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Cranbrook Herald Jan 7, 1909

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.IA-NUAHY 7. 190»
It. ibe ller.ld   Publishing Cuinpany,
Copy for all advertise
• meiits must be in nut later
; thin Wednesday Morning
■ ID a.m.. for insertion that
> week.
The oity council held its last regu-
t.ir meeting 'ni Monday evening und
transacted a vast amount of business.
Tti<' present council has made "<)od
,iud the people who pay tlio taxes
realize this fact. The assessor's
statement each year appeals to thc
ratepayer and when he is getting
value received fiuiu those in charge
i.f thv city's affairs he is satislied
The present council is made up ol
mtii who have large interests in the
town and naturally they are anxious
thai the affairs ot the citv should
be carried on in a manner ihat will
promise the must Ior the taxnayi
A md it is no sinecure io hold the
position of mayor and alderman in a
growing city like Cranhrook. To
transact the business of this city
il takes business judgment and business experience. The ratepayers of
the city have made a mistake tho
past year in not attending at least
some oi the. meetings uf the council.
If they bad tbey would know Uut the
aldermen have transacted tlte business
of llu* city the same as a board of
directors look after the interests of
the corporation or company that they
represent. Hills are caret ally scanned, suggestions arc made as to
how economies can he Introduced
wltlioul Interferinc with the efficiency
of Ih.' work and thc proeress of the
ciiy. nnd one llstenlm-- to the pro-
ceodlwrs cannot bul he Impressed with
the idea that Cranbrook prosperity is
ihe main point and the individual interests of the aldermen is entirely
lost sifiht of. It is work ol this
i.i ml that must appeal tu the smin I
business .judgment of every ratepayer
in the citv no matter whether he
agrees witb evory policy of thc
council or not. The fact that the
council lias done everything in
iheir power to safeguard the interests
■ •f the ratepayer is sufficient reason
for the confidence placed in the council bv the people of this citv. The
Herald (cols eonfid-ent that the great
majority of the people nf Cranbrook.
those who are influenced hv the "ood
of the city and tha conserving of
their nwn interests, who are not actuated hr any leelin« of prejudice ot
"crsnnal animosity, feel thankful
that thoro is a possibility of having
th.- same mayor and aldermen remain for another vear, and they also
must realize that Ihis would mean
a big sacrifice on the part ot each
one of them. The re-election of
Mavor Fink and Aldermen Rvnn
Baker, Hunt, Jackson, Henderson and
•lohnson means more for the future
prosperity of Crunbrook than most
nf us can realize at this time. We
all "ant a progressive Cranbrouk, a
growth that will mean au individual
prosperity to all of us and such a
management of the public affairs ol
ihe city that will insure a progress
thnt will be safe, sane uud sound.
That is why the Herald favors the reelection of   the present council.
The story is told, with how much
truth, however, we don't know, that
one of the teachers in thc Cianbrook
school was endeavoring to impress
upon a class nf children thc magnitude of China- "Don't vou know."
she said "that there nre so man'
Chinamen that everv time vnu draw
a hriMth two Chinamen die''" At
ihis stage little Tomtnv hewn to
breathe verv quickly. "Wli.it are you
dolii" Tommy'' "4asked the teacher.
"I  trying to kill    all the Chinamen
1 can, my daddy hates them "
The review issue of the Nelson
Da-ilv News, whi'h was published last
Sundav, is a 82-page paper, which is
a credit to the management, to Nelson and to the Kootenays. Tbe illustrations are good and the letter
press is of the most Interesting and
Instructive character.
We have heen going over nur subscription list the past week and And
(|uite a number who are owing us
from $2 to $10. As we have a list
amounting to over lflOA, it can be
easily seen that the delinquent
subscriptions amount to several thousand dollars. Statements have been
sent to most of our subscribers and a
number of them havo been -kind
enough to respond, hut there are
.manv of them who havo tailed to do
' so. ' What is the hest thing to do
with those who refuse to pay is a
question in onr mind and we have
about decided to make out a list
of those who owe us money fnr thc
Herald and print the same. This
should he a reminder and perhaps by
doing this w#> can get what is
due us on subscriptions. It wo decide to do this we will print the
list Home Him nfiit month, as we
need the m«ney. |
Thu eity council held tho last
meeting of Its regulai term on Monday evomlnt. Mayor Fink, Aldermen
Ryan, Bolter, Hunt and Henderson,
Citv Solicitor Thompsm nnd City
rink Roberts   were present.
The minutes ol the two previous
meetings   Wore read ami approvod on
iium of Aldermen Hunt  and Haker.
\ communication from tho Cranbrook hand management asking tot
aid m ln*alt of tbe hand for tho
coming year, was received and discussed and a motion bv Alderman
Rvan, seconded hv Alderman llimi
to the effect that owl*" to the lata
date the council regret that they
could not see their wav clear to
glvo any assistance at this time, but
would recommend that th« next
council give financial assistance during the cominir vear.
An        application for    assist
ance for       an individual
who had come iuto town from
an outside camp in want, was referred to the health committee to
confer with tbe government agent
as the council were ol the opinion
that it was a government aud not a
city case.
The finance committee presented the
accounts for the month, aggregating
(.2060.24, which were unmoved.
'there was some objection to a bill
iif $25,110 of thc school board for rent
of tlie Auditorium on occasion of
tho meetin™ called hv the trustees,
but a.s the trustees were within the
estimate for the year the. bill was allowed as   the law movides.
The annual report of Ur. Connollv. hcalt-h officer, was read and accepted.
The question °* mnre lights on
some of the dark streets, was dis-
i-ussed and left over to the next
It was moved bv Aldermen Bal ier
and Hunt- that leave he granted tn
ntroduce bvlaw No. 55, being cited
,s lhc early closln" bvlaw. Carried.
The bylaw was then read the first
uni second time.
On tho motion of Aldermen Baler
uul Henderson the cilv solicitor was
instructed to interview the school
trustees as to what plan thev will
adopt, for   tire new school Imild'n".
Moved bv Alderman Hunt anil
seconded by Alderman Henderson,
■That notice in writing be given by
lhe citv clerk to the Water Supply
Company, Ltd., of the intention of
the municipality to acquire the
source of water supplv. the records of
the companv, the water works sys-
'i*ni .mil all lands and works connected therewith and appertaining
iherieto whether within oi wltlioul
ibe limits of the municipality pur-
sunnl to the Water Clauses Consolidation Acl and Amending Acts."
Milcrmen Ryan and Baker not vo
md carried.
On the motion of Aldermen Hunt
and Ryan a public meeting was ordered to be called for Friday evonlne
nexl to hear the report of the
The i ncil Ihen adjourned,
Nominations for mavor. aldermen
and school trustees will take place
at the oity building on Monday,
.lanuary llth at twelve noon (I p.m.
local time.) The election, if ono Is
necessary, will take place on Thursdav, the Hth. between thc hours ot
-t o'clock in the forenoon (10 o'clock
local time) and 7 o'clock (8 o'clock
local time) at   the eity building,
Tbe annual meeting of tbe British
Columbia Conservative association
will be held in Victoria on -January
Tbis convention was hv virtue ol
last vear's vote scheduled for Kamloops, but the local Conservatives
have waived tbeir rights in order
that certain matters can be taken
which could not have been discussed
here verv satisfactorily.
Local delegates will he named in a
:cw days and tbe convention is being
twatted with interest because ol the
im«i.itant matters tliat will be dealt
The ollicial enrollment took place
mi Monday last, forty boys signing
Hie roll. I'he official list of officers
md members of the brigade will be
published next week.
■ ■      »	
I'he department of lands and works
il Victoria have given notice that all
unalienated * rown grant lands lying
within H0 feet of the boundary ' between the province and the United
States are reserved tor government
purposes. This also applies to the
lflth parallel and the Alaskan boundary.
(As   Furnished   bv Beale   &
B. C.)
Aurora    Consolidate]
IV   C.  Amalgamated.
11.     C. Copper   	
Consolidated   Smel's.
Can    N.   W.   Oil   ...
Can. Ooldficlds    	
CranbrooK Fire Brlok
Diamond Coal    	
Diamond Vale Coal...
Dominion   Copper    ...
International Coal &
Nicola Coal    & Coke.
Vnrlh Star    	
McGiilivray  Creek  0,
Itmul,Ier    Cariboo   .
Hoval Collieries 	
Soolotv Girl  	
Tenia skinmini-;   	
Veteran    War    Scrip.
Western on (ord'v)
Western Oil (pre!) ...
Tomorrow eveuim- at 8.30 at the
Vudllorilllll a public meetinfi will be
1.1,1 at which the retiring mayor
anil coitnotl Mill make tbeir annual
reporl to ll„- ratepayers and citizens tunerally, ll is to be hop.-,!
that lb,'"- will be a lariy) attendance, .,-, subjects ol interest to every
Inhabitant "I Cranbrook will be discussed.
Following is .ludee Wilsons liniment In Iho case ol tho Kinu ugalnst
Dean, tlu- president ol the Olobe
Insurance companv. wlio was tried
at Fernie a lew days ago:
i'ei tain objections have been raised
lo tho form ol chaw in this matter.
1 reserved my judgment on that
poinl. as at the time 1 was
certainly in doubt, in the lace ol the
decision ol Hex. vs. Rice, 12 Cos C.
C, I think, however, that in view
ui form lil, niven in the code, under
section 852, that the charge is properly-drawn, I.e., in popular language,
siililcient to civo tho accused notice
ol the oltenec witb which he ls
On the facts 1 have had some doubt
as to what occurred at the various
interviews the accused had with tho
witnesses called. 1 think that the
evidence ol thc witness, Lockhart, on
ihis point is really a lair criterion
„i what occurred, and I must say
his evidence impressed me as that ol
a man who was eitrcmely lair, while
I do not wish in any way to cast
any reflection on the evidence ol any
„f the witnesses lor the prosecution
1 think some slight mistake has
crept into the evidence in their
statement ol what actually did occur.
The accused, Irom all the evidence,
was undoubtedly trylnR to sell stock
in bis company, not to write insurance, and, that being the case, 1
can hardly see why ho should have
none beyond the terms ol his treaty
with the Temple company. His
statement ol the evidence in this respect strikes me as being lalt,
and, while I would not find that tho
witnesses called understood it in that
light, still 1 think that is what
was in   the mind ol   tho accused.
This bciiiR my view the accused
must be acquitted.
1'. E, Wilson, judge.
Cranbrook,  B.C.. Dec. 30,  1908.
Spokane, Wash., .Ian. 2.-Kiank
in iino, millionaire, formerly king ol
the tenderloin, which is no more, who
was a peanut vender in Spokane eighteen vears ago, is (,-oing back to
li.,lv to assist the sufferers in thc
Messina district, of which he was a
resident until coining to the Northwest 20 years ago. He says lie will
place hall his lortune at the disposal
,,i tho authorities, and will personally oversee the distribution of the
money among the survivors ol the
seismic disturbance in Italy. Bruno
s.iys he is out of business lot* all
time, declaring also that he will
devote the rest of his lile to assisting liis unfortunate countrymen in
Ihis country and at home. "Just
now," he added, "his former towns-
,„„,,1„ are in the direct need, and
that is where the bulk ol the money
will go."   ¥	
Montreal, Dee. 31.-It was stated
today by people In close touch with
Uiu whiter carnival scheme that there
would be no ice palace this winter,
ihis being dropped in deference to the
opposition ot the railroads and others interested in immigration. Those
In charge ol tho work „l preparation
lor thc carnival admitted that the
dropping ol t-he lee palace was bein
considered but, would not state that
it had been absolutely dro'u t
Should the ice palace be abandoned
and a comprehensive series ol winter
sports be adopted in its stead, it is
unliable that tbe railways ami «th*r
big interests will drop their opposition to thc carnival scheme,
■   *    ■■♦	
A syndicate is being tormed in
Itevelstoke to operate a motor bus
md stteet car service.
Hough Scotch Collie Puppies; sire
is an imported prize winner. We have
grown stick all pedigreed, and trained on cattle. Color, sabli nnd white,
perfectly     marked;   lor quick    sale,
Camborne Collie Kennels,
i;l-2t Camborne, Alta.
WK lmve deoided to re,Iuc our stock $20,0(10.00 within llm next
ill) ilnys. uml lo oonvlnoo tlio most sceptical tlial we ni.-nn liuniiii-ss,
wo will place before tlio live purchaser uieroliaiulise at prices Hint
luivo never before been quoted by any lions,- in tbis country.
We have u liue of LADIES' BLOUSES IN FLANNELETTE, thu very latest ill
pattern nnil design, wliich we will soil «t Jjc, the regular prloe of which
is Sfl.25 to *1.5l).
We have 62 LADIES' SKIRTS, ranging in prices regularly from $2.50 to
$4 50, which we will Bell for $1.35,
ONE-HALF THE REGULAR PRICES.   We huv,' 100 Dozen of these lines.
To clean up the balance of our PRINTS -anti wo have the noted Potter
Prints, every yard of which we guarantee fast colors -we will sell at 10c- Kegular price 15c to 18c.
We have decided to close our eyes and completely lose sight of the cost of
every article in tho store.
LADIES' and CHILDREN'S SHOES and SLIPPERS.    We will sell
you a Ladies' Slipper for $1,25.    Regular $2.25.
We will sell yon LADIES' LACE-UP SHOE for $1,45.   Regular 83.00.
This is a line you cannot all'ord to overlook.
Fjr instance, n SLIPPER worth $1.50 for 50'*'- This is a sample of prices
which will govern largely throughout the store, nnd what we say we will do you
may depend will be done.
We have 5 Dozen LADIES' HYGEAN UNDERVESTS, all sizes. Wc
will s.ll these at 30c.   Regnlar 05c to 75c.
Ask particularly to be shown this line.
And Now for Men's Wear
O.ir Buyer. Mr. W. D. Hill, was successful in purchasing a balance of a
miiiufaotiirer's stock of MEN'S AND H'lV'S' SUITS lit :i%. on the Dollar,
w.iicli will enable us to nuota prices on Men's Roady-to-Wear Suits nt less than
the regular wholesale prices.
We have decided to clean up our stock nud will do so, no matter what the
Imagine a Man's Suit of Clothes the average merchant would usk $12.00 to
$15.00 for, we will sell you for $4.75.
We have made three piles of our Clothing:
A Line to sell at	
LITTLE BOVS' SUITS we will sell for $1.50 up.
We have 15 dozen Suits of STANFIELD'S UNDERWEAR for men, the
est price of which will lis lost sight of. For instance, Stanfield's Undergar*
m.itits, regularly sold at 3X50 per suit, we will sell for $2.23 per suit; reg. sold
ut $1.50 for $2.95 per Suit.   Ask to bo shown this lino.
Wo have decided to further reduoe the price of J. B, STETSON HATS.
and while they last we will sill you the regular Sl.HU to $4,50 Huts for $3.25, in
all shades and shapes.
We know that it will t.i',: about (i months to reduce our slock, but if prices
count for anything we feel curtain that it will move. We invite comparison and
defy competition.   We can onvince tlio most sceptical that we mean business.
The New Year saw Important
changes in the local administration
of both the Canadian Pacillc Railway company's telegraphs and the U.
C. Telephone company, the position
of district manager and ol the lorm-
cr and superintendent ol tho latter
bein" abolished. A. C. Fraser, who
succeeded II. II. Mclntyre as district
inspector ol the C.P.R. telegraph
system, becomes local manager at
Nelson, W, 11. Shaw, who has held
that position since the death ol 11.
L. Coombs in September last, being
assigned to other duties, while Oeo.
C. Hodge, who has been Connected
wilh the I). 0. Telephone companv lor
eighteen years, lor fourteen ol which
he has been superintendent ol tho
local dislriel, retires Irom the cotn-
,,.*,e,'s service. The duties lormerly
,'crlormcd bv Messrs. Kraser nnd
I Mgc wlll In tuture be discharged hy
I thc start in the Vancouver offices   ol
the companies.
i Mr. Hodge, who retires Irom the
service ol the telephone company, is
one of Nelson's old timers, having
lived here Ior the past twelve years.
As superintendent he has had charge
ol the work „l constructing practically all the lines onerated by the
companv in the Kootenay and
Boundary countries and in addition
has been responsible lor the management of all local ollices.
Mv calculations (or Januarv Indicate that thu month will avenge colder tlmn usual except in lower Miss*
Issipni Itiver states, where It will ho
verv co'd the first week nt thc
month, Hn* remainder n( the month
averaging much warmer, Tho miil-
latltude states between tho Itockies
and Alleghaulcs, thc northern   stairs
and also that part ot Canada lying
j northwest of Late Superior will get
the great cold wave, the lowest temperatures of wliich will reach meridian !iu about .lanuary 10 and that
eold wave with the cold week at
thc beginning of the month will
cause temperatures of the month to
average much lower   than usual.
Thc high temperature waves, mov
ing eastward, will reach meridian 90
not far from .lanuary tl, 14, 21 and
February 2. Most rain and snow
will   fall   from January 9 to 21.
About a year ago, when corn and
wheat were low, I advised farmers
not to sell corn. It was then about
l.'l cents nnd 1 nd vised that It
WOUld go to U0. It went above
that. Farmers held their grain
nml saved millions nf dollars by lollowing my advice. Three years ago
1 ndvlsod plan tors not to sell their
eolton at 11n* tlnn low prices and hy
following   that advice tbey saved mil
In both cases the big speculators
were depressing prices just as they
arc now doing, and my advice had
much to do in breaking up their bear
campaigns. I had no personal interest and have none now as I do sot
d,-al in grain.
