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Cranbrook Herald Jun 6, 1912

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We are well equipped to
turn out the best claim
ol work.
NO. S3
Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
************ ****************
+ .  *
* (The Montreal Herald). *
* It was not what Sir Willrid Laurier said * last night   ihat gave *
* siftnlflcar.ee to tho occasion,  rhr Kignillcance lay in    the proof the *
* occasion furnished that Sir Wilfrid is still the (UmiimitinR and out-  *
* standing ilRi're in lhc party, and thai    that   party is    in militant *
* and optimistic mood.
* Sir Wilfrid's siwt'h was a justification — almost an exultant one
* —of his policy as premier. He saitl lie had notliiUR to tegtei, and in
* words and spirit h.* showed that h*    spoke    truth,   lie  -had gone
* down fighting in wnat he consideml tlte cause of    trade freedom.
* and if President Taft cfiose to put nn alumni interpretation on thc
* results of   such freedom, neither Hit*    Liberal government  nor the
* I.ilK'tal party was in any respect responsible for his obsewlon.
* Tlte meaning of the sptxch was that Sir Wilfrid, true to the prin-
* eiples and traditions of M.rralism, had sought to widen the mar-
* krt (or the country's products.  The   particular    plan presented to
* the people had been rejected by thettli — largely through misconcep-
* tion as to its real lUCUting—aftd while it   might never again be an
* issue, the Mberal party would co.it inue to  staad   for thc greatest
* measures of trad** fitt*doni, for tho    widest markets   for Itoth pro-
* ducc.r and consumer, in the  linn belief that such    freedom was es-
* sentjul to ttie real welfare of tlie uhnlc country, and    to tin* main
* tenance of a contented west.
* This enunciation of a broad, constructive   policy     hy a     veteran
* wliiis.* strong Voice and buoyant hearing belied his "white plumes,"
* suited, if il did nut create the mood of tlie   meeting. There was a
* tang In the atmosphere which eouM imt he aterihueed to mere par-
* tisan entbiisiusm     It was ,, tileml of personal,   loyalty to a.fcreat
* chieftain, of pride in tlie manner in whicli     Im* had faced the hours
* of defeat, ut exultation over the manner    in   which he was al the
* inotneul ivntinuing the got tl Dght as cheerily as tlH»ugn he were a
* lad of twenty, of belief In lus al-ilit\ to again lead to victory.
* The meeting was iu large measure     a ivrwHial   trihule to    the
* chief   Hut 11 signified -, spirit tn castftn l.ibt-ialism   that promises
* himnie tight in.; at blase quartets whenever and   wherever Mr. Hor-
* den elects to meet his adversary,
TO Illli:...' GATHERING Or'
Laurler in power was rit'Vrr BO
i„ril,al such a ipantajtonus, heiuly
and ni.i^iiilii. nl welcome us l.mirliT
in .l.t.1,1 wus ilveii ul a banquol in
Ills Inii.ol, nt Montreal Inst work,
iinilrl tlii' Mispics of tit.' Miinlrrill
Ri'lurin iliil' Siirriiuii,luil Iiy llu*
riii'iniN-ts ul liis former cabinet, tlank-
,*l Iiy I'ln' Liberal prciiileti nl Quctioc
ami Nova Hcolla, uml the I iini.il
lender luml Otitiiriii, uml tiirnl by
hundreds ami hundreds ul rnUnlsias
tic young Liberals, In' was ginn a
reception which revealed beyond a
doubt that Ire still Imlils lirst place
ib lhe hearts of bis fellow count ry-
It was a wonderful gathering, nml
the Nccption given the Lilieral chict-
tain surprised   even Sir WillrUI hlm-
boldlv declared thut lit' had nothing
to regret Ior hnvii.g iiiliinuti.i i-l.m-
i-r rvtaliiniM with iln- United Stall's,
llr denounced Um hollow pre-election
pretehosa ul llu- Conservative* ami
Nationalist*, ridiculed their subsequent siimrriMiilt In cooncctian with
Iheir promises anil predicted the early collapse ul tin- unholy and un-
n.ilur.1] ulliapcc. "Thc elctnc.-.ts
vvliirh Iwnind tlii'tii together make tor
ili'sitiiiiiiiri, hut cannot liokl them
lurther lur construction work.'1
It wns an unique gntlM'ring, prob-
■1.1 \ uillnml Parallel in the annals
ol political history In tills country.
The Windsor hotel was the scene.
An i'\-|irciiilrr wns Um ir/.H'st of honor
hut. he stood, mu alone. He was sur
riiiindcil hy nearly a "core ol former
cabinet associates, by Liberal premier* uml I.ihcrul lenders from tar and
near, by members of parliament, by
senators, hy agist veterans who bad
eutiipuigmd lor the cause of Liberalism when the white plumes of their
leader wen' raven locks, hy young
men eager ar.d ready to do battle
lor lhc leader whose Aery, eloquence
set Iheir souls nn Ore, by a gathering
more   representative   nt   l.iu'mlism
Willrid Laurier, and on his left Sir
Lomcr Oouin, the victor in a recent
contest. Others at Uie bead table
were Premier Murray of Nova
Scotia; Mr. N. W. Howell, leader ol
thc Ontario Literals; the lions. Vi.
S. Kidding, II. Lcmieux, (I. I'. Oraham, Mackenzie King, Dr. Beland,
William PiHfclcy, Charles Murphy,
Iiicihii's Bureau, Sir Frederick Dorden, and mqny others prominent in
federal and provincial politics.
While yet be lives, Sir Willrid
Laurier has become one ol Canada's
groat historic Dgures. His place is
secure. His lame will not he obscured try the passing years. Sir .lohn
Macdonald and the Hon. Oeorge
llrown alone among Canadian statesmen ol Um formative period rank
with Uk beloved chief of the Liberal
party, wbo wns tbe guest of honor
st a Irarrquct in Montreal last week,
says tbe Toronto Olobe. Mr. Brown
wen a man of strong . views. The
spirit of the cruaader was Jits. He
cared not at all lor public office, and
much ol the pioneer work toward
political reform he did was entered
to tbe credit of others on the pages
ol history. Brown's supreme service to Canada waa not, after,all, In
emphasizing the conditions that made
conlederation inevitable, hut in urging in season and out of season the
acquisition of the Hudson Bay company's territories. He more than any
other man of bis time made possible
tbe physical Canada ol today.
Maooonald, Uw mai.ager oi
without whose craft and whose
knowledge ol human nature the Conlederation pace never could have been
carried out, was the object ol tlw
unfeigned admiration and warm aBee-
tion ol his followers. But respect ia
not always an element In affection.
And many Conservatives who cheered
lor Sir .lohn and gave bim their
enthusiastic support were very well
aware that their idol had leet ol
clay. For Sir John in his lour
years ol eclipse lollowlng upon the
I'acilic scandal, there waa not only
the sting ol defeat, but the added
bitterness of knowing that men all
around him whom be had trusted, ignored and avoided him, and would
have been glad to drive him from the
leadership of the party.
Sir Wilfrid bas bad no such heartbreaking experience. The Liberals
of Canada reaper! their leader aa|
greatly as tbey. love ar.d admire him.
His suggestion, after the defeat of
last Sefderabcr. that be be permitted
lo retire, and Ihat a new leader be
clroM-i lor the party, was not given a
moment's consideration. From all
parts ol Canada came urgrat requests
thai "The Chiel" should stay in public hie. These requests were accompanied by promises of wholehearted deration to Liberalism and
to him. That was probably th*
happiest esperiei.ee in Sir Willrid
l.aurirr's llle. Acclaim ol a minis
ter robed ia power—with offices, aad
nib's, and contrails al command—
may very well be artificial and Interested. Thr love, and admiration,
and respect of sell-respecting men in
the moment ol defeat is a very different thing. It may will be tbat
Sir Willrid thinks more highly el thc
revelation defeat brought of bis
place in tbe affections ol his fellow-
I'lKiiitrymcn than ever he thought ol
place and power
Whether the leader ol thr Liberal
pany shall return to office once mors
and die in harness as Sir .l.hn Macdonald did is hidden in the womb ol
the luturc. There is evidence on all
hands Ihat the lamentable wave ol
religk.us antagonism snd distrust
than swept over Ontario last year
and did as much as anti-reciprocity
feeling tn produce the Conservative
sweep has almost entirely subsided.
The lad that under Conservative
premiers in the Dominion snd In
Manitoba concessions have been
granted by the Manitoba government
In Ibc I'ltrsuiontanes of Manitoba
and their Quebec silica thai wen unobtainable during Sir Wilfrid's period
In office indicates that lltramontan-
Isin expects more from a RoWIn or
a Uorden - Protestant though tbey
are - than Irom a Catholic like Sir
Willrid laurier, wbo beHeves that
the state musl be supreme In its own
When this strikes home the
people ol Ontario will render a verdict very different Irom that ol last
Come    victory or driest, however,
In    the nest appeal to the people thc
tor scorns
Tbat tbe Buy Scout movement has
taken a strong In Id In this '.ity was
amply evidenced at tin- punlii- meeting, held in the Men's Club "uninar-
lum last evening, al which some one
hundred youthful aspirants lor membership, witb a large number ol
adults, were present.
Mr. J. P. I-cslic, who bas taken a
very active part in bringing ah, ut
this lively interest in tlie Hoy Scout
movement', was voted to the chair
filled thc position admirably,
displaying ao intimate knowledge ol
the workings ol the movement and a
keen practical idea nf the best ways
and means ol establishing it here on
a sound businesslike basis.
Nr. I*slie brielly explained the
aims snd objects oi the Hoy Scout
movement and was lollowed by Mr.
A. V. Dnngerdeld, a Calgary resident, who told nl his personal experience ol ihc movement In lhe Alberta capital.
Mr. E. L. S. At'trco, formerly, a
scout master nl a troop nl 200, boys,
at SparsboH, Winchester, Entdknd,
made a special address tn (he boys
present, pointing out Ihe value of
tlie training, elc. Ills remarks were
very attentively listened In and
heartily applauded hy the youngsters.
Rev. W. E. Hinilum, also spoke,
dealing particularly with the value nl
the work and promising to devote
his time, in so lar as was possible,
to advancing the Scout movement in
this district.
Rev. W.   Seephens also added      a
lew   words ol encouragement       The
boys were then dismissed and       the
adults resolved themselves into a business meeting.
Officers were elected ss follows:
President-.I. D. McBride.
Vice-President—L. J. Cranston.
Hon.   Secretary—Rev.  W..E. Dun
Hon. Treasurer—R. T. Brymner
Executive committee—C.   C.    Connolly, .1. R. McNabb, Rev. W. Stephens, F. .1. Deane,, and   N. A. Wailln-
grr.    The acting scout master   ami
his asMstar/t   being), appointed   members,     ex-offlclo.      This   committer
were empowered   to .elect substitute
Ior aay of their numbers unable     in
Mr. .1. P. Leslie was appointed acting scout master, pro tern., and Rev.
W. E. Dunham, assistant scout master, pro tem.
A number of resolution*, dealing
with lhe organization of tbe troop,
Us muMgemcnt, etc., were also
Among other resolutions adopted
were, the loUowlrnv That permanent
winter quarters tor the troop being
secured as early, as possible; that thc
service ol all, willing tn help lor-
wsrd the movement, will be gladly
welcomed; that thr lirst excursion ol
thr troop take place on Satuiday alternoon next, to Mr. .1. P. I^slie's
ranche, for which purpose the boys
will assemble at tbe gymnasium st
1 p.m.; tbat the executive committee
will he glad to consider the applications for tbe permanent scoutmaster-
ship ot -the Cranbrook snd distrlee
troop ol Boy Scouts.
Tn the Editor of Uie Herald: I
Sir: In response to tlie query can
a man make a living on five acres,
as reported jit- your last issue, I
think that there is room for lots ol
enquiry and possihly not a little
M'npt* for soucd arictinient ami reasoning, and if tliiss query "wi,| draw"
some knowledge (mm the man with
experience it will he of Inestimable
value to the community at large.
Some, If they Vehturrtl to give their
opinion, would probably in* classed as
abnormal knockers, while others
would be liahte to he known hy the
less repulsive stigma, liars, of course
it depends on who Ih buying antl who
Is selling and eventually who is
"sold." 1'roltahly my opinion may
not be considered of much Import"
aiice. However, 1 offer a* few suggestions which may induce some
readers who have ,' more experience
and   scientific     knowledge respecting
months' notice after April I, 1117, at
105 per cent. The security for the
defjentures comprises a first specific
mortgage upon property valued at
{413,750, and also a floating charge
on the general assets and undertaking, and interest during the first two
years is unconditionally guaranteed
hy the Dominion Trust Company
(Limited). The company's properties)
are situated in the Columbia Valley,
abiHit fifty three miles south of Golden oil Ute east side of the Columbia
river, and comprises sonic 11,580
acres, r.vii-iidiim in a southerly direction twelve miles, with a river
frontage nf some len mites. A ..ranch
of the Canadian Pacific railway running through the comp&r.y's property is expected to Ik* open earti
next year. Favorable reports ou
the property are given in the prospectus, and it is stated that thc
Irrigation of tin* company's irrigable
lands will Ik* carried out by tbe Vermillion Irrigation Company (Limited), which has been formed for the
purpose, tin* Issued capital being held
by the   Columbia   V-Jlcy     Orchards
mmmw^mamnaaaaamaaaammaaaam^ma_ I I
security for thc debentures now uttered, on which a full si\ months'
interest will Ite puyahlc on October I
Uris elusive query   lo ulve tholr   .»- ,„. b    ,
perience.       Thc lirst part of       the  ..":'
question is "Can a man make a
living." This excludes a wile and
lamily therefrom the current expenditure lor living would In' light as
I'ontrastrd lo tlie family mnn.
Tlie next question of importance is,
what kind of land lie Inns. Tliere is
land and land. Tin' seller may say
It is most siiilulile Im Ihis or llial,
hut what docs the cxpcrli'mid rancher say about It! Because om man
buys live acres of sand niul rocks lie
will probably eimdiiuii Us- whole district as no Hi,iii, whereas another.
a few hundred ol yards (urtls'r on,
may settle on a Ilk,' quantity ol really Iirsl class soil, which is able In
produce excellent [mils, vegetables or
grain. Personally I consider it do- a,i,,
ponds on the soil and the man,     ami ,.m.|, t
Initiations   have lieen sent Iiy   '.li
Eoii iiniiHit  ill the Dontrnrim ol Can*
iifty-nine    nations, Inviting
iin! two or more ttlli.-i.il
lo no small degree on his financial re- preaentatives to the Seventh Interna
serve, as il is absolutely   impossible, tlohal   Dry-Karming   f'ongess       at
lo meet  expense*   lire nrst     twelve Uthbtidge, Alta, tl.e wee* ol iictob-
mrirtlij..    There is tire buying ol tbe er 21sl next.    Tne imitations   were
land-,   tlie   erection  ol u liouse, the handsomely engraved, with the     »J-
chuiir.g, II not iloared More      pur- dr.-sses cogroesed.   and the,        »ne
chase, fencing,  seeding, tree planting h1r„„| ov Hut. lioval Highness      the
ard other incidental expenses    which m,kl. nl fonnaugbt, Covernor-C.enetil
come to those who start in this
business. Tbe water also, is a bin
consideration. II a well is to be
dug this nay cause lots of expenditure and possible disappointment,
line rarxher close to tbe city spent
I2IM1.0H and dug down 15 leet and
got nothing, whereas I obtained   alt
ol Canada. ■_	
The handsomely engrossed invitation to William Howard Tait has
lain delivered through the Canadian
government al Ottawa and Ambassa-
the water I require at 25 lerl. These dor Bryce at Washington, and an ol-
are    chances   Ural   ou has to take fxill   acknowMgroenf has been    rt~
Otbers are.    Drought,    Irost,    hall reived  by the  Canadian   government
gophers,    thi'   latter a by no means j„ »hich the president expresws      a
small prdlfcin    t" Ibe mixed farmer, hop<. lhlt con|iress    will pass a 110,-
The writer could slate cases ol a
hull acre of cabbage plants disappearing in a single day. Much more
might be said as to tbc selection ol
and also tbe quality ol the trees
liusli.'s ant seeds one purchases, and
apropos ol tbis subject 1 would like
to state that many- seed merchants
bring forward in the spring lor sale
seeds tbat have been in tlie, sure
year after year, many of which have
In-tii subjected to severe weal Iht and
are absolutely useless. These seeds
give the land a bad name, as even
good soil car.'t grow frozen seeds. I
Ilut I tear I am trespassing on your
space.     However, summid    up      in I
self.      Ihr rising to speak ho      was am,, mnri, (tu,   ,,„„,„. ,„   s|r ,,.„.
cheered again nnd again. F.r several ,rhl Ul,r|(,r   ;|-n ,„y whW|     ey„
minutes lie stood there while Ihe
pent up enthusiasm and alttctton ot
the gathering spent itself. Every at-
leini I to speak was Uie signal lor a
fresh outburst nl applause, until ll
seemed as If It wnuld never erase.
Sir Willrid was In splendid lorm,
anil made a telling ami lorrclul
speech, in which he reviewed lhe Issues of Uh. late campaign, reaffirmed
his conMcncc In reciprocity as ii
wise lad bouenclal
assembled in Canada's metropolis.
The olralrtnan, Mr. Leon (larncaii,
youth In his early twenties, was a
typical representative ol the younger
i.leinciil as Dr. A. Fisher, lather of
Ute H(4i. Sydney Fisher, a veteran
ol ninety-seven years, was represcat-
0110 appropriation lor the making ol a
fideral exhibit. Since tbe receipt of
tbe acknowledgment the Untied
Slates congr.-ss lias inserted a
$10,000 appropriation in thc agricultural bill, and it is believed 'hat
it will tie passed in season lo permit
ol the gathering of a large exhibit
(rom some 2.1 dry-farming .leniiKistra-
timi farms and experiment stations.
The President has already disignated
Hon, .lames Wilson, secretary of agriculture, as his personal represeota-[
live at tbi' congress
Liberals ol (
Willrid with
that for him
progress and
pretue goal.
will follow Sir
as for Ihem Canada's
prosperity is   the sn-
.1. A. Thompson, ot' Wardner, and
^^*j«w*,a.,a.i.i.j.,i.,ii„,_i„.....^^_ , Miss Emma C. Bug, ot Clanahoitn,
seild i*a mPn 7*2* "-1 *"•'• **"» »■"*-•*• '» *-»«*»gT .
leaner iM the Libtral party. 4Ml   „,,  ,.   Nt(,ro)|. ,^      JB
On Mr. ttaincau's right waa     Sir nuptial Int
A, speeial meeting ol tbc city council look place last evening, at which
wore presenl Mayor Bowness and
AMermra Atchison, Campbell and
Bylaw No. 107, to correct a typographical error in bylaw No. M, waa
passed through Its several readings,
to bo finally adopted and passed at
the next meeting.
Bylaw No. I0(, a local improvement bylaw, was also put through
Its several tendings. Tbe purport ol
tills bylaw is to authorire the city
engineer to prepare plans, snecirlca-
llnos, costa, etc., nl the proposed cement sidewalks along Baker street,
preparatory to a start being made nn
this work.
