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Miss   lsahciie  Catherine  Taylor   He
comes (lie Bride i>( .Mr. Caiii|iliell
('. Suowdon
Elgin Fitch was arrested by tlie
provincial police and appeared before
Justice of the Hence Hill. His actions
of late suggested that his mind was
unbalanced and he was given three
months.   Ho Is non compus mentis.
Robert Powley, for stealing n ride | 	
on the C. P. It. was lined $11)   and   Miss  Mecredy and A. Fairbairn Win
aiEETING <>!■' CRA>*BttOOK
Transact Volume of Routine Business
At Meeting Friday Evening Last
costs bofore Justice of the Peace Qll-
At 10 o'clooh Wednoi day morning
Kimberley waa tho scene of .1 wedding
of altogothor exceptional In tun . . oc
lally, the principals hi Lho ceremony
holng Isabella Calheiiuo. only daughter of Mr, ami Mrs Aloxaiidor Taylor,
of Kimberley, and ouu ol  Lho ureal
it* r
orltcs in Hn
mul.i*ll c. !■
ul   lu
took pla
al  Mi
if tl
ll    IK
K   Thon
Pn  byti
C. W. Paulkenor, H, Sanderson and
i) McDonald wore arrested by C.P.R,
conBtnbla Herney for heating their
wny over Lho mighty system of tho
Ci iiaiiian Pacific. Thoy wero lined $l()
and costs each before Justices of the
Pence Hill and Ollchrlst,
\v\ C. llnrrott was before the court
e| irged wltli obtaining goods under
i':i . 0 protoneos, lnformatl6n was
■ rvorn "ni by K, .1  Uyematsu, or the
, ..mn of j''1 :'llir>' rostunranti oil January Huh.
In tl  but Barrett could not bo found
1 bride
graces, am
ot 1 algury,
.   symbol of
l.rlih' and gn
formed bj the 1;.
pastor of ii"' Cran
Happily   the   d;
bright,   nn*   porfo
wishes by which tl      ^^^^^^^
are followed,
* Promptly   ul    10   o'clock,   to   the
Lohengrin and Mendelssohn's wedding
march, rottdored by the cousin of the
bride,   .Miss   Hazel   Taylor,  of Cran-
brook, tho bride entored tho room on I
the aim nf her father.   She looked the
porsonlflcatlon of girlish graco in a .
moat striking gown of hand embroidered accordion pleated not, over flesh !
colored si iu crepe th* cbene, hor bouquet being of pink and white rooes,
lilies of the valley and maiden hair
fern.   She also wore tbe conventional
The    home    was    artistically    de-
corated   for  tho  occasion,  thc 1 ffeel
being most pleasing.   Carnations were j
placed here and there with deft hands,!
while pink and white streamers   of
ribbon added to the beauty of tho sur- •
rotindings.    The  ceremony   was   per- j
formed under a wedding bell, omi n of
good luck.   Dan Cupid tho little love j
god, occupied a prominent place in
tho decorations.    The wily Dan  was
present in all liis loveliness.
Little Miss Winnifred Burdctto,
daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. N. W. Dur-
dette, of Marysvlle, made a pretty,
little ring bearer, and performed her
little part wltli a grace and ease which j
wos quite commendable. She was
neatly attired in a dainty-.white dress
with pink silk trimmings.
The bride was nttended by Miss Jes-1
sle Kennedy, the school mistress ofj
. Kimberly, as bride-puiM. tl■■■ (otter
woaring a silk crepe de rtic.rfe gd'Wfl '■
her bouquet being of pink and white
roses und maiden hair fern.
Mr. Q, P, Snowdon,
brother of llu* j,T*>cmj
Tin* ceremony wos followed by a
luncheon, to which sixty-five Invited
guests from Marysville, Kin bcrlei
Wycllffo, Cranbrook snd Calgary sat
down. Tl Iiei ll oi the newly married coin.ti* was drunk and mo
the wishes for tlu  i    :
'I recently, The case was dismiss*
.,]. thora nol beiug su melon t ovl donee
:n van,mt a conviction. Judgo Ar-
not 1 and Justice of tin* Pence mil
■ ;.|    ..II    111.*   CIISC.
K. McKay. A. (V Perkins, C. LoDllke
.ii<i \. M. Butler wrc givon thirty
days each before Judge Arnold. Mr.
Bu ler Is a member of tint International Itinerant Workers Union, Holmes
of America, Local 22. and his card
number Is ,,.i:t. The card was issued
by the Seattle Washington, secretary,
!•:,' 1 .order, and is good until the
ner.t convention, which meets In 1016.
Tho card hears tho inscription "Wo de-
ma id justice, not charity. Every
member hereby pledges himself not
to serve as strike-breaker," which is
a i cry worthy object.
James Ellis and Oeorge Bramm,
chi rgod with obtaining money under
false pretences, were up before Judge
•rniolo and remanded until this morning They arrived for the fall fair,
;t Is alleged, and started In early to
; t rich quick. They secured tho sum
if $70 on two of the pretties!  paste
.Mixed Doubles Uiumpinnslilp
of Fust Kootenay
We are ploased to record the sua-
cess of Miss Mecredy and Mr. A, Fair- '-,
bairn in winning the mixed doubles
championship of Kast Kootenays at
the tournament held under the aus-
plic*-. of tho Kast Kootenay Lawn Ten-'
iiis Association at Balfour ou the 4th,
Bth uud nth lusts.
In the Ilrst two rounds ol the event J
Miss Mecredy and Mr. Fairbairn had
little difficulty in disposing of their
opponents, hut in the Bemt-flnals they ,
had to meet Mr. Ptncott, the dualist j
of the men's singles championship und
Miss Iladley, the winner of the
ladies singles championship tn partnership, and iu a game In which the
powerful driving and placing of Miss
Mecredy and tlie tricky serving and
sound net work of her partner were
the outstanding features. They won
in straight sets against tbeir older and
more experienced opponents by 7-5,
0-4. The win was a very popular one
ami when the same couple lowered
the colors of Mr. II. Fairbairn aad
Mrs. Cross In the Until round ihey received qutto an ovation. Miss nail-
ley, who was partnering Mr, Plneoti
In the. mixed doubles had, tlie sume
morning, won out against Mtss
Mecredy In the semi-iinals at the
ladles' singles championship by B-4,
(i-4 in a game which neither player
held the upper hand until four games
all in whicli set had been called;
whilst in a gruelling and fast mime in
the men's singles championship which
ran   into the  full  three  sets and  In
Tiie Cranhrook School Boi
session last Friday evening
were present Chairman W
Trustees Henderson, Qualn,
and Wilson
The board approved ot tli
of the previous meeting.
A  communication  from
DoHb, contractors, was rea
nectlon   with  the building
over  tie'  boys'  lavatory,
would  undertake
rd held a
at whicli
Jones fi
il in con-
ul closets
The linn J
on-truct uud
properly orect Bame ror the Bum of
$38. This linn wai sv ardi d the eon-
tract, the board approving the action
or tlie chairman ia bo doing, on motion
uf Trust) en Wllsou and (juuln.
Tiie accounts for the month  wore
parsed, the finance committee placing  fair and many men and women in the
their mark of approvol on same. ,, ity ton Ighl are feoltng their years as
Trustee Qualn was authorized to nt- a result of their labors.   Today's attend to the repairs at the Central and) tendance well repaid them for their
Great   Showing   of Grains, Grasses and Vegetables From the
Immediate Cranbrook District, Absence of Outside
Growers—Sports Prove Interesting
Kant Kootenay's annual Fall Fair
! u> now passed Into history and a
score or moro of tired workers are
"busy" resting up after their strenuous exertions ot the past two days.
it lak''- a lot oi' labor to stage an exhibition
The results of the race program on ' Flowers and Plants
Thursday was as follows |     AsU.r8_Fir8ti Misb Kdith McBride;
Half ...lie  Indian  pony race-First,   -wond( 0€Wgc AfjhwoPlh.
Jack Swift;  second.    Prince;    third. |    BWMt Peas-First,    Annie    MeBlr-
whloll the   tennis    reached a    high
nonds that ovor■graced tho hand | stttnlllirdp   Mr.   p,ncott   ,„,,   ,..,,.,
through against Mr.. A. Fairbairn  by
mortal man. The case was again
manded this morning. Joseph Ryan
; ppearlng for the accused.
South  Ward schools.
The secretary was authorised to order three pencil sharpeners for the
public school and a byloplate for tlie |
high school.
The requisition of Mr, Webb was!
refeired to the committee 01. supplies
With power to act on motion of Trust- 1
ees Wilson and Hendofton,
Trustee Manning moved and Trustee !
Quain seconded that Hie school child-j
ren be given a half-holiday on  Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, September 8th and ath- and Mr. Webb be
granted leave for the same time.
A motion by Trustees Henderson
and Quain to the effect that tho question of purchasing scribblers for the
school children be referred to tho
committee on supplies and contingencies with Instructions to report at the
next regular meeting, was carried,
Motion by Quain mid Henderson;
That tlte attention of the principal of
the Central school bo drawn  to tho
Able   Addresses  on   Prohibition   tie-
Ihercd Thursday  tinning
The autumn meeting of the Koo-
ei. iy  Presbytery convened at Knox
11 inii. Grand .Forks, Wednesday af-
arnoon and continued in session until
:':. rrsdoj night,   The moderator, Hev.
id that he
that the pardons
*  proper  state of
fl-4; 4-fi; 7-5 after the latter was n-4
and duoco in the last sot. In this
match, whieh created no little excitement and interest, tiiere was nothing
to chooBe between tlio two players but
the loser was dogged throughout all
three sets by persistent bad luck, the
ball repeatedly striking his service-
line tape and failing to rise, or trickling over the net Into his court after
striking the net *^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Miss  Mceredy and    Mrs.    Tumbull I OVERSEAS CLUB
also got Into tie* semi-iinals of the flf_U  ANNIVKKSAKY
ladies' Doubles Championship and Mr.;
Qroy Fox.
Open pony ruee-First, Phlllipsberg
f the size of the Cranbrook titty; second, Happy Jack; third, Ked
Indian relay race—First, Simon;
second, Kdward; third, Michel.
Squaw race—First. Susie; second,
Elizabeth; third, Catherine.
The men's sports resulted us follows:
100 yards dash (open)— First, A.
Fairbairn; second, James Brechin;
third, J. McGregor.
Running high jump (open)—First,
.lames Brechin, 5 ft; second, A. Fairbairn, 4 ft. 9 In.; third, W. Harris. 4 '< nVl. varletl
Polo vault—First,   James   Brechin, I FAUCY WOBI
ft ft, 11 In.; second, W. Harris, 9 ft.;       Embroidering    In   silk-First
third. J. McOregor, 8 ft. 4 in. second Miss Klfrida Hrummond..
Half mile foot race--First, W, Uur-      Embroidered collar and curs- First,
rls; second, A. Fairbairn; third, Moses   Mrs   McFarlane.
•Stephens (Indian). Knibroldreing. shadow work - First
Kept I, Homes (draft) . Mrs  »lutlit*K
Hog. Stallion (Belgian) 1. H. S.
.McCreuth, Creston.
Brood mare and foal—I, 2 & 2, W.
condition of the garden
be instructed to si
are   kept   up   to   t
A motion by Trustees Wilson and
Manning was carried, granting tho
janitor tlie sum of $15 for work done
on the Hardens at the Central school
during the summer holidays.
Meeting adjourned.
!.  L Cowan, presided, and with him i Fairbairn  and  his  brother  had  hard
ira     preset lir   Ferguson, superln-1 luck ■» being disposed.of (8-4; 8-8) In
1.:!. nt;   Kev.   Messrs,  J.   S.   Ilemfer-
•nergotic preparations, Yesterday, the
nppiiin'g day, waa not gratifying to tlie
management, as tho weather man was
continually busy with Intermittent
. bowers which kept the attendance
down. Today, however, the afternoon
was comfortably spent by a larger
crowd at the grounds. While the attendance figures are not at hand It
will probably range well along in
comparison with otlier years when
thefC were not ho many of our population ofl to the war and out of tlie dls-
rict. Taking Into consideration the
year and conditions, Ibis year's fair
was an undoubted success.
When Been by the reporter this afternoon President Uorls said: "Wo are
well pleased with ihe fair this your
and glad that wo decided io hold it.
(•Ivory exhibit Is good and tho adver- •,* warden
tlBrmont Uu- the district as well as the
'ipporlunity the fair affords for everyone t»i become acquainted with tlmfr
neighbors, has nion* than repaid tlie
directors for their effort:
Sunflower—First.   John   Mitchell.
Geranium—Hrst, Miss Maystre.
Flowering   plant.   A.   O.   V.-First,
Mrs. .Wm. Koblpson,
Fern -first, Mrs. F. Clark; second.
Mrs. J. P. Fink.
Foliage plant A   O. V - Hrst, Miss
Maystre; second. Miss U Richards.
Bouquet  flowers- First,   Annlo   Mc-
Blrnie; second, Wm. Guthrie.
Bouquet wild flowers and folioge-
Ftrst Mrs. J, S. Brake;  second, Margaret McClure.
Special  collection  of cut  llowers
—Wm Guthrie.
of    '
the semi-finals of the Men's Doubles
Championship by Messrs. Blaylock and
Swarts, the ultimate winners,
Ii will be seen that Miss Mecredy
and Mr Fairbairn won tholr way into
the semi-iinals of every championship
event In tlie Tournament and that they
in life, 	
Following the  repast,  tl e    coup]
left for  1'! ■:':■- l ... ■ rl
automobit* i, Journey In e via I
route, coming to the city 1 ■   <
Eugi n-    \i   ■■ e.      i ,     fr •
for such an occasion    The li':
stors of tl 1   virgin  fi     I    1
OUt   a   welcome   and   lottfi   !:'
bride 1 nd gi    n      Vt tl
tho yi   r tho drlvi   from 1   ml    ley I
Crnnbrool   Is at Its besl
era' b mil        tho foresl
work  In  null on n.   tlu   mi rrj
wended Its nroj to tho ctti     II «
perfect tlaj w Itli hnrmoi
The bride's trav. Dins Bull  wa   of
davy serge, worn with white 0        li
in",   travelling  secretary  social   ser-
,lf   :  W. K. Thomson, Cranbrook;  R.
