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Cranbrook Herald Aug 29, 1912

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We are well equipped to
turnout the bast class
of work.
NO. 35
In com in on with every otlier center
of Salvation Army work, there will
be bold in thin city on Sunday evening nest a memorial service, as a
mark of respect uml esteem to the
memory of the founder of the Army,
(ieneraf William Booth.
The memorial service will be held
in the Auditorium at 8.30 o'clock.
At 8 p.m., the city band will assemble in front of the Y.M.CA. and*
play "The Dead March." Thence they
will mkrch to tbe Auditorium, where
"Thc Dead March"   will be repeated.
Tlie   order of  service in tbe Auditorium will in* as follows:
Opening hymn 	
... "O God Our Help in Ages Past"
Prayer     Rev. W. K. Dunham
Scripture reading and remarks (Rev.
7,   verses   fl-17)   ... Captain Stride
Message   Commissioner Rees
Hymn    "Welcome Sweet Day"
(one of the general's favorites)
Remarks   Mayor A. C. llowncss
Solo—Selected    Mrs, Chapman
Address   Rev. \V. K. Thomson
Duet-—"Only Remember" 	
  Bro. and Sis. Hyslop
Address  Rev. O. B. Kendall
Solo Mrs. Stevenson
Address   Rev. Thompson
(Formerly   pastor of   the Methodist
church in this city).
Closing hymn 	
..."When I   Survey the   Wondrous
Benediction...Rev.    K.   P, Flcwclliny
Captain Stride, in course of a dial
with a Herald representative, said
"As representing the Salvation Army
in Ibis city and vicinity, I should like
an opportunity, through your columns, of expressing to the citi/ens ot
Cranbrook our great appreciation of
the sympathy which has reached ua
from all section*-: of tbe coinmunftyi
in the great loss of our departed
leader, General William Booth.
"From our hearts nnd In the
shadow of this great disaster, wo are
deeply grateful for these expressions.
comttlg as they do from the civic,
religious ami commercial lite ol our
''According to Lhc general's expressed wishes, a memorial service
will tn- hilil as Impressive as ii can
Im* made. While he disliked personal
publicity, in* welcomed anything that
kept tho Army in tin* public eye
"The memorial •service will in* hell
in tin* * Vndltorlum on Sunday even-
lug-, Scptembci 1st, ,,t s SO o'clock,
"All city churches will co-operate
tlu* minister ol each rhurch having
promised to attend and tn participate in Ihe sen ices.
••The flag at the city hall will bo*,
nt half-mast during tin* memorial
service, ami the business men generally, of the city, will BOO*. Iheii
amy path) bv lowering Uie Hags over
their premises In a similar maimer."
Tne funeral ol the late commander-
in-chid ol the Salvation Army, is
taking place this aftemoi n at Abnoj
Park cemetery, in   Stoke Nowlnffton,
where his wife is burled. The funeral
procession started fiom tin* international headituarlers in London, nml
will pass through some ol the principal thoroughfares nl iin* city. Many
thousands are pat tldpattng in the
funeral service Inst night a service f"i 'he Army was held at the
great hall ol Olympia, the scene of
the In leans Uonal horse shows, nml
various paorant* and exhibitions,
winch was chosen for its spacious*
Memorial services for tho late
com man tor- In-chief of the Salvation
Army will lie held throughout the
British Isles and in every country of
the world where Salvation corps are
established, on September 1st..
Three services on that day in Un*
don are planned lo In* held nt Congress ball, Clapton. They will be
led by General Brain well Booth nml
his wife, who will be accompanied by
Miss Eva Booth, commander of the.
Salvation Army In the United
N tad OH, and Mrs.  Booth-Hei berg.
The body of tbe lata) General William Boolh lay iu state and lhe occasion produced such a display of
sincere regret from all classes as host
probably never been excelled.
All nnt inns and all creeds were represented anion*; tho many thousands
of people who paid their last tribute,
to lho great evangelist.
The  usual sign* of mourning   weni
Flying over tke p
lmll at the top of a tafl flagpole waijl
tlm Salvation banner wilJi "blood
and fire" upon It. Draped above liie]
doorway were a Union -lack and ni
German llag supported on each wide/
by tho stars am) stripes (f lhe t'nit*-
od States nnd the rising sun nf ■la-
pan. Except for Salvation Army
flags tliei-c was no! a bonnet in tlm
The plain hardwood casket was
covered with a pull mado of the Salvation Army coat of aims, which*
supported, Instead nf a sword, iln*
(loud general's favorite Bible, hymn
hook und famous campaign cop.
Iu u message to llu- Salvationists]
throughout Mm world, published in
the Loudon Dally Chronicle, General
Brum well Booth, llu* new command*.
er-ln-cliief of the Salvation Army, indicates the direction of the Army's
coming activities, lie speaks confidently of its*future and sends to thei
millions, whose spiritual direction lull as assumed, a battle cry to in-spiro
Ilie future. After tt tender and beautiful tribute to his father, the nea
general says:
"The Army's recognition and achievements are the outcome of God's
spirit- That spirit cannot die. It!
still vivifies us. Yet though thc
spirit does not change, the forms1 and,
methods in which it ts clothed musl
change. New methods must' lie employed and new channels of activity;
opened to keep pace with human advancement."
Asked whether Uie Army still
would bc -governed on military Jim's,
tlie general replied that no doubt it
would, because military discipline
gives a tremendous cohesion of simplicity and power to the organization, of a similar kind to that displayed by the Roman Catholic,
church. , Referring to the world-wide
influence of the Army, tin' general believes that on the whole a huge
part of the work is still among the
lowest strain of society, and he hast
great hopes of winning a way among
the working classes.
The general also sees immense
Holds for aetivitiy in the service ol
foreign and colonial governments ami
specially among tho criminal classes;
aud the tribes of India- He thinks
there Is great room for an extensu »
if work among all tla* suffering people in America, and he believes thai
an immediate step should -tie taken
to open a campaign in China for
which, however, money is needed as
tbe prejudice there against foreigners)
would make the ordinary method i*f
sending officers about the country ineffectual. He adds: "Wc musl rely
nn taking converts Immediately and
treating them in a central organization."
In connection wiih the funeral thcro
under    consideration a suggestion
that Uie coffin bo conveyed tn Atoney
Park cemetery on a gun carriage, osj
vmholi/imi xto military character oS
Xto great evangelist's work.
Queen Mother Alexandra has telegraphed tn Bramwell Booth, ihe son
uid successor of General Booth, -hei
following message:
'I  \h% vou   and your family lo
accept mi deepest ami most heart/rib
sympathy in the Irreparable loss you
I lhe nation have suffered in the
death ol your great, good and ncvei
!»■ forgotten father It is n loss
which will be lelt throughout tin*
whole civilised woild. but, fhamk
Ood, his work will live for evyr.
(Signed) "Alexaialia "
Messages of condolence nlao have
been received from King christian, ofi
Denmark, General Louis Botha, premier of the Union «f South Africa,
Lord Islington, governor ol New Zee
land, Lord RoaOberry and many othei
icrsoiis  throughout   Xto  world.
Tne Salvation Armv in Canada und
Newfoundland received uin- following
message on Monday from the now
leader, Bratnwoll Booth:
My dear commissioner: The greet*
iug you have sent me nu behalf of
yourself and the stall and field oflicers ami soldiers ol the Dominion
and Newfoundland strengthens my
heart, in the presence nf the mighty
task which in the providence of Ood-1
nnd the appointment, of our beloved;
general is now devolved upon me. My
confidence is in God ami 1 know I
may rely upon you. Today it is my
joy to believe that you will respond
to His highest ambitions for you fn
spreading the honor of Christ and tin*
power of His salvation throughout!
the world. The army is moving and
tho fueuro shall bo Christ's. Let us
light for lilm and never falter. Pray
for me and Mrs. Booth."
Among tbe many tributes paid Ui*
tlw memory of General William
Booth, hy leading men tho world
over, probably none is more to the*
point Uian that of Rm*. Father Mine-'
ban, of Toronto, who said
give credit  to  Hie
Roman Catholic
.lunch for whal she
has done ('>!  ihc.
>Onr.          lie   lias   liei
i: very successful
n   transmitting tin.
spirit  lu        his;
followers,   of   who
e fairness      and
ready co-operation
entertain plea-*-
airt recollections, at
<l 1 think no one
will hesitate tt. ran
General Booth'
imongst the greates
social reformers
•lie  World lias  seen '
1.1 Mi's BIG  FARM   VI' WARD
m:i. shows claim.v possibilities   (tK SOIL IN
The motor drive from lliis city t.i
Wardner is among the most interesting in this vicinity. Tho country
through wti ch one passes is in many
respects very beautiful, tin re are long
stretches of open rolling land, bub
more of fairly heavily timbered. Water appears to be plentiful and the
soil looks good. Travelling mile after mile thsough this section, ono isl
struck by tho com pa nit ive absence
of cultivation, such ranches as there
do not appear to he highly eultival -
ed, although that of Mr. George Ar*V
nold is in first-class shape. Seeing .ill
ihis unused laud, one is forced lo ask,
oneself, can it he made productive?
The answer ei un-s ile.ii* uud unmistakable -:i*'ii|i arrival ai Wanlner,
where one sees whal can Ik* done
with just such land.
At Wardncr Mr. I\ Lund has undei;
cultivation upwards of 2fin acres ■-/
just the same class of laml as oik I
bad been travelling through all Ibe.
way from Cranhrook. The sigh I o'|
the crops on this laud is litlli-i
less tliaii'inarveli us and is Ibe surest-
proof lhal the great bulk of Hie land
between this city and Wardner and
from Wardnei* on In .Jaffray might
well lie occupied anil producing thc
very products ibis province is most
lu need of and for which Ihere must
always be an increasing demand from
lhe prairie provinces.
Ms. I'. Lund's farm is a splendid
example of what can Ih* done with
the comparatively high, dry. timbered
lands of this section. Sonic three
years ago Mi Lund commenced
clearing and cultivating in tho close
vicinity if Wardner. He went at it
m a btg scale and can show, today,
thai his venture was a wise one-f
Such crops as are to bo Been on his
land cannot to excelled anywhere.
Cm- is particularly struck hy a largo
field of potatoes, some ST acres in
extent, then there follows large
blocks devoted to every kind of ve-
vei.ihle and rool crop, all growing to
perfect Ii ii-
Kigbt < ppostte 1-hO station is a
block of 17 acres devoted to potatoes,
containing what promises lo to a
wonderful crop. In this field Is
planted a young it. hard ol 500 fruit
trees, and upon Inspection those trees
were found   tn    bo doing exceedingly
Mr. Lund has .mai.mil for the
thorough Irrigation i f his farm, il
need ix* Irrigation bas not been re
(Uristte ihi1* vc.ir. and Mr. Lund lie-
llcves thai with proper cultivation it
will never be neeesBary, although to
has prepared for thai eventuality
ami purposes making greater prepar*
ations for Irrigation on a large
scale, lie has in contemplation 'lie
damming nl    n lake back    of      bis
property which will provide storage
facilities and will suppl-, adoquaco
water for some 1500 acres.
Kolhlng more   hopeful, ot      more
mild ot promise foi the future of the
Cranhrook     dislrict  i Id he d.-sired
than the results obtained In Mr.
Lund in hi*~ f.ivmiiig operations al
Wanlner. it Is a splendid object
lesson, (hat should In* taken tn In-art
by the provincial authorities and by
everv person concerned in establishing mixed fanning iu this SCCttOU »>l
ihe province upon a stable basis.
I It >W
. thei* necessary wearing apparel and
household articles. This is not ihe
square thing. How much betlci it
would he if ihe various mcrcliaiits in
;, town wen- to gel logo the i and
adopt the plan worked bj Uw
storekeepers in Mart, Texas, a little
town of .'I.kiiii people. The merchants i»f thai town worked In con
Junction with the local "Ad Club,"
am! their methods, as lold by Mr,
Surratt, ol ihe Oklahoma Retail association, wore as folh ws: Mr. Surratt says;
"The plan we hit on was as follows      We bad    a      COUple    i.f     holii-'
trade banquets,' ,j which weie [ire-
Bent the merchants ami tho clerks.
Here we discussed nothing hui 'home
trade' uud had our strongest speakers tn show    lhal   the merchants and
their wives musi of nil people practice home trade.
"We also ran a scries if 'hotpo
Irade talks' n, th- .Mart Herald.
Tliese created a greal deal of dis.
cussioii on lhe pari of Ihe men-haul j
aud their wives and they began lu
realize thai every dollar Ihey Bent
nut of towo not only hurt the town
but hurt Iheir business as well. Lol a
woman sec lhal slu- is hurting Inr
husband's business and she will get.
right in short order. Women whu
at the beginning of iln* campaign
openly declared thai Ihey always hud
and always would, (.ratio where they
pleased and that they usually plensed'
lo crude uw.iy from home, are now
onr besi home trad:- preachers.   Ami,
the   women
So far   UtO
had cxi-onded
and iheir
of the
at firgl addressed U> the u
The blame for people tr.idn
rrom hnine was laid on il
eliant   rather Ihan on  lhe pe
merchants    wen*   told that
would advertise    more .md nd
bolvtoi thev could hold fnr Marl
lur trade.
"Later on, al our lirst In.me Irade
banquet, wo raised funds fm* mailing
a borne trade letter to everv woman
In   Marl and    every farmer In Marti  ■,„,_,, i,..hi.
stone, late ol London. England, who
has had a long experience ln thai
metropolis as a printer and publisher, ll* starts nil with a modest
planl bul well equipped for all ih-
immediate needs ol the dislrict.
all i
In this l-.ttci we a*-,
them io tfll us why, if ever.
found it necessary In Had
from Mail In each loiter **.
closed an addressed card fo
lu Ihis letter we did nol
them for nol trading at home, hui
asked them to help us solve the'
problem by giving us three reasons
why, so we could make tin* proper
recommendations to our merchants,
"Al the second home trade hau
(jiiel these cards were read anl fun I,,
were raised for mailing oui a second
home Hade letter III answer In Lhcso
;    \\    .. i n the Ktoteimj Central railwaj , covoriog llw pari between here
■ ne!    fluid n, Is     being shoved along.
The dump is now  completed tn Spll-
nml   a [iirther supply     of
dailj expected. The addllion-
icl  whieh has turn let for   .»
iwent} miles will, when cora-
brlng the steel end to within
miles of this plan*. In con-
wilh ehe wagon roods of ihe
-"ii.e nf lhe gangs which)
■ii working this season      are
Vto writer has asked many general
merchants what they think sbonld be
done to light departmeni store competition. In most cases the pessimistic reply has been given tbal very
little can Im* done by a merchant in a
smalt country town, but that a tax
should he placed on all mail-- rder
houses doing business in the country.
The latter «-i uld not affect the large
eity houses to any great extent, if
at all. On the other band, il Would
cause litem to go after the country
business harder than ever and, as
two or three merrhants have said,
would load them to establish small
branch stores in many sections of the
\vini-* merchants in country ph.-i-'i
are decrying lhe practice of their fellow ciei/ens going to llw eity to pur
ohoso many articles, ihey Uiemselves
I permit their wives and daughters In
"Catholics in every land will kind-hake periodical excursions lo cities
ly remember Ooueraf HooWi's freedom*! often over a hundred miles away- Id
from bigotry and  Msr readiness     t-^-May in a big stock of dress goud* art
of course,   when j
vou have their hushnntls. t
home trade   campaign    hi
only    in   the    men-hun*'-
"Afler converting a mujn
business men and their wives wc undertook, with tlieir aid. to reach Wit
and win over tho Women of ihe town'
and the farmers of lhe country, It is
hardly necessary lo call your attention to the vastuess of lho (ask or <f
what il meant in lho way ul addingr
trade to (be town. Have any ot
you ever made any Investigations to
learn the amount of money that is
sent out of your town annun.li to
the mail order houses? Or, have any
nf you small town merchanls ni secretaries ever figured how main thousands of dollars your farmers ami
ymir town women spend in tho nearby cities? You will find thai many
of your customers who owe you ari*
sending much of their cash away to
thc mail-order houses and spending it
in the cities. The same people arc
cussing you for being ,t high-priced
old "skinflint." Vou will also lind
that many of thc mail-order In uses
are now doing a credit business am)
are selting many of     ymir thirty-da}
The retail merchant is the man
who gets* the money from tbi'
The retailer is the man who cashes
n on all the work of the manufacturer, the farmer, the wholesaler.
The retailer -« the man who collects the people's money to pay thc
producer ami who distributes the
people's money hack to Hie maker ol
the merchandise.
The retailer is the least considered
ill all advertisers in the "dope" thai
is being handed out by the advertising experts and ihe advertising press
—and has probably less representation in the advertising clubs of
America than anv other class of ad
veriisers. Vet the aggregate expenditure nf the retailer for advertising in the 30,000 newspapers of America is greater ihan lhe advertising
of any other class of advertisers.
'■We undertook to bring th;* farmers and the W{ men nf the town over
to us, hy appealing to their loyalty
and pride in Ihe town. We attempted tn make ihem sn* tbal Marl
could never bo a better town than
llw people of Mail made tt. W-j
showod them thai a town to to a
good town musl he a iah*A trading
point. In short Hie lown would be
jusl whal ihey—-the people i.i Mart-
made it. We were careful to point
min to iliem Hint nur merchants did
mil ask them for their trade at
higher prices thin tl"-' could buj f"r
elsewhere.     We gave tin
io understand that we could meel
prices—quality and terms considered
—with any dty merchants or any
mail order lionises. We told them it
was their duty to buy lo the
advantage and all we asked was for,
them to give our merchants a chance
at the order before ihey went to the
city or ordered.
"The method chosen (or telling the
Mart women and lho Man farmers
ibe.se things was Important. Pirst,
wo had to   tell them In a way   lliaV
(Special to (he Herald),
Wattsimrg, It. ('., Vug. 88.—Tne
Wattsburg Karniinvi nml Nursery t'o.
will give a silver trophy shield .is a
pri/e at tin* Crnnbrook Agricultural
The winner can hold the same in
perpetuity after winning the pri/e
for three CbRticciitlve years, by an exhibition of tin* besi collect! f tho
products of nny farm in-Kast Kootenay, but du* products musi tn* raised, not borrowed, by the exhibitor,
accompanied by a statement of tlw
altitude, Mature ami locality of ihg
land upon which the products were
The pri/e will be tor Ure best collection of any kind of fodder, grains
and vegetables, or other useful food
products, and the mosl valuable » |.
vice as to the wisest practical inelh-
>ds of making the country self-sustaining from an agricultural polnl of
view. In writing this grammar oi
literacy merit is imt necessary, bul
hard practical common .sense and 1I14
advice as io tin* application of th
same, is whal will he considered nf
valuo to the community. The e-ssaj
»r article on this subject must si
■miipaiiy the exhibit and he on view
.ie! will to published in the newspapers which take a lively Intercsl
in tbe welfare and prosperltj nf tbe
The pri/e is not to Is- adjudged on
for tho excellence of anv one pro-
duet, but on thc food value nf the
whole exhibit and the common sense
contained in the advice.
