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Cranbrook Herald Apr 16, 1914

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Fleets Ordered to Both Pacific and Atlantic Coasts
of Mexico With Every Preparation
For War
Former Western Head ttt Canadian Pa-
elflc Hallway Breathes III.
Lasi in Man Diego
This Route Will Be Shortest Canadian Transcontinental Line
MAKES (.001)
IV. I>. Stone Is Developing a .New In-
da.tr> In lhe Cranbrook Ills.
Salute Must Be Fired for Repeated Offenses Against
the Rights and Dignity of the United States
or Serious Eventuailites Will Result
Norfolk, a., April 15.—Bound to! It waa established that no nggi-cs-
Meilco to force Huerta to salute thejslve act, audi an the landing of mar-
American (lag, nine American ahip. | ,„„„ or „lc Bllo|,(ng „, ,l„y „,v.,ls „r
the aelaure of any porta would   be
undertaken     without     authorization
.teamed out of Hampton roada at
noon today. Everyone of them car
rlea a full supply of ammunition and
provisions enough to last three
montha. The tugs are equipped with
three-Inch rapid Ore guns and carry a
, i apparent, however, tluit should Keur-
j Admiral Badger And It neccsaury  to
tlie American
from congress after President Wilson
had personally delivered u message
' i ou the subject   The   practically   uu-
 V"""™1 "il1-"" "I",*,™",j"J1,ITi "™ ianlmons approval with which Demo-     „ H".
number of rifles, pistol, and small arm       .       . '      . „ ,„ ,.     penning
,.,        1j.  ,   „,„ j„„....... "rots und Republicans alike gave tlie
ammunition.    Prior to tbe departure i       , ,      .,,,,.,,. ,   ,,
...     .,_  ,   _„ ,„„'.„,. adminiserations initial ate is   made it
of the ships from Hampton Roads, the
officers and many enlisted men went
ashore at Old Point Comfort to bid
good-bye to relatives.   There   «>«; wou|„ back „„
many touching scenes enacted on the^      ^^ ,mmim
government pier. ...
                             After orderB had been Issued today
Waahlngton, April 15.—With a ma- j for a naval demonstration nn tlm
jority of the ships of the American ! Pacilic coast of Mexico as well as on
navy under orders today to proceed at I the Atlantic, General Huerta wus nd-
once to the Atlantic and Pacific vised that the most powerful lighting
coasts ot Mexico, the United States; force the American government lias
government gave General Huerta ever assembled on sea, carrying tliUu-
flnal warning that unless a salute was sands of marines, is headed for tlie
fired to the United States flag within seaport towns of the southern rcpttb-
a reasonable time for "repeated often- lie, ready to enforce to tlie extreme
cea against the rights and dignity ot the American policy.
the United States," serious eventual!- upon Oeneral Huerta depends tlie
ties would result. next development; he has practically
It was learned tonight that when a week to decide the question tor the
Oeneral Huerta, when appraised by I warships will not reach Mexican wnt-
Charge O'Shaughnessy of the propos-! jrs for several days
ed demonstration of the Atlantic \ in the meantime nil foreign govern-
fleet, argued that the episode growing . ments have been notified by tlie llnft-
out of the arrest ot the American blue-1 3(| states of Its attitude towards tlie
Jackets at Tamplco was a lit subjecti Tampico incident and ot the dopnr-
for arbitration at The Hague and turc 0f the fleet to Mexican waters
that ho would appoint a commission rhe position of tlio administration, ns
to Investigate the incident. President ,t was explained to members of the
Wilson, In an emphatic reply through senate and house committees on tor-
Charge O'Shaughnessy, ls understood ..|gn affairs by the president, and ns it
to have told General Huerta that the was substantially reviewed In notes
time foif delay and evasion had passed se,,t in all foreign governments. Is de-
and that the   America*   government | scribed In a statement given out clur-
SAN DIEGO, Cal., April 14.—Sir
William Whyte, former vice-president
nf the Canadian Pacilic railway, died
here today at the Hot,-1 Del Coronudo
nt 12:26 p.m.
Sir William I'time hen- from Winnipeg about tin- middle nf February,
suffering from pyelitis and n oompll- continental fin*' becomes more assur-
cation ot diseases,   it was thought lie ,.d ns Information Is received from eon-
hnii ii chance or recovery In the ell- itructlon work along tile route.
mate of sun Diego.   His death today (July a few miles or steel are to ho
wns  unexpected  even  by his  physic- |ald by the Kettle Volley railway to
Inns. Hnk up (jrund Forks wltli Pentlcton,
John (I. Hernan, manager or the Ho- und it is expected Hint Hie gap will be
ti'l Del CoroiiHdo. stated tonight that closed   up   in   July.     Constuetlun   is
tin- widow and children wlll accom- mnklng good progress west from Pen-
pnny the body to'Winnipeg In a prl- tic-ton. which it Is expected will be
vale car.  Mr. Hernan was in roinmun- linked    up    with    spence's    Hrldge
Icatlon by wire with the son. branch, via Pentlcton, by the end   of
in-. C, F. Meade, the physician wbo ">«  vwir-    Itoporta  from
attended Sir William, said tonight that Mountain section are to tin
One man in the Cranbrook district   . r r\     ■   • r v-a        j    r i-a   -, r*
ims solved the  problem of making Importance of Decision of Board of Railway Commis-
money from a small acreage. Thei
Interesting facts were brought to the
attention of the Herald man the first
(irnnd l'"orks. April 14.—That coast
lo coast trains or tin1 r.lMt. wlll be
running through Orniiil  Forks next "' ""' »''•'<* •><"* "° *'»lle<i ut t,K <"'"
your on tin- shortest Canadian Iran
sioners to This City and Immediate
m hies win tike effect ok September i
Joined by Various Organizations and Pressed
Until Decision Was Reached.
f \V. I) Stum*, four find a halt miles
soutll nf tli*- city. Last April Air. Stone
made iii-- first visit to tin* Cranbrook
district, coming here from Winnipeg, ~
on his return  hr  purchased fifteen Kate Lase btaned by Vancouver Board of Trade Was
acres nf the ('nuil-rook Orchard.-, from
the Cumphell Heiilty Co. and moved
liis family liero In May. Last December he started the erection of a ureen-
Iioubq for tin- purpotie of prowiiiK vegetables for the local market. The :
first house erected was 46x90 feet   In
there wus nothing fn his patient's
condition tliis morning to indicate im-
doath, althougl) he had no
hopes fur some weeks that Sir William would recover,
News Iteaelies Winnipeg
WINNIPEG-, April 14.-Slr William j t)on for ,„„   ,„, ai,u,ra, ye„rs    a„„
ffbyte probably the mnst distinguished | wl„ ,,„,, „„ mybutn mi Lethbridge
' is also to ho eompleted during 1314.
It iias ofton been stnted belore thut
' sueh would be the rose, hut n recent
Montreal despatch settles it.     Vice-
The recent freight rate decision of Soerl.il I li- Kates From f'raubronk
the Uoard of Railway Commissioners to Feral.
effects the tariff to and from   Cran-, Class 1  4g
size and cost Mr. Stone 11700.00. Ust  hrook very materially and the differ- Class   2 ,   ,n
the  Hope wei!k Mr- s,°"* sold lettuce and rud- ent rates as they are now and as they Class 3  30
effect that i lsllt's ln "le "f** t0 tl,l! extent ot »50 , have been changed by the decision are Class 4  2a
25 per cent of the grading has been and »*»*•" "'at •"> iB able t0 ma,'Kl',  liubllshed in full. Class 5    21
completed  and  that   little  <llfllcnlty 1r'01" *45 t0 *50 wortl1 °r vcKt-tttbleB     These deal not only   with   reduc |Class 6 is
should  bc  experienced  Iii   IIiiIhIiIuk | weekly. i lions on goods being shipped In from Class 10 11
the mountain section next year. 0" ills   property    Mr.   Stone lias the cuast. Calgary, Winnipeg and Ihe 	
The prairie section of this short al-! erected a bouse, barn, chicken house  prairies generally    and Port Arthur  Sneelal f Us. Rates From CraahrooH
ternatlve route of the Canadian I'aol- land boiler house,   ills property Is thc :and Kort William, which means from                      to Waldo
lie, which Ims been under construe-j old site of the Peavmo Lumber mills Eastern Canada, but also with local Class  1 43
.17 .
i-'ivntc citizen of western Canada, and
for many years one of thc most truster! nitleiuls ot tlio Canadian Pacific
railway, died suddenly today at Cor-
ontido Beach, Cal,
and was chosen principally because of distributing   rates   from   Cranbrook. ''lass 2
the   Inexhaustible   supply of   water  The  Information  Is  undoubtedly in- Class 3
avalluhle and the great uiiiouut of fire
wood which Is on tlie property,
This week lie Is busily engaged   In
clearing tlie stumps near the present
toresting and will hear careful study  Class 4
on this line
which his personal Interest wus ex- for tlie present: Tills inenns an all-
ceptlonully small and the public inter- rail route to the const through Loth j
est very lurge. He spent the Christ- bridge and tlio (.'rows Nest Pass.
mas nnd Xew Year season here and
by every husiness man.
Tlie case Is described as the complaint nf tlie Vancouver board of
trade alleging discrimination In
freight rates by railway companies op-
ruting in ttie province of Hritish Co.
lumbiii. The list of those who finally became parties to the case is
given us follows: The I'nited Karm-
crs of Alberta, the Cauadlan Manufacturers' association and various city
Class .'
Class t> .
Class 10 .
Serial Clan
President     Bury   nnd Sir   Thomas J greenhouse and expects to erect two
The news was received in Winnipeg shaughnessy In conference havo nr- more greenhouses this year equal In
shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon.  r|Ved „t that decision. j sine to his present one.    One of those
In accordance with ills eustaom for Tiie statement also thnt tlie work V"lll be devoted exclusively to the
the past few years. Sir William spent of double tracking through the moiin-1 growth of lettuce, and the other one
tlie enrlier purt of the winter In Win- tains to Calgary would not be prose-1 will be devoted to Increasing the vur-
nipeg, leaving later for the south. cuted until the Kettle Valley line from | lety of vegetables.
The past winter he had ..oped to ' Hope to Midway in British Columbia j    ,n t|le preaent greenhouse Mr. Stone
make the Journey previous to the close Is completed, iu accepted as confirm- ■. ,,nH gTOWing at this time 1400 pounds I hoards of trade,
of the year.   He was However detained   Ing the   report   tliat   It Is proposed : ,l( |ctlucC| 8i„oo celery plants, 10.000 i    i„ opening, the decision goes ov
by   pressing   business,   in   much   of concentrating operations on this line |cabDag8   ptants   „n(i    1,000   tomutii j the grounds of complaint, tracing the Sfrle. »f Strata. Hill be Cmdurtrd
;lunts, besides cucumbers nnd mush-; history of the inquiry and dealing with l» !•» trthodiat ( hurili
rooms. Thc tomatoes will be on sale : tnc evidence adduced and the argu-
11 nboltt six weeks and he expects to j ,ncnls 0( tjUnse|. |t |, finally pointed
upply the local demnnd through tile I out t|,al 9jnco ,„,, Canadian Pacific
summer months. | railway commences doing business in
Tlie boiler, from whicli steam pipes | the west only three important reduc-
n through the greenhouse, an inven-
Hate. From ( raabmok
to I'restuii
Class 1  49   .42
Class 2  41    .35
Class 3 S3   .28
niso the first few weeks fn January.
Shortly ufter the middle of the month
he went south to Coronado Beach, Cal.,
hoping tu spend some time in travel ln
the warmer climate.    He never left  tato
I'oroniiiln,   being   seized   while  there  station agent on tlie
with his final Illness.
Health Appeared Excellent
Ills health had recently appeared ex-
llent nml. ulthoiiglit his age was
would temporlte no longer. Adminis-  inR tlie day which was prepared by somewhat advanced, his friends looked
rtatlon offlclals hold that Insults to the nigh administration officials.
flag and questions ot the national
honor are not subjects tor arbitration.
All Information, official and otherwise, tbat reached here from Mexico,
tended to show that Oeneral Huerta
waa unconvinced that the United president would be bucked even ti
States was In earnest and thought actuai warfare against Mexico to up
tint tho Washington government was Il0id ,„„ sovereign dignity of tlie I'nit
bluffing. cd States
Congress stands behind tiie administration almost to a man in the aggressive policy to demand reparation
for indignitarles by the Huerta government ln tlie senate and house today tlie opinion wus general that the
forward to un unusual career for hlni*,
owing to liis singular position in this
city. On several occasions lie had,
however been seriously ill. One of
these attacks prevented his departure
(or London lust spring, nt which time
he proposed making 11 journey around
the world. At the time of the termination of liis active connection with tlie
Canadian Pacilic railway, ln 1911, be
gave ns one of his reasons for Ills re-
15th, 1843, und wus married In April,
1872, to Miss Jane Scott, of Toronto
As a youth lie was employed in the of-
lice of the factor nf Ixinl Elgin's es-
in  Scotland  nnd  later became' Hon by Mr. Stone, which constantly
West Fife rail-i '""'I18 Kater '" "le   Boi'er   "'"' (loM
! uvay with the necessity of a man to
He came to Canada in 1863 and en-, vetch it at night. An automatic
lered the service of the Grand Trunk ■"I™*' »«» also been attached to the
railway and wns employed In van„„, boiler, all of the plants In the green-
responiible positions until 1871, when : "<»""' >*"* 'P"*^ rom he boiler
he was appointed frefght and station »'<>' «W| "ater. A 27-foot well f, -
He held a I uishes all the water necessary.    At-
agent nt Stratford, Out.
'imllliir .losltlon nt London. Ont., fronl
1874 to 1881. mill was appointed
freight agent at Toronto in 1881. From
1S82 to 1883 ho wus superintendent of
tlie Toronto division. In 1883 and 1884
ho was general superintendent of the
The pastor ot the Methodist church,
flev. \V. K. Dunham, is to give a series of sermons on four consecutive
Sunday evenings on  "Solutions Of-
tlons In rates have take'n'place." ■ftiP"**1 ,or lh* Prob,CT <" uf"■"
first was brought about by the agree-!    A">ril     "--"Nataraltam."     Living
; close to nature.
'    April    26.—"Socialism."    Salvation
ment between the company and tbe
government ln regard to the construction of the Crows' Nest line.   Thi. be-. turo0«n ""nomics
came operative In 18S9 and affected 13 «W 3rd.-"Indlvidualism."    Salva-
classes of merchandise mentioned In "0B i»na*h »*»
the act ratifying that agreement   On M"   l«h.-"Rellglon."    Salvation
10 of theae the reduction, amounted thronffh an Idealism,
to a flat 10 per cent, on one. coal oil, Tlie "Tin apparently deals
> the problems of thinking men
taciied to thc boiler is a 12-horse pow- j to 20 per cent on another, alt green '
er engine vh'ch Is used to operate clr-1 and tresl. fruits. 33 1-3 per cent, and ""o""1 *W •"* m,T timely but   of
eiilar wood saw, a splitting machine : on wheat and flour three   cent,   per  *r*al '"terest.
