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Cranbrook Herald Feb 1, 1912

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In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local  Column.
10c. a line
-■      Lcglslollvo As«c*-&SSs.
.     '7   ho   c*\\
We are well  equipped ta
turnout the heat class
of work
NO. 5
Winnipeg, Man., .Ian. 81.—Ono of qualified lo deal with the develop-
ihe most Important and far-reaching menl ami administration of natural
announcement, affecting the west that resources.
litis ever heen imitle was given out, I The plueing of Mr. Dennis ut the
ye.slerday in the slatemeiit that J. j head of Hie department of natural
H. Dennis, manager of the Canadian rest iirees, in which lamls are in*
Ibicilic Railway company's laml ami eluded, means tlmt the administru-
irrigaiion interests in Alberta ami tion and control of Uh* company's
Hritish Columbia, has heen promoted Ientire laml business will Ih* trans*
to the position of assistant to the fcircd to Calgary At present Mr.
president and is also to In* given Dennis administers Mu- Alberta ami
greatly added powers. I B.C. lairds   from Calgary, while   tho
Tltis announcement is made slmul- Manitoba and Saskatchewan lands
famously with one to tin- eilect that | are looked after ■bore in Winnipeg hy
the company has decided to create a Commissioner F* T. Griffin, assisted
natural resources department ol by J. L. Doupc, but supervision of
which Mr. Dennis will be iu these will now Ih; transfer ml tu Cat
In  addition to
transportation system lu
the C.P.R.    occupies   a unique posl- j railway    for   a   lew" years, lie has,
tion in Mug    the    owner of    vast during that period,   accomplislicd
natural resources   consisting ol land,
Kiting  Mr. Dennis   for   this import-
lieing tlie greatest     Although Mr. Dennis has only been
tho world  in   the service of the Canadian Pacific
ninth  as    would satisfy an ordinary
man  alter  a   lifetime    ot endeavor.
Although still a comparatively yodng
man   In* has   spent    the past forty
years in   Western Canada and during
that time    has been in     the service
of the    Dominion government,    tin*
land   department     of     the Hudson's
eral   different   depart menls and    the'Day company, as chief engineer and
new organization   consolidates   them | then deputy   commissioner   of public
into  one   large   department      under works  for   the     territorial    govern'
gas, metallifeii us mines aud smel
tors, large areas of timlier ami mum
erous sawmills, and a vast number
of village, town and city properties.
These important assets have in tha
past been administered through    sev-
direet   supervision of    the  president
with   Mr.    (Minis in immediate  con
trol as his assistant.
The head office    of the department
ment, and   during th*' past len years
iin   tlie service ol the Canadian Pacific
Mr. Dennis has   Tilled an important
will he at Calgary, hut there will part in the colonization ami devil
also bean office of Ihe department lopment of Western Canada, and the
at Montreal. Tbe resources to Ite'remarkable work which he bas ac-
handled  by  this    department      are complished in ihc   const met it n    ami
valued at a vast sum, ami in selecting Mr. Dennis for this important post, ihe company has no doubt
been influenced by tlm (act that
today there   is       no man in Western
development ot the vast irrigation
undertaking of the company in Al*
lM-rla, ami the the colonization and
development ol the lamls of the
company Ih    this province and Brit*
Canada    possessing a   more intimate ish    Columbia,   has now   become
knowledge   of   conditions,   or better  matter of national interest.
The Masons of Cranbrook entertained their friends at i irand ball
in the Auditorium last Tboradaj
night ami scored om* ut ibe most
pronounced lucccaaca la 'hen cwdll
in ibis rity. I jj,,,
Tbo Auditorium had born laatcfullj
dm rated toi tbe occasion, Ooer-
ard's    orchestra    aapptlrd  oiorllonf
IllllSK    .lllll       Ml** I *■']•.":■      .ili.l   Hiss
Kimpton put up *lh* boat wppei ew
seivi-d at   a public elite! taitiuimt      it:
Ciaiihlook        rite      ttttiltd.inre        WOl
latge nml representative ol everj sec*
Hon <>> East Hoou-na*.
chmnpagnc? How much for tips? At
Ottawa a probe has been inlroduced
into the public accounts. Why
slion.il not a probe be used here and
Mr. McBride ami his colleague-' made
to show what has become of ihe
public money which was wasted by
the London excursion?
Mr BrewslCl and Mr. Williams
should Imk to this and see that lit'
items are laid baton tla* public
Kleven thousand dollars Is an enor
moiis sum to bt* expends in hunting
i a baronetcy wben you come to con*
j sMh*r the wretched condition of man]
I of oui fellow citi-CM who might have
been benefited bv the expenditure 'I
money, or at least a p. rtion td
that stun, on public works Mt Mi
Hi Hie mail Ik* a great man in his own
estimation, and worth » great ilea
tnore thai, the sunt Ik* spent, hut tin
lottntn   needs to  be convinced     o
thai fad before it will quiet 1% ap
prove of such extravagance.
Important   Business Affectirg Welfare of City and
District Discussed — Move for L and
Registry Office
The regular monthly meotlnf) of the pecially so in Hit Itrterlor This and dry summer months all camp
hoard of trade look place on Tues- improvement can he largelj abUlhul- era, fisher men, hunters, prospectors
day evening ut ihe lintel Cranbrook ed to the fflcl lhal n Litter class of timber cruisers, surveyors, etc,
parlors.    There was only a small at* men    were  employed as fire fniigers, rhould  he    coiniH'lleil to report     t<
Ottawa,  -Ian.    31.—Cuztonis
ceipts amounted   lo $7,333,349       as
compared with (5,727,576 for December last year. I
for   the nine    months of the fiscal
year ending loda) the receipts totalled     $83,870,088     as     againsl   $53, j
12*1,486 for    the    same   period last
year, au Increase of $10,545,170. I
tendance, but a good  deal of import- ami   on
ilhle, tin* da
mating, as far si:
ger of forcsl fires, ami
everywhere greater caution hy nl
parties usually resjioi'Siblo for fire
being started, resulting in greal pul
lie loss and destruction of our foi
08 ta.
My experience has been tliat a very the mist dangerous period a deputy
few bush fires indeed an* allowed to lire warden should lie created to
run by those actuntlj engaged iu accompany them and see ihat Ores
lumbering operations. The average are nol lighted in dangerous locall-
lumberman throughout Hie province lies, and where fires are lighted in
alive to the importance of keeping see that they are properly ex-
fires out of the limber, and will, I tinguisbed before leaving the local-
sure, iu the ful ure lake even iiy.
greater precautions Ihan in the past. The responsibility ami liability nl
I believe the lumbermen should lie ,-,,. [„mborman •bauhl.ho limited to
herd responsible for all fires starling his own operation, I ml
Irom  causes     thai can he
"D wil" in thr Saturday Bo>
■ei ii-iets to ,i recent luctdnt in  the
provincial  legisl,iiiu,
Onco, in ihe course of a political
meeting when Ih* vrlr-brd u ii-m
votea, Mi   HoBride, In addrtnalni    a
meeting ol working men. informed his
audtOBCO that Ih*. loo, had hem a
uoikei When tptile a lad, Ih* said.
Ih* Mingiit employment at ■ Preaei
Unit onnncrj lit*, aaeulancc aras
H.'i'i'h.i .ii>.i  he mu*. anlgned ho the
somewhat piHiitahle hut not inlet*
lii-lual dot) ol guttinK salmon      Tta
espertanes wWeb the pranta obtain
iii m that i apart I \ Imis liiigeieil with
linn to lids day Ile has m-tet lost
tin* gentle art td removing iln* \is-
•vta trom tin- lonflj salmon It the
woisl came in Uh* VCIVl he could
IVjHUUM that employment and nuke
money al tin* canneries The oilier
d.o Mi. HrcwMct asked whal wen
the premier's expenses when attending the coronation, and tlw answer
Irom tin* treasury benches was
"tlt.OOO"! This huge sum was
paid in a.Ehti.-n (o his salary ot
alHiut $7.ihUi Kightcen thousand
dollars is a pretty sttn price to pay
In enable lhe premier to visit Oreat
Htitain ami the continent ostensibly
to do honor to tlie king and quern,
Imt really to seek thf honor of
Uirbthood at tlie hands of royalty.
Mr. Mcliride has profited hy his el*
pefknee on the Fraser. When
youth he gutted fish, in bis maluror
years he is gut I imi the treasury. I
should like to see the Items nf that
acroiint- How much went lor the
court suit? How much for thi- complimentary dinner thai was given
bim In   London"*1    How    much    for
ltoo-un Monday, lanuaiv
22ml, IIU, .lames, son ol
Fred     RoO,   aged 8 veais and
ii  month*,    ui    ins  father*!
I'oosMlle ii-Nidence.
with vrty great ii*gri*1 that
MM Hei aid PECOrdl the death ol
little .lames Ron, aged, eight vear:
and I»o mi'iiilis. the son ut Mr nml
Mis Fied Roo, of Klko ami Root-
It-rath in this instance came verj
suddenly. On Saturday and Sunday,
preceding ihe day ol his demise,
Momlaj, January 32nd, Mr. Fred
Hon was out from Klko, visit inn his
faintly at lloosville. Tho youngster
was then, apparently in the best nl
health. When tbe little lad retired
lo rest on Sunday night he was.
sn [ar as could be observed, in perfect health. On Monday morning he
complained of feeling unwell and asked to be allowed to stay homo from
sehool. Later in the day, just as
Mr. Roo was about to start hack
to Elko, his wife advised bim that
the youngster was reaHy quite sick,
and asked him to delay his return.
Mr. Hon thereupon decided to remain and, afler examining his little
son, sent ofl a special messenger for
a doctor. Before the doctor could
arrive, the little lad had breathed
his last. The awful suddenness ol
the blow prostrated Mr. and Mrs.
Roo, who have the sincere sympathy
ol a w We circle nf friends and acquaint am cs In their bricavrurat.
ant business was discussed.
Vero Hunt occupied the chair,
absence of President Hrytnner.
After minutes of previous meeting
had been adopted, Mr. CccK, on lie-
half of the special commit/tee, reported re park sites. Ho stated
that- the Townsite company declined
to put a price on block 10U, that
property not being on tlio market.
For block Mil, some twenty-eight
acres altogether, lhe price asked is
$500 per acre.
In ilie discussion tliat followed
Ihis report, it was questioned if
block 101 would nice! requirements,
owing to its location. Finally tho
secretary was Instructed to communicate with Mr. -I. S. Dennis, with a
view to securing the company's consent to sell block 100; also to secure beat price ami lerms upon block
■Secretary Benedict then reported
tbat tbe special committee charged
with the work of preparing and publishing the pamphlet, had awarded a
contrail for tlw printing of the
same lo a Toronto firm, at a price
of $775.
In reply lo several questions from
members, he slated thai local firms
had tendered nn the job, but that
their figures were largely iu excess it
tht Toronto figures. As tlie contract had luen awarded and the
work sent forward there was
course open to the meeting but tn
accept Mr. Benedict's report.
In response to correspondence Irom
llie Canadian Highways association
the following resolution was unutii-
raously adopted:
"Whereas, roads ami highways are
great factors in tlw development and
protection of our forcatl ami mines,
and means of Improving transportation alt through the country. Therefore, let it In* resolved, ihat wt
think it highl] desirable that a Ca
nadiaii national highway should be
built from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, also recommend to ihe
provincial government, that they
should co-operate with the Dominion
government, Increasing their sui-sidics
for the colonization roods, ami rnu-
nccHng up alreadj existing highways
ami express the opinion that the
counties, ami municipalities ol the
Dominion should encourage more efficiency in lhe construction of roads
within thei) limits."
The following lommunlcallon was
next disposed of.
From the Canadian Northern railway system:
Dear Sii Would you he goo I
-nongh to furnish us with the names
of firms in void districl who youi
think WOUld he in need ol additional help or labor during the coming
MMOnl We are in touch with families am) women workers and other
i-lass ol labor, ami would like to no
in a position lo advise new comers
whore to locate, s,, ns to save them
uupccrisary expense ami hardships.
An early replj will be appreciated.
Yours sincere!].
T Howell,
General Immigration Agent.
Tlio sit retail I hen presented the
following let lets from Mr. I1. I nnd,
which had been forwarded to Hon.
W. It Ross, commit sioner ol lands.
As tin* mutters referred to are ot
very great important-.* locally, tlie
letters ate reproduced in full
Hon w   R, itoss. Commissioner
ljn.il-. Victoria, B.C.
ivai Sii   Referring to our meeting
some lime ago in Cranbrook, discus-
cussing the question *>f forest tires.
I regret that 1 have tn report that
it has been impossible to get tbe
Committee together, and tberelore
formulate and submit a full and
comprehensive report to your department-
In view of the fact that you will
iindoobtcdlv   wish  to take this mat-
as t
lire ran
min   of a greater  cITort the
regards to educating tlie in
> (lie Importance of dim
head  of    the   lire ranging force
lull   district, and obtain permits
before  going Into the isolated     l iin-
her    districts,    so   that   a complete
exercising check can be   maintained
hv     nil movements    ami       the
growing forests and the great water
sheds in ihis province, anil one
llial should he owned aud operated
by the government in lhe Interests of
all  the people.
1  trust thai    some of tl*0S0 suggestions may be of    service    to  you -n
on  their formulating your plans incident      to
nl ity in obt-adning adequate    legislation along
which they are operating, and in all the lines mentioned, and in the event
such cast's a copy of the Fire Act that 1 can !*■■ *<f any further service
should lie handed them, andwhcr-(to you or youi department in con-
lever it is    deemed  necessary during nectlon    with   tins    matter, klndlj
rimunntl me, '
Yours verv tinly,
Wardnei, B.C., .Ian   U
T  Lund.
The lion.  VV. R. Itoss, Commlaslonei
of Lands, Victoria, 11.c.
directly to their operation, and lo
bear the cost of datnago resulting
from fires being started and being allowed to run, resulting from their
arelcssness, The result will he Ihat
those operating logging tamps, logging railways, elc, wljl he compelled to carry tholr
and fire warden al
camps at their i wn expense, and see
that tires ure not set or allowed to
Tin* railway companies should he
compelled to clean up nnd destroy
all inflammable material on their
right of way. and all those owning
property adjacent to hi* light of
way should he compelled to maintain n reasonable po guard, hy
cleaning up all iullnm'iablr malt rial
say within nm* humtreo feet on each
Hide  of the railway right of way.
All Umber areas on which no logging operations are hein:; carried on,
and covered by virgin forests, should
lie looked after antl protected by thft
government at the expense of lho
puhlic treasury, ami during the    hot
Dear sir Referring to my letter to
present' you   dated     16th 1     omitted calling
burden in your   attention to     the manner      in
litmhia    is which       tbe different     railway com-
is abb*      to ponies aro obtaining    tlw* major pot-
Tin* great virgin forests and tion  of their supply ol railway ties.
conditions ihe lumberman
the interior id  Rrltlsh (
all   ami more     than In
unexplolted areas in tin* interior ot
llritish Columbia should he taken
earo of from the public treasury,
Inasmuch as under  tho present rcgu-
i.wn   watchman iatj,m.s   the public interest and    wel-
i,-h    of    these |lir(,  |9 n)   f*taice to a greater extent
than   any private interest.
The  essential thing for the government   to   do therefore, is to inaugurate and    carry   on each year during  produce saw
lhe dry season an effective campaign menalons,
of education, through all available When these small trees are hewn
sources educating the people through- in the woods, the chips, bark and
out tlie province as to the great im- tops are Wi where the tree ha-
portance of preserving this great fallen, and soon becomes *_ menace I i
public resource, ami of preventing its the remaining standing timber
destruction ami retarding its growth Large areas have been burned over in
arid    development through hush tires, tbo  past   and       tin- timber UwreOS
Mr. Oeo. ll. Thompii n ho*
official    notification    ol In*
ment as county court Judge foi
county of Kootenay in succession
His Honor .fudge Wilson, resigned
.Mr.    Thompson has practised
Cranbrook   during lho past tin years i,,|Md growtbi
and     also     in appointing men       to
serve    as    lire rangers ami lite wardens,   to see that men are appointed
who  are   especially fitted for      this
work, and        if   possible ' mon
have something more at stake
simply    holding a   public office
drawing a salary.
An adequate aud efficient patrol
should be maintained hy the railway
companies, along all their tines on
which trains are befriir operated
Settlers tlm ugbout the province, in
clearing their lands, should not tie
allowed to burn their slashings
without tirsi obtaining n permit (mm
■ ihe district tin* warden, ami during
[tiit- dangerous months „[ the year a
[deputy lire warden should be Sta-
j Honed ou the ground whore tlu
burning is to he done, even though
it must he at the expense of the
settler, as the average settler In
the timber districts cannot be expected 10 realize the great danger
lhal might result from his lire
getting beyond his control.
Lookout Stations should he istab-
;|»d at desirable points ami occupied by fire wardens during tbe
dangerous seasons of Ilk* year, and,
I where possible. they should he
connected with the more populated
received I setHements by telephone, ami In
appoint-!this connection 1 would like t"
the polnl out tbe desirability of go*
to eminent       owned    telephone    lines
[throughout    the interior of the
iti imi-     td     Hritish     Columbia
development and
and is well knon
(d Fast Kootcflt] I
Toronto in 1871, edn
puhlic schools,    the *
every resilient paturion  ihat is taking place     from
e was horn  ;t yeai   to year is such that I tin    not
■ate,l at       tin* believe   lis*   small     telephone    rom-
ollegiate Insli- panics,     operating at different points
tute, then for a time studied In Bng-
land, Oohhlng on at Toronto i nl-
versity. Ile was called to Uw b»l
in 1S»«, practised for a while in Toronto, with Mr. J, W. St John, al
serwards speaker of the Ontario legislature. Mr. Thompson mm aiid lo'munlcatlofl
Vancouver in    IflOO, where he joined an sbsoluti
destroyed, chiefly from th** result
the inflammable material left in
woods by  th»* tie makers
Iu going into the question of conservation, with a view of preventing ing the destruction of our forests by
and bush iires. 'his matter should be
fully considered I believe that at
tbe present moment there are lereral
thousand men engaged in hewine railway ties in the woods throughout
the province of Hritish Columbia In
doing sn the best portion of tbe
tree is left in tho woods, namely,
what would In- taken off as side 1 umber  if ties were sawn at th.- mills
The royalties that are now charged
by the government on this tlas& of
material are totally inadequatr ant
out of proportion to those charged
on the ordinary saw logs tbat jr.
taken out to be
ber, eapeclallj as tin* greater p<
tion of th>* timber Is rut away
ami left m the woods, not onl*.
creel ng a tremendous los, and -a.is*
in itself, having been produced ir"in
voting and Immatorcd ticca, but also
creating a fire trap, endai-tzcnng th**
young growth and remaining matun-d
I belie*.e that  from a standpoint ot
conoerratlon, economy, and tm* pri-
sorvntfofl of our forests both prearot
and ftituie, tin- Bjrfftem ol procfdure
should be eliminated    and that      thr
rallwa) companies siH*uid procure
their ties from the saw mills
throughout the province, from the
rougfaei portions of tht* matured tlm*
bet    oi   rnercbantahla saw i>«. and
that   th'* past     deppdatioiis lo   tai
way compantca,  contractors ami   th
makers,     through    our vlrgil tonal
areas oi    'in* province, should      \»-
■peedtly broughl lo an end.
