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Cranbrook Herald Sep 17, 1914

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7* <S*
Eight Years Work Has Proven Property   and  Owners   are now
Preparing to Keiip Their
Golden   Harvest
it lias often boen naked "What Industry will tuke tin*, plaee of tjio
lumbering once thn timber has ull
been cut adjacent to Cranbrook?"
The fanning industry Is slow In development nnd will take several
years before it can reach tho point
where It can support a city of Crim-
hrook's population. ' on account of
the present financial situation lt will
likely be noun yours before thc rull-
road situation can develop to any
groat extent. Tho citizens huve been
endeavoring to secure the Kootenny
Central cut-off nnd Inaugurate the
distillation of by-products-from-the-
Btump-plnnt. These ure good things
aud will likely become facts In the
future, but If the plans of the owners of tlu* HomcBtake mine on Perry
Creek miterlallze the city will not
have to wait for the slower industries to develop. Crnnbrook will
within a short time become a prosperous mining center.
Messrs. J. p. Fink, secretary of the
board of trade, Ira R. Manning, president of Ira R. Manning, Ltd., J. M.
Christie, manager of tlie Canadian
Hank of Commerce and J. R. Thompson, the Herald scribe, visited the
Homestake mine on Wednesday nnd
interviewed Mr. Geo. Carr, tlie manager of the property, and tins Thels,
one of the well-known old-time prospectors of the district and an Interested holder in thc Homestake group.
1 vein was encountered is 6400 feet
The crest of the divide is about 9.000
feet. A good wagon road is now constructed ull the way to the property.
Whal Their Success Means
The ore vein on the Homestake has
been traced for t!4 miles through this
district and Mr. Carr states that there
ure a numhher of good properties on
both sides of Perry Creek in tliis district. If they are successful witli
their property nnd can operate tlieir
Germans In Haste tn Evade Pursuit
Aliandon  Cannon,  Prisoner*
and   Supplies
London, Sept. 14,—The sixth week
of tin* war between Qermany uud
France, Great Britain and Belgium
lias brought about a transformation.
Tlu* pursued are now the pursuers.
Fifteen   Women's  Societies   t'oniblm
Into line for Relief of DIM res.
During tlie Coming Winter
  '    Nanaimo, Sept. 11.—The mystery sur-
t'ostlioned From Monday Fvenlnir and  rounding the dynamiting of the homo
Held  Thi.  Ai'tirnimn
Cranbrook's Sunshine Society
now a fully organised Institution
mill,, ut ,i proiii ii will niran a great|The swoon of several Qerman armiesIembraces Jadioa from every organ
mining revival wlll Immediately take through Belgium Into France met un ]IU"< '" »'" ''«>•• more than one I
effort on Perry Creek.   The eyes of immovable hire,, at tbo Marno river. ■ llri''l being connected  with tbe
cuiiltnl will bo tur I In tlila direction  The army "I don, von Klm-k. which
and a big camp l» mire to follow. >«>  l"i>K  battled  to turn the allies'
—— western Hunk, was Itself oiowly and  l,sslsl before tl
society  u.s   nctiv
woman in tlir cl
III' Illll'TS
Will    III'    I
ntrr Is live
kid i<
FUNERAL OF F. It. MORRIS I ""l""1"',""'"""''""■   »f ™u™>°°1 ItTl
Ireuiiy at work
, before the small but hardy British ulld fourteen cases ol needy desi rving
ln J army turned the tide or battle. K l,,'t,'lU' lll*vfl t,,'," **fltetl ,,ll(l ■'■ Bome
the Prench official reports are cor- cases the society has already been the
reel the German armies, except that' means of affordlug relief. Anything
facing Verdun and extending a fow ; u acceptable lor the use of the var-
mlles Bouthweat, nn- retreating.
(Jen. von Kluek's army, which a
week ago was a few miles to the
southeast of Paris, lias retired more
than UO miles to tlie northeast, while
nn the extreme right thc army of the
Bavarian crown prince, which was attacking  the  French   eastern   line  to
Procession    Nearly    Hall'    Mile
Length   Unnj   Prom   Outside
Points Paid Last Hrsper s
Kvery store lu the eity was closed
last Saturday afternoon for two
hours during tho funeral of the late
l*\ R. Morris. One of tlie longest processions ever seen in the city followed
the remains to their last resting
place in the Church of Qngland cemetery. A short service was conducted Epinai~ has fallen buck to thc fron-
by Rov. B. P. Flewelling at two t!era 'o{ Lorraine, permitting the
o'clock at the home of J. O. Cum- preneh to occupy Lunovllle and sev-1
mings on Fenwick avenue and the erftj nt*„,r towns.
procession moved to Christ church, Gon> Joffr(1> thl, |pronci, commnnd-
where a special service was given. 6r-ln-chlcf, pictures the retreat lis]
The little church was much too, 1|ljrrfefj( if I10t disorderly, with the'
small to house the many In uttend-;aermnn8 abandoning prisoners,
ance, only a few gaining admittance.  wounded and supplies.
After tiiis service the last journey .....
commenced,    the    procession    being *m*]m Ktt,M,*i ■*■"»
iieaded by eighty-seven members of .Tlie battle of tlie Marno, whicli was
the Independent Order to Odd Fel- decided In a week, is regarded by
lows, of which order the deceased military critics as tho most marvelous
was a member. The hearse was foi- j reversal or the routes of two armies
lowed by 47 vehicles and 14 nutomo- ! known. In tlieir view, it appears to
biles, making a procession nearly a : have decided the tlrst phase of the
f tlie muln workings on the ] iia]( mjie jtl length.   Tiie flags at the   war and to have made Impossible the
property wcre visited.   The develop- j government  building,  city  hall  and   plan which the Qerman stuff is sup-
ions committees in the way of clothing, food, bedding, comforts* for tin*
sick, etc.
The meeting for tho permanent organization of tlu; Sunshine Society
was held ut the Kdison theatre last
Friday evening at which there wns a
large   attendance.    Tlie   permanent
ollicers were elected ns follows:
President- Mrs. J. II. King,
First Vice-President - .Mrs. W. R
Second Vice-President—Mrs, F. B.
Recording Secretary Mrs, A. A.
Financial Secretary Mrs. J. F,
Treasurer- Mrs. W. B. McFarlane.
The executive committee consists of
representatives from each ladies' organization in the city to act In eon-
junction with tho regular ollicers us
W.C.T.U.—Mrs. Harry White. Mrs.
J. F. Smith.
On account of there bel
aldermen absent from the city las*
Monday evening the regular session
of the city council for the transaction
of tlie usual monthly routine was held
at the city hall this afternoon at four
o'clock with Mayor Simon Taylor in
tho chair. Aldermen present were:
Campbell, Horie and Hickenbotham;
< ity clerk Roberts nnd Engineer Olenday.
Among tlie communications was n
petition from several residents of
block 28 protesting against the erection of a dwelling house In t hut
neighborhood by two chinamen. The
petition was received and referred io
tlie City solicitor and the petitioners
were to bc notllled that the city solicitor advised tliat tin* council had uo
authority to stop tho erection or the
building provided thut It complied
with building bylaw and sanitary regulations.
Communication was received from
W. K, Worden offering to do the ne-
of Andrew MacKinnon at Ladysmith
on August 13th last year, during the
progress  of  the  strike  disturbances, I
was  completely  cleared  up  In   the !J-  n*  Whitley of  Vancouver  Visits
Ladysmith  police court today, when ! Cranbrook and Addresses
.Mike Adams and Wm. Jackson, cliurg- : Local   Member*
ed   with   the  attempted  murder   of 	
MacKinnon, told of the part they J. W. Whlteley, ot A'ancouver. pro-
Played In the outrage which wrecked vluclal grand matter of the Royal
the home and maimed MacKinnon for | Black Knights of Ireland, grand lec-
■■■''■ turer of tho Grand Orange l^odge of
The voluntary statements of Adams ; British America, and grand organizer
nnd Jackson came after William for the Loyal Orange Association In
Staeous turned King's evidence and | Hritish Columbia, spent a few days
had testified to accompanying the two I in town this week visiting tiie local
men to MacKinnon's home and seeing j Orange lodge and Black Preceptory.
Adams throw dynamite Into the house. ; On Tuesday evening u reception wus
Accused were committed for trial, held In the hall to enable the members
s wero placed under i to get acquainted with the organizer
und   to  discuss   plans   for  the  other
meetings,    tin  Wednosday night the
A.   MacKinnon,  proprietor  of I *J*\ B'"k  P*""*"*  delved an
io Cranbrook Foundry] °,lL'ial vUU from lho Rrand ""*».
 L!__                  \ who in an interesting addn bs told of
YOUR   COUNTRY .tlu' Progress of the Royal Black in-
NEEP8  ¥00"   stitutlon   in   British   Columbia   and
  throughout tbe Dominion.   On Thurar
A Cranhrook boy, who has been out | (JftV oven*ng an „.„.„ Wee«n8 w
nnd the wltnessi
bonds ol' $G0U each.
[Andrew   MacKinnon  is a  brother
of   A.
cessary work ort the city water mains  from London for the past two years, i wjjan   *\*,r   whiti*i<*v ■
up to an amount not exceeding $4,000   has this week received the followingJorangemei and iheir friends on the
j principles of the association nnd the
Catholic Altar Society- Mrs
ment ou this property extends over j over t|le post ofllce were all at half  posed to have hud of smashing the  McDermot, Mrs. Joe .lackson.
several miles and the leads have all! niast>     Many   people   from   outside j French by one comprehensive stroke j    Rebekahs—Mrs.   \V.   F.   <'i
been shown up to the satisfaction of j „0[nts ■„ tne district were present to | and then turning tlie bulk of the Oer- 1 Mrs. A. A. Johnson.
all the practical men who have visited the property. A report on tlie property has been written by Capt. Rogers, a mining expert, and will be published in tlie Herald lu the near future.
Three well defined and distinct gold-
bearing ore veins have been uncovered on the property uud good assays
have been secured from every sample
tender their last ri.*-vpects.
The    pall-bearers    were:    M.    A.
Beale, Geo. Hoggarth, Dr. J. H. King,
Dr. F. W. Green, John Cholditeh, N,
A. Wallinger, Chas. A. Cock and J.
G. Cummlngs.
The casket was covered with beautiful flowers given by Mr. and Mrs.
M. A Beale, Dr. and Mrs. Green, Dr.
and Mrs. King. Mr. and Mrs. A. ('.
submitted   to   the   assayers.   which   N*el80Ili  Mr  anu*   Mrs.   Dan   Burton.
have enthused the owners with con- | Mr ftnd MrB< Heath( Mr. and Mrs. E.
fldence in tlieir property.   The ore is * H   gmttUi Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Ward.
all   thoroughly   oxidized   and   tree- Mr and Mra. George Hoggarth, Mr.
milling nnd no base ore has been en-! and Mrs. T. M. Roberta, Mr. Joscpii
countered, although base ore at var-; RyaIli Messrs. K. P. Flewelling and
Ions  depths  has  been  predicted  by  chas  A   Cock> Messrs. MacdanoUl &
some mining men.   Their predictions | Nisbpt   cranhrook  Civilian   Rille As-
have  been   proven  erroneous  by  the; ._„•.,.„„   rvmimini.-  Pitv iv.Hr,.   ti-c . . , .
' * loeiution. i ranorooh uq   I once, ii.c  , t t]u, ra jroad between Llege
shafts   which  |iave  been   sunk  and | ]jQC&] Government Staff, East Kooto-
Whlch  show  the  ore veins  widening   nay R(,gjni,int. Key City Lodge. l.O.O.
