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Cranbrook Herald Mar 4, 1920

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Array 'm
(.rovluclal Library Mar .11-20
mows im but msnw-
1   Pi PER   Fill   IHt   HOMi
I'Bl    INTfcRESTS   »1    l'RA.1*
VOIIIME      8 2
Mr. Bowser FlroN Hroadsldes Into the Administration ot
"Honest" John Oliver
(By Our Staff Corresivondent In the
Leegialutive Press tiallery.)
VICTORIA, B. C„ March 2.—That
by Hh constant "tinkering" with the
game laws ot the Province and the
placing of "silly restrictions" upon the
people whicli had the result ot destroying1 the object to be desired—the
proper enforcement of the regulations
—the Government is showing1 its utter Inability to intelligently deal with
one of the mo-t Important assets of
the Province, was the assertion of Mr.
W. J. Bowser, K.C., Leader of the
Conservative Opposition, when participating in the debate upon the motion for the second reading of tlie
bill to amend the G.-mo Act, a measure crowded with amendments to the
existing regulations. He declared
that under the former system of
gamo wardens, men experienced in
game lore, better results were obtained than now In the enforcement
of thc law. The tendency Is, lip said,
to cast upon the shoulders of the
farmers and sporstmen much of thc
duty which should be exercised by
the lav,- officer..*, but as that work Is
now being dona by lhe Provincial po-
iliiiig like proper euforcemoul  could
bo expected.
"If the Attorney-General in his travels around tho Province would get
away from his Pullman car and out
into the country, he would learn the
real (nets," suggested the Opposition
Louder, who admitted U waa quite
tnio tli.it convlottonn hud been obtained liy the police, but what did thoy
amount to In comparison with the
epidemic of liooehlug that was In evi-
"Tho present system has proved the REPORTS
complete failure that wao foresaw
by everyone who knew u thing ahout
tho question. If the Government
dues not know it, whicli I huve goad
reason tu bellevo they do, :n least
the people nro only too well aware
ot tho fact and are extremely dis-
aatlfifledi they know the present sys-
Madellaee Woodman, Evauda  Young.
Jo!.., Kelly, Ada Hedqulst.
Honor Iloll, Class A.—Marg.-tfet Wll- ■
lis, Margaret Murdock, Walter Pan-'
ning, Jean Bagley. Btta MrtJ.ll, Mar-'
■ ion Carr.
: Class B.—Nancy Nlsbet, Rath Chal-
lender, Cordon ltankins. Isabel Frame,
Oeorge Kemball ,Jean McPhee.
Perfect Attendance—Jean Bagley,}
flirt.ia] Benson, Marion Carr, Mabel,
PUPILS Clarke, I.oraine Chine, (ieorgo Pan-!
ning, Walter Fanning, Isabel Frame,]
Harriet Home, Ernest Kennedy, firace
McClure. Kathleen McFarlane, Ronald
Moffatt. Nnoml Pow. William Price,
Cordon Raukins, Mary Robertson,
Margaret Willi*,  Robert Willis.
Number   enrolled,   43;    percentage
Perfect Attendance- Billy Cameron,
Ardelle Crane, George Futa, George
George, Mary Huchcroft, Donald Mc-
: Donald, Jean Pow, Harry Roy, Norma
The reports ol the Public schools : surtees, May Cox, Harry Fanning, Alter the month of February are most, beert George, Helen Helse, iJrarell Mc-
gratifying In spite of the handicap be-; coy,   Irene  Mclnnls.  Mary iJlUnkins,
cause of so much illness among the! Nellie Sakaguchl.
pupils, which necessarialy cut  down B. ANDERSON.
Number enrolled, 39: percentage ol
Speeches of Creston Delegates aryy i
J\mm\ meeting of Board of trade
»♦-»■♦   e--e—e—♦* »—e—»--♦-♦  ♦—■»—»■-
Convey most Encouraging Outlook
SHOW    ^^
kritor C. K. HAYES 0.\ t-l'V CO.NNTAHLE HI' CRESTON,
A derp gloom wa* cast over cranbrook   Wednesday   when   it   became
generally known ihat death bad taken
from onr midst one of our pioneer
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ citizens in the  person  ot  Mr   w.  .1
1 ' Atchison
In making response to tlie toast oi Mr. Guy Cons-table, one ot tbe, via-; *,*.. Atchison, until achat a **vk
"I'ubllclty" at tho recent annual rat«t-! Itlng 4-sMfWes ol tiie Crwlon Board L--, „3 „-,,,,, y, business In the
»ig ol the (.'ranbrook Board ot Trude.' of Trade, at the annual meeting ot tht Cratibrook nrue and lioi.k Co.upa.ly,
*fiditui- C. K. Hayes of the Creston lie- Cranbrook Hoard, ot Tnule. held here ag usual
toast,lor hi.
pparently in the enjoyment
usual health, but was tbe vlc-
tem of enforcement hi a mere ftirce. J
The fait nf the matter is there Is no' Schools ITofM* nnd M«y Hrinnln
respect for .he present methods of »d* | d rnti| MWdl., o(
ministration  of the  game laws, and
in consc'iucnceo they are worse \rlo- the present Mould
lated than ever before.   Tlie one or! 	
two game wardens who belonged toi
tlto old system aud were froced by
popular demand lo be retained by tlie i
prccont Government, have been re- i
sponsible for 75 per cent, of tho con-
victlons. 1 venture to say that under j
the present conditions, If the old staff Itilc •**"""-'l''-c<»-
of expert game wardens were put back : , hxwl "" ™™'!* were made by     	
there  would  bo many  more   prose- '»• W«? ^ *** **f attendance. 84.61
cutlens nnd convictions." 'lre iatut"ou" f« »" *<** *!™   t     ?"<"* Attendnnce-Mollcy ulalne,
Attorney-General Farris interjected \molit care"" '"■""tion by thoso In I p.ulton-   newness.   Allan   Downey!
tho remark that the recordB he had}    "*"'      .... tKk -f«rrel, Gene Ingham. Bud Park-
ruppllcd to the House In thc shape i    The reports tolow: er   Jack *,nrlter   Flor-ni..  palt|80Ili
of nsswers to questions asked by lhe j Entrance Class , -*nld Shankland, Joe Walkle)-. Wright
Opposition refuted that assertion ns:    perfect Attendance—Hobert Benton, Speers, Alex Williams,
to convictions. ! i,01m Brogan, Robecrt Eakln,  Mar- I DIVISION IX
Mr    Bowser   declared   lha,   under I Garcl Hoae. Mac Kirklnnd, Helen I*.    Smrm ccnrolwli „  pwrwnt!lR(! ot
Uie old system the sportsmen ot the cierc, James Ixigan, Angus McDon- of aUra(llirlc.   837c
Provlncee, to a man, were behind the j aid. Clyde Mackinnon. Irene McNeil,!    Per-  t     tt'Uo'ndoncc_jack     B|rd
Department In supporting the efforts
at enforcement of the regulations;
they voluntarily notified the game
wardens of anything requiring attention, with the result Ihat those who
were inclined to break the law were
aware that they wero llkoly to be
caught. Poaching became reduced
to almost thc vanishing point.   The
Etanley  Moffat,  Rcg.   Parrett,  Olive 13timi,   Br0Oi-9i   Nen   ('alder,   Mary
Simpson, James Taylor, Ethel Wll
Hams, Jean Wilson, Gardon Woodman
Nellie Lewis, Albert Qrady.
Class List for Febrnarr, 1MB
First class 75 per cent, and over.
^^^^^__^^_^———,     Dorolhy   McKowan,   85.22;     Nora
prcsenei regulations as brought down i Home, 84.00: Delia Baxter, 82.66; Ed-
by the Game Board obliterated this old j ith Clark, 82.22; Hope Taylor, 78.66;
co-operative spirit ond sought by com-1 giutaco l.ee, 77.77;  Mamo Washing-1 <"■• -»«* Panning, Yuel Outline, Ellolt
pulsorj- methods to force the formers:totl, 70.56; Mildred Clarke, 76.33. Harrl11' -*■*•■*' Horlson, Ethel Hedqulsl
I Crazier, Clayton Darrah, Willie Hay
; ward, James Huchcroft, Archie Leitch
{Eddie Leonard, Raymond Luscombc.
Eileen McCabe, Cameron McDonald.
Kathleen Nlsbet, Bertie Pelton.
No. enrolled, 39; percentage of nt-
tendance, 80.8.
Perfect   Attendance—Jlmrale    Di
strict ion-
which  only irritated   the | ~^ J^^Tijir^SW 11^L«"^ "^i0"'  VUpl aU,h,'e
inoplfl and tended to lessen the ease!^    Me%   xinbet,   69.88
Blah), 68.77;
Ray Hill. 66
66.6»i; Nova Finley
66.16; Ro&a Pas-
lfce   whose   other   Important   duties and others to lumist the Department! ju*^ (IjgR„
force them to deal with the game pro- In enforcing thera.     Instead ot the!    60 |M,r cent tQ 75 por C0Dt
tecttoQ merely as a side line, it was former simple, short and Intelligible     Murray  McFarlane,  73.71;   Connie
inevitable  that   tho  results  secured regulations, frp-e from annoytng re- Dagaetti 73,43. Marjorie Burton, 72.11;
are small and the admini«tration of   ' ' -•-•-•■       ■-  ■--«_a-.«   ..--
the reRUlatlons Inefflctent.
The debate was enllveneil hy a passage betweeu Mr. Bowser and Mr.
Speaker, the former asserting the latter was too prone to take exception
to alleged Opposition benches of the
rules, while the Government members were allowed to transgress wherever they paw fit.
Mr. F. W. Andorson, Liberal member for Kamloops. adjourned the debate.
Mr. Bowsor stated tiiat his 17 years'
eKpertenco In the House had taught
htm that no leigislatlon created more
discussion than that pertaining to tlie
regulation of the game of the Prov-
Donald   Mclnnes,   Hobby   Mulrhead,
Donald McDonald, Bobby Held, Ruby
[ Sloan, May Sloan, Edith Walker.
j   Honor Roll—Class A.—Hobby Mulr-
with which the regulations can be
enforced, the present making of amendments aud putting silly restrictions
on farmers and sportsmen whicli would \eutjMt 64.70; Joe Belanger, 64.66; Ern-
never be enforced, would not protect|6St SoiItht ^330. john Lancaster,
th0 game. • fim
Mr. Bowser believed the proposal]
to raise a revenue from tho fur trade
was a good one, one which thc late
governmeni had had under consider-.
otion when it was forced out of of-! t'ourtn ''I****
fice. He referred t(> the tremendous
increase In tlie fur trade in America,
consequent upon the shutting off of iwifttim m
Rn^la by the war, an increase shown : D1TI8IOH III
by the steps belne taken by a Cannd-
Esther McCabe,  C8.C6; jq)Cla88   »-»•»'   McCHndel.   May
7;   Marion Henderson,I81**11'     „    „ .    4         '   -
Class   0.—Robertlna   Miller,   Ruth
1i»w, opened his remarks In a humor-; recently, In   replyin-j   to   th.-
tiufl vttla, recalling tho duys of >*ore'"Reclamation," propunwi by Mr. Mc- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
*-heu it was alleged that tiie quickest jPhcHon.  expre^se-d   hta  pleasure  at I developed into pneumonia, causing Ids-
*ay to get advertising results was to;any tlmo being die guc-t of the Cran-
tim of a very severe cold which later
telephone, telegraph or tell tho local brook board, and ©spec-blly at tht
Indies' aid, The basis, however, of the time of their annual meeting and the
Jiieaker's timely talk waa the remark I visit of th*» Creston board delegation,!
by  Mr.   McPhee,   In   Introducing  the (making as he felt it did. tht enary ofj
t>oast, that lt was
The funeral will take place trom
the Presbyterian church Friday afternoon   at   S   O'clock   Ht v.   Lyon   of  the-
looat church ami Capt. Dennon, of the
Lethrbldge Presbyterian church to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ liavc
jrire \*t the funeral.
— .-■■»-■*--■	
Several Deaths
Occur in City
>naKfr *->»ti-um*i H< the Ku.au,'* of
l>i**-k.l ril—Wtn ill Ynm
I'olll. H«|sMr the I'll.
Fanning, Knthletn Shepherd.
a. Mclennan.
i Third riasa
50 per cent, to 60 per cent.
Alex Cnsbltl)'. 61.23.
Leslie Sntiltlon, .7.00; Stanley Ty-
lies, 39.4
Percentage of attendance. SS.Ct).
