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Cranbrook Herald Oct 31, 1912

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Array i-r
We are well equipped to
turn out tlte Ijtst class
ot work.
P   NOV 4- 1912
Herald Pays—Try
Our   l/M-al  Columas
10c. a line
"There's iniisic iu llm rurliiiK slime,
And slnKlng on tlie rink,
Anil sweeter echoes kmiw I none
Than stones tlmt   meet und dint."
It was only a relatively small
gathering that usseinlileil In the
Hotel Cranhrook committee rooms
on Tuesday evening tn arrange lor
tlie coming season, but what there
lacked in numbers was made up In
enthusiasm. Mayor A. C. dimness
occupied the chair. Owing to the
limited attendance it was decided to
adjourn the meeting until Monday
evening, November Ith, when at 8
p.m. |t is expected that every curler
In town will assemble at the. Hotel
Cranbrook committee rooms, prepared to assist in the formation of
plans for the coming season.
Tbere will be the election of officers, and arrangements will be made
tor placing the rink in first-class
"Sky-pilots curl in every camp
From Revelstoke to Fer nay;
Aye, truth    to tell,   they curl durn
In either Yale or Kootenay."
A banquet  will likely he held during the  season,    when the lollowlng
menu may be provided:
(A wee drappie before   dinner clears
the road line).
Fush:   Caller nerrin. (To eat herrin'
without whusky is sheer tempt-
ation of Providence).
Second course:   Minced Collons   and
Ckampit Tattles.
(Whusky  nanus   better    wi' Collops
than nny Irrevolous drink).
Third conn*: llulihly  .lock and Sas-
(He's but a   Mslnnlrks body       wbo
leaves whusky out of this course)
Kehbuck and llannocks
(Alter   this   maist    folk   begin tae
drink whusky).
Every curler In Cranbrook and district is urged to attend the meeting
called for neit Nondav evening at
tht Hotel Cranbrook.
(lly Thomas W. Wilby C
First iire.in I.MVean Motorist).
The Canadian highway is a laet!
Out ol the Iturc nl dreams, out ol the
realm ol vision*, the funaiiiaii ll:gh-
way emerges, proved feasible on the
first attempt at a transcontinental
The tour officially ended at Victoria on October IN, mi the return
Irnm the west coa*t ol Vancouver Island, .lien a banquet ws* given to
Mr. Wilby by the president ol the
Automobile a*snciation, .Ir. A. E.
TihIiI, and at which Mayor llerkwith,
W W. Foster, deputy minister ol
works, and other leading rilirrii*
were present.
Tlie actual tour from coast to
roast iMTiipied lorty-nlne day* Hansci!
time, Ihe start having been made
Irom lliilif.i, nh.,ut Inur o'clock In
dull, cold, weather, and Ihe arrival
at Vancouver, liv a t-oinriilrnce, was
made at the same hour and under
the same weather conditions, Ths
actual   running    time wii* torty-onf
. days and the mileage was vmiii miles,
which gives aa average ol as. 1.1
miles per day.
Road conditions were bad, owing
to the immense rainfall In every part
- nl the country. Many parts ol the
country, especially Manitoba, were
turned into swiimps and quagmires;
this reduced the.daily average considerably.
In addition to the 3MKI miles, 700
were covered under other than the
car's own power, owing to the absence nl trail or road; this applies
particularly to New Ontario. As lar
as North Hay nn shipping had tn be
undertaken, although this waa the
Drst car that bad ever come through
all the way trom Halifax to that
At first It was not difficult to keep
w* sa   average ol   IN niles a day,
but Irom the prairie provinces on,
this was reduced to us low as sixty
miles. Thc highest daily run was
made in Albertn— lur, mile*, between
Maple ('reek and [.ethliriitge; the
lowest in Munitoiiu—JI miles, [rom
Winnipeg to Heading!)-, owing to the
wretched state of the gumbo roads,
The cur was running on uu average
ol ten miles to the gallon, KoiiictimeH
as much us flllceii mill's was luaile tu
tlie gallon, but iu some parts of
llritish Columbia, live mill's to the
gullon wns good going. The number of broken links In the road
thruUKh llritish Columbia ni'rcsslt.ii
ed running on the tics in Horns places;
taking a steamer on Kootenay Luke
on another, and running lor u lew
miles through thc United Stales in
another place.
The cost ol crossing from llulifux
to Vancouver averaged, ahnut 13.!in n
day per person. The expenses uf the.
car were about $!i.(in per dny, exclusive of repuirs. On two occasions
the.trip was delayed owing to.injury
to the car on bail grades, the driv-
ing-shaft having heen t\\ iste.l.
The gumbo roads of Manitoba were
in such bad condition that the drivers went on strike in Winnipeg, causing a three days' delay. Owing to
the absence of roads many detours
had to be made, amounting tn 600
miles altogether of which .100 were
in Ontario and 'ino in llritish Columbia.
The enthusiasm for the Canadinn
Highway all along the road was
marked. Towns and cities did their
best to welcome thc pathfinder and
besides presenting pennants of their
town and entertaining thc motorist,
passed resolutions pledging unqualified co-operation in any scheme lor
tbe Canadian Highway Irom coast to
Chains were seldom used, lllock and
tackle were olten in requisition. On
one occasion a hridge had to be built
to get the car over, and teams were
necessary to pull thr rar out ol the
bad spots.
The motorists, however, were always able to get shelter for the
night aad never lacked (ood or. gasoline.
Scarcely any macadam roads, were
lound on the journey, the majority
was earth and the rest gravel. The
hest roads were in llritish Columbia
in Ontario. # the worst in Manitoba. The earth roads ol the Maritime Provinces anil Alberta and
Saskatchewan were of about euuul
Miss Dorothy Davit, special representative ol llie II. O. Woman's Political Kquality League, to* toea a
visitor in town during thr week.
Miss Davis comes Irom Vancouver
nnd her mission tore Is to organize
a branch ot the league in this rity.
Stir was to have held n public
meeting in tbc city this week, hut
lowing to unexpected obstacles she
has decided to postpone it until December Ith Thr meeting place hns
not been definite! v decided upon as
yet, but due notice as to time ami
place will he given.
Mr. V. I: Wilson has consented to
act as chairman on this m-casion.
Ottawa, Oct. SO.—At noon yesler
day His Royal Highness thr IHike
ot Connaugbt at hi* office administered the oath ol office to Louis Co-
derrr, member lor llnchrlaga, us tbe
new secretary of state to succeed
Hon tt .1. Roche. Tlie administrative oath* were also administered to
lion. Robert Rogers a* minister of
public works In succession tn Hon.
F. II. Monk and tn Hon. W. .1. Roche
as minister ol the Interior. This
completes tbe cabinet changes made
necessary hy the resignation ol Hon.
F. D. Monk.
It is' understood that Dr. Paqset,
chief government whip tor Quebec,
has placed his resignation in the
hands ol Premier Horden.
Ottawa, Oct 30.-That lumber
planed on one side wllh a plane and
sited or reduced lo dimension oa the
other three sides should continue to
come into Canada Iree ol duly while,
the customs acts remains as It
stands, Is the eilect ol an Important
judgment given by the supreme court
today in the cose ol the Foss Lumber company nl Winnipeg versus the
King aad Un llritish Columbia turn
her sad slagts maaulwlurrrs.
Spendid Work  Done by Cranbrook Citizens in
Gharge of the Display—Hon. Price Ellison
"Commandeer's" Bulk of Exhibits for
Big Chicago Land Fair
(Special cnrreHpiuideiiie).
The very   trifling expenditure made rival.    Let no one imagine the wnrki distance he rendered in every depart-
by tlie city,   the board of trade and
the Agricultural association   in sending tne exhibit* to the Dry Farming
Congress at Lethbridge wus the best
investment in the advertising line
ever undertaken in the district. As
tbe Lethbridge Herald said the other
day "Cranbrook did itsell proud."
It scored a bit ol a record though
not competing against tbe other
districts owing to the laet that the
Kast Kootenay building was not
ready in time. It was fortunate fur
us that the local lumbermen provided the wherewithal for the erection ol tbe structure where the mineral, lumber and part ol the rruit,
grain and vegetable exhibits were
shown. Had they nnt done sn we
would have been as much out of the
hunt as was Fernie, Creston and
The painters, carpenters und electricians got through only at I :iu p.
nn Saturday, the 10th Inst., so
that tbe entire work of decoratinq
the interior and getting the various
exhibits in position bad all to be
done that afternoon and night nnd
all the lollowlng day, .Sunday, so as
to be ready Ior the opening nn Monday morning. It was accomplished
ih a thoroughly satisfactory manner
by Harold Darling, DeVere Hunt,
Thomas Doris, Mr It. F. Davis, the
secretary of tne Agricultural association, and the writer. Two carpenter* assisted, one nl them, Ole hy
name, being a veritable tower nl
strength and .executive ability. It
was pleasant to see tbe oTlctals of
the Cranbrook board of trade wheeling an iron-clad baggage truck laden
with chunks of St. Eugrne ore weigh-,
ing about a ton and leel (when one
came to lilt them) as it they weighed ten. They sweated did those
said officials, hut they got there, all
the same. When all was ready tliey
looked on their work and it was
The lirst visitors nn Monilay morning saw to the right of tlu* Kast
kootenay building as they entered u
very line display of grains, Iruits and
vegetables „( every variety grown in
this dislrict a* well as honey und
preserves of many kinds To the lelt
tfaa displayed the .'vt.it.it of the
I'runbrnnk Sash and Door Co. and in
the center the mineral*, with tne
silver lead frum tlie St. Kugene and
(tie Sullivan und the gold quartz uf
Perry Creek in the places ol honor,
that is, directly lacing the entrance.
Iletween the picture rail and ttie
-etling were escutcheons ol grain
between which were place.) the heads
i moose, 'deer, cnuger, hear and
slieep. At tlw back was un old-
(ashioned chimney built ot cobble
stones, exactly like hundreds ol the
lire places in the prospectors' cabins
ol old days In Iront ol the chimney wns placed the big cougar lent
by Sandy Cameron, ol the Cosmopolitan hotel. Thi* very excellent piece
nl animal inuunling attracted the
'cutsonic i',.i/i- of many small boys.
One ol Ihem suid to s..mc companions, "That's a big grizzly bear."
Another said in reply, "Tisn't,
cither Me daddy once saw a coyote, nnly he couldn't get a shot at
him. An' he told me." That setlled
the mailer.
In tlie hearth burned a big, genial
lire ol logs and around il were a
lew chairs, one corner nl the
building was very artistically screened oft a* space where visitors ol
sufficient worth and eminence could
register tbeir names and suitably record their impressions ot the various
exhibits and ol the hospitality ol the
officials ol the Cranbrook board ol
trade. The register, with the various signatures ol men, renowned in
every walk ol science, will he preserved an gsl llie archives.
This is as good a place as any other to state that Harold Darling, DeVere Hunt and Harry McKowan
worked every hour ol the day and
every, day ol the live the Congress
lasted wilh an Intelligence and unflagging Industry iu the Interests nl
Cranbrisik and district which could
nol be bettered II their own roost
personal and Intimate welfare were
at slake. Mrs. Darling rendered Invaluable serptcc in the matter ol the
was eusy.    It wns far from it.   Tbe ment.    Mr. Davis, thc secretary    of
crowd    in   the building un Munday, the    Agricultural Society, concerned
Tuesday,    Wednesday   and Thursday himsell   almost entirely with      the
varied   only from lieing dense to lie- main exhihit in    thc building where
THE "low ar m FUMC or
ilif*,    niofl	
facts uml Information. No sooner
wus one hatch ol enquirers disposed
of than another wus ready (or. the
same course of instruction.
As thc work went on the Had conviction began to grow upon one that
Cranbrook does not make half as big
a mark on the map ut Canada us
certain ot our citizens, wno are
wholly asleep and mentally half
dead,  would  fain have us believe.
"Where is this Cranbrook? Isn't
Kast Kootenay in Washington?**
Sneh remarks were heard u thousand times over, just, because we
have not the courage \u spend a few
dollars in advertising our city ami
district as do. other places. \ant
year Lethbridge ran her civic taxation up to twenty-toin mills with
tlie result that inside twelve months
they have a city that is a positive
pleasure to the eye and which hy its
perfection and beauty of arrangement
advertises itself.       *
Here in ('ranbrook, if anyone dare
to suggest an improvement that
tends to increase the taxes hy tlw
tenth part of a mill u yowl goes up
hum some one of the aldermen or
from some taxpayer. thut the
UlttiAT GOp KCONOMY is being
blasphemed against in- tlte holy
places. And so we muddle along
until we shall hud ourselves muddled
ami fuddled into the sleep nf civic
death induced by the gentle motion
ot the backwater we appear hound
for. We are all ready enough to
tell each other what a splendid city
and district we have and prate about
tbe extent of our resources, but
mighty few of us have the pluck to
back our opinion to the extent nl a
solitary dollar and it is the very
men who can best afford to help who
are steadily and persistently acting
us the brakes on the wheel of Cranbrook's reasonable advancement.
Some of them, indeed, pose (and
glory in the pose) of being perpetual
knockrrs of their own city and district. The moral of it all Is: If we
want to do things; if we want to
take the place in thc social scale
that fairly belongs to us, we must
make some sacrifices. We cannot
have omelettes without breaking
eggs. It we want progress we must
pay the price.
on Monhay morning, before the
real rush started, the lion. Price
Ellison, minister ot agriculture and
finance,    took    a very   quiet   look
People wanted  Mm 11.0. provincial     display       wus
There arc many ways ol winning
elections uud smiting a political opponent without fanning into llame
the sacred lues of reverence for our
Hug und loyally to our birthright.
Our last election with much in it to
stir thc loyalty of others ihuu the
ultra loyalists was happily compara-1
lively free from imputations uf dis-
loyalty. I do not recall that Mr.
Horden churged it. Certainly the
most telling strictures struck ut the
disturbing effect of reciprocity on
our intcrprovinciul trade una imper-,
iulisui. '1'rue the llug was waved.
Hritish connection was said to be
menaced, and much was made of
I ucfe Sum's fell designs upon us.
Perhaps this lust may not be ull an
evil; he will beur watching. Moreover we are a young fulk who will
peetlily outgrow main crudities. Lett
us hope so for it is displeasing tu
heat us we huve heard here iu Canada at election time, charges of disloyalty protests of enduring love for
tlie uld llag and of a readiness lo die
for British connection, shouted on
the stump, printed in tlie press, and
spoken from the pulpit-
It appears to he peculiar to Canada. Nothing just like it is prevalent in the bad taste thnt prevails at
{election time in the Cm ted States,
i In Kngland it does not enter men's
minds to impute disloyalty. Certain
sentiments ure grafted inwardly in
our hearts and we do not readily
paradc them.
The love of a right thinking man
(or a woman, tor his borne, for his
country and for his religion. All
these he cherishes secretly and sac-
■ redly in his inner soul and will light
I for as a matter of course-
Whence comes this readiness to
cast doubt on the patriotism ol
political opponent to fear for British
'connection and to mistrust our big
1 neighbor to the south? It is no doubt
a legacy from the loyalists When
Washington wrested terms which
made tbe 1'nited States an accomplished fact these Tory Loyalists
were a troublesome problem. They
there were mostly men of prominence with
a stake in the country. They had
sided with Britain in the struggle
standing steadfastly for Taw and order as they saw it as against the
torch of revolution. Protection as to
life and property had been pledged
them, but when the British withdrew the plunder proved too tempting. Many of Washington's patriots
were needy men, and hence was made*
imuumr..      ...i-   pllective the undying slogan: "To  tbe
hile the building victor bplonK8 th* |P°IU;" Tbe lnyal:
ists were bereft of their goods and
chattels and run out of home and
country with cruel injustice and
rather more than less insult. They
came to Canada with their wives
and families in thousands and tens ol
i thousands.     They were and are    our
art!UnU lh°.tJ*? JS^.^?1*? !•»•* way ol"sho»"ing them." Advert
and was quick to praise in the most
generous    terms   the building itself
and the enterprise that it and      its
contained   exhihit represented.      Ile
at once offered    to take the      very
beautiful doors   shown hy the   Cran-'
brook Sash and   Door company   and
tlie entire mineral exhibit to       the
great Laml     Fair at Chicago, where
us he said, "a thousand would see it ■
for   the one   who   saw it in     l*eth- I
bridge." *,
This in.ist     practical proof ot    ap- .
preciatiou    should be very cordially
recognized both by our city and   tba
board of trade.    It the Hon.     Hr.
Kllison were our representative - la
'shown.     Here, und in ull other   departments, lie, as might he expected,
discharged his duties iu un eminently
characteristic    manner.    The writer
had charge of the minerals. They attracted an enormous amount of attention.     Minerals were shown from
other    places,    even   from   Shasta
County, California, from Nelson   and
so on, but it    wus conceded       that
those   from     the Cranhrook district
were far and away the most varied,
valuable und interesting      on      the
ground.    An old lady, evidently   the
wife of u     rancher, wanted to       see
some radium.   -   "llcin1 us how it is
dug oiiten    the uirtli,"   suid she, "I
guess this is   where I'll see it."     It
wus a pity to disappoint her. A man
enquired, "Now,   where do you     git
yer brass?"     The question hud      a
remote   suggestion   of being acutely
[personal, but he was careful to   say
that he really and truly wanted    to
know whether it wus dug "ottten the
a. ih" or manufactured. Ile got    tlte
Information and went nwuy happy.
It was W.    V. Ourd who suggested
the Idea of having.a big wide hearth
aud a log lire blazing in it. That notion   was    un   inspiration of genius.
The1 Cranbrook building was the only
place on tbe grounds where there was
a spark of warmth or where a   man
coulh   dare light his   pipe or cigar.
That firmly established the popularity of the building in the fancy      of
the crowds.     On Wednesday
was a thin,    searching wind blowing
at about forty   miles an hour.      At
times it seemed to fairly whistle   oil
tin rough corners nf ones hones. The
result of It was that the ladies simply      thronged     into   the Cranbrook
building to get a breath * of   warm
oxygen Inside their perished    lungs.
