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Cranbrook Herald Nov 12, 1914

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Large   Number   of   Delegations—All
Water Debentures to be Mold at
ss Proposal to Divide Clly
City council met ut the city hull ou
Monday evening, November 9th, ln the
regular monthly session. Present
Mayor Simon Taylor, Aldermen
llorle, Leask, Ooneat, Campbell and
Hickenbotham, ■ City Otork Roberts,
('ity Kngineer Ulenduy, City Solicitor
Ahicdonald, Spet-lal Water Works Kngineer MeC ul loch.
When the council convened there
was a large number of virltorti and
delegations wltli petitions, lt was remarked thut the last few meetings of
tlio council have been glvon au unprecedented attendance by citizens.
Captain Hustler, of the Salv:„tion
Army, was Ilrst given the privilege of
addressing the council. His appeal
wus lu reference to u grant for the
local corps of the Salvation Army to
tide them over tl.e n.nl times, ac
their collections nt present wero not
sutllcieut to support thc local corp.
The matter waa referred to thc health
and relief committee.
W. A. Omohundro, representing the
W. N, Moyer Co., map publishers,
was next heard asking the council to
purchase one or more of a ncw live-
foot map of British Columbia being
issued by his company. No purchase
was made.
A delegation from the Sunshine
Society, consisting of Mesdames J. H.
Klnc. A. L. McDermot and W. E.
Worden gave the council a rcpo.t of
the work of their society. They have
arranged with Captain Hustler of the
Salvation Army to provide one meal
per day to men out of employment
at a rate of 15 cents per meal. So
far they had bem feeding at an average rate of sixteen per day. Thir
was costing the society about $17.00
per week. They were also providing
clothing and groceries to a few families both in and outside the city. They
asked the council for 125.00 per week
to ajsist them in their work. They
wero allowed $10.00 per week by the
Minutes of previous meetings were
read and adopted.
Letter from J. B. Sutherland, of
Calgary, accepting the position of
auditor for tho city's books at $200
was received and filed.
The finance committee reported thc
following accounts which were passed and ordered paid:
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd....$
B. C. Gazette	
City Clerk's sundries	
Cranbiook Electric Light Co.,
„   Ltd	
Cranbrook Sash & Door Co.,
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.,
City Transfer & Warehouse
Corbln Coal & Coke Co., Ltd
Dezall, F	
41 Ment Market 	
Garrett, K. S	
Herald Publishing Co	
King & Gi eon  	
Kenny,  J	
Kootenay   Telephone   Lines,
Manning, Ira 	
McBride, J. D	
City Engineer's payroll	
City officials payroll	
Police payroll  	
Fire deportment payroll 	
School  board        1481.4*1
Pronpeetor Publishing Co...
Parks, F. & Co	
Parrett, T. N	
Selby, W. J	
Ward A Harris	
.shield;, Hoy (school board).
Waterworks Debenture Arrounts
though some of the work cost as low
as thirty-five (35) cents and the highest sixty-six (06) cents per foot.
On French and Dewar avenues only
seventeen services were lowered into
the property line, all the others being
of a sufficient depth as to warrant
there being ouly connected up to the
new main.
During thc  month  eight hydrants
were taken off the old system and | locaj Conservative politics, when that
turned   over  to   the  contractor   forj^iy |l|ltd t*iejr Rnmial meeting und
placing on the new system. [electlou of officers ln Mc.theson's hail,
On October 31st, 2G0 foot of backfill j Armstrong avenue, on Friday evening
last.    There  wus  a   big  turnout,  In
Pour   Hundred   Crntilireek   Men   Attend .Meeting— Election ot
There was a barrel of fun for the
man   who   was   "on   the   Inside"
Address by M. A. Until mm Id. President
of the British Columbia Liberal
He believed that the people wore NEW ( I It MM.'
waking up to the conditions of affairs and that Mr. Chas. It. Ward
would be returned by this district at
the next battle of ballots. Mr. Macdonald was vigorously applauded during and at the conclusion of his remarks.
Officer*. Fleeted ou Wednesday Evening for the Season HHf.HHu
was made with team and scraper and
two men live hours each and one man
three hours at a cost of $6.75 as
against a cost or $15.00 for the same
amount of work by hand labor, showing a saving of $8.25. This method of
backfilling is only the more economical, however, wltero a large amount
of work can be done at one time.
Disposal Works
Troys over primary filters at tlie
disposal works wero cleaned off twice
during the month and works were
generally maintained.
Plumbing Permits
Two plumbing and sewer connection permits were issued during the
J. C. Glenday,
City Engineer.
Communication from J. B. Turnley
Co. of Lethbridge, concerning the
settlement for the new water pipe was
read together with some communications from the firm purchasing the
water debentures. The city clerk was
authorized to wire the offer to sell the
balance of the water works debentures nt 88, even exchange.
Moved by Campbell and Leask that
the city election be held at the muni-
jlpal building, Cranbrook, and that
T. M. Roberts be appointed returning
officer. Deputy returning officers, if
any, to be appointed at a later meeting of the council.
Bylaw No. 142 was finally reconsidered, passed and adopted. . This is
known as the coal weighing and wood
measuring bylaw.
A motion rescinding two motions
made at the previous meeting concerning bylaw No. 141 was carried.
Council resolved itself into committee of the whole for the consideration of bylaw No. 141, with the mayor
In the chair.
Bylaw No. 141 was Introduced and
jassed third reading, Aldermen Campbell and Leask voting against.
