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Cranbrook Herald Jun 2, 1910

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 -I I*       ** v
-"'.j, ;/ ,";-i*'.'-ii,wiui,r;irr
In the Herald Pay,— Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c. a Une
v*o me well  equipped io
turn nut ila' beet class
NO. 14
Attractions and Potentialities of the Little
Town of Eke
water sufii-
ir domestic
South Kast  Konlcnuy ran boast of. ttioro   Ik
iiiuHi in tin1 wny ol   natural attrac- eicut for
linns, iioth as regards boauty       o( purposes.
scenery ami climatic advantages, but Tl, n8h-jrmon Klko oners except ion-
it   is  doubtful ii    anywhere within ,,|   „ttrneUmis      Than aro several
tins vast    territory   there is   in lie
luniiil   a  locality
i   'eit slocked slicnnis nnd lakes close
more generously a, hlUH|( „• wl,i,.|, siIv)ir Sprj,1K jllkl>
blessed with   attractions that appeal  |s „m. o( t|M. \wlii   an,| this has    rt-
to tin* general public than the little
town of Kit-in, ou the main line ot
the Crows Nest railway. Kor the
sight seer ami the sportsman Klko
annuls greater attractions than,
probably, any other spot in Southern
Hritish Columbia. This fact is, apparently fufly appreciated by residents east nf Klko, particularly     the
ccnlty been Improved liy the addition
of :100,01m cut-throat trout eggs,
placed then* by Dominion Fishery Inspector .1* T. Edwards, of Kamloops,
who also placed a smaller niinilier of
eggs iu McHain lake, back of ,laffray.
As before noted, there is a very
I large area of     llm* agricultural land
,     , r,     .       ,    „ tributary to     Klko, but as yet it is
people of Fernie, who flock to Elko, on,y   gp'MMly   ^        UnW(.u.r
i Jmlgiiijr Irom the present indications,
Sumlay   aflrl   Sunilay,   tn  spelwl     a
happy ilay amid idyllic scenery, nr to ,t „.*., not ,„. ,01)g ,„,,„„ mWm
engage in excellent sport with cither' (, flocktn)? *„ t,,imat|c a„d otlll.r
ri«l or gun. | cnlllljt.„lls ari, [avorablo, tin* land is
Passing of a Pioneer
Archibald Leitch Sr. Dies Suddenly at his home.    Best Known
and Most Respected Lumberman in East Kootenay
Price Ellison, Minister of Finance
W. R. Ross, M.P.P. Fernie, "Ballot Box
Bill" to-be Chief Commissioner
of Lands
The outstanding attractions to lovers of beautiful scenery, offered visitors to Klko, arc the Elk river falls,
a mile or so below the town. Here,
far a stretch of two miles, is a
succession of scenes that cannot tail
to delight the eye. There is not only
the beauty of the rushing waters, but
the surrounding scenery is unsurpassed. In the distance snow-capped
mountains, rolling timber-covered
hills and here and there glimpses of
fine agricultural lands,
.fust at present, outside a fairly
extensive lumbering industry, there is
not a great deal doing in the immediate vicinity of Klko, but no, nne can
view the vast potential power in the
Klk river falls, without being impressed with the inevitable probability of their ultimately being harness
e1 for industrial purports of one
kind and another. Whilst ihe town
of Klko is well sustained by present
lumbering operations, a chief source
of its revenue is derived from visitors, attracted by its scenic charms
and excellent fishing and hunting.
it la a progressiva little burg.
tioaM'ng several up-to-date stores.
comfortable hotels, and a board of
Tributary to the town are the several lumber camps lo the south, and
a magnificent stretch of line agricultural land, now just being opened up
tor settlement.
With a View to adding to the
fort and convenience ol residents,
water works are being installed The
Klko Water. Light and Power com
pain, a purely local undertaking, bas
been organized with a capital of
$10,000, of which C A Klingcnsmith.
the popular proprietor of the Klk
hotel, i.s president, II Midlands, vice-
president; J, M \miew, secretary-
treasiirrr. and Messrs. A, Hirnie, W
Woods, It* Ilirt;, A Harby. A Sbei
idan, A .1. Cartel, ami |.. Fotsey,
The object tor which I Ins companv
was formed is to provide watfl and
light  for  the growing  town nf  Klko,
ami also to supply manufacturing and
railroad companies    with water   (oi
steam purposes
The directors and promoters ol the
Company  havo    expended   a eoiisiilii
aide amount of money ui ascertaining
the amount of water available, quality of the watel to In- used and in
Securing plans and maps, with is
timates    ot  tin*    cost  of  the  s\ ,t* in.
It Is proponed to take the SUppl]
of water from a lake lying about
Iwo mill's to Hie east ol the town
This lake will give an ample supply
for all purposes as the following
tracts   Irom    the   engineer's    report
"The source Di the supply is Silver
Spring Lake, situated two miles past
ul Um cily of Klko This lake is i
in.ist di'sirable body nf water, fifty
one feet deep ami has a siulaec area
of liftt-i-i: acres. This lakr bring lun
hundred ami leu (eel above the city
of Klko, will give !H pounds pressure
per square inch in lhe city. This is
a most desirable pressure tor fire
"Analysis was made by II. It Lake,
one ot the best chemists in Canada,
ami he found the water to he excellent.
"In February and March, the two
lowest water months, there was
flowing Irom the outlet of the lake
102.0(H) gallons per 21 hours. This
amount may tie only a partial outflow as lhe outlet ia through broken
rock and the full amount could not be
"It Is proposed to build two concrete core dams to raise the water
five feet. Ity this means fifteen feet
of water Is available, as tne Intake
will be ten feet below the present
surface level. Thin will give a dally
supply of 2f>2,MHl gallons. Allowing
80,000 gallons for railway purposes
and 11000 gallons   lor mill
tlie results have been entirely satisfactory.
Within two miles ot the town, the
progressive Investment company, of
which Mr. W. Frost, is the manager,
have a large tract under cultivation
They have recently planted upwards
of 7,000 two-year-old apple trees, in
addition to a large nursery. The
good work being done by this company will undoubtedly very shortly
result in attracting the attention of
practical farmers and fruit growers,
when valuable lands, now lying idle,
will soon be brought under cultivation.
The North Star Lumber company's
planing mills is the hig industrial
undertaking of Klko just at present.
Here the product of their mills u-
prepared tor market Hid ire long a
further addition to the lumbering industry will be made, tlie Hock Creel
Lumber mills, in which Mr* .tames
Finlay, of tins city, is largely in
tcresled, being about to move their
plant to within a mile or two of the
Tin- business men of Klko are alert
and thoroughly alivp to the proi
pects, large stocks are carried anr-
priecs are kept down to a level that,
Joes not permit of much trade pass ,
.ng their doors. Tributary to Elko
s the trade of the lumbering Camps
situate to tlie south, and served by
the (treat Northern railwav. Of the
serviee provided  just  at  present    bv
the ii N it. Klko cttlscna arc none too
proud. The depot is situated practically half a mile out, ami there is
no agent. Hut with an active board
of trade, thoroughly alive to all the
needs of the town, this disadvantage,
it is Confidently anticipated, u ill
soon Ih* overcome The hoard of
t radc     is     an     important lac-
tor in tin* growth and prosperity of
tin* town Mr C. It Wickson. manager ol the newly installed branch of
llic Merchants bank, is the president,
and be has tbiown himself into the
work with a zeal that cannot fail to
prove productive ■>( good results ihe
establishment of the bank at Elko
has had an excellent eftecl on husi
nasi and the manager is happily as
tonlsbed at the amount o| business
doing. At present lhe bank occupies
very modest quarter!*, bul this fall
llic contract will In* let for a spac
ions modern banking building and
UN stall will Im- considerably enlarged to cope with the inpidly expanding
business (tn lhe whole EfltO may lie
said to be our of the most prosper-
>iis and substantial burgs on tlie
Crows Nest hue, with prospects that
cannol he surpassed by any town in
Southern Hritish Columbia.
As a small but sun- sign of the
growth ami prosperit] of Klko, it
muy tie stated that It Ilirt/, a lormer Cranbrook oltlten, now one «t
Elko's most siiecessiul business men,
is about to erect a large addition in
his present premises and put in a lull
Stock nl furniture
A rumor is going the rounds, which
the Klko board of trade will eudeavoi
to have transmuted into fad, that
tlie O.P.It-, recognizing the many attractions of this town, will More
long erect a first-class tourist hotel
at some convenient spot. There b
good hotel aeconinHtdalion at Klkn
now, but with the rapidly Increasing
tourist traffic it Is felt that tbr C.P.
4t. would be well advised to supple-
mint this by the addition of an up
lo-date hostelry.
Heath claimed lor Its own with
tragic suddenness last Monday morning one of Cranbrook's most respected citizens, one of the best known
men throughout the entire Kast Koo-
I may district, Archibald Leitch, sr.
Ile had boon around town in tin*
morning and apparently was enjoying
fairly good health. He met and conversed with several business men, to
all of whom he spoke of his recent
indisposition ami intimated that he
was leaving for the east to undergo
medical treatment, hut none of them
with whom lie conversed ever dreamed his end vvas so close. lie took a
run around town in his automobile
and then returned to his home for
lunch He entered liis home apparently in good health and spirits,
stretched out his arms and fell forward into the arms nf his son
Archie, sunk thence to the lloor and
expired almost immediately.
News of this tragic event quickly
circulated around town, hut, at
first, was received with incredulity,
it was but such a short while back
that the deceased had been seen on
the streets. When the sad intelligence was definitely confirmed there
was but one universal note of sorrow
for the passing of sn esteemed a citizen and of sympathy for the bereaved
Some few wceVs ago, whilst nn a
trip to the prairies, Mr. Leitch par* [
took of some strawberries and
cream, this brought on an attack of
stomach trouble, ptomaine poison ensuing, and undoubtedly was the cause
I heart failure, which brought his
useful life to so sudden a close.
The funeral look place from the
family residence yesterday afternoon
and vvas made Llie occasion nf a most
ilgniiicani tribute to tlir memory
•f the deceased.
All places of business in town were
tnsed during Hie ceremony, flags
were llown at half mast, and practically everv business man in town
walked or drove oul to the house to
escort the cnflni to the grave or gathered at the cemetery to pay theli
last marks *,.[ respect (n the memory
d hlin.  whom ^11 esteemed.
Itev.   C.   O.   Mam,   pastor  of.       the
Presbyterian    church, of which    de
ceased had been   a life long member,
conducted the funeral services nt th
residence and at the grave side
The ceremony at   the house'  was
largely attended hy intimate iriends
and relatives of the deceased, but a
far larger crowd was gathered out-
ile, including a great gathering o'
is. who had assembled in force
the memory nf a dc-
, a flower hi
I This, frienih
liiitiiliuess    <
: finality,   id
Iho garden o! the Lord.
, is what constitutes the
f     heaven,    its   blessed
permanence, its   eter-
News ol an interesting political na-i administer a pretty rough dressing
tore comes from Victoria this week, down to the attorney-general, who,
II is lo the effect that "Ballot Box'by the
Hill" is at    last    to receive cabinet
' The Map of World, who lias cot left
his peer"
orous. lie had to he a puhlic-
spiriled citi/en with a deep concern
iu all that affected the vv 'Hare of his
community.    Probably   Easl Koolc-
Lame shoulder is almost invariably
caused by rheumatism of the muscles
and yields quickly In tlie Iree application of Chamberlain's Liniment.
This liniment Is not only prompt and
effectual, hut in DO way disagreeable
to use Hold by all druggusts and
Ma*-*        ^^
to do honor ti      ^^^^^^^^^
parted brother, a charlct member
the Cranbrook lodge, in the Institution of which he hail taken an active
The ceremony al the residence was
ost impressive, Rev, C. (I Main
paying the following tribute to the
memory of the man. all who ever
come in contact with him
business or in a social way
either In
"Our     citizenship     is     in
Heaven      Kor    here   have we
no   continuing   city,    but   we
seek one to conic."
The sudden call to out friend   and
honored   fellow-eiti/en presses   home
iipnn us tin- truth of these words  We
have un lease on   life       We   have    it
frnin (J■ *d only, hour hy hour. Life is
renewed to us from day to day, with
no promise befOltd tin* present. As a
result  nothing    mi earth is permanent        tt.   arc   hut   sojourners bete,
transients who remain awhile,     be*
cniiie acquainted, leain to honor   and ,,,IPS
love each oilier and then pass to thei"*'1^'*
permanent   home.      A
nay owed inure to the departed one
than to any other man ber present
prosperity and development. Winn
others hesitated he had th" courage
nf a pioneer; when others doubted be
saw clearly with the eye of a seer,
and became the father of the greatest
industry of Kootenay, furnishing lucrative labor to hundreds of men, and
opening up the country for less courageous settlers and Inves ors.
Hut at a. tune like ins, il is not
his material accomplishments which
stand nut so prominently as the man
himself. Ile was a hig man with
hig heart Ile was all things to all
men, the hail fellow well met. liis
home was his delight; the manifestations of his aftectfun for his daughters and sons were beautiful In le-
hold. He was Interested in and sup
ported every movement for the purifying and beautifying of our community. No cause nl charity nr benevolence was ever refused by bim.
lie was universally esteemed by his
employers and fellow citizens. He
will !.*■ greatly missed Irom our community, as the president and manager of an Immense Industry, as a man
who fought for pure ami honest government, as a citizen ol our city, ns
ihe host Irom one if Cranbrook's
most cultured homes, bul nhove all
he will he missed as the broad-minded, kuid'hcartid, public-Spirited man*
Hut ihe termination ol a career is,
all the more sad because of its worth
and nobleness Is Ibrre any hope for
sorrowing ami depn rd friends at
the taking away nl -uch a father?
There is It is this ll
it is only transferred
wi* have no contini.h
seek one to come."
Heaven in the sou
"Kor our citizenship
fmm whence also we
Savior, tlie Lord ■!*
shall change our vii
may Ih* fashioned lili
loui body, according
whereby he is able evi
things unto himself "
Heaven is man's ti
ent     home He     !
These are the sti< D
stimulate in this I
sion and grief TU
ing    words to tell us
hale  gone    1."
nity. This indeed is the meaning ol
eternity—this perfect adaptation lw-
iweeii man's spiritualized powers and
his circumstances. We mistake when
we try to gras'p the idea of eternity as infinite time hy adding thousands of years to thousands. Wt!
cannot do it. Far better lo think
of eternity not as time but as a condition in which manhood unfolds, under perfect conditions, all its powers
and graces. Sorrow is gone, sin is
gone, and all is harmony. Heaven
is homo, home is harmony and harmony i.s eternity.
Let     ibis | ur hope,    our faith,
wonderful though it he, and seemingly
too good to he hue, lie has imt
gone into an alien land, he has gone
home. And let it he out core and
desire, who must remain here a little*
longer, so In live so lhat wo shall
have an abundant entrance into tho
eternal home. And let the severely
sudden call of our brother be a warning tn us to watch for We know not
when the Son of Man come th.
The collin was homo from lhe residence to the hcarno   hy the foil,
Messers A.    McDougall, Fend
K. Hamilton,   Pa**burg, Alta .
KlChards, Cranbrook, IV I.und, Ward
ner, I*. L. Nalsmith, Lethbridge, ami
Finlay, cranhrook.
position. The member for Fernie is
to succeed Hon. Price Kllisnn as chief
commissioner of lands, the member
for Okanagan taking over the portfolio of finance from the attorney-
general, -lust when Mr. Koss will
Ik* callul upon to go down to Victoria remains in doubt, as the powers that he have i,, be perfectly satisfied as to his re-election before taking any chances on opening the seat
inquiries made in Fernie elicit the
response that Billy Koss can probably be re-elected without much
trouble. He lias made himself absolutely solid with the liquor e!e-
ment by closing up the Miners club,
j where, lierclofore beer was sold    nt
rales below the saloon rates And
i in so doing Hill Ross figures that he
has cinched up the temperance vote,
because, forsooth, be shut up one
.place where intoxicants were vend-
, el lie is, moreover, specially popular iust now, because ol his victor)
way, was not present, but it
was   populai With   the crowd   because
the A. (1. Is an) tiling but popular in
The advnnccm
position    will
ministry 1'
tion to the fina
nt of Koss to cabinet
complete the McBride
ice KIliMiu's translate department, which
I, Vi.
•f (hi
hold-up i
trial   Re
also places under his administration
the department of agriculture, is regarded more oi less favorably In Victoria. Price is known to be a pretty
safe man, he will not try any experiments in finance, and can lie counted
upon to follow ihe premier's Instructions to the letter. As a practical
farmer, ol man)  years experience, he
is eipe ted I      ** <■ .■ I tn the ag-
r(cultural depart]
II . * antii pated that tlw byc-clec-
tutii in Yah-, will be brought on at
the same time thai the Fernie seat is
thrown open Who the government
candidate will be Is still a matter of
doubt, although there is some talk
of an outsider running iu thii     ilis-
lu the course!trict, there being no local man
ok occasion    to anj special abilit] available
.elf. sawing bridge timber for the
tail wai company at Sudbury and
Hiscotasing, tint . and continued iu
this line of business for buit years,
meeting with very satisfactory suc-
jcess, In 1888, tiring a little ot the;
' work, and realizing that in tin- small
lumber catnps there would be meagre: mmkwaaaaak\-
j educational advantages for Ins child-     W«taeadaj  monring at ten o'clock,
The sad   corlage then    wound   its  ren, he consented t.. .*... weal to Oak  "*'"   *• L      S'Hon, the new prime
way down the hill to    the ccmetary, | Lako, Manitoba, where he and     his   minister of Alberta announced     his
where gathered   a largo concourse of
man of most versatile character. lit*
could be the astute man ol business
ol B0 years, oi the light hearted boy
of |6,    r.-.i !i    to     entt t    into any
citizens, Kev. C. (I. Main conducted
the religious services ;.t the grave
side, and then Wor. Bro. E Elwall,
read the impressive Masonic service,
ut the   close ot   whieli the brethren  f,
^^^^^^^      where he and     hj
three brothers engaged in the milling  *c*bmet as f .'
President     ol   council.
passed the open grave, depositing
therein each in turn a sprig of Acacia
The floral tributes that covered the
coffin formed another marked tribute
to the love and esteem in wieli the
deceased was held by n large circle ol
business. The change was a great
one, and although the business wa-
profitable, yet Mr. Leitch was n ■•■:
latlsficd. He found himself longinc
the odor     of the pine and the
treaaun r and ministy * i f public
srorks—Hon   Arthur I.   Sllton.
Attorney-general and minister     ol
education—-Hon. Charles U   Mitchell.
-aw dust, for the buzz ol the saw a-      Provincial M-crctary-Hon.     Archill traveled through the great logs on   K-i]i J- McLean
.the mill carriage, for the life that be]   Minister   of agrlculture-Hon. Dun-
I had been   successful   in in the past,  VaTi Marshall
and the life with    all its bardablps     lT   '«    undereiood that tbe      new
I held for him a peculiar and fasc-.r.at-  premier   will  sit for    Luc St. Anne
friends and acquaintances        Among  ing charm.    Around a (lour mill   he' **r''* '*":    ,,r     Mitchell for Medicine
Around a (lour mill he
j was out of his clement, and in ISM, i ^at
I when work was first started on the
■Crows Nest line he told his brother-.
; that he was going to British Columbia and see what the chances were
for lumbering He went to West
'Kootenay first but   did not
the vast number, one in particular
calls for special mention. Keferenca
is made to the very handsome wreath
sent in by the employees of the Past
Kootenay Lumber       company
at .laffray. There        were
others   from    Lethbridge,   Calgarj. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Nelson and other (mints, Including a'thing tl.j* attracted him, and on Ins
large number from local friends, and way bark stopped oft at Bolden and
Irom Oak- Lake. Man , ami Cranbrook came by stage to Fort Rtceic 'I).*:*-
Masonic lodges. j was no Cranbrook then, although the
The bereaved family consists of the  townste had been surveyed, and   la-
widow,     four   daughters   and three   rode over  to    size up th»- situation
sons        Two   unmarried   daughters.   Meeting Col. Baker be soon made   a
bargain for timber rights and lott I i
time in getting in the machine**) f"i
Cranbrook's lirst steam sawmill    ait!
is not ended
"For liere
. city, hut  we
•    true home*
Is in heaven
■ok fnr      the
; s Christ, who
body, that it
nto His glor-
i'i the working
to subdue ail
rds, eatculs
J although this| *vin "'" hearts in tin
very precious lo ns,    and
although all sccma ended when it
ceases, yd the Christian truth is
that this tile is only a single brief
stage in an eternal existence This
Hie is hut the entry or the porch to
Hie Cathedral of Eternity, It Ir hut
the tuning of Ihe instrument for
grander themes beynrrd. Life Is
only an incident m eternity
Our true citizenship is not on
earth but In Heaven. I wish to
dwell upon this thought ol our true
citizenship, hccau.se I he depart id one
was Ihe most high minded and noblest of eiti/ens and II Ids briel citizenship here below was characterized
liy energy, w,isdnm, generosity, lore-
sight and benevolence, how much
nobler, grander and greater we tmsi
shall he his heavenly citizenship He
was too big a man to he merely a
private Individual. Win sympathies
ware too largo aad hla nnnd ton vig-
ami pertnan
com- home,
wonts   which
KM) Ol  depres
art very dar-
hat our lo.ed
Tl.ry are
to WOO   and
timid bar. to
>f the
turn away Iron the bUeknm
lasl few days In Ibe llghl nt a certain future, to the dawn nl hope. Oh,
let Ihe blessed significance, (l«* hallowed, tender memorlei and relations
ol holm- he associated In faith nnd
trust with Ihe land t.. which the departed have gone ami where a blessed
reunion    may   be Ihint    ot   the
blessed finality ol home. All a
man's experiences, all a man's wanderings bring up at hh home There
only ia he at rest. Home is the
place of his real ami normal ac'lvity.
