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Cranbrook Herald Apr 8, 1915

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Array .«, ,.<
THUR8BAT, APRIL 8th, 1915
*♦ A
Postmaster   Henderson   Nuys  Letters
Mill liave to Hcnr Stump or Go
to Dead Letter Office
J. B. Henderson, the Craubrook
postmaster, Is in receipt ot Information (rom Ottawa re oue cent war tax
on letters and pOBt cards mailed tn
Canada for delivery lu Cauudu, United States or Mexico, and on lottora
mailed In Canadn for delivery In tlm
United Kliigdnm and llrltlsh possessions Kciicrnlly und wherever the two
cunt rate applies.
A war tax of one cent has been Im* ,..,,,,,,,,,._,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,______
poind on each letter and postcard I t>laee, but wo honoatly believe their
mailed In Cunadu for delivery lu Can- j place l« l» the flrlnic line. No man
ada, the United States or Mexico, and wunts to tackle that sort of stulf away
on each letter mulled in Canada for [ from the roar of tho cannon,
delivery In tlie United Kingdom and j Many a man has none bllthesomely
British possessions generally and to u Jewelry Btore for a ring, Ib dls-
wherever the two cent rate applies, j lllusloned when ho finds that dane-
to become effective on and from thc i Ing ability, In his life partner, ls a
15th April, 1915. ! Poor subsbtitute for the knowledge of
Tliis war tux Is to he prepaid by the ' how to prepare lunch.
senders by means of a War Stamp for j    When a young man vows to love
Tbe Way to Win a Mm ta By Makii.tr
Goo-Goo Eyes—But to Hold Hla
His Bride Host be a Ceek
Cranbrook girls must learn how to
cook. From now on there must be a
marked advance In the standard of
cooking in many homes in this city,
that la, provided the divorce court
Ib not the goal of many young women.
Fifty per cent of tho divorces in
Canada can be traced to bum cook
lug. The armor plated broad and biscuits that call for the services of a
nut cracker have been declared to bc
a greater cause of martial unhappl-
ness than the more fashionable plea
of incompatibility of temper. Armor
plato biscuits aro all right ln tlieir
WOMEN'S 1N8TITCTK | |J( ||, t[L(j| ||N
and cherish for better or for worse
lie never dreams that she will forget,
tlie salt in cooking or bake bread
that will bo soggy ln the center and
sale by postmasters and other postage stamp vendors.
Wherever possible, stamps on whicn
the word "War Tax" have been printed should be affixed to the upper armor plated on the outside,
right hand portion of the address side , The first break comes when he
of thc envelope or post card, close to i calls for the nut cracker as she passes
the regular postage so tliat it may be : the biscuits. Then there is a scene
readily cancelled at the same time as pantomimic rather than wordy.   She
the postage.
In the event of failure on tlie part of
the sender through oversight or negligence to prepay the war tax on each
letter or postcard above specified,
such a lettor or postcard will be sent
hurries home to mother to cry out
the anguish that Is on her heart, for
her life Is blighted.
Tf mother la sensible—and most
mothers are—she wlll Invite John to
her own home for a week to get his
Immediately to the nearest branch I stomach and temper right, and tn the
dead letter offlce. j meantime she wlll put the daughter
It is essential that postage on all \ through a course of cooking that will
classes of mail matter should be pre- j sena her ana her h^d and, master
paid by means of ordinary postage j home wiser and' not the less devoted,
sumps. The war tax stamp will not j '*» time when Tom, Dick or Harry
be accepted In any case for the pre-1 bas sons of his own, he will counsel
payment of postage them to be wise ln casting about for
                 I helpmates. He Ib convinced tbat many
SEED GRAIX FOR :a ""' »*£ .*'*- ott ""j* m
,„....,.,..,.,  .,. „«pnt: - would be without tear-stalns if young
LKAMMUUH tAIUlLKN wou]d in8,st upon the,r pro8pec.
  I tlvo partners being practical house-
The provincial government, through I keepers,
the department of agriculture, are j it is all right to let dancing, music
bringing in a mixed carload of oats j and clever talking have a share In the
and wheat, which will be stationed at : attractions that lead a man to the
Cranbrook for distribution to farmer-! jewelry store for a ring, but he find.*?
who are In the position thnt they are | her beauty is somewhat changed with-
unable at the present time to pay for j out the usual make-up. tbat dancing Is
seed grain for laud which they have ! a poor substitute for lunch, and as for
ready for crop. , talking, there will come a time when
The distribution of this carload wlll, he will set a premium on an hour
be through the government agent, Mr of perfect quiet.
N.A. Wallinger, who has been furnished Women are greater offenders than
with a supply of application forms and men today in rushing Into matrimony
forms of note which must be signed ' without sufficient preparation, and the
by the farmer wishing to secure the j one of greatest Importance Is cooking,
grain.   The note matures on Decern- j it is to be regretted that tho demand
ber first, and no interest will be
The price for tlte grain will he 2c
per lb. for oats, and the same fur
wheat. This includes transportation
charges from the source whence wc
obtain It. Farmers will have to pav
freight on grain secured hy then from
Oranbrook to their own places,
The grain has been carefully sf
looted, and is the host that can be
secured at tho present time. It has n
high germination BtftOdfird, and Is as
clean from weed seeds ns possible, being sold under the Dominion Seed Control  Act.
Farmers are nd vised to Immediate!)
apply to government agent for application form and form of note, to till
them In correctly, and return them
to your government agent without de
lay ,so thnt their orders may hn llll"*l
as expeditiously as possible when cat
It is understood and expected thai
only those farmers who are unite un-
ablO lO secure seed themselves wlll
avail themselves of this offer, and that
UlO seed secured will be used solely
for seed  purposes,
for women in commercial pursuits ha*-
resulted in a lessening of her knowledge of household duties.
Appoint   Committee*,  und   Decide on
(leaning l> City-Call for
City Engineer
of  Condolence and
Transact Other Business ot Im*
porta nee
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute was held in the
Maple hall on Tuesday afternoon aud
notwithstanding many members art
now busy housecleaning the usual
good attendance was maintained, fifty-
four being present.
Tbe president, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane, called the meeting to order at
3 p.m., the members rising to sing
the Maple Leaf, Mrs. Kennedy accompanying.
At the conclusion of the usual business of tlie meeting, tbe president
ell, complimenting them on the hand- I ca,k'd u-,on Mrs- Wallinger, who was
some majorities by whioh thoy had. responsible for the music of tbe day,
been relumed. "The puhlic iwve ' and under wboce wpable maOMenwat
sanctioned your actions in resigning!tllls l,ortion of tho Program proved a
rather than fight the matter out in i 8reat trt'ut t0 those assembled. A
the courts and we are now in shape ' s0,° "For AH Eternity was given by
to go ahead and work harmoniously ! Mrs. (Dr). Kennedy with a violin ob-
The newly elected council met at
the city hall last Saturday afternoon
for organization. Those present were:
Mayor Howness. Aldermen Clapp,
Leask, Campbell, llnufield and liniment.
The report of the returning officer,
Mr. T. M. Roberts, for the election was
Mayor Howness addressed the coun-
to the advantage of the city," said
the mayor.
The following standing committees
were named for the year:
Finance—Aldermen Clapp, Krickson
and Campbell.
Works and Property—Aldermen
Leask, Banfield and Krickson.
Water—Aldermen Campbell, Balment and Clapp.
Flre and Police—Aldermen Campbell and Erickson.
Health and Relief-Aldermen Balment and Banfield.
Sewerage—Balment, Clapp and
Special W*ater—Mayor Bowness,
Aldermen Campbell, Krickson and
Legislation—Aldermen Balment and
the regular meetings of the council
be held on the second Wednesday in
each month at 2.30 p.m. local time.
The $50.00 cheques which accompanied the resignations of the late
council were refunded.
The city clerk was Instructed to Insert  advertisements   lu   tlie   Calgary
Herald and Cranbrook Herald calling
for applications for the position
city engineer.
It was moved thut tenders be called for cleaning alleys of the city,
such tenders to be made before Tuesduy, April 13th.
The council ordered tliat the public be notified to huve all yards cleaned before May first and that sanitary
j Inspector be Instructed to sec that this
1b strictly enforced.
Council adjourned.
ligato by Mrs. Wallinger, and accompanied by Mrs. Lister at the piano.
Before thc commencement of the
contests feeling reference to tbe late
lamented death of the late Rev. B. P.
Flewelling was made. His loss waa
particularly conspicuous that day as
the Rev. gentleman had promised to
give a talk on garden-making and
being an authority on horticulture
a most delightful half-hour was anticipated. It was moved by Sirs. A.
A. Johnson and seconded by Mrs. K.
p. Ireland that a resolution ot condolence should be sent to the bereaved relatives of the late rector and also
to the local press. The motion was
carried, thc members standing.
The next Item was a patching competition for members only; ' To
encli competitor was given a square
and smaller one to form a design for
It was  proposed and carried that | the purpose of making a quilt for the
Craabrook Citizens   Asked to   Clean
Vp Yards and Alleys Before
Maj First
News of the death of Aadrew Hobb,
which occurred nt the St. Eugene hospital Monday afternoon, wlll be received with genuine regret. ClueBts
of the Hotel Cranbrook will recall the young Scotch lad who pack
ed the
!    Crnnbrook Is to have a    thorough.
; spring cleaning, so the new city coun-
! cil decided at its first meeting on Sa-
, turday afternoon last.   This Is a move
i In the right direction. There is enough
i guuullum around tlio backyards and \ or\\___\^i
I,lanes of the tbe eity to kill a million
■ men   with   cast    iron    constitutions.
I    It is to be hoped that from now on
Belgians. The ladies acquitted themselves so well iu this tbat the Judges
had no easy task in making the
awards. The successful ladies were
Mrs. J. S. Brake and Mrs, Oeo. Couldwell to whom were given a silver
thimble and afternoon tea aprou respectively.
Immediately followed the stocking
oi {darning contest, when the same two
ladles captured the awards, tbe order
of merit being reversed (1) Mrs.
Geo. Couldwell bbelng presented with
a silver thimble and (2) Mrs. J. S.
Brake a fancy apron.
The special feature of the meeting
I wan the Initiation ot the library. The
convener of the library committee,
Mrs. R. W. Russell, waB asked to
give her report. A collection of 37
volumes of standard authors had been
donated and numbered and catalogued. The rules controlling the use
of tlie books were read and the library declared open for the use of the
Mrs. McFarlane complimented Mrs.
Russell upon her success in this
movement and hoped the books
would be enjoyed. More books were
promised in the near future and the
Institute arc congratulating themselves upon establishing- what Is felt
to be tbe first circulating library in
Cranbrook under tbe auspices of  an
man living in the city limits-
Several selections were skilfully
rendered by Mrs. Wallinger and tea
and refreshments served by Mesdames
Leaman, J. Smoke, A. Mirams and
J. W. Burton closed a highly enjoy-
grips and met trains, and who  |,u'r>*  _
and those outside as well—will throw |   .,        .  . „
,  able session,
oft his coat, don a pair of overalls and : ___.
gat In and clean ap\™Mm.to| CHANUROOK AMAXEBE
llury   tlie   Hatchet   and   be   Friends
Again I'utll the Autumn
Breezes Blow
Victoria, B. C, April ".—It hns been
practically decided tliat there will be
no provincial election until the fall
of this year or early spring of 1910.
Starring   Men   Benmnd    Food—Clly
Not la Shape to Cope IVttli the
Vancouver, B. 0,, April 7.—Approximately twenty thousand worklngmen
are at tbe point of starvation. Tlie
city's funds are depleted and the bread
lino has had to bc abolished. The
starving men took the situation hi
their own hands yesterday aud demanded food. This not forthcoming
they resorted to desperate attempts
of looting stores, claiming it was the
only alternative. It was no crime to
rob and steal when a man was hungry.
A call brought out the police In
large numbers, but this bad little effect on the throng, aud the police had
difficulty In keeping them  in check.
Six men are In the Vancouver police
cells as a result of this, the first
bread riot In thc city. It Is said tills
Is only a forerunner of what will take
place in the near future, as the city
cannot do anything to alleviate the
suffering among the poorer class,
The calling out of the police has
not helped to solve the difficulty In
nny wny. When a man Is hungry he
must be fed, and u starving man will
take desperate chances,
'Standing Room Only" Sign Displayed
nt Lout Theatre Wednesday
One of the largest crowds ot the
season greeteed the Pantages players
at the Auditorium on Wednesday
evening, tho opening night. There
were six acts on the program produc-
Yankee Basket Ball Champions Are
Kaslly Trimmed by the Cran*
brook Team
On Saturday night at the Auditorium the Young Men's Club Basket Ball
ed by Pantages Rroad Show No. 1 and team c,aghed wlth the ^noon Ferry
it may be truthfully said that the Hlgh School team, the recognized
whole program was out of the ordinary champions ot Northern Idaho, and In
run of Pantages bills. It was full of L spoed). garoe tmrt w„ flurPrislngly
fun and laughter with no serious mo-, rree ,rom aIiy rough plfty tUe »ocai
ments and every one apparently en-j-^, dt.fealed the ¥toltora by _e 8Core
joyed the show.
| of 41-14.