.on! :.oiit f ilnder. hundred points from prairie points to
Kleven families have settled In the  Fort William, the rate from Winnipeg
immediate neighborhood on Cranbrook becoming 14 cents per hundred pounds.
H.1.JM.A.  SOTl*
Ontario i Quebec railway and of the  Orchard tracts and are all Improving     The following table shows how tbe
Ontario division of tho Canadian Pa-1 tlieir property.     This district shows  decision  will eftect Cranbrook when
clflc railway In the following year.  In
1885 and 188(1 he was general superln-
lienlth. Ills condition, lie said, was excellent and he wished that it should
reinnin  so.
In 1880 he became general supcrin-
and is partnership with another gard-
nor In Winnipeg In twenty-five acres
I'nsuspectcd weaknesses ,end(,nt ot tne western lines of the j vv|,|ch adjoins his own site   ond on
While expressing earnest hope  for ^^ administration uiul Republican  tirement his desire to  preserve his lendent or ttlc Eastc,-ii and Ontario dl- |ng at Winnipeg before coming here
peace, the   president   unequivocally leaders expressed the emphatic view
told the senate and house committee that thc I'nited states is not sending
on foreign affairs that the offenses of ti,c grct to Tamplco as a "bluff?' but
the de facto   government al Mexico I tnit tt i„ sending it tiiere to signalize
City to   thc   dignity  of   the United tne »act (hat at last the patience of
States could no longer bc tolerated t|,tH government bus been exhausted
and that unless Huerta complied with and reparation must be made or the
the American demands the selmre of ,|re.dy  war-scarred republic    must
the customs houses at   Tamplco and suffer grave consequences
Vera Crui. and even the declaration nm „,, mmy w||0 ,,„,,, „„, vliw
considerable, progress in the past year,   tlie proposed rates go into effect on
Mr. Stone followed market garden-  September first.
Hates Irom Nelson to Cnnkrwk
Kev. W. Klson Dunham was tbe
speaker at the Ry. V. M. C A. Men's
meeting last Sunday. His talk was
very much enjoyed. He emphasized
the fact tliat In leading a christian
life there was no middle course. Every
Old New man is either a gatherer or a scatterer
rate. rate, and if a man is not for Christ he is
Canadian Pacific railway.   That posl- lv|,ielt they expect to go into the btlsi-
tlon be held until 1897. when he be- ,leSs on a still larger scale. He states
came manager ot the western lines, that by next year he wlll be able    to
In 1907 be became assistant to the ,1,1,, rarge quantities of vegetables and
president.    In  1904 he was created |„ rapidly building up a very lucrative
that it is not necesstry tor the president to ask congress for authority to
of tho Pacific blockade, shutting off
commercial    Intercourse    with    the
United States, would be fully Justified ™ "^ (Vreoii In Mexico to seize
by precedent. In International law.        „,, ,„,„,_ bul eve„ tl,e80 anUo|patc
that whatever tlte president anil cant-
vHARITl BALI, net determine upon congress will he
OREAT Sl'CCKSN  informed thoroughly   In   a message
  from the president and ugreo that the
Knjoytkc Social lit Ml Attended  by  purposes set forth lu such 11 message
Oier Two Hundred Dancers would be ungrudgingly endorsed.
  Though   both   houses   of  congress
Over two hundred people attended  proceeded in the regular course of
the Charity ball given at the Audi- legislative Ibiisiness throughout tlie
torluni on Kaster Monday. Doing the day, it was everywhere apparent tluit
lirst social event following the Lenten the departure of tho fleet for Max-
season most everyone was In readiness |co had aroused patriotic fervor, and
Its attend and many friends of St. the Mexican situation was tlie absorb-
Kugeue hospital who do not usually ing topic of Informal discussion In
attend dances, make an exception of the cloakrooms and corridors
this one annual event. The Auditor- senator Hoke Smith of doorgltl
lum wa« crowded with tlie dancers. Dladl, „ canvoSB „f ti,n senate relating
The Cranbrook orchestra furnished ,,, ,|„, ,i,,H|,„t,.|, ,,r tlio Heel nnd the
the music and kept the dancers moving with a long and varied program, ministration to command Mexico's re
The supper committee had prepur- ingot of the American nation,
ed their refreshments and arranged     ..| nnd" H„|,| Mr smith lata today,
the service 10 that 110 persons were „,,,„, n|nc.t,,„thH of the scnnlors will
existed, however, and to one of these
hi- succumbed.
lived angrier of Century la West
Sir William Whyte had resided in
llie west for a little more than 25
was In the service of tlie Canadian ern lines. He retired In 1911 when he I n,e importations of lettuce and rnd-
I'aciflc railway, with which company  was elected a director. : ishes, which were formerly   shipped
lie will he permantently identified In He was a director of the Imperial j front Spokane, to a minimum, and belli,- history of the West He come to Bank of Canada, of tlie Confederation 1 p,eves that in another season he will be
Winnipeg ns the general manager, Life Assurance company, of the Im-1 ab|e to supply the local demand for
eventually becoming the vice-president perlal Guarantee & Accident Assur- i everything In that line as well as make
in charge of western lines nnd finally | ance company and of the British Co-1 |arge shipments to outside points.
Class 1  6S
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
During tills entire period he first vice-president, in charge of west-1 business.   This year he has reduced |    abS      '
Special Class Rates From Pert
thnr and Fori William I*
the wesfcrn director. lumbla Southern railway.
II  wns  widely believed  In  earlier !    He was knighted by King George
years lhat lie would become head of at the Co.onatlon in 1911.
tills   large   corporation,   a   position
which he would have worthily filled.
lis groat value to the company In COMMITS SUICIDE
A visit to his farm Is well worth the W"88 '■
time.   He Is the kind of settler of ■ ^'a»s •"
which thc district needs more. He Is (-'las'' '
making the most of his opportunities,
lias transformed the virgin forest Into
Class I   .."6
  1.84 1.53
  1.38 1.15
Class 5   1.26 1.04
Class 6   1.10   .94
r thc development of the
wesern provinces was | fffU.Kll0w„   i;as|   Kootenay  Mining space of one year has accomplished Special Class Kate. From Vancoa.tr jnf Md d|rK„,d „„. ntotnm.   The
connection wi1
system In till
finally r ignlscd by the president and
he hml for ninny years a practically
tree hand In the administration of the
Canadian Pacific ruallroad In the west.
veritable little garden spot, Is build-11'10"" 1° ■
Ing a home for himself and within the
■63 against him.   Other enjoyable features
.53  of the day were solos entitled "Shep-
.42  herd of Souls" by Mr. Frank Breughel   ton and "De Profundls"    by   Arthur
.28   Proudfoot.   Both   solos   were   excep-
.23 tlonally well rendered and many ex-
It  presions of approval were afterwards
given by the boys.   Keep this meeting
in mind tvs.ry Sunday afternoon at 16-
A meeting of the ladies' auxiliary
was held last Monday at which busi-
nes of importance was talked over and
The directors met on Wednesday
last and had a short session.
The celebration of the fourth anniversary was held on Friday, April 10.
Yf    ",. Mr. A. C. Ilarshaw, superintendent of
the C. P. It., most acceptably occupied
tbe position of chairman nt the even-
Man I'ses I'olaon to Knd Life
-Pioneer of West
enough that he can see success assured.
NVERMERE.    Uf.    April    's~ 1SA1) IIROH'MXO
In Slxly-Flrsl Vear.             ; Thomas Starbird was found dead In
Sir William Whyte was born atDun- j Dpd i„ |,(B home last night.   From a
ferllue.  Flfshlrc,  Scotland, on  Sept. no,c which lie left behind und a hot- "■*""*
 — tie found near the bedside the Jury M»le Son ot A.krow Staple. Fall.
unyielding determination of  the ml- •WOO* SHOOT" I bro"8|11 ln n v**r,,lct of Bul<:,ol!'
u. iiinulll   i,'VP*.'T'    Deceased was n prominent mining'
Ml( F.SNH 1.   BVJ.-41   man „„d rc„|dcd In tills neighborhood .
In St. Mary's Hirer and Is
to Cranbrook
Class 1   1.97 1.71
Class 2   1.64 1.48
Class 3   1.31 1.19
Class 4 99
Class 5 89
Class C  "«
Class 10 46
John  Alton  Staples the  4',4-yoar-
old son of Mr. and  Mrs. Ambrose
served In an hour and a halt and no
one had to wait
All who attended seemed to be In
the spirit ot having a good time and
dancing was continued until 3 a.m.
stand behind the administration In Its
demands for reparation."
The possibilities or the situation
were carefully considered hy the senate foreign relations committee,   tli
Firsl Shout Held by Rille Association for two decades,    lie was manager
IVell Attended and flood Score. of the Ptarmigan mine, one of the    	
Made largest In this district, until it closed, ^ o|                fcM ,n  ,„,   gl
  and had a wide experience In mining    _ ^     ^  „,...„„. ., , „,„,„„,,
Lust Friday   afternoon the Cran- throughout tlie west   He
mil..    ...ulallnn    hold In   U.lnn   urn!   lived   Hlirin.*   DOYllOOIl   111 ""        ■»■.'"•«.
The accident was
Special Class Kale. From Winnipeg
to Cranbrook
Class I
Class 2
1.97 1.91
program contributed consisted of
solos by Mrs. Macpherson. Miss Connolly, and Miss Coliugs, recitations
by Mr. Willie Leaman, Miss Hickcnbotham and Mr. WW Scott flu costume).
Solo by Mr. Arthur I'roudfoot, male
quartet by the Oddfellows, mandolin
and guitar trio by Mesrs. chenuz
brothers and Scott, piano dueits by
Messrs. K. Ilalsall and I.< ri von stav-
eren; and selections by tin- orchestra
which was composed of Messrs. Ilalsall, von Staveren, Rumsey, C. Mc-
Cowan,   and   Reg.     Hockey      Kvery
,,,,   inoay r          - was born ^stUn »« Wycliffe a t 3 o'clock c|uss „   , s, ,,,
hrook Civilian Rifle association held in Maine and lived during boyhood in ™ JJ-WJ***^ »d.    »'»
their first shoot of the season on  the • Haverhill, Mass.   He leaves a widow uro«"™.
1.64 1.60  numuer was very good and tiie aud-
Class 4
Class i
Pull returna are not nvallaWe, but the ;con(,|„„0|)   be|ng   lMll   Ul0 L.n,,c,,
range east of town, which provod a : and two Bmall sons
here and some,«"" an alarm immediately sounded clali8,;
hospital wlll net about 1175 trom the
The good work ot the various committees In bringing the Charity ball
to a successful conclusion haa re-
States must enforce Admiral Mayo's
demand that Mexico's- federal forces
salute the flag, no matter what    the
consequence may be.
It was pointed out by members   of
He was a pronv
and a rush made for the river.
very   successful    event.   The shoot! relatives In the east
wns udvcrtlscd ns a   "Spoon Shoot' | Inent Mason.
About thirty competitors appeared and I WtoW About Immn    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ os |(
were   spending   Easter ( fl°atod around
j McDonald, the storekeeper at Wycliffe, raced down the river and was
Class 10 .
gaad scores were made.
Following was the result:
I young  sons
bend in the river.
Special Kales From Calgary te Cran.
.    ..    v.     ...   a,  >.     At the 200 yard range, prise for old  with friends In Windermere nnd It Is
celved tho thanks or tne St. nugene < ,,,„ comn,|(lee u,at tll„ authority ot; memberB, was won by Mr. Mackensle 1 thought that the news tliat lie was to
hospital for the- handsome «turns , congresB to land armed forces In Mex-1 wU1, u scorc 0f 27. B. Bartholomew I get no Insurance for some property
oa well as those who attended for the , lc0 would c0„sUtnte „ prnctical de-! 1V0I1 t,,G pI|,c for „ew members at this
good time afforded. deration of war and that a formal dc-; rnIlg0 wlth „ atorc of 27.
Those who had the ball in charge claratlon of war probably would not     At tjle 600 yard range, H. O. Me-
were: , - xit Ilw f""16 '* any event because this nn-': cmly won the flrst for 0ld members
H. King, J. P. Fink, Maurice
Dr. J,
Qualn, Robt Nafe, Alex. L. McDermot,
C, H. Kntxske.
Mrs. (Dr). *. H. King. Mrs. Alex.
L. McDermot, Mrs. Gd. Paterson, Mrs.
(Dr). F. W. Oreen, Mrs. Oeo. F. Stevenson, Mra. a. Erickson, Mrs. George
Hoggarth, Mrs.   Dan   Burton, Mra.
destroyed by flro last winter was responsible for the worry tliat caused
tho suicide Dr Shaw visited the
house In the evening to return a book
tion recognises no formal government  Wuh u score ot 26, the prise for new j and found a note.    "Look through
In Mexico. members being captured by Mr. Har-! the house and talic care of what yon
It lo ridiculous tor any one tn 1 vey with a score ot 19. j find."
think," said Senator Shively after his     At tlio 000 yard rongc, prise (or old j    Deceased, who was about 60 years
conference wltli the president, "that j members was won   by O.   P. Tlsdale I old, was found dead in bed with a
the United Stales In tills move toward 1 wltli a Bcore of 27.   Mr. Bryan car- bottle of strychnine cIobo by.   Under
Mexico Is 'bluffing.' The time fnr tern- ■ rled off tho honors for now members!the pillow was 11 photo of his wife, Cranbrook this afternoon   from  the t.nss 3
porizlng lias passed. Tlie patience of with 11 score of 25. ; and on thc back  was  written "Lot Kimberley train, conducted by Bov. Class 4
this government Is exhausted. Wo are ,    Tlio special prlne for the highest og-! this go wltli mo."   He left a letter to w.E. Dunham, assisted by Rev. Joseph
lor pence, but not for peace at a sscrl
!><• nl the dignity ot Ibis notion."
iencc did not lack in appreciation. The
musical numbers  were    Interspersed
with speeches.   Mayor Taylor spoke
on "The V. M. C. A. as an Asset to the
City."   Rev. W. K. Thomson spoke on
"The V. M. C. A. as an Adjunct to the
Church."   Mr. Harry Ballantyne, Territorial Secretary for Western Canada,
and Mr. J. M. Dudley, International
Railroad Secretary of Montreal, spoke
for the Y. M. C. A. and Mr. A. <". Bar-
.55 j shaw spoke for the Canadian Pacific
■42 , Railway.   The secretary also gave a
.37 ! short resume nf the work occompllsh-
.31 i ed during the past year and the plans
.19 ! for the present year.   Refreshments
were afterwards served by the Ladles'
coroner Dr. J. M. Bell and Under- ||(wW flM|| ^ fmm CnM|lN#k Auxlltafir and tbe evening's entertain-
! The boy had only been In thc water
Class 1 	
Class 2  75
Class 3  60
Class 4  45
Class 0 40
...    , Class 6  33
have been almost Impossible for an „ £a
expert swimmer to save himself. " '"
very few minutes but was dead
when taken out. The river is very
high at tills time and with the very
swift current and icy water thc boy
bad a very poor chance, as It would
90   .84
taker F. M. Macpherson were called
to Wycliffe Wednesday, the coroner deciding an Inqust unnecessary.