The object nf the donors of the,
pri/e being to induce growers tn demonstrate tlw possibilities of the
country for dairy and mixed farming,.
stock raising, ceo.
ailed in.
y of
hip pushed In
lali.ii will alio
c.-ived ihat a I
Will  bc    must
hi.1 river this
1 great,
ir in this part,
way account fos
ie work on the
agon mad is* be
r .is sttortagc ol
Word has been rowing traffic brtdgo
I ovei ihe (.'olum-
ilne w iniet at    a
poinl Immediately adjoining the
which is .it presenl In use
Tin* work of haying in this pari
about over as far as the cutting and
harvesting of the lirst crop is concerned. This work was slightly retarded fi r ,1 while owing to excessive
rnins al the wrong moment The added moisture has, however. Iiad thy
pJIecl of Increasing tin- growth ami it
is possible thai with the second culling them will lw a larger return ol
hay titan was al first anticipated
Mong with other parts (hf ti». west
ai 'l •in- \< orld as .1 whole, there > ..
orl ige ol beef 1 attic. Work on tlw
Dominion governmenl experimental
liirm is going along, tire lirot .>f th.-
farm buildings Is already
nearly completed and comprises a
magnificent tarn with ample accommodation loi ,, sorting shed, The
apple trees planted this year on Ute
provincial experimental station have
all turned nut remarkably well and
show- every evidence «-f survival.
(S|Ki-inl i.i (be Ilir.ilil)
Iiii.-rmcrc, II. c . Auk 31.—Tlw
Hunk nl Montreal opened its <!.».!.,
,.»r buslnea in a general way here
ibis morning. Tins branoh will t»-
under u*- managomenl "f   Mi. !'. rn-
Wil.I. UK     l VABLE 'lit   ATTKNn
Ottawa, uni . Aug VI.—At a con-
leronce held In tbe office of -Sir Wilfrid Laurler this morning, it was de-
eiih-d that the opposition leader irflf
nol ■;■> west to attend the forestry;
convention but will open bis poliiii.il
tour In Quebec. His first meeting
will in* held about the middle ol September, sir Wilfrid will tddreM
four or Are meetings in Quebec aad a
similar number in Ontario Thc
polnl a1 whieh to will speak ir.
Quebec have nol been decided on hut
M i- likely thai the opening meeting
in Ontario will lie held In the dty of
Woodstock. After concluding hi*
Ontario tour Sir Wilfrid will work
westward, but the extent of his t*/jr
will depend on when parliament
meel Thc reason f«r the change in
: lai thai    tbc    western farmers
.in* too busj to be expected to   take
mi interest |n politics.
vi all and will in* combined In
respeet with the branch already
ublishud tu Atbalmere.
The work ol constructing .1 newi
vi barf on Lake Windermere, 1
menced yesterdaj by ihe driving "f
llatinotlyi(piles to hold tbe luperstructure. Thi*
will replace the wharl which ins
done duty bore hr ionic years and
will, it is Imped, in the near futur.f
be lurther added to In order lo ne-
beat [commodate freight coming in hv
The Columbia Valley Irrigated
Kruit Lands. Limited, with register
(d head office in this place, have fuel
let a contract for thc erection of aj
•iiinpUiv telephone system over their j
lands,    supplementing what has     .il-
(Special lo the Herald).
Kdmonton, Alia . Aug. 28.-~Off.cial
innouncemcol    haa tn-en made by A.
Oalbralth,    siiperfntendent    ■■{
'work-, thai \2<> miles ol steel on thf
I :   ■ ton, Dunvegaa and Men ib Columbia railway     will be laid        this
nesson,    affording   connectii n    with
• Vtbahascn Landing, north ol here. A
track laying machine, capable ol cov-
1 mile a dav, will begin   work
nhorttj ind continue operation!     '"
rivci      The completion of
',i .ii open    million!     • i
.1' i- -   nl    ogrii ultural lands, boefdes
lapping n<h lumber ami mineral   dis
■ hli h are   now with, ul rallwa) facilities  Several large sawmlllfl
>.'  bed in 1913 bv Amer-
The grade between   Edmonton and     Athabasca Landing has
been completed. The company has   a
Hite ni     11- a- ls   for terminal pui-
;...     ... lOdmonton and will use   the
union station, to be erected by    the
Orand Trunk railway companj at    ,*
(120,000, h r   its passenger
(Special lo the Herald),
b'dmontou, Vila . Viiji 28.—Lord
Conglcton, anient ' 1 i«»i lsl nml tarifl
re,armor, who i- lourmng Westerii
Canada fi 1 lhe Ii ipei lal pai Hamcn-i
lary   ass * ial ion, said in Kdmonftw,
wliere In is oui lib ■ to hunt big
game in the Rockli -. thai the Itoust)
ol lords, ol w hick lie is .1 member,
will rejeel the Irish home rule bill
at- tiie sessii. .■... fall.      The
I mi-ill-.:-, lie ad led, a . ning to
defeat  Uie Asi|uit nmetit,    bul
he would not reveal tht nat ire ol thd
coup, sa; Ing, hi si ould not
be surprised if thi 1 ■■' prime minister were to ., me-ml r o| Lho
!i».ns,* ol lords " l onl Conglcton predicted thai the frtuichisc reform lull
and the bill lo thc Welsh,
church will be defeated sa; Inb also
that ihe Unionist party. when relumed lo powei n.'.! In all probnlM
ihty repeal the ■ * act, fol-
:.■:  ihe rcforirl
I "       pp ItKxng its
el ivies wai
bel     and German}!
- im .(table
The Hera ,   .
date  a largo   sat
accommodating several h ■. Imi
guests, is to be erected at Sinclair
Springs, on the BaalT-Wihdermcre ,m
omobile road.
This decision      has n-cenUy    been
arrived al In view  of certain dlsoov-
•ries usi made and authenticated, affecting ihc medical properties of
these v.,r. •
ll is si ited lhal   ai     f   these
waters were tied foi Uu?      In-
estlg 1 lion     ol     *L-   li ading British
■*•:, its, -      '-    lam Mur-
rai. and thai "■!■ 1 »i r, found to l<f
inrpr.-gnatol witb radium, iln* use
of     which in tie* -till ex-j
perimen'al, but is   known to to dis-
Inctly roll r li diseases.
Our    information    is I    the effect
hat work will   1 A at    an
arly date upon the proposed sanator-
..._■■■ ions pre-
-    *.    * _   out   of
he proposed ... 1 1 meats,
rith * .-    exi eption  ol Uw      ropo ed
-wltwalk.   opp isitl      the    :■;■". in
block 91. the work sed will,
b*- commvtoed t : council
have already autl purchase
f a cement algan
ftrm, and the ■ ■ ;■" oadj
been ordered
Work on the thd
nwerage I'         :'   ;| ■,,;"
menced .*■ once. Thc rttj  ts doing
this    work 11 self undei  the   upervi-
sion of Mr. T. E. Bailey. Tbo fiait
Engineering eompt . will complete
tbe disposs   worl
WAS   sulheieiilly     lirlktng    tn   make , readv Im*-'Ii ConitniCted   The I.i ' con
Ihcni sii up   and take not ic.      Ard tract   covers a    distance ol I wen'
second    wo   could not he too harsh, three miles nnd will ho equipped in
for   this    would   nave antagonized  modern tnattnei and will be add.ii   I
them nnd driven all tin* more   trad.
away from town.
"So we began first lo run the
'homo imdo talks,' mentioned above,
lu the Marl Herald one of these ap
pcarod every week for about Ihree
months. These 'home trade talks'
I while   written   to he rend hv      the
from time t>   time as tin* nooess.ti
1 The first issue of th** Columbia
Valley Times, whicfi will publish .,*
Vthslmepp, is due tn make its ap
pe.intnee mi lhe Iirsl of the eoniin :
month.     The    papei is under       tlm
I Hart women and Mart farmers, worn imin-igriiirnt ot    Hi     t'barlca .loin.
Mr .lames Kinlav u.is down Irniu
his Maple Leaf colliery tlw first ol
lho week. lb* was feeling pretty'
lood and upon einpiiiy tbe Herald
I -arned that lie had cause for Ins
ni mind. A new seam of
coal had [usi initi itruck, running i^
fcei 1:, width, and iltnated within ■*"•
feel nl the tipple. "I'm very proud
,,f it," was Mi   Kiniiiy's mmmttig u|i
id lhe Ihr Nil ike.
M.i 01   5oo
and InspcOtoi of fn British Co
lumbia,   ba* I-- -   1 town
1 . ■      .   .—
if organ-
I/in-; .1  •■; --.-I   ■* Hone,
which   with *).■ iViodei
mete,  snd   "'!.<' d make
a reglmci I       Mi    * Sm w,       m
irse of 1 ■ r, ei i*. ■-. ■'.Ith b Herald
representative, thai   the
organisation "I a squadron of B. C.
Horse would mean a good deal for
Cranbrook. Ih peciall remarked
upon the peculiar advantage offered
by Cranbrook foi thc holding of thq
annual eamp. If the annual '-amp.
of tbe B.C Horse 1 ouW be secured
fnr Cranbrook, it would mean a l*>t
of business fnr local merchants, supplying feed, etc., also foi the hotels
and storekeepers.
Speaking in reterenci '<■ the pri -
posed organization ol a Boys Cadets'
corps, Major Snoa emphasized the.
benefits that would accrue t.i the.
boys, pointing oui ih.it each yeai an-j
nual '.imps an*   held al   wbieh        the
boya are Instructed in habits oj
cleanDnens, romp life, swim Ing, boding, elc.
Mr. Cranston, principal <-l the public school, is aetivcl} interested in/
this    movomenf   snd   will doubt-Jest
lOOn have if Worked OU| ami a * **toX[
corps nt I'lanhrnol. bOfl orpBltiOd. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
(Special lo lhe Herald).
Edmonton, Alta., Aug. 37.—Alber
la, the youngest province in Canada,
is the first in comply with tho conditions of the Dominion act, respecting juvenile delinquents, whieh will
come Into operation as soon as possible afler lhe order-ln-coiincil ami
the oertlflcato of lho provincial attorney general an* entered al Ottawa. \nthoritica on the subject nf
i IhLI im.num. Including -Judge Llml-
„n, ci Uenver, -ludgr Mack, n|
i hfcago, and .fudge -.dams, nl
Cleveland, declare this will com*
!>l.*i«* (he hesi series of arts foi thn
rescue and protection of children In
fuiee nuywhero on lhc American eon
The act, which was Introduced Into
Lhc Dominion pnrllamonl through the
efforts «ii W I . Scotl, n Imrrlslct nti
Ottawa, ami nsscnlod lo in -liilj'-
l!ll)8, extends Hie principles thnl|
hove been applied lo the delinquent
.mil neglected    child in  liberie sincfl
Hn* adopth f Children's Protect Um
Act, passed by tho provincial legis
The preamble ol llu* Dominion act
fully sets forth the spirit of romedtn]
legislation In the Intercsl of chlldren-
.;, follows:
'Hi is inexpedient lhal youthful offenders should he classed or deal I
with as ordingry criminals, the welfare of lhe comtniinily dctnandln |
that Ihey should, on the contrary, li
guarded againsl association wil
crime and criminals ami should be
Kiihieoted lo such care, imitmnil
and e, rilrol as will lend lo cheek
iheii ei it tendencies and lu strengthen iIm-ii better Itisllnels."
l-i in ioeiatiiig (lie child offewlet
rrom nil   criminal lain! is Hie prim
ai v    idea   throngl '     the net, Tlm
li nn "child" applies to a bo)
h I appfiieully or ael-ialh undei
q . nl HI years. This designation
permits llmse who have nullinrily ti
in force lhe nd i" u io Iheir own ills*
c rot inn in regard lo a child, wlrlel-
Hi ■ pan nts might mntntain Im •
reached Its Bivleonlli yenr, hui whlei
may obi lou iiy hi1 in u r-ed of such
protection as the law gi\is, though
it applies chlofl) lo children whose*!
exact agr cannot he iletermlneil
The nel prov hies t.-r dealing with
offending children summarily li
i ..ini. win i. the proceedings nre
private, li is unlawful for am
newspaper in publish lhe name ul
Hie child or patent ..i guahlian with-
nut    speeial   ha'e. ('..litis   -lull   tilt
to held white adult offenders are lieing Irled and Hie child awaiting trln|
must not b ■ pl,i"-.| in j j,|il or olliee
place where adults nre nr may be
The children's courl may he divest
: ol the cnsloman majesty and iig-
id formality, wh eh usually attend
the administration nf Justice in tbc
tribunals of record. \ provision ol
Hn act, dealing with Ibis point,
a;       l he proceedings mav, in    tlie
discretion  of Hi dgo, Ih- as Infwi
mai as the circumstances will pei
mil.'* The testimony uf a cbllI
ma) i.e received, though nol given on
oath, bul such evidence, uncurrobor-
.t i. i not sufflclonl lo convict a
Several Kuans are provided undei
the ai i '■-' the child proved to he .i
nveiiile delinquent, lint 'he. action
taken musl in   every ease be      thai
Which   the   courl    believes   is  tut       tin*
child's own good and the best Intel
i its m hi' community. The offondci
i.i.iy I,.- fined, ni placed undei proba
tion eilhei in its own home or wiih
.. ml table lainily, oi committed t'<»
the charge ol anv dul) organized
children's nid society or the superintendent ul negln led and dependenli
It In also prov I dul thai a child
ovei tie a ■■ nf 13 years may l«i
commit led t« an Industrial school,
hut it shall imt he lawful in corn-
mil a child undei li years, ''unless
ami until," lo quote from the ai t,
"an al torn pi has lieen made lo re
form such child in Ms own homo,"
or in thc ways named In thc foregoing paragraph.
\in>*h. i   .. lion provides that   the
■■' *» i t   mnlhts ning a child      in
lho industrial training school mav
I*' collected Irom the parenl oi guardian, ii. lhe evenl thej aie able lo
i oj The Moo Is lo prevent any]
ono Irom swearing bis charge is Intractable, in the hope tb.it lhe child
will Ik- sen! to .in Institution to lie
fed, e|,,thed ami educated nl the expense nl the province. The penalty
for an adult who, either wilfully or
through neglei t, contributes lo .«
child's delinquency, is us high as
S50Q and H yeai In prison.
The judge of a iuM'tiile court is
given the powers nf two justices of
the peace i.r of a stipendiary magis-
t r.ii- The position is an honorary
om* ami the selection will take iiiU
consideration lhe special qualifications
of the person lo be appointed for
dealing with children Probation officers have the satin* power as con|
stables. Tb*' preseni system will bo
enlarged and Improved, volunteer and,
paid probation officers being used
mole extensively than previously.
Arrangement nre lieing made with
Iwn Prolostanl and Catholic Institutions  in  can*   im* i',ui delinquents,
while .i. heretofore buy offenders will,
be sent to tlio industrial school at
Porlage La Prairie, Man., with
which the province has un agceeiuenl
to handle iis Jnven lo charges requlr-
ng reformation,
R, ii. Clmdwlck, superintendent ol
neglected ami dependent children in
Albedo, is deeply impressed with tlio
late of child legislation In this
province, saying the problem is near
a solution with the additional power
granted by the Dominion Aet.
\iti.v   nisrrssKi.  hy a    COR*
john. nh, telegraph.
The following communication, re
irotluood irom the columns of the St
lohn, N.B., Telegraph, sizes up th?
naval situation, so far as Canadian
parties arc concerned, very pointedly'*
Kdiior of the Telegraph:
Sir: I do not know whether Urj
public arc aware of the fact, and if
not, it is just as well they should in-,
thai the exaggerated and fulsome it
ports of the proceedings and speeohi!
of Mi. Horden ami .Mr. Hazen ami
that delectable Nationalist Mr. Pel
Icticr, in Kngland, do not come from
Knglish sources hut are being forwarded In mi Knglaml by a well
known Tory newspaper man (rom
M. nlreal, who wenl over lor the express pin pose of sending out these ridiculous effusions descriptive of pet-
formnnces which to those who know
the performers, are ludicrous. Less
than one short year ngo the navy
quest imi was lieing discussed III Quebec. Sir Wilfrid Laurler had for tiki
Iirsl time in our history provided bu,
Canada assisting the mother country
>ti thc sea by beginning the eon
si rucl ion in Canada of a number     uf
easels which ei uld protect our coas'j
lefenecs in peace and assist lho om
pile in war. This proposition insui
id the initiation in Canada's sea
liu.trd of a shipbuilding indusli*
w|i;ch should he begun at mice if the
country's prosperity is to be permanently Insured, and as thc years ri
by, growing with our growth the
number nf our vessels would be
teased and     lhe ex len!  ol our
slstnncc enhanced,
Australia was doing the s;
thing under a law almost verbatim
with ours, tlie only difference being
thai as thoy had no iron or s
industry as far advanced as ours now
is, tbey were perforce compelled
arrange to get their ships built
Kngland, but in principle and in fool
the status and relation of    Australia
lo the   mother   country was exactly
ihe same as ours.
While that was Canada's position,
when* were tbis worthy trio? Pclle-
tier a blatant Nationalist, one of tlm
noisiest ol the gang, going up aie)
down the province of Quebec, shout
ing in his frcrciost Krone!) thai tin
children of the habitants were to inl
wrenched from their homes, sent tu
llghl the battles of Kngland and ti
he disembowelled on the deck of om*
nf Lauder's vessels, and again with
his confrere Sevlgny demanding of bis
audience "Wbat has Kngland dune fm
yon?" "Tho Laurier cabinet is ■
cabinet <f imperialists who -aunt t,
sacrifice Canada's interests and tt
plunge us into wars with which Wi
have nothing tn do," and again:
■We will bore boles in ibe Hritish
Mai; if  necessary,    lo gain one lllier
Tins was the gong of disloyally
sung on all occasions until be squeezed into a seal on September -1st.
ami then solely because of bis hoeing been loud mouthed and extreme
ho wns Riven a seat in the cabinet.
Mr. IflMcn, childlike and bland, was
talking about tin pot navies ami
watching with inward Joy the bowlings of Pellet ier and bis crowd.
Mr. Horden, who bad supported the
resolution in parliament on which tlm
naval law was based, bad gone home
to Kngland and back lo Halifax, declaring ihat ihe navaf proceedings
had in*en thr result of a conference
between himself and Sir WilHid Laurier, and thai 'Mine governing I'liii-
eiplt- should control, that out ot oii|-
own materials by our own labor
and by the instructed skill of nui
own people anv nccissaiv provision
f< i nur naval defence should be en*
ti-ied upon " tt'nal was he saying
 I doing in III If Talking unintelligible [millings just ns he is doing
in Kngland today, hiding his real
mind as given above in a mixed un.l
muddled vocabulary, and wanting tnf
see whether lho disloyalty talk of
llourassa. Monk and Pellet ior, his
colleagues , would arouse the province of Quebec.
This is where the 11 in were justf
om* short year ago.
