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Cranbrook Herald May 19, 1910

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 "'" f-""-«ft'V
In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Coluaina
10c. a line
l\Vi. in*, Mi-tl i*ijai|*|.fil to
turn uut.Uio beet claBa-''"
.,( work
NO. 12
Civic Estimates for 1910 — Increased Taxation to Meet Situation.
Tbe cily lathers held uu Important
special meeting Inst Monday evening,
al which ibe rule bylaw lor 1010
wus considered, passed through committee uml rend n third lime, being
finally adopted uml passed ut another special meeting held yesterday afternoon.
Tbe estimates lor Ibe yoar are as
Tnxcs   $25,002.43
(Including arrears ol    $2tn;i.!Mi)
School grant     4,000.00
Kllies      1,000.001
Trade license-'   ,    1,500.1.1)
Liquor licenses      H.'iOO.Otl
Dog nml pound tux        300.0o'
Cemetery fees       150,00,
liood tux       lou.oo,
Waler revenue ami service... 14,000.00,
great ns it ut lirst appears Compared wilh Inst year, the tuxes on
the average * 21 Hill liome, und two
lots, will lie $:V.l, whereas lust year's
rate on lhe same property was
S 25.90.
School board  $12,180.62
Finance committee     ii,ir70.70
Kin* ami police committee.. 11,363,50
Works nud property   2,500.00
Health   HliO.III)
Water   S.riOO.OO
Debenture repayment       10,053,15
Allowances for the following grunts
are made in the estimate for the
finance committee:
Total  ...
The $25,602.43, estimated total ol
taxes, is made up as follows: ■!■'»
mills ou land and 10 mills on im*'
provenients. Whilst this marks a
considerable increase iu the rate ol
taxation over last year, It is- not so
Hoard of Irade  $700.00
 ■' Calgary delegation     70.00
$58,152.43 Hand   550.00
Firemen's convention  200.00
Agricultural society   200.00
In view of the short notice given
the time to pay taxes and secure the
customary rebate bus been extended
to July 31st.
Ottawa, May IH.—Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ier's political tour to Western Canada will begin during the lirst week
in July and will lust sixty days,
during which the premier will visit
nil important centres in the west.
from Port Arthur to Prince Rupert.
The exact Itinerary lias not yet been
arranged nor lhe dates lixnl, bul it
is settled that Sir Wilfrid, accompanied by Hon. Oeo. P. Graham, Mr.
K. M. MncDonald, M.P., nml Mr. K.
l*\ Pardee, M.I1., chief Liberal whip,
will leave Ottawa Inly 7th or **.i!it
spending lhe following day at Port
Arthur or Kort William. A couple
of days or so will be spenl in Winnipeg and during ibe following three
weeks meetings will be held at various points iu lhe prairie provinces,
Including Brandon, Moose -law. Saskatoon, Wcytiurn. York ton. I algar. ,
Edmonton, Medicine Hat, l.e'liliiiiinc
ami other points iu Alberta Van
corner will be reached early in Vug
ust and a couple ot davs will be hpeiil
there nml in Victoria. The p.irly
will go as far north ns Prince     Kit
Sir Wilfrid will be back iu the rupl
lal by September Hth or Tib
McLean started a still heat on llic
very thincst information and suo*
ceedei. in getting hold of two fellotVS
named William Sweeney und Alexander McKay. Constable Morris
confronted the fellows with the Injured man at the hospital who uosi-
Hvcly Identified them as being of the
party that hud beaten and robbed
They were brought before Magistrate Joseph Ryan and formally remanded for eight days. llottr
Sweeney and McKay said they had
COtne Into Canada from the Stales a
couple of months ago. The charge
against them i« robliery with vlo*
lence ami if convieled Ihey may be
Imprisoned for life and lashed in addition.
Samuel   Nelson,  a   teamsler  tn    lhe
employ ol Mi Hanson, ol Wasa,
was removed t" tbe hospital n few
evenings ago sufleiing from very
severe Injuries about the face The
medical examination showed Hint his
lower juw bad been broken In two
places with extensive injuries to the
uppei  jaw
Questioned ns to what bad happen*
ed bim. it appeared that be was
tliiviiig over   from   Fort Steele when
bis ug wns commandeered by ill
drunken toughs who were masquerading around the country pretending to
be lumbermen looking for work   Thev
certainly wore looking for work, but
were mot tally  iu dread of rinding it
Thev hail been driven Irom Cranbrook
lo  Hailev's camp at  Canal  Kbit    ai
ti xpense ol the  Dallej companv
Thev had a few mcnll and then reins
ed In turn oul wilh the gangs Some
other exploits of the same character
ure attributed to   ihe bunch    which
insisted on being Nelson's companions The trip was a stormy one.
the passengers kept ep a singing ami
a shouting that could be heard all
over lhe locality. It they were not
drunk they gave a most creditable
Imitation of the condition They
varied the singing with an occasional row between themselves.
About three miles Irom Cranbrook
Ihey picked a quarrel with Nelson
and knocked him out of the rig.
Thin oue ol them got his hand into
Nelson's pocket, where he had $12.
Nelson tried to prevent Its being taken but got a kick in the jaw, which
knocked bint completely out. When
he came to he found the lines under
him and the horses wailing patiently
for him to r'se. The money v.ns
gone. So were the gang. Willi
much diOictilty he got hack Into the
rig and drove to the hospital.
When tbe information reached lite
authorities Constable F. It. Monii
assisted hy Chief Dow and Constab'e
On Monday last, Mr. J. K Armstrong, registrar of voters, presided
over a court of revision of the Cranhrook voters' list, when lhe following names were struck ofi for cause:
Anderson. David; Armstrong, Charles James. Arnold, Hairy Trow
bridge; Assvlstme. Bert; Averlll,
Uoliert. Male. Frederick a . Barney,
Clifton) Augustus, Hex, Henry, Hreek
enridge, Havul. Burke, Michael. Bur
ton, John Webster, Campbell, William Walsh, Chalmers. Alcxandci
Irwin, Christian, William John.
Cleary, William. Clifton, Fred; Collins, Robert John, Cook, Bancroft
Pferpont; Corry, John James, Doug
las, John, Dnlmagc, Don Ib-thunc.
Duraont, Frederick; Kales, John
Lease, Rdwards, Sylhestcr David.
Finch. Charles Kdward, Freeze, Walter .ddlngton; Friend, James A lev
under, (talh<way, Archibald, lirani.
John Forbes; Harvey, lames \
Hill, William, llodgius. John; Hun
gerford, George* Jones, Frederick
.ugustus; Kvdd. William. Lapotnte,
lleurv Ernest; Marshall, Frank
Douglas. Marshall, Qeorge; Murphy,
Thomas Kdward, McCoiklll, Archibald; McDonald. Donald Alex , McDonnell, John loseph, McKay.
James. Mel.can. Samuel Ronald;
M. Malum, Frank 1 . McMnhon, Patrick J , McQuharrle, .ngus; Ho
yuharrto. MaM-hew; Nation, Harold
Turton; Nelson, John; Pettit, Hairy
Clifton; IViiigreiv. William. Reid,
Charles Edgar; lingers. Qeorge
Thompson. Sutherland, Alexander
John. Tierney, William James, Ynn-
deenr, Frank Bailey; Vollrath, Charles F , Vlorn,in, Charles ]tc\tei,
Welch, Qeorge; Yates, IVnn Roscoc.
Throughout the Empire Special Memorial Services
Will be Held Tomorrow in Honor of
the Late King
As announced iu another column,
tomorrow, Friday, May 2(ltli, is to
be observed as a public holiday, tor
the purpose of allowing every ciltxen
Lo participate in the memorial services to our late beloved sovereign,
King Kdward VII.
Ity special request of the city council, Rev. K. P. Flewulllug, viear( of
Christ church, has taken charge of
lhe religious services to be held oa
the grounds of the government building at :t o'clock ou Friday afternoon.
Tbe clergy of the city have been invited to take pari In these services,
arrangements for which are being \
perfected hy Mr. Flewclllhg, iu   con*
• •
*§   Pursuant  tu Instructions   of 9
# the Lieutenant-Governor in 9
0 Council Friday, the 20th Inst,, #
0 has been declared a day of na- 0
• tional   mourning.     All citizens #
# are   requested   to   close    their 0
# business houses, stores and of- 0
0 flees tor Hie entire day. 0
0                 J. P. Fink, Mavor      0
• •
The accounts of the Intercolonial
for the past fiscal year, which nre
now being balanced up by the railway department, show Unit mulct
the new system of management, with
the economics effected nnd a general
betterment of trallic conditions, a
substantial surplus, probably iu the
neighborhood of half a million dollars
lias been realized on the year's operations. Compared with a deficit ot
nearly three-quarters nf a million for
the preceding year, this result speaks
volumes for the business-like admin
istratlon nf the road under Hon
Oeo. P. Graham.
The 1. C. It* hoard of management
will make a trip nf inspection over
'Hie road towards the end of the
month, and will at the same time
I look Into the question of lis* acquirement ol branch lines, as provided for under the provisions ol the
net passed last urssion.
Junction with the pastors id all the
city churches.
Tbe late King having for many
years been Hie head of the Masonic
crafl, the local Masons naturally will
take a leading part in these services.
They will form in procession at,their
lodge room shortly before *t p.m. mi
Friday and, beaded by the baud,
march to the grounds, where
they will he joined by tlie school
children, and the service will Ih* held
around the band stand.
The Masonic procession will be
led by a guard of honor composed
of Knight Templars', from Cranbrook
Prcceptory, followed by tire red nnd
blue lodges. Every member of the
craft iu town, resident or visitor, is
requested to attend at the lodge room I
at 2 o'clock on Friday afternoon.
If those wbo are willing lo assist
in singing at the public memorial
service on Friday will attend at
Christ church on Thursday evening at
8.30, an opportunity will be given to
become familiar with the music to
he rendered.
Mr Flewelllng will he pleased to
have a large number present.
Ottawa, May is —The following
telegram has been received by His
Excellency the Governor-General
from Lord Crewe, colonial secretary!
"Vour telegram of May Bill has been
laid before His Majesty wbo lias
commanded me to state that he is
deeply touched by the warm sym-|
patby "t governor-general, ministers
and people of the Dominion of Canada Tbe loyalty and affection of
I lis Majesty's subjects ol the King's
dominions beyond the seas are a
source ol ureal consolation lo their
Maiesties and to the royal family in
their sad bereavement "
Ottawa, May is.—A special issue ol
the Canada Gazette has been made
proclaiming Friday, May -nth. as   a
holiday. \ change 111 tbe wording of
the proclamation hud io hr made in
order to make the holiday ,*. hank
holiday The brst proclamation
proclaimed a "day id general mourning "
This has been changed to read: "A
public   holiday    for    tbe    purpose ol
Ottawa, May IS.—Friday, May 20,
being the dale of the King's funeral,
a proclamation has been issued calling 011 the people of Canada to oh-
a-rve thut day as a general holiday
Ml business will be suspended and it
Is expected thut nil sporting events
iml all places of amusement will lie
closed for that day
Victoria, H. C , .May IH.—My permission of Premier Mcltride, the
pace in front of the provincial gov
riimeut buildings will be utilized (or
the hold im: of a memorial service in
omieciion wiih the funeral of King
■alward VII., nn Friday, May 2itth
The ceremony will Ih* ol a public,
Iton-scctarfan character and will be
attended by Lieutenant-Governor
Paterson, Premier Mcltride and the
members of bis cabinet, and Mayor
Moriey and ibe city councillors,
The arranging of the details of the
service to lie held are In the bands
of Mayor Moriey and a number ot
the local clergymen have been asked
to take part
London, May is.—Preparations (or
the funeral of King Kdward are going forward rapidly King George
bus decided to take part in the funeral from Westminster Hall to Pad-
ilingtnii station.
The court removes to Windsor tomorrow. The Archbishop of Canterbury conducted a short service at
Westminster Hall on the arrival ot
the body there on May 17. The
members of both bouses of parliament
nlil nihil this srrvicr.
Ottawa, May 12th, 11(10.
To His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, Victoria :
(From Colonial   Secretary to Governor-General.)
"May   eleventh.—Court    mourning
will   last until   May   sixth, nineteen
hundred ami eleven.     ll is expected
that public will wear decent mourning from May twelfth.    Duration not
yet   fixed.     King   Edward's funeral
will    take   place on morning of May
Kindly   give   publicity to above in
your Province.
Secretary of State.
GEORGE tin*  FIFTH, by the Grace
of God, ot the I'nitcd Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland, and ot
the British Dominions beyond the
Seas King, Defender of the Faith,
Kmperor of India.
To all to whom these presents shall
come, or whom the same may iu
anywise concern:—GREETING.
W. J. BOWSER,    ( mmiHEREAS
Attiirney-General.   \  ▼ » Friday, the
twentieth day of May. has been lived
for tlie obsequies of His late Majesty,       KING        EDWARD        THE
And whereas the said day has, by
His Kxcellency tlu* Governor-General,
been proclaimed us a day ot mourning, to lie observed by all persons
throughout the Dominion of Canada :
And whereas it is considered advisable to appoint by Proclamation
the said twentieth day of May as a
Public Holiday :
Now,   therefore,   We have thought
fit,   by and   with the    advice ol Our
Executive   Council, to appoint     the
twentieth day of May instant to be a
Public Holiday, to he observed us   a
general day   of mourning within Our
Province ol British Columbia.
have caused these Our Letters to
he    made   patent,   and the Great
Seal ol Our said Province to   he
hereunto affixed :
PATERSON, Lieutenant-Governor
of Our said     Province ol British
Columbia,   In   Our   City   ol Victoria, In Our said Province, this
thirteenth   day   < f   May,   in the
year of   Our   Lord one thousand
nine hundred ami ten, and in   th
lirst year of Our Reign.
Bv command.
Provincial Secretary.
both houses of parliament will      receive the body.
The (jucen mother Alexandra continues iu good health, suffering under
deep sorrow.
The London Times editorially says:
"King Edward's funeral promises to
surpass iu solemn splendor all former functions in our annuls, or, indeed, in tlie annuls of any other
amongst the great monarchs of
Kurope. Seven reigning sovereigns,
headed by the German Emperor, will
ride behind King George ns lie follows his father's colhn from Westminster through the streets of the
capital, and each then iu personally
taking part in the mourning for
King Edward will huve Lhe satisfaction of knowing that he is doing an
act as* grateful lo the feelings ol his
subjects as to his own. Willi Ihem
will be the representative of the
mighty nation whose kinship with
ourselves makes their sympathy with
our sorrows, us wilh our joys, e\
ceptjoiially dear and valuable to us "
When the funeral procession starts
on Friday every tramcar in London
will come to a standstill for a quarter of an hour. It is also proposed
that all the public houses in London
.should lie closed while the procession
is passing.
London, May IK.—King Edwards
i body was removed from Buckingham
Palace to Westminster Hall on Tuesday. The battery in Hyde Park bred OH minute guns as the procession
passed. It took forty-eight minutes
I in passing    from Buckingham Palace
I lo Westminster Hall. There the
ceremonies by known wish of the late
King were brief but impressive. The
Archbishop of Canterbury presided,
assisted by Canon Wilherforce. During the ritual no sound was heard in
the vast hall, but tbe voices of
priests and occasional sobbing from
the royal women. As the body was
lurried to lhe catafalque the choir
of Westminster Abbey, augmented by
more from the Chapel ltoyal. sang
The coffin vvas born by the same Grenadier Guards who stood on watch at
the Palace. Slowly they advanced
through the path formed by tbe line
ol royul mourners. Tbey laid the
heavy casket on 11 five ford high
crimson dais, over the royal standard, and.covered by the cream-tinted
pall which had lain upon tbe coffin of
Queen Victoria. The crown rested
upon a purple velvet cushion at the
head of the colhn with garter, orb
ami sceptre clow by. No sooner bad
the service at tlw hall been finished
than the great rush of the public began, aud tlu* lift ecu thousand police
of the metropolis were hard pressed
to handle the vast throng thai pressed around Westminster. From every
quarter of the city a steady stream
poured towards the hall Vehicles
caught iu the jam were held helpless
in suite of the efforts of the police to
regulate traflic. All tram lines were
The London Athenaeum says that
last year King Edward gave his consent to the preparation of a historical work dealing with tils own personality and the period covered by
his lifetime. the editor being Su
Richard Holmes, who has written tbe
official life of Queen Victoria, and hai
been for -if* years librarian at Wind
sor Castle.
At tlu* time of the King's lemented
death, Ibe work, which was entitled
"King Edward VII., His Life and
Times," was almost completed
Further Talk with Provincial Horticulturist
on Outlook for Cranbrook District.
M Si Middleton, the provincial
horticulturist, concluded his inspection of the Cranbrook district last
Friday and before lie left the Herald
bad another talk with him regarding
the outlook in this locality for successful fruit raising ami farming generally. Mi, Middleton spoke most
enthusiastically of all be had seen
ami unhesitatingly declared that ibe
Cranbrook district in many respects!
compared favorably with the Okana-i
gau and Intimated ibat past lack ofi
success had been mainly due to causes over winch fruit growers had control., Mr. Middleton spent the last!
few days he was here In visiting the
nearby ranches, lie found lhe fruit,
trees, on the whole, doing well   Only j
a few   oi   the more tender varieties
had    been      injured   by      the  frost  of
1008-0 In this respect Cranbrook
district was not alone ami, as a iiuit-
tci of fact, escaped more easily than
many others. \ gnat deal or the
lad, of success with young orchards
had been not altogether due to low
temperature, hut to lhe fact lh.it
manv frozen trees were brought in
from the outside, proper precautions
not hemp taken then. This was'
prioi and up to 1809, Now, however, the people can rest assured oi
securing li1-.1-cl.1ss sii<ck from any
local nursery. Proper storage facilities have been established. Trees
injured by frost cun In? located by-
making an incision Into the trunk1
iust below the head of the tree and
if found black or discolored ihey'
should Ik- cut buck to within six
inches of the ground The young
orchards Mr Middleton inspected in
the vicinity of Cranbrook he found In
excellent shape In regard to young
orchards. Mr. Middletun offered tbe
following recommendations: Head
hack one-year-old trees to two feet
in heigh;, starting U.e first branch
at 15 inches. Tlus will rend to prevent: sun scald and other weather in*
juries Regarding varieties, Mt.
Midill-ton recommended Transc*-n<iant
and liy slop Crabs, among standard
apples. Red Astracliuns, Duchess,
Wealthy. Mcintosh Red. Jonathan
and Northern spy He also Intimated thai a few peais might be tried.