Motion by Campbell and Genest
.hat chief of police be Instructed to
111 mediately lay Information against
'.hose firms In the city doing business
without a city license.
Aldermen Hickenbotham gave notice that at the next meting he would
ntroduce a bylaw dividing the city
nto wards for electoral ppurpoBes.
ind representation on the council.
Council adjourned.
On account of u small accident to
our type setting machine which de*
layed this issue of the Herald we are
'able in this issue to give a detailed
decount of the mutual meeting of the
('ranbrook Liberal association, which
! was  held at tlie Liberal  rooms over
i Lester Clapp's store at 8 o'clock to-
' night
There was an unusually large attendance ut the meeting, about fifty
local   Liberals  being  present,  and  a
, very enthusiastic and harmonious
meeting was held.
j    President T. s. ('.ill culled the meeti
Things went fairly smooth until the, Ing to order and gave a brief review
fact one of the largest ever held in
Cranbrook. Humors were rife that
there would he something doing, the
result being that special police were
ordered to he on hand and men of
every political persuasion made an
effort to guin admission and were successful, as the meeting practically
kept open house. When the president called the meeting to order the big
hall was packed.
"Hoot mon, they're off again."
.   .,   , , ,    ,, Tlle   Cranbrook   Curling   club   has
was decided to secure the Clapp I 8tartt,d m aem of m ^
hall, provided same could be rented. ! firKt mee|Ing be,      Md       ft
for a period of six months. , hRll on WednMdfly even|        rhwt.
Meeting adjourned. Wftfl Mt a ,arE(> attrIldaDcl. m m„.
 __  present   were   enthusiastic   in   their
DAILKiHT SPECIALS demands that the "roar-in* game" he
THItOrOIl CRANBROOK 'made the chief attraction fn the city
  j this winter and a  personnel of ofil-
Tourlut   Trains   Will   be   Run   0»er  cers were elected which ought to ln-
CVoivb Nest Pass Next !Burtf ItB success.
1    Mr. A. C. Bowness was elected to
1 (ill the chair pro tern ond L. J. Cran-
That the Canadian Pacific railway I 8ton  W68 cllOHOn  8<>cretary pro tern.
is planning to put on trains through
southern British Columbia, running
only in daylight hours for the benefit
of tourists next spring when traffic
through to tlie coast via tbe Kettle
Valley Uno Is commenced, was the an-
time arrived for the election of olll-1 of thc work of the officers during the I nouncement made by Vice-PreBldent
cers. Then a motion was proposed I past year. He stated that a notice ol (George Bury, who had been making
and carried unanimously that the I motion hud been given at the last j observation of the roadbed of the new- 8t0,n'
usual rules be suspended and that meeting, which, If adopted, would , iy constructed portions of. the Kettle
everyone in the house be allowed to f change the annual meeting from May I Valley line.
vote for the men to fill the respective J to November.   In the short time the 1      He pointed out that the company
offices.   Mr. A. J. Balment then called | former officers had served they had ac- [ expected a heavy tourist trade next
A report from S. Banwell. the secretary-treasurer last year, was received
and filed.
Tlie election uf officers resulted aa
President—J. F. Campbell.
Vice-President—Byron   McFarlane.
Secretary-Treasurer—L.   J.   Gran
tor nominations for tlie office of president.
Mr.  A.  E.   Watts  took  the  floor
and  advised  the  president  how  thc
election should be conducted, stating; caused several vacancies on commit
there were a number of Grits present jt0B on(1 among their officers.
and he would like thc association to
ascertain who was taking part in the
election. From his remarks one would
think Mr. Watts afraid of thc Grits.
His speech aroused the indignation
compllshed some work In organization 1 yoar on this line owing to the Panama-
nnd on the voters' list, but had been j paciflC exposition. He added tliat the
stopped to some extent by the war, | Kott|e Valley and Crows Nest were to
which curtailed active work nnd bad [fa featured in the literature sent out
hy thr company, as providing an Alternative route to the main line.     In
It was moved and carried that the
president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer constitute the finance
committee and all account* must be
passed on by at least two and that the
secretary-treasurer issue all cheques,
which must be countersigned by the
president or the vice-prestdeut.
Ice Committee—A. C. Bowness.
chairman;    Geo.   F.   Stevenson   and
hearty ap-; orfier to stimulate the tourist trade on ' m"y Bftufiold" §
It   was   unanimously   carried   that
motion   now  on   books  that  the  ice
conclusion of Ills re-. thia   line   tlie   company   planned   to
I operate a  daily train,  leaving  Van-
Mr. Gill wns   tendered
platise   at the
Mr. A. B. Smith proposed a motion, | couver early In the morning anu ar-
which was seconded by Chas. It I rivinK Qt ivmlcton In thp evening,
of some men of the "other wing," aud Ward- tliat the Association proceed to The neit n|ght*8 nt0„ woul(l be NftI.
caused a feeling of unrest among the I P(,0-lt tn0 <*<"-*-«tMtlon nnd bylaws of W tho tratn raaklng connections
audience. Shouts of "Sit down, you're Itno BrUlBn Co*»n-b'11 ljiboral Associa-; wlth the Crows NeHt Hrcnic routP g0.
not a member." "Let the president run ItIon-   Motlon C(irrlotl- . Ing through Cranbrook nnd making
the meeting," and "Hoch der Watts," '    Constitution was then adopted fix-1 connections wltli the main line service
came from the rear of the building, j,n* u» limn for tllfl r°KII,Iir monthly at Medicine Hat on the third night.
and for a time it looked as though Mr.
