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Cranbrook Herald Feb 1, 1917

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THURSDAY, FK\i-  lat, 1916
Miss llrlceli'u In S|i I Nrvl «ork III
Tills I'll)    Hor Visit ul S| Ini
lule'ri'St tee (ilrls mill
Fe'rulr, Michel, Coleman, Hi-lleru,' nnil
Hlllerest Miners Will Slnrl Work
Ponding Settlement ley Hie
Minister eel Ubor.
Minn lloatrlco Brlgtlou A. ('. s. K„
working  mnl. r tha dlrooll I  tho
|,l„ll,*,*r BOClllI iiitvIit In.I,I'll nl' Call-
llllll  Is  In  i-IkIi   Mils 0lty  f,M. ,„„,  Wl.,,|,
leiiiiiiiiiiriiii-. nexl Sunday, She will
deliver  lecture*  twlco ilnlly  in  .nr
feronl nlncra un  ,■„, |iroblcni8 Mini
ure .■iiiiiiiiuiilie   |,er|iloxliiB Hi" girls,
young   women   nnd    hers  of mir
.Miss Brlgdon is woll ntlod tor this
work having graduated from a Toronto CoiiBorvatorj ot oxnrosal md heing ii reniiii- ui' rare ability ns well us
having taken mi olnbornto course nn
Physiology uml Sociology under ll s.
Stondwoll, ii renowned tutor in Ihose
subjects. Miss Brlgdon Is nne or the
outstanding social workers iu Cuiiiiein
uml haa gained for herself no small
mend of praise from periodicals of
such ronnte ns "The Toronto Cllobe,"
Wlhnilieg "Statesman" nnd the Moose
.law "Times,"
She has wiiii- oxtierionce In porsonnl
work with girls and young women
nud thoroughly understands their
FEHIN1E, B C, .hin SO,- Tin* minora at L*-omlo, Michel. Coleman and
Carbondalo rolurnod to work today
pending Bottlomcul of ihe war bonus
dispute by tho Hon T W CroUiors,
uiliilsier ni labor, new onrouto w i
ward in compnny with It. P. Qreen,
nieiiiher for Kootonay.
A Jnliii (or botwoon tbo mln
ers' officials, the operators and the
mlnlstor Is slated iee commenco on
Thursday nl Calgary, and It Is aii-
nounced Hint tin* minors' roprosontn-
lives lmvo definitely promised to m-
(in Saturday, Sunday and today special moetlngs were hold Wltll the llls-
trici officers In attendance and tl,,*-,,*
rosultod in the resumption of work to- i
dny. Tliis eieclsliill wns reached by
Becret ballot bolng tuken at the four l
camps yesterday, Fernie voting over i
three to one* in favor; Mtcbol, Coleman ;
and Carbondale also were decisive.
The reporl reached here yesterday
I that Lethbridge, Tabor, Coalburst und
Bellevuc miners' unions he-Id nn hide--
I I'Kltll.tllSI'KltCH.
She is eminently a success in whin-1 pendent conference* Saturday anil thnt
im* the confidence of young people, representatives of theso locals decided
whilst her public talko nre woll plan-'t0 remain een strike pending adjust-
ned and delivered In chaste and force- j ment- Tlln situation, therefore, as a I
ful manner.    Her program for   the  wholo. docs not appear to he void of;
Philadelphia   Public  Lodge
week In Cranbrook is ns follows:
I complications, but the action taken in
Sunday, Feb. 4tli—fn the Methodist' "lis eml of "lc l'"ss ''•*' resuming work
Church, 11 am. "The Child Thou finv. It0,lnv Is considered decidedly a move
est t's":    I p.m., "Friends", for young | n,ent in the right ilire-ctfon and unle's*
ladies: "."0 p.m., "The Dream of the-
Monday, ath—In Public School:
"The Great Plan" for girli' 12 to 17;
S p.m., Public recital, In Methodist
Church, A Splendid program has
been Prepared for this.
Tuesday s p.m. "Life's story" for
Mothers. Tliis lecture will be given
before the Women's Institute in the
Parish Hall, in Methodist Church;
s p.m. "Mule in the* Image of Clod"
for young  women.
Wednesday Al Public School,
"Pansy Blossoms" for boys and t*lrls
T lo 12; a p.m., Public Meeting In
Methodlsl Chureh, "l-'nur Modern
Thursday     3p.m. In tin* Mothodlsl
Church, "My Daughter" fur Mothers;
8 p.m. In Methodist Church, "Tho
Marriage Tie nmong the Birds" for
young women.
Friday p.m., In Public School,
"Pure anel White and Crystalline",
girls 12 to 17: s p.m., Public meeting
in Methodlsl Church, "Sneinl aspects
of Delinquency", ,\t te,, close of the
Friday evening lecture refreshments
wlll |„* served by the members nf the
local brancll of the W.C.T.U
All lecturos ar,- free and n cordial
Invitation le extended to nil. An offer-
lni* will be taken st tho public lectures
een Wednesday and Friday evenings
as well as nl lhc recital on Mondny
evening Thin is merely to covi r ex
tin* contemplated renewed negotiations
become lethargic, temporary settlement of tlie labor unreel in the conl
mining Industry appears probable.
PERNIE, H. C. Jan. 211.—Work nt
Bollevue, Hlllerest and Frank will re-
sumo tomorrow, this being decided at
muss moetlngs hold tonight.
Efforts aro being continued nf Blalrmore nml special meetings will hp hold
tomorrow night,
Social Service roimcll m Wort Itraln
: rlsl
■ ting
Church the S. S. C Controlttoe wus
strengthened by tbe addition of three
new mombers Tbo commltli now
ram I Is ol tin following: M I [s
\ Wallinger (sec,,) C a Coch R E
Howard. H C Seaman, M \ Beale,
Mob dam ri Mile . Ihiforo, .1 F Smith,
.1. Hurl on, Mlssei Cherrington and
,\ ■• '.t* committee cnnststlnci of the
president (ex ofllcla 1 Me ■ ira Cork,
Seaman and Howard (convenor) Is or
h 1 Inf 11 pub.b confer mci upon
Kcono nb   Reconstruction   aftor   the
" ,'!■    Tl inference  w.il  address
11 ■ 11 io n plying to que lia ■■ iddn 1
od to it"1 publli hml I oa of Canada by
ihe Ben ate Commission mum Re-con*
ntructlon Apart from tho ro settlement of soldiers in Canada afti r Uie
War then* will doubtless bo many
pressing problems to be dealt with
arising in tha main from th * now
claims of labor and the new position
of capital resulting from the world
A meeting of tlie old Police Commission was hold on Thursday evening
lust. Thc appointment of a night constable was left over to the new commission, constable Johns remaining
in office iili the new man is appointed.
The ri'pori of the Chief of Police was
presented, and the following amended
report has boon given to the llerald
for publication
City of Cranbrook Police Dept
Report covering the period from the
Isi April to the ::ist Dec., 1916
To His Worship the Mayor and Police Commissioners,
Gentlemen: i beg herewith to Bbb-
mit for your approval my reporl covering that period of the year 1916 in
which l have had ilii* honor to serve
you as Chief of Police.
Prisoners In cells on Apl Isi 3,
Received daring remainder of year 66.
Total prisoners for nine mouths, 69,
Prisoners were disposed of as follows Released served time, 24; released paid fines, 31; dismissed with
caution, 7, taken i» Provincial Gaol
..1 Nelson, 2; given 24 hours to leave
town, 1; committed ror trial, -. hand-
1 il (Hit to Kaslo Police, 1; glvei 10
days io pay iin«'. 1    Total, 611
During 1!:*1 t" rlod ol this report I,-
181 aioaU have bei 11 served to prisoners. Ail meals have bei n nutritious
and substantial, waBti has boon entirely eliminated and Btricl economy
practiced Thr city engineer has hail
tbe use ot all prisoners undergoing
sentence and considerable work lias
boon accomplished at 11 minimum ot
rust to tlio ratepayers
Pollco Court fines amounl lo $430.
Dog   taxes   collected   by    im. $193
Pound fines, |100    Total. $7,!..*,
it lias boon necessary on several
occasions to call tho attention of drivers of cars i" speed regulations In
each instance a warning lias had tbe
desired result
1 havo lho honor to he, Qcntlomon,
Vour obediont servant.
It  C, Hersey. Chief.
1 desire to extend my thanks for
five Thousand Xou Doing Their "Bit''
in Munition hi dories hi Canada,
mnl Doing if IVcll,
OTTAWA, Jou. 27.- Canadian women are "doing their hit" in munitions
factories and doing it well. There
are five thousand women workers, according to estimates compiled today,
who ure helping make t'ie shells which
tii'ili in and ber All' is and Dominions
ire hurling ngainsl tlie German linos.
And today comes tlie romper mill
for women. Thai is. rompers like
children wear, is the article of clothing that most nearly approaches the
style of a garment wbb h Canadian
manufacturers arc preparing for their
women employees, Canada liars the
overalls, whicli sister workwomen are
wearing in England,  The designers of
the new linblt think it will not only he
popular In the machine shop and fuse;
room, hut in the kitchen as well,
Reinforcement*  fox  Battailous  Not
0Tan-wag to be Sent Prom
iheir Original Recruiting
Ottawa, Jan. 26.—The militia a 1
thorltles in Kngland anil Canada an
working out it new plan for recn i'i..:
based on tlie British system, li ia
already heen partially put in i<m
and is likely to he worked out for all
■ Canada. It is tho intention to na' ■
1 reinforcements in future sent to the
battalions nt the front from the provinces, districts or cities from whir 1
the battalions were originally recruited. Eacb nf the forty-eight battalions
fn tho four divisions in Prance will
huve a training battalion In England
■ and a depot battalion in Canada. The
depot battalion wlll furnish drafts as
required, which will bo first sent to
England and thence- to France, pV>r
example, the famoiiB loth Alherta bat-
1 talion would have a training battalion
I In England with Alherta men ami a
depot   buttallon   in   Calgary,   which
1 would furnish recruits,
Working Out Details
I    Sir George Perley uud General Turn-
  ! er ure already working out tho plan
MUST CLOSE WEDNESDAY AFTER-'ln El-Bland, m,i training battalions are
NOON. (already heing formed from reinforce*
  j ments sont through the various prov-
Tbo Chief of police in his rounds . lnccB* All of the details have not b, en
yesterday afternoon discovered several | *loclclocl on, but tbo present outlook
stores in various parts of tbe city ls thaf tllIs whomo will be followed
which were remaining open In defiance [rroIU tho Atlantic to the Pacific.