R, RadcllfTe Bros., Invermere.
man forces eastward to confront the      Methodist  Ladles  Aid -Mrs.  II. A.
RttBBlans. McKowan. Mrs.  V>\  It. McFnrhino.
The military experts, however, are
still cautious, realizing the possibility
that the German armies may yet rally
und draw a strong defensive line thoy
recognize also the possibility of the
almost complete evacuation of France
and Belgium.
Belgian', do Good Work
Paris announces thnt the Germans
liave evacuated Amiens.   The where*
Presbyterian Mission Society—Mrs.
W. W. McGregor, Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon.
Baptist Mission Society—Mrs. J.
W. Spence, Mrs. J. II. King.
English Church Guild -Mrs. Geo,
Hoggarth, Mrs. Dan Burton.
Independent Order of Foresters-
Mrs, C. Hayward, Mrs. Lee.
Overseas Club-Mrs. Q,  P. Tisdale,
abouts of Qerman reinforcements ot MrB- H. Y. Brake.
(10,000 reported to be marching south j    Auxiliary to B. of R. T.—Mrs. C. H.
on three roads in that neighborhood i Knocke, Mrs. W. J. Flowers.
is  unknown.    Tlie  Belgian  army  is ,    Auxiliary to Engineers-Mrs. G. M.
credited   with   the  determination   to j Barney. Mrs. J. T. Sarvis.
Brussels    and claims    to      Auxiliary to  Y.M.C.A.—Mrs.  W. H.
Wilson. Mrs. C. T. Davis.
Presbyterian Aid Society—Mrs. W.
and   accepting   tlie   city's   note   until
Mich time as the debentures ure sold
The mutter was referred to the special
water committee.
The finance committee rnporteri the
following accounts, which were passed
and ordered paid:
Beattie-Murphy Co *    -}.2b
Burroughs   Adding   Machine
Co        3.00
City   Transfer  ti   Warehouse
CO      17T.S0
Cranhrook Meat Market   ....       23.00
('ranbrook Sash & Door Co.,.      70.38
Calgary   Drafting  Co       11.00
Craubrook Cartage & Transfer Co	
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co,
Cruubrook Electric Light Co,
t'ranbrook Trading Co	
City Livery 	
U. Cassclls  	
■ C.P.R. Telegraphs 	
City Clerk's sundries 	
Dezall. Frank 	
Ul Meat Market 	
Hanson Garage 	
llerald Publishing Co	
Kootenay Telephone Lines  .
Manning, Ira., Ltd	
McBride, J. I>	
' Patmore Bros	
city officials' payroll  	
Fire department 	
Police salaries 	
etter from his father
My Dear Son:
Your country needs you. I shall
In* glad to know you have offered
your services    Join a Scotch contingent il' possible, Im! join.
Vour affectionate,
necessity for its existence fu the
Dominion. Mr. Whitelcy states that
the order has made wonderful pro-
Bress during tin past few year their
being now OS lodges In British Columbia, and several more to be organized
before the end of the year in 1913
higher spirit of patriotism could ever). province reported an increase in
hown   by   the ,
4,i;o sare i
30.10   peopl
lie asked than that
above messnge. Your country needs
vou. That is tlie paramount consld-
•ratlon, oven above that of llfo itself
When a father urge*, ids sou to re-
ipond to the call of the empire love of
country and home ts above every oth-
•r thought even tliat his boy might
lay down his life in un effort to per*
'etuate tlu* institutions and privileges
for which he lights. Such a spirit of
patriotism means that the empire is
sure in the loyalty and support of the \ j„ some j( , „
gainst  Uu*  invasion  or  sue-   *,0 j1;
ss of any foe.
membership, and the net Increase for
British America was the largest iu the
history of the association. One feature in connection with the Increase
in membership during the past few
years was the large number of |*ro-
testant clergymen who hail joined
the ranks and who were Identifying
themselves with the work of the order Mr Whlteley states that a great
many members of the order have gone
to the front with the volunteers, and
been necessary
new election of officers to
j replaci   those   who   liave   left.    This
was  Decenary in  Fernie.  where the
l'   S. IF GKRMAYY WINSI   m***er u<l deputy master went away;
8>66   j also at Merrill, and in a number of
13.90      Collier's     Weekly    declares    that   the  lodges  in   Vancouver  nnd   Vic-
61.76   Americans   must   observe   president   toria.     Four   members   of   the   local
23.76   Wilson's neutrality order rigidly, bul j lodge are at Valcartler, and others
23.20 ; asks what would happen in the Unit- j have signified their intention  of en-
91.04 '. ed States If Qermany should win and ' listing In the second contingent. Mr.
7.301 the  British  navy be swept from the i Whlteley  states tliat  the  Orangemen
1.0ft! seas.     In   answer   the   statement   is ■ rt Canada are. and always have been,
317J.0 made thnt: "If we were guided by or- ■ strong  Imperialist*, and  quotes the
275.00 dlnary prudence we would Instantly   following  message  from   tiie  Grand
415,00' recognize   tlie   necessity   of   making | Master of British America to His Ma-
School boord payroll   1706.31 our navy not less than seven times as   jesty the King:
with depth nnd becoming more thoroughly oridlzed and free milling.
Eight Year*, of Development
No story of tliis property would be
complete without some of the history
and the events which lend to Mr. Carr
securing an Interest. Much of the
ground now in the Homestake group
has been prospected over for thc last
fifty   yearit   by   various   prospectors
Sl\ Hundred Ounce*, oi Silver lo thc
Ton-Claims  Located  at
Pine Pass
assays made
by it.
Sept.   14.—Field
D. Pentherstono-
One of the old timers several years *»RUgU, M.K.. of Vancouver, for thc
ago annually visited Chicago with a Omenlca Exploration Syndicate of
fow thousands in gold dust and en- \ Kdmonton, show six hundred ounces
deavored lo interest capital in that ,,f ■"ver to the ton nnd three copper
city. Mr. Carr is a mining mnn of' <"•«" *■"*« claims stakotl b* his "llir-
many years experience nnd well ac-1•* ,,,, t*ka Til!lli- a BUort <li-1,;'lu'°
qitalnted With all tlio mining camps
of importance
tlneilt,     Sight  yoari ago tie  was sent
and Brussels, thus severing an Important line of German communication, and to be pushing the scattered
Qerman forces, composed for the
most part of reservists, toward tlie
Military authorities iu France consider the position of the German armies ns critical. Tlie army which wus
south of the Argonne forest can hardly retreat eastward owing to the danger from the strongly held French
fortress of Verdun, while thc mountainous wooded character of the Argonne   district   renders   retreat   due
J. Atchison, Mrs. W. E. Worden.
Women's Institute—Mrs. B. Palmer,
Mrs. John Shaw.
Ancient Order of Foresters—Mrs.
Drew. Mrs. J. Laurie.
The fiillowtng ape*
were named to carry
the society:
Investigating commute*—Mrs. J. F.
Smith. Mrs. Harry White und Mrs.
Chas. Hayward.
Relief committee—Mrs. A. L. McDermot and Mrs. T. Drummond,
Soliciting     committee -Mrs.     Dan
School board orders 	
City engineer's payroll ...
city  engineer's  payroll   (1
F. Parks & Co	
Prospector Publishing Co..
I. W. Rutledge	
Selby, W. J	
ul   committees   Wilson, W. H
n the work of
108.75 i strong as it is now and raising our Toronto. Canada.
502.75 ; standing army to a half million.   We , August 26th, 1914
. would have to step against our wills J To His Majesty the King.
5G.10 I into the shoes that France has stood Buckingham Palace. London, Eng.
11.95' In now for forty years." This is a May it please your majesty:
22.00 | frank admission of the situation. The |n imrt evidence of a I'nited Canada
6.50' British navy and the certainty lhat | tn this crisltj of the empire. 1 offer to
5.50 Britain and the I'nited Slates will j your majesty the respectful homage
20.00 i stand  together  have saved hundreds ; „f three hundred and  fifty thousand
west of Pine   Pass   in   northeastern
on the American con- BrItl8h Columbia.   The copper values
i ho «u pmiI ! Wl'n' 11,,t taken.    Ile also wtakctl
to Oregon  from Chicago to make uu   Mv **°!d 'hiims and coul lands.
Coal shows S7  per cent carbon
north impracticable.   The left wing of   Burton.   Mrs.   G.   II.   Thompson   and
the Germans, they believe, must re-   Ed. Shackieton.
treat in a northwesterly direction. Sick  committee -Mrs.  C.  J.   Little,
„.     . „   ., Miss Christie and Mrs  W. J  Atchison.
Olvei Narrow Retreat Route ■     .  ,m__   «,__ T  q
Employment committee—Mrs.  I. h.
They also cherish the hope that the   (J(n an(J Mm_ ..  A  McKowan,
Belgians may succeed in clearing the |
  of millions for the people of the Unit-
Total    $4434.97 "d  Stale-,.    It  has  been  shown  that
The city engineer's report on work Great   Britain, does   not   swerve   a
for the month of August was In part hair's breadth from her alliances ami
as follows: !'•*• hus ulso been shown that Germany
Streets regards a treaty as nothing but "a
On account of the financial strln- scrap of paper.''   The choice is ob-
gency  due  to  the   war,  all   public ions.
works were stopped on the night of
August 6th.   Between the 1st und the
the work was 'done on the following
streets.   Edwards street was finished
News has reached this city of the
gravelling and rolled, bewar avenue death nf Mrs. a ES. Rutledge at Mon*
was  gravelled.    French  avenue  was < rovla. California, from burns received
ictive and unattached members of
Loral Orange association of British
North America, pledged at all times
"o defend your majesty's person,
Town and empire. We solemnly renew our allegiance and declare our
readiness to support by any material
and effective means the righteous
cause In whicli tbe British army and
navy are now engaged.
On behalf of your majesty*! most
faithful and devoted servants.
D. D. Ellis.
Grand   Master.
expert report on a property and was
Incidentally asked to visit the Perry
Crook district en route and ascertain
If there was anything worth while
From (hut time he has beon Identified
wilh tlu* IVrry Creek camp What he
sow mon* than satisfied htm that one
of tiie greatest propositions on tho
American   continent   was   lying   Idle
. 11
The property is within three milei
if the PaolflO and ('.rent Fasten
railway, which is to be opened enrl?
next year as part of the Grand Trunk   passing or n large stream through n |
system and connecting with the Ed-  narrow bottle neck,
monton, Dunvcgan &  British Colum-      The German version or the battle
! Ma railway. of  Murue  Is yet  to  be  heard.    The
Mr. Feutherstonchuugh's report to Qerman official wireless tonight Is
only » row miles from n railroad and jtlH' m&toto contains those interest- sttont regarding the operations of the
severut   good   towns.     Ile  stntes  that
it seems incredible to htm that these
n >.■.»■- ,. .mmiMofl—Mrs  Geo  Hok- rolled, and some gravel was placed   In n gasoline explosion in her home
Sewing  comniiuee—-*.irs.  um,  n<*h ci> iviiiiji'tL   ItJtVC
rmuiis out  of  Brabbant  prpymce,|      ^ M      ,  M c4lirtstle.                    on Hanson avenue. Mrs. Rutledge is a sister of Mr. Sam   l ltA«lDJIUUJI PU1B
Bridges Morrow, of Haynes Lake, and a sister-
Store committee—Mrs
John Shaw,
Joe Jack
ing Items: past  week  in   that  theatre.    It  re-
"We slaked altogether  live dredg- (.0rds a local success by the crown
Ing leases, being fifteen miles, on the prince, who, It says, took n fortified
Omenica river; three copper and all- position  west of Verdun.   No date Is
ver claims on LukoTacla; 10 mlnoral given and the operations may have
when the entire (ierman army would
bo obliged to retreat on Luxemburg, i Mrg j T s„rv*8 an,\ Mn
•■* operation which they liken to the j ^on"
Permanent oltlces of the society will
be on the second floor nt the city hall
next to the city surveyor's offices. An
executive board meeting is called to
meet at the city council chambers
next Monday afternoon at 8.80 o'clock.
claims   on   Mount   Selwyn   ou   Teaee
River.   This last promises to be the
making   of   a   very   big   proposition,
■ A great deal depends on the result
I of the assay which 1 will have made;
hut I am quite confident of tho re-
; suit, in fact I believe It Is a property
occurred  at an  earlier stage  of the
The position of the troops, as stilted in the French report*: Is tint the
Gorman right army i* retreating beyond tiie river Voslo, which runs between Rheims und Solssons; that the
properties  have  been   allowed   to  lay
dormant io long without an earnest
elTort made tO develop stun.' of Ihein
In eight years of hard work by
Messrs, Carr and Theli tho property
has been proven and thoy are now
preparing to develop and mine on a
large scale.