By and by everv woman who had    a
baby with a colic in its little inside arrived and commandeered     the
chairs.       For	
sounded like a Mormon nursery      at
spanking time.    Such screams      and
yells may be music to the eur of   the
truly domesticated man, hut to bachelors they   are even as sirens     and
fog-horns to warn them off the dead-
Iv lee shore of matrimony. HHH*|.^1.^H__,.^_._
m__     ...      „      ,       A.    ,, 'enduring gain and it often seems
During the   five days thc t ongress   ■    ^ ^^ H|c MW wM_
lU\t\ ft1***?*     T.M1' Pf°P^  ry regained what thev lost wben ihey
visited   the Cranbrook building   and   *    j^   mIfa|- £ ehm4    tbem
there learned southing of our   dis-     ^ ^     f      thUR ^ ftff    ,rom
trlct and city while those who   were I ^ popiltation thp collSfrvat|ve element which is unready to run   after
strange    Cods and   which is always
ready to ballast    the ship of    state
when storms threaten.'   They    came
here with an abiding sense of wrong,
burning with bitter hatred of the new
republic and with much pride in their
in charge learned a deal ubout
class of exhibits necessary for
fusions and also concerning
tlw I '
the ■
ing a city or district is a science
which can only be acquired where
provinces, cities and districts are
advertised legitimately und scientifically. Tbat science in its utmost
refinement was best exemplified in
the display of the Sacramento Valley. Improvement association. This
organization is created under an act
of the state legislature und is empowered to levy a tax proportionate
to the valuation of every resident in
the valley. This brings in a revenue of some $8fi,niHi a year and is
devoted to advertising the district
at the various fairs throughout    the
British birthright. These feelings
they bequeathed to their children and
their children's children even In lesser degree to this generation.
Cndouhtedly we owe to them our
present British status. No appeals
from the Americans for aid or inaction in connection with their many
attempts to banish the British flag
from this continent were listened    to
there been a tunning congress conducted more close to Ihe basic ideas
of such assemblies than that ut
Lethbridge. Most specially he
commentied the fact that there was
no peddling permitted in the baiild-
ings or on the grounds of wild-cat
propositions, share vending devices
and the usual "ten dollars down and
live dollars a month" fiim-flams that
so acutely prevail at other places
of the same sort.
The marked success of the mineral
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Colon by means of exhibits of fruits,
the provincial house be eoild tot grains, nuts and so on and iu causing
have acted more kindly and thought- Mpprt examinations to be made of
fully tor us. Cranbrook owes this „n [and o(-frrrt -„r Mje by gdvertfs-
most able and far-seeing odministra-' ing flrni8. To this central authority
tor of the.financial and agricultural a|| intending purchasers and invwt-
interests of our province a debt that torg can app|v wiu, int ^^ „,.-_
no mere vote ut thanks will repay, j Ulntj. that thf information they
DeVere Hunt nnd Harold Darling will receive as to the nature, alti-
were simply splendid in their hand- tude, fruit producing qualities, ruling of Mm agricultural resources of ture of soil, prospects ot Irrigation
the    district.    They carried     their and convenience to markets can    be
crowds from the photographs of or- absolutely relied on. This splendid 'exhibit was attributable to the
ciiards, public buildings, farming und and roost praiseworthy organization eoormous size of some of the samples
lumber views of the district to the is now getting a hill through the notably those from tlie St. Kugene
concrete examples of the products, state legislature to enable them to ' ami the Sullivan mines. Without
They told of soils und the fertility license all real estate, brokers, and ! those the whole thing would have
thereof, backing up their statements to give their official approval, or the hacked that quality of at once ap-
wlth potatoes, beats, carrots and reverse, to any scheme of subdivision pealing to the public eye" by virtue
cabbages that were, (or size, verit- or general exploitation that may he j„f imposing mass. On this account
able knock down arguments. ■ Over put on the market. It would be a the writer considers that special
on the opposite side Harry McKow- most excellent thing if some associa thanks should be given to Mr. C. II,
an, keen and persuasive, let nothing'tion along similar lines were formed ! MeDougall, of Kimbcrley, tlte mine
pass hlm when nny phase      of    the ih Canada. manager   of the two mines mention-
lumber business was in question. He |   It is worthy of   note that Mr. Mil- \ ed, who put    himself to no end     of
for u moment. Insteud tls'se stout
old loyalists, and their descendants
sprang joyfully to arms and fought
prevailingly against the ancient foe.
Old feuds do not readily die und today ulter a century of peace we
watch with mistrust any treaty
with our southern neighbors, and we
are apt to doubt the loyalty of a
public man who professes overmuch
friendship for the American people
and admiration for their plan of government.
It cannot tie denied that the Liber*
als have sintered less in dignity from
this loyalty cry than have the Conservatives. Patriotism is not the
property of any political party.
When the Kiel Rebellion compelled a
call to arms our volunteers re-
iponded freely, (irit and Tory alike.
t'lu> even while the Liberal leaders
m the Door of the house ut Ottawa
Vers licrcelv denouncing the policy
hull occasioned the outbreak, and
giving utterance to warm expressions
nf lympalhj t«.r the rebels When the
contingents unit to South Africa
thej were not recruited on party lines. When the cull comes our people
will respond undisturbed tn ttie
shouts of party politicians Since
Confederation the two parties huve
placed their records before tlie people
markedly in two great policies Both
of these will likely remain undis-
urbed in principle no matter who
holds office because both have been
bundantly approved The national
policy of tbe Conservatives and the
British preference of tbe Liberals. It
is laughable to reflect that the former from the party that places loy-
Ity in tbe forefront cruelly struck
at British trade It taxed the textiles of Manchester and the wares of
Birmingham and caused much concern in Kngland even it was claimed,
dealing a death blow to British connection. It is not without significance that tbe British preference
placed on the board by these tints
ot doubtful loyalty was a free gift ta
the British merchant gratefully given
for services rendered us by tbe Motherland. Moreover it was opposed by
the Tories as bad business became it
gave much and asked for nothing' In
return Is it by words or by deeds
that we shall judge'
Tlte truth is that these charges of
disloyalty, this flaunting of the flag
election time is unreal and
should cease. Tbe vocabulary of
our politicians will be sufficiently,
venomous without it. An incident in
tbe commons at Westminster which
was much as follows, may serve to
It was when tbe saintly and heroic
Oordon was beset by Moslem fanatics fighting his last unequal fight
for life in beleagured Khartoum.
While tbe world watched and waited
wondering what Britain could do to
save bim, it will be recalled that a
wave of wrath and shame and pity
swept swiftly over all Kngland and
rolled in full flood of blame against
tbe Oladstaoe government. Mr. (Ilad-
stone was not called disloyal. Nobody dreamed of imputing unpatriotic motives. But Lord Randolph
Churchill rose in tbe bouse and in
the course of his speech pointed at
tlie (irand Old Man, Mr. Gladstone,
and said accusingly: "When Pilate
saw that be could prevail nothing he
took water and washed his hands before the multitude, saving, 'I am innocent of the blood of this fut person; see ye to it. and when he had
scourged Jesus he delivered him up
to be crucified."
Many may be averse to bringing
our Knglish Bible into a secular debate, but none will deny tbat Churchill's invective was telling He
hocked people into a perception oi
tbe shameful truth. A tragic mistake bad been made which was and is
an enduring blot on tbe good name
of a great party and its honored
leader. He could never have made
this so manliest by calling down
trom all tbe years of our greatness
the names of our dead heroes aad
parading them ia patriotic rebuke.
Kor who doubts tbe loyalty of Kng
land's statesmen? \A*t us shake free
from tbis evil bequeathed by tbe
Loyalists and bear in mind that
where Canada is concerned we have
many methods and one aim which is
to wnrk out our destiny on this continent as no slight section of the
British empire. Also let us grip tbe
hand of our kin to the south with
tbe warmth of a stout-hearted friend
who is sure of himself and unafraid.
British connection is an enduring
part of our political creed and there
is no sign nn the visible horizon that
 .  Miss |    McD Smith, of   Morris*
^decorations and entertained many  ofl certainly deserves all possible praise Ier, tlw secretary of the association : personal     Inconvenience    to procure"burg, Ont,. arrived Moedav for    an
| the lady visitors tn a manner     thnt  not only tor his successful work   as referred   to,    stated to    the writer   nnd ship the huge chunks thut   made   indefinite visit    wilt ber brother, A.
I the gentlemen could aot attempt   to J aa exhibitor hut for the great      as ' that never ia his experience        bad . the success of the whole show '
SbO.OO EACH. flOTHlflC VOWfl. Sl.00 TEH WEEK. flO
1>my. AflV LEVEL.
THAT is the name, and
below is tbe trademark,
yuu are to look for next
time  you buy underwear.
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
Ht perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you get our
Guarantee of " money back
if you can fairly claim it."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PENMANS Limited. „
n. c,
ww scope or
t'lAi- mar.
New Westminster, H. C., Oct. M.—
The nationalizing ol the work carried on during the past year from thu
llrilish Columbia headquarters o( the
Canadian Highway association was
one of the features ol the second-annual convention recently held in Winnipeg, when Toronto was selected as
the next meeting-place. A large
number ol the delegates represented
city councils, hoards of trade or ether public bodies.
In recobnition of the excellent
work done during the past year, i\!f.
W. .1. Kerr was re-elected president
The honorary oilicers were retained
Mr. Prank R. Mutton, of Toronto.
was elected tirst vice president and
T. s. Master, ol Vancouver, wast re
elected treasurer. An executive
council was named, consisting of A
K. Todd, Victoria, Hritish Columbia
George Itlack, Yukon; .lames i\lc
George, Edmonton, Alberta; (icorgi
Thompson, Indian Head, Saskatche
wan; Mayor Fleming, Brandon, Mani
toha; W. .1. Trelheway, Ontario. (I
A. Slmnrd, Montreal, Quebec; W.' A.
Anderson, St. John, New Brunswick.
P. W. I.Hcc was re-ap|)oiuted secre
A deputation representing tlie as
sociation, and consisting of member*-*
from the different provinces, is to
wait on Premier Horden and reqiles'
financial aid for the proposed transcontinental highway.
During the past year Presiilent
Kerr contributed $785(1-81 towards
necessary expenses, hut the conven
tion decided that this should not [be
permitted to continue, and suggested
that hoards of Irade, city councils
and other public bodies lie approach
ed lor contributions, a graded scale
of donations being arranged at the
meeting. Boards of trade nre now
eligible for membership on payment
of (in.nil, instead of S1.00 per member as was previously the case. The
former fee was considered too higli.
A large number ol carefully prepared papers were read during the
iour-ilay session, these lieing followed hy instructive discussions. Among
those who contributed papers were
Mt. -lames Weidman, of Keewnliu.
on "The Canadian Highway from
Winnipeg to the Lake ol the Woods
and Beyond"; A. .1. McPherson, pro
vincial highway commissioner ol
Saskatchewan, on "The Boads ol
Saskatchewan", Mr. .Joseph Maw, ol
Winnipeg, on "The Rule of the
Bond"; Mr. A. 0, Btnmett, ot Winnipeg, on "Accurate Road Maps";
Major Count de Bury, representing
lhe department of militia and defence, on "Highways From a Military Point of View"; Charles F
Roland, Winnipeg's industrial commissioner, un "The Canadian High
way as an Advertising Medium";
Col. G. W. Bennett, provincial superintendent of colonization roads in
Ontario, on "The Roads of Ontario";
Mr. S. R. Henderson, president of
the Manitoba Good Roads association, on "The Use of the Split-log
Drag"; A. P McOillivray, provincial
Highway Commissioner ot Manitoba
nn "The Roads oi Manitoba." Several other papers, including one on
"Convict Labor on Roads," which
had been prepared hy members who
found themselves unable to attend
the convention, were also read and
Before the convention closed the
delegates were entertained nt a
luncheon ul Hie Itoyal' Alexandra
hotel, His Worship Mayor Waugh
acting as chairman, und His Honor
Lieutenant-Governor D. C. Cameron
occupying the sent on Ills right
A settler in the district, having
read in certain government organs
that Iree stumping powder was to
he supplied to settlers, immediately
wrote thc department ol agriculture
fnr further particulars, ami in response received the following explicit
Deaf Sir:
In the absence nf the Hon. the Minister ol Agriculture, I beg to acknowledge receipt oi yout. letter of
thc 17th instant and lo enclose in
reply thereto, a circular issued by
the department lu contradiction of
the . erroneous newspaper announce
inent respecting the supply ol Iree
stumping powder.
Yours very truly,
Win. .1. Bonavlu,
Department, of Agriculture, Victoria,
Oct. 22, U112.
Vancouver, 11. I'., Oct. 17.—Thc
statement appearing in tlie papers nn
Wednesday regarding tlie supply nl
slumping powder tn settlers in the
province is quite incorrect, stated tlie
deputy minister of agriculture, Mr.
W. E. Scott today.
"Stumping powder is not supplied
free tn members of the fanners' in
stitnle, hut at u reduced price of
live dollars per case at the factory,"
he said. "N'o circular had been sent
nut hy the department nf agriculture
tn that effect. An arrangement in
iiiignrated by the late Captain Tut
low, when minister ot agriculture, is
still in eflect, whereby under agreement between tbe prnvincial government and the powder companies
any member nf a farmers' institute
may secure, Iiy giving his order I.
the secretary nf the Institute ac
cnmpnnied hy the cash, slumping
powder lor land clearing and bona
fide agricultural purposes at tbe reduced price of five dollars per case
at the factory.
"Furthcrmiire, by an arrangement
between the prnvincial government
ami Ibe C.P.R,, only half the regular freight Is charger! nn the Institute powder It will thus be
seen that the fanner who has land
to clear receives a very valuable concession and ni i which I am surely
say is universally appreciated. The
farmer whu nrders une case, pays approximately exactly tbc same ns one
who orders a carload. The depart
ment will also supply a carload and
pay lur the same un Ihe understanding that payments tie reltindeil as
sales are efTected nnd also on the
distinct understanding that no powder be given out to members without cash being paid for same.
"These concessions apply solely lo
rarmers' institutes. Agricultural societies other than fanners' institutes
cannot secure institute powder. Whatever action may he contemplated by
the provincial government towards
the solution nl the settlement nl our
agricultural 'lands, I nm sutisiied
tbat tbe supplying ot free stumping powder has never been entertained."
(I. D. McKay, provincial timber
inspector, reports that alleer due
consideration he has decided to enforce the "Marking Act," and more
especially section 911, which requires
that all persons operating logging
camps must lirst provide themselves
wilh a stamp or stamps. The stamp
or stamps will then have In be
gislerrd, and will conform wilh the
class ol land upon which they are
operating, as per schedule lollowlng:
No. 1 Is lor license timber, and
timber cut Irom this class ol land
must be manutactured In the province, as per part lfl, of the Forest
No. 2 is leashuld timber, and is
subject to the same regulations as
No. 1.
No. 3 is old crown-granted timber,
and these are subject to tub-section
2, section 58, Forest Act, and are exportable under schedules 1 and 2 ol
that section.
No. 4 is crown-granted timber, alter the 7th day ol . April, 1887, and
prior to the 12th day ol March,
1008. These lands are subject to a
royalty nf 50 cents on the thousand,
and are exportable.
No. 5 is crown-granted timber,
ions and later, and is subject to a
royalty ol 50 cents on the thousand.
This timber must be manutactured in
the province.
No. 0 is handloggcr timber, and is
subject to the Manulacturcrs' Act,
page 10.
The provincial scaling department
ol liritisli Columbia announce tliat
the timber scaling figures fur September reached the high mnrk ol
81,800,01111 ft. (or the coast district.
"This represents the amount nl timber marketed in the Vancouver district. The ligures fur the Interior
have imt come iu ycl, but. they nre
expected to total at least 211,1100,11011.
II. W. Henry, hunkkeeper lor Hunt
and Darling, has been laid up tor a
few days tlie past week with ton-
P. F. Patrick, wlm recently sold
the Cranbrook Onrnge to P. Matlie-
son, leaves the lirst nl the week lor
Manchester, England, to spend several months at his nld home.
Hereafter any person applying to
register a timber mark will be given
a mark as follows:
l.-A letter ol the alphabet, other
than I, O, X, Y, '/., followed by a
number between 1 and 10(1. For cx-
amole, "A 0."    Start in F. I»
.—A number between 1 and WO,
followed by a letter ol the alphabet
other than I, 0, X, Y, Z. For example, "« A."    Start 1 11
3.—A letter of the alphabet   other
than I, O, X, Y, Z, followed by
number with a crescent beneath. For
example, "A 8."    Start in K. 1.
1.—A letter of the alphabet otlier
than I, O (April 7, 1887, March 11,
1008), X, Y, /., followed by a number with a bar beneath. For example "II. 7."    Starl in L. 1.
5— A number billowed by a letter
ol the alphabet other than I, O, X
Y, /., with a crescent beneath. Kor
example, "2 II."    Start in 1 N.
ll.-Either   ol the letters X, Y, /..
with a number.      For example, "X
7."    Start in X. 1.
The president ol the Chinese Republic, Yuan Scbi Kai, recently suppressed the newspaper King-Ban,
which undoubtedly was the oldest
paper In the world. For 1,500 years
it has reported the more important
news not only ol China, but also ol
foreign countries. At a time when
the art ol printing and journalism
was as yet unknown in Europe, the
Chinese Gang-Chung invented
means lor making types Irom lead
and silver, and in the year 100 All.
the paper King-llao was printed, and
has since been Issued regularly until
recently. The first editian was
printed on ten sheets of yellow silk,
neatly lied together, and wan Ihu*
sent to all Ihe high official* ol the
Chinese empire.
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply lo the Chlet Commissioner ot
Lands at Victoria lor a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum nn
the lollowlng described lands, situate in the district nt South East
Kootenay, Block 1503:
Cnmmencing at a post planted at
or.near 2 miles east nl the 18 mile
post on CPU. survey on west
boundary nt lllock 4503 and being
the N. W. corner ul T. C. Witherspoon claim: thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; Ihence north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains to
the point nt commencement, and con
lalning uin acres, more or less.
■ T. C. Witherspoun. Locator,
lohn Virgo, Agent.
Located this 18th day ol (Hotter,
4 l-tl
ROOMS TO HENT.-Elther single
or double; modern conveniences.
'Phone 76. 41-3t*
FOR  SALE.-Young pigs, six    to
eight weeks old.    Apply to St.    Eu
gene Mission.
Wilb   Billiousness   and   Sick
Calgary, Alberta, July 8, 1011.
I was a great sufferer lor a long
time with Billiousness, Sick Headacho
and Liver Trouble. Nothing seemed
to do me any good. I had almost
given up in despair when I decided to
Alter taking about nail a box the
headache stopped and my appetite
improved. I have juat finished the
fifth box and leel as well as ever. I
can heartily recommend Fig mis lor
stomach and liver troubles.—Mrs.
Mary Ellson. *
Sold at all dealers in 25 and 50
cent boxes or mailed by The Fig Pill
Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by The Cranlirook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria Ior a license to
prospect tor coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate in the district ol South East
Kootenay, Block ml:
Commencing at a post planted    at
: near 2 miles east ol tbe S.E.
corner ol Lot 7507 and bting the N.
