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Cranbrook Herald Sep 12, 1907

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 ■*« Ui
OI_UMJ"  10
200 People 200
10 High Class Shows 10
2 Big Bands 2
Old Fashioned One Ring Circus
6 Funny Clowns 6
Fun for EveryiDodjr
Under the Auspices of the Cranbrook
Volunteer Fire Department, will show
at Cranbrook **************
flONDAY, SEPT. 16th
Giving Two Performances, at 2 and 7 p. m.
.. I, WALKER, President
iLKX. LAIN 11, Gtn.nl M.n.g.r
I. H. IRELAND, Sup.rhU.-dui. of
,:s i .iu isiiKi, ne.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, -  113,000,000
Branches Ihrou.houl Canada, and in the United States and EnjUnil
Depoal.a of SI ""J up«»ril» meelved, anil In.ere.t allowed a.
iiui.nl rates.    Tlie deposl.ur i" _ub|cet 1" no delay whatever la
lie withdrawal ol the whole ur any portion <>l .He depueiu
ranbrook Brancli I-'. C. MALPAS, Manager
ONT Utlu  l.llll-'.l! M.S
ii l
August     this
i at ly  in excess
f thu! <>l Uf i «|ioiitlin]r month iu
11.00, when    imi _n,o_a,730 foot    ol
r.noiiio, Scut. 	
A.     0. MacKar   will bo liulnncc ol    ovei   11,000,000 leet
loiiilei ol Iho Liberal part; In ',n* "' lh'' I™"1 nionlh Imllcalca tho
iiiici.il legislature    ol Ontario growth of the logging industry    lhc
wi lion   (I, II. tiiah.mi viho  I'-'si  twelve monllis.
I to ncccjil  Iho portfolio    oil    lhe ilomnml foi loirs In general
h .iml     renal, in   Sir W.llibl
f.,l,iiirI        W.iil,- bf ilccllli
l.XlillYTlllN.i     IS   HEADY    FOB
If lhc storm tlml has been prevailing .ill over lhc western portions oi
Aibcrta docs not prevent the nieiii-
hers ui Um Alhcrlo Press association
leaving Ibeir homes the party \wll
ui rue tomorrow morning on Uie
west bound ii.uii. Hut tho meagre
reports received sii.ws that ,i terrltlo
rant ami suoti storm was rasing
there Tuoada) and Wednesday that
uas doing cousldorablo damage to tlio
crops .in.l pul the telegraph wires
out of commission. At ibis writing
llu- .'. p. K. officials at L'laiibrool.
.uc unable to get into communication west oi Cowley, and know notili-
iug ol the comlltlons or how tho
trains are running.
The citizens of Cranbrook have
taken buhl of the contemplated visit
of lhe editors wiib characteristic
energy and propose lo (five the visitors a linal good lime. At a
meeting held Insl Friday evening iu
Ibe   council     t-li.inilicr    Ibe following
Aid.   llc-
M.M'KAV   HII.I.  PBOI1 Mil..
I t'CI.I.U (I. II.  (IK.M1AM
_ 11000, when     but 3(1,008730 tool     ol r")^^^-*^'^"
i, is p.„„,„„,.,1:^-«»;""!..::' }»• ;r'L, ■';:: iwmw v. ... mum
Knlertni inl—S.  ,1.  Mlghton,    It.
K   llpiiltle nml .1. 1). McBride.
Finance—T. M. Roberts, C. II. Dunbar .mil F. E. Sjiii|i.siili.
Displuy-.l.    F.     Huchcroft,     .las.
,.-,   ,    7 ,,,       I       MsiliiV—.  .       '. IlllillTolI,       .(,.
Pint-dan MngMluyJ,  <-.    ||.  ftmlfftlt,  .1. Hutch.
""-     ' I,,,',"• ff.    Laidlaw,    .1. IM uml W.
iilr i-.--.il
lli.in iln1 iii-iiiaml,     nml   pi
\.i   I  material ilo mil Bhow   anv
. commit I Imwlf ll     Im iimlcrslood  tin  No   I material ilo not show   any ,"   ;   " *    "l"'   "   '"*" *	
,    Graham   views    M,    MacKay'a ft"**, rtoj   *   .If t onsan,   be- ''    |».'*■„„„„„„, |mvu limi m    iir
"»»ml ucccssion as  sallslncUii)        "{     "'   ;>"     "' ;'    »;. e dm, ml          „    ..   k   »,
"There uili bo no setback lo    ito '«   «w   more   grn lesi ol    <s      n. t   »erfwln|i      A ,-„,,   Ustihy 0, (mi[s
movement ol pio-ine-ai |,lb-
nllsm," s.iiil Mr, (ir.iir.itn. "Tlio
di h. iin- Dominion arena came lo
i" iu audi a   way ami   witb    nncli
illplmsls  t b.i l   I  i-oiilil   nnt, ll in; 1 iv i   it.
i -aill make m> difference lo tin- on
.ml in.ii.li ol l.ibi-ialism in Ou-
nio " It is i'\|itvt*il tli.it 0. ff.
l.n I mail, ot Clarksburg, will aborlly
<- appointed to tbe sriiatr as a Mir-
,'ssoi io Sir .1,Hues Cowan, ol Bar*
lo, tbo veteran wlio recently tender*
il bis resignation.
'' ' • production of tbe Britisli
'nl bia const Irll oft Ibirli-t-n mil-
ion feel durin** tlio month ol August
s com|mr«l with July, according lo
mini's fmnisbitl hy Mr. Andrew Has-
iim, supervisor ol logsealers savs
to Victoria Colonist, The reduc-
ion ol niiliml was caused hy n
iiiiiih.i of reasons, chiel among which
van the poor demand lor anything
mt  number one timber,
Tbe August returns show that the
ut of limber dm in-, tb.l month was
ii,i7.pi,2!H feet. Dm-ing July Uio
ill. was .Yl.umi.uun feci in ' round
(timbers, During tin1 rally part ol
Vugust a number o( camps were
lilhcr shut down    altogether or elso
Ml,   b
ii it ..I llu
i.l read) '..il
ni   .     cnnsi.bM'ihli- porrocHMi.      a line   Htipli.
Atisitsl cut does not,n,lf'  v,w,*ll,l,'s* ll"""!   miinufactured
.11    lll.lt    HIT ll  ' '"
iiicb-s, woods susceptible of finish
grown here, ore and gold nuggets are
ready for the windows at the post office building. Messrs. ff. Hamilton,
W, It. Ihirdgclf ami Mrs. K. {'. Smitll
KnsJn   KootvlHi-lan:  Tbcc are   hut  lmve b.-cn very eiier-relic in securing
few is! s in II. 0. who have    not grltetai    .'»„.'«   JW^M» d'^
mi a vigorous and continuous ll«bt|1VLvM        '       ' ,,   2
aciinst the citv im.il onler hdHM. • J «H*r.« •"»*' "J vvnV liJ-L f
Tbis bas heen done in the Interest of "!" ™l« "-'kv rom \ Id Ho su to
Hie inline merchant, and without hritg bis valuahle collectlo not nng-
in.incv and without price. If the W**- i,s '"' llilII l""""^.! tbe com-
Hlilms of tin* land had rereivwl rogu- nilttce tbat In* would do so. lhc
Inr ailvertlsing rates lor all tbey lmve l>Jaiw n-'9 I*™*1™..11?. n,t) f,ll> ftl,.'l
s.iid an-iinst these enemies oi the 'I"'"'
country merchant thev could now
be wearing diamonds. Now lhe department store man appreciates advertising span* and is willing to take ■-.- ;—. -,— .„ ,
all the ayerago country editor . has'»>"' following programme will bo car-
for sale,   ami nl a good price   Whatl'"'"t n"t: , ,      ,„ .
oilier class of business nr professional     Addivss   ot   weleome-J.     Unlay
men    would refuse business to    help  mayor ol Cranhrook,
—K. J. Deane, Nelson News.
"How lo Make il Stick."—P. .1
Smyth, Moyie Leader,
"Foreign and Home Advertising.'
—1'". ,J. McKeown, Calgary News; ff
I.. Amy, Times, Medicine Hat.
"Should the Circulation he
Known."—General discussion introduced by I). II. Lit on.
Iu tbe evening u smoker is to be
given to the editors to which tlio
citizens of Cranlirook a"-* invited to
be present. li will,lie uu Informal
iiilnir and tbe programme will consist of talks, songs, musical numbers and slories.
The visiting ladies arc In he taken
care ot also. A committee of ladies
met last Monday evening and arranged lo meet tbe ladies at tbu train,
aird as soon as convenient afterward
io take them on a drive over the
eily aud to St. 12l*gOiie Mission, llu
tlieir return they are to bave afternoon lea at the home of Mrs. F. Iv
Simpson. Iu llie evening lliey were
io bave been taken lo lhc Nat Iteiss
shows, hut that part of tbe programme will have to he eliminated as
the show is tied up at Ferulo on account of the severe storm. Tlie committee of ladies in charge are as
Mesdames A. I.eitch, ff. J. Atchison, .lames Ityau, ff. D. IIUI, J. P.
Kink, ff. Colpman, George Ilog-
garth, E. II. Small, V. A. Rollins,
ff, T. Held, E. Home, S. J, Mlghton, F. E. Simpson, and Misses J,
Leileh, M. Ward, E. link.
It is unfortunate that the storm
came just when it did as it may mar
what would have otherwise been one
of the most successful mcct.ngs in
th* history of Crnnbrook. The people
generally were anxious lo show their
appreciation of the press and bad
lii-en working bant lo make tho visit
of the editors a pleasant one iu
every respect,
*- .
jig, ami will he carried out it
tlie editors aud their ladles arrive nil
right. The convention will be called
hi the new opera house ns soon as
possible after tbo party arrives,   ami
The reports show that there has
been a most disastrous storm on the
prairie, The snow bas fallen at
Pineher Creek, Macleod ami Cowley
to a depth of from five to fifteen
Inches. It is also reported that it
has been snowing heavily in Calgary
anil on north. No complete reports
can he secured as lhe C. P. U. wires
are down east of Cowley and the
train service is in hnd sbnpc. It is
quite probable that the wheat that
has not been cut will be badly damaged
in s»me parts of Alberta. Fortunately most the grain in lhe southern
part' has heen cut and will to sate.
III. II        "ilillil    ilium     nu-mim .-..i    >ii .,v,|. ,    -■-■/ •■■    .-.-----.--        -
tbi-ir friends espcciallr as many    of*   lt*'|tly   by    D.     II. Elton, of
said friemls, never seem in the   least *'ardston Star.
ilisnosed to return the compliment or
even appreciate It.
Some men cxi-usc profanity on the
g roll ml thai it is a safely valve on
their temper. Hut. tbe moie they
swear tin* mote the escape valve Is
called upon to act.
Address by president, F. K. Simp*
in, Cranbrook Herald. '
"What Makes ., Country Weekly."-
T.  Hcrville Thomas, Camrnse Mail.
"Do     Editorials       Pav."-Charles
Clark, High Kiver Times.'
"What    is    NVws."-(l.    I,. Pedlar,
Fernie Free Press.
"The Moral Courage of un Editor."
"Did you mean," thundered the
flowery orator, "by your recent
statement that my veracity was not
impregnable to the assaults of a
i ategorioal verification?"
"No, I didn't," replied thu plain
citlwn. "I just meant vou were ft
(Special lo the Herald.)
ltexford, B, I!., Sept. 12.—Tho
Great Northern train No. J, Uie
Oriental Limited, one ut the finest
and fastest trains iu the West, was
held up this morning at 2,10 at a
point one ami a half miles west ol
Itomto and seven and a halt miles
from Itexloiii by four masked men.
Tlie rubbery had heen carefully plan
lied as was sliown by subsei-ueiil
events. One ut lhc robbers climbed
upon tiie lender al Hondu while the
train was standing at the.
tank and when ii reaohed the poln.
wheie the other three robbers were in
waiting, he pulled a gun uu Hie engineer, compelling bim to stop his
train without delay, Tbt* other
three hoarded tbe train ami rilled the
mail and baggage cats. Express
Messenger Dyson, who remained cool
through the entile ordeal, assured the
robber* that   Ibe through express safe
was dynamite pi oof. The robbers
nave up trying to open that one and
proceeded to blow up ibe sab* in Uiu
hoggago car, securing thu conU,tits
and then jumping trotti the train
tbey mounted horses in waiting ami
started ufi iu the direction uf liritisb
Columbia. The passengers on ihe
train were asleep and aside from tho
train crew very tew knew that tiie
train iiad been beld up by lubbers.
A reward of $5,UUII for the capture of
•ach of the rubbers bas heen offered,
and officers are now in search ol
Chief of Police Dow of tbis city has
been notified by telegraph and ho is
endeavoring to secure a description ol
the men. It is possible that they
might try to go west through this
district and the olliccts in every
luwu is looking for them.
llexford, It. (!,, Sept. 12.—It Is
rumored here    that the four masked
Imperial Bank o! Canada |
$4 8*0,000
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits from date of deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
neti who held up Hie Groat Northern
i.u.n may be Hill Minci and bis ibreo
onipnnlona    who escaped Ir.nn     tin-
lei   peirltenltar)
Pernie, Sept 12 -N'o I, Oriental
Express ivest bound, on tbe Great
Northern, was held up ibis morning
at 3.in, a few inib-s wesi of Rev-
fuid and two baggage and mall ears
were rifled. The safe iu one of these
cars was blown up mul the car Is a
total wreck.
A hobo who was riding un the train
stales tlml to saw one uf the rub-
bets in Eureka yesterday aud if so
tb.-y must have rideii into Rexford
on a. freight train and bo.lnled the
Oriented Limited at that point.
Engineer Sehultz and Conductor
Hearly were in charge of the train.
| Tbe robbers entered about one mile
casl of Rondo and tlie engineer forced
to pull (be train to a lonely haunt
on Ibe line when it was stopped and
(lie robbers proceeded to ransack th_
.mail and baggage cars. Tbe safe
in one of tin* cars was completely
destroyed and the ear wrecked. No
effort was made to blow the safe
iu car nuuihci 503, as the messenger
in charge (old U.e robbers as he left
ibe car tbat It was no use iryi
As soon as llie robbers had I isbed
Iheli work tbey took ta the i ids
to Hi.- nortb, ii, tho direction ol U.e
Mm lish Columbia boundary.
One ol 'be men ii, the party was
ahoul 46 ji-ars old, medium h I bt,
smooth shaven and !.., ,. high Roman
An othei ol Wieni was about fi leet
11 inches in height, dark complexion,
slightly stooped and smooth shaven,
Still ai.o1h>r one was about ii feet
s inches tall, dark and   .mouth faced.
Tbe provincial police ben: have been
notified and are already ai work in
an effort to bag tbe men of Ihcy
come across the line.
The Oriental Limited was traveling
on time and the whole afhtir was
over before tbe passengeis realized
what had happened.
Two of tbe robbers are young men,
not over .10 years of age.
A reward   of $5,<J(Ki each foi
four of them has been offered.
After all it is enlightened selfishness to reach down and lift up. The
man hPi-d up can not drag you* down.
I 'I'he man who can sec nothing but
I fun in life never amounts lo uni-li,
j tin* man wlio can see no fun at all in
life never amounts lu anything. THE OBAKBROOK HKUAI.I)
Arc you ouo of
Our Customers?
If uul it will pay yuu lo bo one. We linvo the largest n.nl
best stock ot Drngs, Stationery, etc., in the Kootonays.
Buy where yuu
Can Buy Cheapest
ami RQt what yuu ask fur.
Our lines comprise all
the best watches manufactured. Call in
and let's give you our
* U*       U      IV If    ~2_T_r_ Jeweler and
* TV*     ll.     TT li_f3V/f^t Graduate   Optician
_.  Wc handle only THE BEST '
FANCY AM) STAPLE GROCERIES.   Only the Choicest Lines ;
Riiiiiw for IWrrliuri l'l.,..!III.S, Bill,mil™, fl rr, 11111I fl 8_i I'K.IIS, .nil, '
pnilm, tl ±'i uml 111 Ml; III.UHIIHIUUliS, iflllli Im. kiiln, ♦2.76 nml VUU.
Ij.iv. j •iirilnrai'iii'lj-.
The SAPPHIRE is (he September Birth Stone, and signifies Wisdom. Sapphires
and Diamonds make a very
pretty combination (or a ring
or brooch.
,„„f,i «.■ _ „.r .....•..■ ii. WM- F.TATE
''''"" N"" ''" " "IVIS  "THE JEWELER"
I **********************
BEDS Springs
ii Mattresses     Comforters     Pillows
Rugs      Mats      Linoleums
;; Dresser and Stands Tables
< ■ —
li Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
ii   Pabst! Pabst! Pabst!
ii   _4. L. McDERMOT
' > Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars
CRANBROOK, B. C.  -  ■  PHONE >7
It's Just Like This
— 11 _. .>*«#■-
Talking ot
OUR Stalk in very complete.
YOU need a heater.
Let us come together.
$£* First comers have a tine line to
.■In-one from.
ARillVAHR ,'ltAN-HUIinK, ll.c.
T-lic dawn ol a day was breaking last
As ihiuu_.li .lie    streets a merchant
He n|)i-iii. up llis well-tilled store,
He stood, expectant, ut the door—
"Nothing Doing!"
He went wi thin ami told his elerk
i'i, siiril his coat and get to work,
To decorate the windows gay
Fur pnssersliy wlm eliancetf lli.vt way
"Nothing Doing!"
He stood outside ami smiled serene
On  those  who   passed    the   timely
He laughed at Ihem willi cheery eye,
And hegged them step inside tu buy—
"Nothing lining!"
At noon he lured a crowd inside
To see tbe goods ihat he supplied;
lie showed them all without, avail,
He did not make a single Bale—
"Nothing lloing!"
i'liiitiiglioiil. lhe afternoon lie sat.
Anil wondered just where lie was at.
The people passed—repassed his door,
Hul would no., venture in (lie store—
"Nothing Doing!"
lie tulil a friend of bis surprise,
'Ymi chump! why    don't ynu adver-
The friend replied,   "l.n Mint and see
Thai there will very quickly be
Something Doing!"
That very night lie placed an fld.,
Ullinirgli the cost il. made him sad,
He went In bed and dreamed a dream
It was a innney-makin. scheme—
"Something Doing!"
Next morning he was up betimes,
Fnr sloth    with liiin was worst    ot
Willi trembling baste lie snng.il.   bis
A dozen people round Ibe door—
"Something Doing!"
He lei. rhciti in.   Himself nnil cljrk
Were Inisiiy detained at work
Frnm then till noon,    from nnnn I ill
Tlie merchant, was Indeed elate—
"Something Doing!"
Tlie ail. cnnlinued; sn did trade.
The merchant saw his greatest, aid,
He ren'lized—nnd he wns glad—
The consequence nf every ad.—
"Something Doing!"
1. S. fl., in Fame.
The largest single enterprise now
under way by any railroad Interests
in America is the building of the
(Inind Trunk Pacific across Canada.
A new transcontinental highway Uiat
will add ..601. mites to a nation's
railway mileage means brain and
brawn. The eastern section of this
mail—that is, the half cast of Winnipeg, which is being constructed as a
national road liy the Canadian government—will cost $,.11,1100 a mile
ami will include such engineering teats
as the crossing of the St. Lawrence
rivet at Quebec with the largest
single-span bridge in the world, and
the overthrow by a tunnelful ot dynamite of a inountain-side at La Tuque, In the nort.iern t}uebec wilderness. Nine hundred miles ot this
seciion are now under contract, one-
fuiii III of whieh has been awarded to
lhe Grain! Trunk Pacific itself, whose
riglil. lo lender was provided by the
terms of charter.
Tlio picturesque part of the new
transcontinental, however, is its
prairie and mountain mileage west of
Winnipeg, ail of which lhe company
is building on its own responsibility,
Iml with government guarantee of its
bowls. Track-laying i.s already under
way in the section between Winnipeg
ami f.liiioiiloii, and 11107 harvest
height will Ik moved over it to meet
the hike boats at Purt Arthur.
In terms of human interest the
huililing of this prairie section means
100 new (owns to be begun within
a your; for there is to be a railway
station every seven miles, and wherever there is a railway station there
will be a town. It means that in
this northern hinterland there is
shortly lo be, is being even now, enacted the great drama that has already made the plains to tho
south, and 40 years ngo the western
stales, a man's land instead of a no-
man's land. The coming of the
lieople Is the sequel to the laving of
the steel.
The course of the new transcontinental across the prairie was pretty
well decided two years ago, the entire route from the Atlantic coast
being chosen through new nnd ns yet
undeveloped country; hut the mountain section, west of Edmonton, was
until only a few months ago a
puzzle A second hunt for the northwest, passage—a land hunt Instead nf
water—had ns its object to lind where
lhe road could most easitv ernss the
There are in all some len nr twelve
points where the Canadian Rockies
ean be crossed. Nature cut these
passes through the mountains nt fairly regular intervals; two have already
been used for rnilwnv routes In the
southern part nf the range, nnd others equally suitable nre spread along
llie mountain line In the nnrth. A
cbnice nt four or five was before Ihn
(lrand Trunk Pacific, and this narrowed rinwn, after its engineers had
examined Ihem nl! and had run their
surveys through every feasible or possible route, to n choice ol two. It.
was tn he eilher the Pine river or
Ibe Yellowhead.
The hunt for .he mountain passage
became exciting. It turned nut to
lie a rnce, for nnnther road with
transcontinental ambitions headed at
Hie same time and in the same direction and with the same end In view.
It was a quiet, dogged, yet spectacular race, as surveyor's faces aiwnvs
nre. The flrand Trunk Pacific won,
ami In November las. filed nt Ottawa complete nlans of a route
thrnuirh the Yellowhead frnm Edmonton to a nniiit. some L. miles on the
oilier side nt the Rockies.
Between the Prince Rnnert that. I,
fo be and the Yellowhead, through
which the transcontinental crosses the
Rockies, Is a tangled wilderness as
vet unopened to settlement, Tt has
lieen thoroughly surveyed, however,
and In February preliminary nlans
were filed for the Pacific grade ol the
rallwav route. On the map the new
Grand Trunk Pacific will show an almost straight line from Wlnnl|ieg,
save fnr Its deflection nn entering tho
Pass, where it turns Rllghtly tn the
smith, crosses .he mountains, and
then goes north again toward the
Fraser river and the const terminus.