Agreements witb the provincial
government and the St. Eugene hns
pttal   lor    connecUng their buildings
witb the sewerage system were    read
cnuisc lorm in my opini consider     Thl,  „,„„„,.,  ,,,    „„.    r.nadu,,
If a man bssllve acres of fairly good ^m „f control is mak ng strenuous
■oil. « a (rood location bis^   house ,.„,„„ (<1 , f0|  tbr tM!V,^,
built, his land cleared and tented,' and amininm,,ti,m „, thc ,„,,. „um.
po;snned all the gophers, has a team,   J„    „,   M ,„„„,. assured
a plough, a cu tivator and a wagon | ^ i(,,umritwv „, „„,., acf(W„„^
• creek or troll, and mnd,.r.,le flnan- „„,„, ta, ^-sHital.-l lhc arrangir.g
cal backing he can. providing !»• has ,„, fa -ttMe-rh| „, maM ,„ rjvatc
so,,ie experience and average omoun knutn aw) |hi. ,mM>* Vvite
of gumption    und energy,    make    a   „„       |las t(,„,|l.r^ jts ,,        „„„'
my comlortabh' living   always pro   bJ „J ,„r   ,np hiwkiuart(,rs ,,, „,,.
tiding the season Is good and he    Is         ^ Tb|B   „„,„,,
abb. to procur,. . market lor bis pro- has , sujt, ^    som. .
du,.'.     Tore will not permit <l  my  ,    („rI,|BlK„   ,*,„,,„.„. and      ,.,,„
giving a list nl seeds and trees   snd
methods ol handling 5 acres,    but   I
hope some ih)    the scientific ranchers
around the city will follow or, where
I must quit.
Sincerely yours,
"Pracmonitus Praomiuiitiis."
(We trust   tbat otbrrs ol our readers, having practical experience     on
llr,. acre tracts, will lavrr us      with
Iheir experiences —Ed. Tin- Herald )
unit no uh
The issue is ainounced hy the Columbia Valley Orchards (Limited) in
London, England, ol  a total author-
slight alterations and added furnishings will somewhat relieve the pressure upon the entertainment commit-
tec. The hotel prone!* are still in
alH'yunc, but it is possible a building suitable lor a large banquet hall
will In' constructed in season
Preparatiins are making (or ths
placing of forty or more sleeping
ears e.rtiVfiiH'iit to the slr.-e* railway, ai.d the plans call for dining
ears and sanitary, electric, gas and
hot water cmncriions. cinder walks
and cxccllttrl policing, so that many
who come on special trains may live
aboard the ears during the week.
Some other routine   business   was
transacted and council adjourn,,!   al
*U Ma*.
The  exposition   plans grow apace,
  and with llie   issuance ol tire prelim
lied issue of £1110,000 six per cent inary premium list there bus been tf
first mortgage ten-year sinVing lund ceived a large number ol additional
debentures at »7| per cent , which prizes The attention nl the exposi-;
are being Issued lor tne purpose nl lion committee is now- centered in
repaying moneys advanmd to com- arranging lor a number ol valuable
plcte the payments Inr ibe laml premiums for slate, province and
(about £70,000); to pay Inr the distriet displays, ar.d announcement
shares of the irrigatlim company is- ol ih-sc . will be made in the official
sued to provide the cosl ot construct-' premium list, which will Ire issued
(ng the irrigation system nn tlie August Ist. The probability ol
property, and to turnish working many exhibits from the southern and;
crpital lor the development nt ths siniiliwestrrn sections ol the Ui.lled
company. Tbe debentures are rr- Slates has also caused tbe adding ol
Payable at par in l»M, or at Uie a number nl etasses tor sorghums,
>'a option     oa  givisui three ml ton and legurucs.
1250   CUP    FOR SIX   EARS    OF
Tn enthuse interest in the com exhibit, whicli will lie one of    tbe lea-
tures, F. C. Lowes Co., real    estate
operators   ol  Oangary    aad    Letti-
bridgc,    have donated   a $250 silver
trophy  cup lor tlie best six ears   ol
eoriii    exhibited,    the premium being
ipcrr to llie world.
The Farmer's Advocate, puMJIshsd
at Winnipeg, Manitoba, oilers a gold
and silver medal for tbe two belt
sheafs of fodder corn grown in Maai-
toba, Saskatchewan and Alberta aad
■xhibiced by the grower, tbe iheafs
if fishier enl grown in Manitoba,
Saskatchewan anil Alberta and ex-
'Xhihiled by the grower, the sbeals
omprlse :'i0 stalks each, and tbe
fishier corn to have been grown by
dry (arming methods in 1012. This
premium is ottered to stimulate tbe
growing of (odder Ann in Westers
A silver trophy cup ol tbc value ol
*--r> lias been offered by the Hem
state Rural and Livestock Journal.
published at Caldwell, Idaho, lor the
best dismay „l »o-,lay corn raised In
Ila- northwest and exhibited by the
grnwei Tin- cup must be woo
twice lor retention pcmiancotly, aad
is ilniut.ai with a view to stimulating interest in corn growing in the
.Northwestern states aid Western
The board of trade of Calgary, Alberta, interested in the Introduction
ol alfalfa throughout toe Canadian
West, has donated a silver cup lor
th- best sheaf of alfalla rxMMtcd
Tbe premium is open t< tbe world,
and the inks require tbe growing of
alfalfa under dry-farming conditions
and its being exhibited by the grow-
The grower ol tbr largest water
melon will carry borne with hlm a
silver trophy cup ol thi' value ol
115. the gilt ol tne board ol trade ol
Taber. Altx-ru This organbaUon
has also donated similar silver cups
lor tbe best 10 eats ol yellow tent
corn, the bear six stall*, of yeltow
« nt corn, and tne best peck of railo
A trophy that is attracting ooanM-
rraMe intereat in Southern Albtrtu is
Ur ItO silver cap donated by R. A.
Darter, district manager of the
Canadian Life Assurance Co., for tbc
1.-st peck of potatoes grown under
dry-larming ronditions in Souther a
Alberts, sourh ol ibe imaginary lias
drawn east and wesl about ten miles
nin;th of Calgary.
Since tbe visit of tbe executive sec-
r.'tary-trfasurer to Oklahoma City
tl«' antwuncement has been made of
the organisation by the state board
ol agriculture ot a cornmlttn to prepare a state exbibit and to arrange
lor a special train io carry ft strong
delegation to lethbridge Oklahoma
City would like the Itn congress,
snd plans lo make a contest for It.
Filty thou<i.nd cotton bolls will he
carried north as souvenirs, and the
delegates will be escorted by an Indian land of fifty piece.
Topeka, Kansas, also bay. longing
.yea upon tbr HIS cotgorras plum,
and plans to send a large delegation
by special train and also a stole exhibit.
Mr .lohn T Burns, the exeruUve
secretary-treasurer, on bis recent
visit to Topeka and Kansas City
found great enthusiasm among the
state officials and a general atallr
rniiit in lavor of supporting Tnaeka's
claim for the rirngrex* and a desire to
go after everything in sight in order
to bent out (Alabama Ctty
Govrrnnr sbatroth and C It Root,
ol Uenvnr, a member of tbe pout ol
governors, are planning to send n
line exhibit Irom ('(dorado, and Iks
railroad officials are •bowing In* Interest In the exposition aad aiding in
many ways to secure repr, Mutative
displays irom all parts of the stats
where dry 'arming metoods are usad.
Dr. Theodore Kryshntolovleb, Russian government agetcultural commissioner tn tbe United Stoles, reports Ihst tbe Russian department ol
agriculture has sent two young men
lo America to    study    dry tanning,
and that A.    Kid, assistant <
sioner at St.   l.ouis, Mo., is
i.ring io place them with two
flerman-speaklng dry    fanners
either North nr South Dakota.
Vlctor fond, who has (bren working lor ivte Woods lor the past Ova
tears, Irli on Tuesdsy fnr Ike Peace
River districl. THB   CRANBROOK   HERALD
School Report
Division I.—
Miss Dick 	
Uivisi&n II.-—
Miss (.'lose	
Division III.—
.Miss L.   Close .
Division IV.—
Miss  Siittahy   ...
Illusion V.—
Miss   Sti'phi-ns  ,
Division VI.—
Miss   Hiscocks
Division VII.—
Miss   CurLivtighl
Division VIII.-
Miss Kast on 	
Division IX.—
Miss BaitWcll ... .
High School—
1.. .1. CraiisU,-.. .
cj        bu J3
3 g|   Bis
35"   "* °
.. 3:1 20.18 89.05!
.  HI 30.81 77.02
, III 38.80 83.311
. Iti 11.13 83.05,
„ 61 15.3(1 88.01
.. 0-1 I7.:lli 87.70;
. 50     Ul.ll   87.01
.  13     38.(12   88.121
. 51 10.05 75.83
.. 13    10.11   80.08
123   350.119   81.10
llivisiim I. (Miss nick's) wins Net
sun Shield ior highest percentage attendance.
(Division  1)
Frances Drummond.
Louise Elmer.
Vincent Pink.
Wanda Kink.
Oracle Iliggins.
II11111I1I Brldgra.
Aslilon Powers.
(Division 11,).
Arthur lliircli.
Delhi Greaves.
Francos Noble.
Reginald Salnsbiiry.
Willie 1'ren.
Gordon Wnllinger.
llivisiim III.
Gordon Argue.
Willie Daniels.
Alex, Mennie.
Sidney Murgatroyd.
Qrcnvltlo Musser.
Roy Musser.
.lolin Noble.
Raihstbrd Parks.
Agnes Reekie.
Margaret Kt. Eloi.
Gordon Taylor.
Nettie Terrace;
(Division IV.)
Willie Atchison.
Mary llurnliardt.
Muriel Baxter,
Elsie Ileattie.
Gladys Brookes.
Mnlicl Brown.
Milo Iktummond.
Harold Leask.
llarcluy McNeil.
Nettle Robinson.
I'Torclico Rutledge.
May Smith.
clilTord .St. Eloi.
(,'rosslcy Taylor.
John Turner.
(Division V.)
Nina Uelnnger.
Robert Beaton.
Christine Carson.
Austin Chapman.
Marlon Drummnnd.
Faulty (lartside.
I lerman Hollander.
Jennie Hopkins.
Untold Kummer,
Edith Murgatroyd.
Eric MacKinnon.
Margaret Morrison.
Mu Kwong.
Barry McDonald.
David Reekie,
(larileld Taylor.
Everett Williams.
Verne Woodman.
Pearl Pratt.
(Division VI).
Malcolm Belanger.
Freddy Uriggs.
Ivan Huron.
Ethel Clapp.
Donald Dallas.
Marion MacKinnon.
Louise fitclsey.
Winnltred Phillips.
Tom Reekie.
Cyril Sclby.
Harry Smith.
Samuel Speers.
Camilla Tito.
Helen Warden.
(Division VII.)
Kathleen Atchison.
Howard Brogan.
N'era Baxter.
N'orval Caslakc.
Irene Coe.
Jean Donaldson.
1 lulu ielln Hamilton.
Ella Kendall.
James Kemball.
John Kirkland.
Helen Lcclerc.
James Logan.
Patricia McDermot.
Donald Morrison. -
Kihvurd Taylor.
Hope Taylor,
(intrude Willis.
(Division Vill).
1 liner Bernard.
I lector llernlman.
I'ichard Jones.
William Guerard.
Mow Mali.
Raymond St. Eloi.
(In Mah.
Theresa l.aeey.
Ruby Scott.
Kiitie Austin.
(Division X.)
Irene Bernard.
Mah Bing.
John Brake,
Allen Brown.
Edward Brown.
Harold Haslarn.
Ng Wai Hoy,
Allan Laeey.
Walter Laurie.
Lily McRcady.
Edward Turner.
David Watson.
Minnie Clallamore.
Hector Donaldson.
Ilugg McDonald.
Samuel Whlttaker.
The elilrancc examination wil be
held nt Cranbrook on 'luce ll, 18
ami 10. Tlte lollowlng pupils Irom
the Cranbrook public school will
Astrton Powers.
Lauretta Armstrong.
.luck Wilson.
Louise Elmer.
.lack Ilasliiin.
Olive White.
Bertram Murgatroyd.
Carl Gill.
Florence Bailiie.
Laura Richards.
Harold Bridges.
Orville Dow.
Augusta Doyle.
Francis Drummond.
Frank Bamford.
Vinev Doris.
Wanda Fink.
tirade Iliggins.
High school examinations will lie
held during tbc Drat week In .lily
The following will write Irom Cran
Marshall Barton.
Jessie Kennedy.
Sybil White.
Sarah Palmer.
With Uren.
Willrud Dallas.
Ruth Stevens.
Edith Caslakc.
Jessie McDonald.
Tom Peonehvther.
Sydney Elmer.
The death occurred last week at
his home, nine miles southeast ol
Neepawa, Man., ol John Dcapscy,
ae.nl 07 years and two months, admittedly the .ildest Free Mason in
Iln' world. Ile joined the order at
the age of twenty-one, 70 years ago
ID you ever say in passing a rich man's home, "He made his
money easy; he was here in
The Early Days
Don't envy him, but imitate him. One of the old and great financiers
of the East in addressing a class of young men, said: " The opportunities to-morrow will be far greater than in the pasl—fortunes will be
made with greater certainty and rapidity, owing to modern methods,
especially those points in the West geographically situated to handle
the commerce of the world."
Where the Wesl meets the East
Situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island at the head of Alberni
Canal, where the great ships of the Pacific will bump noses with the
iron horses of the great Transcontinental railroads of Canada. Alberni
holds a commanding position not equalled by any other seaport on the
Pacific Coast.   There can be but
One Alberni
Lots are selling to-day from $150.00 to $475.00 in "ROSSLYN." the
new addition to Alberni. These lots are sold on the easy payment
plan, their future is sure and certain, and their owners will be astonished at thc rapid advance.
For further information address
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Cranbrook Drug and,
Hook Co. Sells
The Great French Tonic
A Medicine That Prolongs Life
VIGOROL will do all we claim ior
11. II not, wc relutrd you your money. VIGOROL not only prolongs
life, hut makes the old feel and look
young. It restores vim and energy
VIGOROL ta'.cs hold ot tho inside
nerves at once and braces you up.
Some of yonr nerves have lieen dormant (or years, ami it limy ore not
looked niter will dry up and die
VIGOROL r.'nch s lho nerve coirtcr
imparting Iii1, youth and vigor. That
Ural, billions leel Ing is removed; all
your pains and aches are driven
away. Tire most wor.dcrttil tonic
ever sild is VIGOROL. Don't IB
burden to yniirsell and others; get a
hoi lie ol ViaoROL today and start
life over again. Thc Cranbrook
Drug and Book Sloro is thc only
liliice in Cranbrook where you can
buy VIGOROL. Prieo $1.00 a bottle
Tlie ousloms returns for thc .month
totalled (0,352.65.
Our price on oranges still 13.50
case.—Crunbrook Trading Co.     22-tt
J. Armour and A. C. Blaine spent
Die week end at Bluirmnrc.
II. Rrlmhlc and wife, of Kenora,
(int., are registered ue lhc Hold
Going out ol wall paper business
Choice stock must be disposed cl at
uny prlce.-B. H. Short. ll-tl
Chas. D. Powell, of Winnipeg, was
a guest at the Hotel T'rnnbrook this
I 'pwards nl one hundred mining li
censes ■were taken out last month at
Hie local mining recorder's office.
Colonel and Mrs. lli-ndersnn came
iu Irom Fort Steele on Wednesday in
Mr. A. II. Fcnwick's car.
.Ins. II. Malcolm has lieen gn/etled
a clerk in i Hie local government offices.
G. R. Furlong returned a lew days
ago Irom a visit to his old home in
F. M. Young, chiel engineer l,.r Ute
K.C.H., was in from Fori Steele
during the week.
11. A. Slinson was taken lo thc
SI. Eugene hospital on Tuesday
evening to undergo an operation lor
Do not forget the meeting of the
Poultry association and Mr. Kendall's address at tbe government
building   tomorrow   evening at 8.30.
On the K inn's birthday, Monday,
June 3rd, the high school pupils
spent .a very enjoyable day picnieing
al Moyie Lake.
K. li. Cliinllelgh, formerly chlel
Iruin despatcher, and acting superintendent here, passed thrragh town on
Tuesday, on. his way to the coast
Dr. F. W. Green and Constable
Morris were out to the, Porto Rico
camps in Tuesday inspecting certain
cases ol alleged smallpox.
Geo. Scott, ol Nelson, formerly a
resinent ol Tobacco Plains, was in
town during tlie week, Inspecting
some oi his properties hereabouts.
Mrs. Chas. Levett, of Fort Steele,
returned this week Irom Spokane and
Everett, whero she hat been undergo
ing treatment for her eyes.
lohn Sullivan, nt Moyie, was up to
liar Kstella mine, Tracy creek, last
week end, supervising work underway.
Cat at nur store tor a sample
bottle ol Verttrrlte Vrfwel, llio best
varnish polish going -Cranhrook
Trading Co. ll-tl
Mr. N. A. Wallingrr, mining recorder tor tbe Fort Steele district,
has been confined to his bouse during
thc past few days with an attack of
la grippe.
FOR RENT.-Six roomed house,
good location, electric light, other
conveniences— t'raiahrook Trading
Co. ll-tl
WANTED AT ONCE- Oirl to do
general housework. Apply to Mrs.
11. White. ll-tl
Collections.—Let us collect your
old accounts. No charge II wa don't
oollcct.-Salea Agency and Adjustment Co., Box SU, Craabrook
B.C. ll-tl
hustle apply In writing to Sales
Agency and Adjustment Co., Boi
Sll, Cranbrook. IMI
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
'    Spokane, Wash.
A nevTand
A modern equipped Cafti nl moderate
Rate* 11.00 nntl up per iluy
Corner of Howard St. mill Fioiii Ave.
Our bus ment* all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
8 ® (!) <•> ® ® ® ® ® (!) (•) ® <!> ® ®
f East Kootenay      §
• Butcher Co. •
®       ®
Dealers In
Fresh nnd Cured
• • Meats.
Poultry, (iniiio nnd Fish
in Benson,
® East Kootenay
Butcher Co. •
The Old P. Wood's
To Cure Consumption
Physicians agree, that in addition
to other measures, a vigorous
nervous system is essential.
The best preparation for combating the nerve exhaustion resulting from consumption is
Nervous Exhaustion
which contains Lecithin (colt'
ecntrnted from thousands of
eggs), the only form of phosplnor-
OU9 capable of being fully assimilated by the digestive organs.
"Asaya-Nenrall" restores full
nerve vitality, and thus lends Incalculable aid in throwing off the
The Iwncficinl effects nre evident almost with the first dose,
It in. Iiolllr. Id .lavs' tipatni.nl, |l .00.
Gbluiii li"iii llm I'K-al ugelita.
Dmggislai Criiuhrook, 11. C.
liiivl.ai.awrciic Cr,., Snip Mfr... Montreal
Wrltetliclil for (rre hook on N.rvon.
Notice is hereby given that Peter
Lund, of Cranbrook, B.C., will apply for a license to take and use 240
Miners' Inches ot water out ol Burnt
llriilge Creek, which flows In a
southerly direction through sub-lot
18 ol Lot 4590 and empties into Bull
Itiver on E.K. L. Co. Block "D" ol
4500. The water will be diverted
near tlw north line ol Block "D" ol
Lot 4500 and will bo used Ior irrigation purposes on the land described
ns sub-divisions 1 and > ot Lot 313
ar.d Lot 2050.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 0th day ol May, 1012.
The application will bo Died In the
oflloo ol the Water Recorder at Cranlirook, B.C.
Objections may be Died with the
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller ot Water Rights, parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Peter Lund, Applicant.
by F. W. Burgess, Agent. 20-4
that thirty days alter date, 1 intend
io apply to tlm Chict Commissioner
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands lor tlie District
oi East Kootenay tor a licenso to
prospect Ior coal and petroleum ou
tho lollowlng described land, situate
on tho North Fork ol Michel Creek,
about sli miles north rt the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between tliu Mclnnes Croup and tin.
Crows Nest I'uss Conl Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
II. T. French's S. W. comer, snniii
being the initial post, ol ll. Covington's claim, and marked "It. Covington's S. E. comer," thenco Kll
chains nortii, Ihence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains east to place of beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1912.