Watts would rule the roost, but the
president got control ot the meeting
again. Mr. Watts "took a tumble,"
and sat down and the meeting went
merrily bn its way.
Tiie names of Mr. W. B. McFarlane
and Mr. George F. Stevenson were
submitted for president. The name of
Mr. Stevenson evidently name in the
form of a surprise pucket, and led to
a few lively passages between men i
comprising the two wings of the
Mr. McFarlane took the floor and j
stated lie was surprised to find Mr. j
Stevenson's name mentioned for the j
office of president. Mr. Stevenson
asked "Why?" In reply Mr. McFarlane said that he had been "handed"
a ticket that afternoon bearing the
name of Mr. A, J. Balment for president.
The   president   then   ordered   the
ballots    to   be    distributed.     Nearly
meeting on the second Thursday ln
each month and the time for the annual meeting on the second Thursday
in November.
President GUI then anounced the
election of officers for the ensuing
Moved by It. 13. Beattie, seconded
by Dr. J. H. King, that on account of
the short term of the old officers that
they be reelected for the coming year
ind that all vacancies he filed. Carried
Similar tr.alns would bo operated
from Medicine Hat to the coast, stopping one night at Nelfton and the
next at Pentlcton.
Mr. Bury also indicated that particular attention would be paid by
the Canadian Pacific to the lines
through Southern British Columbia
as a sceuic route. He confirmed tbe
recent announcement that the Soo
line plans to operate its trains
through this route next year instead
j of on the main line west of Medicine
maker not be allowed to curl be co-
Membership committee— W. F, Cameron and A. C. Howness.
Executive committee, to be composed of members of the ice and membership committees.
Chaplain—Rev. E. P. Flewelling.
Membership rates for tbe season
for the ladles and high school boys
were fixed at $2.50 each.
With the large number of curlers
In the city there Is no reason why a
strong association cannot be formed
this year. The membership com-
i mlttee will be making a canvas within
tlie next tew days and another meet-
; Ing of the association will be held as
soon as tliat commute is ready to report.
I'oultrtuicu   M11ki.11;   Beady   fur   Est-
.. hlbltion Next Month—Affair in
Capable Hands
The Poultry association of Cranbrook have now completed arrangements for holding their lirst annual
winter show on Friday, December
tth in the new poultry building on the
fair grounds.
Tills show will be only a very modest beginning, owing to tiie straitened
stute of affairs this year.
Already, however, the association
hus received sufficient assurances to
uggregute a list of special prizes to
the value uf one hundred and thirty
dollars and each class will also have
a full quota of ribbon**.
Classes are provided under the sume
classification as that arranged for the
fall fair prise list Issued for 1814.
Thc judging will be done by a capable man from tlie coast, the show secretary is Mr. A. H. l'lgott, P. 0, Box
S51, and the superintendent will be
A. B. Smith, the president of the association. It is hoped that wherever
possible the citizens will support the
Association in this initial attempt at a
new game
It is hoped that as many as possible
if the fanciers between Kootenny
Lake and Crown Nest will send in
their birds; while the prises are necessarily small, which we regret, but
cannot avoid this year, we hope to
have a creditable show and outsiders
at not too gieat a distance ought to
Ik* able to get in touch with a good
iiumbcr of future customers hy showing here.
The association wlll conduct the
show under B. C. 1* A. rules and will
tn addition receive a number of ribbons from this association for competition among local members of the
B  c  P. A.
The best of care will be taken of all
birds shown and it is hoped everyone will get out as many birds as possible and make this show a good
boost for Craubrook district.
The folowing are the officers of the | Hat   When the question was asked I PRETTY WEDDING
Asociation: as to the possibility ot Southern Brit- j AT CHRIST CHURCH
President, T. S. GUI. ■ t«h  Columbia  route becoming, In  a 	
measure, a second main' line of tli.
First vice president, I)r. F. B. Miles
Second vice president, T. M. Itoberts
Third vice president, C. C. Connolly
Secretary-treasurer. J. E, Kennedy
Executive  committee—C.  R.   Ward,.
F. A. Russell. Dr. J. H. King, E. Paterson, Job. Brault,    Malcolm    Horie.
W A. Nisbet. .los.   Jackson,   Richard
Hamilton. A. B. Smith.
Voters' list commitce—E. Paterson.
Pranlirook Children Kerche Congratulation* Prom Provincial (Joy-
eminent Official
everyone in the house took advantage j nprt Ross, C. R. Ward, F. A. Russell,
of the motion passed, allowing every-j nr j jj. King, Jos Brault, Malcolm
one to vote. It was rather amusing , Horie, W A. Nisbet. Richard Hamilton
to the  writer  to  note  how  certain j ttTU) \  jg, smith.
that this was an erroneous idea. Under no present known conditions
would the southern British Columbia
line become the company's main
Mne through British Columbia,, although .it would be an Important
scenic route.
A vote of thanks was unanimously
carried to Oliver Brtstow, Tor his ser-1
vices as secretary during the past j
term, and the secretary was instructed j
"voters" in 'that throng filed up the
aisle and cast their vote for president.   In the fine were prominent local
and district Conservatives, a number
The boys and girls who took part j °r tlu- >'°»tn of t'ranbrook who pro-1 (o __mey (he thnnK8 of tne a8SOcletlon
'n   the   hatching   contest,   conducted I b*"*bl>'   1,a()   tlu'   Privilege   of  casting ; (o Mr Br,Btow ftt h*9 address with the
under the auspices of the Cranbrook I t»>eir  first  vote;   there  was  a good j smmd Canadlan cont|ngent.
