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Cranbrook Herald Feb 17, 1910

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NO. 5.S
At the approach of sprint,* it is the
custom with most women to re-arrunge
the house furniture
Changing some from one room to
another; repairing some; discarding
some; buying some.
is complete now, and when ready to
buy you will find it to your interest lo
give us a call.
Dresser and Stand
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Bevel Plate Mirror
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Old Furniture
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W.    W.    O.
Our Spring Stock is in
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for your shoe
During the Wet Season
you will find our
Rubber Soled Street Shoe
to suit  your needs  better than
ordinary shoes, over which you
wear rubbers.
The Rubber Sole
is a new feature which is bound
to win in favor during
wet weather.
We are Agents for
Leckie River Driver Shoes
m\ ■
jU.ii ii Ik
;M i
11 • 'Pr^-XT**-^**-^-?!.11-* -1"
One of our Security C'rilis may save your child's life.
Thuy hare high ends and Bides, when raised prevent B
falling out.
Price  with   Brass   Knobs, $10.50
Including spring,
IRON BEDS    -    Special $3.95
N-. 63-All white, straight fillers, 4 ft. only.
c. c. s.
Another large shipment of
Linoleums arrived this week, containing over two thousand square
We can show you now
21 different patterns in
Block and Floral
Our Linoleums and
Floor Oils
are all English Manufacture
which is the best in the world.
Special price
12 feet wide
62^ cts.
per square yard.
Floor Oil Cloth
all English Goods
35, 40 and 45 cents
square yard
March 16th is the date
the Sewing Machine
will be given away
Get your Cash Register
assembled and be on deck early.
Every ten cent  purchase   means   one
vote;   $10 00   is   one   hundred   votes.
The Standard Machine
is the very acme of perfection in all
that   is   latest  and   improved   in  the
•"•ewing Machine World.
You can win it if vou work for it.
Get your friends to give you
their tickets
$20.00 in cash
will be given to anyone winning the
machine who cannot UBe it.
w«   w*   O*
Sews ol the sudden death ol
David Dr-rckenridge earns as quite a
shock to bis many friends anil acquaintances in Cranhrook last Sunday morning. Mc. Breckecridge bad
been taken tit last Saturday morning at one ol the Grows Nest pass
Lumber company's camps at Hani
CreeX two miles Irom Fort   Steele
Medical   aid    was   immediately      sent
for, and l>r. Hugh Watt, "I Fori
Steele, drove out to attend to bim,
l.atrr   m     the  day   Pr    Lees, Dl
Cranbrook, drove out Irom i<»»n and
upop liis advice, it was decided to
bring Mi Breckenrtdgo Into the St,
Kugrne hospital ("i treatment lie
uas luOsrtog Irom a severe attack ol
ueut-e   gastritis,       Ou Sunday   mum
ing, Mr.    Brnokcnrldge, accompanied
by his   wife ami     Mi      Arthur Luitd,
h'ft eamp for Cranbrook. Whilst
driving    m     be     wai     overcome
by  another  sevvie attack  and expit
ed m his wile's arms. The body
was conveyed lo w   u  Bcatty's un
dertaking parlors, v.hence it was
taken 0fl Tuesday afternoon, undet
escort ol local and Fort Steele
mawms to the Cburoh ol England,
where tbe funeral service was COH
ductal hy Itev E P. FlewelUng,
and thenee conveyed to the st.iti"ti
for shipment to Peterborough, Onl ,
lor Interment.
The deceased, who was forty-five
years oM, had been a long resident
ol Kast Kootenay, being in the cm-
ploy* ol the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
company, ol which his brother, .John
HreCkenridge, the well known railway contractor, was a Inrge shareholder. David Brcckenridgo came to
Hritish Columbia with liis brother
John, with whom, for some years
previously he hnd been In partnership In the coniractlng business In
London, Ont lie was a native ol
Peterborough, Ont., nnd a little mOCQ
than a year ago was married to n
Peterborough girl, with whom widespread sympathy Ir expressed in her
sudden bereavement.
I>avld Breckcnridgc heM a high position In the regard of troth his employers and their employes, with
whom his relations were always nf
the friendliest nature, lie was noted throughout the lumber enmps for
his straightforward, manly dealings
vith all with whom he came in contact.
reference to the sud
den demise was made last Sunday
evening, at the Presbyterian church
at Wardner, by Itev. R, J. Snow-
The funeral service tn town on
Tuesday afternoon, was largely attended. From Fort Steele the principal OlBCera of the local .Masonic
lodge attended in a body, and Worshipful Master It. T. Richardson
conducted the ceremony in the Cranbrook lodge room, winch was attended by a representative body of Cran-
btook Masons. Among the Fori
Steele Masons In attendance were
the lollowing D.D.Q \l a. B, Fen-
wlck, w M, it t Richardson, s. H .
John Larson, .?. w . ll. Mathers and
Bros Qatbraitb and Dr. Watt* Tbe
.If eased was a member ol Fori
Steele lodge, having been raised to
tbe  sublime   degree   ol    a   mastei
mas,.ti   within   11n*   past   three   Wtekl
Tin- severe attack ol gastritis,
which proved fatal, was presumably
brought about bv tbe fact that Mr
Breokenrfdfo drove out from camp.
r-artj Saturday morning, without
breaklasti ami returning about io
a m. ate a very hearty breakfast,
within an hour of doing so, he was
Btrloken down and died within twenty-four hours.
The body was shipped east on the
afternoon train Tuesday last, Mrs.
Breckenrldge and Mr John Brcckenridgo accompanying tho remains.
Amended Liquor License Act
Drastic Measure Now Before the Legislature—Attorney-General
Bowser Claims It Will Prove a Good Substitute
for Local Option
(Special to the Herald.)
Wardner, Feb. Iti.—The whole town
was thrown into sndncss and confusion on Sunday last when the news
eanie that Mr. Dave BreckcnrWgo
had died on tbe way to Cranbrook
hospital from Fort Steele. Mr.
Brcckenridgo had been complaining
of stomach trouble for several years,
but was able to perform bis regular
duties. lie left for Fort Steele
camp on Friday afternoon nud suddenly became quite ill. Mrs. Brcckenridgo was sent for on Saturday
afternoon nnd in company with Mr.
Arthur Lund, drove to the camp,
only to find her husband in n very
serious condition. Medical attendance was summoned Irom Cranhrook
and advised Hint the patient tic taken to tlie St. Eugene hospital. Preparations were made nt nncc and
Arthur Lund ami Mrs. Hreckenrldge
Slatted with the sick man, hut he
lUCClimbed    when    they were within
(Continued on page eight)
The moil important measure, in
man-, respects, now ln-fore the provincial legislature, is tbe new Liquor
License Act. it is probably the
most drastic and far-reaching measure ol tbe kind in the Dominion!
\ summary of its principal provisions is given below.
The act  la    divided into live parts.
Pari one applies to lloeased houses
in unorganized districts which are
under the control and  supervision ol
the    superintendent ol provincial police; part two    applies to the licensing ol commercial travelers and    to
the sale   of     llquot on trains    and;
steamers, part     three   defines    civil'
rights as    to the sale of llq.ior, part]
four deals with the prevention of thej
sale of liquor on Sundays and during.
prohibited hours, and I mny mention, I
said   Attorney-General Bowser,     i»
moving the   second   reading    of the
hill, that   this    portion   ot the   act
applies   nil over    the province; part
live prohibits the sale of liquor     to
certain     persons,   and this also applies to all     parts of the province;-
part six     provides penalties nnd ap;
plies to the whole province. i
"This net is composed ol clauses
that have been taken from other acts
..m! it contains nil that is best in j
acts dealing with the liquor traffic in '
nil other parts of Canada, and I
think all lair-minded people will
agree with me when I sny that* we
have now the best liquor net in the
country. I believe that It will lar
exceed in efficiency the Canada Tcm-
|>erance Act. which so many people
put their fiiiili in.
"Under   the new net brewers   and
distillers   nre   required     to pay     a
transfer fee of   tlflf, something they i
jdid   not    have to   do   before.      As
| these     trnnsfers   involved    a lot ol
work on Ihe department it was felt
that some payment should be    made
by the    licensee    as a consequence,
For wholesale licenses the fee     will
now he $300.
1   'In the    matter   nl   hotel licenaes
some important changes are provided
for. in unorganised districts in the
past it has been the custom in some
hotels to have one room which
serves as a sitting loom, dining
loom and barroom combined; under
the new act it will be compulsory t»
have separate rooms Under the
old act it was only necessary for
hotels to have four bedrooms, bul
as travel throughout the whole
province is largely on the increase
it was felt that ibis number should'
be Increased, so we shall now demand
that all hotels have seven bedrooms;
we have also provided that the
Moot space in these rooms shall not
lie less than ]-U0 square leet; the
ventilation of licensed premises must
also bo satisfactory tu the inspectors and proper means of egress
from hotel buildings must he provided so that people shall not he trapped In case of fire breaking out,
means must also be provided whereby barrooms may be securely locked
on Sundays and during prohibited
hours; there must also lie propel
quarters for the family ol the licensee, a kitchen nnd storeroom and
.stabling lor horses where in the
opinion of the Inspector such is
"Under the old acl three hotels
were allowed in a district having a
population ot 600 people; the new
act provides that nol more than
three licenses shall be granted where
the population is under 1000 male
adults, and these must be ol the
Caucasian race—they must he white
men—Japanese, Chinese, Indlnns or
Hindus not being allowed to figure in
the count. When the adult male
Caucesien population ol a locality
shall have increased to 1000 a
fourtli license may be Issued and
thereafter another hotel license maybe grnnled for each addition ol inn
adult white males.
"Any man whose license lias been
cancelled cannot npplj lot another
license within three veals, no man
who has been couvieted of a criminal
oOcnOO can obtain a license within
three years of the date of his conviction.
"All petitions for licenses must be
signed by two-thirds of the total
number of householders residing
within a radius of three miles of the
point at which it is proposed to establish the hotel and the wives and
the children over 21 years of age o]
the householders must also sign the
petition, and further, the signatories
must be all ol the Caucasian race.
"The provisions of the act will
be enforced by an inspector who Will
travel all over the province nnd the
chiefs of provincial police in every
district will exercise supervision
over the hotels within their jurisdiction.
"Undet the old act the scale ol license fees is lower than under the
new one. In districts where the
population was less than 500 the old
fee was $75, but the new fee will be
$125; in the past where the population was less than 1000 the fee was
$125, but it will now be $200; where
the population was over 1000 the old
fee was $20(1 and it will now he
"The superintendent of provincial
police has under the new act absolute power to cancel or suspend
licenses. Licenses will be Issued f"*r
one year, whereas in the past they
were issued but (or six months.
Transfers of licenses will also be
carefully looked into in order that
the department may he satisfied that
the proposed new bolder of a license
is as competent a man as was the
one seeking to transfer
"A hotel will only he able to sell
one quart bottle of liquor to one
man at one time. It is also provided t'hat where a bona tide traveler
reaches a hotel and demands aceonv
modation it is com put si ry on the li
censee to give it, provided tho ap
pi leant has money lo pay lor tin
service, no matter at what time <>f
the day or night the traveler may
(Continued on page Stl.)
A deputation Irom the Cranbrook
board of trade arrived in the city
yesterday (Tuesday, Feb. &th) and
registered at tbe Royal Aleiandra.
says the Winnipeg Free Press. In
the party were M. A. Macdonald.
barrister, president of the board,
Dr. J. IL King, Vi. F. Gurd, barrister, and J. T. Laidlaw, P.LS-,
mining engineer. The visitors are
here to interview W. Whyte, second
vice-president, and in his absent**-
they met a .1 Bury, general manager,
To the Free Press the members ol
the delegation stated that there
were a number Ol questions affecting
Cranbrook, which they were anxious
to discuss with the Canadian Pacific
One ol the more important matters
was that relating to the construction of tin* Kootenay Central railway
and the relation of Cranbrook to
that  line The Kootenay Central,
on which it is believed that much
work will he done this year, will
follow the course of the Kootenay
river practically all the way south
from the main line of the C. I* It.,
passing somewhat to the east of
Cranbrook. The valley is described
as an exceedingly rich one, and the
people of the town ol Cranhrook believe that it should be largely tributary to that place. They are
therefore desiriousthat the new road
should come into the town, ami they
interviewed the official of the Canadian  Pacific to discuss this matter*
No announcement was made by
them with reference to any assurances which were given by Mr.
Hury regarding the construction of
the main branch or of the connection of the line with Cranbrook.
At a meeting of the Farmers' Institute held on Wednesday evening at
the government building, Mr. Hamilton gave a very Interesting report
to the members present of the re
cent Central Institute meeting ia
A paper will be read by Mr. J.
Levett at the regular meeting in
March, or. tie preparation of new-
land for crops and planting of fruit
s. This should be of interest to
who contemplate the cleaning up
of new land, as -Mr. Levett is an old*
timer of the Fort Steele district.
It was decided to hold a regular
meeting hereafter on tbe second Wed-
Gflday Of each month Papers will
0 read at all n.eetmgs during the
ear ol wbtcfa due notice will be
S    Macdonald.
Sec.Treas C F I.
Telegraphic reports frnm Montreal
announce that a start is to tie made
this year on tbe Kootenay Central
from the southern end. Work is to
lie begun nt a point near Klko and
continued northward, via Fort
Steele, a distance of Rome fifty
miles, to Conned with the line already running southward from Ool-
The 'bird quarterly official board
meeting of the Methodist church was
held on Friday last. In going over
the various reports, the past quarter proved to be one of the best in
the history of tbe chureh. Financially, the treasurer reported an advancement over the corresponding
period of last year, and all accounts
were met up to date, and a balance
remaining In the bank.
The hoard regretted to receive the
resignation of the organist, Mr. J.
S. Peck, who had served them in a
very able manner for the past two
years Owing to increasing duties
be was now unable to fill the position to his own satisfaction. In
accepting his resignation, a very
hearty vote of thanks was passed to
Mr. Peck expressing the appreciation of the board of his services.
The pastor, Rev. K. Hughes, was
tendered thanks for his work, and
the board shewed their appreciation
by extending an invitation to him
tfi return for a fourth year
In reply, Mr Hughes said he felt
very thankful to the board for tho
honor that thev had conferred upon
him. hut he always had made it a
rule to leave himself in the bands of
the stationing committee, and did
not wish to depart from that rule.
Fresh Turkey Ars, Malaga grapes,
Persian date bananas and oranges
nt Stewart's THE   UllANBBOOK    IlKttALO
b. i. waxker, pr.ta-.nt Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
AlEXAHDER I.AIHU, Oemr.il Manaj.r ' Reserve Ftllld,   -    6.000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all pans cf Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN ^BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and cthtr foreign countries bought and told.     Ul
R. r. Brymner, (Manager Cranbrook Branch
♦ We are going to pnriifico the Wlnnce of onr Block of
T Cnttere nnd bloighH to make room lor our Spring Block
♦ A* Buggies.    Wo have nn hnnd
| ONE   PAIR   OF   2 1-2 in.   FARM   BOBS
X Ws will Bell ilio Above nt cost.        Cnll and see them.
| J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
If you want an L'p-to-date riodern
Residence in splendid location
Cheap, see us at once.
Have you taken out
that Fire Insurance Policy yet?
TomorroW"lt   may   be   too   late.
♦ tSCcllfcJ    OC    CiiWGll,   Itiithh      Columbia    ♦
♦ ♦
♦♦♦♦->♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ************ ***********
******************** ******
A. L. McDERMOT,Cranbrook
m\*t*m%aH\**m.4\4\4\m\*%A±m\m\m\m\m\m\m\mm*%. m»4*m\ Aiiiim\S*m\*%m\m\44444^4*
If you Itop here once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary attain.
Proprietor   ♦
1 Canadian Hotel 1
Si B
J5 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- g
S3 brook.   Warm rooms, good meals g
jg and a bar stocked with the best G
KB **
§ Joseph Brault,  Proprietor |
Now MonnKoment Improved In Every Way     •
RoBttod *
Cranhrook.   H. C.
(lur Mollo   " Tlu- li.st is None Too Good.1
!■:. .1. Cook, oi Lethbridge, a poultry expert, in tlie employ ol the Al-
lierta department ol agriculture, delivered Hie lollowing address in Mod*
Iclno Hat ttic other day. Allowing
(or climatic di (Terences, much ol Mr.
Conk's address will bo found ol practical Interest and value to local
Taking up his subject (or tlie ovon-
dveiling, Mr. Cook staled that some
people hold that tho west was un-
suiti-il (or poultry raising. The
excessive colli in the winter stopped
the hens iron: laying, even if they
gol a start boloro ihe excessive
weather set in and consequently half
the laying time was lost. Hut. he
and many others had proven the fallacy of this statement. After lour
years ol experimenting and making
many changes every year, he had,
by adopting certain principles, not
ail new, been able to at least secure
the house which was required in Alberta. The principal reason why-
hens cannot he got to lay is that
they are not provided with sufficient
fresh air, Fresh air may he regarded as one of the essentials in
successful chicken breeding. In some
way people got the idea that poultry
couldn't stand tbe cold and built
their hen houses so close as to exclude tho fresh air. The birds consequently became weak and when the
cold weather came on they had not
strength enough to stand it.
Producing a small model of a hen
house constructed on the correct
principles, Mr. Cook proceeded to illustrate how fresh air could be introduced in the required quantity Into the bouse without extra expense
and how the principle could easily be
applied to almost any kind of building which was already erected. lie
built tbe houses on his ranch. They
were double boarded with tar paper
between, 12x20 feet in size, 7 lect
high in front and four behind. This
should accommodate fifty hens. The
material required in the construction
of such a house cost exactly $37.00.
Taking these figures the house could
he regulated in size hy the number
of fowl which were kept.
In building, the first step to take
wns to select a suitable site. The
site should be somewhat elevated or
properly drained, and then when the
house was built ground should he
made inside to tbe depth of Irom
four to six inches. This provided
natural drainage and dust hath. The
lat ter was most necessary. The
birds take dust baths as a means of
washing themselves and will take
one every day if they have the opportunity. It is just as necessary
for a hen to wash as for a human
being and if they do not cleanse
themselves, their bodies will get in
the same condition as would ours if
we neglected to wash.
In regard to the roosts Mr. Cook
explained that these should be slung
from the rool by wire, which prevented red mites Irom attacking the
poultry at night. These little pests,
In- explained, remained hidden in the
cracks during the day time and at
night swarmed out and sucked the
blood ol tbe (owls, leaving them
again at daybreak. Poultry were
much weakened by them. If the
roosts were suspended bv telegraph
wire from the roof the mites could
not reach the hens.