The road Is under   contract to build
across    llrilisli   Columbia in     four
But the Yellowhead is the objective
point of two other roads now building across the prairies. The race
which tbe Grand Trunk Pacific won
by reaching that point first was
with the Canadian Northern, whose
line is already bull, and running between the bead ol the lakes and Edmonton. It. is aiming nt the coast
and has tiled plans for a route
through the Rockies. At the eastern
cud ot this future system, which is
the outcome nt the dogged persistence of twn men, Mackenzie and
Mann, a line from Toronto to Sudbury, is built, and there lacks only
lhc link between that point and
I'ort Arthur to give a third road
covering more than half the cnnliii-
Apparently with the intention of
going into every field touched by Its
rival lines, the Canadian Pacific, first
if Canadian Iransconlinentals, Is now
building a new main line northwest
from Winnipeg, the logical motivo of
whirl) is an extension to aud across
the Rockies In the coast by way of
Hie Yellowhead, tlio pass first proposed by the Canadian Pacific 28
years ago, but then abandoned in
favor ot the southern route. For the
time has come now when all of the
rkilronds must tap tho north. There
seems to be every reason why the way
of the Yellowhead should be chosen
in the fact that it is the lowest of
the passes ticrnss the continent divide, being uniy .'...._ feet in place ot
600.1, and that it is tor almost its
entire distance a grade of three-
tenths of one per cent, with only a
few miles at one per cent.
Some of tlie largest engineering
undertakings in the west are proposed
on lines already iu operation. The
Canadian Pacific has planned an cx-
tensivo betterment scheme this year,
which Involves the construction ot
one nf the largest railroad bridges In
the world and the reduction of the
grade in Uie Rockies by tunneling. In
the Crows Nest section, among the
foothills of lhc Rockies, n viaduct of
a mile in length, carried on steel
lowers 300 feet high, will straighten
and shorten the road, and will cut
nut a number of trestle bridges.
Farther into the Rockies proper, the
section between Field and Hector, the
most difficult section on the whole
effect, within the next few years.
nntili the Klondike Mines and the
While Pass railways are miners'
roads, existing because of and tor the
sake ot the numerous gold-mining
camps ot the Yukon country, but
tourist travel is being encouraged,
and in the summer months an Increasing number ot sightseers are doing the far north via the rail.
Diagonally across tho northwest,
cutting tlie great new land on the
bias, will go a line now under project, whose ambitious purpose is to
connect Dawson and Winnipeg. Survey parties have been quietly at
worta, and a goodly portion of tbe
total 1700 miles is said to be already
routed. Such a line, traversing the
northern prairies, the Peace river district and the Yukon mining country
would hold an unique place among the
railroads of the continent, and would
involve, at its northern end, some
tremendous engineering problems. Tbo
interests behind this project have
been kept somewhat secret, but It is
believed lhat Ihey are American and
associated with the Northern Pacific.
Another road lo the Yukon has filed lis plans with the Canadian railway commission, involving a straight
north route along the coast Irom
Vancouver to Dawson. The surveys
through British Columbia territory
show immense cuttings and tunnels,
with heavy bridging. It is altogether likely lhat when this rnad is built
it will he hy or fnr the Grand Trunk
Pucifie, in whose interest is thought
to he n hill introduced this year at
Washington, authorizing the construction uf a rnad from Skagway, in
Alaska, to a pnint at or near to
'rinco Rupert, the Grand Trunk Pacific terminus.
Fnr a year past survey work bas
lieen under way on two roads from
the southwestern coast ot Alaska to
tbo copper district of the Interior.
One was being financed by London
capitalists, representing the same interests as those behind the White
Pass St Yukon railway, nnd the ather
by the Ouggenhelms and J. P. Morgan. The two routes were such as
would closely parallel each other, and
wliile entailing Immense double ex-
pinse, would open up practically tbe
same country. The promoters have
therefore consolidated, under Guggenheim control, and one road Is now
to bo built, Instead ot two. It will
probably run Irom Catella. a seaport
with good terminal facilities, In to
the heart of the White river copper
country and, possibly, into the
Canadian Yukon. About 400 miles
of the road will he built this year,
and the same man who built the
White Pass * Yukon road Is engineering It.
One more railway enterprise comes
from the top corner ot the continent,
nnd It exceeds them nil In spectacular
bigness and daring. It goes by the
nnme of tbo Trans-Atlantic-Stberla
railway, a phrasing that at once explains Its route and indicates the immensity nf its undertaking. In the
first week ot the present year a survey party, with dog-teams drawing
their supplies, left Dawson tor White
river, and a fortnight later began the
initial wnrk of mapping out a rallwav
route. The general route to be followed Is along the White river and
down the Tannna valley, picking up
tho incidental trallic of the exist!,-.,:
mining camps and heading Inward
| Bchring strait. Tho plan of tho men
behind this project is to establish a
.route trom Alaska to Siberia, ncrosi
,tho strait, and to build an extension
connecting with the great Russian
I system. If th* project ever gets so
I far, the American, Canadian and
I Russian governments will be called
'upon to lend a band. It ts a hold
scheme, but whether the Siberian end
'of it Is over carried nut or not it is
practically certain tbat some portion
I ot the Alaskan section will be built
shnrt.lv, opening up a mining region
ul unknown riches and another great
section to settler and trader.
".lohn," said the colonel to the old
family servant, "do you know what
became nf that demijohn I threw nut
tbe window New Year's morning?"
"I sho' does, kiinnel. I ketched dat
jimmyjohn fo' it hit. do groun', but
the cork wuz out, en what whisky
didn't spill down mv throat splattered all over mo en like ter 'a' drowned me. Hit wuz a dispensary er
Prnvldcnoe dat I lived ter tell do
talc. "-Ex.
Contractor Johnson ls making
great progress on the new Cranbrook
hotel. Tbe plastering is complete.
for the two upper stories and all the
flooring is laid.    The plasterers   are
' work on the lower story and that
...Jl soon bo done. Then it will he
easy sailing until the finish. Two
cars- nf furniture for the hotel, consigned to Hill As Co, who have the
contract for furnishing the now huild-
' are on the way from tbe tactor-
... in Ontario, and it will be only
a short time when Hoggarth & Rollins will have one ot tho finest hotels
in tho Kootonays.
Tim now building to ho occupied
jnint'ly by the provincial government
and the city is nearly ready for oc-
rupaiicy,. 'I'he furniture fnr this;
building, which has been ordered
through Hill * Co., will soon bo
liorc, and before a great while (hose
having business with cither the government, nr tbo city will havo to
wipe their leet on tho outside mats
of Mie new building. Contractor
lobnsnn Is doing all he can to rusli
tho work so that it will be ready in
The largo addition to the St. Eugene hospital has been enclosed and
Contractor Leask Is rushing the work
i tho anterior. This is going to be
.. valuable addition In this institution, which is conceded to be one ot
tho best equipped in Western Canada.
Great progress has been made nn
the new addition to the C. p. It.
roundhouse, and it will lie, when
completed, one of the best on tho
Crow division. The great increase
In Hie business nn this division has
rendered extra engine room in Cran-
brnnk necessary, anil it is doubtful If
the a_.li.inn now umlcr construction
will prove adequate.
Tlie interior finishing nf the new
opera house Is about completed and
this gives to Cranbrook one ot Hie
_,st •"."'PI'oiJ play bouses between
Winnipeg and Vancouver. The men
wlm spent their monev f0r this building are tn be congratulated upon giving tn the people nf Cranhrook such a
The past summer has been one ot.
the best, building seasons in the his-
. _",?' "ranbrook. Manv thousands
nf dnllars have been expended in im-
ntnvements. and new buildings. One
feature especially, is the number of
homes that have added handsome
Inwns tn their premises, thus improving the plnces and making the
streets so much mnre attractive.
(Moyie Leader.)
The St. Eugene payroll has taken
another jump. Next Tuesday's payday at Mie mine will amount tn
144,000, an increase of S5,5(I0 over
last month. This again breaks all
previous records and brings Movie's
monthly payroll up tn the big 'sum
nl S52.000. No wonder Movie ts
forging nhead by leaps and bounds.
It Is now reputed to be the most
prosperous mining town In the Kootenays. Just watch her smnke for
the next few years.
- t
nret Harte was so frequently complimented on being the author nf
"Littlo Breeches" ami often was
most as aorry it was over written
as was Secretary John Hay, who
would prefer his fame fo rest nn mnre
ambitious work. A gushing lady,
who prided herself upon her literary
tastes, said to him once; "Mr. Harte.
I am so delighted to meet vou. I
have read everything vou ever wrote,
but nf all your dialect verse there Is
nene that compares with your
'Little Breeches.' " "I quite agree
wltti you, madam." said Mr. Harte
"but you have put the little breeches
nn tho wrong man."
A Laramie woman went to the
theater the other night with some
friends, but when they were seated
she was separated from her friends
by a man and a woman who secmod
to pay no attention to each other.
The woman figures out that It tho
two people would Bit over a scat she
rould sit with her friends. Bracing
up her nerve, sho said sweetly to tho
man, "Beg pardon, are yon hern
alone?" The man stared at the curtain as If be were drawing a salary
for It. "I beg pardon," the woman
said, a littlo louder, "are you alone?"
"Get. wise," whispered the man,
hoarsely, thrnu.h Iho extreme corner
of his mouth, "thlB Is my wife."—Ex
Take notice tbat I, Abel Horsman,
of Cranbrook, B. 0., occupation,
Lumberman, intends to apply for a
special timber license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a pnst planted
about three and a half miles south of
Curzon and about two miles east of
C. P. Railway, thence east 160
chains, thence north 4(1 chains, thence
west ltd chains, thence south 40
ehains to point of commencement,
and containing 040 acres, more or
Abel Horsman.
Jlafed August n±\WL_ J4-M
Take notice that I, Robert Robson,
of Mayook, B. C occupation, Rancher, Intend to apply for a special timber license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nt
the south-east corner nf mv preemption, thence north K0 chains,
thence east 1.1 chains, thence south
.11. cbains, thence east 81 chains,
thence south 50 chnins, tbenee west
100 ehains to the point of commencement, and containing 545 acres, more
or less.
Robert Rohson.
Dated Sept. Sth, 1907. as-6t*
$11,000,00 in case of Death.
S. I ."i.l... per week for nil kinds of Accidents.
For the smull sum of
Twenty-five  Cents
The protection is so cheap that none can nflord to
he without it.
Real Estate CRANBROOK, B. C. Insurance
JiiHt rceolvoil, a shipment of
' i
It ia :i Liquid Cumpoiuiil that will destroy Insects nnil Files.
Use it mi your Ctlttle uml iim:*-.
Use it about your Poultry Houses,
It is guaranteed to protect Horses and Cattle from Hit's uml
vonuiii; tn kill Lire ou Cuttle and Hokh; to ox terminate Poultry
House Vermin; to eradicate Uud Hugs, Cockroaches and like household pests when used according to directions.
Put up in 75c. and $1,50 patented screw top tins
1'iionk 74 Dlspeosl-| Is our specially
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores
P. BURNS I CO., Ltd.
When your Friends visit Town, bring the... to ll.e
Saratoga Restaurant
Opposite C. 1*. K. Depot.
Proprietor ''
I •
• •
■ 1
■ 1
Hotel *» s
Quest. Comfort a Specially
flood Slabl.au la Connection
Nearest lo railroad anil depot.    Ha, accoiiiniodV
..on. for the public unequalled In Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Balha
Hoggarth & Rollins
I,,,,,,,,,.. , 4 ■ 4 , , 4,(1 Si* I..,,,,,,,,,**"1"
********************** ********************
This Hotul hns nlwnys been tlie leader
in its lino, and will lie kept up to the
stiiudanl. If you want to meet the
people, come to tho Queen's Hotel.
n »„    U   i._l     _-*_-_.-.-..,   H. L. STEPHENS
Queen s Hotel, Calgary    .>*„.„„__«
************************** THK   CltAM.ROOK   II Kit A I.l»
Fall Styles
Lots of little changes in the
fashions for fall.
3 button sack coats are shorter than
the spring models.
Lapels are wider, too.
Browns are in high favor again.
In fact, brownish effects ate tunning
lhe grays a close tace (oi popularity.
Tweeds and Worsteds are llie most wanted fabrics—
though yuu may lind it liaid to choose between these and
lhe new Imperial Blue Winler Serges.
We'll gladly show you all these new styles.
$15, $18, $20 up. gl0
REID & CO., Cranbrook.
Groceries and  Crockery
I have just received a large shipment of
Invaluable to the Housewife for cleaning Tin, Brass,
Copper, and all kinds of Enamel Ware. Take a look
at my window.
Try a   Case ol
Two Dozen  Pints   $1.50
E'pial to liiiiutiess'.   The finest beverage on the market
for family and table use.   Imparls vigor and
health, and tones up the liotly generally
Brewer, Craubrook, B. C
********************* *********************
Head Office, Calgary Alta. Phone 57
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
(loot! Creamery Butter in i lb. rolls
(load Dairy Mutter in Tubs
********************* **********************
| Canadian Hotel g
B» St
Q One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- Q
Jj| brook.   Warm rooms, good meals gj
and a bar .stocked with the best jg
ft ffi
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor 1
S   19
New nml Strictly first Class
American Plan, $2.50 por dny up
Tgi.eim.one 2080
Chas. Haiitnuv, Proprietor.
Cor. Seymour and Cordova Sis.   •. ,
opposio o. p. u. station     Vancouver, B, C.
ConstruoUon work is now being
iiislit.1 mt tlie Kitimatt branch ol
llie Grand Trunk Pacific railway by
the conl racting firms ol Messrs. Foley
Urns., Larson A company, Tins L80
mile section extends from Kitimaat
to llazclton, at tlie liead of navigation on the Skcctia river. The con- incut should riot readily exclud
tractors aie concentrating their cf- anese ot other Asiatics from
forts on llie heaviest portion of Uie oilier country than their own. when
line, a ten-mile section extending lie Japanese government ailiiiiii its
from Kitimaat summit to Kilsclas Inability and inlcnntially its willing-
t'anyon where tlio steamer Mount ness tu' limit the number agreed lu
Royal was   wrecked last,    July.    In in lite    iimlerslaniliiig   between    (lie
.ukI   certainly with   much less
they aie in New York."
"Is it considered an internal
i|iiesiiii,u m Uritisli Columbia?"
u'lmrter asked.
"Not hy those wlio have given
careful attention. You sec most
the coolies coming in from
Hawaiian Islands. Now Japan says
she has no control over Japanese
alter they leave Japan. 1 can SOS
nn reason win tho Dominion govern-
Dominion anil   Japan.     Utldi
arrangement    about  -ISO  |i
was the limit  which  Japan
lluw io immigrate to Oamv
ifh -olumliin would   have nu
nhieotions lo this numhoi cot
it il were certain thai un nun
arrived   last.  In- brought in undei subterfug
"As lung as Japan is   wilt
live up tn her promise, and Ca
mull, Iiniii   insists    lhat   she
l.i    Iti, i-
iMilion the contractors are building
a wagun rnad trom Kitimaat tn the
canyon, a distance ol fully-live miles,
as well as clearing .he liglitnifnvay
along the line of railway survey
lli-lails nl the progress of tin- work
were furnished .he Province today hy
Mr. J. W. Stewart'win:
nighl frnm Montreal, accompanied
hy Mis. Stewart, llieir young daughter ami Miss l.avelle, of Winnipeg.
Mr. Slewall  spent, a forlnighl  in tin-
east     on    business   wilh  Hk- fjrtiinl   tinnnl nmiplioatiiuis. But
Trunk Pacillc olllelals. | rill Laurier aiipoirntly ovelh
Puling his slay there he kept    in  simple method in „| hav
telegraph communication with his responsibility upon Japan,
assistants in tlio nortli. Mr. Stew- iiny opinion is a sure way li
art and parly leave tonight hy the a coinplioateil and Irrllatlue
*' I'. II. boat tor Port lUsslngton .Iional question."
anil will ihenee ascend tlie Skcega I "Hut." said Mr. Mct'onnel
river to Kilselas canyon In inspect conclusion, "Oriental exclusion
lhc work. Mr. Slownrt will also one hall ot Uritisli Columbia's
lie accompanied hy Mr. Pal Welch, nt migration problem. While »,
Spokane. Hull, are nioinbers of the not waul Asiatics, we du need
linn. They expect, lo return to 'bnilly want, white Immigrants.
Vancouver in n lion I. ilm-u weeks. i province ot llrilisli Columbia porliap
.lie work of construction is pro- more than anv other in llu- Dominion
grossing satisfactorily/' said Mr. ls suITering Inr lack ol help nf all
Stewart, today. "Wilh a force ol Minds. llnMi skilled and coarse labor
lielween Iwn hundred and Uuee liuud- "re SOircc and dear. While i-nnrse
u-il men we arc nnw busy grading Inbor is now paid $2..in per day in
tction frnm Kitimaat   railway cofrstructinn camps, for clemr-
i_ tn
IMlu lin
'l„OS,    I
:ii Wilts Halo lix
Inch iu
al.o it
Iho  tell   mile
summit In Kilselas canyon where the
Cornier river joins the Skeena.
there is the lieaviest, on- the  C'V|'" "' Mmt plii
g anil all other kinds ot work, unit
it is -impossible    In obtain a supply
en lie ISO „„|„ branch extending frnm
Kitimaat Aim |„ Ftalton. ' i.;,,,,,-
mous quantities ol explosives will
lmve In I,,, used i„ securing the nro-
l« grade. In n*litlon we are biK
ng a Wagon rnad frnm Kitimaat   to
inn canyon, a distance ot forty-live nnd lhe wiping out. ot the lasl exc
miles. The rlght-ofsvay between '"'' ""' Importation ot cnolle labor
these points is now being cleared.
AXOlllell Were aehi.ll,- ..... .„ ..
"Wo believe Hint Iho Dnmiiiiiiui iin-
niigrnlinii bureau Rbotild come tn our
n lii-t liy encouraging wliili inigra-
lief. l.y doing su it wuiilil accom-
plish a two-told result, namely a relief ul the Intolerable scarcity uf help
Axemen were actually „ut to Lmk
along the route on .lulv 31, and ",,*.
n st rnck on the tei, mil., sect"! wa.
dislodged „„ AllBUg, |7, tw„ nZ?"
after mn- railway gang reaolie.1 tn..
scone nf opotalions Wl '• "c com
pMlon of.the    tortM»2ll?_JK
KrS.^"™''»»! Oic canyon wc
it tl
™'!_l",?'  ,our ™'utact.0ot''en'iirse.   h.iemls lraller. oI boUl Canadian par
(Victoria Times.)
I have no    politics in the Dominion,   but   number    among   my best
,  ,,-    ■— v-„.raot.   Of  course   friemls leaders ol both Canadian par-
?l?»i_","*'"'»<"»(! oiitflfs scattcrt.  lil's-       ' ctaim   to be au impartial
nn>ng the entire tine to Ha_elton as   Imperlallft; but iu   reference to    thu
soon as possible.
""'set   will ,k.   „cccs_ar"ii;r_low
feilScs'"0™ Kj»-j*-iK.
ofieralc with ns
fncllltato our plans.
T WfJ years- will likely !,,. nncunicl i„
eoniploling the line t„ Haffton
ranging to ship men andl™k*'ffi,Jta
llie 120 mllo division of t|,L. 0   p   ff
^T-MVm .•-■" .purt wi'ii.;,;:
Prot-ress at lhe  I11'"110 minister ol Canada, I can f.,ir-
 :i     ■ ly Kay Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier is t-Kiay
_    looked   upon as the greatest slates*
The" M* ifc lt,im °' l*ie ttutel' Empire,1' says
Mr. Ilamur Greenwood, M. I'., York,
England.    "His words are listened to
in every way to W'W| H'9P<*'t always, anil they carry
great weight for several reasons," hi;
continued. "In the first place to is
the oldest of the colonial premiers,
and he represents the most important
*( the great self-governing colonics,
''hen his reasoned moderation, liis
tear thinking nml his diguilie.l
eloquence make him supreme among
the great men ol the dauglrtiei:
nations that owe adherence to the
British Empire. The fact that ho is
nt French descent in nu wise lessens
tliis feeling, and his suggestions   are
Tll  .        --■ !■"• "ii.i    i-on   nullum    «IWil>'K listened to with llie greatest
mt    contract   likrwi.se   is nearinir   "'s|>cct.
SS   Tn-     Thon   aKlli»*   wo will I    "The above   is une of ihe greatest
s«ur« additional     forces    nnd nlant   arguments    why 1 think the All-Hed
om our contract for bulldtne      '     '"","   "'"' **" '    " "     "''," f""'
.^'""'■.fm,n Kn" WHHam north
m.le branch of tbe Orand Trunk
,'"   main  line.     That  work will     i„.
fljWttd ahuut    Christmas  and    w 11
JS*10"" t« transfer oiler InboS"
»wf oulflts lo BrKMi Columbia!
we plan to rush the work   in thi.
SI* *i«i all possible speed,     Thi
tho ,ouli; wi" I"1 il success. The fact
to that the plan was first proposed by
him, and that he is still pushing it
forward, makes me think it will
eventually become au accomplished
fact, The chief difficulty now is
with Australia, which country shows
Signs of kicking over the traces in the
matter.    There is   not the slightest
that we shall need  thousands   li,'ul»t init Uiat the
* men at s andard r.iilwav wages'
No man need be idle. Mr. flarC
n representative of the firm vill \l
»,««■» men in Vancouver
I Wfsjt it understood that we shall
follow our invariable praottoe of en*
Raging white labor wilusiVely. Wo
Itnro m> room for Hindus'or other
Orientals,'' .,„,,,„ Mr, sto„,,rt    *JJ
During his stay in    Montreal     Mr
SSB5.rt_6r2LHE* '_ «raSd,Trln'i;
consummation ot
the plan would lie uf very great bem*-
tii io Canada-
"lliiiisb Columbia is particularly
to the fore in the minds uf imperial
statesmen today," continued Mr.