James Watkins
Diesjt Colville
Former Well Known Beeildent ol'thls
City Succumbs to B«vatre»
oi Dreaded Influenza.
tace.   As an a^-oi not alone in pro-iIan company to inaugurate yearly fur. Class Standing
vldlng residents of the Province with | sales al Montreal.   In a few years the ' ^t^s |
opportunities for healthy sport but al-
po In attracting thousands to British
Columbia, the gume wan of first importance. He touched upon the efforts tlie former Doverunient made to
frame sensible laws that would at
once conserve the game --nd at the
name tltno permit ample opportunities to those who denlrcd to engage
In hunting to do so, and he stated lie
believed the IIM Consolidated Art, one
brought down after much consideration of the whole subject, was n very
tine piece of legislation whicli, ns the
yeatn went on would need little amendment other than to meet changing
'plio present Govornment, tnoxperl-
snoed  in  pune administration,  had
promptly proceeded l*> wipe out of existence the old system of administrate I roiOrl to the old system
Ion whereby game wardens looked af-      *''1"
ter the cnl'-'reenient  of the act, and|wltll  a
Margaret    Johnson.   Trilby   .Rebel,
| Willie Selby.
Cla-s 2
60 per cent to 7& per cent.
,   Following quickly upon the death
of his wife, the sad news ot James
: Watkins' death from Influenza at Colville, Wahlngton, will be received wtlh
much regret.
Mrs. Watkins was a daughter of Ur.
{whose death  was reported on  Feb-
value of the trade in British Columbia
had jumped from about $100,000 u
year to over two millions. But he regretted to say that under existing* con-
^rHkcl,.!! 7?ZicT\sl)Z:     M"1<m A,Cl"90"' (;""'er  "^^•■and'lilr^'i^'B^t'S'MarravlUe;
ever)   likelihood ot a prions falling:-*„-,,.,  wiiittak^r.  Joe  Brogan.  Amy'
oil In the unmoor ot fnr tearing ani* wnilanlSi   E91hcr    clmlender.   Franl
mal( In some .necleos.   Pox and mink*-      „       „ rark„, Arc„ie Plnley.;. tr„lcBm, bereaved of their
have greatly fallen off. beaver was l»Un*,  Murgatroyd,   Edward   White, 25,15^WUn,3lw«
coming   extinct   until   a   prohibition I M.PI!.,r„, u„,i.  Melvlle 1 eaak iMrent9 *na ,M ■*oun»e*1 *»" "" "e
ngnlns.   I,s  .lost, notion   was  ordered.    I"^' H°r"' MelV"C L™* V** <"" »' «" «■» "' the m<"hw»
Thla   fact   wns  nltrlbutable,  ho  con-      „ .... 'deat"'
■Idored, to the lock of proper law en*      f ptr ""'■,0 " "" C6"1'   .,,„,„      n° W"** <" llie «Dtl" c»m"
forcotnont.   If the l-rovlnc, ,. not,. Z™"   ' hasf'  "■"■f-«Ue __Starrltt,,munlty wlll g0 out ,0 Mr  8nd Mr».
demise at .'.-o Wedneaday niorulUR at
his home.
Uectase.l was popular wllh all with
whom he came In contact, and Itad re-
i-. ui-i--»i,'b *•*. !'*• »v,. .i uiu. ui*. eu.i: wii^ide,! in ,'ranbrook tor about nineteen
up to all lo talk!Uie two bosj-ds Into reciprocal relit-\ytAttn   lK.|11K   identified   with   Boveral
about tbe district and tell the people tons which would be for their Lasting  business enterprise- and a successful
oast of U3 about lt.   -Mr. Hayes wanl-! good. lousiness man.
ed  to know how  people could talk:   This was the first occasion tluu rec-,,    »-. Atchison  leaves lo mourn his
about   tlieir   neighborhood   without j lamatlon had been honoured with ajloss a wife and daughter and three
somo facts to go upon; pointing out toast   outside   the   Creator.   Valley.Hf*-- ,wt><> *•» h™ "": symrafhy «f
.        s^.u^ue, *.". .,..,.. ,.   ^_   ,       the whole contniunttv in tlieir sad be-
that so far a.s (.'ranbrook and Creston! N«*rly "H of the lands of th. ITovlnc* ; r<l-1V(.mnll
were concerned there was only one!required reclamation In some form or'   Mr. Atchison was born In Colbourne,
source of information and that was I another.   Some areiw: required timber j Out., and wa- ,t' yeera of age.   .lames
tlto weekly newsptiiierH published lu and stone removing, others required I AtchUwi of thla city It a brother
theso districts. ' vfater putting on; In the cas* of the
So tar as getting Uio needed Infor-; Kootenay Flats Uie particular problem
matlon to points further east tlie lacal I was keeping the high w.r.er oil during
newspapers were tho sole and only i a period of some two months    Once
avenues of Intelligent communlcaUon. | Uiat was done. Uie land was ready Kjjji ^'""mem-S?,'
.ts llluatratlnt) whet tho Cranbrook'for the tractor and Uie gang plow.
Herald had already accomplished In' The Kootenay Hat*, extended from
this respect, Mr. Hayes recalled a per-, Uie south end of Kootenay Lake to
annul experience of the very early '90's; Bouners Ferry la Iduho. and contained
ln Northern Ontario where Uit Her- an area of approximately fS.OOO
aid had been sent by a newcomer to acres divided nearly In half by the
Cranbrook to thc old eastern home.; InternaUonal Boundary Line, leaving
and how, as a result, the speaker had 35,00(1 acres In Idaho and 40,000 In B.
beon mo;t authentically Informed the 0. Tht land wm of grval fertility,'
colonization seed sown by thc Herald.such that In these prodigal days one
had directly and Indirectly been re-: thou*-!. It was inexhaustable. One ot
sponsible for the bringing of almost j Uie great problemss of the Province
thirty adult residents tJ Cranbrook,'waa agricultural production and no-, Several deaths fioin the dreaded in-
somo of whom were now prominent, where was this more Intensified than i tiuenxa have occurred since the last
In the city's life. ;in Kootenay where there was a COD-jluug of the Herald, all of those suc-
Mr. Hayes followed with an incident i centrated populaUon with consider^ cumblsg having been brought here
of how an artlclo dealing with pioneer j able purchasing power. Agricultural .from i-oiuv* outside the city for treat-
life In Creston Valley, published in j Importations Into the Province prior-ment n\ Uie St Kugene hospital.
The Itevlcw, had been the means oflto the war were well over twenty' Those scccumbinit and whos,. rc-
acqualntlng the people of Creston\million i»er annunL Tht Kootenay rcai-:- werc at t-^.v undertaklnc par-
of Uie existence of this particular bit!Plats would be a great prot.ucer. Oniior^ awaiting burial oa Tuesday were
of llteraturo and how, when the de*!the Idaho side much of this iras being     Evan Fratk. -?. who was from the
.rtment of colonization atOttawa bad; done as tt wa;. poscible In years of.vjelnlty  of  Crows  Nest  pass,  died
]?W«d viU»« reccnUy tor articles of low water to put In a top.   Taking |oay.
that nature to be used tn literature their aver-aye results and applytajj Russell Larkiu, 19. whose home is
that would be Issued to attract people Uiezn to our own portion w» would, at Alberton, Prince Edward Island,
from abroad as well aa from the U. produce: idied Sunday.
S„ members of the Creston Board ofj ttTieat, at W bushels per acre. 1,- Thos. Murphy, 86, v,ho was engaged
Trade had Induced the writer of the; 000 bushels, while the total three-1 |n lumbering hereabout., died Sttn-
artlcle to re-write the story and enter' year average for the Province wao I djr
it  ln  the colonization   department's' 813,551 bushels. Albert Tlmel. ii. who was employ-
competlttoo, wtth the result that there1    Oata at 100 bushels per acre. 3,000.* ed ,i the East Kootenay Lumber Co's
waa every assurance that the artlclej*)00 buahelse. while the total three-,pi-mt at Jaffray. dleC Monday.
would be used la the Irrigation-get-1 year average for the Province wa* 2..     interment of all the above will be
ting pamphlet which would be clrcu-, 8*7.340 bushels. In Cmnbrook.
lated  in hundreds of thousands of!    Potatoes, at 500 bushels per acre.. ►-•-	
copies.    These, the speaker claimed, 1450,000 tons, while  tht  total  three* j ft BUI  I'TILITIEH COMMISSKIN
wore Just samples of tht effective pub-: year average for the Province was        >0W IN SESSION HEBE TO
Hetty work as well as every other, 83,000 ton.-. PASS OS IMPORTANT H.tTTKKK
the western country are doing weeki    Timothy aud Clover, at I fx,ns pert 	
In and week out. All of which led)acre, 120,000 toas. which wo<ild be| Public L'tllltle., Commissioner. Ret-
Mr. Hayes up to lila objective, wnlchiover 3* per cent, of the total three-'attack, ot the ProTlnclal commission,
was that seeing how effectively the;year average tor the. Province 'is   at   present   sitting   here   In   the
local prtva wna cooperating In pub-; In 1915 experiments were conduct-1Court bo'ise. hearing tht appllcat-
Uclty work as weell aa every other fed In tho growth of flax and results lions of the Kootenay Telephone Line*,
commendablo effort It was high Ume | submitted to experts at Ottawa.     A Limited and The Cranbrook Electric
Malcolm   Brogan,   Patrick   Kennedy, j Bennett and family who lost another
Willielmlne Woodman. Meryl Carson, | daughter, the late Mrs. P. G. Hope ln
James Malone.
If the Province  wa* not]
to lose Its fur bearing animals the At-i
tiiniey-iionernl should make a change
or lie would wako up and find that they
have followed  lhe buffalo.      In thc'*'-*'"''
fnce  of  the   Increasing   revenue   the      U|"-OT r'° 1,cr ccl"'
(lovciiiment would be well advised to     Aml>- Cawldty, Jack Dixon, Oeorge
Coleman, Blllle Taylor.   Absent, Clll-
game  patrols,  prosecute ■tml -"•nneney, Florence .Oard, Lilly
Hawkins. I.IIIInn Jackson,  Illta  Mc
the 1019 epidemic, and to the little
firm  band  wliere there is a|_
placed tho whole question of ndniiti* I wilful dl-regnril of Ihe law, bill use
Istration under a (lame Conservation  liili-ninil  and  common  sense  rather
Burtiey, Jeonn Ward.
Perfect   Attendance -
Joe   Brogan, j
Board, nt tht hond ot which was pine' than at preseni prosecuting ff|Ut Malcolm Brogan. Andy Cassldy, Arched Or. Baker, a dentist, who coult nm ] tlie sole Idea or making n showing,"'0 Fl"'ey' PtttrlcH Kennedy, James
give Ilia whole tlmo tn the work, ll '■ urged tho Opposition Lender, who as-' Malone. Frank Roy, Willie Selby, Mar-
was true that the new system re- j sorted 11 wns Imperative thai thoro guerlte Stnrrltt, Blllle Taylor, Edward
suited In somo decrease In cost i-f ad*'should Ho nt the bend of the gamo!ww"''   "-11"5'  Whlttaker,  Amy   Wll*
[department  a  man   ■-•.»  und«™to-,.i lllnmi,   Willielmlne   Woodman.   Zenn
i the business.
Cranbrook Defeats
Nelson Bowlers
Visiting Team Net Beleat la «•«
I'lajed ei tbe "I" AIKy»
Lal  Saturday  Nlghl
Clie public were showing full appred
atlon of this good work.
The test of their sincerity ij the
premlaea was about to be made. Is
four years Uie coet of turning out a
newspaper had doubled ln every respect, but still the laibocripllon price
good length of Bore was grown andj Light Company for trie privilege to ln-
llhe experts report wt-s that there wa.s ; crease their rates.
oo doubt whatever that ths product-. Barrister O. J. Spreul is repre-
n<n ot flax for Ubre on the Kootenay jsentlng the city, the council having
Flats would lie and abou::d_r.g sue- Died protests with the commission at
ces«. the Ume the application was announ-
So  far  a*   ine-tigvation  had  gor,e;c<d. later namKiit Mr   spreull to act
remained at the $2 mark. Nothing j at present, the project was entirely! tor the city,
short of a Jump to »3 per annum; feasible. N'o engineering difficulties
would suffice. When the new rate Iliad develoepd and none were actlct-
came Into effect he bespoke the fceuer- mied in tho carrying out of the work.
ous acceptance of the advanced price Final report was. however, necessary,
that the service rendered by the press bad to that end the Provincial Lejl--
entltled tt to, keeping ever prominent- Uture had lasl session \n■.-....: a pe-
ly before them the old but always tttion requesting the Dominion Oov-
true observation: leruentnt   to   enter   into  negotiations
(The constant gnaw of towser BUt«M-lvitli the United States, and tht Do-
catcs the toughest bone; mtnlon Goen'nerant by order-ln-coun-
The steady drop of water wears away , rtl   of   Septt-m.*br   88ud,   last,   had
the hardest sUme; through   Uie British  Atiibaieador at
The constant, cooing lover carries oft Washington Invited the t'nlted State,
tht blushing maid. (iovernment Jointly with them to ap*
And the town that advertises ll the.-y.int representatives for the purpo e
Little Jessie Owen
Dies Aboard Ship
ih-irt-oMiHic  jiewi Cattt t.iH.im Oto*
(It).   Wkeiv  lamJI)   b   Wfll
hi»HD    tiriiyli- Hmuf
t-^wn that inakos Oio gnvlo
(("on|.itillt«) 00  l'n» Ptt«,i
inlnlstmtlon but, Mr. Downer imrcd,
tho chief question wns, Imvo Km»t*
condition.*,   throurchout   thc   Province
Ilie  licml of (lie  KBine
. man  who understood Ii'nmB' ...   .
