugh John Macdonald hv
been appointed to the ofllce ol police
migistrate <if Winnipeg to succeed
.Judge I) M. Walker, who bas tendered hia rt'signaiinii. The new police
magistrate has taken an important
part in politics fur many years and
haK Imvii a member of the bar since
West nl Ihc Cascades there were
8!H timber llooneea issued during
November, the 1ntal revenue betn|
1184,437.50; fm* lands east of the
Cascades there were 27R licenses ls<
sued, the revenue being til.tV.
Transfer fm* Special fees amounted to
$4,225 and penalties (1,250. Coal
prospecting licenses issued during the
month nl November ami transfer (■•cs
netted Uie govrruiiiviit $HW,7&7.«0
Model Variety Store
Will Open for Business Sa urday December 16, at 9 a. m.
IN BEALE & ELWBLL'S OLD STAND. Will a Complete Line of
T* — -.— ,  Mechanical Toys ol All Kindt. Including Train.. I'rums. Saw Miils. Anlot,
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Every Deaorlption.
r\nllc*   **'or liirls ol All A|n*a, llr.'^a, ,|. I'mlri'ssiil, Kill Italics. Bleeping llolls.  in fact
1/UllS.     Evorytliiini In the Dull Line.
Y_«a_      R/iaI/c   ' 'f All Kintls nml iJifscriptioiis,
AUlaS     DUUKS     for Children of All Age*.
ffan/llAC   •     Creams. Cliocoliit.s. Kisses. Mixed, IMaple Cn-ania. Choice Assortment
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Crnnbrook,   11. C.
************************************* THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
'T'HE "HERALD" is first, last, and all
the time working for the best interests
of Cranbrook City and Cranbrook District.
It wants your active co-operation.
Subscription price is $2.00, per annum.
If you so desire, "THE FARMER'S
MAGAZINE" will be sent you along with
the "Herald" for the same price — $2.00.
By E. Newton-Bungey, In M.A.P.
Mr. Stephen Maxwell Bald "Thanh
Heaven" when he waa told that tilt
wife find brought a hod Into the world (
He mill it emphatically but reverently,
for lie Imd prayed diligently tbat the
cli lid ink'hi he a boy.
"There'll lie a son again, after all,'
be murmured, "Maxwell ft Bon, estab
'llabed 1782, lather and rob all the
time. Itut I thought I waa going ta
be the litsi Maxwell to break the run."
' Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell had been mar
rled fifteen years without their union
having tu*' n blessed with children,
, though they had both longed for a
little one nf their own. Now Mr. Maxwell waa forty, and a son had been
born to hlm after lie had lost hope.
, "How pleased the uld dad would
have been," ba muttered. "He thought
there wouldn't be any more Maxwell
ft Bon after me."
A clever utialnesB man, Stephen Max*
welt had made of Maxwell & Son
more than half a dozen of his ancestor*
put together. When the buBlneBs had
come lulu his father's hands It had
been In very lu\v water, and ft was a
long time Improving, with the result
that Stephen Maxwell had been sent
to a free Hchnul, and taken away at the
earliest possible moment to work In
the llun ut a lower wage than any
other clerk.
However, the business was pulled
round, ami when the elder Maxwell
died, It was ijuite a flourishing concern. It hud gone on steadily improving under Stephen's guidance, though
all the wlille he was grieving secretly
at the loss ot the old name, for there
was no son. nor did there seem likely
to be one,
Ar the boy grew up, so Mr. Maxwell's business Increased by leaps nnd
bounds, for he had Heggle to work for
now. IU- meant the boy to have a
very different upbringing from his
own, and he sept him to an expensive
preparatory school, from thence to a
well-known public school, and even*
tually Reflle H'ent to Oxford.
Iteggle tlitl excellently at school and
college, and th« father's pride In his
son's siiceens was Indescribable.
He had it room specially furnished
at the Office, putting the very latest
convenleni'i-8 Into It, and making it as
comfortable ua possible . He told the
clerks It was to be known as "Mr.
Reginald's room." and that they were
to in-lit the son as they treated the
While RSfltS was at Oxford his
uncle died, leaving his only child, now
au orphan, In his brother's charge.
Alice MtUtWell was a quiet, good*
looking girl ui twenty when she came
to live with bar I'nclc Stephen, und
she speedily became like a daughtor
to .Mr. and Mrs, Maxwell.
Reggie CSma down from Oxford, mid
voted Alice n "Jolly good sort." When
be went up n*-:uln Ik> look her h'-nit
with hlm, though be did not know |i.
Alice Imd never met unyon-' qultfl
like Heggle. Ills public school and
college, cvst/L W »"4l » f **#* °"
hlm which made him different from
any other young men she met. He was
it handsome boy, too, and bad what
the Irish call "a way with him."
The girl gave her love unasked, and,
when she realized this, she resisted all
Reggie's attempts to flirt with ber. It
annoyed tbe undergraduate at first.
but presently he began to conceive a
new reBpcct for his pretty cousin.
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell were not
blind to the state af affairs, and It
pleased them highly, for Ihey desired
no one more than Alice for their son's
wife. Many a happy hour they passed
after Alice bad gone to bed, planning
for the young couple's future.
They ho|>ed they would live lu the
tame bouse; but. If not. Stephen Max*
well was unite prepared to buy a
house and furnish It for his boy, In
allelic Ion to tlie handsome salary he
intended to give him when he entered
tin* bustncBS.
"Perhaps they'll have a boy. wife,**
ha said, gleefully, and Maxwell and
Sun will keep on Into another generation."
Stephen Maxwell was over sixty
now. but be looked, acted and felt SS
though he were ten years younger.
Alice Maxwell counted the weeks
until the vacations came round and
broughl Heggle. She developed considerable during the two years following her father's death; her beauty
gaining her many admirers, but she
would dispense with them all but
* Why, Ally, you grow prettier story
'line I see you," said her cousin, when
he i ante down for bis last vacation
from Oxford.
The girl flushed a fiery crimson,
and her heart beat furiously at the
words. She was content to find approval Id Reggie's eyes. But he showed no signs of returning the love ahe
lavished on bim tn secret, and bar
heart grew heavy In these daya.
Reggie's career at Oxford waa S
series of triumphs. He had got s
double first and had scored a century
at Lord's against Cambridge, amongst
other honors, sending his father Into
transports of delight.
"I do hope you won't work him too
hard at the office, Steve," said Mrs.
"Bless your heart, wife, there won't
be an easier job at first under the sun.
But he'll want to work presently—It's
In our blood—and there'll be no holding him back."
"Mr. Reginald's room" was dusted
and aired every day now, ready for Its
tenant, and very often Mr. Maxwell
would steal Into It and gate round,
rubbing his hands and chuckling with
At length Reggie came down finally
from Oxford, and was told by bis father to have his fling for a month.
He obeyed readily, dining out and going to theatres nearly every night.
"I wish we saw more of our boy,"
said Mrs Maxwell one evening, her ex*
press Ion slightly worried.
"So wo Will wben he gets Into her-
," rejoined ber husband.
eh untied to himself a great deal
days, for he had n secret.   He
lered a motor which was to take
aad himself to the office and
■ If home every day.  Ugmeul
It to come as a great surprise to the
boy. snd he often pictured those Jour
ueys In Reggie's company.
One evening Reggie came down
dressed for a dinner at the Savoy,
when his father called to him from his
work-room. Reggie entered, bis tall
form clad In Immaculate evening dress
eoiitrastlng curiously with the little
man In bin somewhat shabby tweed
"What's the row, guv'nor? Mind my
smoking ?"
"Have one of mine, Reggie." exclaimed Mr. Maxwell eagerly, taking
down's box of cigars.
Reggie smiled In a slightly superior
"Thanks, guv.," he said, "but I pre*
fer my own. Car-rondel and I Import
them from Havana, you know."
"Lord Carrondel?" asked Stephen
Maxwell In lows ot awe.
"That's the boy," replied Reggie
cerelessly. "Hut what do you want me
"1 thought I'd Just tell you tbat your
month's holiday will lie up on Saturday, my boy."
Reggie frowned, and stared moodily
at the smoke of his cigar.
"Your room's all ready at Ihe office.
: you know."
j Mr. Maxwell begau to smile as be
wondered whether he should tell Reg-
] gle about the motor now; bul he decided to keep It as a glorious surprise
for Monday morning.
I "I've been meaning to speak to you
shout the business, guv'nor," began
Reggie slowly.
"What   ls   It. Reggie, want a bit
longer fling?" aaked Mr. Maxwell In
disappointed tones, for he bad been
looking forward ao much to Mondoy
' morning.
| "Pact Is," blurted out Reggie desper
' ately. "1 doa'r want to go Into the business at all."
I "Kh?" gasped bla rather.
i "I don't want to go Into trade. I
want to be In a profession," Reggie
went on. "What's the good of my getting a double first at Oxford If I'm to
be mewed up In s poky office all day?"
Mr. Maxwell gssed at his son. but
I no reply came to his lips. He felt aud*
tidily weary and broken. This was tbe
end of twenty-one years of hope. Hia
i face waa grey, hia throat full.
"1 want to read for th? Bar, guv'nor," said Reggie, still not daring to
meet his father's gate.
Mr. Maxw.tl gulped down the lump
I In his throat, and a sad little smile
crossed his (ace.
"The Bar. Reggie." he said slowly.
"You must tell me how to go about It."
Reggie was so amused that lis used
a term which hia friends would have
called "very middle class."
"Why, 1 thought you were ao been
on mc gores Into the office," he went
I "I thought you would hsve
Reggie, but—" he paused. "About ttts
Mar business," be added. "I suppose,
you wsnt to be s barrister?"
"Thai's the ticket, guv'nor. I'll toll
you all about It another night; can't
keep my party waiting. (Had you dont
mind.   Uood-night."
Without walling to bear weather
his father replied. Reggie strode Jaua*
illy Irom the room.   As s matter of
.act, bis father did not rspiy, he Just
sat down aud rested bla face on hln
He was In tbe same position an hour
later when bis wife came to look nt
"Steve!" she cried. In alarmed tones.
"Steve!   Aren't you well?"
"It's all right, wife," be repMed. "I
was only thinking."
"Reggie and me have been talking,"
he added, "aud we think It'll he better
for him to—" he paused for a moment
to clear bis throat—"to go Into s profession, so he's going to be a barrister."
"Ob. Sieve, aren't you disappointed?"
"Just a little, wife, but. as long as
tbe boy is happy, we mustn't mind.
Wonder what Alice will think?" he
exclaimed suddenly.
"She'll be disappointed, Steve. Ws
all thought we'd see more of the boy
when be went into the business, but I
suppose he'll be out si much aa ever
"Sometimes 1 think hs cares for her
more than he knows, wife," murmured
Mr. Maxwell. "But let's go down to
the girl. 1 expect she's wondering
what's become of ua I'll be down In n
minute, though, I've got a letter to
The letter waa to tbe motorcar
rirm, asking them to countermand Ida
order and offering to pay compensation. He signed very heavily ss hs
sealed ths envelope, and putting his
hand to bis eyes bs found them wet
Monday morning he will never forget. He had thought ao much about
H, pictured it so often, that his Jour
ney on tbe underground was a torture
to him.
"Mr. Reginald's room Is all ready,
sir," said the managing clerk when
Stephen entered.
"Give me the key," answered Mr.
Maxwell, "my son will not be coming
Into the firm."
When all tho clerks had gone thst
evening, Mr. Maxwell went Into "Mr,
Reginald's room" and stood for a long
time staring at the empty chair. Then
he sighed wearily, and, walking from
the room, locked the door behind him.
Thenceforward he always kept ths ksy
lu his pocket, but never an evening
passed but he would visit tbe room.
People began to remark how frail
and old he bad suddenly grown, and
some spoke to him about It.
Meanwhile. Reggie Maxwell started
to read for the Bar, snd enjoyed ths
process Immensely. His father made
htm s handsome allowance, and, In
addition, gave him various presents ot
money from time to time.
His evenings st horns were very few
nnd far between, snd he generally
spent them st the piano with Alice, or
playing piquet with her.
Once or twice be took Alice out to
dine, snd her fresh beauty, In contrast
with the Jaded looks of the fashionable
ladles he met. rather opened his eyes.
He found himself watching her more
often, and bis evenings af home grew
a little more frequent.
His father bsd never said a word
about Maxwell and Son to him since
the evening when he had cut himself
adrift from tho business. Occasionally
Reggie thought of ll, only to decide
that his father had forgotten about It.
taken by alas Inr too lightly, and many
The Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.
has an invigorator that will grow
hair or money hack.
The time lo lake care rf your hair
is when vou have hair to take care
If your hair is getting thin, gradually falling out, it cannot In* long
before tlie spot appears,
i The greatest remedy tn Btou the
hair from (ailing is SALVIA, the
.Great American Hair Grower, first
discovered in Knglar.d. SALVIA furnishes nourishment to the hnir rents
ami acts so quickly that people are
am axed.
