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Cranbrook Herald Jan 16, 1913

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Array Legislative Assembly
Anril M-tt
We are well equipped t.j
turn uni the t.ebt class
of work.
11c Discusses Alleged Emergency Claims and
Vigorously Exposes Tory Inconsistencies
At a well-attcmled smoker of the be that of strengthening the empire*
Victoria* 'tirit i.'luli last Thursday j where it was strongest and leaving,
evening Malcolm A. Macdonald, the! the trade routes unprotected, bjv
well-known young Liberal barrister, .neglecting it at the point where it
made an examination of the Borden i was weakest. ("Hear, hear.")
naval policy which was searching | Mr. Borden was sinning against the>
.iitd    exhaustive,    lie showed    that j light given by this memorandum, an*
local Conservatives,   from the preni- " ' -
ier downwards, hail abandoned their
principles, in common with their
friends iu thc easl, for political expediency, anil that the alienations
that Canada could never have a navy
of her own and could not man it il
she had. were completely groundless.
Mr. Macdonald was well received
throughout, and although tlie address had none of Ihe flourishes       of
Trafalgar Hay orations, il was a
masterly analysis of Canada's   place
ill ihe empire as a naval power.
tic preferred, he said, to term it   a
plan     rather       than a police,     this
scheme of   transporting from       tlie
Canadian   exchequer    a sum oi V.V.
nun,nun to
hire   detent
not wauled
last     thai
his hearers
ol the plan
propria! ion
he llrltisli exchequer    t.
s wantod Could
is Canadians, lie proud
loch began with an aP-
^^^^^^^ HWill,mill ami ended
with the transportation ol this sum
to (Ircat Britain? The Liberal party,
he desired to observe m tlie lust
place, was not worrying about the
amount, if coolly necessary, they
would be Willing to offer a much
larger sum
"There is much common ground,',1
lie said, "in undertaking a discussion
oi tliis character, without distinction
oi race, creed, or party, among all
classes of   Canadians.      We are    al!
loyal  British suhiects except when an
election comes along, then, strangely, half Ihe population becomes dis
loyal. (Laughter). Fortunately alec-
lions only iipitie once in lour rears,
so that we have a chance of being
considered loyal throe out oi cvorj
lour veals. Like Ihe Hom.ius of ppld
we can sa\ 'Civitas Uomalius sum.'
but Wc aie more than British silb-
iccis, we are liniish citizens There-
lore we are all proud ol the white
ensign which lias down not only in
the North Sen but iu the seven
sens "
Mr. Macdonald noxl oxnml I    Ihe
admiralty tdemornndum on the situation, upon which tlie Borden policy
is based, alt'l said that the idea conveyed was I hat of restoring the naval strength of tile empire to that
which il was before the outlying portions of tlie empire had to he neglected through tlie. concentration of
strength in the home waters. Mr.
Macdonald read the llgurcs giving tlie
respective strength of dreadnoughts
of droit Britain and Clermuny, und
pointed out that the policy of concentration had resulted in neglect of
the trade roiiles. They had Premier
Mcllride io season ant! out ol season
...... sinning against    himself because.
he had gone back  on his pledges wet
opinions of 1909.    (Applaose). There.
had been    since  that time no change
of   front   or    policy.     The changes
had been those ot political opportunities, the result of the alliance   with,
thc   Nationalists.   The abandonment*
of the   Pacific   fleet unit by Premier
McBride was on a par with this   expediency    and showed a hollow echo-
of incincerity  in his    attitude.    A1U
that this    coast should    receive ap'
jpeared    to be the    oil-tank   vessels
which Premier Borden said might bei
constructed in    Canada.    (ItcnewetU
laughter )    Like all that- Sir Wilfrid!
pul before tbe people, his policy   baa
showed a  commencement on      right.
lines.    (Applause).
"1 believe that the people want ass
ipportunity ol saying so, and I third,
they should have nn opportunity..
C'llear, hear.")
Mr. Macdonald read the naval a*.
solution unanimously adopted in inei
bouse ot commons in March, 190*}',.
ami said be believed that it embodied!
a good policy, one which should be*
effective today. The policy ol eon1-
trihntion had been tried In Australia,
ami had tailed, ntad Australians had!
come to tbe only logical position ol
policing tbe South Seas themselves;.
The very word "emergency," now
;o frequent was the wrong nartai tto.
apply, and tbe nomenclature was.
bod. There was absolutely no prool
of un emergency in imperial affairs!
today. There would be if British
naval supremacy ceased to hold its
predominance, but such, happily, had
not yet occurred.     It there was
replaced In time hy a permanent one.
A   voice: "Yes, it the Nationalists
let him."
The speaker stated that that was
the crux ot the situation. Mr. Borden
said tbat it would take trom 25 to 50
years to establish a naval organization. This observation formed indeed a proud boast. The Sout* Americas republics aud small European
countries were developing naval construction for themselves. Even it
shipbuilding cost more Una Iu Great
Britain a start must bo made. Industries employing CatraaV'- labor
should he created. Sor business
would thus he combined h good
policy. The governmei said it
would not go on with the Laurier
programme ot cruisers and torpedo
destroyers because hy the time tbey
were built the vessels would be obsolete, but II that course was adopted In naval construction no country
in the world would venture to build
ships. Only recently a vessel bad
turned out at Seattle for the
United States navy. The speaker '
inquired why the same could not be
done on this side ot tbe line. |
From the standpoint ot tbe British
shipbuilder, it might be better business tor the Dominions to make contributions, but Irom the standpoint
jot developing Canadian industry, enterprise, and self-reliance, it was
not. The Laurier Act had commenced a scheme ot home development, and the otter of the great firm
of Cammell, Laird and Co. to start
in business at St. ,Iohn, N. B., had
come. "At that port there are
great harbor Improvements," the
speaker continued, "and already
there is to be built one ot the largest dry docks in the world, capable
of accommodating tbe largest battleships.
"Right alongside ol this drydock it
is proposed to construct great shipbuilding yards   in conjunction    with
the Norton Qrlfflths company,    contractors lor the drydock, where   the
ships ot tbe   Canadian navy     could
have heen built.    Vidian' Sons and
.Maxim had    recently placed in position the great drydock at Montreal.
On the Pacific  coast  tbe    country
must be ready lor a change In     the
international    relations   ot   Japan,
which was now the ally, but   might
become the enemy ot Great Britain."
Answering the  contention that Canadians    could not man the vessels,
Mr. Macdonald said it had been    estimated that 5,000 men would be   required.      Admiral      Klngsmlll   had
stated that   recruiting bad suttered
lor the   Rainbow and NHobe because,
tho young men attracted bad     come
trom interior provinces and Irom the
cities, and    were unsuited tor naval
service.      Owing to the uncertainty
as to tbe future policy there had not
heen tbat encouragement to enter the
service which ought to exist.
They had    as yet made no attempt
to reach tbe fishermen ol the eastern
provinces, of  whom there was about
80,000, or those  ot this coast.      In
this    connection    Mr.   Bowser   had
promised   tbe replacement ot Japanese fishermen by white men so    tbat
the field for recruiting would be    increased rather than diminished.  The,
naval question had been made a political football since 1909, and    while
there had been a number ot desertions
trom    the training ships, there  had
been lew    compared witb the desertions trom  their opinions of Conservative speakers    on  this   important
and vital subject. Given but security
of policy, there would be no difficulty
in manning    the  fleet.     The whole
naval policy ot   the present administration came    down to a neglect of
the admiralty policy ot policing    thc
trade routes.    Canada's duty in this
regard was to have fleet units on the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans.    In the
latter    connection Sir Richard    McBride had    shown himselt a political
weather-vane of a most illusive type.
(Laughter and applause).
organization in perhaps half a century. He referred to the policy-
adopted by Australia, which had
abandoned a policy ot cash contributions for one providing lor a navy ol
its own, built, maintained and manned by Australians, and asked why
Canadians could not do likewise.   In
ings should be used lor   the purpose
ot social vice.
ROV. Mr. Kendall dealt with the
legal aspect ot the question and delivered a very impassioned and forcible address. lie opened by expressing surprise that not a single
lawyer or   doctor was present
this connection he quoted Irom the give the public iomc ol thc tacts in
speech ol an Australian minister a this connection, that come so trc-
lew days ago in which it was slated quently under their professional ex-
thnt when tlie question ol an Aus- perience. If the doctors would speak
trallau navy was first mooted critics out, we should not have a red light
urged the point that the Island dom- district another week.
Inioa could not get the sailors to I Mr. Kendall proceeded at sonic
man them. The minister's answer length to deal with thc very large
to that criticism was brief but to numbers of young girls, who are bc-
tbe point. 'We are getting the | log tempted and sometimes forced in-
raen," he said. i to the red light districts, by.      tbe
Tbe naval policy brought down by horrible white slavers. He alluded
Sir Wilfrid, Laurier in 19011 was a to the crudo legislation in this prov-
long step on thc right track. Those luce dealing with this evil, and clial-
who criticised it on the ground ot in- lenged the authority ot Attorney-
adequacy failed to take into consider- General Bowser to enter Into ai-
ation tbe loot that the subject ot rangements with certain Cranbrook
Canada's participation in naval de- cltliens to establish a restricted dis-
lence was a new one on which public   trict on     thc    outskirts      of
' sentiment    throughout the Dominion the        city. He        contended
had not then expressed itself. Now that the red light district could be
I Canadians have indicated that they suppressed within SO minutes if the
I ore desirous of taking up the burden; people ot Cranbrook so decided. He
the country's revenues are much would like to see the lash applied to
grater and Sir Wilfrid feels that we frequenters ot thc red light district
' should at once make a start upon and would happily wield it him-
tbe organization of a permanent Ca-   -self,
nadlon .policy on a much more com-' *"»* some further references to the
prehensive scale. Those who on- 'egal aspects ot the situation Mr
jected to the policy three years ago Kendall closed his remarks,
because it was inadequate should The loregolug Is u very briel sum
support thc opposition's present pro- mary ol the remarks of the speakers
posals, which in supplying what they The spirit ol the meeting was tier
then demanded gives effect to       the taMy   "ot    partisan   iu any snap
birth to the registrar and fill in the
necessary form with thc various details which are unknown to any but
the members of the family. The doctors report the births as tliey occur;
and in the past thc department has
waited for six months before taking
any action to bring the lather to
time, Inn in tuture should a parent
fail to register a birth within thirty
days, be will receive a notification
setting torth his duty, and, it be
tails to observe tbe law, be wilt be
proceeded against.
principles originally involved
"Surely," Mr. Macdonald .said, "it
must be 'craven fear o! being great'
which actuates Premier Borden in
saying 'here is $35,000,000. It is all
I we can do at present. We can't
build ships, we can't man them, wc
can't equip them, we can't maintain
them.' Can't is a cowardly word at
best and should have no place in the
dictionary of a robust nation."
No special pleas  were made [or
ugaiost any ol   tin- municipal candi
dates.    It was  practically the opening round in what promises to Ih>   u
determined        fight        on tho
part of the local ministerial association to wipe out
the black infamy of a segregated (lis
trlct in this city.
Before the meeting adjourned the
following resolution was read ami
adopted by a standing vote, which
included tbe very great majority of
all present:
"Resolved that we, the citizens of
Cranbrook, B. C, believing that the
existence of a segregated area for
| social vice in tbe police district of
Cranbrook is destructive to tlie
health and moral well-being of the
AT citizens, and be it further resolved
| hat tbe laws provided (or its suppression must be enforced and the
institution abolished."
Frank Fletcher, fur nearly a quarter of a century a resident of Nelson
and twice mayor of that city, died at
the age of 58 years at the Kootenay
Lake General hospital last Sunday
morning   after   an illness   ot    some
Mr. Fletcher lived for many years
in the west and in the early days in
Nelson was Canadian Pacific railway
land >agent for this district.
As a surveyor he had an intimate
knowledge of tlie interior ot Britith
Columbia ami drew some of the first
maps of Kootenay which were published.
Tlie funeral will be under the auspices of Un- Masonic lodge, of which
Mr. Fletcher wus formerly master,
and it is expected thut the cHj
council will attend
lie leaves a widow, who is residing
ut Ogden, near Calgary; two daugb
teis, Frances and Hope, ami a sou.
Hugh, who readied Nelson Suuday
bight from the prairies
land valuation scheme undertaken in
Lloyd George's famous budget is
completed and that this will require
at least another couple of years.
The   view   of the government's opponents is that tbe land scheme projected by the chancellor ot   thc    exchequer is so   vast and complex that
be is unable   to   carry     thc cabinet
with him in its accomplishment.
1   When   the    Franchise    Reform bill
comes up in the British home of com-
'mons shortly the members of       the
house will iimi all thr approaches tu
tlie  chamber    picketed   hy actresses
aud   other  supporters oi   tin- movement in favor of votes for women.