There  will  bo  under this  plan   in
^    . v.-■-*■»«***      _.  ^ v .-,^''wV-'^*-^i/^:^fc:,.v,.^*»«r'.'**S
of the law. On this occasion he let
them off with a warning that the law
must he obeyed, and in future tlie
premises closed up tight during Wednesday afternoon. ThlB is a provincial law and all retail stores, except
drugstores, confectioners, bakeries,
creameries, tobacconists, eoun* under
Ils provisions. Neither the proprietor
nor his clerks are allowed to be In the
store during the afternoon of Wednesday, mid if the law Ih strictly enforced,
and everyone lives up to its provisions
there cun lie little objection taken.
more battalions sent to Kngland as
sueh. Any battalions aiuidy recruit*
ad whicb go ovor us a unit, wlll go
over on the understanding that they
will he broken up and tlte officers, if
thoro is no work for tliem. will have
to take reduced rank or return to Canada.
When Mark Irte
1, director of labor
of the Imperial mi
nitlom board, first
broached 1
dlltj of having wo-
men work iu muni
lone factories. Can-
adlan shell makers
declared it was lm-
posslbl ■  because
hey could  not be
('(iwoi.i.v «ots to thi: hat
e'. i'. Connolly, who feee- nearly n
yoar has been chief clerk tee tho supe r-
Intonilont of tin* Lethbridge division
ot tin- ('. P, It., received Instruction!
yesterday to proceed to Medicine Hat
where lie wlll be chief clerk in Hi?
  I genoral offices there.   Mr, Tompkins, I
e-lile-f clerk at Medicine Hat, Is being
Major Ed. Mallandaine, command- t move<] tc) Ca|g01.y    .t ,s not kmmn
Ing officer of the 107th Kootenay Regl-   who will fill Mr  Connolly's position
ment, lum received definite Instruc- j |ier0i
lions in proceed with the raising of at 1 since comlf.g to Lethbridge frum '
least 126 1111*11 for a Forestry draft In ; cranbrook Mr. Connolly has madi- a
tlle southern llrltlsli Columbia ellst- j i,„sl of fr|,,nas araong th business
r,ct* '■ men of tlie city with whom he ims
Tlie- headquarters fur organization ■ ,-,imc iu contact and tliey will he very
and training this nnil will be at Crcs- j sorr>. to hear that he- lias been moved
nm. ns being the- centre of the district : h„ is always most courteous In his
and  nm   i-onfllctlng  with  the  coal   treatment of the public, and had be-
lyTEN and Young Men
who appreciate the
Value and Importance of
Made-to-Measure Tailoring
in its highest form are invited to inspect our showing of high grade Imported
and Canadian Woollens.
Let us show you and
give you convincing proof
of the great variety of beautiful fabrics awaiting your
Selection at Unexcelled
Quality for Quality Our
Prices are Lower and scientific methods assure you
Precision of Fit.
FIT-REFORM Clothing--
made to measure and ready
to wear
Suits & Overcoats $18 to $40
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
'Why, God blesa 'cm." Din
Irish replied, "we are deluded with
tbem and I'm nsKlng women on the
waiting list noi to gel discouraged."
Tli.' Canadfnn plan i- a dilution of
labor, nol reptn. 1 menl of woman for
men in plants, Imt Introduction of
feminine workers bo that male labor
can !'•* spread over n greater tlmo nnd
a greater number of machines,
ileal. Earnest H'orVors.
n 'I   women  entered  the
factories   11 firsl    Some of these, of
tho  lei : ■ 'ml their French
heels dldn'l fit In with making munitions and the; dropped onl Snme didn't like th,' grime and dirt, But forty
of the original number stuck, Then
Canadian women awoke in the necessity for munitions and real and names!
workers started to pour in applications Mosl of these have kept rlghl
on the jni.    Thoj have lieen careful,
efriclont. steady, reliable and, in many  blg 8I. ,.„,.  ., M.irii   ti „
1 asos   heiier at work requiring dolt
mines to the east or the smelter to the
west. This unit will no doubt be sent
overseas as soon as the required number of men aro enlisted, and many Will
doubtless volunteer for this branch of
the service who were on account of
the many medical restrictions, prevented from going heretofore.
Major Mnllandain - Is now busy making arrangements for eiiartrrs for l\\i
men !■' sleep in. a*- well as providing
space for reading and recreation. One
or more of the empty store buildings
will 00 doubt be rented and fitted iiy
for tlte purpose, and will be in readiness by the time tiie uniforms and
equipment are here. The town pa'.k
should provide araolt space for drilling purposes, and If spring arrives as
soo'. as now seems likely the flats wlK
l>e ivailable for mar K>uvres on nn external scale.—Creston Review.
como a general favorite In the com
puny's circles here. Mr. Mcintosh is
acting as chief clerk until a successor Is appointed.—Lethbridge Herald
H'.IXTKD-by  resident   tVlndeimer.
District, loan 51000 for one year at
10'•. Ample security. H, O. Lnck-
wood, solicitor. Golden. II. C.       6-2t,
Tl ey an prevalent now and the Throat is a first class breeding
place for all kinds of germ.-, if you let thf-m g*n a start. Protect
yourself and children against Throat Trouble- by regular gargles- of
Antiseptic, Soothing and always effective even in tbo advanced stages
of Throat Trouble; is concentrated and go*-*; a long way. Half a tea-
,"'Hit..I In .. glass of water makes a perfect cleansing gargle for
preventative use. Keep it on hand, especially if there are children
in the house,
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
i'rcscHptions a Spcclaltj
Prompt SCTTlee" Our Motto
Xo llnr
j Work.
No Iioho labor i ■ nttomptod, Tho
chief work wbb h the women do Is on
primers,  time  fuses,  in  assembling,
The Cranbrook Poultry Association 1
decided to take up tlle study of the
Hogan System of selection and at
every general meeting until further
notice will devote one hour to this subject. Several of the members have.
been using this system during the past
year or two, and tliey will be on hand
at the meetings to testify as to the
merits of the system.
Nelson News yesterday pulled 0 I    Owing t*> the efforts of u llve exocu*
boner   when  it  announced  under    a i tivr l'"' yoar 1918 has been a  fairly
Attorney j BOOd one for the association as shown
General's Brother (lets Job" and then! hy the secretary'- report which l< as
went on l" say that A   IV Macdonald. j follows:
an active member of the ('ranbrook i    At tho beginning ot 1916 tho Assocla.
1 iberal Association and a brother of | lion's books showed a debt of $176.85
Hon, M. A. Macdonald. attorney-general, had been appointed Judge of the
ourt of revision and appeal for   the
which was principally caused iiy tbo
heavy expense of putting on t *
in  December 1916,   To offset tills we
in porting, sorting nnd packing.   On   i*wt steel,, assessment district in the  had al thai time assets amounting to
some  «.r these  operations   measure-   placo of TValter A. Nlabet. 968.80 so that the Association started
1 pari of an     To those who know the facts   the I the year with a debt of $118.66    v,
ro also handicapped in tliat. Several
of   the   Association's   members   had
ments tn
lncn **n required, article Is Bim ply ridiculous, but out-
The women  are paid from ?10 to  s|(|„rs may mil know Just whnt there
conflict. No ono can prophesy what the many expressions of sympathy in
turn evenis will take but It behooves | the loss of my Infant child. I further
the man-in-lhe-sireet to keep hlw oypsj dtsire to thank all those for floral
skinned and to obtain the c-oflest ac-  tributes,
qualntanco h<- can with economic con-j William Guthrie.
ditiona. j —
Such questions will be considered ityan und M, A. Beale, Natural Rent tho conforenco as mining and ngrl- sources, H. C. Seaman. How to nt-
oulttiral  development  schemes;   tall-  tract capital;   W,  ll.  Bridge, Colon-
$32 a Week.
ora  In   sin
Where   thoy
lighted. In
V. the W.
Ixatlons he
ast as much as men work-   |M in the "Job" of judge of thia par- heard the cull of the Kmpire and bad
The   plants   tleular court of revision and appeal.' unlisted for servii
•d al
•e airy and well-
FICC9   the   V.   W.   C
and other organ-
■il buffi-is where
reasonable prices.
It is only a one-day job, and tne
remuneration is less than an average
lawyer considers a day's pay 'nr    a
Mr, Macdonald ha- not bOM appointed
I to thnt position,    In the nbao'ice of
! Ml. Nisbet. who Is a partner 0' Mr.
beforo   l.eni   Macdonald in the law firm of Harvey.
isli Hail next   McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet, and n
Hi.   A good   Llboral as well, Mr. Macdonald was
attend.      ' naked to uct on this ocaslon and did
i so. and that's all there Is in the stoiv
wny   and road   policy, immigration, jlzatlon and Immigration; O. J. Spreull, j    Mrs   DoMlll of Medicine Hat. In In | °' the "Job"
equipment of returned soldiers, com-1 Re-adjustment or Labor   conditions; (the city visiting her sister, Miss Annt
The last  wh
ill   lie   held   Ml
ednes.Iay evei
. Feb.
munal   schemes,   industrial   develop-! J, 1*'. Smith, Conditions following ror- Blurtoii, who
ment relative to Cranbrook and ills-j mer wars;  It, K. Howard and C. A. Hospital,   Mr
trlct.                                                 ] Cork, Employment or Returned Sol- hor Aunt, Mn
Tho   following   Hpetikern   will   each ' dlers.
take charge of a aoparato dopartmont      Here is a splendid opportunity for fhe firsl  head to
nf the con for on co and ii is Intended I tin* business men ni Cranbrook to get ronngo bask el  al  tin
to draw up a general memoranda of   together and do a liii of Nihil,iiii; for; menl   Building   is  lh;i
recommendation to bo submitted to tho everybody's good. Hunt, who ims renei
ill at tbe si. Eugene
DoMlll  Is the guest of
ill In the pal-
local Govern-
of r  doVero
ed notice that
Sonata Commission: i    Conference will bo held In Pariah  his services win not be required after
A.  H.  Smith.   Agriculture;   A.   K.   Hall on Thursday, Feb, Hth nl K p.m. | March 1st.   We understand tliat Mr.
Watts,  Trade  and   Industry;   Jmlg*  prompt and is open to all. F. Wortldnsfon is lo take bis placa.
Tiiere have been held during the
year ten general meetings and thirteen executive meetings all of which
work, and ns a matter n' fart | bave been fairly well attended.
Tin* paid up membership for 1916
numbered 46 members and up to tlie
present time we have 23 members paid
Up for 1017. Sixteen of these are 111 w
Muring the year the Association has
bought about fifty tons of wheat aud
mill feeds at a total cost of $1872.87
aud could have handled at least ton
tons more, hail it lieen obtainable,
At the present time we hav.- accounts outstanding amounting to $128 -
46. The halnnre In the bank lfl $71 TT.
and we have accounts receivable
amounting to $16,40 This leaves a
balance of $11 80 which wo must raise
to clear the Association of debt Wo
should havi- no trouble In doing this as
tiiere were lfi members expired on
Jan, 1st which bave not renewed yet
K T. Cooper, Her
it; It Ml  ami CRAXttROOK
Vancouver, U. C, Jan. 29— Tlu* following police aud license commission-
era  were appointed to-day:
Cranbrook- License: Aid. A (ones! and Thomas S. QUI; Police. Aid.
