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Cranbrook Herald Apr 18, 1907

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Ii-gislut in !.j|„„r).
CBANBUOOK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   A I'll 11.   18,   l!M)7
Nl'.MKKi;    I
ollil Oak, qiiurlrji'eil uml polisheil, birgu liuvul
mirror, with sin ml, $34.50
LINOLEUM,   ll ft, NN quality, per y.L, $1.00
12 ft. lilies.   Big display In HI,., I; nml Floral
FLOOR OILCLOTH   In II ft.   widths,  slightly
diiiiiageil, per yard, 65c.
Iuu, willi fiilleiy drawer, uml    I- Our stock III this
.'like IhiuiiI.    lliiss w I top.     line  is lurge.     Dentins   very lieuuti
$7,75 fill uml 26 peri I.
off liegular Prices.
i.v :.;'.■ !■■«__■*■
Knli'iiiif our Stun' by Grocery, Dry Goods or Furniture Room Doors on SA'IT RDAY, APRIL 20th, from 7 in tlie morning t,, 11 ut night,
NO FAKR.    I',,, I  uml Pencil  fiiniislii'il  ut each door.   Register your own  numliur.   10 OR THR MULTIPLE OF  10 WILL BR
\\\. p| no ri'slrii'tii'ini on this enterprise.   Come as often us you like.    If you're tint lucky one 7u times 7 during the day. 25 cents will
Liu ><l rl'iilly liinulod you.
FREE LUNCH, will. TEA nnd COFFEE, will ho served from 8 o'clock in lhc Afternoon till '.i iu the Evening.
Big Stock Reducing Sale Continues in the Meantime
Men's Boots and Shoes
Have our speoiid attention this week
Henvy Work Boots, regular price       $3.7"
.. •     .. ,. .. .. fAM
            "         " S.-|.7.-.
Dress Shin's                "        " $8.25
" ..    SI .011
Stile I,rift
Dry Goods
All lines are oil' the shelves mid going ut the usual
in town is '(.miliar with these Prices by this date, as
we cannot cull to mind a lady in Crnnbrook that has
uot visited our Store since the BIG SALE begun.
Everybody knows Hint we always stand liy our
advertising. Wo Imvu no! the timo to prioe singly
Hub enormous Block of I'tiulH,
We have ISO pairs, s plum I idly assorted In patterns
ami si'zeB.    Prices ranging 1'rum
$1.50 to $4.00
Snaps in Grocery Department
Saturday Only
25 cents per dozen
25 cents per dozen
Our Stock of Groceries is  fresh, service tlio li.'il.   Trade in this line iu      APPLES.   This boy likes them.   All people should ent
growing hy leaps uud bounds. them,   7 lbs. for 35c.
HtSBiBBg; >**
(Jilttlteietl Oak.    Hand pollahed,    Bevel Minui
30 «M.   Withstand.   $35.00
) It.,;', It, fi in . and -t ft.   l'-e.l. Spring and
MattrtM $11.75
etcher. Wellwlue.l
B. t. WALKER, Pr.sid.nt
AtKX. LA1KD, General Manager
A. B. IRELAND, Superintendent ol
t.s I itll.ls.ll 1. IM7
I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches tliroufliout Canada, am! In the Unite J Slates anil England
I)cp,e.its „1 $1 11111I upwards received, 1111J Interest allowed at
cuiTtiit rules. The Uepusltur is sublust lo 110 delay whatever lu
the ivitlnlimnil ol the whole or uiu portion «,I the depo.iL
Cranbiook Branch,     -      F. C. MALPAS, Manager
********* ***** ******************************
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday   |
- ♦
J      W.   H.   WILSON. Orad,i_*e"op?lel»n        J
********************** *********************i
4 A*********** *»»»»»*.**»»**» |.
look  1
irongli 1,
1 Jiiwelrv
11.  In
llll.   Iif III
iuu 11 1.1
v uml Sniiu
I'l.'IV    lllll'
I llll
The Wilga
Under    the    Management   of
Mrs. E. Byrnes
been refitted
nml iln11101IBU ih now in the
hunt nl I'oiulillon. Kspeclal ut
leu lion in, die 'lining room,
hoard wltlioitt room a uuu lie
The labor situation in the coal
dislricl Ins reached an acuta stage,
nnd .is .1 result every Industry in
South Easi Kooteuay and Che Boundary is placed in .1 precarious position.
arm if Llie tteup or strike is maintained f.ti an) length of time iu
means a complete rcss.it ion ot all
business throughout the eastern pan
..1 the province and moans ruin to
linns claim there is no
men have practically all
1 Coal Creek, Michel,
ndbreck .uul Canmore,
Sherman is reported as
Pernio  Wednesday
mines in    Eastern
anil   Alberta  would
Ibe    end   of  Ibis
Owiniito the shorlae.il in iml wc  shall  be compelled ton
!', clote down the blectrlc Light plant at  1 o'clock a. m. Irom ] '
this date uitill such time as lhc fuel question shal be decided. < 1
. >
■ >
Dated Thursday, April 1MI1 1907.
< ********************* **********************
' ' 1  .
ln.lv frienil wiiulil ilppruefllle 11 i_'ifl of 11 Hiilituire or tliree-atone
prefer 11 e lister uf Diniiiiiinl,, uml ol her gums, we 1-1111 allow you u
nice line with RUBY, KMHRALD, SAITIIIIti:, OPAL anil
I'KAIII. fiiiiiliiiiiilituis.
Oinejnl Walcli I.npeclor lorO. I', II,
Crow's Neul Pntta l.iviaiuii
W. F. TATE i I
While  the
strike,   the
quit   work
Coleman,   I
ami Preside]
having stated   al
evening lhat   all
British Col11mb.ii
ho   closed   heron
\i the presenel time no one is
able lo predict the final outcome,
but as an evidence nf tbe seriousness
of ihi' situation Ihe C. P. R. is re-
fiisim; all freight except what is absolutely necessary to ship in tto
way of footi supplies and perishable
11 el"**!) t a nd all woi k t ra ins and
freight* have been pulled off and al
present there is nothing moving on
ilif Crow except the passenger (rains
and Ibe locals, Information
Rnrding lhc situntton is hard io ob-
tain, hut nl 4.30 this afternoon the
following special message was received, ami while mil very explicit it
gives the latest up tn tlie hour of
going to press:
(Special  I.. Ibe Herald.)
Fernie,    Vprll   IR.—The mines here
at present an* practically closed.   A
lew men   remain at  work, Hon.
R.Mlolpt* l.emii'iix, minister nf labor
telegraphed District President Sherman on the tilth thai his circular of
llie .Slli was misleading, in saying
operators wen* delaying Investigation by technicalities and that the
hoards report m.iy be delayed for
mouths and the employees would he
ignorant of tlie terms under which
Ihey are working. He urged an immediate resumption of work to -*-eii
full henefil of the act. .lohn Mitchell
has wired the local officials lo send
the men back to work pending enquiry.
Fernie. April 15.—The anticipated
trouble at the coal mines has broken
out. The mines at Coal Creek and
Michel were at a standstill this
afternoon, the men at both camps
having t/vlt work, removed their
tools and manv have already applied
at the colliery offices for their time
statements and have been paid oft.
So far not very mam '*ave left Ml*
At fUfl to-night (he following notice was posted around town: "All
miners, mine workers and oilier
workmen are requested tn keen awav
trom the eoal mines in Alberta   and
{Centf-Mied-  on pap eigHt.)
The city council met in rcgulnr session last night with Aldermen Ryan,
(iill, Hickenbolham, Kink and Mo-
Cowan present. Tbe mayor being
absent Alderman Ryan look Uiq
The most of the session was taken
up with further consideration of bylaw No. 38, known as iln* electric
light by-law, and by-law No. lu,
which provides lor the collecting ot a
trades license fee of $51) every six
months from the water supply company. Both measures were advanced
several stages and then laid over until Saturday next, when liny will be
further considered at a special meet*
in)- called for 5.30 p.m.
i\ communication from E, By nitre rubbish ia alleys was referred lo
the healih committee with power lu
The finance committee reported thai
in accordance wilh inslrucllons Irom
the   council    tbey    had
Long as city auditor
« salary nf $150.
action was
The health committee reported regarding complaints re Horn Id office
motor drain and slated thai* as far
us the Herald was concerned Uie
drain and kepi the slough Uml il
instead of a detriment to the health
of the community, as It was simply
;ure water thai went through the
drain and kevt the sleuth liiat it
flowed iuto in a Hooded condition,
thus carrying off a quantity of the
stagnant water from the slough.
They stated there was considerable
greasy dish water from the Wentworth hotel kitchen flowing into the
same drain at certain hours, hut
whether this was a menace to health
would have to be referred to the
medical health officer.
The whole matter was referred
back to the healih committee witb
power to take such action as they
deemed necessary.
On motion the city solicitor was
Instructed to lake action for the recovery of money paid for board from
the parlies in Uie Wentworth hotel
The council then adjourned until
Satwdftj- at ft.30 j-m.
iged I-
:  the year at
motion    this
ijiiimird by the     coun*
Victoria, April 10.—In the legislature lo-day Dr. Kin*, m.Uie UeUale
>n tlm second reading ui Uiu    Laud
III   UlllL-htlllK'lll   ai'tiUcil   iu   u-.ui      ol
.no Umber lueu respect!iu_ the In-
utease hi royally. lit: explained
mat tin. wuuld not affect Uie speculators, about which so much bud been
iiud, iml would affect the actual
niiiim-1 nun. The prolits uf the luiu-
■j_ruien were not as bad been represented. One man bad at Ottawa dc-
clared that his profits were only 78
eenls pel thousand. Afler the royalty now pruposeil lie nuiilti have but
la Lie left. Dr. king Baid il must
uc rcmemlieied that the Dominion
limber lauds arc held in Uils province at $5 per square mile, whereas
iiu- piowi'i'idl lands are held at $110
10 $DiU a mile. The Dominiuii iu>-
all" it, only 5U cenl.i and it would lie
untaii therefore to ihosu uu provin
cial lands tu raise tlie ioyail> to 75
nr. King alia- argued that faith
was being broken with those who
took out leases iwu years ago.  when
11 was represented that 5u cents was
to be Uu* royalty. He wanted the
bill held over, as ihe premier had
practically represented that a new
not was coming iu next
year. The government had prom
ised to delay the new royalty coming
iuto elTecl ' until .January.' They
might as well lay it over.
■\ ictorln, April W.—Tlio government has aminunced a decision to
lejive the law uReeling royalties on
limber alone  this    session.'  Tatlow,
(Continued on page ei(*ht.)
t    PRESS SUITS    *
f See C C. S. wisditw
♦     $100 off every day mull sold
I  =*= c. c. s. =
{Imperial Bank oi Canada
i The Imperial Bank of Canada
I will hereafter, until further
| Notice, pay Interest on Savings
Bank Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, as
. Cranbrook Branch ■ J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. \
t f
For the Purest Drugs, the best 1
Disinfectants, etc., or -1
Fine Stationery,
Books and
Toys, go
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Will  Pay You to Deal ritK CltAMtltOOK. 11 KHALI)
-Silk Lined
The most popular, and the most
elegant, Overcoat:, ever shown iu
Made of the finest imported
Black Vicunas and Gray Cheviots
—and lined with the best quality
uf silk.
Body fitting—and perfect fitting.
►** ********************
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles an ' Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing Tackle suitable
(or the Disttict in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen B'g Game Heads, and Souvenirs of The Great West.
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
iVI:LiU{!iliri Cirriaj;. ail Dsirln*' Implements for Sale
Shop Phone 50
P.O. Box (44
Barn Phone "0
»«%«>«%«««.«««• 3*mmM+*****»'
| Canadian Hotel
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, goi-il meals
and a bar stocked with the best
| Joseph Brauli, Proprietor g
Phone 57 j;
Head Office, Calgary Alta.
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wlii.l.'siili' & Roti.il Di'i.li'rs ii.
Our Heats is always fresh as alt our Beef In   killed
— In Cranbrook. .
* **********************
Try a   Case of
Two Dozen  Pints   $2.50
Equal to Guinness'1   The finest beverage on the market
for family and table use.   Imparts vigor anil
health, anil tones up the Imdy generally
Brewer, Cranbrook, li. C*
Port Arthur,   Out., April 11.—The
ir rival ol   tlie train   from the east,
currying Hit- passengers who were   in
Uu* wreck ol No.  1 last night    near
Ohapleau, brought the first Tacit,    re-
diii**,     the   most terrible accident
which hns over occurred on the C. V.
R.    The accident occurred at Brunei,
twenty miles west ol Uiapleau, when
cars Lett the track.     Within live
minutes niter the accident the    cars
:- a mass of     flames, and despite
efforts of     tlie crew anil passeng-
Irom ihe other ears a number  ol
lives were lost,   variously estimated
.ti from eight to fourteen.     A total
if thirty-four sustained injuries     of
.iiiinis kinds, a few ol which are oi
mtlicr serious nature, but thu -majority     escaped   with slight bruises.
Kigh>1 of tlie injured were brought  to
Un- hospital here, and a number were
lakeii lo ih.- Ftirt William hospital.
ti. <luililiug, wife ami two children,
t'lnistow, England.
(iuildiug, of Hit* same place,    a
Mis. It. It. Champion nnd child,
kiiiL"sii>ii-iMi-ih--Tha nit's, fnr Rran-
Winifred uml Susan I lorten, Char-
■ ii_t_  Heath,  knit,   KngUiul, for lli.ui-
Wm. Day, from Kensington, Kug-
t.mil  for Winnipeg.
\li lllll"nowu Knglish woman and
i wo children.
l.tiuis (IHletle,     London,  Kuglaml,
linmls cut slightly.
Wm. Williamson, Rrnndon, Man.,
in.ih hamls hurticd and cut.
■ Ins. (iibson, Salisbury, England,
hack sprained.
V Koumiss, Fori William, scalp
euI ami both bunds burned,
('has. Coleman, Portsmouth, Kng.,
heird, face and hands burned, hack
■trained (serious).
Alphniisi* Kerlnde, Stc. Marie
lien nee, Que., fractured mctacarpel
\rclr»bald Stutsim, Cheltenham,
ling., wrist cut.
lohn F.   Aubister,   Orkney island,
lace and both huiids severely bur nod,
loseph Townsend,   Scotland, going
lo Winnipeg, lefl  wrist jammed.
Ulliur McCray. Heislamt, going to
Moose Jaw, slight cut ou the linger.
Patrick Harvey, Wlgland, Scot Innd,
llllllli cut.
Peter NncrolT, Winnipeg, leg slightly bruised.
Herbert Jacob, Alliens, Out., nosi
A. Dechttissc, Woonsocket, H. I.,
gmerally shaken up.
Oeorgi) I.utoiR-he, Winnipeg, scalp
Cleorge Hicks, Athens, (int., tar.
Kd. Collier, West Shefford, Que..
stile injured and head bruised.
M. C. Savage, West Shefford, Que.
both bands burned.
Frank Schffl id t, Winnipeg, foot
brut seil,
John Urry, London, Bn-g,, slight
sculp wound.
Roderick Davidson, Kxsliaw, Alta.,
hand .slightly cut.
W. I). White, Whiteside, Ont., leg
slightly cut.
S. Knight. Cambridge, Kng., lt-j*.
slightly bruised.
A. W. White, Whiteside, Ont., cut
over eyes.
J. T. Turner, Sault Ste. Marie.
Out., back and hip bruised.
Lawrence Griffin, Carletmi, N. II
wounds on bands.
James Chirk. Carleton, N. R., hip
slightly bruised.
Kinest Knight. Cambridge, Kng..
wound over eve nnd ear cut.
Wm. Hamilton, Drumfrlesliire.
Scotland, sprained wrist.
Wm. Wards, Orkney Island, faci
and both hands severely burned.
Clarence Sproute, Now Glasgow,
N. S., two scalp wounds.
s. II. Rossi ter, Windsor hotel, W
nipeg. scalp wound.
II. Saunders, Sohrctber, Out. two
small cutis on back of hand.
R. Humble, Fort William, hand
cut  aLd hip bruised.
New York, April 12.—The trial of
Harry K. Thaw for the murder     of
Stanford White, which began on Jan.
231 d and has lasted NO days, ended
this afternoon in a disagreement of
tbe jury, aud their report uf that
fact to the court.
Thaw will return to the Tombs
pending a new trial which cannot
lake place until next fall. Presumably application for bail will lie
made anil granted as in tie case ot
Nan Patterson.
15 C. S. Brown Leghorn Cockerels,
from Grove Hill Poultry Yards,
Walthain, Mass., and A. R. Williams'
strain Plum Park Poultry Yards,
lto.-he.ster, Minn., and 5 Blooded
PI) mouth Rock Cockerels.
47-H'    W. Telford, Kitchener, B. C.
IN U0-YI5, B.C.
ruder and by virtue of the powers
contained] in a certain mortgage,
which will be produced at the time
of sale, there will he offered lor sale
hv public auction on Saturday, the
twentieth day April, 1007, at the hour
of 10 o'clock" in the forenoon, at. tho
office ol the undersigned solicitor In
the City ol Cranhrook, by John
Hutchison, Esquire, Auctioneer, the
following property, viz: THK IN-
It. C, otherwise known us Lot
Three (3) in Block Three (3) Lake
Shore Addition, Map 08L ol tho
Townsite of Moyie, ou which lot is
elected a valuable hold building .uul
Al a meeting of persons interested
in fruit culture, held at tbe city
council chambers nu the afternoon ol
the lath, It was determined to organize a farmers' institute of the
Cranhrook electoral district.
li was explained to the meetin-i
Hint under tbe provincial act ibe
ministers nl agriculture could authorize such nn institute on receiving a
pel it ion signed by lif teen persons who
had pnld in at least fifty cents each.
Such an institute would lie entitled
to a grant from the provincial government, who would also furnish tu
each member a copy of all publiea
tlons issued bv the' department ol
The funds of the institute could be
used Tor the following purposes only:
a. Holding meetings (or the discussion of nml hearing lectures on
subjects iu connection with the theory
and practice ol Improved husbandry
or other industrial purposes;
b. Promoting the circulation gl
agricultural, horticultural, afeori-
i-ultiir.il and mechanical bulletin uud
Importing and otherwise procuring and distributing seeds, plants and
nniinnls of new nod valuable kinds;
d. Offering prizes for essays and
(fi-es-tions of scientific impiiries rein t in*-; t o ugricul t tne, hurt (culture,
"I'horlciilture, manufactures ami the
useful nits;
e. Disseminating Information re-
gnrdiug agriculture;
f. Co-operuiion   for   currying     on
any industry, or lor any purpose   related to agriculture within the
trict, h,s provided for iu section
Owing to a controversy between
Hie l.'iHiiiitian and Untied Stall's gov
•nmipiils as lo which .shall pay lor
mail originating in llie United States
and |,nssiirjr over the Washington &
Ureal Northern railroad destined
inr_|iosl offices in tlie United Stales,
the towns ol Orovillc, Night Hawk,
Loomis, t'oiicoiiully, Molson and
I'liesaw, Wash., receive no mail Irom
Spokane hy rail. Ins load the mail
is thrown oil at lte|»ihlic, Wash.,
where il is taken fo these lowns by
staple, requiring three days l<i reach
its destination, wliile by rail It
would arrive in from 12 to 21 hours.
Kor 32 miles Hie Washington *
Great Northern railroad, which «i-
lers the ahovo towns, runs through
Canadian territory. The post ollice
"enactment lakes the ground that it
can noi |iay lor thu carrying ol mail
in a foreign country, while the I'un-
nli.iii postal authorities declare thai
lire mail is not lor distribution in
their domain, and does nol originah
in Caiinnliaii territory, hence they cannot pay lor its transportation.
Meanwhile the railroad company refuses lo haul the mail because neither
fjiivcriiinont will pay, and as u consequence the towns me.itioi.nl must
ili-pnul upon the stage line lor currying all mail originating in Spokane,
or any other town in lhc Uuitod
W. C. .Innes, posl muster at Night
Hawk. Wash., has written a letter to
Secretary Monroe ol the chamber ol
commerce, asking that body lo take
up Hie matter with the post office
authorities and assist Ihe towns in
Sett/lng their mull carried by Ibe
Terms ol sale: Twenty per rent. .,1
Ihe purchase money to lie paid nl the
lime of sale and Ibe balance within
lei. days thereafter.
I'm finllier particulars ami rniidi-
linns of sale applv lo
W. K. UliHIi,
ilieiliir   tor    the    Mortgagee,  Kink
I'llANIIKOOK,  11. 0.
Killed al    t'lantilook.     II. C,  Ibis
llli day of April. IHII7. 2-»!
New York, April ll.—Setting at
rest all rumors as lo their presciil
int.-Minus, .). lltissell IV.ibody, associated with Dflplin ill. Dchiias,
chlel counsel for Harry K. Tlmw,
said lute to-day, alter a 16 minutes
conference with the prisoner, lhat
.iu application for Thaw's release-
would be made. As to what steps
would he token lie declined lo say.