).   1'ow,  Creston;    It.    Van    .Minister,
on;  W. G. Blake, N'akusp; G. S.
I,   Kaslo;   M.   D.  .McKee,  Grand
oiks; J. it. Munro, Phoenix; J. Robert on,  Rossland;   O.    A.    Hackney.
.1,11;   A.  M,  Shannon,  Rock  Creek.
S  C, Sludd. .student. Midway.
.'.  large amount  ot business  was
isacted.    hr   Ferguson  presented
Hi   a   Mission report   It proved
one of tlie best in recent years.
standing  the  financial  Btrin-
ni.cy no special grants aro required
Horn * Mission  Fund.    The
rl ou Sunday Schools and Young
.:. 1 leth ■  was  read  by Mr.
A   forward    movement    Is
o] ed for ond 11
1 ummltteo,    Mr   Wood reported
lis att< ndnnve nt the meeting of the
nasi mbly  at   Kingston     IU'
I■.! tl ii gathering as perhaps
- In the history of the Presby-
in 1 hup b In Canada,
mr  laj  n ■■! 1   d   large  audience
.     .   111   t .     1 hurcll   tO   hear   Kev
<'i'  1 loyd ot Saskatoon, and
R       Mr   lb nderson  on    the   great
..  ol   Prohibition     Theso ad-  KT]'a ,'r,'llit'
a    were   among tho botit ever     ™    cnmpionshlp
■ .  in Grand  Forks      Confidence ,i,,li('s win be dl
d In tlie triumph of Pro-
;'■*'■   liibil province in tlie nenr
bowed. 1^
Cranhrook    Public   Invited to   Join
In colebyni^n Nex?TWW;r     '
On Tuesday evening next tlie ('ranbrook branch of tho Ovi rseas club f
will celebrate the fifth anniversary ofj
the establishing that order in Cran-
aroselhi. of Cockuto Rauel
W.'.H 11 	
how'stu; . f grains imd. vegetables. I
Tlio educational display from tbe
Dominion Experimental Farm ut In-,
varniere was also among one of the
I most interesting exhibits at the fair!
. nd attracted large crowds during!
I both days.   These outside exhibits r.re j
—    —   cordially welcomed by the fair man-
further annexed the coveted    Mixed , brooh at the Maple hall, when a social 1 :^,llir,lt>   Wo should Ilk. to see more
Doubles Championship, and in doing; (]anri.   W[H  be  given,  to   which  the 1 of jhem another year.
The horse show was another feature
of the fair, a large number of tine
specimens of horse flesh being shown.
Team in harness—1, A. Nenel; 2, W.
B. Worden.
Single driver—1. H. Ogden
2 year old (Illy or gelding—1, W. E.
-Everything I Worden; 2, Wm. Hamilton.
has passed off smoothly and everyone :    Yeur old filly or geldlng-l. A. Nen-
Is apparently satisfied." L^ 2, Kernel.
The exhibit of grains and grnssesj Foal of 1915—1
Mid vegetables this year has shown n
marked Improvement over the fair two
rear*, ago, hi fact it would be hard for
P.ny district to beat Cranbrook iu this
regard. There was not so much fruit i
nn show as formerly due to the non-
appearance of the Creston growers, In I 2 >w old, 1, W. E. Worden; year old  Maystre
the absence of Creston, the manage-  miy or gelding. 1, H. Edwards; 2. W*     T'ea
■ iieiit was pleased to note that Phillip | ^ Worden;
.    Foal of 1915--l.H. Edwards
mong the exhibitors with a nlcelH_ McClure; 3. W. E. Wtorden.
LlgHt Horses
Single driver ln harness—1, G. P.
Tisdale; 2, T. Heron; 3, W. E. Worden
y,'. E. Worden:
3, A. Nenzel.
tieneral Purpose ('las*
Mart* and foal—1, H. Edwards:  2.
H. H. McClure; 3, A. B. Smith.
Team In harness—1, W. EL Worden.
Single driver—1, P. Burns & Co.;
Embroidering, eyelet work- First.
Miss Alice Pye. second, Mrs. Barney.
Embroidering, One o'clock tea cloth
— First. Mrs. G. P, Tisdale. second,
Mls.s   l.aura   Richards
Center piece embroidered in white-
First. .Miss Edith McBride. second.
Mrs. U  J. Binning
Table set—First. Mtss Maystre; second. Mrs. McFarlane.
Sideboard scarf, embroidered—Second. Mrs. R. J. Binning.
Pair embroidered towels—Second.
Mrs. Tisdale.
Sofa pillow embroidered in silk-
First. Miss Edith McBride.
Tray cloth, embroidered—First.
Mrs. Barney; second. Mrs. Tisdale.
Crocheted  pin cushion—First, Ulna
cosy, embroidered—Second,
Miss Symes.
Pin cushion, embroidered—Second.
Miss Symes.
Pair tow*ls with crocheted lace—
Second, Miss Maystre.
Embroidered sheet and pillow slips
Saddle horses, 15 hands and over—  —Second, Mrs Brake.
1, W. B. Bardgett; 2, William Simon;
3,'Billy Paul; 4, Andrew Alec. (H.C.)
Saddle pony, H1** hands and under
I-ady's      und'-r wear—First,
Brake; second. Mrs. Barney.
Irish    crochet     lace—First.
SO they demonstrated their right ti
compete in tin* highest tennis circles,
and they more than upheld, they added to, the reputation of our city. We
heartily congratulate them on their
well-deserved success
Mr. Wallinger, who also Journeyed
down to Balfour for the Tournament,
but. unhappily, not to compete, being
as be Is on the "crocked" list, reports
having had a glorious time in the
arnestly urged mos' beautiful of weather, and In his
opinion, the Tournament proved to be
one ,<t the most successful ever held,
there being upwards of 160 entries
and all the best players In the, Kootenays competing.
Mr Wallinger had the honor of being elected to the position of president
or the Lawn Ton Is Association, In succession to Mr. S. G, Blaylock. who has
filled tli
———————SSM        IH       l
public of Cranbrook ari
The best musicians of the city have
been called upon to furnish the music
which wlll Include many and varied
kinds, also recitations and short
The committee are making arrangements to provide refreshments for all
comers and arc making arrangements
to entertain the largest crowd in history.
The Overseas Club Imc mado wonderful strides since its Inauguration
In this city, and the officers and members   feel  Jubilant  over   tlie   r suit.
Joe Pattlnson;  2. Fred Bradley;   Maystre. second, Mrs. Duncan.
lencc tliis ii'li
I.i Nt
Tn   daj
ni..  Herald
lum  be
ked     tu
itato  positively
DO     11
iharge will be
r will 1!
blouse'and picture hat
Mr and Mrs Snowdon hat
wlcl ■ nt 1 host ol
ns Uu lai ■■' bi utifi
vtUtli ble cullci tli 'i nf
ding pre nl ram It Ivelj
The bri.P , who 1 pel
Is 11 un nihil-       ^^^^^^^^
In on I in Klmbi 11< *■ and tn Cranbrook,
a ben  Un j llvi >i foi <■■    ■  1
whore thi   ■ nnoum r-inent nl her en
gagi tn reci Ived  «'i'* special
lilt !
ai ihe   tatlon upwnrdi or one bun
dl'i d i'l 111b    .'i.i Kiinh 1 1 \  pi lipid ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
us**' mbled io  bid  tin   youn
rnrewi    their   honeymoon   trip,   .nswwa ftrtl of Uw   "llj   Cnpld
which   «ill   be  spent at I Mi" KlhUtbetll Nelson Heroines
Exposition   ami   0 ■'   Pacific     eoasl Siptciiibcr Bride
points,  The happy oouplo will take up
residence in Calgary ou tholr return
from the trip,   Before their departure
the usual pranks wen* played on tie
newly   married   couple     Shower;  ofj
confetti wero thrown on theni as the | lowing account of Uio wedding Is tak
of    Cranbrook
11 ty vole of thanks was,
^^^^^^^^^^ to  Mr   and  Mrs   McKcn, the
arof afamlly siicluily prom-ii:l)ll.    n!  ,1 igregttlon for their
lit)   durlnR the ita)    of   the
i'i rj in lhe city   Tho 111 \t 1 *i
ns   will le   hold al  v Ison  In  Feb'
in rj    Gi ind  FVirks a m tte
.10IXH THE iii:m:iuits
position for some years with |j„, necessary to pay to leave.
The programme will comment
iclded on Saturday af-     tlio Overseas club re  '■  •
ternoon the llth inst mfin  and  woman  In  Crnnbrook
sypinathy with their wrrk lo come no
WAKD^'KH OKB hnve n merry time al  the  fifth  an
CKAMUlOOK ONE nlvoraary of the   founding   of tin
  jCrnnironk Imncl'..
Minors liven ill Mondiij's Ball Oamo*
( ninliruok Lends us l.oiu
instance lCiiuueis
ir, Pringle, of Brmmer Stock Farm,
had tlie principal exhibit fn the cattle
cluss with a lino herd of registered
Ayrshlres, Tiiere was also a large
showing of chickens, n *arly every
class being represented. There were a
number of local fanciers with no exhibit. There wen* also geese, dogs,
ducks and hogs,
3, Alice Reed; 4, Boy Leask. (H. C.)
Champion  foal.  1915—H.  Edwards.
Best dressed and groomed horse—1,
Harry Edwards; reserve P. Burns.
(lass B.   KrgUtcrrd .*jr**Wres
Sec. 1—Bull, two years and orer—
First. J. A. Pringle.
Crochet in cotton—First. Mrs. Ban-
ford; second. Mrs Downs.
Crochet tablf mat| -Second. Mrs. R.
J   Binning.
[    Crochet lar*? on center piece— First,
Miss Symes; second, Miss Maystre.
Cross    stitch     work—First,    Mrs.
Brake; second. Hiss Maystre.
Hardanger    work—First,    Mrs.  K.
Sec. 2-Bull, one year and under Adamson; second, Mrs. E. Adamson.
Crochet In wool—First, Mrs. All**.
Crocheted quilt—Flrat, Mrs. Brake.
Drawn thread work—First, Mrs. J.
S. Brak*-: second. Miss Py«*.
_m_^_^_m            > Hrst, second and third, J. A. Pringle.     (>nlPr P*6" embroidered In silk-
rep resell ted with fancy    work     and;    u„„ R ..u-i#„ ~~ ■*       First. Mrs. J   P. Fink;  second, Mrs,
ladies departments   were  well
two—First, J. A. Pringle.
See.    3—Bull    calf—First,    J.    A
Pringle; second, J, A. Pringle.
Sec. 4—Cow, 3 years    and   over-
Til     LAST
MM ill "* \\
Dctaohmont orders  for  "<"■ and  '
Companies by Lt foi .1 m icks
0, c 107th Regiment ror woek
ondlng Boptembi r Iflth, IB1B
Orderly officer for tin
train pulled onl.
Cranhrook Police Hound V\\ t* Number
of Crooks    Provlnclul and (', P. It,
Police Busy
Tuesday was the busiest dny In
police court circles in Cranbrook for [Murray eame liito Kamloops last night
many „ moon. I.nbor liny the city and ; „,„, wM1 ,onVG ton(g,,t for cranbrook
provincial police were kept busy, deal- | ,0 l[lk), ,„, thll|r ro8idonc0i Mr.. Ml)rniy
Ing with a number of criminals, wl c Moving been transferred' to that dls*
had made a Btralghl tine for Cran- lrlc, na ]mrlvi poraBtor.
brook, where thoy Ih.uied the "pick-1  *■—
Cranhrook and Wardner clashed in
iwi   baseball games on lasl Mondny
1 fternoon, nffordlng  the only diversion of Labor Day,    i*ho first game
was called at 2.00   'in. and of tor   a
bard battle was annexed by Wardner I Q**eohln.
with a toltal of 1:1 runs im*ulnst 121    ,\'<>xt for duty   Lieut   V
for Cranbroolt,   This name caused tha      Orderly Sergeant "»'" 1
Wardner players lo believe there was q, McCreery.
no til-luck in Lfl and they started earn-      Orderly   Borgeanl   "I'"
estly to annex the second name, hut . Scott, W,
m^______^_—-—_^_^_^_——    There will be I parade
watfesl and a marathon race around J ror "C" and "D" oompanl
[lay, September 16th,
Full in nt the city ball at
Mr, u 11 Murray, the newly ap-
oi ited District PoroBtor, has Joined
I icnKs I M b.nedlcts, and has
aken unto himself a bride.    The foi-1 alas and alack, Crnnbrook started a
from the Kamloops Sentinel: l the bases and scampered off with the
<n   September  2nd  nt the  bride's | Kamo 2R--B.     if tho Cranbrook team
so at Celista tho marrtago    was jure not the best ball players they ore
lized by the Rov. Orlce-Hutch- at leust the best long distance run-
between Mr. II. B. Muray, for-'ners.   With honors even for the day
►Istrlct 1'orester or tills district, ] both teams were well satisfied    with
.Miss    Klhibeth    Nelson.     The; their efforts,
brldo, who Is the daughter of Mrs. G.
I). McDonald of Celista, was formerly
merly on the Btart of the Royal inland
f all rani;
on Thurs
Elospltal,  Kamloops,     Mr. and  Mrs.
The line-up: Wardner, T, Thompson, catcher; F. Thompson, pitcher;
IS, Thompson, left field; A. Fletcher,
second base; H. Bohart, right field;
V. Masherg, center field nnd pitcher
ample baking and cooking, whicli
au.sid  lie*  hungry  reporter    to  hie
lilmself to the refreshment booths
Vhlch were 1.11 under the careful man-
ttgoment of numerous ladles decked
wltli i. t» h. e.; budges, artistically
alnted We learned tliis was the
.voi'k of Mrs. (Or.) Kennedy. Every
kind or substantial refreshment was
erved snd from the patronage there
is uo doubt but that ll:
ucui  1   tt I). K   will be considerably
, nricbed.
