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Cranbrook Herald Jun 4, 1920

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*fegn mA*$f
i I'Ai'EK tint  iiu: iiimr -
i hi:   imiki sis oi   CBAlt.
IlllllOk    Htl.l.tlll.M    AI.WAIH
Vll I. U Jl E
MM in: It  15
Formation of Associated Boards of Trade of South-East Kootenay May
"] Prove Immense Stride in Development of District
101,rows iton;niA that
no Aims
MKMiiritsHir 11:1: is
l»liAn.l>    AT    $50.00
Itetnia Title "Suulli Fnsl Koo-
lenity" Rather Than Make
It "Kast Kootenay"
in form ihe *xecutlvo
■opnsal to elect offliers
dolegalea as may bi
■ annual    meeting was
The constitution aud by-laws ns
Dually adopted by tht Associated
Hoards of Trade nf South Kast Kootenay last week-end follow lu general the lines of thai governing the
West Kootenay body. Some important variations were made, however,
which were deemed to be In the nature of improvements.
The committee named by Chairman
I!. J, Spreull to draw up n model constitution for presentation to the delegates was as follows: Guy Constable, Creston; ('apt. Blyth, Golden:
W. H, Wilson, Crnnbrook; G. A. Bennett, Windermere, (J. 0. Henderson,
Mr. Constable presented the report,
'and tin. constitution and by-laws us
adopted are epitomized below:
In regard to the official title of
the new body, the lirst proposal was
to make it the Associated Hoards of
Trade of East Kootenay, but upon it
being pointed out that some publicity work under the auspices Of :t
body that was represented ns covering South Kast Kootenay was ul-
roady being carried out, tin de-
Blgnatlon  was accordingly changed.
The territory embraced lies between the C, r. R. main line and the
International boundary, and Lhe Al
berttt boundary and a line drawn duo
south  from Golden to tho boundary.
The governing body te to consist
or president, vice-president secretary-treasurer, these with pres
or local hoards
council. The p
only from sucl
present at a
amended   tn   mat
from tho membership al large.
The annual meeting was fixed for
the month of September, bui special
meetings may bo convened at any time
by the executive. Equnl representation will he accorded each board nl
these meetings, three men.hers from
each constituting the official representation trom Hi" affiliated boards,
Including the member of the Bxeeii
(Continued on Cage Five!
vi.i.itiiii noiun.it
Egctfttl  llltrnnthiiif, of  Yriii'/.i.!
Hotel, Attacked
The Vene/.in Hotel was the Beene
or a shooting affray early last Thursday morning, nnd as a result, Egest]
Dtgnntlnnl is In tbo hospital with n
revolver wound in  his buck.
As fur ns can be ascertained tho
room tyi whicli Blgantlnnl was sleeping showed thai Ihere has been ;i fracas, and ii wns after the police wen
culled hy n man named Louis Cosann
thai .another man, Chester do Calm
er. hailing from Fernie. is alleged to
Itavi pul iu an appearance, Blgattlunl
Identifying blm as tlte party who did
the shinning and said (lie shot was
the result of he, Blgattlnnl trying lo
nliHtriict de Calmer when ho aWOks
nnd found the latter going through
his clothing.
D6 Calmer was remanded for Olfllll
days after being laken in charge by
lhe officers.      Blgattlnnl has miffrnvd
grant ly from toss nr bloat, but it. .»
believed  he   will   recover.       lie is   in
(he   Hospital.
Constables Johnson and Robertson
wore ou the scene of thc ahootlng
soon after the telephone call ana ef-
lecled tho arrest.
i \n rwi: to GET o\
II Mould be WOll fnr tillers to
licar In mind thai If lludr name-,
are uni llled wllh Hie rcuMrais
mimed to tuke Ibe muiic for the
new pro rlllC Iti I rotors' list, tbey
i*,ill be dNeiifniuclilsed from voting un Ibe prohibition plebiscite
Ibis fall, and In the pnninclnl election Wltlcll II te lienerall) belief ed "ill follow soon alter tbe
former vote  te taken.
histiId Keglslrnr ..uthrlc, Aid-
crmjiii liniment. John .Martin, J.
V. Arnold, It. I'. Moffett. and others can register you.
Don't postpone lhe registration
for a moment.     Do tt now.
The date of closing the new
provincial voters' list has heen
llxeri by Hie t-owrniuenl for July
l.'dli. , The court of revision will
sll six weeks after thut date.
G. J. Spreull, of This City, Honored as First President;
T. Prentice, Fernie, Vice-President; B. G. Hamilton, Invermere, Secretary-Treasurer
Next General Meeting in September
Adopt Full Constitution mid By-laws—(niniin.nk, Pernie, Goldon mid Will der in ere Boards
Definitely Affiliate With Now Body and Creston Kxpccteil to Fall Into Line—Unity of
Loral Interests Being Apparent, Associated Boards Fan Accomplish Much, Was Feeling
To a special session of the olty
council on Wednesday evening. Messrs. Beattie, Leitch Bros, and McPhee
on behalf of the Cranbrook Electric
Light Co'., made the suggest on that tho
city acquire by purchase their plant
uud equipment. It appears to be a
I question of expediency in regard to
future developments in the power sit-
untlou of tho. district, rather than of
price and terms. The company suggested that as a preliminary arbitration proceedings lie undertaken at once
] by a board of throe valuators, the (ind-
I ings of which, while in no way binding
i upon the city, would he useful us a
basis for any negotiations which may
subsequently he opened. A rough estimate of the value of lho plant corn-
pie),, was placed at between |SO,000
anil $75,000.
i The BUbjeci will he considered further al the regular meeting next Thurs-
, day evening.
lev. It. \V, Lee and Mrs l.ee are ex-
icil to ni urn from the Coast this
lie, possibly Friday.       Mr. Lee left
Vancouver Hospital Inst Friday,
owing Iiis recent operation, and
■r spending a few days visiting In
city was expecting also to make
hurl stay ai New Westminster be-
o starting on tho return journey
Cranbrook.     The hope is expres-
by his friends here that a good
overy will not be jeopardized nt
- siage by too early resumption
his active work hefe.
Tho Idea of tiie formation of a
John body representing all the local boards of trade In the Kast Kootenay district crystallized into definite action at Invermere last weekend, when there was formally organized a body fo be known us the Associated Boards of Trade of South East
The meeting was held al Invention
on the Invitation of the Windermere
Hoard of Trade, and representatives
were present, from local boards as
follows. Windermere, Cranbrook,
Fernie, Creston, (lolden.      Over forty
delegates were in attendance at the
opening session, which wus called to
order shortly before nine o'clock in
the ball room of InvdPmere Hotel.
The session was continued on Saturday morning, und a short session
wns also necessary in tho afternoon
to clean up the business.
There was a good spirii in evidence at all times during the discussions, and the apparent desire was
clearly shown all through to meet
on common ground with common
problems, rather than to Introduce
the special interests ot any one section to the detriment of others, j
Such a spirit shows Ihat the men of,
East Kootenay are viewing the development of this section iu the right
perspective, and good results can
scarcely fall io come out nf Iho movement If this motive is always kepi \
to the fore, and the enthusiasm Is,
As president of the Windermere
Board, who were acting as hosts lo-
the visiting delegates. Mr. (1. Bennett1
called tho lirst meeting to order, and;
extended a welcome to those attending. With him on the platform were',
representatives of the different local
boards: ti. ,1. spreull, Cranbrook;
O, ti. Henderson, Pernlej Ct. Consta-|
bio, Creston; .1 A. Buckham, M. P. P.,
Golden. Mr. Men licit called for the
appointment  Of  a   provisional   chair
man for lho business session, and
this fell to the lot of Mr. Spreull, of
this city, who was afterwards con-j
tinned in the position as tlie flrstl
duly elected president of the Asso-
eiaied Boards. As secretary of the
meeting, Mr. Basil G, Hamilton, ofi
Invermere was appointed, and he tool
was luter confirmed in the election j
of the first permanent board of officers.
Mr, Spreull after sotting out the
aims of the meeting, umi ihe manner
of its coiniiiK togetlfor, called for a
discussion of the project of forming
nn associated board! This was productive of a resolution moved by J.
P. Fink, of rrunbrook. and seconded
hy Capt. Blyth, Golden, that such a
step bo undertaken. A further resolution called for the appointment ot
u committee by the chair to draw up
constitution and bylaws, reporting'
hack the following morning. This'
wus carried, and a second cotumitti cj
was similarly called for In respect!
lo subjects anil resolutions.
There was some discussion before
adjournment ot the position of the |
local boards lu relation to an associated hoard, and Messrs. ('. F. Hayes |
and G. Constable, of Creston, sot
forth in particular the position of
their district. They had nol come
definitely props nni to iitllliate with
what, organization tnjjght bo effected,
being already, as a matter of faet, In
with Hit district asso *iattim of We«r
Kootenay hoards. Their Intention
was to report hack to their local board
by whom the question of affiliation
would  be decided.
Ou reconvening the following morning, ihe tlrsi business taken up was
the repon of tho committee on constitution and by-laws, as mentioned
elsewhere on this page, Following
the adoption of the report as a whole
formal organization took place along
the lines of tho constitution.
Accredited    delegates    from    each
boa nl agreeing to afllljation were
named to ballot for the election of
officers, and the following wen the
delegates named;
Golden. J. A. Buckhnm. Capt, Borl
Fernie, F. A. Parker and O. V,.
Crauhrook. 0. J. Spreull, W. II.
Wilson ami J.  P.  Fink.
Windermere. G. A. Bennett, A. Al
Chisholm ami A   Q. Cuthbert.
Representation hy proxy was allowed   in   cases   win re   tin-   full   rep
reselltatlon called for by the constitution could not be mustered by tlie
local  boards.
These delegates then carried nu:
Ihe election of permanent officers of
the Associated Boards, resulting in
the following being appointed:
President .. 0. J, Spreull. Cranbroo1!
Vice-President .. T. Prentice1, Fernle
Secretary-Treasurer, .it. G. Hamilton,
Wllh these above will also act on
the executive tiie presidents of thc
local hoards us follows: H. G. Parsons, Golden; O. It. Bennett, Windermere. The constitution called for
the vice-president of lhe Associated
llonrd being a president of one of .the
local boards.
The re]Mirt of the resolutions committee was then presented and dealt
With as reported elsewhere.
Before adjournment tor lunch, the
.president called upon Lleut.-rol Hun-
gi rl'ord I'ollom. Colonization Agent
for ihe <*. P. 11... win. spoke briefly
on tlie scope of ills new work, which
while having particular connection
with the development of the Windermere Valley, was still concerned wit!;
lhe intoresis of the other sections of
the district. He spoke of the many
opportunities tbat presented themselves here for the Judicious investment of funds, and was himself seeking somewhat wfilened jiowers. in or-
(Contlnued on page 5)
The Windermere Valley-A Prose Idyll
appreciate   the
press Nalurcs hand I
Windermere Valley t
of the Individual anv
io, whl
tain- l
ihal c
in I mlli
lto. Me
te- uity iho im-1 main
is left noon the
les noi require
prerequisite of
mperamental     or     artistic    sense.
her,, must he few who can look ar-
iiul   them   aud   remain   mut© to   the
ipulseB suih surroundings give rise
>, while to those who love the nioun-
ifll-l   Mure   te  a   fascination   about   it
pets   an   expression   of   ad-
Nestltng      between     the
proper   umi   the  even   more
islve  Selkhks.  lhe   Valley  lies a*.
vera tike a ravored child <>f nat-
iu   a   cradle   of  God's  own   luak-
No less impressive in  Its way
i ili,< mon   well kUOWn playground
iho  Itoi kles  furlher north on  (ho
line. (he Windermere Valley
(ells a wonderful story to those who
read from the pagis of nature.
Mountain peaks, north, south, east
and wosl look down upon tho Valley,
like sentinels jealously guarding tho
proBpecl   lying   within   them. On
tho heights still lingers their winter's
covering, awaiting the warm breath
of summer, which iu dissolving the
snow is going to bring forth a thousand changes to the eye - - reveullug
growth, udiling'inusienl little cascades between clefts in the rocks, and in
some Utile respect changing the view
every day.
When tho sky shows blue and the
sun Millies upon the Valley. Who can-
mil    appreciate   the   wonderful   color
blend of mountain and lake'.' The
forest, on the benches, foothills and
upon the mountain sides high on the
crags so many blues, greens and yellow-;. The mountains though of them-'
selves imiuutahlu, yet vury so much
iu shade as the sun travels over Its.
course and the clouds bunking up de-j
fleet the light, here stronger and there;
dill used, always changing, never,
twice the same.
And when the clouds lower, obsciir-,
lug tho sun, descending till tbe
peaks are all enveloped, it seems as If
Naiure has herself come to consciousness and would perforce veil herself
with the kindly covering of the
clouds. But the wind comes and
llgjltly   puts   llu    mists   aside,   reveal-!
ing as through dishabille beauty on
lhe  mountain  sides.
The lake itself, blue green in the
sun. grey under lhe clouds, silver in
the moonlight, is a thing of wonder.
Its placid bosom is sometimes lashed
lo storm, and In due season abandons
Itself to the grip of the frost and becomes a floor of Ice -but even in al!
its  moods  beautiful  and   impressive.
Such Is tho Windermere Valley,
well named us a counterpart of the
Old Country lake district, yet in some
respects surpassing It. Lovely when
bathed in sunlight, still so when
frowned upon by clouds. Favored beyond ordinary are those whose lot
leads them to live among such surrounding's.
Hit; i.VM. BUILDING 1'lto-    I
j The contractor who has the con-|
tract for the erection of the new
buildings for the Canadian Pacific]
Railway hen is handicapped in getting real active because of the shortage of material, but it is anticipated
the work will be commenced soon.
A week ago htst Sunday, when Mes-
i sis. Grant Hall. it. c. loleinan and
P, W. Peters were here on their way
'o an Inspei Hon of the Kettle Valley
line, they paid a visit to the shops,
and lonk..I over the u..rk a-- far as
it hud progrosaed The ground is
ali staked out. and some material has
arrived, [i being planned in commence
work on the m.mster roundhouse
first, ihe wink on the new ice aud engine houses, and other buildings, to
follow later.
Th- annual meeting of the local
W. C. T. V. was held last Thursday
afternoon at tbe home of Mrs. h
White. After the opening exercises
ih,. various reports were submitted
Mrs. T. C. Phillips described ber vis-
il io the Orphan Homo in Va mver,
submitting some very Interesting
news with regard    to   Inmates who
hail Iron, ihis district, Mr< J. K.
Smith submitted a report of the newly formed Hospital Plower Committee.
Mrs. .1   W Iman acted as re<ord-
ing secretory in the absence of Hiss
l-'oxall. A favorable treasurer's report woe given hy Mrs. J. P. Smith.
A special tea ture of Uie meetini;
NUB j :--'*»n.e of Mrs. Boss, president of tn., tSalsoa W. C. T. v.. who
delivered an inspiring address on the
work of rho Provincial Cnlou. She
also emphasized the importance of
Uu hnal union, urging tin? formation
of a District Cnion, comprising six
or s-vi-n local unions in the Kootenay
dr.strfi t
|!    ivi       t ,-..,.,,,... i   .,„.•-   l„v,r*i'v       i-
ported ihal the district wTc. T. U.'s
endeavor *" secure the able services
of Mrs. Nellie McClung. to tour the
Kootetiays h.-fore the -oming referendum  vote.