The opening act was by Nolsn and I Although Cranbrook's representa-
Nolau, who performed an unusual ; fives bad never taken part In any like
Juggling act with various articles, j contests thoy showed finished team
There were several new stunts work-; work that swept their opponents off
ed into this act and the climax was their feet and by the finest combina-
performed by Mr. Nolan in catching Hon work scored on their less speedy
a large number of plates thrown at i rivals almost at will. It is only fair
him as fast as hlB assistant could ; to say that the visitors were minus
send them. two of their regular men. but they
Burt aud Olbbson, in "Odd Bits of freely admitted the superiority of the
Vaudeville" was the next number on '■ local boys over any aggregation that
the program. Their act was moBtly they could muster,
all burlesque with a bit of catchy They, noted for their combination
singing stirred In. They drew con- play, were completely outclassed In
slderable applause. ! this  as  in   every  other   department.
Curtis and Hebard, tho personality; the locals playing with a snap and
girls, did one of the cleverest turns : dash that completely baffled the vUi-
of the program, meeting with the in- tors. But a better team of good
slant approval of the audience. They s-wrtr. It has never been Cranbrook's
gave a large repertoire of new songs good fortune to meet, their playing
nnd  introduced  somo character  Im-  iven In Uie face of certain defeat, be-
personations tbat were cleverly done.
This was one of the best acts on the
Johnson,   Howard  and   Llstette  as
the "Three Dusty Roads," possessed
abundance of horse play through
ing entirely free from those tricks
wl.ich it t! e practice of some to put
into play when tlie hope of victory is
beyond reach.
The opening game was staged between tlie all-conquering School Girls
which there was occasional glimmers team, the "Macs" and a picked team—
jnf fun and humor. They were billed the "Whirlwind*-" This from the start
as gymnasts but were really tramps . kept the crowd enthused, and the de-
out of a job. They managed, how-' termlned manner of playing kept the
ever, to keep the audience in a good | interest up to a high pitch. From the
Ilrst the Macs took the lead snd although their opponents struggled va-
Floored the Tar Baby In the Twenty-
Hlxth Bound   Johnson Took
Hie Count
humor. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Taylor and Arnold Introduced several new songs, Miss Ethel Arnold
possessing a very pleasing personality and a fair voice. Her best hit
of tho evening was "On Dublin Bay."
The performance closed with the
hotidllner,    Harry   Tate's    Motoring,
Hantly they could not catch up with
tlie girts, whose team work and shooting were excellent. The score at
wore at half time stood 4-4. After
the Intermission the teams were after
tt harder than ever but the Macs kept
I that produced roars of laughter from
_M     ! the audience.   Five English comedians
„ ,    ,, -    .      ,tft11    . .,     appeared in thc act which was filled
Havana, April 5.—Jess Willard. the ..„■•—*.      ,s    4, . ,
.... , , _  with ludicrous situations arising out
Kansas cowboy Is the new heavyweight | nt  mt__tm___,     „«..  .__[_: _ *
champion pugilist of the world. He
knocked out Jack Johnson, the black
champion, ln the twenty-sixth round
of tholr scheduled 45-round championship bout here today. ' Thc knockout
which proved to be a breeiy sketch   foxing ahead, scoring 11 points while
attended to the   many wants of the
guests of that well known hostelry.
Andrew was taken to the St. Eugene hospital some three months
ago being nflllcted with that malady,
consumption. Despite everything
thai medical science could do and the
tender nursing nf the Sisters of St.
Kugene hospital, he succumbed on
Monday afternoon.
The funeral took place this after-,
noon from the undertaking parlors of; taining nsl.es, oil stoc
F, M. Macpherson, Rev. W. K. Thorn-
Hffl   pastor      of    the    Presbyterian
church,    performing    the    last    Ha,i; thing n good cleaning up. not forget
A brother, John Robb, resides at
Uur. Dewar avenue, this city, nnd will
have the sincere sypmathy of the
community In the loss of his brother.
was a terrific right swing to Johnson's
It was Johnson's fight all the way
up to the twenty-second round, when
his vitality left him because of the
hard pace which he carried throughout the early rounds. Then the giant
plainsman opened his attack, and In
the next few rounds carried thc fight
away from tlie black man nnd toppled him over with rights and lefts to
the body and blown to thc face.
Seventeen thousand persons saw the
combat, and when Johnson crumpled
up on the floor from a right swing to
thc jaw, the crowd burst into the
ring.   Soldiers cleared the ring.
Johnson took thc referee's coun'
while lying on the ropes, but the moment after Referee Welsh had given
the decision the former champion got
to his feet in time to escape the wild
rush of excited spectators.
ot automoblllng. Tlie scenery and
costumes were In keeping with the
act and there ls no doubt that It fulfilled the extravagant claims made for
! It as one of the funniest acts In vaudeville.
The show Is repeated tonight foi
sight, so that when the sanitary in
spec tor makes his rounds everything
will be shining like a nigger's eye.
This Is tin* season of cleaning up
and getting rid of the winter's accumulation of everything dirty, including tin cans, old   clothes,   discarded
bedding, old boxes and barrels eon-1 ■r--BrflrBrHrHrfllBHrMia
k rorttflcatea and j ««"'«™™ _**»*,^"* _** " the
ither miscellaneous Junk for which we
We have pleasure In welcoming into Three Hundred Acres of Bottom Land
om- midst the advent of the "Cran-! Feeding Large Number of
brook Amateur Players."   The C. A. |' UTe fni,^ -
P.'s are a combination of the best tal- j ,
ent available amongst local ladies aad
further  use.     (llve  every-
After fifteen years of Waiting tin
people of the llouudary will he able
to buy n ticket for Vancouver hy t'n
new southern route uu the morning cf
May :tlst. On this date a trl-weekly
service will begin over the tracks ol
the Kettle Valley railway hy wny of
Bpenco's Bridge and Merrltt. At first
the Hervlce will he In daylight only
Trains will leave Vancouver und Nelson on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays, reaching Pentlcton the same
day and remaining overnight there.
going on to destination the next dav.
Announcement lo tl.l* rMMi made j "„;; ^j^^^mS" the 151
by J. J. Warron, pros .lent of thc road. „,,„„  c0 ,.„„ Com   „„  „„,,,,
In Pentlcton on Wednesday, and the
schedule wlll be forwarded to agents
Forest Mills Hustaln NMMMt Loss-
Fire Believed to be of Ineed.
diary Origin
Revclstokc, B. C, April 6.—Fourteen
million feet of lumber, valued at (310,-
000;   the steamer ReveUtoke, which
from the general others of thc Canadian Pacilic railway in Vancouver In
a few days.—Grand Forks Sun.
owned by J. H. Young; 17 Iioubcs,
machine shop, dry kiln, four lumber
sheds, stables, store and warehouse
wcre swept away last night by a flre
which laid the whole town of Coma-
pllx tn ruins. The school, a few
small houses and piles of smoking
lumber arc all tbat remain. The lumber, sufficient to fill seven hundred
cars, was the property of the Forest
Mills of British Columbia of which
ting the cellars. Many a man has a
beautiful lawn, which is n credit to
the city, whose back yard Is a disgrace to civilization nnd humanity.
Now that we nre assured there will
be no election until late fall or curly
, next spring (don't bet nny money on
,,,,10 It might be well to give our mind-
a little attention. It Is strange, but
nevertheless a fact, that one's mind
can become just a big a breeding place
of disease as the many buck yards of
If you believe In sanitary surroundings—and If you arc human you will-
get to work right now with rake and
birch broom and clean up tho winter's
accumulation of dirt, bile and melancholy.
Clean up! Or the law will make
Tho  second  concert  consisting  of
choruses,   orchestral    numbers   and
solos will be given In the Presbyterian j ^ AnHt"ie"i"s managing director. The
church on Sunday, April 20th at MB j mochtnfi Hhopa( Htab|eB, Btore and
p.m.    /Thero  will  be  no  admission! Wftrrll0UHfi were nlno Ul(! property of
but a  collection   will   be  taken.
Upwards   of fifty   performers    In
chorus and orchestra.
Fuller    announcement     wlll     be
nude next week.
O. r. Nidd, Conductor.
the company.
The flre, which started about mid
night, Is believed to have been of In
condlary origin. It appears to have
started ln the lumber and waa beyond
, control before Mtked.
The farming operations of Cameron
brothers, sixteen    miles from   Cran-
presentation from time to time    ***«Um,   .        ..    ..,    ,
'    .    , .. .   ,       ..*,„. brook on the Wardner roud, are an
high-class comedies and plays to the .„.,*,.,      ,
,,,     * „     L     *     e*». m **.   rs   a   other proof tliut farming   s a profit-
public of Cranbrook.   That the C. A. ■ v »•••*•
P.'s will be heartily welcomed and wlll
receive the patronage of the Cranbrook
public goes without saying. Local
amateur productions are always Interesting but tlie talent at the C. A.
P.'s disposal combined with the fact
that thc management ls In really capable hands should excite the anticipation or all theatre-lovers beyond the
usual extent. The C. A. P.'s have now
under rehearsal and wlll shortly pre*
seent n comedy which will prove to be
far ahead of anything In a similar
way heretofore put on bby amateurs
(or even professionalb) In Cranbrook.
BURNS #500,000
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all the carpets In an eight-roomed house In two
hours? You do It better than with
the old style carpet benter and do
not Injure tho carpet—in fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners nt SOc.
and $1.00 per hour and cartage.
M'rapbrook   Electric Light Von Ltd.
Rexall Orderlies, the modem laxative, chnnse the system nnd benutlfv
the complexion. Sold only by The
I Beattie - Murphy Co., Tbo Rexall
I Store. 10c., 26c. nnd SOc. boiei.
able occupation In Bast Kootenay.
Their father originally owned this
tract and was oue of the curliest settlers In this district. His two sons,
C. and T. Cameron, fell heir to the
property after his death some six
months ago and they have been con
ducting It since. They own three
hundred acres of rich bottom land,
large, part of which lias been cleared
and Is producing flue crops of outs,
wheat and hay. There Is also plenty
of wood, trees and running water on
this farm. They ure not equipped
with modern threshing machinery
and therefore find their grain crops
most profitable ns fodder fur their
live stock.   This year tbey wintered
the Whirlwinds netted the basket once.
the final score Btandlng 15-6 In tlw
Mac's favor.
The lineup: Macs: G. Gill and D.
Kershaw, forwards;, E. Macdonald
center; O. McNabb and B. Gill, guards.
Whirlwinds: F. Erickson and E.
Caslake, forwards; O. Hickenbotham.
center; M. Whitehead and M. Mar-
cellals, guards.
Then came the big event of the even-
lowed by a dance ud a driving tor lngt CrMlbrook ***&* the throw np
a set of dishes which are given away
free to the lady holding the lucky
Charity   Ball   Well   Attended   aad
Pleasant Evening Spent
and after a few fast passes worked
i under the visitors'   goal,   Ashworth
dropped  ft  in.   Crowe got the next
one soon after and Dallas   immediately
j duplicated the feat. Bonners Ferry then
I shot a  pretty goal,  Kent doing the
> trick only to have Mcllwalne score a
: long one for the locals.     Tbe local
boys continued to find tbe basket witii
regularity while their guards held the
. opposing forwards down fn great styU
their intercepting and blocking being
most  effective.   Cranbrook's  l«*d at
the end of the first half was aeventen
points, the score standing 19-2 tn their
The second half saw the visitor*
pick op somewhat but the local forwards continued to erode their guards
and kept the game well ln band. The
outstanding feature was a dazillng
•hot by Olll from far ont, the basket
being a perfect one. Rynkael, for
Bonners Ferry, made a brilliant shot
from the centre. He scored six
points ln this half, leading his t**am
mates. Ashworth was top scorer annexing is points, with Crowt*> next
with 12.
The lineup: and score:
Cranbrook, Ashworth, I. f.ll; Crowe
r. t, 12; Dallas, c, 6; Men wain*, r. g.,
4; Ofll.l. g.,1
ItonnTs Ferry—**'*rlson, s. f., 4;
Kent. r. g.. fi; Bangs, c; Rrnluet, r. g.,
6; Norton, I. g.
F. M. Macpherson made a most efficient refer*-**., heing Impartial aad
keeping the game well in hand at all
After the game an informal banquet
was given for the visitors tn which all
four teams participated. Orations were
Brechin,   Hop*
The Hospital Ball, Cranbrook's
leading social event, was held at the
Auditorium Easter Monday. The
Hospital Ball has become a regular
feature of the social side of Cranbrook
life, ln fact Craabrook and the Hospital Ball are one and the same thing.
The dance was thoroughly enjoyed,
at any rate It kept the young people
on their feet till £.30 in the morning.
Thc main point in connection wltli
this ball Is that everybody enjoyed
themselves heartily.