Home is   more than    "herr one eats
Miss Jessie and  Miss  Ell  .	
home, the other two daughter-, are
married and reside in town. Mrs. E
Paterson and Mrs. .) <:. Sutherland. Mrs. E. I Paterson was the
only    member of   the   family absent
from   home,     she   being in the east   company, and   was a partnership
1 tint, but was afterwards   made
Epsom In-v:.-- Eng , June ] —Tht
131st Derhj ol (33 500 tor three-
yesr-oMs, distance abont a mils and
a half mile, tbe classic ol the English
turf, was won todaj bj Mr. Fame's
Lemburg. sir John Thurby's Greenback was second snd A P. Cunlift's
Charles O'Malley ihlrd. Lord Rose-
berry's Neil ii-**  finished fourth
From the .start the rate was among
the f' ui I ed, Lemberg win
ning by a neck In a position gainrd
but a few yards from the post   Neil
• as    ready f..r business by the first   (tow behaved badly at the post, de-
f September        The company     was 'laying  the 'tar:   f«.r  10 minutes, but
known    as   the   Cranhrook   Lumber j tt'*' field finallj  got awaj  in     good
with her husband ^^^^^^^^
The three sons are George,  Archie
and Colin
The only surviving brother of Mr.
Atchihald Leitch. Mr Male dm
Leitch, of rrnk Lake. Manitoba, with
his wife, were present at the funeral,
as was also a married sister, Mi
Clark, of Vancouver.
and sleeps; it  is whet- his manhood[ tlmt» Ilk
spends Itself nt its    life tas't. where''" Rive entire
his faculties, gifts and traces nre fir-'who had Intrusted
Veloped to the full      It Is when nil  his inanagfment
his aflcetinn«t are satisfied, where tlio tion on the 0 I'll   opened n.anv
spirit of man spends itself nn worthy   portnnltlea for mm with aid lit)     ll
tasks    ami   accomplishes    purposes the  lumbei  business   and ambition
noble beyond all grandest OOMepIlorm.   Mr. Lletch thought it was Ins ohance
where family on land I v unfolds like and lie encaged in bnallW for    I.i
Archibald Leitch.     Si .        *--*.i ■
born at La Prairie, Quebec, 83
vears ago. he went to school f"i a
short time at Montreal, but hta
school days were vt ry hunted as he
went to work for hlmsell at the age
"f fifteen years driving a team in a
limber camp mi the Ottawa river.
Lumbering was the chiel Industry on
the Ottawa river in those days and
most of     the young men     naturallv
drifted into  that   occupation.  Alter
driving team awhile he was given a
position as clerk in a camp and In*
rcmaintd at this branch of the work
until he was nineteen, when he was
given charge of ,( gang ol men He
was young tor a position of thai
responsibility, but  he had made good
the ntlsfactlon  «f in-* employers,
and when the opening came he was
given the Opportunity,    Later he was
given charge ol the firm's business a*
the camp, a position known as local
agent In this way be continued
season after season to look after the
basinets under ins charge working .i'
e,     and never failing
satisfaction to those
their Interests Ih
In iftflt construo*
•Mint stuck company That f.iii and
winter the mill was kept going and it
vvas the only industry in this ,',.•.!* ol
the country. People espressed il«-
opinion that "that man Leitch must
.• crazy to be sawing so much lumbei with no market within 800
units " Rut he vvas not. When
tbfl  lOWn  began  to Imilil  there was a
growing local market, and when con-
truction reached tins part ol the
ifistnet the thousands ol tics in* had
cut mi contract for the C P R. were
in demand tnd thus the bustnati
grew until i* was the hading lumber
industry "I the district It. IS01
Mr Leitch formed a mergei ol *■■■»•
-r.il companies winch is now known
ss tin- East Kootena) Lumber companj of which be was pn^nlent and
[cnersl manager.
Mt      Lelteh did      not     restticl   hi,
greal energies to the lumber Indus
ttv He was a man "f varied Interests ami aided Isrgely in the up*
ildlng of Cranbrook.    Any under-
San Ft,.:': oo lone I—That imr-
othy Russell, dsughtei of Lillian Russell, the well known actress, eloped
mx weeks ago with Robin w Dons*
mulr, --".i ol ra-Llrut-Oovernoi Duns-
mull (>f British Colombia, and that
the couple ar<- now living In UatiV
Ian :■, the news brought ben by
the steamer San Juan, which arrived
here   todaj I • ntral hmerionu
According to the story told by pav
sengers on the Saa Juan, Miss Ituv
sell and Dun- r. -. .<!' *-.'*. Kran-
. on on tnt  ' Iii ■.  It-sari and
after risiMng a numbei ol Central
tmerioan Cittei established a resid-
rnce al M..,.."..■ Ml Ra sell paid
the coaat .i vis.* leveral months ag«,
at.d it is saud tl s1 'i irlng hei stay
she w.ii fni|uerttly siin in the enm-
taking that hud fnr its object     the
betterment ol local conditions found
Hi him at. active and a generous supporter, He was Interested in the
establishment of the local Electric
Light and Telephone companies, being v;te-presiilent of the former and a
director tn the latter In every .
movement calculated to advance the
eiii/ttiship nt Cranbrook Mr. Leltcbj
v... ever an active participant lid!
I'..i .i ("iii of good, clean sport, md
did whai lie cmild to assist in every
movement along those lines. ||r was
llOn president of the find Athletic,
i Inh formed in Crnnbronk aiul vvas
cut a keen supporter nf the national
game      As nne nf his fellOW em/ens
remarked  tn the Herald,  "He wan ii
pany nf Duusmuir, who is a married
'nan       That   the COUpte had  successfully     planned an elopement      was
not known until the arrival ol      the
i San Joan today.      Dunsmulr'a wife,
who   formerly was   Miss M.tJge Arlington   Shubert, .> beautiful Satnol*
I ito, claims lo know  nothing nf   the
I elopement    t>*.t   says    be docs not
the presenl whereabout* ol bat
The marital troubles of the couple
were given con Iderable notoriety a
year ago, and 11 was reported that
at thai time that Mrs Dunsmuir
would begin suit for divorce on the
grounds of cruelty and humiliation*
,\ reconellatlofl was aJleeted, it is
said, through tin* Intervention of Mr.
Hutifunuir's parents, who wished     tn
mi-it notoriety THK    ClINKAItOOK    HERALD
1 SI AllJ.IS.il*:,,  1887
b. e. walker, pmMut j Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDEK IAIRD, Gsnenil Mana-jer | Reserve Fund,   -    6.000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and In the United States and England
Deposits of $1 ami upwards are received and interest allowed at current
rates.    Accounts may be opened in the names of two or
more persons and withdrawals made by any
one oi tliem or by the survivor. 124
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
News of the District    1
I until i o'clock, when tile
swiiiin inl"    tin* plnlutlvii
|        WYCLIFFE 1
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. Keller, who lias been spending
u Few iniiiillis willi his fiieml, Mr.
Rhodes, lelt fur liis homo in Chicago
***>***++44++*+*4**4>*4*4 4*++++**+>+++4+++++*+*4
t We have just unloaded One Carload
X of  Hardware
Including- Pntent Wire Keneltig, Wire Netting, Dm led
Win;, mid Linn*.fling Supplies.
Otic Carload of Farm Implements and Carriages
In addition in the nl>ove- wo hnve u full line of Hum of e
uml Their I'nttH. Your piltrotuigu in Bolleited.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦«>♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦►-)
~ ml w OurPromptOeliverics
* *   > plenso tlie lioniuwlfe. Blie doa'nt ]j
e tu fret mnl  wony about <■
whether "Unit ment will be bote
in lime'' if she tinlota it Irom llilfl
inurkot.   Khe'll bt* plttitctl with '
tlu* incut Ion.    Si will  her IlllS- ' '
Im ml,  Ip r  ulilUliei), ber  gticets <
wl um tho liiis Invited to dinner. !
**ii|i|iui-L' vtiii give ha n trial ouler
to-dny,   You'll be ns ytml nit we '
I lilt I ynu did FO, i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^        Meat Providers
9 P. BURNS <& CO., Ltd.
♦♦*. i*****************************************
X It is I lid Sniiu   l'l,*n*|.
♦ Thu I'luco tlnil is l'..|,nlar
♦ Hood ns tin* Ik'st
♦ Buttor ilinn iln* Reel
I The Cosmopolitan j
t If you coino once,
♦ Ynu will cottiQ again.
♦ -
|                         E. il. SMALL, Propbietoh
Mrs. ,1. Austin,
spending u fortnight
here, returned to hei
berlv Saturday last.
i'o say thnt Mrs. I!
in he around again
Mrs.    A.   Mttssor   a
with friends iu Cnuihi'
home in    K
We are plci
Austin is   i
after lier rei
dunce, lasl
orchestra swung
melody of Home,
und tlie guests Hi
late said tho last
for their homes.
S. Clark was ;
day last.
Kernie visitor Mon*
■1 Homo wall.'
ul stayed      s
Will (I
Klko, ii
r field
if,   Vi
Gamble, Into of Iho
ic, is mixing soothing,
comforting drill1 s on
principals tor tho
Columbian hotel in
Id prove ii bin drawing
tourists   visiting ibe
Itev. Mr. Hamilton spent  Inst
siting bis parents in Kernie*
Mi. ibilkwill, machinist, bus
doctoring a Inmo knee for the
week, the result ol n fall on the
sluii way.
Mr. Allie ('rushy has heen suffering
from u severe iiltiielt id hi grippe for
the past  week.
Our school board huve nt last gn
pole ui tin" schoi
we see  the Ulllni
nu the breeze.
Mrs. .1.  Mel.eal
lied her daughter
Tuesday last.
1     have creeled the fla
<d Cranbrook,
Mrs. J. Little,
It's a regular thing.  Tht* telr-
blione keeps ringing un up all
da- long,    We're gludof it as it
makes business fnr us uml beeps
our customers happy ami iu
good humor,
or It Model Bottling works turn
out tli«* tine-t thirut quoiiuheri*.
Wo iihi! only lb" purest water
ami the choices! Ingredients for
flavoring Order ii regular sup*,
ply fur the house, it Won't cost
The C.P.R. have al last favored
Wycliffe Willi ii depot. This has
been a long felt want by the citizens
here aud we nre sure it will ho high
ly appreciated by nil.
The government mad nun have
commenced the building of the new
bridge, which is to span the St.
Mary's river a short distance above
Wycliffe. This bridge when completed will make it much more convenient for those wishing to drive into Cranbrook.
A large number of our eili/eus attended the Corpus Christ i procession
whieli took place al St. Kugene Mis
sinti on Sunday last. All took
baskets along and enjoyed a Sunday
lunch in the shady groves by tlie river. All report having spent a very
pleasant day.
The comet has passed without any
serious effects to our town, except
that it was the cause of the C.P.II.
trestle giving way ou Thursday of
last week. -lust as the Kimbed)
Klyer backed off it was seen to he
swaying, ami ou investigation it was
f. tin.! that the j,iw on the r«»r'l, hid"
nf the river had been iinileriiiii.cu by
the freshet. A pinn of mon were
at once sent out and with.i twenty-
four hours hud it ready for use
.'ill    ARGUE, ROY   Residence
103    UKEN. Vi.. C.P.R. HUPT   Private Ollicc
x   inn, .1. s  Residence
ri    MiIiiin'.m.ii (II.miys   Residence
iCanadian Hotel!
One of thu pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a har stocked with the best
gJoseph Brault,  Proprietor!
II you slop litre once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit  Ciliary   again.
(Specie! correspondence.)
Numerous functions huve held the
al lent ion of social circles in town recently, several ol them having been
largo affairs, und nil contributing tit
liinko the week a busy oue.
An nUnlr that proved exceedingly
pleasant in every di'tail was the
dance given by Mrs. Kllngeiisnilth in
the opera house at Elko, lur the
benefit of lhe Catholic church. The
stage setting was a beautiful drawing room, prettily decorated both
sides nnd buck with garlands of wild
flowers, vvhirh tlie vicinity is noted
for, also forget-me-nots. The dowers, especially the forget-me-nots,
were bountifully displayed. Mea-
dutues kliiigcnsmith, Campbell, Wilson aud Miss .I. Philllppfl received
llie guests, and  the atmosphere tbal
prevailed was of the genuine old-time
hospitality. The music was supplied
by l'rnl. ('.vans' strong baud and attracted tin* dancers' attention   more
lli.in nny baud  that  has cvtr played
io nn iiiv.ii audience. The (loot manager was a regular moving picture
show uud kept everybody as full of
action as a chicken fight, During
tbe evening Mr. Murk St. (i. Sampson, of the Metropolitan opera company. Bang by special request several
classics of the old country. Vociferous and Vehement applause on lhe
part of the audience recalled Mi.
Sampson again and again. Dellclou
refreshments were served to tbe large
company ol guests and the waiters
were a miracle ol speed and politeness. Everybody hud n delightful
time. Tin* event was a glorious one
aud will long la* remembered by the
participants. The proceeds were beyond the most sanguine expectation
of the promoter, Mrs. Klingeii-.Mitli
There were visitors from RoosvlUo
(the Hig Iteil Apple Country) Eureka.
Moniana, Waldo, Uayncs Lake, Wardner, (Pittsburg of the Pass), \Vy-
eliffe While you Wait, Michel and
Hosmer. Mr. Miinulg took the
cuke, the   only    one offered.       The
Victoria day celebration in Klko
was a huge success. Celebrated with
enthusiasm bj the natives and pronounced by everybody the must successful celebration of ils kind in tlm
history of lhe Crows Nest Cass. The
big even! of the day was tho free-for-
all race ami was won by Little Dick.
Several thousand dollars changed
bauds ou (his race uud a few thousand that didn't. Tbe Indian pony
race was won by Cloes-Ukc-tlie-Whul.
shooting Star nml Plying Cloud, running for second place, which was cap-
lured by the Flying Cloud; 100 yards
foot race, professional, was won hy
liobiener, (lid Man Lock taking
second, Five ran. Time, 0 0-10
seconds. Wrestling on lu use back by
five big husky llraves from the Hig
Hed Apple Country, made Spaultling
from Kernie jump around witb his
shooting iron for a picture postcard
firm like a Kentucky colonel chasing
corn juice. The llraves were Hig
Hear, Lone Wolf, Hig Moon, Red
Cloud and Three Dugs. This was a
hig drawing card for the visitors
from the mine towns and wns well
contested, Lone Wolf taking first
prize, Hed Cloud second prize. The
.liiu yards root nice was won by
liobiener. Dad I.nek winning second.
The squaw race was won panliiit'Jy
by While Sock Mary. Kill yards
hoys fool race tvas won by Tommy
Ingram, of Fernie. Clarence Sweet, of
Klko, was second. The tepee building race, three teams competing, was
one of the most amusing and Interesting events of the day. It just
look Stella Hig Moon and Miss Clear
sky ."til seconds to creel their tepee
pules, spread the canvas and start a
(ire, Miss Yellow tail and Miss Three
leathers taking second prize. Time,
32 seconds. Baseball first prize wen!
I o M iclicl, second pri/e to Klko.
Tug-of-war, Elko North Star against
the world was won easily by the
North Star. The other races were
well contested and added to the day's
enjoyment. Everybody was pleased,
everybody satisfied, everybody hail a
good time with the exception of one
pink-eyed, Ilea bitten crop-cared bo-
luink from Michel, who wauled to say
something big and did not know how,
until Fred Hon told him to say elephant, Tbe day wus an ideal
and was typical of the town aud
On account of the Great Knocking
railroad several thousand visitors
were prevented from coming. The
committee will in future deal with
someone in authority, it was a
great mistake applying to Fernie for
a train or anything outside of a baud
There were visitors from all     the
(From tho Moyie Leader.)
Mr. Duck, of Trail, will be the new
storekeeper and timekeeper at the St.
Kugene.     lie is expected here within
a few days.
Master Louie Nordman caught a
23-Inch char iu the upper Moyie lake
yesterday. This is probably tbfl
largest   fish ever caught  near here.
W. .1. Fellbaui and Thus. Kelly
mei villi hard luck while out prospecting al (lie head ol the upper
Moyie lake a few days ago. Tbey
b'-i their camp in the morning and
when the) gol ahoul a mile away
ibey saw smoke arising. Believing
their camp was on fire Ihey rushed
hat*'-, bul were loo late, as their tent,
blankets ami provisions were in ashes.
on both sides of the river are much
inconvenienced, Why nut try sending
a petition to the British Columbia
government for a bridge below Gateway?
Mr. Frank Cooper, of the ltoyal
hotel, Gateway!, It. ('., was a visitor
in Fernie on Thursday.
There wns a very exciting baseball
mutch in Gateway between Gateway
and Glen Lake, the score being 11-10
in favor of tlio visiting team.
Mr.     Charlie   V< g, of Kalispel],
Mont., was in Gateway ou Sunday
visiting his brother.
Miss Jessie Murray, of Furcl-a, was
visiting Mis Harvey Voting ill C ile
wny on Sunday*
jpoVf Vtoti/J
(Special correspondence*.)
| Tin* Whist club mei at Old Waldo
; hall ou Friday evonltig. i\ jolly
crowd assembled and the evening was
IllUell   enjoyed* Mis.    Bob)      and
Mr. Fletnsbiirg were the winners ol
the ladies and gentlemen's prizes respectively. After a delicious supper
had been served the floor was cleared
for dancing nnd llic parly dispersed
at a late hour. ■
When the C.I'.H. some time ago replaced the wooden bridge on the upper Moyio river by a steel bridge the
piles of the old structure were allowed In remain and were sawed ofi
close to the water's edge. At this
time nf the year these pile heads are
slightly under water and are difficult
In sic. Should a boat happen to i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
strike one of these piles it is almost j Court Kootenay of C.O.K. met at
a certainty it would be upset or a Old Waldo ball on Saturday evening
hole punched in it. The attention of and a number of the Wardner boys
(he    superintendent   of this division came down to visit litem.
should be called to the matter. 	
  I    Mrs. (Dr.) Robertson returned last
Moyie should have a publicity bur-l week from her trip to Victoria.
can and a fund should lie raised to ad-i 	
verlise the many beauty spots in this j Hr«. K* K. McDonald, of Waldo
vicinity. This'could be best dime by !ami Mrs, Agnew, of Klko. wen
having some good photographs taken | 8uesta at ,lie McNab camps ou Holland a Heal and attractive booklet
printed for free distribution. The
scenery around Green Hay, on the i
upper Movie lake, and lhat for a long
distance up the Movie river is unsurpassed anywhere, and it is a pity I
ihal so few people know about it.
I Creek on Sunday.
Orln Good, of Spokane, Wash.,
Waldo visitor mi Saturday.
Pass towns and Kootenay
points. 'I lie cream of Fernie
down and Ihey blew iu their
like Newcastle coal barons.
committee wish to thank all
visitors for their courtesy and pleasant assistance in making Elko's first
celebration such a brilliant success.
Tbe Klko board of trade is doing
considerable advertising are are proving live wires.
(Above correspondence was received
too late for insertion in last week's
4- i
(Special correspondence.)
Dr. and Mrs. White, Mrs. Joule
aud Mr. Wynne Heath drove to Eureka ou Thursday, to Im* present at
Ihe Episcopal service held hy Bishop
Brewer in the Baptist church. While
there they were entertained by Mrs.
Neiland and bad the pleasure of
meeting the venerable bishop, who
was tin* guest.
Mrs. Joule and family took in the
Empire day celebration iu Elko and
are full of praise of that lovely
little Canadian town, on wliich nature lias lavished so many gifts.
Tlie first mosquitoes ot the season
have appeared ia Gateway, most unwelcome visitors.
The Kootenay river has again
reached high water mark, and settlers
If you are not satisfied after usii
according to directions two-thirds of
a bottle of Chamberlain's Stomach
aud Liver Tablets, you can have your
money back. The tablets cleanse and
invigorate the stomach, improve the
digestion, regulate the bowels. Give
them a trial and gel well. Sold by
all druggists and dealers. ll-ti
TAKE NOTICE thai Adam Boyd
Dal/iel, of Cranlirook, H. C, Parmer,
will apply lo the Water Commissioner at Cranbrook on the 11th day ol
July next, at eleven o'clock in the
forenoon for a license to divert one
cubic fool of water per second from a
spring rising on Lol 7226, Group 1,
Kootenay District. Tbe said water
will be used for the irrigation of said
Lot 7220, Md by the applicant under
a Crown Grant and will lie conducted
hy Humes and pipes1 over said Lol
7220 only. No Crown Lands will be
used and no riparian proprietors or
licensees will he affected by the
This notice was posted on the 80th
day Of May, DUO.
Il-5t Adam Boyd PaUlel.
[ Imperial Bank of Canada j
CAPITAL PAID UP - - 5,000,000.00
RESERVE     ....        5,000,00000
A del I'll nml Mrs.
were guests of
Grillltli,   ol
Mrs. Agnow
Mrs. MitcIi anil companion, nt
Lcthbridgo, an* Kjicmlitig their holiday in Elko.
A. I*'. Inghnm wns in Fernio Inst
Wednesday    tu arrange Im* Hit* ship*
I'M::* uf Ills nliiinilniil crop.
Kelleber nml Mrs. Hurls won
visitors Friday lust.
II Helmet, iif Edmonton, is in
town this week shaking hands with
Id Iriends.
Dorn-At 1
mill, to Mr.
Ilko, II. C, on May 23,
nnd Mrs. IV. Folsy,    n
Otto Tschernlor, ol Chaplin, Sask.,
was in town Inst week mcoting old
Mrs. .Inek Downs, nl Flagstone,
was shnjijiiiig in town nn Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. ('. E. Davis returned
In Wliitctish Inst Saturday, but expect In rei urn tn Elko In October.
t'. A. Kllngonsmlth lelt lasl Friday
lur the hot springs nt. Itlnirniore and
will lie absent about two weeks,
C. W. Ilrcw, ol Vancouver, wns
town on business Saturday.
I). II.
WILKIE, President.
ROBKRT JAFPRAY. Vice-President
Accounts   nf   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers uml Private Imliviilnuls invited.
Drafts mnl Letters of Credit issued available in nny part of ;
the world.
SAVINOS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given In Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 nnd
upward* received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
"friw . tj>A*M' wHAwi
0M, (lv.QJ>.\t%v..tc,ii
^ov |<5wm'.^itTf*o. Ch
'"•uuy baU. br* o.-iu{ pa****
•tr4 kmUwUts
-%tlu. G.iV- 0£
l.il.liex'nml OIllllllUll'l In I"' liml 1*1
CloiiUunii'ii'seilii bo nlil dnnl hi
l-ink Mercantile Co.'s Slmc
•re:.*-*.. .**.!**-.— ..-..i
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Don't Overlook
Beale & Elwell
when yon require
A Building Loan.j
Fire Insurance
We can help you to build a homo for yourself.