Poultry and Pot Stock association a 1 sprinkling of the foreign element and      A vflte Qf t,|ftnkft wa9 pftSsed to the
short time ago, are receiving a little i It was highly interesting to note the , votpn). m committee for thc|r WOrk.
mcouragemont from Mr. J. R. Terry.! *W they marked their ballots. Mr  M  A   Macd0nald, president of
tho poullryman'B friend and adviser, j Messrs. McBride. Hunt, Manning the British Columbia Liberal Asocia-
mM j Liko most things of any importance j ai_ Macdonald were named as scrut-1 tion, was present and was asked to ad-
85.80 j 1,1 the agricultural world. Cranbrook | inccrs. dress the meeting.
Bride Travels Thousands of Miles to
Wed Man of Her Choice—A
Happy Union
B r»o
46, io
days second fiddle to no other community. The Cranbrook youngsters
ire the tlrst in Cannda to conduct n
luveulle hutching competition.
Mr. Terry's letter, addressed to the
voung folks in a fatherly sort of way.
;s as follows:
Dear Boys and Girls:
The result of the vote for president 1 Mr. Macdonald said that ho was
was: W. B. McFarlane, 192; G. F. much pleased to be In Cranbrook and
Stevenson, 164. There were nine I glad to see so many Liberals at the
spoiled ballots. j meeting.   He was recently called to
Mr. Stevenson, after the result had  attend the assizes at Grand Forks and
been announced, in a few appropriate [ took the opportunity to run over to «^
words, 'congratulated" Mr. McFarlane' Cranbrook and was glad to meet so
said  he  hoped i many of his old friends.   He thought
The marrlago was solemnized in
Christ church on Saturday afternoon, November 7tb, of Elisabeth
Beatrice Dalton, lately of Forest Gate,
London, England, and William Henry
Hilton, of Erickson, British Columbia,
Rev. E. P. Flewelling tying the knot
which   made   them   man   and   wife.
Miss Nina Attwood, of Moyle, was
bridesmaid, while Mr. James Martin,
of  the  real   estate   firm   of   Martin
Bros., officiated In
best man.
TRUST CO. OWES #121,000
Provisional Liquidator to the Dominion Trust Company  A*ked to
Remain In Office for :«> Bays
Vancouver. Nov. 10.—That the
Methodist church is a claimant on the
Dominion Trust company funds for a
toui sum of 1121,000 was divulged
;hls morning in the great legal fight
to decide who shall have charge of the
winding-up of the Dominion Trust
The contest was fought out before
,'hlef   Justice   Hunter,   with   several
.t the cleverest legal duellists, each
rying to disarm his adversaries and
bring the liquidation under the con-
The  little  daughter of Mr R. W.ltrol  of their  respective  clients.    A
Russell, of Raworth Bros, staff, made   nwd of shareholders and depositors,
a very pretty little flower girl. including a  large number of ladies,
The choir was present to discourse' dlled the court room to the limit of ils
sweet music, Miss Sawyer being for ■ Standing   accommodation,   and   over-
nearly two years one of their numbers.! lowed Into the corridors before Chief
The bridal party retired from the! Justice Hunter opened court,
church to the strains ot Mendellsohn's '    The court finally decided, following
wedding march,  Miss  Wellman  pre-   1 bearing which lasted nearly all day,
siding at the organ most efficiently.     I 'o continue C. R. Drayton as prcvin-
A goodly number of people gathered j elal liquidator for another month. The
at the church to Join in the prayers chief Justice definitely declared that
tho  capacity  of j on behalf of the contracting parties.      he would not appoint a nominee of
After the service the bridal party | the shareholders or directors.     Tiie
-«.-„-, —  1 Dane Cnpld Hns Worked Overtime In
Canadian  Pacific, with at least two \   „_ .      . -..   „.   .    .- „ --_	
,   .     ...   „   ._      „ ,    Cranbrook This Week—Well known
t.hrougr trains daily, Mr. Bury replied
Local Lady Harried
On Wednesday, the llth at 1.30 at
Christ church. Cranbrook, b>( the
Rev. E. P. Flewelling, rector of the
parish, marriage was solemnized between Mr. Charles Langrldge, of Bull
River, and Miss Emily Elizabeth
Sawyer, of Cranbrook.
The bride was given away by her
cousin, Mr. Benjamin Luck, of Bull
River. The bridegroom was support-
1 cd by Mr. A. A. Callagnan, of Bull
Miss Wellman presided at tbe or-  and a few friends were most plena*  chances are that Mr. Drayton will be
That [ antly  entertained   by   Mr.  and  MrB. . permanently appointed at the
I R. W. Russell at their cheery home on I '-he month.
ml of
on   his  success,  and
A. contestant. Ii>th«llr.tjuymllc j ovory Cons(,rvialv„ ,„ ,„„ bulldl„g.
a p. u	
Crniibrook Sns.li tt Door Co..
City Trinstor 	
t'ranbrook ItriiK t: Hook Co,
Kink Morrantlle Co., Ud	
MoBrlda, J. 1)	
I'uy roll 	
Parka, R « Co	
Porrett, T. N	
Cranbrook foundry 	
Thc city engineer's roport wntt
To the  Mayor and  AWlormen. Cranbrook, B.C.:
Gentlemen: I have pleasure In submitting for your consideration progress report of work carried ont by
tbe city engineer's department during
the month ending October 31st, 1914.