And remember, it destroys tbo
dandruff germ, the little pest that
saps the life tliat should go to the
hair frnm the roots.
SALVIA is sold by The Cranbrook
Drug and Hook Co. under a positive
guarantee to cure Dandruff, slop
Falling Hair and Itching Scalp iu
ten days, nr money hack. A large
bottle costs 50c. The word "SAL-
IVIA" (Latin for sage) is on every
lying, lot o' hypocrites Into the world,
tied help her!"
The old man opened the door for
"Tho storm'B over," he said. "The
stars are out. I never seen 'em so
bright, nor the air bo fresh an' sweet.
I'm glad you all came along to welcome your brother. The road's dirty,
but you're used lo dirt. Good night."
—Krom the "Bulletin."
IN TIIF. MATTER OF the ■■.stale
of William Willrid Hinsdale, late of
the Town ol Cranhrook, in the Province o( Hritish Columbia, Laborer,
Notice is hereby given that, ull per-
sons having any claims nr demands
against the late William Hinsdale,
who died on nr nbntit the twenty-
second day ol December, A.D., 1910,
at tbe Town of Cranbrook, in the
Province nf British Columbia, arc required It) send by pnst prepaid nr to
deliver to tbe undersigned, Administrators herein for the estate nt William Hinsdale, their names and addresses and full particulars in writing
of their claims nnd statements nl
their accounts nnd the nature td the
securities, It any, held hy them.
. And take notice tliat alter the first
duy of January, 1012, the said administrators will proceed to distribute   the assets td the said deceased
among the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only tn the claims o(
which they shall then have had
notice, nml thut the said Administrators will not he liable Inr the said
assets or any part thercnf to any
persons of whose claim they shall nnt
then have received notice.
Dated at London this 21st day    ul
November, A.D., 1911.
London, Ontario,
Administrators for the Estate ol William Wilfrid Hinsdale. 4K-.U
SarmaiirliiF IK. I'KRRV
Heat Equipment Tor nil
t'idsni's of Work nnd
J Prompt Si'rvicc
♦ Guaranteed
♦ 6tV52 _
Canadian Pacific
Christmas and New Year
Between nil sliilions Port Arthur
In Vancouver nml Bronchos,
GoIiir ilntoH Deo. 21, 1011 to
•Iun. 1,1912. Final Return Limit,
Jim. 5th, 11112.
For further [ nrllctlliirs apply to
nearest Agont, or lo
II. ll. M( NIC 11.1,1 K.
Dlilrlcl I'n-Hi-iin'i' Aifnt
CulgHry, Alberta
•    VOU    KENT.—Vory   lorip waie-
hnuse,   suitable lor furniture, nlanos,
feed,    etc.,    $ll) per month. r\|i;»'y
Herald office. IS-ti-
Electric Restorer for Men
' Phosohonol '"lores every nerve In the body
, K *" ill tn..per tBDSloai mtOlM
■ vim nml vitality. I'renintiiicdi-av .inl a!U,-ttnl
Weakness averted at oner. Fhottptionol trill
' makd vou n new man. I'tice S'la Im*. hi two I -i
I IV Mailed In any mldfe***. Thu SioU.ll Drug
| ro., 81. ( ailiarlDM. Out-
jKorsale at Dealtle-Murpliy Co , Ltd.
G. B.
4   Largo assortment of Xinns
Fancy Hoses just arrived
| Campbell & Manning |
See Iheir Display
Z Viiiiiiuiivi'r tui.l Nfllon
4 D.O. Agonli
Restored to Health by Vinol
llev. D. Schneider, who Ih a well
known minister In Hlco Luke, Wis.,
"I had a very severe stomach trouble last year from which I wns kept
lu bed three montliH. I had i-ni'in-.-d
tho services ot a doctor, bul to no
avail. I then read of Vlnol and determined to try a bottle. Before It wna
used up I was out of bed, and four
bottlea made me a veil man. Vlnol Is
a splendid medicine, and 1 can gladly
recommeud It."
Prominent men from all over the
country do not hesitate to endorse
this wondeful tonic.
For twelve years Vlnol has been
sold on the "money back" plan, and
every year strength enn Ita popularity
nnd proves by continued testa that it
will do what we claim for It.
Crnnbrook Drug and Uook Co.,
Afler two days work liisti'itotlng
the Wimieii's hislilnle ut ('riiulHinil',
Miss Liviiigslon, of Vancouver, lho
government es'ieri in the nil < I
lino cooking, closed her series ul lessons here Tuesday evening al Uar-
inen'-s hull nl a meeting, whloh was a
uollaborul Ion ni tin- Km inn s' .md
Women's InaUttil-es. Thorn wns n
lair Bprlldtling ol mrii present uml n
huge numbci ui Indies, nml nil np
parctilly wen* highly entertained and
Instructed    hv   the seii-nlith* dust-muse
nnd the practical demons I rat Ions id
Miss Livingston,
The lecturer reviewed some ol Lhe
work "' the .two InsllLulos In llrilish Columbia, the province which hns
taken the lead m Canada In these
matters. The work uf lhe Institutes
was for "liuiiie ami country" iu cs-
tnbllslrlng more knowletlfp uf limit n-
fiil procuring and preparing uf the
foodstuffs, thus Insuring n stronger,
better ami inure healthful citizenship. The institutes in sonic places
have started co-operatli'e dairies and
laundries to the great advantage of
those wlm participate.
She en in in ei iced with lhe scientific
value nf the nutriment in the various
foodstuffs and gave basic principles
nf how and when ihey should be prepared. All foods containing protein,
casein or albumen, such ns meats,
fish, eggs and milk, should he cooked
at a tomporaiuro of from 17(1 to 172
degrees or below tho boiling point.
Menls fried or boiled loo hoi were
unwholesome and Indigestible. \
scientifically made pudding was placed in llie oven and the demonstrator
then broiled two chops heft ro the
audience, lirst searing on each side
in a hot pan, and then pouring nil
the tin-use us the chops slowly cooked. Both chops and pudding were
iu lively dispute between caper consumers from lhe male contingent.
From a diagram Miss Livingston
showed how jlu* animals were dissect'
ed nml explained the nutritive value
ol each section and lim*. hesl to
KefieshniLiits were served    a
ctoso ol the programme.
The presenl session ol Lhe
men's Institute has been a mors
•successful one. Miss Livingston i
making her fourth trip through iln
ish Columbia und left Wcdnesdaj lo
Mrs. H- Palmer, president ol tl
Women's Institute, speaks verj' ci
thusiastically ol tho good work h
compllshed by Miss Livingston durln
her recent visit to the city. Sll
addressed well attended meetings
(he fnslttult  Mi nduv evening ,m
Tuesday often n in addition lo tli
big .Monday owning meeting, reports
above, al    which she discussed      *l<
All lhe   various steaks, roasts ind mestlc topics, of special Intere
broils wen* pointed out and the    re** her   audiences in n most entcrl
latlve prices charged explained,      as and   lustruclivc matmer.     Nm
well us    the hesl. methods ol cookingkho InstHule
uud preparing each part,     ll       was cHy   1ms so much Intercsl been evir
explained how     limni* cured       meats cm. in the meetings, uud Mrs. Palme
I feels Ihnl us a result ol Miss l.ivin
llu* In--,i und   two timgrn
ossfiil smoke     houses shown.  De- slon's
lulls ul     Imw hulh heel uud        pork
should he   cured were cuiefully        rx
lecturer      thought autl   i
e ugitulii ii along the line ol
asking tho butchers lo boiler protect
their meats iu transil would resull
in goml.
While walling fm* the pudding and
beans Io cook ami (he eolleo to become Imi ihe audienee were entertained hv a     piano solo,    a select ion
from the comic    opera "The Gingerbread   Man.'
Mrs. it. Palmer, president of tho
local Institute, gave a lew well elms.
en remarks, thanking Miss Livingston
on behalf of the organization. She
was responded to by Sam Macdonald,
secretary of tho Farmers Institute,
who milled his appreciation of tho
work of the provincial instructors.
A French dialed recitation by Miss
Rutb Palmer received generous applause.
pari of the ladies of Cranbrook.
Mr. Egglcsliaw   went lo Cranbrook
last   Wednesday evening with a pri.
oner in charge.
Mr. McDonald   lias resigned his notico.     I>. Ingram,'sji j(m w|tb   the olliee stun     of     the
Crows    Nest Pass   Lumber companj
and will leave shortly for Yahk.
Mr. S. C. Smith spent Monday    nf
Ihis week in Cranhrook.' un business.
Mr. Louie Larson left a few .lays
ago to accept a position with ihe
Crows Nesl Pass Lumber company at
Mr. Gen. Miller, of the king Kdwanl hotel, is in Cranhrook this
week on business.
I  Phone  56
jTHE quality
Where Christmas Delicacies Abound
E Have not spared either time or labor to help You make
this Christmas dinner the best yet. It is impossible to
name all the good things, but among some of them, you
will find
In Our Grocery Department
Imported French Peas. Beans. Mushrooms and Asparagus in glass jars. Cherries in Marasquino and Creme
de Minte.
Crosse & Blackwell's, Holbrooke's Gilliard's, Heinz',
and Houston's Pickles.
Curled Anchovies and Genuine Russian Caviar.
Mexican. Chili. Menagers, Brand's. A. 1. Lea & Perrin's,
Punch. H. P. and Holbrook's Sauces.
In   Sweet   Goods,   don't  forget Huntley   &   Palmer's
Alaska Wafers, Short-Bread, Philippine, Acorns or Christie's,
Cherry Rings. Water Ice Waters. La Fete and Cracknels.
New Grenoble walnuts, Jumbo Brazil   Nuts,  Filberts, Almonds,
and Peanuts.
Smyrna Figs. Irom three to nine crown. Fard and Golden Dates.
Malaga Raisins in lib cartons. 3-lb and 22-lb boxes.
Japanese Oranges and red cheeked Apples.
Ganong's G. B, chocolates are always top-notchers. Peanut Brittle. Ganong's Bailey Toys, French creams; Molasses cocoanut, Assorted
bon bons. Butter Scotch, gum drops, molasses kisses, jelly beans, maple
California and hothouse lettuce, celery, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, parsley.
China is Where We Shine
"What a difference when lhe table is laid out with dainty dishes."    And
«,,    they are always appreciated for presents.     White and gold and baby rose Limoges
♦ in stock patterns, Bavarian, Wcdgcwood and Austrian, in complete dinner and tea
* sets.        Japanese Tea Sets, Nipon hand painted china in odd pieces.        Nice for
^    presents.      Hand painted bon bon, celery, fruit dishes and cake plates.     Japanese    *
**•   cups and saucers, berry and chocolate sets. All the old world patterns are   *
represented. »
Mr. Ham, ol Calgary, renewed "lil
acquaintances in Wardncr lliis week.
Mr. s. E. Hnullcy, "I Cranbrook,
paid Warilncr friends n slum vistl
last Friday.
Lawyer Thompson, ol Cranlirook,
wns called in lown un business Insi
Mrs. Stearn and daughter Hazel
risllcd wiib Mr. Sleorns al Clnllo-
way Insi week.
Mrs. F. It. Craves, ol .laltrny, was
in Wardncr doing lur Christinas
shopping at the Crows Nesl Pass
Lumber company's store lasl Thursday.
llr. Foslcr, if Vancouver, wus in
town this week mi business.
Mr. Fred Audetl Jill lor Galloway
Saturday, where he bus secured u
good position.
Mr. Hugh CHImour, cx-M.P.P. loi
llrilish Columbia w.is with friends In
town lust Sal unlay.
Mr. I'. I.uml l,ft lasi Sunday nftor-
i li   tor Macleod ami   Calgury    on
bus! ness.
Mr. Swnnson, r.l'.ll. agenl here,
has given up his position and will
^o easl  shortly.
Tho teachers and pupils ol St. Andrew's Sunday school arc very busy
ih.'se days preparing for their
Christmas tree and rotcrtainmonl
whirb is to he held Christmas week
iu the library ball.
The many friends ,,f Mis. Lcvick
will he pleased 1.. know thai she is
recovering nicely alter her critical
operation at tho St. Eugene hospital
and expects t,, return home soon.
Mrs. T. ilalini'v and Mrs, F. M.
strains spent Wednesday ot tbi* week
with friends in Cranbrook.
YOlilt    DRUGGIST     CAN    STOP
DR. F. li. MILES
8 to 12 a ui.
1 in   s p.m.
7 to   S p iu.
Office m tew Raid Hluik
CRANBROOK •       -       - B   0
If you are suffering from Eczema,
Psoriasis or any other Kind of skit,
trouble drop into our store for i;.
stanl relief, Wo will guarantee to
slop   that itch in two seconds,
We have sold other remedy lor skin
troubles, but none that wo could
recommend moro highly than lhe
well known compound of oil of Wln-
tcrgrccn, Thymol and a few other
Ingredients that have wrought such
wonderful cures all over the country.