He recommends that stone fruit be
only planted 111 small numbers of the
hardier sort Speaking generally ho
Intimated that apples should be the
staple crop of this locality With
proper attention,- choice ol varieties
and cultivation fruit growing may he
successfully undertaken In any section
of this district
Due feature to note in selecting a
site is that it have proper an drainage, that means to have some land
lowei than the pari set out, so that
there is circulation ol air, a very
import.mt consideration In retercnoo
to summer frosts
Broadly speaking, and basing his
remarks upon his cursory survey of
the territory, Mi   Middleton said be
would advocate the development ol
lhe lands ol tins district on a general farming basis, gradually working
into the fruit growing branch In
short the territory is admirably suited for grams, hay. vegetables and
general mixed farming, stock iu
particular should do well. lie advises taking up fruit growing slowly
From now on Mr Middleton will
pay periodical visits to this district and will tn* pleased to give
those Interested the benefit of his
advice and experience
Speaking ol South Cranbrook, Mr.
Middlelon waxed exceedingly eli»-
quent He regards it as a particularly favorable area for mixed farming ami immediate eflorts should be
put forth to bnng about its settlement by a large body of practical
asriculturists. There Is a large area
and one that will prove one of the
richest resources of this city. Mr
Middleton is a firm believer in the
policy of building up tbe outside districts, knowing that this means the
ultimate prosperity of the towns.
The election of officers for the coming year was the principal business
transacted at the meeting of the
(irand Lodge ol the Knights ot Pjr-I
thias held in Castle ball in Vancouver
last week This resulted as follows:
(j. C—John Thompson, Cumberland.
P (i C.-R A Townley, Vancouver.
(I, Y C—Charles Rawllnson, Na-
G   Prel -E. S   II. Winn, Rossland
(J K.R S—I-;   pferdner, Victoria.
(J.MK—Thomas Walker, Victoria*   ,
(I.A.M — It   Mackay,  Kamloops.
G I O.-H     K. Reid, North    Van-!
E. Pferdner was returned to his old J
Office of (i.K R.S , for the fourteenth |
year in succession The next grand
lodge meeting will he held at Kamloops.
take on himself the duties ol chancellor for tbe occasion; .). T Sker-
rett. Philip Dunne, Robert Lee, G
H Kommer, Roy Blgelow, Warden
Brown, F. H Edge a;.d doubtless
many others.
■fudge Ryan takes tbis occasion to
express a wish that all applications
for membership which are now outstanding in Use bands of those de-
rdrous *-■( being Initiated on 20th
.tune, he sent in to him as quickly as
Tbe Duke nf Norfolk, the hereditary Karl Marshal, says that it is
iiuuossible to slate definitely what
llie arrangements for llie funeral will
be. It is known, however, that the
police are afraid ot a crush in Trafalgar Square, and therefore the
route ot the procession bas been altered. It will Im- partly through the
Horse Guards, up the Mall, and up
to St. James street tn Hyde Park.
Tbis will eliminate Trafalgar Square
and Regent street.
The body will Is- removed Irom
Buckingham Palace at 11 o'clock in
lhe morning. The procession will
proceed al a walking pace hy way of
the Mall, Pall Mall and White Hall
lo Westminster Hall, where the Lord
■Pbaarrllur awl   tbr mrntbeia ul   the
Montreal, May 18.—Arrangements
have been perfected for a unique service in St James Cathedral on Friday when Archbishop Bruchesi will
officiate at high mass in mcmorlan ol
King Kdward. The Roman Catholic
regiment and the 05Ul Mount Royal
Carbiniers will parade in full strength
to Hie cathedral with muffled drums
and with silent hands, the instruments being hung with crepe The
service will be Ute most Impressive
held for yearn in thi* cathedral.
Joseph Ryan, as Grand Knight ol
the Cranbrook Council of the
Knights of Columbus, was tht gu< it
of the Spokane Council ol tbe same
ordei on the occasion ol their exemplification nl the degrees on tlie
15th Inst, lie speaks tn the warmest way ol the exceeding hospital It)
.'Mend!.I t.. him, especially by Frank
J,   1)01  f*y,   the lllsirll t   deputy,        at
whose beaut if 1 residence he staved
during his vlsif.
The Knights of Columbus now num-
bei close on five hundred in the Spokane Council alone, and the tremendous vitality of the ordci can be
guaged by  the fact that it is     no«
about  to erect  a  temple on  one       of
the finest fit''s m the cltj at a cost
of over $160,000. The banquet on
Sunday evening last at the Elk's
Temple was quite a splendid afiair
and was addressed by the Right Rev.
Doctor O'Dea, the Roman Catholic
bishop of the diocese of Spokane, on
the relations of church and state.
(in the 20Ui June ibe Cranbrook
Council will entertain their Iriends
from all the points 011 tlu* compass.
Tin- occasion will mark ibe initiation
of a now class of candidates, some
fifty or more, Into the mysteries  ol
the three degrees. The Spokane
learn will take the responsibility
foi lhe-work Amongst those who
Will certainly be present will lie
Frank J. porsey, district deputy;
Rev. Thos. J. Pureell, P.P , nl
Cociir d'Alene City, Idaho, wbo   will
Tbe regular monthly meeting of thr
Moral and Soda) Reform Council
was held on Wednesday evening in
the Presbyterian school room Tins
,vas also the annual meeting for the
election ol officers, bul because ol tbe
small    number in  attendance, Ibe
choice ol officers was adjourned until
next Wednesday at B 50 p m. Some
consideration was given tbe matter
of Sunday ball playing, hut this
matter will be dealt with later.
Feeling that a weekly half-holiday
would In a great blessing In many
directions, and tbe desirability of a
move in this direction being made by
neutral parties the following resolution was passed unanimously
"Whereas, the months ol June,
July and August in Cranhrook arc
warn, and sultry, maktni all afternoon wort Irksome, a*..! business
comparatively light,
And wberess, there I 1 r little 01
!.*. opportunity for leneral recreation;
And whereas, man) towm In the
<ast and wesl have had 1 ball boll-
da)      for  some veats past,  to        the
great advantage ol thos- enjoying it
and without detriment to business
Ami whereas, several offices already
enjoy a weekly half holiday.
And whereas, the general observance of such half holiday would put
no one nt an unfair advantage bul In*
equitable fur all,
Therefore he M resolved, that the
Moral and Social Reform Council of
Cranbrook, emphasize the Importance
of having .such a holiday, and urge
upon the city fathers and ail business
flrmi its desirability ainl appeal to
each and all to co-operate in making
this possible "
Arrangements were made to determine the general sentiment In this
matter, and if advisable to circulate
a petition It will he deal I with
more fully next Wednesday night.
All barber shops will on und alter
June 1, 1010, close promptly at
ft p.m. every night, except Saturday,
when ihev will close at 12 o'clock —
Jakr lluh-rr, secretary 111 It THE   CRANBROOK    HERALD
b. e. walker, piwi.ie.it i Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRU, General Mana;erj Reserve Fund,   -    6.000,000
DRAFTS AND  MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all parts of Canada and in foreign countries.
FORF'Cf!  BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great bnlain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     123
ti. T. Brymner, Haiiager Cranbrook Branch
• i
News of the District
.♦ ♦
(Special correspondence.)
********************** ***********************
X We have just unloaded One Carload
X of  Hardware
t Including- I'ntcnt Wire Fencing, Wire Netting, Bulled
T Win*, iiii,I Lninlieiing Supplies.
♦     One Carload of Farm Implements and Carriages
In addition In Ilu* iilmvt*, in* liuvi-ii lull lino uf HatncSB
mil I1i.ii* Paris, Vniii* iiatroiiiigu in Bolkitoil.
I J. M, Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. w
* *
jV/\/' >A>—■*
Whatever Cut
yon want, we liavfl it—ami Die
liuflt of ilmt particular cut, lou.
Wh have only llie bent of evi-xy-
iliiiiK in meats for you i»> choose
from, uml ilUliOtlgti yon caii'l net
bucIi cliolco cilia anywliore eta
you will always And our prices
surprisingly low. Prlmo \ti\n>
Huff ui lHi*, ii pound you cannot
ilu pi tea to elsewhere, in price or
Meat Providers
meal   riuviucu 4
P. BURNS (& CO., Ltd. |
w *
********************** ************************
I   See us for
Are y.ui Insured? If not -remombot Unit
tin* risk is grout nml tin' cost is small - ami
it is imt niiinl bnsiiii'SS to I'nrry your own
ri**k:   bosiilos, think "f this dry weather.
Prompt payment of all losses
| PHONE 20 PHONE 20 g
*********************************** ***********
A. L. McDERMOT.Cranbrook
If you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary  again.
Fire,   Life  and   Accident
Absolutely   Protects
the Insured
is what YOU want.
See  the   Point?
The Cranbrook Agency Co.
Sampson, chief ol police, Fernio, was a visitor in Gateway on
Tlioro was n very delightful dance
given iu Gateway last Friday and
everyone had a line lime.
Prank .Joulo, of Gateway, was    n
Bitot Iii Itcxford last Friday.
Mr. Miller, of Gateway, left one
day lasl week f-»*" Wliiielish, where
lie will  liy and lllllll  lip a job.
Mi, Vincent, ol lhe ltoyal hotel,
.-.•as a visitor in Kernie on Monday
intl returned to Gateway on Tnes-
Mrs. A. I* Joule, of Gateway, was
1 visitor in Kernie this week,
S. A, K. White, V.I., registered al
the Kernie hotel on Tuesday.
There was a very exciting hasehall
match played in Llbliy last Sunday.
Gateway and Rexford played l.inby,
the score being 1—13 in favor ol
1 ►
i t
i I
i >
*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦iMt
Mr. Kassie was in Cranbrook Monday night.
The dance given by Mr. Kant/, at
the new King Edward hotel hist Friday evening was a great success. All
report having had a very enjoyable
Mr. Pickering, rancher, has purchased the cottage now occupied by
Mr. 1-). Penson, and will move lu
Mr.    Martin, ol     Galloway,  spent
Sumlay with his family here.
(.Special Correspondence.)
Mr.  Richmond, ol   Manistee, Mich.,
illeil on friends here on Thursday
Work has been commenced at the
CPU. depot, on the extension of tlm
freight shed. The platform will also
be lengthened, making it in all -tlm
Wm. English, of the bridge and
building    department of  the  C.P.R.,
as iu town Thursday.
Mr. Roberts, city clerk of Cranbrook, spent Thursday last with
friends In town.
Mr, Croirthers, of Elko, was in
town  last  Tuesday on business.
Mr. Douglass, of Tuber, Alia., was
in town on Thursday last. Mr.
Pouglass owns a ranch at Bull River
and intends sending in a stumping
outfit to clean up his land.
Mr. Gatke, wife and daughter, arrived iu town last Tuesday from
Mr. Keatly. of Seattle, Wash., is
here this week, estimating tbe value
of the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
company's plant here, belore insuring.
Mr. Leltcli and sou Archie, ol
Cranbrook, spent Wednesday with
friends in town.
The government bridge gang who
have been at work here on tbe wagon
bridge across the Kootenay river
since last fall, left here on Friday for
Wild Horse, where tbey start work
mi another bridge.
Mr. Moriarty is very busy at present building boats for the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company.
Mrs. Lund arrived home from
Calgary on Friday evening, accompanied by Miss Hazel Lund, who will
spend the summer months at her
home here.
Mr. Harold Darling, of Calgary,
ealled on friends here on Saturday
(Special correspondence.)
Kinghorg and company have started
loading ties at    the end of the track.
The Sullivan mines will shortly
start prospect ing wilh a diamond
.). A. McDonald, road foreman, bas
been doing .some excellent road work
in this district, aud has a considerable portion id the Kimnerley-Marys.
villa road completed.
The Taylor Lumber company's mill
Is now running full blast.
Postmaster Carter was a Cranhrook visitor the lirst of the week.
(Special correspondence.)
Mrs. .1. M. Agnew and children are
visiting friends iu Waldo and llayues
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wickson arrived in
Elko from Winnipeg, to visit Mr
Wiekson's brother, and are spending a
few days this week in Roosville.
George Millet t was in Fernie 01
business Tuesday.
Miss Irene McKcc was visiting
friends in Hosmer last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Vi. C. Leaccy were
Kernie visitors Tuesday.
Ray Flirt** returned to Elko from
Cranbrook last Tuesday.
Miss Irene Hoi brook was visiting
friends in Fernie last Saturday.
Thos. Foisy, lire warden of Michel
district, was home a few days this
Wm. Newson returned from the
Cranbrook hospital last Kriday, after a long illness.
Vi. R. Cox, of Calgary, is visiting
old friends in town this week.
Vie Rollins, of Cranbrook, was in
Elko one day last  week.
The baseball game between Elko
and Waldo, played on the Waldo diamond was won by that team, with a
score nf KM).
Messrs. G. Campbell, A. Rolarge
nnd C. Ayre, jr., were Fernie visitors Saturday.
Mr. .1. Todhuntcr, of Michel, was
visiting his family a few days last
The celebration committee held a
meeting in the opera house last Friday evening to arrange for thu
sports program ami special train service. There will Ik* trains from
Michel and (ialeway.
most every other practice thnt man
can grumble at in his fellowman has
been made the subject of legislation.
Even practices at which it would be
nn reasonable lo grumble have been
subjected to legal restraints entirely
-■— j hi   the     interest of    lhe restrained.
When an American city has enacted] HOW the eater nl onions has escaped
law prohibiting the eating oil'or so many years cannot readily he
nions hy barbers during business explained. The law of suggestion
hours, ami the barbers arc Consider-1 plays an important part iu legislation
ing a retaliatory move against theirU" elsewhere, and it may he a dan-
customers, it is reassuring to an im- Kermis thing lo allude to this seem-
portaut section of the market gar- '"K oversight. The result may In* a
den interests to learn that onions number of bills In various legislative
have been found to possess Important l"",a's P'-icing diversified restraints
curative properties, says the Toronto on '"■■,'» consumption. The growing
Globe. Ten physicians in Pittsburg, "■ onloni may be subject to a licens.
after a yeai ol experiment ing, have '"K system, and the sale may Ih*
discovered that onions when freely I'-'imitted only during certain hours
partaken of cause a marked im- « ''» the prescription nf a duly
nrovemeiit in eases of luberculnsis. -["alilied physician. We may even
They have sufficient faith in the re->,vc ,lnors battered down at mid
suits of their experiment to announce nW** -*"11 n '""R >I|M ■Pcn' ■" let-hem to the profession nml to call s,,i"K ■"■-■ honds to lhe people sus-
on all physicians to investigate with pectnl ol indulging iu the savory 01
a view to discovering the curative ""savory vegetable. Against pro
elements. This may revive as well ■tW8H* "■ ■»■•• direction is the inllu
as modify the many harsh things said 4444 "I* Uw Pittsburg physicians. If
of the selfish and inconsiderate len- -*IC ""',l11 i!l a fortification against
donclcs of the eater of onions. A   disease,    legislative    sympathy    will
story is told of a Highlander, the »■■■- 8° 0l|t toward indirect suderers,
victim of a railway accident, who"" the restrictive law-maker a dis-
when told that his ease was hopeless! cover the onion Ihey will be obliged
asked     for     a piper     to soothe hlsl-*0 l»flf*rate their enactments with a
THE Y. M. 0.  A.
The growth of the Young Men's
Christian association has been marvelous. There are now 8,000 associations among 15 nationalities and representing all denominations, with a
total membership of over 800,000,
This, since 1844. The railway department of the association wns organized tf years ago. There are now
1)0,(11)11 members In 250 local associations. Today eighty per cent of all
the railroad mileage on this continent
contributes directly to ilu* financial
support of the work.
It is interesting to know that the
Canadian Pacific Railway company is
iu the front rank as a supporter of
this great work. The company
turns over to tin* provincial Y. M.
C. A. ihe building it erects as the
properly of Ihe association under
whose direction the work is carried
These associations, with their reading rooms, game rooms, swimming
pools, bat lis, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, with their physical, mental
and spirit mil I raining classes provide
up-to-date resorts for young men and
are foremost in contributing to true
manly sport  and genuine self-help.
There is general rejoicing in Toronto over the splendid work under
way for the young people ol that
progressive city. Six world records
have been broken hy the young men's
committees in their nine days campaign. Nearly $700,000 vvas secured.
Among those giving their moral and
financial support were the ltculcnant-
governor, a prominent Jewish rabbi
nml his congregation, the Street
Railway company, besides a large
number of the city's most prominent
labor and business men. The movement is now made to include the wiping out of the Broadview Boys' Institute debt and the raising of
another $150,000 for the Young
Women's Chrisl ian Association,
il 10,0110 of which is already covered.
The B. C. coast towns and cities
are rapidly becoming impressed with
lhe material advantages ol a weekly
half-holiday. The prevailing custom
of the business places Is to lake a
Weekly afternoon off during the summer months. They lind It pays,
though some are slow to see it.
The great departmental stores and
many other business and factory
bouses in Toronto close iu the slimmer for the weekly half holiday. One
of the largest concerns has just purchased a liuc IK acre athletic park [or
its .f.iinn employes, providing ample
room for tennis, lacrosse, cricket,
base and foot ball and other sports.
Another contribution to tbe cause
of clean sport has been made in
Winnipeg. The Moose club of lhat
city was visited by the police, as a
result of Which the proprietor wm
asked by the court to hand over
■Tii"! for keeping a gambling house.
In connection with this some thirty-
five gamblers, including a number of
young "bloods," contributed to the
proceedings of the court. Tlie force
is evidently determined to clean out
these less pools of corruption.
\ hot campaign is now on iu California against the professional ring.
This ir partly the result id the
death ol McCarthy in his recent fight
with Moran, an injury similar to
that which killed Pugilist Cmiii-v in
a previous brutal contest.
Last week the Presbyterian senate
of British Columbia, iu two strong
resolutions, censured the minister ol
justice (or his attitude on the race
track gambling question and iu pardoning Skill and (ircen who had
pleaded guilty to selling obscene literature, and who were condemned hy
Ihe judge to two years imprisonment. On the latter the following
was adopted- "It is the unanimous
opinion of tbis court that the action
of the minister of justice has exhibited a moral obtuscness which
renders him unfit (or the position of
minister of justice."
"SALADA" is the same wherever or whenever
you buy it—always of unvarying good quality.
Its native purity and garden freshness is perfectly preserved in sealed "SALADA" Packets.
——* Black, Milted and Natural Oroen, 40c, 50o, 00c and 70c per lb. *
Imperial Bank ol Canada ii
RESERVE      -      -      -
II. li. WII.K1K, Preiii.ltii't.
HON, ItOBKUT .1 AFFRAY, Vice-Prosiilent
Acoouiits of Coruoriitions, Municipalities, Morolinnts,
Farmora nml Private Individuals invited,
Drafts ami Letters of Credit isBiied available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT- Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.(10 and
upwards received nnd interest allowed from date of deposit.
spirits.     Alter nn hour ut wild,   in-
.spiriiiR music Un* physicians diseov-
erod in surprise thai In* was nn the
way toward a complete recovery, but
nil tin* other patients in iln* hospital
had succumbed. There may lie a
similar .'lenient of ineonsideration In
the crucial ndnption of Hie onion
cure. Tlie jmticnts amy derive
great lieiielit, Imt ll will mean proportionate misfortune lo tlie general
As yet. llie jmtilie, with Hie exeep-
tlon ol Hum restrictions on linrlicis
in an Amerlemi city, Jiave never invoked ttle wide powers id legislation
to snjiprcHs Hie eater ol oiiIoiih.     At-
multitude ol relieving  provisions.
