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Cranbrook Herald Apr 5, 1912

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We are well equipped to
turn out the beet elans
of work.
i Hi. Il'en.1,1 Pays—Tr***^*
Uical   Column,
IO. UliTleralil
/'Uur   Lpcal   Cl
■t    lw
''  F?JA, G    ■'
NO.  I I
Strong Delegation from Board of Trade
wait upon City Council—P. Lund Gives
Best of Reasons for Appointment of
such an Official,
Tin1 principal business tip for con*
SldCMtlon at Monday's regular meeting of tin* city council was an application by the board nf limit* for
civic aid in ibc niul lei of scouring n
publicity roiiiiiiissiniiri* fm* lho Craubrook districl.
Tin* iMiard ol trade was represented
by a strong delegation, Including President W. !■'. Gurd, 8ccrotary W. llal-
rall, uud among Others, Messrs. Ira
Mannlngi I'. Luml, A* Raworth, 0.
It. Word, T. O'Connell, I>. l>. Mo-
Laws and It. McCreery.
On motion llie board of trade dele-
Rates were invited to present their
ease., and Mr. Gurd briefly outlined
tbe aims ot the board in Ibe matter
of Bccurlng a competent publicity
commissioner, in addition to thc
regular publicity work, it would be
the duty of this official, Mr. Gurd
saitl, to work up the necessary information to enable lhe small fanners U) keep in close touch with market conditions, so that they may bo
aide to dispose of their products to
Itest advantage. Mr, Gurd referred to
what is being done by other cities in
Alberta and li. ('. in tho matter of
publicity work, pointing nut tbal the
little town of Macleod hail appropriated upwards of $15,000 for Ibis
r work. Ih- was <>f the opinion that the
Cranbrook board of trade, as a
starter, could f('t along with a less
amount, but they must have a first-
class u.nn to till tbe position of publicity commissioner. There were three
or four sources from which the necessary funds could bo secured.
(1). The citv council; (3) Merchants
and largo property owners, in and
outside the city; (.i) Largo land owners in the outlying districts, and (1)
From the provincial government.
fie estimated, roughly, tbat a fund
nt at least sio.ooti would bo required, und he asked tbal lho city council appropriate as large n share of
this amount us was possible, say al
least $50(10.
Ira Manning spoke briefly on the
Importance of looking after Uw settlers who bavo stock and produce for
sale. Mole than can be easily and
profitably disposed of locally is being
raised and it is up U tbi* hoard of
irade to tind sonic solution for this
P. Luml, td Wardncr, spoke norl at
considerable length, thoroughly reviewing tin* x\ti. li- situation and
rmpbasliing thc necessity lor co-operative work on the part of the board
of trade, the cltj council and citizens
generally, K Cranbcook were to    do
live Um* propel    reliinis (nun Iter un
excelled situation und imoqunllcd pos
stbtlitiea as a fruit, vegetable und
truck growing district.
lie diew some Interesting com
parlsons between Uw Cranbrook of
fourteen years ago ami tbe Cranbrook uf today, pointing out in that
connection, the urgenoj uf keeping
well to tin* front, in a thoroughly
practical and businesslike maimer,
the possibilities uf tlte tlistriet as an
agricultural country. Heretofore tbe
railways, mining onh lumbering bad
in en the maintta) uf rranbrook, but
n.itt urn conditions were arising ond
ii    wu imperative that    Crtmorook
Should     take steps tu piupeilv       en-
courage agricultural interests nnd to
make known ihe resources uf the
dish iii. lie wo* favorably Impressed
with Hie   idi-a nf   appointing    a emu
potent publicity commissioner, partic
uliiiIj if a man weie secured win
could d<> tin* work efficiently. lit
bit thai lhc clt) COUndl und the
business men general I) should hs pre-
pared to gtw tin* board td trade
generous ftitoncial and moral support
in Iheir work ol building up the
district. Then* wus no question of
tbe uipid development nf the Kasl
Kootmay district, ami it was therefore necessary that the hoard nf
trade ami city council should take m
active pftli in the work of dis-
BCtnlnatiing reliable data. Whilst not
a resident of the city, Mr. Lund
pointed out that iu his humble way
lie bad lieen endeavoring to prove
the possibilities of the districl >Jn the
way of agriculture. He had two
blocks nl land, one at Wardner and
the other at Marysville, td two hundred acres each, under careful cultivation, and the products of those
lands amply demonstrated what
could he done here. He (mil* a great
deal nf delight in doing this work,
not from purely plrflonUitopio motives, but wilh a view, generally, to
assist in bringing about conditions
tliat must ultimately prevail. Withl
regard to    Ibe question   ol study inn'
markets for the heiielit of small
farmers ami ol uidiiig them in the disposal of their products, be fell, thut
was a very Important consideration,
niul the appointment or a publicity
commissioner tn attend to that anil
oilier features, was certainly u movo
in the right direction and one tbat
would inure very largely to Uw lieno-
III of Cranbrook city and district.
Mr. O'Connell briefly expressed bis
entire concurrence in tbc views of
previous speakers and hoped that, the
council would see its way clear to
render generous financial assistance
in the prosecution of the project.
Mayor Bowness, speaking personal-!
ly, expressed liis hearty sympathy
with the project. However, tho council at the time was not in a posi-,
tion to make any definite promises.
He thought that probably $5(100
would Ik; more than the city could
afford, in view of extensive civic improvements contemplated for tbc ensuing year, and he suggested tliat the
matter be deferred to a subsequent
meeting of thc council, at the time
the estimates for the year are
brought down, when the matter can
he further and  more fully considered.
V. Lund briefly pointed out that
there is always a time iu the growth
of a community wben the men at the
head of affairs are compelled to take
the bull by the horns. He realized
that $5,000 was a considerable
amount. Probably some Cranbrook;
citizens may consider ton great*, but1
be believed the majority of citizens
were not satisfied to sec the city
remain in a sluggis'b condition and
would appreciate that tbc sum of
$.*i,0ini wisely expended in publicity
might cosily result in returns exceeding $100,000.
Beforo resuming hjs- seat, Mr. Lund
extended a cordial invitation to all
members ol the council to visit his
Wardner farm and Inspect what is being done there.
This closed tlw discussion on the
publicity question and the general
business of council was proceeded
with. There were present, in addition to the mayor, Aldermen Clapp,
Atchison and Johnson- !
The committee appointed to en-i
quire into the cost of securing a park
site, reported tbat the marsh lands,
west nf town, some 700 acres, were
held at $50 iht acre.
tin motion of Aldermen Johnson
and Atchison, bylaw No. 97 was u*-
eonsidered and finally passed.
On motion ol Aldermen clapp and
\iihison bylaw No. 103 was passed
through in several readings and
adopted. Tins bylaw provides for a
temporary loan of $84,000.
du mutton of Aldermen Clapp and
Atchison bylaw No, 104, lire limit
and building bylaw, amendment, was
read a third time and finally passed
iins makes provision tor regulating
the storage ol gasoline autl other explosives within Hie limits td the city
of Cranhrot k.
On motion if was decided thai the
health committee should attend to
the matter ut cleaning up tbe city by
May ist. The understanding i» ihat
ul] back yards, etc., must be properly
cleared   ol    accumulations of ashes,
rubbish and tliii of every description.
\ldcimaii Clapp drew attention to
Hi' blocking ol certain streets by
rigs, lumber and other obstructions,
This matter will lie taken up im-
metUately by  tho police commission*
iis and steps taken to remove the
In this connection Mayor Bowness
commented Upon the practice of some
business men of opening up goods
on the main street and allowing
paper, pieces of packing eases, etc.,
to strow Uto streets. This grievance
will iiiso receive immediate attention,
us also Hiut     of tlie taxless dog.
Council then adjourned to meet ii
special session on   Thursday evening,
April 1th.
Customs collections for the month
of March, 1012, $10,ft7».ll, as compared with   $4,802.41 in March, 1911.
Collections for the fiscal year ending March 31, 1912, amounted to
|8ft,Mfl.5n and tor the war ending
March 31, mil, to $04,589.41, an in*
crease of $22,123.09. |
Tbe inland    revenue receipts during
March were $18,04111
Crocus and buttercups are In full
bloom on tbe bills around Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Thoroughly Aroused
Large and Enthusiastic Gathering of Business Men
Discuss Publicity and other Important
Items of Civic Interest
Quito lhe must representative gath-j the burden might be evenly dlstrl-
eiing of the business men of this buted. The time hud passed when
ftt>, ihal bus come together u\ a!funds for such purposes could ho col-
board of trade meeting, assembled   in letted    from a    few  public spirited
citi/ens, as bad lieen tbe practice iu
tho past. Tin- work wus for the general benefit of the city and every
properly owner shnuld contribute to
the cost and should he pleas, d In tin
Mr. V. DeVoro Hunt strongly endorsed the idea of requesting the city
oiiueil      to    submit a bylaw to thi'
tbe council chambers lust Tuesday
evening The object of the meeting
was, mainly, to discuss the proposed
appointment of a publicity commissioner, aud to discuss ways and
means of carrying out ibis project
successfully. Whilst the work ac-l
cnmplislifd ou this occasion wus insignificant, the spirit and enthusiasm ^	
displayed was quite Uto most hopeful ratepayers for the purpose of raising
feature of the gathering. It was'thc necessary money,
made perfectly obviously that Cran- Mr. .1. 1*. Kink also spoke along
brook business men are, at last, these lines nnd he was followed by
thoroughly aroused to the necessity Mr. -Jos. Ryan in similar strain,
of bestirring themselves in tbe mat- who added some timely remarks
ter of making more fully and accur- ancnt the necessity of guarding
ately known to tbe outside world the against any and all attempts to
glorious potentialities of this great create a boom. His advice would be:
district. Every speaker al Tues- "Neither inflation, nor depreciation,
day night's meeting emphasized th hold the scales steady."
urgency of at once grappling with t'he Mr. tt". B. McFarlanc here moved
question ol adequate publicity, and that a committee he appointed ti
whilst, one or two, appeared to besi- prepare a petition for the signatures
tate at tlie cost this aggressive of ratepayers, asking Ihat the city
policy might entail, the overwhelm- council submit a bylaw lo raise the
ing majority heartily endorsed tho sum id at least $700u lor publicity
purposes. This motion, whilst generally acceptable, met with some little
opposition, tbe liual i ll Iconic of the
discussion tbere anetri lieing the submission of the whole matter to tbc
original committee wilb inst ructions
lo do    ns they saw fit.
Iu the course of this discussion Mr.
V. Hyde Maker took occasion to    eX-
rlch, varied press his personal   opinion thai     the
all Mint is neces-  time was nol     yet ripe to engage in
idea of entering at onco upon an active campaign of Well regulated publicity, the motive of which should be,
full, fair and exact information concerning tbe resources of thc district.
Every speaker Insisted upon the importance of avoiding anything in thc
nature of boom talk. All pr.sent appreciated the fact that the resources
of this district are
and extensive thatj
sary to attract   tho right kind of in- an expensive publicity campaign,    lie
vestors ami settlers Is  the Intelligent   siiought it would he better ami mot
presentation of the tacts.
President Gurd occupied the
and upwards of fifty id the
business men of the city were
In opening the meeting Mr. Gurd
intimated, on behalf of the specie
committee appointed to canvass for
funds for publicity purposes, that in
thc short time so    far devoted      to
I practical   to    work, at    the present
chair moment, for    concrete sidewalks and
leading   improwd streets, then W*hjtf   we have
in at-  something to show to engage actively
' in publicity work.
Mr. R. E. Heottic took direcl except inn to Mr. Raker's views. Whilst
he ditl not believe In unduly boosting
the city, what they must do and do
quickly,    was to    boost the district
the canvass," ihey bad secured pro- for all it will stand, and no one had
raises from over twenty business men a doubt, as to the excellence
of regular monthly subscriptions ot and vastness of the resources of the
$.*> each,   and    from    the outside     a  district.
lain- number ot communications   hadj     u lhjs   juncfcure Mr   j, w. Hohin-
promising generous assist-   S()|| jUrapw- inU| 1|](, aifill|Unil     wi,h
atntv to a properly conducted publicity 0(|(, 0*  th(, most optimf»tlc and    in-
atnnalpi. | spiring little talks upon the resources
of Cranhrook    district generally and
Mr, Qurd went on to say that a
it>-ci minittee had taken advantage
nf the presence in town of the lion.
tbe minister td lands lion. \V. It.
Itoss, to interview bim with regard
to securing some financial assistance
from the government. Mr. Elwell,
would, be thought, he in a position
lo give further details of tbe interview. The committee bud afso waited
upon the eily council and, after lull
discussion td their plans, hati asked untild
for an appropriation  of $fi000, which realized
was    promised     earl)  consideration.
the Sylvan Lake district, in particular, tbat bud ever been put up More
a gathering of Cranbrook business
men. Mr. Robinson spoke as au obi
time resident. Ruling his fourteen'
years residence in the district he had
always had faith in Its ultimate possibilities. Much of what be had an-1
titipaled had already taken plat** and
he believed that his entire forecast
the near future Ik' fully
In eloquent language    Mr.'
m^—^—m^^mmmmmm—mmmmmmmmk, Rnbinson dwelt upou the scenic
Mr. Gurd, alter* carefully reviewing (.|mrms surrounding the city of Crnn-
nfl possible sources of revenue, ex- huw\it unequalled in any other sco-
presscd his confidence that the board tinn „• ,*„, provinco. Anil then he
would lie able to raise sufficient! tlirnf,j *rt a description of Alkali
money to carry on the proposed pub- |jake, or Sylvan Lake, as be believed
licily campaign. jit might     far more appropriately be
Mr. K. Elwell, on behalf ol the, designated. He nnt only disc-anted at
committee tbat Interviewed Hon. W. length and with enthusiasm upon the
It. Ross, stated that the minister' charms of Sylvan Lake, a beauty
was very encouraging In his remarks, spot within walking distance of the
and whilst pointing out tlie difltcuU center ut the rity, but he told of relies that might confront Uie govern- markablo deposits of the finest pot-
nient in meeting the wishes id the eelain clay, equal tn the beat Bng-
Cranbrook board, suggested, that in fish, to Ik.* found on Its banks. After
view of the enormous extent of tbe some further discussion the following
Kasl Kootenay district and tlie to- resolution was unanimously adopted,
tally inadequate publicity heretofore as expressing the VleWB of all prc-
giveii it, il might bo deemed advis-.seot as to the way in which Cran-
nble on the part of Hie government brook city's contribution to Un* cost
to lend assistance to the work pro- of maintaining a publicity bureau
posed to Ih* undertaken by the Cran- should be raised
brook board ol trade. Mr. Ross fur-1 "That the funds required Ik* raised
tber suggested that If the hoard re- in Cranbrook by taxation.''
presented to tbe government, tho, Speaking to this resolution, Mayor
large area of lauds open for settle- ( Qowness, first ot all expressed his
menl, be thought there would he no hearty concurrence in the general
difficulty in securing immediate «S-( attitude ol the meeting, lie fully ap-
sistance to the tune of at least, predated tho tool that the time was
$1200. I rip,, fcr   Cranbrook    to engage in an
Ira   Manning, speaking on be- active   campaign of judicious public-
half of the committee, appointed to ity. At the same time he had to laki
canvass for funds, said the campaign, into consideration the work that tbe
bad practically just opened. They had city council would have to grapple
not as yet had opportunity of seeing with during the ensuing year, lie felt
one half '.'he people interested, but tliat if the city council carried nut
in the course of their work to date the well expressed wishes of citizens
they bad found nn unanimous senti-' generally in the matter of laying
ment in,favor of tlte appointment of down concrete sidewalks along Raker
a live, energetic publicity commis* street, they would have their hands
Bloncr. The general opinion appeared full fer the present year. Ho thought
to he that Cranhrook had been bile,' it would be the wisest course to pur-
in this respect, too long, also that sue, to raise what funds possible by
the mutter .should be put up to tho public .subscription this vear, make
city council tn iiml Uie necessary' some kind of a ..tart nml next year
money   by   taxation,    lu  order thai look to tbe council  lor n substantial
on behalf of ibe committee appointed to canvass for new members
and arrears of subscription fees, Mr.
.), It. McNabb reported very aatisfac
tory progress, althtaijjli the work was
but partially accomplished. They had
collected fees from upwards of fifty-
live members, twenty-five ol whom
were new members.
Mr. C. R, Ward, speaking in the
same connection, said that iu the
course of their canvass
they bad found        every
body very optimistic and appreciative of the work done hy the board,
but one and all seemed to desire a
little more aggressiveness ou Uto
board's part.
A general discussion followed re
sewerage nml tho proposed city park.
Mayor Bowness pointed tint that
the cost of ib<- lauds su lai suggested
for this purpose would entail boo
heavy a burden on the city. Al the
same time be realized ihal if the
city were to secure a suitable park
steps must lie taken promptly, as
land was increasing lu value rapidly
uml they would have to pay a fat
higher price for snitalifo land tu the
near future.
The major went ou to outline
roughly the city's plans with regard
to Concrete sidewalk construction during the .present year. He expected to
see such sidewalks laid along both
shies of Baker street from the'Craubrook Trading company's store to
the government buildings. This work
would be done on the frontage tax
system, under tbe local Improvements bylaw. His idea was to make
a start and to do as much each year
as finances permitted without involving the city in heavy debt.
Mr. K. .1. Deane here asked permission to say a few wonls in reference
to a recent publication by the provincial department of agriculture, en-
liilid "Our Prospects in Fruit and
Vegetable Growing," hy R. M. Wins-
low, provincial horticulturist.
Mr. Deane stated that he had received a copy of Ibis circular from
tin* department, with a request that
In* call public attcntitm thereto. This
he proposed to do. He had read
through the circular in question some
four or Ave times and had failed tu
find therein the slightest mint ion of
any point iu the great Kast Kootenay
tlistriet, from Creston on the west
tt the eastern boundary uf the province. So far as the writer of this
circular was concerned, apparently,
Kast Kootenay did not exist as a
fruit or vegetable growing section of
the province. In view of the recent
tour of Kast Kootenay made both hy
the minister of agriculture, lion.
Price Ellison, and bis deputy, Mr.
Scotl, it seemed extraordinary that
any such publication should have been
permitted to issue from the department of agriculture.
Mr. Deane went on briefly to draw
attention to some of tbe undertakings
in Kast Kootenay, that should, at
least, have called for some mention
in a circular of this description, lie
first enumerated the districts mentioned in Hie circular, practically
every section of the province being
covered, save tlu* entire Kast Kootenay district, whicli was absolutely
Ignored. Continuing bo directed attention to the great work, iu Uie
shape of irrigation systems the C.P
R. and other land companies hav*
underway in tin Windermere districl
to the extensive settlement BChemoJ
, lieing actively ami successfully cut
rled out in Uh* Baynes Lake. Waldo
and Gateway districts, to ihe
.tensive operations of Mr. V, t.und
I Wardner and Marysvifle;    to the good
I work being done by Mr. OUs staples, at Wyiiifle, to the extensive improvements ami successful farming.
operations lieing carried ou around
Cranbrook and on St. Mary's|Pralrlc;
to tbe successful fruit and vegetable
growing operations in progress, tor
years past at the SI. Eugene Mission am! in many other sections
directly within the Cranbrook district; to the magnificent showing
made by Mr. A. E. Watts, at Watts-
hurg. and speaking generally, to tl*[
splendid development of the Creston
Valley fruit district. Mr. Deane intimated that lie bad only roughly and
quite inadequately touched upon what
was being done in the Kast Kootenay dislrict in tin* way id fruit
and vegetable growing, but he had
stated fads sufficient to justify bim
in describing this circular, just issued
(Continued on page eight).
After spending the winter in eastern Canada, mostly around Montreal
and Toronto, F ■'■ Smyth is again
buck in Cranbrook, speaking of bis
dip, Mr. Smyth said tliat Toronto
was the most prosperous city he had
"Montreal also looks good," be
said, "but it seems to lack that progressive spirit that pervades Toroa*
lo. Montreal is lacking in civic pride.!
and has the reputation of being thej
dlrtlesl city in the east However,
butb cities are growing rapidly and
each day sees many real estate deals
put through. Many tanners iu Ontario ami Quebec, m t satisfied with the
three |»r cent banking Interest, are
investing in property in these er.ies
uml are pulling nut with lug sums to
tho good, Speaking gcnerallj I would
sat that times ate good in the east
In Toronto tbe theatres are packed
to the doors, hotels ami rooming
houses are well filled and the res
tuiirunts ami cafes are doing a rushing business. Tuke in tin- printing
trade alone, twelve hundred printers
are working in the various newspapers and in job offices in the city.
