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Cranbrook Herald Dec 22, 1910

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Array Section 1
— -*—
L-ftriiti-t uL„      DEC a? io,,,    ■***.)
\\Apr not '  'a'U il
Pages 1 to 8
volume in
(1RANBBOOK.   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   TIll'ltSDAV. DKCKM it I*: it 22. mill
NO.   ||
We think wc have justly earned this
reputation and we wish to thank you for your
liberal patronage this year. There are only a few
days left and we propose to make these interesting for you. The remnant of our China
Siock will be sold regardless of cost. See the
big  table   up  stairs  and   take   your   pick   for
Just Half Price For Cash
this should clear it up pretty fast,    You will find
some very dainty pieces.
The Brass is pretty well cleaned up but
their are a number of good pieces left and
the prices are  awaydown.   Just imagine
A pair of solid Brass Candle Sticks for $1.00
We  have been complemented repeatedly
on our stock of Dolls
Not an Old One In the Place
and the prices are as low as you can  buy them
any place in Canada—quality considered.
Have you seen our line of Hemp Leather
Books for 65 cts. each, packed in an individual
box.    Every book carries individuality,
A Manicure Set  For 50c.
This is a record breaker and we have them
—You can't get thc same article anywhere in
the Kootcnays for less than $1.00. We have thorn
as high as $20.00
Come in and Sec Look for yourself. Seeing is believing, and you are under no obligation
to buy. We want your judgment and wili be
satisfied with the verdict
During this season of the year SOME STORES NEGLECT
what wc consider thc most important part of the establisment
The Dispensing Department
Wc consider this thc lirst charge on our time and energy and this
year we arc particularly well equipped to look after our Prescription
work and your drug wants. WE HAVL EMPLOYED FIVE
COMPETENT DRUGGISTS all wilh a Cr-inbrook reputation
and every prescription is DOUBLE CHECKED BY FRANK
MURPHY, Phm. B., before it leaves thc store. You take no
chances lure    Ask oar doctor.
Beattie - flurphy
Company,   Limited
The Prescription Druggists
Your Mail Orders are appreciated here.
From Premier HcBride and Mr. Thos. D. Caven, M. L. A.
to all Readers of the Herald
Thi* Herald   lakes pleasure In glv-
lng prominent.] in   Christ man greetings in its   numerous readers throu j
niiniit Kast   Kootcna) from Premier •
McDrlde anil   from    Mr      Tims. D. ■.
(Wii,   M I. A ' .
  | (
Mi   Thus  ii. Caven writes:
.J.   .'. .J.   .!.  .'. .!.   .!.   .J.   .!.   .J.   .J.   .U  .J.   .*. i  ,
*> *!•' -
*■•    I nm   verj     pleased to nvall •!• •
•!• myself ol llie Herald's kind in  -> •
•J* vitnlion   i"   extend Christmas •!•
•I* greeliiifis tn the people of ('ran  .J.!
•1* brook district ihroiiKh tin- med- ->|
•I« ium ni its col limns. «■;• j
•!• •!•'
•!• \\ tin.-, [oyotis Reason i.i Uu* •!•(
*■• year political difTcrences ean be 4*
*I- put aside and we ran all Join *\*\
•> mii ted I j in expressions oi good* -J**
v will, the one toward the other. ■!*!
.;. With Hn- heartiest of good *f
•I* will I personally extend lo *\*\
•** every 0110 ol Ihe Herald's read •!*-:
•> iis ntj sinecre wishes for iheir *j-
; ■** happiness Hits Christmas tide, **H
• -I* and fur a New Year that will *\*\
I -•• surpass all that have gone In-- •!• j
' -J- '.iiu.nlsnid "il -itui *\* i
* +
I .J. Thos   I)   Caven      «■>
I -l* *t* *i* * + * * + *b * *l* *h *> *■
McBride writes:
** .J. * *l* *•* + ^. .t, ,|. .!. * * <t .J. j
•!•   Christmas is .1    season when *\*\
■*•*■ good will, good cheer and kind- •!•
»!• IIness abound; and in a time ol *■•■{
prosper!t,    and    plenty, when *H
people can look back with plea* +1
>\* sure nn ihe achievements of thc •**
--. yeai now drawfng lo its close, ->
*\* the spirii  ol    cheerfulness and ***
•I* buoynnt hope for tin- future give «f
•I* added ifesl lo tbe general rejole* •*•
■r Ing. v
■;•    It is, therefore, with part ien- •*•
*!• Int pleasure    thai I aeeept ilu- ■*!•
•$• Invitation nl  ■•'rin* Herald*1  to *I*
*\* send  through    Us   columns   a •!•
•J- Christmas (Irn ling. •>
•J.    We British Columbians are all »>
>'• Imbued    with lhe nne desire to -J-
•I* make 0111 pari "i Canuda great ■$•
•1- and progressive; and  Christina* *!•
•I* is a season    v.tun    «*c con and -f
■j. should Mnk   uur differences and -J*
.j. rejolci' together as om- Inc fain   *'•
•J-* fly, happy i» our 1"' and proud •I-
of mii pro, uu 1 .j.
Moj  we all enjtij   the holiday •$•
season;   mat  the   future    hold «
good iliiiiKs     in store;   and    it- -f
closing tins     brlel message let ■4»
the good old,  linn- •$•
\ Merrj Christmas -f
ir express
red wish
0   Ml "
Hirbard MrBrid.    -f
Victoria, B C ***
•J»   »J»    »J«    Jt.    oU    •!»    *;■     •'•    >Jm    J*    t^    ,?.    ol.
Public School Christmas Entertainment
Cranbrook Scholars acquit themselves in fine style-to the
great delight of their fathers and their mothers, their
cousins and their aunts.
1    The Auditorium lias held some big I Miss It
I crowds nn different occasions, but it
j is    doubtful if 11     were ever before
crowded   as it    was list   Saturdaj
i evening when thc public school child
nn    put on their   entertainment en
titled "Around the World with Santa
K   Alward's division:
Laurlbcl   MeKlnstry, Helen
tin, Mary   Barnhardt,   Moris
■■.i-r, Gladys Spenrc,   Margaret
! I.cua
.Marv Li-ask. Xollie
Park.     Ill-Ion tt'pst.
\ iiti,* anil lliiliy D«H-on
Then conw* one ol lhe i.i
•lessfe K^iirifily.
\iili,*r* j    .. pianoforte    flu,; b; .Mis- n'a&da
iViillin-: Kink anil   Masir.- Vincent Kink eame
Si ' itiAt, as a plea-ant fntrrlude
Marecllais,!   Pan
Joan .Mi*    ;i itli a
It is no exaggeration In say Ihal
the children surprised iluir parents
and Irii'iids hy tin* excellence of the
performance given. From staii I *
linish the production wenl withoui ■'■
hitch, relleetlng greal ereilil upon the
loutlitul performers and those, who
had worked sn hard In perfect i'i'-i
In their respective jurts. Princlpa
! I'rniisiiui. his   stall   ol leaehers, a*
listed by Mr   Oeo. D. Ingram.
I    Whilst the entire programme    v.i-
well ean ied    oul an '   he youn   tel
ilid  exceedingly    well in everj Item
perhaps the  most enioyahlc leature
were the song and  lancy march
the lairies and the English and Ci *
dian Kirls in    spei inl Has ,|ril1   •"'''
Alter the ,,innii. ■ arks ol llic
chairman, Mr. .1 0 McCallum, an
opening chorus wa ing by the en
lire company, thi resenting a
very pretty appearance In their var
ied and picturesque lumes. Following ihis canto a chorus h) Ihi
ship's crew, led by ' '•■ tain Raymond
Armstrong, durh • hlch Santa
I'lnus put 111 aii nppearnnee, Sydltej
Rimer Impersonating the eblldrcn'i
Iriend \cry clovcrlj The creti •'•'
maho up ol tho tollo*- boj - Irom
1 Mr. Cranaton's m im:
I .Insper Moser, t'nrl Mackey, Wilfrid Slnrril, Kenneth Campbell, Mel-
jinn Lock, Orvllle How, \shton l'n«
is, lien Murgntroyd, I Imo Wilkin
sun and .laek Haslam These young
slers lind been   Ira I by Mr        In*
A troop nl Siberian children    then
boarded thc ship  t.. welcome Santa,
this |)ii-ttiri>squi' group was made   "P
nl the lollowing  children   Irom Mi'
Henley's division:
Viola Sarvis, lir.iM* Davis, Muriel
Johnston, Irene Chnltcrton, Klslc
Deattie, Irene Beech, Xelllo MeKcnnn
Kthel Dow, Irene I!, ni-.nl. Lilian
Taylor, Teresa Perry, Dave I'atton,
George I'atton. Hcrherl Uradlry,
Waller Laurie, Kdwnrd Turner, .lohn
Turner, Crnsslcy Taylor, Kcllh Wa
snn, Kdwnrd Rlno, Mien Drown anil
ll   Kdwnrd Drown
Following the Siberian visitors
^ came a group ol Japanese maidens,
I  daintily costumed little uiaid*.    Irom
the   evening,   the -one
march ol the fairies, a be
ly little  girls
and cxccllcntl
11  of th.*  programmi    ; •
chorus by tbe sailors, ('ilio-*-
ed  b\ s song and    specialt) bj th,
Drownles, a merry sroup. conslstiag
,.f the following little lad*, from Mi
I'urrie's division
charmingly costumed     liar,.Id   Haslam,   Garfield   Taylo
trained. Irom     Miss I Hruce Laurie.  Wilfrid Kennedy, kcr-
and   lan:*\ '
of prel-
Hamilton's and Miss Patnn's rooms:lnr w lm.ii..
Thuntn   Johnston,    Mahrl Fairly.i r..,.k     Krii
Gladys    Shackleton,   Wllma Me\ah.| Donald, Heel
Charles Clapp, Willie
MacKinnon, Hupl. Mc
>r Donaldson,     Ilar-.m
Maudic Seoit. Christine Carson,
Mary Carson. Kathleen Drown, Peg-
.*. McLaren. M,*rl,* Dennett, Pearl
1'ratt. Marion Drummond, Gertie
li..|ikiiis. Hope Tayloi and l*:*.i Hai
The lairies were followed b) --hep
herds, consisting of the following
boys from Mi-s 11 \Iward's division:
Vitiian Barnhardt, Dolor Brault,
George Pratt. Gordon Wallingcr,
Clifford McN'ab, Willie Lcaman, Hollo
lohnson, Vincent Fink. Willie I ren,
Harold    Dridur-.     John I've. Frank
Kummer, Kdward   itarnlnrdi.    Nor
man Wasson .111*1 Itoberl Beaton
Then the Scotch lassies eame ■*..
and treated ih,* audience to ;, prei
nly executed performance ol the
Highland Fling, ibe Misses Bbodj
Wright and Dorothy McVittic, being
iln* principal performers, as-i ted *
the following irirls from Mil B ',.
ward's division
Violet lira.*.*!.. Josrpbim Toniti
Vado ltoyter. Klorcnce 1 r.*n. Martha
Bennett, Delia Dow. Dorothy Mackey, Mabel 1'.1-smart*. I...*.:i. !...,„
K1I11I1  Ma. donald. Vlnet     Uorli  md
Bamford,  .rthui Campbell and   laek] Mice Drown
Then eame tne Spanish cirls In ,1
lancy drill and   dance, with a gnlt.11
election by Miss Mabel Hlra) This
prettily costumed Iroup was compos
1,1 of the following girls from    Ml
link's dlviilon
Vera Bradwln, >luUa Brault,
(Measanl Blnkley, llarrlel Moflltt,
Orace Bardgett, Helen BrldRiti Knld
(IIU, Bertha Olll, Dora Bye, Onna
McXabb, Oladya .fohaston, Marlon
Leitch, Caroline Ito, Mina Canon,
Merle Tavlor, Helen McKlnitrj
The next Item waa provided bj the
"wee tuts," in thr shape ol lhe |an
mts, exceedingl] well danced, i.r
little ml tea  going through   tht- var
I"lis     phlises    ill   thr      in"-.!   graceful
manner and without a hitch of nny
kind, save when one little lot Blip*
ped, hut ihe picked heraell up and
continued as irU-poii|i*esscd as an ex
pcrtenced rianictiM* The "wee lotn"
were chosen frum Iho dlvlilOhs »l
lhe Misses llcntejr, Baton and Cm
ur. and Ihej were trained hi Mi*
Cranston The troupe consisted af.
Hydncj Corrlson. Lilian Lancaster,
Mnrman (Vaston, Merle Bathle, .Lul*
Klwcll, .lemiie Hopkins, Romeo
Brault, Mabel Brown, Wilfrid Km
ni'ily, Isabel Steel, Willie Cbolt,
Muriel Baxter, Harold Haslam, Res
lie     W' Iiiuiii,    Warren  Spinn-  ainl
Vftei   the   Si •.'• li     lassies retired,
ihe   Kngllsh   and     Canadian    Klrls
man li<-'t <■*•* and went through .. ■
prettj     and     .peftaculai  Rag drill,
i ..i !, if*  • .«■    In thi  i id it i ■■   sa
ndged t« t- tlu    ■     nl thi ■ lening
rhe gii.   lakh *. part In thi • prndw
tion acre Irom Prim Ipal Urai
division and    srew  spei tally trail ■
bj him   ami   listed n( the following:
Bi i.i Cameron, Laura Ui- hards
Lauretta Armstrong, Vera Chrj
llernicc Kraser, Irene Blmer, Louise
Klmer, Hazel Taylor, "l-"" White,
Klorcnce Bathle, Prances Drummond
Eva Conley, Oladj« HIckenbotham,
Vllce Reed, Wanda Fink and Kdlth
Thc closlag Item on this ver) i-i
.lovable programme mu a R|H ia
ode, dedicated t" "Tho Cnuibrook
Public School,'1 sung by the pupils
ol Mr Cranston and Mlu VIward,
Ihe words and moslf belog composed
ii\ Mr Oeo. i> Ingram
The singing of lhe National Anthem
terminated quite one of the most
ambitious ami well rendered put
gramme's pnt on h\ amateurs, youth
fui or grown up, in tlie rtty ol Cran
Ij k
iii the nccejaaril)   curtailed n le
ol tin*   HcoUeat entertatnmenl pro
rlded in ttie putiiii- school children ol
. it has     been quit** [fllpos-*
.-; ■■ adequate credit to   thc
■several parties to whose untiring el-
aecettlnl coosuinmaiiM
.*   a targ■'.. doe.     It must sufli.".-*
to -ay that principal Cranston, witli
Deration ol ever; mem-
ber ol hi** stall and the skilled     as*
istance ol Mi   '•-> n   tagram, pro
[ded ..*■  "■■•■ rtaiami:.' entlrclj ercd-
• . .ill the participants, and un-
.-; tallfiedlj    ■'■- Is toi J  to the     par*
the  children ard the citizens
at lam*-
;■    .-     ati :.. torj   ■■■  note that
quite .:     ' '   '       ii   wa  cleared
■     ■      iill ••     devoted to thc pur
pian      (oi the    public
.    .i ph ; Ing    surprise    was     sprung   upon Principal
i ran I i. and bis able assistant, Mr
(in    !«   fn [i ti        ■ ben Santa Claus
the    children paiti- Ipal
thi entertainment,  presented
with an 'imbretla.
It is i:i. ted tha   at tin   requesl -ii
manj citl 11 re unabli*     t.,
be pr.-nt j* the piodu'teiri    or. ^j
Uirda; ■■■■ niag Is w I      pei
will bi given at an early
:,.-•      [I tl    -an te managed, with-
. •    *       tai   ipo   ">:■  teai In i   and
[l   will I..  heartil]  welcomed, nm onl)  by too*  who    ■ ri   nol
- ■  ... ■     -.al :•■!..■    renii       il
:>;, .iii who     ■•  there, and ll should
result In I     l ital    un required toi
Hm  plasn bed .■
in .
I   Canada ha   I r, |m Ited t.. send   *
mltltar)   contingent,    seven hundraj
I itrong, tu represcnl the Dominion at
the coronal loi ot King Oeorgc     tu
j -lune.
]    \t the coronation ol King Kdward
Ii anada was represented hy a contior
.itit which numbered something Ies*
,,.iii i\ hundred men. Tho ContlDgi
jut which will hi- picked f"i the coronation win Ih- carefully selcotcd,
Kvery part nl the Dominion will be
drawn upon lot the very best mm in
the itiilittii Km iv aim nl (he *-et-
*ii■■ will be represented, and as well
.is Infantry, artillery and cavalry,
ihere will ti*- n contingent reprejcflt-
".'.' tin S'nrthwesl Mounted police
Tho militia council will nt onee
■ommence thr task of oiganfrlng the
raronalloi llngent, IM1K    UKANKKOOK    I1KUA1.I*
tbat an application will tie made on
behali ol the Kootenay Central Hallway Company to the Board ol Itailway Commissioners lur Canada nt
-.tie expiration ol Imir weeks from
Uie date ot tills notice or as soon
thereafter as tho application can be
heard lor a recommendation lo the
Ckiveroor-in-Cotincil for the sanction
of a lease of the railway nf Ilit* Knn-
rrnay Central Hallway Company to
the Canadian Pnciflo Railway Com-
pany for a term of nine hundred and
ninety-nine years Irom the fust day
ol January , nineteen hundred and
i-leven, upon the terms and conditions therein mentioned*
This notice is given pursuant to
the provisions ol Section 361 ol the
Railway An.
II. C. Oswald,
Secretary Kootenay Central Railway
Dat«! at Montreal the 16th day ol
Nowmber, 1910 4i)-5t
"Vancouver Msrohnnl*-
hove ui
■Sv-tfiim' ii tlm-.. vear t
till nml
sot In Hed."
1 will Mi-ikI pnpit*s III til
1  V
■JrHftt-il     "Cull 'tn.II    1.'
ifi-i-ipr of-/tne Do'hr.nntl
1   v	
lnvn.tiixntt. iiiestalomnii
nt   It., i
l.i'i lil.isiltl)    ANSI AI.I.YJ
Knaldes traders throughout tin* world
to communicate  direct with   Knglitdi
in eaeii class of got-dp.   Besides lieing
a oomplrte commercial guide to I.on-
•Iud and  its Miiimrtiti,  the  directory
contains lists of
witli  tlm Ooods  they ship, anl the
Colonial  ami   Fureigu   Markets  they
anaiiift-d under the Cut if* to wliich tliey
sail, and indicating the upproiimute
ol l<-siliiik.' Manufacturers, Merchants,
•tciii tho *iiitiri|i;il provincial town*
sod industrial centres ol llie United
A copy ol the current edition will Iw
forwarded, freight paid, uti receipt of
Postal Order tor '.'On.
Dealers net-king Agencies nm advertise their trade cauls for 20a., or largei
advertisement <•* from •■-■-
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
tt Afcherch Use, Un-Jon. K.C,
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A i«*»deru ei-iii*!*)***! Ch-V at moderate
U.iti*** t l.o.i Hii,l up per day
Comet ut I Iowa ul St.ami Front Ave.
Our hu- meet** all I rains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.
Best on the
That it* «it.a authorities -ny
regarding the medicinal qualities ot the wateri at Halcyon
Mot Spring".
Tlir* San ;.i-iiiiii i- now under
new mat., foment nml Ii.ib
heen rem<><l<-ll<*d from top In
iMiltoiu SUtl now Offers every
facility  (or   the   comfort  ami
convenience of patrons.
Rates flli nml ll'i per week
or $2 pei dny and upwards,
WM buy li, Proprietor,
lUit-yiiii. Arrow i.;il**-, ll.c
run THE
North*Wcsi.tii Investment
Opportunity to make money,
Permanent Kinploymciit.
General leant,
*>'- 8 -?■ ® ® 1 •   •••••   •
thiit an application will lie mude uti
der I'url V. ol the "Water Act,
IUUD," to obtain a license in I Tie
Cranbrook Water District.
(a), The name, address and occupation uf the applicant: Upper .Moyie
Electric Company, Limited, Head of-
lice,   Cranbrook,      B.C. Capital
$50,000, divided into 5,000 shares of
Jll* each. Objects of the Company
Include: Tlio acquisition, holding, enjoyment and exercise, subject to the
provisions of the "Water Act,
l!»ll>," uf all the rights, powers,
privileges and priorities in or liy
Part IX., or otherwise hy the said
Act, conferred upon power companies, so far as the Company muy
deem the same necessary for iis purposes or any ot them.
(b). The name of the lake, si ream
or source- Moyie Itiver.
ic), Tho point ol diversion: At
foot of Ryder Bar, about 7 miles up
stream from Itailway bridge al
(d). The quantity ol water applied
(or (in cubic feet per second): IIUI
cubic feet.
(e). The character of tho proposed
works: Dam, pipe line, Hume, ami
hydro-electric power plant. The
water to he used for the purposes uf
the Company's undertaking,
(g). The purposes for which the
water is to he used: Generation ol
electrical energy.
(I). II the water is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where the water is to be
returned to some natural channel,
and the difference lu altitude between point ol diversion aud point ol
return: At the mouth of Nigger
Creek. Difference in altitude about
270 feet, natural.
(j). Area of Crown Laud Intended
to be occupied by the proposed
works: About 30 acres.
(k). The applicants intend to apply tor a license to store the quantity of water applied for as follows:
1. In a lake approximately U>
miles upstream from the point of diversion.
2. It is proposed to store the suid
water by a 1ft toot dam where the said
lake enters the said Moyie River, ood
elsewhere on the shores of said lake.
.'I. Tbe area of the reservoir site
or sites at each toot in depth above
the out-let inereases from iMl) acres
at about 2fi acres to each foot In
I. It is proposed to acquire thc
land necessary for the purpose by
f». Approximately the number of
acre feet intended to be impounded
is 7500.
C. It is proposed to lower the
water in the said lake and the anticipated extend of the lowering will
be 5 feet.
7. The means proposed to be
adopted to lower the level of the said
lake are by Rates and ditches, or
similar works.
8. The nature and character and
detail of the works proposed to he
constructed to provide for the dis
charge and penning back of the water are: Wooden, rock filled or stone
and cement dams, with flood gates,
aprons and similar works.
(k). This notice was posted on
the 9tn day of December, 1910. and
application will be made to the Commissioner on the ltith day of January, 1911.
(1). The names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to he
affected by thc proposed works, either above or below the outlet are:
.lohn II. Hawkins, Wattsburg, ll €'.,
nnd R. K. Sullivan, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.; and the Hritish Columbia Southern Railway Company
t'pper Moyie Electric Company.
Per W. F* (iurd, Its Solicitor.
(P. O.  Address) Cranbrook, B.C.
NOTH.-*-Onc cubic foot per second
is equivalent to .15.71 Miner's
inches. -l.'Mt
Good Year for Cranbrook's Churches
• hisholm, nl Kort Steele, occupation,
Miner, intends to apply for permis
■•Ion to purchase tbe following des
erlbed lands:
COtnnwnctB| at a post planted at
the junction ol a large slough und
the Kootenay RIWI and following
bank ol the Kootenay Kim in a
northerly direction to post No. 2,
situated at the N K corner of Lot
IOU, thence south 40 chains, more or
less, to post No. 8, planted on
bank of slough, thence easterly lu
chains, more or less, to place of beginning, containing HO acres, more or
William A. Chisholm, Locator.
Dated Dec. 10th, 1910. 43-91*
WANTED.—A competent maid or
housekeeper, good wages Apply
to Mrs. K. .1. Deane, Armstrong
af-nmue 42-tt
Al**-**-. Hit- He*, l-.ii.li'v ■,...!
Wukk Btmee. BaMn-mM-ip'a
Lunch    i»p.*n ll*. .nt*I N.i-lii
.). ftAKAOUGm, PROP.
In response to Herald's request, Pastors tell of
progress of past year and outlook for ion
Tlte Herald invited the .several pastors of Cranbrook churches to brielly
outline the work and progress of the
pasl year in their respective churches
and to give their views as to lhe
outlook for the coming year. In response to this request replies have
been received from all hut ROV.
Kather Plamondon, uf tho Catholic
church, who expressed regret that
owing to his short residence here, lie
was unable to adequately deal with
tin- subject:
Hethodist Church
In rcspoii.se to your request for :i
brief review of uur work In the
Methodist church, and of our future
prospects, I ben; to say that the year
now closing has heen jnarked by
inuiiy removals, but we have hen
able tu maintain our normal member
ship by the steady Influx ol new
families into the city. Our congregations mi Sunday night are good,
hm we .should improve the morning
attendance considerably. The Sunday school is one uf the most hopeful
aspects of our work, under the super*
in tendency of In Connolly*) assisted
by Mr. ti. VV, Patmore. The Kp-
worth League, uf which Miss Presi is
president, is appreciated by our
young people, and is a source ol
strength to the churcli. The Ladles
Aid is the most vigorous 1 have
ever worked with; Mrs. (i. Powell is
president this year; the ladies have
just bad a very successful bazaar.
They have, ilunm, the year, put additional furnishings in the parsonage,
paid lhe laves nn all the church
property, paid for lhe larger pa-rl of
tbe renovations of the church, and
wilt probably be talking about a
pipe organ very soon. The treasurer reports a good balance In the
bank wilh every bill met to date.
The choir, of whieli Mr. Racklyeft i>
the leader, has been loyal to the
church and pastor, and will give i
fine programme on Christmas night.
The ladies of the congregation now
remove their hats during the sermon
nn Sunday night, which is greatly
appreciated by the large majority ol
those who attend the services, and
particularly by the pastor. The
present pastorate will clow in Maj
nexl. as four years is the limit n
time allowed upon any one circuit
by the conference; this is the tirst
time in the history of the church
thai the pastor has remained for tin
full    term. With    the   continued
growth of the city, a new building
will he needed before very long, nf
the Sunday school at the pifsen.
time practically tills tin* e'.Yeb
every Sunday afternoon.
Kobt   Hughes, Pastor.
Baptist Church
Wi- of the Baptist church close this
year ol our Lord, 1910, deeply grateful for the divine blessing upon us.
There have been losses; but there
have been substantial gains to our
working forces. Our workers are
well organized; and, while busy
everyone of them, have devoted themselves generously to the regular ami
special calls of the cause in meeting
our share of uplifting service iu the
community. In common with mo.-t
other churches- we have had out
problems. The only people withoui
a problem an* the dead. We find the
solution in the love of Christ,
through a living faith iu Him and in
a loyal service fur Him. All the
departments of activity, the Bihle
school, tbe Philethea and Baraea
dubs, the Young People's l'nion, the
Mission Circle, the choir, the church
executive, committees, etc.. bave
done noble work and a work lhat as
a whole shows a distinct and gratifying advance. Out of the recent
speeial evangelistic efforts there has
issued a quiet hut deepening work ol
grace m oui congregation. This, ns
videueed in the life-decisions ttir
Christ Uie Redeemer, not u few, .-ml
iu the Increased consecration of heart
ami life, generally.
As to the New Year, the prospects
0 I hitt wi* shall have Ibe best iu
Hie history ol our work In Die
■kiy ael of consecration lhe church
bus entered Ibe lur ward movement,
widely adopted Ihrougboiit the
country The soma grand old Ous
pel of Chrisl "which is the power of
Clod unto salvation to every one that
believe th," and "the One Mediator
between (lod and man, the Man
Christ Jesus, ' Aill be kept to the
fore as the only and the all sufficient
solution for life's problems. We
shall endeavor, by the grace of Ood,
lo make our church, more and more,
a radiating center of sympathetic,
loving fellowship and devoted, helpful serviee iu the community.
Knox Presbyterian Cliurch
It may he stated without hesitation that Knoi church hns kept well
abreast with the general progress of
our city. The year closing will In
the best in Its history tn nearlv
every particular The church home
of the   congregation     (s   nne of the
most pleasing and comfortable auditoriums in interior British Columbia, and is the second building
erected by the congregation, the old
church having been outgrown.
Besides (he various departments
having kepi up to their usual financial giving}-, the increase in the pas
tor's salary, ami a considerable out
lay in llie manse, tbe amount uf
$810 has beeu paid uu the floating
debl This is sn arranged as to be
paid oil entire!)   by  July,  PHI!.
The Ladles' Aid society has this
year raised the largest amount in its
history, ami almost every depart
incut has kept up to Us usual high
The average attendance at Sunday
Bchool is considerably iu advance of
last year. Arrangements have been
made for the purchase of a new library for the school.
At thc beginning uf the year an
important departure was inaugurated
in Introducing the system ol duplex
envelopes, by which both the current
revenue ami mission fund are raised
hy weekly contribution, thus becoming abreust with thc most modern
methods in church work. The system lias proved eminently success
In October Knox church, in cooperation with the general assembly's committee on evangelism, and
with other churches of the city, c
ducted a ten days campaign of isvan-
gelism under the leadership ol one
of the ablest preachers in Canada,
Kev. it. l-:. Knowles, of Oalt, Ont.
This wus financially successful and
after meeting local expenses $100
were forwarded lo tbe committee.
The cam pa i uu was not without good
religious results.
The church has been fortunate in
securing the services of a talented
organist ami choir master .n ff. D
Ingram, under whose Icndcnhip the
services of song are or a high order.
The church faces 1011 under most
auspicious circumstances and coafid
ently looks forward to better
The religious results, although difficult to tabulate, have been quite in
keeping with the material prosper]
Christ Church
A vessel steaming against a strong
current may be passing through the
water at good speed and yet making
only little progress.
With Chrisl church parish for the
year tho situation has been somewhat such as that of a vessel steam
ing against an adverse current.
Tlie tide of emigration from tbe
parish has been heavy; and, whal
with the    additions to   tlie member
(if communicants alone about forty
marked a most substantial growth
and advancement, has beeu in a large
degree ollset by removals.
of communicants alone about forty
have been transferred to other parishes.
The Sunday school has also suffered
from removals, but still shows pro
There is now a full staff of teachers interested in their work—earnest
aud zealous ia their teaching.
The parish is greatly in need of a
building of suitable proportions for a
parish hall, and to be also used for
the Sunday school.