A goodly number from outside
points were present, embracing Fort
Steele, Wardner, Marysville, Kimberley, Moyle and other nearby towns.
The following were the patronesses
Mrs. (Dr). J. 11. King, Mrs. Geo. F.
Stevenson, Mrs. (Dr). F. W. Green,
Mrs. G. Erickson, Mrn. A. I,. MoDermot, Mrs. George Hoggarth and Mrs.
II. H. Bourne.
The committee In charge of arrangements was as follows: Dr. J. H.
King, E. I. Paterson, W. Halsall, C
C. Connolly, A. L. McDermot, Maurice Qualn and Chas. II   Knocke.
The proceeds of the dance will be
turned over to th(> hospital authorities. Tho attendance this year was rendered by Messrs,
was not as large as in former years,' kins, Ref. Dunham and Ashworth aad
but the Auditorium wan comfortably ably replied to by Carlson, for Boa-
filled, ners Fwry.
The St. John Ambulance Corp Sunday morning Bonners Ferry
provided the supper, which was taste- team were taken around the suburbs
lly served. by auto and, as usual, expressed then-
The Cranbrook orchestra supplied \ selves as deeply Impressed with the
the music, which was of a high nr-   grandeur of the sceaery and bracing
Vancouver, B. C, April 6.—Half a
million dollars' worth of bank notes
were burned In Vancouver .this afternoon.   Official permission to apply the
match and have a bonfire was given by j
a supreme court judge this morning I
to Ewing Ruchan, liquidator tor thej
defunct Bank of Vancouver.   The Mq"]
uldator has called in moot of thn circulation and today he did away with]
Thero were more than IflO.eo* $r>'|
bills in thc pile when the matoh was]
Herald for publication: We were most
pleased to see a good number ot our
young single mon started work on
Monday, while a large number ot married men with large
main at large.
left for home on the 1 o'clock train.
forty head of cattle and about fifteen j^ and thoroughly enjoyed by tbe I qualities ot the moantain air.    They
head^ot horses.   They have two hund- \ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
red Chickens feeding In the barnyard
at very little expense. They ship butter, eggs and milk to Fort Steele,
Wardner and other points and are
making an easy living with only part
of. their land In shape. With modern
machinery and more ground under
cultivation, all ot which they are endeavoring to accomplish gradually,
these young men wlll have one of the
most profitable propositions ln tills
district. They find their live stock a
source ot great profit and Intend Increasing their herd every year.   There
The following lias been sent to the (la a fine wurm house and large barns
and outbuildings on the property. The
Herald man wus shown a very fine
•ample of wheat raised on this farm,
at bis recent visit, which yielded heavily and produced a firm, hard grain
equal to the best in Alberta.
This Week, Saturday, April 10thv we win sell at nbwlate ronl
White Icing Sufrar, per lb. 10c
(Reprnlar Price lie. or 2 for He.)
This Is for Cash Only and not more thai fi lbs. to Caitomer
Phone Orders f Uen prompt attention and yon can pay delivery
A shipment of flne*t home made Maple Strap In pitcher
roady for nne on table* inc. each.
Sagar, H lb. flack, U.7&
Freak -agfe, S6t» decern
CKAimooE TKAiuira co. fiat two
L. F. Salman, Editor
I. H. Thompson, Btslwsi Manager
li,s«rt,tl»> Bates
Ob*   Ttar   	
■U Moltks    	
tkree Months   	
id.ertl.la, Kates
Stall**   Advertising,   II   cuts
Ceiia* iBak.
■eaatln, NoUcs, er Classified Ads.
Winn line.
Cranbrook, B. C, April 8, l»U
Just why the local government
authorities are not having more men
at work on the roads Is not generally
understood. A few men are ut work,
but only a very few, some seventy-
five or eighty-five In all. Some $40,000
was appropriated for the roads In this
district. Men are needing work now
more than they have ln thc past few
montlis. The uneinployeed have managed to pinch through    the    winter
In the Carleeton Drug Company—of
which William V. Garland, M. P. for
Carleton, Is principal owner—has
made a profit of $0,0011 on an order
for forty thousand dollars worth of
held dressings and other necessities
intended for the brave men at the firing line. The drug clerk, a mere inexperienced youth, paid about $15 a
week, is Introduced to the militia de-
BWI partment under the scoundrelly poll-
j tical  patronage  system  tolerated by
10: the pinchbeck political practise of this
mm  country.
"*" It is pretended that the junior clerk
of the Carleton Drug Company is allowed to appropriate this patronage-
begotten $9,000 of public money wlth-
,out hint or Interference regarding its
mm j disposal by bis political masters. Tak-      The Germans are today In a Hun
1 ing the pack of patronage middlemen; dignified position,
What has
become ol the Qerman
lit their political won), una! assuming
that tlie Jli.iiiii) ul profit on the Held
dressings uml necessities for wounded
men Ih to be disposed as pretended.
Is ft not enough to bring team ol
sluuiK' to the eyes of every lover of
Canada uml Hritish honor?
The lleil Truss fund Is having to aji-
tii'ul for more help; and muny good
people ure giving of tlieir scant earnings to do what little they can for the
tender nursing of the empire's poor
broken men.   For tlie sum of 99,000
somehow, uml a few iloliurs Just now ,
a limn it wlll later I l'1K|ltcen  trained  nurses could huve
means more to them
on when the mills are busy and otlier
enterprises huve started. Tlie weuth-
cr has beeu Hue und roud work can
now proceed rapidly. Men are demanding work Instead of charity. The
local authorities have the power now
to alleviate conditions to tlie extent of
140,000 It tliey desire. Tliey would ulso
clear themselves of the charge thut
tlie roud npproprlatlon ls merely un
election fund if they spend it now,
when men are needing It bndly. It
will do a world of good if spent now,
as there are muny fuuiilies in the city
ln need nt the present time, und a
good proportion of them do not feel
Inclined to ask for charity.
in another column of this paper
will be found au announcement of a
car of seed grain to be distributed to
the farmers of this district on notes.
'While this muy he welcome news to a
few farmers the government has bun
gled this seed proposition just as bad-,,,    „ ,     , „   ,    ...,       ,
7        .,      ,        ,    ., ..       ,      a Mr. Daln of l'eel glibly asks,
ly as they huve In the matter of an
beeu sent from Canada and maintain-
j ed at the saving line for a whole year
—perhaps till the end of the war—to
i wash the wounds und soothe the paln-
' racked bodies of Canada's injured sol-
] diers.   One hundred and eighty Red
j Cross beds could have been sent to the
saving line to lay weury, shell-torn
! and shattered men upon, In 'cleanll-
I ness and comfort, so far aB comfort Is
possible.   But the $9,000—Just one In-
i stance of tlte work of the maggot eating at the heart of Canada—lfl now deposited  to the  account of  a junior
clerk of the firm of the Carleton Drug
Company, of whicli William F. Gar-
land. M.P., is principal owner.
And the political colleagues of the
honorable member for Carleton gloze
over the work of the maggot by asking smooth questions, Field dressings
nnd flrst aid necessities for the
wounded are mnde to yield up a prollt
or 28 per cent—$9,000 of public money
to a politically appointed agent; and
•Is that
election, Kurly In the spring it was
announced thut seed gruln would be
supplied for cash, oats and wheat for
$3.00 per hundred, etc., und every farmer borrowed ull the cash he could
and sent It to the government for seed
grain. Muny tn this district received
notices to the effect thut the government was entirely out of the best
grade and wus shipping a second quality at thc same price. Now comes the
announcement thut a cur load of seed
grain is to be distributed nn noteB
maturing after the harvest. Many
farmers aro paying high rates of interest for money borrowed, who
would gladly hnve taken advantage of
the present offer. The government fa.
most matters lately seemB to have no
definite policy und guesses from day
to duy ns to what the next move will
be. The muny contradictory announcements of the government an1
not tending to restore tile falling confidence of the people in the honesty or
capability of the provincial authorities
In theory a newspaper consists of
news und comment and of advertising. By excluding news and* comment the paper becomes uninteresting. By excluding advertising lt bc-1
comes unprolltuble. The reading not-1
Ice "put in" to oblige someone, or to
aid a good cauBe, occupies space that
could bc better employed. For thlai!
reason it Is a direct charge against
tho publisher. These urc kindergarten axioms, perhaps, but It is not certain that the public is familiar with
them. No one doubbts thc spirit n:
the grocer who sells goods for iictual
cost to a poor tumily. But no one
would ask hlm to give the goods away
and then oblige further with a cash
contribution. A newspaper Is as much
a business as a grocery shop. Truly,
It Is a servant of the community, bul
there ls no reason that lt should he
an unprofitable servant.—Toronto
All things como to thoBe who wait-
including sturvutlon.
Jack Johnson, the tar baby of thc
pugilistic world, haB bitten the dirt.
Some politicians who have "burled
the hatchet" are still using the hammer.
Too bad the Cranbrook trouble
hunter doesn't have to take out a
A newspaper crank and an automobile crank are two separate and entirely distinct things.
This Ib a world of change—small
change—for most of us. The copper
cent has been Introduced Into Cranbrook.
It's a wise man who knows when
he lias enough. Jack Johnson and
Dick McBride have decided to quit the
Twenty thousand men starving and
$500,000 In bank notes burned is the
two Important items from the capital
city this week.
Straws tell which way the wind
blows—not in the B. a election which,
according to a Victoria despatch, will
hot be until the end of the year,
Last month In Cranbrook there were
20 births and one death. The people
of that city have taken our advice
about raising something.—Revclstokc
regarded as high In your business?'
And Mr. Krlpp of Ottawa Bays to thc
Carleton Drug Company's junior clerk. |
"Vou do not have to account to anyone for the amount?" The clerk
answers, "No." Says Mr. Fripp, honorable member for this Capital and
royal city, "You ure going through college and this will help you?" And the
obedient clerk answers, "YeB." And
tlie loyal citizens of Canada nre quito
culm anil unmoved about it!
Within a few weeks the political
hacks wlll have scattered across the
country, anil If the ring-leaders have
their way Canada will he plunged Into
tlie swirl and swill of n general election. Sncli patriot gentry aa the head j The old Monollne machine whicli
nf thc Carleton Drug Company, and formerly did many years of service In
the sophist members of the committee I t|,e Herald Ib now on exhibition at the
Investigating the profits over the bod-  Panama-Pacific exposition. As a cham-
Perfect Atteiiuee
Division 1.—H. C. Garrard, Teacher
Philip Briggs
Helen Bridges
Henry Cheater
Herbert Fyles
Edwin Malcolm
Mary Malcolm
Alec. Mennle
Sydney Murgatroyd
Dorothy McLean
Division 2.—R. S. Shields, Teacher
Number enrolled  30.
Average attendance  29.19
Percentage  97.30
Willie Atchison
Muriel Baxter
Gladys Brookes
Elsie Beattie
Frank Cadwallader
Melville Dallas
Barbara Green
Jennie Hopkins
Horatio Jecks
Ruth Kendall
Harold Leask
Grenvllle Musser
John Noble
Agnes Reekie
Josephine Severe
Alfred Sindall
Gordon Taylor
Edward Turner
Lottie Moore
Nellie Marcellals
Division 3.—Effle M. Bechtel, Teacher
Enrollment  37
Percentage    93.03
Donna Argue
Irene Beech
Nina Belanger
Ivy Bidder
Grace Doris
' Hattle Hollander
Ing Wal Hoy
Ida Johnaon
Violet Jones
Faith Kendall
Walter Laurie        ,
Mary Mann
Annie McBlrnle
Marlon MacKinnon
Evelyn Moore
Hugh Simpson
Clifford St. Biol
Croasley Taylor
Harry Webb
Helen Worden
Man Bing
The next thing we expect to hear is
that the road gang will be called in
and Mr. Thos. D. Caven, M. P. P., called to Victoria. This will give Tom a
chance to "finish his work," or rather
commence lt.
We arc convinced, after receiving
today's Nelson News, that the election
has been Indefinitely postponed. The
News ls reduced to Blx pages—as before the election announcement—and
the Liberal party of British Columbia
is let severely alone.
ies of wounded soldiers, wlll be ex-
pnndlng themselves upon political
platforms and appealing for tiie support of the loyal orders and believers
In llrltlsh tradition and honor! They
will vow themselves to be the saviors of the empire. What will the loyal
orders and independent citizens say?
Britain would surely abhor and repudiate such professed aid. Will It seem I As we e° t0 Pross a wireless from
.veil In the sight of the Great Archl-1tlle °mce of *"• M- MacPhcrson, offl-
tuct of  the   Universe?—The   Ottawa clal umpire <** 'ne celebrated basket
plon bucker, kicker and ring-tail
1 snorter it stood in a class by Itself,
i The Conservative papers are now cry-
1 Ing out "Smash the Liberal Machine!"
■ We often wonder if they are talking
! about our dear little Monollne. Surely
j It ls not our machine they want to
smash!   The cruel things!
Evening Citizen.