Mrs. Ross' vi-it and timely word?
were highly appreciated.
The next feature of the annua!
nni tins was ihe election of office
bearers for the coming year. Mrs
A. A. McKinnon was unanimously elected president, and the ministers'
wives were asked to act as vice-presidents.
Light refreshments were served at
the close of the meeting.
X. Downer. Wattshurg, who is sn*«
ervlslng tbe work of the B. C. Spruce
Mills, Unified, iu getting ready there
for the big mill, wa^s here yesterday
on business,
HAM l-\>IM>Finn:iM. R0AT>
Mi)nj Subjects Offered Aro Felt
tu bt- Beyond Frovlnco oi
Affiliated Boards
! In the matter of dealing with resolutions presented for endorsement, a
body such as the Associated Boards of
Trade often has the opportunity to
display as good Judgment in Uu. el-
Imatlou of subject* outside what may
, tie termed its jurisdiction, as in the
framing anil wording of those it does
bring   forward.       Tins   was   (he  case
at Invermere, when the committee on
resolutions    very    wisely decided to
i pass up many topics upon which they
felt no action   was called for on  the
; part  or  the  Associated   Hoards,   for
various   reasons,
.     The   committee   dialing   with   reso-
w.'uni*. w;,> composed or the following .] a Buckham, Golden; R. A.
Bi attie,  Cran brook;   A   i;.  Cuthbert
Windermere;    K.   A.   Parker,   Fernie.
i'. v   Hayes, Creston.   In presenting
the resolutions for endorsement. Mr.
Beattie l»ecame the formal mover.
Tlie     Dominion    Government    was
: nrced to establish fish hatcheries In
I tbe district,   believing   good   fishing
ti- be an  attraction  for the  tourists.
and as sn..:  an ..sset to th,. country.
!    The state of affair!- ai     Kinpsgate
I and   Eastport   was  brought  up  in   a
j reflation   which   drew   attention   to
I the faet   that  owing  to the fact   Unit
, tbe hour.-  of  the  American   mstorua
and immigration official;- are set from
'' "..    * V   ' '*_'.,- ....   \ a.. ;.■■..v...u.i
. is made for travellers tn pass across
[at any other time than between those
, somewhat   limited   hour.-,   considerable inconvenknee   is caused and a de-
, lay occa.'ioned over night at a point
j whtre ao.rin.nKMh.tirins   for  such  are
I extremely  limited.       It   was  not  the
j idea of the wire ff-rife witli  its  gate
;i rose the roa<j that was the cause
jof orltlcism. but tlie short hours during   whkh   clearance   could   be   had.
The  Dominion  Government    will    be
addressed in tliis matter, also the U.
s   Collector of Customs    at    Great
Falls. Mont., and tlie Spokai.e Chamber of Commerce.
The  permanent mileposting of the
highways  and  marking same in the
manner approved by the various roads
(Continued on Pago Five)
As Hosts, People
of Windermere
"Seem Perfection
Word lias V*en received from Jas.
'in-av-- who te ii, I), i,ver for treatment by a Fpe-vialir.t, tbat ho iB Improving.
Standing of I'mjiIn ln Various
ClnsNej. Is Made Known
Al a special nn cling of the local
iletnll Merchants' Association held
last Friday evening it was decided in
response to a telegram from tbe Provincial Association to pass a resolution ln opposition to the preseni method of the Dominion Government tu
levying the luxury tax, and a telegram
was sent forward to the effect thai
Cranbrook members or tho Association stronsly oppose the manner In
Which tho tax Is bolng levied. The
manufacturers and wholesalers are
tho ones wbo should collect the tax,
la the view taken. Tbe same message also sot forth that tlie merchants were ln the dark as to the Hcopn
of tbe my tax.
Wnr in   Welcome   for
and Lavish Entertainment
Proffered Quests
if the
i pi.  -
The  school   reports,  covering   the
»tailors (progre-.s  made  by  tne  pupils  in  the
various classes in ti.': Publio School-.
for the month of Mav, l'jliO. follow:
KM'KA.M li H.ASS        Perfect  At-
Evelyn    Anderton,    Gordrm  Arms-
tronff,   Kobert   Ueatori,   Lena  Brogan.
, | Gertrude   Chalender.     Itolw.-t   Unkiu.
anything that the good A](rf,(! Kislier  Alben QnAft Margar.
Windermere   Valley left  ,r Horn.-. Nellie Lewis   Lenort Little,
 lone thai  COUld have added tn thel James     Logan,     Angus     MacDonald,
 ,*-,,,.,  i onWtn-i.. n* iu-f„ «,*•** I Clyde     Mackinnon.      Knna    McNeil,
'".lii'i!'   .i:"i  '■:. ,o\ | :--nt  oi    :,(;      K1'   I*     .        , ..   -■   .      ,..       •■       -,. s\,
. Maul-"-'   Moffat,   Charlie   Mu.iser.   Ol-
h.si neok-end, it haa yot to come to hve Simpson, Sam speers. Agnes Sought. Prom drat to laet one's staylmervtlle, Wilraa Stevenson. Kay st.
waa made a delight by reason of the Biol* James Taylor.  Ethel  Williams,
„,„>,„„,-..   and   e^er-c   ot   th., <$$,"g-*^J™ 5J*g	
I ai em be ra of the entertaining board of for ^1(.
trade to undertake anything that Christine Blair, Delia Maxtor. Con-
could be conceived as needful to one's stance Bassett, Florence Bradley,
I Joe Belanger, Edith Clarke, Alex Cassldy   Nora Finley, Stanley Eyles, Ma-
phasiire and enjoyment,      Residents
seemed to vie with one another as to
who could outshine his neighbor 111
doing (he most mark* 'I honors to the
rtrot)gore within their gates. Certainly  tliis  spirit   met   with  duo ap-
preelatlon from those to whom It was DIVISION III — Perfect Attendance
extended, for one ami all are loud In J*5*-- Hrogau, Malcolm Brogan. Andy
atnging the praises of tlieir hosts.
rlon Henderson, Eistare Lee. John
Lancastert Murray Macfarlane, Rosa
Pascuzso, Leslie Sneddon. Heater
Thompson, Douglas Thompson, Mildred Clarke. Emtst South.
No. enrolled, 39.
sidy. Esther Chalender, Jack Dll-
...   Archie   Finley,     Frank   Hawkts-
Most   prominent  in  the  social   pro-   wortll   Margaret Horie, Lillian Jack-
'pram was the banquet given on Fri-[son. Patrick Kennedy, Beunle Murga-
day   veiling following the brie* bus- troyd, Norman Barker,   Frank Ray.
oi,.     aauinn   ffivnn  h« ihn wtnHnr   Willie   Selby.  Blllle  Taylor,  Edward
iiie-s  session.  Ki\cn   i>y  tne winner-1 ,.j. ,,     ,       «.,,,,
,    , ,    ,    ' 'white. Amy Williams,
mire board of trade to the visitors..    mviSION IV — Perfect Attendance
Platos  were  laid  for  sixty, and a|    Ethel  Atchison,  Ray  Beech.  Flor-
uplendld menu provided, to which full
Justice seemed to bo done.
1     Following an ample satisfaction of
the demands of tin  Innei mnn. Mr. (i.
I A.   Bennett,    acting    as  toastmaster.
proceeded lo announce a short. li»t or
i toasts and utter-dinner speeches.
ice Biif    ".
all, Ma\
aw a.    J\
; Following the customary honors to
tho King, Mr. Bennett announced Mr.
J. 1*. Fink as tho proposer of a toast
Vaughan K
Man  St.   I-V
Willis, Doris
I feet attendance
i nmsioN
ivy Desalt, Harry Kern-
Macdonald, Suma Mai-
'nnis,    Cyrus   Pow,
ur Shankland, L1I-
•ert  Taylor,   Elsio
Percentage of per-
Perfect Attendance
Jessie  Brown,  Bay  Brown,  Donald
Burton,    Jack    Cummings    Graham
Dale.    David    Frame.    Jack Genest,
. Malcolm    Harris,    Sherman  Harris,
Tho  Development of South Kant   (.yril    Harrison,    Jack    Henderson,
(Continued oa Pa*o Five) j. (Continued on Page Vivo) p A « r.    t w (»
Thursday, Juno .1, 1030
A safe and cheap way ol remitting money is by
Bank Money Orders.
When sending even small amounts always safe*
guard yourself by having a Bank Money Order
This Bank issues money orders payable in almost
any part of the world.   Ask at our nearest branch,    m
Young Women      IMPERIAL BANK
and fiirls often complain of mysterious headaches, which keep coining
nud going with some, but remain
all waking hours with others. There
is no mystery about these any lunger.    Thoy ar. oausod by eye-strain
or   weak   Vision.        Correct   glasses
will quickly remove the headaches,
and they will not id urn  while the
glasses are worn.      Wo make accurate glasses for nil.
Raworth   Bros.,
Cbe Cranbrook herald
Cranbrook Branch,
W. R. Grubbe, Manager.
Sub-A"-n-y ,1 kinil.-il-v
Publlslietl   Every
P.  A.   WILLIAMS...
uyil.'iy   by
iBlstaut Mgr,
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I-,It.l.-il  l.y   I iiIiiii   l.itlii.r
Subscription I'rlco WMl t Jeir
Subscription Price, U.S., f!AU a Vnr
Adv-M-lntni; Ruh's on Application.
Change, lor Advertising .MUST be In
una olllce WetltioRday noon Hi.! current
weuli  to securu allcnllon.
No letter, to tlte i
til except over tli
nml a.l'licss of 111'
mliniis of no excel)
or any other community with- whose Inclinations Cor various
in the territory of Uie Associa- reasons do nol run along the
it'll Boards who can put up cdn- same lines as ".he majority, To
elusive argiimenl that they ihis state of affairs is ascribed
stand In no way i» benefit eith- by observers tbe facl thai the
er directly or indirectly, from Arena was nol packed (» the
what ihe executive of ihal body limit al the boxing contests in
may accomplish, we are prep- the) evening of Victoria Day.
ared to admit they should lie Apart from those who from
immune from any appeals for | principle or Ignorance never
support. But there is no such ] support a boxing program,
person. Whal benefits one there were others who having
man in lhe way of community necessarily to acct the part of
development benefits also his escort to lady friends, found
neighbor iu greater or lesser themselves not in it position to
degree, whether we admit it to go there though they may have
be so or not. desired to do so.
One great sphere of useful- In the face of these facts, it
ness for the new organization'almost seems, therefore, that
undoubtedly lies in mak fug a place might have been found
;lhings attractive to the lour- on Ihe program of the evening
i 1st.    There Is a certain element; for another event, which would
drawn    a   full
will be Insert
.'•'" "f rn'te I of psychology entering Into the I probably hav
 tourist question thai makes it j house,   while   not   detracting
cranbi.ook, BRITISH Columbia one fraught with greal possi- from the main attraction be-
THUHSUAV, .MM. ::, 11120 iliilities. If Ihis were not so ing staged. Many cities and
the large cities would nol lind j towns far smaller than Cran-
it worth while to engage big brook lake the opportunity
men at big salaries simply to such a day presents to pul on
look after the interests of the amateur theatricals, or if these
tourists. The point is this:
that every tourist is a poten-
The Herald feels that no apology is called for in giving over a good deal of space iu this
issue to the different phases of t|(U se((ler 0|. ,nveg(or (0 the
the organization meeting of dlBtrict he llltty be visiting. n
the Associated Boards of Trade duHng hifi v|sjt through the
of South Easl Kootenay at In-|Ea8t Kootenay section he is
well looked after, treated cour
teously,  has his  needs antic!-
vermere .last week-end.   There
was a  time   when   boards of
trade mel with scant encour- ||ated| am, ,R nmdc t0 fee, ,|(1 h
agement, especially in the ^elcome| hte mind almofit |m.
smaller towns and cities. Peo- consc!ousiy iH broughi into an
pie generally did not see what enquh.ing t*mnu>i and he w.ml8
good they di«, uor ttie use of t0 know hU(lv of the (1,svrIc,.
spending money and time whenU^ harbors !(nopie of the typJ
cannot, he worked up locally,
a good outside company could
lie secured, and in regard to
such a venture the opinion is
that far from incurring any
further liability on the promoters, it would help to swell the
receipts to such an extent as
(o go a long way towards assuring the success of the day.
he has met.      On    tlie   other
there was no direct result from
i( a11* ! hand, the party that receives
But times have changed and 8can|  consideration, or atten-
the world Ims made some pror tion that ,s worse than 110|ie ft,
gress along tliis particular line ;a)l  (.annot  ,,e  brU)ed  U)  take
The hoard of trade enthusiast
an   interest   in   anything   per
is no longer an unhonored pro- talnlng to the distriel - their
phei.       Publicity   is   coming on|y one be|ng t0 get out ()f i(
las soon as possible. Tlie most
attractive business proposition in the country would prob-
more and more    into its own
and much money is being sunk
Into ideas of one kind and another thai Of themselves C0Uld|ably fail ,0 (iraw them ont. Men
never be bald to bring direct of experience know this to he
returns to those who promote [the ease
them, but whose cumulative
force is such thai dollars come
hack where cents have been
spent, comparatively speaking.
But there are many otlier avenues along which such a body
as the Associated Hoards may
make progress, and a glance al
Extract* from the Cranbrook
Herald of tills date, 1900
Tho qunraut tne ago iust dyphtertu
lias been removed.
Dr. Hell hns been appointed health
Inspector for Cranbrook.
The new C. P. R. big on Kootenay
Lake hus been given tho name of
Tho shaft-at thi' War Eagle nt
Rossland is down 875 feel and work
win in' rGBtuned un it ni once,
Tlie Crnnbrook basoball hoys wont
nut to Fomte nnd came back with
tlieir heads, but Uie Fornlo nine retained tholr sculps.
.1. ll. Fink, accompanied hy the
well-known milling unin, Frunk Cot-j
ntt. from the Win derm oro district, lal
a   business   visitor   in   tho clly  this
.'.liters.in is ijuii'tiy announcing
tlmt ho will lu ull probability he thei
next ono of tho bachelor's club to full
hy tlie wayside, and thai preparations
uru bolng made in Toronto to thut!
Mr. und Mrs. R. R Beat-tie linve ar-
rived house and, will sujnu ho "at i
homo" to tlieir friends. There are
somo of the crustier of the old bach-
clors, however, who suy thoy "huve
forglvon hut  cannot forgot."
II    is    hardly reasonable to the resolutions dealt with a*
suppose that the body of men
who deliberated so earnestlj
upon questions of import to
the district are following some
when they talk of the wonderful
the meet ing will give a good
indication as to the direction
in which these lie. It is not a
case of one lown against •another, hut all for each and each
; if we all help.