Funeral    services  were    held  In Class 2
■to Crew.' »st
Class 1  W
I groguto score ot the day at all ranges ! his wife saying he could not buck ! iicldman.   pootor   ot the    Mellindlst Cia»r 6 Hi
I was won hy H. Bartholomew. ! the troubles ol this world any longer, i church at Wycliffe. ■ Clal. 10  M
ment terminated at 23.15k everyone
I feeling satisfied.
.64 On Friday, April I7th, there Is going
.it to be a battle royal between the floor-
.36 j wen and tbe machine men of the shops
.26 I on the bowling alleys. This game will
.24 be worth seeing and a cordial Invlta-
.M j Hon I. given to everyone lo come and
J. K. Thompsoni. Editor anil Manager|
' —-*
Subscription Rtit*"*
One   Year     $2.00
Six Months          1.00
T-jree Months    50
Advertising Kates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line. 	
Cranbrook* lt.lM April 16th, 1014.
Britten Columbia lias been a giant
asleep for many years, but its nap in
botng Interrupted. According to the
oiiirini reports, 660 miles ot new railway, exclusive o( double-tracking.
were laid in the province last year.
Of this, 385 miles were credited to the
Orand Trunk Pacific 212 miles to the
Canadian Northern, ami the remain-
dor is divided between the Canadian
Pacific and for otlier provincial
lines. Transportation being to a
country what lungs arc to a human
being, the next few years will undoubtedly see tho inauguration of
gr.cat changes in our sunset province—Canada  Monthly.
No Man's Collar
is comfortable if it doesn't lit
perfectly. Neither is the collar worn by your horse, We
havo been called tUeMhorso'B
merclihnt tailor'1 because we
ure so particular i.imiit tin* lit
nf the haniesB we soil. Tin*
better you treat ynur horse
lin* hotter lir will treat yon.
lift his harness here.
The building of the world's railroads  has  cost  $100,000,000,000.
Hritish naval estimates for 1014-15
amount to $257,750,000, an Increase of
$111,700,000 over 1913-14.
According to labor department index numbers, tlie cost of meats iu
Cunudu advanced during the year 101 It
from  107.5 to 185.9.
Argentine's trade with other countries In 1913 totalled SX7..,1&.7,090, an
increase or almost $40,000,000 over
Harvard University has an enrollment of 115,000 representatives scattered throughout the world. Massachusetts leads with 15.000, with New
York second. Law Is the favored occupation, having a following of 0,000.
Statistics prepared by the London
board of trade show that the number
of labor exchanges in Kngland, Wales,
Scotland aud Ireland have increased
trom 00 lit 1010 to 400 ut the present
time. These exchanges fill vacancies
to the number of 15,000 a week, most
of them being for skilled labor.
For the year 1913 the United Stales
exported 26,889 an torn obi lefl—1,000 or
them commercial follicles—valued at
$27,029,451. or an increase or almost
15 per cent over 1912,
Australia's total trade in 1913
amounted to 1768,914,455 of which
$■187,398,000 consisted of imports ami
$381,516,000 of exports.
Berlin special says tho Kaiser is
worth $95,600,000, or which $65,600,000
are forest lands und farms. He Is reput
ed the richest person in Germany,
According to the latest British ten-
8US, there are two hundred and thirty-one women working as blasksmlths
ln Kngland; most of these inherited
Die business from tlieir fathers.
Tlie total circulation of newspapers
In Puris Is 0,500,000.
Canada's exports per annum now
amount to $45 per capita. They have
doubled in the past sixteen yenrs.
First White Man CnMwd Prairies Is
16S6t Then the Hon>e ol Indians
and Buffalo
Edmonton, Alta., March 14.—While
delving among the archives at the
, parliament building ln Edmonton to-
, day, John Blue, provincial librarian
! aud statistician, found numerous au-
'. tlientlcated records, which show that
. Pierre Esprtte Radlsson, a native of
Quebec, born about 1015, was the
; first emigration agent for tho country
i west or the Great Lakes. He was
followed by Henry Kelsey, who travelled extensively in the present prov-
! luces or Manitoba und Saskatchewan,
, and Anthony Hendry, thu first white
man lo visit what Is now the province
of Alberta.
Tho report made by llodlsson in
1686, after his escapi from a camp
of Iroquolo lndluns, who had carried
lilm rrom his home in Quebec on u
trip to tlie north shore of Lake Superior, follows:
"Thc country was so beautiful,
pleasant and fruitful that It grieved
me to neo that the world could not
discover such enticing countries to
live in. This 1 say because the
l-.uropeans fight for a rock In the seas
against another—for a sterile land
where, by changement of air, they engender sickness and die, Contrav/tse,
these kingdoms (the prairies) are so
delicious and under so temperate a
tackle boxes anticipatory of the vo-
raoious trout. It sends the children
scurrying to the succulent meadows
In search or golden caltha palustrl
and the shooting star.
Down at the "swlmmln1 hole" Willie
is taking the first cold plunge or climate, so full of all things, that the
spring und, chin deep, is calling out to ! people live long and lusty, and wise
Ids timid followers standing hesitant In their ways. What a conquest this
would be! What pleasure people
It's g-g-g-g-lst would have Instead ot mlsc/y and
it e-e-c-cau  be
upon tlie bank
"Aw, come on in
as w-w-w-wiirm as
out h-h-h-h-h-orel"
Aii, sweet, shivery Kaster, what a
day or portent! Lovely femininity, bedecked In gay colors and wreathed In
Hadisson returned to the western
country in company with his brother-
in-law, M. Grosellers, after visiting
his home on the St. Lawrence river,
We want to tell those in Cranbrook
| suffering from stomach ur bowel
Mniles, stands enticing by, beckoning I nnd together they explored tbe coun- \ tlouble tJiat we are *$**>* lor the
with all a woman's fascinating lure to ; try in the vicinity of Lake Winnipeg |slmnlc mixture 0I buckthorn bark,
romanticism—to the lund of warm j and Portage la Prairie. His prophecy : Blycerlne, etc., known as Adler-i-ka,
arms and honeyed lips, to home and ! regarding the prairies has been real-jlllB remedy which became famous by
the prattle of kids.   It is a day to en- i Ized by the world after a lapse    of | ('uriliK appendicitis. This is t*he most
The. good work done by the B.C.
Oil company ls at last bearing fruit.
Not that those who have studied local
conditions ever doubted of ultimate
success, but the difficulties and delays inseperable from pioneer development work In a new country, far
from transportation facilities, liave
created Just as much trouble for
this company as for many others. The
Indians have known of considerable
seepages of oil In the Flathead from
time Immemorial; the geologists have
known of It for half a century, and
one of the most noted, thc late Dr.
Selwyn, always anticipated that
sooner or later an oil field would bc
located there. Dr. Selwyn gave
more personal attention to the Flathead than any other eminent Canadian geologist, and It was his detailed examination which furnished
grounds for un optimistic opinion.
When the Crows Nest coal mines
were opened up, Mr, William Fernie,
who had visited thu Flathead with
Ur. Selwyn, wished his company to
proceed at onca to exploit the oil features, and always attached great importance to the showing. Hut that ]
company was moro concerned about,
coal than oil, and allowed the oppor-
ttiuity to slip.
During the last teu years, many
prospectors and geologists have vis-
Ited the Flathead, Including accredited representatives of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway aud
the Standard OU company; In each
case the conclusion formed was fav-
orable. Only last summer the broth-
ers Green, who rank high among the
professors of the American Geologl-
    t    I cal Survey, spent several months   In '
: the Flathead examining Its geological
LOCAL DRUGGIST SAYS:       (features, and their report again was
"TAKE ONLV ONE D08E"| favorable to the existence of oil In
commercial quantities.
Come in and see this handsome I'uok. It will aid you
greatly in selecting a suitable
color scheme for your home.
Of course we sell
Taints, Stains and Varnishes,
because they are the very best,
being especially made tor this
Western climate—no severe
changes in temperature can
harm this paint.
F. Parks & Co.
tor the borderland of adventure and
deep In the Innermost recesses of thc
resinous wood, rescue the princesses j
thorough bowel  cleanser known   and
18 years.
Anthony Hendry was sent into the
western country In 175*1 as an emts-
i'rom the ogre of splnsterhood. It ls a j sury of the Hudson's Bay company
lit napping day for the beginning of j to solicit the trade of the Blackfeet
love's young dream,  for  great re- and Cree Indians of the prairies for
solves and mighty covenants. It is a! tlie posts at York Factory and Fort
tlay  to  plight  troth   and  build  airy ] Churchill,  on   Hudson  Bay.  His  re-
castles of Tomorrow. j ,)ort  from  the  chiefs  of the  tribes
Master!   Today  the   world   is  free i was that their braves would not at-
froril bondage and from   doubt, and  tempt the long canoe trip down   the      The ladies aro    getting
who Is afraid to take a chance with a   Saskatchewan   river,  through    Lake | work for their exhibition to be given
pretty maid who owns her own Kaster! Winnipeg and Nelson river, to reach | on the evening of the 22nd InBt. As
hat                                                    | the bay.    Contrary to the accepted I they arc to show their prowess In
JUST ONE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on the stomach and
constipation almost IMMEDIATELY.
You will be surprised at the QUICK
action of Adlcr-i-ka.—Beattie-Murphy
Drug Co.
belief, the reason for their refusal to j aquatic as  well as gymnastic exer
Kaster Is parade day for millinery,
the day when a married mun, feeling
like a bankrupt Cnesus, wagers a
seventy-dollar hat against the world
that It won't rain—and loses nine
times tint of ten. It is a day of feminine preening anil masculine ogling.
It corresponds In the chicken world
with the reddening comb of the pullet, and in the realm of the robin with
tlie redder iris on the breast. It signifies to the sleeping hear that the
time has come to throw off the coma-
toseness of winter, aud to the suburban resident that sweet peas win soon
pleas.*  unit   vernal   (lowers   Invite  the
soul to sour.
The fasting world lets out five notches on its belt and passes back Its
Plate for another helping of pate de
fole gras. The sedate Miss Rocloty
quits saying her Aves aud bursts
from her drab cocoon In varied hues
The last Issue of Industrial Canada contained a  very complete coin-
iir son  of  the express    and  panel
•.■■-( -ates.   At that time the inner j
t>erv|ce, was confined to parcels not
■ .'.f'ocolng six pounds. On Mir» 'i t»'h
i I.* '.'iRht limit  was  Incr.iiieri t   ;
: i*lnv"a pounds.     Tho additional Uc\
t>r live cents on each  parcel miilluf!
f.ii Until delivery in places where the
i* tier cajrrier is not in operatto, wa'- j
also eliminated.
Tho Insurance or packages will be- j
< ome operative on tho first day of |
May. It will be observed that In
many Instances the charges for express service are lower than the parcel post rates, and when the service
of the express companies Is taken
into consideration tt is hardly to be
expected that the postal service will
be used In preference to the former
between such points where tiiere is a
pick-up and delivery service.
York, who are probably tlie first to
take steps In the rnltcd States urging
for an Investigation of the express
companies arc necesary because the
I unci post omits the following essentials of u complete service:
1. It does not collect parcels;
2. It  does  not  give  receipts;
8.   it  does  not  provide  indemnity
for loss, except upon extra payment;
l. it does not provide for Indemnity for damage;
5. It does not provide controlling
records, by reason of Which omission
the volume of loss Is Increased;
li. It does not provide special
means of security for valuable pur-
it does not provide   adequate
make the trip was not the length of
thc journey; but, as stated by the
chieftains, the braves were not accustomed to the handling of canoes,
travelling exclusively with horses.
Hendry came as    far west as the
headwaters of the Red    Deer river,
the Canadian Rockies and returning
tlie following spring down the Red
Deer river to the Saskatchewan river
and thence to his home. He was the
lirst white man of whom there was
any record as having visited this province.
However, Hendry wos not the first
| man stmt Into the western country by
the Hudson's Bay company. Henry
Kelscy, a youth of 18 years, preceded
him, according to the reports found
by Mr. Blue. Kelsey left York Factory in ltiDO, several years after the
French traders had Invaded the prairies. He passed two years ln traversing what are now the provinces ot
Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The Itinerary of the Journey Is largely a
:?.<?n'l"",tH,_A.8t?.cla!!I,n ?' Ncw niaUur °< conjecture, and the records
do not show thnt he ever visited this
"lladdlson was the first man to
make a report upon tlie possibilities
or the western prairies, which were
then the homes of buffalo and other
wild things," Mr. Blue said. "Ills discovery Is simply a portion of the rom-
once that bus no parallel ln the history of the North American continent. He was captured by the Indians while still a child, and return
clses and sports, the evening should
bc one of the best ever given in the
club. And that's saying a good deal.
Then to make success doubly sure re- ' •?>  -*n(1  ut two
The problem to be solved is whether the oil seepages In the neighborhood of Sage creek emanate from a
small quantity of oil with which the
sand and muskeg of the valley is saturated, or whether they ooze through
a rock and shale formation from an
internal reservoir. Many people have
adopted the former theory, and some
cling to it with fatuoUB tenacity. The
recent operations of the B.C. Oil company show that the theory Is untenable.
Under the supervision ot Mr. Lock-
wood, one of the most experienced
field geologists in the west, who was
far many years associated with mem-
down to 1bcrB oI t,ie Canadian Geological Survey, two bore holes have recently
been put down near the well-known
seepage In the first hole, known as
No. 3, rock in place was struck at
fourteen teet below the surface; at a
depth ot forty teet oil began to show
Itself; ilt seventy feet it flowed free-
hundred    feet, the
frcshments are to bc served.