Chatty Montreal politicians have
started the rumor that Mr. Henri
ilonrassa may drop out ot provincial
politics nnd return to Ottawa as the
lender of the Queliec wing ol Hie
Conservative party. Mr. Monk Is a
siek mnii nnd it Is nnt thought Hint
he will remain much longer In jiiil.li.
TOR SAI.E-Eks lnr hatching
Irom pure bred single comb llrnwn
I'Rhorn*.-II.  White. SU
KOI1 S.M.E-My house and three
lots nn Ilurwelt avenue. House contains 7 rooms, pantry and sluil, Imt
air furnace, bathroom, electric light
filtures and range with II. Vi. at
tacbment. Apply .1. V. M. Pinkham, Hot 1117, Calgary. Alta.   11-tt
From 5,000,000 to
25,000,000 feet of timber
for sale at a bargain for
real money. Must be sold
as owner needs the
llox 134, Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
• 44AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaa ***» *,aiaaaai
It is the Sumo Place
Tin* Plftco that is Popuhir
Good as the Best
Better than the Rest
The Cosmopolitan
If you come once.
Vou will come again.
E. H. SMALL, l-tiiH'WETuii
203  BROWN, IttlliT  Residence
til   LEASK .V* SOX   store
in    WALSH, .1. E     Residence
205    SHAW, .1      Residence
Jill     MAIN, T. I)	
tt Mcdonald, .1. e.
His    llHOI.EY. II	
m m
I Canadian Hotel g
0 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran-
Ql brook.   Warm rooms, good meals
jTK and a bar stocked with the best
fi (        rs
S Joseph Brault,  Proprietor |
19 fi
Ii'h it ri'Kiiliir tilings   Tic t*>lt*-
I'huiit? tVt-i-|-«  niiunij,' iih up all
il«v long.   VVe'rn glut! ol it m- it
iiiiikt'i huitneM for ue mnl Uee\<n
our cuitotnen happy nml in
ifnu.i humor,
ont Model ltottlin-*woiki turn
nut tin* inn'-i iliiit-t qnencliori.
Wa um onlv ilu* purest mler
nml llie clinfoetl Ingredient)* for
Hit voting   Order Ruler »ti|v
ply for tln< home, it tt'-n'i roll
w     tt  A. KKASKIt, I..***..!* nnd Manage;	
HAY 23, 1910
James Pax Concert Co.
n favorite of nil |»*nplu from llm Knst
HAY 30, 1910
'ST. ELnov
AiiKitstu Evans Wilson's Famous Novel Driiinntiwil
will In* iirvsi-nliil liy the Ueo Amusement Company, nml 11
Strong ('niii|niiiy of Artists
The "Dominion Pride" Range
818 or 918-EfeVated Tank or Flush Reservoir for Coal and Wood.
Made ol' tbe Best blue Polished Steel and Malleable Iron.
MADE IN CANADA and is plnced nn the market in r.'innnso to n demand for a
Kar.'je combliiiiig the sterling quullties of Malleable Iron nml Polished Steel,
Unbreakable, Unwarpable, Indestructable, Economical, Design Attractive, Perfect
Cookers and Bakers, will Last a Lifetime with Proper Care.
The ordinary enst Iron range ia nt l»*Ht » illttippotntlng Investment to tho purchaser,
11 ilncs it exhibit tin- effects of wear nnd tear, unavoidable In u rnngc constructed
tit' sitcli fnill mnl brittle nmU-rliil. Tlie. Combined Malleable Iron nml Blue Polished
Steel Range in tho nearest approach to Absolute Perfection ever designed for Comfort, Ecoiomy nml Satisfactory Domestic Service und wherever Installed it will
prove it-elf n continual object of Satisfaction. Tlie price nt which it in supplied is
bu iiiyik.»t Unit it is bruiig.it easily within the reach of every prudent family.
"Dominion Pride" Ranges nre sold on the following Guarantee*   If nny rusting prove*
defective in twelve months from date of purchase, wo will furnish mi mo
free of charge.  The nbovo Guarantee is very broad, nn if's or ami's,
mid nny cil sling thnt would hnve a flaw In it that we failed to see
in tlie emirae of construction, such flaw would show long beforo
the twelve months huve transpired when Arc is put in range.
Our placing direct to thu consumer our High Grado "Dominion
Irlde" Malleable uml Polished Steel Range, ns fully described
in our descriptive circular mid guaranteed, for less than you can
buy a cast Iron range. Wo nre enabled to make this extra ordinary
direr by our Direct from Factory to Kitchen Plan, which saves
tho jiililn-rs, retailers, traveling salesmen ami their expenses,
giving tin- consumer the benefit ol these savings, which in reality
enables the consumer to buy as cheup us the wholesale jobber.
Why not buy direct from the Manufacturer and save the middle'
men's and retailers' profitsf "Dominion Pride" Ranee if sold
through the retailer or traveling salesman would havo to In- sold
for $011.00 to *78.00, according to the territory sold in. Our
price, direct to the consumer, is as follows: "Dominion Pride"
Range, 8*18 or IMS top, with high closet shelf ami elevated tank
or flush reservoir, with piece of zinc to go underneath range?,
£ joints of blue polished steel pipe and 2 elbows, delivered to
any railway exprwi st-it* in In Ontario, QiipIw, New Brunswick,
Nova Seotia and Prince Kdward Island for $41,00 (We Pay the
Freight), nnd delivered to anv railwny express sl"tIon in Manitoba, Alberta, Snrkutchewnu ami Hritish Culwnbln for *40.00
(We Fay the Freight), *fl.00 to accompany onlnr, the balance
to Im- paid when range is delivered to you.    If uot convenient
tn pay cash, will :i t-i-i t your Note.
Trite £-t (w P-scrlptlv. Clrrulpi*.
Delivered to any Rsil-raii Station In
Ontario, Quebec, new lu un*.*.* Ick, riova
Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Ve pay the freight.
Delivered to any Railway Station In
Manitoba, Alberta. Saskatchewan and
British Columbia  We pay the freight.
Manufactured and Sold only by the
Canada Malleable S Steel Range Mfg. C° Limited. 8™>
[IN   writ.no  please   mention  this  paper)
3 Superb Styles
The famous i' it-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
ButUu Sack Suils lhat surpass
anything ol this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
Jv**W§L The patterns—
fir FIT- % m ■*ne English
|f REFORM^ Worsteds-are
TrKs.     i/'r equally   dislinc-
Sole Agents in Cianbtook.
; Presbyterian eburch::
Sunday miming sertlct tt 11 i
Sunday   evesing    amice   tt < >
7.30 o'clock
Suadtjr     Scliin.l   ud    llllile
Class tt i o'clock
Presbyterian   (lulld, Turadar.
tt ■ o'clock
> * **',
i: Baptist Church--
I'astor, ('harries W. King.
,, Parsonage, Norhury Avenue.
'Phone, 284.      |\ o. Boi aw.
Regular Services:—Sundav, U
n.m.     nnil     7.30   p.m.;    Btblt-
Sehonl    with      Young   Ladles'« >
IMiiletliea    and    Young   Men's' '
Milite Class, 3 p.m.
Monday,    VqUng Peoples',    H
Wodnr-silny, Mld-Wrrlc Meeting,.
A cordial    Christian welcome
to nil.
Mil.   (Ml.I..
he following papet on Bee Monage-
meiit »as rend m Mr. T. s  (iill ut
tlie 1.1st     regulai     mcollng ol    tlie
CranbrooK Fanners' Institute:
Ladies and Qcntlemcn:
1 see Unit our sccrelarj lias me
tlown toi -i paper on "Winter Man-
s-gemenl of Bees." \s tall, winter
uni spring management is practically
one and  llie value thing,  that   is,    to
prepare and winter bees properly   is
I iu*     main   aim   hi bee-keeping.       A
weak Colony ol   bees is useless       to
rilecl    a   surplus ol honey.    Alter
nr main How is over there is       no
se ol    leaving  the  super-,  on  longer
because no more honey will he gatb*
il unless there is n (nil How, coming from buckwheat on1) second rmp
ot clover, The cold nights hasten
the bloom "f snow-berries—golden rod
.iml asters, lu this district tbe
main hone) How ends about the 31 si
. I iilv.
First, I will show \oii how lo prepare a winter ease. Procure a
packing rase io allow I inebes nn
each sole nt the hive nml l<* inches
longer, the spate behind the hive is
i<> attach n feeder. Cut a slot in
the froiil of the ruse I inches from
the bottom, 8-1 inches wide, 10
Inches long Kill the space below
llie slot witli dry planer shavings or
elmff. Make a feeder of halt inch
stuff, i inches deep. 2 Inches wide
hnd l-I Inches long, make a lid cover
the lop. Bore nn inch hole in the
hack near the lop nnd a hole
through the back nf the hive to correspond Make the joint tiglii with
hot wax, para An or rosin* Now
fasten this feeder on to the hack of
the hive. A small bridge should be
made the full width of the hive to
prevent the shavings falling down,
Clare lite hive in the prepared case
With two entrances to correspond
Now pack more shavitign or chuff
snugly all around, up to the top of
lhe hive -Alien lhe lionev How is
over Hie queen quits laying and does
not lav again unless there is a (all
How to stimulate breeding. So 1
rmuiiiiu-ud stimulative feeding unless
the colony is strong and plenty of
stores and breeding ceases. I would
prepare a syrup one part water to
pait sugar and pour half pint
warm into feeder eacli evening. This
will start the queen laying uml the
Id bees will scour the lields for nectar ami pollen and wear themselves
tut anil a force of young bees will
he li.ii.lit',1 to take their places to
winter over. You will I hen have
young bees to commence the work in
spring. If stimulative feeding was
not resorted to no young bees
would tn* hatched niter September
21st. So by October .'1st all tlu:
bees in tlie hive would lie old and
two-thirds would die of old age iu
the winter and thr balance ol bees
I he in a poor condition to carry
on thi' work of tlie colony ami by
the time the young lues begin to
merge Irom the comb the bees of
last season are nearly all gone. A
colony in this state is useless for
the season. Slop feeding on October
Ist and a few days alter examine
each colony to see if they have supplies enough for the winter. If they
huve four or five combs in! of sealed
stores Ihey will have sufficient for
cellar wintering. If they are short
feed a large quant it \ of syrup, one
part water to two parts sugar, to
bring them up to amount. They are
to be left this way until about October ."list. Then lake cover an I
remove two empty combs, if any, il
none, full ones, and store away; cut
lour inch strips nf wood elgbl Inches
long and lay over lhe frames. Take
an ordinary sack ami (old so as to
cover the frames and extend down
the outside of the division hoards.
put the sealed cover over again and
fill up with shavings to top of packing case.
There is also a cover needed to go
over the case to keep out lain and
snow. The hive cover can lie plated
on top of the shavings, a convenient
place, until spring When fairly
sure that the bees will have no
more cleansing flights, get some one
to help carry the eases Into the cellar, first removing the storm covers,
tier them up, commencing about
one foot from lhe Hour, with fare nf
bive to wall. Any ordinary cellar
where vegetableu will keep will     be
an ideul place.     This should tie kepi
dark ami IS degress temperature.
M\ Iters' have hceu wintered within
eight feet or n furnace ami the noise,
of the liotisehnltl above ami huve kepi
perfectly, with loss of very few hecs
and consumption of less Uian in.
pounds per colony.
j Do not lake bees oul before 1st
April, liy Ihis time pollen is in
abundance on willows and crocus.
Take lhe bees out in the evening ol
a cool day and place on the old
stands. Don't open the hives for n
few days and thr weather is quite
warm. See if they have plenty ef
slores and the queen alive. Rem
the blocks and sacking, shove [roi
to tlie side of hive aud put sealed
cover over ugain ami close up for a
month, liy this lime they mav lie
given   their   extra combs to Iill out.
The lime lo put surplus supers oil
is when n fringe of while comb is he
ginning to show along the top ndge
of the frames ami they now require
loom for surplus If they don't *;el
it   they will prepare to swarm
Mr. (lilt was very interesting in his
address ami gave several practical
illustrations ns to bee management,
uml apart from the commercial side
of the subject it is quite interesting
to hear a gentleman like Mr. dill
willi his seven years' experience In
1st keeping, describe the ways ami
habits of tlie bees, nml at times one
would think the bee weie endowed
willi human intelligence.
We would recommend lhe members
and general public to come n larger
numbers uml make an earlier start
uml thus permit the meeting closing
TAKK NOTICK that the firm ul
Iloggarth und Rollins, Motel Keepers, Cranbnm"., I), i'.. was dissolved
on the 2nd day ol Mav, A.D 1U1U,
by Victor Alborl Rollins, one ol the
patineis of s.ini firm, retiring, and
lhat the said business will in future
be. can led on h) (ieorge Iloggarth,
to whom all uutstanding accounts
an- pavable, ami who will be responsible fm all liabilities In connection
with the said business
Hated ut Cranbrook Ibis 2nd dav
of May, l.iln.
George Iloggarth
V. A. Rollins.
Witness: M. A. Macdonald. Hi-6\
Healed by Zuu.-Muk.
Mrs. Alex. Young, Martin's River.
Lunenburg Co., N.S., writes as foi
lows: "I feel I must acquaint you
with the great, benefit I have received
from Zam-Buk. For years I have
been troubled with varicose veins
and sores ou my leg, and could get
nothing to heal these. The familv
doctor treated mc, but Instead ■'
getting belter, the trouble seemed lo
get worse. 1 then tried various
remedies, bul still io no avail, ami I
almost gave up iu despair, thinking I
would never get a cure. Aliottl
three mouths ago I heard of Zam-
lluk, ami what a wonderful healer [1
was, so I laid in a supply and gave
lhe Zaui-Miik treatment a fair trial
11 surpassed my highest expectations, and only a few boxes were
needed  to effect a complete cure
"Not only in my own case, but In
the case of a friend of mine, to whom
I recommended Zutr.-lluk for the same
trouble, Zaui-Muk lias done what
everything else, previously tried.
failed to do. 1 recommend Znm-
Httk very strongly and 1 think it
should have a place in every household."
For ulcers, abscesses, eczema,
chaps, salt-rheum, ringworm, blood-
poisoning, chronic sores, and all other skin injuries and diseases, Znm-
Huk is without equal. It also cures
piles*, festering sores, ami inflamed
patches. All druggists ami stores
sell at 50c. box, or post free from
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price
You are warned against harmful substitutes aud cheap imitations.
His honor the lieutenant-governor
in council has been pleased to direct
the publication of the undermentioned schedule of fees established and
payable under the provisions of the
"Water Art, l!lll!t," in respect of tin-
water used nr taken and used, ami of
the lands of the crown used, ami ol
the rights, powers, uud privileges
Which may be acquired by any licensee niftier tlie said uct.
Number of cubic feet Record Annual
per second. fees,     tee
Up to one cubic foot $10.00   $1 00
Each     additional    cubic
foot up to   a   total oi
50  in.m>    1.00
Each     additional    cubic
foot up   lo a   total of
150    2.SH    1.00
Each     additional    cubic
toot     1 nit    1 nn
There shall he no annual fee fm
water used for domestic purposes
when the quantity taken is less than
one-quarter of one cubic toot pel
Application under section HU   $ 25.00
Certificate under section n.l or
92     $|iiu 00
Amendment   under   section !).(   2a oi»
Application und   license under
section 151    Sfi on
Application   and license under
sections 159 und 163 . . Iftfl 00
Examination and    approval of
any schedule of tolls, rates,
rents and charges    35 00
0.028 cubic font per second—one
miner's inch.
The record fee sliall be payable lu-
fore the issuance of license. Annual
rental for the unexpired portion
the current license year shall be paid
before the issuance of license. and
shall be determined proportionately
by the number Ol months to the sue
ceeiling lirst day of June. Including
the month of issue.
Annual rentals shall thereafter    I
payable on the first day of .lime
each year.
Licenses which havo been applied
for under tlie "Water Act, 1000,"
hut huve not yet issued, shall be ll
sued in order of filed applications, if
approved, the annual rental mining
from   tlie date ot Issuance,
TAKE NoTHi; ibat I. George K.
.Marcli, ol Winnipeg, .Man , occupation Agent, intend lo apply lur permission to purchase the following
described lands*
Commencing at a post planted nu
chains south ol the south-east corner
post uf Lot 8751, thence south MJ
chains, theme east hu chains,   thence
nurth 80 chains,      Uiencc   west **.■'
Qeorge Keith March, Locator,
K   D  Benedict, Agent
Dated March ''.Ith,   1910. 9-91
TAKE NOTICE that Jesse Kroide*|
veaUX,    of Seattle,  Wash.,   U    S.   A.,J
occupation, stenographer, intends to
apply fm permission tu purchase the
following described lands
Commencing at a post planted
about IS chains south and 94 chains
cast of the S. E* cornet of Lot ,
7810, Group One, South East Koo-j
lemiy, Block 1593, thence south IU
chains, thence east 2n chains, thence
north   I'i     chains.      thence      West 20
chains io   point   of   comtnenoemeut
uml containing 80    acres, more    oi I
Jesse Froldeveaux,  Locatoi
1. Y Dally, Agent.        7-9C
Any available Duminiun Lauds
within the Railway licit iu British
Columbia, may be homisteaded by
any person who is the sule head ul a
family, ur any male over 18 years uf
age, tu the extent uf one-quarter section of Hit) acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
lhe local laud office fur the district
in which the laml is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the lather,
mother, sun, daughter, brother or
sister uf an intending homesteader,
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one ul tbe following plans;
(l) At least six months' residence
upuu and cultivation of the land in
lacb year fur three years.
('-)■ If the father (ur mother,
if tbe father is deceased), uf the
homesteader resides uputi a farm in
the vicinity ol the land entered foi,
Hie requirements as tu residence may
bu satisfied by smh person residing
With the father or mother.
i-i). if the settler has ins permanent residence upuu [arming Uud
owned by him in the vlci&fty ol hi*
homestead, the requirements as to
resldeuce may be satlshed by residence upon the said land,
six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
ul Dominiou Lands at Ottawa uf m-
tenlion lo uppi) lur patent.