Again, I advise farmers not to sell
corn. It will go back to 60 cents or
more before the 1909 crops nro mature. I have completed mv calculations loi 11)09 and advise farmers to
hold hay, corn and oats for better
The Golden Zone Mining eompany,
Limited, has been formed to work
the Ooldcn Zone group nt Medley
with an authorized capital of 1800,-
«00. There is ft five-stamp mill on
llm property and the company will
undertake a vigorous development
>♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»•>♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Come and go every day. Sometimes we
grasp them; often we miss them, We are
offering you now an opportunity lo buy a
Dinner Set
at a bargain price to you nud n sacrifice
price to ns. for the reason that we have
too many and would rather lose u little
than carry tbem over.   So we offer nn
$12.00 cash.
We have only a few lefl at this priee,
but havo others nt i-ipially low prices.
r*.^i_..,i^j^i,:,,5sV:. **-
\J / /''•■'--•-c-W-^J---!*'-»'.'•^'•X(w**fw\-i,
}^U^'^:::^-:;^ 6.T.R.1
Cold Snaps
Make one think of foot comforts. A
leather boot [for outdoors is necessary, but
for" yer ain'firoside" yon want something
more kindly to the foot. Wenre selling our
Pelt Slippers and Ladles' Felt Boots
at reduoed prices to dear:—
85c LADIES' FELT SLIPPERS lor     «5e
$1.35      'I » M " 11,1X1
«.l.50   LADIES'     FELT   "DOLGE"
SI.IPPEKS    12.0*5
J2 75   LVDIES'     FELT     "DOLGE"
SLIPPERS    »2.00
with leather sole    12.00
with leather sole    12.00
FELT       flOo
#••♦♦♦♦♦•• 44 49 #•▼♦•••♦ •♦••••••♦•
********* att* aawaaaa *w** »
Imperial Bank oi Canada::
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits from date of deposit
Cranbrook Branch. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. i
Two lots, fenced. House has six
rooms, water, plastered stable.
Handy for the school and business
section.   See
We make prompt collections of Ilents
******* **********************
Family   Groceries
That embraces a great many thlnga, and a list would fill a
newspaper. Ho wo simply want to impress the [act that our
stock euibruues all the hues needed in a homo and usually
carried in a Orocery.
We strive to have all goods delivered promptly.   Telephone
orders solicited.
Durick Avenue, Cranbrook, B. C.
We have everything from China and Japan :
********************** **********
Insurance of Kvery
lhc Old Pirm at the Old Stand
Tivr    MnTirp   we make a specialty
in. wu aru certain "l making the most trouble,
,1 I Im.. eorreelly.   Try  US.   We are hacked up
.,„„„ ol wiiielie. re	
wilh mieli aspertuneo as ■—
ARM R-MDHH -l-i yosrs exclusively ut tho trade, having held ths
K,•iilm, of ht   ll.,„.|i,n LI-IK I"**-!, l.n.N |i,iV. .in*I li-uulling work lor
ARNOLD RVNlHTil--lil voire1 eiporlence in Oxford (England), Sher-
brook anil C'ookhIiIio (Queliee),
0. P. B. Inspectors CllANBROOK, B.C,
The Christmas Hush
Is over and you now have timo to spend your evenings
improving your mind.
II the print blurs nnd tlio loiters run together you
should consult us about youreyes.
Wo are experts in this linu an.l can guarantee you a
proper lit.
WH     1VTI   CniM Jeweler and
•   II*    T? 11*01/i^e      Gr.du-xl. Optician
Malaga grapes at The Palm.
Fur robes at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
Dressers and stands Irom 112 up at
the C. C, S.
Oordon Small came up Irom Spokane on Tuesday.
It. E. Tavlor, ol Moyie, was tn
town on Tuesday,
Wm. Carlin, ol Fort Steele, was In
the city on Tuesday.
Light and heavy harness at tbe
Cranbrook Trading Co.
J. F. Ruchey, ol Hosmer, was a
Crnnbrook visitor this week.
0. W. Brown, ol Marvsville, was a
Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday.
P. Wood, ol Cherry Creek, was In
tho city on business — Tuesday.
Malaga grapes at The Palm.
It is not too late to imv that subscription that vou owe thc Herald.
See our advertisement about waists
and skirts.—Hill & Co.
Hubert Men * ,,/ Movie, was in
town on Motid •■
Arthur Mott, ol Fernie, was In
Cranbrook „n Monday.
Dressers and stands Irom S12 up at
the C. C. S.
A. S. Krapfel, ot Elko, was in
town on Momlnv.
H. B. Mitheott, of Wardner, was ln
the   city oa Tuesday.
0. R. Furious, ol Wasa, was a
Cranbrook visitor oa Tuesday.
Sleigh bells at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
Pete Matheson visited Spokane last
week, returning on Sundav.
Special lines ln muslins at Hill &
N. Hanson, governor ol Wasa, was
in the city yesterday.
Sidney Small is confined to the
hospital hy illness.
Horse blankets at the Cranbrook
Trading Co.
H. W. Herchmer, solioitor, ot Fernie, was in   thc city yesterday.
WANTED-A girl at the Steam
M. 0. Mugworth, ol Lower Arrowhead, was in thc city at the heginning ol the week.
Born—At Fort Steele, B. C, on
Christmas day, to Mr. and Mrs. A.
B. Fenwick, a son.
Bed, spring and mattress Irom $13
un at the C, C. S.
FOR SALE—A small house ami lot
50x100. Apply O., Box 895, Cranbrook, B. C. 42-4t"
Twentv varieties ol home made
candv only 20c. per lb. Saturday at
The Palm.
The "Cos" has been further improved by the addition ot a fine
heater in the sitting room.
We handle MeClary's Stoves—nothing cheap but the price—Patmore
"Mecca Cotlee" » blend ol the finest
Oriental beans at Fink's Pure Food
Bed, spring and mattress Irom $13
up at the C. C. S.
Fred Small, assistant customs
house officer at Kingsgate. s-cnt the
New Year's holidays   in thc citv.
Wc can save you money on HEATING STOVES. Call and be convinced.—Patmore Bros.
Fink's automatic meat sllcer     Is
strictly    sanit,*,' tt slices    their
Sweet Briar   boiled ham and bacon
A. Doyle, of Fort Steele, was in
Cranbrook at the beginning ot the
Drop in and have a nice cup ol Gold
Standard Tea or ColTee -"■•• day this
weet,.—Campbell & Mannin»
work or odd iobs. Apply Wm.
Ormshy, care Herald. 40-lt
.!. A. McDonald, ot Kimberlev. w-,s
in town on Tuesday. He lelt that
evenin- for a trip to eastern points.
Swiss cheese at Fink's Pure Food
Miss Fraser, oi the staff ot Burns
llros.. left Inst Mondav tor Prince
Kdward Island tor - holiday.
Twentv varieties ol home mado
candv only 20c. per lh. Saturday at
The Palm.
Potter prints were Irom 25 to 50
cents, now 15 to 25 cents.—Hill & Co
J. F. Huchcrolt has returned from
tho Corbin camp, as the heavv snow
has interrupted   building operations.
Sweet Briar boiled ham at Fink's
Pure Food Orocery.
I). 11. Yates, of the Otis Staples
Lumber company, ol Wyeliffe, was in
the city this week.
20 per cent discount on hlgh-elass
furniture nt tho C. C. S.
Constable Adnev, ot Wardner, was
In the citv on ollicial business last
P. Lund, president ol the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber companv, ol Wardner. was in Cranbrook on Mondav.
Fire wood, all lengths, at the
i'ranhrook Trading Co.
A. Moore, ol Wasa, was a Crnnhrook visitor at the beginning ot the
20 per cent discount on hlgh-elass
furniture at tbe 0. C. S.
William' Henderson, ol Fort Steele
Junction, was ia Cranbrook at the
beginning ol the week.
Sleighs ol all kinds at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
Born—At Cranbroov, B. C, on
January Snd, 1909, to Mr. and Hrs.
N. 1. Harrison, a daughter.
Bird's Eve Maple bedroom sets at
the C. C. S.
Fink's new shlnment of Hoval
Vienna ohln-- arrived this week. Seo
in Pure Food Grocery window.
Bird's Eye Maple bedroom sets at
the C. 0. S.
During the cold nap It behooves
everybody to look out lor tho danger
ol fire Irom overheated stoves or
Prairie Rose Creamery butter at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Edison records at Cranbrook Drug
& Book Oo,
It you Intend to build, sow la the
time to talk about plans aad specifications. We wlll he pleased to help
you out at any Mme.-O. It. Leask
* Co., phone ltd. 41-tt
A. Keamo, ol Ferule, Is in towu today,.
0, W. Gamble, ol Vancouver, is in
Cranbrook today.
John A. B. McDonald, ol Moyie.
is in   thc cily today.
L. B. Rainworth. of Fernie, is a
Cranbrook visitor today.
S. S. Taylor, K.C, mayor ol Nelson, is in tbo city today on legal
I). B. Newell, oi Vancouver, is in
the city today renewing a number ol
I old time friendships.
( George B. Shan, of Spokane, is i„
th * citv today on business connected
with the Sullivan mine.
Dr. Rutledge and Siin„n Tavlor are
at Loihhrldge bu' li *■ ' oi es lor somo
of   the lumlier companies,
G. Ii. Garrett, „! Fernie, *■*"-*sc:l his
law   examination  at   Victoria   l.st
wee',*.    Mr. Oarrcti wlll In .,'1 i n
ability practice law in Cranbrook.
Edison records at Crunbrook Drug
& I luok Co.
WANTED-Oeneral Borvant. Highest
wages to competent girl. Appl, t,
Mrs. I). T. .Main, opposite C.P.R,
station. 41-lt
Judce Turner and E. I*'. Mackcy, ol
Spokane, are in Cranbrook todai Dn
business connected with the Sullivan
,J. O. Bury, general manager ol
western lines for tho C.P.R., is expected to arrive in Cranbrook io-
niuht on a special train,
.lames Durkctt, who was connected
with the Kast Kootenay Lumber
company for vears, hut who has reccntlv been living in Spokane, is now
located at Elkmouth.
New cutters, cheap, nt the Cranbrook Trading Co.
The bedroom telephones aro now
completely installed In the Cranbrook
hotel and work splendidly, reflecting
great credit on the Nanton Telephone
Leather covered chairs eheap nl lli
c. c. s.
Our stove customers nre our best
advertisers. They led indebted lu
us lor their satisfaction.—I'aliuur,
The Cranbrook hotel havo instituted a bell boy service, and have secured Einest Slivens to do the work.
They could not have lound a more
gentlemanly and obliging boy anywhere.
Edgar Davis and his sister, Miss
Dolly Davis, left lor Alliemi at the
end ol last week to join their parents. Both these voung people will
lie much missed by a large circle ol
friends in Cranlirook.
A quick run was made by the fire
department Tuesdav morning to the
home of John Laurie, lt seems that
the stove in the hen house got overheated and set file lo the building.
The damage was slight,
Edison records at Cranbiook Drug
& Book Co.
Following thc natural history museum at thc "Cos," the Hoval is going in lor a fine art gallery. A
large number of reproductions of well
known pictures have been framed and
hung most artistically in various
parts ol the house.
Wilson Bros., wholesale grocers, of
Vancouver, through llieir representative, Fred Ritchie, bave donated lour
very handsome indi,idual prizes to
the Curling club. These Consist ol
lour oak and silver butter di.hjs and
an oak   and silver biscuit box.
LOST—A gold blood, with pearb
and anivtliists. Finder please return
to Beattie & Atchison. 40-lt*
Embroideries and laces at prices
lower than ever seen in Crnnbrook.—
Hill & Co.
Bert Ross returned Mondav Irom
North Bay, (Int., accomp, nied bv
Mrs. W. F. Tate and son Eric Mr.
Ross and Mrs. Tate have heen having
a lamily re-union wilh their brother,
the well Known Jeweler, of North
Hav, and Fred Tate, son ol Mr. and
Mrs. Tate.
Edison records at Cranbrook Drug
& Book Co.
Harold Nation, the well tmown
civil engineer nnd geologist, who lived in Cranlirook for some time nnd
was nfterwards assistant to Provincial Mineralogist Robinson, is now
at Port Arthur, Manchuria, engaged
in the work ol his profession.
Como in and have airs. Burticcli
show you That Just a Minute Puding
at Campbell & Manning's.
cottage, Fenwick avenue; water and
light. W. I). McGoldric, Cranhrook,
B.C. 40-tl
James McNeil, o! Coleman, Alta.,
spent a day or two In Cranbrook
this week. Mr. McNeil was accompanied bv Charles McKinnon. who
has beon visiting him. Mr. McKinnon is one ol the old-timers ol Fort
Steele, but lor some time hns been
seeking out his fortune in Nevada,
Alaska and other parts ol the country.
Leather covered chairs cheap nt the
C. C. S.
Tho Cranbrool; City band, und-r the
leadership ol Bandmnslcr Corrison,
Is praclicing verv haul I,,1* the Scottish concert to   be held , n the 2r,ih.
II Is expeclrd   that   the  I    will
give even a better account ol themselves than thev did nt the last
concert. It Is loo carlv vet lo announce the talent that wlll participate but   this   will lie dono later.
WANTED-A first-ebss camp
cook wants position. Size ot camp
or distance no nhieet. Address
0, C„ Box 02, Cranbrook. B.C.     II
Mrs. Burbcch. demonstrating Gold
Standard Tea, ColTee, Baking Powder, Jellies, etc., will lie nt Camn-
hell & Manning's all this week.
Evcrvbodv welcome.
(new house). Apply G. T. Ro»ers'
store. 41-lt*
Another evidence of pro-ress at the
Cranhrook hotel Is the orchestra at
thc Sunda- dinner. Messrs. Corrison (violin) H. C. C. Salmon (piano,
discoursed high-class selections last
Sunday evening which were very
much innreciatcd.    It is t * ho hoped
ithat this will he continued as a regular thing.
PIGS FOR SALE-Sound, Irallhy
pigs, three months ol,!| onlv seven
dollars each, F.O.B, Wanlncr.—E,
'Anderson, Valley Ranch, Wurdner,
, B. C. 43-3t
WANTED-Bbardini nlaco tor small
boy, where he will he well taken
care ol and can attend school. Address, stating terms F, J. Dickenson,
Cranbrook, B. C. M
General Merchants
All Kinds ot Fxeavation Work    ,,
I    Fn-ni'-l, all Kin-Is of Italian    \',
:       Laborers f',r Contractors       , ►
ami others , ,
♦ T. MIRABELLI, Manager |;
* P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 944       < '
" Office i„ Building formerly occu" I >
*    *    * ,,
pled by I). .1. .IoI.iihi.il
Ithe province!
In North Vancouver there are
1,!W2 names on the voters' list.
The eity council ol Rossland has
sold $17,0(10 worth ol bonds at 95
cents on tlie dollar.
James Guest, aa old-timer ol Kamloops, was Iouud dead in his cottage
a lew days ago. He was about 70
years ol ago. His body was In a
badly emaciated condition, ln bis
pocket was a bank book showing a
credit ol $7,600. Cash to tho
amount ol $1113 was also in his pockets.
A fierce gale blew down all tho
lelcgra|h wires running into Vancuu-
-er on Chrislmas.
Trooper E. S. Eagle, formerly    ol
Kamliiups, died in   South    Alrica
irom   the result of a light with    a
R. K. Henderson, who died in>Van-
couvcr last week, left $5,000 to be
iscd in caring for aged men who are
broke in that city.
Brokers arc tillering $100 lor Soutll
African war scrip.
George R. Belton, ol Neepawa,
Man., has become editor and manager
ol the Grand Forks Gazette.
One oi the best known personalities
.,! Vancouver passed away on Christmas day, when Dr. W. J. McGulgan
died at St. Paul's hospital, atter
having been a patient at the institution Ior a number ol months.
The Kettlo River Valley company
will apply to parliament tor "ower
to construct a rallwav Irom Pcnticton to Nicola, B, C,
Tbo skeleton remains ,-i „ nrehistor-
lo human inhabitant -f the Lower
eraser valley were discovered last
.wvk near Nicomen by G. A. Barrow-
■loii'.*h, a Vancouver photographer,
during the course ol his investigation
,f a peculiar mound which attracted
liis attention while welkin" through
lie woods. So ancient were the re-
nains that the skull is practically the
uly portion ol the skeleton, but it
s in a fair state ot preservation.
Summerland haB a curling rink.
The payroll at Michel last month
was $97,800.
B. C. i-.-.K-s are retailed at six
cents each In Australia.
The Hindus will establish a colonv
in North Vancouver.
An Odd Fellows lodge has been Instituted at Summerland.
Peachland will ask tor letters
,intent to organize that district Into
a municipality.
O. T. P. surveyors arc making a reconnaissance survey from Vancouver
to Fort George!
The Great Northern and Northern
Pacific railways will build extensive
terminals on False Creek, Vancouver.
A C.P.R. train wilh sil*'. en route
(r„m lhe Orient to New York, lett
Vancouver on Sundav. Thc silk was
rained at $1,500,000,
Sale-crackers blew open a sate at
Clovcrdale and got away witb $25.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plus
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, became of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. _*
80   Poland. China,   Berkshire and
lork'hirePiiis.   All ages.