Tbe front of the hen house   should
be boarded up   two feet Irom        the
ground only, the remaining space being     filled    with   window    sash    on
which a good quality of factory cot
ton was stretched.     The sash should
he hinged and    swing inward.   There
was a free circulation ol air through
the    cotton hut   no draft.     Ity getting the circulation the    house   was
kopl dry.      Hens could not get    too
much nir if it   was dry.     The harm
came through   the dampness.     Poultry netting should be stretched over
llie fi|H'tiiug     on the outside.       The
windows should be swung up to   tbe
roof and fastened every day   ol    the
year unless    the thermometer      was
down in  10 below zero. The poultry
would then have all     the advantages
of being out     in the open air      hut
would be under cover.        At     night
the    window     frames     were closed
down-.       The roosting place    should
he boarded off from the rest of   the
house, along    the sides and on   cold
nights    a    curtain   nt gunny   sacks
could lie dropped   down   over      the
front.      A certain   amount of moisture escapes from the animal heat of
the birds at night and the provision
j must be   made to get rid ol this by
nailing lath across the underside   of
tho two    by fours    In  the root over
the roosting place ant] filling in   the
'space with straw which absorbed the
damp.     The poultry were thus protected   from   the cold at night and
came out in the morning ready     to
work for breakfast.
I   The next essential to provide     lor
(he    birds    was   "exercise."       The
(loor of the coop    should he covered
with a litter ot straw, six, eight, or
even ten inches deep.        This straw
should be raked into a pile at night
nfter    the   hens   had gone to roost.
The morning ration ol grain   should
be scattered   through it as it     was
gathered.     Six or seven    pounds   nl
grain    was    sufficient for fifty birds
when they wen; being fed twice      a
day.     A little more than this    was
necessary if the fowl were ol one ol
(be large varieties, but il they were
Leghorns, Hamhiirgs, or any ot   the
•mallei    kinds   tht ration ahould   be
Trench's Remedy
Epilepsy and Fits
A BRANCH OPFK li ii»s hf.n t-Hiubliihed
•t 107 St. Jamrii' Chum be n, Tnrnnto.
Thli iinporinM   nee (wrtldtl <*f prictl
beint; reduced to those urevailmir in Kin«n*e,
namely:—Pull pnvk-HK''. S12HH; hnlf i)o„ SILWj
quarter do. -13,76! t-osUue-nr expreiaohargei
THI OMIT OIMOKN  ■-.» U ,», « r. D * I • •
10T  Hr.   '•■*!•> CHBMiiKt.  TORONTO
Pamphlet mailed (res on application.
Beware of anuriouN Imitation*., All pack-
Rgeiiif Trem-li'pt Kerned v nm-.t t.rar our trad*.
m*rk Mil In unbroken condition on each and.
reduced two pounds, 'Hie birds
would be actively at work all lore-
noon getting grain out of the straw.
They required this vigorous exercise
in the morning, more than at any
other tune during the day. A
trough lour Inches deep and six feet
long was needed lor 25 birds. This
was used for water and for mashes.
Birds did not require water us frequently in the winter as in summer.
So if they were given all the water
tbey required at noon, this should
be sufficient and the water could
then be removed before it Iroze. U
a mash was being fed ft should he
given to laying hens at three or lour
o'clock. It should not he wet, but
just moist and worked up with tbe
hand, drain, however, was not the
only thing that hens required to
make them lay. Sixty per cent ot
the egg was water, i.e., water taken
from succulent foods. There was
not enough water in the grain so it
had to be lound elsewhere lor the
hens, if they were wanted to lay.
They should be given food, then,
from which water could lie drawn.
The value of such food was in the
order named: Alfalfa (the most perfect egg-producing food, of which
scientists know), sugar beets, man-,
golds, turnips and potatoes, all ol
which should lie fed raw. Personal-,
ly, Mr. Cook stated, he led mangolds
as being easier handled, but he hoped the day was not far off when al-,
falfa would be available.
In feeding mashes better results
mere obtained in feeding moist, rather than dry, to laying hens. A.
mixture of crushed wheat, oats, bran
and shorts was good, but no red
pepper should he used as the after,
effects nullified any immediate good
results. Grit was absolutely essential, as without it a bird was unable
to digest sufficient food to build up
hone and tissue to keep warm and
form the egg. The first food a hen
takes goes to building up her own
body and the surplus goes into egg-!
production. The shell of the egg is
composed of lime, so that in winter
it was necessary to provide lime for
this purpose. Oyster shell could be
procured Irom a dealer and was not
expensive when the benefit was considered. Without the lime the eggs
might be laid with so fragile a shell
that they would not stand up or
they might be laid with no shell at
all, with the result that the birds
would start lo eat them. Un the
speaker's ranch the custom was to
make mortar and then break It up
and then throw it to the hens.
Crushed bone and meal were also essentials and those were easily procured.
The speaker here impressed upon
his audience the (act that all the
eggs a bird would lay were in the
chick when it came out ul the shell.
The hen, il allowed, will take the
chicks out and collect tbe food required to build up the system and
develop those eggs. She hunts the
food for litem. When she leaves
them in about six weeks they have
to look after themselves und in 99
eases oul ol a hundred have to
hustle liurd enough to provide food
for their bodies and consequently do
not secure enough to mature themselves, let alone the eggs, and the
latter consequently remain dormant
for some time alter the hen leaves
them. When if they bad been ted
proper food as they progressed to-
wards maturity they would start to
lay much earlier. Kggs arr bringing splendid prices and the supply
would never equal the demand. I'nt
Murns alone, imported oVCt dfty ear-
louds of poultry and poultry pro-
duets last year and then there was
all that the other funis Imported to
add to this.
Meat si Iii be led to the birds in
a cooked state, lloiled pluck was a
good thing. It should be allowed to
stand (or a couple ot days ufter
cooking in order to dry out a little.
The moist mash should only be given to the laying stock, to (orce egg
production. A dry mash ol the
same material was best lor the
breeding stock, as It ensured greater
fertility in the eggs. Th dry mash
could bo IWt in front ot the birds all
the time and they would never take
Wore than tbey required and would
not bother with it until every grain
of whole wheat had been searched
out ol the straw on the floor. A
dry mash feed would not produce as
many eggs, but they would be more
fertile and consequently of more
value to the breeder.
In answer to a question, Mr
Cook stated tho hens would
stand any temperature which we
might have in this country. Females would never Ireeze In the
house, he had described, but ot course
artificial heat had to be provided to
protect the large combs of the
males if they were desired (or exhibition purposes. As he always kept
the males and females separated, except in the breeding season, what he
had said about the houses was only
meant to apply to hen*.    Tbe White
Leghorn hens, which be exhibited at
the shows, were wintered in exactly
tho manner be bad described.
In answer to a question regarding
the oldest age to which it was profitable to keep females, Mr. Cook
stated that the Itocks, Orpingtons,
Rhode Island Reds, etc., did best in
their first year, hut in the second
year, the Leghorns, etc., overtook
and passed them. The records
showed lhat it paid to kill off the
old birds of the larger broods in
October and have the young ones
coming along to take their places.
OI course, there were exceptions, but
he was speaking of general conditions
in a thick. Experiments showed
that in the first year ten pullets
would lay us many eggs as seventeen
two-year-old birds and twenty-four
Answering another question, the
speaker stated that the standard rule
was to breed cockerels to hens und
cocks to pullets. None of the
big breeders followed any other
method. lie strongly denounced the
crossing of birds with the idea of
getting better egg results. Experts
had spent year ufter year on this
work und the standard broods were
now as perfect as it could be hoped
to get them. The Burred Rock, for
instance, was evolved from a combination in" ten breeds, which lact
made it interesting but difficult to
keep the perfect barring, as they
would frequently throw back to one
ol the other tireeds. He bad been
asked regarding the crossing of the
Rock with the Leghorn to get a bird
with better laying qualities and yet
retain the size. In connection with
such a cross, be stated that the
Rock already had all the Leghorn
blood it could stand und n further
cross would result in decreasing and
not securing a bird which would give
any greater egg production. All
these crosses had been tried times
without number and were not attended with beneficial results. There
was no room for improvement in the
standard breeds.
A query being made as to the best
general purpose fowl for this country
Mr. Cook humorously refused to be
drawn into a discussion of this kind.
Most men, he said, bad a fancy for a
certain color in fowls and bis advice
was to gratify this fancy. He
thought that "the man who was
taking care of the poultry was the
best kind of a bird."
Speaking of incubation, he mentioned that the natural method was
the most prevalent. There were,
of course, quite u few incubators
around, but more or less trouble was
experienced with them. The difficulty lay in tbe fact that the same
directions were sent with an incubator to all parts of the country. As
might be apparent, directions which
might apply to Ontario could never
apply to Alberta. Judgment was
therefore required. A moisture pan
was most necessary here and the machine should lie thoroughly disinfected first with a ten to one solution
of coal tar. Sometimes too much
blame was put on tbe machine as often only a small number of eggs
were fertile when they were put into
the incubator.
(■real care should be taken in the
rearing of chicks, as not infrequently
more were killed the first lour or
five days alter birth than in tbe
(all, when they were wanted (or
market. The principal troubU
could be lound in the circumstance
that notwithstanding tbe lact ol nature providing food in the chicken's
crop tor the first is hours, additional (ood was given it and its digestive organs were consequently
broken down. All a chick required
at first was grit to assimilate the
foot) which was already in its crop.
He made a rule never to feed his
chickens anything for the first sixty
hours and to allow them only dry
oatmeal or crumbs (or n week. They
should never have water until they
are a week old
TAKE NOTICE that John W.
Blake, ol Waaa, I). 0., occupation
Rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at this post, thence
south 80 chains, thenco east 40
chains, thence north in chains,
thenee east 40 chains, thenco north
to the Kootenay river, thence upstream to tbe south-east corner of
Lot 8455, thence to the point of
John W. Blake,
B.W.S. Hlgglns, Cranbrook, Agent,
November 25th, 1009. IS-fli*
TAKE NOTICE that I, Richard
Benbow, of Cranhrook, R. C, occupation Rancher, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
N. W. corner of P. R. 1137, thence
west 25 chains, more or less, to E.
boundary of Lot 2310, thence south
12 chains, more or less, to Kennedy
war grant, thenee cast 25 chains,
more or less, to P, R. 1137, thence
north 12 chains, more or less, to
point of commencement.
Richard tlenhow.
Dated December 30tb, 1909.  47-91*
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZEDI -      $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP    -      - 5,000,000.00
RESERVE      -      • 5,000 O0C .00
I*. It. WII.KIK, Praskicnt.
Accounts ot Corporations, Mnnicipnlitivii, Mrrchi-inta,
Fanners nml Private Individual! invited.
DmftH nnd Lottors of Credit 1mu«I nrailaliln in nny part of
tho world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Hpecial attention
given to Savings Hunk Accounts. Depnaitn of 11.(10 and
upwards lecoiveu and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
Try Our  Fresh Smoked Imperator
Ham   and   Bacon
PHONE NO. io P. O.  BOX 3
P. BURNS «t CO., Ltd. 1
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
\     General Insurance Agents
We are in business for
Your Protection
B. C. J
A Full Line oi
Corby'!, Doodorliam & Worts, 1». Hiram VVnlkor A Son* Rye Whlfkief
Dawson's, Kilmarnock, Mountain De*, I liflli-pi-yt- l<r*er'» atd
oilier brands nl Scotch V lii-kn* too m hh um r to msn-ii-a
Mt'U-lu-r'ri Red Cross,*] DeKuyper's, Gordon'i, liilbey'e,
Wilson's, and Coatee Plymouth (Uns.
Si'Mitz nml Fernle Fmt Steele Herri**, Vttrr Air, <iiiii>fni Mi el
T. I.i'l'i'l & Co.'a Hay a liniin.   Pricesali-ray* light.
| Pancakes and Maple Syrup
Nothln, more appetUInf   j Bn
Nothing more nourishing   )
They are Perfection
11 the Flour and llic Syrup are perfection— ulii-li iliey
can i'.imI v It.
We ran tix you up right in the I'tinrak* anil Mm-lc symp
line.     NY kimw where nur Syrup nuiife fi-um and all
almit It.
J. MANNING ■ Cash Grocer
t  Letterheads (Memos
Billheads envelopes
Statemen s Loose Leaf Binders X
Mail Order* Promptly Attended To
H. E. CONNOLLY, BnlHBB^MiMitf Tclclne H» II   ♦
 * t
East Kootenay Bottling Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Carbonated Beverages.
There are others, but! I
pnoNxn r. o. noxwi THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents anil Gleaned Irom Newspapers
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. W.    0. II. MaiiHi.n, manager ol
the Homo Hank's Pernio lirancli, lias
Bcverod his connection with that institution and lias lull tor I he cast un
a vacation.      Dolors  leaving town,
ho was entertained hy soine ol    his altiick
most intimate Iriends, at Ihe   home'
ol Mr. Wood, In the park, where   he
was    presented    with a gold wnleh.
Tlie stall ol    the Home Hunk    presented    him    with   a pull ol silver
mounted   military brushes and      the
members ol tlie "bachelor housekeeping    establishment"    presented him
with    a handsome   pl|ic and smoking  lyjuJjjJJJ
set as tokens ol their esteem.
Tlie Coleman Junior hockey team
visited Fernle last week and the
Fernie boys deleated them 5-0 in
the game.
,1. II. Marshall, who hn:i Iren In
the hospital lor several il*iys, is
able to be around again.
Mr. Keith Whimster, ol the llrm ol
(From the Moyie leader.)
I*. .1. Bonner is now shilthiiss      at
the Sullivan mine,
.1.  It.    McDonald returned Wednesday   Irom   the   t'rnnbrook   hospital,
where he   had   been laid up with nn
[ rheumatism.
II. N. Rich, ol Laducrs, Masonic
grand master lor the province, is
expected in Moyie about February
21 th to pay the local lodge an official
Indications seem favorable lor a
sharp advance In the price ol lead.
As nearly Ihrec-lourths ol the lead
in Canada is mined ut
Moyie, it is easy to understand why
Ihe people here are so optimistic.
The Ice on Moyie lake is ol splendid i|iiallly this season. It Is ol
about IS inches in thickness and as
eleur as crystal. The hotels and
other places in town are putting up
gmsl supply lor use nest summer,
Wbimster and company, has b, -,-•-*■* W^S
Messrs. Mueller and Ilessc, ol      the
Movie brewery, arc putting up about
liged to withdraw Irom the firm
account ol ill-health.    He intends going to the coast. .    ,
Mr. F. 0, 0.   Edwards,   teller at one hundred tons,
the Canadian Bank ol Commerce, has |   That  Moyie has
received orders to leave lor Vancouver.    His place will be taken       by
Mr. Jallray Irom Vancouver.
Mrs. 0. F. Stevenson is visiting ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. l.au-
bacb, Ilegina, Sask.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry .lohnson left a
the talent tn get
up a creditable show on short notice
mostly any old time, was again demonstrated last Friday evening,
when the members ol the hookey
club gave their minstrel performance.
Their performance was much superior
to the ordinary   dramatic entertain*
lew days ago lor Calgary, where ments travelling through the coun-
Mr». .lohneon will undergo treatment fry. The performers knew their
lor ber ear. I llne«, and    their   jokes were   ingen-
W. S. Stanley, manager and editor' iously woven together. Their local
ol the District l-edger, has resigned hils were clever. As interlocutor
hla position and intends going into E. 0, Kamm was right onto the job
the job printing business on Pellet The minstrels
avenue. I Harold Orady
Mr. and Mrs. Armour, ol Spokane, Morrow, K. I). Stlnson and Herb
Wash., visited Fernle last week with .lackson. The others on the stage
an idea ol building a steam laundry, besides the interlocutor were A. S.
Mr,* and Mrs. Armour and their Roberts, Wm. cilUe, Thos. Sower-
business partner are experienced butts. Fred Walker, Wm. Ileese
laundry people and should give great Ernie McQuade.
satisfaction       Fernie should encour*
were II. A. Deagon,
Kay C'rlsslcr, Oeorge
age our good neighbors in this undertaking, as a steam laundry is a
great necessity In Fernie.
Mr. 0. S. Crossman, ol tbe Western Canada Wholesale, was in Blair-
more and Bellevne on business one
day last week.
Kev. Mr. Grant attended the meei-
Ing ol the Presbytery in Nelson last
week. He gave a very good report
on Sunday evening.
Alter tbe school board visited the
school tbey Immediately set about
making preparations lor another
room* to he opened, which was done
on Thursday, February lltli Fernle now has ten teachers and the
work Is well organired under tlie capable management nf Miss lloenn
The Coal Co. and Waldorl played a
very interesting game of hockey on
Monday evening, February 11th. The
Coal company won. 5— 2
 *) '
* *
I        GATEWAY |
(Special eorrrspondenie 1
K  W. Hulls ami Will Baits n
in Qttewsy on
Profs.   Chapman
nnd   llusch     were   indespensille and
Ihelr musical contributions and    accompaniments were excellent.
♦        —
both from the standpoint of naval
supremacy and from a standpoint "f
industrial development. Al present
the trust, by keeping down produc-
, kept the price for nickel so high
that practically only governments
were able to purchase it in anything
like large quantities      Tens of mil-
l Special coriespondence.)
superintendent    ol
The   new
linker Lumber company's plant. Mr
Robert     Milne,    arrived   from Arn-
prior, Ont., last week and has taken
up his duties.
S. Taylor, manager ol the Standard Lumber company, of Cranbrook.
Visited Waldo last week On In*
return to Cranbrook the ladies ol
Waldo were much pleased to receive
a donation nl IIS 00 towards the
hall fund.
A calico tall will be held at Waldo
hall, W.Udo. on March Ith Admission  Oentlemen, II 00; ladies, free.
The regular meeting ol tin* whist
club was held at Mrs   Hart's. Haines
on Wednesday
rived m Gateway on Monday last
Irmn Coibui, It 0 . wlw'ic tbe, ha\,
been lor tlie pasl two 01 UUM
Mt. W. M. Mills paid a H-.it la
Fernie lust week
Dr. S A K While west up to
Klko on Monday ami rclnim-d Ibe
Mbi-wing Hedliesduv.
II. F Young, ol Ostewsy, Mont .
Kpent several da\s m Eureka last
Mr. K Demers, ol Eureka, has
begun building on his land, which is
situated scrosB the Kootensj river
from Gateway, 11   C
S. A. K While was in Waldo on
business Inst week.