Put hit Operation*.
A wagon road is now being constructed by ii provincial road i lew to | (lf .|n|ilir
the foot or the property.   During the   irvi, milling, und tr It will run even   filning back north or Vitry le Fr.ir.
COmtllS winter the building*-, will bc j ^ a  Um  (t  win  ,mik.,  -J,,,  largest  {.„|H and Sermulze and have crossed
constructed and tho heavy machinery. gl)I(, mIno )n t|„, worid.    Wo ulso
Installed necessary Mr a stamp mill , Htnk,,,|   U,Q   |Mlck   rr,1(,k    vm\    nnd
and complete, machinery for extracting the gold,   hi the spring a tunnel
eight feet high und six feet wide wlll
be started St about 160 feet from the
foot of the mountain.   Diamond drills
Bridge on Norbury avenue was re-   in-law of Mrs. J. H. McNabb, of this r
paired and guard rail put on same.      city.   She died at the Haben hospital.   A.
A  new  bridge  was built on  east   Monrovia, on September 4th and the
Records to he Kept nl all Knemles'
Subject*. Residing in I'ach
Chief of Police Adams has been Instructed by the militia department to
have a register kept of al! Austrian
und German subjects residing In the
which will be worth several millions Gorman forces in the corner, wnicli j municipality,   This Is done as a pro-
It is a mountain of Quarts   had   penetrated   farthest   south,  are
will he used und It Is expected that
about 400 feet per month wlll be made
on the tunnel, which Is expected to
tup tlie on* veins at about 11200 feet j
.or five nnd a half months' work. If j
the vein is reached at this depth the
dawn of n mining activity lu this district is assured.
Water power for running their mills
can bc taken from either Manchester
creek or Liverpool creek, tho property
extending across both of these
the river Marne nnd In the hilly
wooded country between Vitry and
4.000 acrea of land on tho Omenica Verdun the Germans have lost Rc-
rlver, adjoining tho drudging leases, vlgny und Brubunt le Hoi. The
I have options on severul other French appear to have taken the of-
good properties." Tensive along almost the entire front
Indicated by the successes tn the
east between Lunovllle and St. Die,
where they have retaken several
Rome, via Paris, Sept. 13, T..10 a.m. . towns they evacuated a fortnight ago,
—A despatch from Turin quotes the while reports from Basil say hard
Stnmpu as saying that Cardinal fighting occurred yesterday tn the
Bourne, archbishop of Westminster, Oebweller valley lu southern Alsace.
Is the hearer or a letter from the Gen. Stein has Issued Trom Berlin
pope to King George filled with sym- a statement describing meagerly the
pathy for the British nation, which Is operations In the east of Paris nnd
described ns "the guardian of pence telling of heavy losses on both sides,
and master of Justice." ' The statement adds  thnt  the army
The  Stamp"  adds   that   the   pope   commanded by Crown Prince Froder-
usked tlie Austrian and Prussian am-   Ick   William   Ims   been   bonihnrdlng
cautionary measure and at the same
time so that each municipality will
have some idea of the number of the
enemy subjects within their boundaries.
The chief is sending oul notices
and Is preparing a register which wlll
keep   the   nnmes   and   addresses,   so
French lane In block 34. alley thus being opened up.
Sidewalk on Hanson avenue wus replaced where grading had been done.
Ono   leak   on   distributary   system
was repaired and system  was generally maintained.
Disposal Waorks
Trays over primary filter at  disposal   works  were cleaned Off  twice
during the  month  and  system   wa*
cured for generally.
j. C. Glenday, city Engineer.
A report from W. T. McDonald regarding the inspection of the cattle
In the Cranbrook district for tuberculosis was to the effect thut all the
herds had passed the tuberculin test
Dr. J. W, Rutledge, assistant sanitary Inspector, reported as follows;
Your Worship the Mayor and Aldermen of tlie City of Cruubrook:
funeral was held on Monday. September 7th.
The following account of the accld- j
ent is taken from the Monrovia Daily
This morning about 10 o'clock Mrs.
A. E. Rutledge of Duarte, was very
seriously burned, when her clothing
caught lire from exploding gasoline
fumes in a room adjoining the kitchen of her home. Although lief daughter. Miss Irene Hammond, and ht.*»-
hund. A. E Rutledge, were both at
home and rusln-d to her assistance,
her biasing garments burned her from
head to foot, and her present condi
Hon is critical. She was taken to the
Haben hospital a few minutes after
the accident, and Is being given constant attention by physician and Bursas, who believe thut she will recover, despite the fact that a lorg«*
area of her body Is burned over.
Room Pull of Gauollne K ti mt* -
Mrs. Rutledge was attempting to
['fumigate"   a   room   adjoining   the
M. Laurie Receives Letter Prom a
Former Cranbrook Resldenl
Heportintr All Well
I am pleased to submit the report
thnt an eye con bo kept on tbem dur-  of  milk  tested  for  the   last  month kitchen of hor home against  moths
Ing the wnr period.   In this way they  which I am also pleased to state is n hy dampening the walls with gnso-
enn bo checked up at any time and the vast Improvement on any test mudi line, ami opened tlu* door to go Into
Kditor Cranhrook Herald
Dear Sir: I have a letter today from
Mr. und Mrs ,\. McCowan, father and
mother of Charlie McCowan, formerly Cranbrook residents Tbey have
Just returned home from a visit to
camp at Valcartler. after a visit to
their son. and to look tin* camp over.
Whilst there Ihey saw my son Robert
l-aurle and all the Cranbrook boys.
They are all in fine spirits and looking well and they wish the people of
Cranbrook to know that tbey are ail
eager la get to the front. Mr McCowan lays the tamp Is woaderful-
■i picture of orderliness, cleanliness
and discipline. Tlu- tonts of the Cranbrook boys nre in between those of
the 00th Winnipeg ritles and the Fort
Garry Hor-"
A. M. Uuric
cranbrook. IU*, September 17th
Paris,  sept,   18,
registration will have a considerable  In the past, Mr. Bardgett now being the kitchen, when a fire wos burning headed "Fortieth   Day of the  War."
controlling   effect    upon    foreigners  up to the mark. In the kitchen range.   The ovapora- the Petit Journal analyzes the Euro-
when they know tliey are under po-,    I have not examined the premises tion of gasoline In the room next to poan situation.    It says:
llco supervision.   Then, ir it is found  of those dairies sn cannot sny any
Loeathm of The llonieslnke bassadors to give safe conduct for   with heavy artillery the forts south
This   property   Is   24   mill's   from ' the return of Cnrdlntil Mender, prim-  of Verdun since Wednesday.
('ranbrook on the west side of Perry j ate of   Belgium,   to   Belgium.    This      By way of Rotterdam comes a Ber-
Creek  and  covers  a  district  about   was refused,  whereupon tho  pontiff  Hn despatch thut the lossos sustain-
three miles In length,   Tho elevation   answered tliat ho would remember the led  by    thn  Germans   number 6,535
nt tbo cabin wnera tho lower or No.) unpleasant refoaal. (dead and 12,363 wounded.
that they nre carrying on any work of \ thing regarding same.
espionage or acting in a beligerent
manner towards the empire they can
be reported to the inllltia officers, and
If they think necessary, arrested and
detained us prisoners of war.
This movement Ims the sanction of
the attorney general and Is being carried on throughout the province. It
wlll havo the cried or greatly assisting the inllltia department In tin
The milk tests are as follows:
W. J. Atchison 4,691
T. E. Austin 4   ''
J. A. Pringle 4  ':'<
W.   B.  Bardgett 4  9*
Joe Taylor  3.87,
McDonald Bros 3.891
J   W   Itiltledge
Dr. P. W, Green was appointed mod-
tlie kitchen had caused It to become "The kaiser must now be hesitation of highly Infliiinnhle gas, which ing between the pnlnf'il choice of
pour-'il into the kitchen ns she opened abandoning Ids falling erforN agalnHt
the door, and ignited from.the fire. France for tlie purpose of defending
An explosion resulted, and Mrs. the eastern frontier or by a desperute
Rptlodgo's clothing, which had rally in tlte west of recovering his
become saturated with gasoline strength to meet the Russian nrmles
lumos, caught tire. Mrs, Rutledge ran hammering toward Berlin "
out    of    doors    and    attempted    to     The article closes:
smother   lu-r   biasing   gnrtneiiU   by'    "In either case It I*; not an agr	
rolling upon the ground beneath the  able   prospect   for   a|i   emperor   who
health officer at a salary of $^r..(i(i   orange trees, hut it required the com-  dreamed   of   becoming   William   the
execution of measures of protection \ per month from September first | blued ass I Blanco of her husband and  COnquorbr but   whom  the  Indulgent
nnd In ascertaining tho amount ofl   Tho order for estra lengths of pipe; daughter to completely exhaust Ihe German historians will call William
mllltla uccesHnry tor home defence,    j was cancelled.
the Crasy." PAGE TWO
Howard St. anil Trent Ave.
A New And
Modern Hotel
,   modern   equipped   Cafe   a
nioderate  prices
Rates $1,00 ami up per day
Our bus meets all trains
The Coeur d'Alene Co.
JACOB GOETZ, President
HA Kit Y   F.   BAER,   Set'.
W. I.'. IVonien, Prop.
66   PHONE  66
Slab Wood
Rick Wood
llfiiiuimc Transfer
Saiiil nml Gravel Supplied
t.liuit Powdor
Moving Pianos a Specialty
, Baggage
.1. MILNE, Manager
Corner  Cranbrook  Slreet
Phone 2(11
Open Day anil Night
Candles, Fruits and Cigars
(lood Rooms in Connection
llllliaril   IN mil  Clear
Kor   a    t'uict    Uame
I ket  llilllimls or
Knirlisli llilllanls
Opposite I'.l'.ll. Station
Thr Place In tie! n Quirk Meal
anil n IIikhI Meal
Rooms to Kent
SiiiiIIi Cast Kuuteutt)'
J. It. THOMPSON, Editor and Manager
Subscription Hates
One   Year   »2.00
Six Months         1.00
Three Months    50
Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column loch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 101
cents per line.
Tranbrook, BjjTgept* 1Mb 1914
' Since the war tax on the breweries
has been added some men are giving
additional excuses of patriotic reu-
.sons for drinking.