In Kngland we have flatulent orations about Canada's loyalty tr. tlm
empire and assurances of our standing by the old land and beautiful*
nothings Intended to tend Knglish
public opinion to believe that these
"three tailors of Tooley street" hail
brought some news to Kngland and
that the empire was in danger had
Ihey nol come over, .lust imagine
the inmost thoughts of these threw
worthies as thev contemplated their,
ntllUnIa ol -iniv PHI as compared'
with .luly, 1012,       The transforma
tion of a lion   iu the forest to
family   tomcat     would   be a
in pari.so a wben put along side
the change tbat bad come
Kohiespicrrc bole-bor
July 11)11
patriot of
>vei*     Hut
Pelloticr     ol
mil made him the purring
luly \-H-l.     And tho oth-
wlto bad sal oa the leuee miA
ili-eil him mi, wich Hourassa,
Lavergne, Sovlgny and all the crow,
theirs was certainly a transforiiia-
n from such a task in July 1911,
to tickling lhe ears of tho Tory Jim
>cs in July   1913.
One     day      there arc    to    he thrill
Dieaihioiighls,    next day none at all/
day Canadian passenger steamers
bu made armored cruisers,     next
day not that nt nil, and   with much
nd and    wine drinking hero       and
Ihere Iho   result   is, wo ure assured
by Mr. Cab-in who is said to be      a
bellwether Ior the Nationalist leader^
thai, "in none of his public utterances bus Ml. Horden yet receded front
tho principle that Canada's contribution to imperial   and naval aud mill*
ry defence, is    in a large measure
mlilional   upon Canada's particlpa
mi in flu' direction and control   ol
imperial affairs."
The translation into ordinary Ian
guage of this apochiypbal statement]
ans that if Mr. Caban is right
Canada will not contribute to nava.j
lefense unless imperial federation is
brought about. And as there is no
•banco In Uie world of any arrangement of that kind being now made,
Her all the verbiage and flatulent
utterances which no one can interpret and which have been the chief
slock in trade of tbo Canadian premier in Kngland, the matter must',
stand until imperial federation is arranged. No one hut Mr. Cohan bas
ventured to interpret Mr. Borden's
utterances. The ordinary man, applying the well understood rules ol
construction, has arisen from a consideration of Ihem with a depressed
and wholly puzzled tooling.
What relief tlie public can get Irom
the oracular explanation given by Mr.
Caban is a problem. The fact remains lhal a.tor going up am) how|
in Kngland for over a month talking
all the time uo one in Kngland
Canada knows where thc Canadian
ministers are on the great quhs
We are told tbat ministers and
others are coming to Canada iu.\%
Kngland. If they are coining for in*
formation let Ihem come, but if thoy
are coming to a I tempt to instruct
our people < r to Interfere iu our domestic politics or concerns it is just
as well for them all lo understand,
that thoy are inaugurating a proceeding that lias never been attempt-1
ed in our history and thut tbey an>
sowing the seeds of a resentment)
whieh under certain conditions will
bode uu good for these interests,
which every one who has truly empire Interests at heart would like t<
see advanced.
TU* history ol the proposal to as
sisl the mother country in naval
mai tors has been a varied one. In
1900 both sides were supposed t
have sunk parly and in the house ol
commons to the strains of (imi Savu
the King, all parties joined in a re,
solution slating our position and our
altitude. Then came the miserably
intervening period when Horden surrendered Ignomlnously to llourassa.
Monk and Pellet ier and allowed, for
petty party gain, tbe disloyal agitation tbat scl i.uebec aflame.
We have jusl had the chapter of
this trio and their Knglish trip nils-
irewntlng the attitude of their Canadian opponents and declaring witli
the taste of bis last year's utteron-
slill in Pelleticr's mouth, that
tliey and theirs alone loved the empire ■
Whal a commentary on all thesi*
(acts is the headline on an editorial
iu Tuesday's Herald: "Lot us hy all
means keep party ism out of the naval defence question."
As one who cherishes ami believes
closer empire connection, who
looks forward to the position In
which Cnngda will bold with twenty
million ol people which she shall
have In twenty years, as probably
the strongest factor in the empire, I
cannot help tooling that thc methods
which since HW> have been adopted
by Conservative loaders in dealing
with the question, carried within
themselves the seeds ol destruction
which will bring forth from day to
day dillleulties that are confront!lift
ami will confront the public men ot
Canada of both political parties,
who want to see this question set-
thil right and on terms which mean]
that Canada will do her full duty to
tiie empire upon a basis that will
last and will in the coming years
Stand the test of time nnd circumstance.
Tn destroy Hie compact ot 1909
node by both parties, to please
tde Qttehee Nationalist, would lie a
ic against Canada aud the empire. Tlie bombastic performances
in   Kngland   and    the self advertiser!
spec-lies there will not make foi anv '
settlement of tho question.
It Is time fur platitudes to be silenced nnd men to consider whoUmi'
the policy of 1908 shall not stand.,
II moans Canadian1 shipyards which1
in ten yearn (not long thoso days)-
will rival those of Belfast or the/
Clyde;tt means Canadian labor, men,
money, brains and patriotism pro
duciirg war vessels and cruisers
which as we grow im years, population and wea.Ih, will increase ami
develop and be the greatest supporting factor to lho naval supremacy of the empire.
Tbo question is whether In twenty1
years from now and during all the
Intervening years Canada is to havdj
no progress iu shipbuilding, nnd, if
war oce- rs he without even a repair
shop to asslsl \to empire, and send
its money out of ihe country blindly
and without results, or whether wc
will begin now lo Insure shipbuilding
construction and repair depots wlter
our ships nnd the empire's ships will
be built and repaired, and addiliuii.it
protection and safety guaranteed lo
Britain and her junior nations both
in peace aud war.
Lot us have faith III our own future and maintain the compact. Tho
performances in Kngland will he the
laughing stock of every thinker on
this question in a year from now.
Lot us ho sane and practical iu Canada. Unless we are so anil give
over such nonsense as has been exhibited by the premier and his ministers, no results for either Canadn
or the empire can be obtained,
A Practical Imperialist.
Picton, August 12. 1912.
that thirty   day:
to apply to the
ol Lauds and to
alter date I Intend
Chief Commissioner
he Assistant   Com
missioner of Lands for the Dislrict
(I Kast Kootenay for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate on thc North Fork of Michel
Creek, about six miles north of the
Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying
between the Mclnnes Oroup and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's*
Commencing at a post planted at
\. Hopsou's north-west corner, same
being the initial post of .1. K. Wilson's claim and marked ".I. K. Wilson's south-west corner," thence SO
eliains north; thence St) chains easl,
thenee 80 chains south; Ihence RO
chains west to place of beginning,
containing 010 acres, more or less.
Located August 20th, 1912.
J. K. Wilson, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agent. 35-5
that thirty days after dato I intend
to apply to tho Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and to the Assistant Com-i
missioner of Lands for the District
of Kast Kootenay for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum ou
the following described lands, situate
on tho North Pork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canad-
diati Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup nml thej
Crows Neat Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
J, K. Wilson's south-west corner,
same being the Initial post of Lewis
Bowlus' claim, and marked Lewis
Bowlus' south-east corner," thence
80 chains north, thence 80 'chains
west; thenco 80 chains south; thence
HO chains oast to place of beginning,
containing (ill) acres, tnnre or less.
Located August SOtli. 1012.
Lewis Bowlus, Locati.r.
BatlCC Lameroux, Agent. 36-6
Frontier Days Celebration
Sept. 2-7,1912
Single Fare for
the Round Trip
Going Dates, Autl. 31 to
Sept. S
Final Return Limit, Sept. 9
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\ lew hours alter the flrsl Injection
•a little    headache and slight ino lai so
j ma;,  in-   experienced, w1Ui tenderness
nl I th.- point ol inoculation.   This
,s si-t.l  Mitticii'iit t<« .-.nis.- a      man
to siu]> his work as liv Hi'
im vi morning he usually feels as well
,i ■ usual Alter the second and thi id
injections no rrnclioii is produced,
tlie person seldom experiencing any
discomfort whatever.
It is significant tlml many largo
employers of labor novo gone Into
tins subject diiply, with gratifying
results, statistics having shown th.it
uf those properly Inoculated practically none have taken ly-pliold within
a yonr, and protection is probably
afforded lot a much Ic-ngor period.
This method should appeal especially t<i friendly societies and labor
unions who pay benefits to their sick
Typhoid vaccine may he obtained
on application to thc provincial board
of health, or from drug stores.
VV. Haply, M.D.,
Aoliog Secretary.
Western IResi&entfal Scbools
Dlitlnclively Chris tUn - Non-Denom I national
A rM-ldf>iitliilaiiildn--K'lioidforbrt.ri>
Kiftii-ii iicrrs, adjoining Shiiiittliin**
Heights. Viiiiii liver.
IIuII'lltigH, pnibndjlng Itn* Int-*! jib-
in ficliool un-liiii'i nni'. iu nn'onmindii
;ioo tioyH.
i: liiviiiim.nl Rlnndard ol Hi.- hlglm
Kull provision for ntli'ettra.
Both schools open this autumn.   For particulars address
Dr. E. D. HcLAREN. 4 Stanley Court, Vancouver, li. C.
A IiikIi-i'Iuhm resldentlul uml dny sclionl
fnraiiN ul all i\*t*v.
Shniighn<*-)n,v HmkIiIn. Vancouver.
\.nrn*> j-nuiiiili*. ntDfinlfluent litilldinns,
with i'vitv tDiidi-rn appliance for lu-uith
und I'liiufin t.
Stuff unequalled* »tety tenclior n ipo*
fialii't in her own department.
Light Your House
in  tlie oily or country witli our Tungsten
lamp.   We ean out ynur
Lighting Expense Down
to the Minimum
Also uao nur heating ami cooking devices.
KveryiiiitiL: goes "illi nn absolute Ruarnnteo.
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Tho Lnrgosl Eleotrienl Supplj !1
in tin- [vootuunys
2' V 1'UPl aKUfUVhMTrwtZJI..TI'
I'lione : Seymour 7*''l0
Palace Hotel
Kt M.I.I NS lllll IS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred rlrt,'aiil!y furnished rooms. Evory modern
ooiivimiiiii'-i'. Elevator servleo. Oafe in connootion. Rooms
$1.00 pur iluy and upwards,
Up-country visitors to Ilia Terminal City will Iiml overy
convenionce mid comfort nl llio Granville Pftlnco, spoolal
attention boing imid to tlieir vvunts.
Lothbrhlgo, Alt-a., Aug! 27.—Tho
preparing of fruit in glass fnr exposition purposes is only successfully
accomplished by        »        tew
who have made n study ol
it. Tliere are certain fixed formulas
iu use, and practice makes perfect.
In view id the number *f classes
provided at ihe International l>ry-.
Farmed Products Exposition al
Lethbridge, Alta., October l"-2«. for
fruit preserved in gloss, the exposition committee desires to call attention  io    a few  formulas in general
The essential requisites to success
It is Very necessary that the fruit
be first properly prepared. Do not
handle the frull with M10 bare hands,
wear a pair of soft woollen gloves;
clip I lie fruit from ihc vine or tree.
leaving the stem. Wash it under if
spray or hose of cold water to rr*-*
move all dust or foreign matter;
bong by tbe 'stem until thoroughly
in Be sure to seleel perleol specimens, placing them in the preserving
liquid -I to is hours. Beforo tin 1-
oughl; ripened have your Jars cleaned*
and readj, also preserving liquids
properly prepared before gathering
your fruit Alter fruits are prepared set in a cool, dark place. Always,
use distilled or boiled water, bin
never ram water.
Don't gel discouraged if Hm* first
attompl does nol prove successful,
but keep experimenting until you if.-.
bucci ad Don'l fail to properly
label tin* specimens, giving name, variety, whore and by whom produced.
Hn* d rmulas follow:
For berries and all fruits.—-Clear
water white kerostno is rroflucnlly
used with good results with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and
currants. Bc sun* that no drops of
water remain ihi the berries.
Ml fruits and vegetables.—To
pvrrj gallon ol waler ad<! i-nc-lialf
1.linn- corrosive sublimate, This baa
given good satisfaction with ncaik
all kinds of fnnl and vegetables "lid
tables and should it become clouded
or dim can be renewed. Must lie
handled wlUi caution, .is it is rank
poison.     IVus plati*d in jars        wilb'
poda    cracked  open  make a     nlec
Pol linn, smonin-skiniied fruits —
To pvery gall* 11 of water add one
quart of glucose nnd one half ounce
fiiimaldirh.dc. This does well for
pears, pooches, prunes, grapes, cber-
clcs, currants and gooseberries, but
not for logan berries, black or raspberries.
Kor light colored fruit.—To every
gallon of water add two ounces carbonate of soda, six and a hall ouiiccm
potassium nitrate (salt peter) onn
and a half ounces glycerine.
Fl r dark colored Iruit and berries.
—To ono gallon nf water odd six umf
nne-half ounces potassium nitrate,
one-quartet ounce tormaldohyilc and
one ounce glycerine.
It Is time to begin preparations in
exhibit, and a premium list will ho
sent gratis upon reqiicsl to ■!. W
McNicol, Chairman Exposition committee, Lethbridge, Alta.
I    *
MMMMOMH  ******'---'-.■■-:.*** * * * ^
*    Fruit Ornanieiilal *
Trees Shrubs       *
IN ' HI! OWN N'l'HSEi:] I' • •
kw|i tin-lialr hum coming oui      ami |   Bcaltlc-.VIiirptiv   I'i
ailil in ii tlml   luxuriance, mmp   ami   Agents.
S|IM   Illi
P. DE VERE HUNT, local Aeent
Phone !.*■<> Cranbrook,  li. C.
,„,„.   *
****,**4*****,* ***************
lhe liberty of   assuring him thai   Ih ]**^*^^*^^^<>*^**'<'^^^^***<i--^^^Q<>^^:^*P^^^
enn secure   enlightenment by vl I i
ibis city, where the board <.f    |radii   *
^ \ Winnipeg despatch says 1l1.1t    !•'.   will speedily open his eyes anil   glvi
V  Nunnick,    U.S.A., ol the commit . him occular   detnonstrallon id
sion    of   conservation, Ottawa,   has   forming   on   a   large   ami   new   I '
arrived there aftei un Important Iniifl   scale, and   show     bim the
of tlie Moininjoi,   from east lo   wesl,   possibilities ol   this district for cap
in which lie lias been engaged nrrung-   able   rnrmers.   The   Herald *iiE
ing for thirty    riemoMtration farms, | thai n Mould    to well for Ute boi d
The ci.iitmissioiiir sel    mu m March, ' of trade   nol     lo wall for enqii rii
visiting Nova     Scotia,    Sew limns-  from Mr. Nunnick, hut to iium.-i, i\■-
wick, Prince Rdward Island, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Seven farms have |*-ccn selected in
the prairie provinces—three in Manitoba, and iwo each in Alberta iiml
Saskatchewan. For the moment no
farm will be arranged in British Co*
lum bin, where the problem presented
is one of some difficulty, owing Ul
tlie absence of extensive anas and
of general mixed fanning.
It is somewhat remarkable (hull
Mr. Nunnick could lind n > large areas
in this province wliere mixed farming
was engaged in, and we very imiclj
doubt if he made anything like a
thorough survey of lite South Kasl
Kootenay section. Had lie done so,
il would have been iinpo! «|hle for
liim to have made anv such statement
as is contained In the above extract,
I nfortimately loo many government
officials, both Dominion ami provincial, confine their InvestignllonH tu
poines, easy of access, on Hie main
lines of transportation, entirely Ignoring the lad that thc biggest ami
best stretches of agricultural lands in
this pn vince, are frequently to 'no
found some little distance from tint
big centres and from thc railronds,
If Mr. Nunnick bo in any doubt as In
the extent if mixed farming in tbo
Cranbrook district, the Herald takes
ly opi'ti up correspondence
commission ol   conscrvalh.
Imperial Bank of Canada
.■    00
l>. li. IVILKIK, 1'u...Ui,;.
Wlicii Alex. Taylor ilrovc Inio   Hi
Kootenay    Oarage from   Kimlicrlc
a few daya ago lie reported hi*    i-i  j *
ginc working badly ami mi invpsUgn    *
linn 11 uas tniinil Unit .1 loaff-iic li 11 j J
sunn' wuy i-nnvli-il llndrr llie liimrl ol
tin- I'lifiini'.     Tlte    liitil   wns nearl)
eookwl   willi tin.   Itent, lie»ldes Iiniii
ln'.itiii ul I Iiy tlio funs but        v/tts
Siill   IlliVl-  ;|||||
_  '" '""* ,"■'   Corporations,   Mnn ■„    M,,-,
I'.'innris,nul I'rivoto Imliviiluala ;
Drufls nml Lottoreof Crwli
llu- worl I.
! tints
fiiij t■ ■!rt of
■    11
taken oui ai
earwi for uml is now a vnluwl j:
uf tlie garage, n|i|iarrnlly none t
worse fm it-. Htmnge rlile mid Imi
SAVINGS  llKl'AI! I'M i:\ r
i ;'ivv" ,'" **»vI«K0  Bunk  Acci
J niiM'.-inl* receive I imd intoresl ullowiil I
:    Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
CO♦•*>*»«>1 *t ************ «■♦♦♦♦«♦+«.♦»«.,«♦,»«»♦»»
Hotel International
Hi... Urni'im, i'i.i|.r..i..i
niiooftlinl ilmii'laiii llrlii.l
Coliiiolda. Located on tli. It "."-
ilurv I.i,,,., between tin' United
Btlttefl uml t'miiiilit. in it ppol ol
ruie Bcenic lieauty, wb irnme
nb uiiiils uml l-'isli nro idonlifiil.
Oorrtupondon f torulRt*
priiinptlv niiRwered
The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd
llcail Office      ■       Cranbrook, li. C.
Uuiea Itoaionnld
II. C.
* *
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Phone 5  *>
Cranbrook, B. C.
.cl-c us about l-iiuls in the Beautiful
Kootenay Valley
Orchard and Garden rracts
Grazing; Land-.
VUit mir Experiinerital Fan -
nti.l Man-.:.... I; I
* * * ♦
li. I.. STEI Hr.:.'-. I •   .
CALGARY,  Alberta
The Hotel with -The Reputation*'
You'll get your Money's Worth.
: P-  BURNS & CO., LTD.:
Cranbrook; B. C,
All Our Meats Ate Government      5
Head Olliee. CALGARY,  ALTA. %
ii :
"Iln ymi think it Is possilile
inal.1' nn airship absolutely m'o?"
-'Sine."   replied tile lllivlllinielilll.
"DiHiihle   il    l»'lure    II gel*
elian™ lo leave lho ground."—Ei.
Nn • I. hi hit "• Itn part log pmtli,   No injury frnm (nmtgntlntl
No<lr-,iiii*inii inennrwol nliifnui'iit
All unpin---* nn> rtint.-t-'.l in taut-proof ertlara
Thmton protwl yoamll by baylnit oar Mm    V/rlli for fab loftnt
mil Prim Ull to
UK i'l. it. GRAND PORK8, lie.