This compound is known as D.D.D.
Prescription lor Eczema and wc know
Ihat lhe very Iirsl application will
cool and heal Ibe itchy, burning skin
as nothing else can.
Wo know Hint D.D.D. Prcscriptioi
will bring relict. Eitlnr write tta
D.D.D.   Laboratories, llepl, C.I)., n
coibournc st., Toronto, t„r a    tree ♦ ™-*>\-j* Cranbrook, B.C. *
trial bottle, ot come in and see    us I J 4
about It. **********************
Cranbrook Drug nml Hook Co., Lid
Crnnbrook antl Fort Steele
t    J. <i. CUMMINQS   |
The gold prospecting operations
carried oa at Kildonan on bchall 11
the lluki- of Sutherland have proved a
lai.ure. Mr. William Heath, the.
conducted the operations, states in a
report that after carefully considering
nil the facts he is forced to conclude
lhal the Held cannot be worked by
any method so as tr realize, on tho
most liberal estimate, anything like
half Ibc actual working expenses.
When your leet nre  wot and    cold,
and your   body chilled through    :.r,d
through from exposure, take a      I .-
dose nf   Chamberlain's    Cough Remedy, bathe your feet in hot water le-
FOR SALE.—Having bought larger fore going   to lied, and    you nre al-
wnll eases 1 will dispose ol my  pre- most    certain   to   ward oil a severe
sent solid   cherry wall cases at       a cold.     For sale by all dealers.       If
snap.— Vi. II. Wi'son, jeweler. Mi cold.    For sale by all dealers.    13-11
B.   C.   land   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
Ask fur Halcyon Ll Hilt WATER
For (niiiily nee there ia nothing
ao wholesome aril so   pure a.
W. n. n«.ur. I .;■-*.   DirMtor
CnnLnca B.C.
I'lione: Seymour 7080
We Guarantee Everything both as to Price and Quality
Five per cent discount on all cash sales of one dollar or over
I Campbell & Manning
W* ************************************** *
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS,, Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER       ■       B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience, Glevntor service. Cafe In connection. Rooms
$1.0ii per day nnd upwards,
Dp-country visitors lo tho Terminal City will Snd every
convenience nnd comfort at the Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
MtlEKMH   *.*•!)   PRIVATE   SUSIMi
Terms on Application,
Phone 269 Matron.
P, 11. Box -lo   Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work
a specialty.
Office ovit !•*. Parks Hardware
Store. Baker Street
Phone Xo. 200
■■■nan tW#*Yt> ,*>;"<:: ci
wimtun m kWkWt o
Cfanbrook     Long*,
No, S4
AF. & A. tl.
ular meetings oa
thlrtj   Thursday
■   at ot every month,
Visiting brethren welcomed.
A. C. Shanklanil, IV.M.
E. Vi. Connollj, Secretary,
Cbbsoent Lodge No 83
Cranbrook, 11. C-
Mects   every   Tuesday bi 8 nm. at
Fraternity  Hnll
T. (I. Jones, C. C.
.1. M. Boyes.K, ol R  N. S.
Visiting hrethren   cordially invlt«4
to attend.
Meela in    Fraternity Hall Firat and
Third Fridays.
T  Fraser, K   0.
M. MacKinnon, M. I:   and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
|ja«,.      Meets every Monday
night at   New Fra-
ternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddlellowa oordlally Invltsd.
'   -1   Fergus w. M. Harris.
N   ti.
1 O.O.F.
Meets Hi tt   .. , diiMdafa
in eaeh month
A   c irdial red ;        extended
visiting brothers.
Offlren July 1st to December .list,
C. I'.-ll   Clsjrton.
Sorlbo-W. M.  lljins.
No.  13.
Meeta every second and   fourth Wa*-
rreedsy at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    Hetrekaha   cordially Invited.
Uin .Ja Hickenbothatn.N.O.
Uisi M   HickeL'jotliaui, Sec.
Meets ir. Cancen'i ila!l Second and
Fiuirlr. Tl : ... :,..,: ■ :,th at I
p -..   .    ■■
Wm. Anderso:.. Chlel Hanger.
I.. I'.enT   Secrett -■
Vlaitlng brethren made welcome.
Meets ir. Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday of each month at
i p.m. sharp.
Mrs   LjI'j Hayward,  Itec. Sec.
Vi. B. UcFarlue, Chlel Hanger.
\':.::.:.j bretlren made welcome.
i Van Hume stre.'t   (opposite  Depot
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦<,♦* ( »
| Prcsbvuiian Church::
4>    Sunday  montlttg lervicf at  11
* o'clock ' >
:   Sunday    evening     itr-.if   at''
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School   ai. I     Hible
Class at 3 o'clock
I   Preshyttrlan    Ouiiil. Tuesday,
! at * o'clock < ,
* n
| Baptist Cbuvcb:
{ Pastor, II  S. speller.
*  Parsonage,  Norbury Avenue.
'Phone. 2SI.      P. 0. Foi 2CT.
Regular Services —Sunday, 11 \
a.m.     and    IM   p.m..    Uihle,
. School     with     Young   Ladles'
Philetbea    and     Young   M.en'i.
Illhle Class, 3 pm.
Monday,    Young f'eojiles',    I
, p.m.
Wednesday, Mid-Weak Meeting. ♦
A  cordial    Christian  welcome J
to all. f
•*t* ********************
It's   tlu* Snme Plnci!
Tlio Place Hint is Popular
(looil ns tho Hesl
Better than the (list
Qaxrlu ;i full itock Ol
Repttln (ur uli'ive alwiiys
in etot'k
The Cosmopolitan
Prastdsnl i 1  b. U
f-ecretary: *•  Macpojuui
For Information regardiuB lands
ami  agriculture   spplj   to lbs • i
Secretary. CranbrooS, i>. C.
Every neeonil VVednesday      _
************* *•*****•**•
If you come once.
You will I'onu' again,
10. II. SMALL, Pitiii'iiiiTiiii
| ANI) CHEMIST -Charges: Gold,
silver, copper and lead, 11 eacb,
I gold-silver,   11.10; silver-lead, 11.50.
* gold silver.     with    copper   or lead,
X   18,80;   nm-, 12;    sllver-lead-iine, S3.
♦ Prtccs for other    mctnls on appllca-
21 Hon.     P. 0. Hot     CD., 1108, Nel-
lon, B. C. sMI
Tr*.';r. MtUMI
r*'1"   OonrmoiirtAo.
ss ' "  ■ " : ! '■""•
t (r"
,. rift.;7«
Scictitlfic mrnfM*
a I iiflssif ill i ■ i.**^'M "wrtlf.    Ij*r.***<* **i-
" t  . ■      »■   a.     i'  ' i t    .'        It    I.*   tur
i.m.u, jiifi y*i, t-»i*. ■ i''.,t..iL   mm i»
MpN&Co.3S'B™'a"' -HeivYcrk
mlwhlvm.-.,. (.-*-■. r hi, \v»»..ii.«ii*, i' u THE CRANBROOK HERALD
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
a*. J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CKANBROOK, B. C December 14.19U
We reproduce j
article irom tlio
and Woodwork'
lumber In* Dutl*
may be
readers   wlic
with all
men, it
Ion ai the
ii government
rBtood.    The
ihis Issue it iniii'l
Uanaha Lumberman
i,    entitled   "Shall
ble."    While    there
many      ot       mir
wilt in* unable to agree
tho demands ol tin* lumber-
only fair that tho groumlB
which    they base their requc-1
lor   special    eonslderat
hands ol    Lhe   Dominic
should In* propcrlj  umli
lli*ialil's position is, and always hw
been, Dial iln*   lumbermen ol Brills!
Columbia are   entitled in tin- proper
enforcement ol the tariff law as     it
stands at present.    From thr    cuu
stant complaints  ol the   lumbermen,
iiinlmilitfdly in a measure, at    least.
well founded, it is obvious that    tin
tar if!   regulations have not, in     tin
pasl, been properly enforced, and   ii
this respect, at   any rate, the    lum
bermen have a grievance.       The article    reproduced   from   tlu* Canada
lumberman and  Woodworker    is    a
dispassionate   presentation    td     tin*
lumbermen's case and is well worthy
■tbc serious avteirtlon   of tbo    public
generally.      in this connection      wo
alsti direcl   attention to certain propositions    advanced    by   Mr.    A. K
Watts, 11 Watlsburg, hearing on   the
presenl situation, in the course      ul
whieh thai gentleman undertakes   in
wager    $20,(100   that the allegations
advanced hy Mr. Knowles, M.l\,    of
Moose    Jaw, an*   totally unfounded.
The   welfare of the lumber   Industry
and nf lis continued prosperity Is   no
essential tn the Insi Interests ol tliis
section «>l tin- province that ii Is un
perativo thero should he general      a
line   ami well rounded understand mg
ut the circumstances affecting its well
being.       ll is in Ihe hope thai      Uie
publication of tin* matter referred   to
will assist in ihat direction tlmt   sn
much space is devoted thereto in this
Again this week the Herald's columns tell eloquently uf ihe preparations made by Cranbrook merchants
Inr tin* Christmas shopping trade. Sn
better evidence of the substantial
prosperity of our city could in* desired than tin- numerous announcements
«if the merchants They all tend to
show thai Cranbrook is enjoying a
period of pronounced prosperity.
Whilst this is entirely satisfactory,
it gives point in mu appeal foi assistance fur those whose fortune dining lhe past  twelve months lias     j.nt
been  altogether of tbe best      There
are   a few       eases,  whicli have bee:i
brought iu our notice, in which pat-
eats du not look forward with    my
pleasurable   anticipation    in       the
Christmas season, because of sickness
and lack of   work.     Several       little
children    share this sorrowful sltui-
lion with their    parents ami in their
•behalf     the Herald  again  solicits Unkindly   consideration id those
happily situated,      The Herald    bas
knowledge nt at least   live    families
wlm an* facing tin* Christmas *■*&...on I
in severe distress.    Any aud  all e m-
IrlbUtlons sent in t" ns fnr tbe    al-
leviatinn of    their distress will    he
«tis[H>Mii    uf    tu  best       advantage
Hut ugh reliable sources.
!»uring the past few days a great
ileal of earnest Work has been done
by public spirited citizens with a
view to securing candidates lot the
new council, in i,»- elected early in
the ut-w* year. The principle upon
which these gentlemen have been
working has been to secure mon,
generally respected and who have
proved, hy their business careers In
Hm* city, their fitness fur office, in
order to avoid anything in tbo nature of a taction light. Whilst they
have been successful In securing the
promises of six exceptionally strung
men tn slam! for aldermen, it hub si
far been Impossible tu obtain the ai
•writ nf any man tn accept the maj
oralty. Hopes had been entertained
ihat Dr. Green would this year accept nomination, which might im*.
been accepted as meaning election by
acclamation. Unfortunately, however, in Green found it Impossible
to entertain favorably the prnpnti-
tion, as be is leaving early In      the
New Vear Inr Europe and may      *■,■
absent   frnm     the city fnr      several
tnonths.    We understand that    pres-
suie will    be brought to bear    upon
Mr  .1. I). MoBrldo tu accept nomination for tlie mayoralty, than    whom
il would he difficult to select   among,
our progressive business men a- more
desirable   candidate.       It  is   understood    thai in event of Mr. MoBrldo
accepting    nomination, the lollowing
gentlemen   will agree to stand     lor
aldermen:   Alderman A. C, Bowness,
Alderman    McNabb    and   Alderman
Camobell, Messrs.    W, 11. Wilson, ■'.
It. Ward and Dr. 11. 13. Hall.    Without any    Intention of being invidious
We think Wo can fairly say that     it
WOUldi be hard to select a body      ol
men who could better administer   the
city's affairs    than those above mentioned.      The three aldermen      Who
would stand Im* re-election, have all
served   lhe   city     faithfully and elfl-
eiei.tly during the past year, not aol y
in     Uh* case of    Alderman Itowncss,
who has won fur   himself the respect
and esteem of many ratepayers   who
last year   did not favor his election.
The    three   new     men   are all well
known   as   good,     live,   progressive
business   men, whose services    could
not   fail to be other than valuable to
the city.    The Herald believes that if
the gentlemen mentioned could bo induced to   accept nomination the citizens   generally   would    gladly   elect
them by acclamation.    In the    present stage of the city's growth     the
one aim of    every citizen should    be
to   secure a strong business   council,
composed of men who will is* prepared to   devote iheir lime and abilities
unreservedly io the advancement     ot
the city.
Mrs. W. Hayward—R.S.
It. palmer-P.S.
t;. Ladds-T.
N. S. Houston—Organist.
Mrs. Smoke—S. W.
Mrs. V. Turpin—J. W.