There was a dance held in Gnti-
way, Mont . on Thursday night in
honor ol Mr. Will Butts, who has
recently, returned Irom Corbin. B.C.
Mr. W. I.acey, piontu-i.il constable
Irom Klko, II. C , was In Gnteway
on Thursday last.
.1. C. Collins untied on Tuesday
last Irom Fielding, Mont., to act as
assistant agent at Gulewny, Mont
Hugh llarr, ol Fernle, ll. 0 , was
In Gateway last week
Percy MeCannon, brother ol II. II
McCsnnon, Great Northern agent at
Oataway, Mont., spent several days
with his brother last week.
Mrs. Hay Burhlngham. ol Gale-
way, Moiit., was a visitor In Fernle
i.specmi correapoiidncn |
\ltss i ..atrs. <>l Nelaon, arrived nn
Smiiliiv afternoon lo tnkc charge ol
Iht M.ndnri Nfeool Tbe nbool re
Opened on Monday i nor in up lul
\h     sin. i.nr.    v P.  it Umbei
rnilwr, was in town Thursday la*t
mi bus-mess
Mr. T (laflney was In CranhiooV
lul Tuesday.
Mr A. I.und was tn Fort Steele
last  Saturday on  business
Mr. Hawthorne, nf the Hudson Da*
company, was in town last Thnis-
.Mr. and Mrs S. A Inglis BW
spending a lew days in town. tin'
guests of Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Bo-
liar I.
Mr. ami Mrs IV I.und spent Sun
day last in Cranhrook.
Mr. Boater, harness maker, ol
Cranbrook, has been engaged to i»M»k
after the harness of the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber company here.
Mr George Powell, ol cranbrook,
wait in town last Thursday on business.
Mr. Grant, of Moyie, spent Thursday last with mends in town.
Mr. A.  Fletcher spent Snnd.iv last
WYCLIFFE        5
(Special correspondence.)
A masquerade hall took place here
recently al the homo of Mrs. Nlchol,
at which a large company was present from Kimherley, Marysville and
Cranbrook. The costumes were excellent, whilst Messrs. Musflur and
little provided enchanting music. It
was in the early hours of the following morning that the company
A pliuierir.an, engaged at a local
mill, met with a nasty accident   the
tlier day, whereby he lost two fingers. He was cleaning his machine
whilst same was in motion.
If your correspondent may he permitted he would like to say a lew
words on a subject that his occasioned a good deul of heart-burning
in this district. I refer to the entirely uncalled for aspersions cast
upon lumberjacks, so frequently in
the columns or the press, as being
men of a notoriously immoral character. Speaking as one who
knows this class of workers intimately I may he permitted to say
that such aspersions are wholly uncalled for. I do not wish to he understood as claiming that the average lumberjack is a saint, but I do
claim, that as a class, they are
law-abiding, self-rcespccting Ret of
men. OI course, when they blow
into town after a spell in the
woods, they sometimes indulge a
little too freely in the red stuff, but
they always know how to avoid making themselves objectionable and invariably display the utmost consideration lor women.
The little town of Wycliffe is going
ahead steadily and   the outlook    for
the future is of the brightest.
Marysville,     B,     C.,     Feb.    II.-
(Special)-On  Friday night last, the
Central hotel, was the scene of       a
very enjoyable dance, given by
proprietor, Mr.  Caul Handley
his wife.
Mrs. Handley, assisted      hy
daughter, welcomed   the guests,
came    Irom     all    the     surrounding
points, including residents of    Cranbrook. Wyclifle.  Kimherley and other
Excellent music was provided by
Messrs. Musser and Little, nl Wy-
Cllffe, whilst either Miss Handley nr
Mrs. Mealabon, presided at tbe piano.
1 fencing was kept going merrily until the early hours of the lollowing
morning. I pwards ol IN were
present, and all expressed unbounded
satisfaction at the excellent entertainment provided bj their host and
hostess, Mr. ami Mis. Caul Handle;
Among those present were:
Mis. Mellor, Mr. and Mrs .lames.
Mr and Mrs. Beonet, Mr. and Mrs
Cotwter, Mr and Mrs. l.undeen.
Mrs. and SH«S Tippetts. Mrs. Louie,
Ulai Vogle, Mlaa Hudson, Mrs. Bidder, Mr II and <1 Mien, nf the
Falls Vim hotel From kimherley
there were preaenl Mr and Mrs. \
Taylor, Ui  and Un  8  Taylor, Mr.
nnd Mis Bird, Ml and Mrs. Lewis.
Mis Soper and daughter. Mrs Mc-
Mahon From Wv.hfle came Miss
St.Hhl.ut.    Mi    and   Mrs   Little, Mr.
asjd Mis Vnderaon, Mi Davis, manage! Rnlllvnn mine. Mr Let and Earl
Williams. Mi   Dave Puggnn
Supper was served about 11.80 and
Was greal Iv conned.
lions of
tons of Die Canadian nic
were now lying unexploi
it did not suit llie purpo
trust   io hasten productl
here was being exported from Cauda annually to ihe New Jersey
si no Iters 38,000,000 pounds of nickel
matte, and the loss in wages io Canadian artisans through the non-
manufacture into tho finished product
in this country was over a million
dollars pet year.
Replying to an objection by Mr K
M Macdonald that possibly tlie Ontario government might object to a
policy prohibiting the exportation ot
nickel matte, Mr. James Conmee,
chairman of the committee, stated
that most of the titles were in fee
The committee decided t
an Investigation into the
of the trust, and officials
nudian Cupper company,
presents the Canadian branch ol tho
international organization, will he
summoned to give data us to the
o Instituti
of the Cn
which re
To catch the food price jugglers
wholesale there are twenty-live juries
at work in the state of Pennsylvania alone. Protest against the
prevailing "famine prices" for food
has become a national, an International movement. Many large centres report a drop already in the
price of food staples. Food law
makers and food law breakers are
confronting each other. Trust eon-
tempt ot court charges, fines nud
dissolution proceedings are the order
uf the dav.
There is general rejoicing over Montreal's municipal "house cleaning,"
accomplished in the recent sweeping
defeat of the old regime, charged
with corrupt dealings. This, the
result of last year's searching investigation hy a commission. In this
election the old "race cry" expedient received a stunning blow at the
hands of the electorate.
The Canadian worker will he deeply interested in a new Lloyd-George
"budget policy" law adopted In
Great Hritain last session. The
law is in the interests uf the unemployed and went into force al the
beginning of this month in the inauguration ol one hundred "labor ex-
Changes," with one hundred ami fifty
more to he opened in the various
parts of the Kingdom within the
next six months. The plan is to
provide central "exchanges" for the
collection of labor employment information for all so desiring it Iree
uf charge. Each "exchange" will
have a reading room with refreshments at reasonable cost The
movement of the unemployed to more
favorable places and conditions will
receive government flnani lal aid. Mr.
Winston Churchill, president ol the
board of trade, has the oversight of
this good work.
A reaction has set in in Japan
against the aggressive Agnosticism
in the schools of learning A young
nnd rapidly increasing Chinese student church has sprung up in the
"Sunrise Empire" and christian missionaries   are   growlngly In   d<mand
teachers in the Colleges There
is said 10 tie an average per year of
about 5,000 students from China
settled in thr college courses ol
College students on our continent
are now giving $!37,0-IHI a year t •-
warils foreign mlaelonar] work, an
Inereaae  in   four   yean   ■'   nearly
sixty per cent. The British ambassador, James Dryco, In -i reccnl
Student Vnlunteei Mlsalooarj convent ion address, emphM-Ued 'he fact
as a supreme opportunity, thai ninetieths nf tbe habitable eartfa was
eon under the control and influence
nf so-called christian powen His
appeal was that this Influence ihould
be aggressively and ..-Ihsbly
philanthropic and christian
Inst week.
Mr.    Alfred     Murphy    returned to j wilh Cranhrook friends,
flatrway, last week alter an absence
of several days
Mrs. Alfred Murphy and hrr daughter Katherttie spent the week end at
 1      -■
The mines and minerals committee
nl llie Dominion house of commons
has entered upon an important
vistigatimi of Canada's nickel
sources, which represent nn less
than IhnT-Mths of the world's avail
aide supply, the balance being held
in one other country. New Caledonia, and tbe whole supply being now
in the hands ol an American trust,
tbe International Nickel Company nl
New York.
The    radical and lar-reachlng   proposal was made In Ihe committee by
Mr. Arthur     Wilson, an expert    who
has htm lor     some    tiuip connected
with  the development    ol    the    immensely     rich   Sudbury    nieVel product*, and who is now making a
port to the Hritish government
Canada's nickel resources, that in the
interests ol the Dominion, and    the
empire as a whole, the Canadian government     should     step in and take
over the ownership 01 otherwise provide for government Control nf these  nnw on.       Last month
nickel deposits      lie pointed oul    In  met In     New     York   CltJ
The leading christian business, professional and labor men ol the world
are feeling the impact ol the Laymen's Missionary movement, and are
responding wonderfully. The movement Is becoming an ii.t.-rnnlional
federation. Beginning In Canada
and the Cnited Stales, it has spread
to Kngland, Scotland, Vuitralla,
Germany ami other lauds. Leading
business men are devoting months nt
their time to the movement Be*
siiles last year's commission ol six
laymen to Great Hrit.nn. another
party,   Including    Janus    Ityrie, ni
Dtamoad Rail, and John Firetbrook,
manufacturer. Toronto, have none to
the mission fields ol the Orient to
"see for thcmselvc>," \ five months
series of great cental conventions is
"WATER ACT, 1B08."
WHEREAS "The Cranhrook Electric Light Company, Limited," is a
company incorporated under the provisions of the "Companies Act,
18*17," nnd has been granted a certificate under the "Power Companies
Relief Act, 1902," entitling it to the
same position as if it had been
specially incorporated as required by
Part IV, ot the "Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897," and has been
granted a Certificate of Approval,
dated the 2nd day of May, 1907.
And whereas in compliance with
the said Certificate of Approval the
amount of capital required to he subscribed was duly subscribed and
within the time stipulated and the
work approved and authorized to he
done was duly commenced and entered upon:
And whereas the said Company has
filed a petition and made application
to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for an amendment of the said
Certificate of Approval, ol date the
2nd of May, 1907, such amendment to
authorize the said Company to erect
a dam not exceeding sixty feet in
height for the purpose of developing
water power from water in the St.
Mary's River, in Kast Kootenay,
and for an extension of time within
which to fully complete said work
and generate the said water power
for the production of electric power
and all usual and necessary powers
in connection therewith:
And whereas the plans showing llie
situation of the proposed works und
the nature thereof itave been produced and filed:
This is to certify that the said proposed works have been approved subject to the provisions following:—
(a). The construction of a dam not
exceeding sixty feet in height and the
right to store water on, respectively,
St. Mary's River and St. Mary's
Lake, in Kast Kootenay District, as
well as storage reservoirs at the
headwaters of the St. Mary's Lake,
or at convenient points thereon, nml
regulating reservoirs in connection
(b). In the construction of the
said dam, same is to he constructed
wilh a log chute and the Company
shall provide a hnnm at a reasonable
distance up-stream, or away from the
dam or works, (rout which connection will be made with the said
chute, and all persons nr corporations
engaged in driving or transporting
logs through the said chut* shall exercise reasonable care so as to at all
times prevent injury to the said dam
or works:
(c). The Company may enter upon,
take, use and occupy so much of the
lands nl the Crown as mar be neces-
«ry for the said works and as show?
upon the plans already filed, paying
therefor the sum of ten dollars par
acre and the usual fee for Crowi
Grants and subject to payment by
the Company to the timber licensees
or lessees for all timber standing
thereon where any of the same lands
are covered hy limber licenses or
leases and which may be affected by
tlie said works:
Provided, however, that tbe Company shall not proceed to construe!
Hie dam or the dams ot reservoirs
for the storage of water until Iht
plans and specifications for the said
works shall have been first Died in
the office of the Chief Engineer of the
Public Works Department and the
said plans and specifications have received the approval ot th* said Chief
And this is further to certify that
the said Company, "The Cranbrook
Electric Light Company, Limited,"
shall provide tht further amount of
capital required to fully complete
tbe whole undertaking and worke by
the issue of first mortgage bonds nt
debentures lo be issued from time to
lime, or all at the same time to an
amount up to two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars or such further sun.
as may lie necessary tn complete thr
said undertaking or works:
And this is further to cerllfy thai
the time within which the said
works are to he commenced is fixed
at six months from the time ol the
approval nf the said plans and speci-
tications by the said Chief Kncine.-r
and the date hy which all the proposed works shall he in operation i<
three years Irom date thereof
Dated this inth day of December,
.lu-lt Clerk of the Executive Council
Plain Talks to Women.
Children's Skin Troubles, Cuts, Clc.
Every healthy child gets them, nnd
every moihur has to "put something
on."  WhiitdoYOUputon?
When you put an ointment on to a
ohild's ekin it get* into the blood
throurh the p^retj jant aa surely aa if
you put it into the child's etomaoh.
Di-i you ever think of t.iat f How important, therefore, that the Halve or
balm snould b-> pure !
ZnnvHttk i. sbB'itiHsly purst conteini no
annua! fat ; no In ner,1 colurillg matter) DC
o-iil BltrlnyBti .: mt burning BnlliBptio.—yet
it  h nntlMi'tln I   1'   [■  J ly  li rbfll, „nd
tlin. m*""9 nil t e i„.*„.|< oi the .l,m in Unit
■uperior .,n<l uilpuwtrful W»y In wh.ih naiitra
alone pro, i*l*'*.
Cli'l>irenlikeZ.>ra-Biili lieat txvau-o a, .ooa
M ,i!,[ilieil it 9t-,|,9 in-* paiu and tin,,Hurling
of the injury or .ore niace. Healing then seta
in iurnmiiatel,.
al*. Dai'Mtm ..a Broau, eoo.
•»♦♦♦♦•»♦•»«•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦•»♦ *********
MISS   CRANDAL,  B. A.,   Teacher
School opened January 10th. Pupils
received at any time ou application
Hoard of School Trustees.
to    till
S. II. lit-SKINS.
********************** i
The futlCttoU ol tbe (Went Noiiltetn l>»i.u;iv willi llie
of the U
. und it in Ik
sat North*.
ititl tO )»■:
hi Helta
K.*til« :ty
l eiilfe
Tlie HtMUt llusidenti.il town in Kail Kooleoav anil adjacent t.
C<ml ami Oil 1'ieltN. I.eiuitiful fceoery ami Utivei. lie tlk IM
conceded up one ol the tight* •<( the Roekin
I'rtceof Iota 975.00 corneti and I-&0 00 loalde, terms— H
balance0 nnd l- months at s percent Interest.
Apply toT. 0, Proctor, General Manager, The Kootenav Vallej
Melion, B.C : or loJoe AtisllRi Local Agent, KUu.
ei is
why not have it.
Every day in the week except >uu!ays
E. H. SMALL, Prop.
********************** ***********************
Half section of lam! - milts South of Cranbrook; water
and buildings on it. about 30 .'icres cleared, I'.1 acres in
timothy ami atvout *?u (tores fenced.
Also for sale or exchange J1.1 acres of Fruit ....... '1 miles
West of Creston.
For I'lrticulsri apply to
H. HIOKENBOTHAM, Cranbrook, B.C.
the committee thr ImmcftM potential, dromt.    "A doable tram" "f speak
development ponlbls in tbe industry. |ers Is now In the field      Tl»' Plttr
Noting the UK-tensing Importance    ol  burg, Cleveland and     Itufl.il" r.mvrn-
thr mineral lor manufacturing    pw^.lloni    were splendid   niccetar
particularly in thr construe-  suiting In
UKST-Sevrral   two
Apply to   W    It.
'Nip     Herald's representative    v*as
doing husiness in (own this week
Mr    Wlmlen. the Mierwfn Williams
pa in I man,    was doing husinras      In
(own last Monday.
I    Mr      Minnelly, of the hridge can.-.
was In t'rnnhrook lasi Saturday   on
roomed   fondness. j In a position 0| nd\»ntage o\er    nil  year, nnd to do it
lleatty,     Mrs.      loloison.     o|   Maynnt., va* other rmmtrirs hy securing tlie con-J oiler ing haala
M-«    "hopping In town last Saturday.        ' ttol ol the   world's nickel rreoutm,
The wise man avoids temptation.
tbe foolish man tries to *"" hoe
much he van stand
Wc are commanded to turn the
other check when smitten, hut if he
smites the lecond cheek J*OU ate   at
An arraignment of the liquor traffic, the strongest delm-rance on the
rnbjeet recorded by tbe Catholic
church in Eastern Canada, wai oon-
taimd in Bishop Casey's pastoral
letter read recently ;n all churcl.es
the diocese of SI John. N It
'.: • ; explaining what sort ol
Liquor dealer a man must he to l>e
worthy id respect, be speaks <>f
"others" and to ihe.se he says
"Get out of hiiMiies.s, in which you
an- damning     yourselves hy damning
your neighbors." After condemning
the habit ol drunkenness in ihe
strongest possible language, his lordship says: "Not less guilty before
((oil, than the unfortunate himself,
is the false friend, or the barkeeper,
who places temptation in his wa>
He who oilers to treat 'me whoa he
knows to have a weakness for drink,
or the dealer who sells to such a
one, is as guilty before high heaven
as Cam who killed his brother."
Then the bishop asks. "Is there a
Dqubr dealer worthy ol general esteem, one perfectly respectable in all
Lis relations, one who irars not the
anger of Grid, or the reprobation   ol
resolve on tin* pari
Hon of steel batllcshipv as a matter  the    various   ehurehes   within lheir|.> copper "t lead,
of Imperial urgency it was important(districts, to at least double    their .j. iHreMeadHlne,
Ihal Ureal   Hritain should le placed I missionary    offerings    for     ihe  new] 4 other    metals
•> Kit AND CHKM1ST.-Charges: •>
<{• Gold, silver, copper or lead, SI •»>
*l* each, gold-silver, $1.50; silver- •>
1)4 lead,   11.60]    gold-silver,   with
$2.50; /Inc. tl; •>
$.1. Prices lnr •>
un   application. *
Any available l-r.. .:.:>,:. Lands
witbin the Railway Belt la lintish
Columbia, :..,iy u- iMMBseteadod by
any puton who is tht sole head ol a
family, or any male ovet .■■ yean of
age, w the cxtcm of oae-quartei -*"-
tion ol wi acraa, mora or \t*%.