*    THE •
« »
«     Columbian     »
*, <*>
4) i* a guaranteed pulley. That is, a>
*, sntlslautlon is guaranteed In every m>
*. respect.   Tlte _
J Nelson Iron Works*
*|) LIMITED       mav
q Hai an ever increasing Mark. -
-. Write them (or particulars. _
4444444444 444 4
5   -    Big Shows    ■   5
Balloon Ascension
and Parachute Leap
Every Afternoon
(Hy Clmrlottfl    Perkins    Oilman in
lladper'B Weokly).
In all witlf KjUfiwl discussions where
honest niiil able persons take opposite sides tlwro is usually to Imj louotl
Home basic error in eoniipwhonaioti.
This appears, in-i only In tho use ot
terms, the same wottl often liavlng
tiinvit-iil iiii*aiiii.Ks to different iminils,
but il* the grasp (it tbo Mitijeet mat-
Xev itwK.
Ewii in friomlly cMvorfrntlon these
tiiiiitiiitit's Ireqienlly occm, '\'\*> most
scholarly oaro iu Uu* lun-KUitRe ohos-
on, even in srieutifie treatises, iloCH
not always pm-liNtu mlRumlorHbmvl-
iiiK- When Um pressure ol warm
fMin^ Is -driving ibe wonls, ami wben
tlir subjtvl matter is ime little
deislood, we are apt to deseetid to a
mere expression of sentiment instead
ot mi exchuiiKc ot ideas.
All this is profoundly evident in
tbc present wWe—and warm — discussion ot woman suffrage. On either
sitle appear tlie most earnest expressions of feeling: feelings ot hope, ol
foar, of high social devotion, of intense persw.al distaste; nil of which
arc interesting as indicative of the
development of limitations of the
Tog-?t*her wHb these feelings is used
a strange array of arguments, some
so thc point, some quite btsWc it,
some boomerangs; ami these arc
urged with hreat-hless earnestness
and laudable perseverance, quite re-
f-Tirdless of effect.
As social evolution bas never waited for tlie complete enlightenment of
mankind, wc find the enfranchisement
of women goir.g on in all civilized
countries, but since tbc opposition to
it is strong enough to cause years of
delay and 'a continuous outlay of organized effort, it seems worth while
to point out the main error actuating that opposition.
It may seem difficult to select a
major error among such a self-con-,
tradictory contusion; but under all
these miscellaneous reitcrattd objections one governing conviction continually obtrudes itself. It colors all
the utterances of tbc Organization
Opposed to lhe Extension to Suffrage
to Women. It exclusively dominates
the grave opinions of pathologists. It
is tlie animus of all the hooks written against "thc woman's movement." It is the painfully visible
actuating impulse of the ill-considered
objections of "thc • man in the
street," and also of thc similar ex-
pressii ns of "the woman in the
heme." And, to come down to the
day of small things, it is the feeling
animating a leading editorial in thc
New York Times, and a peculiarly
typiccf. "Letter from Uh- People" in
that paper, called forth by thc recent impressive parade ot our suffragists.
Tbis error is due to a Qtrtajn at"
rest iii development of thought. It'
ciwisists in string iu women enly
feminine characteristics; and, conversely, seeing in all tbe complex
timelions of dvili/alii-n only mascii
lii.e characteristic*,
i ndti  (bis    conception it is iviti,
unite naturally, tliat Women need du
nothing more than fulfil then ''wo
manly duties," i.e , to bc W.VC8,
mtitbers, and hotisewnrkers. tb.it fm
them to desire nny other activitits in
life is to be unwomanly, unnatural,
tt» become some sort of pervert or
monster. They arc ipoltQn of u
"dei.ahired women," as "epicene,"
M "Unsoied," as "seeking to llH-ome
men." Miss Ida Tarbcll tn a recent
magazine article describes women's
professiimal nnd industrial advance
us "Making u Man of Herself.'1
Otto Weiningcr, In bis imirh-disniss-
etl book, Sex ami Character, rial tor
at«ft ,, theory of mixoil Inheritance,
showing that some women Intierited
a,pro|KiiWon ol masculine chtuacteris-
tlca .iinl some mi-it inherited a pro-
pttrlioii of fniiimui' chnrn-nlerwUes,
thus explaining thc imdniiultle phc
nomenon of their having mnny char
aeteristicR in eonmn n.
The laic Mr. th ani Allen cxpteSMtl
this world-view in clear scicniiiic
phuise wlitii h;' said tbat women
were not only "imt Hm* human race—
they were not even half thc human
race, bul a lUb-BpCCh s set apart tor
purpose-- i f reproduethm, merely."
The still later Mr. II. II. MarrioM-
Watson has put it with even more
exquisite precision, saying of the
American woman, "Her -.-nr.xtit.it.oii-
al ifstlessnesK has caused ber to
abdicate those functions which alone
excuse or explain her existence."
Now comes Sir Almrotb Wright,
M.D., in a throe-column letter to the
London Times, that letter which is
said to have killed the Conciliation
Hit, whieh was then before tbc
house. Speaking as one long conversant with many female invalids,
he rashly generalizes from his personal experience of morbid pneno*
inw.a, and says, "No doctor ean ever
lose sight ot the fact that thc mind
of woman Is always threatened with
danger trom the reverberations of
Iter physiological emcrgeneb**."
He sees, In the advance ot women
Into wider social relations, only ' the
perverse aooion of suppressed, embittered, or atrophied femininity. He
sees in thorn, of course, nothing but
femininity; that which he considers
normal and admires, or which he
considers eibnormal and condemns.
The glory of*woman, according 'to
his definition "lies in her power ot
attraotlon in her capacity for motherhood, and in her unswerving allegiance to tbe ethics which arc special
to her sex."
So our Times, ol New York, in the
editorial above referred to, modestly
says*. "One does not need to he
a pn'found student of biology to
know tlmt some women, q very small
minority, have a natural inclination
to usurp tbe social ami civic tunc
tions ol men."
Simmer down this loowty piaMtered
mass of opinion ami we lind that ii
nil resolves into the one n ssr.i nipt ion—
that Women havo feminine functions
aud no ot tiers, nml that social functions are masculine. Let u.s frankly
examine these premises.
Without nailing to he any more
profound ,\ student ot biology than
the editor of our Times, we must, all
admit tbat there arc other functions
besides thc reproductive. As Ute
spread wide upou tlie earth, each species developed its own means,of locomotion, its means of self-defense,
its means of getting a livelihood; all
essential, all common to both sexes.
Variations in si/e, in color, in intelligence, in agility, in courage, differentiate one animal (rom another; all
esser.tfii, all common to both sexes.
Meanwhile, all creatures have some
means of replenishing tlw earth after
their kind, and wc, as mammals,
share in the methods of thc higher
orders, adding to the personal processes the vast advantage of our soc-
44 4*444*46 4**4 4 444 44444 4 4 4 4**
and for Ha' most part still sees, only
her femininity, never Iht humanity.    I
That slu: should concentrate all her
human faculties upon tlu* fulfilment of
her feminine functions he bas held '
quite right und proper; that she
should at any time wish to use
lliem, not as a female, hut as a
human being, is U> bim monstrous.
Su absolute has been tbis mouopoltz-
ion of human functions hy one sex; I
so complete   this fl)session that   has
attributes, that even the range of in- .
dustries  originated hy women,      lori
ages    practised  wholly   by   women,'
have   been    gradually    absorbed  hy
men, ami as rapidly as tliey were absorbed have become "masculine."
Merc extension in method has been
similarly classified: as where a .woman with distaff and spindle, or
foot-ruit wheel, was considered feminine, but to run a woolen mill must
he "man's worta."
Let us look at our own race history. When wc were all hunters,
fishers, and root-gatherers, we were
men and women, just as efficiently
and completely as wc are now. When
we kept cattle we were not any
Have ;i very fine assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All ti'u'Biilli'reil for salo aro grown in our own nurseries on
tin* Colilstrt'iini Estate
m^^m>^mm 6mo-
444*****4***************** 9*
********************** ******
' Imperial Bank ol Canada
ial processes; as in education, once ,(l8S or moW| mon amI wompn> When
wholly a maternal. function, and nowLT developed agriculture, we were
sr, largely civic and social. But while | sliI, ^ awl wonwB# When wc
all kindred species share In the specialized in industry, wc remained
men and   women.     Men wero males
primal activities of reproduction,
each is sharply distinguished from
the others by its special activities in
other lines.
As animals, wc share In the universal distinction of sex; hut as human beings, wc alone possess a whole
new range of faculties, vitally essential ai.d common to both sexes.
It seems childish to insist upon so
patent a fact, so simple and obvious
a distinction. Yet it is precisely
this simple and obvious distinction
whicb these one-ideaed upholders of
the eternal masculine utterly fail to
Consider for the moment any pair
of the higher carnivora, as two leopards or two tigers. leopards arc
known hy their unchangeable spots.
when-as tigers have stripes. Doth
male and female leopards have spots.
Hotb male ami female tigers have
stripes. These spots and stripes
have nothing to do with the sex of
the animal, only with its species.
The possession of eyes and ears, ot
hide or hoofs, of fins or scales, of fur
or fea tilers, of four legs or two—
these things arc not distinctions of
sex, primary or secondary; tbey are
race distinctions, purely.
If we were to count up ami to
contrast the number of cbaracceris
tics ot sex with tbe number ot characteristics <t species, we should find
at once that race distinctions tar
exceed sex distinctions in nun\ber and
Importance. Take, for example,
OOW, a eainvi and a White. They all
bring forth one living offspring amd
suckle it, tlie process being fairly
Identical. Hut a cow is easily dis*
imtquislied from a camel ami either
from n whale. '
Again- of two deer, the buck has a
special secondary sex-distinction in
bis towering antleis; but bis power
o| speed, his love td speed, Is not a
sex distinction but a race distinction, coimmm to UHh sexes. When
the dee wishes to run far and f.isi
she is not "unfemininc," she is not
"malting a buck of -herself." She likes
to run, r.ot because site is a doc, hut
ti cause she is a deer, just as much
of ft deer ns he is. ^^^^^^~
This universal, glaring fact is what
thoso sex-ot»scsffed opponents of the
normal progress ot women cannot see
Tliey see -nly tlie feminine characteristics ot women, ami fall to sec the
human ones Yet with onr species.
beyond any Other, the racc-charac-lcr-
istlcs outnumber nod outweigh all
lesser distinctions.
Certain attributes we share witb
alt matter, ns weight, mass, extension; certain others with most animals, as digestion, circulation; others again, including the reproductive
processes, w 1h tlie higher mammals
alone; hut the preponderant characteristics of humanity we share with
no other creature. We, as a species,
have far more conspicuous and important distinctions peculiar to ourselves than those we share with lower forms; and each and every on
of these human distinctions belongs
to both sexes.
Thc erect posture, with all Hs rearrangement ot tho Intcrnat economy
the opposable thumb and tho hand's
marvelous growth In varied skit;
tho power of speech, thc whole proud
range ot mental development—these
aro human distinct ons, race distinctions, not In any sense, at any time,
sex distinctions.
Yet the male ot our species, from
tlie beginning of his power ot conscious thought, has arrogated to himself as part ot his sex the major at-
trlhntcs of humanity; re'igloo, education, government, eomroerce—t-beae
were for him alone. In what he has
fee ni seen,
and women females at any time      in
tbe whole long story.
Hut while remaining uncnant"**! In
these respects, we have changed prior- ■
motisly ir. our social features, our
common human attributes. |
Specialization has given us a thousand trades, arts, crafts, and professions. Organization has multiplied
our power myriad-fold. Invention ami
discovery have enriched and enlightened the world. Religions) have
changed. Governments have changed. Society evolves trrm age to
age. All these are human processes. J
They belong to our race. They are
common to both male and female.
They • have no faintest connection
with any sex distinction. |
As to warfare, which our ultra
males are so sure to fall back on
in proof of their essential dominance;
warfare is not a social process at
all, hut a social disease, freely admitted to bc most characteristic of
tlie male. It is the instinct ot sex-
Thc women of our afrJH in most
cow. tries of tlie same degree of development are outgrowing the artificial restrictions so long placed upou
them, ami following natural lines of
human advance. They arc specializing, ltea»se they are human. They'
are seeking economic and political h>
■dopendt-nee. because tbey are human.
Tbty are demanding tbe vote, because tliey arc human.
Against   this    swelling tide stands
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
. Inspected
Head Olliee, CALGARY, ALTA.
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P. H. WORTItlNUTON, Local Agent
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ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice.i're«ident
nf    I'll
po rations,
nl I'rivute Individuals 	
Letters of Credit Issued available in any part ot
Fanners ai
Drafts am;
tlio worll.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
SAVINGS liKl'AltTMI'.NT -Special   attention
given to Ravings  Hank Accounts.    Uenosils of I1.1K)   and
upwards received ami intercsl allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: !i W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
* 9
* The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd. *
Head Office
Cranbrook, B. C.
## ************* •>•>«*«•>*•>••>«*«
See us about lands in the Beautiful
=====   Kootenay Valley =====
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
nir Experimental Farms at Wanlner, B. C,
ami Marysville. 11. C.
Whether in   the accumulated m.-ra- j totalled 1315,817,250, mi Increase   ol
lure ol the necessarily 'unenlightened   nearly eighteen million dollars.    The
or thc still accumulating liter- year's  increase in    Irane, over roiir-
ol  the  wilfully uncnlitBjlktcnod J teen per cent, is    one of tho laTfiesl
over-developed and misused. prfsCT.t, «e nnd everywhere lliis samolll not   the largest, in thc histon   ol
pervasive error,    this naive assume-. Canada.     According to present indi-
tion, which would be so Insolent    it rations tlie Dominion's trade for th.'
it were not so absurd, thut only men! current fiscal year will run very tli s.-
are human  creatures, able and cntlt-  to the billion-dollar mark.
led to perform lhc    work of       lhc     Ol the   total imports   (335,201,452
world, while women arc only female  were dutiable goods, .while JlSii.lll,-
erealurcs, able to do nothing    what-'210 were   tree goods.     The customs
ever but coMii.uc   in tbe same round   revenue totalled 187,518,452, an    in-
of duties   to    which they   have been   crease ol $14,250,008.
so long restricted. Kxports ot domestic products    to-
Thcy darkly   threaten, do these ul j tailed     $200,223,857, the     principal
..   - , ,     .    ,.      ,. ,    . tra male    opponents, that it   women items     being agricultural   products,
the mere mass of Inert old-worW_iB. | pmM |n Mng hamM ^    m tl07,14*l,S7Bi animals ami their   pro-
"will lose   the    respect ol man-yea, J ducc, $48,210,651; mines, 511,321,5111;
I more,  they   will lose his    pecuniary  lorest,    $40,802,071;     manutaotur»»,
support. |$35,836,284;  fisheries,  $1C,7UI,C78.       i
They should study their biology linring    the year Canada Imported
[little more profoundly. The respect ol   min and ll llion to tin
11. 1.  STEPHENS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
iinranco, backed by thc perverse mis-
rniiocption of mo<terr. minds, which
even gctfmoe tails t<i illuminate.
"(lo back,'* says this mass.     "You
aro women.       You arc nothing    hut
women.       Vou  are lemaU-s-nothlng'^"^i;*^' thc female is based
but    females.     All these things you        „lsli„t.,io„ „,  sci, not on politi-
w„nl to do    are male things.      You M, o[ ^^^ „,„„,,„     Um    n
snoot    do    them     w'.ttautbetag a spccl   wom(,n f>mm ^ onj      ,„.
males, not   because ihey   arc weak
and ignorant and delcnseless.
Women will never    cease to he   le-
value ot t>2*!,
033,881, as compared with only $tn,-
2iiii,2I0 lor Ure preceding year.
male.    You want to be males.   It is,
.ililmrrcnt, outrageous, Impossible!"   [
All    these    adjectives and horrors
would    lu'lreely    granted il »0»*»!ro,ta7Mtii^"w.lI mtoWW,
really  <^*%™  naks-or   even ranl ^ fl,.f,nst.,,ss.     T1„y,
,1 ihey wanted 40! But what jWdsto  ,„ ^     „, ^
he hammered into    these male-ridden | ahlc )o t    lm.mw1VM   .. „.
minds is     that
Ilut what needs to
tliese male-ridden    .,   ,        .   .    ..     _ __
,.       ... ,.   i able lo protect    themselves, ,
these things     Hie' ,.        '.   ,. ,       ,.,.       „
_^— ^ -    . .    ,       . ..      .   ^       other, and   their    children. Courage,
women want to do and he snd   haver , . ,
.,      «l    I Power,    achievement    are alwavs re
not in any sense masculine. They JLy
I   As    women    grow,  lining nothing
0   iIhat is essential to womanhood,   but
do not lirlong to men. They never
did. They are departments ol
social lite, hitherto arbitrarily mo-
nopnlin'd by men, but no more made
masculine hy that use than the wearing ot trousers by Turkish women
makes trousers leminine nr lhe wearing of corsets by Herman oflicers
makes corsets masculine.
There are enough minor absurdities
in Ihe usual treatment of (his subject1
(iirnisli much entertainment, as, 1
lor instance, in this same editorial in
lhe Times, where It Is mournfully
prophesied that II women get thc
vote they will "play havoc with it
lor themselves and lor society."
Is it possible that tlie writer docs
not know that women have been voting right here in this country lor
over Inrty years and arc now voting
In some score ol States and nations
the world over, with no observable
"havoc" ol any sort?
Even in England, where that sad
pathologist, Dr. Wright, so gravely
marshals his gloomy ranks of "tho
Incomplete," "the sexually embittered," "thc atrophied," "lho epicene,"
there has heen no havoc wrought Ir/
tbc women who have previously exercised all but thc parliamentary sul-
frngc (i r many years. They were just
the women nl England, alter voting
and before; neither more not less women Inr going In Um polls than they
arc more or less women f, r going to
Ike theatre or to the post offlce.
In every package ol Macliela, Nature's Scalp Tcnic, which has a record for growing hair—n.'i cases out
of Inn—tliere is a packet ol Macbela
liry Shampoo Powder. Price Ior complete home treatment, $1.00. Sold
and guaranteed by The Cranbrook
Drug and Hook Co.
***********************        ^^^^^^^^^^^
lnr-ijr|>ornt<-<I  IHI*
Capital Paid Up $6,250,000 Rctcrvc $7*450,000
Total Assets, $110,538,512.10
H. S. HOI.T, PteBii.en.       K. L. PEASE, <ien«ral Manaftr
Account* ol Kirnts, Corporations and hxlividuals solicited.
Oui-of town business receives every attention.
SAVIN*..*** DEPAKTAIKNT—PepontlOf 11.00 au-l upwards received
nml Interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking Bflatnesa transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Maoafcr
Take notice   tliat I intend to a[>i>ly
tor a license tn prnsiicct tur coal ami
petroleum on the following described
land, situate In South Kast Kadi nay
Murk -1593:
Commencing at a post placed ut or
near one mile south of the S.E. corner ot lot 8363; tticitce 80 eliains
South, thence 80 chains west, tlu-nce
80 chains nortii, thence 80 chains cast
to place ot commencement.
Dated March 8th, 1912.
•I. Brault, Locator.
il. Livingston, Agent.     t0-5t
adding steadily the later qualities of
hiimani.i'ss, tliey will win and hold a
far larger, deeper reverence than that	
hitherto vouchsafed Ihem. As tliey so  to the  chief   commissioner   of lai.ds
rise  and hroaden, lillinn their   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^m^m*^m*
place in the world ns members
society, tbey will gradually rear     a
new race of   men, men with      minds
lar*-*** enough tn   sec in human beings
something besides males and (finales
Some such mei. ami such women we
have    today,     wlio   and   far-seeing
quite string enough to boar with        '
smile thc errors ot the past, the mor
bid    views   ot    the pathologist, tho
limitations   of    editorial profundity
and t<hc letters from the people,      as
the leading minds ot Uw world  have
always htrne   with the more    backward.
OVER JIH0,nl>H,000.
