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Cranbrook Herald Mar 27, 1913

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Array Initiative Assembly
Anrll 2I-a
We are well equipped tu
turn out the best elites
of work.
..I   Ray»
In the Heralii  Pays— 'Kry
Our   Local   (Vliiwns
10r. » lin«     >.
NO. 18
Interesting Program Rendered at Opening
Exercises of Young Men's Club on
Friday Night
Every seat llmL could he ci
to r tab I y crowded into the Young
Men's Club gymnasium was comfortably filled last. Friday evening by the
crowd which turned out to the opening exorcises, Mr. ,1. D. McBrldo,
president, of the club, acted as the
master of 'ceremonies and his intro-
iduetion of thc speakers as well as
occasional little stories to illustrate
a point, were well taken by the and
Seneo and proved him a master of
the art of public speaking. Beside
him on the plat lorm were Mr. F. K.
Simpson, the speaker of thc evening, and thc Revs. Kendall and
For a half hour Messrs. Porter,
Maeot .ml Instructor Wilkinson gave
exhibitions in the swimming pool of
tho breast stroke, side stroke, crawl
stroke, English overhead, the trudge,
hack crawl, swimming oa the. back,
swimming under water, form diving,
deep diving, somersaults in the water, finding a pan, etc. During the
performance; one of the swimmers
was pushed into the water with his
clothes on. A general cry went up
of "man overboard," and he was
very ably and quickly rescued hy Mr.
Tlte crowd which had been down
stairs lor some time watching the
gyrations, nf the swimming experts
were called into the gym at 8.HO by
a march by the band, and after all
were seated the following programme
was rendered:
Overture— "American   Triumph"	
Remarks by Itev. 0. K. Kendall.
Song—"Her Eyes of  Irish Blue"....
 Mrs   W. A. Nesbit
Remarks by Rev. W. K. Thomson.
Song-"The Lass With the IVlicate
Air"   Mis. A. D. Macdomild
Serenade—"In     tlie      Garden    of
Dreams"   Hand
Recitation   Mr. Harold Darling
Waltz—"On the Mississippi" ... Band
 (ieo. F. Stevenson
Address'    Mr. F. K. Simpson
Song   Odd Fellows Quartette
Song—"God Save tlie King."
After the programme all wen*
Invited upstairs wttere a number ol
ladies were serving refreshments,
•Ureal satisfaction was expressed b\
all who participated in   Ibis part   Ol
the evening's entertainment.
Fvery number on the programme
was vociferously applauded and the
singers wen* each forced to emore.
Mr. Harold Darling gave several of
bis inimical readings anil al' the last
the Odd    Fellows quartette scored a
distinct triumph  with  their    song
"And We'll     Never See Out     Annie
Any More."
Tho    remarks   ol both   tlte pastors
ot tbe Baptist and Presbyterian
churches emphasized the fact thai al-
though the idea nf the building had
originated in tho Methodist congregation and that the Methodist church
bud been largely responsible for ils
erection through its members, the
other congregations of thn city
could find no fault in tbe principles
of Its foundation and would wilh one
accord assist in helping along the
good work. Rev. Thomson particularly emphasized the fact that its
erection was in keeping with the
present day hroadmindedness of the.
churches and their response lo latter
day needs. He hoped the spirit of
broad ideas would continue and that
reform in the churches along other
lines would follow as well.
All who expressed opinions on
tiheir first view of the interior of the
htifldlng were unanimous In their surprise that, thc -work had been so
thoroughly done and that so fine accommodations wero provided tot tbo
young men of the city. However, it
will be not altogether the young men
as I In* directors are arranging for
children's membership as well as the
ladies. Ono afternoon each week
will be set apart for the ladles, and
one for tho children under 12 years
of age
Mr, Simpson was introduced by
Mr. McBride as ono ot the early
pioneers of Cranbrook, but now a resident of Victoria. Mr. Simpson
prefaced his remarks by saying that
ho believed he expressed the wish of
the audience and the people generally
of this city and district in tendering
through the chairman their sympathy on account of the serious illness of Mr. Deane, who had done so
much for the town ami district since
assuming the charge, of the paper. He
said it would always feel like home
to be in Cranhrook, ami be was glad
that thc committee had extended
him the great compliment in inviting
him to he present, and he was glad
that he had come since he was privileged to serve an institution that
means so much for the town and
the protection of the young men. He
did not believe that there waa a
father or mother present who did
not spend many hours a day, on the
absent son or brother. Environment -was a potent factor in the
upbuilding of young men, the blood
might be good and the acts
wrong, but he adhered to the theory
that! environment of proper kind
showed better results through health.
It was the specific duly of parents to
look after their children, and in too
many cases this duty was not properly performed. Still, the burden of
raising honest men and honest women depended to a great extent upon
the people as an 'embodied whole.
The contest for the next ten, twenty
or thirty years was fining to be a
good one, and the foundation must
be laid by all. Intelligence would
be the groat requisite, with integrity, loyalty and energy. But with
iti must be laid health, the foundation of all. It was institutions
like tin* Cranhrook Young Men's
club that would produce health. The
magnificent plunge is one of tlie. largest in the province; the gymnasium,
for systematic development of the
muscles; and then would follow intelligence/ integrity, loyalty and
The boys rf today ate the managers ol the world's business tomorrow, and nn the building up of/those
boys will depend tlte policy of tbe
business, they air to manage.
The public of Cranbrook have a
great responsibility. Parents without stilts havo the responsibilityv as
well as parents with sons. The better
the environment the better the conditions and influences on the1 young.
The people ol I'ranhiook could not
let this great institution, which is
such a credit lo those who, after
great labor caused the inauguration
to ho made, suffer for want of support, am) it devolves on the public
to entry on the good work. The
opening was being made that night.
Tlw next day it was the property of
the people. It was not a question
of religion, it was not an ecclesiastical movomemt, it was a great work
lo be carried on by the people and to
give a great public thc advantage of
advancing lite boys, who are sure to
be men.
After thanking the chairman and
tho committee, Mr. Simpson closed
by wishing those in,charge the greatest! success for the institution.
The Cranbrook Choral Society arc
particularly anxious that a hill al-
U'mlance of the members tn* present
on Wednesday evening next in (J** Y.
W.C.A. ball.
K. AL Alt, of Fernie, and K. L
Doolan, of Ihis city, tbis week purchased the business of ibe Quain
Electric Co., and will hereattei conduct the business under the name
of tlte All-Doolan Electric Co. AD
Alt is thc owner of the Alt Electric
Co. at Fernie and has been there for
the past year. The new firm will
take over that business as well, conducting the two under one management. Eddie Doolan is a Cranbrook boy who has resided here for
many years and enjoys a wide acquaintance in the city. For thc past
several years he has been employed
by the C.P.R. and his many friends
are congratulating him on his new
Tho -business will be under the
management of Mr, Alt, the position
of secrelary-treasurer being filled by
Air. Doolan. They will carry a
large stock of electric goods and
will do electric contracting, wiring,
repairs or installations of any. sort.
Maurice Quain disposes of the business in order to give more of his
personal attention to his growing
business at Medicine Hat, He still
owns a large amount of Cranbrook
property nnd will continue to be
interested here in that line. Mr.
Quain came to Cranbrook in the
early days and has been prominent
for many years in business circles.
He was at one time manager of thc
Cranbrook Electric Light Co., after
the sale of that plant opening the
Quain Electrical Supply Co., and
later the Quain Electric Co. lie has
followed that line of work all his
life and is well versed in all phases
of tlie business: Cranhrook will be
sorry to learn of his departure, and
Medicine Hat -will be congratulated
on acquiring a progressive and public
spirited citizen.
On Monday evening,the Auditorium
was comfortably crowded, tlte event
being- the much-talked Charity hall
The early season and the special inclemency of the. weather kept the
new 'Easter toggery from being in
evidence on tho street on Sunday,
but those wno attended the dance
Monday evening saw many new
gowns, all cut in tho peculiar style
denoting them as products of 1013
dressmaking. Several nursesj from
thn hospital in uniform symbolized
the object of the occasion.
Tlte hall was brilliantly illuminated
and suspended across the front of tbe
stage was* a row of electric globes,
beautifully colored, carrying "Easter
Greetings" to all- The crowd was
a trifle late In arriving but by 10
o'clock the halt was being well filled
ami many were enjoying tbe delicate
art of tho famous devotee, Terpsichore. The music, furnished by the
Edison orchestra, was all that could
In* desired and led the dancers from
the fast and strenuous two-step, Into
tlte more sedate strains of the minuet, to the apparent great enjoyment
of all, as many numbers were repeatedly encored.
Back in thc historic ages dancing
was a form of religious worship,
whichi tho religionists of a later day
looked upon as a deadly sin. Now It
has ensconced itself in a secure* nook
In tho social side of life and it
seems to be more enjoyed after the
Lenten season. Usually following
Lent society engages in a whirl of
dances and social functions. The
Charity ball will set a high mark for
tlte functions which are to follow.
The success of this dance was in a
large measure- due to tho vigorous effort! ul tbe rneutfvfl tonwmtke, tb«
general committee, and tin* lad) pal -
ronesses, and St. EJUgene hospital
will be several hundred dollars richer
in consequence, and the managemenl
of that institution desire to return
their sincere t hunks ami appreciation
of the work done In lliefr behalf It
is propositi tu make the Charlt)
dance an annua] event, in view ol
tbe worthy object and the groat sue*
cess of the dam-e mi Monday night
Refreshments wore provided at
midnight und dancing continued until
an early morning hour.
Court Cranbrook, No. 80*13, Ancient Order nf Foresters, are niakiiiK
special arrangements for the entertainment of the delegates to the second convention of district No. 21,
which convenes in Cranbrook on
April 10th. Delegates from the
various courts as far east as Medicine Hat, including Lethbridge, will
be in attendance. It is expected
that about twenty delegntesMvIIl be
present, to attend the session.
District No. 'il comprises the eastern part of British Columbia nml
Southern Alberta and was1 only recently divided along its prerent lines.
The district has grown wonderfully
since the division and many Items of
great iinterest will come up at the
coining session. The success of the
district meeting has much to do
with the success nf tbe district court
as well as the subordinate courts
throughout the district.
Besides the regular delegates from
LethbridBi*, District Chief Hanger
A. E. Dupen and District Secretary-
Treasurer T. It. Fleetwood will be
in attendance, accompanied by four
P. C. rangers, making lea in all
that will attend from Lethbridge
The great progress of thc order in
this district during the past four
years has stimulated the members tn
harder wnrk than ever and it is hoped that the coming meeting will be a
great success. To that end the
local Court proposes to leave no
stone unturned for the success of
the meeting and the entertainment of
the visitors. The local court is
holding a meeting ibis evening when
arrangements will be perfected for
tho welcoming of the expected
Dft.    ELIOT     OF    FIVE    FOOT
Washington, March 2(1.-Dr, Charles
Eliot, president emeritus of Harvard University, has heen decided
upon by President Wilson as ambassador to Oreat Britain. Close
friends of the president telegraphed
Dr. Elliot tonight congratulating him
and urging him to accept.
George W. Outline, Democratic
state chairman of Pennsylvania, and
former mayor nf Pittsburg, has been
selected to In* ambassador to Mexico.
Justice -lames W. C.erard, nf New
Yorta, is a likely choice Tor ambassador to Italy, aud William Church
Osborne, of New York; Augustus
Thomas, the playwright, ami possibly Thomas Nelson Page, of Virginia, may be ambassadors to European courts. No one has been decided upon as ambassador to Japan.
Frederick C. Penfield, of German-
town, Pa.; Seth Low, former mayor
of New York, and Joseph E. Winslow
are undecided for permanent*1 places in
the diplomatic corps. John IL
Mobt. a Y.M.C.A. leader, has been
offered thc post of minister to China,
although he has declined, he is being
strongly urged to reconsider.
William F, Mc.Corabs, chairman of
tto national    Drtnorratic couvnitttc,
teached here tonight to keep an engagement tomorrow with president
Wilson, to give his final answer to
the president's request ihut he become ambassador to France.
BOMBARDMENT      in-       THREE
London, March 3(1.—Adrlanople bus
fallen after one of the mos! stubborn
defenses in the history of warfare,
and Tchalalja, according to a telegram received by the Bulgarian legation at London tonight, has suffered
a like fate.
The information regarding Tchatalja, may refer to the town nf thai
name and not the fortifications, although, it is possible the Bulgarians
carried all before them.
Shukii Pasha, the defender nl" Ail-
rianople, handed bis sword to General Savofi, the Bulgarian general is
s-imo, this afternoon, not, however,
before carrying out his threat to
destroy the town rather than let it
fall into the bands of tin* Bulgarians,
From nil aecotinis tl,,- arsenals,
stores and much of the town are in
flames. It was reported also thai
Shukii Pasha had taken his own life,
but this is believed untrue, as, after
deciding that defense was no longer
possible he sent word to General
SavolV that he was burning the
General IvanofI, who commanded
the forces around Adrlanople, will
enter tomorrow, while King Ferdinand will follow soon thereafter.
The battle which precnled the surrender, started on Sunday night with
a three hours' bombardment. Later
the besieging troops in the east advanced under the glare of searchlights to attack and advance works
at Maslak. After a fierce defense.
lasting tbroughotit Monday, the
Turks retired from the forward
Although great progress had been
made in the east, in other sections
enormous losses had resulted to thc
Bulgarians with small gains. The attack was renewed and Tuesday and
Wednesday the important inner forts
were taken after hard fighting.
According to a despatch received at
Belgrado from Mtistapha Pasha the
sacrifices were severe. The Servian
Thirteenth and the Bulgarian Eighteenth regiments were blown up by
mines. The reserve hospitals have
prepared to receive thousands of
The people of'the (own are said to
he panic stricken and.even Europe,
from the history of previous wars,
'fears that the occupation tnday may
be accompanied by ^discriminate
No news has been received from
Constantinople, but it is feared that
when the capture of Adrianople he-
comes known another revolution mgy
occur. If Tchatalja has fallen there
is likely to be a dangerous influx of
defeated troops.
A Solia dispatch dated 2,30 p.m.,
March 26th, to a London news
agency says that fighting is proceeding in the streets of Adrianople.
A Constantinople dispatch io the
same agency says the Turkish center
at Tchatalja was driven iu Tuesday
with a loss of 8M killed.
Girsa Tarsus, who has figured
largely in the western dailies lately
because- of his attempts to raise
money for the release of his three
brothers who are languishing Un a
Siberian prison, reached Cranbrook
today. The story (old by,this man
is,one which meels with ready sympathy from the people nf Canada, and
they have responded nobly to his
appeals in, a practical way. Since
leaving Winnipeg Mr. Tarsus has collected about $1250.00 ami only needs
about tbaH much more tu necuru the
Seventy-five Thousand People Homeless in
Ohio Caused by Floods—Water 8 to
20 Feet Deep in Dayton
Cleveland, Ohio, March 25.—The|
most awhil catastrophe in the his-
torj oi lire l mteil States, which
was* responsible fur ibe death of
seven thousand people, occurred in
Ohio today when a fierce flood swept
through 'he state, leaving in its tiail
damage which is almost incalculable.