Tbe Actress Franchise League,
which is organizing tire movement,
has called for the help ul all similar
organizations to matte a peaceful demonstration in support of the adoption ot an amendment to the hill intended to   give the suffrage to     wo-
emergency Ibc    oner «< »«^M00J  The victoria Time In it. editorial
with thc   maintenance and the    meni| M   ,   M«.|ion
behind   I he guns   were to be w»»<*l c?T'!°LkUP"" •
by Drear Itritnin, wa, an insult    toj^V'X'bT.lv.r.d   by Malcolm
ibc ( nnudlan people. M^onaldof   Vancouver at the Qrit
Tbe adoption ot such a court* c,ub meeting lalt n|Kht ahoald com-
wmilil cam the scorn and obloquy ol ^^ ^ ^ ^ Mtnelt MI1,ldera.
the civilized world, »"« /lchlV tlon ot tbe people of this city. It
would such be deserved. Experts es~ ^ ^ expression ot coBnfcnce on
tiinuted tlie cost ot maintenance M ^ rt 0, m ^turfing young Ca-
about 80,(100,000, which waa an addi- Jjjgg; ^ ^ c,paclty 0, w, country
tional burden on the Hrltiah taxpay- ^ j^^fa ln an effective manner
er. The Toronto World had ex- ^ _ giving upon It in the
pressed it very cleverly in a <*rtoon mattw of MVal de!ence. He deplored
,„f,Iohn Hull with three a* lltlonal.:lttadeMrtl()libyMr BotdeB and his
dogs in leash,   "Pttewnting^tlie three I ^ tb(|   prlncip|e, they so tren-
Inew    battleships,   and   the t emart. j JJ^      enunciated    three years ago
"Three more pups to leed." I.Laugh-
Provision was made In the agreement to have thc battleships h ack If
they were needed. The goiM -anient
should at least huve provided ft >r the
| maintenance ot 1he ships. He contrasted this con rse with the Ii vurter
^^^^^^^ policy, a   permanent objactltsj  cora-
rotorrlng to tho protection   "I     the ]mmi w|t|, tho desperate cxpeaHl nt of
Pacific coast In    stentorian    tones. | tne government..    Then excusea   were
Now   ho spoke in    whispers, II     he  ,„,„, tnat if IHe tardea policy      «i*
not aeem    perfect u It fteotf, Salter
spoke at all.     (Laughter). The policy        __
of the premier of Canada appeared to I all it
waa a trmparary policy,,,' lo he
regietted that the stentorian,
tones with which Sir Riohard Mc-
Brioe formerly demanded a Oeet unit
and shipbuilding Industry on the Pacific had aunk to whispert. He showed bow Mr. Borden's naval proposals
were nothing less than a resolution,
ot lack ot faith tn the ability and
patriotism ot hit own people, proving his point by quoting from tlie
prime mlnttter's npeeeh tn which he,
eiprnued the opinion that Canada.
could not haiW ay aa effective   naval
The Presbyterian church last Sunday cveaing was crowded to overflowing hy a mixed audience, attracted thither by the announcement
| that the pastors of the Presbyterian,
: Baptist and Methodist churches,
would discuss the social vice prob-
[lem,' exceptional interest being taken
in the proposition, in view ot the
near approach of the municipal elections.
Rev. Mr. Kendall, presided,      and
briefly outlined tbe objects of       the
meeting.    He said that tlie question
would be discussed from three    view
.points,   the    social,    by Rev.   Mr.
|Thomson; the medical, by Rev.    Mr. {
Dunham and thc legal by himself.      |
,    Rev.   Mr. Thomson, in his opening
[remarks, pointed out that the organization   represented on the platform,
were   not   engagod in    any crusade
^against tlie   liquor    license holders,
they had no quarrel  with hotx-l men,
who obey the law.
The social    evil   occupied supreme
place in their campaign, and   should
take such a    place in any   municipal
[campaign.    It aficcts every field    of
Ute and our   standing in   the. world.
Cranbrook, in its infancy, has established a segregated   district,    which
have been abolished   In Calgary, Ed-
lOnton and Vancouver, and now   the
time has   arrived    when   Cranbrook
must follow suit.    The cry that  tbe
perpetuation   ot the vice was a "no-1
|.ie»sary evil,"   was absolutely false, j
The red light district was no   more
necessary,    than   hell   is necessary.
One bad apple In a case will contaminate the whole case.    The red light
district In this   city may contaminate the whole city, .particularly    thc
youth,  ol the    city,  Irom 10 to 17.
Men who patronize these places    are
unfit to mingle in decent society, and
shouM be compelled to abstain  trom
I marriage.     The hotels   are Infested
1 by the scum of  God's earth, because
ot the red  light district.     We will
see that the girls from these resorts
are placed In decent homes, if      you
[■can get the red light district closed.
Rev.    Mr.   Dunham was   the next,
speaker, and he dealt with, the    sub*
, .iject, mainly from the medical standpoint.    Mr.    Dunham quoted     high
medical authorities as to the extremei
iBanger of these   resorts from      the
point ot view of   the health ot     the
•community In which they are located,
;ke also severely censured the system,
|«t medical Inspection in practice with
, Tespect to these  places.      Mr. Dun-
,bam went on to comment upon    the
enormity ot the offense ol those who.
eeaarated that their lauds and haild-
It    is   in    order (or Canadians in
congratulate  Sir Thomas Shaughnes-
sy, president ol the Canadian Pacific
railway on having been placed on the
list for a peerage.     While the name
of Sir Thomas did not appear in the
list ol New Year's honors, it can   Instated on high authority that      the
honor will not be long delayed.
1   The news    has  leaked out in London, and Is being received by      bis
many friends with every evidence   of
satisfaction.       Mr.  T. P. O'Connor
and Mr. Redmond are greatly pleasi d
at tho news.    These two men      are
powerful in their party and have been
persistent  iu    pressing Sir Thomas'
claim on the ministry.    Kir Thomas
is known    to he a frank, straightforward home ruler, not atraid ol avowing bis proclivities or giving generous
financial support to tlie cause.
I    It Is believed the title under which
Sir Thomas will be known has   been
submitted.      It is understood    here
tbe new peer will purchase an estate
in Ireland or   the south ol England,
hut bis acceptance ot the peerage will
In no way    interfere with bis resiil-
| etice in Canada.
Notwithstanding the large amount
of railway construction in Canada
during thc past year, there is eeery
indication of quite as much being
done tiuriiiK the present year. This is
the opinion of Sir Thomas Shaugh-
nessy. This will mean, be says, a
great deal for tbe country because,
besides giving employment to many
thousands of men in tbe making ol
railways, it naturally stimulates
I manufacturing in the rail mills, iron
land steel works, lumber mil's and a
large number of other establishments,
and keeps tbe wheel of national prosperity spinning. The rail requirements nf the Canadian Pacifk rail-
way for the next year, will approximate 250,000 tons, and these, witb
the requisite fastenings, will represent an expenditure of over 18,000,-
During the past \ear in addition to
keeping their own manufacturing
shops occupied to their capacity, the
Canadian Pacific railway have contracted to take all the cars and locomotives they can have built in Canada, and have also made large contracts with manufacturers ln tbe
I'nited States. At the present time
the outstanding orders for cars and
(locomotives, to be delivered before
[tht end of 1913, aggregate 130,000,-
000, and a very large proportion ot
this amount will be spent in Canada.
j men.
Tbe militaat section of the suflrtV
gettes is said lo be preparing to provide most exciting time for members
of parliament. At present the suffragists have g bare majority in the
bouse of cotnraois if all of them vote
for tbe measure. It is understood,
however, that many of them have
withdrawn tbeir support because of
the methods adopted by the militants. A larje number of Liberals
who are in favor of suffrage for women, will not Tote (or it now nn ar-
count of Premier AsqultVs opposition lo tbe mowmrnt, and also tie-
cautt ol the way hr bus turn treated
by tbt< militants.
Should these mentors of the house
ol commons    wbo favor   woman suffrage   succeed    in   having   the word
'male"    eliminated     from   the bill,
three alternative propositions wilt be
made to include women. The first and
most    draatic emanates from      tbe
labor party, conferring the vote    on
(every woman in tbe country who    is
jover twenty-one years of age.     This
i has little   chance of passing as      it
woold   mean     adult    suffrage, which
meets much exposition,     Thc second
proposal   is     incorporated    in what
was known as  the   Conciliatiod Hill,
and which was defeated by tbe    supporters of woman suffrage because it
was not     democratic enough        and
|wou*d give the   vote to wealthy and
well to do women, but not the work-
ins votsra.     It simply provides that
the votes thoaM be given to    women
| householders.
David Lloyd George and other in-
fluential supporters of "votes for
women" opposed this, so it, too, is
Mt likely to meet with favor. In
[fact, the only amendment which will
! receive consideration is that which
croposes introducing the Norwegian
j system into England. This system
gives the votes to women householders and the wives of electors. As
[most of the women householders are
of tbe wealthier classes and all the
workingmen electors, tbe amendment, It is considered, fairly distributes tbe vote among all classes.
TO     BE   NEXT    BIG   HOVE
Parents who neglect to register
the birth of their children within
thirty days, as the law stipulates,
will hereafter have to obey the rule
or suffer tbe penalty provided for its
violation. In the pant the department has been lenient in regard u>
those who have failed to observe tin-
law, but owing to the rapid growth
of the population it is found necessary to issue tbe warning that in
tuture tbe law must be respected.
There Is a general belief that it is
sufficient if the attending physician
notifies tbe deparement of a birth;
but that Is erroneous. The law provides tbat the lather (if within the
district) shall forthwith report    tlie
London, Jan. 14.—The government
lias decided that the next great work
in connection with its programme of
social reform, to be undertaken as
ifumn as the Home Rule, Welsh Div
|establishment, and the Franchise Reform hills are disposed of will be a
colossal scheme for improvement in
elementary, secondary and higher education.
This Important announcement was
made tonight on tht- authority of
Premier Asqulth and Chancellor of
the Exchequer, David Lloyd George
by Viscount llaldanc, lord high chancellor, at a political meeting in
Manchester, Viscount Haldane said
the existing system of education was
chaotic and must be altered. it
| would be an cxpensipe problem to
handle and the expense must not be
borne by the taxpayers. It would
j he a productive expenditure, and was
absolutely necessary 'if our productive power is to he maintained in
comparison with that of our rivals,"
he added.
J The announcement which apparently,
points in a scheme for national education at the expense ot thc state,
i probably will In- interpreted by the
.Unionists as a defeat of the Lloyd
George section of the cabinet,-which
has heen endeavoring to make the
land question the government's next
task. The explanation given by tbe
ministerialists is that the land question cannot bo dealt witb until    tbe
l-owtotp,   Jan.   H.—Mr.     Fielding
I writes to the Times a column letter
cootrovertiDg tbe recent assertion ol
Sir Thomas   Berritlge, a Liberal es-
|m.I".,    regarding   reciprocity.    Mr.
l-leMing   says that in thr reciprocity)
[agreement   with  the   I'tuted States
not only was there no treaty and no
[such      binding    agreement   as   Sir
Thomas had teen led to suppose, but
there was an emphatic declaration to
tbe contrary.    Tbe agreement    took
the    form   of an exchange of letters
between    tne Canadian minister ami
the secretary of state tor th*, I'nited
States, anal a further letter by    tne
Canadian minister setting lorth what
lias heen agreed upon.     In this      it
was distinctly stated tbat tlie BgtM-
ment was to bold only sip long      as
both   parties    found it satisfactory,
I and both   the   parliament ol Canada
land congress   reserved complete trce-
dom to arrange    their tariffs    from
time to,  time as   they deeninl best.
'I hope," says   Mr. Fielding In con-'
[elusion, "it has now been made clear
tbat in tbe Canadian elections there
was no   question     of anybody being
tor   or against   Kngland. ami the reciprocity agreement contained not   a
line   tbat    interfered witb Canada's
fiscal freedom.
I wish to thank the firemen and
Chief of Fire neoartiment Poster for
tke very prompt and efficicni work
which tbey did at the time of my
lire two woks ago
(Signed) Men  II   Chapman.
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
K. .1. Deaue, Managing Editor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, Jaiairy Ii. WI3
Tlie Herald must congratulate the
liti/.ens of Cranbrook upon the outcome of yesterday's municipal campaign. It was one of the most vigorously contested in the city's history, although no public meetings
were held. Whilst Mr, Howness was
re-elected hy such a majority as
amply testified to the lii^h esteem in
which he is held hy the citizens rcii-
crally, his opponent, Mr, W. S.
Santo, made a very creditable allowing. Despite some silly, and rather
vulgar cartoons, issued hy the Santo
committee, nothing objectionable
arose throughout the campaign, Ihe
best nf feeling prevailing among the
workers of the respective candidates.
11 was a stiff, hard fought, manly
campaign, creditable to all concerned, and, we think, it will have to be
conceded hy all eoncerned, that tlie
city's best interests wore served in
re-electing Mayor Howness and the
six aldermen, who will make up his
council, two of whom have had considerable experience already as aldermen, Messrs. Lester Clapp and (■■
Krickson The other four are new
l.o the administration of civic affairs, but their own records as business men, in their respective occupations, have gained for them the
confidence of their fellow citizens,
and we believe it will not he misplaced.
It was a good light from start to
finish, probably the most strenuous
iu Cranbrook's corporate history.
The outcome, we believe, will prove
satisfactory, even to tlie strongest)
supporters of the Santo ticket. Generally speaking, the fight was honestly waged for what the Santo
people declared a more cllicient, more
popular, and more economical .administration. However, despite very
active, well organizer! work on their
pari, under the generalship of Mr. W.
II. McFarlane, tbey failed to make
that decisive impression on the electorate, which alone could oust a man
oi the great popularity nf las]
year's mayor. Mr. A. C. Howness
was re-elected by a substantial majority upon his past record, and the
candidates on his ticket for aldermen
were also largely elected on the
same grounds, including not only the
aldermen, who were seeking re-election, but the new men as well.
The polling of votes was carried
on all day in tlie most active und
enthustastie manner. Both sides
had a large number nf sleighs in
operation, which were kept on the.
run until the last minute. Notwithstanding some strong sentiments aud
;i certain amount of ill-feeling occasioned hy the publication of sonic
objectionable campaign cartoons, by
the Santo committee, thc best of
good feeling prevailed throughout the
day's canvass, and at the close of
Ihe polls, after several hours spent
in cheeking up the votes, it was a
mutually congratulatory assemblage,
Ihe winners modestly accepting their
new honors, and the losers showing
good sportsmanlike spirit iu the way
they took their defeat.
From nn independent observer's
point, of view, the keen contest cannot fail to have a good efTect upon
the future civic administration. No
one would pretend that there have
not been both neglect in some particulars, and a lack of close attention to business principles in other
directions. The   publicity   given
these points, whilst tbey failed to
make sufficient impression on the
great majority of the electors, will,
undoubtedly, have been taken to
heart by those to whom the citizens have entrusted the administration of their affairs during     the
ensuing year, Mayor Bowness and Iris
full aldermauic slate, being elected
by substantial majorities, us follows:
A. C. Howness  278
W. S. Santo  157
Majority for Howness  131
Lester Clapp  256
C. R. Ward  213
G. K. Lcask  225
Gus. Erickson  223
It, C. Carr 208
.1. E. Kennedy  207
The Santo ticM Display LL LL LL
F, Dezall 199
F. Genest  199
M. Horie  188
11. Hickenbotham  176
.1. B. Hall  173
.1. T. Sarvis  150
It will he noted that Lester Clapp,
who polled the heaviest vote for
alderman on the Howness ticket, had
a lead of 57 votes over the highest
man, F. Dezall, on thc Santo ticket;
also that .1. K. Kennedy, low man
on the Howness ticket, had a lead of
13 over the low man on the Santo
ticket, .1. T. Sarvis. A total of
■134 ballots were polled, among which
there weere 17 spoiled ballots for
School Trustees, four for mayor and
8 for aldermen.