Vam * truly.
l'  I
Four hundred and fifty men, neatly
fly per cent of tin* male residents in
the Creston district, joined with
thirty of the most prominent business men of Northern Idaho last
Tuesday evening in joint mass meeting to make formal demand upon the
government that attention he paid to
the vast acreage ol lowlands m tho
valley, which are now subject to
yearly overflow and which if reclaimed would make this section tin*
most fertile ol all British Columbia,
says the CTcston Review It was a
notable gathering, the largest ever
held in Creston, either political or
otherwise. The Interest was Intense,
It marked a new epoch in the history
of Creston, and James Compton and
Guy Lowonbcrg, duly appointed at
the meeting to cany the Intent oi lho
mcoling to the government officials at
Victoria, are alread) on then way
t.. the .oast t, start tin* slow-nmv-
j iin; whech of authority m the dlrec-
I Uon ol i Burvej ol the lowlandi ol
the Kootenay valley.
, The resolution adopted reads as
i follows
Whereas   then*    arc approximately
' thirty thousand acres ol meadow land
contiguous to    Creston In Ihe Kootenay    Vallej    which    are subject to
yearly overflow, and
Whereas tlie acreage cinsists of
laml*. of tbe bfgheet agricultural
value ami of greal fertility, and
Whereas we have reason to bellevo
that th«> lands can be reclaimed from
tin* said yearly overflow, and
Whereas the said lands would become an asset of greatest commercial
value to Creston, to tbe province
tin* Dominion, and
Whereas we believe that tlu- said
ledamatiun can be -fleeted without
injury to any vested rights in this
province or elsewhere, and
Whereas the -aid lands u reclaimed,
Would be worth a very large sum ap-
pr'»x.matin's some millions ol dcUars,
yieldinc a eonattetable sum yearly in
'axes to the government as well as
being of great benefit to the country
at large thr* ugh tbe wttlenient
thereof, and
Whereas the people of the State of
Idaho have shown their views on the
reclamation pro>e<-t bv voting with a
majority <f two to one in favor of
bondn.2 ttitir districts in order to
gel funds with which to carry on the
reclamation work and to pay their
pro rata share on surveys, etc., if
Now, therefore, We ihc p**ople of
Creaton Valley, in Joint mass meeting as**-*mbl<*d. do respectfully and
urgently repeat that the premier.
tin- minister of agriculture, minister
M lands. the minister ol public-
works and all others who would have
t*, do with the rodaimatiofl project
turn their attention lo the large
*t*L.rt*aae "I fertile land*, ahiTemvntinned, a •: that a duly -, ,....• .-i engineer
.nveited Into lum- (>: CWIim,SM,ni be appointed to inquire into and report upon tha '<*a*
Nihility and b--st methods that could
be adopted lor reclaiming theao
lamls. and that tb** said report tie
obtataed a- the earliest possible
moment ami that '*h*ii completed iv
bt- lurwd ovei lo the public to 10-
OttalBt a with th* nanh, and with a
Idea also oi inducing privatecoter*
price to undertake Uh- WOd it shown
to b»* practical
namelyi bj running ovei large area
ct virgin timber, selecting therefrom
onlj young trees that ate in site
specially suited for hewing down to a
thickness of -tx or seven Inches.
These trees cannot be considered
quite sufflcientlj large for sawing in- ,
to lumber, but would, tf kit standing for a period of tea years ■-.:•:.
logs ol Nttisfacton 41-
throughout the   Interior, an- oi will
he   in a position liiiam iallv  and oth-;
erwlse to maintain adequate and sat*
Isfactory  telephone   service  and <v
pand     the same as rapidly as it     !s
th-ing required     This means oi mm-     \    discussion
has now   become almost i Vere Hum on
ncceaalt] In facilltailnglowned telephone!
via-   opened bv pi■
tin- subjeci of  state
Tin- outcome   ol
tlw legal firm ol    Hon. Jos   Martin,] tho carrying     on nt business      with tin-  discussion was tlw* adoption    •
M.P.    Thenco ho moved to     Grand propel satisfaction and despatch, snd (the  lollowlng resolution:
Forks,     where he was In partnership  I   would  strongly  Mcommend     that!    "That this    board endorse the pr'»-
wtth   K.  Miller,    M.L.A.      Prom! tho government take  some steps   atlposal   ihat  the   provincial   govern*
(Irand Porks Mr. Thompson moved to. the present   session toward acquiring, ment take   ovei      the telephone sys-
Xeison,   Joining the law firm ol 0*1* [and absorbing ihe  telephone systems Items now in existence in   this prot-
liher and Wilson.     Thence he moved|now already   in operation, ami mak-jlncc ar.d that    'l-i-v provide lor   ad*
to N,it.iinn, finally settling  down    a fog provision   for connecting up thetditlonal lines where Deeded."
this city In   1H02.      Mr. Thompson gaps that    now exist      al different!   A dlscusalon mai arose m reference
ler up at ihe presenl session, with a has enjoytsl a lucrative practice dur-1 Important points tbroughoul the    in-lto  the establishment at Cranbrook •l
view of making some changes in   the ing his   residence here,    Since    the lerlor, with   a    view ol making   ev-la  land registry office.     As a result,
act relating to    forest fires in      the incorporation of    the city he       has I tensions    wherever   it   may Is- found {the  secretary was Instructed to teh-
piovintv  of llritish   Columbia, 1 foelj filled tla*    position of   city solicitor advantageous and desirable I graph Messrs   Caven and Klwell,    at
Means of communication is one    of, Victoria,   instiuetim- them to    pri-
that it   is    incumbent nn me, having and has conducted a steadily growing
iieen    appointed    chairman    of that business     Ills Hanoi Judge Tbomp-
committee, \u  submit to ymi    some son will assume his new duties alter
of  my   personal views on   lids ques-'ihc first of February.
linn. I   Mr- ''  Wilson will open oflices    in
I wish tn poinl nut that during Penile and will also have offices in
lhe Inst yeai a decided Improve- this eily. ll is undcralood that Mr
ment was noticed In the (Ire ranging I* Wilson will take OTOl the duties
aervlcr throughout     the pinvimv, ck jofttiy solicit
Tin* following ha*B been gazetted as
ecdlectors of   votes la the Craobrooh
eh-eMal district   N   W. Huide't*- and
11. s    Sawyer, ol Marynvilh   H  w
)>n*w    awl   Duncan M'Farlam.       of
Khnbertey;   Wlttian.   BoMiw    \  n
Qtmm,    Kiat.k      (hr ist un.     \Silliam
.Nobi<-. Mti.d Balmont, JatMa m.
Brtdr, Jacob I' Pink, l> - Kimer,
ll'duft Modal Hi I V. Rutledge,
I It Manning, Arthui Sbanklin,
Isaik Baxter, .ifdm Peaaon, lames
Itates. Simon Taylor. Pred TbuM,
tli-oiKi* Tisdale, and James Heft-tor-
son, all ol Cranbrook; Cfaesder stap
laa, ol Wychfle, Frank Uupbf, ol
(iateway, Wm I Noble and IVrcy
Haywood,    ol     Vahk. Thomas (lutes
and Frank Joboatofti of Moj
' A ■■*;. i.i--i.il.i-- mimbei of suhsdtp-
UOOS to tin- Herald eipinol with the
New Vear. Two dollats is m»' a
VCTJ large sum w|«-re a sir-gle sub-
si nption is concerned but when a
groat many ol such accounts an
owed it amounts to considerable In
tin* aggregate-     Subscribers are re-
I qm-sted to examine tin- label on thr*
paper,   which shows    ibe date     on
whi'h the subs'upturn rtpircs.      and
arrange (or ihe renewal.
Tin* last  fiu/ette contains ROUCO Ol
the appointment ol vw i>«n .lohnson
il in    t    W  Rotiedge, V S ,     as
the   important features in connection I aeni Cranbrook's   claims In this eon*
wiih an efficient and up-to-date   Ore nectlon to the government.
ranging    lyatcm A public uUlltj j    llebte   nd]uninmenl     a   naolaUoo
Sttoh as   communication by telephone' «>    unammonslv   adopted expressing ****** '•■ '■■«• ™J   "' P0"08 **
Uiroughoul   the    province ol Drttlah Un bowd'i    hearty congrata'aUons n.fssioners of  the city ol t tanbrm.K,
c mbia. is....-  ..I    the Impartant lo Mi   Oeo It Thompson upon    bis ■"« ot   \H*   LcsMtiapp  and .ia*.
features in  connection with propyl), a| tehnent to   the   «-.unty   court ft-wtt'111111'1   '   '" ,-'!'1   "'
safe guarding and     protecting      lhe bnnh . Iitvnsme
Dr. Rutherford Veterinary-General, Talks Plainly
of Serious Outlook for Future
'The latest
sion point to
nil     in   heel
figures In my posses-   pears to   have scarcely maintained
u     very serious lulling normal rate of increase "
 fbrodiiclion in (,'aiiada,
whicli situation is made more    gravt
by the almost phinnmiiial iiicrt-asi' ir
consumption ol   meat thai has taken  slock   is tU-creasing in volume,    nml
place in this country within the past  bids lair   to shortly altogether disap-
few years," staled Dr. .1. ti- Uuthet
lord, veterinary director general   ami
live stock    commissioner, to a press
representative the other day.
us been a "most, regrettable failure
lo Investigate fully and fairly tlio
comparative merits ol the milking
Shorthorns, or lor that matter any
class of cattle combining milking
qualities with becl-productlon."
Although the Canadian swim* Indus*
try is recently   showing some    signs
of recovery in   Ontario from the serious depression which as a result    of
low    prices overtook it several years
ago,  it    is    capable, of an Infinitely
larger development than it has    ever
^^_^^_^^—^^^^^^^_^^^^   s,vn- he opined.     In tjuebec and   tlie
As a    consequence ot these olrcum-l Maritime Provinces   tlie pig Industry
8lances, Dr, Rutherford slated    that I has   never    received   the   attention
the   Canadian    export   trade in live-1which it merits, the production being
Dr. Hnthi'ifonl. wlio has a reputation lor conservatism iu his statements, views thf present outlook lot
Hm live stock Industry ol t'anatla
with no little alarm. A complexity
of conhitions existing in llu* dlffcrcn
agricultural sections oi Canada hai
meant a serious reduction in the pro
duet ion tf meat, while lhe rapid increase in population ha_ led to
greater consumption. The outlook i*-
tor still greater Increases iu popula-
sioi, and therefore iu consumption, be
asserts, ami unless some action is
taken at once, for a still greater falling oh in production. A country
with the agricultural possibilities
and the abundance nr tillable area
which Canada has, now laces tin
problem ol how i< provide meal for
her scanty population. M would appear, therefore, thai tin- situation li
indeed serious.
"Until recently it appeared as if
Canada would always have an abundant supply ol live slock of all kinds,
not only foi her own use, but for export as   well, said    Hi.      [{ntheilnrd
"Iu fact, ii seemed ihat tin* principal
difficulty with whieh those engaged in
the live stock business wi uld have to
contend would in* that of linding profitable markets tor au ever Increasing
and practically limitless surplus.
"Circumstances have, however,
brought about u very great, anil to
my mind, serious change in the live
stock outlook. Although many ol
the new corners in Western Canada
are on the laml ami are, therefore,
in a sense agriculturists, the conditions aie such that hut few ol ihem
are devoting any greal attention to
animal hushumlry and past experience Indicates that soma considerable
time is likely to elapse before they
are compelled, by the gradual exhaustion ot the soil, in turn to mixed
farming ami the systematic production ol commercial live slock. For
some time, therefore, the majority of
these people    will themselves be con*
producers     ot
Burners   rather than
meat. ________________
"The continued augmentation ol
our urban population, which I believe is due to the extraordinary industrial ami commercial nctivitv,
stimulated by the rapid development
ol the west as well as by the general progress nf the ci iintry, has also largely Increased tho consuming,
as compared with the producing public. Then, also, the tastes nml
habits of the people have Changed
wilh the times, and all this general
prosperity has brought about n higher standard of living, resulting In n
greater per capita consumption ol
meat anil 1 he common meat food
"It Is certainly somewhat remark-
able," he wenl on, "thai in view   of
these conditions ihe general production of livestock instead of showing
the dlutlnol advance which might
reasonably   have been expected,     np
pear. Not only is this the case, he
s,.id, bul imports it meat arc inereas-
tl ing from day to day from the United
Stales, the- Argentine Republic and
Uie Antipodean countries. For a
number of years back mutton from
Australia and New Zealand bas been
competing in the llritish Columbia
markets with that from Washington
and Oregon, an occasional carload lieing shipped as far east as Alberta.
Muring the past winter, however,
fro/en mill tun as well as frozen rabbits have turn landed at our Atlantic
a aports and sold U, Canadian consumers in Toronto and Montreal.
"Recently," said he, "there has
sprung up au import trade in American .sheep ami lambs and very considerable shipments have been math-
from HufTulo and Chicago to Toronto
and Hamilton."
Dr. Rutherford spoke enthusiastically of the report ot Messrs. Dryden
and Hitch, the two commissioners
who have looked into the slurp-raising industry of Canada, and lately
submitted their report.
"Hut something more than literature, no matter how practical, is re-
i|iiinil," said lie. "I fet-l satisfied
ihat an energetic, demonstrative
campaign, conducted oa well considered lines ami supported by liberal Unsocial assistance, would effect an
Immense amount of good in bringing I
many farmers to a realization ol the
infill Innate position into which they
have allowed themselves to drift, by
neglecting the main or lundameiital
principles ol livestock husbandry."
Not only is the livestock situation
in Cauatla serious, but the issues Involved are of such an intricate nature
thai he ami lhe others officially anil,
as he put it, to a degree morally rr-
ponnlblo lor the care and development of Canadian agriculture doubt
md hesitate with respect to remedies
mil the Wisdom tif their application.
The work ot the swine commission*
■is und the sheep commissioners spiralis appointed lo cany on Investigation has resulted iu much good, Dr.
Rutherford believed, and tho
point inent of a couple of commissioners who would enquire into the con-
Uons of the beet-producing Industry
and report upon the same would
prove equally beneficial.
These   commissioners    would
far short of the actual requirements,
whereas under proper conditions, hi1
bilievtil there could he a large surplus for export.
Bui in lhe western provinces, especially the hog-raising branch of the
livestock industry hns never been
taken up wiih anything like the tl
gree of interest or enthusiasm it
warrants, in spite of the fact, that
as Dr. Rutherford believes, it is
oi able marketing facilities, it is undoubtedly one of tlie best paying ad
juncls of the grain farm.
that thirty days after date, 1 into-.
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works fot .
license to prospect for coal ami pet'
roleum on the following lands, situalc In the Dislrict of South Kasl
Koolenay, liritisli Columbia, in
Hloek 4693:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near _ miles easl of lhe ll mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 1593 and being the S.W. corner post of Win. M.
Neai claim; tbence north Hi) chains;
thence east KO chains, thence south
Ull chains; thence west 80 chains t
a point of commencement, making
OKI acres, more oc less.
Located Ihis Kith day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Win. M. Neat, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-.it
that thirty days alter date, I int.t-
io apply to the'Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for *.
license to prospecl lor cnal and pet*
roleum on the lollowlng lands, situalc In the District of South Kast
Kootenay, llritish Columbia, in
Hloek 4593:
Commencing at a post planted    nt
or near    'I mllos east of the l-» mile
post on the C.I'.H. survey    on     Ih,
■•*■ ■ west- boundary ol Block 4893 and being the   S.E. comer post ol    Harry
ill. Walt-er   claim; Ihence  north    8ii
■ chains; Ihence west Stl chains; thence
south Ml    chnins;    thence east       Kft
(chains; to n  point of commencement,
■""■'I j making 640 acres, more nr less.
thai the serious tailing off in produc-; Located this 16th day of November,
tion was due in   a large sense lo the  pi* |,
chanf|*fl that have taken place in the! Roy Allen, Agent for
ronchtng Industry ol Western Canada. I Harry II, Walker, Locator.
They would also find that there    arc     Witness: John Virgo. 8-51
other reasons, among which may    !rt| .	
reckoned the rapid development ol tho NOTICK.
dairying Industry and the consequent ___	
diminution nl the number of animals j NOTICE Is IIKHKHY OIVKN
ol the beef-cattle breeds produced In [that thirty days niter date, I Intearf
the older provinces, the wholesale. (,, apply to the lion. Chief Coin-
slaughter of young calves, and the, missioner of Lands nnd Works for i
practice, rapidly (trowing among | license to prospect tor conl and pel-
dairymen, especially those engaged in roleum on the following lands, siiu-
milk production, of buying 00*8 ate In the Districl of South Kn si
Irish and selling them dry for slaugh- Koolenay, llritish Columbia, In
ter. 'ninck 1593:
Wilh regard to the divergency nt j Commencing nt a post, planted nt
mi*w held by stock-misers and dairy- ,,- near 1 mile east of the 48 mile
men, Dr  Rutherford declared    Iherolpoal on the C.P.lt survey; on    lhe
Here is something unprecedented
in the history of Automobiles :—
Five Passenger Touring Car,
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speedometer, fore=doors, lights,
elc, for      ■      -      $975.00
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Easy on tires. It runs from 20 to 25 miles per gallon of gasoline, and a full line of parts
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Two Passenger Roadster, $000 00
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Town Car   *   -
Delivery Car *   -
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1111< 1
in., •
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in 1
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California Fruit Growers'Exchange
_192 North Clark Slret-t, Chic-jo. III.
weal boundary ol lttot-k .693 and h<
Ing     the S.E. coiner post of      .lohn
llaynes claim; tlirm'e north 80
ehains; thenco west so chains, thence
south Kii chains; tlicnce cast 8o
chains; to a point ol commencement,
making 0-10 acres, mon* or less.
Located this 18th day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
.lohn llaynes, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
' making oio aeres, more or less.
'   Located tb'a 15th day ot November,
Hoy Allen, Agent Inr
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days alter date, t intrni
apply lo the Hon. Chlel Corn-
sinner ol Lands and Works foi *
license in prospect lor coal ami *•>+■
roleum tm the following lands, sittt-
ato in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Dlock 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mllo east nl the 43 mile
post, ni the C.I'.H. survey on the
west boundary ol Block 4603, and being tho S. W. corner post ol John
I Invites claim; thenco north Rn
chains; thenee east 80 chains; thence
south 8(1 chains; tlienre west 80
'bains;   In a point nt commencement,
that thirty days after date, 1 InteVa
to apply to the Hon. Chlel Com-
missioner ot Lands anil Works fot .
license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate In the District ot South East
Kootenny, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted at
nr near 2 miles or 1(10 chains cast
ol 37 mile post rl C.P.R, survey nn
west boundary ol Block 4503 and being the S. K. corner post ol Mr.
Sellars Largey claim; llicnco norlb
811 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains*; tbence east
so chains; to n point oi commencement, making 010 acres, mora or
Located this nih day oi November,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Mr. SelUiis Largey, Locator.
Witness: Jahn Virgo. 2-5t
<•♦♦* *♦♦.*>'>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **♦♦♦♦•»♦«♦♦♦♦♦«'>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
t ♦
February 6-10,1912
HOCKEY " Championship of B. C.