The stale is completely paralysed.
Railroads, trolleys, telephones and
telegraph is blocked, and cities in
which hundreds of lives have been
losli are cut off entirely from com
mUtticalion [with the rest of the
world, so that it is impossible to do
anything m the .shape ol rescue
According to reports which arc
supposed to be authentic, then wero
fully five thousand drowned at Day
ton, one thousand in Hamilton, and
ilvu hundred and tortj iu Piqua,
Millions of dollars worth <•! damage
has been done to property, and
I here are fully seventy-five thousand
people homeless, hi Dayton alone
there are thirty thousand without
homes, and it, is impossible tu get
in touch with them to alleviate the
awful suffering.
Appeals have been sent from the
towns which were \isite-d by tlu
flood for the Red Cross societies
but it is impossible to send the aid
they ask.
The flood was caused by four days
continuous rain, which filled every
reservoir in the state, and a number
of tbem today undermined, the dam
and poured their contents in tbe valleys. The people alon^ the Miami
river and those in the city of Da
ton had to flee for their lires. Thei
raced behind them a wall ot water
seven fee! high, ar.ri their Ik-us^s af
forded them no shelter for the torrent    undermined   the houses, which
wen* along with the unfortunate
people canied along in the swift
Hundreds were drowned before
they had a chance t.. seek a place uf
safct) Huiiscs.      public builuiuKS,
bnd;-j s and everything in the course
of the onrush were carried away, The
water crept higher and higher until
it was thirty feet at the union station.
ft was at lirst reported that eight
thousand bad lost their lives at
Dayton, but a later message was received from the mayor of that city,
who had escaped from (hr flood, declaring Ihol five thousand were
drowned and thirty thousand were
homeless Hr said that the situation is appalling, and begged that
aid be sent on at ome
At iu o'clock lonicht tbe reservoir
north of Hamilton Must and as a
consequence a Rreat flood swept down
upon the eitv. According in refugees more than a thousand people
The Piqua river burst the levees,
ami poured through the city, trapping hundreds in their homes. The
swilt current undermined the homes
of the unfortunate citi?cns, and it is
stated that there are five hundred
and forty dead.
In Delaware it is estimated that
there were a thousand drowned,
while in Cleveland, although no lives
were lost, damae** to property, it is
slated, amounted to J2.ooo.000. The
Cyaboga river swept through the
manufacturing districts, and as a result a hundred mills had to be closed, and this means that fifty thousand workmen will be idle.
In Younestown twenty-five thousand workmen were forced to quit
when most of the hit; industries
there were shut down bv the flood.
release of hi-, imprisoned brothers.
He is certain that he will have th"
amount by the time he reaches Vancouver.
The story told by this man, concisely, is as follows: Several years
ago three brothers of the Tarsus
family in Kussia emigrated to America, first settling in the Cnit-ed
States and later mo.ing to Canada,
settling on land near Winnipeg. They
prospered and after sevpial years i»ot
the "back home" fever and made a
visit to their native land. The) no
sooner landed than they were thrown
into prison, the charge acainst them
being thai they had escaped to America to dodge service m the Prussia n-.fapancse war. They had been
in this country for many years before that Mar had even been thought
of and had never been served with
notice of conscription or ;i call t<>
arms. They were sentenced to a
long tenn in the Siberian prison
The one free brother, Git,a Tarsus,
made an appeal to the government
and finally secured consent for their
release on pavmen! ,,f 18500.00, and
although he hud never been m this
country or knew but very little
English he immediately sit sail in
lhe hope of securing the needed funds
for his brothers' release. His success has been as'oimding to him and
he now hasl hopes of returning in a
short time with plenty of money, lie
has been working now about five
weeks and has half the amount raised.
NocdlCBS to say that he is overjoyed with the prospect of success.
The amounts   given   win  from *r>.'>"
to $1.(1(1. He was given a generous
amount in this cily.
 1 i      i,
Tuesday's Nelson Daily News carried a cartoon of Mayor A. C. Bowness on the front page. The mayor
was depicted with Hie large key of
tho city and was emphatically as-
serling that Cranbrook was on the
map. The cartoon was a good likeness of tbe mayor in one of his
characteristic potu*t,.
Nelson, March 2'..—Bricklayers
h«*re, now demanding Jli per day,
plasterers, ST, ,,nd bod-carriers $1,
and employers tout,! injure painters,
pipelay-rs and carpenters.'
Demanding incrca'-ii-d wages for
several classes of labor and a Saturday half holiday for come ocxvjpa-
tions. a new scab* was present**! by
the Nelson Trades and Labor Council
and referred by the council at a
meeting last night to a committee of
the whole for report. Thc proposed
new «.cale is to If-cnmr rfleclivei on
April 1.
The present rate of wacci and
that demand,-d under the proposed
new scale arc: Carpenters from M.so
lo S5; painters- from 51 to 51.50;
pipelaycra from J'J."»" to Wj teamsters from IMj to Jin per monih and
eight hours instead of friw laborer!
from $'. to 13 20 to J.', 50
Klectrldani In the proposed acree*
me[,i submitted asked f«,i doable pay
lor Sundays and holidays A foreman
under ihe suggested igrcometH is a
workmen in charge of one or more
nun, and bis wages are to be JIM)
per month. He is not to be ,.1 lowed
to use tools for performing journeymen's work The rate of pav for
the workmen is seal<*d as follows:
Linemen, inside wiremen, metermea
and Inspectors i'i per day,,head operator $140 per month, station operators 1120 per month, station oiler
$100 per month.
The Cranhrook Choral Society held
another successful rehearsal on Wednesday evening. From reports it
would seem that Cranbrook is par-
ticularlv fortunate in hav.ng so many
talented musicians, Ii is hoped that
this society will, in the near future,
afford lhe public an opportunity of
hearing them. We learn on good
authority, that early in May tho
society nre engaging the services of a
very well known baritone to assist
thcin in a programme. THE*CBAKSHOOK HERALD
The Voters' Lists have been cancelled, and all must register
before APRIL 7th.
will be open from io a.m. to io
p.m. until April 7th, where Commissioners will be ready at all
times to take your application.
'Brown Daisy'
Mops, Floor Brushes
and Dusters
Are Lht best in the world and deserve a place in every home in civilization. They nre the cleanest,
neatest, moot durable and most
economical labor-saving and health-
ever invented for home aud ollice
use. ibey are madeof soft BROWN
YARNS, chemically treated with a
colorless liquid which renders them
antiseptic and giveB tlmm the properties of absorbing dust ami lint
from all surfaces to which they nre
applied. They pick up the dust
and carry it away. It won't drop
off, or shake out, or scatter.
They Do Not Discolor The Whitest Surfaces.  They Are Sanitary.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
B» tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
K. J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CKANBROOK, B. C, March 27tb, 1913
Let the people settle tho navy question.
Hats off to Frederick Fran/. Fried
maun. May the German invasion
never take a less kindly form.
A Boston man won a fifty dollar
prize the other day lor a song on the
high cost' of living. Any man win
could sins after paying bis bills certainly deserved something.
For the lirst lime iu fifteen years
the International Harvester company
at Hamilton has had to put its em
ployees on short time. When reflecting upon this, just bear in mind the
fact that during .lanuary and February several carloads of settlers' effects were sent out of Canada lo the
United States, and you will begin to
get a dim vision of what it means to
have a government in power at Ottawa that is pledged to a high tariff
and restricted markets.
A deputation of Hritish Columbia
lumbermen recently called upon Honorable George E. Foster, minister oi
trade and commerce, who was at the
lime on a visit to Victoria on his
way to Australia. The object of
the deputation was to impress upon
the minister of trade and commerce
the desirability of promoting thc
interests of the British Columbia
lumber in the markets in Australia.
The minister, was urged especially to
use his best endeavors tr, the end
that the lumber Industry should participate, in the benefit nf any, trade
preference which may result from
the negotiations which he is aboul
to institute. The deputation also
asked the Honorable .Mr. Foster to
urge New Zealand lo include lumber
in its preferential trade agreement
with Canada, The trade agreement
entered, into some years ago .between
Canada and New Zealand did not include lumber, Mr. Foster was also
asked by the deputation to make enquiries as to tho willingness of tho
government of Fiji to oxtontl a preference to lumber ex ported Irom Can*
warmly   the endorsatlon of our atti-
—--—- j Hide.       Notwithstanding    the    un-
ada. . worthy obstruction  with which    we
According to statistics presented arc confronted, it is our firm deter-
by the deputation to Mr. Foster, the initiation to press to a conclusion oun
Pacific,coast last year exported 197.- | proposals   for effective aid in       the
mm,nun feet of lumber to Australia.
Of that quantity only 27,000,000 |
went from British Columbia. If they
bad a preference in Australia, British
Columbia lumbermen declared that
they would soon secure the lion's
share of the trade, in spite of thc I
fact thut tbey have to pay slightly
higher,freights than tlieir competitors
in Washington,
ami t'alifo
The announcement hum the Borden-.
Churchill correspondence that ships
or battleships could not be built in
Canada, will be digested with a ■
grain of sail by even the Conservative party adherents iu Canada. The
idea is about' as erroneous ns a recent description of Cranbrook in a
London paper which gave Ihis citj
as situated in the south east cornel
of Vancouver Island. In the light 0
facts, Canada will eventually be lie
grealestt shipbuilding nation in tin
world. No other country today pos
scsscS the wealth of limber, of iron
ami every raw materia! whieh goes
into the making of battleships.
Again, many    another    great powci
common defence of the empire."
What an apparent change of front
on lhe part of the astute Sir Richard
iu (he past few months! But, notice
those words, "until policy is decided
nn Sir Richard's last trip to
England he was so heart and soul
for a Canadian navy for Pacific coast
protection that he nearly knocked thn
feet from under Premier Borden's
stand on the naval issue. Then, he
wanted a Heel unit to act in conjunction wilh New Zealand for Pacific
toast defence.
Apparently, his message would
show a complete change of front and
yet those words, "until policy is decided upon,'1 leaves an opening for
another change of views on the part
1 if Sir Richard, in case diplomacy
should dictate il proper lo change.
The difficulty of tying thc provincial
premier to any policy is well known
to British Columbians and but. for
the importance of the naval question
at Ibis time would pass unnoticed.
Undoubtedly Sir Richard will be
found upon either side of the question in the future, whichever way he
loday   would    envy     us our natural ^"'"ises the "cat will jump.' lie
harbors, and   the greal amount      of "ever burns his hndges behind him or
waterfront    where docks could      ho ''""i'1^   Himself   to a definite policy
built at small expense.    Shipbuilding °" anv onc subject.
will eventually     become one of     thej .——
greatest industries of Canada
Going Up!
Real Estate values climb liiglicr
every day. It will pay you to Invert now; then you ran sell tn good
advantage later, realizing a luind-
eotne profit.
"Back to the Land"
ia a cry that many are heeding
theie days. You know you can't
Ion by fire or thieves il you invent
in Real Kntate. Talk to usahimt it.
Chapman Land & Inv. Co.
Two doom from the Res Theatre
PHONE401 P.O. Boi421)
withstanding the present efforts of
Mr. Borden to hold it back and keep
the natural wealth of the country
from being developed for the country's own good. The time will
come when the commercial interests
of Canada will demand that the natural resources of the country be conserved, that factories be established
here for' the manufacture of the raw
material into the finished product,
and the profits of such manufacture
as well as of the raw material form
part of thn wealth of the Dominion
in place of being shipped into other
ports to become pari of thc wealth
of some other part of the world.
Canada is rich in natural resources
and it is only just that ber people
should reap the benefits ol the
wealth of forest and foresl products,
Ihe wealth of minerals and tin-
wealth of great natural harbors on
both sides, east and west, only waiting Tor lhe clang or steel on steel,
hammer on rivet, for ureal ships lo
be built and the harbor cities grow
into the greatest in anv pail uf the
world. It may be a delicate operation lo erect a giant ship, In launch
il. proudly on the waves, bill Is
there any one in Canada win, doubts
thai we have lhe men of capacity, the men of brain and nerve, to
carry out such work'.' Kvperl shipbuilders may be residents of tb.
British isles now, bul thev will readily seek their work where il is to he
found and tbey would Ik* beteer off in
this new land and just as much an
Integral part of lhe empire as they
are now in tbe congested shipbuilding
cities of the isles across lhe sea.
Sir Richard McBride, after passing
the famous "Provincial Elections
Act" disfranchising the electorate of
the province, and feeling secure in
his ability lo deliver the vote with a
hand-picked list, sends the following
telegram to Premier Borden:
".My colleagues join witb me in
expressing our admiration at the
splendid fight you are making on tho
naval question and your determination that Canada shall at once give
assistance for defence for empire unlit policy is decided upon. You
have support of people of British
Columbia, and greal majority of Canadians must feel you are acting in
best interests of country."
In reply, Premier Honlcii' seal lhe
following telegram:
"My    colleagues     and  I uppnciale
The December statement of the
chartered banks of Canada explains
the tightness of bank money. It is
well-known that when money goes
sky-rocket ting in New York, as it
has dono lately, money is withdrawn from circulation in, Camilla and
Canadian interests tire made to suffer in order that a harvest may be
reaped from panicky conditions iu
New York. The chartered banks of
Canada exist, and have great privileges hy reason of tlio goodwill of
the government and people, but if
these privileges are to be abused as
tbey have been under the conditions
referred to, public opinion will verv
soon demand the withdrawal of the
privileges accorded the chartered
bank, aud the institution of a national bank, with lhe issue of all
paper currency by the government,
and lhe government alone, as a
sound economic condition, The public
mind is not in a condition to be
tampered with on the Wanking n/ics-
llon and the statement of Hon. II.
R. Kmerson, Unit the banking legislation of Canada had resulted in the
creation of lhe most powerful monopoly by which twenty-three men controlled Hie whole destinies, of tin*
country lias spread wide-spread alarm
and suspicion against the extension
of privileges   lo the chartend banks.
The December banking returns
show   that   "call    loans elsewhere"
which si id  probably read "mainly
iu New, York" amount to $92,inii,-
305, whereas lhe call loans on 00-
iniint of the Canadian people only
amount to $72,640,520.     Canada ap
pears to be a
United State
appendage    of
in  banking  nt,
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, .pastor.
Services will be held morning and
evening al 11.00 and 7.3()k. The topic
for the morning discourse will he
"A Revival (trowing out of Greater
Benevolence." In the owning the
pastor will continue the series: Conversions In tho Acts, treating the
conversion, of Sergius Puulus or "A
Contest Tor a Soul." A soiijji ser-
\ice will be held for fifteen minutes
at lhe opening of tin* evening meeting.    All nre invited.