Albei ta's announcement that no
more foreclosure sales or sales tinder
judgment Wlll be allowed during the
war could well be copied by British
Columbia.    Men   with  mortgages mi
, their property or payments to make
m ronl estate are sure to Rod considerable trouble In making them at
Hie present time. Foreclosure will
iot cure the Ills, us many properties
would  not   realize  at  this  time   the
, tmount of tlieir indebtedness when at
normal times they would be valuable.
Even the mooted Interests would (all
to pro tit by wholesale sales of pro-
icrtles which would result in many
being thrown out ot" employment and
And now that we are talking about
lie newspapers and the war, wo wish
to say something about tho cables thai
ire being pubH-died, some of which '
ire found ufterwards to have been un-
ruo. There are those who say tliat
lie newspapers manufacture these
Uspatches one duy and write denials
; if them the next. It iu not so. So far
is we know or suspect, there Is not
i newspaper In Canada that does anything like that. The fraud would be
cnown at once in all thc other newspaper  offices.    The  cables  from  Bu-
\   ope   are  cabled   from   Kurope,  and:
j those from New York ure dated from
\'ow York. Nothing written In To-
nnto Is given the appearance of liav-
ng come by cable or wire from anywhere else.    If such tilings were ever
I lone the practice has long been outgrown.
All the news of the war that ap-
! .icars in the Star Is cabled from Eng-
■  and und passes through the office of
j tho censors tiiere.   When the censors
pass   it   tliey   do   not   guarantee   its
ruth, because they do not know what
he truth is any better than we know,
i ir uny better than our readers know
| .hen tliey read it in print.   The cen-
I ;ors  suppress   such iiews,   whether,
.rue or false, as would, in their opln-
I on, help tlie enemy and work injury
1 ti Hritish arms.   That la their whole
;   oucern.   Soldiers muy think they art
j iot censoring with enough strictness.
| nit newspaper publishers are inclin-
| id to think that they arc holding back
j ;oo much Information and producing
J a dlsquletttude in oversea ports that
■an scarcely be called for.    De that
j is it may, the censors, like thc editors I
of Toronto, handle the cables about
Uie war and pass them on to the pub-
lie, neither being able to guarantee
their accuracy.    The  people of Toronto nre entitled to know what the
war reports are which circulate in
London nnd Pnrla.    They appear In
the newspapers there as they appear
n our papers here, and the cable edl-
tor In a Toronto newspaper office cannot be expected to recognize us untrue
i   war report Trom  Belgium that p !
similar editor on a British journal accepts and publishes on the same day
and at the same hour. '
l|\Ve illustrate one of
our various number of
Heating Stoves
Wo invite your inspection and selection.
1'No advance In prices.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware  and   Mill   Supplies
Craiilirook, H.C.
NOTICK  is  hereby given  that  30
days after date 1 intend to apply tt
tlie Hun. the Minister uf Lands for tt 	
license under tho Coal and Petroleum  !ir(,, iK ft aurprlalng that news is dlffl
The press is doing its best to perform for the public the service lt hus
undertaken, of giving out the news
! is fully as It can give It and as fast
i as it can get it.   Thc newspapers do
j not make the news.   They do not fake
it.    They  receive  and  contribute  It
A dispatch came to us from a point In
Canada telling of a rumor that the
| Iron Duke had been sunk In battle,
i That story we did not publish, but
: hold    for    confirmation,    because    It
[ seemed Improbable that the flrst news
; nf such an event, If It had happened.
I would  have come  from  a  point on
' this side of the Atlantic.
The organized news services are do-
'. ing their utmost to supply Information as to the battles fought and at
to the general progress of the war.
hut from Europe, In her present
state, when American millionaires up
stranded there and cannot ut nny
price get away In person nor even
■lend a telegram saying where tliey
There is no other choice. There
etui be no peace for Britain or for
Russia or for Prance until tiiere is
pence fur all three, and for all the
powers, and for all the peoples of all
the world. Tlie governments of the
throe allies did well on Saturday last
iu putting their signatures to a joint
agreement which declares peace for
all or peace for none, That agreement frustrates any crafty attempt on
Germany's part to force au -ignoble
peace upon France. Were the Qerman army successful In a siege of
Paris, und were tlie offer made thnt
Paris would he spared the vandal
outrage at Louvaln if France should
yield to Germany's terms, the price
would be too great, too great even for
peace. Tlie snek of Paris would bc
another crime against culture, against
civilization; but for France to yield
at uny price would be death for the
nation. The nation might survive, national greatness might bo restored,
oven were Paris destroyed; there
could be no nation wortli the saving
were (Ik* nation's birthright sold for
any pottage-price Germany might offer. There can be for France no
peace, no hope of peace, so long as
her neighbor nation Is allowed to arm
for war.
Britain canto to the aid of France
nnd Russia against Germany not for
the sake of war, but for the sake of
peace. And now, as "Lo Journal" of
Paris suld yesterday: "Should Franco
lie exhausted, and Russia too, all
Germany's forces will break against
Albion's untiring tenacity which wore
down Napoleon." But Britain fights
for peace, not for the great powers,
but peace und freedom for defenceless and unoffending little Belgium.
Now that defiance is hurled at all the
little peoples, now that national security everywhere is challenged and
clvllfatton Itself outraged, Britain
uiul France und Russia have signed
another "scrap of paper" which will
hold to the last, and will hold all
three In a pact of peace for all or
pence for none.
But not for these nations alone. And
not even for all tlie combatants alone.
All nations and peoples everywhere
that love truth and hate Iniquity
have the moral right to Insist that
'.his outrage against all the Ideals
aud hopes of clvlliatfon shall not be
patched up ns though it concerned
only tin* combatant states. It concerns every nation. It lias disrupted
the life and liberties of every community. The world of nations is too
small for such ararchy. Europe is too
closely bound to all other continents
for this plague and pestilence to be
in affair of Europe alone. The festering sore must be cut out to the
very roots-of the canker or Its virus
will remain in the blood of world-
politics. If peace is concluded on
any basis narrower than the Interests
>f the world-neighborhood or on any
makeshift terms it will be a crime
against humanity as inexcusable us
tlie war Itself. It must be peace for
all or peace for none.
And there can be no pence, no true
pence, by any skillful re-drnwlng and
re-coloring of the map of Europe. The
Act   to   prospect   o
described land:
Commencing at
yards  south-wesl   i
corner of l.nt 1001,
east HO chains, them
thence   west  SO  clu
or the following
posl about 101
tlie north-west
1, K. I».. thence
south SO chains
s, thence north
80 chains to the point of commence*
Located July llth, 1014.
nO-fit .1. H- MAYES, Locator
N.nitli Fh<*( hinitena)
NOTICE is hereby
dajrn after date I intend to apply to
the Hon. tlie minister of lands for h
license under the ronl nml Petroleum
Act to prosonct over tho following
described land:
Commencing nt a post about 200
yards south-west of tho South-east
corner of Lof 4211, thenco Kast HO
chains, thence South SO chains, thence
West HO cliuins, thence North K0 chains
to point of commencement
;t(t-r.t GEO, UIOAHY, Locator
Located July 1,1th, HiH.
cult to get, is disjointed and contra-1
d.ctory, the rumor la one day conflicting with that of the preceding
Tho fact Is that Kurope ts In tho j
dark as to what is going on. Britain
Is silencing all rumors as to what she.
Is doing by land and sea. The press
In Britain and Canada is loyuly supporting this policy as far as it knows
how to do It Germany Is keeping
her purposes hidden, and the same
with France, Russia and Austria
given that 301 Thoy nre destroying all menns of
communication, except those which
they need and can fully control. But
such news ns can be had and whicli
the British censors do not consider it
necessary to suppress Is being gathered liy tlie organized news service!-'
and by Bpeclal writers, and lhe star
will get It ull and HcrVe the public a:<
well ns It can In these anxious days.
-Toronto Star.
on the
— LIMITED- *'   I
uiinwnn cc HlCHU': ^-11 £ 1.1 \ IM V \1'
map us it was Is not tho crime. The !
map us It may be will not be the
cure. What conies lo Alsace-Lorraine will be important, The new
fate of Poland—Russian, or Prussian,
or Austrian—will count. But mere |
map-tinkering will not do. There
must come a new spirit if there Is to
be a new life. Tliat new life must
create a regenerated Europe. For that
regenerated Kurope tiiere must be a
now states-system. In that new
states-system a place must be made,
tl place and a position and a prestige,!
for the little people us well us for the
great race, for the little kingdom ns
well us for the great empire, for the
Slav as well as for tlie Teuton. The!
national Jealousies and racial enmities of Europe must end. There can!
he no return to the "status ifuo." So
much as thai at least must be Insisted on, uol by tho allies alone,
by all the shocked and suffering;
world: Insisted on most of ull by i
1 America.   It must bo pence for all or i
peace for none.
One tiling more must be required:
In the name of peace the thing must'
bo taken away tlmt makes for wur.
That thing, Uo colossal folly of these
forty years, is this make-believe men-
aCQ called armed peace.    Let us have
done with this humbug,  Qermany and
tlie German   Emperor  have  in  this
thing been the chief sinners among
tlle nations.    The   Kaiser's  infamous
! maxim, "In peace prepare for war," j
: has been adopted by every other military-mud war-lord and war-poser the
world over.   To all but Ego-maniacs
; like the Kaiser and his hoary fallacy
is disproved in the hideous discovery
; in  the  past  month:   the  nations  in
peace prepaio for what they are now
getting—wur.     This    dread    world-
' scourge   will   not   have  wrought  Its
purpose unless and until, In Canada
' ns well as in Germany, the mouth of
them that speak  this  lie is  stopped
And stopped, too, must be all prlv-
, ate and personal Interest In the pro-
; motion and financing and expansion
of the armament business.    If war-
weapons und war-equipment and warships must be manufactured let It be
done, not by private concerns  with
their   eye  on   big   business   and   big
iividends, but by the responsible na-!
ttonal  governments.    The armament
lobbyists in  parliament nnd the armor-plate newspapers have been de-
' nounced In Britain as the shame of
i the nation and the perpetual menace
I to peace.   France Is no better. Germany is worse.   Who will answer for |
; the United states?   Who for Canada?
' What a lurid light is now cast back-
; ward on the machinations of tho ln-
ernuttonal  armament  combine   that
' mly last year included firms in Eng-
j land,  In   France,   In   Russia,  and   In
Germany   And what a Nemesis this
! daughter   is   on   the   trail   of   tho
; 'Krupp-cum-Kaiser" alliance!
All   this   diabolical   playing   fast-
! ind-loose with the Interests of human-
| ity must be made impossible in every
! iountry;  private dividends ln armaments must be treated as the blood-
money of the nations:   each nation
may police its own borders, but no
nation arm for war: anything less will
be a betrayal of world-peace.   When
this war has exhausted the combatants there will Come peace for all
:ir peace for none.
Civilization will be stirred to a
vhite heat of resentment by Richard
Harding Davis' description of the
burning and sacking of I-ouvaln. For
the monstrous act ls a crime not so
much against the people of thc ruin-
id city or against the whole population of Belgium, as against our common civilization and against tlie
civilizing institutions and agencies of
til the nations.
The priceless treasures of Louvaln
-its stately Gothic structures, Its
utamples of the old masters, its far-
famed university, its statutes, carv- j
ngs. parchments, libraries nnd its
ither products of a long and tolling
irt—belonged to the Interest-bearing
capital of a wide-world culture. From
ill these ancient, precious objects <
was being given off ever anew, a
mbtle stimulus uu seek the higher,
md more enduring things of earth. In
.'anada and the United States there
ire hundreds If not thousands of
people—priests, professors, authors
ind others—to whom Louvaln gave.
it any rate, a portion ot their inspiration und their power.