There were various Illinois during Ilialother Improvements.
day Unit habeas    corpus proccedltigaf     "" "
might In- In ought, and II was said
that Ihe Tlmw family slands ready1
lo tarnish h-.til in almost any amount
n secure the young man's release.
District   Attorney Jerome annnuu-
iil to-day thai ho would vigorously
oppose graining ol bail to llie pris-
nid added Ihal he intended to
prosecute him lor murder in the lirst
legree.l This latter assertion was in
reply to a suggestion that be had
i-ompromisod     with    tho di'lendaiil's
'oiinsel   on a     plea nl insanity, and
would agree to send Thaw to Mnllc-
The next, interesting development of
tho day  was when Mr.  IValnidv left-
I'liaw, after a late visit, and ' said,
m  reply  to questions     ns In stories
ih.it Thaw had clanged bis counsel.
"Mr. Thaw authorized me to    say
Lhat up to the present lime Iiu    has
made iiu    change   ot  counsel.     Vou
may say thai as emphatically as vou
please.    OI course, we do not   know
what will iiaiisjiire next week,"
Mr. Deliims   held a long conference
.villi Thaw    to-day, ami Mrs. Harry
I-i. Tlmw saw her -husband 'during the
■ isiiing hour.
I somewhat    sensational    development of the day was the publication
if a lelter said to have been written
.y Howard   Neshit,     Evelyn Thaw's
brother, explaining his position in the
'use,  nml     asking lor luonev      from
Altogether Tlmw spenl u quiet day
in the Tombs.       The influx of mail
it all deliveries which lus kept Iim
'msy since   he lirst     went lo a cell
was soinewliat less lo-duv.     Insteod
of the one   hundred letters which hi
received every morning up to the day
il the verdict, but twenty-nine came
in this forenoon anil the oilier deliveries also fell oft.
Mrs. Harry K. Tlmw was somewhat
wan and worn when she appeared a I
the   Tombs lo-duy,     but seemed  in
<nud spirits,    other members ol the
I haw     family   remained    at     their
n.   riiiiriiiiii.uMiv
Artistic Picture
01)11  TWO   SI'lil'lAI.ITIIjS
Prcst Photo studio
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind*
nl repairinif.   Hive mc a tall.
Pursuant    to   the Health    By-Law
No. !>, of the City of Crnnbrook,
notice is hereby given that all own-
■is, tenants nml occupants of lands,
muses or premises within the City,
dull clean the snid premises and remove nil rubbish nnd noxious, offensive or unwholesome mutter Irom
iheir premises nnd the Innes adjoining, on or before the 20th duy ol
April. 1907.
No further noiilicaliou will be given.
No notification is necessary to substantiate n prosecution.
Any  person refusing    or neglecting
in   obey ihis   notice,    may be fined
Mint.iiu'and costs or two months imprisonment  with hard labor.
Hv order   Local   Hoard    of Health.
' and     1-:.   W.    Connolly,    Medical
Health Officer.
Dated    tills    lilth     dav of   April,
11107. 3
♦ ♦
i Central j
Hotel    |
Marysville |
!; T. Cole, Manager   t
Wu Kivu lli
trims in tin*
■ lirst. to our [ni-
St. Marys vull.'.y,
In the mutter of the "Companies
Winding-up Act, 18.18, Being
Chapter 11 of the Statutes ol
Briiish Columbia, 1808, und
Amending Acts; and
In the matter of The Pay Roll Cold
Mining and Milling Company,
Limited, Non-Personal Liability.
The creditors of the above named
Companv nre rett|icstcd. on or before
the 10th duy of May, A. I). 1007, to
scud their names und addresses, und
the particulars of their debts or
claims, and the names nnd addresses
of their Solicitors, if any, to .lohn
Leask, of Cranlirook, the Onicinl
Litnulantor of the snid Company,
and, if so required by notice in writing from the snid Official liquidator,
are by their Solicitors to come in
and prove their said debts or claims,
at the Chambers of His Honour, P.
K. Wilson, Local Judge, Cranhrook,
at such time as shall fie specified in
such notice, and in default thereof
they will tie excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before
such debts' are proved.
Friday, the ifith, duy ol May,
1007, ut two o'clock iu the afternoon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for hearing nnd adjudicating
upon the debts and claims.
.1. F. Armstrong,
District Registrar.
Dated Ihis intli day of April, A.P.,
IM7. 3-2t
Notice is hereby given thai thirty
days after date 1 intend to apply In
the lion. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for the district of East Kootenay, for n license to prospect for
coal and petroleum on the following
described land, si tunic on the Northeast Mich-el Creek, about five miles
north of the dinnd-tun Pacific Railroad, and lying west of the Mclnnes
Group, and north of the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land:
1. Commencing at a post planted
one mile north of n point one mile
east of the intersection of ihe east
side line of the Mclnnes Group and
lhc north side line of the Crows Nest
Puss Coal Company's hind, said post
Iffng the initial post of E. II. Le
l-muz's claim, and marked E, IL
Li-Franz's north-on si corner, thence
SO chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence so chains east, thence
SO chains nortli to place of beginning,
containing about (HO acres.
E. II.  LeFranz, Locator,
R. G. Belden, Agent.
Located  March  KI,  1!>07.
Said claim being n re-location of
coal license No.  1008.
3. Commencing al n post planted
at the north-east corner of E. II
LeFran/'s claim, the same being the
initial post of .1. T. Peun's claim
and marked .1. T. Perm's north-west
corner, thence SP chains east, thence
80 chains south, thence 80 chains
west, thence 811 chains north to pi.
of begin ii ing. containing about, (ilfl
.1. T.  Penn. Locator
IL O, Relden, Agent.
Located March  13,  1(107.
Snid claim helm- a re-location ot
coal license No.   lftOft.
act,   chapter 3«,   of revised
of   the
Persons present signed the formal
petition, which will he left -at Beale
A El well's in order that other in-
tcres-ted parties may sign.
A further meeting'will he held on
Saturday, the 27th inst, at three
o'clock when the subscribers will
elect officers pro tetn.
Thomas May-cock, secretary.
Ride to Cranbrook
i > We pay fare Mb way* to out
uf town people buyiutf 916,00
worth of goods while tor HHJ
\ \   BALE continue*.
== c. c. s. =
Chicago,   April     11.—One     would
ih ink tbut a man who had been married for many years and was the
proud father of \'A children would
know by certain external si*-ns a
woman's room when he stumbled into one, but wleu thi! man is engrossed iu a desperate political light, he
sometimes disregards externals.
Hence arose thu picturesque adventure 'between Edward F. Dunne,
mayor de facto of Chicago, und Bessie Clayton, a handsome uc tress.
During the recent heated campaign,
Mayor Dunne went to the Sherman
house and asked for a room, desiring
to rest for an hour. He was shown
into a room, aud, pulling down the
shades, sank into a big chair for a
snow.--. There immediately entered
a lady, who demanded to know what
bis honor was doing there.
"I am resting," he said. "I
thought this room was unoccupied."
The actress pointed with withering
scorn to many articles of lingerie
around tlie room, and said she
thought any married man would
know lhat tho room belonged to a
woman, hut the mayor had fled before she concluded.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned bave submitted to the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council
proposal under the provisions of the
Rivers and Streams Act lor clearing
and removing-obstructions from the
Movie River and tor the erection ol
a dam therein ami (or the construction and improvements of channels
connecting the same with a lake and
with Meadow Creek aud for making
the said River and Channels fit for
holding and driving logs, timber,
lumber,    rafts and   crafts, aud     for
reeling and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting, uud delivering logs
and timber brought down said River
and for attaching booms to the
shores of the said River for said
The lands to be effected by the
said work arc Crown lauds ami Lois
1502, *i(,n:i, 61(7-1, 18117, Group One,
Kootenay district.
The rate of tolls proposed to be
charged aru such as may be fixed by
the judge of the Comity Court ol
Eaat Kootenay.
The King Lumber Mills, Limited.
Dated July 27th, 1006. 50-0t
If you want W'olIK, xee me.
If you want MEN, leiul tn me.
If you want to sell your HEAL
ESTATE, lint tl with me.
■f. i ommencing at n post planted
at .1. T. Ppnn s nnrfh-wesl corner
said post being rtie initial post of
'••• A* Martin's claim ami marked E.
A. MnrtHi's south-west corner, thence
80 chains east, thence 80 chains
north, thence Kfl chains west, thence
80 chains south to place of beginning, containing about RID acres.
E. A. Martin, Locator,
R. G.  Belden,   Agent.
Locnted March 13, PI07.
Said claim being n re-locntlon    of
coal license No. 2000.
■1. Commencing nt a post planted
at E. A. Martin's sotith-wesl corner
Ihe same being the Initial post of
I. L. Ruflerfield's clnlm, and marked f. L. Buttcrfleld's south-enst corner, thence 80 chains west, thence SO
chains north, thence 80 chains east
thence 80 chains south to place ol
beginning, containing about fito
C. L. Buttcrficlil. Locator,
R. G. Relden, Agent
Located March  13,  lfl07.
Snid claim being a re-locntlon    of
coal license No.  2011], --(*••
Any available Dominion Lands
Wltllili the Railway Belt iu British
Columbia, may be homes leaded by
any person who is lhc sole head ot a
family, or any male over 18 yearn ol
age, to the exleiit of oiitMlUarter
.section of Hid acres, mole or less.
Entry must lie made personally nt
the local laud office for the district
in which the hind is situate.
The hollies leader is required to |«r*
form the conditions connected therewith under one ol the following
(I) At least six months' resilience
upon and cultivation ol Lhc laud in
each year for three years.
(2) If thu father (or mother, il
the father is deceased), ol the homesteader resides upon a [aim iu the
Vicinity ol the I.uul entered tor, thu
requirements ns lo residence may Ire
satisfied by such person residing with
ihe father or mother.
l'i) II the settler has his permanent residence upon fa lining laud
owned by him iu the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements us to
residence may he satisfied by residence upon the said laud.
Six mouths' notice iu writing
should he given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands maybe purchased at!
Ml) per acre for soft coal and $20 |
for anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one Indi*
t vidua) or company. Royalty at Uie
rate of ten cunts per ton ul 2,mm
pounds shall be collected ou the
grown output.
Deputy ol Uie Minister ol the Interior
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
.Stephens & RockeiKlorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   OAY
Calgary, Alta.
is nuw located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up to
date and is modcrnly equipped
to do just the best work in all
branches of the tonsoriat art.
W.   II. neatly, Kitnt-ml niifclni
p. o, nox iwin
• i imimnvpr
$ Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
tMachinc  Shop::
J McKinnon & Johnston ;;
Wo nre propnnxl to
do nil kiiulB of re-
pair work lii'uv.y ami
light, make casting!.,
turn shafts, etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing;
,,»... ......
i~—,• "i"i"i"i"i"i"i,
Ho -loos modern work
in u  iiKxturn   ummiur
Whfii you want puint-
inii iloeorutiiig, [«i|jt>r
11 anting
I will Iiiivi' my wl.lt.or nti|i|il,v
ul' Coal in a I'l-iv ilnvii. and am
miuly to lak.i oiiluru,     I  will
llnilkl.t-.lil Muni Luui $8.7J
Soil Coal Jo.;;-,
I .ua t winter I iviib mil of Ooul
|iirt nf linn'.   This your   I   pro-
post. Ii) knup a fj I  Biipply on
h,mil,.-uul will Bull
! Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of linisli work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, oto. Kiln dried luu.lnir
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory.    Hereon   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Now as the building season has opened up, you
will surely require
Hardware, Paints, Oils, and Glass
For These Call at
t'l-H'+tH-l+l-l-H'l+IHI-H I IHI H^ I I 11 I I III I+ H-
| The Cosmopolitan Is
fc. H. SMALL
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
*,|jLluli.I..~k' **-■"■■■ ■■ I. *--■-■■■■■■■■■■■>■ ■■■■.«■■ ■ «.■■ a._ ■ .■■■■■■■■
TTTtT rTl"l"!"l'T 'PITH TI'TH ( I I TlT'lTTiri'
11II lllllll II111111111111 llllliilllllllllill
If you want Clothing that is "(lilt Kdge" in iiiinio,
"(lilt Bilge" in material and "(lilt Edge in •make,
cull mid son our N1_\V STOCK of Rendy*Mude
Clothing, JtT'l/r  KKCKIVKI).   All Union Mude
Leask Cb% Henderson
y^t^^tW^twjtWltwjtwfiWjt     *^t^W^9^W^*^W^W]tw^W^W^*^f^Wjt^t^t^^^
m********** H* *************%
Manufacturers ol
Rough and dressed
LUriBBR and
Also all  kinds of
•laffrny. Ryan and
Cranbrook, B, U,
Head (llllc.. ■ Cranbrook
,1     j|
Hotel ** s
(iuests Comlorl i Specially
Rood Suhlini* in Cunnectiun
Nearest to railroad aud depot.    Ban accommoda.
tloua foi the public unequalled In Cranbrook.
Rambling Reveries
lint and Cold Haiti*
Hog-garth & Rollins
: the sweetest words
Wiui a	
Upon the listening ear,
Thai come tike echoes from above
Tlio faiuting soul io cheer?
Pliey stand lot types of highest Miss
To erring mortals given;
Uc lind all comfort-, hope and peace
In Mother, Home and Heaven.
They shine like stars along the way
Our faltering feet must go,
And win-it; the shadows dullest cling
in lines of light they glow,
lake   drops of   healing balm      they
Those hearts oppressed with cate,
Who find life's burdens, _„-■ by day,
A   he
Wo lieai thorn iii the morning tunc,
And in llie noontide rest;
We lieai   Iheiu when  the glowing sun
Hides down the i-ntiisoii west.
And when Hie tics thai bind us here
Hy death's stem hands are riven,
riteii may    wo rise on K.nth's    pint
you see'' You
ul with honey nnd
hiui with vinegar,
bouse is the only
Tn Motile
H. .ni..
ii   huslia
t hold
I the
Robinson Ml Ken/ie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
which in truth belongs ti
l-cn-peekcd husband. They take to
the outside so speedily when there is
iinn|-fflfra fitness within, that auy
vomaii with onlv a little thought
md observation may know what will!
nml' of trying to train a husband as
,he would a fractions school hoy
whatever he may Im*, for tht home
sake, she is obliged to keep sweet.
We have seen women who apparently
nioyeif scoltiiiiii their luishnmts In
the presence of others, nnd we have
seen mothers who Indiscreetly punish
heir children before visitors, thus
humiliating the dear   wayward ones
ml mnkin-- them feci that their reputations were so damalged that there1
wns no use in trying to he good.
Hut such women nre not the mistresses of those homes where the
household machinery glides on with
noiseless ease without  force or clfect
•eming to be required to move it
ong. Thev cannot create the sunny cheerful firesides that men love
better than all the world beside, and
the memory of which children tenderly cling to ns long ns life lasts.
I)o not jest wilh your wife upon a
subject in which there is danger of
wounding her reelings, Remembor
that she treasures every word you
utter. I>o not speak of some virtue
In another man's wife to remind your
own ot a fault. Do not reproach
ynur wife with personal faults, for,
if she hns sensibility, vou inflict a
wound difficult to heal". Do not
treal your wife to inattention when
in company"; it touches her pride, and
she will not respect you more or love
you better for it. Do uot upbraid
ynur wife in (tie presence of a third
person; the sense of your disregard
for her feelings will prevent her from
acknowledging her fault. Do not
entvrlaln your wife with praising the
beauty and accomplishments of other
Women. If you would have a pleasant home ami a cheerful wife, pass
your evenings under your own root,
ho not be stern and silent in your
own house nnd remarkable for sociability elsewhere.
There nre other ministers of love
more conspicuous than a good daughter, lint none in which a gentler,
lovelier spirit dwells, and none io
which the heart's warm requitals
more joyfully respond. She is tlie
steady light o( her father's house.
Her idea is tndissolilhly connected
with that of Ills happy fireside. She
is* the morning sun and evening star,
The grace, vivacity nnd tenderness of
her sex have the place in the mighty
sway wtiieh she hold*: over his spirit.
The lessons of recorded wisdom
wtiieh he reads with her eyes comes
to his mind with n new charm,
blended with the beloved melody of
her voice, lie scarcely knows weari
i.ess which her song does not make
iiim forget, or gloom which is proof
fi-jainsl the young brightness of her
smite. She Is the pride and the ornament of his hispit.-ilitv and the
gentle nurse of his sickness, and thc
■ onttant agent of those nameless,
numberless acts of kindness which
one chiefly cares to have rendered because they nre unpretending but ex-
prossive acts o flove.
Young man. go to work! There is
no time to idle now. You must
rnrvo out your own wav if it is ever
successfully carved. Vou must seek
ynur fortune (ftrough industry, per-
severance nnd pluck. Labor'is hon-
nrahle, and the IgnoWo are those who
will not wnrk. Get vou a home
l-ence a field and plow and plant it,
nnd gather around vou the comforts
nf home. And when von hnve made a
character foi Industry nnd thrift, ask
some I.i'ly lo share ymir home with
vou. We would sny to every young
lady, mark these men who are loung-
'ih*- around attempt lug lo live by,
ts, or on the interest of (heir
nd when thev ask vou to
snare the lot „f nn aimless life, pass
i hem on. for you cannot afford to
marry a man without prosperity or
business hnhffs, unless vou wish to
sell yourself for - mess of pottage.
Aflrttn *-,-■ ■,vn,||1- reiterate, young
man, ro to work; while ten men
Watch for chances one man makes a
Chance; while ten men wait for some-
lUR lo turn up one turns some*
filing up; while ten men fall, one
siicct-ei s. and is called the man of
luck, the favorite of fortune. Luck
and fortune are the result of honest
endeavor, work and toil, and if
would win, go to work!
'Nelson News.}
Tie Mountain Luiniiermen's association ib Indignant at the news received from Victoria thai during tlie
Ust icw days ol the session a lull
was bring put Uuough ihe bouse
putt-lug up the royalty on timber
iioui jo tents to V;'i Cents y, lliou-
saod.     The rollleiilinn  i.  that
government hud no right in i
.such a bill without warning
Interested ami lurthei that i
made immediately operative
idverseiy affect the Interests
mils which have ahead)
into contracts to supply a
amount of lumber at tiled pn
Interviewed on the tiiuLLe
Wells, the secretary of th
men's association, said:
is an eniiicly new one
the   news of  the amend nu
tmted hoodjunw, loafers, gamhters,
sneak thtavos, burglars, aud in [act
_li Uie crimes Uhat curse society, and
yet parents and guardians -aill unthinkingly penuil those whose futuie
well-being is m their hands, to iuu
night aftei night in iinu-buki-d and
unrestrained companionship wiiti
those whose example and influence is
continually hi the direction of evil,
To this laxity ol home restraint,
more than to all othet causes, is due
the appalling Increase ui crime
throughout tiie nation.       No boy is
.11 thai has transpired my affection
is unaltered. The door o( my homi
is open to her and will open wide tn
iiei lightest tap to-day, to-morrow
nml always, while I Ine "
iti ol his job ket-pii
rate who is allowed
I If ted
er, CI. P.;
rue mat**
i me and
     -^-——a^— ' ■     being:
thus railroaded through tie house ati
tin* end ol a session is not at all
favorably received by the members of
>ur association. You see, we are
►I tte opinion that it tho govcru-
neni had under contemplation the
introduction ot any such legislation
some notice ought to have been given
to us iu order that we might have
lieen able to present our side of the
._^^ As it is, we have hatl no
such opportunity. Now many ol the
members of this association have entered into contracts to deliver a certain quantity of lumlier during Ihe
ieasoii at certain fixed prices. 01
■ourse these contracts were entered
upon on the idea Mint the conditions
stable, oue of these conditions
being that the royalty was 'm n
thousand; for the royalty Is paid
when the logs are sealed. They
may be scaled where they were felled
or at the mill, wherever convenient.
Hence the majority ol timber on
which these lumbei contracts referred to nre based is unsealed anil we
will have to pay 75 cents instead of
.Vi cents a thousand, something Hint
wns not expected when the contracts
were made.
"Furthermore," cnntimieil llie secretary, "I do not think the increase
is advisable. It can only have lfc«
effect of deterring capital from entering the country. Lumbermen
from -al! over the line, and from this
class are tie openers of the timber
limits derived, think that a royally
of 50 cents is a sufficiently onerous
lax. and a rise of 50 per cent may
ami probably will, have tie effect of
keeping bnek Investment and tlie
opining of timber limits, at all
events for this season. Now, the de
maud is stron« and if the output is
restricted in this direction, the consequences will be inevitable, Our
profits, again, an- not enormous and
the effect of the new Impost will he
io raise the priee or lumber to the
consumer and to keep it up even when,
the demand falls off."
'eter wa
s Uiu usual story Ii
lat«. ^^^
un early till
■uy, the throne ami the    pavements of gold
Looked mst as they did when created
oi old.
His features were saddened—he cared
not for mirth,
Hut he longed lor improvements   like
we have on earth.
lie heard  of our  phonographs,  autos
and whirls,
Wireless    telegraphy,     X-rays     and
\nd he wished to Install them Inside
ol the gate
lhat   the heavenly city might be Up-
Vs be    gazed     through the portals,
great joy did he feel
When a man    came    along with   au
You're welcome," said Peter. ".III.1*!
walk right Inside,
\nd I'll step iu your carriage ami e<>
fot a ride."