' Sw'lces
During the month of October nlnc-
ty-soven houses wcre connected up to
.the now steel pipe system, there be-
in* fifteen doullc a r] sixty seven
single connections. Tn the privel
portion which was done on Hanson
s-cmic the services which had given
trouble In former yearB, on account
of freezing up, were lowered to thc
property line and should any service
freesc up hereafter thc cost of thawing same will be a ctiargo to bo entirely borne by the Individual property owners. On Hanson avenue the
total excavation amounted to nine
i hundred and eighty nine (U8!» lineal
foot, eight (8) feet deep und tho nvcr-
) age coat of excavation and backfilling
waa GO.*! cento per lineal toot, al-
110.00 Hatching Contest ever held In Cnn
nda,' 1 wish to congratulate you, on
behalf of the llrltlsh Columbia Poultry
association, on the success lhat has
attended your efforts. The association trusts that next year you will
endeavor to do even better than this,
nnd, to encourage you in this, the
association Is forwarding you a free
copy of the book entitled "Winter
Egg) and How to Oet Them." Tills
Is being sent to yon under separate
Wishing you the best of luck In the
future, nnd Imping that you wlll grow
up to be first-class poultry breeders.
Very truly yours,
J. R. Terry,
Secretary n. C. Poultry Association.
200 43
would support him.
On taking over the chair from the
retiring president Mr. McFarlane delivered a short speech In which he
thanked bis friends for his election.
He also thanked tbe gentlemen who
brought out Mr. Stevenson nt the
eleventh hour, stating that it saved
his sculp. In conclusion Mr. McFarlane stated that be would always support our bon. friend, Mr. Thomas
Caven, M.P.P.
Mr. Caven was shocked, but rallied
I that Cranbrook showed considerable »r*r/ young couple were driven to
activity In comparison with -other *»« tjesldence of Mrs. J. J. Kennedy
towns in British Columbia. Here j •"*«• Mrs. Dr. Kennedy greeted thc
everyone seemed to be digging. | ■« ** -» ^*1_ caf
He congratulated tbe Liberal officers | "ratulatlons were extended the par-
on their excellent showing.   They had  "dpants in the happy event,
kept up their meetings nnd were doing!    A   tasteful   wedding   supper   was
effective work ou the voters' list. This ; P"l»wd and served by Mrs. 1. J.
wns all that was needed between elec-1 Kennedy,
Mr. Macdonald believes that the
next election will overturn the mosl
Inefficient nnd corrupt provincial government ever known In Canada since
confederation.     The    conditions    In
playing    "The
Breathed O'er Eden."
After  the  wedding  ceremony the I Martin avenue.
The bridal party left In the after- j TO'XEl. CAVK-IX AT
noon for their home at Bull River.    ! (HOWS NEST PASS
Mrs. Langrldge has endeared her-! 	
self to many people In Cranbrook. and ' ,„„„ Tn„nf| Blocked ami Temporary
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 10.—The
CrowB Nest Poss Coal Company wlll
supply the city wltli coal during 1918,
delivered In the el'y hall basement at
the following prices: Slack coal,
14.80 per ton; mine run coal, 85.68
per ton; No. 1 lump, 85.75; No. 2
lump, on the basis of 800 to 1000 tons,
86.15 per ton. The contract was
awarded yesterday by Mayor Hlndley
and City Purchasing Agent J. C.
Argall, after chemical tests were
made, showing the Canadian coal to
bo superior.
London, Nov. 11.—Premier Asquith stated In the house of commons
today that he doubted It the war would
lost as long as people had originally
Ing for land, which the government
to blB feet with some difllculty, and | thin province at the present time wcre
said  ho was surprised,  but after a
time managed to whisper something
which thc writer wns unable to understand.
Mr. J. B. Hall aud Mr. A. Shank-
land wcre nominated tor vice-president. The result of thc vote gave Mr.
Hall 190 und Mr. Shankland 188.
19. II. McPhee was elected secretary by acclamation.
President McFarlane then called for
nominations for the executive. Thc
result was as follows: W. F. Attrldgo,
265; Dr. F. ft. Green, 212: Simon
Taylor, 174; LoBier Clapp, 171; Dr.
Rutledge, 168; Ira Manning, 162; J. P.
Fink, 160; T. C. Phillips, 158; Robert
McCreery, 155: E, A. Hill, 149; I.
Baxter, 146; (leorge Leitch, 143; Wm.
Steward, 133; E. H. McMahen. 129:
Frank Dezall. 108; J. Martin, 67; A.
Shankland, 61.
The  Ilrst eight names  mentioned
Miss I.ugenda Dalton accompanied
her sister to this country, attending
her at the wedding.
i    Miss    Elizabeth    Beatrice    Dalton
! travelled all tbe woy from the old
country to wed Mr. Hilton, who Is a
. successful fruit rancher In the ('res-
i ton valley.
I    Mr. and Mrs. Hilton and Miss Dal-
wlll be greatly missed. Mr. langrldge Is held In high esteem by those
who have the pleasure of knowing
him. They start In their new life un-1
der happy ausplccB.
Soldier Boys WIN Provide (.'ood Tine
al Next Dance In Auditorium
It   has   been   announced   tbat   thi
due wholly to the MoBrlda government nnd very little of the present
stringency was caused by the war. I ton   attended   the   early   service   at  H„c0„j Regimental .urnce of the 107th
The people nt the coast were clamor-1 Christ church on Sunday morning. 	