SKI   JUMPING - Championship   of
SKATING - Championship of B. C.
Masquerade and Dance, Tobogganing, Curling Bon-
spiel, Horse Races, Boxing Contest,
Children's Sports
Handsome Trophies and Prizes
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A. M. BETTS, President. ft. E. I'U'.WMAN, Beo'y    J
Sun ortoF.T, P. PRRKY
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(Special correapondnice).
Mr. (ifu, Powell, of Cranbrook, was
doing business in Wardner last Weil-
iPollcomnn ftggjcshaw mado a business   trip ti, .iniliay lust Wednesday.
Mr. Dobbin, of Vancouver, renewed
acquaintances here Inst week.
Mr. sieanis, mill superintendent.
was in Galloway last Wednesday
looking after the company'si interests.
Watch for the dale of lho concert to Ih* given In aid ol SI. Andrew's Presbyterian church, early in
February. A real good time is expected .
Mi.   P, Luml spent   lhe week    end]his defeat,
in   Cnlgan  on business. |H|
Mr. Boltrell, ol tlie Calgary Milling company, was in Wardncr last-
week t n business, '
Miss Irene Donahue lefl for Vancouver lasi Friday. Miss Donahoc
bas been in poor health for some
time and it is to lie hopctf that the
change may prove very beneficial.
Miss Hazel Lund, who has been attending school in Spokane, arrived
In nm* lasl Friday.
Mr. Hums and Mr. .lames Turner,
ol Hamilton, called ou Wardner
Iritnds last Saturday.
Miss Clarke, who has been visiting
fnr BOme time ai Creston, returned tn
Wardner this week In visit fnr a
while with Mrs. W. II. Embrct*.
Mrs. Wilson; nf Vancouver, who ban
lioen in Mary field, Susk., spending tbc
Christmas vacation with her son, I.
II. Wilson, tailed nu friends here
a few days ago on her return in
the coast. Mr. Wilson lias n good
position at Mary field, bin dots    not
like   tlie climate,  so bas decided      to
return to Vancouver, where he has
secured a splendid position witb the
Electric Tram line. Mr. Wilson will
move  bis    wife am! family     m   the
of the elections is the fact thai the
Clericals, [m the first lime since
parly uml nn longer hold the casting
party and no Imiget hold the easting
vole among the parlies.
The honors of the closing Reichstag
contests fairly belong tn the Leftists,
who won 21 of tbe 211 districts in
which they contested.
I u Maiuetiburg, Hen* vou Oldenburg, Conservative, was ileteatul. He
is the man who about a year ago
"Tho Emperor must have power ut
any time to say to a lieutenant,
'Take ten men and dissolve tin Reichstag.' "
The bitterness engendered by this
expression,   it is said, brought about
Ottawa, Jan. 29.—Tbat lit idea ol
a "Great White Way" to extend
from St. .lohn, N.H., to Prince Rupert, B.C., which, it is claimed, will
realize the dreams ol the late Sir
•lohn A. Macdonald for .a real federation of the provinces ot the Dominion, was obtained Irom tbe effect nf
the Ottawa "White Way," was the
assertion ol H. Maxwell Clark, of
Vancouver, B.C., travelling representative of the Canadian Highways
association, this morning. Mr.
Clark had an interview with Mayor
Hopewell in reference to tin* project.
"The idea is to have a nationally
owned       highway which       wilt
•bind together all the
provinces ni llu* Dominion." said
Mt. Clark. "The railways do nol
do this, as they arc not owned by
the people. one ol the greatest ad-
vantages ot such a road would be
tbal ii would serve as on object lesson to municipalities    when building
spring. | their own  mails.      II   would       mean
Mi.   Walter Magoon, superintendent  thai   the   farmers In  the cast    and
ol li gging.   was in Cranbrook     lasti west would build fine mads to    eor-
Monday visiting his brother, who i**
ill in   tbe St.  Eugene hospital.
Mrs. (itinieismi, of Brandon, Man.,
wlm lias been lure visiting with her
mother. Mis .1. G. Boyd, ami her
aunt, Mrs. Urn Land, returned \o
lu-r  homo in Brandon last Monday
Mi   ll     i:     LaPolnte,    ■>(    Fort
Steele.   Mas  In  lOWn ot.  Tlic-day
business.    The boys aro always
to  se»* Henry bark In Wardnei
Mi P Spoakei has resigned his
position with ih.- Easl Kovtenay
Lumbei companj at Jaftraj ami Is
spending a lew days with Ins famll)
Mi \ Sheppard spent Sundnj In
town    with ins famll;.
respond with the national highway.
Now. the Toronto people do not wish
this mat! to pass through Ottawa,
but i-hrotigh Ti.rnnw and down inwards Essex, but that route would
not make it a national road, but
would make it an International mad.
if the fedeial government is going to
spend money on such a road it
glad should sin-mi ii (n cpenlng up the
new country, and not the. old pari
which a!read] lias good roads."
Mi Clark claimed that the provln-
elally owned road which now runs
Irom Brockville to Sartda was a g»H>d
nm*. ami tbal that road should be
MUK-.I in tins proposed national high-
\\a\ tn u road from Prescott (0 Ottawa If ibis scheme was kept
alive the result would in* a conference nf tin- premiers it the provinces
in n lew yean.
control Till*: REICHSTAG
!*' —Tin- political corn-
new Reichstag as do
to no   mack o\ THEIR
en as tin- Liberal candidate at a
convention ol the Liberal association held mi the nth daj nf November last.
"Referring tn that portion of your
resolution iu which you suggest 'il
there was any misunderstanding in
connection with my resignation,' 1
can only suy that the wording of the
two agreements exchanged by the
Liberal and Conservative parties are
so plain that there is ut t the
slightest mom for any misunderstanding by any person who signed
agreemcnta, or on tbe part of the
convent inn which approved of it.
Your association by the rcsolu-
1 ion adopted at your convention*
have, if the resolution was intended
to mean anything at all, approved of
the agreement, in other words have
agreed to allow the Hon. Mr. Graham to be returned unopposed. In
face of yonr action upon that occasion it is impossible, for you to op
pose the Hon. Oeo. P, Graham without placing the Conservative party
of South Renfrew in a mist ridiculous light before the people ol the
Dominion of Canada.
"In conclusion I desire to say that
Ihe Hon. Oeo. P. Graham is the
hosen candidate of tbe Liberal party
ami has been for some months, ami it
is therefore impossible for me tto accept your offer of re-election by acclamation, ami I further believe that
should Mr. Graham be opposed in
-tliis election, the rank and file of the
Conservative party in South Renfrew
will show by their votes tbat they
believe in an honest agreement iK'ing
carried out, ami that they resent any
breach of faith.
Yours truly,
(Signed) Thomas A. Low.
Ottawa. .Ian. St.—Military orders
recently issued provide for provisional schools of instruction ol three
weeks for cavalry at Hacloed, Alberta, and two months for artillery,
al Retina, Sask., the latter beginning April 13th.
The date for the cavalry course has
not yet bei-u fixed, Officers of the
Canadian field artillery in Western
Canada nun lot tin* present as a
special case bc permitted to quality
ai the provisional school, providing
thai at tin- termination nl their
course they can be tested In lighting
which they can be tested in lighting
a battery with service shell,
Provision is also made fnr attendance nf school teachers at Canadian
School nf Musketry, preference being
given to these teachers from schools
having nrgniiiJed cadet corps.
, .Ian.
of the
lermlned by the final result ol     Ih
m-w    iiml*. liner uli.illnis taken lasl
I'mi.n is shown li) iin general party
,. pfftp ri follows, the subordinate
oi allied (actions being Included lot
convenience wllh Hie parties wrttli
wbieh the) general!) vole:
Socialists, ii", Progressive mm
Soeialts) groups, 95, Including ii* Na
Mono! Liberals,    19
Progressive    peasants    and   others;[agreement    with   Renfrew Conserva*
Clericals, with    Polish, Mntlin and tivos, tn allow [Ion. Goo, P. Graham
Hanoverian PnrticutarlstSi 122, Cotv- lo be returned h> acclamation:
scit.ilive   allied     panics, 70,     Imb1-     "lh-.11    Sii.    I beg to acknowledge
pendents, 1 receipt     of your    letter ol the 21st
The results COmpletclj overthrow I Hint., enclosing copies of two rt'solu-
Ihe- working majority nf the Conwr-I tloni adopted at. your convention
votive Centrist1*, or "Ulue-Rlack- 'held in the town ul Renfrew on Frl-
Bite," In    thi' lasl Reichstag, which day last.
is now able in muster only Ml, Let me first deal with the resolu-
counting every possible vote, aml( tion approving and endorsing the ac-
plaivs (be control iu the bands ol tin
WANTED.—Tho roughl)
housekeeper for peri
months. Apply II. 1!..
of    three
tali!     uf j
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
GIVEN that the Cunt ol Revisit
will sit on Monday, March 1th, I'M
at the hour of 10.80 a in. (loe
lime) at the Municipal Building ,
Cranbrook, B.C., for Uw purpose    ul
treating and     revising the   Assessment Roll oi Hn*  City ol Cranbrook.
Any person complaining of an erroi
or omission in the sail! roll shall
give notice of his complaint in writing to the Assessol, and lhe grounds
lis    complaint,     at   least  ten  (Hi)
days before the    sitting of Lho    Bald
•l-G-8 Assessor,
A prominent citizen of Evansvllle,
Ind., writes:—"1 wbb ill for five
months with a pulmonary trouble, and
had the befit of doctors. I had hemor-
ihages mid was in a very bad way.
I 1 lirough lhe advice of a friend I tried
Vlnol, and 1 feel that it saved my life.
I It is all you recommend it to be. I
believe ft fs tho greatest medicine on
earth, I  have advised others to try
1 Vinol, and they have had the same
1 , results."      (Name    furnished on re
I j quest.)
We want every one In this vicinity
II who ts troubled with chronic colds,
('' coughs, nr pulmonary    troubles,    to
come and gel a hottle of Vinol.
If it tines not go to the seat of trou-
I le, heal the Inflammation and stop
the cough, we will cheerfully return
every cent paid uh for It. This shows
mir faith, and proves that you take
nn chances.
Cranbrook Ding and Hook Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C,
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Dealers In
Fresh nntl Cured
Poultry, Game ami Fish
in Season.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
* the *
« »
* Columbian     *»
*> »
*} ia 11 LT'iniiint.-f.l |iulley. Tliat ia, ^
41 flattalnutton Ib iguarauteed In every *
*j roipect.  The ^
* Nelson Iron Works*
« un.!*™  t
a. Una an ever ilieresBinK atu.'k.,-
.1 Write lliem for particular.. *
iiii* Im titiiiiii'iii.
ex poet t.> in-
in ml.  If titlmm
liiiv.-fuil.. I ix|». 1
itn* tm nir- yon.
IT.lU-r.rl       I        kllOW
tlinl   I   .1111   >un-
yoii I will not iH-
i(.|,i ynur raw,
ntui in every In*
whtii'.- I iri-iit Ity
iiiv own original
ii.iv.i I and
t-<'ii>nti Hi- iin-
I limit*.
Spcrsistorrboca, Organic Weakness.
Ust Vlgtr, Varicocele. Hydrocele, Contracts. Disorders, Specific Blood Hulion,
Files uA Strlctsres — restoring all
affected organs tonormal mnl heall by
action in the iliorteist postdlde space
m-v «ll tlietunii". "f Diseases ol Men,
I'lHiMiit-ti.iii and Int tractive booklet free
nt otHreor I.v 11111II
s one of the main causes of per-
•ouaexhaustion. Children whose
nerves break down in school, girls
Locking in nerve stamina, (Hid
young men exhausted by ordln-
try business cares, generally have
1 restless liervoUS parent or nn-
:cstot perched somewhere on the
family tree. Occasional treatment with
Asaya Neurall-
THE     NEW     REMEDY     FOR
Nervous Exhaustion
is their salvation. It feeds the
nerves with Lecithin (concentrated from thousands of cgns),
the element required for nerve
repair, induces sleep, quickens
tlie appetite, aids digestion, am
maintains full nerve vitality.
The lieneficial effects are evi
dent almost with the first dose.
]«oz. lwltlc, tOdaya' treatment. ,t.W.
Oliliiiti 110111 tile local af tut*.
Druggists, Craubrook, II. C.
I>a»i« ft I^twrence Co., Sole Mfrs.. Montreal
Write the mfor free book on Herrou.
following li-ttei bas laati seal
t.»Miis     MrNitinmu. nt Am-
prior,   siaTi'iaiy ,i iiio Renfrew l.ib
.-i.ii Ciiiisi-mitive association,  by   Mr
ih,,1,1.1-. Low,    who recently re*lgnc4
in-, m-.ii im Nniiiii Renfrew In     thr
Radical, ami 1 1.-.1.-1 ..I house, 111 pursuance witli   an
':..,),..in,<„l        mill      (tl'lllrt'W   I'l
National Liberals, who will tie able
1, lorm a majority by tlirowlnR
Hteit strength with either the ltiglit
or Lett.
This makes     lhe   National  Liberal
leader, Ernsl    Bassermatin, a    com*
tion ot the twenty-seven ('oiiserva-
tives who originally enteral into the
Bgnvtnent whereby tin? nominee ol the
Liberal party was to be allowed to
Ih* returned to the house ol commons by acclamation, in return Inr
tin- Liberal party allowing Mr. T. W
rounding figure in the next Reich-!McQarry to be returned to the legls-
stag. He will be able to swing err- latiire unopposed. It may be argued
tain avowed National Liberals, who by some that tlm parlies to the
iiiuler proper Inducements would prob- agreement only signed as individuals,
ably l« prepared to co-operate with
llie governmenl on most questions,
The hostility   ol    other   progressive
but once your association in convention approved ol II, it was no longer
au individual    arrangement,    and   I
groups to tlm so-called react ionnry | cannot understand how tlie same hod)
"llloe" apparently is loo greal lor ol men, including Dr. Maloney, iu
nny working understanding cxccpl nn mass mn*tlng assembled, could con*
questions ol national dclenco and the slsUmtly place a candidate in the
increase ol the army and navy. | lield   to   oppose tin,    lion. Geo. P.
One ot    tlio  most striking Icaturrs llrnhiiiu, who was unanimously thos-
Miiiilonas. Man., .Ian. 31.—Thr
gold rush here remimls oae nf the
Rccountfl ol tin* early Klnntlike stain-
pedo i>i the history of gold in Australia. Tlw Minitimas hotel is
turning away a hundred people daily,
antl private houses arc being usisl as
hotels. Minns uie hero Irom all
parts ol tin- country. One Winnipeg
party sank ten led with a boring
machine III tlu- river 1ki1, and found
Innumerable particles ol flue gold
ami line pieces ol coarse gold hi thr
sand one mile south of llu* town.
Coarse gold was brought into
town yesterday afternoon, taken
Irom the Klavclle Crock, one mile
Irom town.
Women in overalls join hi staking
claims, and there have been :orty
staked in the last twenty-four hours.
Every toot of ground has heen staked
within 11 radius ol three miles from
the town saittlt ol the claim where
gold was found. .lumping ol claims
is fre*quent.
Once more her gracious majesty
Queen Alexandra has he-en pleased
to manifest ner appreciation ol the
Army's work by a donation ol £10
to [Is funds.
Following close upon this action,
bis majesty King Oeorge, wlio Is
now in India, bas forwarded the
sum ot £25 for the same purpose,
and his royal highness tbo Prince ol
Wales has also availed himself ol
the opportunity ol showing bis Interest iu lhe operations by sending the
general a clict|U|> lor (III.
As I am continuing my Into bus-
band's business. 1 would ask fur
the continued patronage ol nil old
customers, ami respectfully solicit
the trade of nil.
Best of Rijjs and Horses
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a nevTand
A in.) let ii e.'uip|--*it Cafe at mo-it-ratc
ItatPG fl.00 and up per day
Coiner of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our bus meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
************** **************
«, v*^ \ tren n
m,rt S&i
Take the Leg
of Lamb
we offer you mnl wIipii yuti
come to taste It you'll declare
you never below ate inch il^li*
••me lt'iii>r meat. For our
linitli j* real lamb—not young
mutton noli! »t liimii prices.
You'll find tlmt by trading at
tliitt market you get mlitti you
pay fur, ti little bit ln-ttnt'
mnl cheaper lb an you expected.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
D, B, WII.KIK. I'rnMent.
,,      Acoounts   ot   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merolisuts
ii Farmers and Private Individuals invited,
Drafts niul Letters of Credit issued available in imv part of
the wort I.
SAVIM.S IlKl'AHTMKST   - Special   attention
given to Savings Bank Acoounts.    Deposits of $1.00   and
11 upwards received and interest allowed from ,\nw of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: B. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
e%t%*%*%*%*m\*%*%*%*%Aem*%*%*%*%*%9\****%*%A A
************** **************
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit. Agricultural, Orating and Timber Land*.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
*************** ****** 9*9 9 9*9*
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenoe and
Baker Street.
II. I.. BTEPBBS8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
assortment of
B. C.
Have a very line
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trees offered for snle are grown in our own nurseries on
thu Coldstream Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agent
Isairporat**] ISM
Capital I'aid Up $6,]oo.n<>o Reserve SA.ooh.mm
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
II. B, HOLT, l'reaj.l.ni      ¥.. I- PBABB, O.n.rsl Msn.|.r
Aeeoontsol Kimi«. Corporalioasand lodlvidaali aoiicite.1.
Ontiil town tin.llieaa rei-eiv.-a everv sttSDttOO,
BAV1N08 DBPARTMBNT- Dspontsol 11.00 aad nmaratraealfM
P.,,.1 inlere.t ulloKi-l st ,-nrrnit rate. So formality or dels, in
A General Hankim.' BnalBautraBtaetad, •
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager      *,
A Good  Home
is what is dear tn every man. A home
is where Ponce. Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found, That is the reason
men throughout liritisli Colitmbin, when
"Crnuliroo'i" is mentioned think of tho
provisions .los. llritult has nititlo for an
iilenl home at the
Canadian Hotel
It's   tho Same Plaeo
The Place that is Popular
dotal ns the Itesl
Better limn the It.st
!i The Cosmopolitan !j
If yon come onoe.
Vou will conic again.
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
w. P.JOHNSON v M'S, Proprietors
P.O. mix wit
WllltKS: EDWARD t*T.
■nut*********, THE CRANBROOK HER AD
By lhe Herald   Publishing Company,
*», J, Deane, Managing Editor.
CRaNBROOK, B. C, February I WI2
right in town and totmd its way hack
to the pockets ol these who contributed it. As it is, every rent goes
out ol Crnnbrook for ull time ami tve
very much doubt it tlie favored Toronto printers will trouble themselves to give Cranbrook city and tlistriet much publicity. There is
another aspect ol the ease, which
should ajipt-.il to locul business men.
imily we are appealed to to do our
nailing at home, even il we have th
pay an appreciably higher price tor
goods purchased, What encouragement is it lo citizens to |iatiiuii/.e
homo merchants, when they find that
sn representative n body tl business
men, as the local board ol trade, send
lo Toronto lor printed matter, which
can be obtained locally?