Don't overlook Wnrdmun Addition.
es Not
Gcfi Dull
A NEW ONE II iS i'gcs
(ieo. R. Leask & Co
work in oar advertisement   bill *\»
put this ml ill Ilu* Herald I.i
emjihssise it.
CKANKK'.'Ok. B. C.
Near Ixiwor Armfltnin*. Avenue
♦ I'n-i.l. in : T. s , ;M i. ♦
♦ Beereiaryi8.SI*ci...*.*un J
| For itif..iiii>.ii..n reimnllni* lamli f
♦ nnd   agriculture   nji.lv   io il
♦ Sucrelan*, Cnmlirnnk, li. 0.
♦ Meetinjl ♦
J        Evory second tVcilnrnln;       •
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•*♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦**♦•»•»♦♦
J llaselw I lie i ream J
I      Stewart's Kiue Chocolates      J
♦ Phone ?.-*■ Armstrong Ave. ♦
0|i|iMllo O.l'.ll. 8tnl	
THE    PLACE    TO     PUT    A
Headquarters tor nil  !;iml» of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlie Shoe Specinlisl
Borvetl -\ yonti npprnntlrLvlifp «|i|i 8
yenrn pxporlenco, AH my wnrli gunr.
untiTil. Tliroo r.iiili*-   tin' iii<-i iu town,
(.Vine mnl 11y llii-m.
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B- C.
P.O. BOX 104        rnnii;u
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with llnilis.   'Phono in
«\*ory room
Barber Slionon the premises,
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO, I'. WI.'.I.I.s, Proprietor
11. TOM KIN, Mnnnjter THE   UK AN Bitot >K    II Wi A l.n
Any available Uoinliilon I-uiuls
within llie Hallway Hull in Uritish
Columhia, muy be homes teuded by
any person wbo is tbe suit, head nl a
family, ur any male uver 18 years uf
a^e, Lu Llie extent of one-quarter sec-
liou uf Kill acres, mute ur less.
Entry must be made personally at
tbe local laud ollice for tlie district
in which tbe laud is situate, Entry
by proxy may, however, be made un
curtain conditions by tbe father,
mother, son, daughter, hrutlu-r ui
sister uf an Intending homesteader.
Tbo homesteader is required to perform Uil- conditions connected there*
witb under one of tlm following plans;
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation uf thu land in
ciiili year fur three years.
(2). if iiu* lather (or mother,
if tbe father is deceased), ul tbe
homustuader rusldus upon a furm In
tbe vicinity of (bu laud entered for,
the requirements us to rcsldcncu may
Im satisfied i■ >* biicIi purBon nisldlng
with the lather or mother.
<,■(). If the BUtllor lias Ins pci-
miiiu'iit residence upon (arming laml
owned by bun m tho vicinity ol bis
lioiuustead, tbe requirements   as   to
rusldutlce   may  be salisUrd   tiy  lesid
emc upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should In* given to tlie Cuiuuiissioiici
nl Dominion 1,units at (Htuwu uf in
leu 11 i.i i in ,i|i,-u  (or patent.
COAI.—Coal mining rights may lie
leased fur a period ol twottty-om
years ut uu annual rental of fl pet
acre. Nut more tbaii 2,570 acres
shall be leased to une individual or
company, A royalty at the rate ol
Ave cents per toil shall lie collected
ou the men-bantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 20-2111
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register David
(irifutli as the owner in fee simple,
under 1 several Tax Sale Heeds Irom
Alfred C. Nelson, Deputy Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District, to
David Griffith, hearing dale the 3rd
day of November, A.I). 1908, respectively, of all and singular those
certain parcel or tract of land ami
premises situate, lying and bring in
the Kootenay District, iu the Province of Hritish Columbia, more particularly known and described as
Lots 5-151, 5152, 5153 and 5151,
known as the "King Solomon,"
"Queen of Slieba," "Big Henil Boy"
aud "Honeycomb" Mineral Claims
You and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by virtue of any unregistered Instrument;
uud all persons claiming any Interest
in the said laud by descent, whose
title is nol registered under the pro-
Visions id the "Land Registry Act,"
are required to* contest the claim of
the tax purchaser within forty-five
days from the dale of the first publication hereof and in default of a
caveal or certificate of lis pendens 1h>-
Ing filed with such period, or in default of redemption before registration, you and each ol you, will be
forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to nr In respect n[ tlie said land, ami I sliall
register the said David Griffith as
owner thereof in fee.
Dated al the Land Registry Ollice,
Nelson, Province ol British Columbia,
this 22nd day ol March, A.IV, 1010
Samuel IL Roo,
18-41 District Registrar
To Columbus M. Parker.
TAKK NOTICK lhat Annie Met
Ington, ol Cranbrook, B, C., mar
ried Woman, intends to apply foi
permission to purchase the lollowing
described land:
Commencing al n posl planted B0
chains BOUth and 2.17 chains east i-i
tho northwest corner ol Lol 818,
Group Cue, on lhe east bank ol an
island in the Kootenay River, thence
west 20 chains, more or leas, to the
west bank ol s.iid island, thence
south-easterly, along said bank 20
chains, more or less, to BOUth end of
snld island, thence northerly along
cast bunk tu point of commence
ment, containing 40 acres, more or
Annie Meringtou,  Locator,
Per Stuart Morns, Agent,
Staked April 2nd.  1810. 8 Bt'
Art for Halo nn LITHIA WATCH
Kor family n****.* there it* nothing
co wholesome mnl ho pint' u
in hoi run ai in: swims *
•I* BR AND CIIKMIST.-Charges: ***
•I* Gold, silver, copper or lead, 11 ***
•> each; gold-silver, $1.50; silver- ->
•J* lead, $1.50; gold-silver, with •>
■*> cupper ur lead, $2.50; zinc, $2; •>
•;• silver -lead-zinc, $3. Prices for •>
•> other metals on application, ■*•>
<*Long distance 'phone 07. P.O. ***
•> Box, C1108, Nelson, B.C. 48-ly->
************ *** •*• ************ *** *** •*• ***
*** •** •** *** ************ •** •** **,* *** *** *'*
* THE ROYAL IIOTKI,.       *
* Mrs. L,    V.  Holierts, I'roprlc- *
* tress. »>
.;.  Cor. .Stanley and Silica Sis.   *
* NELSON, B.C. .>
•> Free carriage or bus Irom all •:•
•> boats nnd trains. .;•
•> Katcn, tt and (1.10 per day. .;.
<♦ Remember' our 2fic. Chicken •>
+ dinner on Sundays. *J8-6m{.
TtmlB 1
Asaya Neurall -
Nervous Exhaustion
Since the tissues receivetheirtoni
from Hit* nerve centres, lustron:
eyes, a clear complexion and sym-
metrical figure can onlybe preserved by maintaining full nerve vie
or. When the mirror wains,
"AsAYA-NHtrRAU," is required,
tt feeds tlie nerves, Induces sleep,
quickens the i ppelite, ni !-,!i..*.*s-
tion, nnd restores the sparkling
radiance of full nei. vii dity.
#1.50 per bottle,   I.<*<.*.*.' agent.
TN,-  Al,   11. Barnes' big llirce-rlng
•.viltl animal circus will stop al Cranbrook anil   make a three   day Bland,
commciicing Monday, June 13.
'   Tin* Harncs' shows claims t" be the
only real trained wild animal circus
mi earth.     Ovor   1«"    trained wild
lieasts   take   pari  in     a programme
lasting over iw<>   hours and includes
lions, tigers,    leopards,   pumas, jag-
uars,   *.**ii   linns    uiul in tact every
animal   known   in     natural history.
One "I the features is a herd ol performing Siamese elephants, tin*   only
ilieni nl iu species* on exhibition
i    . troupe    nf  lull blooded Arabian
ijionlcs,     asBlsU.il   hy a collccllon ol
I college trained 'Im;**   present s    per-
I  lormnnre wliich by itsoll would   eon-
,"-"**.*'*.-;   .iiiiih* an I'lilin* show.
•^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^     Tllllr bl« rU]&    iiml   1"1 Im"*"*
j , •#   steel     arena nre    filled at the smiie
:: NESBITT 6* \ ii";p «■•■■'"is ■**,»' lrflwJwlm]M
, , i\ an.I thore is a dull, a laugh   01     a
::   WALLER   * ,"";•"""" ' '"""■ *"
''   BuiltlCrS anil ConlraClOIS   J     '•'•"• crowning sensation ol this    n-
]; J uinrknble   eiilerlainnicnl is the scene
, . ♦ ♦  presented by a beautlliil woman,     n
|| ,,.,. .,    ...     .   ,.,.,..,,, ,. I   ■-'■'- bnil   Alrlcan lion ami a noble
|! BRICK AM) UI'I'I-.MI I*. J  *,,,,,  ,,.,1|ll„„      *,*,„.   |„,1M. .„„,
All kinds *
r ♦
Bollur uiul Riinjtu Woili    «
f kktimatkbkiihximikhanii X
:I'I,A.NS  Pill IMIIKH ii
**************** ******
Is prepared to supply help, s'.iillcl oi
unskilled, mi shortest posslblo no*
Hit; ti, liml employment nnd guarantee positions when sent nnt; tn
lent houses ami rooms anil io sell
you fruit lands or oilier property fnr
a small commission.
Address:—W. Parker, 312 llakir St.
NELSON, B.C.        48-121
i4:h as-
*&+ Tnr.D? Marks
*^ Dcaio.,3
C0PYniGHT3 ic.
Unrnrip*-. -i■'!"■■ p»l-f>lr'i nnddew rlptkm tr.rr
nn\  kly u-vrlntn . -.r * i*.:.i  n fu-■• n'n IIi.-r i'.i
s/'.r'.H-ir.c*., w i-.i'iiit' ■■.-*.,•. .-  i i •
$cicniific Jimnnm.
llrmucl, ortlit*. ,*:j l HI., \v..,l,ln*no„. 1>. i*.
******************* .*■ * v
" ThcCranhrmikluiiili \mtni i
,i ...
o   and Real I state Agency   J
ifju'jVUG i*u
aa*'   1
11 i:i.1"    I'RUVIDI 1'
A      PITUATION>   SECfRKP      ♦
n  . ♦
,.( Sj-. inlitj  .^ Foi 'i-' il u In! m T.ir X
'  *   l,lltl|!»-l    1 '■ llli'.t'   ■ -     Rfll •     ■      A
Lrncto f. II.".1- nnd llulii ■  •       4
ihr Hi 111 art' naturally Implacable
foes, hut nmler Ihr gmtl*? sway nf
this fearless woman tliey become par-
liclnanls in the most extraordinary
display of equestrianism ever witnessed. The regnl rider Jumps back
and forth from ground to the hack nf
ilu* Reel footed steed, wliich is dashing ai full speed around the steel
arena, clearing hurdles and other obstructions while tho lion leaps over
banners, through hoops nf paper and
Into circles of flame. Kor the finale
nf 1 Irs thrilling act ibree more
steeds each ridden by a wild beast
nre Introduced Into the arena and llie
spectacle is then presented of n linn.
a bear, a leopard and a cougar taking part in a contest "i horsemanship, the like ol wliich was never liv-
fore ever seen in the days nf the ancient Roman hippodrome,
This is only um* of tbe twenty-one
big arts presented by the Al. <•*
Dames' bis three rip wild animal circus, which appears at Cranbrook fnr
three days only, beginning Monday,
June l tih
.1.   Atin.'iir.   I'n
; ; ■'''
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•*>.' -»v->
Fernie Pantorium
I'.. C.
i«> vniir Hums  n
proai $to.co n*.
CLOTHES   ANii   ll.\ I.-.
I'luiiir.l.   Kt'|.;iin-<i.
and Vn sbi tl<
Sciiil Clothes by e%\  ni d Mali
liV   1ll:lll.
1   1.
ilu- following from the Vancouver
News-Advertiser, will l«* read with
Interest by all ol Frank McConnell's
old acquaintances in this city :
.mi yards dash
    H   SfC.
100 \.ml dash
      Ill SCO.
320 fard dasli
. .  i.l 1-8    sre.
1 li' \,it.l nia
.^I    1-8   SIT
-;'" yard hurdles
27   1-8 si'C.
lluimlng broad jump
 2*2 It.
Uiiimiiii; high jump
  5 It. 5 in.
**********■****<■*< *****
fPre$bvki ianCbi.ic.il
—        |!
Suiui.iv tmimii.k* Berries *u ll ♦
o'olook *
Sunday   evening    service   ..t *
7.30 u'clm-k ♦
Sunday     School   ami    Ulble j
1'lass at .'I o'fliick ^
I'resliytfriiin    Qulld, Tuesday, *
at N o'clock *
i I Baptist CbutcbJ
Pastor, Charles \V. King. *
,, Parsonage, Noilmry Avenue. 4
M 'Phone, 284, P. 0. Box 2G7. *
, ►   ♦
][ Regular Services:—Sunday, It J
, , a.m.     and     7.ill)   p.m.;    Bible >
, , School     with     Young   Ladles' <#
11 Pliilethea     nnd     Young   Men's ♦
i t Hihli* (lass, :i p.m.                    4
' • Monday,   Young Peoples',   8  f
!! P-m.                                           4
i, Wednesday, Mid-Week Mooting. ♦
1 » A cordial    Christian welcome f
« » lo all.                                          X
I'ratik M McConnoll, captain of the
track ami field team nf the Vancouver
Athletic club t.-r the past three
years, is ..ne nf the best athletes vet
developed in this province. Ile has
been the mainstay nf the V. A. ('* in
all the meets held in ibis section, Including Heattie He is a sure paint
winner in any pvenl tie enters and is
usuall) the lirst in break the tape ut
tho finish. At the outdoor H. ('
championships, held last fall, he won
tho all-round honors by a narrow
margin, slill the margin was in his
favor. in the indoor B. C. championships held in the Horse Slmw
building last February he again won
l In* all-round championship, thus establishing himself ns a high-class per-
fortnor nml nne who can be depended
upon nt any time That his records
compare very favorably with the
present Canadian champions can be
seen by a comparison o( the marks
made »t the twenty-sixth annua! 0,
A. A. I', championships held at
Winnipeg, .Inly l.*i and 17, 1009. The
100 yards' was won in 10 seconds, tlw
320 yards in 22 seconds, the 110
yards in Ml l-'i seconds, the 220 yard
hurdles in 2ii seconds, the running
broad jump with 21 feet 7 inches.
The running high jump was 5 feet 10
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will brace up the nerves,
haiiisli siek headache, prevent
despondency and invigorate tIh* whole
system. Snld by all druggists ami
dealeis. IV If
Mri. M. Darren,
6m Murtun Si.,
MoNttcal, taj-s:
" A botrid
raih came out all uver my bnhy'i acu and
ipread until it bud loially coven 1 his scalp.
tt was Irritating and painfull and caused
lhe little one li -urs (if su!'* rli [, We tiled
KMpstnd pnwilfis nnd • ■*• , but hegoi
no lieitrr. lie refuted bis f" u\ g it quite
thin and worn, and wns redui ed to a very
sftiinur* condition. I wns ndviied to try
/.am-lluk, and did sn. Ii was Wonderful
how it beemtrd to enol an'l en ! Ilia child's
burning, lainfitl ikln, / < i fi tn the
very contmencetnent Menu d in go li^ht to
ihe kpatt and the plmplei 11 me-iand the
uriikti'iri grew len ami 1. Whlitn a
/ew weeks ir.y baby's ikln wag ln-aled
completely! lie bai now not a trace 01
rash, or eruption*, nr enema, or burning
soie. Nut only b", but cured ■ f lhe Ion
mentlng skin trouble, be bai Improved in
general health."
Zam-iiuk ii sold nt nl! •!...<■■ ■ ■■'. ■ ':■ im*. vsn.
dmsoc, a box,or i»-i (•-■ r-uw Z .. Ilali Co,
ronz*Alo,rorprk*,6Uut)f r j ■ ntn-Jncuru
'- illrt'iiHI.Q.W, 1 bin -.'■   ...   II i-i-v,.
iiii Saturday nflnrn  liiu    cr.ni
Iiiuiik loolliall Irani will mecl n
Irani from Michel ami a liol con*
test Is anticljiatcil.
Tin. lollowing will iiu*.* up fm
Cranliniiik: T. CIiiiI.i* J. rlalkc,
Uartliolomow, .I. McKwen, T. Mc-
Kwt'ii, Torraiicc, Wullace, Watson,
Ifi'intri'si'ti, Harrison mnl l.niiisilcii.
Oonzagn College, Kpoknne, will
send up a team nn June 20th in play
the Cranbrook club, Tin1 (tonzagns
have heen carrying all before them
this Benson so far an.I a haul eon-
test may he anticipated when the)
meet ihe local ball players.
Oscar Neiison is putting forth
strenuous   efforts    lo secure a good
lot of baseball experts f.T Crnnl k.
lie is iu correspondence witb several
good men just now and hopes to locate some nf them here before long
Hue new man is now mi his wny nut
from the east in join Cranbrook's
baseball aggregation, a job having
heen found for him bj that indefatigable baseball enthusiast, "*   Seilson
The new suits for the Cranbrpoh
nine have arrived and will be wnru
on the occasion ol lhe nexl match.
The Intermediate baseball team
were unintentionally given a block
eye in the last issue ol the Herald,
when the score in the game with
Moyie was given as S to I in favor
of thr visitors, the nctual result
having been a semi- of 1) to '( , in
favor nf the home youngsters.
Tlie Intermediates played another
game with the Mission nine last
Sunday winning out with a score of
is to 7*
The Intermediates have ordered
suits and will shortly appear nn the
Held garbed iu blue.
Arrangements are heing made for
games with teams from Pernio, Elko,
Mnvie and Creston.
It cured me," or '*It saved the
life 1 d my child," are the expressions
vmi hear every day about Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. This is true the world
over where this valuable remedy lias
been introduced. So other medicine
i'i use for dial tin..1 or bowel pom*
plaints has received such geiier ' approval. The seer-! ol '.he success ol
Chamberlain's Colic, Choi ir.i and
Diarrhoea Itemed) is thai It cures.
Sidd by all ilrtigglsls and dealers. Il-if
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ■>♦*! v 4 ■ ***** ■,+4+wwvv+vw
The ONLV Animal Circus on Earth
Monday, Ju
h b.:, ^ ■;
A Reran ton, I'n press despatch
sins. Hr. V. U l.ange, a retired and
wealthy physician, has corroborated
the report that lie bus fulfilIrd the
chemist's dream of ages In that be
had discovered .1 simple chemical
process ol transmuting the basest of
metals into the finest silver am! Into
gold. Conscquenili he looks fot a
drop in the prices of the two standards of money.
Kumes from IM I.angc'8 transmuting furnace in his laboratory brought
death tn Charles C. Dickinson, ,\ New
York hanker, who had come here to
witness the operation, and who, before dying, according to Dr. l.ange,
pledged all the financial aid necessary.
It was Dickinson's death whieli attracted attention to the Becrel ol the
"My discovery is nne which upsets
nil scientific theories," says Dr.
l.ange in the statement whieli was
made public today. "I have developed a process sought for ages
which will revolutionize the world. In
short I have discovered the means nf
i ne reus 1 nn an atom <>l silver hy the
introduction of    bSSO    metals to 100
: AL.   Q.   BARNES
j BIC 3 RINC^|U fT
j  WILD ANIMAL %^ I li %#
S*»)l?.'. *
* ;ij*i
200 PERFORMING WILD !;t;      IS 2CO
Herd of Elephants, Seals, Dogs, Ponies,
Camels—All Actor-
African Lions, Bung tl Timers, Emlian Leopards nud Russian m Stallions
-I   Groups o£ Monarchs of Tbe Jmiplo in S l!
I" Big Associiite Attractions, including— Pharoab's Daujjl       I ; S\\\n um,
-Monkey Land," Minstrel Maids, Merr) W
Afternoons 2 to 4       Evenings 7 to 0
3 Days, Commencing MONDAY, June 13
ww+vvv++*+*m+++++++++++++*+++++*++**++++€'i 4i 4w4 Pw4-■- *:*•>*<*<♦*>♦♦♦♦♦
times its size and weight, the result
heing still pure silver of equal it not
greater fineness,
"Kor four years I carried the RCC-
ret. It was so great ami su Wonderful that 1 did not dare to believe
it myself. Kvery day tor years 1 demonstrated the wonderful process* I
spent thousands of dollars in equipment, I lure taken base metals of
four (Hltercnl kinds and successfully
transmuted them Into silver ol tbe
Utmost purity, and the product passed successfully the severest scrutiny
of the besl assayers in the country.
I even sent specimens of the transmuted metals to the United States
mint, and the report came hack tha*.
tbe substance was pure silver.
".My explanation of {In* process is
on the theory of evolution. I believe that evolution pertains to the
inorganic as well as to tin* organic
things nf Ibis earth. Alter font
years- of experimentation I decided to
ni\e tin* world ihe benefit of my discover)'. I *li'l not have monev
enough to exploit it properly ami I
interested Mr. Dickinson in it lie
came here to witness the transmutation.
"The test was entirely successful
Mr. Dickinson was elated. He jumped lo his feel and insisted on looking
Into the furnace. Th;* metallic gases
made him slightly ill, aggravating a
weakened condition of Ins lungs. lie
developed pneumonia and died a few
days later."
FOH SALE-Eggs for hatching
from pure bred single comb Hrnwn
Leghorns.—H. White. fi-tf
FOR SALE—My house ami three
lots on Burwell avenue. House contains " rooms, pantry and shed, hut
air furnace, bathroom, electric light
fixtures and range with If. W. attachment. Applv J. K- M. Pinkham, Boi 12x7, Calgary, Alta.   li-tt
WATER ACT. 1909,
TAKK    NOTICE   thut    Robert E.