Greenwood, "because uf its relation
to the Oriental question, The Japanese are a strong, virile anil particularly aggressive people, inure su
than ovor Uio Britisli have been, aud
Uiat is saying a good deal. Since
the  victory over   Kussia    tbey have
for SOO miles of    ibe main line west   powers, and lhat makes the problem
111  '■.""iwtloa.     This will bring     tiie  *»' dealing Willi ihem a very delicate
one.     It British Columbia wishes lu
oftho Yollowliend Pass in the IWfc-
troa   hat next spring will see award-
make any move iu tbe mailer     she
mast make herself beard thruugh llie
 ,„-   Federal government  through     which
ontiact fur the five or     six*   the province will naturally approach
n.!I) !iw! v n Ci.l|> . *5lwo«i HaKMton   tho Home   government on tins question.    When the Dominion takes   lhe
and the Yellowhead Vnu...
er^r.-'"1' fMiVs !MKf Qeiieral Mnna«-'matter up, the imperial government
uni ,'.'■ ■/ I*-. (ili'1"1 Tnink Purine "ill be.in a position tu du someUiiug
»| i msii Mmonlon Htia month, prior  iu llie matter.    While I will not say
lhat the actiou of lhe province alone
will have no eOect, the matter will,
no doubt, ultimately he made a
nonunion question.
"Vou know 1 am a Canadian by
birth, and 1 love to spend my holidays over here.    There ought to he a
i.in get [arms of Iheir own, an.l
where the spirit of democracy is tin
motive power of the people, and an
equal chance comes to even man
..n.l his sou.
Mi. Il.iin.ii Greenwood is Hie Liberal member for tbe niv of York in
tho Imperial House id Commons. Besides he is the parliamentary secretary in Winston Churchill, who is
under secretary of state for the colonies. As an official of tbe British
government, everything he savs bas a
good deal of weight both nt home
and abroad, lie arrived in the eily
last evening and is staving at the
Union club.
Calgary, Sept. v-Tin* contract for
ie initial part ol the new C. P. It.
station was a wauled lo .1 C. Mc-
Diarmid, ol Winnipeg, .md will be
.[started at uuee. The wings mil bo
limit later.
Sau Francisco, Sept. 7.—Tho famous
UUn bouse at the Ocean Bench, bull!
liv ||. Adolph Culm, was burned to
tin* ground this evening.
About Ibe neatest thing li> per-
potual motion that we have been able
to lind is ihis thing of thrusting one's
baud   inlo  one's   pocket   lo  pay      out
tin* money earned hetween coachings,
i. ii
' * 1 have secured machinery* for ''
J ' Hawing wood, und am now pre- ' '
' | pared to contract for Wood of any J j
, , length, In large or small quail* , |
i i lilies, < ,
*f Out-of-town coulraits Boltcltoil, • ■
] I For further particulars address    ''
i|R. S. HcNEIILi
< i Cranbrook, 1...:. '
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind;
ol repairing.   Oive me a call.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, but wi
put this ad In the Herald to
emphatdzo it.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
.1. T. I.AII.l.AW, M.I..
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind, Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
liiiiiiilcilakinu. a Irififr.,,,, Vancouver
to Prince Rupert ami Kitnina.il.
now to shut out japs
(Winiii|ii-R Tribune)
Among Um arrivals in Uio cilv this great alliuily between Canada anil tlie
iiiiiiniiiK was Mr. ,.,,hii p. McComioli present Liberal goveiiuncnt ut Great
ttl.tor ol llu- H. 0. Salnrilav SUImet llritain. We have over there a
nl taiicniivi-r. Mr. McConnell, in his umber uf great questions hefure us.
|'a|ii'i, lias li.l a vigorous c.m|iaign Mow at the close of the second scs-
iti llu- Pacific province against tho siun ol tbo present parliament the
Asiatic,Influx, which nt late has been government is as united and detcr-
nssuming large proportions. mined as ever not to rest until they
In a Tribune rcimrtcr bo said tlmt lmve settled the html question in
the influx was undniiblcdly the result such a way Unit lhe uld landed
nl an organiwil movement. An agent arisloeiacy idea will becoino a thing
nl a Honolulu employing agency hail ot the past, until tlie dominance ot
recently been in Vanrniiver wi'lh a the slate church has been overthrown
stilfimcnl. of .lap coolies and made no by a disestablishment measure; until
secret of the Iuct that he was in tho the clerical and hereditary doiuina-
liusiiiess proposition. .tion ol the house oi lords has   been
Ample evidence that the coolies altered; in tact, until the itovernmcnt
arc being brought, in under contract ol tbe country has been placed upon a
has been adduced," said Mr. McCon- democratic basis such as already ob-
nell. "A copy ot the contract was tains in all the sell-governing parts
secured |,y a reporter nt the Province ot tho empire outside uf the liritisb
newspaper in which I. was published, Isles. Every Canadian loyal to his
ami I am tliuruuglily convinced It is democratic ideals might In he in syui-
authenlic and Hint tin, .laps- arc being patliy with tlie Liberal government
imported under these contracts. lot England, tor wc are only lighting
"Why do the   immigration authorl- 'lor the things on   which the    people
lies   not   stop   the binding ot    tho hero pride themselves."
coolies under the Allen contract labor I   In the matter ot immigration   Mr.
act?" Mr. McConnell was asked. Greenwood expressed himsell as con-
"That is exactly what wo In Brit-; (ident that tho prosperity ot the
ish Columbia want to know," ho re- Dominion was bound tu continue as
piled. "Tho immigration authorities ' long as tho tide ol Immigration west-
do not appear tn hnve the ability to ward was maintained. "We lind,"
discover what an enterprising news- said he, "considerable opposition In
paper    reporter  can.    The lininlgrn-1 Uio country districts of   England   to
m. ^u^or'tics arc not equipped ho departure Irom the country oi
with Interpreters nnd dn not appear the young men who are lilling the
to have Instructions to do llieir tiill soli cither as laborers or small tcn-
i.uly. The examination ol Uie coolie 'nnt farmers. Hut what can wc ex-
immigrants Is ol the most cursory I nect? While the land laws ol Eng-
snrt and thoy appear tn Im landed land remain as at present people will
with even less fnrrnnllty than white leave Uie heaulllul fields nt their nld
immigrants are in   Eastern   Canada home and go to a country where they
Frnm Eastern Points on Sale liaily
SEPT. 1st IO OCT. 31st
Detroit, Windsor, London,
Guelph, Toronto,
$39 45
Co renpondingly Low  Hates from
Intermediate Point-..
The Finest on the Continent and
the Fa;,test between Spokane ami the
Twin Cities.
Tlie Canadian Pacific operates
Standard Sleeping Cars and Tourist
Sleeping Cars on Two Daily Trans*
continental trains in eaeh direction.
For Hates, Reservations and any
information desired npply to Local
Agent, or
A.G.P, \., U. p. a,
If you wunt Clothing thnl is "liilt Edge" in name,
"Uili Elge" in ttiU_riulai.il "Gilt Edge in make,
call and sea our J.EW STOCK of Heady Madi-
CI .tiling. .It',,T RECEIVED.   All Union Made
| Leask C8b Henderson
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ -
We hav,
tin- following goods on hand and will 1
supply your wants:
,- pleased u>
PORTLAND CEMENT                h'llil
lui IDS
McCALLUM &.C0. har=aNT
',', NELSON, B. C.
ii Wednesday, Thursday, Fridav, i
*    SEPTEHBER 18, 19', 20, 1907    f
Larger and Hotter than over.
; I    Frco Shows Twice Daily. Horse Races.
Olioup Excursion Rates on all Transportation Lines.
For Information or Priz.- List, write
D. O. MORRIS, Secretary.
P. 11. Hox 95
C, W. BISK, President. NELSON, B. C,
$1*4****** *****************
M,_,t,ct,reri of *,**
Rough and_dressed    J -fs
LUflBER and       _f*
Also all kinds ol
Jatfray. Ryan and
Craubrook. B.C.
HcU Office. ■ C.-abrook
m********** t* *************m
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25
out of the 24
When you buy meats in hot weather. We pay
particular attention lo this feature of our luisiiu.s.
That is why people depend upon us for the lies, ut
this season of the year.
B. C.
The Painters and Decorators
;;   Large Stock of Latest Designs and Colorings
:; in Wall Papers
***************** **************************** THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
$2.00 A VKAI!
SEPTEMBER   It!,   1907
By tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
and the whole
;i long time to transact their business
in Cranbrnok ami tlie Kootenay Central will give them that opportunity,
| Hasten Dn- building of the road. It
t thing lur    Crnnbrook
ut   111.
part ol
«*   Willing  tn     bet  that
nuary it will he easy to
11 over llie district say*
logging sunn* now."
When    a newspapei;    editor spends
time   to    prepare an     article   with
special care be is always flattered to
——,.    ,. ,       ... .... , „„.,_  I. s«> "»at article reproduced in another
The HeraW is worth $10 a y*"^" paper as original matter.    Tho.Hor-
cosls only t_. No man in Soulh
East Kootenay tail aftnid lu be without ii, and everyone living outside of
the district, who is interested iu the
brogress of this section, should read
it. It publishes the news wliile it is
news. It is controlled absolutely by
thu publishers. No clique, party or
individual dictates its policy, 11
don't try to please the people. It's
desire ii to publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to the community.
Send iu your subscription aud yuu
will be thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates U per inch per
iiujiiih, no more and no less.
Heading matter 15 cents per line
to non-advertisers; lb cents per Uue
lo regular advertisers.
If yuu desire to reach the people of
Mouth East Kootenay yuu must advertise in The Herald.
'I'he Herald has a first-class i job
plant, and its work is ot the best.
The Herald don't wunt charity. It
wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality ami price, kick, and send your
woik to some ('heap John house iu
the east that never .spends a cent in
.ihi lias had     reason to fi*el flattered
several times recently.
Still ke
'P    on boosting for    Cran*
4,600 zx Month
Evidence keeps piling up that the
Craubrook district is one of llie host
agricultural disirieis in the interior
j this province.
To read some of the weekly papers
iu the west one is reminded of "English as she is spoke."
The Herald list nf subscribers keeps
growing. And the Herald is not
' ickmg.
If vou owe a dollar pav at least
fifty cents. That will'help lhe other
lellow a whole lot and maybe we. will
get some of it. Vou know it takes
money to run a newspaper, strange
is it may seem.
Tli.- citilzetis of Cranbrook should
te al tbe opera house tomorrow (Frl-
lay) evening tn meet the editors and
enjoy the informal smoker that     wilt
he given on that occasion.
Hurrah for the editors. They are
he suit of the earth. Naturally we
-fifor Io lhe visiting editors.
Thin in [to. gu
dilation of the
Press room and Biiliserlp-
tlon lists open lo Investigation hy iidvertlHeiH ut any
Thu Herald gives a dollar
in value for;, dollar in mon-
uy. The advertiser has Uie
light lo know what he \»
receiving fur IiIh money.
The Herald is nne paj Kii'
that courts invest iiiguUnii.
rfl ,.>, S3_-J:£fJ IIS*<.e<*i<_e>_ C<. Sfc
4ft ?■?■* •;*-;- d$9g£3-t; r-n-r^-fcc-t-s-tf***
Those papers that arc going into
i-etasie.s ul delight over tile statements ihat immuusu crowds are attending Uie lluiileii meetings should
hear in mind the great crowds that
always greeted W. J, Hrynn the lasl
i nne that- he was Candida le lor the
proslduncy and Uiu vole that he received. The Lmled States was enjoying a remarkable degree uf prosperity at that time ami the people,
although lliey admired Mr. liryun as
an orator and as a man, did not care
io make any change iu Uie government, and Air. Mckinley was reelected hy an overwhelming majority.
The people of Canada have great respect for .\lr. Uoi'den as a man, hut
ihey also have intense respect lor
sir Wilfrid Laurier, and confidence in
his administration, since the entire
country has enjoyed unusual prosperity ever sinee the Laurier govern
ment went inlo power, and in con*
sequence they have nu rlcsiro in niaki
a change at this lime. The old
line Conservatives will vote the parly
ticket, and so will the old line Liberal, hut the independent vote, the
vole that always decides elections in
any country, will consul! their
pocket hooks, their individual inter
t'sts and vote wilh llu* party that
has heen the sign ol prosperity. That
is why there is not lhe ghost of a
chance of tlie Conservative parly
winning at the coming election. Tilt
people know when to let will enough
.done, and have no intention of
swapping horses while dossing the
The Phoenix Pioneer takes exception lo the stafeim-nl of the Herald
that Duncan Robs will succeed himself nt. the nexl election. The
Pioneer fails tu take inlo consideration that the people or Ihal district,
think a grenl deal mure of ihe prosperity that they are enjoying than
they du nf lhe desires of a lot nf
HPhemlng politicians wlm nre anxious
iu gel ioIis. In fact Hi.-ir is nnt one
reason why any man in Mr. Itoss1
district should vote fur any oilier
man except Mi. Hoss, unless it, be
that he is governed hy hidebound prejudice nr has some si mug inducement
offered. We an* nut informed how
the editor uf the Pioneer will vote
or what, will govern him in his
minute and think if you owe
nr or mine, if y0t; do
md pay it.     We need    the
Don'l forget when you think nf
U.vhig nut your printing that the
Herald is a union office, and every
man gets a fair wage here and works
only eight hours a day.
Charge   the     street fakers a    big
license and protect the 'home business
man wlm is spending his money here
II tin* time.        Thai  is the winning
policy every time.
Mayor Finlny is in town.
Lots of men who talk about helping
a lown are busy when the finance
cuiiunitlee comes around. Hut
there are a lot, more who will say
what is it boys, and will any conlli-
button I can make lielp ynu out.
Those ate the men one likes to meet.
Some of the eastern politicians are
kicking on the independence of ihe
Liberal press in lhat part of the
Dominion. The more independent lhe
papers nib of any party, the better
the party, It is publicity that lhe
iljsliunest politician is* afraid of, and
there never existed a party on the
face of the earth that did not hnve
barnacles gathered upon it. Let the
press In both parties adhere to theli
independence and Canada and Canadians will be far better off In consequence.
Mr. Borden advocates civil service,
and appointment to office by merit nn
examination rather than political preferment. How would Mr. Hnrden's
ideal scheme strike the parties tn
power'in Rritish Columbia, Manitoba
and Ontario?
The soil is the    real thing In any
country.        Take seasons when the
products of the soil is a failure nnd
financial depression invariably follows.
The prairie provinces are coming
mil this year all right with
i heir crops, ami there Is
rejoicing all over the country
iu      consequence. Where     then*
Ims been a lighi; yield will lie more
than made up for by the increase In
acreage. The eountrv is still prosperous and Hritish Columbia wilt
have a big market for her lumlier
during lhe next year.
Smile, don't frown. He cheerful,
il, costs so little, nnd hero In Cranbrook and British Columbia there aro
so many reasons for being cheerful.
Tliis is a great country.
Cranbrook keeps growing in size, in
business, In beauty, in everything in
fad that makes a good town.
der that manufacturers in Canada
grow rich and the average newspaper
keeps pour.
The Westward Ho, the new
magazine published at tbe coast, with
our old friend W. U. Hlakemorc as
editor, is making good, and its last
issue i.s a credit to the publishers and
to the province. A magazine of tilts
iim lac ter deserves the support and
neniiragemcut of the people of British Columbia and the Herald believes
a publication of such merit will
gel It. The renders of the Herald
should send for a sample copy. They
will appreciate its pages.
The editors of Alberta and Eastern
Hritish Columbia will he here to-
morrow. It wil! he the lirst visit
of many uf them tn Cranbrook and
the Herald knows that they will go
away willi a most favorable impression.
This banana weather just fits.
The Cranbrook district has raised'
thousands id dollars worth ot fruit
tliis season, and will double It next
The story is told that a man died
and when he landed at the pearly
gales Si. Peter asked him what
church he belonged to. "Tho fact
is," saul the spirit of the man, "fori
many years I have not affiliated
witli any church, hut I have been a
booster in western Canada for all of
that lime, and this is the first tune
iu my history Uiat you could call me
a dead one." As the gates were
thrown open, St. Peter said: "Come
right in, the booster is entitled to
the best in heaven as well as thu
best on earth."
'Ihe mob that attacked the Japan-
a* and Chinese in Vancouver last
Saturday did the very worst thing
possible for the cause that they were
lu'pposed to he advocating. Viola!
iug the laws of a country will never
help any cause.
There arc too many fakirs coming
to Cranhrook these days and getting
money from unsuspecting individuals
hy selling worthless articles on the
streets. Tlie eity ordinance provides
for a license fee of only $5 for such
individuals, and it seems lhat $__a
would lie none too tittle. Tbe town
would he far better off without them,
ml if they do come make them pay a
good price for their work. Another
thing that seems hardly fair is for
tent shows to be permitted to hold
llieir show just outside of tbe eity
limits, where they do not have to
pay any license. There should be
some way by which these institutions
should he made to come through witti
the coin or slopped from showing.
"Bob" Edwards, of the Calgary
Eve Opener, writes that he will not
be able to attend the press convention owing to that tired feeling after
a fishing trip. Thai will be a source
of n*grcl, not only to the members
nf the association, hul, also to the
people of Cranbrook.
W. A. (ialliher, M. P., has returned
from Ids trip to Europe aud will he
out west iu a short time to take a
trip over Ibis district.
The football si
the doctors nr
prospects on an
ason is now on and
* smiling wilh Iho
Increased practice,
Craubrook people nre made of the
light kind nf stuff. When it is to
the best Interests of the town |<
i.p ami du something, lliey t\o ii
is pleasant to five iu Cranhrook
"Hilly" Maclean, of the Toronto
World, will be a factor iu tbe coming
campaign In the east. The peopli
are taking Mr, Maclean seriously
while the corporations are endeavor
ing to ridicule his efforts for the
mosses, Maclean will win nt.t
his lighi (or the best, Interests of lhe
common people in Canada. There
was a time when the corporation
magnates in the Stales used to say
"the people be damned." They
don't say il imw and it is the news*
papers lhat brought about the
Keep boosting Cranlirook.
ml it is easy.
It pays
(From our own correspondent.)
Tbe good old summer time has passed—now for the winter time.
Some people say it's the man he-
hind the gun,'but we say it's Uie
man behind the pen thnt does the
No oue will welcome Ihe arrival of
the .lap. No one will give him the
glad hand. When the Japanese and
Chinese begin to populate this land
of prosperity and happiness, it is
indeed a sad blow to this province.
"23" for the Jap.
Everyone gels the glad hand nt
Crothers mill—Japanese excepted.
Mrs. John Moore arrived in Cranhrook last week from Scotland. Her
husband met her at the station aud
accompanied ber to this place, where
they intend residing for a while.
Mrs. Moore reports a pleasant voyage all the way over, but the trip
was thoroughly enjoyed when sho
came inlo lhe Itockies ami says thai
although Scotland has a lot of
most beautiful scenery it cannot
compare with the scenery in Western
Canada. We welcome Mrs. Moore
among us and trust Ilia! she will be
happy a! Crothers mill.
st  Ciotliers  mill,
spol on earth.
It is     the
The province of     British Columbia
'has not lieen scratched so lar as de-
,r|V( velopmenl Is concerned, There is a
It great future iu store for the people
.of this province, and there is room
for hundreds nf thousands lo dovelopo
There will be a vast amount more]'1"1 mnrvelous resources of the coiiu-
uf mining in this district next, year.,rJ''
■than fur any year in lhe history   of ——
ihis scollon,    Mark what we say   on I   The wi-ekily papers of the west., and
ihis point. jthe daily ones as well, are publishing
  'a half column of fulsome praise nhout
There i.s no doubt bul lhat active a greal stove manufnrturcr, wfoo, ns
work wilt commence on Ito Kootenay a captain of industry iu Canada Ims
Central railway within a shnrl time, i mode millions. It is twenty to one
.mil there is also no doubl but that that llie article was sent out bv au
Crnnbrook will get a tllrccl benefit advertising agency to he published
from having absolute connection w.Hh gtatilinuslv because this great firm
that road. The people of lhe Win- has given 'lhe papers advertising at
deimeio valley have been anxious for   greaily reduced rates.    Jt is no won-
Caplalli Taylor, of this place, lelt
fm Altierla last week ou a business
trip fur lhe Crothers Lumlier company. Mr. Taylor wil! he
absent for a week    or ten days.
This i.s the lime of the year when
lhe evenings arc getting long ami
mosl everybody likes lo have some
good literature to read. The best
way lo secure Unit literature Is lo
subscribe for the Cranlirook Herald,
the best paper by lar in tbis part of
the country, and you will be sure of
getting a paper that there is no
red tape about, a paper that Is independent, a paper that is free from
tlie control of any government, a
paper that is a friend of the workingman, a paper that does nil in its
power to advance the best inlierests1
of this great province. We represent
a paper lhat Is worthy of tlie people's,
Say a good word for Crothers mill.
Editor, when aie we going   to
Ua:    proposed lake for    Cran*
Hill & Co. Possibly in their Last Struggle
TH B stringency in the money  market has affected the financial standing of all
people in business.   The banks of Canada and the United States are curtailing
credits and shortening loans.   Hill & Co. are no exception to this rule.    They
must raise money to meet the demands of their bankers.   That means that they
Must Raise the Cash
And there is only one way to do it.   That is to sacrifice profits and get below the cost
mark.   To accomplish this we will put on the greatest Sale ever known in the Kootenays,
Saturday, August 31st,
and there will be no let up in cutting prices until the demands of our bankers are
satisfied. We have worked hard to build up our business, but the condition of the money
market and our bank account make this sacrifice necessary to protect our interests.
Watch for our prices in the windows and on our counters. The cash must come, and the
way to get the cash at this stage is to give the people such bargains that they will feel
that they must buy. If this Sale is not satisfactory during the coming week, the knife
will go deeper, as we must raise the cash or lose all. We will not be undersold by anyone
and we invite comparison.   We have to-day the largest stock of
Ladies' and Men's Furnishings, Boots and
Shoes, and Furniture
In fact, anything that a lady or gentleman can wish for in the line of Wearing Apparel or
House Furnishings. We realize now that we have bought too much on credit, forgetting
that there is a day of reckoning. But our bankers have reminded us, hence our chase for
the almighty dollar.
We quote you a few prices as follows, which will largely govern :—
MEN'S  SUITS, reg. $18.00, will sell for    - - - $9.75
" " "    $12.50, " ... $6.50
" " •'   $10.00, " - - $5.50
BOY'S   SUITS,   reg. $8.00, will sell for     - - - $4.25
"    $6.00, ..... $3.35
The prices of Boots and Shoes will be cut in two. Men's Hats also to be sacrificed.