K-tni'li-ln'l 1000.   Omhnnilrr-dandttwntj BTvarm
N. H.-ttV imv,. DWARP itorli in .M.li.i.-i. It.-i. WmUhs ■ H .Tm'i
l rmitfi'. Iliilnrin. Nnrlti- in H\,y mnl Wiif-nii'T
*F*l,*»F**f*W,F WWW *~W~
l|..,r|.........i   1-
Capital Paid Up $6,250.01111 Reserve {7,450,000
Total A*,si-ts, $i!o,5a*i,5i3.ia
II. f. llnl.T, I'rriiilem  I.I.   Ill-i    I    ■■
.\l'-.I'SIlt- .if   Kirill-. ('..'|. ,r.,l; ,!,-     ,        ||
nut of t'.uii bti.inefi 1 iveieveryatl.nl
SAVIXH.S DEIMKTJIKNT- Delimit*ol 1   Ol .
iiii.l intereit allowed at correal im.-    So I elay In
wlthdriwli l'.
I Oeneral BanklnK BaiinentraDUcted.
Cranlirook Branch : T. It. O'CONNELL, Manager
********************************* i-* **********
* *
\ A  Good   Home
* is what is dear to avery man,    \
* is iilc-n-  Peaoe, (' imfort, Contenl
J and Plenty is fonnd    Thai
* in.mi throughout British ''• I 1	
? "CrnnbrooS" l« mentioned think ol the
* provisions .los. Hrnult ims made fi    an
J ideal homo si 11»• •
I Canadian Hotel
I If You Want
* Vunr house connected with Ihe now si'wcrani system,
♦ I'llnXK 310,   Our workRtiarnntocil    I  I
J cheerfully gircn,
♦ * The Crainbrook Plumbiti'!, Tinsmithinrj
«* * a.r\d tfcittini' Company
a> \* tv. f. .IiiiINsiiN. Proprleloi
By tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
V. -I. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, August 2*), 1912
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes of display advertising
must reach this office not later
than noon on thc Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connol bc
guaranteed attention.
Thcro is in in* a general meeting nf
ilu- board nf trade on Tuemlnj evening nexl, li is htfili lime Mint tint
board got busy again ami ii is to
be hoped that tbere will in- a thoroughly representative gaWicrlng.
There is a grenl deal lo in* done "I
inst class Importance in Un- 'ity
and distiict. Crnnbrook citizens
must bear in mind ihat if this city
ami districl an- to lie kepi proper!)
in the* llmelighl it is up in them tn
unitedly nssifil in the work <*f tht-
board of trade. The rutin- Kast
Kiiut,ii,i\ district is neglected to.uu
unpardonable degree by both Uw
Dominion and Uh- provincial authorities and this neglect will continue
until such time as tin* residents of
the citv und distriet make It plainh
Intelligible that they do not propose
io lob-mil' such treatment. Mverji
business man ami properti  otvnei    it
Hi.'   city     si Id make a point       nt
attending   the meeting <>f tin-   li d
of trade on Tiiesdat evening nexl
at s o'el-R'k, in 'I'.* fit) council
Tliere will in* general approval ol
tfae 'hoiiv of Hon. K. Is, Carter Col
ton, M.I, a., as lirst chancellor of
tin* I'niverslt) of British Columbia!
Both in lus capacity as ,i newspaper*
man ami as a representative ol tin-
people in the legislature, Mr. Cotton
has always taken a keen, practical
Interest in educational matters. Hi
is in many ways exceptionally   well
tpiallllod for tins imrjli and h irablc
position and we believe will bring 1*
Iteor upon his work tin* iplendM abilities In- has (or so many yearn devoted   to Journalism   and provincial
Ottawa, Out., -Wig. 37.—II is gen-
i.-rally believed that parliamentary redistribution measures will bo brought
down comparatively early nexl session. -Mi statistical Information
,i|)on which the enactment will be
based lias been tabulated and the
diaft measure, after introduction,
will be st'iit to a special committee
lo determine which constituencies
will be eliminated and whicli will
have tbeir representation increased,
In recent years considerable party
feeling has characterized discussion of
redistribution bills and II is likely
un to prove a contentious mca-
v. Thc redistribution bill will
B,.e the west '12 new members, whicb
will bo laken ■>n Ontario and tlw
Maritime Pn vlnces.
(Special iii the Hr*r.ildi
Vicloria, Aui;. J7.—Arrangements
are non neorl) complete for tin* Canadian Forestrj convention at Victoria, September I. 5 and (J Thf
proceedings will open with a reception temleied the delegates In thc
government in the parliament buildings '•,, ttiiinesiiav evening, Septem-
hei I'll "n Thursday and Ktidav
lb re will Ih* business sessions of the
conv« tion, and on Thursday evening
there uiti to a baiiyuet in (he Km
press hole! .\ numbei of notable
men connected with forest conservation oi with lumbering ace coming
from Kastern Canada, and Irom thi
t nited Stairs, including I Ion. Jules
Vllard, (Quebec; Hon. C II Camp
Ik-II. Manitoba; Mr. It. E, fcrnow,
li ronto; i: T Allen, Portland-. Au
hrey White, deputy minlstei ol crown
Ian.K for Ontario; t l<*n VV V ('bail
Ion. Toronto; It H Campbell, Dom
u.mu iiiT,'.-t..t ..i forestry; Clyde Lex
viit, fnrestei loi Ibe railwaj commission, eti
Ut. Hon Sir Wilfrid Laurie! Is*
■lm expectod In to present.
The lumbermen and em/ens ol jun-
I ii Columbia are taking bold with a
will and it is evident Um convention
"til br nn'- "f      tu.. t ,i important
ever held in       lhe province.
The city public school re-opened ojij
Monday. Whilst the attendance this
week has not been as largo as iti
will be in a few days, the number in
attendance    was ahoul four hundred,
This   is  due  to   the  fact   that   several
of thf youngsters lune not as yet
returned homo from their summer
holidays. Principal Cranston antl*
■ipales a record atteiidanre this
term. There are already sixty-o-n*
attending tin* primary class, which
will bo,Increased to fully seventy-five
in thc next lew days, which will necessitate the immediate use of the
new school building. Work nn the
new school building bas been somewhat delayed, but it musl he pushed
forward rapidly now, to meet sail iilrcmcnls.
There an- five new teachers on the
stall this term: Miss Barkis, in
charge of division No, ii; Miss Becli-
lel, N'o. I. Miss Richards, No. 6
Miss Falkner, No. .),■ and Miss Macdonald, No. IU.
Hr.    Webb, principal of the Manual
Training   School,     which is not yet
lite completed, will also assist     in
the public school, having cliargc    of
Ihe drawing and music classes.
The high school attendance shows n
good increase, being twenty this term
as compared with twelve last.
The ('r.mlirook Tennis    club      nre
I.■•liliri.';    a vi-rv successful      \met lean
tourmunenl     Members are mjUMtod
t.> ice that all their Raiitey nre plav«
ed oil by Haturdaj afternoon next. s<*
that the annuitl tout nil until can commence      iv.i will in* provided on tlif
*;i.»iii'l*   on  S.itnrdav   fiom   I   tn ii
Contractor U-ask has work well
under way nn the new garage, iu
■nurse ol construction on Norbury*
avenue, lor Mr. N. Hanson, which
has been leased nn long terms by
the Kootenay Oarage company,
whose business locally and throughout the district is increasing so
rapidly that Increased accommodation
is essential. The new building will
l.e 50x122, the walls of brick aud all
Doors ol cement. The rear of the
building will In- devoted to a. park
room for autos, cut off completely
fiom tbe other parts of tbe building.
The front of the building will he
levoted to offices, oil, and show
looms, etc., with a wide drlvewajf
between. At the rear there will ir-j
i workshop 24x88 feet, completely1
-tyuipped, also a paint shop, also .■
wash shop and other necessary nib-
There will he an air compressor plant for filling tires, iu
fact, everything necessary for a uhor-*
ighly up-to-date garage. The paint
Ing department, which is to Ih- a
pi-cial leaturi* of this new garage,
vill lie placed in charge < i a thoroughly competent carriage painter, a
graduate of bis business. The tnui-1
Ing will be Completed hv ahoul (>c
toher 15th.
The selling season of 1012 is now
practically over. The Kontenav
tlarage company have disposed of upwards ol twenty cam, Ihree times
Um- total ol sales of last year.
Mr 1). V. Mott, the general manager ol the company, considers that
the prospects ol doubling the business next year are very bright.
K. Conprr will he retained as ti>«
chief mechanician of the Kootena)
Oarage company.
The fence .iioiiml the new post ol-
Oct building has hi-in entirely removed, Contractor McCalhim having rc«
reived from the city, the following
guarantee ageltwl any costs, damages, etc:
In consideration of Mount. McCal*
lum and company removing the fence
and wooden sidew,ilk now ,ii»iim! tin'
post ii Mice liiiifding hi tbe ('ih of
Cranbrook, the Corporation nf tin*
City of Cranbrnnk hereby agrees to
itidemuifv    (hem in regard to      anv
The fliei ihat are now in your kitchen and dining room were probably
feav-n: on son.-* Indetcribabte nattinru less than an hour ago, and as a
iingIoflyoAencarr.es many Ihousandi of disease germs aita-hed to its hairy
body, it is the duty of every hou-vkeepcr to assist in exterminating this
worst enemy of the human rare.
K'.ll flies in - 11 'i ti- .> - n i. ..i.i i.,, t.iitiii>i !».* spimsicltcd by any othei
fl, bidor.
costs, damages or expenses by reason of any accident happening on account of such removal, in case such
accident occurs on the sidewalk or on
the cement walk between the sidewalk and the building. The city to
be notified when the clock is to \*\
put hi position.
Ou Tuesday, of this week, Henry
Gray Stringer and Miss Emily Kind-
lay Priest, both of this city, were
united in marrlago at Christ chinch,
the rector officiating. Mr. and Mrs,
Stringer have taken up residence on;
the While addition.
The Cranhrook baseball team will
ptay the Blalrmoro team at that city
on Labor Bay, Momlay, September
2nd. Thev are scheduled to play
at Bonncrs' Kerry on the following
(Septetnbel 1, 1J112.
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, pastor.
11,00 a.m.—Revelations of Divine
7.30 p.m.—The Magnetism nf thc
Special music will be rendered by
the choir.
Au invitation is extended to all.
Pastor, Rev. \V, Kelman Thomson.
Morning, It a.m.
Evening, 7.SO p.m.
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Guild, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Sew Westminster, Aug. 27.—Mr.
ty E. MaeKcnzie. manager and sect
rotary of the Royal Agricultural and
Industrial Society, under whose auspices the annual provincial fair will
to held beginning October Ist, is extremely optimistic over the prospects. He says that entries are
coining in dally for every class of
product ami st* ck, and there seems
no doubt that the well earned reputation of this exhibition fnr being
"The Best in the West." will he
maintained. Exhibits Irom every
section of the province will be in
evidence, white some entries are expected from the prairie provinces.
The    C.C.S.  furniture prices are
fully 20 per cent   lower    than other
furniture   dealers.       We make tbis
statement  after investigation.
As previously announced in these
columns thc Provincial Municipal
commission, consisting ot Messrs.
W. II. Keary. of New Westminster,
Mr. II. A. McLean, K.C, of Victoria) and Mr. A. E. Bull, uf Vancouver, will hold a session in this cltj
on Friday, September 13th. The
ommisstoners will innuire into xto
iperation ol the present system ol
municipal government in the province, Whether such system is authorized by Special Act of tin* legislature
or by any general law relating to
municipalities, including within thf
scope of ttieir Inquiry the const it ii
(inn ami powers of municipal councils, the qualifications ol voters, nml
the administration c! justice within
municipalities, .nul generally to in
quire intn all matters municipal. It
is requested thai nil per-
.nns interested in thfl matters aforesaid, aud who desire to
be heard will no) fail to he     present
ai the meetings   ol the commission*
Liver   Spots,   Pimples, Dark
Circles Under the Eyes.
nre all signs ol the system being
clogged. The Liver and Bowels are
inactive and the Stomach is weak
from undigested foods and foul gases.
the great fruit remedy, will make
you leel like a new person.
Winnipeg, June 37, 1911.
Alter taking Ihree hoxes ol your
Pig Pill* Inr stomach and llvei
trouble*. I feel strong and well and
able to do my own work.—Mis. A.
II. Sautter.
Sold ni all dealers In 2.1 and 50
cent Iin.™ or mailed by The Fig Pill
Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold hy the Cranbrook Drug and
■look Co , Ltd.
We hnvo ii (trail lino ol KiutIIbIi DoitOol
lura jiiat arrived, Imported ilirt'Cl from Ilia
iiiiiki'iH.   II you ut Kliibltlng your dog al
tin- I'nir imxt month, we HUggest tlmt ono of
aboveioMiiih iviml.l imt In-n dpiriininl.
Hardware and Mill Supplies
Cranbrook,       -        B. C.
Shoe shine,    15c. for 25c. bottle—
C. C. S.
real estate firms, and live wire salesmen for quick aggressive campaign
covering Western Canada. Appropriations to make proposition Known in
your locality. We furnish literature
and window decorations and il necessary co-operate by sending special representative to yonr city. 5100,000
to bc expended on improving property. Write at onee for plan.—Beck-
man and Elliott, 1208 nonunion
Trust Bldg., Vancouver;, B.C.     32-4t
Oil RFMT','
y| *
How would you like to own a nice
six-roomed bungalow, two blocks
from the Post Office? We have one
containing parlor, dining room, kit-
hen, two bed rooms nud bathroom.
It has electric light, telephone, fireplace, furnace, ;t line space fur a
nice iawn in front, large veranda, cement sidewalk to street line and
nearly everything a person could expect iii, a thoroughly modern house.
The property cam bc bought, il
taken Immediately, for $3000.00 on a-
basis ol easy terms if required, ('all
on or phone TIIK CRANBROOK
AGENCY COMPANY, and thev will
lie glad to une von all particulars.
Halsall & Co.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Outfitters
Fall Suits
and Coats
Are Here in Great Assortment
About One Hundred Here to
Choose From
Values are right.   Styles are right and already
the Fall buying has commenced in real earnest.
Choose your garments early
from a wide range of
Pilot Cloths
Blanket Cloths
Prices range from $15.00 to $32.00
IN TIIK MATTER of lire IMali- <l
Arthur Itrillirail. iliivasi'il, late nl
Township Three f'l) iinnm' Twenty (20), West "I the Tliinl Meridian, in thc Province dI s.,s!.at
TAKE   NOTICK  tlml pursuant Ir,
111!' iinli-r ol   liis linnor Judge 1)1180"
ley herein, dated lho 17th day ul
AiiRiist, 1912, all persons having
claims againsl tin- s-aid eatuto nre tc*
uiiirnl t, s.-nil in tn N. 11. Hodman,
it llu' Town ul (lull Lake, in tho
Province if Saskatchewan, solicitor
fur thr admlniatratot uf tin' said estate, on in liefori' the liist da) ol
December, 1013, a statement "l thelt
respective claims against tho sai-l
estate dul) vprlflod by statutory de-
ilaratii ii, together with a statement
ul the accurlt) ir nni lu-lil liv tliriii,
Dated ut   dull Lake,    Mask., tiiis
20tli <lii\ ul August, Alt, mil
N.  It. IIiiITiii.iii.
Dull Lake, s...a
Sollcllol for tin' Administrator
Tin' Directors ol the Cranhrook
Agricultural Association, have made
arrangements iiith the C.P.R, Pail-
nay for cheap rates Irom the Following points:
Krom Pernie, ai..l all points south
of Cranlirook.
Krom Kootenay Landing anil all
|n ints nortb to Crnntiroo*.
Krom all   points un the Klmberley
|   Tickets    on sale from the l"lh   to
' inili.    Reduced rates: Fare and one-
third. Display this 31-tf
I IX THE MATTER OK AN APPLICATION lor thc issue ol a duplicate
Certificate ul Title to Lots 1 and 2,
lllock II, Town ol Wardncr, Map
that it 1* my Intention lo Issue nl
thu expiration ol one month alter lhe
lirst pnlilir.it nm hereof a duplicate ol
lhe Certificate ol Title lo Ibc oliovc
mentioned lot in lhe name ul W. II,
Lecte, which rerlilicati.- , I dated the
-Mh day ol July, IBM), ami nnnfaetad
Sami ll. Roe,
: District Registrar.
Nelson, 0. C,
| 27th July, 1013. 81-41
Supplementary List of
Special Prizes
Offered it Fill Fair on Sept. 19th and 20th, 1912
SIR EDMUND WALkl'M. C.V.O., It. II.. Il.C.I... fnlilrtinl
Grn.r.l Manager Asslatanl laueral Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 KEST, $12,500,000
The Canadian Hank of Commerce extendi, lo farmers every
facility for the transaction of their banking business, including
the discount and collection of sales miles. Blank sales notes
are supplied free of charge on application. as
K. T. Brymner, rtanagtr Cranbrook, B. C.
Spufiiil |'ri»<a offered by Campbell & .Minniini;
Kor Hesl 8 l.onvcs i.f ltn-.-i.l ni.-eli-  'nun Osilvie's
Knyiil IIiiiihi-IiiiM Flour, set of llislius viilin- $20.00
Beooml Prise, Out Glass Talne Sis ini
Ill-si Iti'iionil Kxhibit of Pantry 11111111' fniiu I lff|lv|o,fl
Knyiil lloiiw'holil Flour         i ino Barrel of Floor
Special by Oranbrook Jobbers
For HoHt Siit-k of Potatoes l^rown in ilinlriii botweoti
Sinlnr nml Forniu        Ono Barrel of Five Roses Flour
Second Prizo       Hull     " 	
S|*vinl by Itev, IV. K. D1111I111111
For Best Whito Wyandotte Oook	
Notice of Errors in Prize List
See. 21, Class I.I, should rewl $.'111.1111 iiisleml ol $7*i.im.
OmitUil iu I'Iiibs ll!.- For Beat Oolleotlon of Veijol.'iblea
Itrown in Enst Kootenay—Speeiul by .1. S, Dennis, I'nluiiry.
ilia.. $80.00 oath.
Brinf Your Exhibit in on thc 18th if possible
Robert F. Davis
Read tbe Herald, $2.00 Year THB   (JKANKIIimK    II KHALI)
Ail Next Week —Vaudeville
THE KREGERS, Wire Entertainers
Extra Line of Pictures for Saturday
Don't Fail to see Willie, (he Dancer al (lie
Auditorium Saturday Evening
A Safety Razor for
a Dollar
II will pay you to inveBt in u OEM JUNIOR, with
seven Duiuiiskeono Blades, or un EVEU HEADY, with
twelve liliiiloB.
Bxtra Blades, 75c. a doz.
Wo I111 v.. nil tin) olhor iniikos too, including THK
ZEPP, at $8.60,
('nini' in nml lot us show you
Also The Gem, Anco, and Griffon
Automatic Strappers
Tlioy nro monoy savors
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The -figxatfc Store
It Pays
It pays to have yonr eyes
examined overy little while.
In olden times eyeglasses hud
only one use—to assist tiio
old folks in reading or Beeing.
Nowadays wo lead moro
strenuous lives and the eyes
suffer in conseqtteiice. Near
siL-liti'diii'SH. neuralgia, hend-
iti'lies. ami many otlier ".mictions, are promptly relieved
hy properly lilted ulassos.
Win n in ncori tall Qlbndy. Phone •»••■
llugli   It.    ftllmour, ol \ ancouvcr,
waa in town during xto week,
Bradtdiaw plums for preserving   at
Fink's Pure Pood Grocery,
A.  McNeil, barrister ol Kenne. WAS
in lown Uu* inst ni xto wee**.