The usual services will lie held on
next Sunday, W. K, Dunham, the
pastor, preaching at the usual hours,
11 a.m. and 7.31) p.m.
Pastor, W.  Kelmaii Thomson.
Morning service, 11 a.ui- Subject:
The Twentieth Century Christian.
S. S. and Bible class, .1 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
The lirst of a series of sermons on
The Parables of Cur Lord: The Great
Mid-week service. Wednesday, 8 p.m
Bible sludv.
Following ibe regular meeting of
Key Cily Lodge, No. 1:1, I.O.O.P.,
on lust,   Monday night those iu    at
tendance: were llipltod to tin seated
at a sumptuous liaii(|iiet which bad
been prepared, tbr occosio bolltg the
visit of Past Grand Master P. E.
Simpson. Besides hav.ng filled lhe
highest offhy in tho jurisdiction Mr,
Simpson has passed through the
chairs of Key City lodge.
Po,lowing the repast a programme
was rendered, the important number
being the presentation of a past
grand mooter's jewel to Mr. Simpson
by  Key Cily lodge. Mr. R. Dick
son, noble grand, in a few appropriate and well chosen sentences presented the jewel mi behalf of the
lodge and was replied lo by Mr.
Simpson in a short speech of warm
and kindly appreciation of the
lodge's generosity and good wishes.
Other numbers on the programme
wen* songs by lhe Odd Fellows'
quartette, R. 1). Cameron, H. E,
Stephens and .1. P. Broughton; piano
solo, R. Mansfield; mandolin solo,
(i. II. Mullin; recitation. .1. M.
Drew; and speeches by W. S. McDonald, 11. White, W. B. McFarlane, W.
M. Harris, F. .1. Smylhe, R. O.
Carr and II. Hickeubothain.
Medicine Hat, Alta., March 20—
That/ conditions from .an industrial
standpoint arc in thc most satisfactory condition in the history of, this
city, is acknowledged on all sides—
not only,!)); the residents of Medicine
Hal, but by those who visit, here
frequently from all parts ol the Dominion and the, United Stall's. Industries arc (locking to,this locality
in numbers, and every month one or
more of these large factories are definitely located here from the United
.States or eastern Canada, and some
times from nearer places.
The positive decision since .January
1, of three large concerns to locate
here, entailing an initial investment,
of about $1,200,0(10, is but one of the
many straws which shows which way
the industrial •wind is blowing. In
fact, it would not be surprising if it
became somewhat of a miniature hurricane before the year Is out—and
that in face of the general financial
stringency that is being felt in nearly all parts of tbe country. It does
not appear to deter the live manufacturer from building his factory
here, however.
Al.l.      PACIFIC     COAST
Victoria, Morcli 211.—Sir Richard
MoHrido has gono in California,
wtioro hi' will deliver lha annual nil
ilress tn the simicnls nl tin1 University nt California next Saturday,
All tin, prominent educationists nf
tlie stale, and many public men in
California ami other slalvs have arrange! tn grcol Sir Riclmnl at
sit Richard, it is understood, will
proceed In Washington, when' ha will
inert I'resldcnl Woodrow Wilson and
(lisiiiss the proposal In construct an
nll-Paoino consl lino Irom Mexico t
Alaska, It is thought probable that
the line through Hritish Columbia
will he tin- Poelllc (treat Bastom
railway now under construction.
Ladies of Culture and Refinement Use Salvia
Hair Tonic. It Makes
the Hair Beautiful.
At last a remedy lias becu discovered that, will positively destroy this
That Dandruff is caused by germs
is accepted by every sensible person.
Dandruff is I lie runt nl all hair
.SALVIA will kill the ilaniliitlf
germs and romovo Dandimf! in tm
days, or money back.
Tlie Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
guarantees il. ll will grow hair,
slop itching scalp, falling hair, ami
mako the hair thick ami nbumlant.
It prevents hair from turning gray,
and adds life anil lustre,
SALVIA is a hair dressing thai
has bocomo lhe iavinlle wilh women
nl taste aud cttllure, who know lhe
sneial  valuo    nf  beautiful   hair, A
large gcnclnus linltle costs only 50o,
al leading druggists everywhere nnd
in Cranbrook by Ibc Cranbrook lung
ami Book Co. Thc word ''SALVIA" (Latin lor sage) is nn every
A censor of moving pictures of the
province has been appointed in Un*
person of ('. L. Gordon, a promlnoni
resident of Vancouver, and editor of
the Daily Province.
Under tho provisions of the act the
new official's duties will be to inspect the picture theatres, lighting
arrangomomts, protections from lire
as well as the films themselves. The
headquarters of the censor will in*
situated in the new law courts building at Vancouver, and his duties will
commence April 1st. His duties will
be to pass on all picture films shown
la thc province and to forbid all he
thinks are harmful.
A fifteen round boxing contest between two heavyweight colored men
is scheduled for the Auditorium tomorrow (Friday) night, the principals being Oscar Mortimer, of
Cranbrook, and Charles Robinson, ot
Winnipeg. Doth men arc rated
high and a good contest is expected.
Robinson weighs L95 pounds, is welt
known throughout this country and
in his last contest al Winnipeg won
over Parker, an ex-policeman, in the
first two minutes. Mortimer recently defeated Streeter at Pernio,
and is said to be ia the pink of condition. Two good preliminaries of
four and six rounds have been scheduled.
These boxers arc capable of giving
the public a good run for their money
and as both nre out to win a good
contest is sure to be seen.
Edmonton, Alta.v March 25.—Tho
Alberta legislature prorogued this
afternoon, and was Immediately dissolved. Writs will be Issued tomorrow for new elect ions for April
Lieut.-Governor Bul yea assented to
88 bills, including some of the most
important yet passed by the province.
Premier Sift on will contest two
ridings in the coming provincial election. Yesterday he was nominated
in Vermillion, for which he is now
the sitting member, and today he
was given the nomination in Maclcod
to replace the late lion. Malcolm
Mackenzie, who was chosen several
weetis ago.
i 1 ■
tin* convent al that place, is tlio
best Indian school in lhe province, (s|
the opinion of T. .1. Cimmiiskey,    of
The school for Indians nt th" Sc.
Euj.*nie Mission, which is conducted
by the Oblate Fathers and Sisters of
the convent al that place, Is rlu
Vernon, inspector for Indian agencies
for the interior. (
About seventy children are in    at-
tendance at the school and (he girls
arc taught    domestic science    ■"  »
very   useful   and    practical manner, ■
said Mr. Ctimmlskoy,        School    ts
held in a $50,000 building constructed I
by the  federal    govrnmiettl.—Nelson.;'
News. i
Tbo prospects of a great wood
pavement Indhislry in British Columbia arc becoming constantly brighter, says the Vancouver World. With
the enormous wealth of fir timber of
classes Nos. I. and 2 common, which
is regarded everywhere as almost the
best, if not the best i!n the world for
the purpose of paving,, Hritish Columbia oiTers a wonderful future to
this most Important Industry in the
development of great towns* nnd
cities. I
The growing communities of .. tho ■
prairie and coast provinces are laying
every year hundreds of miles ofi
■streets, which might be paved with
neosoted wood block] if only Us virtues were more widely known. The'
city of Calgary has laid two streets, [
and they have proven, remarkably
successful. There have lieen numer-'
oils tests made of paving, materials in
tlw great cities ot dim world, in
P.irin,   •London,    Hunl'oi^     Chicago,
Halsall & Co.
We Beg to Announce
A magnificent showing of POTTER'S
FAMOUS PRINTS. Every yard warranted
fast colors. Over 3,000 yards to choose from.
Come in and look them over.
16c per yard
Potter's Famous Prints
.W inches wide.    Splendul valuo nt	
Wash Well Ginghams at 16c per yard
Every ynnl fust colors, in Oheoks, Stri|M«H,
Plain Colors, Etc U7 inches wide. Splendid
valuo nt        16c yd
Scotch Zephyr Ginghams at 25c yd.
88 iiu'heH wido. Plain colors with fancy borders. Mho plain colors nnd small nent checks.
Also large broken chucks.   A beautiful cloth
"t -    25c yd
Swiss Embroideries
Direct from Switzerland. An immense showing. Over
5,000 yards in this importation. Narrow Embroideries
and Insertions to match; Baby Embroideries, Skirtings,
Embroidery Plonncings, Embroidery Dress Lengths, Etc.
We will be pleased to show you these any time
White Vestings, Indian Heads
Dimities and Madrasses
We have by far the largest assortment of White Goods
ever shown by one store in Cranbrook. New Vestings,
New Dimities, New Swiss Spot Muslins, New Drills,
New Madrasses, Etc.   Ranging in price from
20c, 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c yd
Cotton Bedford Cords in Colors
A beautiful new cloth, .10 inches wide, in
Colors. Greys, Blues. Black and White Effects.
Good fast colors at     25c, 35c, 50c yd
New York nnd St. Louis, und all ol
these greal cities find wood block
paving best, being of reasonable
cost, durable under any traflir, easy
to maintain and to clean, practically
dustlcss, firm under the leet of
horses, and of low traction resistance. The Hue de Rlvoli, Paris,
has a pavement of wood blocks whieh
have stood for years the city's heaviest, traffic.
Iu Baltimore in 1 onl a test strip
of miscellaneous pavement was laid
on Holiday street. This strip contained eleven test sections of paving
materials, which were in every ease
furnished by the manufacturer—one
of creosoted wood blocks, one of
vitrified brick. The superior durability of tin* wood blocks was clear
ly in evidence after four years, and
in 1907 every area save that paved
with wood was in such bad condition
that the test was officially declared
closed. The wood blocks in question, however, together with such
others as were needed, were Immediately Telaid in paving the entire original test area.
In Chicago also, in 1900, a creosoted wood block pavement was laid
on Michigan avenue, immediately in
firnt of the 'Auditorium hotel, and
adjoining it at the same tim? a strip
of asphalt block. In 1905 tfu^ asphalt blocks were replaced by wood.
During this five-year period thc us-
phall had worn down an aveuije" of
an Inch, and so unevenly that ruts
formed and Itlie blocks had badly
rounded. In the same period the
wood blocks lost but an eighth inch
in depth, and the surface, save for
one badly built gutter at a single
point, was of even grade and
The, initial cost ot creosoted wood
block pavement is on an avcra.'c
somewhat less than that of granite,
not widely variant from that of
brick5, and somewhat greater thai'
that of asphalt, inferior patent pavements and macadam. lis life in
anything like satisfactory condition,
however. In confessedly longer thai'
theirs. ll is but a truism, therefore, io Bay Unit the proper basis ol
judgment, at loosl of wool block
pavement, is lhe returns upon ils
total life cost viewed as an invest-
11m n 1. Tbis principle, well recounted abroad, though but recertify at"
iiaciing attention   here, Intimately
involves, of course, lhe t|Ucstt.in of a
pavement's durability.
That the maintenance cosl of ceo-
soted wood block pavement is ll w
follows as a necessary corollary to
its durability. As a matter of fact,
no pavement shows so low nn upkeep
cost. This is due in great part to
(lie tenacity with which treated
wood blocks preserve tlieir evenness
of surface and of wear, and in a
lesser degree to the ease with which
wood pavement is repaired, ami, in
tin* ease of underground improvements, removed without waste and
relanl In the exact place and quantity necessary.
Certain wood Mock pavements
which have been laid in some cities
of Western Canada cannot be n-
garded t.s fair experiments, because
of the failure to treat the blocks
wilh preservative belore use, and he-
rouse of faulty laying. Wood blocks
must be treated with preservative
nnd evenly laid on firm foundation.
The fifth religious census
ada has just been complctK
gives the following for Br
Bible Students 	
Catholic Apostolic 	
Christian Alliance 	
Christian Brethren 	
Christian Church 	
Christian Science 	
Christian Workers 	
Church of Christ 	
church of God 	
Free Church 	
Gospel People 	
Greek; Church  ,	
■Holy Hollers 	
Horner I tea    	
•lews „	
Lutherans  „	
Mennonitcs ... ...,	
Millennial Dawnites ... „	
Mission  j	
Mohammedans ...	
Mormons ...   %.	
New Church 	
Non -Sectarians   	
No ReilgiotH -	
Pcnlicostal  Movement  ,
Plymouth Hnethren 	
Reformed Church	
Roman (lutliolies	
Salvation Army      .   .
Sikhs and Hindus 	
Socialists  ■	
I'lideiioutinatfona lists   	
Unitarians •	
United Brethrop	
United Free ...*	
Zionites (Dowijeites)    	
Various Soots 	
Total   ■	
for Can-
id and
itish Co-
.   1,191
.  17,238-
.    9,280
.   1,521
.       7*7
.  13,021
.    2,827
.    1,931
.    3,571
FOR SAJgE.-House and two lots
In the city on Ocwar avenue, two vacant lots ont. Watt avenue; also Veterans' grant* of Kit acres In New
Ontario. Tor price and particulars
apply to fA. 0. Pigott, P. O. Box
515, tity,t 9-tl
| Seam-in-front
' stockings
/would seem absurdr
HJ Then why any seam1
You have kept on wearing stockings
with a seam up the back—shapeless.
uncomfortable things I because you pro-  i
bably didn't realize the perfection reached '
dropped in a day or two, ami this
morning was normal. I feel every
way like a different man, with a
.steadily increasing appetite, the
night sweats gone, and the sense of
exhaustion disappearing"
. The*
10 are base without the atan of a se dm—look for the sign of the
trade-mark. Ah they nre demit knit (bey are shaped lastingly to
Ihe curves of lhe foot and left. Thvyfit—Xhty wear lieiter-
nuil tbe utter absence of any seam nt all makes tbem
over so much more cHUiforlable.     No difference
In i'nM - but much iu Quality, in economy
and in comfort. (15
Maker* of
Made by
Pcnmans Limited
Paris. Canada
Or  Does Everything You Eat
Distress You?
Experts declare that the reason
stomach disorders are so common In
this country Is due to hasty and
careless habits of eating. Stomach
troubles nnd run-down conditions also
usually go together.
John Llnd, of Oneonta, N. Y., says:
"I have been troubled with a bad
stomach trouble for fifteen years, and
became so weak tbat I could hardly
walk or do any work. My appetite
was very poor, and It seemed Impossible to get any relief. Since taking
two bottles of Vinol I find that ft has
already made a remarkable improvement In my health; my digestion Is
much stronger, and I have gained In
Vinol makes weak stomachs strong
because It strengthens and tones up
the weakened, tired and overtaxed
nerves of the digestive organs. Vinol
Is easily assimilated by the weakest
stomachs, and Is delicious to the taste.
Try a bottle of Vlnol with the
understanding that your money will
be returned If It does not help you.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
'wave ami the air is more dense below.       Thus, when the sound-waves
| penetrate the denser lower strata of
air and then thc solid earth, the
echo produced seems to the ears    of
| tho    occupants    of   the  balloon far
j louder than the original sound.
