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Cranbrook Herald Dec 8, 1910

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Array f
| In tlio Herald PayB—Try
Our    1 .iji-.i1   Columns
DEC 121910
We ai. will aqutpiied I*
tain .vol the twiulut
ot work
VOLUMlt.   13
SO. •I*"
To Examine Every Stock of
Fancy Goods at Your
. We Will Be Satisfied
with thc result lor we know we have the very best
stock shown in the interior oi Canada.   We have
taken in slock.durinj; the past sixty days.
$7,000 worth of New Goods.
All bought direct irom the best markets and for cash.
Vou get the benefit of Our Big Buying at Right Prices.
During the past year we bave shipped any old stock we
had and Everything is Clean, New and Up-to-date.
You Will Be Cheated
If you give your friends a piece of old goods that has
been laying around a store for five or six years.
We are Particularly Proud of
Our Large Stock ot Dolls
livery one is new.   Not an old one in the place and thc
prices will surprise you.    Compare our prices, quality
considered witb any dolls offered by the. mail order
Brass is Fashionable
An' our Krass is fashionable because il is new and
»P lo dale,   livery person is complementing us nn Ihe
selection and the price.
Books Are Our Silent Friends
A Hook is appreciated and remembered long alter it is
read. We have more books and a bigger variety than
any store on the line Look them over; choose, and
hnve it neatly wrapped in a handsome holly box. ll
looks Christmassy and cosey.
Miss Vkkerlie is a Book Bxpert and will assist you
in your choice.
Now Don't Forget
Wc don'l want any snap judgment nn our slock. Wc
want you to see them all: then look at ours and wc
know what your judgment will be, quality considered,
(or we don't handle any cheap imitation, shoddy goods,
everything is just as represented or your money
Vour Safety in Our Prescription Department
During lhe holiday rush will be safe guarded by Prank
(I. Murphy.    Thai is sufficient guarantee for anyone
who knows.   Those who don't know should ask their
Beattie - flurphy
Company,   Limited
The Santa Claus Store
Your Mail Orders are appreciated here.
Finding of Forestry Commission
Recommend the Establishment of a Department
of Forests
Tin' report ol tbo fore-Bit) commission, consisting ol F. .1. Pulton, A
C. Flumerfclt and \- 8 Boodeve,
.\l P, lias been presented to llie
The recommendations uf thc commission are summarized a   follows;
1. Thin ;i complete cruise ol ell
crown granted timber lands Bhould be
ma ile liy tin- government; tlmt in future tin- department ol forests should
co-operate with the assessors; .md
lhat an annual return Should he made
of the valuation of all bucIi timber
3. Thai as fai as possible timber
leaseholds should be placed upon renewal, upon a parity with licensed
Umbei lands and that they should
he subject iu the same fores! regulations.
3. Thai tin: rate of rental ami of
royally upon special licenses should
at no time be fixed in advance for
mure than one calendar year,
I. That the laml net lie amended
.so as to empower the government lo
granl tho right of cutting sawmill
limber lo pulp lessees ami that a new
form of lieen.se be provided Ior this
purpose in the manner described by
your commissioners,
5. Thnt the same form of license
as that provided fur pu.p leases he
issued to holders of lank dark leases
who may desire to cut mill timber
upon their leaseholds,
,i. That Uio present reserve upon
unalienated limber land be continued
indefinitely; and that when special
circumstances necessitate the opening
(if any portion of this reserve for
immediate operations, licenses lu
cut timber thereon should lie put up
tu puhlie competition, upou a stump-
age basis.
7. That licenses to cut timber upon fractional areas adjoining, or surrounding leased or licensed timber
lands should he put up to public
competition and that a "fractional
area" lie defined with greal care in
tlie wording of the 'land act.'
. That the record nf Brtry cruise
and survey made by the government
in timbered areas should he accompanied by a report concerning the
suitability ol the land tor agricultural purposes, thai the power to
compel licensees to cut and remove
timber from   good land     be retained
iiewal ilic
and that at the time
same provision lie inserted
umbei lease.
H,   Thai   llic     issue of  |in
licenses be discontinued.
lb. That uu divided Interest In .<
special tiinbei license he recognized.
11. Thul for the eonvenfence nl
holders one day he lived ii) t'iich
mouth foi the renewal uf nil license,*
expiring in thai month.
12. That royalty bo collected on
nil merchantable Umber not rein ived
from crown lauds in the courso of
logging operations.
II. That operators in* required lo
dispose of debris.
1*1. That the protection uf forests
from lires he undertaken hv the gov*
eminent ihroutr.li the agency of n
permanent forest organization upon
the lines of tin- Northwest Mounted
Police and lhat il be compulsory fm
all able-bodied citizens tu assist In
this work when ealled upon.
15, That the cost ot lire protection
Ir- shared between the government
and stiimpage holders iu Uu- ma une t
proposed hy your commissioners.
Iii. ThiH 'lie provincial government
should co-operate with the Dominion
railway commission; thnt ;i vlgilnnl
patrol oi all railway lines ami inspection nf locomotives should be established; and thai all railway con
struct Ion should he supervised lij
provincial forestry officials,
17. That s|H'cial licensees should Is
Instructed to proceed with lhe survej
uf their holdings; nml Umt all such
surveys should lie completed nol
later than Dec. 31, 1015.
is. That all operators should be
required to make periodical returns
concerning their operations, it. the
forestry ullieials in their district, uud
Ihal the collection of Information
i should lie undertaken upon much
broader lines than hit tier to.
III, Thut the government should al
so proceed with the establishment o
a department ol forests.
20. Thai rovaltles upon crown
timber should he paid Into a forest
sinking fund in the manner described
hy your commissioners*
21. That by suitable changes in
the customs tariff, the utilization ol
low grade timber should be encouraged.
Washington and Montana Points
Now at! Connected up With Cranbrook by Phone
>ii event oi supreme Importance iu
raubrook tuuk place Inst Kriday ai-
tcrtiuon, when Moyoi Kink and the
•dltor of ihe Spokane Spokesman-
HevJeWi assisted in live formal opening ol ibe new telephone line be*
wem this city ami Spokane. The
jf toi of tin* Spokesman-He view par-
IcipnU'd In this pleasing ceremonj
ii ihu   unavoidable absence ol Major
Mnyor Pink's message to tlw Spokv
mnii-Revlev. was as follows;
"Today marks a new era in telephonic development in Southern Hritish Columbia when I had the plea-
sun- "f conversing with the editor af
Hi. Spokes ma n-He view on the Invitation nf I'res idem Heattie and otbei
directors of ibis progressive      com-
1 y, the Kootcna-} Telephuue Lines,
Ltd Through the energy and push
•f tins compan; the citizens uf ihis
llstrfcl nre now in (ouch wnh tbi
pniicip.il point*, in the province ol
UbcriH, South Enstem British (rv
liimbiu, Idaho, Montana anh Washing
Iou I understand from ihe directors <■! this cn in pan) ih.ii tltrii new
line*, connecting Alberta and Idaho,
arc ail bull! i.f hcavj cu|qx*i aad
strict!) according lo \ uteri-can tele
graph and telephuue specifications. In
building tin-, hue the company encountered nliiittsi insurmountable difficulties, (he eountrj traversed it nig
mountainous, and in order to cm
struct ihis line proper!) ll <•*,,
ueccssai \ la engage turves partlc
lliroiighoiil the entire distance travel ■ i   nauH'l) "in- hundred and slxt)
"The Importance '-i this new con-
lurtinn cannot be over-estimated, as
it places the merchant*, and capita'
ists of Hn- city of Spokane and sur
rounding country in dlrecl telephonic
communication with tht vast coal,
mineral,   lumbering and   agricultural
district*, throughout the Crows Nest
Pass ami surrounding country."
... f.  Pink.
Suitable complimentary n spouse
was made by Un- Spokane editor.
During tbe week dlrecl communication has been had with tin iiu**;, of
Rulte and Missoula, Montana
Tlie completion and operation ol
this new line place*. Cranbrook city
in a verv favorable position and the
enterprise of the K T I..L. must and
will in- hiehh commended by alt citizens.
Discussing ihe situation with Man
ager Maurice (.main, the Herald was
informed that the K.T I. I., wa*-. as
a matter of fact, only jusl getting
down to business, or rather was Just
starting out on an extensive expansion policy immediate Bteps will
be taken t provide connection with
Golden, on the C !■ R. main line, via
Windermere, placing .ill points in the
Columbia vallej in dlrecl telephonic
coimcction with Spokane,
Vnotbci project, decided upon ami
short 1) to in put into execution, ts
an extension from Elko to tbe Montana boundary !..i**, there to connect
with the \mcrican lines, giving
shorter, and more direct conununlca-
tt.mf with the chief Montana cities.
\ move that i- .it parlioulai local
iutcreac, .*• tl* proposed complete re**
ioastr-tetloti of tbe eitv lines, a
cable system heme installed with new
improved switch hoards, ensuring for
the eitv pf CranhrooV a thoroughly
j up-to-date vie phonic system.
Tin* K i' L.I.. hat*, shown a progressive spiiit ever ainc-a* it** inauguration, at-d recochizing. as it docs,
ihe ir-jwinc importance of Cranbrook, it proposes to give this city a
telephone .system oi tbi most modern
charactei tad th** nio-*t complete
nmoectlons with <*.iit-**iti** points ob-
Last week tin- Nelson Newu iiublisli*
>l what purported to Iri a review ..(
tbe postal business transacted bj
the several loading cities ol tlio
province during tbe pasl year. Tbis
review was obviously*, and, apparent-
intcntionnlly, untair to L'ran-
Thc Nelson News took eredll for
Nelson lieini; fourth in tho protlliec
in the total ol |>>'****il business transacted rtiiriiiR the pasl year, awl wenl
on to iiolnt oui that thc only oilier cities iii   thc province, whose |..**-
lal business oxceeded S10.      were
Nanainin and Kamloops, whereas the
report ol th.* postmaster general,
Irom which thc Nelson News was
ijuotini:, cues the L'ranbrook returns at 111,517.10, a lull.* below
those ol Nanaini" and a clear HOIK)
in excess ol those in tlw eitv ,,(
Cranbrook city siamls next to Xu-
naiino, sixth among tin* cities ol the
province, the othel live having larger returns than Cranbrook, being
Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster, Nelson and Xanalmo
The complete Cranbrook returns
an* as follows:
dross iKistal revenue, 111,917.10;
nunilier ol money orders issued.
10.KJ7; total .inioniii ol money orders
issued, $178,(117.11; total amount ol
money orders paid, (47,014.71; total
amount ol postal notes paid,
 .    a» ••»• «•-
The main cellmates havo been presented tn parliament nnd It is satisfactory in note that nn additional
appropriation of $26,000 is provided
for the lonR overdue public building.
There is reason to believe that tenders lnr this structure will shortly
Ih- called b>r and thai construction
wnrk will he underway early in tbe
spring. The lonp delay In this regard has been very vexatious, Imt at
least it has resulted In an appropriation lor a (nr liner Iill 11 ding, one
more worthy of Cranbrook's present
Status, than wns at lirst planned
Editor Herald:
la Mr. Gladwin's report for August
to the lion. Price Ellison, published
in tour paper September 20th, lie
makes this statement:
"I claim it to lie the duty ot everj
citizen to help extinguish a llm nt
once whenever he may we one and
apply for recompense to the government afterwards."
This I quite agree with but mj
experience will prove that it Is "«.•-
less In applying i<* the gnvcrn«-en1
nfterwards. Mow, I think every encouragement should Ue given to everyone to try to stop a fire from
spreading over the eountrj. ns a
considerable loss to governnienl revenue and also private property nay
in- saved by doing so and if soiw ■».
paid and others gel nothing, thoie
who net nothing arc nol llkelj hi
help stop a lire another time, as it i*
not a nice, easy job, and rather expensive on clothing Pay .ill or !■■
Win. French
Wasa, li. C
Tl«* Christmas entertainment tn hi
given hy tlw pupils ol the punll.
school nn the night ol Saturdaj
December 17th, In    the Opera house,
promises to lie one of Iht- must      .:,-
[creating affairs ol   th** kind      ewi
lu-ld in Cranbrook
The children   nre very enthusiastic
al*-*-ui it,    und   arc   practising hard
every day.      Tiny have been Chow
very carefully, and those selected for
leading    parts art-   fully competent,
The    whole    school will     take part,
each grade having a specialty'.
Tlte Hag drill hy the principal*
room students promises to lie one ol
the features, and the wnrk of Miss
It. Alward's ".Japanese'1 chorus is
unique. The part which thej havi
was originally a recitation, hul Mr.
Ingram has composed special music
tor it, which reminds one somewhat
of the various Japanese strain f ■*
which the ''fleisha" is so popular,
Mr. Ingram also wrote the uuilc
for three athcr s|ieclal numbers, lhe
words ol one of them having been
written by The faculty of the public
school, so that these should prove oi
more than passing interest A full
programme will be published     noxl
pnhliuty   committee ul
Quintette—"Philleda Flouts Me"....
Solo—''Reverie'' Vleux Temps
Mom  F. d'Estabelle
Solo—"Low'i nid Sweet Song" ..
Mi. G. F. Stevenson
,w, ;y unuTT-r—'A Regular Royal Queen"
Save the King
Veterinary Inspector Qeorge bas
c"*: pleted bis laspecUon ol tbe local
da-rites. He informal tbe Herald
tha* lit bad found absolutely .-.<■ trace
oi d.-*i-4*-e an.L-j.ji ihe cattle In this
locality ahhoueb in oalj a lew
ca**--** bad 'he dairymen had ibeir
prano; Miss I cattle special!) tesU-d (or tunerculoa-
Itoard oi trade nave -.*•**.. fortunate inj
securing the services of the Colum-,
lu.i Concert Quintette, of Fernie, I
wlm will give a concert In the Opera]
house on the 13th ir.stant, the pro-1
reeds i.f which will go towards thej
publicity "--rl. ol the board o||
trade j
.\ glance al the r.a*:.i> composing
the Columbia Concert Qufri *■-*■.*'•■; sires j
assurance ol a concerl ol hisb '»:der j
The following are those taking pari *
.\lrs. (i. f-' Stevenson,
<■ Alexander, econd soprano; Mrs [is. The right thiiif- would y- for all
II li Depea , contralto Mr Webb, dairy catUe to l* lerited, fn the. opin-
Icnor; Mr «i F, Stevettaon, basso, ior. of Mr- George. The .etennary
Miss Pyi accompanist and Mow Iinspector ga-.-» tt* iir-iald the tol-
F .1 Estabelle, vloloniit Mrs.] lowing list of certtflcaiei [asned:
Stevenson is   the conductor >•)     iliej tirade B
!•;!.,     ' horal    Society and to nei )   Tlit-i f-*rtificat« certifies thai    the
untiring   (Toi     an I ... ■ :''*1 ability i-   cati!*- have Ir^n exanuned. found in a
due ine grpal    success wliich     tblfjbealtby   condition, tented f'jr tuber-
organization ha   had during the past J culosis within one yeai ot date    and
two season*      The remainder of   tbe I found fr*-*-; uf this diwas*
unintette   make up    a well balanced     II   T. Daniels.
organization       Tbey also will hav. j   B  Palmer.
K-jtti tbem Mr   C, ll   Winter, wbo I*      I   Flnlaj
well known througliout the province    w  it. SIcFarlane,
iu ,i lingn nl humorous songs     "fi i.it*vlt C
.in  high order and an evening*! en-     Premises in   fair  condition, cattle
tertalnmenl   ol great merit i5 aasur   nol tested
rd i<> the publii      hi addnion       to     W   II. Itardg^Tt.
tiii- il Is hoped   that   '1^ good   ob-     \|cI»<-*naM Bros
Jecl to which the surplus will lie de-j   A   C. Morrison
vol d aill : ol lie lost sight of    The
hoard nl trade has doni s t-.n-at   drali
of publicity work during tlie   summer j
rj Email mean** at it** dis*}
posal and .i*- publicity Is one f-f thej
things which Is nl votal Importance
t . everj   memlier of   tlw- community
igemenl hope thai tbey willi
receive the support nl all tbell follow I
A dance bas also hien arranged to
wind up thc evening, which will r,o
doubt be greeted with enthusiasm by
Ibe younger sel
I i„* musical programme will he a**
follows; J
Open Chorus (mm       	
■•Tlie Country Oiti" j
Solo—"A Sailor's Life"       j
.   Lane Wilson
Mr. II R. Webb
l)uets-(a) "l Would Thai My I.ovr'{
ih) "Tuscan Song"    ;
Meadames Be|tcw and Stevenson-    j
Mons K. d'Eatabellc
Trio—Ftom 'Bohemian Girl"....Dalle
Mis    Stevenson,   Mr.    It. it. Webb,
Mr. G. Fi Stevenson
Solo—"If I Bul Knew"..,
,    .       Wilson Smith
Mrs. II   II   Dene*
Quintette—"Olpsj Chorus"      .Halle
Solo—"Serenade" Gounod
Mrs. 0   K   St-e.en-sou
Grade (V
BuOdtaga not  up   iy requirements
f rt-gulations, cattle nol  tested:
O, iKinaK-vjn.
T. K. Austin.
.1. Jollffe.
st, Eosjenc hospital,
H. Ilickf-nbotltam
J.   W.wvU.
Mn  C. Willsrd.
M   I!   Kerr. Marvmille.
Tbe vote on ft L. Borden'i aub-
amendment waa taken at 2 a.m. Frida* last, it iit-iiig rejected hy liv to
70, Government majority *»;. Monk,
N'antel, Lortfe, Blondln, Paquet, 011-
• tiert. voted nay.
!    11i»*   Vote on the Monk amendment
j was tiikeii immodlatel) alter, it tt-ciu-^
defeated bj  130 to r~. All Conserva-
I lives votni for Monk's amendment
w tb    the*    exception ot   Col. Sam
! H'lulti"-*. who voted    With the gOVem-
! :iK*nt.
 »■■ mmm
We hav-*    atill a   lew   sets heavy
sleighs l»-lt, also a few cotters. Come
nml selm t yours baton tbej are gone
1   -t'ranbrook Tiadhif Co. IU1K   CHAMItlK>OK    IU&RAJLJJ
News of the District
(Special correspondence.)
The W. F. M S. ut Knox Presbyterian church art- holding n food sale
OH Friday, Dccemlier Uth. The proceeds are lo rd to Or. Clrcnfcl, of
Labrador, to assist the poor fishermen and their families.
The monthly tea ol the Ladies' Aid
ol thc Methodist church was Riven ul
the home of Mrs. Pollard, Fernie -...-
nex, on Tuesday, Uocomlier fith.
The Ladies' Guild ol Christ church
intend holding a sale id Christmas
cooking and other home made eatables on December I7tb, nt the
llcinuman parlors.
The annual general meet ng of ibe
Ladies' Benevolent society wns held
at the home of Mrs. I.awe, on Sa
turday, December 2nd,
J. IL Ruttan, ol Endcrby, speul a
tew days in town last  week,
Thu concert Riven by the Presbyterian choir on Friday evening Inst
proved u decided success. The selections were of a very lnn.h class
ami splendidly remlered.
W It. Callaway, uf .Minneapolis,
general passenger agent, ol thu Sou
lines, was in Fernle last Wednesday.
It. (J. McNeillie, ilistrict pasftetig'fr
agent C.P.R. with headquarters at
Calgary, Alta., spenl Wednesdaj
niRht in town.
Dr. and Mrs. Asselstcin have re
turned Irom Waldo, where lit. As
ftelstein has been relieving Pi Saunders,
Dr. Saunders and hride have returned Irom their honeymoon ami the
doctor has aRiiin taken up his prat -
tlcc at Waldo
Pat Kennedy is down al the roast
on business.
.Mrs. (J. 0, Henderson entertained n
few young folks un Wednesday pven
The Five Hundred club met witli
Miss Gordon on Tuesday evening.
The Literary society mei al tlu
home of Mrs. P. Whelan on Mondav
evening, when tho play "Julius Caesar" was completed The society
will not meet .'iRniu until January
8th, when tliey will take up Shake
Kpeare's "Macbeth."
It. L. June, late grocer ol the
Annex, left mi Friday morning tor.
Burton City, wliere he has taken over
another general merchandise business,
It is expected that as soon as Rood
Ice is available ihe Cranlirook Council
and Fernie council will have a <url-
ing match
The new olhcers of the Ilockej club
have been elected, and an- as fui
Hon. President-lion. W. It. Ross.
President—Mayor Herchmer.
First Vice-President—F, l\ Arm
Second Vicc-Presldeni—Itev, \V. M,
Third Vice-President--John Adair
Sec,-Treas.—s  L, Uunlop.
Kxii-utive-.l II. tliiies, I-:. \,
Edgecombe, Con. Whelan und ll
.1. Adair ami II. Iteurisl j have |,.-mi
appoluted rcprcscn la lives In the Fernle Athletic association.
F. C. Armslrong has born uppnlut
ed manager tor the season
*% •*
(From  tlie   Lender.)
For the first lime in the history ol
Movie the camp has three mines
shipping simultaneous!). The SI
Eugene, the Aurora and the Sncletj
(lir! are all taking out nn- for shipment. The lirsl cnrlnnd Irom tin-
Society tlir) will lie sent forward in
the smelter at Trail next week II
is Ihe intention id the company to
net all the ore possible down while
then- is sleighing. There are I (Hi
tons id ore on the dumps, and one
learn has started hauling, having
some ll! or I'i tons down nlrendj
Tlw new road built hy tin- government last summer is proving of grenl
benefit, as it gives a short and nl
most uniform grade between I lie in iln
ami the (own. Two shifts an- working in the mine and thej an- taking
ore out of both the drill ami the
raise. The prospects for lhe com*
pany are very bright.
\   L. Mclnlyre, principal ol     Ihr
Movie school, and Miss Jessie Slew-
art, teacher in the Junior room, hnv
placed their resignations in the
hands of Ihe trustees lo lake ellcel
at tlw end of the present month. Mr
Mclutyre will go lo Cnlifornln and
Miss Stewart will return lo (Irniid
Folks and leach in Ibe school
there. Up to the present no leach-
ers have heen engaged (n Iill the \;i
canclcs in the Movie school
There are lew towns in the Kon
nays that are making more rn
progress Hum Cranbrook Ileal
tate is on the upward tendency, *■
rul substantial business bulldii
have gone up lately, there is scare
i* vacant dwelling in llie cltj nnd
hotels are taxed to their full cn
city Cranbrook will proba
double in population within lhe in
live years
Exclusion ol American Lumber
Headaches are largely the result ol
disordered kidneys,
Mrs. Hall, HI Flora Street, St.