Today Louvaln, Instead of sending
forth from Its repositories of art and
beauty refining, softening, civilizing
influences, reflects tlie hideous blacklegs and foulness of tho Qerman wur
lords. The crusaders of tlie Kaiser's
'Holy War" committed a deed from
which African savages would have
stayed their hand.
And, in truth, the barbarfun hordes
)f the Middle Ages were kinder to
Louvaln than the German invaders,
the apostles, so tliey would have us
believe, of civilization and culture.
Pile region round about Louvaln lias
from the earliest times been the
theatre of war. It has witnessed the
rtrlfe of many centuries. In more
modern days the legions of France
md Spain have again and again rolled pust Louvaln. But the recurring
periods of peace always found the
treasures of Louvaln undestroyed. It
has been left to modern Germany,
ruled over by an Emperor who claims
a close alliance with the Almighty,
In the year 1914, to plunge the world
back Into barbarism and savagery,
What the fury of the Huns did not
icek to accomplish has been wrought
for us by the withering, paralyzing
land of German militarism.
It Ih unthinkable that the German
peoplo wlll not liave to answer to
civilization for thu burning and sack-'
ing of Louvaln, The childish idea
that this unspeakable crime was provoked and justified by the rules of
war will receive stunt consideration,
It ls tlie civilized nations of the whole
world and not the German war lords
who draw up the rules of warfare,
and Germany will have to obey or
suffer.-—Winnipeg Free Press.
Paris, Sept 14, 12.1;'. p.m.—The j
battlefields on the allies' left whig,']
over which terrible combats In the
past week have been fought, present i
scenes of desolation. All tha troops
have departed, following on tlie heels
of the heelng Germans. Most of the
dead have already been buried, al- j
though here und tiiere are groups of
three and four waiting Interment
Virtually all the wounded, whether!
French, British or German, huve received treatment and have been}
transported to neighboring villages
from which places they will later bo
transferred to the provincial cities,
wliere private houses or public institutions have been placed ut tho
disposal of the army authorities.
Along the banks of the Mnrne
evidences of severe artillery fire a're
visible everywhere, some parts looking us though they were plowed.
Trenches abondoncd by the Germans
were excellently planned, but shells
bursting overhead caused hundreds
of casualties. On the fields are fresh
heaps of earth under which soldterB
were buried. The graves fur the
most part were marked by rough
hewn crosses, The officers were interred separately, tlieir graves bearing tlieir names and In some cases
decorirted with flowers. All about are
battle helmets, broken rifles, bayonets, swords, belts and haversacks.
In the nearby villages houses have
been greatly damaged, doors and
windows liave been broken, branches
of trees have been lopped off by
shells and scarred by rifle shots.
Bodies Final in Ither
In the river Marno, which llie Germans made heroic efforts to cross I
many times but were always beaten
back by the overwhelming French
artillery, bodies occasionally come to
tiie surface.
The country people are gradually
returning to their homes, from which
even today could occasionally be
heard tho far distant tiring of machine guns and field artillery.
No civilians or correspondents wore
permitted to approach anywhere near
even the reserve firing lines of tlie
pursuing Britisli and French troops.
Five correspondents who ventured
out were arrested and threatened
with Incarceration in a fortress until
tlie end of the war.
German .Maps Better
The constant rainfall of the last
two days has rendered difficult the
movements of tiie troops. The Germans are suffering from this more
than nre the allies, who are full of
ordor and Hushed with success. They
often capture isolated bodies of Germans who nre usually famished and
without ammunition, nnd almost glad
to be taken prisoners, while their
horses are absolutely exhausted.
Persistent accounts of a German
shortage of ammunition reach Paris,
A British officer declared today that
lie had seen a letter written by a
German officer stating that tlie invaders' position was becoming critical.   He said that the transport was
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SHOP NOW while the stock is
Ilalsall & Co.
CRANBROOK       ■       -       BRITISH COLUMBIA
Till: NEAL
Men only go back to
drink through their
own wilfulness-not
because they want
the stuff.
This we positively Guarantee.
Imperial Bank ef Canada
Capital AiitliorlsHJil  $10,000,000.00
Capital Paid I'p     7,000,000.00
Iteserve and Undivided Prolils     8,206,000.00
I). R. WILKIK. President
HON.  ROBERT JAFFRAY,  Vice-President
Accounts ot Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts, Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
breaking   down  owing  to  tlio  long without llrlng u shot,
lines ol communication. One officer said that the maps ear-
Further evidence of the laelt of am- rled by tlie German officers were far
munition was tound In the number ot superior to those possessed by the
Germans surrendering when called on Trench and British.
One Man
-9000 Horsepower
How the Largest Exclusive Tire Factory
Keeps Cost Down and Keeps Quality Up
Cost No More Than Average
Every facility for economical production
that science has been able to produce has
been brought to bear in the Firestone
plant to give you Firestone quality at
ordinary price. The power plant, where
one man feeds the boilers that produce
9000 horsepower, is one example of Firestone scientific management
The great Firestone plant naturally
attracts the country's greatest tire experts.
Everyman In this factory is a tire specialist,
doing his work with skill and accuracy.
Here nothing but tires is made,*and
every ounce of steam power, every effort
of the workmen, every bit of study and
thought, are focused on the making of
Firestone Tires, This concentration and
specialization in production make it pos-
sibb to give highest quality at a cost no
greater than only average tires.
Most for Your Money in First Cost
and Final Economy
C.   W.  J O II X S O N
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/nu.sTONt: tibe ami iiriiiiiini compamt, akhon, oiiiw
"America's Largest Exclusive Tire und lllm Makers"
C It A N li It 0 0 K        - - Hritish Columbia THURSDAY,  SEPTEMBER 17th, 1914
The ^egUiSL Store
The Store with a reputation
Kootcnay's Greatest Drujf
and Bonk Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
fflicrl II pays to deal
if you can afford
Cut Glass
you call afford our
kind, if you could
compare our goods an
in dealk u. weight,
workmanship ami appearance with CJlll-
iii o i> im i i n e b, i i
wouldn't lake you a
second lo size up tho
Im plenty of eut
t U Utile bettor
rock! pressed
class i
t   u n
Ours possesses that rare
beauty that can be compared only lo Diamonds.
We have it 111 nil tlle
various shapes that aro
popular nl present, and we
wish to state right hero
thut there is nothing better mniie. We are eon-
tented with a smal prolit
on those goods and urc
selling close.
W. H. Wilson
Scud your heads to tlie Cranbrook
Nothing but tho infut makes money
without adwrtlsiuK.
Mu'ssrs. X. Hanson and Geo. Leiisk
nre in Spokane this week attending
the Spokane fair.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Browning, of
Moyie, were Cranbrook visitors the
lirst of the week.
Mrs. G. EilokBon and Miss Carlin i
left Tuesday morning via automobile
for Athalmer. wliere tliey will visit lor
several days.
Jay Usher, the road foreman, lias a .
force of about a dozen men engaged
in extending tlio Perry Creek road to
the HoiUCStaKo mine.
Solomon    Koury   has   rented   tlie I "
Leask building on linker Btreot and is'
moving Ids store tn the new location   t
within the next fow days.
It. Garrett, tn
v for Im im".'. i
ermiat, is no*
Liia old sti'inl.
Patntora  Pros, -have  been   nu'-tl*1
was in j some repairs to the roof of tbo pei
ollice building during the past week.
The Cruulirook lacrosso team visited
Spokane this week to attend the fair
wliere tliey were selloduled to play
three games with the Nelson  team
I    J. McTavish. or Hull Itlv
the eity  last  Saturday,  being  lu  attendance at the funeral of the late
P, It. Morris lu tho aftornoon.
Monday  morning  the  lire  depart-
! ment responded to n call  from the
! residence or C. T.  Davis on Garden j They aro reported tu have
avenue, where a Hue blaze was quick-; serloS  winning the  flrst game il   Fi
ly extinguished. loBlng the second 10   .; un
  I tlie last one ti—.1.
Harold Darling arrived  last week .       	
from Vancouver and Is oo'l'dlng n The boys who have been busv nu--
few days iu the city on hii*t)poftn. He tag chickens und potatoes diirlne Unreports business exceptionally qwlot j P»st few montlis will exhibit the mme
at the coast since the advent nf   v-    at the Agricultural  Fair C.r."i;.ls on
  : Saturday. September 191 h, ut 2 p.m.
Mr. Trod Wasson received the sad \ Somp g0(J(,  work ,ma b(jen  done by
intelligence today by wire Informing : Ul0H(, voung peopU, and ,t ,fl hoped
him of the death of bis mother at tluU mnny wm viHJ, „1(, groundH>
Saskatoon, Sask. Mr. Wasson leaves j T]lG Cranbrook Poultry nnd Pet Stock
tomorrow for that city. , ft880clatlon offer three prizes to the
TO  RENT CHBAP.-Four  roomed jchlckeH   wl-wre-HO,   *5  and   $2.50
We arc sorr;
count of the disagree;.h;. ■ ather no
doubt due to the pi ty ! the lia-
trlct lire wardens, thai tin patriotic
dance given in- tlie oi>w . l;o .■ i iust
Thursday night Wft-J I'lmaneial loo*,
as the weather prevented ;i greai
many from attending l i ,, ,n !■
tee worked hard and i ■-■- i great
: rndit for tlle manner tn which whirl.
the uiTiiir was carried oui i i- was,
If nothing less a social   ucci   ■ and
established ii record fof t! rise lhat
were ;ii the head of it to mum tnt'ie
them a big crowd at their iJnxl dance,
which we understand will bi ii. the
near future.
Mr. A. J. King, head pf tin United
States customa department for the
state of Montana, with heodquartera
at Great Falls, spent Sunday in Elko
tho guest of the writer
A girl writes in a Calgary paper
that she has trouble in getting a husband,    Jim  Thistlebeak advises  her
and   got
spending two months
a returned to
at Nol-
* valley
cottage witli bath room and all modern conveniences;   partly  furnished;
The Fink Mercantile Co. Is supplying
tlie   prizes   for   the   potato   growers.
close in; good location; fenced:  «18 , "o»"t forget Saturday, the 19th. at 2 | RoosvJ
per month, including water.. Apply HO ; *,m* 	
to  try
son. Mrs.  It
heme on Riverside avpnue,
proved in health and a li
Last week a gloom ol
ipread through the itooBVi
when Ji snd news of tli
■leatli of the eldest child of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Dorosler (Florence May) five
years old. Every resident of the valley wish to extend their deepest sympathies to the family (n their sail bereavement.
She nunc but for ti Hltlo while,   .
Vet  with  n   woiidrtiii
And   lllled   our   lives,
Our darling now una
The funeral service;;
the ranch house and tli
Full line of preserving fruits at
Ward & Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Chapman left Wed-
nesday for the coast.
Raxawa tea, .'15c, 50c. and fiOc*. per
pound at Ward & Harris.
20lb sack of sugar $1.35 cash Saturday only; phone 124.—Leask &
Horn—To Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
Speers, in tliis city, on September
nth. u  son.
Mayor Simon Taylor, accompanied
by liis family, hus arrived home from
a two months' sojourn in the east.
Tlie Sunshine Society's benefit tea to
be held at Mrs. W. E. Worden's home
September 86th, is for the public. Collection only.
Don't forget tlu* W.C.T.r. cookery
Bale on Saturday. September 19th. in
tiie old C.C.S. Ptore on Armstrong
avenue. Ton will b" served commencing nt'3 o'clock.
Help the needy. Be thc guest of the
Sunshine Society ut tho home of Mrs.