COAL—Coal mining lights may be
'asrd fur a period uf twenty-one
years at an annual rental of ii per
acre Not more than 2.5:0 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
company A royalty at the rate ol
five cents per ton shall be collected
ou the merchantable coal mined.
Deputv of the Minister of the Interior. B9-26t
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Edwin
James Clayton, ol Marysville. U. C .
occupation, Retail Trader, Intends to
appl) bu permission to purchase tbe
following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner uf Lot 1879,
thence south forty UO) chains,
thence west forty (40) chains, thence
north lurty (H>i chains, thence east
loriy (Hi) chains to place ot commencement, and containing It'-1
acres, more or h h.
Edwin .lames Clayton.
Dated  Match 34th,  I'Jl-J. 5-9t
Within sixty days I wish to apply-
to the Assistant Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a license lu
prospect, for coal and petroleum owr
the following land, situated in Bluck
1593, South Easi Kootenay, B. C.
Beginning at a post planted H'.'.Tu
chains west and 6.61 ch&lns suuth uf
the N. W. corner ol Lot n'.Z". Group
One, and being the     S.  E. curlier ui |
Lut 3507, and   marked     J.  A   Rid-
Jell's s.   E. corner, theme su chains j
north, thence 80 chains west, th-ence
80    chains     south,   thence atl ctnttr.**-'
east, to point uf comineucvment. and I
containing ■-■> acres.
.1   A   Riddeil, Locator.
Dated March 34th, l-jio Mt';
TAKE NOTICE lhat Annie Mer-
ingtuii, oi Cranbrook, it C , married woman, intends in apply fur
permission to purchase the following
described land
Commencing at a posl planted   su
chains  south and   J 17   chains east   of
tin* northwest     coiner ol Lot    315,
UroUD One.  on   the east   bank of    an
island In the Kootenaj  River, thence
west 20 chains, more oi less, to tlie
west     bank     OI   Raid    island,     thence
south-easterly along said tank 20
chains, more >>i less, to suulh end ot
said island, thence northerly along
east bank to point ol comiiieiice-
meot, containing to acres, more   or
Annie*   Meringtoo,  Locator,
Per Stuart Morns. Agent.
Staked April 2nd,  1910 8-9t»
that one month after date I. Charles
E Finch, ol Marysville. B.C., intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police lur a liquur license
for tl*« premises known and described as lhe Kails View hotel. Marysville. B   C.
Dated this 15th da\   ol April. A I).
B-6t Chas.   E.  Finch.
TAKE NOTICE that George Kennedy, of Cranbrook, occupation,
blacksmith, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands
Commencing at a post planted five
chains north ol southwest corner ol
P. R. lull, thence south to Lot
Bmji_ thence east to the Kootenay
river, thence upstream to the point
uf commencement, containing i*.p
acres, more or less.
George   Kennedy.
March  I'Jth,  1U1U. 5-9t»;
-:- ER and CHGhUST.-Charges; *>
•> Gold, silver, copper ur lead, $1 •>
*> each, gold-silver, $1.50; silver- <•
•> lead, 11.50; gold-silver, with ->
*> cupper or lead, il 50, zir.c, 12; •>
•> silver-lead-zmc. J I. Prices lor •>
•;• other metals on application. •;•
•>Loiig distance 'phone 87, P.O. ***
<• Box, C1I0J, Nelson, B.C. -58-ly->
t*t *** .;. *** .;. ,;. •;. .*. .;. .;, .;.  ■*,  •-, ***
-> •:• *:• •:• *:• •> •:* •> *:* *> •:•
•:- THE ROYAL HOTEL.        *\*
•> Mrs 1. V Roberts, Propria- ***
•> tress. •>
*> Cor. Stanley and Silica Sts. •>
•:« NELSON, B.C, ->
•> Free carnage or bus Irom all •>
•;• boats and trains ***
•:• Rates. St and $1 50 [,,-r day. .*•
•> Remember our 2">c Chicken *>
■fr dJonet on Sundays 48-em-&
*>*>•> -> *•* *:* *:• * *> * * **. <. ***
A Bplunilitl library, consisting ol li'i Volumes of the
World's B»*st Literature in it handjwme case, "ill i*** i*i*.*ii
FREE to liny OSnrch. Lodge, or Institution in Cranbrook or
l)i*.trii*t that can secure Un* larj^.-bt number "f rotes in
it's favor.
The merchants listed below will girewith each lOceut
linrchose it vote, A ballot box is placed in Beattie-Murphy
i' impanys Urug Store where votes can be deposited,
Tho Herald will imlilislt the respective standing of the
contestants each Week.
The Library is now on exhibition in the window of th.*
Eink Mercantile Company's Store.
Tlie Herald will Rive lmi votes lo every now subscriber
minimi i during tin* contest,
The conlesl begins March Itli and closes Augusl 5,1910.
Remember Votes can only lie obtained by trinlirn- with
the murohnnls listed below, nnd every dollar spenl at an) of
these stores entitles Von to 111 votes.
Fink Mercantile Co.
A. C. Pye
Patmore Bros.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Hill & Co. .       .
Groceries   ; j
Hen's Furnishings
Tinners & Plumbers
Drugs & Stationery
Dry (idiiils
riclntyre & Erickson, •ll'"""*v' "XpX""1 M'"i'"'
Cranbrook Opera House, Fraser & Farquharson, Prop's.
•In Business For Vour Amusement"
For New Annual Subscriptions lo the Herald, 100 voles
***\*******************>*********************i THE   CRAiN BROOK  HERALD
*..IJO A YEAli
MAY 19, lit 10
By tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
K.  I. Deane, Managing Kditor.
ICIsuwIicre In this issue we publish
Hid city estimates lur tlie ensulug
year. Thai they will nol prove ol-
lugelbcr agreeable reading goes without saying as tbey Involve a considerable Increaso in taxation. so (at
as we can Judge, alter listening to
Iho very careful and thorough dis-
ctissloii ol il'*' .subject b) the mayot
ami aldurmeiii wt- Judge that Hit* Increase m taxation is unavoidable,
Uiul ii is iml duo to any extravagance or bad management, but mainly, il nut entirely, to circumstances
uver which tin- council have practically no control. Une large Item oi
increased expenditure is lor public
school maintenance, an item tliat
no um- will grudge. Again ln*av>
expenditures are demanded on account
ni ihr water works, an unavoidable
uiitluy, tun une thai will ultimately
prove remuneral i\t- There Is, tun,
a largely Increased vole lor debenture
repayments, another item beyond the
control ol the couocll, iln- ratepayers
having sanctioned tin- expenditures
wliich have lo hr repaid. Whilst,
generally .speakiii^, wc think the
council havo done Un- besl they
could under the circumstances confronting them, wi- believe Unit il will
prove profitable tn examine very
carefully all Items id expenditure
wilh a view to ascertaining whether
in mil it is possible to curtail certain operating expenses nl present
apparently somewhat heavy.
Says a Calgary exchange:
"Residents ol this province and the
prairie country gencrnlly will be
pleased to note the revival of the
mining industry iu British Colum,,i
New strikes ale being reported and
mines which have been idle are bring
re*opcncd with large forces of men.
There may Iw some thing mercenary
in the go-mi wishes of tbe prairie
people, but thai the sanguine expectations nl the mining men of tbe
coast province will hi* realized is our
best wish, liritisli Columbia mining
camps are among our best markets.
Nobody wants a mining boom, hut
there are many claims located and
still unstaki-d whieli will return
rich harvest to those who have their
ultimate development, if that development can be hastened in any
way it means dollars ami cents to
the people ihis side of the mountains.
At present we arc sending a whole
lot of money over lor li. C. lumber
and (ruit. If larger markets are de-
veloped across the mountains it will
mean ihal there will hr a greater
demand lur tin- products of the Alberta farms ami randies and tin* Interchange of trade between the two
western provinces will in- stimulated
to a great extent."
The foregoing remarks are as well
worthy Hu- careful attention of residents of ihjs province as of the province ol Alberta. Tho community of
interests between liritisli Columbia
nnd Alberta are very marked ami the
moro each province strives to enlarge
nnd strengthen these interests tho
better il will be lor both. Wc iu
Hritish Columbia must, note with unalloyed satisfaction the rapid settling up nf our sister province, fur
thai means steadily increasing markets fnr uur fruiis and lumber.
The public holiday tomorrow will
doubtless be observed In the proper
spun by every resilient ol Cran-
b k.     Our   late King well merits
tills  lasl   token   ol   respect   (nun    liis
sun owing people. Throughout tin*
empire the day will be devoted to
appropriate mourning sen ices, in
which it is to lie expected thai nil
his people will join, putting to one
side "or the time being all differences
of class ami creed. King Kdward
VII. ruled wisely anil well, over us
all. and it is mete that we should all
take this opportunity of paying a
last mark of respect to his memory.
In view of the great World's Sunday School convent ion now being held
In Washington, I). C, May i!i-lit, a
special appeal has been made by the
executive thai all pastors, superintendents ami workers make the
world's schools a subject of special
prayer to Ood both in public ami in
private, previously laying the matter
earnestly upon the hearts o| the
people. The convention is representative of twenty-six millions of members iu regular weekly nml systematic lllhle study and in more than
fifty countries. There nre 27fi,000
individual Sunday schools; and, in (lie
greal majority of cases these schools
fitinli   the International lessons,    ar
ranged by a large inter-denomi national committee. Tlie convention
will he the most cosmopolitan gatli-
lg ever held on this continent. The
programme Includes a list of over
two hundred meetings for the study
f the best methods of work in the
character development of the young,
A large Canadian delegation is in attendance.
Sundays—Low mass at 8,30 a.m.,
high mass, Mi '.ii a.m-; Sunday school
from 2 tu '.i p.m.; llosary and benediction at 7.3U p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at (i a.m. at the
Mav devotions at 7.;ui at the
church. Heads, sermon or lecture.
Hymn and benediction on everv evening during the month.
Everyone welcome
Father I,. Choinel, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Trinity Sunday
May 22nd.
Holy communion—8 a.m.
Matins nml Litany—11  tl III.
Children's service—-i p.m.
Evensong—7.30 p.m.
All seals free.
[■:.  P.  I'lewelling,  Hector.
May 22nd.
Morning service at  11 o'clock.
Sunday    school, Knox Girl's Hible
class and Adult Bible class at .'1 p.m.
Evening service nl  7.30 o'clock.
Voung People's    Guild on Tuesday
(May 2Hh).     Subject: "Christ, Our
Savior."     Leader.  Mrs.  Chisbolnt.
(*. (). Main, Pastor.
May  22nd.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Conference reports will tie submitted by the pastor and Dr. Connolly. Members are especially requested lo try and he at this service.
Sunday school and Bible classes at
.' o'clock.
Epworth prayer service at 7
o'clock in the inner vestry.
Evening service at 7..10. Subject'
"Peace Willi (iml; How It May Bo
A very hearty invitation given to
all to attend these services.
Tuesday—Empire Day picnic.
Thursday—Prayer .service at 8.
The land where   heroes fought    and
The laud where hnnnie lassies dwell;
Where   grows    the*    bonnie   heather
Among the braes of Scotland.
The land we boast about with pride
Surrounded by the ocean wide,
Who was it famous made the Clyde
But the sous ol Bonnie Scotland.
Editor Herald:
Please have lhe kindness to give Ibe
above song a place in the Herald, as
1 believe il will be of interest to a
few of my old friends aud acquaintances.
William Sneddon,
Allan,   Scotland
I.ate of Cranbrook.
Mr. .lull, the provincial poultry expert, gave a very interesting lecture
on poultry, under ibe auspices of tho
Partners' Institute ou Thursday
night last before a (air audience,
Mr. .lull at the commencement    ol
his lecture said be proposed lo speak
on poultry from a commercial standpoint and went largely into the great
amount of money *|>ciit on eggs ami
dressed (owls, and pointed out that a
Wc arc suspen*
oinfl our usual
aovertisino tbis
wed? in oroev to
place uponrccoro
tbe sincere fldef
ot* all our staff,
together witb tbe
worlo at laroc, at
tbe Great loss
wbicb bas overcome notonlc tbe
British Empire,
but tbe whole
lamenteo beatb
of tbe late
McCallum & Co.
vast amount of the cash sn spent was
sent out ol the province and contended that such should not tie the
case. Seeing we were blessed with
a climate that was fully adapted lor
poultry raising, and moreover, it
was the intention of the government
to encourage in every possible way
tlm poultry business (or profit and
pleasure. The lecturer was very enthusiastic about Cranhrook being
suitable in every way for the poultry
business nnd declared that in this
district we had an ideal place lor
dairy farming and poultry production, ami said that poultry was nGJtl
to fruit growing Irom a commercial
.standpoint, ami seeing that wo sent
out of the province the large sum of
two ami a quarter millions of dollars and recognizing the fact that
eggs ns a food came next to Hour
uml milk, we ought, In justice to
ourselves, und tin* community, to go
in for poultry on a more extended
Beale, pointing out that while feed
was very expensive iu the Kootenay
country, yel on the other side we
got good prices lor eggs, compared
to other places Pointing out that
in Petaluma, Cal., while eggs sold
lliere for IH cents per dot, we in this
district, gol from (ill to 75 cents per
The lecturer then pointed out the
three chief factors to take into consideration in going into poultry raising.
First, the land; second, capital,
third, labor.
Mr. .lull pointed out that we had
land in abundance iu the Cranbrook
district, al a reasonable price, and
that for a slarl it did not take such
a great amount of capital. And as
for labor that anyone commencing
could furnish all bis own labor and
pointing oul, liy the way, that poultry raising was an ideal one for women and paid them the compliment
that he was certain they could make
as good a success of it as the men.
The lecturer Ihen dwelt largely on
the besl methods of raising stock,
pointing out tin* absolute necessity
of having nothing nut lirsl-class
stock al all  times, pure breeds, etc.
With respect to incubator!-, lie urged
upon bis audience the need of u til living only flrat-clasi makes. Mc also
gave much valuable information ou
poultry houses and then construction.
lie referred casually lo the Phllo
system, saying lhat he had not so
much faith in ii, bul in discussion
was forced to ndrr.il that in Nelson
the system was being tried and was
proving a success.
At the conclusion of the lecture an
interesting discussion took place in
which some of tbe old timers iu
poultry raising. Including Mr. ('has.
Knocke, Mr. and Mrs. U*slie, Mr. II.
White, The Rev. I-'Icwelling and
many others took part.
No doubt great good was gained hy
Expert .lull's visit to Cranbrook.
The feeling was he must come again.
A poultry association was formed
afler the meeting, at which the lollowing  ollieers were appointed:
Hon. President—Mr. Thos. Caven.
Hon. Vice-President—Rev, E. P.
Pie welling.
President—Mr. A. .lollffc.
Vice-I'resideiit-Mr.  .1    Walkly
Secretary-Treasurer—Mr. II. White.
Executive Committee—Messrs. c.
II. Knocke, .1 II. McClure, .1. Levett, W   It. Baidgett
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Woril comes Irom WiiinlpeR iii.ii
Iln. S. (I. Chambers, rector nl
Christ church ol that city, is alinul
in in* appointed tn a vacant archdeaconry in Hritish Columbia, ami Ihal
in. will shortly leave Winnipeg.
Prominent nicinbcrs of the Anglican
church in Ilu* cily stale thut il is
extremely ptobable that Ua* Venerable Archdeacon Edwin S. IV. Pent-
roath, nl Columbia, Vancouver, lit'.,
will hi* elected successor to the late
lit. Itev, .lames Dart, llishop nl
Now Westminster, who died recently.
Thr election is ex|M'cted to take place
at a jrencral synod nl Ua* clergy ami
laity, In ihe event ol Archdeacon
Pcntralh bring created bishop, II is
considered that be will apolnt Itev.
s. (i  Chambers as bis archdeacon.
Rev.    Mr.   Chambers is very well
known in Winnipeg, having been rector of t'hrist church lor many years.
His departure Irom the city would
bo greatly regretted. Mr. Chatn-
I hers has also established aa excellent
'reputation lor hlmsell us a cricketer
iu the citv.
returns—Hill acres on K.t'.It. line,  10 j
lenced, 11 ia crop, offered with   one*
million leel nf timber on it and   adjoining    land.      Address   "Owner,"
can* t'ranbrook  Herald. 1-.-21
ALFALFA—Will be in position to
ship choice baled ullallu, our own
growing, about .July first. Hook
your orders now, or at least advise
ns if ynu will be in the market then
nr later in the season.—Imperial Development Co., Ltd , Don 1158, Lelb-
brldge, Alia. I2--H*
Well, we should say so I
Got Yours yet ?
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Split Straws
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Couifortulile shapes for Older Heads, and sonic
very snappy styles for Younger Hindu, prices
from 7.k*. to *2 SO. tK.IKI to **"> 00.
New styles iu  Fancy Hands uud Trimmings.
Don't take yout Straw Hat Wauls elsewhere
it will pay you  Better to come here witli nil
vour notions.
The Mens Hatter THE   OBAi-lBROOK   HKUAJLiD
Fred A. Russell & Co., Farm and Timber Lands
Ita'ot'pori I 1HIIII X
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec ?
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -      -      -      70,000,000
II. s. MOLT, President
I*:. I,. I'I*. \s|*:, donors! Manager
AocountB nf Firms, Corporatioua nud Individuals
Out-of-town business ruooivos ovory attontlon.
nnwitrds rouoival and iuturust allowutl at current rule.
No formality or delay in withdrawing.
A Guuoral Banking bttsinosB transacted.
ii Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
from little acorns grow
Thut is if the acorn ia RIGHT.
Tliat is why Simmer's Seeds ure
successful—Tbey ar« nlwnys
right. Use Simmer's Seeds ami
your garden will be u success.
Thut is the wny to lie sure uf
your season's work.
These seeds can be found only
Co., Ltd.
It is here where Prescriptions
are niways ri^ht. This Company lias liuilt a great reputation
on its iiresi/ription department,
********* .**—*******
Merchants Bank of Canada
Head Office, Montreal
CAPITAL       -         - -       $6,000,000
RESERVE        - - -       $4,602,157
sir ll. M. ALLAN, President
K. v. llKliliKN. General Manager
A dene ml Ranking Business transacted.   Out-of-town Acconnti
■olictteil.   Deposits ot withdrawals muy be made by mail.
*M 00 opens nn account Interest paid nt highest current ratec
Elko Branch:   C. K. Wickson, Mgr.
We would rvqneet llmt nil in-
touiling porchmers of gifts shoukl
call uinl see lha many exclusive
rjeslgus in silver ntul pottery,
which  we  are   now  exhibiting.
The Raworth Bros.