The total vote polled is the heaviest since 1911, when the total votes
counted was 447.
.1. P. Fink  : 293
H. White  271
■L Laurie  255
II. A. McKowan  193
It will be noted that Mr. .1. I'.
Fink, polled 15 more votes than [ell
lo mayor Bowness. Mr. H. White
came second with a vote of 271, a
result iu wiiich everyone Interested
in the city's -public schools will rejoice over, for Mr. White has served
the hoard tor several years with thc
most praiseworthy and self-sacrificing efforts.
L. W. Donaboe, erstwhile postmaster at Wardner, has been given the
bounce to make room for an active
Tory partisan. No complaints alleged against Donnhoe were ever investigated. He simply had to go,
after years of faithful service because thc local Tories could not
stomach a Liberal in office. Borden's
pre-election talk of purity in elections was as cold a piece of bunkum
as any politician in Canada ever put
up on the electorate.
Norbury Avenue
Sacrifice Sale
132 font frontage on Norbury, and 122 fnet on Edward. Positively the best
available close in corner
in the City.
Price $2,000.00
Half ('null
Better see this at once.    Exclusively by
Chapman Land 4lnv Co.
Two doors from th* Iter Theatre
On Tuesday morning, .January 7th,
lohn S. Brake, car repairer in the
C.P-R, yards, met with an accident,
which, at the time, was not considered of a very serious nature. His
left arm was broken aud bad lo be
amputated, anil this was thought to
be the chief injury he suffered, but it
developed that in addition to the
broken arm, he had sustained injuries to his head, as a result of bis
collision with the locomotive. Gangrene set in and his case was hopeless. He died at an early hour on
Tuesday morning, January 14th.
Deceased was greatly respected by
his brother workers and by a wide
circle of acquaintances in the ranks
of ()(hl Fellows and Masons. The
funeral will take place on Friday afternoon, and an Kmergent Communication of Cranbrook lodge, No. 34,
A FA AM , has been called for L45
p.m. in order tbat tbe brethren may
attend the funeral of the late Brother -John S. Brake. M. W. Bro. Rev.
ID. I*. Flewelling, of Christ church,
will officiate.
Deceased wgs also a member ot the
Over Seas club and of the Hrother-
hood of Railway Carmen. He came to
Cranbrook in 1RHI and ever'since has
lieen in thc employ of the C.P.R. Me
bad been twice married and by bis
first wife he leaves two children and
hy his last, one.
In every respect .lohn S. Brake
was a ver> line type of man, all who
knew him had the greatest respect
and esteem for him, and in tlie time
if their affliction tlie heartfelt sympathy of tltese friends no out to the
bereaved widow and children.
Just two weeks ago the Herald
was under the painful necessity of
recording tbo sudden death of the
only child of Mr. ami Mrs. F. L.
Parks. Today the Herald has io
announce the death of Mrs. Parks,
thc sudden demise of whose only
chilli, seriously broke down her
health, and death claimed ber at an
early hour on Sunday morning last,
cerebral hemorrhage being the cause.
The funeral took place on Tuesday
afternoon from her late residence on
Ponley avenue and was attended by
a very large number of mourners.
The pall bearers were: Messrs. 0.
Stong, .1 R. McNab, O. W. Patmore,
W. H. Wilson, W. lv Wordcn and .1.
D, McBride
Rev. Mr. Dunham, of the Methodist church, officiated and W. R. Beat-
ly hoc) eharge of the arrangements.
15th, the following new officers tor
Durham Encampment No. 12, I.O-O.
F. were installed by D. D. U. P.,
II  Q. Clayton:
0, P.-W. M. Harris
H. P.-E.  H. Patmore.
S. W.-H. -I. Rendall.
Scribe— II. White.
Treasurer—Ira Manning.
.J. W—.1. H. Fletcher.
1. O.-R. A. Racklyeft.
First Watch—H. E. Stephens.
New officers for Key City lodge,
No. 42, I.O.O.F., were installed,
January tith, for the ensuing year as
N. O—Robert Dickson.
V. G.—I. II. Turnley.
.Secretary—W. M. Harris.
Treasurer—.1- F. Broughton.
Warden—A. M. Ferguson.
Conductor—R.   A.  Racklyeft.
R.S.N.O.—W. E. Stephens.
L.S.N.O.-R. Mansfield.
R.S.V.O.-W. Soden.
L.S.V.O.—II. C, Stringer.
ItO-R. Findlav.
O.O.—J. Manning.
Chaplain—F. M. Macpherson.
The installation ceremony was conducted by D.D.G.M. W. M. Harris.
Last Sunday's meeting at thc R.
R.Y.M.C.A. was addressed by Rev
Mr. Dunham. The attendance was
very good and much appreciation
was shown of the remarks he made.
Next Sunday we are in hopes of having Mr. Wcstman, inspector of Sunday schools of the Methodist church.
This is an opportunity thc men of
Cranbrook should not 'miss of hearing
and a man with the reputation he
has and it is to he hoped great advantage is taken ot it. Thc singing
is always a feature and it is one of
the cheeriest meetings in the town
and caters specially to men. It
commences every Sunday at 16,15
and lasts till' 17k. We start
promptly and finish right on time.
Come aud bring a pal.
The bowling tournament will start
next week and all those who are interested should keep this in mind.
The evening school is going    again
every Tuesday   night at 20k.        The
only subject   handled so far is shorthand.    Call and see the secretary.
O. E. Kendall, pastor.
Services, 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
There will be a song service for
twenty minutes in the evening meeting, of hymns everyone will know or
learn. The pastor will read the services of the day. An invitation is
eitendeil to all.
built, whether of wood or of more
permanent material.
Tbe report of thc treasurer showed
larger offerings for the year than for
any previous years. The report ot
the Ladies Guild was very satisfactory, showing a balance on hand for
building fund of $75!, and on current
account ot $75.
Total receipts from the parish for
the year amounted to $2615.45.
Votes of thanks were passed to
tlie Ladies Guild, tlie secretary-
treasurer, the choir master and the
faithful of the choir for efficient services throughout the year.
At Christ church, at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Druee Hyron Harrington and'
Miss Vivyan .lane Sissons were united in the bonds nl' holy matrimony
by Rev. K. P. l-'lewelling.
At Christ church, I p.m. Wednesday, George Gilbert Weeks and Miss
Marguerite Louisa Mewson, were
united in marriage by Rev. 10. P.
There was a gathering of members
of the Cranbrook Operatic society at
the Masonic hall last evening for the
purpose of bidding farewell to Mr. D.
•1. McSweyn, who, since its inception, has been a faithful, hard working member, filling the office of secretary.
He was presented on behalf of the
members of the company, with three
photos, showing the Cranbrook opera
company, in each of their productions, including the "Geisha," "The
Country Girl" and the "Cingalce."
The three photos were mounted in
one very handsome frame, and make
a very artistic picture.
Mr. Harold Darling has been elected secretary-treasurer in the place
of Mr, McSweyn.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.:
dgh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
:rom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Bene-
fiction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and hot? days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at tbe
P. Platnondon, O.M.I.
Pastor, W. Kelman Thomson.
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"The Foregiveness of Sin."
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Kvening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject: "Mirth: It's Plate and Power"
The annual congregational meeting
will take place in the church on Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.
A full attendance of members and
adherents is requested. Business urgent and important.
On     Wednesday   evening,     lanuarv
The annual general meeting of thc
parishioners nf Christ church was
held in the church on Monday evening at 8 o'clock, the rector In the
After organization Mr. C. A. Cock
was elected secretary. The minutes
of the lost annual meeting were read
and confirmed.
The rector's report was read,
showing the progress of Die church
for the year. The many removals
from the parish have been more than
counterbalanced by new arrivals. The
membership at the end of the year
showed an increase over lust year of
110 people.
Notwithstanding losses, the communicants show an increase of 31.
Mr. C. A, Cock was appointed rector's warden, and Mr. R. F. Prnne-
father people's warden.
Lay delegates to synod: Messrs.
Hunt, Cock and Wallinger    ,
Sidesmen: Messrs. Darling, Beale,
Wallinger, Crebhin, Thompson, Green,
Walker, Santo, Ford, Pye.
It was resolved, nem. con, that
steps should be taken immediately
towards providing a new church for
the parish.
Tlie matter has been placed in the
hands of the newly elected church
No decision was arrived at as yet
respecting the new building, as to
the material of    which it shall      he
The good old game goes on every
day and is being exceptionally well
patronized this season.
Local teams visited Fcrnie a few
days ago, when the scores were as
At Fcrnie—
For Cranbrook, Wilson   7
Fernie, Lyons  18
For Cranbrook, Cameron   7
Fernie, Hcrchmer 13
For Cranbrook, Rev. Dunham     8
On a return visit by the Fernie
curlers the scores were:
For Fernie, Olson  13
For Cranbrook, Bowness    ....   11
For Fernie, .f*hnson  8
Added to the handsome trophies to
be competed for by the curlers, is
a very handsome cup presented by the
Mason and Itisch Piano company. This was a result of a visit -paid hy Mr. Mason to
this city, when the right kind of a
talk was put up to him hy thc genial
host of thc Hotel Cranbrook. The
cup bears the inscription "Grand
Challenge trophy, Crows Nest Curling association,"
Nelson, .Ian. 16.—Through tho
sudden death at an early hour yesterday morning of Aid. Percy .lames
CHctrzcr, a candidate lor alderman in
the civic elections, polling has heen
postponed under the provisions ol
the Municipal Elections Act ol this
province until Tuesday, January 28.
Through the death ol Aid. 0leaser
n situation arose which is said to be
without parallel in the history of
British Columbia, although the statutes make special provision lor such
a contingency as the death oi a candidate between nomination day and
the time set for the opening of the
W. E. Wasson, city clerk, stated
yesterday that the ease was the first
one of its kind in his memory and
local lawyers were also unable to
supply a parallel ease.
Carpet Sweeper
See Our Window
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
This always interesting and enjoyable event is billed to take place at
the Arena rink on Monday evening,
January 27th.
Prizes will he given for:
Rest costume, ladies.
Best costume, girl.
Rest costume, gentlemen.
Rest costume, boy.
Rest costume, comic.
The band will he in attendance.
There will he skating after 9.30 p.m.
to which an admission fee of 50c.
will be charged.
Montreal, .Ian. la.—The Duchess of
Connaught bulletin today, says:
•'Her Royal Highness passed a
very good night. The Duchess'
cough is much less troublesome, and
the abdominal symptoms have almost subsided. No consultations
have been necessary since Sunday,
but it will be some time btfore the
Duchess can lie moved from the hospital. No further bulletins will he
issued.—(Signed) \V. K. Worthing-
Owing to the loss the club has sustained in thc death of .1, S. Brake,
thc only bus.ness transacted'on Tuesday night wiv the fixing upon Tuesday, .January 28th, as tne date of
thc annual meeting of the club, and
also conveying to the members that
Mrs. ,1. S. Bratae expressed a wish
that the club would be represented
at the funeral to be held on Friday,
the 17th inst., at 2.45 p.m. from the
home of the deceased.
Members who were not present at
thc meeting kindly take note.
In Many Lines
Ladies' Suits-Your Choice at
$18.0) Each
In   Sergoe,   Twoods,   Whipcords,   Ktc.   Ketfular   values
$20.0(1, $25.00. $110.01). $46,00.    Clearing at $18.0(1 Suit
Furs !  Furs !  Furs !  25 per Cent.
Off Regular Prices
Any Piece of Fur in the Store at 25 per Cent. Discount
Children's Coats at $3.50 Each
In Plush Coats, Knitted Wool, Beaver Cloth, Curl Clcih,
Etc., from 1 year up tali years. Regular value $4 00, $6.00,
$11.00, $7.00.    Your choice at $3.50
Scotch Tweeds! Scotch Tweeds! 75c yd.
Genuine Pure Wool Tweeds. 56 inohes wide, In Checks
and Stripes. Light and dark colors. 26 pieces to choose
from. Reg. value $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 yd. Clearing at 75c yd.
Furniture, Pianos, Trunks, Buggies,
Sleighs, Etc., stored at very reasonable
rates, in good dry warehouse.
Oct out your comic clothes and bo
prepared (or thr (irst fancy dress carnival on the iee to he held this sea-
Senator King, who has been spend;
iiiR several (lavs in town, Ihe guest
of his son, l)r, .!. H. King, left this
afternoon for Ottawa.
]). .1. McSweyn, accompanied by
.Jus. Finlay, left for the coast today, where .Mr. McSweyn will take
up his new work as manager of the
Shawntgan Late hotel, owned, by Mr.
K. II. Small came down from
Strathmore, Alta., tliis afternoon to
exercise his privilege as a city voter.
Mr. Small has not as yet Anally decided to locate in Strathmore, uut he
speaks very highly of the place I
''I do not understand how you can
sell these articles so cheap." This is !
one of the many expressions we hear,
about the prices of the good things j
displayed upon our bargain counter— .
The Fink Mercantile Co., l.ld.
The   provincial legislature resumed ,
business   this   (Thursday) afternoon.
It is     understood that   lion. 1). M.
Kberts,    K.t'.,   will    be   re-elected |
speaker.     Lome   A. Campbell,      of ,
Kossland, and    .1. (I. ('. Wood,      of
Alberni, will move and second      the.I
address   in   reply    to his     honor's
speech from the throne.      The legislature will likely adjourn until   Monday morning.    Mr. Thos. Caven    re-.
mained in town today tn exercise his
franchise in     the municipul election.
Me will leave for Victoria on Satin- '
day. |
For Sale—Hose comb Rhode Is-
laud Hed cockerels, well bred and
line large birds, $!i rucli. Mr«. 0. It.
Appleton, Gateway, B. ('. l
Hcvelstoke drill hall was the seem-
last   Monday    nighl of a complimentary banquet    tendered  by the citizens to T.     Kllpatrick, Who is retiring Irom the position he has held Tor
many years, of superintendent of the
mountain division    of    the    C.P.H,
Over two hundred   guests were    present, including old tollow-workers   of
Mr. KIIpatrlck,  such as F, F. ' Hus-
teed, S. Phipps, .1. McKay and      A.