In fact everything in our store will be offered at prices never before quoted In the
Kootenay.   This Sale must appeal to the economical buyer.   Call and be convinced.
brook? There is no reason why the
lake should not lie started on at once
and the project carried through. We
have several good oarsmen in this
camp at present, and should the
lake scheme materialize we will have
Several of the best iu Canada. All
ready a couple of lhe hoys are making preparations to organize a boat
club and have written to the east lo
several hnathuildors to get figures on
lirst class racing shells.
e Crothers Lumber company
three of their employes to Phoo-
ercek last week to erect a ware*
e and lo put a luminal yard
t\ This company intends to do
ading business at. Ihat point and
all kinds of grain and feed ' ami
lumher iu exchange for It. This
company will be a branch of lhe
dironk trading company.
I lev, Mr, Taylor, of Cranbrook,
li.Id divine service at tbis place
Tuesday, the 3rd inst. Mr. Taylor
proposes conducting services at this
dace again on Soptemher 171h. We
trust the good work will continue.
Boost llie union label. The Herald
is a union paper wilh good union
Hurrah for Labor Dav in Cranhrook.
H it were not for the Herald
Crothers mill would not be on the
farmers au, harvesting
praiUie grain exceed    all
Winnipeg, Sept. II.—The hum of
binders can now be heard all ovoi
tbu prairie provinces and present indications are that the crop is far
ahead ot what il was generally supposed to Imi. lu parts nf Manitoba,
province in particular, the wheat Is
seen at its worst, many farmers having been obliged lo plow down their
crops, but only in a few localities.
A greatly increased area under wheat
anil a good average crop in Uie parts
not damaged, will bring the total
yield close to that of last year. A
late seeding was followed by an unfavorable summer ami even dining the
commencement of the harvest the
weather was not all that could Ih*
desired. However, during lhe last
few days' Ihe climatic conditions havn
in the southern extremity ol
the province taken a change
lor the better and now
the farmers arc working every
available lior.se and every available
binder practically night and day to
get tlm wheat cut before the early
fall frosts lower the grade. With the
increased price of wheat for this year
over last Hie farmers will receive
omethlng like 100 million dollars for
Iho wheat crop of 1907 from the
provinces of Manitoba, Alberta nnd
Saskatchewan. In the newly formed
province ol Alberta the wheat is a
record yield and less than 1 per cent
has    RuOered damage from all causes
and the winter wheal i.s exceptionally
prolille, proving beyond a doubt that
Alberta is destined to become oue of
Uie great winlur wheat growing
belts. Cats ami hai ley leave done
well all over the Canadian Nurlh west
and the crop will he the largest
in the history uf the country, owing
to the fact ihat because of the lat-
ness of seeding many farmers deeided
lo sow oats anil bailey entirely,
under the impression that wheat
would not mature. Threshing has
not yel. commenced but before Ihu
middle of the month it will he general, particularly in Alberta and lhe
mote advanced disirieis of Saskatchewan.
llossland, Sepl. fi—(leorge Agnew,
who a few monllis ngo brought au a1'*
lieu of slander against his pastor lias
evidently come In Uie conclusion Unit
discretion is the belter part of valor
and has today unconditionally sur-
rendenil by discontinuing his action
ami paying the defendant's eosls.
There is a keen feeling of satisfaction among nil classes of people over
llie complete vindication of Mr. Knox.
The Nat lteiss shows will he In
Cranbrook next Monday and will
give two performances. The date
was chiintfi'it ou account, of the damage done by the htavy storm at
Fernie last Tuesday.
Nelson  News:  W.    A.   Alisllo     and
(1. p.   Wells, the   present    and past
secretaries   of   lhe   Muunlalli   l.unihei
men's nssoiiiution,  returned  yesterday
from KdnnnitniiF where they had been
loi  i'he purpose of giving evidence al
Un* preliminary investigation ol   thu
case ihe province nf Alborln Ih    In-
sliiutiug   againsl    the   alleged cum
bine between the lumbermen ul   Uus
province and retailers uf Uu- prairie
Mr. Anslic is Indignant at the way
Mr. Wells and himself were lie.iled
hy the Edmonton press, which, he
charges, suppressed material evidence
in reporting tho trial. The A. P,
report' which appeared in The Dally
News was fair as far as it, went.
What Mr. At is tie complains about is
that while the crux nf the whole
charge was all alleged combine ou tin-
part of the Mountain Lumbermen's
association and the Alberta ltet.it>
Lutoher Dealers' association for    Um
|first to sell lumlier to none oilier
than members of the latter, his
sworn testimony on this point was
utterly   disregarded.      lie    test Hied
| tbat. about onc-lhird of the retail
dealers of Alberta were nnn-membei s
.ol lhe retail association hut thai llm
j Mountain lumbermen had sold in
members and non-members impartially.
( This important part of the testimony, which was nlso corroborated
by Mr. Wells, was entirely ignored by
I the Edmonton press. THE   ( RANIinooK   III.UM.D
FRIDAY, aoth, and SATURDAY, 21st instant
******************************** ************—******************;
New Millinery in all its
ihu- Mllliiior, Mlsa Rouo, luia jiiBt arrived Irom
llm markets wilh 11 iirolimlon nf llm Iiiii'". Ideas
in tin, Millinery worlil.
Novolty f lrliiiii|ilinii.!
N„l nnly in Ilif niw.,1 ln'ii'. lull llu1 be». Ih
hi'lr,  nli.l   not   Hilly   nil  Hull,   l»ll   |irLi>» Ilif
beyond iill iloubt reWsnnnble.
You ur,' »|,,',iiilly Invlloil I,, ini-i I mil' H'.m'k.
Friday, 20th
Saturday, 21st
,,  i,
New Fall Garments
<i|iell,'il   tl|>,  lieyiillil   UoUbt   lllll    lilli'i.! Iltll.ll  ol
gnrn.uiitfl over shipped in Cranbrook.
Wo nui. ibe moHt critical lasto,
Boo llm " new pla.d effect. "  in lilt, THREE-
Bee .In' latest in BLACt: ami m.uii chiffon
See nut il|, In iln.u   Stock   ill   LAUIGS' SKIRTS.
Special Display ol Dress Goods and SilKs
Reid Block - - CRANBROOK
Next week wh will upen up mil' first co.isign.nont of 1!K)7
Fall and Winter Shoes
These will comprise some of thi' latest, ueweBt ami
most "eliio " styles inaili'.    It will pay you to wait.
|i G. T. Rogers
♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦«
Fancy uud Staple Groperlwi    t >
IIII.I I r.U'ri.'l'.V, AlittH, UIOVPK,       •  >
Hon'* A Sillied.  I'niitliroiik
B. B. B. Pipes
Peterson Pipes
G. B. D. Pipes
My Stock is Complete
n. .1. Elmer, nt KlnRsgstn,   is   in
ilir city today.
Solicitor '.nul bas irluimil Irom a
fill   1,,  S|i„K'nlll'.
[Inventor Hanson, n't Wnn, was  i"
Hi,' rily lusl. Momlay nml Tuesday
"Kootcuay" when you want a
i.m,.'.    "Nun 8iUil."-l'almoro Bros.
.Iniiii l.rask li-li mi Tuesday l"i
tlie coast unit expels In lio w1iso.it
alinnl tin ilays.
WANTED Tn RENT—Kour or I'm'
ilium rottago, irnitilrc ul ofliee nf
Knis.  Investment Company. *-ri
Mis Oliver Hiiiri' loll tm Spokane
l.ttl Monday mi receipt nl Ilir news
ili.it Mi. Ilni.u' was mil ,,s woU.
Ilfinfiiil.fi llial Hf firemen's carnival   Ii.f Iffii postponid mini   iii'vl
\l In)  uli.ii Nnt Ifclss' bIioks   will
,:iu- i»<> performances.
Don't fniKi't llial slioo sale, whore a
in si class sii,,,' can In' secured Inr
yl 75. Iihi|i in uml sn' litem. Ymi
will lie sitllsfleil.—0. I'. S.
'I'ln' Herald ollice Ims lieu mnklmc
soino Itnprovemeitfs Hie final mmitli
ilini will mid very mueh in Uio general npiicni'iiiieo nt Hie ollice.
Tlie well known ' Si.nsliiiu'" furnace
Is deservedly the must popular furimcc
snlil iii Canada today, 'Tliore's n
reason." iturus eoal, coke nr wood.
—Kur sale liy Patmore Urns.
Kiaiil, liinin. mu' nf Hie despatchci'B
nil llli' .'. P. ... nl lliis point, lliis
gono tn Monlaiin lu Inuk alter Hie
.'■'H'-'iiu'iil. 0f an estate nl nn old
lit nl nl liis wlio diitl a few uiutitlis
N. ('. McKlnstry was compelled lo
ii'tiirii tn tlie hospital again nn ac-
I'uunt nf llm serious tin lure ot Ills
hiilld, wliieli lias lien giving liim
trouble ihi account ot lilnml poisoning,
Iml is gelling along nicely now anil
will lie out (Ills week.
William Small lias 1)1.0,1 unpointed
iiiuiii locomotive foreman at tbe
Cranlirook 0. P. It. simps. Tills is
a |ili,iiii,lii,n Hint is u ili'servod oue
uml is also nne Unit, will moot Willi
Hie hourly approvul of every railway
man on tbo division.
.Miss Wiidilell, Selkirk, Man., is
visiting with Mrs. I'nulden.
II. A. Ayres. of Moyie, was in
town the lirst nf the week.
Thomas Radcr, ot Mbyte, wns ia
Ihe city several days this week.
K. C. Malpas and family have gone
to the const tor a few wiH'ks visit.
(leiirge Qcary und .lack Thompson,
nf Knit Steele, came over last Sunday.
.1. .1. Fllipntrlck, nf Marysville,
wns a guest al llm Cosmopolitan
lusl Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Parker are nut for a
two weeks camping trip fnr their
holiday vacation.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. .1. Atchison, Miss
Ethel McKay nml Mr. nml Mrs. K.
E. Simpson visited Wild Horse Inst
UriimiiiluT .h.it the Firemen's carnival hns been postponed until next
Monday when Nnt Heiss' slmws will
f.ive tun performances.
Don't forgot that shoe sale, wliero a
first il.iss stun- inn he secured for
._ 75. limp in uml see Ihem. Ynu
w.ll   In- s.lllsliisl -('.  I'.  S.
Mis, a. I,. McDermot nnil her
mother, Mis. Charles Magco, lmve
rolurncd trom nn oxtendod visit with
relatives in Eastern Canada nml llm
Eastern Slates,
Frank Foley mini' up Irom Creston
Hm other il.,v to ink.' charge nf T.
Snuiirs barber shop whllo Uml.
gentleman took a vacation unit indulged in somo (lslibig.
Wo mi' solo agents fnr Hie celebrated slows nml lunges made by
lhe McClary Manufacturing oom-
iimiiy A largo stock just in. Will
|li,'   plenscil     in show you.—Patmoro
I The l-'inst Investment company are
.now [iropnrcd in devote mnre lime
in sales nl land nml will devote moro
imn' in ibis In.,mil nf Hm business
Mn lhe liiturc You will Mini un ad-
lvprlincin.nl in tins issue bearing
upon this point,
I    Mis   Hislop mf s Hm llernld (If,.
she will m,I leave Cranbiook lor
'somo tunc yel. us Mi    Hislop    Ims
been unnblo i,, secure u homo in
lEnderliy, owing   In llm scarcity    of
hniis.'s. nnil Hint she will eniilimui
lui music work here.
I A. W. McVittie, nl Nelson, is In
tlm clly nml   will remain until alter
lhe completion nf Hm ennl nil Innd
fuses, which ure set ny?n,in fnr the
' liili nl lllis month. Mr. McVittie is
mm nl Ibe important witnesses in
Uml controversy, and owing lo the
fuel Ihnl he wus imnlllc In In' here at
Hie firsl silting wns the reason nf
il,e postponement.
cry please:
The Rev. Itnlmrl .Johnson, D. 1Y,
pastor nf lhe American Presbyterian
chiiii'h nf Munlreii'l. will be in' t'ran-
brook nn Sunday next and will
pleach in Knox ehureh morning and
evening, The American church ot
Montreal is one of Ihe ablest supporters of mission work in Canada
nnd llr. Johnson is now nn his way
east, afler visiiing various mission
fields in Hie west. A cordial in-
vilulimi is extended tn nil Interested
iu mission wnrk In be present nt Uie
service next Sunday.
' Amiiinl of the Victoria Exhibition
Victoria, 11. ('.. Sept. 2llb tn 98.li,
lhe 0, P. It. will make Iho lollowing
reduced round trip rale trom Cran-
hrook, l_;i.li... Tickets on sale
.nth in -llh, good In return October
:ti'il, lor the provincial exhibition at
New tt'cslwluster, Del. I, 2, ,1, I and
5, Itmiiiil trip rate from ('ranbrook,
III.III. Tickets nn sale Sent, 37.li
.0 (lot. .'led, good In return .let. ll.Hi.
Th'se ure nice cheap rules to Hie
const, ""md nip tickols ut less than
single tare. Call on local agent tor
.1. A. Harvey has gone lo Victoria on legal business.
I'tiniee bunch nf steel's Inr sale.
Apply to W. W. Taynton, Windermere, H. (.'. 21-11
WANTED—Engineer fur third-class
saw mill plant. Apply Hox "0",
Crnnbrook, ... C.
E. .1. and II. Clayton, nf Marvsville, were registered nt lhe Cosmopolitan on Tuesday.
Robort Lillle and Walter Van-
Arsdulcn, of Fort .Steele, were In
town last Tuesday.
Mrs. William Cameron is visiiing
friends in Calgary and expects lo be
absent tor several weeks.
•I. M. Boyd, western representative
nf Hie Manitoba Free Press, was In
Ibe eily several days this week.
Mrs. Krapfel, nf Klko. uml Mrs.
Taylor, nf St. Louis, were guests nf
Mr. uml Mrs. ('. I.. Reid insl week.
W. A, Sinclair, nf Dundns, Ont.,
brolhci in-law of I'. Harris, has come
here In take n position us engilmo. on
lhe Crow.
W. Frank Murphy, representing the
Magnolia Metal company nf Montreal, made Hie Herald ofliee n short
call  lust week.
Master Mechanic Woodhotise, nf
Cnlgary, wns in llm cilv several days
ihis week nn liusiiiess connected with
llis depurlnieiit.
Remember Hint Hie Firemen's carnival    hns heen postponed until    next
Monday wl  Nul Rclss' .shows   will
give two performances.
An adjournal meeting of llm gulf
Hub will he held ut the club house
next Saturday afternoon. Tea will
he served liy lhe ladles.
llnul forget Ihnl shoe sale, where a
first-class shoe can be secured Inr
Si T.i. Drop in .uul sec ihem. You
W-..1I he satisfied —c. C, s,
ih,' lieense commission Imhl a
meeting yesterday   nml    granted    a
transfer nf tlm     | us,. „f ||„. Royal
hotel trom I.   It   VnnDeca ''r.ii.k
H  VanDecar. •
\. I'. Ilnwness nml his lamily hnve
returned from iheir trip to ' thole
former home in Prince Edward ls-
l.iiul. nlier spemlin.
summer holidays.
i'. . (raskt.1 left Ihis week for a
nip in the nnrlh country nml will gn
in hy wny nf Vslmrnfl, ' Mr. OnsVlll
is Interested in Umber limits in Hint
country nnd goes fnr lhe purpnse ot
looking over Ihem.
ltcv. Roberl Held, nt Wnlln Walla,
Wash., brother ol Messrs. W. T. Rood
uml Charles Held nt this city, has
luvii transferred in Lcwiston, Idaho,
where lie will lmve charge ot Hie
Methodist church ot that city.
II is u lillle  Mv hut vet nullum lull eiiil nf llm storm on lhe
prairie reached Ihis fur nnd iis force
wus .soon expended, it, is hard to
llll Hm hnnniin hell wilh a snow
sinrin Hns lime uf the year,
lies Pletio, nu employe nt the
Murysvlllo smeller, dlcil lusl evening
nl load iinisnning ul llm bowels and
will im bui'lcd tomorrow afternoon at
I o'clock Irmn the Roman
CntlroUc church. The remains nre ill
charge ut Imli'itnkei llenlty, who
uili dlreel  llm lunernl.
Frank B. VanDecar relumed from
Cnlgary ycslcidoy where he went to
dispose of some Interests Hint lie bud
in Uml eily, mid snvs Unit now    ho
llns his other Interests settled     und
I will he nble in devote his entire at-
lentlrai in ihe management of the
Royal  hotel.
Joseph Ryan met wilh » painful
accident lusl Saturday evening. Mr.
Ryan bud just returned Irom n   liur-
|iiid trip tn Wurdner anil in jumping
nil a     freight     train nl Hie station
'Hint wns'in motion, he slippitl aud
fell and dislocated his elbow. Drs.
King nnd Oreen were called upon to
set the injured member, and Mr.
Ryan is doing as well ,is could he expected under the circumstances'.
' Died, ul Hie St. Eugene hospital.
Sunday night ut 12..ill, of typhoid
fever,   Kenneth    Andrew     McDonell,
[aged IH years. Tlio deceased was
cur checker tor Hie C. P. R. at
Kingsgate and three weeks previous
to bis death came In Cranbrook locl-
i ing very sick. He was Inkui at once
In llm ' hospital and an examination
showed tlml he was suftering with a
severe attack uf typhoid fever.
Everything possible wns done for
the young ninii, but llu- disease lind
to deep u Imhl nml when his heart
failed bim death soon followed. Tiie
deceased was a brother ol .lohn Mo-
IU'wII, one of tlie despalchcrs in llm
Cranbrook ollice, who accompanied tho
remains to Ihe old lamily home lu
i.Hilliu, ..nt., where tbey will bo interred.
i Furnished bouse, three rooms, lor
sale, in north part of town. * lot,
cash.     Mrs. Smoke. 22-tt
' Remember that the Firemen's carnival hns lien postponed until next
Monday when Nat Heiss' shuws will
give two performances.
1 IVANTED—A girl to do general
housework. Applv to Mrs. Jas. II.
Caslake.     Box 5, Cranhrook, B. C.
I 21-.t
I Don't torgot that shoe sale, where a
first-class shoe cau be secured fnr
13.75. Dmp iu and sco tbem. Ymi
will Im sulislied.-C. C. S.
' FOR SALE—Good wnnd in stove
lengths. Hi Inches long. Apply in
Nortli Star Lumber company, phone
152, oi Percy Haywood, I' 0 Box
141. 25-31
I Wo have customer f»i "mall ro
sldenoe, Dakei Hill pretirntl Price
rlgbrt. Ala.i want i.m* »-i '■'■■>> viicant
I..is -Tin* Frost Invr liiiciil r.»,
1 Noll MiLeod Curran, <-f Uio Nmili
Si.u iiiini*, went in Medicine Uul 11ns
week io tee bis littli* daugbtt'i nil lor
Toronto, wliero sto will uttfiul sclrool
iiu* coming yeal.
I Tbt* Patrbanks-AIorso gnsulino en-
"L-inu is bocomliiK very jioiiui.ti vvbero
power is iMWleil, It is tbe iii»ln*sL
liiiitle obtiunabU-, ami iti tc ....tn/iil ;is
Uie standard.—Koi halt* bj Patmoro
A   lady  |iiisscnj_;el' otl   llu* Snn-Spnk-
atio train gave birth to •> baby boy
un the train going w*-^ on Tuesday last. Tbe unit lief and child
wore doiiiK well when Ihey riachiHt
\V. T. Heid has secured desk room
in the ollice ol Arnold A Roberts,
where he will be pleased to meet any
ol those owing liim an account. Air.
lleid will lie at bis new quarters after
the first of the week.
I Shake bands with tbe visiting edi-
lors when ynu see tbem. They will
be wen ting badges so ihal ymi' will
know llu*m when you see tbem, and
then their InteHigenl countenances
will tell ibe lab* without llie Imilgo.
(Tint McDonald has bought out Mr.
Smith's fruit stand and will move
the same to the store loom now occupied by W. II. Wilson, as soon as
Hie latter moves into his new build-
fng. Mr. McDonald will then "pen
up a full line nl tobaccos and cigars
iu connection witb his fruit tine.
' The Claman Comedy company
opened a four nights engagement at
llie new opera house ou Saturday
owning last presenting "Down on the
Farm," io a good bouse. On Monday evening tbe inelo-tli'umn "Wedded
Hut No Wife" was presented and on
Tuesday "Littlo Lord Faiinteloroy"
was- the Iiill. Last evening the
eompany closed its engagement here
with "East Lynne" a play that always takes with Cranlirook theatie-
goers, to a fair house. The company
lias no particular stars, each and
every performer being «, star In bis
or ber particular line. High class
specialties were Introduced between
ails. Tbe eompanv lefl mi today's
Flyer fm* llie States'.
William Rollins lMid Cleorgc Col-
vlllo returned last Sunday irom a
iiu it: months! nip through the wilds
of the northwest, Along the line    of
Uw Grand Ttunti   routu.     Tlwy had a
strenuous trip and experiences enough
lo hist tbem fnr some lime, hut
nevertheless a very ("ood time.
Speaking of the country Mr. Rollins
says that there is ipiite a lot nf very
good Umber and in some portions oi
the country tine land for agricultural
purposes, This season there have
been hundreds of men iu that country
slaking timber and laud, and there is
very 'little left unslaked any wliero
near the line nf railway. Mr, Rollins
toots us if be bad enjoyed Hie best of
health, and savs lhat be is glad to
gel hack to good old Cranbrook mil
see bis [fiends here onee more.
II. L. Stephens, the well known
Calgary hotel man, is iu tbe eity
looking after vegetable supplies for
the winter for   his two   hotels,   ami
'.isMing friends. Mr. Stephens says
that business iu Calgary has been
unusually good in every line for thu
past six in.mills ami that there is
every reason to believe that the city
' will experience great growth ami
prosperity during tbo coming decade.