'Pho quiet smothering ol tire Nationalists as such hns been determined upon by tire Borden government,
(iossiji in well nihil und ofllcinl circles at Ottawa Is that the government feels that Nationalism has sc
vial oui iis usefulness in tho Conservative pany and lhal ii would bo a
Bourcc ol danger il allowed in a n-
llliue and llovclop, Tlu-icliuc word
has gone out thai Quebec siipporlors
ol the governmenl arc In be culled
Conservatives and not Mallonallsts
niul lor evidence thai this mandate is
lieing respected one has bul i, relet
to the parliamentary Cluido, in which1
the Kronen members, who were voted j i*tio ta»leal hockey game seen ut
lor us Nationalists, all describe l||(, 1|iral rlnk ,||is srasm, Wils p,u|.
themselves In tho sketches which they n, llf[ Tuesday night between I'rnn-
.nrnish as Conservatives, li is under- |irook aml nvrnie, the Inriner win-
stood that tin- suppression ol lire „,„,, 5 ,„ j.
Nationalists will be attempted lit the,   -|-iJc. |M|    „„  account ol the warm
removal ol   tho    loaders 1 1 active wwlv|lt,t  0|  tlio   past lew days, was
politics   iii goveri m posts.      Mr. ]ll>t  |„    ti„,  i„.sl „i shape tor    fast
lloiiiassa    is    likely   lu have offered l.„ro|,i,mlion   plays, and yet    several
him a must    desirable posl as     tho WMC ,,ut (iir0ugb.
Holh teams   were   aggressive    and
•airabla posl as tbo
representative ol Canada In France,
and Mr. Lavergne will be given liis
choice ol several pleasing positions in
Canada, lion. Mr. Monk is certain
1n go mi llu- In iuli within a lew
iiitiiitlis. It is saitl by Ills friends
tbat In* does nol nnd tin- business ol
administering the bus*, department
of public works ai .ill lo his taste.
If it should
Messrs. limn
Monk .villi tlie
tlie   puck
Irom   one
Moved l Itai the
will   speedily
tirely and tlmt
Into step willi
tv mi Quelice,
was kepi Imp scotching
nd of tin- ilnk. io tin*
oilier. McManus, Ibc Cranhrook
goal keeper, was easily lhe stui
lierformer and saved several goals.
With lhe winning; of this game, with
oui a loss this season, Cranbrook
has cinched lhe possession of tliu
he possible lo gag |jerchmcr cup for 1912 and llie chain-
ia, Lavergne and pfonahlp "f Ibc Crows Nosl I'ass.
us nl offlce il is bt>| following was the line-up:
iitloiiallsl nmvcmeiit c'ranbruok.
iose II    nit nun  en-.'
will Iall McMamis 	
Tin*    proceedings   ol tin- provincial  EHIs 	
legislature    continue somewbat unln-]
lorestlng, the    cbiel mailers ul     in- Williams
terest   recently before the house have
lieen   tbe report ol tlw taxation com-  McWba .
mission and    ihe new timber hill, Introduced   by   the lion.     W   K. Uoss.  i>- Pye *
This   latter    measure may be ol considerable Importance, if subjected   to
due amendment.    At present    it re*
presents  theory   lalhet   than   practice,
Wing baaed largely upon lho views
ol llworista, practical lumbering m-a
obviously not having been consulted
in its preparation. However, a delegation, representing 'ht- Mountain
Lumbermen's association, have waited ii|>oit the govel nun nt ami presented Iheir ti-'Hs there atieril. ami
may lie Hon, H. il. Itoss will see
lit to be guided by these experts
instead of the theorists, whose Ideas
lie has largely incorporated Into tin*
Cover Point.
Right Wing.
Left Wing.
F crguson
... Wallace
... Dtmlop
... Gardner
.... Burland
... Thrasher
Referee—J, Lindsay.
Tin* local team plays a return
game at Fernie tonight anil leave for
Itossland Monday, playing at Nelson
on   Monday night.
Messrs.  Inifam,  Vance, Smith   and
Iiniii ne
accompanied      tbo    Fernie
team here Tuesday night.
The forthcoming Liberal convention
may lie productive ol beneficial results, providing it he conducted along
businesslike lines. The present object of provincial Liberals should bo
to formulate ,, platform, sufficiently
radical io appeal to th" greal mass
of the electorate, who are becoming
bear til) tired id the legislative ami
administrative acts ot the McBride-
Bowsci government, based as they
are, solely on the
tin*  Interests    of
Sunday, Feb. Ith.
0.    K. Kcndull, pastor,     will
at holh   morning ant! evening
of Clod."
Evening subject
V   cordial wrelci
suhjiei:    "Tlie   Origin,
ami Privileges ol the Sons
"Savorless Salt."
e extended lo all
Tin*    annual     vestry    meeting   of
(lirirt church   was In Id in the ehurcli
idea ol serving on     Monday evening,    .lauuary __iid.
favored   lew. The following officers   were appointed
Whilst it is not reasonable to anticipate a defeat of ihe McBride
governmenl in the ■ otnlng elections, the time is ripe to gel underway a well considered campaign ol
education, and to organize the vi
throughout the province,
Thi« action nf the special committee ol Ihc local Itroard ol trade
in awarding a contract lot certain
publicity literature io a Toronl
firm, over the heads of local
printers, is certain!) one that will
not commend Itscll lo the fair
minded business nun of the nt..
It is (rue thut ilu- Toronto bid on
the work was considerably below
that of tht* lowest bid tendered Iiy
n local printer, but that is :io
accuse lor sendlnii a huge sum of
money, raised locally lor publicity
purposes, out ol town. The policy
of the board of trade should lie to
foster home Industry. The work
could have been as well done right
hero as it can he in Toronto Whilst
u higher figure would necessarily
have to Ik* paid for     a local job, tho
money    would have    been  expended
-Mr.   P.  DoVc
A. Beale,
Crib-ben, H,
for   UtO year:
Rector's   Warden—Mr.     Chas.
People's Warden-
-to j Sidesmen—Messrs. M
R. T. Urymner, W. E
Darling, It T. W. Flcwdllng, l»r. F.
W. Oreen, Dr. Miles, <i. It. Thompson autl Thomas Walker.
Lay Delegates to Synod—Messrs. C.
V Cock, P, DcVcra Hunt and A. C.
Pye, jr.
Substitutes—Messrs. N. A. Wallln-
1---1, It T. W. Kit-welling nntl I-'.ilwanl
(in   Hit' general account there was a
balance on hand ol n_ is.
The Ladles (iuild had during the
\eai raised $851 and bad completed
the payment on the orguu antl had
placed three hundred dollars to a
fund   for building n new church.
The rector's report ami the financial
statement will hi' printed ami a copy
sent   to every parishioner.
Repair Department
All Kindt ol Furniture Repaired
Ujj ho late-In*. Matin-*- flaking.
Now It the lime to have your work
one, before lhe runt! begin-*.
i Chapman's Agency;
N.rbiry Ave.,., N«.r the .uilllorlum
Sundays—Low mass at X :tn a.m.;
Mgh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday adiool
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rotary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Monday, and hoi* day. ol obll|a-
tiott—Mast at I a.m.
Week dayt-llua at I a.m. at M»
P. I'lamondnn, O.M.I.
Sunday   morning, ll o'clock***lluli-
1,,-ss iiKvtitlK.
Sunday altrrnonn, 2 '.'rli*rk—Slln-
' ilay Srhiml.
I  siiniiny afternoon,   3 3ft   o'clock—
Kr,a- uml easy mc'ting.
I   Sunday nlghl, «  o'clock—Salvation
llllilt' Lesson-     Marks:   I'ausc, nml
It's cure nl MttkilMllg,
I'liiailay,        K     ,i',l,«k-S»lvati|ii.
riiiiisiliiy, K.3II    o'clock—Groat   revival ini'i'tiiis in Mi-lliiiilisl fliunli.
Everybody welcome.
c. o., Kml'k A. Stride, Captain.
An event of unique Importance in
Freemasonry took place recently at
Wm Freo Masons' hall, Great Queen
Street,. London, Kng., when a new
lodge, tn he known as the Royal
Colonial lodge, practically came into
being. As far as possible, although
tit rigid rule will he drawn, tho
membership will he limited to members ot the Koynl Colonial club of
London. Of great, intercsl is the
facl that Ihc lirst master nf the
lodge will be the Duke of t'nniiuught,
wlm, although he is grand master,
ami had expressed his Intention not
to lake pari in Masonic [unctions
during his tenure as governor-general
ol Canada, has, ou account nf the
Oversea element in the new lodge,
consenled to occupy the olliee of master at its foundation. This election
was formally ratified with full Masonic ritual, Sir John Cockuurn, a
former premier ol South Australia,
according to lho rule when n prince
of royal bit oil js installed, becoming
deputy master.
A. 0,  !'\
The regular meeting of Court
Crnnbrook wns held iu Carmen's hall
on Thursday night. January 25th.
As most people are aware, the 25th
day of January is lhe birth day of
 - of the gtealesl students of humanity Ibis old world has ever
known, namely, Bobble Burns.
cause nl this (acl lhe exceutlv
tbe court decided to abbreviate
business so far as advisable,
hold an open house for all male sympathizers and    friends, oa well      as
■inhere, in   order thai the memory
Scotland's    greatest hard would
he celebrated in human fashion.
Whilst then* was nothing nn hand
to quench tin* thirst, such as Bobbie
himself would have approved of, still
then* wns plenty of liquids, which
were specially Imported from China,
Ceylon and Brazil, these in conjunction with some light foodstuffs, followed hy cigars of a Canadian
ariety, formed a titling International repast loi the International crowd
that was present.
Alter the meeting had been declared
open bv Chief Hanger Henderson,
Mr. W. I*. Macdonald briefly and
neatly outlined the life history of
Burns, and pointed oui in eloquent
language, nol only how necessary it
was lo hold a "Bums celebration
lhe nieht." bUl also how* necessary It
was to hold a celebration every
i.ithi, in other wonts 365 nicltts a
tear. To this Messrs. "Slgnor Pas.
cu/./*" and "Monsieur Perron"
heartily concurred, and in all probability would have followed with
speeches eulogising Burns in their
mother tongue, claiming tor hln)
French, Spanish and Italian ancestry,
had iheir enthusiasm not been Interrupted by the arrival at the Court
room of Commander James Boyes
antl in*, associates ot the uniform'
rank it the Knights of Pythias. |
Needless to say     Hiev were accorded
hearty reception, and Uw Chlel
Hanger  at once requested Mr. Boyes
>   lake the chair, the invitation hc-
ig graciously accepted, Under Mr.
Boyes' able leadership the meeting
went along wilh \lm, song and
story followed in quick succession,
and when full honors had been ren-j
tiered to Scotland ami Scot land's
poet by such masters as .Lick Mac-
lamiliarity with the
ihe mysterious "llag-
equalled by Ids' famtl*
•Tain O'Sbanter's
(ihost.s ami (ibottls and the otherl
Ingredients ol a Scottish church-,
yard, ct. al.) Slgnor Pascuxzo and'
Sam Griffiths.
Monsieur IVrmn sang the Marcel -
lals in Ibe pure genuine Prench tin-!
!*ue, accompanied by Mr. Woods al
lhe piano. So inspiring did this
number prove to be that the while
assembly, Canadians, four types ol
Europeans, Britishers, Americans,
Italians, etc., all did their boat to
join   iu     Int* chorus.
During the evening a nunitier ol
ipeeehes wen- made regarding the
advantages to Ih* derived by a
greater cultivation of the spirit ol
fraternallsm between the various orders of i ur city, and it was the
unanimous opinion that something
ibould In* done lu the near future
thai would permanently establish n
feeling if brotherhood between the
members of tin* various friendly]
societies i>[ Cranbrook, '
As it is the intention in tho old.
laud to celebrate the centenary ol,
Charles Bickens during the whole ol
tlie week beginning February 5th,
tin* Court will hold n Dickens night
on February BUl, Friends and members ol kindred orders will Ik* welcome.
vorware, cups, pocket knives and banana coats.
Cameron's rink won the Tuckett
cup, and scored .second place in the
All Comers and Grand Challenge
evenls. Iloggarth's rink won tire
Corby ami Eaton cups, and scored
second place in the Grand Aggregate and Hudson Bay contests.
On Friday evening the visiting curlers were tlie guests ol tlw Nelson
club aL a very enjoyable smoker, held
at the Hotel Hume. There was a
very large attendance aud a thoroughly good time was spent. Nelson certainly made their visitors heartily
welcome ami proved Utemaolves all-
round gam- spoils.
The adjourned annual meeting of
the British Columbia Curling association was also held oil Friday night
at   the Hume   hotel, autl Nelson was
unaiiiii - Iv   chosen    at the   battle
ground ful the 'next bonsplel.
The following oflicers were chosen:
Patron—D. Guthrie, Nelson.
President—\V. 11. Houston, Nelson.
First Vlce-Presldcnb-R. W. Sotner-
ville, Trail.
Second Vice-President—A. C. Bowness, Cranbrook,
Third Vice-President — Judge For-
in,  Nelson. I
Secretary-Treasurer — E. G.'
Smyth, Nelson. (
Chaplain—Rev, E. S. Logic, Nelson.
Executive Committee— C. B- Blackwood, J. (I. Human, A. Bunker, F.
A. Starkey, Nelson; L, F. Tyson.
Trail and ff. F. Cameron, Cranbrook
Will find our
stock of
Game Traps
very complete
We can
supply all
The Nelson V.M.C.A. bowling team
will Ih* here ou Friday ami Saturday, howling three contests, on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and
Saturday evening. There will Ih* no
admission lo any ol the games and
all local enthusiasts are asked to
al lent] ami encourage the home team.
The V.M.C.A. boys are making a
special effort to entertain the visitors
during their slay here. A banquet
will be served at the Y.M.CA. Immediately following Ihe contest on
Friday night, for which a programme
lias been arranged.
Good games are expected as the
visitors are coming after the Cranbrook scalp.
Following are the three local teams
scheduled for the three games: Friday night, Thompson, Johnston, E.
Stephens, II. Stephens, A. Shank-
Saturday afternoon: It. Brown,
Jones, Sinclair, Milne anil Hodst n.
Saturday evening: Teet, Porter, E.
Tumlcy, Myers, Bossiter.
Willi the bowling league cut down
lo six learns then* is keen rivalry between those remaining, and the
winners of the cup will lie in doubt
imlil the last game is played as
every contest promises to lie hotly
A feature of the past week's scoring was the Ramblers' score against
tbe Sharks, when they broke tlie alley records in both first and last
strings and total score.
Following are the games:
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
oranges the merry parties lift for
Mr. E. Slater's residence which was
also very appropriately adorned tu
represent China. Hi re, loo, the
same hearty welcome awaited the
visitors. Afier Indulging iu boiled
rice tlw merry parlies lefl hy way ol
the prairie for thf residence nt Mr.
Cren, whicli was also most suitably
decorated to reprcst nl India, and
where everybody received a most
hearty welcome. India was reached
about 10,30 pin., where all the parties met ami enjoyed a most enjoyable time, partaking of Hie lavish
supply of refreshments provided lor
the visitors, accompanied by \\w
sweet melody ol the [t-Umapgonc.
After expressing a very hearty vote
nf thanks to the kind friends who
had taken such greal pains to decor-
are their residences to represent
tliese foreign countries for the entertainment of the young people. the
happy party dispersed at midnight,
with expressions of the utmost satisfaction displayed on their facts, having had a most enjoyable evening.
Bias Corsets:
Tho liina principle of coiibI ruction is quite different to ' |
the average, being boned on the liina instead of straight up '',
uml down like otlier corsets. It is this difference
in tho wuy they are miide,
which niuki's tlituu sn
strikingly easy nml comfortable, nnil Ilium- who
have ni'ver worn u Ilias
Killed have yet to Irani , ,
what the right corset will ' >
du for thorn. Its Ininings
and clasps will not rust,
and the fabric will not tear
with tho hardest and must
constant use. Every yard
of material is accurately
tested for strength, and everything about them is guaranteed
by the makers.
How to cure a cold is a question i:i
which many are Interested just now.
Chamberlain's rough remedy has won
its great reputation ami immense
sale by its remarkable cure of colds.
It can always be depended upon. For
sale by all dealers. 5-tf
A joint meeting: of the Trades
and Labor Council and the Retail
Clerk's Protective Association will
bc held on Friday night at the
band hall at S o'clock. Every
Trades Unionist in the city is requested to attend.
Tito Cranbrook Poultry and Pot
Stock association will hold its regular monthly meeting in the V.M.C.A.
parlors on Tuesday evening next at
8.80 o'clock. it is expected that
Mrs. It. Drown, tbe local representative io the B.C. Poultry associath-n
convention, will present her report.
Several Important matters for the
good and welfare of the association
will be up for consideration. Every
member is asked to attend.
Two lei|il gentlemen of outstanding
ability ami attainments have recently
arrived in Vancouver to join tin1 firm
of Russell, Russell and Hauuington.
whose practice has in recent years developed to very large proportions,
says the Saturday Sunset. Mr. M.
A. Macdonald, recently of Cranbrook,
arrived    last,   week, and   Mr. .1. Mc-
| Donald   Mowatt   arrived   this week.
Mr. Macdonald   has   achieved a provincial reputation iu his practice    at
Crunbrook, ami   his brilliant oratory
during     the    last provincial election
| campaign placed bim among the clig-
. ibles to the leadership of tho
Liberal party in British Columbia.
Mr. Macdonald is a graduate ol Toronto (LL.B—1905) and ot Osgoc.de
(1000). He practised for a time iu
London, Ontario, but has lor the
lasl five years been a member ot the
firm of McCartcr nml Macdonald, in
Cranbrook, acting as counsel in that
firm nH iu a like capacity for many
Interior solicitors. Mr. Macdonald
will be a decided acquisition to both
the bar and the ranks of the Liberal
party in Vancouver.
On Saturday night, February 3rd,
we Intend to Install our new switch
hoards and as the work will cause
more or less Interruption to tho service we would ask our patrons to bo
patient and we will endeavor to
get our plant working in good shape
by Monday morning.
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd. 5-lt
donald (whoca
Ingredients of
nis" was only
larlty     wiih
Friday, .
miliary lllth.
232— 635
233- 537
Thompson   ...
195- 520
.1. Ttirnlrv   ...   .
183— 466
S. Tunilrv 	
223— 538
II. I've 	
IH2- 4911
1511- 438
185- 537
152— 382
187- 514
c.p.ii. sirniis-
196- 519
Sllillialniul     ..   .
127- 510
138— 491
131- 4119
157- 451
II. S. Sniilh-
110- 457
151- 523
110- 4711
148— 4113
160- 420
__     _M
Always sec "PYE'S" when you want something good in the tailoring line.   First, last, or any time, but don't fail to see us.    We will trust
to the rest if you will do just that.     We feel
safe in making the statement that
—      .
The It. V, Curling honspiel at Nelson lasl weed proved very enjoyable,
iillhotigh ice condition**! were not ntl
thev mlghl Imve lieen- Cmiihrook's
rvpramUUvn did themselves proud.