Canada's tolal trade (or the past
fiscal year amounted to $Rfi2,C!W,-
.JM, an Increase nl no less than JIM,
605,813 as compared with the pri-
cedinn fiscal year. Imports totalled
Sr>17,Ml,M2, an Increase i.i nearly
sIrM.-sIi   million    (hilars. Esport
A Good  Home
is wli.it is dear in every man. A home
i.t rrhere Peaoe, Comfort, Contentment,
niul Plenty la brand. Tlmt is the reatnn
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"CrniilirnoV is mentioned think of the
provisions .los. lirnult hns made for an
ideal home nt the
Canadian Hotel
" "bcaioria
.. Copyrights Ac.
anV0MMnit.ni I rt«tf-'i ph.! (!o*rrlpll«■', t im
qnlchlf «n***-liiin tmr m>h i trui* ""liiilirr ■■>
inr 11 nt lim II Mtw-tbH i'i.i''i'i"i.>**i t'fniii.iinli'fi
tt-itMitrlcUfrfiiiRi)*iiitin<. KAKDBGOK onl'wi *.
lontlrtM. (JIiImI ■■riM 1 WM       ki |..it*'i,n.        .    m
PtUnU Uken trir-niili Mmm A Cu. rncolvi T
wttm imm\ wlihoet MWi<i ft uw ,   w
Scientific flmcrican. ! t
 is li
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
A h»n-ls»irelr lll-i-*rtl**1 wfrtly.
■ iilWi»n o! •ht  la-ii-i'iliiK   ),iutiii»l.
1'rtn.uU, fA-n k feu, %MUue (>tf,*l
I'. II.   IIIIX  U04
\V. K. JOHNSON, I'roprielor
By ilie Ili-rali]   Publishing Company,
K'. J. Deane, managing Kditor.
CttOTOOK. B. C, Juuc 6,1«>I2
'Hie     n,iii|.liiiinii.ii'\       liilli»|fHl   let.-
, tliiftl Iti. lion. Sir Willrid Laurler
nt Montreal lasl week, by ..calling
Lilu'ials of llu* linniiiiiuii', was au
even! tit wry eonaWeralile interest.
II ahowctl clearly awl unmistakably
■I,;,, ih! is Him Uie leader ..f LHieral-
[tttu m Cnuaila, ami it altfo showed
lliiir the Rrunil old chieftain is still
ver> m«eli allvn 1" tlw responslblli-
lirs nf his oiUce nod Hint lie,1s prepared in follow along tho lines ha always Invariably Mineral i" In the
past, of nover sparing himself when
lhi'iv was work to di'- Ii. the enmsu
uf bis apeeeli on t-Mi occasion
of Uie must vigorous he has ever
made, Sir Wilfrid *dealt plainly with
President rafts v\w t.t Mu* reciprocity agreement ur lafll year. In this
connection Sir Wilfrid spoke as follows:
*'lf ho (Tail i harbors in IiIb mind
or heart Uu* thought llial any such
an orrongemcnl could make Canada
nn" adjunct., I hovr In tell hlm thai
Cauatla will r.evei l.c an adjunct, cx-
eopi with the i wnl of ihc Canadian people, nnd I say further to Mr.
Tnfl thai Uml consent cannol be
obtained bj all Uie profits and
wc.ilili tif ilu- i ulted States. Whethcl
we trad  il »', Canadians wo arc
ami Canadians we shall remain, hei
im* go lurther, It Canadian! there
arc yet at ibis dav who think that
wu :aaiiut go Into an agreement to
l null* with our nclghliorB, though
that iiailc is im advantage tn our
people, im account ol political reasons. I tell Item thai Lhrir dltjectlon
cariiis wiih ii lhe deepest humiliation thai can In* conveyed Vre wo
t., be told Ihnl wr cannol trade with
nny nation wllhoiil eiHlnngertng our
[■oliticnl indejiendcnce? Are wc .<* ho
luld Hint Uu* only basis upon which
we can maintain our dignity ami national Independence is tn retrain
irom all International commercial In*
tereourse? Away with all such do-
ItasiiiL' thoughts."
This is exactly the sorl ol language to anl I tin* (MM- uf thoso iu the
United States who hoped t» reap
from reciprocity mon- commercial advantage tli.in lliej jvere to give In
rxiliuiim-, nml lhe case ol those
Canons wlio lean 1 Umt increased
freedoin of irade would lend inevitably toward political union, remark!
the ToronUi cluti*. \s a matter ot
fuel ilu ii(|vaiii;iL*f *. front the leaser.-
in*; of trade reslrlctii n would Irave
tfciii mutual and expansion <>f trade
ui.tilil Imve [ended away from political union „ it dul titui. than hall a
century ago. **■ li tuny lie accepted
unci- fm ,,i| i,\ ib- parties related t
one niiother in tin- droll agreement
—(ire-it Britain, Canada, .nul tin
i nited Stales - and by all thc
people resident in tliese countries,
that ibis Dominion is au Integral
nnd Inseparable pari uf llu* Hritish
empire, Uml It will remain so in-
definitely, ami that nu trade arrangement made belwtin Canada ami either of tin1 wilier countries will lum
un*. other effeel ihan tu promote mutual prosperity, enhance mutual n*
gard, and tend tu reduce all round
tin- cus-t of thing.
11 would nppear Irom recent state
menls made in I'remiel McBride in
reference i,, Canada's naval policy,
that um own "DlcR," Is losing    his
balance, ton     much pc Wel* js proving
weaki niii» tu bis mental faculties.
Mi Menu-!,, is reported to hav
thus unlbossomod hlmsvll on tin* naval
"Yon expect   MK lo protect
Canada  on  lhe   Pacific    and
yon hesitate   iu    provide tlie
fuic,. wbitli    I  iriiuiiv to give
that protection."
There is   really no need tor     Mo
Bride    in iu- alarmed,   if    his Tory
friends .,( Ottawa will nut do       Ufa
righl Uilng nboul the navy the Canadian    people  will   si-mil   remove    tltt'tll
from offlce and Ute burden will In re
moved Irom his shoulders. "It-is to
laugh," to read suoli egotistical utterances by a man occupying high
official position, hut our friend
"Dick" Is almost persuaded, that he
is Canada's oily big man, and he
naturally resents Bowton'-s indlftoronoc1
to his ultima-turn on tlie naval -gollcy.
The Boy Scout movement has taken
hold in Craubrook, something which
may he regarded as in every sense,
as a cause for congratulation. The
movemenl is in no set.se a, military
i,in*. Scouting dees not, as some
people seem to think, necessarily
lierealt.iuts, bud Iktii burned to death
is the lorm of peace-scoutInR which
includes Ihe work and attributes of
pioneers, of civilisation. Those mon
who arc working in lhc farthest corners of thc earth reclaiming it lor
mean soldiering ami limiting; there
Iheir ■ race, whether as explorers,
missionaries, hunters or police —
those men are tin1 scouts td the
nation. To carry out their work
reliant, tb be able to endure climate,
dangers ami difficulties with ehecrf-J-
ness, to be helpful to each other ns
well ns self-lielpful; to he loyal to
tlieir employer oi* government; to do
Iheir work far from appaluse or reward simply lieeausc. it Is their
work, that, is, ctjlftnia ol elkwacter,
if ihey are going to Is* any good.
This is the meaning of "Scouting,"
and it is work uhni-g these lines that
lhe youngsters of Oranbrook district,
who join the Boy Scout movement,
will i>e encouraged in.
aid ol an uaMlng machine, .hick Haas
and Wm. Krler acted in the official
capacity of umpires and their decisions were universally condcmiiod and
protested. One player ( said he
thought they woild make a mistake
uud get one decision correct, but
they were never successlully proven
right iu any one Instance. Tlte root-
ess along the third base line were so
vociferous that the score keeper
couldn't SCO whether be hail scored a
runner or counted him out on a
sacrifice hit. The Colts (risked
around considerably circling thi*> diamond various tiroes, but tlie heel
eaters were slamming the ball continually and could't l>e headod off,
Pinal computation 35—11.
The lirst official game in the
Cranbrook City Baseball league was
played on tlie grounds Wednesday
evening between lhc teams ol Ufa 0.
p. It. ami the Y.M.CA. which resulted in a win for thc former team
»—7. The full nine innings were
played and the game was dose ami
interesting from start In I in ish. The
Y.M.CA. started in the lead with
three runs in the first inning, but
were overtaken iu the lillh. The
game stood 7—H during the sixth,
seventh uml eighth innings. In ttie
last inning the c.l'.ll. scored two
and the Y.M.CA. one. The next
game will Ih* played ou Friday ni^ht
between tin* Men's Cluh ami the Cubs.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.lib a.m.;
high mass, If)..10 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 'i p.m.; Kosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week dayt-Mais at I a.m. at tbe
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Sunday morning, ll o'clock — Holiness meeting.
Sunday afternoon, 2 o'clock —Sunday school.
Sunday afternoon, 3.30 o'clock —
1'iee ami easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8 o'clock — Salvation meeting.
Itihlc subject: "Profitable C.odli
Tuesday night—Salvation meeting.
Thursday nigtit— Holiness meeting.
Saturday night — Praise meeting.
everybody invited to tliese services
Irrespective of class or creed.
Kred'k  A. Stride, Captain.
Itev, W   Risen Dunham, pastor.,
Sunday services: Tin* pastor will
pleach al II a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Tin* Use of Discredited Ability/'
(•.veiling aubjece: "Lessons Krom
i lur Fathers."
Tlu* choir will render special music
ai both services,
All ait* cordially invited.
B.vpTisT nn mm.
Rev. P. K, Kendall, pastor
We IN-Iieve: That the Church ol
Christ in ita Itu-al sense, is exclusively it body ul regenerate and baptized
believers, voluntarily united in ac-
Cordonco with Christ's laws, to establish ihe kingdom in themselves,
nnd ii. the world.
Morning worship lion o'clock
Topic: "Temple Building."
Sunday sohool, 3.00 p.m.
Kvwtii.g worship, $.311 o'elock
Tt pie: "The Millenium."
Tbe Spirit and the Bride say Come.
And let him that Uy-reth say Come.
Tho game between the Little Davenport restaurant and Cully's Cults
the lirst of tbe week wots playud on
the grounds on the bill and was a
holly contested game, .tne principal
[feature of which was the enjoyment
' ibe rooters managed to get in grilling the players. The Davcnporters
took an early .lead, which tbey managed tu maintain uml lengthen mil
until at dark two bookkeepers were
still counting.the scores with        tbc
An automobile will be run weekly on
TUESDAYS between Cranbrook and
Wasa, connecting with incoming; and
outgoing trains.
Oood passenger accommodation.
•Mr. It. F. Oreen, of Victoria, was
on Thursday last ut Nelson elected
by acclamation member of parliament
for Kootenay. Mr. (Irecn was nominated by tlie Conservatives and no
opposing candidate was put up. Mr.
Clreen succeeds Mr. A. s. (ioodevc,
who resigned bis seat to accept a
position on the railway coinmiss-ioi..
Our Stock of
Ice Cream
is very complete
A Recipe llnok with over
1(H) wiijs for making tea
Dream, Witter loos, Shot-
lifts, I'll'.. [Nicked in I'lH'll
F. Psvrks & Co.
Cranbrook. B. C.
(Dy Casey .loncs).
If Harry Lander wanted transparent milk, would Ik send to Ulascow"
II Watt.made Uto Iirsl steam engine, wlm was i It lirst Madttpwoar?
II you Itroki' a window would ttie
glass pane?
II the -rose nasi a scent, could tlte
Hollyhock It?
II a Mason laid a brick,, could tlie
inusearil plaster?
Quick, Un- rope, lie's nut again,
knomsiimkn   in Canada can
in) bbttkr than blsk-
"Kverywls-ri' I have encountered
tbe evidences of prosperity und contentment. Thcro is abounding Iiap '
piness, (-Teat virility, buoyant hope,
and .ilmiJiidnit'i conlidenee. while ttie
people iii Canada live .mil do not
js too often in Kngland, merely
exist. I
"Tlie Dominion ts appealing to
Kngland to semi its sons tt join in
reaping its vast wcali).. llm let tlrrc
Ih* no mistake about tbis. Tbe sons
must lie workers and not shirkers.
Tlie gold is not to lie picked up on
tlu* prairie. Tlie wealth must lie
delved tor. Canada, in short, needs
Knglishmcn ot sinew and spirit, who
will cast their insular prejudices lilt imi them, enter heartily Into and
alapt themselves to ('uixmIUmi lite,
and labor with will and courage in
their new home."
Such are tlie conclusions ol Mr. I,.
Seliefi, uu Knglish Journalist, who is
making his second trans-Canadian
tour. Mr. Scheil spent mosi id last
year iu Canada, returning in Kngland
last autumn. The Dominion has
mad.* » thorough convert ot bim,
however, and he is again setting
forth to cross the country, Irom Halifax to Victoria, representing tlu*
"Glasgow Herald," "Manchester
fiuurdiau," "Sheffield Telegraph,"
and "Graphic." He expects to edit a
speeial Canadian supplement ol tlie
latter paper, to In* puhlislied shortly.
"I tind the so-called Canadian prejudice nflainst (Englishmen perfect
nonsense," he said. "It the
Knglish adapt themselves
Canadian conditions there
everything in the world
thitu here. Canada presents, to
mind, tlie greatest opportunities
any countty ihi earth."
The Cranhrook citv hand drove out
to Wycllffe on Monday evening Ui
assist in the moonlight celebration
ntt'-ndiog the home-coming ol Mr.
and Mrs. Klmore Staples. Tlie In ide
was formerly Miss C. <>. .lohnson
and Ihey were married ut the home
of the bride's parents at Ann Arbor,
Mich., on Saturday, May 2'ith. Tltcy
vlsiied Detroit, Chicago ami oUici
points arriving home last Monday.
Nearly the whole town of Wyi-liflo
turned out to assist iu the festivities
which commenced about eight o'clock
and continued until after ten. A big
bon Ore light-oil up the peut yard ut
the Stuples home and all gathered
around, lies it les tlie city Irand a
contingent from the Staples Lumber
company's employees awoke distant
echoes by a ragtime episode perform-1
od on circular saws. Itcfreshments
were nerved. Tlie newly married
couple haw a new home just completed nn the bank o[ the St. Mary's'
river, opposite Wyclifle, when tbey
will reside.
Wanlner and, in company with two
companions, was on his way to Kernic. .lust. hoW he happened to fall
hit ween tin* cars is unknown. The
crew did not know, of the accident
and the body lay on Ihe trucks ami
was run over by the east hound tlyer.
Later nu east bound freight ran Into
tin* body ami dragged It for about
two miles, before picking il up and
taking it on to Fernie. Tlie legs ami
anus were entirely severed from the
body, which was hadfy cut and mutilated. The body is in charge ol
riidcrtakcr Thompson at Kernic ami
will he shipped to his home at Wbit-
leinore, Mich., for burial, the expense
being borne by the local Orange
Judge, ot whicli order the deceased
was a mcm'lki. DempSey came to
Klko about two years ago and bad
worked as u lumberjack in various
camps. He was an American and
hut very little was known concerning
Kresh strawberries arriving daily —
Campbell and Manning.
At a meeting of ihe beard of directors of the Itoumlary Mining and
Kxploration company, Limited, held
in Cranbrook nn Tuesday, June 1th,
the resolutions passed at the Orand
Korks meeting, approving of tlie directors report as to the condition and
future prospects of the mine, were
confirmed. Mr. \. L. McDermot was
elected as acting secretary-treasurer
and Mr. K. II. Knight as managing
director, Mr. Knight was instructed to proceed vigorously with
the construction of the three compartment shafts he had commenced to
sink. It was also decided to submit
a proposal hy plebiscite to all tbe
shareholders, asking for an expression
of opinion on tin* advisability of div
iding up part of the company's freehold laml for townsite purposes and
to ifft-r portions of the orchard land
in the Kettle Itiver valley, for sale.
It was further decided to offer a
free site tu o progressive hrickmaklng
company, as there is an abundance of
clay near the mine ami large quantities of coal already mimjri for the
Lisl your properly with us for results We sell more property than
any other firm in Cranbrook.—Koo-
leiiav Orchards Laml Co., Van Hornc
Ave. 25-1
WANTBD.—Married man (thorpu^H
h experienced wiib horses) tn work
on rnnchc in Kast Kootenay; steady
all-year joh to suitable party; separate fitv house, fuel ami hoard; wages
ll.i |n*r month; one child not object-
fd to; man to milk three cows ami
wife (o Churn. Apply I'ownall, Kort
Steele, Kast Koolenay, H.c.     2»-.tt
LOST.—Small satchel I. eonluining
let-ten ai.d pottoarda, also p. o
Iftpy,     Kinder please return to Herald
oitice. nn
WANTKD—For .circular saw mill
of forty -thousand capacity, bier, sawyer, setter, edgerman, also man to
cake charge of pinners. Apply giving
n'fereuces ami wages expected to llox
Me., Cranhrook Hen Id. 2H-II
KOR SALK.-Ilahy carriage $7.00.
Apply llox 3, Herald office.       21-tl*
Montreal,     .June rr.-Tlie   following
bulletin was Issued at 10 o'clock   by
Lieut. Col. Lowther, chief ol II.U.I
"Her Royal Highness the Duchess
ot Connatigiit, passed a comfortable
nlghl, having borne the Journey well
Her condition tbis morning i« sails
factory, and does not give rise to
undue anxiety."
"A. 0. Gartow, M.D.
•v-W. W. Chipman, M.D.
*■'£. S. Wortlriogton, M.D."
Tlw 13 o'clock bulletin stated that
the duchess was doing well',    Bvery-
lhiug looking favorable.
She is suffering from catarrhal appendicitis and peril. nii.N.
Halsall & Co.
WANTED.—.Stonogmplwr lor commercial house. Ap|ily Willi relercn-
1'i's at Herald ofllce. 2-il
Notice to Contractors
Sealed tenders, addressed to N. I.
Harrison, secretary of the Cranhrook
School Hoard, wfl lie received up to
12 o'clock noon, Monday, June 17th,
1912, for the erection ami completion
of a two roomed solid brick school
building, to lie built in thc City of
Cranbrook, B.C.
Also for a brick Manual Training
.School, in tbe same city,.'Separate
tenders for each building will tic required. A marked cheque to tbe
extent of 10 per cent of the nmounl
of each tender, drawn on a chartered
bank of Canada.,made payatte Po the
Cranbrook School Hoard, must accompany each tender.
■ All unsuccessful tenderers will have
their chii-iics returned.. The Hoard
will hold the cheques of the success
ful tenderers until linal completion of
the work. And should th.* successful tenderers refuse to enter Into a
contract with the board for the
al.ove named work", their cheques
wit bc forfeited.
Plans and specifications may Im1
Seen at the office of J. .1. O'Oaru A
Co., architects, Hanson Building,
Cranhrook, B.C., on and afler Mon
day, June Win. 1»12.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary School Board.
Crai.brook, B.C., June nth, 1913.
No excuse (or your house being vacant. We have renters waiting.—
Kootenay Orchards Und Co., Van
Hornc Ave. tilt
Oliver V. IVmpscy, a young man
25 years of age, was accidentally and
suddenly killnl on Saturday night hy
falling between two freight ears,
while riding between Wardner and
Kemie       \k had been winking     in
The Iroard of trade are looking for
SOffio person of literary ability, man
or woman, who can write and edit
the slories, articles, ai.d news items
which are tn bc publish.il n the
paints of eastern Canada, the eastern Nltiles, ami In the British Isles.
This is an excellent chance for some
one with the necessary qualifications
to earn a tidy Utile addition to their
income, at work whieh would not
take thi* whole of tlieir time. Ad
dress .applications to tne secretary of
lhe hoard of Irade, slating experience or quallfloatlnns. U-U
J. O. Mitchell
a»me Heads, Birds, Rugs, Fish
********************* >
!    FOR SALE   ii
Lot 2, Block 03;;
rn Norwood Investment Co.