O. Hrooker.      Some sixty telegrams
and letters were read from other prominent rail way tnon all over  western
Canada, who were unable to he   present.      Thc banquet followed .      the
presentation to Mr. Kilpatrick of  an
I illuminated   address, valuable      prc-
:sents and   $600 in gold, on behalf ot
' the    railway  men    of thc mountain
' division    and    the citizen? of Revel- ■
I stoke. >
1 John Mitchell, tltc taxidermist, is
leaving this week for Calgary, where
be will spend a few months.       His
work hen: for this season is completed and an opening has been offered to him with a large concern at
Calgary and he has decided to accept
until new business will he ready
Robt. Kerr, a sleeping car conductor, formerly well known in this
city, who recently went into the
real estate business in Medicine Mat,
died there on Monday night. Local
railway men greatly regret his untimely end.
Frances Downs, of Flagstone, B.C.,
sold out the Downs Lumber company
at Flagstone this week to the Rock
Creek Lumber company, owned by
•loyce IJros. Timber holdings and
mill were included in the transaction.     Mr. Downs will remain   there
Nothing is more exhaust*
ing than a persistent cough.
Old folks and very young folks
a ike, find a bad cough most
distressing. No need to go on
suffering t
Peps will end the worst
cough or cold. Peps contain
the balsamic essences and
fumes of the Pine tree, with
other medicinal ingredients, so
prepared, that as soon as a Pep
is put into the mouth itdissolves
and these medicinal fumes
are liberated. They are then
breathed down the throat, and
jd.rect to the lungs.
Ordinary emigb milium go to tht
r-lnniach. Peps go to the ltinga—t here's
I .orient fmuluiiientHldifference between
tlit) old -fashioned forms of tmtnnt,
■ud tht I'oiii treatment.
Moit Guugii niiiturra contain opium
and other p. Itoni. Pepe don't, tatter
t'ui clii.Jicn )
The most stubborn cam of aathma,
broocbitio, catarrh, tightness aoruu
tin client, cold, or winter cough, will
yield to Petm tr atm-iit.
All druggists and stores tell
I'tijn ii r SO.!, box or you may obtain
Ejst f rue by Hading price to Paps
j., iu.pout St., Toronto. If
jou have not tcsUnl this unique
remedy, stud Io. stamp to
above address (to Day return
postage) and you will
receive a free trill
packet of Peps.
giving his attention to other lines of
A. R. Webster has opened a new
barber shop this week at thc cigar
store of II. K. Nftfe, more commonly
known as "Bob's Place." Mr. Webster has followed his trade in Cranbrook for a number of years and Is a
well known Unisonal expert.
M. S. Villcneuve, of Kimberley, ono
of ihe delegates to t>he court of enquiry under the Arbitration Act, into the wage rates paid the miners in
thc Kootenay and Boundary districts,,
returned from Nelson at the end of
last week. Mr. Villeneuve was pretty well satisfied with thc manner in
which thc investigation was conducted.
Last week a lumberjack named
Abel McKay, employed in the King
Lumber Mills' Yank camp was killed
by tbe fall of a tree. McKay was
warned to get out uf the way, but
for some reason, he stayed just
where he was, the tree fell, striking
him on the head, which it smashed
like an egg, death beiitg instantaneous.
Cranbrook District.
TAKE NOTICE that Annie Mac-
aulcy, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation nurse, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commenciog at a post planted at
the N. W. corner ol Lot 10086, 0. I.,
thence north 80 chains, more or less,
to the southwest corner ol Lot 3552,
0.1.; thence east 40 chains; thence
south 60 chains, more or less, lo the
N. E. corner ol Lot 10086, 0,1.;
thence west 40 chains, more or less
to point ol commencement, cuntain.
ing 200 acres, more or less.
Annie Macuuley, Applicant.
J. $  Cummlngs, Agent
Staked Dec. 10th, 1612. f>2-»t*
District ol   East Kootenai.
TAKE NOTICE tbat Thomas Joyce,
of Calgary, Alta., occupation, mason,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase tht following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the south end ot an island in the
Kootenay river, opposite Lot 358,
and two chains east of the north end
of the island applied (or by W.
Murdoch; thence north 40 ohains,
more or less; thence all around the
island, back to point ol commencement.
Thomas Joyce, Applicant.
W. Murdoch, Agent.
Dated lit* Narrator, 1111.    4Mt THE   (MIANBIIOOK    IIKIlAl.l)
SIR EDMUND WALKEN. C.V.O., LL.1)., D.C.L., President
General Manager
AssUtant (leneral Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
facility for the transaction of their banking business, including
the discount and collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes
are supplied free of charge on application. 8s
R. T. Hrymner, r.ana$:er Cranbrook, B. C.
A Good   Home
ia what is dour to every man, A homo
in whom Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
mid Plenty is found. Thut is the reason
mou throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrooii" is mentioned think of tho
provisions Jos. Bruult litis made for un
ideal home ut the
Canadian Hotel
A Wise Legislator once said:
" If I hud my way, I would write the word ' INSURE'
on the door of every house."
Remember, the neglect to insure to-duy does not provide
for sickness or aeoident of to-morrow.
Spend five cents n day with us, und wo will step in when
you are disabled. It menus protection to you and your home.
Accident and Sick Benefit Policies
are real protection.   Let ns add you to our list of Policyholders.
Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
Ageits International Casualty Company
P. 0. Drawer 50 Phone 437
Phone: Seymour 19H0
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street     I
VANCOUVER       -       B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience, Elevator serviqe. Cafe In connection. Rooms
$1.00 per day and upwards.
Up-country visitors to tlie Terminal City will find every
convenience und comfort at the Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants.
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
If You Want
Your house connectod with the new sewerage system,
PHONE 340. Our work guaranteed. Estimates of cost
cheerfully given.
The Crep-nbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing
ap.rvd Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
*A*M*M***U*M»M»**t»*t» IU WM IjB»«*MMM
Second- International    Egg-Laying
contest, held under supervision of
provincial department ot agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria,
First monthly    total, December 2nd,
1912, January 2nd, 1913.
No. ot
Pen.       Owner. "*'   "*     Bgga.
1. 0. P. Stumor, Cowlcban,
Anconas   40
2. V. Cleeves, Rftgonj P. 0.,
Saauiehton,   White Leghorns, 48
3. H. \V. Russell, P, O. Box
430, Nanaiino, White l<eg-
horns   211
d. A. Unswortb, Sardls, White
Leghorns   55
5. E. A. Orr, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns   27
(i. V. II. Wilson, Koksilah,
White Leghorns   8K
7. .1. Emery, Sidney, B. ('.,
White Leghorns   04
8. W, Senkheil, Britcola P. 0.,
Black Minorcas    0
!>. P. P, Hearns and Son, 1557
11th Ave E., Vancouver, Anconas   10
10. H. Nicholson, Turgoose P.O.,
Saanichton, White Leghorns   16
11. ('. N. Borton, Summcrland,
Brown Leghorns     3
12. A. H. Anderson, Laity Road,
Port Hammond, S. S. Ham-
hurgs   30
13. Mrs. Cross, 2138 Belmont
Ave., Victoria, White Leghorns   54
M. A. Easton, Duncan, B.C.,
White Leghorns   (12
15. Xorie Bros., Covichan, White
Leghorns  !>3
IB. J. Amsden, Box 1, Deer-
holme P. 0., White Leghorns  77
17. E. Soole, Cowichau, White
Leghorns  Ill
18. Seymour fireen, Duncan, B.C.
White Leghorns  55
19. J, E. Haines, Saanichton,
While Leghorns   32
20. ,T, Allen, Box 48, Port Lang-
ley, But! Leghorns  2G
21. R. Wilson, Langlcy Prairie,
Barred Rocks  11
22. L. P. Solly, Westholme,
White Wyandottes   07
23. A. C. Lovekin, Glengarry
Farm, Metchosin, Barred
Hocks  17
24. O. B. Henntn-b, Mead, Nebraska, Black Orpingtons   14
25. Joseph     Arnould,     Sardis,
White Wyandottes   49
.!. Wood, 1153 Caledonia
Ave., Victoria, Bufi Orpingtons   25
27.   Dean Bros.,   Keatings, White
Wyandottes   33
W. Miller-Higgs, Sookc Way,
near Victoria, \V. Cornish
Game     0
29. .1. ,1. Dougati, Cobble Hill,
S. C. Reds   35
30. F. North, Sidney, B. C„ Col.
Wyandottes   30
31. C. Adams, Box 840, Victoria,
White Wyandottes     0
32. C. W. Bobbins, Chilliwack,
BuiT Orpingtons     7
33. Fred Matthews, Kamloops,
Barred Rocks   33
54. (). B. Ormonri. R.D. No. 3,
Victoria, R. C. Reds     U
15 H. K. Waby, Enderby, Barred
Hocks   31
36. Dr. W. 11. B. Medd, Mount
Tolmie, Black Orpingtons ....   9
37. Mrs. E. McC. Mottley, Kamloops, S. C. Reds    8
38. W. II, Van Arum, 2390, Cad-
boro Bay Hoftd, Victoria,
White Orpingtons   19
39. A. E. Smith, Maywood P.O.
Victoria, S. C. Reds   22
40. S. Ii. K.vans, Box 201, Pcn-
ticton, W. Orpingtons       0
Average price received for eggs,
lie. per dozen. For the same period last year, the eggs in Vancouver
averaged 70c. per dozen. The first
three cratet supplied to the reputed
leading fancy grocer here, realized
38c. per dozen. A better customer
has since been secured. During this
period packed eggs were retailing at
35c. to 40c. per dozen. Wholesale
complaints have been received from
local poultrymcn relating to this
matter. From a perusal of the
above figures, it ran be easily seen
who is getting the cream nt the profits in the egg business,
Tbe Or St month's yield exceeded
last year's total for the same period
by no less than B10 eggs, the exact,
figures being: last year 717 eggs, aud
1327 eggs during the past month.
In accounting for the belter showing this year, much of ihe credit is
rightly due the owners of competing
pens. Much better judgment has
been used this year in,selecting pullets. At this period last yeur, no
less than nearly a do/en .pens were
moulting, caused by sending pullets
which were in full lay at time ot
shipping. This year the only, feathers noticed In litter are chick-fenth-
Better housing arrangements have
also assisted, The weather has not;
been very propitious. On account of
this, the birds have only been allowed oat on one *t two occasion!. Tbo.
additional flour space provided this
year, together witli better Hglit and
ventilation, lias helped considerably.:
Given plenty of pen-room, together
with a palatable ration, green foodj
plenty of water and exercise, fowls
will thrive, and prove more profitably
than those allowed out iu all weathers.
In Class 1 the following pens started to lay on dates enclosed in parentheses: Pens 5 and in (14th); J and
12 (18th); 3 (21st); 11 (27th).
The occupants of pen S, owing to
their youth, have grown considerably
during the month, and greatly relish
the dry mash.
Pen 10 was received several days
late, owing io another competitor
fulling to forward birds.
Quite a few tinted eggs are laid by
several pens in class 1.
Pen 12 lays good-sized egiis, by
no means the smallest iu the class.
In class 2 the following pens started to lay on dates given after pen
number: Pen 29 (Ifith); 33 and 39
(18th); 35 (20th); 21 (2lst); 37
(23rd); 21 and 31 (20th); 34 (27th);
32 (30th).
Pens 2ti and 21 produce exceedingly
large eggs. Three pens have not
laid yet in Ibis class. Pen 28 lias
developed considerably during the
Rations: Mornings and evenings,
fed in litter. Dry mash in hopper
mixture of half corn aud half wheat,
consists of ground grains in following proportions : 42.1 lbs. oats, 42|
lbs. middlings, and 15 lbs. beef,
Three times weekly, a wet mash is:
fed in the morning, composed as
follows: By weight, one part middlings, 1-2 part ground oats and 20
per cent milk albumen added.
W. II. Stn.yaii, .1. If. Terry,
Poullrymaii. Secretary,
We want you lo try three large
bottles of Hexali "93" Hair Tonic
on our personal guarantee tbat the
trial will not cost you a penny if it
docs not give you absolute satisfaction. Thai's proof of our faith in
this remedy, and it should indisputably demonstrate thai we know what
we are talking about when we say
that Rexall "93" Hair Tonffi wlil
retard baldness, overcome scalp and
hair ailments, and if any human
agency can accomplish this result, it
may also be relied upon to promote
a new growth of hair.
Remember we arc basing our statements upon-what has already been
accomplished by the use of Rexall
1" Hair Tonic,' tK.d wc have the
right to assume that what it has
done for thousands of others it will
do for you. In any event you cannot lose anything by giving it a
trial on our liberal guarantee. Two
sizes, 50c. and $1.00. Remember, you
can obtain Hexali Rememies in this
community only at our store—The
Hexali Store, Beat tie-Murphy Co.,
(Special correspondence).
Windermere, Jan. 15.—The second
annual meeting of the Windermere
District Hoard of Trade will he held
on the afternoon of Friday, the 7th
day of February, in Invermerc, commencing 'promptly at 2.30 o'clock in
the afternoon. The time is set for
early in tho day in order to accommodate the large number of members who are residing In the surrounding country. It is not only
bopi.il that all the fifty-two members
who constitute thc board will be
present, bet that there will also be a
large number present who have not
yet become members. A most cordial invitation is extended hy the
board to every person who can come
to be there. The full work of tho
board durlug the past year will be,
fully set out in the reports which
will then be read. Also It is hoped
that it will be possible to hear the
report from the delegates who have
been sent to represent the board at
thc annual convention of thc Associated Boards of Trade is to be
helil in Fort Steele and at which
many matters of importance to this
district and the province as a whole
will be denlt with
To all members il may he well to
point out that the year expires with
this meeting and that subscriptions
for 1913 are iu order. Under the
bylaws and regulations which have
come into force the annual fee for
the year will lie two dollars and
fifty cents per member and the secretary earnestlv requests that as many
as possible will come prepared to pay
their fees liefore leaving the meeting.
The reports which are to be presented will be very full of good matter and should prove to he interesting in tbe extreme to every person.
Not any body is excepted from this
invitation. Do not forget the day-
Friday, the 7th of February—and the
hour is 2 30 o'clock sharp.
Chronic Coughs and Colds.
Strong, vigorous men and women
hardly ever catch cold, it's ouly when.
the system is run down and vitality
Uiw that colds and coughs gel a fool-
Now isn't 'it reasonable that the
right way to cure a cough Is to build
tip your strength again?