The need is felt for a larger church
building. Tlie present building has,
for some time past, been tar tot
It occurs that at ordinary services
people go away after coming to the
door, not rinding room to be seated
At the greater festivals the need is
very marked, for when extra seats
to the limit that the law will allow
have been placed, there is still not
sufficient seating capacity lor those
who come to worship.
Tin* interior of the nuve of Unchurch has been brightened by a
liberal use of varnish.
During the year a new organ has
been furnished, swect-tom-d und with
pleasing combinations, About one-
half oi ibe cost, of the new Instrument has been already met
The choir has been increased in
numbers, even beyond the capacity ui
the choir seats of the nave of the
In the matter of finance, the vol
uutary contributions of tlie people
have been sullieient to meet all cur
rent expenses. The debt on the rectory is being reduced mouth by
It Is purposed to improve the cemetery considerably the coming summer. Funds are in band for the
purpose. ,
The Women's Guild and the Young
People's Guild are both in active
There is room for, and need of, an
active chapter of the Brotherhood ot
St. Andrew.
This may come In due time, and
when organized should prove of great
Hot drinks and tea served at Thc
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ceipt of price. Sold and guaranteed
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Dandruff is the cause of baldness;
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dandruff, stops fulling hair nnd itching scalp. He will refund your
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Into your serviette-ring, all hot, all
hot as soon as it was made;
If your Christmas tree were nothing
but the garden prop, my dear,
Hung rouud about with all the toys
you've broken this last year;
And when ut last so wearily you
crept upstairs to bed,
If you'd found it made of pink
blane-mange, now what would
you have said7 ■
"Ah, now 1 see you're smiling—my
dear, I'm very glad. 1
It is better to be happy, than miser* j
able and sad.
When you are disappointed, look   -
the cheerful side,
For yjings are never quite as bad as
they might W if they tried'"
' Suppose "
"You    did mil   have just everything
you wished on Christmas lu. '
Come,   let   mo see a   pretty smlh
chase nil those tears nway'
However     tiiesome     things m.i> be,
they might Im- worse, hy fur.
They    might Ih-     milch   more trying
than they ever really are'
"Now,   just    suppose     thai     Sunt a
Claus (of course, my dear,     for
Had filled your stocking full of holes;
pray, what would you have done?
And if,   instead or Christmas cords,
the envelopes for you
Had all been full ut treacle and   jam
and slicking fast glue?
Suppose they'd    stuffed   the turkey
with cricket balls and corks;
Suppose    that,    for   potatoes, you'd
had boiled knives and forks;
Suppose, instead     of custards, cook
sent up cups of blacking;
Suppose that the plum pudding were
marbles wrapped in sacking;
"And It you    had no   tumbler, and
tney poured the lemonade
j   The little   window   wishers,   with
their tender eyes of blue,
| Standing there before the toy shops,
don't     they touch   the heart    of
Don't you almost shiver with  them.
as their tattered clothes you sec,
lhe ragged little urehins, with     the
patches on each knee?
Can you see    them longing, yearmio'.
Ill sweet childhood'd wistful w.i.
Ami forget them tn vour plannliii  |ni
a merry Christmas day''
(Hi, the little window Withers,   huh.
hearts and baby eyes,
With their     trusting faith   in Rant I
gazing there into glad surprise
At  Ihe dollies and the soldiers   and
thu Teddy bears, believing
lhat they will not he forgotten. Can
you see them without gib-vim.'
Can yuu Hunk of them on Christmas
when tin* merry morning starts
Disillusioned,   waklug    up lo empty
stoeklngs—broken hearts?
Oh, the little window wishers, look
ing longingly today
At the wonders In thc toy shops in
sweet childhood's wistful way,
Dreaming dreams of Christmas Stock**
ings filled with candies and with
•lust as full of    faith and fancy    as
your own girls and your boys.
When you see   their big eyes glisten
That Hacking Cough
It will get worse instead of better
uuli--* yuu du -.orm thing to cute it.
•I Tar Md Cod liver Oil
will promptly
rare cnuglii,
colds, grippe-Stall
troubles arising
from exposure
ami a run down
Keep il in Ibe
boaseat all times,
ready fur etner*-
Large bottle 85
cents; nil dealers.
J I Mrrfhk* -,♦.. rnf*\ Itaftr-Mt*, tt-**
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as     these   splendid     things "'i v
Can yuu   nish    by nnd forget  Ihem,
don't     tbey     touch the heart of
Manv persons find themselvis at
feeicil wllb a peislstcut cough ulhr
an attack   of      inlluen-a        Al this
rough mu be promptly cured by tbe
use of Chamberlain's Cough Hemedy,
it should nut he allowed to run on
until ii becomes troublesome Sold
by ulldruggists and dealers II if
General nootb, heud ut the Salvation Army, will soon undergo nn
operation for a cataract on bis lelt
eye. It will be retailed that al
though an operation tor u cataract
on his right eye some time ago was
temporarily successful, he eventtlnlly
lost his sight in that eye. Thc
growth of a raternct on the other
eye hns since blinded him entirely,
He has not seen for a long time the
audiences he has heen addressing, lie
Is now eager to submit to another
operation, believing that he will
complcU'lv restore tbe light of his
lelt eye THE   CRNBUOOK    IJKK.VLI)
The groat advantage of the purchase of Canadian government annuities for their children should appeal
to all parents, fm the annual payments are so small that provision for
their future may bo made with little,
if any, present .sacrifice. Kor example, an annuity of Slfin payable at
110 may be secured for a boy who
was fi lasl, birthday for an annual
payment of only $-1.7-5", or less than
ten cents n week, or for a total sum
paid in of $201.25, In the event of
tbe death of the child hefoie lu; was
sixty, all llie money that had been
paid fu Willi three per tent compound
interest would ln> refunded lo his
heirs. When the boy arrived at an
age when he was darning for himself,
he could cany his own contract to
completion at a rate far below what
he could have obtained at In. then
ll Is Ihe custom nf many parents
to spend on Iheir children at Christmas time amounts which al 0 tlio I
times of the year they feel Ihey could
not alloiil.'iiiiil loo frequently are lhe
purchases made ol no lasting or permanent bciiolll Would ii not he a
better plan to start each child ou
the roml to ihe purchase of a Canadian government annuity, and continue the "box" overy Christmas until he was able to carry It for himself? The child if ho lived would
remember with gratitude Santa
Claus1 visits.
The following extract from a letter
received from the manager of one of
Canada's leading Insurance companies
shows whal he thinks of the annuities proposition.
"In discussing lhe system of government annuities with my
friends from time to time I have
always frankly slated thai in my
opinion the benefits offered for the
rates charged are exceedingly liberal,
and that 1 do not know of any institution whieli could possibly afford to
offer terms so advantageous. If the
general working population of Canada were able to realize the favorable
basis on which annuities could be secured from thc government, there
would bo very few among the thrifty
and thoughtful who would not taki
advantage thereof."
Information as to how thc purchasi
may be made and of lhe cost at any
age will be supplied you at the post
office, or by the Superintendent o!
Annuities, Ottawa, Ont.
A new bill to amend the Canada
Medical Act has been given its first
reading in the house of commons and
will probably heroine law. The
amended act, subject lo certain lon-
dltions, permits the free interchange
of medical men throughout all the
provinces. The presenl amendments
were originally Introduced in partla
ment in October, lfluf}, by Hr. Ilud-
dick, but as neither Quebec nor Hritish Columbia would endorse the measure, it fell tnrougli Last Dcccmhci
representatives from all the provinces
were invited to meet Dr. Ruddlck in
Montreal, Drs. Pagan, Tunstall and
.1. II. King, of ihis eitv, heing the
Hritish Columbia representatives, to
discuss the situation No final conclusions were reached at that time
but in .lune uf ihis year, at tin
meeting in Toronto, of the Canadian
MedlcaJ Congn ■•-. the amendments
covering lhe objections <>f Quebec ami
h  C  were a in I upon
To meet the requirements ol thc
province nl Quebec, the tollowiun
amendment   wa*- Inserted
z   Paragraphs (i)  and   u I   * •■'■
tion ft of the   Capada*    Medical  \i I
1906 nre repealed   and the following
is   enacted as   paragraph tc) ot the
said section
'•(o), The determination and titio*
of ihe qualification and condition)
necessary loi registration, lhe exam
Inst Ions tu in undergone with respeel
to professional subjects only, and
generally the rcqul Ites I n reglstra
tion Provided, that the council shall
not determine oi fl\ auv qualtflca
iimi'. oi conditions to bs compiled
wiiii as prelimtnan tn oi necessary
tor mat inula t nm in the stud) ••'
medicine mnl (.■! (he obtalnmont ol
the provincial Hi onsen, these beln
regulated as i» ti li fori i<> the pro
urn lal authorities
And to met 1 the abjections o
Hritish Columbia this amendment
wai- inserted
II Hubsectlons i and 3 "i see
turn is ol the Canada Medical Act
190*8, aie repealed ami the following
is enacted as subsection 2 of the
said section:
"2. Auy person who has received a
license or certificate of registration
In any province previous to the date
when the council has been first duly
constituted under this net, aud win-
has been engaged in the active pray
tier ol medicine in any one or more
provinces of Canada, shall, after ten
years from the date of such license
or certificate, be entitled to he 'e
glstered under this net as a mediAl
practitioner, without examination,
upon payment of the fees and Ulion
compliance witb the other condUli
and regulations tor such eases pi
eribed hy the council! Provided, that
if the medical council nf any province
is not satisfied wilh the period      of
yeara prescribed by this subsection,
such medical council may, as a condition to provincial registration,
exact an examination in final sub
jocts from practitioners registered
under this subsection, and tlie said
examination shall be held according
to the provisions ot tbe bylaws or ]
rules of the respective provincial j
♦   ' ■
Thu second aunual meutlng ol the
above association, was lu-ld in the
Cranbrook chambers, on Thursday
evening, llecember 15th. President
HarilRctt took the chair at i 30
p.III., the lollowinj; bring president:
DoVoro Hunt, socrctnrj; T. QUI, .'.
Jack-sop, S. Macdonald, W. II Mc
Kiirlanc, K. Perry, Quo. HtiKKartti
anil .1. II. Murray.
The minutes having been read hy
the secretary and adopted, the election nl tillicers lor tho uisiiing year
was then proceeded with. Kor pre*
sideiit., T QUI, nominated by .1
Jackson; IV. II UnrdKett, nominated I
liy W. 11. Mt Km l.tiit*. which resulted j
in T. QUI beiuji elected by a majority ol three. j
Vi. II. McKnrlaiu* was then elected
first vice-president. j
(In a motion by McKarlane ami
Jackson, DeVere Hunt was elected '
secretary-treasurer and manager.        j
Moved by Jaeksou and McFarlune j
thnt W. 11. liardgctt be delegate to '
convention at Victoria, which meets j
January 8th.    Carried.
Moved by Macdonald and Jackson
that thc secretary be paid J100 (or
services lor the last year.    Parried.
Moved by Macdonald aod McFar-
lane tbat secretary-treasurer anil
manager be paid $200 for the year
It'll iu quarterly payments. Carried.
Mr. McFarlane discussed the question ol a demonstration (arm. aim*
the periods during which burning of
brush is permitted by the govern
ment, stating that he thought a
change in thc dates would give the
settlers a better chance to clean up
their property in that way.
Moved by McDonald and QUI that
tlie delegate to Victoria interview
the deputy minister ol agriculture
with a view to obtaining a loan tt*
put up permanent buildings. Car.
Moved by McFarlane and Macd.iii
alii that the delegate to Victoria hi
requested to convey to the deputy
minister ol agriculture, the thanks
anil deep appreciation ol this associ-
atian ol the good work being done h\
the government, and the great inter
est displayed by them upon behalf of
those engaged in agricultural pursuits in the province.    Carried.
Moved hy Hunt and Macdonald.
that a very hearty vote ol thanks be
conveyed to Mrs. Thos. QUI, presid
ent ol the Women's Institute, and
the ladies who helped her, lor their
kindness and assistance during ihe
exhibition.    Carried.
Moved by Macdonald and QUI that
Mr Win. Hamilton be requested tn
accept Ute position of honorary vice
itrcsident ol the association Carried.
It was then unanimously decide,!
that, if agreeable to ihe deputy miti
ister ol agriculture, the nest exhibition should be held September 19th
and until, 1911.
The meeting then adjourned to th.*
call of   the president
Balance Sheet
Members  t ltS.Of.
Donations     .imt    gate    r,**
r-clpts   3187.90
Total    »3..em so
Espcascs        $;ii.',t. M
Balance In lunik 592 3t
Cash in limn! ot.In
«ll.1 11 H 13. Ill
BO   coops,    15110   fl
littiiltii     and   Ires-
t ta:. oo
lllll*.    Illljillld
17 00
1 350 S9
AMvt not mines
Sir Charles llibbert Tupper, who is
nn his way to England to spend the
Christmas season with his father,
was the guest ol the Canadian club
at Halifax last week, and delivered
an address on thc naval question. Sir
llibbert said that be was "out of
politics," but he had what be called
a pillow picture that Just as Macdonald and Brown had united in old
days lor the good of the state, so
men of today outside of parlies
should get together and place Canada, as regards her imperial defence
lioliry, in a worthy position alongside
the sister nations ol Australia, New
Zealand and South Alrica. Not only in l-ucbec, but In Ontario and on
the Plains wns there a disinclination
to spend one farthing In delenre nl
tbe empire.    This was due to Indin
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crcncc,  Ignorance and selfishness   m
■liratcil by   the  antwec    ol Ihe man
who mid, "What   do we waul    with,
Dreadnoughts?    Rive us more    b<*\|
cam "     Bul thc splril "( the coun :
u\ was different, and could be arous-
ed under  right   leadership and dlrec* '
uon      He  said   thai    sir Wilfrid,
Laurlei was striving lo do lit-** dutj I
along right   lines, contribution     .. -
Canada ben  could, bul hla difficult]
was thai lir was in iln* presence    «.f
factions  principled  and unprincipled,
and he had tn   iim* phrases deprecnl
mu    "abyss  of   militarism,"    and
"maelstrom    '*f militarism" on   account of ihr exigencies uf partj politics "    We Bhould   boldly face tacts
We nn* in militarism  now, and   will
soon be min it up to thr neck. There
then arose thr opportunity   fur    the
unprincipled part) politician  lo   trj
to snatch pany victory and spoil lb
dreams of Howe and others, who had
worked for consolidation     Wc    are
living in a fool's paradise when    we
say wo will do nothing Thr world li
an armed ramp,    nnd    nations arc
straining every nerve to be ready futile struggle when it comes.
He urged action apart from part;
politics. Men who believed in Can
ada holding her place in thc empin
should drop party rivalries nud unit'
an Brown and Macdonald did for thc
state and the empire. Sn, he snld
there may enme a round-table con
ference, from which wuuld he evolved a new policy. He would abolish
patronage, which has been the curse
and blight ol overy government Canada ever had, and unite upon a policy
for land and sea defence, ait hit; upon
the best advice uf the empire's- experts tn share in the Titanic, burden
Then we might live to see, lie declared, in ringing tones, ilu- Rqurnitas,
the   Monks, and    that ilk, driven 1 i
the lour winds ol heaven
DonM decorate youi < lirli Ima
with paper, cotton, nr any other   In
ilammahle   material       Cm meti
tinsel and other non inflammable  de
coratlons, and   set the tree secure!)
su that the children, in reaching  )■
things cannol tip it over
DonM use cotton lo repn I
snow if vuu mm l have snow. ■ u
a sbest ns fibre
Don't permit children to light
rc-llghl tlie candles while parent- >
ii..t present.   The] Irequentlj ■■
tu their clothing Instead      Th
itself will hum "I •:  Ihe t cedles I
become drv
Don't allow matrix within read
of children duim * holida, Hm<
Candles ure meant lo h   lighted, and
if   the children car    I matel hi
will experiment with thi m
NOTE.—A   house   ot merrli
better than a house of moumlm
Holiday    fires   in stores, <'■
and ha/aars white filled wit1'
are usually holocaust       Light,    i»-
II!      fir* .
tart and     i isy
wise provided by agreement indorsed
hereon or added hereto, shall be
void, etc.,"—"H the hazard be i»
r eased by any means within llie control ur knowledge ol the Insured."
ii you bum, you want your Indent-
freight. Agriculture is badlj al
fectcd by too close cutting, ... I
much more by the ruthless destruction ol our forests
i The railways need lies and lumber,
I the mines the   props withoui
..ity. do nothing, then-fun', in impair. mining pannut be carried oi      '
■.".ir infi tract
nr an electrii al
ihunable material
make tires easy to
to spread. A mnl
defect may do It.
Watch smokers*
them to Ikht cigi
Don't make the slightest change Ih
tl lectrlcnl wiring   withoui      on*
stilting tho electrical Inspector
Head your Insurance policies He
(ore attempting any nasty or ilt
advised decoration which mnj rauRf
fire, examine your Insurance con
tracts nml see if thn policies contain
anything like this
"This   entire     policy  unless othei
Don't    perim.
ur pipes Inside
need power and good watei     People
teed   hunting and recreation .
and health resorts
The tourist travel to fl well ■■ ri
led hack-countr\     will be an Immen
\s short a lime ago as ihe Fn*r| trade, bringing millions into Canada
IflM the    subject uf scientific forest] wb(,n prop-*i:l, developed     Tbi ■
otcctlon     was praotleall) unknown  :i.(art fr,,m   the Ilrsi ■ ■    I thin Canada, bul events have moved -w-1 cst—that ol  providing fuel, loi
rapidly itiiLt the annotneement   tbat J ^ UWtnUls and    the raw mat
-ir Wilfrid Laurlei has Issued a call I foi furniture factnrios, waj
iftr a Dominion    forrtfcrj ronventlonI jcl) handle   facUirlw    and al
in meet under the aiwpicrs ol     tho I nthei Industrie
Canadian Forestry tunordatlon In the    'j}., rouimlssln
i it) nf Qurher, .Innuary lf*-in, Ifilt.lwhlch Hon Clifford Hilton is   chaii
. rraiulted In such an oranun! "f in man( w\\\ mfv- lti -i, , lU ,,( ,.,„..
■ - • being oroused thai it Is nowL,, the sun,.- week, su that there
ractlcallj ajumred    thai i      ureal  ,..|j       ll(.       a       gathering        ol
working ronventlon will he tl >- experts and administratoi    ■
*ult. ; the statistics and the techniml   ide,
\-. the    result of   previous ronven-  while the forestrj convention
lions nnd the   wort nl the CanadianI translate these into practical
Forestry association, Fish and Camel ami shots    whal the people and the
association:-,    nnd    similar organlia   governments '•( Canada should do  to
tions the puhlie mind   has been con-  save and develop the great a* rt thi
ddcrabl)  aroused on the qaeattoit ollcountry has In hot forests
conservation   and tho    aim    of this,    rhe names connected with this con
convention will he to point out prac-j vent inn show   hon   lhe conservation
ileal ways In which this aroused and! idea is gripping   Canadians. His Ei
enlightened    public opinion *'an workl cellcncy Karl Orey Is patron   nl   the
to   nave   Canada's forests    and all! Canadian   Forestrj   association, Sit
lhat depend upon It, Wilfrid   Laurlei li  honorarj   presid
Upon tin- maintenance of forests on ent, Senator W C. Kdwards, one at
thc non-arable lands about the head Canada's loremosl lumbermen, is
waters of our streams depend tin. president, and Mr Deo V Chown,
evenness ol (low, the water powcrslol Queen's University, vlcc-prcsld ni
and the nnvlgatlna cnpaclbles ol our The ministers nl crown land*; in Lhe
rivers Hence arises Ihe Importance! different provinces arc territorial
of thr Oorests to Uie manufacturer! vtco-prcsldcnts, as is nlsn the arch
for Ins power ami bn thc shipper!bishop of Montreal Mr i: i. Hor
who uirv the wntcirs uf rivers and 1 den, Ml1, is also one of the dlrec
canals   fm    the  transportation  oil tors
ll,   board from the province ol
■       an  if .'   Sydney   Fishet and
William l.ittte. K   c. .lolj
...    Lotblnlere,   E   Stewart,   ll   M
KII wood Wilson, Ci   C. Piche,
HacLaurin and Carl Rlordon
is    represented  by   Mc
White, deputy minister     *-i
:■ lands; Hiram Robinson, Thos
■   rth,   .1    D   Miller,    Hon   W.
ton, 'i irdon C  Edwai I
Di   it   I.    Fernow       Mr. Campbell,
■   ■    tup* nntcndeni ol Ion  try,
.t dire* tor, as   also    Mr    W. I.
\.".v Brunswick, Mi   i-
■: Nova Scotia and Mi
\   p au reason of Manitoba     li i
ary to mention these furth -r
•      ami -   in 'heir several pi
.:.' lent     Thi  ircretar,   to
* .: • nquiries may be add
Mr    .lami i  I#awli r,    Cai
■; illdlng, Ottawa.
I . (Quebec, Mil  Lome!
ind thi i lembers >>f bl   i kbi
■; are taking   the greatest in1
in 'his t* atl
lules   \llard, th<- mini "
to • ts, li personal!} look
ing after the    details in conjunction
■ ommltcee ol the assoi latlon
i the Cltj ol Quebec     The railways
■      [ranted special rates-, and alto-
;ethei thc meeting    in thr* City   .nf
fjuebec, January 18-20, promlsi     to
he Dnc ol the most important   'ever
held in Canada
The peculiar properties nf Clum-
licrlaln's Cough Remedy have been
thoroughly tested during epfdomics ol
influenza, and when it was taken In
iine we havp not heard of a slnglu
i use ol pneumonia. Sold by all
.   -. ts and dealers. ll-tf
LOST -l.ady's open faced gold
watch; initials C.C., engraved o1"
hack Reward of tin will be paid
on return ol snme to Herald ofllce. «-H' I
tf tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
F. J. Deanc, Managing Editor.
CSANBBOOK. B. C, December 22, WID
Once again it becomes lhu pleasant
duty of the Herald to extend to nil
its readers the compliments of the
season. Very heartily aud very sincerely can the Herald, on this occasion, express its hope that. this
Christum..tide, will prove a period ui
unalloyed happiness tu its large and
rapidly increasing circle of friends.
The pa.s;t twelve months have had
their setbacks, it is true, hut ou thc
whole bright days have out numbered
tbe dutl and we firmly believe, that
in common with the great majority
u( our readers, we have good reason
tu enter whole heaileillv into ilu
Christmas festivities.
Our enquiry last week as tu all)
cases of poverty, requiring special at
tention at this festive season, linn
ellcltcd some few replies Happily,
we may say that there is very tilth
in tbe nature of actual poverty in
this city and district Some few
cases tbat have been reported in Hi
are being careful); looked aftci Wc
mat say that there are a few little
ours in town, who, through the sick
ness, or other uuavuidublc Inability
of their parents, mny he lackne.'
some tangible evidence of tlie annual
visit nf Santa Claus on then bo
half the Herald invites contributions
from those mining its readers mure
happily situated We would special
ly request offerings of warm Ulidt'l
clothing, overshoes and stockings, as
well as some small contributions in
the way of Christmas toys, candies
etc., iu order thnt these little ones-
may have a proper realization uf tin
Christmas spirit. Any 'article lefl
at this office between now and num.
un Saturday will he made good use
It being a rule nf ihe Herald lo e\
elude controversial matter from thi*-
eolumn at   Cbrlstmostlde, we cannot
du mure*   than briefly refoi to     tin
present status of ihe local municipal
election.    There aie now two slates
lor   the   choice    of the   electoral'
neither of which, however, was    th
choice nf any public m<-et Iim of those
to be represented.    This state ul ill
fairs makes it practically impost-tillI-
fnr the public press to deal with   tin
respective candidates on other    tha
personal grounds, a course   thai   tin
Herald very decidedly objects tn •■>■■
sue.       We maintain lhat the propel
course to   pursue,   is for   the catuti
dates (ur municipal honors to   mmo
out in     the open,   and    at a public
meeting nf the electors, plainly    sel
forth their views and their intentions
if entrusted with the duty of admit
istering civic affairs during tfie com
ing year.     The two tickets will   he
found elsewhere in this Issue
In the interview with Mr V llyd
Itaker, published in nur last issue, .
regrettable errnr occurred. The salc
nf real estate during the mnnth n
October last wen* erroneously placed
at 117,500 instead nf 17,600
Leave youi orders for ice cream at
The Palm.   Special orders made up.
There will he a joint installation
of ollieers uf the Moyie and Cranbrook Masonic lodges on Tuesday
evening next at lis- local Masonic
temple. A thoroughly representative gathering of Masons of the district is anticipated tor this occasion.
BUOklcy lodge, No. 588, H. ol It.
T., hold their KM li annual hall mi
Friday, December .tilth, at the Auditorium. This event is one ol the fixtures of the Christmas holiday sea-
i, always a well attended and very
enjoyable affair,
A good number ai knights turned
up at the K, of I'. meeting on Tuesday evening. The rank nf Knight
was conferred on one member, after
which a social time was spoilt.
The   I,    A    to  the It   nf   II    T.  hail
a very good attendance at iheir regular meeting on Kriday night last.
The most Important business transacted was the installation or ollieers
(ul the ensuing vear:
Worthy President—Sister   I-'    Pat
Vice-President—Sistei    \.   Uufniir
Secretary-Sister R,  Hall
Treasurer—Sister A   Iloh tic tt
Chaplain—Sister M. Parker
Conductress—Sister c. Knocke
Warden—Sister M. I.alleiir.
Inner Guard—Sister li. Hughes
The Auxillarj has added a few new
members   tu   iheii     list    during the
past    year and    are in   hopes uf Increasing the   number very materially
in the near future
Tile It. of It T and (he LA. ul
It. It. T. have moved from their old
quarters at Carmen's halt to tho
Orangemen's hall. In future me-i.tr
ings will he held at 111.3(1 o'clock on
Tuesday's instead of at 20.110 o'clock
on Sundays, as heretofore,
There will he no session at the I.
O.O.F, hall nn Monday, as that day
is a public holiday. Neither will
the (idii Fellows meet nn -January
2nd. on January 'Ml, they will
meet to   put some members through
the third degree aud elect ullicers fur
the vear. Afterwards a sueial evening will he held.
The following were elected lo of
lues in t'ranbrook lodge, IF. .v
A.M . No .'fl, nn Thursday evening
\V. M.-A. c Sliankland.
s   w.-n. .1  McSweyn
.1   W.-F. II. Miles
chaplain—1   F. Armstroim.
Treasurer—.1. <i. .Sutherland,
Secretary—R. W  Connolly.
Tyler—II. Ilickenbntham
At a representative meeting of
business men, held last Tuesday
evening at the Hotel Cranbrook par
lors, the following slate fur th'
municipal elections was agreed upon:
Kor mayor—P DeVere Hunt.
Kor aldermen—Jos. Jackson, D ■'
. I oh n *-.•>*., A C Hnwness, Oeo Johnson, .In-,   Campbell, W   Cameron
The other tirket, known as the citizens* ticket, is ns follows:
Kor mayor—.lames Kinlay
Kor aldermen— t I! McNabb, Simon Taylor, O, W Patmore, Frank
przall, A A MacKinnon Frank
Tbe platform ut the citizens' ticket
is declared tu be as follows:
1 A more economical system ui
handling the ratepayers mono)
2 A special effort to reduce the
tasatioo to the lowest possible rate
compatible with good government,
and thc best management of the affairs of the city, also tn tax every
property hnldei on an eipiitable
.1. The interests ol the citizens
will be carefully considered regarding
the municipal cunt ml ol public utilities as might yield a revenue to tho
city, such as electric light, telephone,
etc.; promise In the ratepayer every
opportunity tu publicly discuss and
understand such matters thoroughly.
t. The extension of the municipality to include Slatcrville and outlying districts that may desire admission,
E. A. Hill is making a specialty
this holiday season of the famous
20th Century Dress Suit 44-11
(Special correspondence).
A curling club formed from players
m this ami the surrounding districts
has just lieen formed The movers
in ihe formation have received great
encouragement frum all interested ii
the game and generous support Is
promised. Arrangements are being
made tu form sheets of ice un the
Wilmer lake, immediately adjoining
here, and thc sweep of the broom
and thc boom of the stones will be
heard echoing through the coulees
and up uver the bench lands, which
surround the lake The lirst match
with outside rinks will come oil ir-
the early part of January, when the
mighty men here will be pitted
against rinks which are coming Uf
frum Cranhronk. After the powei
of the stones and the arms behind
them have been tried out, swords
will be crossed with rinks from (iu)
den and other parts.
The officers for the season arc:
Honorary Presidents—It. Randolph
Unite and Harold K   Forster
President—(Ieorge A. Stark
Vice - Presidents—Frank Richardson, uf Alhelmer, and .1 c Pitts, of
Secretary and Treasurer—IV* II
Chaplain—R. Tunaclifle.
Executive—O, F Stalker, F C
Stockdalo, A. S. Moure, (i. A. Hen
nett aud Ik   parrel P   llnninglun.
The younger athletes nl the village
have fnrmed  a   hockey rink The
playing will be nn the open ice on
Wilmer lake Arrangements are be
ing made to cross slicks with similar organization from At helmet and
Windermere The local club is .,
strong one and confident nf victory
This Ik thr Inst hockey club tu      he
formed here, but it comprises young
men who have fought ami won hard
games in the fields farther nway
The officers Who have heen elected
for the honors are:
Honorary   Presidents—George    A
Stark am) flasil (i   Hamilton
President—W. II. ciciamt
Vice-President—B. E. Harvey*
Secretary-Treasurer   — Pr   Parrel
P   Haiiingtou.
Manager—R. Tu nuclide
Bolton, Kng., pec. 22.—An ol|ii*i'
sion, followed by fire, and causing
many fatalities, occurred in Little
11 ul tun collieries, here, yesterday,
sunn after 2Wli miners had ,,.■■"■   tit-
low the surface     to begin the day"a
The cause and extent of tho disaster were in doubt for several hours.
The lirst rescuing party tu reach   the
ene succeeded in bringing seven mm
and a hoy to safety and later recovered the bodies of five victim.;. At
Lhu moment of tho explosion the
flames spread through the ntU'iited
passages ami smoke and *>< itt'onrju-j
gases filled tho mine.