Now that tlie smoke of Cran
ch im era    or    wlll-'o-the-wisp for    alL The    Associated
results thai can be accomplish- Boards got away to a good siarl
ed by all pulling together on|and w(n keep up ,he BlpWe_
tlie same rope, There is some'
thing real and tangible about!
it all, and if the same level olVnlhnsinsm can be main- j
tained between times as manifests Itself at the annual joint
gatherings, results.will not be brook's hig Victoria Day Gel-
wanting to justify the existence I shratlon last week has cleared
of (he organization, lint there away, and general Impressions
is work that must be done by gathered in from every side,
every member of the local!'here yet remains one to he
boards v\ory week in lhe year, heard from who has anything
if these resulta are to lie at- but good words for those of Ihe
(allied. Sporadic outbursts of Veteran's Association who
ardor with periods of casual, worked so hard lo put lhe und-
thought interspersed do not ertaking across successfully,
accomplish very much outside They provided attractions thai
of if little spectacular splash- were the best of their own paring. Constant dripping wears ticular kind, sparing neither
away the stone more than tur- j money nor energy when the ex-
Ing on tlie tap full once iu a penditure of either or both was
while and having it off the rest called for to build up the proof the time. If we wish to gram of the day.
keep the surface stirred up we In the face of all the good
must keep on throwing in thel things thai were provided, it
pebbles. 'may seem    that    anyone who
Hut tills costs real money.'asks for more must be nnnat-
aud who is going to put it up'.' urally fastidious. Hut human
That must be the burden of-beings In regard to a program
Ihose who get the benefit, nat-jof that kind are pretty much
urally enough. And who are; like hungry people and a bill
Ihey? It is not lhe function of of fare. Their taHte will run
Ihe Herald to point to unyonevery similar In some things,
and say they ought io contrlb-
Ono of the llnest marches, made
under the most trying clrcumstanc
possible, was made detirlng Iho winter
of 11)13, when u regiment of British
troops wero brought to Burlington
Heights ns u relief to General .Vincent. Tho regiment was sir-tinned nt
Frederickton, N.B., when It wns needed in Upper Canada, It began the
long, cold marcli from that place to
Quebec nu the Hih duy nf February.
It wus a distunes nf 246 miles hi full
inarching order, nnd at lho stormiest
period of tho winter. in twenty-
seven i(jiys. with one thousand men
and forty-two offlcors, the battalion
inarched across tho lee in tho barracks in Quebec. It had not lust ;i
man lu the march, ami il arrived with
♦ very soldier In  tit  sliupo.
Kucli man wus furnished with a
blanket, a pair of snowshoes und moccasins, There was a delay of three
flays at Uik(* Totnisiiiiintn while a
severe blizzard raged. Tin only difficulty encountered in the trail was
the luck of provisions, so thai realty
ihe only hardship encountered by tiio
soldi, is wns lack nf fond at times.
After u rest of two days at Quebec
they set out again for Iho zone of
wur, continuing until they wero en-
campod  nt   Burlington   Heights
Tholr arrival there was the occasion of greal joy, for thero were far
too few llrltlsh forces in that region
fnr lhe 0111001% and men to feel coin-
foil able in tin fi* whiter lines, nnd
they knew thnt spring would bring
n renewal or hostllitloa by iho American troops Ihn In spite uf Its long
march uud lhe hardships of the overland routs tin. regimenl was iu excellent condition and lit for any work
I ilie ki fi g might i-eiiulre nf it when
the lakes and rivers wen released
frnm  tholr long  will tor harriers
YY.ltMV.  HAN (Will'HK8 Hi*
ui mit.i. iiv a <*oi.iin
One of the interesting events of
Victoria Duy ly.M*e was the contests
at tlie golf links of the ('ranbrook
Golf Club, when 'the silver cup offered hy Mr. Chester Staples ail enthusiastic golfer, wus curried away by
w. F. Cameron of Pernio, Qeorgo F.
Stevensou, tlie track golfer of the locnl club being runner tip.
The golfers, whenever the weather
permits, nre tn be seen at. the links
nnd are enjoying the sport to the
fullest this Benson, many new members having started In and making
excellent progress, the Indies also
tnldng u greal Interest hi tho outdoor recreation,
Itut  lo the man lu this
Let ns supply you wtth your neit
counter sales books. We hnvo u complete Hue und prices are as low as
hut     nevertheless    variations n.u 0ut-oMown fellow Win give you.
have to he provided, for those|The Cranbrook Herald,
Bringing Them to Kenton
Tnkio sends onl word that Hie Jup-
aueso defeated n llolshovik army i
near the Manchurlnn border during
tht (dosing dnys of the month. Prom
Moscow on the same day comes word
that titc Japanese and tlie Russians
linve signed an urmisiice. Plainly
a case of cause iind effect. Japan
seems to be tlu. ouo Allied nation
thnt has yet found out to deal satisfactorily with tlte "reds." Thc Japs
thrush them lirst. nud argue matters:
afterward.—Winnipeg  Free  Press,
The Wind She Blew
President Wilson's effusion nbout
how the naval wur should have been!
won* reenlls u recent opinion wo know
of. On a train lately coming from
Chicago an Orilllaii was somhwout
irritated hy a sharp-voiced American
who wns holding forth in loud tones'
on the topic of "wc won tlie war."|
"It didn't tuke us long when we got
Into it to finish the job." "Their
boasted Lloyd George could not even \
draw up the tonus or pence, when we
had won the dny for them, and had
oo send for our president to help him
onl." and so ou. with tiresome iteration. Bui nobody contradicted, or
offered nny comment until the Cnna-
dlan border was reached. By that
lime a fierce storm was raging. "Oil,
dear," exclaimed the American, "one'
or those awful Canadian blizzards.
Iloes the- wind niwnys blow In the-
"Yes, sir," blandly answered tho
Canadian. "In this country tho peoplo keep (pilot and let-tho wind do all'
the blowing."—Orillla Packet.
YlUilfOfi News
Must or the news the reader of the
daily press lu U. C, gets Is written by
American pupers to share their ser-
Amorlcan press; the Wunadlnn newspapers cannot afford special correspondents of their own but club with
American papers to share their esr-
vfco. Thnt is one reason why wo
hear so much of the Sinn Fein, so
little cf the agricultural prosperity of,
Ireland under land laws rendered!
pos.ilblo by tho millions tho British;
taxpayer has lent to Ireland; so much:
nf tho trohulcs in which the British,
Commonwealth is involved, so little
of lis triumphs.
Renders of news despatches of Ku-j
roponn doings should remember thnt
In ninety por cent, of them it is an
American "'ho is making deductions
for American, not Cutindiaii, consumption uud discount accordingly.—('o-'
mux Argus.
The It kin to V*-I,i
Tho new Dominion Franchise Bill
appears to he drafted with Ihe purpose of securing for all British sub*
jects, malif aud female, above the
ago of tweilty-one years iho right to:
vote at parliamentary elections.   The.
only Important qualifications required ■
are residence in Canada fnr twolvo
months nnd tn the constituency for
two months. Some of the clauses of
the measure providing for the prep-1
nrntioii of tlie voters' lists may require amendment, particularly those;
dealing with tho compilation of the
lists In rural municipalities, but.
speaking generally, lhe bill should |
prove acceptable to parliament and;
the country.—Toronto Telegram.
BUY for Comfort
Sec Canada's Summer Car
I 1 IE-time in g.-i comfort in :> < >n its Triplex Springs j'ou ride
■*• motor car is when youz-vyit. with n Iree sweep, shielded from
When you choose this Cann- J"lls "lul i'"'s-
dian-made Overland you own ,i As this car wins-friends by the
car that shelters you from sun thousands, ir adds new laurels
with its permanent Sedan top, to Canadian manufacture.
■—that protects yon from dust Sec this ideal Four-Door Se-
and rain, or opens wide to admit dan now while il is possible to get
the balmy breezes. prompt delivel) -
Bezall's Garage, Cranhrook, B.G
Head Offi.*e and Factories:   Willys-Over! and Uinired,Tnmilto, Canada
Branches) Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Kegm-i
Lady wild animal trainers arc fas!
coming into vogue; the Innovation
wns started by tiio Al 0. Barnes 4-
ring wild animal circus, which Is lo
exhibit in Cranhrook on June 7.
With his men iu lhe army ami navy,
Barnes cast about for women, nnd his
first protege was Martha Florlne, a
Rdginu girl who took to roaring lions
like rootles to n tramp.
Soon she was on speaking terms
with one lion (hen another until now
she is sole educator nf tiio ponderous
group of lions with whicli site appears ln thc Barnes steel arena
Another lady trainer is Mabel
Starke who Is a bit camera shy, bill
who don't in the least mind entering
\VMIiam Lancaster, Pernie. inspector of mines in thnt section, was instantly killed hist Saturday while ell
finite to tin Coal Creek mines when
Ills auto accidentally plunged over
ii bridge to the crook bottom bolow.
There were no eyo-witnessis lo the
tragic accident, hut a young lad bv
i lie name of Drew, proceeding to Coal
Creek on horseback nnd who was a
short distance hohifid Mr. Lancaster,
but nol In sight of the car, hoard a
I crash nud when ho arrived at tho
i seem* of the incident noticed the car
[lunl gone over, lie notified the nu-
' thorltles in Pernio, who hastened to
[the scene nf the accident, and Dr.
Garner oftor making au examination of tho unfortunate man's body
nnnouueed death had heen Instarttnh-
' onus.
Deceased had resided In Pernio for
over sixteen years, being a native or
Lancashire, England. Ho was -Iii
years of ago and a widower, two sisters and two brothers, all residing In
tho Pernio district, surviving.
: the   arena   with   2i)   Siberian   tigers,
slaps them in the t'aco whenevr occasion  requires  it.  forces  them  to dn
4lioil* stunts, und us u climax, grabs
'the biggest   tigeu  iu   the hunch, uud
wrestles it to a decision;  her very
audacity   is  lur  greatest   protection
,    Aud to jump from ono extreme to
another   Hessio   Harvey,   the   pr!im
donna of the white tops, mounts u
while   equipage,   hursts   into   dulcet
tones, and the answer te the appear-
nnKf of thousands of love birds; she
i. accompanied by thc only mournful
idioms on earth, in beauties and -m
•horses,   who   sing   while   the   horses
dunce; this Is the Operatic Kqueslrl-
. enne Kxtravagaiizu. over which thej
| audience raves for weeks afterwards j KOO TIIK IIKKU.H, 1100 A YBAH
If it's j.iJi printing ynu are lu need
nf. telephone the Ileruld and lot our
solicitor call. We nre at your service
wllh au equipment second to none In
tho Province, Buy ut home and help
-mikff Cranbrook i hi rut. r ettr
Job Printing
Herald Office
Perhaps you can epual the performance ot the SPECIAL SIX-but
you can never EXCEL it!
IIIMnrli Mb eel hi i>e.      l'iio-pu--.cnger   .VI b.p.    Intermeiliale Iruiisnihslnu
, l-omiliie lent her iiplrnKter). Card (Ires.
Hoildonce I'hone No. 4(1
Simp Phone No, , Thursday, .Tune 3, 1980
HIE      (HAN It ROOK      HE RAM)
I' A ti I.    I il |{ E E
Poatei (of Block. Tnn, OxUootl, Brown Leather S\soe,
WhiH Cuke uiul LuilliJ lur Wliito Shoes
Remember Ihe Day and Date
BIO 4-Ring Wild Animal
Performing Jungle bred African Lions. Ilengal and Siberian 'risers. Leopards, Jaguars, Pumas, Russian Grizzly
Hears, Elephants, Camels, Zebras. Zubus, Llamas, Kangaroos. Hippopotami, Rhinosoeri, Giraffes. Ostriches, Hy-
emui. Ourang Outangs, Chimpanzees, Dogs, Ponies, Monkeys. Goats.
Every Aiiiuuilnii Actor Every Act an Animal Act
The Fairyland Fantasy
•'Alice In Jungleland"
Produced under the personal direction of Mr. Hames.
Hundreds of People and Horses and countless Animals
take pnrt in ibis most novel, stupendous and glittering!}'
gorgeous example of allagorlcal pageantry.
The most amazing Animal Act  extant
20 Tigers in One Act 20
Including RAJAH, the $10,000 wrestling tiger
I'lie world's only performing Llamas
rom, Did: and Harry   Horse Riding Seals
Big Hill    wrestling Grizzly     ,
I'ni and Tiny   Smallest Educated Horses
I'lie World's only Educated Zebras
Danger, dynamite, Cactus, Gunpowder -
lusl Mules
Tbe only performing Camels in the World. Including Hi il, V MOSES, Sacred Arabian
Black Camel
Tbe Miisii.il Carrier Pigeons
Tbe Riding, Driving, Racing Ostriches
a sexietie of Trained Laughing Hyenas
Tbe group of performing s. American Pumas
Tbe ilinh School and Tango Dancing Horses
The largos! herd of Performing Elephants
Tbe World's only group of performing
Bengal   Tlgen
Tbe runny clown 1'ins
30 - full nm mm ims - 30
v    World's Challenge Group In One Aet
Value 160,000
'I UK CIVILIZED   /\IS A D| '•'""' Survivor of Pre-
WORLD'S ONLY vlXfirl   historic animals
PI II DP llll -tH-WAl, LION lilies In a baloon, snr-
jA Mi dUli rounded by slumiing skyrockets.    An
Unsurpassed feat lu wild animal education
High School, Killing, Italic-ill^ and Military
World's Premium Slock.   Every one an Actor
I-TYn l ^ '-argest. Hippopotamus
-*•" I  ■JJ      in captivity
40 ANIMAL CLOWNS.        600 PEOPLE.        0 CONCERT
TRAINS.        10 CARS.        3 CALLIOPES.
Performance Rain or Shine, 2 and 8 p.m. Doors open 1 & 7
ou lho show grounds lifter thc parade
CO.MK KAHLY. There Is plrnly to Instruct nnd amuse.
Vou arc Invlh'il to Inspect thc Cook Tent or the Barnes
Premium Horses In thc Nliihlc Tents, or any other Depart-
ment that Holds for you Particular interest.
Their Protection und Conservation u Debt We Owe Future ('ii motiuiis
Next year tha regular cenBUs o£
{Canada will be made In accordance
With the provisions in the British!
North America Act whicli stipulates
thai tl shall take place under the direction or the Dominion Government
! every ten years.
! in advance of this, however, ih* De*
partinent or Trade and Commerce ut
Ottawa  lias issued au estimate of the
present population uf the country,
: whicli shows that the number of people who Inhabit this mighty Domlniou
falls considerably short of nine mil-
' lions, or almiil one-tWOlftll Hint of tlie
! United Stales, which boasts a population of over one hundred and twelve
I millions.
This slate of affaire is a matter of
som*' concern to tlie Dominion, for n
poriod of stagnation   in  the country's
population inevitably moans that the
country must labor under sUch a dls-'
ability tlmt It is headed fnr ultimate
economic disaster,
Canada is a country of vast agricultural and mineral wealth, hut the
development of her resources has
oeen neglected primarily on account
of 'he lack of well directed pronagan-
dn disseminated with a view of gtvng
Immigrants,   manufacturers,   capital-
I IkIb and industries, sound, intelligent |
j and comprehensive information In re-
I gard to the opportunities which abound.
I In advertising tli3 Dominion In general, and multitudinous vital  racts
j relative to any part., ular subji"1'. ttii-
i der notice, no better aid could be enlisted than that of the moving-pic-
| ture film, allowing as It does of the
, graphic presentation of every phase
In such manner as could never be »t-
' tallied by the use  of cold type,
Some time ago tlie Dominion Government created a moving picture hu-
, reau which had pictures taken of inu-
; ny of Cana-das' national industries for
; exhibition in Britain and otlier sources of desirable Immigration.