Thomas, Out., says: "I suffered Ior
years with headaches of a most distressing nature. They would come on
mi- suddenly, mid would last for days
ni a time. These were usually accompanied hy spells of siz/itiess that
would leave me unable to attend to
any house duties, My hack
was weak and
caused m c
much suffering
through t !i e
night. 1 nail
doctored for
years, hut all
to uo a vail,
g henolUcit tne and my condl-
was gradually It-ecisniiiR worse,
rued ol Month's Kidney Pills
One box gave me a complete ami
I unl I tig curt'. 1 have not had a headache or dim spell since and 1 feel
like a m-w person,"
llnolh's Kidney Pills are sold by
nil drugaists, 50c. box, under a
guarantee to refund your money if
ihey fall to relieve auy disease having iis origin iu the kidneys or hind
der. Postpaid from The it. T.
Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie, Out.
Sold nud guaranteed by the Hcattiu-
Murphy Co , Ltd.
I      le.
ed that the relations between the
Iwo Interests have been strained
since about six months ago upon the
siihjccl of what are known In Uie
Irade ns odd lengths.
Ki-iailers slate that west ot the
Mississippi the custom of the trade
has always been to cut sidings    am)
ll ing    lumber in even lengths, H
12, I-I, in, in and 20 feet. Six mouths
ago tin- Hritish Columbia mills Inlrc
duceil the system of cutting this
class of lumber in odd lengths
and tried to force them upon thc
trade. The retailers protested, as
tin- prices were the same and they
could (md uo market for die si • mid
lengths in Ilu* country where single
hoard floors are general. In the eit
ns win-re double floors are common
it is possible lo use a certain amount
id odd lengths, hut ii was claimed
Ihal Western Canada generally could
nol handle them, and this meant n
loss to Ihe retailer. The retail as-
social iou .ippi'.tr. to have made two
propositions to thc mills. The first
was that tbey should only bt* asked
to take .small quantities ol these odd
lengths at first, am) at a reduced
rale, us the in Us bad less waste in
odd h-iigi-tis, as for Instance in r
l,i.a. ! formerly cut lo .- (t. hi-in"
cm io i:t ft., or that ihe mills
should match tin* ends ol the odd
lengths by machnery in which case
tiny would take them at tlie same
The n-lailers also stated to tlu
Fui' press that tbey did not wish
to handle American lumber if they
could gel llritisb I't'ltimbla lumber
of Hie same class at tbe same price,
Gives Rise to Charge of Combination Between B.C
Manufacturers and Prairie Retailers -- Whole
Situation Investigated
Extensive and thorough-going enquiries have been made by the Winnipeg Free Press Into the allegations
of the existence of a lumber combine
to exclude American lumber irom
Mm* Western Canadian market, thu
charge being    that an   arrangement
had been entered Into between tlie
manufacturers in Hritish Columbia,
and the ret.ui dealers iu the prairie
provinces with Ihis end In view.
It was stated in a Vancouvei despatch of October 21 that "Western
Canada will no longer be the dump
ing ground for the surplus output
ol American saw mills," and the
despatch went on to Matt* that    this
was to lie affected by an arrangement
which had been entered Into between the association of manufacturers at the coast and in tlte interior
of British Columbia, and the retail
dealers of tlu- three prairie provinces, under which tin- latter, In consideration nf a cut ot *J per thousand feet in prices, reducing lhe cost
of lumber delivered in U'lniiipc: to
I'.!! fiti per thousand, hnd agreed    nol
to take advantage ol the low prices
of American lumber, arising from
over-production from time to time,
hut would deal exclusively with the
Hritish Columbia mills.
The despatch immediately alarmed
tlw.* farmers ol Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, who [eared that
the eflect of tin* alleged CORlblne
would he to raise retail prices, and
the subject was taken up vlgoroUsh
in tbe western press from this standpoint. A few dnys later, Alan M
Stewart, secretary of the Western
Retail Lumbermen's association m an
interview with the Free Press denied that any- such arrangement bad
ever been entered Into, and stnted
that while members of the retail association were desirous ol dealing
with Canadian mills that they would
continue to buy in the cheapest
market, and thnt the cut in prices
at the const still left tin* American
lumber cheaper by *2 SO per thou
sand than the Hritish Columbia Ium
ber of tlie same class
Enquiries made from n number nt
sources among the    various Interest
assert chat such an arrangement I
been entered into.    The retail
on the   other hand,    while assert ill)
that no such arrangement has   teci
reached, claim that they bave grlci
anccs against  the mills in  the   mat
ter oi   the   latter    trying l" '""
odd lengths on them, and  thej    else
complain     tbat    tht.    bave to face
competition with mail order    1 sei
deriving Ihelr supply Irom \merlcan
sources. The mail order bouses con
tradlcl this, and slate lhat while
to oblige some of (heir patrons m
the country they may have tilled ol
dcrs from American lumber. thai
they have now an arrangement witb
Hritish Columbia mills to handle
this trade for them. The builders
and contractors, again, do not Hunt
that prices of llritisb Columbia Ium
ber were exorbitant prior to the re
ductlon ol y> per thousand, but claim
lhat thc Height rates which amounl
lo (12 per thousand ought to be re
dUCed and these are the real obstacles
to cheaper lumbei.
Tbe opinion* of a number nt re
taiicr*. were obtained. Vccording to
tin* statements made, the preient
K-t.ui   Lumbei   Healers' assoclainu
comprises about On per cent o| (he
retail trade m Manitoba and Ras
katchewan, Alberta not being Includ
iti i nee the reorganization, winch
took place three or four years ngo
At that time charges were mad
against tbe association thai it wni
a combine to fix prices, but ll i
claimed by the members (hat whlh
some attempt was formerly made lo
agree upon uniform prices, thai the
association now confines Its energies
to providing tor the insurances of
its members' stocks, ami questions of
Height rates, and haulage facilities,
which il is claimed an* not mily properly    Within    the scope id such     .in
organization, but uhimuH-lT must
item-fit the consumer. With regard
to the relations of the retail nssocln
lion with the two associations re
prosentlng the mills ot the coast and
tin- Interior, li is emphatically den
led thai am agreement to exclude
American lumlier bus been pttlernl
lulu    on the contrary, It is claim-!
hul Dial until lately they had to
pav IJ.'t SO lor Canadian lumber of a
grade which could be obtained from
\merlcan sources at $!.*. Tliey also
urge that one reason why they did
not want to handle American lumber vvas because the source of supply
was not constant, the American pro-
dud only    living available at        the
er pines when tla-re was a   glut
the market south of tlie line, and
thai anything beyond ordinary flooring and siding is not admitted free.
Anolher statement made was that
ihey had had orders refused by tht
llrlllsh Columbia mats which had to
he placed across the line because th
western Canadian mills would insist
upon accepting such orders only il
permit led to nil them with odd
lengths. Several of the large retail
companies professed a readiness I-
show that their net protit over
period of five years had never la-en
more lliiiu lo pel cent and a small
fraction, and in   general tlte    state*
uls made by the retail trade in
Western Canada to the Free pres*
upport the statements of Mr. Stew*
it lhat no such agreement had hen
entered into with tlie Hritish Colum
bia mills, while they practically nd
milted Ibat they would prefer to
deal exclusively with those mills if
the price and the difficulty about odd
ends could Ih- disposed ot,
The representatives of the British
Columbia mills do not agree in their
statements. Some ol the older
mills will not admit the truth of
iln' Vancouver despatch, and maintain lhat tf such an agreement was
made it could not last for auy
length of time. Hn the other band
some oi the largest milling interests
stout Iv adhere to the stat-rment thnt
ti-ite has been such an agreement entered Into under which retailers In
the prairie provinces are bound not
In line American lumber.
With regard to the dispute as to
ciiiting odd lengths tliey state that
owing to ihe knots and other defects
in Hritish Columbia logs tbat It Is
often necessary to sacrifice a loot
from a hoard of evvn length, and the
demand of the retailers that tbey
should sacrifice nn additional foot
of sound board merely to bring it
hack to an even length involves too
gicat a loss to the mills. As lo the
piohosal to match the ends of      llic
ids hy machinery they claim that
would atld from aaV. to 40c. per
thousand to the cost of production
iml (hut the saving would not com-
iM-usnte them far the Additional cost I
 laehinery, lime   and labor.    Ac-,
'nrtling lo tlie mill owners' view   tbe |
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fever, ulcers broke out ou his right 'oc t
and unkie.   'The foot and leg were
terrib y inflamed," he Bays, "and the
pain wai very aouti. I could not wear boot or thoe, ■■».,*,
culd not move about at all I   1 used all kinds ol lotions,
sh'.v a and ointments, yet nothing seemed able to ln.al tho
u oers until Zam-Buk was tried.
"I'h.i vi ry first application ol Zam-Buk lelieved tlio
Intense ?•• •*, and asl kept on m-inu Zam-Buk tho ulcers
bepaii to look h.althier nnd were less painlul.
"by use of this healing balm tne discharging wns
reduced and healing oommencoil. Alter a tow weeks'
treatment, the t weiling und Inflammation were l anished,
and the tores weie entirely healed. I nm so grateful for
my cure through Zam-Buk that I consider it my duty to
let others know of the merits of th.s great balm."
What Zam-Buk should be used for.
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puuhe,, lintl-ia' el'lljitiull. and i>)i,|*i*«I j,!.,,.,*,, oul.. burns l.ruiaOa, mid .kin
Injuria.*! il .li.on.uj g,[i,i a'ly.   ,\ I ill ujjul-l. and .loren »o Ut Olio liux, or i>u-,l
fi*.*i, Irom Z1.111 link.'.. , Tut.iiitii  u*. ci|*l of jn iii*.   You uio
Warnwl  HJj ui-t  liiiiuiiiil  imitations  a.ml tuliltltlltua.     Soo tlm
.vtti.lorti-l HUI110 "Zulu lluk   „,i a-mry |wuk.ge iu-foio l.uvin*.'.
I*DPI*   *-,c,"l  -■■■', <*'■■.>■■*.
1 i\l.i*  ,,,.,■   iu mump to
fu:ui -im liux. 12.:2
refusal of tin: prairie retailers to
dandle the odd lengths is a mere
matter of prejudice anil that single
doors an- never used in the.-*1 days,
while with double floors it does not
matter about mid lengths. They
claimed that tin- retailers were actually selling odd lengths now but
refused to place orders at thc coast
unless tiny were eliminated or reduced.
Tlie British Columbia mill representatives frankly stated that ihey
did not want American competition,
and would 1 ke to see a duty on
American lumber, as they urge that
peiisalc them for the additional cost
more for lumlier than if the home
mills: could operate in a uniform man-
m-r. They say thc American mills
only compete when they have a surplus lu dump ou the local market.
The retailers take advantage «I the
temporary lower prices and the British Columbia mills have to reduce
lheir output, or in some cases to
close As Boon as the glut in tin-
American market is cleaned up prices
list* there, or there is no lumber to
be had ou thai side. The home mil's
having reduced their output cannol
iiu-i-t Ihe demand immediately, and
they claim that this means that
prices go up to a figure, which more
than offsets the temporary low prices
caused hy dumping.
The mill owners stated that the rt
tollers' cry of having to meet mail
order competition did not amount to
anything Lumber could not he sold
in car lots for cash, and all attempts
in this direction had been on a small
scale, and did not interfere to any
extent wilh tbe ordinary retail trade.
As against this, the representative
of a large mail order house who was
interviewed, admitted that a certain
amount cf business was being done in
car toad lots. It was, however, only
done to ..Mine homesteaders and other customers whom they were supplying witb nt ber goods. Tbe business was only taken up last January
and tbey bought through a local
bouse. It was possible that some
American lumber bad lieen sold, as
they batl not troubled about tbe
source when getting the order filled.
They now had an arrangement, however, with a British Columbia mill
to keep a stock for them and to fill
their orders.
A prominent- member of the Builders' Kxchange contended that the
price of British Columbia lumber
was not unreasonable, and maintained that it was worth more to builders by 11.00 to $1.50 ist thousand.
He claimed that the home mills put
up a better style of lumber, and filled
orders more promptly, tbe American
mills only making a convenience of
the Western Canadian markrt when
they  were ..vii stocked
Asked as to Hie charge of the farmers that lumber was ton high, and as
to Hie retailers' statements tbat
this was due to the price charged by
Hn* Canadian mills, this gentleman
said thai tlie blame for prices l,.y
with the railwav companies. He
claimed lint the British Columbia
mills only got $11 Fr thousand nut
•f 123, out uf which they had to
pay stumpnge tax, labor, etc., and
pay interest on their costly mills, nn
up-to-date plant entailing an expenditure of   irom  SiTiO.utH) to faon.oon.
Labor had advanced 'la to lb per
cent., horses cost double the price
they did, bay wns dear, and, in (net
$11 per thousand was not going to
give a large margin ot profit. On the
other hand be stated railway rates
at $12 per thousand were exorbitant,
and ought tu be reduced. lie did
not believe in the alleged agreement,
saying any man with Hie price could
always buy in the cheapest market,
but complained of a combine among
the retail dealers to charge thc
smaller builders and contractors who
placed orders under 50,000 feet, n
price of from %'\ to $1 more per
thousand than thc Inrger contractors
paid lie thought the spread in
price too gnat.
Soma enquiries were also made
amongst the railway companies when
it was learned thai enijulrips bml
been made with n view lo establish
hig yards of their own. It was impossible to gel any very definite information on this point, l>cyoml a
statement that owing to the complaints of the price of lumlier al
certain points in the country that llic
situation was being looked into, with
a view to providing wholesome competition in the interests of settlers.
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The Department docs not hind itself in accept tho lowest or any ten
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R. c. DEsnocHEns,
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ottnwu, November 2-1, 1010.
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further on, telling of tin- glnrj
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res. (existence there ts onl) ennnei
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there is a lot of unnecessary
worse than useless talk about tne
Doukhobors, whereas they have already reached a stage in their development where they can he safely
trusted to work out their own salvation withoui interference from trader, brewer, politician or w, (lld-be
The authoress enjoyed a lively conversation with a farmer, who was iu
a high state of excitement over .i
bumper crop. Commenting thete
anent, she exclaims: "Dear, oh deat!
but a good harvest is heaven. Indeed, 1 nm not sn sun* that v.t
would oven consider so doubt fill ai
Discussing pigs, Mrs. Murphy soys:
"As far as 1 ean judge, thu pig has
only one thorn in the flesh, lie hat
no temptations, and so liis life li :
hook without pictures; his cxist-fiici
is sel to sad music.
"Temptations are awed things;
not so wholesome as ideals, lt.il
sweeter. Whether I fall or not, lik-j
Luther, I like in be tempted to "sh
boldly." It is the recrudescence 01
ilie old Eve; the response of woman
hood to an emergency. Ii is st
much easier to repent than to
vent. And what arc the use
temptations if we never fall?
tell mc lhat!"
On ihe subject ol cats, Mrs. Murphy remarks: "And when you com
to think ol it, the cat deserves ti
live, because in spite of scalding
water, poison, tin cans and shot
guns, she has demonstrated lu-r lit
ness bj surviving."
In 11 chapter devoted to Edmonton
Urs. Murph) pays some attention ii
iln- eoal resources ol that locality.
Incidentally she draws comparisons
between coal and gold mining
"Xow, a polil mine is only anolher
name for a gamble In which soiin
om- holds the four aces against you
\ gold mini- spells mil the cpmpara-
ii.i- decrees nl mine, miner, minus;
bul with coal it is* different
conl mine is loaded with stall that
n aj iif measured oul with a mii
Coal, too, can be developed and
marketed it V'.)—thai is to say, the
unions willing—-with a comparatively
small outlaj
\ closlag quotation, a brief extract
from the chapter devoted to the
earlj history ol Edmonton: "One ol
these priests is still living In 'his
district lie is Father Lacombe,
the oldest missionary Id the West.
\t ttu* age ol twenty In- came to
Fori liavry. and at 25 to Edmonton. He bas been hen* 57 years,
and is the (irand Old Man ol Protestant and Itomanlst alike. Standing on ihe Plsgah ol over four score
years, bis vision is nol dim, nor the
natural force ol his reason abated,
He is n good man and'true—an altogether geatle gentleman."
One could add copiously to thi1
foregoing extracts, bat suthcicnt
i .rn1 been given to assure the reader
that ".lane-. Canuck In thc West."
will provide a few hours very enjoy
able relaxation, besides affording
some char insight Into many phases
ol western life.
Canada's fisheries have made a new
record with a lotal output nf $29,-
'. .s.IJ:' for purposes of comparison tl   ma.   be slated thai   the    total
potato eiap oi ihe Dominion for thi
past yeai has-lieen valued at <Vt3,-
Ilii,mm, ami ibe lotal crop of turnips
and other    roots made an aggregate
of $21,1-11,000. This shows the
portaiicc of the fisheries ns n source
of foods, remark*- ihe Toronto
(llobe. The aggregate product ol
the fisheries is in value -M.17M8I
above ilu* total tor last year and
1110,807 above the yield of 1905, the
greatest previous total, Last year
Xova Seotia led the provinces with
a total of $8,000,338, Lobsters led
llie record for the province with
lotal value of $2,15-1,101, and codlUh
came nexl in Importance with a total
wiluc of $1,053,000. The maeker"!
catch was valued at $1,030,000, and
lhe herring catch at $000,000, lint
Ish Columbia was second among Hie
provinces will) a total catch ol
$0,-1511,088, and of this the Rftlnvffl
lisheries yielded $1,887,500, \'cw
Brunswick was third with a lOlal
yield of $-1,751,308. The lobster liberies were   tlie most important, with
lotal catch • ■! stMIS.S'O, herring
being the nexl hi aggregate with .1
total of $823,731. Oh tar In made ,1
record of $2,100,078, with trout,
whiteflsb and herring leading in an
grcgate amounts. t|ui bee had ,1
h of $1,881,817, of which close nu
bnlf was from thej coil fisheries,
while Prince Kdward ijtland, with 11
total of $1,378,621, derived 'lose 1 n
million   from lobsters
Tbe aggregates for the whole D0111-
powcr" in that ni, who had
'palatial home" on one of the 111
fashionable thoroughfares, etilerlai
iavislil-,, and io whom evei 1 pel
high 01 low, was prepared lo 1
liomiigu, Hut the rates were agui
him. lie suffered serious liiuru
loss.-s, and when he began lo
down hill he found it was pmpc
greased lor thc occasion. His fn ■
descried bim like rats from a sin1.
ship, and    now    at mi years of .1
i Imperial Bank of Canada
lasi   year showed   the salmon  after his d
shenes the most Important with a
lotal yield of $4,814,850 the lobster hsh'-ries third, their yield being
$3,361,408, ami the herring fisheries
fourth with a total ol $3,-171,081
The increase in the past tear -. as
ehii-Ily iu thc catch or salmon, which
c a total nl $8,301,521, ami il
has broughl British Columbia 10 the
foremost     place   with n lotal ; ield
il $10,311,765 Nova Scot.a       is
second with a total of $8,081,111,   n
Ight advance on the previous year.
Tlte reporl for the past year -hows
the benefits ol thc government's .10I-
icy oi assisting llic shipping of fish
Inland from ihe coast. Canadian
fresh lish have almost enllretj mp-
planted American in the Canadian interior markets. The new record
shows that the government is fully
alive- to the needs and llic Importance
f ihis food-producing industry.
labor, he wends 1
e city with lhe bent, hn.;.
lid men who bave hifluenci
have   their names nn      Hi'
oral is     that out  uf you
something    shoi.Id
way to t.
cn down
enough t.
city's pa)
The 11
laid aside ior declining years, and 11
vested where thieves cannot read
it. and where one cannot be deprlvci
nl it in nil) possible way. Thi*-
means Is afforded you under tin
Canadian Government Annuities Aci
which tin- parliament of Canada pass
ed in the session ol IflOS, and whM
received the imnnlmous support nl
both Bides of lhe house.
Vou mav gel ail information h\ up
plying at the pnsl oiiu-e, nr by -iu
dressing lite Superintendent ol An
million. Ottawa, Ont.
D. It. WILK1E, .'resident.
HON, I.'.BKIIT JAFFKAV. Vioe.I'reBident
S|.!*:i-:i» 32 YKAHS AGO AND
A Itcrlin despatch Bays: titer *•■•
unbroken sleep extending over thirty-
two years Caroline Krouhoech has
awakened to lind the world changed
considerably. This exlraordtiinrj
case of somnolence bas occurred at
Ukuiic, a Village near Moeusieras.
Sweden, and is described by Or,
Krederstrocm ol the Stockholm hospital Caroline Kronhocch fell asleep
when she was 11, iu the winter ol
1-S77-7H, ami remained until recently
iu a comatose condition, Conscious
ness returned lo lu-r Kuddenly, She
did imt know where she was, ilidn'l
recognize her father 01 ibe room
wliere she bml lain for thirty-two
years Cresinlly she fell hungry
and asked for a baked herring—her
favorite dish when she was a young
girl, She said she felt tired and
somewhat dazed.
Her memory came back hi degrees,
how she walked half a mile to
school, the name nf ibe tearlier and
those of her school friends and what
tbe local parson looked like. She
remembered having a toothache, Imi
could not say whether she bad suffered from headaches or whether she
had hurl her bead. \s to her long
period ol suspended consciousness ber
mind is a complete blank. It took
her a month to learn to walk again
and her eyes remain very sensitive
!•• light, bin ber appetite was excellent from tho time ol her awakening ami she has since slept normal-
It every nlghl Strange to say she
has forgotten   nothing of    what she
learned at sdlOOl and al onCC Wanted
to no on with lur lessons She
showed good menial aptitude and lias
just been confirmed by bet Lutheran
"Vancouver M«reliant*. bova (dren
'Syntama 11 thrm *-pnr trial nnd aro
I will Bond eoploa of tlirw Bimdally
dratted   ••''oli-i-iiou   l.**iti-i>' upon
receipt id f'tit'lltillnr, and in vili*.vmi'n
in VPttlgatS tin- iitnti'iiii'ui 111 tlo top,
A new map of tin- province of llritisb Columbia has just been Issued by
the department ol tin- interior, Ottawa, which will assist in meeting
the demand for complete and up-to-
date information.