Every week sees an additional num-
passtng the winter In the foothills of >bw of members enjoying Uie swim
ming pool. The boys all declare It to
be the best ever. And as the water
Is maintained at a temperature of
| over 70 degrees, the pool promises to
be more popular than ever this summer. Come on in boys the water's
The classes are well attended these
fine spring nights, In fact the
"gym" was never more popular or better attended than at present. Some
faces rather now to a "gym" floor
have been at work of late, among
them a few making a desperatae effort to stop the persistent development of aldermanlc proportions. It's
as good as a circus to see them at
What's the matter with Sperry
Phillips? "He's all right!" at least
that is what some of the boys were
trying to tell him on Monday night
In the dreslng room. Cheer-up,
mint at which the hole stops, there
was still a steady feeder. A ncw hole
was strted 125 feet east of No- 3,
l.nown as No. 4. Bedrock was found
at r.7 feet, and with it an immediate
showing of oil and gas. The oil Increased steadily to a depth of 130
feet, when the flow of oil and gus was
so strong as to splash over the platform and so persistent as to Justify
Mr. Lockwood's decision to discontinue the small hole and advise his
company that this was the proper site
on which to establish a permanent
Arrangements have been concluded
for this, and the necesary casing ordered. It Is hoped to have the hole
commenced two weeks from date.
Tbis showing ot gas and oil at such
a shallow depth la remarkable, and
Is easily one of the most promising
in the memory of oil exports. It
vetoes the theory of saturation of the
surface deposits by the remnant of an
oil reservoir long since drained; It
establishes the theory of a reservoir
beneath, from which oil Is now forcing Its way presumably through creviced rocks, under great pressure,
thut put a Ilroadway store front on a
bad street.     It sets the small boy to protection  against damage,
prospecting out back of the barn for S.   It  does  not    provide    for the
worms, and titillates tile Isank Wul- transportation  Of u   wide  range
tons of the duy Into overhauling their special commodities.
■  The geological thory upon   which
The Harriers wlll make a run after I Mr. Lockwood Ib now able to explain
class on    Wednesday    and    Friday»existing conditions Is that the holes j
nights, weather permitting. A splendid are near to an anticlinal, or over-!
lot of young athletes aro getting Jnto i thrust, which runs due north    and •
fhape. and good sport should bo forth-   south, and that ln the vicinity of tills
cd to tho western Country to do furth-1lomlllK l" emy   ev,?nt   ol athletic   overthrust the strata has    been so
or exploring,   after   passing   u few   ""''',H ln ""'  vi-'lnlty of Cranbrook j crushed and weakened by the geolog-
yenrs with his parents ln Quebec."     ! tM* mr- •<•»! disturbance aa to create a trac-
    |tured tone through which a limited
! Thomas Klmore Lucy, who Is to ap- ' quantity of oil escapes on the prin-
I pear here under the auspices ot our ; ciple of seeking the point of least re-
I club ou the evening of May 4th., Is ; slstance.    When the large bore-hole
•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦««+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Imperial Bank ol Canada
Moat Iniin-Mlliig and successful ser-i '"ivIiik Bulendid IU0C0M In the Mate*, i penetrate, thia lone at greater depth,
vice, wero held at the varlou. Kta-  "' Oregon nnd WaHlilnaton.     Prom | unleaa all conjecture, are wrong, It
ol j tlons of the Klko Church of Kngland ' "'iiortx reaching ua apeak of him aa   will cut what la   known   a. au oil
j parish on Ka»tcr-day.   For  the   Brat «■ entertainer of the flr.t water. Mr. | "guaher."
_ i time In the hlatory of thia aectlon of j l*W '" n famous cartoonlat nnd era- I    Thia theory la strengthened by the
Uio  Kootenay  Kaatcr aervlcea  were' >""' artlat, ho draws sketches during | dlacovery by Mr, Lockwood for   tho
D. II. WILKIE, Praaldent.
HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vtce.Pre«l,lenl
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Munioipnlities,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Lettere of Credit issued available in any part of
the world,
SAVINGS DBPABTMBNT - Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.(10 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
i ********************************************
held In tlie stations outside Elko. At
Haynes Uike the vicar, the Rov. Arthur
li. Urucc, oltit-luted twice, ln the morning at 8.30 and In the afternoon at 4
The Ladlea Guild are to be congratulated on the appearance of the hall
where the services were held. The
decoratlono were most pretty and the
temporary altar beautifully arranged.
Mr. Ilrnce officiated at Waldo at 11
o'clock in tlie morning, and here
agalii tho ladles by their efforts in
decorating gave taker's hsll quite an
Kustcr.likc appearance.
All these services were splendidly
intended and the singing was good.
At night Mr. Bruce officiated at the
parish church, Holy Trinity, Elko,
The church was so crowded that tinm-
bers of people were turned away,
thoro being no further seating room.
The singing reDccts much credit tn
tl rganlst and the volunteer choir,
who ho cheerfully gave their services.
his entortalnment,  Illustrating  both j lirst time of other oil seepages partly
song and story.      Keep this   night j In Sage crook and partly In shales on
open, sure. . th« south aide of the creek, extending
__________________   almost a mile east of the original
; seepage. These discoveries have
helped to determine the position and
direction of tho overthrust, and to
establish the main theory. Never were
the conclusions arrived at based upon
a firmer foundation or so fully Justified as In the light of Mr. Lockwood's
recent work, and the result which
may be anticipated In a few months
from date should once tar all Justify
the confidence placed In tho Flathead
Valley as an oil Held by those who
have atudled It tor many years.—The
Victoria Week.
O      -»TtF
For lurttiet .— ti.-ulare rwitfcting
Claue. nr Private {.mvobn apply
Box l.-rf     Phon. 1ST
Org.nlat ol ll. Methodist. Church
'Iwelioa Pupil.lor
' Organ, Pianoforte, Volca
ei.tu.ltaa: Mithudlal I'liiiieh
The court of appeals has given
Judgment In th* case of Tom Hedigan.
vs. Crows Nest Pass Lumber company, allowing tho appeal by the
company. In May last Mr. Justice
Murphy gave Judgment against the
company. This judgment Is now reversed plaintiff's action being dismissed with casta.
Bov's Suits
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cheaply by buying his suit at
our store. We are showing the latest
boys clothing at prices ranging (rom
$3.50 to $6.00
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show you.
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Open from 11.30 a.m, until 2 u.ni.
At all hours.    Prices rensnnnblo
Avoid the rush and engage a private lx>x or a lun?'
dining room table for your
Sunday Evening:
Special Kootenay Grill
Dinner, 75c
From 5,30 until 8.30 p.m.
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Wm  News of the District Jg»   }
Written by Bright Correspondents 2
Why Take Chances
M        wUI take  her old    position    in the
  I store.
(By Fred Roo.) |    Did you ever    notice    that when
Frank DeroslerB an old timer in the , you've money    you   are everybody's
district, arrived in Elko Monday from | friend?   Strange but true.
Sonora Valley, Mexico,     and visited     Tlle Great Northern Ih to make im- 	
with the writer and went on to Fort  provementa at Flagstone the liveliest  Thorpe going to Fernie on business.
Steele. jtown 011 the G.N. line north of    the      Mrs. J. T. Martin entertained at tea
Jim  Thistlebeak    caught  u  silver | totWDftttonii. boundary line. The Roos- on Tuesday afternoon
salmon In Elk river last week weigh
ing 131b und is having is Btuffed for
tbo <.1lu1iI.il Mika.
Every day there'll be a ball game
bye and bye.
Ernest Ayre, one of our popular
young men, accepted a position In
Calgary, and was given a farewell by
tin' tiUHebnll boys the evening before
bis departure from Canada und the
prairie JiutgluH.
('. Htophcnson, wife und son. passed
through Elko on their way from Bur-
ope for Roosville, where they had
been spending the winter among the
hop vines of Kent.
J. Joyce of Flugstone, was ln Elko
this week ou his way to Culgary.
Wm. Birce and John Hoffman are
looking up land in the Roosville valley this week.
Jolly the fellow who's down today
Give htm a smile for his sorrow;
Tbe world   sometimes   lias a' funny
And you may be down tomorrow.
Capt. Carruthers, one of tbe most
popular travellers on the road was in
Elko this week, and stated before
jury of residents that he bad seen
some real money tbe other day, and
also said that times would be better
than ever before, and that there was
no law In B.C. tliat will compel anyone to read these notes.
Mrs. J. Todbunter of Cumberland
House, Riverside Park, is in Calgary
consulting an eye specialist.
C. U. McNab, one of the early pioneers of the district, motored to town
from Waldo, and left for Cranbrook,
near Wattsburg.
It is time to sow oats, saye Jim
Thistlebcak.   "Tame ones."
A boy In Berne, Switzerland, is
found to have two stomachs, and the
despatch adds, medical men are
greatly interested In tbe case. How
about the groccryman?
"Strange timings dreams are," a
man in tbe Roosville valley says.
"Every time he eats horse radish be
has a nightmare."
Mrs. T. Duncan and family, or Pass-
burg, Alta., are visiting Mrs. Duncan's parents, Mr. uud Mrs. J. Thompson, at the Columbia hotel, Elko.
Tbe mills are starting up again and
making quite a buzz In the district.
E. Cooper, tb new shipper for the
North Star Lumber company, arrived
In town and will reside In one of tbe
company's houses In tbe park.
Caesar had but one friend, and his
name wasn't Thistlebeak.
ville Cash Store company will commence on their new business block
next mouth. Mayor Rocser intends
building ii modern boarding house, tbe
Joyce brothers have a large force of
men building their new sawmill and
other Industries are opening up like
rosebuds in the sun.
Mrs. J,* Todbunter returned from
Calgary, where Bite had been consulting specialists fur her eyes. Her
host of friends wlll be pleased to
know that she derived great benefit
from her visit aud after a few days
rest wlll bu around again.
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Queens' Hotel Cranbrook, attended
the dance here on Monday night.
P. Conrad, of the Society Girl mine,
remained In town for the dance.
Mrs. Martin Thorpe left on Tuesday to visit friends in Wardner, Mr.
being cleared away and burned.
(Special correspondence)
MrH, S. Q, Clarke wuh hostess at a
very Jolly party last Friday afternoon. Her lady friends had been asked to come dressed to illustrate the
work whioh they most dislfku to do.
Tlie costumes were most unusual and
amusing nnd caused much comment
and luughter. As each guest entered
she was given ten beans, and at any
time household duties or worries were
mentioned, one of these beans were
forfeited, A number of guessing
games were provided, also a peanut
hunt. Delicious viands were served
f0r' at the tea hour, to which ample justice was given.   The hostess waa as-
as could be brought forward tiie coroner's Jury brought in u verdict of wilful suicide No reason could be found
for the rash act, the deceased seemed
to bc In good physical condition und
(Special  correspondence).
Mr. McNeil of Fernie, wns visiting
Mr. Fred Adolph last week-end.
(Special correspondence)
Messrs. Otis D. Schurmau and Otis
T. Herritt took their,   departure
Fort Fraser on Wednesday last.
The Ladies Aid Society of tbe Moth- HiHtert «■»»->«>-* «w rooms by the
odlst church met on Wednesday after-; Mif(8ea Mabee and Chrlstenson    and
A young man, lately from Jaffray,
when found had money on his person ! went out of his mind at Baynes on
and a good pack of blankets.   He was  Sunday evening.    His mania seemed
noon ut thc home of Mrs. J, Black-
hum, Tavistock street. Among other
matters the larles decided to have lee
cream for sale on Saturday, tbe 18th
nst., in the Furrell block.
Harold Darling, accompanied by R.
Henry, was in town last week but left
xa soon as business   was   dispensed
Mrs. Buchanan.
A. E. Frank of Nelson, secretary-
treasurer of the Mountain Lumber
Manufacturers' association, was in
Wycliffe on business Saturday.
Rev. A,
apparently Journeying on foot from
one place to another In search ot work
und for some reason or other at present only known to himself, he determined to end tlie search and entering
this unfrequented building hanged
himself by a quarter inch rope. The
body has been buried lu the union
cemetery at Windermere.
A general meeting of ihe Windermere District Board of Trade was
held within the -district yesterday.
The attendance was a large one. The
maters taken up were chiefly of local
Interest with the exception of one to
to be an Inordinate desire to throw
stones at houses Constable Collins
of Waldo, took him ln charge. His'
condition will be examined in Fernie.
Mr. Burcaw Ib sawing for the Baker Lumber company.
An Easter dance—the last of the
season—was given by the Baynes
Dancing club and was well attended.
Mr. D. C. Marshall, of Medicine
Hat, spent his Easter holiday in
Waldo with Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Milne.
Mr. B. T. Anderson and wife motored to Elko last Sunday.
A picnic was held on the baseball
grounds last    Friday.    Mrs.  D.  Mc
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money order,
days in Cranbrook last week, the
guest at thc rectory of Rev. E. P.
Flewelling-      Kev. Lane held .divine
J. Blackburn and J. McLaren drove »«rv'ce_at Kimberley Sunday evening.
:o Cranbrook on Thursday.
W. P. Scott, of the Porto Rico
Lumber company, returned on Thursday after a brief, sojourn in Cran-
On Saturday R. A. Smith purchased
tho stock of the J. W. Fitch store and
Miss Butler, who has been a guest of
Mrs. Elmore Staples, left the first of
the week for her home in Detroit.
Tho Methodist Ladles Aid society
met in full attendance at the parsonage last Thursday afternon.     Rev.
""""""i""  Hardman and his friend, Mr. Thomp-
s now carrying on business from the . 	
son, made very hospitable hosts, and
the afternoon was profitable and pleasantly spent, dainty refreshments being passed.   The next meeting will be
i held at the home of Mrs. 0. F. Heath
I in two weeks.
i Several government road men have
pitched their tents just outside of
town, and are commencing work   on
icw stand, as well as from thc old
H. H. Dlmmock lias recently pur*
..mm, a ncw piano.
Mies H.  L.    McKenzlc,   0f Trout
i,uko, B.C.. and Miss T. McKenzlc, of
.'■ooiJlauds, Man., arc visiting    their
tlntcr, Mrs. J. Corny, of Yahk.
John Reid, government road super- ,.     ,,„ .   ,    ., .    -„„
,    ,   _ ., ,   .,*, the different roads leading to Cran-
ntendent, was on the scene early this bro     „        ,11c, and the Mission.
*eek, making arrangements for road E)more ,dcnt ..„
vork In this vicinity.
general manager of the Otis Staples
Lumber company, accompanied by his
wife and Miss Butler, returned last
week from the Hawaiian Islands. The
party had    a most    delightful trip,
P. F. Johnson   was   another well-
known visitor In town this week.
Baseball is now the favorite pass-
:fmc for thc Moyie youth, from the
ige of those who are Just learning to nd _ m(mlh ,. Hon0,ulu
hold the bat to those who can really (_„■.,„„• „■-„.„,• «„ n««^ m-t.
play a first-class game.
On Sunday evening in the Methodist  church—which   was  beautifully
decorated for   the   occasion—-W. B.
Willan, in his usual good style deliv-
It Is beautiful weather In Elko at j >*red a sermon containing the Easter
this writing and the town is just as
full of money as an elephant is out of
feathers. ,
A Jam traveller was In town this
week from Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kllngensmlth,
who havo been spending the winter In
California, picking llllles of the valley.
message.   Special   music   was rendered by tlie choir.