W. K. Worden at tea Saturday. Sep-
tenibi'i' 26th.   Collection only.
I Armstrong avenue or plione 317. Messrs. H. White
Thomas A. 13. Lally and wife drove! Donald, Dr. J. A. J.
r through   Cranbrook   on   Monday   cn
route to Windermere in  £h**h     "ln-
i mobile.   Mr. Lally is connected with | visitors in the city the first of the
tlie Burns & Jordan contract on Mi
Kootenay Central railway.
held at
ruieiit at
llie cemetery last Sunday, Sep-
_ i teniber 13th.
K.S., D. H. Mc- i    Mra* Richards, of Winnipeg, is vls-
McKenna, Major\m« tno Neldreths. south fork of tho
A. Megraw, of Victoria, composing the
provincial   Indian  commission,   were
A limiting and outing party uomilst
Ing of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Me
Creery, Judge and Mrs. G. H. Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Stevenson returned on Tuesday from a weekend trip to the Windermere.
week. Mr. James L. McAr'V." is tli
secretary of the commission. Tht;.
were accompanied through this part
of tho district by 11. L. T. Gulbia.t!
of Fort Steele, the local Indian iirew
They spent Monday and Tuesday inspecting conditions at the Mission nnd
departed on Wednesday for Tobacco and-So left home and what liainiened
Elk river.
Why is it thai right now when the
housewives should la* home canning
fruit for the winter, they are all
iwuy from home, There Is more alfalfa widows In Elko than any town
in the Puss, und this, question wlll be
a Bpeclal feature ut the next meeting
of the (smart set of tho human Jaw)
to find out the reason why Mrs. So
Geo. Carr left the lirst of the week
for the Homestake mine on Perry
Creek to clear off the site for the
erection of the buildings which will
bonne the machinery to be Installed
during the coming winter.
C. F. Nidd, the organist at tlie
Methodist church, bas secured the ofllce recently vacated by Dr. J. H. M.
Dell on Norbury avenue for a studio,
wliere he will give musical lessons
afternoons from 2 to C>. after September 21st.
Geo. R. Leask, the contractor, lias
been  making some interior improv
Plains, going from there to Gateway.
They expect to return to Fort Steele
on Friday, going from tiiere to the
Windermere. Mr. A. B. Fenwick, of
Fort Steele, is driving the commission on their Itinerary through this
district In his big touring machine.
to Mrs. So nnd So. It's getting serious and should be taken up by tlie
board of trade aud the town dog catcher.
Jim Black, of Vancouver, one of tlie
most popular travellers on the road
shoots the first deer in the district.
A large crowd of Elko. Fernie and
At a meting of citizens held at the | Craubrook people aro visiting the Eu-
city hall  on   Wednesday evening  in
answer   to  a   call   issued   by  Acting
Mayor  Campbell  for lhe  purpose ol;
acting in conjunction with other Cit-   «»«*  Passed  through   Klko  on   his
ies in the province in regard to the   <"?. .south *»**
raising of a patriotic fund to be used
for   assisting   dependents   of   volunteers,   the   following   committee   was
named to have charge of the matter;
ents'ftt'the Carlson billiard room in   Geo. F.  Stevenson,  chairman;   T.  M. j
week.  A.  H.   Roberts,   secretary;   H.   W.   Supple,),
5  .,.
, ! reka fair this week pit Tobacco Plains.
Geo. H. Scott, of Nelson, who owns
i  big  cuttle  ranch   in  the  RoOBVllle
Fall Opening
We cordially invite you to be present at
Our Formal Opening
of Autumn Millin ery, Costumes, Evening Dresses,
Silks, Corsets, Dress Goods, Blouses, etc.
To Be Held on
Thursday, Friday, September 17th and 18th, and
following days
Normal Prices  on  all
Lines of Merchandise   «*,
Will Prevail
We were very fortunate in having bought
plenteously in all lines. All import goods
were shipped before thc war and the newest
ideas front the large centres of fashion are
now in stock.
We are not going to attempt to describe
the new styles in millinery and costumes.
We want you to come and inspect everything for yourself. We might say that we
have given very careful attention to our
ready-to-wear department   and can assure
our customers   of
Better  Values   and
Larger Assortments
than have ever been
shown in Cranbrook
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and
Clothing Stores
the  Hanson  block this   	
Webster has moved his barber shop treasurer; W. E. Worden. A. H. Web-
from tbe Cosmopolitan hotel to this *-■ ■•'■* !: ■' n.«..m.ig. V. Hyde
Did the Germans ever take up the
tax in thut Brussels?
| Hilly Fair weather, of Calgary, who
| travels for an eastern house, came in
this week with some choice samples
of near silk wooden handled umbrellas.
linker and J. F. Campbell:   The see-
retary was instructed to ascertain if I
. of Fernie.   tiiere   were  any  cases  in  tlie  Cran-!
lSpecial   correspondence)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson and A.
The regular monthly meetl'i*? ot the
W.C.T.r. will he held at the home of
Mrs. J. m. Robertson on Norhury
avenue Thursday, September 24th, it
8.80 o'clock.
The   subjects   for   discussion   at   the
Farmers' institute meeting tonight
Will be "Brood Sows" and "Dairying."
The meeting will be held In Uie old
Evidently tho cancellation or the
Crnnbrook Full Fair was u wise move
in view of the inclement weather
which provnllod on last Tuesday and
Wednesday, ihe dntes set for holding
the rulr
F m. Satre, n member of the prin-
torlal fraternity und n graduate of ■
the various offices In the clly during
his residence here during the past
three years, left the city lust Sutnrday ;
for Spokane to take iu the fair and
Incidentally sever his connections
Wltli Canada, preferring to reside In :
peaceful countries rather than those
engaged in war.
j ii Mavis, ji travelling representative of the Canduhiii Countryman, n
Toronto publication.) was arrostod lust
Woek oil a charge of getting money
under false pretences, having borrow-i
cd f25.0U|On a receipt. He appeared '
before Magistrate Arnold ou Friday
and was assessed a fine or $60 und
costs or ninety days In gaol, lie Is
serving his sentence at the present.
Prod Coffey, manager of P. Burns
d Co.'s local store, left today accompanied by Ills family for u two week's
camping and hunting trip to St.
Mary's lake. He will be relieved during his vacation by Jimmy Davis, a
former Cranbrook boy, who bus been
Working Tor the company in the
Pitindnry country for tho past few
MrB. HI ok on hot ham and Miss Ada
Hickenbotham havo returned from
their trip to Kngland, their visit being
Shorten od by the war. They had an
uneventful trip across although the
danger or being surprised made the
trip espeeiulty exciting und one long
to bo remembered. Miss I lichen-
tptlmm has returned to her position
111  the  hiiperliileitdciil'H ollice at tho
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Trit
passed through the city Monday on   brook district requiring the support! *^jjjamBOn   drove   over   from   Cran
their way home from a visit at tlie  of this fund.   It is understood that a | bro(lk Tu,,Silny iust t„ attend the fare
Spokane   fair.    They   nuule   tli
through In their automobile but report very bad roads at the international boundary lino.
F. W. Burgess, formerly with tho
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company
of Wardner, and a pioneer citizen of
thnt city, lias accepted a position with
ihe Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd., or
Crnnbrook, His family are expected
tn arrive this week to make their future home here.
Gizer Temple, of Victorin. will initiate a class of about -;> Shriners In
this city about October lirst The
' Auditorium has been secured for the
' occasion and a large number of vlslt-
: ing Shriners nre expected here. The
| local committee are arranging for a
banquet und dance in honor of the
visiting Shriners.
Newa received from Valcartler
stutes tlmt one Cranbrook man was
rejected from ihe physical examinations, .1 nines Milne has been appointed color sergeant ami A. T. Underbill and Walter Chambers sergeants. The Crnnbrook corporals
nnd lunces lutvc not been given out.
j All   the   men   huve   beeu   Inoculated
j with unti-typhoid serum.
Beale «■ Elwell nre offering two j
real estate bargains this week: 1.
j Modern house on Garden avenue, two
lots; splendid location; bath room
and all modern conveniences. Only
$1,150.00, $25.00 rash and $25.00 per
month with 10'/i interest. 2. Chicken rancbe ln the city limits, consisting of four lots, giving a frontage of
182 feet by 122 feet depth; chicken
house 12x75; comfortable dwelling
house.   Price $900.00.   Easy term'*.
O. E. Barber, nianugcr of the Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd., lias just
returned from n ten duyH trip to Fort
George where he went to InBpect aomc
properties ln which he la interested,
He met several Crnnbrook people in
Fort George. I'. E. Wilson has opened a law ollice and Is making good,
(lias. Gasklll Is In charge of the telegraphs there and James Brown is
heuvily Interested lu thut district. The
Grand Trunk is now operating a BOlril*
trip part or nil of the funds raised at the
V. Hyde Baker grounds will be turned
into this fund which is kept at Victoria for the use or the various parts
or the province.
An excellent way lor Cunndians to
well social given Kev. J. A. Walker.
Mr. William Carlin arrived fn Steele
Wednesday from  Victoria,
Norman Gardner, the lard king,
motored Into Steele Wednesday. 11»
came nil the way from Edmonton with
a bunch of sunliowers tied behind linear.    "There's  a   reason."
Jack    Kerrigan,    six    mile   creek
*xcrcise patriotism at this time ia to   struck town  Wednesday with n  loud
give effect to the "made-ln-Canada"
movement, Let us buy Canadian-
made products in preference to those
made abroad, und thus help to provide employment for Canadian workers.   Hamilton llerald.
Sundays -Low  muss at 8:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:80 a.m.; Sunday School | FaUf, bpforp ffl
of chickens, dogs and cuts. Jack ii
selling his stock and figures on raising an Irish battalion to proceed to
the front.
The Misses Fleming, who have been
the guests of their slater, Mrs. H. L.
T. Galbraith ull summer, left Wednesday for England, both having been recalled .to the lied Cross Corps, of
which tliey urc attached. However,
they expect to be able to stuy off ut
Toronto en  route and visit Niagara
Billy Kerr, of Elko, and A. ('. Bow-
from 2 te :t p.m ; Itosary and Benediction nt 7: UO. p.m. j negs motored over  to  Steele Tlmrs-
Mondays and holy days of obllga* j (.ftJ.     „(irb  Atr(i(>   of  Woafli  ffafl  „
■ close second.
tion— Mass at 8 a.m.
Hev. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Services 11.00 a.m. and 7.110 p.m.
Sunday School :i p.m. Annual
Rally Day.
Fellowship Bible Class, :i:00 p.m.
Topic Tor the morning: "The Joy of
Splritunl. Mental and Physical Emancipation."
Topic for tlie evening: "Behold He
| Cometh—The Judgment of the Great
j Tribulation."
I    Baptist Young People's Union, Monday, 8.00 p.m.   Missionary evening.
Week-night prayer service Wednesday, 8.00 p.m.
"I was glnd when tliey Bald unto I
mo, let us go into the house of the |
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Norman drove over
from Mayook Thursday. Norman Intends to settle In Steele this winter
and has taken n bonne in town.
Mrs. G. F. Pownall und her sister,
Miss Bannister, visited Steele Friday.
Tlie following party motored over
to Cranbrook Saturday anil puid their
last respects to the late Constable
Morris: Messrs. Doyle, McVittie, f'nr-
Iln, Hoss, Fenwick, Geury and .Mathers.
The usual bunch of chicken and
duck hunters hit the trull Sunday
morning: Messrs. McLeod, Cretney,
Myers and Lldlcot visited six milt
and secured several.