A. '". Hunt, of Nelson, was the
udge in the horticultural department
11 thi- Kiiii Pair ibis week,   Mr  par-
.num. of Invermere, judged tho grains
md grasiat, W Mlller-Hlgge, of vic-
1 Eoria, was tin* Judge In the poultry
lassos Ho i*- the publisher of the
foul try. Pigeon and pel Block Jour-
mi of that city B, 11 Hopkins, as-
i nult live itoch commissioner) of
Victoria, wai the judge or tho horses
.ad eattle
The program of sports and races
.v.is  both interesting end entertain-
ng     Interest on Wednesday centered
'hiofiy in the harness race between
■nude," owned b>  Doran, "Dorothy"
iwned by Herron, and "Topsy" owned
uy Burton. Mr 0, p. Tisdale drove
'Dude" into ilr-4 money, taking the
nr*=t and third heats. Dan Burton
iriviiiK "Topsy" was only beaten by a
We in
Sec. It—Heifer, two yearn and over-
First. J. A. Prlnglc.
Sec. 6—Heifer, 1 year and over—
■ First, J. A. Pringle.
Sec "—Heifer calf—First. J. A.
t las*, ;.—Beflstered shorthorn
Sec. 1—Bull, two years and over—
Plrst. W. B, Bardgett.
Class l-Unit Dairy (attJe
funds of the; Spc- 1-Two typical cows— First,
J. A, Pringle; second, John Brennan;
third. W, ti. Bardgett.
Sec. 2- Typical two-year-old heifer
-First, J. A. Pringle.
See. 1—Typical 1-year-old heifer-
Pirst, J. A, Prlnglo; second, John
Brennan] third, John Brennan.
Sec.     4    Heifer     calf,     under     If
months—First, J. A- Pringle.
Plftll  II   Hf—t tjpe dairy row, r«n*
liiifd to nvtiier*. of not more thnn
(no mn*.
Sec    I-  W     B     McFiTlane.  Hrst;
second, O. P  Tisdale.
Champion dairy cow - J. A. Pringle
Champion bull J a Pringle; re-
serve, W. B. Bardgett.
(Sgd) II. Venus. Lieut,
Acting Adjuti
Mrs. R. W. Edmondson, of this city,
received word Monday from Queenstown, Ireland, to tlie effect that her
sister, Miss Bessie Williamson, of Belfast, Ireland, a passenger on the Ill-
fated Hesperian, which .was torpedoed
V.  Swnnson, short stop;   W.  Smith, 1 Sunday evening off tlie  Irish const,
third base; T. Monro, flrst base. [ha-d arrived safely   nt    CJueenBtown,
Miss Williamson was on her way to
Knitting in cotton—First, Mrs K.
Byefet work- First. Miss Elfrlds
Button boles— First, Mrs. Barney;
second, .Mrs. Brake.
Patchwork o,ullt-  First, Mrs. Moore
Any other variety of fancy work—
Plrst, Miss Py<*;  second, Mm   Allen;
Handmade socks—Fir»t. Mrs Palmer; Herond. Mrs. A. H   Wtbh
old ladies' needlework- Pint, Mrs
All**n. second. .Mrs  Palmer.
drift' Needlework
Crocheted   or   knitted   cap   First.
Agues Homervllle.
Bmbroidered work -Hrtt snd nit-
ond. Frances Cfaeltnlek. Wycliffe
Haiidmadi-     apron    l-'ir* t.     .Marlon
Drummond, second, Annie Bloni-y
pair handmade pHloisups  Mmt
Maisie Small,
special   Embroidery    for    school
children over    1.1    year*.   First,  Ivy
Bidder; second, Bdytne Macdonald;
Special Kmbrotdery for school
bhlldren under 18 years- Mrst, Annlt
Blrnle; hi ond, Lizzie Chapman.
VrgfUblr**. and Roots
1    Bushel poUtoes—First. J. MitchHt;
of Duchess-First, Wm. Ham- ( second, N. M. McClure.
Fall Apples
ilton; second, J. Delmer.
Collection imtatnea—First, John Mlt-
tlrst heat and took the
iccond ono easily getting second
money and Hr. Rutledge behind "Dorothy" drove third place In ull three
The result of tlie children's sports
on Wednesday were as follows:
Boys under 8 years—First. Angus
Macdonald;  BCCOnd, Cordon Brechin.
(ilrls under 8 years—First, Merle
('arson: second, Connie Bassett.
Plate of Wealthy—First, J. Delmer; |chell; second. Malsey Bros
■ond, Wm. HarrlH.      ^^^^^^^^
Plate    of    Alexander—First,    Wm.
Plate A. O. V.- First, Wm   Hamilton.
Box fail apples—First, J. Delmer,
Special, Transcendents, plate—First.
Wm. Hamilton; second, J. Delmer.
Crab Apples
PlfttO Hyslops-First. Wm   Hamilton.
Ins" would be good nbout fair time
In the line up wore a few smooth
crooks who handled phony Jewelry, to
tho Innocent victim who wan caught
stealing a rldo on the 0, P. R.
Cranbrook;   B, Crowe, catcher;  A..
  ;  row,., pitcher; Adamson, first bate;'<'™«h™k "> i"1" '"'' *'"r-
. Mary's Prairie are  L. Crowe, second base; Oeorge Sulll-      Privates A. II. Webb, Vopy Richardb
ntlful crop.   On the; van, short Btop;  Cliff McNabb, third'and Speery Phillip:- loft this morning
base;   Carl  McNabb, center  field;   IC. Ito  return  to camp  at   Vernon,  after I Drummond; second. Oordon Argue.
Phillips, right field;  W.  Dallas, left enjoying u ten daya furlough, spent in 1    Oirls under 18—First,   Freda  Tsy
Hold; Brault, spare. U'rantweok. Ilor; second, M. St. Rtol.
Turnips,   Swede—First.   P.   Woods;
second, J. Mitchell.
Table   carrots—FirBt,   Oeorge   Ashworth ; second, Malsey Bros.
S.nik carro's-First. John I-erelt.
Parsnips—First. John  Letett;  s#e-
ond, Maisie Bros
Corn—Nd   first;    second,   Milsey
Oreen kali-—first, Ben Palmer; coc-
Ibnd, Hr liable K(ik Farm.
Doys  un'der  13 yenrs-First,  Brio     Plato    Transcondant-Flrsl.    Wm.     Ited cabbage—First, J. Ixivett.
MacKinnon: second. RUBEell LotlBk,       Hamilton; second, W. S, Santo. |    Houid  table    bcct-Flrst.    Mrlrsy
Qlrls  under  13   First. Freda Toy-!    Plate Martha—First,   Wm.   Hamll- Bros; second, J. Brennan.
Farmer.1; on
harvesting a I 	
farm of Mr. llogan threshing has just
been completed, thn wheat averaging
forty bushels to the ncre.
>r; second. Mary Mann.
Boys  under   18  years—First,
Box Crabs-First. J. Mitchell.
Plato Plums—First, Fred Clark.
Best display fruit—First. Wm. Ham
lltnn; iKfMd, 3. Dehur.
5    Sugar    bt-pt-First,    J     Brennan;
I second, Ogorgo Ashworth.
Mangolds—First, J. Lsvatti wednt*
A. B. Smith.
(Osttttaated on page two* PAGE TWO
L. r. Sullivan, Editor
J. & Thompson, Business Manager
•■pseriptJoa Kates
ftM  Tear   	
tU Mentha    	
fhree Months   	
AdvsWthUi states
ttaytay   Advsrttalng,   Ii   cents
OolasMS taeb.
j Notieea or Ctassifled Ads.
i ger lint.
Cranbrook, B. V** September 9th,
-Mrs. II. II. Mc-
Union principles we have always understood Bhould extend outside each
little local order. There is more than
a button and a set of bylaws to real
unionism. There are principles Involved tbat should extend to all
branches of workmen, even to the paying of one union by another for ser-1
vices performed. The llerald office is
being conducted by two union men
who are at present receiving the princely sum of |35,00 per month for their
The article In last week's Femle
Tree Press stating that the Cranbrook
police only landed a real live criminal
once to every three years, seems a bit
far fetched. Records at the city hall
ahow a large percentage or the very
worst type of criminals gathered in by
the city police. Since tlie reorganization of the force a year a^o and under
Chief of Police Adams the Cranbrook
force ls doing excellent work and has
the best aervice since Cranbrook was
Incorporated. Results count and the
results can be verified at police head-
The Fall Fair witli its vast fund of
information and interest has come and
gone. It was a happy crowd on thc
fair grounds and many were the expressions of surprise over the excellence of the exhibits. It was more u
Cranbrook district show than formerly, the outside districts not competing
as liberally as hertofore. While this
Is to be regretted still there Is a sense
ot pleasure In being able to point out
just what can be accomplished In tliis
district. While some of the old time
competitors are noticed among tlie
prlie winners there arc a large number of new growers who captured
their first prizes at this show.
The success of the Cranhrook Fall
Fair Is in a large measure din; to thc
untiring efforts of A. II. Webb, tin-
secretary, who has heen a hard worker and who bus been on the. job early
and late with that end In view; This
year It requirod special energy on thc
part of tbe secretary and Mr. Webb
bas been equal to the occasion, lie
went about his work with u determination to win and hus succeeded. Taking everything into consideration—and
there are many—the Craubrook Agricultural Association has done well.
The thanks of the people of Crunbrook
are due the members of this body In
bringing to a successful conclusion
the Fall Fair.
Cookery for girls under IB—First,
Grace McFarlane for plain cake (Iced)
biscuits and cookies.
Dairy Products
Butter in prints—1 Mrs! II. 11
Clurc; 2 Mrs. F. Clark.
Butter In crocks—I Mrs. H. H
Clure; 2 Mrs. F, Clark.
Best butter In fair-
Milk In  quart bottles—1
Clark; 2 W. B. Bardgett.
Extracted honey— 1 T. S. Gill.
Observatory hive—1 T. S. Gill.
Art Department
Portrait in color—1 A.  Fairbairn;
Landscape In colors—1 & 2 A. Fairbairn ;
Painting on silk-2 Lottie Moore.
Portrait in pencil op chalk—A. Fairbairn.
Landscape In chalk or pencil—A.
Architectural drawing—1 C. A. GUI.
Scale  drawing    1   I,   W.   Hoy;   2 11. I
Carved wood—1 •**'
Stencil work- 1st *
Brass Work—1 Mist
Photography—1 Mrs
: 1). Moore;
clal Mn
IS. M, MclCo
Collection on Velor paper, also on
Solid   paper—Mrs.   E.    II.    McKowan
Ins both these specials.
Botanical Collection
T. S. Gill Shield for best display of
botanical specimens from any school
room In East Kootenay, Div, I—Crnnbrook public school.
Best collection of (lowers from competitors in the school or home garden
competition—1    Harold Kummer;    2
Lenore  Little.
Best collection vegetables from competitors In school or home garden
competition—1, Harry Webb;
Poultry Department
Barred Bocks—Cock, 1 & 2 Wm.,
Harvey; Hen, 1 & 2 Win. Harvey; I
Cockerel, l & 2 Wm. Harvey; Pullet.
1 & 2 Wm. Harvey; Pen. 1 & 2 Wm.
Harvey and  Nelson  News Special  for
Dog, A. O. V.—1, L. Richards; I, O.
School Work , j,
Handwriting, pupils under 11 yearB
-First, Marlon MacKinnon; second,
Kdith Cummlngs.
pupils under 13 years—First,1 Ivy
Bidder; second, Edna Sanderson.'
Pupils under Iti years—First, ■ tillle
Lancaster; second, Jake Wise.
Map drawing—FirBt, Isa Cameron;
second, Grace McFarlane. :''- ■'■-'-
Essay on the agricultural opportunities of East Kootenay—FirBt, DoriB
Staples, Wycliffe; second, Bertie
Johnson, Wycliffe.
Freehand drawing, pupils under 12
years—First, Emmie Reed; second,
Annie Johnson,
pupils under 14—First, Joe Frost;
second, Edna Sanderson.
Pupils under 17 years—Second, C.
Painting from nature, pupils under
:■ yearrn—First, Phyllis Small; second,
Dorothy McKowan.
Pupils under 11 years—First, Irma
Ward; second, Annie Johnson; third,
Erma McNeil (H. C.)
Pupils under 13 years—First, Isa
Cameron, Fort Steele; second, Irene
Beech; V. H. C, Nora Brander, Fort
Pupils under 17 years—FirBt, Ellen
Johnson; second, Wm. Hayes, Fort
Colored designs, pupils under 12
years—First, Margaret Morrison; second, Winnie Phillips.
Pupils under 14 years—FirBt, Ellen
Johnson; second, Nettie Johnson.
Scale drawing, pupils under 12—
First, Reeve Parker.
! Pupils under 14 years—First,,,Wm.
Atchison; second, Urenville Musser. I
Pupils under 17 years—First, Mer-
rltt Leask; second, Sydney Murgatroyd; II. a. I, w. Hoy.
| Card board models, pupils under 10
years—First, Mack Kirkland; second,
1 Gladys Shackieton.
Pupils under 12 years—First, Cam-
illlo Tito; second, Edith Couldwell.
Pupils under 14 years—First, Ellen :
Ten Cent Fund hospital; where h
Per Miss Alexander ' cd arter by the i
Miss Woodland     20  ity.
Mr. Woodland      20,    pat  Quirk   wa
Mrs. Cherrington       25 j knew no fear,    !
MIbb Alexander    1.86 | Quirk took a spe
 ! his money iu the
Total    $2.00   would bon* holes
i was carefully look-
iod Sisters of Chnr-
able man nnd
early days Mr.
ial delight in hiding
stumps of trees. He,
into which he would
Per Mrs. J. H. King place nuggets, and  when on a little
Mrs.  R. P. Johnson  60  celebration,    which    was    customary
Mrs. L. Clapp.  60  among    the    early    pioneers,    would
Dr. Mackinnou  25 ■ create quid* a iot of amusement look-'
Frank Burton
Jack Haslam .