P. Adams, chief of police of Cranhrook was here on   Sunday
friends. ^^_^^^^
Mr, Miller, of   Crows   Nest, spent
Easter Sunday iu town.
At St. Peter's church, artistically
School closed on Good Friday for
the regular vacation af one week.
Much Interest is being manifested
these days by the ladles of Wycliffe In
basket ball. The members of the club
recently extended the use ot the club
house to the ladles one afternoon and
evening of each week, and since this
and Agricultural Societies the nues-10|aB8( entertained her
tion of making a combined agrlcultur-' their friends.
pupils     und
al and mineral exhibit at the Dominion Fair which ls to take place at thc
coast In September.
Work of construction ls being pushed forward on the Kootenay Central
branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway by day and night shifts of construction gangs. It Is expected that
the line from the north will have its
steel head completed to the Columbia
river by say the middle or end of next
month and that then the steel will be
rushed forward for the construction
of bridge across that river. This Is
one of the last great pieces of work
which remains before we are joined
up with the main line of the C. P. R.
It is hoped that the balastlng of twenty more miles of rail will be sufficiently far advanced to allow of the operating of trains to the present end of
steel by not later than the middle of
The work of building the Banff-
Wlndermere automobile highway will
this season only be prosecuted from
thc northern end (starting from near
Castle where the work of last season
finished. Its present status is that
there has already been constructed
the part between Banff and Castle, being fourteen miles ln extent; and from
Castle south ten miles, while from the
main trunk road of this part there has
Easter services were well attended
In town on Sunday. Rev. M. A.
Bruce, of thc Anglican chnrch, gave
holy communion at 8 a.m. In Baynes
nnd in Waldo at 11 a.m. The Rev.
Mr. Cowan gave communion to the
Presbyterians at Baynes at 11 a.m.,
and preached to a packed congregation In Ross hall at 7.30 p.m. At
the latter service Mr. D. C. Marshall,
an old member of thc congregation,
sang a solo,
A baseball team is being reorganized this year ln Waldo.
Things are moving concerning
school matters here Waldo has been
organized as a school district, a new-
site for a school must be chosen. A
I your name and full
address for our complete
' tree premium circular and
:lub plan.
Address all orders for premiumi
silverware and all correspoudence to
California Fruit Growers Exchange
105 King Street. Eaat*cor. Church    iig_*.    Toronto- Ont
meeting of people in the district is
announced for thi** week, concerning
whicli n full report will appear iu
Ihis column  next week.
Hardens are well under way in
this locality.
Lumber shippings are steadily improving An air of prosperity pervades tlie district
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and salting down kale seed, returned I decorated for Kaster Sunday, mass
this week and stated that, be It over ! was celebrated at ten-thirty a.m. and
so hard to take, there's no place llkoj-aoven children took tlrst Communion.
home. ; The children participating were: Alma
The Oliver J Kckhardt company Desaulnleis, Hilda Wills. Helen DI-
played to standing room in tlie Klko much, Jnltn Home, Oertrude Conrad*.
opera house Monday night, in "Bought ticorge Smith and Dominie Feraghla.
nnd Paid For." They came highly re-' it was interesting to see the children
commended and fully sustained their us they were dressed for the occasion,
reputation There's not u dead one In The little girls in white wearing veils
the hunch, said Jim Thistlebeak, and and wreaths and the hoys lu dark ttt-
well worth the price and then some.   lire.   Thc March was from the vestry.
Don't miss seeing this company if
you've got the price. They nre all ur-
tlsts, everyone of them.
lOuglish papers say that l.loyd
(leorge has become a nuisance, uiul
not only an ordinary nuisance, but an
I'Xtiuordtmiry nuisance, with a bwoI-
over tlie grounds, thence down the
church nlsle; with Mrs, (ioselln as conductress. Tho congregation was one
uf the largest thnt has heen seen in the
i Inircli for some time. Special music
was rendered for the occasion and n
ry interesting sermon wns delivered
len head, as we i 'anudhins would say,   hy  Itev.  Father John at the evening
lie had it hend on like a pumpkin with
the Heeds scraped out.
UnltttJ conditions change mighty
iiulck tin Iron I won't only be on the
piiiiipl'iu l>u I on the Chahku Mika
Allah' of this magnitude require
prosperous times to make ll a financial iiieaMB.
A. McNeil, the Ferule lawyer whs
In Klko ami Baynes this Faster.
!•'. II. Hawthorne, the Hudson Hay
of Nelson, was lu town IM*. week and
t r Hedigan. ol Cranbrook! visited
town last week.
Klllot Crowe, representing lra Manning nf Cranhrook. was in town taking orders this week.
Mrs. J. Whitehead served broftkfMt
for the first communion children ou
The Infant child of Mr. and MrH. M.
,1. Homier was baptised In Ht. Peter's
church on Sunday ofteruoon.   Mr. and
heen built ten miles Into the north,
,             .        ..     . .         .""" j making a total construction so far of
lime much    enthusiasm has     been 1    , _  "          ..      ,     ,         __,    -.„_,
.     .       ,          . .    .    .  , . thirty-four miles, leaving some fifty-
shown  in  learning not only basket, ,"; _   ._    „,, ,_"__,     ._   _,._
visiting  bM but bm,ard8i
H, W. Davis, secretary-treasurer of
tlie Otis Staples Lumber company,
is away on a business trip through
Mr. Nelson Quick and family arrived
In town iccentty and have located
here permanently. Mr. Quick will be
asistant to the saw filer at the Staples
Thos. Hunniford and family have
given up the ranch they recently
farmed near town, and are now sot-
tied fn Wycliffe. Mr. Hunniford will
put in Mr. Crosby's farm this spring.
II. li McClure and wife have moved
from their ranch near Cranbrook to
tiie one two miles out of town, where
tliey are now nicely located.
Tlie sawmill of thc Otis Staples
Iain.ber company plant Is closed down
one week for repairs.
A party of Italians, Just over from
the old country, have been ln town
tlie past week looking for work.
tleo. Davis, Klngsley Doe and Re
llcrdmuu were among those who visited Cranhrook this week.
Kootenay river points, with nu frills Mrs. .1. Whitehead acted as sponsors.
nr furbelows. "Just natural." A well attended benefit dance was
A large crowd from Klko attended held on Monday night fn tlie Iuteruat-
the Kaster Monday dance at Haynes lonat hall.    D. Holiertson nnd J. Mc-
and had a most enjoyablo time, sev- Lann played for the dancers.   Supper
eral motors aud guests well tilled with was served about twelve, tho dance j
the grace and beauty of the old bis- [ breaking up at three.   It Is reported
torlc burg. that the affair wns a bucccsb flnnnet-
After an   absence of   five months ally as well as socially.                       j
Miss May Roo returned to Elko, and Miss   Annie   Johnson,   from   the
A Good  Home
is what ir, dear to every man. A home
is where Peaee, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty ii found. That ia the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel I
(Special to the Herald)
Last week a gruesome find wai
made by ono of the members of an en
glneerlng party on tho Kootenay Cen
trjil branch of the Canadian Pacific
Hallway at a point some miles north
of here, when, after a wayside lunch,
he chanced to examine an old disused
stable and there discovered a man
hanging tu the beams, dead beyond
recall. The proper authorities ware
promptly notified and steps taken to
ascertain fuller particulars ln regard
to him. At the Inquest which was
held, it was learned that his name was
Jan Sarlle, an unknown Swede of the
laboring class. No trace has so far
been found ot his home or any of his
relations. After hearing such witnesses and listening to such evidence
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eight to be still completed. As the
' parts which have alredy been constructed are, however, the most expensive and difficult to build the work
is further advanced than would appear. An appropriation of $60,000
has ben made by the British Columbia
government to continue It during the
present year. This should make a
good showing and may advance the
road so far as to make Its completion
possible during 1915. When ready for
traffic the route wlll pass through!
some grand scenery In the mala range
of the Rocky Mountains and wlll make
approach easy from either side to the
Sinclair Hot Springs.
Mr. R. Randolph Bruce, C.E., F.R.
Q.S., sailed with bis bride, nee Lady |
Elizabeth Northcote, from England on
the fourth of this month. He wlll pro-
bably reach hero by the end of April
and for the present has resolved to
take up his residence In his comfortable bungable In Wilmer.
Oeneral J. II. Poctt left last week
with Miss l'oett to again take up his
residence In tlie old country. He has
eased his Westlako estate to Mr. Mow-'
bray-Berkley, late of Kngland, but at
present a well known financial broken
of Winnipeg.
A Badminton club has been formed
In Windermere.
Wo have good news for every person In this town who has any form of
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hard advertising tasks may require REPEATED PUBLICATIONS of the
advertising —• sometimes growing into
the dignity of " advertising campaigns."
And. while purely " transient " advertising may not complete the task set for
it, an "advertising campaign" does not
fail if sensible persistence is used. This
means that such difficult advertising
tasks as that of finding ONE BEST
BUYER for your property, or the man
who will be glad to invest in your enterprise, or the best possible tenant for that
store or business property, are SURE
enter upon suitable advertising campaigns.
You Are Business-Like in Most Things, and Yet Not an Ad. Reader!
If you'll take the trouble to read the
advertisements carefully, interestedly, in
this and future issues of the " Herald,"
you'll decide that you've been using poor
business judgment in overlooking them
in the past. You'll find.even in your
reading of the advertisements, buying
opportunities — clues to business opportunities that should be followed up —
money-saving and money-making Facts. THE  CRANBROOK HERALD
ilecular meeting! on
the   third   Thursday
w ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenhothim, W. M.
J. L. Craiston, Sec.
Cbeboekt Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday »t 8 p.m. ia the
Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K. ot R.ltS.
P, 0. BOI 522
Vlsltlug brethren   cordially Invlfcd
to attend.
i-,g—■- Me.ts every Monday
REfS night at New Fra-
^WgCT*? ternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlellowa cordially luvlted.
J. H. TurrJey, W. M. Hauls,
N. O. Sec'y-
Meets first and third Wednesdays in
each month.
A   cordial   invitation   extended   to
vlsltlug brothers.
R. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
II. White, Scribe.
eceSBorto v.'. F, Genu)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
p, 0. llox »5ll
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money tu l.omi
No. 1».
Meeta every second and  fourth Wed'
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially invited
Sis. Ida Baiter. NO.
Sil. Ada Hlckenbothaiu, Ree. See.
Physicians and Surgeons
nace at Residues, Armstrong •'■
Forenoon. i.OO to 111 OS
Afternoons . . . 2.01) to 4.00
Evenings - - ■ - 7.80 tn 8.80
"Jamtays ■ ■ ■ - 2.80 to   4 88
ORANBROOE   I     ii     ii     II     B. (
• to 12 a.m.
I to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
OBee io Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -        -        - B. Ci
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 2511 Matron
P.O. Bos UK Olinlcn Ave.
Meeta   in   Maple Hall   Second and s/****
Fourth Thursday of eacb month at 8 4
p.m. sharp.
.1. Bird, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 818. I IRRIGATION l:MllNi:i:«
Visiting brethren made welcome. X DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL LAND '.
Meets in   Maple Hail 2nd   and 4th
Tueaday everr mouth at 8p.m.
Membership   open   to British   cltl
B. Y. Brake, L. Peanon,
Pres. Sec
Boi 818
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook Lodge
No. mill
Mrata nvt'r.i- Wailuaaiinj
at 8 p.m. iu llojral Black
Kulghta' Hall, B.kn
.B. 8. G.BSITT.SfC
:5;,0kB„°!42318 Cranbrook, B.C. 2
Civil sad Mlslnr Engineers
British Columbia Land Surveyors
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
W II. Knl.KII, Ui.-t.
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions of tne Forest.
Meets ii Carmen's Hall 1st asd 3rd
Wednesday ol each month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secretar;
P. O. Boi 449.
Visiting Companions cordially w»i
W. R. Baattr. Funnral Dlr.cto,
Cranbrook B. C,
Phone3411 P.O. llox 685
Norbnry Ave., nest to City Hal'.
Day Phone 233
Night Phono H5i
Frank Provenzano
General Merchants
Employment Agents
P.P. MX 108
B. C.
•HONE 944
LODOE, No. 1871
Meet, lit and 3rd Tlnir"
days al 8 p.m. in Royal
Black Knights ol Ireland
Hall, Baker Street.
W. C. DUKST.N, Hoc. Sec.
Meets In the Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuesday afternoon of every month at
8 p.m. and the fancy work class
meets on 3rd Friday evening In the
same place at 8 p.m.
Mrs. E. II. Leaman, Pres.
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Sec. Treas.
P. O, Bo> 442
AU Ladles cordlallyy Invited.
Prrajdent: A. B.Smith
Mnta regularly tli. first Kriiluj availing.arli
Information on Poultry matter, .uppliad
Addreaa th. Serratary,
W. W. McOBEOOB, P. 0. Drawer 4!>u
Forwarding' and IMh-
trilmting Agent tor
(liven prompt attention
GoxkIb ciillml forniul ili'li vrri'il.
Goal work only.   I'rompt
; Telephone No. 405
P. 0. Box 798
Works : Armstrong Ave.
President: A. B. Smith
•Secretary: Ami, II. Wkub
For informiteon regarding landi
> and  agriculture   apply   to the
1 Secretary, Cranbrook. B. 0.
'    Meeting—The 3rd Thursday of
1 each month, at old Gym , 8 p.m.
The Home Bakery
RoHk'RT Framb, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries or All Kinds
Norbn-yAve.      Opp. City Hall
Oppo.lt. C.P.R. Station
THE    I'LACE    TO     OET    »
Headquarters for nil  kinds of
Satisfaction Giumtutcai!
Tho tihoo 8pm;i.i.iBt
Division VI.
Promoted to Junior Third
Lily Lancaster
Marlon MacKinnon
Freda Taylor
Kathleen Snook
Ella McOoldrlc
Otto Gill
Ethel Dow
Alma Sarvis
Hugll Simpson
John Turner
Viola Sarvis
Charlie Chapman
Sam Wliittaker
Russell Leask
Delphlne Bennett
Jack Dow
Fanny Oartslde
Herman Hollander
Charlie Clapp
Elizabeth Pigott
Joe Bwaln
Harry Smith
Eric MacKinnon
Mary Hurtlum
Ralph Oreen
Merle Bennett
Hugh Hanna
Mabel Cameron
Edith Lewis
Harold Kummcr
Keith Wasson
Christine Carson
Vivian Fraser
John Brake
Division VII.