Norwood Uoulevside,
Edmonton, Alia.
Exquisite Showing of New Neckwear
We are showing some of the " NEWEST " nud most uii-
todnte lines in Neckwear that we have ever shown.
The New Gabby Bow
VERY NOBBY, at Si.ag and J1.50
New Jabots
Very dainty effects in SHADOW LACKS uml KMHKOI
Excellent value it 30c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
New Rosebud Effects in Neckwear
Thu n.tw Neckband Effect; the new Rosebud Tie ; the
Cluster Rose Effect.   Very newest out.
Special value at 35c each
THIS STORE closed every Wednesday Alternoon
< *******************************************
A LARGE LOT on Block 184, near the Public Schools,
212 feet by MU feet, with house suitable for 11 small family
nnd letting for rent nt $H.OO per month nnd presently occupied by a tenant.   Price, with fee simple title,
*ifS00.0ll, Cash and terms
.'tin ACRES, in fee simple, one million feet timber, excel-
lent eiclit-rooin dwelling, house and offices; abundant water ;
ii acres under cultivation.
$i1,ikki, Oath ami terms.
Best buy in the Kootenay country.   Convenient to rail and
IMI ACRES—Crown granted, 15 acres nnder cultivation,
.*> acres almost ready for the plough. $1,IHKI worth of logs
on lund; 1 team of horses, wagon and harness, mower and
complete outfit of fine agricultural implements; boiler nnd
engine with cordwood sawing outfit; ten room dwelling house,
water in kitchen: barn with new hay carrier fork; carjjenter
nnd blacksmith shop, fully equipped, 120 chickens, incubators, brooders,   Will tell as a going concern—
$lll,iNKI, Cash and terms.
I guarantee the foregoing to l« well worthy the closest
;   investigation by prospective investors,
Raworth Block CRANBROOK
Pones! Miimsr
AMiM.nl Cm«sI Mssssase
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Interest at the current rale is allowed on all deposits of $1 nnd
upwards, direful attention is given to every account Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may bc opened in llie names of two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. *t
R. T. Brymner, Jlanager Cranbrook, B. C
For a l.li'Hiw    to  Take ami      I'sc
that Walter Halsall, ul 1'rsnbrnok,
IIII'., will apply ter a license to take'
antl use 1 cubic foot ut water out of
Huotli Creek, wliicli llnws ia a northerly direction through lots 10.102 ami
10,300 and empties Int.. St. Mary's
Itiver near WyclIRe, 11 ('. The wat
rr will hr diverted at 200 yards north'
nl Post 6, IM 10302 and will Ik'
used far Irrigation puriinsrs nn llie
land described as l.ut 10300. |
This notice was posted on tht
uronnd on the Itth day ul May, I
1*11. Thr applltallnn will bc Olt'd;
ia the olficc ot the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may bo filed villi      ths
said Water Recorder   or   with Uie
I Vmptroller ol Water Hhj*>ls, I'arlla '
inent IViildinRs. Victoria, H.C.
Jl-St Walter Halaall, Applicant.'
I, Carl Newton Corwla, hereby
make application to purchase the
lullowiiig drscribed land*:
ruiiiniiticing at tlw S.W. corner ol
I*. II. 1278, thence north M chain.,
Ilirnce west 40 chains, thence south
10 chains, thence east 40 chatas to
point ol commencenient, coataininn
1110 acres, more or less.
Carl Newton Corwla.
Dated March 23rd, IIII.        17-91'
I Lake View
I      Hotel
[J! rnui'BlKTuK
I   SI. Miry'i Lake. B. C.
i'| Quests conveyed from
[ii Marysville to the hotel
|j      by motor car or team,
I  Excellent Fishing Retort
Gasoline nnd Row
g Boats for Hire
Bealty wanta the earth.
One  thousand   yards of
Wc are handling nothing
hut the lineal
TRY. Etc. Etc.   This, com-
jj liined with
Efficient Service   j
really ought to secure your
patronage.   Give our Swift's
HAMS and BACON atrial  |
You  will  lie convinced  of
their excellence.
41 Market Co.
How about that room that you
were going to paper this spring?
Don't put it off any longer, for the
warm weather will soon be here.
We have a very pretty line for you
to select from, and the prices are right.
If you will come to our show room,
you will soon be convinced of this.
peg, which was
anil successful
Johnson, of Uw
wmpanied Mr.
stopping ( fi nt
short visit.
a highly enthusiastic
meeting. Secretary
Nelsor, Y.M C.A., nc-
Tcci on his return
Cranbrook for        a
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The Q&wCdlL Store
Cranbrook - - B. C.
For June
A Nice Selection of
Sterling Silver
Cut Glass
just arrive.!. Ideal
Welding Hifts are
found in Iwtli of
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tl
New potttUtes at Little ami Alelii-
Mis H. White ... ii son Ktcil me M
tin Soap Isftbfl Sanit.iiiuii). Walt).
Five gnl. erook oherrta —Campbell
uml Malinilig
t'hns \. twfc ims txvti ill for .!»■
pal   Im days, t»it  is li*ett\rrHig.
Mr nml Mrs I II Small nmi to
Witnleimere on MihhI.iv \i» aittonio-
lille to spcihl n Iffl  ,i,\\s.
Mis 0*0 Thompson ami iliililtvii
will Ira v.* , ., Salurilav lot llu* Mtl
In s|x*imI the suttiiiirr
\sK IIIhihIi Itlomlr knows 'rhoitr
til 32 tl
Mr. and Mrs. P. U. Brown went to
Spokane the first of ihe week, reluming Thursday.
Mayor Bowness intends putting
ilown a cement sidewijk in front of
his rt-sidence on Norbury avenue.
P. I.nnd lias been visiting Alltrta
lioints during thc past few days, sizing up tin* htiilding prospacta.
Mrs. W. K. Gurd will receive next
Tuesday for the lasl time tbis season.
Fresh strawberries and cherries arriving daily at Little ami Atchison" t
P. A. Small, rt Kingsgate, is temporarily employed in the loeal customs office.
J. .1. O'Gara, the arrWtcct tor the
St. Kugene hospital addition, came
in from Calgary today.
The land is being clcaivd at Bull
Itiver townsite for Jim Bates' new
Mr. and Mrs S Hichurds left to*
■i.it tor New Westminster, where Mrs.
liicfiaids will take treatment tor fait-
Ing health
Harry Dtmock reports woik welt
iiodctwa\ ..nc. Again on tho Aurora.
Rverrtirittg is in h«hm1 stoapr and the
property newt looked bettei.
l-'tish vixetubfes ol all kinds.--
CjmpMI ami Manning.
('   liiilirk Itas gi>ne down t„ Ulan
inoie boi  sprints  to take -*, cure    (or
rlieiimattsm,    acciHiipan4isl hf        lus
valet, "Heutv"  YotlOff.
Swiitvi a hamim-ck In the shade anil
enjov test ful summer ease Wr have
Nome damlies —I-:.  K. Mere.  House
Hilly Myers is reported to have
elicited the sal, ,,| bis mining pit-pet u ot. Victoria Gulch, Wild Horse.
known n*< the     "King ot  the Koote-
Jewelers and Opticians
Write and ask for our Catalogue
Little ami Atchison, Itwulquarters
for Ha/if wood ice cream, Hazelwood
Double .Jersey buttermilk and Hazel-
wood creamery Imtler.—Little ami
Hilling tile [last week three opera'
tion for appendicitis have taken place
at the St. Kugene hospital; Tha
pa tier. Ul were Miss  Moss,  City Clerk
Thos. Roberta and C.P.R, Conductor
Rube Til.iii The Herald is pleased
tti he able tn etntc that in overy
case lho operation lias proved entirely satisfactory ami all three are
progressing most (avoraLdy.
Citizens o! Moyie have du uin! tt,
ivM-rate Dominion D*ay( *July 1st.
on a grand scale There will tie all
kii.ds of sports, and, it is hoped, a
special programme of lake sports, Including motor boot races, swimming
.eontests, etc.
•lust received.—A consign mint of
ladies ami children's hosiety in
cashmeres, lisle thread ami Cotton.
"The Utile Darling," made of scoured Australian lamb's wool with silk
toes and heels, We highly recom-
meiit  this line.—Iv K. Mere. House.
llth and 12Ui. Tne Cl»pman Shows
are the biggest ami best In Western
Canada, carrying live big shows oi
merit, also free attractions every
afternoon hy Professor Mills, who
will make a balloon ascent and para,
chute leap, weather permitting. This
company also operates a large mcr-
ry-gtf-roiir.d, and guaranties everybody a good time.
Gcorgo Leask lias \teet. awarded
the contract for installing the lire es-
capes at the public school building.
Work will proceed at once.
Dr. .1. II. King left this afternoon
foi Vancouver, where he will join
Mrs. King and enjoy a lew days va
1 Foe experienced work on lawns,
gardens ami liiiilc\ arils apply to Robert and James Kwen. general delivery.
B. J. Beach, ol the Mast Kootenay
Mercantile company, has returned to
his duties    after lieing laid oil      tor.
several   days with    a broken collar da» Irom, a   visit   to    Lethbridge.
bone, the result d a bad Ial. | **»*« he met His lather nml nmUn-r.
___ wlio are making a tour of ihe Ameri-
Wall papers slaughtered in order to c*>n continent.      Mr. and Mrs.    Ita-
elose out.      Any price takes them.-' worth, sr., will visit Cranhrook   bo*
B. II. Short. 11-tf t**re   returning to     Knglaml   Arnold
i, , , j Kuworth is doing well in Lethbridge.
G. R. Furlong has returned      from  '
his trip to Kngland, spending several "Him Jlrt" MoDonell came in
weeks tbere. Ile wa« arcumpauled 'rom Perry Creek last night, Mr. Mc-
here by his Irlend,   Mr. A. E. Tyler, Donnell is,   at present, unable      to
Archie Raworth returned on   Tui
—- .«■-—■- "i'i"- •-
James I*:wen, general   deliv
lh.< Iiri'iul ens so kissI.     Ami llio cook—his komI wife
|irtnn|itly nnlcrcl nnot'irr snrli nf the inmr hikkI Hour trom
wliii'li it wns iiniii.1
Then, IS soiiii'lhiiiK in tlmt nltl sow thnt "the wtjr lo
reach n man's henrt is llironnh his slnmsi'li." uml there's
tlmt liiifli <|iulily in our tlonr whieh unfsilin«ly limls the
A simile Mck will satisfy you that yon i-nn't buy heller
Hour.  TRY IT.
ward <& Harris
Cranbrook, B.C.
make any dellnite    statement regarding development   work on his |iroper-
ty.     His   expert is still in lhe Held
and pending bis report Me. MclNmnell
does not     care to say anything definite as to  future operations.      However,    Mr.   McDonnell speaks     very
mmtMkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm—-—-——— hopelully of   the outlook -,t      Perry
11,     A.     Stinson, who is reported   Creek generally.     Ile looks l«.r       a
tlsewbere in this issue to be laid   up marked revival in mining throughout
with an attack    ol appendititis, bap- 1->1'    province    and anticipates that
who will also make his home here.
J. A. Macdonald was here tlie first
of the week from Pboenii, where he
recently embarked tn the hotel business and reports business very good
at his new location.
pily was only suffering from la
grippe and is now able io he out
and about again.
Ask Blondy. Blondy knows.  'Phone
IJVrry,    Creek    will share   largely in
this renewed activity.
Pineapple ami   rhubarb makes      a
most delicious preserve. We can stip-
22-tt  l''v >°" witn Iwth.—Little nml  \tch-
W. M. Harris. C. R. Ward and H.
While are the U cal delegates to the
meeting nf grand lodge, I.O.O.P. in
Victoria next week. Mr. Ward and
Mr. White leave tor the coast on Sa-
surday, Mr. Harris left today.
Por    anything In    the   fruit
phone 7.V-Little and Atefclm-n.
Mls» E. K. -lobnst-on, of tbe Imperial bank stall, Vancouver, Is visiting
with her brother, Mr. W. L Johnston. She will remain for a tew
wii*-* the gnest of her cousin, Mrs.
I. I>  Bridget.
Mr. Gray Uunultl, ol Victoria, a
member    of    the board ct invest iga-
A sprrial meeting of Movie Masonic lodge was held in this cftv last
evening, under special dispensation.
A large Mimtier of Movie masons
came in from Kimbcrley to attend.
A resolution was adopted requesting
permission to move the lodge from
Movie to Kimlierley, as tbe hulk of
tIk- members arc at present located
The Ladies (iuild of tin ist church
are giving a strawberry social at
The Rectory on Wednesday evening.
June 2ti, to which all arc cordially
invited. S8-St
Rev. K. P. KU*w clling was up      in
tion, watei branch, waa.a -visitor inj*1"' Windermere Blttrlct this week,
town this week, in connection with [ i-allwl Mm for tlie purpose of imitii.
some water trouble at Klko,
ptite    bt tween
dis-   i» marriage Mr.   II. P.. Poster, ML
the   village, and   the | A. for     Columbia, and   Miss Hume
The   ceremony     was   periornH<d this
w«*k ai.d Mr. Potter and bis      bride
Yacht Club lime pilce and raspber-  passed through town  today on   their
vinegar-Campbell ai.d Manning,    j•**»>* *« tha   coast.      Mr. Plewelling
- I has also gone dow n to i he colli and
t;   Marriott and his wifr arrived ia'durlns his alHencc Rev. Mr. Calhoun,
town    trom    Swift   Current      last lortnenly ol Windermere, will officiate
Thursday night.      Mr. Marriott sue-\in his place here.     Mr. Calhoun will
ccods Mi A MeClintock, who It now
acting city engineer, in ehargi* of the
■sewerage works.
Henry Hales, of Vancouver, was iu
town during the week, on hia way to
(anal Plats where he hoMs largo
land and limber interests He waa
aecompui.iitd hy W. Hhlra, of Wasa.
Wall papers slaughtered la order to
dote out. Any price takes tfatm.-
B. II. Short. ll-tl
Mr. and Mrs. IV Klmer have r*-j
Hinted to town Irom a pleasant visit (
of a meek In Spokane. Things are
pretty dull in Spokane these days,
so many residents getting out to Innate In Calgary ai.d other Canadian
Wm. McCreury and R. I.. Hatton,
two Arnprfor, Ont., citi/ens, are
visiting this city, looking out Inr,
good investments. They are guests
at the Hotel Oranbrook.
Thr Krmaline cooking bags save
labor.-Campbell and Manning.
The Boundary Mining and Kipkra-,
tion Co., Limited, have an exhibit nl
eoal from their property at Midway,
B.C., In the window ot A. L. Me*
DernioCa store. This -|s the coal
that took flritt prize nt the Spokane
Interstate fair last Iall.
•I. 8. Teet returned,today Irom
he   Y.M.CA. couveallom   nt Wiaat-
likely remain two or W-ree wfeks. He
will conduct Die services in the
Knglish church on Sunday next.
Presh strawberries and cream at
Little and Atchison's.
The festival of Corpus Christ! will
In* solcmni/ed with the usual very
Impressive ceremonies at thu St. Ku
gene   Mission on    Sunday next from
about the t  of noon until well on
In the alternoon. Tins festival Is
une of tbe motit important, if not
the most Important, in the Roman
Catholic church and, is expressive of
the belief ki the real presence ol Onr
iHvim- Master in the Blessed Kueliar*
Ist. Advantage is taken of the
occasion, to assemble all the Indian*.
from Windermere, Tobocco Plains
and Creston at tb.< Mission, win-re
tlie procession ts a strange combination of the barbaric pageantry ot the
Indians and their faith in the mysteries of Christianity. It is usual (or
tla* people of every denomination to
a-ssemble at Hm- Mission on the occasion and. no doubt next Sunday
will be nn exception to the role uf
former years.
The Ladies fluild of Christ church
are giving u strawberry social at
the Rectory on W«lm*lay evening,
.tune 2ft, to which all are e initially
iovRed. tMt
The Chapman Amusement Company,
whose headquarters are at New Went-
•r, will    show here June Inth,
Mr. John Haddin, supcrlne.iidin.;
engineer of the Oalt Engineering
works, was in town on Friday last,
supervising the work and installing
the new engineer, Mr. Marriott. Mr.
Haddin expressed himsc.f as being
well pleased with the progtess of tin
work. Last week's work established
a new record ft r pipe laying, IMS
feet, the greatest total heretofore attained had hifii aboul Ittfiit feet, H
is. generally conceded, by the engineers in charge, that much credit fot
the good work done is due to Mr.
T. Bailey, Ihe efficient-foreman.
Hanging baskets uud jardinicrs nl
Campbell and Manning.
Rev. K at lur Beck left on Tuesday
(or the coast, where he will spend a
few days It-lore taking up bis new-
work in the Boundary district. On
Momlay evening Rev. Pat her Beck
was the honored guest at a special
meeting ol the local lodge of the
Knights ol Columbus, when he was
blade tin* recipient of » handsome set
of pipes, llev. 'Pather John, who
lias lieen indisposed recently, lefl
with Rev. Father Beck for a short
vacation on the coast. Rev. Father
Hart man, rf Prime Rupert, who has
been a visitor here (or some time
past, also left with Rev. Fathers
Beck and John.
Ask Blondy. Blondy knows. 'Phone
62. 22-tf.
".Say, this is the best town in tin-
interior ol the province, outside of
Kamloops. Do ynu Liiow that?
-Thos. I). Caven, M.L.A. Tlie torc-
goinrg pithy summing up of tbe situation came Irom Tom Caven Ua* other day in the course of a short
chat witb a Herald representative,
during which Tom told of Ills trip to
Port Oeorge, one that can easily I*
made these days in an auto from
Ashcroft. Tom Caven was greatly
impressed with the possibilities ol
ibe northern country, Int be saw
nothing that struck him as being a
hit better than Is to be fotu.d in and
around the Cranirook distriet.
The Ladies Guild of Christ church
are giving a strawberry social at
tlie Rectory on Wednesday evening,
I une 26, to whieh all are cordially
invited. 23-3t
I. J. Bruce, principal of tbe Fernie
tiiy schools, has handed bis reslgna-
lior. in to the school Hunl. to take
effect at the end of the prcM-nt
school term. Mr. Bruce has been an
indefatigable worker in the interests
of tbe schoifs and has proved to be
nm* id the most thorough .organizers Taking charge at a time when
everything was in a disorganized
state, owing to the great fire, tubas succeeded in bringing the schools
nf lhe city to a state tl efficient or
gaiii/ation, through tirelrss and continual interest in his work.
Persons desirous ol having sewer
age connection made should apply to
F Provenrano, P. 0, Box 191 or
phone 244. who is prepared t.. tender
»n the work of excavation and ditching. 22-tf
Work on tbe Dominion government |
experimental (arm which immediately
adjoins the townsite of Invermcrc, ts
under full swing. Last winter tbe'
greater portion of the Und Wil|
cleared of the few remaining trees
and stumim!, while early this spring
it was plowed and Mfdnl down. Wat
er (or irrigation Is now being applied
and the piorecr work common to a
new (arm is being pushed forward
The experimental station (or the
Wi inter district which Is being established hy the provlnrfal government, has now been planted with
trees, placed under the direction of
Mr. French, assistant horticulturist.
The farm Is close to the townsite ot
Windermere on the ranch of John
.limes, late ol London.
N'ew shipment     hand-painted Liim
gen china; neat and dainty patterns —
Campbell and Maiming.
WANTBO.-City property on cas\ j
terms.-Koot-Riar orchards Laml
Co. tSlt
Decisive Millinery
fA    Reductions
Reductions that will be
profitable to you will be
made on trimmed hats.
These special price concessions coming in the height
of the season mean much to
you. Busy times will follow
in this department- Better
be along early to have advantage of best selection.
Some Lovely Lingerie Frocks
We are showing some very pretty marquisette
and lawn dresses, made on smart styles and
daintily trimmed. The range is particularly
good priced from $375 to $1800  See our window.