K. Turpin—S.B.
H. Conley—J.B.
Sundays—Low nmsi at 8.3-0 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to S p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy -toys of obilga-
tion—Mass at 8 a.m.
W«k days-Moss at • a.n at tbe
P, Plamondon, O.M.I,
♦    ■      ■
December 17th.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Sunday school and Ilible class at ■'■
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
Subject* "Rendering our Dues lo
(lod and to Caesar."
Monday evening, special meeting of
managers at 8 o'clock In the
choir room.
Tuesday evening at R o'clock Young
People's Guild. Subject: David Liv
Friday: Choir Practice.
A Few
In Lodge Circles
A. II   I'.
I Chapman's Agency I
Repair Department
All Kind! ol f arallurc Repaired.
Upholaltrlni, Maltreat Mikln.
Now la the time lo hive your work
doae. bclore Ibe man begloa.
| Chapman's Agency \
Norbury Avenue, Near the Au-dllorlum
Owing in the Intercsl manifested i»
[he coming Ancient Foresters "At
Home," tn be held iu the Auditorium
mi December    28th   next, it perhaps
would   nol   be OUt   tif plaee to briefly
refer t" some of the Ancients "mod1
tu history." Aa stated iu a previous issue, its lirst court instituted
indei modem or seml-motlern popdl-
lions was founded in the city of
Leeds, Knglaml, during the year
1790, but owing to tlie laws td the
country iu their relation to "secret
societies," the order did not make
much progress for some considerable
lime,       years       in fact.    The
second court was        not
formed until the year 1813, the
whole of the charter members lieing
natives of Asbton under Lyne, I
cashfre. Tin* following year another
court was opened in Ash ton. and
this court is today No. I of the
inlet, so that in a little more than
a year's time, Foresters iu tho old
laml will tn- celebrating the 100th an-
iversary of their existing oldest
ourt. The progress made from ihat
ime on was remarkable, so much so
t truth tlmt, eighteen years later, wc
iiml i lam doing business iu tbe
United States, Court Oood Speed,
So. 201, being chartered in Philadelphia iu the year 1832. In 1874
there were iu the United States
forty-three courts witb a total membership of 2,300, but during the following ten years the order was
somewhat disorganized owing to internal discord, brought about over
the color question. However, this
dillieulty wus overcome by a large
number of the American courts,
separating from the parent body, and
forming an organization of their own
Today A.O.K. courts In the States
0 limited to the whole of the
Pacific Slope, and those States lying
in tbe Atlantic seaboard, represent
ing n membership of approximately
10,11011 souls.
The first court in Canada was
pencd at the house of Mr. Isaac
Moflatt, Lombard St., Montreal, in
the year 1843, but it did not moke
much progress. During tbe follow**
int; 2K years it nn mon* than heid lis
own, but in 1871 n meeting ol old
country members who bud emigrated
to Camilla, was held at the Gloucester Anns, cornet of King ami Berkeley streets, Toronto, the chair being
occupied by Mr. Gosltn, night editor
of the "Toronto Globe," ami as a
result of this meeting, which was remarkable for its enthusiasm, Court
Hope of Canada was formed, Mr.
Goslln becoming one of its first offi-
Cecs. A few days later Court
Pioneer was opened in Ottawa, but it
was not until 1879 tbat a convention
of delegates was found necessary, two
years later the second convention
was called lo order in the city ol
Toronto, the delegates being wel*
corned by his worship ihe mayor,
Mr. W. n. McMurrick, and Aldermen
Hallam and Daniels, all being members of the order. From tnat time
onward progress has been tin* rule,
until today the A.O.F. has a membership in Canada of twenty
The Canadian membership exult in
their affiliation with the grand rdd
rder in the motherland, on whose
courts "the sun never sets: whose
historical traditions are so rich wiMi
records ol Hritish efforts to bring
nearer our International Brother
hood of Man."
Court Wild Horse, No. 2fiG, I.O.K
met last Thursday evening and elect
nl the following officers for 1012:
N. S, Houston-ll CD.
VV.  F.  WeFarlane—C,R.
V. Wells-V.C.It.
Mrs,  I   Haxter-p.e.H.
Mis   W.   Koran—Chnplnln.
Rev. W. Klson Dunham, pastor
Sunday services: The pastor
-each at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning   subject: "Rejoicing Chris-;
Evening subject: "The Harrowing
of Hell."
Music for Sunday evening:
Anthem: ''Christian the Morn Breaks
Sweetly O'er Thee."
Soloists: Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Stephenson.
Quartette: "The Home Land." Mrs
Stephenson, Mrs. Weisbrod, Mr. Lou-
bach, Mr. Geo. Stephenson.
Many Rrocers seem to Irvl that tlu*
only way to increase their sales is
Iiy decreasing their profits. Tne pro
nis tin lood stuffs are ridiculously
small, and lo cut those profits still
smaller In tbc hope ol Inducing liar-
irain-hunting customers to come to
one's place of business is the height
ol tolly. In every community there|
arc a large number ot people who
eali/e that It costs money to do
business, who arc willing that the
grocer should have a small pet cent
ol net profit and who arc willing to
pay (or quality, good service, kind
and courteous treatment, and tbc
business built upon this basis is
worth a dozen built upon the basis of
price-cutting. Tbc price cutter is a
tool or a dishonest man. He is a tool
when he cuts prices because of his
ignorance. He is a dishonest man
when ho cuts prices and then cheats
lhe customers In count, weight or
measure. What doth It profit
merchant tl, by price-cutting, he
gains tbe trade ol the entire community and loses his own money
thereby. 1 have very little regard
tor a business that bas nothing better to commend itscll to its patrons
than cut prices —Wlnlield Hart/ell,
in address before the Colorado Ke-
tall Grocers' association,
Klt, would like Un co-operation ot
any party or parties desirous ot having photos taken lor Xmas by doing
so as soon as convenient. This will
insure tbe best of workmanship and
everybody will receive photos in
plenty  of  time   lor    Xmas. Studio
nest to Auditorium. 4'i-tt
And every item
priced BELOW
their regular
Aluminum Salts and
Peppers in Holly
Boxes, per pair        35c
Glass Salts and
Peppers, each 10c
Alarm Clocks, 18 different kinds, prices
range from $1.25 to 4.00
Leather Bag Tags       20c
Toy Sad Irons 20c
Glass Measuring
Cups 20c
Lanterns with Colored
Globes 45c
Glass Cuspidores      $1.25
Japanese Dinner
Gongs, from 75c to $2.00
Inside Lots, $200.00.     Corners $225.00
Raworth Block - - Cranbrook, B. C-
At A. t\ Pye's preparations were
underway fnr tlio big sale whicli
opens at 0.30 tomorraw morning. At
this large store the provident Cnrlst-
nias shopper \vill be able to secure
rare bargains in men's antl boys'
clothing of every description. Mr.
I've lias overloaded and intends to
reduce his immense stuck at the
sacrifice of proiits, su that good bargains will be plentiful. Tin* stuck
includes a wide range of men's and
boys' clothing ami a specially fine selection of boots and shoes. Everything is tr, be sold and if price culling will ensure their speedy disposal, there will be some great slash
ing done during the next few days.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,        ■        B. C.
(Continued from page one),
Little and Atchtsun have Imported
big stock of Christmas confectionery and fruits. They will also make
a speciality of fresh green stuff for
the Christmas trade. Stockings for
the children, nicely filled and Xmas
tree decorations are other features ol
their stock.
Iv A. Hill and Co carry their
usual line the SOUi Century Clt thing
and Walkover shoes, which they consider make the best possible Christmas gifts, but for those requiring
something a little more tasty they
have a great display ot combination
sets of suspenders, neckwear, etc.,
handsomely boxed.
Campbell and Manning have as
usual an enormous stock of seasonable groceries, tastefully displayed
Their chinaware department is one of
the attractive features of their store
at this season and they are offering
some splendid Christmas presents In
Hie shape of hand-painted china,
-tlanimg's celebrated chocolates form
a specially attractive display, in
fancy limes, baskets, and in bulk.
At Mclliide's hardware store,    the
I skater will fmd all his needs well
provided foe. The housekeeper will
Iiml a splendid stock ol cutlery ot the
fittest makes, ami for the sportsmen
guns of every description, etc., can
be found.
McCrecry Hros., both in their ladies' department und their men's department have made special provision
for the Christmas trade. In lhe
ladies' department one is struck by
the choice collection of handsome iiul
costly furs. There is also an exceedingly fine display td linens and
fancy goods. .Many handsome coats
tor ladies make a special feature of
their showing, which will hi* very
attractive to ladies generally. In the
men's department the gift seeker will
note tlu- lounge robes, dressing gowns
and slippers. Overcoats (or tho
small buy are another feature which
will attract parents. The slock of
suit eases and hand bags is large and
specially selected fur the Christmas
The Cranbrook Drug and Book
Store is displaying a very fine lint* of
ladies hand bags, specially selected
for the Christmas trade by Mr. Barber, a lim* af goods tbat cannot be
equalled and which will make exceedingly acceptable Christmas gifts. Mr.
Barber lias laid in an unusually big
stock of books, the latest editions ot
popular authors, in addition to a
large supply of handsomely bound
standard works. He has, too, a
very large stock of Bibles and church
prayer hoaks, handsomely bound and
peculiarly acceptable as gifts at this
season of the year.
The Kast Kootenay Produce and
Provision House have a very big
stock in all departments. Tliey are
offering as a special inducement in
their furniture department, a discount
of 18 per cent on all cash purchases.
In the grocery department, which is
amply supplied with all the best- products, they are making a speciality
of Fry's chocolates for the Christmas
trade, in boxes of all sizes and in
bulk. Kor the children they are
giving away absolutely free school
rulers, of which they have laid in
stock that will provide one fo
every child in attendance at 'I"
public school. There will be a rti.di
of youngsters to the K.K.PM'.
House tomorrow.
Ward antl Harris' neat new slore
just opposite the new city hall Ins
been prettily decorated nnd contains
a choice assortment of Christmas
groceries and Knglish confectionery,
which is a speciality with Messrs.
Ward and Harris. Another strong
feature is tin* large importation of
Christmas oranges, at $1 per yOX,
the best in the city, in the words of
Mr. Harris.
Om* ot the most acceptable presents for Christmas can be found
among the stock of the Davis Bros,
Klectric company. The rapid development of electric cooking anil
heating devices during the past few
years has made the electric titling
store one ol tlie most attractive
shopping places a woman can visit.
The Davis Bros. Klectric company
carries the most complete line of
these appliances in Cranbrook, their
store, adjoining the post office, is a
blaze of light and scintillating perfection radiating from the many
chandeliers and fixtures with their
myriad lights. No lady buying
Christmas gifts can annul to miss
this store.
There is a sale ou at Miss McLeod's whicli will delight the hearts
of all lady shippers. There Ihey
will lind all manner of good Christmas bargains. Millinery a( half
price ami a big reduction in all
fancy goods. Special attention is
directed to the line stock nf art
goods in hum) wood, which is being
offered at specially low prices.
Uttle and'Atchison's popular store
on Armstrong avenue, is-, as mlghl
lie expected, crowded with all manner
of Christmas confectionery, candy
and toy filled stockings for thei children, and large importations of fresh
fruits. They will be prepared ti
all orders for Hazelwood ice cream
for Christmas dinners, etc.
^—^^^^-^^^^^^^^m^^^^mm^ A't tlie Palm one is confronted by a
stalling handsome new wall cases fot 'bewildering display ot toys, fancy
the display of his stock ot Christ- confectionery, etc. ' Kor the Christmas goods, which will be specially , nias trade a special line will be
strong in silverware and novelties of found in the fancy boxes of candy,
every description. Mr. Wilson re- from 6c. to $12 per box, Home
ports that November's business was made candy is always a strong' raid
tlie Itest in his business experience lu nt the Palm, and for the holiday
this City, trade they nave a large ami varied a*-
Parks ami Co., the hardware men,
are stronfl on cutlery of every description, but specially in handsome
carving sets, which are always wel-
will receive lhe third Thursday ot
Pocket vnives of nil sizes and makes
are another Une specially imported
for Hie holiday trade.
W. II Wilson, the jewelei, makes
diamonds bis strong suit, and Ih1
marked to the Herald man that he
had sold more diamonds this year
than ever before since he started In
business in this city.       He is     In-
Why not niaki1 your selection nt Xinas (litis
now mnl have tlicin laid aside for you.
tliini* we have is New mill Up-to-date.   We
carry over no old or shop worn ^oials from year
to year.
We are especially proud of our selection of
Our Dolls range in prices from 25c. to $18.00.
Ladies' Hand Bags from $3.00 to $40.00.
Travelling Cases from $2.50 to $40.00.
Manicure Sets from $2.50 to $15.00.
These are a few of our specials. Make your
selection now our stock is complete.
Now, About Your
Don't overlook the fart that dispensing is our
specialty. We know it thoroughly. We attend
to it and we make no mistakes at our store. Our
Dispensing Department is never without n
Graduate Chemist to till yonr prescriptions.
Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
P. S.    We are always at your BOtvle
your wants.
I'lione ns
sort menl of loothsoino dainties, in
addition to a specially prepared
stock of  popcorn and Balled peanuts
It will in*  ibe beginning of
week before  the bulchi-r  shops     have
their stocks properly displayed. Cranbrook's butchers always nuike a flno
showing ui Christmas time ami this
year there will be no falling off, but
for obvious reasons it is it little too
curly yet to expeel I hem to have
Iheir slocks on display.
A neat culler makes a very nc-
ccptabfo Christmas present, and any-
line desirous of securing something in
ihis line, should make a point of in-
spectfng the stick of cutters carried
liv ih.* Cranbrook Trading company.
At this store will he found n very
largo siock of harness for nil purposes, of good quality and exceptionally low prices.
It. I*. Moil.itI. tb,. proprlelol o( ibis
new store, Is loo well known to all
riii/i'ti*. to need any special Introdut
lion hire. Kvfiyouc knows ih.it .tnv
vi business he engages in will !«■ eon
vol ducted on Uw Very beat luus lb-
has Imported  a verj lai^e stock    ol
goods,      lhe   bulk of  which will     be
marked nl llie low prices of rt, in.
16 and 25 cents. His stick of
Christmas toys ami novelties will be
particularly Reasonable The prentls-
is an- now being fitted up and the
slore will Im- opened to Uh* public al
!i a in. Saturday.
The Model Variety Store, which
opens on Saturday, in the premises
recently vacated hy Messrs. Boali
ami Elwell, will prove an at tract iv
center for    Christmas   shoppers. Mr
- FOR A -
Cheerful Xmas Home
Carnations, limes. Lily of the Vnl.
Icy, Hyacinths Ipupcr whitei.
Narcissus,   A'inlets
t>r,!»'iainii*l la-In!•> lar 'Jll.toliiaiimlflirarv
.Cranbrook Floral Co'y.
We wish to inform our customers that we have
received a
Large New Stock ol Harness
In Team, Driving, and Express
The Driving we have in all prices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock of CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter or son a new Cutler for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same.
Hour, Peed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery.
Implements, Harness Repairing
WL&J'M*%i£l -Ja -*-•*-' ■ ^ ***** •**?**«
u. w> •» .-».. ^.<f*m ^ f,^ ^ffi-  -
The Laist Call
Only a lev 'lays left In whicli to make ynur
Xmas purchases. We've a splendid vtuiety ol
■enslble Christmas Gilts whicli iiiiikc constant
and lasting reminders of lhe giver,
A Diamond Ring, t'earl Pendant, Pearl
Necklace, Diamond Tel Locket, Stick I'in, Cuff
Links, Ladies'or Gents' size Walcliea, Watch
Chain, Emblem Kim Willi any lodge emblem on,
Sterling Silver Brush, Comb und Mirror Sele,
Sterling and Silver Plate, Military Brashes,
Any of these make Bilta that are life-long
remembrances, Como in and let's lolve the perplexing question, "What shall I give?"
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
to Shop
**ttjl " ; ' ..':'■, '**:,     !      -    '. Vjv*-  If.*
*>"-•* -■--■-
Special Musson rocker I5;00 af 1'
K.I'.Vl*   House.
.las. I.   Skea, of Yahk, is spendtns
a lew .lays in llir ril,.
Xmas Greeting Handkerchiefs.
•Ilk, 50c.   CCS.
.los. Ityan went ilown ... N,■!-,.■:
I'liniis and rockers, all stylet mil
prieea     Sec lliem helore buying     a*
lllel   .ollillltle  Comforl   Willi
R K I' A I'    1 lolls,..
Xmas Greetinj H.indkcrchuls.
silk. 50c.   C C S.
Tlie new ,iiv hall Is completed and
read* l,,i ocfupalion Hit t It) clerk
will iik.ii  lake poseessinn lomorro*
Mrs H ll Ilealtj Ml on Moniln)
tnclii lot Philadelphia, to risll hei
mother, who is dangerous!)  ill.
Send the kiddies around lor a
School Ruler which we are giving
away at the East Kootenay Produce and Provision House-
I'ontiai i"i Mit'.ilUim will cease
w, ik on the new poal oiinr "ii v;.i
inula, until iln- in*t ot i-'i i ruarj,
Xnu*. Greeting Handk.rchicls.
silk,50c.   CCS.
Horn—On Friday, Decembei 18th
till, al th.- Mom,' hospital, lo Ml
nml Mi-   \iistin Palmer, a daughtei
Send the kiddies around lor a
School Ruler which we arc giving
away tt tht Easl Koolenay Produce and Provision House.
Bom—To Mr. ami Mrs. .1. II. Abbott nn Tlnusiiay. December. 14th,
lllll. al the Home hospital, a
Fancy Suspenders lor Xmas,
50c and 75c.   CCS.
Trent yourself tor Christmas, Have
ihnl picture framed which you've
hail in the drawer so long, Wo do the
work well and our prices nre right.—
W. W. Kilby, practical picture (ranter, Armstrong avenue, IH
VYagKluffc's plum puildiiie.*! ami
ii.ii.ev meat tunc lime    and worry.—
Campbell ami Mamiinv;.
Fancy   Suspenders   for    Xmas,
50c and 75c.   C. C S.
Alan Graham, a young larmei [rom
st   Mai.'s prairie, was in the   city
Fancy Suspenders for Xmas,
50c and 75c.   C. C S.
Joe. Walsh, provincial constable a;
Korl Steele, wa- it: the city Wednes-
lifts,  laistns ami dates
.ii Little and  Mchison's
Fancy Suspenders, Garters and
Armbands lo match, a most appropriate Xmas gift, ail colors and
qualities, neatly done up in individual boxes. Price per set $1.00.
$1.25 ard $2.00.   CCS.
I'.-H' j.. tr and Mt- dames
Mei^.iiliit'ii in l*ranbrook mi Thursday,
Mn i iiiIni   1 I, a soli.
Fancy Suspenders, Garters and
Armbands to match, a most ap
propriate Xmas gilt, all colois and
qualities, neatly done up in individual boxes. Price per set $1.00,
$1.25 and $2.00.   CCS.
I l.lllt    Hiss,      .,   t>i,,tntuclit    QUSillOBS
iiiiii. ol   Motif, was tr.uis.irtnu busl-
IH -        III    I   l.llli,[Oh    Wisllll'-.l.l!
Men's  wood collar boxes,   75c,
c c s
I'tnii . nuts, chocolates, mixed
candles  ami    biscuits ol all kinds al
III.'  \: K I'.AI'    House
Men's wood collar boxes, 75c.
C C S.
.1. A. Hi airy, ol Fernie, was in
Crunbrook Wednesday on his way    (o
St. Mini's (or a sltnrl trip.
Leave tour outers early lor eut
flowers, roses, carnations, chryran-
lhciHuni8.**»Campbcll ami Maniiiini
Leather collar boxes $1.    CCS.
elms. m. simii, ,,[ Vancouver, a
brother of Mrs. n .1. Brady, arrived
in town lodaj ami will remain tint II
alter llm holidays.
Men's Silk .Scarfs ard Mufllets,
all colors. Price $1.00 to $2.50.
Ask For Our 64-Page Catalogue
Jewellers and Opticians
Since announcing' that on cash
purchases and weekly accounts we
are deducting 5 %* we have been
flooded with orders from patrons
who realize that; there will be a
substantial saving* in their grocery
purchases throughout the year.
For the benefit of those who prefer
to buy their groceries in quantities
we might state that on cash purchases of $25*00 or over we have
arranged a schedule of prices that
will meet with any competition.
The Fink Mercantile Co. Ltd.
Leave your order for a brick ul
Hazelwood ico cream for Christmas
dinner.—Utile ami Atcliison.
Men's Silk Scarfs and Mufflers,
all colors.   Price $1.00 to $2.50.
Mrs. F, I.. Brown, who has recently
undergone an operation at the St.
Gugcnc hospital, is progressing favorably.
•las. Martin, nl the Cranbrook
\gcncy, accompanied by o. Bristow,
eft Tuesday morning lor Hull River
>n a few days business trip.
New shipment of fresh appkt
it Little nnd Atchison's.
antes Joyce, ol Bltto, manager of
iln* Rock t'reek Lumber company,
was ,i visitot in lown ilurinii the
Men's Silk .Scarfs and Muffler,
all colors.   Price $1.00 to $2.-50.
Fresh California cauliflower, celery,
lettuce ai.il   ti'iiuit-ies at Little    and
Miss   Bddy, leading lady with   the
Win.   Yule niinpiiin. is an old    srhod
mate nf Mrs Oeo llin;t;art|i and
Mis*. Wetlman. They had not met
befon   <■: several years.
Our new Christmas fruits this sea-
i»ii an- tin* finest that money can
uy.—Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Men's Gloves, Arm Bands. Cuff
Links. Purses, Collars, Ties, Shirts,
Garters, Fancy Winter Vests and
Sweaters. Grips Trunks. Suggestions for Xmas Gifts.   CCS.
Provincial ('unstable Minty, of Ker-
nir. hns been m town during the
week, Ih was tiipamit (n inspcctinn
iin- licensed premises throughout the
turrounding tlistriet.
Men's Gloves, Arm Bands, Cuff
Links, Purses, Collars, Ties,Shirts.
Garters, Fancy Winter Vests and
Sweaters, Grips, Trunks. -Suggestions for Xmas Gifts.- 0.0*8.
Rev, n Iv Kendall and family
arrived in the eily last Saturday
from Antrim.  New Hampshire, to ac-
r'H. the pastorale of the Hapt.st
'hurch in this city.
Fancy China. Nothing pleases
i   woman   more   than   China.--
Choice assortment nf 5c., Ihc., and
15c, line of toys, novelties and
Christmas goods nt the Model Variety St on*.
L. A. Lemon, salesman lor the
Km tenay district for the Oregon
Nursery company, will he at the
Royal hotel the latter pari of the
week, prepared to book order* lor
iiuiscn slock. 50-11
Fancy China. Nothinr plcve-
a woman more than China.—
Remember 15 per cent discount for
cash iii out' furniture department till
December Mrt.-B.K.P.Ar\ House.
We have just received for X ill OB
trade a large consignment of Imported Fancy China.   C. 0. S.
At the coin! of revision of the. city
voters' list, held on Monday, Mayor
Hiiiil and Aldermen Jackson and
Bowness presided. The name of
Oeo, Thrasher, householder, was removed and several changes iu the
list of property holders weir passed
Leave your orders for home made
Xmas cal.es and plum pudding at
Little and Atchison's.
Wo have just received for Ninas
trade a large shipment nf imported
Fancy China.   CCS.
His Honor Judge Wilson will hold
county court us follows during the
month of January: Wilmer, January
Ith; (.'raiibcook, Kriday, .January 12;
Kernic, January 18th; Oolden, Jontt-
35lti. County court will he held
Cranbrook again on February nth
when  .llltine  Wilson's   BUCCC8S0I      Will
A good think fur .Ninas is to lmy
i Wicker Rocker nr Chair. We
have them from $3.50 up,   CCS.
Fruits, nuts, chocolates, mixed
landles and biscuits of all Minis at
tlie E.K.P.&P. House.
Slaterville citizens now rejoice in
water connection wiih ihe city. The
main has been dug ami* tin- pipe hui
and loniicctioiis made with the pirate residences. Tin- work was very
rapidly and satisfactorily carried out.
Tin* Hanson block Is receiving i's
flnlsblng touches these days, and already tenants ait* moving in. .Messrs.
Beale autl Elwell have taken possession of iheir roiomodlous offices- The
fixtures for the Itoyal bank have
arrived ami will be installed ns
quickly as possible sn i hat the bank
tuny open up in Iheir new quarters
by tin* first of the new year.
A good think for Xmas is to lmy
a Wicker Koeker or Olmir, We
Imve them from $3.50 up.- CCS.
Furnished     room to    rent
Box S.,  Herald office.
Or. K W. Oreen will in* leaving
early in January for Europe, where
be will take a    post Krahuale course.
A tfood think for Xmns is to lmy
a Wicker Hooker or Chair We
have them from $8.60 up.-- CCS.
Bull Itiver townsite lots are selling
apace and then* is every prospect nl
a substantial little town being built
up there earlj in the coming year.
A special meeting of the cltj council look place lasi evening, at which
there was a full attendance. Electric
Light companj accounts, Int dispute,
were gone into carefully Imt n« definite action in refrrenci- thereto w.i*.
arriveh al. Another meeting will he
held tomorrow evening in dos** np
this hiisii.ess.
Furniture of nil kinds. We want
you to see the New Goods We linvp
placed in stock for Xmns.   0.0.8.