10 | ing for the  pn
10isuld  that today
Frank Murphy      10 of dollars
A. P. Noble     10 ! Horse wh!
  Quirk.   Oi
Total    $2.00 ; from a st
Per Mrs. J. D. McBride j jvhich ho
John and Agnes Reekie    25, gotten all
Chong Choy      10
Kwonv     10 |
MrB. McBride      50  Ubor ,l">
tlu;   Atluii
mis metal.. It is
here are thousands
itumps around Wild
placed there by Put
casion he extracted
t less  than    $2,000,
tdmltted having for-
Totul   96
Per Mrs. Halsall
MrB. Humsey   10
Mrs. Halsall   10
Miss Hewitt   25
Mrs. Beaton   25
Mrs. Brown  ..,
Mrs. Mecredy ..
Mrs. Deane	
Mrs. Miller ....
MIbb Qiegerlch .
Par Mrs,
Mrs. J. Duvar ...
Mr. T. Austin ...
Mrs. E. Currie ..
Choy Glm  	
Eric MacKinnon
ill. ('. The Wl
[Ideal for b.illiii
Irlct The pn
! and Mrs, How;
| Mrs. W. J, At
'Curly Roberta
■ Iou iiiid Madgi
' Drummond, m
Mrs. Hen Ui I
Martin ami D
I reports that i
tho life.
o parly spent the
ays oul at Green Bay,
Ity bathing beach of
i and beach were
[ ami this resort Is the
Ini place in this dls-
j consisted of Mayor
nb and family, Mr. and
ilson, Mr, nnd Mrs.
i and the Misses Mar-
Robertson, Miss Delia
is Whitehead, Mr. und
od au
M. Cc
l daughter, John
wan.    Every one
ir nt Green Bay Is
ul 1
Total     80 !
Per Mrs. J. F. Bridges
. F. Bridges      10;
Mrs. Stong
Total  *	
Per Mrs. J. S. Brake
Mrs. Martin	
Mrs. B. Morris 	
Miss Symes  	
Cecil Rowland 	
E. Davis	
this   tinu
he  Ims  i
a beautlf
whicli bas bi
Herald.' Irani
a time, but is
The first fail
. trlct Stock am
'tion is', being In
| mlttee  iu  chai
i mined to make
has been heard from,
narillp, Texas, wliere
i'd an automobile and j
, residence, n photo of
n forwarded to the
is having a pippin of
(iii asking about Nel-
f the Wasa nnd Dts-
tgricultural Assocla-
Saturday,. The coni-
Of arrangements
ihow aud are detcr-
■ first show a success
most points on a utility breed, i -,
White Wyandottes—Cock, l Reliable  ,
Egg Farm; 2 Wm. Harris; Hen, 1 & 2      p
Rotable   Egg  Farm;   .1   Wm.   Harris; j Beficj.
Two articles In reed or canel- pupils
"f'v.Tl";,"1"""',mder " TT"! Mr«. J. Coutts     25
n'st, Violet Simpson;    second, Mary j Mrg p c,   .
unson. \'        ■        	
io. per word for lirst weok, nnd lc. per
word for each  week after
1'iiillo   for
lis under 14 years—First!'Irene
(Continued from page one)
Chard—First,    J.    Levett;    second,
George Ashworth.
Radish—Ono entry; no award.
Pumpkin—First, George Taylor;
second, Mrs. ti, a. Chapman.
Cucumber—First, Qeorga Achwortli;
second, J. Levett.
Citron—First, Georgo Ashworth;
second, J. Mitchell,
Tomatoes—First, George Taylor;
second, George Ashworth.
Onions, while—First, Maleoy Hn>s.;
aeeond, 3. Mitchell.
Onions, red—No nwurds.
Pickling onions—First, Molsoj
Peas—First, George Ashworth.
Dwarf beans—First, Malsey llros.
Kohl Habi—First. George Ashworth;
aeeond, Reliable Ej:g Farm.
Special—Farm products (collection
and statement of methods of growth)
First, John Mitchell; second, Malsey
Special—Collection roots und potatoes—First. Albert Nontel.
Special—Boys   potato   competition,
IS potatoes shown—First, Hugh Hun-
ash; second, Hugh Macdonald.
Whlto bread—First uml special, Mrs j
Brogan; second, Mrs. Levett.
Applo pie—First. Mrs. Tisdale; second, Mrs. McFarlane.
Graham bread—First, Mrs. F, ('.
Robinson; second. Mrs. It. Palmer.
Lemon pie—First, Mrs. G. P. Tisdale; second, Mrs. Robinson.
Brown bread—First, Mrs. McFarlane; second, Mrs. D. Palmer.
Pumpkin pie—First, Mrs. 0! M. Barney, second, Mrs. McFnrhme.
Doughnuts—First, Mrs. McFarlane,;
second, Mrs. Robinson.
Preserved fruits—First. Mra. Glhbs.
also special for best exhibit; second,
Mrs. McFarlane.
Cookies—First, Mrs. Fred Clark;
second. Mrs. G. P. Tlsdnlo.
Tsrts-Flrst, Mrs. J. S. Brake; second, Mrs. B. Palmer.
Plain buns—First, Mrs. B. Palmer;
aeeond, Mrs. G. p. Tisdale.
Preserved vegetables-First, Mrs. II
H. McClure.
Tea biscuits—First, Mra. Clark; second, Mrs. McFarlnne.
Uycr cake, Iced—First. Mrs. F. C.
Roblnaon; second, Mcl'hee Ranch.
Loaf cake—No first; second, Mrs. F.
C. Robinson.
Jams and marmalades—First, Mrs.
Caws. Hilton.
under 13 years—First, Annie Blaney;
si cond, Violet Simpson.
Model lo wood (no Joints) pupils
under 12 years—First, Mack Kirkland;
second, Jack Stevens.
Pupils under 14 year*)—First, Jack
Kirkland; second, Harold Kummer.
Pupils under 16 yearB—Flrat, Horatio Jecks; second, Ing W. Hoy; cotn-
monded, Gordon Taylor.
Modal In wood with Joints, pupils
j under 18 years—First, Melville Dallas;
[ second, Hurry Musser.
1 i'upilB under 16 yeara—First and
| special'for best piece of woodwork ex-
2 J. Levett; cockerel 1 J. hll,Ucd b)' WW under 15 yeara of age
—First, Harry Webb; second, Hugh
Macdonald; H. C, Allan Brown.
I I'upHs under 17 yeara—First, Harry
| Doris; second, Vincent Fink.
Piece of furniture, pupils under 14
iais—First, Harry    Webb;  second,
' Walter Laurie.
I Pupils under 17 years—First snd
! second, Vincent Fink; H. C, Douglas
[ Finniss.
I Map In relief—First, Ella Fenwick,
i Fort Steele.
I Modelling in clay or plastlcene,pu-
iills under 7 years—FirBt, Stella Lee;
second, Alice Stevenson.
Needlework, pupils under 10. jrrs.—
First. Helen shackieton; second, Connie llassctt.
Pupils under 13 years—Flrat, Alma
Sarvis; second, Ruth Simpson; H. C,
Margaret Morrison. ■','■"■'•
Botanical collection, wild dowers—
First, Cyril Selby; second, Lenore Hill.
Local grasses—First, Cyril . Selby;
second, Lenore Hill.
Weeds-First, Cyril Selby; second.
I.i uore Hill.
Oeneral collection—First, Wlnnlfred
Cockerel, 1 Reliable Egg Farm; 2 T
S. Gill; Pullet, 1 & 2 Reliable Egg
Farm; 3 E. Brlorly; Pen, 1 & 2 Reliable Egg Farm.
Columbian Wyandottes—Hen, 1 2
Cockerel, 1 & 2, Pullet 1 li 2. Pen 1 &
2, F. C. Robinson.
Partridge Wyandottes—Cock, 1, Hen
I & 2, Ckl. 1, Pullet 1 & 2, Pen 1 k 2.
T. S. Gill,
Wyandottes, a. o. .v.—Cock 2, lien 1,
T. S. Olll; pullet 2 Reliable Egg Farm
s. C. Reds—cock 1 Reliable Egg
Farm; cockerel 2 J. E. Dicks; pullet
1 J. E. Dicks; 2 Reliable Egg Farm;
pen 2 Reliable Egg Farm.
It.  C.   Reds—cock  2  Wm.  Harris;
lien   1  &
Levett; pullet 1 & 2 J. Levett.
White Orplngtons,-hen I E. T.',
Cooper; 2 W. It. Glbbs; cockerel-1 £
2. pullet 1 & 2, pen 1 & 2, B. T. Cooper
Bnlt Orpingtons—Cock 1, B. Palmer; I
2 Mrs. I). Moore; hen 1 Alb. H. Webb; j
2 & 3 B. Palmer; pullet 1 ti 2. pen j
1 B. Palmer.
English A. O. V. pullet-1 ti 2 K. l\
Cooper (Blue OrpB)
S. C. White Leghorns—hon 1 VV. R.
Olhbs; cockerel 1 Reliable Egg Farm;
3 W. R. Glbbs; pullet 1 W. R. Glblis;
'. & 'A Mrs. Mennle; pen 1 W. lt. llibhs;
Campinas Pullet—1 li 2 vy. it. (Hubs.
Pitt Game-cock und lien 1 W. Watson; cockerel 2, pullet 1 nod pen 2,
D. Moore.
Cornish Indian Game—hen 1 ti 2.
A. B. Smith; cockerel 1, pullet 1 & 2,
pen 1, B. F. Brlerloy.
Bantam A. O. v.—hens E. F. Brlor-
ley; cockerel, 2. pullet 2, and pen 2, T.
S. (Mil.
Poultry A. O. V. not classified above
(Buttercups)—cockerel 1 n 2, pullet
1 li 2. pen 1. W. J. Stewart.
Pekin Ducks—drake 2 II.  n. Kirkland; 1 C. Sheppard; duck 1 Shoppard
2 Kirkland: 0. siieppurd Special for
best ducks.
Toulouse  (loose -M-.lle,   ]   |.\   Hyck-
mun; 2 J. Bronnan; female i & 2 v.
Itychman; :: .1. Brennan.
Geese, A. 0. V— mule. 1 J. Iln
female, i, j. Brennan.
Turkeys. A. O. V.—male, | ,|
nan; female, 8 A 8.1. Bronnnn.
Giil is- I * 2 ll. Macdonald.
Pigeons.    Homers   2   .1.   Klrkl;
fautuilB. :i w. Laurie.
Belgian Hares   2, X. Wasson.
Rabbits, A. (). V."   2 & A .1. Brennan.
School Ho),' Poultry Competition
1. J. Noblo with  III  Burred  Rocks.
2, llnrry Webb with (I s. c. Reds
a, Orvllle Thompson with ki Light
I. Hugh Hunmih with a s.
II. ('. Everett Williams with
lires,ed Poultry
Clean legged, yellow flesh I heavy}
breed) 2, Reliable Egg Farm.
White flesh, clean legs (heavy) 1 (t j
2. B. Palmer (also special for hest pair
in show).
Broilers—2, Reliable Egg Farm;
Pair of Squabs—1, Hurry Wobb.
White cggs'-l nnd special, Rellabli
Etg Farm; 2, Mrs. Clark.
Dark Eggs—1, J. Levett; 2, Rellnbl
Egg Farm.
Pit Bull Terrier (ng,)—l, w. Dal
las;, 2, D. Moore (openl.
Collie (reg.)—1, Otto Gill.
Spaniel— 2, V. Fink; 8, l) lllll.
Fox Terrier—2, Mrs. Mennle; :
Chas, Clapp.
Terriers, A. O. V.--2, 11. FyloB; 1
It. Whehel
Better—8, Jack Kirkland.
Miss Klmpton       in;
Mrs. Dupont 	
Mrs. A. Kennedy 	
Mrs. Bliss 	
Mrs. N. McClure 	
Mr. Thos. Roberts 	
Kent.—Apply ut   Herald!
nil;   s.,i,i:.-Tun
Apply Herald olii.
bountiful   ferns
25 I
10 I .	
2'6 I'll KENT  i'iikap—Basement wars.
 i    house,    large   and    dry,    $5   per
jnth.   Apply W. J. Atchison. 61tt
hii< s.u.i:.
Apply Mrs
on and calf, milking,
in Brerinan.     36-lt*
Grains ud Grasses
id;   I
r, Huff
Ity (1st. J. Delmer.
Winter wheat—1st, Fred Clark; 2nd.
N. M, McClure.
Spring wheat—lat, N. M. MoQIur*;
2nd, H. U. McClure.
11 urdud barley^lsl, N. M. McClure.
Whlto oata—1st, N. M. McClure; 2nd
II. II. McClure.
Field peas—1st, John Mitchell; 2nd,
oil Chirk.
Flux- 1st. J. Mitchell.
Clover—1st, W. B. Bardgett; 2nd.
II. II. McClure.
Field corn, six stalks—1st, W. Hamilton; 2nd. H. H. McClure.
Alfalfa—1st, John Levett; 2nd, H.
II. McClure. , ,
Special grain and fodder—1st, H. H.
Client grass, not on prlie list, ex-
I Hilled by Mr. Fleetwood was given
honorable mention by Mr. Parham.
I    Grand total  J43.60
I The secretary of this fund respect-1
fully asks those who promised month-1
ly donations and who have not bunded
in their omounts for August to kindly
do us soon as possible in or~er that
the monthly balance sheet mny bc
drawn up.
Patrick Quirk, of Wild Horse Fame,
Passed Away st Si. Vincent's Hob.
pltal, Portland, Oregon.
Mr. R. L. T. Galbraith, Indian Agent,
of Fort Steele, Is In receipt of a telegram from Mr. F C Malpas, formerly
manager of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, this city, but now of Portland, Oregon, informing him of the
death of one of Kootenay's old-timers
at St. Vincent's hospital on tho 30th
ot August. The wire conveyed thc
news that Patrick Quirk, one of the
first men to enter the Kootenays in
1864 had passed to his reward.
Patrick Quirk was well known in
the Kootenays, being prominently connected with mining ever since the
memorable daya ot Wild Horse, when
$16,000,000 in gold was taken out of
thut country in two years. Tiie rush
to newly discovered fields took him to j
tho Casslar, where he spent a number
of yeara, afterwards returning to Fort
Steele, where he settled on what Is
known as the "Daisy Ranch" where
he lived for years and tilled the soil.
Two yearB ago he sold thc ranch to j
Mr. Blrtch, ot Calgary, who lias Improved It considerably.