Also one Pedigreed Berkshire Boar.
Mayook,  B.C.
10 Logging Teams
12 Sets ol Logging Sleighs, and
Complete Logging Outfit.
Mayook. B. 0.
We are clearing tbo remainder ot our •
Ladies' Trimmed Hats
Ladies' Suits
Five only o{ oar $85.00 Suits, strictly tailor-made,
and Coat lined with Batin
$24.50 » $26.50
Don't   Miss   This   Opportunity  of
Saving Money
Our Entire Stock of
Children's Bearskin Coats
25 per cent, off Regular Prices
For n Few Days Only, at n Discount of
20 per cent. Off
Re d Block      -      CRANBROOK
We Are Agents for
Edison  Phonographs, Records
and Supplies
Vte hnve a new .-o,*b r*( Reeo,-!*; ,'„.i io Alio fire ?.FO-lnipnt ol
AMBOIt.fl. HKCORDS. We i-ei ile laml Am'toial Kecoide
each monib.   Januaiv arfortmeni now in.
,„ ,
Gem Cafe and Lunch Counter  iii:
, „,
, „,
' Slaght & Brogan, Proprietors ;;;;
, „,
Short Order Meals at All Hours iii;
, „,
Merchants   Lunch 25c ;
All White Help Employed   We Cater to Satisfy the People I',]',
Our Bookkeeper di.nppeareil on Sun,ley at„l no were lea,ed that
but onr miiide were .et nt re.t on hi** phoning up Irom Klko to ei|,,,-tfi
two dozen
on Monday's paMcuger.   We lmve just a few left at
75c,   $ 1.SO  AND   $2.OO
*o would irfviffl you  t«> make mro of A CHOPPER THAT
OPENS h'tttie. thf] Uxikkft-i it mak's a sorpHia trip \Voit<
********************** **********************
Tea, Collee, Jellie*, Quiek I'u.l.ln,**,. Unking Powdor, Extracts, Muled
Dre.Hiog and Cake leeinga.   Kvety lady welcome.
********************** **********************
The Celebrated
Bell  Pianos and Organs
are sold only by
The Monteleus Piano House, Ltd.
4J9M4I Hastings Street
llr*.ncUSI„r.aHI:lJ*.«i|,hlu.HI., 0BO, WKM'II, .!«.,,(
News of the District  m
Written by Bright Correspondent! and Gleaned from Newspapers
lUlph Connor spent
iu Hanbury   this week.
a few     days
(From th- Frank Paper.)
1'ii'sWeni \ r. KUimerfelt, ,,f the
International r,..il a Colic company,
uf Coleman, aitil Vicfr-Pnsldent li.
N, Oaler, who is ;tls<» president ol
tin- Koyal Collieries, visltod tht* l*ass
Saturday. Both expressed tfeemsslves
to The Frank Paper as much pleased
witb the condition in which thoy
iouud ih ngs ut tbeir properties and |
with the outlook for the tuture.
Tho Hreekenrldgo & Uund company
held a meeting at Lundhrcck Saturday. No authentic report as to
what wus done has been given out,
but the report is current that as a
result <»i the meeting there is a
probability that the Breckenridge a
I,und company and the G-albraltli
companv will con-solWatc. The olllcers of the llrccken ridge & I .und
companj had a conference with
\mlrrw Laidlaw, of the Galbralth
company, and it Ik understood that u
proposition was made. Mi. Ual-
hraith is said to havo stated the
terms on which a consolidation would
i»- considered by his company ami
while nobbing definite is known it is
generally fell in Lundhrcck that the
lenns will he accepted and the eon-
solldatlon effected.
ffittz, Hanbury \s popular mci-
Mrs. .1. K. Barr and Mrs. J. It.
McDonald were in Cranbrook the
first of   the week.
clmnt, spent Christmas in Klko with j   <>u   ot   about the first      of      the
his parents, year Constable P. (I. Routh will be
■—■ ■"■ transferred to Michel.    So far as is
1*.    Hacks was up      trom Haynes j known his successor will be Constabli
Lake Thursday evening. Kempston, of Michel,     lt has     been
  {almost   six   years since    Mr. Itouth
Sevcrina Obugfell, who has been came tu Moyie, and during these
attending school al Pineher Creek) years it is safe to bay lhat hi
Alta..  is spending her vacation with servul the town in a    maimer satis-
lii-i   patents here.
Mitts   Hazel   Hiit/, ot   Cranbrook,
spent Christmas   with her parents
.ut.!   Mis
Hird Mrs. Ulass were the guests
s   C,   KlinLiensmith lasl  Satut-
Deroslci totumed
Thursday mora-
lactoiy to the majority of tbe
people in it. Heing human, of course
lie tt iil not please all. bul neither did
any ti! (he constables before liim, nor
will ,ui> of those who will come
utter him While here he has been
a -L.I.- kJ ollicer and an exemplary
At  tin- miteting ol  Hi lb
union lust     week to vote
lection ot a doctor
was decided to   hold
the M-
t'hc camp,  it
election bul
allow the contract with I>r, Malcolmson to stand until the time of
making a new working agreement
comes around, the id-a being to
make nil agreements in fui nre expire
itt the   same time.
A report is current thai labor
irouble at 1 (Merest is Impending. It
is said that Hillcrcst company has
notified Hie sccrctarj of the Hill-
crest Miners union that after January 1st the eompany will insist ou a
reduction of the prices for pillar
wnrk and Limbering. The price for
pillar work is now fifty cents and
tliat. for timbering five cents a loot.
The notice lu tlie union is that the
pillar price will Ite eut to forty
cents and llial for timbering to two
cents a fo-H- The report is that
the men will decline lo accept any
change of thc schedules before the
expiration of the existing agreement
and that any attempt Iu put the
new order into effect will he met by
a strike.
The novel sight of a town lining
moved bodily to a now townsite
will he witnessed when th-; C.P.H,
iH'gins [Hitting into effect when ils
re-grade scheme on the '.'row lini
next year, making important changes
on the line between here and Macleod. Mr. Logan, C.P.H. agent, was
in Cowley for a couple of days last
week buying tlie right-of-way for
the new C.P.H. extension. Cowley
will in th spring be movod two miles
south of its present, location. Mr.
Johnson, living about three-quarters
of a mile south-west ot Cowley, has
disposed of a portion of his land
at $25 an acre, while Mr. Carney, a
neighbor of Mr. Johnson, has sold his
ior $17 au acre, that is $3ii tor the
land and $12 for the crop. The new
.survey crosses the South Fork at
Mr. Godsal's farm, running southwest as fat as Mr. For tier's, where
th.1 new townsite of Cowley is located. The C.P.R. has promised to
pay all expenses of moving the town.
The extension will strike the main
line a short distance above Lund.
li reck. In consequence, it is expected that thiie will be plenty of
work In Cowley next spring.
I Craiitiiooli, was
Klliol Crowe and F. Oxley are awav
ii iln.* const    on   a holiday trip.
Mihs Jessie and   Miss Mae Nichol-
on, and    their    grandmother,     Mrs.
Thursday     fur     Kort
i. Uandu;
where he
and     I>«natd McDoug
were   Klko visitor
J     is down    from
,is employed iu   the
the new C.  P. H.
Mrs. J,
ner last]	
spending   a
winy friends.
McKee returned to Ward
Wednesday     evening   alter
few   days   among bet
Andy K
bul will
time vet.
John McKee, of
Christmas   with
■miedy  is   much Improved,
not be around for     some
vas a greater volume oi
business done al the Moyie post ofliee Ibis year than ever before. For
the past two weeks Postmaster
Smith lias been ahoul tbe busiest
man tn town, and the public were
i,Lm splendid service.
his    parent
Winu il
1 calendars
spent   uqiior   ill
{      in   tha bun
tomes to getting out swell
,\. L. McDermot, wholesale
iier oi Cranbrnok, takes
His   calendars each year
Iways sought after, for the    degas are always artistic  and attractive.
I S'lg.
Tin- youna   folks of Klko gave    i
surprise partv lo Mrs. C. A. Klingen. j —   ^________
■tmlt'h last Friday evening. Many I Victor Desaulnler, ot tbe Central
.iHuple from neighboring towns hotel, was knocked down uni rendered
joined the merry throng.     Everyone unconscious by a coasting sled    with
ass-.-d a most pleasant evening and two hoys oil it Tuesday about noon-
.lancing was the amusement. ! He was picked up and carried to  the
A.     Klingensmith visited
ik Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Armstrong
isiiin-j; with Mrs
"w days.
, of Cranbrook,
Klingensmlth f«
too   late for
last week.)
J. Nines, of tbe North Star Lumber company, Brandon', was here on
company's business this week.
lotel and Dr. Coffin was summoned
and he soon recovered sufficiently to
he removed to his home on Lake
streel. Mi. Desaulnicr was walking
in Uie middle of Queen's avenue when
ihe sled struck him, and he was
thrown In the air nnd struck the
^round on the back of bis head. He
publication received such a shaking up from his
. fall that it was not until yesterday
that he was able to be attain out
on the streets.
(From our own correspondent!
A Nappy New Year to everyone in
guest- (
May you live long and     de
Murphy, of Gateway, waa   a
»f   Mrs. Lwtcey     one day last
and   Mrs.    M. Thorpe, of Jat-
were     visiting   iheir     many
. in   Klko lasi week end.
was a Cranbrnok
It.  I..  Ritchie, of  Femie,  was
town Monday on business,
Geo.    Bnrdsh'j,
-inch   was in town
nf     I-non
13. L. McKee. of Wardner, wn*-    it
town   between   trains   Tuesdaj even
Miss l.  Kennedy
laltor lasl Thursday.
ward net
F. Vi. Buryard lett fur Milton ami
Iowa, his home. lie and R, Cannon
have been hunting in this vicinity tor
some time.
Kd Robson, of Haynes Lake,
passed through Klko on his way to
Fernie last week
J. Hacks and W. Cotttngham spent
Christmas day in Elko.
A large party of young people
went skating to " Baynes Lake Sun
day. Thc ice is In perfect condition.
I.     Friedman,   ol   Nelson,
through   Elko to Bayncs Lake
other points Thursday.
H.  Irwin, of Waldo,  was in    Elko
Miss     Irene Ilirt/ returned     from
college at Col ton.     Wash., last Wednesday and does   not expect to
turn again.
I While pick inn. ore down a chute at
the upper workings ot the St. Eu-
ii. no mine Wcdnesdav alternoon, Jas.
Boyle, u mucker, struck a portion ot
a stick of powder and was blasted.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ On:*    eve was   blown out   and    the
•  other one was seriously injured,   but
in. t'otsdii, of Ferpie, was in lown there is a chance of saving the sight
Salurday night, on professional bUsi- Yesterday the Flyer stopped at
ness. Hfli i Moyie and thc unfortunate man was
laken to   Spo-tanj io an eye special-
Mrs. J. A. Davis, of Albert son,
Mont., arrived in Klko Saturday to
pay her sister, Mrs. Holbrook, an
extended visit.
William  Todhuntcr returned
Itosmer Friday eveting.
Irom ist7
Moyie is   to have a hospital,
s a definite statement.
Miss    A.    Middleton,   the   popular
ynung school mistress, lett on    Sa- ™-^^^^^—^—™--^——^
turday morning for Nelson, where she!   I). J. Elmer   was up   trom    Cran-
will spend    her   holidays   with  her brook Wednesday
parents   and   many   friends in    the
city by the lake.
Clarence   Nernumson left Saturday
ening   for   his home in Wisconsin,
where    hs    will   make   an extended
visit with parents aud friends.
The Christmas tree which came off
Kriday night was a grand success in
every way. After the programme
and the presents were given out to
the children, a dance was given aud
a very enjoyable time was spent by
everyone who had the good fortune
to be present.
Dr. Rutledge, oi Cranbrook, passed
through town Monday on a professional trip   to Bayncs Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, ol Haynes
Lake, were in   Elko Saturday.
Dan McNeiah, thc U. C. roadman,
nude a trip to Gateway aud Bull
river last week.
Mi. and Mrs. .lames McKee were in
Klko Sunday. Mrs. McKee will re-
tiiiV'n uuiil Thursday.
Andy Kennedy is seriously ill with
typhoid fever.
Al. Murphy, of Gateway, was in
Klko Wednesday last.
s LeSbar.ce and family, of Ward
ner, were in   Elko   Friday evening.
ti.  McKee    and W.   and A.
ire Eltao visitors Sunday.
J. Prnden
was a Cranhrook visitor
F.  Krapfel made
last  Week,
trip to Jul
(From the Creston Review.)
Mr- ti. Mallandaine is home lor
Christmas. We may safely say that
there is no one who is keid
in higher esteem than Mr. Mallandaine, who has always takes
active interest in the advancement
of Creston. Owing to his foresight
in knowing the requirements of the
citizens ot this town, be bas established the Goat Mountain Waterworks company, which will place an
adequate supply of water at the disposal of ono and all. There are
rumors that Mr. and Mrs. Mallandaine aro removing their headquarters
to CranbrooK but we sincerely hope
lliis is not true, as they would be
greatly missed hy the community ot
Only a   few more   days remain  to
the hunters   as     the   seasoa       tor
grouse, quail and pheasants closes on
tbe   first   of   January.    The season
opened on tlte first   ot October,    but
birds   have   been      very scarce this
year and onlv    small bags obtained.
Tho birds now   have ten months   in
which they can move about in   perfect safety, immune trom the danger
_ of guns, traps, etc    All   that is lett
A. L, Mclntyre, principal   of    the'to pot now are ducks, for which   the
re- Moyie school, is spending bis Holidays close season does not start till    thc
in Spokane. , end ot February.
C. Burgess accompanied J- Nines t,
Femie Monday.
The new court house and jail are
well under way.
Miss F. L. Roo and J. Derosier
were united in marriage last Wednesday and have lett for a honeymoon
trip u> the east. Their many
friends in Elko wish them all the
happiness and success possible in'
their wethtad life.
Rumors of a dance at the Columbia hotel on Friday night have been
circulated around town today.
(From the Moyie Leader.)
Miss Lulu Crowe is home from
Wasa to spend the holidays with her
Dave Watson was up from Cranbrook the first ot the week visUiuv
with his father.
Fresh eggs in Mr-vie are worth 90
cents a dozen, and are scarce at that
The new officers in the Odd Fellows
lodge will be installed next Tuesday
■vetting, and the initiatory degree
.vill be conferred.
A Masonic lodge will be instituted
11 Creston next Thursday evening,
lanuary 7th, by Edward Elwell, ot
Cranhrook, deputy grand master, lie
will be assisted by members ot the
ternity from both Moyie and Cranhrook.
Good progress is being made in in-
tailing the electric light svstem,
ind it will not be long until the
ights will he working. Chas. Mes-
icn-xer bas been am*Htinted secretary
.f thi1 Telephone A Klectric Light
Mi 'ie lake froze over Tuesday
night, and by Thursdav morning it
wa*, sufficiently strong for skating-
Last year the lake did not freeze
over until   the 12th of January.
Howard Patrequin left Monday to
friend the winter at his old home in
Nova Scotia. He will return to
Movie some   time in March.
$10,000 GIVEN IN PRIZES jj
One $525 Mason & Risch Piano Given as First Prize
Thc Prizes
A (335 Mason A Risch Piano Will be given as tbe Hist
pri/e to the person sending in the nearest correct estimate
of llu'' total number of votes polled, according to official returns, in the 11)01) Vancouver Mayoralty Election.
To the next nearest correct estimate a Credit Certilicate
Will be Riven to the amount of $150. To the twenty-live
next nearest correct estimates, Credit Certificates to the
amount of *l(ll) each will be given. Each ot tbe competitors
sending in the next five nearest correct estimates wiU be
given Credit Certificates for one dollar less than the preceding prize, or $90, and following this, in groups ot five,
each of tlie competitors sending us the next five nearest
correct estimates will be given Credit Certificates for one
dollar less thau the preceding prize, until the entire $10,000
shall have been distributed.
Votes Polled  in Former Mayoralty Elections
We aro informed, and believe our information is correct,
that in iOOfl the total number of voters was 14,188. The
Mayor was elected hy acclamation, and about 3,000 votes
were cast for civic officers; that fn 1907 the total number of
voters was tt,!i!'2, and the total number ot votes was
3,SOO;        lhat       the total     number        of       persons
eligible to vote in the IflOO mayoralty election in
Vancouver is estimated at 16,(100, and that in no mayoralty election in Vancouver has 5,000 votes been cast.
Why This Offer is Made
This extraordinary otter is made because of our desire
to compile a mailing list of all the homes without instruments in Hritish Columbia and Alberta. We believe we can
secure thc information desired more quickly and more
economically than we could by spending twice the sum by
using solicitors and canvassers.
The fairness of this offer at once appeals to the public
from the fact that the Mason & Risch product has been
sold for a number of years exclusively upon a uniform or
fixed price plan, all instruments being marked in plain
figures, which arc conclusive as to price. Therefore, to alt
winners of Credit Certificates there is absolute assurance
of a bona fide reduction ot the amount ot thc Credit Certificate on any New Piano you may select.
In case of a tie, the value of the prize in question will
be awarded on neatness and legibility of answer. All
answers must be written plainly, giving the name and address, also stating whether you have an organ, square or
upright piano, giving name and maker. For convenience
sake you may fill out thc blank below, or, at vour option,
use other paper. Remember, every person sending in an estimate has equal prospects ot getting a prize, regardless of
when the estimate is sent in, provided it reaches us before
the close of thc contest, January 13th, 1909.