Carrying nil    a large shine ol the Hit-
Thanks to the combined efforts of
lhe members ol the Kpworth League
nnd kind friends the very interesting
and unique adventure proved a
humping success on Tuesday evening
last. About sixty friends ossein-,
hied at the Methodist church to
lake pari in what proved to lie a
very enjoyable social evening. The
party was divided into three sections. The first section leaving the
church nt 7.1a p.m. the others following at intervals ol twenty minutes, en route for Mr. Hatcliffe's residence, wbieh was beautifully dceor-
alett lo represent Japan. A very
heart? welcome was extended by
Mr. and Mrs. Itatcliflc. After partaking    ol    .lapaucM'    MscuttB   and
is far in advance of anything in the trade.
Briefly, we will say you can get a better selection. You can select your own goods right from
stock. You can have your clothes finished
any time from three days to a week after
leaving your measure.
For  the  next ten  weeks orders will be
taken for Spring Clothing at
Tremendously Low Prices
Call and see us and look over our new stock.
The Clothing and Shoe Men THB ORANBROOK HJSRALD
Music in the Home
Nothing gives more pleasure to home life than good
music, nnd no music is bettei  than that given by the
Edison Phonograph and Victor Gramaphone
With ono of thoso machines you can hear the liest
Artists ot Europe and America in yonr own home at a
nominal price,
Kdisons from $19.50 to $200.00
Victors and Victrolas from $20.00 to $150.00
Wn carry the most complete stock of Kdison and
Victor Uncords iu It. 0. and can supply you with any
Iti'inril published.
Call iu and hear your favorite singer or Musician.
Ask us about terms.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The $exa&JL Store
Cranbrook - - - B.C.
If You
Are Interested in
Thi** ad ii for you. If you own w
good watch) you can afford t"
papa it by, BUT NOT OTHERWISE,
Because if you intend liuying it
is important that yo» buy ri|*ht.
You haven't very many makes to
uhoose between. There are just
a few really high-grade watctei
miide. Among them nre those
w* nre wnitiug to fIiow you.
Waiting to point out their point I
of superiority. Cull and let'n
.lust arrived—Another   shtpmenl ol
I'ophaii's big choenlaiev— The i'alm.
Kd. Slater has been on the Blch list
the past week.
I1. I.uuil was flown Irom Wardnei
during the week,
.1 \ MiPoiiiilil. a Klmborlcy mine
iiiiinagei, wai doing bualneaa here ou
Born-On Januarj i-'th at ti»* Col
logo hospital, to Mr, and Mis i: 11,
Moaelc). a mm
Hoi ii — \t Ihc Cottage hospital on
.lanuarj -tub. to Ml   ami Mis   IV l.
t»wen,  a duuplit-ri
Tins Wfck'i cash IpCClal in OUI
furniture  departmeni    Bedroom set.
dicssei   mnl washstanil.  JllOO—K K.
Men    IIOUM
\ meoUng   ol th*'   Oferiew Clnb
Will be lichl al  Ihe ^ M C, \   011 Sat-
uitlav.    hVh       Ith at  right     o'clock
| A meeting of the local Trades and
Labor Council and the Retail Clerks'
Protective Association, will he held
at 8 o'clock, Friday evening, in the
Hand hall. I
Parlies desiring to secure guaranteed maple syrup in one gallon or 5
gallon lots may join with other
parties by advising P.O. Hox 51
on or before February 20th 5-31
I The new electric power and compressor plant at the 'Sullivan mine
will shortly be in operation. The
work has been carried out very satisfactorily and in first-class shape.
At a meeting of tlie Overseas chili
at the Y.M.CA. on Wednesday
evening tht* following officers were
elected; President, X. A. Walling*'!*,
vice-president, J. P. Smith; secretary
W. C. Crlbbin; treasurer, Mrs. ,1.
Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Reed sustained
the loss of an infant son this morning. The little fellow succumbed
to an attack of pneumonia, after a
very brief illness, aged 18 months.
The funeral will take place on Saturday at -l p.m.
Ft KNITl'llK-If In need of anything in furniture be sure to visit
our new department, where we are
now showing many varied lines and
we are sure to pleas-e you both tn
style ami price. It is no trouble
for us to show goods whether you
huy   or not.— K. K. Merc. House.       j
The regular monthly meeting ol the
Women's Institute will bv held In the
Carmen's ball Tuesday, February 6th,
when a full attendance ol members
is requested to complete ai range
ments lor the Valentine s»x*ial nn
tin*  lllll  Intt. !
Snacka served Irom io a.m. lo
10.30 p m—The Palm.
Mis i; \ Hacklvrfl Intends car
I \ iiii;    on    ! he     kimbrgat ten     school
recently given up by Mis. Brown.I
She has    had conaWerablo experience
in   this   class ol teaching ami       bas
paased examinations toi the same  In
the old countrj Mis Hacklyelt was
lot three yean leaching klndcifAl
ten under the London school board
ami hns also Imd private school
Dr. and Mis. F. W. Green left
Saturday fot Montreal m route to
Buropft, Thev will sail from New '
Vort   foi  the A/ores, thence to Gib-]
taltai,     Naples,   Malta,    Pans and
It Pays
To Bear in Mind
Tlml  repairs of  liigh-olass
workmanship can be obtained
at  mir  Btnrc  al rcaBiuiablc
prices.   Try uh uml be con-
C. P. II. Watch   Inaj'iL'tijiH
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J,
Deane- Herald Office. *tf
London.    They expect to be back   in
Cranbrook some time in May.
Mrs. and Miss Bellamy, who have
been visiting witli llu* family of A.
Pye since the holidays, left the first
of the week to return to their home
iu Vancouver, golnfl by way ol Spok-
ahe. I
P. Parks and Co, are removing the
partition at the rear of their store
and increasing their slore room. A
new business ofllce will in* fitted up
as soon as the rearranging is completed. |
Kd. Elwell is in Vicloria. '.lis
mission to the capital is to secure
au appropriation for the proposed
new school building in the southern
portion of the city ami another foe
the manual training school. -
Qdaltty is the first ami price the
second consideration in our furniture
department, and we stand ready to
prove our assertion to you. Come
iu and see lor yourself—-K. K.
Merc. House.
Writing desks, many uifft-rcnt styles
Prices from    Sfl.00 to 135.00.—E. K,
Merc. House.
Vic. Rollins' many friends will lie
pleased lo learn that he is making a
marked success of his new hotel
venture in Vancouver. Tho Oral
villi* Palace hotel is one ol Hid
most conveniently situated and best
appointed hotels in tbe Termina
City, ami ii is crowded day in and
day out, A brother, -lohn Rollins,
has come ou| from Toronto, to aai
sist ni ihc management and he is
making good, ".lack" has a way
with him which makes hosts ot
ftiends ami be is already om ol the
most popular young mm in Vancouver. I
Wc wish to inform our customers that wc have
received a
Large New Stock of Harness
In Team, Driving, and Express
The Driving w* have in all prices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock of CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter or son a new Cutter for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
Word has been received locally of
the death ol Rer. 11.(1.F. Clinton, of
Vancouver, in California. Itev. Mr.1
Clinton bad been ailing for some'
months past and bis trip to California was nintle with a view to
rccuperaMng. Deceased was one ol
tin* beat known clergymen in B.C.1
Kor many years he was rector ol
one (f the Vancouver churches and
bad liven actively and prominently
identified With Um- Masonic order. By
the craft 1 brum I'm ml the province.
Ins death    will be sincerely mourned.'
— |
Sedentary habits,   lack ol   outdoor!
exercise,   msiillicieiit mastication    of
food,    constipation, a   torpid liver,)
wont ami   im*>U't\, an-    the    most
common causes   of stomach troubles.'
Uorroot your   habits ami take Cham-J
Im*iIain's   Slomach    and   Liter Tablets ami yon will loon Ire well again.
Vor sale by all dealers. 5-tf
.los Miller, who recently came to
this city from Calgary, waa sentenced to sixty days at hard labor i.i|
Nelson jail tins week tor vagrancy
by Magistrate Ityan. His main line
ut eking out his livelihood was by!
gumbliug, according to the police,
and as the tin-horn is to he given J
short shift by the new regime ho
was ordered out ol town, but refused
to po. He tried to tell the police
their duty with tin' result -that for
the next two months he won't have
much time to practice short card
Win. Johnson and P. Williams
were brought up here from Moyie on
Tuesday hy Provincial Constable
tlrowning. The former charged
with vagrancy nml the latter with
forgery. Johnson is n dope fiend ot
Ihe worst character, ami was committed to Nelson jail for six months
hy Magistrate Ryan, in the hope of
effect ing a cure. Williams will coma
up for trial before his horn r Judge
Thompson. lie admits his guilt so
that his honor will he called upon
lo Impose   his  lirst    ik-ntence  aa  a
I judge on this occasion.
W. A. Milne, ol Seattle, who some
two years »*.')> put nn nu amateur
performance in tins city, is again in
the city with tin* object ol staging
a performance ol "The. Doll shop,"
an elaborately costumed musical pan-
| tomine, in which some one humii'i'd
and fifty adults ami children an- Included in    lhe   caste, all beautifully
I costumed to represent dolls and
toys, whicli come to life and hold .1
night of revelry, Mr, Milne will endeavor to secure the co-operation ol
some local organization in iin* presentation of this charming pantomime.
A piece of flannel dampened wilb
Chamberlain's Unlroont and bound on
lo the affeotcd parts is superioi to
any plaster. When troubled with
lame back or pains In iht- side or
chest give it a trial and you are certain lo be mole than pleased with
the prompt rcllcl which it altorda.
Sold by all dealers, B-tf
Kor bhe second day in succession,
bar silver was quoted in the New
York market this week at r»8J cents
the ounce. This is the highest price
silver has commanded since 1007,
when the average for the year was
65.3. The average prices for the intervening four veals were: 1!»0H,
52.8 cents, 1909, 51.5 mtU;
1911, 53.3 cents. This advance in
the price of silver ,oI approximately
five cents the ounce., is a matter of
great importance to mining men generally. To the mine owner of llie
Slccan district ol Hritish Columbia,
the higher quotation for silver is of
very great importance. The ores ol
tliat country average around inn
ounces of silver to the ton, rangln*
from 70 to K0 ounces in the case of
the Standard mine, up to 250 to
300 ounces in Ihe cases of the
fUmbler-Cariboo ami Reco proper-
tries. The higher -quotation therefore
means an added profit of approximately $5 a ton on the average. The
steady advance in silver of late is
almost entirely due to the increased
demand for bar silver from the far
east. Rupee reserves in India have
so greatly declined in quantity, thai
it has been necessary ol late to
make large shipments of gold coin to
that country. China, besides draining India of silver, has been a heavy
buyer of the while metal in th.1
United States. j
Tlw Kootenay Garage company, .\.
J. Mott local manager, make an interesting announcement in this week's
issue. They are offering Ford 1012
ears at exceptionally low prices,
among them a five passenger touring
car tor $375 and a two passenger
roadtser lor only $900. The Ford
car has> been well tried hereabouts
and found entirely satisfactory.
The customs collections for ihc
-month of Cammry amounted to
$5851.20, and Inland Revenue returns
to $1695.11.
Patrons of "The Country Girl"
will note a complete, transformation
scene in the Auditorium on Tuesday
evening. The interior of the building
is being renovated throughout, wails
papered and Italsomincd. In addition sign painter Mennie is preparing
an entirety new set of scenery, which
will add materially to the attractions of tlie stage. A hard wood
floor is also to he laid down
shortly. Manager (iuerrard Is determined to make the Auditorium
one of the most attractive amusement bouses iu the Pacific Northwest .
There is a possibility thai although
the apellate unit of llritish Columbia has denied the right ol Mi-,
Mabel Penary French of Vancouver
for admission to practice at the
Hritish Columbia bar, under present
statu.*, ry requirements, special legislation to meet the unanticipated tea-
Hirer of the case may he Introduced
by Attorney-General Bowser, ns head
of  the    provincial bar, dm ing      the
current    session.       It is under Mt 1
that the attorney-general is iu communication with the Hat association
in the matter, with a view to ascertaining all .lews before deciding
upon his official course ol notion.
II. S. Parsons. M.I..A., lor Columbia riding, writes: "In an interview
accorded to me by J. S. Detail,
C.P.R. land commissioner, he assured
me that bt* knew absolutcI\ nothing
ot any intention on lhe part ol ihe
C.P.R. to delay construction on tht
Kootenay Central railway but ou tlu
contrary anticipated that efforts
would bc made to hasten completion
Mr. Dennis expected that tails would
be laid (mm Golden to SpUHmacheon
within (our or live mouths and traffic
handled on tbat section beforo fall.
He also said that several ready made
(arms would be laid out between
Golden and Spillimacheen on thu
railway company's property."
"Tbe Country Girl" will bo the
attraction at the Auditorium next
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, a'
strong, well trained company of local
artists will produce this pleasing
operetta. Everything in the way I
ot costuming, scenery, etc., will Im
provided in tlie best stylo possible
The caste is an exceptionally
sliong one and a thoroughly eujoy-
ahle performance is assured. A special feature will be the orchestra,
trained by Mr. Geo. D   Ingram.      \1
Large Warehouse.    Apply F. J.
Deane. Herald Office. *tf
there will undoubtedly lie a big rush
for seats, honking should he attended
to early. Seats can be reserved at
Ural tic-Murphy Co.'s, commencing tomorrow (Friday).
('has. II. Martin, ol Wardnei, native nf ihe United Stales, and .lohn
T. Martin, ditto, are applying for
naturalization papers at the session
'.f county court to bo held in
ihis city on March 7Ui. Solomon
Koury, native of Turkey, will make a
similar application at the same
Hun'. Knul Widners, Norwegian,
of Ihis iily, and .lohn Duplanll,
Froueh, ol this city, will be applicants tor naturalization papers at
the session of the county court on
February 9th,
Major and Mrs. Green, wbn aro in
charge of Salvation Army work In
Western Canada, will pay a visit to
this city on February 7th and 8th.
On Wednesday evening, February 7th,
a welcome social will Ih* extended
tlw visitors at the Citadel, at 8.80,
at which the major will conduct a
Varied programme ol music and snug.
On Thursday evening, February 8th.
a great revival meeting will he held
in tho Methodist church, conducted
by Major and Mrs. Green. Captain
Stride extends a cordial welcome to
the public generally to attend this
meeting. There will be 110 admission fee, just a silver collection to
defray expenses.
The local Knights of Pythias will
j commemorate the 19th anniversary of
the establishment of iheir order by a
ball in the Auditorium < n Friday,
February IfHIi. The reception committee will include the following
Mesdames Boyes, Roblchaud, Moser,
Carr, Roberts, Main, Hall and Mc
Eaehern; Messrs, c. A. Porter, .1.
M. Boyes, .1. P. Fink, A. C. Bowness, K. A. Hill, F. M. Christian, II.
Roblchaud, J. It. Hall, R. Brooks
and C, Frazer.
The dance at Fort Steele in aid
of the Roman Catholic church was
held on the 251b January ami was
a great success, both socially and
financially. A big crowd turned oui
Irom all parts, including over forty
from Cranbrook, and others from
Marysville, Wardner, etc. The hall
was very prettily decorated, the floor
first-class ami the music troth in
lime and selection was, as is usual
with the performances of the Edison
orchestra, hard to beat. Refreshments at 12 o'clock were delicious
and invitingly served, and without
exception, the opinion was volunteered that no better dance has lieen given In .Steele. Dancing was kept
up till 3 o'clock in the morning a:id
only broke up to the great regret ol
tlie dancers. Everyone worked hard
lo make it a success, but special
mention should he made td Mrs. .1.
Walsh    for    her exertion in organls*
aud carrying it through.
Kaslo will hold a fair devoted entirely to cherries on July 81 next,
according to an announcement made
by J, W. Cockle who was in Nelsoi.
last week on   his way to attend   the
1 sittings ol the British Columbia
Fruitgrowers' association, which
meets at Victoria this week and of
which he is a member of tlie execu-
livef       "This   will   probably be tbe
I first cherry fair ever held in Canada," ho declared, "and the competitions will be open to Un* world.
We expect to have on display thousands ol boxes, cartons antl bottles
of cherries grown in all parts if the-
district." The show will he under
Uie auspices ol the Kaslo Fruitgrowers' association.
Foil SALE.—One registered Per
Chcron stallion, rising live years,
weight  BbOUt   1650; sound and gentle.
For particulars apply    s. J, Harrison, Wardner, B.C. W
LOST—A bunch ol keys, on p
ring, on Maker strtvt, between the
llolel Cranbrook and the post ofllce,
Finder will please return same io
Hetlld OfllOS.     Reward 5-It
hauling logs. Apply at Wattshuiir
Lumber Co . Wattsburg, B.C.      t-u
ROOM    FOR   RKNT.-Witb   hath.
suitable lor    one or two gentlemen
IAddress Hox !».. Herald t-it
FOR RENT.—Four roomed bouse
'Apply to Mrs John Leask, Uakei
street. :*-2t
TO RENT.—Well heated furnished
room wilh all conveniences. Apply
Mrs. John Tanner, phone 880.      l-lt
FOR    RENT.—Very  law watt*
house,   suitable for furniture, )launa,
feeil,    etc.,    J10 per month. App'y
Herald ofllce. ts-tl*
FOR BALE CHKAP.-One Chatham incubator. 250 egg capaeity, and
two Peerless Incubators, 200 egg ta
paelty each, and two brooders. All
as good as new. Apply F.. II. Slater, city. Mt
FOR RENT.—Very large warehouse suitable (or furnituir, pianos,
feed, etc, $10 per month Apply
Herald office 47 tf
-At the-
Model Variety Store
Just Arrived, a Carload of
French and German Fancy
Blown Glassware
In all shades and shapes, the finest assortment
of Art Glass that has ever been on sale in
Cranbrook; prices fiom 25c to 50c per piece.
• Just opened up a Fine Line of
• Stationery, V\ riting Tablets :
• and Box Paper
10c to 50c
Watch the windows for
Saturday Specials
• Will put on a Special Sale Every Saturday at  •
• Absolutely Wholesale Prices •
J —at  the— •
j Model Variety Store I
_   flu' Store that Saves Money for the buyer by giving nood   0
0 vulue for every dollar sjjent. •
• •
• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••a
!! BY- X
i,          - —
; |   Plastered Cottage, on Hanson Avenue,
jj 5 rooms, water, fenced, wood she.!      fl,£vv
;: Two Story Residence on a™.
slrotiu' Avenue. •>  Lots. T rooms, modern     *j  JAA
convenience! . .      *p«J,u"U
Terms can be arranged
' •   tatf* We welcome a perfonal inspection of our
Absolute lecarity guaranteed. Box rentals reasonable.   *
Annual Meeting of the
I- Cranbrook Agricultural Association
11 —
; I   Will be held in the New City Council Cham-
der. Wednesday night. Feb'y 7th
at 8 o'clock
Officers for the ensuing year will be elected
A large attendance of all Interested in the important work ol the Association
is requested
;  W. B. Bardgett.
AAAAAAAAA-v-v-w-w-w-w-*.-v-*.-t-v-t.-t. M
WW""▼"• *WW^i^WWWWWW *}
P DeVere Hunt,
ii.uv bated loi a tnnv    foi ...k by
all .l.-ulera. 5-tl
iintiii- made randy 2'» canti per >i>.
KOOS Knit IUTCH1NO.—Cryatal
Wit,,.. Orpingtons speclall) Rlec**}*!
brntteri   Irom     strlcll)    diat-clasi
*t.a-!;.     S! turtt* winter lavliiK st run..