E. corner ol the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; theme east 80 chains to the
point ol commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
.lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
Located lliis 21st day ol September, 1812. 44-51
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to tlie Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria lor a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
the. follow ing described lands, situ
ate in the district nl South East
Kootenay, Block 4503:
Ciiiiiiiicm-iiig at a post planted al
or near I mile east nf the 30 mile
post on C.P.H. survey on west
boundary nl Block 4583 and being the
N. W. corner post ol the T. C. With
erspoon claim; thence south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence
north Kll chains; thence west
chains to the point nf commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
•lohn Virgo, Agent.
Located this 17th  day of October
18(1. Il-5t
that thirty days alter dale I shall
apply tn llie .Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria Inr a Iflense to
prnspect lor coal and petroleum on
the lollowlng described lands, situ
'ate In the district ol Smith East
Koolenay, lilnck 4583:
l 'iimimwing ul a pint planted   at
or near I mile east of the 30    mile
post on    C.P.R. survey west bound
ary ol lllock 4583 and lieing the S.E.
corner   ol    the   T.   0. Witherspoon
claim;   Ihence     north   80    chains;
thenee   west 80 ehains; thence soulb
80 chains; thence east 80 chains    tn
the point nl commencement, nnd con
talning 640 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
■ >.<lin Virgo, Agent.
Located this 17th  dav ol October,
1812. 11-51
that thirty day* alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commisslnner of
Lands at Victoria Inr a license tn
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
the lollowlng described lands, situate in the district nl South East
Kootenay, Block 4888:
Commencing at a post planted at
41-511 or near 2 miles eaat ol the 30    mllo
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
315-117 Lougheed Bide.
TO subscribe for stock in the proposed FRACHE
BROS. FLORAL CO., Ltd. The Company,
when incorporated, propose to enlarge their present
greenhouses at Grand Forks, and build branches in the principal towns in Southern B. C. Cranbrook will be one of
our centres. If you want to invest in a good established
paying business, right now is your time.
The promoters of the Company are well known to the
business men of Cranbrook.   For full particulars write to
Grand Forks      -      -      -      -      B. C.
SHARE3 $50.00 EACH
I agree to auhaoribe for
Shares in the Capitol Stock
of tho " FRACHE RUN. FLORAL COHRARY, LIMITED," and pay for same after incorporation
of Company and allotment lo me of above shares therein aefollowa: Twenty.per cent oaah
I»t share on allotment, and balance any time thereafter on receipt of three months' notice
ii'i|iiiriiiK.Hiii'li payment.
Doted at the day of - , 1912.
post on C.P.R. survey on west
boundary ol Block 45)3 and being the
N.W. corner post ol the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains to the point ol commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
T. C, Witherspoon, Locator.
John Virgo, Agent.
Located this   17th day ol October,
1812. 44-5t
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria lor a license to
prnspect Ior coal aad petroleum on
the tollowing described lands, situ
ate in the district ol South East
Kootenay, Block 4583:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles south then 3 miles
east ol the S. E. corner of Lot 1507
and being the N.E. corner ot the T.
1*. Witherspoon claim; thence south
80 chains; thence weat 80 chains;
thence north to chains; thence eaat
80 chains to the point ol commencement, *and containing 640 acres,
more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
.lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
Located tbis 23rd day ot September, 1812. «-»*
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chlel Commissioner ol
Lamls at Victoria lor a license to
prospect Ior coal and petroleum on
the lollowlng described lands, situate in the district ol South East
Kootenay, Mnrk 4583:
Commencing ut a post planted at
nr near 2 miles south then I mile
east nl the S.E. corner nl Lot 7507
and being the N.W. corner ol the
T. ('. Witherspoon claim; tbence
south 80 chains; Ihence east 80
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to Uie point ol commencement, and containing 840 acres,
more or leu.
T. C. Witherspoon,' locator.
•Inhn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
Located this 23rd day ol September, 1812. «-»
that thirty days   alter  date I shall
ipply to the   Chief Commissioner ol
Lands  at Victoria lor   a license to
prospect lor   coal and   petroleum on
the tollowing   described   lands, situate   in the   district   ot South Eost
Kootenay, Block 4582:
Commencing at a post planted   at
r near 4 miles east ol tha 21   mile
pnst on    C.P.R.    survey o»      west
boundary ol Mock I58J and being the
Is**,   corner ol    thei*.   C. Wtther-
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have eouie Gilt Edged Original Prairie Townsites
(not sub-divisions), which appeal to the intelligent inves-
tor, and we intend to put on an extensive advertising campaign in CRANBROOK aa soon aa we complete arrangements with a fi-st-claas man, who can follow np inquiries.
We mail thc district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and very profitable position. Apply H. W. McCurdy, 602 Temple Building, Toronto,
Down—has; come the price of
Ford cars—to a point where
you can no i longer afford to be
without one. With this reduction the iFord ceases to be
a luxury and becomes a necessity.
Touring Car
Town Car
Them new print's, f.o.li. Walkerville,
Out,, with all <i|iiipiiiciit. An early
order will mean nn curly delivery. Oct
catalogue from Kuotoiiny Garage Co.,
Crnnbrook, B. 0„ or D. V. Motl, Femio,
or direct from Walkerville.
spoon claim;   tnence north 80 chains;
thence west   80 chains; tbence south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains    to
the   point    ol   commencement, and
containing 610 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator
.lohn Virgo, Agent.
Located this 18th  day at October.
1812. 1*-5'
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commissioner nl
Lands at Victoria tor a license to
prospect lor   coal aad  petroleum on
the following described lands, situate ia the district ol South East
Kootenay, Block 4589:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 4 miles east ol tlw C.P.R.
survey 2> mile post on west boundary ol Block 4583 aad being the N.E.
corner post of tbe T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
weat 10 chains; thence north 10
chains; thence eut 10 chains to the
point ol commencement aad containing 840 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon. Locator.
John Virgo, Agent.
Located this llth toy ol October,
[Ar«Ll1 W|
41 Market Company |
Wn liniulli! itothiiiK but llio liiiiist, i|iuililv
Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
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Try our Brook field Creamery Butter
Somebody Is Going: To
Get Hurt!
Of course, wis don't know whether it will lie you or not,
but BtutsHtit's prove that more people tire injured in tha I 'nited
States und Canada,in one year than are injured in the world's
greatest battles.
Now, wouldn't yuu feci more pecure if ynu knew ilmt your
earning lajmcitv niul your family wero protected hy nn Accident Policy? We can inimeyou in one of tin* ptrongest companies in America for a very small fue, payable monthly if
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Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
P. 0. Drawer 50 Phone 4.17
Phono : Kvyniour 71IH0
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS B1I0S., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street     I
VANCOUVER      •       B. C.
Two liuiidrod I'Kviiutly fnniisliiH] rooms. Evrry motlem
cotivenicii'.'o. Eli'vutor lornce, Caff in rontitH'tioii. Kooms
$1.00 per tiny ami tipwnnla.
Up-country visitors to llio Terminal City will find every
convenience ami comfort at Ihe Granville Pnlmi'. ipfjoinl
attention being paid to their wauls.
t'O.M, AMI I'l'.TItOI.l-XM MITU'i:    ('"U- "ND PETROLEUM NIITK'i:
that thirty iluys alter date I slmll
apply tn tin- rliii-i t'liiutnissiniirr nl
l.alut* at Vlctnria Inr a license tn
prmipecl for cnal aarl petrnlcuin nn
the (i.llnwiitK ilrsciiiicii inn,is. xitn-
ale in the district nl South Ball
Kooteoajr, lilnck IHI:
t'.iiiiiiieiiciiijs nl ii pnsl pltintriY at
nr near 2 miles xntith, then *l miles
rust nf the SI-:, enrner nl l.ot 7*iili
uml heiiiR the S.W. cornet nl the
T. I'. Wlthcrspnnn claim; tliencc
Imrlh WI chains; thenco ea»t HO
eliains; Ihence smith Hfl chains, tlicnce
west Sll chains tn llir pnlnt nf
cntiniirlircturlit uml omluiiiiiu: MO
ncrrs. mnre ill lr*s.
T   C. Witlierspnon, Locator,
,lnhn Virgo; Aornt
Willie**: Archie llelden.
Located this   isird ia; nf Septem
ber, Ull «-»*.
that thirty day* alter date I shall
apply to the f'hiel ('nmniissioncr nl
Lands at Victoria lor a Urease in
prospect lor coal and petrolenm on
the lollowlng described lands, situate In the district of South Kast
Kootenay, lllock 1513:
t'ommenclng at a pnst planted at
or near ,1 miles east ol llie S.E. corner ol Lot 7507 and being the N.W.
corner of the T- t'. Witlietspnon
claim; thenee smith 811 chains; thence
east HO chains; thence north 80
chains; thence west R0 rhnins to the
point ol cnniiiicnceiiirnt, and containing 810 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie llelden
lAWited Mis llth day ol October,
1(11. M-St
. thut thirty iluy* niter date I skill
{apply tn the Chlel foromlaatonet "I
| Lands at Victoria Inr a license to
prospect for coal and nctrnleiun nn
the following described lands, situ
ate In the districl ol South East
I Knnlenay, niock 469S:
| t'limmcneing nt n poll planted nt
nr near .1 mile* south, tlicn I mile
rn*t nt the S K corner nf Lot 7507
; nnd brine, the N W. curlier pi the T.
C Wltlicrspnnll claim; thenee smitli
180 chain*; tlicnce easl HO chain*;
■ tlicnce north Hn chair-*,; ilicncc west
| HO cnaln* tn tlir point of commence.
ment and contnluiiiK 6 in acre*,
more or less.
T. f. Witlierspnon. Locator.
•lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: An-lile llelilen
Looated this -'Inl day nf September, _l»l». .    «-5t
that thirty day* alter dale I shall
apply to tlte   Chiel Commissioner ol
| Lands at Vlctnria Inr a license to
prnspect for cn.it and petroleum on
the -Inllnwing   describrd   lands, situ
' ate   in the   district   of South Kast
' Kootenay, Mock -1503:
I   Commencing nt n post planted   at
- or near I miles south, then I miles
east ol the   S.E. enrner nl Lot 7507
J and being the  S.E. corner ol      thr
j T. C. Withrrspoiiii claim; thence
north Hfl chains; Ihrnre west 80
chains; thence smith HO chains: thence
east 80 chain* to the pnlnt ot eoin-
mencement, and containing 010 acres,
mnre or Irss.
T. O. Witlierspnon, Locator,
•lohn Virgo, Agent,
Witness: Arrhlr llelden.
I.rxatrd Mis tth day ot October,
lill U-Sl
Sir Thomas l.ipton has arrived in
New York with the conviction strung
within him that he will arrange yet
anuther yacht race fnr the America
"Three times already, as everyone
knows, 1 have tried," said Sir Thomas, "to 'lilt' the cup whieh the yacht
America captured in English waters
sixty-one years ago, and three times
I have tailed. Ilut now I am prepar-
cil tn challenge again, to build another shamrock, to sail her across the
Atlantic, aud tu see whether a' llritish built yacht with a Hritish crew
cannot bring home the blue riband
nl the yachting world.
"The only question is whether tlie
New York Yacht Club will be willing
to accept a challenge under the yacht
Ing rules which now apply to every
yacht race in American waters—except at present, to the America cup.
"In the lormer races we competed
under the conditions laid down Ia the
rules which the New York Yacht
Club made sixty years ago, alter the
cup was won by the America. The
America represented as good a type
ol a sea boat as any boat afloat today. But In those days there wa*
not the measurement rule there is
today, and under the sixty-year-old
rules shipbuilding science can now|
produce a boat which is a complete
Ireak, and no penalty against such a
freak boat is provided.
"Three times I challenged under
these sixty-year-old rules, and my
experience convinced me that it is a
fruitless task. Nn matter how clever a boat we may build, the tact that
we have to build lair to sail across
the Atlantic, while our Iriends the
Americans have aot, enabled them to
build one just a little bit better than
Now, in yachting there are two
sets ol rules In the world. One Is
the universal rule, which ia recent
years has been adopted by evety
yacht club in the United States, and
which applies to every yacht race la
American waters, whether on the sea
or oa the great lakes.
'The other is tbe international
rule which has beea adopted hy every
yacht club in Europe.
Tlie international rule is, I thidk
the better ol tbe two, hut I have
not come over to America to ask
that they shall accept a challenge
under tbe international   rule.   What
ask them to do is to accept a challenge under their own universal rule.
What Is good enough tor Uncle Sam
and the Stars aad Stripes Is good
enough lor me, and I want to challenge—I am downright to rhaHenge—
them to race under their own universal rule.
"Under the universal rale you have
10 adhere to the rules ol measurement adopted by all the American
yacht clubs. That is what I am prepared to do.
I don't know that I should win,
hut even it I were beaten, I should
feel, when the race was over, that I
had been given a lair sporting chance.
That is the most I want.
Not that I have anything to com-
plaia ol in American sportsmanship,
lor I have never lound better sportsmen, and .hen I Tare over there
they always treated me with the utmost consideration, It lay mistake
was ever made at all, it was always
made in my favour Rut tbe starting pnlnt is that the nld rale Is bad,
nnd that it Is impossible for any
boat built in Kurope tn cross the
Atlantic ocean and win the race un-
iler those conditions.
"I think It was ahnut seventeen
time* that I raced under the old rule
and then I came to the conclusion it
wns a (ruitless game. The American
yacht clubs themselves have reallre.1
this, in adopting the universal rule'
whlrh prohibits aay boat ol the
Shamrock type ol racing at any n-
gatta. We on this side have done
the same thlag hy mating the International rale.
"Ilut II we aad they have both
adopted rules which excludes thei
Ireak boat, why not have the Ameri
ra Cup race under similar conditions.
II I asked lor the race to he under
the International rule they might
well say that they would not accept1
Ihe challenge, but when I ask to be
allowed to challenge uader their, own
rule I do not think they can object.
I would not race 111 thought I was
receiving any favour.
"Four yeara ago I did challenge
under the universal rale, bnt my
challenge was not accepted; yet I
thoroughly believe that every yacht
club la America la pretty solid tor a
rare uader the rules existing la
"It Is not that I   waat to push ia
11 any one else on this side were
ready to put up a challenge, bat It ia
(our yeara now since 1 offered to
rare, and no one else has come along,
so I think it Is my turn to have
another try."
Sir Thomas l.ipton has ladeed,  as
every yachtsman will admit, a food
claim to stand forward aa the Iklt-
jish challenger tor the   America Cap,
■lor, apart   ban   Ila thee* ptevlaaa
1 ill IE 11 WITH
Nothing equals un aureole of beautiful hair as a frame for a prettv
face. Without a bauk^round of nice
hair a really pretty fan* frequently
becomes plain arid, with il, unattractive features assume life and
Kvery woman can increase her natural charm hy using Newbro's llerpicide. llerpicide makes hair beautiful. The dandrufl germ saps thc
vitality of the hair. llerpicide kills
this germ and prevents the hair from
falling nut, giving it a snap and
luster, a soft, silky ilnlliness     which
can be acquired in no other way.
Send 10c. in postage for sample
ami booklet to The Herpicide Co.,
Dept. It., Detroit, Mich.
Applications may be obtained at
tbe best barber shops and Imir dressing parlors.
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c. and
MM sizes is sold hy all dealers whu
guarantee it to do all Unit is claimed. If you are not satisfied your
money will he refunded.
Heat tie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
gallant attempts, be has this year
proved himself the yachting champion by winning twenty-three Iirsl
prizes out of twenty nine races iu
wbieh he competed.
He beat tlie Herman Kmperor's
yachts and the Krupp schooner in
tbeir own waters,
Sir Thomas Upton's Shamrocks 1
and 11 were beaten by the Columbia
iu 1800 aud 1!»UJ, and Shamrock 111
by tbe Itellanco in 1003. lie built another Shamrock in 100H. but be explained then that the boat should |
not be called Shamrock IV.
Tbe lucky four-bund Shamrock,"
be said, "I am reserving for the next
cup challenger."
Shamrock IV. therefore, will he
the name of Sit Thomas' new yacht
il bis challenge be accepted.
Sir Thomas' three attempts       to
lift" the America Cup have cost
him £400,000, und about £1,000,000
bas been spent in the twelve attempts to recover the cup since the
America beat all comers in a race
round the Isle of Wight in 1R5I.
e f	
That a petition he presented to the
next legislature requesting them to
grant the suffrage tn women In
llritish Columbia was a decision arrived at by tbo Political Kqiiltij
League, ol Vancouver, at their lust
regular monthly meeting. The irayue
is making arrangements in iiivuliite
the petition and secure four thousand
signatures belore it is submitted to
the legislature. Mrs. Mcl'onkey presided at the meeting. Mrs. Patterson, the vice-president, made an urgent appeal Ior workers. She spoke
ot tbe onerous task of securing such
a large number ol names for the
petition and appealed to every woman to do her duty.
The forestry braach of llie provincial government has secured the
services ol another bright graduate
ol the lorestry school nf Toronto
University in the person nf Mr.
Charles McOadyen, who lias telegraphed his acceptance of an offer
made to him by Chief Forester Mac-
Millan to join the service here. While
a native ol Ontario, and one of the
first of the successful pupils of llr.
Fernow at Toronto, he has worked
for the past Ave years In this province and Alberta, first in the C.l'.ll.
lorestry service and later In the
Dominion lorest branch. Ile will be
a decided acquisition to the provincial service and will assume his new
duties belore the end ol tbe month.
Mr. Roy Campbell, al Ottawa, the
new'publicity expert ol the forestry
branch, wilt reach Victoria next
week. It is the intention to use
bis services both as a press agent
and as a lecturer, with a view to
educating publie opinion as to the
importance ol the conservation ami
protection ot the forests.
After completing a hunting tour
which occupied the greater part nl
two years and which has been conducted in the wilds of three continents, Mr. C. K. Lucas, a (anions
Knglish hunter and naturalist who is
visiting Vancouver, will make arrangements belore his departure with
the llritish Columbia government and
game wardens ol the urovlnce for the
accommodation ol several hundred
red deer which will be brought Irom
hia lather's estate at Warnham,
Surrey, Kngland, early in September
nest year. These animals have
a given to the government ol tbe
province by Mr. 0. II. Lucas, sr..
Intention being to turn them
loose In the wilds nl the Itockies
and allow them to Increase until
their numbers warrant the passing nl
a game ordinance allowing them to
be shot In limited numbers.
Dr. de Van's female Pills
.1.11.. Tin*
,, retuuUlQf th.
aval.ni.  Rcfa*.
ew*aT.ltf.pMllonMinelemaia ava,.m.   neinae
DTchMp ImllMlon,.  Dr, at. V»'I ar. auld at
I fciictf tm '"-■■ Braasutts
for sale at  lle«tl«.  Murphy  * Co..