It is conditional upon sending in your estimate that you
agree to abide by thc decision of the iUilgca, who ah dis
interested parties, and whose decisions will lie final.
Those who receive Credit Certificates can apply them on
tlte purchase priee of any New Mason & Risch, Henry Herbert, Newcombc, Dominion, Classic or Harmonic Plnno In
out Vancouver warerooms aud up-countrv agencies, bul can-
no', applv them on anv purchase made prior lo the close
of the contest, January Uth, 1809, Credit Certificates will
be good until Fcbruarj 15th, 1909, These Certificates will
have no cash value, and can onlv he used as a credit oil
the purchase of one   nf   the said ulnnos.
Anyone residing in Hritish Columbia ami Alberta mav
send in one estimate. Not more thau one estimate will
be received from the same party or family- Where more
than one estimate is sent in by the same parly or family,
all will be rejected. Our employees and their families, the
judges and their families, and all other persons in any way
connected with the piano trade will NOT be allowed to compete.
No announcement of the estimates will be made until
after January Mth, 1909, and the names ot the winners
will be announced as soon as complete returns are in from
all wards.
The Judges
The awarding of thc prizes will be left entirely to disinterested parties, and the following well known newspaper
men have kindly consented to act as judges: Mr. R. S. Ford,
"Saturdav Sunset," Mr. F. Bird, "Province," and Mr. A.
C. Hirchfield   "World."
The Contest Wilt Close at 6 p.m.,
Wednesday, January 13th
And afl estimates must be received by that time, and all
answers must be addressed to the Manager Contest Department, The Mason & Risch Piano Co., Limited, 655 Granville
Street, Vancouver, li. C.
[Write plainly- Vse pencil as   Ink blur*
55S Granville Street, Vancouver. B. C.
My estimate of votes is 	
Ito you own   an organ, square  or  upright   pi.ino?
Answer Yes or No Give particulars on form below.
Organ       Square      Upright  	
Name of maker 	
The Prize Phtno is on Exhibition in Our Warerooms
The Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Factory Sales Parlors
655 Qranv.'lle Street,  Vancouver,  B, C.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
F. Hurry, wlio were joined in matrimony last Wednesday at* Spokane.
Botli arc well Jinown residents ol
Crcston, Mrs. I lurry, previous to her
marriage, Iieing in business as lady
barber, while Mr. Hurry is the local
manager of the Nelson Dairy company. The happy coiiplo arrived home
011 Sunday and Here the recipients
of hearty congratulations from their
many friends in the district.
I*. Hums' new wagon arrived lasl
weel., but Kred says that he is very
disappointed alter the promise that
it should be second to none, but consoles himself with the axiom that
"lile is full ol disappointments" and
that the best ol us must suger.
He continues that it will he only
a few years, perhaps monllis, belore
Blake Wilson will be sorry for his
K. .1. Avison, the Crnnbrook law*
yer, was in town last Saturday.
(Golden Times.)
.Mrs. Patmore lelt (or her home   in
(ranbrook by Tuesday's stage.
Mr. Jack Ti-gait loll (or (lolden pn
Mr. .1 McU-od, another bachelor
from our district, lias also gone east
for the Chrislmas season. Wonder if
• lack will have company back.
Mr. Colin Cameron was the first to
d.i»e over the iee from Windermere
I,, Ath.ilmer,    All sale now.
I Ci. li Ellis nml W. Stoddart,. ol
i (11,-nval,, ranch, were visitors in town
This week Miss Evelyn Stoddart
caught lour beautiful char In the
lake, thc tour weighing thirty-sis
pounds. Fishing is unite thc sport
of the duy in our town.
(Greenwood Ledge.)
Duncan Itoss and family leave today lor thc coast, possibly to remain there permanently. Mr. Ross
has been in business In Greenwood
(or twelve years, taking an active
part In all matters tending towards
the city's advancement. Like other
business men he has had his lean and
bis tat years, and took both as they
came, spending his profits and never
squealing at his losses. He has
warm friends among both political
parties, and also enemies—strong-
minded men always have. He is not
I much more a   saint nor much less   a
inner than the rest ol us, and will
assay above the average. He was
always straight with his employes
and paid the regular scale ol wages
without shouting tt from thc housetops or getting a kink In thc back.
The writer wishes him prosperity,
and chunks of It.
4       ■ '
Winnipeg, Dec. 26.—All thc details
I in connection with the creation ot
tlie now industrial department hv tbe
Canadian Pacific railway were completed in the ollice ol the second vice-
, president, this morning. The de-
, part mcnl will be under the personal
direction of Mr. F. ff. Peters, who
will exercise a general supervision
over all thc work which may be un-
Iclcrtnken in this connection.
Tlie inauguration ol this department is regarded as ol great importance in thc upbuilding ot tbe
towns and cities ot the west and
lhe Increase of the general prosperity
of the country. Information will be
sunnlied to all classes ol people who
desire to locate In the country,
whether lor the purpose ol manulac-
ture nr trade. The co-operation ot
boards of trade in all parts ot tne
cunt rv will lie nought, and towns
and cities which believe that there
nn- facilities at their command lor
lbe profitable operation ol Industrial
institutions will have thc fullest support ot the Canadian Pacific in the
endeavor to secure the location ot
such "* >nts.
Much work In this direction has
hern done bv thc Canadian Pacific
in the pasl, and It is now prnoosod
1,, carry this work on In a svstwnn-
tie and thorough manner.
Lethbridge, Alta.—Thc lirst car ol
coal was shipped trom the Royal
mines over tbe new spur recently
completed. It was billed to Regina.
All shinmonts will now be made
over   this spur,
Montreal, Dec. 38.—Four bye-elections (or the Quebec legislature were
held today and In each case a rap-
norler ol the Oouin government wai
elected. Two nl the vacancies, St.
Anns (Montreal) and Chateau™*, ■
were caused bv thc unseating for 11-
lecal practices hv agents of tbe Conservatives elected last June.
In Laval, T. Hurll, member who
was elected, was unseated tor tto
same cause, and In Quebec Centre, tto
vacancy   Wat caused   bv tto irmotnt-
ment ol   the Liberal member to   office.
ln Laval, Hon. P. E- Leblanc, leader'* ot the opposition, who was defeated last June, again went down to
deleat. The results were: St. Anns
(Montreal) Walsh, Liberal, deleated
O'Connell, Conservative, by thirteen;
Chateauguay, Mcrcler, Liberal, deteat-
,d Derosiecs, Conservative, by one
hundred; Quebec Centre, Leclair, Liberal, deleated Lavigeur, Conservative,
bv one hundred and twenty-five; Laval, Lavesquc, Liberal, defeated Leblanc, Conservative.
I'or the Knrm tiritnr.li
seeds      Z~~*
Home Grown  and Thoroughly Tested
II') I'iik<*(.' UtllluKUf free
M.   J.   HENRY
MltO tt't-wiminuter Uund
President: T. B, lilll.
Secretary: Gkokuk Asiiwuktii
I For Information regarding laml*.
, and agrienltnie apply to the
» Secretary, Cranhrook, 11, C.
\A*k yoiAvidtsocnf- for it
K,'|,;iiriii*_' a Specially
Aikens Block, Cranbrook
Waldo, B.C.
PAUL ST. JOttSVProprStor
Houth-east Kootenay's Great
Bummer Resort
Jest the place to spend a few
days' vacation
Bar stocked with the liest
Dining service Ant-class
Comfortable Rooms
1',,',,,V,','.'Ii*i"' Cranbrook,B.C. |
*      MENT AGENCY      *
Mel, employed (or all kinds ,,l
work. \V„ fulifil ,*,,r,i*H|„,i„l,-i„*,-
with mill operator,*, and other
other lnd ust ries.
Old Shoes Made New.
All Kinls of Repairing.
Give me a call    i:     ;:
CBE8GENT Lodhe No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every    Tuesday at 8 p.m.    at
Fraternity Hall.
E. F. Johnson, C. C.
.1. L. Walker, K. of R. & S.
Vlsltlai   krsthrn  cordially tnvltr-1
to attend.
■ifM-Pi"       '"""      Key City R.»dRC
Wg%Er*J Monday    .igbt    .1
New    Fraternity   Hall.      Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
V. S. Uddicoutt, Wm. Harris,
N. 0. Sec'y.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Supreme and Exchequer Court Agents
Practice in Patent   Ollice and Before
Railway Commission.
Hon. Charles Murphy, M. P.
Harold Fisher.
For family use there is nothing
so wholesome and so pure as
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
braskraek Iodic, N„. .1.
A. F. * A. M.
Regular meetings „i,
tbt MIN Thursday
ol every month.
Visiting *t.ttm welcomed.
S. H. Hoskins. W. M.
E, W. Connolly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every  Friday    evening at l
p.m., in Carmen's Hall.
Thos. Cole, W. P.
F. W. Reeves, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
Provincial Land Surveyors
Estimates Furnished
Fort Sleele P, 0. Boi li.
Cranbrook P. ll. Ilos 11.
"       Telephone 171.
Olllee in Cranbiook: Keid lilock.
Ulr-i'liiutL, Tur-m-.-.C-taurvatory of Uu.lo)
Hill cun Ccium Is "th 1IIUIUIU
mini Sl.lV Ur BtlMMfl."
Meet at B. ol L. F. Hall 2nd   and
4th Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
J. E. Larrigan, W. M.
John McLaughlan, Rec. Sec.
i Presbyterian ehureh I
Sunday morning service at 11 ♦
o'dock *
Sunday   evening    service   at ♦
7.90 o'clock ♦
Sunday     School   and    Bible ♦
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
at I o'clock
Telephone lllll
It. M.S. M., London, Kng.
Itutiil Muster Crunbrook .'ity Band ;
I'boli* MiiK'ep Knox I'rwbvlerlnn
I'lMlivli; lute II. M. Ills Majesty's
Itoyill Welsh FuHillers.
Is ),re),„re,l to receive Pupil.
Orchestra    furnished   (or   Socials,
Dunce*., Etc.
P1ION B 111   ■   CRANBROOK, B. C.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, In
put tliis ad iu tiie Herald io
emphasise it.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue
Lessons in Musical Theory
B, C.
i Old Curiosity j
JOSEPH H. McLEAN, Proprietor
Dealer in
All Classes of Secondhand Goods
Furniture ol All Kinds, both
New and Second-hand
a ge's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
arbor shop on tl„- premises,
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. I'. WELLS, l-roptietor
II. TOMKIN, Manager
< *************************
1      C, H. DUNBAR
*   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public Etc
i   Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at ResMence, Armstrong Ave,
0.00 to 10.00
■ lutdoors inner sunny .rile..
* selection.
A man who has been in and out
ol jail since 1892t and is so troublesome to the prison authorities that
they receive him into th"ir care
with Considerable dread, was at the
London Clerkenwell Sessions a week
or two ago sentencod to three and a
half years' penal servitude. His
name is Albert Max Martin, a
French-Canadian, and he was convicted ot obtaining food and lodging
by false pretences. Accused bad potted as secretary to a "Baron Lieht-
erfel," a bogus nobleman. The prosecution said he had had "a most extraordinary career." Detective
Steel said Martin was only at liberty a fortnight when be committed the
present drauds, and he was arrested
as he lett prison atter serving a week
in jail for being drunk. According
to tbe prisoner's own .statements, lie
was educated in Germany, Italy,
Switzerland and England, Ho was at
Eton, Harrow, and also at thc
Universities o! Oxford, Cambridge,
Bonn, Heidelberg,' Konigsberg, Berlin,
Geneva, Bologna and Koine. He
claims to have studied as a doctor,,
and to have had five medals given
him for bravery during the Franco-
German war, 1870, and three during'
the Bulgarian-Turko war. Accused [
said he was aide-de-camp, pi Ivato
secretary, and interpreter—he says he
speaks twelve languages—to Matshal
MacMahon and Marshal Hnzaine.
Thirty years ago hu had a beautiful
hotel at Lucerne, Switzerland, and
through lamily complications loht a
fortune of £30,000.
iloor unfastened she pus-hod it open
she saw tbe man lying on the floor
apparently dead. The police were
called in, and found tbat not only
was the man dead, but his wile and
child were lying on tbe bed each
.sbot. through the bead Numerous
papers, including twver.il letters sipi-
t-d "H. P. Wakley," were found, (tne
of these indicated that the writer
was about to commit the tragic deed.
: Wakley had formerly been an insp-c-
tor of the Ourmab police, and he
was invalided to England owing 1m a
[breakdown in health.
:   A peculiar case was investigated by
-the   Middlesbrough  coroner recently.
The subject of the inquest  was Thos
Warrior, a laborer,    who was   found
dead in a      wuod   yard with $
mund     his   neck.        The rope
broken, and   above him was another
piece of rope attached to an non pin
.in top of a ■ wagon.        Death    was
due to a   blow- received     in   a fall,
probably by    the   breaking  of    the
rope.     There were no symptoms
suffocation.      In the     man's   pocket
was found   the following note; "Have
olT work   twelve     weeks, and
Eugenie Cristoferos, Princess
Paleolognac - Niccphorae- Commanae,
Hereditary Princess of Mytelcne,
Enos, Chios und Lemnos, a descendant of the three great houses oi the
Byrantine empire, is at present living quietly in London, unknown save
to a few who regard themselves as
her subjects. Thc Princess claims to
be the   rightful    heir        to       thc
In HprltiK Nature creates minw
fleld uud forest.   What more titiinn 2
time to ilinnini tbe h inlirr iIipsk uf I u-         — v-v
winter nml array oiitwlt tn clothe* X ; Byzantine throne, and a proposal has
wblnb flttiTiKi; rt-tWt Mia Joy of life X ^ecit made to provide her    with
","" ▼ i kingdom, even   though a small
can't get any." It was stated that
he had been living on what was
given to him, and his widow said he
went out every morning ut live
o'clock to look for work at the
docks. They were behind with their
nut, though they had not heen pressed for It, hut it worried deceased,
'lhc jury found tbat death was due
lo injuries accidentally received
through tho breaking of a rope which
d.ceased had placed round his neck,
wilh the intention of committing suicide.
Your ctirel.il r view- of our cprhiK X j bJr making her   the Queen ol Samos,
■xhloit will Hangent an upproprluie 4 '---•—-■ <     "-     • -
w'hereby, it    is suggested, some measure of    peace   may be brought    to
that   much   troubled   island.       Tl
. Princess'    father,    Prince   Theodore
$ i Cristofero Palcologus, was an unsuc-
Forenoons - - ■
Afternoons - ■
Evenings - • •
.Sundays • - -
3.00 to 4.00
7.80 to 8.80
2.80 to 4.80
I    ii    ll    V, 0,
8 to 13 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office In new Reid Block
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. C.
F 44444444444444444
The I ..-ii.linu Krntt BtOtt ♦
To our many  friends  nml Om
toinern we extend onr boattABl
wisliep for
Phone 76 Armstrong Ave. ♦
Don't sell your land or move without getting particulars ot small
(arm*—Surrey Gardens Estate, on
new electric rallwav—Vancouver-
Chilliwaok. Write tor them. Surrey
Gardens Estate, Crown Building,
Vancouver, 8. C. S7-H*
Day   or    Night   Call!   tt
Office Phone, No. 236
Has now a limited
number of
Young Apple Trees
of the varieties specially
(selected and suitable for
this district.
2ND "  • 20 "
Delivered at Cranbrook
If selected bv the pur- <
chaser, 1st choice, 20c.; >
2nd choice, 15c. Apply to       <
E. W. HUSTLEY, Nursery '
near Wilmer, B. C, or J
J. HUTCHISON', Cranbrook.B.C. *
ti. T.   LAIDLAW
B.   C.     and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
W. It. „,■■„,y, Fun.nl Dlr-Ktor
,*,;„,,,■*..,], II, C. Phon. No. B8
B. C. Machinery Agcney
Wanted Second Hand ENGINE nnd
Wanted Second Hand Machinery of
any kind.
We can supply you with any thing
new on short notice.
We nay each for Second Hand machi-
Give us a trial. We can save you
!•'. 0. Swannell, Ii. I.. R„ B. C. L. 8.
A. I. Rolieruon, II. C. L. 8.
Dominion and British Columhia
P.O. Drawer Ml VICTORIA. 1.0
(imdtinte ol Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, in 1HIIS.
Graduate nnd Medallist ol
MirKillip's Veterinary College,
Chicago, In WOO.
Nine years' experience in
Veterinary practice In Manitoba,
Ollice alCraaeraek Haiti.
Lew R-nsd Trip Riles te
Ticket* on mrIb Dti>. 1 to Deo 31, inclusive,
Kootl lo return within thr**.- nionilit..
Tiektttit Inhui'iI in ■■uniimtiuii Atlantic
Hteiiumlilp buninesH will Ih* on tide from
Nov. 21, and limited to five months from
dute of iiime
Fittest Ktiuiptnt'nt*-, *__________,
Steeping 'it"! Tourist' urn on nil
nndnnl Kirn'-claim
       Ist* «I
Tliruuicli Trains
2 Throifk Express Train Daily
Ltiivst Winnipi'K -Inily nt i'i.10, milking
c.nitieftintiM at Toronto for all points
east anil rest thereof.