The British Columbia Government,
however, has moved further in the
right direction, as previously noted in
these columns, hy passing a measure
I requiring all moving picture theatres
to exhibit Tor fifteen minutes during
1 each performance films provided by
the Provincial Bureau. These films
are of an educative character, Illustrating tlie natural resources and ec-
; onomic and Industrial problems of
British Columbia, and also dealing
with  general Canadian  events of In-
i terest.
■ As a rule the attraction tliis class of
picture has heretofore induced many
i theatre managers to voluntarily present them interspersed between regular programs, but no one lias been
compelled to exhibit them, and consequently the appeal is lost to thousands  io whom they   would  convey  a
I helpful knowledge of ideas.
Provincial. Dominion and municipal governments are not making the
advertising use of their films which
they could and ought to do, as besides being attractive, the use of the
film must bo effective, but tlie British Columbia government has point
ed the way, and it is to he hoped tiiat
before long the rest of the provinces
will  follow suit.
In advertising the Dominion by
film, the Pord Motor Company of
Canada Limited, rank anumg the pioneers. For close on five years this
firm has maintained ;. moving pic
ture  laboratory  from  whence a   very
1 suiK-rior class of picture, depicting
the scenic and industrial life of Canada, is distributed throughout the
length and breadth of the dominion,
the circulation embracing torriilory
as remote as the town of Dawson and
the Yukon. Besides tlie home circulation the films an shown fn India,
Africa, Australia. New Zealand, Java.
Newfoundland, and other pnrts of the
BHtlBh  Rmpire, thus getting  what  is
j pVrhaps lhe largest distri hut ion of
any films of this nature extant.
Hitherto lhe releases have been Issued once am outh. but from now on
they will be sent out  fortnightly.
Ai the present time the company
lias two moduli picture photographers i ravelling from coast to const of
the Dominion securing tropical material for reproduction.
Harry Leaman
Loses Both Legs
distressing Acft'dent Occurs to Aged,
Railroad Kiuplovoo Early satur-
ilay Horning In K*y ranis
\ distressing accident happened In
ti...' yards of tlie Canadian Pacific
Hallway Company here earl;- last
Saturday morning, when Mr. Harry
i can.an, aged fi3 years was so badly
Injured that it was found accessary
to am pul at i both of Iiis leu-; just
above tin* ankle.
As lar as ran be learned it  is said
tli,. unfortunate man was on his way
to work in tlie shops and bring late,
was crawling beneath some freight
curs standing on tlie track, when the
Car   under   which    llB   was   .niwling
was caught before he could extricate
was caugtli before be caul extricate
himself from his perilous position,
Workmen were soon lo his assistance and ibe injured man was removed lo the si. Ehlgens hospital where
medical attention was given him. -.md
although Buffering from the shod;
und the nmputatlon lie is reported to,
be progressing nicely.
-Mr. Leaman has hosts uf friends
who will sympathize with him In bis <
His family, all grown, reside in
Hits city.
Quito an exeltnlg game of ball was
plaed-at Wardner Sunday, a number
of the local fans going out to lonk
the- players over.
The game resulted' in Wardner defeating 'he Baynes boys by a score
nf li-4.
Few Drops nt "Frmone,." Then Lift ■
Corn Right Off
A tiny bottle of "Froczona" costs io
little nt any drug itorei apply a few
ilrona upon uuy confor callus, In-itant-
!y ii ilnns hurting, then Bluntly ynu lift
llmi bntlifi'iiiaie com or ful bin njdii u(f
wiili your tlugern.   Truly 1*  Nu humbug!
Subscribe for the Herald, $2 year.
Or. Kinu Mentions Few Items
In Connection With Win-
tlcrmere Komi
Granby Mining and Smelting Co., Anyox, B.C..    I lie
- annual mineral production of British ' olumbla In l 1--
was $42,080,741) an increase of practL-ath  nm    over I
Mining men wero . Interested to
learn from Dr. King, during his receni visit to Invermere. that the road
up to the Toby Creek district, west of
Invermere. is to he put Into shape
ihis year, giving access lo tlie prominent milling properties in that vicinity. The road to these claims has
been out of commission for Lwo or
three seasons past, und it Is under*
stood there is a considerable quantity of ore ready to come out. wailing only mi the repairing of the road.
In addition lo the work now being
carrii'd out on Thunder Hill, north of
Canal Plats, on the Windermere road,
grading ts to be undertaken on th**-
gumbo portion al thc foot of tlte hill,
east of the railway crossing there.
This Is a rough stretch of road, aud
when put into good shape will uiee*
with due appreciation from motorists generally.
The new bridge crossing Dutch
('reek near Fairmont aud a little to
the west of the old bridge, ls now
said to be almost ready and traffic
will be diverted to it as soon ns the
road approaches up to it are built in
from the main highway.
Their lYotclinii and eConscnn-
tion n IMit We One Future
(n nud Inn-
Only Tablets with "Bayer Cross"
are Aspirin—Nu others I
| MEAD IMS UEftlU), 9*J0 1 UAH
The country which would guard its
future must exorcise the greatest care
lu the utilization of natural resources. Prodigality has been mistaken
too often for development Tlie fact
Unit capital comes to a country for
a profitable investment is uot an unmixed blessing, and may mean that
rgeody eyes are seeking new fields to
conquer after homo industry has been
"developed" to a standstill. The supply uf some resources cannot, of
course, bo nmitituiuc-1 for ever, as in
tlie case of coal, tbe formation of
which is beyond human powir. But
our forest resources, our lisheries and
the fertility of our agricultural areas.
I must eb preserved. Tlmt such has
not been don«; In the past Is indicated
; by the fact that tbo older wheat gro-
: whig sections of the West must now
tie used for mixed farming, some of
our fisheries liaye declined greatly in
value, and good lumber has Increased
enormously in cost.
Thc protection of these resources
assumes a consideration of tht   prob-
' lem being bandied In the ordinary political field.     Tbe connection between
, ordinary     government     departments
, nnd the demands of the publlr is too
i-lose to allow them to handle the problem.     It is for this reason tiiat con-
- tervatlon can best be carried on by a
body such as thc Commission of Conservation   lu  Canada,  whicli  was  es-
; tabllshed for the purpose.--Ex.
I Ol It   t IMMUttM.h   Ml DIM'S
The following students who .w-t-1
in attendance at the High school last
year havo won diplomas at the Dro-
vinclal Normal Bchool In Vancouver*
Advanced Diplomas Miss Muriel
Baxter,  Miss  Mary  Mann.
Preliminary Diplomas—Miss Edith
lv Lowerson and Miss Klla Lower-
Let us supply you with your utxi
counter sales books, We huve a complete line and prbes are as low a?
the out-of-town fellow will give you.
The Cranbrook Herald.
That any person found trespassing or cutting grass, bay or timber
ou the land known as Wasa Estate,
being Lots Nos. 254, L'tJT. 2069, 3<)1»;.
8102, 3000, Part No. 131, Part No. 53.
alt CI roup li Kootenay District, will
be prosecuted and held liable for
924 Hastings Street W..
Vancouver   B.C.
Owner. 5-26 '■•
Mrs. F.C.W. f*S\
wrote ^,
"I lu ve great pleasure in sending
you a salad dressing recipe 1 used
with good results while cooking In a
lumber camp up the Coast last sum-
nar, where fresh milk v.*.■<= unobtainable.
"fanned milk had to be used for
everyl li - an I I may say in passing
that I bare never had lighter cakes
and puddincs than tbOf=e 1 made with
Pai 10c Milk •'
We will print Mrs. W.'a repice next
time. She expressly asked that ber
name f.e not published.
I acton at Laduer, B, ('.
If you don't nee the "Buyer Cross"
on tin* tablets, refuse them—they are
not Aspirin nt all.
Insist on genuine "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin" plainly stamped with the safety
"Bayer Cross —Aspirin prescribed by
physicians for nineteen years and proved
sale by millions for ttefitlacllO, Tooth-
nohe, Earache, Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Colds,   Neuritis,   and   I'aiu   generally.
Handy tin boxes ut IJ tablets—also
larger "Bayer" packages, Made in
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
tu Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of
Mmioai't-licacidi'st.-i  of SalievliiMcid.
Wliile it is well known that Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist the
public airn'iu-t Imitations, tiie Tablets of
Bayer Company. Lid., will be stamped
with their fjenoral trade uiuik. tin*
"Buyu CrOMi
Arrangements are well under way j
at Pernio for the lut of July celebration io he staged at that place,
all committees «orklnn bard and
bringing in reports that lend to show
that this Dominion Day will bo u
■ bummer."
A very radical change is expected
In regard to tho football program,
This, however. Is to he decided at the
next meeting.
Three hundred dollars is to be offered for an open baseball compe-
tltlon and sonio good somes nre ex-1
pected as a result.
With regard to the boxing contest*'.
arrangements have been completed
with Prank Smjithera, manager for:
t'jiurleA McCarthy, who is the contender for ihe lightweight cliftm-
plonshlp of Canada, his opponent to
bp out of the three aspirants for the
lltlo. The results of certain bouts
being decided hoou will enable the'
association lo obtain the best man!
possible to box McCarthy. This main
bout will bo ovor the to-round route,
There Ik also to he a ten-round bout
between two of the best feather-
weights obtainable. FNirthor partfr-
Ultra of these arrangeniontH are to!
be announced later. |
The Pernie Free Press suys: "The
Rooky Mountain Branch of thc Canadian Mining Institute met here last
Saturday. The sessions were held In
ibe city hall, over which W. P, Will
lams, president of the branch, from
Bellevue, presided. D. McDonald, inspector of mines, Calgary, acted as
secretary iu the absence or the regular secretary. John T. Stirling, chief
Inspector of minis of Alberta.
"The members wore welcomed by
Mis Worship. Mayor Henderson, following which, owing to tbe limited
time at tbelr disposal, tlie meeting
got down to business.
"Tlie principal feature of thi-
Muartcrly session was a paper by Mr.
Robert fcitrnchan. Inspector of mines
and resident in this city, which dealt
Wltll tlie coal Holds of the Crow's Nest
I'ntut within the province of Brlleli
Columbia from 1873 to the present
time, and was very favorably commented iii»on by thc members pros-
Urs. (ireeu k MacKinnon
I'hy Hie la u.i aud Surgruas
Office  at  reaidenee, Armstrong
Forenoons '.   9.00 to 10 00
Afternoons   2.00 to 4.00
Evenings 7 30 to 8.SO
Sundays     2.30 to AM
Hit. F. It. MILKS
Office la HaiiKofi Block
It lo  12.  a m
1   to    6  p m.
Mosquito and fly
bites will oot troubleyou
If you use Zam-Buk. This
herb.il balm end* the Irritation,
draws out die poison aud prevents inflammation.
/iin-Hok it ihn be-tt for ion-
horn, heal rathe*, hliatera, sort
loci, cuts and all ikiu troubles,
Keep It handy at your summer
cottage as a "first aid" for all
Injuries,    atmttu>>,emHwti iv. t...
n 1:. w. A. V E ii (i 11:
('iiiiip.i.'ll-Mniiiiing llliii-k
rtiitiit. it*
Ofllce Mniir*. » in I-'; I in ,"> |i.ni.
IIiiiiirilillliiK anil Hfimlr, >
j.  r.  hi 1 in imiki
It 0 w 1,
Thp C. M. Van
elt Co., Inr
Rngin-ers. .\
21S  Hull  Kirwt
Till:  HOME li A KI It V
lt"hl. trir.li*, Prop.
Kr1-.I1 llniiil. Cakes, I'les
anil I'a-trj
Ptioue 17
Norbury Ave       opp City Hall
Phone ISO
Nurliur) Aie, nut to City Hall
b'orvardlog and  attributing
Agent tor
Lethbridfe and GraeakUl Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlitrbutlon Can a Specialty.
Drawing ami Transferring
Otten prompt attention
Phone 18
KiMitcnaj flranlle tt Monumental Co., Ltd.
tumoral Btone Contractor, and
Monumental Worhi
Prent SL, Nelson   P.O.heiWi
Prl.ate Numlnf Home
I.leeuitd by Provincial Goet.
Maternity ami tiennral Nurilng
Mas.age and Heat Cure, Highest
Heferencea, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone IM P O Boi l«D
Addreaa. Harden As: Cranhrook fAUE     FOUR
think that because your
stomach can digest food
you are proof against indigestion. The most
important digestive work is done by the
bowels, liver and kidneys. Unless these are
active and work in harmony, you are in danger
of self-poisoning. ,.
Sold every*
where in
In boxei,
25c, 60c.
help the bowel* to functionate
properly, and influence the liver
nnd kidneys to act very  efficiently.
Ask ior      }qaK&
1-fUG.E BWg
•U.HU.. ""*"
Vegetables pul up under -1UA-
KI-.K llllAXH are Uio choicest
ot 11,0 plek trom BiitUli Columbia's fertile valleys.
aro louder  littlo  groen  beans,
(nt.ringlcas).     The flavor Is most
has tmi: ii
Dominion Cnniiofs It. ('., Md.
Mi-nil OfflctJI
Vancouvor, ll. C.
WiiiiIiI  Oliver  Appoint  Sum's-
Mir In View of ItriThl
1 Vancouver, — P. C. Wutlo, Agi-ut
Qoneral fnr nrltlsh Columbia in tlie
British Isles, with headquarters In
British Columbia lluum-', Ixiudou, lias
written trtende in Vancouvor to the
offoct that lie contemplates kIvIhk ui>
I lho post unil returning to this city
to re*ongago In iiis luw praotlce.
I Mr. Wutlo gives as his reason tho
attacks that liave been tnailo on Uie
; uiaiiilbiiiiiiro    of    Iiriti.li    Columbia
1 House   ou the si-ore of extravagance.
Whereabouts of
TelfeM Mystery
Well Known Id.nil master oi the ('. 1*.
IU Smlilfiilv Disappears—Was
last Seen at Klko
Mystery still surround;; the sudden
disappearance ot Jolin Telfor, 0. P.
tt. rondmnster, wlio made his headquarters :ii Pernie ami was well-
known here among the railroad men.
The Kernie Froo Press, in referring
to iho BUitdon disappearance of Mr.
Toiler suys:
"Oni. oi' tho most unexpected umi
mysterious happenings in this locality wn,-; disclosed early iu tho week
when ,iohu Telfor, rondmnster for the
Canadian Purine railway ou ihis division ror iii,' pnsl twonty yonrs ami
rosldonl here I'm* oyer sixteen years,
disappeared, umi despite ovory available in s in trace lilm tic lin* nol
boen seen or hoard trom slnco Inst
Thursday evening, when lie wns ut
Elko, it. i\ .Mr. Tolfor recently was
working on the lino supervising
gangs operating mil of Elko, umi owing t" Uio prosslng nnturo of tin
work, hns of lute lieen subjected to
extreme physical strain. As fur us
can he ascertained, he rttirod to Ills
room in iln. Elko Hotel ou Thursday
ovoning lust, nfter having partaken
nf it substantial meul, completely
tired out.