Sullivan,        ol       Seattle, Mer
chant, and John II
Hawkins, ol Wattsburg, miner, will
apply to the Water Commissioner al
Cranbrook on Tuesday, the 10th day
of July, at eleven o'clock in the
forenoon for a license to divert
two cubic feet of water per second
from near the old shaft house, near
Weaver Creek. The said water will
Im.' used fnr hydraulic purposes nn
leases III and 142, and wllf be conducted by means ot a ditch and dam
over the land covered by said Mining
Lease applications and be returned
at lower end of lease No. III.       Tlie
(inference between tho point ol diversion and tbe point     ..f return is 140
feet.     No Crown Lands will be used
and no riparian proprietors or licensees will be aflccled by tlie works.
Tins notice was postal on the
day of .lime, 1910
II it .liilm ll   Hawkins
TAKE   NOTICE    that   '.
Lemolgne, *>l Cranbroot.  Bi
lumbfa, intends to appl)
slon  to purchase the I
crlbed lands :
Commencing   at    a  ;■ il
twenty (Jii) chains south and ten
clui'ns west "f the southwest
of Lot nine thousand sevei
and   ninety-seven   (9797), G:
(1) Kootenay District, thence
forty (10)   chains,   wesl     forty
chains, smith forty (40) cbali
forty (I") chains to   point ol    c ■
.lean Marie Le
Dated May 31st, A D , 1910
WATER ACT. 1909.
TAKK    NOTICE   that    R
Sullivan,        nf       Seattle,
chant, and John il
Hawkins,    ol   Wattsburg. i...r.*:
apply to the Water Commi ilonei ai
Cranbrook on Tuesday, the Ibtl
of   July,   at eleven   o i
forenoon   fnr    a license    to
three cubic feel ol water pei
fmm the Moyie River, a tributary of
Moyie Lake,    The laid water will be
used fnr hydraulic mining
placer mining leases appl;--! (oi
the    undersigned,    and    will  I •
ducted by means ol a dan.. :.
ditches over the land covered I
mining lease applications,  and  be returned to the said Moyie River    al
China liar.      The difference In I
the point of diversion and  thi
of    return    is 120 feel        No I
Lands wilt     be used and no I *   >
proprietors or    licensees will be   affected by the works.
This notice wus posted on tin-
day of June, rim
n-r.t .loin, ii   ||i
Residence on
Baker Hill
Five Acres of
One mile from Posl Office
' *■ igh   Iit.mc.ly   is
* al if ■ *.i    me
ing two-third* ol
liicctl ins, y ,ur
i       ll  is UJ) ll,
S*>lil by all druggists
Pr    : aiExhibition
-*■*--. T*r-t Mim.%. warn
Large Prize
on exhibits
.-. ' -rtn.
Over $1,000.00 offered
for Grain Competition
. :lud'ing
Acre Yield Competition
Milking-machine fiemonstralion
and Lectures
'•! ' vi and China Display
Besl Music a;id .'ittrsctions
The Navassar Ladles' Band
Grand Fireworks Display
Aibcr   ci Snow-white
Polar Hears
llcrzn^'s Six Trained Stallions
The Six Ahdallalis Brothers
\i. ■* .**.,•*
Ramza and Irno, clever comedians
Al. fi. Barnes' Trained Wild
Animal Shows
*l .* ii nkiri*.
Blackfeet Indian Treaty
Illuminated i>iih Fireworks
I   ■   in*i Khirv I*..-iti*., wpile
I. S. *.   \ AN W'JIUT, Praildenl
|      i   i.  IlIUIIAttDSON, JUni|«r THE  CRANBKOOK   HERALD
2.00 A YE All
.lUiNE 8, 1910
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
F, .1. Deane, Managing Editor.
Cranbrook, in common with the
entire East Kootenay illsiri*
mourns whole-heartedly tin* losa si
tallied hv Uu* sudden calling iway "I
Mr. Archibald Leitch, a cltlxcn ul
whom any cily might well In* proud,
Su closely Identified wilh Un* growth
nl Cranbrook, ami tho development
ul ihis section nl llic province was
llic laic Mr Lelteh, thai ii would In*
practically Impossible in "in* issue "I
lhe Herald lo il" juslici* 1" Ills career
nulling us. Suffice il In sny Hull
his* Inss is sincerely deplored throughout ihis section ..I Uu* province. One
ul Hritish Columbia's hesl citizen*.
bas heen called home, a man, wlm ill
eiei v phase nl activity, made good.
Whilst chief prominence is given, at
ilu* moment, i" his public activities,
it is null Un* bare truth in stale
lhat il was liis qualities as a private Individual that mosl distinguish
ed him. Into Ins private and home
lid* il would In* "ul nl place In enter
now. Ilui ii ma) in* said unreservedly that his example in iliis respeel
wns lhe noblest memory lie has led
his sorrowing family
Editor The Herald:
ll seems ileslrahlc that more than
fi merely passing notice shoulil lie
made of iln* auspicious    transfonnn*
tion in mil beloved cily mi Julie 1st,
IfMO, when for the lirst lime in Its
history it was cleansed or its moral
plague-spot—'the restricted ills! rlcl
We offer our prayers nr gratitude tn
Umightj Ood, we thank hearlil) all
earnest -souls wlm have courageously
und zealously en-ope rated to realize
this happy condition, we congratulate
those iu authority upon their recognition ol the seriousness of the ttltua*
lion lhat has so long obtained, and
we exchange greetings with our (el
low citizens that our lair eitv ha'
thus far rid herself of a black stall
upon her character, safeguarded the
Innocence and mural purity nf her
children, and exemplified her self-re
speet before thr cities nf our Doiniti
inn. Ami  we  trust   that  all  tlmli
hesitancy may he past, that the good
work of purification may go on, and
that setlters nf the noblest char
acter may now feel free and safe ti
In-come our fellow citizens avail them
selves of our splendid educational
lacllltfes,   ciijm*       our   superb cliliiati
and assist in developing our ahundan
Charles \V. Kimr
Itoberl Hughes
Charles (i   Main.
Sundays—Low mass at 6.30 a.m.;
high muss, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
frum 2 to 3 p.m.; Kosary and benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
Mav devotions at 7.30 at the
church, Heads, sermon or lecture.
Hymn and benediction on everv evening during the month.
Everyone welcome.
Kather L. Choinel, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Juno 5th.
lu the morning at 11 the Pastor
will conduct a Children's service.
Hoys and Kills are cs|>ceially invited
to attend, also their parents.
Tlie Sunday school session will be
held at three.
Epworth League Prayer Service at
7 iu the inner vestry.
The evening service woll he brief
ami bright, well-known hymns, the
sermon being based upon the incident
—Our Lord weeping over Jerusalem
Durvij; the hot weather, the church
will be kept as cool and comfortable
as possible, and the services concluded i» i/.im fiour. Members from other
parts are requested tn call on the
Pastor as soon as possilil*-*, Nntires
of sickness should also Im* sent without delay. We especially invite visitors p'.'-fieWj; through the city on Sun-
«la; t;i a'tteml our services, it is more
profitable and pleasant than sitting
in ihe hotel all day.
Tuesday. Epworlli League meets
at k. Address by Rev. C. O- Main,
mi l-'rieiiils'hip.
Wednesday. The parsnnage lawn
will be open to the members and
friends of the Church and League.
The Lawn is now in good shape for
croquet and howls. Tin1 pastor is
in mark out a single tennis court in
a few days
Thursday.   Prayer service at H*
Kriday. Choir practice at ti, prc-
ceedctl hy a business meeting. The
Voung People of the church will reproduce their popular entertainment
Box and Cox, aud Dr. Cure All in a
few days time. Fuller announcement
next week.
The annual meeting of ihe Ciati
brook Baptist church was held on
Wednesday, June Ist. With the date
lnr this brought forward u month
e.trliei than heretofore and for other
reasons, the attendance was much
Improved. Most of the evening was
devoted to lhe bearing of annual reports from the leaders of tin
\arioiis departments nf activity
These indicated a distinct advance iu
the whole work of the church. The
reports, some fourteen, were carefully prepared and brief, imt containing facts lhat brought out an expression id deep gratitude In the
meeting. Besides a substantial addition tu the working bine ol the
church, and an Increased Interest, ete
pCC I ally in tbe work id the young
people and in the Ladies' Mission
Circle, a forward move was maib
during the vear in the chinch's prop.
rr'y, both in the place ol worship
and  in  the   parsonage.       The hitter
property  has  been   considerably
larged and improvtd throughout with
ail modern Improvements    The total
nflerntgs for   the year reported   were
Itev. t* W. King, the paslur,
cupled the chair, ami .it the close ol
the reports expressed himself a:
ilccph grateful mei the spirit ot de
Votlon, harmony and self-sacrifice a*
manifested in the membership during
the year, and the hopeful outlook fm
the church as a facto)   for good      ii
the community*
After tbe roll call, the officers pre
Rented the new church constitution
which will receive its BCCOOd reading
inr adoption by the membership nest
month. The nominating committee's
report for the new officers and c
mittees was received, to lie voted mi
at tin- same meeting, the lirst Wed
iiesday in Jul*,. The meeting close I
with refreshment*, a social time nnd
iiu- benediction.
A happy event took place on Wednesday afternoon at the Baptist
parsnnage, Norbury avenue, when Mr.
.lames II Whaley of Canal Flats,
was united in wedlock with Miss Ethel .1 Dailey, of the same place. Rev,
Charles W. King performed the cere-
ninny. The bride was accompanied
by Miss Nellie (i. Dailey as bridesmaid, and the best man was Mr.
Thomas Thorncr. Another sister
and a brother of lhe bride were also
iu the happy party. Mr. and Mrs
Whaley left on the 3.10 p.m. train
fnr Kernie. Tliey will return to
Canal Klats, where the bridegroom
Is engaged as foreman in tlie Pailey
Lumber Mills company*
On Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock
Efwanl W. Murray of Spokane and
Miss Isabel Slewart o[ (ileichen,
Mia., were quietly married at the
Presbyterian manse by Itev. C. O.
Main. Tlie young couple lelt on
Wednesday  for  Nelson,  B.  C.
MOSS   VS. C.     P. It.   DISMISSED
chief Justice Hunter presided at
the civil u'■.sizes which opened at the
court house ou Monday morning at
11 o'clock
The first case called was thai of
Muss vs. C.P It., an action lor damn-
ges against the c P.R, brought hy
Joshua Moss, who claimed be received injuries near Duniiinre Junction,
\lta . in November, IfWH, while engaged as a section foreman
M. A. Macdonald, nf this city, ap
peered (nr the ptuintifT and Vi. A
Macdnnnld, K.C, of Vancouver, and
W. K. (iurd. of this city, fnr the de
fendantSi The plaintiff, Moss, claim
I'd that while tightening a nut with a
defective wrench it slipped and be
fell. His font in (ailing catching
under the rail and causing a bursting
of the cords of the right knee, leav
ing him in n crippled condition.
The ael ion proceeded before a jury
composed as follows: P. DeVere Hunt
(foreman) 0. B, Hrown, M. (fuain, N.
I. Harrison, A. L. McDcrmot, c.
Little, W Chlsholm and E. II. Patmore.
Several uitness-cs were examined in
Ihe interests ol both plaintlfl        and
Witnesses fnr the defence, section-
men, engaged with Moss at the time
if the alleged accident, emphatically
declared, to the obvious surprise of
Moss' counsel, that he had received-
his injuries not on llie railway, hut
by falling down a cellar in the section house in which he was living.
At the close of the case motion (nr
non-suit was made on behalf of the
defendants and M. A. Macdonald stated to the court that if it would appear that the plaintiff's claim was
not genuine he did not want tn In
Identified with it,
His lordship withdrew the case
from the jury, remarking, in so
"Well, I think the action ought tu
be dismissed on the ground that the
plauitiiTs story mi the face of it
trumped up and perjured. The first
report he sent in wus a report which
obviously could not have been made
al the time he swears to it, because
he made the statement that he attended to duty us long as he could,
uud then he has sworn today that he
wus carried oft the Held Immediately
alter his accident and that he made
nut this report while iu hed. The
other report wliich he tells us today
was made on the lith or 1'itli, obviously Could not have
been made on lhat day
ou account of the testimony o!
the assistant station agent, who
has shown us lhat this document
could imt have been issued before the
third day of March, 1000. 1 think it
would be uu insult on the intelligence
nf a jury to ask them in believe tin
plaintiff under such circumstances. 1
therefore dismiss tlie jury from the
further consideration nf this case."
Action dismissed with costs.
Tbe next ease called was that ol
P. Woods and Co. vs. C.P.R. and
Erieksnn, an action to reenver the
price id goods snld aud delivered by
plaintiffs tn Stevenson and Co..
while engaged in logging contract for
the C.P.R. at Skookumchuck, the
plaintiffs alleging that they were
lurnislied on the guarantee of the C.
P. IL Tlie action was adjourned for
hearing at the next court unless ■*-.
settlement is reached in the meantime.
A. B. Macdonald for plaintiff, W. A
Macdonald, K.C, for C.P.R. and W
K. (iurd for Erieksnn.
The next case, that of Drew vs.
C.P.11*. was an action brought bv
Hurry Drew, of Kimberley, to recover $15110 lor services rendered the
C.P.R. during several years past as
station and baggage agent ut Kimberley. The action was settled out
of court, judgment being entered for
the plaintiff for %MM ami costs.
Next in order was the case of tin
Kernie Construction company vs.
Cranbrook hoard of school trustees
and the Home Hank.
This action arose out of the Construction of the Cranbrook puhlu
school hy the plaintiffs, who were
taken off tbe job before completion,
the sch-mil trustees finishing the work
themselves. The plaintifls brought
the action for damages for wrongful
dismissal und the value of Hie work
already  done.
Tlie defendants claim that tbey
have already paid more than the
plaintiffs are entitled to and counter-claim lnr damages for alleged defective work.
The case opened on Tuesday mom
ing, many witnesses, including ex
perts, being present on behalf of both
K. J, Russell, of the Kernie Construction company, was on the stand
all day and at I p.m. uu adjournment wus taken by court, counsel and
witnesses- to the school building, with
a view to taking evidence in regard
to claims for extras in the building.
where a view could be obtained.
So well satisfied with tin* school
building was the chief justice, that
he decided to continue the hearing of
the case on the premises, In the vacant class room.
On the resumption of the ease or
Wednesday morning, the registrar
was advised that nu the suggestion nf
lhe chief justice It hud been agreed
liy counsel for both nti'tei i-> rcf*>i
several matters to the expert architects for the plaintiffs uud itc'cnl
ants, .1. A Mucdnnald, of Lcth-
btidge. and (1. A. Lang, of Calgarv,
who .should Ih* empowered to nuke
enquiries and examine witnesses and
report their findings to tbe court, ufter wliich the hearing of the case
would Ih* resinned. This course wus
adopted, as it would mean a great
saving of time and witb the findings
of the experts the court could consider the legal aspects ol the question. It will doubtless he necessary
on the resumption ol the trial to
call further witnesses. The two
architects proceeded with the reference immediately so that there may
be nn unnecessary delay In the dual
disposition' of tbe matter.
Oeo. II. Thompson appeared tor the
plaintiffs, M A. Macdonald for the
school trustees, and Sherwood llereh-
mer, of Kernie, tor the Home Bank
Montserrut     lime   fruit    juice
Kink's Pure Komi (Itocrry.
The hold-up eases came lo a quite
uuexpec iii termination al Kernie
last Saturday in the acquittal ol
Varlow and Hubeoek, two nf the men
who were alleged tn have been    Im-
icated in the affair al Coal Creek.
Iu addressing lhe jury on Kriday
afleeiinon, Mr. RoSH prefaced his
■pening remarks witii u violent attack on the attorney-general for his
supposed actions in the ease.
I hud hoped thut the attorney*
general would he here in person to
conduct this case," he said, ''when
my remarks would be much stronger
than what Ihey nre. I cannot lind
language strong enough tn condemn
his actions. This case bus excited a
great deal nf notoriety, not only
locally hut throughout the entire
province, and you will also know that
on account of one of these accused
men holding an official position there
has been considerable feeling displayed and a number of the citizens
think thai he should be dealt with
as an example. There are two men
connected with this against whom,
for some reason or other, Ibe crown
has seen fit to bring iu one indictment." The situation with reference
to Habcock is one that rests upon
the evidence of accomplices. The
evidence that the crown should bring
forward should be of the purest nnd
clearest kind that it is possible to
produce. There is no class of evidence wliich is regarded with more
suspicion than thut of accomplices.
The only evidence which the crown
aduces as corroborative is a letter
written by Habcock to Kred Uelanger
from Cranbrook asking bim to send
him (Habcock) some money, which
he, Habcock, would settle when Uelanger came up to Kernie. Tbis
letter, Ross said, was capable of two
"Coming to the Varlow case, the
conduct of the gentleman who is at
the head of the administration of
justice in this province, is such, as I
have stated before, that I cannot ton
strongly condemn," said Mr. Ross.
"Now that this case bus become of
such interest to the public the attorney-general thought be could get a
little cheap popularity hy his "grand
stand play" in convicting tins police-
man (Varlow) whether lie was guilty
or not. It may be that 1 bave a
great admiration for the attorney-
general with regard to other matters
ami we may he friends, but I certainly would refer to his conduct in this
caw, if he were present, iu stronger
Mr. W. A. MacDonald, K.C, of
Vancouver, crown counsel, in his
opening remarks, referred to the remarks made by Mr. W. IL Ross on
behalf of tlie accused, mat said that
it was a fine speech, marred in two
ways, viz , in the abuse ol the crown
ami the officials assisting the crown.
With regard to his learned friend's
caustic remarks and that they would
be stronger if tlie attorney-general
were present, he remarked that he
very much doubted thut, as they
could not have been stronger.
With reference to his client Ross'
claim that Varlow had been ill-
treated, Mr. MacDonald said: "This
man should have been incarcerated at
Nelson, but tin? attorney-general's department allowed bim to be kept at
the city jail, Kernie. at the expense
to the province, for the purpose ul
counsel seeing his client every day
and preparing bis defense."
Next August there is to Ik* a band
contest in the city of Leshbridge and
it is expected that there will be
bands present on that occasion from
all over Western Canada The members of the t'ranbrook band are anxious to participate in that contest
and their ambition is a most laud
able one. Kor the past two years
tbis band has been doing hard work
and in (bis way has brought the organisation to a high state nf excellence If ihe Cranhrook band takes
part in the contest it will Ik- a big
advertisement for Cranbrook, one of
tlie best in fact and for this reason
alone the citizens should do all In
their power to assist tbe band In
their efforts to arrange for tin* ex
petise ol the trip. Next Thursday
evening the band will hold a social
on the Catholic church grounds.
which have been kindly donated for
the purpose by Kather Choinel. Tlie
proceeds of thi-* entertainment will
lie turned into a fund for the purchase nf new uniforms. Cranbrook
people should make this social a
great financial success. The boys
will give a fine entertainment and a
fee of 25c. will be charged. It Is a
good time to get in a big boost for
Cranhrook and for the band. Tell
your friends about It and get them
to attend
Well! otheis will piobubly
soon begin  to think  you
lire, if you h-ivo not alreudy
puri'liiist* I thorn*
Unit you expect to use this
Fork, etc.
or n
We have them nil.
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
A piece of our "ltoyal Worcester"
nr "Crown Derby China" as a wed.
ding gift is very acceptable. We
have a large assortment to choose
from.—The Kink Mercantile Co.
success. Not realizing the number oi
people needing glasses, 1 only made a
two days' stop in aud around Cranbrook, and having appointments to
keep in Kernie, Michel, Coleman,
Macleod, Lethbridge and Calgary, 1
was forced to disappoint several
people with whom 1 was unable to
make an appointment. Kor the benefit of those disappointed people 1 will
make Cranbrook aunt her visit In
June, on or about the 15th, tor three
days. Watch the papers for my return announcement. It will pay you.
I represent Kootenay's largest Jewelry house, J. 0. Fatcnaiidc, of Nelson. Thanking those who called on
me, Fred M. Dcnneny. Wc guarantee
our work. i3-2t
To IU3NT—Largo, basement warehouse, dry nml cool; $111 jilt month.
Apply ill tlio Heroin" ollta. 11-
I'he iiroilnctloii of "St, Elmo" at
llic operu house on Monday evening
liroveil very eiijnyalilr, though hy no
stretch ol the imagination could tho
piny he -described as jiartinilarly
clever iii any rcspcot. lu fact ho
lai* as the play developed tlio story
Inld hy Augusta Kvans, one wondered
why lhe public were ever specially
Interested in Iho hook.    Tho support
throughout    was g I, whieli cannol
he said ol the wink of lhe principals,
neither of whom could he heard distinctly. Hose \'nu Cltmp, as Mis
.Murray, wus, |*orlinpfl, lhe slur pcr-
foriuer of ilu* aggregation, l*'.unl
.Icrolni* gave a very     nilllislllg litter
protulioti of ihe character ol nn   old
servant. The jtertnruialicc wns
souicwliui marred hy intorniinablo delays between ucls.
TAKE NOTICK Hint 1, Snrah .lane
Macdonald, of Cranhrook, II C, occupation, niiuriiil woman, intend to
apply lor permission to purchase
tbe lollowing described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
N. W. corner ot Lot No. 10003,
thence west 10 chains, thence south
iiu chains, thence east 10 chains,
thence north along tbe Spokane
right-ol-way to point ol commencement.
Sarah .lane Macdonald, Locator,
Samuel Macdonald, Agent.
Dated May 3rd, 1010. 11-91
**w*w*mm*Mm *m*m*m*mmm**
Cuescent Lodge No. i!3
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J. II. Uoyes, C. 0.
.1. L. Walker, K. ol It. & S
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
IV. It. Harris, 0. .1. Little,
N. 0. Sec'y.
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No, .11
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of everv month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W. F. Altrid**  Vf.lt,
K. IV. Connolly, Secretary.
Meets at II. II. C, A. Hall 2nd and
1th Saturdays each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
JOS. Wallace,  Sr., W. M.
Jas. F. Lunn, Secretary.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   lourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Itebckahs  cordially Invited.
Mrs. W. II. McFarlane, N.O
Miss Hickenhotham, Sec'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
Hazel llowness, It. E. E.
Annie Uoyes,   K. ol R. A S.
Visiting members cordially Invited.