There Is a maggot eating nt the
heart of Canadian national life; ami
Independent citizens of this country
are standing by In silence, witnessing
the work of the greedy maggot without a murmur.   Materialism has bur-,
rowed Into the body politic so deep . «*« l>astor,J .It. Norton, sang t.sacred
tbat  even  things' most  dear to the
(Special correspondence)
Koad work began this week.
James Wright returned Monday
irom St. Eugene hospital, having undergone an operation.
Mrs. W. B. McFarlane of Crnnbrook.
wus u vlaltor to her brother-in-law,
V. McFarlane, on Sunday.
Mrs. Arden, wife of the newly appointed constable, with her little
laughter. Florence, arrived Saturday.
On Friday Miss Jennie Smith returned from her home ln Granham,
McLeod, Alberta, to visit her brother,
It. A. Smith.
A well attended dance was held In
Miners' Union Hall Easter Monday.
The proceeds wero devoted to a charitable object.
Miss Esther Erickson of Kimberley,
ivns a visitor to Mrs. Desaulnlers' on
Wednesday last and returned to Kltn-
li-Tiey on Friday.
At the  Methodist  service  Sunday,
hail game which took place last Sa-
turday night between Bonners Ferry
and Cranbrook, says they have just
finished counting the score. As wc refrain from publishing Jokes ln this
column we trust tho readers of this
great purveyor of thought will forget
it, for the sake of our next door neighbors across the line.
honor of a nation do not escape It.
Young men, young soldiers, arc voluntarily giving their all, their lives. In
defence of British freedom. British
honor and British tradition; nnd the
political maggot is eating into the
health of the citizen army through the
soles of Its rotten boots.
Having eaten Into the health of the
soldiers who were strong and well, the
maggot is now fattening on the sick
and wounded, broken In the empire's
war. Field dressings, even the salve
and balm and bandages, for the poor
broken limbs and shattered bodies of
Canada's wounded men and boys, have
been made a medium for thc accursed
maggot to ply Its loathsome business
Where are the upholders of Hritish
solo und Ester Nordman, nine years
old, sang the solo, "Sunbeam." Mrs.
,'ennle Barker was luionipunlst.
On Sunday Mr. and MrB. J. T.
Browning returned from a vlBlt to Mr.
and MrB. T. S. Gill of Cranbrook. They
were accompanied by Miss Enid GUI.
who returned to Cranbrook on Wednesday.
On Wednesday A. Anion of Canal
Klats, nrived to take up duty as provincial constable In place of J. T.
Browning resigned. On Good Friday
Mr. nnd Mrs. Browning wcre visitors
to Cranbrook.
''The Girls From the Golden West" to
Head I'anUges BUI Next
Cora Youngblood Corson, who appears at the Auditorium theatre next
week at the head ot one of the big.
gest musical acta In vaudeville, "The
Girls From the Oolden West," presents one of the greatest musical acts
In vaudeville and certainly the leader of Its kind. It Is an organisation
of nine girl musicians who offer surprising volume, almost equal to as
many men, and at the same time are
accomplished musicians, who understood the art ot playing stirring music
with their quartettes of cornets and
trombones. The girls appear In a
beautiful stage setting and most attractive costumes, tho act being a very
pleasing one throughout.
Chas. Wayne and company In "Nursing a Husband," wlll contribute the
sketch number to the bill which wlll
also Include Bob Abrlght, the boy
from Oklahoma, better known ts
"The Male Melba."
With his old good humor and hla
popular Bongs, thc encores to which he
gives without grudge, hla act Is easily the most popular of the bill, and he
was called on time again to repeat his
beautiful Irish melodies. The audience
are Invited by Bob to call their selections, and there were ao many requests that It would have kept him
there all afternoon filling them.
"Where the Shannon River FIowb,"
"Can't You Hear Me Calling Caroline?" "When You're a Long Way
From Home," and "Wild Irish Rose'
Division 4.—Miss H. Olegerich, Teacher
Percentage  92.28
Number on roll  41
Norman Beech
Malcolm Belanger
Charles Chapman
Faith Ewin
Mabebl Finley
William qeorge
John Grant
Gabriella Hamilton
Eric MacKinnon
Margaret Morrison
Edith Murgatroyd
Edith Neale
David Reekie
Alma Sarvis
Viola Sarvis
Maud Scott
Ruth Simpson
Harry Smith
Edward Taylor
Keith Wasson
Everett Williams
Division 5.—Mlsj Jennie H. Richards,
Merle Bennett
Fred Briggs
Leonard Burton
Christine Carson
Belle Foster
Joe Frost
Herman Hollander
Harold Kummer
May Lancaster
Martha Messenger
Joe Mueller
Isabel Parker
Arthur Pigott
Cyril Selhy
Warren Spence
Joe Swain
Norman Wasson
Verne Woodman
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all the car-
tradition, the loyal orders, the Bona of lliets In an eight-roomed house In two
England ami the sons of honor In ! hours? You do It better than wltll
Canada? Must they remain for ever I the old style carpet beater and do were among the favorites which hc
silent while such damnable muggotry i not Injure the carpet—In fact you ' was requested to sing,
la being laid bare? jmakn It look like ncw. ;    Other good turns on the program
Hero lt has been demonstrutoil nnd I    Wo rent Vacuum Cleaners at 60c. j will bc Kennedy nnd Mac, tho two fall
confessed before a committee of mem- and $1,00 per hour and cartage. guys; Ilolden and Harroo, the
twra of parliament that a Junior clerk  rmhnol  Electric  Light Co, Ut, I acnger aad the lad,.
Percentage   94.2*
Vera Baxter
Howard Brogan
Margaret Carr
Norval Caslake
Elizabeth Chapman
Donald Grant
Murray Henderson
Louise Kelsey
Lenore Little
James Logan
Donald Morrison
Freda Osborn
8am Bpeers
Hope Taylor
Jack Ward
Gordon Woodman
Edna Freek
Candace Henderson
'Vera Lister
Alexia Messenger
Thelma Patmore
Ruby Scott
Joe Stojack
Agnes Summerrllle
Division 7.—Miss Stevens, Teacher
Marjorle Burton
Edith Clarke
Florence Oard
Hector Hernlman
John Lancaster
Jack Ogden
Eunice Parrett
Eddie Spence
George Welch
Raymond St. Eloi
Delia Baxter
Eddie Bliss
Warren Bowness
Robert Barter
Wing Hum
Edwin Jecks
Clyde McKinnon
Jean McLeod
Reginald Parrett
Gertrude Scott
Olive Simpson
Marguerite Sindall
James A. Taylor
Douglas Thompson
Helen Somervllle
Mary Somervlllo
Division 8.—Mlsa N.    E.
Eva Armstrong
Alway Bllsn
Joe Brogan
Doris Brooks
Helen Brennln
Alice Chapman
Jack Dixon
Alex. Grant
Bertlo Oeorge
Frank Hawkesworth
Alice Hallet
Jemima Houston
Jim Hlng
Clyde Johnston
Stanley Kemball
Oren Kendall
Elvln Leask
Ralph Ladds
Angus McDonald
Bennle Murgatroyd
Ore, Mosley
Hilda Steward
William Stewart
William Selby
Irene Taylor
Wilhelmlne Woodman
Edward White
Evelyn Wills
Daisy Whlttacro
Division 9.—Miss A. McLennan, Teacher
Percentage  87.95
Andrew Carr
Marlon Freeke
Mabel Freeke
Jlmmie Gilchrist
Angus Grant
Dorothy Henderson
Bessie Hudson
Stella Lee
Kenneth Parrett
Fred Stojack
Kathleen Strachan
Ruth Shulthels
Robbie Taylor
Billy Taylor
Sadie Woods
Fred Wells
South Word Public School
Division 1
Annie Shaw
Edna Sanderson
Edith Couldwell
Elsie Black
George Orr
Arthur Couldwell
Allen Livingston
Stella Johnson
Annie Johnaon
Reta McMillan
Nettle Johnson
Jean Donald son
Tom Reekio
Frank Roberta
Annie Gibson
George Coleman
Marie Daw
Doris Racklyeft
Nora Finley
Dorothy Davis
Robert Eakln
Leonard Marchant
Jack Murdoch
Mlna Moore
Gladys Shackieton
Jessie Fennessy
Earl Fennessy
Clifford Fennessy
Ellen Johnson
Division 2,-Mlas   E.   McK.   Fisher.
Robert Askey
John Drew _,
Connie Bassett
Joseph Belanger
Samuel Shaw
Harold Hailing
Helen Shackieton
Margaret Horie
Sydney Troop
Alice Murdock
John Robb
Elmer Orr
Frank Roy
Iva Sandeson
Haiel Livingstone
Billie McKenzie
Janet Richie
Bessie Richie
Norman Black
John Mitchell
Dorothy Hailing
Jessie Cassles
Rhoda Donaldson
Albert Johnson
Margaret starrltt
Easter Frenotlens Heath Ward Fab.
Ik Retool
Division 1.
Promoted to Junior Third
Annie Gibson
Allen Livingston
Arthur Couldwell
Reive Parker
Archie Horie
Frank Roberts
Elsie Black
Annie Johnson
Winnie Troop
Mac Kirkland
On Trial
Oladys Shackieton
Stella Johnaon
Nettle Johnson
Promoted to Senior Second
Erma McNeil
Doiothy Bassett
Promoted to Junior Second
Dorothy Davis
Oeorge Coleman
Leonard Marchant
Robert Eakln
Doris Racklyeft
Mlna Moore
Jean Donaldson
Jack Murdoch
Do you know that with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets ln an eight-roomed house, in two
hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
beater and do not Injure the carpet—In fact you make lt
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at BOc. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
Fruit Trees For Sale
A number of one und two-year-old Applo Trees; good
hardy acclimatized stock, budded In the Valley: Wealthy,
Mcintosh Red, Duchess, Yellow Transparent, Hyslop and
Transcendent Crabs.
Usual Nursery Prices.
The Woman Who Takes
the proper help to keep her digestion right and her system
free from poisonous accumulations, is not troubled
with headaches, backache, languid feelings, unnatural    sufferings.        All    women   who    have    tried
know this famous rem.-i.lv to bo the proper help for them. A
few doses \v.!l mal.o immediate difference and occasional use will
cause a permanent improvement in health and strength. They
cleanse the system find purify the blood and every woman who
relies on Beecham's Pills, not only enjoys better physical
condition,   with   quieter  nerves  and  brighter spirits,   but   she
Enjoys A Clear Complexion
Worth ■ Quints a Box
ftapartd only by TbomM Bewehaiu, St. Helen.*,, Linciih]-*. E-tuJIand.
Sol J everywhere In CautJ* ami U. S. Antr-.i.    ... bwM, 2a aamta.
Division 2.
From Second Primer to First Header
Klhel Williams
Harold Hailing
Francis Worthlngton
Robert Askey
Joseph Belanger
Samuel Shaw
Connie Bassett
John Drew
Florence Bradley
Richard Johnson
Helen Shackieton
Margaret Horie
Agnes McCouch
Albert Johnson _u
From First Primer to Second Primer 1328, 329, Group 1, East Kootenay DIs-
TAKE NOTICE that M. Cathcart
Scott, whose address is Newgate, B.
Ci will apply for a license to take and
use forty acre ft. ot water out ot
Meadow Creek, also known aB Link-
later Creek, which flows north-east
and drains into Kootenay River about
quarter mile north of International
The water will be diverted from the
stream at a point about 500 ft. north
of south east corner of Lot 329, Group
1, Kootenay District, and will be used
for irrigation purposes upon the land
described as sub-lot 94, 95 and portion
of 90 of subdivision of Lot 130 of 327,
Frank Roy
Earnest Laurie
Sydney Troop
Alice Murdock
Donald Marchant
Hector Llnnell
Margaret Starrltt
Stanley Johnson
Kootenay Orchard Public School
Mrs. K. Racklyeft, Teacher
Perfect Attendance
Estelle Ruault
Muriel Gilpin
Kathleen Atchison
Marlon Atchison
Blanche Gilpin
Lou Young
Bertie Maisey
Claudia Gilpin
Maurice Ruault
trlct, Map 2583.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 30th day of March, 1915.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will bc filed in the
ofllce of the Water Recorder nt Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections to the application may
bc filed with the said Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament BulldingB, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice ln a
local newspaper.
M. Cathcart Scott, Applicant.
The date ot the first publication ot
this notice is April 8th, 1915.      14-4t
Intermediate Grade
Winnie Llppltt
Fanny Gartside
Kathleen Atchison
  Second Reader
Lou Young
First Reader
Eric Stone
Blanche Gilpin
Muriel Gilpin
Second Primer
Estelle Ruault
Willie Noyce
Marion Atchison
Reggie Llppltt
Claudld Gilpin
First Primer
Dagmsr Andersen
Bertie Miliary
Edith Noyce
Relnhard LJunqqulst
Muurlce Racklyeft
Maurice Ruault
Alb. H. Webb
1 Tenders are Invited for tho removal
: of all refuse from the streets and
mmm j lanes of tlie City. Specifications can
■ be obtained from the undersigned,
I who will receive tenders up to 5 p.m.