Patrick Quirk was born at Clonmcl.
County Tipperary, Ireland, ubout
ninety years ago, and went to Portland, Oregon, two yearB ago, where he
made himself a home st St. Vincent's
— ■    "1
.—A hunch of key!
: offlce and store-on
nue. Finder please
F. Doran
, between
return   to
light wagon for
Joe Belanger, o
unions.!!   or
tale cheap.   Apply
y. 22-tf
STABLE Tl) UEXIC, I'ur four horses,
electric light, warm, well ventilated
wltll large hay loft and oat bin,.
J5.00 per mouth, apply Herald
ollice. tjt.*
BACHELORS   Underclothing1 and tup
shirts mended, sucks and stockings
darned, prices reasonable. Mrs.
Isabel Butler, ill Clark avii., opposite Cranbrook Garage. 4t.
Furnished house to rent—Your rooms
with bath; fenced; close in; newly
papered and painted; piano If do-
sired; uo children preferred; careful tenant only; SIS per month, including water. Apply Herald office. 30-tf
COTTAGE lllll RENT—Five rooms;
newly papered and painted; $12.00
per month. Including wuter. Apply
1,  P Sullivan, Cranhrook St.
I Edit   SALE
les,       '
piano, seo ing
washing machine und
Edison gramophone, dav-
sldeboard, dressers,' tub-
chairs, cooking ■ range
hot water connections,
heater, garden tools,
carpets and numerous other household article,:. Also one dozen thoroughbred while leghorn chickens.
Apply .Mrs. Win. .Malcolm, 237 Norbury uve.. p. O. llox 076 It*
Waldo School
Mrs. J. Burton wishes very grate-
fully to acknowledge the following
monthly donations and subscriptions
to tlie Ten Cent Fund opened for providing material for making garments
for sick and wounded, under the auspices of the I. O. D. E., collected
during August:—
Donations: Mrs. McCreery, tl; Mr.
McKenna, 11; Mrs. O. 3. Little, fl;
Mrs. Ed. Paterson. f 1; Mrs. J. Laurie,
liOo; Mrs. Hnrabnw. $B; Mrs. Mecredy,
81; A Friend, r,0e; Mrs. H. M. DsvlB,
Fort Stools $1; Mrs. Macdonald. II;
Mrs McKowan, ,11; MrB Phillips, 11;
Mr. C'uicr, G.)" li.UBO IV Mm. p
Clark, Wyollift, 12; Donation by
Woneo- instltr.o, $ic.t0: total ttt.ru,
The Brightest
Women Find
•ometlmeB thst they are dull in
mind, depreued in spirits, and that
they have headache, backache,
and Bufferings that make life
seem not worth living. But these
conditions need be only temporary.
They are usually caused by indlgeBtion
or biliousness and a few doses of
will quickly, safely and certainly
right the wrong. Thia famous family
remedy tones the stomach, stimulates ths livor, regulates the bowels.
Beechsm's Pills cleanse the system
of accumulating poisons snd purify
Uie blood. Their beneficial action
allows tn brighter looks, clearer
complexions, bettor feelings. Try
them, and you also will find that they
Are Worth
A Guinea a Box
|i('|iiirini>iit of
i, .m:.
can    -ii'i.iin
I   Ki-oriliiTllniiH
I*   uiulurstgnetj
. doliuPB flic),
il 'in tli.'Ir.i'L*-
913 A LED   TENDERS,   sniicrspribt'd ,
"Tender   for    Waldo   Bchool,!'   win;
lir  received by tlm Honourable   the
Minister   ol   Pu$le    Vfarks   up   to I
12 o'clock noon of* Tuesday, tlu-^lstl
day   oi   September,   ioiBt   for   the
erection  and  completion  of a  two-1
!room ami outbuildings at Waldo, ini
the Pernio Electoral District, ti. c,
j    Plans, specifications, contract, Midi
I forms   of lender may  bt* men   on,
i uiul  after  thc   Ib!  day  of doptem-
| biT.   1MB,  al   Ibc   ofllce   of   Mr.   J. ■
Mahoney,   Government    Vgent, Van-1
i couver;  Mr, 0. S. Htalker, Uovem-,
incut  Agent,   Pernio; Mr,   \v   Mad-1
don, Secretary to the School Hoard,
Waldo, li. c..; nml il
Public Winks Victor
Intendlug   tcnderei
one copy of  plans a
by    applying    to
with n deposit of ti
whicli will bo return
turn fu good order.
Each proposal must bc accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certlflcato of deposit on a eliarterel
bunk  of Canada, mado  payable   lo
I the Honou?ablo the Minister of Pub-
j ile Works, for a sum equal to 20 per
cent, of tender, which shall* bo for-
j felted If tin- party tendering decline to
j enter into contract when called upon
; to do sn, or if lie fail to complete the
work contracted for,   The chequea or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be   returned   to' them
upon the execution'of tlie contract.
Tender's will not be considered unless made out on tho forms supplied,
slyned with tiie actual signature ot the
tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnlaiied.
Tho Imveiit or any tenderer not necessarily accepted
J, 13, amPPITH,
Deputy  Minister and   Public  Works
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B.O., August 2Gth, 1915.
Every rubber article in this store has not only
been bought carefully but has been kept in that
careful way it is necessary to keep rubber. You
can be thoroughly satisfied therefore that when
you buy rubber goods here of any kind, you are
buying live rubber—dead rubber tears and
crumbles away when you use it. Let us tell
you more about rubber—come in today.
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
ne $««SJ£ Star,
Are you going to replace the old Heater tliat just managed to pull you through last winter?
If so then look us up.
Best and largest selection of wood and coal heaters
l'rlees Hanire From $2.(1(1 Upwards.
Electric Lamps, 15 to (iO Watt, Your Choice 35c. Each
J. D. McBride
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
•■•• Plumbing   Heating  Tinsmithing
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Mudrfrom selected hogs—in the most modern plant In
the West—Government Inspected—approved by careful
housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OP
SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Dutter,
Eggs, Sausage—wherever it aiipears.
P.   BURNS  & CO.,   Ltd.
Windermere District Agricultural
Association   and  Farmers'   Institute
Fall Fair
Will be held In the Dominion Government Experimental
Station, Invermere,
lltli and 15(1) September, 1H15
Classes   for   Horses,   Cattle,   Poultry,   Fruit
Produce, Domestic Science, Etc., Etc. .
Many Special Prizes and Clijis.
Full particulars from Mr. E. TunnacllfTe,
Fair Secretacy, Wilmer, 11. C.
A llltfli Class Kcnidcntial ami Hay I'iiIIcs,' lar
llojs sod Yuma- Men, Girls and loans' Women   Non Ncrtarlan
11USINESS CLASSES—BnokkOTplnB, Btonograpliy, Accounting, Typo-
writing:, etc. MUSIC—Full Consarvatory Course, Vocal, Instrumental
und Theory. ACADEMIC—Public and High School Grades, Preparation for the University and Toaohera, Ladles Coltoge Course tor Ulrln.
French conversation clu»«e». FINE ART—China Painting, Water-
colors, Leather Work, Etc. EXPRESSION AND PHYSICAL CULTURE—Dramatic Art, Public Speaking. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE.
For (ull Information and Calendar apply to
REV. QEOROE W. KERBY, D. A., D. D„ Principal.
THE HOME PAPER       ,  I. M\n make.   It may not bc brilliantly
\~.   17 .a   C....1      ,1 edited or crowned with thought but
Ex-OovornOr David R.  FranciE, of
Mixuourl, once said tho following of
tho newspapers! "Each year the local
paper gives from $600 to |l,V0O in
tree lines to the community In which
he In iocatod. No other agency can or
will do this. The editor In proportion
to Uio means,.,docs- moro fpr hla own
town than any ten mon, and ln fair-
nuns he ought to bo supported—not
b.ieauso you like him or admire Ills
writings, but because the local paper
ls the best Investment a community
financially It Is more benefit to the
community than 'tlio preacher or
Uachcr. Understand mc I do, not
mean mentally, and yet on moral questions you will llnd moet of tho pnpora
on thc right side. Today tho editor of
the local paper does the moat for tho
Icaat money of any person on oarth."
'Are you supporting tho local paper? •
How much do you owe on back subscription? When do you intend to pay
up?    What   will your answer  kst THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, 1915
Birth Stone
The Sapphire—the characteristic color of the
Sapphire is clear blue,
like that of the cornflower,
and the more velvety Its
appearance the greater Its
Let's show you our assortment. We have them'
mounted up in a variety of
settings and with different
combinations of stones.
W. (1. Wilson
Hanson (iaraif* 'ur auto repairs.
The "Crisis in B. C." for sale at the
Herald oilloo.   Price 5c.
Mr. Tom Miller, of Kimberley, was
a Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
Muh King, a local Chinaman, was
laBt week convicted before Judge Arnold of vagrancy.
P. V.. Carman and Philip Briggs have
returned from the Frisco fair and report having had a very enjoyable time.
Born—At the Cottage hospital,
Cranbrook, on Sunday, September
5th, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. Tuohcy, a
The Women's Auxllllary of the Y,
M. C. A. will meet at half-past three
Monday, Sept, 13th. In Committee
Born—At the Cottage hospital, this
city, on Tuesday, September 7th,
1915, to Mr. and Mrs, Tom Miller, of
Kimberley, a son.
Beale & Elwell have one or two real
snapB in real estate, a house and lot
for $300.00 on easy terms. What do
you think of that?
Mr. Hughle Brock has purchased a
new Ford from the Hanson Garage
and is already fully conversant with
the eccentricities ot his machine.
MIbs Delia Greaves left on Sunday
for Spokane where she will enter the
Holy Names Academy to take up a
course of music and other studies.
Miss Florence Belau left Tuesday
afternoon for the east where she will
reside In future. A large* number of
friends were at tho station to bid her
Mrs. John Fluh.'er and family of
Spokane who havc been visiting with
Mrs. Fred Kummer and Mrs. H. C.
Carr for tlie past week, returned home
Wlll the ladies who art? interested
In the "HoUMwIfei" fur lhe soldier*
at Vernon, kindly rome to the l.O.R.H.
rooms on Wednesday next, at .1 p.m.*
bringing needle and thimble,
When little ones aro peevish, give
Rexall Orderlies; constipation is
often tho cause. Sold only by tlie
Boatlio-Murpliy Co., The Rexall Store,
10c, 86o, & 50c. boxes,
All ranchers desiring to give to the
harvest festival at Christ Church will
kindly have tlieir girts mi hand by
next (Saturday us this special thanks-
giving service Will be held uu Sunday.
Yulcanh-tng. Urea and tubes at the
Hanson l-arage,
The ladles of St. Mary's church Intend giving a series of progressive
CaTtl parties followed hy a social dance
lasting till 12k, lunch Included, all ror
-■"n't*- Ttt* Ilrst party takes place on
Wednesday September 15th, at St.
Mary's Mull.   Kveryom* welcome.
The Cranbrook Herald says that the
pralrlw chickens are setting on the
lawns In that town In the early morn*
Ihk hours. That may be all right,
but It Is hard to determine what man
around the Herald ollice knows anything about the early morning hours,
Stovepipes should be thoroughly
cleaned of soot before being used ln
thc autumn not only as r. precaution
agninst flre but because the soot acts
as an Insulation and keeps the pipe
cool. Instead of the heat radlatli.g
from a warm pipe It is carried up the
chimney and wasted.
It. E. M. Crotty, who has been on
thc staff of the Bank of Commerce for
the past two years, left on Tuesday
for Crnnbrook, having been transfer-
ed to the branch there. Mr. Crotty
Intends enlisting for active service at
the ond of the month.-Grand Forks
O. E. Parham, manager of thc Dominion Experimental Farm at Invermere, was In charge of the special
exhibit at the fall fair thia week and
waa kept busy explaining the value
and uae of the many articles shown.
He made a very comprehensive and
Instructive stowing.
We guarantee all our repairs-Han-
sun Garage.
Safety deposit boxes to rent at
Beale & Elwell's.    Try one.
MIbs Hamilton, of Fernie, was a
Cranbrook visitor the latter part of
the week.
Mrs. J. M. Thomson received a nasty
burn Thursday laBt while preparing
the evening meal.
Mr. C. L. Bechtcl, a prominent farmer of the Wasa district, Ib a city
business visitor today.
Mr. C. E. W. Stringer, a barrister and
solicitor, of Athalmer, B. C, was In
the city this week on business.
Miss Ethel McDonald, of Loco,
school teacher at tliat place, was In
the city the latter part of the week.
Don't forget the O, 1. A. tj B. of
L. E. sale at the V. M. C. A. building
on Saturday, September 18th,     35-.U
Miss Nan Allen, of Pernio wos a
Crunbrook visitor the flrst of the week
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J. 0, Thomson.
Bill Hopkins returned Tuesday from
Lethbridge, Alta., where he spent a
few days visiting with his wife and
Miss Sybil White, teacher at Wycliffe, apent the holidays in the city
with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Harry
See Beale & Elwell if you are contemplating a trip to England or any
European point. They book from
Cranbrook direct.
J. H. Caslake Is leaving on Friday
for Vancouver to attend a meeting of
thc Legislative Board of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
Four Cranbrook men left for Vernon
camp on Sunday last. They are
George Ritchie, Charles Armitage,
James Barr and Robert Hudspith.
Among the donors to the departing
Italians last week, which we overlooked, was J. P. Fink, who gave sandwiches to all the men departing.
Mrs. H. Gordon Mecredy wlll receive for the first time since her marriage, on Wednesday afternoon, September 15th, and thereafter on the 4th
Tuesday of every month.
On account of the Fall Fair the city
council postponed their regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon until tomorrow (Friday) when a special session will be held.
Will the ladles who are Interested
In the "Housewives* for the soldiers
It Vernon, kindly eome to the I.O.D.K.
rooms on Wednesday next, at 3 p.nu
bringing needle and thimble.
Don't forget that now! NOW! NOW!