This is equal to alt of the miners
working in Kast and Wesl Kooteooy
"Hut busy as Toronto is on week
days, when Sunday comes a deathlike stillness creeps out the city.
\lt liars dose at seven o'clock on
Saturday night, nol to again open
until Monday morning, The leading
restaurants such as Child's. McCon*
key's, Williams and Lovey's, arc also
all closed on Sunday. If you wont
lo read you must read the signs on
the buildings, for while you can buy a
paper for a cenl on week davs you
could not gut one at any price on
Sunday. Speaking ol newspapers, I
was surprised to find tbat I was unable to buy a British Columbia
paper in Toronto. Then I went to
the public library feeling certain that
1 would at b*ast find a Vancouver,
newspaper on fyle, but there als-i
was disappointed. However, when
came to Chicago the first news stand
I called at I found the Vancouver
World on sale. I found that we of thi
west read more eastern newspapers
ihan those <*[ the east read western
papers, and we are more conversant
with eastern conditions than they
are with western conditions Many
there still speak of Washington ' Territory" and of Spokane Fails'' I
was talking one day with a man
ab'iut the west, antl lw* agrwd with
me that it was a great country. He
said he bail a daughter living out
there and she liked Uie country fine.
I was naturally anxious to learn
what part cf tbe west she was in,
thinking possibly that I had at some
time mot her in my travels- Imagine
my surprise wben Ik* told me her address was Toledo, Ofaio.
"While in Toronto I had the pleasure id hearing Henri Bnurassa, the
leader of tbe Nationalists. He was
the chief speaker at the St. Rat-
rick's day concert in Massey hall
Wby a Frenchman was chosen to deliver an oration on Ireland and Ireland's patron saint is more thar, 1
can understand, bun be was tbere
surrounded hy green (lags and shamrocks just the same. I liad b«-n told
of iiourassa's ability as an orator,
even that he was the equal nf Sir
Wilfrid Laurler on the platform
True, he is a fluent speaker and is
full of fire, hut I would not consider
bim iti   Sir Wilfrid's class tor a nun'
At lhe end ol last    week Mr. Mack-
ie, resident engineer for the sewerage
works   resigned   Ins posiUon, having
been     appointed   town   .:,. In -
Swift Current, Sask., whence he Journeyed oa    Sunday.    He fs succeeded
here b) Mr, .\   \. McUntock, who ia
now busily    engaged   arrangin
teis for a    general n sumpUon       of
work     at   an earlj    date     Vlrcadj
about si\t\   men have   made a start
wuh tIh- bcw« i   work u^ rat ions    un
Oarden   avenue   and al
works.   Mi     McMnto . tn
Cranbrook well versi d in Ih   work be
lias ui band,   lie Iun recently
pleted the   construction of wa I
sewerage worts In the town oi GleJ
trben. Since then he bus bt*en engage*!
in the preparation ol rep uis uu
water and sewerage worki for the
towns of Stxatftmore and llassano,
also In tbc running cf
milt - ol levi Is I
gi .i: -     ,.-..', ...-■■■.     :. loi
the town nl It ■'. Deci
ial Inten at to no
small a U wn    as Rel  l»e i
thos   t>.  brant bins Mr.
McLfntock   commt
sidewalks     tend    to gi ol
Importance  to   the to« d ai I lo lav
orabh* impress thi1 visitoi     bj   then
■lean. n«-ai   appcaraiK t      Red
Example might     wdl prove an    incentive to   our own   clt\ council and
n is  to in* hoped  that ore long thej
will have men   engaged in laying      a
concrete sidewalk alone both sides if
Hak.-r    street, as a starter   Mr   Mc
Lfotock has been In Um west foi some
considerable time, engaged in municipal  engineering    work   Ho has    the
best ut   qualifications and bos passed
the   associate  met il i examina
tion of the   Institute    * civil Engineers in London. Knglaml
Tin-   IkihIIiih    louratment  at iln
V.M.C.A. has |iro\rd I In,I Crufetooll
ha* bowlen tlmt nu- u ii.n1 as
Tin- ((illiiwiiijr   lOor-s w.'tr nia.lf
ll:" doUbla anil li.«- [mi ftaiiH-s
mi-: pins.
Knsl—K.iy KoUlmtet 	
Second—John McCftllum ... ... ...
Tliir.l—K.I. Halsall 	
Kinuili—\v. i.. Jotwiton 	
Killli-A. .lollflc 	
I'lTinr strings each),
Mrst—I. Mllno and E.   Myeri
Second—0.  Porter   and    .1.   s.
Trot  Ull
Thli.l-11. Sl.-|ilii-iis and   I'ort.-r. 1IIH7
'Kouiili—.1. K.    Ttaompflon   Imd
Teot 1080
Flltlt-W.   I-:.   Stopheoa    and II
K. Stephen*. 1075
Tliest- scores arr as ro.m1 or IWIer
than made at i,<-iliiuiik'- tournament,
where .'xperts Irom 1'alj.ary, Kd-
monton and other points cont.'sled.
This wreck the high tiring Is. at
lim,' ol wrillnR, hrld hy .1. Milne,
110; and Uw three utrintts hy .1. S.
Tcel, 5S7.
Tt>e regular monthly meeting of
the t'ranbrook school board ws held
at the school building on Friday
evening, March 2!Uh.
Mr. Dunne!!, tbe inspector of manual training schools for thc province, was present and addressed the
board at some kngtb on manual
training in all its phases. His object
i;. attending a* tfafi time was to
cmsult with tbe board and advise
UwiJi in the const na-tion ol the new
manual '.raining rjcbool about to l*
erected here.
M; 1 J. O'fiara, architect <>f Cal-
garv, was [ir----:.* f . V ' .'.hil>-
and asked permission to add.*. the
board. Mr. o'Oara stated tbat he
had opened an architects offlce In
(.'ranbroofc and wished to ask the
b*.-ard of   trustees   fot   the legi
of figuring on SB) are hav
ing done.    Mi   O'Gara ro- .
that bis request would be granted.
In the matter of the new building
it was d<"«d-*d, alter caret i consideration -*f (he remarks of Mr. Dun-
neil, that plans for the new manual
training s-.-hool shot-Id be obtained
from hoth local arcMtft *
Tbe butldlng is to be 80x80 it. on.*
story, and so constructed as to allow for the oddttton ol another story
later, if such Ik- required for high
school or donm
The matter of the new school at
the west end ol tl boo. dlstrb'
su also discussed hut laM over
to a subsequent meel ll
Tbe school board ba taken ■;*!1
this year to purchase all * h
plies, such a-* * rtthlei pens, pen-
Otls, erasers, etc., u**-*d by (be pfl
Al onl local '* '; '■ res have «t**ck-
ed up pretty lalgclj with tint SUp-
pie-*-      fur   U)i|      v.-ar   r      u d'-emed
MceMarj ■ •■'■ Wn
take their stock on theli bond   ..* a
aeai i osi   as   it is poMibb   I
Htm. C. El. Poole). K.C, funnel'
speaker of the legislature, died about
midnight Thursday lost shortly aftei
the news had lieen communicated to
him tbat his son, K II Pooley.
bad turn elected as Conservative
member for Esqulmatt, to which ihv
trict the pioneer, who came to Victoria in IS68 ns   a lmy among        the
gold seekers attracted from England,
represented for many years. He was
member ol the Ronton, Davie and
Turner cabinets.
Charles Kdwaid Pooley WSJ liorn
at Cpwood, Hants, ESnglnnd, Kebru
ary »th, 1846. He came to BritUh
Columbia in l*t83. THK   (JBANBEOOK   Jll'RAIil)
Our Constant Aim is
Clothes Betterment
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of what perfect  clothes should be.    Our constantly increasing
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few of
New Styles.
how you
Prices  in
for Men
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sinew and virility
Tho   advcnl
draliam ini" thi
i|iiinli'tli- ni tlio
bcrs.ol tho   Ion
surround    the
1'llRsll-V,       OliVC
inoi-son  havo al
tool-ivcnt'ss   iu
l.-y.   fnniii-ily
general   ol    Nc
nlct'l, callable n
proved   Invalui
ho legal ami I
sion.    A hrnu
Mr. Ollvei In
wi-sli-ra lor, li I
Mr.   I.i-nin  v.
Pnnndlnn, lus
oralorj can In)
,1    Hon.   I
house con
"lllll (Inn
lor cabinet
obleJ. Hi
,   L'omleui
rgc P.
nleles the
-wlui will
ii, Mcssrs-
unil Kin-
isiiinii. Ur. Pugs-
iter and attorney-
., hn
an- Mr. (i. Vi. Kyle and J. II.
air, two other Nova Sootlans
an- iiromincnl in dehaic, while
II. ii. MoKcnzle, one nt Uio
•ans, and Mr. .1. .1. Hughes, wlio
nun Prince l-'-tUvitnl ls-|
ast oleotilon. nro     al-l
[or a share    ia Uu- I'nin-
"t-aini- bad
land at    <
ways ready ^^^^^^^^^
Tho    prairies   "I   tho   preal
growing west have a splciwli-il lot
Liberal representatives.   In Dr.
acl Clark, ol   lied llecr, they pi
prohably  lhc mosl brilliant awl
lect-lve it-lain in the   1
man on   tbo     ROVel'lum
from iln- premier down,
i-iiinlial wilh iln- sturdy
In    Dr.       Molloy and
.use. Sid
I       lirillli'ln-!
Ubcrln nun
Mr.    Ilobei
so, llio In
slalwul I
-Mill    llll-il
ii-inr nl
Campbell, Mam
n .-..ui I wn splendid
linn In jiallialiniil I"
iiili-nsis.    Hi. Molloy
Iiu- H|>eaker, while ^li
-,ninsiiiii.il in liis maiden
ability I" hold bis own in
mil IiiiiiIiIi- uf d liali-. I'lu-
.: ihe Sa ikalchcwnn nun
. \\. I-: Knowl
WE nsk you to cull mnl son the result ot our dotnrmineil effort to
produce the licst in line clotltOB, either in Renily-to-'Wcnr or Mndo-to-
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elfort to serve so painstaking, that once you come here you are sure to
come here again.   That's  the principle upon which this business has
I'mi iii niul tt
advocates "I the Intel
pralrlc producer and i
liallli- Im liis ii phi - I
wise cliiiii-t- in Mr. tt.
wlio vomiiiishcd Mr- <
In Medicine Hal
gives promise "f I
most nlili-   recruits
Hill v
ind mc
.1 piipi
Hilar i
Ism is very much
awake, nml more
"wn ai oitiiwa these
is building up within
spb mild s< nlinu nt. li
rely less upon tin
nf immediate Buccess and n
llu- deeper significance. "I u
tlonnl service. It is conccrm
catching votes and more ii
m; opinioo. ll is learning
nl Damcl O't'oniu-H'ii d
llun    nothing    is   politico
I.i man
\. Magi
' llm li.tii.it*
Ing ono nl tlw
il tl,,- new house,
glos, lb,- Mborta
; hardest workers
iprcscntalivcfi. j
oboul il. Mlicral-
ilivi-. very much
than holding iis
,- days. Tin- Chid
grown so fast.
The Home of Good Clothes
■I    tlml lu* i
u Inking cai
..il end  nt I
bonnj    lighter: is   Cruise, I lie latter llu
isltlon, wiih    his  tlm
.'i.-I 1'iicrg), while inl
1   pn ut Kii iifh- ami
■■    ..ii.-I lhal  bin n'|i
fl.. iillin- I'llft-I.  is    uu   rtl
\n nii'M nil- moro  conscious ut    this
than ilif lut-M'nt    mini'.!.*!    ni" public
wmks ami tin* postmnstcr--gcncra1. lu
llu*   absence    uf   Mr. Ornhnui ii has
fall, i.   in  ih.'    lol ..I Mr. Kmrnerson I nro Mil
lu liahJIi- |iii lilriuI uf ir.iii-.-niit.i1ii
uud the Westmoreland man has shown I ndvocnlcs   m ihi*   Interests   nt
lhal hi' lias nut "lusl his grip."
Bill il is in llu* remarkable ih-
vclo|>mcn1 ui lho riuU, ami file ui the
Liberal membership ihat lho party
lind*. iis inspiration. Tho whole opposition phalanx seems to In* gal
vani/t'tl wiih currents ol optimiBtic
activity. "Tlu* Hoys"—as lho Chictl while
nlTtcliunalrly tlesupaii's thorn — arc
coming intti their own. Thcro is none
nf Ui,' Irndttloiinl Inertia nf opposition; nothing ul tb** customary reactionary tendency. Kadi unit has a
definite mid imt incoherent (unction nl
iis own. Tliere is an room in tho
Liberal party ol todaj fot iho more
idler. Krom chlel whip Fred Pardee,
to the humblest back-bencher they are
eager, energetic ami confident.
Ontario, for Uu- tm ment, takt a a
very modest numerical position in
the parliamentary rcpres ntatlon, bul
Ontario has no reason to blush lor
the calibre ol her nun. Mr. Pardee is
is be never   worked in fori*. I .     ,,-..-
■ that    ■  	
fanatics of sectarianism nnd more of
till- unifying mind; that il is better
to In* concerned about, tlu* next generation than the next election.
It is not so btrange, under such
circumstances, that sackcloth and
I nsht's is not tlif prevailing mode
among Liberal parliamentarians
Strange as H may seem, tin* defeat of
September ill is the basjs uf much
nf their enthusiasm, for, from Sir
Wilfrid down, they have como l" tht*
in,i|Polnl nf    rejoicing over   thai defeat,
 „_„.„„ I the manner iu    which ii was brought
xvrunr, a    irgtsiaior, ami '--jorauiio   . -,.,,;!
-   i aboul,   and tli.*     way In which     the
country now regards it. Their dally
successes in tht* house, ami lb.* tribul-j
ntlons which havo followed iht- government ever since Premier Dorden
formed his rabinet, havo Justified
Iheir leader's adaptation nf Gladstone's memorable assurance:   "Time
The underwear
without a fault
Just    the
vistyle,   size
»;btr   weight
you    like
Underwear and Hosiery
lor any season or climate,
(or man, woman or child,
at the right price.
And it won't,shrlnk!
Purchase     by
tha .trademark.
It's   on   every
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^j^C'*rry    N°' ;*-5J-.
f, :., medium weight
Phone : Si-yiiimir 70B0
ing value
nil'  IIJUHI'
in-      nail less ill
llic truth
Iv   riclit
I whir
It is
fact tb.it  lhe government j
nominally fifty, only one
shown tin*   figures tn  ho
i    tribute i" Uu* generalship ol the   chief whip. With bim     is j
associated Duncan <'. !!"*-*. son nf   k!
celebrated      lather   ami   au   ardent
worker  in   tin*   cause nf Liberalism.r
In debating prowess the province has
Messrs.   Hugh   Guthrie   ami     \. 11. j
Clarke, both nf   whom ai i moro Ihan
able to  hold their own in any   com-j
bal with the ministry. There is Hon.!
W.   \. Charlton,  wise counsellor
kneed   legislator, ami ''Johnnie
Angus"   McMillan ami "Archie" Mc-
Colg among the younger nun exercising a '***■ Influence through their lov-
dlsposlttons ami shrewd political
wis 1.
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
bcitsc. It used to In* a trinity beforo]
"Tom" Low resigned bis Renfrew
seal for Mr. Oraham.
Quebec's  contribution is an enthusiastic ami eloquent one. Hon. Dr. Upland,    for   three   weeks postmaster*1
ter general, is    destined
place in the    counsel]
Two lmnilrol elegantly furnished
convenience*   Elevutor service.  Uafo
$1.00 per day and upwards.
Up<conntry visitors lo tho Termin
convenience autl comfort ut tin* (■
attention being paid to tlieir wants.
B. C.
Every modern
modioli.  Ilouius
nl City
will Iiml every
Palace, special
(Harry w. Anderson in Tcronio Qlobo).
I in- *
I pr
ual i
li was Disraeli who exclaimed, in a businr
vein of cynicism,   "There  is u„ gam*  pose,
bling    like    politics."    Five   short grown
months ago a   decimated, dishevelled point
ami dishearten d remnant ol Canadian mil:
Liberalism nervously crawled out    oi  true,
the cyclone    cellai after a disastrous
electoral hurricane. The world had  a
cold, grcj hue.    Ml was devastation
ami desolation.    Tlte   Kden oi power
ami    prestige   had    lieen wiped out.
i;-i ti i.ill    mini tt rial oaks bad been
uprooted and    the  smaller shrubbery
'.■ a - renl and torn awl trampled    almost beyond n * ognttlon   Sotbing ro*
malm d bul a    lorsnki a garden      in
which even    Hope appeared to     lie
Hut tin* darkest hour mines before
tin* dawn, 'riir morrow's sun broki
upon .i m**' scene—a icenc of lite, ol
throbbing at Wvity, ol strong faith,
nf si uml. health) optimism. Ami l.itr
crallsm awoke with the sun lo find
battered but unbroken, to
feel II v..i good to be alive, nnd to
real i it had a flaj' • work to du. It
tackled its [ot with the old homely virtues, fearless of soul, cool ol
head ami kindly of hearl
It survived the supreme list, it
took Its licking manful!j ami "cams
back " The public bos little use foi
a pai ly whieh, when beaten alter
holding office, sulks in its tint and
gives Itself ih,- airs ol a dispossessed
heir. Liberalism glrdct? its loins and
came lorth tn its task, it proved Us
principles partook nf no nu-anitigles:
shibboleth, but wen* a reality to be
maintained and developed by constant
service. When il hud won it was
cheered; when defeat catnc ii was
unafraid. The pendulum swings lor
ward ami backward, but the bauds
ol  tin* clock go only forward.
Sn Liberalism has loyally and ton
Aden lly accepted its new duties, it
has nol sal down with iis back tt
lhe engine to review the achieve
ments ot tho past. It rejects the
sweeping character ol Lord Kan
ilolph    Chuii-hiU's   tin lum thai     the
>> of an opposition is to op-
Its faitli in Itself has not
cold. It Is nol contcnl with a
of negation, or with propound-
maundering platitudes—nol un-
tuil unreal ami uninteresting
ppositlon ol today is ready tn
up whore it pulls down—to rp-
obstoclcs which block tin- path
igress, ami to point lhc poslttvo
f endeavor. And, whatovei tho
of   the    change if seats may
mean to lho country, Its temporary
banishment from office has done thc
Liberal party no harm. Tlw fighting
lorn ol opposition is developing
tin* tank uml file ol its memberatilp,
tin* removal of the material
finiii iis considerations of public pol-
■\ is rcsulllnn   in the reinstatement
l tin- Idea.
Hom much ol the rvmnrkgble re
at'Wi ii nmfhlence nl the Canadian
people hi tb. Liberal party—manl*
frsbii .linn st iiiuU in the showers ol
communications pouring in upon IU
mu'ii.i "i. from e\er\ I'lo*.mt',—is dl-
recil) altrlhutahlo to tbe Drawl
Ohl Man" at its helm will aevei bo
km un. In ilef.ul, as In victory, bo
appeals tn ilu besi of tin* rosmopoV1
it an Canadian cltlsenhood, His Intense national enthusiasm( ins amUt-
iOUS dreams fnr the Greater Canada,
his jealous guarding ol Iho country's
good name and bis unwearying acllv-
ItJ in all that       makes
for Canadian        weal      nre
characteristics which bum them
solves upon th* conception uf all who
come into closer contact with him.
•'lie lives, moves nnd has his being
for Canada," was llu* verdict ol n
newspaper man the other day nt the
dose of one of tltoso rare Intimate
conferences with which "lho Chiel"
occasionally favors bis press "boys."
One sometimes wonders whether Can
ado hns yel grasped thc real Inspiration in the life of her greatest son;
whethel she yet noles the delieate
I" I i ''in v wiih which his (Ingot
presses the publie pulse.
There was little surprise among
thus* who knew him when, toward
tlu* tlose of bis memorable speech at
ibe family gathering which celebrated
the victory of South Renfrew, the
septuagenarian mntllngly observed.
"I u'u prepared to remain at the head
of the Liberal party so lung as you
waul me, and sn long as (lod spares
uie." Sir Wilfrid has done more for
Canada than give lur good government. He has given her people high
It is "tin' Chief" wlm bas created
the new spirit whieh is pulsating
through Canadian I.ilirralism from
ocean to ocean* He is dovotlng him
self with enthusiasm to two equally
congt niat tasks—fighting the enemy
ami developing a splendid trained
force of aggressive young Liberal Ism.