Winnipeg,   Man.,     March   26.—The
largest immigration rush for       the
year look place today, when over 7ltli
new settlers arrived in Western Can
In addition io a large number of
settlers from the States, tho passen-
bers of the steamer Willchcd of Rotterdam, numbering 386 l<>r ths
prairie provinces and 22 tor British
Columbia, arrived at Hie Union depot on two special trains irom the
east tonight.
The third class passengers of the
steamers Cymric and Victorian*,
numbering 88fi, will arrive early tomorrow morning, and the Immigration, department in the city are sending an official to meet the party at
Fort William to facilitate the work
of distribution over the western provinces when they arrive in Winnipeg.
The steamer Wlllched carried no
less than 1,013 immigrant passen-
The government of British Columbia, through Hon. Dr, Voting, head
of tlie active department of public
health, has transmitted to Dr.
Friedniann the well known German
physician, whose new treatment for
tuberculosis is al present engaging
the special attention of the world of
science, a cordial invitation to visit
this province ami conduel his Western American experiments or demonstrations at the Tranquillc Sanitarium.
in the event of Di Priedmann being able to accept tbe mutation, a*
snraiic,, js given that be will be assisted with pleasure in Dr, Vrooman
and his stall, while all facilities will
be .placed at his disposal bv the
governmental authorities Tlte sanitarium al Trnnqullle, it Is mentioned for bis Information, has been established and Is conducted upon ox
trainodcin    lines,   and tbe resident
superintended!      ;.ih1   all     aSBOClat pll
with him in ibe work arc kecnlj and
Intelligently enthusiastic In all pertaining to advance m methods for tlu<
eradication nl Un* groal white plague.
No reply has as vet been received
from lhe Herman savant, wbo is
now in \.'\i Voik, tn whieh cily the
Invitation wns addressed, but it u
hoped tli.it Ins answei maj come to
hand before Hon. Di Voting leaves
u<* the north,
To most persons it would seem impossible foi an cello lo be louder than
the sound that produced the cello,
hut, cinder certain i.itlici peculiar.
condition this Is really true
When a roVOlVM is fired from a balloon the report is sharp, but not so
loud as it would be if the gun were
fired on the surface ol the earth.
If the balloon >s "P something like
two thousand feel or higher, there
will he a few seconds' silence after
lhe revolver shot and then a roar or
deep rumble will rise up from the
If an explosive is lowered from the
basket jf the balloon until il hrngs a
few hundred feel below, and It is
discharged with an electric spark
from a battery iu ihe hands of one
of the aeronauts, (here will come to
the ('ins of those above a report like
a revolver shot und then a few seconds of silence, followed hy a peal
of the loudest thunder ever heard.
Then* is no solid background about,
or above tin* balloonlsts to produce u
trbouud of  the    atmospheric sound-
Chicago, March 28.—William C.
Thome, vice-president of Montgomery, Ward aud Co. a mail order
house, told lhe vice commission that
a . girl "adrift" can live on
58 a week thus:
Room rent, $3; breakfast, (coffee
and rolls), 40 cents; luncheon, 30
cuts; dinners, $1.10; care fare, 60
cents;,clothing and incidentals, $1.70.
The witness gave tho following
statement to show that thc commission's idea that there should be a
minimum wage scale for women of
$12 a week is too high. The figures
given, he said, were the actual experience of one of his 1973 female
employees. Another girt employee
disbursed her wages as follows:
Room and board, $3.50; laundry, 20
cents; car fare, 20 cents; clothing
and incidentals, $3.80; savings, 25
The statement fails to account for
a surplus of five cents, and this was
not explained and Senator Beall remarked that thc girl probably spent
it  frivolously.
One senator told Thorne that girl
after girl had been on (lie stand and
testified that they had "gone wrong"
because they could nol make a living
Fcrnie, B. C, ■March 26.—For the
lasl ten days Fernie and the sur-
roundlng country have been in the
grip of one of the heaviest snowstorms that have been known here
during recent years. A strong wind
inun the north is piling the snow into dulls, and as fast as these are
shovelled oul they are again filled.
Trains ore arriving late and the
Canadian Pacific, and Oreat Northern
railways an* finding it a difficult
matter to keep the lines open.
Tbe area effected by the storm is
of no great extent, and the railroads
can thust concent rate 1heir energies
and equipment. Should a peiioil of
very mild weather follow the danger
from snowslides will be greatly " Increased.
New York, March 26.-A young
man who received an injection ol the
turtle bacillus administered by Dr.
Friedmnnn last Saturday claims, according to tho Tribune, to have already improved materially, and tells
of the sensations he felt soon     after
aking the treatment.
"About five hours after the time
of the injection I felt a strange sen-
satioiiiin the calf of my leg,'" be
said. "It was like a violent pulsation or motion. It began to spread
until a'tingling sensation thrilled my
nt ire body. I felt that it must he
the cultures spreading through my
whole   system, and   I put my bands
hi my head and shouted: "Work,
you turtle, work."
"Following tin* treatment, my' temperature   went    very Higb. but*      it
Canadian Collier's, published itl Toronto, recognizes the unfairness of
the present administration in declining to grant redistribution of seats
before the election which is rapidly
approaching. It points out that,
while it lakes Sli.OKB British Columbia people to return a member, It
takes 53,532 Alberta people, 10,213
from Saskatchewan, and 45,501 from
Manitoba. On the other hand, in
Ontario 29,3-10 people return a member. In Quebec the unit is slightly
over thirty thousand. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have a member each for slightly more than 27,-
000. In Prince Edward Island thc
unit or representation Is 23,432.
Collier's points out si ill further
that on the basis of taxation that
the western provinces contribute
much more per head than the east,
where the representation is much
larger. For instance, British Columbia pays about $30 a head a year
iu customs duties. Some of the far
eastern provinces contribute about
$5 per bead. Despite this fact, it
takes two men in British Columbia
to get the same representative rights
that one man has in Eastern Canada.
Edmonton, Alia., Mar. 2(i.—Oir
samples tested by competent analysts
at the assaying laboratory of tbe
University of Alberta it> Edmonton
prove that the mineral wealth of tiie
western provinces has as yet only
been vaguely surmised. Some of the
ore rtms high in gold, silver and
copper, while other pieces show iron
and lead. Prospectors who have
tramped over the foothills of the
Canadian Rockies, predict that the
next big "rush" on the north Ameri-
an continent will be into northwestern Alberta and Eastern Hritish Columbia,   adding that the vast hinter-
11 you were told ol a new
discovery lor the treatment ol
coughs, coldl and bronchitis,
as certain in its action on ail
chest trouble* as anti-toiin is
on diphtheria, or vaccination on
small-pox, wouldn't you leel
like living it a trial? Especially
if you could try it lor fifty cents I
Peps ia the discovery I
Papa archils, ublats. neauy wns-
pad is air and gernt-pront ailvw foil.
Tbay contain oaruin aaadMnal tsgra-
di.nl., whieh. wawft plaaad spas lb*
tonga., iniaadiataly turn into vapour,
ana an al one* breathed down lha air
BaaaagM to tin laasa. On their tourney,
tboy aoeUM lb* ialaaMd asd briuted
■aaabnaa. of lh. tnvooMal Man, tho
dolioau walla ml th* air pmagaa, and
finally Mtor and carry relief aad healiaf
to th* •fUtariaa sad stay sir oaoa ia th.
U a word, while do liquid ar solid
oaa gat t* the lung, asd air pMegea,
thee* Paps fans got ther* dirat, aad
st osoo sasisatnoe their work ol hailing.
Poster* entirely dlatiaol (real the
old (ssahaatd liquid cough ours., whioh
art aaaralyiwalfowad lata tbo otsaieah,
aad sever roach the laaga. Pops treat-
Ii yoa have twt vat triad Peps, eat
sat thi. article, write aeraas il
th* name and data ot thia paper,
sad stall it (with lo. atauip to
pay return pottage) to Pep. Co.,
Kroato. A free trial packet
will  .thee   ha   sast   you,
AD drui
■tores a,
■ell Pe
Pop* tt
land also will bo a scene oi ni
with the introduction oi trans
tion lines. More ikm a clown
plorfttion companies are hnri
oil, natural gas am! nsphaltttni
districts north of Edmonton un
the tests are highly smIis[;
they will continue development
throughout  the season.
that thc Canadian Pacific Itnllwaj
Company, as U'ssecs and exercising
the franchise of tin' Kootcnu] Central Railway, did on lhe 38t.li dn)
of February, Hut, deposll in the
Nelson Registry ollice. as Number
750..I. Plan, Profile and Hook of lie
ference of a portion of 'lie Kootenay
Centra] Railway from a point ■ a a
Lot 8107 l„ a Point in Loi 121),
Kootenay District "Revised Location," Mile 27.ii.il lo Mile 82.8(1.
Dated at Winnipeg tills 20th day
ol March. 1018.
P. McPherson,
Right ol   Hay   anil     Leas,.   Agent,
Western Lines. 18-21
Dr, Trenyiin'J Natural Hair ReHtnnuivc will
positivt-ly rettttirt jtni.v hair tn nnturnl nilnr nml
keepiti...   ITI5 NOT AUVK. will noUn'
jure tin- scalp.   Siuisf.'irtiiPii truamntrod nr u i
ri'fuMli'il. Price one dollar, tieiil |.>,m paid
Dept. 13. Toronto. Ont.
TAKE NOTICE Lhal l\ .1. II.
Aplin, of llaynea Lake, B.C., Haiidi-
w, intonds in apply f(,i' permission
to purchase tho following described
land: Commencing ;it a |>o*l planted
ati or nytft the southeast corner of
Lot 6231, Group I, Kootenay district, thence south 'in chains; bheneo
west 40 chains; theses north lit
chains; thence pas! H) chains to
point of commencement, containing
lfffl acres, more or less.
Dated March 22tnl,  11)13.
P. .1. H. Aplin,
Clarence W. Muirhcad, Agent,
Located March 7th, 1013.,       13-lOt
I thirty    days after  dale   I Intend to
apply   to ilif   I'liief Commissioner of
j Lands anil to tho Assistant Commissioner ot Lands   for tin; District    ol
j Kast Kootenay for a license to prospect for   coal and petroleum on    thc
[following described lands, situate on
the North Fork of .Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and tying between the Mclnnes Group and tli"
Crows Xest Pass Coal Company's j
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north of a point one .mile cast
of tbe intersection of thc east side
line of Ihe Mclnnes Group and tho
north side line of tbe Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's 'and, said post
being the initial post , t \. K. Way-
land's claim and marked "A. 13.
Wayland's northeast corner," thence
8(1 chains south, thence Sil chains
west; thence 80 chains north; thence
>iii chains east, to place of beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located .January 21, 1013.
A. E. Wayland, Locator,
Batlce Lameroux, Agent, u-ot
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner **f
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District of,
Kast Kootenay for n license to prospect for coal ami petroleum on thc
following described lands, situate on
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of lhe Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup and tlio
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a Post planted    aC
A.   E.   Wayland's northeast   corner,
same   being the initial post (if R. G.
Belden's    claim, aud marked "R. G.
j Belden's northwest     corner";  thenco
80  chains    south;   thence  80 chains
cast; thence 80 chains north;    thence
HI) chains west to place of beginning,
containing 040 acres, more or less.
Located -lanuary 21, 1013.
R. O. Beldcn, Locator,
Batiee Lameroux, Agent. !' Ut
The First "At=lfome" of the
Cranbrook Steam Laundry
will lie held on
Thursday, April 3,1913
from 1 toll p.m.
Everyone is invited lo call, inspect Hie plant and
building, and get acquainted.
A special invitation to all ladies anil gentlemen is
extended for the first "AT-HOME " in order that all
may become familiar with this enterprise. Mr. Davis
is confident that a thorough inspection will substantiate his claims of having the most up-to-date
and Sanitary Laundry in Eastern British Columbia-
^^^^^   **************       ^^^^^^^^
Iticurporatf*,! I860
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000       Reserve $12,500,000
II. 8. HOLT, PreBldenr    E. L. PEASE, General Manager
Accounts of Kirmn, Corporations and Individuals solicited.
Out-uf town business receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-DepofiitBof $1.00 and upwards received
and interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
»♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
▼▼▼▼▼▼ *WV*WW ▼ V ▼W *W ▼ W**F V ▼▼▼▼▼▼
If You Want
Your house connected with the new sewerage system,
PHONE 340. Our work guaranteed. Estimates of cost
cheerfully given.
The Cranbrook Plumbing, Tlnsmithing
and Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
Issued by The Canadian Hank of Commerce, are a sate, convenient and
inexpensive method of remitting; small sums of money These Orders,
paynble without charge at anv bank in Canada (except in the Yukon
Territory) and in the principal cities of the United States, are issued at
the following rates:
Si* and under     .*( cents
Over     5 nnd not exceeding 810     (J
"     10       " " SO 10     "
"     .'10       " ■' BO IS     "
Bhould bo made by means of our SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS ar.d MONEY
ORDERS.    Issued without delay ul reasonable rates.
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B, C.
♦♦><>♦•$**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< <. ********
j Imperial Bank ol Canada j
e,c35.U0O 00
D. R. H'lLKIE, Prasklem.
f       Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    .Merchants
I Farmers ami Private Individuate invited.
.        Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available il) auv part of
* tbe world,
I      SAVINGS DEPARTMENT —Special   attention
L  given  to Savings  Hank Accounts      Deposits  of fl.l 0   and
►  upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
I   Cranbrook Branch: !i. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
»' .▼
* ****** ********•>* ************
No danger ■>! Importing p**\*   So Injury [ton tutuiguiioi.
No drying out lb CODfM of *>b:pai^lil
All (i»r tree* are Wintemd iu frost-pro il i -ilars
Therefore pmteit vourtelt bj buvlorj our ir.*-    Writ* for Catalogue
and PritT List to
E.taMi*be.] 1900.   On? lui.-lrcd und tapni v five a, raa
Representative: F. H. WORTHINGTON
N.B.—Wabar. DWARF atort in M.-lmosb Bad, Wraltbj-. Jonathan, Cnis
orange. Ontario. Northern ^Kl mM Vfrhgnur
Are tb«- reasons fnr my srT»?st m^-*** in .t'l .iWii-*-»< f m*n.
I keep abreast i-l ih« tim*-» nn-l adopt»r*-rv \#-* n.'-iivtri
thnt tin- [iniTfxi itKte-ssfol. Tfih*- raplaiDi *r.v ! hid the
iiliif-i upedaUst in Spokane an«f i>n~ t— n for arven ytt.rn
in tbe HtiBif location. No ''fl*"* enrwd a*aj. nil*** i' i" lo-
■■iint 1,1c. I mtcome •*n.««» that otiWl bar*?failed lo '".'■"
.My nwit apecial methods core whm uiben (Oil.
j       for the A3KIHC        Anatomical Museum
If yon cannot ririt m^ pmoaallj.Ha a»* r.urjtir*-'!» of
others have iIon« ami Hr" ooinjr, W til*- on- full i)*-rail- o!
your Case itr,'l I will prescribe my rrfiitm*'f.»" that »«■
guaranteed to core erer; rasa that i» not ioeoraMa No
cure— iii pnj.
no Howard St.