Master Pianist
Eulogistic Letter from
Mark Hambourg
Chateau Fronlonni),
Muy ii, mm
Uoiir Sirs:
Hn tiii* ovo of my dopnrturo
from I'lunula, I lake this opportunity of writing, to yon n fi*w
linos uiul to express my grout nil-
iiilmtlon of tin. delightful Concert
(Ininila yon supplied for my
Ciinii'linn tour.
I Iliui HIJiplo occasion of testing
the piano thoroughly throughout
my forty concorls, mnl 1 hnve
I'oiue to tlio conclusion I hat. ns
regards touch, tone, pure musical
qualities nml construction, this
piano leaves nothing lo lie desired,
and is as perfect a medium for the
pianist as lie could possibly desire
to have.
Once more expressing my highest admiration for the lleint'/.nian
& Co.'s pianos, 1 remain,
Yours faithfully.
.f/r/r/- ^/ttwievi
Agents. Cranbrook
General Blacksmilhing
Wagon Repairing
A**cnlf, for Canada Bicycle Motors Co.'s
Also Peering Mowers and Kak«s
320 Acres
of laud on Iln-Hii Creek,
nothing superior to this doing
olfered iu Kast Koottuny.
Parties looking for laud can
only fully appreciate this by
seeing il. Leave lhe train at
M.-iyook and enquire for
It. Holisou.
Perry Creek Hotel
Now open loi' Summer
Special niitifl by tin* week.
MUS.    l.Tl.i.i
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second mnl
Fourth Tlnir.si.liiy ol each month at H
p.m. sharp.
.(.lines Sims, Chief Ranger
I,. Rent. Secretary.
Vllltlng hretlireii made welcome.
fit ASK *•:. Will
M'TAIIV   I t II Tl-
International Brokerage Company
Financial Agents—Mines—Real Estate
Monk RtOinnMi
('•Mr Aililrviut 'liit.-rlin.k.
A. II.«... Oli Killiioc
W.-t. rn 11 nl»ii
K you want to invest in Vancouver do
your business wilh an established reliable
firm. Others arc making money in
realty, why not you? We protect our clients THJf   UHAJNBHOOK    UKUALO
Fred A. Russell & Co., Farm and Timber Lands
ln.'orpoi'iit.*tl lHlili *
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec J
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      -    $ 5,000,000 *
5,700,000 X
70,000,000 ♦
i *
< •
• ■
< i
II. s. HOLT, I'rosiilont
I*'.. I,. I'l-l.tsi*;, Oonornl Mnnngor
Afi'ountH   of   Finns,   Corporations  nud    Individuals
Out-of-town biisinoss rooolvos overy allenlioii.
*       SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.   Deposits of $1.00 nnd
ujiiviirds roauivud and  Intorust allowed at  Durrani   ran*.
,,    No  1',,1'iu ilily  or dollty  in   withdrawing.
A lii'iior.-d  IIinking biisinoss transacted,
:  Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Mgr.
All Fishermen
are not LIARS
If thoy do toll ubont the big fish
gelling away: thosu big fioli
will get away under certain conditions. I'uor tackle is the
principal cause - avoid this
caiisi* liy getting tackle thnt is
right. We have tlio best. Our
flies an* made especially for tlio
streams of Kast Kootenay and
recommended by an export.
Drop iu for a short tisli talk nnd
look at our reels, rods nnd lines.
If vuu use our tackle tlie big
fiili will uot get away.
Co., Ltd.
Don't forffel that yon
arc nl ways Bttfr) ami
taki* iiurliftiH'-.'is when
yon bring your prescriptions tu us.
iIm* iil<*;i iImt iiii eiigageinint ring
i'.iii lia tllnponnetl with.   FSvsrygir]
 iirth axiHWtf. uiul lm» a right lo
havo ono. Our ihowiug of ongnge
iii.'iii iiti.l ntlier rings will jiloaio
your nuto  nml   lit   your pune,
Coino i« nn.I ,*l h* i,in* in  ill,.
Jewelry store lluil irii*r« a guarnntee
with everything ii sells, no miiller
li iw moitoHl v.,in ex|ieiullture nniv
********************** **********************
Merchants Bank of Canada |
Head Office, Montreal •
CAPITAL        -         -         -       $6,000,000 J
RESERVE        - - -       $4,602,157 J
Sir II. M. AI.I.1X, President X
K. F. IIKBDEN. General Manager *
145   Illl INl'HKS   IS   CANADA
A Genoral Rnnklng Rnslne*** transacted.   Oiit*ol-tnwn Aeeounts
■ol cited.   Deposits i.r «ii lul ran ills may be mado by mail.
ll.iin oi'i'ii*. an nccoi'nl Inteiesi i>ni<l ut liighesi current rales,
I  Elko llranch:   C. R. Wickson, Mgr.
Three ha*il «,..t n p mnntl ^
lo. r.*i*i I, nml   ,- ! i        *
i .il i>> iml!, aire * io •-.' *..        *
•>here il In pverytblpj        *
in   Meal   iVcliling   (liiu *
The Raworlh Hros \
Jeweled and uplMana T
♦♦<-»■•> «   M*MHMMOm*»Mm*»MM»* ww444*><et-
Anybody ean go fishing niih any old rod ami ♦
bnit, but if you bnve our Rods and Plies you can do «
in ire tii.in go fishing—You Can Catch Pish. X
We hnve in uur siook i11.■ lineal osiortmenl of
Kali, Reels, Lines nud Baskets our shown in
II J. D. McBRIDE - Cranbrook, B.C. j
Folger'*. Qolden (late Coffee
The tlnojt in the laml.
 PHONE 56.
For First Class Potatoes give us a trial onlor
Special Prices on Ion lots
 ________________    ''
********************   *******aa*********
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler & Optician
Haw stM'.'t—over Knwotth Bros,
Hollo.  I   to .*, ]> III.
Hiitnitlay In a.m  tn tl o ni.
Special hours run lie nrinngeil when
in town nn     Monday, en ron'.*     In
Kort Oeorge.
Prime roasts ol   beet .it  I'   W'ooils
ami Co
Mr. nml  Hr;*.    W   P. foil in anil
two sons let! Im  Vain ver 	
Mis   Brownlee anil Inmily Ml    lnr
their new home nl   lu* a on   Sun
Ili*iii/'s Kweel ami sour |iicl ii
bulk.—CainptK-ll anil  Manning
i'.I' II   t'oniluclor Jos.  MeNuli ami
family are roturning to Crunbi
Ill   .1   II   King Is nlMinillng  	
Icrenee nl Un* Canadian  Mi*dli
socialion ni Toronto, 1 ml
Sweet ajiplc cliici .11 Stewni
Miss   M   1 ii'iti*.     nl rim 1 rook,
lell  yestenlaj    to    *i*.ii hei
Mis. I.ongprc. ai  Hosmer.
talk up Ihe weekly hull holiday
Moyie liioiliiill learn miHorcil 1I1 leal
at Michel lasl Monday, liv a
2 to I
Vr.lllll*     CllickC
ill   I'    Vi I. anil
II. Drew, the populnr iiroprietor of
the North Star liolel, Ms a wilenme
visitor in Iowa during the week.
II. A, SiiliMlanil has arrived from
Calgary ami lias started work ul Vi.
II. Wilson's jewelry Btote,
Cherries ami strawberries al "The
•I. A. Harvey, formerly ol Ihis
city, is making a trip through the
Cheoliaco valley, I iting laml.
(I001I progress is being mafic 1111 the
foundations ol the c.l'.K y.M.c, i
Walnut linlgc al Pink's Pure Pood
I*'. Murphy, ol the llonttle-Murphi
Co., Ltd., is spending several days
111 Creston nn business.
IV. H. Koss, M.P.P., camp- up
from Penile yesterday lo attend lhe
funeral of Into Mr   Archibald l.cllcb.
Orders   taken lor   potled plants.—
Campbell ami Manning,
Tom   Under, of Moyie, is     leaving
.  shortly to engage in prospecting    In
ai Fink's Pure Pood Grocery. u,,, imrtiaml Canal district.
■•■ s   '  »••>•' In ■"••» on Mon- Talk up the weekly hull holiday
day from  'affray, !    ,        ,.       ,.,,,.     ...    *
{   A meeting of the Cranhrook Farm
Win      West's     family have lelt lor crs' Institute is called tor Wi'iln who
Port George to join him there. levelling next, when pnpers ol special
lirain ful |iork, excel len I quality, al  Interest will lie read.
IV Woods and Co. j    Wl.ilc   they    last,    we   v.ill  give a
R, E. Beattie was a Fernie visitor Pantry  Cabinet   Iree,   to every jiur-
rluring the week. 'chaser   of   a range—Patmore Bros.,
Mr.   George   l.ongpre, ol llosmcr, ll,e r*"*".e sl"n'*
town yesterday on business.       Business is booming with tin* C.C.
S. these davs.       Tills week tbey an-
Choice apricots ai Stewart's.
Constable Jos. Walsh was In Irom
Kurt Steele on Tuesday.
Creston buttermilk al The palm.
13. A. Hill, merchant, ol Moyie,
was in town during the week.
Talk up the weekly half holiday
(i. T. Rogers is ii|> from Vaucmivpi
in attendance at the assizes.
Pears'  "Otto nl  Ko.sc"  tollel  soap
Pineapple at The Palm
Mis !•:. K. Johnson and son lell on
Wednesday morning for Hamilton.
Mcs Frank Detail loft on a visit to
Toronto on Wednesday.
Fancj Tartarian eherrles at Stewart 's
W, K   Mawdsley   was up from Kelson during Um week
Re*   K   P    Plcwellfng went down
to S'elson yesterday
Chilllwacli    prunes    in two pound
tins at Kink's pure Food Grocery,
V*   l»   Hill is back from a visit to
the easl        He is looking a     great
■ than when he left.
folk up th.* weekly half holiday
II nl Rlairmore,   Vltn . was  I*   Woods anil Ci
loaded a ear of new runt it ure und
another is due nexl week.
II. Barrett, formerly l kkecper f**r
■) (;. McCallum nnd <'.... has left
Cranbrook Io Irj his foi tunc In
Hazelwood Ice cream nl Stewart's.
"Maggie" McKee .mis up from Nelson during lhe week ami wns given a
most     cordial    welcome   hy all his
many friends in this eitv.
Talk up the weekly half holiday
Wm   Mathews    l.ft on Monday lor
Seattle   to reside permanently.    Mr.
Mathews    lias   had    charge   of the
Royal hotel billiard room.
I   Mutton of the finest  quality      at
tn appearance al least, will In* your new suit if you
lirini; it lion* to be ilry denned nml pressed. Old
suiti thai havo been praoiloally (liseai-deil we mnln
11 look shapely ami nml again.   It Is an arl »lnVh
fow understand ns well as we,
Wo call for nml deliver promptly mnl ohnrge li'ii*
for onr services.
to those who are considering the
Only a few lots left.    Act  quick  nnd   -.ee
:: The Cranbrook  Agency Co. jj
I*:. II. Small, ol tlio Cosmopolitan
hotel, lias added to liis collection ol
natural specimens n fine specimen of
.1 fully grown In-own bear.
Mas*   Bourgo, ol   the K.T.L., l.ul ,
left for Foil ill-ore 1 Tuesday   lo
take charge of construction work on
tho new telephone line.
Try    a    |iouml <•!    *   Satnr.lay
Special for 2lle. nl The Palm.
Wins.   \   Leask, of New  York City
anil 11   Hlddllngton, ol T nto, wore
Hotel Cranbrook guests during tlie
Sujit.   Brownlee,     recently   turns
fel ml   In Kl-lloln,  is   jllht   nl   |irt*si*lil
ii* Toronto, iinilorgoing aiiothoi
If vuu ivaiii somotlriiig ulco in fancy
china ni* ginsswaro sn* uur lines —
['uinjihell mnl Manning.
Tho city liiiml will give tlie usual
weekly Ijntul concerl ou Weilncsila)'
evening next, on tbo new band
Ho in Slcwort's f.u choice Iresh
strawberries, The famous "Hood
River" daily shipments received,
Horn—Al Mrs. Bent's private Ims-
pllnl, Cranbrook,   11. ('., May 27th,
MHO, lo Mr. and Mrs. .lames llou-
gall, of Crows N'est, a son.
Mrs. Itoberl Brown will receive on
Thursday, June nth, from \ to 0, at
tlie liiconioiivc foreman's residence
(opposito depot).
Talk up thi: weekly half holiday
Leave your orders at Kink's Pure
Kuoil Grocery lor preserving strawberries. Quality the best procurable
and price gnnrantccd.
P, Woods was in (ruin Cherry
Creek during the week. Mr. Woods
is having n commodious house creeled
on his lunch, for which .1. Iliieb-
•i-ofi  is tin* contractor.
Mrs. Harry itoliicliaud and son Roy
left on Monday alternoon's train lor
an extended trip to Selkirk, Man.,
whore Mrs. Itoliicliaud will visit with
her parents.
While Ihey last, wc will give a
Pantry Cabinet free, to every pur-
■hiiscr of a range.—Patmorc Bros,
the range store.
Vi. II. Wilson, the jeweler, will
slmrlly he in possession of a "Kurd"
automobile, nn order for which he
plnced with Mr. II. V. Molt, of Kernie, some few days ago.
Tin* Herald nliologIr.es lor apparent
aeglccl ol several local happenings in
1 his issue, bul pressure of space lins
necessitated curtailment and even
exclusion ol several items ol passing
I'.ilk up the weekly half holiday
Miss McKay and Miss .Moran severed their long connection with lhe
posl ollice ou Tuesday. Miss McKay
lell today for Lctllliritlgo, where she
.vill reside in future.
Krcsh Hazelwood buttermilk at
Sapi. I'rcn returned yesterday from
Moose .law, bringing with him his
family, who will take up residence in
tho house Just vacated hv Mr. Brownlee.
IV. .1. Atchison has sold his dairy
farm to Mr llineen and left for
Lethbridge today, where be will make
arrangements for camping mil during
tin* summer months on his Milk
Kiver ranch.
'iiu* C.P.R. depot platform cauglil
[Ire yesterday morning, necessitating
lhe turn out of the lire htignde. The
hoys were on hand promptly and
pilckly subiliieil Hu* blare, very little
damage being done
Kor camping parties on lisliing
trips lake along a lew jars ol SI
Ivel's meat iu glass Jars,—Campbell
.iml Manning.
"Bill' Smith claims that Creston
Is in.1 entitled to exclusive praise lol
■ll ST RECEIVED-A fun line ol
has heen     |iicking wild strawberries
•e  Mav  llillid  rlglll   here  tu      I'lall-
inlk up the weekly hall holiday
W A Schwarti left i„r Nanalmo
this vvivk, where he takes over the
r.snagemcnl of the local branch of
tin* Royal  Batik       He lias lavit   suc-
ded here bj Mr. 11 n McUws, ,.1
I' 11 Mci'iiie. of tin* Kootenay
Telephone Lines Limited stall, leaves
"ii     Saturday    lor  Vancouver.   It  Is
understood thai Mr Mophee's mis-
i is of a verv interesting nature
nnd thai upon his return he will be
accompanied hy a bride.
11. Branch, ol Kernie. formerly connected with the Cranbrook Kounilry.
has received word of the death ol his
brother and brother-in-law    In    tbe
Whitehaven mine disaster ia Kngland. Mr. Branch is leaving lor
England nt once.
Ton-Nik lemonade powder at
KinK's Pure Food Grocery,
Henry Kerr, of Kernie. who has
heen In the St. Kugene hospital lor
the jiast nine weeks, suffering irom a
severe nttnek of spinal trouble, i:
now alile to he out null nhout again
Mr Ken will he leaving for the
coast in the course of lhe next few
Talk up Ihe weekly half holiday
C C Connolly tins arrived friu
Moose  Jaw     lo take Ibe     place    ot
iii ail trimmed Millinery
20p.c. off
Another lol of Ladies' Wash Suits iust to hnnd in junk.
|ionrl unit*. oharapiiKiio, white, nlire him*, nnd nil the
leading colors. These suits nre uuidi* ul finest rep.,
nloely braided and trimmed,   V, ry special value at $8,60
Seo our now Motor Coats for women, in  Rajah linen
colors—gray uiul champagne.
McCreery Bros
W. s. Halt, who lilltii tin* position 11
clilof clerk to Mr Brownlee, has been
promoted to lite position "i yard-
master, succeeding \lr. .1 I> Murray,
Mr. ami Mrs tt \ Macdonald, ol
Vancouver, were Cranbrook visitors
iluriiij; tin- week, Mr Matt-lnnaM
was in attendance at the assize*.,
ami Mrs. MacdOOald tame up from
Nelson, where she hail been visiting,
to join him here. Tbey left on Tuesday's Flyer Tor Spokane.
Jas. A. Macdonald. architect ol
Lethbridge, and daughter, were tn
town during the week. Mr Macdonald was a witness in the suit ol
the Kernie Construction company,
versus Cranbrook board ol school■
Choice cucumbers, tomatoes, let-;
tucc, green onions, spinach at Stewart's.
There was a greatly Increased demand for miners" licenses at tbe
Cranlirook mining recorder's office
this year over last. Upwards of
one hundred had been issued locally
on May -'list, without taking into account those issued at sUiVulIur-
throughout   the  district
Talk up the weekly half holiday
Mr. Comer .lones. formerly with
the C N IV Lumber company, at
Wardner, has accepted a position
with the Kootenay Telephone Lines.
Ltd., as accountant ant! business
manager Mr N I. Harrison, who
heretofore has idled these positions,
being compelled to retire on account
of ill-health
The Kast Kootenay Produce and
Provision company are building an
extensive addition to tbnr alreaii>
farge building. The business Is increasing rapidly and the proprietor,
Mr l. I). Murray, decided that instead of having a rented ware]
from which during the last l>-.*
WCtks he has had over ten tons oi
produce stolen, it would be better to
enlarge his own premises.
Knvmoiit grape fruit at Kink's
Pure FikkI (irocerv.
An unpleasant case of misplaced
confidence recently transpired at the
St. Kugene hospital. A patent en*
trusted another, named Qunnlng, with
a cheque for t7"> to cash for trim
Oubnlng cashed the cheque all right,
bul failed to turn over the proceeds
Uunnlng has since disappeared entirely, no trace of him having been discovered by Ibe police since thev were
notified of Ins departure dunning
is » cripple, having lost a loot and
three fingers ol one o| his hands
FOR > \i.i; CHEAP-One team
general purpose horses, also one light
team rnaiv- Foi particulars address
P Chapman, Hanbury P.O., British
Columbia u-lt
BERRY    PICKERS   -Wanted    at
■cages    paid    Quarters
for familii - provi led     Apply   R. S*
Bevan,   oriffln     Ranch,      Creston,
H   C U.lt
Sale of Fire
Hall Building
Tender* will be received up to
noon un June lltli next,by the
underalgned fur tlie purchase of
tlie City Fire Hull Building.
Thn hiwi'at or any tender not
necessarily aoeopted.
City Clerk.
Cranlirook. B.O,
May -'lltli, I'JIII.
don't hope for
the best
Go=Carts, Carriages
wo invite inspection
' 'ur I'ri*'* i are Lower
than ever
A good carriage is I'lui-ntial
to tho welfare of Huhy. Our
oarriagesan built to ron foi m
with present popular styles
mnl provide every comfort
for iis ocenpant,
Patmore Bros.
"The Range Store" THE  OBAN BROOK   HEBAliD
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on [uvorable termB.
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every cure tuiil comfort
A linme from homo
S( ml attention In capos o
Miiteniiiy, Rheumatism
ami I'liPiiinoiiia
Division I.—
I,.  .1.  I'lalistoii
Division II —
.Miss Ualdwell ...
Iiivisicni III.—
.Miss Alward   ...
Division IV.—
.Miss Slewart ...
Division V.—
Miss Rotlraie ...
Division VI.—
Miss I'uilie    ...
Division VII —
Miss Krascr    ...
lliBli Seluiul-
Miss Urandall
On   Ave.
roll. utt. 1'.
2li   23.02   88.51
47   37.112   MI.II5
51   36.05   70.08
5*1   43.05   711.72
Ii3    10.00   73.1111
12   33.97   811.88
58   43.75   75.43
111     8.03   80.30
.351 272.011   70.32
bandmaster city hand
Tem-liHr of sit-inu iiii*I
sniii.lni.l liuuruai'iil"
ill.illl  TIUINKIt
Hiss Mabel Wellman
Plan! I nail Ttacher
I'.Tiill I inii.ll nl
IIhI.i.iII.. MiiIIpI ul IVinnlpi's
Physicians and Surg-eons
tttto: ti  ResMeeca,  Arnnlroui Aft
iiki-'ICK HOURS :
KiuelinoliH -
Kv-miiukh  •
Sundays - -
- - 9 Illl to 10.00
• 2IHI to 4.00
- 7.30 to 8.311
- 1.30 to 4.30
::   i:    u    B.
» to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
llflii'e In new Reid lllock
I'KANRROOK -        -        - B.
Notary Public
lu Ooflin ipolltan lloiel
Crnnbroolt und Kurt Steele
• nwinriiiN i:siiiM:i.n
X suaviiviiR
Cranhrook, B.C.
I* u. it,.
•I..1 S...
a    C.   and  Surveyor
Cc ANBROOK    -      B. C.
I'lie ox trance examinations will
hold on Die lffth, Hilli uml lith
In ni'.
Division I.—1.. J. Cranston.
Wilfred Dallas
David Simpson
Joslo Driimiiioml
Florence Wood
Kaymoml AnnstroiiR
Charlie Morrison
iinii,t Stuart
Vivian Sissoiis
Klmo Wilkinson.
Division II.—Miss Caldwell
Bertha Drown
Frances Drummond
Oracle HiKRius
Hazel Taylor
Gordon Fowler
Karl Stewart
Neil McCallum
Krnest .lones.
Division III.—Miss  Alward.
Arthur Burch
Robert Burch
Sydney  Mur^atroyd
Ucrnartl Kirwan.
Division IV.—Miss Stewart
Allies RceWe
Merle Taylor
Margaret St. Rlol
Roslo Mayers
Helen DrydRes
Gordon Taylor
Donald Taylor
David Somerville
Herbert Stuart
Donald Kennel ly
Karle K inn
Armour Brault
Norman   Fowler.
Division V—Miss Hothnie.