Mrs. Olivia Parham, ot East Dur-
ham. N. C.( says: "I took Vinol for a
chronic cough which had lasted two
years, and the cough not only disappeared, but it built up my strength
as well."
The reason Vinol is so efficacious In
such cases Is because It contains in a
delirious concentrated form ail tbe
medicinal cvative elements or cod
liver oil, with tonic, blood-bull ding
Iron added. (
Chronic coughs and colds yield to
Vlnol because it builds up the weakened, run-down system.
You ran get your money back any
time If Vlnol does not do all we say.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co ,
Cranbrook, B.C.
That Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic
has a record tor growing hair—0
cases out of 100. It is the only remedy ever discovered that is similar
to the natural hair foods or liquids
of the scalp. Removes dandruff.
Prevents falling hair. Eaoh package
contains a packet of Machela Dry
Shampoo Powder. Price for complete
home treatment, $1.00. Sold and
guaranteed hy thc Cranbrook Drug
and Hook Co.
STUMP PULLERS, earth augers,
well boring, take-up, cables, fixtures, self-opening and shutting gates
ami doors, etc., manufactured. Write
4ti!) llurnsldc. Road, Victoria, B, (' ,
Special 5-year arrangements lo s< t
tiers for stump puller outfits, capacity up 30-inch green stumps, ii ft.
trees; large area cleared at each sitting; 30 minutes to re sit; prices $50
und upwards. ii fit
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A Tellable French regulator! never lulls. Tl.es,
pill, are exceedingly powerltpl in regulating iln
generative portion ,pf the lefppale system. Refuse
all cheap Imitations. Or. da Van', are sold al
.5a box, or three •■». till. Mailed to niiy add,....
The leebell Urag Co,, at. CUTiarluea. Oat
For ule at  Beatle, Murphy  &  Co..
Kast Kootenay District
Take notice tbat Alice Gertrude
lorris,   married woman,   of    Craa-
rook, B. C, intends to apply to
urchase thc following desatlbeil
Commencing about 10 chains south
and 120 chains cast of the south east
orner of Lot 01170, Group One,
thence south forty chains, thence
west eighty chains, thence north
oity chains, thence east eighty
Alice Gertrude Morris.
J. G. pummings, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
East Kootenay District
Take notice thgt Stewart Morris,
urveyor's assistant, of Cranbrook,
B. C., Intends to apply to purchase
thc following described land:
Commencing about forty chains
south and eighty chains east ot the
south east corner of Lot 9970 O. .1 ,
thence north forty chains; thence
west forty chains, thence south forty
chains, thence east forty chains.
Stewart Morris.
J. G. Cummings, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1013.
District ol South East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Robert
James Crooks, ol Cranbrook, occupation Baggageman, Intends lo apply
for permission to purchase tbe tol-
lowing described lands:
Commencing at the south east corner ol lot six thousand three hundred
and forty-live (6345), group one (1);
thence west eighty (80) chains, mora
or less, to the east boundary of lot
eight thousand five hundred and forty
one (8511), thence south ten (10)
chains, more or less, to the north
boundary of lot sir thousuud two
hundred and forty-three (BMS),
Group One (1); thence east eighty
(80) chains, more or less, to a point
due south of the point ot commence
ment: thence north ten (10) chains,
more or less, to the point, of commencement, containing forty (ill)
acres, more or less.
Robert .lames Crooks.
Dated November 28th, .1012.   48-flt
Kast Kootenay District
Take notice that H. 0. Miller,
married yn/oman, id Kossland, II '"■.
intends to apply t«> purchase tbe foi
lowing described lands:
rommencinft at A 0. Morris'
nortb east comer, tbence smith
eighty chains, Ibence east eighty!
chains, thence nortb eighty Hiatus,
thence west eighty cbains.
H. C. Miller.
',1. fl. CumminnK, Agent,
Itatnl Derrmbrr 7th, DM'..
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Cranbrook. B. C.
Phone 5
A. B. Tait, Esq., M.A., Principal
MBS Mamaxbt Rosa, Principal
Thf oi.im modern building* und tin-
ni«ntt  t'fhVifiii  uniff of :iil   llic  glnl'
•vhooM of the Dominion.
Knob miatrvMn apetfallitin hw own
Heuuitir  training in gJlnnMtfcf. l'.v
si matpttent uistnm
in-tul supprvtsloD ot tbe pupil" in ilit-ir .jratnei '*" well «* in tln-ir atudtiw.
m-Inl attention paid to the development ol rberacier,
oth HchaolM are. uuder the nanAimnenl ol " Wr»t
\\ inter Term openi Tnwttay, "'i, January, 1818
ppllCatlOOl [or !,i:Hil*i|i»!i olliitlld I4 limdr nl OIK e
E. D. McLAREN. 1947 I'endrelt Street. Vnmoitvcr. B.C.
1 Th#' Sinff of .Mtfit.Tn iu Laugara in
nn i'M'i pii .utill.v strong: one.
Boya pr.'jiHiv.] for the matriculation
oxnmlnatlona ol Canadian Untvertt'
tlei or for the entrance examination
of the Ito.vnl Military College, King-
HfM,i,|.h,l  S.lo.ol»,
• ♦♦•>-*.>.
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<» ♦♦♦«#♦♦.».-
dfingtr of Impurtii g peeu.
No drying ».n tn ..
No injury from (ini.^iition
im- ol Bbipmui
All our Iw* an* »mu rt»l io froflt*prool i*llat*
Therefore protect roareell by boring oar lm*    WritetorCau. —ne
ami PriwLlet to
rattabthhril IVIUP.   Otic bin„irwl anpl Twenty live pur,-.
Representative: F. H. WORTHINQTON
N. II.—We lipp.e DWARF .lock in SI. Into.li  Red, Wealthy, .lonatl I'ox'a
Orange. Ontario. Northern ">i'\ and Wngener
Van Holderbeke Nursery Co.
Has ready for spring delivery one million
Write for Catalogue and Special Prices
Lite Agenla Waoted K.eryalpere
Free expert advice to fruit trrowers by Prof. A. Van Holilerlteke,
ExSLite Horticnttnrist of Washington
MILK      MILK       MILK
Experience lias taught us every precaution for the production of the highest grade of milk. We feel sure that one
trial will prove this.
J. A. PRINGLE, Prop'r
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have some (iilt Edged Original Prairie Townsites
i not sulp-divisi'piisi, which appeal to the intelligent investor, and we intend to put on an extensive advertising cam.
paign in CRANBRf IOK as soon as we complete arrangements with a li-Bt-elass man, who can follow un inquiries,
We mail the district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and very profitable position. Apply II. W. MK'urdy. ."i()2 Temple Build.
ing. Toronto,
^ incorporated 1 «»»?*
T Capital Paid Up $11,500,000 Reserve 512,500,000
i 11, S, BOLT, 1'reniilent      K. I.. I'KASE, General Manager
Account*, ot Firms, Cnriioraiirmp and Individual a bo! idled,
Ouool town tMiilneiB receives avery attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT- Depoaltiof $1,00 ami onwarda received
and Intareat allowed m current rate.   No formality or delay In
A General Itaukit.^ l.uRineHfltranffteted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNBLL, Manager
y**t*****9*******************************»*t THE  CHANBROOK   HERALD
The money you invest in Phonograph Records
goes farthest when you buy
Blue Amberol Records
Farthest from a musical standpoint,because Blue Amherols have
a liner tone than any other phonograph records and reproduce
in a more lifelike way. ^
Farthest from an investment standpoint, because Blue Amherols will never wear and reproduce less perfectly than when new, and will never
become injured by careless handling.
The Blue Amberol is a Record for
The Edison Phonograph
Hear it at your Edison dealer's today
Thorn.. A. Edieoo, lac, 100 Uki.pd. A.... Oraaa*. N. J. U. 5. A.
A complete line of Edison Phonographs and Records will be found at
"The Beanie-Murphy Company, Limited"
"The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Ltd."
A   Woman    of
Few Words
Mrs. Harry K. Bye, Main Street
North, Mount Forest, Out., writes:
"Your remedy for kitlney, bladder
ami stomach trouble has given me
great relief. Have taken three
| boxes and now feel like living and
, better than I have felt for years and
give your
all tlie praise, tor they are the best
1 have ever tried!" At all dealers,
25 and 50 cents, or The Fig Pill
Co., St- Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the   Cranbrook Drug    and
Book Co., Ltd.
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service
New Cars
e.e.e.eje.eee.eTe.e.sfe.seeaer wee ajar as erase, area e#eeeeej
News of the District
(By Fred lloo).
.1, It. Pollock, U. S. vice-consul,
Fcrnie, and Fred Roo, J.P., left for
Kalispell, Mont., Tuesday to attend
the funeral of the late, thc Hon. D,
Hoover', of tlie port of Gateway.
A good name is not always siiUi-
cient to save a man. M. K. Church
has been arrested [or defrauding a
Elko's rural temple of learning is
running full blast. Miss Scott is
wielding the baton.
There is sufficient snow now in
Klko for sleighing.
Mr. and (Mrs. It. .1. Pake arrived
in Elko nn the west hound local Friday and were tendered the freedom
of the city, and other musical selections also free.
An old dug for the hard road Pups
lake the sidewalk, .lim Joyce, one
of the most popular men in the district goes east and gels married
For the last three weeks the boys
have been practising to give Jim a
royal welcome back and on Saturday
night he arrived. About fifty were
waiting hut jovial .lim got ouI unseen and at the water tank a sleigh
without bells pulled .Mm and his
bride through the hack avenue and
home, and tlie whole bunch looked
us lonesome as a sheephcrdcr at a
funeral. It was a cold night aud
consolidated hot air took a jump.    M
Rexford, Mont., is situated south,
of Gateway on the main line ol the
Great Northern, and where the
north branch of the Great Northern
starts from. U first sight, Hex-
ford from a scenic point of view, is
an exceedingly pretty and attractive
place, "Hut at first sight only."
Our visit last week will long bu remembered. It was only through the
sweet persuasive smile and generous
courtesy of the popular conductor,
W. II. Bernard, and tbe excellent
cofiec of Mrs. Dean, of the Heanery,
-UMI feet east of the depot, we are
able to mention the fact of our being
in IOIko today.     Let us pray.
"Hungalow sites for sale." There
is one big advantage about a bungalow. It is always a ground floor
Hockey match between the Ell*)
Lightnings and the Waldo Wallopers
al Elko Sunday, January 12th, Lineup:
Waldo. Goal. Elko
.1. McKce   A. Harby
• I. Hume  ('. Ayre
P, MoKee     0. McKeo
II.  Bergquist    S   Sinclair
H. Hume     G, Todlumter
M. Peterson ,.  H. Ilirtz
Left.  '
W. Carmody  II. Todhuntcr
Opening minutes of the game with
play in mid ice. Nice rushes by
Ayre and G, Todhmiter .1. Hume
became aggressive and was barked by
B. Hume, who scored Go, 1 fur tlie
After facing, It Hume again Intercepted and registered bis second.
At this stage of the game "Doc"
Ilirtz put in some bully work, and
nice play, hy Messrs Ayre and Tod-
hunter was again witnessed B,
Hume the Waldo "light" was again
on deck, ami only turned towards his
OWtl goal after registering Ihe third
Immediately upon facing, Ayre secured for Elko, and after a brilliant effort succeeded in scoring   the
first for the home team.
On    resuming   it    was   found that
llergquist, of   Waldo,    would      have
to retire, and Sinclair, of Elko, was
laid off to equalize.     Upon play commencing,  '''Doc" obtained possession,
and made a fast allot, but the Waldo
| tender   was on     his job,     P. McKee
| then secured, and   after a nice    run
succeeded in again scoring    for    thc
: Wallopers.    Waldo had all the say in
'the game, for a    while, and      three
! more guals were notched.     Ayre and
'IL  Todhuntcr   worked well together
and put in some splendid shots     hut
I the Waldo    goal   lender knew      just
what he was about.
!   The third quarter was started    by
Vyre, who scored the second for   the
home team.     Following some     good
play hy .1. Hume, Carmody took     a
hand and  scored.     Following     some
decidedly  "scrappy" play, Ilirtz and
\yre again     came into the limelight
and gave the Waldo tender some very
heavy    work, but he seemed to      be
out    for the     occasion   and   nothing
happened.     Elko was having a little
more say in   the game at this stage,
and play was kept in   Waldo half for
a few   minutes, and the whistle blew
'just as Ilirtz   seemed about to      re-
| -;ister.
"Doc" started the puck going on
j resuming by a good fast shnt, but
again failed to add the point, and
when H. Hume took |iie pass there
was nothing else to do but give the
goal. This was merely a start for
the "Light" Hume who promptly
rattled up another brace.
By this time the "Wallopers" took
things tlieir own way, amid easy
play .1. Hume secured and toted up
the dozen. Gpon resuming, "Doc"
again endeavored to score, but there
was "nothing doing" in that line at
the time. .lust before the whistle
sounded .1. Hume again scored, and
the game finished quietly. The visitors expressed themselves as well
satisfied" with their score, IS—2, and
announced their intention of trying to
get an open date with the Winnipeg
Victorias, which they confidently expect will be granted. We of Elko
wish them every success.
Miss Mary Bouquet of Medicine
Mat, who was married in Calgary
last week, is supposed lo In- of the
Bridal Hose Variety.
The bank staff are wearing nice,
new, neat grey sweater coats with
the advertisement on the rim: Compliments of the board of directors.
If Fernie wishes to do any business
with Elko they will have to get
The travelers and train jumpers
are on tbe road again. A clothes
line peddler came in from Calgary
wearing a fleece lined necktie and
feeling as intelligent as a lump of
soft coal last week.
We heard that .Inch Tanner.' of
Cranbrook, passed through Elko last
Saturday, We don't know whether
it was Chief Gorman or Constable
Collins that was after him. He's
smoother than a dance hall floor.
Mr. Atchcsou rendered a very able
discourse at the church Sunday evening iu the absence of Mr. Stevens,
who is acting as moderator at Fernie this Sunday.
Mr. H. E. LaPoint, contractor, o[
Baynes Lake, spent Sunday with
friends in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wilson, of Clar-
esholm, Alta., called   on friends     in
town a few days of this week.
Mr.    Sid. Baker, manager of      r
Lund's ranch at Barons, Alta.,   was
iu town a few days on business.
Miss liCauiau, of Cranbrook, is assisting at the poll office for a short
Miss Mabel Anderson returned to
Spokane after spending the holidays
with her parents here.