Apply to lu-itrtwt C. 1'. It. A|i«-itt lor full
PHONG911. P.O. Bos807
i The Finest Driven
Up-to-date Riga
Qood Saddle ttoraes
Proprietor    -    CRANBROOK. K.C.
♦' icesslul claimant for tho Greek
4 i throne In 1863, and in connection
with that claim she has had many
adventures. Born in Malta, thr
Princess married an EngHshinan,
Colonel Edmund Wlckham. Sbe has
four sons, and it is suggested that
if the Princess does not become
Queen of Samos one of h:'i sous shall
reign in her stead. "1 am a direct
descendant of Constantino the
Great," said the Princess to an interviewer, "and many Greeks regard
me as the one who is referred to in
the old prophecy, that some one
shall arise to bring power and prosperity to Greece again. "1 have hail
my pedigree and descent carefully
tabulated hy many authorities, including tbe Chancery of Malta." At
the top of the document appears the
name of Leone Catacalone Ambusto,
and tbe first date shown is tbat ol
the marriage of his granilson in
A dispute between husband anil wife
Concerning money savings was heard
before Judge Smith at West Brom-
wich county court recently. Mrs.
Jane Hooper asked for a declaration
that she was entitled to a sum deposited in the post office savings
bank in her husband's name. It was
stated that they hail lieen married
for thirty-four years, and had had
twenty children, of whom twelve
were living. Out of the money
which she had earned during nineteen
years, added to by presents made to
her by her children, Mrs. Hooper
had managed to accumulate --ll.)
which she loept in nn old muft in a
drawer. One morning she found thc
muff was empty. Her lnishand told
her to come with him to lhe savings
bank, where he deposited £40 in her
name, and sbe found he lud previously placed -fcfiO to his own credit.
He then handed her £4 10s., saying
that he hud spent the remaining ]fts.
The wife, in her evidence, said that
none of the money had been given to
her by her husband, who had never
provided sufficient money to maintain the household. The judge declined to make any order as to the
£50, as he considered ihat the £'■)">
was the joint property of husband
and wife, and that the man had
made a fair division.
Elizabeth Lisle, Mlddlesliorcnigh,
who, a short time ago was eonvicttd
of causing bodily harm to her husband, and was sentenced to twelve
months' bard labor, committed suicide in Durham jail recently. She appealed against her sentence, but   the
ppfeal was rejected. On the following S'inday she was all right at dinner time, and alter dinner was seen
to be writing on a slate in her cell,
but later she was found by a
wardress banging dead from the
ventilator of ner cell, She had
fastened two handkerchiefs to the
ventilator, and had stood upon a
stool, which she had tilted over, and
had thus bunged herself. On a slate
she had written these letters, one to
her husband, another to her daught-
lAid a third to bur brother.
Tke letter to her husband was written in a tone of bitter complaint
that she was bearing her trouble unjustly, and   at the close she    said:
II I had to bear tt were you not
man enough to try nnd soften it a
little for me? You know I have
not deserved it, and, oh' tbe bitterness of It all. I hope you will
never be called upon to suHcr as
you have made me suffer. When you
look at me will you kiss mc? I
think I shall know if you do, antl it
will make me happier. Goodbye."—
A painful sensation was caused at
Brighton, the other day, when it was
discovered that a young wife and her
child had heen shot dead, apparently
by the husband, who subsequently
committed suicide, Tbe tragedy
took place at a hoarding house in
Westbourne street, Hove, where a
Mr. H. P. Wa'iley and his wife and
child occupied rooms, During thc
night Mrs. Boniface, tho ladylady,
heard a thud. She called out, but
got no answer, and thought no more
of the matter. On the following
morning, as there were no signs of
the Wakltys, Mrs. Boniface knocked at
the bedroom    door, and finding    tbe
Harold Harvey and Walter Walsh,
young sons of well-known tradespeople in Stalybridge, were recently
charged with attempting to obtain
money by threatening letters from
two married women named Ellen
Knowles and Sarah Kcnyon. The
complainants were startled on oach
receiving a letter stating that unless
a sum of money was forthcoming
1 tbey, as a terrible band of Anarchists, would select one of their
children as their prey." One of the
letters stated that three children in
the Castle Hall district of the
ImroiiHi had been chosen, and as a result mothers and children in the
neighborhood had been panic-stricken.
Prisoners have iK>en attending, an
evening continuation school, and exorcise book paper upon which the letters were written proved their undoing, a police detective tracing the
missives as having heen torn from an
exercise book which the prisoners
used. They were cautioned and discharged.
Five hoy adventurers appeared at
Birmingham police court recently,
charged with breaking ui n number
of houses at Har bor no, Their abode,
said thc police, was a cave wliich
they had constructed at Florida, a
lonely district near Ilarhorne goli
links. Investigations showed the
cave to he partly a natural declivity
and partly an ingeniously constructed
hut, formod of interlaced boughs.
Orass and soil laid on thi; top form a
perfectly rainproof roof. This Is
supported by stout baulks of timbei
The walls and floor of the hut hav
been carefully lined with straw. When
discovered by the police the
"cave" was found to contain parts of
llie spoil. A revolver was found on
one of the defendants when arrested,
and it appears that it was used to
threaten people who wandered near
thc hiding place.
A young gentleman, named Robert
Allen Griffith, of Chester, was charged and remanded at Liverpool recently with wounding Cecil Parker,
a friend and partner in business, with
whom be was staying at a Liverpool
hotel. It was stated that on the
night in question the two were in
their bedroom, Parker being in bod.
(iriilitb had in his baud a miniature
rifle which he had bought for a
friend, and be jocularly remarked to
Parker, "Shall I have a pot at you?"
Parker replied, "Ves, if you like,"
and Griffith put a cartridge into the
rule and fired, the bullet going right
through Parker's thigh. Parker was
laken to the infirmary, where be will
he confined for some time. Griffith s
bolioitor said the man bad no idea
that the pellet would penetrate the
A commercial traveller .named Vic!
lor C. Campbell was charged at Nov
tiugbam recently with attempting to
murder Florence Mills, a housekeeper.
Prisoner is a married man and lives
al Leicester. He met the prosecutrix at the Nottingham bippourume.
Subsequently ho called at the
bouse where she was employed,
duced ber to come out and go to
the house of a friend of hers. There
he was about to divest himsell of bis
overcoat, wben she said she could
not stop, but be insisted she would
have to stay as long as he did.
He afterwards pulled out a revolver
aud shot ber, destroying ber right
e>e, medical testimony showing tuat
she had the narrowest escape from
M«.Yellenoi f iii,:,u.M.u
"1 consider ii
tell you of" ih
haveileme! ft
hands were -v
that it ..a- :-..
water.   When
would imuti -
•calded them
to get relief t
them nmi
balm succ
failed.   It
aaae, sooth
a very >n-
mend it t
chapped *i
\ fi. RE   your  hands   chapped,
■*v    cracked,   or  sore?   Have
Vyou *lc   dcracks' which open
' and bl -; d when the skin  is
drawn tight ?     Have you a
re, frost   bite,   chil-
or  a   " raw "  place
.vhich   at   time*?   makes   it
jgony for you to go about
, >ur '■'. mseholdduties?   If
. /'. m-£ uk wiU ;;ive you
relief   and   will   heal   the
ged skin.     Anoint
plat es nt m^ht,
and  if  tt   is   the  hands,
--eai   - p iii of old gloves
ovei night.     7. a m • b uk's
rich    h   ding    essences
will sink into '-he wounds,
end the smarting
quickly heal.
li :
>   ilo   SO   t(lt-\
ui if I  hail
quite unable
 ok I put on
I tried Zam-Buk, and the
eded when all elw had
loaed tho i'ig cracks, gave
i tin- Inflammation, and In
i time healed my haridn
I would strongly recom-
anyone suffering from
cracked haudn.    It is t
Father and Daughter b;th
MissHattieUe aml.GaJcslun fl i
writes;-'■/„,!!! Buk is the hem i . i.. u,
haveerernsed Jury venrlnm •■- u Iv
witheha'pped bands ana armsan lin t
ever seemed lo heal Ihem until > : ie
Zam-Buk. It isBorpiiMogh wqeirkl.t
this balm ha* healed up tha w «* up
cracksl Myfatherhasuseditforsevei t
ailments nn.i injuries nud think* then ti
Dotbing to equal it"
7ai-* I'-..'- ti et.'fUrnt far thap*\ t\\'.l'..n-u, nUtort*. KT*
'■Kft an I Aiit. th Utngt, rathi*. vimtt kmm, !*>•«. wkm,
'rt'i-rlrt; torn tori JkiWl (Ufcl Uuk*. at-tattut. ptmplM, rin;-
■inrin tie, nti. hurnt. imtiiet, tetiUU. #; - iii*    '.'*r-l at ..t
rStutxoHtm, nJatfM, ivtrmJfta, rf«. Q*
-i, o' tuat fm *■■»■* (V BtarhBnM ix
■   ,i hu. J V / IM,   Tcu art iwwrf
,'iiml' prfJumiOfU ttmiCn Vt K-^tU-tU*
•..'in-i trftn S*imH.k U S*W '.-
S-fnil Dtb r-.uroa n.\n:t i ,1
■: ■■■■'   ' : .;• i*;*vr mr ! !.   .;   *   i-
(ti t\wt i^tAjrr) t.i?nn   I'vl.
Oa, T.-n^t-v wid ft !tt- 1 ■».
!-oi wit', tw i'i*»!W j^-H              ,
Ibem rose wilh an angry ilush on her
face. "It is   such as   you see   before
Seeking a separation older at High-
gate poliou cuiiu in North London,
rtceully, Kosabel Milley, the wife oi
a grocer, said that her husband bad
threatened her with a knife, Uir-i-wi
pepper iu her face, and continually
waltod quietly up behind ber and
smashed plates so as to shock her.
Another act ol her husband, she said,
was to send out for oysters, which he
opened ou the shop floor in ordei in
make a slide. The delcndant dmitd
the allegations of the wife, but tlie
magistrate granted a separation order, with 5s. a week maintenance.
Seven years ano Police Constable
Smith, of King's Lynn, detected a
man named Richard Dawson, poaching. Dawson was summoned to appear before tlie magistrates on April
1, 1001, but he disappeared, and a
warrant was issued. This remained
unexecuted until quite recently, when,
after many wanderings, Constable
Smith met Dawson at Docking, and
remembered the old charge. Brought
before a county magistrate at King's
Lynn, Dawson was sent to prison
for fourteen days in default of paying
you   now   th.it maintain , _„,     	
How a sexton tolled the hell a!
his own death was related at the Inquest held recently un -John Newberry, the sexton of St. Johns church,
llornlnglow, Burton-on-Trent. Having
quarrelled with his wife, Newberry
went to the ohutch, tied the bell rope
round his neck, and then jumped
from the beating apparatus in thc
belfry. The strain on toe
Ins death knell. A portion
church is to he re-coosecrated
(ireat trouble has befallen a family
named   Hall, living at Saxmundham.
A little over a month a-^o the father
Alfred Hall, leil from a cart and
died from his injuries. A lew days
after his widow expired after a few
days' illness, and now a grown-up
daughter has succumbed to pneumonia. The two sons left arc both deaf
and  dumb.
A strange case of theft has been
soived and the culprit arrtsted by
tin. Glasgow police. On December
20 ot last year a house factor in
Glasgow received a telegram purporting to be from a relative in Bel-
last, asking hiui to telegraph £5 ty
lh3 general post office in that city
Tho factor, suspecting nothing, at
i.ncc forwarded the money as requested. Two days later the Bel-
last gentleman paid a visit to Glasgow, and, of course, called upon the
factor friend. The latter naturally
askid him if he hid received his £5
all r-^ht, whereupon th' Belfast man
disclaimed all knowledge of tbe affair. The matter was then reported
to the police, and Detective M'Gimp-
took the case in hand The
original telegram was photographed,
and ultimately suspicion fell upon a
young man who, however, after inquiry, was found to have absconded.
Tbe'otlier night Detective M'Gimpsey
was walking along Steven street,
when he observed- a "wanted" man
and arrested him. He was brought
before Baillie Archibald Campbell at
lhe Northern police court, and formally remitted to the Belfast authorities.
hC-c at
and in
.\t   Carlisle police   couit recently,
lohn     Dixon,   Alexander P. Gordon
mi     Alexander   Gordon,     all   from
Glasgow, were charged   with assault-
ng -lohn Muirhead, another Glasgow
nan, whilst travelling on the London
v North-Western railway from Liver-
»ool to Glasgow.    The men were all
M low-travel (era returning    from Ca-
d.i to   Glasgow        They had been
ihe same hoai.   and were journey-
z   In    'he same   train      Muirhead
att-d that    he wns sleeping in    his
mphrtmonl «h n     the   oiber   men
me  and   disturbed him   by pulling
his   cap from his eyes.      They   ultimately struck him, cutting him under
lhe eye     He got frightened, and pulled the communication cord, and    the
m< n    were taken into custody. Alexander Gordon was discharired as  not
having qecn actually responsible    tor
the assault, and   the other two   ac-
sod were each   fined a guinea    and
BY-UW NO. 94
;- the iast Revised Assess-
:.. requesting tbe said Coun-
; ice a By-Law to sell and
■j City's    interest in    Block
e Cuy of Cranbrook, accord-
i map     or plan ot thc  said
A    in    the Land Registry Ol"
fplson, B. C, as number 6t>9,
the   -Joint   Government   and
.   Buildings erected     thereon
toe Province of   British Coluamia
Um price or sum ol Seven Thou-
.:        Kits       Hundred      Dollars
,500.00); and     to use   and devote
rope rang tbe proceeds thereof for the purposes
of    the  .   pui—ung a sue for and erecting
and equipping Municipal Buildings for
;bv- >. itj ol Cranbrook.
■ D WHEH&AS in tbe opinion ot
r.... -..irate premises are re*
belonging lo and under     the
I cunt roi of the City, and that    there-
fore the l itj s interest m said Block
'i-- .'1    Joint Uovernment  and
Municipal     iiu.iaings is   not required
or ■       rate purposes.
AND  i-rHEREAS for such purposes
it is necessary to amend By-Law No.
Jl, of the Corporation of tbe City ol
ranbrook, being the "City of   Cran-
Decenture     Loan By-Law   No.
AND WHEREAS tbe consent of tbe
LieutenantrGovernor ** Council has
aeen obtained lor such amendment of
By-Law No. 21 to be made, as ap*
. eai ■■ a report of a Commiteoe of
the Honorable tbe Lxecutne Council, approved by llis Honor lbe
Lieutenant Governor on tbe iith day
: ember, a. D. 1008.
AND WHEREAS the approval of
thc Lieutenant Governor in Council
lor the sale and disposal of the
Lilys Interest in said Biock D in tbe
^ny ol Cranbrook, according to a
map or plan tiled in tbe Laud Registry Ofliee at Nelson, B. C, as No.
iii\ and the Joint Government and
Municipal Buildings erected uiereon,
bos been had and obtained, as ap-
.ve-j.ri by the said report.
AND WHEREAS Ior the purposes
aforesaid, it will be necessary to de-
■ ole the said sum of Seven 'thousand
rive Hundred Dollars ((7,500.00.)
NUW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council ol the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook in Council as-
lembled, enacts as follows:
1. lt shall and may be lawful Ior
.nu Mayoi oi the Lorpoi ation ol the
City of Cianbrook to sell, gianl and
absolutely dispose of the City's interest in Block D, in the City of
'.ranbrook according to a map or
,'un of the said City
.tied in thc Land Registry
iaiii Cily fned in lhe Land Registry
UfliCfl -it Nelson, H. C, as No. UOtf,
to His .Majesty K.ng Edward VII. In
lhe right of the Province of British
i olumbia and In tbe Joint Government and Municipal Buildings erected
thereon for the price or sum of Seven
thousand Ptve Hundred Dollars
Qy, and for such purposes to
i,n. seal, execute and dcliur all
leeda and other instruments necessary
md requisite in the premises.
J. lhe proceeds of the said sale
shall be demoted lo the purchasing of
a Bite fot and tlte erection oi Municipal Buildings for the City ot Cranbrook.
a. By-Law No. 21 of the City of
CranbrooK wheresoever it is inconsistent with the provisions ol this
By-Law, i.s hereby repealed.
1. This By-Law may be cited lor
all purposes as the "Municipal Building By-Law."
Read the First, Second and Third
Lime on the Second Day of December, 1308.
Received the assent ot tbe Electon
on tbo llth day of January, 1009.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted on the .*.	
A By-Law to authorize tbe sale of
the City's interest   in Block D, Plan
m______________________m____ W. Cranbrook, B. ('., and thc Joint
On arriving at bis chapel at.'Government and Municipal Buildings
Llanelly to marry a young couple, a I erected thereon, and to devote the
local minister was annoyed to find proceeds thereof for the purpose of
thc building fill«l with lads from tho purchasing a site for and erecting
tinplate works in their working .Municipal Buildings,
clothes, and scores of women also; WHEREAS a petition has been pre-
clad In their everyday garments, senled to the Municipal Council of
After advising the boys to go home the Corporation of lhe City of Cran-
nnd have a wash, the minister pro- brook signed by the owners ol at
ceeded to lecture tihe women on least one-tenth (l-10th)) of the value
their appearance.     Suddenly one   of ol the real property in the said City,
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy ol the proposed By-Law
on whiob the vote of the Munici-
lit\ will he taken at the Municipal
Bullain t, Baker Street, in tbe City
of Cranbrook, B. C, on Thursday,
January lllh, RiOii, between the
hours of Nine o'clock (Ten o'clock
local time) in the morning and Seven
o'clock (Elghl o'clock local time) In
tbe evening.