Promoted to Third Reader
Kathleen Atchison
Norman Beech
Alice Brake
Leonard Burton
Faith Ewin
Loe Chop
Willie George
Lenore Hill
Qabrlelln Hamilton
Ella Kendall
Fred Briggs
Maude Malcolm
Cyril Selby
Roy Roblchaud
Maud Scott
Knth Siinpson
Dudley Stone
Jack Stevens
Ruby Appteyard
On Trial
Joseph Frost
Gertrude Hopkins
Stanley Moffat
Bay Scott
Sam Speers
Sam Watson
Atlier Gill
Norman Wasson
Promoted to Second Reader
Roderick Kennedy
Isa boi Parker
Patricia McDermot
Thomas Hoggarth
Jack Ward
Murray Henderson
Christopher Duckerlng
Eneas Hoggarth
Ma Dunning
Howard Brogan
Lenore Little
Vera Baxter
Elizabeth Chapman
Maggie Carr
Louise Kelsey
Alfred Julliffe
Charles Musser
Fa ye Dow
Gordon Armstrong
Kitty Rosendale
Ethel Clapp
James George
Stanley Fyles
Jimmy Logan
Him Hlng
Wllma Park
From Junior First to Senior First
Oernld CHne
Magdalene Brownlee
Willie  Leask
Fretla Osborne
Donald Morrison
Gerald Bartlam
Dorothy Leask
Loo Frost
Lena Brogun
Vivian Kummer
Margaret Leask
Hugh Willard
Xorvei Caslake
Promoted to Senior Second
Mary Carson
Marlon Drummond
.May UuicHHtor
Flossie Robinson
Robert Beaton
Donald Dallas
Hairy McDonald
Harry Mucser
On Trial
Warren spence
Verne Woodman
Division IX
Promoted to Second Reader
James McUlnnis
Alexia Messenger
Candaco Henderson
.Marlon Henderson
Ruby Lister
Vera Lister
Ruby Scott
Thelma Patmore
Edna Freek
Florence Clard
Mary Renlx
Harold Dow
Ernest South
On Trial
Thelma Stinson
Wilmn Stevenson
Division IX
Promoted to First Reader
Marjnrle Burton
Evu Cadwnllader
Edith Clarke
Dorothy Dufour
linn Ewin
Walter Freek
takes proper care of the bowel**).   And the result of this foolish neglect is nine-tenths of all ill-health.
If totlayyou are unable to free your body of waste matter at the usual time, or if the art causes straining,
pains and discomfort, don't let that-condition occur again tomorrow. Unless your bowels can carry away the
waste materials left after food is digested, decay .sets in, the poisons of which, taken up by the blood, increase
the risk of Typhoid Fever, Appendicitis, and many other serious diseases.
In treating constipation, there is a right vat/ and a wrong way. Thc wrong way is to take harsh purgatives which even though they do clear the bowels, cause griping and nausea, injure the delicate tissues, and
so disturb the normal functions as to cause the return of constipation. The right way is to help Nature lb
produce natural movement* without pain or discomfort, by using
One Hundred
Million   Were
Sold Last Year
This   enormous   quantity   was
Usui! willi j,'ooil results by busy men
who suffered from constipation, due
to   lack   of   exercise,   or   indigestion
caused by overwork—by children whose
parents realize the harmful effect of common purgatives—by old people whose systems   cannot  stand   anything   harsh—by
women during pregnancy,  and after cliild-
birlh,  when any medicine   with  8 violent
action would be particularly dangerous. Many
of these people are your neighbors and friends.
Ask anyone who has ever used them—they'll
tell you Rexall Orderlies satisfied and helped them.
a gentle laxative In tbo form of a chocolate-tasting liililet. Oae of
these tablets eaten just Ix'fure going to bod will help to restore
your bowels to normal activity tit tt time whit, your body
being at rest, the medicine can do its bent work, As a result
of taking that tablet (or suy two, if your ease is ob
stinate),|/0Hr bowels will mure easily ttiul naturally
in tlie morning.   The use of Rexall Orderlies
for a few days afterward will restore normal regularity.   Even chronic const!
pillion is benefited by them, and it
is not necessary to continue the
treatment for a long time, because, instead of driving
Nature, tliey simply help
Iter to help herself.
Sold only al the mors
than 7,000 Retail
Stores and In this
town only by us.
In vest pocket
tin boxes,
10c. 25c.
Is Our
Risk No Money
If Rexall Orderlies do not make
your bowels act right, tell us so and
we'll give back your money without
asking a single question.   There is no
red tape to this guarantee.    It means
just what  it says.     Vou sign nothing.
We won't hesitate, or ask you any questions.   Your  word  is  enough.    ]f Rexall
Orderlies do not do all you expect them to
—if you don't feel better after using them and
find that they are the pleasantest-acting and best
laxative you have ever used, we want you to
tell us and get your money back.
The Beattie=Murphy Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
ieans"KING OF ALL"— Ours is Th c -fte/tolt Mo,- <• in This tou'n.
Hector Hcrniman
Ray Hill
Wilfred JoliitiV
John Lancaster
Eleanor Levecque
Raymond St. Eloi
Douglas Thompson
Division IX
Promoted to Hccnnd Primer
Robert Boyter
Marjorie Dufour
Henry Daniels
Bertie George
Stanley Johnston
William Selby
Hilda Steward
Edward Stone
James Taylor
Kate Watson
Edward Jecks
Douglas Husst-ll
Division X
Promoted to First Book
Eunice Parrett
James Taylor
Lily Hawkins
Wong Hong
Ralph Hobinson
Promoted to Second Primer
Wong Hum
Olive Simpson
Clyde MacKinnon
Nona (iartsidd
Queenie Swain
Marguerite Sindall
Delia Baxter
Elvin Leask
Reggie Parrett
Promoted to Class A
Rovcnna McQlnnlfl
Gladys Johnston
Eveline Wells
Madge Johnston
Gertrude Seott
Mildred Chirk
Hlng Gun
Florence Renlx
Gray Moseley
Promoted to Clans ll
Jack Dixon
Marlon Freek
Mary Carson
Hilton Slater
Ray Beech
Lonm Jordan
Frank Hawksworth
Wllhemlne Woodman
Murray McFnrlant
We are druggists right here in
your town and make a living out of
the drug business, but It is only because people have to have drugs and
not because we like to see people suf-
I fer—we don't. Our duty is to render
the best service we can, and when
someone Is ailing, we are Interested
in seeing them take the best medicine
there Is for their particular trouble.
We don't recommend "cure-alls," as
we don't believe there are such things
We don't want you to spend more
than you have to. Some of you get
small wages, and when you are sick,
none at all, and you should get the
most you can for your money.
, We recently came across a new
i remedy for Increasing strength and
building up people who are run-down
und emaciated. We know that a
slight trouble sometimes grows Into
a serious one, and to stop it in tbe
beginning, will save you money in the
end. This new compound is called
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion. It is the
best remedy, when you are run-down,
tired out, nervous—no matter what
the cause. It doesn't merely stimulate
you and make you feel good for a few
hours, but takes hold of the weak-
j ness and builds you up to a healthy,
normal condition. It is a real nerve-
food tonic and builder of good blood,
strong muscle and good digestion.
It contains Hypophosphltes, which
! tone the nerves, and pure Olive Oil,
: which nourishes the nerves, the
entire system. Pleasant to take.
Contains no alcohol or habit forming drugs. We promise that If you
are not perfectly satisfied with it, we
wlll give back your money as soon us
you tell us. Sold only at the 7.000
Rexall Stores, and in this town only
by us. $1.00. Beattle—Murphy Co,,
Tenders are hereby invited for the
erection of n board fence at the rear
of the City Hall and Fire Hall. Plans
nnd speclficatlonsmny be obtained iU
the City Office.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned not later than the 18th day
or April, 1914.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
T. M. Roberts.
Dated at Cranbrook this 7th day of
April, 1914. 15-2t
Have you been waiting for an
Edison Due Phonograph?
The man who made sound reproduction possible
—Thomas A. Edison—has now produced a
Phonograph that plays Disc Records—a Phonograph of rich, mellow tones and lifelike fidelity.
If you want real music; if you want permanency in your reproducing point; if you want
Records that can be played for
years without injury; if you want
a cabinet that is beautifully designed; if you want every im-
Krovement and refinement that
Ir. Edison has been able'to work
Then you want an Edison
Disc Phonograph. There is a
model at y>ur price. There
is a demonstration at your service anv time.
DIm PlWMirr.pl.
Ctttnct In m.. pnwff
loom lor 36 Record*, Du-
mond point rtpimJuirr;
aulomaltc Hop; powerful,
lilrnl ipiini motet with
norm |«r
A Complete Um oi E_i»n Phonugraphi tod Recoidi will be found al
Dated thia 14th dny of April, A. R,
1014. HS-Dt
OrllllcHic of   Improvement*.
Moylo Fractional, Den Fractional,
Trail Fractional, Kric, Pine, Annie, Ken, Winnie Fractional, X.'
i.. Fractional, Liny Fraction I,
Korl, Mineral (M.ilms, Hituate In
the Fort Steele Mining Division
of  Kust  Kootenay  District.
Certificate of Improvement
St. Mary's and Cobalt Fractional
min ral claim, situate ln the Fort
Stceie raining division of East Kootenay District.
Where located: On Luke cicelf,
about Hi miles northeast of McDer-
mid'B ranch.
Take notice that J. T. Laldlaw, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 40,473 B, Intend, sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the l.sue ol Mich Certilieate ot
Where  Located:    On Sullivan    Hill,,
near Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of
Canada, Limited, per O. H. MeDougall,
Agent, F.M.C. No. (I1202B., Free Miner's Certilieate No. C1267B., Intend,
sixty day's from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Ornnt of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issunnce of such Certificate
of improvements.
Dated this 30th day of March, A.D.
1914. 14-9t
Builder nnd Contractor
P.O. Box 183 Cranbrook, B.C.
Manufacturer    of    Cement    Blocks,
Chimney Blocks and Porch
Concrete Work a Specialty '
Prlc.i Right
It wrjf Wftctiv* In the treatment of Colde. By helping
tha orgtM of Mere lion to
tlintinttn tht aoiioui uili*
•tanrtt from the blond, F.nii'i
"Fruit Sail" ataaiata Niitiira to
bring about a operdy cure.
It U mort refraining m a cool.
ing bevaraga and it .iniur-
pawtd for quenching timet,
OirJw e bortU TODAY
mm your dialer
J.C.IN0, l*J., "Frail ,
lilt" Werki,
Ua4M, Baikal
Ainu ftr Cuefci
Always Reliable
Relief from the ailments caused
by disordered stomach, torpid
liver, irregular bowels is given
—quickly, safely, and assuredly—by the tried and reliable
Mlwnankan. Uh.aa.25.aua, THE  CRANBROOK IIKRA-M)
nu 3—oifc sum.
Th. More with ■ Reputation
Kootcnay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Whrr. It Paja to Deal
A.EJikckb T.J.IIoaia
Phillip .1X11 I'l Ull
llox Ilia
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
Let un QiKitt* Tint I'ri.-im IMm<*
Yuu Build
Be* ua about jour Concrete und
liin-.Mne.it Work
There ia no gift like
uDirimonil, Nothing
else io completely
sums up the elements
of beauty and worth.
Diamond jewelry of
all sorts ia one of our
■pecialties. Another
is  moderate prices.
W. H. Wilson
J.w.ler and Optician
That piece of jewelry yon broke can be intule ;is
gootl tisiirw uf ii nominal cost.
Bring it in here to-ilnv and
let us give you a price on if.
We can mend anything in
ronBou stones reset nnd jewelry altered to suit your fancy,
Next to the Posl onto*
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Mm. A. A. MacKinnon was a visitor at Fcrnie last Saturday.
Mrs. E. H. Patmore will not receive
on Wednesday. April 22nd, nor again
this season.
Bicycles aad Sundries. Look over
our Klerk.—I'atnnre Bro*.
Mrs. F. M. Macphe.-son wlll not receive on Friday. April 17th, or again
this season.
Mrs. Ed. Paterson will not rereive
on Friday April 1 "tli, but on the third
Friday ln May as usual.
Mrs. F. J. Deane and Dorothy are
upending tbeir Easter Holidays with
friends at Balfour and Preston.
Mrs. J, Shaw left last week for
Medicine Hat, where she will visit
friends for several weeks.
Mrs. Maurice Qualn lias returned
from Victoria, where she wns called
by the sudden Illness of her mother.
Meet me at Hob's Place.
Awnings of all descriptions, (let
our prices.—Patmore llros.
Mrs. A. C. Sliankland nnd Mrs. Wm.
GlbbR departed the first of the week
| for the old country on an extended
I visit.
j Mrs, H. Yorke Parker will not rc-
I cctve again this season as she has
! not yet returned from her visit to the
I coast cities.
Mrs. A. C. Blaine and baby loft on
: Monday evening for Spokane, where
i she wlll visit for some time with un
uncle and mint.
; Mrs. M. D. Whytal, who Ims been
1 visiting In the city for the past year
the guest of Mrs. J. H. Thompson,
; left Wednesday for Spokane.
I Cory Dow and Scotty Buchanan were
at Fernie on Monday night and attended the boxing match between
Dick Marshall and Cyclone Scott.
Berg's celebrated awnings for store
fronts and windows; put up complete,
— Patmore Bros.
i Miss Sally Roe sister of Mrs. D. McKay, Is returning home this week.
She came out from England lust year
and bus spent the time iu this city.
Mrs. w. F. Cameron, accompanied
by Iter little daughter Beryl, left for
Spokane on Monday nnd will spend a
few days fn the Inland Empire city.
Miss Dobbin, Who has been visiting
ln>r sir-tor, Mrs. 0, Erickson, for tin*
past several month.*., left this week to
return to her home In the old country.
Miss Uladys Hickenbotham was
here, from Siioknm* attending Easter
with her parents. returning Monday
to complete her term in hiisin.'ss college.
Blryrlr-K,  iileyeles.    A nol her  ship*
writ jnxt In.   Compare our price*..
Put more Bros.
President Adelaide E- Parker ol the
u. lii-huli Assembly of the Province ot
British Columbia will make her official visit to Maple Leaf Rebekah lodge,
cranbrook. on Wednesday evening.
May 6th,
Get yopr new awnings now. Wc can
supply you.—Patmore Broji.
7*e World's Bat
Send/or Five Roses
WM.   flMM   .-.*)    AfU-fM     MrsW
rwt iVfti u imU TM C*MM»
Cook Book—
trsosstn hem t\\a coniribulioni ol ov-r two ihou*»nd
•iKcWid MMti of Fit* Rom* Flout ihraufhoui Cinnli.
Asm UwfJ NoUt on ih* *. wioui lluiii ol good thingi
io «*t, *U ol which ban been ctrttully checked «id
it-tUcM Vr tompHMH authority,
Cranbrook Jobbers <£££-.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
The Lord Bishop of Sew Westminster lias notified tlie Rector that he
will be at Christ church on Sunday,
May 10th, for Ordination oi Rev. A. B.