This map, which is on a scale of SS
miles to the Inch, shows not only
lite whole province, but portions of
each of the following. Yukon ami
the Northwest territories on lhe
north, Alberta on ihe east, ilu- United .States on ilu- south nml Alaska
uu thc west. Mi Information of a
general nature, which the scale will
admit of, is Bhnwn, Including railway stations and all Important
The boundaries ol the Dominion
railway belt uml the Dominion land
agencies into winch it is divided, are
Clearly shown. Ml township and
range lines ol the Dominion lands
system of survey, with corresponding
numbers, are shown in Ibis district.
Thc Dominion electoral divisions
throughout lhe province are also
All railways In operation and the
(irand Trunk Pacific line as located,
are shown
The Yukon telegraph line can be
traced un the map all the wa)
Irom AI be roft t» Dawson City in the
Single copies of this map will lie
sent free of cost on application ti.
ttie Chief Oeograplter, Deportmenl ol
the Interior
Knsblea tradnrt* throughout Un* world
to communicate direct with   Kitgllah
iu each ulais of goods,   ltesldes being
a complete commercial guide to l-ou*
■Inn nml  Its Biiburlifl, ilu*  directory
contains lists of
with  the OootN   tlieyshlp, and the
Colonial and   foreign  Market*. 1 bey
supply 1
arranged under the Porta to wliich they
Ball, anil Indicating tlu- appioslmate
>f leading Manufacturers, Mereltants,
ete.,in tin* principal provincial town*
nud Industtinl centres of the United
A copy of ibe cm ti-01 etlillon will bo
forwarded- freight paid, on recelpi of
IWtal O rile 1 lor'.'Of.
Dealers seeking -.gencles ean advei
li«e their trade CMlds for UOt., Ol large)
ndvertltemcnts from 00i,
The London Directory Co.. Ltd.
25 AkcttlKlt Line, l.ondun. E.C,
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Caleut mwlerati
Rale. 11.UU1.11.I up perde;
Corner ol lloverd St.and Front \u*
'in bill meeti all iruin.
miiis   i.f   CoriJorations,   llunicipallties,    MeroltantB,
|.'ui*iiii*rs .Mill Private Individuals invited.
It'  \V1
Letters nf Credit issued availaldi* in auy jjart uf ..
Kiven i" Savings linnk Accounts. Deposits of ttl.'iO an.I
ttpwardi* received aud interest allowed from dale of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ■>*»*>*»*^*>***->>«
Stoves   and   Ranges
We linve just placed in stock a full line of Moffat's National
Stoves, Air-tiL'lit Heaters, Boi Moves. Wood Burners,
Wood '*r Coal Combination am! Cual Burners.
A II    -.SSORTSIBXT   l\*  .,1.1. THE ABOVH.
A full line of Cook Stoves und  Ranges,   (.'ur prices nre
reasonable and  we cuurantee  the gouts.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
it Ims been said by thotc who 'wve
Investigated the mutter eacrfull)
tliat, altliouuli at tin- age nl Ift lullv
HU |ht cent of men are established
in whatever pursuit tliev follow and
are In receipt ol Incomes In excess
ol their expenditure, nl tie age ol
(til it lias lieen found Hint 05 pet -enure dcpeiiitcnl ■-."■n their dallj earnings, or upon their chllriTeii f«»r
BUpport. Many, no doubt. read th.
despatch Irom Detroit, wliich recent
ly appeared in the Canadian papers
und which descrihed lhe condition nl
a ninn who bul a little mote UiBB
forti    years aao     wai- n "(InanoIaJ
I A  Good   Home
4 is wlutt is .lear to every man.   A home
♦ is whore Peaoe, i\Mnfort. CoutoDtcneot,
^                   iiinl I'l'-iily is fouad    That it* the reasuti
♦ men throughout British Columbia, when
J "Cranbrooli*' is mentioued think ol the
♦ provisions -Io*». Brnult baa made (or un
J iilenl homo at the
j Canadian Hotel
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.
Best on the
Tluti i" want authorities -ay
rmardlnu the meillclntl qusl
hies "f tin* waten at Hal. jron
11..1 springs,
Tlie Sniiiiaitntii li now undei
nen management ami lias
heen remouelted Irom top lo
Imtiotn iti»l now offfl'i nTerj
ladIHy for il omfort and
convenience ol pntt-i i**-.
Hai-*** us ami si", per weeli
or t|S I"*' -lay and Dp WAI 1*.
WM   Iti.Vli. Proprietor,
llil,-yoit. Arrow  t.ak«, li C,
11. I.  BTEPHBNS, Proj*.
CALOARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
♦ \ou'll get your Money's Worth.
*********************** 4
* Qm*mQm*ma*m\m\m}*m\*m*mm*ta*mlm\mmOBmmM   -**-*•*-*-***-*•*-***•**- m.m~mK A
J1 is the Same Plae-t*
Tho Place that is Popular
(ioo.1 n> thi* Best
Better than the Kent
The Cosmopolitan
If you cod.*, one.*,
Vou   «iU COIIl..-  HJja.il.
K. II SMALL, Pbopmbtob
********************** *****••••*•****.•••*****
llrtMflM ttlTI* THI
just ofl the part you desire-
That's the way we do ut this
niarKt*t Don't oat off too
much just tu nmk--- URger
i*nlt-n eitio*r. \V« don 1 nave
tu M"«t peopit* who tii-.li*
our uiertt for the first time urt-
sorry they ilitln't order h
bigger piece, Suppose yon
-ie'- if it has that effect on
yunr appetite
P. BURNS 4 CO., Lid.
TAKE NOTICE tbal Mails Mc-
• ,; Porl Steele, Itntisi, Co*
lutnblA, occupation Tcftiuitef, Intend, lo n]>|i]y for [wriuiKsinn t.,
tlie following dt-scnU-.l
CommenclnB .it tl.c nnttli-a-fst cornet ..I 1***1 U5, tliona* snnth to tlir
Kootcnn*. fiver; ihtMiri* upslr,*a-u lo
a point due ireil <*! tlir point ol tie-
. iiiiiIiil:   IhenOO to  Mil* point ol     tH*-
i Inning.
Iiavn \|. Hai-torn.
Dated    Ootobei    lODi,      A.   D,
1910. St-tl
It yon eiop nt tin*
Hotel VanDecar
when you leave tlie C.l'.lt. sttttiun
link lor a Car eoinff ilown Weat-
iiiiiiiter Are., the conductor will
.nil yon « hero to get off.
li'l   Rootttl, moilorn  .-<|iiipnit-ii1,
in,.!.-rat,* ratfa.
L. B. VanDecar & Sons
raurairmsb THK   C'ltANKItOt'K    IlKltALI*
By the Herald   Publishing roui-jauy,
K. J. Demii-, Managing Editor,
CRANBKOOK, B. C, Itambcr 8, 1**10
•*>, .t. .i. .t. .;. .;. .!. .!. .;. .;. ,t. .t. .1. .;.
+ ' .!•
* — *
•h When tin- Herald announccil *
•** lust week that "11 was under- •$•
«-> stood that Mr. Hanson Intended *\*
***> to erect a three Btory brick *{.
.J. block on lus corner lot, adjoin- -*
•fr Ing tlio Queens hotel," it was *\*
**•> well within the mark. plans -I-
•J-. (nr tins building an- now in •*,•
■fr course ol preparation nnd the --fr
-fr work ol excavation Un tho *!■
•fr basement is already under way, •!-
-fr the contract having been -fr
-fr awarded to IV. i:   Worden -I-
-fr There is talk ol two aother ->
-fr brick blocks to be crecteil this •!•
-fr coming spring, bul the Herald, »fr
•fr as yet, has nut been nblo to nli- •!*
•I* ol tho rumors, nono tlio less it -fr
-fr ol iht* rumors, none tin* less ui *'*>
•fr mny he accepted as well within *fr
•fr tin* bounds "I probability tbnl -fr
•I* ;ii U-asi two additional brick »fr
-fr Mucks will In* under wav jn the »fr
-fr early spring ol Illl I, -fr
-fr llananas ol local gluwlb nut) •!•
•fr still 1-t- a scarce article, but -I*
•fr there is no gotting away from •!•
•fr tin- Uu- tat-1 that Cranhrook is -fr
•fr growing at a rapid rate uud *fr
•fr tint in point ol view ol sub- -fr
-fr stnntlal business edifices it will »fr
•fr very Bhortly rank with cities ol -fr
•fr (ar greater population on llie -fr
•fr mast and in othei parts nf the -fr
•fr Interior, •!•
-fr •!•
.fr *l* .fr **. + *t* * .!. **. .». .J. .!. .fr .fr
With Christmas rapidly approaching one's thoughts naturally turn to
tin* visits nt Santa clans So [ai n
Hit- Herald can learn then' an- ah
tjolutely im lani-ilics in Cranhrook,
winch will hi- unable tn celebrate this
festive occasion, more nr less fittingly lint it has been pointed oul to
the Herald that there may In- n lew
instances where the little ones will
nol likely receive a visit from Santa
Claus, unless* steps In- taken by those
more happily situated to see that
they are nol overlooked What little
child (-unlit realize that 11 was the
birthday nl the Christ, and the spi-t-
iat time ut rejoicing lnr all hi tie
children, if he nr sin- awoke on that
morning uml lound tTiat their r-ttock*
ing**. were empty?
In tinier thai there may be no such
cruel cases m   Cranbrook the Herald
invites the co-operatlou uf those,
whose work brings them in contact
with the poorei elements In this
community, with n view Lo making
provision for any such. In the
words nl a prominent Winnipeg lawyer, who is a generoul contributor lo
iht' Sunt a Claus fund in liis own
"We look after our criminals, our
lunatics and degenerates, ul) 61 whom
are deserving ol our care, iiut the
best thing we can do for our province nnd thc world at large is to
care for our little children. Keep
them look ng at lhe bright side ui
things, ami make them and iheir
parents reel that there are many
wlm sympathize with tliem und are
anxious to make iheir Christmas
day as happy am! joyous as that
nf tho rich. Happy children arc the
best asset ol any nation."
The lasl number <<f the War Cry
contains n report ol a rather remarkable occurrence thai took plate in
New Vork recently. A greal noo/.-
I'lV Demonstration wns held, undei
Hn- auspices ol the Salvation Army,
.11 which eighty ennfirmed boozers
were saveil ami 888 signed the
pledge.      Il   was an   all  day   Iniii/i-is'
ni 111 pnlgii, attended hy six thousand
people. Met ween meetings cofTec and
lull-, wen- served lo boozers hy px-
bno/ers, the cosl nl which was defrayed by Mow  Yuri, saloon keepors,
Their wen* lliirly-foiu cx-l zers on
iln- platform, whose yenrs of drunk*
t'liiiess aggregated 700
who wii.i. 1
O, who   will ilui sh   the    Cranbrook
\111l pull ilu- BcnlToliling down;
Wid huu-; the long neglected hell
Now lying on the ground.
"h, who will --cl a nice sharp pin
\iid  thiusi    the   point—tlie tmsi.es
li  Uu- school    trustees we may 11 >i
We may surely hang the hell,
That  from its pointless lower   tne
The lime for school may fell.
11, who will *;i-t a nice sharp pin
Vmi   thrust    iiu- same—the   trustee*
'.\r wmild noi swing a school trust**.-,
Ilui ion-; io swing their hell,
Wid no offense at all we mean.
Tliey try to serve us well
Hut,   <>   for a booster    with a nice
sharp pm
To piny fully jab it—ihe trustees in.
—Ity the Dunce.
When a cold becomes settled in the
lystem, it   will   lake    several days
treatment tn cure It, and the      first
remedy    to     use     is    CfiamfipiliiiliV
cough Remedy. It will cure quicker
than any other, and also leaves the
system h a natural and healthy con-
litlon. Sold by all druggists aim
dealers **7-tr
Sundays— Low mass at 8.30 a nt.;
high mass, IUM a.m.; Sunday school
frum 2 to 8 p.m.; Rosary and Bene-
nlotion at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays aud holy days of ubtiga-
1 ion—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at * a.m. at the
Father 1'lamondon,
Pariah Priect
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock subject;
"A Triple Klessing."
Sunday afternoon, 3 o'clock: A woman preacher.
Sunday    evening, subject:  "Itepent-
Public worship, II a.m. und 7.30
P 111, Itible school, 'i p.m. with
Voung Ladies' I Ml Hot Ilea and Voung
Men's Flaraca classes.
Morning subject: "Andrew Dtsclpli
ship."     Kvening: "What Think Ye of
Christ, an Answer From Heaven und
From Kiirtli."
Monday, s p.m.—Subject: "Kflectlve
Invents in Life ol (lipsey Smith."
Wednesday, K p.m., mid-week for
praise and prayer.
A cordial Christian welcome to all.
December lltli.
Morning service at  It o'clock.
Sumlay sehnol nt -I o'clock.
Kvenllig service at IM o'clock.
The old songs and the old story.
Wc especially invite those who go tn
no oilier church.
Cliristmns carol practice after the
evening service.
Tuesday—The pastor and Mrs.
Hughes will he "at home" to all
members ol the Epworth League nl
8 o'clock. All are requested to
attend punctually, and enjoy a social
evening at iln- parsonage.
Miil-week, service at 8.
Friday.—Choir practice at 8.
That wsr or thc pleawhe or
<o*>».<Mf ,* u ,, -.„,, tv„f „ ^^ Cfl_ €mf<fktm m
have you ever had to -stay at home because you did not have the clothe-s for
-Some occa-sion?   occa-sion-s are apt to
A FANCY WAI-5TED.SUIT FoR...$26. $30, $30
a good Looking overcoat for %*>7.oo
PHONE  23.
Only a few members turned up at
(he Dild Fellows Imifii- on Monday.
Those present had a jt/kn! time, passing three new members through the
lirst   degree.
The response made to the request
fur a nootl turn out at the K. of 1\
lodge last Taenia)' was very encour-
n^ing. Their was a nice piece ' of
work done in the initiatory degree,
which was conferred on a new member Next week will see the second degree and a still larger num-
l. r ii is hoped, will Ik* In attendance.
Max Hurler, of (ireenwood lodge,
No. 2D, Greenwood, It C, enjoyed
a visit to the local lodge of Knights
01 Pythias, .Mr. f)urgcr spoke in
the highest terms of the work, as it
was done here, in comparison
mime of the Alberta lodges.
Several members ol the Fraternal
Cider or Kagles have asked to have
11 enl ion in this column their de
sire that the members of this order
siioiitd lie again brought together and
a re-organization brought about. If
ihe one hundred nr more Kagles
around town would co-operate with
Rome of the older members there Is
no reason whatever why this should
iml he accomplislied. More particulars in this connection will lie given
liexl  week.
Ttie Independent Order of Foresters had a large number present' as
gocata at their basket social last
night, which was held in the Carmen's hall. The committee lad gone
10 11 lot of trouble and done lots of
\.orh to make this a success*, ami
ihey succwhUmI too, for everyone was
well satisflc-d and the results* of the
sale were very gratifying, netting
(70.00. Tom Sowerbutts made an
excellent auctioneer. W. I lay ward,
as chairman, made a-tew very appropriate remarks, short and to the
Katie Leek, (Jarnet llinkley, Mrs.
Fowler, Mrs. Wells, Messrs. N. Houston and Harry Conley represented a
very interesting sketch of "The
string ol Pearls," representing pride.
vanity and tomfoolery Bach of the
■ ■mpany took his or lier part welt
ml the appreciation of   the audience
as shown in 1 the hearty applause.
W       Mansfield     rennVrcd  a violin
II-   Stevens    nave a song entitled
The Little Irish Oirl."
Tom Sowerbutts gave an old lav-
rite song Ol    his "When the Winds
O'er the Sea niew a Oale."
Katie Leek aroused the enthusiasm
rd the audience by her recitation of
"Widowhood." ,.
Frank Ilroughton's "Veteran
Song" was greatly appreciated.
Itev. t'. W. King was short and
instructive iu the few remarks he
gave upon the betterment of lodge
amusements, to what existed a few
years ago.
Messrs. Stevens nnd Mansfield gave
.1 pianoforte duet, niter which Miss
Bra Conley closed tbe musical programme with a song "That's What
the Little Oirl Said."
Thr serving ol refreshments brought
to a close   a very siieeessful    even '
Al llic annual election ot ollieers of
Selkirk Division, No. 473, G.I.A.
to the 11 of f,. 12., held on Monday
evening last, the following officers
were chosen ior the coming year:
Past President-Mrs. II. McOoldrle.
President—Mrs. T. S. Gill.
Vico-Prcsident—Mrs.   G.    M
Secretary—Mrs, J. T. Sarvis
Treasurer—Mrs, P. Kinc.
Ins.   Secretary—Mrs. O. \V
Chaplain—Mrs. 1,. Mcliityro.
('. M.—Mrs. i). ]■:. Murphy.
s. Rl.—Mr * II. A. Murgatroyd
Guide—Mi . Wi II. Baldwin.
Sentinel—Mrs.  \\, O'llenru.
S.-Ml's. Thos. Wilson.
.1.  1-Vunesy.
1. McKeiizie.
Thos.  I'l'immond.
Airs, l.'bas. Harris.
Mrs Mary linker (Hover Eddy,
founder and leader id Christian
Science, died at .-I" last. Sunday
morning nt her home in Chestnut
Hill, lioslon. Natural causes explain ibe death, according to Dr. I..
West, n district medical examiner,
who wns summoned a few hours otter Mrs. Kddy passed awn) Later
Mr. West added thai the more illl
media le cause was probably pneumonia.
Mrs. Kddy was horn iu How, N. H.
July Iii, 1821, anil was therefore in
her ninetieth year.
Funnel' Sdinloi W. R, ('handler,
who was counsel toi Mrs. Kddy's
children in their suit over the estate slated that he believed her fortune is ahoul $3,(100,000.
Kugene It. Cox, chairman      of the
publicity com nil tit 1 ihe Christian
Science church iu New York stated
tfj.it tin- Church of the Christian
Science will run on smoothly of iis
own momentum. Airs. Kddy gave it
such nn impulse antl placed it
such an enduring basis that it can
ntlc'lulately guide itself.
The Christian Science Monitor say
iiiiiloriatly: "She was deeply loved
and revered not only by all the
members of Iter churcli Imt hy all
those who understood anything ol
li-r incessant labors for tbe welfare
of humanity. The future of thc
Christian Science movement will
show bow unerring has heen her
Do uot overlook the fact thnt
soincthiiij,' in th.* HARD-
WARE line will till up n gooil
lllllll*,' of till' VIlCBIll   plllCCB (ill
lhat iJBt : nml Inllioriiiore,
whatever yuu purchnso from
ua will give lasting Biitlsfnc-
tlon, because (lifls lumjjht
from us. while Ihey may bo
pretty, are also useful as well
as being ornamental,
A meeting of the Commercial
Hockey club was held last Thursday
night. About thirty members were
present. The executive committee
for the season were elected as follows: .1. Milne, <: McCreery and I..
The club has entered the league
and with a number of good players
at its command, should have a --ood
sens* in.
Front room I
. rent on
A nnst ron.',
avenue; all con
price.      Applv
Uox   1,
Herald of-
Patent Ripless
will outwear all other-.,
Extra pieces of leather
at the finger-tips, con*
ceal the seams and protect the stitching. Made
to last and positively
nt.ro are a few suggestions:
ami many others too numerous
to mention.
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
New Year Holidays
For the Round  Trip
IV'twi-t'ii all ut'itions on the -Main
Line, Port Arthur to Vancouver
and  intermediate   branch  lines.
'rickets  on   Sale   December  2'J*
IWO, to January  2, 11)11, final
return limit .lniiuary 5, lull.
l-'or (unli,** lurticiilais U|.pl) to
Ticket A*...|it.
Can:,*Man Pacific Railway,
Iju'orparalei) 18(10 ♦
Capital Paid Up $6,-100,000 Ke&crve $6,guo,ooo
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
II. S. HOLT, l'reBiileni      E, I.. ('HASH, Uencrnl Mnuagor
Accounts ol Firms, Oorporations nnd Individuals solicited.
Out-of-town luisineHH receives everv attention.
SAVINGS DEPABTMENT-DepoBitH of t.1.00 and upwards received
and interest allowed at current rule.   No fornmlilv or delav in
T 1vitl11l.Hivi.1jf.
X    A Oenoral Bniiklng Business IransactGil.
♦ Cranhrook Branch: D. I). AkLAWS, Manager
lir.    BAST KOOTENAY MEAT MAltKET ...   Stotu
OH    nn.l., I*:. A  Resiilenco
830   nUTOUR, A  Residence
1?;,    .IOYOE, 1! '   Residence
."I    I1ENNET, c. (1 Mesa
Cranbrook Opera House
MONDAY,   DEC.   12
Reserved Seals at llcallie-Murphy Co.. I id.
PKICE5:   75c, SI.oo.
Vi'o beg to nnnoimce lo tho
public tlmt vvo hnvo taken
over the biitehcr business of
ilif Knst Kootenny Bntcher
Cn. which will now In* run
iiiulcr tin* linn name of Tyson
Bros. Ment Mnrket.
Wo haven branch business in
Trail nnd hnvo liml COnsitler-
nbleoxperionco in the butcher
business throughout B.C. aril
will at atl times be prepared
tt> meet your requirements.
:*-;*'i-;-_a,i-:■■...vji;.*:■    ** .* -.   ■.■-■.■
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Tlio sitting ol tlio Court ol Revision [or thf purpose ol collecting
nml revising tlio Voters' Lists for tho
year 1'JU, will be ln*ld on Saturday,
iln* iiiih day ..I nccemoer, 1910, at 2
o'clock p.m. (local time) at the Cily
clerk ol the Municipality ol thc City
ol Cranhrook, II.C. 12-lt
Hotel completely furnished
and all modern conveni
enecs; also has Steam
Heat, Electric Lights ar.d
Water. No encumbrances
attache-). For further par
ticul.irs apply to
IS — "       |^
AI-.V..;-. |)i« Boil Qti-.lli) ntal
.'uii'K  **.*ni.-.-, Uuhim   Hi n
I iiiiiii.  t»i n. Day nnd Nfgfat,
.1. BAKAQUCIll, fttOV
otmMwuuGmt&rj&z; aaar.
if you appreciate a pure
Kpiirklin;: heveWlgR. There
is nol another brnml so well
Known as
Ymi may order any flavor
yon like, one is equally ns
good as another, If yon
have never tasted Our
Drinks, you nre surely
losingn treat- Orderto-day.