Girls' Dresses and Boys' Wash Suits
It is safe to say that our stock ot Misses and
Girls' Dresses and Boys, Wash Suits is the best
ever shown in this city. There is a great variety
of styles in nil sizes from 2 years to 16 years.
Dresses from 95c to $4.50
Wash Suits from $1.25 to $3.50
McCreery Bros.
Crandrook's Dry Goods and Clothing
We have still some good snaps in this property. These are going fast and we advise
you  to partake in this one great opportunity.
Van Home Siiwt.
Phone l:i'.,
and 3 Lots, on Armstrong Ave.,
Choice Location.
SATtiHDAva area alb at tmk
TIIK  lllll  V.LI'F.  STOSK
CblnaJagSi Bugsrs, Pimar) HuLli-r.. nli.s Trsvs, l*tls.l Bowls, sic ,
10a, sushi   China N*i>|*»r«, Muga, imi Crpsm Pilclisrs st 10c *srl,
Buy Seoul Suit., conptstS .
Bliatur Hm*, n Suites!
KiltlllHT* .*i(K'still 7-V
Fine Iun- nl I'i. Inr.a st	
Hi.,-' il.I.Iiii SU*	
Hn,-' lists st.
11 U0.II.S6.11.50
JiV, 60c, snil TV
    10c, Ite, Mt
llaM-lnill Mill, (mm 40V lo |5 00J Bsx-lisllisl lOr.lA.', Mc, 7V,
ll.n.ll.N I a. I,..a.-Ml, la. II 00. |'J HI, nliiHri.HI. llio..! St
II M| .ml I:.-k.iI*ii..ii Ball •IMV.
Oomplett Iin. nl V, ll*', Me, Vx No'alliss tl
4444*************************** ***** **\:
Cranbrook Agricultural Association jj
Cranbrook, B. C. -
SEPTEMBER 19 and 20
Two Days of Care-Free Enjoyment
$5,000 - INPRIZES - $5,000
Big Special Attractions
New Interesting Features
Everybody Help-Plow, Seed, and Cultivate
The District Wants Your Assistance
I    News of the District
a******** **************'
i..l corresponrlenoe).
Mrs. Levi i'Vru lefl losl Wednesday
nn,ii,.ii' loi rhato, U.C., wlicro Mr.
Friri lias li'1'" engaged ''r sovoral
baseball lu.ys rami.'
Wiilm silay    evening
. i ..in on the local
■ Ill's;.ilr        tlie
nl    i.iiu iii.' game
Tire   Cranbrook
illli,   town lasl
ami nii't Hi.' In ■
baseball    grotltldB,
Ihmu   downpour
prov, il I" I"' a vr
Imi large   i ibei
sin-re In witni'ss i
y   IlitcrcBtil
tin- en
f riii/ins were
titer a time
li.i.l I,, In. called nil with
nine innings, mi account nl darkness
coming "". Un- score sbar.tling ns l"l-
lows: ('r.uilirtiol., i:. Wnfdiior, li.
' Mr. Oeo. Wilson, secretnry-trcasur
,i nl tlw Wi-sl.iii Can.iil.i Lllnill'l
nini Vjr.iiri cntnpany, wilh hr.nliin.il-
Icrs ai rLi.slii.ltn,  Alia., was       in
IVaillll T   "I,   llUSinCSS   l;M   UTI',;.
■' Thf Irlcnda ill   Mis. Clarence Mar
tin will lie lihasiil In know that  Slid
Is spcetlil)  recovering Irom   Iter   reccnl iiperatlon anil vias able to    h
turn to lit'i* home this w.-l..
Mr   F. >|. Sli-arns Ipll  on Tnrsihu
llmll,!li:'   |0|    fipo] .Ull'   on   liilSi||l':S.
Mrs. I'. I'. Hcrrlc, wis. wenl t..
Lelrlibrhlgc eily hospital last week,
bndcru'cnl an n|ii'ralii.n last Momlay
morning on tait nl hr llnitrs, which
has ti in trnulillng lur lor some time
Her many friends here Itope inr a
Verj s|ni'-l\ recovery.
Mr. Davidson, ni Vancouver, renew-
e.1 nirl   aci|ualnlanccs   in town    tills
al  Alberni.
Miss Edyllio Lililll, wlm has
Inr several rnnnllis vi'lli friends
cord liine made, 113-1 seconds.
The greatest drawing card ol the
whole I'l'lolii'tition and the most in-
leri'sting Irom a spectators point oi
view was the Indian war dance and
pow wow, parVici]iated in Iiy filty
Indians and squaws. Tlio procession
marched Irom the Great Northern
station down I'll lege avenue lo Main
street, while the famous Italian band
from Fernie lilled thc air with strains
of most seductive, entrancing music.
The Indians taking part were magnificently dressed and resplendent
with tlie glittering jewels irom To-
(aeco Plains. Never since die lam-
inis Ilrailley Martin ball in New York
have sucli creations in dress, paint
(heavy on tbo paint) and leathers lieen scon, filty performers trailing
with gorgeuisness, slupelying and
miraculous in their revelation nl beauty. Kor lully ime hour these Indian braves danced while six ol their
champion left handed! drum soloisls
lieat the. toni-loni, relieved nt snort
intervals   Iiy    twenty   real       live.
Might Have Had a Oood Head
of Hair.
The man who wears a toupee does
not like it, but has thc cuurage oi
his convictions.
Nature never Intended that the top
of tlte head should he left entirely
without protection. A bald head is
very susecptihl.' to contraction ol
colds mid neuralgia. Wearing an
arlillcial top piece counteracts this
tendency, and, aside from the improvement in tlie personal appearance, Is amply pislifud.
How much bettor il would bavo
lieen had llie man, now chronically
bald and wearing a toupee, but realized curlier in lilo tlie approaching
.danger ami devoted a Utile regular
attention lo his Imir, whicli    would
Semi-ready Suits
To Ipaclal Old,,
T, THUS tl no Betal-feadr noi. la
* youi lawa you aurl.»,e»Betal-ieadr
wil made to yuut tpecial Oldrt liorn pal-
teia,. lend lul "Kin,', Own" Kile
Hit, ,1 llu, with iiyla book and tell-
nuiMtini liitmi. Climate.,. Held at
,h. ,am. talc, a.etywhue In Canau,
Have yon H,n lhe .trie book, sli I"
On. tot you at eeml-ieear United,
fnut-rrniy I.ikrtrtp -
G. Fred Jutinaton, Feniir, li. C,
tlie coast, returned home last Tuesday afternoon.
.Mrs. Lovick and Mrs. Thompson
visited wiiii friends in t'ratillook last
A very successful meeting ol thc
Liberal-Conservative association was
ii'.'d one evening recently, ami thc
iDlccrs elected. Mr. T. Gafrncy uc-
firpiwl lhe chair. Tlie oOlccrs: Hon-
il'arv President, Hen. lliehard McBride; presidint, Mr. I'etcr Lund;
oxecutlvo committee, Messrs. K.
Lenrti, -I. Murtin arid (ieo. llayward;
iccrctary-treasurcr, It. B. Markle.
Aitfi a shorl session ol liistncss tlie
iiii'i'tingi adjourned.
A young man named Oliver llomp-
si'y, who had lieen engaged at the
Wardner liotel here as wine clerk,
lefl here on Saturday evening in
company with two others. They were
ridii.g on top ol a freight ear ami
win n near Klko, llempsey fell tic-
iwtvii the cars and was instantly
kiilid. The east boiilid liver passed
over the body and tbe west bound
freight passed over 11, dragged it
il mil lour miles, the severed head
lieing that distance Irom the Isr-ily
wlirn round by a track -walker thc
in si morning. Hempsey was a
member of tho I..0.1.. ot Cranhrook
an t Wiis 3.ri years of age. Coroner
Wilkes went lo Pernio on Sunday,
where the body was taken. An In-
qllpsl was lield on Tuesday.
Miss 11. Con/ens, sister if Mrs. P.
1 1, wlio has Irccn visiting here lor
liie pasl year, leaves   ihis week   lor
dower bearing   lairies   ir.   IMr powwow.        To   describe   tire   costumes \mK savod it.
worn by tliese    Minns,  at this cole- There is a remedy whieli will    ale
liratlon beggars thc English langunge 8olutcly    prcverrt baldness. Loss    ol
and tla' human lmalRiliatioi. falls faint |mj,. j,, nl[l0 cases out ol ten is
and feedlc lieforc the Herculean task, necessary, being due In  dandruff and
Chief Paul won the prize lor tho Uto germ that causes it. This germ
best dressed Indian warrior. Sir niust lie destroyed and thc occumula-
prizes were given the squaws, Miss \\um 0| ,ianilrull checked. Then the
Stella llig Moon, whose marvclou i,air wji| „„t [all out, but instead
drapery floated like a dream about wl|| Rrow naturally and lururiantly.
ber queenly llgure, won first prize, Newbro's Herpicide is tire remedy
anil Miss Mollie Weasel Tail ol To regular applications ol which will do
lincco Plains, whose strings of glit- tMa< h |,a8 iimB iK.(.„ known as the
tering lieads, disking hor alahastor original romedy that kills lhe dan-
brow, completely hiding tlio liats in UrtitT germ ami is absolutely depend-
her hair, Inking second prize,       the &\t\v.
rest of tlie prizes were handed to tho s„ reliable is this preparation that
liig chiel.                                            I all druggists now sell tire one dollar
Tlie Indians were very successful in s|zc botlles of    llerpieide with        a
tlie racing events awl won a consider- binding guarantee lo refund money il
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. II
A.F. 4 A. H.
Regular meetings oo
the   third   Thursday
V ■ ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peck, Secretary.
Okesuknt Louue No. :i;i
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuoidsy st I p.m. si
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. Jones, C. 0.
J. M. Uoyes.K. ol It. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cirdlslly Invltsd
to attend.
Tin' Lending Bushiest; College
of tho Northwest
Where young .people can receive
a thorough liiisiiieHB training.
ls in session twelve months in
tlie your.
No entrance examinations.
Ilonril ami room at very reasonable rates.
Wo secure  positions  for oar
Onr new beautifully illustrated
i'iiliihigu.1 sent free upon request.
Write lor it NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Prlnoipal
IsiAMbiIIbiiii     .      SPOKANE
Meets evsry Monday
night st New Frs-
ternity Htll. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invltsd.
H. J. Rcndall, W. M. Harris,
N. 0. Seo'y.
ablt* amount of money, ami so 'satis
lit'il were Ihey with Klko's treatment,
that tliey hi*! liif.1.1 carnival alter
dark and a large number ol citi/ens
and visitors enjoyed Uk' tfyhAa, still
Hi-r|>ieide   applications may aftvays
lie   obtained   .at the  better    barber
Bhops and hair dre.ssini.'i parlors.
Anyone    desiring to  .try Newbro's
on their   paint and leathers.  Hrrpicido  lK'for;>  pureliasing a   *&tgfi
nntl   sleigh    bells, sunbursts -boltlo will receive a nice sample and
Policeman Rgglcahaw was cnlN to | her home in Dotrolf, Mich. We
Klko lasi Monday on official business.
' We an-    s-irv io learn thai     Mr.
iin", who came h«re a tew    months
ago mnl 11 is    bt-i-ii 1 ng&gpd ..k    head
filer at Lho company's saw mill, bus
resigned hi-; posHlon awl will leavo
for Hn* cast shortly. Mr llm. bas
seeureil a. good posit ior. with friends
verj sorry to know thai Miss Cou-
/ens' health has failed since coming
here. Her many friends join In
wfRbJng her a s]H*«ly recovery, (ireat
ilisappolntnicnl is felt at ber sudden
ailment,'as Miss Ton/ens had planned
lo spend the summer and fall in
Alaska, leaving litis month.
Elko's \ iitnria Pay celohratlon
wns tlie hiccrst success in the history nf tlie town. Tin' da, was all
that could In* ueslrpd mnl ovcry-ttilng
passnl nil us smooth OS a Wednesday
QVenlng prayer nui'ting. For several
days belore tin- Mttl hands nf In
ilians ii.nl Iin'ii i-riniiii-i in from the
diiii-niii reservations ami piichctl
•their teepees mi Pohrtl l.itelicr, west
nl iii.- (in-ill Nnrlli, rn depot.
Th.' Iirsl ovrursi. 1. train to arrive
al sin was Irom 1 1..uin.ol, and
broughl in    visitors   Irom  Wardner,
-ialTlai an.I Iiniii.,\av. tin' (irt-at
Northern arrived from the south
nlmu 1 .11.3ll lillliK'Hg In about lire
hundred i>,-.»|,l.* frnm (intcway, Flag-
stnnr. Dnir, Krag, Waldo anil Beautiful llavni'S, heavy on Hie liCilltllul. I
The Waldo, Elko and Wardmr ball
learns lieinc; on tin' grounds drew]
for play and Klko nml Wardner went
'to the diamond. Wanlner had several Importod platers Irom Cranhrooh
nml S|u>kiun'. l'.lkn bad fins Tliomp-
son, .luck Snr.ns-nii and II. It. Trnc-
thc '
and Fernie. Over seven hundred
people arriv.il willi this train, about
file hundred from Fernie alone. With
lliis train came llie Michel hall team
wilh seven Imported players Irom
tVliileflsh, Monlnr.a, .md they were
drawn lo play Wahlr,, who had three
players from Spokane, a suburb ol
llilh.iid ii. Washington. This was
tlie best matched game of the day
ami was won by Michel, ft to 11, lent
iiii; Elko antl Michel to play lor tht
ebii'k-.i-inin, or, as .lim Thistlitnoak
said, lliis game is fur blood between
Klko, Kalispell, Michel and Whitehall
Hus Thompson put young Treckcll
pitching und Whlleflsh was defeated
ii to i.   (ins Thompson eor.cedcd this
for Hi,' sake of Old Molilalia and   tile
lote    lie liail Inr    "(Joins."      Tliey
weie thn I    tlie Ih-sI ball     games
ovei plafod ill Hie Crows Nest Pass.
Tlie olliiinl umpire, Mr. Tom Whulcti,
of Ibe NapaiHT, Fernie, proved ns ol
inie that be is a past master at lhe
game ami gave universal satlslactliin
In every, leain Hint played. Space Inr-
liids us goii.g into every detail ol
these evtiils, hut the trio Irom Kal
Isnell, every one a Cheslerlhld, woi
Hie long green lor Klko and made
fast friends while some people would
in- geitllng acipiitintcd. Tbc races
were pulled ofl alter dinner. Tire open
horse race, with horses trtnn Michel,
Fernie, Klkinoiitli, Fort Steele and
Itonstillc, Tobacco Plains, was won
by Stmkls, Tobacco Plains, thc Fernie stable taking Hie second prize,
The open pony race was won '    by
Michel stable,   the   stock saddle rae
ki-ll Irom Kalispell
Hie Flathead tall,
was   ilil.a.id 18 In •).     f;
son   pitched   n great enim
I'aradi.se ol   by Tobacco Plains, thc stpiaw    pony
ml Wardner  ™c, lirst and second, both went   to
s Thump-' Kort Steele.
Consider-j Tlie loot races, sack races and min-
able money changed hands over this.0' events were shared among tho
game, as Wardner li.nl boa-ten Klko's! visitors.
junior team   two weeks previous   Iiy j   Tho    Indians    wrestling on  horse
27 In fl. Imt chickens conio homo   lo book was well cdtltcstod and very Inmost soiiittlines In lllkn. j lercsllng ami both prizes were    won'    Western   provinces—Edward llrnwn,
At this   time tbe C.I'.H. exciirslnnj Iiy Kort   Steele   Indians. Thc squaw Winnipeg; (1.   K. Stephens, Winnipeg;
Iriiiu arrived   Irom     Mieliel, llosiner, lool race   was well iJontraM and re-  .lames llul'mir, Itegina; II. 11. Sn.ll,
and pearls without price, gleamed he
lore the trepec lives like a transcendent electrical display in lhc hypnotizing picture. I	
Tlie   county ball held in the (Irani!  Mmisc .law-
opera house was   crowded to BUftoca   •'• 0;
tin it il tin-   midnlglit    flyer took ner
Hie Alberta excursionists home.   Th
celebration   was    a  splendid success
and will lie long remembered by
booklet by sending Hie. in postage or
silver lo The llerpieide Co., Dept
It., Delrnit, Mich.
II. M. Tory, Edmonton;
Xanna, Calgary; C. C. Miehe-
Yictorla;    E.   W.   Keenleyside,
Ynncolivcr;    It. It. Wilson, Winnipeg;
A. Price,   Calgary;   .1.   A. McXair,
the Vancouver.
I The new council will immediately
take charge and assume responsibility
for lhe work of tlte association in
Canada. It will lie known ollicially
as lhe Y. M. C. Association ol Cauatla. A Canadian secretary will he
appointed within a few days. I'ndcr
the new system it is planned to
spriad thc work i r the association to
the tnwns and villages nt the lloliiin-
A stitch in time may save nine,
but a '-llio. bottle ol'Hoo's ctlobrated
cough syrup might save your liie
Try one.
There is no Iun in loafing unless
you can bother Mnteono else that's
Tlie (.oils arc satisfied when a man
does liis best, but his   neighbors still ___ 	
find lault wllh him. I '
F. A. I'crrlgo, M.D,, and wife     oil LOCALS
Danville, Illinois, wore Klko visitor I 	
this week on their way lo llonncrs1 STRAYED.—Came lo my place
Ferry. The doctor IiourIiI 8110 acres this spring one brown gelding horse,
nl land north-west ol Roosvllle and weight about eleven hundred, white
will return in the Iall and subdivide spot on forehead about size ol silver
into small tracts. The-doctor is dollar and branded diamond M. on
enthusiastic over his purchase and left shoulder. Owner can have same
being a live wire and a Imsin ss man by proving property and payln
will he a decided aetpiisition lo Roos charges.—(i. W. Oversbjr, Jaltray, B
ville and Tobacco Plains. | C. »l-4t*
Laughter, like mercy, is twice bios- ——
sed-lt blesses him Ihat gins and KOH SAI.K (TIKAP.-One lorty
him that takes—and il is a great horse traction engine, used about
privilege lo be able to let tbe sun- six months, cost (1,800. Wil tak
shine   ot   happiness    into  thc dark $2,300.      Terms   on good    security
T. M. L W.
Apply to
l'aylc, Clarcsholm,
SALE.—Baby carriage J7.00.
(I. II. Wood, ol Toronto, a well
known financial man, will tie Ihe lirst
chairman ol Hie newly formed Canadian national council of the Y.M.C.A.
Mr. Wood was iiniiniiati.l last Satur
day ut Winnipeg, ami Win. llurke, ol
Toronto, us chairman. The latter
argiiial that Mr. Wot.l should take
tlie senior position. Thn matter was
left lor thc two men to arrange he-
I ween l themselves, wilh the restil
that tilt, ptslllirits were reversed. 11
was decided Saturday that the nead-
ipiarters ol llu- council should Ire In
Toronto. Tin* heodipiurters ol th
western snd ion will still lie in Win
nilii'K, and tlte headquarters ol thc
Mm Him.' Provinces will (or Hie pre
Hint continue at Amherst.
The enlist it ut inn ol Hm* council was
adopted Saturday, and thirty-six
members elected as lollows:
Maritime Provinces — .las. (lass
Halifax; .1. T. Iliirchell, Sidney; P.
A. McOregor, New Glasgow; ('. C.
.tones, Fredericton;, .1. Rttss. Clisr-
lotlotown; .1. E. Eraser, Halifax; .1.
E. Masters, Moncton; .1. Hunter
White, St. .lohn; II. I.. Newson, Amherst; Dr. Woodbury, Halifax; A. Mc-
(lillivray, Halifax
Ontario ar.d Quebec—A. flnldie,
Oalt; J. •!. Oarlscher, Toronto; V.