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton, accompanied
East Kootenay Keglroent wlll be held
In thc Auditorium  on  Tuesday,  No-
stlll held securely tied up.   The prov-; *»' »«»» Dalton, left for Erickson on | vemlM,r 17lh
lnce Is now In terrible flnnnclal straits ! Sunday   accompanied   by   the   bestj    Tllp  ,.„mm|Ul,f   o(  the   Cranbrook
and men with accounts of 1400 and i wishes of the numerous friends made j volunteer Club, which has control of
8500 wcre unable to get their money; during  their short acquaintance  In  ,h(, socln| „„„!,„ ,„ connection with | wm „,, k,.pt |„ operation  until thc
Track Placed   trnund
Forty feet of the ly.op tunnel at
crows Nest collapsed on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The accident
occurred Immediately west of the
station. Tbe loosening of the earth
from the sudden thaw following a
very heavy snowstorm In the Pass Is
ascribed as tin- cause. The vibration
of a freight train which passed
through some tine- before might have
helped In the final fall. Luckily no
passenger train was due for hours
as the first train, the Spokane Flyer,
was not scheduled to the spot until
midnight. To overcome this trouble
arrangements, were made for the construction of a temporary track which
A   Further   Drop  This  Week
Nn. 1 Crentnn Apples, 1  Box
|l.Sfi Bog
Taking 3 boxes 11.50 Box
from tlie government.  The cnpltal re-1 Cranbrook
sources of tho province had been dls- j	
slpated In the buoynnt days of the
past and the government was unable
to cope with thc conditions facing
them now, caused by their own
wasteful, cxtravogont dissipation of
public monies.
Tho province was also In a serious
predicament with their huge guarantees on rallwny bonds. The province
would face the payment of 845,000,000
bonds gunmntecd tn Mnckenzlc and
Mann, unless their road could make IN   lb    Sack   Rolled   Oats   Ste.
the interest on 846,000 per mile and :i Iti. Best Creamery Butter for
i Now Is the time to bay.
wlll go up soon
were declared duly elected to govern [ |ny „:,|,|,. enough tn meet the principal
the local board, llie Ilrst seven look- |„ thirty yenrs. This meant a huge
Ing nfter the welfare or the district anuiunl of trafllc which neither Mac-
board. I kcnzlc and Mann or the II. ('. govern-
Tlie oet ting adjourned al 2 a.m.      | mnit had considered.
I Set oar prices
the corps ore working hand to keep , ma|n tnt.^ |s ,jUg „ut and relald
the standard of the forthcoming dance '
up to that set by tho first one. which
was one of the best of the kind ever
held In Cranbrook. Thc ladles of thc
St. John's Ambulance Corps are also
co-operating with the offlcerH of the Lethbridge, Nov. 10.- Stock shlp-
reglment and will provide thc supper menls on the crows Nest line of the
as was done previously. All proceeds Canadian Pacific railway for the prcs-
golng to the funds of the respective j ent week promise to set a record for
corpH> 1914, and go to show tbat. In spite of
It Is also understood that the next i adverse circumstances, the stock In-
event of the kind will be held on De-, dustry In Eastern British Columbia
cember 31st and will bc the Annual l and Southern Alherta Is on the up-
Reglm'ental Ball, with a final dance for I turn According to tlie figures ob-
thc season on St. Volontlne's Night. A tnlned today, the shipments 'or tho
good program of dances has been ur-1 week wlll reach the 300-cur mark, und
ranged and a sulntantlal addition to j lho money put In circulation as a rc-
tho orchestra Is contemplated for the i suit will be In thc neighborhood of a
fartheontng dancea. quarter of a million dollars. PAGE TWO
J. B. THOMrSO>, Editor and Marnier1
Supscrlptloa Rates
One   Year     J2.0Q
Six Months         1.00
Three Months    50
Advertising Rates
Display   Advertising,   25   ceuts   per
Column inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line.	
(■ranbrook, B.C„ November 12th, 11)14
Straight ahead lies the broud safe
road to future progress, prosperity
and plenty for the residents of t'ranbrook und district. In times of business depression the voice of the pessimist Is heard rdnrlng above all the
rest. \\'e have heard liis dismal Bong
In years gone by, and ive shall hear it
again, it is true that this lias been a
lean year in tliis locality, but we have
lived through leaner years. Already
the sun is breaking through the
ClOUdB and every cloud has a silver
lining.   "Look Pleasant."
Various reasons have been assigned
for the change in the personnel of the
local Conservative association. A
prominent Conservative who claims to
be "right on the tiring line," reports
the outcome of tlio meeting last Friday us being directly ilue to the warfare waged between the two wings of
the party und that tin* best men won;
while others claim that the "frame-
up" in asking Mr. .lack Heed to tender his resignation as road superintendent, wus responsible for :\\w
change, Btating that men uf the opposite Bide "fell" for it like good fellows. Another reason for the change
and tin-1 one most generally accepted
was given to tlu* Herald by a loca1
Conservative who is familiar with tin
movements of the association. He
' said: "The great principle Involved
is the control of tlie .police commission. There is no use beating
about the bush In tliis matter. Tlljf
is the real cause."