Thos. M. Roberts,
3? lit Clerk U> the Municipal Council. THK UKAN.HKOOK U Kit ALU
(Division VI.,    Miss Elliott to Division V., Miss Hall.)
.luck Cannon
Tom Cannon
Willie Pruilen
Donald Kenelly
Lottie Stone
Mabel McGoldric
Hazel Stevenson
Arm* McNabb
Herbert Bradley
Sam Whittaker
Walter Laurir
Willie D.,n,els
Sail., -Ao-j-d'
Winnie Troop
I'onstance Duln*-**-*;*
ilordou Tavlor
Charlie Elmer
Mai, Or
Citing l.oy
Hugh Fraser
Dowe) McNeil
Ruby Finlay
Rubv Deacon
Enid Hilton
ilordon Arguc
Ki.-.l DeQraOe
Joseph DcGrace
Mah I.mu
Barclay McNeil
Cyril Grayson
(Promotion in Division v...Miss, Hal!
Krom 1st Primer to 2nd Primer.)
II,,i is Wallinger
Mil,, Drummond
Helen Bridges
Merle Taylor
lleryl Cameron
Nellie Marcellais
Kvlyr, Burton
Bradford Carson
Chas, Merlin
W'iltri-<1 Cadwallaader
Francis Cadwallander
Helen Aubertin
Clarence Hickeabothaa,
Enid KiUins
Harold Patton
Fred Bradley
(From 2nd   Primer   to- Junior First
Header, Division V., Miss Hall.)
Caroline Adelorie
Evan Boss
Blanche Brault
Violet Dumont
Harriett MoBatt
Alberta McLean
Douglas McCowan
Crystal Tucker
Dorothy Whitmore
Helen West
Daisy Karrant
lldith Merlin
Bertha Gill
Carl McNabb
William Brownlee
Roy Argue
?♦*•*•?****?**♦•**•••***•**»** ************************************************* *************************.
••• * ****** it*******— **** ******************
(Kiom Junior First Header to Senior
First Reader,    Division   V., Miss
Hall to Division IV., Miss
Delia Aubertin
Oliver Brown
Pleasant Binklev
Dolor Brault
Mary Barnhardt
Valerie Deflrace
Fred Dumont
Harry Doris
Norman Fowler
Douglas Finnis
.lames I
.Merrill Leask
Kid Murgatroyd
(leorge Patton
Wilfred Stone
Wong Ship
Russell St. Eloi
Helen McKinstry
Mainart Wong
Chas. Woodword
Nellie Grant
Sadie Nesbitt
| Followine is tho regular monthly
I report ol the Cranbrook schools for
i December:
'(Division I., F. R. Anderson, Teacher.)
Number   in    attendance ....33
Average attendance    21
Perfect attendance: Ray Armstrong, Rose Dumont. Sadie flilli':,
Jessie Kennedy, Lillian McCowan.
Vivian Sissons, Irenp Wade, fl.iehel
Bar-duett, Rose Gnskill, Harold Hick-
enbotfaam, TJessie McCowan, Jessie
Murnt-troyd, Bella Taylor, Sarah
(Division    11 . Miss Caldwell, Teacher.)
Number in attendance       .. 32
■KvPraev attendance        .....30
Perfect attendance:   Martha   Bennett,     Kathleen   Dumont, Mai [Write
Harvev   Karl   Maokev.  Earl Steven
soo  Olive    White, Josle Drummond,
Arthur Fowler. Bertram Murgatroyd,
Elaie   Park,    !»avid Watson, Wilfred
(Dirlsion ITI., Miss Tavlor, Teacher.)
Number in attendance ... .    28
A veragi> attendance  24.R6
Perfect attendance- Violet Deacon,
Vinev T>oris, Oertie Heard, flladvs
l!iek*tibothani, Rubv Nesbitt. May
Pratt, Hazel Taylor. Wanda Fink.
(Division IV.,   Miss Ross, Teacher.)
Number in attendance   ...    53
Average att«idanee  4B.14
Perfect attendance: Grace Bard-
get t, Alex. Dickson, Grace Hlgglns,
Harriett Kennedy. Trvinir Leask, Lottie Moore, Dorothy Mackev. Earle
Stewart. Vincent Kink. (ioR Cook,
Wesley Finley. Gladys Johnson. Edward Laurie, William Moore, Antonio
Mnntpetit, Rainsford Parks, Catherine Wfcltmote, Sylvester '""arson. Eva
IDivision    V.,   Miss   Hall, Teacher.)
Number in attendance . .    73
Average attendance 66.57
Perfect. attendance: Pleasant
Binkley, Helen Bridges. Evan Bow,
Blanche Brault, Xalerie DeGrace,
Milo Drummond, Violet Dumont,
Harrv Doris, Norman Fowler, Douglas Finnis, Clarence Hickenbotham,
James Hilton, Merritt l*eask, Nellie
Marcellais, Sidney Mur^itroyd, Chas.
Merlin. ftouiclas McCowan, Sadie Nesbitt, Tena Park, Ethel Reed. Wilfred
Stone, Wong Ship. Russel St. Eloi,
Merle Tavlor. Helen McKlnstry,
Doris Wallinger. Daisy Farrant,
Orvstal Tucker, Helen West. Helen
Aubertin, Harriet. Moffatt.
(Division VI.. Miss Elliott, Teacher.)
Number in attendance     64
Average attendance 58.2R
Perfect attendance: Howard Arm-
I strong, Herbert Bradley, Hiing Lov,
ftntce Doris, Fred DcGrace, Joseph
DcGrace. Ruby Deacon, Cyril Gray-
[ son, Mary Leask, Walter Laurie.
{William Priiden, Lottie Stone, Havel
{Stevenson, Gordon Tavlor. Helen
l Whitmore, Mab Or, Melville Dallas,
Tom Cannon, Jack Cannon, Edward'
((•'torn Division IV.,   Miss Ross    to
Division IIL, Miss Taylor.)
Katie Cannon
Walter Tucker
Oracle Hlgglns
Jack Wilson
Gerald Dulmaw
Earle Stewart
Annie Patton
Marguerite Drummond
Harriett Kennedy
Gonion Wallinger
Irving Leask
famine Goddeiis
Mel ford Carson
Ella Bryans
Marguerite Stoat
Archie Chisholm
Noble McNeil
William Moore
Wesley Finlay
Kiilto Johnson
Willie Laurie
May Pattinson
Addie Bennett
Gertie Bradley
(From Division III., Miss Taylor, to
Division II., Miss Caldwell j
Bert Heard
Gertie Heard
Constance Stevens
Harold Bridges
Jennie Patton
Lauretta Armstroag
Viney Doris
Doris Johnson
Florence Dathie
Rubv Nesbitt
May Pyatt
Franc** Drummond
Albert Barnhardt
Peroey Bardgrtt
orvtllc Dow
Frank Cryderman
Frank Passmore
(From Division IL, Miss Caldwell, to
Division I., P. R. Anderson.)
Olive White
Marguerite Harvey
Earl Stevenson
Mildred Cline
Martha Bennett
Josie Drummond
Kathleen Dumont
Virgin* Tucker
Milton Leek
David Wat-son
(Division L, F.     R. Anderson, trott
Fourth Reader to Entrance Class.)
Jessie Kennedy
Bella Taylor
Rose Gaskili
Lilian McCowan
Jessie McC0waij
Irene Wade
Mamie Mackev
Jessie Murgatroyd
Vivian Sissons
Florence Wood
Sadie Gillis
Ray Armstrong
Douglas Stewart
(January 10.)
Services at 11 and 7.30.
Sundav School and Bible classes at
a o'clock.
At the evening service the pastor
will resume the series ot addresses
on "The Reformation." The Sacrament of tbe Lord's Supper will he
admin'lstored at the close of the service.
Tuoudav—Epwortb League Sncllinn
Ikv at H o'clock. The monthlv collection will be taken.
Fridav>-Praver service at fc o'clock,
I'hnir practice at 8.45.
A Chinaman was hanged in Macleod
testerday for the murder ol his
brother. The mercury,was pretty
low, somewhere between 50 and 65
Mo* zero when the chink was put
on the trap. Before thc tran was
spruntr the usual question was asked.
"Have you anything to say?" To
this the Chinaman is said to have
replied: "Hurry up. g»i ell, too,cold!"
ami with tbis he was jerked into
The Edison theatre has, as usual,
Iniil giving good shows durin? the
week. This week has been of iwilti-
ciilar interest to railroad men as 25
nor cent of tbe cross receipts' will
he donated next- Saturdav to ne of
their members who is in the hospital,
lit future the gallery at the little
show shop will be reserved and seats
'here charm .d for at the rate ol
25 cents, This has bom done at
the request ol a number of regular
patrons. During tht! week, a new
nnd original Bona, by H. C. C. Salmon, the pianist, at the theatre,
Mas rendered by Mrs. Divett and was
well received.
The Trainmen's dance last Thursdav night was an absolutely unquall-
hed success. Thc Auditorium was
in09t tastefully decoeatod both Inside
;i.wl out. Signal Huhts of various
colors were displayed from the portico of the huilding. whilst inside tbe
hall was decorated with flags, bunt-
iau and mottos. Some ot the latter
(read "Benevolence, Sobriety, InAis-
j try;1* "Our Brotherhood." Dancing
] commenced to the strains of the
Moyie orchestra at about 9.30
and continued until 7 o'clocv on New
Year's morning. Never was a hall
more enjoyed by t-hose nrewnt and
the Trainmen are to be congratulated
upon   the success of their dance.
*- **	
The Presbyterian Sunday school
i -ora was on Wednesday ol last week
crowded with hilarious children ol
all ages and sizes. They were having a children's Christmas social.
Alter various frolicking games, cocoa
and refreshments were served. Then
the tree was dismantled ol its candy
and Iruit, each child receiving a largo
ba*? ol candles, nuts and raisins antl
an orange.
No presents were given except llie
fallowing prizes to those leading the
several classes in Sunday school at-
t.-ndan.-c. ehureh attendance and
verses learned: Jessie McCowan,
Holier! Findlay, Neil McCallum,
Ifawl Taylor, Douglas McCowan,
Marion Leitch and Paul McKinstry.
On Our High-Grade Stock of
*■ <
What 20 per Cent, means on Mackinaws
Ut-uulm' 87.60 COAT for  	
6,00     "     " 	
5.51)     '•        	
5.00     "     "   	
1.80 PANTS   	
Socks and Mitts
CARSS' HANDMADE 81.50. at	
1.25, at 	
Mc. MITTS ut
WOOL 50c. SOCKS at 	
"     40c.      "
"     35e.      " 	
25c.       " 	
What 20 per Cent, means on Suits
lingular 810.00 SI'ITS for
12.110 "
14.00 '-
10.00 ••
18.00 "
20,00 "       "
22.00 "
24.00 "
'•      25.00 "
"      28.00 "      '•
30.00 "
'i 7.50
Tailoring Department
, >.,
, „,
Regular 137.00 SUITS for   $32.00
35,00     "      "      30.00
"      34.00    "      "      29.00
33.00     '•      "      28.00
,      All Lumbermen's Rubbers, "Overshoes," Sweaters, Cardigans, Etc., all going at the 30 per Cent. Discount Sale
Moiie, It. C, Dec. 30.—Peter, the
Indian who discovered the St. Eugene mine, was in town this week.
It was nineteen years ago last spring
tliat Peter, while hunting along
Movie lake, found some float and carried it to the St. Eugene Mission,
where Father Coccola and .lames
Cronin were stopping. Both ol the
litter at once knew that the sample
ras that ol rich galena ore, and lost
no time in coming hack with the
inl,,,, and staking the claims which
use now tlie St. Eugene group. Father Coccola sold his interest to Finch
;in,l Campbell, ol Spokane, for $12,000
aud Peter got $300. The priest
built a splendid church and made other improvements at the Mission with
his money, and the Indian built a
substantial house Ior his family*
Cronin developed the property and
mud,* a mine of it, and is now one ol
il„* wealthiest residents of Spokane.
Peter is- now lil yearB old.
The Canadian High Commissioner
in London writes that the Rev. A,
Titherington, ot Ilramshatt, Hamp-
.',!,ire, is inquiring lor one Walter
llrii-d, who was working in a railway
camp n,-iu* Fernie just before the fire.
should ibis meet the eye of anyone
who )m„w.s his present whereabouts,
tlicy will please communicate with
.lohn Dunlop, immigration officer.
At St. Eugene hospital on Januarv 2nd, Hugh Campbell. Mr. Campliell was drivini! a load ol lo»s near
Hock Creek when the load slipped
and In- was badlv crushed hv the
falling loss, lie was brought with
ilne despatch to the St. Kuffiiu- hos-
..ii.,1, but died almost as Boon as
he   reached    that,   institution.    The
f ral  took place from  the Catholic
church on Monday.
lion. li. fl. Tatlow. minister ot final,,*,' ami a'-ricultuNf. who has returned alter a ten wf-e-ks' trip t-o tho
n;<<! Country, brings hack the. news
llml liritish Columbia Is so well ad-
*.eriis,-d in Great llritain that it is
now* om- ol the best known ol the
movinees ot anv ol the colonies. He
cam,' across a large number of
"li* who are investing here and
1,1 hers who an- forming companies lor
invefitment    luirjui. H he pim«tfl
that   the demand for   Iruit lands will
be heavy during the coming year.
I'he Roattie rink beat the 1 log-
earth rink on Christmas lay by a
sen.- ol f) to ". The game wu a
mosl exciting one.
Draws have been made tor the
Fink and Small competitions. Skips
are strongly urge! to play all games
oil as quicklv as possible, as there
arc a large number of competitors to
foil iw.
The attention of skips is again
,-alltd to the bye-law which nro-
vides lhat atl competitors must have
na id their fees belore playing in
any matched games.
lt is expected that the Fernie
criers will ho here tomorrow
I New Year's Day) to take part in
Ihe district competitions.
Following is the list of trophies
to he plaved for in Cranbrook this
winter: The Corbv cup, Ganet cup,
Hoggarth & Rollins cun. Fink cup,
Small cup, P. Burns & Co., hams,
■md medals for points presented hv
Mr. ,1. Dunlop.
Threo rinks are expected to arrive
todav from Fernie to piny some
friendly games*
The Cnlgary !„,,ir.i>iel commences on
.lanuary 21, and the Rossland bonspiel on .lanuary 19th-
Practically no explanation lias been
up-to-date given to the ratepayers of
the proposed bylaw lor tho sale of
the city's interest in the joint government and municipal buildings and
the erection of new buildings to he
used by thc city as municipal build-
^nrs and a lock-up.
It. will be remembered that at the
time the bylaw was passed in 19HU.
for the raising of money to pay for
the city's interest in the joint f-nv-
ernnu-nt and municipal buildiiizs, the
government ollice had but recently
been moved Iron, Fort Steele to
Cranbrook, and the i-overnnicnt ollicials occupied the small luiildim*;
uhich is now- part of the public
school. At lhat time it was *, very
mu, h debated question whether or
not the government would establish
nnd erect government buildings and a
court house in Cranbrook, and it was
fell by tho council that somo oltorl
.lioultl be made to induce lhc government lo make ti,is the central
judicial quarters for Fast kootenay.
henee a proposal was made to the
fovertinient to build a joint government anil municipal buildintrs, to cost
each partv $7,.100.00. Alter tho
huildin-s were erected, it was found
that the total cost „1 the build-
in: was approximately $23,000.00,
w hereupon applications were made,
from time to time, to the "overn-
inent, who made a total crant ap-
liroxlmatlng $15,500.00 and hv this
: means, the covernnient buildings anil
|a court house were permanently lo.
,-ated in Cranbrook.
I Since the erection of thc build-
1 itiits, it has been found that tho government officials rwiuire more room,
nor was thc. arrangement satisiac-
;torv to the city council and ofli-
iclals. it was further found that
I tho cilv would almost immediately
I have to erect a lockup, and tho city
I officials were informed that a lease
would be ,n*antcd, provided thc city
would make alterations in the build.
ine and compensate Mr. F. R. Morris, whose bouse is erected on the
iocliun lands. This, it was found,
would cost the city in the neiuhhor-
h,„*il „l J15UU.0U. These considerations moved tlie council to once
more approach the p-overnincnt with
an offer to sell the interest ol the
city in the joint buildings, to the
irnvernmrnt for the price they had
Paid Inr them, namely, $7,SOO.OO,
whioh the government acceded to,
subject, of curse, t„ the approval ot
the ratepayers, and to the approval ol
the bondholders. The consent of the
bondholders was obtained, provided,
that thc moneys realized from the
sale, were placed in buildings ot a
similar character. Tho present prop-
osilion. therelore, of the council, ns
detailed In the proposed bylaw, is,
to sell to the province, the Interest
ot tbe citv in Ibe joint buildings lor
the sum ol J7.5ini.lin nnil lo use thc
inonevs realized from the sale id the
purchase of lots and the erection ol
small hul adequate premises to he
used as a cilv ball and a lockup.
Th- citizens are n*,t asked to expend one cent in thc erection ol
these buildings, but merely to sanction ihe sale of the city's Interest
in thc joint government und municipal buildings, and thc use ot the
moneys so obtained in erecting
municipal buildings.