East Kootenay Bottling
If you want to hnvo tin* boat Toblo Delncncice tlmt the worlil prcilncra bo snre lo l.uy Ilu
riolit eliis-* of j.**,ih|s. Tlio best cooks KM|tiire the best mntnrinls and w,* believe there is
uotliiiij* tm. jiowl for ilia Otanbrooli Roiisekeepore, thorefore wo hnvespaml nothing ti
moke tno great ilinnof »f tin* year n sneccts ami you enn ilopcud that I'vcrything ie
onrefully selected ni
Choice Seeded   Raisens   and Cleaned  Currants.      Canned   Peels.
Shelled Walnuts, Almonds,  Filberts and Pecans.
Chrystali/etl Pineapple, and Cherries.
Smyrnia Figs and Halloween Dates.   Imperial Cluster and "ial(i-*a
Table   Raisens. Nuts   of   all   kinds.
Macedoine  Fruits and Jellies
Imported French Peas, Beans, flushrooms, AsparaR.-is in kI.-iss jars
All  Staple   Groceries  Absolutely   Guaranteed
Our Stock of China, Crockery nml (llasswaru inn wonder. I'conlu aro coming in frum
other towns to ndni'rp i'. Over thro... tlioiisuml pioooa o( \Vodgowood, UmogcB, and
Havariun China. Complete Dinner Sets in thirty uilTercnl doilons, Toilet Boll", Table
nnd Hotel Glasses.if nil kinds und atrial.      The famous Old English ltoyul  Doolton
and Bristol Art Wnn>.
Ourselves ami Clerks will lie pleased to show you round nml you uill receive courteous
treatment if you don't buy.
Campbell & Manning
J Our  holiday  display  has  been   prepared  on   a  scale  of  magnificence   never  before attempted.      Every   nook   and   corner  of  Ihis   store
The  very  choicest  gifts  will   naturally  go  first.
reflect  the   lightness  and   brightness  of  the  season  of  good  will.
It   will   be   to  our   mutual   advantage  and   comfort   if  you   will
Do   Your   Shopping   Early
A great variety of Ladies'
Belts, nicely boxed for gifts
25c to $2.25
Indies' and Children's Sweaters
all stylos, bIzos, and colors, 75c
to $8.00,
Pillow Tops
A ureal assortment of silk,
creuu, burlap, tapestry, 86o to
A bountiful array of centre
I'ioons, Trny Cloths. Humus.
Doylies, Drawn Work   nil prices
Any kind that vou may want
oc to 11.25
A splendid variety in all
tlie most tll'cclivi* sl.vl.'H.
All an* absolutely reliable.
Fox Set. A very dresB.v
set with neat stolo and
pillow mull'.   Jlll.iili
llluc Lynx Set. ItY'illy
beautiful, we cnnnol do-
scribe il to do it justice So"
rtink Set. Very hand-
sonic, each skin carefully
selected, Vou must s.*e
them,   $ir,0.iiii
Fancy Collars
A uu.nl display. Bkowing all the
newest elfeots,
A splendid assortment, many
beautiful patterns in tho Persian
ull'eots; also in Talfetu MeBsa
line, and the newest ideas in
Tailored Designs.
I'rices up to $12,511
Long and short  Styles in nil
colore iii Eiderdown, Silk, and
I'elors.   1'riccs up to $0115
Barettes and Combs
All the latest novelties. Many
slyloB and shapes to choose
from,    15c to W.00
Smoking Jackets and
Lounging Robes
lieiiuini! coinforf can be obtain.
-d from one of tlu-s.* garments.
\ iniieh appreciated gift.
••I *',n to.SII.0ii
An endless variety in the very
newest patterns,
Why  nol  j.'ive liiin a pair of
Slippers? We call special attention to onr'Traveller's Slippers'
They are especially nice.
I'ricu 75c to $1.50
.\ beautiful range, something to
suit even body,       50c to $ii.75
Why Not Clothing
Christmas ?
* woman who Linm.'s
h.*r h
usliand or sun 1
to the
store to select tl
Overcoat or Suit, at
expense, can make no
Such a «ift si
as well as st-ntii
Clothing 87 to
Clothing *f*l t"
Cuff Links
A large variety and always
Suit Cases and Club Bags
Kvery person travels at least
onee in a while, (lur ('uses and
t'lub Bags are exceptional!..
nice.   $8.00 to $15.00
Suspenders and Garter
Gift Boxes
Neatly arranged sets in Christmas Boxes,   75c to *?'?.7"i
Military Hair Brushes
A very acceptable ■.',!! f,,r the
man or boy.
We have almost all styles iu
silk-lined,   wool-lined,   suede,
etc.   50c to $1 50,    Kvery ii!"!,.
McCreery Bros., Cranbrook's Dry Goods & Clothing Stores
Ami ll,*
-i uon
inj; fust, just a little over
**.     l>oii't watt until the
lu-r mii,
ile t
o purchat-e your XMAS
not matte nn Intelligent
mu- stock now'.' Jewelry
i*. appro
by everyone, nud you'll
appreciate on
' splendid aeeorltnciii ami
•asoiiahlti prices.
Tell   III
m>ii have in in Iml ami
we'll .-!
on something that will
please you.
er aiitl Optician.
Call Monday f<-r C.C.S. calendars.
Tin* provincial legislature will meet
tm Thursday, January 12th, 1011.
Choice tomatoes, two tins fur 35c.
—bcask ami Sons.
Call Monday ror C.C.S. calendars
Mis K K. Forester, oi Sparwood,
is staying for a short visit with Mrs
K. Patmorc
Jap oranges, Little and Atchison
have iln- IjcsI
Xmas tics, 50c -res.
II i i'o the wife ol Mr, J. W
Foster, in this city, on Tui sdaj.
Decern ltd i.iii. 1910, a daughter
Angelica iii Fink's Pure Food Oro*
eel t
Sums ties, 500—V C S
Tin- Canadian Hanl. ol Commerce
1 ,i * ... ned .i branch .it The Mas Mis
M-iii. mt iln- C N i: line to On' Hudson Hay.
[leni   lhe  Columbia Concert Quin
tette at the Auditorium December
Buy mother a rocker for Christmas,
-c. c. S.
Moyie .Miners' union   will celebrate
their eleventh anniversary on      Hi-- *
beinber 12th, by a grand concert and.
ball. |
Finest peas, three tins for 10c—
Leask and Sons.
Call .Monday (or C.C.S. calendar*., j
Mr. and Mrs. (J. \V. Patmore wish
to extend their thanks to the many .
friends for their kindness and sympathy in their recent bereavement.     i
We are agents for good wood ni ,
$3,75 delivered. 'Phone 183 or call;
at Cranbrook Trading Co.
Fancy suspenders for men, with j
garters and arm bands to match, '
nicely boxed together, ranginj; in
price from $1.00 to $1.75. Just the.
thing for a Xmas gift.—C. C. S.
Basket ball is now being resumed at
the gym, under the direction of   th.*!
secretary of the Y.M.C A.     All     are
invited to join.
Pumpkin. 3 th. tins for Lie.—I.eask
and Sons.
Call Monday for C.c.s. calendars j
Hoys Ilrigade drill next Saturday
afternoon at 3 o'clock, All members are requested to attend in uniform.
Hazel wood Double Jcrse] buttermilk, always on hand at Little ami
Xmas ties, SOe.—C C.S.
J. A. Gillespie, formerly in the
employ ol P. Hums* and company, ol
tins rit\, came la from Lethbridge
on Saturday cn route to Vancouver.
Post Matties at at Kink's Pure
Food (irocerv.
price from $1.00 to $1.75 Just the
thing for a Xtims gift.—C. C   S
Hugh  Clark  ami      Andrew   Findlav
left yesterday for Scotland, Clark to
Kilwiniiev ami Fiuillay to Aberdeen,
Thev are expecting to return in the
The programme which will be rendered by the Columbia Conceit Quiu-
SS1    &,
' j coming"
telle is one of the si longest ever
[nil before the Cranbrook public.
Call -Monday for C.v.X. calendars.
F, ft'. Prince's illustrated travel!
talk, descriptive of a trip through
California, at Knox church, last Friday evening, proved very enjoyable
and was well attended.
Are you going to haie thosei
Christinas photos taken now, or put.
tltem off for another year.—Albert:
Art Photo Studio,
Fancy   susjietiders   lur    men, willi
garters    ami  arm   bands to match-, j
nicely boxed   together, ranging      in
The lirst .lance of the season given I
by iiu- Dancing club took place last!
evening al ihe Masonic hall ami was;
well attended ami great!) enjoyed by ■
all present.
Buy your holly at Uu* Cranbrook
Drug and Hook store. We have the'
kind that is cut fresh on Vancouver
.Mr. Chas. Patmorc, of Frank, Alberta, i.s helping out in the fall rush
of   work ai    Patmorc Bros. Mi.
Patmorc Is a tinner of lone experience, having worked at tin- business
nil his life.
Fancy boxes of chocolates in ureal J
variety.—Thc Palm.
Xmas ties. 50c—C C.s.
ft'. A. Rollins has greatly improved
the liming room service at tho Koyal.
Recent!) be decided to emploj onlj
while labor and with that object lo
view, be engaged the services ol
Robert skinner, of the C.P.R. dining
car service, as chef.
Fine beans, two tins for 25c.—
I.eask and Sons.
Special prices on fancv Xmas
rh.n.i.-C. C, S.
A meeting of the city council was
belli on Mondaj afternoon to elect a
court ol revision, The mayor. Aldermen llmii and Campbell were appointed, The court sit on Saturdaj nfternoon ai the government
Little nnd Vtchison's supplj of
NKW LAID EGGS -..ill not be avail
able hll Saturday, as they have nol
\ei been laid
Buj father a chair for Christmas.—
c   c. S.
Wc arc now
n our
New Premises n
nd in-
vite ali for inspection.
An   entirely
Xmas   Slock
opened   up.
ts/»e Raworth
Iruiis al Fink's
B   c .
of   tin
I hei I
fai ci     Xmas
nteresling ceremony look
place nt the Salvation Army bar-
rocks lasi Sunday afternoon, when
Travels Roberts was enlisted as an
Armj soldier This ceremony is
very Impressive and has a deep
significance lu thc welfare of tho
Vrmj worker.
New   Christmas
Pure Food flrocery
Special   prices
china.—C, 0. s.
The Tyson Bros., ol Trail,
have taken ovpr toe busYtcss
Kast Knotennj Butcher Co.
Tyson lias eome do Cranbrook
manage the business, while
brother, L. P., remains tn
looking after Lha interests of
butcher business in Hint lown.
Have   you    bought   your    robe o
sleigh  bells   or    your blankets yet
Wc hnvo   thcni.—Cranbrook    Trading
A committee of ladies have consented to arrange the refreshments
for Ihe dance at Auditorium, December 13th.
Xmas ties, 50a—C.C.S.
For the convenience of Cranbrook
travellers, thc C.P.R. have made arrangements fnr a through parlor car
service belwcen this cily nnd Calgary, daily except' Sunday!1!. The
parlor car will leave Cranbrook al
7 a.m., arriving at Calgary at 21.20,
Leaving Calgary the trnin will leave
at !1.20 a.m , arriving at 33.-15,
Apples, gallon tin, inc— Leask and
Special   priee-
ehtnn.-C. C. S.
ludltorlum, December nth,
ccrted selections from standard
light operas, U   tlir Columbia
cer. Quintette
Dan Detail, a br dher of Frank Derail, is down from Fori George and
will spend tin- winter in town, returning north in tit.- spring, lie
speaks very hopefully of the future of
Fort fleorge, although townstte difficulties an- occasioning n good deal
of trouble just .it present.
French crystallized fruits in    one
pound   luncs at     Fink's I
speeial   priei's   on    fane
china.—C. C. S.
Brakeman Lodge was brought Into
Cranbrook on Sunday ami taken to
the St. Kugene hosplcal, where he
now lies Ih- injured Ids fool last
Thursday evening on the work train
al Fernie, getting fl squaslted belwcen the plough ami the -'.ike. Me
will prohnblj lose his heel,
Robertson's chocolates.—The Palm,
The Columbia Concert Quintette include-, seven artists. \il specialists
in their particular lines, Auditorium, December 13th.
Leather foliar boxes, ii 35 -lust
the thing for a Xmas bos —C, C. s.
A meeting ol tho district Farmers'
Institute is in progress this afternoon, .it which Ibe businc** nf the
.tear will be wound up, officers for
the ensuing year tdeeted and Delegates appointed In attend lhe
Institutes' conference hi Victoria
m-vt month.
One hundred different varieties of
cend) to choose from al Little and
Have your tickets for the publicity
concert exchanged tot reserved seats
on and after December intb.
Leather collar boxes, fl 33 •Tu-Bl
the thing for a Xmas box.—C C. s.
Last Friday I.. C. McKlnstry's
horse look frtghl and bolted. Turning
the corner of Hanson avenue nnd
Maker .streel il collided with and
knocked down Wm. McCracken, who
was temporarily rendered unconscious
but beyond a few bruises and a
bad shaking up, sustained no serious
French crystallized and glace cherries fresh this week af Fink's pure
Food Grocery.
Is ihere anything In    our window
you would like for Xmas?—C. C. S.
Don't miss lhe board of tmrio publicity dance after Uie concert, Auditorium, December 13th.
Beginning    with     the New-  Year
Futn's saw mill will resume operations, under new management and a
new name. Tlie manager will he
I. Ilayakawa, formerly id Raymond,
Aha., and Iln- Cranbrook Saw
Mill companv, Ltd., will be the operating company.
Airs. It.  Stewart,    who is leaving
shortly foi Vancouver, was yesterday
afternoon presented with a handsome
silver cake dish hy   tbe members   o|
(he Ladies'     Aid of    the Methodist j
church     Mrs. Stewart's going i*    a f
source of regret to   the ladies circle I
because she was a useful and en thus* |
iasiie worker.
Alfalfa, green feed. We have a
good supply in now A grand milk
producer, also good for hens for
scratching   In —Cranbrook     Trading
Is ihere anything In our window
ton would like (or Xmas'—C. C. S.
A. .IrdilTe has lie^im right by giving his business the nana- of "The
Central Meat Market." A more central place could not be found in th'*
Kootenays. Mr. Jollffe expresses
himself as being well satisfied with
the few days he has been open lie
says "people arc bound to eome
When they know thai the best and
only tbe liest is here for sale. Sau**-
ages are my specially, but Itet-f and
oilier meats are of t-t'iial quality."
Jap oranges i.w 1 grade) $1.00
box at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
(tin mother a rocker for Christmas
-C. c. s.
Music-lovers should not miss the
Columbia Concert (Julntcttc in
standard and light opera selection-;,
Auditorium. Dec. I'tth.
On Tuesday evening tin* Sundaj
school teachers und officers Of tbe
Hapiist church met and arranged for
the annual Christmas festival, Thc
meeting voted unanfmousfj to ask
Mr. Stanley Drown to act as secre-
lary for Uu- new year, in plate of
Mr I fl. Fulton, retiring. \ larger amount of reading matter, etc,
is ordered to meet ibe Increasing
attendance of the school, and tlie
Phflethea and Haraca class arc to
enter upon a new series of inductive
sillily lessons in one of Um- Rlakeslet
If you want a brick of tbat famous llayelwood ice cream for jour
Xmas dinner, kindly let iih have your
order ns early as possible Ue have
already taken several orders —Little
and Atchison
Iluy mothei a rneker foi Chri " ■-■
-c. C. S.
PIANO.—>?ow at railwav station
near liero, will i*e ncrlfleed for
M50.0A cash;  never hem used;   lady
unable io keep it, Apple in !il*M
instance. .Mrs A fl. Mutlgesm, --'lc
Columbia st . Vancouver, H.C. i- it
\   neb strike   im.s been made    a
Ui.' Society Oirl mine ,,t Moyie. ''"
tome time past   ihe compan}    have
been drifting along a small rein     in
an effort to strike the main    bo-ij
Their efforts have been successful, as
the full face of the drift ts BOW in a
high grade galena.   Ore is now being
taken nut of both the drift and    the
raise and the first car load has been
shipped I" the Trail smelter       When
it js remembered that the richest ore
ever mined in this district came from
the Society Girl, tin* prospects    for
ihe company appear very bright.
Another shipment of 300 F.disoii
records |ust arrived. Drop in nnd
bear thrm —Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Co,
Leather collar boxes. M 2.1 Jus!
Un- thing for a Xmas bov.—C   c   R
WANTED-—A competent maid    or
housekeeper,    good    WlgM Applv
to Mrs. F. J. Deane, Armstrong
avenue IMI
Webb's plum puddings in one, two
ami three pound bags Frosli tin**
week nl Fink'-. Pun- Food Grocer;
The Women's Institute meet big in
the government Imildin*' lust 1*1 urs*
day uftern i    was not   (he success
the ladies bad hoped i..|       Mi-   Gill.
who was to have given .i candj Halting exhibition, unfortunately bad
serious troubh with thi cooking arrangements Thi electric light failed and *s" the candy making was
called --ii The children, practising
so much iust now for then- concert,
were tmalde to attend thc Item and
buttonhole contest, which. It was
thought    besl    to    postpone    until
in  January oi   Ihe firsl  v el   .
Xmas stockings and crackers, .. ie
tbey last —The Pali .
We have   Jusl     unpacked    .< large
shipment of   lhe most f-"<-ri*ri I   iox-
es ol    BON-DONS, ranging In
fr.in 35c. to $5.00        See ui bc'ore
buying.—Little and Atchison,
Tin* Columbia Con, erl (Quintette
third season of this strong organi/a-
tlon, Auditorium. December Lith
liny father a chair for Christmas.—
c. c. s.
Many school children luffer frnm
constipation, which is often the cause
•r seeming stupldftj at lessons
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are un ideal medicine to give
a child, (or ihey are mild and gentle in their effect, and will c-in* even
chronic constipation Sold by ali
dnu-.-i.ists and dealers 37-tl
It i*. to be regretted thu.-* children
cannol grasp tie* seriousness of
snowballing with wet snow or tlw
liability ol enclosing small stones in
the balls when tbe mow is collected I
nil stonj roads. Yesterday, at the
cornel opposite t-he school boose,
several children wire throwing boos
nails .md hy chance struck a inar-
on the forehead, who was passing by.
Tin- man fell and was unable tn
move for about n quarter of an
Ituv mothei a rocker f-.r Christ ma*
-c  c. s
We van sell jou a pound or a barrel  Ol candy,—Little and Atchison.
Fresh giant asparagus in quart,
vase shaped bottles, at Fink's pure
Food Grocery.
Japanese labon rs desire job in
bush, wilh or without teams, work
bv contract Bos I71S, Calgary,
Alta 38-7t«
Mr. I; I! Hruce, vloe-presWenl and
■ anaget ol "The Columbia Valley lr-
rigated Fruil Lands, Limited/' was
ihe recipient n| a pleasant surprise
tin his arrival nl Calgarj li,'tt *eek
cn route to Kngland and Scotland
Hr Paul Faber, Nev* Vork, who r--
cratl) arrived there brought with
bim a large silver loving cup, as .>
token '.I appreciation hum Di Neil
Uacl'hatter anil memben ol tin British Columbia club of N>» Vork,
which was presented to Mr. Bruce.
The cup is tastefutl) engraved, and
has three handles, formed ol tlie
antlers* of deer thai weir shot by
the members of the club during their
sojourn lasl summei Mr. Hruce replied, thanking Hi Fobei foi the
pretty cup, and saying that he hop.il
to see   thc    11 igali   In tbe valley
new summer. The H C, club ol
New Vork, which was formed less
than a yeai ago, now bas a membership of nearly 100 and has secured a
site for the erection ol a clnb botii
and shooting boi on the shores of
Lake Windermere
Mince PlM, .-mil Christmas Cheer
Methodist lla/aar. December 17.
The alerl sd readers gel the pick ol
ihe store bargains—always. Those
most ALEUT are most fortunate
Death   to Catarrh Germs '
Hymn-el pronounced High o-mc
means death to catarrh germs In .1
few hour- l< 1- the only guaranteed Catarrh Cure.
When you use Hyomei, \*>:\ don't
nauseating drugs Von
i r al :■• In tbe soothing,
pleasant and antiseptic Hj'omei air
Ihi .. a little pocket Inhali r. As
ll - ■ edicated vaporized ait passes
over Uie Inflamed parts relici conies
.1.." ■ -• „: tmce  11 d .. cure follows.
ri Beattie-ilurphj 1 0, will sell
■ 0 a o ■ pleu " • [01 H DO and
al . d ■•'■ ;i.*'-. ■' Ji refund you
jour money :f after using Hyomei
-■■ ling 1 Krections, [| falls to
do ail that we claim. Hyomei
- uu u teed I cure catarrh, croup,
I: . .     •'      ■*...-•■:*., 1 '•-
Ilj ■ cai be obtained f1"-: all
■ - ■ ■ and ;■,.'- - '■: postpaid on
receipt ol pr.cr fro.; The It T.
B.*otii 1 .. . Limited, K- rt Krie,
The Id, old story, told limes
withoui :.'...(.*--:, and repeated o.er
and over again for the last -*J6
years, but ft ts always a welcome
story to those in searri. of health-
There Is nothing In the world lhat
aires coughs and colds as quicklj as
' bamberlaln's Cough Remedy. Sold
l.)  ail ijr„*'.'ists and dealer*.       i; tf
In*".- itHr.'nerincrei.-.irii' tendency
to give Clirlstmsi Gifts that * I *;
useful, .1 tfiH daalgnsd to be useful to the reHplent Is more s] pie
elated than any other kind. \\ hat
in more useful than a good Range?
\ housewife, who hssi perhaps,
been getting along f'-i tometime
with a stove that lias been (forking
badly, woo id be mote than delighted t-. receive a nev one ssa
Uhrlstmes Gifts. Cook your Xmas
Dlnnei with a Saak-Alta Kiwi-;..,
Why should any woman spend the
belt part of u holiday in a hot
kitchen, try in-,; to cook dlnnst with
a defectIva stove. A Sask Alfa
Wo I LU DO THK WORK tor hen
It would be a tlih tbat wife or
mot her wuuld luost appreciate.
Sow is tlie time Io make your
"The Raage Store" XUK   OU VN BROOK   HJfttALl)
Btrriitcr, Solicitor, Etc.
Money lo loan on favorable terms.
Kvery cure uud eoiulurt
A home from home
Special attention In cases of
Maternity. Rheumatism
and  i'lieitiuoiiU
Terms   moderate
MRS. E. BENT, Matron.