So he hoarded the modern and up-lo
date steed
*.iid weni  down the pike at a     horrible speed.
The angels were shame-faced, forgetting lo sing,
When tbey witnessed thfli Saint   do
ihis'horrible thing.
le smiled from his seat as the allln
flew past-
Hut  he lost his conlroi, and il dih-h
d him at last;
It buckled   itself   ou a     lleighhorlng
\int    Peter   was given     an elegant)
He picked himself up with a woe-be*
gone face,
\iid   lie said   to the .stranger,  "(let
out of the place!
Improvements   iu      Heaven  no  more
will he seen;
Vou just go to hell with your pal en I
Canada's three northern districts of
Mackenzie, Ungava and l-'ranklih are
larger than China proper.
Canada has a continuous waterway
nl 2,'iM miles from the mouth of the
St. Lawrence to the head of Lake
The Mackenzie river is, with it
tributaries, 2,50b miles long—equal
io the distance from Liverpool tn
Canada has 11,0110 miles ol waterways from the St. Lawrence to the
Mackenzie, with only 150 miles of
land break.
The distance from Halifax to Vancouver is greater than from London
io Halifax.
Victoria city is only half way between London and Hong Kong.
Ontario is over four times as large
s Knglaud.
Quebec is nearly three times
irge as the United Kingdom.
D.   C.   L.
[I Distillers Company, Limited it
|| =========================== a
.! [|
R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited lj
Victoria, British Columbia     it
D. C. L. Scotch 12 Years Old
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c,
Headquarters for
The Mniiiiui.il i- i-Biitrally localfl un.l lus ...ie ol llie best Jiningro
in ihf fiiy.   Tlie bur i« anpinieJ .iil.tl.e .*.. ..I Iiquoraand Ci
Library Voting Contest
ilipir i
Drop in and see us any lime.   We are on deck 25 hours
oul of Ihe 24
"Oh, where is my wandering boy
to-night?" Tabe a look down the
street about 10 or 11 o'clock. Notice
the signs being torn down, boxes
overturned, stones hurled through
windows of vacant houses, shutters
pried o|>en. Who are these types of
niiiiii tigti ted public        nuisances?
"What!" you exclaim, "my boy
there?" We do nol say so, hut since
he is not at home suppose you look
and ascertain, ami it is possible you
may lie surprised. Somebody's hoys
are there, and wc ask, whither Is the
tendency ami ultimate results o!
these night rainblings and such doing? A few words will suffice as an
answer. They are in the training
school of vice Irom    which are grad-
Pittsburg, Pa., April Iti—The
Leader this afternoon prints a six
column statement from Mrs. C. .1.
Dolman, mother of Evelyn Nesblt
Thaw, in which she defends herself
against accusations expressed and
Implied against her during the Tlmw
She says that two nights after
the night upon which Hairy Thaw
shot Stanford White she received this
telegram from hei daughter:
"It is most important for you to
say absolutely nothing."
Until now she has remained silent
and has been forced to lake the
defensive because of the attacks
made upon her my Mr. 1'elmas in his
closing address to the Thaw jury.
She denies that she aided the district
attorney in any way and that she
had been seen by Mr. Jerome, Mr.
Garvan or Mr. Hartridge.
Mrs. Molman then details her
struggle, following the death of her
first husband, in her efforts to prop-
_ , rear her two children and says
her daughters first posed for an artist named Storm, ot Philadelphia,
who met Evelyn at a summer resort
when a 1 i* Iie girl.
"Florence," she says, "was in
love with the stage." She did
everything to discourage her but it
was'useless. The story of Florence's first meeting w ith Stanford
White, she says, is substantially as
told bv her upon the witness stand.
When Florence returned, she told her
mother she had met "the grandest,
man" and later when Mr. White
sent for her she went to his office
Mr. White, she says, warned her
specially against several young men
with whom Florence hail become
ipiainted, but did nnt refer to
Thaw. Mr. White's words and actions were the personification nf
whole-hearted, disinterested generosity, Mrs. Holinan says, and if ever
woman rrnoseil implicit confidence in
a man, sue says, she did in him.
Mrs. Hoi man then asserts that il
Florence underwent the experience
that is said to have befallen her,
she did not take her into her confidence.   Continuing, she says:
"Had she told me what she told
ihe Thaw jury, it would not have
iH-en necessary' for Harry Thaw to
kill Stanford White. 1 would have
done it myself."
Speaking of the European trip,
Mrs. Holman snys: "Every detail
of the trip was a nightmare to me,
Mr. Thaw joined us in Paris. Florence and I shared the same apartments. Mr. Thaw had apartments
to himself. There was no .iteasure
in the tour for me. The things
which appealed to Florence and Mr.
Thaw in Pails did not appeal to me.
Florence testified that we quarrelled
frequently while in Paris. Ttese
disagreements were caused by my
protests at visits to various restaurants."
In closing Mrs. Tlolmnn said:
"I solemnly affirm that my love for
my da ii nt ter is as deep and intense
as it was when I first held her in my
as    large as England
Manitoba is
ml Scotland.
The two new provinces ol Saskatchewan and Alberta have 275,000
iquare miles each.
British Columbia is the largest
province— equal to 24 SwitzeilBids.
Prince Edward Island is the small-
st province.
The Maritime Provinces are nearly
s large as England uud Wales.
The Yukon district is almost as
irge as France.
The boundary line hetween Canada
nd the United States is .J.OfiO miles
long—J.C00   by     land,     and     1,400
through water.
Canada contains one-third ol
area of the British Empire.
Canada extends over 20 degrees of
latitude—from Rome to the north
Only one-fourth of Canada Is oc-
■ upied, and only one-eighth is under
iui ti vat ion.
Canada's proportion ot population
is only LO to a square mile.
> nearly a million square
practically     unexplored
Ihist-U'tfanl Library and Handsome case will be given by vote to
tin* Loclgi\ Society, Church or School in Cnu.Lr.x4 or Distrit securiuj*
tliolnrixt'st number of votes in the following manner:
Tho mprclianta listed below will give with every ten cent purchase
inn'vnti'. The contest begins February Sth, J'.wfT*. and closes June
21st, HKVJ. A ballot box is placed in Beattie & Atchison's drug store
where votes un* to l*e deposited. At the close uf tbe contest tho
(.liurcli, School. Society ur Lodge having the Urges! number of votes
wi be awarded the Library. Current accounts when promptly paid
will be entitled to votes.
Romcmlier votes can ouly be received by trading with tbe
merchants listed to-low.
Each week the.Herald will announce tbe respective standing of
he consents,
Canada Im
miles      ol
Canada is liounileil uy tbrwi oceans.
Cuili'da's sea coast line equals lull
the i-fri-uniference ol the earth.
Canada has 13,001) miles of coast
liiu-—T.niio being in Hiitisli Columbia.
Canada is 3,500 miles wide ami
1,100 miles deep.
Canada has enough land to give
each iiilialiltaitt 400 acres.
Canada is larger in area than the
I'uited States.
Canada is as large as 30 United
Canada is twice tin- size ol British
Canada Is l.iigi-i than Australasia.
Canada is 18 times as large as
France, 20 ol Spain. 33 ol Italy.
The girl who does her duty by ber
mother seldom has time to act foolish.
Always Ml tbe truth, remembering
lhat It is necessary always to tell
all tbe truth.
II we could only finish our hall-
completed jobs what a lot ol work
we would accomplish.
The man who has arrived is very
prone to look down upon the man
who is only on his way.
Men who are never in a hurry and
men *boj>rc jlwaya in > huuj sel-
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness  .   .   .
Campbell & Manning
Oroceries, Fruit, and
Confectionery and
Beattie & Atchison
P. Burns & Co McCALLUM & co
A. L. McDERMOT Dezall Bros.
Wine and Spirit Merchant BLACKSMITHS
The B. C. Livery Stable
B. H. Short i & Co.
Painters and Decoraters
-.Wall Papers
Cartage and Transfer Co.
{Warehousing. Coal
and Oil  Agent,, . ,
arms a helpless babe.    Regardless"lit dom accomplish snick.
McVittie & Uidlaw.
Mininj- Engineers
and Surveyors,
J. T. LAUILAW, M. _,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy;
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co. THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
(12,00 A ""EAR
TI1K   PA I" Ell   THAI-   IS   READ   11Y   TIIE   PJSOPLJ*
AIM!!!.  IS  l!M)7
By tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth llll a year, It
costs onlv li. No man in South
Easi Kootenay can afford lo lie without it, and everyone living outside ol
llie district, who is Interested in the
progress ol this section, should read
it. It publishes the news while it is
news. H is controlled absolutely by
Ue publishers. No clique, party ot
individual dictates its policy. it
don't try to please llie people. It s
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will In- a credit to the community.
Send in your subscription and yuu
will be ihanklul ever afterward.
Advertising rates $1 pur inch per
month, no more ami no less.
Heading matter 15 cents per line
in non-advertisers; Hi cents per line
t„ legular advertisers.
II vou desire lo reach the people of
South Kast Kootenay you must ad-
n-ilise iu The Herald.
The Herald lias a first-class I job
plant, and its work is ol the best.
The Herald don't waul charity. It
wants a square deal on your job
work. 11 we can't suil yuu 111 i|linl-
ity and price, kick, and send your
work to some Cheap John house in
.he east thai never spends a cent iu
4,500 & Month
Thin i» the guaranteed fir
dilution ol th-* Humid
1-rena room anil nu Inscription Hutu open ti> hivestlgu*
tiull   llj"   Hllvt-rtiriMlK   Ut   Ull.V
Tht* Herald gives a ilollar
in vaitie for u ilollur in money. The advertiser ton the
right to know whut he in
receiving (or hit- money.
Tht Heiiilit in one paper
that coiirtfi invflHtiti-'iition,
»# a^i9»*ii^*s-aefr*>»'^eft«r««^
1 saw Herb Kullertou iu Victoria,
-iiid lie Is busy Hum mumiiig until
nighl iii the real estate business,
Tlml man would he busy iu any line
ut business he entered, fur he is omul Ui-: must pupular men in British
Columbia, and is a bustler at all
tunes. When lie was ou the road fur
tWIson brothers he could .sell groceries when other travellers were sucking their thumbs, aud men who know
him in Victoria say that he is forg-
lug right tu the front aud making
auiue of the old (osslls iu that city
Like oil their hat to him.
Saw "Billy" Clarke at Vancouver, "Billy" is painting the
town ul Vancouver, hut. 1 do uul
umtersland that be is giving it a
Vermillion hue.
Walking down the street in Victoria one evening I saw someone
standing uu a cornet who luuked
familiar. It was Frank Clapp, and
tie was waiting fur a man who was
to accompany him up Vancouver Island to luok after some timber. Mr.
Clapp is interested in a line hunch ul
timber iu the upper country aud will
(lean up a hue bunch ut money un it
when he lets go.
G. U. Buchanan, ul Kaslo, tlie
philosophical student ul the higher
hues ul life, is tn Victoria at present. Mr. Buchanan is alsu interested in a timber deal uf considerable
magnitude, and I was lull! that lie
had been offered $]ti,mui tor some
claims that he secured last fall uu
ihe cuast. I hope it is true, lor Mr.
Buchanan is a man who has dune
'illicit lor this province
Hev, Boer, the erstwhile editor ul
ihe Nelson Canadian, Is now holding
a position on the Victoria Colonist.
I met him in the lunch rooms ol the
parliament hull-dings one afternoon,
and he wns silent at first and then
courteous, The reverend gcntlcraau
has nu special love fur me, and 1
have no grudge against him, but we
■-ui nloug nicely together, und both
to..I* the same brand ol cigars.
I was pleased to meet in the lobby
ol tbe Driard, Mr. Eskling, of     the
Itoss-lamt   Miner.      lie is a     much
younger man than 1 had figured him
out to he, and   he is chuck full     of
energy   und  brains.       He is  taking
two weeks vacation at the coast with-,,
his mother, and a man whn runs     a.
■daily  paper    in  Rossland is entitled |
to that much at least.
M. Carlin and F, W. Jones, the
lumber magnates of Golden, whn sold
out for such a his price, hnve been
besieged hy real estate men who hnve
good things to dispose of here on
the rirast. They have had opportunities to buy all kinds of property,
but up tn the time I left them they
were keeping the sellers  guessing.
Everywhere 1 hear good words for
Crairbronk. It makes a man (eel
proud of the fact thai he lives in the
town, for no nne has a knock against
it,    hut on  the    contrary  everyone
echlS desll'iOUS lu give tbe place a
oust. Ami iu tin- connection 1
ii'lit say thai 1 alsu heai many
.mils ui' commendation for the
■e.iple ul OUl glorious luwu. ll is
md by all thai oul people are ever
ousting lot then luwu and their
istriet. Thus good peuple, yuu can
iv that by casting your bread upon
li,* waters it is bound tu come hack
ii ibe shape ol u whole bakery.
Milium It lake u i ui*.", ui thu Victoria
'Uteu, id, heuumiu**, *. peiu'uueni iuu-
i .1.. in Lie ana Hi. ul \ i.lulla, ulltl IS
! in..lieu U'iuii US au uupuilJUl UiUlVlU-
ii.u  in     tue counsels ui  iuu go.ein-
I.UUI, 1>)    HIS   UUltll)    a:>   a   Wl'UCl
',,1,1  ills   bUilllC-H   SlllUWUllCtiS   UC      Uiiti
j ui, ue a Imuuutai success ui iliu Ween,
u-t.icu occupies a peliuuiieut pusaiou
among coast puulicalluns. tie na.i
'.i iulig lalu wilh Mi. OiaU'iinm-, uml
l.n all ul llie ploVlUCU LUCIU is Iiu I a
I i.i, n Deiit'i posted, bciu-i educuleO
j.ii.l muic polislieu III bis iinuiiiel
j ni.ui  Uus geuilemaii.
Victoria is a pciuiiai town. The
jn ipiu are cxciu-i.e, and n,i,e luui
....    lui   Sltuiigei.-.       ine   UOulll     ui.u
 ' come iijjiuu iuu luwu ua;) urouscu
ii..: Ullt'llSy llitliglia Uuu ui ui.iii) u.
....: uiu limcis. He maiu uue L'is-
iu.,r_ the other ua), "is Lucre nu
,u.,cu iu Caiia.ia t-.tn.ii* wc ean Iiu
.,>..i) Hum liiu cuasc ul lue -li
.ii *,uI)' lluii.a'.'' llie call) ICSldt'lllS
a,.bu      Ululiey,   the)   nave  mull    Luch
.vail euiuiiieiei.il cuiilcsL. luej rtum
lu ue leil iiluiic. ilicj   Uuu i  Walil
ii. ue ctovvuud, anu uuuvc all ihe)
.li n i want lu he uiuagui uuu un.r
i. el   Willi   pCUplU   Wliu  CiilltluL   Illl'lUall
a pedigree un parciimcut yellow wiui
,.. e. ma iuu -ue is cast. Uclull.i
is giuwiug aim will uuu Untie lu
.-low, -Nuililhg can siup n, and Uiu
on!) recourse lull lo LUu seclusivu
oit liuier is lu iiuild Lie luucc auuui
a., place a mile Higher, und ucvur
i-i.ui' down town.
rtcuttlu is still a marvel. Millions
au ueiug expeuueu in imprutcuiLiu
ii.u   uie  ftiiuic ui  Uie  uusiiiuss     pui-
ii .ii ul  Uie     i*il)   la  loin Up  Lu     'vet*'-
,ii.ue wuu the spirit ui uuvuncewcut..
- .une is rampant in lb.it cit) uuu
■ i.iucnes aie ueiiig i-hla'ged. Mul.u-
ii,. is a uy-wotu, luii^u*. arc exempt
1...1 Luc Oig dollar is uie unl> Wing
in signl. i'liu .-sau Ktuucisco ui_.is-
i.- was u great hou-l iui tieuU'c,
,u.d ii win always tewum Uiu great
.iiiimeiii.il     ccniur ui llie     l'ucnu
I saw "Sully" McKen/ie while in
•5. a Lue, uiitl     nc luoSb     hupp)      ami
contented.       Iiu sa)_ that uis busi-
iii-is lias been belief the lusl ycui
tii.ui any luuu since iiu bus uecn
.Speaking ol timber deals uu Vuu-
'1'iiver island, 1 was told the uliiei
da) ihal many claims were being
■UKed by u sjiy glass, ami unit im
nun never went over the ground ,u
an, The descriptions are pubiishc-i
in due form, and as soon as a sucker
comes ulong a sale is made,
C. llungerford Pollen is iu Victoria and I am indebted tu bun lur
ciuti courtes-ies, Mr. i'olieu is at
the capital to louk alter the intcr-
i-sis oi the Kooteiiuy Central.
Une gets an idea of the age of
Victoria by the great number oi
White bearded men lu he .seen at all
limes. 1 honestly believe there are
mure old men in Victoria than in all
ot the rest of the province combined.
it is nut unpleasant tu hud that
tin* Cranbrook Herald is well and
favorably known hero at llie const.
Many people have spokK.li of it, and
kind words have lieeii said time ami
I have visited llie British Columbia
legislature and in my nexl butch uf
stun will have a tew comments to
make. 1 saw Dr, and Mrs. Kin*;
and had the pleasure ol taking dinner with them und .1. A. Macdonald.
and il is needless to add that 1
found them pleasant  company.
The Herald for the next f*w weeks
will run a column of so ol suggestions from different citizens uu
"How to make Cranbrook grow.''
This .should make interesting reading
aud should prove valuable iu bringing
out ideas for the udvauceiuulit of the
ike Cranbrook grow:
ike her a  manufacturing
1. M
l« r.
2. Settle our district with Swceds
ami Japs ftim Hies ou homes tea ds tu
wipe out Unit debt of *1,1111,.,'il.uo
we pay hn Imported produce into
Briiish Columbia yearly
3. Encourage agriculture ami fruit
I. Oct the Salvation Army lo
dump down here live thousand'families from Britain. Busy chirk children would  mak * her grow.
5. Tux our families and householders light by putting the burden
upon foreign showmen and all corporations.
ii. Money invested in Cranbrook
instead of wireless telegraphy or
other American schemes would help
her and pay better.
7. Tn export $l»0,72fl.ftO per annum from Cranbrook instead of importing that amount us we now do,
would boost her.
8. The city tn own electric light,
telephone uud water works systems
that would pay Interest on borrowed
money and let improvements rest
lhat pay no interest.
Joseph Maycock.
Kor each   gossiping tongue     there
ire at least two gossipy cars.
Tiie   worst  troubles we have    are
those wc deliberately search for.
The man who never meets temptations hasn't much to his credit.
line llower in a sick room is hetter
than a rose garden on a grave.
We could always do a lot  of good
with the money another man has.
Thf railroads    continue to contribute largely to the vital statistics.
Polities     will he clean just as soon
s ennuRh tlean men   lake    hold    of
Jusl about Uu- lime \ man thinks
he knows all about women he falls
vietim to uiu*.
The habit we haven't got Is     the
■ ui' we could ciiit so easv if we happened to have it.
About the time must of us gt't
si.tried on saving for a rainy day a
storm breaks.
The man who is always just going
lu is usually paying big interest to
ih.- man who already has.
Tie     picnic   we are going to have
■ iiid the one we hail lust summer are
the two best iu the picnic calendar.
One half ol the people do uot know
how the other hull live, and as a
rule it isn't much u| their business,
We rather admire the equipoise ol
•i woman who can .see a pin un the
si h-walk and pass right hy without
stooping to pjek it up.
Wc are always disappointed when
wc are introduced to u big, husky
man and he gives us one uf those
sloppy, fishy handshakes,
The government pure lood expert
siiys M:ut whiskey in buttles is Mie
best. It is only best -as lung as ii
remains in thu bottle.
There arc three steps in life that
mark epochs—when ihe baby takes
the first step across the room, when
the son takes his first step into business life, ami when the man, his
worki finished, steps into the gre.u
The doctor can't always eurc you;
sometimes    it's  your   mean disposi-
Tho trouble about a good time is
Uiat people seldom agree un what ii
if a shiftless man in a country
town doesn't keep greyhounds he usually plays a fiddle.
Su many men fool away so much
valuable time doing things in which
there is neither point nor profit.
It is not recorded that any financial
genius ever got his start hy purchasing diamonds un the instalment plan.
When a man is telling of a i|uarre|
he has had and says, "I said to the
other fellow," he nearly always
makes what he says a gootl deal
worse than it was.
After a girl has married nnd left
home she sits up and takes nntier
every time her parenis buy an expensive dress tor the daughter still
al home.
As a man gets older, he bus mure
hard days" to report  when he gets
home at nighl.
Everv girl in the world seems In
have "the finest pattern of u corsol
''over in the world."
An only child can accumulate more,
worthless trash than the little i4l„
drawer in the bureau.
A knowledge uf the "birth stones"
ot the different months never helps
anyone to wear diamonds.