FOR SAI.K CHEAP.-Baby carriage in good condition. Applj Box
I. Herald offler. Ifl-tP
Masson Stanley, infant son of M"
and Mis. M. ll. Thompson, died ol
tuherculni meningitis at Iheir home
in this city ai 7.in p.m. Wednesday,
I>ecem-her Llth. at the age ot one
year and four months. The limeral
will he held fn in the residence o\
Friday alten n at 1 oYlnek.
Select Spimisli tjuccn .md
Manzainlhu olives at Hie E.K.P.A
I*. How.
Furniture of all kimlH. We want
you to nee the New Goods we have
placed in stock for Xmas.   CC S
Tlio local V.M.r.A will entertain
lhe public on Monday, January 1st,
1012. A programme is being arranged f'>r (he aftornoon and evening*. Everyone will he made welcome; the ladies lieing especially invited io tlie afternoon programme.
Furniture of nil kinds. We want
you to see the New Goods we have
■ilnced in stock for Xmns. - CCS.
um car of goodies has arrived from
Toronto and in it there is an -ismii*-
mt-nt   of    Christmas   delicacies th.it
would in'ike one think  Ihey were in a
metropolitan slore. Our variety nl
palate ticklers ihis season surpasses
any previous range we have evei Imported and must he Been to l»' appreciated.—Tho Fink Mi'ieantili- Co,
The sale of 1,800 acres of Tobacco
Plains on the Kootenay river to the
British Columbia Farms Association.
Limited, who will develop tin* laud
and sell the "ready made"' ranches to
new settlers from llu* Hritish Isles
is announced by lUoQuarrlo and RoIh
ortson, the Nelson brokerage firm
who optioned the property last fall
to Jason (iiirney, acting on behalf of
tin* company.
Fry's chocolates In 5c, 10c. and
25c. boxes for the kiddies at E.K.P.
,vp. House.
Manager Wm. (iiterard, of the Auditorium, has in contemplation ihe in
t roiiiici ion of several improvements
tlmt will still further enhance the
attractiveness of that home of amusement. He has already hooked some
excel len I attractions for the coming
months, among which may he noted
the Jubilee Singers for Decembei
2fHh "The Righl of Way" for Do
comber SOtli, "The Private Socre-
lary" for a date in January antl the
Oamllle Concert company ami "The
Oirl From Rector," for dates iu
March. Mr. Guerard is Hiving special attention lo his orchestra, keep
i»g it up to date in every respect,
und is always open lor engagemenls
fm dances, etc.
Fry's chocolates in fn-.. Ilk*, ami
Urn*, boxes for tbe kiddies at B.K P.
■AT. House.
Game ffardem Jim Hates is jus*
hack from an official tour of Inspection in the "Klkfi district. *-'r
Hates comments upon tin- ii-ckl.-s*.
manner in which deer, very plentlhl
this season, an- lieing slaughtered
He noted with indignation the [acl
that many so-called sportsmen shoo!
Recklessly at deer and never taki
Uh* trouble lo ascertain whether oi
not they have wounded their game.
During his trip Mr. Bates followed
up the (racks of more than one
wounded deer and put them out of
iheir misery. Mr. Bates says that
n discussing the deer hunting i-i*'-s-
tion with men he met on hi- inn
tin* feeling prevailed eeiieralh that
the number of deer allowed *•* each
gun should Im* reduced from five to
two or at meat three, also that the
enl(mettt was .strong in favor of a
hange in the dates of thi* deci
shooting season, so that tin- season
would be shortened, say from November 1st tn December lath.
Select        Spanish        Queen       and
Mantainllas    olives at the  R.K.P.A
P. House.
Vke-I'resident Oeorge Bury of the
C.P.R, was in Vancouver lasl week :■
tlectde what plans for next >ear's improvements on lines throughout British Columbia will In* laid More the
hoard at Montreal next month. He
says that the company will do more
work in the province next year
than in any previous year. Ht declares there will Im* no shtrtac* ol
coal in the prairies There was su
per cent more coal brought in via
Lake Superior ports than ever before
and there is uo danger of th'* people
of the prairies running short of fuel
this winter. The railroad -.pent
over JI.500.0U0 by sending PHlsbur|
coal as far Veal as the mountains
for Its own use, so that when the
('rows Nest mines open up again the
total output may gn to the |K*nple
This was done so thaT there might h»
no possibility of a coal famim*. Regarding the report that the C.P.R. i*.
phmning to put oil-hornim; locntno-
iivi-s nn part ol its line**. \Jr fluty
said: "Plans have turn made lOottBfl
to the uat of oil as fuel on all IOC1
motives running between RttmloOf
•ind l.aggan Oil will be a ■ -'•■ ei
jtenshe fuel. bu( wr an- actuated i
making the chance, first, to lessen
the labor of firemen, and next to aid
fn the conservation of the limber
along the line rf the railwav. W(
hope to have the necessary tank«
ereetr-l at once, and the engine- con
verted ny next spring "
Morris chaii-. DphoIateTed in \t*I
furs and Spanish h*ath«*r at all
prices from til An to $27.(Hi— K.K.
PAP.  House
1 Will not Ih- tcsponsihlf (<>t .0.
debts rniittncied except by li.VM'll art'
my wife
I., a. Brault.
OranbrtHtk, Nov. 2«, 1911       -tML*
The Laughter of Childhood!
~rHE Inugli of n child will make tha holiest day moro
I snored still.   Slriku with hand of lire, O weird' nniBi-
oinn, thy harp struiiK with Apollo's golden Imir: lil!
tin. vast ciithedral nish-s with sympathies sweet and dim,
[left toucher of tbe orgnn keys; blow, bugler, blow, until
thy silver notes do touch and kiss the moonlit waves, and
rhiinii the lovers wandering mid vine-olad hills. But know
your sweetesl strains are iliscores all. compared with childhood's happy laugh - the laugh that tills the eyes with
light and every heart witli joy.
' I rippling river of laughter! thou art the blessed boundary line between the liensls ami men, and every wayward
wave of thine cloth drown Borne fretful Bend of ear..
II Laughter, rose-lipped daughter of Joy! there are
dimples enough in thy cheeks to catch and hold and glorify
all the tears of grief. -Robt. Ingcrsoll.
Should sec a Smile on Every Child
Will buy one TOY each for
6 Children
At Our Store
If there is a mother in town that has
not the $1.00, we will give
the toys FREE. This
is a genuine offer.
Co-Operative  Stores
HAT is a more
substantial Christmas reminder than
These Kunges are too well
known to ne.s.1 much lo be
said about them.
But we might just point
ont that with iti net SEMI*
hoi will stand maeh more
heat than  with the ordinary cast Iron    The NICK*
rust. The new style -..arm
ingelos.-t gives mon room
and is easy to clean.   The
pjis)* to keep clean niul is
wry popiilnr.
WV are telling tin- raiiu''*
hi tower prices than it cati
U* purcli'isiil at toast
•lust drop in nntl talk it
Patmore Bros.
"The Rinfe Store." THE    CRANBROOK    HERALD
NOW is the time to Buy your
Xmas Toys and
In Fancy Boxes
PRICES RANGE FROM 5c. to $12.00
We aiso carry a large assortment of
Home-Made Candies
Made on the premises
McKAY & JACKSON    •    Proprietors
EKsrsaEE. sasaaasiBi sa
PANl   SUING iv I!   KOI!
Sittings ol tlie count) court, heton
His Honor Judge Wilson, were held
tm Thursday last, the 7tlt -in^; , when
tin- cum* ul iln* (His Stapirs Lumber
Company, Limited, againsl lhe Canadian Pacific    Hallway  Cl iii|i:iny      was
concluded, and ai pied, judgment    b>
iun reserved hj in   honor.
The |'I a in till i
linn againsl Hit
lion •.[ n
lit  lilm fm
I fm
4n|a v
nnd tlestruc-
luinbei   ihippei
It.C, in   tug.
in ihc p- *
loaded •
nil ..I
.11 bv
Hill. II  I
V i-
I       Wi
lie plniRltn'i
ami bclwcci
i in Alberta,
waa damaged
Hit* greater   pari uf it being
Evidence was given bj  Elmore Staples ami Mr. Davis showtag
thai   ih<-    lumber had been   properly
loaded ami   securel)  staked      before
shipment.     Tin-    railway    company
claimed thai tin* carload was shipped
Miti-i'ii to  the   terms ol  a bill      ol
lading, one <■(   the clause-** uf    which
required tlmt notice sbonld lie   given
to tho company    nl   an) claim    toi
damages  within   thirty-six hours al*
In   tin* lumbei    was delivered.       It
was shown   (hat     this hill ol lading
was    provisional!) approved hj     the,
board uf rallwa) commissioners    although shortly afterwards this eondl
tion ..as changed in allow notice   to
Ih- given   within    four   months aftei
tin-   damage   was done.       Evidence
was also given b)    Conductor    Hopkins,   ritiiinii-i between Macleod    ami
High Itiver, ami by two ol tin*    sec-
sion luen   mi   Hi.it pari of iln-    line
showing    the   condition  ol Hid   ear
when it  reached    Macleod    ami bus>
gcstlng iiini iin- damage tuts due   tn
detective stakes    ami improper loading.    This evidence was contradicted
by tin* plaintiff's    witnesses in reply
in    which tin-   quality «>f iht- ttmtiei
used fm stakes ami the method     ol
loading was explained       li was olso
contended    on behalf   of itn* plaint J fl
that tin- company, b) accepting    the
car, necessarily   admitted that       it
wns propcrl) and securely loaded, as
otherwise they should nol accept     it
for transportation.
The claim cl Hn* plainlifl was based
on lho obligation of the company ns
common carriers, once having accepted tin* lumber loi carriage, to safely
ami securely carry n to its point oi
■destination, ami the company's main
defence was that tho plainlifl had no
status to maintain the action in
view if iln* (art that no notice of
claim was given within 36 hours .if
fcr delivery.
It was argued on behalf ol (he
plaintiff thai it was not shown th.it
this particular term of the bill ol
lading was assented to by Ihem oi
formed   pan ol   tho contract ol car
riage and that even if it did, under
section *isl ..I the Railway Act the
company cannol relievo themselves
ol liability l>\ an) notice or condition in their lull of lading when, as
contended for in lliis cast*, lhe dam
age arose through lho negligence dI
Hn- servants of the company.
M A. Macdonald appeared for the
plaintiff, ff. V. Gurd for the railway company.
C.P It.
\li M. m. King, of Vancouver, was
examined f< r discovery before Registrar raii'-i on Tuesday, llm 12th
inst. in the action ol the King Lum-
hei .Mills. Limited, vs. lira Canadian
pacific Railway company, in which
tliey claim $110,000.Oil damages caus-
.1 hv Iiu- on .Inly Ith, 1010, near
Vahk, B.C., destroying a large oor-
i of their timber limits nl that
point. The action will in* tried at
Nelson on February 15th next.
Mr. King was examined by W. V.
Gurd,   who appeared for the railway
itnpany, Mr. M. a. Macdonald appearing for the King Lumber Mills.
Friday and Saturday and Saturday
"Tlio Kiisoiiiiitiiiu Widow"
"Runaway Doll"
"Lottery Ticket'*
"Panorama, of Andes Pass"
".lust fur Hor"   Dramatic
Matinee Every Saturday
Bouse Always Warm
Three    oi    the lough    linnln-rj.it'*
I clam    who   work    for a week, tha.*.
Ll -ii lime and proceed to raise      a
crop    of   trouble for   the following
three days, got all that was coming
to ihem in   tin* police conit on Tuesday.     These toughs had blown        i
from some of tin- camps south ol tl
Boundary and, uf course, wanted    t
allow the Canadian moss-baeks a few
touches of Yankee high lift* as understood In   this class of gentry.
As soon as tliey got sufficient!)
drunk to be nasty tbey started a
quarrel amongst themselves outside
the Manitoba hotel; then got inside
ami two of tbeia, who gave * their
names an Hart ami McCarthy started
an Impromptu ten round slugging
match. Mr. Brown, tho proprietor,
sought io put a .stop lo il, but the
third of this trinity of blackguards,
McPlkc, known as Sharkey, said that
he would M them lii'l:* and, apparently, net as general audience and re-
f.-tfc. When Brown took McCarthy
to tho door and put him oil thi*
premises Sharkey jumped on his neck
nml knocked him on tin* sidewalk
outside. Brown fought back as best
in- might while McCarthy skirmished
around trying lo kick, his head off.
Hail yelled to Sharkey to bite up
ami eat up Brown, A crowd gathered and two <f those present pulled
Sharkey off Brown who was badly
knocked about^ The disturbance np*
preached the dimensions of a small
riot when the police arrived, They
collected the offenders here and Uwt
in different bars around the city And
the story goes that the racket at the
Manitoba only whetted iheir appetite
for further bloodshed and battery.
They pleaded guilty to tho charge
of creating a disturbance on the public street, saving they were too
drunk to remember the particulars.