Km lifteeii years this great Canadian
has concentrated lus remarkable powers to the service ol tlu* country and
iln- upbuilding of a happy- prosperous
mid contented people.  Removal Ir
the h Iiu of the ship id state tint
imi nib him of his ideals, nor ha*
bis deft constructive hand lost ii
cunning. Headers of The Globe win
hove been following parliamentary
events for (ho past few months de
not need to Ih* told thai ilu- «derail
Liberal has set himself fo the di
veloptnenl ol progressive ami purpose
fut young Liberalism; Hint he is ua
Ing tbe greater lime now al his disposal to lav deep and linn tho loun-
datlnn nf the Canadian Liberalism ol
the eventful national morrow on lines
iini.nl iu outkok, world-wide iu sympathy and sound iu economies. Within
a lew weeks he transformed a dls-
couraged remnant into an enthusiastic fighting (one, the spirit ot whieh
he characterized ns "both Confident
ami cocky.11 He has devolcped initiative, emphasized ideals, and given
scope to the enthusiasm ot youth,
temporal by the wisdom of experience.
Sn Sir Wilfrid I.nnrier in Opppsl-
tioii hns been finding men lor the
Liberal party ami for parliament. He
has been allotting every man in the
ranks something tn do. He has been
taking counsel wilb them all. He
finds them holh Willing ntui able. The
result has been that, while there nre
fewer Liberals In parliament than
then* have been for some years past,
there seem to he mote. A year nun
all ihe responsibility was with the
thief niul his ministerial lieutenants,
to I.n every man bus an individual re-
is with us."     They may make    mis-
lakes, hut they fall in service.    They
are eager for    thc fray, confident   of bow
for a high  ,|lin. CQU8Ci intensely loyal to    their
a* the Liberal; ico(*el.j alI|. pi.rm).at,.,| wjti. ine   Con.
wizard. \,
party. As a speaker    Ite is a wizarn, | vjl.tmn ()f ullimal(. triumph. It
combining a ipilet hour   with an    el- preUy ))ill(, probiPm ,(l hold Buch
live manner ol presenting his case. wmb,naUon 1(mg a, ba
lie wins   bis way, rattier than lorces  ^ ,
it. Mr. •lacaucfl    Bureau is a fighter.
Every Inch ol ins diminutive Btaturc
thnds with    the  l.'\e uf eoitliet,  and]	
he has more ihan Ins share of homely j * — —
political sagacity. |   Among thc    many ingenious substl-
Kinin thc Maritime provinces comes lutes that   have been evolved lo sup-
a phalanx ol stalwart*gladiators.   In crsedc the  expensive rubber tires Inr
the  fronl "I thc   h I'liini forces Air ; the commercial automobile, one  that
E. M  Macdonald is located, and woo has appeared  in England has a    dis-
betide lhe     thoughtless Conservative tiiut claim to novelty. Inasmuch     as
who seeks to rro - swords with    thc  it is made of    wood. Por some years fore the blocks
Pie ton man.   Close behind sit Air. F.   past, in view ol the advance In     the wheel,    thev
It. Carvel), aggressive and dauntless, priee of rubber,       Mr. -John    Henry'
and Hun. a. K. Maclean, formerly at-»  Knight, ol Farmham, has be n endea
torney-general ol    Nova Scotia, who vorlng lo   use  wocd as a substitute.
Ir  nnc ni lb- mosl valuable additions An excellent Instance of the elasticity
to  ih.*    present    parllamenl     Then of   wood  Is afforded  bv thc archer's on them to prevent splitting.
which retains its qualities    for
half a century or   more. Innumerable
tests show    that the tire is resilient
and springy*, will cany q load of BOtl
pounds or    more, rides over inc^ualt-
. ties in    the road    surlaeo witb ease, I
prevents   skidding and seems to po**
MOTOR scss   remarkable    wearing   qualities..
i The tir,* is built up of sections      ol
asll, boiled nn tile ttlll of tb.C wheel
iii two or more rows. Tht* blocks
break juiiii with one another. In tbo
ituls of thc blocks are saw cuts,!
while a wedge-shaped piece is cut
away to give greater elasticity. He-
are bolted to      tho
  re bent by steaming.
bui aro    given a    somewhat greater
curve ihan the circumference of    the
Wheel.    The blocks     have steel cleats
■ "^mi.illill;.'//
Save over $25=
I.iM.t...y.   /■ *ly. **-|***M'H*. *"'* "1
•a. it •>
viml.* I e
I   i illi   ill*1
ynu I Hill lint nc
,.,.t   ynur   rtiM*
himI in i (wi In-
Hllilirf I In-iit lo
iiiv own urlslnsl
udt-uiteoil  nml
• e i.'n I ill i-    iu •*-
lie.i In.
"■■p'-ratorrlii'ca,   0f|SSl<   WffSksesS,
lu^t Vlior, Varicocele, Ifydractle, *-'!•
Irscted DiHrders. Speclttc Blosd Potsos,
!'t ei ss '   Strictures - restoring   sll
;i..ii. •• uniml iimltmlltoallby
net Ian in tho i-hoi losl possible sjhicc
id time.
II I" mall
i„-li,,   I Il-I In
Yob (;
n nay "dominion pRin!'" kange as Factory encc
lilrvcl From The laif(est Mn'.Ic ... !i* Ktniije Works fu t'lin-til-i
^        stler, you would have to pay
,   fits   i" wholt saler iiml retailer- whit-b would sdtl
i i'i n.e cost ol your nnge, but absolutely nothing to
rant to »ve frnm totoljOi nnd .«t the iame time tret the moat - itlsfactt ryhlti hen mngenwde
orimrC.r.i . •ii'.-aml looft inio the merits of the "I OMINION I'RIDH/'at frrtll I4I tof|q.
li wc 1 dd •■un ih nticslly ii!'* nine range In Ihe umiiI way, through a de "
from I69 to J78 for It   You would U- paying Iwo extra i«o	
Iir*i-li * rftlrn tuiii-li  Ii«» II1.01 Whet   tancM  In   It*.  cln««,   il*-**
S PHMIR" is min li tn   ■•  .ii-* 1. lur/    II I* BtRlt* of l.imh.
le |r*in oii'l llir b»it l.lue poUthfWl .I.---1   mult 1 tul.« iit.li **iA
1 ui lirtak,
i-.i -ir. 1 doci tint need blMkliR—fttn&ly rob li owl "ith n
It'll Mriliinit-im n   -«tjoi   '*   " *"— *■— "-■--
"Tbr BvststltS ol
lite took Stove1*
TKl.l.S (.limit
c ..kir-Klr.'iii
llie Itiii** Hi-*
ClTt liwr-llr-
■ li, i»i .lliolnt'in*-.
iulo tn-vot ml" il
It. Itnl<n trtl4R)l
B'voiit "DomltilDti
l*rl le" RSURM
Wlirtllcrynll nml
ft Kaitic ]ti«t ti-'w
or ml Mm Mill
rnjoy iciiilitit* Mill
tVrlk lorrrre lopr.
• ir.nr*. m»:in
ll.lt wta, CTRt j
Tht tntuh
'   •     Willi li-
wllh ___
tetu ii-«ve poi*
or CMlt
hen .imi •!•■'
tt -IV lilhci
cd tlml it tr
.'tut   I
.,f t.„.|, 1 1 ;
A "pt>MiNtON* ritllili- RmiKe, with high dOHt ihflfan.tflfviitfil
Innk or lln.'i irvrvolr, «ltli sine ■»<"*t lu k<> umlpr fntiup, 1 nrrliuiM
liliir piillihiMlMteliiitirnnil t^otlUiwi. wi.l lie ilell.ric.l 1,1 „ny ttailou In
(iittiiKk, ynrl-rc or the Molltme Pni'-linn lor fit. or to nny Htntiun in
llir four Weilriii I'mvincra f'«r *4H-t\ lol«*f-*nt with cnlcr nml l'«laiiie l«»
ti- fftl'l whin Mir Hio'kp l»i1cll»er»il nt yonr llStloSi If not conv«ni*nt t«
^  pay cath •*» will ■rrnnvrn lo acc»*jt your note.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg. Co., Limited, Oshawa, Ont.
\VK»n wrllini il will I-.. ■ diilinct favor In H if you will mmllon Hit* ptkfW, 7
Kin: \ i I'lv r.    in i \m; am>
\i.i It i:    IH    IIKHI its    iii\ t N
Ihnl   ''* Ills ii   ' rhnd nl    Bull Rlvei
! \uli npplj lot ;i   licenso In lake  ami
use   two CUblC leet   ol    WatCI   out       o|
iinii Rlvci which Hows in on • ■* ilerlj
ihi" Ui n    11 igh   t.iiuls    adiolnlng
thus,* of applicant and empties    into
Knoii 11.i\ itn. i near Wardner.
The water will   he diverted ut C.P.
It   dam mi      Hull ltnel  .,nl will      be
used im Irrigation purposes on thu
lend described na lot ten Ibtusond
two hundred nnd setenty-elght
(lil' *   tlroup Ono id Kootenay DI*
This notico wns nostril nn tbo
ground ou tin* Iftlh dny ol March
1812, Tin* application will hr Tiled in
the odice nf tin* Wntcr Recorder at
t'ranbrook, B.C.
Objections tuny In* tiled witb tho
suid Water Recorder nr with thu
t'otiiroller ff Water Rlghta, Parlla
menl Buildings, Vlotorls, B.C.
"Wm. Seimd," Applicant.
lly "A. H.   Macdonald,"   Crnnhroolt,
11. 0., Ilia Agent. 12-41 THE    CBANBHOOK.   I1KKAU)
A Personal
To Cranbrook Citizens on
Anchoring Against Adversity
Did you ever stop to consider the vast opportunities that
Do you know that your climatic conditions are attracting
capital for lhe purpose of exploiting your garden truck and
fruil lands ?
Have you ever realized that the good lands surrounding
Cranbrook will raise vegetables, small fruits and apples that will
compete with anytning raised in British Columbia ?
If vou do, why not grasp the opportunity and secure a
garden truck or fruit land home before il is too late. You will
see the chance after outsiders have secured the choicest of
your lands.
I am placing before my clients the Robinson-Mackenzie
lands, sub-divided into five acre tracts.
We have named our sub-division
and retailing same at from $75 to $150 per acre, on easy terms
and low interest.
How many men of your acquaintance save nothing, spending every cent they make for foolish pleasures and indulgencies?
"Everybody's happy when the sun shines," and life to these is a
rose strewn pathway with not a care or sorrow in sight, The
world is their oyester and they reckon not on the morrow. Sooner
or later the chilling wind ot ADVERSITY and hard times
stares them in the face, Help is being laid off at the factory, the
mills reduce their forces, mines shut down or pinch out. the
office force is cut down, and salaries are lowered to reduce
expenses. Sometimes sickness comes to the head ol the household, and he who is usually so vigorous and jovial is pinned
down for weeks to a bed of pain and his family for the first time
feel keenly the gaunt fingers of want clutching them. These are
instances of the afflictions of adversity and the moral that adorns
The best way I know of to anchor against the storms of
FINANCIAL ADVERSITY is to save for a home that will
produce an income and which will at the same time afford a
safe and pleasant shelter for your family. After all, it is not until
a man owns thc ground he stands upon and looks from his doorstep to the shadowed plumage of his fruit trees and plunges a
spade in the ground, that he knows the true meaning of a
Thc best place I know of to get such a home is in the
when* Ihey can grow money-making crops that surprise the
KOOTENAY ORCHARDS is one of thc best fruit land
tracts in Ihe CRANBROOK DISTRICT and is well located.
The prices I am asking for KOOTENAY ORCHARDS
are at present within the reach ol every person desiring a home
amid pleasant surroundings, and terms are the same to everybody Only $1000 Cash and $10.00 per month, or 33 cents, per
day.    Interest 5 per cenl.
Our contract provides thai in case of sickness or your
inability lo make your payments through adverse circumstances,
same will be suspended
I believe thai Cranbrook is destined to become the garden
spot ol the Kast Koolenay and Ihc commercial centre of a vast
country whose fruit producing capabilities are just beginning to
be realized
This properly is selling fast to the people of Ihe prairies, and
if you desire a live acre home in KOOTENAY ORCHARDS
act lo day. as to-morrow may bc too late.
Ask R I". Bcattie. of thc Beatlie-Murphy Company, what
Boost for Cranbrook, the home of the Big Red, Juicy Apple
Writ.' me to tend yon my Booklet, "INDEPENDENCE
Which in no way plnrva vmi nnilcr nny obligation to huy.
403 McArlhur Bids., WINNIPEG, or
The Home of thc Big, Red, Juicy Apple
40J MoArlhur Hl.l|i,
1'1,'R.e Kpnil me your htoklt't,
-'In.lepemlenre on Five A.*ro*,"
on the uii'liTnUiuliiiH 1 em In no
way obligated to lmy.
Aililroni _ -.- 	
********************************************* '************ 44    **************
x . si -
News of the District
(Special ootrespondonco).
Mr, and Mis. Lovl Fern moved
their household good*, in'" Wardner
last Saturday Irom tho ranch across
the river, where they have lived loi
lhe past couple cf years.
Mr. F. M. Stearns made :i business
trip In Marysville lasl week.
Policeman Bgglcshaw was in .lal-
fray lasl Wednesday on business,
Public School Inspector Ma) wa
n visitor at iln- Wardner school
last Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Wlsncr and Mrs
Louis Larson all,■mini 11.. dancu gii
rn at .laflray last Friday evening.
We nre. pleased I,, knott Ulal Mis
Hazel Lund has recovered siifnoicntr
ly   Irom   her    reccnl     operation In
Cranlirook so as   to he able I -
turn   tn hei home last Frlda).
Mr. Alfred Johnson s|mil last Sunday with friends in Cranbrook.
Mr. William Barclay lell .. lew
days ago for Calgary on luisuiiss.
THE ^^^^^
Have ii very fine assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
Lasl Friday night Policeman Efe-
gleubaw nrreatcd August Olson and
Mil! Kvelnnd fi r being drunk ami
disorderly. As Mr. Olson liad been
iiiicnlicinl some time ago ho was
fined $20 and costs ur thirty days in
jail 't iir sentence fnr Kveland was
llie same, as he was (lie man who
suppl! il Olson with tho liquor. The
fin* was paid fur the latter bul Mr
Olson was laken to Pernio m Monilay morning.
Mr. Arthur Luml   drove lo Jaflray
given in that place, , , ■     ■■ ,, —-       ...    — ■*. , -■■■ ■._. _^
Mr.   Olc Holmes    moved liis house-;
bold goods from his residence on        ♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦«
All treeBoffered for Bale are grown in our own nurseries on
the Coldstream Estate
J    P. DE VERE HUNT, Loeal Agent, CRANBROOK, B.C. ^
111, ,i low days ago Into the King) ♦
jhviuil hotel. Olc reporle hutineasjf
as being good llnis far. j e*
Th.* public school is closed this X
week owing lo (he new teacher nul t
having arrived yet from tho cast.      |
Wanlmr \>. enjoying Bome very fine
Apiil weather. This is Indoed verj
acceptable after the unusually long
wiiii.-i  whieh we have ]Ufll had !
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED - $10,000,000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 6.000,000.00
TOTAL ASSETS         - - $72,000,000.00
London Truth states that tho position of tho AsquKh cant net with regard to woman suffrage is as follows:
Mr, Asquith
Lonl Lorelmrn
Lord Crewe
Lord Ucauohan
Mr. McKcnnn
Mr. Hnrcotirt
Mr. Pease
Mr. Samuel
I Utile
Kor the suffrage.
Mr. Lloyd George
Lonl Haldanc
Lord Morley
Mr. Kunciman
Sir Kdwanl Grey-
Mr. Blrroll
Mr. Buxton
Mi*. Burns       ^B^^^^^^
Mi-.Mi-KJniion Wood Mr.  Hobhou
This gives nine n side, ami in
instance where a doubt exists
benefit of the doubt is given lo
cause. Kor instance, Mr. Bums
no means enamored of a wide
sion of tbe women's vote in mm
There remains Mr. Churchill, on
whoso castin*.*! voice thus depends the
alleged suffrage majority In llu- cabinet,   Mr. Churchill's  views may        lie
thus tabulated: At dinner, scornful;
on the platform, sympathetic in tho
principle; to correspondents, opposed
(a) to the Conciliation Bill, because
it is too narrow; and (b) to the adult
policy, because it is too wide. Whieli
convictions seem slightly variegated,
especially when a strong Hugo ol referendum, is added.
"Truth" does not slate Mr. t hor-
chill's |>osition quite fairly. Mr.: '
Ohurohill is now entirely opposed to B^
the suffrage for women in any form.'
With regard to Mr. Burns, his viewsi
on the subject are as uncertain as is
his opinion on the Insurance Act.
Without counting Mr. Burns, how-
over, it would appear now that tho]
majority ()f tin* cabinet is against
woman suffrage. Tbc recent development in tactics has also weakened the
support of some ut the pro-suilrago .
members. The government, however, i
will mmmmmmmmmmmwmm^
^^^^^^^^^----^     H
discussion of the conciliation hill.
It is interesting to note the careers
of the leaders of    the militant) move-*, .    .
ment in Britain wbo an* being ebarg.     ....
ed with conspiracy for their share   in! ,,,
th*' recent   window-smashing crusade
Mr. K. W. IMliiel; Lawrence wa.
born in 1871, the son ol Alfred Lawrence, and assumed the name Pethlck
on marrying in WOl thc daughter uf
the late Henry Pethlck, at Weston-
Kdm*atni at Eton and Cambridge,
be was president of the union in
IBM, and became a Fellow of Trinity
in IBB?, That year be made a world
tour visiting India, Australia, New*
Zealand, China, Japan, and the
I'niled States. On bis return he resided lor a time at the Mansfield
House Settlement, Canning Town,
and was selected as Liberal Unionist
candidate (or North Lambeth, but rc-|
tired in lOtio through Mi opposition!
tn the South African wai. |
Mr. Pethlck Lawn in-* is generally,
credited with having Qnancod the suffragette movement in its early stage
Social and Political Union, was born
into this movement* In 1 SRi>, when
she was nine years old, she hecamt*
interested iu the Woman's Franchise
League, which hor parents were forming iu Manchester, and did her iirsl
worl; far tbe cause by distributing
leaflets at a conference held at their
house. Later sbe studied law, took
her 1.1..11., and helped her mother to
found the W.S.P.U. in 1003. She has
been lhe life and spirit of the mill
tani campaign.
I), u.
WILKIE, Pr-tiident.
ROBERT JAFFBAY. Vice-President
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipuliti
Fartnersanu Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world. ■  l
given to Savings Hank Accounts     Deposits
upward* received and interest allowed from date
ial attention
of $1.(10 and
if deposit.   -
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
VIM'KAL    FOR   All)   FROM   IlKK
-relary  Halsall, of the board   of
is in    receipt of tho following
nlcatloii fiom Miss  IVIly, lady
Im    watting, lo Her Royal Highness
I tho Duchess of Connaughl.   The communication is self-explanatory, but it
may In* here  added that Mr. W. Halsall    will be   pleased   tu receive and
forward any contributions:
Government House, Ottawa.
To lho Secretary uf the Board oi
Dear Sir: I am requested by Her
Royal Highness the Duchess of Con-
naught to write and ask you, whether
in your Influential position, you
would help Iter Royal Highness in a
scheme in which she takes the deepest
interest. |
The scheme is the providing of nurses, and    where   possible of hospital
nidation,   for the small towns
itlcrcd   districts  of this great
Dominion, i
The need is very urgent and every
day appeals for help are received,
telling of much suffering and often ol
the loss of valuable lives, owing to
Insufficient or unskilled care, particu-
I larly In maternity cases.
Foi     fifteen   years lhe   Royal Vlc-
uiaii   Order   of Nurses has lieen doll that   was possible with     the
.. ,  ,      ,.     , . .....    i mean-,   at its    disposal to deal with
tick to     the pledges which thev L, ■ ,     ,, ,,       ,
. ,.     ,■     , '•! tins med  all    over  Canada, and, as
nave given to   allow tunc for        the,     „ , .        ,, ,      . ,„,„ .
■ will be seen from thc enclosed leaflet,
many    thousands of cases of sickness
and nf accidents have been visited and
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Agricultural, Grazing and Timber
Insurance, Stocks and bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation1'
You'll get your Money's Worth.
I and is
rdcr has all the machinery ne-
for   dealing    with th.- work,
capable ot     Indefinite expan-
[ilonl but,   with the    ever Increasing
growth ol the country and the opening up of   so   many new    places, lhe
demand has got far beyond tbe powei
of iheir present means.
All that is needed is funds, and II.
II. II. has decided to make a special
appeal for a large stun of money (to
add io the fund raised hy Lord Min-
to] the income from which will en-
I aide the work to lw veiy largely de.