Running the depart-1<■■>■»«■ T""» **\»\, WWiJfuk.
menl   with dentists and clerks who
beon Improved?   Kvory yerr since the I know nothing alioul the game situat*
present    administration    took    ofllce] Ion was a dangerous thing, he said.
thero hiu been a tlnkcrlnc with the
regulations, a process, lie supposed,
that could not be expected annually
In future years,
"What Is the use of (he Attorney-
General pretending the prscnt game
regulations aro being enforced under
his system ot Provincial police super*
vision? If he thinks they are, he is
not posted upon conditions," declared
Mr. Bowver, who opined It was unreasonable tn expect from the Attorney-General, under whose Jurisdiction the administration ot thee game
department falls, proper attention nnd
Judgment ln a matter upon whicli lie
waB not posted, It wns absurd to suppose that, having done away with a de.
partment whoso sole duty It was to
enforce thc law, and placed it under
th* Provincial pollco, to whom Its on
forcement could In the nature of
ttilafa be but » nm* side Hat, *»y-
Honor Roll—-Henry Uodderls, Arthur Shankland, Annie Bagley. Jean
Vnhcy, Vaughn Roy, Cyruss Pow,
Mr. Bowsor proceeded to devote attention  to what,  ho declared,  wore
somo of the more glaring shortcomings of lhe bill boforo Uie House.
He wtw confident the Attorncy-Gen-
eral who fathered It, did not actually
know what was in It, but hnd beon
content  to take  the  advice of the
chairman of the board, "this, what
shall I call him?    This chechako In
the game business."   He referred to
the definition of the term "guide" as I .oilmen. 42
tho first of the series of silly roHrlct* I
Ions hiving absolutely nothing to do
with the protection of game.   It simp* I
ly mennt that If n hunter gave a fur-1   Honor Roll—Tom Marshall, Ronnie
mors' boy fifty cenls to point out a | Haynes, Evanda Voung, Orahain Dale,
pond where there are ducks, or a oov-jwillleo McDonald, Jack Cummlngs.
oy of grouse, thc hunter Is breaking'    Perfeet   Attendance—Helen Brlggs,
Perfect Attendance -Atnii,. Bagley,
Ray Beech, Mary Beattie, Ivy Dezall,
Henery Godderls, Marguerite Godderls, Klvin Leask, Margaret McDonald,
Suma Maigawa, Kenneeth Parrett, Cyrus Pow.Vaughn Roy, Kathleeen Stra-
ehan, Robert Taylor, Beatrice Blnln.
Edwin Jecks, Doris Brooks.
Percentage of attendance, 70.88; en*
8, 1). WHITE.
Nelson's crack bowlln* nam wentlPlONKKH HEMIDEST PA8SEH
down t0 defeat last Sautrday nlgt be-j 10 HIS LAST REWARD'
fore the local bowling team In Uie | —~—
most excellent game played on the     ^ Ufa"' occurr<"1 ]w Frla"' "
"V" alleys, tliU being the second tlm..:5 »' -»•,,r '•"»«a MolI'"-t' <* ,nls «•■*'•
tho locals hsve com0 out victorious wh0 wa" ln hU WW-**™* >'esr-
In the series of games played with1    trxetiDei was the father of Mrs.,
j the Nolsonllcs. Cranbrook having tw,>
to her credit out of a .series of three
tjames played.
After the game the locals entertained the visitors at a luncheon and
dance In Maple hall, about 20 couples
being In attendance aad enjoying a
very pleasant evening.
The locals won out by over -00 pins.
guile j gloom v,a* ca.t „v, r the city
lust Thursday eveninr when the distressing news of the death ot Jessie
little daughter nf Mr. and Mrs   Lewis
  Owen, was received by wlrs by friends
 *»♦•..   -.    . ;ofth* family.
BAB.XHART (UK Mi .WOXTHS *JM ^T" "'   T'"""\ Iu"
_ .child suff-red froni an abceu ,,t the
FOR THEFT OE A RLANKETI car   whMl discharged freely and all
"~~~" , seemed  to be gofng   well  when  sep-
Edward Barnhart, who was arrested i tic  metiln/ltis  set In and death  or
recently In connee'loa with the rob-lcurred in the night only twenty-four
blng of a pool room ou Van Home j hours from Halifax
Arthur W. Hodgson, and came to this | stre-.-t. and who pleaded guilty to the     The body was conveyed across the
city last Fell to visit with his daugh* ,-.ef. „f a uitsket from e ranch where' wntlnent to Calgary where Interment
ter.   Recently he n.-.s stricken with I he had iKen employed, was given six took place on Monday In the same
paralysis and has contlnuaaly decile- months in the Nelson jail by Justices, plot where another child ot Mr. and
ed  In  health  since  this misfortune,„, t|.e peace ,-  A  mn mi Thomas|Mrs. Owen Is burled.
overtook htm. Roberts who heard tlie rust, and de-j   The   hereaved   pare   .*•   have   the
The remains were taken to Mission, terred sentence until Mr. Roberts re- J deepest sympathy In t,.<lr sad home
B. C for Interment Saturday.
'turned from thc Coa-«, the man be-j coming, having spent Xmas and New-
Three   sons,  Lloyd,   Osborne   and.mg brought  Into court  Prli'a.y audi Year holidays with friends and rela
_ Howard, redding at Perdue, Sask., and receiving tho sentence. j lives In Nottingham. England.
I two daughters, Mrs. Hodgson ot this ,  ,,, ,
POLICE COJDC1SSIOSERS HELD      iclt, and Mrs. II G. Hunter. Kansas ..„.„,.. lnlm
SESSION ON TUESDAY NIGHT city, survive the docctsed. who was a sr,n  "■"""''"** ABKHtS
  ; native of Nova Scotia. ■•-"'D IS SOW AT WORM
The regular monthly meeting of the I   Funeral   services   were   conducted ~~~~
Police Commissioners was held in the j at the late home of the deceased Sat*     J- Roberts of Calgary, a  returned
the law, nnd so wan the boy unless
th latter had taken out a guide's It
cense at $6.
(t'onUnutd on Pag* M
Jessie Brown, Selma Dixon. David
Frame, Jack Genesl, Malcolm Harris,
Cathrlue Harrison, Ntttlo Johnson,
Cyril Lee, Bth*l Spear., jack Iwaa,
Council Chamber ot the Clly hall on i unlay morning. Revs. Slt.clalr nnd Lee: soldier, who was appointed recently
Tuoidny evonlng. matters generally! omclatlni!. I,-the Police Commissioners to act as
being discussed by the commissioners,!    Howard Moffatt arrived 111 the city | imtrolman In Ibis city, has arrived
Secretary Roberta, who has arrived
home trom the Coast acted an secretary to th* commlsslwi.
the day prior tn the death of his aged! and assumed his duties
father and accompanied the body toK»    Mr. Roberts' family will follow him
last retting time: ' later.
The Board of School Trustees took
a wise step Monday when it was decided, because of so much Illness being prevalent throughout Uie city, and
so many of tbe pupils suffering with
different maladies, to close the schools
unUl th* 16th ot thc month. P A ti E
TIIK      I  It A Nil HOOK       HE HAL l>
Thill-Kiln;, March I, 1830
Your Nexl
Will be a
Find out WHY
Can To-day
Raworth Bros.
Jeweler* A 0|.Hi lain
Next to the Poatorf.ce.
Your banking can be successfully done by
mail. Whenever it is difficult for you to
come to tbe Bank in person, send in your
deposits by registered post. All moneys received will be credited to your account and
immediately acknowledged. M
Crunbrook Branch,
•        B. E. Howard, Manager.
Siib-A,c->cr at Klmhctlsr.
the Cranbrook Herald
some of tiio 1110*1 ai'tleni atlvo- men of means engaged in mln
alios of iiu- question of prohl- lug and there is no better ave
liiiimi thai ilu-y iii-i' thoroughly nife through which they and
ashamed of their efforts or ac- their engineers can be reached
compllshments and their views than   tbe   Northwest    Mining
wit i-i al every angle when convention which has as Its ob-
the [ireseni existing Act was ject the bringing of the mineral
framed whereby the hotel men resources of the Northwest
and many others whose bus!- prominently before ibe World.
Published  l.v.
"With   n   .IUmIuhi   Will,
l-rlnlrd  by   I nlll
 J2.IH) a lie
I.S., $2.5(1 a Ve
Advertising Rates „
Cllanffaa tin Adverlisln
this orn,,. Wednesday in
v.fel. to secure attentioi
\'o letters to tin- editor will Via Inserted except uvL-r Hi,.- propor' signattiri
nnd mldii-H* ».r Die writer. 'Hie nil,
"■imii.. ,,f no exception.
THURSDAY,   MARCH   1.   1020
uesses through the license sys-
lem then In force whieh legalized the sale of Intoxicants were
wiped away as chaff before the
Recently Mr. Cowper member for Vancouver, erstwhile
critic of the Governmeni made
statements ln the House which
should satisfy the "dry" advocates that the present Act is
The Prospectors' Association
was likewise fortunate
curing a permanent space iu
Spokane for the exhibition of
lOnst Kootenay ores, and in this
too much credit cannot be given
Hie delegates to Ihe convention
representing Hie local prospectors' association and the
Cranbrook Board of Trude, Ihe
lal lei- assisting In a financial
uge joke and should'way in the undertaking
Co-operation on the part of
everyone Interested in the future welfare of the clly and dis-
trit-t is the one thing needed
mosl right now. We can "bring
home Ihe bacon" not in slices
hut in immense chunks If all
will put their shoulder to the
wheel in all community interest movements,
a farce
be wiped off the statute hooks
and  "a  new deal  with  a new
deck" not containing the joker
be given  lo the people of the
li is now quite certain the
Government will submit a rcf-
I'l'iniiini soon antl it is to he
hoped it will lie so framed as to
give everyone a choice as to the
manner   in   which   the   liquor
traffic will he handled ami for
ver pul an end to the question.
It' ii is to he availbale at all,
Ids by ull means have il hy the
licensing of thoso who would
Indulge and under Governmeni
regulation whereby ibe Government (the people) would get tlle
benefits of the system or let's
If ever there was a fake pure
and simple, the present Prohibition Act is one. Why there
should he any quibbling over
a re-submission in several forms
or amendments passed by lhe
Provincial Legislature to Bel
lhe fake right, is hard to ini-
Tiie people, not the members!have il bone dry.
of the Legislature has a right heloftnotl 12346 123-I6G 123458
to treal with tbis question of     The joke has been in force
personal  liberty,  and   nol   the long  enough,   let's  have  sane
present Government, whicli In legislation created by the voice
the past few years since the Act of tlie | pie at the polls and
came into force has appeared not a few nol representative of
unable or nol willing lo give lhe! Hi'' whole people,
people what  tbey voted for ill 	
the prohibition of the sale of
Intoxicating liquors.
More Intoxicated men are to
be seen on the streets of Crau-
Plie llrltlsh Columbia Pros-
ctors' Association of Cranbrook under the present system hrook is one of the live cumin force (and Cranbrook is no lnUnity interest organizations
exception to the conditions pre- born only recently, but if Its ac-
valing throughout the whole of compllshments in Hie future
ihe Province) than were ever compare with what has been
seen iu the days of the open done in (he short space of lime
nar- the organization has heen in ex-
Mr. George Bell, Government isence, the benefits the district
member for Victoria, who is I -will derive from tbe propoganda
ihe champion anti-boozlsl of -]ie new organization is dealing
ihe present Government, who in, will be hard to estimate.