"Not honrlng from him on Sunday
realatlves visited Elko und Inquiries
CltANBROOK      il Kit ALU
MAKE nu: iiins   *
WORK  OVIItTl.lli:
ll,,hoe that Bugbear — ll.i'.l,.
iviiojie yellow cobs
cimcked whn
HIIIAT lltltl.IV
liAltl.i:.   lillll'
al I.owi-il Prices
Jas. Kerrigan
liisriiiiti nn:
itAinn.M sntiNiis
As will ho seen from thy advertisement iu this week's Horald, Uudium
Hot Springs is making somothtng of
it hid for popularity this season, nnd
jourtsts and vacation milkers are gtv-
en a cordial Invitation to tmike a stay
nt the springs, where i very arrangement seoms to have, been tliotlghl
nut. for their comfort. Campers and
trippers nonernlly ure nlso fo be provided for, und family parlies nre as
siirod Ihere is u clean moral atmosphere to the place, extending to the
length of a hii ii on ull Intoxicant!)
whicli ure not allowed .on the premises.
Those who have not yet made their
acquaintance with Radium Springs
would he well advised to head thut
way some time ibis summer, if they
an looking for a pleasant vacation
nr camping spot in ihe beautiful Win
dermere Vnlloy.
1.0.0. F,
Meets every
Monduy night
at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially luvlted.
Noble  Grand, Hoc.   Sec,
J. 11. <'amurou       W, M. Harris
(ranbrook, II. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Id
the Fraternity Hall
0. 0   Borgatrom, C C,
C, H. Collins, K. It  A B,
Visiting  brethren  cordially Invited to attend.
Pioneer Mill Man
Sells Lumber Plant   :l
Slimiii Tin lor. I.ouir iu  Hiislttesfi In
District   Hotlres   Disposes ot
Vahk   Lumber Compiiny
Thursday, June 8, 1920
circus grounds, and is worth going
many miles to witness, all previous
street parades fading Into Insignificance bcsiilo tho Barnes pagonnl tliis
minim; sti im:nps TAKE IT
Tin MoOlU Mining Btudouls, who
wore ui Klmberley rooceutly und ut
Hossland and Trail looking over the
mines ut this point and Hie smelter ut
Trail, Imve sculterod out, sevoral of
Lho party cumlflg bore to tbo Sullivan
■iiiiit* ami others remaining ut Trail
nnd '-'iiin". i<> iln- Itosslaml mines, one'
Kioftloa,  -   Oat.
fe,ri mt tfc* ArU cvurM
mey bt covitad by
Mioi.l, ChtalMl, CItII,
Mtefcaaleal  emi  BUetrlcil
July and Auguit       D«t«iber to April
ALICB KINO, ActtM Rtgltif «r
: were made, but bis absence wns accounted for by the possibility thnt lie
nilgbt have Journeyed south toWaldo.
Efforts being made to truce him with
no satisfactory result, the provincial
I pollco were noiilled lute on Monday
i night, and Immediately Instituted lu-
: ii^iirii's, and a fllstrlct-Vfjldo search
i commenced. The C, 1*. II. offivlals
' iMso took up tlie quest, followed by
1 federal oHlcors, friends nml civilians,
and for tlie past four days every nc-
ceBslhle foot of territory surround-
; ing Klko hns been traversed, in addition lo this, every trainman ami
railway olllclal of tho C. 1'. It. system
oo the Western Hues has been ndvls-
ed that tho ^popular roadmaster of
iln- Crow Is missing. Friends also
have advertised a reward ef $200 for
any information hut nil Ihis ims resulted lu absolutely no trace of tho
missing man.
"Tiie authorities, however, while
nol ascertaining anything as in the
manner or means whereby Mr. Tol-
fer disappeared, have sifted various
rumors and have In como possessed
ni' a mosl peculiar state of fuels,
which, surprisingly, were suppressed by those to whom known unlit tho
Investigation became, insistent. This
revelation ir, thnt during the rnrly
hours of Friday morning lhe proprietor t,( the Elk Hotel, F, Uibelle. of
Elko, was aroused from slumber by-
odor of smoke.. Investigation of this
divulged a tire in tin room which had
show of some other organization'!, if
they could produce them, there bolng
1200'wild animal actors, BOO people
and B50 horses in tlie exhibition bj
There nre 4". clowns' nnd all of them
in action all Hie time.
Tiie Zoo is Hie largesl collection
of specimens of the animal kingdom
ever gotten together, n tour of'wlili'!'
is an education in Itself; iu many cities schools close so thai tho pupils
may   haw   lho   benefit   of   close-up
There are four bands, Hie main circus bund being composed of 00 ovi r-
seaa miifficlnns,
This year the slreol fmrndo Is Iwi
miles long: many of Hie animal cjnar-
Kcgiilnr Heeling
uuulli nl .' p.m. In llu- I'll) Hall
Meets In  Hit i
Parish    Hall
lirst   Tuesday |
afternoon     of |
every   montii
at 2 p.m.
Pfes, Mrs. E.
il Leaman
8Ky, Aire. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 081,
All lsdles cordially loTlted.
I'.u-I  Kootenay Nlstrtet
Organization completed Jan. 7,
liiliO, membership roll open for tlie
enrolment of prospectors. Applications and correspondence with
suggestions tending to promate the
Interests of prospectors solicited.
Annual membership fee, $5.00.
meiUdne foi nlLl'minlc Cumplnlnt. (fin box,
.,i tlirea foi iiu, ni dm - »lun United mmiy
nUrfrcMon receipt of price   'i in Rcoimi.tnftoo
fur Nerve nml nmlni tucreftien "grey nmlt«r"i
nTonic  mil liullilvwiup   fin uon,ortrfoTor
U.uldiiiHilxi.' > ......l -.pi .,( piu-v
nUBuniBLt, Dut'tiLn.,.,!  Vnlli.iitirH, lluUtiu.
Uli«tn   In  Spokane  Make
U the
The Hotel Willi I Pursuit.
I'uiiTeuleul lu Hverylhlug
Very Moderate Kates
-iHU -
Plume No. 40»
Cmbrook,   .    .    .B.C.
Daily Newspaper
you Will Like
BECAUSE ol its Full
leased wire service of
foreign cables and
Canadian and American news.
BECAUSE ot its complete
market reports.
BECAUSE «f its service
of Kooteitay-Boundury
news, including the
worthwhile events in
your own and adjacent districts.
BECAUSE while its chief
purpose is to give all
the best of the world
and district news hot
off the wires, it never
forgets that it is a
Kootenay - Boundary
institution, depending
for its success on the
success of the people
of the district, striving always to aid In
the development of
our industries and resources.
ft reaches your post-
oHice a lew hours
alter   it   U   printed
It you art not a aub*
•cribar aand Mc for a
month', aubtcription ae %o
tar ona yaar.
The Daily News
NEL80N,   B.C.
! act onl the old alibi about "Inking
Shnou Taylor, one or tlie pioneer tho ci,jidron to se.. tho circus," nmi
lumbermen or tlie District, Iiuh dls-1 pollali It up, for It will come in handy
posed of his holdings, the Yuhk l.um-;„n jum- ; ff],on tlto Al <i Barnes big
ber Company, nnd for tho present 4 ,.illK ,.jn.,H comes to Cranbrook.
will tuke u rest from uctlve business. There ure many mnall aggregations
Mr. Taylor was president aud mnn- calling themselves circuses in the
ngnlng director of tho pioneer lumber country, nnd some of them mv (airly
i.m-ein nud tho deal was ramie tuUood, but the Al ... Barnes show te
w .1 Loervlng of Tor-nto. the pur- t|u. ,„„. big wild animal circus of tlie
■\i.-i. price tying in t**a neighbor-1world, and it is n Cnnadlan Instltu-
liooti ti." $200,00>;, w leh will enable tion. all of the olllclal Btnft having
i*:n i inreholders to i''*n n ; •• I in"!'t their homes In the Dominion,
nn t c r inesv i-n Tho  Barnes  dlrcus  travels   In   B2
i :■.» t fusing ■' the Vihl; lufihT heavily loaded cars now. according
Co. terminates for Mr. Taylor :tri years to It. W, Thompson, o£ Vancouver,
of continuous activity In tlie lumber one of the advance men. nnd lhe per
Industry hereabouts. formance is given In   I rings nnd n
litb   early  experjeuco  was  gnlneiJ massive steel  arena;   there nre  un
In   Eastern   Cannda, but peeing tbo different  features, uuy one of which 1 tors aro wldo open, so thnt all i
|id-t»lbillU<u of the AVoslorn com try. I would more tlinn cpnslltnte the whololsiM : it starts nt 10.30 am. from
vitina Wosl In  1001  and munaFi*. \
camps of tbo Fernle Lumber ''fl
nlnp to iliis clly iu t'i'1.-,. worklijg
with the East Kootenay Lumher Co.,
pany nud  later  with  c.  McNabb he
founded and  wns  manager  of Tho
Standard  Lumber Company  until  i: '
uh burned.
Wiiite mannger 0f The Standard
Company Air. Tnylor foundod the:
Hoik Creek Lumber Company, later!
Helling out lo Joyce Brothers, the'
Tnylor Lumber Company of whieh
he wns managing director, lalor selling  out.
hi   inn   he   organized   tin   Vahk
Lumber Company Limijed. becoming
s presldonl   and  mnunging  director
which position with th,. company he!
ims held continuously ever since.
During the (15 yours" control of
the business. Mr. Tnylor ims risen to
in position among employers difficult
| to equal, h!s capable directing pow-
01, Ids Hympatby anil fair (tabling
wllh all with whom he came In con-,
tm t. winning for him among the;
lumbering Industries a position of
which he hns a right to feel Justly
With Mrs. Taylor. Mr. Tnylor will
take u woll-onrned vacation In n very!
short lime, anii will visit Count elites and Inter, hts old home In Ontario, After this sojourn Mr. Tay-j
lor will return to tho district and;
re-onguge iu the business ho ims followed so successfully for so many
dug io Klmberley arc Jus.
Brow, \\, TuiiHley. it, II Cromwell,
H   il    un - *.   i.   Palmar,  L   s.
U'rliliui.   \\     N    \\VIK
J    1'   S:iiiinh-r':-  went   lo Colemun.
c I, now r, il M, KihMinlH. Q. \V
Huiii. F. Win Scrlvor, ll 0, ll. Dyer
 I  i''   Krolcndoon guiiiH to Tnill
Vim ,. returning I3asl are a. W,
CurljTle, Smlbury, L. It Itochostor,
fori Krancla, K. ai. Llvlnustono, or
Toxns, Illyiho Mnrsball, Montreal uui
\   U   Harding, P i, Wuii
Prof. John Boll li fi tho parly at
Coatlogar lust. Saturday evening und
"ill i:n lo the cast lo visit beforo
departing for the Kn>t.
Mr. Edwards, MS. who is lho winner of the Dawson 1-fosoarch Fellowship in mining fgor the year, is gaining somo useful oxperlonc0 nt Trull.
Mr. S Dnvia, a nopbow ot Sir Mortimer DavlS. has gone Kusi to oe-
copl ii position wltll u Qtlboco mining company.
Tbo parly going to Kimberloy arrived here last Sunday evening, departing for Sullivan mine on Moiubiv.
». r.'sriin i: mills is
I'tllMMl.l.V   IM Olil'IMIATB;
Formal Incorporation as a private
company was recorded lasl week at
Victoria of th,. It. C, Spruce Mills,
Limited, the new concern which In lo
develop lho timber limit:- recently ac-
luin i Bome time ago near Watts-
bi ".   Jusi west of Cranbrook,
It- authorized capital is placed al
one million dollars, and tho registered bend offico is »i Cranbrook.
been occupied by Mr. To!for, caused
by an overturned pnraflln lamp, and
from whieh ihimage resulted to carpel, mattress and bat of the missing
man, bul bo was not present nnd no
one hud heard any commotion or
movements of hte departure. His
overcoat also remained behind him,
Thoso neiimiliiLd with these fuels
did noi. ihlnk seriously over (be affair nml casunlly Inquired tbo following dny about Mr. Telfer. bul It
was assumed he hnd  lefi  hurriedly
for   mi     pollll    on    the    line   hy   *i :
I'reluhl train pusslng through ami
the lump Incident occurred after his]
hurried departure, However, although this nitmiily occuired apparently it sheds no further llulil on tba
bnfflliiffSnyslory. ai present a iiiln-
uie search of lho Kilt River te being
mntlo lml sn fur It lias proved fruitless.
"John Tolfor Ir till years of age,
married, ami has n family of two:
daughters, Mrs. a. Dicks, of Uth-
hrldgr, and Mrs. J, McLaren of,thla
city. Ho bus :is years of service;
Willi tho C. P. It. und Is within iwoj
years of superiiiuuitiou. He wns In j
vigorous health ami o mnn of most]
oxomplnry habits."
If you  want news while  lt news,
Hiibscrlbe for the Herald.
(il.T YOUR
Job Printing
Herald Office
■truetlou of equipment required fori
the rapidly expanding traffic on the
Canadian Pacific Railway, large ex-!
tensions are being made at tbe Angus,
Shops ln Montreal, which are already:
tbe most elaborate aad comprehensive of tbelr kind on ibis Continent.
These extensions will cover a quarter of a million square feet and are
expected to cost approximately a
million dollars. I'he largeet add!-.
tion will be mode to tbe paueoger
•car shops, amounting to 71,000 square ■
■fuel, while over 08,000 square feet
will be added to tbe locomotive
Hbops, aud 42,400 to tho freight car
■hops. Tbe following are tbe detailed particulars of the exicuHtcins :
LueomoUfe Shop.—The extenidons
to the Locomotive Shop will cuuhIbL
of nn addition at each cud of tho
present shop to glvo au additional
floor area of 08,000 nquarfl feet, The
construction will be steel frame, concrete foundation, brick wull... Mantle
floor wilt be placed ou tlie went olid
extension and wood block floor ou
concrete in thu east cud extension.
Tbe eimt sbop extrusion Is to be utted
aa u running sbed, aud for tbis rra-
buu pita with mill type amoko jacks
will l« installed. All of the skylights will be constructed lu wood as
imetal has been found to deteriorate
very rapidly, and for the same reaaon mill type ventilators will bo
used Lbrougbout thia shop.
Freight Car Shop.—Consists of an
extension to the present building at
thu west end, 10(i feet wide ]$ 400
feet long, giving an additional floor
area of 42,400 square feet. Tbe
construction will be steel frame, concrete foundation, brick wall, wood
floor and roof similar to present
Pattern Storage.— This uhop will
bo extended at the west end 76 feet,
and will be 50 feet in width, and Is a
three-floor fireproof building. The
construction will bo steel frame, concrete foundation, brick walls, steel
aash, concrete roof and floors.
Passenger t'er Shops.-—Consists of
an extension o: 102 feet by 161 feet
betwoen Shops 2 and 4, and 137 feet
by 101 feet between Shops 1 and 3;
and 137 by 239 Toot east end extension of shop three, giving a total Increased urea of 71,000 square feet.
Thc construction will bo concrete
foundation, brick " walls, mill type
. root, concrete and mastic floors.
¥hw» ibaB*   will  be »U serve4
(1) Some of the macliinery in the Angus Shops.