'"-.i,„r.V"l: BRACES
is mtv complete, nnd as uaiiol, priced moderately, j
! J. D. McBRIDE • Cranbrook, B.C. \
Chivers Jams and Marmalades
Iiiiiire your health ami hanplnaw liy l.n* in** Puis Pbml,   u><
linliilli* only llie bnl.    Now liml Hie' wiimii weailier Im.
eontmonew hi„i tonr Appetite l* imt jn«*t what it ihontil In*,
raRiatnlnr «*,* ate tin* in.*i>. i;,«-
Speciolty   Qrocery   House
1\ Howard time"
is the highest praise the
"old man" can give.
Railroad officials, engineers iml conductors arc taking a hearty interest in
llie new Howard Railroad Watch—a
kvtr-tet timepiece with all the Howard
accuracy and dependability.
Howard Railroad dial has minute
numerals from : to 60 running around
the dial. A single glance tells the
number of minutes past the hour.
Price jf/n* by printed ticket ittached at tbt
factory—S45 tn 514.0.
Let ut iho-A yuii thii distinctive witch.
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler & Optician
Creston buttermilk at The Palm.
Thos. Kaili*r, of .1 affray, was in
town during the week.
Win. Swope has been appointed C,
P. It. agent at Fort Steele .function.
Fireproof kitchen ware at the Fink
Mercantile Co.
F. I*. Brown has purchased E.
Holmes1 property on Butwell avenue.
It. K. Futa is building an addition
to his store on Van Home avenue.
We have fresh fish arriving daily
at P. Woods and Co.
Mrs. C. M. Loasby and Mrs. W. O.
Prince, of Sirdar, were Cranbrook
visitors during the week.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. A. (ienest. of this cily, last
New potatoes, which cannot be
beat at Campbell and Manning's.
Dr. and Mrs. .J. 11. King have gone
down to Spokane [or a few days
Three car toads nf prime steers
were shipped into P. Woods and company on Tuesday last.
Fresh Hazelwood double Jersey but-
termttk at Stewart's.
Miss Stewart, a sister of Mrs.
Brymner, who has been visiting here,
lias returned to Belville, Ont.
D. A. Telford, ol Waldo, and Vi.
Carl In, ot Fort Steele, were guests
at tlie Cranbrook hotel during the
We have an excellent stock of enamel waie at Old Curiosity Shop,
Hanson avenue.
A ti. VVUmot, formerly with the
;■' k I. company, at JaOray, passed
through to Vancouver the other day,
when* he will reside in future
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Kyan left on
Tuesdaj for St John. New Brunswick, where the) will spend the sum-
mei months,
Creston buttermilk at The Palm
Mi J W Haiiftt. of Cranbrook
street, lias purchased a home near
the skating rink to which be is moving wnh Ins family  this month.
At thr close ol the public memorial
service on Friday afternoon, a speo*
i.il service will be bold at Christ
church at I p.m.
Wagstnfl's tij; and lemon jam at
Fink's pure Food Orocery.
The hand concert whieli was post-
ponrd owmg to tiic death of the
Kfng, will be given by the citv band
Wednesdaj evening next mi the new
band stand.
I- J iludil. who has been in
charg-i ol the (' P It. dining ear de
partment, has .wen transferred to
Seattle. liis successor here is
Mi   Ititmsay, from St. Paul.
For all kinds of prime fresh killed
meals try P. Wim-ds and Co,
Mr. William Fassie and Miss Helen
Man Richardson, both of Fort
Steele, wen- married on the ITth ol
May at the St BUgcttfl hospital, Rev
Fat lur I.   Choinel officiating.
Patmore Bros, are busy just now
mi a handsome galvanized iron cor
nice for the new Imperial Bank
building. It promises to be a very
creditable work of art.
New potatoes, which cannot be
beat at Campbell and Manning's.
Dr. K. M. Kelrstead, of McMaster
Iniversity, was a visitor in town
j this week, a guest of Itev. C. W.
(King. Mr. Keirstc.nl was en route
j to Summerland College.
I Members of the craft ran secure
j mourning badges of Vi. II. Wilson,
who lias secured a supply Irom To-
. rmiIn.
I    llit/i lw 1 ice cream at Stewart's.
'Strawberry and vanilla lluvors.
I Have you visited the O. K. Barber
1 Shop, Armstrong avenue? ll not,
I why not? flood work, strict clean-
limn; special attention to the cutting and turning ol -hildteu's hair —
W   kilby, prop.
Robert Laurie, son of John Laurie,
of this city, who has recently finished his apprenticeship as machinist
In tho local C.P.R. shops, has been
transferred to Winnipeg and will
leave in a few days.
VanWormer has received a large
shipment of new furniture. Don'l
forget VanWormei's store.
The     monthly tea given by       the |
Presbyterian Indies will be helil   nl
the home of    Mrs.  Shackleton,  Wall
avenue,  Wednesday,  May  25tll, Irom
*i Aii till (i.
A class of  Instruction has been    in*
progress at the C.P.R. depot the past I
few days.     The men are   undergoing
examination on the new rules in force j
throughout     the system, as ordered
hy the railway commission.
WANTED—Good general servant
Apply Mrs. Brymner, Lumsdcn
avenue. 1-1-11*
Residents of the Sash and Doot
district are to meet this evening to
discuss the question of Incorporation.
This district is badly in need uf
water aud fire protection and some
action must he taken immediately tn
ensure provision of these necessities.
Bandmaster Corrison has received
a communication from the Lethbridge
Agricultural Society Inviting llie
Cranbrook city hand to take part in
a band tournament to he held al
Lethbridge in August next.
We have second-hand Singer Sewing Machines, good as new, very
cheap, at Old Curiosity Shop, Hanson avenue.
Road Superintendent Reid is a very-
busy man these days. He has eleven
gangs at work in the district. A
start has just been made at the new
bridge at Wycliffe and later on a
bridge is to be built at Kingsgate
across the Moyie river.
Try an icecream soda at The Palm.
Mrs. Christian, wife of T. H.
Christian, contractor, arrived iu
Cranbrook on Saturday last, after
sojourning in the Old Country for
quite a while, ami staying ofi on her
return journey with her parents nt
Little Current and her sisters at
Gore Bay.
Splendid green pens at Campbell
and Manning's.
At the Fernie assizes, now in progress, the grand jury brought in a
true bill against Nat Bahcock and
Fred Varlow, two of the men implicated in the Coal ('nek hold-up.
R. T. Brymner, ol this city, is tore-
man of the grand jury.
Scrub brushes, whisks, stove and
shoe daubers. New shipment at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Weather and other conditions permitting, the Baptist Young People's
Union with their friends are looking
forward with interest to a telescopic
"trip" to Halley's comet. Definite
announcement will be made on Sunday as to the hour id "leaving" for
this marvel of creation. The 23rd
is the proposed date.
Choice Florida tomatoes at Slew-
The Ladies' Circle of the Baptist
cliurch had a large attendance and
an interesting time at their last
Thursday afternoon's monthly meet
iiiR. Mrs. J. Molntyre gave a missionary reading, Mrs. R. E. Moudey
read a paper on Dr Livingstone, and
Mrs. Benjamin Palmer, the hostess
conducted a Bibb* reading on Christian stewardship.
Anyone requiring MOWERS or
HAY RAKES would do well to inspect F Detail's stock. lMt
Mayor Fink has received the following satisfactory communication
from W. It Haldanc, C.P It. District Freight Agent: "Dear sir: 1
mentioned to you the other day that
we intended to apply the town tariff
basis ot rates to Kimherley branch
points. I am clad to advise yoi)
that this arrangement becomes effective May Iflth."
Cherries, strawberries, bananas and
oranges at The Palm.
In the work id enlargement at the
Cranbrook Sash and Doot factory
things are moving Into lhape rapidly. The new machine shop is up and
a new railway siding has been laid
with a large sorting table Some
of the cottages in the square have
been moved into line forming .1 new
street and adding considerably to tbe
capacity of the company's lumber
Mrs. William A. Wright, teacher ot
piano and voice. For terms apply
room 1, Royal hotel. Studio opera
house. t--*it**
K. Vi. Spence, formerly ol Km.is-
gate, has been appointed to the position ol C.P.R, agent here in place of
Mr. T. T. Watson, who has been relieving here since Mr. Willson I*!'.
Mr. Watson has returned to Hosmer
A small fire last Monday afternoon
gave the brigade a run. The scene
of the blaze was Jos. McLean's
house, east of French avenue. Tbe
damage was slight.
Royal Crown Derby, Royal Wor-
rester and Copelnnds dainiy Hn tin-
pretty lor gifts—nl the Fink Mercantile Co.
The Herald's attention bus turn
ealled to tbe stale of several back
yards ia the buaiscM wcUoa ul   tlw
The job wooid'nt look sn
bail if you hud one of cur
new easy running  IJawu
They 00mpriso tlio
ami lire strong uiul reli-
able mowers,
Lot im Bund one up for
you to look ut, ur drop in
und look tlii'in over nml
we know you will un
Patmore Bros.
"The Range Store"
city. Straw and manure Utter
these yards to an extent that might
prove extremely dangerous in tin*
vent of an outbreak of fire. Clll-
/eus whose, yards are thus encumbered
could materially assist the fire chief
by having them cleaned up at once.
Kannkin dishes at Fink's Pure Food
The Cranbrook Foundry is enjoying
a spell of rush orders these days* A
line new screw cutting lathe has just
been added to the already extensive
plant. Mr. Vi. L. Clarke, who hails
from Omenee, Ont., has charge of
the moulding department, whilst Mr.
McKinnon superintends the engineering department. Judging from the
growth of this undertaking and the
steady rush ot work there is obviously u bright future before the
Cranhrook Foundry.
WANTED—First-class painters and
paperhangers. No boozers need apply. B. 11 SHORT, the Painter
and Decorator. l--lt
Dr. E. M. Keirstead, of McMaster
University, Toronto, was In Cranbrook on Tuesday, the guest of Rev.
Charles W. King. lie visited and
addressed the public school and expressed himself to Principal Cranston
as delighted with the splendid equipment provided in the new building.
Prof. Keirstead is on the way to the
Closing exercises of Summerland
College, where he is to tie the guest
of honor.
Strawberries! Strawberries!) Headquarters for the famous Hood Rivet
berries. Shipments arriving daily
at Stewart's.
The following Cranbrook citizens
are serving 011 either the grand or
petit juries at the Fernie assizes,
it. T. Brymner, J. Arnold, (;. W. F.
Carter, Dr. Sherwood Hell, grand
jurors; J. Armour, It. A. Fraser, C.
A. (Joskin, (Jeo. A. Uitch, Ua Manning, W..C. Marshall, C. E. Morfltt,
IL McNah. F. W. Reeves, S
Richards, F. A. Russell, A* C.
Blaine, S. Baldwin, ff. H. Bardgett,
petit jurors.
Some of the very best string beans,
fresh in, nt Campbell and Manning's,
Tlie Moose Jaw News contains     on
interesting note regarding two former citizens of Cranbrook, the Naur,
Pros- Harry Navin, the elder brother, was in charge of the C p.it
stores department here and lie was
then a noted [<><>t runnet Ills lath
it built the SI. Eugene hospital. Tin
Navin Bros, are now engaged as con
tractors at Moose Jaw uml it is v
regard to a recent contract, secure''
by them that the News mal.es relet
ence. The brothers have just SCCUI
iii the contract from the provincial
governnienl ol Alberta for both tht
land titles and telephone buildings
The contracts amount to over $70,*
WANTED—First-Class painters and
pa per hangers. No boozers need apply, n. II* SHORT, the Painter
and Decorator. 12-lt
Miss McKay, who for the past ftve
years, bas filled an important posl
tion in the local post office, is leaving at the end of the month to take
up her residence at Lethbridge. Miss
McKay has had a long experience ol
post office work, having been foi
thirteen years connected with the
I<cthhridgc ollice prior to coming to
Cranbrook.    During her* long  service
in the local office Miss McKay has
ln*en thoroughly efficient and obliging.
Miss Moran, another   member ot Um
post office staff, is also tearing at I It-
end of the month. Miss Moran has
Served tor three years and through*
out thut period has held the esteem
ol tin- public by hei com Icons and
obliging conduct.     Mr. J   K   Steals
We make it our Special Husiness to provide Correct Clothes
I for Hen and Voung Men. nnd have not forgotten that every
] man wants something special lor May 24th.
To this end we have just received a New  Crisp Stock of
Clothing and Toggery.
in tin* popular -Iiii.I,.- of ..ray,
taupe, brown, uliv.* nnd liliie,
lniii.l tailored by Canada's (i.r,**
most tailota, and guaranteed to
rtMtiin ilit-ir shape. The pricei
most nioileralf  110.00 lo 130.00
insure   ,*i.inf.nl    iii   iii,.  warm
■■•••nlil*'.     ue hale ll ill,   iti  all
■tylei (10.00 and up.
An endless variety in Que Fnglislt
Uioglianis, Kiench Percales, Mlk
uiul  Linen  Mixtures, and pure
Silk-    Mini. 11.nt will renisl Ite
wear   and   tear of tlie   laundry.
PiicesSI mi tot:: 75
Direct  filui   France In Cotton,
[.isle ami >ilk I.1-1, -- the most
popular shades aud patterns ai
*J0e. to SOC.
at moderate prio -.
We    MAKE    SUITS    TO
118.00   TO   S3! OO
Cranbrook's Dry Goods & Clothing Stores
********************** *
LAFF and the World Laffs with you
CUSS and the World Laffs   at  you
Don't wait for a rift- to Lurn you <>ut
and hav<_- tilt* world laughing at you.
build your house of brick and w.-ar
that contented smile .if security.
I The Cranbrook Brick Co., Ltd !
Engineers*   Founders
and   Machinists =
IMioiii* II
I*. O. Boi 833
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
% and Repairs
♦    We make the Best Saw Guide and Arbor in
X 15. C.   Any size required.
••>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>« <•>♦♦♦♦-»♦♦♦♦ 4
taken over tbe     duties
*■■'..,■■; J     •    III
s'wi'tt   Rrlai I    •■■! ham kl Kink i
I'uti* Pood Orocrfi \
(  .i-**i-'.r.' '( >*»■*    :.'-a>[i;i;>*-! -. \<> !•>■ ;...    .: .■   Mr
j Stark ha-1 n-ccntly returned Iron the
north and was known to haw   COffr*
sidcratite cash In tiis ponenton. For
KHM CtBM 'T Otfaef a T i,-."t E'iI cir-
M  ihe   la*n ■:   :■  w     mlatcd that be wm murntac and   tbe
men 1 Im lll'ite .:-.,.,   ,ist papers had it that he had prob-
Inn yemi    mere     tlecl   i  u lollowi    ably been made a*av with f«r     his
I'li-Mili-til,    MM     *r:!;.   \ n 0 i'lr lldCA-l, L . ,,j* Asa    Dttttel      Of tact  Stark
Mrs (tii Mil. Hoard .*f Directors,'left Vaoooarrr 1'T Qolden on the
Mesdamei Caldwell, Smith, Tlidale, j train that brought out the papers
Doran, McKinnon, Va&Wormei and I containing tin* annonncetnenl ..[ his
Murgatroyd t)f« twentjr-flve ladles j disappearance George stark hai
ere present .it the meeting nml par-[many friends among otoVtlmers      in
look ol the refreshments provided by
tome ol the officers, and a trerj enjoyable afternoon cli led the flrsl
period in the historj ol tin* Instltate
An Interesting debate wai carried
.nt liy the Pn ibj lerian Voung,
People s (imiii "ti 'I ■■ ida) evening
lasl when the vital question «il equal
ranch! b whs argued lot and against.
It. s. Garret) led the ens.- (or the
women white .1 P. Smith opposed it.
Miss ,|, 1,1-itih, Miss Stewart anil
John I.mine acted us jutl^es ami
iwartte i I? points ol argument lor
the affirmative .is against ll |..*inis
for the negative
Pleld ■'■ i ■ arden leedi .1. Pink's
Pure Food Qrocerj
this district. \\\.o will be clad to
know that he in still safe and sound-
Vi. T. Reid, a former well known
and prominent citi/en of CraTihrook,
spent the past week In the city renewing old acquaintances. Mr.
Kfid is now one of New \Ustmin*
Ster's foremost citizens. He is doing well on the coast, hut still retains his a fleet ion for t'ranbrook,
Where he made his start and laid the
foundation of a substantial (ortune,
Mr. Heid was greatly struck with
the material improvements noticeahlo
in the city since his departure for
ihe coast some two vears ago. He
•ir-.'ds    I taiibrook   as     one of '!*•
George Stark, a lormei resident of ,n"st "WMtltl <"\>n*A •.» the ..-
ft'llmei and well known hereabouts, tetlor, with far brlghtet pnmpects
WM      erroneously   reported   by the, than any other town lu this neeliim. THJ5  CKANBHOOK.  HERALD
One Good Investment worth a Life-time of
Labor.    Here is an Opportunity for
The Han of Small Means
This advertising nnnoiinccinenl is especially directed to
such    readers  ol tills paper as  arc lionoslly Interested iu
their future;  n and women who arc nol living altogether
Im today, but who have ln-r<>i ■• them a dcltnita and lixeil
purpose, ami so shape their destiny eacli day, hy word and
deed, sn Uiul ul some date nol far in the Ititurc Hie) inuv
he ulile in achlovo the crowning cvonl "I their lives.
11 is null  human thai wc should eacli desire to have In
 ■ own name much   ol this   world's   goods,   sullieient nl
hast to provide lor nun nil and lmlc|iciidencc during uur old
uge. It is ipiitr true thai only a lucky lew attain Ihis
imsiiiuii iii Hu* days nt Ihelr youth.
Mv you satisfied villi your luttire prospects';
li,. ynu know he) I tin* shadow "I a doubl lhat within
three or live yeai:.' lime you will amass a fortune?
Could ynu say I" yoiirsell, rich! now, thai in the next
Ih months  you will have  practically made or saved front
the Investments which you are iiinkinn today sullieieui f Is
lo provide lor yourself and family a comfortable living lor
ten years' lime?
Millions from a few dollars
in Oil
Ohaiislor nml Cnnflchl were both poor prospectors.
Iteoll/ing the gtcni posslbilllies nml future ol lha Cnlllornia
oil fields, they placed their Bnvlngs in ihe oil Industry ami
ate today rated as multi-millionaires
SSnl. Phillips, four years ago last September, alighted
from the train in the Coalinga Field, ami was the possessor
of $23,      The magic   "L*.!"  did liol disturb him; he was  the
proud owner of a million dollars' worth of j*.rU, nerve ami
energy. He worked hard, saved his money, and did
things, He invested his earnings in the oil fields ami as a
result lit* is now worth a quarter of a million.
It would lie ihllnf.il lo devote much space lo such men
as Doheny, O'Donncll, Chanslor, Ifardison, Stewart and
thousands of others who, through small Investments in the
greal oil Industry of California became men of wealth.