I veloped and its scope and utility extended
Th.* Duchess wishes me to ask yon
whether you would be willing ami
able to help her in so worthy a
cause, calculated tu hi ing BO much
alleviation to the lufiertag and
lighten the burden of so mam li\.
Would it be possible for vou to oi
caiii/e a committee who would collect
Incorporated  1 — t-
Capital Paid Up $6,350,000 Reserve {7,450,000
Total Assets, $110,538,513.19
II. 8. HOLT, President     B. t. PEABK, General Manager
Accounts ol PInns, Corporations snd Individuals solicited,
Ont-of town liiumeM receive! every attention.
SAVINGS DBPARTMBNT-DepOiltsof 11.00 and onwardareci   <
ami Interest allowed at entrant rate.   No formality or delay in
A <ieiier.il Itatikitik' Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. R. O'CONNELL,
MHJHHfillllJlJlJlJlJlJlJlJlJlJlJH ~       I SllltS, ll[,ll(>l,S     111   \lrlll      < IU '   Tlie   hUlll
and mode lirfo  contributloni lo   mi, ni„lr), |, , u.r, ,„,,.,. ,„„, ,„,.    „„.
imalh il    contribution    would  u> a
fund later on. After mniiv nf llu- raid:
he has stood bail for U10 prisoners.
He is a man of considerable wealth,
u barrister by profession.
During the police court proceeding)
against thc window smashers, Mr
lVthick was present, and look COp
lOUS notes of the evidence.
Mrs. Pethlck Lawrence was born in*
Bristol in 1867, and for five years
worked as a sister with the Wcsleyan
West End Mission- Afterwards she
visited South Africa, formed a friendship witn Olive Sehreincr, and in
IMS returned to take part in mie of
thc earliest suflraget lo demotist rations. She was sent to prison (or two
months hut within three days gave
an undertaking to keep the pence and
was released, She Is treasurer of thc
Women's Social and political Union,
and together with her husband edits
"Votes for Women," the organ of
tbnt body.
Miss Christabc! Pankhurst, the organizing    secretary   ol tin* Women's
help ami     would     he most   gratcfull]
acknowledged if sent to me here l
Hoping     you      Will he aide to lend
youi valuable aid, 1
Believe me, yours truly, !
Evelyn Pelly,
Government House, Ottawa.
Macbela, Nature's Sealp Tonic,'"
contains one Ingredient tbat supplies
nourishment to the hair root, one
that kills the dandrufl genu, and'
another that puts life and lustre into the hair. Bach package contains a
packet of Macbela Dry Shampoo |\>w-,
dor, Price for complete home treatment, $1.00, Sold and guaranteed by]
the Oranbrook Drug and Book Co,      1
A Good   Home
i» what is dotl to every man.   A  QOfne
is whero Paaooi Comfort, Ooutontoiaot-
and rii-nty is found- That is tlu* rttlun
iiii'ii tliruui*h<>ut British Columbia, when
"Crunbrook" is nontionod think of tbe
provisions Jos. Hruult him mntlf for an
ideal hotui' ul the
Canadian Hotel
-.lulls, almost new
I If raid ofllro.
Ii»ir  nl    good
Applf Boi 5,
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. F. JOHNSON ,t SON, I'ropriiitori,
By the Ilcinld   Publtabtng Company,
v. .1. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CIUN1IK00K, 11. C, April 4, I'll.'
in. Walt's many friends in Kasl
Kootenay l" learn Mint llio dootor
ras no present Intention ol sovcrlng
his connection with these parts, lie
lay Ileal liiinsell lo a shoil, well
lined vacation on lhe coast, tint he
intends lor the present, at least, to
continue to ter.de In good old Korl
Steele. His many Irlends throughout
ihis section    ol the province will ev
Lost Tuesday night's meeting ol
the hoard of trade imu*kedMin out
opinion, ihc opening ot a new era iu
the City's history and growth. The
gathering was thoroughly representative oi the city's business interests
nnd mailers vitally affecting'the future growth anil prosperity of the
eiiy ami district wen* freely and
frankl) discussed. The spirit of the
meeting was one of unqualified op-
limism. Everyone present took occa-
simi to oxprcss m clear and th'linile
In , ia ,- his confidence in the future
«.r i!i - cit) and his ileterm (nation io
join heartily In Utc -vorli of encouraging Its growth along stable lines.
There was an entire absence of any
sectional feeling, that admlHodly,
has prejudiced the lies! interests id
Un* cltj in the past. Everj business
man present, apparently, fully appreciated the (act thai ihe time has
come wheniCranlirook citi/ens must
pull together for b.« upqtiilding of
their nu and district, Whilst, necessarily and rightly, there were differences id opinion a'- tn methods, there
wns ..ii ■ splendid unanimity in Hie
desire to bend every effort Irom now
ou lo tin* making properly known
the resources and opportunities of
the great Craubrook district.
Wiih this line spirll prevailing,
and wnli the magnificent resources
of the dislrict at their hack, it is
no idli- prognostication lo declare
that Cranhrook citv is entering upon
anew era of substantial prosperltj'.
A noteworthy feature ..f thc meeting
was tin* unanimous determination t"
frown down anj and every eflorl to
create anything of the nature of a
boom. The expressed wish of every
man pn nml was Ihnl In the pttbUc-
jiy campaign, nboul to In- engaged in.
Hn* strielt : cite should he taken to
pin font.ud nothing but the plain,
unvarnished truth. This new movement, sn happily Inaugurated on
Tuesdaj night, will receive ilu* enthusiastic mpport and practical encouragement if a largo number of resilient property owners and mill
operators Uiroughout tlie district.
We have received from the department of agriculture, Victoria, a copy
of circular No. II, entitled "Our
Prospect* in fruit and Vegetable
Orowingl" written hy R. M. Wins-
low, provincial horticulturist. In tht
course "i a letter covering the copies
of thi* two circulars, Mr. Winslow
savs: "l do not believe the Information nnd thc suggestions contained in
No. ii mar ran I its publication by
you in complete form, hut the specific
recommendations for the tlistriet covered covered hy your paper may be
of some use to j'ou," Acting upon
ihis suggestion wc read through Circular No. 11 very earefully and
failed io find the slightest suggestion
even of the existence of the East
Kootenay district. The circular, on
the whole, appears to he a very
carefullj compiled production and U
contain a great ileal of useful information, hut so far as the great
districl oi Kast Kootenay is concerned it might as well never have
been published, in fact, infinitely
better, as such conspicuous neglect of
such ,i well known fruit autl vegetable producing districl cannot hut
prove Injurious,
It i*. high lime Hie officials iu
charge of ihe agricultural department ai Victoria win- aroused to
mine sense of iheir duties. It is to
in* assumed llial a circular such as
that under consideration was not
issmil without the sanction and the
approval of the minister ol agrtcul-
turo, Hon Price Ellison, or, at
least, ni Li. deputy, Mr. Sei it. The
attention ..( both of these gentlemen
should h^ promptly and vigorously
called io ihis utterly Inexcusable
negligence on the pari of the official
charged with the duty of iis preparation. The attention, (  of tin- members representing the Cranbrook, Fernie nad Columbia ridings, within the
Eael Kootena j district, should lie
ted to iins gratuitous insult to
Uw sections nf the province they
repre enl in   ttio legislature.
tend to the   doctor their best wishes  Everyday Life."
fm* many   years of happy, prosperous
rest   from labor.
Easter services next Sunday. Special
music will be rendered at both services.
Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Topic:
"The Resurrection of Christ tbo
Cluarantee of a General Resurrection."
Sunday School, :i p.m.
Evening worship, 7.:*o o'clock.
Topic:      "Resurrection    Power    for
A largely attended meellog of the
Mountain Lumbermen's association
look place in this city lust Friday.
Antony    those   in    attendance were:
litis Staples, WycllilCi president; VV.
A. Ansiie, Calgary, secretary; P.
I.uikI and ''• M. I'onnoek, Wardnei),
V. Vi. und 11 I.. Adolph, llaynes.
E. S. Sanders, liihhn, II. ti. Jewell, .leHrny; It. B. King, Vancouver,
A. 10, Walts. WatUburg; K. Home,
Jaffray; C. II. MoNabb, Waldo; 0. D,
lleschanips, Itossland; A MeDougall,
Penile; E. Milium aud It. Joyce,
Elko;, Alex. Taylor, Klinborley, and
K. It, .1. Poster, Kparuood.
The business ol the two, afternoon
and evening, sessions, was devoted
mainly to tlie discussion ol purely
lout in,- business, line ol the chiel subjects up tor consideration was tlie
question of car shortage, thc industry
being very severely crippled by the
continued inability of tlie C.l'.ll. to
supply an adequate car service. Conditions making for this slate ol affairs were discussed'and il was decided, (ailing some Immediate Improvement, lo place the whole matter belorc Hie board "( railway commissioners, nf cuius,', the question ol
American competition was discussed
and some plain language Indulged in
regarding the new government's luil-
nre o, do anything, or oven I
lempl to meel Iheir pre-e
promises in   the mailer.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Easier Sunday will bc olrservcd in
lliis church hy special music ami appropriate sermons at 11 a.m. and
7.311 p.m.
Morning subject: "Tbc Resurrection
Morning Music:
Organ    Voluntary—"Prayer,     Pram
Lohengrin''  Wagner
Anthem—"Easier" by the choir.
Solo hy   Mrs.   Wicsbroil—"Light    ol
llie World''    Arthur Sullivan
Offertory—"in Memorium"   by .1. I..
Recessional—"March     Prom Eli," —
Mlelmel Costa.
Evening Service:
Subject ol sermon:    "Modernism and
Music—Organ Voluntary: "0 Por the
WiiiKs ol a Hove"   Handel
Anllicm—"The suite is o'er"   	
Anllicm—"0 Re Joyful" 	
  Dudley Hack
. Stevenson—
"Adagio Can-
A*eo. F. Gear
A   Woman    of
Few Words
Mrs. Harry E. Bye, Main Street
North, Mount Forest, Out., writes:
"Your remedy lor kidney, bladder
and stomach trouble lias given me
great relief. Have taken three
boxes and now leel like living and
better than 1 have lelt lor years and
I give your
all llie praise, lor they are the best
I have aver tried!" At mil dealers,
25 and 50 cents, or Tbe Fig Pill
Co., Si- Thomas, out.
Sold by the Craabrook Drug and
Hook Co., Ltd.
lu ami Mrs. 11. It. Maxwell have
taken up residence here. Hi. Maxwell
is taking over llr. Hugh Watt's prnc*
Bans Solo—Mr.   (leo.
I   "Nazareth" 	
Offertory—Organ solo:
[   labile" 	
| Kccissionul—"Sonata''
Organist—Mr. .1. Stanley Peck.
1-: \sti;u   SERVICES   CHRIST
I luly communion—8 a.m.
Mai ins    antl   holy,    communion—11
Children's service—3 p.m.
Kvtnsonn—7.30 p.m.
Master anthem nnd Paster hymns,
Master   offerings   for   thc   rector's
own use.
Matins and Litany—10,30 a.m.
1st Evensong—3.30 p.m.
2ml Evnisong—8.00 p.m.
Offerings for society    lor promoting
Christianity among the .lews.
Th' Presbyterian missionary at
this point, Mr. McKlnnon, Rbost:
ibis piiint. Mr. McKlnnon, whose
ceplalile and whose exeelltnt work iu
ami around Port Steele, bas been
•-.really appreciated, is leaving ini the
coast mi May lst. Mr. McKlnnon will
be   succeeded lure   by Rev. Mr. Wi"
Special Easter Services.
Oood Friday     speeial service   at
o'clock.    Subject: "The Crucifixion.
Sunday Services.
Morning,       11        o'clock—Holiness
j    A f lernoon,        2       o'clock—Sunday
,it   present in charge    of     the School.
Afternoon — 3.:t0 o'clock—Free and
easy meeting.
Night, 8 o'clock—Salvation meeting
Subject: "A Triumphal Saviour.''
Easter Monday at fi o'clock an en-
joyable evening will be s|**nt in thc
Army ball.
Th.' great feature will be a (east ol
trumpets, music and song wiU also
Im* rendered.
No admission just an enjoyable
evening to those who are not attending other places.
Ho not forget to come lor your
and   Mrs. Benmorc have   gone
to tin*   coast,  where tliey will
a month or so.
Mr.     Mney    has been      ap-
1   tn    lhe    vicarage at       Foil
and it is cxpcctei) that be will
nil lie
fiom    England,   hv Mav 1st,
to lake charge.
The contractors for tbe KootctiAy
Ctniial railway have a Infge force
of mm busily at work and they expect io add io their forces from
now nn and rush tills end of their
contract through io completion
speedily as possible.
There is considerable stir in local
real estate these days, and Fort.
Steele residents look forward to a
ver)   active spring aud summer.
peclnl     social evening is uml
for Tuesday,    April -Mb, and
mine   commencing   at     s   and
lasi ing until 10.30 is being arranged
The complete order of the pro
gramme is ni t to hand, but games
songs, recitations, speeches by 0. R
Saver, i.r Canada Wesl committee V
M C.A, and possibly hy General Sup
eriiitnidenl Price mid local Superiii
leiitli-nt Cieii are on the lisl. Coin
pel il iins in bowling alleys and ro
freshmtnts will also Ik* on the list.
The Young People's Boclcty of
ibe Methodist ehurcli an* handling
the programme, and announcements
will be in hand sion for order of
events for that evening
It will he learned with very vvide-
* prcad regrel that Dr. Hugh Watt
lias disposed ol his medical practice
at I-"it Shele and is about to retire
from active professional life, For   so
main Mars Dr. Watt has figured
largely and usefully in the public life
of Kasl Kootenay that his retirement
from active work wijl come as quite
a blow to ihe many with whom he
has been >.r pleasantly associated. Pr.
Maxwell, who ncently arrived in
this districl from KniYand is taking
over Hr. Walt's practice, including
the Indian medical work. Dr. Maxwell is a bright younn man, well
trained iu liis profession nnd should
find Fmt Slide not only a (toed
field for ilu* practice of his profession, but a very pleasant place of residence.  It   will be satlsfaetorv       to
general     iu:si *,|miiiN    op
I.i ihIi.n, April 8.—Although,the majority ol tbc million miners wh>, quit
wort mi March I are watting reltinn
ol the ballot being taken on lho irtiai-
lion as to ahcthcr Ihey si 1,1 resume work or not, there is the welcome sign at many ,,( lhe plUieadi ol
coal iiiih-s running on colliery railways. Thus lar ol the 14,000 voles
counted, more Ihan 2.1,(11111 hnvo it
claretl lor resumption. ,
High mass, 10.80 a.m.   Rose
mass in F.
The soloists will include Mrs. .1. I*'..
Kennedy, Mrs. McDermot, Air. McDermot, Mr. Guerard and Mr. 0'<
Fred'k. A. Stride, ('apt.
I). W. Ilytidmaii, who for the past
four years has elhcicntly and obligingly Idled the ofllce of local manager of
the V P. R. commercial telegraph olliee, in ibis city, has been notified
that his faithful services have been
recognised by his promotion to the
management of the Edmonton com
menial office. This is a substantial
and well earned promotion. *!Tie C.
P.R. Inspector, who paid Cranbrook
an official visit a few days ago,(intimated tbal he had found the local
ofllce one of the best managed and
■most perfect in every detail under bis
Jurisdiction. At the time cf Ws visit
In* Intimated to Mr. Hyndman that
his excellent services would doubtless
receive early recognition and his appointment tc the Edmonton office,
tbe most important on the division,
is goml testimony that thc inspector
meant what he said.
Mr. and Mrs. Hyndman have lived
in Cranhrook for several years ami
have formed many friendships which
they regrel to sn-vrr, but the U'le-
graphei. like the soldier, has but t
obej commands antl move on whin so
Instructed, in this Instance tlie move
on Is in l-lie shape of a substantial
promotion, which softens the blow.
Their many friends'will join with lhe
Herald in extending to Mr. and Mrs.
Hyndman sincere wishes for their
continued prosperity, In Edmonton.
They will Ih* leaving for their new
home some time next week.
We handle only the best, ol goods,
cheap prices often mean cheap goods.
Pure food is the key to health.—
Campbell A Manning. i
■I. P. Fink and l>. D. McLaws have
been   appointed   a special committee
to their numbei', They will immediately gei mi ' correspondence with
prospect i.i' exhibitors and they will
Ih* pleased to lum [rom lumbermen
and oihers Interested in making ex-
lnhiis at the Dry Farming Congress
No order too large for us to handle ni inn small to receive careful attention and prompt delivery.—Campbell -Se Manning.
Special prices nn ladles shoes for
Easier. Sec our window display. A
beautiful line iu tans, blacks ami
greys, the famous Queen Alexandra
lirand. These shoes are direct from
the factory and are made upon the
latesi lasis and trimmings. Some-
thin;; especially nice and pleasing -
E.K. Mercantile House.
■Inst unloaded several cars of chol
oo Timothy bay. (let om* prices.—
Campbell & Manning.
Tin* Allen Players have beta entertaining crowded houses all this week
and will, prohnbly play to standing
room only for the remainder thereof.
Miss Vernn Pclton has been seen lo
goml advantage in several plays so
far, and on Friday night will lw tbe
star performer in an elalwrate production of Dumas' famous play
"Camille." On Saturday night the
attraction will be an adaptation of
(Jidda's popular novel "Under Two
Flags." The Allen Players put np
clean, bright performances, which
prove thoroughly satisfactory and
enjoyable to their many patrons in
this city and district.
Feed Oats and chicken wheat. Bran
and shorts at market prices.—Camp-
bell A- Manning
large assortment of Qents
Tics for Easter. East Kootenay Mercantile House.
WANTED.—A girl for general
housework. Apply to Mrs. \V. F.
Gurd, U-lt
Fresh lettuce, celery, green onions.
spinach and ripe tomatoes at Ward
and Harris.
D. V. Mott, the outside manager ol
the Kootenay Oarage company, was
io town yesterday superintending tbc
unloading ol a ear of Ford cars. One
of these new cars was consigned to
Alex. Tayloi, another to Paul Handle)*, of Marysville. Two cars were
sent on to Creston, where the compnny have an agency, iu charge of It.
Sevan, one of the cars was for Mr,
tli-van, the other for Mayor Fred
Little, <( Creston. The new season's
Fords are very natty, nnd are thoroughly up-to-date. Another shipment
of ears is under order and will be de-
Jvered this month, whilst a third
shipment is due early in May. Mr,
D. V. Mott is devoting much ol his
time to the management of tbe Kootenay Oarage company, and is meeting with very satisfactory results
A good supp.y of local fresh eggs
lor Easter.—Ward and Harris.
FOR SALE,—Eggs for hatchiug
from pure S. C. \V. Leghorns; heavy
laying strain. No. 1 pen, $1.50 per
dozen, $1.50 per 100. No. 2 pen,
$1.00 per dozen, $7.50 per 100. Apply S .1. Harrison, Wardner, British
Columbia. H-tH
Mi. autl Mrs. (Jus ('handlers, and
their sou, have arrived from Brandon,
Man., to take up settlement upon lot
12, Kcotcnay Orchards. They express
the utmost satisfaction with their
new location and speak in the warni
est manner of the city of Cranbrook and its surroundings. Another
couple. Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. A. Pringle,
hailing from Winnipeg, have also arrived to locate at Sylvan Lake,
where Ihey have secured lour tracts,
ami will start building Immediately.
These new settlors are of the most
desirable class and will make very
welcome additions to tbe population
td Cranbrook district.
Nice juicy oranges, 25c. to 50c. per
down.—Ward ami Harris.
While Orpingtons; specially selected
breeders Irom strictly tirsl-cluss
stock. Strong winter laying strain;
$.1.00 per setting ol I'l; fertility guar-
nntced.--E. O. Kendall, Craubrook,
Box IOC. 13-H
Seeds! Seeds! We have a
complete stock of all varieties
in packets and bulk. East
Kootenay Mercantile House-
Tim Oblate Fathers have purchased
the property of Mr. Dave Elmer
Apple-green   west and au orange bar,
Ami the    crystal   eye of a lone, one
Ami "Child, take tbe shears and cut
what you will,
Frost    tonight—so   clear   and   dead
—Edith M. Thomas in Harper's,
Pea-green piffle and orange bunk,
And the ragged rhyme of one mad or
You   must   confess this    approaches
Edith's verse—but wc can't sell this.
—-Buffalo News.
Crushed pumpkin   dawn and n teuton
Child, lead your mother outdoors   to
At stuff like this W0 COUkl never fail,
But.    we'd never    dare oiler this for
—Houston Post.
Al ice-blue cheese and a plate ol tripe,
And fourteen   Chinamen hitting    tbe
Vorsofl like this make a bosom thi'ob-
1 hope it won't cause me to lose   my
—Milwaukee Senliuel.