The evidence ol Mr. Brown, Charlie
Howard, and Alien Woodland, the
bar tender, proved the case amply.
Magistrate Ryan .said the facts
pointed to a most outrageous piece
of blackguardism, an intolerable at*
tack on a man who was doing bis
best to maintain a decent, properly
conducted house. He wished others
like llie accused to know that Cranbrook people would -not  tolerate such
offence's. Addressing Sharkey he
said be would send him lo Nelson
jail for four months.
"Aw, thank yel" interrupted Sbar*
key with a world of sarcasm in bis
t *.
"Well," said the magistrate,
"Since you    appear so much obliged
nnd as the sentence is not yet rc-
roideil, I shall make it six months
With hunt lahoi     in Nelson jail.     I
there any thing else you cure to thank
nu* for'"     Sharkey was silent.
McCarthy and Hart got four
months each with hard labor iu his
majesty's hotel in Nelson.
Between Promises and Actual
Promises won't overcome nalr
trouble. The manufacturers of Newbro's llerpicide promise nothing
whicli is not Justified by an intelligent use ot this preparation. The desired end ultimately becomes au accomplished fact. This is the reason
that Herpiclde has thousands ot satisfied     friends all    over the    world.
By keeping the scalp clean and healthy and destroying bhe dandruff
germ, Newbro's Herpiclde makes
beautiful hair. Herpiclde prevents
the hair from falling ami allows il
to grow unhindered and naturally except in cases of chronic baldness
which is incurable.
Hm* dollar size bottles are guaranteed by all druggists to do these
Send llle. iu postage for sample
ami book, to the llerpicide Co., Dept.
R„ Detroit, Mich.
Applications obtained at the best
barber shops.
Beat tie-Murphy t'o., Ltd., Special
Toronto, us usual, went strongly
Conservative, returning all its eight
members' to support Sir .lames Whitney us in the previous election. The
only doubtful contest was fur seat
It. iu North Toronto, where Hon. J.
J. Poy, who formerly sat tor South
Toronto, was opposed by Joseph
Oliver, u strong Liberal ami former
mayor. Mr. Koy had a majority of
over live hundred. i
$18,   $20   and  $22,  are  three
exceptionally strung lines in Fit**Reform Overcoats.
Tlie Ontario provincial elections on
Monday resulted very much as was
expected, in the return of the administration of Sir James Whitney,
with a .slightly reduced majority of
lhe members of tlie legislature. Tbe
standing of the parties which in tbe
last house sHkmI 87 Conservatives, 18
Liberals and I Independent, will in
the next legislature be 82 Conservatives, 2:J Liberals and 1 Independent,
giving Sir James a majority of 58
over his Liberal and Independent opponents in a total of 106 seats as
compared witb a majority if <j5 iu
the last house.
The most important issue in the
campaign was the question of hi-lin-
gual schools but both parties handled
it with caution and its only visible
effect was in the two strongly French
ridings of Sturgeon Falls and Pres-
cott, where the Liberal candidates
were oleoted. The Liberal gains, 11
in all, comprised the following ridings: Center Hruce, Glengarry, East
Middlesex, Monk, North Norfolk,
South Ontario, Present t, Sturgeon
Kails, Kast Wellington and North
Went worth.
The six Conservative gains were:
East Ottawa, South Perth, Kast
Shncoc, Stormoiit, West Wellington,
South Wentworth.
Practically all the Liberal gains
were registered in constituencies
Which prior to the Conservative landslide in 1905 had been strongly Libera'.
Hon. R. W. Rowell, K.C, new
leader of the Liberal party and Hon.
A. (1. Mackay, the former leader,
were elected by .substantial majorities
in their respective ridings of Nortii
Oxford ami North Orey.
Allan Studhohnc, the only In-
dependent member who has sat in tlie
legislature Blncc the days when the
Patrons cf Industry were a factor in
politics, was elected on the Labor
ticket for the third time in East
Hamilton. I
Montreal, Dee. 13.—Oeorgo Haardt,
member ot the celebrated banking
firm of thai name in Brussels*, has
arrived iu Montreal ami intends to
take up hi-- permanent residence here
ami lo establish iu the city a financial lunis, which will be affiliated
with his brothers' (Inn iu Belgium.
lu the course of an interview, Mr,
Haardt expressed himself in lerms ot
unbounded enthusiasm for the future
of the Dominion.
"Tho eyes ot the whole financial
world of Europe have been directed
towards Canada," he said, "as offering thu most profitable flohl lor tho
Investment of its surplus capital. Not
only Belgian but French capitalists
are simply crying nut tor au opportunity to Ih* used for the development
of Canadian resources. And so I
have come to what is naturally the
center of financial activity in order
to establish whal I presume you call
a trust company for the exanmiat'on
of such projects as mav be submitted."
that thirty days a»ter date 1 intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tor a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbc following lands situate
the District of Southeast Koo-
tenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 20 chains north of N. W.
post No. 7188 aud being the N. W.
corner post of said lot and being the
S. E. corner post of Anna McDonald
claim; thence running west 80
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thenco east 80 chains; thence south
80 chains to a point of commencement, making 010 acres, more or less.
Located this 31st dav of October,
John Virgo, Agent for
Anna McDonald, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
liis mark. 46-5t
sioner   ol Lands    and  Works   for a
that thirty days after -date 1 intend
to apply to the Hon. Chiel Commls-
lieeiise to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands situate
In the District of Southeast Koo-
teiiav, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles or 160 ehains east of
northeast corner post of Lot 1663
and being the S. K. corner post of
the Anna Radell claim; thence running north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; thenee south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to a point ot
commencement, making 610 acres,
more or less.
Located this 28th day of October,
John Virgo, Agent for
Anna Radell, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 46-5t
We Have Some Specially Fine
For Your Xmas Dinner
The Old P. Woods' Business
lacorponttftl 18(10
Capital Paid Up $6,100,000 Reserve $6,000,000
Total Aiseti, Over $95,000,000
II. 8. HOLT, Prwldtnl      E. I.. PEASE, (ieneral Mantgir
Account! ol Firm., Corporation, and Individuals solicited.
1 lut of town business receive, every attention.
SAVINO.S DEPARTMENT-Ilepoait. ol >1.00 and upward, received
and interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A (ioneral HaiikiiiK Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
You  can   get  the most attractive
styles, in the most attractive effects, that these prieea
have ever bought.
— the
get the Fit-Reform
Overcoat, whether fllB, $20 nr £:
that thirty days afler dole I intend
In apply to the Hon. Chief Commis-
sioner of Lands and Works [or a
license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on tho following lands situate
in tho District ot Southeast Kootenay, llritish Columbia, In Block
Commencing at a post planted at
i or near 2 miles or lliii chains east of
the north-cast corner post of Lot
1008 am! being the S. W. corner post
Ol Oraee Kaiicll claim; Ihence run
ning cast Kll chains, theuco north Kll
chains; thenco west HO chains; thence
south Sd chains to n point nf eom-
monoemont, making old acres, more
or less.
Located this    ..Mb dny of October,
•lohn Virgo, Agent toe
Oraee Hadell, Locator.
Ilaptisle \ Lamerlonx
his mark. 48-61
Practical Sign Painter
I and Decorator |
♦ ♦♦♦♦#♦♦♦♦ 4*4
Canadian  Pacific  Railway |
2nd Annual Excursion io Los Angeles. Cal.   f
SPOKANE, WASH., Friday. January 5th, 1912
Tickets on Snle, January 2nd. 3rd and Uli. 1912
Final return limit April SOtli, 1912
Fare from Cranbrook to Los Angeles,
and  Return
Going aud.returning via Spokane. - - $lliS.-!0
Going via Spokane, returning via Seattle - $121.85
Above (area include liertli unit tiicala flow Spobine en going trip
For full piutiailnra regarding thene and other Excnuion ml.'*,
apply to nearest 0, P. Ity. Agent, or to
1!. G. Mt XEI 1.1,1 K.
District Pssstmger Agent
Calgary, Albet (a
that thirty days alter dale I intotut
to apply tn lhe Hon. Chief Commis
sioner tit Lauds and Works (or a
lietrii.se to prospect for coal and |m*1
roleum on the following lauds situate
in the District ot Southeast Kootenay, llritish Columbia, iu Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near I mile or 80 chains east of
Post No. 7188 ot Lot numbered and
being the N. ff. corner ot said lot
and being the S. W. corner post of
Anna McDonald claim; tbenco running
east 80 chains; vner.cc north 8t)
chains; Ihence west HO chains; thence
south 80 eliains to a point of commencement, making 010 acres, more
or less.
Located this 31st day ol October,
John Virgo, Agent for
Anna McDonald, Locator.
Ilaptisle X Lamerioux
his mark. -10-51
that thirty days alter date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner nl Lauds and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lauds situate
I in the District of Southeast Koo-
I tenay, Hritish Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted al
nr near the N. E. corner post of
Lot 1003 anil being tbc S. W. comer
post ot Anna ltadcll claim; thence
running cast 80 chains; thence north
80 eliains; thenee west 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains to a point oi
commencement, making 010 acres,
more or less.
Located this 31st day of October,
John Virgo, Agent for
Ani.a Hadell, Locator. ,
Haptiste X Lamciioux
his mark. -ib-St
V ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W.F.JOHNSON & SON, Proprietors
R. C. CslIt
Phone 321
Norbury Ave.
»♦♦ **********************
*> The •
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, (Irazing and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and  *
Baker Street.
*j        V...»..»MIVI     ■   VI.VIV.I   IXV..*»   **•**.        ^
• Baker Street. »
« »
*994*9* 9 499** *   49****99999**9
Where to go for First Class Job Work
tbat thirty days alter date I Intend
iti apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Ulock
Commencing at a post planted al
nr near 2 miles or 16U chains cast of
lim N. IO. corner post of Lot ltiti.'-l
and being the N. E. comer post of
tbc Anna Hadell claim; thence running west 80 ehains, thence south ■
mi chains; thenee east K0 chains.
thence north mi chains tu a point ot
commencement, making cio acres,
more or less.
Located    this 28th day ol October,
-lohn Virgo, Agent for
Anna Hadell, Locator.
Haptiste X Lamerioui
his mark. 46 *5t
thai Ihiriy days -iftn d..tt- I intend
tu apply to tlie Hon. Chlrf Commls
sinner of Lauds and Worka for a
license tu prospect tor coal ami pet-
roleiim on tbe fallowing luiids situate
in      tin*    District   (it*»Sniilhcasl Koo
leimy.   llrilish   Columbia, iu    Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near Ull chains north of Lot 74KH
and being the N. W. coiner of     suit!
lot, and being the s. w. corner post
it Anna McDonald claim; thence oaSt
80 eliains, thence north 80 chains,
thenco wesl 80 eliains, thence south
80 chains to » point ot commencement, making 610 acres, more or
Located this    31st day of October,
.lohn Virgo, Agent tor
Anna McDonald, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark 46-51
FOR RENT.—Very, large warehouse suitable tor furniture, pianos,
teed, etc; $10 per month. Apply
Herald office. 47-tf* THJ5   CBANBllOOK 1IKHA1.I)
'■pHE ''HERALD" is first, last, and all
the time working for the best interests
of Cranbrook City and Cranbrook District.
It wants your active co-operation.
Subscription price is $2.00, per annum.
If you so desire, "THE FARMER'S
MAGAZINE" will be sent you along with
the "Herald" for the same price— $2.00.
I-:, ii. Arnold, .J Baynes LaVe,
wlm was largely instrumental iu Inducing the lame English settlement
in that district, hns organised w new
company in London, which will in* in
a position to carry out the plans
originally formed fur the settlement
of what is known as the Baynes
l.akr estate. The original company
lacked tbc capital to complete the
Irrigation Bcbomc absoutelj essential
in tin* future  prosperity ol the   aol
I lenient. Mi     A mutt's new      coin
pany take oVCl tho estate from the
Kootena) Hi vet Land company nml
will, iu tlie coming yeai, Ite in a
position to immediate*)) pu-cmi witb
tin* construction ol an adequate lrrit>
atton system.
This wilt in* very satlstactor) news
foi iin* Baynes Lake settlers, the ma
jority ol whom havo expressed entire
satisfaction with theli investments in
this   district,   savt* on the  nm- polnl
of lack oi irrigation
lu (act a DUmboi ot tlu-m air un
record as follows
*\Ve an* very gi»d to hear thai
Iheie is a pinspiH-t ul tin* land lieing
taken over by a new company, which
will t>. in n position tn complete the
Irrigation schema ami supply us
with abundance ol watei nexl Bcason.
We havo no diiubt that, if this is
limit*, wo shall lie able to grow       all
kinds nf iinit, vegetables ami    farm
products iu this valley The soil is
imdiiibtedly peculiarly fertile, und
Where it has been properly broken up
anil cultivated has already been proved capable of producing excellent
crops of potatoes, turnips, cabbage,
onions-, beets and carrots, besides
small fruits, such as cur ran vs and
"Apples are at present nn unknown
quantity, hut there are some two-
year-old trees which appear to he
doing well, ami within seven to ten
miles of us and notably at Elko,
which is 500 (cot higher in altitude,
apple trees may Ih* seen boating fruit
nf excellent quality.