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
Wo have some Gilt Edged Original Prairie Tovnsitei
(not Bub-divisions), which appeal u> the intelligent invee-
tor. and we intend to put on tui extensive advertising campaign in OHANBROOK as booh as we complete arrangements with a flrst-elass man, who can follow np inquiries.
We mail the district thoroughly, The right man wbo will
apply himself can make ihis a permanent and very profitable position. Apply H. W. MeOntfy, 502 Temple Build-
ing, Toronto,
*   Fruit Ornamental »
«       Trees Shrubs       »
*   —-—-»
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent
Phone 139 Cranhrook,  11. C.
*************A***IU*k '   »*♦♦♦#»♦»**♦*#♦♦*♦♦*'♦*♦♦*" Mr. Edison
has invented a New Record
that will rekindle all of your first
enthusiasm in your Edison Phono.graph
—a record that makes your Edison Phonograph far and
away the best sound-reproducing instrument that can be
had. The new record is called the Blue Amberol. It
not only has greater volume and decidedly the finest tone
of any phonograph record on the market, but
is practically unbreakable and will never wear
out. Go to your Edison dealer today and
ask him to play some of these wonderful
Blue Amberol Records. Then take them
home to keep and play the rest of your life.
11mm A. Ediion, be., 100 Uk«id« Am., Oiun, N. J„ U. S. A.
A compleU line of Ediion Phonograph! and Rocordt will bo found at
"The Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd."
"Thc Cranbrook Drug and Book Co* Ltd/'
News of the District
(By Fred Roo).
Division Superintendent Ilarshaw,
C.P.R., Cranhrook, was an Klko
visitor last week. Ho .said, barring
accidents over which the company
have no control, freight Irom Fernie
should arrive in Elko inside ol six
Owing to some confusion in the
weather bureau thc consignment ol
climat* intended for Tom Wholen's
17th ol Ireland celebration in Fernie,
arrived in Klko on the 18th.
R. C. Carr, alderman, Ilowct garden wall pai»er hanger, liquid veneer
artist and financier ol Cranbrook
and J. Heed, superintendent of Tay-
lorizud automobile tracts, were Elki
visitors last week.
W. R. Ross, minister of lands, Victoria, Fred Roo, J.P., and J. A.
Thompson, superintendent of government bridges, were entertained by
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hirnie, Kyle Cottage, at dinner and a musical this
SeverjJ automobiles were ordered
for Elko this spring. ]). V. Mott
says there are only two kinds of
automobiles fori these mountains.
The Ford and the can't afford.
Unless the weather changes it will
be some time before the dandelions
burst into bloom.
T. Boyter, linguist fur Leask and
.Johnson, spent the week end witli
his family in Cranbrook.
A* large party drove down to
Waldo to the smoker last Saturday
night from Klko, and report a splendid time. After the speech from
the visiting member, coffee, preserves and cake were served. Five kinds
of preserves were served in cut glass
botwls and about a do/en kinds of
cake, with embroidered edges.
As wc go to press there is a report that ,the. North Stat planing
mill here is changing hands hut
nothing definite.
A carload.of settlers effects arrived In Elko Sunday from the prairie.
No doubt looking lor some of the
rose bordered fruit farms around tlie
old historic burg.
Dr. S.|Bonne11, of Fernie, was in
Elko last Saturday. It is possible
the doctor may build one of the
largest sanatoriums in Western Canada. For golden opportunities the
location of Klko is the best in Smith
East Kootenay. Please pass the
Mayor Gates told the writer that'
tn Fernie violation of the Bowsor
Act is no longer fashionable.
Last week five thousand homes !»
Numadqu, Japan, were destroyed by)
flro. Now if the -laps would taki
our advice they could prevent such
frequent losses by building their
homes of gas pipe instead of bamboo. They could get the gas pipe
in Elko. ,
Wm. Mills, of the King's hotel,
Pernie, may build a summer residence
io Elko this spring.
The London, England, borough
council, propose to widen Petticoat
Lane. When our village dressmaker
read this she suggested that if them
blooming English knew nny thing
they would let it onfall the way
from the belt, line.
Norman Gardner, of Cranbrook,
who sells overland trout and farm
fertilizers for the Swift Canadian
Co., says: "A farm without hogs is
Mk» a family without children." .Now
wouldn't that freeze the cherries in
jnour grandmother's Kaster bonnet.
Miss Thompson-from The Kylerf, ol
Butte, Scotland, arrived In Klko
■Monday and,will visit with Mrs. .1.
A. Thompson, Knob Hill.
Mr. .lohn Han-bury, president of "the
North Star Lumber company, Vancouver, B.C., and Mr. R. W. Rid-
dell, Coleman, Alta., spent several
days in Elko this week.
(From lhe Creston Review)
Mr., ami Mrs. Arthur Muni and
family, of Seat/tic, are the guests > of
Mr. anil Mrs. T. I). Hunec this,week.
Mrs. Livingston, of Vancouver, provincial W.C.T.r. organizer, was a
Creston caller a couple of days last
week,. She left on Saturday last
for Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Brown have
recently rented their ranch to Mr. J.
lU'ath and moved to town,, where
they expect to reside for a while.
Mrs. ('. II. rtichardson, of New
Westminster, accompanied hy Miss
Aanie Helme, of Vancouver, who have
been visiting at,the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Ilobden, left on Monday for
a tour of tho east.
Tod Mawson, who has heen. spending tlie winter with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Mawson, left on Monday for Weyburn, Sask., to resume
his duties with the International
Harvester company at that place.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Mawson who have
been visiting lor the last two
months at Weyburn, Sask., returned
to tlieir, home in Creston on Wednesday, and on Thursday evening were
given a surprise party by a number
"f, their friends to welcome them
home. Music, games and dancing
were the amusements of the evening.
Among those present were, Mr. and
Mrs. Gilpin. Mr. and Mrs. .Jackson,
Mr., and Mrs. Arrowsmltb, Mr. and
Mrs. Ilobden, Mrs. Richardson and
.Miss Amio Helme, Mr. .1. Smith,
(lurlrmlc Oilpin, Vstta .Smith, Olive
"(Jilpin, Will Smith, Frank Smith
and Hugh Taylor. A most sociable
arid pleasant evening was enjoyed by
(Special correspondence)
Mrs. Louie Larson and children left
On Friday nioriiiitig lor Fernie, where
■she expects to reside in thc future.
Mr. and Mrs. Larson have been in
town for the past seven years and
will be greatly missed.
Mr. Gardner, representing Swifts
meats, culled on Thursday on business.
William Barclay, salesman for the
company, relumed home, on Friday.
Mr. Alfred Fletcher returned Wednesday after spending some time at
his old home. All .says it seemrd
like being ia a strange land after the
years away,
Messrs. Swanson, Lundborn, R.
Lund, Graham, Lawson, Ilalstrum
and Williams took advantage of the
holiday Friday to visit the company's logging operations in and
around Galloway.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Thorpe, of
Crescent Valley, B.C., are visiting
at Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wisner's for a
few days.
A meeting ot the Conservative association Friday night held in the
company's office was a great success. Many new members were enlisted in the interests of the party.
Mr. Fred Speaker is spending a
day or so at his home here. Fred is
working at Moyie.
Mrs. T. Gaffney and little son
Gerald were in Cranhrook Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Max were in
Cranbrook Saturday and Sunday.
the ouantvrook hekald
No woman should have poor, thin,
scraggy hair, and no man need become bald. Poor hair and final
baldness; are duo to the dandruff
Newbro's llerpicido will destroy
dandruff and slop the hair from tailing), Further evidence of this is
found in a letter from Mrs. F. Neil-
son, of Toinah, Wis. She says:
"I fought tho worst kind of dandruff
for nlno years. I have been using
Herpicide now one weekt and my
scalp is healthy, the dandruff has
gone and the itching has stopped. It
is the best remedy for scalp diseases
I ever saw, and I have seen many."
Don't subject yourself to disappoint ment and    expense by accepting
something claimed to be "just
good" as Newbro's Herpicide. These
off brands may possibly be good, hut
why take chances? Tho- genuine and
original dandruff germ destroyer can
always be obtained. It slops itching of the scalp almost instantly.
Newbro's Herpicide in SDc. and
T4.00 sizes is sold by all dealers who
guarantee it to do all that is claimed. If you ivie nol satisfied your
money will be rofunded,
Send 10c. in postage or silver for
sample ami booklet lo the Herpicide
Co., Dept. It., Detroit, Mich.
Applications at good barber shops.
BcaHie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
The real January days of the past
week havo stopped the baseball and
tenuis talk.
Mr. Whitley, of Galloway, called
over Sunday at thc home of Mr. and
Mrs. Hurgess.
Mr. Robson, of the Western Canada
Wholesale company, at Ferniie, called
one cold day last week, and drove lo
Hull River.
Considerabln doubt exists as to
when the fishing season opens, as
the vicinity of Nelson is enjoying
open season since. March 15th.
Mr. Fay, of Jefferson, Wisconsin,
dropped off on Monday trying t0 find
a warmer climate.
Mrs. John Martin and children
were Cranbrook visitors on Monday
last. Mr. Martin is still at thc hospital, and expects to be allowed to
come home in the near future.
B, E. Markle was in Cranbrook
Saturday last on business,
Reports of Mr. McLain's condition
are that though still in a very weak
condition he will get along nicely
under proper care.
Good Friday passed off very quietly. A morning and evening service
at tlte church greatly relieved an otherwise uneventful day.
Mrs. Kennedy, for some time em
ployed at the hotel, left for her old
home at Spirit Lake, Idaho, on Wednesday.
Mr. Johnson, of Wycliffe, called on
a business trip Wednesday.
Glad to see Mrs. C. G. Bureau out
and with us again after a long illness.
It is some time slnee social life
gave us*nytf*ng in the shape of a
dance.  Mtlsr     ;re all the boosters?
By tlt'YM of the week thc Jewell
Lumber* company expect to clean up
their winter's cut In Kast Wardner.
Tins prolonged cold surely is a blessing to sonic.
Ilarloud Rounds is allowed to set
up in bed a few minutes each day.
Harloud is at the hospital and has
been in a very weak condition.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. H.
Regular meetings on
the" third   Thursday
„ of every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Crescent Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tutsday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K. of R.&S.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
At the Society Girl at Moyio, an
effort is being made to reach the
north vein. The work done on
the south vein was, in a way. disappointing, and better things are
expected when the north vein is
encountered. At the St. Eugene,
theadjoiuing property,larger bodies
of ore, carrying higher values,
were always found in thc north
vein than in the south one. The
directors are putting forth every
effort to locate some of the ore
bodies that are undoubtedly on
the property. The shareholders
can feel assured that they are getting a square deal for their money.
The sawmill of the Porto Rico
Lumber Company at Moyie is being put in shape for the season's
run. There are six million feet of
logs to be out, and the mill will be
kopt busy until late in October.
Some thirty-five men are now
employed at the St. Eugene mi no
at Moyie, and the shipments of
ore to tlie smelter at Trail amount
to two hundred tons a month. It
is estimated that thero is sufficient
ore in sight to keep this force or
even a larger one going for the
next year. There seems to bo
good grounds for tho belief
that the St. Eugene will again
some day be back to its former
place, that of being the largest
silver-lead producer in Canada.
F. J. Smyth is back from the
Queen Charlotte islands, where
for the past six months he was in
charge of the Queen Charlotte
News. Mr. Smyth was glad to
return to his former field of activity and meet his numerous old
friends. While out on the islands
in the Pacific he met several former Kootenay people. G, D.
Beattie is prospering and has one
of the best kept stores to be found
in that northern country,   fi. M.
Siuiililiiiuls is government agent,
and a most competent and courteous cilliciul he is. TIiob. Deasy
is the Indian agent for the islands,
the most intelligent nnd progressive lot of Indians iu western
Canada. D. K. Young owiib two
newspapers on the islands and has
largo coal, timber and land holdings. Mr. Smyth speaks highly
of tho climate and the future possibilities of tho place.
Indicates indigestion, constipation
or liver trouble. FIG PILLS will
regulate your system and build up
the nerve forces so that you caa
sleep and enjoy life. At all dealers
25 and 50 cents or The Fig Pill Co.,
St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranhrook Drug and
Book Co.. Ltd.
Hardy Northern Grown Pedigree
And other leading varieties, best
suited to this district
Express clinrgcB |irci>aid ami 10 per
cent, discount allowed on all orders
with remittance in (nil received before
March L'0.
Catalogue sent on request
Wynndel, B. C.
District of   South    Divisioa,   East
TAKE NOTICE tnat Phineas DeVere Hunt, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Agent, intends to apply tor
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe north west corner of Lot 5805,
Oroup 1, Kootenay district, East
Kootenay; thence south 80 chains;
thence west 20 chains, more or less,
to tbe east boundary of Lot 6345,
Group 1; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 20 chains, more or less,
to the place of begdnning, containing
80 acres, more or less.
Phineas DeVere Hunt,
per   Robert  Williamson Henry,
Dated February 1, 1913. (MOt
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSPhOflol restores every nerve lo the body
 r ..iu ils iiniper tension : restores
vim .iinl Vitality. I'rrniiitiircil.'iiivaii'l till sexual
WL-ikiicss aver IM at om e. FhiMphonol will
make vim a new man. Frfee til a boi. or two lor
>5. Malta! to nnv-iiMre**. ThaSwWUDrw
Co.. St. t'Blliarliie-H, Ont.
For sale at Beattie-Hurpby Co., Hi.
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11X 11, Price
$860,00, Jlny be seen at Benedict Siding, one milo cast of
Mnyook, B, C.
Ono Oxfonl Saw Carriage, complete with rack feed, It blooks,
3 post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxford Friction Peed, complete with cable and sheaves nnd
drivo pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. C.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elko, B. C.
Meets ever; Monday
light at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning OddfelUwa cordially iuvited.
R. Dixon, W. M. Harris,
N. Q. Sec'y.
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cars
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Forty years tn use, 20 years tb»
standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martcl's Female
Pills, at your druggist.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A  cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
H, Whits, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially tn-
Mrs. Alma Llddicoat, N.G.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
J. McLachlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
E. Y. Brake, L. I'cnrron,
Pres. Sec.
Box 018
Visiting members cordially wclcom
Cranbrook Lodge
No. lull)
Meets every Wednesday
nt N p.m.iii lliiviil ltmi"k
KnigW Hall, linker
FnEli. W. SWAl.v, J)iet.     U.S. Gaiuiett, See
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ot tne Forest.       <
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday ot each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whittakcr, CO,
Mrs. I. Heigh, Secretary.
Visiting Companions cordially, welcome.
LODGE, No. 1871
Meets 1st and :inl Thursdays at S p.m. in Koyal
BlackKnijrhtHof Ireland
Hall, Baker Stieet.