Thr C.O.s, Imnorl .ill their linoleum* Irom Scotland.
K, Home «ii- down from Jaffray
during tlie week.
Prcscn log peaches, plums nml
pears at Little ami Atoftlson's.
Mrs .1 15 Mini... and family tow
returned from a foui weeks' visit to
coosl pi nils.
Tin* O.O.S, Import all their linoleums from Scotland
Mr. ami Mrs. Geo, Mull have ra-
iini.nl (nun several days vacation
spent with relatives at Olds, Alia
Choice Utnoth) hay and No, 1 fend
oats — Campbell and Manning.
Horn.—To Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Lcltch in Cranbrook on Thursday,
August 22nd, 1912, a son.
Creston Red Ast radian apples al
F nk's Pure Food Grocery.
Born.—At tho St. Eugene hospital
on Saturday, August 24th, 1912, to
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Kennedy, a son.
A.   H. Fenwick left today tor Win*.
A   great bunch of    shoes  to close
out.      Just a little above half priee.
-C. C. S.
dcrmere   with   a party, of land seek-
Last week we furnished three hoiis*-
es from top to basement.—C.C.S.
Mr. Ambrose drove his automobile
in from Pineher Creek on Wednesday,
stopping over here on bis way to
For anything in the fruit line
phone 75.—Little and Atchison.
Stewast, Arthur and Hilly Morris,
who have been surveying at New
Denver and Curzon, returned to the
eity the first of the week.
Shoo shine, 15c. for SSc, bottle.—
C. C S.
Mr. and Mrs. .las. W. Raitt, ol
Kdmonton, are visitors at toe home
of tlieir daughter, Mrs. W. K. Thomson.
Don't overlook the prices we are
making on crockery, ehina and glass-1
ware.—Campbell and Manning.
Miss Wellman resumes lier pianoforte classes next Tuesday, Septembet 3rd, Studio over Parks' hardware store.    Phone 12S, $w
Shoo shine, t'te. for 26c, bottle.—
('. C. s.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Kimpton came
down Irom Windermere yesterday nod
re   guests    at     the Hotel       Cran-
Green corn, cucumbers and ripe
tomatoes at Little ami Atchison's
Mr !■:. F. Ambery
tore from Kemie.
examining the laml registrations \\\\%
n view to xto subdivision ol the recording district
Shoe Shine, ISc. Im 25c, bottle —
c. 0. .s.
D. Brydges returned home on
Monday night from a visit Ut I'mrher
Creek. He found the crops in thnfl
OOallty in gotwl shape and harvest inp|
woll underway.
Preserving peaches, phniis, pears.
choice fruit nml prices tiglit..—Camp*
lull and Manning.
Master Tony Haworth was Visiting
Store op|Hisite station
Prizes for Fall Fair
For best array of Fruit and Berries put up in " Economy Jars" — One doz. eaeh pints, quarts, and linlf-Kullon
" Economy " jure and cups     Value $4.65
For liest array of Bread, Biscuits, etc., mado from
"Mother's Favorite" or " Prido of Alberta" Flour — 60 lb.
sack of " Mother's Favorite" and 60 lb. sack of " Pride of
Alberta,"    Value $3.«5
For second bost-25 lb. of each    $1.90
For farmer who onters best selection of Live Stook,
Horses. Cuttle, Pi^s, Fowls, Etc., a receipt for 410.00 for, or
as a payment on, anything in our carriage or saddlery line.
For former who has liest exhibit of Fruit, Vegetables,
and Grains A $10.0)1 receipt for, or as a payment on, any.
thiiiK in our wiiu-on or impleniont lino,
Get Busy and Win These
may want u watch herself - nml
perhaps It in up to you to buy her
one. I( you nre going to buy a
Watch, or any otlier Article of
jewelry,and want to got xto bept
value for the leant oinluv, it will
pay you to come here, where yon
will tlml an Infinite variety to
select from ami where vou riuiv
rely upon being courteously and
honestly treated.
Jewelers and Opticians
with Dr. J. II. M. Hell   during   the
absence of Mr. Archie Raworth      al
Edmonton last week.
Shoe shine,   15c. for 25c, bottle.—
c. c. s.
V. R. Greaves, of Galloway, . logging superintendent of the CN.P.
Lumber company, was in tho city
Tuesday on business.
When in need call Blondy. Phone t/i.
Are you getting u share of tho bargains in china ami glass tho Kink
Mercantile Co. are handing out? As!;
your friends about tbe low prices.
Shoe shine,    15c. for 25c. bottle.—
c. o, s.
(r. II. Prince, provincial forester, is
in town. His mission here is to Inspect lapsed timber limits wilh a
view to classifying them as being
suitable fur agricultural or re-af-
forestation purposes.
If you want a reliable and reasonable job of plumbing done or sewerage connections made, r,ill up Kd. P.
•lohnson, 'phone 267. 28-tl
We recommend a visit to the c.Ci
S. for real close out prices on men's
J. I>. McBride and W. II. Wilson
started out this morning, iu the former's auto, for thc "Stampedo" nt
Calgary. A number of other Cranlirook citi/ens wil lie leaving tomorrow and Saturday for Calgary.
We have some more of those $18.HA
suits selling at Ies*. than $10.—C.P.S
C. S, Gzowskl, a partner of ■■'Bljn
Hm" McDonnell, the railroad c&fr.
traetor, has lieen up at Perry Creek
or some daya past, superintending
iperattons upon their hydraulic
Sweet potatoes at Uttlc ami
\ t eh i son's,
Hnteher brothers, ol Itegina, have
lomiiieiici'ii tin* erection of a residence on Buena Vista Gardens. The*.
will clear ten acres and set it oui to
fruits of various kinds.
We have some more of those $1H.<H
nils selling at less than lltV—C.C.S
Miss    Bfnklcy was     the successful
■tnprtiti.r dr the silver medal at
the elocutionary contest held in the
Baptist    church on Tuesday evening!
mler the BUSpicCS of tla' local W.C.
Hein/. sweet cucumbers In hulk at
Kink's Pine Kood Grocery.
The monthly meeting of the Women's Institute will be held in Carmen's hall on Tuesday next. Scptctni
3rd at .1 o'clock. \ demonstration Will In* given by Mrs. Doran on
the cunning of fruits. A cordial invit-j
tion is extended to all ladies.
We have some inure nf those $18,0*4
nils selling nt less than $10.—C.C.S
The Misses Kays, nf Winnipeg, hava;
been guests of Miss Wellman this
week. They were grcatl) delighted
with the roads iu this district, over
which Ihey enjoyed several motor
(-all up Kd. I*\ Johnson, licensed
plumber, and gel in estimate ol thc
eost of vour sewer connections.
'Phone 267. 28-tl
We recommend a visit to the CO.
S. for real ctofC out prices on men's'
Mrs. Harry Roblchaud nnd sou
Hoy left Tuesday for Golden, where
tbey will visit with Mr. Roblchaud
for a short time. They will then
go to Selkirk, Man., where Mrs.
Roblehaud will spend .. month or sis
weeks with her parents.
Wo nave some mnn* of those $18.0(1
suits selling at less than llO-.-C.C.-J
T. K. Hurley, who bas been connected with the law firm of Wilson,
Heiehtner and Hurley, in this city,
left on Tuesday for Vancouver, wher-f
ho intends to practice in future. His'
place here hns been taken by Mr. J.
.1.    Martin, a barrister   ot   Sydney,
o, n.
Choice eating and cooking apples at,
Little and Atchfana's.
We recommend a visit to the CO*
S. for real close out prices on men's
wens. 0
Mrs. K. A. Hedtiiio and daughter,
ol M0 Spraguu avenue, Spokane, have
been   the guests ol
ami H.   McGoidric for tli
days.    They are on thei
j from the   Hibernian
j Chicago.
A   great bunch ol    sli
out.       Just a little abo'
A   gang of   men started
i week io locate a route for
[road via    Rt     Mm ) 's li
.Kootenay    Lake.      P
[probably, he lhe   ultJn
ol tins piece    ol road.
has a large force of m
the wagon     road In Gateway
is going ahead   as rapidly as
tin*     millinery     business
George Manuhan, oih
brook's pioneer lacrosse *i
quite a star in (nsl Monday's e
test. George has noi had hold i
stick for several years and the h
goals to his credit distinguish turn
a player who can come bock.
A   great bunch of    sli
out.       .lust a little .iho
-C. 0. s.
Miss   McGregor, secretary
Hritish   Women's Emigration
ation, who came out from th
country to   spend her summer vacation with Mrs. .1. s. Brake, left yesterday, going \ in Kootenaj Landing,
to see more of the countn.        Shi
sails on the Royal Kd.v
Any-   person   requiring   their bath
room, toilels, etc, connected to   the
K.   .lohnson.
Call   'phono
r'li     the
hells sell
sewer should    see   Kii.
Estimates   furnished,
Catalogue   houses    il
Cranhrook folk Ihis sun
C.C.S.  clOSO  ollt sale ],:
big attraction.      When
t $2.7!> and   men's    suits ;it $7, $R
and $10, we ean will -ilfonl In east
de the big catalogue, nnd go where
can see what  we are hut iti
have    the goods   delivered In
His Honor .fudge I Iowa y, ol
Westminster, was -i visitor in
parts the first    of the week.
Judge is a keen   student of tin
history of the province, ami |u<
died this far to Invest iga
tain stories of tbe pioneer day
Canadian and     English full
icotch linoleum.     The   i'.r S
n 11 ft. wide is 72|C.
Professor   Relce, of Cornell
varsity, now in    the employ <
Dominion     government,   1ms
through   the     dis!rici   recentlj
ing Into the     i lay deposits ol
When in need call Illondy. Ph
The   catalogue    houses rtre -
mnoyed because tbe C.C.S. continue
0 sell 12 ft. linoleum at mi Vf a
[uare yard.
Mr. Elliott Thompson, a retired
apitalist of Walla Walla, has been
i     the district     the past  few days,
iiHi'iing up facts in connect
—1 urifwmgn-jyjp,*^*!
Early Autumn Styles
r, nml
I ni-
E are now having a preliminary showing of advanced
correct styles for Fall. We
can safely say thai we are able to show
the most beautiful and varied assortment of Women's and Misses' Suits
ever shown in Cranbrook.
We were careful to note the ever
increasing demand for new modish,
smart effects in women's apparel, as
well as for the plain stylish tailored
garments. We selected our stock accordingly.
At this, our first showing, space does
not permit a description of any of our
garments, but you will certainly find
an elegant display of up-to-date costumes and coats.
Il'r eordiall/i incite 'in inspection. U'hethtr
//ou tutu or nni i/ott will In- must welco/m.
If //ou would lil. r us to la// aside ami
garment for uuu, wt will cheerfully do so.
I McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
ami Chthtng Stores
the explorations of Dr. Thompson,
•n Hie Columbia river. He has already written a paper on this sub
. rend recentlj before tbc Pioneer
iity of Stevens County, Mayers
Kails.     Mr. Thompson    visited     Dr.
mere and Golden-
Cantaloupes au'l   watermelon
Little aud Atchison's.
The   c.c.s. furniture prices
fully 20 per cent   lower    Ihan
furniture dealers.     We make
statement after investigation.
Mis.s Klemyng, daughter of
Klemyngfc of Torquay, Kngland, has
been visiting at Kort Steele recently;
und will likely remain for several
months. She is greatly interested
in the beauties of this province and
will, upon lu*r return to England,
contribute to the, magazines and th**.
press a series of illustrate*! articles,
for which she has taken a large
number of photographs.
Uidgway's five o'clock tea at Fink's
Pure Kood Grocery.
The C.C.S. seem hent on closing
• "it their stoek of clothing and
The    Duke of    Sutherland's party,
now touring Canada, will be visiting
Windermere   shortly ami Fort Steele
with [people are already taking steps      tu
:. :  i al do
a   visit tu the VV
out pi [i i - on men's
■  .
Thompson's    cat
ie.ir Windermere
Canadian ami
Icotch linoleum.
n   11   fl.   Wide  iv
Indian   Agent
.'tilled    hv the
ip    on Toby creek,
IHU) (Single Cl lord's latest version of * Tin* Girl, tbe Man and the
Game" is justly termed u musical
farce in two la igl -   It's plot ts
.i conslstcnl one in wbieh tbere    arej
many      ludicrous    situations      ami
laughable complications.   Add. d
this    Billy has   Intertwined eighten
*. .-*  '! al arc    fresh, ...:
and hrc   \ . I ill ol just the sort    of
: h lodj     tbat    the   public de
Thi   clever farm ol diversity will to
iffering at    tli'' Auditorium      on
Saturday, September 7th.
FOR SALE—One sir-am boiler and
engine, almost new, have only been
in use for six weeks. 10 h.p.,     with
all fit-tings , and in      good;
working conditn n !'■.■ i $400, Apply to T. J. Mott, Cranbrook,
U.V. ij-lf
Call up I'd. F -1 ihnson, licensed
plumber, and gel ite of   the
cost   ol   yout connections.
'Phone 267 28-tf
Cn ston tomati at Fin t's Pure
Fi Od (tzocery.
The  p:: ■ - the C.C.S.
ng    out
is their intenti -.
II you want a reliable ard reasonable job of plumbing do:.** or sewer-
age connections mad", call up Ed. F.
'.'*:.:.« :.,   *:. :.-. -  ~ 28-tl
The pria -    ol .    thc ''.<'.s.
would indicate that dosing    out
.- tbeir intention.
Knglish folk
The    C.C.S.
Galbraith has been
inspector ot Indian
schools, D. C, Srolt, regarding preparations for the opening ot the Indian Industrial school al St. t^ugene
Mission, now nearlng completion.
Any   person   requiring their     bath
secure a visit from the duke and his
companions. The local board of
trade might profitably follow Kort
Steele's example and Invite thc duke
•■■ extend bis trip ou to Cranbrook.
All sizes of fruit jars, jelly glasses
and crocks fnr pickles, etc.—Camp-
hell and Manning.
The C.C.S. seem bent on dosing i
out  their    stock    of   clothing      and '
Mr II.K.s. Iteming, representing a ,
London, Kngland, financial agency, |
was a visitor in town during thefj
week. Mr. Fleming's mission hero|
conditions. He made an informal!
application for the appointment as ,
appllegtlon    for thc appointment    a.
i   The Canadian Mortgage   \
I     Investment Company     |
I "*•" t
t      Loans on Farm Properties      }
room, toilets, etc, connected to   the the   city's financial agent in Lond>
sewer should    see   Kd. K.   Johnson,  which will   come before   tho coin
Estimates   furnished.      Call   'phono formally in due course.
267. 28-tl     \   great bunch of   shoos   io do*
The  catalogue    houses .ue awfully : out.      .Inst a little above half price
annoyed because the   c.c.s. continue —-•'. C. S.
sell    12 ft.    linoleum nt B3,jc.   a!    Mrs   J. M. Sissnns, Miss V.     Si^.
Bquaro yard. ( sons and   Master Milton Slssons *n
Mr. and Mrs.    A.    K. Elton, havfl  turned   to   Cranbrook   on Tucada
heen visitors at Kmt Steele recently   heal from a two weeks' visit    wiih
from Knglaml      Mr. KIitA miss-ion   Mrs.     II.   B. Davidson, Rosslngton,
was iu connection with land      mat-*  Alta.    Kn route they visited friends
ters, which in< is placing before (limn- at Klko, Calgary and Bdmonton.
eial people    in England   Mrs   RHon j   choice   California grapes at Little
s returned   to England via Winder-   and Atchison's.
Advances made at eurrent raw*'- of inters*I         ^ J
tu   improve  farnip,   buy   more   land, «•<,
houses or barns, buy stock ■■* ■... 0
pay ofl existing claims, ♦
Borrowers ate given the  paivi *
i.i in i im, mm; mootoagki by annua *
uieiiip on   account   of   principal,   inten -' J
ceasing on amounts so repaid. ^
Beale & Elwell I
Before Renewing
Your Fire Insurance
Consult the Cranbrook Fire Insurance
Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
Phone 437
P. O. Box 50
We still have one or two lots in the
White  Addition
which is the nicest location in town for a
home. All lots ploughed and levelled
Connection   can be   made with city water
Price $200.00, on b'asy Terms
«*»*>*>*> **-4*4*H-*-*4*-*>*-t-*>*4 44^**>i44***y*^r^444*r4*'*-**
News of the District
i Ity Fred Koo).
Miss Agues Allen, of the Fernie
law oflices, spent the wveM end at
Klko, the guest of her cousin, Mlsq
Ili'lh' Thompson, at the Hotel Columbia.
Mi 0. 15. \yre, wife and family,
lefl Sunday In their auti for Kalispell, Montana, via Rooaiillc Vallej
and liureka.
Mi. and Mrs* T, Letcher and son
ami .1 r. MaiUoiiald, manage] ol the
li.,: ig Hank, Kemie, motored down
to SunkiHH orchards, Iii i srtllo, Sun-
,i,n. ifeport says these orchard
n.i, in have been sold
Mi. Powell arrived from N'ova
Seotla .in.l will lake elmrge i f Klkn'y
imai temple i'l learning.
Krank I'tiim Lance, ot Cranbrook,
was doing Ihe ll Swifl arts with
samples of overland limn, summer
sausage and other mixtures Momlay j
He left for the souUi via a cross
country rabbit 'nul and expects lo
return via the Cold Mifhunra. Limit,
.il. lb* expects io locale iierman-
i iillv in llie neai future in Klko as
lw claims ii is Ihc besi lown In his
Mi. Kmcrson, chlel accountant at
th.* Menhauls Rank, expects to Icavet
foi Lethbridge, Vita., September 1st.
Mr vi III In; greatly missed in tennis
eireles ami also for his ('hesterlielil
manners in lire hank, lie is a
gentleman and a grammarian first,
lasl and all tin- time ami the board
of directors should Feel proud of bin
anl   laise his  salary.
p n. Lcwlley, tin- undefeated
champion tennis   plnyei     of Tobacco
Vallej ami I g Prairie, lefl Satin
daj foi Kngtnnd, \ great eoiieoursi-
of • i .i.i- and beau (j was nl iln- dc
pnt lo i h him hon voyage He will
,,i i ivhile in 'ii< at Itiaiiain nud mi
Ito continent ol \ orkshire as public-
in agent no Itoosville Vallej uih!
Tolwieco I'lains. Perrj is as smooth
ii . dance hall llooi ami it he can
meet. Ltojil George will try to get
him in'''h".h'il in a fresh ait am)
drinking watei trust.
Tom D mien a and Wee IVlHIe were
in from Passhurgi Mr. Imuran's falltr
ei and brother from Vancouver Island were along visiting Mr. and
Mis Thompson, ol lhe Columbia
hotel, f"i a few days.
Billy Murdock, the Tobacco Vallej
real estate booster, is visiting the
i o|i|n i pro ei' '■ i-.isi ol Roosvllle
this week. lie is also collecting
samples «,t tnuis from the oi.-h.irds.
in iln- valle). IiIr ri 'i apples, iwo
hand lod pumpkins, double yolkod
p ,in'l copper samples and will
put <>ti an exhibit at the big stam-
piilc fn Calgary.