Yellow floor    paint ami pure    white
Child, dost think your dad a camel?
This    wasn't    written    by  Thomas
Of course    you   will buy   your paint
from Parks.
*F*F *F*J*F*?*JV*JV*F*'#*F*J*FT*F*»J*F*F**F*F ▼▼▼▼▼ ffff *•*▼▼ *•**•'▼ ▼▼ W WW
Ladies Misses and Children's Outfitters
F. Parks 6* Co.
Cranbrook.     -      B.C.
the architectural beauties ol Cranbrook.
Thc Rev. V. Travers Macy, M.A.,
Oxon, late of Hampstead, in the diocese of London, Eng., purposes leaving Liverpool by the Empress of Ireland May 3rd for Cranbrook. Mr.
Macy has been appointed by the administrator of the diocese, the Rt.
Rev. A. A. de Pcncier, D.D., vicar ot
Fort Steele. Mr. Macy is held in
the highest estimation by the bishops of London. He will prove himself
a slrengtb to the diocese of Kootenay. Mrs. Macy and family will accompany bim. Mrs. Macy is an authoress of some note. '
Lady thoroughly domesticated,
good cook, desires position as housekeeper or chambermaid in hotel. References. Apply Hox 132, Medicine
Hat, Alta. mt"
Lost.—A bunch of keys, containing
post office key No. 1112. Finder
please leave at Herald olliee. 11-tf
property ol the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd., situated in
thc Windermere District; also, a few
lots in tbe Townsite of Inverniere.
Call and see them. 11-tf
Wednesday Half Holiday j;
We believe that every oui' should hnvo n
cortnin amount of outdoor exorcise nml in
order to give practical ilmnonst ration to our
belief, we have decided to close our store
Every Wednesday, Throughout the
Year, at 12k Noon.
Kxci'pt the Wcdnosdnys ill such wee lis us II
public holiday mny be declared nu m,mo oilier
day oflhe week.
Ladies Misses and Children's Outfitters
Armstrong ;;
********************** **********
Property owners and tenants are
hereby notified that on May 1st the
police will Inspect all yards and
premises in the city and those who
have not cleared away the rubbish
and debris will be liable for a penalty. It is imperative that all yards
he in shape by May let.
H-tf Bv Order.
: Strawberry Plants ;
, Seul.r Dunlon ind Canon's Beaut)
, Two of the most hardy aud ,',
productive varieties. ' •
Propagated under the most ,,
* favorable conditions from the i •
,, K. M. Kello^ strain of podi
| tiree plants. i i
;; Price |IO.0O per Thousand ■'
ii f. o. b. Wynmlel '!
with  remittance
delved before March
Discount on all orders ', |
full ri *
Wynmlel, B.C.
Tea and Coffee
Five O'clock Tea Sets
Chafing Dishes
Newest and Finest Line
in Cranbrook:;
J. D. mTbride
Phone 5  <!
X Cranbrook B.C.
lli'l'l in Garnion'*. Hall
; Condatled by Mr*. K. A. R4CKLVEFT !
Oriili.'iitf,! Tmolier Imm
Liinilnn Bchool llniinl
P.otir*i 10to IU ii.in. i 8 tod i>.m.
' PIKINK llllll P, 0.1I0X8HB
Rev, (I. !•',. Kendall, pastor.
A cordial Invitation is extended
lhc public    in   participate   In
I by President (liird, ol the board    ot
I trade, to take   in band tlie inaUcr ot
! nnfaniJlng an   exhibit  lor   the Dry
Panning    t'ongress to lie held       at
lo Lethbridge   nexl   Octfdicr.     Messrs.
Uto Kink anil MclAWS liave power t*. add
ICdwarils street. The residence, Just
so soon as Mr. Elmer vacates, will
lie utilized as a residence lor the
lathers located in Mils district. In
due course the new ehnreb will bo
creeled on this property. .lust when
a start will In* made on tbe new
church depends upon word Irom
Home, but It Is understood that a!
liaiidMime edifice will shortly grace
Ibis Une site, and add materially   In
11. t'.
Invite tenders lor (lie sinkimi ot
winze a distance nl lot* leel, more or
less, and also an extension to the
present tunnel on ttc Aurora mine at
Moyie, B.C. Thc contractor to provide all supplies.and out fit necessary
but the company will permit tbc use
ol whatever tools and equipment now
on hand at thc mine.
For lurther Inlormntlon address
T. O. .lones,
Acting Secretary,
12-3t Cranbrook, B. C.
1 Residential  .'
..Van Home	
*  2o0
•1 Residential.	
...       do	
Suburban Acreage
...Easterly _	
1 Business _	
:l Residential  	
.. Baker Hill	
tf business   	
...Baker St..	
1 Business	
.. Baker St 	
2 Residential  	
.Norbury Ave. _	
2 Residential 	
...Burwell Ave	
2 Residential	
.Snnnyaido Addition	
tf Residential 	
. l.umsden Ave.	
1 Residential	
Fenwick Ave	
2 Residential _.
Watt Ave	
Residential _	
.. Fairview Addition	
' Ifffffffl
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., Pbesidint
CAPITAL,. $10,000,000
REST,-  $8,000,000
The Money Orders of The Canadian Bank of Commerce ere a safe,
convenient and economical method of remitting small sums of money.
They nre payable without charge nt every branch of a chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon Territory) and in the principal cities of
the United States.
The Orders and full information regarding them may be obtained
oo application at the Dunk.
In the event of loss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt of
a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount of
the lost Order. AIM
R. T. Brymncr, "lanaj-er Cranbrook, B. C.
KOR SAI.K.-Onc rubber tired bug
gy; almost new.
Apply Herald    ol-
that thc British Columbia Southera
Railway Company tatends to apply
to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Victoria, British Columbia, lor a
Dual license   under part XI. ot    tbe
Water Act, mull, and Amending
Acts, In clear and remove nlistucles
Irom Hull River, in Kast Kootenay,
lor the purpose ol making the same
lit lur railing and driving logs.
Tho maps and plans and particulars
ol the proposed Improvements and
works have been hied with thc Chiel
Water Commissioner, at Vlctorii,
llritish Coliimb.a, within 20 days
after tlie lirst publication ot this
Doted at Cranhrcok, British Columbia, the 17th day ot February,
W. F. Gurd,
8 11 Solicitor tor the Applicant THB CRANBROOK HEBALD
AUDITORIUM -- Hiss VERNA FELTON and The Allen Players
Friday, " Camille."   Saturday, " Under Two Flags."   Saturday Matinee, " The Lottery Man.
Starting Tuesday, the Best Films Ever Shown in Cranhrook
Wo hnvo llm Inmost sloek ot Wall Paper ever brought
In tin- Kijoii'iinys. fSvery decorator who hus inspected it
says: "Tlio lion! assortment ovor."
Wo hml in buy tho quantity to not tho price. Wo give
ymi tlio In lit.
All wo iihI, nl' you is Inspect our Btook, couipnre tho
prii'os, uml wo will ho Hiilinlii'd with tho rosiilt.
Wo nn' propanxl to give uu estimate on uny job of
IIiiiisi' Doaonttliig,
Sample Books soul to out-of-town eustoiuors (orsoleo.
I'Yoight or oxproBB paid mi nil orders of ton dollars
or ovor.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 3J©Xo£iC Store
WHERE   IT   PAYS   TO   DEAL       -
Cranbrook - - - B. C.
Large Warehouse.- Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
•Sec onr Easter Llltles in pols.—
Campbell >v Manning.
Horn.—On April 2nd at the Cottage
hospital, In Mr. and Mrs. W, A.
Nisiiei, ol this city, a daughter.
The public soliool will clow lliis
attornoon until Tuesday morning, lor
tin- leister holidays.
It.    I.. '1
OalbralUi, ol Fori
-.   Indian
uBi'lit. was In town
We have an exceptionally
nice assort ini'iit of Diamonds
in Single Stones nml Combination Hettinga. Single
stones are of the finest quality
white Wesseltons, and prices
range from $20 to $lo0. Our
combination riiius an* made
up with a great variety of the
more precious stones nnd are
priced at from $10 to?100.
SToung man, if you contemplate tluv purchase of an Engagement King, look over our
assortment and you'll surely
tind something to please you.
Our prices are reasonable.
Large Warehouse—Apply F. J.
Deane. Herald Office- *tf
\V. I.aidlaw lias returned from, u
short vacation trip cast.
('. Hunger for il Pollen has returned
to the coast for a few weeks.
We will discontinue afternoon teas
nl tlte   end of April.—Tlw Palm.
O. 0. Jewell, of .TalTray, was restored at the Motel Cranhrook on
1'. M. Young anil wife, of Kort
Steele, were in tlie citv on Wcdnes-
Win. llankins, of Hull River, C.P.
H. lit* contractor, was doing business
hen* a few days this week.
Rhode Island Red eggs for hatching. Apply to .lohn Levett.      12-3t*
Mrs. Oeo. Hoggarth was a visiiov
to Spokane on Tuesday, returning today.
Miss Suteliffe, who has been visiting in the city, returned lo her noun'
in Vancouver today.
Dr. J, il. Kmg returned Tuesdaj
from ;i short business trip to Calgary.
Ml kinds „l eul flmrera loi Baater.
—Campbell ,\ Maiming
(Join,; out ol    wall paper business
.1.    K. IMxoti, nf  Spokane, is      al Choice stoek mutt be disposed ol   at
Kiiest at   the Hotel Cranbrooli, any price.—n. II. Short. ll-tl
!■'. 11   Pearson, ol Fort Steele, was     Mrs.   Kwuk.  ,,[   st, Paul, is tier,-
In   the iitv bod*.] <•'. bueincsa on a month's    visit   witb hei ilatei
  \i      tl   11. Thompson.
\iitnn    Mollis has    irlnrn.it Irom] 	
thc Windermere country. j   Ml     Potter, d  Nova   Scotia, has
  ' Urn   the    khosI    of   Or    ami Bin
Koi Bweot, inii'v ot.mms. 'phone J5  King loi th,- paat week,
—Utile .ii"l   VU li-on 	
—— i   lioin— Al     Radnor ranch,  to Ml
Chlel   Constable    Mum wu hero and Mis Lewis K. Coi, a son, Wed
hum IV n Wednesday. Fnesday, March 30th
For unvtbiiiK In thi' Iruit line |ii
lo I.iltle am] Ali-lii.son's
Commencing Wednesday, May 1st
Halsall and Co, intend Inaugurating
lhe half holiday feature for the benefit ol their employees.
Mrs. .John Patterson nn.1 two
daughters will Imve on tlie first oi
nexl week tor Toronto to spend the
Business houses generally will close
tomorrow ((iood Friday) but there is
no intention ot observing Easter
Monday as a public holiday.
Wall papers slaughtered in order to
close out. Any price takes them.—
U. 11. Short. n-tl
Born.—At the Cottage hospital on
March 31st, 1012, to Mr. and Mrs.
('. ('. Duckerlng, ot this eily, a
Mr. Ed, I'alerson left today on a
business trip to Toronto, Mont leal
and Hamilton. lie will he away
several weeks.
('. F. I'ownall came in Irom Victoria the end ol lasl week,and
left on Monday tor his rancho at
Fish Lake.
A few choice potted plants.—Campbell ,v Mannincj.
A new hardwood floor Is to |ie laid
down in the Aiidit.iriiim lor llle
Knights of Columbus ball, Monday'
night, April stli.
Were Vou Caught
Napping ?
k ih ho uany ol u morning to
take jiiHt forty winks mu   many
tliat ii' llir* linn* for you to leain
tliu vulue nf n good alarm clock.
All -Jin tt lu r ihc are guaranteed,
$1.00, $1.50, $2.00
and $250
Jewelers and Opticians
Smart Easter Appare
Greatly appreciated has
been our Costume Department. The distinctive antl
exclusive stylus we have
bIiovvm this (Spring hnve
been much admired,
New Suits and fonts (or
K;iwtrr bave been mack in
Tlte Bin Value Store, Where It Pays to Deal
'I',, over* lady entering the store between Band B n.m. wo trill
present thoni wilh a beautiful CHINA OOP AND
Saturday Speeial Sale in
Wire Goods
Mr, lu.  I'm HI Ip* al EC inili
Nili'iv Ni'u  Id™ Toasltr nl 10c
I',,mi,, Hashers, 10c each
Plash Corks,   Vegetable  Lillet.
and s. ..ii. Dlsboa m Bo each
Children's Bonnets
and Hats
lleitulifiil l.nwu till over Lace
Itoimi'ti, nt »1 00
Handsome Lawn Bonncte, trimmed with ItH'li n nt fiCe mid
Tr,,- each
Splendid Pmb nldeicd Stmw
Bonnets .it 7flo aaeh
IIovk' nml Oirl*1 vVii-.li linn,, a||
oiilors, al 88c each
Beautiful Easter
Baskets at 10c, l(e, and Bo
Chlekens at Oa
Dnrksand Booslorii lOeMeli
Kiit-l.-r KiiK*. I for Tw
r.i'iiuiilul Ka.ter Cards, 8 lor 5c
Saturday Speciala in
I.iiy nl llm Valley. Ka.ter I ilie,
ltoee* and Carnation*
llmid.omc Poll t'ol>» alfl.r,0iarh
I'eani ilnl Doll* and Teddy Beats
at otic and 75c
llaby Bwlbgl at ,1.00 each
Iliirgiiins ivory day in our 6c, lue, liie nnd ri'lc Sections
nt the
The Big Value Store Cranbrook, B, C.
Tomorrow (Friday) and Monday being statutory holidays, tlie Herald
staff will quit work at noon fcomot*!
row and lay ofl until Tuesday morning.
E. A. Hill has awarded tlie contract for the erection of a frame
house at the corner of Garden]
avenue ami Kain street, to Messrs.
Christian antl .lotics.
•ins; arrived.—Another shipment ol
Moil's       delirious      chocolates —The
The Herald's attention has bWO
drawn to the decidedly unsanitary
condition of tin* garbage ground,
east of the city, which, ft is stated
n a very unsatisfactory shape.
Mrs Geo. Watson, returned on
Tlim «lny to her home at F*m
Steele with her little son after several weeks stay at the Cottage hospital.   Armstrong avenue, Cranbrook.
The Ladies' Aid ol Uw Presbyterian clmrch hold their Easter salo of
fancy work ami cooking on Saturday,
April 6th, at 3.80 p.m. in the ehurcli
school room. Afternoon fea will Ik*
Walt papers slaughtered in older to
close out. Any price takes them.—
li. II. Short. ll-lf
George Smith, formerly clerk at
the Hotel Cranhrook., lus accepted a
position in the Klk hotel, Klko. Mr.
Smith li'fl for Klko last. Sunday and
will he mined there in the course of
a   few days Iiy Mrs. Smith.
A meeting of the. Farmers' institute is called for Wednesday evening,
April 10th, when a paper upon Alfalfa Growing will he read hy Mr. il.
II. McClure. Thc meeting will be
held in the government building ,at 8
There will likely be several
youngsters and a few oldsters, up in
thc police court in the eonrse of a
few days. Tlieir offense is riding on
the sidewalks on tlieir bicycles. This
is a timely   warning to all offenders,
I-ea\c your orders early for Kastcc
flowers, Carnations, Hoses, Tulips,
Violets, etc.—Campbell St Manning.
II. Haddin, of the Gait Engineering
company, contractors for the sewerage plant, was in town last Saturday,    introducing   the new    resident
dematid< Many
want thorn on
Wo would nth*
eoino early in
You will avoid
iioDit crowding
bettor selection.
others will
iso you to
the tiny,
the after-
anil Beeiiii*
Footwear of
m   Again tlif Pump carries
the approval of Fashion.
It  COmCS   ill   lllllrk  i'illl'llt
Leather, Bind uml Brown
liiin Metal Cult, uml in
Blink Snedo. We haveu
great variety of styles.
Black and  White Striped
Coat, made from u reversible
cloth, collur uml cult's trim.
mod with reversible siik*.   A   very
stylish Com...    '    $30.0U
Navy  Chiffon   1'.-, a a m u
Cuat, made with \nr-j.. i
faced with blaoi satin,   Tur
trimmings ar" buttons uml brsi i S18.C0
Grey Lustre Coot, ■
tailored ami pi
very graceful I
weight eout
gl ■'
Charming Millinery
You will want your now hat fur
Kastri* Evory day we nrt' placing iu
stork now creations, some of which
will just suit you. Look tliest* over
[thick Hun Metal
rump, with tinkle
tttnip ami neat,
tailored how	
Tan King Calf
I'timp "f very
fine (plainly	
lilaek Suede Pump
uf beautiful (pnil-
"The Colieje*
Tl.e style*
Make your boy* happy by (rel
ting them a new *utt |
Prieea tccordinf to tiie-
S3.00 TO $10.00 PER SUIT
McCreery Bros.
engineer, Mr.   A. A.   Me Unlock, sue
eesfcor   to  Mr.   MeKie
fi.r Swift Current.
Cofutabfl Morris left for Nelson
ihis afternoon, having in charge two
prisoners committed tn tbo Nelson
mil for teims of six ami four months
Bast*! liliies at Campbell ami Manning*!
The prltt winners in Ihe haby show
at    tin-    Auditorium   were: Class A..
ist, Mrs, it t. Brymncr; 2nd, Mrs.
.Ins. Henderson, Class IV, 1st Mis.
Clark, 2nd, Mrs. Medoltlnic.
C. H. Garrett, lhe taxldernilsl, has
disposed ol his Irusinow to Mr. .).
(i. Mitchell, a former partner, now
resident at Calgary, The transfer is
lo   take place ihi May 1st
I.idle ami Atchison, lica-lqliartcrs
for HaSftlWOOd lee cream ami Hazel-
wood double jersey luittermilk.
Mrs IlllngtOn, wife of the postmaster at Morriucy, died at the St.
Eugene hospital early In the w*i*.
ami the remains were shipped to
Vancouver for interment hy I nder-
taker Hcatty.
The annual pencral meeting of the
Cranhrook Conservative association
is called for 8 o'clock next Monday
evening. It will he held in one of the
vacant stores ot the new Campbell
and Maiming building, Hansen avenue.
Our ice cream parlor will be open
all day tomorrow (Oood Friday)
April SUl.-LHtlo and Atchison.
the   Crambrook
1 Mr. T. C. Davis,
been   compelled
so as  to
who hns left servatlvo  opponent,   by a few votes
i The legislature,   therefore, stands. :*W
—— ! McBride followers, l Independent Con-
■[   the    Trades    and servative and 2 Socialists.
was   held    Monday ,
Freeh club Mums,! AHerman (-ameron returnct! from
the coast yesterday, lie was one of
the participants in thi* Vancouver
curling bonspiel, and claims that
Cranhrook did remarkably well. A
Cranbrook team played in the eighth
in all tour competitions, against
some fifty rinks, t'nfortunat»:ly they
failed to capture any of the silver- kind
ware. ! day
—— ning.
A meeting
Labor Council
evening in the
At the next meeting! which w'.ll be
held April 15th a discussion on
"Should CrauhrtMik Adopt the Single
t**\ '■'   will In- indulged In.
Ooing out of wall paper business.
Choice stock must be disposed cf at
any price.-!!. II. Short. 11-tf
tal   antl    six   mil-*   post on** t-:o**Li    s.:.:.,. ,.
km;)   with   small   black satchel, coo-i and   Fran'*    D.     Hark*-: r..i wtlfutly
saimmi bunch id k.-y>      Finder pleast i sly*o\r'K <* ■'■ *j    • - :.-.: -
return to Herald oftUv. H-tf
FOR      SALIv-Pure   hn*d    Wbite
I'el-in Duck eggs fur setting       Apply
W. .1. Atchison, or 'phom* 177.     14-1
Mrs. h.   Bdwardi
in lown Ttiesdav.
of Wtclifie, was
Business   is Increasing rapidly
Kaster I,lilies, cut flowers, and all
of green goods tor Kaster Sun-
d.torations—Campbell    a   Hu
Steam laundry and'
tbe  proprietor, has
to engage another
relieve himself from I
if Ihe    offlce work ami enable
i attend    tn the outside husi-
Bggs    for    setting— Thoroughbred I —
White Wyandottea X2.nn for 13.     He-j    .lames   Fmlav returned on Tuesday
Cord   laying   strain.        Apply O. W.|from a husiness trip to Winnip*-e   Hfl
Patmoro. l-Wi   left today   lot Spokane and will    be
i       ■ away several    days. UhilM   in Wintii-
\V.    Rollins     n-turncd   la1*"'  Friday peg Mr. Fmlay   ran ai ros« a numlier
Vanci iiv* t. Ilil-
The Ladies' Aid ot the Methodist
church elected officers as follows for
the ensuing year, at a well attentli-d
meeting at the parsonage: President.