If a mau prefers chewing tobacco
to smoking, he always savs chewing
isn t so Injurious lo the healih.
Most people dress up to have a
I'U'tiirc taken. Why.' Old clothes
look as well in a picture us new
Every man thinks his love is pure
■'nd id.il. hut that the love of other
men is not only dangerous, hut very
Money tan lmy a reputation, but
"   will  nol   purchase  n character.
A word of cheer eosts nothing, and
iis dividends   are   beyond   eompiita-
Thc ekaiui ..f lunfit spring poetry
Mess in the fnel that il was written
List   winter.
Tin* mini who admits failure and
accepts il seldom has anv suet-esses
lo boast  about.
A hit of men imagine that to-day's
headache means Ihal Ihey had a good
lime yesterday.
The comet slated to hit the earth
in a week or    two may change    its
;  Free Ride to Cranbrook
We pay fare (both ways' to out
of town people buviiig flftim
worth of goodH, while tbe Bit ■
SAI.K continued
c. c. s.
}AI E have just received another large shipment of up-to-date
Clothing, and would again remind our patrons that the
Clothing business has undergone a complete transformation
in the last few years, that the best tailors now work in great
factories at large salaries, and that the very best of these are
employed in the manufacture of
20th CentBry Clothing
If you wish to be well
dressed in a perfect fitting
suit, don't fail to inspect
rour stock, as we can satisfy
your wants in fabric, fit
and price better than cus=
torn tailors.
(And remember that we
have the goods to fit you
out in the latest fashion
from   the crown  of   your
head to  the soles of your
.-. ■ ■"■"SsJ*' *   ;??'";
aa?r ,	
1 % 1
eromraiTrD bi"kie BYNDsn-Jura
Walkover Shoes for Men
Are Unbeatable in 5tyle, Price and Quality
mind when il comes near enough   tu
pet a glimpse of Ihe  "big stick."
\h'ii who measure success by money
aecumiitnted usually mlsflguro about
a foot tu the inch.
■ flood Enough" is a workman who
is always depending for a job on
'•Best." "pulling work. |
Vmi e.iniiot help admiring Ihe man
who refuses io accept your opinion
without proof to back it.
\ man will have lo hunt a long
while Tor the crown won by hearing
i-iossi-s of his own manufacture.
Jusl because Iheir wives do not
raise a fuss a loi of men are deceived Into believing thai their wives ae-
eept  the excuses they make.
Mr. Rockefeller savs he is in favor
if federal control,    of or by?
A man muni he awfully Ignoriinl to
know less than some "expert witnesses."
Mr. Itoekefeller says the people
ought to save more than they do.
Whn l's the use?
Don't know what "brain storm"
means? Why, just, look at the, comic
supplement of the daily newspapers.
Any woman who tlnesii't care how
her hair looks jn the hack has reueh-
ed the end ot all things.
In view of! tin* lino wputhur the piist few tlaysf our curtooiiifit (jives liiy idea ot tin;
"(Mil ALutiV occupation <>n   his return home. rilK ' ItAM'KOOIv  lll'liM.!)
We nlwnys .1 im to {five some kinil of beiielil to our customers, so v,-e hare deoidet] thnl FRIDAY will lie our duy to
(jive 11 few Bueciul reductious.   Nl ITE TIIK Fl H.l.i lUINli 1
nil  ,-lioi.
lll!l'S,i|:i.S iiii.I VELVET lAlll'KTS, sevoral choice |iutte
in rich colorings, lengths innniny (...n 15 to Hfi vants, Itegu-
lur prlcafl.GO pel yni'l.   Sale- price,  7fc
Ho.    Hi,.      Regular pi-Ice tl 25 per ynut.  Sulo priee Nc
Do.    Do. "       "   I-'.IK)     " "     '- $1,511
CHILIUIKX'S CASH.ll Kill-: HOSE.   Reg. :i-V. nml -Hi.-, perpnir
Sale priro ..   M'
LADIES' HOOTS, liowlyeur well, lllucher cut.   Vary Special       S.1.50
MUSLIN   HLODSHS, bill!   lot, slight';  Bulled.    Hog.  IS.25.
Sulu price ... .... tHO
1..,.    lieg. **,.(».   Si.lu p. if.- SI in
CIMI.Ii'S I'l.ASNIil.l'.TTi: DRAW Hits, oil.) ainos, pink only.
Regular lirli-ulllh!., lur       IS.
B. C.       -3
fiooooGooooaoi v. )aooQoosoooej0( )O0Ooo@osie©0Bo
■ H10T Btuiidfl
-liiM  rtllADK SIIOI-!
...I "winks ,.( nri."   I'mil ynu luivo
I iiui ease iiii.I furl of wearing uue
i'1-.ili/.f- iiliiit progress Ims liee 11.If
Von will
Iiui il ill
Shoe Togg
n.l Ihein 11
ml yon hnve he
riMiinil'.I.I.A Slim:-
lily Hinnrt In styli
11 liinklng tor.
lire (or liulies, iiiii
nml lull 1.1 heuuly,
pi-oi'iinilile mil) nl
G. T. Rogers
ml sn.1'1" Or	
k.'i-y. Uiu...1.1
Sliui'U. Uriuilir
♦   ♦
. .
. .
' •
• •
1 '
1 .
Soap Selection
lllll [III.. III.
-flffl null' |
I"."- I.' «•
lif mul,.'il
iiiiBi-riipuliiil. 1
|-,,ll HIM' ll.'lt'     <
T'lll.KI' S.lAl
Ii will pii.v
.I Impiir t ri'iitiir.!!. uf -Iiiu-iiiir.    1
. wlili'h 11r.l1 I1..111 i.si.,.»» ul nlkiill iiiii
Sn. Iuu,. Hi...ml., iiii.I Miff -"
,. nil.' In piulff tnllli.l'B .inniiiHl
llnnlnrtiinw.    V , nl III nil
S             XIUtSKIIY SIIAI'S         MKHir
SII U IN'. Mill's        I'ASTII.
nil |„ Imy; ..,,,.. li,.,,.   SHI! Hill
Vlll Ill'l'llll In
,111.. 1.. [rum
Iln. prmllli'tn ul
,■ lininilulaniip
i SIIAI'S, li-i-n.
mul ulglilB
" Craven" "molting Mixture
"Sii Philips" Smokin'
" Garrick " Smoking Mixture
"B. D. V." Smoking
( Ins. Fineh nl Marvsvill: is in
town Itwlay.
A. t'. Bowness and A, Mill'/ visited
Marysville Wednesday.
.1 A. Hroley, of Fertile, spent several days in Crnnbrook this week.
Dune. MeFarlnne was down from
Kimberley a couple of days the   past.
Mian Munson has beei
past few chiys enjoying
in lo
l-i.-c  lunell  ,.t   the 1.'    C  S.   Saint
day from  ' to 9 p.m.
Mi-sdaiiii-s Lucas, Hollistei and
Stephenson, ol Moyie, were slioi*
ping in Crnnbrook Tuesday
_ FOR SALE-Seed  potatoes;  Early
I       ripened     and
served.     Price $40 a  ton, delivered
Apply St, Eugene Mission. A
\\\ S I,amb, the Btreot commissioner, and his assistants, have beer
busy the past week, laying new sidewalks in the city and repairing tlie
old ones
Strayed on to the premises of S.
J. Harrison, Wardner, B, C. an aged
sorrel mare and colt. Owner may
have "tame by proving property and
paying expenses. S. J. Harrison.
Box 5, Wardner, R. C, 58-31
Spring weddings and the Kootenay
range go bund in hand. A constant guarantee of sat.sine tion.—Patmore Bros.
FOR SALE—One of the best ami
most modern houses     in Cranbrook
All  i.'oneenienres.     Apply >tt    Herald
ofliee. 3-tI
Ore)', one nt the mos
employees ol tnr Prowi
a Lumbei cotnpanj at Ward
a visit to the < ii"< "i. Sa-lui
;s has been visiting
several davs    the
Ilir* I
01 NO Kit NUTS
Mii'i:u.i;r vd
koi-hIb thnl  ilef-   n
Mis. SI. Melnnc
Cranhrooki trienili
pnsl week.
I-'UH SALE—Toronto plnnls, ship-
nit'iit .uul quantities .is roqiilrcil. F.
\l. Iiliii-I.. Nelson, H. C, 4
.1 I. I.ii-us retiirn«l lo ilic city.
Siurdny nftcr spemling some tinu- In
Spokane, Wash.
w iNTKH-iilil l.n general house
work. Apply Mrs. Chas. Mngee,
l'i.inlii....k, H. C. 4-31,*
m'l torgel Hie boa.il ol trade
lifeline nl the Council Chamber Fri-
Ini evening al S.30.
II v Becker, manager ol Hie Cal-
ii.ii branch ol (he mis Slaples I.inn-
li.-i  company, was in the i-ily    yes-
u t.NTED—A
brig-hl boy tor nu's-
t Hi,1 eoinmcrcia)
l-'nr particulars np-
ii, agent. 1
une in frniii Calgary
Dined Mis. Mclnnes,
Ml inr, here the   pnsl
Irlcgrapli .uli.-.'
ply  lo .1   Neil
M. Mclnnes
yesterday .iml
who l...s been
feu days,
Fred Robinson, who is now making
his heniMunrtcrs at Fernie, wns shaking Rands null Ins many Cranbrook
lllll llll
III' ('...
Wo hull' lAlrn I'ni-ilili.'s Ihis your to liulldln
Illil*, nml me in n |'..,.iii..ii I., 'luui.
I ',u.i|i;iii
iv     Wo luillillu
'iirryiiiu   lull il
. >l.-l v
,.l ilepi
Kcal li-l'iu- CKANIIk'ODK, II C, liisiirniite
iik Mercan-
ui Hi     his
Hit' liiin
•heap.     Apply I-
Clothier,   who
I brothel  ll.,i, is engngwl i
if.  Iiiisiiii-ss ,ii  Klkmouth, wns      In
town s.-vi-i.il dnys ihis week
itWTKli-H.v.iil and room by
business man in private family. Ad-
ilrcss Box '/..,  Cranhrook.     '   4-lt'
Hun McKay, Riipcrlntendcnl nf iu.iiI.
.....I in.ils du this district, has on-
gnged a torce ..l men and sl.irted
work to il.n Improving tin- Mission
till! S\l,lf-i
It. Iliil/
reek  i,i
Hm go
i hit
Hn- I,.
. •
i >
. '
. .
i .
. i
. .
r.'nulur   Bhipimmts
Presli Caught  Salmon
Uresli Caught  Halibut
liy   lOxpresa.    »hi|i|ieil    ilirei't    from    the   t'liust.
P. BURNS fo CO., Ltd.
lA4A4AA_-___At-_A-_l 4A44_ |__| *%*\ ___________k_____k_______k_____k
earn horses, harness and wngon. Apply to S. N.
Harris, Cranhrook, It. {•.' 3
Ml Ernes! N. Butler, of Messrs.
Ilodgson A Bates, architects, t'al-
gnry, is m town nn business con-
nected wilh lhc Canadi.in Bank of
WANTKU-Waller al once.     Apply
.'itimdiiwi hotel, Crnnbrook, II, 0.    -1
Tin- work    on the municipal     and
RWe leal  ImlHIIhg bus heen pushed
Hn* pasl week and it now Innkfl as
ii the authorities were in earnest in
K'u.ud lo the matter.
T. Itlchnrds and \\. S. nnrllngton
nrrived from Yrovllle, Kimhmd, Sunday, and are registered at the
Cosmopolitan. Messrs. Riehards and
Darlington are looking for a business location.
FOR SALK— One lifrgn refi it*era-
tor. Apply Fink Mercantile Co.,
Ltd. 3
The Knights of Pythias lodge will
meet. Wednesday nighl of next week
instead of Tuesday. The reason for
the change being that the Grand
Chancellor of tht province will make
his olliehil visit on that night,
FOR RKNT-Seveu rooms with
hath in Harris bluek, Armstrong
avenue. Will be let singly or altogether. Apply to L. w. Patmore.
A farewell reception was tendered
Mrs. Jabez Harris Wednesday afternoon nnd evening at Ai- residence ol
Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Patmore. Mrs.
Harris leaves to-morrow for her new
home la Camrosc, Alta.
X.*st  Panel, pahl
FOR SALK - Thoroughbred Ply
mouth Roek Cockerels, tl 5fl lo U
Belangee & Smith, Marysville, It. r
For cutting wood—Dray sawing
machines for either horse powci oi
gasoline engines at the lowest possible priee. Also the celebrated
Fairbanks-Morse gasoline engines.-—
Patmore Bros.
Barred Plymouth Rock eggs for
hatching ¥1,00 per sotting; SHOO per
hundred; also, Mammoth Imperial
Pekin Ihick Eggs $2.0U per id from
high scored birds. Mrs. W. F.
I'uran, Silvir Cifok Ranch,'8 miles
wnst ol Cmnhrnnk. R.-it*
.1. A. Arnold has been selected by
Crescent lodge, No. 33, K. of P., to
represent, them at the coming session
ot the Oram) Lodge of that order,
which will to held in Nelson the
second week in May.
W. 11. Merr, represent ing llie Calgary Brewing eompanv, spenl several days iii town this week expatiating on the quality and excellence
of the particular brand of extract of
malt that is being placed un tin*
market by his company.
The regular meeting of the Rehekiih
lodge will he held on Tuesday even*
ing next instead of Wednesday, as
ihe Knights of Pvlhias will lie using
the hall the tatter date. The Re-
hekahs have a number of candidates
for initiation that night anil after tin-
work is completed a social session
will be held.
The standard of the Briiish Lion
cigar is never lowered. That is
why it remains the general favor
Be. 4!M2
The local lod0e of Odd Fellows are
making preparations for a bii-
time at their regular meeting Monday evening, April 3fHh. The Fernie
lodge has announced their intention
of being present in a body ou thai
night, aod it is expected' that ?he
Movie degree team will he present
and exemplify the work of the
second degree! A soeial session will
follow and a nood time is assured
I who attend.
r    meeting   night     of     Cratriirooli
Aerie has   been   changed   from Wednesday    lo   Friday     nighl of     each
W. H. Crawford, who is engaged in
the general merchandise business at
Creston, spent a couple of davs in the
city this week. Mr. Crawford says
thai Creston is booming, and the
prospects are **ood for a very prosperous summer.
WANTKD—A girl for hotel work
Apply to Mrs. Oeo. Mead, Creston,
It  C. 4
FOR SALE—Two residences at
very low price. Apply Fink Mercantile Co. 2
TO RKNT-Rooius rumished and
unfurnished. Apply to .Mrs. Cart-
wrlnht, Armstrong avenue SO-lt
The Imperial hotel at Fori Steele
has been undergoing extensive Improvements this spring and to-day
ranks with the best hotels in this
section of the province. B, W. Wcr-
den has proven himself a most excellent host in Ihe past, and under
his management the hotel will prove
a greater attraction than ever to the
travelling public.
The crew of an east hound freight
train had (piite an exciting experience near Eager Saturday last.
An ohstrejuTous cow with a young
calf disputed ihe right-of-wav' with
tin* train and Brakeman Peter Car-
ruthets, the battle scarred veteran of
many an exciting scrimmage on the
lacrosse held, was selected by the
crew as the one most fitted tri remove the obstruction to traffic.
For some time Peter has had a secret yearning to become a cowboy,
and here was au opportunity to display his ability in that line, so he
started down the track, halloing a
lhc top of his voice and waving his
arms like a woman sfcoolng chickens
out of her garden. Rut the cow had
evidently lieen fed upon lLwilmrntb-
waiie's speeches or similar literature,
•is she had become so l-horoiiglily imbued with Socialistic doctrines that
she looked upon all representatives
of gigantic corporations as her
natural enemies, and wilh a bellow
of rage she churned the for The
■ittack was so fierce anil unexpected
Uiat Peter oh*ahi*ed his mind and
started (or the woods nl a record
breaking gait. Rut, alas, "pride
uo'th before a fall." ami Peter's
foot strikine; ;| rock he came to
erief, and for n few moments his
predicament was serious, but at this
tune tu re the .balance of ihe crew
came to his assistance and ibe animal
was driven off and Peter was rescued
wiib no further damage excepi the
loss of one leu of his overalls, which
lhc cow had appropriated in lieu of
aa Master bonnet. In the meantime
i'vU't has renounced his cowboy ambitions and says that in future all
cattle on the right-of-wav can remain firere. till doomsday before he
will attempt their removal.
Don't  forget
mivtiri.i. al   the Council Chambei   Km
duy evening -at 8.30
(i. <; Jewell, of .i..i.i,.v. Is trat -
acting business in town to-day.
it Con are   thinking   ot buying
RHn*kali  pin, allow us to show  you
tin*   official emblem   of the   ordei -
Tate,   the jeweler.
Don'l for-.-' the board of trade
meeting ai ihe Council Chamber Friday evening .it 8.30.
('ut ii-lass is very popular for wedding presents. Would be pleased to
bIhiw v.hi our slock.—Tale, the
I.. H VanDcear, proprietor of the
Royal hotel is makiing a business trip
to Calgary and coast points ihis
week. Ih* is accompanied h*. Mrs
.1 T. Williams has resigned his po-
tllon with the Cranbrook Co-Opera-
Ive Stores and accepted a simllni
losition wiib Reid & Co.
Don'l    forgel    ibe mas.pici.ide ball
I Wentworth ball on Wednesday
venlng nexl The c p it. club has
barge  oi   Mm*    dance  and   this  Use 11
ssures a Rood time to all who ai
rVANTKR-fllrl tm general hnu*ie«
vorlc Apply L. W. Patmore, Crnnbrook. 3-tf
Judge Wilson left lot Fernie inlay in response lo a ronjicsl lo net
is chairman of t*he conciliate com
ulttec regarding tbe strike.
A sneak thief bas caused some un-
■nslness the past few davs by his
prowllngs and depredations un llak'i
Hill.     The authorities are keeping a
.iip    looUiui   for   hiui aud if cap*
red he will get ihe limit.
That it pays to advertise in tin
Herald was demonstrated last week.
anies     Kerrigan,    the local brewer,
ceived an order    lor 2.1 do/cu     nf
irler from a    Creston hotel keeper.
lie   purchaser   asked   for   'Mie kind
Iveriised in the Cranhrook Herald."
Don'l forget the hoard of ira.ie
meeting at the Council Chiinibci Frl-
iluy evening at 8.30.
.1. (i. McCullutll, of MeCallum A
Co., has been at Fernie several days
the past week in company with lite
Dominion, ami now has everything in
province, and now has everything iu
lull swing for ibe erection" of the
IJiiiiiliiLOii building in thai city, lhc
actual  work having commenced Tucs
FOR    SALE-TWO story
ui Baker Hill.      Apply L.
W    Pnt-
The C. P. R. Quadrille club will
give their second masquerade hall hi
Wentworth hall on Wednesday even
big April 2-tth. Tickets: (t.Milady spectators, sifl cents. The public, is cordially Invited to attend
We wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to our many friends for Iheir
sincere sympathy ami assistance during the recent illness and death ol
nut  beloved father.
B. F, Huchcroft,
■I. F. Huchcroft,
Miss M. E. llucbcioft.
I Some of Our Real Estate Snaps:
lentinl  l.i.i-..ii I'Vimifk Avenue tor
"   l.iitusil.'ii Avenue tor 	
u-il l>».lliiiu..ii linker Hill lur
r Lots "ii linker Street.    I'ri.-i- only
i.-il House uenr School     .. .
u-il lli.iisi-un Diirwell Avenue
I,-,! ri;u,t.-r.'.| Ciitinu.  .in llunsun Avenue
•s. fenced, In minutes.' walk from Posl I HIi.
I trick Bungalow nml Stuble, r.-nts f«,r *_7 u nu
• i-li, nmili Dwelling,ul] modern improvements
bathroom, lawn, etc, only
'.'-I! mil House, suitable tor Bourdi
•niiiiII eash payment), only,
g House
Foi further pat
,.     ♦
5   3.0 ♦
425 i
'50 J
1,000 ♦
t>50 i
850 ♦
S50 ♦
700 i
1,300 X
2,200 i
2,000 J
l:i ll. I -l t ll' .I'.ivi-. ri: ixiinn
'ah .ia      'I'm.i ..thfi children, .1"-
flili ,,ial Mar) iireilii'Kised hei l.t
I'Vernl t.'.H- Iln- iin.fi.il .-ii Tues-
ni wns Un' Lit-'f-t ever Been in this
. in'ilii'iliuifl All, i i.mli mass t,..-
iiiti; in si   I'.itiifk > ehurHi in  llei
-.ill..-!    N mil,  tin' hu.li   u...  -.il.-ii
,, si   I'olumhi
,,i In
•iin-tfiv   ai
.     plot.
. ihal .Mi.
th, nrove
.1 nlso Ui.
Ihe in.nu
-i inpathy
; exienih'il
ii in iln- i.