P.O. tlm Phone 278
T**,.,*li.*r "I RtrlnM ll1"1
Stali'litr.l hiNlintll-iilM
rijiuli TRAINER
K.C). Smmuell,D. L,.8„ I! c. I., s.
A. I. Itulwrtnin, B. 0. I.. B,
Dominion and British Columbia
P.O. Drawer 7113 VICTORIA. B.C
Orkbcent Lough No. 3H
Miss NUM Wellman
Plsllst «nd Tether
IVrliJI,*iin*<l |>ll|.il Dl
Uubr.UI. Uullal nl WllMlptg
Physicians and Surgeons.
nUIra „,  Jtr.lit.-ai'.    Armstrong  A.i
PorauooM - - - - »on to moo
AltariMKHia - - - 2.011 to   4.00
Ewium ... - 7 .111 to   8 JO
dundajTI - - - - 1.30 to   4.311
ORANBROOl      *•*   r
.1.   W.   RUTLEDGE
Omdaala   ol   Ontario   VaJerlnarji
Onllajca, Toronto. i» I80H
itrHliiiti,* nti*l Mmlnlltal nl McKllilp'a
v',*t.riiii.r>*.' illt'ip.  I'liii-iiau.
■     In III ll
Nina yaara ^*,,.*»j.*.,,*,- in V'aiarliinrj
liri„*i.i,*,. mi Manitoba
nillct-acil dnnr tn I'n.t llllle.
Psoot  lit P.O. «u< l<«
NikIm *->.'■ — It II, Short's IMJanca
Timothy and Oats
n.?ii onFati'-i rtinoh, Oranbrooh
this Bauson au-tf
I to 11 a.m.
I to   • p.m.
7 to   3 p.m.
nmoa in new Raid Block
Notary Public
lit Colin jpoHtan lintel
CrHiilir.a.k ami Porl Steele
r o. h„i am
i T.l No. 1*3
Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.   anil  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
i<li ror Hakvor, I.ITHU WATEI
■•'oi family n*.,* then i*. i-niliing
.n wl ol ajotnfl mnl a*, imra aa
Hns move I his Offlcs from lUkar meet
to N'-rhurv avsnua noil door
to ltiniiiii)*ii Photo Htudlo
Opjio.ltu I'.l'.K. Slnlii.li
W.  R.  Ilaa.l,.  Kuii-*al Unarm,
Cranl,*..**, II 0.
Hetulquartors for nil kinds of
8»ti»fitotion Ghiaranteetl
The 8hoe S|iiri,*ilisl
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Upai'ial prlcea lor fiunily \*mt*.
lli.urn I tn ■"* p.m.
Saturday II' a.m. *.n •> p.m.
Sjieeial hour* can be Arranged wlion
req wl roil.
Hanson Avenue
Phone 317
Cranbrook, B. C.
MiTis   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J, M. Boyes, C. C.
T. tl. Jones, K. ol II. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
tu attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddldlows cordially Invited.
W. S. Hall, C. .1* Little,
N. O. Seo'y.
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 14
A.F. A A. U.
■tegular meetings oo
tbe   third  Thursday
nl every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W. F. Attriil*     W.M.
E. W. Connolly, Secretary.
No. II.
Meets every second and  lour* Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Itebekahs  cordially Invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N. (',,
Miss Hickenbotham, Sec'y.
Meets In   Fraternity Hall Flret and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
t The Cranbrook Employment jj
and Keal Estate Agency   *
' Mv S|.n*i,,lit> i*. luriiUldnu labor f.,r 4
l.t'imlii-r r..i,i|,iini,*-..  Halfron*)  Con* *
trncto'a, Hotel., uml llnil.l.i-      *
.1. Armour, I'ropriotor        t
j*i i-on   iiea.sjm    I'.o. iiosana 2
I. prepared tn supply help, skilled oi
unskilled, on shortest possible no
lice; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you (rult lands or otber property lor
a small commission.
Addresi.-W. Parker, 312 Baker St
NELSON, P. C. 48-ly
•> *
<• ER AND CHEMIST.-Charges: •:■
•fr Oold, silver, eopper or lead, 11 >*.*
•> each;   gold-silver, $1.00, silver- •:•
* lead, 11.50; gold-silver, with *
•fr eopper or lead, 12.50; zinc, ti; •:•
* sUver-lead-iinc, 13. Prlcea lor >*•
*.. other metals oo application. »*•
•M,oo|   distance 'jihone 67.    P.O. •:•
* Boi, CUM, Nelson, B.C. 48-ly>>
■fr O
O ******>*><■<■<■<. 4 •>
559 Georgia Street
NCan masoni-. templc
la-tnTii'i anil Ontli-iiiei. :-
I wi-.li t.. nun.i u*>* Unit I lisivt' rt-i't ivnl my
M-W 11 MMCftUM-fUtBfHl 1'rii-i' l.itl 'if the v.ry
s.iti'st i-i vlf* in HldrQooof, Win. roupM*, '1 rana*
formation I'mnimilinir**, BwTtchet, PulTl RDtl
Cttrw which 1 will mail fn**- ii|«>n in-|*lic.ili.m.
R-***IMmbtf yoii nn t'^t my hair i*.-*-.!-. fur len
money nnd nf a better iitiuiity I Ium f-n**whet«
trifB. Why ran y.iu buy f»rl.--mon. >.' BeraoM
I inrtlc*' n ■ptdBHy in miinufucliiriiiK. only, 1 nlso
make u|* IwlldM OUI Of >'""r own i*-omblnSl
from 11.00 to lir.W. BftVl Up your «*nml>inKi uiul
*.*ntl them to ihe H. C. Hair (nadl. We pe} iiitrl.
■prif-tf. Mall otwfll ■pMltit'f, Catelflgrja Bent
Lao. Muller, Prop.
I. ■ C. H„   R. A. M.
[Olfetatlt (UM t'lioirma-ittT KlHU t luiri-li.
Teucherof ri«imf«r|.-. (Innin
Theory   Btw    Votei Culture.
Kail Term no** eommentlnir.   Puplll prepBrail fnr
Tht No. S3S
TAKE NOTICE Hint I, Inhn Tul-
arlco, ol (loatlcll, H ('., ocoupn-
tion Section Foreman, Intend to apply lor permission to purchase the
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a posl pluntcd
ulMi.it 10 chains east ol N, j*;. corner
ul Lot 10101, tlience west 20 (bains,
thence north 40 chains, thencu unfit
20 ehains, thenco south m chains to
point ni cointiictH-ciiifiit, containing
80 acres, more or b-ss
John Talnrlco, Locator,
i'lutrlcH Komnno, Agent,
Dated October .'ltd, 1010,       SH-Ol'
MeetR in Carmen's Hall Second and
.■'mi! th Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp.
Win. Anderson, Chic! Itnnj;cr.
L. Bent, Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Heels in Carmen's Hall first and
bird Thursday ol each month at
1 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. I.nlu llayward, Ree. See.
Mrs. Isaac Baxter, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
j I'rt'j-iileill :  T. S. (till.
f        Secretitry: S, Macdonald
• Kor iiiftiriuatioii re-jardinti IhikIb
• um!   ugrioulture   applv   to the
• Secnatary, Cranhrook, B. C.
J        Kvery ecooinl W'tedneinliiy
: Prwbyicrian Cburcb;
Sunday morning service at 11 < i
Sunday    evening    service   at
7.30 o'cloek
Sunday      School   aad    Bible
Class at 3 o'cloek
Presbyterian   Oulld, Tuesday,;
at » o'clock
\ Baptist Cburcbj
* Pastor, Charles W. Klof.
I Parsnnage, Norbury Avenue.
* 'Phone, 214.      P. O. Boi 111. *
Regular Services:—Sunday, 11
i.m.    and    7.30  p.m.;   Blbls
, School    with     Young  Udlaa' *
Phllethea    and    Youag   Man's'
llilile Class, I p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   I
, p.m.
Wednesday, Mid-Wsek Meetlaf,
A cordial   Christian weloone1
to all.
I have "i»'ii.il up in uildition
to mv ivj-iilnr Livery, l'Vi-d ami
SijIvh Mlnblo un
Employment Office
and Dray Line
I am |ir..|iiiri*.l to furnish work
for nun uud teauia anil will
i^iiariiiit.... sntiafuetiou or money
J. Kenny, Prop.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-•»•
{Dry Tamarac|
: Wood for Sale
X       l cnglhs to full.
l   R. S. McNEIL
I 42-ll X
Tho (k'lith las taken plaoo at Swan-
sen of Mrs. Jane Boyle, in hur one
Imiitlreil anil lirst year. She bailetl
frnm Cornwall, and was supposed to
In- iho oliies! Inhabitant of South
Wales. She retained her faculties almost up to tho iinl, ami wns able lo
sew. She was a regular smoker lo
within a tew days of lier death. Her
lius'banil ilii-,1 seventeen years ago.
The death took place recently at
Unas, near Meanly, of Mary Gordon,
one of the acknowledged oldest, if indeed nol tlie nlilest woman, In the
Scottish Highlands. She was HW
veins of age, and until she reached
the ago ol ninety she had never lieen
ill for it day, aud was engaged in
outside farm labor. Sin- was in possession of nil her faculties until a
few weeks before her death, but for
Homo years bad been reculvlug parochial relief from the parish of Kil-
morack, ami the proprietor of Aigas,
upon whose estate she lived, bad (or
the past few years been paying a
nurse' to look after her.
Interesting figures have been compiled by Mr. R. l\ Moncrloff, an anti-
tobacco statistician, who resides nt
N'ewcastle-on-Tyiic. connecting the
amount sin-nt by tho average Briton
mi "the weed" in its various forms
und the appliances, such as pipes,
which minister to the smoking habit.
Mr. Moncriel declares lhat the average family of four and a half persons
(that is merely the census approximation) spends .1,2 15s. 2U\. a year,
or just over a shilling a week on tobacco. He adds the statement that
each family spends C1G IBs. fi-Jd. a
vear on drink, and declares that the
combined expenditure represents 23.0
per cent of wages earned. The total
sum spent on tobacco, pipes, matches
and sundries is reckoned at £2f*.R*-6,-
The board of agriculture and fisheries has issued a prelim nary statement showing the estimated total
produce and yield per acre of the
corn, pulse, and hay crops iu Great
Britain in 1010. The estimated
yield of wheat this year, 7t0t..,9O-1
quarters, is nearly 2\ bushels per
acre less than in UWfl. The total
production of wheat, while less than
last year by about 600,000 quarters,
is above the ten years' average,
mainly in consequence of an increase
nf acreage in recent years. Itarley is
slightly above an average yield in
(■rent Britain, but it is less than in
1900 by three bushels per acre. Tlte
total is 7,275,101 quarters. Oats
are the most satisfactory of the corn
erops with a total of 15,184,241
quarters, a yield per acre of over one
bushel above average. The hay crop,
both from arable and meadow land, is
above the average by nearly 2ewt,
Iter acre in the one case and ljewt
in the other.
To celebrate tbe approaching centenary of the birth of Charles Dickens it was recently proposed that a
Dickens testimonial stamp should be
printed and sold for a penny through
booksellers everywhere during the
next year. If even a fraction of tbe
owners of the 21,000,01)0 copies of
the author's works extant bought and
affixed one of these to each volume
they possess the total sum receive**!
would be considerable, and this sum
ihe Dickens Fellowship would hand
over to the n*prcsentalives of the
family as a world-wide tribute to
llie memory ot the great novelist
The project has met wieh much support, and the testimonial committee
under whose auspices the stamp will
lc issued comprises many of the
chief names in literature, statecraft
art, and commerce. Tlw stamp itself will be produced at little more
than tlte actual cost of the materials
by Messrs. lUphael Tuek and Sons,
and will be distributed by the originators of the scheme without rbst.
It is stated that the leading priv
ute builders on Ute Clyde have been
invited by the admiralty to tender
for the construction ot a large armored cruiser. Both iu guu power
and speed, it is said that the vessel
is to Ih* superior to uuything yet designed for the navy. The new warship will be, it is believed, a development nf the type of the armored
cruiser I,ion, which Is now being
completed at Dovonp'ort. sin- is to
have a speed of ■.-■ knots per hour,
nnd will Ire 720 fret long. Her ditf-
plaet-nietil is to In* 28,000 tons, horse
power R0O0, beam N7 It , nnd her largest Runs will In- 1.1.5 In
The following gentlemen have confuted to serve on the advisory board
to (h-al with the censorship of plays
-which, it will be noticed, is a Judicious blend of law, drama, literature
uml oiltcialdom: President, the Karl
Spencer, Lord Chamberlain (cx-
otTicin), the (tight Hon. sir Kdward
Carson, K.C., Ml'., Sir Squire Manendi, Sir John Hare, Professor Walter Kaleigh, S. O, Buekmaster, Esq.,
K.C,, Colonel Sir Douglas Dawson,
K.C.V.O., O.M.O., Comptroller, Lord
Chamberlain's department (ex-otliclo),
The report of the Joint select committee of thc houses of lords und
commons on the censorship of stage
plays, which was issued Just a year
ago,    contained    the following para-
"Thti me of alum and salts of alumina in
food ihould be prohibited,"
-Prof. Wood, Harvard untv.
Safeguard Your Foot!
Ay Using Always
Mmd* front Grapes
lb purity ,wholesome-
ness and superior
leavening qualities
are never questioned.
Fifty Years the Standard
graph: We consider that the Lord
Chamberlain would be well advised
to proceed with the formal inn ol a
consultative committee
According to an official return
which has* jusi been Issued, the birthrate and death-rate in Kngland und
Wales for the quarter ending September 30 last wen* lhe lowest ever
recorded. Mirths numbered 327,210,
or 21.1) per IlWMi nf the population,
2.0 per loon Mow the average for
the ten preceding third quarters.
Deaths totalled 101,188, or II I per
1000, which is 2-S per 1000 below the
average. In Hip whole of the I nited Kingdom 282,510 births and 135,-
015 deaths were registered, the birth
rate beinj. 2-1.7 and the death rate
11.8 per lOftft of the population. The
population thus increased hy 1-17,501.
The population of the British Isl.***
iu the middle of lOlfl is estimated al
15,169,531 persons.
Preserve Your Children's
Every mother should see that her
children's hair is dressed with Parisian Sage, the wonderful hair restorer and germicide. A little neglect on your part now, may mean
much loss of beauty when your ,;irl
grows up.
Parisian Sage is a rigidly guaranteed hair restorer and cures all scalp
diseases, prevents hair from falling
out and creates a rich luxuriant
growth of hair, a glory to woman
and the pride of man.
A pleasant hair dressing—ladies
like it, and the Beattie-Murphy Co.
guarantee every bottle lhat they sell
at 50c. and stands ready to refund
your money if it tails to do its
work. By mail postpaid from
(llroux Manufacturing Co., Kort
Krie, Ont. See that the (lirl with
tlie Auburn Halt is on each package. Sold and guaranteed hy The
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The most significant triumph ever
achieved by any portion (if the British empire fruit exhibits at the great
show of the Koyal llortieultnr.il
society in London has this year been
scored hy British Columbia, attested
by the award to this province of the
large gold Hogg memorial medal for
its general display, under the control
and direction of Commissioner E
Bullock-Webster. The present is ihe
first invasion on which nut disphi.
of tlie greatest of the old country
fruit fairs has been adjudged worth)
to command this significant trlphy,
emblematic of superlative rxocllchcc
In uddition, various districts nf Hm
ish Columbia, represenleil by clmrnc
terlstlc exhibit! at the ltoyal Horticultural society's exhibition, have
been well to the front in (tie Cflptun
of medals and awards <>i m;noi significance, the long list of victories «v
iug succinctly reported in a cable-
(gram received lasl week by Premier
Mellride, nnd sen! conjointly b)
Hon. Priee Ellison, minister of finance and agriculture, who is al pic-
sent In London, and .1. II. Turner,
the provincial agent general.
The cablegram reads as follows:
London, lice. 1.
Premier McBride, Victoria:
The Horticultural society today
nwarded the British Columbia government   the   large. Hogg medal    (or
Knlghtian medal, to (irand Koi
the silver gill llnul.siun medal;
the Okanagan, lhe silver KnighUnn
medal; lo llamloops, the silver
KnighUnn medal; the Salmon Arm,
lhe silver gilt llanksian medal, t >
Mrs. .lames Smith, the silver gill
Banksinn medal; to R. Fortune, Salmon Arm, lirsi pri/e and the silver
cup for the best collection of four
varieties of desserl apples, and to
.1. W. Cockle, Kaslo, the second pri/e
in this competition.
(Signed)  Kllison,  Turner
Any available Dominion Lauds
within the Itailway Hell iu British
Columbia, may be liomesteaded by
any person who is the sole head ol a
fuuiily, or nny male over 18 years ot
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of 100 acres, more or less.
Kutry must he made personally at
the local laud ollice fur the district
in which lhe laud is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, bo made ou
certain conditions by the father,
mother, sou, daughter, brother or
sister of an intending homesteader.
| The homesteader is required to per-
tor, the conditions connected Ihere-
i wilh under one uf the following
(1). Al least* six mouths' residence
upon and cultivation of lhe laud iu
each year for three years.
(2). II lhu father (or mother, il
the lather is deceased), of the
homesteader icsulcs Upon a (arm in
the vicinity ol the laml entered (or,
the roqulrontonLs as to residence may
he satisfied by such porson residing
with Un- father or mother.
i.(). it the settler has lus permanent residence upon (aiming laud owned by him iu the vicinity of his
homestead, the rcqulromcnts as lo
residence may bo satislled by residence upon thu said laud,
Six mouths' notice in writing
should hu given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
intention to apply for pntcnt.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period of tweiity-oue
years al -an annual rental nf $1 per
acre. Not more than 2,.r*',l) acres
sliall be leased to one Individual or
company. A royalty nt tbo rate of
five cents per ton shall he collected
on tho merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 20-20t
Trade Msnnt
Copyrights <fcc.
Ktir-*-iit Hnitlnf tikfrtrtt ittid dMOrtMlMttnti
n-.i lit ,i*»Triiiiii i-ir .-: n.'.ii ttoo whtOu-r an
ii,v*-t.ii-*i iM'f'*'.i'*y i''i«;,'J*»htftJ^-'*''iii*,*ii**«'
•i,.it-...mcii*-.'..■.tn-t-i.ti.il. HANDBOOK *'■■ -*'■■'••..».
-..■nt freo. oi.l.'-t nirctu-r furr-MUtnUMMttb
t-'KCM-i luki-ii tliruiuli Mulin Jt Co. rtialTt
Scientific American.
A tatdMMT•'*; tllmirji-xl -a-***-,!-*-    Up**** ■■!■*■
ilUlioli i.l iiii? F.:*-i,lltl.' )ui.i.»i. Itllin l«r
Caruta. !*:. I. )*-»!, '-.-rfJl!*- l-tr-Ml'l- -*»*<1 ■>?
Sil .ii*(airallt-I.lv
MUMN & Co.*—-—**- New Yoifc
UrtUK-n onif-a, Cft v St.. w*i*tiiu-t*.i., I'. t.
I, Thomas Win. Barnes, intend to
apply lot permission to purchase
eighty (80) acres of land hounded as
Commencing at this post (being
planted at tlte south-east corner of
Lot M'li.. Group 1, Kootenay District), thence east 20 chains, thence
north -in chains, thence west >
chains, thenee south 10 chains.
Thos. Wm. Barnes.
11th October, 1910. 34-91
TAKK NOTICK that Annie Mer-
Ington, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation, .Ma.iieil Woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east comer of Lot 10097,
QtOUp One, Kast Kootenay district,
theme west 2H chains, more or less,
to the east bank of the Kootenay
river, thence south easterly aloiin
said bank a distance of thirty
chains, more or less, to the west
boundary of Lot 315, Croup one,
thence north along the said wes-I
boundary a distance ol twenty
chains, more or less, to point of
commencement, ami containing forty
acres, more or less.
Annie Merington, Locator
J. O. Cummlngs*, Agent.
Staked Nov. r>th, 1910,        .tR-yi*
TAKK NOTICK tbat the Bridges
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply for permission to purchase thc
following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the north-east corner of Lot 3000,
tlience following Lot M easterly ;"■■
chains, thence south 2fi chains, thenee
13 chains, more or less, to K. O. It*
right-of-way northerly to south-east
right-of-tlay northerly to south east
corner of Lot :io,;n, thence noilb
following eastern boundary of Lot
8060, to point of commencement, containing 40 aen-s, more or less.
Dated at Kort Steele, B.C., Ihis
laJnil day of October, 1910,
Tho Bridges Lumber Co , Ltd.,
.1   K. Bridges, Locator. 8*9*01
Hint an application will t-e i-uidc on
behalf of the Kootenav Central Rail
way Company to the I loal (I ol Rail
waj Commissioners fur Ciinuda ut
ilu* expiration of four weeks umn
the dale of ibis    notice or us   soon
lliele.lltet BS the application Can    be
heard for a recommendation to the
(Intern i In-Codnoll lor ihe sanction
of u lea.se id Ibe railway of the Koo
lenny Central Rnilwnv Company lu
ilu* Canadian Paeiiie Railway Company for it term ol nine hundred and
ninety-nine years Irom tbe first *ta>
of January , nineteen hundred nnd
eleven, utton the terms nnd conditions thru-Hi mentioned.
This notice is given pursuant to
Nelson's l.<*ailing Motet
I*.mini* with Ihttlot.   'Phone in
everv room
Bin t^r Shop on tin* premises.
Thoroughly up-to-datp.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
K.  TOMKIN, Manager
Chop   Suey   Noodle
Agin.-*. M-..i.it.,i.i Om) M-..I
A Resident   Agent  to   write
Fire Insurance in thc Dbtrict-
Oniy  Good  Product!  need
apply*    tiiVtnt;   lull   ptrticti
Ian with credential*-   Good
comnmsiun.    Application*! to
Iv forwarded to
iis display ol fruit, this Mm;      ihr
first oeraslon on   which this    medal [tlto provisions ol Section :inl til
has been awarded to anyone In    llic j Itailway Act.
history ot this toeiety.    The society J II. C. Oswald,
has   ahd awarded   to    0, II. I.awse I Secretary Kootenay Central Hallway
the silver llnnksian medal; to     Vnn-|      Company,
eouver Island    the silver Kilt Hniik-     Dated at Montreal the Ifith day ol
alu modal, tu Keicincos, tbe   silve    November, 1910. 40 Rt
Soloman Koury
uiiAi.r.ii in
! I Dry Goods,  Men's Fun.ish-
ings, Jewelry, WaIcIks,
;       Ladles' Wrappers and
Silk Kimonas
ll-lt 1
aiBiffisiatfiaidii.';. ,v wapisiaj THE- CRA.NBHOOK.   HJBBisLD
Work for -wWomaniyBrain »nd Hand
ble Welcome Pr Q
-. "**MsSfe.\;-/,.