The plight of Iho miners was ron
dcrod moro dangerous hy a mishap
to the machinery of the shafts, when
the cages refused to move for a
time, preventing quick escape ami
interfering with ventilation, (he n.-.
ing gases being checked by obstructions and driven hack on the entombed minors.
Meantime ihe fire raged llorecl,.
ami it is supposed lhat many nol
killed hv noxious fumes were burned
In death
in the morning the guts choir will
rondel lhe Cliristmns cantata olitltl
eil -'\ Chime ol Silver Hells " This
will consist of songs and recitations,
with the Gospel Dells Acrostic
Miss Kva Conley will sing llic
"Siai of tho l-.iisi" during this sor
The parents ol lhe children are es
penally invited
Sunday school as usual iu tlio ai
ternoon at three.
Ai the evening Rorvtce a .specially
prepared choral programme will be
rendered as follows:
Organ Voluntary
Opening Carol hv Ihe Choir	
"Come Let   Is Celebrate"   	
old English
Chorus by Choir 	
 ."While Shepherds Wnlelicd"
■"      . .
December 25th, iuio.
s a.m. Hoij Communtoo.
Christinas hymns,
ll a.m. Matins,
Festal responses.
Hymns, 7 IN, n, 2*12.
Anthem—"Glory    to God iu     tho
Veil ite—Ousley iu <i.
To Dciini—McKarren,
Hoiiedlctus-Glbboiil in K
Holy Communion.
Adlnm in I-'
7.30 p.in   Kvensoiig.
Festal re .ponses,
[   Hymns ;:, "■'*, 75, 7111
;   Mnguificiii-Battielilll in C,
j    Nunc UlinMtls—FI In toll iu (i
-  ♦ ■
.   Tlio elect a iu   Qreal Britain mo
1 all over ami the standing of tin* parties is much the same as bef tu
1 ihey took place The Liberal government have a majority of mt;.
i Thc house will he made up as foi-
j lows:
Liborals  w>
Nationalists  *SI
of the Pincher Creek Milling company
drove up from Wardner last week.
Prof. Richardson and wife have returned to Steele, after a few days
visit in camp with friends.
Geo. K. Henderson, and Wm. Batus
went to Cranbrook lust Saturday to
transact business.
lohn Paulson, Nels Kiuck and Jack
Soversoti, all from Rosalia, Washington, and stockholders in t he
power company, have been here lo
see how the work is progressing.
There Is a movement on foot lot
thc establishment of a post office
here, which is a very great necessity.
There wns au unusual assembly
convened nt. the office or tho company    Inst    Sunday   morning nl   11
Labor members
litlou  major it)
The funeial of -lames Grieve, a
shepherd, aged 110, has just taken
place at Kilmiiii. Dumbartonshire. As
a hoy of 15 he had assisted in the
building of ilu- bonfires on his native
hills to celebrate the buttle of Waterloo. I p liil lasl year he was
able to go about, anil had all his facilities till ibe end. He was a
great smoker, and not a teetotaler.
*■*,  ^.
P ni-B
]   ^if'^jsMM*
ateiaEHSKi^T^^        m si aUajaiaiFjeii
Nativity 1831.
This'old    tune   and measure is constructed nu the early Knglish
anliphonal   style,    and    is of
quaint   melody aod   much appreciated   by   lovers   nf harmony.
Solo—"The     Star     of    Itethleln-m"
Mr. Hougham
Hymn—"It Came   Ipuii   the   Mid
night Clear" ..Sir Arthur Sullivan
Anthem—"The   Birthday of a King"
Neid linger
Soloist, Miss Prest
Carol   "The First Noel"
Anthem "And   There Were Shepherds"   Wcgenost
Soloists—Miss Raker and .Mr.  Rack
Parol  "When   Christ was Horn"
Solo        "Silent Night"
Miss Henley
This exquisite number will be rendered   with   violin obligato, und
humming    accompaniment   hy
the choir
Hymn—"Angels   From   the Realms
of Glory"   Smart
Recessional  Carol. — "Good   King
Wenceslas"   Traditional
The stewards will be obliged if the
members and regular attendants will
take their seats early. Poors open
al .- All ladies in the congregation
are asked tu remove their hats at
the commencement of this service.
(Special correspondence.)
j    A. L.    Hogarl,   hydraulic engineer,
I of Minneapolis, Minn., has been     inspecting om power proposition    and
was   very favorably impressed    with
iis Immense capacity.
Herman Schulz returned to his
home in Madison, Wis , last Saturday
I!   II    lloharf and n representative
The advent uf nur Glorious Redeemer and Lord wilt he celebrated
nu the 2ath in special sermons and
snug, at both services, 11 a.m. and
7 *!■' p m      Hible school *i p m
A cordial Christian welcome to
visitors to unite with n\ in this hap
py communion
On Tuesday, 7 ."in p.m., our Hihh
school holds its anmiul Christmas
tree entertainment. Atl parents, in
eluding the home department and the
little cradle rollers, and friends ol
the school specially invited to bo
presenl       The usual collection.
Sumlay, llecember 25th, Christmas
Day, special subjects all day.
Sunday nlghtl The Wonderful Name
Christmas Services.
Christmas Evo, Saturday, December 2-tth, midnight mass.
Christmas Day, Sunday, December
85th, high mass 10.3-0 am
Hem-diction, 7 p„,
Father Plamoodon,
Parish Priest
..$ ■"• •■i^U&JiilB
There Isnnovel increasing tendency
to give Christmas Gifts that will be
useful A gift designed 10 he 1110
fui to tin- reel pi ont Is more nppie-
iilated lliiin any other kind, Whal
ii mo'i-11-. ini than a good Range?
A housewife, who lias, perhaps,
in-en gei tii.-- along for sometime
with a stove ihai has been working
badly*, would be moro than delighted to receive a new one u»a
Christinas Gifts, Cook your Xtnai
Dinner with a Sask Alia Kange,
Why should nny woman spend the
best pint of a holiday in a hut
kitchen, trying to cook dinner witli
a defective stove. A Saak-Alta
WoULD DO TUB WORK for her,
It would hen gift that wifn or
mother would most appreciate.
Now Is the time to make your
"The Range Store"
'.'dock.     It was occasioned
visit o( a Church of England     .amp
missiotian*, tin,* Rev. W. S. Roberts.
Z ♦
(Special correspondence.)
A most enjoyable farewell dance
was held in the Oatcway hall on Saturday night in honor of Hoy Nash
and Albert Wbiliiiarsh, who left for
Iln- cast on Monday to spend the
Mr. Prod Roo, jr., of Roosvlllo, 11.
(', was a caller in town on Monday.
Mr. A. .1. Fleming, t'nlted States
collector of customs, who has been at
(ialeway lor tbe past two weeks, left
for his homo in Port Hill, Idaho, ou
Mr. Wake Wann, of Eureka, Mont.,
was a visitor in Qatewaj* on Sunday.
Mrs. H. F. Young entertained a
few of her friends to dinner on Sunday,
She had been making a noise on
tho plnno for twenty consecutive
"Shall I open the window?" asked
the young man In tho parlor scene.
"What for?" sho inquired.
"Why—Of-so you can get the air,"
lie replied.
*********** i
flcCallum & Co.
J-jTearty  Xmas   Greetings   to   our
Friends and to such valued enemies as we may have.    This is
not the time to discriminate.   A Merry Christmas to all and a
Happy new year.    Thank God for the Feast Days, which prompt a
backward as well us a forward look; and a look inside to see where we
have been, where we are going, and what we arc.
Our Hearty Congratulations on the backward look, and the
outlook; and for the coming year we would solicit a continuance of the
patronage with wliich you have favored us in the past.
When this paper um-s tu press .vou will have
over    ii     week     to     buy    some    <>[    thoso
Presents  for   Him, Her or Them
In-low wi* utl'fi* a few BOffKOstions
Table Cutlery, Pocket Knives, Carving Sets, Scissors, Childs Sett,
Razors and Safety Razors, Nut Cracks, Skates, Hockey
Sticks,  Carpet  Sweepers, Food  Choppers,
Nickel-plated Kettles, Cold Meat
Forks,   Sugar   Shells,
Berry Spoons,
Butter Knives
McCallum & Co.,
The Hardware
► *********************
Japanese Toys. Fancy Goods, Hand Embroidered
Japanese Silks
Our New Store Is Now Ready.
Come Early and Make Your Choice.
T. K.  FUTA & CO*
Japanese Goods, Groceries, Candies and  Fruits.
atgfc~'/''tt ■■'■"■ '■■>
Are You Coming?
" For tho Newest and Heat, the Original Idea and the Modern Thought i
Ohrietmns Gilts. See Our Bright Frtah Stoek of Beautiful and Desirabl
lluliilny Attractions,
Be an Up-To-Date Santa Claus
' It's ens-*1   iiinlillieiiliiea in Iho way if you luake your selections from our
|iri>liiHi. army nf New Xunits Nuveltiea shown for the tirst time this Benson
An Ideal Holiday Stock
• Our Stock uH'imlti in High Degree, Pleasure and ficonouiy in buying.
Delight and Satisfaction iu Kucsiving.     It Ensures a Merry Christians
Presents To Fit Your Needs
•' In Uif ts for Old or Young,
your wanta havo been anticipated. We place At your
disposal A wide range for
selectiou from Pretty Ben-em*
lirnnees nt small coat to elaborate and Valuable Arcticles.
0HRI8TMAS. 1910.
The Right Thing For Everybody
' Nu place like this to buy Holiday Gift*.   We an* filling all wants with the
lies! (roods at the Lowest Pricea.
To One and All
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year
Are Iho wiali. a ol tin
Jewellers and Opi.ei.ins
INr.il-i. | ike tin U| |i -.luiiitv
of liiaiikiiii our nt niv |".ilroiis
fnr their kind ■ u| |-> rl clurinj^
thi*- f.-.i [vi      isui ': i" Bolicil
llu-ir furl hi i  i atei in< il patronage
Owing i" Mm mm -' ipecial
(liriattnai in.j.i' thai wi- have hail
t<i handle :ii week, it hai been
intiml    Impossible if   covei us nde
qilillfh   iis   ui   iM'iliI   m-.li   Illl*    loCil
mnl iiisiiiit news Several outside
contribution.- have perforce been
omitted ami many minor mailers nf
local Interest have Buffered .1 ilmllar
Recitation and Carols** Methodist Church, Christmas night. 42-2
Wicker rockers, Ji on.-r. t\ s
V. Hyde linker left tor Spokane
this aftcrminn, en route to I-'ru;l:ini|
Wood nurse rockers, J1.00.—O.C.S,
f.ijH' tomatoes nl LHtlo ami At flit
Ilraf-s bods, I90.00.--C, C X.
Miss Hamilton, ot Iho public* school
stall, is spending her Christmas boll-
days with her brother in Pornle,
Cut flowers nt Kink's hire pood
Ladies writ in., desks —('. C. 8
Mrs. Ira Manning returned home on
Monday from so extended visit to th«*
Ontario sweet cider at Tbe Palm
Wood nurse rockers, itoo— c.cs
Cut flowers ot Kink's Pure Pood
Tlu- Arena link was op<oeJ to skat
era (or the tirst time thin season lost
Hoses, vloletf, carnatioas, cbry-
nnthemtuna aad bra-cloths for Xma*.
at Campbell and Manning's
Wood nurse rockers, n.oo— ers
t'nt dowers at Pink's l*ure Pood
James l.-udlaw, thr surveyor,   lei*
tins ttirk Ior Kiuland      He will    V
mine several weeks,
v a Windsor, piano timer, it. la
town Leave orders nt the Herald
ofllce 4*lt*
Leathei collai and handkcrchH t
boxes, It,2-5.-0, C  8
Oregon full eream riteessj at Pink's
Pure Pood Groeety
WANTBD-Lndy tracbrr toi Hull
Unci Kali*- public school. Apply to
11 II. Henderson, Hull Hivtr Kail:.,
Vfa Warihiei.   Hi.' -tilt
Then- will be the  customary   raid
nlghl service on Cbriatstai Bee   o-
tin- Catholic cburcb.
Don't buy lhat box oi chocolate:,
until you have seen Little and Atc&i
son's Largest assortment In the
Kitchen chairs, trtc.-c. C. s.
Fancy Illinois chestnuts at Kink's
Pure Kood Orocery.
Recitation and Carols. Methodist Church, Christmas night. 42-2»
C. K. Ward bas moved into bis
now offices, adjoining tar gueims
Leather collar and handkerchief
boaes, ll.11.-C. C. S.
Fancy hot house lettuce at Kink's
Purr Pood Qroast-y,
For dainty, artistic chioa, we have
thc Roods.-t.'aranbell aad Manning
.las. McDonald- ot Kimberley, was
in town yesterday oa bis way oast
to spend the CbrUtcaai UUdaya with
telativea la Uleofarry
Buttermilk at The Palm
Leather collar ami handkerchief
hoses, fl 25-C. C. S
ol sanu* appl* in McDonald Hro*-
ranch M-2t*
English plum puddings at Fink's
Pure Kood Orocery
The Misses Kthel and  Gladys Pink
eame up frum Spokane nu Sunday on
an extended rillt to Mr  and Mr-   J
P   Kink
Tyson Bros, want youi orders 'oi
Christmas poultry n it
Kitchen chairs. SSe.-*C C, S
Koyal Bdward clustei raisins     at
Pink's Pure Food Grocer)
Brass beds, I80.00.--C  C  H
Miss  M    I      Ciirrie, of the public
sebool stall, lefl fm  N'elson on Tuesday, where sin- wUI spend the chrisi-
mas bollnaya with her brother
Kitchen chairs, Wc.—C C s
Private suit- of household furniture,
china, etc., at    the residence of Mr*
S    p    .Moriey.     Lmnsden     avi-nn-'
Goods on view between *. and B p m.
and m the evening. II It*
Kitchen chairs, 85c ~c  c   s
McVittic and Prica'a shortbread al
Fink's Pore Food Orocery.
k a. lliii has just received a consignment oi ties, shirts .md suspend*
rrs. siiitabte fur Xmas ■tin*. They
are beauticr-*. lilt
Miss Hick and Miss ('urrle, nl   the
public sehool     stai't.   Im.e none down
lo Nelson f..r   the   Christmas boll
be sren at the mill near Mayook .~
la-ask and Johnson. M it
Hrass beds, -52n.no.—c. <\ s
New season's nuts—all kinds al
Pink's Pure Food Orocery
Miss rrai.d-.ill. erstwhile principal
ol the high sehool, bas left for Vancouver. She will not he returninn
Ut Cranhronk, having resinned her
Leather collar and handkerchief
hoses, ILM.-C. C. S.
Only a few boxes of those famous
Vistana chocolates left —Little and
i-'alifornia   cauliflowers   nt   Fink'
Pure Food Grocery.
Brass beds, 120.00-r   C  S
Mis. John LHtlo ami iwo children,
or WyeliiTc, hnve gone lo Edmonton
to spend tbo Christmas holidays
with Mrs. Little's sister, Mrs P, P
Men's suspenders, garters and arm
bands done up in fancy boxes for
Xmas presents, $1.00.—C  C, S.
Call an Tyson Bros and see Lbeli
Christmas poultry. u-ii
Merry Xmas to all.—Little nnd Al
Rocking horse, tl.SO.—C. (*. S
Little Itoberl Pye proved to be the
champion ticket seller fur tho public
school entertainment, disposing ol
upwards of forty-eight tickets Mis-.
Nellie Marcellajs did the besl ninonx
the girls.
Men's suspenders, garters and arm
hands dune up in lancy boxes hu
Xmas presents, St.00.-c  c. s
Mistletoe at Pink's Cure Food
Canadian nml English S Li I ton and
Qorgonzala cream brick, tngorsol,
McLaren's, Imperial and Limborgor
cheeses.—Campbell ami Manning
Recitation and Giruls. Meth"-
dist Church, Christmas night. 42-2
Hocking horse, ll.flO.—C  C. S
The Herald acknowledges the re
ecipt of a very artistic Christmas
card from the manage! ami stall ol
the Royal bank.
Men's suspenders, garters and aim
bands done tip in (ancj boxes for
Xmas presents, 11.00.—C. C. S.
Patmore Bros, have an art cftleli
dar for the Lady of the House. Have
you got yours? if not, call and g.-i
Ladies writing desks —C, c. s.
Oranges, bananas, grapes, mils mid
candy galore at Little and Atchison 'a.
The Catholic church Sunday school
children will enjoy their annual
Christmas tree fete on Monday evening in the hall of the Knights ni
Columbus, nt 8.30 o'clock.
Wicker rockers, $4.00.—C, c. S.
Kidgwuy's 5 o'clock lea at Fink's
Pure Kood Grocery.
Nol too late yet fm a brick nl
that famous Hazelwood Ice cream foi
your Xmas dinner.—Little mnl Atchison, 'phone :."•
Wicker rockors, 11.00.—C  c  s
Alderman Hunt, chairman ol the
lire committee, informs ihe Herald
that after the tire chiel returns from
his Christina*, leave of absence, he
will patrol the streets from Li p m.
till f. a.m
Morris chairs, 17.25.—C  c  S
New laid eggs that we guarantee --
Little and Atchison
Morris chairs, 17.25.—C   C   S
Mr aud Mrs c Dorian, ol Al-
goma, Ont., who have been makim;
a tour of the principal cities on the
coast, stopped ofl this week lo
Cranbrook to visit Mrs. Dorian's
brother. K. H. McPhee
Morris chairs. $7.25.—C. C   S
Phone or leave your order for nuts,
candies or anv kind of fruit at
Little and Atchison's
At the parsonage on Wednesdaj
evening Mr Alex. Lacombe ami Mrs
I. Johnston, ol Renfrew, tint . were
united in mnttinioii, by Rev. |(.
Hughes Mr and Mrs l.acomhe will
prohahlv residf permanently m Cranbrook.
Ladies writing desks —C. C S.
Xmas stockings al Lit do ami \:
Rocking horse, M SO.—C. C. ;s
Patmore Bros hove just received
a consignment ol verj One nickel and
glass and opal glass bath room lit
tings. These goods al little eosl
give the     hath    room an air nf dm
venlence ami luxurj     They musl hi
seen    to b<-   appreciated      Call and
v them
Rocking horse, fl 50.—c. c 9
One of Beatty's ihaeka on Prrnel
avenue cbukIii fire "» Tneadaj al
ternnon Verv little damage wai
done, the brigade getting to w*n
smartly The d:,- broke out half ni
hour after the Ore chief bad left i •
Vancouver on hi- Chrlstmai -rocn
Rorklhg horse. *l 10.—C   (    H
ISecretary nmrdl I, ■ f the board ■•(
trade, js in rn * Ipl ■ i untcroua e ■* i
mnnlcations from Rn [land, writ. ••
by Intending <-■ Itirn in H r a re
cent letter i- ',: i young married
man. who dealn i age li  ■
farming, bu ha-   *       ill capital
CI50, but before  rttlli . down on his
own place would Iik-   '•' birr out f-.t
twelve month-     M>    rife la a
k. they bave no Hilldren  Anj dh
trlit    rancher.    •.!-• g|vr this entlph
mploymeni ihould communicate with
Secretary Renedlei
i't per cent off  all   fancy   phn
C c s
Copies of this ■***■• *-f the Hi r.' I,
containing the report nf the - -
school children1! entertainment, h >•■
lieen set aside s.. mt t.- supply p el
boy nml girt, who tool part ltwMl**t,
with one, which can t.'- obtalne*] . I
this office up t<< noon nn Satnnl .
25 per cent ofl all fancy (baits -
C. C   fl
Thc customarj special provision f<-r
Christmas festniti.s al nil the cltj
hotels and restaurants baa been made
this year on an even mure elaborate
scale than usual The bills of f.ue
for Chiisim.i dinner at the prim m'
hotels could not In- evrrlliil nny
where in the west
25 per ivni off all fancy chain -
P, C. R.
Mr .i. tiuii.ii. proprietor   ot    the
"Little   Windsor."     Hanson gffMCi
MMMgsWtttltttgtgttMtttgttsjahgggttMttMtt    —mi IIUUU
If you want to win that case of Munro's Famous
Scotch Whisky.   Thc tickets arc going fast and there
are only a few more left.
A Free Two Ounce Sample Bottle
Given away with every purchase of one bottle of this
Scotch Whisky.    You also receive a coupon which
entitles you to a chance of winning a whole case of
Twelve Quart Bottles.
To the Lady of the House.
We would say that for the entertainment of your guest
we have the finest assortment of Ports, Sherries and
Brandies ever imported.
For cooking  purposes we have special brands of
Port, Sherry and Brandy.
I Baltic Good Old Douro Port.
I " Valdespino Sherry,
I " Munro's Famous Scotch.
I " Fromy'i Retcrvc Brandy*
I " Jamaica Rum.
I " Walker's Imperial Ry«.
I - St. Julien Claret.
I " Gordon's Dry Gin.
I " Cherry Brandy.
I " Native Port.
I " Club Tom Gin.
I " Any Liqueur.
12 Bottles. Regular Price $17.50.
Xmas Price $12.50.
Phone Orders receive Prompt Attention
Phone 17.
Wholesale Wine Merchant
Cranbrook, B.C.
begs to inform ihe public that anj
orders given him for 'fish, (hops ainl
pip' feet, will receive careful attention. To avoid the rush give
your onlers as t-srty .is possible
Family orders will receive special ut
tentlon. I-Mt-
VeOtdve Bngllsne Carol Svnsjers
wilt iir abrua-J or Thiir>da> ami Kit
day nights. The priHifij*. will t,o to
assls! a few needy cues anil also \ •
in ip the Children1! Hume m Van
.'ntner. Any further cases ol need
Will be assisted a. far as possible,
if -I..*.- who know ol anv will kindly
report to the Metbodisl narsonaK*-.
a i once.
The Christmas tree and concert ot
'hi Uetbodlsl  chnreh Sunday school
will lie h- lil un Monday m- I:*  next at
>> o'eloeh Ctnnert m the church,
and the tree in the Gymnasium. Admission in adults Ue. and to i-n
Children Who art- not mim-her*. of Uie
siln.nl ISC Kather *"(,ri .'r,..*- will
appear as of -jld ami disltih-j'*'    'in
presents     \n nre welootne
Tin    Herald   has   reeatved   from
.*.''.*'   i ... It and f>iin|i.iti\. ,i rhotn
i lortment of theli ftrtslmas n'1*-
duet ions, *<msiitu-ic nf ssnls, Blmaa
aca and ihililn-n't picture ii-N.k- Il»-
l>r-i|iietioiii ol *his firm an* so nri)
known ail over ihe EteRlfa4hapeaMm(
world*, thai comment Uwreea i-* prnr
tiealh nperfluous The Beattie
Murphy Co. handle thli Onn's pm
duetloas ami they have on sal*.- .i
Iplendld a-sortment in all lines
The Herald acknowledges the re
celpl of a warm clonk, a rli-rqui* for
15, and some other articles, eontri
hiitfon.t in aid nf tho»v m need It
notified in time the Herald will Un*
dertake to call lor parrel?, of goods
any person may have to oflet for this
purpose, who tl tinahle to dellM r
them at this nfflr-f
l Itrotberhoutl of Lor'-moti..- Engineer- ;
Iwhlefa have been -.trained for KVernll
I days reached a *riticai stag*- yesterday and a strike ol tbe most glgan-l
I tie  proportions la    railway hfstor* i
[loomed    up as a    Strong possibility
: Following th*.- conference at tl..- .\u-ii
torlum hotel   between the Kngfaeen
and Labor Commissioner I>r. Charles
Iv NViii, tne government official pra-
tlcally   admitted   that   hi*, effort at
mediation had tailed       N'elthei side
j will yield a   point ar.d after lea-ring
i lhe     eunferenrc    Warren   S. Rtone,
grand    chief   nf the   Kasineers t,.y--
|graphed th*- members of his advisor]
, board to come at once to Chicago,
Uii.nipt-i*. i».T 2: —Both locomotive engineers ami railways offletals
lo Winnipeg ait* reticent with regai i
to how the Knglneera' utrike on us
t>i.nv railwa*.s «||| gJcct line*, it.
ffeatctn Cauda it was stated >•■•
iirdav by employees ol tbe Canadian
PadAc roundhouse that every "nu;.
neer in Western Canada would tn nnt
with th« othen Another man raW
that the date (lied for the strike Was
December 2T and that 6ve tbousand
engineers m *i >s ildc >•! »hr Hue
w-.uid ik- nfin led
■ThlcagO, Dee   JJ— Relation*-      V
titiTi.    wntsin     railwa)       and :!;<■
Maraacblno cherries al Mnk'i
Pood t'*r'«ri»r\
(By Fred Roo.)
Qeorge Mcllctt, of Elko, who re
centty sold out the Columbian hotel
to .1 Thompson, of Michel, bOUgbl
the nfd Hoffman House frnm Charlie
KlinKensmith anil will fix up a
Hard ball, lunch counter and Turkish
and    Rosatan baths   with  eyclone
slacker atlarhment-s
The Hoss Saskatoon Lumber -*om
panj, south ol Klko, hrotinht in   two
oatloads of horses from Runny Mber
ta this wrek
A jelly little dance was given in
the Klk parlor** Krldsy nlrbt In
tumor Ol MUs Vut, ol Waldo
We are r-orry to inform the manv
f:i« --:- of Mrs Akx. Blrait* that she
was moved to ;h*e Cranbrook hospital
last Tuesda) bt King was callod
to Klko Monday :.uk: and advised
her removal to the hospital Mrs. J
liiimpson, of the Columbia hotel, a---
rompanJed bee to Cranbrook,
Cowboys are not the only people on
earth    who like to cct a tln^h      .>ii
Mis-* Daisy Kuaacosiniti.. *i.-> has
been ir. i-.a-f ol the Klfco school
during Mi« L L smith's stclmetr,
left oa .Saturday for Creston to j.en
her parents Mis* Daisy was one nf
tbe rnr»st popular teachers Klko ,* -i*r
had and p.<-ry kid within three miles
Of the town wai at the station i"
wish hei K'-'d bv*- aad a merry
Mr .1 Thomptv-a, th»» new pronti'
tor of the Columbia hotel is fittinr
ip a fine billiard hull ami amph
rooms fur the eommer<"ial Trade B»id
a supply of baeeis is etWS] oa hand
for f ravelling Seotebmei.
. per cent off   all   far,ci    .hatts
Ji.   mutual  -• ■ r.irtit  the -,.,r*,»•-! ■,-.>
beretofore eiistin^   between Mr  w
L Clark ar.il Mr A A MacKinnon,
in the Crar.brook Foundry, has be*.
dlaaolved Mr MacKinnon will enn
tinur the busineH. All a-munis dut-
the eompany must be settled witb
Mr. MacKinnon.
W. I, Clark
It-It A.   A. MacKinnon
The Cranbrook
1- prepare,) io accept engagement*
tofnrntsh moste for iiati-*, Daneas,
vie..    Lute*-!   miliii*.     Aildret-a nun*
iiiiini.'nti..i » to
41 H
P.O. Bos 207,
Crubrook. B.C THI.   U It AMI KOO K    11 Kit A LI)
Christmas Offerings
Cranbrook Merchants have Excelled Themselves in the
Quantity and Quality of Goods Stocked for
Tin* Herald has had so much to say
recently regarding the stocks ami
Christmas preparations made by
Cranbrook merchant!, that it seems
almost a work ot superfluity to
again \\o over the ground ami attempt to tell at all in detail the
wonderful extent and variety ol
wares iiftered hy local merchants tbis
Christmas tide. However, il is ono
of seasonable duties of the papers lu
record the showings nloitg ilits Iim*
und the Herald man spent several
hours very pleasantly yesterday visit
ing the stores and discussing Willi
merchant.*! their slocks ami tlie
Christmas trade generally.
Certainly, if somewhat burdened
with facts, lu* bud nothing tu rum
plain of in the matter of cheery wel
come. In every place uf business j
visited, and no Herald advertiser was
overlooked, he found nothing bul
cheerfulness and seasonable optimism
Most of the .sture*. wen- crowded
witb shoppers and all reported good
As being most convenient, ilu- first
store visited was that uf Kuwi.it!
Bros, the Jewelers. As everyone
knows, these enterprising young men
have fust moved into new quarters
and have opened up a slock Ibat
would do a far biggei (ity than
Cranbrook justice Queried us tu
which particulai line they considered
most worthy of comment, they re
plied "our diamond pendants, which
We specially slocked for the Christ j
mas trade and winch an- meeting
witb marked popular favor " Another
line ol Roods that is giving particular
satisfaction is the sterling silver deposit ware, something new in Cran
brook, very . dainty and altogethei
suitable (or Christmas presents
h'rom tht- midst of Jewels and sil
ver ware the Herald man passed into
the well equipped store of A L Me
Dermol, the liquor man, and there
found everything of a liquid nature
that could appeal tu the llnrsiv oi
the bon vivant Spanish ports and
sherries, Mr. McDermol Intimated,
found the readies! sab- at ibis time
among connoisseurs for Christmas
festivities. Munro's famous Scote!
whiskies were going si run-;.
Into the Fink Mercantile company's
storv one wandered next quite nt loss
to know where to start to tell of the
special Christmas oflenm-.s, however.
Webb's Christmas puddings were re
cognized with fond recollections
allium*, the thousand and one olbei
dainties, a glance was given al ilu
fine assortment of chinawarc and
then a move made into Mr Mc
Sweyn's department, where every
thing tbat ean delight the hearts ol
men and boys in the personal ornn
mentation line was lavishly display
ed. Oue of the tastiest Chiislina*-
oflerings here displayed was tlie coin
lunation case of braces, ties, tiandkei
Chiefs, etc., inst as useful ami ap
propnate a Christmas nn as auv
mere man could wish for Upstair*
in tbe furniture department one's
lancy was caught hy tlie ladies' sew
ing .tables and tlie man's smoking
stands, as suitable gifts
On   then    tu the    Beattie Murph)
•.tore, where again om*   was   almost
couluNed   by the   multitude and var
ii-ty of    Christmas    offerings     The
tleattie Murphy people make a    spec
iallty of Christmas gifts, and      this
year their selection eicels all    prov
ious    efforts.     In brass ware      lb
showing is very fine      Another spec
ial feature is the display of Rapgacl
Tuck Christmas hooks and cards, ih
bcsl of   their    kind publrshed ami i
almost endless- variety.     Tlie decora
tioas m this and in Kink's store are
worthy ol special mention
From tbe Ileattie-Murphv store i ■
the 0, 0, B. is but a I tep, and there
one found a varied slock of men's
furnishings, chlnaware, furniture,
etc. The chief articles tn the line ol
Christmas gilts being found among
their furniture stock.