Oscar Alexander
Stanley Stewart
Allen Brown
Crossly Taylor
Keith Wasson
Frank  Wilkinson
Division VI.—Miss Carrie
Harold Haslam
Hugh McDonald
Vernon Woodman
Allen Lacy
Mary Lacy
Irene Barnard
Lily Lancaster
Kdward Brown
Garfield Taylor
David Reekie
Division VII.—Miss K-raser
Delpliilie Brault
Sadie I .aery
Howard MolTatt
Innii Ward
Robert Beaton
Charles Chapman
I the King."     Driven out of many    of tilt)    house
  their own stales they are now Iree to Screen all
The lirst cabinet   of United   South) carry on their    mean business under
Life ami Fire Insurance • Real Eetatt
0111-0—NYxIiI-hii to
Boil Olllco
Come in uml lei me quote yotl rates
W. U.  licit v.  hinml l»ii."'i.ir
CnniliKxik 11. C.
Cm lake a limite.! nnmberol i>ii|"li*
,\j,|,ly 111 Iln* M'-i.telli'fiil
Mrs. II. I i.'Siltlli'llllllll, lltirWell Ave
K.C   SvMliinei;. II. I„ 8„ II   0. I>. S.
A. I. Itobertaon, B.O. I.. B,
Dominion mnl British Columhla
P O. Drawer 703 VICTORIA. B G,
Ural Me   "f   Ontario   VelerinHF**
Ott1l**tn« Toronto, i" l«t***
tlrn'iiiit.-ioi.l MnlallUl "I MeKIHp'n
t'stortnirr ''.ill- _■■ ■'Itii-oin.
in   IU O
Nun- rmtm BXIwIrt  '»  V.-tfi-innn
■irtu'i"'''Mi Mniiitnltii
(llttCB—H»l JnT I" p0»< Wlkl
Phone IM M. Hot IM
Kl|bt Mil •*-B   B. St'.irt'M li...i.| *»
Africa, lias heen formed by General
Louis Botha who has himself taken
the portfolos ol premier and minister
of agriculture. The other members
ol the cabinet are: Gen. .1. C. Smuts,
minister of interior, mines anil defence; .1. W. Saner, minister of railways and harbors; (len. J. B. M.
HerUog, minister of justice; K. H.
II. Mai an, minister of education, uud
H. C. Hull, minister of finance.
United South Africa was formed recently by the federation of Cape
Colony. Orange Itiver Colony, Natal
ami the Transvaal Vlacounl Gladstone is the first governor-general.
The union eame into operation on
Wednesday, June lu Gen. Louis
Botha, the new premier was the
premier ol the Transvaal. Gen.
Smuts and Mr. Hull were respectively the colonial secretary and treasur-
ot the Transvaal; Messrs. Sauer
and Malaii were respectively commissioner <>f public works and secretary
if agriculture In the Cape Colony
government, ami Gen. Ilcrtzog was
attorney general in the ministry ol
the Orange River colony. Tlie union
parliament*, the members ol which
will be elected immediately, will consist ol u senate and u house ol assembly. Cape Town will Im* the seat
ot the legislature and Pretoria the
sent of the executive government.
the Union -lack.
What is without doubt the biggest
logging contract yet undertaken
thr interior of this province ts that
just completed unlay by Robinson
MeKeu/ie, formerly sawmill operators
at Cranbrook, and well known as
expert lumbermen, with the Monarch
Lumber company, at Savona, and the
Sovereign Lmnlier company, Annls,
says the Kamloops Inland Sentinal.
The contract calls lor tlw delivery
iu boom on Shuswap lake of one
hundred million fret of logs at the
rate ol 20,000,000 feet each year lor
live years, the total value ol tin* output being over $700,000.
Although the contract was only
finally concluded on Saturday the
contractors already have one camp
established at the head ot Seymour
Arm, in which district the limits
fruiii which the logs will Ik* drawn
are situated. Other camps will h
opened as soon as possible and all
modern appliances will be used lor
getting nut the logs. As most ol
thr supplies for these camps will be
purchased in this city and shipped by
boat to Seymour Arm, the transaction is an important one to Kamloops. In winter over one hundred
men will he kept steadily employed
in thr camps and nearly that number throughout the summer months.
•las C. Shields, representing the
two sawmill companies, and Mr.
Robinson, of the contracting firm,
were in town on Saturday in connec-
ii"n with the contract.
The provincial exhibition to be held
at Calgary June .'1(1111 to July 7th is
going to excel any previous effort
made in Canada west ot Winnipeg
Some of the prominent features will
A mechanical milking machine demonstration with instructive lectures
An acre yield competition iu whieli
all tlw* grain grown nn an acre must
Im* shown, ami for which practically
one thousand dollars is offered in
prizes. This feature promises to lie
a great success.
An exhibit showing the different
grades of commercial steers.
An exhibit illustrating the process
ol grading up hy the use of purr bred
Actual forestry demonstration by
the Dominion Tree Planting division
on a large plot on the grounds1.
An art and china loan exhibit composed of the best pictures and china
from the homes ol residents ol
Western Canada. Many families have
articles of great value brought from
their former homes, ami you will he
surprised at the magnificence ol the
display. If you have any article ol
merit that you are willing to exhibit the manager of the exhibition
will appreciate it if you will let him
All freight rates are refunded
exhibits originating In Alberta.
The best music and attractions
that can tie secured, including the
famous Navassar ladies' band.
Kntries for the exhibition will close
June Kith at Calgary.
Make up a party of your friends
aud enjoy a grand holiday.
We have an excellent stock of ena-
-netware at Old Curiosity Shop,
Hanson avenue.
That Russia is still in lite middle
ages is* shown by tlie spectacle of the
president of tlie parliament lighting a
duel with one of its members. That
Russia is growing away from the
middle ages is shown hy the fact
that both men will spend most of the
summer in prison as a result
Think of a congress numbering ll'iO
gathered In Chicago lately to discuss missions. Who says.the missionary enterprise is weakening? In
emu the five leading Protestant
churches gave tl,.iiit.,iit..i. This is an
increase of 'Mi 1-3 per cent in two
years. Never were our churches
more active and vigorous. Are yon
carrying your share like a man? Or
are you reaping tlie benefits without
Tbe pamphlet issued hy the local
Moral ami Social Reform Council on
"Canada's War on the White Slave
Trade" should startle us into some
serious thinking and doing. Sixty
thousand Iresh girls thrown into the
hopper ol vice every year in tlie Cult
rd States am) Canada, to lie ground
to shame und death. And every one
was once as pure as your sister.
Where are We responsible'' Right
here: If you contend that "segregated" or "restrioted" districts arc a
"necessity," and essential to the
"safety" of good women and girls
you are advocating its necessary adjunct the White Slave traffic.
Since the closing of the lobby of
tbe Vancouver post office on Sundays
the staff working on that day has
been reduced twelve men. Yet men
say that tbe open post office causes
no more labor than the closed one.
Besides there are the hundreds of
stenographers who must work to
answer at least part ot the letters
received on Sunday and so are deprived ot their rest.
When news came by wire to the
race track at Jacksonville, U.S.A.,
that tlie Miller bill had been defeated
by a vole of 70 to 77, thr gamblers,
tipsters, book makers and all the other usual parasitic followers ot racetrack gambling threw their hats Into
the air and shouted tor joy, and   the
It is nt this time ol the year that
the house liy begins to take ou life
lor the ensuing spring and summer;
eggs laid hisi hill will soon begin to
hatch* At first he is only a little
worm, wriggling his tiny grub-like
.onii iu some incubating pile ot tilth.
Ile Is usually found in the manure
pile, the outhouse or mound of rubbish or garbage iu the hack yard. In
this condition he is easily killed—and
it should be Cc duty of every person to kill him now. The house liv
could not exist if everything were
kept perfectly clean and sanitary.
Exterminate the fiy worm; do away
with its breeding places and there
will be no tlies. 11 wc are to Ugh!
the (lies this summer we Bhould u
every agency possible and thr In-si
way to light thrill is In prevent their
Tho common house (ly is coming ti
lie known as the "typhoid liy," and
when the term becomes) universal]
greater care will lie exercised in protecting the house from his presence.
Flies kill a greater number of human beings than all tlie beasts of
prey, with all ol the poisonous serpents added. They spread disease
wliich slays thousands, while big,
powerful beasts kill single victims.
As soon as the liy comes out of his
shell hr is full grown aud starts out
in the world to make a living, and if
your home is not clean he knows
hy the odor. Tliey can discern an
odor of Jilt li for miles. As much as
they like filth odors they dislike other odors. Where a had odor will attract them the clean odor will repulse them. A pleasant smelling
substance—the fragrance of flowers,
geraniums, mignonette, lavender or
any perfumery—-will drive them away.
He is a frequenter of offal; the Hy
lays her eggs in the manure pile or
other objectionable tilth. All the
germs—all the imaginable, abominable
microbes—fasten themselves on to the
spongy feci of tho fly. He brings
them into the house and wipes them
ofi his feet. The fly you see walking
over the food you are about to cat
is covered with filth and genus. It
there is any dirt iu your house or
about your premises or those of your
neighbors, he has just come from it.
It is his home. Watch him as he
stands on the lump ol sugar in-1 ■■*
triously wiping his leet. He is wiping ofi the disease germs; rubbing
them on the sugar you are going I
eat, leaving the poison lor you In
Ile wipes his feet ou the [ood that
you eat, on the faces and lips of your
sleeping children. This does more
to spread typhoid fever and cholera
infantum ami other intestinal disease
than any other cause.
Disease attacks human beings when
they arc brought in contact with it
Kor instance, you cannot get typhoid
fever unless you swallow the germ of
typhoid, and you cannot swallow
these germs unless they get ou your
(nod, or in the liquids you drink, or
in tlie glasses or cups from which you
Not only docs be scatter tin* seeds
of disease from his body over your
food, but before your fruit and vege
tables are placed before you they have
been subjected tn his filthy habits,
either In the kitchen or in tbe stores
where tie flies from the horse dirt in
the middle of the street to the tubercular spatum on the sidewalk, and thru
back to the food stuffs displayed for
Many diseases which arc attributed
to milk and water originate through
flies. A pulluted brook, river or
lake furnishes germs from the sewers
ami files in millions settle on the
refuse that washes along the waters
Intestinal diseases are more frequent whenever and wherever tlies are
most abundant, and tliey, and not the
summer heat arc the active agents in
its spread.
There is special danger when flies
drop into such fluid as milk. This
forms un ideal culture material lor
the bacillus. A few germs washed
from the body on one (ly may develop into millions within a tew
hours, and the person who dunks
such milk will receive a large dose
bacilli, which later may cause serious
Therefore keep the Hies away Irom
the milk.
Don't allow (lies in your house.
(ly cannot propagate,
ludows and doors and insist that your grocer, butcher and
every one from whom you buy food
stuffs does the same. ■
There is more health in a well
screened house I hau in many a doctor's visit,
After you have cleaned up your own
premises Inspect the neighborhood lor
fly breeding places, Call the attention of the owner to them and if he
does not remove them, complain lo
the board of health.
Flies breed in horse manure, tk
ing vegetables, dead animals anil   all
kinds of nitll.
Not less than Wi per cent of the
pesls are bred in the stable* All
Stables should have a manure bin with
n door at llie side and a wire screen
ou Ihe lop, that the larva deposited
iu tlie manure belore it is placed In
lhe bin will he mtcciiciI when hatched, and as Hies seek tight and conic
lhe top id llie bin they can be easily killed by burning paper or some
other device.
She has a thirst only equalled by
its hunger; place a dish of poisoned
waler iu the stable and a greater
part of Ihe Hies hatched there will be
Kites are nature's scavengers, [ill
Hilling the saiiie function that some
bacteria do, but becomes an Intolerable nuisance and danger when entering human dwellings and by contain
iuatioii of food.
The presence of (lies is a direct
evidence of careless housekeeping and
of the existence ol tilth in some form
about the premises, and are more
dangerous than good housekeeper's
terror lound in bed rooms.
Remember that wherever absolute
leaiiliness prevails there will he no
Look after the garbage cans. Sre
that they are cleaned, sprinkled with
lime or kerosene oil aud closely covered.
Remove all the manure from stables
every three or four days, and when
removed keep iu a tight pit or vault,
flics cannot breed in it* Lye,
chloride of lime or blue vitriol water,
crude carbolic acid or any kind of
disinfectant may lie used.
Keep Hies away from the kitchen.
Keep Hies out of the dining room and
away Irom the sick, especially those
ill with contagious diseases. Screen
all food. Apply this rule not only to
food prepared at home, hut to food
tuffs offered for sale, and especially
fruits, salads and all other things
which do not require to be cooked.
Prevent consumptives from ex
perforating where Hies can feed on it
If Ihe food you ute nl your lust
meal did nol digest, but laid [or a
long lime like lead mi your stomach,
then you have Indigestion and q-iick
action should be taken.
Of course lliere are many other
symplons   nf  indigestion,  such BS
belching up of sour food, heartburn,
dizziness, shortness- of breath and
(oul breath, and ir you have nny of
Ihem, your stomach is oul ot order
and should be collected.
Ml-o-iui tabids have cured thousands of cases of Indigestion uml
lomncli trouble, li you hnve any
stomach distress, Mi-n-nn will relievo
Itui   M n   iiiilll1 si so-cnlltnl
dyspepsia remedies, does mine thnn
relieve, it p.-tmatieiilly cures dyHpcp-
sia or any stomach (rouble In pul
ling energy und strength Into the
walls of the sl-uunch. where the
gastric juices are produced
A   Inrge     box  of   Ml
costs    bul .mi  cents nt
Murphy   Co.    nud aie guaranteed t
cure or money  back When oilier
(ail, Mi-o iiu cures      II is n | luce
of   flesh     when  the     hod)   is  llti'i.  1
cleanses     the   sloiuncli    ami bo
purities the blood nnd makes rich
'district OF   SOUTH DIVISION,
TAKK NOTICK that 1, George K.
March, of Winnipeg, Man., occupation Agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 80
chains south ol the south-east corner
post' of Lot 8751, thence south 80
chains, theme cast R0 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80
George Keith March, Locator,
R. 11. Henedict, Agent.
Dated March aoth, 1010. 0-0t
TAKE NOTICE that Jesse Proltlo-
veiiux, of Seattle, Wash., IJ. S. A.,
occupation, stonogrnphor, intends to
apply [oi permission to purchase the
following (test nliril lauds:
Commencing    nt a   post    planted
nl I   18 chains- south nnd HI  chains
easl. of Ihe S. K* corner of Lot
7810, Group One, South Kast. Koo-
leiiav, Block 1508, thence BOUth 40
chains, Ihence enst 30 chains, thence
ioiMi JO chains, tlienco west. 20
hains io point ol commencement
uni containing so acres, more or
,ICBso Froltlovonnx,  Locator,
I. N. Dally, Agent.       7-0t*
Bronchitis:, Croup, Coughs and CoWi, c
monev fc-.c':. ?**-( tv* •"p.r.an't.d tithe Heat tie-Murphy Co.
II you   want   satUfactioti
your washing  set d
Kpeuial price? for family wmlt
ma Mod.
t,*.   P.O. Hi« -Mi.
I'.iiii-I, Coli-iulua
McKinstry& Armour
Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
To clear rooms of tlies carbolic
acid may Ik* used as follows: Heat a
shovel or any similar article aud
drop thereon 2o drops of carbolic
acid.    The vapor kills the Hies.
A cheap and perfect fly poison, one
which is not dangeeous to human life
is bichromate of potash iu solution.
Dissolve one dram, which can be
bought at any drug store, in two
ounces of water, and add a little
sugar. I'm some of this solution iu
shallow dishes, and distribute them
about tlie house.
Sticky (ly papers, traps and liquid
poisons are among the things to use
in killing Hies, hut the latest, cheapest and best is a formalin or formal-
heyde in water. A spoonful of this
liquid put into a quarter of a pint of
water ami exposed in the room, will
be enough to kill all the flies.
To quickly clear the room where
there are many (lies, burn pyrcthrum
powder in the room. This stupefies
the flies, when they may he swept up
and burned.
If there are any flics iu the dining
room ot your hotel, restaurant oi
hoarding house, complain to tlie
proprietor that Hie premises arc not
IN THE MATTER ot the estate of
Edward Roberts, late of the City of
Cranbrook, locomotive engineer, deceased.
that all persons having any claims
or demands against tlie said Edward
Roberts, who died on or about the
Utb day of April, HMO, near Kernie, in the Province ot Hritish Columbia, are required to send hy post
prepaid or to deliver to the under
signed, solicitor herein for John Roberts, administrator under the will
ol the sard Edward Roberts, their
names and addresses ami lull particulars In writing ol their claims and
statements ol their accounts and the
nature ol the securities, if any, held
by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE that alter
Don't permit them near your food,Ufa, 25th day ol June, 1010, the said
especially milk. John Roberta wju proceetl to dlstri-
Don't buy loodstults where flies are but* the assets ol the said deceased
tolerated. | traong Mw   persons entitled thereto,
Don't bave feeding places where flies bf-feg regard oniv to the claims
can load themselves with ejections 0[ which ^ shalI then have had no*
Irom typhoid or dysenteric patients. Ittce< -^ thal tbe 8a,,| ,hmn Uo.
Ikm't allow your fruits and conlec- ^m will not be liable lor the said
lions to lie exposed to the swarms ofj»«■**-■ 0r any part thcrco! to any
llirs I person ol whose claim he shall    not
Don't let flies crawl over the baby's iho, have received notice.
For durability, good work, easy running,
lightiiTOs t" handle, tiii** uiuchino Ims no equal.
If you are tired of lukinR up nnd imttiiig down
cnriH'ts; brent li ing dust, ilia, or microbes every
inoruing ufter gweejiinK; try uni' of these machines,
und after n trial if you nro Bntistied you will not
live longer nnd happier w will take tho muoliine
Just ask your husband tn rut dawn a
carpet for you to-night and see what he says.
month and swarm armnul Ihr niji|ili*j
ul its numlnft bottle.
Summary—Clean up your jiri'iiniscs
insidr and out and linn, as niiit'h as
you can.      See that others do    the
Coming   to  Cranbrook
Opera   House, June 3rd
Tlie Clnniiiii  I'l.ivira & Company
ot  II  people.
Are You Crazy
Is in reality "Tho Three Twins" liml had n long
nnd successful run in New York City recently.
2 Free Band Concerts on the
streets Noon and Evening;
Engineers,  Founders
and  Machinists ■__=_=
Dated at Cranbrook, B. ('.,      this
Uth day ot May, 1910.
W. K. Ourd, Cranbrook, H. C.    ,
Solicitor   tor    the
said .lolin Ko-
Strike at the root ol Un evil.   The
house dy    breeds     In horse manure,!   WANTKI)-(!irl   lor Rencral house-
kilchru oRal and the like. Dispose ol work.    Address Mrs. II. Joyce, Ken- _ „,.,.>„.,..,_■.._,>,»__
American band struck up "Ood Save ttaae materials   In such   a way that eral delivery 13-H *********************** **********************
Phono II
P. O. Box 888
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
and Repair*
We make the Best Saw Guide and Arbor in
B. C.   Any size required. THE  OBANBHOOK   IIKKALD
(Rnpyrlatit. 1000, Itf Uio Xotv Vorli llomld Co.  All  Rlf-Ma ni-icrreil.
\i.rrn,l-3 pnoltet, niiuli- up of brief friendly,
riuiitliiii' notes iiiul Iwo or throo longer, grover
leKoi's, nil wi'lllon in (In* ncittcat, most clearly
legible ot (minis; n piietccl nhvnyfl vnluctl, hut
now Btiddoidy crown very previous Bltico bear-
ing iiu- signature of Henry 0, Pol tor ihey may nevor
tn.nv ho added lo, iln* ureal hcnrled wrllor having
passed from Mils in aoiiio oilior if Ood'a ninny world***.
lingering these leflei'H druiimlh' I stop nl one I
havo long laitgliliigly called Hn* "moihor nolo," bu-
•-.ins!' ii conlnliiH iln- (Iml Um- my lllshop wrolo to me.
I n-iiti ii slowly, nml memory Is strong upon mo, The
wHirr iiu"' ngntn, Inughtor bubble* in my Ihront, iih
on Mini Bummer's Iny when, weary, wort nnd
wen I her worn, ilio ureal chni-hinaii had for a few
hours laid aside Iih Kicrii dlgully, nliiiudmicd himself
in iln' liroexe, wtille menially in* lei himself Hunt on Hit!
full lido of good fellowship   Tlie result, our complete
subject! o bis Hi;inii   nn.! now a mosl detlghtful
li wns In mld-Angusl thai Ihe Bishop wrote bin
noto fr ho Btnnton Street Cnlhcdrnl Mission, saying ilmi un n eerlaln ih\y he was lo make n very brief
visitation io si. John's, und wilh my permtashiu would
lunch uliii nn*, real a Ml. nnd liy catching such mnl
such a train tu- bach In linn' for nn evening service in
I hot city, no tool* lids way. In* mi Id. to make the
personal acquaintance of one whom ho had so long
known by roputallon and henr/sny,
I was Hiirpi'ised nml pleased, but uot a tillli* disturbed, for I had heard whlnpers both ..r hi-* kindness
ami' of his great stcrr.ii a*, hud lieird of ids lilting
speech, mnl I bail ttcen lilui niii'i' deal crass stupid fry wiili n s-vcifi.,' nt fare, voice mid eye lhat
nui-lv one fairly shrivel before ii. sum (here wan but
unejhitig I,, ii..—t,i write at nneei and though with
tbi> thermometer siamllug ai the nineties I dared not
oiivt even to n cliurchninn a "warm" welcome. I did
pr .mist' ;i shi' ei*o one,
When the day nrrtr?d the heat wns simply fright.
ful;*jstltl n sudden wluni caused me lo go myself to
ini'i-r my lutlmldntlng guest. As I sal waiting Ihe
fewgmlnutos for he Incoming mt Iti n nervousness
came Upon ute. Why, oh. why. Iiad I lioi nuked Home
Miu' io meet him? \vh? mid I -ssumed all ibis
responsibility? Suppose he idimild hu'd himself sternly
jiii'Mf, mid nil those |ioui*s to he Hlledl I had known
woll many miiiirtcr-i of different dcmMuImitintis, had
been on friend v terms with n Catholic Archbishop,
had chummed witb an Knglbdi d.-an, bin lids was -kj
different.   Ah. there wns the iniln!