The hyluw whicli will disfranchise
more than sixty householders in the
city was considered by the council al
the last meeting uud will reach it*-
final stage at the next meeting. Tills
bylaw has hail strong opposition ant.
every step of its progress hns been
opposed by Aldermen Campbell am
Lent;!;. Alderman Cameron was alsi
opposed to thi! bylaw, but he has not
been In regular att ndanct* at coun
ell meltings. The friends of the by
law are pleased to term It tlie elimin
ation of the "$..',00 vote." The ma.
who votes under the rights of the
$-i.O0   law   Is  subject  to  scathing  de
nunciation. The -tux of the whop
matter is that this uuestlon should Ik
dealt with hy the provincial government und should bo dropped by tin
municipal governments, in all othei
provinces iu Canada tlie huv provide;
for the householder's vote and re
cognizes his rights, hut in this prov
luce class legislation has been tin
order, recognizing only the rights of
the capitalist anil property owners. A
town governed solely by the property
owners will never progress in like
munner to that in whicli every -resident citizen lias a vote. Property owners are often blinded by the large
dollars before their eyes. As Alderman Campbell pointed out last Monday night the "Sii.OD vote" Ims never
elected a man to the council fn tin
history of Cranbrook who lias been a
disgrace to tlie town. Every alderman lias been ti good representative
citizen. Then, why censuro tin
"$2.oo vote?" Nearly a hundred law-
abiding residents who pay rent—and
I hereby pay taxes—will be disfranchised by the new bylaw. Tliey are
citizens who have their families hefe
nnd who expect to continue to make
their homes In the city. They are us
much Interested In tin* good and welfare of Cranhrook as any ratepayer.
No fair minded person could object to
(heir assistance in choosing the
mayor and aldermen, The council if
powerless to provide them wfth a vote
except through tin* $2.00 clause in the
law. Rather than disfranchise these
good citizens, rather than lay themselves liable to the suspicion of class
legislation and clique rule, so long as
tho $2.00 vote is not electing crooks
or fools Into alilermanic positions, it
would seem to the writer that the
i ity council might better let well
i 'lough alone tor the present and
bring pressure to bear on the provincial government to remedy this devious discrepancy in Itrltisii Columbia
la w.
L Shorty"   Milne   Write**   hitcresllua;
Letter Frum Old Country
Training   Camp
For the past six weeks Inquiries
huve been nmde at tliis ottlce In reference to letters from the front.
As a deep interest is manifested ia
the Crnnbrook boys at Salisbury
Plains the Meruit! would be pleased
to print letters received from men
who are now stationed there.
Tlie letter printed below If from Jim
Milne, better known around town as
"Shorty." This letter was forwarded
to Capt. Ceorge Tisdale. of the local
militia corps. The letter:
Hello Cap:
How art* you getting on? 1 suppose
you want to know all about our trip
over tlie pond. Well, to begin with,;
I it was very long and tiresome. We j
! left Quebec on September 20th, pro-
uceded to Qaspln Buy. where we had !
to wait till the Brd of October for the !
remainder of the transports. Then we
landed at Plymouth on October llth;
only travelled about 220 miles per
tiny. We were sent to Plymouth owing to the presence of Oerman submarines in the Channel near Soutll-
impton, where wt were to land, and
we had to ri main on board until October 21st. Sergeunts were allowed
ishore once while waiting. Plymouth
is a very pretty place—almost as
pretty us Cruubrook girls. Three of
ms got a cur and took It lu right. Of
course we overstayed our passes a
1'ew hours, but didn't get caught at it
We left tiie boat at ■! p.m. 21st and
walked about three miles to the station. We were on tlie train till mid-
ilght.   All tin* Cranbrook boys were
Several Schlitz beers wero shot
Washington last week.
Toronto paper: For Sale—Baby
carriage, owner going out of business.
t'ranbrook shows no falling off in
tlie matrimonial line. The whirl of
the marriage wheel goou on.
If lire is the great cleanser and
purifier, we know of four "spots"
which are pure iu Cranbrook today.
If there is any truth In the saying
that every cloud has a silver lining,
tilts Kuropean war cloud will sure be
a humdinger.
The "Ins" this year In the Conservative party were the "outs" lust year.
Turn ab(out) Is fair play. Never
carry two faces under one hood.
A Cranbrook teacher asked her
class last week to pronounce
s-t-i-n-g-y. One small boy wanted to
know whether It applied to a bee or
a human being.
The Hritish soldier is the same old
fighting stock that he was at Crecy,
Aglncourt, Blenheim, Waterloo nnd
Alma. He "muddleii" along and gets
tiiere whether thc odds are two or five
against him. He sings and fights, he
whistles and fights, and, possibly, lie
Editor Herald, Cranbrook, B.C: ^^ Qp ^j^
Dear Sir: In your lust Issue I read! —	
with deo„ Interest and n feeling of L ™BUO•■  NOTICE    IS    HEREBY
,      '    . .   ,„, .„ ,„    GIVEN that a Court of Kevislon will
comfort that your paper will in tu-1 M ,„ ,he Munlc,1)al 0fjlc*» Norl)ury
tore publish no further religious com- j avenue, Cranbrook, II.C, on the lCtli
municatlons.   This Is us It should be. j day of December, 1914, at the hour of
It ought not be necessary In this day ! w-f "•"'• ttooal time) for the purpose
,,   „    .,     " ,,.   ,   , , of hearing all complaints uguinst the
to call attention to this lact. , llsaeB8mcnts us made by tho assessor
To make a newspaper u success lt i for the year of 1915.
must,   above   nil   tilings,   print   thc [    Any person considering himself or
news-that Is, affairs that take place | ^^^E''^!"^"^,,^ ^
in the community of general interest
on the job and none of them liave been
ap us yet for anything.
Well, we landed in camp at 2 in the
morning and just (jot settled when It
itarted to rain and it lias been raining
•ver since until today, when the
veather has been fairly good.