Referring to the bard storm that
swept over the province since he left
home, Mr. Stephens says that in
some localities Hie crops may he
badly damaged, but that the increased acreage this year and the fact
that in Southern Alberta and in
many portions of tbe northern part
tho wheat was cut before Ibe storm,
will give to tho province a most successful agricultural year.
i Alex. Moffat and the Misses Moflats
expect lo leave Cranhrook Iho lirst of
the mouth for Harrison, H. C,
where Mr, Moffat lakes a responsible
posilion with a large lumber company. It will seem strange tn have
ibe Moffat family living elsewhere
than Cranhrook, Mr. Moffat is one
nf llm early pioneers of this town,
hatf'ng conic licre ten years ago with
Mr. Leltch, who started lhe first saw
mill of anv slao in tho district. During all ot these vears Mr. Moffat has
been wilh tho different companies that
Mr. Leitch has managed in the capacity of hookVeeper and secretary of
the companies. In social matters
Mr. Moffat and bis daughters have
taken n prominent part, and lhe family will to sadly missed hv their
many friemls iu Cranbiook, who will
join with the lleralil in wishing
tbem   eviiy   happiness   in   their      new
A traveler who maW*s trips thnl
kei'p him away from homo four ami
five months al a time, having a territory that extends front ocean to
ocean, was in lown last week and
found out- that be was mil of a particular brand of smoking tobacco, lie
was lamenting bis misfortune tn a
fellow drummer, and was nsked if ho
had 1riivl to get anv iu Cranhrook,
"J3osh, what is tbe use of trying to
get Hait hi a town of Ibis size. Tho
tobacco I smoke Is a costly Imported
brand. I will have to wait until I
get to Vancouver." Ho was advised
to go up street, to Mighlon's and lo,
and behold he found just what he
Wanted, and some other tobacco as
well. "There Is the best stock ol
tobaccos 1 have seen since I left
Montreal," said the traveler when
be returned to lhe hotel. I don't see
how he makes It pav in a town like
Ihis." "It is because he carries such
a Aim* stock that lie makes it pay,"
remarked a man standing near, "f he
people of Cranbiook and this 'district demand the best and Sam Mlghton gives them the host in the tobacco Une."
The Nat Heiss shows had a hard
time of il at Fornlu on Tuesday when
the big storm came up. One of Uie
Lents ami considerable of Llieir mag-
uiliceiii scenery was destroyed h\
wind, rain, hail and snow, ami lhc
snow ou Hie other tents was so thick
and lio/.tu Uiat it was Impossible to
lake ilii'iu down until tTioy bad thawed oul so that iu folding ito canvas
it would not he torn ami broken, For
mis reason the dates ilxod for Crnnbrook bad lo be cancelled aud the
dale llxed tor their appearance in
this city changed to Monday nexl.
I'hey will have llieir scenery all repainted liy thai time and llieir canvas in good shape and will put ou
two perliirmances in Cranbrook, but
owing to the delay will not be aide
lo remain only lhe one day. Tin'
reports of all the pajH'is give the
shows (he highest of praise, and those
who have seen Hie combination, unite
in saving lhat il is hy far the best
Uiat ' has ever been through Western
Canada. The show carries 2to
people and never fail lo givo satisfaction,
Hernfter copy for changes of
advertisements must be in Uie
Herald office by Tuesday noon of
each week, ur Ads. will nut be
changed. This rule will positively
be enturced without exception.
Dr. ami Mrs. F. W. Qreen and tho
Misses urceu leu today (or Spokane
loi a visil, Miss Urceu win ■;«, on
tt. , iciotia ii.nn there,
lim. i i..i_;.'i thai shor sale, whn,' ..
.: ..i.     liroj mil sh- them.    Vuu
w ,11  In- n.iIisii.iI.—L\ C.  S.
w I*, 'i.n.-, ih" jeweler, has Ian.
ma Sing smoe usieiiMVe iiupiuvemeius
in  lus  si.nr   lu  keep  Up   .Mill   l..e    in
crcuMi in ins business.     .\ new  mir-
loi Unci, last- lias liicii put lino his
Window ih.it nut nnly amis in iuc
m-.iuiy    ni     Uu-    nrrungenu ni,    nm
thieves ii)ini; in pi.b'i 11uiu mu Uis-
iiia> in tne taimluw, Ih- inlenoi ol
tin wiutu has been greail) improveu
ti\ im- changing ol tbo lwo great
i.iscs un hulmiig sii vet an.l cul glass
io locations Llial gives Uiose who
visit the sluie a much I'ctlei opportunity lo view lue slui-h. .\ii. 'late is
«h,' pioneer /cadet oi uus eily auu
during Ui- years that be has been
here ue has never failed to u,vp faiili
wilh ibe peuple, and his wold has
been as good as tl buiul ou every
statement ho has made in regard to
bis goods. That is why his liusiiiess
uecps increasing iu such a s.itisiac-
tory manner.
Next Sunday will he Harvest Festival Sunday' al the Methodist
church. The building will be decorated throughout with fruits, vegetables aud llowcrs, and the pastor invites contributions of these from all
wlto can possibly assist; any garden
produce will he welcome ami no offering will hu reganled loo small for
acceptance. In the case of any specimen vegetables or fruits, u card
will bo attached where desired, saying by whom grown. Corn ou lhc
stalk ami grain are especially requested.
'the goods sent to tbe Festival will
he sold on the evening of .Monday iu
the gymnasium, and the men's bible
class will run a refreshment counter.
Preserved fruits and homo made
bread wiil be among the good things
sent, even young chicken arc on tlie
list of promises. If the weather is
at all favorable the collection nt garden produce will he well worth seeing, as most of ito principal growers
have been asked io assist.
Special singing will be a feature
iluring the day, uud the choir will
probably be augmented for the occasion. To aid the ushers iu their
duties members aud regular attendants are requested to take their seals
earlier than usual.
Tbe church will be open all dav ou
Saturday lo receive ito gifts, ami th ;
committees will be at work early In
the afternoon.
.lohn F. Cbummings, of Fort
Steele, lost his life by drowning last
Sunday afternoon in attempting to
ford a brunch of the Kootenay river
to au island just, above the lown. The
unfortunate man was riding bis horso
without a saddle and evidently got
Into a deep hole tbat makes the
place so dangerous. No one saw
bim drown, but his horse, dog aud
coat was found a short ways down
tin* stream by parties who bad been
told by bis wife Uiat she thought it
strange that her husband bad not
returned as he hatl promised to hu
hack iu a short time. A searching
party was formed ami the banks of
1h- rivet examined fnr some distance
below Hie island but no trace of the
body was discovered, On Momlay
with dynamite and drag hooks, everything possible was done by tbe citizens lo recover tlie body Irut without
success. Yesterday a numlier of
Indians wero secured and they will
make a tlmrough search for somo
miles below where tlie accident occurred.
Tin* deceased leaves a wife and     mir
voung child, and his unfortunate death
iias cast a gloom over tlie town of
Fori Steele, where ho was a general
favorite. John Reid, of this town,
for many years a very Intimate friend
of the deceased, as soon as be
heard of the accident went lo Foil
Sleele and did alll in his power lo
ass-ist in tbe search for the body. It
is a strange co-liicldeneo ihat Cham-
m ngs was drowned at lhe same
place as Karl Mather two years ago
and in the same manner] as both
were fordiiiR the river to the island
in search ot Mrs. Leavitt's cows.
Lost, ladies gold watch, hunting
iCiise; monoKram ".I. K. N." aud in-
'serthed inside. Howard if returned
lo Ihis office.
Owing to ill health I will lease the
Perry Creek hotel and ranch, or the
hotel alone, For terms write O. A.
Hinge, Cranbrook, U. C , or call at
tho bote).
Rambling Reveries
Di.l you ever realize that nothing on
earth ean^inile but a human being.
> .ems. may ilasn reflected ligut, hut
wnat is a diamond Hash.' A taco that
not blossom, ami dies upon tbe sialic.
-ULTJ      jt-llt   (Mill   li   U-jJI   s.   .l[|lu,S    lOUIIIM
Uaughtoi is day ami sobriety is nighl,
..n.l a smile is the twilight Uiat nu\-
■ :-. .-cum between bun, and more uc-
witeiiiug Uuu either.
Good wiws uiu better conservators
oi ine puuiiu peace and molality Ulan
ptilnvui.-n. pi.,mi statutes, anil ail the
terrors ut Ua* law, Let a man ue
inns nome .tiicnuieti, and have an interest in lt house and lot, and except
iu* is i.t.iit.tiiy bad, In* Occoiucs a
seil-appointiM guardian of the peace
ami oi public morals.
One drop    "I  lui*.      will  blacken     a
wtiulu gtu&s iiiii oi imn- waler. Su
win one cul comiuunie'allou make the
wuule world loul Uuwaiu oi those
.ui wi.ius. iou luiyht di..j. man),
..I.iu\ urops oi pure water mio iuu
Uiiuiiici, nut ii would have no    per-
ccpiioio imiuei.ee. So ll will take
Lhodsniids ol good precepts ami ^uutl
instructions tu iuoi out uus one evil
Don'l harp on past troubles. When
we sec a pale neHuiis Wutiian iu the
m.ilst oi ner mends picierriug to
entertain tbem with a list of the
lacuna pains sue has sullered lo a
sauntci .ii Uod s tree air ami _,uu-
stuuo, we cannot wonder inal the luse
returns not to hei blanched encctt.
rtny is it mat to some these memories are very meat .nul drinit? Lliey
consume inom, tne littler agony i:»
acied over ami over again, iuu tears
unite shed, the place cherished where
cu  a dreailiul      thiug occulted, the
,ii   l.inillj   potted    llial   tells ul    the
mosl taial kmlc.
Profanitj never did auy man the
IcasL goon. .So mau is ine aicher,
tue Happier, or wiser lor it. Ji
cumuienus no one lo any society. H
is disgusting to the iciuied, ahuiii.lt-
able lo the good, insulting to those
wnh whom we associate, degrading
io the mind; uuprolitable, f.eedu..:,
an.l Injurious iu socieij. \ uuug
man, don l to profane.
Lost wealth may be restored by initially, tbe wrecK ul health regained
hy      temperance,  loiguttcn  knowledge
restored ny study, alienated irunj-
iiip smoothed into forgetlulncss; even
lorieited reputation recovered by penitence, but who ever again looked
upon his vanished hours, recalled his
slighted yens, stamped tbem with
wisdom, or effected Irom heaven's re-
eurd the learlul blot ul wasted time'
Women would be better ami happier
if men loved tbem belter and weie
more Hue to them. ll man would
slnve as hard to make home happy as
ihey ilo lu seek happiness elsowacre,
the woild wuuld to better. Huuu d,,
tome when men admit U.e power, the
worth ol women. Nut in sunshine so
much as in shade ami storm. When
engrossed with   business and rolling
un the sea of success we too ulteu
loigel the ones without whom life
would be a blank, and only tty io the
havens ut shelter—the love aud gentle
caresses uf women—wlun the waves
are high and lo remain abroad is iu
You Hi    and   ago   have too little
sympathy  with each other, if     Uiu
young     would     remember Uiat they
may he old,   and the ol.l remember
ihat they have heen youu^, the world
would he happier,
The memory of early happiness is a
tleasure-huiisu of sweet eoiulorts. its
pure, simple, earnest juys become
wells to draw from whenever wc su
down in thirst and weariness by the
dusty highway ot life. 01 this one
good lhe world can never defraud us.
The sunshine-in those days reaches
across our little stretch ol life, and
mingles its rays with those that
beam from the heaven of our hope.
The actual present uf the adult lite,
ami the materials which enter into it,
arc made up, mote than we generally
suppose, of reminiscence. Ue ruminate like the vine. We lay up in lhe
receptacles of memory abundance of
undigested material thai we recall
aud appropriate io our refreshment
and nourishment; and this process of
reminiscence, nf living over again,
grows upon us as we glow into years,
until at last it becomes our all. Kx-
hausted power has no it-source bul lo
dwell upon its old play and its old
achievements. How sad he is who
c.iii never recall a period when his
life was filled witb sweet and simple
satisfaction. When a kind and loving
mother read aloud to the familj
the rambling reveries depart ment
from the columns of this paper.
Many an unwise parent works bard,
and lives sparingly all bis I'.fe for
lhe purpose uf leaving enough lo give
his children a start iu the world, as
it is called. Setting a voung man
afloat with money lelt him by his
relatives, is like tying a bladder under the aims of one who cannot
swim; len chances lo one he will
li.se Uie bladder and go tu the bottom. Tench him to swim and be
will not need the bladder. Give
your child a muni education. See to
ii ihat his morals arc pure, his mind
cultivated, and his whole nature
made subservient io the laws which
govern man, and you w.ll have given
what will be nf more value than tbe
wealth uf the indies. You have giv-
fii bim a start which no misfortune
can deprive him of. The earlier you
teach him to depend upon his own
resources and Iln* blessings of Ood,
the better.
A taste for good reading has long
been observed as one of the most effectual safeguards to young men
against vice and crime. Iu the first
place, it serves tn givf employment in
those hours of leisure and freedom
from work which would lie likelv
otherwise to be worse than wasted.
To the ynung man who lias no taste
lor reading, the evening hours become
londed wilh temptation. It is tire-
Rome to sit moping hy the stnve, and
he naturally drifts tn tho-street or
the end I aide. There be finds others like himself, with vacant hours
to while away and thus grow up
those habits and associations whieh
■a.on eventuate lu dissipation or lead
to ciime.     Wc doubt if one Ins tti
in a   thousand    can to   found of
ynung   man's making   shipwreck
hopes and character    who    was
customed In spend    bis evenings
homo reading good books; and wo
io any    parent   Uiat a   well stoc
library and  an  abundant   supply
ne*..spapeis and magazines, with
habit of reading un ihe part of   y
buy, is worlh more to keep him'
of mischief, and to nuke a man
him. than any other   simile indue
at ynur command.
Has any one ever wondered wh\ the
nitiiihei luur is iuvariahl) written as
mi. on tne dims ut clocks, white
e.inwiicic else iu Roman uunracicrs
it appears as IV;
iKiiu ii.o Henry Vick, one of the
nisi iu.im.-is ui ciucks, produced an
i.auui.ite   clock    much     resembling
lhose ol  today, and gave it   lu L'nai-
les \. ui France, who was called thu
vuii*.       Charles was   not   a learned
mail, was proud and niuidinatt-h  sen-
live mi some stibjiits.     He acvepl-
i the clocs, and    shortly afterward
ick appeared al   the   cuurt to    seu
now   tne timepiece Was luuuilig.
•Yes, ' said the King, ' the doc.*i
tuns well, ' hut being anxious lo lind
some fault with a Hung he Knew
thing about, he continued, "'Iho
only trouble is that you have got the
iiguies on the dial wrong."
"In     what   wav,    your   majesty,"
iskcd Vick.
"Why,   stupid,"    replied  the  King,
'that lour siiouid be four ones."
"I thuia   vour   majesty is wrong,"
•aid Vick.
•'i am never wrong'" thundered tho
nonarcti.      "Take   it awa)   aihI cored the error."
\ ick   toos  the cluck, and,  not daring to  disobey   his     royal     patron,
changed the    Human   numerals      to
l\. to llll ,    and to    this    da)   tho
ehaugu remains.
A i'i 11. T   RESORT
A nervous looking man w.-nl into A
tou* recently ami sal down loi au
lout oi so, when the clerk asked, him
f there was anything he could Uo for
nm. He said, "No, he didn t want
anything. He w*ent away and ho
sat tot au houi longer, when ihe
■>iui>rietui went to him aud asked
ai it lie wanted to be shown anything. 'Nu,' said lhe nervous man,
• I just wanted to sit around. My
physician has recommended muet fur
me, and he says abuve all things 1
iiuuld .iwnl being in a crowd. Noticing that yuu do not advertise m lhe
newspaper,' 1 thought this would be
as quiet a place as 1 i.uuld lind, so 1
jUSl   dlup|K*d   111       lot   a   teW   hours   of
Frost Investment Co.
List I'f propertv    ofieied  fur sale by
Real Ksta'te and Rentals
li.n acres uu Kootenay rivet near
Internationa] Hound., ry, excellent
^rain land \wth*_*ut irrigation, 2
miles irom iu*n, good soil, lays.
nearly level, one h.»it prairie balance
covered with scattered timber, can
be irrigated if needed fur truii or
urain raising. Price, ts per acre, 1-j
cash. Balance yearly, ur will ex-
ci.aiur for Cranbrook city property.
500 acre Lay farm. One of Uie best
in Fast Koutenaj, 3UU acres natural
meadow, heavy black soil, t clear,
..alulae has some scattered brush, 5
miles from town, good outside range,
iui l-uildiirgs, spring waler. If looking for a money maker investigate
this. Price, Mv per acre, ,2 cash.
Balance in yearly payments.
G10 acres wild land on St. Marys
Prairie, about IJ miles from Cran-
br.iok, i miles from Marysvilb*, lays
slightly -nihil.-. i_ov*d toil, will make
..'oml tiiversiiied farm. Price, ii per
ade     Easy terms.
ISO acre slightly improved farm ou
K-R-tenav river, i mile from station,
beautiful location, TO acres iu
timothy, $1S00 house, go<-d barns,
etc., full set implements, i horses. 30
head of cattle and all household
goods go with place, a money maker
from !!;•■ >.i-a:i.. JS.000. Reasonable
280 acres wild land on Kootenay
river, 200 acn*s low bottom land, excellent for limoUiy, good deep soil,
mj .ores bench land, covered with
june timber which goes with land,
Kood outside ranzt*. This will make
a nice place for div.-rsifu*d fanning.
Price, Hi per acre, 1 cash. Balance
Three residence lots on H-tker Hill,
best location i" city, lay high, east
front, stumps cleared, beautiful location lor home. Price, i;f taken soon,
Three room house, close in, lot 33
feet front, house nicely finished inside, in good repair. Rents for MG
per month.     A snap at $550.
Crnnbrook, B  c
Real Estate ..mi Rentals
(Gratuato Toronto Conservatory of
Music.   Teacher's Diploma)
Telephone 103
Ki'piiiriiiL' a Specialty
Aiki'iib lilni'k. Cranbrook
The Urnllng I'ruit Store
llilll ..ITI.KS
II.VZI.Ktmiili .OK IHK...M
, 1   STUWAIIT'S FINK ('.lorul.ATI'.s
I'hoiie 75 ArniHtrnin; Ave, THK   CBA~~nUOOK.-*~U:KALD
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
(Krom our own correspondent)
Allan Tahiti   left  fol   Spokane     (his
week where he has secure*! n position.
Hob (Iray was in Cranbrook this
week <>ii business.
Mr. McConnell, pastor of the Presbyterian church here, left for (Hand
I'mis last Monday to at lend Ihe
meeting ol the Presbytery, which   is
li.ui- held there Ihis week
It. II- Hohart was in Kernie last
Kl nla; ou business.
All exchange In speaking of a deceased citizen said: Wc know him as
nld Ten Per Cent, the more he had
Tlw less- he spent; the molt* be gnt
Hu*  less he  lent,   he's .lead,   we don'l
know where ho went, hul if his soul
t>. heaven is sent, he'll own the
harps and charge 'em rent.
Dancing seems to he the order ol
ihe day here. Another dance was
given by the bovs lasl Friday evening iu the Library hall. All roport
a good time.
Mr. Prank ltii.1 lefl last Friday for
Nelson, It. (\, In accept n position
When you hear a man Impugning
lhe honor of his fellows, or claiming
thai chastity is n name only and
virtue    an    unknown  quantity iu
woman, nice (he moral leper a wide
berth. "As a man thinkelh iu bis
own heart sn he is," It is always
the scoundrel who wishes In see everv
tiling brought down ln his own dead
level,      who cynically  sneers  nt, goi»d
and sniffs nt purity, li is always
Hie rotten heart that Is the first to
scent carrion in any othel life. Thn
pure hearted and good lind everywhere wholesomettcss n nd t ru th.
Truly, we paint a vivid word picture
of ourselves by the estimate we
place upon others, and the man who
habitually sneers and condemns his
lellows is really condemning himself
Mr. II, Lindsay returned from his
visit tu Hamilton, Montana, last
Mrs. Sid Miown, whn recently underwent, an operation for appendicitis
iu the Cranhrook hospital, has not
gained as rapidly as lift- friemls had
hoped and last Friday morning she
was again taken to the hospital,
where it will be necessary for her to
remain a couple of weeks at, least,
If ynu are a kicker and see the
shadow of failure in everything that
is proposed to help ihe town, for
heaven's sake go into some secluded
canyon aud kick vmii nwn shadow on
llu* clay bank, and then give men
who are working lu build up a town
a chance, One long-fuccd hollow-
eyed whining kicker can do more to
keep away business and capital Irom
.. lown iban all drouths, short crops,
chinch bugs, cyclones uud blizzards
Ira Ream and sun left ibis week mi
a prospecting lour.
Archdeacon Jleer held divine .service iu the school hmise ou Tuesday
evening lust.
Master Roger I,uml lefl Ias*h Monday morning for Spokane.
Mrs. (ioiucr .Innes, who has been
ailing fnr the past lew weeks, went
in ('ranbrook hospital lasl Mondav
morning for treatment.
Messrs.  Parker    and    Thorp, who
have been in Winnipeg lur the past
few days nn business, returned home
again on Monday morning lasi.
Mr. Reynolds, rnpicscntlng lhe Mc-
('ready Shoe Co., of Montreal, was
iu town on Mondayon business.
R. II. Bohart was in Cranhrook
last Monday ou business.
Policeman Adney went to Cran-
brooV Monday evening tn see "Uncle
Tom's Cabin," presented hv Andrew
Mrs. II. Lindsay and daughter Alice
left last Monday morning for Spokane, after spending ihe vacation In
Mr. and Mis. Earnest Sparham left
a few days ago for Norlh Vancouver.
Mr. Sparham has secured a position
as caretaker ol nne ..I lhe large
schools  there.
While playing last Monday after-
noon, Waller, lhe Infant son of Mrs.
Martin, had ihe misfortune in fall
and knock one of liis front teeth
loose, as well as culling his    mouth
k Mr. By top is vice-president
of the Craubrook Fire Brick A: Terra
Cotta company, aud was here ilis*
josing of some slock. His proposition seems R good one.
P. V. Johnston is having Ihu
kitchen of the Mnyie hotel enlarged to
almost double its former size. The
Moyie. lite lhe other lintels iu town,
is crowded lo lis full capacity,
The lumber is on thu ground and
work has been start ell on Hie new
hall for Movie. The building
will he -li'.x'in, one story.     It is   he-
g built by day labor.'
(From the Fertile Free Press.)
II is to be hoped that the provincial health authorities will exercise
a more rigid supervision nf lhe sani-
Inry conditions iu ihe new construction camps iban was maintained during the building of Die Crow. It
this is not done the typhoid is hound
in reap Hie Inevitable harvest.