The Hev. J. A. Walker preached hiss
farewell sermon Sunday to u lurge
and appreciative audience. He leaves
for Glasgow, Scotland, and will he attached to the lied Cross corps, of
which be is a member.
One for a moment thought the Oer-
Self-Kollance- The Seat of Power."
S. S. and Bible class, 8 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m.   Subject:
'The Atonement."
Choir leader—MrB. B. Paterson.
Organist   Mr, II. Stephens.
"In all thy ways acknowledge flint,
weekly passenger service west from lund lie shall direct by paths."—Prov.
,1-ldmonUm to Prince Kupert. |.10:gvs.
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject: mans had ftivaded Steele Tuesday, but
alas tt was the local tin can brigade,
giving a welcome to Norman uud Mrs,
Moore'H first night In lown since
; thiiir marriage, The kids pulled him
'down town and made him cough up,
Gus   Erickson   aud   party  motored
over   Tuesday
on   route   to   Cunal
W, McSpadden, of the Massey Harris Co., Ltd., Calgary, arrived Tuesday and expects to stay till Friday.
He is fixing up new stock that arrived
for the Fort Steele Trading Co., Ltd.,
their local agents.1
2c. per word for first week, and lc. per
word for each week after
: TOO buys nice cot age.   fM. Shackle-
tun. 37-2t
Poll  SALE— Very  strong  Democrat,
almost new.  Appply Herald.
Foil m;.\T.-Onc Urge comfortably
heated room, suitable for one or two
gentlemen.   Apply phone 265. UT-tf
H>l(   SALK   VHHV   CHEAT -Sln.ng
cutter used only six weeks. Apply
TO BUNT CHEAP—Four roomed col-
tage to lent, furnished or unfurnished.   Apply Herald.
W',.vm» TO BI'Y.-A g I second
had coal cooking stove; ulso coal
heater.    Apply  Cranbrook  Trading
Co. *      :::*.
YVANTKO.- Bright, energetic boj   l»
solicit city for business. Permanent
situation. Apply Box I), Herald
offlce,  :i7-tf
FOR   KENT.—A   the  mom  modern
cottage ln good locution on Garden
avonue: vacant September 1 Bth
Apply W. J. Atchison. it'i-tf
BANCH    FOR    BENT-Comforlable
house, stable for six horsey, about
ton acres broken; good grating
land, plenty wood and water. Apply Herald office.
TO   REM'   Four   Roomed   Cottlagf
with large woodshed, buthrnum and
all modern conveniences; close In:
fenced; fitted with kitchen range;
$10 per month, Including water;
completely furnished 120 per month
Anply phone 317.
On Saturday afternoon, September
2tlth, there will be given at tlie home
of Mrs. W. E. Warden, n benefit tea,
under the auspices of tlie Sunshine
Society of Cranbrook, the object being
to secure funds to curry on the work
of tlie society in assisting sick and
destitute families of the town and district.
Fourteen families are already receiving assistance from the Sunshine
Society, nnd conditions indicate that
before the winter is ended many
more will need help. Contributions,
such as clothing, shoes, and food are
coming In dully from sympathisers,
but where medicine and nurses are
needed, cusb Is tlie only medium hy
which they eun be obtained, and we
appeal to the public to assist the
Sunshine Society by patronizing the
benefit tea at Mrs. Warden's on Sep-
tern her L!iilh.    Collection only. i
A Good Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where I'eace. Comfort, Contentment
and Plenty is found. Thai is the reason
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"Crnnbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Hraul' lias made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
Art You Billioua ?
WHEN subject to biliouinett. thc livrr is
rmplovrd in getting nd nf eic-*«.*,i»e
quantities of certain inicrrdientt, «nd *-vh*-n
unable, to do io, sick headache ii produced by
the r*?iciiiion of bile in the blood. Eno's "Fruit
Salt" exercisei * simple but definite action on
thc Jivrr, bv which the secretion of bile is
regulated. It rids the body of the eiress bile
•nd rvinies off .ill the impurities, cfutuing *nd
purifyinu the syslem. Eno'l may b- safely taken
at any time by young or old.
Onicr a bottle TODAY from your dealer
i'rtpiirnt twily hy
S. C. ENO, Ltd., 'Trait Salt" Verb, Lm4m, farlu*J
Ahtr.tifurCtn-.-la- H«***'d F RKrhU A Co.. Umiti-I
Vou Should Wonv
it were difficult to find a safe nnd reliable remedy for tr.e
ailments due to irregular or defective action of the stomach,
liver or bowels. These ailments are likely to attack
anyone; likelv, too, to leadto worsosicknessifnotrelievcd.
Deeepanfs Pills
nro famoufl the world over, for their power to correct theso
trouhlea certainly and safely. They cleanse tlio system, purify
lho blood and act on a general tonic upon body, brain and nerve.".
Indication, biliouuneHs, constipation might, incfoni. cause you prolonged  suffering and expose you  tu danger If Beecham's  I'illi
Were Not On Hand
The Herald $2.00 a year *»AOE FOUTt
Regular meetings   on   the
third Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham. W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,    Sec.
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
352 Richards St
(Successor to \V. P. Gurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor    ami
I'. O. Box S59
Cruulirook Lodge
No. 1IM9
Meets every Wednesday ut S it.in.
in Royal Black
K n IB li Is' Hall
linker Street.
., Dictator
lee.   Box   756
I.e.nl  Orange
No.   1871
Meets lirst and third
Thursday*, at S. p.m.
Royal Black
KlllKlits ot Ireland Hall. Baker
R. S. Uarrett. W.M.
W. C. Dnnstan, Roe. Sec.
M e e t s   every
.Monday   nlglu
^ _ Fraternity
Hall.   "Sojourning
cordially Invited.
E. H. Mcl'llee,
Barristers, Solicitors  anil
Money to Loan
Imperial  Hank  lllllldillg
S. L. Coop,
Kin. Sec.
W. M. Harris. Roo. Secretary.
NO. 12. I.O.O.F.
Meets lirst and third Wednesdays lu each mouth.
A cordial invitation extended
lo vlsitlni! brothers.
It. W. Russell, chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe
Pride olCiaiibrnok Circle,No.lliS
Meets In Carmen's Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday    ot    each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie." CC.
Mrs. A. Guthrie, Sec.
P. 0. Box (102
Visiting Companions ccrdially
ut S p.m. In
io Prntcrnlt)
ix. Hurry. (
Ilalsall, K.
>t It. & s.
P. 0. llox
isr brethren
•ordially in-
vital ti
Meets every second und fourth
Wednesday at  Km tern ity  Hull
Sojourning Itebehahs cordially invited.
Sis. Ida Baxter, N.O.
His. Adit Hirki'lilmtliiUll. ReC. 8*80
Court. ('runbriM»k. NIMH
Meets in Maple Hull second
und fourth Thursdays of each
month ut s |i in. sharp.
John Shaw, (Mt.
1..  Pearron, Sec, Box tll«
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets   hi
Maple Hull second
and   fourth
Tuesday  ot every
mouth at 8
i|i   open   to   British
K. Y. ilruk.
J. K. Lower,
members   cordially
Meets in the Carmen's Hull
tlrst Tuesday afternoon of every
montli ut s p.in und the fancy
work cluss meets on third l-'rl-
day evening in the same place nt
x p.m.
Mrs. ll. il. Leaman, Pres.
Mrs. J. Shaw, Sec-Tress
P, O. Box 442
All ladles cordially invited.
President:  A.  B.  Smith
Meets regularly the first Friday
evening eaeli month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
\V. W. McOregor,
P. 0. Drawer 499
Physicians  ami  Surgeons
Ofllce  ut  residence. Armstrong
Forenoons    9.00 to 10,00
Afternoons  ...00 to 4,00
Evenings    "..to to 8.30
Sundays   2,30 to 4.30
Cranbrnolt,  B.C.
Ofllce in  Hanson   Block
9 to 12 u.m.
1 to   C p.m.
7, to   8 p.m.
Maternity and tieneral >urslnu
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A, SALMON, Matron
Phone 1.59 P, O. Box 84ii
Chil uud Mining Kngiiieei-s
It. ('. Land Surveyors
Day I'lione 233 Night I'lione .if*
Norbury Ave., next to City Hull
Oeneral Merchant
Kniplnj incuts A will*
P. O. Box 108 Phone 244
Forwarding    und    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Ornyliifr and Transferring
Given prompt attention
i'lione ti.t
Held. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hull
Headquarters  for all  kinds of
Satisfaction   Oiitirantccd
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,   Stenography,
King Edward's School
Cranhrook, B.C.
Per week
Commercial course    $11.00
High School course       3.50
School course      2.60
Kindergarten       1.85
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
President   A.  11.  Smith
Secretary   Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lauds and agriculture upply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C
Meeting The third Thursday
of each month, nt old i.'yin, ut K
Japanese  (*'cnenil   Bechircd  • •erimiiiy
Mould  he  Crushed—Saw   Belgium   First  Battleground
London, Sept. 12.—Gen. Nogl'S prediction,   made  at  the   siege  of   Port j
Arthur, Is still fresh In the minds of j
Englishmen   In   connection   with  the
terrlblo fighting near the old Water-1
luo Held.    Gen. Nugl suld:
;    "I believe that the world will wtt-
I ness a great wur which will have ull j
Europe for Its battleground and wlll I
settle  tin*   Franco-Prussian  question ■
i and     the     Anglo-German     rivalry.:
t France and Germany  will  moot  in
this lust decisive conflict on the Bel-
glan plains, probably near Waterloo, |
; the only spot which will permit of the
j evolution of 'the groat armies which
! will face each other. At the present
■ time the French and German frontier))
i are too strongly fortified for olthei
people to force Its way through. I j
have little doubt us to the result of
this war. France will beat Germany
i on land and England will crush Germany at sen.
! "This will be the last great war in
j Europe for many years, perhaps forever. The German states will emerge
1 Irom this war so exhausted and so
J terrified that they will have no other
• object than to form some sort of condition that they may in the future
obviate the recur, encc of uny such
Prayers have been offered In some
churches specifically asking that the
prediction of the Japanese strategist
be realized.
(Maiold Begble in London Chronicle)
Two workmen are standing at u
street corner, talking lugubriously.
One of them, who is fat, red-faced,
and coarse- looking nurses the howl [
of his pipe, sturliiK with a codfish expression straight in front of him, us
he listens to tiie other, who is taller,
thinner, harder, with* an expression of
alertness in his eyes. There is a
public house ut the hack of them; In
front, a row of disreputable looking
men ure exhibiting newspaper placards and calling out, "Great slaughter of the Germans." The life of the
great city blows on its course, crowding the pavements, mid sending its
thunder Trom the road. "Been wltli
them fifteen years." says the fat man;
"ulcer    linn   to   work   with   u   man |
couldn't wish for.
do?" asks the otlier
fat man, taking h
mouth   and   splttln
"Whatll   you
"Do!" says the
pipe from his
on   the   pave-
Butter & Cream
Deliveries Made Promptly When
You Order
McPhee's Ranch
.1. ti. CUMMINGS
Iri'linltlon liiL'iliKT
Ifoiiiliiiiiii anil Provincial I
f. O, liux 21S    Telephone
triii«titi(* I'ill tor Wuim-ii.   j,5, u box or director
(in.   .Solil at all l>rux Store*, or mulled tu any
tddretion receipto( price,  tub Boobiu. Dtoo
Co .st. Ctttharlnw,Ontario.	