It, (', Kakin and T  M, Parrett
Fertile License Aid. VV, Jackson
and ojaeph Aiello: Police: Alii. J, K.
Marshall and James Mrtain.
A  hockey match  will  be  played at
tbe Anna Rink Saturday night b***
tween Kimberley and t'ranbrook. The
stores  have  been asked to close   at
nine o'clock that night, and the game
■   ■ .il!' <i   :■ r   !< 10   to   give   everyone
an   opportunity   to   .ittend.     Klmber-
ley Is said to have a good strong ag-
gregatlon of hockeylsts, and  with a
line-up on   the   local   team   a
good game should be assured.   Kol-
low tug is the line-up:
■ ■ >.    i.'        Hamilton;   point,
i,'.> r   tflller; rover, Mc-
1 ■     ■ ■ ntn    s immervlll. ;   taft
ii ifl     '     ■   wing,   Hlnton;
1 allal an   ind 81   Eloi,
i»rlo)     ii' al     T   Chenowith;
oil 1   U   Mi E11    rn   1 over  A   New-
en tn   VV   Hi Intzeman:  rover,
■ Ni wman; left wing, B. Smith;
right wing a Frivaldt; --pare, R Carl-
\ meeting of the Farmers' Institute
.vill bi ! ■ Id in the City Hall on Satur-
day, Feb   10th at. which two import-
anl papers wlll be read, and a cordial
.tlon is extended everyone to be
1 ■   Thi papers will be of special
I   to   every   agriculturist   and
'.H   tier in tho district.   One will be on
"Tbo Present  III Reputation of B. C.
Polatoei   in  Ontario" by a man  who
took some down lasl year, and letters
: 1    read from Ontario dealers on
the bi ■   ubjocl    It is an unpleasant
fad but it is true nevertheless that
111 ■ Dlumhln potatoes hav.- gained
au un svory reputation in Ontario.
and ■ •    ■ nm British Columbia farm*
er ■ ■ ' *- Situation and make Up
theii minds to ovorcotno It the better
for their rut ure prosperity,
Another valuable paper will bo given by Mr Ammermnn of the Cranbrook
Creamery on "The Care of Cream from
the Cow till it reaches the Creamery "
Some notes will also be given on the
work of the creamery during the past
Time spent attending this meeting
will be time well spent. Remember
the place. City Hall, Time, Feb. 10th,
at 2,30.
I. O. II. V.
In last week's report of 1 O. D. E
(or January. Mr Tin 1 Roberts wa-
(rcr-i .-.j with lftc li.ttead of 2',< and
Mr-  McNeill ]0f instead of SI
The death occurred Monday afternoon, January L'9th. at tiie home of
James i-ogan, Slaterville, of Annie
McClure Guthrie, the infant daughter
of William Guthrie, the Immediate
cause of death being due to pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs Ixigan were
uncle and aunt of tbe deceased Infant The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon. Rev. Thos, Keyworth
-V lodlst minister, officiating. Intern-
m : t was in the <"ranbrook cemetery.
The following new members were
elected on Tuesday, three passing nuc-
cessfully through the initiation. Misses Edith Caslake. Kathleen Dufore.
Bertha QUI, Marlon Drummond, Grace
McFarlane. A very delightful evening
was spent, the program consisting of
physical drill, gamea, initiation ceremony. The Club will be managed
upon parliamentary linen by the girls
themselves, Any desiring to becom"
members should apply to the oarers
of the club.
Wallace In Cranbrook. at tlie Cottage Hospital, on Jan. 89th, to Mr.
and Mra. Arthur Wallace, n daughter FACE TWO
At Reduced I'rlees
11 He- for
Vim will Imve u good
mi],|il) iiii huml to
dike care of ynur orders.
SI'llllll I.i: rem DELIVERIES
(Beginning Forrunry 1st, 1917)
Morning ll,livery
8.30.... To Fluls iinel Slatevlllo
9.00 Tie lllll iiiiiI Sliililnwii
10.30 Tee Flats ami Slaterville
11.16 To lllll iiiiiI Slabtown
Afternoon Deliver;
2.00 Tn lllll nnd Slnbtown
4.00....To Finis uml Slntervlllo
5.ir, To Hill nml Slnbtown
Saiiiniii,  Evening Delivery
7.30 Tn Flats mnl Slaterville
8.00 To lllll mnl Slnbtown
P. BURNS & Co.
llii: CItAMittOOK IIKItAMi
(issued   Weekly   hj   Tbe   Crunbrook
II em lib l.lniiteil.
T. 11. buy, Kditor and Manager
Cranbrook, B.C, February 1st,  1910
One million, two hundred nnd fifty
thousand children in stricken Belgium
nre dependent upon the relict commission for tin* food that keeps them from
Starving. What they are getting now
is a piece of bread and n bowl of broth
once dally. Medical experts sny they
must have something more in order
to Bave tbem from disease and death.
Tbo needed extra ration is a biscuit
I made with bird or fat end a cup of
I cocoa. One dollar a montii will supply
this extra ration.
These fuels nnd figures are taken
from the Literary Digest, a United
Slates publication, which has started
a campaign to raise tlie extra funds
needed hy the commission. Here is
what tllO DlgOBt Ims to suy to Its BUD-
Bcribora in the United Stntes:
Tbe wealth of the I'nited State* in
220 billions of dollars.   For two and u
half yeara  Belgium,  the  beehive of
Europe, has been rescued from destruction at u cost of over $200.01)0,000
| and tlie United States lias contributed
less than $9,000,000 of tills sum.   The
i commission for relief In  Belgium is
■ composed almost entirely of Ameri-
1 <ans.    It works under the American
flag which protects its workers.   All
. through tin* towns and villages of Bel-
ginm the people in gratitude took lilts
of yarn  and cotton  and  made  small
American flags and wore them proudly wick after week.   Vet while France
and England have been between them
providing $7,000,(100 a month for the
supporl or Belgium, the people of tho
I'nited  States  liave contributed less
Ihan IIMIOO.QOO in more than two years
And In i Ids Bame time provisions for
Jj  the Belgians alone have heen purchased from this country to the amount of
over $100.0011.000."
That is a very severe indictment of
the peoplo of the neighboring republic
and it should result in large subscriptions to the Belgian relief fund, which
is in din* need of more money to save
Hie stricken population across the
garbs and faces tie* facta are made to
wear In order to make them palatable.
Where there Is no deliberate attempt
to bamboozle as tin-re i;:. in Germany,
our lieadllnera feel that ihey must as
fur as possible please ns. So the show
window artist gets in liis work. A
small advance a few hundred prisoners, an enemy attach repulsed, are
made to look like significant victories.
On tlie front thoy are imt a flash in
tlie pan. The "victory" was all in the
headline. Somebody iu Bavaria wants
the Qerman Emperor deposed, That
some one is probably a crank who if
caught will be shot with Prussian bullets. Tiiere are cranks even In England who would like to see Deorgo the
fifih doposed. Um tha'. gives vory
little comfort to our onemlos. Thero
Is a relative scarcity of Bomo itlndl of
food In (iermany. Tin* headlinors wish
us to believe that (iermany is starving.
Qermany has lieen starving more than
a year now. The fail Is, licit i ver
since we have lieen forced lo wage the
kind of wnr we like least, we have
been taking particular incidents for
general principals. In the absence of
first-hand news our correspondents
have fed us up with opinions. There
are more opinion-mongers abroad over
this war than there were soldier in
Kurope five years ago. From Belloc
down these experts have played upon
our optimism. They Know which way
the eat likes to he rubbed. And they
can sell that kind of treatment bettor
than the opposite. But a large percentage of it is "war bunk," and if*.
that kind of bunkum that keep- a lot
of us from putting llie l;\«t ounce Into
the prosecution of tlie war.
of re;
Trappers, Farmers.
lt dues not cost you anything to
on your furs.   (express tliem to us
over :i Sij.oil valuation.   Wu make*
you our offter
r<er your neiily, returning them
It nol purchased.   Try un
III   Business  Since   1888
Bond feir Prico List.
Special prico paid for Dark Mnrth
Mackay & Dippie
Sis Slh Avenue, Calgary, Altn.
Our Meats Are
Fresh Killed
Our Prices arc rliflit,
nml we stand prepared
tu hack up tlu' quality
of everything we sell.
>Vo specialize In tlte
products of the Local
Try our
Citv Meat Market
W. B. BLACK, Mgr.
2    IMMH.S    WEST    OF    OLD
now mn, he ui: tumu.
Tliey dn not lmvo municipal elections in Creston to get warmed up
nbout lint tlmt does not prevent them
exchanging pleasantries now and
again, it seems that a certain member
■ if the Fnrmers Institute there has
lieen a trouble maker for some time
past, and as a result of his latest attempt has lie/n e-tpullcfc from the In-
8tituto as an undesirable member.
The same personage has been doing
liis besl to knife tiie Review ever
since a certain occasion when tiie
Editor dared to hand him a little plain
talk. His latest efforts hnve brought
down upon his head the righteous
wratli or the Review mnn, nnd we eull
tell following lion-mots from the article in which the Review pays its respects:
"And finally notice the sentence
where he pleads that his name be not
mentioned in any correspondence tliat
may ensue in the matter. President
Cook referred to this as a sort of
snake-in-the-grass act, but that all too
mildly describes the incident. The
snake invariably gives some warning
before it strikes, whereas the letter
writer nnderhaudedly applies a weapon and immediately requests that
gentlomen knowing the facts become
partners to his Infamy possibly by preserving a guilty silence."
"The world holds iu abhorrence
Judas who betrayed tlie Christ with
a kiss. Imt bad as this act waB by no
means was it quite so dastardly as
i Ids Edmonsonian episode, in Hint Judas did liis work in tlto light of day.
whereas the Creston unspeakable
would ply his damnable calling hi the
"Tlu* mills of the gods grind slow
but they grind exceeding fine, aud we
feel sure that if any of the angle bars
in the fire pot of thfl infernal regions
are hotter than others this party will
have some trouble escaping the hottest
of them all—unless he mend his ways,
nnd thai rlghl suddenly."
■ Why try to make someone olBO the
capegoat of your excessive drinking,
when tlie Neal Treatment is al your
command. Write for booklet, Neal
IwiMtute, Cranhriwk, B, O.