The Calgary Herald publishes some
fine cuts ol orcliords, vegetables ami
sceiierj In the Itoosville valley,
Colonivatioii project south ol (tons
villi- a go Rev. Kathei Van Akw
: 1   informal ion    thai        1240
aires have been purchased, \ cam
paign Is to In* starteil in the lodge ol
it:.' Catholic Grdei ol Korcstvrs in"
iln* large i ilies across Ihe line
More pai Uculars nexl week
Dig C.P II      ' isl hotel to       bu
bulll In Klko, lhe great scenii spot
on the whole C.P.R. system, Ihc big
KiMnr imiiU'is paradise. Kishlng is
in,, ■ :|, niiful for good sport.
With tlie di uble tracking of lhe
<' I* I; i'., . rrom Meillclnc Hal to
Klko, ll.e c p.R, shops .,i tlte
Kootena) Central Junction., weal ol
the (own, ii big i-Mnist hotel, the
.imm ul ..lliii s ,,ml county gaol,
1 1 o will h. Home place in the near
future. Ih.- Itesl ol Klko's past will
worst ul !■•- r future.    U'c arc
hi i     disc   we're    here and       it
you II drop into mu store when
you're here we'll make you leel lhal
you are In     the besi place , n cal 111
G m - Cud j. tbe greal Northern
automobile fire warden between the
international boundarj line and Klk.
nays llie i.iiu mi Momlav night waa
general all down tlie vnlh j. ami at
Gateway thej had stopped pumpkin
Hi- siring until It cleared up again.
Pah- and M-.--.-n*,. "Tlw Medical
Hall," .ne giving continuous vaudeville entertainments every evening
Ihis week to lake the chill nil the
lee en am and add pleasure \*> the
i .i loi oil tonh ■
\ .1. Cartel returned to Klko after
undergoln   i    iful operation   In
Cranbrook hoBpttal lie speakn .*erj
high!) nl Uie treatment he received
l   IV. Cross and    wife ami another-
hon.-vim oninfl  pic left     bj       ihe
0 30 pack I rain foi bouIIi ford of Klk
mer on a risking trip. Roth gentlemen wor'i in tin- (' P.R shops at
Kris Campbell pass.il through Klko
Tuesdai toi Mberta, selling fruit
lands in the Rnosvlllc valley and
Tobacco i'lains, llr win visit Calgary, High River, nkotoka, Macleod,
Lethhrldge and Warner,
J. \. Taber, ol Lethbridge, Alto ■
was in Klko Ihis week with samples uf Christmas goods, bonbons,
pink hose, loaded with candy, Tom
Smith's crackers and rrUier explosive
M Phillipps, Kiq . J P , ot Fruit-*
laml broogbl mt. Klko 2 ..l Uie
fine i Imxcs -.( apples seen In Klko
the, siimniei Mr. Phillipps will ex*
hlhll samples ol frull and vcgclahtca
at several ol the fairs this fall.
Sews that china is exporting millions of eggs is not news lo uh.    Wo
! have used China eggs in nests      for
years    and    prefer them to      door
Bert Black, superintendent of motive power, M. I-', and M. railway,
was an Rlkc visitor this week from.
A Toronto lady is suing a man for
$2000 for putting bis arm around hen
j without    her consent. Krom all thai-
, we have read    on this subject it     i*
om notion that no woman since   the
beginning ol the world ever has consented   to this operation.     However,
, i eeasionally     they do   tolerate -it if
our authorities are not misinformed.
in. Italph, of ihe International Securities   company, wns an Klko visitor this    week and motored out    to
1 Mr. Ingham's orchard, along with C
\. Klingcnamith, R, .1. Pake      and
.!. W. Kerr, of     the Klk hotel.
|    |>r. and Mrs. On* have takem      Up
i iheir residence in Klko.
I   Mr  and   Mrs. Hugh Mclnnes    and
[daughter    drove in from     the Rock
t Creek pineries Saturday.
;    A   Pernio lady    was properly       in-
ilignanl lasi     week because tbc    ice
I man   filled   her new     tireless cooker
with Ice, mistaking it for a rcfrlger
a tor.
(Special correspondence)
Mrs. Wisner went to Cranbrook on
Weilnesdav night to see her little
niece, Kiln-I How, who was suffering
in.in ,in attack of appendicitis.
Mr. Clarence Martin is in Cranhrook hospital suffering from an attack of fever.
Mr. Stayley, who has been holiday-
inn here for the past few weeks,
went to Cranbrook last Friday to
t Mrs. Stayley. Tliey lelt for
their home in Michigan, accompanied
by Mi. C M, iVmiock, of the Crows
Nest olliee staff.
Mr. and Mrs. Atches.m arrived u
iown last Saturday. Mr. Atchcson
is principal ol     the Wardner school
Mi. K. R. McDonald, of the Standard Lumber company, of Vahk, renewed old acquaintances here ou Sunday.
Mr. Sid. Baker, ol Barons, Alta.,
who has taken chargt of Mr. Lund's
ranch at Barons, spent Sunday with
friends in town.
We are glad to hear that Mrs. P,
P. Merrick Is improving rapidly ami
>s expected home soon.
Mrs Sheppard and children Frank.
Kthel, Ami and Dorothy, left un
Sunday for New Westminster, where
the children will attend school.
Mr. Wm. Barclay spent Sunday
»ith friends in Craubrook.
Miss Lucy Sheppard left Sunday to
spend a well earned holiday in Nelson,
Ml Buhl, <»( tbe C.P.R. lie camp,
is on ibe sick list this week.
Mr. ami Mrs. Scarborough are moving this week into Mr. A. Shcppord's
Miss I lain Say, the assistant teacher
of the Wardner school, arrived on
Tuesday to take charge of her duties.
Mrs. p. Lucier is visiting for a few
days with friends at Spokane, Coeur
d'Alene ami other western points.
Mi C, Burt has a gang nf men employed painting the *>, vcrnment
bridge at this place.
Ml Phillips preached a very iu-
l-rreatlng sermon m the Wardner
Preshylerian church last Sunday
evening, Rev  Stephens being absent,
Mr. Die Holmes, of the King Kdwanl hotel, is very ill with blood
Mr. Charles Marl in visited hist
brother Clarence at the Cranbrook
hospital last Saturday.
On Saturday, September lilh,     Hi
Cliffords big musical show will      he
seen at the Auditorium.
Preserving crabapples nt Fink's
Pure Fooil Grocery.
Ilohart Connolly, who has been at.
Kamloops since leaving Cranbrook, a
vear ago, was hack again this week
for a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Murray Smith ii|
versatile comedy sketches have betn
engaged fm the Auditorium m*\tj
China at your own price at Kink's
Pure Food  Grocery.
Mrs. W. (I. Morton, who hus heen/
visiting lor the past two months al
tiranhy, Montreal and Boston, returned home the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Flowers returned home Sal unlay evening Irom
coast, points, where they spent a
pleasant   vacation.
Harold    Darling, of the firm t (
Hunt and Darling, left Monday for
Letibbrldgc for a     few days on business,
J. H. Milroy, of the C.P.R. land
department, was down from Nelson
the lirst ot the week shaking bands
with old friends.
Miss Ople, of Wasa, who has teen
taking a physical culture course with
a class i f normal girls at Nelson, returned home last Monday.
Green gage plums at Fink's
Food Grocery,
The Herald learns upon sure autb-
•riH thut si me time this fait a start
will he made upon the erection of a
liist class, up-to-date tourist hotel
at Wanlner. It will be located upon
au elevation a little distance from)
the station and will tn- surrounded
by several acres of carefully culliviit-
ed laml, providing a park In whieli
Visitors can stroll and take their
The new hotel will Im* designed
along the lines of the sanitarium at
Frank, Attn. Tt will be titled up in
thoroughly first class shape and will
afford a welcome stopping place fm'
travellers ami tourists. Wardner is a
[invcn.cnt resort for parties desiring
to visit many of the interior points',
if interest and wilh comfortable'
hotel -quarters it will soon become
the inecen of a large body of plea-
ire seekers.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Tunic, the
only remedy ever discovered that Is
similar to the natural hair foods or
liquids ol thc sealp. Has a record lor
growing bair—05 rases out ol 100.
Price lor complete home treatment,
11,00, Sold and guaranteed by the
CranUnok Ring and Rook Co.
Jack Haas, who recently Opened a
'iiihard and bowling business at
Phoenix, B. ('., has sold his interest
to bis partner and returned to Cranhrook tlio first of the week,
A young man is passing himself ofl'
at present in Canada as a sou of Mr.
P. J. Mackle, the well known "White
Horse" distiller. Mr. Maekie's only
son is at home at present, ami there
Is no relation of any member of the
family in Canada at present. Persons
are warned against Ibis imposter,
and the police have been notified hy
Mr. Maekie's firm.
Mrs. R. A. Green, of High River,
Alta., entertained at Iht home on
Wednesday afternoon, August 21st, in
honor of her guest, Mrs. P. Dallas,
of Cranhrook. The room was art is-
t iea 11 y dec- ira I ed with sweet peas
and trailing vines. Master Donald
dressed in a white Russian suit, received the guests at the door.
Mrs. A. It. Bernard, of 'oiling-
wood, Out., writes the Herald ts
follows: "In the notice of the death,
of my old friend George Goldie, an
error occurs, which 1 should like to
correct. Vou state that be had no
known relatives in this counUy. 1
may say thai Miss Nora Cramp, t.i
Pine Avenue apartments, Montreal,
aud Mrs. Martin Cramp, uf Ottawa,
are cousins of his. Another (iitlfih ol
bis, Mrs. Dunn, lives in Winnipeg."
Green tomatoes at Fink's pure
Food Grocery.
Mr. and Mis. L. J. Cranston returned home last Friday from their
vacation on the coast. They enjoyed several weeks in Vancouver and
Victoria. Miss -lean Cranston, a>
sister of Mr. Cranston, accompanied
them here. Sbe is « graduate muse
ot ibe Pasadena hospital, California,
aud will likely remain here permanently. Miss Jean Rotbnle, a sister
of Mrs. Cranston, is also a Visitor
and will remain here throughout the
Whilst on his vacation in Victoria,
Mi. L. J. Cranston, principal of tho
public school, took tin* teachers'
military cadet drill. There will
likely be established a loeal corps in
ibis citv. the governmenl supplying
uniforms, rifles, ele. These supplies
come from the education department,
under the Stratheona trust fund for
that purpose. a corps must consist of thirty hoys, between the ages
ol 12 ami IH.
Ill dg way's A.D. coffee (a delightful
palate tickler/ at Fink's Pure     Food
Here is something for the local
board of trade to think over. Last)
week the Ferule board ol trade made
an excursion lo Haynes Lake, visit ims
the settlers und generally sWdying
trade conditions and possibilities.
Tbe visitors were well received and
heartily entertained. It was learned
that there are more than tour thousand fruit trees now growing where
fir and bull pine trees grew a little
over a year ago, and some three
hundred tons of potatr.es, wlR lie
the product of thc first years' cultlV-J
ation ot the late wilderness. Thtatf
hundritl tons of potatoes means ten
ear loads, and that is no mean result)
of tbe flrsl year's try at the business!
by new hands al the business. Homegrown vegetables of many varieties
were on lhe hilt of fare ut the lunch-
con, aud lhe superiority ol fresh
vegetables over the cold storage kind
was so psououueed that it was remarked    upon hy   all.     Due Fcraitf
Tal Ion tl Suiu
•md lui linn,.!-, of 111) "Klni'i Own"
Mi(« ii.-] 125 Biiuiiu luoui -vlloiiyll
Aik ihc clothier in youi itiwn or wiiia
dli-cl-Seml-i-'d'-', Liuili-', Mjuih-.i1.
frRri'-Tsou Eauartna
., Hrud Johnston, Hemic, n. -,*.
man was so delighted with tin,
string beans that he 'licked ihc platter clean" to the consternation of
those of good manners and ravenous
appetites, Mis name shall nol \,*\
mentioned, but to will he placed under survcliiaucu when in* excurts
again. The inigaliari plan nl Baynes is being extended and two centrifugal [lumps arc being installed lo
pump the water to the higher levels
< f the Itaii now being brought inio
cultivation. These pumps have capacities ol 1IIIMI gallons per minula
each, and will he worked Iiy IU horse
power gas engines. Duplicate engines
are installed, thus bringing the ptunl
up-to-date iu iis arrangement,
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed and recommended for women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick and
permanent. For sale at all drugstores
that thirty  days alter date I i.i
to apply to the   Chief Commissi
of Lands and to thc   Asslsla'i! '
missioner of Lands   for lhe Uh
of East Kootenay   for a Hcci-m
prospect for  eoal and petroleum
the following described lands, si*
on  the   Nortii Fork of Michel ( i
about six   miles m rth   of the C
diau  Pacific   Railroad   ami I vim:
tween the   Mclnnes Group and
Crows   Nesl   Pass    Coal Compai
Commencing at a posl planted
mile north of a point one mile cas
thc intersection of the *.ist side
of the Mclnnes Group and t.he n<
side line nl   the Crows     Nest    1
Coal Company's land, said posl
iug the initial   posl of   C.  I-..  VV
mann's    claim   and   marked *■*(*,
Welsmann's     north-east       r irn.
thence 80 chains   south; thence
chains west; thence nh  ehains u*i
tnence 80 chains east lo place of
ginning,    containing fit" acre.?, u
or less.
Located August 20lb, I'-n
C. K. Weismann, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, ."-go-it. :
that thirty days after dale I Intend
to apply L the chief Commissioned
of Lands and to the Asslscant Com***
missioner of Lands foi* the District of
Kast Kootenay for a license to
prospect lor coal and pel roleum on
ihe following described lands, situato
on the North Fork of Michel Creek,
aboul six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Group and thq
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
(*. K. Weismann's nortli-east coiner,
same being the Initial post of A.
Hopson's claim, and marked "A.
Hopson's north-west corner," thoncc
80 chains south; thence mi chains
east; thenee mi ehains north, thenee
80 chains west to place ol beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located August  301b,  DM2.
A. Ilopson, Locator.
Batice  Lameroux.  Agent.  35-5
Mains Short Work of
DMfj-Mtcd tnd ■ppwntly tiopetcsa rosea of
Sciatic*-, Lumtwiro, limit. Neural-rii und nil other
form* of RhrumillimyirkUton-Mo AMiutt lire*.
Rheumatic Kerned*;. Like an anr-el of mercy it
hM-ri»«l IniUnt t-M to ilecp-fonaken •inform,
Hml them from bede of afonr and for 2S ycurt
haa been euhnj* men, women and children for
whom then teemed no help. Junta few bottles
hav* canr) earn of from :w to IQytm' duration
— today tt ■tande unrivalled aa a -mirk, rmfe and
 hitely reliable treatment for all uric arid dia-
eaeei, weak kldiiryr., ete.   Ut a dollar bottle of
m*tt __ _*__[* _m_i
end your paint at once—eurt your euro today.
Sent prepaid try Ahbatt Im., 711 K. Dearborn St.,
Chicago, III., if your drufaiet doea rot have IL
Sold by the Cranbrook Iirug and
(look Co.
SUTTON'S SEEDS FOR 1912 Electric Restorer for Men
I ]n|t,,i l.'.l  ill   III.' oPinlllltl   Ht'tilril    pinh-la
li  Sutton \ Son*, lit* KIiik'hS Im	
Itrailliu, I'iikIiuiiI. « II uiiiloitin*.
A. .1. WOODWARD, Sole Agent
MLMinmvill'.SI., Yinirmivr. AIh<i Vlutoi-ill
llugtllar  inn-lilies on
tin-   tliinl   Tliursilay
ol every moutli.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
I). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peck, Secretary.
cranbrook, II. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at K p.in. at
Fraternity Hull.
N. S. lloiislon, CO,
!•'. A. Slriile, K. ol II. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to ullend.
I.O.O.F., KEY CITY I.OI)OK, No. 42
Meets every Monday
'^^J^aPA night at New Fra-
'««*■* tcmity Hall. Sojourning oddfellows cordially invited.
II. 10. Stephens, W. M. Harris
N. O. See'y.
Meets first  and    third Wednesdays
iu eaeh month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
oilicers July lst to December 31st.
0. P.-ll. Clayton.
Scribe—W. M. Harris.
No. 19.
Meets every second aud   lourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Kebckans  cordially invited.
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Beattle,   Rec. Sec
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Tliursilay ot eaeh moutli at 8
ii.ni. sharp
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pearron, Sec, Box (118.
Visiting lirethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall lirst Said
tliinl Thursday ol eacb month at
' p.m. sharp.
.Mrs   Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chiel Ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
■Ith Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger, W. C. Crehbln
I'rcs. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
Cranlirook   Lodge No. 1019,
Meets every   Wednesday night at 8
p.m. in Royal   Black Knights   Hall,
Baker Street.
:i2-tl        Ii. S. Oarrclt, Secretary.
a ® ® ® ® ® ® ••'*■■.'.• -d... ®
| East Kootenay      »
Butcher Co. I
Dealers In
Freali and Curcl
Poultry, Game and Fisli   ®
• in Season, ®
If.VI.II  I-.II1H*  I  •
I |ii
cured   If utbew
Imv. fi.1..l-'V|»'*t
no* lo run* v.i.i.
IJulflM I klllli
lliiil   I   tl Iin*
you 1 »|i| ii"' in*-
i.'|il v.nir .*.im*.
nml in n>ry in
M'liiii* I Iruit l..v
iiiv -■••-ii original
Hill iiu-'.-d und
*.■■,,-mill, m."
PporoMlarrlMffi, Organic WcikitM,
los; \|)t<ir, V-trkotclr, Mtdrocclc. Inn-
tratUii Hi mi rd cr*. Specific lllood P«Imi.
I'.k's nii-t BlrkMrti—rafltorlni nil
notion in tin' iliortaat p..-*-ii.ii' *>\<*v\'
of time.
m.' nil il>,. lorm* .il Mshum of Mm.
Con*nllntlon and liulrnptlve I Itlrl Ire*
nl oin.-e or l,,v lmill.
910 llllWAItllSTIIKKT
■ East Kootenay     |
I Butcher Co. ®
The Old P. Wood's      |
Business. ®
Prssldsnl: T. h. Hill
Seerelarv: B. Mai iimnaiii
Fur Infonnstlon reganlini, lands .
niul   iigrienltuie    i't'1'1)'    .0  the .
Secretary, Cranltroos, II. C.
Kvery sscontl Wdnexlay
PllOSphonol rsBtoro* every nervu in ttie body
 r to iu I'luiier tuiislun ; tu.Iui.s
vim iiikI vinillty. J'reniaturo dcw,v nnd .-ill Ruxnal
u-ik s uv.ited ut once.    Pho.phonol will
make yuu n new mnn.   Price ,11 a Ima. nr two tnr
fn.   Mailed In niivii.ldre.H.  Tli. Suob.ll Drug
Co., st. Galliano.*, Out.
For sale at Beattie-MurtihT Co., Lit.
Craubrook     Lodge,
'• ; No. 34
A.F. * A.  M.