Mrs. Win. Hay ward; vice-president
Mrs Walton; secretary, Mrs. W. It.
McFarlanc, treasurer, Mrs. Ira Manning.
When st rolling arnuml tomorrow
drop into Little ami Atchison's Ice
cream parlor and have a dish of
Ha/rlwood's delirious be cream.
The death of Benjamin William
llmkell occurred March I2fli. 1819, at-
Vancouver. The funeral service was
helil from the parlors at Center A
Ilanna last Froday afternoon, March
2flt'h, under the auspices td ISiseadti
lodge. A.F.tvA.Mt (Victoria, Ottawa
ami Winnipeg papers please copy).
c, L. Plumb, orgntii/cr for the Independent Order of Foresters, has
been in 1own the past few days. He
reports tbe local branch in wry
flourishing state, upwards of sixty
new members having Imvh enrolled
t'hocolate Faster
thing to please tlte
hell A* Manning.
novellies, some-
children .—Camp*
The annual general meeting ol the
Cranhrook Conservative association Tin* only change hi the election
is called for H o'clock next Monday i returns announced last week, is the
evening. It will bo Mil in one of UlO result in Newcastle riding, where
vacant stores ot the new Campbell I Parker Williams, lhe Social st, was
and Maiming building, Hansen avenue. ■ reelected, heating Di. Dicr, bis Con-1,
iiirjii from a visit t
ly enjoyed his outing Immensely, bul
is delighted tn be bar'-* in Cranbrook again, and is hopefully await-
,ng tho definite announccmenl thai
concrete sidewalks will he laid the
full leiin'h of Bahri itreol this
year. After the weleome fntelttgfiOCC
is announced he will in* gl.ul lo
chip in and do bis share in forward-
ing the puiiium campaign
Camille Ooddcrll, a young llrU'i.n.
convicted of lupplying Intoiioattog
liquor to Indian Moses, was sentenced
to four (months ImprlaOOUHBl in Nelson jail with bard labor, without option of lim*. Police Magistrate Ilyan
li determined to adopt vigorous mew
siin-s tu stamp out thi. evil ut
supplying  Indians with Intoxloatfeil
For Kaster.—You are in need of a
new suit. We have Just tin* UHng
Special prices for Saturday.—K.K.
Mercantile House.
Contractor J. O. McCaHum has
received the loltewtng telegraphic instructions from the department ,,)
puhlic works, Ottawa- "Proceed il
once With all proposed alterations
and additions," Mt. MoCallum had
laid ofl some of his staff of mtSOttS
and bricklayers, but Ihey will Ih* im-
mediateiv re-engaged 11 replaced and
work pushed forward as rapidly as
LOST,—Between  si  Bugem notpl-
of former Cranhrook clttwns, Including Uoht. Bums, Andrew McCowao
and o Anderson, formerly of Wycllffe They are all doing well and retain ihe Undliesi memories of Cranbrook.
Baker on 3uth Decembei '. ■ I    P. E.
Wilv n   rot    tbe   pro*
IJ   Macdanald for tb
an inspection    of the
curreoce and a carriul -
pvidtt.ee Uagf '.
the dog was wilfully i
ed     Mr   ii.* •
atra.!.-'   Bute) awl
■ *
Oeorge KIWo< k w.,- dl
The l&iiu*-'    '■■ ixlHai ■ to     - i:  ■'
R   T. .nt**nd   boi
ball on   Tuesday,   April
Audfti rl im    Thei
■... • - ■ " * .
attendirir     Tickets I
FOR   s ILE —Ho ■
almost   new, ■**•■
also kitchen .'• HI
Herald office.
A Full Stock
Of lhe following goods just received  this week,
which we are selling at low prices
International Stock Foods
" Poultry Foods
*• Worm Powder
" Honey Tar Foot Remedy
•* Healing Powder
" Louse Killer
Roup Cure
•* Condition Powders
I). P. White Liniment
Oyster Shell, 3c. lb.; $2,75 per mo lbs.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
The voice of all the people ON the stage
The choice of all the people OFF the stage
. llir
I luml,
ilniinn, thf concert, tlm
ml rin.ro varied program
ul pltiyinu; tu tlm biggest
or where-
mean* I
tho uriuli
IS tha tlirnir,'   the
„ I vaudeville   offering
1,^^ than nny Iheotre in the
**Zat audience In tliu worlil.
Think of the .slurs of Hi'' ilrimm anil of the opera; of
1 Ihr matter* of Instrumentation! i Ighl in your own home theatre,
rer you go and whenever you want Ihem.
« what it meana to you to own lho Edison Phonograph.   And It
In' iweet-toned, long-playing Amberol Records—every selection
s completely aa from tin, stage uml m real ua
iroa—every  acreou,,
lion dnilrr. everywhere. Oet co let* mtalpaa li'in
,U'..l.-r ur r,um „..   K.li«„i I'bonwrapr,.. S16.50 lo 12*0.00.
on Slaadanl ll.-...r,!-. 40..   Kilta.ii Aml*<r,,l ll,ii».b liitay  100 Uknid* Avnu,
ta. i«ui.i.S5c.  BdUonOrandOpera Records,Sbe.to .2.50. Oru*«.n. J., U.S. A.
A complete Ila* of E4*M» PkaMiraph. •nd Record, will ba found ol
Cranbrook Urns: and Book Co. Ltd
BeaUic Murphy Co. Limited
School Report
Division I —
Miss    Dick   	
Division II.—
.Miss   Close      	
Division III.—
Mis:,    I..    C10SC   ..
Division IV.—
Miss    Sill tally    ...
Division V—
Miss    Stephens
llivisiim V.—
Miss   lllscocks   .
Division VI.-
Miss Cartwrtght
Division VII.-
Miss Easton ...  .
Division VIII-
Miss Thompson
Hic.li School—
L.   •'.   Cranston .
8 a«
5 i ?
11 8i
i- z ■-* rt
*-    «J P   o—
> a ft* o
24.10 03.0-1
35.07 79.03
10.54 86.30
11. H 88.01
30.28 h8.:.ti
12.07 R0.51
lli.Kl K0.77
15.08 80.09
:i8.:,8 8r,.28
11.51 88.77
301.07 87.111
Division I. (Miss Dick's) wins the
Kelson Shield and is this montb |jW-
iug it to Iln* primary division to I'n-
courago attendance.
Dh Won 1.
Lauretta Armstrong.
Frank Damford.
Percy Bardgett.
Florence It.ithit*.
Vine; Dui is.
Louise Kluirr.
Vincent Fink,
Wanda Fink.
Grade Iliggins.
Bertram Murgatroyd.
Asiiii'n Powers.
Division II
Kvan Doss.
Arthur Hindi.
Mclloni i arson.
Delia Dow.
Douglas Finniss.
Delia Qieaves.
Hollo   Inhns'ili.
Willie Lcaraan.
George Pratt.
Robert I've.
Reginald Salnibury.
Eric Spence.
Hazel Taylor.
Oordon ffalllnger,
Division III.
Gordon Argue.
Philip Drtggs.
Bradford 'arson.
Ulna Canon.
Willi.  Daniel
Harrj i>* lit,
Charlie Elmer.
Edward Hannah.
Gordon McKenna.
Lottie Moore.
Sidney M'lrifitroyit.
Rainstord Parks.
Agnes Reekie.
Gladys Spence.
Margaret St. Eloi.
Russell st, Eloi.
(ienlon Taylor.
Noel WnllinRer.
Dorothy Whitmore.
Division IV.
Howard Atinstrone.
Willi.*   \li*Iii*.on.
Gladys Brookes.
Melville Dallns,
llnhy Deacon.
Harold Leask,
Hay smith.
Clifford St. Eloi.
cinssli-y Taylor.
Jono Turner.
Keith Wasson.
Fred Swain.
Dorothy McLean.
Armour Brault.
Division V-
Helen Barton*
Mill.* Bathie.
Edward Barnhardt.
Austin Chapman.
Charles t'lapp-
John Cayo.
Herman Hollander,
.it'iinii- Hopkins.
Harold Kummer.
Mali; a lei  Laeey.
Evelyn Moore.
Margaret Morrison.
Kdith Murgatroyd.
David Heekie.
Hugh Simpson.
Warren Spence.
Joseph Swain,
(iaitield Taylor.
Winnie Troop.
Irma Ward.
M I Wolllnger.
Everett Williams.
Nina Belanger.
Roj   l.i-ask.
Hugh Hannah.
Division VI.
Mario Haitian..
Robert Beaton.
Merle Bennett.
Albert Brault.
Mary Carson.
M;n iun lirnmniond.
Fanny tlartsjde.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Smile Lncey.
Russell Loask.
Stanley Moffat.
Kii.- MaeKinnon.
Pearl Pratt.
Flossie Itohinson.
Alma Sarvis.
Camilla Tit...
Division VII.
Kathleen Atchison.
Noi man Bwrh.
Malcolm Belanger.
Raymond Brault.
Frederic Brlgga.
Ivan Itrut-h.
N'orval Cusluke.
Oliver Cayo.
Elizabeth chaptnan-
Allred .lolifle.
.lames Ki'iuliall.
•lack Kirkland.
Di-iii- Linnell*
Mat mt. MaeKinnon.
Charles Musser.
Thomas Reekie.
Milton Sissi ns.
Harry Smith.
Hope Taylor.
Samuel W.  Watson.
Gertrude Willis.
Division VIII.
Omet Bernard,
Vera Baxter.
Christopher Duckorlng.
Stanley Kemhnll.
■ lames  I.ngnn.
Thresa Laeey.
Donald Morrison.
Jack MofTatt.
Nellie Moore.
Patricia McDermot,
Michael Moore.
Leslie Sneddon.
Archie lloric.
Isabel Parker.
Ruby Scott
Mah On.
Division X.
Irene Bernard.
Mah Bing.
Andrew BrniiD.
Frank Bridges.
Kdith Brown.
Danny Daniels.
Oraee Doris.
"Our Personal Advice
to all Skin Sufferers"
Cranbrook Drug
We have been in business in this
lown for some time, and we are looking to build up . trade by always ad-
Blng out patrons right.
So when we tell you that we have
found tht' effective eczema remedy,
you eon depend upou it that wc give
our advice, not in order to sell a lew
hollies of medicine to skin sufferers,
hut, becniisu we know how it will help
our business il we help our patrons.
We keep in stock and sell all thc
well known skin remedies. But wo
will say this: If you are suffering
from any kind ot skin trouble, eczema, psoriasis, rush or tetter, we
want you to try a lull size bottlo of
D.D.D. Prescription.
and Book Co.
Again and again we have seen how
a few drops of this simple wash, applied to the skin, takes away the itch
instantly. And the cures all seem
to he permanent.
D. D. D. Prescription made by the
D. D.D. Laboratories of Toronto is
composed of thymol, glycerine, oil of
winter green and othei* healing, soothing, cooling ingredients. Antl if yon
are just crazy with itch, you will
feel soothed ami cooled, tho itch absolutely washed away the moment
you apply this D. D. D.
We have made fast friends ot mere
than one family hy recommending this
remedy to a sl.in MlHerer here and
there and wo want you to try it now,
Ng Wai Hoy.
Wilfred Kennedy.
Allen l.aeey.
Waller Laurie.
Kii illi Lowis.
Lily McCreaily.
Wong ifMiong.
Edith Turner.
David Watson.
Helen Whitmore.
Ruth Kendall.
Minnie Oallamore,
Promoted    from   Division   VIII. 1st
Primer to   Division VII.
lst Primer.
Ella Kendall.
Gordon Armstrong.
Dorothy Bassett.
.fames Logan.
Christopher Duckering.
Lena Brogan.
Jack MolTatt,
Donald Morrison.
Michael Moore-
Willie Noyce,
.lock Ward.
Vera Baxter.
Patricio McDermot.
I,em.it* Hill.
From Division    VII. l*t Primer    to
Division VI. 2nd Primer.
Harry Smith.
Helen Worden.
Marion MacKinnon.
Margaret McLaren.
Raymond Brault.
Louise Kelsey.
Mac I van Weisbrod.
Malcolm Belanger.
Gladys Shackleton.
Samuel W. Watson.
Arthur Gill.
Thomas Reekie.
Norman Beech.
Irene Linnell.
Ituth Simpson.
Ruth Simpson.
Gertrude Parnohy.
Ivan Hiueh.
Frederic Briggs.
Herbert Hall.
'romotcd    to 1st Reader from Division VI. to Division V.
Faith Kendall.
Iilo Johnstone.
Kothleen Brown.
Russell Leask.
Pearl Pratt.
Merle Bennett.
Moh Kwong Kim.
Robert Beaton.
Mabel Finlay.
Mary Carson.
Marion Drummond.
Eric MacKinnon.
Alma Sarvis.
Palmer Rutledge.
Fanny (Jart-side.
Marie Bartlam.
Vivian Fraser.
Flossie Robinson.
Barrio McDonald.
Promoted to 2nd Primer, Division 8.
Albert Brault.
May Brake.
Donald Dallas.
Leonard Burton,
Lena SchierL
• lim Tito.    .
Joe Frost.
May Lancaster.
Ethel ciopp.
W limit Parks.
Stanley Moffat.
Jessie Fenneseey.
Dlvlili n 6,   Promoted to 1st Readar
Donald Argue,
Helen Barton.
Merle Rathir.
Edward Barnhardt.
Pcljihine Bennett.
M.Hit I Cameron.
Christina Carson.
John Cayo.
Austin Chapman.
Chariest Clapp.
Hector Donaldson.
John Dow.
Otto Gill.
Hugh Hannah.
Herman Hollander.
Robbie Hop Yuen.
Jennie Hopkins.
Violet Jones.
Therza Johnson.
Harold Kummer.
Margaret l.aeey.
Roy Leask.
Wilma MeNabW
Evelyn Moore.
Margaret Morrison.
Edith Murgatroyd.
H'li-h McDonald.
Joseph Patbinson.
Cecil Reade.
Roy  RobiehaiMl.
David Rookio.
I high Simpson.
Warren Spence.
Winona Stinson.
Joseph Swain,
(iiiilielil Taylor.
Winnie Troop.
Irma Ward.
Samuel Whittaker.
Muriel Wollinger.
Verne Woodman.
Elizabeth Woodman.
Everett Williams.
Freda Taylor.
Nino Belanger.
Edith Couldwell.
Walter Brunner.
Division X.   First   Reader ti ticcoml
Ruth Kendall.
Edward Turner.
David Watson.
John Brake.
Mah Bing.
Doris Sainshury.
Romeo Brault-.
Andrew Brault.
Walter Laurie.
Dewey McNeil.
Grace Doris.
Wong Quong,
Evcrot Wilson.
Wilfred Kennedy.
Muriel Johnston.
Allen Laeey.
Harold llaslani.
Hat tic Hollander.
Irene Beech,
Helen Whitmore.
Elenor Aubertin.
Frank Bridges.
Janet Jones.
Lily McReady.
Edith Lewis.
Kdtfie Brown.
A rural clergyman missed one ot
his parishioners several successive
Sundays from liis place in church,
and when bo met thc absentee one
day he said:
"Well, William, I haven't seen you
at clmrch for some, time."
"No, sir; I have reasons lor stay-
in' awa'."
"Ob, you have! And what may
your reasens In*? 1 should, like to
explain them away, if possible."
'Wocl, sir, 1 doubt yo'll no' manage that. They arc a' very decided
objections. The first is tbat 1 don't
believe in bein' whaur one does a' the
speak in'; thc second is that 1 dinna
believe iii sat? mucklc singin' as wc
get in your kirk; the third, and last,
and moist important reason o' a' is
that R wis in your kirk tbat 1 tf>i
ma wife!"
FOR SALE CHEAP.-Bahy carriage in good condition. Apply Box
1. Herald office. 49-tl*
FOR SALE.—One cart. Apply Herald otlice. 9-tP
la th* war Mlaa Alta Abel ot Weat
llad.n. Ind., summed up her existence
after hiving sought In Tain for health.
Sho write*: "I waa a complete wreck
—alwaya tired, worn out and nervoua.
I had to apend about one-third of mjr
time In bed.
"Vlnol, your dellcloua cod liver and
Iron tonic, waa recommended, and I
can truly lay It haa done me more
Hood than ill the medicine I ever took
la my life. That nervoua and tired
feeling I* ill gone, t have gained In
health, fleah and alrength, until Heel
Ilka another person " (We guarantee
tbi* teatlnonlal to be genuine.)
What Vlnol did for Mlaa Abel, ws
know It will do for every nervoua.
rundown, overworked, tired, thin and
dlacouraged woman In thla vicinity.
Try t bottlo of Vlnol with the undemanding that your money will ba
returned If It doea not help you.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
:; HOUSE on Burwell Avenue I;
Five ltooiiia. Water ami
Electric Light
11 Apply nt Office
If, D   nt'NT
The Lending Bumnewt Collo|*t>
of the Nortii went.
Whore young people can receive
a thorough Imtuncss training.
Ie in hcbfuou twelve inontlis in
the year.
No entrance examinations.
Bonn! ami room at very reasonable rateB.
We secure positions for our
Our new beautifully illustrated
catalogue sent free upon request.
Write for it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ist A Madison    -     SPOKANK
i \ i
i . *
t . *
Builder and
' |   Septic Tanks anil Conorotu
Work generally 11
;; Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. Box 346
|| Cranbrook, B.C.
• '♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A.M. Can.Soc, C. E,
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olliee over Oranbrook Drue nml Book
Co's. Siore
Telei'lione 3SH
P. O. B.'S ST
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French repulatur;never (alia. These
pills are exceedingly nowerlul in regulating ihe
f-enetative portlnn H t!:u lemaie <mit-m. Kcfu>e
all cheap imitations. Dr* d« Vaa'« are -- ■; I at
tSa l.<>\. -n three |,,rllll. Mj.1t*.11,. .inv arlilre*-..
Th« g-jobf.11 Urate Co.. St. <:athar!tie» '►nt
For sale  at   Ileal ie.   Murphy  &   Co.,
0|>i>„*itt, O.P.H, Station
THE    PLACE    TO     0KT    A
Headquarters for all Kimls of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
It yuo want satisfaction with
your washing send
it to
Special privei- (or tuinily work.
8acnaaortoF.T. K. I'DKIIV
White Leghorns
Well known (or
I To keep up the itamlna i* lho I
I |{reate*t prut.leiii of the brooder, pi
EliliS MEAN 1'ltOPlT I
I |2.50 por IS; »7.00 per fill; 112 00 j
per 1011, f lnu |..-r
j ernestTThanson [
['' Uowichan, V. I.        HI j|
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on luvornlile term*.
Evory mire anil comfort
A homo from homo
Spoollll attention  in i'iic-h of
Matonilty, Klioiimntlain
and i'lieiinioiila
TorniH   moilenite
MKS. E. BENT, Matron.
I'd. llm Phong 9711
Physicians and SiirjceoiiH
Office at ItHldcaoa,  Ariualruni 'i.a
Kormioou* t IIII tn IU IM
All.rnnnna ■ - - 3.01) to 1.00
Evening* - - - - 7.10 to i.80
8uirdaya - - - - 11 to   i Sll
CRANHROOK II     II     11     H     B. O
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 84
A.F. & A. II.
Regular meetings oa
the   third   Thursday
ot overy month.
Visiting lirethren welcomed.
D. J, MeSweya, W.M.
,1, S, Peck, Scoretary.
Ukesi'UNT Loiige No. 33
Cranhrook, D. C.
Meeta   every   Tueaday at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. tl. .lonea, 0, (!.
J. M. lluyea.K. ol It. N. S.
VtHlting liretliinn   uordlally Invited
to attend.
DR. P. li. MILES
I to 12 a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
7 to   S p.m.
Olliee in Hanson Block.
B. C.
Crunbrook and Fort Steele
?.i0tto?i«8 Cranbrook, B.C. '■
Norloiry Ave, ne\t to City Ila II
Day I'lione -'3:1 Ni^lit l'hone ::',ll
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
For family line there ia nothing
*o vrlioleHome ami ao puro a*
V **
W.  It.  DMttr,  Funonl  Director
Cnnbrook 11. a
Phono Illli
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
I'lione 25H Matron.
P. O. Box 845    Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown and llriilitn Work
II »|KM-iullV.