19.00 pel iltllni ol U; lertllltj irui'-.Saturdays.      other days il rent
,ui<t,*l —ii   E.   Kendall,   Cranbroolf, j fag I'alm.
Boi ISO, frit 	
  I    l.ady out nursinr. (maternity cases)
FOR RENT.—Five roomed cottage. I wtvtei engagements, bousewurk    and
Poaaeaston al  *.     Phone 818.—B. IchUdnm no object.    Apply l". O. Boa
;> Shackleton. m'lj**.. Ml'
WANTED.—Large room "n llak.t
Hill,    to la'   us, ,l  as kindergarten.
Apply  Hox 238. 84V*
FOR SAI.K. CHEAP.—Two seroml
bind beating ilovat, Address Boi D.
Herald. 4-11
WANTED.—Situation in lumber ol-
hec as etenograpbef and invoice clerk;
tforoughly ex|ie*teaosd; Al   Rtetenca,
Appl)   Ho.   X, Herald oOlre I ll
I am now prepared lo put up    Iro
Vou are    probabl"      aware    that'lor    shipment   at   rrason.hlo   price.
i„ ,.„;ii„ alwayi ranilta Iron      a All order) »,n be given prompt   at-
,,,l,l. hui ii» neve! heart    "I a "d'1   tcnllon.
remitlng In  pwurnonUi  when Cham*
berlahVi Cough    Remedy   was uwal.
Why lake   Ihe oak when this miicd'
A. 0. McKatlalu-,
Moyle, B.C.
(I'lty drayman i Ml THK   UltANKItOOK   Ii Bit ALU
As an entertainer, the Edison Phonograph is
a wonderful thing. It brings the talent of the
world's greatest artists into the home and places
it at the disposal of whoever cares to listen. The
Edison Phonograph
has every improvement and advantage which the genius of
Thomas A. Edison has been able to suggest. Put one in your
home. Your whole family will welcome the new songs, the good
stories and the bright music. There is an Edison Phonograph
at a price to suit every purse. There are new records of all the new
music and songs every month. Any Edison dealer will demonstrate
and explain this greatest of all home entertainers.
Thera ar. Bdlaen deateri everywhere. Oo 0, the nearest and hear
the Kdlaan   I'hunneiaiili |il.,l   laitli  Wi*"" si ar.l aial Kdiaan
Aniber.il R,.„nis. I Irl ■ ..mi.l.-1.-, :>! .li.K.rrmn H.urilrnUTor frnlnu,.
K.lw,l, I'l,,,,,.*,.,!,!,- $16.501.. $240. Kill Mini.liird Ke,-,»r,l..«e.
Kdiwu Anil«T,.l II....nl. Inl.,} Iwitt- a. Iuiik). 65c. rjliswi llrand
Opera K.cnU. 85. I . $2.50.
A complel. Iin. of Ed«or, Phonoai.pH. .nd R.tor— will ba louad at
Beattie=Murphy Co., Limited, Agents
Cranhruiik, B. C.
100 Lft_eud-> Avmim
Newbro's    llerpicide    is    the
Only Original Remedy.
.lust because you happen to sec of
hear the statement somewhere, thai
another preparation will lull the dandrufl germ, stop falling hair and is
just as good as llerpicide, th n't he
fooled and allow yi uracil to ho
swindled out uf your money.
Vou want Newhro's Llerpicide, the
remedy that has been tried, has stood
the test of time anil now has mure
satislietl users thaw all other similar
preparations combined. An attempt
tu sell yon something cist* is merely
another effort lo profit fiom tbo
good name established from Uu* only
genuine dandrull germ destroyer.
llerpicide lulls the dandrufl Berin,
ami prevents falling hair. It stops
Itching of tho scalp almost Instantly.
It may he claimed that oilier bah
remedies will do lhe same tilings, bul
Llerpieide really tines them. Us years
nf success prove Ihis.
Send Hie. in postage tit* silver for
sample ami booklet tu The llerpicide
Co., Dept. U., Detroit, Mich.
All druggists sell Newhro's llerpicide. Applications may tie obtained
at good barber slmiis. Bcattlo-Mur-
phv t'o., l.iil., are Special Aymts
fm Cranbrook. one dollar size
bottles are guaranteed.
organized scheme to malic a big killing and was duly frustrated by the
prompt visit uf California mining
experts, who pricked the bubble.
Prosecutions may he Instituted.
Wben her child is in danger a woman will risk her life to protect it.
No great act of heroism or risk of
life is necessary to protect a child
Irom croup. (live Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and all danger is
avoided, For sale by all deal*
■     Iln
Let li
Tin- fallow
editor uf tbe Hi
bridge ts self-explanatory:
Bdltoi Cranbrook Herald, Cranlii
"Wbai is your opinion nt a professional baseball league comprising
Medicine Hat. Lcihlniilge. Cranbrook
and Nelson? Would ymi he sn kind
as lo gel Ihe feeling ul Cranbrook
sports un the mallei ami win* i"
In Uiis connection Saturday's
Lothbrhlgc Herald sa\s:
Last evening a fott uf (he i Id
stand-byes ol   the game here confire-
gahtl toipther   an.I bu ed up     the
situation uf affairs. They came io
■the conclusion thai the proposed Alberta league comprising lhe lour principal cities ni ih.* province was Impracticable, or at least Calgar) and
Edmuninu couldn'i nee cye-to-i ye
wilb Lethbridge ami Medicine I lai m
regard to lhe salary limit.
Wiih negotiations nil between tho
Aitbcrta olubs ami wltbcul anj hope
of an agreemenl being arrived at
should thej in* resumed tin- fans In
session began in look around ami
think something nc** Manj suggestions wen- made lu i*iisiiie Lclb-
hridge professional baseball in 1012,
Tiny all bad theli faults iiml drawbacks, witli ihe exception nf a combination, taking in Medicine I lal.
Lethbridge, Cranbrook ami Nelson. It
was an eleventh hom hlen .nni was
received with enthusiastic approval.
"It looks like a peach, bj gnu-.''
said une enthusiast, ami ilu- rest echoed Ins expression with a smile ami
tin* leollng thai a weighty problem
had been solvi ■'
How  would the otlier towns    lake
it, was the nexl question. "Wirt
proposition Immedlatclyi" came
Here the   Herald ua*. broughl un
aot|iusilioti ami was asked tn wire it
lliialil. that the\ mean hy "inde-
|mnielli hall" au organlzolloii nul
controlled hv -1*1' N.ui. mil Commls-
..iitii ami n<>t reipiiring a programme
ol iln- dimensions thai a regular
professional league would neccssl-
late, A league of Ihc semi-pro. va-
i-ji ly wiih merely a series uf games
1,1 he played is probably the kind of
i formation ihat appeals to Cranbrook.
Mr. Small's telegram reads as lolin ws:
Cranbrook,   DC,   .Ian. 27, 11)12.
Dubious about a tour-club league
propos!lion being a financial success.
Towns Inn far apart and population
ino small. Would lavor independent
hall, each town supporting Its team
Would be pleased tu arrange scheilnli
if   you favor  iiiilepemletil  ball.
K. ll. Small.
i 'ranbrook exhibits propci lore
si-hi in lhe matter, While Ihey
an* extremely strung fm* baseball
there ihey do tint rush headlong
favor uf a pr< position More taking
careful cognizance of the result
diilis of the Western Canada league
have done before, taking off a bigger
bite  of lhe    apple   than   they   were
contemporaries in tl» aforesaid eilies
and get the feeling Uiert The
Herald did a** requesled, ami the answers received are given herewith.
They glow with rapture over the
That the no* tali.nl ut organization
wottN make g I sccmi verj reasonable. Railroad < onnccl inns would
in- beiier, mileage about the same as
the formation including lhe four \1-
'in-rta cities which boi 'v been abandoned iMfausi- a suitable ialary limit
could not in* established.
A salary limit could he agreed upon
in this new Vlbcrta-B.C. league
then* is no doubt. Cranbrook comes
very close tn paying ilu required
amount for semi-pro hall now, it is
tinderstontl Nelson docs likewise.
The two B.C. tities
crazy" anil would support trams tn ,\
finish. The Alberta cities ate beyond question In holding iheir own in
thai respect.
A salary limit ut 11,200 a    month
WOUld he sillficiiiit, ni  even less.
able to chew.
It is safe tu say that Cranbrook
however, is open t< r sntne schooling
in ih.- matter of professional base-
hall. II they are not above being
shown, Leihbriilge and Medicine Hat
wiih their schooling in the game may
possible ho able to make it clear to
Cranbrook that the proposed fout-
cluh Alberta-British Columbia league
is nn pipc-drcam but a possibility,
The game timid nut Ih- run uu a
big scale. That is obvious, but it
could be worked nut on a scab* satisfactory tn tbe patrons of the game,
is tin* opinion of baseball men
The secret of the success of minor
league clubs |I{*s in     the liimuess     ol
ih.ii co-operation to live up to the
rules ol the league and not establish
a salary limit above their Btatton at
th.- outset. Tin- secret ol the
downfall nf the Wt-stett. Canada lea-
gin* was the teams going above their
Let the    Alberta-British  Columbia
proposition be run     within its mean'
*•■> , and   ml      nut   thai    n\er-/.iiiluusiiess
'■"';to wm the league al    anj cost  ami
il   will nourish.
Some may say, to play within our
means  would    imt    hi*     attract I v
enough baseball. If ihe league could
iiipporl teams with a salary limit
• >f 11200 there is no doubt of it
lieing as successful as any organization n( minors ever has been.
DnOTUF.n-lN-LAW       OK      KINO
Assouan,   Upper Egypt. -Ian. 80.—
Thr Duke nf Fife, biothei-iti-law     of
King Oeorge nf    Great Britain, died
hen*    at six o'clock last evening.
The Duke witb his family was on
the way to Khartoum lo attend the
"baseball[ consecration ot the new cathedral
there ami was stricken with a chill
at Wndj Haifa. His condition became serious ami tbe DUChCSS tabled
tn London lot her private physician
Who ditl nol reach the sick bed in
lime In see the Duke alive.
The Irip to Egypl had been at-
Cranbrook is nol altogethei in lav-1 tended with exciting Incidents) tin*
or ol the nowlj proposed baseball shipwreck on the Moroccan coast
league embiai'iug l.etbbtitlge, Medl-jbeing seven* un a man ul si\t\-thiee
cine Hal, Craobrook and Nelson.        years ol age.
Thai independent baseball is more. King Oeorge is on ihe Medina on
desirous there is ihe Intelligence Con*. Ills way home, (torn the I'm bat and
veyed to the Lethbridge Herald    hv |r due to   arrive al SouUtampton iu
wire from I', II Small, om- ul a iln\ ni Iwo. Effort! ate being
Cranbrook's leading sporl promoters I nwdo in reach bim in wireless tu
Wc take it here, say* th<  liCthbrldgc acquaint    him   ol the death of    bis
hroihcr-in-law.      Great  preparations
were being made lo give his majesty
a lining welcome home frum nis
unprecedented tour sn far as kings
an*   concerned, but it is now    likely
lo be greatly      modified.       The Duke
of Pile being related to both the
King of (ileal Britain nnd the King
id Norway, two courts are plunged
in mourning ami anything resembling
festivities in connection with tho
king's return would be out of lho
Alexander William George Dufl was
born iu IS I!) and sat iu the bouse of
commons as Liberal member lor Elgin and Nairn from IHjl to 1870. Ho
succeeded to the title of Earl of Fife
in 1870 and was created a duke ia
1880. On July '27, 1*880, he married
Louisa Victoria Alexandra Paginal*.
daughter ol the late King Edward
VII. and sister uf Oeorge V. lie
leaves two daughters, Alexandra ami
Maud, both nf whom accompanied
him to Egypl. lie was a nephew
by marriage nf lhe Duke nf Con-
naught, governor-general of Canada.
(lang whaur ye will, Tae dig or
till, Tae seat t atiltl inither air tli
For barley, oats—For mall or
groats,—Here's lac our land n' birth.
Tu lind a hame Oct here wc came,
Tae dig iu Canada, Bul hearts wc
have And folk we love Arc left
among ye aw. li ye wld thrive And
feel alive Antl siller have iu view,
Pack up ve're box And comco rich!
here the llun. The aultl llag floats
Ower rail autl boats, They speak tho
langwfdgc tae. It's easy gawin'.
The country's eaa'in Frac every bill
and brae.
('aa' in ye that hat- aspirations,
a.i' what Scot bas nat* to come tint
anil settle doon in Cauatla aim ng
yore ane kith ami kin. Man (here's
hills intilt, and lochs inlilt, gran
land Inlilt, ami gold intilt-, malt than
ye'll *.,'■ by gnwln' even up tae
Lunncn, and there's the country, man
—that big ye can cui up, the croft
lae aw tlie bairns and bairns' bairns
ami aye hat* lots to spare.
Our country    needs   lads frac Auld
Scotland      Wl   Ihc same dngid  speerit
o' the laddie lhal was burled in the
rubbish When lhe aubl house lumiut'l'
led down years ago in Bnbry.on up
of 'im—"Heave awa\ lads, he managed lu say to ihe navvies reskyin'
im* "I'm no deed ycl." Nae
maihr boo hard the world's agin ye.
This hraw New Year Just isay the
same lac yoorsels—Cuae, lads, we're
im deed yet—"Ilka hlaid o' grass
buds its uin drop o' dew." Cuae and
link for the dew. II ye'ie Scotl
yell bud it. Ve jusl tuk thai Irac
im*. A (iuitl New Year tae ye ate!
tllnliV u' them.
Within two years anothei railway
fine will have been ennslriuted into
Montreal. The Cenl tal Railway
Company uf Canada, has granted lo
Messrs. C. J, Willis and Suns, ol
London, the well known ruin nl
English contractors, the contract in
construcl a double-track line between .Montreal and Ottawa, lhe
lirst Bcotltn of the new road winch
the Central Railway proposes building between Montreal and Midland,
Onl.. a town on   lhe Georgian Bay.
The whole line when completed)
wilt he I'll* miles long, antl will likely all lie constructed by Messrs.
Willis ami Sons. The lies lor tbe
new road have already been purchased and tenders li.iw lieen called [or
for ihe steel. Work will start
on the Montreal to Ottawa section
in   the spring.
TAKE NOTICE that William Murdoch, ui Flagstone, B.C., occupation
millmaii, Intends lu apply for permission tu puri'liasc ibc following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted on
the soulb end ol au island hr tlio
East Kootenay river, and iu a direct
linn with the north lino of Block
827, commencing at the said post
and contlnlng along shore to point of
William Murdoch.
Dated January 5th, ltus. 3«0t
tliat thirty days after tlate, I intend
lo apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner oi Lands ami Works foi i-
llccnse to prospect lor coal and petroleum nu tht! fullnwing lands, situalc in the District ol South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Hloek 4503:
Commencing al a post planted at
or near 2 miles cast of the It mile
post on tbe C.I'.H. survey on( the
west boundary of Block 15!).*. and being the N.W. corner posl of Wm. M.
Neai claim; thence .south 80 chains;
Ihence cast 811 chains; thence north
su chains; thence west 8(1 chains to a
point ot commencement, making ti 10
acres, more or less.
Located Ibis 1 litis day of November,
Boy Allen, Agent for
Wm. M. Ncal, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
FOR SALE.-A pair of good
shafts; almost new. Apply Box 5,
Herald ofllce. 47-tT
The Leading Hub in cut* Collage
of tlie Northwest
Where young people can receive
a thorough hiuduetsB training.
Is in HUHuioii twelve months in
tbo year.
Nn entrance examination*].
Board and room at very reasonable rates.
We secure positions fur our
Our new beautifully Illustrated
catalogue neiit flee upon request.
Write for it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lst A Madison    •     SPOKANE
«i ■
Ihat thirty days afler dale, I hittt*
to apply to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works toi •
licenso to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block -1503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near l miles cast of the 43 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary nf Block 4598 and being the N. %'. corner post of Bert E.
Palmer claim; thenee scttth 8(1
chains; thence east HI) eliains; thenee
north 80 chains; thence west SO
chains lo a point td commencement,
making 640 acres, more or less.
Located this lath day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Bert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Uim.iiih with Hatha.   'I'lione in
every room
Hurlier Shonon tlie pretniffefl.
Thoroughly nji-timlate.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
OEO. I'. WEI.L8, Proprietor
H. TUMKIN, Manager
Builder and
Septic Tanks nml Concrete
Work Renorally a
;; Estimates   Freely  (liven. *
P.O. Box 346
!! Cranbrook, B.C.
A.M. Can.Soc. 0. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Oranbrook Prog nnd Bonk
Co'n. Store
Tele, hono 380 P.O. Box87
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator: never falls. Thett
pills are exceeding!v powerful in iegul.'itmu tie
generative portion of tlie female ByitCRl. Kefuifl
all cheap imUnttans. Dr. de Vmu'm nre s<>t.l at
Mabox.rir three Inr |UI. Mailed X; .n»v .nl J*•*-■*-~.
Tha ItwlMll Drag Co., 81. «'i*tliat■In.'-., "'it
For sale at llcatii*.  Murphy  &  Co.,
Opimaite O.P.K, Station
Heiulquiirters for nil kinds of
Satisfaction Gunrnntccil
The Shoe Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
Gtneral Merchant!
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
It yuo want satiifaction with
your washing send
it to
Hpeelal prieea for family work.
Winnipeg, .lan. 80,—TIto Manitoba
pi ovhtclnl police nre Investigating
Rome nspeolfl ill tin* Mlhltonaa placet
Ihi-oiii.        It Ih  .,itil to hftVC Ini n     mi
l'hone: Seymour 71)
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -       B. C.
Two hundred oleKautly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience, Elevator service. Cafe in connection. Itpouis
$1.00 per dny nntl upwards.
Dp-country visitors lo the Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort at the Oranvillo Palace, Bpecinl
attention heinx paid to their wants.
___■_•__■>«■_■ _*_■_■Be
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc
Money to loan on fitvorulile iitiiib.
Every earn mnl comlort
A homo Irom home
Spuclnl attonllon in uaatia ot
Maternity, llheainatlmn
nml rnoumoaia
Terms moilerato
MKS. E. BENT, Matron.
P.O. am I'lione mi
11US. KINO & llRlil-N,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlce at Knlil.au,  Arui.troni A,a
KorencHin. 1.00 to 10.00
Alteriiooln - - - 3.00 to 4.00
Evenings - - • - 7.80 to 1.30
Sundays - - - - 3.30 to   4.10
URANBROOK :l    :i    ll    l.    B. 0
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   a p.m.
Olltca In Hanson Hloek.
1'RANBHIIPK -        - B. C.
Oranbrook and Fort Steele
Ti.|. No. n:l
Norbury Ave., next to City Hull
I*iiv Phone i'.'.'.'.
NIbIiI I'lione :I05
B.  C.  land  Survayor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATEI
For family nae thero ifl nntliinir
ao whoieaome anil ao pure na
s /
W. R. Beatlr. Kunaial Dlratto.
Cranbrook B. C.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
I'lione i.i'.l Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstroii|{ Ave
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown and Undue Work
a npeoialty.