"There seems no reason tn doubt
that what is done at Elko may he
done at  llaynes.    aud  several thou*
sands of apples, plums and cherries
ore ordered for planting nexl spring
"The greal advantage which wc
possess over otlier parts of llritish
Columbia lies In cm markets which
are close al hand, Tin* mining
townships ui tin* Prows Nest I'ass
and the prairie provinces, both ol
which nre within a low hours of us,
provide an unlimited market for all
the frull we can grow.
*\Vo have two railway lines serving
[us—the    Greal  Northern    ami     the
Canadian Pacific    railway—witb sta
lions at Baynes .mil Waldo, practical
1*. nu the estate.
"Taking iIk.s,' Ihlngs Into consider
aiinn, together   with    the great na
.nn.it beauties nt tbe Kootenay Vallej and ii** healthy and bracing Hi
mati', wc sec no reason why .bis
districl should not attract the very
besi class of Englishman, and we
look foi waul  to the lime when tliere
twiu ite a thriving ami prosperous
communlt) In this valley."
I The foregoing statements from actual settlers on the Baynes Lake estate, aro Dxceedlngl) gratifying, Oes-
, piii* numerous   setbacks, particularly
j tlie lack of irrigation, these Bettlcrs
profeas  complete sal lafai tion      wlbh
• their Investments and the country.
1 Mr. F. Beveiell, formerly en-direc-
loi with Mr. Arnott. In the llrilish
Empire Agency, the parent company,
of the Kootenay Itiver Land company, who recently visited Baynes
Lake and math* a thorough inspection
o ilu* land, has resigned his position
with the B. E* Agency, and joined
wiih Mr. Arnott in the organization
of this new company, which has purchased tho Interests ol the Kootenay
. River Land   company, and will here-
'after devote his attention to Canadian business.
I The Herald learns that Mr. Arnott has formed another company   in
I London, of which he is managing director, wbieh will start business    In
. Ihe new year, and whose interests
will he devoted very largely to    tho
j development and colonization of East
(Kootenay. It is Mr. Arnott's Intention to make Cranhrook tlie center of his operations, from whence he
will    conduct an  active   advertising
Mr. Arnott's new company has
taken splendid offices in the very
heart nf London, which, It Is inti-
[mated, will be always at the convenience of visiting East Kootenaians.
j lu the course of a communication
from Mr. Arnott. outlining his plans,
just received  by the Herald, be says:
''Another polnl which will interest
you is that not only is my company
going to bo most Infernally strict
about the buna (Wes of the properties it sells, hut it is going also to
tin its best to see that the buyers are
such as wilt benefit the tlistriet.
"Having been tnrough the mill myself I know what the first impressions of a new arrival are, how much
there is for him to learn, ami how
difficult it is fnr an absolatcly Inexperienced man In start fanning right
away. To do something to Improve
matters we have now entered Into
negotiations to take ovei a 200 acre
farm in England where intending
set I lets in East Kootenay can first
learn with American tools antl harness in attend to horses, plough.
harrow, plant and harvest the common licit! crops, milk and attend to
cattle, and learn something of pigs
a ni I poultry, etc, Thoroughly sound
elementary Instruction will he given,
which will enable the man the lol-
lowing year in go out to B.C. with
some idea as to bow In get through
the lirst stages nf handling a farm
for himself. This deal is not yet
concluded but I have small doubt
it will be. I am strongly in favor
of it ns it will enable mc to send
out in ymi settlers a Utile less ran
antl Inexperienced than are usually
met with—consequently they will
grumble less and succeed better,"
Unprecedented activity prevails iu
shi'llii-lil iu all branches of armaments, and the order hooks nre iu
such a congested state that if another contract were not booked there
would be enough work to keep the resources of the three big armament
firm of Vickers (Limited), Cnmmell,
Laird and Co. (Limited) and John
Brown nnd Co. (Limited) fully employed for two years. Much of Uie
work is for the Hritish admiralty,
but there is also a large tonnage of
material being turned out (or Russia,
Spain nnd Turkey.
FOB SALE.—Household furniture
for light housekeeping, Phone 1(12,
city. 18-lf
A London press correspondent
writes: "Tenacity is the word which
most adequately sums up the character of Bonar Law," said a Canadian who sits at Westminster, "and
it Is this characteristic which ha
aroused th.* wonderful enthusiasm
among the Conservatives and the
faith that his leadership will bring
the party from opposition to office.
"The new appointment hears a
much deeper significance. I believe it
presages that Canadian*, will have a
much bigger sphere of Influence in tlw
British parliament and that it will
attract to pnlit les here ('unadi.tn
men of leisure and wealth who Will
worthily represent tlie Dominion in
the mother of parliaments."
This opinion is shared by many
prominent Canadians here anil gives
cause for the liveliest satisfaction.
Tbe bouse of commons lias received
an accession of siren1 ith in tht* number of Canadians who have gained
seats there and during the last election it was observed that tiny bore
heavy part oi the flght. The
most spectacular event of course
was the daring action of Bonar Law
who left a safe retreat to invade hostile Free Train* territory. Then there
wns the unprecedented light wbieh
in a few weeks made the political
reputation of Sir U. M. Ailkeii, until then unknown in political circles.
But these were only outstanding features which denoted that Canadians
were waging iu politics the same
virile light that they do in every
ither arena in which they strive.
Canadians who have heard debates
in the commons have been Impressed
with the cordial reception accorded
to Canadian members. The house
has been called the most critical assembly in the world nnd it may he
laken that the favorable impression
made by men from the Dominion Is
due lo their ability as legislators.
Frequently the bouse expresses Us
boredom hy leaving a member to
address half empty benches, but never
is this the case when a Canadian
speaks. When Sir Gilbert Parker or
lamar Greenwood rises he has the
satisfaction of au attentive ami even
cn-pr audience.
Certainly Canadians have won
their spurs nt Westminster. This
makes the forecast that under Uonu
Law   Canadians    will attain cabinet
rank, a    reasonable one.    Must     nf
1 them like    Sir Gilbert Parker      and
Dnnaltl    McMaster have proved   thei.
skill in    the difficult field ol     com-j
mittee as   well as on the lloor of the
bouse and on   the hustings. Mr. Balfour had a great admiration tor   tho]
ability of   Sir W. M. Aitkin and Sir.
Ollberf Parker   is reasonably sure of
cabinet rank in the next Conservative
The Canadians who sit on lhe Liberal side of the house are no less
brilliant. Men like liamar (Irevn-
wood, -I. Allen Uaker and the Hon.
Joseph Martin are steadily graduate!
ing for high positions in the party.
I learn    that    it   is   probable that'
more  Canadians   wiil lie Invited    to
Beck seats at   Westminster at       the
next general election.     The invitation
extended by an Influential peer to W.'
P. Bull, K'. C,, ul Toronto, when  he
was here, will likely be renewed, ami j
others   who took  a part   in the lasi
elections  will also   have   the opportunity ot Contesting! English seats. It'
Is common knowledge that if he evei j
cares   to   leave the   attractions    of
British   Columbian politics thu Hon.
It. McBride can have a prominent position   in any     Conservative government, but 1 understand ihat wben he
was here [n the summer he resolutely
refused to   consider leaving the leadership nf bis party al Vlctor'a.
pected to—and they will—cheerfully
forget personal consideration and
conveniences, not to say health, ir.
the effort to please customers and
make profits for their employers.
Too often the Yuletide season spell-
terror for the salesman and saleswoman* Df what yon can to 'mike
ibis season one of good cheer. It will
help you, the salespeople and th-'
merchant who invites your CQttom
It is such an easy matter at that
It is embraced in two words—SHOP
FOI?     KENT.-Ven    Iar.|- caie-
house,    suitable for furnitur**. llanos,
feed,    etc .    f Hi per month. App'y
H'-raM office '>-*:!•
Rlectric Restorer for Men
PhosphOOOl p,:r^e ef> "r = mihebodr
 * ..t ; f  ;■*: :■        :. : f.-v res
I mtaAltUBtf. ¥ttm*V.reii~-i\ :r-l a:l-seit.il
.;•..--.*•■•! »v--:te-i st on * Tho* phono I « 1
Ike j -a new min. Fr.;c tta boi rff* ' r
M HtSSdtt****W1 >!■' - Thi *»<o:,.-ll Drug
• :..**:.I »(h»rlri*.,l'ii
For sale a*. BsatMe-Murpby Co., Ltd.
' '        Su rloF -I y I'KI'RV , ,
I'.-■* Equipment for all
Classes ->f Work ami
Prompt Service
Tbere an* three principles in the
•hop early propnsitn.n. The customer,
tin* merchant ami the man oi woman
behind    the  counter.    Tha < uttoti
igbt to heed the Injunction tn ibop
early if for no bettei reason than the
selfish one that the early customer
has the pick of the holiday goods.
The merchant is heartily in favor of
early shopping for ihe reason that it
wilt enable bim tn clear up streks
and make ready tor the sttcr-hollday
trade. The Christmaslule trading,
aftei all, is but a traction of ibe
year's total. Sn the merchant puts
the Choicest goods on sale, ladens the
counter with attractive bargains—
nnd urges early shopping.
The third party to the early shopping proposition—the clerks—have but
tl lenient    nt human sympathy    io
support them in their plea tor COW-
sideration m the holiday huyimi
reason. Cpon these men nnd women, girls and boys, delivery men
ami tbo like, the burden of belated
shopping must fall.      'Ihey ate    ex-
Canadian Pacific
Christmas and New Year
| Q. B.
Large assortment of Xmas
Fancy hoxes jnst arrived
Campbell & Manning
Sw their Display
Between all stations l'ort Arthur
to Vancouver nnd Bronchos.
Going datea Deo, 21. l'.Ul to
■Ian 1.1012. Final Roturn Limit,
Jon. 5th, 1B12.
Fnr fnrihiT fnrticnlnro apply to
nearest Agent, *»r to
Dtitrtel rn—.'UK' i ,\it.-i.>
Oalgary, Alberts
Restored to Health by Vinol
1 Rev. D. Schneider, who Is a well
: known minister in Rles Lake, Wis.,
| writes:
)     "1 had a very severe stomach trouble last year from which I was kapt
' in bed three months. I  hail engaged
, tho services of a doctor, but to no
: avail. I then read of Vlnol and determined to try a bottle. Hefore it was
used up I was out of bed. and four
bottles made me a well man. Vlnol is
a splendid medicine, and 1 can gladly
recommend It."
Prominent men from all over tha
country do not hesitate to endnrso
this wondoful tonic.
Por twelve years Vlnol has been
| aold on tho "money bark" plan, and
every year strengthens Its popularity
nnd proves by continued tents that It
will do what we claim for tt.
t'ranbrook    Ming     and    Hook Co,
('ratfbrock, B.O. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
To attend a GRAND RECEPTION in commemoration of our Fifth Anniversary, MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER
EIGHTEENTH. Nineteen hundred and eleven, at twenty o'clock.
The Directors and employees of this store have come to regard this Anniversary Day almost as much as a National Holiday and you will accord us a great favor
by responding to this invitation in person. Whether you patronize this store or not makes no difference. We extend to you the same cordial invitation and will be greatly
disappointed If you do not attend. The attendance at our Anniversary Celebration one year ago surpassed any former one and we hope that this will surpass them all. We
have secured (iuerard's Otchestra for the occasion. Fink's famous Hiawatha Tea and Fink's Special High Qrade Coffee and ricVittie & Price's Biscuits, lor which this
store has a most enviable reputation, will be served in the Carpet Section of the Furniture Department on the second floor. Special arrangements have been made so that
prompt and careful service will be assured to every one. Our full staff will be on hand and at your command to show you through the big store and explain the many modern
conveniences. No goods will be sold after eighteen o'clock on the above date, as we want each member of the staff to be entirely free to assist you in the enjoyment of
the evening.
1. Overture, -The Oolden Scoptre,"
2. Serenade, " Ariel's Kisses,"
()ri:iimil's Orchestra
:i.   Two Step, "Ringgold"    -
Hi kharh's Orchestra
I.   Violin Solo ....
WH.   Ol'ERARll
5.   Selected," Dunce of the Harlequins"
(irmiARii's Orchestra
Schle lVgrell
Gcerarii's Orchestra
Overture," Bits from Broadway,"
Ot'ERAiin's Orchestra
"Homeland Waltzes
Gi'erabd's Orchestra
t lavotte, selected," Forget-mo-not"
Ul'ERARii's Orchestra
" Put yonr arms around me. honey "
Gierard's Orchestra
I   •'.'araiaiaisiBiBkSBiab'ffljaja^


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