Entry moat t.t made ,..•, .....!>■ at
the Iwal land olhn for the a,sin t
lu whit J, the la.'.d is situate. I.ntiy
l>y proiy may, bowetrer, be made 00
certain coadtttoes by the lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother 01
ttatei ot an intending iMiineileertsfi
The liouieeleadot is r*, ..;••; to perform the conditions COtttteClCd tbcte-
with under one of the following [*l*.r..
(1) At least mi mftfttht' nsuJence
upon and cultivation ot tbe land m
each year for three years.
(2). II the father (or mother,
if the father is deceased), if the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity ol the land entered lor,
the requirements as to residence may
he satisfied hy ancfa person residing
with the lather or mother.
(8). If the settler has his permanent residence up>n (arming land
owned by him in the vicinity ot bis
homestead, the requirements as tu
, residence may be satisfed by resid-
; ence upon the said land.
I Six months' notice In - writing
I should he given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa o( in-
j te&tion in apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may he
..ves and mothers'     Is there
who has properly obtained a license, l«sed   tor   a period   ot   Wenly-one
1   .     kit. LnfjtMM *rt    n»w-t T«r* *t an annual rental ol tl   per
and conducts    his business   0     me, t f Not more    lhin 2,5T0 acres
legitimate want Ol Hie public;    w,»" | mhall be leased to one Individual   or
is himself pertectty sober;  who ■!■.<•    f(,nipai,i      A royalty at the rate <f
not    adulterate     his   goods   nr sell Ite cents per ton
them     to   anyone   likely    to    abuse j
them, who permits no disorder, such
as blasphemy   or   indecent language,
in his store,  who seeks       not       U)
evade Ihe law. whit incites    no    one
shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy  of  the Minister ol the   Interior.
, I
the webkly !4>L0ag   distance 'phone K7.     P.O. •*!•
.> Hot, OllOli Nelaon. BO.    taiy*
PMUnrlna,    *♦*♦«**♦♦«>**♦«»
to drink, least nf all Ihe young
never sells to minors, in n word
is obedient to civil law and to
law of Christian ehantv and pistire''
Such a man is one who has no
MUM from his business to fear the
jndemrnl of Hod or reproach of puli
Dpi a i'.l'« Unites
THK    PWOB    TO     OCT
(!(K)I) HEAL.
2.00 A YEAI!
FEBRUARY 17, 11)10
By the Herald
Publishing Company,
J, Deane, Managing Editor,
Political rumors are rile these
days, but, we lancy, they are not
worthy of very much attention.
From Ottawa come rumors ol an
early dissolution ol parliament and
of the retirement of II. L. Borden
from the Conservative leadership.
The first ot these rumors is based
upon the supposition that the Tory
opposition propose to hold up the estimates with a view to forcing the
government to modify its naval
policy. The Tory party is so thoroughly at sea in regard to a naval
policy that it is hardly likely they
will seek to force an early appeal to
the country on the question. The
second Ottawa rumor is to the effect
that Tory Leader Borden is about to
retire from that trying position.
This rumor has arisen out ol the
Canadian naval program. The Tories, as is generally known, are all
split up over this question, one lac-
tiou ol the party advocating one
policy, and another, an entirely opposite eourse. Mr. Borden, himself,
does not appear lo know where he is
at in this connection. Last year he
endorsed the attitude uf the Laurier
administration in this regard, a resolution dealing with tlie .subject and
amended to suit his views with the
full concurrence of the Liberal party
in the house, was adopted. In the
interval, however, many of Mr* Borden's followers have changed their
minds on the subject and now wish
to adopt a different course. Mr.
Borden has been whipped into line
ami is now attempting to hack out ot
the position he adopted last year.
Such a situation must lie very distasteful to a man of Mr. Borden's
high conception of political responsibility and we can well understand
that he would leel greatly relieved
to be free of his onerous duties as
leader ol the opposition, leader - f a
party that will not follow his lender-
ship. This is not the lirst occasion
in which Mr. Borden has proved his
incapacity to lead, Time and again
he has been compelled tp change his
attitude towards certain public questions. We believe that In every instance Mr. Borden has been actuated
by a sincere desire to do the best for
the party, of which he is the nominal leader, but we can readily appreciate his dissatisfaction with his duties
as leader of a party that will not
accept his leadership. Mr. Borden
has gained the respect of the people
of Canada by his obvious honesty of
puipose, but he has completely failed
to Impress his followers with the
value ol his leadership, Whilst we
do not take much slock in this rumored retirement of Mr. Borden, at
the same time, we cannot hut feci
that Mr Borden must be growing
heartily sick of his present very trying position. He must realize thai
so long as divided counsels prevail
and so long as his leadership is pure
Iv nominal, there will be little or
no prospect of ousting the Liberal
government from office, and, whilst
he draws a salary as leader id the
opposition, he can have no desire to
remain in    that  position indefinitely
The other political rumors emanate
from Victoria. One of these is to
the effect that Mr. Tallow, lormer
minister of finance In the McBride
government, is to be taken back into
the fold. As the rumor goes, Mr.
Tatlor is to stand (or the Yale riding, vacated by the retirement ol
Premier McBride, who, ns will Ih* recalled, was elected lor that riding
as well as for the city ot Victoria,
In the last general elections. In
the event ol his election, so the
rumor goes, Mr. Tatlow is to be reinstated in his old position ol finance
minister. This rumor has received
its quietus Irom Mr. Tatlow himself, who has stated that there is absolutely no truth in It. There is
another rumor affecting Mr. Tatlow,
which may have some foundation of
truth in it and that is that he is to
be appointed a commissioner of the
government Ol British Columbia to
have charge ot the financing ol the
Canadian Northern railway contract.
During the recent campaign the
promise was made by premier McBride that in the event ol his deal
with McKcn/.ie and Mann being endorsed by the people, the cash raised by way of aid to the undertaking
would not be handled in the usual
manner, i.e., through the department
o( finance, hut that an independent
commission would he entrusted with
this work. If Premier McBride
could Induce Mr* Tatlow to net in
this capacity we think the province
would have good occasion to feel
content. Whilst Mr. Tatlow disapproved of the McBride deal and gave
effect to his disapproval hy retiring
from the government on tho eve ol
an appeal to the eountrj, the result
ol that appeal showed unmistakably
that the majority uf the electors
favored .Mcllride's ileal and it would
now be quite in order for Mr. Tatlow to act in the capacity Intimated
above. Should lie undertake this
work, the country could feel assured
that their Interests would he amply
safeguarded. Whilst the Herald has
not seen eye to eye with Mr. Tatlow
in the past, it has always been free
to acknowledge his undoubted qualifications as an accountant and his
unquestionable integrity.
Another rumor coming from Victoria is to the effect that Carter
Cotton, member for Richmond, and
president of the council, in the .McBride ministry, is at odds with his
colleagues over the question of control of rates on the C. N. It. and
that so .strung is his feeling on the
subject that he will resign unless
Premier McBride lakes more decisive
action to safeguard the interests ol
the traders and consumers uf the
province. There may be some foundation in this rumor, although, it
there be, we fancy it is due to other
causes than Mr. Cotton's views in
regard to C. N. It. freight rates.
Mr. Cotton is an old member of the
legislature and a lormer finance minister. The portfolio of finance is
at present vacant, Mr. Bowser's tenure id the office being temporary
only. Mr. Cotton may naturally
feel that he is entitled to Hist consideration when that portfolio is
dealt with and from all reports
there is but Utile prospect of Mr.
Cotton's claims being recognized.
Whilst Mr. Cotton is admittedly tin
brains of the McBride cabinet, he has
never enjoyed the full confidence ul
his colleagues. It is well known
lhat Premier McBride would gladly
he rid of him, if he could ailord tu
drop him. It is also equally well
known that Mr. Cotton never has had
and bus not now any great respect for
tin' political acumcrt of his leader,
Premier McBride. Mr. Cotton has
undoubtedly not received the consideration at the bauds of the McBride
government his eminent qualifications
entitle him to. At the same time
it must be recognized that wilh these
eminent qualifications, Mr. Cotton
possesses other characteristics thai
largely unfit bin: for cabinet position, particularly in such a cabinet
us ihal headed by Premier McBride,
where the art ol jollying the electorate is considered ol infinitely greater
value than the mere possession of
statesmanlike qualities. Mr. Cotton
is an autocrat in office, he is absolutely unbending in the performance of his duties, and neither lo
friend or foe will he make any con
cession. He was finance minister
and chief commissioner of lands ami
works in the Semlin government and
every member of the legislature during that regime, knows well the haul
and fast lines that prevailed in Mr
Cotton's department. Upon the re
tirement of Mr. Semlin, Mr. Cotton
was unanimously accepted as leadci
of the party, although several i
those who gave jn their allegiance t
him, realised that it spelt political
extinction lor them. Under his
administration of the departments
mentioned, members supporting the
government were shewn no special
consideration, in (act their rccotn
iiicndations carried no more weight
with him than those emanating (ton:
members of the opposition! Thli
was a situation of affairs so entirely
foreign to provincial politics as
theretofore known and practiced in
British Columbia, that naturally Ihe
electorate could not appreciate the
status quo of    their representatives,
supporters ol the government and as
a     consequence    scvcinl     lost  their
seats in   the     next election,     1
ever, It must lie freely conceded that
Mr.   Cotton Is a lirsl-class administrator, that be is possessed of infinitely more capacity than the rest   of
Premier   Mcllride's colleagues    combined,   hut he  is    lacking in savolr
I faire   and   has absolutely   no umler-
' standing or appreciation ol twentieth
: century democracy.     In view of   Mr.
j Cotton's past record, one ol which he
1 has no reason to be ashamed, we do
not believe that he    will resign from
; the McBride    cabinet because of any
difference   ol    opinion   over freight
rates   on   the C.N.It., although
should not be   surprised to learn
his   retirement     Irom   the   political
arena at any time.     He has had his
fill of provincial   politics and      has
received  precious  little consideration
for the time nnd ability he has   de
voted to the    interests ol the prov
An attack ol the grip is oltcn followed hy a persistent cough, which
to many proves a great annoyance
Chamberlain's cough remedy has been
extensively used nud with good success for Hie relief nnd cure ol this
cough. Many cases have been cured
after all other remedies had failed
Kohl by all druggists nnd deal
ers. 52- tl
Colorado Springs, Colo,, Feb, Hi.
—At the Union Printers home today
the library addition to thut institution was formally dedicated. The
Union Printers home is the only Institution of its kind in tbe world
conducted by u trade union for the
benefit of its indigent and sick members. The value of the property is
estimated at one million dollars, and
llie addition that was dedicated today cost $30,1)1-11'. It houses the
home's magnificent collection of
boons—12,000 volumes. Among the
speakers were Mayor Avery, of this
City, a representative of the local
typographical union, a representative
of Denver Typographical union and
President .lames M. Lynch, ol the
International Typographical union.
The exercises were attended by a
large number ol people. President
Lynch made the principal address,
and, among other things, said:
We meet today to participate in
the dedication ceremonies incident lo
the latest addition to the institution
known as the Union Printers home,
the library addition.
Many of you are acquainted with
the wonderful development of this
properly. Vou will recall lhat the
main building occupied a barren and
desolate hillside, that through loyal
on the part of the union printers
this continent, patience on the
part of the management-and industry
on the part of its assistants has
been developed until now it is one ol
the most beautiful parks in this section, that Irom time to time new
butldlngs have been erected and
improvements have been made until
at this time the facilities of . the
Union Printers home are adequarc to
all demands.
Tlie history of the library addition
is typical of the history ol the entire
institution. An insignificant collection of books of a few hundred volumes has grown to more than ten
thousand volumes. A room, commodious and up-to-date was needed
to house the collection. The requirements of the home, purely domestic in their nature, demanded additional room and modern utensils.
The great need was made known to
our membership. Immediately the
money necessary, voluntary contributed, began to pour in until the
amount in hand was sufficient to
warrant the board of trustees in
undertaking the actual work of construction. Today we arc dedicating
ihe new addition that, aside from
this beautiful library room in which
we arc assembled, has given to the
home an enlarged dining room, additional store rooms, new kitchen,
serving room, bakery, cold storage
plant, etc. And all of this, including the home itself, has been constructed and is maintained by the
union printers uf this coutinint, who
have their own private responsibilities, cures and duties, hut who,
notwithstanding, find a way to contribute something each month toward
the solace, comfort and happiness of
their brothers in distress. Since
this institution received its first resident, these wage-earners have contributed nearly one million dollars to
its support. The physical value of
the property is estimated al one
million dollars.
We are pioud id our trade. We
tlcilro to maintain that trade in all
,ts tradition and perfection. To
that end we have established and
maintain a technical school (or the
benefit of Journeymen and apprentices
so lhat they may perfect themselves
in I heir chosen calling, may know ol
and understand its newest development and latest improvement, and
may turn that increased knowledge
not only to their own account in the
way ot additional remuneration tor
their labor, but that Ihe art ot
printing may itself be advanced, and
that the product of the press in
America may tic superior to that ot
nay other country. In this way wc
perform a public ami a patriotic
indispensable that you place will be
difficult to fill* Your enthusiasm
ami willingness in Christian work on
all occasions have been a constant
stimulus to us, and our only eon-
solution will be to remember that
the bountiful zeal which has characterized you as a member of our
society will continue to be given lo
the Master's service wherever (lod
in His holiness jnny lead you to reside.
We shall miss you personally.
Your friendliness und affable nature
ha\e endeared you lo our hearts,
Your ample benevolence, cheering
visits, and thoughtful kindness to
sick and poor have been deeply appreciated hy the recipients and observers alike, For these Christian
virtues so beautifully but modestly
exemplified, your memory will continue to abide in the community (or
many a day.
We hid you a fond good-bye, and
pray that our Heavenly Fatherly
may graciously grant you and yours
continued blessings on earth and an
abundant entrance into His everlasting Kingdom.
Sunday, February 20th.
Morning service at 11 a.m.
Sunday school and Bible classes at
3 p.m.
League prayer service at 7 p.m.
K veiling service at 7.30. Subject:
"The Cities of Refuge."
Tuesday—Epworth League bean
social at the parsonage at 8 p.m.
Thursday—Prayer service at 8 p.m.
Friday—Choir practice at 8 p.m.
A very hearty invitation is extended to all to attend these services
who do not regularly attend any
other place ot worship. Visitors
and others staying in the city over
Sunday will be given a welcome.
Children attending no Sunday school
will lie made at home here. (lood
library in connection with the
school, graded lesson taught, and a
systematic Bible instruction is given
to the children by the superintendent.
Before she left for Vancouver Mrs.
S. .1. Mighton was presented with
the following address by the ladies
of the Presbyterian church, a;
slight token of their appreciation ot
her active Interest in all that affected the welfare and work ol the
To Mrs. Samuel J. Mighton, Treasurer of the Ladies' Aid Society
and Member of the Choir Knox
Presbyterian   Church,   Cranbrook,
n. c.
Dear Mrs. Mighton:—
With the changes common to lilc
your departure from our midst Is np-
proachlng, It Is with sincere regret
we contemplate the breaking up of
our long and pleasant intimacy.
We shall miss you sorely Irom the
Ladies' Aid By your wisdom and
devotion you have made yourwll bo
Public worship 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Bible school with Young
Ladies' Philethea and Young Men's
Baraca classes. Morning subject:
"The Temple Pinnacle Temptation."
Evening subject: "The Sun ol Righteousness," an illustrated astronomical sermon. Tbe pastor, Charles W.
King, at both services. Stranger:
always welcomed.
Monday, 8 p.m., young people:
meeting at the residence ot Mr. and
Mrs. .1. F. Bridges. Subject: ' An
Evening With the Bolivians ol South
America," illustrated.
Wednesday, 8 p.m., mid-week meeting. This will be a missionary
social evening with refreshments, under Ihe auspices of the Ladies'
circle. An interesting program; the
usual offering.
A cordial Christian welcome to
Last Monday's Young People's
union musical and social at the parsonage was a most enjoyable and
successful evening. The program
was brief but excellent. There was
a good attendance and a good time
for cheryhody.
There are several young men
in Oronbiooh who will doubtless Liu buying ranges ami
heateiH iluiirg 11)10— ami llioy
cannot make a safer Investment
than luiyii g u Moffat Itniigo
at a Utile al ove cost oi a
healer at absolutely cost. Yon
will never have sneli sn opportunity as tills iigniii.
ami the evidence that it i- a
genuine sale i? right on ihe
price cards in our windows,
■lust rend them ami coino in
ami have stove talk.
S60.00 BUYS AN $80.00
S38.00 BUYS A $50.00
The Hardware Men
OIVEN lint a muting ol the sul>-
■crlbera "I tta Capital Stock ol Tlie
limit, ol Vancouver will bo held »t
the ll».irtl ul Trade rooms, Molson's
Hank llnlltliiiK, Ml HaHtinRs St., Vt ,
Vancouver, II. C, on Tuesday, the
lirst day ol March, HMO, at 10
n'clot-k a.m.
The husiness nt the lueetlliR will
lie tn determine the day on which the
annual Rcneral meeting of the hank
will lie held.
Tn elect such number nl the Directors, duly qualified under the Hank
Act, as the Subscribers may think
necessary, who shall hold oince until
the niinual general meeting nt the
year nevt succeeding their eleclinn.
Tn llx Ihe qualification nl the 1)1-
rectnrs subject to the provisions nl
tlie Dank Act.
Tn ns the method nl tilling vacancies tn the Hoard ol Directors when*
e«*r the same may occur each year.
Tn lis the time and prucccdings lnr
tlie electinn of the Directors in case
nt nny failure ol any election nn the
day appointed lnr it.
To prescribe the record to he kept
of proxies iiiiit the time not exceeding in days within which proxies
must la* produced and recorded prior
to any subsequent meeting, in order
to enable the holder to vote thereat.
And to regulate such matters as
by bylaw the Shareholders may regulate pursuant tn terms nf See. IH,
ol the Dank Act.
A. I,. Dewar,
Secretory   ol the   Provisional Hoard
ol Directors M-lt
1\ Howard time"
is the highest praise the
"old man" can give.
Railroad officials, engineers and ron*
(factors are taking a hearty Interest i:i
the new Howard Railroad Wstch—\
jS*tvr-ic/timepiece with sll the Howard
accuracy and dependability.
Howard Railroad dial has minute
numerals from * to 60 running around
the dial. A tingle glance tells th«
number of minutes past the hour.