Olliue over P, 1'nrkB Iliirdwiire
Store, linker Street
Phone No. i'M
, Vim Homo sii.fi   (oppoblls  Pi'inii i
<\5CVff.        Cranbrook    Lodje,
..■',»>&:'> I No. 14
y$*W£*       A.F. _ A. II.
iti'Kiilnr ineetlnga oa
the   third   Tliur.daj
w ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. .1. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. 1'eck, Secietuiy.
ClllfflUENT latiUGB No. Hit
Cranbrook, ll. C.
Meeta   every   Tuesday at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. «. ,lont's, 0, 0.
,i. M. Poyoa.K, ol It. N. S.
VIsltliiR brethren   cordially Invito*
to attend.
Meet, lu   Fraternity Mall First and
Third Friday..
T. Fraser, E. ('.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meeta every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially luvltad.
II. .1. Ilenilull, W. H. Harris,
N. O. Seo'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in eacb month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.—II. Clayton.
Sorlbo-W. M. Harris.
No. 19.
Meet, every second and  lourth Wea-
ncsday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Itebekahs cordially In-
Miss Ada llickenbotbam,N.Q.
Miss M. Hlckenbotham, Stc.
Meets in C'nrrccn'a Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 9
p.m. Rharp
Win. Henderson, CR.
A. Clark, jr., Hox 27S, See'y.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday ot eacb month at
s p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu llaywaril.  lire. Sec.
IV. II. MeFarlane, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<•♦♦♦< j
i   Sunday morning service at 11
i       o'clock
Sunday   evening    service   at
7.30 o'clock
I ;   Sunday      School   and    Ilible
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
at 8 o'clock
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
-Phone.  284.       I*. O.  Box 311.
Regular Seivicea -Sunda., 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; lllblt
School with Young Ladles'
Phllethca and Yonng Mea'a
lllhlc Class, 3 p.m.
Monday, Young Peoples', 8
Wednesday, Mid. Week Meeting,
A cordial Christian welcoma
to all.
Ci.rrit'M n full stock of
Repairs (or abnvtn uIwhjh
in stouk
: CKANBKOOk-fiiKN.f.
I'rwiiJoill : T. S. UiU
SMrataryi 8, Maooonalu
For Infurmtllon re-jiinling Inthli
ami  Hgrlaullnre   tii*i*iy   io the
Si'i:n*i»iy, Urttliliruoki It. C.
Kvi'i y Hui'oiitl Wt'ilni'Mliiy
Electric Restorer for Men i
PhOSPhonol i"'0'*--- every nerve In ths body I
■    i      ■!» Ill |iroper tension; rtittorei '
yi ii mi'l vitnlitv.  I'rentature (lecny mpl nil icximl ;
 ~   iivrtni tt cure.    PlwMpbMol will I
>v*,.>.iiu-»   Hi'i.i-u   hi unie.     rmnpMioi       ,
'i.i*.-...ii :i iii'tv man.   I'dce JDa lioK.'ir two l<>i ,
*.-).   Mnilpilt.tnHVH'littMfl.   Tk«l>WWUDni|
t :•>., St. tL-KlliftrlnM, Oak
For sale at Deattle-Hurpb} Co., Ltd.'
. .. .           Co^vniQHTt Ac.
^n?fm-t Mmrilm » M*M «nrt dmsirtion m«r
Qtili'klr UMrUlti Mir Om n fr«ewliallinr mt
•ent froe. t'l-l'-nt nu<*"*' y fiirr-Murinilwlfiiii.
I'ntfliiti Uhen llir.tiuli Jtnim kvo. Mcwtn
tii'i-lnl r4fi(f, wlthnut€h»No,lntfc»
Scientific JUMrtcn.
A rmntlrrtitrMy illiMtniiH wwklf. Ia*u**4 rir
.iilrUiim ul nny uli-ntult' |.iinm.l. 'It-rni-i tirf
1'ittnH, fit*, i. y*Mt, iHMtairu |iti-i«M.   Hold lij THE   OBAN11I1UOK   HERALD
Tlie public benefactions ol 1011
haw amounted in this (.'01111117 to
more than $150,000,000, according to
llu* figures compiled for tlw 1912
issue uf the World Almanac.
This total was only once exceeded--
in 1900, when tlie aggcegnto approximated $175,000,000.
A ml row Carnegie has this year given away more limn $-10,000,000,
Mis large*! gift was JM.OOO.OOO to
lo Uie Carnegie Corporation of New
York, specially organized hy lhe legislature nt Albany lo carry 011 Uie
iron man's charities,
Mr. Carnegie, who is now u little
more Ihan seventy-seveii yents of
ftgC, lus given In Ihc plllilie QVOt
Tlie elder John D. Rochcfoller'B
pulilirty iiniiouiiei'il gifts this ynu
have not amounted in all to more
Ihan $2,000,000, tf whieh $1,915,000
went to the University i'l Chicago
and $1,000,000 lo the Rockefeller In-
si it ule for Medical Research in New
York City. The rest was to colleges far west ami smith. The donation to the University ut Chicago
was the second annual Installment
of the "single nml final gift" of
$10,01)0,1101) to that institution.
The second largest individual giver
was Frederick C. Hewitt, who left
$2,000,000 to the post graduate Medical School and Hospital and $2,000,-
000 to the Little Missionary Day
Nursery, holh New York institutions.
Joseph Pulitzer bequeathed more
than $:i,i!(MUiH0 to public uses.
desirous ol finding a way out ol tin.'
deadlock, tliere ls n general tooling
that n national strike which would
adcot about nine hundred thousand
men will ho avoided.
>       —
The productive forest area in 1008
on the Grand Duchy of Hesse in
Europe amounted to 182,203 acres.
In general the standing timber is
composed of sixty-nine percent hardwood and thirty-ono per cent coniferous forest. The fir ranks first
among the coniferous species. The
total yield of lumber in 1008 was
4,575,000 cubic feet. Refuse in so
far  as it is not    suitable for lighter
lumber, such as laths or for pulp, is'the lowest in the world,
used for firewood. The expenditures \ dine in Uie death rate was due to
for salaries, forest cultivation and .ihc combined efforts of mine owners,
road building amounted to npproxi- workmen and administration nf
niately $751,000, and the total gross | mines; to diffusion ot technical and
wan $1,161,931.      The capital repn
Ottawa, Jan. 31.—Statistics compiled by the commission of conservation show that, the dealh rate iu
Canadian coal mines is much higher
than in any other civilized country,
lu 1002, the year of tla; Fernie disaster, the dealh late per one hundred
men employed (above and below
ground) reached Ihe maximum of
The average rate for the ten years
preceding 1910, however, was 4.79,
United Slates comes next with an
average for tlie same period of 9.43,
Perhaps tin; worst aspect of the
situation is Ihe fact that the death
rate from coal mine accidents lias
been steadily on the increase in
Canada for a number of years. The
minimum rate of 1.83 was reached In
Iu 1900 the rate was 4.21. During
the same lime there has been a
steady decrease in all leading European countries.
It would, of course, be unreasonable to expect tbat tho loss of life
and property could be entirely done
away witb but experience has shown
that careful investigation of conditions will point the way to tlie
remedying of many abuses.
That the danger in coal mining is
being largely eliminated is shown by
the low constant death rates in Belgium and Great Britain. Coal mine
explosions arc much more frequent in
Canada and tlie United States than
in any of the European countries. The
following example is exceedingly significant: lu 1850 the fatality rate in
Belgian coal mines was as high as
the present Canadian death rate,
while at tbe present time it averages
This    de-
(iioiii lumlii-i  and firewood)  professional knowledge, and lo admin
istnvtive    organization   for scientific
sented by lhe forests ($82,665,354)
brought interest accordingly al 2.21
pw cent. Where intensive forestry
of this kind is practised, forest fires
are unknown. Sufficient money spent
on Canadian forcflf reserves would
greatly reduce the lire danger, maintain an adequate lumber supply for
tlw* country and in time become a
source of revenue to tho government.
Birmingham, Eng., Jan. 81.—Tht
conference of delegates ol tbe mine
federation has decided to giro nol
for a national stoppage of work
Hit* coal mines In Greal Britain.
end of February, however, Is bhe
date nt which tbe notices can
come effective, Tbe notice is accompanied t,y an Intimation ihat bbry
me ready to continue negotiations
for settlement. The conference has
adjourned until February 1st.
As both sides appear to he hear til]
study of accidents.
Although tin- death rate in metal-
iterous mines in Canada is lower
than in tbc coal mines it is much
higher than in any of the European
countries. The death rate in Canada
for the period 1900 to 1900 was 3.82.
With the exception ol Kimbcrley
diamond mines and Transvaal when*
native and Chinese labor are employed the fatality rate during this
period (looo to 1909* was considerably lower elsewhere than in Canada.
It required no discussion, says tbe report, t< emphasize tbe Importance ot
an inquiry into the whole subject of
fatal accidents in mines in Canada.
;;; fl. C. AIOS ARE FAR
I   Appearing in  a entrant issue      nl
i.isiu■'*   Weekly is on article written
The Mum Lhe Ash Compsny
Htm oriu.i :  Winnipeg. caNAOa
ASSURANCES. H*» assuraneal Usual and r<>vi>e<l,,i,iiii .mo. Premiums
op sarna, IW.HM.m, Total business In lores, 14,006,148. Premiums
„n iarae,'flBo,IKI4,f)ll,
INCOME,  I'a.i, im-,,rn,- from I'lrmitiiiiaaiul Interest. 1112.88S,antnereaio
over 1910 ol 4J'_-..r,lit
DEATH CLAIMS.   118,083*00, being practically ttiessme na 1910,  Thills
loaa than Dlljrpor conl  ol o speetatlon, •ml emphasises the
excellent eiaaa ,,i business selected.
ASSETS. -|88i,431.78, an Increase over 1010 nl $89,984 88.
GROSS SURPLUS, i... i.i.i.i'n Paid-up Capital, 1191,000 811, In ailillilnn
there Is tlie Uncalled and Bnbserlbed Capital ol tiKKi.ooo. which in
itaelf iaan euormoiia available bulwark lor tlie MOUrltf ol Policyholder..
INVESTMENTS.—Bevenl*.seven per cent, ol onr Ledger Arret. »re in
Wettern first Mortgages, wiih security ol over |400 lor every .100
loaned Ihe average rntr, ol Interoal earned lor the year being 7.78 '1 .
Comparative Table nf Four Years' Progress
for Vaar
Un*. Slat
A...,.i.. exclii-,     Aruiur-anc*
■lv,.,,riln-    1
callwl Caliilal ]        In force
Net Surplin
*f el.il ve
of Capful
$90,313 $302,497
S112.B32 S362.431
1)1 RECTORS.- J.T. (lordon, President; N. Bawll, Ist Vlce-Pie.id.nl;
E L. Taylor, K C, 2ml Vice-President) D. E. Bpisgue, Hon. Rol,t.
Iliinera, II P. Carruthuis, James Murphy, E. rl. Ponbsm. II 1).,
(I. A. Uharlton, M.D., 0. 8 Csowikl, C. E. Gordon, T. J. H. Skinner,
II. W. Kchlin, It. (i. ironside;.I. \V. W. Ntenarl, Managing Diieclor.
Complete Statement mit'/ed on request
C. R. WARD, District Manager
Cranbrook Agency Co. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Lost Vitality
CoL-used    by    Kidney*
Stomach and Bowel
St. .John, N.B., September ISlh,
HUI.—My brother was a great sufferer from kidney, stomach and bow-
el troubles and was given tip hy two
doctors. He was advised to try
your Kip Tills, which he did, and
afler taking live boxes was completely restored to health and is better today Ihan he has been for years.'
You can't recommend Fig Pills too
.). W, Manvers.
At all dealers, 2**> autl SO cents ot
The Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold hy the Cranbrook Drug &.
flunk Co., Ltd.
by Robert D, Helnl, Uu: Washington
correspondent1 id tbo magazine, which
sets forth In convincing style tho superiority ni tin- aids in navigation in
itnNsli Columbia waters over those
maintained by the United Slates government in Alaska. This is not the
lirst story which has appeared in
American magazines on the same
subject, but it is one of tbc most
concise nnd Informative cf all. In
part Mr. Hcinl says:
"There could not lie a better way
to show how criminally negligent
Congress has hem in this matter
than to compare the splendid maimer
iu whieli the adjacent waters of British Columbia are lighted witb that in
which those of Alaska are lighted, in
six hundred miles of Hritish Columbia waterways, traversed hy American ships, the federal government
maintained over one hundred lighthouses and lights of the best type,
while, as bas heen remarked fnr all
Alaska, a coast line estimated at
thirty thousand miles, with the
worst weather and storm conditions,
this government provides the utterly
inadequate number of seventy-four.
"If there are any lanterns mi
stumps of trees in British Columbia
tne fact is not published. From tho
British Columbia line, one American
skipper told mc that he had travelled
ten thousand miles in southeastern
Alaskan waters without seeing a
light or hearing a sound from a fog
horn, ll is a fact ihat in tbe seven
hundred miles from Cape Hinehin-
broak, at Ibe entrance to Prince William Sound, to Scotch Cap, Cnimak
Pass, tbere is not a single light and
but one buoy. The course is solid
rook bottomed, the channels narrow
and crooked and whipped by heavy
gales. In .summer sixty per cent of
the days are fuggy* It snows every
day in winter ami spring,
"From I'liimak Pass to Attn, in
the Aleutian Islands, nine hundred
miles in a straight line, the aids to
navigation provided consist of two
buoys in a harbor. Everything with
regard to navigation in that part nf i
the North Pacific is bad. An ex-
perienci-d navigator told me that this I
territory was not even decently
charted, j
•In the comparatively few hundreds of miles of British Columbia
waters there are upwards of fifty fog
signals. Alaska's thousands of miles
havt* but ten. British Columbia has
in its equipment steam horns, com-
pressi-d air sirens and diaphoncs.
wtristtes operated by lite motion of
the waves, Daboll trumpets, bells
struck by machinery as often as
every ton seconds, Mis sounded by
the explosion ol gas—in fact, everything we havo and much more.''
Block 4503:
Commencing at a posl planted at or
near 2 miles east of the 3fl tn-le post
on the C.P.lt. survey on tlie west
boundary of Block 1503 and being
the N.W. corner post ol Aha A.
Young claim, t hence snnih 80
chains, tbence easl 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; tlwnco west 80
chains to a point of commencement,
making 040 acres, more or less.
Located this 16th day d! November,
Roy Allen, Agenl for
Alva A. Voung, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo, _ ">t
that thirty days after tlate, I iiiUi-'
to apply to the Hon. Chief Con»
missioner of Lands and Works foi i
license to prospect for cnal and pel
roleum on the following lamls, situate in the District "f South Kasl
Kootenay, British Columbia, In
Block 46.3:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 1 mile east nf the 43 mile
post on tbe C.P.lt. survey on tbe
west boundary of Block 4508 and being the N.W. corner post of Marry
H. Walker claims; Ihence south SU
chains; thence east 80 chains; tlicnce
nortii 811 chains; thenee west .SO
chains; lo a point if commencement,
making 610 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of November, 1911.
Boy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-.U
that thirty days alter date, 1 int..-
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for *•
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Kasl
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block -1.703:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 43 mile
post on the C.P.lt. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4fi03 and being the N.E. corner post of Harry
II. Walker claim; thenco south su
chains, thenco west 8ll chains; tbence
north 80 chains; tbence east SO
chains to a point if commencement,
making 010 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of November, 1911.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. _-JI
How in cure a enld is a question i:i
which many are Interested just now.
Chamberlain's rough remedy has won
iis great reputation and immense
sale by i's remarkable cure of colds.
It can always Ih* depended upon. For
sale bv all dealers. 5-tf
the intention nf the undersigned to
apply lo the Lieutenant-Governor in
Council for approval of their propositi undertakings autl works in connec-
tion with Water License Number
1571, dated June 25th, 1011, tot
twenty-live cubic feel |K*r second out
of Mark Creek. The maps and plans
of the proposed undertaking and
works will he open tn public inspection at any time during business
hours at the office of the Water
Commissioner at the Oovcrnment
Building in the City of Cranbrook tor
thirty days after tbe first publication
of this notice, in the Cranbrook Herald. Application will also be mad
to tho Lieutenant-Governor in Coun
eil to correct the description ol tbe
point of diversion from Stemwindcr
dam, Lot 3032A, to Stemwindcr dam
Lot 3033, and desrriptlon ol the
point cl user as on Lot 2043, Instead
of on Lot 9828, Group One, Kootenay
The Consolidated  Mining & Smelting
By Their Solicitors,
Hamilton «v Wraggr.
Dated Dec. 18th, 1911. 51-51
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka lor *
license to prospect, for coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lands, situate In tbe District of South East
Kootenay,     British    Columbia,    In
tbat thirty days after date, I int.w-
tc apply to the Hon. Chlel Cor-*
missioner of Lands and Works f..i *
license to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on the following lauds, situate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 45-03:
Commencing at a post planted al
or near 8 miles east nf the 13 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4503, and 1.-
ing tbe S.W. corner post of Harry
II. Walker claim; thence north 80
chains; thence east R0 chains: thenee
south 80 chains; thence west 8*t
chains; to a point of commencement
making U10 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Virip. 2
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works foi .
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 mites east of tbc 13 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4593 ami being the N.E. corner post of Bert K.
Palmer claims, thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence easl So
chains to a point of commencement,
making 810 acres, more or less.
Located this l.'itb day of Novcmhtl,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Bert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 8-51
that thirty days after date, I iuttU
in apply to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fnr t
license to prospect for coal and petroleum ou the following lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, In
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
cr near 1 mile east of the 41 mile
post oil the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4593 aud being the N. E. corner post of -lolin
llaynes claim; thenee south 80 chains,
thenee west 80 chains; tbence north
80 chains; thence east K0 chains to a
point of com mencement, making B10
acres, moro or less.
Located this lllh day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
.lohn llaynes, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-*>t
that thirty days after date, I iiii.v-
In apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for *
license to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of tbc 41 mile
post ou the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4503 and be*
ing the N. W. corner post of John
I laynes' claim; tlicnce south 811
chains; thence past 80 chains; theucf
north 80 chains; tbence west Ku
chains; to a point of commencement
making li 10 acres, more or less,
Located Ibis llth day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
.liilui llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, 1 luU_-
tn apply tn the Hon. Chief Cc*
missioner of Lands and Works fnr .*
license to prospect for cnal and pet
roleum nn the following lands, sllli
ate in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 30 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on west
boundary of Block 4503 and being the
S. W. corner posl of Mary Largey
claim; thence north 80 chains; thenee
cast 80 chains, thence south B0
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point of commencement, making G10
acres, more or less.
Located this llth day of November
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 3-5
tbat thirty days after dale, 1 intent
t.i apply to the Hon. Chief Cos*
missioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and pel
roleum on the following lands, situate iu the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 45*33:
Commencing    at a post planted at
or near   1 mi.e    east    of    the    30
mile post on   the C.P.R. survey
tho west boundary ot Block 4593 ami
being tho    N. K. corner post of M
Maty Largey claim; thence south
thence west 80 chains, thence
KU    chains;   thence    east M)
to a    point of   commence*
making 610 acres, more      nr
this lltli   day <•( Nnvem-
t liains
n i cut,
ber, POL
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator
Witness: .lohn Virgo.
that   thirty days after date, I Intc
I to  apply   to    tlie Hon.   Chief Coi
missioner of  Lands ami   Works fnr t-
license to   prospect for cnal ami j*-*^
roleum on   the following lands, ■Burn    *n     the  District ol   South Kast
Kootei. v,     llrilish    Columbia,    lo
lilnck 4.7 '.J:
Commencing at a p"st planted ol
or near I mile cast of the 39 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary ol Block 450'l and
lieing Ibc N.W. turner post of Mary
Largey claim; thence south BO
chains; thenco east 811 ehains, thence
north 80 chains; Oie-nce west 80
chains to a point ot coin mencement
making 840 acres, more or less.