Lane and for the udminstration of
the Apostolic Rite of Laying on of
With u capital stock of $100,000, the
Canadian Wood Distilling Company,
limited, u Cranbrook corcern, has heen
Incorporated and proposes to carry
on the business of wood distillers und
timber preservers, paint, varnish und
pigment manufacturers und chemical
engineers, and to establish factories
for any of the above purposes,
Wfl are agents for the well known
Berg  awnings  of every  description.
(Jet our  price,    Patmore Bros.
Mike Durlck, who has been employed as bartender at Uie crnnbrook
hotel for the pust several years,
wus ordered by his doctor to change
climate on account of his health, and
leti   last   week   for  Calgary,   Alta.,
where he will visit liis sister. Chas.
Howard, formerly With the Cosmopolitan, bus taken the vacancy at
the Crnnbrook.
a large quantity of cordwood which
wus cut during the past winter,
smith of town bus been seized by the
forestry department, the wood having been taken from government
laud. Notices of seizure were posted
on the wood, but according to some
of the settlers who reside in that section, the notices have not stopped the
removal of the wood.
On account of the uncertainty of
the weather last Sunday tlie Cranbrook band did not pluy their concert, which will be played next Sunday afternoon, weather permitting.
Rev. Duncail McLeod, of Formosa,
-will give an address at Knox Presbyterian church on Friday evening,
April 17th, 11*14, at 8 o'clock. His lecture will be illustrated by lantern
slides of "Scenes in Formosa." An
offering to defray expenses will be
Mrs. H. V. Parker returned Sunday
from her trip of officially visiting the
Rebekah lodges of the province. She
reports all lodges visited to be in u
nourishing state, some of the Vancou-
, ver lodges having over three hundred
membership, Sev-vol lodges vto'i >u*
lituted while Mrs. Parker has been
(heap oranges: Special Kaster
Monday week* by the case SU« and
•J8.751 by the dozen, -to*, to 1.1c.—
fraobroek Trading '.'o., Groceries auJ
J. Brault has sold his farm consisting of thirty acres of tine improved land, one mile south of the
city to J. A. Pringle. proprietor of the
Hillside Dairy. It Is Mr. Pringle's Intention to immediately commence the
erection of n house on liis new property and he expects to move thr Hillside Dairy headquarters there ohont
May 1st.
The I.O.O.F. will attend divine servile at the Presbyterian church on
Sunday evening. April -,'Otli. tbis occasion being the 06th nnnlversary of
the order. Key City lodge will hold
their annual roll call meeting and
serial at 9 o'clock on the evening
ot April 27th. All members of subordinate, Encampment and Rebekah
lodges should make it a special point
to attend.
Mr. Held of the Imperial bnnk staff
lias been transferred to Nelson. He
had been very active as president of
the Young Peoples" Debating and
Literary society of Knox Prosbyter-
Inn church, nnd on Wednesday even-
' ing he was presented with n Bible as
-i Blight token of the esteem In which
, he   wus   held   by   his    many   friends
In this city.
' Mr. and Mrs. Q, S. Houghnm. ac-
' eompanied by Mr. c.eo. Sonne, spent
; Ki.Htcr at Sirdar, the guentR of Mr.
and Mrs. 1'. Aspay. Mr. Houghnm
reports an cnjoyohlc time and states
that the weather was Ideal lu that
favored spot, which Is near to Kootenay hike, possessing every attribute of a summer resort, warm climate, boating, mountain hunting, fishing mid beautiful scenery.
I'IHIM; B—Freeh killed, grain fed
pork at tbe Cranbrook Meat Market.
Mr. Edward Idiwrenee, of Lawrence
& Elliott, who appear at the Auditorium next Monday with Frank Morton
company, has been for a number of
years connected with the Hunting
House Dancing Academy of Chicago,
wliirli has been lu existence for tbe
pusi quarter century. Miss Elliott,
Mr. Lawrence's dancing partner, ls a
clever little woman who does know
how to trip the light fantastic, In accordance with her partner and the
music. Commencing at the Audi-
torium Monday, and continuing for
three nights.
Hutching eggs from pure bred;
Single Comb White Leghorns; good
laying strain, $1.50 per 18j $7.00 per!
Hatching eggs from   good laying'
strain of Pekin Ducks, $1.50 per 10;
$10.00 per 100.
Hutching eggs from English bred
Indian Runner Ducks; limited number,
$2.(hi per 10.
■ per word f*cr lirst nmek, ami
word for Pitch iwk uiit-i
I Vll,OKIN(...*-Udks suits cleaned
and pressed; Chicago experience.—
Mies Baker, near Leask's store.   i::-tf
FOB >\l.i;    l.iMio sack-*, -hl.iin.  \,».
ply Box w., Herald office        ui-n
FOK SALE—New Democrat, cost $155,
for sale $90.   Apply Herald.      tr
FOR SALE.—Young mare harness
and buggy. Apply Box 1, Herald
Office. 3-tf
FOB SALE—Settings Pekin Muck
eggs, phone Awmack's Ranch or
Box Wl. 11-'it
very cheap, Miitable tor warehouse,
dry. Blectrlc light.   Apply Herald.
I'MMVTNU |»0>'E -Let us know where
you arc. We will call and see you
about, it. Address Box 4S, Cranbrook. 16-2
wants position iii  private family;
good   cook—A. France,   HoBtner,
B.C. n;
WANTED- A   competent   experienced
girl   tor  general   housework.    Must
be fond of   children,   Apply   Mrs.
Watson Hall. Hilt
hatching ((S.C); Evangeline strain
$2.00 for 18. Will Heal yen right.
Male bird lor sale.—L, P. Sullivan,
Box 4ti:i, Cianbrook, B.C, 12-tf
Steam or hot water heated. Use of j
hath room. Will pay $15 u month
for suitable accommodation. Apply
Rex,  Herald  office. lG-2t
MAKE ME AN OFFER on my select
twenty-acre tract (Lot one in Glen
Kden) three ami one-halt miles
south of Cruubrook. !'. L. Muyliew,
]i!0:i Nebraska Ave., Spokane, Wash.
hatching.   $1,60 for 13;    $9.00 per
100. R. T. Williams. Reliable Egg
Farm, Cruubrook. 14-3t
four years old, very gentle, harness,
buggy, cutter, wlll work. Just the
thing for rancher. Apply Herald
office. tf
TO RENT -Comfortable four roomed
cottage with hath and all modem
conveniences, fenced, use of kitchen
range and heater, $-" per month
Including water.   Apply Herald.
RANCH TO RENT Comfortable
house, stable for six horses, about
III acres broken, good grazing land,
plenty wood und water. Apply Herald Office
FOB   SALES.   C. .While   Leghorn
eggs, $1.50 per setting; Partridge
Wyandotte eggs, $1.50 per setting.
Fertility guaranteed. Baby chicks a
specialty. Apply _., H, Slater,
phone _■!!_. 16—It
FOR   SALE—Having  sold   my   farm
am offering all my stock for sale,
consisting of big team of well
broken horses, 4 milking cows, 20
brood sows and about HO pigs. Apply J. Brault, Canadian hotel. 10-2
FOR   BENT  CHEAP—Four   roomed
cottage with bath, phone, electric
light, large cordwood shed, kitchen
range and heater, good location,
fenced. Three minutes walk from
P.O. Furnished or unfurnished. Apply phone 317. 14-tf*
PHONE 8—We handle only fresh-
1 killed, choice stock, and our incuts are
the best to be had. (live us a trial.—
Cruubrook Meat Market.
Joe Uvanni and Dick Robinson intended tin* boxing match at Fernie
Inst Monday night between Hick Marshall and Cyclone Scott. The decision
was a draw, although, according to
I'vanni, Marshall had a shade tlie best
nf the go. Mr. Cvanni challenged the
winner, and was Inter matched to
meet Bailor Jones at Fernie on May
lirst. I'vanni is anxious to arrange
a match witli one of these men in
Cruubrook next month und states
that a good drawing card could he
PHO>'E 8—Fresh sausages daily,
We make them on tho premises and
can recommend them. -Cruubrook
.Meat Market.
Mrs. Geo. B. Powell last week received the following telegram from
Rev. Robert Hughes: "Vancouver,
Aprl 10th: My dear wife passed away
this afternoon at 2 o'clock, Kindly inform our  friends  in  Crnnbrook.  She
ever took u deep interest in the place
und people among whom she lived
for four years. She now really lives,
her buffering ended!" Signed, Itobert
Hughes." They resided in this city
for four years, until about two years
ago. Rev. Hughes heing tlie pastor of
the .Methodist church. Many friends
In the city have expressed their deep
sorrow at the death of so beloved a
character and have many words of
sympathy for tlie bereaved husband.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Campbell returned the first of the week from a
trip into Kastern Canada, visiting the
old home at Sussex, N.B., being present at the golden anniversary of the
marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Campbell on March 81st, Six children and 13 grandchildren attended
the celebration which was the first
family reunion held In many years.
The old couple have passed the half-
century mark together nnd are both
in good health, with many more years
of life predicted for them. .Mr. and
Mrs, Campbell report a very enjoyable trip and visit, having been away
for the past four weeks.
A Beautiful Suit
is waiting for you here. Suits,
the most worn urticles of
women's »pp:irel, are bore in
a ureal, variety of the newest
and most becoming styles.
The prices, too. are within
the reach of everyone—$15
to $45. The materials limeades, Gaberdines. Silks.
Plaids. Serges. Honeycombs,
Etc., are the correct ami accepted materials for Spring
and Summer Wear. Kx.
a mine them NOW   TODAY.
Fit Your Spring
Clothes Over
Gossard Corsets
" They lace in Iront"
Your style and good appearance depend absolutely upon
your corsei. If it is' right
you will have no difficulty in
obtaining clothes that become
In the Gossard line there is
a style made for every figure
-a style lhat will give you
"all day" comfort, together
with lietter figure lines and
improved health.
Sen thee
linn.   The        ___________
what il means to have ft genuine Gossard, with nl! its exclusive and original  features, with tho price within the reach
of nil.
Cursets to-day.   We guarantee your satisfae-
i prices now range from $:l.0li upwards.   Think of
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Timothy hay $12.00. We will sell
ti ii ton of No. 2 timothy hay for $11! a
ton cash —Cranbrook  Troding Co.
M. .\. Macdonald arrived from
Vancouver last Saturday spending
Krister in the city.
Mr. (i. F. Pownall. of Fish creek,
near Fort Steele, spent Saturday and
Sunday in the city.
Mrs. T, M. Roberts left for Alberta
last week and will spend a month
visiting her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ward spent
Easter with friends In Jerome, returning bom** on Tuesday.
Mrs. Martin McCreery I*ft Monday
for Lethbridge to spend a week visiting with her Bister, Mrs. B. T. Brym-
Spiking of Miss Oladys Vatighan,
who is prima donna wilh the Frank
Morton company at tlu Auditorium
m-xt Monday for thre.* nights, where
you see a younp woman full of life
and all anuiwr with energy, when
you h**ar her sing from t!.i* tips of
her little feet to the crown of her
hat. sing without the slight-st effort
except the opvuinp of her month, and
letting the notes come forth, when
you see that bundle of charming femininity handsomely gowned, a bundle
of erratic movements, that gay wisp
of a creature thistle downing about
the stage, eyes dreamy, her hands-
fingers madly vibrant, you think of
nothing so much as the bit of quicksilver fn the thermometer you once
broke, and then couldn't plcb it up
again to save your life. Quirk-silver,
yes—that's  Gladys   Vaughan.
Three Nights
A Musical Comedy
Lawrence & Elliott
Tango Dancers Premier
Mr. Lawrence is a Member of the American Dancing Masters' Association
******************************************** ********************! ********************
PnCeS 75C and 50C.Seats on Sale atBeattie-Murphy's THE CRANBROOK HERALD
Dr. Andrew Wilson, Dr. Cor.'
don Stable! and Dr. I.uscelles
Scotl, thc famous Knglish an-
alyst, have all personally tried
/.amlluk and exprraaeit iticimi'lven
convinced Ol Us itrratlieillnij value.
Mr*, Si. Deitli, «>f Thompson St„
Wei ton. win nl peg. mifforcti long
With eetcma I »ntl finally her doctor
■aid (inly Zam-Buk could cure her-
• nothcr fine ttihute of a scientific
man to thin (treat herbal bealcr.
Mrs. St. Denis says: "The eczema broke out on my noie and une
side oi my face, I could get no
sleep because ol the Irriiniion and pain,
nnd my tact was in such o shocking
condition t'  * for two month. I did
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, pastor
Morning worship, 11.00k. Topic:
"The Father's Will: or the Problem
of Suffering."
Sunday school 3 o'clock.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Evening worship, .7.30k. Topic:
in This World Nor In tlte Next: What
It Is; Who Commit It; Why It Cannot
be Forgiven."
Ii.V.lM'. Monday 8 p.m.
Weekly prayer meeting Wednesday
S.OO p.m.
Tlie public ure cordially invited.
"The Third Degree"
Hair often continues to live and
which saw a full season at the Hud-' grow long after death of the body.
son theatre, New York, and has since
then made a triumphal tour of the
entire country, this truthful and intensely interesting drama has been
reproduced 'by   the   Lubln   company
But It Is often killed through neglect
or misuse. Almost always the wo-
man or man whose bair is falling
out. or Is stringy, Ufeles and dull-
looking, Is entirely to blame because
noi go out i      i1-1
house,    i nppucii
remedies and my
loot or Ircati a nu,
but without effect
said that the only
be likely to cure tm
procured ,i supply
story short, In a fc
mini »>ne day he
thing which would
trasfeam-Buk. 1
mil to cut :\ hmg
v H-ecki Zam-Buk
cured   me   complc
ely,    leaving   no
Znm-Buk ii a suit
burnt, renins, acalp mi
,\M* .mil ilim-i lit Sk
Z.im-lluk  Co., Town
cute "Oi CUll, (n.ilili.
tl,  ukrMlion,  i'.l!.ini-
m mi i ii.iiin. il1"" lor
i lelslica.   All druij-
bos. i>c post 'ift Irom
ii,  lot price.     Kcluie
with a brilliant cast. It Ib ln five reels  uf not giving It tlie proper care.   It
sin That Cannot "be Forgiven Imi (lol!s "ot conMn a sln*"le toot ol ,'B •aay to take care ol the hair. Use
film that Is vital to the story. A Harmony Hair BeaiitMer to make It
feature that will satisfy every class , glossy, soft and silky, and Harmony
of moving picture patron. The photo-1 shampoo to keep tlie hair and acalp
grapliy is or the highest class. thoroughly clean.     It Is delightfully
Following is a brief synopsis of the perfumed with true rose. Sprinkle a
story: little on your hair each time before
THE THIHU DEGRKE (K|„! brushing It. Contains no oil. and
purtsl.-Howard Jcfferles, Jr., and:""1 »<* change color of hair, nor
Hobcrt Underwood are warm college ^"*en gray hair,
chums, the latter, a boy of moderate To """l1 >"ur l"*lr "*,d 8C"") dan-
olrcumstances has a penchant for art dmC-free and clean, use Harmony
and devotes most of his spare time to Shampoo, This pure liquid sham-
the canvas, but Howard having a "°° '» mosl ™»venlent to use, giving
rich father is Indifferent to the future «* Inatmi.ouH rich, foaming lather
and indulges In drink and other cy.-tllal Immediately penetrate, to every
One night In a restaurant a 'mrt ot tho lmir un<l "m"'' »««"*■ a
quick,  thorough   cleansing.