(Mliceover V. I'arks Hardware
Store, linker Street
I'lione No. 200
Vim  Horn,' Htreel    {oj,|m*ile   llrpoll
Citrriut! 11 full stock of
Repairs lor above alwaya
in atoek
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhOflol '"lore, every aerve la th* body
r In it* proper tension { rettore*
vim nml viulily. Premature demy nml all sexual
WL'iloii-.a averted at cure. PluMB>honot will
rnakfl mil a new man. Prlca Sn* Itoi. or Iwo lur
li, sUlrdtoanvaddrm. t*»r
t:o„ at. r»lharlDM, Oal.
Meet* In    I'lairinlly Hall Kltat an<
Third Frldaya.
T. KriiKer, E. t'.
M   MacKinnon, ,M. It. ami 0,
Visiting sinter* conllally Invited.
I.O.O.F., KEY tMTY LODOE, No. 41
Mesta every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlrllowa cordially Invltsd.
II. .1. Rendall, Vi. M. Haiti*,
N. O. Beo'y.
Meeta first and    third Wednasdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brother*.
Oll'u-ers July lst to Decemhar 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe—W. M. Harris.
No. I*.
Meeta every second and   tourtB Wtd-
neaday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rtbekahe  cordially Invited.
Mi»., Nellie Baker, N. O.
.Mrs. Anna Beattie,   Itcc. Si*.
Meet* In Carnten'a Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp.
Wat. Henderson, C.R.
A. Clark, jr., Boi 278, See'y.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall lirst aad
third Thursday ol each month at
tl p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu Harvard,  Rec. Sec.
\V. B. McFarlane, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meeta in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to llritish citizens.
N. A. Wallingcr, W. (.'. Crchbln,
I'res. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
i: Presbyterian eburcbf
Sunday morning service at 11 <
Sunday    evening    aervice   at *
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School   and    Ilible \
Clasa at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian    (luild, Tueaday,
at 8 o'clock
;: Baptist Chinch
Paator, II. 8. Speller.
• i Pnraonage,  Nolhuty  Avenue.
*■ 'Plume. 284.      P. O. Boi 117.
Regular Setvleea:—Suuda*. II
a in.     and     7.30   p.m.;    Ilible
School    with     Young   latdUaj' < >
I'hllethea    and     Youag   Men'*
llllile I'lnaa, s p ni.
Monday,    Young People.',    ■
Wednredav, MM Week Meeting, < >
A cordtal   Cbrlatlsn welcoma ' '
to all.
PrMtdent: T. h. Giu
Hi'iTiMnry: B, Mauddnai.d
Foi iiifi.tuiiiiiiin r«*Kitriliiij( liui-.!-* .
niul   itKuiuluin'   ni>|ily   lo  tlie t
HecrfltAry, Oranliroofc. K. C.
Kvory socond \Ve<lneFtl«y
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Pre.erilieil nml recommended lor wo.
men's ailment*, a scientifically pre-
pared remedy ol proven worth. The
I remit Irum their lire ia unii-k and per-
For salo at Beattle-Murphy Co., Ltd.  maneut.   For tale at all drugstores.
Let the Mirror Guide Your Choice
ONE great advantage of ready-for-service tailoring is that you can select, from a
wide variety of shapes and fabrics, the suit that exactly reflects the good points
of your own personality.
Yet this important point is only one of many virtues possessed by the''FIT-RITE'
tailoring system.   Correct style, superior workmanship, fine fabrics, moderate prices—
these can only be suggested here.
You owe it to yourself lo sie this line of high-class clothes for men, before you
purchase your Spring Suit or Overcoat.
It C.
through coinWned eHorl to q common
end. Whatever they have achieved hai
been duo not to Uw uxoeptional ability  nf    tin* one  person,   bul  fa tl
selves, ami tJhe motto of British
Columbia fruit- growers for years t
oome must Ih* "more fruil and botti
energetic efforts of those upon whose!     HAM-BUI*.   WAS   TRIED ANI)
shoulders ho  rested   and who carried
him through to sued
liritisli Columbia fruil growers arc If pooplo would only use Xam-Bult
making progress ami Uie success of for chronic sores, blood-poison, ute.
the future largely depends upon them-[ before permitting a
if linilis would In- saved.
Mi. Robt Patterson, ot North Pel-
ham, Welland Co., Ont., writes: "My
daughter, Annie, had blood-poison it
licr linger. Tlio doctor operated twit,
on Uie iin*-.-*!, bui did   not obtain tin
nd n third opci
sai v.
tin* course
London Times Mi
Amid iht- man)
nation   raised
tin* mill Ian ta,
of ti letter to thc
Besani writes:
volet s of I'oiidt'in-
agaiiisl  thi- pollcj  ot
will   Mm   allow one
nni     tin*
i wi* would
ng to close
wci e  !>
ut after il had been
wound did noi heal.
wc ci uld not     get
Hit* wound.
tried Kam-Bub, and ll
was really wonderful     to watch how
tins balm healed tlie   wound.    Each
ila)  there   wan a    marked    improve
ment,   h'irsl  tin*     wound in the palm
of Uw hand   closed, iiml then Uie Iln-
. ger which had been had so long    ho
to'P"* I"*"™- ' 'meat? \m to heal. Tlio  dlscnwilflesli scem-
XX/E like "lookers" as well as
The man who comes merely to see
the new spring styles, is pretty
sure to come again when he is
ready to buy.
" Seeing   is   believing",  in
Fit-Reform Wardrobe.
At a,moment or popular anger much
nJUsMco mny In- done, and thi* ball of
•pitbets—from i lu* prime minister's
'wretched Individuals"   to tlio "hys-
wpsl have been putting up a strong
case beforo tho railway commission
for a similar reduction from other
points into thc prairie provinces. This
matter should lie taken up hy tbo
transportation committee of the Brttr
ish Columbia Fruit (.rowers' association with ihe Express company. 1
think a f*.i*«>d ease can Ih* made out in
favor ol a reduction hero. This would
greatly benefit our small fruit growers win-re they propose to co-operftte
in shipping carloads. There ha** boon
a si ionic  protest  entered by the Ed-
(Continued from last week)!
Loading Cars.—There has been a dc-
eWod Improvement in Um packing and
loading td ears by our British Colunvl
liia shippers this past season. Job-j
Imts havo spoken highly "I tho manner ol loading of both fruit and vege- monton retailers against Uw present
tables. Nevertheless, nothing is so oxpresi service as to delay in trans-
well done, however, that it cannot no puliation of fruit between Strathcooaj
Improved upon, and foi thai reason and Edmonton, Wo aro aware ol Uw
and also foi tin- lunr.it of new grow- natural disabilities the Express com
ers and shippers, Lhc directions ol pans ■■••s l" contend againsl tbere
last ti-ai arc repeated ! Nevertheless the rates charged hist-Mj
1. Place   most    perishable     fruit an efllcienl and satiafaotorj Ber vice
(pears foi   example), nearest Uw   ice     rhc handling    ol fruit generally by
bunkers. I spress company's employees has
2. Leave plenty of ventilation been much Improved, especially at
along bottom ot ears and between the distributing points. Platforms are
rows oi boxes and crates. IbeMer and    smoothor (Macleod being
:i Strap each row of boxes crow sn exception) and no doubt further
ways wiib a snip, nailing each box Improvements In the future will tx*
in inly Icarriod oui bj Uw company.
i i.,H«- plenl) ol iipaoc al centei Freighl Rates and Service.—Re-
oi Uw tar toi bracing and iwo that gar-ding service, complaints ate num-
ail tlif braces aro firmlj secured to f'1,l,s 'rom Jobbers ol delays In tran-
prevenf slewing ol boxes and crates sit and further delays In placing oars
when tats an* shunted. ■ on stdiagi ta    warohouses. it is   ab
fi Novel nil a i.n more than two* ntooluta necessity that growers and
thud-, (nil, as Ihetiaimal beat pmcr* shippers obtain an expedited service
ntcd bj frull rises and ii thew Is any ot quick transit to Hw sueoossful
bad lum in ,t cat H li certain to bo marketing of their fruit in tht* pralr-
found on lho lop. i'|,v tfram Jobbers camo Uw grievance
in addition to th. above, it is verj t*t eat being famished shippers
desirable to have Uw frull pre-cooled where watte pipes were blocked by
before packing and loading In rvJrlget Mm ■" wit, causing flooding ol cars
iittni -mi   Ii has  hi.-n found thai i"<*   *""■ wmseijienl loss of fruit.  Jobbers
handling British Colum*
ol tin* present
while Wash
should be devised and provided i»> "mion has *, minimum ol 80,000 Ibaf,
shipping association ol frull And ve- whew oui grenteal competlUon comes
■stable fiom. There has   been a reduction  in
Express Ita tea.—.Jobbers anj] re- freight rates from American points
tellers still complain ol express lo some points in Iho northwest. The
rates m being t*** high. Ai present r fit. hav.* boon compelled to moot
then* is not much encouragement for
out shippers to look (ot anv great reduction as the railway commission
practically confirmed Ute Dominion
Express company's rates for less than
carloads this year, liiii there may be
points where the present rates are  a
ot salt,
.imi i on
oftrsj has much to do with the pio  and shtppci
longed keeping ot   holding up quail 1)  bla rhubarb   complain i
of (iiiii and    some system ol cooHng minimum, 80,000    lbs
lst.—Growing More Fruit.—it thc
fruit growers of British Columbia expect to command tbe trade to any
great .extent of thc prairie provinces,
they must plant larger areas and increase tlieir output as rapidly as pos-
rlble. One Arm of American .drippers
in 1010 sold more fruit in the prairie
markets than double the output of
out province for 1911.
2nd.—Growing Better Fruit. —
From year to year our growers all
ovor Hniish Columbia must endeavor
to tatse the standard ot their fruit
products. It is the high class truit
that sells at sight and commands the
highest price while the poorer article
goes abegginn
3rd .—"Growing Fewer Varieties. —
\t present we have too many. Weed
them out and grow those artieles
adapted to your soil and district, at
Uw same time varieties saleable in
the prairie markets which are not
main and can Im* grown in the different sections of the province.
Ith.—Growing reaches. — In my
opinion I would not plant largely to
peaches for commercial purposes.
[Ira-mis Season late coming in with.
us. markets practically filled before
ours are ready f"i shipment; prices
obtained aro doubtful as to profit;
verj perishable.
Plant to something with loss risk
and molt* certain profit.
5Ui .-—Improvement in racking.
Km thei improvements in grading,
packing and packages. Increased
weight of fruit in boxes, The finished
appearance ol tin- product sells it in a
great measure*
till).—Honesty in our Business Method*.—Fill ail orders as agreed upon
as i,. date of shipping and varieties
ordered. If you don't know, ' you
ought to know- about
varieties ripening nnd your ability to'
ship. Don't promise ami disappoint.
tin*    purchaser,    Avoid substituting.
.      .1    I.I.I. - juulul
terical," "maenads," etc , of anomy-
nious scribblers—is* directed against a
number of devoted ami gentle women, who may In* mistaken, but uncertainly not wicked.
First, as to the policy itself. Since
the militants appeared the wholo
movement has gone forward; the assailants say that they have injured
the cause; Mrs. l-'avveclt, who is
against them, says that her own organization has Increased in eighteen
months from 21,571 to over 30,000—a
fair proof that "tho cause" has not
suffered through them, As a matter
of fact it has progressed by leaps
aud bounds, and from being somnolent and academic il has become, full
of energy And burning. Compare its
position now willi its position live
years ago, antl then judge whether
militancy has helped or hindered.
Next, the motive behind Uto policy,
Votes for women. It is not the votes
as such that the militants ate lighting for, but for tho changes iu the
position of women that they believe
may bc brought about by the possession-of votes, ll is llu; life ami
honor of working women that Ihey
are lighting for, and this gives them
thu courage to endure. The militants
believe that only Lho possession of
votes will change the economic position ot women, and tho ranks of
sweated women look on,them as their
champions. Street hooligans may yell
at ,them, but working women love
them. It is this which gives the militants the strength to suffer. They
point out also that, while women arc
largely affected by the Insurance
Act, no one thinks it worth while to
explain its provisions to them as
they   are lieing explained to men.
Now, the action which is being taken. The militants do not believe that
votes will be given this session unless pressure is exerted. They allege
that the Manhood Suffrage bill, which
nobody wants, is a way of killing th
feminine claim. A big measure is mi
likely tt pass in this crowded ses
sion, antl to join woman's suffrage I
a revolutionary measure, which in
one has asked lor, is a clever way of
disposing of it. Even tin* Conciliation
Hill may not pass, and there is ominous talk of a referundum. Heme they
have taken joint action. This action
is condemned, and heavy sentences
are being passed, They do not complain. They know that the law must
protect private property, and tiny
are willing to suffer. An attempt is
tK-ing mado to semi their leaders to
penal servitide und to confiscate tin-it
funds. Tlie bystantler asks: "Why
should this action be taken to protect
property when trade unions encourage
picketing, well knowing that it means
the indict ion of bodily injury on men
and women exercising tlieir lawful
liberty to work?" is the •difference
due to the fact thai tin- men have
votes, while the women have none'1
Europe looks on amazed as crowds ol
well-born, well-bred women go patiently to prison for llie. sake of then
m*x. The scandal Caused is too great
to Im* prolonged, and there is only one
way out—the granting of the vote.
The prime minister ean stop it by
bringing in and passing a Woman's
Suffrage Bill. "That would be yielding to violence." To whal else have
/."' i„,"'"(' politicians ever yielded? There would
1 bo no Home Utile Bill if landlord)
hati not been shot ami cattle maimed
No Reform   Bill    of '88 without riot
id to rise oui of the wound and Lheri
drop off, and new healthy flesh formed from below,, pushing off the dJseas-
id tissue. In a short time thej
wound was completely healed. Had
IVC applied /.am-llnk at first WO
mlghl have saved the linger.
"We had another proof of Zam-
llnk's power In the case of tny son.
When two years old In- had his hand
badly mangled. One finger hod lo bo
amputated and it left- a running sore
fm some months. This wound, also,
was finally healed by '/am-Huk."
For chronic sores, blood-poison, ulcers, abscesses,    sealp soles,        piles,
eruptions, Inflamed patches, eczema,
euls, burns, bruises, and all skin in
juries ami diseases Zam-Buk is without equal. 50c. box all druggists and
stores, or post frei* hum '/.am-Huk
Co., Toronti, for price, llavt* yon
tried Zam-Buk Soap? 35c. tablet.
We have the styles—we have the
patterns—we have the values.
And remember—VOL' are always
welcome to examine try on —
compare-any garment that strikes
your fancy, without being urged
to buy.
I'l IK 1
1 lore's
i.   Hi
<     1.lim
inil  In  Iiu
Than tliu
■n- i,
411I1!, nr
'Tis   llu-
n(   ii
I'liim llir
il   Km
I'ikllll ot
Let the king wear    his purple,     and
point to a crown
Whicli may fall from bin brow    when
his throne tumbles down,
For the badge of a Mason has    much
more to give
Than a kingdom so frail that it ean.
not long live.
Let the field   marshal! boast of
men he can guide
of Infantry column and heroes
1 ide,
Hut the   white  leathern apron
standard outranks.
Since it   floats from   the east to the
Death's river hanks.
'Tis llie shield tf the orphan, 'tis the
emblem of love,
'Tis tbo   charter of faith, from    the
Clrand Lodge above*
While  the    high and   the low, in Its
whiteness arrayed
(if ono    blood   and one    skin by it's
magic are made.
Cities fall lo earth,   nations crumble
t.i dust,
Hen are born to die, swords art made
but to rust.
But lho  white leathern apron though
ages passed on
lias survived with the Lodge of    the
Holy St. John.
So a toast    to the  Lambskin which
level uplifts
To the   white    leathern apron, most
priceless ol gifts,
'Tis ihe   badge of      a Mason,     more
noble to wear
Than the garter of Knglaml or order
-.. 1 are.
Is at its best a hard proposition    Let
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
it I  ■
. Kr.jfl.it :
WOODWARD,Si le "Bent
Several projects for making Rome a     ,., ... iiUlf.
seaport     by    providing 3   waterway (mm Bait** i Son*. ■■• King'sSMdtmen,
from tbe coast   to the city have been;
discussed   for some years past.    Oncj
of these,   which appean to    be    the'
mosl promising   li to lay out 3 sea-«
port cf   35 foot    depth near   Caste!
Pusaro, formed by   running   two jetties out into the sea for some      dis-
tanoe, as    a'    the por- of Ymuiden,
Holland. From the port will lead    a
ship canal liftei-r. miles long and two]
hundred feet    wide and   twenty-seven,
feet deep.    At fiom'* dripping a-xom-
modatloiM will    be laid out in    the1
river Mow    the city, and ibis    will
lw ...[.netted   with the navigable parol the   Tiber     by a system of locks
.It will cost  about 115,000,000      to
carry out Uw project. Opponents ol
■ the idea claim it will not pay, but
I the promoters affirm that when once
I thc city is connected with the Mediterranean then-   will result a    great
amount of t raffle.
lipulftte ai time of taking order
what vou have for sale and ean ship. I
In making these suggestions 1 do RO
from the facts that complaints have
been made of our shippers in these
* ill.—Co-Operation the Keynote ol
Success.—Co-operation in lite increase of supply. Cc-operatlon to* the
growing of uniform varieties ami
prices between the different districts
ns Inr as possible. Co-operation in thc
handling and    selling of their    fruit
iHi-n mode by tht- (lrnii-1 Trunk pacific, and Canadian Northern railways
lo points they have recently built into. This reduction ol rates tins had
llr eflitt Of lowering the market
priee of fruit to some extent nt these
points, and   wilt also result in mak-
hnrdship. Those    points should bring Ing thno   competing ami distributing
the matter to the notice ol the    ex- oenlrcs, nnd further of giving Ameri-
press company through Uw transport- can growers antl shippers an equality
ation comm IU CO ol lho   Hrilish    Co-1 on freight   rates where we were pro-j products. Hy    co-opcratlrn the fruit
Intnl.ia Fruit Growers' association for. tooted before. I think it these matters growers ean ship in carloads and con-]
adjustment.     Last spring we    were Urn broughl to the attention   of the
Klven to    understand by the Kxpress H'Hght official! ol the C.P.R. by   the
company that the minimum ot 16,000 transportation committee of the Brtt-
Ibs. on oarlOOd    fruit Imd lieen      re-  ish Columbia Kruil. Growers' nssoti.i-
Ktored to 80,000 lbs. on the American] Hon tbal good result** will follow:
able. We are now In a position       to
stale that    the   15,000 lbs. minimum
does   apply lo » number ol Atnericanj   In   closing this report I    wish t
pointy uml that jobbers In the north-' draw attention to n lew points
trol the snle ol their fruit and
uniformity of their pack. Co-operation in requesting from our transportation companies better rates and
services where desirable. In other
words co-operation oil afonii the
Whatever men have gained that was
WOttll   llie money,    they hove
and bloodshed. No Inter Reform Hill,
if Hyde-Park railings had not gone'
down. It is nil abominable, but, it is
true. Violence is thc recognized way*
in Kngland of gaining political reforms, j
Why not, then, put aside cant nml
bring in a bill? It is not necessary to
say tbat one is yielding to .violence,
but only that one is convinced that
the people an* in earnest. If this is
not done the crowd in the prisons
will grow until tho situation be-.
comes intolerable, for. sooner or]
later, tbe grant of political freedom
tho. lo women must be
Large   warehouse
stands on.
Apply 11., Herald ollic
inl   gionnd   i
Alcoholic and Physical
Mental shocks and bodily injuries
drain the nervous system with
disheartening rapidity.
The first step towards recovery
from this condition lies In rebuilding tlie worn out in-rve fibres
which can best be done with Lecithin, the form of Phosphorus required for nerve repair.
THE     NEW     REMEDY     FOR
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) aud
makes possible tins cure.
It feeds the nerves, induces
sleep, quickens' the appetite,, aids
digestion, nnd soon restores full
nerve vitality. The benefit
fleets are evident almost from
tlie first dose.
1601. t«ttt-*. •jO-dayi
UMam flvlu 111'
trrxtHifiit   |l.».
luoii taenia,
: East Kootenay      *
• Butcher Co.
Dealer* In
Kii-sli nml Curi'l
Poultry, dame and Pith
in Beuon.
oivb  un * tiii.w.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern eq it mo israte
J: .-• • 11,00and op pei day
Cornei ol Hows rd St. si - 1 n nl Ave.
Oar btu oaeeti all traint
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAKOB OOETZ, President
HARRY I". BAER, Secretary
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths lo suit.
Apply lo
R. S. McNeil
PHONE  81m
Drngglsti, Cr.iiiiiri>.ik, H. C
D.*t* * l..wrpnc* r> . Snli- Mfr. . Montr.*!
Wiil* tli.m l-.t tm t.-'k "li Neitt.li.