(St. Paul Pioneer Press)
The telephone rang. You interrupted your work to answer. You courteously stated that the party wanted
wns not in. Your answer for your
courtesy and tlio Interruption of your
work was not even a grunt. It was
the click of tlie otlier party's receiver.
He didn't havo to be courteous. Ile
was anonymous. Having the heart of
a boor ho was never courteous for
courtesy's sake but merely for the
sake of being tolerated hy society.
Or perhaps lie believed he was talking
to a subordinate personage on whose
good will lie was not dependent for
favors personal or commercial. Possibly he was just too busy to be descent. Anyhow, it didn't make any difference. Under tlie cloak of anonymity he could be tbo cur that he always secretly wanted to be and nobody
would know.
(Canadian Courier)
We are somewhat fed to sufficiency
upon the peculiar newspaper commodity known as "war bunk." Of course
none of our newspapers have deliberately misled us about the war. We
bave no Imperlallzfld press as they
hnve in (Iermany, For n long while
and HP till about a year n*o we were
conscious of getting a hln.li percentage
of strictly reliable truth In onr news
of the wnr. We still bollovo that In
the fitnllon of facts. If the heading
writors would lei it go at that, we are
gottlrtg lust about what happens, it
Is not thfl facts that are to blame for
tlie unstable condition of the public
mind concerning the war.   lt in the
inn.* nidde of the facts   the inlom und
(Tho VIstorin Times.)
Will the Gorman   High  Sen
emerge from its liases aud ci
Britain's naval supremacy boi
close of the present war'.' Tl
two schools of conjecture
point. One does not believe th
he a decisive battle al sea
enemy's choice for a number
sous. Kirst. it contends, the
will fear to risk the destructiot
fleet owing lo the disastrous
failure would have upon tlio (
people and tliat, Instead, lie v
deavor to force his foes to n\
peace terms by submarine pii
a large scale aud tremendous
nn land. If these fail, pence i- Hl'.cly
to como suddenly; the Germnn people
will rise in revolt aud it would he too
late to try a gamble at sen.
Those who anticipate ■» great naval
battle believe that Germany will play
every card in her hand and this moans
the navy along with the others, They
declare tbat this will he forced by the
Oerman people themselves, whose
chief trouble is due tn the strangling
dutch of the British blockade rather
than to tin* pressure on laml. If iiu*
central empires are menaced hy starvation relief can lie gained fn only two
ways. One is by Inducing tho Allies
In agree to peace, the other is by defeating tlie Hritish navy and Opening
the trade lanes across the sea, Tlio
first cannot lie accomplished on land;
the Allies are too strong for thai no
matter how great an effort Germany
is hound to make very soon. Nor can
It be gained by the submarine, for
white thi* unrestricted use of underwater craft will do a great amount
of damage and probably inflict real
distress upon the Entente peoples, it
must inevitably turn neutrals against
(iermany. which in turn will read
disadvantageously upon her economic
position, already bocomlng precarious,
the state of mind of hor people aud her
actual position in tlie field.
We support tlie second theory, (iermany wlll use her navy as a forlorn
hope simply because it is the onlv
weapon wltli which she can gamble on
a counter-stroke against her greatest
danger. If her economic condition is
as bad ns ft is believed to be, the logic
of the situation leads to a decisive sea
fight. This probably will not be until
after the failure of her next big land
effort unless she sees a favorable opportunity for a surprise attack, because the destruction of her fleet
would extend the scope of the llrltlsh
blockade to the Baltic, besides opening the way for au attack upon her
bases and tin* Invasion of German territory under cover of naval operations,
Moreover, the Oerman navy fn any
case would be one of the spoils of victory if ii were intact at the end of the
war. Rather Ihan lose it in that way
Germany would send it out to fight.
There is another line of speculation
based upon Hie future policy of tie*
British navy in consequence of the recent changes in direction and command. The progress of Hie enemy's
submarine campaign might Influence
an attempt to attack him at his liases
in the hope of destroying the lairs of
the piratical underwater crafi incidental to the destruction of the Oerman
fleet. This, however, would lie a costly and hazardous operation, involving
the diversion of a considerable fleol
to the Baltic, for Kiel as will as
VYilhclmshnvcn would have to b< attacked. Under the cautious administration which lias just been unseated
It would not have been permitted bul
tiie ginger group Is now In the snddlo
nnd tiiere is an Influential nchool
whicli thinks tlu* navy Is mil adhering
closely enough to tlo* traditional policy embodied in the Instruction "seek
out tiie enemy and destroy him." tin
policy of Nelson's day. A(
It Is hardly necessary to poln
the Allies to hold tlieir ow
wnr have had to unlearn mn
things tliey learned in otlier wars, and
thnt this includes wnr on sea as well
as on land. We havo seen that policies on land which would have made
for dazzling success a century ago are
very apt to result ln a disaster today.
and no doubt the same considerations
are applicable to the wnr at sea.
of tli
Gained 15 Pounds By Taking Vinol
Norfolk, Va.—"I suffered from ncr-
voiiflni'HH, had nn appetite and wns very
thin. Nothing I took seemed to help ma
until one iIhv a friend told rm* nbout
Vinol. I have now taken six hollies mid
have gained fifteen potindsi have n good
appetite and can eat anything." -Mm
ti»: Dkxmnii, Norfolk,  va.
Vinol   is   a   constitution ii
with   Uh  formula on   every
erosion nn appetite, aids dig
makes pun*, healthy blood.
nnr giiMruutw,
Tlie Josle mine (Lo Hot 2) at Rosa-
laud   made a  nel  profit of $11,000 in
The D. C. Coppor company are after
more properties on Copper mountain,
neur Chosaw.
British Columbia is tho most important mineral producing territory in
Uie British empire.
,1 M. Moore, diamond drill operator
was killed in the Iron Mask mine,
Kamloops. while riding on a bucket
in the shaft, against strict orders,
Mining in the districts touched by
lie Canadian Northern Railway is becoming more active, according to
statements mado hy officials of that
During December four cars of sll-
ver-lead on', shipped from lhe I'tlcu
mlna to Trail, netted the company
close to $30,000, one ear alone running
over $8,000.
On account of a shortage of water.1
tho Galena Farm mill In tho Slocan
has been dosed down for tin* winter.
During tills period development will
lie kept up at tlie mine.
Some is Inches of shipping ore on
lhc Celebration group of La Prance
i reel', near Nelson, has boon discovcr-
. d. Tiie ore was struck at a depth of
about 50 feet, and will run about $!*S
i.i the lon in value.
Gold was discovered in California
iii 1848 and iu Colorado and British
Columbia in IsriK-'i, The discovery
was accidental in tbo three cases and
tbo fact created the impression thnt
mines wire "lying around loose."
The additions which are to be mnde
t'i the Tyeo smelter at Ladysmith by
the now owners, whose identity lias
eot as yet been discovered, were commenced recently under the supervision
i f W. -i, Watson, mannger of the smelter,
Tlie construction of a railroad spur
a! a cost of ,*fl!00.000 is under consideration by the Electric Point Mining Co.,
ene of ihe heavy lead shippers to
Trail, It would connect the mine
villi tlie Great Northern railway at
Northport or Boundary, 15 miles.
Operation of the Florence mill at
Ainsworth is expected to commence
early nexf month. It lias a capacity
ol" UOO tons of oro dally, but may bo
operated at less than that tonnage, although the company is said to have
moro than 200.000 tons of ore lu sight
nbovo tin* second level.
A small force of men is engaged in
drifting in both directions on tbo oro
in the 200-foot level at the Silver
Hoard. Ainsworth, with a view to
blocking out sufficient ore to justify
the erection of a la-ton mill Tests
which liave heen made of tlie ore indicate that high grade zinc and lon-'.-
Bilver  concentrates  can  he made  by
0 simple process of concentration.
"Millions of dollars in tlu eastern
Slates nro ready for investment in
British Columbia mines." sa'd A. it
,, Hodge-, in Victoria, who a few
years ago was one of tlie best known
mining men in this province, hut who
left horo to take charge of the fnter-
ests of a  big  South  American  com-
1 any. He is hack again and left on
his way to Anyox, whore are the
mines and smelter of the Oranby company.
Production of copper by the Granny,
Co., was much less in December than
in November. The output in Decemher was 8,210,022 pounds, as compared with 4,151,001 pounds in November.
of the December production 2,:,.tr.,7l0
pounds was made ut Anyox and S2.1.-
212 pounds at Grand Forks. Bcduc-
tion nf the output is charged against
cold weather, which hampered operations, and to a shortage of colu
though   oilier  conditions  contributed.
A fine production of five carloads
of Highland Valley concentrated ore
lias heen made In the short period of
■ xorclso lo which the new mill has
been subjected, it Is stated. The flotation process has been installed and
will he In use soon. Three raises had
hem mnde lo the surface and a fourth
i, bolng made. The development hns
boon Increased threefold wince the
company was organized in March lust
hy K KefiVr. M. IS., of Spokane. The
property is near Ashcroft.
Ii is estimated that between six and
eight millions of persons, now employed hy thi' government, representing
half th.' wage earners of lhc United
Kingdom, will have to be discharged
at the end or the war. according to
tin' report of the committee on labor
problems, after the war. All these
workers will not he dlschurged sim-
! ultaneonsly, hut il Is probable thai
| within two months nfter peace bn?
boon declared, somo two or three million workers will be turned off. Regarding the army demobilization, tho
committee calculates tbat the rate of
disbnndonment cannot exceed 5.S00
dally at which rate six months would
hi- occupied In demobilizing less than
mo* million of the huge army.
Tlie aviation depots which, it is proposed, will he established iu Canada
at. an early dale, are to he under tlie
direct control of the Imperial army authorities, according to a statement
made a few days ago iu Montreal by
Colonel Merrltt, president of the Aero
Club of Canada, who said be had the
authority of the Imperial Munitions
Board ot saying so. According to Col.
Merrltt, the sehooU, which are to be
twenty fn number, will bo under the
direction of tlie army, while the planes
nro to be supplied by the Munitions
The total number ol' Canadian recruits for Hie first bnlf of the first
month of the new year has been 3,530,
a betterment of 1,020 as compared wilh
the last two weeks et ihe old year.
Tin* slight si din:; up of recruiting
is attributed to the National Sorvlco
Commission campaign, to the enlistment of men for tho new forestry nud
railway construction bntlallons and lo
ile* natural increase i (peeled during
the post-scripl peri.ni nf lensl employment,   As compnred witb the January
lotal of 20.212 for lnsl year. Hie n	
her of enlistments is small.   The total
enlistment since t! itbronk of the
war now stands at 387,409.
1  I.
The British Government has contracted for the entire exportable supply of New Zealand meat until nt least
three months afler the termination of
the Kuropean war.