Aeroas the road to I'at Burns' tn
butcher shop   om- encountered a dis
play that could not be excelled iu Hn
province A moro tastefully decorated blltchor shop would he haul to
find, and tin- Herald was Informed
that credit for the work was due l
11. Maumlrell, Joe Kennedy and II
Johnson, whilst the beautiful display
of sausages ami pressed meals was
the handiwork ot Al (iauci. Burns1
stint- presents a truly Clirlsinmssj
appearance onh will certainly attract
i-iowds, only     lo glimpse     ai     the
grand    display    ot
olid    ChrlntinuH
K \ Hill, iln- men's furnisher, i
nisi getting tilings Into shape, in
lending to make his stole the chief
attraction for those in search nl
Christmas gifts for men "Anything
mnl everything for men," is ilu- slogan al Hill's,
Campbell and Manning have gone to
some pains in decorating their store,
in addition to crowding ii to oversowing with guud things in the
grocery Him. They have a great
display, hul direct special attention
tu their chinawnre and (lowers fm
ilu- Christmas .season
.1. li. McBride, the hardware man.
intimates Ihal skates, rutin\ ami
brass ware will In- ami an- his principal Christmas offerings, nnd llie
assortment is as varied as it i.s up-
\ mere man in McCreery*s millinery uml ladies' goods emporium is
nine.vital mil nl place However,
even the most prosaic cannot bill
in- impressed with the wealth of fabrics of every description gathered to
(ether for tho adornment of Cranbrook's fair sex All exclusive line
uf fancy linens will attract the special attention of all the ladies, nm
-.\lien considering Christmas presents
Ihey will be apt to draw the attention of their lesser halves to the
magnificent showing of furs of every
kind, though the most will he certain to pay particular attention lo
ilie beautiful mink sets ami ihe blue
lynx and Isabella fox skins
l-'rom McCreery Bros one goes
nexl to the Cranbrook Drug nml
Book company's premises, where one
finds another bewildering display of
fancy goods and books Mr Barber
when he could spare a moment, said
lhat In- was enjoying an unusual run
on hooks this Christmas, whilst the
demand foi fancy goods was very
Moving on to A. C. I've's big
store, where men's furnishings nre
largely dealt in, one learned tbat Hie
chief run was on ladies' fine bonis
and shoes, ami that a steadily grow
ing trade was being worked up ti
men's dress suits, which are iu great
demand at this season.
Prom I'ye's a visit was made to
Ibe attractive store of the (juain
Electrical Supply company, where
one ascertained that electrical liv
lures are becoming quite the fashion
abb- ihing in Christmas presents
Such bandy household fixtures as
electric radiators, coffee percolators,
water beaters ami toasters being
specially sought after al this season.
Dropping in at Tyson Bros' butcher
shop, Armstrong avenue, one found
another splendid display of Christmas
meats. Stall fed heel ami grain fed
pork are two of Tyson brothers specialities, They aie also showing a
fine line of Ontario grown turkeys
ami geese. This store hits also been
mtv handsomely decorated Tin
local butchers are obviously men ol
excellent taste.
Looking iu at Little and Atchison's
one found a store crammed to over
.lowing witb Christmas confections
and fruits of every description
(letting back on to Baker street
again, a Visit was paid to W II YYil
sou, the jeweler, who every succeeding Christmas makes a mon- clabnr
ate display of seasonable articles
Mr Wilson notes a demand fur pearl
miikels, watches and diamond ring*-
it is characteristic of tin- good time.
j prevalent in Crnnhrook thut both mu
I local   leweb-is    make   special   melilluli
work of all smis has been it
al Miss McLcod's, where    ;
iu anticipation    of    Hu
is   uu hand       Irish     poll)1
: heen    purchased in consider
also Indies   wear   ■■
of the demand tor diamonds on the
part ni purchasers of Christmas presents.
McUnllum anil Co., the hardware
men, find a hig demand for sporting
goods and have shipped a number ol
guns und lilies during lhe lasi few
days, Curving sets, razors am
strops have also been a strung feature oi Christmas shopping with
K ,iiu:
large slock
demand, is
lace h
iible quuutil
A feature ol The Calm Is the fine
stock ol chocolates, iu particular,
Pry's. These are to be seen in dii
letciii kinds of fancy boxes, and iu
.ill sizes Home made candies iu almost numberless varieties are a very
Hung hill
. .1.illiiic, uf ihe Central Meat
Market, Norbury avenue, has had n
grent call ou his slock of turkeys,
geese and    poultry generally 1
borne made sausages have also beer
greatly in demand and be has considerable trouble In keeping his stoc'-
up io itie requirements of the mar
Making cakes and candies of al'
sorts tu keep pace With the <n
maiiii, has kept lhe City Bakery
busy lately. Rich fruit cakes bttVi
been greatly in demand, and ill
Bakery makes a special cake of the
variety to meet this.
Many purchasers of Christmas gifts
have visited tin- Cranbrook Trading
company's store recently, finding
lliere articles of a useful nature peculiarly suitable for Christmas offerings. The lines most in demand being   cutters, harness, driving whips,
.1 Leask and Son report a very
active demand for Christmas grocer
ies, or which Ihey carry a large an-
■veil assorted stock in all lines.
Patmorc Bros., tile plumbers and
hardware men, have been making    a
penality of ranges this Christmas
reason and have found a brisk dc
maiiii for the excellent article they
.in- handling. A new feature i:
Ihelr store is a very handsome glass
ease of hath room fixtures, shipped
direct from New York. These fix-
lures are the finest of Iheir kind ever
Imported Into Crnnhrook. ,
Solomon Koury, whose little at on
on Armstrong avenue, is becoming
M-ry popular among the women foi'
because of the variety of ladies' am'
children's wear handled and the low
prices in effect, has been doing a
large Christmas trade in the specialities he carries
It lias been a question of real Import to those engaged iu the business
and of interest to everyone in the
community, as to whether or not
Cranbrook was as yet sufficiently
populous to support a well appointed
dyeing and cleaning plant, an establishment whieli would have the prop
er machinery in actual operation, iu
contrast with plants existing on paper only Messrs. Fergusson an
Trowsc believed that the Cranhrool
public, good dressers all, could sup
porl a good dyeing ami cleaning
works and consequently invested a
considerable amount in the enter
prise, and so far, have found their
confidence well placed They have
already worked up a large business
in these lines, and their m-w plant is
attracting a lol of work from out-
ode points The business, local and
district, is growing.
With iheir dry cleaning process
garments do nol shrink and they re-
lain all Iheir original finish
Tin- establishment of this plant is
a welcome addition lo the city's up-
to-date enterprises, ns it is now nu
notutcly unnecessary to send this
class of work out of the eit)
More Than Men
Women have more than their share
of the aches and pains thut afflict
humanity. They must "keep up," iu
spite of constantly aching bucks, or
11 cud aches, dizzy spells, etc. Mrs.
Edward Oolwood ot 123 s, Harold
Street, Foil William, Out., says:
"1 siitTcred with dull, miserable
pains, soreness across my hack and
in my sides for mouths. They would
catch me so bfldly nl limes that I
could scarcely move around. I would
have dizzy s.iells and altogether, felt
generally run down After using a
number of remedies withoui finding
relief, i   learned *>f   Booth's Kidney
Pills      ami     i'onii
remedy      They  i
of the miserable
iu my hack bul
nev trouble."
News of the District
(Special correspondence.)
Mayor Ilcrchmet and wife accompanied by DC. Bonnell nnd Nurse
Wjintt, left tor Baltimore on Friday
night. Mrs Herchmer will undergo
a very critical operation before returning to Fernie.
Hon. W,   it Hoss, wife ami family
lett for the toast Wehnesilay morning, where tbey intend making their
home in future Their many tiiemls
extend their very hearty wishes and
regret their departure
The ladies ol Christ church held a
(ood sale in the l!clnt/num piano
parlors on Saturday afternoon.
The public schools closed on Friday
afternoon for the Christmas vacation. A public entertainment was
held and about oue hundred and
twenty-five parents null interested
parties were present. This looks as
if tne Fernie people were getting interested in school affairs
Willis Koss is leaving for Chicago,
where he will take up expert .;tcno-
graphy work. His mother a ill
spend the winter in Ontario
Miss Hoey spent Sunday with
Iriends in Wardner.
Miss German lias severed her eon-
I met ion with the    Fernie school ntnfl
and has accepted a position with the
\ ictoiiu schools
Mrs Di Corsan and little .lean returned from Montreal last week.
•lack McKwan left last week tor
Vancouver .luck will be sadly mis
Sed next spring when baseball starts
again, as he was one of our best
A number of young people, chaperoned by Mrs. .1. A. Droley, drove to
Hosmer on Wednesday evening of
lust week. The sleighing was good,
the moonlight perfect and everyone
in good humor.
Miss M, Morrison, of the public
school staff, left on Saturday morning for Wardncr, where she will
spend a few days with her friend,
Mrs. T. tlaffnoy
Miss McDonald left on Saturday
night for Calgary, where she will
spend the Christmas vacation.
L. |» Eckstein left for Winnipeg
on Thursday night of last week.
Miss Lulu Heck, ol Taber, spent
last    week With    her aunt,   Mrs. T.
ihem un excellent
>t only relieved tne
latins and soreness
ired me of my kii
__ Booth's Kid
ney Tills cure
backache, dull
Blioottlig pains,
ihick und cloudy urine, gravel oi stone,
i ll e u ni a
Usui and all
diseases of the
kidneys and bladder,
All druggists mnl dealers BOc, box
or postpaid Irom The It. T Booth
Co., Fort Erie, Out if ymi derive
no benefit your money will be refunded. Could we say more'.' Sold
ami guaranteed by The Real tie-Murphy Co., Ltd
C. .1 Digbj has the con In t for
building the new bridge the C.P.R.
arc building at Pincher Creek, near
Brocket. This structure will be VUO
feet long, with a center sleol span
Tin It. long, banging LIS It. ahovc
Hie lrout trad; Three-quarters of
a tuilliati feet of sawn timber will
be used in this work,
James McLean, ol the Coal company, left for his Nova Scotia home
on Friday night's Flyer. Mr. McLean has not been home for six
years and will probably be gone
some iwo or three months.
A number of Masons from Ferine
went to Hosmer to attend the funeral of lhe late hero, Fred Alder-
son, who met his death trying to
rescue the sufferers in the Bcllovuo
explosion, The remains were Interred iu the Hosmer cemetery. Me
leaves a wife and four children in
the old home in England.
The first batch of Macaroni was
manufactured on Monday. We expect
macaroni to he placed on the market early iu the new vear.
will iu future reside with his brothel
In Grand Forks.
-Vrs. Kenned/ lett here on Tuesday
on a visit to her parents In Spokane,
Intending to return after Christmas.
A very successful etitcitaiument
was held at the school bouse Friday
evening Inst, to celebrate the close of
the school term. The programme
was divided into parts, the child ten
taking the first and their elders tho
second. The complete double programme was as follows:
Percy  Mellor   Speech
Elsie Mohler   Swiss Song
Bessie London      Recitation
Bornadette Uuylo   Reading
Edgar Handley   Song
IDdloni Loudecii     Befit iii iou
Harold ltemicll ..,        . Instrumental
Dllaloguo "Wine or Water"
A gust a Doyle  Instrumental
Florence Sawyer        Uccilatioii
Ui.iil-.iiic Luudeen Recitation
Ralph Wat kins ami Edith Mellor ...
Edgar Handley   Recitation
Florence Sawyer nnd Madge Kecr...
AgUflta Doyle  Reading
Dot Kecr   Recitation
AgUSta Doyle Instrumental
Rex Bidder Recitation
Bi-riiadette Doyle  Recitation
Arthur Handley  Recitation
Song   By the School
Mabel Keer   Recitation
Edith  Mellor   Recitation
Flag Drill  Children
Harold Bennett    Recitation
Jesse Tibhctls  Recitation
Dialogue   Santa Claus
Ruth Tibhctls   Recitation
Viola Sawyer  Recitation
Ralph Watklns   Recitation
Allen Kecr   Fan-well Recitation
After the  intermission the follow
ing programme was rendered very ac-
ptably bv older residents:
Mr. Barnes  Vddrcss
Instrumental      Miss Handley
Snug   Mrs. Kennedy
Recitation   Mrs. Watklns
Tableaux   Gipsy Fortune Teller
Quartette...11 I'm Wearing My Heart
Away for Vou" 	
Song   Mrs. .lames
  Mcsdun.cs .lames and Hawks
Song   Mrs. Watklns
Song  Ernest   Bidder
Quartette   star ol the Easl
Address by Principal II. Webb.
God Save thc King.
(Special correspondence.)
Burn-To Mr. and Mrs. IL Bird, a
smi. Both mother and sou are doing well.
We arc all pleased to see Mr. B.
Luiidin hack with us again, after being confined at Hie Cranbrook hospital with an attack of typhoid.
Mr .1. Samson, haulage contractor, met with rather a nasty accident on Thursday last, by stepping
into an hole at Lund's camp at .Mat
thew Creek He was taken to the
Central hotel where "first aid" was
rendered ami it was found necessary
lo 'phone ior a doctor, who, upon
examination, found tbat Hu- patient
was suffering from a badly sprained
ankle. lie is now progressing favorably.
Mr. Webb, our teacher, has left for
bis home in fhilliwack to return
tlie New Vear to take charge of the
school for Hie coming term, liis
vices being appreciated by all.
concert at the closing speaking
itself. The children, one and
performed their parts withoui
blunder, the drill being first-class,
showing Hie careful manner in wliich
Mr. Webb hud trained them.
Miss House, of Great Falls,
tana, is visiting her um-li
Miss Sadie Tihbetts, of Cianhrook
is spending her holidays at home.
B. Lomleen is home again, afler tie
ing iu Hie hospital for two months
wilh typhoid fever
Di .1 II King visited lown tbi
The sh Ighlng is line now
it was a merry little party ol
twenty ibat left ben- on Saturday
night last to pay a visit to Matthew
Creek camp, where they were pleasantly entertained by Messrs. Cousins, Done, Bird, McLaughlin, and
last hut not least, our (rlend Mr.
Limn, the popular cook. The moms
were tastefully decorated witli ever
green, etc. Songs, dancing, gramophone selections, games, etc., filled
Hie hill. One of the employes gave
a most admirable selection on the
violin which was loudly applauded.
Mr. Lniiii put up a lovely spread,
which our friends won't forget for a
while. The return j ourncy was
made at midnight, under Hie sate
guidance nl E. T. Crowley, our popular .LP., who handled his tine four-
in-hnml wilh remarkable skill They
say the lines were starched. 1 tell
you on the home journey we were go-
, ing some.
1    Mr. A. Hicks has left the city    lo
seek Iresh fields in pastures new    11
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
GIVEN tit the Electors of the Municipality   ol   the  City of Omnbrook,
that 1 require the presence ol the
said Electors, al the Municipal Of-
ficcs on Baker Street, in the City of
Cranhrook, on the ninth day of January, 1911, at 12 o'clock noon (1
p.m. local time), for the purpose of
electing persons to represent them in
the Municipal Council as Mayor and
Aldermen; and public notice is further given to the Electors of the Cranbrook School District, that I inquire Hie presence ul Hie said Elector**, at the same place aud time for
the purpose of electing persons lo
represent them on the Board oi
School Trustees    for the Cranbrook
School District as such School Tins
Tlie mode of nomination of camli
dates shall be as follows:
"The Candidates shall be nominal
cd in writing; the writing shall be
subscribed by two voters of the
Municipality, as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer al any time between
the date of the notice and ;. p.m.
(:t p.m. local time) ol thc day of the
nomination; and iu Hie event of a
poll being necessary, such poll will bu
opened ou the I'ith day of January,
Illl, ill the Municipal unices, Bakci
Street, Cranbrook, B.C , from thc
hour of li o'clock a.m (10 o'clock
local lime) and 7 p.m. (K p.m. local
lime) of which every person is here
by required to take notice and got
cm himself accordingly.
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidates for
the ollice af Mayor uie as follows.
Tin' persons qualified to he iimuin
ated for and elected us Minor of the
City shall lie such persons ns art-
male British subjects of Hie full age
of twenty-one years, and arc ii"I ills
qualified under any law, and have
been tor the si\ months nexl pre
ceding the iia\ oi nomination (be re
glstercd owner iu the Land Regis tr]
Office, of land or real property in the
City of the assessed value on the
last Municipal Assessment (toll, oi
One Thousand Dollars or more ovei
and above any registered Judgment oi
charge, and who ate otherwise duly
qualified      ns     Municipal       voters
(1006, c. :tii, s. ll).
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by thc candidates [or
the ollice of Aldermen are as fo]
The persons qualified -to be nominated for and elected ns Aldermen of
the City shall he such persons as are
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one years, and are not disqualified under nny law, and have
been [or the six montlis next preceding thc day of nomination the registered owner lu the Land Rcglstr.
Office, ol land or n-al properly in the
City of the assessed value on the last
338     JOHNSON, I). .1	
331)     CIA1N,  R,  J	
2117    LIDD1C0TTE, V. S.
... Residence
... Residence
... Residence
235'  WIIITMOKE, W. A     Residence
-*> Incorporated Hunt
♦ Capital Fa Id Up $6,joo,ooo Utserve $6,900,000
J                             lotal Assets, Over $05,000,000
X li- K. HOLT, President K. L. PKAHK, Ueneral MaiiiM«r
w Accounts of Firms,-Corporations und Individuals solicited.
** Ouuof'town business recotves evory Hitentioo.
•» SAVINiiS ULIWUTM.-.NT   Deposits of $1,00 nnd upwards lecelvid
# mnl Interest allowed at current rale.   No f.tMiinliiy or (Inlay in
J withdrawing.
T A (lonerul lt.» nkin-j Hntlncss transacted.
* Cranbrook Branch: D. II. McLAWS, Manaxcr
To Earn
It i. -•.'' a ',.-...*tii.-.i r.lonc of whether you
went .1 better salary-—-it's n hard condition
<*i liiu that you must face lo protect yourself and Close dependent upon vou.
i'i f,..-.-. s:*it;j st'.U —if you don'l want
to go backward, you must vo forward-—
thai is, you've e*4 to cam more.
Burning m6ro means Holding .1 better
position - independence, hnppine*
iii;.nee lo provi Ic for the future.
Th'.i'.m.. upon thousands wl
poorly paid positions now earn hi,
retult of let'.ing tho Ixterxatioxai Corrbsfond-
..:;.]. Pew : ■• show t" c*.. how to accomplish tho
change, I'mi iy last year about 4,000 students voluntarily reported increases in salary amounting to
over two million dollars! Kvery month an average 0
report to us advancement in position nnd enrnin;
YOUlt start this month?
Simply mark on il.o coupon
the position y*. .1 wish tn secure,
then tear out and mail the coupon
tn the International Con-espond-
cuce Schools. Tills put** you
under no obligation whatever but
allows ■■-.tr experts to adapt 11
Coarse to your individual needs
nn 1 i-ircuusslatives.
You've got to tmrn more money.
Ihe I. V. S. will help} uu.
Will you take the mart today?
■ once held low
rh salaries as ;
80* lo-l. Ji-IlAHTCX, TA.
,,-*,,!...   ,    ...   „  ■■■*.
b rtlt* Iim Mtthftl I.
.\1 Willi,
Sb-aa Cm t tt*,K-,
.t-.Mtrf.-.'i tv-,.*..
M.utru*:! SntltMl
C-H.in-.i--i a tttttiM*
■IK!     II   .1  |-.l.*rf.
R  u.   CondtHtl   Rr(,
Fi'.t-i"l Br.fl*-*-!
Rlf-tOll .st.
1 -1 -(.:l.i.*u(i.
*• t*tt R»iiii»*«-
; Bt. A No
I Citv
Municipal Assessment Holl, of Pve
tiumlrcil dollars or more over ami
above any registered judgment or
charge, anil who arc otherwise duly
ipi.ililicil as .Municipal voters.
(1906, C. ...J, S. U).
The qualifications by law require-!
in be pusses red by the candidates
tor the office of Sehool Trustee anas follows:
Any person heing a householder iu
the School District, and being a
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years and otherwise qualified by this
Act to vole al au election of School
Trustees iu Hie School District, shall
lie eligible to be elected or to serve
as a School Trustee In such Municipal District, (tno.j, c n. s. 32).
(1900, c. 39, S. 2S).
No Trustee shall hold the office o
teacher within the District of whieli
ha is a Trustee, provided elways,
Hint no clergyman nf any dennmina
(ion  shall    be   eliRible for the posl
tion of   Superintendent,   inspector,
Teacher or Trustee. (1005, C. II,
S. IOU).
"Householder" in the case of Mun
icipiil School District shall mear
anil include any peisoii of the fui
age ol twenty-one years who oceupic*
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or hoaitl
lag house, or any pail or portion u
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or hoard
ing bouse and who shall, miles*
exempt by Statute or Municipal Ily
Law, bave paid directly to the Muni
cipalily, rates, taxes or fees ot nol
less than two dollars for thc current
year.   (1906, C. .,!>, S. 2.)
'.liven under my hand at lhe Clt.
of Cranbrook, ihis 21st day of De
cemher, A.D. 1910.
Returning Officer.
j   Vice-President—J. 11. McClurc.
j    Secretary-Treasurer—S.  Macdonald,
i Directors—A. Morrison, J. Levett,
Wm. Hush, W. P. Macdonald and II
II. McClurc
j Delegate to Central convention at
Victoria, .Lmuary 10, 11 aud 12—S.
Macdonald *
I    Auditors-it.   B.   Benedict and Br.
1 Kutlcdge.
I During the year passed nine regular
meetings were held and three special
meetings for government speakers
The total membership for 1910 was
lifty, with an income of J 11.50,
Seventy-five dollars was given as
special prizes at the Agricultural
fair in September, other expenses
bringing the total up to $123.33 The
Institute ha-, a balance of $72.00
to stnrt the New Year with.
Alt persons takitti, an interest in
Hie agricultural prospects ol Cran
brook are incited to join and help
abiiig Hu- I'-md wmk already no
compllshcd, Hie annual fee being only
50c  a vear
The annual meeting of the Fanners' Institute was held last Thursday
afternoon at the government building.
The lollowing officers were elected
for the coming year:
l'resideut-T. H. QUI.
A touching story of a dog's faith
fulness was disclosed at a Llautair
fechau inquest on the hody of tti I
ham Hughes, wbo was found diowi)
ed in lhe sea not far from his home
His son said that his lather, ae
companled by a dog, went (or a walk,
and when the witness followed he
found the dog at a bridge with its
coat wet. On bis saying: "Where is
he Nell?" the dog went towards the
sea and plunged in to where the
dead body of his father was discovered. A boy said that he saw a
ma:, slipping Into the water and a
hig black dog which was near him,
rushed into the sea ami tried to drag
him out by the coat. The waves,
however, proved too powerful.
A debtor examined in the London
bankruptcy court ascribed his in-
thai when women hobbled thcmscl-
a petticoat manufacturer. He said
that when women nobbled them-.elves they abandoned petticoats entirely. Consequently his trade vanished. l,'i*J£    (JKA-N. BROOK    HaDRAI.l)
)•••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• •#••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••<
The selection of a suitable Christmas Gift for a man or boy i&   an   easy proposition   at this store.
We have so many "Just Right" things that it is only a matter of making a selection.
I-Ipfp   ArP  i\   FpW A  New Suit or  0vercoat  made   t0   nis meusure.    Some  Nifty   Neck-
wear,   a   beautiful    pair   of   Suspenders,   Garters   and   Arm   Bands,
nicely packed in a neat box.   Hoisery, Shirts,  Dress Shirts, Gloves, Night Robes,  Hats or Caps.
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Fsftr  PlPfl  APa-rolf men's shoes, a pair of "comfort" shoes for tender feet, storm shoes, house
shoes, evening shoes, or a pair of " Lightning Hitch " skating shoe***.
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TUI   DU^*> dllU  VJir^ r.vetedontheboot    Rubbers and leggings.
We will make any change desired after Xmas.
Phone 23
We're Yours for Useful Xmas Gifts.
Phone 23
% 'iaooooooo**owoooooooooooooo*maoaaaaaaaaaaa*t*fmaa •
f •
t •
• ••••••••••««••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••< •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
knights of Columbus
(Spcclil lo Herald.)
Spokane, Wash., Dec 20.—Spokam
Council, No. t.s.i, Knights ol Colum
ims, now the largcsl in tho Pacini
Northwest, assisted by Wallace
Idaho, council and a picked team
from councils In the district, coni
red llic three degrees upon bcvi lit*
pandidatee ni a series ot sessions on
IViriniiri ] s The inltiatoi ■ worl
«.i; followed hj ;i banqui; iti tlie .is
seiiihly ball 'ii I     LlllbOt of Ci
mcrce,   where     tlirec huadn il
tentative business    nnd nt
men Irom vai loua pai Is ol thc Inland
Kmpire wen  iu atli nil
Everj council In the Noi thwesi
wan rcprcHcnted nl masn in Our Ladj
oi l.ourdcs i liurcli In Ihi ii-.-r-iiit.,
Ci.'tii lliere Hie
Pacllic halls,    where the lli     dc
v..iv ,onfciml        Vftci
flcera .-I the Wallace c.
the wt i rtegece, nnd (listrii i     i -
putj n   .)   Dorse), ol Spoko
ilu thwDsti in tt em   ■ m fi i red      the
third 'li Rri n
l In-  BSSCIIlhlj   hall,    wlicio   lli Ill
"pi-1 was served iii Un oven!
prettllj   decorated     with
flogN       The iiniMi   was ;n ni Ided ll)   n
.in piece orchestra rrom Oon a m
Colic -j i lie loastma In was
loph McCarthy, grand knight ol
Spokano council Thc pic
opened with mi overture "Col
bin," b) the orchestra, with lhe
j 'u-1 itonding, followed h; |n\ i
lion b) Re, . Verhngen, bardaln
ui the Spoknm council -.\ r
Clam |. grand knight Walla '.Valla
(Wash), council, gave a talk nn
"Columbus, om Patron;*1 Joseph
(•...I.t, Spokaiu council, lolli wed with
"Impressions o( Knighthood,*' altci
which T .1 (l'llricn, past ilii tilcl
deputy ol rial., from Sail Lake Citj
"Influence    ol
council, spoke
Knighthood on
Rev, Rather Tn
Oonraga College,
Catholic    'Vie:i-
Iniiui, president <.f
h-livi-reii mi oration
on "Church and Stale," followed hj
mi    overture, "Pocl and   Peasant,"
hy 11 rchestra,      (i. P. Mulishv,
Spokane council, spoke on "Tho Cnn-
dldates," followed by a sel'w-il-a
from the orchestra. Franc! A.
Oarccht, Walla Wnllncouncll, hpoko
on "America;" Distrjcl Deputy Horsey, nn "Our onlcr." pol lowing
cnine u sunn specially by John Mortis, nssisl'-d by tho fiou/a.;a Olce
club; Joseph Rlce.'grahd knight, Wai
lace council, spoke bn "Oitr Visiting
Hrothers,"    Judge    Joseph       Ryan,
I lanbronk (B.C.) council, on "T!n
I.;.ilies," and .1. M. Fiynne, gratd
knlght-elcct, Kootenay council, on
the "Good of the Order." The programme ended with the closing one
of the order
Vrrangemchls (or the banquet nnd
lhe initiation were made by a cwind t tee composed of ■'. .1. ScliiiTn.-i,
Dr. John O'Shea, J. C Ryan, .'. J
Uwlei and J  Brndlej
Christmas Roses
Among lhe few   but beautiful flow-
leh brave Irost ami snows and
shed    iheir    brightness on the dark
lays       winter,    when .Mother Earth
baa locked most of her treasures oul
, n ihe WIntel  Rose,        lhe
i hristmas rose as it   is olten called,
■ n thc botanist    it is merelj
the hellebore     Cradled nmong      iti*
■ mi foliage, the Rower is    verj
lovely, and it    now nppears more sn
to    ihe   lucky    Under who, digging
■   li to the snow, dim overs     the
n like blossoms,    hill) open, nest
colli theli  sofl  winter covei
Pure     white it     maj    be, oi
I i    \. iHi a delleate Rush ol pink,
i cms io Im lease rather   than
II   exquisite   appropriateness,
Uowei symbol "f s  Amies, the
nnt of purity,   to whom   II
•■•■ ;i   di dieated In carllci i [men
Hut the most beautiful nssoclatloi
• .I ihis nursling ol thc snon is thai
■*■* lib ti has given t<- it thc name
Ri ie, and though bul .j
d ft i no full nl sweetness nml
fragrance, that it lias been treasured
and passed on from generation to
generation, with many other Iran
ments nl Christian folk lore, and tin
Btorj   ts this:
l.ong ago, in the days when those
easi 11 ii shepherds watching theli
flocks in the fields hy niuht, saw tlie
glorj in Ihr heavens and heard the
Angel's song, there lived in llothlc
hem a little shopheril maiden nam. il
Madelon, and she heard, as others
did, ni' ilu> 11 ende .Mother and the
Wondrous Babe, whom thc shepherds
bad found humbly boused in a stable
and longed lo see the Christ-Child
for herself,
Hut Madelon had no gift to carry
to ihe mnngcr-thronc, and felt that
without this slit: hud no excuse for
going, and when the Maui came with
their offerings of gold, trankln-jcnso
and myrrh, she followed them longingly In the very door, and stood
WlthOUl weeping because she bad only her love und worship lo bring tn
thn shrine. Then suddenly there ap
poantd hefoie her one of the glorious
crowd ol angels who had sung to
thc   ..hepberds    on    that   wondrous
hinh-mght, and pitying her distress,
he stooped down and showed her
beautiful (lowers in full bloom qc-
math the snow al her feet. Not
gold or frankincense or myrrh, he
said, was au oiler ing more meet fm
ihe Babe of Bethlehem than those
pure winter roses, and Madelon gatli
t-red them with .iov and made her
offering to the Christ-Child, her
heart overflowing with love and reverence.