1 ih,
t l-.vu
Ilni I.I
hi' lis
.,- Illi-
i-is nt
,1 III.-
I.i    tin-
li.ff fi.ini.iiiliili   i- f
lisl.alul    I   fl.ii.llft,   i|
hum ilevolnl  ll ll.- .ilni
lai hei s.nil resl in [i
* *
* *
t t
FOR     sm i:-if,
lining truets      Foi  paltlculars anil
iff.'- ..'fill  lu ■('■ \. ".. Sh : 1 am
hfi TOnip.ni)       Ifi.f.i one .'•-
Much   tin-    largest     lis,:   ot •'
t' en in Sep irutors j    the . '
lu -l.ii   .- ;f.- It.   trio   .'...::,.■: ,   '■
if-    nl    I im-otn     Xeh     i ivu
ISO (acton   I.f l_u.il i I
;.l   hit
ill h.
iai-l ai
fl, iu
".      A   n
ns mil
Hfi i
g In.-.
nc II
a ml
I   .!...■.:■■-    -. ♦
'     ■ '.
=;        i
I'.ll-I. l"U l'"li ♦
Html use i.i 'ri • J
'I'cleitraphers,   tu
a-iiiifi.t regarilii
Alderman, J. I*. Fink returned Wednesday after a brief visit in Medicine
Hal, Calgary and Edmonton, and on
liis  return had  the following to say:
"I was surprised at the remarkable
progress being made all through Alberta, ami notwithstanding the
backward spring everything looks
sood for a prosperous year, especially at Edmonton ami Calgary. These
iwo places are enjoying an unprecedented boom and the citizens
.ue filled with Ihe most sanguine
!iM|ii*s of the future. Both of these
cities have excellent lire departments
and I am indebted to their respec-
tive chiefs for courtesies shown and
received a number of valuable pointers from them. While in Edmonton I met a large
number of former (JraiVbrook-
ites, Including Wallace. Andrew and
.lack Hamilton. .1. E, Dickson, Tom
Rookes, Willie Orcer, Caul Rookcs,
(toss Calmer, Johnnie .-Wolf, Jack
\elterlield, .lohn .md Charlie Bremner and W. R. Nobles. All are doing well In the eapital city and
wished to to remembered to their
many Cranhrook friends. In Cnl-
_..iry I iiid Iluiyh Stephens, who is
meeting with remarkable .success in
his conduct of the Queens hotel;
Matt Roekendoif, who is doing n
thriving business at the Palace lintel;
Fred Bradley, who is doing a won-
lerfiri business in a commercial line
iiid Sidney Arnold who combines
locomotive engineering with real es
lute dealing, and is rapidly accuinu-
latin.* a plethoric bank account
Ihere is considerable snow in thai
country from Edmonton to Calgary
but south of the latter point tin
season is farther advanced and fin
farmers are busy with their spring
== c. c. s. —
(.Mitchell (Ont.) Ailtocnle.)
(IF   P.    McCONNEI.I.'S
nl   N.  A, nan:. 1
; *■■)  74 Aruutronu   \ t    *
I.  ll   Mr-Bride accompanied Supcr-
iiiii-iiili-iit  Erickson this \itrk on    an
p.-otiun  of the   clilTci-c.it industries
.iluiif; the pastern portion ol the disci.
. IV. Reeves, ol t
allium!, went t
H'citticsilay lo audit t
he Roadmasler's -
ilacc. Ih- will he al
Miss !
leave -li.nili- 1..1
lolra, where she «
Clarence Day. ol
porariiy employed .
hoilernrakor.       He
Caloiry nl t one
1 hereal
' Mac-
Calgary, i^ t,-ni-
nill r.-Iiirii      I.
niiiilli In,111 dale
who Ira
fortnight, uill
IVm. Sniilli
thai tin- coming
station Earrtcn nn
tl..- n.lililiun of ll
choice flowers.
Rurdener, .
iced 1.1
I Ills IS
11^ I'UIII
S.i 111 il.n
has obtained extended If
iciice nml mil sn. ml the
 il.- in Fori  William.
v.- ol al.
nexl     lev.
ice creah parlor
Delicious Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sodas
Natural Lemonade
Great West Sundae
Nut Tortoni Sundae
Milk Shakes
GRAND        ♦
Wednesday Evening
April 24th mi
\ 11
in tl..* c
atlonal   railway,
eral days this we
I his company.
W    M.
hi Sunday noon, March 17. flea11
gain claimed one of our most ei-
ine.ible citlisens, in the person of
Mrs. John McConnell, nr. Deceased
had been an invalid for many mouths,
having received a paralytic stroke
•ally a year ago. She bore hei
nfTcrtngs with patience and resignation, and there is no doubt whatever.
hut that she is now enjoying the
earnings ol a well spenl life with
Him iu whom she always put her
I nisi, Mis McConnell was a woman
who was universally respected for
her many virtues and her circle of
irii-nds wns lame. She was one of
the sturdy pioneers of Hibbert and
went through all Die trials and hardships of early life. She was a native of the County of Connnufahl,
Ireland, and came to Toronto, ihen
Muddy Vorb, in 1SI7. A little later
she moved lo the Huron Tract, and
in January, 1850, was married at' 0
Irish-town (now St. Columban). by'o
Rev. Fr. Snider. With her husband o
she settled on lot 3D. con. 7. Ilib-!o
bert, where she resided until remov-. °
ing to Dublin hep years ago. A lie- JJ
waved husband, six sons and one 0
daughter, survive her. The sons are o
Patrick, British Columbia; Michael, i .
Taeoma, Wash.; James, Manitoba, < »
ami .lohn. Frank and David, of thib- ♦
tin.     "	
M.icDdh.iIiI. baggageman on
pn isengrr trnlns ."1 and fi, who was
severely Injured by falling from
Kootenay landing trestle mme weeki
igo, Is convalescent. He left ihe
Ni li  hosnllnl last Friday and proceeded I.. Medicine Hat, where he will
rest f..i ,. i**pfk or twii before taking
up his duties
Intcndcn!   Krickson iv.-nt     to
ihis   afternoon   nn   iiiisii,.-s-
fl v. ill. the fuel situation.
\ -1
nl   ft.:!
inn t,
eeinl mccling nl the Board   ol
lllll    In-  li.l.l    al   Ilif  Council
"i   nn   1-iul.ii. Ihe 19th lust,
' p ni   In i -i.li'i ni'llon look-
s| ill   M'lll.'liiflil   ul  the coal
nml resumptli f Irandllng nf
III Kl.l-
111 -i 1:1. mi n hm
freiglil hy lhc C. P. R,
l:rce Ride to Cranbrook
We pay fare l«
nf town people
nurlh ul fun.1-
iiviiiu ti.-.K
nil-   the   llll
Moore Concert Co.
AI'HII. .Ml. and loth. .0117
Kier/thlns Sen     D. 1. ' toll '	
ll.nL.' t -Im. "i 111* s...- ni    '.. ■
|4i,t,|Di, ,.i-. s, ]■....   J .
S"",l..'l.l.ll'H HhSTEKSialbelrJIin m
in. snn In Unu  th. IIBS1 111NI Kill
IIUI'IIIISI'IIA .... Un run.1 l.i.lujr.
Ml:   lllllll)   SHKIItK,   ilif   tl'ii..:.',:...
Vn.ii.n I ml... V i,t.....„
llll   TI1KO   M11IU.KI:.   Ir,.|, lir.i ..-r
..In..- l'l.ilU'l.'l|.llf. >vii.|.l,„i,.v
.li.-l.f.iia. In.- 1 wruKftl
[it 11 nr.-.il fi| --
Alanl v "ll"-r \-,» l'.-'.tiir.-
Mr .l|.,..r... .1... .lli.ium.r lina.|.nml ".,
.,|H<|... ... mnkluK Uu.  iitirj.iti.iii   Hi.
heal iw baa ever |,r...-. ! i" th" Jiutilli.
nn.l inti'- nr.'..! plaaaurein brliigioit it in
vine ill.
lllll llAM'K APTBIl TIIK slum
.Mil.if '.1 111. IVuujianv I ir. >,.-. r.t
1)00118   nl'KN   AT   ).:«..      1 I It IVIS
AT   x.:«i.
c. c. s.
The dauglvlM is Mr'"'Friei, ol   ***•******************[- TIIK   OltANItl'OOK   IIKUALD
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondent5 »"d Gleaned from Newspapers
.-i'-.^i !t'-!t
A nun   whu     wou'i pay foi
ii ufUwi     a P
tit-ad beat
Nine limes
ll is   w
Ih eiuvuie so
tl* i u      Lu
.iiiuuuuve  uiu i
raii-ii-jr,  e-u
'UOUb,      ft luui
Uie  r a in
U   Uui*,ilUI   .vjil
1    II
lue e'lVLi
>  ul   UlUOU |IUIb
iiatdi) ntieew-ui) iui ua
LU   j
a t-u-m-.)
ujiuii   tils  ui.ua
uci iUie
U.U.L   111".   UltUI)
11 U
ucyla tuiu
it.-i.-a   Liuutiniiu-
lu   » iiuIU
Ul-    mail)   .oh
ll'    '
lu**. were
known ttui jon
U ll
U'S    luh-.
.V   I .   1'
11.  special alined
>*...,     4   pi
ll)    Ul   .UtUiU..
11 I-
J llll
■ Tl_
1 1
ft Us-
uiUJ.e_liu-_ LucUlat
Uiuutiil ul loa* iii'ni ill** uu.iii LO i
n_i tut-,-,--.! uubcnaLiuu una ul I
v. r. ia. auu a.em iu Uuuii-ii like
l_mti)    ul   jack   la-lma   WllllV   pU) I
ua* uuiue.
Dm in
ill Hot.
v-iiiiau-   buuds.
peg,   .UttUllUtJa,   ia   V
i .-> ul   uuuaVlile.
,ii  in      .-.iis-iutui   Uie,
3  im.__i.i_   -u-teiiea
Ml.-,   .-..uaij.       Oliia
Si.   .lohn
eciii*.   Lo "-■>.
lUIOtll    .1
lllllll  Lu  Uiu.
tue i
j: the
.-,     a
leitia re
las _
ic Ul
m; ei
-•  110
iec io.-.
'the lloliiuun huu.se ib imliiiig in an
up-Lo-uaLu uecuiu  U_nl plain.
A member ot ihe i-lku debaling so-
uei) pluposoU as a aunjcel lui Uc-
little al lue nell UWULllig, "KUhUlVuuj
luui a j-uuU wile is wuiui Uiuic iu u
iiia.ii  luuU   i.wo collie dugs.''
A young lady asks through tin
Jdoutii-ai iieiaiu ami Star, "i*> then
uji)liiing lUal will remove a inous
luuuii Hum a -.ill's lip:' "iuu
uvi Au ugly ultl     man bas been
known     tu yauK u   away ami throw
ii a owner over Ihe fence.,
K.  B.  Hawthorne,
aud ever reireahiii-" ci.
i-ovseriuu   peUUlai,
ijuick sales     act     t
'iuebUay, leaving fur
newiay uioining viu
tin. inimitable
.i, lluAuiia .uiu
as doing ihe
a puik iiui.si
the wesi V'e.u
the "Spu t'au in
Ut, Teddy Brewery, uiaiiugei uf the
Bijou opera house, Kerule, was visit
iiij; Itoosvlllu this week.
On account of lhc muddy stale o
the trout slteuius ueai here the lisb
aud tilt" lisb stories are held uvet
until Ihe next catch.
Jay Usher, who used to raise
xebra. twenty years ago am_u_ the
irvUieeo p-Milatiiuiis uu 'lotniceu
I'Uius, was au Klko visitor this
It's an ill wuid that don't blow
boinelrutly some good.
itrsj. Frank Mtuleer and sun Mil
ton, witb Mrs. Minteer's sister, arrived from Hampton, Iowa, ami are
stopping at present al Uie Bed Canyon Stock ranch. Mrs. Minteet
owns a large in I--rest in the Copper
Kettle group of wines near Kuos-
ville, and is here to personally luok
after her interests in the copper
big lav
never deal:
S   fl'
ml capitalists,
with the people
iln- bottom,
c parly from
w tbey did
ii o/.oiie     of
plait was a jolly pieii
Feruie Monday, and Ih
njiiv the orange blosso
dils health hunter's paradise.
There will be service dowu hv    the
falls next Sunday, in     shine, bi
the Kev. Cycle Pete, who will preach
on tbe advantages this country otters
h> those anxious to work foi it Hv-
|], \iis-. Lovely-girl will shift "Oh!
I'.int 1 Had All Angel's Wings That I
Might ft Ise .md Fly." accompanied by
i! u iiiliiistei. A big crowd Is ex*
Mary    Todhuiite
stamps    with
picture ou tbem
ti  ihe post ollice
■ cent stamp colic.
ii. tm  liiiuie use.
The funernl of Mr. Fred Tamploi
ti.ok place on Sunday al Hoosville
ll c. Foni double rigs went dowt
from Klko. It was the lamest fun
Dial ever known on Tobacco Plains,
■ I.   11.     Mi-Mullen's
in town from  lhc
One of Chief
si,'iilh hounds we
null legions this week, wearing a
hard boiled hat and sissv regalia,
ai.il walked around Klku like a peacock on a barb wire fence.
It is reported in Klko lhat Fred K.
Simpson, manager of tbe Crnivbt'ook
Herald is heir to leu million dollars
ai-d Intends spending two million of
n in Klko this summer.
George Millette, mniiager of the
Columbia hotel, was iu Fernie this
week gettiog plans drawn mil for a
Dl** addition, to meet, lhc demands of
llie growing commercial trade aud
tourists this bouse is getting.
incomer be met I.. M
ic of Feruie, Mr. (•roo*
de considerable money in
iu the commercial capital
il is enthusiastic over tin*
fih.it City,
laud, fin- department, and is ;, South
African veteran, having served in the
Struthcona Horse.
A  big snowsliile has been occupying
the attention of the Q. N. people'for
two ur three days, and has been iu-
terferring with a rapid observance of
the printed time table of that road.
The slide is at the same old spot,
mar Svvinion A train (jot in lu-
day, the first in three davs.
/.AM-ltl l< lilli FOR
Roberta,    who     runs
lest  meat   market   (there an
il hers)
al   the cot mi  of Shoulder ot
and    1 enderloili    Av
vent ii
i lo     Fernie    to   meet
of  tallow fat  fame, am
o    in,
Ive arrangements     with
ry sun uf a gun fur ihe
loin    steak     stall   fed
need llcrefords for Klkos glimmers.
the mason, coke oven
lin i ld-
'i and
brick layer, was an Klk
0   VIS-
lor th
s week,   afler walling i
p   the
iii:: hoi
er   for ibe     Pugh A   1
w mill plant.
(Pr«a the Mtyie Leader.)
M. A, Beale was transacting business  iu     Movie  Thursday  and     Frl-
Mis \ P. Walker expects to leave
lie city early this week on a pro-
longed Mil to recruit hor health.
Chief Walter will accompany ber aw
far as  Kansas City.
U. ii. S. l.mdsev left on Wednesday
inching via the C. P. It. for Toronto
to attend ihe postponed annual meet-
in*, ol the Crows Nest Pass Coal
company, lie expects to be awaj
ibuuI a month.
The Skoiikitmihuck Timber com-
pnii) w.is organized here last week.
t'ht'J own a large properly uu
S'iiiikuimbiuk creek, which is at
■Uescul ieasitl to easlciu parties for
li nn ol years. Tbey will engage iu
,i general limber business, having in-
•oipuialed under a very broad ehur-
iti. The ofheers of the company
uc; President, A. T. C lax ten,
liicnfeil, Sask.; vice-president, W. A.
Mitchell. Coal Creek; secretary, J,
B. Turney, Feruie; treasurer, Jas
Hroley, Fernie.
Miss Sinclair, the newly appointed
teacher fur division three, of tho public scl'ttols, arrived iu town last Friday and look charge ul the school-
loom on Monday luorning.
Messrs. Blundell, Dudley and
Btalkc, prohiiiieiil local Odd Fellows
a .ii t iluwu to Ciaubruoik on the .lb
io pay a Iraternal visit tu that lodge.
The last issue ut the B. t". Gazette
• ■ut.1111*3 notice ul the appointment
ii James Cole, uf Ilusnier, tu be
iiistice of the peace, and of John
u.'orge Potipiorc, ul Krag, lo be a
I'tiiiiiissiuuer lur taking utlldavlts in
.i.c supreme court under uie Provincial Klecliuns Act.
The heavy collections ul this uul-
(lu11, .md ihe central location ui ihe
-uy are conditions which have been
■iv'senled tu the customs department
ui mule tliaii une occasion, wiib a
■ icw to the establishment ul a chivi
,-oit ui entry al Fernie, but foi
-i.uie iiiiaceouulable reason the de-
(iiiriiueiil has been slow tu act, Chiei
,11)11 and a warehousing port lias re*
ently been established at Ureun*
iVuOil. nulwiihslaiiduig Ihal the col-
■eclions are far below what they arc
it Fernie and.thai Grand Forks in
ihe same district is a chief port.
.1    \.  Iicii.il, ol tlie Porto
l.iunbi-r    company, was over
N.-lsiiii liis week.
It isn't always safe to trust a
mau who has no small vices, He
may go to tlie other extreme.
Lives of some great men remind us
That we should if we were wise,
t<eave our modesty behind us
Ami commence to advertise
Juc lt.inb Boo khe Kald.
Fred Roo returns to Klko after
visiting the big red apple country.
He said the Independence mine would
soon be working three shifts. The
Copper Kettle group will he worked
as soon a.s the snow- goes. It i_ ex-
peeled tl'at several properties un
lliillipps Creek will be opened up
-bout May 1st. George II. Scott is
making extensive improvements to
his big ranch al the line and intends
planting out several thousand more
apple trees. The whole country is
prosperous, everybody looks happy
aud Uu- Timothy is about lb Inches
above the black loam.
There are lots uf men who put in
whole days wishing fur something
they could earn in twenty minutes if
they would work for it.
Mrs. M. Mclnnes and sou Archie
passed through Klko on their way to
Calgary this week.
Tbe engagement of Jim Sosnowski
and Itosie Hosinsfci is announced, hofii
nf Fernie. The weddiug will take
place after the snow goes.
Ttere is nothing on earth worse
Mian a knocker.
John Taylor is in the Cranbrook
iiuspltn-l and is suffering from a severe attack of tonsllitis.
Bave Potter went over to the
Coeur d'Alenes this week to look
after some mining interests which tubus there.
D. J. Elmer has moved his family
lo Kingsgate, where he is nuw per-
uianeutlv located, and is building a
new hotel. Mr. and Mrs. I). A.
Ayres arc now occupying the tinner
residence in Moyie.
Wednesday was pay day at the St.
Kugene mine and $34,218 was disbursed. The town was lively and
there was considerable money in
(■videuce. As usual a good portion
of the money was sent out of town.
The soeial given under the auspices
if the Methodist Ladies' Aid proved
t huge success. The day was Ideal
for the sale uf ice cream, whilst the
title of refreshments proved equally
good. Everybody of importance in
the town made it a |n>lnt to be
Ihere. During tlie evening an Informal programme was gone through,
Miss llohson and Mr. T. Sowerbutts
providing the vocal, and Mr. Pickering, the instrumental music, Oh the
whole, a very pleasant evening was
spent, everyone declaring it to have
been the jolliest  evening ol the year.
Over one hundred people witnessed
Ihe boxing contest Thursday evening
between Peter Davis, of Toronto, and
-Kid" Foley, of Fernie. It was a
ten round bout and was declared a
draw. ll was a good, clean affair
and (hose who witnessed it were
given an excellent exhibition of the
manly art uf self defence. The contestants were simply sparring foi
points and Irom all appearances tlev
were pretty evenly matched,. Allen
Macdonald olflcinleil as referee and
did sn wilh entire satisfaction lo
everyone. Allierl dill and Jim
Seiiiiirr went on for three rounds and
'lid some pretty fasl work. "Kid"
Foley was Iheir referee.
John Boyd left yesterday foi
Eureka, *Mont., where he owns some
land and where his brother ami sister live. Mr. Boyd will be away
from Moyie for a mouth or two.
(From The Ft-rain Ledger.)
Speusr-   Lyon's,     th*' populn r
u|i--t<MJate    hotelliian,  has been
gaged by    Mr.  John    -,tott, of
flofinun house, and it's safe tc
The Ledger leal us as it goes
press to-day that word has been
.lived from Ottawa that the objection fo Mr. L. P. Ecksleiu as the
representative of Ihe several miners'
miuiis iu this district un the conciliation board, made by some uf Uie
ipeiators, have been overruled by the
department uf labor and that llie
Hoards will be speedily urgani/.ed and
ill actions indicating a desire to re-
ant iu technicalities will be swept
iside. Tfcls prompt action will
lend to restore the confidence of the
miners, which bad been shaken by
ihe Taber incident, and it now luuks
is though there may slill be a peace-
Lb le way out uf the ditlicully.
Fred Tampion, of Gateway, died
Thursday iu the Home hospital from
ulood poisoning. The remains were
shipped to his eastern home by Scott
A Boss.
Dorn-to Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Murray, at  Coal    Creek, Tuesday,     the
Kb,  a daughter.
.Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Whelan, the
Imby and Flanuigua, left over tiie
C. P. K. un Thursday fur Wallace,
Idaho, where Tom and the baby will
io scratching gravel in search of pay-
A telegram to President Sherman
from John Mitchell Thursday announced that Vice-President Lewis, of
the United Mine Workers, Would be
in Fertile early next week. He will
he a welcome visitor at tfcis time.
Colonel Cartwright, inspector ot
musketry for the Canadian mi.itia,
-as in town over Sunday, the guest
f Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Lawe ami his
In other, Mr. Cartwright. Mrs.
Cartwright accompanied the colonel
nnd they were on the return trip
from the coast.
Mine operators ll; W. Galer, of
iileumh; Lewis Stf-ckett, of Bunki-
he.id; J. Breckenrwge, of Calgary;
Whitehead, of Blairmore, and Moore,
of Frank, were in the city on Monday.
A. Leltch, Ihe veteran of the Kootenay snwdusl aristocracy, was in
town yesterday aud gave tbe Ledger
a friendly call. Mr. Leltch has been
in Ihe sawmill business in Kast Kimv
ft'iiiiy since |K!I7, aud has not got
rich enougfl' ve| lo retire, though he
is of a retiring disposition. Few
men have done as much as Mr.
Leltch toward the opening up and im-
proving this country, He is made
uf the stuff that stands the hard
knocks of pioneer life, aud is not a
bit like a man who can not knock
Peter Murphy, late of the Nelson
fire department, has gone on the
night heat during the absence of
Chief Walker. Mr. Murphy has seen
service on the St, John's, Newfouiul-
(Feruie Free Press.)
A mass meeting of the miners of
the Coal Creek colliery was beld in
Stork's opera house yesterday, when
poll was taken on the question   ol
dug out on Strike in case the iterators refuse to grant the demands ol
the workmen. These demands are
set out III a general way iu the
statement ol District Presidenl
Sherman, printed Mow. A similar
vote las been taken at all the collieries that weie tu have been governed by any agreement resulting
from the recent abortive conference
at Canary. At tbe local poll, at
which about 7">u ballots were cast,
about fill per cent of the men were iu
favor of strike. Al all of the other
collieries where votes were taken, we
uc informed tho! a substantial
majority favored a cessation of operations.
While it has not been Ihe avowed
intention uf (he officers of the miners' union to declare a strike immediately, ami iu spite of the fact that
i strike without thirty days' notice
is contrary to law, llie officials declare that they will have difficulty in
lie-ping llie men at work through lhc
period ol warning.
It will be remembered that immediately after the Calgary conference
tbe Operators' Association was served with a notice hy the union ot-
dcials threatening tu call a strike in
ill the collieries interested unless
iheir demands were met. The vole
just taken has been to secure the
indorsation of this course by the
men. The operators, according to
advices from Ottawa, have asked for
in investigation of the causes of dis-
tgrecment hy a committee of in-
miry  under     the Conciliation    Act.
It is probable that we shall have
in opportunity uf putting the new
Act to proof. If it can effect an
linkable settlement of the outstanding differences between employees and
-mployers here it will be, to the
.vest, the most significant piece of
legislation that Ottawa has enacted
luring the twentieth century. In
the meantime lhc best ol feeling ap-
arenlly prevails and both sides
wait the issue with calmness and
The following notice was conspicuously posted about the city yes-
erdav afternoon:
April 11, 1307.
In order that the pu'bhc may un
lerstuhd what the demands of tie
Canadian mine workers are at this
lime, 1 wish to state thai we are
witling for the sake of peace thai
the present standard rates shall Ik1
'ontinued with an advance of Hi per
nut upon all rail's. The minimum
rate for outside labor shall he $3.r»ll
ior a ten hour day.*
The wages to be paid every two
That the eight hour bank to hank
lay he established in Alberta. We
lu nut desire lu enter into any legal
UH'huical agreement witb any Coal
-oiiipany in Ihis district.
An agreement as to wages and
lours* will suit. All existing customs to be maintained.
We do not insist upon an open ur
dosed shop. Neither du we seek to
lake any advantage over any Coal
-ompauy in a legal or technical manner.
We are prepared tu negotiate at
nice witb any company iu this
listrict, without wailing for an in-
,'csligation board.
(Signed) FI IL Sherman.
'If Ihis statement is the means of
leading some mother to introduce
y.ani-Buk to her home, 1 shall be
very glad " So says Mrs. K. Wat-
kins, o :2tl Forgue Avenue, Montreal,
amt continues: "My buy, Walter,
t!)), while attending school, contracted some soles. These spread,
anil became so had that some of
llietn ou the heel and ankle made it
almost   Impossible for him  to    walk.
I used various ointments, but the
sores persisted. One day Zaui-Biik
was recommended, ami we got n
supply, It seemed lo take tiie sore
ucss iiui of ihe phuc to which il was
applied right away, and ihe wounds
bet-an to heal. In about a week's
lime the sores, which had defied other
II .-at men I, were completely healed,
iml there is now- not a trnoc or sore
on his body! 1 believe /.am Buk lo
lie Ihe best  halm evci   produced."
When a n.othei  rubs mi to the dell
tale skill of children a halt   salve.
do needs to he as careful as if she
were giving a child an internal remedy, Zam Bub is pure—free from
ill animal fat  I all mineral (miller, and may be applied with wonderful benefit even to the skin of
young babes. /.am Buk heals sores
cures eczema, spring skin eruptions,
ulcers, ringworm, Itch, bar tier's rash.
blood poison, had leg, salt rheum,
abrasions, abscesses, cuts, burns,
scalds, and all skin injuries and diseases, Of all stores and druggists
it 50 cents, or from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for price. ii boxes for
$2.flfl. Baseball players and athletes
lind it best, embrocation.
15.40 arr.  Cranbrook Iv. 11.25
11.50 "
10.30 "
9.00 "
6.00 Iv.
Kin.'s.'ate  " 14.00
Bonners Ferry  15.20
Sand Point Iv 16.55
Spokane  arr 20.00
l''.,r fi
local nir,
...i u rili'
VANl'lll'l nu
NI-.I.SOS.   |l   1'.
Murphy & Kislirr.
Parliamentary,    Doiiartmnntal    ni"l
Patent Ollice Agents.
Practice Dclore Railway Commission
I'li.nli-s Murphy, llnri.lil Fisher.
(From Tht Fernie Fret Pitas.)
,1, (J. McCallum, ol Cranbrook.
was in the city this week on business
connected with the contract (nr tbe
construction of the federal building
(Fernie Free Press.)
One oi the most pathetic accidents
lhat has ever taken place in Ihis lo-
jalily occurred in the yards ol the
AJ. F. and M. railway on Saturday
if ter noon last when little Florence
Beaver, a tiny tot ol sii years was
■ruelly maimed for life. It appears
ihat the unfortunate little girl with
.ter brother Arthur, a lad about two
years older than herself bad been
{utrherlng        coal and        waste
among the t racks iu the
yard. The M. F. A: M, engine
was shunting there at tbe time and
iu Hie course of operations had to
-Hick down toward the IIHie (uel
gleaners. Confused evidently by the
network ol tracks ami unable to decide between which rails safely lay
they scrambled as they thought out
of ihe way of the passing wheels only
to lind themselves directly in 'the
path of danger. The engineer was
powerless to avert the result. Arthur-.
Indeed, brave little fellow that, he is,
caught bis little sister by the hand
and tried to drag her out of danger
by a frantic leap. It was too late.
VVhcii the engine was stopped tender
hands picked up Ihe little girl ami
had her taken to the hospital. Strong
"ll IV
Ex-mayor Stork returned from the
roast last week. Spring is no furtb-
•r advanced there than it. is in Fer-
tbat Mr. Lyons will make Mie place uie. He reports Prince Rupert
a popular resoit (or lumber lacks, townsite tied up indefinitely and Im-
crooked     steel experts, as well     as  provement     uptaaUoii*       suspended-
•uld nut choke back sob>
and distress at  the sight of
wounded midget.     I let left
taken      oh   lie low    the  knee-
three lingers of     the lefl  hand
St. John, N. B„ April 15.—R. 11.
Duigle, a farmer's sou, of Chipuian,
Queen's county, has returned here
afler an absence of nine years.
lie left here penniless, ami his relatives lost track of him. He started lirst in Maine, digging potatoes,
roughed it to Cook's Sound, British
Columbia; lauded there broke and
obtained work bridge building at :<;">
cents au hour. He worked Uli he
had saved $80, and met one Jack
McLean, cousin of "Bonanza King"
The two arrived in Dawson City
with eight dollars between, them, but
McLean borrowed Jluo from McDonald, ami as partners they started
mining. Thev were up in the Yukon
for eight years.
Daigle has sold one claim and
brought  $500,000 east.
He notified his father (our months'
HK0 by let ter, containing a huge.
lit has gone to Cobalt.
The Painters and Decorators
Lfrge Stock of Latest Designs and Colorings
in Wall Papers
OkESOUNT  Lniuil"  No. XI
Cranhrook, II. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. tn. it
New   h'raternlty   Hull.
A, It. Bowness, C. C,
I''. A. Small, K. „f It « S
Visiting   brethren   enrili.lly lnvKi'4
to .lti'ii,l.
I.ll.ll.t.     Key Cilv I.iiOk
Nu. 12. Mreta every
^3':'*_~*^   MnliilllV      ini.llt      .1
New    fraternity   Hall.     Sojourning Oilillnllows iul.ll.ill)   Invlliil.
!•'. II. McKay,
tranbrtitil, l.,ij,i', Nu. 11
A. P. S A. H.
It.'Kular mooting, uu
the thiiil Tliiu.s.Uy,
ol r.riy  iiiuulli.
Vlalllng titrtl. en welcomed.
W. K. Atrlilgo, Sec'y.
M. A. Ueule, W. M.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
N. II.
i. in.
every   l-'iiilny    evening ul S
I'lius. Smith, W.I'.
M. Ii. Uilliiins, Secretary.
Visiting tiretiireu cutilially invited.
Phone III       ARMSTRONG AVENUE   P.O. Box.33 2
:: •
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Illl'-urinw of
FOUEKIN  iilQL'ORS, Sflll.l'IV, IlKKIi.
Poultry Netting |
Garden Rakes ♦
Screen Doors
Ice Cream Freezers
Screen Windows
Anything You Need
, .. ,
, .. ,
, .. .
. ., .
. " .
. ii i
. ii i
. ii i
i ii .
. ii i
i ii .
. ii ,
. ,. '
. i. ,
... .
. ii i
i h .
. .1.
. ii .
. i< .
. in
ii i
t******* ***************
20.000 ACRES
ot tlm very piek of the Heloetet) In into in tin* beautiful (Cool unity
Valley, Kurd Kootenay, It. 0,, extending from Canal  Mat lit
Klko, are offered fur wile at from ft to flu |*t*i iii-re.
Th« Kootenay Valley is of Unturpasied Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation Wast of the Rocky Mountains.
Tlio IhiiiIh present every feature of un«fitlmisH, liieluiUng Iim-
tiereil beiii'be-i, briifliv tlu'tr-, uuirrih, imill'lc nml iiietnluw. Thu
lirm-by HatH,   uiurnh   ami   muilitow   I.ui.Im nui-iM i.i" 1)00)1, hlui-k
Iihiiii * the beui'li lau.l heitu- 11 Hiuuly loam, fl|ihmilii||y mluplotl
forIruUeiiliure.    Where irrigation may I ueosmiry ou llie
lieueheH. water ean be bail from ih omitaln uiookn (lowing from
the Itouklen Into the Kootoiiity river. Tlio Iniiiie are fully nor*
veyeil ami mmeof the ton have (wen Muleilivhluil Into uilieuil
fumo* uf uiu ml HO in-re*. eaeh.
The imieluu-e |iriee will llU'lUilo the timber, wllh'll (Hill be mild
by tbe piireliaf-er without., any liability to _uviiriiinuiil nr other
royalty. The Umber will in many canes more I ban realize I lie pur*
eliiiMt- priee, ami will iu alli-um--- I'ltiiierially reeoiip the .iiuouul in-
vesteil, ItOge euu he ilrlven onthe Kootumiy rivur, which touch*
en every lot save mie. The main wiiuoti mint Ibroiigb llu* valley
pusses over or i-Iohh to eueb Inl, ami the prupoBoil KiHitemiy Co 11
tral railway will parallel ih« waguii milil. Tbe 0, I*. It. iu i|iiilu
i-uiiveuieiil lu the laiuls.
Kur further purlieiilars apply to
Or to Joseph Ryan Cranbrook, B. C
... ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Meet at U   of I.. F. Hall Snd   and
Uli Saturday each oioulli.
Visiting btethren always welcotue
T. Uuyler, Jas. K. Larrigaa,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
fKANllliUOK.UUlTI.SlI   col.HUM.
I       C. H. DUNBAR       |
»   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    *
* Public, Etc. S
»   Cranbrook,
B.C. j
Physicians and Surgeons.
OAii* at Residence, Armstrong Ave,
Forenoons 0.00 lo 10.00
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to   1.00
Kvcnings - - - - J.30 to   s.:in
Sundays 2.30 to   1.30
CRANHROOK :.    v.    tl    ::    U. C,
• to 11 a ui.
1 Ui   • p.m.
T to   I p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong eve
I to 11 a.m.
1 lo   • p.m.
I ta  I » ni.
Office li new Reid block
t  .1. ti. CUM'UNtiS. C. li.
♦ Donihiion nnd I'ruviiuial
♦ Land Surveyor
♦ lil'Silll'lll'l'.     t'l'l'il     I'l'IKl'n
Z former Homo
(ieo. R. Leask & Co
Itllll.DliRS anil
Mm h.iiK in our itilvetliii'ini'iit,   Iml we
put ihis ml in the llunilil.to
emphu-Uo it.
Near l-owor iriuHtroiig Avenue,
Livery S
Tchiiih nml tlrlvera furnlalieil tor vuy
[tuliil Id the illatrlrl.
A. UOVLE, Manager THK   CUAN BROOK    11 Bit AMI
Thin lluli'l hits ulwaya Imt-n the leader
in its lino, mul will Ihi kept up to the
atatiilanl. II' you want to meet tint
lM'ii|i]t\ ooilio to the I'nei'u's Hotel.
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
I'll,.rin (.lull
Orders have been Riven Inr shorthand io be laugbl I ol cost in all
nihil I aiuiy schools.
The  Uov.     Can lames (I l,Ul villi'
Smyth of Suulh Elkinfftoii, Louth,
Lincolnshire, ilietl muhleirly Irom
heart disease.
Mi. VI   VI   Knskiu, nf Trinity,   has
been eleeleii captain uf the Oxlncll
I niveisitv Rugby union. He is ft
Rhodes scholar.
Robert Calvert, formerly a collector for the corporation, is uu'tcr remand at Halifax charged with embezzling JCHOG ol the corpora Hon
Henry Sipine, coxswain ol the Kirn outh lifeboat, who had been ill for
some time, dropped dead recently
during the launch o( a new boat.
The sum in be spent oti field training for the army Ihis year is
£1*75,000, being an increase ol i-W,-
OlHJ, Irota-ml and Alilershol nbsorh
the larger grants.
WlUitim lloldroyd was kilted and
two men were injured by the explosion of a steam pipe at Victoria
mills, Brighousc, owned by Messrs.
Ilav'hy A Sons, cotton spinners.
The total output of eoal for the
United Kingdom for ioon was 336,-
111,150 tons. The Midland Railway
company carried 25,000,000 tons, or
more than one-tenth of the whole.
A man who was* asked at the t'his-
wlek poliee court if lie had any goods
replied that he had a wife ami three
children. The magistrate replied
tha-t they were of no use to tlie
It was stated in tbe idly of London court that wnitresses in city
restaurants ate generally paid 5s. a
week salary and their food, and
that their "tips" amount to from 15s
to .tl per week.
It was slated during the trial at
the Greenwich county court of a suit
bv a governess against a schoolmistress that castor oil was given
to pupils in huge quantities as a
At  the funeral at   Stroud of ft loCftl
pili manufacturer named Alfred Perkins, the coffin was home to the
grave bv six employees, whose aggregate "service in Mr. Perkins' firm
amounted  to nearly  800 years.
A woman complained at the West
London police coiirl that although
her husband refusciI work from the
unemployed committee because he
"ilul noi want charily," he "doesn't
mind eutllig the bread I earn "
A cyclist named Robert Perks, employed hv a Cheltenham ftrm nt drapers nod undertakers, was Wiled neat
Ni.ilhleai-h       lie lost cmtlol of     his
machine while descending a sleep hill
anil dushed Into a stone wall.
A membei ol the Rolleshy (Nor-
full-.) hoard ol guardians drclared nl
the last meeting Uml a ttanrp in lhc
disiru-i was offered work and replied
that he had done wiUiout it tm foi
u years .md was n.u going lo begin
I' hi Me aged poor. About 10,000 peril sons will Ih* entertained in the varl-
IjmiH hails, receiving dinner there, ami
11 being presented with a packet nt tea
|'on leaving. The tula) cost is estimated at about £1.600,
Michlcell   is   heliiivili*,  sn   well    that
ii«i Kilting ol the high court ul justice
IS iiH.
Sir James Cotquhouti, Milt baronet-, of l.uss, and chief ol the Cokil-
hniiti i-liiii, hns iln-il u1 Ihe age of
A man offered tin us the first bid
foi Ihe original M.S. of "Scotft Wha
Mae." 11 was ultimately knocked
down at £355.
Stirling Castle is to he repaired nt
a cosi of £520. It doesn't seem
much, considering the size ol the establishment, remarks the Glasgow
Weekly Herald.
Glasgow Trades' Council has resolved that tin* school nge for boys
lie raised to Hi years of age, because
"the employment of hoys was one
cause of  unemployment."
In the court of session Thomas Ma-
Iheson Brown, the accused In the
Cumnock shortbread poisoning case,
was found to be insane, ami ordered
to be detained during His Majesty's
The Scotch Conciliation board met
irr OlflSgow recently to discuss the
demand of 80,000 Scotch miners for
"Hie 's_9ito" m .i"iuc.\p~~ "iiu,*. jad y~"I
decided to grant 0_ per cent advance.
You are running yourselves on the
horns of dilemma anil kicking against
the pricks," is how an Annan councilor summed op the town council's
procedure with regard to the disposal of refuse.
AbouI 100 Aberdeen emigrants who
old Iheir furniture with a view to
leaving for Canada in March, were
told that the berths were all tilled,
and thai it would he some time in
April Wore they could be accommodated.
it's no sae much ihey auld wim-
min wautin-' votes," remarked an old
Glasgow gent, the other day, "but
it's comin' tae t'lis, t-hat thae braw
young yins, wi' the red goons will
ioon no look at a voting chap unless
he's an M.A., LL.D."
The University of Glasgow has delicti lo confer the honorary degree
i doctor of divinity on the Rev. R.
Wardlaw Thompson, foreign secretary of the London missionucy society, who is now visiting the society's
mission station in India.
A vaiuful sensation was created
throughout Dunoon hy the finding of
ihe body *of Mrs. Ina Risselduf! in
Loch Luskin. Deceased, who was
married onlv a fortnight before, was
the only daughter ot the late .lames
Mnefrirlune, jeweler. Dunoon.
Mr. Robert Stewart Forbes ol the
(inn of Messrs. Wallace -A Forbes,
coal exporters, has died til his residence in Kinn.ni street, Greenock
He was greatly esteemed in local associations Mt. Forbes, who was
53 vf-nn ol age, has left ft widow ,inil>
The services of Mr. James Caldwell, the veteran county clerk ol
Renfrewshire, have been recognized
by the representation to the county
by llie members of Uie county council
f lus portrait painted by Sir .lames
Guthrie \ i.-plica nf the portrait
imetrted to Mi   Caldwell.
Pioh-.iMv the    largest amount paid
In Ihr Salvalion \imv sell denial
luiid hv an individual Holdiei has been
handed io ihe Hlghgaie corps by
Mi W. It Cummins, n newsagent, ol
Muswell Hill, who succeeded In col
leoting £85
a hare look lo
jumped     Into n
iluilng i ii suit,
St.ntfi.i.l ll    WI
grnyhound  which i
olhei side, when- i
second greyhound
* high road and
sslng mo lot cai
fttch  at   Uts-hopa
i,.ii,.Mi-.! by a
Ve it out on the
u.s killed In.   Ihe
all the I'ogimcntfl in lhc
service were represented al the lentil
convention and annual meeting ol lhc
Holdlers' Ohibutnn association,
which was held ihe othei dav at
t:\ilci     hall The annual report
Hlttted that the nssnelntlon has    now
till) blanches and 8,000 members.
The committee which is organising
ihe celebrntlou of the 700th anniwi-
(wry of the grant of Liverpool's
charter of Incorporation hv King
John, estimates the cost at £0,250,
.iml the Income at £6,500, The sub-
serlpiloiis—exclusive of £2,000 gr.mt-
i*d nv the city council—now amount
to £2,150,
Mr. John Ituriis, M. P., Mr. P.* M.