S. VV. comer of tile T. C. Wither-
spniin claim; thence north Sll chains,
thenee rust ku chnins; thenco south
Kll ehains; thence west su chains, li.
the point of commencement, and cOh
liiining lllll acre's, more nr less.
T. C. Wilhrrsuiiou, Locator,
.lohn Virgo, Agent.
Located this   17t.li iluy of October
11112. -urn
that thirty days after date I shall
apply to the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands at Victoria for a license tn
prnspect for coal and petroleum on
the following described land's, situate in the district of South Kasl
Kootenay, lllock 1503:
Commencing at- a post planted at
or near I mile east of ttie .'ill mllo
post on C.P.It, survey on west
boundary of'rirortf iM'-anll; lieing tlio
N. E. corner of tlieT. '.'. Witlierspnon claim; tlicin-c south RI) chains;
thence west Kll chains; thence unrUi
Kll chains; tlicnce east Kn chains to
the point of coiuiifencemeiit, anil
containing 1110 acres, more or less.
T. C. Withersiionn, Locator^
■lohn Virgin, Agent.
Located this nth day of October,
11112. Il-Til
that thirty days after date I shall
apply to tlie Chiel Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria Inr a license !•>
prospecl for coal und petroleum on
the following described lands, situate in the distriet of Smith Kasl
Kootenay, lllock 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles south, then 1 mile
east of the S.E. corner of Lot 7607
and being the S.W. corner of the T.
C. Witherspoon claim; thence nortii
chains; thence east KD chains;
thence south KO chains; thence west
80 chains to the point nf commencement, and containing B10 acres,
more or less.
T. C. Wltherspunn. Locator.
John Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie llelden.
Located this 23rd dav nf September, 1012. -Il-it
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria [or a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum nn
the tollowing described lands, situate in the district ol South Ea'.i
Kootenay, Block 4503:
Commencing at a post plifnted at
or near 2 miles east ul tlte S.E. corner of Lot 7507 and being the S.W.
corner ol the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence south K0 chains; thence
east 00 chains; thence north Kll
chains; tbence west Kll chains; tn the
point ol commencement, and ' containing 040 acres, more nr less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
•lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie rfcldcn.
Located this 21st day of September, 1012. 44-.M
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol
.Lands at Victoria lor a license i<
prospect lor coal and petrolenm on
the lollowlng described lands, situ-
ate In the district ol South Kast
Kooteaay, lllock 450.1:
Commencing   at a   pnst planted at
or near 1 mile east ol the 30     mile
■ poat oa   C.P.H.   survey   oa   weft
••—*-" ei Mock 450.1 and being tbe
* •
«        iiees . onruDS       »
*   Fruit
. Shrubs
:   P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Ajrent   I
* Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C. *
« * Smo-   *
444444 4449 44 4 4**********4444
_______i__^^______________U   A\
^>W^^r~TW%W'Wr~r~mWr~~W*4~9~mWr~fW~r~~W *9
\ Imperial Bank of Canada
1). li. WII.kill, Prwident.
HON. liOHKKT JAHr'KAV, Vice-President
Accounts nf Corporations, Municipalities. Mrrrliiiiita
Farmers ami Private Individuals invited.
Drafts am'. Letters of Credit isetied available in any part of
the world.
SA VINOS nKI'AUTMENT Special iittriitio.i
l/jvon to Savings Bunk Accounts. Deposits of fl.HO und
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: tl. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
II. L. BTEI'IIKSH, Trop. ' *
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation'
You'll get your Money's Worth.
ln.*orp..r»t«*-i I0*i9
Capital Paid Up I11.50a.ooo       Reserve $11,500,000
11. S. IIOI.T, Parideai      K. L. PBA8B, General Manager
Accuunts uf Firms, Corporation*ami Individual! toUciie-J.
Out-of town tmiitieas reeei-rea every attention.
SAVINGS DEPAHTHKNT-Depotita of |1.00 and onwtnla received
and interest allowed at current rate.   No lormalitr or delay in
A General Bankiutt Butineaa transact*). ^B^
I      Craabrook Braach : T. B. O'CONNELL, Maaager      J
I A Good  Home |
is what ie dear to every man. A home
is where Peace. Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty ie found. Tliat ia the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranlirook*' ie mentioned think of the
provision, Jo,. Brault ha, made for an
ideal home at the
1 Canadian Hotel I
the ferment* that we Clean for her \,y
onr Dry pimwi, which tafcf h out »*\erjr
stain and spot niul leavea tho fiihric
looking like new. Vie are experts at
the Imslnes*.hikI Imve nn. up-to-date
filant that enahli-r ua tn turn out excellent work in a short tim-' nnd at a very
reason*Hp roM. Semi all vour Dry
Cleaning here and he FRtislifd.
Garment* called  (or and delivered
Ladies' Work a Specialty
We guarantee ell work satitfurtmy.
Cranbrook Dyeing and
Cleaning Works
JPHONB i|7 Bin* nt up
f If You Want
Ynur house connerted with Ihe new e.v>.rair.' sysl.-in.
PHONE :i|i>. Our work Kiinranteed. Kstinmti-s of cost
clicrfully given.
The Cranbrook Plumbing. Tinsmithtng
and Heating Company
Vi. F. JOIINMON, Praprittor
tliat thirty day* after date I -.lull
apply to the Chief CnmmixHioner of
I.amis at Victoria for a license to
prospect for coal und petroleum on
tlie following described lands, «itu
ate In thc district of South Kast
Kootenay, Block  l.V-'*.:
CoinmeiicinK at a post planted at
or near 2 miles south, then I miles
east of the S.K. corner of Lot 7507
ami heinK tlie N.W. corner of the
T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
south ■*•» chains; thence east 80
(liains; thence north M chains,
thence west 80 chains to the point of
K'Tiiinencement aod containing 640
aires, more or less.
T, C. Witherspoon. Locator,
-lohn Virgo, Agent.
,\ Unfit. Archie llelden
I .mated title lllth day ol October,
ISIS. 44 M
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
that thirty days after date I shell
Ijindk et Victoria (or a license to
prospect for coal end petroleum on
the following described lands, equate in the distriet ol South Kast
Kootenay, lllock 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of the 2* mile
post on Ihe C.P.R. mrver nn west
boundary nt lllock IV»'i and being the
S.K. corner of the T C Witherspoon claim; thence north NO chains;
thence wesl 80 chains, thence smith
80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
the point nl commencement and con*
laimnK 810 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon. I,<« -tt-*r
•lohn Virgo, Agent
Witness: Archie Belden
Located this 18th dav of October.
Hv tbr Hrrsld   Publishing Company,
K.  .1.  Dculu*, Managing Editor,
CKANBROOK. B. C, October 31, 1912
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes of display advertising
must reach this ofiice not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connol be
guaranteed attention.
One uf the most striking tributes
to lhc constructive work of the
I.aurier govcrnmeni as contrasted
with Hie luck of initiative shown Iiy
the present administration wns given
this week with the announcement o|
the finding in the now [anions United
.Shoe Machinery Case. Tlw ('ana
iliau law respecting combines, trusts
ami mergers"has, on its llr.st application, proven effective against one
of the tightest monopolies the world
has ever seen, ami one against which
the laws ol Great llritain, I nited
States and  Australia lind proven in-
o fleet ive,
Tliere are many features which
lend signiIleauce and importance to
this case, not the least of which was
the determined opposition made ti\
tbis enormously wealthy trust. It is
the lirst investigation held under the
Combines Investigation Act, which
was introduced hy the Hon. VV. "I..
McKenxie King and enacted by the
I.aurier government iu 1000. This
Act provides for a full investigation
of large combines wherever there is
prima facie ground for believing tliat
such combines exist iu restriction o'
trade or for undue enhancement oi
Tlie United Shoe Machinery Trim.
has lieen before the courts of (ireat
llritain. United Stales and Australia
for some years without much resull.
lu fact the governments of these
countries have passed legislation f«i
tbe people's relief from the methods
adopted hy this great combine, hut
all have proven unsuccessful.
It has remained for this measure of
the I.aurier administration to demon
strate that a means can be found fot
dealing with such eomhiiies through
government Investigation under clr-
ciimstances which cannot lie reached
hy the ordinary courts.
The methods of the United Shot
Machinery company were thoroiighU
sifted during tbe investigation and
have become fairly familiar. Their
system was to acquire the most valuable patents on the essential mach
iuery used in making shoes and then
not to sell this machinerv, but to
lease it to boot and shoe manufacturers under stringent conditions, restricting manufacturers from using
any machinery manufactured oiitsidr
of their shops. Any shoe manufacturer breaking tliese conditions was
practically driven out of business tu
tbe combine which, iu this way, eon
trolled all the hest and most ecoiiom
ical macbiifery and used this to monopolize the business
Naturally a determined light was
made hy the combine to defeat investigation of tbeir methods. II was
the first case under the Combine Investigation Act, and they adopted
everv expedient which tbe most clever counsel could devise to prevent
tbe investigation, even going so far
as to attack the constitutionality of
tlie law itself, nnd trving to prevent the then minister of labor from
appointing a hoard of Investigation
Hon. Mackenzie King fought the
trust at every stage on behalf of tbe
people, nnd eventually the test
as to tbe constitutionality of the
net and its applicability to the
trust Itself »as carried to the privy
council with the result thnt the Hritish taw lords held that tne Canadian
minister of labor had full power to
order an Investigation, and thut tlie
law he had fathered was perfectly
Constitutional, and he was empowered to see that any such Investigation
was satisfactorily conducted, when
the requirement ol the acl as to the
prima facie existence ol an illegal
combine bad heen met
The privy council having given its
decision, tbe investigating committee, composed of Judge I.aurendeau
and .1. C. Walsh, with W. .). White,
K.C, nil of Montreal, got down to
the husiness of investigation and
carrier on their work at all the larger
centres ol the shoe trade. Now after
a most careful enquiry two reports
have been brought in, the majority
report signed by the chairman of the
hoard Judge I.aurendeau and Mr.
•I. ('. Walsh, appointed as the representatives of tbe complainants, Is
againsl the company, and finds tbat
It comes within Ihe remedial clause
prescribed by tbe act, while a minority report Is signed hy Mr. W. .1,
White.    K.P,,   tbe representative   o|
the company. There is little duulit
that as a result of the investigation
tbe trust will be compelled to alter
its methods for tbe benefit of the
public. In fact it is already intimated in the press that the com
puny lias expressed its willingness
to do tbis forthwith.
In presenting tbe measure to par
1 iament in 1U10, tbe then minister of
labor, Hon. W. I.. MacKen/.ie King,
mentioned that there were certain
evils which might be more easily
rectified through judicious publicity
than by legal peualty, and that the
act had been formed with this tiling
in view. Tbe exposures of the company's methods under investigation
show how -vfell the act is devised toward this end.
The greatest problem of the pre
sent day is the increased cost ol
living, and It is generally believed
that one of the most pernicious
causes of the prevailing high prices
is the artificial restraint of trade engineered by combines and monopolies
It is evident that the Canadian Conn
bines Investigation Act is about the
lirst really effect ive legal means yet
devised to bring these combines to
time. In having perfected so useful an instrument the Laurler government has rendered tlie people of Canada one of thp greatest services
which it is pnssihle for any govern
ment to give the people—a service
which will ultimately he felt in their
Nonsensical situations, bright dialogue, clever Iun and catchy music
make up the foundation upon which
is built "llopp, Skipp und lump-
Mr. James W, Evans, the author- <
it, lays no otlier claims and when he
seeps an audience rolling with laughter and applauding the stunts ami
novelties for over two and a halt
hours he claims to have accomplished
his purpose with this three act noii-
Cranbrook amateurs to the mini
ber of some sixty will oiler this
comedy at the Auditorium theatre
Thursday and Kriday evenings, Nt
veiuher llth and Kith. They arc
especially enthusiastic about it and
its modern story of the exasperating
trouble uf three quack realty aud
mining brokers "Hiram Hopp,
"Silas Skipp" uud "Johnny Jump,
appeal very much to tlie sense ol
fun. These three ure aided anil
abbeted by "Hank Tuiums," a1
tramp; "Sniffles," a messenger boy,
"Ileatrice Clay," their stenographer,
"Mrs. Maggie Duffy," 'ivery inch a
loidy'i "Juniper Retry," a farmer—
with a voice; "Mrs. Skipp" aud
"Mrs. Hopp," two troubled wives;
"Nellie James," a fun-loving girl;
"Andrew McLean," a bank clerk,
"Mr. Dash," a reporter; and ".V
geliua Lofty," a wealthy speculator.
The drills and ensembles are also
very attractive and those, Including
the Hoy Scouts, whose drill will include a beautiful number entitled
"There's u Dixie Girl who's Longing
for a Yankee Doodle Hoy," is n
very pretty, number. "Tlie Irish
Maids," having a thrilling Im// drill
in tlie .song of "O'Callultun," and
there are others galore.
Among those included in the list of
participants are: J. D. Mcllride, Iv
\. lllll, A. T. Roberts, K. W. Turn-
ley, G. Moran, J. K. L. Lower, A
Porter. Florence Helan, Mrs. Doran,
Delia Drummond, Laura Richards,
Maud Hickenbothum, Will Johnston,
Mr, and Mrs. V. Chapman. Her.I
Cameron, Frances Drummond, Kind
Gill, Vera llaldwin, Gladys Johnston, Delia Greaves, Gladys Hickenbotham, Kdith McDonald, l.ila H.iil
ey, Isabel Glenday, Her tha lllcken
hotham, Janie McKowan, Clssie
Harnahy, Ada Hickenbotham. I'earl
Itird, Kiln Johnston, John Marshall.
Andrew orr, Willie Crebbin, Walter
IMinuii, Harry Heed, Geo. II. Fur
long, Harold ilickenbothnm, Clifford
Randall, W. Rutledge and muny others.
Mrs I It Manning has charge ol
the music und is tlie pianisle.
Mr Evans has had great success
with this work and Ih unexcelled
when it comes to producing last and
lively  theatricals with amateurs.
Some    thirteen    songs and   stunts
punctuate the story of the farce and
keep things moving with a      hurry
that is irresistible.
Evening subject:   "God's Plan   for
Pipe organ and vocal selections at
every service.
Seats free.     All are welcome.
Novtmher 3rd.
Preaching    services 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m.    Sunday school 3.00 p.m.
The pastor, Hev. o. E. Kendall
will preach at both services. The
topic of the morning discourse will
be: "Springs of Water as Deep
Human Need, Sweet as Divine Love,
Lasting as Eternity."
In tbe evening the topic will      be:
"Our God a Consuming Fire."
An invitation is extended to all,
Pastor, Rev. W. Kelipun Thomson.
Morning, 11 a.m.—The Study       of
Comparative   Religion;1 Hinduism
Evening, 7,30 p.m.—The Parables
of Our Lord; The Good Samaritan
S. S. and Hible class 3 p.m.
Guild, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Dr. Shearer will give an address
on "The White Slave Trade." This
meeting is for ladies only. Friday
afternoon at 1 p.m.
Rev. Dr. Shearer, secretary of tbe
Moral and Social Reform association
will address a public meeting in the
Presbyterian church on Friday evening, November 1st, at ft p.m. Dr
Shearer is well known throughout
the Dominion (or his work in connection with this movement, and as a
speaker on the subject ol moral und
social reform he is excellent. A cordial invitation is given to all.
e -—•
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock—Holiness meeting.
Sunday afternoon, 3.30 o'clock—
Free and easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8.30 o'clock—Salva
tion meeting.
Ilible lesson: "Power in Operation"
Tuesday   night
tion meeting.
8 o'clock—Salva
8 o'clock—Holt
Thursday    night
ness meeting.
Saturday night, 8 o'clock—Praise
All ol these services you are heart
iiy Invited to attend, irrespective of
your class or creed. The nights are
now getting cold. If you want t
get where it is warm, also if yon
need help either temporally or spiritually, kindly attend the above.
Fred'k A. Stride,
■ ♦
Tlie Italian arrested some time ago
for stabbling a fellow countryman
was up for preliminary bearing this
week and was committed for trial at
the next court of competent jurisdiction.
Sundays—Low mass tl s in 1.111.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom I to I ri.m.; Ilossry and Benediction at 7.M p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol nhliga-
tion—Mass at I a.m.
Week daya-Mass at a a.m. at th*
P. Plamnndnn, O.M.I.
1 I
Rev  Vi'. Klson Dunham, pastor.
Run-lay services: The pastor    will
preach    al II   a.m.   nnd i 10  p.m.
Morning suhjrrl: "The .stimulus nl  man
.Mr. I. Allen Baker, .11.1*. lor the
Kast Kinsbury division ol London,
was interviewed in Toronto lut
week un his "way home Irom the
west. Mr. Maker, who is a Canadian
by birth, is well known aa one ol the
most successful workers in the Brit*
ish bouse ol commons in the cause ot
international peace, and it waa
through bis initiative tbat tbe organization known as "the Associated
i'«uiK'ils ol Churches in tbe British
and (lerman Kmpire lor fostering
Friendly Relations Between lhe Two
I'eople" was formed.
The llrilish "Council." with the
Archbishop ol Canterbury as its president, ha* a membership of S.SOO,
comprising leading ministers and laymen ol every Christian denomination
in the Kingdom, and amongst ita
vice-presidents are Cardinal Bourne,
nl Westminster, Ihe Archbishop ol
> ork and distinguished members .nl
both political parties in Ihe House of
Lords und in the commons. The
(lerman "council" has a membership
ol over five thousand, and besides
leading member* nl the Reichstag
and Bundesralh, il Includes such
well-known and Influential men
tlieir Kicellrncie* llr. Iiyander
(Court Chaplain to the Kaiser),
Prol. llr. Ilarnack ol Berlin University, I'rince Von lloelow, till lately
the Imperial Chancellor, aad Prelate
Kleinidan ol Merlin.
The formation ol these "Council*'
wa* the result nl the now historic
interchange ol visits between tbe re-
presentatlves ol the Church ol Kng
land and Herman, in the year IfHIR-
IM9, visits thai were unique in this,
Ihat they were Ihe lirst occasions in
the history ol the world on which
the representatives nl every Christian denomination, Protestant and
Catholic alike, united together to
visit their confreres In another country. It was appropriate that their
object Khould have been to promote
the peace and.comity of nations.
No movement has had a greater
Influence than the work ol tne two
councils In helping lorward the growing spirit nl friendliness lhal now
prevails bet.mi llrllaln and Herman!. nnd Irom the lirst II has had
Ihe approval nl tlie head, ol the
governments in both countries.
When aslie.1 whether he believed  In
Canada (or Canadian consumption mi
a large scale, hut it Is entirely without foundation in fact, ll limply
does not exist.