A number from Wardner are      intending to take in   thc dance at Bull
River thc 22nd of this month-
Skating and snow cleaning are  the
pastimes of residents of all ages.
George Itenick   and Clarke McKen-
zie were over to see Spokane during
x I the holidays.     George says gold     is
so plentiful there that he decided   to
bring some bach.
H. Donner is able to be around
again, supported by crutches. We
are glad to see him improve from
day to day.
Mrs. (Jordan Skead, of Bull River,
has been removed to the hospital at
Cranbrook, suffering from a severe
Miss Kimball has become a nurse
i in training at the Cranbrook hospital.
Mrs. D. Breckenridge was in Cran-
| brook Monday and Tuesday on business.
I Mr. Jtobson, of the Western Canada
Wholesale Co., Fcrnie, was in town
Tuesday on business.
Mr. H. C. Eaton has secured the
principal-ship of the Abbotsford, 1),
C, high school Rex has three
teachers assisting him.
Mr. E. A. Hill and Lawyer Wilson,
of Cranbrook, were here on Tuesday
oflieiating at the police court pro.
B. E. Markle was in Ferine TueS'
day on business.
Do not suppose that there have
been no events in Wardner because
of the lack of notes. We were, as
usual, observing the holiday season.
Mrs. P. I,und entertained Monday
night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Will-
sun, of Claresholml Alta.
Miss Irene Donahoe was in Cranbrook a few days ol the past week.
Mr. T. Gaffney has been appointed
postmaster at Wardner, and began his
duties last week, with Mis. Gaflney
as assistant.
Cranbrook Land District
District of South East Kootenay
Take notice that Gjeorge S. Mc-
Creery of Cranbrook, 11. C., occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot U5tf G.
I., thence west 80 chains, thence
north 20 chains more or less to tho
south boundary of Lot 1235 G. 1.,
thence east 10 chains to tbe southeast
corner of Lot 1235 G. I., Kootenay.
District, thence north 20 chains,
thence cast 20 chains, thonce soutii
20 chains to the point of commencement, containing 200 acres more or
G«orgc S. McCrecry.
Stewart Morris, Agent.
Dated 16th of Decembcr,l912.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings ou
tbe   third   Thursday
of every mouth.
Visitiug brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Crescent Lupwu No. 3H
Cranbrook. B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, C.C.
F. A. Stride, K. of R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
(Special correspondence)
Miss Hazel Lund and Miss Lucy
Shephard left for coast points on
Thursday going via Spokane. We are
sorry to lose the girls as they were
always so bright anil sociable.
Miss Veilc Martin has left, for
Vancouver to resume her studies at
the Normal school there,
Mr. Graham Donahoe has been call
ed to Maclcod, Alta,, to testify in
the theft case of registered mail.
For a License to Take aud Use Water
that the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
Co., Ltd., of Wardner, B.C., will apply tor a license to take and use 40
cubic feet per second of water out of
Little Bull River, which flows iu a
southerly direction through Lot
313, G. 1., and empties into Kootenay River crossing at Lot 4838. The
water will be diverted at government
road, and will be used for fltiming
logs on tlie land described as Lots
2959, 2960, 4839 and 4838, Group 1.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 9th day of December,
1912. The application will be filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at
Objections may be filed with      the
said Water    Recorder   or   with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Crows Nest Pass   Lumber Co., Ltd.,
by W. F. Gurd, Agent. 51-4t
Ottawa advices are lo the effect
that there will be several changes ol
far-reaching import in the tariff at
the coming sessions of the Dominion
parliament. With regard to lumber
duties, it is intimated that in connection with the general tariff an-
pithcr body of representatives visited
the capital shortly after the government came lo power. These represented the Hritish Columbia lumber
interests, who demanded that in connection with the entry ol rough lumber free Irom the United States to
Canada a new interpretation be placed upon the item which covered it,
and the class of lumber entered under these items be restricted. The
present interpretation, which had obtained for the post fifteen years, was
contended by these representatives
lo be wrong. Under it rough lumber which had been "sited" constituted an extra process, it was considered that this should be construed as a further manufacture. Instead ot giving a ruling thc government decided to shift the responsibility by malting a reference to
the. exchequer court. Here Mr. Justice t'assells ruled that "sizing" did
constitute further manufacture, and
that such lumber as was sized
should be dutiable. Tbe case went
further to the supreme court, and
there the decision of the exchequer
was reversed, and tne interpretation
of the late government justified.
There has been considerable talk ot
tlie 11. ('. lumbermen taking the case
still further to the judicial committee of the Hritish privy council, hut
this, so far as is known, has not yet
lieen done, and the impression is
Blowing at the capital that it Is thc
intention of the government to restrict the interpretation to suit the
lumber interests by means of legislation. In any case it is expected that
the question will come up in tbe budget speech ol the minister.
(•'or a License to Take and Use' and
Store Water.
that Wm. M. Campbell, of Cranbrook, 11. C., will apply for a license
to take and use 40 acre-feet of water
out of Paton's Lake, on Lot 2245,
and empty into a pond near Lot
2245 and 28(19. The water will he
diverted at the lake and will be used
for irrigation purposes ou the land
described as Lot 2245, Group One,
Notice is also given that he will
apply for a license to store or pen
back forty acre-feet of water from
said lake. The water will be stored
in a reservoir ol 40 acre-feet capacity, built or to be built at the outlet ol said lake, and will he used lor
Irrigation purposes under thc above
notice ol application [or a license to
take and use water.
This notice was posted on tht
ground on the 17th day ol December,
1912. The application will be filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at
Objections may be filed with      the
said   Water    Recorder    or with tne
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Wm. M. Campbell, Applicant,
by A. H. Playle, Agent.       Sl-4t
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephen., W. M. Ilatris
N. O. Sec'j.
Hotel International
dim. I.omhiie, Proprietor
Situated at Kitlgegute, B.C., on
tlie Boundary Line, in n spot of
tape scenic beautyaqd tlie spnrts-
iiiud'b paradise,
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B. ,C
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
District ol East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Alfred Pigott, ot Cranbrook, B.C., occupation;
Carpenter, intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe southwest corner of Lot 9104,
thence south 20 chains; thence east
20 chains; thence north 20 cbains;
thence west 20 chains to point ol
commencement, containing 40 acres,
more or less.
Altred Pigott.
Arthur Henry Pigott, Agent
Dated October 28th, 1912.       45-9*
Notice ol Application lor   the    Approval ol Works.
TAKE NOTICE tbat the British
Columbia Southern Railway Company, will apply to the Comptroller
of Water Rights for the approval of
the pluns ol the works to be constructed lor the utilization of the
water from Moyie River, which the
applicant is, by Permit No. 32 authorized to take, store, and use for
and make surveys necessary for thc
construction of works.
Tho plans and particulars required
hy subsection (1) of section 70 ot the
"Water Act" as amended have been
filed with the Comptroller of Water
Rights at Victoria and with the
Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections to the application may
be filed with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Dated ot Cranbrook, B.C., this
30th day ol November, 1912.
W. F. Gurd,
50 4t Agent ol the Applicant.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December ,11st.
H. White, Chief Patriarch
D. F. Rodkey, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at KraterLity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekabs  cordially invited.
Mrs. Alma Liddicoat, N.G.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at 8
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Henderson, C.U.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box C18.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first tad
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger,
C. Crchbln
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcom
I'. W.Sbaix. lliil.
Cranbrook Lodge
No. Hilt)
Meets every Wednesday
at. H ip.iii.ill Itiivat HliiP'k
Kniacti.H' Hall, linker
e treat.
II. S. limiiKTT, tee,
Pride ol Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ol tne Forest.        >
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4tli
Thursday ol each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttakcr, CO.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sccretany.
Visiting Companions cordially wel-
General Ooune #2."iD per Week
Kindergarten • 11 21.     "
French ami Music Sole Kit rim
Next term "ill ln'jrln on .Inn. (1th.
President: T. S. Gill
Secretary: H, Macw.naU)
For information regarding lands
and   agriculture   apply   to the
Secretary, Granhrook, B. G.
Every atcond Wednesday
Electric Restorer tor Men
Phosnhonol «■*<««■« every nerve in tlie boily
1 «■ iti proper tendon, rettorM
tin am. viulity. Premature decay mi'l nil sexual
viMkiiivs averted at once. Phoaphonol will
..alee vnu a new man. Price Ilia box, or twn lur
>5. Mailed tomiv nddrens. Th» 8 c obeli Drug
.lo., fit. CathartaM, Out.
Foe sale at Benttle-Muiphy Co., Ml
For Sale
One  Oxford  Engine,  11 x 11.
May be seen nt Benedict Siding,
one mile oust of Mayook, B. O.
For further lMrticulnrs apply to
Lensk & Johnson, Elko, B. C,
Dr. Mallei's Female Pills
Forty years in use, 20 years the
standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martcl's Female
Pills, at your druggist.
A modern equipped Cutout moiierntu
Hutes $1.00 anil up per day
Corner of Howard St. end Front Ave.
Our bun meets all trains
■Many (joiul Men Robbed ol High
BuBines and Sui'ial Stauding
by Drink
Cured at
in three plays
Boi Dad, Cranbrook, II. 0.
W. P. fJURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Maternity Nurse
Graduate ol Queen   Charlotte's  Hospital, London, Kiigliuul
Patients attended, Town or Country
Address I*. O. Vox 112, or I'lione 839
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
KoiiKRT Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbnry Ave.       Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Gurries u full stock of
Repairs for above alwayi
in stock
guceenor to P. T. P. l'ERRV
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone ln
every room
Barber Shop on the premises,
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manaier
District ot South East lllootenay,
TAKE NOTICE thut ,Iohu Stanley
I'eek, ol Cranbrook, 1). C, occupation, Employment. Agent, Intends to
apply lor permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about 20 chains iu a westerly direction Irom the north-west corner of
T. L. (1575; thence 80 chains west,
more or less, to the east boundary of
lot 0231; thence north In chains,
more or less, to the south boundary
of lot (1230; thence east 10 chains,
more or less, to tlie northwest corner of lot 0231; thence south 40
chains, more or less, to the southwest corner of lot 0231; thence east
811 chains, more or less, to the point
duo north of the point of commencement; thence shuth 10 chains, more
or less, to the point of commencement, containing 200 acres, more or
John Stanley Peck.
Dated November 23rd, 1912.    49-Dt
Physicians and Surgeons.
OSlct at Residence, Armitroif in,
Forenoon 1.00 to 10.M
Alternooni - • • 2.00 to *M
Evening! - < . - 7.10 to I.M
rfMdare - - - - I.M to   • »•
CRANBROOK :■    II    II    »    B. 6,
I to M a.m.
1 to  • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office la Hanson Block.
CRANHROOK -       -        - B. O,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
maternity and private nursino
Tortus on Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
'ftS' Cranbrook, B.C. |
B.  C. land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
A M. Can.Poc. C. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Drug and Book
Co'b. Htore
Telephone 380
P. O. Box 37
W. R. Beattr. rpin.rel Dlraetot
Cranbrook B. C.
Phone 3411
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Day I'lione 888
NiKht I'lione ».ri(
Frank Provenzano
General Merchant!
Employment Agants
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
Ii you want satisfaction with
your washing  tend
it to
Special prices for family work.
Oppoalte O.P.R. Btatlon
THE    PLACE    TO     GET    A
All the principal magazines are carried at
this store, lie well its 11 stock of tilt) bent nellera in books.
We can get you any book, magazine or paper you want.
Wo nlsu curry all the daily mill weekly newspapers.
We are district agouti tor HATl'UDAY EVENING
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The QghqMi Store
Cranbrook - - - B.C.
An Opportune
To have your eyes attended to, now that the
Christmas rush is over.
These long winter evenings you'll want to rend
with comfort, so we ad-
vine you to get a pair of
our satisfactory glasses.
Hundreds of people
will testify as to our ability in giving eye comfort. There is no guesswork about our methods
of eye examination; but,
on the contrary, you'll
find us careful and painstaking iu every detail.
Jeweler and Optician
weeks ago, was shipped to Pembroke, Ont., this week by Undertaker
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Mr. Carl Gill entertained the
high school with a skating party at
the rink and refreshments at his
home on last Friday evening. All
report a good time.
FOR SALE.-Barred Bock cockerels; thoroughbred; large biids; J3.00
each—P. O. Box 396. 3-2t*
The Veterans' llrigadc will give a
whist drive and dance at Carmen's
hall on Saturday evening, February
1st, for thc benefit ol the Veterans'
relief fund.
FOR SALE.-Ten thousand •hares
Society Olrl stock, Movie, I* blocks
to suit. I need the money—W. R.
Beatty. II
Vlncland pure raspberry and
strawberry jam 95c. pail. Pail contains half pound more than other
standard brands.—At Fink.s Pure
Food Grocery.
Bargains that you can't alTord to
miss in china, crockery and glassware—Campbell and Mann.ng.    3-2t
Jas. Bates was in Irom Bull River
today. His new hotel, the Tourist,
is thoroughly complete in every re-
rpect and he is looking toward with
satisfaction to the big opening dance
next Wednesday night.
WANTED—A general servant. Apply Mrs. 0. A. Leitch, Armstrong
Ave. 3-tl
Meet me at Don's Place.
A. MutZ was in town tndat.
Mrs. Nelson is about again after an
illness of about ten days.
Mrs. Beale is about again after an
illness ot several days, j n00n| h(.j„K conducted by Rev. W. B.
W. Martin came in yesterday   (torn   Dunham
Nelson. |    pr-no (rent beam of the engine on the
It. 1.. T    <!;illir:iitli was met Irom I "vet going east   at  11 o'clock       on
Kurt Steele tliis afternoon.
The funeral ot K.rnest Henry
more, infant son of Mr. and
K 11. Patmore, occurred from
Methodist rhurrh on Sunday
i Monday night struck a man v%> was
'sitti.ii; nn the platform at Galloway,
killing him  instantly.   The body was
taken to Fernie.
The Ladles Aid of the Presbyterian church will hold a special tea on
St. Valentine's day, February 14th.
1'iease watch tor further announcements     Save the date. 3-lt
ii I-:. Barber, proprietor ol the
I'ranbrook Drug and Book company,
returned Saturday Irom a week's
trip to Vancouver, where he went on
business. He reports that city
nourishing, with buildings under construction and ait air ot prosperity.