K -4
t *.'.-' '7*' ^
SMILING    race
hand   are  iii.ii.-e.
mi* when u guesl en
uu.*. but there are se
practlt .ii  demonstration-)   m
people   forgel   to  give   thai   ,
acterlstlc <*r   thorough   i-uti
These are found lu ihe preparation o(
the  guest   room    There  musi   be  no
obvious   disruption   »f  the   household
(•.■luiii.'. but comfort nnd weieoini  ean
I.-  combined  with  um.*  trouide  und
with wonderful su< cefcfl
Have you ever full) iipprei la led the
convenience of hangei«? Kor huh *
mnl fur gowns there in Inexpressible
comfort in a generous suppl] in the
wardrobe,   and   sure!)   In   iliese  days
uf bargains   there is * «,. ■■•<•■ t**r ..
lech ui wooden nnd wire frames
Clean out the wardrobe or closet.
nml hang the forms upon the hooks
or rod. Che your guesl opportunlt)
to . njoy un wrinkled dresses it im
mu. h a llllle thing  lo .i..
The   bureau  di awei i mum
of their glory ■ •( winter underwear or
s'lttii irtatns    There Is nothing so
careless .,-  *■*  forget  to give e guest
:i   |'l li -     foi    . ollllt -   Ml I    IreSS    it'i • --
sorli ■ thai ■ nnnoi  '■■   kept in ward
nd |  ., trunk nnd thai should bv
■ ■-   ■ ■
...    . ....      .  ...
II.'II-     w    ■
i ■ ■ ■ vh lors
c ii
do   that
an.i   »hen   n«i   p. i tonal   Inti
,-*'■*•    - wm
■-■■■i**J.V;v rtj-jl
-I-SS" »***»**-' '-'     *a»Wl
>*.J-a-*.•:*..'   .     ; ...    ■ ar,** ,
their welfare Is expected Hul when
Jon ara entertaining friends, you
should provide foi ihe correspondent'-
thai  win be n pari of n slay
\ well-sh*■■**..*.i desk, wlm fresh Ink
and pens n generous suppl) nf note
pupei ii lid rnvt*|f'|i( M tu., sllel ;,r>.
enough i id ■ li ... I do Hug \*m\ with
rd imp* « not t .'-,,■ -i i*,-h | me ur
money it will .|.. ih .|...|'i. nil) i..i
llie  thought ruble-** ..(   ihe hostess,
.; ,r--t-i   Hlioultl   !>■■   allowed   l»   with-
■h , .*. from ihe fai ur. f..i a short
time   each   daj      Tin   -   should   lie   n
giiesl  laMe in the i i   ->n  which Ifl
■ hmeitt f.-t mind nnd Ml)    Two
..i three books ••» nuiKnzlnt'g are al-
wnvs    -I-I-'- ■ Ihled       Idd    in    these   n
glass nnd n plichei .-r dear Iced water
an.! a ptaH n| • ,* • ■ t- The tangible
expression ..f consideration l^t your
•rt-dloi   will   1-  hailed   with   toy
Oo nol forge l tbal guests an- Dalits
to tear gnrtni uls <1 ■■■ fe.-i the ncces
sit] foi tlu tm *-. !•■ !•■■ of ihe si Itch
in Hm-' l.-t a aorta liMtl rn Im»* full,*.
:*■•' with tl Imtde. scissor*,
thrs 11   and   r* ■ -.'•-    \ •   .-   the   ■.* -est
• ..- ». ■ (nit, .. • ... t enjo) run*
nlnfl   lown In ncu-Uu-ne   to   it***.   h»r
• ,.--■■>.   f.,i   *,   needle      l.*-t   lhe   iimiin-
tain in tht- rase .■■■ "■ Mohammed
These ^i- hi - ., '• • ilepplng lloneg
to sin ressful • ti*. rtalnlng Well
selected pnpet -."•■ irtlstlr pictures *
bright cheerful r-«.ni nn.l the little
material   eomfnris   thai   room   for oo
.■  .i    the    ...-r-
,■;■■ -•*'   -* i h     81 nl**   ihe   / icel
• ■   r     ',•!.!   ■*'*■';.    .'    •     ■>•     fete   ;■•  ...f i.f
\... i with '■■ *-* ** • Ii "*•-* a* ap*
pl-it-OS to  the   fori l r     The
i.-   i. nns and       s at* not half no
-* pormm snd a   r-.r..e... when
he memor. ■: ■ thatighifuln*gg
per-slsis i:i ii M -f the gm-st
Men and the Fashion
Must women do not Mem to realltt.
Jimt how much men ,-re them*
iwlves slaves to the Ian nt fashion.
They -ir.' really more obeer
ctianglug stylea than oru ibch wives and
sisters, and far k>sa ltid«|iendeni In Iheir
rt.ol.-e of riot hi ng Th" v. • y color of
their lies mid -nek* is preordained, and
•in id j a would dream of disobeying t!.e
mandate .More .ver. .or. fad ■■• .
shads ii"*. -Ji't*e.ir*4 in ihe liBherdash*
er.*: window* v Immediately worked to
death t„ an extent of which any woman
WOUhl he (inhumed.
It-eel-le-lly,   OtCfl  ftltW .ire  the  flgVCl Of
HEAR   "ii. h   of   lbs   "Il!»le
ik* kit hen     ffeonomy
: ike  ihi     big hole** In
the   hOtl   ■ *-• ■  I  --  -       ' 'I f   the-je
little things i ■-• mi ndlng --t tn*
numerous nrilclea nf tinware l" '.s«
in kitchen ' di •:.- procew which is
often attended with --» great deal e!
Inconvenience Mien th. nrtli-Ie *r.o**r
Iiu Kent from homo for mending buf
which  Mi*   *■ ■■■'.  or  housekeeper **&r.
■ isil]     i. . ..ir   II-!,   With   j  little   rrar-
liuy 3 *-ent?t worth ->f muriatU add,
and put int.. ir ,n thc zinc It will
dissolve Scraps "f line may probably
be secured from the ■'llthop
Purchase io r*r.ts **.-r,rth of hard
••older Whenever ■ leak rnak***i Its
appl trance   in   any   of   -.h»   tlr.w-.r-.
serai ft any runt fi.-.t may ^•• round
i». th.*n drop e-.m* ot ,,.<- a-*ld 'i;.on It
:■*- clean It; cut ..ff a p.*** of the ioI
■terlng md - ice II :ijvn the halt and
hold -he vessel over a burnlna- la-rr*
■ ■r mi   r;.ifn-   ■'■'-*-.   •;■ -*  leak   tra>   he
• lpoetii t" hem. un*.u tha solder melts
trd spr-ssds ipyutih to cover the hole:
t»vn remove and hold In position until
l!ie vulJer cools enough  io h-irdt-n
If it is necessary to mend sn) part
of *h*» tln-wir-- th**. cannot be e*tpnsed
'o the flam* or sto.e heat hove an
Iron ep'.-on in which iu melt (he solder, *r»-a( the leak In the fdin<- manner a.-* to cleaning ano applying lhe
Mid; ha'-* i poke) *i.aj,.* hoi nnd hold
It on th* lr.tj. until the parts around
->•« bested, and then pour the solder
uur grandmothers us«d to prevent
the nvarlnis of the bottoms of pans
snd ket'ie^ V putting I-*** "f pewter
«n rh*m.  -ir.-l w» cnuld make our tin-
*ir» lost much longer b> puttlns \*.-c*
ot lotder or, all that is nol to b«
used jr. the stove All thai i*- necessary i*. tc cl-*;ir. *> :-lac< wl't- the add.
m**.t ***tr,e solder Ir. a spoon aim -."iir
It -jn •Jowly. l»ttir.-a It harden until
the   little    knob?   nr   logs   .,re    luree
•r,.j*jgh to *■- •erviccsble
M   W  /S \ir=>%     K-sh**-    ^'   9    TwoPointstoLookTo ^T^aCtS;
I—} /ryli   J3    J\    IC W ft *    ?P^ ^   aVM      H W7in '     "" ' '"'
I  / f/\      l7——J J   / C \*     / E ,'«       '•     i        ■» /^    .        ft VV     " ,r '    •*'     '■' *■ Th* •T0,,, "* H '••■• "■*">■ ll mere cf-
\J \J     L/   V7 ( ^   L^ »/    tt ■    :      .,   -. ■     .      " "» ...      , ,-.,Hi w ^ f,c. ftt W9rh. and this l* l-might abooi       J
vV »*..■     •    \       (       !JTt*/*jft?        ' !r.l,...,i    .. -    ,.   -     Ml   ■„.......,- ...   tot   a.   »h-   design   goefl,   bv   n   few        *■
f *./* " *«twMFV *»"A«H be .*'.i-'.     •■■ "V ■•*•" Ih  ihe doshi vtrakts «f the pencil, whlrh prr»*
■'-*   l| . gfl '  tht      ■ ■-•  rr.erA! 1* i-ea:
!nt" ibape, and :   i will not fsfl.
In making ■ Ither of these artleUi  te
■   <r t •".-*■* of braaa.   F-r
n or lltumlnsllng.. ■ ■ i i■.. nt
-i  iu :in< Rionklsi   in   *   •   md
. i
i- i   ■ . i ,„i,. th-ii
I ! :
1.  . i*
)   .i.v~**J.V-/ VV.'c >
li fLTf /I J   F^^:-r,
UlVtiUt ^^z-
■     i.i
ling   i.
1 '
■    1
ll    .   .
if the   .'   satn
1 e  ■ ,    ., here
ll    ll
•  are  i*""i  f
ii .
'      *
em    ig     m
'    ,     11
•   rin i-i.   - - »
..I.l 1
ictii-ti  I
i nib
ai j
• ..   thi
ii ,n  gothlc  In
Ol II  .
,  ibu
.in n     T
'     Kuril
1. ■-
i    i  ■'
i    .-i i-i ,.f pie
bin k
let ler.
old   fourtesntli
■\   -,lln*
re fn-  ilui in oilltlnt.
-I ■! ll    |'l
■ u..
•fi  l
■ . rin ; nre 'he
I rea ll
ie    tl
■  smaller  half-
Irish   lypt)   but
Uio .1 pretty and . a pa ble ..r glirai l
Ivc .i itlotis iii ihe Marking of mot*
to<- i iv Italics are. ,.f ,'*i,ir-..-. ihe besl
oi ■■■   iid itund-byi in general w.irh
Tl*--'' letters are workOi) wilh tin- !•■ "i
em.-, ornlghl or slanting] iht- lung
ti.i      *    lell era mratglii. Ho- hro.nl.  low
«i.-        n  Ittu       A   i: I   plan,   where
Ih ich  latlorlng in be dime   h
to large ami imgll t)*-a, *.o u
i   * • ■     ud ul .-'.--.     -.
roi is 1
■ ■■ i      i   ..
.   ■ n It'i .   *
1 ' '■ vL'nt*    ■> Aft"
i . . ■    :
I '■,■-.*  Ir.
It. I •        • '
■ .   \-     •■:     ■■ ...    all  I
.   ., I   I    1*    I , I   ..
I   i-!.-      \ -     *
wl '■■'. bfl        ...'.'. i «    *
il when drj    ■   ■      \ * ■
*.   ; ild li il mis ■ I  .i'-l   .:   ..■■.!    Thi
.1      ...  ■  .    i
**   li irnl '■*■-..-     •.   , ■ tie Imt
niahori and Ihs . .        *
*.*..'      •  .    v . i-,l
».'I  Is  hesl   roiuhlntstl  with  arem  ->r
■   ■       md   jj ■ .1    .i ■ i    m im   . .;.ir*.
fi-ivtit   r-tyles,   mi,!
iithi i  r. i - ■ ... t. Herin
oiimtu,utal    luiil..;        t i,      v
■ ' ,, 11,|    .*    .-,,        .    . ■ ., ,
tdti.'k Motk being nsprclall)  qu iim and
 ■ Mine I In i     ■. . -.. •...
w henever  ptwslh •    .■*•   n in hmi n
p i|..-t   cil ■ -i   i   in   hi •
!"    Ilpl      ni I I ■ i.*   .i. .1   ...ie  nan
**r tl Id  lu  i o  nl   «   '• -      CoUl   in
wnti ;      i-erv  citeftil   m   ihis
;i     ■    ■ . ',*,■   i.ii.t-
. .   ■ ■ l        ■ iir* art    if
 ' ■■ ■   al i.  lhe i
'••Herb ■  ■-' in i   gel    .   i-.uk
on   II ll   ■   I   i ■ i*   ;i >|     ;■ .    you   lOOW
li   in   *,.■.!     i  I .*-   tn   e
■■--  me"    ll   Is   - •*■'••    moth »■    not
•   ;■•■ 1   nf Hi      I   ■ --  ,* d tti health*
fuliesi |    Uteri    are   -n.-fii
e   *•   ,.-.   who -I     -    ■      ll '-':   lli ..   ihll
■'     ■:.■■ smsri   and
... ,.
;   rha|ts  ll same  mothers
'■■*.'• i   ; '      *.,.\-   th) ■
i. en -e'i* • i ■ •
."*■:■■    iri •   . ■ ■    |wo
i   •-.,.■ . Iti. tbt jt
-    imeri il  ■  •    ills
i r    "t. Iou-I
' • ■ --      -.   me ■■•      •'*      irel *-t.
■ •   -« -i   ir I . n the n
• ■*   tables   nr I air nl   ,•   - Ith   ll
m thougihi as t- •-    rtlspln)   ,.f im*
ii- in-  and   ■ -sler n                   '■,,,
The  r ""   U •'■ ...  In our -titles
■'    -  ■■ ■  it ■ ■■■.- _   whalsoe-ri •
■'•'   t   - I      il ■       ■    ,      •   ,   .
"f .OH |,1U     •••,'        .        ■ I J*-. .      .       Q ,,„
ti    careful
Her- nre iwo pidnis ..f dressing
ib*ii li vtntld i- well '..* the of.
r i.i.r« io « ■■ .   i.o diligently,
Plants in a Room
Wi:r.\N\.-i- ..n. im hlgbirthe
value ' ■ - ■ limit « room
The.     -.     .. ||me    re j I
f-l-'il*-.   Il.rl,  - I     l ll  |h| tspl-
•>"■-'.   f-    :'.'.■'       ,|        .,   ,   ,„    ,,.
1 "'■ It. and if a    ■      ■.-.*..      .,,,
ti   liter .,**  0-,-e* , -,    |f   .V   w.   .,, „,„,   „
md stimtwi or winter I     g   ,..,   .  ..
trove, besrwlmesi ■   Ihe can .*-■-. -*-;
■'■•" i    II        I'i'i. ■ |gh    mm,*..' ,     -,    .
' \ "<■• "" '■ :   ite  *«ii .ilii •■ otntlng ni..- •-    k • i, ■ pk| , in
itienilon, b-n «]« , , ..;.,*. , ,,..
I- tr ihe ,.■- ter ■   gi -... din ng
■.. -i* nnthlng *   n.,n  m
■ '".i !• ■■* i ■* ■ i a - . f- •■ i i
livMrlutha ■> fun • ' iIIim a<i.i as
Ihe IhiIIm   r.   if)   iM .   !. is    ...
iml ■.*."-*■    ...    be fl led .< ■
CHI -t« it litis     i . ii  ■    ■  .-
■leilght ai«. n h.  H     In | » or lid
ness tbey •*■>. *.,    goASUUIt (r,.:. 1.
■   Isrgs pglch-H of f'-"m
■•tonal rI*iv  m-irk"   **• .,  variation
To he nrseii, ,1. |#* ,.,      -, ,, .., .   „•*.
",.   -.ri ■   o-   ...    .,*-,* f\ |]    which,   In
• ■h«*- brass oi . »..|-»-r   i* "i '.  'ui li
■»     .*   fourteen • *   -".■-•      ■   h width
, *  r    -*..,... •    ,
* inning * ii
1 '■ snd two Im •• mire n* tbg
■ ■ •-*'* 1- * I... a make the two
ii e- ; -:■ luggested i tetur r.-ck
and the tso Mdl    ' I : whri I
*    O'.''o\>*    'J*'-
■ nol ■•• iv slevon
txtrtuns "nd ot
■   ra indad deatgfo,
destgn befora in* IwiHliag process Is
bsgu ■ ■j' im tr- ess ■■"! i rst tl a- the
•.wo tndi -jr *t * ttookra •* in I .- ■■-
tbi **a:ire way t-i- * ;i in-- aid of ,l"*
istgn* ■jf-'jc*' two separate iiblottgs !>••
mg :ut froni :iie brsis each mm .*.' g
•ii snd <* h«u inches l.y itneu and n
h-tif incr-i
The "pitch Mnefc" ••' '-*1 *-.**-* * Si
■jr.i»-*w-ffker, or th'- smsteur"! ito* v. of
India rubber, li T,'«* fo in
wbi !i * 1 '-u iht iheef ,.f brass wiih
Ite f,.- downward •: i IU design patted on ih" wrong "He
The worg ■' PJJu-esalon wnieb ro-
ndta In fshef on tug other side, li
prudu. ed hv ths s*" t or heir]
ping .jf * wooden mallei oi . i
b.-innie- whti* Ibe smgllei ; ■*'« if •'•
dsstgi ar- t.-. Dghl ml h) pressuri
fbst (
fi-iin al     i.'T.i
'l*!*-*i    .'••
-*.,,.. . •  ■ pul
IShMhtf   d#---B*
«■> -i.--bi.ie thlrkneti   ,. .
•■r capi-e- will ..■ ton ihii    md PttsWe,
nn utm nuallti-M , r     le ihiek-
MM     Wl I      I.-     ihe     f.  , gth  •      ,.  .    :
Itna-ri'ie iih •  •■■i»| i   ,» -*,
"*|   e'n-ijl.tr t-'ifip*
thkt   « -    irtirl,. in   tjent
■ ill   axu'iint  the
IS] fl        "  i I  'llagrain
\.    ..jr.i)    v-,   mil  worg   gat  tin
■ion or relief work, Ota wbd*** value of
•he nnlshsd flgnrsg dtpiirus" t*n the fttb
■ng shown hy th. sftllt. ether pt*o«
feKilanai 01 amateur, -a.... t.«u rgbtwrsd
i.g«n ile esytf-au *h THK    (JK.AN BROOK   HBRALD
.■•CTC? I
/j^     g^ i
•tSiiaia     <C«li >
T?o        o
Baker Street, CRANBROOK, B.C.
--TJ' 11
To Attend the Formal Opening of Our
And Grand   Reception  In  Commemoration  of  Our Fourth
Anniversary, flonday   Evening, December Nineteenth
at  Twenty  O'clock.
We will be pleased to have every citizen of Cranbrook and surrounding district
attend and heip us make this one of the Big; Events of the Season. Please
do not stay away because you may not be a customer of ours: we are
all friends anyway and we will be disappointed if you don't come.
The attendance at the opening of this big store four years ago was
amazing: we want this to surpass all previous efforts. We have gone to
great expense in remodeling the store and we believe, now more than
ever, that it is one of the finest in the West. In the alterations we have
not forgotten the comforts of the Ladies, we have provided for them a
rest room where they can meet their friends, write a letter, read a
magazine or rest. We have secured Stephen's Orchestra for the occasion
and other music will also be provided. We will endeavor to make it
pleasant for you. Come, see the new store, hear the musical programme
and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and cake for which this Store has a most
enviable reputation. Our full staff will be on hand to show you through
the big building and explain the many conveniences of a modern up-to-
date store. No goods will be sold after eighteen o'clock on above date.
We want you to enjoy the evening and every one connected with   the store
will be at your service.
Monday Evening, December Nineteenth at 20k.
1. Overture
2. March
3. Valse
"Poet and Peasant"
Stephen's Orchestra
In Monte Carlo Town"
Pianoforte Solo (a) Intermezzo "Cavalieria
Rusticana" Mascagni
(b) "Nocturne in Bb" Chopin
Geo. D, Ingram
5. Barndance   "Man In The Silv'ry Moon"
6. Two-Step "Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune"
7. Player Piano Selection "Tannhauser" Wagner
8. Medley Waltz "When the Daisies Bloom"
9    Vocal Solo "If I Had a Thousand Lives To Live"
(Orolioitrn Accompaniment) l]?t J^t Ball
Geo. D. Ingram
10. Selection "The Geisha" Sidney Jones
1. March "Fire Drill"
2. Indian Intermezzo "Silver Bell"
3. Rag, Two-Step "Cotton Babes"
4. Pianoforte Solo "Gingerbread Man"
Geo. D. Ingram
5. Two-Step        "Cubanola Glide"
6. Waltz "Eily Reily"
7. Player Piano Selection
"Old Gray Bonnet"
8. Medley of Popular Airs , "Silv'ry Moon"
"Y'p-I-Addy-I-Aye," etc
9. Vocal Solo     -       Selected
Geo. D. Ingram
10. Selection "A Country Girl" L. Moncton
aaaaaaaaaa T.HJC   ORA-NUHOOK    HKKALD
News of the District
♦        GATEWAY I
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. Klcmmiug, of Port Hill, is
now acting as Inspector ol customs
at Gateway, Mont.
Mr. mnl Mrs. Wit It marsh accom-
juuiit'll Mr. Cliurlla Young home \o
Kalispell, Mont., <m Saturdav from
Gateway anil returned on Tuesday.
Mr. W. I*'. 13 row ii ami son woro visitors in town on Tuesday.
Mrs. S. 1'. .Johnston and her moth-
' er-iu-luw, hnvo loft for the tatter's
ho Iim In Colfax, Wash.
Thc Crows Nest Pass Lumlier
company's departmental sloro hns
been busy for the past few days putting on holiday attire, and considerable Christmas trade has already
heen done.
(Special correspondence.)
Since Llie frost has la-en doing its
work with nature, it has presented
us willi it sample of iis handiwork,
hy beautifying our Hume spillway
with hugo icicles and large mounds
of Ice formed hy lhe spray ol the
waterfall, which presents such ii
perfection. The view is sn interesting we cannot refrain from making
mencion of it.
Preparations arc lieing mudc to bourn the lirst school at Hull River.