H. Deacon, Toronto;' Wlllam Scotl,
Toronto; It. .1. Dlngman, Toroneo;
W. H. WlRffs, tywboc; .1. .1. Greene,
Hamilton, W. S. Izcslic, Montreal; .1.
W. Ross, Montreal; W. M. Ilirks,
Montreal, A. Kingman, Montreal; G.
II. Wood, Toronto; E. ll. Wood, Toronto; Harry Ryrle, Tortntin.
Apply Box' 3, Herald ofllce.
Ask Blondy. Blondy knows.  'Phone
62. 22-tf
Ask Blondy, lllonily knows.  'Phone
G2. 22-tl
Ask Blonde. Blondy knows.   'Phone
112. 22-tl
WANTED.-Lady    Iroacrs.    Apply
Crnnbrook Steam laundry. 19-tl
WANTED— Stenographer Inr com-
| menial house. Apply with references nt Herald trnlcc. 2-tl
If > I'll  *'.HIH*  t I
l'*|lri*t tU Ik»
rill'-il If ittlll*nt
lltli • l.iil,.h\|>rit
mi* to ean ynn.
I iiIi-h-i I know
Hull   I   run   rtirv
J on 1 will lint hv-
..■(it    viinr   vrntr,
nml hi fvi*r> in-
Htmin* I Irviit Iiy
iiiv nntl iirit(iii«l
ml viiliri'il Hliil
MfifiitiHi* mt*-
tIII illn
Sptr-MttrrlMei, Orfiilc Wcihicu,
l.o«i Vlgtr, VarkKcIc, ttiirut.lt, Caw
traded Mttrfcn, Specific Bk*t> Ptl»i,
Plica ai4 Strlclirti— rmioring nil
affectedornnnn Itmnrninlnmllienllhy
aclion in llu* fluMtcM poiiible eoaee
of time.
I .* nil I he form* ul lliai-naea nl "Uni.
,'iilihilll illi.in nn,I in, I null vi' Imnhlal Ire*
ill itdbT nr b.r llinll.
Meets first sod    third Wednesdays
in eacb month.
A   cordial reception extended     lo
visiting brothers.
Oilicers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scrite-W. M. Harris.   .
No. II.
Hosts every second and  fourth WssV
nesday at Fraternity HsB.
Sojourning   Rsbekshs  cordlslly In
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Bcattic,   Rec. See.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second snd
Fourth Thursday ol each month at t
p.m. «harp
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pesrron, Sec., Box CIS.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's 11*11 first snd
third Thursday ol eacb month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
IV. B. McFarlane, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   eiti
N. A. Walllngcr, W. C. Crcbbln
Pres. See'y.
P. 0. Boi 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
*********************< j
; Presbyterian ChMrch j |
,   Sunday morning service at II <
>   Sunday   evening    service   at'
7.80 o'clock ;
;   Swrday     School  ud    Bible'
Class at 3 o'clock ,
!   Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,',
*       at I o'clock *
Baptist Cbuvcb:
1 Potior, II. S. Speller.
> Psrsonsge, Norbury Avenue.
; 'Phone, 284. P. O. Boi 187. j |
Kegulsr Services:—Sunday, II! !
a.m.    and    7.10  p.m.;   Ilible
School    with     Young   Ladle*'
Philetbea    and    Young   Men's'
Bible Class, I p.m.
Monday,   Youag Peoples',   •
*    Wsdaesdsv, Mid-Week Meeting, .
A cordial   Christian welcome' '
to all.
President: T. 8. lliii.
Heerelary: B. M.tcmisAi o
For Inlormstlon regsrtling lands
and  sgricnlture   apply   lo tlm
 ok. II.
> Secretary, Oranbroos, II. C
Every second n'ctlnenlny
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nlntteen Years the Standard
Prescribed and recommended lor women's ailments, a sclent Ideally prepared remedy ot proven worth. Tho
result Irom their use Is quick and
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ii 11
Banister, Solicitor, Etc.
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Every caro And comfort
A homo from home
Special attention in ca*es ol
Maternity, IHinuniiitinin
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Physicians and Surgeons.
OBee at Resldsscs, Armstrong tss.
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A. M. fun. Soe. C. E.
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Telephone list'
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CRANBROOK -       -       - B. 0,
Oranbrook antl Fort Steele
Cranbrook, B.C.:
, r ti. Ho. nis
Tel No. IM
Norbury Ave., nest to City Dal
Day Phone 233
Night Phone 350
B.  C. land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Prank Provenzanoj
General Merchant*
Employment Agent*
CRANBROOK     -     B.C
P.O. MX 114 MlOtlC 144
It yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing;  send
it to
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H. B. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown ami Itriilntr Work
n specialty.
Olliee nver K. Parks llanlwari.
Store, linker Street
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Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two liiimlrial eliyiuitl)' furnished rooms. K.ery modern
convenience. Elevator service, t'afe.ln connection. Rooms
$1,110 |s>r dny and upwards.
I'|i.country visitors to the Termini,! City will find every
convenience nnd comfort nt the Unnville I'lilncr. tiierinl
ntli'iitioii Iteiiii! |Kiiil lo tlieir wuiits.
Hilt   A l.ll'ENHK TO TAKF. ANI)
Notice is hereliy given that l'ele
l.nnil, til franlirook, 111'., will apply
lor a license to take antl um 110,
Miners' Inches ot water nut ol Little
Iluli Hirer, which down in a southerly direction lhroiifr.li Lots SIS, »>,
2W and 48.11, (lump Hue, I-'.ast
Kootenay and empties into the Koo-
lesjay River on luA
48M. The water will ns
diverted at Um nortii line ot surrdl
vision 7 nl Lot MS, Oroup One, and
will he usirl Ior Irrigation purposes
tin the land hcscrlbed as Subdivisions
t and 7 ol Lot 313, Oroup Olc, East
This notice was posted on ths
ground on the nth dsy nl May, 1913.
The application will he Sled ia the!
ullice ol the Water Recorder at Cranlirook, B.O.
jOlijcctioes    may be Sled witb    lira
said Water    Itecordrt  or   wilh th
Comptroller ol Water .lights, l'arlla-
mmt Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
il'etei Lwrd, Appllcairl.
hy r. W. Bnrpa, Apat. IM
views ifji m
Notice Is hereby given that Peter
I,imtl, ol franlirook, B.C., will apply
lor a license to store or pen hack
til) acre-tret ot water trom Little
Hull River, a stream Dowiag In a
southerly direction and emptying ln-|
lo tbo Kootenay River on Lot 4S38,
(Iroup One, East Kootenay. The water will be stored hy mesas ot a dan
lo be built at tbe north line ol subdivision 7 ot Lot 111 and will ht
used tor irrigation purposes ss applied lor under a notice ol application tor a license to take and use
water, posted herewith, on the land
described as sidnHvlsloLS 1 and 7 ol
Lot IU, Oroup One, East Kootenay.
This notice was sotted on tbt|
ground on the Ith day. ot May, till
Tht application will ht lied la tht
oHlce ot tbe Water Recorder at Crsn-
brook, B.C.
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder 0r wllh the
Comptroller ot Water Ma*ts, Parliament Buildings, Vicloria, B.C.
Pettt Luad, Applicant       H	
hy r. W. Btrasss. A--M. IMlsMlm Mk
Premier "Melt" McBride knows liis
British Columbia. He knows it s
well that it may bo doubted whether
lie will ever leave it lor tbe larger
and moro perilous Held ol Dominion
politics. A good deal ol Scotch
caution goes with Premier Dick's
Raieliv and dash, lie is not tlte man I
to drop tbc bone lor the shadow. j
It pleases Premier Dick McBride to
spend his summers in London, whero
lie chums willi Winston Churchill and
looks like I.aurier and behaves like a
great man, but that's as lar as It
goes. Hritish polities haven't tho
aMtaoti.H, lor him that they have!
lor Joe Martin and Hawtbornthwaite
and the other British Columbia
lteroes Itecauso Premier Dick, has
ganged nis own si/e accurately and
is mighty careful about stepping
outside his own flower pot. This ls
not a visiting journalist's opinion. It;
is what his closest Iricnds say about
Which leads back to tbe opening
statement tbat Premier MoBride
knows bis British Columbia, and to
the equally important statement
that British Columbia known ltsj
Dick McBride ar.d loves Mm ts a
Hrilish Columbian bred and born,
and that tbere are no politics and ao
parties in British Columbia except
Premier Dick McBride. The only danger Is tbnt tho Dick McBride legislature at Victoria, which is all Dick!
eioept two Socialists, will iall apart
ol Its own weight like an overgrown
lolpter shedding its claws and that
an Anti-Dick party will be lorm** on
toe principle that it's not rbjht lor
sny one msn to be too blamed successful.
Meanwhile Premier Dick McBride
flourishes like a green bay tree. He
is a young man witb a One head ol
hair and al the arts of the elder
statesmen. He knows how to enter
a public meeting Impressively late
and to take oil hit hat, gloves snd
overcoat in a wtarled-Atlas manner.
He knows how to receive a deputation of twenty in a scantily furnished
hotel-room wuth chairs lor two snd
sn sir ol democratic simplicity. He
knows how—well, to cut it abort, he
knows all the tricks in the book anal
never loses his grip on the invagination ol the people.
It seems a pity that there are not
more people in British Columbia lor
the good Dick McBride inlluencc to
exert itscll on. But the solemn truth
is tbat Premier Dick McBride ts
stronger on railways than he is on
colonjnition plans. Railways lirst,
neo-de afterwards, ray* Premier Dick
Mcllride. Whenever the people murmur Premier Nek McBride glut
them another railway. A railway al-|
ways appeals to tbe grand stand, especially in * country when then are
mountains to overcome sad scattered
valleys to link up. There- will be
125,0M,0O0 spent on railways in British Columbia in the next live years,
litis Is a spectacular policy. The only
drawback is that there are not
ough producers to keep tbe railways
busy. As long aa tbe English money
lor railway devetopmeat ksept potr-
i>.g In British Columbia will ht ni
little slack about exploiting her agricultural resources.
You have often heard how. UmM
llritish capital Is. Whenever n pri*
ate imswpoly wants to keep puMIc
ownership oil the grass It sets up a
howl about tbe bewruhlag .fleet in
British capital. Don't yon btHeve
British capital is brave, brave
lor national unity when lire daughtorl when lie has only .l.Uini tu spend and  to liv
furthest west can cast a look    back lie  pays    two   nun  t„ iln lhe work I
over her shoulder to the old folks at Hint ho'should   ilu himself.   Needless]
home.*  But whenever liritisli Colum-, to say his Iruit larni Is a failure! It
bia did that Utero wore lhe      nimiu-  is tbis    kind    if haphazard amateur
tains   to come    between ai.d      pre-1 tnat. iiives the business a hlack eye.
sentty   she    got. into tlio habit, like1    ll&UNOHERS AND RANCHES,
California and    Oregon and Washington,   ol not thinking about tl.e   cast mn, betwwn a tmdl ,i||(] a ,.MUMh,, i wUo „„
stall     Fortunately the sense of in   |8 t«M the one pays and the    other Africa.
lerprndel.ee is growing ami the news- ^^     u wj|| ^ a t ,
papers, which used Kite very shy [nr mm ,.„,„„,„,„ w,„,„ „, „„.
oi eastern news, are giving it mor.- ..wlm0heS" are ranches - that is tb
space    Ior reasons ol    public policy. | „1„-,, Ihev are in ll„. li.mils   of
When things shake down Ihis Confederation of Canada will be a right
little, bight little union il ever thcro ,„.,,.,, ,„„,„,,.        „.„,.,,„.,. ,,.,. lm)<|ings
*"8 ,m' , . , ,   are big or little the  "railnchir"     is
In proportion to pupulal.o,. British  „„,    sarm. ^ M h
Columbia is the most English prov- t]lt. piece. Tbo story Is tcld that a
tar* in Canada. Thto is prohnbly ,Bt|t,g|, Columbia "raiincher" ol
why it Is the most broad-mmdrd ,„ mMr mi .^ misforhm,.s
province in the Dominion and scorns „.as B,|owi . -,Utjl ^ i
sagging    restrictions.        Easterners! ,|l(.   ,       * w()||(|(,|.w|   ,, . j( ^
up to iheir new name.
II. K.
Mr. Clms. Peterson, a well   known
old tinier   in these parts, niivv residing in Winnipeg, was around      town
weed end   renewing old       ac-
!     Makes Short Work of
IXvp-KBtsTtJ and apLMwntiy hop-*l«*u cut
Sciatica, Lumtwiro, Gout, Nimrah-io and all a	
forma of Hb.'urnatlamyifld at once to Abbott Broa,
Rheumatic Kcniedy.    Like an angfri ot mare** tl
baa uivm IntUnt relief to ilaap-foraaltanaatfar
nft,..i tk.m »*-«». »—'- -* -■ ■ -    —
lhal the differ->iatatanccs.      Mr.    Peterson served ffb^SSiJ'^•Is^ht !&&»*%
been curing, men, women .ml children for'
m .1.-.- ——i — »■-■-   ju,t a f,w bottl
to 60 yeara' duratl
c,,,ti„    riftw.  ;,.  U..I1.F.  wlrnrn there twemetl no help.  Ju.t . lew bottla.
.Slrilllll'linil  llinse  ill  South  ha.«cur^c»,«orfrom»toeayem'iliMUon
anil today it a lamia unriv.ll.il m .Quick, uf. and
I men who know tlieir business ami nm
them tn principles of  industry      tn
even   to rastasrss.    It got
it    has a    lighting ahatn.    English
money is particularly load of British
Cnlunrtto-tbe word British may have
something to do    with rt—and      It
hikes nut here without ever stopping
10 look st the prairies. It comes to
liritisli CfllunvMa tar mines, lor taw-
mills, for timber limits, for salrao,
canneries, Inr halibut Ashing, for,
railways, lor real eatate apeetlaHtn.
11 come* on business and tt Sonus
lor fun. Sornetlmet like the sinner.
wbn goes to church to scofl and remains to pray, It comes ent hn bunt
big game and stays for la-istmsnt.
Not the least ol BriUsh Columbia's^
aetata is tbnt it tat a sunny land,
much of it wiMerneaa, tbe last home
nf romance and adventure to ths
North American watt.
Eaggliab money baa an -bttaact
sound to moat people, hut In British
Columbia It envisages itself. The]
Kngllshinsn with the meaty appears
In person, lie mny he sera on the'
streets, in tbe hotels, fa the ctuJa.
What does English money look like*
Well, H It Is young tt Is standee and
nosey sad leggy tnd wears a peaked
cap and a raaylin tnd ita trousers are
turned np. If It it roiddte-aged it Is
portly and has a loud voice nd mat-]
ton-ohop whiskers ud wears sffcts.
OM or young, English "money looks
good to BlMah CdttiaMa. WMb nl
little practice it Is. easy to tall It]
Irom Herman money, or rubber money, or stags money, or nay other
kind of money that mny bt used tn
new countries.
English   money It not an *aal*"J|
blessing.       For  enn-**,    It
British Columhta from   tfirnkle,
about eastern Canada   at aim]
To   some eatent tt N**J*fd
■SVIISn taBtanm*n  faa^erW^^PW,' tw     ^*
who drop into public meetings in almost any town nr village iu Hril sh
CniunitHa arc surprised at the intei-
llgenoe, culture and debuling talent
displayed. It is the Influence of the
wdUlwrn, well-edueattHl Knglisliiiiuii
that does it. His presence gives it
tone to British Columbia society
which is not found mi the prairies.
This is the desirable KiiglMiuian,
tbe best citizen nl the world that
any nation is turning out tliese davs
Lotos eating seems tn lie the chid
fault in BriUsh Columldu. it may be
the climate. It may lw a spacious
western indifference to tlte march of
time. Whatever it is, tlw laet
mains tliat so tar as mixed dinning
is concerned this is Msnana Land—
do it tomorrow, ltutter comes Irom
as lar away as New '/.calami, mutton
Irom Australia. Every year ten
million dollars goes out ul British
Columbia to the United Stabs tor
food products that could In belter
raised at home. Time was when
there were one hundred ami two hundred-acre farms—ranches tliey call
them hare—wntch marie unmet growing the ordiaary things eaten by
common people. But the subdividrrs
came along, cut Ure farms up Into
five and ten-acre lots and now tho
owners are waiting to cash in on
them on a Iront loot basis. Lulu
Island, which was looked upon as
the market garden district nl Vancouver, Is the latest spot tn bc invaded hy tbit creeping paralysis. Ol
course at the back ol It all Is the
very human desire to avoid hard
work with one's hands so long as
tbere is an easier way nf getting
ahead. Nature is so prodigal in
British Columbia, tbe soil laughs so
freely wben it is tickled, that it
seems cruel to ask it to drudge. This
explains why fruit farms arc popular—the cosy, ten-acre Iruit [arm,
basking on the shore ol a picture-
book lake, nestling at the foot nl
big brother mountain, looking nl the
world like Paradise before the sir
pent came.
The Iruit farm theory runs this
way. Tea acres of fruit lsad will
cost cleared and planted 1350 ao
acre, or 13,500. At the end ol five
yeara, when tbe orchard begins to
hear, the farm will be worth t550 an
acre, and ia ten years on tbe same
scab) of increase it will be worth
I1,1M an acre, or 113,000. From the
second year on, until bis trees start
yielding, tbe farmer should make
nwugh to pay expenses from small
fruits like strawberries axd from
vegetable, like potatoes, which sell
lor II per hundred pounds. Such a
farm, when planted witb cherries,
plums, aad tbe live commercial varieties ot apples, say, ninety treea to
the acre, should earn a net profit ol
1500 an acre on cherries, MOO
acre on plums, and MOO an acre on
•bout 35 per cent on the In-
t. That is the theory and
that ia the result provided tbe Iruit
farmer really Iruit farms, works hard
and attends strictly to business.
Wbat Ireouently happens Is this.
A laty palloaopher, witb a taste lor
briar-root pipes, vague thinking and
n suaay lite In the open sir doing nothing, makes up bis mind that he
will be a fruit farmer aad live in a
bungalow near to nature's heart. He
knows about ss much about Iruit
farming as be knows about thr canal
system la Mars but be goes ahead
Imping to pull through some way. To
begin with, be buys the wrong kind
nf lsad—it has alkali in it or hard
pan or gravel beds, or It Is on too
steep a slope aad slides away in ths
spring rains or it's In a cup and cannot he drained. Rut it make* no
dhVrer.ee to him. It's tbe poetry ol
existence he Is alter, not tne prollt-
Oive htm his books and
his tobacco aad bis thoughts and a
almple live thousand dollar bungalow
over Ms head and tbe orchard can
take care ol itself. Probably aa orchard cf sorts doea blees his sbilt-
lesaness. But that doesn't make
things any better. All our open-air
pbilosopbrr is willing to do Is to say
'Orow, little orchard, grow." II thc
apples won't thrive with that kind
at treatment why, then, let them
do the other thing. He gives his
ninrsl support to Ihe Oravenetelns
tait.no spraying. Ile takes Ms lunch
in the rote arbor. He likes to bask
in tbe garden wllh Ihr larkspurs
and Canterbury b)'lr»-*s«auso the
larkspurs do not spur htm and the
Canterbury bells do not wake Um
up. At the height of the Iruit sea-
ana at ■ota salmon flahing and leaves
tba orchard to nature aad the cow.
lb Mat at the rate ,,f ll,** « year
  . .. -■*.....■ uiiilbishi aa ■ qUICK, Hid alM)
ilmolutt'ly reliable treatment for all uric add dia*
44 [ ea*n, weak kidneyr-, ate.   Let a dollar bottla of
~*  Abb-ttt jfM. JJwumitlo Kmjif
TREATMENT   THAT   end your pair* at onct*~»Urt your eur* today.