The city band has begun playing at
the   Arena rink every Monday      and
j Thursday   evenings.     There is some
I talk of sending the band to the Ross-
A largo number ol outsiders    were jlimi   winter carnival    in   February
in town today, polling their votes as  providing   a hockey   team represents
owners »! city properly,
t'hinawarc at quick-selling pi ices at
Kink's Pure Foot! Grocorj
I*. Iaiml ami his sun A. Lund were
In town from Wardner today.
$2<i.nn diniii'i sets al $12.00 \Vha1
a snap.—Campbell and Manning. 3-81
Mr. Ambrose is in town (nun 1'in-
clier Crook on business
Born,—At tlu> Cottago hospital on
Tuesday, January nth, to Mr. and
Mrs. Thus, Lee, a daughter.
Ileiujokeepors attention! Do not fall
In see Kink's grocery bargain counter.
Mrs. Sykes, from Victoria, is the
guest ot bei sister-in-law, Mrs. K.
the city there at tbat time.
Try that. Lea Garden mince meat;
better than home made.—Campbell
ami Manning. 8-2t
A meeting of tho Lacrosse members is oailed for Tuesday evening,
January 21st, nt the office ot the
secretary, 1!. s. Garjett, for the
purpose of forming a hockey team to
enter the city league.
Thc following   have been appointed
commissioners for taking affidavits in
the supreme court, lor the purpose ol
(   acting  under   the   "Provincial Elec-
„  tlons Act" In the electoral district ol
I Columbia; Christian   Troyer, ol Wln-
I dermere; Joseph   Lake, of Athalmer;
Rev.    Mr.   Calhoun, of Dlko, who   Frank    (.     stockdalc,   ol   Wilmer;
has been   confined to the St. ,Kugcne  stcwart   Goldwln,   Invormere; Peter
hospital for sonic days past, Is   now   „„„„,,,,„,,,, „( Columbia.
rapidly convalescing. '
i'. K. sheiwiu, foreman of tin' Blue
Hell mine at Rlontlcll, was a visitor
in town tills week.
p. C. HoWha returned Irom Grand
Korks tiPilay, wlli'ic he suslailieil a
broken collat' hone in a praotlco game
of hockey.
"Lest you forget," 3 cans ot Vine-
laliil canned liuuatoes for 50c. with
grocery orders —The Kink Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
.1. P.    Karrell,   secretary nt       the
Society Girl   Milling company,
Moyie,   was in the   city today
Don't Worry!
Pick up the pieces. We
can match them-and possibly improve on them. Our
experience with thousands of
eyes has made us experts iu
that condition of yours.
Come in to-day and let us
have a confidential chat about
your eyea.
meats will have charge of thc affair:
W. M. Erler, G. C. Adler, J. W. F.
'Johnson, W. Hopkins and R. P.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Join the Cranbrook Economical
Club. Ten new members this week.
—Leash & Son, 'phone 124. 3-lt
For Sale—A lew thorough-bred
Plymouth Rock, Bull Orpington,
White Leghorn cockerels from prize
winning stock; also Pokin drakes.
Apply "Rooster" P. 0. Box 253, city
Word has been received here trom
Kamloops, B. C, that Mrs. John
Cornwall aad daughter, who were
sledging homeward trom, their ranch
near Kamloops Saturday night, were
caught in a blizzard. The whiffle-
tree to their sledge was broken after
it struck a boulder, precipitating
mother and daughter Into the snow
drilt, where tbey remained all night
The mother was discovered frozen to
death Sunday. The daughter managed to crawl to a neighboring ranch
and is la a serious condition. Two
men and one girl perished similarly in
the same spot a year ago.
FOR SALE.-Well matched team,
mares, weight 800 each; age 7 ■ and
8 years; very gentle; ride or drive.
Apply to W.   N. Stewart, Gateway,
Jack Haas,_ who lias been running
on the C.l'.lt. out of Winnipeg, arrived in town this week for a visit with
old friends.
Shrewd housekeepers arc taking ad-
FOIt SALE—Doherty organ, two
manual, pedal bass; suitable lor
church or mission; $170; cost 1400.
See Parker's storage. 3-lt*
The Loyal Order of Moose arc plan-'
nlng for a social and banquet at the
Join the Cranbrook Economical
Club. Ten new members this week.
-Leask & Son, 'phone 124. 3-lt
Fifty 10-piece toilet sets in dainty
patterns. Regular $3.50. Sellers at
12.50— Campbell and Manning.    3-2t
A meeting representative ot the
Christian organizations of the city
was held in thc R.Y.M.C.A. on
Tuesday. January 7th, 1913, at
which a Ministerial association was
formed. This body will include all
the Christian workers ol the city and
by unity and system will ensure
much more aggressive and effective
work being done. Rev. O. E. Kendall was appointed acting president
and R. 1). Cameron secrctary-trwis-
urer. Tbe object ol the association
is for the purpose of Christian fellowship and the spiritual and moral
upKtt ol the religious life of the
community. As a Ministerial association, the existing state of social
vice and kindred evils and the flagrant violation of the law for the
suppression of the same was deplored. It was arranged that a systematic visitation ol the patients in
the hospital would be undertaken hy.
the pastors of the city.
Ths Ladies Aid of thc Presbyterian church will hold a special tea on
St. Valentine's day, February 14th.
Please watch lor further announcements. Save the date. 3-lt.
The most disastrous lire In thc history of Western Canada occurred last
Sundav, when the large packing plant,
of P. Burns,   Limited,   in    Calgary,
| was totally destroyed. The loss,
including  carcases   In   cold storage,
I will probably be In excess ol 12,000,-
000. On account of the low water
pressure the fire department was unable to do effective work and at a
lste hour Sunday night the lire  was
I still raging. The loss Is serious in
that the Calgary plant was the largest institution ol its kind In the
west, Irom which all of tbe western
cities, including Vancouver and Victoria   and   the   coast   cities, draw
I largely lor their meat supplies    and
! butchering in the open may have to
be resorted to in order to prevent
a meat famine. The storage plant
contained from 15,000 to 20,000 carcases.      Thc fire     was    discovered
I about 12.30 o'clock Sunday morning. [
Thc whole ol the basement was in
flames and the packing plant department augmented by all the city lire
department were unable to make any
headway   against  thc flames.    This
i was   due   in a  measure   tn the low
! water pressure and also to the
January Sale
Scores of people are taking advantage of the wonderful money saving opportunities that this
store is offering. Saturday night will see the close of the sale. Until then everything in the store
will still be sold at the same liberal reductions.    Below are a few examples of the values we are
Beautiful Evening Dresses
Two only are now lelt. < hie is u delicate shade
in Green Ninon over Silk with silver trimmings.
The other is an exquisite Silver Cloth with Grey
Bead Embroidery.
Regular $50.00 - NOW $35.00
Sale of Suits and Coats
We are determined to clean up our Keodyto-
Wear Department. We tire offering everything,
including Dresses, Skirts, Conts, Opera Clonks,
Etc, at a discount of about 88J   , or
Sale of Ladies' Rubbers and
Rubbers, regular R.V for	
Low Overshoes, regular $1. III. for
High Overshoes, regular $2.25, f»r
MiBses' Rubber*, 05o for	
Children's Rubbers, regular 60o for
You may buy anything in this department at a straight discount of 25 per cent, or ONE QUARTER OFF. It includes Pillow Tops, Fancy Linens ot all kinds. Tie Racks, Work
Bags, and All Kinds of Novelties, Etc.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
vantage oj_tho excejttotuU values Mom.c |odgfl r(mm on Wt.dne8day
evening, .January 29th, to celebrate
tlie closing of the charter. The lodge
See tlii'ir   bar-
Kink's arc offering,
gain counter.
Tbe body of Joseph KeyK, who wan   startB out   with   445 members. The
accidentally   killed at .laflray      two ' following   committee   on    atrMfie-
Imonia tun.es in the bailment, which
| were so strong that' thc men could
not endure them.
I Odds and ends ot china while they
last at halt price-Campbell and
A bill to provide for the inspection
and   relation    ol moving   picture
shows will he brought before the legislature by the attorney-general at
the approaching session. Hon. Mr.
Dowser lias been engaged for some
time in looking into the matter and
lias secured copies ot the acts and
regulations now in force in the provinces of Ontario and Multiloba. lie
has also written to the inspectors in
these provinces to ascertain how the
law works in actual practice. The
intention is that the films to be exhibited in British Columbia shall he
lirst brought to some central point
and there approved. It will then
become the business of the provincial
police to see that none but approved
films are shown in any part, of the
province. The        at torney-gen-
cral intends also that the
regulations shall be such as
that the regulations shall be such as
to prevent the theatre from being
dark while Ihe moving pictures are
on exhibition. It is understood that
this can be accomplished without
serious difficulty and that the march
of modern invention has now rendered it unnecessary to continue the objectionable practice of having thc
audience in the dark while the pictures are being thrown on the screen
at the front of the room.
Lea Garden preserved fruits put up
in sealed glass jars, extra nice —
Campbell and Manning. 8-2t
Last Sunday afternoon Mrs. Harry
Cockshutt, who resides on Watt
avenue, thought she would go out
for a little while after tlinner. Putting her dinner things carefully in a
wash basin, ready to be washed up
upon her return, and making up the.
fire in the sitting room, she left
everything In neat and cosy state.
Returning home about 4.15 p.m., she
entered the sitting room and was
horrified to (ind the stove lying on
the floor, still alight, tlie stove pipes
j scattered all over the room, and
soot and ashes trampled into • the
carpet; also that all her potted flowers had been knorked oiT Iheir shelves
on to the floor, broken and the dirt
trodden into tne carpet. She immediately rushed out of the house to secure assistance iu setting up the
stove. Outside she met a hoy named
, Ralph Laurie, who was driving in a
rig with his mother. She asked for
assistance- and .he volunteered to
come in-     I port their   return tn tbo
house, Mrs. Cockshutt walked
straight into her kitchen, and there,
another scene ot disaster confronted
her gaze. In tbe first place a drunken -Japanese was standing in the
pantry, aimlessly watching her movements, apparently too drunl.i tit make
a move of any kind. She then discovered that ber dinner dishes had
all been thrown on the floor, ber preserves, pickles, etc., had also all
been thrown on the floor, the bottles
and jars broken and the contents
trod into the floor. Thc Japanese
made no move and Mrs. Cockshutt
returned to the sitting room to ask
young Laurie to expel him from the
house, which Laurie very happily
and expeditiously complied with.
A little later Sheriff Morris put in
an appearance and captured the Japanese, and drove him down to the
jail, in his buggy, with a big man
holding him In the seat, Monday afternoon Shimamotu, the Japanese,
appeared before His Honor Judge
Kyan, and the whole story was carefully gone over, by witnesses on both
sides. In the outcome, his honor
expressed the opinion that a fine of
$20 lo be paid to Mrs. Cockshutt,
the payment of costs, a $10 fine and
that he be immediately interdicted,
would pretty well satisfy tlie needs
of the case.
The annual meeting ol tlie As ioci-
atcd Boards ol Trade will be held
at Fort Steele on Tuesday, January
21st, and on the following day will
take plaee at the Tourist hotel, Hull
River, thc grand opening hall. .liui
Hates promises a good lime to all
visitors and is making preparations
to entertain right royally o large
number ol his franbrook friends.
Cranbrook Kindergarten
Kdaard Htrnf
comnicTM it mi. • a. mmciyift
OrtiOcattd Taaclpar. School B'd far I.oii,Ippii
Ilp.pjn: loto la   a t...
TERMS: |a.r, I lor lour neeka
•HONE 114
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      -
I). K. WII.KIK, President.
HON. BOBKKT J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers ami Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any purl of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPABTMENT — Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: ». W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
; '%*+*****************************************~
Oxford Foundry &
Machine Co., Ltd.
Oxford, N. S.
Manufacturers of:
Portable ami Stationary
Saw Mill, ami Mining
Machinery; alio Steam Fitter., Ilorlionul ami Upright Englnil,
Patented Belted Frlotloa lor Haw Frame. Thu friction baa given
joopI aatlafaction where installed. It la easier on Sawyer and
Increase! output. Our Cariiajes and Edgars ate leaders. Heavy
Carnage with Killam Patent Saw Bed, with capacity ol 65,000
per day.
Mill Cunnliae. I'0* ,ml A,ki'" s,w*' "elf,
/Hill SUppilCS a ucing, Oil., Valve.. Steam
Gauges, Pemberlby Injectors, Ktc.
Repairs to all kinds of Machinery
executed promptly and efficiently
Read the Herald - $2 a Year xaRCKA-lSTBUDOK UKRAI.D
Don't you believe tlmi experience
is better than tieutsay? if >uu suncr
Irom piles just try Kara Buk. Vou
tun du so at our expense, So assured
are we oE the result that we will
send you a free trial box it you seud
to our Toronto ofllceB lull name and
address and a one cent stamp to pay
the return postage.
Scores of people daily acquaint us
with the benefit they have derived
from the use of Zam-Buk for piles.
Mr. P. Astridge, ol 3 St. Paul St.,
St. Catharines, out , says: "Kor five
years I liavo suffered untold agony
with protruding piles. The pain
was so great at times 1 would almost scream.
"I lost weight and had no appetite 1 tried everything 1 ever heard
til tor piles, as I was willing to take
anything to get relief. It was useless, however, and 1 almost gave up
in despair.
"One day ;i friend gave tne ■•
sample of /.am link and told me of a
friend ol his who bad heen cured. I
decided to try Zam-Buk, and the re-
lirf I got was encouraging I used
three boxes, and at the end of that
time I was completely cured. 1
.usli I could have got Zam-Buk
years ugo; it would have saved tne a
great deal of misery,"
/.am Buk will also be found a sure
cine for cold sores, chapped bands,
frost bites, ulcers, blood-poison, varicose sores, seal;) sores, ringworm,
inflamed patches, babies' eruptions
and chapped places, cuts, burns,
Imi.sos and skin injuries generally.
All druggists and stores sell at 50c,
box, or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, Ont, upon receipt of .price.
You are warmed against harmful imitations and substitutes. See the registered name, "Zam-Buk," ou every
package. i
ucvideiit at tne mines and wore EM
artificial limb, It is not knowu dell doite!) whether be was throwu oft or
jumped but after going aboul tea
| \ards be rolled under the wheels. He
(was a prominent member ui Gladstone uuion, No. 23U, and was the
j chief support of a father, mother and
! bedridden sister.