"Tliere are, of course, in both
countries small but noisy parties of
jingoes and a financially powerful
clique of persons wlin arc interested
ln the construction uf llreiulnutights
and armaments. These are the
people with their 'armor-plate
press,' who are principally responsible for the wrong Impressions
that seem to prevail here in Canada
as to the true state nf Anglo-German relations.
"As a matter oi fact, thc great
masses of the people iu hotli Kngland anil (lermany are absolutely
friendly towards each other, and at
tbis very moment the two governments ure engaged in friendly negotiations with a view to coining to a
complete und full understanding witli
each other. The appointment of the
late Ambassudnr, Martin Maiir-t.i'l
Von Mirberstciii, was a proof of
Germany's desire in this regard.
Moreover, a lot of people are beginning tn realize that u war between
llritain antl Germany would not only
be an unthinkable crime, hut a stupendous folly that would spell ruin
even Inr the victor (should cither
country prove such). It is hard Ior
Canada tu realize what such u war
would mean tn Kngland, who would
bear the brunt nf thc burden. It
would throw ns back in the prngress
ol civilization Ior a quarter of a
century at least. It would lie a
blow Irom whicli our industry and
commerce might never recover. Hut
Canada would also suffer directly
through the withdrawal of llrilish
capital (rom Canudlun investments."
"Ilut, Mr. Baker, don't you think
that Germany and Kngluntl are naturally in opposition owing tu tlieir
trade rivalry, and so nn?"
"Ol cnurse I don't. Why. outside
ol India, Germany is Britain's greatest customer, and Britain is Germany's greatest customer. (Inr unit
and with other countries is the open
alul with other countries is tlie open
door lor trade. Only last year we
strained our relations wilh Germany
aluinsl to breaking pnlnt in nur
support ol her traditional enemy,
France, in the storncen dispute, and
yet today, as the direct result of
Germany's action, nol nnly Germans,
but we ourselves, have much belter
trade conditions in Morocco than we
had belore. 1 believe It is not generally known, hut ii is a very important laet, thai nntwithstamling
our 'entente' wilh France our trade
position in the French colonies is
much less advantageous than it is in
Die German colonies. The luct is
llritish and German interests ami
ideals are mutually dependent,
whether in commerce, science, art.
or tbe civilization ol the world; and
even il the ambition of a few llritish
and Canadian 'Ore-eaters' shnuld he
realized, and we should 'lick German)-,' we would simply be killing
the goose that lavs the golden eggs
"Anyway, nothing is more certain
than that the merchants, and hankers, and manufacturers, and all the
productive agencies of Ihe country
want anything rather than a war
with German.. They know that
war and commerce have always been
enemies. And this knowledge has
recently bernme articulate through
Mr. Norman Angell's book, "The
(Ireat Illusion ' His trenchant exposure ol the fallacy that war is
ever profitable has made a prnfnund
impression, and he is one of the
great figures uf Kurope today. His
book has had four or five editions in
Kngland, and lias been translated into almost twenty languages. Isn't it
ahoul time Canada got wise tu
But, Mr   Maker, what about Ger-
ny's increasing navy?   Why should
she bare a great Heel when she has
already gm the greatest army in the
"Well, ynu must remember Germany's pnsitinn. Not only are
(here the great armies ol Russia
and France on each side nt her. bnt
France ha* now a large navy and i*
greatly augmenting it. Russia has
also determined to build a big navy.
Resides this. Germany has a greal
and growing mercantile Heel, which
Is open to deslrirction in time nf
war, since llritain still adheres
the discredited 'prize right'—the
right lo rapture private properti al
sea in lime ol war. Had Britain
only seen III to give up Ihi* rlght-
which many experts believe to he li
her disadvantage— wiien sbe was
pressed I., do *.. hy tlie leading
power* al the Hague i-nnlcrence It i*
pretty sale 1.. say that Germany'*
fleet .mild never have been constructed nn its presenl scale.
"Ilut apart Irom all Ihis I am ah
sidutelv certain—and I apeak with
exceptional knowledge—Ihat the (Ier
nun Heel Is no mnre being built with
the object ol attacking llrllaln than
mir* Is being built wilh tbe nbiect ol
attacking      Germany. Germany
knows Ihat she cannol rival nur
enormous, nverwhelming fleet. In
comparing our relative strength
nnly tell us about 'Dread
nought*' <-iinxtrur.te.l nr tn be constructed Well, even in these we
are about two to one, .nul our* carry
heavier guns. In our mighty pre-
Dreadnought Heel we have Inrlv
battleships ('many nl them,' a* Mr
Asquith said, in Hie first bloom ol
youth,') against    Germany's twentv
Don't You Think
That Mother Needs a
New Steel Range ?
That nlil stoieisjustahoutwornout;
it is liudly warpetl out of shape and the
oven does not bake as .ell aa it used
to. It could he patched up—butdon't
you think itwould plwie mother 11 you
got her anew one?
Bhe has worked hard and has cooked
many a meal over that old stove. One
ol our new
would bring new liie into the kitchen
and mother would go about her work
humming a song ol contentment.
Nu moro worry about baking—The
Quick Meal Oven bakes perleetly. No
moie worry alsiut slov. blscklng—the
Quick Meal polished top does not need
blacking No more worry about anything in tlie cooking line. Th. Quick
Meal is a perfect range.
Mother cooks a meal three limes a
day for three hundred anil sixty ttve
days in the year. Don't she dee.rv.
the besi ?   Roy a Quick Meal.
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., LL.D.. D.C.L.. President
General Manager
Aaalatant General Manager
CAPITAL, $1.5,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Hardware and House
Cranbrook,       -       B.C.
the (lerman war scare, Mr. Raker re    ours have a   displacement ol MI.IM10
piled;   "I rertainly do aot. The (Ier liuM to Ihe   Germans' Ml,MO tons-
peril   has kern    Imported ialo I iMrt.-e.gh. nl our Irmly have among
them 152 twelve-inch guns, while the
twenty German ships have no guns
larger than eleven-Inch ones, and
only forty ot them. But besides
these 'first-class' pre-lireadnnught
battleships tliere Is also our fleet of
armored cruisers to be reckoned
with; we have thirty-five of them
and Germany has eight, ours displace 416,0110 tons, theirs displace
78,51111 tons; ours have 470 guns,
theirs have 113; sixty-eight ol our
guns are 9.2, while Germans have
only six over nine inch, and they are
9.4; So that not only in numbers,
but also in tlie calibre ol the guns,
the llritish sea power is simply
"This force ol pre-Dreadnoughts
will ol course become a diminishing
(actor as larger units are constructed;
but it is still a mighty lighting loree
such aa is possessed by no other
"And even in a modern navy men
do count a little- In this regard the
comparison is absurd. Our lite-trained llrilish tars outnumber the raw,
continually changing German conscripts by mnre than two to one.
You see, the Germans really haven't
a chance, and I think thev realize
"Tell me, Mr. Baker, do you approve ol the proposed Canadian contribution to Kngland's naval needs?"
"Well, really, although I am a
Canadian, I think I should be exceeding my duty as a member ol tbe
British parliament il I were to proffer advice to Canada. It is a matter
(or the Canadian parliament to
settle lor itself. I am content to put
to my Canadian Iriends the British!
position as I know it to be. and
leave to my jingo colleagues who visit you tbe sell-imposed duty ol lecturing you and giving you advice.
"But, il you don't mind, I would
rather close what I have to say on a
more pleasant side ol the Anglo-
German situation. I am now hastening homr to attend what we have
called an 'Anglo-Gentian Good In
derstanding Conference' at the end ot
this month. At this 'conference
twelve nr fifteen eminent Germans,
representative ol commerce, Industry,,
shipping, banking, university men
and eminent divines, will meet In
London with men nl similar position
in Kngland, among whom will he Sir
Oliver Lodge. Sir Charles Macara.
Mr. .1. A. Speader, the llishop ol
Winchester, and other well-known
men belonging tn both political parties. Among other subjects discussed at the sessions ol the confer-
will he Ihe capture ol private
property at sea, commercial and
economic competition, and the promotion ol Iriendsblp. Sir Frank
l.asi-elles. who used to be the Knglish ambassador at Berlin, is In he
the chairman, and at a closing banquet it Is expected Ihat Sir Kdward
Grey and Ihe new German ambassador will both be present, and will
Interest ut the current rate is allowed on ull deposits of $1 and
upwards, direful attention is given tn every account Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may Ive opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may bu opened in tlie names of two or more persons,
withdraw als to be made by any one ul' lliem or by the survivor. n.,
R. T. Brymner, flana-jer Cranbrook, B. C.
John O. nitchell, Prop.
P.O. Bos 21111 ORANBROOK, 11. C.
At least secure one or two lots now, when youjean get
them at n low figure.   We have a lot or two left in the
White Addition
on Armstrong Avenue, niljoining]townsile
PRICE $200.   $20 down, balance to Suit
"This conference has been arranged, with the cordial approval of
both governments, by the joint committees of the various Anglo-German
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 miles south then 2 miles
east ol the S.K. corner of Lot 7947
and lieing the    S.W. corner   of    the
peace organizations in both countries, | T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
the leading part being taken by the north 80 chains; tbence east nil
joint Churches' Councils which I des-. chains; thence south 80 chains;
crihed belore. | tbence west 80 chains to the point nl
These' councils are doing a great commencement, and containing    sto
inspiring  work, and II      the acres, more or less.
churches nl Christendom will unite it
will have a potent influence In furthering the world's peace. Canada
being drawn in, and already a number ot the best known Canadians
have joined our council (which is an
imperial one) and are preparing to
co-operate stronglv with cur el-
Drawing, Water Colon, Pai-
tela, Oila, aad China
will  be   opened   the  8ECOND
For farther information intend'
inn pupils should call or write
at the residence of   Mr.  Louis
McDonald, Crnnbrook,BC.
T. C. Witherspoon. UieaUir.
.lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie llelden
Located   this   9th day ot October,
1912. 41-r.t
Tbc Annual deneral Meeting
ol the Cranbrook Curling Club
will be add oa
Monday Evening
November 4th
in the Hotel Cranbrook Committee Booms, at 830 o'clock.
Every Curler in the city it
urgently requested to attend.
A. C. BOWNESS,VlccPr-e.
D.D.McLAWS, Secretary.
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria lor a license t«
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
the Inllnwing described lands, situate in the district ol South Kasl
Koolenay, Block IM.!:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 4 miles south then 4 miles
east ol the S. E. corner ol Lot
7M7 and being the S. W. corner ol
the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
cbalas; thence south 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains tn the point
ol commencement, and containing
S40 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
■lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
Located this 8th day of October,
1811. 41-St
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria lor a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
the tollowing described lands, situate   ia the   district   ol South East
Cranbrook to Toronto
and Return, $72.15
Cranbrook to Montreal
and Return, $77.15
Co responding low rate, to point,
in Oiiuriu.llneliei', .ml Mail-
time Pruvlnce*
Tickets ou sale Ilec. lsl lo 111*1,
inclusive. Good to return within
three months. I.IBKBAI. kX-
Tickets issued in connection
on Mai. Nov. Til, lo Ilec. :il.l, inclusive, and limiletl to lire
months Irom date ol issue, with
privileges ol exten.inn.
Finest Equipment, Standard
and Tout 1st sleeping Cars. Pin-
ii.g Cart on all through trains.
Compartment - Lilnaiv (llneiv*.
tionCsrson "Impeilsl Limited"
and "Toronto Eiprere."
Spccisl through Tourist Car
Service In connection with iheie
Escnrtlons. For dales ol departure and reseivations apply lo
Wai Agenl.
Tickets via All Trans-Atlantk
Steamship Lines
For lull information, mil and
steamship tickets, apply to J. W.
Spence, Ticket Agent, Qranbrooh,
or wills to
Mat. I'ass'r Agent,
Calgary, Alta. THE   (JKANHKOOK   HJtHALD
RUSSELL PARKER, The Boy Juggler, Saturday, Nov. 9.   Also a fine line ol Moving Pictures
The Talk of the Town
What Is?
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
Cranbrook * - B.C.
Have You
If so, just give me a moment
of yonr time. Durinir. thc
pnst nine years I have tested
many hiiiulrols of people in
Cranbrook anil surrounding
country and fitted them to
glasses, and our percentage of
failnres has lieen exceptionally small. I urn not only
punstaking iu the examination of the eye, Imt give careful attention to the proper
inonn tings, so as to bring the
lenses directly in front, and
the correct distance from the
eye, which has a great liear-
ing on the final results ob-
tniiu-d. No haphazard way
of doing business at this store.
If you have eye trouble nml
want satisfaction, you'll lie
well cared for here.
Vi Heap llollanii was down Irnm
KinitiMiiit iluriiig tne week
C. Mel. Troop wa* In town (ruin
Yahk on Wednesday.
Slieep Imeil coats hall priir -
r  C. S.
Customs    cullectinlls      lor  Hctnber
aniiiunteil In ln.'i.in us
Mrs. Prnrtnr, nl Stillwater, Minn ,
is lien- visiting tier granddaughter.
Mrs. (1. II   Tliuliipsnn
Sweet     apple   i-uler at Waril   anil
Miss l.alliain, of Irelanil, nrriveil
tbis week ami is Die guesl nf Mr*
Edward  Klwell
llame Wanlctl A. \. Ward has re-
lurneil to 1'rnnbr.Hik alter *peintitig
several ilays in Ihe hills.
Heating Stoves, while thsy
last, al jo per cent oil. Patmore
Hove Klmer lias ilispnseil ol his
Iwo lots between llie posl "Hits' an.l
Fenwick avenue to I'r   V   W   Oreen.
Mr*. Hubert Brown ami little
daughter returned Monday Irnm a
visit with Iriends al Calgary.
deneral servant wanted. Apply tn
Mrs. M. A. Ilesle, city. t.i tl
Isaac Fry, an engineer lormerly ol
Cranbrook, now at Macle.ul, was In
the city the first nf the week shaking hands with old friends.
flllbert Laeey, who has been stationed at Macleod for several
months, has been transferred to
Cranbrook by the C.P.R,
Sheep lined emits hall price.—
C. C. H.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hill and children returned from lethbridge Monday. Mrs. lllll and chi.dren have
sees visiting there lor some lime.
Mrs. A. C. Pye and Miss I've will
receive on^the first Saturday ol eaeh
month instead ol Thursday as lormerly.
Fall apples just received—(I raven-
steins, Jonathans, Wagners, Hume
Beauties and Spva at Ward and Harris.
The Cranbrook Trading company
are putting in a large basement to
their store premises, enrner Van
Home and Durick avenues.
Robert Brown, locomotive foreman
for tbe C'.l>-R. lelt Friday lor Toronto, where he was called in connection with tbe recent death nl his
Hot tea, codec, cocoa, chocolati
and Bovrll served at W. L. .lohnstnr.
and Co.'s. 42-tl
Oood progress is being made uu
the big brick garage on Norbury
avenue. This week a shipment nl
.10 loot joists was received from
the coast. They have all been placed in position.
A marriage license was issued this
week to I). T. Brans, of Klmbcrlcv,
electrician, and Arthurena t'lur
Intte Karris, alsn ol Kimbcrley.
Hay—Tiiiiutliy, prairie alfalfa,
wheal hay, and oat hay. A full as
s,,rtment nl number nne stuck.—
< Mtlhrook Trading Co, 43-tf
The liny Scouts were nut in full
Inree last evening. Tbe youngsters
are taking kindly tn tlie drills and
other exercises and the Inrce is
steadily growing.
Vi. Vi Peppers left Inr New llruns
wick lust Monday, having received
wnrd nl his father's death
The I'.C.S. i* making a Imll price
cut nn all heavy lines ol men's wear.
A meeting nl Arena rink share-
ers is called Inr 'Tuesday evening
nest at S..10 o'clock, to be held in
the lintel ('runhrnnk committee
Manager (lucrrard entertained a
large crowd at the Thanksgiving Day
dunce in the Auditorium on Moitdav
night There wo* tlie best of music
and every arrangment fur the eom-
fnrt nt Ihnse in attendance.
Slovssl Stoves! Meat Ing Stnvest
We are clearing them Mil al so
par canl off. Come quick Patmore Bro*.
Tom Marks, that prince ol old-time
fiiiiiedlans, Is to pay Cranhrook another visit during the latter part ol
December. He is billed to put on
one ol bis mirth provokers December
The HeraM notes with, appreciation
that the attention called to the bad
spot on Cranhrook street, below
MacKinnon's foundry, has proved
effective. The street has been .veil
fixed up where necessary.
Hot tea, coffee, enena, chncolate
and Bovrll served at IV. L. .Inhesion
and Co.'s. 13 11
W. A. Macdonald, K.C, nf Vancouver, passed through lown early In
ihe week nn hi* return frnm Winnipeg, where he had appeared liefore the
railway commission In an application rr. western freight rates.
X competition in this
class of timepiece hns
l.riMiuht ulntit such a high
standard that alarm clocks
are now sold by ns ut a mere
fraction of thoir former price.
No one need be without an
alarm clock when they can be
bought at tho prices we ask.
Price Irom 75c.
W. Iinve a large atm-k ol other t-ltH-k*
-Irom the .tulel; uld luill i-lt tik lo
tlie pr.tr; ninniel tlme-nlta-.. rume
In ami iidmlre. We knew j-tiu .ill bu;.
JNUtll md •-neuiti
lication in full in this issue. It may
tic stated that Division Nn. fi (Miss
Cartwrlght, teacher) wins the Nelson shield this month, witli tlie high
percentage of 114.27.
' Watch fnr Hupp, Skipp anil .lump
al the Autlltnriuiu November lltli
and    15th.       Sixty    local amateurs
taking part.
The regulur monthly meeting ol
the Women's Institute will be held at
tne Carmen's ball on Tuesday, No-
vtmber 5th, 1912, at 3 p.m. sharp.
Reports from three delegates to the
Dry Farming Congress will he
Men's leather shoes 50c. pair to go
at. hall price.—C. C, S.
Mr. A. (>. Frache, ol tlw Krache
Bros., wholesale and retail denlers.in
vegetables, and growers ol shrubs,
bulbs, plants, etc., nf Let abridge and
(Irand Forks, was in town during
the week. It is the intention ol the
Frache Hros. to establish a distributing warehouse in this city.
Housework wanted by Ihe day. Apply to Mrs. (iarrick, Campbell and
Manning's block, Maker St.      41-11*
Miss M. A. Doyle, nl Charlntte-
Inwn, PEL, arrived in-the city
last Friday and will remain fur the
winter, the guest ol her cousin, Mrs.
Louis McDonald. She is an artist
and will npen classes in that line of
wnrk at the residence nn Fenwick
street. Her advertisement may he
seen in another column.