Thnj. .. \|, p., and Mr. G. N. Hnr-
ii.s, M. IV, attended a "social" at
Hn-ttvrscu town hall In honor of Mr.
Thomas Atkinson, the "lather" of
the Amalgamated Society ot Engineers, who has been a trade unionist
for seventv five years. Mr. Atkiin-
who is ninety-six years
old, was an apprentice tn George
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of cummeucement.
| 7. Commencing at a post planted at
ihe north-east corner ol application
No. 5; thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains west, ihenee hi) chains
south, thence tm chains east to
point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at south-east corner of application
No. 7; theuce 80 chains east, thence
mi chains north, thence 80 chains
west, thence -0 chains south to
point nf commencement.
n. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east comer of application No. 7, thence SO chains north,
Ihenee 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, ihence 80 chains east
to point ol commencement,
10, Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east comer of application No n, thence 811 chains east,
theuce 80 chains north, theme mi
chains  west,  thence 80 chains   south
to point of commencement.
li. Commencing at a post planted
30 chains wesi nl the north-east corner of application No 0; thence 80
chains north, thence ftfl chains west,
thence 80 chains soulh, thence 80
chains east tn point of commencement .
12. Commencing nt a post planted
at the south-east comer of application No. It; thence 80 chains east,
thence    8ii chains north, thence     st*
chains   west,   Ihenee  811   chains   SOU til
to point of commencement,
Ll. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-casl corner of application No. II; thence 80 chains north,
Uience 8ft chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 8ft eliains east
to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post planted
nt the south-en st corner of application No. 13; thence 8ft chains east,
Ihenee chains north, thence 80 chains
wes't, thence 80 chains south to
point  of commencement.
Dated 33rd March, 1(107.
15, Commencing at u post planted
at the nnrlh-east corner of application No 13; ihence 8ft chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
bains south, them-e 80 chains cast
io point of commencement.
111. Commencing at a post planted
t the south-east corner of application No. 15; thence 80 chains eaat,
thence 8ft chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
17. Commencing at u post planted
north-east   corner of application
No. 15: Ihence 8ft chains north,
thence 8ft chains west, theuce 80
chains south, Ihenee Rll eliains east
tn point of commencement.
18. Commencing at a post planted
• the   south-east corner of uppliea-
lion No. 17; Ihenee 8ll chains east,
ihenee 8ft chains north, thence 80
cliains west, thence 8ft eliains south
to point of cummeucement.
HI. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of application No. I"; thence SO chains north,
thence 8n chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point of commencement.
2ft. Commencing nt a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. lit; thence Hft chains east,
ihenee 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
21. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 2ft. thence 10 chains east,
them-e liift chains nnrlh, ihence 40
ins west, ihenee 160 chains south
point of commencement.
One of tlie features of the celebration in connection with the visit to
Glasgow of the Prince and Princess
of Wales this month will be the treat
Notice is hereby given that thirty
ilnys aftei date I Intend lo apply to
iln Chlel Commissioner ol Lands
ami Works, Victoria, lot a special
license to cut and carry away Umbel    from the   following    described
land, situate on While Rivet, in
North  Kast   Kootenay district,
i Commencing nl a post planted
on wesi hank of the North Fork ol
White River, about seven miles above
llie lunctlon of tin* nnilh and noilti-
cast   forks;  tl co    Sn   chains west,
thence mi   el is north, thence     Hi)
chains    east,    Ihence Mi chains smith
to point ni commencement,
2 Commencing at a posl plant til
■i I   soulh nisi     comer   of  application
No   I, Ihenee 80 ch s east,   theuce
so chains north, thence 80 chains
west, Ihence Mi chains soulh tu point
ol commencement,
A. Commencing nt a post planted
at northeasi corner of application
N<>- I; thence 8ft chains north, thence
811 chains wesi, thence 8ft chains
south, thence 8fl chains east to
point of commencement.
I. Commencing nt a post planted
at south-east corner or application
No. 3; thence 80 chains east, thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains
west-, thence 8ft chains soulh to point
of commencement,
5. Commencing at a post planted
at north-cast corner ol application
No. S; thence 80 chains north, thence
8ft chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east to point
nf commencement,
fl. Commencing at a post planted
at. the south-east corner ol application No. 5; thence 8ft chains east,
thence 80 chains north, thence     80
1.  Commencing nt n posl planted
the south-east  corner  of  appjica-
Mon  No   23; thence SO   chains east.
thence    SO chains north,  thence      80
chains  west,  thence SO cliains south
to point of commencement
23    Commencing at n pnint planted at    the  imPthdenst    corner of application     No,   1!>;  thence 8ft    chains
th,   theme 8ft chains  west,   thence
chains south,     thence 8ft    chains
i to point of commencement.
-I   Commencing i
at the south-east .
tiOII No. 25; thence
tlience 80     chains
t a post planted
orncr of appliea*
8ti chains east,
north,   thence 80
est,  thence 8ft chains south
of commencement,
25 Commencing at a posl planted
■ii the north-east corner of application No 23; thence SO chains north
1 hence .sfl chains west, thence
chains     south, thenc
8ft chains
lo point of commencement.
at   Ihe
tinil   \
ommenclng nl n post planted
nortn-easl corner of nppllea-
o. 25; ihence 8ft chains east,
M" ch-.iins north, ihence 80
west, ihence 8ft chains south
nt of commencement.
-•ing .il a post planted
Jl tne north east corner of application No 2.i. Ihence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 8ft chains east
to point of commencement.
28 Commencing at n post planted
at the north-cast corner of application No. 27; Ihence 8ft elm Ins east,
tbenee Sii chains north, thence 80
chains west. \.\imtr °n rh.lins snu|h
to polnl of commencement,
20.  Commencing nl a post planted
11   uie    south-east  corner of yppliea-
No.   28; tlience     80    chains
thence    8ft    chains    norMi
80    chains west,     thence 80
(Oiith     to point of commence-
30, Commencing at a post planted
nl Ihe north-east corner of application No. 28; thence 80 chains north
ihence Sfl cliains west, ihence M.
cfciins south, thence 8ft chains east U\
point of commencement,
31, Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 30; thence 8» chains east,
tlience 80 chains north, thence M
chains west, thence 80 cliains south
to point of commencement.
Chas.  Chapman.
Dated 25th March, 1007. 4-6t
tin*   Chief  Commissioner  ol    La mis NOTICE.
Jin!    Works,   Victor.a, foi a special \ 	
license incut and carry away limine Take notice that, under the provi
from the following described land,] sums of Section ___, Chapter 87,
situate on tin* Kast Fork ol White Revised Statutes of Canada, IflOB,
River, in North East Kootenay dis- he Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
tiict: I  any, as Lessees   and   exercising   the
L Commencing at a post planted j rancnises of the British Columbia
about six miles above the mouth of. uuthern Railway, Intends to applv
the East Fork of While Rivei. at .to the Hoard of Railway Commis-
tlie mouth of Smith Creek; thence "sinners for Canada, after the exist) chains south, thence -to chains j juration of four weeks from the date
west, thence 160 chains north, thence of    tiie   first     publication   of
io chains east to point of i
3. Commencing at ihe north-east
eornei Of application No. I; theme
160 chains cast, thence *t0 chains]uiencing fi
south, thence 1C0 chains west, ihcnct
•JO chains nnrlh in point ol com
notice, or so    soon thereaftci as tl
application can be heard, for author
ily to   construct, maintain and oper-
branch     lines   of     the Britisl
Creek, thence north 120 chains,
ihence east 80 chains, thence soulh
in chains, tlience cast iu chains,
theuce south B0 chains, thence east
i" drains to p.dm of commencement.
si side of Martin
thence south U.li chains,
st 10 chains, north HO chains.
lence wast in chains to point of
No. A. Commencing at north-
esi corner of application No. 2,
smith  160 chains, thence west
-*-      ■-• -    *■*   .    * ■ " | "■• ■■' *     -*"iiui   mi" < ii.uiis, uience wesi
Columbia   Southern    Railway,    coin-   1" chains,     thence  north   ICO eliains
i. Commencing at a post planted
about nine miles above the mouth of
the East Koik of White Rivei and
about 20 chains north of the mouth
of Jim Creek; thence mi chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence
80 chains south, tlience SU chains
east to point ol commencement,
1 Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east comet o( application No, 3; thence SO chains east
thence Mi chain-- north, theuce Kft
chains west, theuce mi chains south
to pomt of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 31 thence 8ft chains cast,
thetiee 80 cliains north, theme Hit-
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement,
(J. Commencing nl a post planted
at the south-east cornei of application No. 3; thence Uift chains east,
thence 40 chains south, thence liift
chains west, thence Ift chains north
to point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted
at tlie south-east corner of application No. 5; thence 100 chains cast,
thence 40 chains north, them-e 100
chains west, theuce 10 chains south
to point of commencement.
Chas. Chapman.
Dated Oth April. 1007. -Hit
Take notice that-, under the provisions ol Section 222, Chapter ;t7,
Revised Statutes of Canada, lflOO,
lie Canadian Pacific Railway Company, as Lessees   and  exercising  the
-anchlses of the British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply
to tho Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of the lirst publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as the
application cau be-heard, for authority Lo construct, maintain and oper-
ile 'branch tines of the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a point on the main
line of the B. C. S. Railway as
now constructed across Lot)
fi808. Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 1025 feet
along the center line from the northern boundary of said Lot; tlience iu
■southerly and westerlv directions to
points on said Lot 58^8; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
or plan, profile and book uf reference, deposited in the Nelson, R, ('.,
'Registry Office on the 30th dav of
March, 1907, as No. 53-1 E.I.; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
puiauant to tbe provisions of tlie suidj
Beet Ion.
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
'Dated this 4th dav of April, A. I).
11007. 3-51
Take notice that, under the provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37,
Revised Statutes ot Canada, 1500,
he Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
n.uiy, as Lessees and exercising tho
lanchises of tbe British Columbia
(Southern Railway, intends to apply
ito the Board of Railway Commissioners tor Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
uf the first publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as the
application can to heard, for authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines of the British
•Columbia Southern Railway, com-
mencini* from ft point on the main
line of the R. C. S Railway ns
now constructed across Lot,
4580, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 1578..1 feet
along the center line from its intersection! with the westerly boundary
of said Lot; thence in an easterly
and northerly direction to a point on
snid Lot ' 1580; the location
of which said proposed Blanches is
more purticul. iy shewn on a map
or plan, profile nnd hook nf reference, deposited in the Nelson, R. ('..
Registry Office on the 3uth dav of
March, 1907, as No. 521 1)1; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to tbe provisions ol the said
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated this Ith day of April, A. I).
1907, 3-5t
Notice is hereby given that   thirty     .....
days alter date I intend to apply to 1107.
Take notice that, under the provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37,
•Revised   Statutes of    Canada, 1000,
be Canadian Pacific Railway Company, as Lessees and exercising tbu
franchises ol the British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply
to tbe Board uf Railway Commissioners for "Canada, after the expiration ol Rfiir weeks from the date
of the first' publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as the
application can be heard, for authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines ol the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a point on the main
line of the B. C S. Railway as
now constructed across LoV
1550, Oroup 1, East Kootenav Divi-
Klon, In the province nf British Columbia, and measun-d 5.U30.3 feet
along the center line from its intersection with the eastern boundary of
said Lot; thence in a westerly and northerly direction to points
on said Lot 4500; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
or plan, profile and hook of refer
•nee, deposited in the Nelson, B. C,
'Registry Office on the 80th dav of
March, 1907, as No. 521 Al; notice
Of which deposit Is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the said,
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated this 4th day ol April, A. D.
point on the main
line of the It. C, S. Railway as
now constructed across Loi
1870, Group 1. East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 3036.3 feet
along the center line from us Intersection with the northern boundary
ol said Lot, thence in a westerly and
northerly direction to a point' on
said Lot 1870, a distance ol
507 feet, the location
oi which said propose-,! Branches is
mure particularly .shewn on a map
or plan, profile and hook nf iciYi
ence, deposited in the Nelson, ll. C .
Registry Ollice on the :joih dav of
March, 1007, as No. 521 CI.; notice
ol which deposit is also hereby given
pitfsuant to the provisions ol the sold
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated Ihis till dav of April. A. D
is07. .rrit
Take notice thut, under the provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37,
Revised Statutes ot Canada, 1000,
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, us Lessees and exercising th-i
fraiiclilseti of the British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to applv
the Board of Railway Commis
sinners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of the lirst publication of this
notice, or so booh thereafter as the
application can be heard, fur authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines of the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a point on ihe main
line of the B. C, S. Railway as
>' constructed across Lot'
tii.71, Group 1, East Kootenay Divi
ion, in tbe province of British Columbia, and measured 2h>o feet
long the center line from its intei-
.eti'iii with Uiu westerly boundary
if said Lot; thence in a southerly
ird easterly direction to points ch
aid Lot-' tiii71; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
Or plan, profile and hook of reference, deposited in the Nelson, It. C ,
Registry Office on the HOth dav of
March, 1907, a.s No. 521 111; notice
of which deposit, is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of Ihe said
C. Drinkwater, Seeretarv.
Dated this Ith day of April, A. D.
1007. 3-51
 -     laud   ou
i North East Kootenay
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days afler date 1 intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami
Works, Victoria, for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
the lollowlng described
White River, ii
Nu. 1. Commencing at a
post planted about live miles S. E-
from No. 23 post on east boundary
d Block 4500, uud about oue mile
ust of White Itiver, theuce west 40
chains, thence north ltd) chains,
theuce east 40 chains, (hence south
100 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at the southeast corner of No. 1, thence north
100 chains, theuce east 40 chains,
thence south 100 chains, thence west
10 chains to point ol commencement.
Nf* 3. Commencing al south
west corner of No. 2, thence south
Hill eliains, thence east 40 chains,
thence uorth 1«0 chains, theuce west
10 chains to point of commencement.
No. 4. Commencing at a post
planted 20 chains west of White
River anil about II miles above the
eastern boundary line of block 459b",
Ihence south 80 chains, Ihence west
SO chains, tlience nortn 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point oi
No. 5. Commenefcg at a post
planted Ift chains west of the N. E.
corner of No. 4, thence west 8ft
chains, Ihence north 80 chains,
thence cast 81) chains, thence south
so chains to point ul commence
Dated 10th day of March, 1907.
No. 0. Commencing at a posl
planted on the north bank nf Martin
Creek and about 2ft chains west of
White Kiver, thence south HO chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
liift chains, thence east tu chains
to point or commencement,
No. 7. Commencing at a post
plan-ted 20 chains west of the north
east corner of No. li, thence west 80
chains, thence north 8U chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 8. Commencing at a post
planted on the east bank nf White
River across the river from the
mouth of Qoat Creek, thence east
hi) chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
8ft chains to point nf commencement.
Dated 20th day of March, 1907.
No. 9. Commencing at a post
planted 14, miles above the mouth of
Goat Creek on the west bank, thence
west 40 chains, tlience nortli 170
chains, thence east 40 chains, tlience
south 100 chains to point of commencement.
Dated 21st day of March, 1907.
3-Bt C. A. Chapman, Locator.
thence east     40 chains to point     of
Dated 32nd March, 1007.
1N" f Commencing at a post
planted on south side of Ced.tr Creek,
thence west urn chains, thence north
in chains, thence east lift chains.
theme  south   Hi chains   to point      of
No. 5, Commencing at a post
Planted on west side of North Fork
"I ..iiim'i mvei about two and one
nail miles south nf mouth of Cedar
""•vk theuce im) chains north,
lice Ml chains easi, thence liift
ins south, thence 40 chains west
lo pomt of commencement,
^n. ^ Commencing nt sonth-
tsI    rorner   of application   No  5,
tIn-nee south   !i;n chains,   thence east
Ift chains,   theme   north  160 chains
thence    west   to chains  to  pnint    of
pom mencement.
Rated 23rd March, 1007. MU
Notice is hereby given that thirty
day; afler date I intend to applv to
Jlw 'ton. Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands and Works and to the Assist-
"t     Chief     Commissioner of Lands
d Works for a license to prospect
.... coal ..ml petroleum on the following described land situate on Northeasi Michel Creek, ..hunt SJ miles
north of the Crows Nest Station:
1. Commencing at a post planted
■it the northwest comer uf J. II.
Hemphill's claim  and  same belliz  the
■nit-mi post of Geo. o, Ucfden's
laini .md mnrked Geo. G. Bel den's
south-west corner, tlience 80 chains
nurlh, thence Si) chains east, thence
80 chains south, thence 8Q chains
wesi to pi.ice ot beginning, contain-
ig about lilll acres,
Geo,  (i.  Belden, Locator,
R. 0. Belden. Agent.
Located March 13, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post planted
t   the north-west    cornei of J. U
Hemphill's claim, the same being the
Initial post ol Pauline Dunstan's
claim ami marked Pauline Dunstan's
-.outh cast corner, theuce 8U chains
mirth, thence 80 chains west, thence
80 chains south, thence 80 chains
'ast to place of beginning, contain-
ng a bout 840 acres.
Pauline Duusian, Locator
R. G. Relden, Agent
Located March 13. 10U7. l-6t«
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days- after date Jas. M. W. Hall
will apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria,
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following
d,-scribed land on the l'alliser River
and its tributaries, in North East
Kootenay district:
No. I. Commencing at a post
planted on the east bank ol    Smith
Notice is hereby given that sixtv
ays after dale i intend to apply to
lut- Honorable the Chief Cuminls-
ler of Lands ami Works iui pt-i-
mission lo puietu.e the following
described land In the l_lk Rivei Valley, iu Easi Kpuleuay;
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the uorth-east corner of J.
u. Pratt's application iu purchase
and       marked J.       li.        _'s
south-east cornel, thence eighty
chains north, thci.ee eighty chains
west, thence eighty chains suulh,
tlience eighty chains ca_t to poia;
of commencement, and cuiitaiuiii*-
"ilu acres. b
J. R. Eduioiid-un, Locator
February 2-Jid, iau7. si-'Jt
Notice is hereby given that sixtv
days alter date J intend to apply lo
the HwiiorabJe the chief Commis-
.ioii-i uf Lands and Works fur permission to purchase the iolioftiu
described lands in ihe Elk River Val-
icy, in Easi Kootenay:
Commencing at a pu3t planted adjoining W. K. Hull's S. E. corner,
one mile north oi S. E. Olivers application to purchase and marbed N.
E. O's north-east corner, theuce
dghly chains suulh to the uurUi-
■jast corner oi S. E, Oliver's apphca-
tion to purchase, Uience eighty tnains
•vest, ihence eighty chains nurlh,
Uience eighty chains east lu puiul 01
commencement,  the whole containing
<>.U acres.
N. E. Oliver, Locator,
Per J. li. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 19U7. ii-ot
Notice is hereby given that sixty
lays aflei dak* 1 intend to apply to
Uie lluiiuiahle the Chief Cuniini!.-
■fioner of Lands and Works lur permission io purchase the (ulluwn,g
described lauds in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining N. East comer of N.
E. Olivers application tu purchase,
and    ma iked      E.      E.      lis    lioittl-
west corner,     uience eighty    drains
SOUth   lu llie nui th line ul J.   R. Ed-
mundson's application to purchase,
Ihenee eighty chains east to the west
batik ui the Elk river, ihence eight)
chains north .Jung said river, Ihence
ughty chains west tu point of commencement, the whole containing ti-io
E. E. Goodwyn, Locator,
Per J. K. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 19U7. ai-at
.Notice is hereby given that sixty
Jays after dale I intend lo apply lb
the Honorable ihe Chief Cuiniuis-
sloner of La mis und Works
ai Victoria for permission
to purchase ibe following
described lands in tho Klk River Valley, East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south-west coiner of Lot
2310 and marked S. C's
north-east corner, thence eighty
chains west, ihence eighty chains
south, thence eighty chains east,
Ihence eighty chains north to pnint
of commencement, the whole containing U40 acres.
Sydney Clarke, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1007. 5l-9t
Notice is    hereby given  that sixty
days after date I intend to applj to
the Honorable the Chiel Commissioner,    ol      Lands      ami      Works
..' Victm |q in; permission
lo purchase the following
described lands In the Elk Rivei Val
ley, in Mast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south west corner ol
Lot 33IB and marked 11. L's
south    - east        corner, theme
eighty chains west, thence eight)
chains north, thence eighty chains
east, thence eighty chains south lo
point ol commencement, the whole
containing 040 acres.
Horace Llttleproud, Locator,
Per J. R, Edmondson, Agent.
Fopruary 33rd, 1807. 51-0t
Notice is hereby given -li.it sixtv
days aftei date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works
at Victoria for permission
to purchase the following
described lands in the Klk Rivet Valley, in East Kooti I ay;
Commencing -i u post a I ii ing
the south-west eornei ol J. R. Ed*
mondson's application to purchuse
and       marked      li.        G G's
south-east corner, thence eighty
chains west, thence eightv chains
north, thence eight) chains east,
ihence eighty chains south to point
ol commencement, thi whole containing *; 40 acres.