I on Tuesday next, April 13th. The
' lowest or any tender not necessarily
City Clerk.
: Cranbrook, B.C.,
April 7th, 1015. 14-tt
—**- ""'    ■  ■   n
residents of tlm city tluit they aro required to have their yards cleared of
i all ii fimi' and placed in bnrruls or
1 boxes, In the tune before May 1st next.
The Sanitary Inspector him liuitmr-
tloim to proceed iiaKtiliuit thOBO persons
I fiillliiK to comply with tlie above
City Clerk.
Cranbrook, B.C,,
April 7th, 191R. Hit
si   &    s
il if ia
£i   li.  Is
Central, High and Public (School
100            2            1
Jr. 3u
100            li            8
Sr. 4
96            1            2
95          10            7
Jr. 4
100            4            4
Sr. 3
98            3            1
Jr. 3g
97           12           10
Jr. 3f
94            C            C
i Ward School
100            7            9
100          11          12
St. Mary*.
i Separate School
80          1          S
II          1        II
Applications will be received by the
underBlgnod up to 5 p.m. on Tuesday
next, April 13th, for the position of
(.'Ity Engineer.
Applicuuts wlll please stnte qualifications and salary required.
City Cleric
Cranbrook, B.C.,
April 6th, 1916. 14-lt
All barber shops In the city will bi
closed on the regular Wednesday
half holiday, commencing with tho
Ilrst Wednesday In May, until further
Men, women and children of every
age, all find Rexall Orderllos a perfect
laxative. Sold only by Beattie-Murphy
Co., Tha Rexall Store, Me., Hc. A
M.I TBVBBOm\   APRIL 8tb, 1915
„      Burns' fertilizer for laws and gar-
Cheap Umbrellas
grow on every bush. But of
all the poor bargains it is
possible to make, a low
priced umbrella comes
pretty close to being the
limit. You may never
have thought of coming
here for an umbrella, in
which caBe you haven't
been investing in umbrellas as wisely as you might
have dono. Our umbrellas
have got to measure up to
an extra high standard.
They liave got to be so
thoroughly good, so superior in looks aud quality
that in your admiration
you almost forget to ask
the price. Our suit case
umbrellas make an especially nice present.
W. It Wilson
D. 0, Colemnn passed through tho
city Wednesday.
See the Cranbrook Agency Co .for
flre Insurance.
Mrs. E. A. Hill will not receive on
April 15th or again this season.
Flre Insurance ls a specialty with
the Cranbrok Agency Co.   See them.
Born—In Cranbrook on April 6th,
1915, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Parr, a daughter.
Alex. Taylor was a business visitor
In the city on Tuesday from Kimberley.
Alex. Birnle, of Elko, drove his car
Into town on Tuesday, returning the
next day.
See tbe Cranbrook Agency Co. for
life Insurance.
Dr. and Mrs. McCallum, of Fort
Steele, attended the Hospital ball
PHONE 8-—Strictly fresh
killed meats only at Cranbrook
Neat Market.
Mrs. Mc Ma lion, of Kimberley, was a
guest at the Charity ball on Easter
Monday night.
Latest war news In Nelson Daily
News and Spokesman-Review at
G Wynne's.
MIhh Hassle, of Fort Steele, came
over Monday for the Charity ball at the
UmjueBtlonable, conservative flre Insurance only written hy the Craabrook Agency Co.
The meeting ot the A. Y. P. A. called
for the evening of April 13th, has been
postponed until further notice.
See BurnH' windows Saturday, beef
and pork specials. Cholco pot roasts
12 l-2c, 6 dozen egga for $1.00.
The Ladles Aid of Knox Presbyter*
iau church held a cookery sale and
ten on Saturday last ln the Sunday
school room.
Beale & Elwell, steamship agents.
-Secure rates from us for
all European points. We book direct
from Cranbrook.
Mr. H. W. Drew, of the North Star
liotel, Kimberley, was a visitor In the
city Monday and was In attendance at
the Hospital hall.
Place your valuables In a safety deposit box at Beale ft Elwell's and feel
that your valuables are secure against
toss or destruction by flre.
Just received—A consignment of
ladies and chlldrens' summer straw
hats In all the latest shapes at Solomon Koury's.   Call and aee them.
Our Ice cream parlor la open every | -*PETEW CARRUTHERS
day- lra ll. Manning, Ltd.
You cun purchase a very stylish suit j
at McCreery Bros, for $15.00.
R M. Younp and wife were in the
city from Fort Steele on Wednesday.
jflell Known < ranbreok Railroad Man
Passes Away at liethbrldge—
Died on Duty
•Hood violin for sale cheap; u bargain.    Apply Box W*., Herald.     14-lt
c. M. Edwards, of Baynes i-aku, was
umong tin- city visitors last Tuesday.
Mrs. G. ti. Powell will receive on
Friday, April 10th, but not again this j
Garden seeds of every kind in
bulk und packages at lra 11. Manning,
One by one "the old guard" arr
journeying on to "that undiscovered
country whence no traveller returns."
During the night of April 7th. P. M.
Carruthers, an old time railroader of
Cranbrook, passed away at Lethbridge
while in the noble performance of his
duty as u soldier at the military bar-
nicks in tlie Alberta town.
The news of his sudden death was
received in the city with profound
regret. The old timers in the Cranbrook district are grieved to hear of
his demise.
Mr. aCrruthers came to  Cranbrook
hi    1902   from   Fort   William,   Ont.
i In   1907,  through  hard  and  diligent
Mrs. .Haslam  will  not receive on j work, he was promoted to the posi-
Thursday, the 15tli, nor again during j tlon of conductor.    Five years ago he
the summer months. ' left the city for Frank, Alta., where
  he wus in charge of a crew for the
Mrs.  K.  Home and children   were j *'• P. H.
visitors in Cranbrook from Bull Hiver:    Mr. Carruthers was an ardent work-
tho first of the week. er -1* the cause of trades unionism and
—— i represented  tiie   Lethbridge  division
Gwynne's   Ice cream    parlor   now  on 8evorai occasions in an effort to
McCreery Bros,
special prices on
suits for ten days.
are offering
Indies   coats
We serve B. C. made cream
Try our summer beverages,
Carl McNabb, B. Heard and Chas.
  Gallamore, who recruited with the last
Life Insurance offers the only family i contingent from Cranbrook, were not
protection today.   See the Cranbrook ! accepted by the militia department at
Agency Co.
Wild strawberries lu the Cranbrook
district, about three weeks earlier
than last year.
Life insu.anee means sound business and safe protection. See the
Cranbrook Agency Co.
i Victoria and have returned home.
The engagement has been announ-
i ced In Victoria by Mr. and Mrs. George
| Watson of their daughter, Dorothy
j Dodds, to Sidney C. Elmer, second son
| of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Elmer, of Van-
| couver. The wedding will take place
' in the latter part of April.
W. B. McFarlane returned to tht
city Saturday after an absence of sev
eral weeks spent mostly ln the east
The Masonic Social Club are holding their dance tonight in the Masonic
Temple.    This  Is the
the series.
Mr. A ,K. Ultch and wife, of Jaffray, were visitors In the city Monday.
They were accompanied by Mrs.
Lathrop, of Montrose, Colorado, a sister of Mrs. Leitch. They attended thc
fifth dnncc of' Hospital hall at the Auldtorlum last
Monday evening and report a most
enjoyable time.
The several barber shops in the city
Will close for the Wednesday ball
holiday, commencing with the Ilrst
Wednesday in May.
James Finlay arrived in the city the
first of tlie week from Hcllevue, Alberta, where he 1ms been looking after
mining interests.
The Cranbrook Poultry and Pot
Stock Association will hold their
usual monthly meeting in Clapp'fl hall
on Friday evening. April Bth.
Peter J. Woods was In from Cherry
('reek ranch on Tuesday. He has
just commenced his spring work and
in kept pretty busy these days.
Mr. John Gibson, formerly boiler
mnker here In the employ of the C
P. It., left Friday for Medicine Hat, to
which point he has been transferred
The bridge anil building department
of the ('. P, It. have put two crews to
work this week. Scotty Young and
Jim McKee are the men in charge ol
the work
The St. John Ambulance Association ■
again announce that they have sewing '
to be distributed among the ladles ot I
Cranbrook. Anyone calling at thc
room over Miss McLeod's millinery
storo Wednesday, from 3 to 4 pm. or '■
Saturdays from 11 to 1230 p.m. can;
secure work for the soldiers.
F. J. Hoot and wife, of Spokane,
were in the city this week. Mr. Root
is a special agent of the American
j Life Insurance Co., of Newark, N.J.,
: and was conferring with the local
\ agents, the Cranbrook Agency Co.
j They wlll visit Nelson and Vancou-
; ver and then go to San Francisco to
attend the exposition.
Do not forget the dance at Maple
, Hall tomorrow (Friday) night, given
; hy Miss I Jiura Richards and Mrs. Ed-
\ mondson. There will be an exhlbl-
: tlon of all the new dances given. Danc-
, Ing from 9 to 1. Refreshments will
be served, 75c. per couple, extra lady,
25c. Theeso dnnces will be continued
, every two weeks. 14-lt
Phonsie Farroll is in town on v.
visit wltll old friends. A few years ago
when PltODBle was a resident of the
City, lu- paid the llerald u weekly
The wireless of the Herald is again
scending out thc "SOS." distress signal  and    asking    subscribers—dellu-
i|iieiits   to come to our assistance or j
we will have to abandon the ship. Tho i
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dufour, who have 1lm|,pr l,0UBeB. Bro Prc8BlnK for tnelr |    Mr. R. Perkins, who has been em-
C. E. Ayre, a lumberman from Elko,
was among thc Monday visitors, being a guest at the Hotel Cranhrook.
Fresh vegetables arriving daily-
lettuce, cucumbers, asparagus, rhubarb and celery, at Ira R. Manning,
You can be comfortable and well
dressed tn one of McCreery Bros.
Spring Coats, priced from $6.00 to
Safety  deposit   boxes to rent   at
Beale & Elwell's;   absolute security
against  flre and  theft  and nominal
PHONE 8.—FreKh fish arriving from the eoast every Monday and Thursday.—Cranhrook
Meat Market.
Shamrock Brand goods, Western
Canada's choicest products. Buy
the best und at home.—P. Burns &
Co., Ltd.
The regular meeting of the Farmers Institute will be held on Saturday
afternoon at the secretary's office,
Armstrong avenue.
A meeting of the Cranhrook District Board of Trade wilt be held on
Tuesday evening next in the city hall
at 8.K> p.m.
Broody hens tor sale, $1.50 each.
I want the cash. You take the bird
and hand me the money. Apply L.
P. Sullivan, Cranbrook street.        14-
Mrs. Jack Walker won the dinner
set at the drawing tonight tn the Auditorium theatre. Ticket Xo. 101 being the lucky number.
David M. Cowan is the new secretary of the Ry. Y.M.C.A., succeeding
Mr. G. II. Thorpe, who has joined a
civil engineering crew and is working
out from Moyle.
The regular meeting of the Board
of Trade wlll be held next Tuesday.
j April 12th, at 8 o'clock in the city
hall.     All members are requested to
be in attendance.    '
Mrs. Paddy Kennedy! mother of J.
E. Kennedy, of this city, left last Monday to return to her home In Ottawa,
after a several months visit with her
son and family here.
J. R. Adamson, superintendent of
the Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd.,
has purchased the cottage of S. L.
Coop advertised In last week's Herald
and will take possession of IiIh new
property in the near future.
Mr. II. J. Goode, of Lethbridge, contractor for thc city water system, and
A. K. McCulloch, of Nelson, engineer
In charge of the work, arrived this
week and have a force of riien already
at work installing the remainder of
the new steel mains. Hy next week
it is expected that a full force of men
will bc engaged on this work.
been residents of Cnuibroolt for the i
past ton years, arc leaving this week j
for Angle Lake, Alherta, to make their
future home.
Percy Coe. formerly iu the employ
Of tho O, P. H freight department,:
but now customs officer at the thriving town of Kingsgate, was n visitor
to Cranhrook the flrst of the week.
A. Sturrock, divisional maBter me-1
chanlc, with headquarters at Calgary, accompanied by General Superintendent Stevens, were in Cranbrook Saturduy on a tour of inspection.
A number of workmen are now busily engaged at the Central school
grounds, which the school board hav-?
decided to beautify and make n thing
of joy forever. Work of turning over
the ground and digging post holes Is
now well under way.
Capt. and MrB. Hustler, of the Salvation Army, are leaving Cranbrook
next week, having been transferred to
another location. It is understood
they will be succeeded hern by two
Army laosles. A farewell social for
Capt. and Mrs. Hustler will bo given
la the Presbyterian achool room on
aan) TamaXty •vaniag, April 1 Jta,
money and from now on insist on
money ln advance. Last week we were
compelled to strike a number of names
from our list. This we regret very
much to do, but wcre forced to use
the pruning knife pretty freely. After
this Issue should you fall to receive
the Herald you will know that circumstances have compelled us to drop
you from the honor roll. In taking
this course we are not adopting any
motive other than to protect ourselves.