Trunks, suitcases, grips, handbags,
etc. A full assortment. Prices
right —Cranbrook Trading Co.    4S-tt
The ladies of Christ Church Guild
are holding an at home in the Carmen's hall on Saturday evening, November the 2nd at i o'clock. There
will be a musical programme and refreshments will be served. Silver
collection in aid of the building fund
Ml are welcome.
The C.C.S. is making a final cleanup uf heavy men's wear, selling un-
ilerwcar, SOX, shoes, line.) coats at
half priee.
Curlers tn a man. Vou are expect -
it tu attend the meeting called Inr
Momlav evening next at. the Hotel
I'ranbrnok committee rooms. Drtin-
(pients may have tn prnvide whusky
fnr tbe crnwtl. (let there early,
meeting I* timed In start ut »'
Ileale and Elwell are offering [our
antl a hall acres north of this (own
at an absurdly low figure, considering the optimistic future. Cull and
see them before the price rises, lilt
The Cranbrook Oarage company's
garage is tn be consiilerulilv enlarged Mr. 1*. Malls-son. the presenl proprietor, has awarded a
contract Ior llu* erection ol an addition, which will measure 30x1(111 leet
The new building will be con*tructed
ol concrete and corrugated Iron, and
will be fitted up with every modern
convenience lor the care ol motor
Patmore Bros, have decided lo
close out their entire stock of
healing stoves and ar* offering
Ihem at so per cant ofl their
usual price. These stoves are all
High Orada and at their prices
ar* big valu*. Com* and make
your selection before they are all
Tlie C.C.S. is making a final cleanup ul heavy men's wear, selling underwear, snx, shoes, lined coats at
half price.
The public school returns lor (letter r were received too 'ate '.his
alternoon    to permit ol tbeir    pub-
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Scrvlc* ■ New Cars
The ('raiiliruiik Poultry and I'el
Stock association will linld their re.
gulur monthly meeting on Friday
evening next, Nnveinlier 1st, in the
basement nf llie government building at H o'clock sharp. The mutter ul
piin-husing poultry fond for lhe winter will lie discussed with the idea nf
importing at least two carloads, unit
a paper will lie read hy one nl the
A guild supply nf apples, pears,
cranberries, etc., this week.—Crun-
hrnnk Trading Co. 43-tI
The man wlm wnrks will find it in
his interest to call ut the C.C.S. fnr
winter heavy goods,
Lust Monday ultcri n an alarm uf
fire was turned in frnm Mr. W. A.
Nisbet's residence uu Harden avenue,
it appears that a coal oil stove
in the kitchen had gone wrung in
some way and set fire to surrounding
utensils, which quickly spread and
ran up the walls. Mr. Nisbet did
what he could to qtiem-li tlio (lames
with the garden hose. Tlio brigade
was quickly an hand ami in short order bad the lire in subjection. Such
damage as was done was confined tu
the kitchen, the walls being severely
scorched in places.
New brass lied, mnl tress and
springs Inr sale very cheap, size
I ft. II in. Apply (!., Herald ot-
fice. 44-if*
The t|ili'stinii ul peculiar anomalies
nl the naturalization laws has been
raised in tlie imperial house ol commons, when Sir Edward (Irey declared that persons naturalized in
Canada did not thus become Mrilish
subjects in the strict sense nf the
term; they were only naturalized as
within the limits nf the Dominion,
will be introduced during the present
Edward said that those inequalities
had heen recognized, and a measure
merly cunducted by Kwong thing
session which will seek tn make a
uniform law- (ur the whole empire.
Men's leather shoes 50e. pair to gn
at half price.—CCS. ■
In practising the good old-fashioned
prank of filling up a long black stocking with dour and hitting chance
wayfarers on the back ol the neck
wilh the resulting weapon nn llul-
lowe'en, be very careful -to use the
Hour in its original form and will
sifted. A Fernie man lost year
made the serious mistake of filling
his stneking with his wile's tea-biscuits, with the result that tbe first
person he hit with it was knocked
senseless, and subsequently had him
arrested and lined Hull for assault
und battery.
Watch lor llopp, Skipp and Jump
at the Auditorium November 14th
and 15th. Sixty local amateurs
taking part. 4l-2t
WANTED.—Competent help . lor
general nnusewnrk. Apply Mrs. A.
Leitch. "4-tf
The Thanksgiving Day dinner served by the ladies nl St. Mary's
church in Carmen's hall, attracted a
very numerous patronage, upwards uf
two hundred persons enjoying the
splendid hospitality of tlie ladles.
Do you need a Heating Stove ?
if so. her* Is your chance. We
arc closing out our heaters at a
discount of ao psr cant. Com* at
mc*.   Patmore Bros.
The Allen Players last night completed an exceptionally lung engagement in this city al tiie-Auditorlum.
The Aliens are deservedly popular
here. They invariably make au
honest effort to please patrons mid tc
prnvide high-class, clean performances. A rich asset of the Allen Players Is the Hungarian urchosUtt,
whose playing is always delightful
and upon this occasion, has been one
ol the strongest attractions. In Miss
Klla Hudars, too, the company have
a charming young vocalist, whose se
lections during their recent perlor
mences here, have been a specially]
enjoyable leature of every program
The Aliens will be returning in the
spring and may be assured ot a warm
Coal oil nnd gasoline. Come to
us lor the best goods and best
prices In this Ilne.-Cranhrnnk Trading Co. 48-tl
For a year or two past certain
growers ol tomatoes, cucumbers, and
similar vegetables Inr the London
market have been Injecting steam Into the soil with a view to destroying
Insects and slugs. It Is reported
that Ihe plan works very well Ier
tbat   puipoor,     but   tb*   operation
brought to light an unexpected laet—
namely, that the soil thus treated
increased greatly in fertility; so
greatly, indeed, thai the ordinary
amount ol manure cannot be used afterward. This effect has been explained as being due tu the sterilization produced by the steam, which1
kills the phagocytes or protozoa
which iu ordinary circumstances keep
down the number uf bacteria ill the
soil whose operations are beneficent
in turning organic nitrogen into planl
heating stove at once and save
ao par cent discount Come belore they are all gone.
Men's leather shoes fille pair In gn
at hall price—C.C.S.
Lee Now Maw and Lee Fat, have
purchased the chop suev house, formerly cunhucled by Kwnng Chiug
Wing, which tliey will continue tn
run. ll-lt*
Fnr a whole year at Hastings
Park, Vancouver, there has been conducted an egg laying contest, a
"five bird a side" affair, that is tn
say five birds tn Hie pen. The birds
have come from all parts, even frum
so far away as New /.calami. Following are the principal prize winners. Lightweight poultry: First,
,1. Stewart, Hillcrest, Hernwra,
N.S.W., 1171 eggs; seennh, Huligulri
Kgg Ranch, Otuki, N. /,.; third, llr.
Medd, Mount Tolinie, Victoria, M.C;
fourth, K. T. Hanson, t'nwichnn, II.
ti. For heavier hens the first prize
goes to A. E. Smith, May wood, B.C.
whose five Minnie Island Reds (bred!
ut Edmonds stution, hy the way)
laid 8.15 eggs; (I. Adams, Victoria,
cume second; .1. Dmigun, Cubhle Hill,
third, and V. Cleaves, Saanlchlon,
fourth. Mrs. M. II. Smith, ol Central I'arv, won the special prize tur
lirst egg laid. Meat winter layers'
prize lor heuvv birds went to C. Vi.
Bobbins, Chiiltwacb. The J. W.
Parks' silver cup was won by Vin-
cedt Cleeves, and C. It Oilmore, nf
Central Park, tnnk a special prize
lor an exhibition pen. .1. II. Terry
was superintendent of the contest.
Smart Footwear for Women
Good cook wanted
ply Mrs. Brymner,
ut once.    Ap-
Lumsden Ave.,
M. Lawrie, ol Morris, Man., father
nf Mrs. F. M. Macpherson and Miss
Lawrie, was here visiting his daughters the first ol the week.
The Herald is pleased to be able to
state that Lou Manning, who met
with serious injuries at Hull River
last week, is now progressing vtry
Toronto, Oct. 30.—Lady Mulnck
died last Saturday afternoon at Wel
lesley hospital, laist week she underwent a critical operation, Irom
which she failed'to rally. I.aily
Mulnck, belore her marriage tn Sir
William Mulnck, was Miss Sarah
Klten Cawthra, being a member nl
one ot tbe well-known pioneer families ol York County. Tbe luneral
look place on Wednesday alteration
Irom the lamlly residence tn St.
.lames' cemetery.
I     '
Toronto, Oct. 30.—Sir Mackenzie
Unwell, lormer prime minister nl
Canada, who waa injured last week
by a fall at the Albany club, is reported to have passed an easy day
at Wellesley hospital, although I.e is
suffering considerable pain antl his
rnnditinn is critical.
I i
N'ew York, Oct. HO.—netting nn
the presidential situation in Wall
street Is still very light with au
overwhelming sentiment In favnr nf
Wilson. The odds still remain, however, Wilson I tn I; Taft I In :i ami
Roosevelt I to 2. The odds nn
tht cotton exchange have shortened
somewhat. A bet of Sl.iiim tn 1400
that Wilson would be elected lound
nn takers yesterday and it is a case
of even money nn Taft nr Roosevelt
winning the popular vote.
. I
Calgary, Alta., Oct. 20 Joe Barley, lightweight champion nf Canada, and "Fighting Dick" Hyluiiu nl
San Francisco sparred a 15 round
draw at tbe Manchester arena here
Releree Tummy Burns' decision
was popular. Itayley had a derided
advantage In the opening fighting,
hut was puzzled by llylnnd's Incessant in-fighting, which presented en
tlrely new problems lor the (ana
Repeatedly the California dropped
his opponent's head with short arm
Jolts and straightened hlm up with
upperruls, but aside Irnm marking
Barley's   lace, the   blows had      no
We are show-inn; stunt' smart
and distinctive shapes in Footwear for street ami evening,
Yuur curly insis'i'tinn will ph-uso
Among other exclusive models
ynu will Iiml a Gun Metal Hut-
ton with a dark grey diagonal
worsted top al $.'i.0H : also a
black and Tan High Cut Calf
Button Boot nl $3.50 ami $5.74.
Novelties and Exclusive Styles in Fur Sets
MINK       FOX
Note Our Prices
All Guaranteed
We especially meution a charming set of black Caricul. Tlie
neck piece is the plain broml siyle and is trimmed with black
fringe-on the ends. The murl is tbo large Hat pillow shape,
also trimmed wilh fringe.   Price $:t:t .on
Just Arrived -- Dainty Selections of Novelty
Dr. Hail bus returned (nun his trip
ii A.lbcrt*i and resumed practice.
New York, Oct. 31.—Charles Becker, the former police lieutenant, convicted nl procuring the murder of tbe
gambler, Herman Rosenthal, was
yesterday sentenced to die in the
electric chair at Sing Ring, during,
the week nf December 9th. Tlie sentence was prnnnunred by Mr. .Justice
An appeal is pending fnr a new-
Despite somewhat wintry weather,
and a light snowfall, the members of
the Cranbrook (Iun Club turned nut
in force upon Thanksgiving day to
snoot for turkeys, geese, and Mala-
shnut for turkeys, geese, and Mala-
space will not permit nf publication
in full ol the respective senres made,
but in the pnints conipelitinn, K.
Klwell carried till the turkey; Mrs.
F. W. Oreen the gonse and the Mala-
chrinn cigarettes. In the second competition E. Klwell again scured highest, winning a cartridge case; Mrs.
F. W. (Ireen came second, securing a
cartridge bag and llr. Hall captured
third place, winning a box ol cigars.
On Tuesday, October 2.1th, a vtry
enjoyable evening was spent in the
Knights of Pythias hall The meeting
took the form o( an educational de-
hate, discussions being Riven nn the
order at large. There was a lar*?*
crowd present, and those who were
Unable to attend, missed the treat
of their lives. The speakers at this
gathering were Mr. A. Ilurrie, wbo
spoke very lavornbly ut the order.
Messrs Houston, Hill and Christian
iti their remarks also spoke very en-
couragingly The advice and Instruction given hv Captain Stride,
proved ol beneficial help to nil present. It was arranged that every
month a meeting of » like character
will be held The evening was clo*
ed with thc singing ol "Nearer My
Ood to Thee" and the "National Anthem."
The meeting ol veterans tn organ-
ire will be held nn Saturday evening
at the Royal hotel. Mr Thomas II
Coven, M.I..A , will take the rhair
at 8 n'clock.
The formal proceedings will be very
brief, and a iiiusicnl programme will
he provided tu (ill in tire evening.
llev. E, P. Flewelling has issued
an invitation In the veterans tn attend n special ahnrt service at t
o'clock nn Sunday nltcrannn and the
men will parade uutsitle Carmen's
hall at ,1.30 p.m. and march lo the
Church ol Kngland.
CoikI   pair nl sleigh shalts lor sale
cheap     Apply T., Herald uttcc    tl*
Large Warehouse.   Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. 'tf
Collections -Let us collect your
tld accounts. Ne charge II we don'
collect.-Sale. Agency sod Adjust
meat Co., Bos 311, Cranhrook
HOUSE   TO RENT.-Sitoate    on
Dewar avenue; contains six bed
rooms, kitchen, dining room, bath
room, etc. Apply to Mrs. K. Bent,
P. (). Bos 315 or 'phone 211.     SS-tl
Aay person requiring, their hath
room, toilets, etc., connected to tbs
sewer should see Ed. F. Johnson.
Estimates furnished. Call phone
167. 28-tf
WASTED.—Good general servant.
\pply to Mrs. W. F. Gurd.        37-tl
hustle apply la writing to Sale.
Agency sad Adjurtmenl Co., Bos
111, Cranbrook. 31-tl
FOR SALE CHEAP -1 brass bed
mattress and spring. Apply 0.,
Herald office. IMP
FOR SALE—Several driving
horses st the St Eugene Mission
Tliese sre fine animals and .ill he
sold at a reasonable price.        39 tl
Different sites —I. Branlt, Canadian
hotel. M-tl
creamers, milk pail, etc., almost
new. Apply Boi 3, Herald ol
(Ice. It***
FOR SALE.-Clrcular sawmill
machinery, complete with edgei,
trimmer aad sorting rig, ia first-
class running order; also all ap
purtenasces therein. Capacity
711,000 It. B. M. per 10 hours. Sever-
al logging trucks snd sleighs and
general loggers' outfit. Alsc two lots
sad office building, comer Baker St.
and Fenwick Ave. For lurtber par-.
titulars apply ts Ths l.und Land and
llevelostnsat Co., LU. 33-tf
Omlneoa Mineral Claim, situate In
the F.rt Steele Mining llivisiim nl
East Kootenay District.
Where located: One mile from
Marysville, on west side nl Mark
.tunes. Free Miner's Certificate Nn.
53I12R. intend, siity days Irom date
hereol, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor a Certificate of Improvements, lor thr purpose of obtaining a
Crown Orant ol the above claim.
And lurther take notice that action, under section 37, must he commenced before the issuance nf such
Certificate nf Improvements.
Elgin E. Jones.
Dated this lOlh day nl October,
A.D. 1*11. till THE
News of the District
(By Fred Koo).
County commissioner lOdge ■ and
Wile, ot Kalispel, Mont., . paused
through Elko on tlieir return Irom
lhe Dry Fanning CongroSs nt I.etli-
bridge,' Alta. At Klko tbey were
joined ay Miss K. -May Roo, who
left for the south country.
Tlio lion. Win. Munlock headed u
largo party nt Calgary capitalists
who are looking over Tobacco and
Roosvllle Valley property- The parly
hud heen at Lethbridge several days.
Several fainilies from Winnipeg arrived in Elko this week who have
bought land mi' .south fork nf Elko
mnl expect to start and build at
The dance at Haynes l.ake lasl
Frida) was a bowling success.
(Jutte a little excitement was started in Klko lasi Ni.tiinlay hy the arrival of two gentlemen from Fernie
who seemed very anxious to Iiiij
several river iots and the citizens are
Wondering whether it's an ice planl
or n laundry they intend starting
Mr. Tom Whale!., of Hie Nupuncc,
Fernie, and Mr. Downing were Elko
visitors lust Sunday.
Governor Wilson made sucli a bit
with thc ladies at Princeton, V.I.,
that the report from there is that
thev will he for him on election day
to a man.      lust fancy.
.1, E. Lancaster, of tbe .'n-Opera-
tive Stores. Fernie, .spent Thanksgiving in the Koosville Valley.
Mr. -lames Miller, manager for
Cat Burns, the Calgary Scotchman,
was an Elko visitor Saturday, looking for a suitable place for a large
packing plant.
Mr. .1, McLean, of Fernie, spent
the week end in Elko. We mean
Coke (Ken .lim. Not McLean who
dispenses wisdom and carbolic acid
on Victoria avenne.
The main point is not to worry.
Some people don't wait for trouble
to come to them hut gn tn meet it
A man down at Waldo Is worrying
about wbat ice is going to cnst next
With the exception nf tbe manager
the whnle of the Merchants bank
stall are spending the week end am!
Thanksgiving at Flagstone and Runs
villc Valley, going down on the noon
train Saturday.
The Baynes Lake buzz wagon visit
ed Elko several times this week. The
roads are just simply	
Even if there is a shortage of cna1
iu the United States they must know
that campaign documents make fait
The explanation offered by tne
members of the Itoyal Manistee Cal
loway Alcoholic Society last week
. afler "The llobunk Frolic" is that
the moisture in the atmosphere counterbalances or nullifies so to speak
the interior wetness.
Some of the liuest flavored apple*
brought into Elko tbis fat) were
from the Fruil lands ranch, owned by
M. Phillipps, .Ip., ten mites smitl
of Elko.
At last week's "Home Rule" de
bate In Elkn it was decided In
vite John Redmond to a tog game
hunt on the south fork.
Mrs. Hugh Mclnnes uml Miss Agnes
Loretta drove in from the Rock
Creek pineries this week.
Miss Virginia Blossoms, Horse
Shoe Lake. Tobacco Plains, broughl
in a big basket of new laid eggs
whicb she offered at fifty cents the
dozen and to introduce tbe gond:
wns giving a recipe fnr three egg lay
er cakes to each purchase!1.
Miss Lei a Boss, Riverside avenue,
entertained about twenty of her little
friends tn her birthday party lust
week. The weather was delightful
and fnr three hours the children fairly made the mountains shake with
The Hawaiian Musical Xnvelty Co,
played tn a full house in Elko last
week. Prices fille, 76c. and $1.00.
Report says it was the punkies) nf
punk shows that ever played tn
Elko. Every nne nf Ihem should
have a mpe on and he hobbled out
on short grass. The whole pro
gramme was about as interesting as
a moving picture show would be tn a
blind college.
There's a possible chance of the
Sleepeasy Mattress compnny, of Winnipeg, building a large plant in Elko
next spring.