VltaHtv. for Nerre and Brain; lncreiMiT'i-rey
mattf>r*:ii Tonic—will Imlld you up. |8 a box. or
two tor $'■>. at dmi* rrtWM. or hy mall on receipt
of prlre    The Hcouki.l Phcu Co., St. Catliarlnei,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
I'll III
Plione 84(1
P. o. iiox r.sr,
Hal Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hals
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
I 11 i:    (' R A M 11 HOOK
is open for engagement
llunceH, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Aruold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Taxidermist and Fur
1*. it. llox 134
Calirar.v, Alherta
.1. Taylor, Proprietor
I las just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk anil cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a  week
The only clarified milk in
IVc   itiiariinlci'   to   l'lease
If  you   wanl   satisfaction
wilh your washing
send it to
Special  prices for family
I'liiiim 106 P. O. Box 33
OrRimfst  Mi'tlnullst Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Siiullo: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours:  2 to 6
I'lvcnltiRB by arrangement
i>|ii'ii  fur 1'iiirnL'iiin'iil
Si.cluls, Ham
ll, Kir.
Kor IcrniH nfiuly If.
Mrs. Edinondson
e Hall
1 ro
I'lione 204
P. O. llnx 788
Carpenter und IlulhliT
IMiiiin and Kutlmules 1 iirnt-Jieil
an Mhurt Notice
ment I "why, llvo short und look for
aomothlng oIbo,   What oIbq?"
A laniluuli'tii* wltli a coronet nn Us
door draws tip hi front of a house in
Buckingham-gate. Almost immediately tin* door of tin1 house opens und
a beautiful wonun ndvancoa to the
car. a footman liurriea past lier to
open the door. People stop to look at
her. Tlu* shabby seem to enjoy the
sight; a decent workman, however,
nudges his mute, who nods ills head,
looks at the tine lady, and says something short and hitter. The lady gives I
her order to tlie chauffeur, who;
touches Ills cap. The footman places
a light rug over the lady's knees i
the door is shut; the car glides away
In the direction of St. James' park.
Where is she going? She is working
from early morning till late at night
organizing parties of ladles to work
for our sick and wounded.
Dub-dub; rub-a-dub-dub! People
run from the side streets and crowd
into the main road. Dub-dub; rub-a-
dub-dub! There is a note of menace,
and yet an awful exaltation iu the i
sound. It is as if death was beating •
Ills drum through the streets of Lon-
don. But everyone is smiling—bus-1
drivers, taxi-drivers, policemen, carters, and sellers uf newspapers. Dub-!
dub; rub-a-dub-dub1! Then the metal-1
He sound of cymbals clashes into tho
drumming. People press forward to
the curb. A Union Jack is seen passing between the vehicles and the |
pavement's edge. We (hid a place
wliere we can see what is coining. A
dozen children, three of them bare-
foot and all of them in rags, are
marching through the streets. The ,
drum is an empty tea-tin tied round
the neck by a piece of string. The j
cymbals are the lids of saucepans. On
a piece of cardboard, curried by a i
bareheaded ragamuffin, it is written, "England's Reserved."
The music halt is almost empty. A
nigger minstrel is singing a song,
walking up and down, waving liis
arms and doing odd things with his
feet, wagging the toe about while thc
heel Is on the ground. The pale-faced
weary-looking young men in the aud- i
lence regard him for the moment with j
listless eyes, then raise newspapers
from their laps and read thc war
news. The girls at tlieir sideH nestle
closer and share the telegrams. An
old man In the front row of the gallery opens his paper to its full width,
the smoke of his pipe ascending above
it. The orchestra is banging bravely, the minstrel Is bellowing loudly,
but ull over the brightly lighted house
you see vacant seats and newspapers.
When a comedian arrives and sings j
about a gill's bathing dress which
splits at an awkward moment, the \
house jerks itself forward and laughs
with abandonment. Outside tho news-!
papers are calling the death of 2»,- j
000 men.
From   Leicester-square   to   Plcca-
dllly-circus the pnvements are cram- \
mod with  festive and degraded humanity.    Pretty  little  painted  faces,
go by in the lamplight, fat and crlm- I
inal faces attempt the mask of plea-!
sure; and men arc looking, laughing,,
joking, "Show your colors, lady," cries ;
a woman in the gutter, offering Union
Jacks.    .Many of these women have
England's  Hag  In  their  hats or on
their breasts.   "Good God." one nsks. i
"Is it for tliis that men are crowding
to our transports?" Aud ut that moment a soldier comes along with two
girls hanging on to his arm, and stag*
kits a little as he takes them towards
a tavern.    Then the thought comes,
"Yes, for this, even for this, many
will light uud lay down their lives.
Some will die for religion, for freedom,  for civilization,  for all  that is
high and holy; but some also wlll die
for this  tipsy  side of  Loudon,    this
carnal, stupid, vulgar, odious London
—dreaming of it as they have bivouac
under   tlie   stars   nnd   fighting   like
heroes   for   It   when   the   trumpet
sounds, "Good ole London—God bless
A young mnn, splendidly built, vigorous In body, quick of eye, and firm
of lip, comes hurrying out of the
admiralty. He is dressed In mufti—
ii billycock hat on his head, an old
mackintosh over his lounge suit. He
takes n long stride, holding himself
rigid, the urms swinging hut a little.
He goes to a taxl-cnh waiting by the
arch. An elderly lady sitting Inside
leans forward as he reaches the door.
His face, for Just one moment, lights
up as ho mots her gaze. She knows
that he Is to go, Me gives an order
to Hip driver and jumps In tho cab.
One envies that mother.
TIlO s«n has set, but above the
trees of Hyde park which darken the
background of Uneklncham palace the !
Correct Styles of Ladies Wear
For Fall Are Now Being Shown
lsJEVER before have we had the pleasure of showing such
•*■ ^ beautiful designs and the materials used are excellent.
Our stock is now complete and includes
Dresses, Suits and Coats
We have been advised that it will be difficult to obtain any
further quantities of these goods as the war has stopped the
manufacture of materials, so that it will be wise to make your
selections early.
Fully realizing the universal conditions and the tightness of
the imnjymirket we have priced these goods on a strictly
so that you will be agreeably surprised at the better styles, better materials at smaller prices*
We guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction and we
never buy more than one suit, dress or coat of a style so that
you are assured of having the only one.
sky is like a conflagration. Prom thu
roof of Queen Anne's mansions, the
cold wind in our faces, we look upon
the most beautiful and most wonderful sight to be seen iu any eity of the
world. It Is a vast map, breathing
the life of humanity, and spreading its
unconscious beauty to the stars.
Every detail sings to an exquisite Insignificance. Nelson's column is modest, tlie Duke of York's column is
gracious, the campanile of Westminster cathedral—with the moon over
it—is beautiful almost to ecstasy. Vou
see Hashes of water through the trees
of St. James' park. The street lamps
glitter with a pure radiance. The
Hares of the Coliseum make an
orange glow in the sky and motor
cars are Hying through the trees,
Hashing their lamps, sounding tlieir
horns; bugles are blowing in the
barracks yard below where the soldiers are loading wagons; crowds
march through the park carrying
Hags and singing; an immense concourse is gathered before the yellowing front of the palace, and the air is
like a swarm of bees. No tyrant
eagle hovered above the Hoyal standard on Buckingham palace.
Indian Princes offer money, jewelry
and themselves to the cause of Brit-
ain in tliis war,    Indian troops are
now fighting for the empire.   In these j
incidents you have the most eloquent.
tributes    to    the    Britisli     empire
made up as it is of men of all races, '•
creeds  and   colors;   It  is  united—a;
solid mass of men prepared to sac- |
rlflce life and fortunes for the cause :
of the empire.   There must bo something real in this empire, critics to
the   contrary.    Tiiere   is   something i
real, so real that it inspires men with ,
a passion of love for their common {
country—a love that does not exist in
times of peace alone, but even Is more
Btrongly  evident   when   thc   empire
Is in danger,   lt is what that empire
stands for that appeals to the people
through its vast area.   Freedom, the
For Loss of Hair
We will pay for what you use If   ,
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic does not
promote the growth ol your hair-
In nil our experience*, with huir
tomt'8 tho otie tlmt tins douo iiiont to
Haiti our confidence la Roxall "03"
Hair Tonic,    We  haw utich well-
founded fuitli in it that WO want
you to try it ut our rink.   If it dues
not witiufy you in every particular,        '
we will nay for whut yon uso to tho
extent ol a 30 day treatment.
If Rexall "93" Huir Tonic does
not remove duiidrulT, relievo icalp
irritation, stop tho hair from falling
and promote a new growth of hair,
coiiic back to un and ask us to return
tbe money yuu puid for it, and we will
promptly hand it back tu you. * You
don't sign anything, promiao any-
tliiiiK, bring anything buck, or in any <
way obligate yourself. Isn't, that fair?
Doesn't it stand to reason thut wo
would not mnko such a liberal offer |
if we did not truly bcliovo thai
Rexall "03" Huir Tonic will do all
we cluim for it — that it will do all
and mora thnn nny other remedy?
We havo everything there la a demand for, and are able to judge tho
merits of tlio tilings we sell. Customers tell us of their bucccss. There
aro moro satisfied users of Rexall
"03" Hair Tonic, than any similar
preparation wc sell.
Start a treatment of Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic today.   If you do, we
believe you will thank us for this
ndvice.   Two alta bottles, 60o und $1.
You can buy Rexall "93" Hair Tonlo
in ihis community only at our store:
Cranbrook        . llrlll-.li ('-.liimhlr*
Tht jMtatt Store
word that thrills us with its wonderful meaning, is the possession of
every empire subject. Freedom is
liberty and no matter whether it be
In the Isles of the sea, in Africa or
India. Canada or the lntipodes, liberty reigns wherever the  British em
pire holds sway. No wonder then Indian princes offer tlieir jewels and
money to uphold that empire In its
struggle to free other nations from
the possible dominacy of a power
knowing not liberty and freedom as
we know it.
We might well follow the lead net l>y some of our
large Industrial concerns.
An excellent example is furnished hy the three lending auomoblle mtuiufacturers.
One—making u high-priced car—has given instructions for the most aggressive selling campaign the coin-
pan)- has ever undertaken; hacked up hy a big campaign ol
advertising in the newspaper...
Another, who makes various-priced cars ol high quality, had a large announcement of 1913 models in a long
list of papers the very week after war was declared.
A third—a Canadian branch factory of a United
States concern making popular-price cur, ls announcing
an Important price change—.mil taking larger space than
ever before In Unmiillnn newspapers to tell the story.
And this, be It noted, Is tlie attitude of the three big
men in nn industry thnt tho pessimists have been predicting would be seriously alfected by the war. This unshaken confidence, their grootcr-than-ever determlallon
to market successfully a class of product that Is always
hard to sell, should be an inspiration to the rest of our industries.. These three ninniifaclurers have tested advertising, and have confidence in its efficiency in stimulating
business In times of wur ns well as in limes of pence.
Instead of retrenching, Ibe business men of Canada
may well emulate the action of Un ilor cur manufacturers, and go out alter business in the most aggressive
way possible.
Them i. a lt'iiill rstara in nearly every town
nml eity fn tha Unilcil Statoa, Cunadu and
(ireat Britain. Thero lfl a different lt.-a.utl
Itnnedy (or nearly every »»rillnury human ill —
each eepooially MUtPM tot thn narlieiilur ill
li* which it U reeoitimenued.
Tlw Until Stem •» AMrio'l QtssXsA
For tlieROUND TRIP to tho
Twelfth Annual
Nelson Fruit Fair
Nelson, B.C.
September 23rd-24th-25th
Come and Bring Your Friends
Send for Prlur* List      Box 802; Nelson, B.C.


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