Don't sigh and regret-
Do Something
We often look hack and Hi ink to ourselves thai had our
foresight been as good as our hindsight, we would have
done differently. This looking bach to disappointments
that have passed is particularly interesting in connection
with the California oil fields,
Others have made money in
Oil-Why Not You?
The following is a list nf "IKS" Hint nre njieiiiiig investors' eyes In (In* pi.ssihiliiii-s of California nil shares*.
If vuu had Invested (100 at ground lloor prices in '■—
Sliver   Tip   you could hnve made       t    BOO
IV. K.  1,11110
Sterling  I.iiou
Premier          "  1,110(1
Monte Crist,. '  1,120
Record  2,000
S. P. .V: MoK. "     "       "     "     2,400
Saner Dough   "      "       "      "     4,160
Luetic            "     "      "     "    *>,niiii
San .Inaijuin   "      "        "      "     5,llhl
Peerless              "      n,3Sil
Kern Itiver     "     "      "     "    0,11110
Central Oil     "     "      "     "    18,1	
If you had purchased Pinal nil shares at 25c, |ier share,
ynu could have   snld al     $29 pel .share, it puy.s a regular
monthly dividend ol 15c. per share- A monthly
income of $60.00 on an original investment of $100.00
When the "Silver Tip" well iu the Coallgnn oil fields
came In, this stock utnpcd in a night Iroro 60c. to Jl and
lias been paying a dividend "I 10c. per share ever since.
This is recent history, having occurred hut a slmrt lima
Vuu have tho same opportunities today in the Coalinga
nil fit-Ms ami plenty <>f them, hut yu must think, reason
ami analyze lor yoursell before you can hope in acquire your
share nf the world's wealth, ynu must have the t ram* nl
your uivn convictions   £111(1 HCt.
Advantages of Investments
in Oil Securities
It is stated, hy the best ol oil authorities that »fi per
cent ut the wells drilled in ihe proven /one of the Coalings
held produce oil. Vou must therefore realize that the element io risk in an oil Investment is practically eliminated.
Furthermore, placing your   mono)  in   oil companies means
quick, and iu must eases, large returns, particularly so in
cases where tho companies are operating In shallow territory
whieli assures inexpensive drilling and ijuictf action on the
invested capital.
Crude oil ul the present market prico is being purchased
from the producer at sixty-three cents per imirel at the
well. Mi. Aubrey, California Stale Mineralogist, states
thai oil at $1 per barrel is cheaper fuel than coal. Two
and a half barrels of oil arc equal to as fuel a toil of cool,
.so thut quantity of oil at a dollar a barrel or $2.fi0 is Unequal of a ton of cool at $8.
Taking the federal geologists (inures as a basis for calculation,   there   i.s ni   present  iu   the Coalinga Distriet oil
worth $2,0(10,000,000.     The great (' stock mines produced
only $015,000,000.
The property of the Coalinga
Eureka    Oil   Company,
close to Great Gusher
The holdings ol Hie Coalinga Eureka oil Company consists of eighty acres, .situated in Section 21, Township 21
South, Itniige II Kast, Fresno County, California, separated
hy only two sections from the famous Section (|, the home
nf  the grout "Silver Tip" gusher ami  of the
Luetic, Amy, Pacific States Oil Companies, etc., all of
whom rani- foremost among the bin producers of this great
field. Section is, adjoining the Coalinga Eureka property
is tlie scene of unequalled activity. Derricks have been
built, tools hauled mil and drilling operations are being
carried on with relentless energy. It is the undoubted
opinion of experts and practical oil men Ibat Sections IX and
21 are destined to produce some of the most remarkable
wells in the Coalinga Held. K. W. Creston. probably the
besl expert In the whole of the Coalinga field, and Superintendent o! the Consolidated oil Company (which adjoins our
Coalinga-Eurcka property) also General Manager of the New
York Coalinga ami Aladdin oil Companies (all producing)
writes regarding tho property (.f the Coalinga Eureka Oil
"Vou u.sk me to give an expert reporl nu your laud in
"Sections 84, -I and II. I have just relumed from a very
"careful examination of the properly. Vou hove the same
"Identical formation that has made the entire West side of
"the Coalinga field fan s.    Vou arc sure to get good wells
"at medium depth. This property adjoins our property and
"I have been trying to purchase this same tract. While I
"regrcl that WO were unable to procure it, I cannot refrain
"from congratulating you on securing such u desirable piece
"of nil land.     It means success to your Company."
Plans of the Company
11 is tlio |ilan nf llic Compnny tn drill nml complete ul
least lour mils during the |irescnl yenr. These wells, according in llm output nl Ilii' wells ou adjacent property,
should hnve un average yield nl 100 liarrcls per well, or
l.iiim barrels  per    day,  18,000 liarrcls  per month,   which
would ii.ii* tin. company in pay dividends to the
stock holders of from 3 to 5 per cent per
month iicsidi-s holding in reserve a large sum of money
fnr further development.
Stock and Disposition of
To complete their first well, lhe Company is placing on
the market n block of 60,000 shares of Trcusur) Stock, fully
paid ami iioii-usscssuhle, nt 95c. per share, when this stock
is disposed of, the price will In* materially advanced.
Tbe money received from the sale of tbis stock will be
expended in developing the property, and not in fancy
salaries,     There arc no salaried officials,
Our Officers and Directors
EDWARD MKATII, the President, holds the very responsible position of Treasurer of Pierce County, Washington, .Mr Heatb is Identified with some of tin- largest commercial and financial institutions in that state, ami is considered to be nne uf tlie most forceful, energetic, ami successful business men in tbe Slate of Washington,
HON. W. II. Kl.llli, the Vice-I'residenl, is an ex-Superior Court Judge of Fresno County, California, .Judge Kerr
i.s one of the first settlers and pioneer operators in the
Coalinga lield. It is the concensus of opinion that he Is today the best informed person re local conditions in the
Coalinga Oil Held as well as on,' nf the ablest oil experts
and operators in ALL the California oil Ileitis.
.Indite ken will take care of all development work ou
the Company's property, piving it his undivided personal
attention, thereby assuring good Judgment ami conservatism
in tlie management or the Company's Held operations.
A. ROLAND, the Secretary, is one of the early opera
tors in the Coalinga oil fields and is prominently identified
with the oil industry throughout the State of California. He
is a man of unquestionable Integrity and superior judgment,
K. Y. (.KASNKTT, one of Vancouver's most prominent
Contractors, a native son of Ontario, well known in social
and commercial circles in Toronto. Mr. (irassett lias proved himself to he thoroughly conversant with all matters
of finance, and from the manner in which he has succeeded
iu his own business, lias been elected to the Hoard of Directors of this Company.
.Mr. Orassett is a valuable acquisition to the Hoard of
Directors; careful in his judgments, conservative in all his
business undertakings, thoroughly experienced in the control
of corporations. lie will render a good account of himself
and will surely ael in the best interests of the shareholders
of this Company.
II. S. FORD, M.D.C.M., nne of our leading physicians, is
a graduate of McOill University, Montreal, and is a well
known practitioner. lie has established a most enviable reputation as a successful business man; far-seeing in all his
investments and possessing natural shrewdness, lie has proved himself to he n master of finance and a very, capable
business manager.
So promising are the holdings of this Company, so good
the prospects of the same, that eminent geologists and oil
experts say that the Coalinga-Kureka Oil Company will
bring into existence in the very near future oil wells which
will produce enormous profits for the shareholders.
Sow is your opportunity to acquire a holding in this
corporation when the shares are selling at ground floor
Only a limited block of stock is to be sold at the ground
lloor price of 25c. jier share.
Wc expect that the issue of 50,000 shares at 25c. per
share will be over-subscribed within the neit two weeks'
No application will be received for shares at 25c. after
Saturday, May 2*8th. Should lliere remain any unsold
siiares after that date they will he withdrawn Trout the market und a new issue placed on the market on .lime 1st at.
in all probability, ''fit*, or Ibe. Tbe price will Ih- advanced
from month to mouth as the development of the property
warrants. It is expected that on the 1st of -Inly the
shales will be selling at 80c. or 75c. each.
Do nnt delay in mailing your application since this advertising announcement appears iu over 200 publications
and there are only 50,000 shares to In* sold at 25c.
Sit down now and wire the Coulinga-Kiircka Oil Company, Vancouver, to reserve your shares, then mail your
cash payment by first mail.
Remit by cheque, bank draft, express
money order or postal note, ami make ail payments payable to QEORGE I.. TASCIlKKKAl", Trustee
for the Coulingu-Kureka Oil Companv, at pur in Vancouver, B. c.
In directing your wire it will lie sullieient to say:
"The Coalinga-bureka Oil Company,
Vancouver, B.C. —Reserve
shares, mailing remittance today.
Signed  "
No application will be received for less
than ioo shares.
Remit all cash or on easy payment
plan as per schedule attached.
Remember, this Block is non-assessable—the company is
a limited liability corporation.
When you have paid your 25c. in full a certificate will be
Issued ut once showing that your stock is fully paid up and
non-assessable, each shine having a par value of '\.
What Your Money Will Buy
Cash Plan (5 per cent deducted)
i I3.7S will liny inn shores   	
17.80  " " 'Jim    "    	
111,71  " " .inn    "    	
*i:i7..*in  " " innii    "    	
par viiim* t   Iiui
...    '■     " 200
...   "     " lion
" l,M0
Instalment Plan
J 10.00 cash ami S 7..10 n mtli. lnr 2 inlhs. Iinys inn shares
"    I!   "        " ' 200     "
ii    2   *'        •• 800     "
■i    2   "         " lllll     '■
"   2  "      " inn    "
ii    2   "        " 1000    "
Prospectus' mailcil on application.
Remember  to   aihtress   your  application  ami make all
ehei|iies payable to
20.1111   "
.•tll.OA   "
■10.00   "
60.00  "
"      711.00
be lack ol aeeur.iie, reliable "mi
fi'iMjiienl returns concerning the pro-1
duct Lou in Canada ol lilinlinr, pulp*
woodi lath, shinnies, j'.iles nml oilier
wood products has loi Home time
been fell, and with increaii.u closeness nf inanulaetnre promises to l.e
mid more in demand, in order to meet this need the torestrv
branch of tho department ol Ibe
interior lias taken up tlie collection
nl statistics on tho subject aud bas
lately puhlishiil the result of the
lirsl year's work iu this line as llieir
bulletin No. », enlillcd "Forest Pro-
duels nf Canada, 1008," Messrs. II.
R, MacMillaa mill tl A. CutollOB
havo compiled tlio flglltOB.
Tlie statistics huve been made ii|i
from the replies returned to circulars
sent by lhe branch to manuluelurers
and producers' En the various woodworking industries, Tlio accuracy ol
such results necessarily dc|icnils on
ilu- proportion ol manufacturers returning the schedules sent.
The roturns jiuhlished tu the bulletin do not profess to la* complete,
It would, indeed, la* remarkable if iu
Ibis, tlio lirst year lu which tho
statistics were collected, tbey hud
liceu su.
The total   value ol the production
I lumber, lath, shingles', cross-lies,
pules ami ptllpwood was during    the
year, $117,12.-1,011.
The production ol sawn lumber is
shown by the figures to be in the
neighborhood ol 3,318,170,000 feet,
hoard measure, per annum, valued at
(81,338,030. In this Ontario leads
witli a production of 1,394,701,000
feel, valued al $21,3118,077, Quebec
being second wilh iiti<**,l;35,000 leet ol
tho value ol $10,838,608, and B. I',
third, with 1117,1177,000 feet, worth
$0,107,180. The other provinces
rank in lhe following order: Sew
Brunswick, 808,100,000 leet, valued
al $1,081,103; Nova Scotia, 210,835,-
UOO feel, nf the value of $8,873,730;
Saskatchewan, 1)1,166,000 feel, valued
ut $1,576,830; Manitoba, 56,117,000
feel, valued ul $867,060; Alberta,
11,382,000 feet, rallied at $5113,211.
The total production of wood pulp is
3113,070 tons, made from 132,777
colds nf wood and valued at $2,931,-
British Columbia easily leads in
ihe production nf shingles, producing
721,653,000, nf tne value of $1,391,-
.'inn. its nearest competitor is
Quebec, which produced 108,440,000,
valued al $8111,7117, and then lollow.
in Iheir order, Ontario, with a pro-
duelion of 233,633,000, valued at
Jllil.lfii; New Brunswick, 100,1113,-
060, worth $.125,805; Nnva Scotia,
making 33,141,000, valued at $69,-
370; Manitoba, turning out 1,125,000,
worth $3,1511, and Saskatchewan,
which produces 593,000, valued at
The total production fnr tlie Dominion was 1,199,306,000 shingles, the
aggregate   value nf    which was $3,-
101, i.
In the manufacture ot laths Ontario takes first place with 203,211,-
000 tn her credit, valued at $012,850.
Little mure than half that number,
viz., IM, 11111,000, is made by, her
nearest compclotor, .New Brunswick,
the value nl whoso product is $236,-
088. Quebec made 92,914,000 laths,
worth $180,076; British Columbia,
811,802,000, worlh $208,255; Nova
Scotia, 62,038,000, Worth $130,803;
Saskatchewan, 18,177,000, valued at
$10,173; Manltobal 7,370,000, at a
value of $10,200 and Alberta 1,0011,-
ono, worth $3,581,
The total number ol laths manufactured vvas 1171,562,000, ol the
value of $1,187,125.
During the year the railways purchased 13,078,116 cross-ties lor wliich
tbey paid $5,281,085. OI these the
steam railways (47 in number and
having a total of 25,772 miles of
track) bought 13,738,157, paying
therefor 15,111,(74, and the electric
roads (numbering 32 and having 818
miles uf track) purchased 2IH.25!!
lies eusling $113,011. Cedar (including under this term both the eastern
and the western cedars) Is easily Ha*
favorite wood fur tics, twice as
many tics being uf I liis species as nf
any other, while heinlnck and tuuiar-
ac in about ei|iial numbers take
next |ilacc.
Reports as to Ha* poles purebused
were received Irom 46 telegraph and
leiijiliuiH* companies, iii eleotrlc
lijrlit, power aud railway companies
and 111 steam railways owning Uicir
polo lines. These represent 66,541
miles ol line, supported by 2,433,215
pules. These enni|ianles bought a
total uf 185.807 pules, paying lnr
these, at the point, uf purchase, $261,-
5 III. Of these 185,8117 poles 102,211
were ol cedar, other woods used being tninarnc, spruce and Douglas Or.
Nervous Exhaustion
Whipping mt exhausted nerve
system with alcoholic stimulants
only shortens tlie road to physical
collapse. Tlie only remedy is
Food, Rest and nerve repair.
lAsAYA-Ni;uKAU."isand makes
possible this cure. It feeds the
nerves, induces sleep, improves
the appetite nnd digestion ; and
soon full nerve vi«or is regained. $1.50 per bottle. Obtain
from the local agent.
A touch ol rheumatism, or a twinge
ul neuralgia.-whatever the trouble is,
Chamberlain's Liniment drives away
the pain at ance and cures the complaint quickly. First application
gives relief. Sold by all druggists
und dealers. JO-tf
WANTED—First-class painters and
paper hangers at one*. Good
wag...-B. H. Short. IOU
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATLK
For family uso thoro is nothing
su wholesome ami sn tunc as
Builders and Contraciois
■ 1
• 1
■ •
< *
• i All kinds nf J[
Boiler and Range Wotk    <>
♦  . ''
1 *
Is prepared to supply help, skilled or
unskilled, on shortest possible notice; to find employment and guar*
anU-e positions wlien sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property for
a small commission.
Addrcss:-W. Parker, 312 Baker St.
NELSON, Il.C.        48-12t
Trade M*nng
Copyrights Ac.
4-nlrklf m-rpriaiii pit" oiMii.-ti free wf-t>ilie* ■
'—iillnr .*■-.*•.-.   ...... .i.i..    .■  .....
 j«rlL... -   *..,.„„.. —
Mnt frea. OMM UfOC** fnriu.-1-iiriiiit pntcnta.
Patent! uken iGnoah >lmin A C* r*   ""
An-nffWaen "Ins a rtr*t rh mnl dri-mr-tlnn tnsv
 —s win-ills)- an
tiiitii■tricir-"*iiii.tt-iftfill. HANDBOOK onl'ateut
      . UlnY*
hm-titl.iti in |»ri "lfit-TT i':.u-;it.iM
tptelal rotltt, wit hout chit-we. In tbe
Scientific American.
A mndsWi-itly Ulwtittwl **-***vir.   Utsr* "■ii-
i n I at j tin i>l tin*/ .■■ifiiiiii** ].*urn'il. It-'ii'i for
I'aniila. »'." a yenr, i-utU^ jur^ilil. .-ul.l by
all iwu'clfalft-.
".,,'„ t Co£•««*«* HttfYoit
i-audi umc-u, tra fr 9U IVn-tiim-iuii. u.e.
I The Cranbrook Employment;;
'   and Real I stale Agency   ; |
Mv Sir, Inlil.v Ih Inn,I-*n n In lnr fur
Lumber r..iiii..,i.i,.". Rnllr•<inl i-itn- , ,
trarlois, Holeli., nml lluililen-
.1. Armour, Proprietor        ' *
pi mi   Hss.9iiii   I*", iim ana *
Fernie Pantorium
FERNIE       ■      B. C.
to your inonsuro
FROM   $10.00  IT.
Cleaned, Ropitfn.'d,
nml Pressed.
Si'iul Clothes liy express, ami Unix
liy innii.
II you   want   satisfaction    with
your washing;  send
it  to
Hpeuiiil i-rii'i-H for ftunily WOlk.
• »
Provenzano & Sacco
Gsneral Merohants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
r. 0. Ml 194 PHONE 944
F. C. Swsnnell, D. I.. S„ II t,\ I., s.
A. 1. Robertson, II. C. I.. S.
Dominion ami liritisli Columbia
•pOti* PflltrV/
. BuLk   8(?BA'P  r
&toxXAA**t<> *y
0***I **rtAOVLt»Actttd
-%«** 6afV - -jj-
Ladles' ami Clitltlron'e to lie lui*t nl
I leill leilieii'** mill I,.* olitililll'll nt
Pink Mercantile Co.'s Store
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE li It does
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our Advertisement, but w<
put tbis sil in tbe Herald lo
emphasise it.
Mrs. li. Bent
Toiulli-r n| Htrinj- iiii.I
Htainlanl liiHiriinii'iiiH
PHONE 253     OKANUnoOK, B.O.
!( you have Indigestion, your food
ferments in the stomach and bowels.
IL iloes more: it decays, and tlie nutritious mailer which should go to
make new blood decays with it, and
this leads to an Impoverished condition i»f the blood, lu nervousness, bil-
lloiisness, constipation, sick headache, bad breath, which disgusts
your trtends, and other disagreeable
and unpleasant conditions.