(2) Cars for passenger service tunned out at Angus Shops.
from tin- present transfer table, the
pit of which Is being extended.
Car Electrical Shop,—This ls n
new building 62 feet wide by 362
feet long, giving u floor area of 23,-
000 square feet. Tlie construction
will he steel frame, concrete foundations, with brick walls and acid proof
mastic floor.
('lulling Mill Shelter.-A shelter
126 feet by 144 feet long will be built
on the wcst.cnd of Ibe present planing mill for thu purpose of keeping
material under cover as a weather
protection and will glvo an area of
18,000 square feel for this purpose.
Dry Kiln, - Kour new stalls will be
added lo the present west dry kiln,
Increasing the area by 7,400 square
feet.    The oonstructloa will be spe
cial With ventilating ducts in walls
built in brick and concrete foundation.
Truck Scale,—A new heavy service
tapered floor track scale will be installed ut the west end, of a capacity large enough to weigh locomotives, Tbe construction will be of
the most modern type with self-re-
gtsterlng beam, scale shelter and
concrete pit. The floor of the scale
will he steel beams and stands, with '
a mastic scale platform.
Tracks. — A number of track
changes and additions wll] be made
at both ends of the yard to provide
extra cur capacity. There will also be
Installed a 60-ton mechanical coaling
plant as well as a new ntandplpa for
the use ot switching endues.        j.- Thursday, Jlliio II, H»**0
THE      CRANBROOK       111  It A I. It
I* A G I.      I" I V B
House Furnishings For Sale
The complete house furntBhlngp of Mrs. Robert
Kellick, contained In her residence, Harden Avenue, are
offered for private sale. The furniture aud household
goods offered afe strictly high grade, and the whole will
be offered for sale privately. May be viewed between
hours as follows: From 10a.m. to \2 noon; 2 p.m. to B
p.m.; 7 p.m. to II p.m.
IIihisi, mnl two lota tor snle, conipletewlth ttirnlsliliigs if uesirod,
Constitution Adopted
01,1) TIMKltS vs V. Jl. I'. .1.
I'mitliiill llevlved iu Crilttlirnofi
After    Lapse    of    Mttnj
(Continued irom I'age One!
ttve.     A in' of $;,n will be exacted
from oach board for membership.
The quOBtlon ns to how voting nt
the meetings could ho confined to the
duly accredited delegates, but at tlie
same time permitting visitors and
others iu take pari In the discussions
mul deliberations, came up. and proved ii knotty point, bul was finally
settled ns outlined above, and u clause
passed along ihose lines.
Twenty days noilce anil :i two-
thirds majority is called for to am-
  end tho constitution.
The by-laws lay down the* methods
of procedure, order of business, etc
Irrigation Hume
ig water to bench lands of Winder-
mere Valley.
Resolutions Dealt With Zll
■     I!   i
 ■ They provtcto unions other thing), tur
(Conlltuiotl from I'aKi' Due) ooneertod action on guch matter, bj
itor tlmt lu- mltlil bo able to oonoorn wewnllni   resolution!   or   memor-
1 Just tooling 111;,>
be equalized iinou
nil who come within the nc-opo ot tin
(Contl I trom Page One) hiv   ,;IX(...
nl trull, aiwoclatloni  mi   also a-i.*    in i the   important resolu
lilmaolf with altracllna capital to take l»l« '" tloelgnateil parti*-, through the oil tor, and the gravdllin i   ol i       i,.i-.,,i upon ilralt wlih iho "»
~~   ~ iiold nt sound  propositions tm thoy Morejary  of   rit.-  Atwoclate-I   Boardi wny*   which   have   nol   yet  pi I ntnto of lhe BanfT-Wlnder
Old   minors,   atosura.  aullil-lo,   \v.  ,„.,,,,,,„,,,! ,| uoIvob lo lllm,    lit- ml- but thiB n no way effecU Uio freedom treated. mere  molor  road       It    i I  out
II.  Wllnon,  W   AltrhlRO, 11.  Hlnton, vil|. !|0»o corporation with the »'tho local boards to act Individual-    Ti„.  |>rovlnc.lnl  Ooverunicni   In  to tlnu   H   li-lim   undera I   work oi
O'Noll,   Drutnii I,  Coulla,   llondor    „,„.,.,.„.„,.,„  lt| „„„„,,.» „r tma h|n-j, ly on nny subjects. be asked lo In       ■■  Ihi   uron lhe  nnllnlshcd  nnri  ol  this hlghwus
mi. Clowors, Wood. Pngo, I nu<l wild Ihal n body suoli as lho As      Cormnl motions imt by Mr. Consla* orvatlon  ol  tho  tin i   liumedlulelj Is being done by day labor, and that
Wood. I'ngo,
■"■ ■»■• ''• *       "•'" ,,;l '"'"■ Ml"    soclatod liimfil.s would  ui»
lis.       UlllTOtl,        iVrgllO,       .Uiilri'llil
llavltlsou,     Rov,    v.   v._ Harrison,
.ImIhisiuii. u.i. ll   M, Lyon, Baldwin,
Radium HotSpring
Situated in the Beautiful  Upper Columbia  Valley, eight
miles from Invermere and Lake Windermere,
on Uanff-Wlndermere road.
Three miles from Plrlands Station dn K. C. lily.
Hus service meets till trains.
Concrete Swimming Tank  .:, fl by Oil ft. average temperature, hottest part, 120 ,loc. Pah.
*foj I'. persons,
Xo lutoxleanti
A pine
Fruit in
llnnril fijm pi-r
II. ,1* 5Uc.
Single Bath i>0
lowed on premises.
■Mic. Bnth. j.'i.llll |,ir neelt,
Bring your famUy.
Uood I Ic Uronnds
Write or wire for reservations to
Radium Hot Springs    -    B. C.
rubles Provided
Irons lilfliiouco hi tbo  win-king ,
if ili'velnpliieiit questions,
i'. M, lidwards, o( BnynoH Uko,
hie llmi constitution nml by-laws as bordering Beonh iclght
uiiii'iideil In- adopted were carried known Ihal tho Clover
nml business lliorontter was conduc- ready moving in nils in
li   la
anu, *
being imlil is in
duly i id down.
nml Watson, j au ,,|(j pionoor nnd prospector, was
Tho llrel sum er gnmo In this town aal.l,l| .„,, u „,„. mu,irks .„ r, Bu,.,| t„
slnco 11)12 took place on Monday ov- Ull! |)OB|l|oll „r Ul0 prospectors' Asso*
ontng when tho nbovo tonma mot, A C|nti01I. |*„ s,,|,| t]lat nle r^\ns
very fai-i and exciting game ensued,'  lre|,Blll Clt Ull, ,,mnl,„,.,ors, hotly was
School Reports
ixcttlng gnmo ousuou,,strenetli nt the prospectors' body wosl        (Continued trom Page One)
lho d,l  llnters^lliiwlng liiuelii sillier* | „„„„,„,, „„„.,,  ||llc,.lat mum ot|„r „„„,  Jttol[,oll,  NotUo Johns,,,,,  Wll-
'     urgnnizntinis Interested    in    mining, Ho -McDonald, Jimmy -vlacfarlane, Eth
Board was advised lo
officially in regard lo i
The need ol  n conn
the governmeni teleplii
jtwi en U'nsu mill \Vin,|,
subject of nnothor rei
! was pointed mil thai b
.tiers In Ihal stretch i,
'needed tho telephone c
i matter of protection  ;
there were al leust In
cline  nmi  I,
lor football, nnd should linve won, Inn
ror Dan Campbell, whn was Itnprog-   m|j  .,„,_,. ||a(1 lll)iml  COncliidotl  tlwtl?1 Sneers. Ji"'11 aw""- -JHnaboth Mil
liable in eiii-l l'nr llle V   \l  l'  A   .       ,,        , ,.'     er, Lens  Lee,   I'lielmn   HawkOB,
iiu-iii iu t,ui i nn uu   i. .,'. j,   would  he     Hie   wisest  coltrso  lo,
l-'lnal  rosult—V.  M. C. A. :i,   Old  .,,„„, ,„ flgh| ou| lllc,r own M[lm\ DIVISION VI      l'criect Attoiiduiiee
'""'"•<■ - in mentioning lhe policy or tht gov• L J»o1- Alrhlson. lllrthal Bensun. Han 	
 ^^ .. , '        ...   ,. Brake, Marlon Carr. itinii Cbalendoi', ""■:- """  '"  ",n   '
!enl1"™1 '" ooimoctlon with lis rce-1 |/imi|,in    ,.,,„„,     (,,„irK,,   ,,„„„,„,|alR0 mttka.goi	
enily nnnounced nsststanco I
ued men In prospec
said tliui what was needed more wasI!?l2"1"",l|   '.'"'f," -n'""''"')'.    "oi-ue       	
,   , „..,       „„   , ,,      ,      McDonald, Kathleen MoFaraue, mm "l|  service
not wldor activity In prospecting, but Mcam   Sll[,|llcl Mc0nmi    Mttrgllret nny   further   cone
j heiier dovelopmonl  of what  has nl- Molnnia, Ronald Moffatt, Naomi Pow, ground  thai   Hie  I
j ready been prospected. , Oordoll     Hallkins.    Mary   Robertson.I ntnUle   it  Wns roll  II
j    Diirinii tho brier afternoon session  Phyllhi Thompson, Marian Williams,|    '„., ,_.*,
j It was deehled In leave over the matter cf deriding a venue tor Hie next
way, Ti.,. roven
-il taxation on i i
roads, nml II n.i
row shortly the *
road work i urpo
wu* coming io tli
COMIX.: to thi: ttt:x nkxt
isststance in retnr- Walter Punning. Isohel Pra  Har- k  is known llinl  Hi
ititlne. Mr. Edwardsjry Heise. Kathleen  Henderson, (leu.! ,„,.,„. ,,,.,, ,,.. ,,,.„
.   . :--„,„.i.,.ii     ....i..[..   \i..ii      n....,:..  i-""1  "     	
p r
inn in., lake ilie wnrli. anil consoquenlly the
,  record  work has como tu a standstill; therefore iln KQVoi'nmom should he strong
ly  ui"-,.il  tu  see  that   the  Wanes   pah!
nre raised siiffiolontly lo permll of
enough men being ongnged as will
nllui'. ui' nl least making llu road pns-
sahlo lur cars hy the fall uf 1020,
whicli II was known could be dune il
lhe  v.'nrli   were  pruseelltial  mure  Vlrf-       Others   n
orously. [ brlof -i c
Tliis    lust    nnracil  resolution  was Crnnbrcok,
ri ilrni'ieii ii  its orglnnl form Into 1.1. r. Pitts
Koinulhiug    mon    comprehensive as Crnnbi k,
outlined uhuve hy a spoclal commit- ularly with
l.e rouslslblg ul' Me.*sr*. W. II. Cle*   Board of T
,1 1,    Windermere;     P,   \.  Pnrkor. voloi il i
! Pernie;      W,   II.   Wilson,   rrniihi li.      T,,..*is   «
■ euthuslasl
ling  forward  ,,, In Bion tu go
provincial high-  round the ... I ... ,
ri m '..- ;:. ■■                   ■      others    b< l i ik I lomselves
linclalr tlol Spi ngi   ,i   *.:,>:■;
i-'r" '■'!  lo bor   .ii inn, •   away      T ■ Inveru          i
"■ .1 ■"   . ■   ■            Su I the  Wti ih r
■" ■  -' -'■    :•  I                ■    ■ ;■  i,   \ ere also
.. In c Iron   H'
o till    I ■.
II \. Beattie
iiildlng, Fernle,
■'. i; J  Spn nil
ol   lull resit   I., vi-iiurs.
» Pol ., re ■ i :: .ii ii.,* i,.n-
'lered       K   i. nay i .■ resid-
: Mr. and Mrs. li i;' Hamilton.
m Satin vt lllch proved
i vcrj       oya and nulte n
a- a *.,, in! event
annual meeting to tin; executive. The
annual meeting of the Associated
Boards was set by the constitution
In September of each year, and ac-
Uordini    Ituiiliiii
Phyllis Thompi
Margaret Willi;
Honor Hull
Robert Willis, juii
,' titm '
tilled lur in tills
considered  in  another
i that ul' Ilie vlewpolnl
i,ml,I li,
Selzuiek,       Pktocaa
class A — Pl.yllis Thompson. Mar-' who in nn omorgoncy
iuu willhinis.   Jean Bogloy,    Harry Lory Arnvo disndvnntng
Itelse. Din,  Brake, rulvbi  MeUttrney.'.,',.'      ,..,,       ,
Class B - Margaret Eye.    Ronald  "' "lls resolution nlso was n recom
Moffat. Qeorge Kemball, Nancy Nes-   ndntloa   thpl   the  govornmonl   h
cordlngly at thai time then will take bet, Ida McGregor, Ruth Chnlendor.   asked in chungo lhe existing line li
plnco another meeting. ;    ,„v,sl0*,' vn _, ,,„„ ,„• „„,„,,.   |sirdar nml  Ynhli to one of uiotalll
An offichil vote of thanks was pul,    A a„s8 _ A,.,ieli„ I'raue. Billy Ca- coimlrucllon. as  the  pres,   i
un record to ihe people ut the lover 'nloron,  Molly Johnston,  Ulteb   Put-. nf practically no use tn Creston |	
mere district ror the  hospitality ex- erson. Helen Morrison. Ralph White-  pjg, eimversallon am] co liiin  lie
tended to Ilie delegates, and also to  house, '      Crnnbmnk ' uui    Censlnn ov,
,,.„   „„„   ,,„ ,„„,„„,„„„,„„.„      B Class — Nolle Miler. Jean Pow, lMoen '"'" °"   '""'   Hostonovi
mc    press    ilelenales  in  altenilnlire. . ,   ...   n,,.  ti,,„  i,,.i,,..   ,.vn.,,.,.
,    , .Helen   Heise,     Mary   Uunlilns.    I'aill   me   line  in-mi.   extreme
ihougli tin reelltm or the hist nnmedtt„,.rison, Donald McDonald. lory.     If the govornmi
is ihat ihe ii.nnks siiimlii have come' Regular Attendance e,l io do this, Mr. Ber
i    'llu, regular meollng or ilie Women's   111-1 ilill.-   wns   hold   in   the   I'm'
sli Hull mi Tuesday ariornoon, .1	
lat.     Tliis wns n particularly later-
oslilli-  meollng  tu  nil   preseni.
After   tl siinl    liuslness.    Mr*
Clapp gave recipes fur lauey breads,
inul very kindly miido sumples I'm
nil io Inste,
Miss Grn.ce Hlgglns gave a very-
good paper entitled. ".Men Have Dune.
' Macro for Clvillsntlon Than Women."
Mrs. .1. Milroy snug very scweotly,
'     In'.
•ti''                              ' - themselves ll  : > give
tendered I    ;        • • ,.. ■ ■ , ;,.,,.
i..,   Win I- rnn re        . '.   .'. indermeri      ■   n I .,-* ired
trs, ended .nni „i„.,i
lhe speeches ly, I ♦.- , organ-
nppy vocal sell - i           never bi  s;n-;.n.-
rell a: .1 W   V   ll i
Tiie bouyanoy or youth and tlte optimism* of girlhood which overcomes
Hie pitrnlls thrown In tht way ot n
yoiinji woman strdggltng tur success
has never been heller exenililitleil
than in "Greater Than Fame," the
hlg feature picture at tho Ilex Theatre
Monday ami Tuesday, lu which Elaine Hammersteln Is tlie slur.