I'l'ltt fi'l t'V J'tilltrJ 1..1..I HUttlcd   II   tilt
factory—$U I0I140,
Let w ihow y..*i thii dialnctivc watch*
IV.   H.    WILSON
Terms Moderate,   I'.O. I'm L'lii
Criiobrnok,   ■   III liltli Coll nibm
Ottawa, Feb. 10.—The government
has decided to locale Canada's tiuvnl
college at llalilux. The estimates
arc: lluihling, (180,000; lurnlshlng
and workshops, 150,000; battery,
120,000; arming nt battery, SI 10,0110;
ofllcers' quarters, 170,000; men's
quarters, 120,01111; dockyard enn-
struction, tlflD.ooti; dopkyard up keep
lor lour years, H,180,000; naval college up keep tor fnur veins, (275,000,
and barracks upkeep, the same,
Jake City, Iowa, Feb. 14,—A
stnekman, named Dunbar, with his
Innt caught in a Iron in the railway
yard here snw a train approaching
and lighted the only paper lie hail—
_ 120 hill. The engineer Raw his
signal and stnpprd the train in time
tv avoid injuring the man.
I rpiiralt-il 1HII0
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -     -      -      70,000,000
II. S. IIOI.T, ('resident
13, L, I'K.AHK, Genoral Manager
Accounts of firms, Coriurulinna nml Individual*
<lut-of-towii liiisiiiMsi receives ovory attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. -Deposits of fl.OOand
upwards rooolvod and interest allowed ut current rati*.
N» formality nr delay  ill  withdraw in*,'.
A General Dinkim,* business transacted,
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co's. Telegraph
I'lirrectn,*.. in the ir:i,,.iiii-.-i.iii nf meflMKC. din he inr-iiml hy contract in writing
■■finni' iiKrenl amount ,,f risk, ami payment of !>r„inium therein. HI the following
nil,.*... in aililitiim l„ tho hhimI rliarirc.i fur repeating mo.sase... vi/.:-Ono per «nt,
fur any iti.Unee not exMOding 1.0.I0 mil*.*., am! two per cent, for any greater tll.l.nce.
Tims Sunt I Time Fiu.ru
Semi llie lollowing Message, luliject to tlie above terms, whitli are
hereby agreed to.
Los Angeles, Feb. 15, lull)
Turks nnd Brown, Ltd.,
Care of J. D. McBride,
Cranbrook, B. C.
OK to put  names of delinquents on window.    Engngo
Kuss (!. t'nrr for the job.
I   PHONE 56
'"1U"50    ..iTV STORE!
I   I  » '^V^-^——" WHERE VOU CAN ALWAYS «T    ' *
No occasion lo litui fault wilh tin* cook if yon buy fiotii
ns anil gel the bent always.
Now 1 hut 11.0 Home:made I'rpperve* an- getting rcatre ami yon virh
to moke Ihem lust, ity some ul our Famous Triangle Itiaml Cum id
tioods, Peaches. rears, 1'lumf, Mrawlieniis,  Knepbertles, lioote-
horrlei. etc.   Kvery can gun run teed.
"Diamond" in last week'* advert liement should have been "Triangle"
We don't euro whether vou lire ready lo buy your 6|irirg
Suit now or not, we want our splendid clothes lo hnve 11
chance to tnnke 1111 impression oil your mind.
They'll certainly do their) work well if you will Btc|i in
for n look ut thn
\ $16.50, $18.00. $20.00, $25.00
Showing ia proof |(08i 1 ivo, ninl so wo say
jutfttiij wf'll lu' glad 1" kIiow you. Sir.
I -A.. O. PYE
' Where ihe Best Clothes come from"
Our motto is, "Not how cheap,
hut how Rood." It is not what you
pay for un article, hut what the
article pays you in return for what
you paid for il, that determines its
value." MeClaiy's ranges are built
to pay you hack hi efficient service,
mnnv times over, in return for what
you pay (or them. "Let ua show
you."—Patmore llroa.
A few minutes delay in treating
.some eases of croup, even the length
of time it takes to go for a doctor
often proves dangerous. The safest
way is to keep Chamherlatn's Cough
Remedy in the house, and at the first
indication of croup give the child a
dose. 1'icasant to take and always
cures. Sold hy all dtugglsts and
drains. 52-t(
_ THJ5   0BANB00K   II HUM J)
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•a *******
*************** ***************
■ •
"Where It Pays To Deal"
»■»*»•»■»•»-»■»♦-»•» ***********************
To the people of Cranbrook and South
East Kootenay:
We have bought the Drug and Stationery Business of Beattie &
Atchison. We solicit a continuance of your past generous patronage
to this store. We will endeavor to continue the high standard of
goods and service which our predecessors established.
Our Drug and Prescription Department will be our chief pet and
perfection our main aim. This will be in charge of Frank Q. Murphy,
Phm. B. The shareholders in our company are all local people:
R. E. Beattie, Pres.; F. 0. Murphy, Sec.-Treas.; W. J. Atchison,
Mrs. R. E. Beattie and firs. D. E. Murphy, shareholders.
The Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd.
The Cranbrook Agency Co. j;
Real I'.stnto. Insurance, nnd Employment AgentB
Customs Brokers
Agenti ford rent IVost Permanent Loan unil Savings Co.
P.O. BOX 111 ' PHONE 280
90   ACRES
I 15   ACRES
l and quarter miles from Cranbrook
6o acres good level land, easily cleared
Balance rolling
Price $25.00 per acre
1 mile from Cranbrook ami within j mile
of bearing Orohanl
All level land; no improvements
Snap at $30.00 per acre
If you are looking for land close to town, it will pay yon tit
call on us before buying.   Wq have the exclusive Agency t f
more than 4U ol the best farms in this district.
Fred A. Russell £& Co.
Next door to P. Wood/ Meat Market
P  O. Box 144
****** *************
******************** ,************4
graduate: opticians
til roionto Op bahnac ( ollrje
Batiifaotlon gnaranterd vritfa Ihe inoel troubloaome ol cam
0, I'. II. wn:,li lisped * - Cranbrook, I', t'.
<jaii coal.    Perry sills it
A. IIiHlgnun, ol .Marysutlr, was in
the city last Kmlay.
Arc you reading Kink's Purnlturo
W. Maneely, n( Wardner, was in Ihe
city Saturday last on business.
I love my hubby, but Oh you Moffat range.
M. .1. Bonner, ot Moyie, spent tho
week end With Iriends in the citj.
What do you want moved? Perry
can do it     Phone 63.
Mrs. .1. Anderson, of .InlTray, wns
in the city Monday.
I.ea's pickles, catsups ami relishes.
—Campbell and Manning.
Warm stable to rent; centrally
situated, rj*nt n»oderate -Box 22H,
Arc you reading Kink's Furniture
Do you want to rent a warm
stable?    II so, apply I' 0 Bo| 33»
I Iflyo my h"bby, but oh you M«*f
Ut rapge.
W. IT. Bradford, of Moyie, wns in
the elty Wednesday on business.
Sliced him and bacon at Campbell
ami Manning's-.
A. I* McDermot returned on Saturday Irpm a trip to Winnipeg
POM s.u.K-\ numbei ol second
hand sewing machines very cheep.
See VanWormer.
.r, McDonald, formerly ol tho
Queens hotel, Icfl on Friday lot
Detroit, Mich
Foe choice cooking ami table apples
semi your ordet to Campbell and
P. K Johnston, proprietor of the
Mtiyie hotel,     Moyie, was in the city
Arrange to buy a "Moffat" range
and disarrange our store floor.—Me-
Callum's hardware.
W.  it. Ut-.itfy has     purchased     the
undertaking department of the Cranbrook Co-operative Stores.
Pimicntu.H at Fink's Pure Food
Dr. Connolly has recovered from
his attack of Inflammatory rheumatism and is to he found in his olTicc
on Armstrong avenue.
UKATTY—has a few ol those two-
roomed shacks left lo rent.        53-tl
Born—At Cranhrook, B. 0., on
February Hth, nun, to Mr. and
Mrs. N. Royal, n son.
Second hand sewing machines for
sale cheap nml lo rent. Some of
them Singers. Wo also clean ami re
pair all kinds of machines and hnve
them done hy an etpert.—Singer
Store. so-u
Arrange to buy a "Moffat" range
ami disarrange our store floor.— Mc-
Callum's hardware,
Horn—At Cranhrook, 11. C, on
Monday, February lith, 1310, to Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Basset t, a son.
Choice cucumbers at Stewart's
Misses M, and A. Wise left on
Tuesday for a visit with friends at
Crows Nest.
St. I vol's meats, that famous old
Knglish brand, In glass jars ut
Campbell and Manning's.
J. B. Sutherland, of Webb, Read
and Megan, of Calgarv, is in the
Choice cranberries at Slowart's,
tfic, a quart.
Kenneth Campbell, of Canal Flats,
was in the city Tuesday to attend
the funeral of the late D. Brcckenridgo.
FRESH MILK FOR SALE. Apply to S. McDonald, or P. 0. Box
103. 1-lt*
Christian and Jones have secured
contracts for cottages for Louis
Malic anil K. Johnson and have the
foundation laid lor the former.
Sweet, sour and mustard pickles
in gallon crocks; nice stock.—Campbell and Manning.
Vi. 0. Taylor left on Tuesday for
bis home in Creston. The many
patrons oi the Royal will miss
"Billy" the former acting manager.
"Map of Italy." pure virgin olive
oil at Kink's pure Food Grocery.
P. McConnell, of Waldo, was in the
city on Friday on his way home
from Vancouver, where lie has lieen
spending the winter With liis family.
Your rooms will soon need papering. Call on Short, the painter
nud decorator, for suggestions.
The next annual meeting of the
National Lumber manufacturers of
the I'nitcd States will Ih* held at
New Orleans. La , on April 19th and
Peanut oil at Kink's Pure Pood
Waller Nicholson returned from
Spokane on Friday and accepted a
position with the C. P It., but was
taken ill wilh pneumonia on Sunday
and is confined to his room,
WANTEB-Sewlng by the day Apply Miss Twamley, care of Mrs
Thompson. SMS
FEW VI.i; HELP tt \XTEI) - A
smart neiive lady to demonstrate
mr goods and take Individual nf
Ion Good paj —Robinson Custume
Co , London, (>nt. Vpply Boi 801,
Cranbrook, P 0 88-11
Showing a swell line ol dinner sets
from 119.00 to $30.00 -Campbell and
i; ii. Brown has been improving
the interior of his store by having
burlap placed all around. Mr
Brown is up-to-date in all he undertakes and believes that nothing
is too good for bis customers.
Spring is approaching and you wilt
want a new buggy. See VanWormer. lie has them. We have also
some second-hand rigs for sale
James Miller, local manager of
P. Burns and Co., has been transferred to Fernie, and left for his
new position on Wednesday. He
will lie- succeeded by F- W. McDonald, formerly of llosmer.
Royallcttc biscuit at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
All the machinery for the Cranbrook Electric Light Co., Ltd., including the electrical plant, is now
on the ground. The work of installation is being rushed as rapidly as
possible and the company expect to
he In a position to give an all day
service before llie required lime.
French maccdolncs and French peas
at Fink's Pure Food Grocery*
Aclic Singh, Ihe Hindu, who was
committed for trial recently, on the
alleged charge of nssaultlng a fellow
countryman   at   Wycllffe   with   an
,i\e was, upon his appearance before
Judge Wilson for speedy trial, discharged Tlie complainant in the
case failing to establish thr charge.
Fergusson ami Houston have an
ad. in this issue of the Herald. 53-lt
Creston Review: A deal in orchard
land of some importance was closed
here this week when Mib-lot 132, of
212 acres at WynndH, was sold to
J. Laurie, of Cranbrook, and others.
The new owners will start clearing
the land at once and plant it in
fruit trees. The land was formerly
owned by Mr. Carsall.
Choice Ictfuce and white crisp
celery at Stewart's.
Frank Leclair, foreman of the
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company's
Marysville logging camp, was in
town this week. Mr. Lcclalt called
at the Herald office to express his
keen sorrow at the death of Mr. I>.
Breckcnridge and his sincere sympathy with Mrs. Breckcnridge in her
sudden bereavement.
milk cows; fresh. Apply J. Vi.
Robinson, Cranhrook. 53-tf
The Arena rink is rapidly approaching completion. The trusses are all
up and the ice space will be fret- of
all obstruc'ions. The management
arc contemplating a carnival in the
near future and arc also trying to
arrange a match with the Movie
team, who have just returned from
the Rossland carnival.
Tone up your salad with Spanish
plmlentos. For sale at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Do you know that croup can be
prevented? Give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy as .soon as the child
becomes hoarse or even alter the
croupy cough appears and it will prevent the attack. It is also a certain cure for croup and has never
been known to fail. Sold by all
druggists and dealers. 63-t(
Harry Shaw, who is said to own a
ranch in Alberta, and who has been
engaged in wood cutting around
town recently, was this week sentenced to six months hard labor for
indecent exposure Judge Ryan, in
passing sentence, expressed regret
that be could not impose a heavier
Go to Stewart's for strictly fresh
prairie eggs, 40c. dozen.
Brakeman llombough fell when
stepping oil the pilot of the engine
at the east    switch al Swansea and
had  the  misfortune  lo  have  his     leg
broken by the ashpan of the engine
owing to    the lad thai tbe ballast
at this point is wry low tl ngine
and two ears wen I over the uifor-
tunate man ami II Is a mirai le that
he wns not more seriously injured.
Newly laid eggs at Stewart's BOc
a dozen.
Kootenay Telephoai Lines, Limited, construction gang are at work at
New Michel, Installing H central office and switchboard .it that point.
This exchange will comprise subscribers in both Michel and New
Michel. As soon as this exchange
is completed the company will commence the installation of an exchange at Hosmer.
McCallum s announce the continuance of their stow sale and anyone
looking for a genuine bargain cannot
do better than call on the hardware
men and get it.
Archie McNab and Mary Laiigbliu,
two elderly persons, were applicants
for a marriage license al the provincial government office on Monday
last. The elderly couple had come
from Spokane, win re they had been
refused a license, by reason of their
being inmates nf a charitable institution. Whether or not tiny took
advantage of tbe license secured here
to become united is not known. The
bride was a widow, whilst the
bridegroom stated that he was a
bachelor and a blacksmith by trade.
Puritan pancake flour and pure
maple syrup at Fink's Pun- Food
Hosmer Times: Last Monday evening a nice party gathered In the
dining room ol the I'aciflo hotel. The
object of the gathering  was to give
our  esteemed    fellow townsman K.
W. McDonald, something |tyo a good!
semi off. ('. ||. Dunbar was chair-:
man and in tbe course of tho evening
Mr.  McDonald was presented with ai
A Few of the  Big  Bargains   for
This  Week
Wi, liavr picked out of Block 80
l>iiirs of Liulics' Hit'll  Shoes,
sulil in till' usual wny ut $4.00.
$4.60 and $6.0(1 a pair.
Sale price   -   $1.50 a pair
An o|i|»irlunity like this comes
but once in a lift* time; so don't
miss it.   Ki'inriiilnT tin* price is
$1.50 a pair
The priii's made them
i during the lirst week of the sale.
This  week  tbey will  go still
Lovely Wool Taffeta Skirts
Lovely Panama Skirts
Lovely Venetian Skirts
Sold keen in the regular wav al
$6.95 and $7.50
Big Clearing Price - $4.95
lasts one week longer.
Don't  put off,  you  can't;
help but save money.
Tapestry Rugs
I'mal prici—
tl-J.0"  to  *12 -Vi
Ladies' Slippers
Another great offer.
Alwut 40 pairs of lovely slippers
sold usually nt $.1.50 to $4.00
a pair
!. Sale price   -   $1.95 a pair
If you come early you can have
your choice of any lieigth
of  heel.
Saturday Only
We will give vou a Speoial
Discount of
15 per cent Off all
Children's Shoes
Only a limited quantity of our
$2.23 D. A* A. Corsets to lie put
On Sale at   -  $1.25 a pair
New Directoire
Special for Saturday
85 cents a pair
For the Little
All Wool -Jerseys in tin-en.
Ordinal and Navy
Made Buttoned HhonUer
I Sale price   -    85 cts. each
Sale price
Wool Rugs
New, Fresh and Up-to-date
Size '.ixii yards
I'sual price $*.••*>
Sale price      -  -      $6.95
Other siiw-s equally irood value
Window Blinds or
"ll Sale for a few days
worth i'iOc.
At 45c. each
I Burns Brothers' February Sale
written   address ami u leather rail
cue as u slight token to his many
good qualities.     Mc McDonald let!
last Tuesday tor Cranhrook, where
lie has accepted a position with I'
Hums and Co.
While it is often impossible to
prevent an accident, it is never impossible to he prepared—it is not ln--
yond any one's purse. Invest 85
cents in a bottle ot Chamberlain's
Liniment and you are prepared tor
sprains, bruises and like injuries
Sold hy all druggists and dealers. 52-tl
The North Star Lumber company,
of Winnipeg, which owns valuable
timber properties in Kast Kootenay,
looks good to Mr. Kdward Blown,
formerly ol Portage. A Winnipeg
despatch of recent date staled ttiat
that gentleman bad bought lor cash
all the unsold treasury stock ol the
company, the capital of which is
half a million. The amount was
*iij,n*»i, which was paid over in cold
cash The directors of the North
Star nre .John Hanbury, Brandon;
It. T, Itilcy. And-
A   Wimlait. Winiu-
.!, A. M. Atkins,
rew Kelly ami W
FOR      SALK-Onc
ten   roomed
dwelling house with all modern improvements, four lots, fenced in.
wood shed, horse and row stables,
carriage and hen houses, situated
near government building. Apply \
I) Bridget, P, 0 Hot mi;,
city. 51-tf
Tht    Anal in tbt British Columbia
hockey    championship tttruted        a
large gathering to the RoaaUmd rial
f<>r the closing loenea <-f the central on Saturday last. Again it was
a oaea of a freed team heating one
fagged out, lor PhoenlX had hardly
recover-iil from their game of the
early afternoon. Anyway Harry
and Archie Bishop, of the Nelsons.
bad a picnic, for between them they
put in six goals to one by Pboentl.
It was not tiif most interesting game
of the series hut there was lots ol
go about ii. Melton was certainly
the better team and fully deserved
the victory
Spanish pimientos Will give your
salad an appealing effect. Pot tale
at Kink's pure Pood Grocery.