And all this trouble is causiil by
the food that doesn't digest, bat
ferments ami oftlmes ruts in the
...And fermentation is caused bv   the
stomach not being strong enough and
energesic enough to   thoroughly   n
the [ood with the digestive Juices.
M-i-O-N-A is    responsible lor tens
1 thousands of cures.    In fact, it is
neb a positive    cure for indigestion
iiui all stomach troubles that   it is
guar an teed   by    Tlw Beattlo-Murphy
Co.  to   euro or     money back.     The
price ol a large box of M-i-o-n-a tablets is Tib cents, and tbey are sure to
promptly relieve tbe     worst case ol
imlIgestion or gastritis.    Try them.
Miss Mabel Wellman
Plan lit intl Teacher
(VrlillniN-il pu|ttl of
(iiiln-.iil.. Mtilli'l nl Winnipeg
P.O. Iltix K.
Bronchitis, Croup, CougHs and Colds*, oi
monev bid:. S--N nf* fiariaUcd h*
the Beattie-Murphy Co.
Physicians and Surgeons
Office st Reeldesee, Armstrong Ass
Futenooos 9 on to Hi.no
Altercouns - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Eeenlns" - - - - 7.10 to 1.30
Sundays • - • • 3.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :•    ::    ll    II    B. O
Near Liwer Armstrong Avenue
President: T. H. liitx
Secretary: S. Mal'iiunaI.ii
For intormstion regarding lends *
* and   aijrieiilliire    u(.|ilv    lo  the
1 Keerelary, Cnsnlirook. B. C.
Every second tvednestlsy
Thi LendliR Km it Stow
H.. nl River Btrawbertlei
Cher i lei     Orauges
Tomntoei        LottncC
Ciiciimiie-s      Oreon Onions
I Use! wood lea Orcsm
Stewart'** Fine Ohocolatei
I'boiiP "n Armstrong Ave.
• to 12 a.m.
I to   I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office In new Held lllock
Notary Public
19 Oostn ipolltan Hotel
The ceremony ol cutting tlie first
sotl (or the Scottish exhibition ot
national history art and industry,
which takes place in Glasgow next
year, took place recently. It is hoped that, in completeness and financial
success, next year's show will take
its place beside the great exhibitions
of 18KK ami 1901. The exhibition
will he of an essentially national
character; it will present a picture
of Scottish lite and history from the
earliest times, will celebrate tbe
memory of distinguished Scotsmen
und will contain exhibits of the arts
and industries in whirl) the Scottish
people have l*cn pre-eminent. The
primary object is to create a greater
public interest in Scottish history,
and to establish at Glasgow University a permanent chair of Scottish
history. A guarantee luml ol *UH>,-
■tun bas been raised, and the hclicntt)
Ims received the uountuiuuce ol «mI
the most representative nictnlwa ot
the Scottish nobility.
nnd Fort Steele
Opposite cl' ll  stiiili.ii
Till*:    PLACE    TO     t!,*T    A
(innii MEAL
l.n. i,i,.,...l I.l. LAUNDRY
n,*\t i«, ih.. Saratoga Itssten.
Hilt. Villi   II,,nu.  BlfMti  i.ln'1.*
i»iir„n» iii'i. lease their lenn
■tn. nml .here nil bail « mil
U-,l,     1I.-.I l.ntni.lryiii II.*'.
Louise nml -mil lliinu* Streets
I'llONRDO. I'.". Hot 801
IHt Will  UP TODAtl
i The Hlnesl Drivers
llp-to .lute Klit.i
(IihiiI Saddle Humes ♦
I'mnririhir        (.KANUROUK, tt.C
ssaa A £k tt* tt*£* S* sfs> A *k eft <fs> A A A A A A A A
w'V,'";,:.* Cranbrook. B.C.
6.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
I.il,. iiii.I Fire Insurant*!
^^^^^^^^^     (ttloot to
Pott Office
Dome in toiil lei me quote von ratal
H  Batty. P-onm) Wn
Cnobral H Ol
t'mi liiki' ii limited nilinlier ol iiujiils
Ajt|ily nt tin* resilience nl
Mis. It. li'Siitlivlluiiil, lllirwtfll Ave
Headquarters for all kinds of
Siitisfaclion Guaranteed
Tlm Slum S|x*ci.ilist
Served  't  vo-in*  apprenticeship wltli H
y«*r* MneHwti***    All mv work |*unr-
RUttttd. Throe Hatha—llio hem in town.
Come and try them.
The affairs of tlw Company having
been fully wound up and the Uqulda-1
tor having made an account stowing
the manner In which tlie said winding
up was conducted, which account is
attached hctcto, and the property nf
tlw Company having been disposed
of, notice is hereby given that a
general meeting of the shareholders
of tin* Companv will be held at tlie
Company's olTtee at Cranhrook, Hritish Columbia, nt the hour of five
O'clock in the afternoon on the Hth
day of .lime, I .Hit, for the purpose of
! considering the said account and any
explanation that may he given bv
.the Liiiuldatnr.
Dated this 2rtlh dav of April, l.ilii
N. I. Harrison, t
! Liquidator.
W. K. Ourd.
Mi        Solicitor lor tht Liquidator
The new cluh howe or th" P.oyal
Automobile club in Pud Mull, on the-
site of tire old war oftlee, will be the
finest in London, fly the tur.e it ■*•■
opened In January next mon1 than
£200,000 will have ■•ren spent on i\.
The member on entering li'i-'s hlin-
self iu a great oval ball "i-1 Ifpt wifle,
where left and right iiii.I before him
ct>rriilors stretch lo the principal
rooms. One leads to the smonlng
room, the other leads i» the dl:ihig
room, and tlie third to tlie dfleiil
gallery*, a baroui.il ball in Louis
Qulnre stylCi with a stago ut one
end ait'i a gallery eonnwotwl willi tlie
restaurant for lady swum at the
other. Tbe lower gr.viml Moor is
occupied by a white marble sh.mining
bath, the gymnasium, tl*.** shoottne;
gallery, the Turv-.li baths, the
squash racquets courts, barber's
shop, kitchens, ami a billiard to-»
ami a club room (t-r the servant
There will be ninety  ied I'V-m..
Tlie death has occurreil at liU r
sldenco in Portland Place of Sir
William Quillcr Oroliardson front
weakness of the   heart.       His fatal
lhii-ss bad only lasted a !oitnie.!it
A busy worker to the last, he ev-
touted bis seveiity-tittb birthday hy
working      all      day  ill  his   studio  to
complete Ids portrait of Lord Blyth
[ni tlie ltoyal Academy. Perhaps
tlie best known and most typical id
liis pictures Is "Napoleon on Hoard
the Uellerophan," which was purchased by the Chantrcy licqucst, and
now hangs in tbe Tate gallery. Other
well known pictures of his were
"Queen ol Swords" ami "A Marriage
de Convenance." Sir William was
knighted in 1907. His eldest son,
Mr. Charles Quillet Orchardson, is an
artist <d distinction Sir Vi. Orchardson was chairman of tlie executive committee ut the Hritish Fine
Art section of the forthcoming Ja-
pan-Urlttsh committee. lie will he
represented at tho ltoyal Academy
this year by three portraits, those
of Lord Hlyth, Mr. E. A. Abbey
It.A., and the chairman of the Loudon county council.
The Trafalgar dry dock at South
ainptoti is to be remodelled and enlarged so as to be capable of receiving tbe monster White Star liners
Titanic and Olympic, now building,
which will make Southampton their
home port for the Transatlantic1
service. The dock is to he extended
from 875 feet lo 897 leet in
length, uud from 00 feet to 100 feet
In width, while the depth at high
water will he increased from 83 leet
to ."Ifi feet. Tbe enlargement operations will occupy about twelve
months, ami when they are completed
the dock will lie one of tbe biggest
nnd most up-to-date in Europe.
A young Glasgow couple were mar-
lions at Glasgow, iu the presence ot
nearly six thousand spectators. \
clergyman of tbo Church ol Scotland
was to have performed the wedding
ceremony, but he withdrew in deference to a communication from the
(llasgow Presbytery Moderator at the
eleventh hour. A Congregational
minister agreed to officiate, and
entered the large steel arena with
the bride and bridegroom, who, after
a few minutes' ceremony, he declared
man and wife Four trainers kept
guard over the lions, who watched
the proceedings with interest.
Tlie report presented to the home
secretary by the inspectors of mines
appointed to investigate the circumstances attending the explosion nf
coal dust which occurred at Darrs*
colliery, mar Cardiff, on October 29
last, when twenty-seven persons lust
iheir lives, bus just been Issued, The
Inspectors (Messrs. Atkinson and
Gray) say that this explosion furnishes an instance where the connection of the workings of two collieries
nabled a number of men te escape
who would otherwise probably bave
lost their lives. For a long distance the connecting road was wet
or damp, and free from coal dust,
and was, therefore, not traversed
hy the explosion. Had the road
been dry and dusty throughout the
explosion might have caused a large
loss of lite at Oilfach as well as al
Darran. The explosion also shows
that neither a very great amount of
coal dust nor extreme dryness is required to render a disastrous explosion possible. The inspectors add
that apprehension or the danger of
coal dust has not yet.become general
among miners. .John John, the
fireman, would no doubt know- that
it was contrary to rule to (Ire
plosives except In a shot hole, but
they do not supposed he realized that
the result might he a disastrous ex
The death is announced of (iwy
netb Yaughau, a well-known Welsh
authoress, at her residence, Pwllheli.
She wrote a number of widely read
romances, the most popular of wliich
wus "O Gorlannau DofateV' Recently she ami her children were In
straitened circumstances, but a fund
was opened at the beginning of tlie
year. At one time she was much
to the fore in Welsh public life,
speaking as a temperance lecturer
aud on behalf of the Liberal party.
Canon Wilson, rector of Holton-by-
Howland, a village in the beautiful
ftihhlesdale district of Lancashire,
about nine months ago celebrated bis
golden jubilee as rector of the parish, aud he and his wife have just
celebrated tlie anniversary of their
golden wedding. Canon Wilson was
born at Gudclifh* Hall, Sheffield, and
is a member of an old Yorkshire
family. Despite his great age (82),
Canon Wilson slill attends to his
parochial duties.
Fifty Years tha .Standard
mm powder
Made from Grapes
Highest award Chicago
World's Fair
Limt   |
years the land shall lie used for agricultural purposes only. Every
holder of tlio larger plots of laud
will he entitled to common pasture,
buying his share on the same terms
as he purchases his own laud, and,
therefore, finding himself at the end
of thirty-live years a a joint owner
of twenty-live acres of pasture. Tin-
larger holders desirous of building a
bouse nnd homestead will be lent
sums up to -t-'itm, to be repaid by annual payments calculated on tar
basis already mentioned.
A £10,038,710 waler scheme, by
which it is ho|ied to ensure Loudon
a full supply for the next fifty years,
was adopted at a recent meeting of
the Metropolitan Water board. Astonishing figures giving estimates ot
the enormous increase in London's
needs so far as waler is concerned
were placed before the hoard us follows:
Av. daily supply
Year.        Population. (galls.)
11116  8,031,000    281,000,000
1020  0,431,000   330,000,000
1113V 11,070,000      388,000,000
1018 13,428,000      170,000,000
1900 10,280,000    570,000,000
The scheme hy which tbis nee
sity Would be supplied proposes the
construction of new reservoirs iu the
Thames valley with a total capacity
ot 20,000,000,000 gallons. It Is
estimated that tlie cost iu l.ilii or
1917 will he £1,983,700, while tbis
wilt rise by instalments until by the
year 1911 a total capital expenditure nf £10,038,710 will havo been
IN THE MATTER of the estate of
Kdward Roberts, late ol the city ol
Cranlirook, locomotive engineer, deceased.
that all persons having any claims,
or demands against Ute said Edward
Roberts, who died on or about the
lltli day of April, 1010, near Fernie, in the Province of British Columbia, an* required to send hy posi
prepaid or to deliver to the undersigned, solicitor herein for John Roberts, administrator under the will
oi the said Edward Roberts, their
names and addresses and full particulars in writing of their claims and
Statements id their accounts and the
nature of ihe securities, if any, Inld
by them.
the 25th day of June, 1910, the said
John Roberts will proceed to distribute tho assets ol the raid deceased
among the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims
of which be shall then have bad notice, and that the said John Robert*' will not be liable for the said
assets or any part thereof to any
person Of whose claim he shall not
tin n have received notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C . this
12th day of May.  1910.
Vi   V. Ourd, Cranbrook. B. C
Solicitor   tor     the     said John Roberts, ll-lt
Crown Lands will be used ami no ri-
parian or licensees will \*e affected by
lav i
notice was posted on the 38-bh
f  April.   1910 !)-5t*
Oliver Nadeau.
General lilacksinitliini;
ttaxi'ii k'epairinx
i*l.i Bicycle Motois !'.,.>
SOCIETY ASl) clllKtll
meaaaaaaaaammm ^^^^^^
Crbscbk? Loi *..t: No -*••
Cranbruok, It. C.
Meets   every    Tuesday at  ti p.tn. at
Fraternity Hall
J   U. Boyes, C. C.
J   L   Walker, K. ol R. A S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
The steady progress of the cooperative movement is strikingly indicated in the report of tht Central
Hoard of the Co-operative l'nion,
which has just treca issued. Kast
year the societies iH-longini; to the
union numbered 1561—one more than
in tUOH. Their increased
prosperity   may be Judged from   tbe
following comparisons:
^ s ;,
5 5  to «-*■
jj i i 8 8
i ss a s s
—   -II   —   *£   M
—   T.    *£    -
«  .-■* e* -x*
Good rooms to rt'iit lor ofliccs or
other ourposes on Baker stnt't. Address No. 13, Herald. 8-tf
that one month alter date I. William
J. Allen, ol Marysville. II. I'.. Intend
to ajijily to llie Superintendent of
Provincial Police fnr a transfer Irom
myself tn Charles E. Pinch, ol my
hotel license fnr the premises known
and described as the Falls View
hotel, Marysville. II. C.
Hated this 15th day uf April. A.H.
8-5t W. .1.  Allen.
i S
An overwhelming proportion ol the
total profits was obtained hy retail
societies. The eiact division was as
Retail societies  E10,8«,M5
Wholesale societies i'    '.122,7511
Productive societies t:    181,1511
Supply associations    £      52,11111!
Special societies    ii      1.257
320 Acres
of land 0:1 HiL-Hn Creek,
nothing superior to this bcIitR
offered itt Kast Kootenay.
Purties lookiiiL' for laml ran
only fully approolnte this *>>•
8'Vint*, it. Leave the* train nt
Mayook    and   enquire    for
K. Kobson.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Sarah -lane
Macdonald, of t'tanbrook, B- C-, occupation, married woman, intend to
apply for permis.sion to purchase
1 In* following described lands:
Commencing at a po>t planted at
N*. W. corner of I-ot No. Io0*#i.
thence west Id chairs, thvnce south
»i0 chains, thence east 10 chains,
thence north along the Spokar.*-
right-of-way to point ot commencement.
Sarah .lane UaodonftM, t/DCator,
Samuel Macdonald, Agent*.
Hated May 3rd, 1910 U-8t
that on the 23rd day of May, rJlu,
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,
the Corporation ol the ohlates of
Marie Immaculate In British Colombia, will apply ■.. is..- Water Commissioner of tbe Cranbrook Water
District for . licens** to divert from
.Joseph's Prairie Creek two cubic feet
ol water per second, said water not
being beneficially used on Lot No. 1,
Qroup 1, Kootenay, tho'igh granted,
a part of a greater quantity, to
John Shaw, their predecessor, on
title by a record made on the 1th
day ol December, 188*1 The said
two cubic feet of water is to be
diverted at tbe present dikto-bead
ami is to be used for irrigation of
Lot No. 2. said group, and is to be
appurtenant to tbe whole ol the sail
lot. No Crown land is to Im taken
and no riparian proprietors or li*
censees will be affected. This no-
tin* was potted on tbe 22nd dav of
April,  run.
Felix Heck. O.M.I.
Agent for the applicants. Mt
Meets eery Monday
night at    New Fra-
^^^^^^^  ternity   Hall.    So-
loaning Oddfellows cordially invited.
Vi. M. Harris, C. J.'Little,
N   G. Sec'y.
A.  M.
Oreot interest has been aroused hy
an experiment iu small ownership
which is being made by the Duke ol
Bedford at Maulden, near A nipt hill,
Bedfordshire. The duke has decided
to divide up one id his estates of
more than 1-50 acres Into small!
holdings, the holders being enabled
to purchase on such terms that they'
will be the absolute owners ot the
land they have husbanded after thir-J
ty-flve years, il not before. No deposit will be required, and the only'
restriction on Um* ownership ol   the
wmm^m^jMmjM^^tmgmgmggtggggggggg-g-g--,^^ , •**&*    Ulltll     it     IS    iMlUgltt     lllltllgllt,     IK
rinl recently in a cage containing tti' that throughout the entire thirty live
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Booms with Kntlm.   M'lione in
ever? room
Burlier BllOpon the preinlflM.
Tliorouglily up-to-date.
Rates, $200 a day and up.
GRO. P.  WK 1.1,8, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
John Alfred Fabert, ol Wasa, farmer, gives notice thai he will applv
for a license under I'art V of the
said Act, to divert three cubic fcet
ol water pei second Irom Spring
Creek, a tributary nl the Kootenav
(liver, Rowing through Lot Tut;.
Group One, Kootenav District, for irrigation of tbe whole ol said l^»t
708, containing .-.'. acres,    The point
d diversion Will Ik* on said Lot 7Ht.
aud the water will he elevated and
used by means of ram. ditches and
flumes, to lie laid and constructed on
said lot. No Crown Lands and no
riparian proprietor-** or water licensees will Ik* affected by the said
This notice was posted on the 5th
day of May,     1810, and application
Will   be  made  to  the  Water  Commissioner ai Cranbrook on Tuesday, the
7th     dav of     .lime,    1818,     at two
o'clock in the afternoon.
10-21* «luhn A. Faltert.
Hi. il ii meetings on
the   third   Thursday
^^^^^^^^ of every month.
Vislti&g brethren welcomed
Vi  V. Attrtd--    W.M
K. Vi   Connolly, Secretary,
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Keet e'ery   Friday t**.*:.*.:..'   at    8
p.m   in Carmer.'s Hail
V w  tares, Vi I'
Wm.  ArMercon, .Secretary
Visiting brethren cordially  muted.
■   .,* B. R C. A. Htll Jlld and
Iti. .Saturdays each month.
\.^'.-.z brethren slwsys welcome,
.los. Wallace. .Sr . W. M.
.las. F. l.unn. Secretarv.
.1.   W.   RUTI.BDOB
uitil'ii..*   ..I   Ontni-in   V rin.r.