Miss Hammersteln possesses thai
particular quality or Interpreting girlish types win, imve io battle against
the world, winning ilur way through
sheer pluck ond ability, Her appeal
In pictures of Ihis elnss i* nmiiiesl '" ' '"
innahle. sh,. gives a charming per*
formnnco as Margaret Brook, u country Blrl who found that a happy henrl
wns greater than thr tame fur whicli
she so untiringly worked.
There are many dramatic moments
In Ihe picture, ami Miss Hammer
stein's talents : s nn emtiiiutinl arllsl
are broughi into play in n manner
Hull   haves   nu  room  for doubl   as  lu
her ability lo portray riles nf this
character. In fact, II Is ihe best picture she has appeared In, and will
mid new laurels 10 those she has already wnll
Nil expetisi was spared to mako th,'
picture ns elaborate .i* pn- ilbli
from thorn jnd not exlendod to them.     ,i„rrj. |.*U|,„lt,.,,    jiary Huchcroft, for  Hn-  !<■
nil.bee tvoni   spe cla 1 etnoin sliriil' Molly Johnston, Ardetle Cram1. Hel- 8n|(| ,(,,, ,.n
Tims   was  ended   whal   may   prove I en   Morrison.    Uileh   Pnterson,  Wll-    ....     .^
nil  epooh-marklng eveni   In the s,0,.j. I rred Pueoelt. Hurry  Boy, Nellie Sak- •'
,     , ,  „     ,        '   ngitchi, Norma .Snnles. Ernest Wur- improveu s.
or  tho development  «f  South   Eosi; |loll   KatM„.n llt../.l,l paul nurrihon,
Kootenay, . Irene Mi.lniiis. Mary ltanklns. (icorge
 ~m^.  Sum. Helen   III ise.  Ilohllle  MllUlnalll. '"   "
Jenn Pow. meat
BOV  I.IISKs LIFE AT KASI.II Percentage «r Attendance 85.04. consi
IVIIIliE I'l.AVIMi  WITII miN||,ivi8I0S VIM      I'erfecl Attendance latlm
  Lloyd  Burgess. Lillian   Hale. Jaok ed n
Tuesday   evening   chas.   Ooldwell 1 Farrell, Mattie iSlabarg, lumin- Me- Inck
ri'lntli I' i
elitly   Impo,
Telephone   Ll ■
ivns i l.v lu nielli, giving u vastly
ie new luxury lux-
"I by the govern-
merchant ami the
A tier     I
n  etliiil
emony  iiu
nn ill a r
s   later lie
owing io
Paitiuson.    Arthur Sakaguchl,    Enid
ml. I
Mnh Hong,    Bllawortlij
etitnge iil-
eiilnnie S2.50.
and   John   Points.   Iwo   lads   iiboin | Donald.   Jeun   McDonald,
twelvo years  ut age.   were  playing
wltll   a   rllle   and. shot   gnu   in   the  step|,e„sii,i
house ul c. J, Swecf. a short distance ■ Ryan.
ti. when Hie shot pun wen      Number enroll,
ob". mortally wounding young Point/..
'.iho died In the hospital early the fol*       „ ""!' ",'.""""r,,      ,,    ,
,    , ',     , Class A       Bernice McDonald, Ar-
lowing morning.     Mr  sweet was nt' ,|mr Sa,.:1|.„,.|„. aoorge Stephenson,
the lunise nt the time, uud Ihe hoys    BJllUl Shankland, Lillian  Dale.
nr cottrso, didn't know tht gun wn*     class B     Statue Maharg, Florence
loaded    Kaslo Koiueiuilan. Paitiuson,  Ellsworth   Kyuii. Jean  Me
cla*,. c Mnh Hong, Lloyd Burgess, Jack Farrell.
DIVISION IX Perfect tlleiiilouie
. **' Qeorge Atchlsoo, Garnet Blaine,
Mary Croxtcr, Harold Qeorge, Plor-
erne Jordan, Nancy Mii.s, Sheila Pat-
i a special mooting of the (1. W.
ui v. A. hold Saturday, May 20th, Mr.
i.i Oliver lii'isiuw. Assistant Suiierhi-
h, lehdcnl nl' Qovernmont Bonds, wale appolatod to attend ihe Provincial
Ni t'onvontion lo ht hold at Penile, on
1... I'r;,lay ami Saturday next, June 4ih may I
si- ami Bill.
Primeaval beauty as yet untou hi
made intu as farms is .-
man's hand.    What ii
iu   another   picture.
The   Bill)  I iiuiinuutliiii'iil"   I
Clayton nim
While no elforl has been made in erson, Hilda Robinson.
bill ihe caste In Eti.il Clayton's new     Number enrolled. 4:'; percentage ol
picture,   "The  18th  Commandment," attendance, 81.19. .
a- "all slut" it Includes some ot the    DIVISION  X       I'erfeel  Allclllll e
musi prominent players on the screen     j68,|,  msslilv,  Wesley  Ohambere,
t today lltslden Hie benulltul and In- n.,,,1. Fanning, Helen llllrov. Yllel
lented Miss Clayton, there is Anipi QUtbrle, Elliott Harris, Pat Harris-
l)   Nllsson, one or  Hie   best   leiidlnu | „„     |t„liert  McGregor,    Bobbv  Mulr-
1 women In pictures.    Site recently ap- |„,.„i   Harold Porter, Kathleen Shep-
Wlsi.   Madeline Wise
Automobile For Sa^le
Mil.iiiiL-liiiii Slx-C jllinlir I ■(:.': I.iifltl Touring I nr.
aim,is! new. Ave godtl (ires, for sal-  cheap.       'ihis car
was personally used liy owner, and i- in \-l running order.
mix n
■ Apply -
iiiiiai.h hi i ii i:
l RAXUH00K, R.C.
Save the Discount
WdlldUIdll   V.UI 1 Cllty I "Siildlers or Portune."     Monte Blue. |.:,n,i, walke
.,  ... ,    ,, ,. ... who played ono of the ri-ainrlng roles i    N„,ni,er enrol	
I lltli furl her notion Me nlll nr-1 in  "Bverywoman    gives  a  One per- nttendnnco 86.18.
rnruii'lne    us    Hie  lierolne's  brolber.! jlnniir  Bull
The  leading man  t» Charles  Mere-    (|IISS A       it,,t>i>v Mulrhead, Billy
dltli. who ilest appearance waa In  Harr|,0n.  jessi,. strachnn,  Madellno
LUCK In Pawn."The eusle also Itl.-lii-■ \\*,s.
des Irving ciiiiiinhiBs.   winter Hull.    n„^ B     K.-tdu-.n Shepherd, Until
nml Arlliur Maude. Panning,  llernhl   Eve.  Arthur   l/nlse,
:     Mils  Is a  Pai'iunoiint Artiriirt   Ph'-      chiss  (
lure   mul Iln   Bex Theatre will show I tjttrnv
ll  for    twn days,    niniiuenelnit next! _
1 Weilnesduy
C0]|I    I'linuillnn    I uni'iiiy
ut lull iiiee Millie, In pin-
iinlil nl' liiiliiin.
Windermere Valley ranch showing results attainable after applying  Irrigation.
Windermere Ho^itaiity!::'l:::;::i:::ii;:,;::i;:;:^::,,w-:,;:;
trlcts lur tholr nun interests, and he
meed ihis he taken advantage or.
As rogards timber, Dr. Khm sinte,l|
Kootenay. As mi old timer In tliis'unit tlie Kootenay distrlol stood elth-
section, Mr. Pink was abli lo draw -r second ur third in respect u> Urn-
trom mi extensive hind of reininls- her wealth. Tho government's prac*
eemes ,,r th, oarlj days, which wen- ttco lml boen to exact much revenue
ut Interesl liy wny ol r m.i to pn- front els source hy wny or duos, rov.'
sent conditions nice- nnd rontnle,     lie mentioned
Tlie main «peech In response was that I uestlon „r the preservation
80CIF.TV ll ts tltxv FltAIJItS,        dollvered by Hr. .1   11   King, nr this ol a timber boll a n the highways
s'tvs HISS XOIlttl TAI.XAQI! olty. mlnlstor ol ii  works al Vic- was now recolvlug attention,   slron
  inirlii.  In a brief speech he dwell tir-i rep ntnl s having been uinde
percentage ut
i.dun Walker,   Helen
10-Inch Hi,iv Wood,   all dry. Fir, Tamarack and Pine,
Tin- price is right.
tliioil supply now on band, and another carload expected
Thursday, June 10th.
a. .1. stom:
I'. II. Aililri
Pnce  Dm
iftise iiyun ntyin if.-   y<~ 1f— ~V ** ,J\f ** ,<ll'*^3
Cranbrook Cleaners and Dyers
p.  IV.  tt ll.l l>.  Mansger,
Fiirillliisl I Iiiiiiii- umi Umi- of Everything
|'| ■  15J (IIAXItllilllh.il. I. Ilov  7-'
' p W" ■eVIr.M'^U   W-tfU* "'m\t''"^Is*' ••'to't'+ll)*'-i—->H3
igraphlcnl  lho   tlbjtcl
Wl occupy all this IiuIIiIIiik
You get the benefit
nt this school, of Hie most
thorough courses, large staff
of experienced teachers, of-
llce-like equlpnieiil and atmosphere, besl building
choice location.
This is Ihe only ACCREDITED business school In this
section. Send for catalogue,
and free copy of "Expert
liuslness Punctuation."
ffius/nejj College
Willi whirl. Is eomhlliod the
 Spokane. —-
M. M. Itnil.KY, A. IJ. KANK,
Pres. tte.
(liiiriiiler I* iinli Itenl Test of ffnrlll, iipon the diversity
Add* Screen Slur                mul physical oondlll   obttlnki) in Touchlni also upon ruads, ho drew
  ihe district, ami the diversity or in   .'it ior. to Uio rapid development ol
"Do you know your friends.    Vou torests to whlcb thi   gave rise     mln irafllo, nud linw  n  wns now  found
only tlilnk yon do, tur one can uev- jllK. dovclopinonl  of powor, ugrlenl* Hint -nine ol the old ruads mul trails
er tell thesi dnys." I .   .      , ,,„. ,.,, „„„i,i have tu be changed,      I'r	
serv,,,.,,, addition to N„s. i„ „„„    .,.?„"} P%Xr0dofNWoa »T    m  * ■ '"' ■ -"• »' »« WW* ' '»"" --'
■•■X. will i.0 Inausuratwl betWMii   I which will bo ahown nt the WoxJIw-laftvernmotit  roalluoil  tho in tnnca ■■..■!   n, - ■■ ,:->....*   i,,. .immi-:
l.tthhrltlirc nnd Crmilirook
lu.iiiini; cotinootlonB »i i.ctiibri<iRH
Comtnonotng Juno lit* wottbounil,
mnl .Intu- liiiil, otulbonnd, a now
war thi-
curtailed to nim
woro about i".'"
Htrc Priday nml Saturday.     "Why.I (Jf j,,.,,!,,^ j, WHti'i* mmply ow to lorao tho
tlioro  aro  tlimiHniuls  ami  tliovisamlrt; . .    ,. -BP||ona    ,,,,1  hnct't SI.'
Of iicoplo In tlie  world living under 0I    II"    '
(U-xumed names to hide their  past.'* —
nim wild.   "Somo are inat aa good and  ..^.'vrviv   i U-tfii  wn sKV
o uh ynu mul I. but there te   MOIMAI.V  te.\\\i, Ai>u     i\ i
to and from   t'algary,    Medicine
Hat and r'ardKlon. i rcsiieetabl
Weatbouud Kastbounda  taint   on  tho family  nnmc   which I
a,. |Vt    leaunen thorn tu no through llfo Incog-!
8.80 p.m..Cranbrook..6.45a.m.    Norum B|,0„i,i bo won quaiifiod toj
■   ■    ■ siwak on this mibject, for in "A Dau-'
J. E. pnOOTOH, jshter of Two Worlds" the film verniou:
Dfilrlcl Paaaonper Agent, !«f '*e"'J>' Scott's fninmis novel, she,
- 07 o. r«i-«rv ploys a double life. .
"■-'*"•      ' ua-Bary A rorgery „f wlilt-h  Bite has been
 ~ i wroiiRfully acc.tiHcd in her ndvent In-;
to a fuHhionable bourdlng Bcliool from
the sordid environment of a low dance
h&ll. run in tin- slums by hor father.:
who.-ie out big ambition is tu advance
Ilia (laughter in (lie world.
i Tills (OOP lulo seolety could never-
liavo been accomplished, father and
j daughter figured, had she Clung to the
tainted family mmie.
Hut the stign^i nf thc past followed
her evon Into the upper crust, and!
Jennie' Miller, ns sho culled herself,
i waa called upon to makt u doclxlnn
I which meant Ihn saving of the llfo or
a friend of the. utiderwnrld wrong-;
fully accused of murder, und her return to tho old life she haled with the
potslbla loan ot the man she had Icar-1
nod to lore la the new world.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
»(Ciiiiiuiii Limited
Offices, Bmelting and Refining Department
I'lircliiKi-rs nt Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead ttrts
Producers of Oold, silver. Copper, milestone, rig Lead aud
Zinc "T.UIAN.W" llrand.
111.1'.VI'OI ,A lemovps 0(11 blonM
enrrootd AiiiienillcftU In 24 hour,
wltliont pain. Registered nndar
I'lire I'miil nud llnig Act. tli OU
Snle Miuiifnttnrer
ill IIS.   WHO.   8.   ALMAS
Bin III7II           ilo Ilk Ave. I.
 SniUlMi, tut.	
. .-
-fflt-tljoDtst Cljttrcli
ft llll
H.—lllvlne tVorslllp.
I'reneliert REV. It. IV.
You nre Invited
i, nt: PAGE SIX
Till,      <  It A N URO OK      HERALD
Thursday, .Tune .1, 1920
Atiiii-iiii, in l'ur Excellence
FltlMAY 4 Mil lilltV
Norma Tnlmiige
Chester Ontiuti
TEDDY  minis
Comcilv -- "IS Till: I1AKK"
I.lnine llnniiiierslein
••tihi:ati:it than
Episode Six
"THE   WHAT  i. uilll.K"
I linn i mn nv
WKIIXESDAY .Willi itstitv
Ethel Clayton
Topics of tin- hii-,
Jtriiisii.ruiiiiilinn I'ntlte News
goo Bealo a Elweli about Hint 4u
ri-'ii near Kltuberley Improved;
| good house, Irrigation, nn Ideal property for market gardening and chickens, bearing trull trees, house alone cost |1500. $1(100 takes the pro-.
perty on terms.      A real snap.
A. Uvealey, Yahk, was here Monday.
Arthur Livesley, Curson. was here
Social Personal
Foruit, wns Uere on
ff, i>. iiim/s big sai.k is
Mrs. 10. Cnrv
last Sunday.
M,   [■'it/.iii..uri.'.*.    ot  Trail,    was  &
caller last week-end.