Pastor \V. K. Thomson
Morning service, if a.m.
Addresses to children,
Subject: Tlie Flower as Host.
S. S. and Ulble class, :', p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subjct;
CornolliiB the Boldler,
Mernlug Service
Solo    Selected
livening Service
Solo   Selected
Mid-week service Tuesday, S p.m.
Knox l.iterury and Debating Soc<
lety on Wdnsday veiling at 8 p.m. Social evening.   Everybody come.
W. E. WORDEN, Prop'r
66   PHONE  66
Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
J. MILNE, Mnwigor
Rov, W. Elson Dunham, imntor.
Sunday services: The pastor wilt
preach ut ll a.in. und 7,30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The DlfflcuUlcu
uf Prayer,"
Evening subject: "Naturalism," sal
viitiuu hy living dose to nature.
This Ik the lirst of a series of four
addresses on: "Hume Solutions Offered for tlie Problem of Life*
Sunday School and Onward Dlble
class at .. p.m.
Morning service
Prelude     Selected
Anthem    Selected
Offertory—A Reverie   Oesten
Poatlude—March   Sohmnelle.. .Mallly
Kvening service
Mr. Nidd will give a brief organ re-
cltal before the evening service
Prelude:   1.   March  of  the  Israel
ites   Costa
2.   Morning Prayer ....
Anthem       Selected
OlTcrtory—Chorus of Angels 	
Poatlude—Fugue A minor  Uaeh
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
all to attend the above services.
run our < muni
Sundays—Low mass at 8:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
from 1! to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays und holy days of obligation— Mass ut 8 a.m.
Week days—Muss at fi a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Practical Nurse
Phone 187   Cranbrook, H.C.
Strawberry Plants
Manly Northern thrown .lock of
leading varieties.|iro|>iij(nteil from
llie II. M. Kellogg el,uin ol pedigree plant*.
Price per TIioubbiuI Plant., 1,0,1).
here, $7.50.
100 Plnnta, postpaid, for $1.25.
Catalogue eent on request
MonradWigen, Wynndel, B.C.
pretty waitress seeing that he la in
toxlcatcd, refuses to wait upon him: olr *»• " "ulcklv;' thc e,ulr0 <""*■
he insults her and is requested to i "on *»•"» ""^ " ,ow moments. Con-
leave. Ne*t day he goes back to I tal»" noM^ ">»' ™n narm the lu*,r'
apologise and the two become Wends and '™VBS "° *"»"'•»•» <" stickiness,
and eventually got married. How- Bolh Preparations come in odd-
ard's father, who for seme years had : s"»'";l1' W ornamental bottles, with
been a widower, marries again, the M»M« tops. Harmony Hair Beau-
lady being an old friend and patron of; M"- «100' H»"n0'*" s ,»n»">°' M°'
Bob Underwood. Eventually the tv/o | Both waranteed to satisfy you n
boys leave college: the young artist'""'' ""■ or *mr """^^ „ n
establishes a studio and quotes Mrs.™1'' •>« *■" mo" ""*" -\M0Rexall
Jefferies Sr.'s name as a patron   to ! !to"». "J"1'» *"'8 ^ mly by U"-
induoe an advantage.   The lady, how-! Beattie-Murphy Co., Ud.	
ever, withdraws her patronage and j
Underwood finds himself broke. On
Howard informing his father of his
marriage to a pretty waitress, the
father turns him adrift and cuts off
all allowance. Both Howard and
Annie seek work but find nothing
but discouragement. Underwood not
being able to borrow any more money
from Howard, makes a last desperate appeal to the elder Mrs. Jefferies,
informing tier tliat he contemplates
suicide. One night Howard much intoxicated enters Howard's studio and
lying down on the sofa falls asleep.
Bob finds him and places a screen
around the couch; shortly after Mrs.
Jefferies Sr. enters. Not seeing Howard, she has an interview with Underwood and refuses him any monetary assistance or further Influence
and leaves, declaring their association at an end. Robert then enters
bis sleeping room and placing a revolver at his head, fires. His bell boy
:ulHl!iif* I'll) for Women.  16 a box or three for
■     -Jlrt at nil  "       "      ■'"' *   ---
Vitality;for Nerve unci Bntn; increaMa"grey
matter":** Tonic-will India you Up. IS a box, or
two for $.i. at dm? ilnn-a, or hy nail on receipt
of price   Tux Scobem, Urno Co., St. C4.ntr.net,
A laal Um llnalatlM
A itnldiKonrunl
•>HW   (torn  in  m	
tan.    Wa m ilTlwamr
Wuihct  ta  tbaanatto   of
l«9plt til   cm   Itw
~-im\ M    a    ban
• 'ttmrat    "
raises an alarm, the police arrive and f address on receipt office-  thc Svobzu. Data
find yonug Howard leaning over the S^hSIiA^Ai—Ssii
dead man's body   He ls placed under
arrest und on the spot Captain Clinton
ln tlie presence of others,   puts  him
through thc third degree. The terrible ordeal lasts for hours until the
boy hypnotized  and overcome with
fright nnd need of rest, confesses that,
ho had killed his friend.   Howard Ib!
thrown Into jail and his father unre-
lenting not only refuses aid, but   In-1
structB his own lawyer that the boy is
a murderer and he must Buffer, also
that If the eminent attorney takes the}
case, that he must not look for any
more   of   the    Jefferies' * patronage.
Aside from the false confession wrung
from the boy, the   only   clue to the
mystery'Is the fact that a woman visited the studio on the night of      the
tragedy.   Howard's young wife after
much endeavor induces    Mr. Brew-!
ster, the corporation lawyer, to take j
tlie cane In defiance of Jefferies' j
j orders At the trial Mr. Brewster in-1
i trodtices Dr. Bernstein, an expert on j
j hypnotism, who rigorously confound- j
1 ed tlie police captain who had extort-!
\ ed the false confession. Both Mrs.;
\ Howard Jefferies, Sr., and Mrs. How-:
will* tto-mtAwhita
«ill t*t |I«M FM
IiImm wuehM m
■•wmiMd at* rNn),
■biuM r<n uka **•
nnUmatMt atanti-
ton offer. Wa amet rea to uu tow Mania
about iu and lho* thorn tha baanUal vafah.
Riii i Dunk thi. oRor too food to ha tm, b« md4
If cant* tod»T "ml train a trim Watch. Yea
will I- aitikf-' -WiLLIAUH * UOTD, Whata-alt
Jawfllm U'-m IS. ), Nl. Curnwillli Hoad, Uouon. M,
All piTBons owning dogs mutt purchase dog tags on   or   before  April
, 25th.  Persons not complying with this
ard, Jr., were at the trial and under | not,ce w|„ be proBecuted.
_y^; a Hn juijl.'J-tj \\ um
<  J'tiiC^
the terrible pressure of the scene
Mrs. Jefferies, Sr., produced the letter tliat Underwood had written to
her, threatening suicide. The letter
was simply addressed to Mra. Howard Jefferies and to save the elder
lady's good name, Annie, the young
wife of Howard, claimed that the letter was sent to her and that It was
she who visited the studio on the
eventful night. The case was dismissed and Attorney Brewster, by his , '"* *way'
good offices, brollght Howard's father !    *" w " . , ,
to the young folks' humble lodging i °"">r """ *" P™»™^d'
and effected a reconciliation and hap- '
liliM'ss for all.
Chief of Police.
! All residents are notlned to clean-
i up their premises ot all refuse and
I garbage and place, in receptacles on
i back of lot next to alley, so that city
scavenger can readily load for haul-
All who do not comply with   this
Chief ot Police and Sanitary Inspector.
Frank Carlson, J McDonald and R.!
S. Garrett motored to Athalmer laat
Sunday making the run   up   ln   six
houra.  They visited all ot the Windermere district returning today.
Mrs. J. L. Walker and Mrs. J. D.
Oilmour left last week tor Toronto
where tliey wlll spend the next two
months visiting their friends and relatives in that city and other parts of.
eastern Canada.
H. W. Supple, manager of the Im- <
perlal bank, who has been relieving
the manager at the main branch ln
Calgary since December 15th, returned
to the city on Tuesday of this weok
and la again in the harness at the imperial
Mr. C T. Davis, proprietor of the
Cranbrook Steam Laundry. reports
that his new cleaning business wlll be
ready to start about May first, tho
building being completed und the
machinery now being rapidly Installed. |
He has purchased a Ford car which
wlll bo used In making his out-of-town
Mr. P. O'Hara, late city engineer,
is opening an office for civil engineering and architectural work In
the It. C. Carr store on Norbury
avenue, and v/tll devote his time to
private work ot all descriptions. Mr.
O'Hara was recently elected a member ot the British Columbia Society of
Bicycles, Bicycles. .We have another shipment ot English Wheels
made especially tor our trade, Just arrived. .We an proud of the Quality
and the Value. .Come In and see them
while the line Is complete.—Patmore
Mrs. Qearge Lynch died at her residence in this city on Wednesday
noon after only a few hours Illness.
They were married In this city about
three years ago. Shortly after their
marriage the husband, who was employed by the C.P.R. as switchman,
met with an accident in the local
yards, which necessitated the amputation of his toes. Mrs. Lynch was
stricken with her Illness in the morning and only lived a few hours. She
was 33 years of age and besides the
sorrowing husband leaves two small
children. Funeral service will be
held from Christ church on Saturday
afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. E. P. Flewelling.
J. TAYLOR.. Frwtl.tor
Hat just purchased a car of
High Grade Cows
(AU Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and Cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice • week
Just ordered a Clarifying
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave.
At the 'Rex Theatre'
| Non. and Tues. Apr. 21st a 22nd.
PRICES I Iii ud 85 cents.
i FOR SAl.K-Uood laying heas at M*
Fenwick avenue or phone 322. 16-21*
Mrs. C. J.   Little wlll
' agBin this senium.
not   receive
That Increase Profits
are the ones thai are right on your own farm.
'Ihey arc thc kind that enable you to hold your
Ijrain, without storage charge! or wane from rati or
other rodents, until you can obtain the belt prices. They
arc thc kind that need no repair, and last a lifetime.
They arc thc kind that
Are Built of Concrete
Concrete never wears out. It's the farmer's best (train
insurance anainit loss from fire, rodent, or any other
"What the Farmer can do with Concrete" is the title
of a free book that shows how you can build
brtter buildings on thc farm with concrete, and
save money by thc operation. Write for it today.
Famar'a Information Bureau
Canada Cental Coeapaay Limited
S36 ll.r.ld Building, MoMn.l
{    Modern   hoUBo
Beale 6. Elwell.
to let.   Apply   to
(Vrlllliale of Improvements
Ouindon, Ferrobe and Alice Traction
Mineral Claims, situate In the Fort
Steele Mining Division of Eaat Kootenay District. 	
;   Whore located-West aide ot Lower I   a H, Bnmll thl, week reoelved the
[Moyle Lake. ,|cenBe fop n|8 nd,e, Bt Canal p,^,
A. B. Fenwick was over from Fort
Steele last Saturday.
For residential lots on monthly payments see Beale & Elwell.
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Ouin-:
I don, F.M.C!., No. 63504B, acting for
' myself and as agent for Joseph Gosse-
11.1, F.M.C. No. 53606B, David Fortln,
F.M.C. No. E3B00B, Alplionse Demers,
' F.M.C. No. 53607B, Joseph Montpelller,
F.M.C. No. 67244B, Adelia Montpelller,
F.M.C. No. E3321B, Intend, sixty days
I from dato hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements tor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant of the above
i claim.
! And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day ot March, A.D.
13-M Frank Qulataa.
the opening being held on Wednesday
of this week.
Your valuables should be, kept tn
one of Beale & Elwell's aafety deposit
boxes. Their charges are nominal
and your papers will be aafe from Are
and theft.
Annual gcnoral meeting of the
Cranbrook Tennis, club will be held
on Tuesday, April 21st, at 8 o'clock
at the Ky. V.M.C.A., when a full attendance of members and Interested
friends Is requested.
Seed potatoes t the polales we have
are good white ones aai would do for
fear seeaV-Craahrook Trading Ce,
Oreeeries aad Feed.
A modern equipped Oate at moderate
Rates 11.00 and up per day
Oar bus meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Compiny
moral sroaa
JABOB QOBTZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
(I ran araat satisfaction with
yotir washing; send
Special prices tor family work.
for garden andfanaorobeet
tot B.C.eoil. Bo* Catalogu* for
aolid ifuaremte* of purity
Send new for Copy free
Sutton ISoM.TheK.njl'a SesAam
ax.ta.laa.4 sstnglmni
Quality always
First Thought
Mark Your Linens
Our metal stencils will last a lifetime. We
have them in almost every combination of
letters in sizes suitable for Handkerchiefs,
Napkins, Towels, Etc.
This Exact Size
and Style
This Exact Size
and Style
Packers and Provisioned
N'dW Zealand and Shamrock Creamery—
40c per lb. or 2 lbs. tor 75c.
Empress Grown Creamery—
3Sc per Ib, or 3 lbs tor 11.00
PURE LARD-3's, 65c;  6>>, 85c;  10'e,
11.70; 20'i,t3 30.
COMPOUND MRD-8'a, 45c; 5'e, 75c;
10'a, 11.45; 20's, |2.50.
In Two Great Plays
Friday: "Bought and Paid For"
Saturday: "The Happy Family"
special :
bic school matinee, saturday, 2.30 p.m.
Night Prices: 25c, 50c, 75c
Seats now ou Sale
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
Dy Modera Method..
My motto: Quick, tertian cure, marantetd atnodprat.
prlres. E.nart medical examination lra.. Frm, exitmln-
tlnu ol urine when nwaaaary. Cnuault me-frj,, Don't
nVl.y. Wm. ar. danierona. Call or write. Trm bonk-
lat. Kvcrjthlna eoalilaatlal. Hoor.: 9a.m. to B p.m.
HundB.va, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
210 Howard


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