According to ai..-i..i .■ u-rsion of the
legend, the angel look the little
maiden by the hand and led her out
into llic sttnllght which shone round
them as a blase *>t glory, nnd she
saw how the most lore!) flowers had
suddenly covered tht* earth, banishing
the barrenness ol winter, and in n
moment her arms were full af pure
white roses, which ever afterwards
srere known as Christmas roses
Only a legend, perhaps, hut significant ol fact, tor study at this first
glorious Christtnasttde, tho Wrest
blossoms sprang up amid the winter
snows of the old world, the sign o! a
new birth,  and      the earth  was filled
«iih a gracious Presence whose in-
tliiciin- another beautiful "Id tradi
lion seeks to express thus:
When Christ wns born, the "sur
leaped in lhe heavens,*' and lhe stars
aioiinil it danced for Joy. A wondrous spirit of peace and healing
stole into lhe hear! nf mountain and
forest, so thai even Hie withered and
mtten tree stumps stood up straight
and healthy again on the green hill
side. Klowers i:.erywben: starred
lhe grass, while ftom upland nnd
forest, rose incense avert as The
myrrh which lhe Magi offered at
the shrine of lhe Christ-Chi Id. Birds
poured out their ioy in song, nnd
everything in nature gave thanks to
the Great God.
This also is bul un otd folk tale,
but like the story of the shepherd-
maiden nud the Christmas roses, it
comes straight from tho heart of
humanity and enshrines a great
truth. A new Spirit, indeed, camo
into the heart of the World with the
(lift of the Babe of Christmas, the
spirit of loving nnd giving, nnd it bus
remained ever since, prompting young
and otd alike lo bring their gifts al
the time ol tho Nativity, whether
Ihey he gold, frankincense or myrrh.
or fair Christmas roses gathered by
Hie wayside, not, only to make offerings meet at the manger*throne,
hul lo bring joy into all the little
world within their reach
In selecting toys for tbe children's
Christinas, remember they should be
such us     to     suggest    action,     und
i bring the imagination into play, ns
it Is the child who plays, not      the
' toy, and imagination is the soul of
the play.     The best toys are    those
j which set the mind to work, and givi
the little brain scope for expansion.
This is one ol the strongest recom*
meiidations for the simpler toys.
The wonderful mechanical toys sold
in tlte shops are complete in them
selves, and leave the child nothing
lo do but to wind them up and start
them going. In this ease, it is tbe
toy that plays, not the child. Children soon weary of having nothing lo
do, and, losing interest In the mo
notonous repetitions, the little inquisitive mind sell about investigating
the internal mechanism, greatly to
the damage ot the toy, which is soon
ruined and thrown away, while the
child turns for amusement to Ihe old
toys that are so hopelessly undone
that everything they are supposed
to do must come from 'he pla>
spirit in the child.
Irrigation Requisite
Owing to absence from town and
pressure of business Government
Agent .7, K* Armstrong, was unable-
to reply to the Herald's request to*-
a statement from him in time for
publication in the last issue, hut his
brief review of conditions and outlets' for the future has since come
to hand, and ti will be note-: Mis:
Mr. Armstrong draws attention Iii a
matter of very grave Importance i"
this district, if uttletneilt i-. to .'"
encouraged on the best line.-, Mr.
Armstrong says:
"The progress which Cranbrook is
making is apparent from the Increase
in business in the provincial government office. When Hie office was moved from Donald to Fort Steele In 1897
there were only 1*1 surveyed 1*>*s hi
the district* There an* now 1808.
It was then supposed lhat all tbe
good land had been granted to the
settlers then in the district and to
the C.P.R., and jet 8".t pre-empt ions
have been granted sin.v and thousands of acres hnvo been sold by the
crown. There is still a large area
of land held under limber license.*:, or
under reserve, which is eminently fit
for cultivation and which will gradually become open for entry. There
are other large tracts whieli are only
fit for growing timber,
these, if well conserved,
will he a source of constant
served, will be a source of constant
revenue and will afiord employment
to many men        What we most need
are comprehensive schemes '•*: irrigating this land. \ ceetafn propor
Hon is already irrigated hv small
systems, each individual running 'ii*i
own ditches, and one nr two sy.1 terns
on a large scale have been begui
but these will not supply one tenth •■■
the land which can be cultivated wl'.'i
profit. our soil is our greatest asset. We have a market within oui
limits which can absorb twenty times the amount wc now produce. Can
we get this soil ready for lhe let
Km* fresh killed Mints ami
Poultry wi* nre the acltnovi •
lodged leaders, Ilnr 'poultry
Is raised on our own farm.
No Alum
o Lime Phosphate
"lam entirely oppr.<*<  to the ute ol elan la
Baling Powd.r.."-/*.■,• CWbr, Colanlw l/ao*.
ffsatf the Label
Inform Yourself
For making quickly and perfectly, delicious hot biscuits,
hot breads, cake and pastry
there is no substitute for
Baking Powder
Tailors. Cleaners and I'ressers and Repairers.
The Dancing Season is jusl starting and
you   will   require   your   Suits   fixed up.
Phone    325   .and   we    will   have   our
messenger call for them.
City Dyeing and Cleaning Works Company. THIS   CBN BROOK   HERALD
Wholesome, Reliable and Pure, Fancy
and Staple Table Delicacies
Can Always Be Found at
Phone 56
Wi* have given special and «ark.ful attention to
everything in Our Christinas Stuck and ynu will
lind it complete in every detail. The remotest
parts of the earth and thu tinust hoi houses in
our own land will give up their toll fur your
benefit; but an added eliarm will be given lo these
epicurean dishes if they ure served in the delicate
China wi* nre displaying, and iu this we ean please
the most fautideous.
The   Famous   French   Limoges   in   white   and   gold   and   baby    rose
-stock patterns-also many odd hand painted pieces in this ware.
Wedge-Wood in white and gold, purple and gold,  and  blue   and   white
olors with dainty designs.
Japanese Five O'clock Tea Sets.      Cocoa, and Cream and Sugar, Coffee
and    Porridge   Sets.      Cake   and   Bread   and  Butter  Plates.      Odd
Cups and Saucers, Etc.
Full Lines of Austrian,  Bavarian and Tuscan China   Toilet  and Dinner
Sets without number-all useful and beautiful presents.
We will have   the  largest   and most beautiful display  of   Cut Flowers
ever shown in  Cranbrook,   R>s:>,   Violets,   Chrysanthemums, Carnations
and Hyacinths, also a few choice potted plants.
Ganong's Chocolates have a peculiar delicious flavor that makes all others
seem tasteless.   We are sole agents for the city.
Wi* hear I ily thank you all for the past season's
l.iisini'ss and we wish to advise yon we an here to
slay and expect to increase our business iu the
future as in lhe past, hy court, ...it. treatment and
full value for every cent you spend with us.
Campbell & Manning
Characteristic Cranbrook Enterprise
Fink Mercantile Company Celebrate Fourth Anniversary
and Recent Improvements to their Store
Tbe Kink Mercantile company Bcor-,
rd an unqualified success l.t-.t Monday j
rveniDR. when their spacious store
was thrown open to thi- pu-ilir, for a
musical entertainment to celebrate
the recent extensive additions uuil'
improvements made thereto, and the
fourth anniversary of its establish j
Kvery department of thr store was'
handsomely deioratrd    fnr thr occtv
Mioo, and with thr fine showing     of
Christmas goods,    made a most   attractive apptar-inir
The  principal    officers of thi- firm,
assisted by the lull clerical stall,
were all on hand to look after tin*
comfort uml convenience ol visitors
Tea and coRco ami light refreshments
were provided. Stevens' orchestra
assisted by Mr Oeo, 1* Ingranii
provided u very excellent and enjoy
nble niusieui programme
From 8 o'clock until 11 p.in.,
guests were coming and n-un-; continuously und kept iln- large stufi of
attendants busy, Upwards ol si\
huodrcd persons passed in uml oui
during the evening, all delighted with
tin- kindliness of   tin- reception    and
with tin- i;ruiid showing af goods in
all departments.
President -l. P. Kink, Secretary-
Treasurer ... I. Paterson and Directors li .1 McSweyn and W. I). Laidlaw were ki-pt very much on the go
all the evening, looking after the
w ants        nf their numerous
guests, answering i|tirstions und explaining ihis, that, or the other feu
lure of the hig store.
Ttn- Kink Mercantile establishment
is one in which the people of Cranbrook    ran fairly     take (-otisiderabte
ride      II is up-to-date in   every re-
There is nu complaint so humiliating and tiresome as stomach complaint. The reason so many people
suffer with their stomach is because
they overwork it anil do not give it
a tonic.
MI-O-NA Tablets will tone the
stomach and speedily remove thc disagreeable belching (gas on tbe stomach) sour taste uud foul breath. Dizziness, biliousness and headache all
disappear when you begin to ta'
MI-O-NA is guaranteed by The
Heattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., who will
refund your money if they fail to
cure or do what we claim. Post
paid from The It. T. Booth Co.,
Limited, Kort Krie, Ont., on receipt
of price, 50c.
spect, tlie Kink guarantee of quality
has heen amply tested and has been
found above par. Kuch member of
the firm is an expert in Ms particular branch ami to all comers courteous treatment is uu invariable rule.
The progress the linn lias made in
the four years of its existence is
characteristic of the growth of Cranhrook.
Whatever of good fortune has come
to the Fink Mercantile company has
been well earned by undeviating attention to public requirements and
absolutely straight dealing with their
large clientele. With the recent addition, the Kink Mercantile store is
mil only one nf the largest and best
appointed in the interior, but it
boasts of conveniences not equalled in
many of the larger departmental
stores throughout the west. Notably
in this regard is the ladies rest room
an institution which will prove of
the utmost comfort to the ladies of
Cranhrook and particularly, to shoppers from out of town.
Their guests of Monday evening
will join heartily with thc Herald in
wishing the Kink Mercantile company-
all the compliments of thc season
and the hest of luck during the New-
Division I.—
L.   .1. Cranston
Division II.—
Miss Alward
Division III.—
Miss Hick	
Division IV —
Miss li. Alward
Division V.—
Miss Henlc)
Division VI.—
Miss Curric   ...
Division VII.—
Miss   Hamilton
Division VIII —
Miss Paton    ...
Division IX —
Miss Crandall ... .
.16   34.42   95.61
9.1   17.83   90.35
10   35.88   89.70
IS    11.50   92.71
51   5001   92.67
III   3C.70   91.75
III   13.12   93.71
lli   13.95   87.19
...172 341.06   91.37
Division I. in order ol merit.
Senior Class.
.   Itcrnicc Fraser.
Ernest .lones.
Olive White.
Irene Wilkinson.
Alfred McKitchle.
.   Elmo Wilkinson.
Louise Elmer.
.   Editli Caslake
■lack Haslam.
Lauretta Armstrong.
Mellon Leek.
Hell   Murgatroyd.
Earl.* Stewarl.
Carl Maekey.
Ashton Powers.
Florence Ilathie.
Vera Cryslcr.
Kenneth Campbell.
Madge Robertson.
Carl Gill.
Frances Drummond.
Orvlllo How.
Wanda Fink,
•lasjicr Moser. •
Reta Cameron.
Alice Reed.
Oracle HiKnins
(ilady.s lliekenbotham.
Haul Taylor.
Robert Pye.
Eva Conley.
Laura Richards.
Willreil Starritt.
Jennie Patton.
The Quain
Electrical Supply Co., Ltd.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Haurice Qualn. General Manager.
Electrical Contractors and  Engineers.
Wholesale and  Retail  Electrical   Supplies.
Estimates Furnished for inside and  outside,
Electric  Generators, Motors, Supplies
and  Fixtures.
Special  Quotations given to
Mills and Mines.
Write Us For Prices.
••il U'.'ll
Division I —I. .1 Cranston. j
Laura Richards, Louise Elmer,
va Conley, Jennie I'atton, Olive
White, Lauretta Armstrong, Reta
Cameron, Frances Drummond, Gladys
lliekenbotham, Wanda Fink, Alice
Heed, liracic Higglns, lla**el Taylor,
Alired Mcltitchie, Jasper Moser,
Ernest Jones, Hrrt Murgatroyd.
Carl Maekey, Ashton Powers, Edith
Caslake, Florence Bathie, Orvillc
Dow, Melton Leek, Kenneth Camp-
hell, Elmo Wilkinson, Jack Haslam,
Vera Cryslcr.
Division II.
Noel Wallingcr, Alice nrown, Irene
Elmer, Vincy Doris, Nathan Dam
hardt, Edith McDonald, Mabel Pass-
more, Dorothy   Maekey, Percy llard
gett, Martha Bennett, (Ieorge Pratt,
(lordon Wallingcr, Mcllord Carson
Nestle)* Finley, Alice Wood, Irving
Leask, Vnda Boytcr, Josephine Ton-
it', CliBord McNabb, Willie Leanian
Addie Bennett, Rollo Johnson, No
McNeil, Willie I'rcn, Murray Robertson, Harold Bridges, John Pye,
Frank- Bamlord, Harvey Robinson,
Arthur Campbell, Philip Brlggs.
Divlaion UI.
Helen llrihgcs, Vera llradwin.
Mina Carson, Norman Fowler, Douglas Finniss, Enid (Iill, Brunswic
Hamilton, Caroline It.., Gladys
Johnston, Merrltt Leask, Mamie
I.owery, Joseph Michaud, Norma
Moser, Sidney Murgatroyd, Helen
McKinstry, Mabel Stray, Russcl St.
Eloi, Eric Spenec, Merle Taylor,
Dora Pye, Clark Wallace, Marion
Division IV
Gordon Argue, Howard Armstrong, Mary Barnhardt, Armour
Brault, Beryl Cameron, Bradlord
I'arson, Hugh Fraser, Harold Leask,
Alcsander Mennie, George Patton,
William Pruden, Agnes Reekie.
Gladys Spence, Margaret St Biol,
Gordon Taylor, Rosa Tito, Doris
Wallingcr. Dorothy Reed, Willie Dan
ids, Elsie Taylor, Nettie Robinson,
Laughltn Campbell, Helen West,
Cecil McPbillamcy.
Division V.
Muriel Baiter, Elsie Beattie, Irene
Beech, Jogn Brake, Romeo Brault,
Frank Bridges, Allen Brown, Edward Brown, Gladys Brooks, Irene
Chattcrton, Danny Daniels, Ruby
Findley, Ng Wai Hoy, Wilfrid Kennedy, Lillian Lancaster, Walter
Laurie, Allan Laeey, Mary Lucy,
Dewey McNeil, Viola Sarvis, Cross-
ley Taylor, Edward Turner, John
Turner, Keith Wasson, Sam Whitlak-
er, Frank Wilkinson, Isabella Stiel-
ow, Lillian Taylor, Mublc Brown,
Edward Rlne, Marie Campbell, Harold Haslam, Irene Bernard
Division VI.
Alma    Sarvis,    Norman  Watson,
Vrrna Woodman,    Roy Leask, ('has.
City Transfer Co.
W. E. WORDEN, Prop.
If yon want
put up for Summer
Control-torn fur
Excavatio|, Moving Buildings, Piinos, etc.
Phono   Office No. Mi        Ronitlcuo-u No. 135
OUi.*.* - Criintro.k lllix-k. linker 8lrr«l
t'lapp, Garfield Taylor, Winona Stin*
son, Mabel Cameron, Ray Scott,
Hugh MacDonald, Dclphlnc Bennett,
Krma Ward, Violet Jones, Bessie
Woodman, Donna Argue, Sadie Lacy,
Merle Ilathie, Hector Donaldson.
Freda Taylor, Fred Davis, Harold
Kummer, Jim Tito, Annie Cor bet I,
Fale Crlsler
Division VII
Robert lleatnn, Mary Carson, Fanny (larlsiiii-, John Chattcrton, Marie
Dempster, .lack Elwell, Jessie Femic-
ssy, Earl Fcnncssy, Otto Gill, Alired
■Inline, Wilma McNabb, Stanley Mol
lat, Ma Bing, Edith Murgatroyd,
Wilma Park, Roy Robichaud, Emma
Herd, Warren Spence, Cyril Sclhy,
Kenneth Stlelow, Norman Campbell,
Samuel Sneers, Christine Carson.
Division VIII.
Homer   Aupertln,    Merle Bennett,
Kathleen    Brown,   Norval Caslake,
Marlon   Drumnond,   liable    Filler,
Murray Henderson, Gertrude Hop
kins, Margaret Laeey, Batty Ma.
Donald, Margaret Mel.aten, Paul Me
Klnstry, Thirza Johnson, Pcurl
Pratt, Gladys Sbocklcton, Eddie
i Spence, Camille Tlio, Hope Tnylot,
Flossie Robinson, Vera* Welch, El
sie Welch, George Welch, Russcl
Rev. C. W. King was in Nelson on
Wednesday, attending a council in
eoiiiieetion with thc Kootenay Bap-
list churches.
II you are suflering Irom biliousness, constipation, Indigestion, chr.ia-
|0 headache, Invest one cent in a postal card, send to Chamberlain Medicine Co., lies Moines, Iowa, with
your name and address plainly on the
back, and they will forward ynu a
Iree sample ol Chamberlain's stomach and Liver Tablets Sold by all
druggists aad dealers 11-tt Section 2
9 to 16
NO. 11
Cranbrook Trading Co.
P. 0.   BOX   "A"
PHONE   183
Mclaughlin, cockshutt
Carriages   and   Cutters*
Implements, Wagons
Give us a trial, we know you will come back
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Cash is Cheapest
Below Is Proof  in   Prices
Phone 124 for other Prices
Our aim ia business is to please. By pleoaiug you it), the
Quality .if Goods is not all what we want to tlo, we endeavor to
l>!i*:i-s*. in tin* delivery of our j^ooils am! general service of tho
store. Every man in our employ is just eager lo do liis Im-hI for
YOU. In Groceries and l.t-tu'rol Merchandise Otirs are the Best.
Nothing but thp Best is kept in stock. We deliver only tbe H*t*t
The store is full ol nothing bnl the Best
Here we prove what We say about Cash
********** **************'********'
Reg. Price
Pnnch s.iti,*,*. on,- l*ottle
(Wail's Assorted Icing, i pkts
Icing Sugar, I II..
Cnrrnnts, 3 pkts.
Raisins,'.', jikts.
Ornnberries, I lb.
Mix.*,! Peel, I lb   -
Ivallog's Toasted Corn flakes.:! |.kts
Siila.1 Dressing, I bottle
Totley'sot Rnin-Lal'sTea,3 lb. tin
!.tngio linking Powiler, I tin
Pnrilan I   ••
Patterson IVoroester Banoo, | pints,!
Coffee, Polo Special, 3 lbs.
Wethoy's Miii,*.* Moat, 3 |.kts
Swiit Cider, I .|imrl
Aunt Ulna's .Moliiss.*s. I tin
Pumpkins, I tin
! bottle
I i'i
*    :iu
1 00
Grocers and (ieneral Merchants
We Guarantee Quality
J. Leask & Son
,1 Minutes Walk Pnini Hospital.
World's Greatest Lumber Industry
British Columbia wilt soon Displace the
State of Washington at Top of List
.imlsiin F  Clark in Wen tern Lumberman)
Britiab Columbia is '.uu distinctly
In tin* pioneering Btage—the stage
when the disproportion of natural
resources to    population Intoxicates I
If you spend a dollar in your own
town, part ot il. assuming that ynu
are engaged in business, finds a path
back to your Individual coders. II
vou send a dollar tn other sections,
uil ol it is apt to stay there. You
have depleted to that extent your
community's working capital.
A stream ol money flows daily
from    llritisn      Columbia     into tlir
United States. This, ol course, has
u weakening cflcct upon local finanee
and commerce. Thn outgo means
less capital here tor business.
...lOaen of us whose fortunes depend
upon those o( British Columbia- owes
it to himself to exert an Influence
toward keeping more nf this money
wberf It will stimulate our own Industries-     It you are making a aut
chase and there is little choice he j
twecn the Roods or articles, let yaur
decision bo in favor ol the product
which is adding to the home wealth,
ratlin than to that of manufacturersl
at a distance, You may regard as!
unimportant your own Influence In
this matter ol buying, feeling that
yuu are only an individual among
many thousands, hut you can help.
There ore great manufacturing possibilities in British Columbia awl de
velopment means, of course, trigger
and richer cities, more opportunities
and more money Tor all who arc In
dUltrloUS, Keep this ih mind. Lend
wbnt aid you can to the progress
of your own community.
What does n general election cosjtl
The answer la given In a Blue Hoak
lnutd by tiit» boms ulT.ce, mi lur    ••.
tbe actual outlay of candidates and
the expenses of returning officers are
concerned. Thc figures officially given are for the election of last .lauu
ary, and show that, apart from tin-
expenses of unopposed candidates,
the cost was £1,996,883 9s. lOd , or
only £12,38g less than the maximum
amount allowed by the Corrupt Prnc
tlces Act of 1RR3. The average cost
per vote polled In the different
kingdoms in January is worked out
as follows:
s. d
Kngland and Wale*    3 10
Scotland  4   !i
Ireland  2 It
For the whole of the Called Klflg*-
dotn the average per vote polled it
given ns .Is. lid There were 1.111
i.uiilidates for tbe 6*0 seats, and n*.
,fit}?,.IS*} elsvtors writ to tbt poll
tho mind and holds out opportunities
for the capable ami energetic which
arc hut. dreams ami memories in the
older provinces and (■.totes.
In nu department, of Induslrj are
tho opportunities toi men with
brains and capital, or even with
brains without the capital, greater
than in the line of furest products.
In the development of Uie lumber
industry in the neighboring Stale of
Washington we see tne p rot nlsn of
the future ol the InduMrj in British
Columbia In 1880 the value of ihe
product ol the lumber industry o(
Washington was $1,700,000; in IS-tu,
$17,600,000; in 1900, (30,300,000; in
1007,      S|00,000,t10tl. Tbe        \ aliii-
of        our forest products
this     year       will      b<- nhoul
$ 18,000,1100, (.r equal lo that of
Washington in 1890 lu seventeen
years (1890-1907) Washington increased her lumber out put nix-fold and
rose from a very minor position us :
lumber producing state t«i a positioi
at the top of the list as the great
est lumber producing state in the
world, a position ni distinction
which she has since retained and Is
likely tn retain until displaced I".
Hritish Columbia ohoul ten years
Hritish Columbia'*, advance lo n
pre-eminent position among the linn
her and paper producing countries of
thr world is assured hy iis forest ti
sources and by iln- development *>i
its markets and transportation fact
lities. These same consideration!-)
also assure a much more rapid development than was realized in Ihi
state of Washington.
Hritish Columbia's resources i*
standing timber. taken iu all threi
aspects of quality, quantity and
price, defy competition. \s iu Washington, the Douglas fir is thc mosl
important tree <jii the southern por
tion nf the coast. It frequently <\
ceeds two hundred and fifty feel li
height  and reaches fifteen  feet It
diameter. In general, however. >
runs from three to six feet in din
meter and cuts from one hundred !■
two hundred lineal feet "f logs, in
quality of wood It resembles thc
southern yellow pine, but, of course,
gives ininli large! dimensions am) n
much larger proportion ol clear lumber.
Next to the iir in importance is the
giant arbor vltac, nr red cedar. Ii
reaches a height of about one hundred
and seventy feet, anil averages h
to six feet in diameter, though <o
slonally much larger. Already it
supplies about seventj per rent uf
the shingles consumed in Canada ami
the United States
The spruce, which replaces the
Douglas fir on the northern coast,
is at least equal to the hesl spruce
elsewhere for pulp purposes, and »ti
account nf its large si/e. gives a
very imuh larger proportion *>i char
lumber The western hemlock and
the balsam nre trees of greal size
and beauty, nod furthei excel thclt
eastern cousins, thc ronnei hj an
entire absence nl sbnke ami bia-.li
iness nf --.ruin, and the latter by its
uniform soundness
The sixth and only othrt important
tree of the toast forests is Ihe ry
press nr yellow cedar ll has nil
the good qnalltli • nl the cedars, In
eluding great durability and evenness
of texture, and posM-sses in addition
a degree of strength and elasticity
not in be (oiiml in any erdar It is
also a very beautiful wood Without
doubt it is the coming ranoe and
boat builders' wood <>f the eontluenl
Hut forests, n.- matttr hon magnificent, must await the development «l
markets and ol transportation facilities   before a greal lumbei Industry
may arise      Hritish Cnl bin     hai
been watting In Ihis sense t«r many
centuries, but her day has now come.
The lumber consumption <-r thc world
is rapidly decimating jts resources in
standing timbci North   America,
east of the mountains, is by far the
greater lumber market, consuming, In
fact, more than all the rest ->f the
world combined Nor has 'his enormous demand shown an) tendency
to decrease with advancing prices; on
the contrary, it hns more than kept
pace with the Increase in population, and the latest statistics indi-
indlcate n per capita consumption in
North Amerlen of about four hundred entile foot of wood, Including five
hundred feel board measure *-f sawn
lumber (in the otb.-i hand, the
diminishini*; nf the forest  resources of
acute stage. Three-fourths of the
remaining resources of the continent
lie wesl of tho Itockies, while nine j
tenths uf the markets He to tho]
So much foi thc vast and growing
hunger lot     wood products   in    the.
east, and the   wonderful foresl     re-j cost
sources of   the west.     A word as to   large
transportation   developments.      Al- * mill
ready llie products of the Urltlsh Columbia  forests—not withstanding    our
limited tail    facilities   ami a freight
cost all   the    wav to    13!. per M.—
reach every impnrtant market     With
Uie advent in the near future ol    the
Orand   Trunk    Pacific, the Cnnadinn
Northern   ami   other projected rail
far sighted tm-n who will hnvo curlier
secured a suitable reserve ol raw ma
tcrial.    An earnest of what   is    to
come along these lines i*,  lhe COtOplC
tion last year ol une of thc largust
biiwmllls in tin- world on the Fraser
river, and   thc presenl building, at  i
muds, our rail facilities will be    ai
least trebled and perhaps more   than
quadrupled, while  i veritable revolu
Hon will be  wrought by the contple ■
iit»n iii 1^11   nt   the Panama Canal !
The canal    will reduce   the distance
from   Vancouver   to New    York bj
water frnm nearly fourteen thousand j
miles to less than siv thousand :*iit
es     It wilt also convert it from    a
sailing to n steam mute, cheap coal-
Ing being available, thus reducing thei
time iu transit, which Is now   Irom j
four to seven months, to less     than!
thirty   days,    with a corresponding
cut in interest and a still larger cut!
in insurance est.      Mure Important
still, perhaps, it    will enable eastern
builders and other lumber users     t i
have orders for special purposes shipped    b>   water    with a much greater
certainl)   ol   prompt    delivery than I
can be   hoped   for    by rail      Many
hope lo see the present freight rate**!
of from   $12 to    $io ppj- M. nro'ind
Cape   Horn   cut     in ball     when the
canal is opened.   A saving   ol      one-
fourlh of Ihe present rates would re !
volutionize   the lumber Industry    of!
the Hritish Columbia coast.
The opportunities presented h) pre !
'-.-ui conditions tn the development "fi
tho Hritish Columbia lumber indus-'
try are such us should Interest >1-,
the large Investor who desires a field |
(or Investment, giving lame returns
wiib small risks: (2i tin- Investor of
moderate means who wishes to eon j
duct a business which* will give pro
litable employment fur his capital
and, at the same time,   ample scope.
il several   millions, of n    ••■ •>
and   strictly   up lo-date paper
.t Powell river.