Located this llth day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator.
Witness: .John Virgo. 2
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Com*
missioner of Lands and Works foi 1
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District ot South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 41 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey    on     the
west bounoaly of Block 1503 and bo-1 	
ing the S.W. corner post of Mary | NOTICE LS HEREBY OIVKN
Largey claim; tbence north SO that thirty days after date, 1 tnUM
chains; thence east. 80 chnins; thenee to apply lo tlie Hon. Chief Corn-
south 80 chains; thence west 80 missioner of Lands and Works for .1
chains; to a point of commencement, license to prospect for coal nnd pet"
making 640 acres, morn or less. j roleum on the following lands, situ-
Located this 14th day nf November, ate in the District of South East
HUI. I KooUmy,      British    Columbia,     in
Roy Allen, Agent fnr Block 4.7*93:
Mary Largey, Locator. <    Commencing at n post planted     at
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-fit or  near 1    mile east of Ihr 41' mile
post on lho C.P.H. survey on Lhe
west boundary of Block .598 and being the S.E. corner post of .lohn
llaynes' claim, tbenco north SU
chains, tbence west 80 chains; thence
south SO chains; thence east 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making 640 acres, more or less.
Located this J3lb day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days alter date, i inttw
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands antl Works for *
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situ-
ie in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4503:
Com ment ing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of the 37 mile
post on the CP.R. survey on wesl
boundary of Block 1793 ami bei_4
tbe S, W. corner post of Mr. Sellars Largey claim, thence north St)
Chatn&l  thence east 81) chains;   thenee
uth 80 chains; thence west SU
chains; to a point ol commencement,
making 010 acres, more ur les*..
Located this (ith dav of November,
Roy Allen, Agent fnr
Mr. Sellars Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days alter date, I Intet.
to apply lo the Hon. Chief Com
missioner of Lands am*. Works fot »
license to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on tbe following lands, situ
ate iu the District of South Kast
Kootenay 1 [(nl ish Columbia,
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or neat 2 miles or Did chains cast
of 37 mile post of C.P.R. survey on
west boundary of Hlnck 4593 and being
the N. W. corner post of Mr. Sellara
Largey claim; thence south SO
chains, ihence east 80 chains, thencv
north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, to a point of commencement,
making till) acres, mure or less.
Located this 6th day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mr. Sellan Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. _-5t
that thirty days after da'.c, I iv.\***m
to apply to the Hod. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works foi t
license to prospect for coal and pet
roleum nn the following lands, situate in the District ol South En*
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4*?93:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles cast of the 43 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4593, and being the N. W. corner post of llarr;.
IL Walker claim; thence south SO
chains, thence east 80 chains, thene-;
north Sn chains, thence west SO
chains, to a point ot comraencemer.
making ti 10 acres, mere or less.
Located this 15th day of Novt-mjbi*1
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry H. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, I lntdt-1
to apply to the Hon. Chief Cow
missioner of Lands and Works for *
license to prospect fnr coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Ea-,1
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 45*3:
Commencing at a post planted a'
or near 2 miles or Did chains ea*-.'
of 37 mile post nf C.P.R. survey or
west boundary of Block 1598 and be
ing the S. W. corner pest of Mr
Sellan Largey claim; theme norti
sn chains thence east so chains
thence south SO chains, tbence west
80 chains, to a point of commence
ment, making 840 acres, more Ol
Located this (ith day of Novcmt-rr
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mr. Sellars Largey, Locator.
Witness* .lohn Virgo. Ml
that thirty days after datr, 1 inUa.
to apply to the Hon. Chief Com*
mlssloncC ol Lands ami Works for ..
license to prospect for ci>al and petroleum on the following lands, situate in tbo District ot South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles nr Din chains east ot
37 mile pott ol CPU. survey tr
west boundary Ol Bock 4.793, and DO
ing the N. E. cornet post of Mr
Sellars Largey claim; thenee south
HO chains; tbence west SU chains,
thence north SO chains, ihencc east
SO chnins; to a point td comment ►
ment, making lilll acres, more ol
Located this BUl day ot Nnvembrr,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Mr.  Sellath Largey,   Locator
WUimm: John Virgo. Mt
that   thirty days after date, I inteiii
apply   to    tbe Hon.   Chief Commissioner of Lauds and   Works fur 1-
IIcenf» to   prospect for coal and p**-
roleum on   the following lands, situ-
in     the  District of   South Kast
Kootenay,     British    Columbia,     [»
Block 45-93:
Commencing at a post planted    a*-
r near 2 miles cast of the 39    mile
post on   the   C.P.R. survey on    tbe
west boundary of Block -1593 and being the   S.W. corner post of Howard
Neai claim,     tbence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 ehains,  tbence     south
chains; thence west 80 chains; to
point    ot commencement,   making
too acres, more or less.
Located this 16th dav of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Howard Neai, Locator.
Witness: .John Virgo. 2-5t
tbat thirty davs after date, I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
Ol Lands and to the Assistant Com*
sioner ol Lands fur the District ol
Kast Kootenay, lot a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described laud, situalc
tlto North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north ol the Canadian Pacific Railroad, aud lying between the Uclnnes Group and the
WS Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
C. I. Hower's S.W. corner, same he
ing the initial post ol 1. M. Motley's claim, and marked '1. M Mot
ley's S.E. corner," ihei.ee B0 chant
north, thence Si) chains wert, thene
SO chains south. Ihencc *m. eliains
east to place of beginning, containing
8*10 acres, more or less.
L. M. Morley, Locator,
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located December 1Mb,  1911,    3-fit
that thirty da>s after date, 1 mtetd
to apply to the Chief Cummissiosei
ol Lands and tu the Assistant Commissioner of Lands fur the District ol
East Kootenay, t,.r a license to
pri-specl fur coal and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
tbe North Fork ol Michel Creek,
about six miles north ol the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between \he Mclnnes. Group and the
Crows Nest I'ass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north of a point one mile east
of the intersection of the east side
line of the Mclnnis Group and tbe
north side line of tbe Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being the initial post of C. K.
tt'eismann's claim and marked "C. K.
Weismann s N.E. corner.'' thence 80
chains south, tbence SO chains west,
tfaenoe M chains north, thenee 80
chains east to place of beginning,
'..ntaining C10 acres, more or less.
C. K. Weismann, Locator,
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located December loth, j*mi.   3-5t
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and to the Assistant Com-
mihsio-.-er of Lands for the District nl
East Kootenay, for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum 'in
the following described land, situate
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of Ore Canadian Pacific Railroad, md lying be**
tween the Mclnnes Group and tlie
CrOWl Nest Pass Coat Companj s
Commencing at a post planted at
O. K. Weismann s N.E. corner, same
bflto| Uw initial post ol A. B. Wil-
lard's claim, and marked "A. B WI"
lard's N W. comer,' thence 80
chains south, thence R0 chains i-a-t,
thence SO chains north, thenee 80
(liains wett to place of beginning,
containing 610 acres, more or less.
A. II Willard, Locator,
Batice LtfMCMf,  Agef.t.
Located December 16th, UU. Mt
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for tlte lMstuct ot
Kast Kootena}, for a license to
prospect for coat and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
on the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying bo*
tween tlte Mclnnes Group and tho
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
A. B. Willard's N.W. comer, same
being the initial post ol C. L. Hower's claim and marked "C. L. Hower's S.W. corner," thence R0 drains
north, ihence 80 chains east, thenco
KO ehains south, thence RO chains
west to place of beginning, containing 010 acres, more or leas.
0. L. I lower, Locator,
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located Beccmbcr  l«lli.  1011    3 ">t THB   ORANBROOK   HERALD
China and Crockery
5c, 10c and 15c Counters
Loaded with useful China
and Crockery Articles, Cups
and Saucers, Mustard Pots,
Tooth Pick Holders, Mugs,
Pictures, Vases, Salt and
Pepper Dishes, Preserve Dishes, Plates, Lemon Squeezers,
Regular prices from 10c to
35c, all tabled at
5c, 10c and 15c
H   Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, ud.
Division IV.*- I
Miss Suttaby ... '17 41.25 87.70
llivisiim V.—
Miss HlBCOCks .... 18 12.81! 80.29
Division X.—
Miss Stephens . 42 37.05 W.23
Division VI.— I
Miss I'arlwriaht W 43.38 88.32
Division VII.— |
Miss Eastern ... 47 11.02 87.27
Division VIII.—
Miss Thompson . 13 30.00 83.73
11. s. Division—
1.. .1, Cranston   . 12    10.30  75.83
.113   302,15   87.70
.lusl now the gossipi are very busy
around the parllamenl buildings »i
Victoria. Tbere is to bc a general
election earlj this spring and, naturally, the politicians arc extremely active. The activity seems to center
largelj in Uw nceurlnK ol appropriations, the finance minister's every
moment beiii*'. occupied with delega*
slons from everj section ol lhe province, Becking special grants fm sunn
spinal object, bridges, schools, roads
ami trails, etc , etc
Jusi when ihe appeal to the country will lake place is -.■ til in doubt,
so fm ns Mu* rank and file nf the
party are concerned. Tin* Herald
wus Informed, upon whal was alleged
to be first-class authority, thai the
dute sei is March 20th, However,
up tu lasi week, Un- mattei had nut
even been discussed in caucus, so that
that date Is   decided!) problematical.
Certain cliauges in Uw cabinet will
likely precede dissolution, t !*■■ mosl
Important ol which, will, it Ih understood, he the appoint nl ol Mr. II
if. Watson, Ml■ \ . ."i VaneniV-'i
City, io the portfolio ol finance,    in
place <>f Uim. Price Kills  who will
likely retire from active politics, accepting some no [tion 11 ibstonllal
-emolument In the Liberal ranks
there is some aetli It) oba* rvoblc,
although there Is lllt.e lalk of anything like siicci iful oppoi lllon , tn
tin- return "i" the Mi Urlde government
A provincial convention Is tn lie
bold ai Vancouver on Februatj 20th,
ut which the Important (jucsUon ol
leatlerslnp nml platform will In- ill
cussed. Tbere li a sentiment i
some quarters favorable lo allowing
the elections in u<> b) default, so far
as Liberal opposition Is etneerned
It is   fell  lhal     Um   Mi Unite govern*
mint is so strongly entrenched in
power, has its political machinery so
well organized thai it is practically
Impossible l«r the Liberals lo make
any successful showing againssl the
Tories in the coming light. But this
sentiment is> hy no means general.
Tlw feeling among the bulk ol the
Liberals, particularly in the ranks nf
Ibe aVCtage voter, is tn make a lifilil
mi broad principles, with a view
rather to the education of thcwlee*
(urate than witli any idea of upsetting the government.
Mr. Brewster, M.L.A., fot Alberni,
tie* onl) representative of the Liberal
party In the legislature, is working
indefatlgably, Early and late he is
in his office at the parliament
buildings, studying the legislative
measures of bis opponents, preparing
'lata n* their administrative acts,
ami iu every conceivable manner, and
.tt great expense of time autl labor
endeavoring to efficiently carry oui
bis responsible riutfca as mouth piece
nf the Liberal party in the provincial legislature. He has the assistance td Mr .lohn Oliver, nml of Mr
Itntph Smith, ei-M.P., in this work.
which may certainly be described ai
a labor of love
School Report
s   a i
111 H
27    35.00   02.*1
Illusion I —
Miss        Dirk
Division II.—
Miss Clot* i*     I" I •   Mil
Division III —
Miss     I.       Clusr . 511   15 38   nil 76
Big Clearance Sale of
We want the room.
Look al these Bargains
$19.00 Healer now $14.25
••      •'    14.00
"      "    12.00
"     7.80
"     4.85
Come in and Sec Them
: Cranbrook B.C.
Phone 5
Division I*. (Miss Dick) wins Kelson shield for highest percentage of
Division I.
Nathan Barnhardt;
Viney Doris.
Frances Drummond.
■ lack llaslani.
(Daeie Hlgglns,
Pert ram Murgatroyd.
Asbton Powers.
Division II.
Pleasant  Hinkley.
Delia Dow.
Douglas Kumiss.
Delia (! reaves.
Rollo .Johnson*
Marion Lcltch,
Clifford  McNabb.
Louis McKaguc.
Frances Noble,
Deorgo Pratt.
Robert Pye.
Mabel Turner.
Willie Fren.
Division III.
Philip Brlggs.
Willie Daniels.
Rcrnadctte Doyle.
Caroline Ho.
Ella McDermott.
Orma McNabb.
Norma Moser.
Sidney Murgatroyd,
Itoy Musser.
.Mm Noble.
Agnes Reekie.
Vigil Santo.
Gladys Spence.
Oordon Taylor.
Merle. Taylor.
Nettie Terrace.
Noel VValllnger.
Dorothy Wbitmore.
Division IV.
Muriel Baxter.
Elsie Beattle.
Gladys Brookes.
Mabel Drown.
Ruby Deacon.
Harold Kay.
(trace MeFarlane.
Nellie McKcnna.
Netiie Robinson.
Florence  Rutledge.
May Smith.
Crosslcy Taylor*
.lohn Turner.
Violet .Simpson.
Milt) Drummond.
Division X.
Elchor Aubertin.
Irene Ihn.anl
Mali Ring.
.Iiilm Drake.
Matilda llraiill.
Frank llridges.
iMuai.i Brown.
Armani! Knglisb.
Harold llaslani.
flattie Hollander.
Wai Hoy.
.lanette Jones,
Allen l.aeey.
Mary l.aeey.
Walter Laurie.
Lily Mi-Ready.
Dewey McNeil
Marry Musser.
Wmif. (/iiniii:.
Viola Sarvis.
David Wat nm
Helen Wbitmore.
Division V*
Ih'ien Barton.
Merle Dathle.
Austin Chapman.
Mabel Cameron.
otto qui.
Herman iloiiamh-r.
Violet -tones.
Margarel l.aeey.
Wilina MtNabb.
Kdith Murgatioyd.
Evelyn Moore.
DaHd Reekie.
Warren Spi-me.
Joaeph Swain.
Garfield Taylor.
Samuel Wbittaker.
Iriiia Ward.
Mm nl Wallinger.
Melville Dallas. ,
Division VI.
Marie Rartlam.
May Brake.
Albert II rati It
KalbliTii Drown.
Doti.tlil  iMllas.
Marion Drmnntond.
Mahrl Finlny.
Ida .lohnstone.
Satlie Laeey.
Riism'I Leask.
liurrt-' McDonald.
Ada MaeKinnofi.
I'.rie MacKinnon.
Wiltaa Parks.
Pewl Pratt.
Flosstn Robinson.
Maudie Scott.
Itnv Scull
Cyril Selby.
Siiimiei Spcera.
Cranbrook Operatic Society
By Lionel Moncton
February 6th and 7th, 1912
At the Auditorium, Cranbrook
=   $1.00 and 75c.
Reserved Seats on Sale at the Beattie-Murphy Co.'s Drug Store
Division VII.
Homer Aubertin.
Frederic Briggs.
Howard Brogan.
Dan Hrueh.
Norval Caslako.
l-:ii/abeMi Chapman.
Gabrlelta Hamilton.
Stella Jognson,
Alfred JollRe.
.lames   Kemliall.
Marion  MacKinnon.
Hargrct McLaren.
Reive Parker.
Thomas Reekie.
Harry Smith.
Hope Taylor.
Helen Worden.
Division VHL
Alix-ri Aubertin.
Omcr Bernard.
Hector llernhnan.
Stanley Ken ball,
.lames Logan.
Thread Laeey.
Donald Morrison.
Michael Moore.
Willie  Noyce.
Kddie Spence.
M.iI. On.
Isabel Parker.
Rub)   Seott
Anyone knowim* the whereabouts nf
Arthur .lames Smyth, son ol the
late Allan Smyth, of Liverpool, England, last heard of iu Moyie, Kasl
Kootenay, B.C., looking tor work,
kindly communicate with his mother,
Mrs. Annie Smyth, Wateiville, Province Quebec, Canada.
For Sale!
R. S. McNeil
PHONE 81.0
Reduced Prices on 5 and
10 cord lol5
that the partnership heretofore existing between us, the undersigned, as
Oeorge R. Leask ami Company iu
the City of Cranhrook, Province of
llritish Columbia, has this day been
dissolved by mutual consult.
All debts due to tbe said partnership nre to be paitl to Oeorge R.
Leask at tbe City of Cranhrook, It.
C, aforesaid, and all claims againsl
the saitl partnership are lo lie presented to the said Oeorge R. Leask,
Iiy whom the same will he settled.
I ia titi   at the    City of  Cranbrook
ihis 20th day of January, 1013.
Oeorgo R. Leask,
Vincent S. LWdlcoalt.
Witness: -loscph Ryan, Notary
Public. I-lt
ing the   S.W. corner post of Rert K.
Palmer claim, tbence north SO chains;
thenee    east 80  chains; thenee south
sn ehains; thence west 80 chains to a
point of    commencement, making 010
acres, more or less.
Located Ibis 15th day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Rert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2 fit
that thirty days after date, 1 intou
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works for *
license to   prospect for coal and pet
roleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the $9 mile
post on C.P.R. survey on tire west
boundary of block 159-1 and being the
S. K. coiner post of Mary Largey
claim; thenco north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains; thenct* south 80
ehains; tbence east 80 chains to a
point of commencement, making BIO
acres, more or less.
Located this llth day of Noveii-tfT,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days alter date, 1 Intend
to apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works foi .
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lands, situate in the District ot Soulb Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a potl planted nt
r near I miles east of the 48 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary ol Hlitck 1593 and be-
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaoeb
CAPITAL, - $10,OtX>.Ot5o REST. -   $8,000,000
The Money Orders of The Canadian Bank of Commerce are a lafe,
convenient and economical method of remitting small sums of money.
They are payable without charge at every branch of a chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon Termor.) and in the principal cities of
the United States.
The Orders and full information regarding Ihcni may be obtained
on application at the Bank.
In the event of loss of a Money Order the Hank will, on receipt of
a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount of
the lost Order. AM]
R. T. Brymner, rtanager Cranbrook, B. C.
Strongest      Brightest
Noit Economical
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everythinf in Electrical Equipment
8. A. uin.. Proprietor
I have just received a
complete line ol new
.le vlltu de recevnir
un iissurtlnicnt complrt
dc   CIQAKES   III:   PRI:
mii;k choice.
Come and see our lines
Vcnci  voir pour vous
vmis .(nivalin r«.
Don't Im rash, lmy fur cnsli,
It will saw ymi iiiiiny a dollar;
The. renily naali will make a iniiali
Much quicker than a standing collar
Specisls to End of February:
DUST BANE • 2 Tim lor 75c.
TOMATOES • • 3 Tins for 50c.


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