Mrs. Mut/ and tiie children spent
the last two weeks of August at
■ 1. 0. McCallum, nf Cranbiook, was
up nn Thursday In see progress on
Ihe new post ollice. The steel
structural work for the lirst story is
Quite a number of old Country
miners have been arriving at Kernie
dining lhe pnsl week. There Is room
iu these cual camps for almost any
number of experienced men.
The pnsl ollice stall have long been
crowded for room in their present
(piurlers. It takes four members nn
th* stnIT in handle the increased bus-
Kuglliecr Wallers hypnotized a
three-year-old bear at Crows Nest
last week with a lasso and led him
gently into Andy (lood's zoo. He
was an escaped tame bear.
A man named W. Siieppard was
en ugh 1 attempting to burrow beneath the lloor of the Pacific hul el
al Hosmer tn get away with a few
coses of booze and will have to explain to a judge.
Manager Scherinerhnrii has severed
his connection with the Wood-McNabh
Lumbei company. Alex. Taylor, a
well known lumberman nf Cranbrook,
is taking charge of the company's
A man with a gun, presumably a
drunk, attempted lo shoot out Hie
laiilern iii Conductor Gorman's hand
when ibe 0. N. passenger train was
passing through Krag on Saturday
night. His aim was poor but tiie
eon's lime hadn't come and congratulations only are in order,
A hunting party consisting of Mr.
II. Harding and wife and Mr. A. 0.
Moses left Michel this morning en
route (or the hunting grounds ou Klk
river. Their visit was brought abuut
by tlie reading of Mr. Ilomaday's
hook "Camp Flies in Hie Rockies."
The parly is looking forward to a
pleasant outing, having gone tn great
expense lo insure success, their outfit
being the must elaborate of anv Unit
has vet left Michel. The gi.Ides in
charge are Mr. Frank Murmur of Klk
Prairie, aud Cbaiu'ey Smith, ln addition to the regular guides the visitors have engaged a conk and packer
as assislatils tu iheir camp manager
a Mr. William Get tie, a guide of
note in New Brunswick.
At a meeting of tbe young "Grits1'
around lown last night il was decided
to form a Voting Men's Liberal club
having as its objects the holding of
debates mock parliaments amt luncheons In be addressed by ambitious
politicians, local and otherwise. A
committee was appointed tn draft a
constituHon to be approved (or disapprove-!) of at the- next meeting
which is called fnr Thursday nighl, I-
ins. 1. All young men open lo conviction are invited to attend "while
Hie lamp holds out tn burn," etc.
(Frem the Moyie Leader.)
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. I). A. Ayors at the hospital at
Cranhrook last Tuesday.
••Monty, the Shine Man," became
tired of Craubrook the other day and
wanted to locate in a good live town
and came lo Moyie,
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas arc raffling
ibdr launch, the "Alma," and there
Is a Idg run lor tickets. The raffle
will be held about. Ihe 15th,
Mrs. Taylor has sold one nf bet
buildings, known as the Lindsey
house, to Chas. Armstrong,
Frank L Byron, wife and child,
bpent  several   daya In    Moylo    this
(From Tbe Frank Pauer.)
The young son of Proprietor Madden of the Windsor hotel nt Lund-
lireolfl who was shot by n playmate
about a month ago, was brought io
Dr. Malcolmson'« hospital again Ibis
week fnr further examination by the
X-ray tn endeavor to locate tlie bullet. The bullet was not found, but
an abscess was, which was operated
upon. The lad Is now improving
very rapidly.
Through being given incorrect in
formation The Frank Paper stated
in last week's issue that the difference existing between Hie men and
the West Canadian company at Mile
over the back bund system, had lieen
sett ltd at the meeling of the joint
committee at Banff. The fact Is that
the vole tn the committee was a tie
and the government will lie asked to
apiK.iut an arbitrator in hear the
case at Hie next meeting ami if lhe
committee slill is tied, to cast the
deciding vole.
President Sherman, Vice-President
Calvin nod Sccrelary McDonald, of
the district board, U, M. W. nf A.
ami International Board Member Patterson were In town this week endeavoring to negollate nn agreement,
hetween tin union and Ihe Millerest
Coal company. The two parlies
e.une to terms on an agreement
which wart submitted to ihe Millerest
union and ratified and il wns cxpeet-
i*d both sides wnuld sign Tuesday hut
before signatures were attached,     a
aplil occurred over   the check-off syslem.     Negotiations are slill (tending.
The Frank lire brigade held a business meeling last evtuiiig anil decided
to disband. Apathy mi Hu* part nf
lhc citizens is the reason. Thu members ol the brigade worked hard all
summer, practicing faithfully to no-
quire proficiency in handling the apparatus hut lhe people whn own any
properly never look anv interest or
hut any sorl of encouragi'incul willi
Hie Inevitable result that the brigade
has gone lo pieces.
I.nk Teller, roadmasler of lhe il
P It. is doing a loi of work along
ihe line. He is laying Innivy steel
hei ween Pineher and Cowley and will
begin shortly laying the heavy steel
■"mm lhe Hillcrcst siding llmuitih \to.
Ilde. This will complete the laying
if the heavy rails along this section
>f Hie line. Mr. Teller will also
■lurt shortly laying the tracks for
th. Leltch Collieries' yards at Hamilton and will put iu a siding for lhe
Maple Leaf eompnny below Bellevue.
(John Houston in Prince Rupert Umpire)
'I'he statement is made, and uuiil il
is disprove!! il should be accepted as
Hue, that the linn of contractors
who have undertaken lhe lirst construction work awarded by the Grand
Trunk Pacilic un the Pacilic coast do
nut employ cither Japanese or Chtin-
esc. These men iu lhe lasl leu years
have done three-fourths of the railway building in Briiish Columbia and
much of what was done between Winnipeg and Calgary. They are practical men and not given lo do anything
because of sentiment, lf ihcy build
railways wilh white labor exclusively
il is because while labor is the best
and the cheapest. ■ What this linn
do, other railway contracting funis
can also do. If llns'firm can undertake to build the west end ot the
Grand Trunk Pacific's mountain section, the middle and the east end of
the same road should lie awarded to
contractors holding the same views
on the employment of white labor.
• * •
Were the 700 miles of tbe Grand
Trunk Pacilic in British Columbia
built hy wliile labor, it would mean
tbat when tbe work is completed
hundreds of white men would remain
the country through which the road
runs, to engage in prospecting and
milling and farming and stock raising
and fruit growing. The white builders nf ihe road would be the pioneers
from which the road would get its
lirst traffic, and their success woulil
nltracl thousands of others who are
looking for homes and business opportunities tin a country where     tho
Iimalic conditions are such as mak«
living    fairly    enjoyable   Ibe    year
• • •
Tbe building uf Ihe Grand Trunk
Pacilic by white labor exclusively
would do more than is pictured above.
ll would have a tendency to restrict
ihe cm ploy ment of Chinese and .lap-
in the country through which
Hie road runs, fur it llie Asiatics are
..ot given employment tbey can not
live iu the country, for most of Ihem
ne laboring men, and tew of tbem
ire merchants or mechanics who can
successfully compete with white mur-
,-hauls and mechanics. When Chinese
and Japanese ate not employed iu a
community or in a country, there
Joes not seem lo lie any great dilli-
ttilty .in getting plenty of white labor
of all kinds. It is only in communities where there are Chinese aud
Japanese that there is difficulty in
gelling labor. Tlie races will not
mix. Japanese aud Chinese merchants and professional men do not
mix with white merchants and professional men in tlie clubs ut Victoria and Vancouver; then why should
free while mechanics and laborers bo
compelled to mix with Japanese and
Chinese con tract coolies in mills and
factories'. Are they compelled to do
so, in order lo live'/ Then if they
are, conditions are not as Ihey should
be l.n a country that has been made
a nation by white men.
A few weeks ago John Leask secured some samples of fail wheat, oats
aud potatoes raised on the farm of
K. C. Smith, near the Mission, At
a cost of only fifty cents to himself
he sent it lo a friend in Manltoulin,
Out., ami the following from lhe
Reformer of that city shows the
good results accomplished:
"Mr. Wm. Thorbuin bus left in out
window samples of new (all wheat,
oals and potatoes grown in St. Marys
vallev, within 12 miles of Cranbrook,
B. C, sent by Mr, John Leask, lormerly ol this town, The oats luivo
a huge, well-developed bead and the
straw is atioul four tat in length.
The heads of wheat would delight the
eye or Hie eoiinoissseur. The potatoes, which are of the pink variety,
are linn and lull size as we usually
see them. Six weeks ago the potatoes were just appearing above the
ground and the oats at that time
were only a few inches high. The
samples give a good idea of Hie rapid
development of every kind ot crop
ami fruit in thnt far away but highly
favond part of our wide Dominion."
* I thought 1 must go on suffering
- -"-1 until ! eied; fcut Zam Bet
," ■*.?• Mn. K. R**d, of !* teen-
V SM ftddi:-'i wm w weAi.tned
frompllts until I <_led; but Zar
curtd mt," u» Mn. K. R«d, of
hurt (Ont.k *nd addt:-"I wai to wh. .
that I could hardly uot*about,und a little
workoauaed m**t**tmMoaj. Tl.en I htard
of thi*. uratid balm, audi am Lbaukful to
mt thai It h«* cured me."
Ztiu-Buk tin. hum cul*,  burin, brulwt. |tiffn<ii.
HUM,ttktn,mm Lltt-M, awl* fi-t. •«»"*■ -a *Liu
(*Uh«, M_d kii t.m 1bJui..« urf -imi
fuJ *\***i. ""*• •*•*.*■ Mam But C
In uni it i
Turuulw   I
(Calgary Herald.)
Fun eity is located on Stephen
avenue between Second and Fourth
streets. For the past week without
auy ostentatious display, the minions
of Nat Relss worked on laying tho
foundations for the great carnival i
which opened yesterday.
Long before fl o'clock last night between 7,000 aud 8,000 people were in
the enclosure, a start which augurs
well for the success uf Nat Relss',
shows during the week. I
I And he certainly deserves it. To
move scenery, tents and properties
around from town to lown In so
short a time is in itself a creditable
task but lo handle over two hundred
performers and have everything in
readiness for them in each town ihey
visit shows an executive ahilily
which speaks for itself.
The shows ate ;t lair iu themselves.
There is everv conceivable form of
amusement from the Ferris whirl to
baby iuciihatois. Tbe big one ring
circus is the leading attract ion ,,f Hie
carnival. Kor four-hits ynu can
spend a couple of delightful hours
watching the foolish pranks of the
clowns or the clever performance ol
Madame Wanda's troupe of F.ugllsh
coach dogs.
The circus in itself is a show which
Calgarians do not often have a
chance to see. There are contortionists of extraordinary skill, horizontal bar nml aerial trapeze artists
who,, when it comes to a showdown
could enlighten many of the so-called
stars a wrinkle or two on tho bar.
Five original and funny clowns
never let, a moment slip by unless
Ihey have tlie audience convulsed with
laughter. These are just a mere
tithe of the feats provided for his
pal tons by Nat Reiss in this big
tent and to judge by the audiences at
both performances tbe circus will
prove a popular favorite among the
younger generation.
Side shows, clean and clever, meet
you on every hand. Here we have
"Aga," the beautiful. "Tbe Eseapo
Krom Sing Sing," a very realistic
production under canvas, was another
head liner.
But the erackerjack of the sideshows is Lunetta, the Hying lady.
Hundreds went to sec this phenomena"
and came away mystified. With apparent ease a woman is made to fly
and pose in tbe air at the will of the
mesmerist. This show was the subject of much argument. Theories
were expounded but according to latest advices no one bas so far succeeded in unravelling the mystery.
At the sign of the Red Dome is a
sure stopping place for all lovers of
vaudeville. If you want lo sec some
expert step dancing you'd he in the
right place. Among the many bright
numbers on this programme are two
juveniles, the Pierce sislers. The
youngest of these, a girl ot four, already shows unmistakable signs of being a ton notcher In the future.
"Dixieland," a transported cotton
plantation, is worth more than a cursory visit. If you want to hear
good singing, see good dancing, hear
(lever jokes, just go and watch the
real southern niggers perform. They
hold the palm so far in the west nnd
their show is one of the most delightful ot Hie aggregation.
"Bnliy Incubators," seems a sort ot
n joke when you read the sign on Mm
tent. But investigate and remember
lhc old adage, "Live and learn." A
sipiare box arrangement with numerous accessories, tubes and fancy nt-
rangements catch Hie eve. The faint
indistinct voice of a child Is heard
nml peering cautiously Into the square
Im»x a baby about the size of a
"Teddy" bear wriggles am) snualls
Instructive as well as amusing Is
the glass blowers' tents. Here you
can see engines made entirely from
glass and worked hy steam, operate.
Vou can witness the peculiar operation of blowing glass and the making
of all kinds of ware.
The mirror maze, the bioscope nnd
countless other altraellons are spread
luridly before your gaze. The bioscope, depicting the train robber?,
perhaps claims precedure to the others.
Nat Reiss' corps of lady sleuths
rounded up several deKnum-nts last
night. These were mosllv unprincipled persons of the Elk order who
committed various breaches ol the
etiquette code. These included being
present without a lady escort, smoking whilst in company wilh a lady,
carelessness in the wearing of a necktie and various other offences. Quite
a number of prominent citizens were
hailed before lhe beak aud subjected
lo a heavy fine.
Of I hose arrested one or two proved refractory and wero incarcerated In
tbe improvised jail on tbe grounds.
One of these, 'tis said, was Chief
Knglisb, but after his outbursts he
was released after paying a fine ol $1
nnd costs.
Nat Reiss Is showing under the
auspices of C. B, P. O. E., Calgary
lodge Nn. 21, ami provides* all the entertainments f„r the Elks carnivals
throughout the western Slntes ami
Promptly at 2 oVlork business commences in lhc fun citv and lasts way
on till midnight. An evening spent,
fltnid tbe glare nf the lights recompenses you for nil the wearv days of
worry and labor.
{Fernie Free Press.)
A shocking tragedy took place at
Michel on Sunday evening last, the
Ivlctlm being Angeto Orlando, an
, Italian about 85 years of age. The
case appears to he one of murder of
| the most foul variety.    The Italian
Isoeiely was holding one o! theur
usual dances In the hnil In lower
town and n nttmher ot English people
were in attendance. The latter
rommenced to quarrel among them-
I selves over some lamily matters and
,1'at. Mullan, R wcfll known miner of
Michel was put out of Hie hall on
account nf improper conduct.
Ue proceeded to his hoarding house
and secured a revolver belonging to a
Iroom mate. In a lowering passion
,ho returned lo Hie hall and demanded
admit tnnee. Being refused he drew
, liis gun. Orlnndo, who is ot a very
excitable nature leaped In front, ot the
door at Hie time nnd received a hn'Iet
in the region ot Hie stomach. Tlie
bullet was Intended fnr another, It
rumors regarding Hie cause ol Hie
(juarrel are to ho given crpdeme. Orlando was nn entirely disinterested
party.    Those who were present   re
fuse to talk and it is difficult to give
a coherent narative of the affair.
Orlando was taken to the hospital
at once but in spite of tbe constant
care of Dr. Saunders, assisted by Drs.
Corsan and Higgins, the poor fellow
passed away on Wednesday morning.
The missle of death, which was a 3_!
calibre bullet, was found Monday
morning lodged against the ribs ou
the left side.
Mullan escaped immediately after
the shooting and so far no trace id
him has lain found. He is an experienced bill man and Is familiar
with tbe surrounding country,
i The deceased Italian has been a
resident ot Michel for several years
and was a general favorite. He leaves
a widow and three small children in
i the old land.     The funeral took place
i Thursday.
Coroner Bleasdell wenl down to
Michel on Wednesday aud empaneled
a jury to view Ibe remains. Wit
iiesscs will lie examined on September
10, when some surprising evidence will
no doubt be elicited.
********************** 4
When You
Come to the Metro-
poll' stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER  DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of linish work,in
way of iloors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory.    Screen   doors
Rough and Dressed lumber
For Sale
W. R. B««lly. K_™i»l Director
Cranbrook II. C. I'lion. No. I
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co
maaaWeam mi nri m>
ii now located in its comfortable and attractive new quartets in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution ii fust up-to- '
date and il modernly equipped
to do lust the best work in all ;
branches ol the tentorial art. \
■nil   —   , ■■■ ,i,,, ■ ' ■»
Livery *#
Ttsmt snd <lrl»eri fnrnlib.il for sa;
point la Iks district.
A. DOVLB, Manager
The Truth About Scotch Whisky
I "KB safest and most refreshing ot nil beverages is Whisky and Soda.
\\ liei'o *ffn«», .m.i ...I,...- u.,........  _ , . > >   . ... .
ivilli  miii
win™ and other stimulant, are forbidden, Wliiskv. diluted
with some Hiutalile mineriil or aerated water, anil prescribed by a
physician at tlm proper time, Ims always n highly t,en. liri'ii effect.
Scotch Whisky has long lieen acknowledged lhe best.   It has almost
entirely superseded Kit h Brandy over the greater part ot the world
Tliis is owing to the skill ami enre whieh bave, ol reeenl years lieen
devoted to blending. Mult Whiskv, liv itself, unless very old Is heavy
and unpalatable, and is extremely hurtful lo the digestive organs when
taken freely.
Scotch Grnlll Whiskv. however, being made trom the lines, grains nml
malted barley, and distilled practlcully pure liv  dem iippliauccs, is
frequently preferred. No stronger evidence ol its purity ean be given
liinn lliis, Uml one nf tho most eminent Professors ol Chemistry iu
.'.iigluii.l Iff used Cum bus (train Whisky for nearly thirty years.
Tbo blooding ol Mult iiiuHlraln Whiskies bus within recoul years been
reduced to a science, the result being a combination which avoids llm
heaviness ol thu "All Mull" Whisky nml imparls u distinct delicacy to
the Mend, uf course tsith kinds must h.vo age. Nothing is harsher
Ihun Mul. Whisky unmatured.
■ iiuil Spirit Trade Iteeord," ol Blh May, 1008, iu
outroversy regarding "all malt" Whisky,suys :-
.,-_.>,iir,i tlml iii,. agitation soniu time ago regard
lnliifli'il nn ll \tri-lii<> lines  il   Willi, IIS lilll ,*lllllllt,i
mill uuiil. In 'nil limit' WHS muili .00ttXlnutu. nml ll
mull' in mil  lloslrallll. uml  llm Kllgllsl , lis
 llm Iwtwmi,"
We are Proprietors of len ,'
il Infill nml Mull Whiskies, ill
if spirits
e 1
the ri
null '
mis nl
n hi.
li ii
suits i
if tun
eol.li Distilleries, fimmm. fnr their makes
.1 we hnlil enoriiioiiH Hli.rU i.l lu.il. kind*
Ih a pure l.len.le.l Scotch Whisky, gtiarimteed for aye, i|u..litv and ■
flavor, tl never varies, It has obtained (told .Meilitli- illiufiest Aw aids) *
wherever exhibited in competition with oilier blends, Kor General '
Tnblu Use il stands without a rival.
"KIM, (il'.olHiK" WHISKV is known everywhere, hut should*
there l.e anv (Utileulty in obtaining it, plcunusend ua a postcard for our ♦
nearest Agent's mime an.l address. 4
We also sell CALEDONIAN, recognized us one of llie tout. 4
R, P. RITHET & CO., Ltd.
********************** **********************
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment oi Fishing Tackle suitable
lor the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs ol The Great West.
ELKO, 6. .
lMlONK 50
Bicycle Repairs always in stock.   Machines for nutting on Muggy    [
Rubber fyrea, with Tyres always on hand. "
i      l'HON'l. 'JO -   "
P. ... HOX ...
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
      . r ... * ....   mn   nil    HID
0%*«.««'%«,«'%«,««,««,««««,%%0 9%«.%»%*«%%«««'
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, it. c.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba Ih emit rally located uud him one of llm tont illntllgrooms
lit the city,   Tho bar is tmppiied willi the liest of LUjuorH and Glgam
iii! The Cosmopolitan ii
j-H-t-H-H-H-l-H 111 lllllll H 11 111 j 11 11 j 11 j 11  -»
|.|„|, uuiil 111 H 111 HI II lllll l'l "Iiii IIIIIIII
The place where a |;
man will return after |::
stopping once.
;*i*Mi^«t»ittwf«««»t«^f**»*»*-^y»!?»??;**? THE   --RANKOOK    11 URAL 0
Murphy ft Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental
Patent Ollice Agents.
Members present as follows:
I Messrs. T. ,1. Doris, Tims. Boyter,
., „. „„ „ , , 'K. McKeniia, W. McDonald, ... 11.
Practice Belore Railway Commission McDonald, K. McEwen, A. McCowan,
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.   _>, g. (.ill, ff, ,1. Flowers, H. Hick-
 ~ ; ——~ eiiholliani, ,1. Brccklll and II. Whit*.
Crescent Louge No. SU        |   Vlco-Presldent   Doris in the chair.
KNIQHTS    of    PYTHIAS   ■,''l."ll<'s   ol    previous   mooting read
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at » p.
New Fraternity Hall.
,   ... 11. l.emlersnn, K. id It
A. 0, Bowness, 0. 0.
Visiting  krethrea  cordially lavltel
to attend.
Vada Boyter, Cranbrook,
girl's race, under 10 years,
It. M. Wendell, WycliHe, running hop, step and jump,
(leorge Manuhon, Cranhrook,
running hop, stop ami jump,
F. McEwen ami K. Harrison,
Crnnbrook, loading logs,
... McDonald and .1. Iiobson,
Cranhrook, loading logs,
A.   Larson,   Yahk, chopping,
iiiiil unjirovcd,     A summary ot    the ciias.    Wea'thorhce
liiiiwieiiil   statement    by     Secretary    chopping   second'
•I I White,   wliieli    appears   below,  was'o. ..\.   Johnson    .laHrav
..»   a
.....ii.f.    Key CH. Indie
No. 41. Meets every
^^^^^^^     Monday    night
New     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourn
Ing Oddfellows cordially Invited.
< .ins. Smith, K. II. McKay,
N. O. Sec'y.
Lr.nhruui, i.oS|e. Nu. J,
». f. t A. M.