.lust as we are nol ashamed of our
name, we are not ashnmed of our
work. Plumbing and heating con
tracts installed by us give the mam-
mum of satisfaction, and will save
you money —Patmore Bros., up-to-
date plumbers.
Tin new management of the opera
house opened up last week under ver\
favorable   auspices The Kckhardt
company held the board! lor three
nights and certainly created a distinctly pleasing impression. Of their
several productions, perhaps the best
was the first night's, "Paid in Full "
In Miss Josephine Itrflry and Mr
Oliver Rekhardti the cnmpAny pos
Ktten tWO very clever comedians
The balance of the company Is above
(be average and all plaved their W
rial parts tn a very capable
The Kckhard*. company Hored a decided MCttaa in Cranbrook and a
return visit will be eagerly looked
forward tfl On Monday evening ol
this week,    Messrs. Kraser and Kar-
rjuahrson   commenced   their moving
picture and vaudeville entertainments, whilh are to run whenever
the opera bout is not otherwise 00>
itipied.     The new :i.ai.ai:*fmcnt     art*
putting on an excellent entertainment
along these lines and well deserve
the generous patronage tbey have so
far received
WANTKD-Par tner (either active
or silent; with about 1500 to raise
chickens and ducks on a 'arge scale,
success assured and proved the last
season Poi particulars address
Box gST, Cranbrook. B II 51-3t"
that on Monday. March ;tiV MO, tbe
Court ot Reefarion for the City of
Cranbrook «ill lie held in the Council
Chambers, nt 10.10 am. (local time)
for the purpo.-c of revising the Assessment Roll ol the City of Cranbrook.
Those having complaints agafnst
theli assessments are required to
have their protests in Ihr hands of
the City Clerk ten days previous to
the sitting 0l the Court of Itevlsiofi.
Dated at Cranbrook this Iftth day
of December.   I'M" ',o '**-M THJ£   OUAJNBUOOK   HKKAJLO
Read This Ad. I
for a change
"Call and Inspect
Fergusson and
Cranbrook Representatives
The Finest Tailoring Service in Canada.
Through our regularly appointed ngentn we offer you a tailoring service thut is
unsurpassed. We furnish you with custom tailored garments mude for yon individually.
You will have the satisfaction of wearing clothes that lit you perfectly, the goods cut
by expert draftsmen and cutters according to your exact inuisures aid the exact foim
and peculiarities of your figure, tailored hy high class craftsmen and made up in u
style that  is  cornet.
We guarantee to lit yon perfectly. Wc guarantee every fabric in sample licok to lie
exactly as represented, We i tier you such style and workmanship thut only the highest claes
city tailors give their retail tr.nle at fancy prices.
With this protection ami offering you all these advantages, you will be making a good
move by inspecting tin* Btimples
We have gathered the choicest fabrics the mills are making for this season, the colors
and pattern effects that will In* worn by the best dressers in large cities, a range of goals most
carefully Beli cted from hundreds upon hundreds of samples submitted to us. so that no matter
what you choose from you know you nre getting what is correct anil proper for Ihe season. In
addition to the fancy patterns we show the more staple and eonseivutivu goods that are always
popular and in good taste.
O ir fashions are il-ioo irrcet und authoritative. The finest retail tailors in New York
an*! Chicago will make their garment! this season just like the styles we illustrate. These
illustrations are mado from drawings on living models, showing just how such a style would
look on you. 'Ihe garments you get from us will have a certain swing and set, a grace and
hang that is haul lo describe, u distinction that will impress you at once, that indefinable
something culled "Style." The linings will harmonise, the lapels and coat fronts will hold
their shape, collars will lit snug and hug the neck, graceful shoulders, beutitiful workmanship
throughout. These are only a few points wherein our custom tailoring excels.
Kcmi-mhcr this: To la* well dressed your clothes require to lie built along above lines.
In this we are specialists.
The  Art   Tailoring  Company,  Toronto
Within the next lew dayi the <>i-
lord     and   Cambridge   "wet    bobs"
will lie under   wny   with their prao*
tier for the annual boat race be-
twivn tin- representatives of the sister universities, which is inert lor
March 88, Die Wcdnwilaj ot Holy
Itoth crtWI will be considerably al*
tvred from those winch took part in
last year's race, and while Mr. II
(' Hourne will, if all (DM will with
him, again set the stroke in the Oxford boat, the famous Mi !> C It*
Stuart, who stroked the light blue
shell to Victory three times in tbiannual race prior to its defeat last
year, will In- unavailable
Mr. Stuart's absence presents Mr.
!•: (1. Williams, the president, with
an acute problem to deal with. The
only two candidates with anything
like the necessary pretensions lor
the position are Mr. II .1. S
Shields, the stroke of the losing
trial eight, and Mr. Eric Palrhurn,
who rowed No. 2 in the varsity crew
of 1908, and filled the how thwart
until laid aside hy influenza lu the
last fortnight of practice a year
ago. As a stroke he proved his
worth in the Jesus Henley crew.
Mr. Pair bairn's great virtues nre
his indomitable pluck, his splendid
length in the water ami his admirable work at both ends ot the
stroke Mr. Shields, in the trial
eights, showed himself possessed of
an abundance of dash, and he is
fairly steady forward, keeps n good
length and gives his men plenty of
time to finish the stroke. Should
he eventually lie installed as stroke
Mr. Kairbairn probably will he fouvd
filling the seventh seat, n position In
which Ite did such excellent work In
last year's "May's."
(>l the other light blue oarsmen,
Mr. B S Ifornidge, the varsity No.
T of a year ago, is still available,
and he is certain to be tried for this
Important seat. ;is also is Mr V K.j
Hnllyer. the seventh of tin winning
Seats 6 and j will he adequately
Oiled by Mr. J. B. Kosher and Mr.
E. (1. Williams, respectively, and the
same may lie said of Nos. .( and li,
where Mr. G, I.. Thompson and Mr.
II.  K. Swaustoii will he seated.
For No. I, left vacant hy the
absence of Mr. II. E, hitching, there
are several candidate., of merit in
Messrs. C. P. Cooke, P. D, Pinks
(Ihe ColqUhOUn's winner) and A S.
Lloyd, an oarsman of much promise*
Discounting Mr. Pairbairn, wlm is a
possibility for the how thwart, this
seat mav he given to either Mi
Shields—should he nol stroke tbe
crew—Mi   C  U, Stuart, Mi   ll   J
Palmer or Mr   It. Davis
llesides  Ml.      II   ('.   It lie,      onh
two ol last year's victorious crew-
are again available, these being Mr
DtlhCan MacKinnon (the president)
and Mr. A. S. (i art on (Magdalene)
but the trial eights produced u stilli-
ciency of really good material, ami
material of considerable promise
enough lo satisfactorily Till the remaining thwart, with the assistance
of Mr. ('. A. (Hailstone, who but for
illness would have Mini the how seat
a year ago.
The fact that Mr. Hourne will
again set the work for the dark
blues will not be without its due
influence upon the men he will lead.
Nor is any trouble likely to be experienced In regard to that almost
equally important position, No. 7,
for Mr. .1. K. Pleuilng, an old Eton-
Ian, revealed exceedingly line form
in tbe trials and was indeed, the
best oarsmen in either crew.
Messrs. Clarion and Mackinnon will
probably occupy their last year's
position at Nos. ti and 5 respective
ly. There are four candidates for
Nos -| and \ in Mr. J. Milliugtoti-
Dralte, Magdalene, Mr. It. II. Owen,
Wailham, Mr. E. E. K. Loyd, of last
years' Eton llenlev eight, and Mr. N.
C, Field.
The latter, who, in nddillon to
being a very useful oarsman, is a
splendid hurdler and Rugby football
player, will of a surely he required
for the inter-varsity sports, but his
chance of obtaining the premier    blue
may   prove too   alluring,    in-. UM
pounds would probably he more use
fully employed at No, B.
Drasenose College should supply a
capital No 2 in Mr. 1\ G. Pope,
who stroked the No. 1 trial crew so
well, and with Mr. 0. A. Gladstone,
previously mentioned, for his bow,
the president is unlikely to get a
better man to pull that oar
(Continued from page one.)
arrive In the past we have     had
complaints that  accommodation   was
hOl always obtainable.
"Then is a clause In tlie act which
eitis to whom liquor shall not be
■Old, and this applies to cities and
towns as well us to unorganized (lis
I nets. No liquor shall In1 sold U
dipsomaniacs, to men under tlie in
llueiite of liquid, to those
waste their wages on liquor to
detriment of their families or
pendants, to minors, to Indians, to
men who go oul on periodical sprees,
to vagrants, to tramps, to prostitutes or to chauffeurs operating
motor driven machines. Thli last
provision was prompted by the large
number of automobile accidents
which have occurred during the past
lew years, especially in the t'uited
Slates. In this age ot rapid transit
the public must be protected. There
is also a provision against liquor
being sold to any woman at a bar
and this applies in cities as well as
in other places. No gambling Is to
he permitted on licensed premises
and there shall Ite no slot machines.
"It is provided that bars shall
close at 11 o'clock on Saturday
nights and shall not re-open again
till l o'clock on Monday mornings,
and during prohibited hours there
shall be no serving of liquor to any
person save under certain exceptions.
A bona fide traveler may obtain
liquor with bis meals, but not otherwise, nnd a bona tide traveler is defined as one who arrives at a hotel
hy any regular means of conveyance
in the prosecution or termination of
a regular journey; exception is made
In Ihe case of excursions for pleasure, in automobiles for instance—
"joy riding" I think bring the modern expression applied—am) people
traveling   to the outaMrta ol cities1
in motor boats ou Sundays are to be
deprived of the service of liquor us
they are nor bona fide travelers.
"There is also a provision for the
protection of drunkards. Under tho
old act this form ot protection wns
commonly known as 'Siwashing.'
Under the old act those interested in
a drunkard bad to go before a police magistrate mid secure from him
nu interdict Ing order so Hint sales of
liquor could not be in.iile to the man
it was desired to protect. It was
often the case that women did not
cure to undergo the notoriety or
publicity of swearing to an information which would justify a magistrate in giving the desired order. To
make the securing ol such n protecting order as easy as possible the new
act pio.i.u-s fur the Issue of such
orders i>> the superintendent of provincial police or hy tho chiefs o!
police in cities or municipalities. All
ommunications wilh the heads of
police in respect to such orders arc
to he confidential, no person will
know anything nhout the application
and the chiefs of police are empowered to issue tht* necessary ocder to
stop the sale of liquor to a drunkard. We arc not interfering with the
power possessed under the old act
hy police magistrates, justices of the
peace or stipendiary magistrates to
issue these orders.
In the matter of proof ol liquor
the new act provides that tho prosecution may establish a prima facie
case and the burden of disproof shall
rest upon the accused. In the past
there has been a great deal of dilli
culty about this question of proof in
prosecutions under the liquor act.
I'nder the new act, for instance,
It will not be necessary to prove
that the liquor in a particular bottle
found in a 'blind pig* is intoxicating
provided a constable is prepared to
swear that he believes it intoxicating; that testimony will establish a
prima facie case and the burden will
he upon the accused to prove to the
The proprietors of licensed premises are made responsible for the
conduct of their bartenders; in the
past many prosecutions have failed
because of the plea of the proprietor
that his bartender acted directly
against his orders and that therefore he could not be held responsible. With responsibility placed directly upon them proprietors will secure a better class of men to serve
their bars.
"We are also giving inspectors,
well as police, the power—and this
applies to cities also—to go into any
place where liquor is believed to be
sold illegally and in such places
where there are discovered beer
pumps, beer kegs, or any articles
usually found on premises where
liquor Is sold, that discovery shall
be prima facie evidence of the sale
of liquor.
"An inspector is also empowered
to go into any hotel and take liquor
from any bottle for analysis. We
wish to improve the quality of the
liquor sold in the province, to do
away with 'duped' liquor, and in
cams where it is found that liquor
is being tampered with the authorities will have power to deal with
the license ol the premises.
"There is also a clause to prevent
the refilling of empty bottles with
draught liquor, it being the desire to
put a stop to the sale of spurious li'
quor masquerading in the guise of
good material
"We will also do away with the
tithe bouse ns the term is used
Kngland. Such a house is one that
has to secure its liquor from a particular brewer, distiller or wholesale house. It a hotel keeper makes
a contract with a brewer or distiller
io supply him with all his liquor
that contract is null and void. Such
contracts mean that a brewer
distiller can supply a hotel keeper
with any quality ol liquor be thinks
lit, and it is in order that hotels
shall hr supplied with only the best
liquor that this clause was inserted
in the act. After this act comes into Imce no brewer or distiller may
enter into a contract witli a licensee
to supply him with all his liquor.
"There is also a prohibition placed
on commercial travelers In tlie employ of principles who carry on business outside tlie province of British Columbia that they shall sell only to wholesalers, that is they are
not permitted to sell to retailers to
the disadvantage of wholesalers who
are carrying on trade in this province. The license lee tor commercial
travelers engaged in this trade is
fixed at S2U0.
"It Is provided that the license fee
for passenger steamers shall be $150
and no liquor shall be sold to numbers of the crew of any steamer.
"The licensing of the sale ot liquor
on railway trains is also dealt
with. In the past It has been tbe
practice to license sale on one car,
the dining coach, but with the increase in passenger traffic on the
railways liquor may ite sold In observation and buffet cars and it Is
provided that each and every car on
which liquor Is dispensed and (or
every car a fee ol 1500 must he
I'nder tbe nrw act we are not interfering with the powers ol municipalities to adopt more stringent restrictions than we make; any municipality f>r city may go further in the
matter of prohibited hours of sale
and In other restrictions than we
have gone,
"The act will go Into force on
August I.    This date waa decided on |
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+>♦♦»»♦♦♦»»♦♦«
For the Week Commencing February 21st,
1910, wo I'llW llm following attractions.—
| Moving Pictures   New Songs \
liill three Hint's n week
Harrison Brothers
(Muii'm1 of bill thrco times a week
I'Vmnli'  Impersonators nml  Cnmt-iliiuia
To be given away absolutely free by the management of the
Cranbrook Opera House
Conditions ol Contest:—Each purchaser of an Adult Ticket from Fob. 21et to March
21st, will receive n numbered coupon, which entitles them to n chance for the Diamond Ring.
The Drawing will be conducted ns follows:—A committee of business men will be
selected from the audionce, and a blindfolded person will draw a coupon from tho box, Tho
number will be called out mid the prize will lie awarded to tho holder of thut number, if
present. If not, u second draw will be made, and so on, until the lucky number is found in the
house on the niu'lit of tbe drawing, March 21st, Will.
Your chance is good for the Diamond Ring.
Everybody's chance is equal.
The King will be ou exhibition at the Opera House on Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday
nights, after which it can be seen in the windows of Kuworth Bros.
This ring is valued at $70.00, and will do credit to its owner.
Get busy and get the ring Free
Prices - Adults 25c;    Children 10c.
Children  accompanied  by their  parents  Free
because all outstanding licenses
pi re on June -*" and the next [nl lowing application for rcnowal, whleb
will be at tin* mil ot the present
year, will be governed entirely by
Has act. In this way wc will give
licensees nearly one year in which to
put their premises in shape to conform with tlie terms of this act.
Tlie complete olTU'ial count of ballots cast in connection with llie
local option plrbiscite, taken on the
occasion of the November general
election, has been formally lileil in
the provincial secretary's office, nnd
with the allowance nf every claim
ami contention put forwnid hy Dr.
Spencer in behalf of the ChtmplOM ol
local option, still leaves tlie party
favorable to the suggested change
of system short fifiil votes nf the required !i0 per cent.
Despite the adverse outcome nf the
plebiscite, a deputation nf l.-adcrs in
the local option cause recently waited upon the premier and urged the
presentation to the legislature during
the present session of local option
legislation, holding that the plebiscite vote had shown a general desire
lor local control in matters nf liipior
traffic regulation.
The premier, while assuring the
deputation that their representations
would receive very serious consideration, informed his visitors that the
government having carefully discussed the matter in nil its hearings,
had decided not to present to tin-
house a local option law at the present time. It was intended, bow-
ever, to improve ami make more
drastic the laws for regulating tbe
traffic In liquor, and higher licenses
would be introduced during tbe present session, the bill now before the
house being indicative in many features ol Jhe determination of the
government to more carefully restrict and regulate the liquor business for the general good.
Kvery time wo try to ent a cold
storage egg we wonder why some
one hasn't discovered a way to store
up laat summer's sunshine and heat
To  Boys and Girls or
Any Person in Canada
To introduce Dr. drove's Fnnnms Stiiniiirli, Kiilm-y and Liver
Pills we are giving away ABSOLUTELY t Kl I* ihn handsome and
Metal Promlnmi botow listed, for selling only Jlx I'oxcsat igcanox.
•lust wild your full inline and address on a postal curd. Skying
ymi will do your b -st tusell the pills among vuur frii'iids. iiniiii* the
I'remlnm vou want and wo will forward yon the p Ha prat paid
When sold return us the money ami we send
No. I- Boy's Handsome Air Klllc Nickeled Bleel llniiel and
Polished Walnut Slock.
No. 2-Olrl's or Boy's Beautiful Ilk llolled Gold, Tuikish
Diamond Kin*.
No .I-H-indsomo Two-piece Steel Carving Set, imitation Stn«
No. 4—Magnificent Uk. Rolled Gold Twist Brooch, "a beauty.
No.5—Handsome Magle Lantern comphle with slide Vuws
nnd Lump
No. fl—Beauty Camera nnd Outfit, takes pictures 2x'.'. biggesl
offer ever made.
No. 1 Up-to-date Fountain Pen, llollid Gold nib and rubber
barrel, boxed complete with tiller.
Aui.kiwb -
23 Barlon Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
TO IMPROVE  QUEBEC TOBACCO trade ol Canada.     A score ol     m-
Cltul* pert tobacco growers have hern sent
——. there   tn   make an    cfiort to grow
The American Tobacco company   Is Turkish tobneco.    It is thought that
     ,    .. on account ol the high latitude that
trying an experiment at St. Agathe, lW| mWy cm „, cllWvaU,„      No
Dm Monte, Quebec, which, II success- Mu|tl wll| •* known till scat nautili,    will    revolutionize the tobacco' awr. THE CRANBROOK   II Kit ALT)
. BvU   BfflfA'P r
StocttuAO* U<
Jo** JtH^/rtn^Clito. <3L>
rtarrtsttr. .Solicitor, Ktc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use then, in nothing
eo wh'ik'i-iime Hn,l no mile sh
Tjiifilen'and Children'* In he liml at
iioniioriii'ii'. I* in bo obtained lit
Pink Mercantile Co.'s Slurc
im'.n'ukm. nuiihino
Mrs. ti, Hent
P.O. HoI 7H-I. I'llOIW !!7.'l
Contractor and Builder
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE If It does
Ti*i„li,*r < I SM-iiiK nml
gtatlilnnl In,-r i-ujti.-.ii.,
t'llnlll  TRAINER
I.|!hhoi,h ill Miltm-ul Theory
CRANBROOK,        •        B. C.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
ii,,. -»orli ie on, ailvet-tiserrienl, lint i
"Hi ihin ail in llm Hi-nil,I to
-ffililiAniSP It.