Is defending the'present Act In ,|ils, .„ 1Jregent, and after
the Mouse, says there is vast bringing ihis district proini-
iniproveiueni in the variousUetly before the Northwest Midsections,'bul we are fearful Mr.' ing convention in Spokane, ibe
Bell, is too much of the parlor association lias undertaken the
investigating sort. He has not assembling of a display of miii-
gol into the highways and by-Urals from tbis district at the
ways for bis informal ion. convention to be held In Seat-
The advocates of prohibition tie soon, lu tbis commendable
have contended thai the Intro- undertaking the association
duclion of the law into II. C. should meet with the whole-
would save.Ihe workers many hearted co-operation of the clt-
hundreds of thousands of dol-j jz,,lls 0f the dlstrlcl and more
lurs in the aggregate, bul this especially those engaged iu the
is now disputed and where men mining industry
who ordinarily in the days of| Publicity is ail thai is needed to bring Ibis most important
the open bar were accustomed
to spending two hits or more a
day for beverages are now pa-
iroiis of establishments vending
the stuff and spendlngs dollars
where Ihey never spent cents
before and under the present
system of Importing liquors
from other Provinces thousands of dollars iu good, hard,
cold cash of lhe people of the
Province of British Columbia
is going elsewhere to enrich
the particular sections from
which Importations are made,
No one will advocate the revival of the old order of things.
bill (rom admissions of the
prime movers III tlie cause of
Prohibition when it was flrsl
undertaken, the Act Is u farce
and should he repealed ami a
new one submitted lu some
form or other where the hone!
dry advocates, the moderation-
Ists and tho "wets' might have
I heir say.
The soldiers who fought for
democracy   have   all   returned
and Ihey could also have their!
say as to what form of restrict-
Ions should be put upon the dis- ]
pensing of intoxicants.      This
Is their right, if we would keep j
faith with them.    The moder-
atlonist would be satisfied and!
the   teetotaler  could   have   nol
complaint at u fuir submission
the question in a manner ar-1
ranged to give all their say.
The Prohibition party should
not object to a fuir trial before
the electorate of Ihe Province
after four years of Ihe most absurd attempt nt control of tbe
liquor traffic that could be imagined. We would think uud
know, from lhe admissions of
natrual   resource   prominently
before the investing world and'nal
oi ii (OMKMi'oiniiiiN
Extracts (rom tba Cranbrook
Herald ot thla date. 18l)»
Mr. and Mrs. Lelfc-b Munslleld cams
up  I'roni  Moyle yesterday,
riie bicycle livery building tiiat in
being erected by Hobart W. Parrott, Is
nearly completed.
W. P. Uurd, tlie solicitor, Is Having
a liundsome olllce lilted up ln the
townslte building.
Tom Proctor, ot Nelson. Is talked ot
as one 0l' the candidates III the Nelson
riding for the Provincial house.
The Home Minstrels will play tor
the boned! of tho Plre department and
there Is no guarantee feature nbout
J. C. Slator ot Wntertown, Ont., lias
arrived lu tlle city antl will take
ollargo or th,, Inside work or Leask's
Boall uud door factory
Ool, Topping, of Trail, one of tho
best known milling nnrrutors In Brit* j
init Columbia, waw a passenger ou the j
l rain Prldny en route tn Montreal on
Delicious "Fruit l.niutlir" Can't Harm
Tender Little Stoinarb, I.li-Y
uud Wuuela.
Look ut tlie tongue, mother! It
touted, your little one's stomach, liver,
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
Bleep, cat or act naturally, or Is fever- j
Isli. stomncli sour.brcath bad; lias sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaspoouful of "California Syrup of
Pigs," and lu a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste,undigested food and
BOnr bile gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, and you have
a well, playful child again. Ask your
druggist fo a bottle ot "California,
Syrup of Pigs," which contain* full
directions for babies, children of all
ages and for grown*upt.
Cuts Costs
Every time jour machines arc shut down for repairs
or replacements your production costs take a jump.
Machines antl employees must lie kept continuously
busy in order lit keep down these costs. Greater
product Ion is absolutely necessary to offset high prices
uf material iintl labor.
Dominion Fricflion
Surface Belting'
will increase production by stopping unnecessary leaks-
minimizing delays and shut downs, eliminating most
transmission troubles and cutting power costs by preventing pulley slippage.
Our belting experts witlwut charge will help
you to make your transmission belting cut costs
and give continuous production. Wrre our nearest
service branch aud let us prove the claim.
Dominion Rubber System
Service Branches
Onr Dnminhn Hose, Packing and
Industrial Rubber  Goods arc all
the Same High SlandardasDniniri-
i(i/i Friction Surface Belling.
H.illf-u, Toronto,
Nt. John. Hamilton,
Om-ln-i-, 1.1) it don,
Mnntrr.il, Kitchener,
Ot limit. North Hay,
Forr William, Kdiiumton.
Winnipeg. Calflary,
llcindoii. Lethbriilge,
Saikutoon, Vlcioi
I'lililii-al Peru w nt Ion
Govornment officials should lonrn
Hint protection of the public and persecution ol' the Individual ere iwo entirely dlfforenl things. If public In-
teri sis demand a prosecution, it
ahould In; done without four or favor
nnd ns Boon ns theo Individual responsible fnr the enforcement of the law
bocmos aware of the Infractions, Legislative enactments n\\. picsuiued tu
be nnn-partiBan, and us soon ma thoy
become otherwise, ur ure used to dt/j
itpllno I- political opponent. -Miflr-
l menace not only to Individual lib-!
erty but to constitutional government,
and trial judges should do tlieir utmost to discourage this method of political poiwecution- Kaslo Keotonalnn.
Ami CraiibriMik GHs Some ol' II
During tlte next five year.- Canada
is committed to spend $50,1100,00(1 on
the big highwuy scheme. For this
pose the Dominion Oovernment
sei aside $20,000,000 to represent
forty per cent, of ihe whole, and tin
till tho Provinces have entered the
compact, thus assuring tho rafclng
of the necessary $30,000,000 t" complete the scheme It menus that this
country is determined to linve a main
highway system equal nt least i();
ihnt of any other country. This Initg-C
amount of money added to the largo
sum- tli»t will be spent during .the
name period by the Slid municipalities
on their street Improvements, represents in round figures an aggregate]
expenditure of at least $-10,000,000 per
annum for the next live years nn hlfcjh-
ways, ronds nnd streets in Canada,
Surely an Indication of the spirit of |
the times, -Canadian Municipal .lour-1
In view or the eon... durable losses
inclined through pilfering and careless handling of goods in transit, las-sty* which amount In a year to close
on three million dollars, the Canadian
Railways have recently beon conducting nn active campaign against such,
robberies, not only In tlieir own interests but nlso to protect tbe mer-;
nt» and shippers who naturally suf-
great Inconvenience, even though;
the losses may be made good. The
loss of portions of shipment frequently readers the balance of a shipment i
useless nr depreciates Its value, end
affects the business of the merchant.
As a result of this campaign, the O,
1'. it. tor Instance, have recently
brought into court nnd secured convictions against several offenders.
Thus, at Ottawa, Ambrose tlllks, a
teamster of a transport company, was
sentenced to twelve months" imprisonment for breaking Into n freight ear
and Bteallng a case of Kin, while at
McAihim Junction three men wt re
condemned to five years penitentiary,
two yeara penitentiary, and four
years reformatory, respectively, for a
series of thefts from freight cars In
volving   many   consignments   of  considerable value.
The subject of pilfering on railways has been taken up In Kngland
by the National Union of Ratlwaymen,
which has recently circularized its
branches, pointing out the moral obligation that devolves upon them to
check the practice and help to remove the stigma which threatens
their prestige. The branches have
responded very favorably to this appeal, with beneficial results,
Take your Time—No need
to harry when you use
Baking Powder
Egg-0 Baking Powder Co., Limited, Hamilton, Canada
Mo. e; so. tis
Dally Dully
12,16 p.m. Ar. I'l'antirouk l.v. 4.15 p.m.
12,26 p.m  l.v. i ['tint,ii„,k Ar. 4 05 p.m.
Train 823 will leavo for Klmberley
dally uxiej.1 Sunday ut T *., mid train
s:4 will arrive (rom Klmberley dally
except Sunday at 2.10 p.m.
Kootenay Cenlriil Btan-'ti uo i-liauge.
Tbe Shoe Specialist
DaUiluUiiD Uuaraaleod
rinadquartere tor all kinds ol
forwarding and  aistrlbutlni
Aient (or
UttkrMf a nil OraaikUl Coal
Imperial OU Ct.
OlatrbulloB Can a Specialty
Iirnylnt- and Transferring
Ulna prompt attention
Phona IS
Kamloops Bull Sale)
Wednesday. March 10
Su11- Entries Include)
six imported Scotch Shorthorn HiiIIh.
i!i! Eastern Bred Shorthorn Hulls.
'1$. li. ('. llmi Shorthorn Dulls,
25 Eastern Bred Hereford Bulls,
15 B. ('. Hied Hereford Hulls.
Ages Range from Yearlings to 4-year-olds.
IG Prairie Bred Shorthorn Females and 14 Prairie
Bred Hereford Females,
DAIRY STO(JK—2 Ited Poll Hulls and 2 Hotstelll
Hulls from Colony Farm Stock.
I or Catalogue nnd Information. Apply lo Oeo. ('. Hay,
Secretary of Sale, Kamloops, It. ('.
Expirlinctd ■•tktri njr
Zam-Buk it but lex ckll-
drtn'i lijirlti aid ikta
troublei, became:
It is herbal—no poiaoooui
mineral coloring.
It is antiseptic—prevents
cuts and burns taking the
wrong way.
lt is soothing ends pain
It heals every time.
Just as good for grownups.
S,ilJ at ull tttrtt and
T     I'lioii
mmfm mtymm it}ftm  t*/nsm  s*fmm mtjfssmssttymtn
Cranbrook Cleaners and Dyers
l>.  W.  WILLIS. Manager,
'oi-ciiiosl Cleaner* and Dyers of Everything
'hone  lo. ( HAMIHOOI.. II. (. llox \
B*^*V  tmtfts* *t^''**s\tlt*lm*it%.'ms^..ms^.mte'sMm.
UobL traaie, Prop.
t'reali llread, Cakes, Plea
and Pastry
Pkona 27
Norbury Are.      Opp City Hall
lofdlclne farall Hrninle Coiniltidti      . i I»t
(irthrtel'ur (it), «i >:.uv .-..,,. ■. •.! (gai.y
uddreM^u reccljilal pi in   'n, ■    > • 11, \,h\.,
Co . St. Lutlmrinf, Onlnri ■
PH0SPH0N0L FOR tm :~„,,,
far Nen*e nnd Umlnihirrmii i-mlki
A.TonlC'Wlll hilltUuii < <    flnli i.v»f >
H,iitilmg»tarcii oi It) i ■.,.!, „,      t.i i,i \-'.
A Rough Road ior Wheels But a
Smooth Road tor Passengers
Phone No. -}..»
Cranlirook,   .     ,     . B. C.
IViiiiIi chiiliiiiil I mi rmiirli eiili-
blcs ur iiiilnilirin.'il roods 'I'll., uln-H*.
follon siirfiifi' Ini'.iinilltli'N, bill llu-
nonderfiil new Trl|ilc\ Sprlnas ulic
i-ur and  pn*.-,- jiuer*. ri'miirhnble  rid*
lll|t  st.'llllllH'S-..
Tlle Uni,-i,"liil illiiuiiiiiilD-iillnrli-
eil l'rl|ili\ H|irliiu« (the HUl.lnrli
S|irliniiiii-c In ii nu- uf liHi-hich wheel.
This makes for Hie neiill) Inioyoiit
roud uetlim of a lurm-. Ileas y ear with
lhe ii|iir»lliiu •(•ill > and iiiini-nl.
i lire of liiiliilllnit of a srlenlllleally dr.
sinned llulil ear.
Trl|ile« S|irlnit. nl.,, uienn rare.free
iiiiiliiliiiHiiii', so iH-rferll) dn Ihey
luiili'il Ihe dellrali' parts uf Hie ear
iri.in mud strain.
Merlric -liirllim and HkIiIIiik, dour-
iiliriiliii! rurlalns and dash llulil alie
bul a hlnl uf lhe rum|ilelenrs* and
iiiinlll) which rhararlerlse rtrryllilna
ill,i,nl On rluinl I.
I'rliat* Naralag Home
l.lcenseil by Provincial Uovt.
Maternity aad fleaeral Niralaf
Massaie and Rest Cnra, Hlfhast
Keferenoes, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 261 P. O. Boi MS
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
Call in and see
the demonstrating model and
see the latest
in automobile
!, construction.
That extra 30 Inches provided by ili« Hire*-,|.oliit cantilever »i>rin*g8 Is one
the causes of extra comfort to the pnsn£ng(.TK and extra protection to thenar '
FRANK DEZALL, Local Agent Thursday, March I, 1930
Till!       (HA Mi HOOK       II K It A LU
V A ti t.    I II K K t
I Where coses of real Influenva liavo The ie&uo of Memorial crosses to
developed lately, they have proven relatives of soldiers who died whilst
to be equally »s sever as the caaes of wring tvitii the Canadian Forces will
last year, when the epidemic first put'be made from the r-»lls lu ilie posses-j
in an appearance, according t" medl-lsloD of ttie Militia Department at Ot-
cal men. tawa.   No application is necessary to
It would be advisable, when one lias he math-,
any symptoms of the dread malady, to These Memorial Crosses wll] also be
immediately summon their physician Issued to relatives o' Canadian pcr-
: and exercise the greatest care to pre-iosnnel who died whilst serving with
[vent fatalities. For everyone to take ttie Imperial or Allied forces. In the
The best of care of themselves and latter case, applications are neces-
1 not pish any undue exposure would do sary and such applications musi be
much inwards stomping out ihe dread accompanied  by the undermentioned
, disease.