I    Indian   Agenl   Qalhraith   was  hern
from Fori Steele yesterday,
.1.  li.  Bin)
er tin' lira
ami wife, Kaslo, were
of ibe week,
Shoppers  have  found  \V.   D.   Hill's
ston-  n   mecca  for  choice bargains.
Tlie clearance sale of the choice stock     j, .m. t\guew.  Edmonton,
stuck  which  lie has, the  largest   lu ong tho arrlraU laat week-end,
tin*    store's    history, is still In  full
swlug, but may not last for a grant!    i-!lU|  j,  pnilu>,  Spohatio,  was tun-
while.      To take advantage of the 0ng lho now  arrivals last week-end.
many choice barwiliis ineans that you _
can  greatly  reduce  tbo high   living     j.  j,   Rnrrett.  of  Meridian,  WIb„
cost.     Evorytfilng in Urn store is go-  VVJIS ;l visitor in this city on Sunday
ing ai' greatly reduced prices — no- hist,
thing excepted, —
 .^^  -Have you registered?     Do it now
Do nol pm off registering,     Do it
Hear Mint. (Jrnnger of Kos.-liuul in
the S. A. Citadel, Sunday. 7.30 p.m.
The Lieut will also take charge of
tiio Sunday Sehooi at -t p.m.
Ueut. Granger will address the
Young People at the. Y P, meeting on
Monday evening, at 7.*1.*) p.m. All
Seen tary U, 10. Pow returned on
Saturday lasl from a visit to- Fernle
ml on to points in Saskatchewan,
city  litis
nng, ot Nelson, the live-
nerciul until, was iu tlie
reek calling on the trade,
11. S. Killlns, Sault Ste. Marie, lint
been spending some time in the cltj
this week, arriving on Saturday last
Over tbe Cca Cups
Insure with Beale & Elweli.
-h   +   +
Fresh Rhubarb, 5c lb.   Apply Jecks,
Hazeldean, Harold street.   Phono 406.
+   +   +
Beale & Elweli, Steamship Agents,
Phone 9.
Remington Typewriter, in splendid)household   effects,   and
condition, the best bargain going. -JliO  back almost  any day now.
We pay the best prices going for
all kinds of furniture, We buy anything from a mousetrap to an aulo-
iiiohjle. 0-3*tI
-  Milk rows
broil Yorksl
ire sown
eitn>- toruin.
A wily
ulil Offli'n.
A cookery sale will bo held by the
Women's Institute in the Presbyterian schoolroom on Saturday utter-
noon, June 12th, Afternoon tea will
Im served. l)-8-2t j MINE  FOREMAN  WANTED—Young.
-f-    -\-    -f- j    energetic mine foreman for Silver-
As noted elsewhere in these col- j lead mine, State wages and refer-
umns, Mrs. it. Keillclt is offering tor micbh '» hm letter. Also machine
salo privately the contents of her ,ll(!IJ. muckers and mlllmen; wages
home on Garden Avenue, owing to tho W'M *° *600 l'er 6*sht hours; boiu-d
fact that she expects to Nave soon W>- Apply StipL Monarch Silver
to   join   her   husband   at   Ashcroft.i    Mine**,   Field.   R.O. 5-27-31.
Mrs. Kelllck has heen a resilient Of
the eity for nbout. twelve years. Ilerj
bouse i:. also offerod for Bah.
+ + +
Kn-c your valuables In Beale A
Blwell's deposit vault, Boxes to
rent from $:: per annum up, and patronize local enterprise.
+ + +
Tbe regular monthly meeting of the
Methodist Church Uulics' Aid Society will be bold at the bome of Mrs.
J. T. Sarvis. Hanson, Avenue, on
Tuesday afternoon, June Mth, at '.', p.m.
\Y. Bird is another Cranbrook vi
itor  tills  week,  for  bis   family  and
iorrespondenl of the Croston Review.
oupaalons on tbo work of tbo American lied Cross in Siberia, many here
have received their first definite ideas
as to conditions in tbat vast country.
Sam Hucheson, Piocher Creek. Alberta, was here this week.
Arthur Crowe whs at Wardner on
Sunday to see tlie ball game.
Dr. Rutledge was at Canyon last
week on professional business.
James Gorman the boxtr departed
for Ryan station last Thursday.
Stephen Morse of the North Star
Mine at Kimberley, left Tuesday for
C, M. Edwards of Bayuos Lake, n
plonner or East Koolonny, was in tho
city  Tuesday.
If you do imt get your iian.ii. on the
vglers' list you will be dlseiifniueh-
Ised in the coming elections.
ii. VV, fratts, Los Angeles, Cal., arrived hero tbis Wi ok and went to
Jaffray on business.
Mi*, ana Mrs. E. Howard. Al Doyle
and E. II. L. Attree, of Fort Steele
motored to tbo city Tuesday.
G. T. Molr, local freight and passenger agent ot tho C. P. It., was in
(Irani!  Forks  last week on  business.
Win. Turnbull n Moyle old- timer,
who bas been overseas for the past
three yenrs, was calling upon old acquaintances line this week.
whether a woman has been married six mouths of sixty years, she
can point, out bcr wedding gifts
from memory, ,
For nifts tlmt live like that, It
Is worth while choosing lasting
quality—^llvor of tasteful design
and substantial weight—It is to bo
an heirloom.
May wc assist you in any way?
Wo have tbo right kind of slver.
Located two miles east of tbe city,
cheap for cash. Good frame bouse
and chicken houses, outbuildings
and barn. Good well and springs
at door. All cleared. Apply at
Herald Office. R-lfi-41
•'or SALE,—Six cows, 2 heifer calves, one 2-year old s'eer, three 1-
year old heifers, four l-ym\r old
heifers,   • Barber, Newgate, B.C.
Mrs. J. T. Neale and son and Miss
McCnrol of Spokane, arrived Sunday
and departed Monday over tbo Kootenay Central for Wilmere with Mrs.
j M. Hawthorne.
Frank Gulmont, who will represent . —
Cranbroolt K. C, al tbo Stale Con-; Tho mother and sister ot Mr. F. L,
rani ton of the Knights which took Archer, from Toronto, ure expecte.l
place in Vernon this week, left .for to arrive at the ArclM- ranch nt Can-
tbai place last Thursday. ' al Flil,s t,lis week-", l on a visit to
__ Air. and  Mrs, Archer.
Fred  L. Archer of Cunitl Ftath, was —
a business visitor to the city Men Mr, and Mrs. Huntington of Fernie
day, Mr. Archer repot1, i his cull*. wno were at Invermere nt (lie meet-
and the cattle in that section lhrlv-(h>g oi the Assoclntetl Boards of Trade
ing since tbe opening of Spring. He held thero last week-end. were guests
ls preparing lo Install a small saw- '» the city the first of tho week.
mill on  ids ranch  to cut timber fori —
his own use. George   T.   Carr.   pioneer   Perry
— Creek mining man. who bus been in
Miss Amy McKowan expects to ler    'be States  and elsewhere on   mining
mliuite today, Thursday, a very pleas- bnstuess, lias returned.   Mr. Carr is
am stay of some weeks at the' home  *"»'>' optimistic   ns regards the future
of Mr nnd Mrs ll. a   McKowan, le'av- |,,r mining In this section,
lug I'or a visit, to her old home in On - j *""
tario. A Utile later, possibly In the; Mr. and Mrs. George Stevenson of
Fall, Miss McKowan expects lo cross! Cranbrook, spent a couple or days hi
to Europe and again lake up Red! Hie city this week renewing old nc-
Cross relief aud social work poss- qualntances, Tbey are leaving Cran-
iblv in Russia. If conditions seem! brook for Winnipeg, wliere they ex-
sulllclently Bettled, or in tiie Balkans, nect to reside in future. During
This has been Miss McKowtm's third j their stuy here tbey wero the guests
vlsll to ihis city, and through the ad-1 or Mr. and Mrs. A. Watson.-Fernle
drosses she has delivered on various  Freo Press.
Hill's Genuine
Sacrifice Sale
The dance at I'arlsli Hall Tuesday
evening was quite well attended and
as usual, a most enjoyable affair.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 1*. Skalen, from
CamroBO, Alberta, are among the recent seniors in the Cranbrook dis-
trlct, nnd are residing on a farm property of about a hundred acres some
three miles northwest of tbe eity.
They arrived about three weeks ago.
and Incidentally have enrolled themselves In tht family of Herald readers.
thi: kegistkh
Delegates nml Visitors tn In-
rorntere Last Weok-End
The following were sliown lu be
registered mi tlie official record book
kejii. by tlie Secretary ot tbe Asao-
I'inic'ii Board:
1'], .1. Semmlns, C. P. It. Colonization Heiit. Calgary; ll. B. Watson.
Forestry Dent.. Fort Steele: F. A.
Oweri, It. A. McKowan. O. It. Ward.l
i'nl. Kungerforri 1'olleni. ('. Kvnns.
G. 11. Leask, -». 11. McQuaid, H. B.
Beattie. nil ut Cranbrook: Capt. B.
Blyth, .1. A. Biieklium. M. P. P.. of
Oolden: D. I.:iriinnir, Edgewate--; G.
Constable, creston: W. M. Harris. J,
P. Fink. J. Jackson, of Cranbrook;
C. F. Hayes. Creston Review. Creston; T. Weston. Nelson Bully News.
Nelson; W. H. Huntingdon. Fernle;
Br. J. II. Klnir. Victoria; T. It. It.
Stewart, Crnnbrook: G. tt. Henderson.
Mayor. Fernie; F. A. Parker. Fertile.
.1. F. Hiu'lieroft. Norman Moore, or
Cranbrook; J. Atwootl. Creston; F A.
Ilnssell. (1. .1. Sprtull, M. A. Beale, H.
White, E. T. Cooper. P. Adams, all
of Cranbrook; F. A. Williams, Cranhrook Herald, I.. P. Sullivan. Cranhroolt Courier; J. Martin. A. J Balment. II. Baird. W. A. Morris.
Residents of the Windermere dls-
trii't who attended the meetings included: ;
A. J. Walker. A. Q. Ciithbert. W. H.
Cleland, F. 0. Sloekdalo. E. M. Sandl-
liilids, .1. C. Pitts. II. C, Newton, W.
Chamberlain. 1). I.. McLeod. F. Rich*
ardson. .1. Lake. G. A. Bennett. D. G.
Hamilton. W. Weir. J. A. MoKoskMe,
A. M. Chisholm. .1. E. Stoddarl. J. W.
Crawford, Hr. F. E. Coy. W. A. Pal-
tersini, n. J. Wlllams, E Tiilinacllffo,
E. W. F. Sellentln, Alex Ritchie, A.
Accommodation was found for most
of the visitors at the Invermere Hotel
and among the ladies registered there
as visitors during the week-end were:
Mrs. W. H. Wilson. Miss Jean Wilson. Miss V. Sutherland, Mrs. H. A.
McKowan, Miss Amy McKowan. Mrs.
P. Adams, Mrs. J. Atwood. Mrs. J.
Martin, Mrs, (Dr.) King. Mrs. H. R.
Among those who stayed at Windermere were: Mr. and Mrs. It. A.
Beale. Messrs. O. J. Spreull. E. T.
Cooper, H. White. J. P. Fink, C. F.
Hayes. W. M. Harris G. Constable.
T. Weston.
Rugs . . .
have long been considered lho most ...uiiiury und
artistic ruge on (hf market.
They are ho well known thai wo need not
dwell ou their merits
A large shipment  has jusi arrived and nre
now on display in the furniture department,
This shipment contains mostly ull new put-
terns, the most beautiful that have heen produced,
Uaiitist Sunday School teachers
met Tuesi-'Jiy night .ut the l*u|Hisi
Parson..ne. for tlti luinual meeting
of ihe Sehooi. Reports submit ted hy
the secretary, Mr. 13. C, Kuliiiert.
showed tlmt during the pnsl year $t--*:
lintl heen contributed by scholars for
local expi'tistis ami $70 for missions.
The enrollment  or the  School   is   111
and the average attendance    during
tho year 08, The I'nulle Roll showed 20 nanus enrolled, nud !- promo-
lions into tho Beginners' Department,
Tlie election of olllce bearers was
proceeded   with,   and the following
were eleeted:
Superintendent .. Rev. J. P. Sinclair
Asst. Supt   Mr. H. R. Iliuton
Scc.-Treim   Mr. K. O Kuhnert
Asst. Sec-Treas.  ...  Mr. V. Bridged
I Organist   Mm. j, p, Bridged
Cradle Roll Supts. Mrs. w. F. Hayetu
Mrs. F. Constantino
It wus decided to hold tlie annual
■ picnic ou Wednesday, July 7th, and a
, commlttoo   was   appointed   to   find   a
I suitable place.      ft was also decided
to tako up speclul offering ou Sunday
1 13th June for tht Jewish and Armenian sufferers.
On Thursday, mth of June, at K p.m.
- -Open meeting of Baptist Women*!*
, Mission  Circle  in   the  Church.       A
special musical program is brini; provided, and ull are welcome.
-?>-$>** <t * -**■ ■*♦*■*>#■ -!■ ♦ ♦ * ♦ »
if. f   «- * '.'..*. ,$, .*.*.  .ir. * <t. ,«. $ +■ ++ 0
sule, Presbyterian school room, Saturday afternoon, June 12.
REX THEATRE—Good program all
during the week.
Hill's Genuine Sacrifice Sale Is On In Earnest,      FTSHTNrT T AfKl F
but will POSITIVELY CLOSE on SATURDAY, JUNE 12th, af 10 p.m,    The completion ^^^ 111 I  X    XmsJls   J.LL   1VJ X    £iL\   "   ■ *   4*   A
Imt will POSITIVELY CLOSE on SATURDAY, JUNE ILMli.iit in p.m. The completion
ot Hie siili! will be characterized by an economy foaHl thut will be remembered for years
to come, Every departmenl is participating, vieing one with the oilier to offer the
greatest attractions. We connol enumerate all Hues, bul
herewith mention a few, wllh prices, that will largely
govern lliroughout.
HEMEMIIKH—We will give IIS l-.l per cent., or
Suits, Coats and Dresses
Kor instance: a $27.50 Dress, Snil or Coat, for .... $IK.:i.">
A $37.50 Dress, Stilt of Coal, for . .   . *!!.',.tMI    ,,.,,   -.
IVf will give 2.', per renl., or
Our Prints will be sold at 28e net worth 40c
We have the largest and mosl varied stock in lown -- suitable
for St. Joseph's Creek or Premier Lake.
OUIl   Mil.   COUTTS   WILL   FIX   YOU   UP
along ami gel   pictures of some of Ilie lines!   scenery  iu   the  win Id.
PRESCRIPTIONS. — Mr. Agnew, our new Manager, will give lliein bis
prompt and personal attention.
Our Ladies'. Misses. & fluids' BOOTS & SHOES
W. D. Hill
Ladies Wear Specialist
lluj Plione 71
Nlghl Pltoue 20
If you are In the out-of-town ilMrlet, drop ns a letter or card and
anything jnu want lu our line will he sent by return mail nr express.   We give special attention lo oul-oi'-toHU orders.
OUR SUNDAY HOURS ARK I to 5 P. M. and 8 to tt P. M.


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