Carl Ingham and (lordon Hockley
nre collecting big game specimens to
be mounted and placed in the Elko
board of trade reception room.
Victor Campbell is building a
fine residence on Knnb Kill.
Mr. Alex. Ilirnie, proprietor nf the
Aberdeen Livery Stables and Cartage company, entertained several
friends to a turkey dinner last
Hunting parties are arriving in
Elkn and leaving fnr the mountains.
A hand nf Indians from Tobacco
I'lains are camped on the Elk and
are getting tbe game most remarkable, don't you know.
If the writer of this column should
ever happen tn he hauled up In court
on a charge of assault with intent to
kilt, It wilt he because some feebleminded bone beaded travelling man
with more gab than judgment insist
ed on selling us goods we don't want
nnd wouldn't pay freight, nn.
Dr. Orr and wife, who have    been
spending their vacation iu Elkn left
fnr Idaho last Monday ou tlie south
bound tlyer.
Tlie writer spent Thanksgiving day
Fernie, the Pittsburg of Canada,
and was informed by (ten. L. Pedlar
tliat we should have a very mild
All the Conservatives that was,
have heen struck   off tbe voters list.
Mrs. R. Stone arrived in Klko
Monday from Winnipeg to join her
husband,' who bought an Improved
fruit ranch west of the town.
Miss Dorothy Davis, nf Victoria,
suHrugctte, played to crowded houses
iu Fernie last week and plays a return engagement in two weeks, und
we sincerely hope the gate receipts
will enable her to huy an Elkn fruit
farm and get married and live happy
ever after.
Tuesday on business.
Mrs. Embree, of Hanburv, Is spend.
ing a few days in town with Mrs.
Owing to the Inclement weather
prevailing on Monday, the holiday
was very quietly observed- No real
big bags of game arc so far reported.
The Thanksgiving service In St.
Andrew's church last Sunday evening
was well attended. The church was
very tastefully decorated, and the
music by the choir was well rendered. On the whole the service was
very pleasing.
(Special correspondence)
Mr. S. E. Bradley, of the I'ran-
liruuk Jobbers, wus iu town Tuesday
uf tills week, irrTeriiiK a few specialties.
.Mr. Eussie, stnrekeeper fur the
C.P.R. ut Hull River, wus in I'al-
Ktiry last week on business.
Mr. Skeail, of Bull River, was
in Eernie on business lust Wednesdav.
Mr. Elmer Carver arrived in Wardner a few days njr.o after spending u
few davs un the prairie.
Mr. i'bidler, uf the t'.l'.R. mill at
Bull Itiver, attended the funeral of
the late Patrick Dwyer at Crnnhruok on Thursday.
While performing his duties as
night watchman at the r.l'.II. mill
at Bull River, Lou Manning had
the misfortune to become entangled
with tlie machinery, anil received a
haiily fractured jaw. He was removed to a light engine and quickly
rushed into Cranbrook to the St. Eugene hospital. At time of writing
lie is said to be.recovering nicely.
Hubert Wilson came into town
on Wednesday morning to escape the
heavy snow fall lurther east and enjoy H'ardner's balmy breezes.
Mrs. (iaffney and children spent
Thursday uf last week in Cranbrook.
Chester Lyon, alter spending some
'lays at Kalispel, has returned to the
ild home town again. The lmy*
all come back.
Mrs. A. Manning, ol Bull River,
went to Cranbrook on Thursday to
spend a lew days at the hospital
with ber son.
Mr. Killingswurth, tbe spud king
.1 Creston, was in town a lew days
ago looking over the prospects.
Mr. II. E. La I'ointe lelt for Baylies Lake n few days ago, where Ite
has secured a goml position cutting
We ure very -sorry to report Uie
illness ol Mrs. P. P. Ilerric, who is
cnlilineil tn her room with a severe
at tuck ul lagrippe.
Rev. Stephens went to t'ranbrnol.
un Mnnduy tu spend the holiday with
liis family.
Mrs. P. I.ucier and daughter, Mrs.
Kimbal, were iu Eernie last Friday
un business.
Puliceinun Mrl.enii was in Cranbrook last Thursday on business.
Mr. A. Manning went to Fernie
un   Erlday nl last week un business
Mr. and Mrs. Rankin, of Bull River, attended Mr. Ilwyer's luneral al
Cranbrook nn Thursday.
We are glad to see Miss Lucy
Sheppard uhle to he around again
and biipe that she may have a very
speeily recovery.
.Mrs. P. Lund returned on Friday
night Irnm l.elliliriilge, where she
bad lieen attending the Dry Fanning
Mr. Otto Wisner and Arthur Ilollis
went tn Marysville a few days ago
tu repair the machinery ul tbe mill
in that place.
Mr. and Mrs. II. It. Bohart were
in Fernie on Sunday on business.
Mr. P. Lund returned from lethbridge on Monday morning ol this
Mr. and Mrs. Hen. Wilson enter-
tiiini-it a few young friends at Iheir
home last Saturday evening.
lhe hod)' of the late Patrick Dwyer was taken tu t'ranbrook last
Thursday morning lor burial. A
number nf friend* frum Bull River,
accompanied the curpse and when
the train reached Cranbrook the luneral proceeded from the depot tu tbe
Roman Catholic ehurcli, where a
short service was held. The remains
were then laid to rest in the Roman
Catholic cemetery.
Mr. A. l.und was in Cranbrook
last Friday on husiness.
Mrs. F. W. Burgess was visiting
with t'ranbrook Iriends last week.
Mrs. C. How and children, ol
Cranbrook, spent the holiday with
Mrs. How's sister, Mrs. Otto Wisner, in Wardner.
Mr. Louie Larson, ul Corbin, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Larson and children In town.
Mrs. Fred l*ard and children went
to Cranbrook on Tuesday to secure
medical advice. The children being
ill with jaundice
Mrs. Manning returned In Bull River on Monday alternoon, niter spending a lew days with her son Lou In
Cranbrook, and reports that he is
doing nicely.
Mrs   Larson was iu Cranbrook   <m
Semi-ready Suite
«in... i»
T OOK loi I*. pilcr-Mi ana.-,,..
la lb, pu,k.t-.lw.y. il,. mbw,
A* rout dotal., a*. Had lo, ii.t.
took aa, Manil. ol"Sla*'» 0.."
l.il..ti:o. lea,dliactNlaml'iaadr,
Llaili.d,  Mouural, rot book ..titled
"SI. I" II roa CIBBot art It 1. a)...
fwMlltu Ji41jrtr|
Fawcctt & Campbell, Cranhrook
FOR RENT.-Offlce building on
Fenwick avenue, corner ol Baker
street, formerly occupied by tbe
Lund Land and Development Company. For particulars apply to P.
l.und, Wardner. 37-11
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to the Chiel fomntissiiiner nf
I.anils at Victoria for a license to
prnspect lur coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate lu the district ol South East
Kootenay, Block 4r>»3:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the S.E. corner of Lot 7607
and being the N.W. corner ol the T.
C. Witherspoon claim; thence south
80 chains; thence east 8(1 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence west
81) chains to the point ol commencement, and containing 010 acres, more
or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
• lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
I .orated this 21st dav ol September, 1912. -H-51
that thirty days alter date I shall
apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria lor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum nn
the following described lands, situ
ate in the district ol South East
Kootenay, Block -1993:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of the S.E. corner ol l.ot 7S07 and being tbe 8. W.
corner of the T. 0. Witherspoon
claim; thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains to the
point of commencement and containing .'In acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
■lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
'Located   this llth dav ol October,
1912. «-5t
tbat thirty days alter date I shall
apply to tbe Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria lor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tlie lollowlng described lands, situ
ate in the district of South East
Kootenay, Block *S»3:
Commencing at a poat planted at
or near 2 miles south, then 4 miles
east ol tbe S.E. corner ol IM 7507
and being Ihe S.W. corner of the
T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
north 80 ehains; tbence east 80
chains; thence south In chains; thence
west 80 chains tn the point ol com
nieiieement and containing MO acres,
more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator,
■lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
Located this lot Is dav ol October,
1912. 44-tt
that thirty days after date I shall
apply to Hie Chiel Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria fur a license tu
prospect for cnal uml petroleum mi
the following described lands, situate in the district ul South Eust
Koolenay,  Hluck 4698:
Ciimiiii'iicing at a post planted nt
ur near - miles east ul the S. E.
curlier ul Lut 75117 nud being the
S.W. comer ol the T. 0, Wither-
spuun claim; tbence north 80 chains;
tlteiice eust. 80 chains; tlicnce smith
80 chains, thence wesl 80 chains to
the point nf commencement, and con-
tuining Old acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
.lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
Located this lilst iluy uf Septem-
brrui 1012. -li-ot
"| Electric fiestoicr for Men
J    _9*f**£^m&»Z#£m%%
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. SI
A.F. * A. M.
rim and vitality. W.ni.tur. dfcav amlall,«xual
wonka*.. .vrtied *t .nc. rhMpMai.1 will
- make you * now man.   PrlMLjf B bux-orj wo for
Cm., SI. QslaMrin... Out.
For sale at Beattie-Murphy Co., LU.
Regular meetings ou
the   third   Thursday
^^^^^^   ol every montb.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
 J. S^Peck, secretary.
Ubi'suent Lodqu No. 83
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday tt S p.m. it
Fraternity Hall.
N. 8. Houston, C.C.
F. A. Stride, K. ol R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
tbat thirty days alter dale I shall
ape!.' to the Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands st Victoria lor a license to
prospect tor coal and petroleum on
tlie following described lands, situ
ale in the district of South East
Koolenay, Block 1393:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles south, then 3 miles
east ol the S.E. corner nl Lot 7M7
and being Ihe S.E. corner post of
Ibe T C. Witherspoon claim; thence
north 8A chains, tnence west RO
chains; tbence south 80 chains;
thence easl 811 chains to the pnlnt of
commencement, and containing 610
aeres, more or less.
T..C. Witherspoon. Locator,
.lohn Virgo, Agenl.
Witness: Archie Belden
Located this Mrd day ol September, 1912. Il-M
that thirty days titer date I shall
apply In tin. Chiel t'oimnissioner ol
Lands al Victoria lor a license to
prospecl lor coal tnd petroleum on
the lollowlng described lands, situate in the district ol South East
Kootenay, Bloek 4593:
Commencing al a post planted at
nr near 2 miles south, then I mile
east ol the S.E. corner uf Lut 7507
and being Ihe S.E. enrner nt the
T. C. Witherspoon claim; thenee
north 80 chains; thenee west Id
chains; tlicnce south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to the point
of commencement, and containing
1110 acres, more or less.
T. c. Witherapoon. Locator.
lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belden.
I..*aled this Mr* day nl September, 191.1. 4441
Meeta every Monday
night tt Ner/ Fra-
___mmmm_ ternity Hill. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
II. E. Stephens, W. M. Harris
N. O. See'y.
that thirty days after date I shall
apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria Inr a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate in the distriet of South Easl
Kootenay, Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted   at
or near 2 miles east of tht* S.E. corner of Lot   7507, and being lhc S,E.
corner post of the T- >'■ Witherspoon
claim;       thence     north     80 chains;
thence west 80 chains, thence   south
80 chains; thence east KO chains    to
the point    of commencement,     and
containing 640 acres, more or less.
T. C, Witherspoon, Locator,
■lohn Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie Belderi.
Located this 21st day of .September, 1912. U-5t
District of South Kast Kootenay.
TAKE XOTH'K that Benjamin
B. Ralph, nf Winnipeg, Man., occupation physician, intends to apply for
permission tn purchase the following
described lands:
Com mem* in.: at a post planted
the south end of ah Island in the
Elk River, opposite Lot 227 and fol-
tou-ing the shore around the island
to point ol roinineneement, being 10
acres, more or less.
Benjamin B. Ralph.
Dated 28th August, 1918.       88-91
For Sale
One Oxford  Kn^ine.  11 z 11.
May bo scon at Benedict Siding.
one mile cist of Mayook, II. C.
For further particular* apply to
Leask A .lohnson, Klku, II. C.
Or. Nartel's Female Pills
Nineteen Vein the Standard
Prescribed and recommended lor women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result Irom tbeir uu Is quick ud
permanent. For tale tt til drugstores
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern eqnlppwl Cal. al ino,ierato
Rata. 11.00 and up per day
Corner ol Howard I'l.end From Ave.
Onr bus meets all trains
The Cm* D'Alene Company
JABOB 00ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
Mitt Marion Kuniiey holds
clnttet M tho Masonic Hull
in tho above accomplish-
men It,
Juvenile Clan toennunenct.
Sttnitlay. (lot. ."rth, nt il p.m.
An adult elan is rn-iiti;
formed for Fancy Uanvinir,
(Clattienl nntl National).
Private L-suons . by nr-
For particulars address
Boa IWI Phono :i:.*J
The Lending Business College
of the Northwest
Where young people .mn receive
a thorough business training,
Is In session twelve months ln
the year.
Mo entrance esamlnal ion*.
Board and room at very reasonable rates.
We secure positions lur onr
Onr new beautifully illustrated
catalogue sent Iree iiihiii request.
Write lor It NOWI'
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lst A Madison    ■      SI'OKANK
fur Uuuor lluti.i |  |
■ eomnl"tey .radleiitr* Hi. urnvlnir
In lliiw iluy*. Nu Ilipoil-nniL'
ii'jfi tiiina. .'n tn'iirioiiH i,tier
effect*, Write tor Free Biriklil
lkii ami, I miilirook, II. C"
I       'l'U
Btrrltttr, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Meets first tnd    third Wednesdays
In each month.
A   cordial reception eitended      to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lst to December Slat.
II. White, C'liiel Patriarch
11. K. Ilodkey, Scribe.	
No. It.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hsll.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially Invited.
Mrs. Alma Liddicoat, NO.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second tnd
Fourth Thursday ol etch month tt 8
p.m. sharp
Wm. Henderson, CR.
I,. Pearron, Sec., Box 111.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Ctrmen's Htll lint tae
third Thursdsy ot etch mutt at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Htywtrd, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
1 East Kootenay      ■
Butcher Co. •
Meets In Carmen's    Htll lad    tnd
4th Tuesday every month tt I p.m.
Membership   open   to British   eiti
N. A. Wslllnger,        W. C. Crebbls
Prn. See'y.
P. O. Box 4M
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook   Lodge No. 1041.
Meets every   Wednesday tight at
p.m. In Royal  Black Knight.   Hall,
Baker Street.
M-tl.      R. S. Otrrett. Secretary.
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. IU,
Companions ol tot Forest.        >
Meets in Carmen's Hall lad tnd 4th,
Thursday of each montb at S
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whltttker, CO,
.Mrs. 1. Heigh, Secretany.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome.
Diseases of Men
I |HMit m-fr run* t tiiw-'niiriIm nt a'l t*W
c-ir-t-atlmt nrr iilwolutHj, iiirurtfMMi-'nii*-
mcthtH'ii ■lth-T thnn tho.? I twxpivij. I do
mil turn whohaa t re-tltd fun or bo* taBg
ur Ij what ntfiuw to hut treat td > un; tw
-•ni-lmiiiliH In thnt I mn ran*-/tin, anil I
will t>» ..IiIf to r|h »h rfi-flofH-f in thn mat*
tt-r wlim I km it* th* iMuil*- uf jr-iur caw.
writc ron run BOOK
If ymi mn't mil nt my »■*--• write* fur
mv Iwtuk, which ili-writ*-* raj* actta!.
Alt Intern nn* Hired *|r----i-tl nttMtltni.
President: T.6.Oiu
ft.er.tary I A. Miomuin
2 For information regarding lands i
• snd  agriculture   apple   lo ths i
f Hecretsry, CrenhToofc, 8.0.
Kr.ry sseoad Wedatsdty
Dealers In
Fresh niul Cured
Poultry, fiatpe and Fish   6
in 8eason. ®
1 East Kootenay.
i Butcher Co. %
I The Old P. Wood's      J
a Iruiness.           e
Hotel International
Oku. LusiiniK, Proprietor
One of tliebeitlioteliln Brltleh
Col uu i Uin. Located on thn Boun-
<Urv Line, between the United
Staten ami Oani'la, In a spot of
rare scenic lieauty, wheie -fame
abounds and Fisli are plentiful.
Correspondence of tourists
promptly answeied
Barrister*, Solicitor* and
Money to I.osn
IMMMM MM lUltlllU, • CMMMM i. I
Physicians and Surgeon*,.
Ofl** at RssUsaes, Armstroeg Its.
 I . - • l.M to 10.M
Aftaraooos IM to   l.M
Erstlsgs • . • • I.H to  l.M
tlmtfmj. - - - - I.M to   l.M
ORANBROOI :,    :i    h    h    I, 0,
I to 11 t.m.
1 to I p.m.
T to  I p.m.
OOee ta Hanson Block,
CRANBROOK •       -       . B. O,
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work
a specialty.
Office over F. Parka Hardware
Store, Baker Street
Phone No. 2110
Rate. Reasonable
B. C.
The Home Bakery
Konirr Fb.ms, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, md
Norbury An.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters tor all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries t fnll stock ot
Repsirs for ebons si ways
in stock
to F. T. r, I'KRKT
U a*
Ndaoa'i Leidini Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phon.ln
every room
___ Boon on ths premises.
Thoroughly np-bwlsts.
Rates, $2.00 a day aad up.
OBO. P. WBLL8, Proprietor
B. 10HK1R, Hsasftr
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
tP O. loSSlI    rafwaaainnlr   B C
Tm. No. 143     UlBBfOOIC, B. t.
B. C. lane) Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
A ll. Can. Soc. C. K.
Civil Eafiaeer aad Architect
Office over Cranbrook Ding and Book
. Co's. More
Telephone .IM)
P. O. Boi IT
w. a. I
Phone IMll
Norbury Ave., nnt to City Hsll
Dsy Phone IM Nlghl I'lione IM
Frank Provenzano
General Merehante
Employment Agent*
CRANBROOK    -    B. C,
It you want ulWactloo with
your washing Matt
Special prices for Ismily work.
Opposite O.P.N. SUtlo.
THI    PLACi    TO     OICT   A
& INT. CO.
The General Fire Assurance
Co., of Paris, France
Established 1819
The Los Angeles Fire
Insurance Co.
The Occidental Fire Insurance Co.
The Acadia Fire Insurance
Established 1867
We Want
The Excelsior Life Insurance
Co., Toronto
The General Accident
Insurance Co.
Of Toronto
The New York Plate Glass
Insurance Co.
A Few Specials
A strictly modern home on three
choice lots. Nearly new. Seven
rooms, fireplace, steam heat, etc.
$500.00 Cash buys it
Another strictly modern home, on
three lots. Nearly new. Eight
rooms. Everything beautifully arranged.