II. 1
snld Hi.ii   tl
Cnslo ii
iTniily ahead
rn' when
li   MS
ii yi'iu
l:   '■■:. "1 i:MZ
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u 1*00 ... .
at the:  front.
iominioi of i imm
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your stomach. Keep it strong
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Consolidated Mining & Suiting Co.
uf Camilla. Llmltcil
Olilce*. smelting and Refining Department
S M E1TEIIS   A N l)   II li I' 1 N E li S
Purchasers of Gold. Silver.) tipper and I.ind Ores
Band in Attendance
KI'HiEIH.KY  vs.
SATl'KDAY, 1'KH. Ilnl
Commencing nl D.30 n in.
Admission     -     -     -•"* ee'iil*
Warner & McKay
Men Wanted for the Navy
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteei
Reserve, wants men for immediate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Navy
Cnndidntes   must   be   from
IS to ,iS years »f age and sons
of natural born Hritish
T> A "V" $1,10per dav and upwards. Fre
I /\ l  Separation allowance, $20.00 m
F.vpi'ricnci-d men from .IS to -15, und bins from IS to IK
are wanted for tbe CANADIAN NAVAL PATROLS,
Apnly to
Tho Nearest Naval UecrulUng' Sf ition or to Uie
Department of Naval Service, OTTAWA
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stump blasting
You can do it by using the right kind of Powder. Your
explosive should have a heaving and lifting effect,
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Thousands of farmers in British Columbia have used
all kinds of explosives for stump blasting. They have
found that they can save money, time and labour by
—made in Canada for 32 years. Prepared especially to
meet Canadian conditions. It cracks, splits and heaves
the stumps. At the same time it lifts and loosens the
roots for easy handling. Because of its wider-spread
force, it removes stumps more economically than powders or dynamites that merely shatter and pulverize.
Our book "Better Farming with Giant
Powder" contains -l-l illustrations eef the
must effective methods of blasting. Ii explains llie money-saving ways eel loading,
etc.   Get ii e:ie|ey free —il Will save you
The mounting that eliminates
9-10 of all eyeglass troubles.
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coustant Irritation to eyeglass
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Impaired vision; thoro is never
a    1   inr    rottgbtenlng.    In
fact, everything, rrom tlu* stand-
poinl ot the eyeglass wearer
strength, Btylo ami safety   lias
boon considered in (lie Kec Luck.
W. H. Wilson
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Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Wooduinn Of SB8-
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Mrs. ,1ns. Woodman,
A masi|m*nuli' < ami val will bi*
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driving,  To
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rurebnse yonr Kire Insurance with
the old reliable*-.. reprosolltod hy lleali*
& Klwell.
A congregalioiial meeting of Knox
church has been called for Monday
night to consider the matter of ox-
tondlng a call to a minister.
Ueut-Col. Worden of tbe 102nd
Battalion bus been awarded the D. S,
O. in recognition of tho part he played
In the recent fighting on the Somrafl,
When Buln Cleans it, it's clean.
Phone 157.
The monthly meeting of the Methodist Ladle* Aid will be held on Feb,
Tth, at the home of Mrs. W. H, Wilson.
Fenwick Ave., at II p.m.
Wood! Pbone 183 for quick delivery on good stove wood. Cranbrook Trading Co.
"Oberon" and "Tltania" with tlicir
attendant train of fairies will sing and
dance during the performance of the
"Midsummer .Night's Dream" at the
Auditorium on Feb. 15th at S p.m.
We are carrying a full line of boots
md shoes.— Cranhrook Exchange,
\ mi strong Ave.
Annie,   youngest   daughter  of   Mr.
William Guthrie, di-d Monday even-
Di version and Use.
Tako notice that I, James White,
whose address is Fun Steele, B. C.,
will apply for a licence to take and
use -00 Inches ul' water out uf Fisher
Creek, whieh flows In Nortli Westerly ing. aged one year and five days. I lin
direction and drains into Wild Horse funeral was held on Wednesday alter-
Creek about six miles from Fort Steele,  noon to the Crnnbrook cemetery.
The water will be diverted from tha 	
stream at a point about one halt mile we are carrying a full line of boots
from its mouth in easterly direction nnd shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
and will be used for placer mining   Vrmstrong Ave.
purpose upon the placer mine describ- 	
ed as the Nip and Tuck and 12 B. There will be o Valentine Social in
lease. This notice was posted on the t'onnectlon witli the Women*. Institute
ground mi the Sth day of .lanuary,
of tiiis notice and    au
application pursuant thereto and to
the "Water Act, 1914," will be filed
in tin* office of the Water Hecorder
at Fernie, B. C. Objections to the
application may he filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within thirty
days aftei tin* firsl appearance of
this notice in a local newspaper,
James While, Applicant.
The dnto of the firsl publication .if
this notlco Is .lanuary 11. HUT.   2-lt.
in the Parish Hull on Feb, llth Further particulars will be published next
weok.   .Note the date, 14th.
Mr F A. Riches lias resigned as
Secretarj of the Retail Merchants
Asoclntion to accept the position of
storekei per for tin Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co., at Kimberley,
and entered m on hla new duties on
Mondaj \l: Riches was a puins-
taklag and rona lentiou i secretary and
while sorry : Iobi I !m trom the city
we wish him ■ very sm ti Bi j!: hi ni w
sphere. .Mrs. Riches and fumily ure
remaining in t'ranbrook for the present
Thi regular monthly mooting of the
Women' In Unite wil] be In Id In the
Purli h II ill, non m rei Isi ly al
3 o'i lock, on Tin »doj Feb Ktli Tlu
meeting will be addressed by Mi h
Bcatrli p Brlgdi i fr m Toronto, who
com p to ti     o tl    highest rei i mnn n-
datl ■■ n   |>oaki r    ll* i   ah i ■
b,- ii. voted e pecluily to m ither ■ and
w ivi ■ and ti lu art) ;t,\ itation i- i x-
tondi ii to .til ladii s In i ■ It) I ■ n
will in' ti nm deal pro-^rammi and re-
(roHhmenl   will be served
Limit Lllddings, of the i!25tli in in
lown tills week, Ho lias trnnsfi rred
to a flying corps and bo and eleven
others   Will   leave   iii   a   few  days   Tor
oversoas i.i Giddings says tbere are
still 150 uf tho 225th at Now West-
minster, wbo were pronounced medically unfit, bm ii is not known yet
whether tbey will be released or will
In- formed Into a compnny and Benl
overseas for some other brancll of tbe
service. It is thought possible that
tbey may be sent to Bermuda. If they
go overseas they will lie accompanied
by Lt-Col, MacKay, Capt. Barnos and
Capt. Haynos.—Pernio Free Cress.
Jack Hamilton, a woll known prospector around here, believes he has
solved tbo problem of how to help tbe
prospector. In conversation wltll the
Herald he deplored the wasting of so
much money on trails and roads to
properties which had not been proved.
His idea is for the government to send
an engineer with a diamond drill to a
prospect, and by drilling to prove its
worth before sinking money on a (rail
to tho property. Mr, Hamilton thinks
bis solution of thc difficulty would
prove a boon to the prospector as woll
as saving money to the Governmonl
and at the some time developing any
worth-while proposition.
A hnly who understands advertising
says; "No lady wlshm to be looked
upon as a shopping fiend; bIio does
not care it. go Into o store and have a
merchant show all bis stock in order
ti) find out whether he keeps what she
wishes to purchase ond whether tbe
nrtlcle Is sold at a price she can afford, It is much ".i-i- r and ploasantor
to look through tl e idvertlsementfl of
a paper than It Is tn be bored by the
clerk-- and waste her own tlm*. NVjtt
to the local news Items, tbe s^erllse-
ments in ;i paper stating tho articles
for sale with prlci -, will keep much
of the money   that goes lo the large
11 you were told of
anew discovery ibrthe
treatment of coughs,
colds and bronchitis, as certain in its
action on all chest troubles n> antitoxin is on diphtheria, or vaccination un
small-pox, woa!dn"t you feel like giving
it :i trial?
Peps is the discovery 1
Peps are little tablets, containing
certain medicinal ingredients, which,
when placed upon the tongue, immediate . turn loto vapour, and areatouce
breathed down the air passages to the
lungs, Ou iheir journey, thej soothe
tbe inflamed and Irritab d mem I u ■■
jf the bronchial tubes, Ibedelicau wa a
uf the air passages, and finally enter
andcarry relief and healing to the lungs.
lu a word, while no liquid or solid
can get to thfl lungs and air passages,
these Peps fumes gel there direct, and
aiuuoc commence ther work of healing.
icrosstt the name ami date ui this paper,
.md mail it (with lc, Btatnptopay return
[Mintage) to Peps Co.. Toronto. Afree
'rial packet will then be sent .vou. All
druggists and blores sell Pcps,60c, boi.
Tin, surprise ot tine wnr in overy
country, but especially in Urltiiln,
Franco nml Canada, Is tho Invisible
ivonlth nl' Hn- musses. Thoy have boon
constrained lie study nnd practlco
thrift, nml tbey have done II to advantage.    The'   result   Is   Hint   when
national loans have I n |eul mil nn
the market nml tlm people havo boon
asked tei subscribe to tliem they havo
Kindly ilnm so. Tho old slocking or
the liuef* stocking, ns some havo described the i ess ot the people's mono)
hns contained nn amazing amount, nml
mostly nf thc coin il I i i lo-
prcclato. Hut tlio hidden resources
i.nl tn l»> tnpped, nml tin' tapping wus
dono tlmuigh the newspapers.   There
Is  Innlit eif that.   When line first
loan  nf $50,000,000 was  fli il  tlie
Canadian 1're'ste Association suggested to tht* fiiiunri' minister the advantage eef advertising It. He' hnd only tn
notice bnw the brokers made their
1 roposals known and he Imitated them.
There was nothing of Un* wnr nf iiurt-
e/.;inslil|t in this appeal It was non-
political nnd it wns n greal success,
sir Thomas White noticed this. A re.
petition ot (he* oxporlmonl hnd not to
In' pressed, sir Thomas wns ready to
ml himself this time, nml again lm hns
been convinced thut it pays to advertise.—Kingston (Ont.I  Whig.
Can yon think of any reason why
then* should not be one In your
relief  from
thirst; here's
fresh vigour
for the boys
at the Front
workers at home!
Cli ot the "Land Regis-   ..„
32, ot Lot   IK. Grou|
District,  Province ot     Ap
iMn. Map IIS, ' mrs.