Is the time to buy your home. You
can pick them up cheap, and the opportunity wtll soon pass away. See
Beale & Elwell and have a talk with
Miss Maud Davidson, of Canora,
Sask, sister of Mrs. Dave Sutherland,
Is spending a few weeks with her sister. Miss Davidson Is delighted with
the beautiful scenery of the Cranbrook
Frank Carlson took charge of the
Queen's Hotel on Wednesday. He was
formerly manager of the property
when owned by the late Gus Andeen.
Mr. P, V. Johnson of Moyle, has conducted the hotel for the past yoar.
Hanson fiarafft for auto repairs,
James  Roberts,  or  .Moyie.  was  a
visitor iu the city the week-cud.
Miss Whlteley Is up from Michel visiting her sister, Mrs. F. VV. Hurgcss.
Battery and Ignition troubles our
specialty.—Hanson Garage.
Paul Handley and family, of Marys-!
Vtlle, made their usual visit to Cran-1
brook t-j attend the Fall Fair'
Prisoner al Station Makes Goad His | Work   KeWewed  by     Delegates    to
Kmuiic by Octci-ly .Manned Nelson Convention— Patriotism     j
AiriNia-cjiiciil*. the Keynote
Charles LoDuk
sentenced tc* thir
Bang for being
made good his (
fines <>r thi
who was last week ,    The regular monthly meeting of the
y days on the chain ' Women's Institute was held on Tues-
vag, has ! day fith in the Maple Hall with the
a common
senile from t
bastion,   Tl
A lantern lecture will he given by
the Kev. A. ti. l-.uu' at S o'clock on
Wjdenesday evening, the 15th instant,
in King Kdward school, Cranbrook, entitled "How We Got Our Bible," to
which the puhlic are Invited. A collection will be taken up.
Mr. II. C. Graham and assistant,
customs officer, of Calgary. Alta., was
In the city the latter end of the week
on business connected with his department The books of the local ofllce were reported in first class shape,
everything being of a highly satisfactory nature,
Cranbrook has been visited by a
number of the soldiers from Vernon
during the past week. Among those
here were Private Hell Fort Steele,
Private Bert Carter, Private Attree,
Sergeant Arthur Ashworth, Sergeant
Loftus, Sergeant McKay, Sergeant Mr-
Itobert Sanlsbury, of the Invermere
experimental farm, was In Cranhrook to
ate. id the fall fair. Mr. Sainsbury
reports farm work at the station progressing favorably and Ib well satisfied with his new position. He reports having a beautiful flock of turkeys and chickens.
A pipe band Is being organized by
the 67th battalion (Western Scots)
regiment and are anxious to enlist a
number of men for that purpose.
Transportation will be furnished to
those selected. Any person desiring
to become members) of the band should
sent In their application to the band
committee headquarters, Victoria B.
C. where all particulars may be obtained.
Mr. Huggins, father of H. Huggins,
arrived this week from Winnipeg to I
spend the winter with his son.
Lyman Taylor, the St. Mary's Prairie !
farmer, was a visitor In the city dur-"
inn Cranbrook's biK Fall Fair.
Prize money wlll be puid Saturday
to all winners at the Fall Fair at the
office of the secretary at 2 o'clock.
Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Ormston and son
have returned from Proctor, where
they have been spending the past fortnight.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Crunbrook Poultry Association
will be held ut the city hall on Friday.
September 17th, at 8 o'clock.
No man can do effective work if constipated—Hexali Orderlies aro-an ef* ,
fective laxative.     Sold only    by the i
Beattie-Murphy Co., The Roxall Store,
10c, 25c. & 50c. boxes.
Private J. E. McDermot, of the D-tli
C. M. R.'s, Calgary, Alta., arrived in
the city Wednesday for a Tew days
visit with Mb brother, Alex. L. McDermot, before leaving for the front.
Will the ladles who are In'erested
In the "Housewives*." for the soldiers
at Vernon, kindly come to the I.O.R.K,
rooms on Wednesday next, at .1 p.m.,
bringing needle and thimble.
Having purchased latest require*
menta for chimney sweeping we are
prepare& to sweep all chlmwcys at
moderate prices according to the
times.   W. J. Selby, phone 358.   35-3t*
Harry Edwards, of the Wycliffe
hotel, attended the big Cranbrook l'air.
Mr. Edwards was greatly impressed
with the various exhibits, and said
St. Mary's Prairie had nothing on
Mrs. Charles Magee, accompanied
by Gerald and Rowan CHne, left this
morning for Winnipeg, Man., wliere
she will visit for a couple of weeks.
Mrs. Magee will also visit at Fort William before returning to Cranbrook.
Judge and Mra. G. H. Thompson returned to Cranbrook Wedesday after
an extended visit In the east. Mrs.
Thompson Is greatly Improved In
health, being greatly benefited by her
Mr. M. Normandln of Montreal. Que .
called on his friends, Martin brothers,
this week. Mr. Normandln was much
ImpreBRed with the beautiful scenery
In this district. He saw no finer nn
his trip. He left on Mb way to the
coast today .
Mr. James Kelly and Miss McAlear,
both of Fort Steele, were married at
the St. Eugene hospital chapel Wednesday morning by Rev. Father
Anthony. Both bride and groom are
popular people In Steele, where tliey
enjoy a large circle of friends. They
left on the afternoon flyer for Lethbridge, Alberta, where the honeymoon
will be spent.
On Sunday afternoon Thomas
Rates, immigration inspector, met with
a -serious accident. While the passenger train was In motion he got off
at Jerome. He fell and broke his
leg. His calls for help were heard
by the foreman of a section gang who
brought him to Moyie on a hand car.
Mr. Bates was relieved of his suffering and was brought to Cranbrook.
Dr. F. E. King and Matthew ti. King,
accompanied by their father, Senator
G. G. King, arrived In Cranbrook the
flrst of the week for a few days visit
with their brother, Dr. J. H. King.
This Is the tlrst visit of the former
two gentlemen to ('ranbrook In Beven
years nnd are naturally a bit timid to
shake hands with their former tlllf-
cuma. After a brief visit tliey wlll
return to the coast, while thc Senator
has journeyed east.
knives w
which In
.st.-e|  of
;i wny
Lwed tlinn
i cell and*
deaden ti
Bping lu
and   it
forced hla way al I
the night poll' i niai
When it wus dlsi
prisoner had deparl
Adams   lost   no     ti
touch witli outalde
description of the i
The chief, assisted
constables, kept up
but so far have i
whereabouts of hi:
ugM  i
con-1 iinsidcht. Mrs. W. ti. McFarlane in
bold ; the chair. After the usual business
f the j arising out of minutes and corres-
joners use in the nondence reports were given by the
lie constructed a delegates who recently attended the
mtrivance, with | 'onvention at Nelson. Mrs. Geo,
mh the half inch i Couldwell. the government delegate, related at length the doings of other Institutes In the Kootenay district. She
ilso mad*1 special reference to the
iunior members of Nelson Institute
ind the splendid work they had achieved, and encouraged junior membership in Cranbrook. girls of 18 years
being eligible who pay the ff.'c of BOc.
annually, Mrs. Couldwell reported
thoroughly upon the subject of "Cq-
operatlon between consumer and pro- !
duiler" which was introduced by Mrs.
illroy, of Willow Point, and further
discussed by Mrs. Applewhaite, of Willow Point. These ladles declared that
of B. 0, should Insist upon
fruit and
Home Guard Uniform Depot!
See Window Display
at Our Store
Join the
Home Guards
To Show Your
lide good Ills
sound of the
'vt-class order
tho prisoner
30 tonight, while
wu*, up town on
ivarod that the
d, Chief of Police
i-- in getting in
points, where a
i:'.n  was win-ii to.
by tiie provincial
ii nil night search
• clue
is to tlie j the people
It   ls   felt I being   supplied   with   B.
that he will be apprehended, as every ] other products. Almost every day thc
trail iu the district is guarded and u I consumer Is given the opportunity to i
sharp lookout Is being maintained, choose between spending money for
LeDuke's days of liberty nre number- ] tho benefit of ranchers ln  his own
Loyal Canadians in towns from coast
to coast are joining this Patriotic
Movement in preparation against
outrages such as the German bomb
explosion at the Peabody Overall
Plant, in Walkerville, attempt on
railroad bridges, Windsor Armoury,
Sign your name right now on the
coupon below, cut it out, bring it
lo our store and get a Handsome
Home Guard Label Button Free.
Home Guard Uniforms
ed, as the police
hlm up.
iro hound to round  community and that of ranchers in.
j foreign ■ countries.      Patriotism  and
loyalty point to the   course    which
should be followed.
Mrs. Couldwell also deult with the
various resolutions passed at the convention, many of them being of special
interest locally.
Mrs. J. W. Hnrton who represented
tho Cranbrook Women's Institute, out-
lined the work of the first duy of the
convention,   showing    the   splendid'
broad   feelings  of   patriotism   among i
the small rural branches and the mag- '
nlficQtit amount of work done for Ited
Cross   Societies,   Belgian   relief  funds
and many other causes, showing that
tin' Women's Institutes being a Gov-;
erhmont provision, should take tho In- j
Illative In patriotic work.
This, too, was strongly urged by
Mra.ADav.tea, chairman of the Advisory
Board, for the district and who was:
in tiie chair throughout the conference
.vlio made particular reference to thel
iplijhdld efforts of tho Institutes of the
district.' Slie also led up to the oppor- |
tiuiitles and*privileges of the members
to help in educating the young, supervising In the literature and Inspecting
school libraries.
Mrs. Johnstone, of Nelson. District
.Member of the Advisory Board, read
a telegram from Mr. W. E. Scott, De- i
puty Minister of Agriculture and Superintendent of Women's Institutes, ex-;
„„,,,,,, _* : presslrig Ill's regret at being unable to
Provide   timid   Mu**ie,   ClliOll   Iteiresll*
meal*, uud Everybody Ims liiiod
At the Auditorium Wednesday evening the Ladies* Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen gave a
most successful dniici', when a large
number of visitors to the city took advantage of lho occasion and tripped
the light, fantastic tu their entire
satisfaction. Tho ladies had planned
everything well mid that their efforts
wore appreciated was made manifest
in the many expressions heard during
the night. The Cranbrook Orchestra
had been engaged for the occasion,
and ft is agreed by all the dancers
that that aggregation never put up a
better programme of music* in this
city. The time was perfect, the music
entrancing. As was expected, the ladies excelled themselves in the matter
of refreshments. The coffee was made
to .i king's linisli and there was plenty
of it. There were sandwiches galore,
and cake that was the best ever placed
before an audience.
The Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.,
Peabody's Overalls and Home Guard Uniforms
anJ Exchange it for a Home Guard Button
I will lend my moral support to Thc Home Guard. I promise to,uphold th? hand of His Majesty, to protect the homes and the institutions
of the Dominion and to assist our Government in *v*ry wmjr within
my power.
As a pledge of whicli I will wear a Home Guard Button.
Present coupon for exchange at nearest agent of PEABODY OVERALLS
Tlie subject of "What ls Eugenics?
*\ Plea for Racial improvement" was
given by Mrs. Gardner of N'akusp, who
affirmed' that only sound healthy people should marry and that the principle of jrlght living and thinking
should be inculcated from birth.
Mrs.' Burton also reported on the
subject of "What a Woman  Can  Do
for the Empire," which was ably dealt
with   by  Mrs.  MacMillan,  of  Burton
j City.   Amongst many important things
effort    a ! she said, the speaker enlarged upon
following ! the work of the women In helping to
.    . - win/'especially by practising economy.
who are work-      She solemnly referred to the work
re not-nelf-sup-  of women In giving sons for the Em-
! pire and training them in such a way
for all branches : to bo of fit service for their country.
of Salvation Army work. , It wa» a task, but a great privilege
3.   To meet the BVer-HicroasIAg de-1 that this fell to the hands of women.
mends of the Salvation Army work.    | She exhorted all to encourage men to
Donations  in   cash    aud   saleable , enlist and not take comfort from the
goods are solicited and It is confident- ' unselfishness of others and to hold
Thnnksirhimr  Eltort   Is   Sow   Heing
Held by the Salm ion Army
In Camilla
The local members of the Army are
making an oarneBt endeavor to have
u record event. A series of special
services appropriate to the occasion
has been arranged to take place September ISth to Hist and these promise
to be of an interesting character.
Iu connection with .this
fund will be raised for the
1, To assist offltie
Ing In localities that
2. To train officer
on a business bails. She said that
every woman should have her own
bank account and tcaue her own
checks. Many women, she said, had
Incomes of their own d* rived trom the
sale cf various products ratsetl by
themselves. They should, ahe said.
manage tltis money themselves, She
aho advised all women to learn something of law, to know how to draw a
will and pbtaln a knowledge of ether
matters of a legal nature Tha speaker pointed out the value to a woman
of being self-supporting before marriage. Such women are the oner, who
make the gicatest success of domestic
management, (or having bad money of
their own on which to keep themselves
they know just how far a certain sum
will go. she said.
At the conclusion tt the reports a
hearty vote of thank*: was extruded
the delegates for the splendid reports
they had brought back.
Mrs. McFarlane. in the unavoi.1abl<-
absenco of Mrs. Gill, awarded the
prizes won at the recent flower show.
A demonstration on pickles was given
by Mesdames Sarvis nnd Burton and
after the serving of tea and refreshments, the national anth'-m closed a
very busy afternoon.
ly expected thut the friends of the
Army will join in helping this good
work and avail themselves of another opportunity to show tlieir confidence fn such praiseworthy efforts.
Have you trouble wilh your starting
; system I If so, go fo Ihe Hanson
; iiarage.
Pastor. Hev. Thomas Keyworth.
,    Services at  11 ti:m. 'n'tid 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and  Adult Class at*8:
1 o'clock.   Prayer service Thursdays at
S o'clock. ! ,•■
On Sunday special Harvest Thanks-
• giving services will be conducted by
the  pastor,   while  music  appropriate
back our own loved ones.
Many other things were referred to
which took place at the Conference,
dealing with means of keeping ln
touch with the boys In the trenches,
especially with news from home. Mrs.
Burton described how scrap-books had
been made of items of news culled
from dally and weekly locals, and
hoped that Cranbrook would take up
the ,(dea for the benefit of our brave
brothers at the front or in hospital.