Small Cash Payment
Four rooms,   on  beautiful large
lot.   Nice view.   Close to shops.
Your Own Terms
VE HAVE just completed a most
successful year's business, and
desire to thank our patrons
for   their   past  support  and
solicit a continuance of same.
We have no dissatisfied customers,
reference. A SQUARE DEAL is the predominating factor of this office.
We sell property everywhere, but
particularly recommend
• Positively the largest list of revenue
producing and vacant property in this
A call solicited.
A Few Specials
2 Lots on Baker, $4,000
1 " "      3,000
2 " "      7,500
Many others at a little less than the
market value
Fenwick Ave.
One and a-half blocks from Post
Prices $350.00 and $400.00
Easy Terms
Choice Lot and New
On Fenwick Ave. rented far $20.00
$1,600; terms
\\ hit-      I,.„.„„„„,.„
MERK-It.    It.   BRUCE IS
(Special to the Herald).
Invormore, B.C., Oct. 30,-Slr
Itichnrri McBride, tlio premier ol the
province, together with the Honorable H. K. Oreen, member tor the
Dominion house ol parliament foe
this constituency, reached here from
t'ranbrook per automobile late Sunday evening, October 20th. In tho
company of Mr. II. E. Koriter, this
district's representative for the
local house of parliament, thoy spent
tlie din in looking into (he local
situation of the district iiml tin*
various places surrounding us ami left
on the aftciniiuii ol Momlav per motor ear for Golden on the main line
of the Canadian 1'iu-iiic railway.
This is the lirst time for several
years thai Sir Itichard McBride has
lieen able to visit Ihis dislrict j
The local banks have durini*,      the
past  week been visited by tholr     re
spective inspectors.     The Hank     nl
Montreal  being ftr.cred  by   i       •••tl' j
(nun Mr. J, 1). Irvine, the bank's ..'
spector from Vancouver, while      tho
Imperial  bank   was  inspected  by Mr.
A.    E.    I'bipps,     inspector   for   the
bank's far western headquarters     nt
Calgary,    Albertn.        While here the, i
inspect ins     examined    as     well  tbe
branches     of the hanks at Athalmer '
ami Wilmer ,   -.actively.
Mr, ('. W. Itende, who Ior the pasl
year has been manager of the loeal
branehes of the Imperial bank, has
been transferred to Michel, vice Mr I
WciM, late manager of that, branch,,
who has heen transferred to this I
point. Mr. lteade has lived for a '
number of years in this neighbor- PIRST
howl, having lieen accountant  in the;      11 EC
Golden branch   prior to being trans        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ferred to Wilmer. ■ «
There lias jusl been commenced the Montreal, Oct. 29.—-The by-election
erection uf the first unit of the in Richelieu lust week resulted in a
building of a thoroughly up-to-date Liberal victory, I*. •!, A. Sa*rdin win-
umchfne shop for the repairing-of au- ning from E. A. l> Morgan (Conser-
lomohllcs and lhe doing of all man- vative) by a majority of 301. It was
ner af metal lathe work, by the the first by election in Quebec since
Columbia Valley Irrlguteil Fruit Ihe defeat of Sir Wilfrid Laurier'*
Lands, Limited. This will be the government in the general election a
most thoroughly equipped one in year ago, and the success was the
Smith Eastern British Columbia, cause of much elation among Sir
The whole works will he under the Wilfrid's followers. The majorities
superintendence of Mr. C. S. liat- by districts were: Card in—Sore!,
cllffe, a thoroughly competent mecli 261; St- .loseph, 13; St, Ours, 48;
anician of the firm of Rateliffe Bros., St. Robert, fi7; St. I.ouis, 17; St.
England, anil will be assisted in by Aim, 18; St. Mariot, 14; Morgan—
a competent staff with Mr  G. Vigne,   majorities—St.    Victier,    148;    St
and ihc laying out oi lawns,, sthe
erection of a large and commodious
house of the bungalow type, which
will he equipped with every modern
convenience, including steam heating,
domestic water supply,
sewerage system and electric light.
The grounds and buildings should be
ready for occupation bv tlie middle
of -June, 1913.
Tht* semi-weekly mail service
which has recently been instituted between Invemtere and ft olden has been
very much appreciated.
Mr. Bruce Litmsden has left Invermcrc on an extended visit to the
home of his father, Mr. Hugh Lumsden, C.E., Toronto.
Mr. (ioldie Stewart, our fancy
goods merchant, recently made a
trip to Golden with his team and
came back with a large consignment
of his winter stink of fancy goods.
j The Columbia Vulley Irrigated
Print Lands, Limited, have just completed tbe building of a large mess
.house for tholr employees. Connected
'with it is a large room (or their
entertainments and general amuse
ments. It will he occupied this
According to the business ami Industrial opportunities issued monthly*1
by the department of national resources of the Cnnadian Pacific rait-
way, this district now' has openings
for an implement dealer, a jeweler, a
veterinary surgeon, a dentist, a
dressmaker and milliner, a baker aud
confectionery. There wifl also he
an opening next spring for the establishment of a boarding'house, and
at Invermcrc for a barber shop,
blacksmith ami hardware and tinsmith simp and fnr a sash and door
ently as an issue. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, with two former ministers, Hon.
Rodolphe Umieux and Hon. Br.
Belaud, took part in the light, hut
none of thc government ministers
spoke in the riding. Sir Uodulplie
Forget led the light for the government forces, and exerted most of his
pressure in Sorel, where the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation company, of which he is president, has a
large number of employees. This and
the influence exerted on the government shipyard employees were. the
chief factors contributing to the reduction of the Liberal majority.
me SlltS LU
Anne, 53; St.     Pierre, 25; St. Roeh,
The chief Conservative gain was
Sorel, where the government shipyards are located. At the general
election Mr. Cardin's" majority there
was "iti, against 2iil on this occasion. At the general election in
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l-Gl Mr. Cardin wus elected by       a
acquired grounds immediately to tlie   majority of    731, hut resigned when
south of this townsite ami bordering   his election was protested.
nn tlie     shores of Lake Windermere.      Tlie  election campaign was carried
This includes, in addition to tbe or-   out pretty much on general lines, the
dinary     work of landscape gardening   naval question     not figuring promin-
as foreman. ^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. R R. Bruce, C.E., F.R.S., of
Wilmer, has left on liis annual trip
to spend the winter at the home of
his mother in Scotland, and make a
general European tour. Prior to
leaving, Mr. Bruce completed his arrangements for extensive Improvements to lie carried out on his newly
A year ago the department of agriculture at Ottawa, through the
brunch of- the dairy and cold storage
commissioner, undertook an investigation of the fruit growing conditions
throughout Canada. The enquiry
was Intrusted to Mr. Wm. II. Bunting, an extensive fruit grower at St.
Catherines, Out., who secured as
much information as possible on the
following points:
1. Tlie possibilities of an extension
of the fruit growing Industry of
Canada in the different localities visited.
2. The tendencies In the matters
of the planting and growing of different kimls of fruit, and with regard to apples, the varieties which
are lieing most extensively planted in
the different districts.
3. The difficulties which are likely
to be encountered in the further development of the fruit growing industry.
4. Methods ot production and orchard management which have been
most successful in the different districts, and the probabilities of overproduction.
The conditions under which
British Columbia, Ontario and Maritime Province fruit is marketed in
the prairie provinces as well as the
character and the effect of American
The enquiry was concluded in due
time and the report has heen printed
for general distribution. It contains
a large amount of detailed information gathered in every province malting it an invaluable guide to persons
who desire to take up fruit growing
as an industry.
In his general conclusions Mr.
Bunting points out that while the
growing of fruit offers ample reward
to the man of energy, patience and
perseverance, there is perhaps no
phase ot agricultural endeavor which
requires to be more closely studied
and in which a wider range of information is more desirable and necessary. The future of the industry he
states, was never brighter than it is
May, the prospects never more attractive nor the field of extensive
effort in all fruit growing provinces
more inviting.
The report, which contains eighty-
four printed pages and many illustrations is available to a.l who apply
(or R to the Publications branch of
the Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Ont.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic, will
do it iu 90 cases out of 10(1. It is llu;
only remedy discovered that iu simi
lar to thu natural hair foods or
liquids of the scalp. Removes* dandruff, prevents falling of tho hair and
all other diseases of thc scalp. Each
package contains a packet ot Machela
Dry Shampoo Powder. Price for
complete homo treatment, Sl.00
Sold and guaranteed by the Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
A meeting of tlie Cranbrook Poultry and Pet Stock association will
be held tomorrow night in the government building at <S o'clock sharp.
Every poultryman iu die dislrict
should make it a point to he pre
sent, as business of great Importance to poultry raisers will he
brought up. The time has nrriveil
when co-operation along certain lines
must he undertaken if the Crunbrook
district is to become a poultry center.
If you were told ol a new
diacovery for tiie treatment of
coughs, colds end bronchitis,
as certain in its action on Ul
chest troubles ls anti-toxin ij
on diphtheria, o* \ act-in:, ion on
small-pox, wouldn't you Icei
likegivinxitatrbl? Especially
Ifyoucoulitryiiforfmy cental
Peps is thc discovery!
Pepitielittl-j tuii'ctB, nojt'jr wrapped! in air aud germ-proof diver full,
i'iiejr contain cert.i.i in ilioin.il fogru-
diente, which, wlu*n p" wsd i.ji-p. tlm
tongue, imuc-li-.i.t.-lv ma into Tttpour,
aoa tr* at onco breatlud rio-v*-, tho air
pMwgee to the luu.... On their Journ'-v,
they tmt'ie lhe ii.tlnnuil and lrruu-d
membrtuee of the Im-liuMul tvi.t*-;, tli)
delicate walls of ilia air i)i*B.i*."<-, ah I
finally eater and nny n-lief ami li • -Hit -
toihacftpilbu.-j- :'.-i<i tiny it reads In tht
In » word, w'.ile in liquid or tolM
can get to tho lu -jj a d air pa M •■ s.
thcee Fepa fura * got there dire-1, and
atoneec TiiTm"    their work of ln-'iUiu.
Pepe ure entirely distinct frum llu
old fubimied to id cough ewes, whtc't
•ro merely ew-ii! I'd into tbe aton-ruli,
»dnever ronrli t >e lunge, Pep tr-ui*
nan! of oougln ami oulde U ditct (ruai*
If ynu have not vKtrtal Pep*, «ot
out this *ii"*l'), write (trn-es it
tlieii-'ne.iml i''i-ool thi*.).-|*t-.',
and ni.nl it (wit1! lu. ptii up t*j
,y return I'tAl-vje) to Pqn ('<*.,
'ornntO.    A   fieo tra! pack-t
*i I   then    be   lent    jotl,
All  druggist a  and
stores  lell Peps at
60c boi.
Quality always our
first thought
Cranbrook is blessed with, perhaps,
the finest climate in
Canada, yet it cannot be - summer all
the time. It behooves
every one, at this .
season of the year,
to think of heavier
clothing to protect
one from cold. We
are showing a range
of Coats that combine warmth, beauty
and quality all in
The prices are
not high for strictly
guaranteed fabrics
and workmanship.
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Z   Cranbrook. B. C,
Phone 5 *)
Twn Lots nml niolorn I'iulit-rooniiil linnet',
lmtliriHiiii. etc., on ItiikiT Hill, ill Kotxl reniiliin-
tiiil locality.
Tonus. Prion iiicltiuVs very line plwtric
liltiiiUH. nil atovts nml window screens, storm
iluors nml windows, nnd "■anion iipi'limuvs.
Beale & Elwell
This is Hallowe'en, no called as
being tlw eve nr vigil ol All Hallows,
or festival ol All Saints, which falls
on November 1st. It is associated
in the popular imagination With the
prevalence ol supernatural Influences,
and is clearly a relic ol pagan times..
In the north ol Kngland, Hallowe'en
is known as Nntcrack Night. In
Scotland the ceremonies ol the eve
were formerly regarded In a highly
ceremonious light, and Burn's (Hallowe'en) gives a humorous and richly
imaginative presentiment of the
usual ceremonies as practised in
Scottish rural districts in his day.
The principal object ol curiosity in
consulting the future was tn discover,
who should be the partner In llle.
Popular beliel ascribed to children
born on Hallowe'en the faculty nl
perceiving and holding converse with
supernatural beings. The tttention ol
t'ranbrook youngsters will he devoted
to more material concerns. Store
sign*, gates and other moveable prop,
erty, always offer temptation tn
youngsters on Hallowe'en. Ro Ihat |
it will be well lor owners thereof t.»
keep an eye nn them.
Ther. maximum—2nd, n.'l degrees.
Ther. minimum—31st, 111 degrees
Kirst snow Iall, mill
Total precipitation, one and     one-
tniirlh inches.
Kditor The Herald:
Sir: While I am sorry to disagree
wllh Ihr expression ol an Item nl
locnl urns, in the Issue nl 17th In
slant, to me it Is only duty to say
that in the matter ol dispute between Ihe Presbyterian elders ol
Knox church and mvsell, the matter
is mil "happily settled."
.1. S.
Annual Eastern
f*l*cinl It iii Fare, in connection
with Tr.ns.tlantic . ickcl*
Round Trip Rite from
Dates of Sale Nov. 7 to
Dec. 31,1912
INtiirn limit live liiiililli*- (mill
ilute uf mat
I.literal Kitenaion Privileges
For further infoiinntlon, roil
■ml Ht-*iiim*lii|' Tlflketf. w|.,*'V to
.1. IV, S-.i'ti--.-. Tli-ltet .U-.'iit,
Oiinhrmtk, ur write In
It. «
IHl. I-Wr. Agent,
r.il-iii y, Alia.
Instead of "patching up" your house, repair
for good with concrete
A FEW big* of "Canada" cement, tome stone ind und and water, mixed and placed where needed, will
nuke an old house look like new.     What ii more important, the improvements, —bt they p-irth tlmt,
foundations, itepi, chimney-capa, or column-bases—are made to list.     Time, wear and weather hive no
effort upon concrete, except to make it stronger.
Even If you have never used concrete, you can quickly learn how from our 160-page book.
can do with Concrete'
Which we will send to you free upon request.   It will show you how to build a concrete porch as well a
how to use concrete for scores of other purposes around the home and oo tht farm.
Write for it to-day.    It is absolutely free.
TLTi/SN yon bay
«   tit tw-f «'« rt(
cc*t«-f.    .
i-a-rluin of
Canada Cement Company
514 H-nld  Boil-Jin--,   Montr-*!
nUK Fm liuanaabi De-
*- pirlmntwlll mm.. „*.
f ...Iran, oa la, am nfmmmnt
wMk*mlMI**tmty*m In ».
MakM Short Work of
D-M?-eMtad tnd amartnttr hootl-wa eaa«
Bstalls*., pb-a Cout Nturafeta and all ot
r«rwa«fRkMnoUMiyl-*U •lent** to Abbott B
MmuiatJa Kinwiy. Ltko aa aneel ot m**rc;
ha* tfXrm Instant ramf to st-w^fonaken suiTor
MiA Um (~m twb of aeon, art lor ■ t*
Iwabaati tering w*n. wmn\ and eMUrtn
apply tu ihr ('biff ConHnissioner of
I.mills at Victoria for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate in thc district of South Kast
Kootenay, lllock 1593:
I'nimiicmiriK nl a post planted at
or near 2 inili-s south, then ■'. miles
past uf the S.K. corner of l.ot 75(17
and heiiiK the N.W turner of the T.
i'. \VliliiTs|iiinii claim; thence south
80 chains; tlience east 80 chains;
thence north KO chains; thenee west
KO chains tu the point of commencement, and fill) acres, more or
Icrs. •
T. ('. Witherspoon, Locator.
John Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie llelden.
Located this 2.'lrd ilnv of Septem-
ber, 1HI2.
80 chains; thence west 80 chains; to
tbe point uf commencement, and
containing 610 acres, more or
T. 0, Witherspoon, Locator
John Virgo, Agent.
Located this   18th day ul October,
1912. -U-St
_ nat a few bottlea
tt 00 y can1 duration
.a. Ui*/ H ami. aartnW a. • .ul.k. a.r. and
v*a>h}u& NlkM. na».aa«> la. all u,k uld du-
MaHMatEnW   Ut.dollubottl.lil
gjjnjjniiji wbwoof
VMS Mia. .1 BtiM-aUit foot rar. todur.
 lbrAaWlaV^.111.1 laautamiSl,
I.T*. UL, ilrwir dnintat da-. r*A tm H.
.Sold by   the   Cranbrnok   Drug   and
Book Co.
that thirty  lays   alter   .late I shall
that thirty days alter .late I shall
apply In the Chiel Cnmniissioner ol
Lands at Victoria (nr a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate in the district ol South East
Kootenay, lilm-k I5li*l:
Commencing at a post planted at
nr near 4 miles east ol the 20 mile
po*t on th. C.I'.H. survey on west
houndarv ol lllock 15H.1 and being the
S.W. corner ol the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence north 80 chains;
thenee east 80 chains; thence    south
that thirty days utter date I shall
apply to the Chiel t'oiirniisslotier of
Lands at Victoria lor a limine to
prospect Inr coal and petroleum on
the lollowlng described lands, situate in the district ol South Ea*t
Kootenay, Block 45H.1:
Commencing at a pnst planted at
or near 4 miles east ol the tl mile
post ol the C.P.R. survey on west
boundary ol Block 4S93 and being the
N.W. corner post ol the T. C. Witli-
erspnnn claim; thence smith 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence west
80 chains to the point ol commencement and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.,
John Virgo, Agent.
Located this   18th day ol October,
1912. It-lit
apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands at Victoria lor a license In
prospect tor coal and petroleum on
tlie tollowing described land., situate In the district ol South. East
Kootenay, lllock 4.1M:
Commencing at a pnst planted at
nr near 2 miles east nl thr 2* mile
post on C.P.R. survey on west
boundary ul lllock 4193, and being
the S.W. corner ol tbe T. C. Wllher-
spimn claim; thence north U chains;
tlience east 80 chains; thence smith
80 chains; thence west 80 chain* , tn
the point ol commencement, and con.
talning 840 acres, more or less.
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
John Virgo, Agent.
Witness: Archie llelden.
Located this 18th day ol October,
1912. 41-St
thai thirty day. after  data I shall
Distriet of East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that John Angus
Kergusson, of Cranhrook, B.C., occupation, tie Inspector, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the
lollowlng described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest coiner ot Lot No.
10317, thence north M chains; thence
west 20 chains; thene* south 10
chains; thence east 20 chains to the
point ol commencement, anl containing 110 acres, mora or less.
John Angus Fwguasou.
Data*. A-*-**, lilt. IMS.       IMI


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