Shakespeare's plays are not often
lerformed In Crnnbrook, so do nol
nlss iiu' "Midsummer Night's Dream"
it  tin-  Auditorium  on  Feb   15th  at
Rev Mr. Fraser, from Saskatchewan
who Ims 1 n visiting Ills sister, Mrs
Flndlnyson,   occupied the   pulpit eif
Knox Presbyterian Church on Sunday
nt 1
; be
tie    I.i
TAKE NOI II R til ,t on ,p| llcntlon,
No, 1391! 1 line I", ii made to reglste:
Rl, lm re] '' Rarrotl ne owner in tee
'jovc Ini" under .. Con
n trom Hnynos Uke
Land Company Limited el al, dated
u.'.tli .lul>- Ullli and thai unless within
30 dues trom llie date nt the tlrsl publication  In is if i" : Iili' ill this nffiri'
n caveal or Certlfie ite at lis Pendens
1 shall register tli" said Richard C.
llurr.'ll ns owner In toe.
Doled ni Um I.nn.i Ri glstry Ofllco,
Nelson, this mill di y ,f January 1911
Bnmuol ll Roe, District Registrar
Tn nll in whom ll mny coicern
Dale nf firsl publication tlm twenty-
fifth dny of January HUT.
IN THE MATTER of tlle "Und Rogls
ir.   Vcl ' nnd IN THB MATTER of
l.nl    I.  Hin, I,   ', I  1111,1   l.nl   1,   BlOCll   7s
of I nt 133, tlroltp 1 Kool mny leisl-
I'hi. Province ot Brltli h Columbia,
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that nn Application,
No 13118-1, in s I,.' ii mado to register
Mary Scraflotd Bridge as owucr In fee
simple of tlm nbove ints under n I'een-
voyanca to hor from Baynos Lnko
Und Company Limited ot al, dated
2nd da) of Decotnber I'.iir.niiil Uml unless wllhln 30 days from lho date of
tlio fu i I llllll, ml.ni hereof ynu file In
this oftlci n enveal ir CortltlcalJ of
1,1s Pondens 1 slmll register tlio Bald
Mary Bcrnfleld Bridge as owner In feo
Dated ni Ihe l.n id ReglBtry Offlco,
N,'linn, this mill day e.f .lanuary 1917.
Samuel 11 Roo, District Rogsltrar.
To all tu wlmiii it mny concern.
Date ol firsl publication the twenty-
fifth ilny of January 1017 4-4t.
IN THE M VITKU nf the "Land Regis
try Act" nml IN THE MATTER of
Le'iis 2 nml I. Block 7S of i^it 132,
tlreuip 1. Kootonay District, Province
of llrltlsli Columbia, Mip 1181,
TAKK NOTICE Hint an Application,
No  4328-1 hns lecei mndo to reglBter
Wllllnni Cyprian Uriel is owner In
fi'n slmplo of tho above lots under n
Conveyance lee hlm from Baynos Lake'
land Cotnnnny Limited ot ul. dated
2nel day eef Docembor liiiri nml liiat
unless within 30 days frum thn date
eef Mm first, publication hereof you file
In this offlnn a envont eer Certlflcato elf
l.ln Pondens I shall roglstor Hen said
Wllllnni Cyprian Bridge ns ownor in
Dnii'il nl. tin* l.neid Registry Office,
Nelson, tlii- nth day nf January, 1917
Snnini'l ll. Rem, lllstrli't Registrar,
Te, all In whom It may concorn.
Date of first publication, the twenty-
Ilflli day of January 1017.
I'll,'" nre occurlng iu Crnnbrook
wltl, nlnrmlng freqeney Ire yo ■
documents safe!? Nm unless tbey nre
placed in n Safet) Deposll Vault. De-
posll Boxes in nni nt Beale A. Elwell's
.it nominal e*aai,*s.   Absolute ^". ur'ny
During tlm year 1910 lin* total value
nf genuls nml munitions manufactured
iu Canada inr war purposes increased
in about 820 millions e.f dollars Var
lous authorities have estimated tlm
1917 production up tn 500 millions
I'm. I ie li K wish tie tleienk Mrs
Dunlop atul othor ladles nf Klngsgnti
fnr nn excellent shipment eif bandages
sinks, wristers, hospital shirts nnil
towels, pllloe*, casCB, seirnii'iel rnlns
nni othor surgical supplloB fnr Red
('runs purposes
A Hi'irnli hotol man win. ordered
two cases nf letter paper recently, paid
lllll por in nt more thnn hi' did lust ycur
\ butcber In Iiml illy wlin lnsl Chrlst-
inns time bought $*jr, wortii of wrap-
plng paper found Uio same quantity
enst lilni $'7 this yrar.
T„, Lnilii's Aid nr Knox ProBbytor-
lai' I'lniri-li will meet In tin* Sunday
si'iiii.ii mum next Wednesday after
noon nt 3,311. to whlcn all ladies of t'*c
oangrogatton nre Invllnil. A spee'lnl
Invitation Is given lee strangers wl.t*
wlll receive tt hearty welcome.
Oeo. Seemore of Vancouver, a ro-
turned soldier, lins been working in
tin* l'. I'. R. shops he-re for several
weeks but expects in return to Vancouver shortly. He* wns employed wltli
the mechanical trnnsport but was In-
inroel at the front on the Mil nt April
nnd recolved his discharge on tin* 80th
nf June last.
Canada ne-eils men who are willing
to serve ln patrol lennts nl once, lend
if suff'e'lent men nre not procured,
either of two things wlll happen: el-
ther Oerman submarines will sink our
transports nnd freighters, or England
will have In send mnn to Cnnniln to
elee what Canada hns promised. Mon
from 18 to 12. and Iseys from 15 to
18 aro wanted. Recruit", will be
|tr»liK*d at Ksqulualt.
Prlvnte William ...  Ill
rived limn, from t • from :..''■ ..,, K
and e\i" cts shortly I i '.■ iii" discharge. Prlvali ' ill .''.'nni"!
Inst i.iil nt Ypres. being "Imt in the
1, fi arm I tin bullel break-
lug iii'1 nnu nml tearing 'In- musi les
nml sinews -.' badly thai it Is doubt-
till it he will ever again havc Hi.' ful!
i,-, of his nnu ding seve r-
In thi        tary  hospital al
wn-  -.III  In 111.' llii; hospital
.,t Ramsgttte, Kngland and from there
,.;i- Invalided home m Canada. He
travelled with quite ,i party nf return-
Inn soldiers, nnil n ports h i plcndtd
pnssagi iiit.'s- tlm ocean, tbe Journey
taking eight nnil a half days. Tliey
were well treati il everywhere, and
spenl several days in Quebec as tbe
gnesl   "' tin Khaki Club nf tlmt City.
i tun ill'  III INKS
We wish tn heartily tiiiuii. our many
i ustomi rs nml friends fnr iheir gen-
erous patronagi during Um pnst. nml
in oxprosi nnr plcaaun nml appreciation ut finding Unit we huve mado so
many frlenda here
Slur Photo Studio.
Suiiill modern sawmill, togging
(rucks mill sleighs*, (eols iin.l c»ni|i
outfit, or .>ill |uil il in ik nn In*
restmcnl in lumbering operation
with oxperlcnceil ojicrfttor who
pofigetises Umber aiuI 11 tiullf Icn tion h
hi' ii Mircrssfni operator,
inr further imrUculiin itpplj to
ItOX    I Ml
i-:t. LothhrhlKO, All it
Trail Hide Dealer
ivnnls i'ur top cash price, f.u.le. Trull
11. I'., liliKKN SALT II IIK1I I (HV
uml SU I II II1IIIS   17c per Ih.
I rcen Suit Cured C.tl.F SKINS miller In pillllllls  illl* tee 25c per Hi.
Ilrccn Suit Cured BULL'S STACOS
und IIXKVS   lie per He.
IIKKKX mill KltOAKN HIIIKS 2c lee le
cr lie. less IIiiiii Salt Cured.
  20c tu '.'.'ir per Ib.
Hill buy Pelts, Wool, Old Rubber
Iteuets nud Rubber Shoes, Coppcr
nml Brass Scraps anil nil kinds ef Furs
A. illllMIIIM. Trull. Il.l.
Soothes,    refreshes,
and sustains through
weary   hours  of suspense and struggle.
il helps appetite and digestion too. Delicious and
antiseptic — wholesome and
After every meal and in the long
watch, it cheers thousands every
day. A boon to smokers. Send
some packets or a box to your
soldier lad.
The    Flavour Lasts!
terFfi«o,Mtulirct,WoIvoi '.Vliite Weasel, Mink, Lynx, Be.v
Vtr.l ! er. aad .-j; ^■.t^.'i.carcra cai.ecttt; in your fcucllrn
;■.'.■   »y :-■■•;■: . .■,.. .: ctto". :ivnr:. a"thehraetl
:    ■•'.  "    ■.'.'      Jr. '.*J<r-li- '.:lyIafli0.riJA;.tI*.:i,,^;..',-.Vf.i-a
•*■" ■   - .    -:... •    rHousawithaattabli Dbhedrep*
" retht,.-iathirdofacenwn',,*Blcncauc>
■■ ■ • '■.*.';.-. ..:r*TTPrr'Jnin».i*A'. ,".'.\' IOKY
 -.   ',.-.*.e (or "•::'* fttr'Jirt '"'*:'.-,■'
r a:*'
Sales ot Hritish Columbia lumber in
ICuBtcrn Canada Increased in a s-itl--
fiutiiry manner lust year, according
to Mr i, it. Beale, lumber commit-
rloner tor Hritish Columbia lu Toronto,
in nu address tu tin- linnhcnnpn's sec-
linti ol" the Toronto Board nf Trade
From nvtiilal'l. fimires lhe cast imr-
I'lmsed 15,000,000 teei moro lumbor
from IV f. in 191(1 than in 101S. Dtir-
tni; HIT the mill*' Ci Hritish Columbia,
.ntondod to mniic* mill greater ettirtt
to increase this profitable imsfnoss. ho
said The freight rates, thougli high,
wore not probibltlvo. Tbo manufacturers were mon* thnn over determined to meet requirements of tbe pastern
market ami moro attention was bolng
paid lo selective grading nnd hettnr
That Big Genuine Sale at
C. C Store is Still Going Strong
Furniture and House Furnishings at almost your own prices      While some lines are
practically sold oul still there is plenty to choose from in other lines     Everything is a bargain
Vinol Restored Mr,
Wapakont'iH, Oliii
by nceupatic
with ii Imil ft
run-down condition
BOOITI tn [*cl linvthill
until I tool*: \ imil.
and my cough nud
K«nr, ami I 04111 tr
that, is claimed for
Vino] is a i-iitisi
all weak) nervous
tiniis of men, womi
for I'lui'iiu; coughs.