 «-*-»-* ■ ———
1'ercy Huehitwon and ins all-fing-
Ilah company of players, presented a
mosl excellent attraction, "The Uiefc
; of tlie Navy" to only it fatr-Blzed house
:at tlie Auditorium theatre last Satnr*
' day evening, Tlie attraction was de*
serving of better suppori.
Every member of the company waa
Ian artist, and notwithstanding the
company was nearly two hours late
1 iu arriving here trom Nelson, the
<tago settings for Uio different scene*)
were pleasing and added to the occos-i be issued by the Department of the
(a) Should Uie Boldler have died
whilst Berving—(1) the original certificate of death tamed by the Government concerned.
iin Should Heutii iixtvt occurred
subsequent to dlscbargo— <1) a dis-,
charge certificate Issued by the Government concerned, iiii h civil
death certificate,
(c) a Statutory Declaration—(I)
to the effect thai tho deceased sol-
dler whb resident in .'anadu on the
ih 4uf August, 1M4. UU a* to the relationship of the applicant to the deceased soldier.
The crosses with tespoct to deceased members of the Naval Service will
j ion in, that Uie sameness which has
greeted patrons of the hoiusia when
other attractions havo been put on,1
; wero missing.
j The play rings with patriotism
land abounds with many thrills of Ihe
kind which pleases, especially those
; who rfmembererl the many Intrigues
attempted by the Hun .secret, service.
[ Should Mr. lluchlnson and his
[company como this way again, it Is
(safe to say that they will ho greeted1
' i by a, capacity house.
Naval Sftrvlcc,
Few   Dtop«  ot "Prttaone," Tbtn
Corns Lift Off—No Pain t
New Suitings
Wc liavu .In*! received nn assort men t ol those (le-
jii'iidiilili' rlolMi's.
In mc in and c-cniuiiic I lie goods ami let us demon*
slrale to yon Dial tve are makliiit Suits, cul anil lilleil
lo your s|ieelal requirements, lineil with iielter material
anil made Iielter, for less money lliau you puy fur special
orders I nun the l-'itst.
Ue sell special!*, loo. ami there is none Iielter Hum
Cainiiliell's, hut ne run innki' II i cheaper nnd better
In our own shop.
Wr liure two good tailors who guaroiitec their work
und ne can gel your Suit mil iu u short time.
We guarantee satisfaction in elolli, lil ami workmanship.
sii: nn: mii.i.is rioxos xoiv ii'RBK
mums ruit un.us* pianos
The delegalo of the llrltlsh Colum-I
; Ida Prospectors' Association—East
Kootenay District—while at the
Northwest Mining Convention In Spo-
kaue,   Wash,,  recently,  arranged   for
j a complete exhibit of Kast  Kootenay!
[ores lo be placed ou display at the;
International   Mining  convention   to
lho held  in  Seattle,  Wash.,  on  April;
i 7th to 10th next, and at this convention li is Imperative that us large u
number us possible of Kast Kootenay:
j prospects ho represented, with us
large and fairly representative samples or ihelr ores us the owners can
secure ul the present season nf the'
year, i" to 26 pound samples pre-!
Arrangements are being made by
lho Executive of the Association ror!
iln> assembling of the exhibit nnd It!
will be necessary for ull sninples in
ho dollvorod to tli
liefore April lt-i next, In order to permit of
in lime
i    A Uuy hot iit> uf "Freenone" costs to
\ little ai any drug *iote: apply ;t few
: dropi upon any corn or callus, in-
' ittutty it itopg hurting, then shortly
. ynu lilt that botboi'SOiue corn or calliw
; right off with your linger*. Truly!
■ N'e humbug!
Hilly Oswald «*nd his company tif
! players, wlio appeared here in the Au-,
, dltorium The-Hre hut Friday evening, j
(Section 241 ' proved disappointing to tin good-sized
—— 'audience which greeted the company
IX THK MATTER of Lot 14, Block Mn "Tho (.loos© Girl."
tf  end  bote  17  and  18.   Mock  11,     Oswald himself was either in poor:
Town of Kimbprley. Mup tfti4. Koo-,
tenay District.
Proof having been tiled in uiy of- "WW In new j"ke.s and those Uiluga
lice of Uie loss of i_'ertitle.*an of Title one expects of un  artist  ImvUig his
No.  8466K,  to  the  abovf.  mentioned j reputtrtloU as an entertainer, und Ills
mpport throughout, with the exception
1900,1 HERRBY GIVE NOTICE of myl*' '"^w Room OM"
Intention  at   the  txplrr.tlon   of   oue
calendar month from the first pubH-
catton   hereof  to   Issue   to  the   said'
y nn orUflni6s V. Armstrong a fresh CerUfl-|*r/,w    ■ ■■*'** vmi \*.
i-ato of Title In lieu of such |o-?t Or-
.  Illlcate.   Any  person having any In-
nllectlon bolng whipped formation with reference to such lost,
.'■ertiflcare  of  Title  Is   requested
lands in the name of James F. Armstrong, and bearing <.ate the Sth May,'
| fofm or hus not kept alive wiih Uie
it havb
Iner, a
the oxc
-.iDye That Skirt,
Coat or Blouse
All samples should be ac
with n brief description of tho property and the address of tiie owner oi
hia a gen I on the enclosed blank form,
ii copy of which should hi) kept by
Ihe owner
pun ltd communicate witli thu undersigned.
Hated nt thu Land Ke.il.try Ofllce. "
Nelson. B. C„ tliis USlh day of h'eb-
ruiuy, 1U20.
K. S,  STOKES,    '
District itogtatvar or THles
Date tif First Publication Feb. 26, 1S20
"Diamond Dyes" Make Old, Shabby,
Faded Apparel Just Like New.
hi V I IIV lOlMJi:, Xo. 43
*^ UeeU   evet-y
Monday ulgbt
at  Kratfcrntt*
Hall.      tiojouruing    Oddfellows
cordially invited.
Noble Qrand,        tleo,  Sec,
.1   II Whlleiu.UK    W, M. Harris
llltei-oloii aud Die
Don't worry about [lerfeot rlstilts,
('■ie "Diamond Dyes,1' «iiarauteed t<> civs
i new. rich. fsdeiCM color t>- any fabric,
whether wool, silk, linen, entton nr mixed
■joo-i*. ilro"e-. blnuieK, rtoekltigs.sklrU,
(liildretiV coaU, draperle«r-everythlnj(l
\ Direct Ion ttnofe i« lu iisckajie
lu iiialih any itiaterinl. httvi- dealer
fchuw you "hiamnnit /*ye" Color Card.
Tenders Wanted
Cmkmk. B. (;.
lir^i, every Tuei-U, at 11 pn 1b
ttie Fraternity Hall
I'. (I   UarKKlrntu.
>'. II. ColllDC, K   It
Vleltlni  bretliren  curillally  In*
mnl to attend.
...—.. .....„.„.^..   HIH"»
TAKE NOTIOK thai A. ll. mailing.
wiiui.-;   *U>!rt9*.   is  Ctiuel   Fl-Lt,   U.  C,
will apply for 11  license to take uud
use lull tnluat*', inchoa of water out
of Archer I'reek.  which Howe North
an.1   draluK   Into   l.avlngtou   Creek.,
*,bout 10 chain* N   K. from S. \V. cor-  ^
n,; «*tev win he diverted trom the     T„.,, UNDBBSIGNBD are In-
-tremu   ut   a    liilut   about l,i inains ...       .,       ,,,   . .•
south of s. w. comer im Mis und Btiuctctl hy the Liquidator ol
will he used Ior domestic and irrl.ut- (he Mourn Sicker & llriiisli Co-
lon purpowa upon the land dencrlbetf, lumbia IJevelopniciit Company
us I.M* 1518, :»15, :19. r.lock 4590, Map ,, „, ,„ ,„.,,,' „„.„,.„ .„ ' ,,,,.
Till, noilce wa, potted on the --"-•• ,0 lnv"e oflcls 'or -he
(round on the lOlh day of ilertniher.  purchase     of     the     following
1919, Crown Granted Mineral Claims,
A copy of IIU. notice aad an appll* si,llill(1(| |„ ,lle nistrli-l of K.io-
cullou   purfiiatit  thereto  and  lu  lhe
"Water Act. 1S14."  will be filed  ln tenay:
Hie olllce of the Water  Kecorder an,..      „. ....       .. ...
wiiiufi, b. f. (•)   "Stonewall Jackson" Mln-
Ohjectione io Hie application  may      cinl llnliii. Lot 1111.12
hi llled with tlie eg Id Wnter Kecorder ,._,| "M|ilu.,.| Kructlnn" Mineral Claim, Lol :in:i:i.
the Coroi-troller of  wlier
Parliament   Bullil!nii$,   vie-
♦-♦-♦-*•-♦-♦♦-#-♦-* ♦ ♦ • < ♦ ♦ •-» ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ -• ♦
Heniilar flcilluj
SKt'OMl  N.tTl'KliAt  ol each
month ul ■-' |,.ni. lu ibe I'll, Hall
Meeta lu tbe
I'arWi    Hall
Ural   Tueiday ;
atlernooo   ot I
every    mouth
al II p.m.
I'ree. Mra. I).
Campbell, boi
lorla. II. C, wlhln fitly day, aficr the
tlrat appearance ot thi, uotlce In a
local newjpauei'.
hy  II.  I.   AKCHElt,
The date ol lhe dist publication of'
this notice !•; February 91, 1919.
lllier.loa and lie
IS)   ■•rtopla Nn. 2 Fractional**
.Mineral Claim, l.nt Willi.
Further  particulars can  be
obtained from ihe undersigned.
litem* for JOHN ll. UTERI.,
Ul M AN, II. I „
iMrd KeliruaT). "•*'•
TAK1C NOTIOK that A.B. l',i,hiu|.
wlioae uililios*. la (.'anal Flat. B. O,
will apply for a llcenne to take and
uae 100 miner's Inches of water out
I of latvtugton Creek, also known a-
Cany, Mr,, J. W. Burton, P. O. Boi Ml. I south Fork FIndlay. which flows
All ladles cordially luflted. | Norih Wesl aud drains Intu FIndlay
Oroek, about L' mile*. North front N K.
comer Lot i,519.
Tbe water will be diverted from
.the stream at a l-olnt about 1 mile
Iflouth of S. E. corner Lot 531S and
will be wad for Irrigation purposes
I upon the land described as Lots 3..1S,
'5515. :19, Block 4596. Map No. 4 O,
Tbis notice was posted on the.
ground ou the 10th day of December.
A copy of ih, notice and apt 11-
catlou pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed In the
ofllce of the Water Recorder ai Wilmer, B. (.'.
Objections to the appllcatlou may
be Died with the tali) Water Recorder
or with the I'omiKroller of Witter
Rights. Parliament Iliilldlncs. Victoria, 11. C. wlhln fifty days aOer the
first appearance nf till* noilce. In a
local newspaper.
By II. I.. AltCHBIt.
u»... -«-» -.•■ass.   aa-aa « it    "*• *** °* U" *nt l'"*'*t<»«--»» °t',u
nU» THI HIBAU- IM* 1 IliB gu, „&. u r-*ra-ry H, Ull.        i<
4±r.^StSBiJT^ij#i! iyrifc-Ti "'jftfyy* *;",'*™!,H*'¥rT
In-.! K(iolru> lllstrlct
Lt,-Cal, ('. II. Pollen Hod Pres
i'lui.'  13, Evans, ICsq President
Hurry Qamblo, Esq., ...Vlco-Prts,
J. F. Huclicrofl, Crnnbrook,
J. T. I.niilluw, Ksq ETirutlve
\V. II KflBSlo, Esq	
Dull   McItllS,   Esq	
Julin Uttsk, Esq	
Win. Evans, Esq         "
Urgunlzutlon completed Jan. ?,
n.-U. nn'mln'i'sl)l|i mil open for the
onrolmonl or proHpeiUors. Applt-
cflllons umi <-orri>rtpondenoe wtth
suggestions tomlln^ to .proinate tlie
Into rests ot pn.Hpoctoni Bollclteil,
Anniliil ini-iiiliirnlil|i too, $.1.00.
Tuke Mi cup of 1-uclHc Mlnlk. ml»
Wltll 11 cups of wator. When
nearly tiolling stir ln :: teaBpoobs
of com starch, - tablespoons sugar. Cook .', minutes. silrrinK all
iho tlmo.
Then beat fn - cup., of apple
Bailee, turn intu mould to set.
PACOiC Milk CO..
laeUry al l.adasr. a. I.