Faun. W. Swjiin. W.M.
S. L. Williams, Sec.
It mithpi no dlffircnt* what jou faire on
planting tiili mmm—w« cin luppi*/ you,
and with th* Ant-it qualltjr or nurtcrjr Mock
tf« irowo.
All (mt, plant*, tloet, twrrki, ilirulm,
•WfTHH, rowi, fl(c, anlil by ua ira |uar-
II will pay you tn gel In touch wiiti na.
32 PAGES,        IO*(STAMPS)
Ii. you want satisfaction with
your warning send
It to
Special prices lor family work.
0|>|ii,a,te C.P.R. Station
THH    PLACH;    TO     OET    A
Hotel International
Geo. LoitdPRR, l'mprietor
Situated at Khigegate, B. C, on
llif Houndary Line, in a spot of
rare K't'iiir beautyand the spurta-
raaii'e paradirae.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B. X
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cale at moderate
Ratee |1.00 and up per day
Corner of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our bus meets all traina
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B 0OETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
RmiKBT Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries or All Kinds
rHONE 87
Norbury Ave.       Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction (THiiranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries a full stock of
Repairs for above always
in Btock
Bui'ccasor to F. T. f. PERRY
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Hatha.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day
and up
Many Good Men Robbed of High
BusineB and Social Standing
by Prink
LOured at
in Ilirt'i' days
Box nan, rranbrook, B. C.
Ot Spokane, Wash.
Dentistry and Oral
Will be located In the offices
formerly occupied by Dr. Hall
over Parks & Co.'s Hardware Store,
APRIL 5th TO JUNE 1st, 1913
Cranbrook, B. C.
W. F. O.URD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
President: <), II. McCi.tniK
a        Secretary: H. Macdhnali>
i > For information regarding lands
< i and   agriculture   apply   to the
1 * Secretary, Cranhrook, B. 0.
1 ' Meeting—
* *       Every second Wednesday
l'lYHiilt'liL: C. II. RllKri'iRIl
Meete regularly tlie Unit Kmluy evening each
Information nn I'miltry matter*. Htipplind
AtldreBH tbo Swrotary,
A. B. SMITH, Box 852
Hc'ii-lnifHtrtwH: Mihh ('jikiikimito.n
Asuifliuit: Mihh lIoDdHON
fliiardiiig 1'Vph • f 5.01) per week
' Mm-Iiihivi* ni tuition)
School Petti #9,80 per week
(liirliuliiiK Btiitiowry. uuul hooka, etc.)
Klndergartou 8125     "
Role Kitrna:
French, GOc per week ; Mm...*, 110c per week.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlot at Rtfldeice, Armatroi,  Ive,
Forenoons ».00 to 10.M
Afternoon! - • • 1.00 to 4.80
Evenings ■ ■ - ■ 7.80 to B.S»
elwrdays .... 2.80 to   i.lt
CRANBROOK'   I     I,    H    H     ». O,
I to 12 «.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK' -       -       - B. O,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
:?e,°NB„0^8 Cranbrook,B.C.;:
B.  C.  land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
A M. Can. Hoc. C. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Drug and Book
Co's. Htore
Telephone I18U
P. O. Boi 87
W. R. Baaltr. ruaaral Utractoa
Oraabraaa B. C
Phone 34f>
Norbury Ave., neit to Cily Hall
Day I'lione 2:i:i
NillM i'lione SDC
Prank Provenzano
Ganaral Marohanta
Employmant Agtntt
CRANBROOK    •    B. C.
P.O. 80X194 »B0Nl!44-
Graduate of London College of
Music, England
Visits and Receive.? Pupils for
Also representative for Mason &
Is Quality a Greater Consideration in Purchasing Drugs than
Price ?
We believe it is, and insist that all
our drugs and chemicals be of the
highest grade. As a result you
take no chances in purchasing your
drugs from us.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
H*e 1?e%ClXC Store
Cranbrook - . B. C.
on .ill our Pickard China
fron now until our new
stock nrrives. A rare
opportunity to procure
some of tho"VVOKLDS
BEST" hand painted
china at a ridiculous low-
price. Take advantage of
this exceptional offer
while our assortment is
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
Orocery  Cash-wlth-Order  Price
List you will see ••Applies Only
for Orders of $15 00 and Over.
So many people think this is too
large an amount, so that we have
decided to let the prices apply for
a  cash   order  of  any amount.
May say that this Price List was
and Is intended chiefly to compete with out-nf.town price lists
and thus keep tin- money in town
which   has  been   sent away.
The Cranhrook Trading Co., Ltd.
• a ,
Mrrt me at Bob's Placo,
(leu. W. Mini, ,,( ^afak, was In the
cily Tuesday on business.
TbO    I'.l'.S.      price nn    limill'llm is
.Vic nml 02 He. per Bquaro pnrii,
Mis W. \\. McGregor spent Knslrr
witb hii'iiils in Calgary.
N A. Wnlllngei lefl Tuesday [01
Nilsiin nn a [civ days business trip.
Kerala Garden anil Hold nl all
liimK.-i'iaiii k. Trading Co.
Rev, Mr I'nlliinin. nl Rlkoi was a
visum in tho oily tho in si „i tin
.1 Loo Cranston, principal ol Un
Cranbrook schools, is spending bi'
l.'asiri vacation al tlie mast
'rim C.C.S, price mi linoleum Is
65c. anil 09 1-So. per sipinre yard.
Miss Sally \ 11,,-r I sin,, ol WycliHe
was registered at tho Cranbrook
hotel en Monday.
I.en Mawson, of Creston, wns registered al lh,lei Cranbrook nn Tuesday spending tlie day 111 tinvn.
Do you I'oqtliro a dinner set'.' If so
ymi will iln well In see the values
Fink's ate offerinK.
A. fi. Monkhousc anil wile, nf
Kilnliel'ley, were iu tlie cily nn Wisl-
John Armour lelt today for Spokane lo spend a few days on business
nnd pleasure.
Apples, tl.M box; cash, tl.flB;
spuds $1.04 cwt.—Cranbrook Trading
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Miss Williams, of Waldo, was 111
the city flic first of the week, the
guest of her brother, IS. Williams.
Miss McLeod, local manager ol thc
C.P.R, telegraph office, spent Easter
with friends at Medicine Hat.
The C.C.S. prion on linoleum Is
55c. and 03 l-2c. per square yard.
.1. M. dully returned the first nl
tbe week! from a visit with his parents in Eastern Canada.
.John Laurie, C.I'.R. car insffclcr,
left Wednesday for Winnipeg on a
short business trip.
Singapore pineapples, new stock,
2 cans for 25c. at Fink's Pure Food
Mrs. Geo. Muir, of Yatik, was the
guest ot Mrs. Arthur Ward the first
nf the week.
Thc Veterans' association whist
drive and dance has heen postponed
until a later date.
Pink and white Easter a/alias- in
pots.—East Kootenay Greenhouse
So., phone 190. ll-2t
.). Vsher left Tuesday fur Kings-
gale with a crew of men tn wnrk on
the government roads.
Born.—At Hostncr, 11. C., on the
10th March, tn Mr. anil Mrs David
Wilsnn, a son;
■120 acres of land for sale near
Mayook, price $15 per acre.; terms,
10 yearly payments. See Healc anil
Elwell. 18-11
Miss Nellie M. Ilandley, ot Marys-
ville, was ia (he city Monday attending the dance Monday night.
Mrs. Alan S. IHitnhletnn, nf Victoria, arrived in the city this week
tne a visit with her daughter, Mrs.
i'. Hungcrlbrd Pollen.
Wagner collapsible gn-enrts at the
C.C.S, They arc the best for the
FOR SALE.—One pen nt pure bred
Barred Rnck; six pullets and cock
bird, Miller strain.—W. •'. Atchison,
cily. lilll
Wagner collapsible go-carts at the.
C.C.S. They alv the befit tor the
A special inee, lag nl the city council is called for Wednesday evening.
April 2nd, tot the purpose nf passing
nn thi' estimated lor the year.
We can prove the prices in our
515 cash with order Orocery Price
List are better than Ptrnle or
Baton's.   Cranbrook Trading Co.
Miss Edilli 'limning, nf I.istuwel,
Ontario, arrived this weeh tor an extended visit wMh her brotlher, R. .1.
Hnrn.-On Sunday, March 23, 1918,
al thc Cottage hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs. <lro. W. Muir, of Yohk, a
Sen the IVagnor collapsible go-
carts at the, COS, They are the
most durable, conriortafflc and <-hcap-
Born.—At   the Cottage hospital nn
Friday, March 28, 1918,   In Mt. ami
Mrs. Gen.     McDonald, of  Kimbetley
a son.
Selling ati cost wagons, carriages,
implements,, harness, luniks, suitcases, el t'. Oet our sale poster
witb price >j.-Cranbtook   Trading On.
WHEN your clock
is out of order il needs
a doctor as much as
you do. We conduct a hospital for sick ducks. Nn
matter what the trouble is,
lirinp; your clock in here or
let us know und we will send
for it. Our charges am reasonable.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Conductor M. Lindsay returned
this week Irom a trip to Butte,
Mont., where lie purchased a tine
pair of    thoroughbred Airedale dogs.
A. H. Playle was in the city from
his farm at Paton's Lake Monday,
being present at the Charity hall in
the evening.
.Sen the Wagner collapsible go-
carts at -thc C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest,
E. A'. Thompson, of Seattle,
Wash., was in the city last week rn
a visit with his brother, J, R.
See the C.C.S. for the collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable gocart on
the market.
A number of pure-bred poultry worn
shipped into Cranbrnoki Ihis week.
They included Rhode Island Reds,
White Leghorns und Black Cochin
FOR SALE.—One sreond hand Detroit 1 horse power gasoline engine.
Complete with belts and pump jack,
suitable for any pump, in good working order. Apply .1. F. II uc her oft,
city. 13-lt
P. E. Wilson went to Spokane on
Monday to meet Mrs. Wilson, who
was returning home from Victoria,
where shf has been visiting for the
past month.
Sec the C.C.S. for the collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart on
thc market.
.lohn Scanlon. who has been ill for
some time, is reported better, His
nephew, .1. T. .Scanlon, recently arrived from the states for an extended
See, the Wagner collapsible gn-
carts at the C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest.
The sale of fancy work conducted
by the Ladies Aid of Knox church in
tbo school room on Saturday after-
noun was very successful and a neat
sum realized.
We can prove the prices In our
$15 cash with order Orocery Price
Liet are better than Fernie or
Baton's.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, is in
the city today. He is one of the
most prominent lumbermen of this
district and has recently acquired
considerable fame as thc single
handed Goliath ol Die Canadian
Pacific railway.
See the C.C.S. for thc collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart on
the market.
Al., Doyle's ranch bain, six miles
from Fort Steele, was burned to the
ground on Monday. .lames Hoy
was caught, inside the ham and narrowly escaped being burned to death,
being rescued by a neighbor, Wm
Sec thc florist for hanging baskets
and window boxes. Now is the time
to order.-E. K. Greenhouse, phone
190. H-2t
Beale and Elwell have just received
the agency for the Canadian Horn
Investment company, which is offering a most attractive method of assisting persons to build a home, and
when you have a moment to spare, it
would pay you to call and see, them
or write for further particulars.
Laurentia milk and cream will keep
-indefinitely in any climate while
sealed. Do not miss demonstration
at iFink's Pun- Food Orocery next
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tbe next regular meeting ol     the
Cranbrook Poultry aud Pet Stock association will be held ;it the old
gymnasium on Frldaj evening, April
4th at « o'clock. Rev. W. K Dunham will lead a discussion on Wyan-
(iittes, some thru' varieties ,,[
whieh will be on exhibition, [everybody invited.
How about your spring bedding
plants? Asters, verbana, sticks,
salvia or (lowering sage, pansies,
etc., at the Oreenhoiise. H-aj
Now is the time to advertise eggs
for hatching. The successful poultry who lias eggs for sale should
take advantage if Ibis paper as o
means of bringing before the public
his particular breed. Herald ads
tell the story.
Laurentia milk and cream is thor
(Highly cleansed bv a machinery process, of all impurities. See demonstration nexl Tuesday and Wednesday at Fink's Pun* Food Grocer)
Mrs. A. II. Webster left on Saturday for an extended visit with her
patents in Scotland. Mr, Webster,
who is the local manager of the C.P.
K. land department, will join her
before her return, if he can secure
leave of absence.
Violets, roses, carnations and all
kinds ol cut dowers to order at the
Greenhouse., phone 190. ll-2t
Mr. and Mrs. It. T. Williams, of
Regjna, Sask., arrived in the city
on Monday and will reside on their
property in Kootenay Orchards. Mr.
Williams has been the business manager of the Rcglnn Leader, a position he relinquishes to engage in the
poultry husiness.
FOR SALE.-Pure bred While
Pekin Puck eggs for hatching, from
the kind that lay an egg every morning, $1.50 for ten.—W. J. Atuhtsun.
city. i;Mi
Thc regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute will he held
the Carmen's hall on Tuesday, April
1st, at <i p.m. sharp. Mis. II. Brown
will demonstrate on dark layer cake,
aud as the demonstration is at the
beginning of Hie programme all members and friends are asked to he on
time. 4
Pure milk, fresh from the cow
This is "Laurentia" in a nutshell.
See demonstration on Tuesday and
Wednesday, April 1st and 2nd, at
Finh's Pure Food Grocery.
Rev. Mr. Davis, pastor of the Kniv
lisb church at Windermere, passed
through the city Tuesday on Ins way
lo Nelson to attend the animal meeting of the Synod of the diocese of
Rev. W. Iv Dunham will meet thc
ladies who ate (desirous of becoming
members of the auxiliary tn the
Young Men's club at Ihe Club building ou nexi Monday afternoon at 3
p.m. The fees    lor tbis auxiliary
membership has heen fixed ai $5.00
per year ami classes in gymnasium
aud swimming will he held ever)
Monday afternoon aud Thursduj
evening. All ladies are invited
attend the meeting.
The directors of the Women's Institute ami the lady directors of the
Farmer's Institute met at the residence of Mrs. Uobf. Brown on
Wednesday of lasl week, to revise the
prize list of the Agricultural association for 1919, Prize lists covering
dairying, culinary department and
fancy and needle work wen* made to
be submitted to the dicectors of lhe
Thoroughbred Barred Rock vfftfi
for sale. $2 for 13.—I). Finlay son,
city. 13-lt*
Joe Kennedy has li-eeii transferred
by I'. Burns and Co. to Lethbridge.
leaving on April 1st for his new
location. He will have charge of
the cutting department of the Lethbridge market. He has resided here
since earliest boyhood and a large
number of friends, will learn nf Ins
departure with regret.
Five roomed modern house, with
2 lots, chicken houses and garden for
rent.—The Chapman Land and Inv.
Co., Box 425, phone 401.