Martin's Strength
"I  am n  fanner
t!ri|i]i«'  left  me
I la a nervous, weak,
ami   I  could  not
j* ta dn nif any good
wliloli built im1 upi
nervousness are nil
illy say Vlnol is all
it.'"   ilAMRB MAItrtN.
liillonal remedy (or
iinl run down concll*
ill anil ihildreii, and
(iihi-, and bronobittSi
Hliiic nml 1 n-etm l.are CortfJas, Tbli
Hit,'  K  somotlitng jmi need
He'll  made, hem)   linrk.
ia an e,|i|Hirtulill,   enu  Mill  iirielealel,
COlOrs, elimlili' illlil   sinuli. i
never ha,c niraln In leu, riirtniii- nt
1.1 Willi, licit. iWc Snla- lerlre*
cem*r f,*r eemr mntTem,, Ir,
lh,-*,. )irlc,'»
in Hull, llcif. r,.',i'. Sill,* price
Id'L-iilar *-|.IO. Sale iirirc              13.40
im Hull, licit, e-'l.'iii. Sale |,ri,*,-
. 50c
iti-L*. :i..i<i, Sale price
.    sl'.iiii
Iti'u-ului    .Line. Sale* price     I.i'"'
liei "ull, lieu. rl.M, Sill,. |,rlii
llcir. HiM. Sale' price 	
. 11. 'j:,
Ita-irulti- «3.60, Sal,* price ....    I.ir,
•Jim Hun. licit. ii':i..-,ii. Sale price ,
lie fiiln:   11.46, Sale price       9<lr
Kegulo; -IJ.',, Sale price    Wc
Mill a iv,, nl llmeeo Jiilni sic
*e>ii Black
Here lee somethtag everybod]  neaots,
Arc Articles Hint si |i| |M. h.
llnwlcr Hats left, tlin.c Hull
arc e, urn
a line- eif Cotton Comforters, size ■',.
lleenil', OH|ICClall) » lll'll )ei|i l,l|) tl
wlntor iititl Hiimmcr,   ll y<
hj   fn.    Thej  always lake the place
prlccii, nnlj u Icm lefl.
-III," lllll ilnll'l  iiei'l'lnnk tlio
uf a high prlceil l„ankct, eehllc lhe}
lasl thfae are the prlcea:
Hcilliiiii, reir. -el.**'., sale, price .
Keg. 18.76, Sale price   91.70
iTlie*M' arc Hi"  lial    Hi
i  usually
lle-g. **.'i'.-e. Sale prlre 11.50
fnr Illl.'- llllll Hi lllll*.
inst ».-,.nii I
This Is a line thai will nol lasl long
SO elun't he late.
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
Cranbrook Drug *■ itaoi/t Co., I'run-
lirouk, ii. c., iileen iii il"' liesl druggists
In all iiriii'ii Columbia towns J PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, FEB   1st, 191B
I. 0.0. Fa
(11 V LODGE, Xo. 12
■fT^i^         Moots   every
■L^P^Vk      Monday night
'^AA\rm^**iJ    ut  Fraternity
Sojourning    Oddfellows
lly invited.
li. 11
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C, Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. K. & S.
P. 0. Box 522
Visiting brethren  cordially  Invited to attend.
Meets  In   Maplu   Hull  aeeond
Tueaduy ot  every montii at 8
p.  Ul.
open   to   Hritish
Visiting   m
mbera   cordluily
E. Y. Drake,
J. F. Lower,
Meets In the
Parian Hull I
Hrst Tuesduy j
afternoon of j
every month j
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B,  McFarlane,
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0, Box 621.
All ladies cordially Invited,
The Shoe Specialist
,ioi: HAiuroDi
Salisfartlon Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Ladles and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phono 204
on (hr
Certificate ol Improvements
Mizpah .Mineral Claim, situate In the :
ort Steele Mining Division of Koote- :
ay   District.    Whore   located:    On;
.urk Croek, about twj miles west ot
TAKE NOTICE thai Elgin E. Junes,
ree Minor's Certlfc ite No. B79736,
Rends, sixty days fr*-m the date l.ere-
t, to apply to the Me ing Recorder for
Certificate of Improvements, for tbo
urposo of obtaining a Crown Qratt of
above claim, and further take notice;
hat action under section 85, must be
ommenced before the Issuance of
nob Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Ibis 1st day of December A. D.
916. 48-9t.
Certificate of Improvements,
Grey Eagle Mineral Claim, situate
in the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootenay District
Where located:- About 3 miles
BOUtbwest of Cranbrook.
TAKK NOTICK that John Wrlgbt,
Froo Miner's Certificate No. H0002R,
Intend, sixty day:; from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant
of tlie above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under soctlot) 86, must be commenced !
before the Issuance of bucIi Certificate j
of Improvements.
Dated this Sth day of January, A. D,
1917. 2-9t.
Two stray red and white yearling
heifers hi lng fed and cared for on my
premises. No ear mark or brand
noticeable. Owner can fret samo by
Identifying and paying for this add
and earn and feed of tbem J, F.
Bridges, Bummers Flats, Fort Steele,
B. C,
{iriminff nn i<ir Women   ih n \mx or throofor
lu.   Sold ut all Iir'ijf Mon-, nr mull**.! t'l nny
ftddnMon ri eolpl i price,   nut s< on km. Patio
Vlt-illlv.lVr  K**rT(« Btnl lirnlii; incnuuiu"sroy
rnull'-r" uTiililc   will hulld you Ufi  U ft boi, of
l»n l"f <'• nl ••( ii- »l■ir*, . r bv irriH on r-i'iliil
Oil-Hi' ,*,[ ij.iiu.rlnot
Barristers, Ktc.
Vi. I. Mini        i;. j. Siirpull
( lUMIItOOK,  B. C.
Physicians nml Surgeons
Ollice  nt  residence*, Armstrong
roroneions  ...   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 :o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
lilt. P. II. MILES
Ollice In Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
Miilci nerj ftuj (ieiicral Pureeing
Garden Ave.
Toiras on Application
MRS. A. SALMON. Matron
I'liiinie 2e'e9 P. O. Box 1)45
Civil and Mining Engineers
II. V. Land Surveyors
Iiuj Phone •'.'III. Night 1'lioie U
Norbnry Ave, next to City Hall
Kootenny Dunce Orchestra
Piano - Mree. It. W. ICilmondson
Violin - - W. Thompson
Drums - - A. J. Parker
Plione* 220 P. O. Box 289
Rub*. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Ilrcml, Cukes, Pies
nml Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp  City Hall
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washlne
send it to
Snecial urices for familv
Forwarding nnd   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-lte Ponder
Imperial Oil Co.
Drnj'lng nnd Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 63
Profession,.! Maternity Nurse
Apply—Box 8, Creston, B. C.
or Mree. Tisdaie's Cranbrook.
Genernl Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box  108 Phone 244
Spokane, Washington
Tills house haB the
happy distinction of be-
lag the favorite stopping place In Spokano
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
thi*} patronage and do
everything tn onr power
lo make you comfortable.
Our location In excellent —
close to Groat Northern Station
and O. W It. & N -Milwaukee
terminal, ami wltlnn a minute's
walk from the principal business
limine!! and ptacoa of amusement.
Nit  SlfiiMsl.il>  on   Hoot
Phono III P. O. Box 33
Professor of Music
Studio: Kill Armstrong; Ave.
A moat enjoyable dance was given
at the International Hotel on Saturday last by ProfesBor Saddler, The
hall was crowded making dancing
rather dlflcult but not withstanding
this everyone enjoyed themselves to
tho utmost
.Mr. II. Graham is in the Cranbrook
Hospital recovering very nicely, from
a   BUCCeBBful   operation.
Mr. F. Carrier arrived in Kings-
gate last  Friday,
Miss F, Collins returned from her
home in Bonner's Ferry last Friday,
her health much Improved by her
Alex McDormld and family returned
to their ranch this week from Olds.
Altu., where tbey have been for the
past four months.
Tho ladles of Marysville moi on
Thursday last for the purpoBo of organizing what will he Known as the
Marysville Branch of Ked Cross Workers, The meeting was well attended,
Mrs. J. Dickson was elected President,
Mrs. P. Handley, Vice Pres., Mrs. F.
Tibbetts, Sec. Treasurer. These ladles
will meet on Thursdays at 2.30 p.m.
A dance will be held under the auspices of the above, tm Saturday next.
Feb ard at the Fulls View Hotel, proceeds of which will be used to purchase wool and material for knitting
and making garments for our Boldlers.
Everybody Is cordially Invited us a
good time is assured. A lap supper
will be served as usual. Collection
will be taken.
Horn—on Jan 28th, to Mr, uud Mrs.
W. B. White, a daughter.
Mrs. A. Mellor and sou Karl, who
tor the [last month have been visiting
relatives at Kdmonton. relurned home
on Monday.
to remember with regard to 2>ant*
Buk is that, unlike ordinary ointments, Zam-Buk is so reflued that
lt ls capable of penetrating to the
seat of the trouble, which In the
case of skin diseases and old sores
is found in tlte diseased underlying
, tissues. This is due to tbe fact that
Zam-Buk contains no animal fat or
coarse mineral drugs whatever, but
!    is entirely of herbal origin.   Ordttt-
1 ary ointments, on tho contrary,
owing to the animal fat and mineral
1 drugs contained in tbem, are incapable of penetrating beneath the
! surface skin, so that the relief, If
any, can be only temporary.
in addition to this, Zam-Buk is
a si rung germicide, and having
reached tho underlying tissues, It
destroys all germs and thoroughly
cleanses the diseased parts. Then
Zam link's healing oesi uces promote
tho growth of new bLia aud a por-
mni i ut cure rosults.
Zara-Buh Is besl nol only for old
boi eczema, and all*skin disease*,
i also ror blood-poisoning, ulcere,
ses, bolls, rcalp cores, piles,
burns, scalds, ruts nttd all skin injuries. All druggists and Btores, or
mh i'l, Toronto. 60c. bos, l
for 11.25.
Wycliffe Public rtrt-ool opened IY
t.te second tirm of :!n* school year o
Mm 9th inst. Mr. II, ;.. Man. r uf ihe
•.'jiversity of British Columbia has
L'fn engage 1 as tPafmr in :'..e place
o: Mr. Flem-nin ',. v ho resiguul nl
Christmas with the intention of enlisting in the navy. It has recently
been reported thai Mr. Hemming
could not pass the physical examination.
During the past week all comers
to the office of the Otis Staples Lumber Co.. bave been asked to sign a
petition requesting lbr Provincial
Government to build the Kootenay
section of the Auto Transcontinental
Highway up the St. Marys River valley. About forty signatures were secured.
Last Thursday morning a breakdown in the engine that drives the
planing mill necessitated a temporary
cessation of work in that particular
branch of thc plant. Many of the
men quickly took advantage of this
occurence to take a much appreciated
holiday in Cranbrook. However, all
was in repair and work resumed again
Monday morning.
The weather has been very mild here
of late. Light warm winds have been
frequent. Saturday and Sunday witnessed the arrival of a light fall of
snow which was urgently needed as
the previous fall was much worn away
in places.