We understand that the council have
not determined on what lots thc
buildings arc to be erected, but that
thev will endeavor lo secure lots on
Haker street at a cost ol $21011.00 or
$2500.00 and that thc balance will
l,e used in the erection of the
In urcing the passage of the bv*
law, we would Point nut that it is
not the eity which will he callel
'*-„ lo lind the funds, but the ",''*--
iuc,-; second!.*, that municipal build
lira and a look-up are absolute necessities, as the present lock-up is a
disgrace to anv miinlcinalilv ami lias
been condemned hy the grand jui
in   Hk. strongest language.
We would lurther „oint otll lo the
ratepayers, that should this bylaw n„t he passed. It wnuld mean
that ,10 bvlaw lur a similar purpose
could be put   belore   the people   lor
one year, and that the government
would not be bound to renew their
oiler of purchase, and this would
mean that within a very short
time, the citv would not onlv have
lo conduct their business in premises
to whioh thev have no title and
which are unfitted for citv buildings
but would also have to erect a suitable lock-up at a large expense.
For these reasons, wo urge upon
the neonlc of Cranbrook to mark
their ballots in lavor ot the bylaw on   the Hth ot January, 1904.
Corporation of the
1, the  undersigned, Frank  B. Van! City OI   CmtlbrOOk
Iiccar, hereby give notice   that 1   in-1 —
tend to apply at the next meeting ol' Public notice is hereby given to the
thc Board of License Commissioners electors of the Municipality ol tho
of the City of Cranbrook, lor a trans- , city of Cranbrook, that I require
1 fer of the retail liquor license held' the presence ol the said electon at
!bv me, in respect to the Roval the Council Chambers, Baker Street,
Hotel, situate on Lots 53 and 54,: Cranhrook, 11. C, on tbe Uth day ol
lilock 93, in the salt City iron, Jauuaiy, 1111,11, at 12 o'clock doon
mvsell to Levi Bates VanDecar. j 1.1 o'clock local tunc) for the purpose
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C.. this 7th 1 ot electing persons to represent them
dav of January. 1909.
F. H. VanDecar.
Any   available    Dominion     Lands
ithin tht   Hallway Belt in   llritiah
olumbia, may be hoinestea led by
any person who is tbe sole head ot a.
lamily, or any malt over IS yeara ol nomination,
tha vicinity ol tbe lud entered lor,
tlw (nutMOMBta aa to luMoea may
bt satisfied   by   inch person residing
Dauphin, Man., Dec. 31.—A. W.
Sutherland, 31 years of age, and a
member of t-he law firm of Harvey He
Sutherland here, was lound dead
in his room shortly alter noon todav with a bullet wound through
lhc roof of the mouth, and which
entered the brain, causing instant
death. The revolver was lound beside the dead man and Irom all
appearances the case was one ol
deliberate suicide. The deceased was
a married man and came here Irom
Winnipeg about seven months ago*
The motive lor the desperate act is
A. W. Sutherland served several
vears with some ot the best known
law firms in Winnipeg, aad is very
well known there. He pasted his
final examinations about two years
ago. He spent several months with
Messrs. Munson, Allan, Laird & Davis,
afterwards going with McDonald,
I laggart, Sullivan & Tarr, and before
leaving lor Dauphin was witb
Messrs. Metcalfe ft Sharpe.
A sister of   the  deceased ls   Mrs.
F. W. Clarke, wife of Prol. Clarke, ol  with tht lath* 01 mother.
Manitoba college, and a  brother has    (J).    II tht tettlw hat his
,, general store at Selkirk.
Thc circumstances surrounding the
death of Arthur W. Sutherland are
particularly sad. He bad spent the
Christmas holidays at his home in
Winnipeg und on his return on Tuesdav he showed signs ol not being
in the best ot health. He told bis
partner. Mr. Harvey, that he was
afraid he could not make a success
of law and Intended returning to the
teaching prolession, stating that he
had an oiler of a position in British
Columhia. Mr. Harvey, who evid-
cnily had a high opinion ol Mr.
Sutherland's ability, attempted to
djssude him Irom this step, telling
him that he had better give thu
law a little longer trial, nnd he then
would be ill a better position to decide.
This the deceased decided to do, but
bv Wednesday noon again changod
his mind and wired to British Columbia stating lhat It the position
was still open he would accept It.
He attended to his duties on ffed-
ni-sdav as usual and that was tho
last seen     ol   him until today    at
the Municipal Council as Mayor
and Aldermen and for the purpose ol
electing persons to represent them on
tbe Uoard of Trustees lor the Craubrook City School District.
I    ihu  mode  ol nomination ol candi-
1 dates shall be as follows:
j Tbe candidates shall bo nominated
in writing; tho writing shall be subscribe! by two voters ot the Municipality   as    proposer   and seconder,
I and shall he delivered to tbe Returning Officer   at any time between
j the date ol   the notice   and 2 p. m.
(3 p. m. local time) ot the day    ol
and in   the event   ol   a
age, to tbe extent ol me-quartor tec- ] poll being necessary,   such poll   will
tion ol Kit) aerea, more or lees. be opened on thc llth day ol Janu-
Entry mutt be made personally at ary, IIIUII, between tho hours ol 9
the local land ollice lor the district o'clock in Uie torenoon (10 o'clock
in whioh the land is situate. Entry I local time) and 7 o'clock in tbo al-
by proxy may. however, be made ou ] tcrnoon (3 o'clock local time) at the
certain conditions by ths lather, Council Chambers, Baker Street,
mother, ton, daughter, btosher 01 Cranhrook, B. C, of which every
titter ot aa Intending homtswaVr.     poison is   hereby   required   to take
Tbt homesteader Is required to per- notice   and   govern   himself   accordions tht   conditions connected there-1 ingly.
with under one ol the lollowlng plane: I   The   qualification hy law   required
(1)  At least ell months' residence I to be possessed by the candidates lor
upon and cultivation ol Iht land    In ' the office ol Mayor are as follows:
each ytar lor three years. I   "The   persons   qualified to bo 110111-
(1). II tht lather (or mother,, inated for and elected as Mayor shall
it tht lather it deceased), of the be such persons as arc male British
homesteader retldet upoa a larm   In subjects ol    the   lull age ol twentv-
manent residwuse upoa larmii*
owned hf him la -the vicinity ol
one years, and    are not disqualified
under anv law, and have been lor tin-
six months,   next preceding the  day
of nomination    the registered owner
in thc Land Registry ollice, ol   land
or real property In tho City of   the
hia * assessed value, on the last Municipal
hometttad, the itqulrtmsattae      to,assessment   roll, ot   one    thousand
residence  may bt  tatitded by meld- dollars or more, over and above any
euoe upoa tht taid luui.                    I registered   judgment or charge,   nnd
SU   moatha'   notion   in    anting,who are otherwise ,i„lv   qualillcd   as
  "        1006,   C.    82,
should ht given to tbt Commissioner
ol Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol in
teution to apply lot patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may bt
leaaed loe a period ol twtnty-one
yean at as annual rental ol 11 per
acre. Not more this 2,570 scree
sball be leased to oat Individual ot
company. A loyalty at tht rata ol
five centt per tue tball bt collected on
tht merchantable eoal mined.
Deputy nl the Mlnl-rtw ,4 lhe Intvrioi
Dr. Harrington, tho coroner, decided to hold an Inquest. A jury was
empanelled and the evidence ot his
partner (Mr. Harvey), M. Arnold,
deiiutv court clerk, wis taken. Tho
onlv light of importance thrown on
the case was the testimony of Mr.
Harvev. who told of the extreme [ 40 chains
nervous and despondent state ol Mr.
Sutherland tor the last lew days.
The verdict of the Jury WM as
fallows: "That we, the iury, are ot
lhc opinion that the deceased, A. W.
Sutherland, came to his death from
a bullet, wound, sell inflicted while in
a fit of temporarv despondency."
(Mr. Sutherland was once principal
nl the Movie schools and a corres-
popdent of thc Herald.)
Take notice that 1, William Weet,
occupation, Engineer, Intend to apply lor permission to purchase one
hundred and sixty acres ot land,
bounded aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted
about 20 chains east and 40 cbains
south of the south-east comer of
Lot 8435; thence north 40 chains,
thence eust in chains, thence south
thence west 40 chains.
William West.
Located December 7th, 1908.   39-l)t
One hundred and sixty acres ot fruit
land one and a hall miles south-west
„f Cranhrook. Running water and
Iwo springs. Will sell at a reasonable figure, and give good terms. Address Box 345. 4Mt
Take notice that I, John Leask,
occupation, Tailor, Intend to apply
lor permission to purchase one hundred and sixty acres of land, bounded
as follows:
Commencing at a poet planted
at the southeast corner ot Lot 1485;
thence west 40 chains, thence south
40 ehains thenee east 40 chains,
thence north 40 ohains.
William WMt,
Amt lor John Leask.
Locate! Dmmber 7th, MM.   SMt
Municipal   voters.'
S. 14.
The qualification Tiy law to lie possessed by the candidates tor thc ollice of Alderman arc as follows:
"Tbe persons qualified to be
nominated lor and elected as Alderman ol the city shall lie such persons as are male Hritish subjects ol
tho lull ago ol twenty-one yeurs and
.arc not disqualified under any law,
and to have been lor tbe six months,
next preceding thc day ol nomination
Ihe registered owner in tho Land
Registry ollice, „l lap,I or real property in lhe Cilv ol flu, assessed
value, on lhc last Municipal assessment roil, ol five bandied dollars or
more, over and nhove any registered
judgment or charge nnd who are
otherwise qualified aa Municipal
voters."     11100, 0, 32, S, 14.
I'ho qualification hv law required
tn Ih- possessed hy Ihe candidates
for the ofliee ol School Trustee are
as follows:
"In every Municipal School District, any person being a huuseholder
in the School District, and heing a
Hritish subject ol the full age ot
twenty-one years, and otherwise
qualified bv this Act to vote at an
election of School Trustees In tho
School District ol tho City ot Cranhrook, shall be eligible to be elected
or to serve as a School Trustee In
such Municipal District." 1905, C.
11, S. 82, 19011, C. 39, S. 25.
Given under mv hand at Cranbrnok, B, C., this Orst day ol January, 1909.
Thos. M, Roberts,
Returning Officer.
Five square miles of timher, situated three miles Irom Crows Nest Pass
Railway, near Cranhrook, B. C, estimated to contain 22 million feet.
Easy logging and down hill roads.
Also <i good saw mill cheap. Apply
to Mrs. E. H. Husband, 129 Main
St., Hamilton, Oat, IMt
IH 1
volume n
NO. 43
l'liuiping c-ii|iucit)* up lo 1,000,000
Kills |x-r (lay.
Write to
Cranlirook, It. 0
Farm and Mineral Lands
Houses to Rent, and
CtURDOK      • - B. C.
********************* WtCMNM
New Year is Coming!
Per StriiiR       - - $2.00
l.ach      - $1.75
Scientific Forestry
1. P.
Fink, for mayor. by acclama-
D0V0M Hunt  220
Joseph Jackson  ...210
.1. B. Henderson  195
.lames Ryan  187
V. Hyde Baker  ISO
George .Johnson   180
.1. Kinncdy ...177
.1, D. McBride  170
James Finlay  150
T. S. Gill  145
S. J. Mighton  125
Tlie city election today proved to
be one of the most interesting contests that hns taken place in Cranbrook since the incorporation of the
city. J. p. Pink, who has served as>
mayor for the past year, was returned by acclamation. It was gcnera-Hy
supposed that the old council woulil
be returned by large majorities, but
the results demonstrated the fact that
a misunderstanding prevailing among
lhe people regarding the school bylaw turned many votes against the
members of the old council that
would otherwise have been for them.
In consequence of this fact, although
the old council was returned, in some
cases it was by a narrow margin
Again the personal popularity of
John Kennedy and thc opposition to
one or more members ot the old
council, based upon personal reasons
or relations arising from public nets
that, aroused the personal animosity
of individuals, resulted in a certain cross-firing in the vote that
naturally reduced tho total of the
vote cast for the old members and
increased the vote cast for thc opposition ticket. Another thing that
carried weight in the election was
the fact that those names on the
ticket to oppose the old council were
men well known in the city and
each one enjoying the Confidence of
the people. The fight was a strong
one and a good natured one, and so
far as the Herald knows, there was
not a bitter remark or an unkind
word indulged in by parties on
either aide throughout thc entire
day. It fs now over for another
year and the Herald is confident that
thff mayor and council, will do all
in th:ir power to advance tbe very
hrst Interests of the community.
They have done that for the past
twelve months and there 1s no reason to    believe but   that they    will
ontinue the same policv for the
coming year. The Herald'said previous to the election that the re-election of Mayor Fink and Councilmen
Ryan, Hater. Henderson, Hunt, Johnson   and    Jack-con   would prove    a
nod thing for Cranbrook, and it
based ihis prediction upon the record
ile hv those (,-entlemrn during the
past year. The people of Cranbrook
taking the same stand in their
view of ibis matter that the Herald
did. We are all citi7.ens of Cranlirook. we arc all interested in the
progress of the town. We may not
iicree as to poller, but after the contest is over the Herald believes that
'.he peonlc who supported both tickets will unite for the coming year
in living their support to the mayor
and the council so long as they are
doing what is right and best for the
Mi.ss Miles returned from a visit
10 Kalispeli, Muni., last Tuesday.
Miss Ktliel Fink, ol Spokane, i1*
, isiting her brother, J, P. Fink.
A. Doyle, of Fort. Sleele, was iu
town to record   his vote loday.
p. Wood, the Cherrv Creek rancher, is in   the city today.
I). Murphy, C.P.R. engineer, is laid
up with a severe attack of lumbago.
H. S. 'Jamble, foreman at the St.
Eugene mine, of    Moyie, is in   town
X, .J. Felth.tm, of the Aurora mine,
Moyie, is a Cranhrook visitor todav.
C. 0. Kamm, chief accountant at
the St. Kugene mine, Movie, is in
Cranbrook today.
Free demonstration of Gold Standard Pure Food products at. Campliell
& Manning's.
Gold Standard tea and Coffee. Call
and try a cup at Campbell & Manning's.
Don't forget the demonstration of
Gold Standard Pure Food products
closes Saturdav of this week. Ladies
.ai can't afford to miss It.—Campbell & Manning.
Some new ideas will he given you
in preparing of desserts, puddings,
jellies, etc.; if you will call and sec
the demonstration oi Gold Standard
goods at Campbell & Manning's.
A. McDougal, of the Fernie Lumber company, was in the city today.
"Sandy's" many friends will be
glad to know that he has entirely
recovered from his recent indisposition.
J.   D.   McBRIDE
A special meeting of the Curling
club will be held tomorrow evening
January 15, at thc Curling rink at
8 p.m. All members are requested t„
Following Is a copy of a telegram
received by A. C. Bowness from the
Corby Distillery compan.,.
A. C. Downess, Cianbrook, II.C:
Corby curling tropin will be forwarded from here bv express Friday,
the 8th.
Corby Distillery Co
Sherwood Herchmer was elected
mayor and the entire business men's
ticket for aldermen: Messrs. Barclay,
free, Duffv, McDonald, Johnson and
The contest, in Nelson was ,1 warm
ie, and II. Scions, who has served
1 alderman for several vears was
electod   mayor    over   W.   Gillette,
Representatives of Ih? O.R.C. sad
the B. of H. T. met this week fur
the pureose of revising the seniority
list. From Lethbridge, S. Ha-'s re-
presented the O.R.C. and *Y. Price
and F. W. Bennett thc B.R.T.
Crnnbrook was represented bv J,
Hall and A. Genest fnr the O.R.C,
nn'l J. Walsh and A. Wilson for thc
B.R.T. Thc deliberations commenced last Monday and will probably
continue until tomorrow. The meetings wero held in n special committee room at the Cranhrook hotel anil
tbe delegates wish the Herald to ex*
"ress their -thanks to Messrs. Hog-
<rarth & Rollins for the use o! the
room and for other courtesies extended to them.
James Highwoiden. ol Fort Steele,
was found dead in the bath room of
his house last Sunday morning. 11
supposed that Mr. Ilighworden
was fixing thc pipes connect.d with
the bath,     which had become frozen
inl fell into the bath stunning himself. Whatever the cause, his lifeless bodv   was found frozen.
who has served
for mayor for   two
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tl,n Manlti.bnl-l-nfliitl'ally lixaitwl aiidlma onoof tlio IjeatiHniniirooiUB
i„ llm city.  Tin- l,ur i» „,i|,*,|i,*,l will, ihu Imtol I.iqiion. an I Cliiun
has iM-i-n a hot content in
I,.. cily ol Hi-vclstolie between
Mayor l.liidiiinrl* and th** license commission,'is tliat has nddfd considerable /.est to Ihe citv election. Mavol"
Mndmnrk was re-el«-t,il hy a sub-
f.mlial  majority.
Kor a wlm man Solomon    had
woeful   lot, ol idiosyncrasies
l-eople need neither hell nor
whMle to inlorm them when It In
time tor tlie tkeatro curtain to no
pulpit   should now and
tho pcwpolnt ol view.
It may coat a little more to me
(he I,,,,,** distance telephone, but in
view ol recent events it la much
sad-r   than using   Uio nialla.