It is clear, hard, cold, cruel business,
I nothing else.
A.Favre, a French reservist, who
was a resident of Cranbrook before the
war, writes from the trenches. He
belongs to the famous Zouaves, who
have given lots of trouble to Kaiser
Bill's legions. He spent the winter
with his regiment In the neighborhood
of Nleuport ln Belgium, but now he
says that regiment has been removed further east near Rhelms, which
would Indicate that the French are
getting busy to take the offensive In
that part of France. Mr. Favre does
not think much about the "Jack Johnson," as ho claims that a lot of them
do not explode. He says that every
soldier ls looking forward for tho
great victory which Is bound to come
•ood, aa ho claiaaa tliat tha Germane
ployed by the Cranbrook Electric
Light Co. at their power house for the
past three years left for his home ln
Wales on Good Friday. Hc Balls from
New York on the Cunard liner Transylvania on thc llth. Mr. Perkins is
not afraid of the German submarine,
and expects to arrive In Liverpool on
the 18th.
The Order of Railway Trainmen and
the Ladles' Auxiliary are planning on
giving a social dance at the Auditorium on Friday evening, April 16th.
The following committee from the
Auxiliary are working to make the
affair a success: Mrs. P. Dallas, Mrs.
W. Flowers, MrB. R. E. Knight, Miss
Park,- Mrs. C. H. Knocke, Mrs. J.
Cameron, Mrs. J. E. Walsh.
benefit the O. U. C. and other railroad
labor organizations. He was highly
respected by every railroader ln the
Ciowe Nest Pass, and the many expressions, of regret at his sudden demise were everywhere heard when the
sad news was passed around.
Mr. Carruthers was an athlete of
the Drst rank, and was a star player
of Cranbrook 1904-5-6 champion lacrosse team and was largely responsible for the grand showing of that
famous team, which defeated everything between Nelson and Medicine
With thc passing away of "Pete"
Carruthers Cranbrook has suffered a
loss which is keenly folt by the entire community.- He was one of the
oldest residents and one who was always ready to give up his time and
services to make lite better for the
union1 railroadman. In all matters ln
connection with the railroad brotherhood he was always rated as "on the
Mr.. Carruthers was a member of
thc Masonic order and was an active
worker among the craft.
The funeral Is being held Saturday
afternoon. The lemafns will be forwarded to Ottawa, his old home, where
a sister resides.
Mr. Arthur Wilson, of this city, will
leave tomorrow for Lethbridge, to represent the local Order of Trainmen.
The following account Is taken from
today's Lethbridge Herald :
The Union Jack at the Battery barracks was at half mast this morning
for the nVst time, in respect to Bombardier Peter Carruthers, who died
early this morning, presumably of
heart failure. Mr. Carruthers was on
guard duty last night and at two
o'clock this morning was suddenly
taken 111. Lieut. Dr. Mewburn was
immediately called and then Dr.
Thompson, but to no avail, and In
twenty minutes death occurred.
The deceased was an old-timer ln
this country.   He came to Cranbrook
some 12 years ago, where he was lu
the employ of the C. P. R.     He waB
a member of the famous lacrosse team
of Cranbrook   and played ln   Leth-
I bridge many a time against the local
| teauii     He was one of Cranbrook's
< star players.. Seven years ago he was
| moved to Lethbridge, where he was
freight .conductor between Frank and
this city... While in Lethbridge   he
resided with Mr. Win. Scott, 1215 4th
; Ave. s.   On January 4th he volunteer-
! ed, and since then has been with the
j 20th,battery. Proof of the appreciation
of his worth was shown some time
[ ago when promotion was offered him.
His modesty caused him to refuse the
stripes and it was not until April 1st
that he accepted the rank of Bombardier.
Bombardier Crotheers was born In
Ottawa in 1880. He Is survived by his
father, who lives there, and several
brothers and sisterB in this country,
among them being Mrs. Reynolds of
Granum. His father was notified this
morning. ^»
Naturally his sudden death was a
great blow to his comrades of the
20th Battery, among whom he was
very popular and greatly beloved.
Major Stewart, In an Interview this
morning spoke very highly of him,
saying that he was as good a soldier
as he was lacrosse player.
Funeral arrangements will not be
made until word is received from the
father of the deceased.
JUST RECEIVED a nice lot of
LADIES' BLOUSES in the very
newest shades and styles.
The price is exceedingly moderate considering the quality.
The whole lot is priced at SJ T   V-5   63.Cn
We expect another lot of Blouses and Shoes to arrive today.
We have also placed in stock some very nice new designs in
Stamped Needle Work
Look, Now LOOK Again and
A Great Sacrifice in Sweat Pads, 35 cents for one Pad, or
seven pads for $2.00. Remarkable! Yes, and you wonder
how we can do it. Well, our answer is simple. We wish
to dispose of this particular kind of pad.
The stock of these pads is limited and we ask you to
come early and reap the benefit of this great bargain. They
will not last long.   How can they?
We Start This Great Sacrifice Sale on Monday, April 12
The Cranbrook Saddlery Co., Ltd.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
ordinary pre-election week.   The Liberal press construe the statement to I * 	
\ .... , u   .    .     We will deliver at any railway sta-
have borne the burden and heat of ,.,„„ ,„ Ea8t Kootena). ^^^^ ,„
previous campaigns and take on an , one hundred pound lots or more for; Cleaner you can clean au tne car-
ex-provincial premier, whose ap-' $1.50 per 100 lbs. White Burbanlts, | pets in an eight-roomed house ln two
polntment would tend to foster dia-   suitable for table use or seed. .hours?    You do It better than with
cord rather than promote harmony in \r__»r^l%_M '" ""I"- <*" «■'• "™« »"*« "** *
     ■•■•-' -'  " " -- " " CO,
the Borden following—unless it Ib
proposed to retire Hon. Sam Hughes
and make Sir Richard minister oft
militia. This, or any other old change
in that department, would be wel-l
when  further  western
ll.jt Wardner, B. C.	
knoz pbmbitibiab ana
Putor, W. K. Tl
i    Morning Service, 11
repre- i Luke 2o, 49 verse.
m.   Subject, |
Sunday School and Bible Class at 3
i. m.
Evening service, 7:30 p. m.   Subject
"Thu Tongue."
"I wisdom dwell with prudence, and
find out knowledge of witty Inventions."—Prov. 8 c. 12 vs.
Mid-week service on Wednesday at
Subject, "The Fair Havens."
I'OK SALE.  Main* Cottage, Meal
location;   two   lots.    Apply  S.   L.
Coop. Fenwick avenue. 13-21
R.v. O. B. K.nd.11  Faitor. I TOOra^_A _„ wl|clu  0wttt _
Services 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.        ;    SMUre Bam„ by calling at Herald
Morning   topic—"Building   Eternal |    ollice.
Mansions—Selecting the    Materials."
"Possibly in the future 1 shall be
"able to do more In fashioning the
"policy of the government and that
"Is why I want the best man you can
"give us."
The above remark from Attorney-
General Bowser in an address to thc
delegates to the. South Vancouver
convention on Wednesday of last week
was the feature of an otherwise very
We hare Just received a com.
plete assortment of
that world'* famous confection.
Get  our  prices  on groceries.
S.C. W. Leghorn Hatching B|
good laying strain, from our I
stock, 11.60 per setting, $7.00 i
8.C. It. I. R. Hatching Bin. from the
best winter layers, ll.M per setting,
18.00 per 100.
Baby Chief..
12.60 per doicn, 118.00 par 100.
j Evening topic. "The Revelation of
! Jesus Christ In a Whirlwind of Judgment."
llilil.- Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School 3 p. m.
Thc public cordially invited.
On Saturday and Sunday, tlie 10th
nnd llth, ure the farewell services for
Captain and Mrs. Hustler.
Sunday evening subject. "Take Heed
Therefore Unto Yourselves."
a    A social wlll be held at 8 p. m. In
the Presbyterian school room un neit
Tuesday, April 18th.
Capt. and Mrs. Hustler.
sentatlon is desired in Dominion councils Alberta  wlll  supply  the  candidate in the person of R. D. Bennett,
the member for Calgary.   Such recog-
nltlon ls due the prairie provinces. Mr.
Bennett  has  every  qualification   for
such a promotion.   Besides, the mov
would help some in attracting support in a province where It Is badly! s u
needed—Creston Review,
mean that at a not distant date Mr.
Bowser will succeed to.the provincial j
premiership,  while thc  Conservativaa
papers do not attempt to deny that
the attorney-general "possibly Indirectly intimated that he would be the
next premier."
Some color is lent to such an assumption owing to the fact that Sir
Richard is at present In Ottawa. The I
opposition claims he Is on thc ground
putting the finishing touches on n deal
whereby Mr. Taylor, thc federal mem-
ber for New Westminster, Is to be.
given a scat in the senate, ami Sir |
Richard will succeed hlm us the M.
P. for the royal city, and provided the
constituency returns hlni Mr. McBride will be given some portfolio In
the Borden cabinet. A very slmpl"
matter according to the enemy, an 1
strange to say the government organs
either take the statement seriously
or elso look upon It as too absurd as.
to require comment; at any rate they
are maintaining a very respectful silence. W. E. Dunham. Pastor.
Neither the  premier or the attor-      Sunday services:   The pastor  will
ney-gcneral havo taken the Review In-  prem-h at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
to their confidence so we are at lib-1    Morning  subject,    "The    Church's
erty to say we do not take any stock a Function."
ln the story. Right now British Co-; Evening subject. "The Throe H's."
lurabla has one representative in the There will be special singing by
Dominion cabinet and lt Is morally , the choir and pl|ie organ selections at
certain that when It Is found advls-' Paci, service, under the direction of
able to take In another western mem- Mr. Charles Nidd, organist and choD
ber  some  Alberta* or  Saskatchewan ! leader.
gentleman   wlll    receive    the    call.,    ^11 are Invited to the above scr-
Neither of these provinces arc at pre-1 vices,
sent represented on the federal exec
not   injure  the  carpet—In   fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at Mc.
and 11 00 per hour and cartage.
Craabrook  Electric  Light _ LU.
sale.   Apply S. L. Coop, Fenwick
avenue, phone 412. 14-2t
bouse, large and dry, IS per
month.   Apply W. 3. Atchison. Ilti
for hatching, $1.00 per 13.   Apply 1.
P. Sullivan, Cranbrook street  ll-tf
sale.    Apply S.   L.  Coop,  Fenwick
avenue, phone 412. 14-2t
FOB SALE—king Baupberry plait. |
best for this district; very hardy;
13.00 per 100—J. Delmer, Boa
7 it. 10-41*
WANTED.—Second-hand six or eight
inch plow; must be In good condition and cheap for cash. Apply
Box I., llerald. 14^11
able residence in beat residential
district In town. Address Boi J,
Herald ollice. IMt
passenger "Studebaker" ln first-class
condition. Write or phone, A. O.
Wllmot, Jaffray, B.C. 13-21
etlve council.
While for real or Imaginary political reasons It may or may not he
deemed diplomatic lo transfer Sir
Richard to other scenes of governmental activity It seems out of the
question for Blr Robert Horden to paw
ap m*mt  other   able follower, who
FOB SALE. - Parlor
style, 10 stops and knee swells;
sweet tone and In good condition.
Only $35.00. Cost treble—P. O. Box
812. Cranbrook. IMt
roomed house and three lots, all
modern conveniences; easy term.;
big reduction for caab. Apply E. H.
Patmore. 11-21
FARM FOK BEST.—Tw» Bile. from
city; three acre, cleared; haa ale.
lot of small fruits; good bouse and
stable; $10 per month. Apply Box
S„ Herald ofllce. lOtf
Bundayo—I,ow mas. al •:!• am
high maaa. 11:10 a.m., laatfar B«hool \
from I to I pro . Rosary and Bono-
dletloa tl T:$l. p.m.
Monday, and holy day. of obllga-
■ UllaV
t nun'i —
WANTED. Owner of small Impnved
acreage or farm, district of Cranbrook, or neighboring towns, who
will sell at a bargain for cash.
Write P. O. Box 16, Quallcum
Beach, Vancouver Island.	
TO   BF.NT.-C.mr   of   Anikwg
Av. and Edwards St., four roomed
cottage with bath, electric light,
large woodshed, fenced, coal aad
wood heater, range If wanted, lit
par month.    Apply   Bwla k Bia- ».*.«■ FOUR
TU aauisWo—
THUMDAT, APRIL 8th, 1915
Loyal Ora.ge
No.   1871
I Meets first aad tklrd
,. .— Thursdays at » p.m.
SaiiSKSO In Royal Blaek
Knights ot Ireland Hall, Haker
r. S. Oarrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Roc. Sec.