Mr. and Mis Fred Chapman arrived
home from Calgary tlie first of tlie
week, having been detained for several days on account of an operation
for their young son, Thornton. He is
convalescent and will soon be around
again. They were in Calgary for
two weeks.
Pure White Rnck eggs $1.50 per
13 or $4.50 per fifty.—Pearson Bins.,
Esterhazy, Sask. 12-3t*
Wm. Dreuletl was brought into St.
Eugene hospital Irom Fort Steele on
Wednesday with a bullet wound in
his groin. Doctors probed for the
bullet but were unable to locate it.
The bullet started high in the groin
and ranpjed downward It is alleged
that he was shot by a woman known
as "Stella," an Inmate of a disorderly house at Fort Steele. She was
placed under arrest nml is now in
the custody nf Sheriff Morris.
Hollo Crooks, who has been with a
surveying crew at Vahk, came in the
city Wednesday aud will spend u few
days at home.
Under the auspices of the Knox
Church Young People's Society, the
California Jubilee Quartet will be
seen at Knox church Thursday evening, April 3, 1813, commencing al
8 o'clock. This entertainment consists ot four colored entertainers aud
they provide a programme of plantation melodies, jubilee songs, sacred
numbers, popular airs, classical selections, etc. An admission of Tin
cents will be charged.
FOR SALE.-Ono 120 egg Peerless
Incubator; 1   Peerless    brooder; seed
oUtoes Burpee's Improved.—S.
HaedoBald, P. 0, Box 1B3. 10-41
FOR SALE.—A Hall safe in good
ondition. Apply City Clerk at
city hall. 7-tf
A meeting of the directors of the
Cranbrook     Agricultural association
was held at the city hall ou Tuesday
evening for the transaction* 0[ regular
business. A number of the memhers
of ihe special committee on the prize
list for this year were present to
confer with the directors and it was
decided to immediately submit the
prize list for bid to the printers. \
number of additions and revisions in
the list were made by the Committee
and sanctioned by the directors. Other routine matters were disposed of
and meeting adjourned.
FOR SALE.-Two IxS pool
tables.—las. Scott, Columbia, British Columbia. 13-31*
The second successful dancing party
of the week was held at the Auditorium on Tuesday evening, and was a
benefit dance [or the family of the
late -I. S. Brake. It was given under the auspices of Ihe Overseas club
ami the Women's auxiliary to the
B. of R. ('. The hull was filled as
completely as on Monday night a
great many attending both dances.
The supper was an especial feat tire
and every kind of delicious viaml
was provided, that could he executed
by designing chefs. The Edison orchestra furnished the music. Thfl
dancing continued until a late hour,
aud everyone had a good time.
FOR SALE.-Pure bred White
Pekin Duck eggs for hatching, tiom
the kind that lay an egg every morning, $1.50 for ten.—W. .1. Atchtnn.
city. 13 tl
On Wednesday of last week when
thi* thermometer was hitting the
high spots, or rather touching the
low ones, Frank (iodderls, a farmer
living east of the city, who had
a number of setting hens at the lime,
decided to make a lire in the hen
house so as to make his feathered
Hock a bit comfortable. About -"i
o'clock the next morning Mrs. God-
deris had occasion to get up and dls-
covered that the hennery was on fire.
With the assistance of neighbors the
fire was gotten under cnnlrol, hut
not before the building bad been considerably damaged. ForUniatelv,
only ten chickens were Inst of the
large flock kept on this farm. After
the smoke cleared away the clinkers
were again brought together and
placed in an adjoining building and
are apparently determined to bring
oft the hatch.
WANTED.—A competent maid for
general housework. Apply Frame,
Home Bakery. 13-lt'
WANTED.—Light demnct.it, second
hand. Williams, Box 711, Cran-
biook. 13-lt*
W.W'TEIL-A maid for general
housework. Apply     Mrs.    C.    T-
Davis, Garden avenue. 13-lt
WANTED.—A competent housemaid. Apply Mrs. Hoggarth at
Cranbrook hotel. 13
Vilhjalmur Stcfansson, well known
for his explorations along the Arctic
shores of British America and lor his
discovery of Lloyd Eskimos, has
for some time been planning an expedition io seek for new lands in the
vast unexplored region lying to tho
north of the BcaUforl Sea ■ami tho
Parry Archipelago. He recently *■
cured the financial backing ot On*
American Museum of Natural lh>
tory. the National Geographic Society, ami the Harvard Travelers'
club; hut shortly afterward was invited hy tbe Canadian government to
undertake the journey under its auspices and at its expense. He has accordingly been release! by the three
American societies and Hie expedition
will sail under thc British Hag
Stcfansson is a Canadian hy birth,
hut was educated in the I'nited
The expedition is expected to sail
from Esquimau, B.C., fcholatter
part of May on thc whaler "Korluk,"
rust puichased for this purpose, and
to sp,*nd about three and a half
years in the Arctic Dr. R. M. .Anderson is to he second in command,
and the scientific staff will probably
consist chiefly of Canadians. The
region to be explored is Hie largest
stretch of completely uiikiiuWti se» or
land in the northern Iwtnisphen'.
Certain peculiarities of Lhe tides
seem to Indicate that it contains OX-
tensive land areas. On thn eastern
bonier of this rrgiou is Ibe «uppo»cd
Admirable Array
of New Goods
We have just placed in stock new arrivals
of Dress Goods, Bedford Cords. Linens, Muslins. Fancy Collars and Ties.
Why not do your spring sewing now?
Our monthly style book, which has been
enlarged, will give  you  scores of new  ideas.
You will find it full of interesting style news.
They are tree. Ask for
New Suits
Yuu will be agreeably surprised
al the stylish, serviceable suits we
are olferinR at $1S, $20, $22,aud
$-•">- They are made up in handsome tiny. Brown, ami Fawn
Tweeds : also in Navy Serges and
Bedford Cords. Eaoli suit eiu-
hodies distinctive features, copied
from Paris and London models.
We invite your inspection.
Spring Millinery
The becoming, stylish Hats have
taken tho town by storm. Every
ilay we arc milling now creations i<>
our stock.   Wo will bo lioiiglitod
to show von.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrooks Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
location of Crocker Land, which was
sighted by Peary on bli jo-urocj
the pole, ami is to be sought bj
Macmtllan's forthcoming "Crocks
Land Expedition." It should also
be noted that Amundsen's project.tl
drift Ucioss th,- North Polar Masm
will probably carry him into thi*; un-
known area.
SU'fatissnn Imp,- ;,, land at Puna
Patrick Island next September ami
establish his main base at I.ami's
Kml. The ship i- to learc him he
return to civilization, and thereafter
In make .early visits to the base. (>[
course anv such programme is habh
to be more or less modified by in
conditions, r'rom Land's Knd tin
party expects to make sled^ini: jour
neys in various directions ever a>
much as possible of the ynflHon
square miles that arc now a blank
on the map.
Th-- expedition will be '-qtuppet!
with a powerful wireless telegraph
outfit, ami it is hoped that *:.- :.-.-
staiion will thus !*■ kept in constant communication with the
world. This ought nol to be difficult, since »[„■ Canadian government
is now establishing a chain of wireless stations in the far north of
Hritish America, including '■:-.■ at
Herschell Island, a' the mouth of
the Mackenzie Hiver. I' Is .ii->
proposed   to carry a   wireless outfit
■n the sledge,
explorers in I
novjng pictur
eluded in   tin
•   Ml.
>nler to k.
with theii
chine is to
ipnwnt of
New York. March 2«.—The !;mipli-
tied spelling heard todaj Issued its
fourth list of words to appear In
n •w-fashiom-d orthographj Approximately one thousand words arf
shortened or changed in spelling.
"In considering these new spellings," the board said, in announcing
the new list, ''do not !>.■ ton much
Influenced in the odd appearance "i
the wind. Vny cti.iii^, ii! i-t look
odd at      first. Consider    rather
whether    th,-   change     will bring
real gain if th"   publli   sh*"i!d  -pi
Some fif i lie change* .>re
Dropping ti.*' «llcni h in suib
words as ehaoi an l chameHott; dropping the final k kn words like hem-
mock; changing heart and hearth to
hart and h.uth. dropping thi silenl t*
in monc) and simitsi words; substituting lal for laugh and col f"i
cough, omitting g In gnat, gnome or
similar words, gubstituting nee for
knee and ntcknac lor ntcknack; changing pranced lo pranst and otbei
words mding with need to hst.
The word touch is spelled luch;
serious is changed to scrius; blow to
bio. below is changed to hello, forced to torsi; phantom to fan I ont;
handsome to hansum boss to bos;
glue to giu and wretch to rctth,
Bach of these instance typities a rule
and is followed h\ a long l'*t ot
words to which it applies.
On.Tuesday and Wednesday of next
week there will he a free demonstration of Lain.nli.i milk and cream at
Kink's Pure Pood Grocery, where
thn merits oi thin wonderful homogc
ni/ed product, will be fully explained
Kverybody welcome.
Etfgs   For    Hatching!
Prize-winning s r Rhode island
Reds, Kvaneeline strain. (2.00 per
13; Black Cochin Bantams, I.S.liii per
15. also pure bred Belgian hares,
75e  each
Hot J...'* Cranhrook, B. C..
We, the undersigned memhers of
the late firm of Campbell and Manning, wish lo thank our many friends
and customers for the patronage they
have extended to us during the past
and a half years wc were in
basinets and ask that a continuance
of same 1m- granted to the innior
member ot the firm. Ira H. Manning,
who has taken over the business.
.1. K. Campbell.
I. Ii. Manning.
For Sale on Easy Terms
Owr..»r of six-roomed, modtm and
■oiiiforialiit. residence on Garden Avenue withes to f»*rH tame mbject to delivery on or ifter .luiit* let. S5UO down and
t*ib. per month until balance in paid', or
flfiOO. down and 126. per month on ml*
■nee;or 92000,down and $16.per month
upon balance.    Any reaM.nal.lfc proposition secures  tli**  property.   Present
owner will guarantee ft year'** leanest
$40. per twin th payaUf quarte ly in advance to purchaser opon either of the
above propositions. Here it-a cbsoce
to make u good in vestment with no link
Address Box A. Cranbrook Herald,
Seedsmen t*» Hi* Majesty lite King
Solo Auniti
SI2 Granville St. VAHCOUVBR
Five*roomed Modern
New. on Gtvrdsn Avenue
$30 per month
Apply W. J, Atchison     .;.tt
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A ■■',:.• I in. ■. rcnlttei: B»Mt fstjl. Thttu
I ■ ■• a'c ■ >■ ft t 'i.i ■ [i .v r-1 iii i ■.: iuiiti,' tha
BciierAlive riorlion ul tin; letmle nit"". K«fu»S
all cheap tmilii..m< I*'. <*• ▼■■'• an "'M »t
»> hm. ui ttu*>- li.f liU. Mailel tn any add mi.
Th* MomImII Uras Co., Hi. (atliarlnM. Oafc
For eele at Boattu, Murphy * Co.. THBCRANBBOOK HEttALP
Experienced motheri say
Zam-Buk is best for children's injuries and skin
troubles, because:
It is herbal—no poisonous
mineral coloring.
It is antiseptic—prevents
cuts and burns taking the
wrong way.
It is soothing—ends pain
It heals every time.
Just as good for grownups.
Sold at  all ttorei  and
It is coming on now to tho season
when incubators, brooders and mother hens will be at work. Even for
those who do not intend to raise
early hatches, it is none too early
lor poultrymen and women to be
getting ready lor the incubation season-
Many people, have an erroneous, Men
that all 'that needs be done is set
the hen or the incubator, giv© them
an ordinary .amount ot care, and their
work is done till the hatches come
off. Such is not tho case. In order
to be a successful potiltryman or
woman, as tho case may be, we must
be "up and ut il" early und late ii
perfect! success is to attend our
effort k. The first and fundamental
step to take is the mating up of thi
breeding pen. In order to do this
intelligently it is necessary to study
youn flock closely trom tho start
Takfl careful note nf the choicest
birds. Watch for tbe one Hint is
lirst off the porch in the morning and
last to roost at night; that is constantly hunting for food, singing and
scratching. It is from such slock
that the breeding pens should ho
made up. They arc the ones that
fill the egg basket und produce healthy, robust progeny. 1 make it a
point to leg-hand all tho early layers, and keep a close watch on their
habits and egg record, and from the
best of them I make up my breeding
pens mated to strong, healthy, active males whieh 1 know to have
been bred from gnod-laying, robust
stock. As a result one Is able to
improve the egg record Irom year to
year, and keep the flock in a robust
State Ol health, providing, of course,
"that sanitation and fettling problems
nre carefully si tidied and everything
kept in porfoct condition.
One of the bancs of poultry-life is
the ever present vermin, for I have
come to the conclusion that extermination ol this pest will he impossible so long as hints (ly, for no
matter how thoroughly you may
clean and disinfect and powder, yet
the next time a Hock of sparrows delight on the hen-house roof, n fresh
lot of vermin will be left, and even
tually a few nf them will find tlieir
way to the roosting pen, and hence
to the hens. However, WO Can hut
do our best, and   keep up a constant
tight, for only by continual care cat*,1
the pest be kepi reasonably in check,
and only hy keeping them In check
can the hens he expected to do their
best, Those of you who are observant will notice that on examining a hen that appears to bo out
of sorts and mopy will find her infested with lice (as a rule) while if
you pick up a healthy, active bird in
the same pen possibly no traces
them can bis tound. Whether
is a cause or an effect of tho
being "out of sorts" 1 have
proved yet, hut I have found il
he invariably the case.
The present month should sec
spring opening of tlte campaign
against the lice pest. A good
spraying ot coal oil will help eradicate the miles usually found in such
numbers on lhe walls, roosts and
nests, Slightly warm a pan ol
sulphur and give tlie hens a good
dusting twice a week with it. If
used cold it is very liable to leave
some had effects at this lime ol tlw
year. Hy doing this the hens have a
good     chance  to   exercise all      tlicir
energies in producing good, healthy
germs in their eggs instead of having
to waste part of il In picking at the
little pests that are constantly drawing some of their vitality from them.
Once the egg is laid it must he
kept in a temporal tiro neither too
hot nor inn cold. If too hot incubation may start, and if too cold the
germ will become chilled, and in
either case it will die. A temperature of about 50 deg. F. is about
right, and in order to prevent evaporation the eggs should he closely covered wilh a flannel cloth and not
taept over three weeks.     Less     than
>     weeks     is*   belter. If early
chicks are wanted, and incubation
to bo done in the natural way,
not everyone knows that bloodiness
may be induced even where hens
show little or no inclination. Take a
dozen or so ot the likeliest looking
mothers, ones not suitable for tho
breeding pen; put them in a pen bv
themselves with lots of neslfuls ot
nest eggs, feed tbem heavily with ;t
ration made up chiefly of corn, and
in a short time you will have all the
"sitters" you require, In selling
hens I always try to set four or five
at once. Then at the end of lhe
eighth day or even lhe seventh 1
test the eg^s just n.S I would with
the incubator loi, and hy so doing
usually four hens will cover the fer
tile eggs, and the fifth hen may be
In selling lhe incubator great care
imist he exercised in order to get it
properly regulated before ii is sot.