Hut    the   door of    opportunity i>
open   not alone    to the   investor "f
large means     The British Columbia
coast is    peculiar   In     thc amazing
length   of   the    caasl   line   and the
wonderful   series of protected   inside
channels   which admit of cheap towage of   Inns 1.,   central   P"in:>    r>r
for his own activities; and (3)
man of brains and energy who
no financial backing, but who
lot of capital in the   way nf
manufacture These waterway.*, are
bordered with timber tracts, many
rn' which nre nf small size and there
fore availahh* for the nun of mod
crate means wbo arc looking for n
start iu business. Advantage has
been taken of these favorable rondl
tlnns, and the coast is already dot
ted with small logging outfits Opportunity in this direction will bi
open f"i some yenrs to come, but all
lhe easy logging opportunities     vill
eventual!,!    turn    i n worked,    and
logging will have passed jn*,, hands
financially strum; enough to build
railways and other expensive dvvel
-.pn.cnls. Another opportunity ■ r
the man of limited capital will have
come when imminent exhaustion of
their own cedot resources -.iill hav,
forced the i'nited States to come t<
Hritish Columbia fot 'heir sbinglt-s
It this has not already rome be'on
ihe Panama Canal is complet*-d it
will then be assured, ami ,i. j-l
shingle mills will presently l--1 fo-ind
dotting the roast, utilizing tbfl i^st
quantities of ct-dai now left <*.■. vasti
"n the slashings
Hut the great future      tin  ' -mbei
industry "i British Colombia *M s-
sure tarce opportunities tot Uu    win
of brains and energy, aitho*j*h « tb
out capital othi r. than    -n. lent
himself   and tho country.   The     >-p
pnrtunittes will race ::"m (hi I        i
logging 'amp foreman or sales agent
to that ni    managei  ol large entei
prises        A Held     which has as yel
hardly opened, but which mu-t ij, m
•un- grow large and ever larger,   :■
the   that "i forest engineering     rndoufa
basj '''"J' the time is al hand when     -hf
has   ,i! provincial   government    "--.ill emploi
eonfld-i leehnlcally trained men to look aftei
'■nee m hfmsell and in the country, j 'he public forest interest- Private
For the large Investor Hritish l\i- owners and operators -vill follow suit
lumbla timber lands present at thejj»st as -"ior. as thej sec that it la
present time one of the safest and profitable to do sn Undoubtcdl;
must profitable fields Hritish Co. the course id events a ill follow
lumbla tidewater timbei lauds na* eloselj the slorj ..f developments In
unusually safe in regard u* tbe onlj ' the t nited States, where serious k.-
scrlous risk, the tire ha/ard This is rttudi- have been mad.- in tbe st4*i
due to the heavy rainfall, ranging'of the Cnlted states forest serviea
from sltty-foui to one bundled   and   hy tin* lumbermen east, south,    and
twenty Inches   annually, and   the almost eternal   dampness ol   'he dense
forests     The topography, too,   pre
sents (miners to the running ot fires
over large areas      Furthermore, thc
durability   and    large    size ol   the
Douglas tir and the   red cedar, tour
ilmi with the comparative absence o;
Injurious boring insect- on the burn-
ed*over   lauds,   make jt possible    to;
log these timbers fur manv  -.ears ul
tu thej  bate been killed by fire Tin*;
red cedai is especial!} good in    this
respect, and   i*; sawn   into the finest
n| lumber and shingles lift? years ol
lei being killed M fire     It la bound
'ii be profitable,   .is   foi    half a c.-n j
tury tite Increasing value ol standing
timber has made it-, ownership about
the ni"-* consistently profitable    nl
all   Iim- .t    \mer1ean    Investment '
Standing timber  hm- been Increasing
in value foi hall a centurj withoui a!
ret-back       \t    present the world*s
suppl)  ol timber     ts being cut  some
threefold faster than it is heme     renewed   by growth        The stumpage
values ..(    the leading timbers      ■■'
North America cast of th'* mountains
have increased frum Utlrt] m nlnclj
cents or    more   per   thousand   v* t
board measure per annum during recent years, the    average for all foM
woods   heing    more than fifty cents
per M   per annum      What has      Income history   east of the mountain*!
will certainly become fact upon     thr
Pacific eoast Upon the completion   ■>(
the   Panama Cunal      This Indicates
an enormous return fnr stumpage   ut
$2 per    M , but   first-class stumpage
may still be. secured for II, or   even
less, ,i figure which may well he   re
garded   as    nominal     when the high
quality of timber It considered.
The doubling, trebling nnd quid
rupiing nt the logging .md manufac
luring facilities during the coming
decade will also oDer large scope f'.r
tbe investment of capital     This Will
west, who are willing ■■■ pay mora
liberally .unl advance more rapid!;
capable forest engineers than Is ar*i>
t[cable it,   thi government ier***lei
-* •♦• ♦
URKAT     BRITAIN     111 It    BEST
MARKET   FOR A'ilMl' I.-
Phi   growth   •■:
irade from 1131,03
..t-.-n to   $893,211,!
cress, '■■ *aslonalh
.".rest, occasional 11
Canada'* foreign
,533 at Confeder*
-; las* yeai has
ibstrui ted by bad
.nstructed ti\ had
legislation and responding to the relief ai everj removal, says the Ti-*
mnto f.lnh'- Trade is Individual
nnd not national, and in the treat
majority si >•   • at h   Individual
radei 111 t.. found '.' approximate
bis yearl) Im ■ mi but It i onl) In
portion crossing International boun
nrles tha; - an bt tabulated bj '-.
lith tans \t Confederation oui Im
porta uf dutiable mcrehandlsi weri
113,350,363 nnd ol ft.e mercbsndln*
138,311,1".'. makini. with 11,893,1 i".
in coins and bullion, h t"tal ol «Ti.-
159,614 During 'he same year
ilSfiS) the total export* •..•■'
$18,501,899 in home products, am
11.198,831 In foreign goods, making,
witb 111,866,108 in coin and bullion,
a total of 157,567,688. This is what
Is called an unfavorable balance, ow
ing to an inherited delusion from lhe
mercantile school, which regards tbi
difference between export*, and i'.i
porta as a loss or gain. The difference may haw- been due to thc large
profits on Canadian shipping, *Ahi**ti
enabled the people of the Dominion
to purchase abroad uithmit making
canal sales. Tbe hundred million
mark was   flTBl exceeded in   imports
in is;:, the total being (111,180,537
aud it did imt fall bftto* that record
until 1870, when the total shrunk  t
Ka-itefD     Ametlca tins    uj'bed   an  be an   eipvvlallv   attiactive Held f o   flS,tl0,84l
The   total    remaluidlup Id
under one hundred millions until
881, when the record was $105,330,-
840. The record of 188:t, $133,351,-
022. was not again reached until
1898. when there was a sudden expansion from $119,318,609 in 190? lo
$140,339,053. That was the turn-
guration of the growing time, and
there was a steady advance to $313,-
870,158 in 1902, $3T0,78t!,j2i. In
1908, and $390,853,693 during the
past fiscal year.
During the tirst year of Confederation "in exports to the 1 nited Kin-".-
dnm were $17,905,808, to thc baited
States $33,387,840, and to other
i "tint rics $5,340,533. Last year's
exports to Hritain were $130,483,015,
to the I nited states $101,199,675,
and to othei countries $35,584,031
Sine- is7" there bas been an extra-
ordinali increase in the proportion ol
our manufactured goods sent to tho
United state*-, one nf the principal
causes '-i this increase being the
rapidly developing ttade in « id
pulp and paper of manufactured
goods we sent $6,610,750 to .Ireat
Britain last year and $15,350,31.0
north to the United States
Ir [-sports "i agricultural products
the balance t-wuag widely between
tbe United Kingdom and the ■ ntted
states- The railed stales continued t.- take -"it twice as much us thu
t nited Kingdom until 1873, when the
latter took $7,455,373 and thc )•■*■
met to the value of $6,406,374, hi
l-:-. tbe t nited Ktntfd"iu bought lo
thi value "f $8,391,103 and the Unit
ed States to the -.aiuc ol $11,741,
015. In 1STS the balance teas ie-
•-.■•rsed. exports being $|0,0l*-:,32.t to
thc United Kingdom and $6,977,n***.
to thc United States The United
Kingdom held the balance, with the
exception of one year, until 188.1,
when shipments to that market were
$11,344,153 acainst $18,189,118 to
tbe United states The United
Stati» then held thc balance for a -h-
cade, with the uncle exception of
1887, but In 1893 the exports of ac-
ricultural products to the ' nited
Kingdom expanded to $15,119,780,
while we sold only to the \alue of
J;.5:.;,:7'« in the United Slates.
Since then the United Kingdom bis
bevr. incomparably our best customer
fot agricultural products, the totals
being $10,414,880 to the United
Kingdom awi Si,710,022 to the
United .State? in 18:15, $21,674,063
and 12,041,110, rospeetlvely, in iiMh,
ill 884.067 against $5,084,640 in
1905 and $71,001,416 acainst $8,201,-
350 la-jl vear
In rest products the United King-
dor, has generally been our oest customer, the first -.ear of a different
balance being 1s**k, when we sold In
That market to the value of $8,933,-
177 ni.d in the I'nited States $10„-
632,338. Two years afterwards the
balance was reversed, with $14,038,-
(165 to the United Kingdom and Jlu,-
247,640 to the United States. The
United States held the lead until
189! when shipments to the L'llted
Kingdom reached $15,838,541 and to
tbe Republic $9,336,253, The United
Kingdom held the lead till the bal-
.,'.■■ was reversed In i."-- Since
thai the American market has h-id a
long lead, the totals
isl year being $11,-
1)33,074 to the United Kingdom    and
131,835,336 to the United S'ates.
i mtslde countries, Including the
West indies. South America, and the
Mediterranean ports, afforded the
best earlj market far the llsherteii
•ind i' wat, r.ot until 1881 that h.;*-
nenU to the United states t\- ijdud
the tout to these countries. Thi flg*
■ires then were: To the United King-
dom $1,631,816, '.') the United States-
13,598,316,     and    to the otttu i oun-
,. $8,371,632 Ten yeai*. later,
In le'-t. there uas a decided change,
export! *'• the United Kingdom ,r-
$4,588,715, to the t nited States
(3,360,871 *nd to other countries
$1,856-800 The chaagea have slace
been 'aru-d, and last year wa < I
ported in value to the United Kin.;
I i. i". 186,816, tu the United Stat-
t $1,687,^1, aad to l)u other codn-
trie  *'' 881,898    la thc products ol
the mine markets have varied as outputs snd conditions have ihamced,
hut the Republic hai been imnnipir-
ibly oui best customer, The ship-
i ii nl to tha* -nuntt) last ■.far
-.cere valued at $33,488,464, as compared wilh $8,820,571 to the ''nited
Kingdom and $2,777,979 to <*»ther
Countries This glance at tht- intricate fabric ol the world's commerce"
through which every country draws a
few lines show.-, that it must constantly vary as productive industry'
 ■+ *o%>* ep-    —
The Christmas dinner this vear will
be one of the dealest an record, owing t" tbe abnormal rise in the price
of groceries all round. Kvery commodity which is bought by the housewife during the Christmas season ban
advanced in price, Ohtistmu puddings have advanced since last year
frnm .'id lo lOd. per lb., sulUnan
from Td to 'id per ft , candied peel,
mincemeat, and currants show a general Imrease ol Jd. In the ft., while
almonds and dried paachei have gone 10
TUB    ('KAN It IUM >K    HICKAlill
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan ou favorable terms.
HOME nos
Kvery care tun
A home frou
Special attention
Haternity, Rl»
iu caeea of
Hinl I'lieiiu
TeruiH   moil
P.O. ll.il
Phone 27fl
F.O. Swiiiiiu-ll, l>* t..B„ It. 0.1. S,
A. 1. Robertson, B. 0. L. s.
Dominion and British Columbia
P 0, Urawnr 7!IS VICTORIA. B.C
Ol-poBltn U.V.ll. Stilt	
THE     PLACE     TO      CHIT    A
T.,.i'*li.*r ..I strnur mnl
Standard liistriini>.iite
I'HOlll  TlUtNRH
Miss "Vabel Wellman
I  aslst snd Teacher
IVrlill I pupil ot
Halnvilli, Hollet .it W I|.c|
Physicians and Surgeons
Oltce at, Realdeace,  Armstrong Aft
forenoons - - - - t.OII to in m.
Atvtraoons - - - 2.0(1 to   4.00
Bmotagi - - - - 7 an to (.so
rf-tadtys - - • - 1.30 to   4.90
ORANBROOK :l     '    li    -i    «. C
.1.   W.   RUTLEDGE
llraylual.   ul   Ontario   Voterilliiry
I'oll.**..* Tiiro.ilo. in  lHltn
(In.luat. nml U«lalllat ul MoKIMp'a
V.t.nuiiry<'..ll.-i*.>   Chicago.
In II. 0
Nina yBiira asp.ri.nce In Veterinary
practice in Manitoba
Ollks-aesl ssor tn Past lllllcr
Phase Iff     ■      Ml. U"« 184
Nllt.lrall-11. II. Short's lt,*-iil •
Timothy and Oats
(frown ou Kutu'ri Kanuli, 0-aubrook
tlllH SIMP-UN -.*i;.tf
I to 12 a.m.
I to   ( p.m.
7 to   II p.m.
Office in ne* ReiiJ Block
Notary Public
IP Gotmn|iollinn Hotel
McVITTIl*    &    PARKER
Cranlirook nml Kurt Steele
m°W Cranbrook, B.C.
Headquarters for nil kinds ot
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tli« Shoe Specialist
9.   ~.   and   Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
For family u.e than i. nothing
so w)io1,»«inii* ami so j.-1*.- n.
II i. move,! hi. on..,. I,,mi Itaker street
to Norhury avenue, ln*at tlnnr
In Hiiiiijiia'- Photo Htudlo.
. K. Baaltr, Pantra] Dlraelar
':*a,il.p.a. Hi:
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
It yoo want satisfaction with
your washing;   send
it to
Sjieeial prices fur family work.
Hours 1 to 5 p.m.
Saturday id a.m. tn f> p.m.
Special lioui-H imii be arranged when
Hanson Avenue
Phone 317
•' The Cranbrook Employment ♦
and Real Estate Agency   }
M.v BiH-ciiilltj' is Itiniifi om Inbur fur «
Lumlier Coni'iuniM.  Kulfruail   Contract-mil, Hotel**, nml Uiillilcn*
J. Armour, Proprietor
IMione Oil     lien.iiaR     P.O. lio% SIM
la prepared to supply help, akilled oi
unskilled, on shortest possible no
tice, to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property tor
a small commission.
Addresi:-W. Parker, 311 Baker St
NELSON, B. C. 48-ly
•> •:•
•>     E. W. WIDDOWSON, ASSAY- •*•
* ER AND CHEMIST.-Cherfes: .;*
•fr Gold, silver, copper or lead, 11 •:•
•:• each; gold-silver, 11.5(1; •liver- ■:•
•> lead,   11.50,    gold-silver,   with *
* eopper or lead, 12.50, -inc, I'i; •'•
•;. silver-lrail-line, 13. Prices lor •:•
a> other metals on application. »>
■>t.ong   diatance 'phone 87.    P.O. .*•
* Box, CHOI, Nelaon, B.C. «S-ly*C*
•> *
559 Georgia Street
I wUh t<> knnouea thul I h«vo ntwlvr-d mj
tin* 16 |«il*i- ''!il*j|..|riii-iiii.I I'rn-.. List  i.f llic vi r>
talent iiymln HilrOoad*^WIn,Toup*PM, Tram
r..rniittirni    ha-npHloun.    Suit.-lc*..    l-ulT-*   mnl
Curli wliirhi ...ii mail fn** m nnpIicAtian.
Il.uii iiiImt fOU tun Ki-t m> halt KOMll fur li i-
iiiunt-v nml i.f it betltr .innliiv ifian ■njrwhvrt
**!-.■ Why r«ti yi.n l.uy for Itm moij. y ? Hi.nu-"
I milks- h H|H-rinliy in muiiiifiir'.irini-;. only, I ulr*.
t-mka up iwitelrw oul ..f >.tir own nmts.ni
f rota film to -fai.rsii. Bava up yunr comblnitaatii
WW) ihc-n ID tin* II. <". Hair i;.-.«l*. Wr pay hlffl
i.rirt*.   Mnil onltraa ipwlalt**,   C^uttloguo m-nt
Leo. Muller, Prop.
A Merry Christmas to All
Ubebhent Lodge No. :iil
Cranbrook, U. C.
Micis   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
I'luternity Hail.
J. M. Boyes, 0, O,
T. U. Jones, K. ot U. & S.
Visiting hri'Uircn   cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
nlKht at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordlnlly Invited
«'. S, Hall, 0. .1   Utile,
N   (I. Sec'y
J C. O. Main, M.A , II.1)., Pastor.
* *****************************************************************i
I'liliiili* in  A.  llnl   	
inji-iiiiiv—Movement in
Postludc—Gloria      from    Twelfth
Muss   Mozart
Anlhom-O Como All Ye Knilhfill...
  Arranged hj' V. Novella
Anthem—Sing, (I Sinn, This Rlcsscd
..Scltlnus  Solo—Nazareth 	
Sermon    Subject—The
From on Hit*.)!.
  11. Luslie
Miss McBrido
Prelude—March in II. Hal
Antliem—Ail.-ste PIllclls 	
  V. Novella
Anthem—Birthday ol the Kin*; ....
 W. II. N.iilliui-.r
With Solo hy Mrs. I*:. Paterson.
Antliem Praise Yc thc Father
Guilmant Sermon    Subject—II    1   Hail    Not
.... Suppe'.   Come.
Of Interest to Farmers
Tn give even a summary "I the Improvements ami developments in Uif-
terenl branches ot agriculture in llie
pnst year is mi small task, nud une
perhaps greater than 1 am quolifli'd
tn undertake. Among the movements nf more general Interest, how
over, miglii he mentioned the sun-ess
thai has at lasl been attained iu the
Uni led Slates to stamp mil Tick
[ever nr Texas fever, as it is sometimes called. In thc pasl year ihis
lias assumed such a hopeful aspect
Lhat they arc now for thc first time
able In reduce a quarantine area by a
very large amount, which gives reason fm the hope that in a few yenrs,
moro by the measures recently
brought in bear, the contincnl id
North America will at least be fi.il
rrom Uiis danger in the transportation tn live stuck tn and frnm the
Tn come nearer home among
events of Importance have been
gathering at  Kamloops ot tin- Int
national Irrigation cmivcntiim,    -,
The opening of the agricultural college at Saskatoon is also a presage
of future benefit ami uplift to western agriculture, a college located at
last in the midst of that great country to which the fairs of all the homeless nf Europe are turned for future
living, freedom and the home thoy
have never known, where ean he st-*n
Hu- bcsl methods in nperation under
the very conditions of climate and
soil whieh the newcomer well encounter.
t'omlng   to our    own province v\e
mav    congratulate   ourselves on at
least two occurrences lhat point   to
better things.      One is   the appointment tn the   lie.ii] nf tbe department
ui agriculture ol a man wlm has been
a farmer, has sortie idea uf its need.*
ami importance   and is in sympathy
with the spirit of progressive agriculture, iu the person uf the Honorable
Priee Ellison.    The other   i-       the
formation uf the   Rrilisb   Uolumbia
Poultry association,   which has    .1-
"l   ready began a war nn some uf      the
'•■*"*  conditions that militate against   the
■;t'   farmer and feeder    all through     lhe
Inc i province.     There is nu   doubt    thi*;
: association   will  exercise    a strung
■*'■**! beneficial influence un many phases of
0'    agricultural   life    in     tlu*   next few
j years if   the present very competent
.md encgetic  president and secretary
also the lny Farming Congress    all arc seconded iu their eltorts bv those
Spnkane,  where the  leading author!■: throughout  the   province who should
lies explained  their   successes     and   |„. interested in their work.
methods to the large gatherings   as*      Among other important  work ■•--.!..
,„       ,   lUI,   R. A. M.
■ iitcu.if.t uml CMnmsMr Knox Church,
TmthoTot PtRnofortc, "r*-«n
Thttiry   anil     V<.,■•■■  Culiim-.
F.tii I'l-rin now. ..iii'i.ri.. I- g    I'tij.ii*. proptrnl for
Thorn- Nci. .tir.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John Tal-
arico, of Goatfell, It. ('.., occupation Section Foreman, Intend to apply for permission tn purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted
about 10 chains east of X. E. corner
nf Lot 10101, thence west 2f» chains,
tlicncc north l" chains, thenco mist
■Ji chains, thence south 10 chains lo
point ol Comtncnii-iiu-iit, containing
so acres, more or less.
■lohn Tubmen, Locator,
charlt-.* Romano, Agent
Dated 'H-Uher Srfl, 11)111. :is 'if
scmbled at those places to leiirn the
latest that either science ur prac
lice could lell un these subjects
Muje recently the great cohvculhi:
• il the Farmers Institute and Agric
ulturn) College workers at Washington has also brought tu light new
ideas not only in the practice > f
farming, hut especially in how to ih-
ipiainl others with the reasons for
the practises recommended and the
better methods which nre daily belli-;
in ought to our help hy study, experimentation and interchange <i\
ideas common in smalt localities,
hut which from Isolation or lack ol
Inter-communication have been of
benefit to but a .small portion <•
those that might have profited by
Among other noteworthy happen
ings is the appointment uf a capable
ami practical commission to Enquire
into the decline of sheep raising In
Canada, look it up us it is follown
in Europe especially, in Great Hnt
am ami in    the     States and reeum-
 "d   what    course of action could) International I.
possibly bring this industry back «.)[ Chicago, the gr
mcncctl or greatly enlarged is lhe effort to stamp oui bovine tuberculosis in Hritish Columbia now being
pushed so energetically hy the live
slock commissioner nf the ptovlncc,
Mr. M. A. .lull; this will appeal to
everyone who gives thought to thc
matter as a move in the right <i.'i,
tion and nunc too soon.
A recent amalgamation of the different societies ni farmers m Alberta
Into the United Fanners of Alberta
is also a sign of the times, proving
thut at last' the farmers ere beginning to see that union is ,i fi-ft SSlty
ii they wish to make their vcight
felt, and there is no doubt that
some form ur other this s ime .-pint
which is binding the farmers of lhe
two prairie provinces in those strum;
unions is liki-K to spread through the
test i.i the Dominion, and is b.iund
to exercise a strung influence on ihelr
interests in tho near future.
Among    outstanding    agricultural
events ol niio-Urnr nature of lhe year
past might   he   mentioned the re-rent
Stuck  show      ut
I events -i brcem-n
Newbro's Herpicide is tin*   Only original Remedy.
.Iust because you happen to see <>r
hear the sta] nenl somewhere thai
another prep.f it ion will kill the ilan
•jrufl germ, stop falling hair and Is
just as good as Herpicide, don't he
fooled and allow yourself in be
swindled out ol your money.
Yuu want Newbro's Herpicide. iV
remedy thnt has been tried, has
stunit the test ol time and now lias
more satisfied users than all other
similar preparations combined An
attempt to sell yuu something ehc
is merely another effort to profit
[rum the good name established hy
the only genuine germ destroyer.
Herpicide kills the iliiniliuiT germ
and prevents falling hair. It stuns
itching uf the scalp almost instantly-
It may be claimed thai other hair
remedies     will   do   the same things,
but Herpicide really does them      li
years ol success prove Ibis.
Send 10c. in postage or silver for
sample and booklet tu The Herpicide
Co., Dept. R., Detroit, Mich.
All druggists sell Newbro's Herpicide. Applications may he obtained
at good haihi-t shops. Heattie-
Murphy Co., Ltd., are special agents
fur Cranhronk. one dollar si/e
bottles are guaranteed.
Crniihrnnl,       Lodgr.
No   .14
A F   A A   M
Itciiilar  meetings on
the   third   Thursday
nl even  month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W   F. Alti .1
E. W. Connolly, Secretary.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wed
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekabs cordially invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N. O.
Miss lliekenbotham, Seo'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First nnd
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. R. and C,
Visiting sisters cordially Invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at a
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chief Ranger
L. Bent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
its former Importance, in Canadian| throughout
agriculture, This is an Important
occurrence, for il is generally admitted that tho prevolence of noxious weeds in many old districts in
the east has been due to the absenci
ol the (ioldeu Hoofed from those districts in recent years, and also the
hope is Indulged that Ihe sections of
newer Canada where weeds have
come almost master of the situation
Will again he reduced to cleanliness
by ■■ mployment of these scavengers of the fields.
The action of ti„. drain Growers
association in persuading tho gavern-
ment to net in ihe matter of elevator ownership nnd managment is
another occurrence worthy oi more
than passing notice, fnr whether it
appeals tu lis or tint   it   will nl   le;.-t
he made ii criterion as to future action in other public utilities and
shows moreover what a power ll.c
agricultural comtnunlt) is ut last beginning to wield in Canada
\iuerici whieli has
this year more itian ever been the
greatest gathering uf the cream ul
live stuck uf Canada and lb.1 Slates,
am] as Canadian*, we have no reason
to he ashamed ol the places taken In
slock from one side of the
boundary, for uur fellow citizen?
practically cleaned up the show in
Clydesdales and bore awny the larger
portion of the prizes in at least five
breeds of sheep, besides making
things exceedingly Interesting in
short horn uml Angus cattle classes.
Among the honors the grand champion wether of the slmw WAS Irotn
the late Sir Clcorgo Driiinnioiid'a
farm, ltenconslield, (jue., and lhe
Champion Olydcs were the property
of the Ci.ih.im Druthers, of Clair-
mont, Ont., proving lo all Hint although the Canadian exhibit was
small in quantity they were more the
uhte tu hold ihelr own against ..ll
A. b. Smith,
Nelson, B.C., Rille Range.
envelope "Tender for construction
Nelson, B.C., Rille Range," and addressed to the Secretary of the Militia Council, Headquarters, Ottawa,
will he received until noon, the 3rd
day of January, Dill, for the construction of a Rille Range at Nelson, B.C.
Plans and specifications may he
seen, and full information obtained
at the offices of the District Officer
Commanding Military District No,
II, Victoria, B.C., the Director ni
Engineer Services, Headquarters, Ottawa, and the niiicer Commanding
102nd Regiment, Nelson, It C,
Tenders must lie made uu the form
supplied by the Department, and m-
companled by an accepted cheque nu
a Canadian chartered bank, for IP
per cent of the an it of the lender, payable tu tl rdm       of     the
Honorable the Minister ol Militia
and Defence, whieh amount will le
forfeited If the party tendering decline to enter into a contract, in accordance wilh   the tender.
Thr Department dues not hind it
self to accept the lowest or any fender.
Eugene Fiset,
Dep'y Minister ot Militia and Dc
(H.Q, 18—11(1—2.)
Department of Militia ami Defence.
Ottawa, Ist  December, 1010,
Newspapers will nol be paid fur
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority frnm this Department, 1-1-21
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday of each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu Hayward,  Dec. Sec.
Mrs. Isaac Baxter, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
I'lemdetll :   T. S. ttlLL
Secretary: S. Macuosaio
Fur intormatiun regarding lati.lt-
uinl   •■.giiciiWnit*   apply   to the
Secretary, Cranbrook, B. C.
Kvery t*eeond Wednesday
: Presbyterian Cburcb j |
Sunday momiag struct at 11 '
Sujiday    evening
7,30 o'clock
Sunday      School   and
Class at S o'clock
service   at' '
Presbyterian    Oulld, Tuesday,, .
at i o'clock i i
Baptist Cburcb j
Pastor, Charles W. Ktnf.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 2(4.     P. O. Box M7.
Regular Servicea:—Sunday, 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Bible
School with Young Udlaa'
Phltethea and Young Men's
Hible Class, S p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   I
Wednesday, Mid-Week MfrtlM.
A cordial   Christian
to all.
I  li.'iv.* n|M*n...l up  ill a.liiitiiiii
t» my ti'uiiliir Livery, Peed ami
Sill..*. Mnl.li* an
Employment Office
and Dray Line
I mii pr.*par.*al to furnish work
for nii'ii and tvauts nml will
iftiaraiiti*.' satisfaction ur money
J. Kenny, Prop.
Front room In rait on
oventw; all coiivi*iiIl*iici>s.
price. Applv lint I,
lleratd of
(ieneral Blacksmithing
Sleigh Repairing
Logging Sleighs made lo oider.
Large Slock ol Hardwood Runners on hand.
Any available Dominion I,ami-;
within tlit* Itailway Bell In liritisli
Columbia, may in* tiouiestfiatled tiy
iluy j.eison who is tin* sola lu'a.l ul a
family, or any tnalu over IH years nl
age, lu tlm extent ot uao-qunrter
section ul Hie uures, more or less.
Entry, must be made personally nl
the local land olliee lur tlie ilistrict
in whieli the land is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, tie tnnde nu
certain conditions by the lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother cr
sisler nf au Intending homesteader,
The homesteader is required tn per-
tor, the conditions connected therewith under one nt the following
(1). At least sis months' residence
upon ami cultivation ol lhe land in
each year (or three years.
(2), II the lather tor mothor, ll
the father is deceased), ol tho
Itotnostoador resides upon a larm tn
the vicinity ol the land entered lur,
the requirements as to residence may
lie satisfied by such person residing
with the lather or mother.
(3). II the settler has his permanent residence upon tanning land own-
ed by him in the vicinity ol his
homestead, iho requirements as to
resilience may he satislled by residence upon the said land.
Sii mouths' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner nl Dominion Lands at Ottawa ot
intention to apply lor patent.
COAL.—Conl mining rights may be
leased Ior a period of twenty-one
years al an annual rental ot 11 per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall he leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ol
five cents per ton shall bo collected
oa the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 29-26t
TAKE NOTICE that Annie Mer-
ington, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation, Married Woman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following doscribed lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the south east corner ol Lot long-.
Croup One, East Kootenay district,
thence west 20 chains, more or less,
to the eiiet bank ol thc Kootenay
river, thence south easterly along
said bank a distance ol thirty
chains, more or less, to the west
boundary ol Lot 315, Oroup One,
thence north along the said west
boundary a distance ol twenty
chains, more or less, to point of
commencement, and containing forty
acres, more or less.
Annie Merington, Locator
J. G. Cummlngs, Agent.
Staked Nov. 5th, 1910. 31-flt*
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
Barlter Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2 00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
WINfl  llONIi.  I-ROI-.
Chop  Suoy   Noodle
A Uni, k Meal ami a li,..l M«l
A Resident Agent to write
Fire Insurance in the District.
Only Good Producer need
apply. Giving lull particulars wilh credentials. Good
commission. Applications to
be forwarded lo
Dry Tamaracl
! Wood for Sale I
Lengths to Suit.
j*at..i.-»ici:<*:».i:M:*:*;*.ii>t.»>.. TttJC   UOA.N BHOOK    11 KHALI)
Imperial Bank of Canada
li. It, WILKIE, President.
HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Ylee.Prasii.tent
Acooutlts ol' t' .rpor.it.iouH, Municipalities, Merolttuits,
B'artnorB iitnl Privntu Individuals invited.
Drat!.*) uiul Letters of Credit issued available in nny j»nrt of
the worl I.
SAVINGS m.l'AHTMI'NT *-.)..-<-i.. 1 iitlotttion
niveii lo Savings Hunk Aoooutlts. Deposits ol' $J.U.) und
upward* received uml intet-itat allowed from ilnti* nl' dnjioBil.        *t
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.   j
| Stoves   and   Ranges j
We litive just plnucd in stoek u full line of Moll'ni'B N'lttioiiul
Slows. Air-tl«lit Heaters, Box Sloven. Wood Burners,
Wood or Conl Coinbinntioti nud Conl Burners.
A iloilli AKHORTMBNT   IN A I.l, Till*: AIKIVK.