Another'subject reported upon was
"UiuilnesjR Methods for Women" which
was given by Mrs. Couldwell, of Cranbrook, In.which "ho urged upon every
woman  to run her household affair.
Miss Pearl Hillier Succumbs to White
Plague This Morning   Funeral
.\ gloom of sadness was cast over the
little town of Moyie this morning,
when the news of the death of .Miss
Pearl H. Hillier became known. The
end came peacefully at 11 o'clock,
when it became known to those close
associated with the household that the
death angel hovered near.    Miss Hillier was in the 28Ul year of her age
About two years ago   the deceased
contracted pleurisy, whip- residing In
Calgary, from which she never fully
recovered. Her constitution was
greatly impaired, when the great
white plague laid claim, to which she
succumbed as reported above.
The news o( her death was received
In Cranbrook with profound sorrow
and surprise, as Miss Hillier visited
in the town only last week ahd:was In
a cheery mood, never complaining of
feeling any the worse for her Illness.
A particularly >ad part In connection
with thc death of this young lady is
the lact that this is the first break In
a family of ten children. Previous to
taking up residence in .Moyie Miss Hll-
li**r resided at Vancouver'. B. C. and
Calgary, Alta.
I'nderlak^s F. M. MacPherspn of
this city prepared the body for burial.
'The funeral will be held Saturday,
Rev. Thomas Keyworth, of the Methodist church, this city, will perform the
last *-ad rites. The body will be forwarded to Goderich. Ont.. her native
town Mrs. Hillier. mother*of thc* de-
ceased, and Mrs. P, W. Pitch, sister,
will accompany the remains.
li'-sides the sorrowing mother there
are left to mourn her loss six sisters
and three brothers. The sisters' are
Mrs R. H. Cutt, of Goderich, Ont.;
Mia W. J. Rutledge. ol Nelson,*. C;
Mrs. J. W. Pitch, of Moyle. B. C;
Mrs B, A. Hill, of Cranbroolt. ft C;
Mrs. Fred Hunt, of Goderich, Ont,
and Mrs. W. B, Schwantz, of Vancouver, B. C. The brothers are William
.Hillier. of Edmonton. Alta.; &ck Miliar, of Calgary, Alta., and H, O.' Mill *r. druggist, of Toronto, Ont.
Mr.-. Rutledge and Mrs. Schwann
hav.* arrived at Moyie to-be In attendance at the funeral.
hilclii'ii   Knives -.-.   10c
Enamel I'le 1'latrn, 3 lor.'.. .St
I ranlirocik. B. ('.
Sewing Done nt Home or
ttt Hmmo* Atoim
lli'iijumln talnl, of Wardnnr. has
uVmomtlrated to the mitisfiu'tinn of tlle
rrslilentK of KiiKt Kootenny that cantaloups can bo grown In this district.
At Ilia ranch on the banks of the Kootenay he haa a patch of tho choice
fruit which would do crodlt to tlio
tropica. Mr. laird hus forwarded a
specimen to Cranbrook which is now
on exhibition In the Window of Mr.
W. H. Wilson, which weighs 27Vi ozs.
The seed waa planted the first of June.
It Is estimated that Mr. Laird will
take 200 pounds from the patch, which
Is probably the first cantaloupe ripened Eaat Kootenay. This record surpasses the famous banana farm of F.
K. Simpson, whicli the former proprietor of the Cranbrook Herald operated
Mil be rendered.
Topic for the morning "The Harbingers of Harvest."
Kvening, "Corrected Thoughts."
On Monday evening a congregational
social will be held when every member of the congregation is urged to be
present for n general good time.
Games, programme, refreshments, etc.
No charge.    No collection.
Open for Business as I'siml
First-Class Cigars and Millard
Barter She* la Coaaactloa
Sunday, September 12th
Morning service, 11 a.m.
Sunday school and Bible class,    3
Kvening service at 7.30 p.m.   Subject: "Christian Spiritualism."
\V. Stephens, Pastor.
Harvest Festival Services. .  *, -"•■'•*|"
Sunday ,-
8 a.m. holy communion.   ...  ,fi ■ iM
11 a.m. Matins and Litany. r|j
7.30 p.m. Evensong. ,i.r.
nov. w. II. Bridge, R A., UhM»
Hector. 11
Sunday school, 2,30 p.m.
Evening service, 7,30 p.m.
Raid Hill Sunday sclioal 11 i
The ideal laxative for women
and children
Pleasant to
•No ingredient In Rexall Orderlies in In the
»liNhu***t degree harmful or injurious.
Kven the moat delicate child can be ftlren
It ci-.'II Orderlies, fur tliey »re safe, easy to administer and milil fn net ion, Nu other 'laxative
in *■■> good fur children.
Made in Cunadu and snld in metal hotel ai inc.
fiii.ir.iiii ■*.*   "money h.uk if not
Re wil Orderlies are a specific for cnmtlpatlon
for people of ull uttes becuUKC, having %% took
effort on the bowels, their use tends to retturv
these organs to their normal activity.
They ure particularly recommended for women liming pregnancy aud after child-birth.
25c nnd SOc each, at Reiall St urea only, on their
uiMutl."  Get a Hoi Today from
Cranbrook B. C. PAGE FOUR
was Cl years ot age,   was bom   in MERRY WEDDING
Workington, Cumberland, England, In j BELLS RING
1855, and when 19 years ot age Joined
Meets every
Monday niglu
at    Fraternity
■all.     Sojourning    Oddfollowa
cordially Invited.
W. M. Harris, B- W. Russt H,
Sec. N-Q-
Cranbroolt, B.C.
U.slti every Tuesday nt S |, » In
the Fraternity Hall
R. c. Carr, O.C.
p. M. Christian, K. It. & S.
p. 0. Box at
VisiUsg brethruu Cordiall* invited to attend.
Barrisliis. Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial  limit Uullding
liny rit
er poll
ta Hill
e Hal
Is nol
in It
. that
■<■ Hoi
. ot Iu-
o. is II
the Ro i
at Roi
BVlllO t
ir : il
1 wei ki
nut A
.1.  Mi
tt, "i"
ami M
■. and
Mr    i
■ ,
ii ■ i;:l;
ii Is
ink wltli
ri< ml 1,
t. u 1
WU       llii
i   imttliit;
ii r'i     mi his train In ij
■. ii     for tl    rani: ol major,
U, j, i.u ii  ii :t i 'i Mondny for Crnn-
.- ol  on hit i ■ if:fi ii rounds,   Neltlior
■   i. or tin   wi atlier or the Crisis
■ tho 5th Northumberland Fusilier.*,
and served nearly ten yeara In the regular nrmy, thre of whicli were in active service In the Afghan war. He
also served four years in India. Upon
the return of bis regiment he was
married In 1884 to Miss Margaret
Nolan, or Dublin, who died a few
years later. In 1882 he came to Canada
and lived In Montreal and Toronto for
soveral years, being professor In a
fencing school in the latter city for
some time. In 1902 he came to Fernie, whore hc lias lived ever since. Hc
has also taken an active interest in
military affairs, being a sergeant in
the Kootenay Rifles and later a drill
instructor In the 107th regiment. He
was burled from the Roman Catholic
church, with military honors, on Wednesday afternoon, tho funeral being
one of tlie largest over held tu Fernie.
abate t!
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday   at  Fraternity   Hull
Sojourning Rebokatis cordially invited.
Sis. C. Bennet, N. Q.
Sis. A. HlckenUotham, Sec.
(Successor to W. V. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    and
P. 0. BOX 850
Meets In Maple Hall second
ud fourth Tuesday of ©very
nonth at 8 i»m.
Memhurslnp  upon   to   MrlUsu
E. Y. Brake, J. IT. Lower,
President Seeretnrj
Visiting maaibars cordially
Physicians and  Surgeons
OfUoe  at  residence,  Armstrong
Forenoons    000 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Bvenings    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.30 to   4.30
Cranbroolt,   B.C.
Meets ln the Maple Mull
flrst Tuesday afternoon of every
month ut 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. U. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
p. O. Box 44a
All ladles cordially Invited.
OiTlce   In   Hanson   Block
ti to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Presidfint~A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands and agriculture apply tu
tbe Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting-—The   Second   Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Slutemiky and General Nursing
Gardttn Ave.
Terms ou Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 23ft P. O. Box 845
Is open for engagement
Dances. Socials Etc
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
i'iio.m: m
Cranbrook, D.C.
Phone 34G P. O. Box 585
funeral Director ami J.mlmlnicr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Italcer St.
Joined V.w .Hi,i ami    | :<
Elko for Vernon Bunds
Mr. and -Mrs. It Q. t)i
Q*. Stalker, wife and Ian
Rlnuto, of Pernie ma
Sunday visiting tho Elk
Nnv the Qerman boyi
from the British Em]
' good opening for a doi
in Elko, the town Uial'f
i jealous.
■ "Any (Ish in Elk Rh
\ reckon, old timer, they
j darned thick last wei .:
j you could have walk" 1
I getting wel!"
1 The Inimitable and i
Joe Jackson, of Crnnb
| Klko visitor tliis week
J that would keep you
ufter you've seen it.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe si
River motored to Elki
j the  first visit, since t
I We sincerely hope tin
havo rich parent i.
-    Mr. and Mrs. Tom ,
atone are visiting writ
J, M. Agnew tills weok
Inson of Okotoks, Al
Holllngshend of Flags
A well known hunk
Saturday thai b;
money would I
shoe, and as pie
couver beach, li
long time to wi
■17  unions sei
unhappy marriage
says an eastern pa]
tlebeak remarks ths
i could um li
! -ook a meal thi
clear to tho wai
children's neck,
lorn figures in a
At tin' next r
Elko Board of '
.vill submit b
ey, Cnpt. F
q smile anil good
vattvos* ono best
Ineial election,
and 'hree child-
west on Mordny
r ■ thoy will make
in *. 'Jr. Stanley
ii' Gazette nowB-
er ai that puint.
(From the Fernie Free Press)
Tho Alpine c.\uh camp is aglan In
11 swing at Island Lake.
i* company will put
Elk 1
■e hlis
the 1st i
tlful as t
t even a
t for yoi
•ml in •
tr.' slorti
i this fall.
Iranbrook, is look-
a new 107th unlay, Aug. 28, 1015,
iwi, aged 3 years
ighter of Mr. and
aken over the man-
tral lintel and will
he i ubllc the best
ig working much
available man eni-
Bliould    now show
re very much
over the report
latlon were ne-
mee of the coal
(Special correspondence)
Inveriuere, 11. C, Sept. 7.—Tho first
open tournament of the Invermere
Golf aud Country Club came to a close
on the afternoon of Labor Bay. There
wore live leading compeUtlonfl, con
Blutlng in the Lady Elizabeth cup for
teams of six players; thc Invemcrc
Golf and Country Club cup; the cpeu
fourscmos; ladies competition ant! a
consolation prize. Those from outside
taking part in the different matches
wcre a team from Cranbrook comprising John Cholditeh, Chester Staples, J. McEwan, J. T. Laldlaw, H. W.
Supple, Dr. Green and M. A. Beale.
Two visitors wore present from the
St. Andrew's Club, of Calgary. Alta.,
heing Messrs. Cruttenden and Miller,
and from Cranbrook Messrs. Erickson
and Hoggarth.
Each of the many competitions had
Individual prizes as well as cups,
which were presented to the winners
at the close of the events.
The  following   wore ,the   results:
Lady Elizabeth cup for teams of
six players, open to all Western
clubs, won by Invermere.   Score:
staples      2
McEwan       2
Laldlaw    0
Supple   3
Mr. Green     0
Healc      0
Miss Llixle McKenzie and Mr. Rodney
Doiinidsdii I 'lilted in Wedlock
on August 18th
The following announcement from
an Asquith, Sask., paper will be read
with Interest by Cranbrook people.
The bridegroom is well known In this
city, having been a fireman In the employ of the C. P, R.:
Wedding Bells
Eagle Bank Farm, the home of Mr.
and Mis. William McKenzie, was the
scene of a very intoroctttlg and happy
event on Wednesday, August 18th,
when their youngest daughter, Miss
Lizzie, was united In marriage to
Mr. Rodney Donaldson, of Edmonton,
Alberta. The marriage ceremony was
solemnized by the bride's brother-in-
law, the Rev, Joiin Leech-Porter, rector of the Buffalo Lake parish, Saok-
atchewau, and took place on the verandah, whicli Imd been tnstofully decorated with (lowers and Canadian
heather, The bride looked very charming in ber wedding dross of chiffon
over pale blue satin. She carried a
handsome bouquet, the gift of tin
bridegroom. Miss Emma McKenzie, a
cousin of tho bride, acted us bridesmaid, appearing very attractive In a
pretty gown of pink silk nnd lace, The
bridegroom was supported by Charlie
McKenzie, a brother of the bride.
Owing to the fact that Marry McKenzie, a brother of the bride, is on
active service in Belgium, tho wedding
was celebrated quietly. There were
present the bride's parents, her sister, Mra. John Leech-Porter, her
brothers, William and his wife, of
Cranbrook, B, C, John and his wife, of
Asquith, Charlie and Allan, of Eagle
Bank Farm, her cousin, Miss Emma
McKenzie, of Kinley, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Lyon and Mr. Doublcdny. After
an hour of much merriment, durhir
the serving of the eumptuous wedding
breakfast, the happy couple loft cn the
evening train for S?.Bkatoon, where
thoy spent a few days, returning; for ■
short visit to the homo of the bride's
parents. The bride's travelling costume was a handsome suit of dark
blue cloth, trimmed with chon.lc* and
hat to match. Among the gifts to the
br'de were gifts from her parents and
checks from her brothers William and
Peter and the Rev. John Leech-Porter.
Every I
house ol
nd M
J. liulicr
E. Kirk-
been nnnounc-
lior In
id lice
Cl.il and Minim,' Engineers
B. r. Land Surveyors
nt.  !•:■
forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge   I "i'l
Xl.lte Powder
Imperial oil Co.