Mr. Marl in was elected mayor
RoBslam!   liv a majority oi 110,
ll. Macdonald, who
..Hi,*,*  for  the last
1,-nlilii; I
held Ih,
I'. il. [lunulas was elected m;ivor ol
Vancouver, leading
four candidates.
with a Held    of
Tho Herald learns on most excellent authority that the Kootenay
Central railway will be completed
during tli's year and lurther tbat
It is the intention of tho C.P.lt. to
ship all Southern Alberta grain over
this road to Vancouver, Irom which
port it will be shipped round tbe
Horn to Europe. The Windermere
townsite company have hem approached as to a site tor a large
summer hotel on Windermere lake.
This is a straw that shows which
way the wind Wows.
•-  ■   ♦
Thr, British Columbia legislative
assembly wlll meet on Thursday, tho
31st. Dr. und Mrs. King wlll leave
for Victoria ne»t Mondav, where the
doctor will utli-nd tn his duties as
member lor   the Cranbrook riding
On January llth earthquake shocks
were felt iu various parts ol the
Pacific northwest. At Bellingham,
Wash., at about 3.45 in the afternoon,
a shock lastin" ten seconds was experienced. Some dan . -v wns done
in lhe way ,,f plaster fni Una Irom the
wails. At Victoria, in fact nil over
the south end of Vancouver Island
.1 slight <|Uakc was lelt at about
the .same time. The island of San
Juan is also reported to have felt
il. Uri.md the breaking of some
crockery no damage was done.
Comox, Alberni, Pacheta, Bamfield
nnd other points report having felt
the shock, At Everett, Wash., two
distinct shocks were felt, travelling
from east to west. Buildings were
shaken but no damage was done. The
shock was felt In Vancouver, more
heavily in Fairview, hut beyond the
ncoplo rushing into the streets, wondering what was the matter, no
harm was done. Tacoma felt thc
shook, but outside ol some of thc
furniture in the taller ollice buildings
being jostled about, no damage was
done. Port Townsend probably fared worse than other points, because
'when the water mains were frozen
the shock broke thc pities and many
cellars were flooded. The Alaska
enhlc is said to have parted. A
rather sensational rumor is afloat,
lhat immediately after the 'quake
Mount Baker, which is nn inactive
volcano, was seen to he smoking. _*	
Rev. Alex. Anderson, of Chemalntis,
B. C, wlll   hold services both morn-
The supreme importance of .it once
lartiug a scientific system of fores-
try is being urged by Charles F.
Lindmark, says tbe Victoria Daily
Colonist, and was one of tlie chief
topics discussed at thc conference
Lhe other day between tbe lumber-
mill and the premier and chief com*
missioner of lands and works. Mr.
Lindmark is a large timber holder,
iiui incidentally mayor ol Revelstoke.
n.l has also made a study of forestry. Sweden is tbo cradle of
scientific care of forests, and in his
i outh Mr. Lindmark went through
ilie Swedish school of forestry, while
last year he made a special visit to
Iiu rope to study tho methods now
followed by Sweden and Germany
ilie latter country having adopted
Set-tlish methods with characteristic
thoroughness uud conspicuous success.
It is nuw many years slnco Sweden realized that bar forests were
a great national asset, and she is
conserving them to such purpose that
ihe supplv of Umber is increasing
annually m that country notwithstanding the immense aniuunt which
is cut each year. This is entirely
lue lo thu intelligent svstem which
Uio Swedish government has introduced oi compulsory realtorestation- Formerly young saplings were planted
and the government kept up immense
nursery farms for the propagation of
ihu plants, but advancing knowledge
shows that this is no longer necessary, and thc trees are now grown
from seed which is first tested by the
government experts.
Discussing thc Swedish methods and
Hie adaptations of It which be would
like to sec introduced into British
Columbia, Mr. Lindmark said:
"In Sweden the forests arc survey-
id off in blocks, and the right to cut
the timber on these blocks is auc-
tioned otl. The successful bidder has
lo cut the timher within a specified
time, and when he has cut ofi the
mud, he is obliged to re-forest it.
this is a cheap and .simple matter,
and is done by sowing seed which
is supplied by thu government. The
administration also supplies an expert
lo superintend the operation so all
the logger has to do is to find the
.abor. As a matter of fact the
sowing in Sweden is largely done by
.school children. Tbey arc taught
forestry in tho schools and in holi-
dviys some of thc poorer ones do very
tvell at it. But even in British Columbia H would not*1 cost more than
.■.mo a section.
"Tho Swedish forests largelv belong to the government, but private
owners arc also obliged to re-
afforest, in the same way as tbe loggers on the public domain. Tbe
government, too, is buying up large
ireas of waste and logged-off lands
tnd planting them, with tbe result
hai the forest area of Sweden is
ncreasing, Formerly they planted
/.t.'lings from the government nursery farms, but now seed is used.
it merely adds a year or two to the
.ime one has to wait for the trees
Lo become merchantable timber.
rrees will grow well from seed in
!:is r . it- "vcrc tht soil is
.inch more fertile than in Sweden.
1 have been experimenting with some
seed I got from the Dominion government and my fir plants are doing
civ well indeed.
"The consenation of thc timber resources of British Columbia is a
more vital and ' pressing subject, I
think, than many men seem to real-
.ze. The time to begin is now. In
l small way much can be done toward perpetuating our forest resour-
and incidental^ diminishing th:'
danger from forest fires, but, of
course, In iw ■ 'stlons, vou must
remember tbat I am now talhinp
niv of those lands which are not
uitabie for anything else but timber,
nd in thc interior, at any rate,
I think that these are in ttie majority.
-Nowadays a great deal of timber
s being butchered. Tbe Hcense-boid-
■r cuts every stick he can sell oil his
land, when in the long run it woulu
be much better to leave tbe sraal
stufi and une only tbe merchantable
timber. My sui'-estion is that every
license-holder be compelled every fall
to burn the slashings of the season
before, and tlie following spring to
sow the land so as to bring on a
new crop of timber. He should then
pa allowed lo retain bis license at a
nominal fee of, say S3 or tl a square
mile, while the   young trees grow,
"The government should supply the
seed free of cyst, and there should
ne Inspeoton to see that It is proper-
Iv done, und also tbat tbe land ti
uul) good for timber and not suitable for agriculturable purposes. This
Mould hau- tho result not only of
perpetuating thu supply of timber in
ihe country, but would also go a long
way towards removing the danger
uom forest fires, which so froquenOj
start from old slashing;*) allowed to
Jc on the ground until they are as
dry as tinder. Our soil in this
roiince is such tbat all that would
be necessary would be to scratch the
soil and deposit tbe seed. Machines
arc used for this which enables tlie
mowing to be done very "Ulckly.
"Another point I might mention is
that the year after thc pile ot
.-dashing arc burned weeds will spring
ap, and these protect tbe tender
shoots of the young trees, and later
on, when the trees get larger tbe
ivecds die ofi. This seems to be a
irovision of nature for the protection
of the sprouting seedlings. In this
way, too, we could control the kind
f timber to some extent. For instance, in mv part of the country,
llu timber near tbe Columbia river
is 80 per cent cedar. By sowing we
cuiijd redress the balance, so as to
et a proper percentage of fir, which
is probably all round a more useful
"It seems to me that the Domin-
r», —d Provincial governments
should combine and start a school of
forestry, as they      both
hive      large timber        hold
ings in the province. In this wav
ihe lumbermen of the nrovince could
"el a scientific as well as practical
Irainin"        If   such   a school were
foremen and scalers, and the nfnejt
months' course would be of vast bene- I
lif to them, as well as to us, and
Incidentally to the entire province.
For jt must not be forgotten lh.it
ur timber is one ol the greatest
roviacial assets.
'There is one other no'ut. ;od that
i that the conservation of *-ur for-
-•.'.s is necessary from a cHmatic
■ tint of view. When the sides of
Ihu mountains are denuded of their
timber, the amount ol precipitation
will run short, and our rivers will be
torrents in the safipg and dry In the
summer and autumn.
■ It seems to meHiat this is essentially a matter (oojfavernment supes-
vision. It is ti,o jtuch to expect
the loiavr to go to.tbe trouble and
expense unless he is u-bli-ed to. Ho
naturally wants rtojtoake what be
can, .Mid the distant future diH-s
■tot amie.il so much to liim - In tb ■
connection it must he remember t
Uiat it takes from 10 lo CO
according to locality, for tho seed to
levolop into merchantable timber.
This Is further ahead than the aver-
lge individual cares to look, but il
should not be too far for a govern
ment which is entrusted with th,
Conservation of the national re
it mining in the Kaslo-Slocan coun-
■ bas bevn   given a new lease    ot
Ker, J. D,    Gillian, of North Van-
ci      r, bas been elected moderator oC
ral  assembly     of, the Pre*-
bytei tan church,
:.   s water and electric light
operation.     lhc total
*'■   v,, i     corns to about S-Ju.uoo
i    Un    electrical   equipment    aud
- :   Lhe pumpi trenebmg    and
attr niaius for   tbe area     to    ba
..I  I Mth -.iter at the outset (of
iiir protection.
Bj an explosion ot dynamite,
■ :, .1, be) were thawing m a
living pan, two Chinamen were la-
kulcd and a third was set*
i tsl) injured af Puncans, near Na-
i i   .ilKd Were cut Up
manner, fragments ot
i ii b a..- being scattered every-
rtbere about   the shack.
The  British   Columbia government
ivill establish a new asylum for the
insane on a thousand acre tract ol
land situated on tbe Fraser river1
near New Westminster. Work has
already commenced on tbe site am
it is reported that the Uital cost
ivill reach two million dollars. Tbe
aim is, however, to make the institution as nearly selt-.siippottun; as possible.
Atvhie Baxter, aged 5U. was killed
last Thursday at Vancouver by an
explosion of gas id tbe AWwtsforu
hotel, where :he was employed. He
smoked a pipe when he visited the
room where gasoline was stored.
J. S, II. Matsoo, of Victoria, has
been honored with a fellowship in
the Koyal Geograph.cal society, an
association which- embraces amon_
its members tbe most distinguished
explorers and those interested in
the exteusion of geographical
The. municipal elections in New
iVestminster for seven aldermen resulted in tlie re-election of Aldermen
jray, Garret, Johuson, Jardine an:
ilenley. Messrs. Carter, Smith ana
-icorge Adams replace Alderman- Fader,   defeaUd, and   Aldum-in ihil-s.
etired. Mayor Keary and tbe
school trustees   were elected by   ao-
Accord ng to adrices received a".
tbe Vancouver offices of the C.P.K-,
.he Imperial Limited, known en the
Pacific section westbound and ea-it-
jound as Nos. 1 and 2, wih i,e dis-
;ontinued after January 1. This
.»'ili leave a one-train-a-day service,
out it is thought that the Imperial
Limited will be renewed as soon as
business picks up again-
Mavor Ken- „f New Westminster,
has resigned as manager of the
itoyal Agricultural society. He wn.
shortly commence the publication of
an evening newspaper in New Westminster.
Mr. A. K. Miller, who, for the pas;
five years bas been principal of the
■mblic schools at Itevelstoke, was
notified on Monday of bis appointment to the position of inspector oi
.tubiic schools for tbe province of
British Columbia.
Tbe holdings of thc Briiish Columbia Timbers, Limited, on the Upper
Fraser river—some four and a bait
aillion feet^-will be taken over by
eastern capitalists. Several partlo
nave been enquiring after these properties, that are conveniently situated
tor lumber ins operations, 'lhe British
Columbia Timbers, Limited, is Q
Montreal company with headquarters
for British Columbia in Revelstoke.
Mr. V. M. Dafoe. a Vancouver (-<,.-.'
builder, is constructin" thc frame ol
a fine shallow draught vessel, to bt
forwarded to   Mr.  John   Strand,   ol
■fuesno1 who will finish it and opei
ate it on the uppei reaches ol t'-t
Fraser river from Soda Creek to
r'ort George.   The   usual run at pre-
tent is from Soda Crock to Ques
Two by-cleotioas will bo held oi
January -Mil in this province, One In
Revelstoke, necessitated by the faoi
that Hon. Thomas Taylor, the new
minister of works, must appeal *- mii
to I-js constituents and another in
Nanaimo, necessitated by the n-signa-
ti«»n of Mr. Hawthornthwaite.
A new provincial "-.lice district,
mown as the Boundary distiict.
has been formed and will embrace
the territory comprised within th-
electoral riding of Grand Forks,
Greenwood and Similkameen and will
ne formed from portions of the pro-
sent provincial police districts of
vcrnon, Kamloops and Nelson.
ibe     Vancouver city council    biff
end foi submission      to      tke
i a:-' the monev by law*
i -i ng a sum ol $1,326,000. Tbii
includes $500,000 (or sewers, $250,uoO
lot   the park block and $200,000   for
 provements.     Several   other
large bylaws are yet      to be conaid-
red.    Eight in   all are tiled.
There aie some huc^* peat fields   in
tritisfa Columbia and between OoUteo
ni   Donald    on ibe Columbia river
here is one ol importance, says tbe
1-.-.1 .-.,■.-     Observer.      These   peat
lelds mav   become   the source  of a
c    ndustry.    By a German process
i   possible to    produce Ua quarts
.i v ohol 'torn a ton of dry peat, bc-
1 ■  pounds of  sulphate of ammonia-
Nelson car service is to be
irtcd :u January. Tbe city will
h     ii-v power from Bennington
IV1U i, a lew months Prince Ru-
port will bave two wireless tele-
graph stations in operation, aQoniiag
■ lendid telegraphic communication
i. .... coast cities, and connecting
-..ti the land lines at Victoria and
Seattle, k addition to tbe wireless
to i>e installed there next
spring ;i) ibe Dominion govertunart,
il is reported on good authority tbat
an American company will also eater
Held and erect a wireless station
at Prince Kupert. Tbe Westen
rt'ireless company, ot Seattle, is aow
securing the necessary information to
..., end, and, il satisfactory arrange-
.,..-:.:, ,,.:. be made witb tbe tififr*-
U'ic Light company to supply tbe
powei required, tbe work of installing
..ih ue proceeded witb at
...  bank clearings of Vancouver
increase of nearly a million
Hilar* over    a corresponding pettud
oi lait year.
Forrester,    of   New West*
minster was    aw aided   tbe $20u,UO6
.v......: ;o construct the public, im-
irotemefit* at Prince ivupert.
b .". Stevenson, prospector   and
iloneer, crossed the Hope mountains
or tne :.**..:*A:h time a couple    of
uJ nearly perished on tbe
rcblbald Wikmsos and Juan
..... were drowned ia Christiana
.-   by   the Cd.iisiz.ng of tbeir boat.
syndicate ol lidmontoo men bave
chased 3,000 acres of land on Low-
Arrow lake which they will voir-
tie and place on   tbe market    aa
.1 farms.
. K. McDonell has been appointed
vihcial citable at Grand Forks.
cdttor   of tbe Grand
has gone to Vancou-
fuil court has declared
provincial fishery regulations to
i-icjuiid   the power of   the provii
eminent   **nd wholly wiUua
power ol   Um Dominion parliament.
'tie. Kootenay Belle mine, near
Salmo, on .-beep Cree*. has produced
ll told bnc/.s since June.
ii.- salmon pack for B- C.
i.n j "*'- amounted to ii'iMV cases.
Preparations are being made for tbe
(oiioii-c    Dee-son      which will be the
big year."
The foiee at the- Nickle Plate mine
has been reduced to twenty uum, on
development work.
Brace '*■,,'..     w.i.i at Nelson    last
•    inquiring into   tbe aflalrs    U
tin, Molly Gibson mine   for tbe owo-
ri i, au eastern syndicate.
lhe Maestro at Ainswortb, bas
shlppod efgbtj tons ol higb-grado ore
i:.   ihe last month.
Good progress is being made on the
rink at Kaslo and skating is expected in a few days.
i   Furnished   bv Beale  & Elwell,
Cranbrook, 8. C.)
January Uth, 1909.
Bid   Asked
rora    c. i,. -l.datid .25
C, Amalgamated.
C. Copper     8.00
uj-.taicd Srnel's. 85.00
Can   N-   W.   Oil  ...
Can. Go dficlds    	
Uranbrooh  Fire Brick
Ii.a;;,i ml Coal 	
Diamond  \**ie Coal...
1 [ Dominion   Copper   ...
A big revival in mining around Kas- International Coal &
lo is   looked for   in   the spring.    A i   (o.e 	
■iarty    in a   position   to know savs Nicola Coal   &. Coke.
that if   the   deals pending are    put Nipissing 	
through, and for a certainty some of North   Star	
them will, Kaslo   can aealn look for- McOllllvra; Creek C.
ward to a   revival similar in tone to  Rambler    Cariboo   ...
. iv, »    ir, ii .1     ■■*..»,I     j
tnu* and evening nt   lhe uanal bourn, Istm-tiil, thn timber owners      would
Jiiraury l?tli-    All uc Invited. aupply tlie men     We would scad our
the davs ol 18112. A number ol
niiniiiK men have been iiinkine In-
iiulrles and s,*nd,n« reproKntativea
liere to look over pronertles. ni,<l the
',1'iffliniiwed nicoeai nl the tlno s„„l-
1,-r will help Uilnn al,„„, wond,rl„l
11*     In (act It can readily be rcall/eil
Royal Collieries
Society Ulrl 	
Sulllvnn    00}
Tcmasltlnmlng    1.44
Voleriin War Scrlp.450,00
tt'Mtorn Oil (ord.) ... 1.10
Watorn Oil (prel.) ,.,   1.40


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