We now havo the requisite number of
trustees selected, and ean supply the
number of scholars required, All we
need is ilu- school "marm" and the
honks. Kor these necessities we
have sent in our application to the
superintendent of schools, who has
promised to supply us with these
wauls as soon as we have every arrangement properly made.
Neal Cameron, nf .Mayook, visited
camp last Saturday. We are always pleased to see Seal, as he is an
old timer here, having put in a great
many days of hard work. "Incidentally" ho remained for the dance in
the evening.
Mrs. II. II. Henderson has lieen on
the sick list during the past week,
and the domestic duties were performed by Harry.
The poverty dance as announced
was held at the hall last Saturday
night and was a success io every
particular, notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weather. The old
clothes worn for the occasion were
very appropriate to meet the conditions of thc rain and slush. Those
from abroad in attendance were Misses Ida Penson and Olga Motmson, of
Wardner, Mr. .lohnson. of .laffray and
.Veal Cameron, of Mayonk. The
party dispersed at an early hour,
mutually satisfied thnt the night had
been enjoynbly spent.
Two serious accidents occurred In
the C.P.H. tie camp the past week.
One man cut his foot, tlie other
man did not get nwny in time from
a falling tree, was caught hy It and
received a broken arm and a badly
bruised head Both were taken to
the hospital
9 *
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. .1. Downey, our local photographer, was in Galloway this week
doing some photographing.
PollOCtllfttl   Adncy   wenl   to     Nelson
a low days ago with u ptlsonei anil
returned ou Saturday ovening.
Mrs. Levi Fern was taken to Cranbrook hospital on Wednesday last
suffering with fever.
Mr,  v Sheppard, ol Joltray, spent
a few tiny* lust week with his family
Mi 11 l.al'ointi- left on Saturday
last im Galloway, where he will
spend a few days
The cinws Nest Pass Lumber com
pan) an- opening up a new lumber
eamp neai Klko
A gong oi men imw- been busy for
the pasi few days clearing ofl the
waste I nnd <<ii ilu- opposite side of
tlit- Kootennj river, across from the
town When cleared ami properly
drained this will Ih* om* of tin- most
fertile ipota to in- lound anywhere tu
lhe district, and will he iis-.il lor
ngrloitltural purposes
Sleigh bells have been heard jing-
liug bore lor the pnit few days but
(be snow fall as yel has been very
light ami the weather extremely
The Wardner school will close lor
the present term on Friday, December Ifloh. A programme of music,
recitations, dialogues', etc., is being
prepared for the afternoon. All
Interested in any way in school matters are cordinlly Invited tn be
When the children begin early in
December writing letters to Santa
Claus to tell him what they want
for Christmas, that's a hint for
Santa Claus to begin early In December selecting and laying in thc
gifts he is going to put In the
Christmas stockings on Christmas
I've. The early bird picks tbe
plumpest plume.
(By Fred Roo.)
Holly Hrown, of the .1. II Ash-
down, Nelson, ll-lt-o-W-X was in
Klko this week selling stem winding
mouse traps, flat! rolls ami oilier musical instrucnienls.
I tend next week's Klko notes in the
Herald, then buy a few copies to
send home lo your aunty
The Merchants bank stuff are inov
Ing nto their new building tbis week
and uot a bit tuo soon, salt) the popular manager, Wickson. This place
is far too small to hold the deposits alone with any degree of comfort.
The Progressive Investment company are making greut improvements
on their fruit tracts west of thc
town. The Crows Nest Lumber
company are building camps and huve
bought all tho logs and timber, and
the whole tract will be cleared fnr
spring. Several Knglish market
gardeners are here hauling nitrate ol**
soda from the stables in town and
building glass houses. So help my
.Josephine but we'll have fresh vegetables the year round, and tn hear
them speak of rhubarb, why they'll
have no difflculty in selling the stalks
for mine props and fence posts. Keep
your eye on Elko.
Professor Starr, speaking in Chicago, said all women were savages.
Well, here's three cheers and a coyote for savagery.
Percy Stow, of Raynes Lake, left
for Kngland, and will return in thc
spring with several hop growers from
There are about seventeen Odd
Fellows in and near Klko and lots of
young timber, and a meet inn: was
held in the opera house green room
and committees formed to try and
form a lodge nt this hyaefnth-tintcd
and picturesque burg. More particulars later.
M. Phillipps, of Fruitlands, wns in
KIVo a few hours Monday. Mr.
Phillips owns one of tlw most picturesque places in South Kast Kootenay.
Elko it. the Gateway t-o the famous Tobacco Plains. Keep your optic on this column and we'll tell you
all about it. It's the place where
they grow mealy Irish spuds. two
handled pumpkins nnd double yolkcd
.Iim Tbiitlebeak, the Klko philosopher, is digging up the old C.P.R.
dry well and cutting it up into post
Charles Yeandle arrived in Elko
Sunday morning from tbe South
Pork with two fine deer, this making
bis limit (five) in all. Dead shot
Charlie brought the meat in on Char-
Icy Kay's old Fred Horse and walked down tbe street like a presidcot
oo parade. He left on Mondav
morning's west bound train for
t'ranbrook, looting like a section
boss giving a man his time
Mr. J. Mates, Frank Dickinson nn.l
Mr Ward outfitted at Fred Roo's
store tor their big game hunt on
the Wigwam river
If vou are happy you are wealthv
Wealth cannot buy happiness
Klko is the most talked of town
along the Crow Head next week's
Tbe reason Fernle was so crowded
last Friday was caused by the .Menu* from Klko
Society notes withheld this wee!,
on account ol tbe soft weatbci
ing is dosed, but simply applies to
thc use of games, reading and lounging rooms and baths.
The door uf the railway Y.M.C.A.
will never be locked and those rooming In tbe building or any person
desiring to use. the restaurant can
come in at any hour day or night.
The membership fee of ?10 gives lhe
holder the privilege of using the
baths as often as he may wish, thr
member to supply his own towel and
soap. For thr accommodation of
those who do not bring towels and
soap, such will he kept in Unbuilding aud rented at a nominal
charge ol 10c. This charge Is simply to cover cost of laundry and wear
of towel, etc.
Smoking (with the exception of tbe
cigarette) will bo allowed in tho
lounging room, nnd in the basement
where the bowling alleys and billiard and pool tables ure located
All privileges ure for the use oi
members only and charges mentioned
are for those already members.
Strangers to our city, us well as
residents, will bu welcomed to tho
building, ami members may bring
their friends to the association und
may on application to the secretary
secure permission for tboin to ust
the privileges for that day or even'
When ibe building is finished and
ready for occupancy an "opening
day will lie arranged for and "open
house" will lie the motto for that
day. Every man, woman and child
will he welcomed that day to every
part of the building.
The man who hnlds a membership
ticket in this association will be
welcomed by nny Y.M.C.A. in the
world. The Y.M.C.A. Is found in
every Continent and in almost every
nation in the world and has at the
prescnl time about one million members.
The Paris basis adopted by the
Y.M.C.A. at Paris in 1851, and by
every association since organized is
as follows:
"The Young Men's Christian as-
sneiatinn seeks tn unite those young
men, who regarding Jesus Christ
.is their God and Savior, desire to
In- His deeiples in their doctrine and
in their lives, and to associate their
efforts for the extension of His
Kingdom among young men."
choice of "mine host Goo. Iloggarth, for the office ol president of
! tlie H. (*. Curlers' association. The
• win- states thai lloggarth's election
I to and acceptance of the presldencj
■ created unbounded enthusiasm.
the three main entrances
same time, the youngsters
lem Mace, the hero of thc ancient
pri/v ring, recently died in London
from old age. He was in bis eightieth year. Although at one time
he was worth $1,000,000, of recent
years he had to he dependent upon
the assistance of his friends.
"Jem" Mace was born in Beeston.
in Norfolk, and in his day wat» one of
the greatest of boxers. He was the
tirst man to bring science into the
name. Hir first fight was with Bill
Thorpe, whom he beat in 18 rounds.
When Tom Savers retired from the
championship in I860, Mace was regarded as bis legitimate successor,
but his supremacy was soon challenged by tlie noted Tom King The
i met in January, lS-BS, when at-
13 rounds Mace was given the
verdict. For the next ten years he
was practically invincible.
MRS      R
A mwtiiiR oi ih* provisional commit In* ol thi* Y.M.C.A. w»» teW In
Um Y.M.I' A building on Monday
nif-ht, Itwmli.T !itli, and lli.' follow*.
inn business wm trtnMOte-1
A linaniv eommlUeo wns sppolnlod,
consisting ol li. T llnmn.r. Joe,
Sunis ami IV. .1. Manl*'**.
a committal to arrange delimit*
jitkTs .m rooms with tlt»* minimum
nnd maximum |irlrr set Ity Iln* wholfl
committal Tin*, committal is com*
imscd oi the following mombew. *t
Brown, w. .1. Muloy and Secretary
Twt. The minimum rate is to lie
(8 lor single rooms, and themaiimi.m
not to eieeed 116, for double room
or IS lur each occupant ol double
A committee to arrange plan and
prices for restaurant was also an.
pointed and consists ol the following
members: W. II. Wilson, 11. Wanlesa
and Secretary Teet.
The price for Uie use ol thc billiard and pool tables was fixed at
30c. per hour lor billiards and Sc.
per cue for pool.
Tho price per game in thc bowling
alleys was fixed at 10c. per p-amr
The hour for closing thc building
(so tar as the use ol thc games and
baths, etc., are concerned) was set
at 22 30 (10 30 p.m.)
a largely attaidcd meeting    ol
ihe Lades'   Aid of   the   Hethodlil
''liurcli mi Wednesday allcrnoon last,
at iln* residence .■( Mrs. Qeorge
Powell, after tin* usual business was
disposed of, a presentation was made
to Mrs U. Stewarl. who has been a
member of the Aid lot a long time,
and wbo is about to leave the city.
Mrs. Powell, the president, made tlte
presentation, a silwr fruit basket,
and Mrs. ll \. McKowan. the str-
retary, read an address, signed on
behalf ol lite Cranbrook Methodist
Ladles Aid by Mrs. II 11. Powell,
president, Mrs. II. a. EYtoKowan, secretary.
The following ladies were present:
Mrs. (I Powell, Mrs II A. Me*
Kuwait. Mrs .1 Shaw, Mrs K
Parts, Mrs Mumtrew, Mrs. T. I'as*
It Hushes*, Mrs. T. Chris
W. I nn, Mrs. II. Hrown,
McDougall, Mrs T Walton
. Argue, Mrs It. Stewart,
11. McKurlanr. Mrs. .1 It
, Mrs P Wesson, Mrs. T. C,
Mrs It. s Kalin. Mrs It
Mrs I: P. Johnston, Mrs
Murray,    Mrs    W. Ilavwanl
Ten was served at tin* close ill thc
presentation, and a photo ol lite Aid
was taken earlier in the afternoon
.1     1
The returns tu date in the 11iJ1Uj.Ii
elections point unmistakably to ihe
return of the Liberal governnienl and
it is now probable thai their majority will tie Increased The Libera I a
have made n gain of one .seat out
of lhe total returns registered up
to Tuesday night. The Bland ing of
tho parties aflei Tuesday's returns
was as follows:
Government coalition — Liberals,
Hit;, laboritcs, 30; Nationalists, -'■;,
total, 163.
Opposition—Unionists, 117.
Canadians generally, despite thcii
political leanings, will welcome ilu
news that "Fighting" .loe Martin
has retained Iks seal for St. I'an
oraa Kast. Tlie results in tli.n
constituency were as follows:
St. I'ancras, East: Martin, Liberal
3891; Hopkins, i nlonlsl, SC38; Jnc
olis. Suflragottc, 20.
I'Ulll-ERS OF II. C, Wll.I. OATI1-
K. II. Small, of thc Cosmopolitan
hotel, has received a telegram Irom
Oeo, Iloggarth, cronhrook's delegate
to the annual convention ol II. C.
Curlers, in session at N'elson, announcing thai Cranbrook had been
selected as tlie scene ol the next
annual bonspiel, and thc date Monday, January 16th. Cranbrook curlers will Immediately set about making preparations to give the visitors
a real good time.
Anolher telegram,    received     this
This does aot mean that the build-1 morning,   announces   tbe   unanimous
Tlie provincial government has decided ta creak* a department of railways and a bill for thai purpose-will
he Introduced al the nexl session oi
tlm legislature. No m-w portfolio
will be created for the presenl. Till
new department of railwavs will lie
attached to that of public works and
will be under lion. Thomas Taylor.
Call Monday for C.C.S, calendars.
French Haricot's velts (green
beans) in pin I bottles nud \\ lb,
tins ut Fink's Pure Food Grocery,
Central .Meat .Market opened mi
Monday with fresh I Died meats,
fls-h, game and poultry 13-11
In reference lo the resolution
by the Cranbrooh (tame Protect! vi
as-soclation at iis recent meet inn,
which called for the Institution ol n
gun license, the Herald has been advised by representative farmers ol
this district, that the general Imposition of such a tax would work a
hardship upon them. Tbey (tin
farmers) approve „t tbe gun license
system, but claim ehnl every farmci
should Ih* free lo shoot game on his
own property. It was suggested
that the (iatne Protection association
should refer their resolution to Hie
Cranhrook District Farmers' Institute, who would in- prepared t" endorse it with tin- modification suggested above. Ily so doin;: the
(lame association would likely secure
the support of the Farmers' Institutes convention which assembles at
Victoria next month.
French pearl mushrooms and mace-
do ine s in pint bottles al Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Prepare for the enme and g t your
curling stones ai Patmorc Pros.      •
Prepare for lhe tame and gel roue
curling stones ai Patmore Pros.     •
U'e».«cd Dolls.  \ma> Presents,
lethodist Bazaar. December 17
Buy father a chair f<>r Christmas.—
C. C. S.
We beg to inform our numerous
customers that wo have taken over
tlte premises 00 Maker street lately
occupied by Raworth Urns. Jewelers,
Thanking our customers for past
favors and trusting for continuance
of same —Citi Cleaning and Pye
Works l2-2t
The board ol trade have been fortunate in securing tbe services of the
Columbis Concert Quintette for their
public! l) coocert, Auditorium, December IStb.
Far«i dates (best for stuffing) at
Fink's pure Food Grocery.
"Joshua Simpkins," a rural comedy which has been presented continuously for several seasons on tbe
road, will play nn engagement in
this city on Monday. Decen Iter 12th.
"Joshua Simpkins" is n comedy
drama, well acted by a company
said to possess more than ordinary
merit, in addition to which several
pleasing specialties arc Introduced. A
complete orchestra, composed ol professional musicians, dlscoui *■■ Incidental music, which assists to make the
play thc success it is This ..'attire
is claimed hy lhe management to lie
gilt-edged, and, it Is said, tai cv
eeeds thc usual orchestra by theatrical companies. Their fine band will
give a burlesque parade aboul now
on   tin* dav of the engagement
Sec our Christmas hoses ol (inn
ong's G II. chocolates rhe flavor
ol these goods is unsurpassed Sold
onlv by Campbell and Manning
Bent's water crackers ai Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Mixed nuts in greal variety. Large
or small quantities — Little and Atchison
The monthly tea given by the
Ladies' Aid ol Knox church will be
held at tlie manse on Tuesday, pc-
ccmbcr 13th. A few articles left
over from thc ha/anr will lie on snle
from 1 lo 6 p.m 12-11
A tire gong has been Installed nt
thc public school, which will prove
of great assistance in carrying out
the Arc drills and will be Invaluable
In the improbable cent nl an outbreak ol fire. Tbe progress made
by the children in theli fire drill
was vrry satisfactorily evidenced nt
a drill, held nt a moment's nol ion, it
few days ago. On the sound of the
gong, three boys rushed from    their
respective class rooms to, throw open
several class rooms, formed
onler hjh! i|uiellj ami without the
least evidence of excitement, marched
mil ol the building, tho whole alTair
bolng carried uul in throe-quarters of
a minute, irom tin1 '.nne 01' sounding
of thc gong until ihe children
were lined up in ranks outside the
building. In this connection mention musl be made of (he admirable
safely appliances attached to the
main entrance doors. During the
cold weather these doors are kept
closed. In the event of a lire alarm
and of iht* children crowding down
bo rapidly as to cause a crush at
the doors, this pressure would ol Itself throw the doors wide open A
little child hy pressing on a cross
bar can throw open any of the doors
In this wav one of the mosl fruitful causes ol diaster in fires, where
little children are concerned is ah-
iolutely guarded against,
liiKt* Mies, and Christmas Cheer
let hod isi Bazaar. December 17.
Iluy father a chair lor Christmas.—
('. C, S.
Nee Little and Atchison for flesh
fruit 111 all varieties and any quantity.
Cadbury's and Webb's high-class
chocolates in fancy Xmas cartoons—
something out of t-he ordinary—at
Kink's Pure Fowl Grocery.
When so simple a thing as reading
tin- ads. will keep vou iu touch with
Hn- daily life and the business opportunities, of this city—isn't it
worth while'.'
.Japanese oranges and Malaga
grapes.—Campbell and Manning.
Lame hack comes on suddenly and
s- extremely painful. It is caused by
rheumatism of the muscles. -juicl.
relief is afforded hy applying ■.'bam
111 Iain's Liniment. Sold by all
IrucRists ami dealers 37-tl
Tlte- city baud held forth 111 the
Auditorium aud brought to a close
their pri/e drawing contest winch
was put on to assist the boys to
pureha.se new unifoim*. latvt Thursday
night. After an opening selection by
Lhe band the chairman, It T I try inner, proceeded lo draw V.t times
from ibe big sealed box in which the
pri/e tickets hud heen placed. The
results were as follows: I, carpet
square, VV. Cartwrlght, Cranbrooh;
u, electric lamp. J. Hornby, .laffray,
It. ('.; *'i. leather suit case, K. Rogers, Jaffray; I, double carving set, T.
Ha It-ma tl, Kngland; "», Dutch clock. ('.
Sam, Cranbrook; ii, half do/en cut
glass tumblers, W. Haywnrd, Cranbrook; 7 silver biscuit jar, II. A.
Corbett, Cranbrook. B, pair pants to
order. .!. Furlong, tt, pair shoes, K.
I, McKce, Cranbrook; 10, Rent's wallet, Thomas E. Moon, ll. painted
renter vase, Fred Wells. Cranbrook
12, coat sweater. E, Hotter ill, Creston; 13, box of chocolates. K. M.
Smith, Cranbrook; II, box of 50
cigars, Kdward Seymour, Cranbrook,
15, box of at) dears, Hans Guger,
Jaffray; 16, box of fifty cigars. Miss
Bertha lltckenbotham, Cranbrook. 17,
pair vases, J. It. McDonald, Cranbrook; is. one cigar caw, Hah Look,
Cranbrook. 10, one silver fish fork.
It. Kackyleft, Cranbrook. At ft
o'clock tin* srats were all put back
and an informal dance held until linearly hours.
Vlnola baby soaps at Fink's Pure
Kood Grocery.
Two famous .McClary ranges for
sale at J, S. McLean's Old Curiosity Shop imt- is a six hole range
with reservoir and nickle trimmings,
the other is a six hole rang*
with top closet and connections [or
Water way. Both in perfect condition.    Cheap for cash
Uagstafl.'-*-. nonce meat m J lb. tin.
Save all the trouble of making, and
just like home made.—Campbell ami
His Honor Judge Wilson ou Mouda)
finished up u thr*.* days' session ul
tbe county court at Kernie, by sending Ave people to prison for terms,
ranging from three years in tin-
New Westminster penitentiary, duwu
to mx months in the Nelson jail.
In the case oi Capristano, the Italian, who carved up Vlncenzo Andrea,
another Italian, at .Michel some time
ago, the judge sent the man to the
penitentiary for three years, rhe
su men who were implicated in an
attack upon Constable Looey, at
Klko, when the constable was trying
to arrest Foster, ODB Ol the six,
were all iried before Judge Wilson.
Coster, who seemed to be tbe leader, was sent to Nelson foi eighteen
months, Pieman for Ofteen months,
RoulstOO lor six months, and Litis-
Ke\. lined tlO.O", while Harusrv was
let oh These men were all lumberjacks and had come lo Klko \o de-
pnsit their hard-earned nK-nev behind
a hotel bar, in return for stall tbat
■Cl ihem wild and landed them as
above states, where payda> will not
conn- along s-o often, and where they
will not have the opportunity ot indulging 10     'be    uforrvnid    trouhl*-
maklrtg stub
The prudent gltt-buyei is watching
the ndM nowadays—and making some
Christmas purchases betlmesl
Vou did it last year earlier ihnu
before 1****» it early again It Is bet-
ter for yon. You w-ill be less
crowded in the doing of It. You
will ba'e a belter choice ol the commodities that are offered, and more
time to make your choices. It Is a
great deal hrtter lor the forces in
the shops, the girls and men who
1 wait on you, and deliver your pur
chases     The strain ot the Christina*
•■ \ b.
i.IU .
.m.i pita
cly rein
'    That t.b .*mii-..tiiii. ui Iho trunk
1 road    through   the Leslie   ranch hu
of   Clarksburg, completed.
stomach trouble Thai thc government be reconi-
d me for years, mended to hava tlu- brush and rub-
killed physicians,  hish along the   new road to tho Mis-
veil by Mi-o-na. My
food would not tligesl but fermented
in mj stomach, forming a gas that
gave me untold suffering and pain ami
also made me weak, nervous. Irritable ami Unable lo rest. Since usiiiK
bed at night anj
in the morning
•-peak too lilghlv
"i give Mi-o-na
1 opportunity
Mi-o-na Tablets
re dyspepsia and
Ml-o-na I eun go t<
sleep and wake u
refreshed. I canno
of Ml-o-na."
The   dyspeptic,     nervous or
wise,  who does
trial   is  InsiiiR i
regain health, fn
guaranteed to ci
stomach disturbances, such as vomiting ol pregnancy, sea or cai sickness
and the stomach sickness after excessive Indulgence. All druggists, .'mc.
or from The u T. Uootb Co., Ltd
Fort Km-, imt. Sold and guaranteed In the BiMllie-MurpliV l„ .
shopping on the shop girls, In par
tlcular, i.s still very severe, Mitigate
11, it you can. by overy means io
your power Get your matters out
of the way earlv. There will hei
many who won't, and a good many
who can't, and lie; rush will he
hard enough in any case Po your)
ClirlStmitS     Shopping  early' It   i-.
wise, it is Ihrifty, and it is kiml.