~ Me.t. every
Monday   nlghl
w at    Fraternity
xJST    Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
R A Racklyeft  J. F. Broughton
N.O. Fi"- 8M-
W. II. Harris, Ree. Secretory.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M. Christian, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box III
VlslUag brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
imperial  Hank   Building
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   aad
P, O. Box 859
B.  C,
Physicians  and  Surgeoni
Ollice  at  residence.  Armstrong
Forenoons    9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  200 to 4.00
Bveillngs    7.311 lo 8.30
Sundays    2.30 to 4 JO
Cralthl'ouk,  B.C.
(Prom tha Persia Piaa P"*»)
Meets every second aad fourth
Wednesday at Fraternity Hall
Sojourning R.nekabs cordially Invited.
Sis. A. E. Jnnes, N.G.
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. fee
Office  In  Hanson  Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Percy McCosh returned from Salisbury on Tuesday.
Ou March 30 a marrlago license was
Issued to John Chester Keudrlck and
Esther Turner, both of Fernie.
On Saturday a bull trout weighing
9 lbs. plus waB on exhibition in McLean's window. On Monday Suddaly
was exhibiting one weighing 13
lbs. 2 inches and measuiing 2 ft. 4 oz.
Mrs. Reading and Mrs. Allen left
Tor the coast on Monday morning.
The remains of the late Robert Reading wcre conveyed on the same train
to their final resting place at Vancouver.
Died—At tho home of his son Richard, Dalton Ave., Fernie, on Tuesday,
March 30, Samuel Tolley, aged 73
years. The funeral will take place
on Saturday, service being held ln
the Church of England.
A black bear with three cubs was
picked off on the hill behind the
brewery on Sunday. Tbe mother and.
one ot the cubs were killed hut two
of the little fellows were brought In
alive. Strange to say .one ls brown
while the other ls black.
At the lire drill on Monday night the
lire department practised tor the
lirst time with the new cellar sprlnk-
once with the party workers on Saturday.
Last Saturday's Issue ot Brad-
streets contains notice of an action for
$2,500 damagec by John Baines
against James Huseroft. This Is for
Injuries received last fall while working on a hay press. The case, will be
tried at Cranbrook or Nelson.
Meet. In
Maple Hall seaead
and  fourth
Tuesday af every
month at s
Membership .pea to BrIMah
E. Y. Brake
J r. Lower,
member,    .ordlal.*
BHU'ruJIy ami General Nurilnf
Uiirtluii Ave.
Terms on Application
MRB. A. (SALMON, Matron
PlioDf 269 V. O. Box 846
Jos. Drexler marketed some 1916-
matured green onions on Wednesday.
They were sown last fall of course*,
but have come along to marketable*
niie In about two weeks—the winter
covering having been taken off on
March 16. Some wild strawberries
are ln full bloom.
March 23rd was somewhat ot a red
letter day un tlie R. M. Thompson
poultry (arm. On that date his fifty
White Leghorn pullets produced 43
eggs, and his 14 yearlings were good
(or 12 eggs. Mr. Thompson Ib hoping
this rivalry will be an every day occurrence (rom now on.
A petition containing more than the
necessary eight signatures haa gone
in to the department protesting
Hgainst the pound district being pro-
•:;;imed eil<u..-ve (or Creston. Tne
ueit move appears to be (or the circulating o( a petition (or signatures
o( those who (avor the pound law.
Mrs. J. Sherwood on Wednesday received the unpleasant news, of the
somebody said the empire had a glass
eye. That finished lt. A return game
Is to be played at Cranbrook Sunday,
the llth Inst.
Fort Steele was not behind as regards the Johnson Willard fight. Several o( the local (ans subscribed sufficient to enable them to have the fight
demonstrated round by round. Excitement was intense all the way, but
"Oh, you 26th round." It Jess Willard comes around this way any timn
the porter at the Imperial hotel Bays
he will buy him a drink.
A meeting ot Steele and district Liberals was held the same evening to do
Justice to the occasion, our respected
clttten, Jack Kerrigan and Scottle
Burns, occupied the chairs und briefly
outlined what the Conservatives had
tailed to do. Scveeral interesting
speeches were delivered by Messrs.
Fisher, King and McNab, who outlined the present policy of tlie Liberal
government At the conclusion of the
meeting Mr. S. Stuart saug a song,
This Is the Life (or Me."
Skin Soothed and
Healed by D. D. D.
There is a way, a simple, speedy,
pleasant way, to rid yourself of that
distressing itch und those uix-umfort-
ablc sores and rashes. Willi the D.
D. D. Prescription, a mild, southing
liquid, you can wash out the gnawing
germs which bother and muss—-leaving no greasy stain upon tlio skin.
I). D. D. is a scientific compound of I
oil of wintcrgreen, thymol, glycerin
and other well known healing tngred- I
tents. For 15 years it has been thej
standard skin remedy.
ler pipe which has been added to thc- death ot her mother at her home at
Meets   In    the   Maple    Hall
first Tuesday afternoon of every
month at 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. 13. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. O. Box 442
All ladles cordially invited.
Phone 346 P. O. Box 686
Funeral Director nnd Knibalmer
Building Contractor
Driller In Real Estate, Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
Civil and Mining Engineer.
It. ('. Land Surveyors
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting— The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Day I'lione 233 Night Phone 35
Norbury Avar, next to City Hall
O R (' II K S T lt A
Is open fur engagement
Hanoi's, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Phone Ida P. O. Boi 3S
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupil, for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: £3 Norbury At.
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hats
a Specialty
IS Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
mUUilK Wil lor ffoniun. (S h boi ortbreefor
ini, Mil nt nil I'mi* Mnn-s. or mailed to an.y
i.ii.ri'f!n.i> reeelplol prlcfl. Tnk Scobku Divu
Co ,st (.'.ithiiriiirf.. Ontnrio.	
Vitality;for Nerve nnal llraln; ltirreM.. "frey
matter": n Tonic -will '"iilil yon nr- W a bos, or
two fur IV lit atrial Rliara-a. nr lay mail am tiaoeiiat
Ot laria-a. TIIK BCOBBLL I'an a. CO., St. CtoiiiDW,
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., Agents.
Pulilfc Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -
If you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
city's equipment. This pipe can be
introduced into a basement where a
man dare not penetrate and will
sprinkle 40 square feet of celling at a
The city elections were pulled oil
without a poll and the mayor and:
council elected by thc people In January arc now In the saddle.   On Monday all the representatives-elect put
in their nomination papers.   Aubrey
| Snow also put In a nomination form
j but withdrew It later.  The official re-
! presentatives of the ratepayers in civic
a affairs now arc: Mayor, Thos. Uphill:
aldermen, Qraham, Roblchaud, Jack-
son, Barnes, Brooks and Marsham.
Thc first meeting of the new city coun
I ail wlll be held tonight, Thursday.
j    The vote ot the Miners of District
18, U. M. W. of A., waa ia favor ot the
agreement arranged by the scale committee at Calgary.   The majority wet
large.   The collieries here are now
working under the new agreement
which Is not materially different from
the one in force for the past three
yearB.  While It Is only for a two-yeai
term it will probably tide the con-
j trading parties over a difficult period
! In the history ot coal mining, as of
other  Industries, in    the Canadian
| West.   It will also have furnished, tr,
I both   parties   concerted   an. oppor-
1 ttinity to compare   the   merits of b
peaceful settlement as opposed to con,
| lllct.
'    Thc Investigation into tho cause oi
thc explosion in B. Nortb Mine al
Codl Creek, on   January   2nd last
! opened at thc court house on Monday
with John Stewart,   J.P., of   Ladv.
smith .presiding.   Chief Mines Inspec-
i tor Graham appeared for the depart-
j ment of mines and various parties In-
j terestcd were represented by counsel.
j It appears that the mine tan had been
j Idle and the general opinion was that
| a match, lighted in the fan house,
J had ignited gas there and the Ore had
| followed Into tho mine until it reached
a place where there waa an explosive
mixture, and then she blew up.   The
man who touched off the mine was not
produced though evidence as to his
Identity was put ln.  This consisted of
Ills dinner bucket, and evidence as tn
a burn on his face after the explosion.   There was considerable difference of opinion among the wltncssc*
us to whore the responsibility lay fur
failure to keep the fan running, and
until the commissioner makes his find
Ing It Is only fair to withhold comment.
Just n fow drops of this soothing
wash applied to the soro will give-
Instant relief from all suffering.
A generous trial bottle for only its
cents. Also |1 a bottle. We offer you
the ilrst full size bottle on the guarantee that lt will reach your own case
or your money refunded. Ask us
about 1). D. I). Soup. It keeps your
sktn always healthy.
D. D. D. Ib Mdea 111 Canada
(By Ttsi Roe.)
D. P. Dawson, of Grand Forks, wns
In Elko this week In tho character of
Robin Hood In tho Sherwood Forest
(By "Cleric")
"It a man die, shall ho live againF
This question has troublod mankind
for ages. We imk It as wo Hay the
last good-bye to a loved ono, or uh we
mcdltute In the silent watches of the
ulglit. Today thousands of brokenhearted and despairing wives and
mothers ask It us thoy think of tile
lives of their dour ones snuffed out
Sedan 18
on tho first day of May next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for the transfer ot the license for tho sale of
liquor by retail In and upon tho premises known us the Wusu Hotol, situate at Wnsu, liiitlsli Columbia, from
ErncHt Henry Leopold Attree, as
manager of the said hotel for the
Unionist Investment Co., Ltd., to
Sidney Edgur Small, of Fort Steele,
ruthlosBly on the blood-stained fields I IlrltlHh Columbia,    as clerk    of tlio
ot Europe.   I do not know if they al- j «"' „fr'^°^J™1"1 ""*»"»""' Co"
ways find the answer they seek; hut ■ '    EmcBt Henry Leopold Attree
it ls to he found In    the    words of I Holder of License
Christ:  "1 um the resurrection nnd j       Sidney Edgnr Small
tho life;   he  that belleveth  111  me. I Applicant for Transfer
Sherbrooke, Ontario, the early part of
the week. The sympathy of many
friends is extended In her sad bereavement. Not since coming to Creston some nine yearB ago has Mrs.
Sherwood seen her mother.
Capt Mallandaine put the Creston
company of the 107 Regiment, Eaat
Kootenay Rifles, through some Held
drill at the park on Sunday afternoon.
Things vere a bit strenuous, Pte: Cat-
lender taking off about six pounds as
a result of the exerclseB. Ou Saturday
night the company had a route march
through town.
Lacey J. Patterson, one of the large
md well-known stock ranchers in the
Lethbridge, Alberta, district was a
Preston visitor on Tuesday and Wednesday .looking for land. R .Walms-
'ey showed him over most ot the val-
'ey and so favorably was he impressed that he proposes selling some of
ils prairie holdings and locating here.
Rev. W. G .Blake and family left on
Wednesday for Nakusp, B.C., when
'ie wlll be stationed tor at least the
mmmer months. Mr. Blake has been
n charge ot the Creston Presbyterian
:hurch since 1913 and The Review is
tnderstatlng the situation in point.
Ing out that, be has been the most
successful pastor the town has known
Either ln the work of the ministry or
n the discharge of hia duties as a
itizen. Mr. Blake was In ail truth
the right man in the right place. He
had to an exceptional deem thc
happy faculty In all his public utterances to say all that tte matter merit-
id briefly and to say it right. He was
ictlve in the Knights of Pythiaa asd
'he Masonic order, and in every move
for the making ot Creston a better
place to live In. He was In all respect
t good scout both for the Master and
is the world Interprets that appellation. The people of Creston without
exception will wish he, Mrs. Blake,
Sandy and the little Blake a full measure of health, happiness and prosperity.
Jim Thistlebeak left Elko for the I though he wore dead, ye shall ho'
Roosville Valley and Tobacco Plains | live." Here ls tlie answer of Cod to
country in tho Interests of W. R. | the cry of anguish as It ascends front
Ross. . the bleeding heart of man.  Mnn shall i
Alex. I. Fisher, tho Fernie lawyer, I "ve again. Kesurgam! My body may
was in Elko this week for a fow mlnn-1 die; but there is a part of mo tliat Is |
IeB, In the interest of the Liberal j indestructible. Tlio "I" shall continue
party. i to live.
The Elko Conservatives are' hold-:    Tho ieUc! ln Immortality has been |
1610: C.
. 8. 49.
lug a big meeting this week and arc
opening up committee rooms ou the
main street.
Certificate of Improvements
Victor Mineral Claim .situate ln
the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootenay District, located on
Wild Horse Creek ut Old Town or
Certilieate nl Improvement*.
more or   less   strong   iu all   ages,
among most peoples; but it was left j i_^S^oStm^s^*m*s\^
to Christianity to declare Its certain-1 tend, sixty days from date hereof, to
ty.   My soul recoils from the revolt- ■ apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson and son I tng ia0Sl tilat this life ends all    To me t Certificate of Improvements, for the
Jim wlll spend the Easter holidays at „ „ the (,octr,„e 0f the mad-house to J? tKhove^laln.'"'' * C'°m a""
Passburg, Alberta, with their daugh- s„y that Bt death we j    And further take notice that action,
ter, Mrs. Thos. Duncan. i" . . . drop head-foremost   Into t he under section 85, must be commenced
A Roosville Valley hog raiser has ' Jaws : u«fore the Issuance of such Certificate
provided running water for them to ! Of vacant darkness and to censc."       '. ° r)Jted°thlse3rd day of March, A.D.
bathe In.   It's the first time we ever i    Even the great naturalist. Darwin, 1915. 9-9t
heard of giving a hog a fountain pen. j fought   against   the  idea when    he GEO. M. JUDD.