After a hearty
meal, you'll
avoid that
stuffy feeling
if you chew
a stick of
Other benefits: to teeth,
breath, appetite, nerves.
That's a sood deal to
set for 5 cents!
Sealed Tight—Kept Right
-»Th8 Flavor Lasts^
ship your furs
_^_        _}OI»2HA.B5, Ltd. __ 	
unless the bundle is tagged to Shubert"
The Highest Prices Ever Known
That's What You'll Get from "SHUBERT"
iKiinuuPstri-'i-"!-* r
100.001a MM
jMBto 40.CO
75.O0IO MM
45.00 le XM
75Mt, MM
SSMle turn
30.001. MM
40 OOt. MM
« 001. 24M
Usual Color
JOMle 25.00
MM I. 22.00
ISM le 13.00
20.001. KM
13.001.13 00
15.001. II.M
12.00 UIOM
SMI.  7M
ISM t. 8.00
8.001. 4.00
8Mi. 7M
150 te 5.50
(.50 le 5.50     5.00 le 3.75
5.M le 4.00    350 I. 175
3.001. 200
Tbeie eitremely high prices for Brltlah Columbia Fttri are based oa the well-
kaowi "SHUBERT" liberal gradtaf and are quoted for immediate shipment.
Ho. 3, No. 4 aad otherwise inferior skim at highest market value. Ship
your Furs bow—whea we waat 'em. You'll let "more mosey" sad get it
"quicker" too.
wm au  youa  runs   omrer t«>^
gjj Donald SL Dept. 818    WgnipeA Canada
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
I'lirrliasers nf Iinlil, Sllvrr, Co|iper and Lead Ores
I'riidu.-Ts uf llulil. Silver, Clipper, lllur-tnuc, Pig l.enil and
Zlac "TAIIANAC" Brand.
Till)       C It A Ml It IIU K      il Kit A LI)
Thursday, March 4,19-20
trcou*rtsr or c.fi.eX
(1)"A deputation of Whitehall War Office girl clerks who
have been demobilized visit Downing Street to state their
grievances, the crowd looking on.
.-.,  *-*.     ,-.,,...,      T, .       ,    . .,                                  u..t The   livestock   mem   of   Albert*
(2) The Dublin Motor Drivers   strike was so serious that *,,Te vitmei a novel mews of pio-
the city was   practically without   motor   traffic.    Extra moting their industry, and, lacident-
police patrolled the streets, aud the military had to fetch |**«f »*f*g,t° •*•;«"}" •* »•
their own patrol under armed guard. XSmmi^SmXmfmTSS^
a livestock country.
(3) Queen Maud of Norway and Prince Olaf, at :  Thirteen ot the largest breeders
the West Norfolk Fox Hunt.    They were ao- :*»" "■"""•i .^'J*™ "tews. most-
oompuried by King Oorge and   the QueenJ M^^fy t°ohtJj2D,VwhI2if5v^
Queen Alexandra, Prince Albert and Princess These steers represent the cream of
MaiT. twenty-four   of   Alberta's     leading
herds,    and    constitute    what    Is
tt) Inoculation  against .influensa bar,i become M S£i1j W£Z g
abnost as popular as vaccination against small- .Canada.
I   During the past a number ot crate
ateera had been bought from time to
(5) Visojunt Grey's arrival home &om Wash- IMiSpWS. £&.*
lngton. This is the first time he has been seen tie collate of Agriculture. The
without his glasses for many years. *•**" of these were shown at tbe local
■live stock shows   aad   later   sold.
Alberta Stock Ranch
Purebred Calves for Alberta University Farm.
breeders approached were perfectly, there Is In Alberta.
willing to assist In carrying out this I    The beet two or three aulmals of
....   ™.     ...   ,*        ,.    ....   . ^      ._. . .-, i Bt waa next to Impossible 'however: scheme.   The plan was submitted to each breed will be exhibited at tho
i(«) The Rt. Hon. Sir DlghtOO Probjm, CoJn^K «we th.llas"^? stoo ? be. the Albert, Breeders Association at international Stock Show al Chi*
tsoller to Queen Alexandra, has just criftorah-ri putted to this purpose with the funds their annual convention held at Cal- j cago next fall   by   the   University,
U.«*hbirthday. Eh^ES1 StfS t'S^ ^"t^ESW.S S54
man Peace Treaty. pot oars to dispose of the animals I    immi'illaie   steps   wire   laken   to
'  nf the age most suitable,    lt was visit the various  farms, ami after
WUBsmni Haatruetian to Itaekmmv Bach: P" "*•» uu" wor'1 coul'1 •" nude three month- thirteen calves were
*v ^5^ -■"■■ » "'TTSL .BafCI1--J»ore valuable to lhe provluce at selected from the twenty-four herds.
New York, by Wind   and sea, destroyed   four parte If Inatead of using ordinary Grade, were not debarred, bul pur.
hotels and thousands of other buildings, valuewrade    steers,    animals  of  higher
merits could be obtained. Iu any
case the cost of labor, feed and
feou.lng would be the same.
I To Professor A. A. Dowell, Chief
of the Department of Animal Hus.
bandry, of the University of Alberta,
came an Inspiration whereby the
University was able to get the re-
quired animals without paying ■
cent for them, yet giving their
owners a good rsturn. it appears
Ithst there sre a number of breeders
Hn the province of Alberta who are
not In a position to do their own
flttlug aad showing. Consequently
their herds suffer from a lack of
advertisement. Prof. A. Dowell
levolved a plan by which the breeders
tn this position would get their herds
advertised at the exhibition., and the
University Farm the desired class of
animals. The plan suggested was
(hat the breeders donate Ave or six
calves of the three leading beef
(herds, and the University would
use them for Judging purposes for
=;.^„.,«-,*r/. Iw° 'eMdns. and exhibit them at
SYCWf*WWIggil Hhe International Live Stock Show
y.pt Chicago.   Practically all of the
lot getting tbe owner.
, consent to the oilier hand,
student,   of   llu'
It    give,    to    tha
pari with them, but rather In re- ■••>"»»■»  «  we  College  of  Agrl-1
l„.,,eo-r.  w(,0 culture, the future breeder, of tho
Ufered them.   Many of the breeders  ••"»'""'-., *?">-ut.t"r. "">«  i'laa»
dually urged the University to send "Hive ..oolttor Itel^Udllngwortt.
a* representative to Lbelr farms, aud
brtMifl. we iv preferred
be -shown Individually, und each will
aland upou lu ut-.ii merltit.
It tbe ulet.ru lu tbis exhibit make
U   creditable   hbu»lllK   111   ClllOaHO,   tt
tttlUUld  pi nve Mil  .'I. Hit-ill   u-tmlUM.'-
tueut for ibeir breedere, uu ■*.*■.i mi
for   bt-er   producer*   ami   farmm
The bit difficulty that Prof. Dowell*Uwwally. not ouly in Alberta, but
selection tbeao calves wu £rou#out. w.wt0™  l*»«»*»«.    ««■
hud  lu
take the bent ot uuy or tln.ii citlviw.
What le moat ouLsiuuillw; ubout
these cuIvoh le t licit* uniformity,
quality, and hIhu their a«e, At the
present time most ol' them ure from
five to Hi'vi'ii moutbri old. and with
Ttie live stock breeders who liavu
made It pusslble for the University
to aasimblu tbcee excellent imlmula,
und from whose farms tbe tiele-.tlona
were made, are au follows: Shorthorns, Tbe Hon. Duncan Marshall,
Olds; Oi'o, IJ. Iauu Company, Hifh
Hlver;   Two   pure   bred
or a 100 pounds per mon h.   All 0   v„iUy ^rB1]   Here-ord-   .T,, £H]
the animai. are on exhibition at all I ^""i^KSl, ^'"aV'm ^ ^
times In the University stable., and: H|"',r-    c?rL    Cuil.    "'   ***
ts placard  hanging over each stall  "      '       mm    '"ule
denotes the breeder, and the breeding, of each animal.   The animals
are kept ln the pin!; of condition
and It Is the expression of many
of the leading live stock men visiting the stables from time to time
that, collectively, they are the finest
lot of steers of their age owned by
any one concern in Canada today.
They represent the very bast that
. Company.
Stiephard; J. McD. Davidson, Coal-
dale; V. W. Smith, Camrose; and
Pym Bros., Mirror. Aberdeen Angus,'
A. E. Noad, Olds; C. H. Richardson,
Bowden; Chas. Ellet, Edmonton
South; Canada Uud and Irrigation.
Company, Medicine Hat; and J. D
McGregor, Brandon, Man. The total
number of calves Including the two
added from the University Farm ul Thursday, Mareli i, 194(1
THK       t) II A Ml It 00 H       II K It X 1, 1)
P A 8 E      K I V K
EATS.-DIrtgO.,; ^PP'5';
(Continued from Page one,
(Continued from Pago One)
ot making audi tiii-H InevstlgoUon
mny be required to dotorratiio
Coots,  wltb  a  view  ihcniftyr  to
execution by (he roanactlvtl Govorn-
lllOlttn of »n arrituuemcnt or uj:ree-
mont for (lie rcclnuitUlon of the 1-uuU
on tortus und pondittona wlitcli nhall
ho Just and equitable to nil concerned. The wheels "f atnto move slowly tmi un aOknowlodgonianl hud boon!"    ,.
■ - ,      ..   «    « Kinellei
received from tlto U. S, Govornment
with the advice thai tin1 mutter was!
being considered by tho proper tlo-|
Then in section \t of tbe act the
fanner was forced to report u deer
killed by liim. another annoying restriction, a regular farmer, if he
killed a deer, wns pretty sure to have
gone to a lot of trouble to do ie and
did not want tbe additional trouble of
having to write and explain. A few
settlers, not regular fanners, might
once is a while kill a deer tlmt wan
uot doing dotnag to crops, but even
then tliey were pretty sure to need
the moat and tt was doing little harm.
Tho fact that they would have to
write a tetter reporting their action
would not debar them from breaking
the law. In view of the fact that!
sportsmen were, to a considerable extent, dot penitent upon the farmers for.
their .shooting made it Inadvisable to
The big Sullivan tnlnoB of the Consolidated Mlntn™ and Smelting Company of Canada  Limited, located at
Ktmhorloy,   ihis   district,   and   the ^tm.ammmmm,mmmmMmmmmmmmm,
North Btnr of tho same place, supplied 1 put foolish and neeedlOBa restrictions
tho bulk of tiif oro t,J the smelter of upon him. Rather were tlto farmers
the consolidated Company at Trail, bo™1 Wanda »f the name and should
!according to the latest roport "f the1 he oncouragod lu their natural desire
.ovorlng tin period of tho'to sec the game protected and their
wook ending February 2tst, n« fol- moral support was u most valuable
lows:; thing.
Then  section  il  giving the fanners
iwrtnient and In due con
would be given. Tho Domlniou Ite-
clomatlon Service expect n favorable
reply, nnd Ihey wire also of the opinion that the problem would tie greatly simplified If tho Hood lands were]
turned oevr to the Domlniou Govern
reply j Mine and Locution dross Tonsl th),   riKhl   l0   km   .mciubt,r!*   &  the
Sulllvuii, (Blue) Klmberley WW deer family" was objected to by Mr.
Sullivan, (lead)   KImlierley 909 Bowser, who asked was it proponed
North Slur. Klmberley    HHfln gnmt ,hem Uie r|ght t0 all00t the
ICmeralit. Saituo     127 wapiti on   Vancouver  Island and  in
Emma, Coltorn   1069 ti,0 unooct section, animals secured
Iron Mask, Kamloops  c.Wl|i,y thc late government and protected
ment. for reclamation  purposes,   Tho I Josio, Hossland    3661 against slaughter to the end that they
Dominion Oovernment already owned Paradise, Athalmer     R7i might increase in their one-time ac-
a considerable area of the landB and Rossland ProporHos, lloftslnnd... 16101 ciifltomoil  haunts?     He remembered
tho fuct that the project was au lu-J Spokane Trinket, Ainsworth    M when the present  Attornoy-<ieoneral
ternatlonal one and that reclamation Standard, Silverton  r M17 uUowcd public-spirited sportsmen of
■work  would be largely on navigable;  1 Vancouver, at their own expense©, to
■*tf'fl2 j ship the herd of wapiti on the Main-
 «,.*•_♦.  . ijimi into tiie Lillooct to save them
■ THICK GLOSSY HAIR * uoca,,Ke  ne'  apparently, objected  to
vnvv trom nANnwtiFV .buyUm a uttl° lmy t0 feed them-  Tlie
FREE FROM DANDRUFF   wapm ^Qm be excm&A from m
. | provision, he claimed.
waters, were additional reasons.
On tbe most reasonable basis thero
was room on the flat:-; when reclaimed
for 1000 families. The land had an
uctual value now of about $30 per
ucro and reclamation would Increase
that avluo to f200 jer acre. Assuming such a value tho area was goo.I
for an addition to thc Provincial revenue of at least $70,000 per annum lu
In the end public opinion in both
countries was the influence which was
going to put the project through.