  Sent jirf paid by Abbott Bro*., 711S. Dearborn SL,
Chii-HRo, HI., if your drusgiit doai rot have It
Sold by   tlie   Cranbrook   Drug   and
Book t'o.
pay. "Well," said tbe wise man from
Hit* cast, "for one tliinn you employ
t<m many men here." ''Oh," saitl the
Other, "ttiat can't be. Why, 1 have
barely enough for my two cricket
There is a point jn this old chestnut whieh eannot Ik* oWttooUod, Wbat
llritish Columbia -needs iti farmers!
who will do the timely work of raising. Hie stuff that most peopli* eat
There's more money in the long run
in necessities Mian in luxuries, and
fruit is a luxury. Tlte prairie market for Hrilish Columbia fruit sounds
big but the prairie farmer does not
live by fruit altne—far from it. Eve,
tempted Adam into hard work with
an apple. It looks as if Hritish
Columbia might t>c cajoling lierselfj
mil of hard work* |>y the same tai
ties. Thc word "rancher" seems to
have with it a connotation of idle-,
ness, .of Indifference. We move that
it. Ire struck out and Uw word "farmer"—a good, hard-working, back-
at-liit.g, brow-sweat ing title—-Ik- used
instead. Premier Dirk Mcllride could
easily have such an act put through
the legislature and il would help
Hritish Columbia a wltoltt lot. Thc
converted     "raunchcrs"  would have
Every up-to-date woman should
have radiant hair.
Tliere are thousands of women with
harsh, faded, characterless hair, who
tin   not try to improve it.        ^T_
In England and Paris women take
pride in having beautiful hair. Every
Canadian woman can have lustrous
luxuriant hair by using SALVIA,
the Oreat American Sage Hair Tonic.
Every reader of the Herald can
have an attractive head of hair in a
few weeks hy using SALVIA.
Tlte Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
sell a large bottle for 50 cents, and
guarantees it to banish Dandruff,
slop failing hair and itching sealp iu
ten days, or money hack.
SALVIA is a beautiful, pleasant,
nou-slleky Hair Tonic.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Untune with Ballis.   'l'hone in
e.erjr rooni
HiirlitT SliO|iun the uremia*,.
Thoroughly attentate.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UKO. P. WKl.l.s, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
tili|inrti.|| in the nriiiiunl •eoletl  UKcket.
frum  Sun.in  &  Sniie.  Ilif Kililt'a ISiaHl.uieii,
H.-.iiliiiu, Kiiirlnii.l.   Si-mi lor r-MHlogtip.
A* J. WOODWARD, Sole Af ent
5Iil Granville Bt, Vanrouvr. Alio Vietorfa
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths to suit.
Apply to
R. S. McNeil
I'HOXE  31.o
Held in Canm'ti'* Hall
♦ Ut.-U-.t--l k) Mr».R.A.tUCUVEFT \
Certifi.ntitl Teacher loin
London School Board
Hotira :  lo tn 13 a.m.: 2 in 4 p.m.
P, O. BOX a.is
Boundary Mining and Exploration Company, Ltd*
Shares, $1.00.   Capital, $1,000,000
B. C. Copp* Cu. Hriiiiliy Stm-lter
Fixed Carbon   li-               78.2
Volatile Matter 2!)
Ash    :i
Water   -
Greenwood _   _...     10
Hrand Forks      32
Rossland         130
Smelter    118
Nelson.         _      12fi
Spokuiu'     172
Republic __ , _.. _ ..     38
This diagramatic map shows the actual freight mileages.
The Company owns under Crown grant 538 acres and other large
lease holdings.
Remarks of Engineer
The engineer says: The location of your property is ideal, giving
you shipping facilities over two railways and being within a short distance ot three large smelters, in addition to many prosperous and
growing towns and mining camps. Your coal is a high-grade bituminous.
It is an excellent steam coal and nothing better could be found ior
domestic purposes as it is clean and free from noxious odors. In my
opinion you have a body of coal of several million tons proven by the
work already completed.—Respectfully submitted. (Signed) Thomas L
Brophy. Mining Engineer.
General Remarks
Development work so far consists of about 2,000 feet of tunnels and
shafts. Samples of this coal may be seen at the offices of A. L
A limited amount of Stock is for Sale at 25c. per share
to provide funds for further development and the purchase of machinery.
A few years ago Crows Nest Pass Coal Co. Stock was being offered
in this vicinity at 10 cents per share, while to-day it is off the market and
cannot be bought at any price.
Spokesman Review, Oct. 5th, 1911: "Finest coal exhibit, Boundary
Mining and Exploration Company, beating the Crows Nest Company,
winners oi the big silver cup last year.
Applications for Stock will be received at the office of—
The Doctor
will tell you that fresh air
is essential to good health.
Buy a
and swing in the outdoor
sunshine and fresh air.
You will feel better, look
belter   and    act    better.
Prices to Suit Everybody
$2.25 to $9.00
Cranbrook Go-Operative
Stores, Limited
In an article ilfttling with Hit* duty
upon lumber mti-i Ittg Oauflda Iron)
the United suites, ilu- Mitrstsslppl
Valley I,iiinli'iiiiaii iliKtiissi-s tin-
quest imi as follows:
"Tht* (arid Issue in tin- pcovlnecfl
ot Western Ontratla is largplj n <i"ra
Hon ut longHutle ami in Dial teapect
it afTetls Canadians very imieJi as a
]tr<iiiiiiiiiil ])ii)iht* iu.iii in this country
.saitl n affected Un* |)ooplc nf thi:.
country, In (bat ii is i( local Issue.
It is alsi a rlass Issue, longUudtatU-
i/-ril by iln- (act that llu- munutac
ttiters are located clrielly Ir. tb.' sec
tion west, uf tin* eastern boundary ol
liritisli folumbin and Un- .Mailers
and consumers ait- lai gel) cast oi
tbat lino, Tin* flucf issue arises
over the provisions of tin- Canadian
custom laws .mil Un- method in v.hic|i
tbey have been Intorprelcd, It is
siaiiil by Canadian newspapers that
dtlring 1hi> I.ilif ral .nliuinisii.it um
whifli wiiit oui ut i.iliff uu Ui.- reciprocity i*-siii>, tin* provision <>( thr
Canadian law winch perm I la tin* ••**-
portal iun of lumber surfacod mi one
siili- only wus surfaced un ono side
and saw-siml on the edges." This,
ilu- manufacturers cluimrd was , a
reading ul tin- law which was broad
enough to In* considered au evasion*
Since the present I'anadidr. ndminU*
1 rut mil came Into power the customs
dmcera have lieen instructed to n
more conservative and restricted
tdeaniiig, hut tbis does hbl no fat
enough tu satisfy tbe unit iufn, .ind
they want a law which will deliver
Uie business id the prairie province!
to them without tbc tecessltv ol reftl
t'ompt'ilUor. wiib thf nulls smith of
tin- border.
1'Dutiable lumber going into Can*
adu pays a inuoh larger dtit> than Ca*
iindiau lumber, in anv form, coming
into thf I miid Siaii s. Lumber
wii nil is surfaced mi more Ihan one
side nr eilge, Imimid Rtelj atlvuuees
into ii class wfa uh makes its sale
across the boundarj practtoally pro
hihit' il. Hui even In Uu- tact- of a
twenty flee per' cent ad valorem
duty many manufacturers of certain
items i f western stock stale tliat
they can still ship into Canada ami
undersell tin'llritish Columbia manufacturers. It is this very fact, probably, which encourages sucli vigorous opposition lu an increase in the
Canadian customs. Kor, it the Canadian mills an- Inclined to hold prices
on finished stocK at so ftlfch a point
tbat the United States mill men ean
pay ont-fnurh of tin* value if thcit
stock in ilutv ami still compote with
thf mills ut Cauatla, lhe rrtuih-r and
the consumer fan easily make a
menlnI estimate ot whal would hap
pen to the prices of rough lumber
wen* Uie duly placed al » relatively
tiigh point.
"In connection with ibis discussion
we cannol refrain limit retnarkini;
tliat thu inili men if Western Canada
have as ycl made no Objection to tbe
tri-e   import a t ion    Into   i 'anadn   of
United States larmers wHh -t'nitcd
States money. All classes in Canada are willing to have as many
Inilul States citizens as n-issibL'
help settle and develop thc agricultural lands of the prairie provinces.
bui having enticed them thtther, the
mill men object to their Kpt-rding
tlieir American money for 1'nited
Stales lumber. It is tla* very fact
tbil so many t'nititl States farmers
hate goi.e min » Canada whicli has
gh'uii rise to tin* presenl situation
Und tl"* states on our own side nt
tbr border lieen as^iggivssive and
Imve ad.eMised their agricultural
possibilities as widely aud pcislst-
etrtly, many, if not must, tif tla- emigrants, to Canada would have found
tin-it new homes in tne ('nited
Slales and have pun-baseil their
I.milium material (rom rutted States
mills. This would have created
trade conditions in this country
which would have rendered it un-
nff.ssary for our manufacturers to
seek outside markets for surplus products
"It must tie plainly evident that our
mil met. would not sell lumber at
low prices in Canada il tiny could
dispose ut it at better or even equal
pi ices lo customers in this country,
ant) it is not impossible that thc situation, so far as the Hritish Columbia mills are concerned, will right it-
sell to some extent during the presenl year. Trade comliUons in this
country promise eo be much better
nnd it may be that they will return
to a point where we shall be able to
absorb a much lurgi-r proportion of
iii ie output of our own mills. In that
case, the lumber manufacturers across
tin- northern border will lie relieved
nt much of the competition which
has Influenced them in tlieir advocaev
of a higher tariff un United States
We trust sincerely Utat the hopeful
prophecy contained in* the last paragraph of fit.' above article will come
to pass without deity, comments Ihe
Canada Lumberman, Conditions art-
Pointing thut way at present and the
prospects arc rosy. Nevertheless,
with the present tarifl arrangements,
Canadian manufacturers will always
havo a sword bunging over their
heads in the shape of the possibility
of tbe same economic conditions lieing repeated during the next period
of commercial depresshg. in the 1'nited States, whenever it arrives. The
lessons of the past year, 11 taken to
heart, should lead the Canadian government to remove all uncertainty ot
this nature trom the tarifl act. It
was certainly intended by the trainers of this act that lumber surlaced
on inure thai, one side or edge, should
pay -, a!!i per cent ad valorem and until a new tar ill is passed to supersede the present one, this provision
Is entitled to be Interpreted strictly
in ftCoordar.ee with the wording of the
aet ami Uh* intentions of iis (ranters.
To say that "dutiable lumber coming into Canada, pays ., much higher
duty than Canadian lumtier in any
form going Into    tne t'ntu-d States"
is lagging tlu* Question. Thc dispute has to do wiih free lumber, nl
which,   entering tbe    C«ltf4 States
there is unlortunaeely none, as the
tarill act of the United States makes
al kinds of lumber dutiable. Under
the system ol evading the Canadian
tariff act which 1ms caused so much
-omplaint by Canadian manufacturers
if lumber, United States products
which should pay a duly of 25 pot
nt ant valorem, are tivtering Canada free, whereas similar lumber
trom Canada entering tbe United
States is subject to a duty of $1.25
per thousand teet. So fnr as duty
is concerned, the United States manufacturer has it all his own way,
comparatively speaking, as he has
protection) against every class ot Canadian product, whereas the important product of United States mills—
roiif-li lumber or lumber planed or
dressed on one side only—enters Canada free of duty.
The article whieh appeared In tin1
Herald lasl week under lhe heading
"Vou Can Help Cranbrook" has already lieen productive ot results. Several who read it have come forward
with otters of their services ami now
various short articles are in the
writing! with the whole-hearted object in view of tilling others wbat
we ourselves know so well.
Now let us make a personal application of this principle ar.d bring
II home to ourselves. Do you rc-
mcmlxcr that day when you first looked over this fair valley and said
"Tlmt and tlrat and that an- the
things I was looking for and now I
have found them," or on that first
expedition out on the hills in
search of game, or timlier or land*'
Of course you do.
Sow your experiences may lie the
nvans of attracting others,,so why
not write them down and send them
into the secretary ot the hoard ot
trade at once, before you forget.
You may. say "I am not a word
painter and do not feel competent to
write the story," hut that, need not
(Her you from putting your idefis on
pap.*r in any form vou like and your
suggestions ean Ik- worked in with
Others and be of ureal assistance iu
preparing a/,series of articles showing
Cranhrook, and thc district 0. which
it is the center, Irom every point of
view. Tlm board ol trade want
your co-operation, and they want
facts and tbc secretary will be looking fur your contribution next week.
JOHN    SULLIVAN,      A      WELL
U'.ir.l was received in lown lliis
morning ol a terrible fatality at
Movie, which occurred uLS-ul fi.-W this
.Iiilni Sullivan, a well known miner
anil prospector, who was wt'll known
Im abotits, liail oven limit.-.1 It) il.-alli
ill liis shark ion Hi,* lake shore. No
[larticiliirs as to Iln- cause of Iht' fatality t'oiiltl Is.' otit,iiin,l. Coroner l>r.
.1.11 M. Hell, ol lliir eily, left lor
\li vie ,rn t,,lav s train 1o holil an
intrucst, and pending his invtstiga-
tlon lhe sail affair must remain unexplained.
Sullivan was around Moyie until a
late In.ur lasl night. Only nei-Mly he
was in this eily on his way hornc
Irom a visit lo the Kstella mine, in
whieli be was largely interested, lie
wns widely known as a miner and
prospeetor and was gcncraly liked
anil respected. Ile was atmnt torty
years old, unmarried. An American
citizen, lonncrly cmjiloyctl in Ihe
Slocan distriet.
.lames Ed. Williams anl Miss Violet Deacon were united iu marriage
lasl we,*, llev. E. 1*. Klcwclllng ol-
toll RENT.—Two tarnished rooms;.
a I modern niinlmirni't'v Apply Herald office. SHI
Krcderloton, N.H., .lime 1.—The
Sovereign Grand l.odge concluded its
work last week with the election ol
officers as follows:
(Irand Mnetor-Col. .1. II. Scott,
Walkcrton, Ont.
Deputy—Br; I). D. Ellis, Fleming,
Grand Orranlnln—Rev. II. A. Fiskc,
Owen Sound.
Grand Secretary—W.' Lit', Toronto,
Crawl Treasurer—W. II. I'ntktrill,
Midland, Out.
Grand Lecturer— J. II. Whitley,
Vancouver, H.C.
Deputy Grand Secretary — William
Kit/gi'ialii, Toronto, Out.
l)ei>uty Treasurer — 11. C. lltx'kin,
Tori/tito, Out.
Deputy Grand lecturers — Ncw-
foiiiitllai.il, George Luiigmead; I'rinoe
Rdward Island, R. .1. Brtlcojl Nova
Scotia, G. I). Coleman; New Brunswick, P. A. Guthrie; Ontario east,
S. W. Owens; Ontario west, .larvis
Jennings; Manitoba, s. Lasker; Sas-
katcliewai,, Thouins MrMann; Alber-
ta, J. Montgomery;, British Columbia, S. Court.
Going out ol wall paper business.
Choice slock must be disposed cl al
any prlcc.-B. II. Short. ll-tl
can  be cured by  thc great Iruit Iid-
ni'i and liver remedy,
llrantlord, Out., Aug. 13, lull,
Your medicine, Fig Pills, has worked wonders lor me. The rheumatic
pains have entirely lett me sad. I owe
everything to your remedy. You nro
at liberty to publish this.
R. 11. Gailuian.
At all  dealers 23 and 50 cents   or
mailed   bjr The    Fig Pill   Co.,   St.
Thomas, Ont.
Sold by The Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
that the general animal meeting of
the shareholders ol the Stciety Girl
Mining Co., Ltd., will he held at the
Company's otlice, Moyie, R.C., at 2
o'clock p.m. on the 12th day of June,
A.D. 1912, Ior the purpose ol electing
Directors lor the year I MS, and thu
transaction pi all such other business as may come la-lore the meeting.
.1. E. Ih'saueiiicr, Sec.
Dated this Illli day ol May, A.D.
that the British Columbia Southern
Railway Company intends to apply
to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Vicloria, llritish Columbia, tor a
Onal license under part XI. ol the!
Water Act, Rinti, and Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
Irom Bull River, in East Kootenay,
lor lhc purpisc ot making the same
lit lor rafting and driving logs.
Thc'maps and plans and particulars
ot thc proposed Improvements and
works have been filed wilh the Chlel
Waler Commissioner, nt Victoria
llrilish Columbia, within 20 days
alter the first publication ol this
Dated at Cranbrook, British Columbia, Ihc 17th day ol February,
W. F. Qurd,
20-flt        Solicitor lot Ihc Applicant
Tuesday, June llth
Merle H. Norton
Offers the (Jrentest Comedy in Years
" Casey Jones"
An unusual Three-Act American Piny uf Newest Mesa
By Oliver Lnbntlie
Prices   -    $1.00, 75c and 50c
Cut Glass
and China
Make Beautiful and Most Acceptable
Presents for June Brides
Now is the opportune time to
buy. The assortment is complete and our prices will bear
the most careful comparison and
the quality is always guaranteed
to be satisfactory or your money
Quality always our
first consideration
Crockery Dept.
First Floor
Ihat thirty days alter date, 1 intend
to apply to the Chiel Commissioner
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lsnds lor the District
ol East Kootenay Ior a license to
prospect lor coal and pel roleum on
tbe lollowlng described land, situate
on the Nortii Fork ol Michel Creek,
about six miles north 11 the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between tha Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north ol a point one mile east
ol tne Intersection ot the east side
line ol tbe Melanin Oroup and the
north aide Hoe ot the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being the initial post ol ll. G. Bel-
den's claim and marked "R. O. Bel-
den's N. E. corner," thenct 80
ehains south, thence 80 chains west,
tnence 80 chains north, thence 80
ohalLS east to place ol heginninK,
containing (10 acres, more or less.
R. O. Held™, Locator.
Batice Lameroui, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1012.      20-51*
that thirty days altar date, I Intend
to apply to tbc Chlel Commissioner
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Unas lor the District
ol East Kootenay lor a license to
prospect tor coal and petroleum on
Uw lollowlng described land, situate
on the Nortb Fork ol Michel Creek,
about sli miles nortb 11 the Canadian Paeinc Railroad, and lying between the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Cosl Company's
Commencing at a Pont planted at
R. O. BeMcu'e N. E. corner, ssm
being tbe Initial post ol A. E. Way
land's claim, and marked "A. E
Wayland's N. W. corner," tbence 80
.tains south, tbence 80 chains east,
tbence 10 chains nortb, thence 80
chains went to place ot beginning,
containing (40 aeres, more or less
A. E. Wayland, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located April 17th. 1112.      20-51*
tbat thirty days alter date, I intend
to apply to tbe Chid Commissioner
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands lor the District
ot East Kootenay tor a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
tbe lollowlng described land, situate
on tbc Nortb Fork ot Michel Creek,
about six miles nortb ol tbe Canadian PscWc Railroad, and lying between tbe Mclaaes Oroup and the
Profitable Buying
Men's Wear
Reliable goods at less than you usually
pay is the principle that hat proven itself a
sure business producer.
New Era Clothing
For men. It never disappoints. New models
in Tweeds and Worsteds, fancy and plain
patterns.   Suits for all ordinary occasions.
Only $15.00
The George Shoe
Is a Shoe of unusual merit,
$3.50 and $4.00
Stiff and Soft Felt Hats
As low as $1.50
Working Shirts
Up from 75c.
Commencing at a post planted at tbence 80 ehains soulb, tber.ee 10
A. E. Wayland's N. W. comer, santachains west to place ot beginning,
being the    Initial    post ol   H.   T.j containing 110 aeres, more or less.
French's   claim, and   marked "H. T.
Neat   Pan Coal   Company's; French's S. W. corner", tbencs     W
I chains north, tbence 80 ohslas   bast,
H. T. French, Locator.
BaMct Laneronx, Agsat.
Located April llth, MIS.      M-H*


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