1 jrna across the pmtform, uiul the c.-i man who
swuijg down from the car slops wns Ul«hn;> Potter,
whoile snmibering hlaek el ill. Itnmnti colhir and
ctcrltsii nigh, d ub|c Ureaal d wal-temit Ttere ('"tiled
ntT with a nubny straw inn wiib a ribbon band, nope
dawned In my lircttat. my nerves «tend led, a real
t-inlio. came to mji lips, for tbal straw bat suit] *>*
I'In Ink. "lie's nol nil lllshop: he Is purl nun. just
siitfeiflng man." and my courage struggled feebly.
HN face was sn uud •muiilhif bis aM'Hiig vour-*
tcousjbui brief, and logellier we rushed tlu blazing
spa.fill.it separated us rrom tin* carriage waiting in
tlm sllade of -"im' trees Om-e started homeward hit
quick! observant eye iilumxl lustautty noted the really
perfect ma; nlng of iln horses in color, size, markings and gait, and iu n few short, curt seuttnctw he
com mend ed their beauty. Men it time 1 'nut turned on
tin- cushions a Utile aud looked well at bim UN
face wa- like—well, like Hint   hi- tl|is a straight 11 in*:
dark i|lrclcs lay heneaih Iii- llrrd eyes; he scci 1
fagged, like a inn' In in' il .'f -deep,
8i-ihn;i Qjestior.s.
Then  be tur ..' uml  In ked  fairly at  me.    Home
tWlfll    <'f    quizZl  111    I ■■:■':■■.>a..in:    iiuis|    (ittVP   shoWII
plainly In my fine, for be a*i, ■,!. "Welir and then.
"fVhal li
Ami 1 .ii.-i'11'.1, "Why. sir. lure ynu nre. I be
Bishop*,' our Bishop, n \ i*wn I' -i. j'.' Vou hnve
placed yourseli it mj Its Is h*u'.' I raised meek eyes
to hi-, 'iniid l know n l mon n In, I to do with a Bishop
than I should \-n«\\ niiai to      n   !i a Outllug gun."
"Do »iili itie Jnc as ) m •• i*UI with the other." he
answen d  gi lml**f.
"What!" l suhl Indignantly; "whatl .Ire a Bishop!
Never, never hi the n  rid!
H ml del '.-. In- ll| - i. '* iwel lug brows lifted.
lie .'bu* i     :       i h n   lie  I Iih M   i." k   bis  head  ami
Inugbcd aloud
"Tilting you." he suld; "'h«uk j ai. I came nenr
getting It onee ivtien I v.-- young, hut 1 should
really bate id ''■ " i) i'ge "
"Tin ii.. It deed, in-  i u*   i '■! sal lightly on bli
throne/' for I i etei I who eiiu laugh,   t
told bun I bad seltlsbij  refrultied rrom asking any
nf ln> i.i. ml      i    eel htm
"liy which." lie an-v.. iv.l. "j u bave escaiail shari
dlsappitniil, sin v yen ' n « i.-u pronihtcd me a bit
«<r lun. Ii it,ill a quiet rest."
I'lnn lighten I) as i in.ikid nl ihow heavy shadows
beneath IHi eyen I hwike mil nnd (old bim wlmi I
ihoiigbl of iii- ,tne action 'n rtendlug ills family to
tlie laud of -iii.iu\ ponhea and cool wel beaches,
where the wai i     nlng over the ■amis, while
in- rctimltHMl I .! in lhe -■■ iviiing city uiiii Iho
Iniiiied.  btii'J    I,  ungi tl  suffering  oues ol  ids
lb  k, h lio Ioiiji been abandoned lo their mvn
devices ;ii fm li M iu    nl dallj stress ami quick Iv	
tniion, whili . iii!'. it id lolllisellors were a fnr
. (;i . , ,1 n ;i.-bun ui. that Ids pei'si-iuil
presence lliere its ihelr folher In Cod stunned nud
nuinicd I hem into a son pf djinib. |itilbcile gratitude:
nml I udded n certainly lequlred real courage for
ii coinforl loving man -f rcflued Instea lo pntleiitly
endure IhJ physical miseries mat those poor Utile
ones hnve b ■ 'nlencd to."
He smiled kindly. "You lenke too much of It. It
Is really nol <•* very bad. Tbe only very trying tiling
is—or," he (wrinkled up bis woll cut nose nnd, shnk
lug bis bead, wild, "smelts. It is iistoiilahllig how devoted .Muibi'fiy al reel i" K' onions—fried otilouffc"
"Aiid--cr.t' I suggested.
"Ves," liejiMbl.d. "111111 gurlle. As for tbe showing
of courage, I—woll, I fim mil ipiltc mire It U not
temper Instotid <if counijo. Tin* ipiistlon of the wel-
fiiic of our chst side people has long been elosu to my
heart. This annual seeming abandonment of litem
by the Church distressed mo, yet my clergy argued
Hint after a king, bard winter's wnrk no Hum's heal III
nud slrciigili could endure a sit miner of loll lu tbe
henri of thoibnking city; that the bow kept* taut
Inn long would surely simp, ftc,   I  I la toned, but—
well you kmiw the 1 dllloti of tlio man couvlueed
ngiiliist bis wilt':"
"Ah, yes," I answered cheerfully, "lie's of the
Mint opinion still.*"
Hhoto by Roctililt
Photo ty Aims Dupent
"Exactly. >•'■■ suddent> 1 resulvwl me dung sUuula
be lesled. I did ten wish to rt-k iiiuilher mail's health
um! general welfare, i-t" I bad a perfwl right to risk
m,V own.    Mi-  e.iniir bad been ns long and bard as
(belt-, my -York greater and more wean.ig I was
years older than tttj whlmiterers— well. I am making
tbo experiment. 1 um celling along wonderfully well
s<> far.   I Hiu giihihig new and mosl valuable ex|wrl-
eiiees. ami li I d me mil all right*'-—he laughtnl a
mocking laugh and tapping Ids knee with Ids gloved
(1 ngrrs he re|*eoted, wnnl partetl from w.■rd.*'lf— I—
do, a 1 haute will come over iln- spirit *>f »ome of my
younger men's dretiais nlnuil Mils time uexi year
There will be new activity niuotig them." lie tapiwd
again. "Xo more, ibdghig, for 1 will have tried It
myself, you see Ah. tbey an' very interesting, those
t-ast side people. I'll nil you ahoill them by and by."
Mi- did. loo. In fMel. It would be haul to Hud soiue-
thtllg lie di.l lio| lell Uie abut    to nn   _iv.it I'l.-til.
As we reached the blessed protociluu of the imrfo
eoibere ami dewrended from ihe carriage, my guest's
quirk eye 1 audit -ij-iil "f my bu-baiid's forgnllcii
rubbers, where t!ry s(«d primly lee to toe. heel lo
heel, 011 tin* far end of tin* door stone, uml Instantly
'iiiue ibe travellnl man's quip:—"Ah, I see the faithful a iv wllhhi tin- leiuple.   Bliall I'/" nud he uiiiile a
gi'Httire as ir ni 1 to remove his ..1 -
Welcome to the House.
"Oh, mv" I laughed. "Tbe 'l-'erliigee* is so welcome
nf 11.a; outer lhe mosque all shod .1- In- is."
Ami so "ti lids foundation of Jest be proceeded to
build op a structure of uierrlmenl thai almost touched
llpiili levity, "lire he beniuie tile grave and curliest
counsellor, but for the resi In* v.as, using his own
Words,   "Inking  a  day  oil."  nud   be  t erinliily did   it
.\s be w;i-. roulng ibe drawing room to a elmlr be
Stopped   and   rca-nl   ptllllllg  off   Ids  ijltlglng   glove.
nr a domm pictures un (be wnlli   or two .died
|HirtraltS   bad  cauglll   Ills eye.     I'lTSettlly   he   walked
ili,,*<iiv tn it. ami then exclaimed surprlsedly, "A
Mealy! Wlmi a lucky, lucky womunl for sluee ibe
terrible deslriicllon of lhe Mealy eollcotloii In Chi*
cago'a greal lire his -tvorh is haul to come by. Uow
bold ami slnmgj Ami did ynll ever see such modelling?   Sec lhe solidity of dial line brow."
lie raised his baud witb curved fingers. "Almost
I i-mi clasp li. ho you by ehntlco know Hie subjects
or is it uni) (tint 'aggravation' portrait of a gen tie*
"Tlmt is the portrait of the truest. ni»nt iiiiseltlsb
friend I ever had."
"And Is It like him?"
"Ho like Hint tlmugll It was pahiied in 1'nrls lu Ids
young bridegroom days, while he was Seereiary of
Legation lliere, people wbo knew bim only in Ids
middle age. when l»> wore n full beard in hide lb.it
detested dimple In ibe chill, bave Instantly recognised
him here in ibis tietirdless purtruli."
"A goud bard lest thai—may I nsk his luiineV"
"My llislmp, his name was Mr. Don 11 I'iatt."
My quest loner's brow knltt be pnrily closed bis
eyes. "Plflltl I'laltT The name Is curiously tu-
miliar,   ll bus un liniiaii sound, maybe"	
"No," I laughed, "you are growing cold, lie wus
an American in the marrow of bis banes,"
"I'iaii?   I'lnin   I'll get  him somehow—er, what
wns heV"
"Well, he hud been many things. .\ lawyer, n
fanner, a isditl lun. n soldier, a ml list   mi editor."
"All!" erled tbe lllshop -barply, "Wiisllltlglotil liis
wns n Washington paper, I have him now. a wit,
a man of mosl cynical, biting humor."
"Ves." I answered, trying hard to keep ilu* quiver
out of my voire. "That was ibe mask that bid a
knightly honor and n woman's tenderness of heart,
If lu- fared the world wilh a clenched hand It was
because '.be world had been very bard to bim,"
The Bishop's eyes were still upiui the picture.
'He—Is dead':" I nodded. lie dropped Ids hand
one luBtent upon my clasped ones. "If he was ns
loyal a friend as yon are. tin- friendship wns n notable
.inc. that mlgbl well be envied by ollicrs.**
As be scaled himself I st I for a few momenta lu
frowning thought, nml for tin- second time thnt day
In Hi-bed. ''W.'Ii.'" Hint then. "What Is it';"
And I answered:—"!. Is uot pleasant to be puzzled
ami itinrtimd at one's self." Then falling into a nearby low chair I asked, "Will you try to Interpret me
la inysilfV"
He was must serious and curt iu a moment, ns be
naked, "What puwdes you? Why un- you mortified?
Tell 1110 aboiil it."
"Von must have noticed how confirmed sufleiers
cllng to life. Well, here am 1 (be slave of pain from
babyhood. 1 have struggled wilh uucouiited uwlndlea,
I've narrowly esenped from flres, been iu wicks by
laud tout waler. I've met with weird accidents. I
carry many a seiir from these buffet lugs, but do you
ibiul. 1 am .iml of It ail nnd wunt to die? IKi you
think I tun even willing to die when called'.' .Nut a
bit of I;. ami right there my trouble comes in with the
subject of deiUl..
"In all my life I have been s.. much of a Christian
as a steadfast belief iu ibe promise of -Uud, of a loving. If unsuccessful. eiVurt to remember and to live
by ibe Masier'j* words eould make mo, yet I um afraid
lo die. Mini: praised by olheW for enrage, for presence of m I lid lu danger, yet secretly I was afraid uf
death. Then suddenly otic day all seemed clear to
me. The Bible said we wen- bun to slti—(but win
(be (rouble. I could imt of my effort conquer this
fear, but 1 could make public avowal of faith by
entering the Church of my veneration; i would
know the comfort of the iwu grent sacraments, baptism ai.d the saered COtUIUUUlon; 1 -bouid be dead lo
the old sins, born to a new righteousness; 1 should
then regard death gently, ns a release, as a reward,
nml tear it nu more forever, and"	
Mileiiee—long, heavy nlleuce. I looked nt bim. A
Sllllle of Utter a muse incut was ou Ids lips. He nodded
id> head. "Go on—what was (he result? And," be
prompted me, "And V"
I fill ibe blood lu my face, but went on:—"And .1
bit ago 1 found myself alone behind two bolting
horses, without room lu run Ihem out. Ue-ttructluu
teemed inevitable, mid with ever) bit of strength ami
nerve I had I strove for UU* -worse, for Just as (he
crash came I pwyej—I prayed *i «l not to let me die
—I bus easting my cowardice in the very fine of my
Creator. I lauded bruised ami hleedlmx a sitp'iosed
(-'hrlsiiaii—yet afraid lo die. What Is (be ma er
wlih ineV I demanded. I believe, truly I do, yet, of
course, Christianity Is nut compatible with fear ol
anything Cisl wills, and—well, 1 am shamed clear
through, (hat's all."
"Vou gifted Utile liiuuile. don'l y«u know every one
has fear uf denth? It Is not shameful. It Is a Cod
planted Instinct tending toward the continuation of
human life. Solf-preserviUlun is admittedly the lirst
law of nature, teveii the brave man who dies saving
another does imt Intentionally throw away Ids life;
ne only mentis to risk ii bravely. If 0-fl did ma Implant Within us tbal Instinctive love of life. Imw many
of us would stand the heat ami burden of the strife;
Imw many endure dm troiible, si. kness. sorrow and
iniln?     Hvery weary uu ' heartbroken woman
would slip through lhe 'open door' und (he world
would is* depopulated. Child, your Christianity und
your faith are not to be measured by your willingness
to die. I hnvf myself Hits hudlticllvc fear of dentil
I particularly shrink from lhe Idea nf railroad disaster,
I bo|ie I am prepared to accept (JimI'm will us cheerfully
as muy be. but distinctly understand I do not wish tn
die any more than you do. People have been glad to
go. but must often they are weary, loving, lender
souls wlm long to Join dear ones gone before or are
pain worn ami crave rest, in you vitality seems Intense, Imagination strong. Do uot*strain your nerves
by dweltlug needlessly upon tbe thuiijibt"	
"lib." I broke lu, "1 um nol afraid of m.-Uiig a
scene uf cries mid words of terror. 1 would have se '■
control enough lo hide, my anguish of fear. 1 was
afraid of just dying quietly like u lady, but not like a
Christian, uml my shame smarted ou my *-kiu like
He laughed. "Have no umre felm.-ie uf a God given
Instinct. Believe—serve—lor el When the time cumes
we may both puss lu peace, fetir forgotten, f"r yon
know who said, 'I  will nut leave .vuu curofurtle.ss,*"
ami he turned to greet my mother and my husband.
We were nut ten minutes at table before I knew
that In a worldly -sense Charles Dickens uas tht- god
of our guest's Idolatry. We exchanged quotations on-
til the tears uf laughter stood lu our eyes. We told
sti-rfes so fast tbey trod on one another's heels. I
told ut' Hcaii Hole's confession uueiit the difficulty of
fastening his gaiters, mid the bestowal uf uls long
legs while saying ids prayers lu the sleeping '-an and
bow, not willing to speak them, be bad written out
f*»r tno some of tbe words porters nud passengers bad
said as tliey fell over bis legs that crossed :he nisi**
as he knelt.
The Bishop told me bow bis younger daughter posh
lively coveted bis gorgeous Oxford tioud to wear is
nn opera wrap; nml filially I, wbo bud assumed lhe
responsibility of entertaining, sat back f<-r ouce it
my own table nml let another tin the entertaining—
uml marvellously well he did It, Hi* talked of today, lie made .siiildon trips into tbe past, and bn-uynt
bark ram memories.
Brief Battle Royal.
Once we bad a battle royal -brief, but distinctly
warm-over the paternity of a suu^-.   He asserted a
New York man bad recently composed It.   I declared
ibat ut the age or six I bad snug it at school under
tbe title of "A  llosy CroWU."     lie argued thev  were
not nt all alike. I insisted there »as uot a different
note between them. II- threw himself back lu hi*
chair ami Hummed it through. I leaned forward ou
Hu- table and hummed through my icrsiun. "Don'l
you perceive the nir is the same?" 1 asked. "Only
tlio time is changed." Then we sang it through together, and as he tried tu bold a iiute down with bU
fork I pushed It away with a spoon und carried him
on in my version. And when we bad finished bv
offered me the fork, saying, "io the victor belong
the spoil-. I mil afraid my ver-iluti Is a stolen composition."
lie ate a few hasty timr-iK then, apropos of nothing iu particular, said:—"You could nut bave known
"No, I know only the literary glttut, imt t',„. sorrow
weighti*d man."
"I'll tell yu ab.ut bim," uml In* described him,
his walk and gurmetlts,'Ids suffering through tin:
[Hwr woman, dead in life, who barred bim from all
domestic happiness, pis brooding leudenic-** nnd love
for Hu- mil nlds  be  lolled  lor,  uml  then  gave
us | m I tat Ions of him uu tin- platform, bh tune, ids
pronunciation* hi- pauses ami hesitations, li was
delightful. Later 1 succeeded in getting tbe Bishop
to I in it ute a person I knew well, uml by Its excellence
I  measured Hie vrul«euiblanoe or Hie Ural portrait
Slid  now   I   feel   thai  un  that  dav   I  saw  and   bean.
William Mai.epe.ee Thackeray through the medium
of hi. friend's memory uml mimicry.
Once he inii. a story that would have Im hi when
my luishutii) wns ben I lug his rattle   My Hie.* raised
astonished eyi*s: she bad heard mat same -gory m
the Canadian woods lu lier girl! I.    It was steep.
too. having i„ do with the misreading of Holy Writ,
it eiuled. and lur tbe first time Inughtor rang a little
lint. Then, forgetful «r ids cloth, bis dignity, and
moved thereto by ibat Jeering Imp which is never
long aii-eiit from me, I slleiilly pushed the saltcellar
"Thanks, ' have," be began. «lih a tittle negative
wmi. uf t|,u liiuiil, then halted, Ills may blue eye*
fairly twinkbd as he cuutlnm-il calmly. "That stury
Is tu be ia!,,-n Absolutely wlltmid salt. I lliougbl ytui
noticed  it   was  lime cured   dried, you  know,  like
jerked Nee| And tough." I added, and lliere uur
In lighter was not fiat,
He   di-Voled   a   few   m.it its   to   Ids   cheese   uml
tousled   pilot   bread      "1   am   an   Kugdsbinnii   for
choose," lie laughed, "nnd *■ Turk  foi ffeo."    Hi
glanced ouiilde. "Whal a groui plaxxa you have oul
there!   *A hat -bade and view!"
"Thai." I said, "Is where, iii n big willow elmlr.
yon are going i«. rest and smoke."
He turned ami iiiriied bis wineglass us he naked
leoslugty, "How do yon know I smoke?"
"I don't know; [ tun inly using a woman's Ina'ien-
able right tu jump at things, 1 make a picture uf you
lu my iiilml with a very good, a very strong climr
between your lips, ami It Inuks natural nml seems to
belong there." lie laughed—laughed twice. "Besides,
eighty out ,,f :i hundred brainy men smoke, The
only time I ever want |o be n man Is when 1 st-H one
who Is very  lind llidil  up and  draw the first   long
puff from a fragrant cigar."
"Too bud you don't smoke, i- it imt':" as he picked
the strongest cigar be could dud lu tb. Jar.
As be sipped his coffee bis thoughl turned to Mulberry street. He told us ofa dam e be bad looked In »ii
fur an hour, HI- hope was In the young; ne wished tu
win their liking, their eonfidem e. He expressed great
admiration for the physical beauty of tbe young m"**-
"There Is grent crossing *'f races on Hie east side,
nml tin* rcsull is beauty "f a most unusual typo.
Tbey are wonderfully well mannered, too. Their enjoyment is open, Hank and lie.irty. but I beard Ilu
rough language, saw nu boisterous tomfoolery—and
mercy me, how they can dance! Hue young girl, who
seemed m be In absolute not hot ity, came to me aud
usked in_i opinion .*!' ihe nffsh and of tier people. I
praised everything most sin erely. Then she uskpd
If there was any suggestion I would like tu make, und
I said. 'Ves, my pretty child. 1 could wish you to
abandon the use i>f a certain ugly word. I know you
nil wish t" speak 'bar strong, correct English, and
I dislike bearing you young girls use n word 1 should
forbid iu my owu daugnters. Please don't say "gents."
it is not a real word; it Is ;<*< a simijjy abbreviation
of gentlemen.'
" 'Dou t ladles say "gents?"'
"'Never! If you really mean gentlemen say gentlemen. Call your friends men or boy- or even fel-
l.iws. but never '   <    -
■•'All rklit.* she said, we'M give it the grmid by
bye: Hester, Man..-' she called, 'Hei Carmen ami
come here. Say, cirK ibe Bishop's woods nre chuck
full ..f holies, nnd be says ihey*d drop dead if tbey
heard us wiyliis "gents." -■ v..- drop It—understand?
I'a-s it along in the simp--, to-morfow nnd ems* tlm
girls' hearts    ... nsl    .      -"    N >w gu ou dan, lug.'
"1 thank"' her aid she tuswered, 'We thank you.
\\ Ity, *,*..■ ■; ,. t sun - ■ *■"■! cured a penny posl sunup
ii..\,  ne -. ked down here.'
".Vow (I .» ;- iiuick work—no mafiauii splrll
tbei ■   nu i u;iiog ,.tT."
•Hiit." i . v   ;■■.*:, -if Dickens .-.Mid nave
lived to see you tenii* larlli enacting the one. the only
Turveydroi * - tlj Instruction in ballroom de-
partmeui to tl you g!" 1 bit my lips. Oh, I thought,
l ve gone .■••• far. I * \\**- ti tl an ley JmcIUi of resent-
•.lent straight between inj i •■ s.