I*    TIIK •
« f
*      Columbian     »
!« •
*. .. 1 gaarantcf.d palloj.  Tlmt li( i*
j ^1 aatMaotion It guaranteed Inever* i*
I *, n-«| t.   The ajj
J Nelson Iron Works*
' A- LIMITED        M9*
**u Hui' mi   ever inrrennititf itocktj-k
- Write tlivin (or jiurliriilnrH. -I
w 4 4ww4w44w w 4w 4
Nelson's Leading lintel
Himiiii. with Bathi.   'Phone in
every room
Hurl.." Bhonon the j"<-tni-i
Thoroognly np*toHlate.
Rales, $21111 n day and up.
a so.
P. WKI.I.s, Proprleloi
I Where to Go
li FOR
Floor Coverings
carry the largest and best assorted stock
of Linoleums, Floor Oils and Rugs in
the city,
And our Prices are the Lowest
Where the stock is the largest, assortment of patterns new, and the price
right, is surely
LINOLEUM, 12 It. wide, 621 cents per sq. yd.
6 ft.     "    OO     "
FLOOR OILCLOTH, 6 ft wide, 35c
i thoroughbred horses ur lo uoveloji ;i
1111«- in light horses approximating
'closely tn Hint, (il (In- thoroughbred,
there is no question but that u Btrong
Infusion ot thoroughbred blood in tin)
liubl legscd mnros ul tbc country
will bt: of inesl'iinuble vulue in improving tlie quality of tbc stock got
from thorn by stallions ot tlie various light harness breeds.
Ilolioving himself lu lie justified,
therefore, in lurther prosecuting the
policy beirun lust year,
SI 111 HI
While You Have Hair to Save,
Use Newbro's Herpicide.
Every woman
wear false hair
fi'i'ls that It is a
makes the burden
who Is obliged to
or man, a toupee
misfortune. What
so doulily hard to
the honorable ,K>lir is t,!le knowledge that the loss of
(Continued Irom page nm
Irom tin- department i»I agriculture,
us itn entirely unwarrantable slut
upon Kasl Kootenay, nm- tlml Blioul
1,.* reunited in tin* plainest, str<>ni;t-st
ami inosl unmistakable manner uu*
To bring iln- mallet t.. an Issue lie
presented th.- lollowlng resolution:
'Tlmt tin* altentlou of thr Hon.
tin* minister nf agriculture, Hon.
Price Ellison, of his deputy, Mr.
Scott, nt Mr. Thos. Caven, M.L.A.,
Cranbrook riding, lion. W. It. Itoss,
minister nf land-;, M.L.A., Fernie,
Mr. Harold Foster, M.I..A., Columbia; antl Mi. .lames Rchofleld, M.I..A.
Ymir, !n' called tn Circular Nn. 11,
directing special attention \u thc
entire omission nf the whole Kast
Kootenay district therefrom, and tu
Insist ili.it in all subsequent publi-
caMonti nf Uils character, duo ami
ad«|imtc attention he paid tn lhc
potentialities ot Ihc Kast Koottuay."
Tin; resolution, seconded hy Mr
•ins. Ityan, was unnnlinouslj adopted
ami tin* secretary Instructed to see
that copies Ihcreol were forwarded
Immediately in tin* parties mention
Mi. F. .1. Deane then directed thc
attention of the board tu a recent
announcement irom Winnipeg, tbat
Hn' iftisineas men ol that city proposed making a tii|> to British Coltnn-
hla during the coming montlis ol
May and .lune, ami suggested sh-.it
tho sccrolarj ol thc Crnnbrook tmanl
m trade be Instructed lo enter int.
Immediate correspondence with thi
ofnolnls of the Winnipeg organl/ji
tion having this trip in hand, with c
view t.i arranging fnr tho excursionists to pay Cranbrook city and Ibi
Crows Meal Pom generally a visit
• itim    coming    oui     ot returning
\ resolution embodying tbeie views
unantmouriy adopted.
Mr. it r. Rcattlo directed at-
t cot ion i„ the laet that the governor-
goneral, Ills Royal llighnoei the
Duke ol Connaught, had Btgnlfod his
Intention of visiting Hritish Columbia this year, and he moved that
the s& retar) bo Inatruoted to communicate in the righl quarter with a
Wen to having His Royal Highness
include Cranbrook city in his itinerary.    Unanimously adopted.
Mr. .1, P, Kink ome again called
attention to the urgency ot Cranbrook district taking acbivc measures to organize a first-class exhibit of its products at the Dry
Farming Congress, to be held in the
mouth nf October next at 1.0th-
hriilf-r. Mr. Kink pointed out that
thi    ir.it gathering would afford, hy
Secretary Halsall was Instructed I
communicate with tbo congress sec
retiii y in reference to regulation!
governing district displays, ct.-., and
iu due course ;, committee will he
nppofntcd as suggested.
Mr. Harold Darling directed the
at it-til inn nf the hoard to the complaints of district farmers, re their
inability to dispose of   produce. This!
Martin Hurrell, minister ct agriculture, has authorized tho continuance
or the grant, to lie available for all
thoroughbred stallions, standing Io
public service during the season ol
l!)!2, which comply with tlie conditions imposed by tlie department.
The conditions under which assistance will be Riven are as follows:
(1). All horses on account of
which aid is given by the department
must he registered iu the thoroughbred stud hook of the Canadian National Live Stock iccords.
(2). Horses shall lie ol good sue,
mini it) uud conformation and shall he
free from all hereditary unsoundness;
these conditions to he ensured by
siiljitnissiou annually to a thorough,
careful examination cither at the
hands of the veterinary director goneral ot such other members of the
veterinary stall of thc department, or
other persons as the minister may
from time to time appoint for Ihis
pin pose.
(3). Horses so approved shall bo
duly aud properly advertised to stand
for service ot mares, under thc ordinary nml general conditions usual iu
iln* districts in which they are to \m
kept, ut au annual service fee (except
in the case of thoroughbred marcs) uf
nni muie than $11).no to insure, such
service fee to become due and payable
only when mares prove lo he in foal.
Any person, firm or corporation
uwning or controlling any thorough-
liivil stallion in regard to which all
uf lhc conditions above set forth shall
been duly and pro|>erly fulfilled,
shall, on production ol satisfactory
evidence thereof and of the fact that
iisonabie number of mares, other
than thoroughbred mares, have been
natural    hair    could,    in   most instances, have been easily avoided.      ]
The arch enemy nf good hair is the
dandrufl germ. This is now a well es-i
tublished scientific fact. There is one'
remedy on the. market which, used'
regularly, will kill the germ and
keep out everv I race of dandruff.
This retneth is Newbro's Herpiclde,
long known as Uk Original Dandrufl
Germ Destroyer. IU keeping,- the
scalp clean, Hciplcido not only pre-
veiils the hair from falling' out but
allows it to grow as nature Intended, [tcguu in time aud its use persisted In, this valuable remedy Insures a nice healthy head of hair.
Uorplcldo Imparts a lite and luster
tti dull, dead, brittle hair making* it
light, Huffy'and beautiful.
Don't wait. Bogln now to save your
llerpicide is sold and guaranteed in
one dollar size bottles hy all druggists.
Applications may lie procured at tho
hotter barber shops autl hair dressers.
A nice sample and booklet oa the
care of the hair will be sent to anyone upon receipt) of 10o, in postage
or silver. Address the llerpieide Co.,
Dept. R., Detroit, Mich.
Beattic-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
(From the Sarnia Daily Observer)
The home ot .lohn Whilely, 132
Bright street, was the scene of a
very pretty wedding yesterday
(March 27) at high noon, when bis
during Uie season, he entitled! daughter   Mary, was united in    holy
to receive at     the close of each such Wedlock to
season   the sum    of    $250 from thc
funds of   the live stock branch. If, in
lhe event ot a horse dying or becoming Incapacitated    lor service during
Frederick William
gess, of the  Crows  Nest    Coal   and J t t
Lumber  company,   of   t'ranbrook, B.
C, ami  formerly   of Potrolea     and
Sarnia,   where he  is well and favor-
ii* season, an approved substitute is ably known. The bridesmaid was Miss
nmediately placed    in the same dis- j Margaret    A.   Burgess,  of Potrolea, \' |
diet, the   minister may, after      due sister of the groom, while the duties
of best man were looked after hy
Thomas Whitely, ol Sarnia, brother
of thc bclde.     Al the strains of    tlm
condition nf affairs only occurred at
eel lain seasons of th,. year, ^nitl bo
was nf tin* opinion thai the board
should endeavor tu arrange fur the
employment of some Individual, wlm
would make it his business to study
marketing conditions ami he in a
pnsjijMii tu facilitate the disposal of
all such products.
consideration of the circumstances,
authorize tho payment ol the subsidy
above mentioned.
The necessary   forms will he
nishtd    on application to tbi* Veterinary director   general and live    stock•■ Party .entered the parlor leaning on
commissioner, departmeni   of agrlcul-' Jho arm °r    ,u'r ,ill,,rr*    *•■<■■ n,lPtial
Easter Clothing
If you are thinking of purchasing a
new suit for Easter
we will be pleased
to have the privilege
of showing you our
range of Campbell
made Clothing.
Every suit made
just as perfect as the
one here illustrated,
just as near perfect
as human hands
and brains and Ihe
King's money can
is just a little different, has just a little
more swing and
style than most
good clothing, and
the price just a little
Also see our swell
range of Easter Ties,
Vests, and other
Better range now
than ever before.
Quality always
-*■****■ * **- -*■ **• a\\***a\\a\\a\\a\\a\\a\\ t\\m\ AAAAj *\\ *\ *%****** *%*% *%*%*%*%, *%
l?*T*y*?*?*f*>"f,fS*f,f "*7V*S,*#f#'*7*V ****•*■** ▼▼▼**▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼▼
Quality always
-lir. Wedding, march played hy Miss Katott
-I WWtcly, sister ol the bride, the britl-
ture, oilavva.
chairman Intimated, that   such
WOUld    he a pail     nf the duties
proposed publicity commission-
It. T.    Brymncr pointed     out
fm many years past the hoard
ado hod    been dnder an obllga-
Mr. (ieorge Hoggarth, of  the
Cranbrook,   for the aceommo-
3.—That day may bc
which does not    see
iirm ol her father,
I knot was tied by RoV. ■). Iv Holmes,1
j pastor of Devino street Methodist,
church, in tho presence ot Invited
guests from IVtrolca, Mt. Clemens,
Mich., Detroit, Aigoma, Goderlch and
Sarnia. After congratulations tlio
Wedding party repaired to thc dining
room, where a sumptuous wedding repast was served. Many very beautiful
Wedding presents testify to the popu-j
larity of the bride.   The groom's gift
f   ti,
tion I.
lion afforded them, freely, by him, iu
the shape uf a mooting place. Now
Ihat Ihey were in possession of moro
lahly located quarters, be thought
would bo only Ibe right thing to
express their hearty appreciation ol
Mi. Hoggarth's kindness.      A resolu-j
to ibis    effcel was unanimously I*cui,ks wcw amon8 Ul° WuWtics ol
Ottawa. April
counted as lost
the Tory party doing in office what to the bride was a gold necklace and
il condemned in opposition. One of locket. To thc bridesmaid a gold bar
its latest acts of inconsistency has1 pin. and lo ,the organist a gold bar
reference to gifts to members uf par-, pin. To the groomsman gold- cuff
llatnent and senators. [links. Fifty dollars in gold were not--
Then* is a tradition around tho lwd as a 8irt from ••*■• Burgees tern-
corrldors of the house of commonsM-y Ui -*a bride. The bride was at-
wbcii when Mr. C. A. Magrath, the'1'™1 ,n u '•(,<illing gown of grey silk
former   Tory member lor Lethbridge, | ami carliCTl show
This is an age   of discoveries.  To
came t
i parliament    his Idea ot
ol    that august body re
bouquet of white .   ■     ,.      ..,,.,
bridesmaid's dees, wm  .1 «row,hait a,.t"   " ,as ,Mm out l°'
mil .she   carried a bouquet
day is a reality.
SALVIA, thc    Great Hair   Tonic
..,-...!   ,    , ml,- si,,**  when he fount. | "'j*'*'"^ T_h° ^L^\^t .ud Dressing, will positively create a
j thai      pocket-knives
valises   and
idoptrd and   the secretary Instructed
to    convey     to   Mr.    Hoggarth the
id's    hearty appreciation ol    his
i\ kindnesses.
In* meeting then adjourned,
suit was of (awn hrnadcloth.
thc usual showers of confetti
newly-wedded left by the afternoon
train for points east on a betel hon-
cymoon. They will return on (Saturday, and leave at once for their
'home   in   Cranbrook,    B.C.,   as Mr.
The policy Initialed In 1011 by tho
departmeni ol agriculture with reference tu the granting uf aid, under
certain conditions, tn tha owners ol
thoroughbred stallions Is generally
meeting with approral ami is accomplishing, iu pari al least, tho ob-
uits sought when lho policy was un*
dcrtoken* Amongst othei things, owing to the rigid conditions Imposed,
it k encouraging those maintaining
really high clan horses and is ncn
ing in organize tin- system ol brooding followed in the different communities where thoroughbi
are located. The stimulus given, In
this manner, to the use uf Ihorotlglt-
bred blood will, it is believed, lead tu
an Improvement in lhe light horse
ilock uf the country. Thoroughbred
italllohs, if really goml Individuals,
may lie expected to exert such nn Influence, iu the development ot Canadian   horses   for   saddle ami harness
•. as is greatly needed ami greatly
to be desired. The premium placed
upon quality, soundness and prepotency, through the grants awarded by
the department is serving in cheek
the use uf
the members and senators. It is reported Ihat Mr. Magrath refused to
take his share of these seductive nre-
s.nts, ami that be made a vigorous
protest to his leader, Mr. R. L. Borden, against a continuance tf lho j BurgcsB must be back as soon as pOfr
pracllco. Whether the story is true s'il'lr ■'
or not,    the fact   is that Mr. Borden!"?1 aml
the now Srowtn of hair.
If yt u want to have a beautiful
bead of hair, free from Dandrufl, use
SALVIA once a day and watch tbe
SALVIA Is guaranteed to stop falling hair and restore thc hair to its
natural    color.  The greatest    Hair
resume his duties ns a trust- .
valued  employee of thc Coal * £°* , n°wn/
&   Lumber    company, of   tlu. Crows    SALVIA Is compounded by expert
Nest. Helms "made good", there and ~T^'        .  .   1# .. .   , ...
holds   ft   responsible  and Iterative)   **»*'J™ B»lr » * <■ WM* "J
,.a. economy prohibiting "al. gifts I '"untlon. Many friends .r,,n .the east "£"*■*• yn" W,t "ooaer w ,at
will follow him and his highly      es- «£ "J
teemed bride    wilh very hot wishes ,,....,,.
Inr their Journey    through life.    *?.*»** ** h* to th,
1   Ladles will And
spoke to Sir Wilfrid Laurier about,
the matter, and Sir Willrid had a
resolution   passed by the hoard      of
:, etc., lot Unexplained that
of trunks,    villi:
lure.  II    may In1
board nf Internal  economy is
posed of tour cabinet ministers
tin* ipookcr of    the bouse of
The present members ot parliament
wlm welt* aware ul   the step taken at j
t uf    Mr.   Borden in 1801,
a little surprised when they'    The
the    following   note a few] tubhil
ami I ,m''1 ,,i,Vs nl sunshine lie many.
I Ladles will And SALVIA Just the
hair dressing they arc looking for. It
makes the hair soft nnd llnih and is
not sticky. A largo bottle, finds. At
the Cranbrook Drug ar.d Book Co.
the li'i'U*
were m t
davs ago
supplementary estimates were,
at Ottawa    lust week, calling'
for .iihiiiinu.il  expenditures, amounting to close upon $30,000,000.
Tin- Mipplcim-iituiifs    contain noth-
IKjii   Sir,—Samples uf trunks and! ing for Cranbrook districl.    The pro-!
d si.iUinns| valises will bc'iu room 58, house   of Posed   appropriation! for the cnoonr-j
miliums,   Wednesday and   Thursday.' Sgotnent of agriculture are not at all}
Please mil and select. generous to llrilish   Columbia,    this
province's    share   uf a   half million
Unrein, being only $37(884,78.
A visit to room S3 revealed an nni
mated scene.     Trunks, valises,     und
"Ottawa, March 10, 1018.
'.I. A. Carrie.
.1,    .I'KKIIY,   OP    VICTORIA
flitiiiHiiK Dul more I hui. liv,- hundred iiiiiui-K at    dead and ;,!,*, lit     per-
(sons-were    voted  in last Thursday's
election   In    Vicloria,    Mr   II.   .1.
I'erry, an attorney, and one ot    the
tlel'-aled   candidal,-.,    Is said to    he
Columbia  also   Brt» tlu I contemptotlaUng    taking action thai
,1 tlie np|)ro|iriation      ol; will upset tlie result.
small ,ml
leather Roods    were scattered U.OOO.OOO tor hlghwaj-9, to shore ba-l   It is claimed    that no reirnrd   was
and a    group ol lornu-r Tory inn placed at $54,660,52,   In addition i Kivn, i„ the tjccenclea governing   Um
We have still some good snaps in this property. These are going fast, and we advise
you  to partake in this one great opportunity.
Van II,,mo Street.        I'lione 189
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
*F"VV*"f*»F*F*F*WV'*r***7 ▼*F»F'#*F'P*»,»*F»F*F I"
B. C.
Rome Beauty
Northern 5py
Clclntosh kid
Ktiil on liuiol (or Sprlog Planting
Kind David
tted Checked Pippin
Pluini, Peara and Pcachc.
Kslabllsliad in 1000.   IM Acres
loin- otiiis, ih-- beat opportunity    tori totaling in   conserve
effective   imiiiiclty    tlmt   had coffla|oiighbrcd, the  utlllljr ol which l» U-| lors lu lho olthand
in-    Major    Curric
queationnl by    Mr.
Cranbrook's way in many a Ioiik Bay,
He urged llul a committee should In
appointed to arrange for nml organize in, adequate display.
yonrj question,
Wliil,-, hs perhaps
economists    wore busily engaged ex- lo Ibo Ohio   vote in    aid ol agrioul. polls    and    that    men   long passed j-j. straln  inking
amlnhlg Uto   samples ami making se- I""',     tlu- sum    ol (1,500,000 is set .may, whose names still remain     on 	
lections Irom the  besi to bo Imd. As aside tor tlu- construction, leasing nc, nK. voters' lists,    were recorded    as
lho resolution passed by the hoard nl expropriation    rl   terminal elevators voting.
Internal   economy   under the Laurler "' Port William and Port Arthur and |   Mr. perry   is lhe man who, ns    an
government boa    nol   lieen rescinded, Ute sum ol 1200,000 Is provided     to aldcrmanlo candidate taal year, upset
sires and      is|ii xpcttdlUirc   ol public  moneys purchase seed grain to settlers on un-ithe wholo city council because ol the
n type ot Ihof | amounting to many thousands ol dol- patented   lands    in the three prairie discovery ot an agreement    lor    thc
nianuer disclosed provinces, j M|, 0| votes by holders.   This notes-
i   notice may lu-     Obviously nml in spite ot the "solid sitatcd speeiul   li-gislalion ami a new
Lancaster     and seven," H. I'.s claims tor re(-njr,nilion I election.
rum rid and black currant bushes,
750 gooseberries (Oregon Champion)
2 White Plumouth Itock roosters
White I'lyiuouth Kock eggs, good lay
pri/c pnst two
years at Cranbrook Agricultural As-
social ion, ja.OO per do/..
ll-tl Hoi 08. Cranbrook
slu,nlil be sUuted,
ll Is not the    intention of tin-     dc-other   government   suppotlcni repre- cut very little   weight with tho Hor-1   Mr. I'erry is a  lawyer with a   dc
pariment to encourage Un limding ol seniinK rural eimsHUieneim itm administration. »termined milnre t doea not   now
that an apiilii-utiou will be mode to
the Board ol Licenso Commissioner
lor lhe City nl Cranbrook, thirty-
days nlui dato ol Ibis notice, lur a
transfer of the Hotel License held by
Eneas Harding Small tor thc Cos
mopolitan hotel, situate on lot 26,
anil the west halt ot Lot 27, hi Dloek
00, linker Street, Crnnbrook, B. 0.
to Alexander Cameron.
Dated this 5th day ol March, 1012.
lo-.it E. 11. Small.
practice bis protession. liis own position in the parliamentary race cannot he   improved,    as he wns al tin
loot ol tho list. His notion, lhero-| WANTED TO nUY.-A good milch
(ore, is based purely upon a desire lo cow. Apply Box ll., Herald ol-
pnrily thc ballot. I nee. IMP


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