Boards of Trade and organizations
generally throughout Kootenay and
Northern Idaho and endorsed tbe pro-
ejet nnd he made a bid for the support of tho Cranbrook Hoard and tho
Cranbrook people to the proejet which
wai within their sphere of Influence.
atrial Try Iti Hair geta toft, fluffy and      _   . ..,,,,.
beautiful-Get a email bottle       '    Serlon 8- Providing for thc elml-
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  feet regulation as to notices around
If you oftre for heavy hair that gH*v a game reserve nnd extending lt to
tens with beauty awl ii radiant with 1300 feet, led Mr. Bowser to ask was
life: ha. an incomparable »ftne». end u      , fl   .     d D
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Buker and friends who, he had been
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the Pitt Meadows section. His Idea
of tbe Game Act wan. that It was designed to preserve the tights of the
public   and   not  of   some  particular
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""' M'"l[,,!,,l..'^.,™l.'!,!.H„..'-lUr?lI„£''n!;' reasonable restrictions.
Then, too. thc  amendment prohibit.!- nny  person   accompanied  by a
Two very desirable residential prop-l dog from  shooting a deer was  not
ertles nre advertised In tlie Herald necessary, said Mr. Bowser.   The old
"Want   Ad."  column  tod'iy.   Parties !so*'tl"n aimed at preventing the use
In seari-ii  01   modern  homes  should [*•• dogs trained for running deer, but
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Hsvsi  ii»m|inny. Ltd.. will be stamped Li
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"Bavei i'l."-,"
now a man with a fox tcrrlor,
spaniel or a bird dog could not shoot
a deer should ho bf out after birds
and obance upon a deer. The real
damage was done by tbe systematic
hounding of deer with dog.? trained
for the purpose. Such a practice waa
pretty well stopped under the old ad-,'
ministration and could bo now If
thero were proper game patrols. Then:
the power granted to a game warden'
rtflUont'^undl'   ,n abbot any such dog was a danger-j
is, Moating, foul'oils one. Mr.  Bowser argued.     Sup-,
posing  doer   wert   bothering   an   or-!
s   noted   (or   its   chard;   was  tbe  owner  to  have   his;
i, ;..-»■.   -tt-L-uuifhs.
alf stom-
*i!l  go.
Time it! In rtv«-
aeb distress, doc u
No Indlgdatlon, henr
bclehlna ol gas oi ■
anted food, no dlui
i-p-Bih or beedaohc.
Pape's   Diapepiin
spiril   in    n'-fulatiiiK     ^^^^^^^^
lt is tlte surest, qulwnit stomai-h Bweel ^
>iur iu the whole world, and besides it, deer away?   Valuable dogs might be
Pul  an end  Ut stomach   tilled by some official who possessed
1 dog Bhot because it  vrae  driving the
I dlstri
order .■'
by setting t* large fifty*
ipe's Diapepiin from any
Wn reallte in Ave minutes
bi it li to suffer from lwH«
ipepila or any itomaoh dli«
ctl by fermentation due to
i Ids in stomach,
iitlil i
It will not bo ti great while now
until thc followers of leano Walton
Will be netting ont their (telling tacKlO
and hihlng lo Ihe HtrrmiiH after tbe
elusive member* of tho tinny tribe
little or no discretion.
The requirement thai every person
firulng poison  rwlt used or placed lnj
the   haunts   of   fur-bearing  animals
should at once notify the game wur-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ den er cotistablee of the fact, was an;
roapoctor having a propped absurdity, Mr. Qowver said. In thel
■operate with the local Tros- lirst place, bow was tlu* finder to tell)
pC-dors' Association nnd get his proi>-( whether It was poison or not? Waa
orty before the Northwest Mining he to taste it or send ft 40(1 or 500
convention al its next mooting to he, miles to Victoria to have it .inaly-
hold In Seattle iu April The meeting, zed? And yet the finder was liable
promises to be tho best and most, to a tine If he did not so report. It
largely attended gathering of mining was a case of forcing the people to
men held for some time , dn  tbo work   which  men  should   h*s\
_ employed  to do.   The  provision that
a trapper wns liable for poison butt
on bis Hue of traps was an outrage,
said the Opposition Leader, who
pointed to the possibility that sueh
bait inlKht be placed by another trapper who would consider It was not
BAfe to have It near his own lint. If
lho "'her got caught and lost tils licence bo much the bettor for tbe first
Mr. Bowser was proceeding to suggest that such a section gave an opportunity of it irapper, should thtree
in one dlapomd to adopt ruch methods, to put bis opposition out of bus-
"He might also put poison In his
coffee," suggested the Altnrney-Oen<
era), amid laughter,
"What au argument!" retorted Mr.
Dowser, who assorted bo had been In
the House for Home seventeen years
Use Leas Powder-
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| and lie had never seen Minister, of
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i, pleasant littt
Itho Crown deport themselves lu the:
I manner of those of the presout Government. "Laughing and cackling ls
their chief argument, They might
take a lesson in deportment from
s<*me other members of the House,"
he suggested.
"1 mereely suggested thut if a mau
would ko so far as to put out poison
halt to catch his fellow trapper, it
might ua well be suggested he would
put poison tn his coffee," replied tlie
Mr. Bowser asserted such a thing
as a "frame up" was not at all uncommon. He InstaJiced tlie case in
North Vancouver where police offlcors
placed lfquor in the cellar of a prohibitionist member of tiie Police Commissioners and the courts held it was
a clear case of frame-up.
"Would you use that as an argument ugaitiKt the Prohibition Act?"
queried the Attorney-General.
There were other sections of the
bill to which Mr. Bow.ser took exception, That doing uway with the hunting bodge and requiring tlie huntsman "nt all times" to carry his lt-[
cense card was a needless amend- j
ment, he said. Practical huntsmen !
knew the advantages of a badge1
whicli could be easily displayed,!
wbicb was easily iseen and could not J
be destroyed by wet. a paper or {
card license would prove simply a
uuis-inee, liable to bo lost, easily defaced and hard to set at when demanded.
Tho amendment In section 16 restricting shooting privileges to nonresidents of the Province who oro
British subjects residing In tbe Dominion, to carry firo arms and bunt
wnra an improper one, Mr. Bowser
thought. Under the old act, and Brit-
Mh subject could secure the privilege for a small fee. But now It was
proposed to refuse tlie same privilege
tu British subject* from tbo Old
Country or any of the Dominions overseas.
Why should, for Instance, KngHflh-
mon, who. were almost invariably
good sportsmen, bt prohibited from
coming into the Province to shoot.—
men who should be encouraged to
come? On the other baud, Mr. Bow-
•er pointed out, Section lfi provided
that upon direction of the Minister
In the case of visiting officials from
other Provinces, or other special
cases, the Provlnolal Game Whrdon
might Issue, without fee, to any person a complimentary llcouse to carry
firearms and hunt Wg game nnd game
birds for a term not exceeding two
"Vou dou't intend to ullow British
aubjcolfl from outside Canada to come
Into tlie Province and enjoy the
shooting, but some American friend.-.
of Dr. Baker, Mr. Vandervere. perhaps, tho gentleman who figured to
the plugging scandal, Is to bo given
prlvlleg under that phrase, "or other
special cases." Whnt right bos the
Game Warden, who Is the Superintendent of Provincial Police, and who
knows little or nothing of the game
question, and takes less interest in it,
to be permitted to Isbuc complimentary license- good for two weeks?" asb-
ed Mr. Bowser, who approved of the
move to place a royalty on furs, but
thought the BCale of royalty should be
set out in tbo act rather than left
to the board to promulgate in regulations. The Legislature should tin
the royalties, be urgued.
Then, too, ttie casting ujioij tbe fur
trader the burden to show that the,
skins were not caught out of season.
was wrong, for a trader would be receiving skins from many sections and,
export'fur dealers held, ii waa im-.
possible to tell from a skin whether
it was or was not caught out of soa-
"Another absurdity, wns the way
the Opposition Leader dubbed the amendment requiring a guide to prevent any person for whom he Is act- i
Ing as a guide from shooting or killing big game in excess of tlie legal;
limit. It wa» another case of casting;
the duty of enforcing the law upon
private Individuals rathe.* than upon
ttie otllcers of the law. Was It ex-'
pected tho guide was to follow a man'
around and knock up his rltle or jump;
on bis back if he thought tbe hunter
was about to shoot something he
should not? Was tt to be supposed any
guide would be such fl fool as to hove1
a row with his party and throw up his
job, probably tbe only one he had In
tlie year and to secure which he maintained nn expensive outfit, just to do
the work tlie Government should do?'
Then the guide was supposed to re-
port such violations. Was he to j
lc.iw his party "nd hike to town to!
report? Mr. Bowser asked,
Then Mr. Bowser pointed to tbe
section prohibiting a person from buying or selling or keeping upon certain
premises, Including social clubs, any
part of big game or game bird*. There
were hundreds of good sportsmen who
lived at clubs, but under the section
they could not have the bird they shot
cooked for their own meal. It would
prevent every man without his own j
home, the bachelrtr, from enjoying
tho game he shot himself. On the
other hand, the section permits the
man with a home to enjoy the game.
Then, too, there was the permission
granted for storing game ln cold stor-
age. A line chance for the "game
hog" to go out every day and shoot •
the limit bag and stcre It, be suggest-,
ed. The whole principle of cold storage* In respoct. of game was a bad
one, he claimed..
"I see, too, you are going to have a
secretary for the Game Conservation
Board. I suppose he will either be a;
gentleman like my honorable friend's
acquaintance Cook, or ono who wm
htvolTO* to tht »Uwtos nii.Hl ot
Two  tizts
I54.nd 20*
Attornoy-Qeneral Karris intervened
to declare the Opposition Leader was
out of order and Mr. Speaker held
that was tho oaae.
"1 notice that while you, Mr. Speaker, have Improved notably lu health,
your hearing Is not so good on the
right side 113 ou the left," said Mr.
Bowser. Intimating that Mr. Speaker
was prone to watch the Opposition the
while allowing Government members
wide freedom In Ignoring the House
"We have the Civil Service Act under which nppolntmouts are mode—and
some pretty poor appointments, too,
Now you put u section In this act to
give power to the Game Hoard to name
this scoretary. If we have the Civil
Service Act, and patronage Is abolished as you Claim, what exrnse js ther*;
for this section'.'"
Mr, Speaker: "Vou are out of order.
Vou have been discussing mutters
that should be discussed In the committee stage of the bill."
"Mr. Speaker 1 would think better
of you If you would not interfere with
me and assume a partisan attitude in
defending the Attorney-Gene ral. I
would havo a far groator appreciation
of your position if you would Bhow
a, llttlo more consideration to the Opposition," retorted Mr. Bowser, who
claimed that In discussing various sec-
tions of the bill lie wns In order, a*
it was to the principles thorof he
was directing attention,
"The chair does not take sides either
way," mildly replied Mr. Speaker,
"That fs ti matter of opinion. I
would suggest that if iny friends opposite aro hurt by my criticisms they
should take their medicine und not
whine. We 011 this side have to and
we don't continually appeal for protection to the chair to prevent discussion. We have rights here and we'
propose they shall be respected,!' de-
elared Mr, Bowser,
"I hope my honorable friend is not
dlrectlng^hls remarks to thp Chair,"
suggested Mr. Speaker.
*'l am, though Mr, Speaker. Tht
next time I shall also have something1
lo i*ay if the occasion warrants It."
retorted Mr. Bowser us he concluded
his speech.
... .—    «-■*».	
Sportthnen    win    iind    Interesting
reading in the report or tbe debate
iu the Legislature on the proposal 'o
rovij.e the game reguUftSns of the
Province, published iu today's Issue
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Thursday, Morel. 4. 11120
e*yism.esyi^mmsr\f,m..r\f.n.ir\f.s, i^ft ss ■,Iff,m isf\fi*Q
Saturday, March 6th
Direct from Five Hecks* Itun iu Toronto ami Now on
Tlieir Way to the Pacific Const
this is tiii:ii( homimouim; tour and thi: last
Precisely as presented over 500 Hint's to the Boys In (
Frailer, and afterwards, over forty limes in Brussels for
thi> iH'iM'lit oi' the wounded ami itisahleil soldiers; and later    (
nt tin' Loudon Coliseum and throughout  l-'iiirliiml.   This
is the Original Pari), wltll the same all-Soldier Cast, fn
finding a bevy of reroute Impersonators aad a lot of well-1
known singers of lhe latest London aad Xow York sonij
hits.    Also two Bright nml Snappy llrnmath* Skelehes.
V, ll. I>uiiu and wife were here lawt
i week-end from Coi-bin.
Fred Ego, Moyie, arrived here ou
j Suuday*s train on business.