Vraylng and Transferring
aivwi prompt atti-ntlon
I'lione 6:1
Day Pbone 233 Night Phone 35
Nortary Are., next to City Hall
town inn tarry its nun
These insurance companl
ting to hi'a greater mcnai i
■inn Militarism, nml mnki
toba scandal look Insignifii
few weeks a nincompoop is
Lo fm'! tlio residents ami se
mom these board sharks ci
Prohibition will bo defoa
Jim Thistlebeak says II.n
nlil sunsot province a wli
tilings that need lixinir far worst! tha I
looking brighter every
iber industry in this
a aro coming in very
all tlie mills and the
Hiding it hard to obtain
'. Ellas lingers.
vs Nest Pass
E. King, dnugli-
. King, of Ham-
place In    New
sent roun I
b bow mttc!
in grab,
ted In Elko
C  is  ill  tiii
tile   lot      (
is open   tor  engagemenl
tor dances, socials, etc
For terms apply lo
CranliriKik, II. ('•
rimiie 106 P. O. Boi 33
Organist  Methodist  Church
Receive, Pupils tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Am
this conversation h
the people aro ted
The Conservatives
feated  the  Roblln  l
tiie McBrldi
li. C. it will bc thc i
will do it. Tlie pi
good and sir I, of wai
merit trying to wash
getting ids skin wet,
ostlon, nn
i promisci
i in Manitoba    di
government and
nni nl Is defeated I
c Conservatives tin
Mackinnon  ...
Skin Sufferers
id, Engli; d, tooK
i'k on Aug 23rd,
\ meeting of the hotelkocpora of
rnie waa iii Id in the Fernie hotel on
turday last t<> consider the propoB-
on of Tie. In *-r. There was a pood
;il of argument nnd the price wait
ally lix il ut 10c, three Tor 2fic.
Prohibition does not seem to be a
ry live is-in in Ft rnie and from
' present outlook somo of the hip
enkers who are headed this way
mi llii' coast will not meet with a
ry warm reception.
(From the Creston Review.)
Headquarter**   for  all   kinds   of
Rati*fncLimi  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
If  you   want   satisfaction
with your washing
Bend It to
Special  prlceB for family
was a passenger
vornmont timber
ih. was u Creuton
Batliie,   Pleasanl
i were Cn   toil
Oeneral Merchant
Euii'liijinriiU Agenli
P. O. box iuh Plioiu 144
the home
Hobt Frame, Trap.
Fresh  llroiul.
CnkiiK, Plei
•nd Pastry
NorbiU7 Avo.
Opp. Cltr Hall
ddrMiuti r.'i.-ijii,," |Ti'.i!
ntelltfifnr Nnteeed Drtlnj incw
J-wljr'inTiiilr -*•*■■-"■'*•— up,isanox.or
!*• for JS, nt ilniii ntw*. '>r !•/ iimii nn r *lpt
— - -'—    TH« Sooitei.l. iintiu Co., M.' Utnirliiwi,
m^*Sti*-U*T*mj O*. Ui.
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car ol
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Itulterinllk   twice a  week
The only clarified milk ln
Wa  (aaraatee  lo   Pleas*
Mrs. VV. LevoBquo
■ast on Tuesday—1<
W, I.. Kelly, ii ni'
Bcaler from Cranbroo
visitor (in 'riii'silny.
Mlni'H    I'lnr. in,-    I
Blnkloyand Anna ilm
. visitors on Tuesday.
I    Minn Mi'lvii Cartwrlftlit   came    up
from tlte tluscrofl Bchool to spend tlte
weok.ond with her parents.
i    Flour In getlng down to boforo-tke.
wur iirlci's again.   The Mcrcautllo t'o,
ilils woek reduced tbe i rli n ■'   , ■ nt
iier liumlri'il.
j    Egga are on  tho un grade
lirliiKlui: tin' poultrj m n    :' cenl
dozen,   liulry butter Is holding at SO
cents n pound.
A.   I..  Squire,  Is  Hn- m w
keeper at tbe Bank of Commere)
ceedlng 1). Allen.    Ho arrived
Vancouver on Saturday.
Mrs. Quo, Nichols who lias boi ■
undergoing 'treatnu nt at Cranbrook
hospital for the post llirro weeks, returned on Monday looking very niur'i
improved in health.
Jas. King, u former prln
Creston school was Bhaking
tho depot on Wednesday. Hi
his way in Cranbrook where
dorstand, he will tench this t<
To date fourteen mixed cr.r
and vegetables have been slii]
Creston uiul Erickson—six !
latter.   Of the Erickson output utmost
three of tbo ears were tomatoos,
Tlie vital statistics for AuguBt slim,'
another off month for cupid, a
pity fur Hi" -rim reaper, no in
nr ileiitlis being recorded.   Til
only one birth,
Capt. 10. Mallaiiilulne returned on
Monday Irom Work  Point Barracks,
niinniy chaffeur
*.& and costs for
avenue. If the
the speeil bylaw
iy treasurer would
:i-i n Manitoba pol-
I'liiniiitttiity would
;i toy Iree.
on foot to nsk the
i nu net prohibiting
jors sine beer nnd
thought tluit such
t with the general
me tvltli the execp-
tsts uiul the
ollco would onforc
ii the limit the ell
i.oii lie as opulent
tlclatt and tli" ■
In irlsh like ii groei
A movement Is i
[overnment to pass
I,. Bale of all llqu
light wines.   It is
in  net  would  lu
i.iprovnl of i vi ryo
:1 ,u ol' the iii -tiller
•i bid ti mperanco advocates,
Tho many frli nde of Sergeant .lames
.      I  irnod wltli deep regrot    of
di. IU 'nr!   Monday morning.   I)e-
ii   had    I"  n ailing   for   some
■!.  and fi r i omt, tlmi wns coniinod
lion] gl  Bnvnge, who
Stockdale   3
Total       10
Any teum winning thttt three times
becomes the owners of the handsome
Invermere Golf and Country Club
Cup. 18 holes, under handicap, medal
play, open:
Stockdale,.Invermere  96-6 89
Cruttenden, Calgary 91 ser. 91
The peroon winning this three times ■
becomes the owner of the cup.
Open Foursomes, match play: first.
Cruttenden and Miller, Calgary; second
stockdale and Cuthbert, Invermere.
Ladles Competition, nine holes,
medal play: first, Mrs. W. H. Cleland,
Invermere: second, Miss Pitts, Invermere,
Consolation Prize; FirBt, Oenrge
Stevenson, Cranbrook; second, O. C.
H. Coleman, Invermere.
Messrs. Irving, C. Wedd, C. C. Bar-
liert. were the Competition Committee.
Afternoon tea was served each day
•n the (lull House.
INVERMERE, B.C., Sept. 7th—The
Una! arrangements in regard to the
Windermere District Agricultural
Fuir nre about complete. The Exhibition takes place on the fourteenth
nnd flftenth of this month on tlie
Grounds of the Dominion Government
Experimental Station. One prize of
pedal merit has been given by en
outside capitalist of twenty dollars
nsh to bc awarded as the result of a
poll to the most contented settler in
lie district.
The D. I). D. Prescription for Eczema, a mild, antli-.eptlc wash, stops that
awful Itch Instantly.
Throughout the city i-uch remark-
able cures have been witnessed wltll
this remedy that I). D. IJ. Is now universally recommended.
As proof of our confidence In the
remedy, we offer you the tlrst full-
slzed bottle on guarantee that unless
It docs the SAME FOR YOU, It costs
you not a cent. A generous trial
bottle for 25c.
Cranhrimk, B. ('.
Oh, we nre gallant N.C.O.'a
Thut drill llie Cranbroolt boyt ;
And to Iti,v. r photos Uikon,
Is the best of all our joy:
For we Just incline our right arms,
To show our stripes galore,
Atul figure to our own sweet selves
How we cull gel sotui' more.
There'u Bob McKay and l.i.fin :
There's Seliinell nml     '    friend
Of course they might look bettor
If they did not look so tlorco.
There's young Fred Pye and Ashworth
And CHIT Stand's thoro us well.
But the wny tliey turned their r'ght
arms out,
It sure does look like hi!
Alltlio' we have not beeu to war
And killed oq all those Huns.
This drilling rookies from the "brook"
Is worse than facing guns.
Vou give one order to advance.
Another to retire:
Tlle way they execute the move,
It sets my blood on flre.
Then. "Right turn, into file there!"
"Now. Rlltter, mind tbo step!"
"And cut out all that talking,
Or C. B. Is what you'll get."
And yet the old gnme still goes on,
The saint.' from dny to day;
If it wasn't for these stripes 1 wear,
I think I'd run away.
But with all our little troubles,
Wt* have our bigger joys:
When we get our photos taken.
Stuck ln front of nil the buys!
- Woodyard Kindling
(British Columbia I
Hnrilnrr, B. ('.
I..   M.   SMITH
II A T   II K > O V A T O II
Ladles   and   Gontiemon's   lints
('loaned nnd Blocked
Plione 'Jill
MISS    MiiImI    A.    Huberts
Certlf.   R.A.M.   (London.   Eng.)
Will  be prepared In lake
pupils in Voice Culture and
From 7th September
Address: The Rectory
Under and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain mortgage,
whicli will be produced ut the time of
sale there will be offered for sale by
public auction on Tuesday, the 14th
day of September. 1915, nt the hour of
ofnceB°of Charles R.Ward, Auctioneer, I IMPERIAL BANK Ol CA N ADA
of  Cranbrook,    H.C.  the    following
property,   namely,   District  of   East i        HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO
Kootenay and Province of British c"-'Capitol Authorized   ....»10.(llltl,(IOO.On
iumbla, more particularly known and ;,,',,, .... .,„ * -„„„„„„,„,
described as sub-division  (three)   of Upltol laid Lp     ,,0(1(1.110(1.0*.
Lot 326 (three hundred nnd twenty-   Koservo   snd   Undivided
five) Group 1  (One)  Kootenay    District.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to Thomas T.
Mecredy. Solicitor, Hanson Block,
Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Dated at Cranbrook. B. 0„ this 2nd
day of September, mi'...
T. T. Mecredy,
Solicitor for the Mortgagee,
;l5-2t D. J. MeGlnnis.
6, .-lir-
of fruil
ed from
om  Hi'
LiqroH act, lino
,.. tlon  10
:  I    HEREBY GIVEN thai
fourth ii ,i  i.i' Octobor next.
. ■   Hon     11 b   • ■ id   to tlie Sup-
li:.!  of  Provincial  Pollco for
fer of the license for tho Bale
: hy retail In and upon   tin-
n ii -    known ni   tho Canal  Flats
Itiiati   ni  Canal  Finis.  British Columbia, from   I-:.  II. Small to
William .1. McFnrlano, ot llrltlsh Co-
 '■■ .i
B. II. Small,
Holder of license.
William   .1.   McFarlane,
Ai pllcant for transfer.
Dated this  31st    dny of    August,
1915. 2n-«'
To Mary McQulston, Registered   and
Assessed Owner of Lot 21, Block
ST. Cranbrook City, Map 600:
TAKE NOTICE that un application
has boon   made to   register   Aiilder
Clarke Bowness ns the owner In fee
simple if Hi" above Inn.Is under Tnx
.-ii!.- Deed from tha Collector of the
i orporntion of the City of Crnnbrook
nnd vou are required to contest   the
claim of tlie Tax   Purchaser   within
lh atlon hereof,
Dated nt tin
nl   Ni I "li.  B.C
wns Augu I. 1016,
lays I'.-iiui th
■!. hap-
irst pub-
I;-ml Registry O.tlce
this   -llnl   day   of
Samuel H. Roe,
District Registrar.
Diite of Ilrst publication August 26,
1916. 34-.t
IN TIIE MATTER OP AN APPLICATION for the Issue of n duplicate
Certilieate of Title to Lots 1, 2,
8, 4. 6. 6 and 7. Block 91, Crnn-
lirook City, Man 669.
is my Intention to Ibsuo at the explra-
iiun of one month after the flrst publication hereof a duplicate of thn Certificate nf Title to the above mentioned
lots In the name of Tho Lund Land
•mil  Development Company  Limited.
which Certificate Is doted the 24th day
of October 1912 and numbered 1169-1.
District Registrar.
Nelson, B. C,
5th August. 1915. 32-4t
B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that Angus McLeod, of Fort Steele, B. C, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 79907B, Intends, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
tlie purpose of obtaining s Crown
Orsnt of the above claim.
And further take notice thst action, under section 87, most be commenced before the Issue of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this Hth day ol Mr, A.D,,
1116. IMt
uefIhtment of works
notice to contractors
Waldo School
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
Tender for Waldo School," wlll
be received by the Honourable tbe
Minister of Public Works up to
12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 21st
day of September, 1916, for the
erection nnd completion of a two-
room and outbuildings at Waldo, in
tho Fernie Electoral Dislrict.  II   C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forme of tender muy ho seen on
und after the Ist day of :;, iteni-
ber, 1915, at the ollice of Mr. J.
Mnlioncy, Government N«"iit. Vancouver; Mr. (I. S. Slulker. liovorn-
ment Agent, Fertile; Mr. \V Mud-
den, Secretary to the School Itoui'd,
Wnldo, 11. ('.; nnd the Department of
Public Wurks. Victoria, .It.'.
Intending tenderers can olitnln
one enpynf plans and Hiifcllifi'tliins
by applying to 'he undersigned
with a deposit of ten dollars t'H),
which wlll be refunded on their return In gnod order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on n chartered
bank of Canada, made payable lo
the Honourable tbe Minister of Public Works, for a sum equal to 20 per
cent, of tender, which shall be forfeited If the party tendorlng decline to
enter Into contract when culled upon
to do bo, or if he fail to complete thc
work contracted for. The cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers wlll be returned to tl.em
upon tbe execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
slyned with the actual signature of the
tenderer, and enclosed in tlie envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tenderer not necessarily accepted.
Deputy Minister and  Public WorkB
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., August 16th, lilt.
l'rollts       s.2i;ii,iiii(uiti
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit iBsued
available in uny part of the world.
attention given to Savings Hunk Ac
counts. Deposits of $1.00 nnd' upwards received and interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A branch Is also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the management of Irving C. Wedd.
Cranhrook Brunch
II. IV. SUPPLE, Manager
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons (rom
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
ihow you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Sla-
tton. Close to all plnren nl
Interest. Rooms elogantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
Bm Steamship oa th* R»*l


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