OulHm. Tornntn in 1mm
llrii'liinl.* nml MmIhIII'I "I M.'Kil Ip'i
V.,l,.rliuiry l'*.ll.'*r**   Iln.* itfu.
In  III ll
Nine jeers BSfi.rl.in •• Is Vetsriiisn
pnutleels Kssilobs
niflce   sot do»r (> Pint Olftce
Pb.lt IN      <       P»  Hoi 1st
Nlsrhl .-nil — It  II. s*.iiri'» lt.-i.l-n. ■
No. ».
Meets every second and   lourlh Wed-
m-siiay at Fraternity  Hall.
Sojourning   Kehekahs  cordially invited.
Mr*  w  ii McFsrlsne, N.O.
Ul t llxkcnbotham, Sec'y.
Meets in    Fraternity Hall Fust snd
Third Fridajs
Ha/el Bownest, M   B. E.
Annie lloyes,    K   f.I It. & S.
Visiting 'nemliers cordially invited.
TAKE    NOTICE   tint nliver Na*
,|,.m   ol   I l.inl.r....k.  It   C,  Fariiu-i
Will     sppll    I"    ll«'    H***!   t'ollllliis-
tionel  al  I'raiiliriiuk on Tuesdav. the
:im dm* ol Mav. run. nt eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, lor n license
to iiiviii two cubic le.*t nl setter per
second from New Lnke nt the liem!
i,| the lluiiiilt'.ii ililrh The said
uiitei »ili I.* «*«^l lot iln* Irrigation
id     IIH   aeres    nl      Lot UU,  Group
one. Kootenay District, licld hv the
sppllcanl under ii pre-emption record
mnl will le* ei.ielHet.-il hv Humes an.1
plpa ovii   said  Lot S'HC only No
conn CRANBROOK, uu
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday <>! eat h i.L.ntli at 8
p.m. sharp
.lames Sims, chief itaneer
I.. Ilent. Scerclarv
Visitmc brethren made welcome.
Terms Moderate,   P 0  Boi HI
Rmnbrook,   ■   Itii'i-li Coliuiilna
Perry Creek Hotel
Nuw npen Iof Rnminar
Ph*h ini ratei by ilia **■<<*i(.
Try mi lcc cream sotln nt Tiii1 Palm,
Fred Rurblilgo nml Al, Pago wen'
in [rum the Sullivan mine yesterday.
A. ,l. Mott, ol Penile, is spending
a few ilavs in town.
Try our prime musts of licet.—P.
Woods and Co,
Uoru—To Mr ami Mrs. .1, (i. Cum-
IiiiligS, May   13th,  1010, n son.
loi i.i ti
l  left
lit china
ill tt
t  tin- Kink MriTiin-
Horn-To Mr
ai   a o'clo
\\.   \    Hi
ami Mrs,  I*.  Ho
this morning,
Ihury .md A
ere   Hotel
in the Royal Vlotorlu
seeoml iialf in tlie U.
hos|iital. The post t
is    open to   graduate
id during t lull nil General
iduitlo course
ui mudlcal
schools in good standing. Intending
candidates must first register with
the registrar ol the Medical Faculty.
The fee for the course, Including registration, is $50.00, payable in advance at the office ol the Bursar of
tho University. Applications will lie
received ami [nether information furnished by .1. W. Sonne, M. 1)., registrar Medical Faculty, McGlll University.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will clear the sour stomach,
sweeten the breath and create a
healthy appetite. Thev promote
(low ol gastric juicr
tig  good   digestion.
»«M»^HM-»*«*>M ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
thereby indtie-
Sold   by all
al Campbell
, registrar ol the
i-niie, who has
St. Eugene hos-
' pusi undergoing
is able tn lie   oul
guests yesterday
Splendid   green   peai
nnd Manning's.
V. K Mansfield, rormeily chiel dca-
pntcher here, was a viuitor from Medicine Hal yesterday.
Chiel Cory Dow, who was un to
Fernie lor the assizes, returned home
Choice cherries nl Stewart's, Black
liii lariiins.
T. (i. Proctor came up from Nelson
yesterday ami left nl once for Canal
Thirty-seven Scotsmen arrived In
Cranbrook dlreel from tbe bind o'
cakes this week.
Clicnies, strawlierries, bananas and
oranges al The Palm
c n lloss nnd W i:. C Itoss,
Minneapolis lumbermen, were guests
nl lhe Hotel Crnnl k this week
Mrs, von Hei icwnld's Imirdressing
parloi will In rulurc be open all daj
on Saturdays. 13-11*
.limmy Fax will appear at Hie
Opera bouse ilexl Monday evening nml
several hours unalloyed amusement
are nssureil all pntrmiR*.
Some of lhe very besl string beans,
fresh in, ai  Campbell anil Manning's.
•Tbe  Mar   Hchilld  Ihr Throne"   will
bo tbe subject .,f Rev Charles Vi.
King's Sunday evening sermon in lhe
Haptisi church,
Vi. IV White, formerly an ofllcinl
of the st lingerie Mining company
came in from .Spokane on a business
visit yesterday
Kims! gram-fed pork at !' Woods
and Co
Alex. II Watson,
supreme coiirl at I-
birn confined in the
pital for some liml
me.Inal ircatn;	
and about  again
Lemonade pitchers ami glasses at
iln* Fink Mercantile Co
(in Tuesday, 2Ith lust., Victoria
Day, quite a number of the K. C ol
Cranbrook will visit Lethbridge,
where a new council of the order will
be inaugurated John l*«. Kennedy,
veteran of s.   \   and formerly with
the C.P It. brie, bad most lo say lo
Ibe promotion of the matter.
Ui- have a genuine Gerhard-
Ib-int/mati piano, second-hand, good
as new. Cash or on easy terms.—
did Curlositj Shop, Hanson avenue.
Mrs 0. .1 YoUnge, who bas been
visiting hei daughter, Mn V. O,
Mam, for scleral months past, returned on Wednesday lo bet  home    iu
Portland, Ore.
William Killiey. [Mann and organ
tunc! and regulator fm the Mason
and Itlscli Piano company, is in tin-
city Orders mav be lefl at Miss
MrLio.i's, milliner, or tin- Crnnhrook
hotel Jj-lf
A special cai came in ou llie KUer
lasl evening containing a contingent
of McOIII students, en route to
Movie to study mining conditions at
thai point, The party is in charge
of hr  *i   it  porter
tin to Stewart's fur choice encumbers, green onions, lettuce and spinach.    Always fiesh and crisp
Messrs. McKlustry ami Armour
have secured tbe exclusive agency for
British   Columbia for the Automatic
Vacuum Cleaner, operated by electric
Ot hand power They will be pleased
lo give demons! rat Ions of Its efficiency upon application.
Stoneware churns al the Fink Mercantile Co.
Mayor Fink ami nevcrul ol the aldermen paid an official visll in tin-
new electric power station on Tucfr
day ovening ami wen- shown out the
works by Superintendent (Junta. Tbey
found everything working in lirst-
clnss shape and v. ere greatly Im
pressed with lhe up to-dnte character of tin* plant.
VanWormer is overstocked with second hand furniture, Now is your
time for bargains
Tbe voting In Hie libraty contest
during the pasl week was very light
and made no ehniig! in Ibe standing
of the contestants The results to
date air as follows: St Kugene hospital, 0215; Method I a i church, 1600;
Chunb ot Kngland, 3201; Presbyterian cliurch, 2088; H. of L. F. and E.,
2J7I; Public school, 1590; Baptist
church, 588.
Hollow stem and snucei chant'
pngne glasses ai the Fink Mercantile
The Medical Fncnlty of McOIII announces thai an extended course of
.study lor giaditale students will be
given during i he coming summer,
Beginning on Tlmrsdny, ilunc nth, ihr
course wilt be continued bo a period
of six weeks, during Ibe fir-l half
druggists aud stoles
■II is slated uuolliiially that negol-
ons arc about completed for Ihr
purchase by tbe Consolidated company of lhe old North Star mine al
Kimherley. This property was some
lime ago tbe biggest lead producer
in Canada, wilh an enviable record as
ii dividend  payer.
Cranbrook ball players have had
iwo bouts wilh the Moyie champions this past week. On Sunday
lasl they wen! town lu defeat ou
ihe Movie grounds and last night
they scored u notable victory in a
close, hard fought game.
.\1 Moyie on Sunday Inst, on tbr
(Vldrldgc grounds, the score stood
I in a, iu favor of the home team.
Al Moyio Mr. Messenger was the
umpire and his work is admitted!)
raw hy all parties. Lasl nlghl Mr
,11m Males performed this arduous
task lo the satisfaction of both
'['be game last night was witnessed
by a large crowd am) proved quite
exciting The score wns fi in ■], in
favor of the home team.
Thr Cranbrook football tram will
journey to Michel on Saturday [or a
match at thut point with tbe local
On May 21th the Coal frevk foot
bailers will try conclusions with the
local team on   Tbe homo grounds.
Moyie will send three teams up [ot
the tennis tournament here ou May
J Ith.     There will  be some good play
m Ibat occasion      Crnnhrook
tome good racket  wt el tiers wlm
make a strong stand agnlnsl
Moyie experts.
Frank Itosette, a lumberjack
with an accident on Tuesday
noon, which resulted in his death al
Uolf t'ri.'k yesterday afternoon. Itosette was driving from Marysville In
Wasa with a load of lumber, and
when about three miles west of Wasa,
by some mischance hr fell off tlir
load and the wheels ot the wagon
passed over his body, crushing in his
libs He was at once picked up and
taken to his home al Wolf Creek,
where he expired yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Wall, coroner, Inspected the
body, which teas brought Into Foit
Steele, by H. T. Richardson, ami de
cided thai an impiest was unueces
The splendid work of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets is
daily coming to light. Nu sucb
grand remedy for liver and bowel
t roubles was ever kuowu before
Thousands bless them for curing constipation, sick headache, biliousness,
jaundice and indigestion. Sold by-
all druggists nnd dealers. 10 tf
Last week the Herald announced
thai the Cosmopolitan hotel was to
he considerably enlarged and improved
Tins weed the Canadian hotel is he*
ing enlarged, an addition now being
in course of erection which will add
material!)    to ibe    accommodation
provided by tbal hotel.
Tbe chief undertaking in connection
with local hotel Improvements is tl
contract let for the erection of
large addition to    tin* Queen's bote
work on     wliich     has   already coin
Nils Hanson, of Wasa, the proprietor of the building, was in lown during llic week ami submitted plans foi
the proposal Improvements for the
Inspection ol the license commissioners, by whom tbey were favorabh
passed upon.
The plans call for Ihe erection of a
iwo story addition immediately at
Hu- rear til the present structure, the
leatito kitchen Mug removed.
'Die new building is In be lllxfitt
fret, nf twn stories. The second
lloor will contain thirteen bed rooms,
bath rooms, etc., whilst the ground
lloor will contain bedrooms, dining
room, kitchen, hath and Iftvntofj
lu addition tbe old building is tu he
remodeled and a plate glass trout Installed Work on the excavation is
now under way ami thr contract will
In rushed through as speedily as pos*
_^^^^__^^__i_ 'r sl1'11'     w   '■   H»Hf Iim '•"•' work
which     ihr   work will hr conducted in hand
The Fink Mercantile Company, Ltd.
i'c'h a liiu iliMiiitiul now fur Sutlttnor Clothes in Fancy PtittortlB iniiiii' up in
Novelty Sack, with fiiney citfTs uiul pookotBi others in tho plain Buck, rnii^inM
in price from $18.00 (o $86.00
Two.piece Slimmer Outing Soils, Bkuloloti Btylo, from $8.00 to $lll.U()
ami ask for your judgment, we arc willing to submit out* case without argument
ami allow you to appraise our garments at their market value to you.
A  full  uud complete line of  Straw ami  i'amiina Huts
from SI.50 to $7.00
Our runge of Negligee uml Outing Shirts is tin* lincst we have ever shown
from $l.:!5 to $3.f>0
* *******••***•••*•*******************************
Tlie    .|l.il
Iiui. May
have lu'i'ii
Un* public i
llic Kinn's
I; arranged lnr \ictorla
lltli, al Cranlirook Park,
.'nllcil nil in deference In
'■iilliuiiit Unit in view uf
dentil there Bhould lie no
on Hint dull'.
Vancouver, Muy 18.—An early
stun uu tin* construction nl Un*
Kootenay Central railway is Indicated by tlie decision ol tlie C.P 1! lo
Immediately cull lor lenders lnr tin*
until. It is rejiortctl lhat bids will
In* required tn lu* In the bonds nl nl*
Hciiils nf the company in Vancouver
by tin* end nf the present month It
i.s understood thnt ibis means Hie
starling nf tin* work litis summer.
How Are Your Eyes?
Tho Methodist conference.
has been in session at Nelson
past week, closed hist evening.
Itoberl  Hughes, ol Cranhrook,
 ^^^^ has
appointed chairman ol the Easl
Kootenav district, Rev. I-'. .1 Rutherford, B.A.i Financial secretary; Rev
.1. Wesley -Miller, B.A., Moyie, Sim
day School secretary. Rev, .1. !•'.
Dlmmlck noes tn Ferula nml Rev,
Hall goes to Mount Pleasant, Van-
coiivit Rev, J. IV West man urn's
to Nelson ami Rev. A. K Redman to
Coal Creek.
nn:   entire   system   will
close: down for three
Montreal, May to.—When tin* clucks
strike three tomorrow afternoon   in
Montreal llic entire system of tlie
Canadian Pacific from coast to coast
will   he  shut   down   lor  three  mjniite-.
as a tribute to the memory or the
King. \'"t a wheel will turn, not a
propeller will revolve either on land
oi sen during those three minutes,
.iml the entire day will I"* given over
to the thousands of employes as tar
ns possible in order that Ihey may
join in tin* national moltm'ng. The
hour of three corresponds with Hie
lime die cortege leaves Westminster
Hall' on its long progress through
the crowded streets or London
Hie wav to Paddlngton Station
the royal tomb of Frogmore.
action of tin- c im:. has no pr
cut in Canadian railway annals,
is a unique tribute of respect,
■ .t.i.luuit* of CuiiiiilaV   Uct   Optical   College
{riiu Canadian Opiliulinic Cullcgt*- of Toronto)
Is An Eye Specialist
nf over l- years expoiletice.   He in now in Cinn brook ut
The Cranbrook Hotel Parlcis
representing tho welt known Jewelry linn of
J. O. Pateoaude. of Nelson
Friday, May 20th; Saturday, May 21st
Hie eye testing methods are the very tales) and Lett, ai d gluf-Hi
prescribed by him are gusranteed hy the »i*o\e tlim.
No more li-a.lu-liei- af'er w<-iiiit*n their glnM-ep.
If yon ate wcniiog gl»t»M*n now und art; not sine whether you are
getting tin* be-t results, consnlt him.
If others havo failed do not get discouraged, ne Denneny.
Hours 9 a.m. to 12 noon   I p.m. to 6 p.m.  Evenings if you wish
inception ol the railway, eeases to much for Halifax. Kor the first
occupy nn office at the company's time in the history of the country
headquarters, although he continues it puts this-city in direct touch with
as it director of the company, whose n transcontinental railway system,
early successes were largely due to ami makes this port the eastern
Ills genius j terminus of the greatest  railway im-
The     vacancy     on the directorate I u*crtak|ng in the world
caused hy the death    of Sir Qeorge'   "N" lUmhx tn* ***■■■■ "I hotels   f<
Drummond was tilled hy   the election
ol Adam R    Creel man, K.C, general
counsel "I   the company      Mr. Creel-
man is nu Ontario mnu aud made his
law studies at Toronto, niter which
in- became a member   ol the famous1
firm of McCarthy, Osier, lloskin and
on i rreelman.     About nine years ago he
l,ml   was    called to   succeed the late ex-1 	
''•*', .liiilce Clarke, ns chief solicitor ot the |   \CV(.r hcsltat
which the C.P.R. is so famous will
he enlarged so as to include two or
more hotels in Nova Scotia, nnd
large tourist travel will lie develop*
"The outcome ol the agitation    to
bring the c  p, it. to Halifax should
give general satisfaction."
C.P.R.,  later being appointed  general-council
ahotil giving Cham
sir Thomas Bliauglmessy, president
of the Canadian Paeiiie, has been
elected chairman <>f the hoard ot
directors ol the company, lo succeed Sir William Vanllorne, who resigned. This wns decided upon liy
the hoard in order to conform with
extreme!) probable that Iho Vener-
Chairman of a railway is its active
working head.
Sn Thomas thus becomes the   ne
tout as well us* lhe nominal head   n|
the company.    Bli William Vnnltorno
for lhe lirst lime since almost     the
hcrlnln's Cough Rcmi.lv to children.
It contains no opium or other narcotics nnd ean le given with implicit confidence, As a O'llek cure
for coughs nnd colds to which children nre Rusceotible, it is unsurpassed.
Sold hy all druggists and deal-
ATI.ANTIC   RAILWAY   crs. 10-tf
Company, w.
I'. I).   BOX  "A"
PHONE   is:i
Rising Sun Flour       Mother's Favorite Flour
The Flours ot Purity
This food contains in the right proportion mixed cereals, which do the
most good (or quick growth. Clean
and sweet, free from cheap or
damaged grains.
v7e can save you money if you buy
your wheat from us.
Your Orders will receive
prompt attention
A Pressing Engagement
I   The chief topic ot conversation     In j    Give   your   wife a vacation.     She
| Halifax these days i.s the passing ol needfl one.      Little carer* are harder
the Dominion Atlantic railway   into to hear than gteaicr responsibilities,
the possession of the Canadian Pacl-' and she has many more cares    than
| Ic i her husband and sometimes ns preal
i   Mayor .1. A. Cltisholm, of Halifax, responsibilities.     When your work is
speaking of   this, said: "This should done you can lock it up in your ollice
lie pleasant news   to   the people   of and put the key in your pocket.    Hut
Suva Scotia,  ami  more particularly  she never locks Iht work up till sleep
to the people of the counties through  eomes and turns the key upon it.    A
which Ihe DA.It. runs I woman's work is never done.      Aud
"The aci|uisillon ot the railway hy   modem life lias increased aud otiten
the larRcr corporation should   mean trifled it- w
\\ in ..ficn mean the pioH**
ii-r of Home garment into
*-liil|:e.     In   Hue.i   i inPtgCII.
eles rely n|n it iih tn il ynu
**ill never (-el left.
We tue expert eleniu rn
ai.d ptesmi- nt d a e
fa voted vith the i niipiteito
nf iliu liet-1 |eo|dc ii! ii hu
V* e f*ei d   lor   i in!   di lt\er
ui ik piomptly.
Oar chaigea will satUfy
Fergusson and Trowse
Wc handle the bent line of ."pedal Order
Clothing In the country.


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