Hear Lower -IrmetroiiK Avenue
Prmiilenl : T. S. liiu.
"•ecrelary: GaoSOB Ahiiwohtii
For Inliirmiltioii rtgiiriling ':mli* '
mill   agriculture   ripply    to tl,e
•Secretary, Cnuibrook. It. C
Old Curiosity :
Shop      J
JnSem N   HcLBAN,  Prarrlelar
All Classes ol  Secondhand liouils
rnniiltiir ol   in  Kinds, Willi
New and Beoouil luin»l
Safe's Old Stand. linn-
twin Avenue
ritiiM. ui
Miss Mabel Wellman
Pianist sod Teacher
Certificated |,n|,il ot
(liilirvillt* Mullit ul Winnipeg
W. C. T. U.
The Cranbrook W C.T.U. has ro-
organised f"r the ensuing year, and
a committee has been appointed to
prepare a weekly budget ol nows and
comment ol special Interest i«■ W.
i' T I members, winch will appear
in tins column of tin* Herald regulai
ly bereaiUtr.
An* wo nol apt
of ourselves, ami t
I know a man wit
beer,   but he kno'
, think i"!1 much
, little nl "tlicrs*'
likes a glass    ol
when  t"    slop.
II you nro intending to do any
bultdlng, you can make money
by consulting with we.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflles si Residues,  Armstrong 4n
Forenoons - - - • > Oil to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - • 7.10 to   ISO
Sundays - - - - 2.30 to   4.811
11    B. C
S to 11 a.m.
1 lo   6 p.m.
7 to   S p.m.
Oflice tn new Held Block
CRANBROOK        -      -       - n. 0
Oranbroob nml Fort Bteele
t   J. a. CUMMINUS   ','.
z <
, lltRtiitTION BN0INEER < i
!w0nS?;S' Cranbrook. B.C.,!
riif IsMulhu fnii Blow
Choice Hothouse l.run..'
M»lii|t» (titpci        Jip Orangi
■Titliltniiiit Vivt-I OiangM
BftlMMI    DatM     Plgl
Rtevart'i Pino Ohocolaia
IMitiu*  *n Aiinptrnnn Ave
Nelson's Leading Hold
Hixiui" villi HutliK.   'Phono in
MtMV riMtlll
HhiIhm Shop on the. premlieii
Tlioruiiulilv n|> in-iliiii'.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. ui;i,],s, Proprietor
R. TOM KIN, Mmiflfter
him moved IiIr LAUNDRY
HMtnnlir RoNltOgO Itmlniir.
um, Vim llnrne Btrwt*! ohiri
pHlroiU mn.v lean tlielr limn-
dry. kihI Rhnv nil lumlnt*-" will
lie dune    Hint Lntiiidry In ll.t*.
id Van Horn Streets
B.   C    and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
I 0 '•••ni II, D, I., s., II C. I.. I*.
A I. Robsrtson, B.C. I., s.
Dominion anil British ColnmWs
i »."7".* VICTORIA. ».C
Waldo,  ii C.
PAUL ST. .10HN, Proprietor
Southeast Kootnnay'H Great
Summer Resort
.Timt tin* plm-p to f jn'tiil u few
days' vacation
Bar stocked with tin* l**Ht
Dining service tirst-closa
Comfortable Rooms
PHONROO. P.O. HojH07 '
;; The Finest Drivers
Up-to-date Rigs
flood Saddle Horses <
;   WM.~KERR
T l'r,,|,n,,|„r     ■    nilAXBKOlIK, B.C
The Expert Crown and
Hridgc Worker
-it Mr.Short's Wi.ll
P.i|„*r Store
J Armi.tr.iiiK Ave., Cranbrook
♦ '>
» 11A l S TIM. I'M* ,-H
..,   ,
• |.»
*. „ harry
. ,i,r,*.
.1.   W.   RUTLBDGB
lirn-l nl,*    ill    Ontario    V,*irriiu,rr
r**ll w ToMntn In isiw
On il« soil Msilnlllntol HsKIMp's
V,*i„rni,irv I'.tll'ff-   ChleagD,
in  III n
Nn,* >,*t,r. ,>xi,**,i,*nrp In Vntrrinnrt
prael <tiii Uiuiltobs
niflcc-s'il donr tn Posl nlllcc
l-honc  IM      •       P.O. Hm IM
Nielii cull —11 II. Skorl's Rsridraes
II you   want   salitiaction   with
your washing send
It to
H(ici'i«l prirpn for family work.
Wlifit nn .,rl.r .lin. Iff
Will mm  i
Imt mt» all Hi
Il ■ i lulu ii:t. Crui 1
Too ran pi ,«t
ii »i>|artlnn .i   labor, »»•'»
|||W !■•■ I
Aim Kiiiitiinl'f t*>Hii*>(iiMjiin
l"t   Al.l.
Cranhrook  limploymcnl
.1.  \rn , Proprietor
Sometimes ho dues not i"i»'li beet
lnr (lays together, but wlittn !»■ thinks
a glass will do Inm good, ho has It.
Hut one day he was out with a
young tcllow from his ofllco who did
nof know when to stop. My friend j
felt thirsty, and had a glass ol beer.
The youngster had some, too; and
before tho day was out he had too
much, and made a fool ">f himself.
Now my friend was uli right; hut
oughtn't he to have thought of tho
other fellow If he had kielud hack
the temptation, for Instance; or if he
had passed, and hy passing the public house, enabled bis friend to score
a goal against his enemy*—things
j would have been different,
I know a girl who never lasted
drink until she was married; she is
now a drunkard. Another woman
has caught ibe betting craze from
her husband, and now that he has
given it up, she pawns his clothes to
hack her "tips." And we all know
innocent little children who are lie-
ing taught to drink and swear by
their own parents—more shame to
Surely this is not playing tbe
■^ime. If drink is a temptation io
you, kick it ri^ht. oul of your life.
Don't play with il, or it will rise
up and hit you; and if you have ever
had a slap in the face from a muddy
football, you know what il means.
Football dirt soon comes off; but
the filth of sin is not so easily removed. If drink, or betting, or
anything else, Is u temptation to
your mate, keep it out of liis way.
Don't attack bis goal, but help him
defend it; for lie is on your side.
It is not our own wishes, or our
own ideas, that count either in foot-
hall or in real life It is what is
best for each other, best lor the
whole side, hi 18i;0 the lather of
Admiral King Hall was in command
of II. M. S. "Russell." Finding u
good deal of drunkenness on board
he called the men together, and offered to give up his wine il any man
would promise to give up his grog
Seventy men immediately stepped
forward and accepted the oiler. The
result was so encouraging that the
captain became a total abstainer for
the sake of others. His sou has
followed bis example, and his work
in the cause of temperance is well
Three questions of fundamental
Importance are now before the people
t Canada tor legislative treatment
either by the federal "t by the provincial authorities. One has to do
with tbe liquor tealhe. another with
tbe gambling evil, and tbe third, in
some respects tbe most terrible ol
nil, is what is called the "white
slave" traffic.        Every good citizen
f Canada ought to face for himself,
and in the clear linht of what is best
(or bis country, bis own duty as an
elector, represented in tho making or
amending of laws dealing with these
three evils. Every good citizen
should bold clear and definite opinions on these three questions. And
every good Citizen ihould make
those opinions known to his repre-
Nfltctlve in parliament
How Gold Dredges Get the Gold
Tlie *l«p hilli and tw/',r-\ mountllni of ihe Klondike rr;ion (;!ve I We control by direct Iea»e Irom ihe Cinndi.in Government, One
tit to nunibcikii imall iltumi, which become liom lime la time I Hundred nnd Five (105) mi Ic* ol Dicd^able Gravel on the Stewart
with die melling ol the tnowi   ihe cloudbuiill and heavy Mini li, [ River, eighty mile* from Dawwn Cily, in  the  Klondike,    We have
which (he country !i subject— raging toitcnts. I Ie»'*U the gravel thoroughly wilh Diillt, and it  hai been proven rich
The grinding oi llic glacleil and die eronon «( thete turbulent i throughout. Ai a mailer of fail, llic tileol our holding wai recognized,
i dcjitlu
ilteami bung down rocki, land and gnvel from the mount*.
nnd (aitneuu where man hai nevet yel penetrated.
in o region where Jed^r* ol Gola-Witiflj Quartz arc a prominent
feature In the lormalion, it imiiui.il tint il».*/; fatcetol Nature ihould
ic-i nw,-y ([uaniiiirs uf exceedingly lith material.
I liii ptoceu hai been going on tor o^cj, "j lie hiJJcn Hotel oi
Gold away In the hilli *m tncxnauittble,
Ihe ruih ol tlie lorrrnti ii vt jmpetttoui t'l'.l even boulderi of
conitderabte f!/e are borne in their course, end only when Nature
ballpen! hcriell do they find a letting pi ice.
Ihe bioad crccfj the wider icitlici of ihe river -<)uicl ihe
I'rcam, and ihe Gold, in 'he firm ol nuggetl, fjiaini an-! (latei,
lapldly Millet. Gold it very heavy- heavier thm die fxk jtielf, and
once ii lindi a retting place, iifu down through die liyhl turfacc mud
end »«nd until, by forte oi Gravity, il icichei bed rock.
Where the cnuriei n(r:reain»havehccnchan^ed,thcrichc*l Placer
Mines are lound in iheir old bed*. Bul in the laicer, comlant itreami,
Inete rich depoiili aic beyond the reach ol merely human agettciet,
It remains lor ihe Gold Dredge—following ihe heavy nuggetl
and narlidei of Gold down through the overlying itmla in the ban
and nenchei of die over, lo recover thcie ilorct of Gold from ihe
Ifcauue-houre of Nature.
'I lie lone armi ol ihe Dredge, with iheir endlew chaini of bucket
■coopi, icarcli down, down—llirouih lixly feet of water, land and
pravel, if need be—until thcGold icdiment, and finally bed rock Itnelf,
often overlaid with an actual coverlet ol pure Cold—the hoarded
accumulation of centuriet—it reached.
The Gold Die-!"-: brin;;i jp lliit material in wholeiale quantitiei
—Imt* ll wilh tcientific accuracy to lave the fineit parliclei of
v.-lue-~ieparaleit!;e imu—*nd for ihe lint lime layi bare to the hand
oi man tint Virgin Gold.
While peiionelly pretenl on our properly at Stewart River,
Yukon Territory, Klondike, September lit, I law with my own
eyet * clean-up from our finl and mialler dted(je, nctling $*I7.50,
end tbit wai preceded only a few day* hy another clean-up from
Ihe tame dredge amountini to $1263.66 in Gold. I uw thii Gold,
Fathered from die golJ-saving tablet ol our Dredge, moulded into
bullion—a tolid bar of Gold.
Wilh iuch reiults In light, we are bending eve ry effort In gel twenly
tilhete mammolh Dredget at work on our property. Tbliiummer,
our lecond dredge went on—larger and monger titan die finl-and ii
already al work.
even before the Gold  Kuili in   I•"■'''-.  to be rich in Gold-
i   nialtcr ol public IsCOtd that the Gold it there—but io localed ai lo be
:   diilicult to obtain by any  hand method.     And filty drcJjjei could
not c>:hautl thii arc in a Hundred yean.
With  a proportion v> rich, the payment of divjdrndi and ihe
continued work of development can eaiily go hand in hand.
To hurry thn work of development now, wc are marketing Treat-
ury Slock in our Company,     Three thousand ilockholdeii, many ol
them weh-known in t!ic C'anadian country, arc already on our bookt.
1   Thii necc«ity lor Capital--a  Dredge coili upwatdi ol $100,000
lurnuhet your opporiunily to participate in a wonderfully rich venture.
Out Company ii formed of ihe pick ol  broad-minded buiineit men
Governor 0;;ilvie, ol the Yukon Territorv -known and teipected b'
he whole Canadian country, al iti head     tt ii economically mi
with no nlaried ofiiciali, no Bondi, and no Preferred Stock.
But ihe whole ilory ii told in our ilturtralcd PntpCCttlt, The
Coupon will bring il lo you, The tupply it limited. Fill out and
mail the Coupon to-day,
Gold Dredges are making millions,
Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Co.,
G. W. CUwson, Treat.
649 Somerset Building
Please send
paid, your large
illustrated Prospectus,
also fret- Booklet en Gold
Dredgvtgi with full particulars  ty return nail.     It is
whatever In making this request.
deepest    depths to which [From Easter,     1005, lnr four years
■especially women—' there was not a single death, and the
know the
men and
can sink, and the fiendish cruelty
their prostituted natures, in the in
vcstlgation now going on in Se\
York into this infernal "whit
lave" traffic. And Canada is It
vol veil.
great evils are set
demanding immediate
Legislation     cannot do
These three
together   as
everything, Imt in the way of
vonlion it can <to very much. And
the objective of all such legislation
.should he, ns Gladstone once said,
to make It as easy as posslldi* to do
right ami as hard as possible to do
wrong. Let Canada be warned in
time against tbe social evils that
have wrought irreparable ruin in
other nations.
only death since that period has been
that of a stranger, an old man aged
Bcventy years, who. being dangerously ill, came to tbe ullage t.. lie
nursed, ami died within a lew days,
Ol course, the death must be record*
oil as one in tbe parish, hut it was
not of an actual resident llolywtll
is situated on the river Oufe, and is
much    frequented    by * Isitors      and
pre- fishermen,
W.  IL  N.'.iiiv.  Km
Cmnbrunk II. C
»l   Minvtur
Phone No. i
Lift* nml Fire Insurance - Real K«int«
Office— Next iloot to
Post Office
Coiiig in and let me quote you rates
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
f. 0. BOX 19* PHONE 944
The curse
In Ontario
ol the liqu
it is al
the iltuatl
hut  both i
it traffic    is
ays a curse.
ii Is steadily
Hipuirini; n S|m)inlty
Aiki'iin lllock,Cranlirook
Is prepared to supply help, skilled or
unskilled, on shortest possible notice; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent nut; tn
rent hnuses and rooms and tn sell
you fruit lands or other property lor
a small commission.
Address:-W, Parker, 618 Haker St.
NELSON, B.O. 4ft-lit
to thr law and in administration ol
the law there are needed eternal
vigilance and unshrinking activity.
Sir James Whitney not long ago put
himself nn public record on this
question. The coining session of
the legislature should see a step forward In the direction of positive and
aggressive reform.
The gambling evil as it affects all
the provinces is now being investigated hy a committee of the bouse ol
commons. The eyes of all the pen]
will he npnn that committee. It
ought tti be made clear beyond all
quibbling that the question at issue
is neither horse-brerdtng nor horse-
racing.    The one is a perfectly prop
er enterprise.        Tl titer   is      nr
equally proper sport* Hut rave
track gambling, boohmnklng, and
oilier forms of the gambling evil-
it seems out of the question to make
the importance of horse breeding a
defence for tbe permission in Canada
of the race track Vice outlawed in
the United Stntes. In any rose a
gond breed ol men is at least ol as
much Importance to Ihe nation as a
good breed ol horses.
The hearts even of strong men
sicken and are then roused to hot
indignation nt the unearthing nil
over this continent of ibe nefarious
schemes of tbe organized traffic tn
girls anil young women      Men     like
.Mrs. Margaret Arthurs, of Kowde
House, Kingston Koad, Hath, has
just passed away in ber one hundredth and second year. She married
at the age ol 24, hail been a widow-
since l«5!», and had over twenty
grandchildren and twenty-three great
A variety theatre is now in course
of erection on the site where lleng-
ler's Circus used to stand in Argyll-
street, Oxford street, which, when
ready for opening In September
next, will be tbe largest musk' hall
in Great Hritain. It is being built
for Mr. Walter (ribbons irom designs
by Mr Frank Matctiam, to seat
about 5,000 people, and when finished
Will, Including the price paid for the
site, have cost £800,000. Every
part of the interior of the music
ball will be carpeted, and even in
that portion of the house where the
price   of the    admission is sivpeme
lvel upholstered tip-up chairs will
be provided. Luncheon, dinner and
tea rooms have been arranged for,
and also a hairdresser's shop and
reading room
At the PoltOH collieries, Dalkeith,
an extraordinary inrush ot water
from the mines used thirty years
ago took place recently The work"
men, numbering nearly two hundred,
were taken unawares. Some were
swept of! their feel in the rush for
the main road to the colliery shaft.
They realised only too clearly what
had happened, nnd in the stampede
some fell by the way. Comrades
lifted their lellows along, and others
took refuge on higher ground and in
places where safety was thought
likely to he afforded. Two lives
were lost in the rush Many colliers were rescind by a party, beaded
hy the overseer.
The funeral took place at Dart-
ford the other day of the late Mr.
-John Witson, the oldest post hoy in
England, who was % years ol age.
For forty years be was employed as
a postboy at the Hull hotel. Dart
ford. This hostelry, besides having
been made famous hy Charles Dickens, was visited by the late Queen
on more than one occasion when her
majesty was on her way to the
country seats ol the members ol her
court. Several times Mr Wilson
acted as postillion to Queen Victoria,
nnd he filled a like position when our
present Queen landed at Gravesend
Irom Denmark to marry the I'rii.ee
of Wales, now King l.dward
In a recent issue of the Herald
mention was made of the pariah ol
Ilolwell, where, during the past year
not a single death had occurred
among the :iX<l inhabitants An even
better record has lieen attained by
the village of llnlywell,  Hunttngdoi
Earl and Countess Poulett recently
entertained the children of Htnton
St. George school at tea, and in the
course of the evening the countess
presented awards to 10 scholars who
had not missed a single attmdance
luring the year. One girl, Ellen
Dabcnctt, had a remarkable record,
having made perfect attendance lor
ten and a half years, ami ir. recognl*
tion of her unfailing regularity la
her school life the Karl and Countess Poulett presented her with a
handsome silver watch bearffig ari ir.-
siription coniniemorattne Um creel
The head master mentioned that Ellen DaU-nett and her brotbei atid
sister had made 21 years of perfect
attendances between therr. Another
scholar. Lionel Newick, received a
watch two years aco for nine and a
half years' unbroken attendance, and
his two brothers had attended the
school without once missing for an
aggregate period of 21 yvars. Several children who had over a mile to
walk had not missed one attendance
for six, ti\c. four, and three years.