Capt. R. J. Pake loft for the east -wrote: "lt is an intolerable thought | —
this week to Join thc army medical  "lat man and all otlier sentient be-
corpe.   Mr. Robertson, of Rcgina, is lnBs ar0 doomed to complete annihil-1
taking over the management of tha. i ation."   Grenfell   of   Labrador   re- j NOTICE
Elko Drug Co.'s business. ! veals a like detestation of the thought i KINQ oeorge, HELEN FCT., DIXIE
nn. ,. .   ...       .       ., I in the words: "How often liave I re-1       COMLi' MINKRAL CLAIMS, SIT-
When thewho e blamed world seems  sentcd „,, |dm Umt ,      ^ |       UA^ ,N TtraTOOT OTBBUI
s aTI    P°   ss.   s. or a tree, or a crag, should outlast my!       MIOTNQ(DIVISIONi    OF   EAST
And business on the bum body    „    8hollld 0„tlast ,„„..    _\       KOOTENAY_DISTRICT.
A two cent grin and a lifted chin, same     ,n,m ,8 ex ,, ln ,,,„„.' w„ere   Located-On   Sullivan
Help, some, by gosh, helps some. | „„, „„„,„ by Lyman AmM ,,„„„ of • Kimberley, B.C.
Among the delightfully planned af i The Outlook: "Burn the organ, music j „.„„ Km,,„„ ,,,,,, n „ ua ,
fairs of the week was the farewell to ; remains; burn the body, the life re-' ed lS? ft SmelUng On" of cSSit
Rev. Grant, Presbyterian minister and | mains." No, perish the thought that \ Limited .Free Miner's Certificate No.
wife, by the Ladies Aid at the home of: this life ends all for me! In the ! 75936B, Intend, alxty days from th.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Blrnlc. Thc house \ years that I have lived my body has i Rate dc,reo{or'" "certificate'8 ol?'"im*
was a garden of llowers, coniblneil' changed three or four times; hut "I" ■ provoments^forUie purposed obtatn-
with ferns, foliage and a profusion of: have not changed, and wiien the | ing a Crown Grant ot the above
tulle libbons.  The evening was spent i death of this body takes plane I ex- '■ claims.
In songs, music and speccheii.    Dellc-. pect the continuation of the lite    ln i    *"* tn'}}ler '?ke n0*'f ° tlia' "!,0*i
i«... ...»,.,„a,„ „. a .   ., .,        a nam ,...      .,' under section 85, muBt be commenced
lous refreshments wore served to tin > another sphere.   "They may kill us," | Dcfore lh0 i8suance of such Certificate
'arge company of guests, and every-: snld an old saint facing a violent death,, of Improvements.
body had a   delightful   time as the j "but they cannot harm us."  And well!    Dated this llth day of February,
flower garden ozone that prevailed might he say for life ls imperishable,
was insincere. Prominent among those [ "Unto my sheep," said   the   Christ,
present were, Mr. and Mrs. A. Blrnle, "I glvo eternal life, and tliey shall
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Ray ! never perish."  To know Christ Is life
Hirtj, Mr. and Mr.. Gallagher, Mr. and j eternal: to know Christ Is Immortal-
Mrs.   Edmonds,   Mr.   and   Mrs. 0.! ity.
Hughes, Mr .and Mrs. Mason, Mrs. I.        Forever with the Lord!
Thomson,   Mrs. Thos.    Roberts and        Amen! so let It be;
Mrs. Kennedy, Misses Mason, Thorn-, Life from the dead is iu that word
Oeneral Merchant
Employments Agents
P. 0. Box 108 Phon. *.<«
PtTWardliig    and    Distributing
Agent for
l.etblitidge Coal
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil I'u.
Braying and Transferrin!
divan prompt attention
Pbona <3
Unlit. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Dread, Cakes, Plei
and Pastrj
Phone (7
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters  for  all  kind, ol
gatlnfaetlon  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
i. Taylor, Proprietor
Haa juet purchased a car of
men grade cons
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
We fwraatee to Plena*
(From the Cruton Unlaw.)
A. Lindley was a visitor at Feral.!
and other Crow points the early part
of the week.
Mrs. G. Erickson, of Cranbrook. Is
spending Easter with Mr. and Mra. C.
G. Bennett
Birth—At Sirdar, on March 80th, to
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cam, twins—son
and daughter.
Miss Gertie Knott is spending a few
days with her sister, Mrs. A. Earnhardt at Glenllly.
Comer Jones was a Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday—to mark hla ballot
In thc municipal election.
Barring three or four bleary days
last week March behaved splendidly.
It certainly cam. In and weat out Ilk.
a pet iamb.
Rev. J. E. Pow, the new pastor of
the Presbyterian church will take th.
services both morning and evening
Sunday next.
The vital statistics for March an
pretty evenly balanced. Three mar.
rlages, three deathB, and four blrthsi
ThlB Is cupld'B beat showing for many,
More corroborative evidence that
spring ls here; some canary birds have
arrived and on Sunday Milt Beam wai
doing the town In his last year's, pan.
Miss Waddy, teacher of the primary
room at tho Creston school, was. a
visitor at Cranbrook on Friday and
Saturday. Miss Bertha Hurry took
her work here.
John Keen, of Kaslo, Liberal stand-
onl bearer for thia provincial con.tl-
tuoney, wa. a Saturday-Monday visitor hero, getting acquainted with th.
Creston elector..   He had a coaler-
(Ipeelal eorreapeaoMca).
Babe Henderson from Bull River Is
visiting in Steele thia week,
Guy F. Pownall and William. Scbad
motored ln from Bull River Tuesday
Sid. Small departed from here Sunday to operate the government car at
Cranbrook for Jack Reid.
Messrs. H. B. Hicks and Mr. De
Prez trom Victoria, were registered
at the Imperial Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Len Clarke,. Banf,
Crowe, Bob Crowe and Bert Bell, at-
tended the Easter dance at Cranbrbook
Billy Myers took In Pentagon ahow at
Cranbrook on Wednesday last and we
all know he got stuck on Miss 811m
who did the sword dance.
Messrs. Galbraith, Richardson and
Duncan attended the Masonic funeral
at Cranbrook last Wednesday for the
Rev, E. P. Flewelling.
The baseball team at the Mission,
learning ot our wonderful line-up,
came over Monday to take the local
ball players down a bit. Unfortun
ately they were unable to put but six
Slwashcs against us and tbey also suffered defeat. We hope to be able to
meet some real ball team one of these
There waa a whole lot of complaints
heard around this eve burg on Thursday: "Well, what's the matter, old
stiff, you look seedy tbis morning?'
"Yes, you bet; If I'd been wise I'd a
eaved a few of the drinks I had last
night for this morning. Never mind,
our genial Mends the Liberate will
be with ua again."
Fort Steele was honored by a visit
on Wednesday last of Dr. J. H. King)
the Liberal standard bearer of Cran*
brook. He was accompanied by A. I.
Fleher, the prospective L Iberar'. for
Fernie rldnlg, also A. McNeil, the pre.
sldent of the Fernie association, and
last but not to be forgotten our-re.
spected Scotchman, Charlie MeNatu
from Waldo.
The bartenders and barbers visited
Steele Sunday and engaged the local
White Sox at baseball. Fort Bteel.
won the game by a large margin. Ben
Wetden waa .umpire aad th* faau
waa going Dae (or Craabrook when,
I A.D. 1915.
son and Edmonds, Messrs. Redford,
Robb, Hockley, Evans and J. Blrnic
At the clOBe of the very pleasant
evening Rev. and Mrs. Grant wcre
both presented with a purse of
'Tis Immortality.
Hewing Rone at Home or
by Day
SKI Van Home St.
(Special correspondence)
Mr. Donald Mcpherson ls now working at Prince Rupert.
Jack Wright, late ot Wardner and
Kimberley, ls the engineer in charge
of the saw mill.
The good news that the Baker mill
wlll begin to saw this week Ib an
earnest of livelier times In this district.
Rev. W. Madden gave holy communion on Easter Sunday to members of
the Episcopalian church. A good congregation celebrated.
Mr. Burton I. back trom the coast
to take charge of the filing room at the
Baker mill. His old assistant, Smel-
Ue, will, again be with him.
Mrs. Fred Adolph returned from the
coaat on Saturday last after a month's
visit with her parents, the Rev. J. and
Mra. Philp, who came back with hei
to Bayae*. ,'m
Special song services were held by
the Presbyterians on Easter Sunday In
Baynes and Waldo. The Baynes
church quaitette—Mr. F. Bartram,
Meaars. H. Oriffln, Mr. Radford, Mr.
F. Adolph—led tlio pralso and song
special selections at both services.
Much of the success of the services
waa due to the excellent singing of the
quartette. Tho Rev. c. L. Cowan was
aaaisted at Baynes by tho Rev. J
It la learned with regret tbat Mr. F.
Adolph declined nomination as a Liberal candidate for the provincial
house. Those who know Mr. Adolph
are certain tbat hi. outstanding Integrity and husiness acumen would
have helped to oust the Hon .W. R.
Ross. Mr. C. D. McNabb also refused
to allow hla name to go forward.
Either of these men, if they had gone
forward, would have "Iloked" the present M. P. p. But say, when these
men declined, didn't someone suggest
Mr. Hales H. Ross? If not, why not?
Ho knows as much as anyone in tho
Pass Just what tho people need, and
would hav. amde a worthy repvesent-
on the 1st day of April, 1915. |        HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO
IT WAS ORDERED by His Honor tCapital Authorlied  ...MtMtjmM
George H. Thompson, Esq, Judge of ,,„„,,„, ,..M „„
the County Court of East Kootenay, I
Capital Paid Up.
that James A. Arnold, Official Admin-1 Beserve   and   Undivided
istrator for that portion of the County
of Kootenay Included ln the Electoral District of Cranbrook bc Administrator of all and singular tlio estate of Joseph King .deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
deceased Is required to inakii payment: n„„i,„i.,„ ,„ „„„ „„., „„ „ ,.,,.
forthwith to the undersigned available ln any part of the world.
Every person having iu possession effects belonging to tlie ileceas
ed ls required forthwith to nutify the} attention given to Savings Bank Ac
undersigned. : counts.    Deposits ot 11.00 and up-
Every  creditor   or  other   nerBon ] ward3 n,c0|vcd and Interest allowed
having any claim upon or interest In ,„,„ .... nf . „ „,,
the rtlstrlblltlnn   of the  estate   of till,   'r0m iale ot d(i>108lt-
the distribution of the estate of the
said deceased ls required tu send before the 12th duy of May, 1915, next,
by registered mall nddressi'il to the
undersigned, his name ami address
and the full particulars uf liis claim
or Interest, und a statement of Ills account and tho nature of the security j
(If any) held by hlm.
After tlio said lust mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of tlte estate, having
regard to those claims only of whicli
lie shall have hnd notice.
official Administrator,
Dated at Cranhrook this 7th day of
April, 1016. 14-2t
A branch Is also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under thu management of Irving 0. Wedd.
Cranbrook Branch
II. ff. SUPPLE, Manager
the reserve established by a notice
published ln the British Columbia
Gazette on the 27th of December, 1907,
Is cancelled In so far as it relates to
Lots 11702, 11763, 11764, 11767, 11765,
11766, 11768, 11769,11770, 11771, 11773,
11774, 11775, 11776, 11777, 1177S, 11779,
117S0, IIS:.",, 11826, 11827, 1182S, 11829,
11864, 11865, 11866, 11871, 11889, 11881,
11SS2, 11883,11884, 118»B, 11886, 11887,
11888, 11889, 11891, 11892, 11893, 11894,
11895, 11890, 11887, 12138, 12139, 12140,
12141, 12142, 12143, 12144, 12145, 12140,
12147, 12148, 12149, 12150, 12155, 12166,
12157, 12158, 12159, 12160, 12161, 12102,
12163, 12164, 12165, 12166, 12167, 12239,
12240, 12241, 12242, 12243, 12244, 12246,
12246 and 12247, Kootenay District.
Thc said lots wilt be open to entry by
pre-emption on Tuesday, thc 18th day
of May, 1915, at nine o'clock In the
forenoon. No Pre-emption Rocord
will be issued to Include more than
one surveyed Lot and all applications
must bo mado at thc ofllce of the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of I,ands,
Victoria, B.C.,
March 12th, 1116, 11-M
Spokane, Washington
We believe wa
have'more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ua
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
8m SUamahl* m Um B**l


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