Resutai uieettns,
lb, third   Thuiids, I'mni'MI
o. svtiy oiuBth,
Visiting orett.eQ welcomed,
Eilwuril Klwell, W.M
W. K. Altriilge, Sec'y.
& 8. |   Stmlemeut of receipts amt disbursements:
!•'. (lodderies
Leu  ..tillll   ...
.I,din Leask 	
at Km uie Kurt Steele
Brewing Co	
VI. M. Frost 	
Clco. II   Powell 	
Kink Mercantile Co...
A.  L.  Mi'Di'inuil .....
V.. .'. S	
1'. Burns __ Co	
.lilt .k Co	
Cosmopolitan hole! ...
__  Manning
If. Mclirttlo
II. T. Rogers 	
Fred Perry 	
Ilogguiih *   Rollins
Dr. K. B. Miles        5.00
S. .1. Mlghton       25.00
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at It
Chas. Smith, W.P.
M. D. Billings, Secretary.
Vlsltlug brethren cordially Invited.
Meet at B. ot L. F. Hall 2nd an.
ith Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, Jas. B. Larr.gan,
W. M.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public Etc
B. C,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlcs at Residence, Armstrong A,s
• 9.00 to 10.00
• 2.00 to   4.00
Forenoons - •
Afternoons -
Evenings • -
Sundays - -
... Manning
11. Stewart 	
l.rai.lev  ,V   A ikons ...
C. E. 'Reid 	
II. A. McDonald, Manitoba hnlel 	
A.  .'.  Bowness  	
A. C. Smith 	
N, P. Molander,
Queens hotel   '
Royal hotel 	
A. A. McKinnon 	
Arnold c. Roberts ....
W. K. Tate 	
W. E. Worden 	
Dezall  Bros	
Beale & Elwell 	
,1. A. Harvey 	
Canadian hotel 	
W. II. Wilson 	
■ Tlie lleralil Pub. Co..
Iff. K. Gurd  '
Jirs. King & Green ...
h. Colin 	
Patmore Bros.	
j Dominion   Meat Co....
I P. Maiheson  ...
'.!. W. Woll 	
Ml ' Sash & Door Co	
McCallum & Co	
W. Clinc  	
Brattle & Atchison .
Henry .*_ Doyle 	
Canadian Bank ot Com-
Heiil & Co	
(I. II. Thompson 	
Cily of Cranhrook ....
Imperial Bank 	
Paul Hundley 	
Cranbrook Trading Co
B. Ii Short 	
Kreil Haines 	
F. E. King 	
The Prospector	
Purse bv citizens lor
baseball    100
7.30 to
2.30 to
B. C.
.las. Kerrigan, lor
booth  $   57.50
9 to 12 a.m.
I to 0 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office amt resilience ou Armstrong ave
CRANBROOK        -        -       -     B.C.
II to 12 a.m.
1 to 0 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
(.Hire in new Reid lllork
I'RANBROOK -       -        - 11. 0.
(late receipts
Grand stand receipts
Collection al baseball
Badge sales 	
'roceeds ol the dav
..$ 777.80
,, i   i.i.in i
! CIVII.  liNIIINKPRS AN..   llimiMIIN , ,  <le.ui
AND B.C. I..N.I SURVEVORS      "', ",mI'
' ►   1.IIM,
tA!.'!™ Cranbrook, tt.C. |' ''"''
♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦# ,.,(| Wll n,-
Total   receipts  »187:..8fl
Miners union, Movie, union
wilh largos' representation   I   50.00
International Association ot
Machinists. Cranbrool,,
union with ta'st general appearance  ■	
nrothorhood ol Carmen, Cranio ook, largest luxly ol employes ol one linn 	
H.uhI of Hope, Cranhrook,
lies! banner in parade 	
Sid. Small, Cranbrook, 1-2
mile pony race, lirst 	
W. BnwIgeU, Cranbrook, hall
mile pony race, second 	
Alexander    (Indian)
Indian    pony race,
contest,   lirst
■I. A.   Johnson,   ..affray, lie
eoirtcst,! second 	
0. nnil A. Larson, Yahk, saw-
ins, lirst	
M. Llllrdnulst und 0. Erickson, Creston, sawing  see
B.Taylor ami n. Hunt"
Movie, drilling contest,
P. Ilenil and Thus. Miiyiir
Movie,   drilling  contest,   sir
I i.iiihronki baseball   li-.nn
• I   IV. Nimn, Kernie, for Ker
nie h,,se  leain,   (     ney
I'. M. Roberts, Crnnbrook for
tor   Crnnbrook   hose team,
J   money  	
IV. Henderson. Cranbrook,
. ranbrook   loo tlml I   team
!!,' Wtr' w"lk °» grounds!
W. Wright, work on grounds
• I. MagKun, work on grounds
w.   I'..    Wm den,     work    on
K. ..  Perry, work rib" grounds
Cranbrook Sash   & floor Co
lumlier, elc	
McCallum ,*.- Co., nails	
■ I. D. McBride, nails .
T. .1. Doris, work on grounds
thos.     Boyter,     work    on
La     Kontanic,    work      "(iti
D. Moore, work on grounds!"
1. Moore, work on grounds   .
It. Stewart, work, on grounds
McDonald,    expenses    lo
Ml till
Take nolice that Peter W. Ninnes,
ol Winnipeg, occupation, Clerk, intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted one
mile west of the south-west corner
ol Lot .144, Group 1, thence norlb
80 chains, thence eatt 80 chains,
tlience south so chains, thence west
80 ehains to point ot commencement,
and containing 640 acres, more oi
Peter ff, Ninnes. Locator,
Per Frank Flotebcr, Agent
Dated duly 4,  11.07. 18-Ot
Take notice that The It
toon Lumher Company, I.i
Lumber Manufacturers, Inte
ply for a special Umber lie,
the lollowing described lands
Commencing at a post lil.niled
the N
il        Lot
t hence
W. collie
a long
ol Lot li.n
the       wesi
77111 III
west 100
25 011
III on 1
tbenee south  40
160 chains lo llu
Per Manley Ilarilv Craig,  Al,.
Hated July 24, 1907. '
; place ol
a S.iska-
lll'il,     ot
I  I., apse   over
•   cast
Postage   siaiiips "'and
Exchange   on  Kcrnie
Co'.s check 	
Moyie Leader, advertising ."
Fernie   Free Press, ndvertis-
ferine Ledger, advertising
Herald   Pub.   Co.,   printing,
Tho Prospector, printing,'"etc
Beattie &   Atchison,   rubber
Dezall Bros., blacksmith
A. Orenler, posting bills
II. II. Short, band 	
It.    S.    McNeil,   ac. as gate
C. E. Reid   * Co., "ac! loot
bull and whistle
Reid * Co., ac. Ribbon ..'.."!
Thos. Boyter, ac. gatekeeper
'■is- Roves, ac. selling tickets
A. Ward, ac. grand stand ...
If   McEwen. ac.   timber  for
loading,  elc	
A. M. Black, ne. referee foot-
Win. Small, tor Hag's .'."..'.
Subscriptions  ttofifi.oo
Proceeds of the day.   777.80
Take notice that Albert Barnhardt,
lot Curzon, B. C, occupation, Rancher, intends to apply for
.permission to purchase lhe lollowing
| described land:
Commencing at a post   piunlud   4
10.00 chains east ot   S. W. corner ot 1'rc-
'•*o,Emption No. 1070, soulh of Curzon,
'0-00  U, C,   Ihenee east 20 chains, Uienco
_     | south   45     chains,   thence    west _0
.i.OO chains,    Uience     norlh   45 chains to
Ipoint of commencement, ami contain-
'"''O.ing 90 acres, more or less.
Albert Itarnharilt.
Dated July 29, 1907. 20-llt
Grounds, etc 	
Incidental cjpensi
llal.inre on luii.l
.. 118.25
.   261.40
$ 229.15
Bov ter.
that  II.
Civil   Engineer
Kailway am) Mining
Engineering a Specialty
I'll.me  IV1
P. O.  Hox   II
New mul Second Iiiunl.   Ortlift- o
.linn or American makes alwuya < > [ <
I on liiut.l, amamamamammamamtama—mmammamam
Helen-lie.'!* in Cranlirook: Kink
! Mercantile Co., V. Hyde linker, _
, W.    II. WUhoii   nnd  Iteid'H  Dry 1
. (IoinIh Store.   Address ' ~
V. 0. Box \\m        Calgary, Alta.
I  mil'
first . __^_1^__i_
Seymour (Indian) *)   mile In-
ny,  second  ....
Doyle, Cranbrook, *
horse race, first 	
i Indian-) ft   inJlc horse
nice, second 	
ll  ti   m  Wilson, Fernie, 100
v.is. fool race, first 	
ll. Oat-tell,   Fornie, 100 yds,
foot raoo, second 	
W. Harris, Cranlirook, \ mite
toot race, first	
Francis (hulinn) J   mile foot
race, seeoml 	
it, M. Wendell, WyoMfle, running broad jump, lirst 	
11. 0*. M. Wilson, Kernie, running broad iuinp, seeoml 	
ltobt. Campbell,   Moyie, run-
iiiiiir high jump, first 	
C.   ll.   Hiainenl.   Kimberley,
n.uning high jump, second..
it. C.iinpbell, Moylo, high pole
vault, firsl 	
George Manahaii,    Cranbrnok,
high pole vault, second ,..,
Wo Mnnnhan, Cranbrook,
It was moved by Tli
seconded by T. S. 0HI, ._.
While lie paid Ibe sum of fifty dollars, ami a hearty vote of thanks of
this committee for the efficientman-
50.00 iter in whieh he performed bis duties
as   secretary.  Carried unanimously.
It    was   moved    by   A.    McPnwan.
I seconded by Tims-. Boyter, lhat VIoo-
50.00  President   Thus.    Doris he  paid     the
[sum   of   IwTiily-flve    dollars as     a
[ remunera'tlon  for   the stent amount!
50.00 of work ho performed and time spent
|to bring the celebration to n succes-
25.00 fni issue.     Carried unanimously.
|   f>n motion nf W.  McDonald, sccond-
15.00 ed by W.   ,J, Flowers, the secrrtnry-
I treasurer   was    instructed   to   turn
8.00  over anv   iwl.inee of    proceeds      of
I.abnr Day (after paying all bills) to
'the Trades   ami   Labor Council     of
10.00-Cranbrook.  Carried.
The committee wish to thank Slip*
inteiKient   Krickson,  .John Mod, district      passenger    agent,    Chief  Despatcher Scott,  and  Agenl  Wilson  for
Ihe    cxcellrnt   service   and   uniform
courtesy in advancing the Interests of
the day.     Tbe   committee also wish
lo  thaiik the   press, The  Cranbrook
lleralil,     The   Prospector, The Movie
10.00! Lender,   the  Pernio Free  Press     and
| the Fernie Ledger     for their cordial
20.00 support, and    furl hrr the committee
wish to thank th,* business men    of
10.00 Cranhrook for their liberal contributions   towards  the     prize list,   the
10.00 committee also    wish to thank V. H,
1 Baker for the free use of the grounds,
nml S. .1. Mlghton for the free use of
his   ball to     h»ttd meetings,   and all
friends for helping make the celebration a huge success,
Respectfully submitted on behalf of
tbe committee.
II.  White,  sec'y.
.VI llll
20 00
4.00 1
putting tbu shot, first
Peter McLennan,   Cranbrook,
putting lhe shot, second ....
Cleorgc Manahan,   Cranbrook,
union race,   under 35 years,
H. M. Itehl,   Creston, union
race,   under .'(5 years, sec.
Ml.   .1.   Flowers,   Cranbrook,
union race,   over  35 years,
F. McKennn, Cranhrook, union
race, over 3S years, second
Lionel Leask, Cranhrook, hoys
„.     , race, under IB years, first...
Cleaning process \ pra„if   Leigbthauser,   Maryfr-
vilte,   boy's   race, under 16
10.00 I   Winnipeg. Sept, I).— Senator Cox, of
| Toronto, who is nowhere, denies tliati
4.00 (letiernl  Manager  Lindsey has     been
j dismissed from the Crows Nest   Pass
| mini's, or that the directors have aJ*y
13.00 intention of   losing   his services.   ,1.
IJ. Hill   has   no   more control   over
5.00 these mines   or those of tlie Oranby
I than tie had a year ago.
The French   Dry
enables us to clean mens pants', suits l „
and neckties,   ladles suits and skirts |   year^ Recond 	
n such  a   way that they positively Efaa**   Handley,   Cranbrook,
look as good as new. i   ,fov*s raCP   ^ct 10 years,
We are experienced dyers and clean-1   firsl     	
ers, therefore, we do not require   to J. Fowler,   Cranhrook, boy's
send anything down east pr up west. I   race, umlcr 10 years, second
EAST KOOTENAY   I  „!*J> »«>? midcr IC years'
,   Take   notice that     Frank William
S00 Qreen, of Cranbrook,    B. C, occupation,  Physician, intends to apply tor
I a special timber license   over the fol-
2.00 lowing described lands:
No. 1.     Commencing   at a    post
'planted about 1| miles south ot    St.
3.00 Marys River, 40 chains     south    ot
|"S." Lob    33 and bounded on    the
1.00.west hy east line 4592, thence south
80   chains,    thence east 80    chains,
I thence    north 80 chnins, thence west
rwi/r*   u/xiirrt '   flrRt   500 80 chains to point ot commencement,
llVh tlllUSh             t^'to Willis, Cranbrook, girl's            (ami    containing 640    acres, more or
asi_u nvv    l           .   race, under 10 years, second 2.00 less.
OFFICE J I FASK    Tailnr rarrifi   Moorr'      Cranhrook,                                   Frank William Oreen.
Dated July 15th, 1807.
Take notice that C. A. Gnskill, ol
Kimberley, B. C,, occupation, Lumberman, intends to apply (or a special timber license over the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 30
chains north nnd 50 chains west of
the south-west corner of Lot IK'.:.
Uience soutb 128 chnins, theuce west
50 chains, thence north 128 chains,
thence east 50 chains to place uf
beginning, and containing IHU neres,
more or less.
0. A. Oaskill, Locator.
Dated July 31, 11)07. 20-0t
Take notice that Grant Milter, of
Winnipeg, occupation, Gentleman, intends to apply lur permission tu purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ut
tbe south-west corner 20 chains west
of Lut 2310, Group 1, thence nurlh
80 chains, thence east iin ctalus,
Uience south 80 chains, Uience west
20 chaius to point ol commencement,
nnd containing IfiO acres, more or
Grant Miller,
Frank Fletcher, Agent.
Dated July 0, 1007. 20-«t
Take notice that The King Lumbei:
Mills, Limited, uf Cranbrook, B. C,
Intend lo apply for a Special Timher
License ovct the lollowing described
Commencing at a post planted
about one mile south-east uf the
mouth of Tate Creek un the east line
of Lot 54C2, Ih'iiec running enst Kin
chains, thence south 80 chnins, thenco
west (ill cliains, thence north 20
chains, thence west 20 cbains, thence
north 40 cliains, ibence west 20
chains, thence north 20 chains tu
point uf commencement, nnd containing tilO acres, more or less.
The King  Lumber Mills, Limited,
A. G. Wilmot, Locator.
Dated August 5, 1007. 21-flt
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be bouicsteuded by
any person who is the sole bead ol a
family, or auy mule over 18 years ol
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section ol 100 acres, mure or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local laud ofliee fur the district
in which the laud Is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the lulluwiug
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of tbe land iu
each year for three years.
(2) If tbe father (or mother, If
the father is deceased), ot the homesteader resides upon a farm in Uie
vicinity of the land entered for, the
requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing witb
tbe father or mother.
(8) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land
owned by him In the vicinity of bis
homestead, tbe requirements as to
reeidenci may be satisfied by residence upon tiie said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
ot Dominion Lands at Ottawa of Intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at
$10 |ier acre for foft cual and $20
for anthracite. Not more than 320
acres ean be acquired by oue Individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton uf 2,000
pounds shall be collected ou Uie
srown output.
Deputy o| Un Minister uf the Interior
Take notice that Tbe King Lumber
Mills, Limited, of Cranbrook, B. C,
intend to apply for a Special Timber
License over the fuliowing described j
Commencing at a post about one]
mile south-east ut the mouth of
Tate Credo, on the cist line of Lot]
5102, thence running enst 40 chnins,
bhence north 10 chains. Uience ensl
10 cliains, thence north 80 chnins,
tlience west 40 chains, thence south
■10 chnins, Ihenee west -10 chains,
ihence soulh HO chnins to poinl of
commencement, and containing 610
acres, inure or less.
The Kirn-   Lumber Mills, Limited,
A. 0. Wilmot, Locator.
Dnled  August  5,   1907, 21-Ct
Take notice that John George Puu-
jtore, of Krag, H. C., occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends lo npply tor a
special timber license over ihe following described lands:
:t. Coiiimencing at n post planted
about one mile west of Ibe Elk River
ou the north side of Marfin Creek;
Ihenee west in chains, theme north
IliO chains, thence east 10 chains,
thence south Hill chains to place ol
commencement, nml containing GUI
ores, mule or less.
John George Poupore.
Hated July 30th, 1007. 22-fit
Take notice tbat. John George Poupore, nf Krag, B. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends to apply tor a
special timber license over Ihe f Mowing described lands:
-I. Commencing at a post planted
on the south hank ot Goat Creek
about two miles from the Elk river
and ou the south-east corner of
Timber License No. 12103"; theuce
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains, thenre
east 80 chains to place of commencement, nnd containing 010 ncrcs, more
or less.
John George Pouporc.
Dated July 31, 1907 22-lit
Take notice that John George Poupore, of K rag, B. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends to apply for a
special timber license uvcr the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted
on tlio south bank of Martin Creek,
about two miles west of the Elk
River; thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north Kb
chains, thence enst 80 chains, to place
of commencement and containing 910
acres, more or less.
John George Poupore.
Dated August 3rd, 1907. 22-Ct
Take notice that the undersigned
Intends to apply fur a transfer ul his
retail liquor license, fur the Royal
Motel, Cranbrook Street, Cranhrook,
U. C, to Frank |J. VanDcear, of
said Cranbrook, at the next sitting
of the Hoard of License Commissioners, of tlie City of Cranbrook, to be
held ou tbe 11th    day ot September,
L. B. VanDecar.
Dattd  7th  August,  1997. 22-H
Take nolice Mint Thomas Young, of
Crnnbrook, H. C, occupation, Timber Cruiser, Intends to apply Tor a
special timber Kcensc uvcr the following descrihed lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the south-west coiner -
thence north 80 chains, thence east
■10 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence soutll
120 cbains, tbenee east 40 chains to
point of commencement, and containing 010 acres, more or less.
Thomas Young.
Dated July 21th, 1907. 22-6t
Take notice that John George Poupore, of Krag, B. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends to apply fur a
special timber license over the lollowing described lands:
2. Commencing nt a post planted
about U m'lcs west of Elk River
and nbout two miles smith of Martin
Creek on the west lines of lands surveyed adjoining Elk Riven; thence
soil Hi 80 chains, thenco west 80
chains', thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to place of commencement, ninl containing OIO acres, more
or less.
John George Poupore.
Dated July 30th, 1907. 22-Ct
Take notice that I, Mabel Landeck,
of Gateway, B. C, wife of Henry F.
Landed*, intends tn apply for permission to purchase the following (Inscribed land:
Commencing at a post planted \l
miles west and 1} miles north of the
Kootenay River, along the Interna-
ional Boundary, thence cast 40
chains, thence south 80 chains, Ihence
west 40 chnins, thence north 80
ehains to point of commencement, and
containing 320 acres, more or less.
Mabel Landeck.
Dated July 11th, 1907. 17-Ot'
Take notice that Tbe King Lumber
Mills, Limited, of Cranbrook, B. C,
intend to apply for a Special Timber
License over the following descrihed
Commencing at a post planteil
abuut two miles north-west ol the
mouth of Gold Hill Creek, on the
.west lino of Lot 5102, Ihence running
west 90 chains, thence south 89
chains, thence cast 100 chains,
ttcnec north 40 chains, thence west
40 chains, thence north 40 chains to
Joint, of  commencement and contain-
ng 040 acres, more or less.
The King Lumber Mills, Limited,
A. G. Wilmot, Locator.
Dated August 8, 1907. 21-lit
Take notice tli.it The King Lumber
Mills, Limited, ol Cranbiook, U. C,
intend to apply for a Special Timber
License over the fuliowing described
Commencing at a post planted
about one mile west of the mouth of
Little Lamb Creek on tbe east line of
Lot 51R2, ibence running east 40
chains, ihence south 80 chiiins, tlience
east 40 chains, thence south 40
cliains, Ibence west 80 chains, thence
north 120 chains, to point of commencement, and containing Ci9 acres,
more ur less.
Tbe King   Lumber Mills, Limited,
A, 0. Wilmot, Locator.
Dated H,  1907. 21-0t
Take notice tligt I, Henry F. Landeck, of Gateway, H. C, occupation,
Railway Agent, intends tu
apply for permission,to purchase tbe
lollowing described laud:
Commencing at a post planted 4
I miles west of the Kootenay rim
along on tlie International Huuudary,
thence north 80 ehains, thence west
2U chains, tbenee south 90 chains,
ihenco west io chains, llu-ncc south
20 .cliains, Ihence east t.u chains to
point of commencement, and containing lilu acres, mure or less.
Henry F. Landeck,
Hated July 25th. 1997. 21-91*
Take notice ihat Elizabeth Bradley,
of Winnipeg, occupation, Lady, intends to apply for permission to
[iui chase tho following described
Commencing nt a post planteil at
Ibe south-east corner ol T. Urahan's
laud, ibence west 20 chains, thciu'e
suulh 30 chains, thenco east to Elk
River, theuce north alung Elk met
io point of commencement, and containing 70 acres, more or less.
Elizahelb Bradley, Locator
Per Frank Fletcher, Agent.
Dated  July  3,  1907. 18-9t
Take notice that Frank William
Green, ol Cranhrook, B. C, occupation, Physician, intends to apply lur
a special limber license over the lulluwiug described lauds:
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted une mile cast ol the initial
post uf F. W, Green's Timber Ap-
plicatiun No. 1; theuce south 80
hains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 89 chains, thence
west HO chains to puint of commencement, and containing 910 acres, more
or less.
Frank William Green.