Tlie Leading Business College
of the Ntirthweet
Where young peonlocnn rocolve
a thorough business training,
1* in s08sioll twelve uiiintli* in
tlie year.
Noeiitrnuoe oxnininntioiis.
board nini room ut very reason'
iililii ratos.
Wn nei-iiiu positions lur onr
Our now bountifully Illustrated
cataloguosenl lice ti|ion reqinisti
Write lor it NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lali* Sliiilirnii    •     Sl'OKANK
Archie Waler!
I    Builder and
Septic Tanks ami Concroto
Woik Ronerally n
specialty. *
; Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. llox 346
Cranbrook, B.C.
0|i|in*ltfl c.l'.ll. Htnllon
TIIK    PLACE    TO     (II'.T    A
Ilruilirimrtrrt, fnr till  kinds nf
Satisfaction Guarantee!]
Tlif Shoe Spri'inlist
Carrier a loll Btook ol
Repaire lor above nlwuyi
In *Xw\l
', ',       Sir......... In K.T. r. 1'KKRV
, i m
Nelson's Leading llolel
lliauua witli Hath*.   'I'lione iii
every room
ItmU'r BllOPOn lhe I'li'iiii-i'*.
Thoroiiglily ii|i.|i.dale.
Rales, $2.001 day and up.
OKO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manaiar
C0*>Y«*llQMTi Ac.
>*i?f*n«****ni*1nt*nfc**1fh nnd *]i-*rriiv(Tr>n ma*
inlrhl* M-Tiam ««r "i mi' ii frra -*l.i*il.*-,* at,
iii*i'iitl..n w pr.ihwiJrr»i'-;iMM.-LJ,.irii-iiuiil-ii.
■mt fr-M.fiMi"it aarnrr U>rr *.niNti« |<«te.tia.
ratanta IMmi tfinwih Mutin A co. r*c*tlT«
Scientific American.
A hu>fl>nrrfilT lllinir»i-1 **--*lil->. Uiw-i Mr
• nUli«n ot nny ■• 1.-1,111:1* pHitoal. linn* t.i-
I'ai'uU, |l**. n f**X, |hmU|i>- |,n-f.ii<l.    r-.il** If
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Minify to Iniiii on favorable turuis.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Moitoy to Loan
ill 11
Physicians and Surgeons.
OffloB ll  ItHlil.ai-.,  Ann.triiiii   t...
Kur.iiiMjii* I Oil lo 111 IW
Altsrooiins - - - 1.00 to 4.00
I'lvrnliiK* - - - - 7 Sll tn 8 80
Sumlays - - - - 180 to   4 80
CRANHROOK   I    ::     H    ll     M   0,
• to 11 a.m.
I to   • p in.
7 to   8 p.m.
Olliee in Hanson lllock.
CRANHROOK •        -        -HO,
H. E. HALL,  D. I). S.
Crown anil Briilno Work
n specialty,
Office over F. Parks Hard warn
Store, Baker Street
Phone So. 2110
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Apiilicntion,
I'lione 2."i!l Matron.
P. O. Box (*4.-i   Armstrong Ave
Cruniirook anil Fort Steele
t.ln5?j«8 Cranbrook. B.C.
B.  C. land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
A.M. Can.So.-. 0. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Granbrook I'mii ami Hook
Co'*. Sinn.
Tolephono 880
,0. Bo* HI
W.  It. tnVall,. nutaral III,.. I...
1-r.nt.f..* B. O.
I'lione :i Hi
Niiiluliy Aviv, next tu City 11*11
Day I'lione 883 Nlghl Phone .100
M. IlillillTON WADE, it. Fc.
Electrical linxlnecr
Isnlllttal   I'llllllH for l.iillit llllll
Tower in Mill-. Mitim, Bte.
Miiiii.'i|*il liiatiilliitiiuiH iiml
H. C.
Frank Provenzano
General Morchonta
. Employment Agent!
P.O. BOI 114
B. C.
I 114
II yuo want satisfaction wilb
your washing: send
it to
Hpaial priiiM for family work.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never lalli. TheM
pint are eicetdln-flv ponerlnl In r----.ilai.n-c tnl
Keneratlve |i ■iii»n ul the female IfttMI. Kefuse
all cheap imitallnna. llr. dn TMI art sulci at
*h a bn, nr I'n.r 'or •■«■.    Mailed to anv -*•.<,»••-..
tlw bmWII ling c*, m. CMharbM* '»**
Kor Mte at BMtto, Murpby 4 C«., THK   ORANBROOK   HERALD
Cranbrook's Big Fall Fair September 19, 20
Officers"Rules and Regufations«Prize List (continued)
W. 11. Baiilgott
II. II. McClure.
II. I-:. Hall
W. !•'■■ Iliiiiliiiiii
W. II. Wilson
Robert P. Davis
T. li. O'Connell
E. A. Hill
ff. S. Santo
W. II. McFarlanc
l'\   A.'IlUSSL'll
Rev. ff, E. Dunham       Jolm t.cn-tt      J. P. Kink
Wm. Hamilton J.   ff. McCluro
ff. A. Rollins       Or. Rutlodgo
.laities Bales
T. 5. Oill .1. P. Kink Archie I.cilcli
C. II. Knocke     .lohn Levett     K. A. Russell
W. B. McFarlano
Address all communications to
Box 3°I
Cranbrook, B. C.
1. Member's tee $1.00 to May 1, L013.
2. All entries positively to lie mado on or lie-
tore September Istli.
2a. It must be iiuderslootl tbat no first prizes
will be awatdid unless there arc three or more
3. Entries t<> bc mado on lorm provided to the
4. All onirics must bc in place by 10.HO a.m.
first day uf exhibition. All exhibits must remain
in place until f> p.m. second day.
5. ln awarding prizes (oi breeding cattle, sbeep,
or pigs iiu* judges w\\\ be specially Instructed not
to take into coMlderattou their present -aluc to
tbc butcher, but to decide according to tbeir relative \aluc ur merits lur tbc purposi ol breeding.
fl. Exhibitors ol Uioroughbred stock must show
a certificate ol registrj to Uw co Mr Ittce on pedl
grees at tin* tlmo ol Judging «i tbo animal eannot
ne ufctbtted us a pine brad animal, excepting pure
in tit stock undei ilx months ei age that have been
tu nl hum .sin- mnl dam tbal arc regl tend as thoi
jughbred stock. Thr age* ol all stock shall uo
computed Irom actual birth, except Dairj Cattle,
wbieh shall date trum 1st August, and Junior calves
11om March 1st, LOIS, and .it tin- time ol making
ihe entry the am* siuii Ik- given 'tu tbe Secretary,
who shall write the age Otl the entry caul. Men
iii charge of stock au- strict)] prohlMHod Irom making any remarks regarding the stock, unless Information ire required (rom ihem It> the lodges, Judges
will in no case award t pri c when there is no exhibit, an.i iu case there Is bul one article oi animal
uMMted in ,i division ot class thej will award onlj
om* prlte in a division—the W hesl oi second oi
third, ai may he proper, ah articles ol field,
garden and dairy produce musi be bona Ado, Uu
produotlon oi the exhibitor, niul musl he grown ni
made during the year 1018.
: No person shall be permitted in the bone oi
rattle iiiifts in pens during Lbs Urns ol lodging, except   ibe Judges, the gtootni oi  persons   m obatgo
ot xto animals, ami members ol the press.
8.   Any pels.nt   wh.. shall   attempt    toiuUihrn
with oi Influence the ludges while in discharge ol
their duties, or wbo kIi.iI I at nny lime on tha
premises ol Un association, use nny contemptuous
ur abusive languago to any judge In consequonee <»•
any avoid made .*■> him, shall lorfett his right to
nny ami all premiums to which he mlghl otherwise
be entitled, ami may ho excluded Irom exhibiting
lor one year tbciealter. Judges are particularly
requested to Immediately report any breach oi this
0. 'Upon the discovery cl nny Iran*., deception
or dishonest practice either in the preparation, ownership, or ol any representation concerning any
animal or article exhibit, which iimy have ulTccted,
or have been intended tu affect, the decision ol tbe
ludges, the. board ot managers have power (o with-
bold the payment ul any and all prizes a wai dul,
and may prohibit any such parly or parties Irom
exhibiting   tor one or more years,  ami  may also
publish the nanus of .such parlies or not as may bo
rteemod mosl. expedient.
10. Entry ticketst with class number, entry
numlwr ami name of article, will Im furnished exhibitors, The judges are requested to plaoc the
prize cauls ou each article with exhibitor's name,
11. Root crips and vegetables ol all kinds shall
in* ilollverod Into tho show room cleanly prepared,
12. All exhibitors of stock, articles of manufacture ol every kind and specialty art: eligible lor
entry for prizes only by Wo owner, or authorized
13. The President and Hoard of Managers shall
Imvo the goneral supervision of thc grounds and entire exhibition, and control the police regulations
and entrance ami exit nates.
ll. The Pair Grounds will be open lor the
reception ur exhibits September 18tb, ami anything
may ho shipped In care of tho managers of the
grounds, but in no case will such articles he
brought lo the grounds and placed on exhibition,
except by and at the owner or authorized agent's
IS. All feed for slock will have to he provided
by exhibitor, but them will lw feeil on the grounds
for sale.
lfl. The Board of Managers wiH use every
precaution in their power for the safe preservation
of articles and stock on exhibition, hut will not be
accountable for loss or damage, Exhibitors must
give attention to tbeir articles or animals during
thc fair, and at tbo close of the exhibition attend
to their removal.
17. Any person knowingly violating the Rules
of lhe Society may forfeit any premium that may
oo awarded lo tfliein.
liS. Oilicers of different divisions to he distinguished by different colored badges wllh the
name of the office printed on each badge.
1!). Should their not he funds enough on band
to pay prizes in full they will he paid pro rata.
20. Any person handling or taking any exhibits thai do not helnng lo them may he prosecuted according to law.
21. An exhibitor who may desire to enter a
protest must enter such protest in writing previous
to close of show.
'i'l. Exhibitors entering articles fnr special
prizes must proUdc a special exhibit. Society's
prizes and special prizes will not be awarded (or
one article with exception of stuck and riding Ior
special prize,
2:1.   All stock can compel) in one class only.
21. Owners ol all prize stoek shall bring Iheir
stock out fur parade when called fur.
SS, Admission fees to grounds shall to, single
admission fi0 cents, children Sfi cents; all day tickets t.'i cents, goud to re-enter,
20. No person will he allowed to act as a judge
who is in any way interested in the articles to bc
27. It is particularly requested that the judges
will not otter into argument with thc exhibitors as
to the merits of tbeir exhibits.
28. Should there U*- anv disputes or misunderstandings which none of our by-laws and regulations will govern, whether in CODncotion with judging or otherwise, it shall he refer?ed to the Board
of Managers whose decision shall be iinal.
AM entries ntus! i. irade before Sept. IS, 1011
1    ■■. Fees, 10   per cent of all prl'e money over
•2.00.    No pri-e. No entry lee
Ist, Sml
2i. Embroidered blouse, Prench eyelets S.00 lt*n
89. Embroidered pillow case, i pair ' M i.ou
35a Embroidered sheets, l pan 2 on i.nn
lfl ! --relet parasol - a 00 \ 00
::. Luncheon cloth, eyelet . , S.00 i ""
U Embroidered linen sun . 3 00 1.00
lfl llardangoi embroidery . S.00 I 00
SO, Point lace S.00 L.OO
BI, Hcmitcu lace S.00 1.00
12. battenburg lace -8.00 l .on
:.:.. Irish croobei lace 2 OO 1.00
ii. C'rochei work In cotton . 8.00 1.00
III ii... bet work in silk - 00 1 .M
SO Croohot work iu wool 2 no 1.00
<7 Croohot table mais .. 00 1.00
M Cctftei pun- loco work . S.00 1.00
19, Itaffla wort ... 3.00 100
i"   Drawn wort             B.00 L.OO
11. Huckaback darning              .       8.00 1.00
12. Coronation braid wort ..         ,  8.00 L.OO
tt   Hemstitching              S.oo 1.00
ii   Darning                            3.on L.OO
IS,    OBSt    display   id hill luu holes   .      S.00 1.00
10,  Patchwork   8.00 1.00
17.   Knitting in cotton        2.00 L.OO
■is.  Netting    2.nit 1.00
tO.   Head woik     200 1.00
50. Needle work (girls under la) ...   8.00 L.OO
51. Old ladies'    needle work (CO or
over)     3.00 1.00
I.  Special by  tho Royal   Hank for
the   best    display   in   above
class     5.110
I.  Kor the hest   collection in tbe
above class.    Special  hy  the
Northern Klectric and Mnnu-
fill-luring Co.,     Electric
lieauty Iron.    Value    0.50
All entries must. In de hefon Sept. is, 1012.
Llle studies, portraits            , .J 2.110
>   lull
l.id- studies, animals        2.00
Landscape ot marr                      .   2.mi
1 .1.1
Pnrlrails                   2.011
Animal*         1.00
1 nil
i.iiinlsi ape ot marine     2 oo
Frull or (lowers     2.00
. Painting un sill-,   satin or vel
1   IM
vet      2.fill
Landscape- or marine     2.no
.Animals frum life     2.no
Portrait or dgurc     2.00
Pen and ink drawing*     2.00
Architvrlural drawings       2.00
Mechanical drawing*     2,00
Cups and saucers     3.00
2 "ll
Ornamental picco     8.00
Collection nf decorated cliJna ...   3.00
Burnt loaUiot     3,00
Stenciling       8.00
Pierced iirass     :' 00
Fast   Koolenay    seem ry,   mil
li-ss Iiiuu si* pictures    5.00
•ial   priro In tlie   Heat (ie Mm|ili>
'0., Lid:
Sis mounted   photos   mi Vein*
paper, anv si/e           :■ 1111
Siv mounted    photos dn  Veins
Paper, nny si/c     !i 110
Prize in plioto gn,*ls:
Special   In     Royal    Hank lur
nesl display mi Class 2:1 .      s.oo
(Under Women's Instil ul- 1
Prettiest lialiy,   under elglitocn   moiitlta, plainly
iressed, ami living in Easl Koolenay, ll.C.
Special pine donated  by Oeo. Powell, agenl for
Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Kir-i   pn/iv—Seven   drawer    Sewing   machine,
value S65.00.
Second   prlie.—Wagner    go-cart,   donated    by
I'.I'.S. Co.     Value 515.00,
Tliinl prize.—Donated 1,1 Qua Tliels, I	
This snow is under the direction ot lhc Women's
Institute, ami w||| fag held in a tent provided Iiy
C.C.S. in. containing cierythiitfl required lot the
eomlorl ol the lit 11,- ones.
District Exhibits
Vs tin AssiH-ia.il n Is anxious to make a-lis*
play al lhe Dry Farming ConjWtsts to be held at
LoUibrtdge, tla-   \«sooiation reserves  thc right to
appropriate any r s, Lir.iin   or Iruit uanio
pri/c iiml   grown   iu   Easl Kootenay,  the market
price I.. Ik- paid n  exhibitor.
To Induce neighboring districts rr Agricultural
Societies to exhibit, tho Directors, desiring to assist tlie rliOi'icnt localities in adtfettlalng their agricultural rapnliilitns, have cndraTond to be as
lilii-ial as possible ivllli their pn/is, anil trust the
Districts or Societies will lake advantage ol torac
uflers to use (retry endearor lo make crodltabl
exhibits, as thej I,,,,- done In the past,
Tlir matiayrinrnt ol the Cranbrook Agricultural
Association arc ol tie opinion that then la no
tii'tti-i 1,1 niore economical manner lu which to
makes collrctlrc exhlbI Illustrative ol weal tlie
particular local ties ol lhe Province ran produce,
and trail   tbe dnvnnt   Districts or   Agricultural
Siaii-tus mil assist  tlu-m In their .::
P01 tin- la-st   Distii't   or  Agrioultural Society
evluliit   nf fruit.   iiiailis.   crass...   rial*)    produce,
nails   ami    ii'Ciiat.lis, the   pi  ducts   10 be grown
within the   liis-tri,ts enlerlttf   the same !•■'  com.
First Prl-c—Sliver Cup value IM.M and STS.n.i
Second Pri/e.—$i;n.00 cash.
Compariion a* to the hlgbeal |i.'ssi le points  lhal
ran In' nbtaincd:
Fruils, fresh   30n
Fruits, preacrvrd, sirups, iellics, ele.     200
liriiins and ngricullnral serds   M0
Hoots ami le.i-lal.li-s f„r tall,-     ,., 250
Fnraite plant*  M0
Dairy |,i,sii., 1.  |50
limit* and vogetablea for stock       2.vi
Arr-ativS'ini'iil  250
NOTE.—Sheaves nl grain, not more titan 1
j inehes In diameter, may lie substituted fnr grains
) and agricultural seeds ami will seore the same
number ol 1 is,
Fif   'I"' Inlorinatl f lhc exhibitors, at   lho
annual meeting ol Hie Directors il was decided that
ilain products (250 points) I.e described as toi-
lows: lliitiei. 11111 poinls; chcrse, 80 points; bacon,
I" poinls; In.n,-v, :tu poinls; and eggs, 20 points,
In grain* ami agricultural seeds, if was decided
Hml llie an nl   exhibited should not lie less than
2"' j,, 11,Is of   wheal,   oats, pens, rye, barley    and
ci nnd Ihnl for en-ass m-.,i ami clover (bottles or
nlli,in it 1    il,,, an I    shall not lie Iras than "lie
All articles slinnn in .1 districl exhibit must lie
Hie inoiliii-i of tin, year in whicli iliev arc exhibit.
One plate of any variety, either of fruits or
vegetables, is all thai will lie ollowed.
It is specially roqurstrd liiat each District ex-
hlblting in tin- ahovo competition shall iiand to Uk'
Secretary a complete detailed list ol all articles
exhibited, imi liatcly after each particular Districl lias completed its tlleplny.
Kuiries for liistiicl exhibils must be mailed to
Hie Seerelan on or liefore September 1st, 1012.
No entrance fees will be charged fnr Distiict
Oi'.i;.inizcil Districts for Exhibition
ol Hi.- illslrlcl liim; easl ol the lowmrite and 1,-1-
lowlag tho valley ns lar as Mayonk.
ol lite districl lying wesl "f thc townsite and M-
lowing the volley to Wattsburg,
Hill ami all ranchers west Ui King's old mill, anil
easl as far as Standard mill.
tlie dislrict sniiili ol townsite as far as llaket
DISTRICT NO. 5.—Tirol part ol lhe r'istrict
know 11 as Tho Mission.
DISTRICT Mi. ii, WYt'l.lFFI'.-Thnt part ol
Hie ilisliici hounded on the north by Cherry Creek,
on the east hy thc Indian Reserve, on the south hist. Mini's River, and on the west by Lots 1201
nml 1201,
DISTRICT NO. 7.—Tlml part of the district lying west of Lola 1203 and 1201, Including Marysville ami Kimbcrley.
That pari of lhe district lying south of Wild Horse
Creek, south lo Hull River, nn both sides of the
River (o south boundary of Wardncr and tbence
west to Mayook.