Most! companies claim that their
special make of Incubator is impervious to conditions outside of the
egg chamber. I have yet to see one
that regulates itself so perfectly
that a change of ten or fifteen de-
drecs nf temperature in the heal of
the room does not show itself iu the
egg chamber. The main thing then
is to set lhe machine in a room
whore the temperature varies little.
If a special incubator room can be
provided off the hen-house have it
preferably to the northeast or east
of the. main building, wilh no windows south or west, and it thc machine has to he run in the house
have it iu the cellar if it. he dry and
well ventilated, otherwise a room in
the upper part of the house.is hotter. I have found in running mine
that a hall running north and south
Ihe length of the house and lighted
only from the rooms opening on it
and unhealed is a much heller place
than in any of thc rooms heated
either artificially or by the sun
through the windows. In [act only
iu a place ot this kind will one he
able to regulate a machine perfectly
for any of the regulators 1 have seen
can take care of only from five lo
ten Increased] or decreased degrees of
temperature in lhe surrounding ;»l-
mosplwro, If the nuts!do temperature varies more than that lhe temperature in the egg chamber is sun*
to suffer as a result. Willi regard
lo moisture: anyone living in a dry
climate, that is away from waler,
influences must supply moisture, tn
their egg chambers.      \ number    oi
incubators have moisture pans hi
their machines, and any that do not
should have them supplied by the
operator. In my machine there is
no moisture pan, and tot two seasons I ran it without one, wilh only
very ordinary success. Since then 1
have supplied moisture in the shape
of an agate pie plate filled wilh
either fresh water or buttermilk
when I have it.;
In our thrilling battle flcenea, no realistic are they.   You sit enthralled
while the drams ie being enacted.
Step in thie afternoon or evening, and you will not bo disappointed
in the following programme.
4. THET0URIST8,  A vory Uuglinblo torce comtdy.
iii i of ni
An entertainment is lo be held at
Fort Steele on Wednesday, April 2,
111 I.i, in aid of the Diamond Jubilee
hospital. The programme will open
with a concert and end with a one
act, comedy entitled, "Blighted
Buds," which will he presented by
the Fort Steele Dramatic club, Following is the programme which will
he rendered:
National Anthem—"O Canada" 	
Song—"The   Ladies' Fenny Paper"
 ,   Dr. II. it. Maxwell
alec—"Softly   Fall lhe   Shades of
Fvening"   Chorus
Kong—"Beloved, it is Mom"  	
 Miss K. II. Curlcy
(Hee— "Sweet and Low" 	
Song—"The Admiral's Broom"    ....
  Mr. (I. It. Evans
Olee— "Oh,    Who    Will     O'er the
Downs"   Chorus
Song—"The Rosary" 	
  Mrs. Richardson
Action     Chorus—"Dainty   Domestics"  The School Children
A Farce in One Act.
Scene-Oarden of Mrs. II. II. Hitchcock's House. Time; The Present.
Mrs.   Hypatla   Harrington   Hitchcock,   a fascinating  widow   wilh
intentions)   Mrs. F. Btnmorc
Miss   Drusilla   Durham     (blighted
hut hopeful)  Miss A. Woodland
Miss   Angelina Harrington (roman-
Ltc to ;t degree1, 	
 Mrs. .1. 0. Tamihattser
Katy (An Irish Maid) 	
      Miss R. Eassic
.lohn     Smith     (a drummer,   with
leanings       towards     Buds     and
bric-a-hrnc)   ... Dr. II. B. Maxwell
Professor   Peter  Palman (strongly
 ,   ... Mr. A. Innocent
Sir    Roger O'Trammol   (Irish and
fascinating)...Mr. .1. 0. Tannhauser
Pat   Maloney   (a gardener, in love
with Katy)   Mr. 0. R. Evans
"Cod Save the King."
Dancing    will be indulged in   after
(he programme.
You Know Us
We are in business right here where you live. You are an
acquaintance, neighbor or a friend of ours. This money back-
if-not-satisfied offer should prove the sincerity of our claims.
ly relieve constipation. They act tu
overcome the cause of constipation.
They lund to eliminate tho cuuso
of sick headache, biliousness, bud
breath, nervousness and other ilia
attendant upon iuuetive bowels.
Make Us Prove This
We. want you to como to our store-
and net a [mckiuie of Itexidl Ordnr-
llofl. Use ;i few or use up thc entire
box. Then, if you are not entirely
satisfied, come back and tell ut* anil
we will promptly return tho money
you iniiil us for them.
You promise nothing — you niim
itothiiiK — you obligate yourself lo
us in no way whatever. Wo accept
your mere word.
Don't you now believe t but Hex-ill
Ordorlioa era worthy of a  trial?
Could any offer be more fuir?
Try Them at Our Risk
We particularlyr mrnond Rexall
Orderlies for eliildreu. nurd pcr-mun
nnd for dolloaU) I I'll'.
Rexall  Ordorlioa oorao Io vest-*
pocket tin boxes, IS tabid-*.; JOc;
80 tablets, afio; mi tublcttt, GUu.
UduiiI dose ouu tablet.
When wo Bay we
believe we have
the best laxative ai
id back up our
■statement wilh our u
oqualified prom-
iso to  return  with'
■ut question or
formality the moaej
paid us for it,
if it does not provi
• entirely satis-
factory to you, WO 1"
■lieve we are cn-
titled to your confidt
Our business bugc
ms and prestiRO
depend upon your o
onfldonco in us.
We know we must
secure and bold
your confidence in o
rder lo net and
Then-fore, we
would not dare, maki
i thia offer if wo
were not positively
certain that we
can prove our clauiu
1 for
>nd ttin
aie received from
Med   Uietii   prove
ibe most pleasing
Kiwcl   remedy   we
Our ex|
many r
those *,*.
that the,
and ni isfactory '
know of.
Uoc.,11 Orderlies taste Mica candy.
They aro soothing und easy Inaction,
They don't, causo griping, nausea,
purging or oxotRuivo looseness, as do
the iisiiii! physio oi- laxative, It-xall
Orderlies soam In art as n tonic
Blrollgthoner   m    tlio  nerves  ami
muttaosaflnobowelB. Tbey prompt*
CAUTION: 1'iuise bear Id mind that Uexall Orderlies are not, Hold by fllTdruggists.    You can buy Roxoll Ordi rib'* only at thn Rexall Stores.
You can buy Uexall Orderlies in this community only at our storo:
Beattic Murphy Co. Limited
British Columbin
Tlii-rc is a Hnxsll Slnrp in nenrly amy town nml city in tho United States, Csnailmaml
(Jreul Britain, Tlioro id u liilluri'iit ttuxiill Itomsdy tor nearly every ordinary humrm ill —
eueti especially de.-iBticJ lor tlio piirticnlur ill tor wltioli it is recommended.
The Rexall Stores ore America's Greatest Drug Stares
The Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co.'s Store is the}
only place in the city
where you can buy
the Oreat French
Tonic and Blood
Get a Bottle Today and
Tomorrow You'll Be
VIGOROL is a French Tunic composed ot harmless ingredients, compounded by chemists. It is very
rorety you can set a medicine that
will dn ils work n* quickly as VIGOROL. You will ut once reel Its
stimulating eltcots. Rheumatism fan
nml will he driven aWaj' if you hike
VIGOROL, It makes you fee! like a
new person in a low days. Aro you
not reeling yourself Hnve you that
llrexl, lazy feeling? Do you feel
dizzy? If so, there is something
wrong. Drive il away hv taking
VIGOROL. You will eat and (col
heller in a low days. It you don't,
tin* Cranbrook Drug nnd Book Co.,
will refund you your dollar. VIGOROL will cure all kidney, liver and
stomach trouble, biliousness and Indigestion, and tones up the entire
During tho past week there has
been a marked change for tlie bettor
tn the tone ot the foreign money
market, says tho Financial post.
Hankers in Canada are now hopeful ol
u decided chunjqe for thc belter in
the course ol two or three weeks.
The 'fact that they speak ol improvements within a doflfntto1 period
is tm Indication of greater hopefulness, ,   ,
Broadly speaking, however, there
does not -appear to be any better
warranty tor optimism at the present moment than there was q week
or two wricks ago. The situation in
Germany is still critical, tbo Balkan
Situation     show ; no Signs uflrhutige-,
nor lias President Wilson In tbo United States disclosed amy thing definite
with regard to his policy. These are
the most serious factors to be reckoned with by the money market.
Security markets show no disposition to assume courage anil during
the week they have been feverish. The
real cause al' lhe bottom of the
nervousness is the obscurity of tlie
future in respect nl the near-east situation iu Europe and thc possible
consequences that may arlso out of
it. Until some light penelrates
tbis obscurity there is going io be a
rather lean supply nl capital to incei
the heavy requirements of the Dominion.
During the past week there have
been some signs of an Improvement
in the supply nf money, Toronto
has had an offer for a considerable
lot of Its debentures nnd bond
houses are disposing of securities on
which ihe yield is substantial. Al
lhe same lime <.n Ilu* open markel
somo undoubtedly good securities
yielding high returns have not been
in request. Generally speaking),
however, ihe week's oxporlonoo has
shown a tendency nf the investor lo
lake up some of the bargains and pul
tliom iiivar,
Then- continues io be the very best
sentiment    prevailing In  t tmorclal
circles. During lhe week lliere hnve
been fewer complaints with regard tn
collections and still fewer with regard io tightness of money iu so far
as legitimate husiness is concerned.
ent of the province, and for one
month a resident of the district in
which the application to register is
made. The applicant must also
swear that he is not registered as an
elector iu any other provincial electoral district.
The. provincial lists are also used
for Dominion elections, but municipal
lists are not affected by the cancellation.
Persons authorized to acknowledge
the affidavit covering the application
for registration are: Any justice (,f
the peace, mayor, reeve, alderman,
councillor, commissioner for taking
affidavits in lhe supremo court, registrar of titles, deputy registrar of
titles, notary public, collector of
voters, provincial const able, special
provincial constable, government
agent, (government assessor, mining
recorder, deputy mining recorder,
judge of any court, stipendiary magistrate, municipal clerk, municipal
assessor, postmaster, postmistress or
Indian agent.
Applicants foi registration must
he main British subjects, for six
months prior lo registration a resid-
Tho cedar trees   have sung their vesper bruin,
And now the music sleeps—
lis benediction falling whore the dim
Dusk of the forest creeps.
MUto grows   the great concerto—and
the light
(if   day is    darkening,    good night,
But through    I lie night time 1 shall
hear within
Tin* murmut of these trees,
The calling of your distant violin
Subbing across the seas.
And waking   wind, and star reflected
Shall voice my answering, goodnight
—Paulino .lohnson.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
tptcint rouce, winnmr. tuifiiu, in mo
Scientific American.
A hnnrt'io'iiely lliiutrnttti WMklf.    l-nrut-M dr-
'iilMiiui <>r nny r-i'ii'iMiTl" jounml. 'linn* lor
cut-.uln, *}:t.7f, u ytur, ihmUh'*- i'ri'i>:.lil. SoM if
all imwHdrj,t lurfc
[ll 361Broidwty,
mci). ins v m„ wui)iiii[tbn. i»
Cranbrook Kindergarten
Bdtrard Btrool
Ciirlitluttail Ti'iiclifr, Hi-liool tl'il Kir l.nnilim
Hours: Into IJ. a I" I
TKHMH: tO.MtoriOtK iiiAk
HIS two bulton, blunt
cornered sack in one
ol the new
Campbell's Clothing
Not extreme in any way,
but with enough style and
distinctiveness to raise it out
of the ordinary.
| P-  BURNS & CO., LTD. |
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
Head Office,  CALGARY,  ALTA.
Somthing You Have
Never Seen
Nor Even Heard of
In Kurope it is used this year as u
little Basterpresenti or, rather, a mark
"f courtesy to Iriends find relatives.
ItB value iih u token lief more in the
novel idea than in the price ol the article. It ii arranged en that it ean be
sent just like a postenrd, lor a cent, or
two, to any place iu Canada or the.
United States. Tlie endearing idea
about it, ii the embedded
whieh will fliine nil night long (or in
any dark room) in a
Glorious, riystic, Blue Light
after you have exposed it to daylight
for a few minutes. The price is so low
that anyone Is enabled to be convinced
of its real nature.
It in indeed an article which is held
iu high esteem by any Christian family
or person. The shining Cross is made
of a stone, which is found only near
Jermalem, and of which the Bible
speaks an the LUMINOUS STONE iu
picturing Solomon's Temple.
Prices are 15c each ; 3 for 25c; 5
for 50c; and 12 for $1.00
833 Yonge St.,    TORONTO, Ont,
Sub* Agoilt for Canada and U. H.
Covington's claim, and marked    "K.
Covington's      southwest     corner;1'
thence 80 chains north; thence        SH
chains  east; thence 80   chains south;
thence 80 chains west to place ot beginning, containing 040 acres,    more
or less.
Located January 21, 1913.
It. Covington, Locator.
Batiee Lameroux, Agent. 9-Gt
A lint nf Infill poultry brooders,
wilh varieties kept, will be supplied
free to nil Inquirers by applying to
tlio Hoorotiiry of tlio
Address A. B.Smith,
Box 852, City.
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the t'hiet I'oiiunLssioner ot
Lands nnd to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc
following described lands, situate on
tlie North Fork 0! Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at u post planted at
R. (1. Belden's northwest corner,
name   being tbo initial post ol      R.
■ I have the following machinery lor
sale ami io order to clear them out,
offer them nt the prices below, which
are about one-fifth the price that
new machinery would cost:
I Chandler and Taylor firebox boiler, 51"xl8' long. Pressure 80 lbs,
last ]]. 0. inspection, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
I Atlas Return tubular boiler,
5fl"xl4' long. Pressure 80 lbs. last
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars nt MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cut-off
engine, Il"xlO" stroke. Price at
Cranbrook, B. C, $200.00.
1 saw busk complete with tup saw
frame anil mandrels and saws anil
20 feet extension shaft, $250.00.
1 four saw eilger with saws. Price
at Crnnhrook, $200.00.
I Hoyt planer nnd inaleher, 21".
Price nt Cranhrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity of shafting, etc.
Apply to
l:lko. B. C.
thirty days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District of
blast Kootenay for n license to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the
following described lands, situate 011
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup und the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Companv's
Commencing at a post planted at
i. <l. Belden's northwest corner,
same being the initial post ot R.
Covington's claim, and marked "It.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thence 80 chains north; thtnee 80
chains east; thence 80 chains south;
tliencn 80 chains west to place of beginning, containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Located January 21, 1013.
R. Covington, Locator.
Ilatlcu Lameroux, Agent, fl-flt


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