Dated July 15th, 1907. 2l-tit
Take not.ee that The King Lumber
Mills, Limited, of Crnnbrook, B. C,
intend to apply lur a Special Timber
License over the following described
Cammcncing at a post planted
abuut one mile nurth-west of the
mouth of Rabbit's Foot Creek, on the
west line of Lot 5462, thence running
west 100 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence cast 190 chains, thence
soutb 40 chains, to point Oi commencement, and containing 940 acres,
more or less.
The King  Lumher Mills, Limited,
A. G. Wilmot, Locator.
Hated August 3, 1907. 21-61
Take notice that The King Lumber
Mills, Limited, ol Cranbrook, H. C,
intend to apply lor a Special Timber
License over the following described
ian its:
Commencing at a post planled
about ono mile north-west uf the
mouth of Little        Lamb
Creek on the north line
of Lot 5462, running north 190
theuce east 40 chains, thence south
190 chnins, thence west 40 cbains to
point of commencement, and containing 640 ucres, more or less.
The King   Lumher Mills, Limited,
A. G. Wilmot, Locator.
Daled  August 9,  1997. 21-Ct
I.enz   & Lclser,    Limited, Plain-
James A. McArthur, Defendant.
Take notice that a motion will be
made on behalf nf the Plaintiffs herein, before IDs Honor Peter 10. Wilson, Local Judge, at the Court House
at Cranbrook, B. C, on Thursday,
the third day of October, 1907, at the
hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon or
so soon thereafter as counsel can bo
heard, for an order that the interest
of lhe above named defendant be sold
under the Judgments Art and Amending Acts to satisfy the balance duo
on llie Plaintiffs' judgment herein and
for such further and other order as
tn lhe said J udge may seem mete.
unnn whieh application will to read
tlie affidavit of William F. Gurd,
sworn the 7th day of August. Ifllll
and tbe exhibits therein referred to.
Dated this 7th dav of August, A. D.
W. F. Gurd,
Solicitor for the Plaintiffs.
To James A. McArthur,
—and to—
Nelson Entwisle.       . 24-2t
Take notice that I, Lester Clapp,
of Cranbrook, H. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends tta apply for a
special timber license over tl.e following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nt
Ibe south-west coiner of Block 9500,
Ihence south 80 chnins, thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
ibence west 80 chains to point of
commencement,    and containing   619
cres, more or less.
Lester Clapp, Locater,
Nicholas Powers,  Agent.
Hated  August  20,   1907. 23-9t
Take notice tbat I, Lester Clapp,
uf Cranbrook, a. c, oecupauuu,
Hotel Keeper, inteuds iu apply tot a
special timuer license ovet Uie tollOW-
ing described lauds:
-vuiiiuieuuing al a post planted at
the S. \\. coiner of T. L. USUI, ihence
uuih 1MJ chains, east 4U chains,
more ot less, to S. W. cornei ui i.
i.. 0W3, ihence uutth mi chains,
uience west uu chains, uience iiuiu
au chaius, thence east to chains,
Uienco nuub 2u chains, theuoe west
tu place ui commencement, aud containing uiu acres, more ur less,
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Dated August 21, JUU7. uj-ui
Take notice ihat 1, Lester Clapp,
of irautuuok, li. C, occupation
Hotel Keeper, munds u> apply uu a
special uuiuei Uceusti ovei ine luliow-
ing uescrtbed lauds:
commencing at a post planted at
lhc nurth-west curner ui Uiock 2798,
Ihence west au chains, Uiciae noi in
120 chain*., tlience east tu Uritisli Columbia SouU.ciU Hallway, lollowing
railway in a southern uuctuon to
place uf commencement, ami containing 94U acres, more ot less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Dated August it), 1807. 2-J-ut
Take notice that 1, Abel Horsman,
ol Cranurook, H. C, occupation.
Lumberman, intends to apply lor a
special limber license ovei the following uesciibed lands:
Commencing at a pust planted about
three anu a ball mites suuth of Curzon and about two miles east ol ihe
C. P. Railway, tbenee cast 190
chains, thunce soutti 4<j chains,
thence west 190 chains, thence nortti
10 chains to point ot commencement
and containing 940 acres, more or
Abel Horsman-
Dated August 23, 1807. 24-6t
Taie notice ihat I, Waltei Sherwood Deli, ui Cranbiook, JJ. c, occupation, Veterinary Surgeon, intend
tu appl) foi a special timbei license
ovei  ito following described lamb:
1. Cummcncing at a post placed
•jn ine east bank ul SciuUa Creek,
A-uui luriy (l'j) cnaius itoui Moyie
River, miming au chains west, tbenee
-0 diaiiii suuth, theuce su cbains
eaat, tbenee su chains nurUi tu puint
of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more ur less.
Located this 4th day uf September,
A. H., 1807.
2. Commencing at a post placed uu
the east baitk uf Scmlin Uie-.**-, about
40 chains south of Moyie River,
running 80 chains east, thence 5u
chains south, thence S'J chains wart,
tlience so cbains nuiih tu point uf
commencement, and con taming i;iu
acres, more or less.
Lucatod this 4ih day ut September,
A. li. 1907.
:j. Coiiimencing at a pu.-,t placed
on ito west fork ul Scmlin Creek,
abi-ui 120 chains hum Moyie River,
running bo cbains west, tnence fcu
chains south, thence nu chains east,
thence 60 chains nuiih tu point ul
commencement, and containing oio
acres, mure ui Jess.
Located tin*, ith day of September,
A. D. 1807.
1. Commencing at a post placid on
the West Futk uf Seinlin Creek
about 120 chains Rum Moyie River,
running »u chains east, thence so
chains south, thence Bu chains west,
thence so chains north to pomt of
commencement, and containing 910
acres, more or less.
Located Uus 4lh day uf September,
A. D. 1907.
5. Commencing at a post placed 75
chains east of Uiu folks of Scmlin
Creek and about 150 chains south
of mouth of N'lggei Creek and 180
chains from Mope Falls, running SO
chains south, thence So chains east,
thence SO chains nurlh, ihence SO
chains west to puiut of cummence-
menl, and containing M0 acres, more
or less.
Located this 1th day ul September,
A. D. 1807.
6. Commencing ul a post placed 80
chains due suuth uf the mouth of
Huulder Creek, running 40 chains
west, thence 199 chains smith, thenco
40 chains east, Uience 190 ehains
nortli to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres', inure or less.
Located ihis Ith day of September,
A. D. 1907.
7. Commencing at a posl placed ou
the north bank ol Moyie River 40
chains above mouth of Nigger Creek
at the S. W. comer of Loi No. 8497,
thence running east «0 chains, thenre
south 80 chains, tbenee west 80
chains, thence north KO chains to
point of commencement, and contain-
ng Oil) acres, more or less.
Located this 4th dav of September,
A. D. 1907.
Walter Sherwood Bell, L<-t:at«i.
per Arthur Yeager, Agent. 25-61 TIIK CHANBHOOK   HERALD
The "Your Money
Back If You Are Not
Satisfied"   Store
*■ i
.^'Fink Mi
Extend a Most Cordial Welcome to the
and invite them to call and see the finest Store in Western
The reason we do this is because we appreciate the
visit of the Editors to Cranbrook, knowing as we do that
the newspapers of the Prairie Provinces and British
Columbia have been among the most potent factors in
the upbuilding of this magnificent Western Canada.
The sword is all right in battlefield warfare, but the pen
knocks it out in the fight for peace and prosperity, and we
stand for the pen every time. The Editors are entitled to
the hearty support of the people wherever a newspaper is
published, and modern day advertising is the key to
modern day commercial success. The firm that tells the
truth about its stock and prices through the newspapers
will appreciate the fact that advertising pays. We aim
to tell the truth about every department in our big store,
and the newspapers of Cranbrook are the mediums
we use.
Come in and look over our Store, talk on our private
telephone, sit on our easy chairs, gaze at our Clothing,
our Groceries, our Boots and Shoes, in fact, everything
we carry, and see for yourselves that GOOD GOODS
every time.
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
Sii Philips
Just received at
.1. F. Deane, editor of Ibe Nelson
News, arrived in tbe city this afternoon to attend the editorial convention here tomorrow.
J. D. McBride has another unique
window display. It is a suspension
bridge built of steel rods, chains,
bolts ami fire brick and is attracting
lots of attention.
Tho police commissioners held a
meeting yesterday and accepted the
resignation of Jailer Ward, and decided to leave the appointment of
his successor lo the city council.
(By ,lohu Anderson Jayne.)
You may not be able to distinguish
the man who makes good when ho is
walking down street with thousands
of his fellow citizens. But the moment yon step into the ollice where
ho is employed, the factory in which
he works, the ehureh in which he
preaches or the bedside by which he
practices, you recognize him at once.
He may be a little, insignificant
looking fellow, hut there is a breezy
manner about him that compels attention. He may weigh like a Taft,
but you forget his obesity in his ability to make the wheels go round. Ho
has a swing and a step born only of
accomplishment. He is neither gay,
gaudy nor garrulous. He is neither
sleepy, sloppy nor slimy. He is manly, mannerly and methodical. Ho
knows when', where and why. He has
the happy faculty of arriving at
exactly the right time and place.
When lie lands he lands squarely,
with both feet pointing forward.
The man who makes good is master
of the situation! He is not compelled to ask privileges or make
apologies in order lo hold his posi-
tion. He is not, treated as nn Inferior by those who hold more responsible positions, paying larger
salaries, for these men know that he
is using the usual talents of mankind
for the accomplishment of usual
work. Unusual mental power, undoes   not     equal usual mental
power,     used!     The man who ma*
good  never    whines!     Ho    is never
compelled   to    do the baby  net    or
work the sympathetic racket.
His work speaks for itself. It Is
the testimony of the faithful fidelity
of a conscientious worker.
The man who makes good Is not
content to rest on past accomplishments. Every act of
making      good        Is nn      In
centive to further attempts in the
same direction. The past, thereforo,
gives impetus in the present snd
strength for the davs that are to
The man who makes pood is always In demand. He need not worry about positions. If, through
necessity, he must make a change,
other men In the same line are only
too glad to give him employment.
There is only one class of people who
should be compelled to hunt for work
—those young men who have uot yet
had opportunity to make good and
show thrir worth lo crnplovers who
will appreciate their ability in the
work that is congenial to their
The majority of men who knock
from pillar to post are men who failed to make good In the davs when the
currents of life flowed swiftly in their
Every onee In awhile von hear a
man of sixty nnd upward called to
the superlntendency of some business
establishment, or tendered a position
where brains are required rather Ulan
muscles. Such a call is a living
witness to the truth. In the days of
youth he made good.
When you hear of men complaining
that they have no chance, explaining
tbey are' life's unfortunates, silting
down and letting children support
tbem, you may hang it on your walls
ns a truth thai lliey have wasted life,
j lieen querulous, Insubordinate, iin
1 prncllcnl, or have nnt used their
brains for the men for whom thoy
I worked fn the days of opportunity.
iThere Is no necromancy nhoul llfo!
It proceeds on definite and prescribed
j rules, obeys laws and accomplishes
'practical results. He who obeys
(life's law need not fear the long,
cold, barren and unproductive yearn
between sixty nnd eighty. Take
lime to st tidy the lives of mon who
have not made good! The man who
makes gooii knows thnt tils employer
has a right lo every minute of his
time, his best wnrk, his highest endeavor. He docs not watch the
clock.! He does not dallv! With
him the greatest thing during tho
working hour Is his employer's Interests. The man who works in thai
spirit never fails to mate good.
.1, Tl. Holland Is an enthusiastic
traveller and likes noWiing hotter
than to relate the famous places he
has heen. A story ts told nn him
while on a recent trip around the
southern point nf South America.
The night was wild, and Hollnnd,
clad In oilskins, was on the deck.
"Come out," he called down tn one
of bis friends wlm was hurled in a
novel, "and sen the Horn."
"Oh, no," was the reply. "You
can't fool me again. I came out to
see Randy Hook, nnd there wasn't
any hooh at all, so I guess I'll pass
the Horn up."—Ex.
Mr. William Callow, ll.W.S.J
F.R.G.S., ot Great Missenden, I
Bucks, lias attained his ninety-fifth:
birthday. I
The rainfall   iu Bombay is almost
Unprecedented. Already SO    inches
have fallen since iho beginning of
During the demolition of a wall nt
'eterboro recently a mummified cat
was discovered. II. wan perfectly
preserved, even to its claws and
Tho Marl uf Rossi y it has Instructed
his solicitors tn enter au appeal
against tlie recent judgment ol ibe
Scottish court, granting a decree tor
divorce lo his wife.
A package contain lug ion mm roubles (£111,01)11), une of lhe number of
packages sent, lo the Imperial     Hank
st.   Potoraburg    to  its    Tiilis
blanch, has been lost In transit.
Mr. 'IV ('. Taylor. Liberal If, P.,
Radcllffo-Cum-Fu in worth t Lanes.), Is
about In make an extended four of
Canada. Japan, China, I long Kong,
Ooylon, the Straits Settlement and
The Wa udsvvoi't h (! ua I'd In ns lmve
been informed that a late Inmnte of
the workhouse, .lolin Hound, has had
left to him £(1,000. Tbe board is
taking steps to recover £51, the cost
if Pound's board.
The Derby Education committee has
refused tn allow Lord Men ill's Empiro
message to Britisli bovs and girls to
to exhibited In their schools, on the
ground thai it would foster a spirit
of militarism.
Mr, .lusltee PhiIItmore is ambidextrous, and when taking notes of
cases that come before him for trial
in the King's bench division bis lordship uses his right and left hand with
equal facility.
'Ts this your first case?" asked Mr.
.Justice BIghnm of n defendant in a
ci\1l action at the Guildford assizes.
"It is, my lord," said the litigant.
"Then let it bo your l.,st," dryly observed his lordship.
Mr. W. IT. Armstrong (defending at
Lambeth a prisoner whn had been
asked whether he bad been previously
convicted) observe.]: "If every man's
sins were written on bis foreliead we
should all wear our hats very low."
Mn. George Houldcn, of Pinchbeck
West. Spalding—quite a character
amongst Lincolnshire farmers—who
has just entered on his eighty-fourth
year, has worn a smock on all occasions, including attendance at church,
for seventy years.
Two steam trawlers have picked up
in the North Sea, a large number nf
apparently valuable homing pigeons in
greatly exhausted condilfnn. They
nre believed to be some of the birds
which were Inst in the great race
from San Sebastian lo England.
At a Bel linal green Inquest, Dr.
U'cstcott, tbe coroner, examining a
ma rriage certifies te. da ted 1858,
which had been handed in, remarked
that nn the top was printed1. "Wives
submit yourselves tn your husbands."
"Thev don't put that on now," he
After the fireworks display at West-
cliff regatta recently, a boy named
Thos. Joiner discovered on llm beach
a shell which had not been left off.
lie applied n light tn the fuse ami
the shell exploded with terrific force,
and he received Injuries whieh will
disfigure him for life.
Mrs. Hugh Beck, of Norwich, overbalanced herself in snatching at her
hat. which the wind bad blown from
her head, and fell from the balcony of
a house at Oromcr where she was
staying for her health. Though the
fall was only three feet, she was killed.
The military balloon school at
Fariihorougli, under Colonel Capper,
is spending £11,0(10 a year in the
manufacture of balloon's aud tlie
carrying on of experiments and practices .in aeronautics. Of this sum
about .i.'l.onn is for pay to the staff
nnd £S,0ftf) for stores and equipment
for the current year.
The London county council steamboat returns from Mav to .Inly show
that the number nf ' passengers has
dropped frnm 1,-121,800 to 007,358, as
compared with last vear, and tbe
takings from £11,145 to £0,405-*
decline traceable lo the had weather
and Hie Moderates' persistent efforts
to run down the enterprise.
A tabulated report upon the gun-
layers' practice of the Briiish navy
over a period of years shows Unit
while In I8W1 the percentage of lis
hlt.H was 51.1 onlv, H is now 81.40.
In IMI7 there was 2,053 bits anil
4/101 misses, This year there has
been 1,274 hits and only 074 misses.
"1 always remember the spirit of
the English school, and I look lN"'k
on tlie time when I learnt my lessons
of manliness, pluck and fair play with
the best English boys of those days."
-Baron Klkuebi, at the prize dislri-
bitl ion of the I .Diversity college
school, of which he is au old boy.
During the past few years a great
development, has been marked In lhe
.lupin vc mercantile marine. The
great Nippon Yusen Kaisha Hue,
possess at Iho present time more
than 100 steamers, of au aggregate
lonnngc of close on 400,000. The
eompany is about, to construct fifteen
moro steamers.
The Admiralty court hnve ordered
the arrest of the large Norwegian
steamer SIguard, ashore at Goswlek,
near Berwick, in consequence of complaints having been made by Major
Mortev Grossman, owner of the
Tweed salmon netttngs at Goswick,
that the jettisoning of the steamer s
cargo nf pit props was damaging the
fisheries and nets.
i The Bhickppol police arrested a
man who sold "pure country butter"
at 1b. a    pound to   visitors fn    the
streets. It was stated in the police
court that he had purchased on an
week at 4d. a pound, packed It In Ll*
average of "Jl. pounds of margarine ii
oz. packets, and resold it lo visitors
as pound weight. Ho was sent to
prison for three months.
The Reading town council have decided to confer the freedom or    Uie
own on Lady Wantage and Aldermen
II. B. Blandy and Arthur Hill. Lady
Wantage has been a munificent benefactress to University college, Heading, and at the present time a
students' hostel Is being erected at
her expense,       Alderman Blandy    is
'father" of lhe lown council, and
Alderman Iiill was mayor four limes
in succession.
The United Services Cadet corps at
•)ton college recently received a 12
pr. b.-l. gun, which formed part of
Hie Lady    Meux battery,  and       did
eivice iu the Soulh African war. The
boys uf ihe corps look possession of
lhe gun at Windsor   railway station,
ml dragged it through the town to
the college at St. Mark's. The college warden, the Bev. F. ff, Tracev,
also presented    the college,   with   a
rest, bearing ibe lion ot St. Mark in
black on a yellow ground.
Two brothers named .lohn and
lames Gorman, holb elderly farmers,
residing near Carrlgaholt, Clare wero
gored to death liy a bull belonging to
In ii letter addressid lo the parents
the headmaster ol Brighton college
sks Iheir assistance in stopping the
iiiisaiieo of boys sitting with their
hands in their trousers pockets during
lesson time.
Dr. Slot!, medical Oifcer of health
for Sussex, has examined the well at
Niulield (Sussex) which was reputed
In be • producing oil, and reports to
the Haiilsham rural district council
that be is nt lhe opinion Uiat some
person is polluting the well with
paraffin out of spite.
The Duke of Devonshire and others
who represent the founders of Eastbourne college have oOered to surrender auy pecuniary interest they
have In it, so that it may get a
.barter, and he put on the same
foundation as Eton. Harrow, and any
of the big public schools.
An agreement has heen provisionally entered into whereby the Caledonian Hank, whose headquarters are at
Inverness, arc to make over to the
Bank of Scotland their whole assets
of every description, inclusive of
their rw*ts of note issue and goodwill of lhe business.
Clyde shipbuilding returns for .Inly
show a remarkable Increase tn the
tonnage placed in the water, tbe vessels launched aggregating li8,ftfln Inns
against .10,0(10 last year. The output
is a record for .luly, and raises the
total fnr the seven months to a record of 371,000 tons.
Sir Clement Klnloch-Cookc has
given notice of a curious resolution
at the next meeting of the London
county council tn the effect that it is
desirable in the interests of public,
health, that persons, Irrespective of
age or sex, be required before using a
public swimming hath to wash their
hands and feet.
After paying the principal and interest charges the Portsmouth Corporation tramways have made a net
profit of £18,000. Were the undertaking iu the hands of a private company a 10 per cent, dividend could
have lieen paid. On account nf fire
insurance companies' heavy charges
the committee has decided to tSike
iis own fire risks, saving a reserve
fund of £48,000.
Mr. Qulller-Couch, in an article in
■A Book of the West," issued as a
souvenir of the present visit of tho
British Medical association to Exeter, slates that his father, his. father's father, am\ two nt his father's
■ brothers were Cornish doctors, all but
June of them scientific observers, who
kept and published records of the
i western climate and iis effects on organic life, from men to   mosses.
Although the Mnrylcbonc municipal
electric undertaking is burdened wilh
a payment of £1,000,00b sterling tor
good-will, in respect ol the local
property tul*ii over from the Metropolitan Electric Supply company,
the working for the year ended March
i.il last shewed a net profit of $23,061,,
after the provision of £10,578 10s. 2d.
for redemption of loans and reduc-
tionut capital indebtedness.
The Hon. and Rev. A. Byron, son
ol the seventh Lord Byron, who has
just died at Kirkby, near Nuneaton,
followed the hounds for seventy years
or more, lie was a farmer, amateur
'gardener, poet, fisherman, cricketer,
yachtsman, painter, musician, parish
'doctor, a good shot, and up to with-
Iiu a sliorl time of his death he drove
his four-in-hand through Leicestershire.    He was eighty years old.
A recruiting march of the Legit
Frontiersmen   will   lie    carried
through    Kent   at   the   i
iiionlh and lhe beginning .■( October,
in connection wilh llie forma I Inn ul a
Kent (loop id Ibe Legion. Tbe route
lalttfl      will   lie Ulai klieatb.   D.iiliold,
Itoelicsii'i, Chatham, SlUliigbouine,
Faversham, Canterbury, Dover, Folk
sloue, Asdlmd, Maidsiuiie, Tunhrldgu
Wells and  Scvenoaks  In Loudon.
The Toronlo World ,a Conservative
organ lias the following kind WOrilt)
to say of Hm great Liberal leader:
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier, as a Canadian
looming larger in the eyes of the
world, deserves the heartiest possible
reception from his fellow-countrymen.
Abroad Jn* has ncqultttd himself well.
With a sure hand he directed his
course at the colonial conference, and
whether we agree with him or not,
we must ail confess Uitfl be held himself with the dignity, with tho grand
air, and with lhe directness of tho
experienced statesman. In manner,
in mind and in personality, he appealed to the imagination of tho
OM Land, and he returns to Canada
the biggest Canadian they have ever
seen. Upon his party Ids hold U
strong. Cabinet ministers, members
of parliament and party manager'*
fondly sneak of him as the chief. And
I llieir chief lie is, towering head and
.shoulders above them iu all that
makes tor statesmanship. In fact,
where in Canada shall we find a
bigger man than Sir Wilfrid?"


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