Cbbsgbkt Lough No. 38
Cranbrook, ti. C.
Meets   eury    Tuesdaj   at  :> p.m. at
Fraternity Hall*
J ' M. Boyes, C. C
.1    1.   Walker.  K.  ol It. «v S.
Visiting brethren    cordially invited
to attend.
I O.O.F., KEY CITY LODoi] No. 43
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity    Hall.     So-
juurmng Oddfellows cordially invited.
W. M. Harris. r   J, Little,
N   O. Scc'y.
UiibrMofc  iodic. tie.U
*. f k-\. *%.
K-»*iw»! mtruags ua
tat titir* T ha rati,
n*  #»»r\   "",.**ta
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date Georzc P. Hale, of
Vancouver. Accountant, will apply to
tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria, for permission to
purchase an island in the K- ittnay
Itiver, containing eighty (SO) acres,
more or less,:
Commencing at a post planted at
head of island, about 20 chains
south-easterly from the north-east
corner ol Lot 76M, thence southerly
10 chains, more or less, following
west     shore of   said     island, thence
rtberly I" chain-;, more or less,
following east shore ol said island to
point of commencement.
Oeo   p,  Hale, Locator,
per .lames White, Agent
Dated fith December. 1901        i:-'»t
Nervous Exhaustion
Nervous Bxbamtlod unchecked
opens thedoortoNeuralgta, Headache, Insomnia, Digestive Iii*,-
many serious organic diseases.
Marly treatment with "Asaya-
Nbuhau," averts these. It feeds
the nerves, induces sleep, improves theappetite and digestion,
and restores buoyancy of spirits.
A few doses convince. $t*!o per
bottle. Obtain from the following
•V '
Visiting ftreth.en welcomed.
W. H. Wilson. W. M.
E. W.  Connolly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
M**rt treri   Friday     timing al I
*:. . ia ' '.»r*:.*n • Hall.
F. w. Reeves, w. p.
Wm. Anderson, Secretary.
\:-:'.li brethren cordially invilad.
M-- al R. ol I.. V. Hall and  aod
lib Saturday cacti iuur,tn.
ViFtting tieitiiea aluayi welcome
A:.■ 1 lloisman. W, M
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
No   19.
.'*:•••'    '.■:*     *".i,'l a:,'!   Inirth tt'ed-
insday at  Kiat-*ru'y  Hall.
Soj   iraiag    r.eliekalis   lordially invited.
I.   M  Taaahaosar, N. O
Ma« OtaparaB, Secretary
•I   U        li*i* rait]  Hail Fust and
Third Fridays
Hawl [IIISI—. M   Y.. B.
Annie Boya,    K   „l It. A* s.
Visiting members cordially invited.
| Presbyterian €burcl>:;
.Suinlay  ::. rri.;.< seme? tt 11
Sunday    ftfttlog     service   at
7.30 o'clock
SumUj      .School   and     Hible
Clan at 3 o'clrtck
I'rcsliytvrlan    Guild, Tuesday,
at H o'clock
8. S. McCltiri1 arr makliip I In* public' Hliirc, stitch lius a ptipulatlon nt IM
CoMRiaHTt 4c.
*rr-,*n# ai-MlInt ft (kMfh ami riMffifit'-.n tn»»
null Mf narfitlaili nir M-ini'-n It** •hi>lli*r *«
men n..n i-i |.r.tii>idr ratti.t*M<ij<.mwiiinl«->.
I,. ,i,t m nn ir r..nii'ii>iiiui.WNOIM oni'«i»t.u
■Ml ftixi. < H'lf»t IfftMf HI MmUaMMMC
C.ti'i.n Uh.'ii ilirotMh Muiiii a I.<*. n<Mft
n*ruttr'4*tt. wnhimtCBWif. IntM
Scientific Jlwerlcaii.
A i,vi i ItlnMrttM vwkty.    Unr^i rir
■ nUti'.n   ..I   an|    l.-IMilllir    !'-ult*l,      Itrili*    I'.r
t at ku, »i" * i«u. !"•***' ttmm, hold i *
Baptist Church
I'astnr, Charles W. Klne.
Parsonsn. Norhury Avenue.
'Phone, 281.      P. 0. Hoi 11?.
Regular Sertless:—Sunday, u
a m.     and     7.30   p.m.]   Blhle
, School    mill    Young Ladles'
Plulethra    nnd    Young   Mea's
Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Wednesday, Mid-Week Mertlaj.
Fllilar, Young Peoples', I
, p.m.
A roiii.il Christian nflcoma
to all. a
,,r~,'j£m~zr?m -   - -
Instant Relief
Permanent Cure
For That Cough
—that is what Mathieu's Syrup of Tar
and Cod Liver Oil has done for
thousands of sufferers every year. It
relieves the cough more quickly and cures
il more thoroughly and permanently than
any other remedy because it is made
from the most potent remedial agents
known to the medical profession.
Mathieu's Syrup is the only cough
cure that acts as a tonic to the system
—that builds up your vital energy as well
as healing and strengthening the throat
and lungs. Keep a bottle in the house
ready for an emergency. (live it to your
children.  They like it and it is harmless.
Of Tar and Cod Liver Oil
If feverish take Mathieu's Nervine Powders, the
great headache remedy,in conjunction with the Syrup, to
dispel the fever and also the accompanying headache and
Distributors for Wostem Canada. Foley Bros. Lataon & Co., Vancouver. Edmonlon.Wlnnirei;
jurnnirs svsur
ol lar a Old Ll.tr Oil
Ursr Biilllf 3Sc.
ataiHiru's rervine powders
Boi ot 18 PuHdrrs 25c,
from all dealers
(Continued from page one.)
about six miles of Cranbrook,   The
body    wns token to the undertakers
to bo prepared for burial.
Mr. Brcckenridgo was a man who
was beloved by all who knew liim fur
bis kindly manner and tbe many
other good -qualities which he possessed, and will be greatly missed by
a bust of warm Iriends here, wlm
deeply regret his sudden and early
Mrs. Breckcnridge, who was formerly Miss Moffatt, of Peterborough,
Ont., came here as a bride a little
less than eighteen months ago anil
is highly esteemed by every person
in Wardner, She accompanied the
Corpse on Tuesday last to the family burial place in Peterborough and
will make Iht home there in future
Mr. .1. Brcckonrldgo of Kurt Steele,
alsci left fur Peterborough on Tuesday. The bereaved wife and family
of the deceased have the hearlfeli
sympathy ul the whole community
in  this sad hour ol trial.
; and   the    erection    of   a municipal
| building; by   Aid. Hunt to Introduce
a bylaw to regulate the lire department.
Council adjourned al 10 IU p.m.
Thn Motliodlsta   and Presbyterians
met in tlie second ol the church   as
soctatton series   on Tuesday evening.
The line up:
Methodist Presbyterian
W. J. Johnston   rapt.   .1. McCallum
II   Randall It,  Kutmier
It. Crooks J. Martin
■Mr. lleddes II. Mcl'lur
I,   1.. Langin Mr. Patrcqttln
■12 fi
Referee—J. Brechin.
This evening the hockey players
will be out in force at the A rem
rink and two games in tbe Herald
trophy contest will he played ofl
The City is. Hankers is scheduled
fur M o'clock and at u o'clock the
C P. It. (Shops) vs. C. P. H. (Traffic.) The rink is in fine shape and
two brisk games can  Ih- anticipated
A special meeting of tbe city council was held last Tuesday evening at
which were present the mayor, and
Aldermen Patmore, Campbell, John-
sou, Hunt and Jackson.
A communication from the Yan-
couber city council, in reference to
public ownership ol telephones, was
read and referred to the committee
on legislation.
A petition signed by owners ol
more than niie-lriitli of the assessed
value of the city was presented, re
questing that a by-law he submitted
to the ratepayers, authoritlog    tho
sale of  the city's interest       in    the
joint municipal government building
and lhat the proceeds therefrom be
diluted to the jmreli.iw of a site for
and the erection ol a municipal
On motion ol Aldermen Hunt and
Patmore the foregoing petition was
referred to the city solicitor with
instructions to prepare a by-law in
pursuance thereof.
The special committee appointed to
wait upon the lire department, made
their report through Aid. Campbell
Communications from the lire department and hoard of trade were
read in this connection and a dc
putotfon, Including Messrs. Short
and McKiniion, was beard on the
As a result ol discussion, it was
moved hy Aid. .laclison and Patmore
that tbe appointment ol officers as
submitted by Ihe fire department,
and amended by letter id February
lllh, he adopted by the rouncll.
As an amendment to the fnreeoinc.
Aid. Hunt and Johnson moved that a
bylaw be Introduced to reorganize
the fire department by having a paid
Chief and assistants.
Upon a vole being taken the
amendment   was declared carried.
Notices of mollon were given ns
follows: By Aldrrmau Johnson, that
at tbr nest regulnr meeting he
would introduce a bylaw, nuthorlz-
ing the sale of the city's interests
In the jomt municipal nnd government building and that the ptOOOfidl
br devoted tn Ihe purchase of a site
Salome chocolates at Tlie Palm.
V. Hyde Maker returned Saturday
from a trip to Victoria.
C. McN'ab and W. Robertson are in
from Waldo
Mrs. Cameron, of Hosmer, has been
visiting Mr* and Mrs. Wallace, of
this city.
Salome chocolates at The Palm
Horn—At Cranbrook, H. C,
Monday, February lith, HUH, to Mr.
and Mrs. K. 11- Small, a sou.
Best oysters in the city at P.
Woods anil Co.
The fixtures for the Royal Bank's
new (juarters have arrived and are
now being placed in position.
(food meat and lots of it at P.
Woods and Co.
Pure Ontario white clover honey
in 12 oz. bottles and 5 Ih. lias at
Fink's pure Food (irocery.
Try a pound of that Saturday
special for 20c. at The Palm.
WANTED—A comfortable home for
a boy attending high school. .Stale
terms, etc. Address K.F.B., Herald
office. 53-11
WANTKI)— An organist for the
Methodist church. Apply to Ur. V.
Vi. Connolly or ' Rev. II.
Hughes. 53-lt
He v. J, T. Ferguson was up from
Nelson on Wednesday to perform the
ceremony of christening the little
son ot Mr. and .Mrs. C. O. Main. Mr.
Ferguson returned to Nelson today
Map of Italy pure olive oil. Same
price as Crosse, and Hluckwell's. and
of u much superior quality al Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Mr. and .Mrs. J. P. Fink entertained a number of young people last
evening al a 5(111 party. Prizes were
Won by Miss Dixon and Mr, D. J.
Try a pound of that Saturday
special for 20c, at The Palm.
Our ranges are made in the largest stove foundry under the British
Hag—"McClary's." Many satisfied
customers are our best advertise-
u.ent—Patmorc Bros.
The Fernle honspiel is set [nr Feb
Wary 2'th and SSth. An invitation
is extended to all Cranhrook curlers
W. U. Hill has gone to Yatieouvei
on a business trip.
WANTED-W1II purchase outright
or sell on commission Lethbridge
city property. Write It. V. <Jib-
tmns and Co., Box 638, Lethbridge,
Alta. 53*1t
Fancy eating apples at The Palm.
The maple sugar carnival at the
Methodist church lasi night proved a
strong attraction. Prior to the
serving of the sugar an excellent
musical program was rendered. The
BUgat was all that could he desired
ami was thoroughly enjoyed by all
New and artistic designs in wall
papers. 11)10 stock just arrived at
Short's. It will lie a pleasure ti
show them and talk over the matter
of your decorations.
Yesterday's No. 21.1 was eight
hours late, due to the cars leaving
the track nt a point near (fallowav.
No one was hurt. No. 7 was also
some 17 hours late, having been held
up hy snow storms in Minnesota and
Fancy eating apples at The Palm.
Second tin ml sowing machines for
ale cheap and to rent. Some of
tliem Singers. Wc also clean and re-
palt all kinds of machines and have
them done hy an expert—Singer
Store. 50-11
Salome chocolates nt The Palm.
Freight Conductor Bryant Gorman,
who was seriously injured In a
wreck the other day, susMl ihg
frntures of the leg, Is now lu
the hospital and the doctors express
the hope that amputation will not
be necessary. Mr. Gorman is doing
iw well as can Ik- expected under the
< m
i i i >
, i,,
■ i ii
I Ml
I Ml
I Ml
I II ,
Working Men
Business Men
Professional Men
We wilh to interest you in an investment proposition,
which we know will pay dividends from the beginning.
Have you a home?
Ii you have, l> It all that it should be? Or, is there room
for improvement? Is your life partner satisfied and happy?
Have you considered that she has to spend 365 days out ol
every year in that home?
It is her very life.
If it is, ihould it not be beautiful, comfortable, and, let us
lay, attractive? it isn't all of these, have you done your duty?
You owe It to yourself to answer these questions.
Our Mission
Is to help you, whether you live in a cottage, or a mansion, we
can make it beautiful, comfortable and attractive.
The Investment
Will be small compared to the large dividends you will receive
Comfort, Satisfaction, Happiness.
Our Business
Is to beautify your home. Will you let us do it? Just visit our
Furniture department and we will do the rest.
The Fink Guarantee of Quality
goes with every article we sell.
.*    M "•>      *      ,<•>■      ',lj!
► ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦ »•
************** ******
Cranbrook's second annual honspiel passed ofi very successfully
despite the lact that the attendance
of outside rinks was disappointingly
small. Notwithstanding the fact
that Cranbrook was strongly represented at the .Nelson bonspicl, none
ol Ibe alleged curling enthusiasts of
that place put in an appearance.
Fernle was well represented by a
hunch of good fellows.
The outcome of the lour chiel
events is given in the subjoined
Some notes of the several days'
sport follow.
Cranbrook is losing a good curler
in .Mm Pinkham.
Dan .lohnson says that Baldy Morris is the best curler on earth.
Practice makes    perfect, remarked
one  sapient   curler,    when the-three
rinks    that    visited    Nelson,       won **
Cameron claims that bis rink play
a "draw game" What kind of a
Olsen, Grant and Woods, ol Fernie, were in the game all the time.
Ward and Koltins made a strong
Tommy Roberts was in the game
all the time and twirled a good,
steady stane.
"Judge" Arnold landed on the
button all tbe time.
The sky pilot has George Iloggarth hoodoed.
Haldy Morris has decided to go to
the Winnipeg bonspiel next year.
Hev. Grant, ol Fernie, had his
eye on the besom all the time.
Judge Wilson, secretary of the
bonspiel, was heartily congratulated
upon the perfection of all arrangements.
Andy McCowan won a second prize j
Dick GrilTin had him heat for noise.
Mao King says that George    Hog-
garth threw him down.
Judge Wilson beat McSweyn. Rev. |
Grant beat Judge Wilson twice and
McSweyn beat Rev. Grant twice. |
Funny game.
Fernie turned out in force for    the
bonspiel.     Good boys, Fernie.
Among those who contributed to
the bonspicl prizes and eierciscs, ,
whose names were not mentioned
last week, were: P. Woods and Co.,
C. M. Van Wormer, W. A. Rollins,
E. II. Small, Iloggarth and HoUtos,
Imperial Bank, Canadian Rank of
Commerce,    Royal Bank   of Canada,
A. L. McDermot, It. S. Garrett, W.
B. Bardgett, Fink Mercantile Co.,
Campbell and Manning, Fred Rummer and P. Burns and Co.
Grant (Fernie)
Wood (Fernie)
Bent tic
'    Wilson ,
Olsen (Fernle)
r   Qrant
,.    McSweyn
|-   McSweyn
.   McSweyn
j Heattie
!  Ritchie
olsen (Fernle)
t  Olsen
(■rant (Fernle)
■  Grant
Ward (Fernle)
Olsen (Fernie)
j  Ward
t   Cameron
.   Ward
Wood (Fernie)
(Irani (Fernle)
PHONE   183
P.O.  BOX   "A"
The Eye Opener
Rising Sun Flonr
Selling Readily
Rolled Oats, Graham Flour, Pastry
Flour, Bran, Shorts, Hay and Grain
► **********************
Salome chocolates at Tho 1'alni.
Sec our Sask-Alta range with
ground top finish, and double duplet
grates miidc ol semi-steel. Will
stand 900 degrees more heat und
has 40 per cent greater tensile
strength than ordinary castings.
Absolutely the best range sold in
this country.—Patmorc Bros., selling
Everything you want in fresh and
suit meats or lish at P. Woods and
Creamery and dairy butter at I'
Woods and Co.
Two large moms, partly furnished,
near the school house. Apply on
the premises to J, Sprnggs.       63-11
S. .1. and Mrs. Mighton Ictt this
week for Vancouver where they will
reside in future.
.;..> .;. -j. «> .;. * * * * .;. ,;. <• .;.
.;. Mrs. I.. V. Roberts, Proprle- •:•
•> tress. •>
*  Cor. Stanley and Silica Sts.   .;•
•;. NELSON, B.C. .;•
Free carriage or bus Irom all ■■>
•> boats and trains. <J>
Rates, SI and 11,SO per day. •>
•> Remember our 86c. Chicken •>
+ dinner on Sundays. 48-«nvS>
• •
• IN TIIH   MATTER   OF Till*: #
•   •
9 EN Hint    Robert    I*:. Heattie 9
• and W. .1. Atchison, lately •
9 carrying on    business   togctlicr 9
• al Cranlirook,    British CoTum- •
• bia, under    tbe mime ami style 9
• ol "Heullie and Atchison," •
9 have dissolved   Ihe  partnership #
• us for tlie nth day ol February, 9
• 1010. 9
• OIVEN that all debts owing lo 9
• the said Heattie und Alclilson 9
9 must lie paid to ibe said W. 9
9 ,1. Atchison on or licfore the 9
9 28lh day ol February, 1010, 9
9 All claims against tbe said 9
9 Bent lie and Atchison mist be 9
9 presented lo the said W. .1. 9
9 Atchison not later than 28th 9
9 day of February, 1010. 9
9 Bated at Cranbrook this >th 9
9 day ol February, 1010.              9
• 9
9 Hubert E. Beattie 9
9 W. J. Atchlaon      Sa-4t#
• 9


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