A. K. Klncaid, Revelstoke, was aw-
ong Sunday's arrivals lu the city.
Oeorge Thrasher, Hull Klvtr, was
in the city Inst Saturday ou business.
, J. A. Arnold, wlio has been eonllned
to Iiis home with Illness, s able to be
j about again,
v. ti. Hue. wtt'e and children, wore
among the arrivals here last week-
i end from Vancouver,
I Dr. Mackinnon, who waa laid up for
[a day last week with a severe cold,
lis now nbout his practice us usual.
Dr. F. B, Miles, who lias been ut the
j coast attending thee lectures given by
the Vuiic
i turned.
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Sen I Sule illmuln- Marcli 1st nl Ili'iittie-Ncilrto's
Qfttlm*   ttmJt/smstsesjffsmssts*t%sm-W-^V   ls**A"»'>H>" *>**%" f\Q
Mrs. William Tipper, of Yahk. who
-.-uttered u broken leg at her home
last week, and who waa brought Xo
St.. Eugene hospital lure for treatment, Is improving.
Thos. Caven departed Monday for
Spokane and points oa the Coast,
He will vtejt Victoria and Vancouver,
Mrs. Caven being at the latter place,
where she was summoned because
of the illness of her mother who was
Buffering with the flu, MrH. Caven also beblg attacked by the dread malady.
Mrs. Percy Adams and little son
havo been visiting with Mrs. Adams'
parents at Creston.
J. M. Coutts Is now recovered
i severe attack of tonsllitls,
Since Thursday, Miss 0. Hearn, of
South Ward school, has been quite
nick with Influenza,
Mrs. .1. S. Brake Is convalescing
after an attack of the llu.
Mr. and Mrs. D, E, Murphy of Vancouver, are re-twwjlng old acquaintances, the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs.
W. E. Haslam.
.1.   H.   Haslam   Is   reellevlng  at  the;
having sailed mi the Grampian with j
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Owen, whose re-
itirn to Canada wus attended with so I
much sorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Hartttcl) .
report having spem u happy time, but
Mad to be home aguin iu cranbrook..
They visited many points In England (
aud enjoyed family gatherings, at onej
nf which there were fifty present.
Mrs. Charles Little, who has been j
quite ill with the influenza, is con- j
J. D. Ayre, Uuyucs, was among thej
late arivnls here Tuesday, (
J. McCarthy and wife, Bull River, j
wore here Monday.
<!. Thomas. Moyle. was ti Tuesday]
J. A. Saunders and wife wore am-j
ong the arrivals in tho city on Tuesday from Calgary.
J. L Hetalluck, Vancouver, Public
Utilities Commissioner of the Province, and his secretary. S. J. Hliinnnt,
arrived hore Tuesday aftemoou.
Hector Mackenzie, traveling auditor for the Workmen's Compensation
Hoard, is In the eity on official business,
Fred A. Perry, official court stenographer, of Fernle. who  will  repcrt
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SCHOOL    BOARD.—Meets    In    tht*
City hull Friday evening at S o'clock.
LADIES' AID—Methodist church lo
meet ut the home of Mrs. H. A. McKowan, Tuesday ufternooii, March U,
at 3 o'clock.
CITY COUNCIL—Itegular meeting
in council chamber, city hull. Thursday evening, March 11, 8 o'clock.
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ire   Satiti'f
ay   evening,
■ iiu
company I
us appeared
lie pres
3 has
spoken in
the highest
erins ol
•t-s und it Ik
mta to s
iv th
1 Canadian
boys will be
by   ii
uiiiso   when
dry put
in  nt
c In ro,
■Ml   tt'O
itiT MP
1 ui: 1*1 him
till I it i
tins'   Ha not
loved   her j
.1 much
he services
nt' 11 police-
nan   we
e  ret
ttlred to
irovenl   that
11 itor   from
IliCR Commission Into the applications
of the telephone and lighting company
here for privileges to increase their
rates, arrived In the city Tuesday. Mr.
Perry, who reported the proceedings
of the O.  It.  U. Calgary convention,
nnd whose reports were found in thc
; raids made on some of the head-iuar-j mile from Post Office.
(Jeo, Nlbloch and family are nil ill j tens of the leaders, has Just returned;    2S acres. 15 acres cleared und un
with intluonziio, but reported progress-1 from  Winnipeg where he had been I der cultivation.
ing favorably. giving evidence in the trials of some.    Excellent spring.
Kenneth Much uni and Charles Il.irn-
liurdt arrived home last week-end from
the 0knn.11-.in1. where they have been
engaged in the foresty department.
•A mile from City Limits nnd
— of the loaders.
Mrs. Hoy Crane returned home on _
Tuesday   from   Ht.   Eugene   hospital.;    undertaker McPliewon, who wus in
having  undergone  au operation  for! Seattle Inst week on lustaess, has ar-
gall stones. rjvm] h(mv
"cnve-mannlng" her to hi:
"A Tompcrmant'-I WIfee," starring
Catisttittce Talmadgo nnd which will
be seen Prldny mul Saturday ut the
Rex,   Miss Talmadge plays the role
Of the very jculous-nulurt d Miss Billings, who determines thai her husband must he n man who Ims never
heen Interested in women nnd who.
after marriage, win he Interested in
nu woman other than herself. She
lin.]*- sni-li 11 mun in tho person nt
Son a tor Newton, from Nevada, an 1111-
marrled solon, suffering from such nil-
Leslie Loueks and wife have returned! lo thc city after un extended tour
in the Bast, und ure glud to be hack
in the Golden West. Mr. Louck's sister, Mrs. P. W. Cnrr, with her husband, uccompunled them to Cr.ui-
brook where it is probable Mr. Carr
may permanently locnti from a health \
Paul and Patrick, soils- of Uev. R W.
Harrison, ure down with the mumps.
\V, A.
Itllti:   A   HIKE.   Bicycling Ume In
here ngalit.   Bide a MASSSET or RO
ttlltli.    The latest models just In.
Hinnly udupted for market garden
or dairy ranch.
Good range.
Price $2S00.00.
This   price   is  only   good   tor   out
Apply   BEALE  &   ELWELL.
2-12-21 Cranbrook, B 0.
Our Ill-it .'Mhsjuhinenl of C. C. M.
Blojeles ami afct'ssorteii have arrived.
I See lhe Intent "MANSET" nml "IIKII
I BIRD- Wheel,.. cmaliiirue« n.i.llril lo
I nul-of-timi. eiiHiumers,
Hos» lloiiillinu hk "Marjorie, with tlie Duniliell. comiiin lierc Satudniy next
I'hone *.
It you have iiuythlnf. to sell or want
Burton, the electrician, and
wife and family, are all victims of In- j io buy, call on us.
(llionzo, and while tor a few days Mr.; OHflAN—Uood tunc. 12 stops, -S2S.00.
i„.'i...i liver, iii'lmesnon nnd|Burton was very sick, they «re nowl MAGIC   CREAM   SBPARATOR-1'er-
maklng for recovery,
Ha,  feel.    Hill  they are married;  and
the senator nrovos tn he a mode] hns.
hand until Blllle runs oft wltll a Bul-j    Mlasm  ^^  aBd  ,|||mle  Am_
narlai, Count.   How Blllle tries to re-.Mr011(, daug|,lers of Mr „„,, Mrs  *-,
Btin lho confldonco of her Importanl ,.. Arms,ron),, „rc |0ld up w,tll the
hushnnd makes a very Intorcatlns and jmiitciizi,.
feet condition, $25.00.
(JOOl)   RAW1E   .VNI)   COOK   STOVI!
for sale.
sillt sll,
Over the Cea Cups
Insure with Beale k  Elweli
+    +    +
Thc school Board win hold its regular monthly meeting Prldny evening
+ + +
The   regular  inon'thly   mooting   of Mill
thee   Methodist   church   l,iulk--'   Aid i llngnesi
Is marriage ji
"one girl III the '
rule is certain
bring into your
I chance
a hii
start of his
picture, "Tin
is allowing u
nosday nnd '
Moreover. h(
mself nn tl
lottery?      Ih  there1
'orld for you." whom
sooner   or   Inter   to
path?   Or  Is   it   ul)'
and proplntrinity und. perhaps.
f moonlight?     Walloco  Held!
ii  tho  "chance"  Idea at  the;
in w Paramount-Artcraft
*   Loitery   Mun."   whjch
t   the  Hex thentre  Wed-
riiiirsdiiy  nf next   week.
■   stnrts   a   lottery   with
ie prlzi. exiuesslng wll-
liiinry   uuy   woinnn   po-
Mfss Nellie Handley of W. li. Hill's
ladies' ready to woar store, has been
siilTering with a poisoned foot, caimed
! hy stepping ou u nail.
U.irluil Haslam is amoiiK the recent ones reported suffering from In-
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hartnell and
son   rt turned  from   England Sunday,
HOUSE    FOB   SALE—Eight   rooms,;
furnace heated; sewer connections
and hath room; concrete basement, etc. Terms cosh. Apply Mrs.
Goo. Loltcli. 3-«-2t
roomed house, bath and toilet, ('ranbrook street, opposite the Central'
school. Cash or terms. Apply at
the Herald olllce. 3-4-8t
POH SALE—Set cf Nclswoii's Perpetual LuoHe-Uaf Encyclopedia's; 12
volumes. Always up-to-riiite. Ap"
ply llox 173, 2-86-3t
VrlreM ob appllratlom me-
hox Ml, Kaslo, R, a
Socleety.  will  he held  ;it   the home of
Mrs. H. A, McKowan, Norbury Avenue, Tuesday afternoon, March Dth,
ut ;i o'clock.
+   +   +
Tlie Young Peoples' Lantern service
will not he held this Prldny evening
In the Baptist church because of the
absence of Hev. ,1. v. Sinclair from the
dty. These services will he resumed
the following Frldaievenltig,
+   +   +
Tho Cranbrook Am-:-* v •!-«« made
■sule of the il P. .Mum* property
on Burwell avenue to F. 0. Morris,
manual t ruin Ing instructor in the
Crunbrook public schools. Mr. Morris
will occupy the property ns a home.
+    +    +
Direct from a run of over live hundred performance!] In Prnnc6f, forty in
(trus-scls und u mouth In  London
sensing the necessary dollnr for a
coupon aud the winning number.
Hut something happens to mnke him
change his views. She Ir "the only
girl" und causes the most hilarious
ontanglemonts in the world. Wanda Hawloy Is the pretty trouble-maker, and 'he picture wns directed by
James Cruise.
The celebrated drama by James Wll-
lard, provides an admirable train of
thought with whicli to nrrlve at just
wliut there Is In the so-cnled "Woman or Pleasure," whnt lur weak
points ure. whnt she Is today In your
eyes und what she really Is In herself alone tomorrow. Vou shall like
lhe such a story us depicted In this pic-
Portland. Me., Halifax. Liverpool
Emm Portland—Halifax
Canada  April 17th—April 18th
New    York.    Plymouth.   Cherbourg,
Sn ut hum pi on
New York ....March 20th—April 17th
St. Paul March 27th—April L'4th j ~ ' '	
Philadelphia April 8rd—Way 1st FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED.—A
Manchuria March 27th—-May Sth
Mongol In April 10th—May 22nd
New York, Southampton, Antwerp    l
Kroonlnnd — March 27th—April 24th
Finland  March 24th—May lstj
Lapland April 3rd—May 8th
New York. Liverpool iiv
Baltic March 13th—April 17th '
(^edrlc April    10th
Celtic  May 15th
New York, Southampton, Via. Cher-
hnurgf France
Adriatic March 20th—April 24th
WOOD"—Price $16.00. Ageuclos
open. 22'. West Notre Dame
Street, Montreal.
furnished house wanted for a short
time from parties desiring to leave
the city. Must be modern In every
respect- The best of references
can be given. Address "House," In
care of the Herald office.      2-12-tf
famous Dumhells troupe of war voter-
unit, will occupy tho boards ut the An*
loriul  plioto-play coming to Ibe Itex
thentre Mouduy aad Tuesday.
New York. (Jlbrulter, Naples, (ienea
Cunople March 16th—May 12th
Orotic March 31st—May 28th
For reservations and tickets apply
to local agents or Company's office,
O. P. Sargent, 019 Second Avenue,
Seattle, Washington.
man in every town to opetn branch
office and manage Salesmen, $300.00
to $1,500.00 tvfeessary. Handle
own money, should mako $5,000
yearly; Prospective Bales In every
home. Expenses to Montreal allowed when you quality. Sales
Manager Walker, 225 Went Notre.
Dame Street, Montreal.
An Ideal Boarding
House for Sale
We are instructed to offer the Short
Residence on Armstrong Avenue,
4 1-2 Lots,
At the Low Price of $3,000
The property is in excellent repair,
fully modern and well located for either
Residential or Boardinghouse purposes
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent
....   '.■<■'„.:•'.V. .■■■. 	


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