Mrs. Case of Aurora. 111., has been
the guest of ber daughter, Mrs. Bey
Staples, here, for the past lew days.
Mr. S. G. Clarke, accompanied by
Mrs. Clarke and baby, returned yesterday, looking happy, from Spokane.
where they have been spending the
past week.
Miss Florence Morrison of Calgary.
has come to take up her abode with
her uncle, Mr. J. W. Foster, and family on his farm near Wycliffe.
Miss Frances ChelmlCk hus been
confined to bed recently owing to a
slight injury sustained while coasting
on the school hill. The friends of Miss
Chelmlck will be glad to learn that
she ls doing well and will soon li
seen In her old haunts again.
Mrs. Wugan, supt. of Hed Cross
supplies at Calgary, bas written to Mrs
Attree, sec. of Red Cross, stating thai
there were some very clever knitter-
sending In work from Fort Steele.
In a letter from Corp, Ted Tolfree.
ynugest son of Mrs. K. Attree, he staled tbat lie expected to leave for tho
Front In a montii. Corp. Tolfree has
been at Ilrumsbott for over n year.
Word lias been received from Morrissey Camp that recently several attempts to escape have been made by
those interned at that camp. Two
tunnels 20x46 feet each were discovered under the basement ami outside the
enclosure. The attempts were futile
but as others may be expected careful
watch will he kept.
Miss Davis and Miss Banister of
Spokane are the guests at Fish Lake
of Mrs. O. F. Pownall who Is n sister
to Miss Banister.
The Red Cross meeting will he held
Thursday at the home of the president,
Mrs. G. Watson.
An averuge of 100 carloads of lumber a week nre shipped to olll ith'
points from mills nearby,
Mrs. Blair ami daughter, of Craubrook, spent a couple of days In town
last week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. A, It. Fenwick entertained n few guests on Thursday 25th,
tbo occasion of their ISth anniversary.
MIbs L. Walsh returned, on week-
end, from a few weeks trip in Crunbrook.
The Red Cross Ladies decided at
the Inst meeting to send for more supplies, the larger garments for hospital
use.   Mrs. ti. Baker was In charge.
Tbe sad death, at Vancouver, of
Rorghil Kempfrud, well known here,
Is much regretted. She is Ihe youngest sister of Mr. C. Kempfrud, formerly of Fort Steele, now of Kimberley
Rev. Mclnnls of Wardner hold ser-
vlce In the Presbyterian Clinrrch
Sunduy morning.
A. T. Cnldwell of the Burton Mine
Klko, was In town during the woi I
getting supplies. He reported that
they woro shipping ore every duy,
Jas. Cronln of Moyle Mining Co.,
states that after a careful oxnmlnntlnu
he found tho mine In a promising con
Mlns M. Blair spont a few day* In
Crunbrook last, week-fiul.
Dave. Crowley of Flagstone, while
working for the Meadow Creek Lumber Co., at .Newgate had the misfortune to gel several of his ribs fractured last week through a cant hook
which he was using becoming jammed between some logs.
Bert Irvine returned home this
week alter completing a course iu
automobile repairing and electrical
work in Spokane.
The Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co-
are enlarging their store and building
a new warehouse. Archie McLean,
contractor of Fernie is doing the work.
Raymond Drivers returned home
last week-end from the Fernie Hospital, and is now on the high road to recovery.
George Jorgonson lias finished bis
logging contract with tho Meadow
Creek Lumber Co., at Newgate and is
again living in the old burg.
Mrs. 13. Lynn of Newgate is spending
loveral days at Morrissey Internment Camp, the guest of Lieut, and
Mrs. Abbott.
Duncan McKay, son of W. McKay
of the Waldo Hotel, who hurt himself
coasting a couple of weeks ago. failed
to survive his operation in the Fernie
Hospital, mid passed uway on Thursday i'v 'iiimr lust. The funeral was
held in Fernie on Sunday lust. Much
sympathy is fell iu the district for the
ber.-aved parents.
Mr. M. Yocum. who has been fulfilling the duties of G. N. Agent here
for several weeks, h fl this week for
Essex, Mont. Mr. Colo, relief Agent.
>s looking after the posl until the new
Vgcnl arrives.
Ed. Padgett, C, P. Station Agent, is
spending several days in Spokane.
\ dunce was given in Kitchener Hall
Newgate, hist week in honor of Pte.
Mann of that place, who is a returned
veteran, Ho wns a member of the
famous Princess Pats.
Mrs. J. W. Skllllng is visiting Fermi'
this week.
A surprise party was given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Baird on Saturday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Divers.
who left this week for Spokane, and
a merry time was spent by all.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H, Ross left on Saturday last on a visit to coast cities.
Mrs, Geo. McParlou received the sad
news last week of the death of her
father In Michigan.
Mrs. A. C. Wright is spending several davs at the Hurllngham Kstate, the
truest of Miss Scott.
Pat. Folsoy finished his contrnct
with Die Bock Creek Lumber Co., at
Flagstone and is spending several
'lays visiting with his brother Lew In
Chas. Lindherg is able to be around
again uTter his somewhat painful accident which lie received in the bush
some time ago.
,1. t-T. Jordan is visiting with his familv in Cranbrook this week.
Mr. J. W, Wright died on Tuesday
morning, from pneumonia, after sever-
■il weeks of sickness. He leaves a wife
■md three children lo mourn his loss.
Much sympathy is being extended to
•in' family In their bereavement.
Dy. James of Dorr, while leading a
hunch fit'colts through Waldo on Sunday, had tho misfortune to bo kicked
;n the stomach by one of the animals,
nnd which completely knocked him
hors de combat, However, after ro-
nelving some assistance he was able
to proceed on bis journey.
'astor: Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist:   Prof. C.  F. Nidd
Services at 11 a.m. and 7,80 p.m.
Sunduy School and adult class '.I p.m.
Miss Beatrice Brlgden, A.C.S.E. wlll
occupy   pulpit   at    both   services    on
s a.m.   Holy Communion,
n a m    .Mattlns and Holy Communion,
3   p.m.- Sunday   School   and   Bible
7.30 p.m.- -Evensong.
W. H. Bridge, parlor.
Watch this Space
Next Week for
Special  Announcement
u; i:\cy
Vonr Money Back
ii' Onods arc nol as
Principal repayable let October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by
cheque [free of exchange at any chartered Hank in Canada) at
ihe rute nf live per cenl per annum from tlie dale ol purchase.
Holders of tin's slock will have the privilege nf surrendering
al par and accrued interest, us the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue in
Canada other than nn issue of Treasury Bills or other like short
dato security.
Proceeds of tlus slock are for wur purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed
lo recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments mado iu
respect of applications for thia stock which bear their Mump.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of
Finance. Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th. 1916.
JAN. », 1917
N TIIK MATTER of the "I.and Regis.
try Act." and EN THE MATTER of
I nt 3, Block 74 of Ut 132, Group 1
Kootenay District, Province of Hritish Columbia, Map usi.
TAKE NOTICK that an Application,
Io, 4321-1, lias been mnde to register
aliza Almntn Pound, ns owner In foe
Imple of the above lots under a Con-
yanco to her from Baynos Lake
■and Company Limited et al, dated
nd tiny of December 1016 and that trains within 30 days from the date of
ie first publication hereof ynu file in
ils offlco a caveat or Certificate of
Ir Pendens i Bliall roglstor tho said
liza Almntn Pound au owner In foe.
Milled  III   Hie   Und   Registry  Office,
ninon, this P-'th day of .lanuary 11)17,
■ luiiei   ii.  itoe.  District  Registrar,
.i i.ll to whom It may concorn.
Dato of first publication the twenty-
rtti day of January 1017. 4-4t.
Diversion ami Use*
TAKK NOTICK that I, Jume.s White,
.vIiobg address Ih Fort Uteule, B. C.,
•vill apply for a licence to take and um*
BOO Inches of water nut of Bowlder
reek, also known as Bowlder Creek,
which flows In a northwesterly direction and drains into Wlldhor.su Creek
about nine miles from Fort Steele
The wuter will be diverted from tlio
stream at a point about ( ne mile from
its mouth In an easterly direction ami
will be used for placer mining purpOBO
upon the placer mine described nnd
known as the Nip and Tuck and 11! B.
lease. This notice waa posted on the
ground on the Sth day of January, 1.117
A eopy of this notice nnd application
pursuant thereto and to the "Water
Act, 1914," wlll be filed In the office of
tho Wnter Recorder at Fertile, B. C.
Objections to the application mny be
Hied with the suid Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Wuter Rights.
Parliament Buildings, victoria, B. C.,
within thirty daya after the first appearance of this notice in a local newspaper,
James White, Applicant.
The dnto of the first publication of
this notice Is January llth, 1017. 2-4t,
a Court of Revision and Appeal, under the provisions of the "Taxation
Act" and the "Public Schools Act" re-
spoctlng tho assessment rolls of   tbo
Fort   Steele   Assessment   District   for
the year 1017, will be held al the (lov-
orumont Ofllco, Fcrnie, B. C„ on Mon-
; day. tlie 29th day or January, 1017, at
1 10 o'clock In the forenoon; and at the
Oovornmont Olllec, at Cruubrook, B. C,
on Wednesday, the 31st day of January, 1017, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. ('., Decemher lilst, 1016.
Judge of the Court of
f)2-f)t Revision and Appeal.
eVhilll      |l
ptli'iint lu person to
ih Agent of the dls-
IghtH applied for
300 cases were tried lu Nelson police
court last year. In 1015 the total wit*
Conl mining rights or the Doniin-
lon, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, tho'
Nortli-WvHt Territories und ln a portion of tlie Province of British Columbia, mny be leused for a term or
Lwenty-ono years at an annual rental
of fl uu acre. No more than 2,660
acres will be leased to oue applicant
Application   fnr  a   lewo  muit  bv
In surveyed territory the luml must
bo dcBcrthod by sections, of legal sub-
divisions of Boctlona, uud In unsurvey-
ed territory (he tract applied for shall
he staked out hy tl ppllcant himself.
Kadi application must be nccom*
piinled by a fee of $fi which will be
rcfunded if the rights applied for are
not available but not otherwise A
royalty shall he paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents por ton.
The person operating tho mine Hhall
furnish tlo- Agent with sworn returns
accounting   for   the   full   quantity   of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
tights are not heing operated sueh returns should he furnished nt least once
a year.
The lease will include tho coal mining rights only, but thc leseo may be
permitted to purchase whatevor available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of the mine
nt the rnte of J10.00 an acre.
For full Information application
should he made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ot-
tawn, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. H I'nnu thorlzfd publication of
this advurtlMmcnt will aot b« paid


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