Hut he let 'I*- match bum out while be repeated
"lllshop Tun ydrop, eh! Well. I'd bt- willing to lui-
■ ..-:-., nati nlmnsi snj baracter "f that greal brain's
creation i.i-!"i- Turreydrop," be laugbed. "I June
received — thai h ve pleased me less than that
one" i .'-* that surely proved hi*, devotion tu Dick*
Then be 'It Up and went out on Ibe piazza, walked
:1        tried a Im        tried a hammock, and finally
*.- . *i thi   bi*- 'hair, and then fur (be tint
tin,.- said ; .....tre." And I wish t<> remark mat no
criminal lawyer in New i'ork could have bad anything "ii lhe Bishop as a i ross-examlner. Onee I rest-
Ivelj •: ... to ...iv from tbe personal topic by
i ertatn prominent preacher
tbe Far West bad   aid me of a Journey made to
\.-w York years ago by a party of ministers to at-
(,..„1 ..,1.        n or conference ur  nhal  not.
They were s bit the -1 ..f time and found themselves
with a  i _ on their band- and nothing
to do.   Two of ' aipanj were ardent students of
Shake-i- with  the  innii   1   met  Shake
speare was - ' •■ i'i--i"ti. Now ut that faraway
time a ci -us i '■■:  was giving n notable
performance of 'Julius Caesar." The critics nud
praised it heartily; think, then, what an appeal tlmt
perforoun t i de to '*."-■ devoted students. Nei*er
had my ■ ■, .'"■ for anything as be waged
f"r thai *• .    ■    ■ ■-.-.an of tbe mighty Roman
living o'j; the greai tngedj before bis very ayen.
Rare Opportunity.
This opportunity would conn to ntu. never igaln.
Il- took bi- courage In both bauds and proposed 'ber
should attend tbe performance in a b-«dy His st."
dent friend leaaided the proposal, the other three
shook tbelr beads am said it would nut do. They'd
,,,.. it; -        would be an Intellectual ir»-at
: .-   . d talk; li might injure them al home
-However,'   iafd speaker, brigbtenlog up. 'we
are free visit B roam's and look _t th.- freaks:
there Is no harts ... that."
I laugbed But never a laugh came from ;nt
Bishop. Uls bro* lowered, bis mouth shot 'ike a
steel trj,.     T       ■   ' ■•*■!."   tie said      'A  isruel
deprivation. There, at !.-_-t. Bngtand i- (head "■ it,
fur there i clergyman maj attend any nurthy enter
tain ment wit boa I bringing scandal or reproach upon
hiinxelf oi bin ; •■ Of course there sre huml.edi
,,r pi...*,-. dd or would wltuesi    Bui now
and again win . le trigedj or worth} drama i»
before tb    pn rd tbal  Ibe - i-i_y  a..me
may nol eiijo) an] ol lite blgbesl "f Intellectual
pleasures,  ■*  gi preseutatlon »t human
Uf.- ai some ,■••■.:-!."
Then l-aeb he turned (a im* again—mj cows
ami wbem and whys. And at hurt be looked ut
blfl watch »iib .in ■■*.' ;t.„*.'e'n. "I lei one train go
und now I'm afiald I'll udss tbe next   it UKii tiui-
tu   hlHle---    111."
"jlj  L,   ,; • ....  were readj   bo  the iralU
j on named    nd »u be it iln- door la two n a
lltes   ;it   in-,. II'-   [Mtte^    mj     le   id.        "S--   lhe   rutrt
avhi, a I'U .* ■**ii «"ii..iii. There ore >>-.n- "f •-•uu-
Ing behind Ihal He net,' a- we wolkrd -i Ir oy
side Im remarketl, "I am able in sympatk se with Hu
1'rlnce "i tt i--. who lays "Life mlgbl liar, been
dlfferenl if be ti.ul lifld a f»-w mure Inch-*-*'*'
-nil. \...i need iml aide I bate ■ en you m a
chancel fu — • -   ■ ■'••■   i  idalmp ii*
feel blgb, bul yiai were lie tnllesl there I'rjy
vuu carrj mon i . uKj i« the square inch than do«i
in. Kim «h frigate ru uil, aud that U ibe mosl
itatelj   Ihliifi And lei  me lell »»i ll
wou'l !»■ fall !•• -it d_wu here tu laugh ,uu then
blame iuc ror i■-■ - yom tralu."
■, ne -i,..],..i Diitnlile he (brew back in* nlaaildera.
"I*.,,  bud ' :;     I i.i  resli d   ieii. -b.-d   und
uieti  .   ,   !   . - *■ elei trie balh     I hank
_v.ni."    iii-  wrh ibwttie wme nud -i.nieil
ih,.   nil      ■ w I   null • .1   it   .11   Hit*
table, bul l - ■ eel |ieoi     ll U lUg^estlVS
„t rural Km ■■ lais t-u  bauibvrue.
What I- b':"
••li j. , il - .*• i tbe yi ua and red (mien
honeysuckle, hut  tin   pluk uud white wuudblue."
■■i»h: ■ and w lib a pli w -i aok, ' I- ll f..* bablef
nud In a luumi i.i 1"- |i d a -['lay or Iwu lu lu- baud,
and a- ie *i.ii;,.i ilieui, uii.n .. ■ lean, euol, i^unlry
seen) it b.■•:' I'ben, wali*d li tlw carriage, lib list
hem.nil I.i- arm. tie reached uul nml louk my h.iuil.
I,iilighter mi- guile, ll<- was very grave and klutl
"Mj child, 1 am your verj sincere friend, li ul any
lime ten aro iroutrti d, pukxled or uucenalu, m> gnuwl-
eilgc nnd experleu e, -n b aa ihey are, are ,ii your
servile. Write frw ly and wltlmui in -b.iti.ui Himmd
Him- hair j...-.,i have no feari I shall um rorget
(loudby.   i.'ii blean yuiil"
Ah the carriage swepl around tho curving driveway
like a boy lie Kcramliled up on Ins knee nud called
hai i. "I Iml book I s|wko of I'll seud It. Vuud
have (rouble genii g ii over iietv."
The wlteel sirueb a -i -. and my (Bilmp -at down
with sudden oiiiphimls, ami llm visit thai began with
a Je*i ended with thu tnugb thai fioatnl back to me
from Hn- gut ex,
• * ■ • • • •
An l riuse the - iiur nolo" l cannol bin think bow
prophetic, In p.ut nl least, were lliose words of the
•.•■■'•nt Churchina11 tiiienl dealh Kor surelj be made
a goud ending, pnileni, graieful, dignified.     Itrntely
 '"uruglng and KHpjH.rHiiH (be sinking spirits ..t iiia
devoted nursei nud do low, tin nny at large ll-.-
leiitnu  i"i   Ihimi   pregitntil   falui   wbHiwrs  irom the
•del un, the pmyern "I blf | pie rl»lng lil.e Incense,
ids rum liy alxuii  him, lie pnssed an lu ild ti.it«
wKhcd, iiearefully, genily. "" "t''1" formilten,'1 obey
lui.' Ibe .nil uUlj Id-, ear . oiild hear* THK   Olt/VNBUOOK    IIKUALII
* *
* I.AUItlER'S VISIT,       ♦
*   ♦
* Tin* Vancouver l.iln'ial cxccu- ♦
* tin*    suites that    Sir   Willriil ♦
* Laurier's    coming    hip lo the ♦
* Cll'ISt    Will   RiU*   Illl*   |HVI»il*r        II   ♦
* fortnight  in Hit* iirovlure.    The ♦
<J>  tout   is   lilllili'll   111   i*ll*iHI'llli*llls *
* nl Lctlibrlilgo on  Uigusl 17 mnl ♦
* Calgary on September 3rd.    Ho ♦
* will read! Vancouvor on August ♦
* llllll.      going      inllliriiiill.'lv   In ♦
* I'rlnco   Iiujiert,   thence I"  \ Ic- ♦
* toria and   will spend the week *
* end in   Vancouver,    leaving iu «l>
«j> time lor the meeting iu Vornon ♦
* Monday evening.    He will leave ♦
«j> tin* province by lU*vt*lsUike and ♦
* tin* Crows   Nest    Pass   routol, ♦
* stopping     ml     at    Nelson uml ♦
*j> Cranbroos on route ♦
* ♦
The next regular meeting ol the
hoard ol trade takes place nexl
Tuesday evening, .lime 7lh. Don t
bul to attend.
An electrical fan lias been instiilleil
nt Tin- Palm ire cream parlors to the
great comlort mnl convenience ol
patrons on Imt days.
Tlir Qualn Electrical Supply company have opened temporary tpmrlers
on Norhury avenue, pending Um- roi
plctton of t li* 11 new premise
joining   Hie   Hotel   Cranhrook.
Customs collections at port ol
('ratiht nok fur month ol May,
$V!iiiii.77; Inland Rovcnuc collections
at Cranbrook tor tlie month of May,
.Messrs. Campbell nml Manning have
installed iwo electric fans m their
windows, ami doubtless uther trauYs-
tni'ti will soon follow their example,
now Uuil electric power can be bad
iu lite day time as well as ut nlghl
"Hues dud Care fur Mini'" will
he lhe .Sunday evening subject
nf llev. Charles W. King's sermon In
the Baptist church. The Lord's Shu
per with the right hand ol fellowship to new members will be observed at the morning service.
There is o greal deal of building going ou in town, in addition tu lhe
erection ol business blocks. \ Ward
is putting up nn addition la bis
house on linker bill, dohn Crooks, nl
Iho Cl' ll. accountant's officii staff,
is erecting a line resilience ou Maker
lull, George Powell is also erecting a
commodious house on the lull.
In the pasl two weeks a bin
change has taken place in the stand
inn °! llie competitors iu the library
voting contest. Tho Metho.Ual
church bus run ahead ol the si.
Kugene hospital by several thousand
votes unit the IMesbyterinii church
bus outdistanced ibe Church oi I'ng
land. Tin- standing is now aa lol
lows: Methodist church, 11,7*.'-; Si
[Eugene hospital, 0335; l'rcshyleriai
church, 1101; Church ol England
3315; U. of I.. K nml 13., 2181; public school, Uili;; Baptist church, 588.
Mrs. T ,s Dill, Mrs II. V Parker
anil Mrs. p. K Simpson leave on Saturday bu Kamloops as delegates io
tin- grand assembly ••( Itcbekahs,
which assembles in that city ou
Monday. Messrs. II. White ami C.
K Ward are leaving for the same
place on Monday, as delegates from
Key City lodge Io the (irand Lodge
I o.o.h\, which is also meeting there
at tbe snme time!
Splendid reproductions of greal
pri/e flglrta have been lhe attraction
ni the moving picture shows in the
opera bouse lids week Large
ennuis have attended nightly to
witness those great exhibitions, and
alt have been delighted with the M*
rellcnce ol lhe reproductions, Manager Fraser is making quite n hit with
the line of moving pictures he is providing, bis objeel apparently being to
BUpply nono but    tlu- best.
u\\T|-;ii-.\ job as a cook lor
logging camp or saw mill, by c\
perienced cook. Apply Box 288,
Cranbrook, li. ('., staling wag-
as. 1 Hit
A public meeting is to be held In
tbo Cranbrook Orange ball, over pat
more Urns, store on S.itntibiv evening at B o'clock, under the auspices
ol L.o.l,., \u 1871, when addretaes
will be Riven by Thos. A. Dull, ol
Toronto, ami    .1.  U. vVhitcley,        ot
Vancouver, on the "Principles oi tbe
Loyal Orange association ami the
ncccsiifty tot Its existence In Ute
Dominion of Canada." Everybody is
Invited to attend und admission will
be free, A meeting ol the lodge will
be held after Uio public meeting.
The preliminary hearing of ibe
charge against 1. A, streeter, for
the killing of a man named Riley nt
Dorr (particulars of this affair were
given in lhe last issue of the Herald) opened al Kernie last Thursday,
ami the evidence of eve witnesses of
Itic trouble being taken, prisoner wns
committed for trial on the charge nt
murder. The trial will come on
next Tuesday at Fernle, \i the
preliminary bearing L. P. Eckstein,
of Kernie, appeared for the prosecution and M. A. Macdonald, of ibis
cily. for Streeter,
Last Sunday being Corpus Christ)
day iiu- occasion was celebrated    as
usual ut tbe SI. RtlgcnO Mission by a
procession, in Which upwards of bun
hundred Indians of tin* Kootenay
tribe   participated       The ceremony
was i luclcd by Itev.     Father Heck'
■mil itev, Kntlicr llartman,   formerly
of Grand Forks.    A large number of
townspeoplu witnessed Uu- procession.
On Monday  the  Indian girls at    the'
St. ICugeiic Mission school held a pic-J
nil-,    riding   into town in full force,
win-re they liberally indulged   in   Uio
delights    of ice    cream and similar I
seasonable dainties. I
Wc have a genuine Gerhard*
Heintzman piano, second-hand, good
as new. Cash or on easy terms.-—
Old Curiosity Shop, Hanson avenue
Don't fail to see the Clatnans iu
"Are Von Craay?" at tho opera house
tomorrow (Friday) evening. Knell
year tliey bring ;i brand new show.
And each year llie show is bettor
than tho Inst. The band and orclics-
ira is sun a decided feature. The
show th-is season is sure to please all
lot ii is one continuous laugh- To
Uu- brain-fagged business man, thu
overworked clerk, the drudging housewife, nothing is better than a good
laugh before going to sleep. Vou can
have il when you sec, "Are you
D. Angus, an old prospector ol
Fori Steele, ami one of the early
settlers, died yesterday in the St.
Kugene hospital.
returns—Kill acres on K.C.K. line, 40
fenced, M in crop, offered with one
million feet of limber on it nnd adjoining land. Address "Owner,"
care Cranbrook Herald. 13—11
(in Saturday, May 38th, Mrs. Mm*
gutroyd placed lier pretty home aud
grounds at tho disposal ot the
Grand International Auxiliary for tin
purpose of entertaining llie child ten
ol the members. The little folks
thoroughly enjoyed the games played
ou llic lawn, the ice cream ami other
i;ood things provided. A hearty
vote of thanks was tendered Mrs
Murgatroyd for so generously lending
her home nud after singing the National Anthem all dispersed, tired
bul  happy.
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at. King's
Pinner, for $1.50 per load.
ll. it. Benedict returned ou Monday
from Spokane. While there he called
un the officials nf Die Dry Farming
exposition, who expressed a strung
wish to have tbis district represented
at the exposition, which is going to
lie a b,g allair, including exhibits nl
wheat ami other products from nil
over tho world. There will he free
exhibition space and freight on ex-
bits will lie [laid both ways. All are
entitled to exhibit who come from u
district willi less thnii 2\\ in. rail
fall. The exposition will he held in
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared (or use, at King'i
Planer, bu- $1.60 per load.
Among the many lumbermen wlm
came in from ibe surrounding districts to attend tin- unerol of she
i.iie Mr. Archibald Leitch, wen- the
following: li. A, Koss, id Waldo, M
Mciiiues, ..f Calgary; C. D. McSab.
,.f Waldo; P. Liuiil, of Wardner; A.
F Krapfel, ami A. McDougal, of Kernie, (i. (J. Jewell, of Jaffray; K. C.
DcBois, of Kernie; S. W. Cooke, of
Jaffray; A. c. Cooke, of Jaffray; C
I-: Ayre, of Klko; N. .1. Irving
nf Jaffray, ami Otis Staples
ol Wycliffe. Mr. Leitch,
the pioneer of ibe lumber
industry in this part ol the province,
was held in the highest respect liy all
bis associates, lie was one ol thi
organizers of tin- Mountain Lumber
men's association, was its lirsi president aud held Ibat office for several
years iu succession.
Anyone sending a team can have
tin-wood, prepared for use, at King's
Planer, for $1.50 per load.
Complaints have come to tlie lb-raid of recent bicycle thefts. Monday
last a wheel was taken from one ol
our public buildings and nt n time
when il was required by the owner
• •n Important work. It was not
found and returned until the next
day. Mr. Prank Dczall, chiel of the
Ore department, missed his bicycle
Sal unlay evening last, ami up lo this
writing il has not been recovered
This may not tic a serious matter In
tin* minds of (hose "caught in the
act," or to those still at large. No
harm ma] In.' intended in lomfl eases,
but lo these ami other citizens constantly using their bicycles at ibe
call ol duly—sometimes on urgent,
even serious business—it is m> light
matter Nor should the taking nl
Hum- speeders, even »s n   Joke,       be
tolerated by the public
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at King's
Planer, for $1,60 per load.
C. II. Allison and Mrs. Allison lelt
Cranbrook on Sunday last, the forin-
rr en route to Kort George, uud Mrs,
Allison being hound for Seattle,
where she will spend the summer
with her mother, Mr. Allison has
been in charge of the Cranbrook
Drug and Hook company's store for
some time past, nnd will engage in
similar business at Fort Qeorge. Mr.
I-', n Barber succeeds to the management of the local store nud will
have ns an assistant a Mr. S. M.
Sinvtbe. formerly of Winnipeg. Mr.
Ilarhcr intends largely increasing the
■duck carried by tin* c. d. a u.
company, in the near future, paying
particular attention lo the book department, which it will be Ms special
buslnoaa to keep thoroughly up-to-
date in everv respect.
The Men and Young
Men of Cranbrook
An. alive lo Iln' importance ot correct druBs, tliey  aro
discriminating   too—are   i|iiic.k  to  recognize  true  styli,,
exceptional tailoring4.11.1 ncciin.tu lilting qualities,
because in them are combined all the essential features
which go to make really good clothes   nil  wool fabrics of
artful   patterns,   skilful  designing   a   keen   instinct  (or
correct style and a thoroughness iu tailoring.
Possessing these qualities, our clothing is becoming more
and more the preference of
who appreciate the Importance of ilrrssiiij* well,
Guarantee     of     Satisfaction    with    Every    Suit*
See VanWormer [or an an automatic drop head Raymond Rowing ma-;
chine before buying, it will save
yon money.
.1. M. Dudley, secretary of the railroad department ol the Y.M.C.A.,
spent several boms iu town on Tuesday. Mr. Dudley reported an enthusiasm- anniversary at Kenora. A
large meeting of the members andi
citizens gathered iu the rooms to
lienr addresses hy Mr. Coleman, nl
Winnipeg, superintendent or car scr-
iee. representing the C.P.R. company ami by citizens, railway men ami
ithers. Kenora people, both citizens
uu! rail May men, are enthusiastic
over the year's success. They linn
nil one word b.r Y.M.C.A. wort—
im! thai is splendid. Tlie most cor-
tial co-operation gors on, and it has
wrved to bring tho citizens together.|
This is good news lo Cranhrook, TRAGIC
since the Kenora institution is al
iujiliiaii* nl wlial lhe local one will
be, Mr, Dudley will return lo town
later on an.I w'tb others inaugurate
i move io collecl from the citizens
money to furnish the new building.
About fire thousand dollars will be
needed, a thoroughly trained secretary will be placed on the ground tit-
fore August. The C.P.R, will guarantee bis support of one hundred dot*
lars a month, will glto the association free light and beat, and will
turn over ibe building on a renewable
lease absolutely into ilu- hands of a
committee of maaagemeni of local
men.    Tin- dining room will be con
ducted wiib the sole aim of giving
good service at a cost, to pay expenses only.
TO RENT—Largo basement ware-
bouse, dry nud cool; Mil per month
Apply at the Herald office. It!
LOST-On the road to Fort'
Steele, about two miles out of town,'
:i lady's band bag, containing among
other articles, four bunches ot keys.
Kinder will please return same lo
Herald office. ll-lt'l
K. ii. Windsor, the only authorized I
piano tuner (or the lleiiit/imin Piano
company in the Kootcnays is in town
from Nelson. Leave orders lor him
with the Kink Mercantile Company, ii-lt'
• It ST RECEIVKD-A full line ol
art squares and door mats at Van-.
serious case is reported Irom
New Michel. It appears that Richard Armstrong, well known in that
district, and who runs a pool room
and cigar store in New .Michel, was
in the red lii'.hi distriet on tlie evening of May 12\u\ and had a quarrel
with a girl named Vera Holmes, who
stabbed Armstrong through the hack,
line of his lungs was penetrated and
lie is reported to be in a dangerous
condition, Vera Holmes is under arrest. She was formerly of llosmer.
Armstrong used to Im* connected with
llic pool room ot the Kernie hotel.
A splendid library, consisting of 100 Volumes of llie
World's liis'. Literature in n l.i.nilsotiie case, will Ik.* given
PR HE in any 0'inroli, Lodgo, nr Institution in (.'ruuhrook or
liis'rici tl,-it im secern Iho largest number of votes iu
it's fnvor.
Tin. ni r..|i intn lilted below will give will, each 10 cent
pnroh.son vote A ballot lux is placed iu Iti-aliie-Murphy
0 i ii niiv's Drug S'.-irt* where voles can lie de|*ositcd.
Tin* Herald ..ill publish tho respective standing of llie
oonteitauts eacli week,
't'lie Library is now on exhibition iu the window of tlie
Fink Meroantilo Company's Store.
Tho ltoral.1 will Rl-re 100 volei to every new subscriber
annual i .luring the eontoat.
Tho contest begins March Ith and closes Angus! B, 1010,
Remomber Voles cm. only be nblui.uil by trading wilh
tin* merchants listed below, in .1 every dollar s|» nt al mi)' of
111,.se stnr.-s entitles yon to III votes.
1 .V-M    ^f '^^<^±^_..
ftlPJirH- ly: ■m^
Calgary Brewing and
Malting Company
;;   Fink Mercantile Co.
(1 rot erics
A. C. Pye
Patmore Bros.
Hen's Furnishings
Tinners & Plumbers   <
Hill & Co. ■      .      '.
Drugs & Stationery
Dry Goods   '<
riclntyre & l-rickson, l""",r>'' E"^llf,;""1 m'M
Cranbrook Opera House, Irascr & Firquhtrson, Prop's.
' la llnslaOM K„r Ymir Amiiwtnpnl'*
For New Annual Subscriptions to lhe Herald, 100 voles
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4 ***********
The Largest and Best Equipped
Brewery    in    Western    Canada.
If you want the BEST, Ask for CALGARY BEER
Insist on getting CALGARY BEER
During  these  Imt  Summer  days   there is nothing mure delicious and
refreshing than I. glass of Ileer.
Delivered lo the Family Trade lit Ihe following prices:
Pints $1.50 per dozen.       Quarts $2.50 per dozen
8-Gallon Kegs $3.50;  Pic-nic Pumps loaned
PHONE   17    -     PHONE   17     -     PHONE   17
Wholesale Wine Merchant
Read The HERALD $2.00 a YEAR.


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