Heniv  Gerald Green, I -< itor.
Pel s   K   Olivei, Agent
February - Ird, iuu;. ~>i-91
llll' i
by given   ll
inilinl lo
t :..fl
,,t   M\t\
il.|.ly lo
r    o
1 .1
anil ...
1 .   I.:„  1!
irked E.
' V
:tl. - ,
. >'.         ..>:;
•I      ad-
;-; tl,
■  t!
west    con
fl ol \.
'..   1
y    ci
IS       ti
.nils    ».-.'.
oil!.,  til,':.-     ,;..;
f. .: '..
to  |1
e con
ml ol
„lf  .
meat 1
nt acres.
Ml.ml, Loi
t-itt,   tlie
bt ii.. i
fl   s
■: iHivi-i, .
51 :'t
Kami ni rin
days aftei date 1 intend to apply io
ihe Honoxable the Chiel Commis-
■doner of Lands and Works for pet-
mission to purchase the following
described lands in lhc Elk Rivei Valley, East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked II.
s. E's south-east corner adjoining the north-west corner of N.
K. Oliver -. application to purchase,
thence eighty chains north, theuce
eighty chains west, tbenee eighty
i-baios south, thence eighty chaius
east lo point ol commencement, thu
whole containing 640 acres.
II. S. Edwards, Locator,
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February 33rd, 1907. 51-9t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
iays alter d_;c I i.i'.*--iid tu apply to
ibe Honorable Chiel Commissioner oi LaiiOs and Works tor pet-
mission to purchase the following
described i_no in t:.c Klk liner Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing ^.t a post marked E.
II. B s suj;h - west corner and
adjoining the nortn-west corner uf
E. E. Ooodwyn's application to pur-
cftase; thence .»0 chains north, Uience
"0   L-DalliS  Cast       lu   the   West   liank uf
ine Klk ri'er, thence aU chains suulh
jiutg said river, thence au chains
"*.**»". to pomt uf commencement, the
v-hule containing trio acres.
E. ii. Boyle. Locator,
Per S. E- Oliver, Agent.
February 33rd, 1907. 51-9t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
Jaji aftei date 1 intend lu apply lu
ihe Honorable Chiel Commissioner ui Lands .and Wuika fui per-
inission to purchase the following
described land in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a pust planted adjoining J. IL Oliiiit-ld's north-west
comer arid marked S. E. O's
south-west corner; ihence so chains
north, thence bo chains east, thence
iu chains south along ihe Klk river
to the north line of J. II. Oldfield's
application io purchase, Uience no
cliains west io point of commencement, tbt whole containing tilu
S. E   Oliver, Locator.
February 33rd, 1907. 51-st
Notice is hereby given that sixty
lays after dale i intend to apply lo
the Honorable the Chiel Commis*
lionei of Lands and ttotks loi permission to purchase ihe folio", ing
described land In Uie Klk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing ten miles north of
Spar wood at a post piui.ied one mile
north of the north line ol Foss &
McDonell's purchase, Lot 2310, and
one mile west uf the Elk river, and
marked J. H. O's N. o. corner, tlience eighty chains east to
the west bank ul the Elk river.
thence eighty chains sou 11 along said
nver io the north-east corner uf
Foss A: McDoncll J land, thence
eighty chains a est, thence eighty
chains north tu point oi commencement, the whole containing oiu
■1.   II.  Oldlield,  Locator,
Per J.  It.  Edmondson,  Agent.
Dated   February   33rd,   1907.    51-Ht
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I Intend to apply iu
the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works iur permission to purchase tin: following
described lands in the Elk Rivei Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a pust planted adjoining the N. W. comer uf J. II.
Oldfield's application to purchase,
and marked J. 1). P's N. E.
corner, thence eighty chains soutb
to the north line ol Fobs A McDonell's land, Lot 2310, Ihenee
eighty chains west, theme eighty
chains notUi, theme eighty chains
east to point of commencement, the
whole containing ti-IO acres.
J. I). Pratt, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent
Dated K-iiituj 23rd, 1907.     51-9| TnK   CKANItKOOK   II Hit ALU
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Mrs. Fred   Mitchell, ol   Elkmoutb,
was in the city this week,
Free lunch at  the 0, ('. S. Saturday from ,'t tu n p.m.
A, Mut/., of   Fernie.    made a flying
visit to lhc metropolis Saturday,
FUR SALE—A good    second hand
iby carriage.     Apply box 84*1,      A
Win.  Carlin   was over from      Fort
Steele a couple of days this week.
Mrs. and  Miss  Farrell,  nt      Moyie,
ere Khoppin--  in  the cilv  Monday,
The British Lion will give yuu   an
honest smoke.
K.   .1,   Fil/.paltiet,   of     Mat
■cut a few     days iu Uie city
mtinueil fiom  page une.)
tbe Crows Nest Pass district. Dispute pending. By order of the district executive board United Aline
Workers uf America."
A meeting ut the officers <■_ district
hoard is, united .Mine Workers ul
America, was hold hero yesterday
afternoon, nil the members being present, The nature ol the business
iransaclcti has not been made public.
District   President   Sherman  stales
tlml the referendum v0tu so lui  taken in district No,  18, show, ovei
pet cent ol iheir membership in he in
uvur of strikinn
the figures:
Win, VanArstlaleii, of Furl Steele,
was transact Ing business in Cranbrook Tuesday.
Wm. Thorp, of Thorp & Parker, ol
Wardner, was at the Cosmopolitan
bold Monday.
FDR SALE—Two residences at
very low price. Apply Fink Metcnn-
lile Co. 2
Urn W K. Talc wiui t.. Lellihrldge
Tuesday Im a week's vis-ii  with ltd
son, C.  Ross Tale.
It. I, 'I', (ialhraiih, ..1 Fori
Steele,  was allium*   the guests ..1   llie
Cosmopolitan Fndav.
.fames Henderson ami f Hy,   who
bad   been    Spending   a   few   days      al
Creston, returned home Sunday last.
FOR SALE—One lurge refrigerator. Apply Fink Mercantile Co.,
Ltd. 8
■las. Rogers, bookkeeper for the
Ensl Kootenay Lumber company, at
J affray, spent Sunday in Craubrook
visit Ing friends.
Mr.   and    Mrs.   H.      flningcr,      of
Thunder     Hill,   returned   from   It
coast   Saturday and left  for     the
home on Sunday.
There are more British Lion cigars
smoked in British Columbia than anv
one brand made.     Why.' 48-12
■ lames Steward." chief tie Itisi	
of the Western division, returned to
Crnnbrook Saturday after a brief
visit   it his home in Winnipc;;
X. Hanson came in from Wasa with
his automobile Tuesday and spent a
couple of days in Cranhrook looking;
alter his business Interests here.
Smoke the British Lion and be
happy. 49-121
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Merron nnd
Mrs. .taincs McNeill nnd bahv. left,
Tuesday last for a trip to San Francisco nnd other California  points.
Free lunch al the C, C, S. Sutur-
"day from A to 8 p.m.
.1, S. llaverston, -I. IV. McNeill
.mil Miss P. McNeill, drove in from
Windermere Saturday and will spend
'.nine time with friends in the city.
Harrv Brit*i*s. the popular representative of Rithet A Co. of Victoria, was jollying up his customers
in Ibis vicinity the past few days.
Lester Clapp and Tim O'Leary. the
L*oose hunters, returned from Creston
the first of the week loaded down
with—'guns ami   unturned ammunition.
FOR SALE—Fireproof warehouse
mil lot cheap. Applv Fink Merean-
Ilie Co., Ltd. A
N. Hanson, of Wasa; P. Jensen,
W. VaiiArsdalen, H. S. Clark, Fori
Steele; W. S. Forsvthc, Kimberley;
■ las. A. Mt-Beau, .laffray; and W. II.
Crawford, Creston. were among the
arrivals at Ihe Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
Mayor .lames Finlny came down
from Kimberley Tuesday ami left
yesterday morning for Spokane to
atteird a meeting of the directors of
the. Sullivan Group Mining company.
I). W. Pedolpb, manager ot the
Marysville smeller, was in Cranhrook Tuesday and left yesterday
morning for Spokane ou business.
Mrs. Dedolph accompanied him on
ihe trip.
M. Schilling, who has charge of
lhc hydraulic plant on Perry Creed.
was in town a couple of days this
week a nd report s that opera I ions
will he resumed by the company as
soon ns the snow is cleared from
.: round tlie flume.
Don't forget the board of trade
meeting at the Council Chamber Friday evening al 8.30.
V. R. Angers, who has been trapping nl the head of Finlny creek for
some time, returned to town Monday. Mr. Angers reports lots of
snow in the mountains yet and says
thai in coming out he had to travel
ihe first twenty-five miles on snow-
Win. Harris, one of the most popular clerks in Hill A Co.'s store, has
resigned his position with that firm
,,nd will leave Monday next for the
Northwest country in search of --. location lo enter business tor himself.
Mr. Harris is enterprising and ambitious and will make good wherever
he  locates.
Mrs. (!, Erickson relumed Saliirdav from Calgary, where she accompanied her daughters on their return lo their studies after spending
the Easter vacation al home. Mrs,
A, II. Eager returned to Cranbrook
with Mrs. Erickson and spent a few
flays here visiting tela lives and
Michel ... .
vilU», I Lethbildg.'
Ulls   Coleman   ..
Flank ...
Bellevue .
.. Hfi
. au
Und  ii
April    I..
J Ml
I too
(Continued Iron. page one.)
pointing reference    I,, ii„. ,
•"""-"I.  n«»     ...'I'.".  -.|	
which ii..'.    .,|.|.i„-,i  n„
lull" Ilnunl Cnul a  I'nlii.
■   ..I   UO.Il
-. ...   III.'
fl. ll	
I.il    IIII.I
li.'1'..i.. adjournment this attcrnoon,
si.ii.il Hint In view ul tho tact Hint
ll li.nl liffii brought I.. Hi,- attention
.1 Un- government that the Increase
in royally would Interfere with contracts m.iili- by nijtlnicu oxti'ttdinK
hut some    iicriod   on luisis ol     the
xisih.g law. it liiiil been decided not
lu bring the new roj'nlty Into eWee!
until -laiiu.ilv. As tbe li....-..- would
 t shortly   utter    thai and     Un
government       contemplated       mni-lid-
iiteiils lo Ihe Act wlii.-li would Increase Hi.- n.y.illy as far as llu- in-
lusliv   warranted,   uilll   llilll   winning
now given ii w..s therefore thought
li.-si in allow    tin-  proposed amend
in.-nls foi this v - I., si.itni ovei
Miiodunntd nslicil if ihis nicnnl Unit
tbe seoiinhs i.ift'.Msiim iiu- royalty,
in il.,- lull, would b,- dropped.
Tallow said lhat was wli.il was llllllli This decision was conic In
iis|.,.iis,-    I.. Hi.- views i.l l.i.ilivi
I.   .is  expressed   ll).   ilfl.--.il.-s   wlllcll
 I  llllllli   I If in   tills   Wivl.   ..n.l   Hi.'
|...s,li.iii I.,'.I  liillll III   in    Km. ....
..|.|..f..ll. Ii   si.lc   lilSt    IIIfIII
. —-(.     -   .
PA1   DAV.
'•'rank II   Smith
ninl In   Hn- nun
ol i:..in  ,i|i
Istci of Inbor in
H'f    f I.cl.n.
kor, ..I I.,-.- Use,
'l"™' ; pi'"
ii.ii I., I-..I.1.-1 ii
ll'"       'CIS'     "IH
'"   .'IM imciil ..I ., .-I,. ,.
Ihe board oi concilia I ion which
been a|iiioiulcd niili rcs|ieol In
disputes   between iiu- employers
I..  I
I'. II. I'ur-
on   Hulls
.  K.i-sti-in
R-i nl
II  ..I
'   -> I,  nl,..
"I ..I.I world ol ..a
Michel. April 10.—Although in.
strike has If,n called uml, at lite
Michel collieries is .is coinpletcl)
lied up ..s I-. possible under a strike
order. The eoal company posted a
long lisi of agreements ..i. Tliursilii)
winch were so iinsntislaelory to tin
ers thai l-'ri.lav was decturcd a
holiday hy ilium to allow lhc pulling
ni the strike question, 1-ew men
ci.! in work .Saturday morning, In
ir the largest part brought their
tools ..in ul tl..- nifties .'uul t..-ilaj'
less than 2u men an- working in No.
S, while uni a man is working in No.
S .iii.l Nu. 3; Even ih,- crews at
Iln- coke mens mul the timber men
ai,- working with only hall enough
men; these, in... an- cxpecied to quit
in a day nr iw... Vol) In tic eoal
is available foi lhc power bouse and
m. doiibl Michel will souii he in
darkness. There is i„.
iu ibe camp win. will
llie offer made by iln- 	
in Us circular.     While Iher ,„
bitterness existing,  there is manifest
., determination an g iiu- men Hint
was altogether absent during tin*
strike las! fall. Many Italians arc
now leaving camp, but few oi the
other classes are .vet leaving, preferring In wall I'm' awhile .iii-l Imping
ini-' a fnvomble change ill lhc situation,
liiiiiug Hip strike lusl fall Michel
union was in splendid financial condition, I.aving a     large amount     ol
money available In give assistance in
iis "nii-iiili.-i's .lining the trouble.
Now ilif cisc stands different, the
depleted treasury has nol been Ailed,
vi-iv Utile money being on Innd for
emergency in case of a strike.
i single man
to work ai
lluppj    I.,
P-. Hi   I'i
lie Invellei
this grcnl  ,1,,
,i   bcaII   mil, i
f Ilif cashier's
!  flowers!
sic sweel
i as     |.|„.
..I  Imppy,
:.   lin'l'.lif.l
III,'   l.llli.s
ifli ni and
I'air of shoes In, babj
ss for Dorothy;
Will   main'
ier dam
Henii  Ibu I
It be.
.IIMI'N    FENCE, (.'l.l.MIIS   CARS,
HIT  IN   Till-:  LAKE.
(Toronto World.)
A big black Clnlloway sleet paid a
Hying unofficial visit tn llu- inhabit-
ants of Todmordcn laic yesterday
The steer was sold along with a
number nl his poor brothers In a
killer, whose iili.iiioir is in lhc neighborhood nf tlnuilciliiim's distillery.
His nun tn he slaughtered had almost .-.une. when, with a beliow, lie
made a dash fnr llie fence nf the enclosure, one nf Ibe men fired a shut.
which blinded bim in ..lie eye. Hy
some means lhc steer managed to
clamber up on top of the freight cms
nn the Hacks, and ran along lhc runts
fnr a lung distance. Chase was instituted, and his form was seen leaping (rum the tup nf the ears away in
Uie distance until ho struck Todmordcn. lie tinned then casl mid
south, running to Ashbridgc's Marsh
uiilil be reached the lun, mut without lu-sii.itiun proceeded lu swim out
Into de.-]. water until he struck
Fisherman's island. Tin- pursuers
tried in corner him, but he again
look in the water, swimming out tutu Hn- lake. Ciiplnin llcclor Mae-
domild id lhc life-saving crew was
consulted, and llu- life-saving boat
launched. For a mile .nu! a lull
ih.- tlrfln.il steer swam in lhc lake
When he reached shore 511 nun were
ready .or bim, and he bad tu capitulate.
A    ling  nl  Hie  Cl
Tbiii'sd.n evening Insl
lowing i.lliffi'i fIffi fil
mid  llu-
Ul    111.'   fi
tits.   Ilt'i'llltier was in fnwn il enlipli    ___^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
nf davs    last     week   calling nn his , J'':'.1:     „   .,   ,
11 v old friends.     Mi.  Ili'i'iuni'i    Is 1... I ■  ■'-"*-,     <•■  l-';'1"'  l"csi.fiil.
HOW   locilll.l   ill   Elltltnnt,,,,   |  ,e-   Mill.  SmitH;   U.f litis Ill,   .1.   1 Ulll,
pmls    everything thriving In     that    ;■    ■  Hj" »      ",'"  ' ■'"".v ,J
metropolis nf Ibe nnrlhwesl. Mrs.   HoIllllS,   l>.    .1.   •' »"".„»•   I'"11"1-
Hiemnci  is slill    visiiing with ,,.|,,.' sfireluiy lifiisuiei,   O.  mall, ox.cij
lives and friends in l.elhbridge and    J'''- '""""" '•''• '   ..V .""I,)1",' ",•,„',
vicinity bill ox -Is    In ret urn to SnRJ'r*V.ii. .
K.lmonlnii    wilh   her    husband Hrfs  S. ,1. JIIKlltoli
» "• u:,,;:r,
ll.   II.   Mill
iiii-iii, In leu
ii.mil Ice w.i
.rlnll/e Ilif
('. M.    Edwards.     Frank MrNohbt
.'has.   Chapman and    Win.    Knrsvllie  ,
leave In-day   lor an    extended pros-  '""•""'  ™lrrs llsl  '  -    -      ..
peeling lour ol Ibe northern part   ol '"" '""';,       .
lhc province.     Thev will ship   their ,.„,,,.,"[v £,'„'."      i ,,          ,
nullit from Hidden to Ashcroft     and   \.,"'T ''""'',   ' ;""  ..n-ftlng nlso
from there they will travel ns     far nss™» ninlioii expressing cnnfldencr
us llarkerville hv stage, and     I ben !» Premier   Mcllrhlc „,„| bis govern-
pac'' the rest of the way.    They ex-   '"""■	
p.'ct lo be gone six or eight months.
■ >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
CCS .-
i' fuel thai mil warm  them
iln- blasts uf winter shriek;
hunch   nf j.iv ami comfort
tlml will lasl another week.
Ami mc heart is light and happy iis
I iml day after 'dav,
Wliile    ihe   smiles of happy children
slid :i bright liKbt ou my way.
Ami my    weary steps   gtnw lighter,
and my -heart with rapture drums
When I face Hie cashier's window uud
• lusl a  tinted     hit of paper, hill     il
holds a wealth of jny—
[Ioir.c mul comfort without measure,
happiness wllhout alloy.
Hour hy hour I loll wlih [.leisure fnr
I kinow Hie moments count.
Heal  by beat, each stroke is adding
in my honest  week's account.
Every moment adds a pleasure to il.o
loved ones in lhc nest,
While the thought nerves mc In labor
wilh a  never failing zest,
'lis   fur  wife and  babes—Clod     bless
'.■in—mul   my heart with rapture
When I face the cashier's window and
I iim prepared in supply good dry
stove wood, nny length. Orders can
be lefl will- He.'.le ,v Klwell or ll. T.
lingers. It. S. Ham.., Hillcrcst
Ranch. 4
The regular meeting nf Crescent!
lodge No. 33, will be held on W'ed-
iiisdiiv evening next, instead of Tue.
d.ii nu nccotiul of Ihe official visil of
Uu'- Grand Chancellor Cum dor.
All kinds nf ladles nnd gentlemen's
'leaning, pressing and repairing, ul
lhc Cranlirook live Works. Armstrong
Avenue, opposite Imperial hotel.
' A. I.. Ililhn,i
unoforle.   Tor
Armstrong Ave.. Crnnbrook
Notice is hereby given tlui sixty
days alter dale I Inlend In applv lo
Hi.' Chief Comntlsslouei ol I.amis nnd
Works,   Victoria,   lliiiisb Columbia,
Inr pel-miss  the lollowlng descrih
ed bind iii South Easi  Kootenay:
I'm 'Ii.'itig   .11   n   pnsl   plnnlcil   .ll
.i polnl Ml chains '.mull ul the suulh
nasi    corner ..I     Loi  numliei     ,::i..
i! p I, Ensl Kniiifiiiii, iheiif st
in chains,    thence south   in    ebnlns,
lb.'.if.-   wesi   III  eh.mis,   tlience    Hi
in chains in the polnl ol chains in
iln- pi.nit nt commencement, con
mining inn acres.
Ilnlpl.   I'.illllfl
Hilled tins mill day ol April, A l. .
In     ll
lilt:   SI PlllfMK   ('III III'
I ill
Wind lug-Up
Cbapler II
ul    Ihe   "I'	
Ael,     1808,
il    lhc    Slllll
I'nllllnllj.i,      IMS
UNIONS and ALL-WOOL.   Big i
ment, iu all sines.   From
$5.50 I" $17.00
c. c. s.
Amending Acts; mul
In   Ibe  llliiltei   nf The Pav  Hull  Clolll
Mining    and    Milling   Company,
Limited, N,.n Personal Liability.
A   mooting ..I the  shareholders ..I
The Pay  Hull fluid  Mining  1  Mill
ing  Culii|imiv.   Limited,   Nnli-Peisnii.il
Liability, will he held at Ihe Claim
hers of' His Honour, P. 10. Wilson,
Local Judge, Crnnbrook, on Mniuhiv,
lhc 22nd duy nf April, 1907, at Ibe
hour of four o'clock in the afternoon.
In consider a lender nf One Thousand
Dollars made lor the assets ol the
said Company.
.lohn Leask,
Official Liquidator,
Dated   this   lOUi   day   ol    April,
1111)7. 3-2.
$2 oo A YEAH


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