A full line of Cook Stows nud   Hauges.   'tur prices an*
reasonable and  we guarantee the gomls.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. j
I A Good   Home
is what is dour to every tmtu. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
tint! Plenty is found. Tlmt iu tin.' reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cnuibroo'*.*' is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home nt the
1 Canadian Hotel
* *
11. I.. STEPHENS, Prop,
CALGARY, Alberta
Tht; Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
•«: *************** **** ********** *************
It is the Sane* Place
Tii,* Place that is Popular
(io   I us tin* l'.**st
Bettor than tin* Resl
The Cosmopoliton
If you come once,
Vou will come in-uiii
i    II   SM WA.. Proprietor
I Christmas Poultry and Game j
.. •*
4fE8h,BUT0frl&R.-| ••""' nalluilwitlwre.   I'...
»7i***»fL> V    it 'i'le your ChrlitniM UWowlil.il
^il^Jt^Vi iff'   . ,V'S'! f""' v":'■'",ll!" "'" ''"-'■■Jl1"'
lini'.lli    ■■ "*■'<',/»./. .iiiirk,*! ufliir.l-.     ri..* |.„iill.vi«
VVSlI.*-4liT   •.<*.. t /   ' nil vomit. I.i..l. kil|p,l ..ml hand
)    -ag-t.'jl   . i ..i.-k...!.    I'll. i.*mnnll jnat rlfhl
aTI»*i;.*T\-a_- I'lltlllJ!   IIH   v.in'll  iliir,*,.  *H* I *. -1.
T**^.Vj»a«,j \"Hli'-l.il     I ni'* > ipnililv i\itl*
^'l-lplfe-,- P.BURNS & CO.,Ltd. j
5jM^:**Mfl-Ml MEAT MARKET **
TAKE NOTICE Hint Darts Mc-
Eachern, ol Fort .Steele, Hritish Columbia, ocoupatlon ToamBtcr, intends to apply lar permission to
imreliiisi* tin' lollowing described
* lands:
Cummenciiig at tlio north-west coiner ol Lot 115, thence south to the
Kootenay river; thence upstream lo
a point due west ol the point ol be-
ginninj*;; tlicncc tn the point ol beginning.
Davis McEachcrn.
Dated    October    Mth,       A.   D.
Ul*. ant
If you stop at the
Hotel VanDecar
when you leave the O.l'.lt. Station
ask for a Car itoing down West.
minster Ave., the eondiiclor will
tell you where to got olT.
101   ltooms, modern   equipment,
niodiT'ite rules.
L. B. VanDecar & Sons
At which Dickens Centenary Testimonial Stamps
Could be sold
This is the season of Christmas
[ilirties—the season of happiness, of
■500(1 cheer, of merriment—of Dick-
.•iis. It is lhe season, par eXCfll-
lonco, nf kooiI children, of happy
children, of merry children--why lint
of Dickens children? Why nm a
Ilickens Christmas party, at whiL-h
tin* Dickens Centenary Testimonial
Stamp could be sold'' Why not a
brilliantly lighted roomful of Vv-k
wick*; nod Wellers, Little Nells and
Hull, VardeOS, of .Jinnies and MUmv-
licrs, of Saln-y (..amp*; und Betsy
Trot woods, nit engaged tn .1 good
cause? Kor what a gallery of pic-
tnresquo human oddities emanated
trom that wonderful brain! 'I ■*
were done on hehalf if anyoody else,
we ean almost hear the <'ulco of :li-'
great-hearted novelist -.ayln-i:
"What an idea—what a capital
idea! A charming, provo-Klu**;. satisfactory idea! Oh, perfectly i.alis-
fai.tiiry—very!" And Ahen b*' sees
the card ai" invitation, with what
pride his face lights up! •
Mr. Samuel Pickwick
requests the pleasuie of
Master Timothy Cratchit's Company
to a Christmas Party
on   Tuesday,   the 27th of December,
.Master Timothy ('ratchet indeed!
Miss Eleanor Trent
requests the pleasure ot
Master Oliver Twist's Company,
Who would—who could, at U'-ast   at
first—recognize    Miss Eleanor Trent
as   our old,   dear,     pathetic friend,
Little Nell?
Such a party as we have in our
mind's eye will probably come ofi in
London on a very large scale next
year, or at the beginning ot 1*913,
when the Albert Hall will be filled
with thousands of children in Ho.'s
Immir, tinder the auspice.; of thc
Centenary Testimonial Ci^imittee-
ITow splendid Dickens wns at describing parties! Kor, ns he wrote
himself, "It is good to be children
sometimes, and never better than at
Christmas, when its mighty Founder
was a child Himself."
"There was first a game at blind-
man's bluff. Ot course there was.
And I no more believe Topper was
really blind than I believe he had
eyes in his hoots. my opinion is
that it was a don*: thing between
him and Srrogge's nephew, and that
the f.host of Christmas Present
knew it. The way he went after
that plump sister in the lace tucker
was an outrage 00 the credulity of
human nature. Knocking over thc
Ore-Irons, tumbling over the chairs,
bumping against the piano, smothering himself among the curtains—
wherever she went, there went he!
lie always knew where the plump
Sister was. lie wouldn't catch anyone else. It you had fallen up
against him tas some of them did)
OQ purpose, he would have made a
feint ot endeavoring to seize you,
which would baVO been an affront to
your understanding, and would tu-
stantly have sidled of! in the direction ,•[ the plump sister. She oft«n
cried out that it wasn't fair, and it
really was not. Hut when at last be
caught hei—when, in spite of all her
ifllccn rustlings and her rapid flutter
ing*-: nasi him, he gni hi-r into a corner whence there was no escape, then
bli conduct was the most execrable.
For his pretending not to know her,
his protending that it was necessary
;" touch lu-r head-dress, and further
tn assure himself of her identity by
pressing n certain ring upon her finger and a certain chain ahout her
neck, was vile, monstrous! No
doubt she told him her opinion of it
when, another blind man being in ot
flee, they were so \ery confidential
together behind the curtains."
It is not difficult to dress the ehar
inters of Dickens. Not only were
they all described minutely by theli
author, hut no author was ever bup-
pn-r than Dickens in bis illustrators.
\s each character first appeared before the public, so they continue
down to the present day, from poor
Seymour seventy-five years ago to
the luteal portrayer, Mr. Harry
And how particular was Dickens as
to his illustrators! We arc told
that on oue occasion the artist drew
no fewer than tweoty-threc Mr.
Dombeys before one could be found to
suit. For the author had all his
characters clearly in his mind';, eye,
from the crown of their bats to the
soles of their boots. He knew exactly how they brushed their hair
ami tied their cravats, and what was
the color ot their waistcoats or their
Which is your favorite Dickens
character? "1 ean often tell," remarked Lord Houghton, "a man's
own character by hearing his favor
ite characters in fiction." A most
diverting list might be compiled ol
the characters from Dickens which
eminent persons have selected us
their favorite. We know that Lord
I'almerstoti thought Sam Weller was
Dickens' high-water mark,  tbat   tbe
late Lord Salisbury never wearied ol
Sal re) Gamp, that Mr Chamberlain
most rejoices In Wllkins Micawbor.
In fact, if one looks through biographies published for 'tie last fifty
years, one Is almosi sure to como
across references to thi biographer's
literary favorites, and especially to
the characters ol Dlckcn
"One ot the godlike things ahout
Dickens," writes Mr. Chesterton, "is
bis quality, his quail tj as such, the
enormous output, thc incredible tc
cundity ol his Invention. I have
said not one ol us could have Invented Mr Quppy, Hut even II we
could have stolen Mi (iuppy from
Dickens we have still lo confront thc
fact that Dickens would have been
able to invent anothei quite Incon
ceivahle character to lake Ills place.
Perhaps we could have created Mr,
fluppv. but the effort would certainly
have exhausted us; we should be ever
afterwards wheeled ahout in a h
chair ai Bournemouth."
Dear old—poor old Toots!—"possessed of the gruffest of voices and
the shrillest of minds; sticking ornamental pins Into his shirt and keep
ing a ring in his waistcoat pocket to
put on   by   stealth. constantly
tailing in love ou   sight with nursemaids who had   no Idea of his existence.   .   .   a great overgrown cherub 1
who had   sat   up   aloft    much lo.
How one recalls the few lines b\
which several of the immortal chat
h-'teis first mad;' their bow before .1
waiting world' There was Pick
wick, with his bald hern and circular
spectacles; also "U'.iv Itahts and
gaiters which, had Jt'.y I'.dtU'ri at1
ordinary man, might have passed
without observation, hut wiii-.'h when|
Pickwick clothed tliem-il we may
use the expression—Inspired Involuntary awe ami respect," Hut Pick
wick is gradually descrihed; he eoir.es
upon us in atl his beauty and lievc
rolence by degrees, not like Aided
.tingle, of whom we are presented In
stantly with a pen portrait:
"He was about th** middle height,
hut the thinness nf his body nnd the
length ol his legs gave him the   appearance of being   much taller.    Mu
green   coat   had been a smart d.c.*s
garment in the days of shallow-tails,
hut had   evidently   in   those   times
adorned a   much shorter man     than
thc stranger, for tho soiled and fried
sleeves     scarcely    reached      to   his
wrists.     It was buttoned closely up
to his chin, at   the Imminent hazard 1
of   splitting   his back; and    an old {
stock,    without     a Vestige of shirt
collar,    ornamented   his neck      Mis.
scanty black shiny trousers displayed,
here and     there those shiny patches
which bespeak long service, and wen I
strapped very tightly over a pair of j
patched and  mended shoes, as  if   toi
conceal the     dirty   white stockings, j
which   were     nevertheless distinctly
visible      His long, black hair escaped
in negligent waves from beneath eacli
side of his old   plnchcd-up hat,   and;
glimpses of his hare wrist might   be
observed,   between ihe tops of      Lis,
gloves   and    thc    culls ot his coat-
sleeves     His face was thin and haggard, but    an   Indescribable   air   ol i
jaunty   impudence    and perfect self [
pnsucssian pervaded thc whole man "
Or take this pen-portrait ol the in
Imltable Dick Swiveller:
"His attire was not remarkable for|
the nicest arrangemeitt,     h consist
ed of a brown   body   coat   with    al
great many brass    buttons up      thr'
front and   only   one behind, a bright '
check handkerchief, a plaid waist
coat, soiled white trousers, and a
very limp hat, worn with thc wrong
side foremost, to hide a hole 111 ihe
brim The breast of his coat was
ornamented with an outside pocket,
from whieli there peeped forth the
cleanest end of a very large and '/cry
ill-favored handkerchief, his dirty
wristbands were pulled down as far
as possible, and ostentatiously folded
back over his cuffs; he displayed no
gloves, and carried a yellow tune
having at the top a bone hand With
the semblance of a ring on its little
finger and a black hall iu its grasp."
Can one ever forget the description
of Mrs. (lamp? "She was a fat old
woman, this Mrs. Gamp, vith a
husky voice and n moist eye, which
she had a remarkable power ot taming up and only showing the white
of. Having very little neck, it cost
her some trouble to look over herself, if one ay say so, at those to
whom she talked. She wore a very
rusty black gown, rather tho worse
for snuff, and a shawl and bonnet to
correspond. In these dilapidated articles of dress she had, on principle,
arrayed herself time out of mind on
such occasions as the present, tc;
this at once exprc-sscd a decent
amount of veneration tor the deceased, and invited the next of kin to
present her with a trcshcr suit ot
weeds—an appeal so frequently successful thut the very fetch and ghost
ot Mrs. Gamp, bonnet and ,ui. Might,
be seen hanging up any hour in the
day in at least a dozen of the secondhand clothes shops ahout do.bint,
The fare of Mrs. Gamp—the uo-tt in
particular—was somewhat    ed     mid
swollen, and it was difficult '•>    	
joy her society without becoming
conscious of a smell of spirits."
lu her juvenile impersonator this
kind of spirits would be dispensed
with in favor of spirits of the annual
sort, of which children have au
Of Mr Pecksniff we are told: "You
tanked over a very low fence of
white cravat (whereof no man had'
i'ver beheld the tie. for he fastened it
behind), and there it lay, a valley !-e-
tween two jutting heights of collar,
serene nnd whiskerless heforc you. Jt
seemed to say, on thc part of Mr.
Pecksniff, 'There is no deception,
ladies and gentlemen, all is peace; a
holy calm pervades me." f-*n did his
hair, just grizzled with an irou-grcy,
whirh was all brushed off his tore-
head and stood holt upright, or
slightly drooped in kindred action
with his heavy eyelids. So did his
person, which was sleek, though free
from corpulency. So did his man.
ner, whicn was soft and oity. In .1
word, even bis plain black suit, ami
state of widower, and dangling
double eyeglass, all tended to the
same purpose, and cried aloud: "He-
hold the moral Pecksniff!' "
Would you have selected .Simon
Tappcrtlt as your favorite* And yet
no less a person than Bret Harte
thought and said that Simon Tappcrtlt was a masterpiece, a frequent quotation, from Simon wof often on his lips:
"My bleeding country calls me and
I go!"
We are told by his creator thnt
Mr. Simon Tapperit was "an old-
fashioned, thin-faced, sleek-haired,
sharp-nosed, small-eyed little fellow,
very little more than five teet high,
and thoroughly convinced in his own
mind that  he   was above th** middle
(Continued on page fourteen. 1
Millinery and Ladies' Furnishings
Hats At Half Price
I am extending my business and
have taken the office lately occupied
by C. R. Ward. I am putting in a
Stock of all the latest things in Art
Goods and after January 1st, 1911,
will be prepared to give one
per week to all Customers purchasing materials from me. Call at the
store for further particulars.
N. B. I am now taking orders for
spring suits.
t *
We Wish You AH
A Very Merry
The City Bakery
Why make your Own Fancy
Cakes when you can buy them
from us and save yourself thc '.rouble
Call and see our showing of
The City Bakery
E. SYMORD, Proprietor.
New Year Holidays
For the  Round   Trip
Between atl stt.tions ou the Main
Liue. I'ort Arthur to Vancouver
hu.I   intermediate   branch  Hues
Tieketa  on  Sale   December  22,
1910, to  January   t. It'll, final
return limit January •". 1911.
;   Hotel completely furnished   g
]:    and  all modern   co-iveni-    ti
a   ences:   alw    has    Steam   q
Heat. Electric Lights and    "
Water.   No encumbrances
;-    attached. For further par
ticulars apply to
tt-H %
(**.»'- fur'licr pflrt.cnUrs Apply 10
ticket Agenti
Caiiii'Iian Pacific RftHwsi
We iuu to annoouce u> the
pulilir thnt h*-- have taken
over tbe butcher business of
the Bast Kootenay B itchi t
Co which will now hi: run
under the firm nam* of Tyson
Bro- Meal Market.
Wi* have a liranoh business in
Trail ami have li'i*] considerable experienced the batcher
business throughout B.O. and
will at all tinit'H be prepared
to meet your requirements.
if you nppmciatn a pure
■.jmrkiiiii* beverage. There
ia not another brand so .veil
known ;.-
You may order any flavor
you like, one is equally ns
good as another. It yon
have never lasted ' >nr
Drinks, you an* surely
losing a treat. ' i-rder to-day.:
East Kootenay Bottling
.lupancKc laborer., desltfl joh in
tniih, witb or without tesmi; worl.
hv    r-ju.rac'        Hoi 1713, Calgary,
Alia. *.8-7f
Xo. 1 Timothy, Meadow aad
liinj'-li (ir.-tss
by tin1 carcass
alive and dressed
Growers, Ltd.
B, n   IMRROflB, M*'.I.
Pincher Creek,   •   Alberta
Oeslen in Mny nml Ural it,
l.i.i* Ktooki t-'tiriniT!-'
Produce, wc. 12
pS\\\\\\\\\\\\\VW^\\^^ gg i m 5 5 vvv^vvi^^;L*rvvvvvvv-^^55.S
The Ml
with b|
to displ]
Christmas Presents that arc
useful. Something that combines the practical as well as
the beautiful.
A   visit through onr  big, new
furniture room will give yon many
suggestions for your holiday purchasing, it is filled to overflowing
witli all that is good, and new in
House Furniture and Furnishings.
And what is  more   appropriate,
more acceptable, than furniture?
Good furniture—stylish, well made
but  imt   necessarily expensive*—
stands centuries, becoming an heirloom nnd with lbs
associations that cling to it. becomes priceless in value.
Above all if you consider quality, prices are extremely
I lur stock of Brass Beds was never tnor.* complete titan at thc present time.   They ure
priced at 1:1.1.00 to JlUO.tH).   Tliey make acceptable and useful gifts.
Adjoining the bed section is the Bedding here you will find warmth and comfort stored
up for you in those soft, fleecy while anil grey blankets, cotton nnd down quilts, nml
■      ows from $1,50 to $10.00 per pnir.
Second Floor, Right.
A New Scale Williams Piano
Is tin* supremo Christinas Gift because it bringB ycur-iuund-
year-out pleasure to every member of the family. The cubb
designs possess a rare beauty thut appeal to refined people,
and musically tlie Plnno is perfection iu advance of l'inno
building, A veritable masterpiece. It is eusy to own a New
Scale Williams; we Bell them on easy teims, and allow liberal
discount for cash, I'I. use call, examine onr stock, mid let us
explain our plan to you, Be sure and sec the I'J.jO.00 Player.
We hnve in slock n large quantity of player music at reasonable prices.
Second Floor, Front.
Any of thc following
articles    will    make
appropriate and useful presents.    Book
Cases. Buffets, Side-
Inanls. Easy Chairs,
and Mockers, Parlor
Suites.   Chetfouien,
Ladies' Desks, Dressers. Dressing and Sewing Tables.
Hall Hacks, Jardiniere -Stands. LouugOS, D..vvii|H.rts.
Magazine Stands. Hull anil Mnntcl dorks, ('..nl and
Hat Hacks, Tea Trays and Stands, Parlor and Dining
Tables, Dinner Wagons, Library Tables. China Cabinet!, Music
Cubinetl, Parlor Cabinets, Smoker's Cabinets. Celleretlea, Kitchen
Cabinets, Sleighs and Cutters, Ollice Chairs uud l.'esks, Brass aud
Wood Poles, and Pole Fixtures.
A Pretty Picture Present makes a
lasting remembrance. The collection
shown hen. is all new and consists of
prints, Steele engraving! and oil paintings
All well framed.
A Rug is a gift that is sun* l«. be appro,
elated. It is a present whose mission is not I ist
after the holidays, but is a constant reminder
of the good wishes of the sender for years to
come. It is hnnl to realise, until you have seen
this stock, to whnl degree of perfection the
Canadian and Knglish Manufacturers has brought
the art of rug making,    Wo havo a remnrkablo
pretty   collection iu nil   serts  of artist! lor
effect!, and assure j. f qulto the best values
ill the city.    We nre nisi, showing a large range
of Mats.
The range of Inc.*
curtains, a u r t ti i n
clothes, porticrs.tnlile
covers aud linen
shown here is unsurpassed in the
West, and our prices
an. the lowest.
Something New
Asbestos table covers
and Mats
year's hij
scale thai
seeing c
A full I
and dome:
the latest I
signs. Fin
eoals uin.|
made to  ||
lies! skill
city.   PricJ
C\.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\^SSS\\\\\^vi**-VV^v\\\\v^ SSgSSS vvvvwsSS yivivi 111 ^^^^^•^T tmt   OBAJSBKOOK- 11KI1ALD
lery of this great Christmas Store is running smoother and better than ever
Tny improvements have been made during the year and all have been made
ine main thought — more room for store comfort and more room
[ne  greatest   Christmas     Stock     ever    shown     in     Cranbrook.       The    book   of
lappiness" is written here in strong, bold faced type, and it is a story of
I to eat, things good to wear, and things for the home to make it brighter and
lie   store  is  a  book   that   will give   you  a   Christmas   message    which    will   help
the    door   of   some    heart,   deepen    friendship, create    happiness   and    goodwill.
Store  Will   Remain  Open   Rvenings—December iq to 34.
Fancy Braces, Garters anil Arm Bands in beautiful fancy boxes
Hanging in priee from $1.25 to $11.00
Special Christmas Silk and Poplin Neck Scarfs in uil shapes
anil patterns from 75c. to $3.00
Jaeger and Bradley Neck Wraps in all colors, al
fiOo, and 75c.
Christmas Comes But Once a Year,
And when It Comes It Brings Good Cheer.
Ihristmas Neckwear
■ preparation wc present this
rndidly rich holiday showing
Iturfa regarded both as a term
Itdise "Holiday Neckwear."
novelty weaves in the newest
led designs—all of which are
|s—all in the well liked four-
widths and the graceful
i beautiful individual Christ-
ling in price from "oc. to $2.50.
J**** **J***.
I /T
Christmas Handkerchiefs and
The fame of this firms Handkerchief
Section is multiplied greater variety of
stock and better values than ever before.
You'll pronouce this the largest and tastiest
displny in the city, iu plain white with fancy
borders and all the Persian effects in all
Hosiery in fancy silks, lisle, cashmere
and Jaeger wools. All of these in great
I «*B **•«•*-_.„
Estmas Gloves
Christmas Slippers
Slippers will always serve as
appropriate Christmas presents as
long as tbe Yuletide thought
means the giving of comfort and
pleasure to the recipient. A gift
of slippers reflects wisdom and
judgment. Ranging in price from
SI.00 to $2.50.
Llways important Christmas
I. and preparation for this
Jlsiness have been on a vaster
lieforc. If you've gloves to i
Iristmas tokens: don't miss
Iment. Fownes fur-lined in
fe.OO to $4,60
Smoking Jackets and
Dressing   Gowns   In
great   variety   from
$6.00 to $16.00.
Fancy Coat Sweaters
from $1.50 to $4.50.
The Season's Latest Hats
'■ Hawes  Von Hal" Famous Hats
$3.00 to $4.00
The J. II. Stetson from
$100 to $10.00
The Harrington Hat
$2.50 nnd ?3.00
Clothes For Men and Young Men
We made sj.e<*inl   preparations for
I Christmas  in Suits ami Overcoats.
I Nice Fancy Tweed Suits   $8.00 to $15.00
Nice Fancy Worst,,I Suits $16.00 to $26.00
j Special Blue Serge $16.00
Special "Indigo"   Him* Scree $23.0(1
| to lf.2S.00.
No. I lllack Melton Overcoat with raw
|edgc aud velvet collar $24.00
Fancy Tweeds am] Blacks, ranging in
[ price from $10.00 to $25 Ofl
All  alterations are made by our own
'exports and pressed neatly before leaving
I our store
Ir Tailoring llqi.ti lutein
|ini|-..n,'il .-
k*s  in all  ,s„.t
J and tie   •g'-jl*
|ml Over- ';•{,.  ,
latest '   *
lied    and
by  the
In   in the  SC
1*30.00 I" '"•■'"■ ■"'
Trunks, Suit Cases and Hand Bags
as Suitable Christmas Gifts
Beautiful Suit Cases nud Hand Bagi, with fittings, in different
leathers, all sizes,  with  sterling silver mountings, ranging in
price from $15.00 to $80.00
An old adage a Inn* ono when
ample and appropriate provision is '*f'ynirf%£tt£
mode for the great festive duy are
you prepared? If not, just come to
Our Store uml let tin* appealing
suggestions which arc visible ou
every hand help vou complete your
many requirements
Never before have we pre.
pared so elaborately. Never
ltefore have we had snch a
wonderful assortment of lTp-to-
Date Footwear to offer you
such us
The "Jefferson"
"American Gentleman"
Prices from $.1.50 to $7.60.
This season wo have made the
greatest preparations in the history
of Our •• Pure Food Grocery " Store
to promote good cheer to everyone
who visit us. The classiest of high-
class delicacies offered for sale are
here in the greatest variety for your
choosing -you press the button and
leave the re-it to u-..
Your Christmas Dinner
will not be complete without a brewing of Good Tea or Coffee and when you
know you can get Ridway's (which by practical test has won thc highest awards
whereever demonstrated);  why  bother   with  the   less reliable   brands.
Ridgway's "Five O'clock" Tea
ami "After Dinner" Coffee have
been adopted as the standard by
Tea and Coffee C'ounoisseursthrough-
out the entire world.
Select Christmas Fruits
We have little to say regarding the above for since arranging our window display
of imported and domestic fruits the general verdict of the good citizens oi
Cranbrook is that they are the finest they have ever seen. We are glad
indeed that our efforts have been appreciated so as to merit such general approval
and trust to have the pleasure of catering to a goodly portion of your holiday
Exquisite Christmas China
No  Gift   is   mare    appropriate    than  a    piece    of    pretty    china—we
High-Grade  Kind.
The latest creations from the renowned
old World Potteries are gathered here in
immense variety. Classified to faciliato
Then* arc hundreds of pn*tty jiifta in thii
this spacious department that you will like-
that your friends will lik.v they are winning
and inexpensive. Plactrues, Vases. Beny
Bowli. etc.
Libbey's Rich Cut Glass
Do  you  realize  that  every  lady  prizes  her  pieces  of flashing, scintillating   cut glass
above all  else  that   may grace   her  table   or  buffet
There Is Distinctive Charm About Libbey's
High-    Grade,   Deep    Cut,    Handsomely
Polished:  every   piece   cut    from    strictly
First Class  Quality  blown   blanks.
Nothing tells the story of our China and Glass Offerings so well as an occular
demonstration—our collection must be seen to be appreciated, and wc invite you
all to visit this department before making your Christmas   selections.
When in doubt about a Gift buy Cut Glass.
\v.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\*v*v^^*v*v*v^**-^*v**-**-^**-*--*--*^^'. 5 *ssssrgs*gss-assssrgs*ssss
55-12 TH*.   < llAVIUIOOK    llltiilAlJ*
This Splendid   Opportunity to Purchase Lots in a First-Class Town in the Best Farming
District in North Eastern Alberta.
. .1,
. .1,
, ,*,
■ ,i,
, ,i,
. M   ,
.1 ,
I .1 I
* .' I
The Present Terminal of the Lacombe-Castor Branch of the C. P. R.
Castor with a population of 2000, has 2 banks, 3 hotels, good stores, solid stone school costing $20,000, 7 lumber yards,  coal  mines   and
an unlimited supply of building stone.
The North Castor Subdivion which adjoins the C.P.R. tow 11 site is one-half mile from the centre of the business section of Castor.
*.m.m.m.*.A^m.m.m.m.*.A^m.A*iA±*.A\*.A\m.A±m.  AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAA
V**F*»-P-WW'>FWWVWV,F1JF-W*>rTV*F*FV*1F ▼▼¥,f?,f*f¥*f,f?*V?*f,f,F,f¥?,f*lp
BLOCKS 11, n, 13, 14 NOW ON THE MARKET Exceptional Terms and Prices
l*."*|*|AAAaAAAAA»*A*A*A    •■**A*J*.A***.AAJtA**AAAAA
PRICES : Blocks 11 and 12, $125 for corners, $100 inside; Blocks 13 and 14, $100 for corners, $75 inside.
. 11,
. ,1.
I.. 1
Terms: One-third Cash, Balance six and twelve months, Interest eight per cent-
Haps, Etc., in the Cranbrook Herald Office.
604 Centre Street Calgary, Alta.
Out this out and forward with remittance.
.1. P, M. I'inkhaiu,
(104 Centre Street. Calgary.
Dear Sir.
Enclosed pleased  lind $ being t,
pay men 1 on lots Nos. iu block North
Castor Sub-division. In the event of these lots being
sold, kindly purchase the next best.
Vours trnly.
R. T. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook Branch
'TB«V( a-.     f>   ailf"
7-77 FOR THE
(Coiitinm-d (nun page eleven)
. si/.f, rather lull, in (act, than other*
1 wist*,    (it his figure, which was well
> enough formed) UioukI. somewhat   oi
! the leanest,   lie entertained tlie high*
• st admiration;   and   with his   legs,
which, in knee-breeches, were perfect
curiosities ol   littleness,   he was en
raptured to a  degree amounting   t<.
enthusiasm.    He also had some ma-
j jestic, shadowy ideas, which had nev
11-1  been quite fathomed by his   mosl
j intimate friends, concerning the pow
' er of his eye.     Indeed, he hud    hern
! known to no so far as to boast thai
I In* could utterly quell and subdue the
haughtiest  beauty   by a simple pro
I cess   which   he   termed    'eyeing hn
over'; but it   must   Ih*   added    that
neither of this faculty, nor of      the
[lower he    claimed tti have, through
the      same gilt,        vanquish
ing        and heaviiu, down
dumb    animals,       oven      in a
rabid state, had he ever furnished
evidence which could he deemed quite
satisfactory and conclusive."
Then Wilkins Mlcawbei— what a delightful figure for a fancy dress
party! The immortal Micawher—
"a stoiitisb, middle-aged person, in a
hrown surtout and black tights and
shoes, with no more hair upon his
head (which was a large one and
very shining) than there is upon au
egg, and with a very extensive face,
which he turned full upon me. Ills
clothes were shabby, but he had ,111
important shirt-collar on. lie car
rled a jaunty sort of stick, with n
largo pair of rusty tassels to it, aud
ii quizzing-glass nung outside his
coat—tor ornament, as 1 afterwards
found, as he very seldom looked
through it, and couldn't see anything
when he did."
How many stoutlsh little hoys
would like lo go attired as Wilkins
Micawher! Can you not notice Mr.
Micawher with a portfolio of Dickens
stamps under his arm offering thi-in
j lo n multitude of admirers'*
"I'nder the impression, sir, that
your—nh—ahmlration of my literary
progenitor may be marked and extensive, 1 take the liberty of offering
you, sir, a slight but not inappropriate tribute at'the cost of one penny Nothing else of this diameter
is ever likely to turn up again, even
in the progress of revolving years
Allow mo, sir Thank you!"
Apropos   nf    stoutlsh   personages,
The Time  Hyomei  Takes to Relieve
a Cold or Croup.
At lhe lirst sigu ot a cold breathe
Hyomei {pronounced lligh-o-me). H
Will relieve the most stubborn eold
in the head iu live minutes.
llyomei'aS way is nature's way. It
is a well known fact that we hrea'
disease germs and yon can only over
take them hy breathing the healing
essence provided by nature. The
medicated air of Hyomei immediately
comes into contact with the disease
genus. These they   quickly   over
come and destroy.      The work       ol
healing is then commenced,
The Hyomei outfit consists of a
hard rubber pocket inhaler and a
bottle of Hyomei. This costs (1,00,
(Extra bottle 500.) All druggists or
postpaid from The It. T. Booth Co.,
Ltd., Fort Erie, Out.