!   As the slack) cars are controlled by
> hand brakes, the engineer could   not
juse the air brakes and thus he    was
[powerless to stop tbe runaway.
No one can be blamed for the   dis
London. Jan. 11.—Keir Hurdle, in
a week-end speech at Burton, made
reference to the Canadian Dreadnoughts and said the acceptance by
the Hritish government of Premier
Morden's offer looked very much like
wrecking the present Canadian government, Tn those who, like himself, were constantly in touch with
public opinion in Canada, it had been
obvious from tbe outset that such a
contribution of s:.r.,nnn,nnn to build
ships which would lie handed to the
Hritish admiralty would not he popular. Organized labor was against
It, and now 1,000 western farmers
were protesting.
"As a matter of fact." concluded
llardie, "tbe only section of Cana-
diat opinion that favored tlie idea
was those commercial interests
which hoped by reciprocity with Uiis
country, combined witb tlie military
policy, to secure a corner in the
trade between Canada and (treat
Britain, and enrich themselves at our
London, -fan. 14.—According to the
Daily Mail, the work of framing the
Hritish navy estimates for the coming year is nearly completed.
Tbe one point remaining for decision, ngmely, whether five or six
battleships shall be laid down, depends upon tho Austrian naval programme. |( the admiralty decides
to wait before taking action till the
Austrian ships are laid down, it may
he expected lo begin live battleships
ibis year.
The naval programme will then, according to present information, in
valve an expenditure of $24,000,000!
and will include five battleships, six
light armored cruisers, twenty destroyers, a number of submarines and
an addition to the personnel of five
shousand men. making a total of
112,000 officers and men.
The battleships will be of a new
lv;ie, tbe largest and strongest
which science can build or money
supply. They will displace 27,000 or
2S,of.O tons, burn oil fuel alone, and
steam 2,r> knots.
Thus they will be Intermediate be-
t ween the present dreadnought bat-
tleship and battle cruisers. They will
he armed, in all .probability, with
eight. lfi| inch guns, each firing 2.200
pound shells; or, if the lli> inch
gun is not adopted, with 15 inch
guns, firing shells that weigb about
1,000 pounds.
~    i
New Yorv,   .Ian. 14,—There is now
a very good   prospect of a race    for
the America's cup in 1914, according
to members   of the New York Yacht
'club.     While tbe club has taken    no
: official notice of tbe gossip that ■ has
I become  current Mnce the arrival    in
I America of   Charles   C, Allom,       a
Hritish yachtsman, who is said     to
1 represent a syndicate of his countrymen who are anxious to challenge, it
proaehing, the engineer reversed    his ,*w« said the situation had reached a
engine and     both he and his fireman  point where it seems probable a race
Fernie, B, C, Jan, LL—Last
Thursday afternoon at about 3.30
o'cloek a train of fifteen cars loaded
witb slack from the Coal Creek mines ol tlie Crows Nest Pass Coal company, ran away on tbe Morrissey.
h'ernie and Michel railway, which
connects tho mines with the town ot
Pernio, killed one man, David Paton,
of Fernie, instantly, and injured at
least two others.
The train left tbe mines as usual
with about lf» cars of slack, and almost immediately after it -started on
it's live mile journey to tbe slack
bins at Fernie ihe icy condition of
tlie rails caused thc wheels to slip
and the brakes were useless to slop
the on-rushing mass of probably WU)
ions of weight. When the eastern
extremity of the yards was reached
the fatality occurred.
Engineer .lames Falconer, who was
bringing down the load, bad run bis
engine up to Coal Creek and as
there is no turn table there, was
running down with the tender ahead.
As the speed of the train speedily increased, in spite of the fact that tbe
engineer had bis engine reversed, tlie
crew saw that it was useless to slay
with il. and Fireman Morgan John,
.jumped just before Ihe engine reached the yards. When tlie brakeman
saw the fireman jump be realized
that there was no hope of stopping
tin- train and took chances. At the
same time, David Paton, who lost
his life, took tbe leap, rolling under
tbe wheels, and wtis instantly killed,
tbe whole top of bis bead being
torn off. A moment later the tender lefl tbe rails at the curve below
the crossing and Engineer Falconer,
who bad stuck to bis post, was
thrown through the cab window
clear of the engine, and landed in the
snow unhurt.
An engine lielonging to the fireat
Northern railway, which bad been
borrowed a couple of days ago by the
Morrissey. Fernie and .Michel rail- ]
way, was standing on the track at l
.the water tank with Engineer Walter
Bergman and Fireman Griffiths on
board.        Seeing the Hying train ap- ;
jumped. Griffiths escaped unhurt,
bui Bergman bad bis shoulder badly
Just before tbe crash came the
foremost of tbe loaded cars must
have left the rail* ;iod striking the
sand post and water tank, which
stood beside   the    track, demolished
can lie arranged under conditions ac-
] ceptable to both challenging and de-
1 fending clubs.
With this difficulty cleared away, It
is said, a race for the most famous
of yacbing teophles will in all probability be held in August, 1914, that
being the earliest date iu which      it
the bouse and carried away the tank will now be possible to arrange a
in which the sand man was at the j meeting under the terms of tbe deed
time. I of gift.     As the rules require   -that
This man, Grundy, was Injured, but !l,,c challenge shall he Issued at least
not very   seriously His escape is I ten months before the race, a    chal-
miraculous. Several more ears fnge issued now would mean putting
now lumped the track, and were | ,,fT tho contest until September, 1913,
reduced to junk Tbe derailment of .which is too late in the year. Con-
tbe cars stopped the train about 100 sequently, no race is expected until
yards. i the season after next, and tlie official
Some idea of the speed of the train j challenge   is   not likely to   be forth-
can be gathered   from   the fact that coming until the last possible      mo-
the heavy lender of the engine, after  ment under thc rules.
leaving the rails, made a clean jump     While another year may pass by be-
of aboul fifty feet.      It is estimated   fore   official negotiations are      con-
thai tbe train must have boon going
ut the rate of sixty or seventy miles
an liour when tbe crash came.
There is no doubt that the depth
of the snow saved the lives of three
men.     The dead     man, David Paton,
eluded, local yachtsmen believe It is
virtually certain the race will be
held. It was not so long ago that
Mr. Allom had luncheon with several
sailors at the New York Yacht club,
and whatever may have taken    place
under which the races should be suit
ed. This was taken by many to
mean tbe elimination of Sir Thomas
Liptou from tbe Ueld as a probable
competitor. An individual, of
course, cannot challenge for the
America's cup. It must come
through some regularly organized
yacht club. In this case it is assumed it will come through the
Royal Yacht Squadron of Great
Interviewed by the Calgary Herald
F. M. Black, tbe manager of p.
Hums and Company, Limited, stated
that the combined loss of stock and
building would amount to about one
million dollars. This was fully covered by insurance.
"All our stock will be taken care
:d this week," be remarked, "as we
have ample cattle on band in close
proximity to Calgary which can be
drawn on at any time. In addition to
what facilities we retain here, our
Vancouver packing house will take
cure of our business in British Columbia, so there wl'l be no cessation
of business whatever.
No," said Mr. Black, "tbe lire
will not affect tlie price of beef; and
as I have already said we have ample
reserves to fail back upon."
In reply to a query Mr. Black stat-
d that there would be about four
thousand carcasses of beef destroyed,
n addition to several thousand sheep,,
some cured meats, butter, eggs and
poultry. Owing to the general upset that prevailed at that time Mr.
Black could not give any detailed
statement outside of the beefs,
Mr. Black complained bitterly ot
the water supply, which he remarked
was vorv inefficient,
We guarantee complete relief to all
sufferers from constipation. In every
case where we fail we will supply
thc medicine free.
Rexall Orderlies are a gentle, effective, dependable and safe bowel regulator, strcngthener and tonic. They
re-establish nature's functions in a
quiet, easy way. They do not cause
auy inconvenience, griping or nausea.
They are so pleasant to take and
work so easily that they may be
taken by anyone at any time. They
thoroughly tone up the whole system
to healthy activity.
Hexali Orderlies are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children, old
folks and delicate persons. We cannot
too highly recommend them to all
sufferers from any form of constipation and its attendant evils. Two
sizes, 10c. and 25c. Remember, you
can obtain Rexall Remedies in this
community only at our store.—The
Rexall Store, Beattie-Murphv Co.,
was a eheckwin man at the mines, at that gathering, the talk has been
aud be was riding down on a coal general that the American and Brit-
car against the rules of tin* company, isli yuchtsmen were prepared tor
A few years    ago lie lost a leg in an com* to an    agreement on the terniB,
Chicago, Jan. 14.—Jesse Willard,
the big heavyweight, who is the only
man to hold a decisive decision over
Luther McCarty, is some giant, being ft feet tf inches in height and
with a reach of 81 inches.
"McCarty can't claim tlie heavyweight championship," said Willard
today, "until he has met me over
tbe longer rout. I think I could
stop McCarty in ten rounds. That's
how good he looks to me."
Although Willard has been besieged
with offers from would-be managers,
both prominent and otherwise, to
look after his destinies, the big fellow is loyal to his present manager,
Charles Cutler, to whom he practically owes his present recognition.
'Tory Toronto on taxation" is the
caption of an editorial wliii-lt appeared in the Ottawa Citizen (ConJ
swvntivc) tlie othr day.    It reads:
'II anything were needed to complete the prool that the neople of
Ontario are in favor of tax reform,
il was supplied hy the plebiscite in
Toronto, whereby the desirability of
utkinK the legislature tor permission
to tax business improvements and income less than land was carried by
an overwhelming vote of four lo
one. Such a decision reveals in the
clearest, possible way the public demand (or taxation reform in this
"Toronto can hardly be charged
with being a Liberal constituency
Its Toryism is undeniable. Its loyalty to the Conservative party can
hardly be challenged. There Is mi
taint ol treason in its doiiin.^. It is
entirely moderate, normal, conservatively Conservative. Hence this showing in favor of tax reform Is most
significant. . It can be imputed In
nothing save the growing sentiment
ul  taxation      justice   and   common |
We Cannot Change the Styles, but  We Can Check
Falling hair.
l"p to the time we begun to civilize
him a bald headed Indian was a thing
unknown. Wearing nothing on his
bead except the covering furnished
by nature and being a stranger to
tlie use of a hair brush, especially
the public one, tho scalp and hair
bad plenty ol ventilation, much sunlight and, hence, a condition favorable to a luxuriant growth of hair
existed al all times,
It .was the adoption of air and
light exeiuii ng bond gears aud artificial bead decorations generally,, together with the occasional uto ' ot a
community bead brush, which gave
the dandruff germ its opportunity,
Since this parasite has multiplied to
an alarming degree until now there
is hardly a person who is not troubled more or less with dnntlrufl and
falling hair-
Many, to be sure, have passed the
worrying stage. Having become
chronically bald they realize that
nothing is capable of producing natural hair for them. Lot these be a
warning to all   who are experiencing
the significant  annoyanco of dandruff
nml falling hair.
Dandruff, which is due to a germ,
and falling hair can both be overcome by the regular use of New-
ro's Herpicide,
This wonderful scalp remedy kilts:
the vicious germ which causes dandruff, cleanses tho scal.p and stops
the hair from coming oul. The de>
truction of the germ permits the bait-
to grow naturally and luxuriantly as
nature intends,
Herpicide makes the hair bright,
snappy, light and fluffy.
Applications obtained al the hotter barber BliOps ami hair dressing
Send 10c in postage or silver Un
sample and booklet tn the Herpicide
Co., De'pt. It., Detroit, .Mich.
Newbro's Herpicide iu 60c. and \ it-1
(1.00 sizes is sold by all dealers II
who guarantee il tn do all tbat is!||
claimed. If you are not satisfied
your money will be refunded.
Heuttie-Murphy i'.i., l.sd., Special
"There has seldom been in the
province of Ontario a stronger or a
super reform sentiment of any kind
than that which is demanding tbe
differential ion between individually-
created value and socially-created
value, and the use of the latter as
the legitimate basis of taxation. It
is a principle which is as irresistible
as science and as compelling as common sense. A moment's candid consideration will convince of the validity of the new position. And apparently a great many people have been
giving themselves the benefit of this
consideration, with tho result as
shown in Toronto on N?w Year's
"The action of Sir .lames Whitney
in delivering over this splendid current of public opinion to thc Liberal
party, that it might be transformed"
into an irresistible political dynamic, cannot be condemned too
strongly.     Nothing would have   Irceu
lost by allowing a discussion of either or both of the proposed bills by
the members ol the legislature. His
blunt refusal in no sense 'saved Hie
country,' or did more than thwart
the right of democracy to debate a
question of vital public import, What
his refusal did do was lo make Mr.
N, W. Howell the accepted champion
of tlie tax reformers, and io compel
a great many Conservatives, who are
aware of thc real Importance of this
measure, to follow bis banner. iu
these days. men., will nut follow a
party flag, willy nilly, unless il leads
in the right direction. This fact has
apparently not disclosed itself tn
Premier Whitney, nor the fatal flaw
of autocracy in opposition;to the
people's will It is time thai it
FOR RKNT.-Store •Hjtffi ft,,
possession December 1st. Apply W.
.1. Atchison. 46-t!
I hive Ball Bearings, That's why they run so easy ami mnka
su little noisi'.
Thoy stitch perfectly now, nml we guarantee them lo (hi
it five years from now,
'I'lii' White is Ion well known to mvil much comment.
I'lea6e call lint! see the machines.
Large Basement Warehouse, 20 x 100 ft.
Very warm and dry. $7.00 per month if
rented for 3 months or more. Apply at
Herald Office. tf
************** **************
Slaughter Salej
•   P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent
« Phone 130
« Cmo-      "
Cranbrook, B. C.
China, Crockery and
$2,000.00 Stock to be cleared out to
make room for New Goods
$20.00 DINNER SETS reduced to $12.00
10.00 TOILET     "
3.50      "
251 Off
All stock patterns and Fancy China
and Glassware
A Lot of Odd Pieces at
BARGAINS that You Can't Afford
to Miss
A Full Carload
New Patterns
Just Arrived
Our Prices will be the same as
last year
Floor Oilcloth, sq. yd.    ■    35 cents
Linoleums, 6 ft. wide, sq. yd. 55   "
12 ft.   "       "    624,"
|l Campbell & Manning
1 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦
Co-Operative Stores


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