ELKO DISTRICT, NO. 10.—That part ol the
district Included Irom :, miles east beyond Klko.
lollowlng the C.P.R. and two miles on eith-r side
of railroad.
part ol the district tun nibs south of Elko, following both sides ol the Kootenay to Boundary
('RESTI)N DISTRICT, NO. U.-That part nl
Ihe valley known as tho Creston District, west to
—Tliat pari of the valley west ol Wattsburg, lol-
lowing the Moiie lliier and both sides ol the
c.P.R. in Internati, nal Boundary.
part ol the vallej lying north ol W Id Horse, no
both sides nl tm- Kootenai, to south boundary ol
Wasa towneilc.
WASA DISTRICT, NO 15.—That part ol the
ratify King nortii of the south boundary ni town-
Re on both siilis ol the Kootenay as lar north a*
Sheep Creek,
All communications addressed to the Secretary,
II. II. Mrtl.l 111:.
Programme of Sports
Septembet llio
Ist.        2nd.     rtnl
Kii ll —Matinee   Cup   mc,-,
1-2 mile le-.i's. J-I SWVOO      JIO.IlO      J20.00
(('up presented Iiy Fink  Mercantile Co.)
Second—Pony rare, 1-2 mile
brats,     2-1,      H|
bands and under .... 10.00       20 00       10.00
Tliinl —Harness    race    lor
local    hoiscs.     1-2
mile heats, .1-5 .. tlOO.OO      JIIO.OO      JtO.OO
Septembet 20
First.—Ilatni--,    race   lor
local luu-' 1, 1 mile
bents, 2-1      .     ...1125.00      $75.00      MO.OO
Second.—54      mile  dash,
open   75.00       45.00
l'hinl.-l-2     mile      lash,
open  05.00       35.00
Fmitih—Oreen trot or pace,
1-2 mile heats. 3—5,
for local horses tliat
have never start eil
for money. Owners
I.i drive shell own
horses   50.00
Fifth.—Indian pony race,
fur Indian hi fees
witli Indian   riders. 25.00
Sixth—Squaw race on
boise hack, 1-2 mile
dash   In uu
Seventh.—Five mile Marathon foot race, open.
Cup presented by
James Finlay.
Value   .   ..
(See 1! ales).
Eighth.—100    yards    lool
Comparing a
Tungsten Light
to a Candle!
or a
Piano Player
to a
Jews Harp
Is like comparing the man
who advertises to one who
Mr. Farmer, beware of
the merchant who does'nt
advertise. The man who
is afraid to tell folks what
he has to offer won't have
anything worth while.
Advertisers carry more
wholesome food and better
goods than those who
Read the Booster's
Paper « the Live
Wire of the
Cranbrook Agricultural
B. 0.
B. 0.
Under the patronage of the Provincial Government of British Columbia and the Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
j SEPT. 19th & 20th, 1912
Live Stock, Agricultural and Horticultural Products, Arts, flanufac-
tures, Fisheries and Mines
I ¥p'OOO0° in prizes
Two Days' Races, Balloon Ascension
| and Athletic Sports
| For Prize List or Entry Forms apply to
r ROBERT F. DAVIS, Secretary
jj Cheap Rates from all points south of Fernie
• r****-fl*OF
•JT.h n|-      HYHTKftUTff    WORK
\ |*.n.i-:i.i!»li in an article iii    last
i' i       ii*ii some little
local    merchants,
think Mi.it it iniiii-ii-.il
• ■I --lur upon       tlirir
■  '   npli   occurred In      Ihr
I 'l* rtrw rlpllcc of Mr.
»•   I '     '■     ■ i'-'    I.Hull.'
I    *.*...- ,      Mi     Watts wm
'    ■        ■'• bj Ihe i. ti. "hut un
■'   i'i anhrtmh mi n bantu prp
ter rhulmrb      from
This bi  i   of iln- nit ua
■  ■■■ ntl;   i reatcil .i false    rn-
thai  t'ranbrook   mot
I Mi   Walts' product in
In Spokane  Th-,
are tl al earl)   in
'   prlnci-
rnti    Mi     Watts
tl>-'\  would (.,   in-'
*'     I, I    ..f        hi**
ns It  wm readj,
i "i '-'li- r no repij
•■■   IM) because      lhe
i'i' made no Im*
lal product      ofj
" i   M  li ■  :.*■       Ho we vol  tlmt
errhantfl Interviewed
ttwayi prepared lo ■ , i     '  * ■ hob■  tn locnl grown!
product Uu     imr lime      theji
:   have a      re*
■i'i- ninllei   us   well
I'.n: ipi i stiould notn
Ih Inral ni rchanl - In Rood time    ai
lo tt -until      * i< n liable,    when
■ i si Ip, .is wi 11   as
In be eat     I ll np   tame.
!n disc '    .•'.■•:       Mill.
Vr     h.i      Mai t.m.. nt     tin- lum nl
1 i'     ■ II .iinl     Manning, lhe Herald
1 Lhal Ihnl firm     never,
■hint- nl   endin   ml    ol the dlatrti l|
:, and mi hard prod net n that
.ui pn
iltili  ii-   ■■■' ured within
Idistrict. There are limes when It la
Impossible io take everything offered
I by   district   growers.       Krcquentlj
iLui?* quantities   of dairy st-ifl    pur
Ichasod locally have lo in- sold at    a
'loss In fact, all stuff ptirclrascdj
from     district growers     is resold al
(tin* price paid tbe district growers
There an* u number ol Chinese    rn
I gaged in peddling fiom house lo
house and certain while farmers also
follow tbis practice nl disponing of
tbeir wares, This humus tbat no
.store in town can afford to cair>
very inn stocks and now that    mar-
. lift gardening, elc, is assuming large
proportions li is practically linpos-
sii-b* fnr tin* loeal mcrclrants In
handle all tlmt is offered, bin so fm
as    possible  Mr.    Mantling assert**!
| that be and others did tbeir best In
handle the stnrt grown in tin* dis
Another point made by Mr. Mun-
nt^g was that farmers bringing Iheii
stun into tin* local market mail lata
pains lo pack same tastefully. Tin I
tunc bas com* by when frull roughl)
tumbled Into nhi boxes, etc , can be
offered on Ihe market In ibis cltj.
In discussing this same subject
with Mi. I.aidl.m. ut the Kink Mercantile cuinpaia, much tin* same
views were obtained. Mr. Ltridto-n
said tbat they made it a rule tu give
a preference tu local grown stuff, but
there were times wben it was Impossible to handle all that wns ol
other local merchants ail take   tbe
same position. tt'ltcnever possible
tbey give    preference   to   tlio locnl i
grown stulT, but   It must   be  lecoRui/-
ed that the amount nt garden stun*.
ii.tm products, poultry und eggs,
etc., now being offered locally far ex*"'
■ coeds what it did a year qr iw<*
bad. ami it frequently happens   thai -
, local merchants cannol profitably !
handle stuff thai is offered them. !
This means Ihnl nur district I
farmers  and    market gardeners need |
'to orgahizc, stud) local market con-,
illtlnns and nr range for the exportn- )
lion nf tbeir surplus products us the
ocea Ion demands. There are today i
lieing raised in this districl far mori!
potatoes thnn mu lie disposal of In- j
cully.     A market must he found foi
these, us        well ;i
ducts in .several lines
the   farmers   of   thi;
grapple    »iih   this |
Moils one in  some   t
a vesy healthy sign o
the Indus!rj  and full
the district.      Tbe at
stud grown   in this
mi-tables and fruits.
ceiled,     and    if the
others interested will
gettier and arrange fo
port uf surplus piirdm
lieu I tics that now con
ntiickh be removed.
for surplus pro-
It Is up to
. distriet to*
ii-hli'in, u vexa-,
speets, but still
if ihe growth td
nf promise for
nality of the
liistrict, both
cannot ibc ex-
farmers, and
Imi work fo-
i periodical ex-
e the little dif-
fmni ihem will
Tlir- lacrosse match last Mmnt.n
evening nl Un* oxhiblllon grounds,
uliii-ti hns lii-r-n anxiously Inniii'il l„r
iiniii in hv nil lovers of ihc national
Eamo, proved anything Imt nn cvclt-
lirg affair.
Tin- Pernio ii'iim wns com|ilciolu
oulclaased, in fuel, the game proven]
a tiresome sopIob ol easily scored
goals fnr the homo players, In nil
twelve Knals were si-t,riil liv Crnn-
lirnnii i„ n by Pernio.
Tin- line-up ims ns follows:
Cranbrook, Kcrnle,
McKay   MrLrml
McLean  W. II. Smith
Cover Polnti
McPhoc   Wallaco
First Defence:
Huff   n. Smith
Sccnnll  I l|-f,-lr, ,-
Lcltch  I. llnvnn
Third Defence:
chnmiicrs Cedon
Pyo Marlow
Third lliime:
Oarrctl   Cody
Second Home:
Cnlluli.iii     Ilryan
Kirst. I Ionic:
lli'lil   Taylor
Outside Home. .
Mnttheivs   Borland
Inside Home:
Manaban   Millet
(ronls were credited to Un- following: Matthews, '1, Manahun, I; Rolil,
2; (Inrrett, :i; Oallahan, 1.
ltoWnson acted ns referee very acceptably.
On Monday nest. Labor liny, the
Cranbrooh team will ioumcy to Hoiw
mer, where they will a^nln cross
sticks with the Pernio hoys. Tliu,
loeal lair management have agreed
to make n grant ol fl"" 'or n mnlcln
witli   Nelson,    during the fnir. As ill
takes      -.-'117.711   to    bring   tile   Nelson
beam In re nud pay Iheir expenses,
the Crnulirook lacrosse club are trying to nrrange wilh lhc fair inanngc-
metir fm- i grant of $2ttn, for    ivliieii,
thei   v\il>  tint  ni,  I no unities,       III.-'
tlni .in.l si ml days ol the fnir.
Ottawa, Aug. 27.—Tito government
hus approved the purchase uf Hm
stoek, assets, etc., ot the Traders
Hank by the Royal Hank. Consideration of the subject has been delayed
by tbo absence from town of tho
minister offlnancc, und on hi* return to Ottawa on Friday he called a
mooting of the treasury board. nl
whieh the matter was discussed ami
the application sanctioned. A subsequent meeting of tho council ratified
the action of tho treasury board.
to behTcheap
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office *tl
WANTED.—Situation ns cook In
camp or hotel or housekeeper in
hotel. flood experience nnd besi of
references. Applj C. O., Croat
Northern, Now Michel, H.c.     35-H'
FOR SALE.—Ono team heavy
draught horses. Apply 1). Kinlayson, Mr. Rolrinson's saw mill, Cranbrook. 83-41'
WANTED.—Situation lo cook    tor
from 10   lo lil) i pie by experienced
married man. Want nil winter's
job and can leave September 1st.—
It. Sparks, Coolin, Idaho.        3i-i\-
FOR SALE.—Circular sawmill
machinery, complete with edger,
trimmer and sorting rig, in first-
class riiiiniiiL". order; also nil appurtenances therein. Capacity
"0,000 It, 11. M. iht in hours. Several logging trucks and sleiRlts and
general loggers' outfit. Also two lots
and office building, corner Baker St.
and Fenwick Ave. For further particulars apply to 'the Lund I.nnd nnd
Development Co., Ltd. 53-11
AGENTS WANTED. - 11 you can
hustle apply In writing to Sales
Agency and Adjustment Co., Box
316, Cranbrook. 21-11
Collections.—Let us collect your
old accounts. No charge 11 wc don't
collect.—Sales Agency and Adjust
ment Co., Box 316, Cranhrook
B.C. 21-tl
WANTED.—Oirl lor general housework. Apply Mrs. O. \V. Patmore,
city. 3l-tl
FOR RENT.—Three room apartment, partly lurnisluil, near tin
freight sheds.    Apply W. 11. Beatty,
city. 31-tf
Mrs. .1. S. Mennio, Lumsden avenue,
city. 28-11
Several miles ol telephone wire, in
150 feet lengths, suitable lor tending,
can be purchased at bargain prices
[rom the Kootenay Telephone Lines
Ltd. Apply to .1. R. McNabb, manager. 30-tl
TO RENT.—Warehouse or storeroom space at rcasniiiilili- rates. Furniture, pianos, trunks, buggies.,
sleighs, etc., stored lu good dry
warehouse. Apply at Herald olliee
I'hono 18. 27-tl
WANTED.—By the W. c. r. t ..
mothers for the young girls, who ure
out so late at night, with question-
able young men. 31-11
Owing to the scarcity of milk   the
Cranbrook Dairy-men imve dcci%'d to
raise tbe prieo to 10c, nml lHJc, per
quart, commencing September 1st.
(Signed) Cranlirook Dairymen,
For Sale
Some   Preparation  for  Fall
is at least Advisable
Ji_,:, c'ti.*.■■'.
^■f*>    f vufli
\\\\\\\v   "•-' H*W
.;  "^^.''..'''r'flV   ■    ' ■
\    1    /    i
\       '
\ '-"SMB
' ■-^ffifff *%5li*Vi«ial
Y * ,*jn_\
\ /- - '^jWt^B
tr4'    ili   *^    Hi
m,-*j: ik_-u :.«nw'fisa
■ asEra"* t^l
■W'JWr '  1
H 1 l
r'.'fwimiifiia'. ,
Iv: **3SSM«*V **l
>^.ie,wi..ftK,--., V
■■> ■ **-«,- '.'."->
Vi  |
■.-'     ...       .**
vSBI -            ■'
'■■ tf-* :V---   ■ -
.;     •    ...%V/.::.
aW-6 i^
**rM-*«Sf.'-' -■-
;'■    ', ~j-**r* •**■*' '*■ ■-
_ ■■■
n m
VS          "   !'-'■ *''^.-'»-'.
\^KSj^r i -
_'_   M^-'B5a
All Goods
POST yourself on
what style dictates — what
other people are
going to wear at
other places, about
colors, fabrics, etc.
Come to us and
find out all about it.
We know. We have
been preparing for
Fall for months
We're ready,
Thc fashion journals are on our desks
and the fall stock is
on our racks. This
is certainly a day of
specialties, and we
are specialists in the
true sense of the
We invite you lo
come in and see
these new Fall
styles. We are always glad to show
All Goods
****************** *
TAKE NOTICE thai it Is my intention within thirty days Irom the
date hereol to apply to the Mayor
and Licensing Commissioners oi the
Iiii ol Cranhrook fnr their permission to trnnsfi-r the Liquor License
in my name nnd attaching to the
Manitoba Hole:, linker Street,
Cranbrook, lo .lames Buchanan,
i 'ranbrook.
Mated at the City ol Cranbrook
this lllth dny ol August, 1012, |
.lames Brown, Applicant.
Witness: Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook,
B.C. 31-lt
24 Armstrong Ave, south of Imperial Hotel
< IfAMlliOOIv, II. ('.    Bus 290
"Re easl hall ol lol 13 in block S,
ubdlrtalon of liistrict Lot 200a,
Group 1, Vancouver districl. Whereas
prool ol loss of Certificate of Title
No. TJ.-tic to tho above named property iss",-.i in tin- name ol Uhhkc
Mead hns been Hied in this office,
notico is In r,-iii iiiicn that I slinll
at ih,- expiration nl one month Irom
dnte ni     tlie lirst publication hereol
issue a d ipllcate    ol .said Ccrtilieatc ' "——~—"-"■"•-"■—
ol Title unless in lho meantime valid   the above    rule    regarding cxlitta Is,
objection be made lo me in writing." .will be strictly Intorced. Jl-tl
Bated al Land Registry Oltlco this j __ -_—_
I'll) ilai nf AUgttlt,
ihonUl keep himself Informed overy ivcck t'onueuiing tlie flnnuciitl. Itdui*
trial ami commercial ilovelo|tment of ('..nn<!ii l-y n-ni.in**
The "Financial Posl" il qnoled n* nn auihoiity on Caradisn tfiniu 1-j
British, Amerli nn snd Cansdisn t nbllcatlons,
Km full Infoimatlou concetnlng lhe Investor.1 Information Puitsn and
far ssmpl ipy mi'.- THE FINANCIAL POST OF CANADA, "Hie Ci linn
Newspapei loi Invealors," !•". ii. Iln.aaiil, Westein Manager, SOI Donitnii n
Trust Billhling, IlKOISA, Baakalchewan,
A. li. Smith,
liistrict Registrar.
lhe intention ol -lolin McTavisli In
apply Inr a lianslcr ol bis liirunr license  Inr   tlte    Wrntvvorth hotel, situ
nie nn lots 18 and ll, Block 01, Cranbrook, III', trom the snid .lohn Me
TaiMi i,i Han \. McDonald, ol the
said City i f Cranlirook, at the   nail
meeting ,,f tho LlConM Commissioners
Im th, City iii Cranbrook held thirty dais alter lho Mb dav ol Auguit,
Dated il Cranbrook, B. C, this Ith
day ol August, 1912. ,
lohn McTnvish i
32-5t 11. A. Mcllonnld. i
IU 11 in Carmen's Hall
Cnndu.lcil by MKS. K. A. Kltkl VKI-f
Cerliliriilcl Ten, In" Irom
London Bel I Boaid
llonrs: i« •>, i-.'„ tu i n tn i p.n:
One .Miitlii'son Locomolivi' Kir.-1..in
Boiler, iiioiinti'il on wheels; 40
inchns diameter by IS ft. loon :
{treasure, B. C. inspection, 100
Alao one Oxforil KiiKine, 11x11.
May lie Men nt Benedict Hiding,
one mile oust of Mnywik, II. ('.
For further |mrticiiliira iipply to
Lenili ft .Tohnaon, Klko, B. O.
Exhibitors' Notice
Por tho convenience ol exhibitors,
the M.iin Building will In* open nntl
rcntly for cxhlbfta mi Un 18th,
All Exhibits mutt he In place
by loam, on Ibe roth. Door.*
will he locked trim ion.ni. to
13 norm mi the r Hi, in order to
allow jiuk'.r.*. time to award
n-Ain.'i t'> tin* dituatlsfaction in former yi.us, by having local people aot
ns Judges, tin* Directors have engaged
competent tm-lntereslcd parties frnm
outside towns tn ael as |lldges in
tin* various rlnsscs.
Hv order of tlif Board of Wrortow,
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A mwlern equipped Oafeal mode ra to
Rates |1.00 and ap perday
Comer of Ilnwntd St. mnl Pront Ave.
Onr bu'- meets nil tr-iinn
The Coeur D'Alene Company
.IAH0R 001 I/.. 1'rcsidenl
HARRY F. BAUR, Secretary
To the People
of Cranbrook
Don't forgot In liNik ii11
A. Lindley
i'mhut mnl shipper ol
Creslon Trulls antl
Labor Day
Mi- wilt llllVO o 'lis|.t.-n in
IhoOrcilon UpnltA-Olllcis
in thus from thf c. i1, it.
Hint i<>ii.
The Home Bakery
RoBRRT KliAMt:, Prop*
Iresh Bread. Cakes,Pies,and
Pastries or All Kinds
Norliilry Ave.       U|i|i, City Hall
Anyone Iniinil lri'S|iassing on llio
llurilnrrni-k prnperej', ftitnu-ilv known
I'ntloii's Lilac, will be innsiriitid.
33-11 A. II. Pltyln.


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