Ilyotnei is guaranteed to cure
catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, coughs,
colds and croup. Money back if it
[ails. Sold and guaranteed hv The
Heat lie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Tho greatest danger from Influenza
is of its resulting iu pneumonia.
This can be obviated by using Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, as It not
only cures Influenza, but counteracts
any tendency Of Iho disease towards
pneumonia. Sold by all druggists
and dealers. -I'M!
have yon ever reflected what a num*
lier ol these figure among the well**
vim**,!! personages ol Dickens9 In our
mind's eye we can see quite a gallery
of corpulence In the range of liis
novels A do/en readily occur to us
which it would never do (or a thin
little hoy lo impersonate. There are
Pickwick and Tracy Tupman, the Eat
Hoy and the elder Weller, Humble,
Vincent Crummies, the Chceryble
brothers, John Will*t, Gabriel Var-
den, Captain Cuttle, Dr. Hllmber,
and many, many more equally well
known. Not that there are not n
lot of attenuated characters, too,
as, for instance. Sam Weller,
Jlhgle, Snodgrass, Winkle, Newman
Noggs, Tom Pinch, Sampson Brass,
and so on. (Juilp is probably the
most repulsive character In all Dickens's works, with Squeers and
Uriah Keep close behind. To think
ot an attractive, pink-cheeked little
Hill Stkcfl is almost a -paradox, and
yet we mny be sure Hill wilt not go
unrepresented at a Dickens children's
He was "a stoutly-built fellow    af
about live .ind-thlrty,   la a Muck vel
The Best Place To Eat
Always the Best Quality and
Quick Service. Business Men's
Lunch.   Open Day and Night.
Victoria Restaurant
J. Sakaguchi. Proprietor
Opposite Depot.
veteen coat, very soiled drab breeches, lace up half boots, and grey cot
ton stockings, which enclosed a very
bulky pair of legs, with large, swelling calves—the kind of legs that, iu
such costume, always look in an
unfinished and incomplete state without a set of letters to garnish them.
He had a brown hat on his head, and
a dirty Belcher handkerchief round
his neck, with the long frayed ends
of which he smeared tin* beer from
his face as he spoke, disclosing, when
he had done so, a broad, heavy coun
terancr with u heard of three days'
growth, and two scowling eyes; one
of them displayed various parti-col
ored symptoms ot having been re
cently damaged by a blow."
Finally, there are the Dickens girls
—the kind ol girls Dickens himself
most admired—Dora, Little Km'ly,
Little Dorrlt, Delia Kilter, Dolly
Varden, M/zic Hexham and Ada gf
"Hleak House," and Rosa Hud of
''Edwin Proud," all sweet, engaging
little creatures, and childlike in their
beauty and in their innocence.
The job department ot tbis paper Is
equipped with the most up-to-date
faces ol type. You get what you
want when you want it at the Herald.
Eastern Canada
Low Round tt Ip Ratoa To
Ontario- Quebec and Maritime
Tickett* on Hsle Dee. I to Deo. 81, In-
elusive,    tiood lo return within three
Ticket." issued in connection wDh Atlantic Hteami-hip* will Im* on sals from
Nov. 11 and limited to live months from
date of imme.
Finefl Equipment, Standard Firr-i-Cln*****-
sleeping Cat* and Dinning Carson the
thmuirh train**. Compartment-Lihrary-
< H.-e i ..r:<-nCflron"Impei ial Limited."
A sprained ankle will usually disable thc injured person for three or
tour weeks. This is due to lack of
proper treatment. When Chamber
Iain's Liniment Is applied a cure
may he effected in three or four days.
This liniment is one of the best and
most remarkable preparations iu
use. Sold bv all druggists and
dealers 44-tf
3-Through Express Trains-3
leavos Winnipeg daily at 22.10k, making
connections at Toronto for all points
Kant snd Weil* thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg daily at 8.23k, and the Atlantic
| Kxpress at 1ft 00k, daily, making connection.* nt  Montreal for   all  |Njlnt»
J.nti thereof.
I Apply to the nearest
; C. P. R. Tlcltat Agont
For Full In (or in alio i,
Nervous Exhaustion
Nervous Kxlisuistioii unchecked
opens thedoor loNenraIj>ia, I lend-
.idic, Insomnia, Digestive Disturbances, Mental Dcprcaiilon.aiid
many serious organla diseases,
Marly treatment with "Asava-
Ni;ruAi.i." nvertsthe.se. It feeds
the nerves, induces .sleep, hu*
proves tbe appetite and digestion,
and restores buoyancy of spirits.
A few doses convince. Ji .50 per
bottle. Obtain from the following
tm-nir MriVtiiii	
•ant fna. ffiitM ...*,*>. fai* aWuilfti uat.ini.
Scientific American.
A hftitflKtnielr UlnitnlMt wotMf. Untnt clr-
ulaVlK-n of «n? wlMrttfin juunial. icim*. Iht
rut t-itt. fin * I***, p-Mtatn pn-ftM. fold by
nil tr-**-*■-■   -
Work w tw womanly Brain and Hand
IS THESE days If **■* bright girl enter
is college there need 1"* no curtail*
lnr ot th** oourso nor dlatreastng
aaorlflces at homo tn order to meet
hor living expenses. Hundreds ot enl*
lego women earn their way, and ran
-manage *o save a Utile for a rainy
day,   or   for   a    i-unt.tii.nll"n   nf    their
studies along other lines. When it Is
suggested that these Tit11-? ways and
insane nro poulble In every school, end
wb-an the r.-jct u emphailied that drinking at tin* Pierian spring can l>*: enflll)
combined with work In other direction*,
no woman need heeltate tn act on the
advice liete given.
t'or tha bright girl, who has a'tMch-
«r'a ability to Imparl or develop knowledge, tutoring, perhape, is the beel eug-
gestlon. The main thing Is ta •*!•" ialllf!
thereby raining it compelling power t«
make quick progress with your pupils.
Mathematics, the languages or any
other special courae ilui prove! too
much for * classmate
Up" hy Uie quirk tut.jr's mind; the elu-
eldatinn of ih«* muddiest phases of .1
courae frequently  roll iw* i     '
mental forces.  The charges for Insti
iloit  are varied In differ*, nl Instltul
tint Uie rate in usually by ths hour, This
gives a delight! .1 .-■•■  ■ . ".■ ki)
Income nn.l has *> ri a< Hoi
brushing u\* a law  fai■ ■ •
ceil.' teacher.
Byllabl,   lypewrlttea, ■    -
necessary     , coursi a
•aslnt ;t e Notes
of  leoturi ■ can
Ijp-pewrlll  i   ratei • I*   the
hliiiik ui      ■   mo
of copy-In
Have you
can Le kepi
llllle I *.   *
C*.        ITS
footl   for  thought     'l
cJaaa of s I
a smootl    ' ■ ■ * surface foi  each ■   ■
easl ■ ■ Bows and sleevei   -    I a
-•:•*•>        ■ ■** ■ .   newspaper* bettei th
'•'.-** that ) 0 |i  » -n,
logs I  firmly, so thai  there
* ttolag   undone;   tie*   ere
•   uj      iwarks
Tie on your corks we;', and put your
bottles new the - Idle ol a lomuart-
...™ / •« ma} *:arry Ink and s-hoe
dressing hi sa-fsty -.wind the world
In   pecking   such   thtR-fa   m   deitccue
liaU, bonnets      If ■   ■■■ things of such
a  ne'ure   thai   D     ,•■.—■•       -,   h-.  al-
imred en then*.. It ii an excellent ; ...r.
, **: •. ■■ of the buses
tied   ti    •  em   '•*■-'-      ihtly   twisted
-■lifts of tiss'e ;• •-    so as rtoi to give
*-   and—with al
aching j    the
■    ■
-    *
■    ■
a      ■      .
: '
■. refore assume
i nd i       i
, :       rea* ■
i.* established nn-1 strength-
Take Notice. PleE?e!
a   ,\- fjtn . . .  ■ >    in re- hk>
Z\     c.-j.gtm    - take       t  teaS-pO-OnfUl
•**-***• ef ::•-:■
Y-*r   *. e   * .-   •#-   <*-op.   r.f
brtoiiy  Into   *    -  ■, "•*•—.   i-.vcr  r*.
candle until i -up inui
it k  it*-.',    piece   ■•*  ■-■*. -   -x,:.  fc*>i
»iU*"e Is the «i*.
Bta ned   .-:•-.   Ri** n   •**- .
toally rea    i *-   Land   egeubia stains
•'""* i the handi n .  m -..,
lha UM    , - ■ .
Mt aiwayi
Wl e.-. r a house,  four points
ihooM   be  -■   ked  ta ; *:.      ..        ..■.
'.". - *
to *a - .     -
7        ■ -■  ■
frocis,  ite..
aJora ■--   * -
awsj. at all  .     .   ■ .s
•jf> trj /.-. - ■
Your Thoughts
s     A       a
■ ■ :
.   -
■ ■
Cdn</y finds Reafy *5a?et
le Home-made
■ **!«?&« e  '■*   '':
' '   ."
fyjfem fop fyekr* Skate
Your Shoes
BEFORE tleanlni rob "•"'r with
milk .i Utile Is sufficient Wipe
with ^ %\x\ cloth and clean with
polish to* us;.*.'. This Will rlftati and
-..fen ihe leather, the grease In hs
n..ik ke».p. |i :..:«:, gutsa **^n t~ re*
n,.,\*».l l.y -. .aV.i--:-*** .v A\* ...r*,* ■(,(.■*;*
benalni ai d lettloii * dry,
For fme kid a:. exce>leni polish may
be made if ■*•',••-.■ parts *.; ■ -.ft^fi,.* .-Ji
md raseilne, wtth t e addition of a
.::.>rliii- .i* lami'ti ■■ - ■ - ; spare Uon
*■ nul I h*. we I rubbi Inl • -*• • -.--
•f :he boots,    ::   ■*• wtv a the W.l
where th» rtrain ;- ^ ■■■•*•  snd where
Th»  frletloi     .f  the   In ■-■.■-..-     «
But rea - - - * pieaa
e nt thoug
not thoughts' ■   preatlon
■    .      - MS
ng f v. . •
■ .
find a i        . •■   .:
■    •  -
■ a" With
The Heavy Heart
Don ■
■ ■
bad  effe. I
on i!.
the b
A Dopr'sTonirae
HAVK yon ever wanted to kn-*w
why a dog'i ■ -■■■■ : lla out ■■'
hie in. uth nn n hot day or wb«
i hai lieen runnlna? People aomeUmei
.*»*. thai i • ' * - ■*-■.•■ Bu<
hai Isu ■ es ■ *■ ■ *;<'
if |-o<i look st it y wi «*■*- little
water drl .. . ' ... It Well.
■ hi know that wh*n j"n gat \«ry wan.,
ou get i ■ —■ Wl . . ■ J*. Iration,
Ti.e (piR'a tuoily never perspires ** hen
•■ a-*t- hot i the ■- »■ ire **nn o'it
hruugh hi*, tongue, and «i the motaturs
ii the tongue tlrlei up ihe dogs i»-lr
. .
keeps   tht    ■
nne that
■  ■
Valuable Assistance
C- -   •;
■    ■    ■
them, thi       ■   :■       ■
. .  -
!   !■> -ll
*' -  iim,
■ •
WIIT don't women, Inatead «f
i-iiyiiiK ii ruinous price f»r
pretty candle shadee, try making them thetnselvea nt lioma? [I rtally
is vary «asj, and nuihing i* prettier
tn a dining or living roi m than the
soft glow ..r i-andtes in artlallc nin.lle-
atloks and under dainty shades.
vVhat, fnr lnatanoe, could he gloiplir
ihHti tin* embroldertd shade in aytltl
iirtinn'' Tha pattern, »s <»ii )■ ■ seen,
is ouly a cresMnt-ahaped pleca uf
Unen uf the rniulred width, witli n
naldeniiatr fern dealgn itiunptd upon
it This Ip eapKigiiy pretty when «*m*
broldere.1, at. the llghl ihlnea through
Ike ayeieia with u ioft«ned glow thut Is
really charming
Ths embroidered *iri-. t- mounted
•in a fett paper foundation, which
may be bought for ,'. nr lo rente, se*
rured l.i It l.y ll f.-w Btltctiei nml then
fartenril   liy  orereettmlng  tin*  riidi  tn-
gather. Be sure lhat no narl of Hi"
linen can possibly touch lhe Rama nf
the candli.
The woman who iloes not embroider
ran yn have prett) shndes There i"
the iqugre cretonne ahade, for Inst tm e,
Cretonne 1-1 n pretty,otd-faihloned (inner dealgn is psjted (spread library paate
thinly   n<-  eiia< -  mil) i   in   i  e   fell
piii.rr foundation, and .■-■ Ibe dges sre
llnlehe.l  ..rf  hv  sttlpi   nf  white    -r   ul't
uti. mu <>r iuutowcolored gimp tomatoh
ll e . r< ioiiik Sftrrow iflre edging would
be mltobla also. The-.-* shsdes are
especially attractive wiih a high cn!n-
i ii . ,...ii. .it. k. like thw ainss one
• iowi j' lhe photograph, <>r like the
bra) - .-n>l ''"I'i fr ntli-k-" seen in an-
ttqtie ahopa.
Very  .-hnrnilng 1n  a  inlsilon  runni  Is
the   wood end narchmeni abide,   The
Ihln  n I (or -"iff POtored I'-rdhnanli
frame can  be purrlieied nr can  lie m*
With the itI'I <>f " I'enklilfe. keeping the
Wood wet -luring the pf-octes, Pareh-
menl   which   h;l*-   ■1"    Uttn  pslnted   In
walercolora in an indefinite newer de
(kerne tnffcfon.     Tbn W^TMimt
■Ign (keep   tha   parclu i -:*■   w»i
whl.a von nre working, *> *'i^I the
colore will fli.w Into e.i ;i other with
a .M.ghifni r*,|e,i effect) i' :ut out with
« knife ami rattened wtth strong glue
to the wooden frame, The effect of the
light shining through i« like utained
ginpa. Pgrchment t« sometimes :<ninm-
tiiable. so cnet the Inelda of i!(e -.hatle.
n*!ng it cinteri<hnlr paint brush, wtth ■■
Bi'uiion nf ai-un an.t water, to render i*
These shedes  ere  only   a   hint   as   to
what ran be dons in homemade Handle
ahadea. Baadvorh. grOoada, silk paint
ere] e
practh-ei all *«
afreets mny he
nf yoi       i il •
In ■ plaj With
odd and un */'i il
1 which will make
hlngs   liftln-1
!ve   e'i I: k  ,i   kf : . ■■■ ,.f   iri'-'L   Leatjn*
■   ■     .   Un ■ torn
Mr anil hy you will find roursalf a
rsmiie antbutlaat, picking up odd ottcki
In fi it-nf-the-Wav   ,-.i,i-    prMCtlolng    he
making of barberry randies, cultivating
•he i*e .if Incense anl candtHIght,   For
'here |t no prettier nr mire produeUee
fan than the making Of charming and
'-n.JSUBl L-andla shades*.
CHtLDflKN I ' dei ' thing should
i.e changed »• • ■** twice n week.
The health of 'he ski*-, ii-rtttenoee
tin* wall-being of the em;:.* body, and
tn keep -he skin In htaitti scrupulous
cleanliness :« ns easar].
"By ■ ni.slant tl reateolngi ■ -oiiting
• -..I forbidding ms'.* pireni*. Induce ^
'i; mln domestic Irritation tn the fool-
tish hope that ti e> •*!'• Urns iiiik« thalr
hlldrei   what  thr/  should be"
iv j.i thai weak Impulslvaneat, *
c*>t era) amoni "j ithen, whinv scold*
ii.*! forgives almost tn tna earn*
e-re-un.'   Herbert   gpenoaa,
things foi      ■ • | t*s
■•■*.: ■-   ■
i        ■■-.*' bj   li* going on.
Washinp Silk
SU.K sfa are ruined by
like »* to i
n»« -     -     *
themselvu Phey ihould -. . :.,
.ilk.*-*.-.- wai l rinsed two oi '^r-.o
'imes in rleat  eold water, with*. I
W r.- |    I hi ■       *   .-.    fold    *il  1    I ;;.
■'Kii '.   ■ Lb, bgt  do  j   ' ..i
gat dryoetfort litmlng, or Um) will rer
look smooth Coloi I silk h irchlefa
should be waahad wilh nne white b^bPi
r.erer with strung yellow .   -, _j lli
THK   (lIlANIillllllK    II Kit A la I)
******************•**••***•*******•***********■**+< •>*************************4444*t1***t**4*t*i,t***iit **********************
iiMIIIMOti-lMt ♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦#*>♦■>##♦<♦♦♦♦ >+♦♦♦*♦ * eee'ia'iaeaaagaaao)oota)a)mooa,oeta7*\e**%a7m7*%*%m7 m\m\m\Z.m.*mZ.Z.\\.Z.Z ILTZ.ZZ. 1^1 H
Lines, Limited
GENERAL   OFFICES      -      -      CRANBROOK,   B.C.
For Rates call
Prompt Service
Exchanges at Cranbrook, Fernie, Elko, Hosmer,
and Michel, B. C.
Our lines reach all Cities, Town, and Camps in
South East Kootenay
Our Trunk Line extends from Crows Nest to
Kingsgate, B. C.
At Crows Nest connection is made with the Telephone System of
the Province of Alberta.
At Kingsgate connection is made with the  Lines of the  Rocky
Mountain   Bell Telephone Company of the  United States, which
extend to the States of Washington, Idaho, Hontana,
Wyoming and Utah.
For Rates call
Prompt Service
Tobacco Plains
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ * »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Fred Roo Gives an interesting Descripton of this
Section and also I ells of an Indian Festival
(Ily Fred Km-.)
properties two working ami tin- showing along 1'hillipps Creek gives pro
mist- of an activity .some day, which
will tall im machinery and men with
tlu- usual liii*. pay roll ami Itomc inni
kct. The Quest flro flay in America
Is ("mnl mar hen- ami in iln* near
future will prove n bin (actor. Nn
part ol It. C. Ii;i'; lnm.fi and beiiei
advantages than Tobacco Plains fot
those in search of health, wraith t.nd
pleasure. Klko is Ilu- (ialeway \o
Tobacco Plains nn the north am!
Kureka, the County Town ot Lin
coin, Montana, I S A , on the
south, one ol the most progressive
towns in Montana The valley from
Klko to Roosvlllc, a distance ol -j
miles, is ime of ihe most beautiful
drives in thr province. As a place
nf residence, to the lover at nature,
no spot could he more desirable,
scenery that has Switzerland backet)
oil the map, wild llnwers, grouse,
prairie chickens, hlack and white
tailed deer ami the most excellent
trout fishing In thc province combine
to make conditions fnr a home 'lu
best. We have the goods, hut lack
thc settler, hut the crowd is turning
ihis way now nur attractions are he
ihi. universally advertised.
While   visiting the    BOUth loiuitn.
collecting the above facts fnr the
Herald, we happened to mil al the
Indian village where a celebration
was in progress and we herewith en
dose mites ot the "Coming nf Age
Festivities ol Young Chief Mighty
Itolls the Thunder."
Lavish arrangements had been made
for Saturday's celebration and dozens ot Indians with their squaws and
papooses heing invited to the festivities, a large company assembled.
All the cream-de-la-skim were
there (ram distant reserves, and the
proceedings went along smooth like
a prayer meeting.
The chief event on Saturday was
the presentation to Young Chief
Mighty Rolls the Thunder nf a fine
running horse, bought by subscriptions among the braves .Iim
Thistlebcak, editor nt the Human Interest Weekly, and president of the
Elko Ptng-Pong Club made the presentation, Young Chief Mighty Rolls
the Thunder, who was greeted with
loud applause, spoke with Indian di
rertness   nml    brevity in expressing
his thanks for the v.iii and apprccia
' Hon of the good   feeling that      had
been snown. Like a clash of thiin-
; 'ler thai follows the lightntni', the
, enthusiasm began, and he received an
>, ovation which     might have gratified
ilu- lust of the Caesars and he went
* around shaking hands like u presid-
; ent on parade.
iTioul, the "Speckled Beauty," salt'*,
several .selections by request und
was was accompanied by Gall-ln-Hls-
Haud un thu tom-tom.
She was very stylishly dressed    in
an   exquisite,    very   short, skirt ol
Tobacco   Plains   sheep-herders   plaid,
| with   mud   dots   uml     green    goose
I quills.      A squaw-town opera shawl
The Tobacco Plains, situated fouth
of Klko on the Crows Nest btauth,
und on the south by the (ireat Not.
them railway in .Montana, a vallev
of high rolling prairie laml, divided
ty the international boundary Hue at j
Gateway and Koosville, It i" , on th.'
Canadian side extends about 11 m!les l
by        seven, sparsely        set
tled,      but        right      in        line I
to ride along witli the coming boom
,in  South   Kast   Kootenay, tbe best
part of It  C.     It has tht* solid    resources   which go towards    inducing
the land seeker uml investor to come
here   and  stay.    Tbe   mill     towns!
along the Kootenay at Baynes Lake, j
Waldo,   Klkmotith,   Dorr,    Flagstone'
and Gateway give  the ranchers       a j
home market ami    potatoes this fall
brought forty dollars per Inn in   the,
field.    You can discuss the resources '■
ot this valley as you will, ur      look |
at them from any point of view and j
the same solid facts stand out   that '
this is   the best part of It. C.       in
invest   in.       Fruit    culture will be
un important source nf wealth in the
near future and some orchards   that
have a good    start in that direction
ore   Fruitlands,    owned   by Mr. M
I'hitlippR, Peterson, McQuire, Hards
ley,   Sinclair,   Predcrickson, Connci
und    Oeorgc   Hilton    Seott      The
Phillipps homestead, is one ol      the
show places of the Plains.      Apples,
pears, plums, cherries, etc , do   well
und small  fruits of all kinds   grow
abundantly       Its a well known fact
that   Tobocco   Plains   produce    the
finest vegetables   in the country ami
command the highest price in      any
market.        The   best   oats,   barley,
wheat and     No.   I timothy are produced and   fine   samples    were     on
exhibition in the O.P.R, office    and
at several places along the Crow line,
There Is an abundance of water   for
irrigation purposes, though crops are
raised   successfully  without    Irrigation, it makes it a sure proposition.
Land prices are low    for the quality
ot the soil, the markets near hy, hut
with  the    development of Industrie
that will loom up in the next
years, land will he sold by the   foot
instead of  hy the acre.      Tnke mining, the copper belt in the range lying east of   Roosvlllc is practically
unprospected, within R mile ol     the
boundary line, south, several       hig
Prominent among the visitors were covered lu-r classic shoulders and
lllack Keltic, Red Moon, Stone Calf, | "as fastened in front by a very ptel-
l,iuie Wolf, Mule-in the Blanket,    Bigjt)     harb   wire   plaited   fence spike,
Moon, Iron Tail, Paul Prairie chicken, Mud-in-the-Kyc, Afrald-of-a-Bcar,
[• lying Bird, Running Wolf, Three
Weasels, Black Rabbit, Yellow Shirt.
Little Raven, Painted Horse, Asleep
in-1 he-Sun, Saglo Feather, Yellow
Tail ami Afraid-nf-hi.s-Moccnsins.
The proceedings look place in the
Village Square, where a substantial
repast was provided for thc visitors
Tlie banquet was held in the open
air and the menu was as follows:
Mud Turtle Soup,
Highballs    ami    Snowshoc    ltiihhii
Rawhide Roast Boiled Bcavci
Grizzly Bear
Turnovers Moccasin Shortcake
Weasel Wafers
Tim Codec Buttermilk
Tlie banquet was excellent and the
tea ami coffee and buttermilk beyond
reproach, and the braves and then
squaws and papooses went after tin
gOOtl things like a Kentucky colonel
after corn juice, and never blinked an
eye. Wrestling on horse hack wo*
won by Mtid-in-ihe-Kve.
Plying Bint captured the AM yarib
I aie.
The men's foot race. Rid yards,
was raptured by  Running Wolf.
Sally-Two-Kettles took the squaw
pony race by a nose.
The iquaw running race, two miles,
was won pnntingly by Miss Millie
Moccasin String,
The three-legged race went to
Yellow Shirt and Pointed Horse.
The Village Band, which conslBtcd
of first bass limm, second boss drdm,
big drum ami little drum, played selections nf music between the events.
making an elegant combination ol
Gloriously (Ine weather favored the
occasion, the sun shining during the
whole of the Irttivitlca with all the
warmth and brightness possible. Tie
village wus dally decorated with
dags and bunting kindly loaned for
the occasion by the Roosvlllc Cash
Stole The braves hud on their
best clothes ami enough face powder
to raise a sour dough bannock. Tie
squaws were dressed like New Yotk
society ladies, with a slight difference
nml looked as proud as a drove of
In   the    evening,   Miss Millie Bull
I rainbow colored blanket hose and the
verj latest Parisian ball slippou
, She had a ting with a diamond in it
j as big us a hickory nut uud when
; she fanned heisetf you   would   think '
she hud   bought     out   .some jeweler.
Her hair, black as the raven's Wing,
' hung down her back iu cow-tail
I plaits    and   her   general appearance'
wuuld have made Cleopatra look like !
ilu* sunset   blush on a snow     bank i
j She    sang "There's   Life iu the Old ;
j Girl Yel," to the tune of the "Maple
j Leaf" and in    a  style that      would j
' make   Alleluia  Patti ashamed of her-
j self, if she heard It.
The applause she received fairly
I shook* the mountains aud for an en
j cure she sang very feelingly "I'll   I e
Your Dewdrop."
The crowd   dispersed singing     ibe
great   Irish-American ballad entitled
"Auhi Lang Syne."
wwwwwwwww^wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.■<
Century Restaurant
K* Y. Uyematsu, Prop,
Our customers declare this is the finest place
to obtain a square meal and a sound sleep
anywhere in the city.   We make a rule to please.
Rooms and Board
Open Day and Night
The East Kootenay und Crows
Nest Puss district of the province
were visited recently by Mr. .1. P
Weyerhaeuser, the United States tint
Int mugnute, who is credited with
being the owner of a greater area o(
forest laud than any other liimbci
man on the American continent. Il
is it-purled lhe extensive limits in
South Kast Kootenay are engaging
Mr     Wcycrhnmiser's   close attention
nl present
Kootenay lumbermen have reason
to hope (or some relief from summer
lite risks in view of the recommend
ul inn of the conservation eommls
Mini that a line of $1,000 he imposed
in cases where it has been proven the
Ore stnrted from sparks from a lo
comotive. Railways ure exempt ii
they can show thut they have the
best modern appliances to prevent
the emission of sparks, that their
employees have not shown negligence,
and that they have maintained efficient and properly ciiuippcd stuffs of
lire rangers.
The l am her men of British Columbia havo reason to feel uneasy over
the constantly enhancing cost of
h-i,ging, i-ump    necessaries,     Machin
ery, supplits, wages, fond (or       tne]
men nnd fodder for the animals,   nil
show considerable increases. It costs!
considerable more money to manufne j
ture lumber   today than     it did for
mcrly, it everything be taken into the
reckoning, and the operation is beta*.,
conducted un too close u murgin   ol
profit.    Prices should be advanced n
point or two, says the Western Luin
her man, or the short purse men   will
■in to the wall.
Carnations,    chrysanthemums   ami
roses   (or
Xmas—Campbell       am!
TAKK NOTICE that the Bridges
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply fur permission to purchase the
following described laml*:
Commencing at a post planted at
thu north-east corner of Lot 8060,
thence following Lot fil easterly 2b
chains-, thence south U.i chains, thence
l.'i chains, more or less, to K. C. R
right-of-way northerly to south-east
right-ol-day northerly to south-east
corner of Lot .'mint, thence north
following eastern boundary of Lot
a060, to point of commencement, containing 40 tores, more or less.
Dated at Kort Steele, B.C., this
-:2nd day of October, 1010.
The Bridges Lumber Co., Ltd.,
,1   P. Bridges, Locator. -ttt-Ot
"Here's the Proposition"
it wu nr.- sink, suffering (mat nny dls-onler* wsean
enre jou-PKHUaNKNTLY Yoo dn not bnre to
linger, rafffilns* Irom dlseosp. because ■»** ow medical
*.|-.rii-l.M*s "iih iti ti ii v y.'.H**.' t<*,*i*-iii-iii'i> mating and
■ in inn nu.■■ i**.*.liil|*. nil liii'ii'f (ln--.t-.ir*.
Honest Treatment
A Sure and  Permanent Cure in
All Diseases ef Men
Ncrvn.H Weakse*.. V.rlcnH Vein., Hydrocele, Hli.n.t
■■I Skis llliwrdm. Sort..Ulcer., kidney, Bladder.and
Ke.l.l Dl..rdt*r. - nnd all Special Allmcal.
eoramoa lo men.
Hist Anatomical Museum in tin* North-wist.
If you cannot com« to Spokum. for fr.'.* <■<.iiHuliiili.ni now.
write for our fr.■<• booklet.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
tor «**» OMfc. J# Id St-niMM l-innr.)* lnr tnn Is itdp tt.iw Vsts nr.". Ill i<-n lo ui th...i tft
Mil M hi.tri*.   •Srlt*. (orJTi.-1'M-., .l-trl.,-*, lt.!...rt, Khi,'i'lti(*T ..,-*•-, t.ii'l nU-'-iimr
W)]*,f, I. .It---- lVnn.1.   H-fl-liI-,-
»|.«il Tripi-en' Avtelt, tv***".™. f.?*ti
ilnli-»Pi>-.\ It'.at-ril-" l.r.v.
• ».lUe-l.lul..Tl*,M.'a*   A-Uvmh t.t*J ., M*rt-*   Ul      -XlMIIVIl ■■>•'*• ill..
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year


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