Carnations, ehrj santhciuums and
roses for Xmas.—Campbell ami
UANTKli.—a good reliable boj to
learil the jewelry trade. Vpply to
IV.  H* Wilson. ' li.
Anj person wanting to purchase a
ticket for the skating rink can proline same from ilu- president, W
II Wilson, K. ll McPhee, the secretary, ot from Mr. Johnson, the caretaker, ol the rink. The tickets will
In- the .same price as last year
Gentlemen --*">.On Ladies and chi.td-
rcti, $11.(10.
Orders taken for Sa I dry wood.—
Campbell and Manning,
W. Kobcrtson, who has heen in
charge of the telegraph construction gang all summer, has returned
io lown for the winiei months,
resuming his former Job as lineman
for this district. Luke Symonds,
who relieved Itobcrtson on tbis job,
lias been  transferred to Caltcnr*,
Orders taken for No. 1 dry wood.—
Campbell and Manning.
J, McMillan, superintendent ol c.
P. fl. telegraphs, with headquarters
at Calgary, has been a visitor m
town, inspecting the new premises
now nenrlng completion for tin- l-vai
commercial telegraph   office Mr.
McMillan arranged for the fixing up
and furnishing ol the new offices on a
seal** that will placf it in the IrODl
rank of commercial offices on ihr*
system- It is expected that it will
he possible to take possession of the
new quarters sometime next week.
Choose your china now for Xmas
presents and we will put it awaj
until needed.—I 'ampbell and .Manning.
Customs receipts for November
amounted to (4715.06. The inland
revenue returns amounted to
A meeting ol the board of school
trustees was lu-ld on Monday evening
at which tia resignation ol Miss
Crandall. as principal of the nigh
school was reluctantly accepted.
Principal Cranston will take over the
high school after the Christmas
holidays, Miss Alward taking his
class. An additional teacher has
been engaged (ur next term
Painty cups and saucers in Shamrock, Pose and Thistle patterns,—
Campbell and manning.
sion cleared away, especially through
the draw along the creek, and thus
Improving llic appearance and lessening the danger from lires.
That tin- government arrange to
huve signs placed at all crossings- of
Hunk roads.
That the government be recommended to widen and deepen the channel
of si Joseph's Prairie creek, where
said creek crosses tlw present main
trunk road which leads to the norMi
east out of Cranbrook, During tbe
I winter and spring this crock overflows ai this point causing a large
lake of slush and Ice and making a
dangerous crossing.
Tins lioard of trade have also
passed a resolution placing 011 record
'heir appreciation ol Mr. Kelt. -*
work on roads In   this district
All ol which is rospoetfull- submitted.
cratihronk Board wt Trade,
Victoria. 2Sth November,
Sir: in furl lier reference to your
kltet of the Hud-instant forwarding a
list ot reconiinendations from the
Cranbrook board uf trade for new
loads in your district for next year.
I have t„ inform you thai the road
superintendent, to wltom a copy of
ihe recommendations was relcrred,
reports as follows:
"Tbe Skookumchuck road wus under consideration ihis year, nnd will
lie included in my estimate for next
year, as also the part of the trunk
load south of Baker mountain. Tbe
balance of the recommendations nre
either completed or undei wav nnd
will ail be completed next tteasoe
Vours obediently,
K   C   Gamble,
Public Works  Engineer.
i:  n  Benedict, Esq .
Cranbrook Hoard ol Trade
Cranbrook, B c
The following correspondence [1
self-explanatory and clearly indicates
the useful work being done by tlu
board of irade.
To the Honorable   The Minister    of
Public Works, Victoria. B  C,
Dear Sir: The following are tbe re
commendations "t tb'* Cranbrook
hoard of trade for Bow roads for this
district for lull
1 tat a road ta* built on the .vest
side of the Kootenay ri\n from
Thunder Hill to Skookumchuck liver,
thus making a continuous road from
Cranbrook to ti» Windermere eountrj
on the wesi shle ol the Kootenav
river and shortening thc distance several miles
Thai .1 toad In built tr**-.n Cranhrook to (inieway via OoW Creek,
Sec ipeoial petition stating advantages Ol this road. This load would
also connect with the trunk road
"Cranbrook to Wardner/' which will
pass to the south of Bake: Mountain
and which has been recommended b)
Ute department
Tbat the present road to Wattsburg be connected with the north end
of I pper Moylfl lake. It is reported
thai about nne or two miles ol new
road will accomplish this resull.
That the government road to St.
Mary's river via Hospital creek connecting With the WyclIITe bridge, he
opened up us soon as possible.
That the road to Pcrtv Cnvk -rom
Crotheri milt to OM Town of Perry
Creek, be straightened OUI and improved
That the road from the Mission
to Wasa hr straightened onl and tbal
the Mission hill be Improved if possible, hy lowering tlw nrftite 01
changing   thr route
lliere has always heer, a constanl
stream ol emigrants Irom Scotland
to Canada, and, in particular to
Hritish Columbia and N'o.a Scotia.
The Maritime Provinces, cast ami
west, have always had a particulai
attraction for Scotsmen, probably,
to mention one reason alone, because
thc couatry in both casts is not
unlike T-V Northern Kingdom in
baracter, although Its scenery is uf
in even grander character, and tbe
soil is more productive and rictier in
natural wealth. 13-e that as it may,
the fact remains that Scottish Immigrants an arriving in Canadd in
greater numbers every year. This
:«cl has be*-r. vety strongly emphasized i-j Mr. Malcolm Hclntyre, tbe
Pominion government emigration
agent in tlie soothers half of Scotland, during his visit "out West."
He has pointed out that last year
no fe*»er than 14,700 emigrated from
the "Land o'    Cakes,*1 and That 30,-
000 is golte a conservative estimate
fur this year's total.
Mr. Mclntyre states ti.at of late he
has received a large number of in-
qulrles with rt-gard to agricultural,
business and i&vesimcnt opportunities in Western Canada, and especial-
lu Vancouver Island and Hritish Columbia While as Pominion agent ie
naturally rec-ive:-, inquiries regarding
all psrts of Canada, yet the major It}
01 letters written to bim demand
knowledge regarding tlie Far West.
To go to Canada, and Western Canada in particular, is tt.* ambition,
Ih- stat»-s, of those living in thc agricultural districts oi Scotland. An
enormous Increase Is tin* emigration
to the Dominion of well-to-do settlers, with resources and grit, can he
looked forward to with tbe greatest
At the present time, indeed, enu-
gratfon from ScotUnd hai r;ot <'iil>"
increased in point of numbers hut also in point of quality. The settler!
going out this year, he sav», are all
uf *\ better class compared with
those going out in previous years
Th«* principal reason for tMs is t.'.ai
those with rmoru 10 lose bave been
ihary of riskimr themselves iu a
country which they only know ol
thr-iugh hearsav. Now, however,
those who have already established
themselvvi and have risen from a
state of comparative penun '■ ■ eta
nl prosperity, have written home to
Iriends and relatives, reportlnf I
good fortune and making known the
possibilities and opportunities ol tbe
country. These letters are the cau-*e
of the enormously Increased ajsmand
for information about tbis particular
pari *-f the empire and tfae rapidlv
rising tide ol Scottish Immigration
there. i
Hearing this in mind. Mt. Mclntyre
during his visit to Canada, has been
busily enc>igpd in leathering Informs-
tlon from those who went out last
yeai ood in previous years. The
experiences of tl.pse, almost without,
exception, have been most gratifying
to all concerned, and, unrfoubtrdly,
should satisfy tho.se still in Scotland
whn desire to emigrate but who have
liesital-ed before taking the step Mr.
Mctntyn Will resume his winter lec-
turleg tours a** soon as he returns to
North Ilritaln, and thry will have
additional interest, as he will be
aide to give news to Scottish people
of many of their relations and friend-*.
wbo have tried the new country and
siicci-cded   l-evojitl  all ■•■.pert at ton 10
To-night, Friday- and Saturday Nights at
the Cranbrook Opera House
By Professor H. A. Fergusson,
Canada's Greatest Scientific Psychologist and
I Mental'    Magician
During tbis iveek Professor Kergusson has heen giving startling experiments and ilemonslrntloiiH ul 'Tower" in applied laws nf thc Kmpire uf
Nature, which he conteuda can he up plied coiiseloiifdj ami sclent Ideally in
Iho education ol the Individual iu lhe liealliig ol .ill maimer ol iHsenses;
m the correction ol all forma ol vice ami had Imhlls; in ilu: reforming
of criminals, rehnbllnliiig ol th.- in sane; in lhe development ul the
will and psychic powers; Intclemenliillon; Inspiration; regeneration; personal magnetism; beauty culture; and in sooth for "whatsoever yc    ile-
sire" Prolcssm Pcrgusson, \o lhe spoken word, Instantly almost, controls thc motions ol lus Kiihjecls (all Cranhrook hoys). Standing up thej
lind it impossible '•• sil down; Billing down thu cnuiiol gel up nil their
chairs, he makes them hnnglnc foi iln- lime being ihev an* persons id
color, tbo opposite se.v, some renowned general, orator, or statesman He
makes them see tbe lightning's Hash, have the Idunder's rour, and tbey
flee to a place uf shelter lie instantly changes the taste of water in thai
of lemonade, vinegar, honey, milk, brandy—tho latter having all intoxicant effects.    The professoi te-nebe*-. thai tins science is as Important for,
the race to know and applv and he tree from disease, poverty, nccldcnt,
sin, and even death itself, as it is lu apply ihe mathematical principle.
Correctly (scientifically) in any- question und obtain the riir,ht result.
Health, happiness, prosperity. Koi lhe entire race Is the scientific result expected
His work is purely scientific (not Christian .Science) hut Natural Applied Science, and he claims lhat The Maker is a prophecy ol ibe possibilities and potentialities ol eacli ard everv man and woman nf the entire human race He Is certainly n marvel Everyhmlj should see bis
Mesmeric Entertainment
Kruclie Bros. Iutnotis hot house
lettuce and white plume celery.-
Campbell and .Manning
Tupper,    Hint    Sir   Wilfrid Laurier
"was too Knglish" for him.
Canada's Naval Policy
The prolonged discussion nt Ottawa
on the address in reply to the speech
from the throne, mainly devoted to
lhe naval problem, has terminated
and the government's policy has been
sustained iu the most deli tii te manlier Whilst this outcome Is satisfactory, still the tone of the debates
and of the press comment there
anent must have given rise to keen
wonderment und no little anxiety to
those who feel that* il is Canada's
duly   to do her part  iu relieving the
uither counlry of the cost of protecting her overseas dominions. The
most striking feature of the parliamentary uud press discussions has
lieen the exposure of lhe Tory nttl-
i' mi this all-important question.
We lind lhat the Tory members of
parliament have completely changed
iheir former altitude on the stlbjcot,
•Ir. Iiorden, thu Tory leader, has
liuiiiulated  an     entirely  new  policy,
iiiirely nt    variance wilh bis earlier
Iterances on thu subject, everyone ol
lus followers in the house save Col.
Sam Hughes voted in lavor ol elie
Monk  "(lo-tlOtiling"  policy.      Itui      il
is when we itirst to the Conservative press lhat we nml the most
Mlrlklng evidence of what, iu view of
then past declarations ol ultra-loyalty, cim only he described as ult-
nolutcly jinti-Hritish sentiments. Koi
The Hidgetowu "Dominion," edited
hy a Conservative member ol the
Ontario legislature, Mr. P. Howycr.
discusses the naval question, in purl,
us follows:
••Firmly believing that it is Ihe
U-st fnr Canada to continue its con-
 tion   with    the     mother country,
and lhat il should hear a fair shun
in thc defence of the empire or which
il forms a part, the Dominion has
favored and still favors u direct annual contribution lo Great Britain
iu preference to a Canadian navy ol
any kind. While this is our pos lion
mi the navy question, we must honestly admit, thut having made
searching inquiry among the people ol
ihs section we bud that only a smal
minority agree with us, The great
majority nre not only opposed to a
Canadian navy on the Lnurier plan,
hul are nit*) opposed to building
Dreadnoughts or giving money. They
in- ipiite content that the present relations continue, but are opposed to
lolitg anything. This attitude, while
in our opinion regrettable, nevertheless is that of the scores of men,
embracing all shades ol political opinion, with whom we.have discussed
the ipieslIon. A gentleman who
travels constantly in Elgin, uud
another who knows West Kent well,
iinib Conservatives, report t«» us tlmt
ihey have found few men favorable
to a Canadian navy, tlie great majority opposed to do unythlng In
view ol ihis attitude nf the Kngllsli-
spenklng people of this section ol
country, we see nothing surprising In
Llie resull id the voting in Drum
miiiid and Artbnbaska. Then- two
Liberal sought election. The only
issue discussed was- 'navy or n<*
navy,' and the Liberal who declared
against a navy won out. Wc arc
satisfied that the same verdict
would have boon given under tbe
same circumstances by almost any
rural Ontario constituency. Let two
Conservatives nr two Liberals contest a rural constituency in ihis
province, make the navy the sole
issue, and tbe no-navy man will
win "
Another Conservative paper. the
Kingston Snandard, says:
"If the question ol a navy were
submitted t» the p eoplc ol Canada
loday it would be overwhelmingly
voted down, and that as Arthitbaska-
Dnil ml spoke so would all Canada speak."
Ii i bard in credit such utterances
coming Irom Conservative quarters1,
and so lur as wo can Judge ihey certainly tl '  represent the views "f
the average Conservative in Ihe
Wesi. Premier McBride, rccognlswd
iis the Moses ol the Tory parly,
certainly is on record iu t»r different
language. He has given wholehearted support to the Laurier naval policy, and the chief Conservative
paper In this province, the Colonist,
has been equally outspoken In support ni thai policy it is dimcull
in grasp jasi where the Conservative
parly are al on this naval question.
Presiimahy the eastern Times' bleu
is to stand fnr anything thai will
strengthen Ihelr cause in Quebec and
embarrass the Laurier administration, regardless in that sn doing
ihey must inevitably incur the hostility ut their western confreres. In
fact the western Tory must I* hard
pressed these days to know just
where he is ut. Ilowvv-er, happily
tor Canada, Sir Willrid Laurier's
policy in this connection has tha
wholehearted support ol a large majority in parliament ami those ol us
who believe that it is* the bounden
duty of Canada to do iter part in
the maintenance ol the empire, can
afiord to take a kindly view ol our
western Tory Iriends' present discomfiture, confident that In the long
run their undoubted patriotism will
either recall tlieir eastern colleagues
to their senses or range them up behind the banners of the Liberal
chieftain, notwithstanding tlo* charge
of their former   leader, Sir Charles
Cro'ip is most prevalent during the
dry eold weather of tbe early winter
montlis. Parents of young children
should be prepared for It. All tbat
is needed is a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Many mothers ue never without it in theit
homes and it has never disappointed
them. Sold by all druggists and
dealers, 87-tf
Rambling Reveries
rin in idling pathos of childhood
is shown lu ibe lollowing: Thn
lentil nl a welt-known gentleman had
called forth many expressions of
Sympathy from friends in Ibe way
nf a profusion nt llnwers m beautiful
designs Afler Ihey bad been placed
uroiim! bim as he lay iu the cask-
el, Ids liule daughter Mice ol (our
years, wns led by   her   mamma into
the roam in look   ilu- face of her
diud papa sin- was naturally attracted lit lhe llowers ami hy (lie
design uf "Tbe (iates Ajar." Her
mamma luiil lu-r lhat "the beautiful gale" bad opened and papa had
passed Ihroiigh , and would never
enme back in them again. The child
looked steudll) nl her papa's face for
a few moments, llu-n climbed up so
.-.be could reach over am! kiss his
cnld lips, saying: "Papa, dear, speak
In u.e ami say vmi will come li
'the beautiful gate' uml meet ynu
Utile Alice tin re some day."
TIIK <*AI\ (IK SI \DAY rest.
Of course we du md mean that a
man will iml produce more in
week by working seven days than by
working six days. Hul we
much doubl whether, at the end of
the year he will generally produce
more by working si\ days in a
week. The natural difference 1h'-
tween Campania ami Spil/hergen is
trilling when compared with the difference between a country inhabited
by men full nf bodily and mental
vigor ami a country inhabited by men
sunk iu bodily and mental decrepitude. Therefore it is that we an
not poorer but richer, because wi
have through many ages rested from
nur labors one day iu seven. Tbe day-
is not lost. While industry is suspended, while the plow lies in the
fuirow. while ilu- exchange is silent,
while uo smoke ascends from the
factory, a process as going nn quite
as Import an I in the wealth of tlie
nation ns Is the work which is performed on mole busy days. .Manila- machine id machines—the machine
compared with which all the contrivances n| tin- Watts and Ark-
wrights are worthless—Is repairing
and winding up. so that he returns
in bis labors mi Monday witb clearer
intellect and livelier spirits, with renewed corporeal vigor.
We never see a petted, pampered
Klri who is yielded to in every whim
hy servants and parents thut we dn
mil sigh with pity fnr the man
wlm will some day be her husband
II is ibe worshipped daughter who
lias beeu taught that ber whims uud
wishes are supreme iu a household
wIki makes marriage a failure all her
on-. She has had lu-i way iu things
greal and small: and when she desired dresses, pleasures or Journeys
which were beyond the family purse,
she carried the day with tears or
sulks, nr posiiii'. as a martyr. The
patents sacrificed for her sake. Imp
lug finally tn sn- ber well married
The) carefully bide her faults from
her suitors wlm seek lu-r hand and
she is ever ready with smiles and
allurements to win the hearts nf
men, and the nveragc man is us
blind tn the faults of a pretty girl
as a newly hatched bird iv blind tn
Ibe worms lipoll the tires almllt him.
He thinks her little pettish ways are
men- girlish moods; hut when she become** bis wife and reveals her selfish
and cruel nature be Is grieved and
butt tn think fate bas hem sn unkind
In bim.
Poor, Indescribably poor, is that
girl wlm has gills, a clear mind and
active bunds, ami wlm has not been
taught imw to use ihem, wondering
aimlessly through lib*, mediocre in
everything, withoui definite aim,
seeking uiinli fnr occupations tn
amuse or distract, deforming her
hi<d> to grntlf) Ignorant vanity, Injuring her.--.etj by bite hmiis and bad
to."!, sparkling dimly in Ihe struggle
loi a wealth) husband, ami then ns a
wife realising her weakness anil Inc?*:
<d worth; us mother, weeping bitterly, stinging tears as s|»- sees the results of her miserable life magnified
in her children, and wailing piteotisly
tor help aud strength when it is too
late. No sarcasm this; this srlenti-'
Ac man turns tn bis work with a
heavy heart after studying such ui
case. Hul object teaching is na-|
tore's teaching, and many repetitions
are necessary before people will lake
the lesson nml its full meaning to
heart. i
if the cook is Imperfect, and cannot please you, try cooking awhile
yourself. If the Wash lady slights
her work loo much, lake lhe laundry
In hand.     We know heller how    the
harness fits when we wear It awhile
ourselves. 'Tis an easy thing to sit
in the shade and tell the one lu the
sun what to do. It is also ensy to
ride and tell the one walking to run.
We find it a good plan to "do unto
others as we would have them do to
We like to see people work, hut
Iso like to sit them have time to
go to church also to tuke time to
minister to the wants of those that
are siek or in need. Don't be working for something to fuss about;
rather "count your blessings olio by
one, and see what (lod hath done "
Eastern Canada
Law Hound Trip K-.I****** To
Ontario, Quebec and Maritime
Tickets on nsle Dec. 1 lo Dec. ill, In
elusive.   Hood to return whlilu lluee
mom In1.
Tickets Issued in connection wDh Atlantic StettllifliipH Willi n Mile (mill
Nov. 11 aud limited to live iilo-l i
date n[ i-o-ilt',
i-iuent K.|iii|*iiii-iH, Simula nl |-'ii*-i L'liiSB
Sleeping Cars and Plmilnu. Carson the
ilirou-*b trains, Compartmeiit--l.lliinr(i
otiPKrvai ton ('iu oir impei iitl I,iuiiieil''
3-Throufh Express Trains-3
leaves Winnipeg datlyut*. 10k, mnking
connections at Toronto for nil poiiitx
Kant and West thereof
The 'imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg daily at D.tJ&k, uml the Atlantic
fit press at lt( iHik, daily, making connections ut Montreal for uil point1*.
l-.uttt thereol
Applv In Ibe lienM-M
C.P.R. Ticket A||-*nt
lnr Full Informatlo .
Good Printing
Is a Persistent Influence Exerted
In Your Behalf!
livery bit ot printing thut i^ws out to servo you,
printing will louvu a poor impression of Its usor'ns suruly
ijh would poor clotlios, a poor store, or shop, or office.
HOOD Printing will leave upon ovory iiilntl un Im
pfossloil wholly Invorjjlili* of ii» user,
liven If but one in n iIioubiuiiI of Uiosu "Impressions"
tips the sciiles for biiBlucBs, for orclors, for you (lOOIJ
I'KINTIMI will have. Hum pnld for Itielf'
Vou .'nn gut il ut this ollleo whether yon waul n
little of il. ora groat ilonl.
The Herald Publishing Co.
To lie business manager of a home
—whieli is tlie position of most
every housewife—Is to appreciate the
•ipfulih'ss nf tin- ads.    For a  home
that   is   "manag-pd" hy a housewife j clinnts, as well as the satlsfncl
who   lines not leiul ails,   is managed  saving   money—something—on
The housewife wlm rcnils ads.
buys advertised things has the .
facltoii nf pntronlzing ENTERI-1
l.Mi   and    PROGRESSIVE
1 purchase she maki-:.
The "Cranbrook Herald" has had prepared a
"Map of the World"
Including Special Maps ol I'ritish Coluinbi-*, Alberta, Canai'a, und Ihe lulled .•'laics
The Geographical Publishing Company, Chicago.
Invaluable as a Work of Reference
To he given nway
To Paid up Subscribers to the "Herald"
• im. nf tliesu Splendid Map* will be given lo cncli nud overy
Bitbicribor I" tlio "H.tiiIiI" who renews liis or Ii.t snli-
Bt-rl|itioii from one year from dnte, laying "II arrears, if any.
This map can Ih. seen m tin* "Herald" ofllce.   li isu work
iluti sli..nl.I liml ii plnco in every home ami place ol business
in I'l.mt Kootenny,
A copy oi this Map will be mailed
to any New Subscriber upon
receipt of one year's Subscription to the "Herald"
A limited number only available, secure
your copy wno.
On Sale. Exclusively ia East Kootenay by (he


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