Well, thu 1911 drill book is all out of
tear now by tiie arrival of the 1!)1*1
•ind I hear that there Is another in
press that is different again. Of course
iquad drill is much the same iu all of
them, but the battalion Is formed differently: four companies—10 platoons
- a platoon Is a little larger than the
present half company and commanded
by one lieutenant, one sergeant and
Tour section commanders and would
you believe it, I was lucky enough to
be appointed platoon sergeant. 1 did
iot expect It, being in a strange bat-
taltott. We have not completed tin
formation   yet,   but   1   think  Walter
hiimhiTs will got command of a section. This being the Ilrst fine day
hoy didn't do a thing but give us six
lours dji'lll. I enjoyed it very much
We hud a four mile march iu the afternoon. I think I will take a trip to
'.ondon in the smoke about Thursday, as I want to spend all my money
before I go to the front, as I would
date to be found dead with money on
How Is the ammunition holding out'.'
Are yon still saving it? Orders for
tomorrow are just out. We will have
mr Ilrst battalion drill in platoon
formation. N. C. O. parade 8 k. for
'instructions by the S.M.
Say. I don't think all my friends in
ranbrook are writing very often, a;-
! don't get many letters, so you better
put in a few extras.
\ddrcss: Sgt. J. Milne, D. Co., 12th
Battalion, Salisbury Plains, First Canadian Contingent.
| sweurB und lights, but ho appears to
| be very much on the lighting job all
the time.
One of the district Conservative
politicians approached an Irishman
in town last week aud invited hlni to
the meeting, at the same time giving
11 iin a patronizing pat on the back.
'You aro n fine boy and I often wish 1
had your tongue." "Sure," was the
reply, "and what good would thut do
ye without me brains."
An Interesting case was .before tho
police court In Vancouver the otlier
day. A man appeared at one of the
theatres and deposited 60c. for a reserved seat. He was informed tlie
price was $1. The man stated he had
only one eye and accordingly should
only pay half price. After a little reflection the judge "decided he could
not sec things his way, stating that it
would take him twice as long to sec
the performance, and should 'be
charged a double admission.
Four    Building*    Completely    Wiped
Out on Tuesday Evening—loss
About #ltWMH(
As the result of a lire which, breaking out about nine o'clock Tuesday
night, raged violently for hours, four
buildings in Crnnbrook "Lemon
Patch," just outside the city limits,
ire wiped off tiie local map.
The lire started in an unoccupied
house, formerly "operated" by one
Gladys—so wo are Informed—and
with lightning-like rapidity nnd in
less time than It takes to explain,
tho building was a seething mass of
Haines. Tiie cause of the lire ts not
known, and it is not likely that Its
origin will over be established.
The houses are somewhat congest-
d, which gave tho lire flend his own
way and. combined with the fact tha:
there Is no water service, he had a
> bund.
ho roof of the second house was
1 was provided with a metal roof.   A
! bucket  brigade  was  now organized,
■ md a real "water wagon" brought into
play in an effort to check the pro-
. gross of the tire.   Tho building wns
afire live times and as many times the
•volunteer." fire fighters, who pulled
iff some stunts which our town boyu
■mould be made acquainted with, succeeded ln quenching.
I    Adjoining properties bear the mark
of tho conflagration in singed sides
| aud more or less damaged interiors.
i ' The occupants of the houses lost
'. practically everything thoy possessed,
\ the flames spreading rapidly and cut-
, ting off entrance to tlle buildings. Not
often in this city have buildings been
; more completely wiped out by  fire.
j They have been simply swept away.
I Nothing whatever remains of them.
I     Upwards of one thousand spectators
' gathered to watch the progress of the
' conflagration, the biggest for years.
Employees of the Electric Light and
Telephone companies were early on
thc scene, nnd succeeded In saving
i several Instruments belonging to thu
i respective companies.
The loss ls estimated at $12,000.
; The "Inmates" were looked after by
, others of their class. As the multitude gazed on this scene a feeling of
pity came over most of them. There
must bc something wrong with the
world when women load a life of this
kind, aud it needs fixing.
There are a lot of people ln this
town wiio cannot afford to be sick,
1'crhups none of you feet that you can,
but certainly some of you can't, for aa
soon us you are sick, your wages stop
anil worry and debts begin to pile up.
The sensible thing for you to do, as
soon as you feci run-down und worn
out, no matter what the cause, Is to
soon ou fire, and In a few minutes the  take something Just as quick us you
li an efficient  W
mean* oi pre-    ^\f>
ventton   in  fever
Condition!.     It it
NOT a cure  for
1 FEVER, but  by
keeping the liver
wetlttn**, il prevent* tha
accumulation of noiaon ia
the  blccj   which    whan
allow nl io < f.niinii- unchecked,
might develop into, fever,
Ordar a  bottle TO-DAY from
your dealer.
Prapared only by
I C. F.NO, Ltd.,   "Frail Salt"
Wort., LONDON, Caidud.
Aianta for Canada i
Hatnld F. Ritchie * Co , M mlt ad
building was a roaring caldron of <'un to build up strength and henlth,
flames.   The heat was most intense.  J»Jj yo»rw\t more comfortable and
.,     „ . '        .   .    „   provide against serious sickness,
aud as tlie flames got full control of j Wo don't believe there Is any otlier
tlle building the situation became more i medicine made that will do as much
serious, and onlookers  wore  driven | towards saving your health and thus
hack by the spreading fire. SSKSF a?T nSV% S°itti   '"7, US
_.    ' , 1(i..    Hexali Olive Oil Emulsion.    It Is a
The flames jumped across the Inter- ; mft(i*(.*IU, tllut getB plght at tho tro.lb,Q
vening space and took hold of the j und relieves It by toning the nerves,
third building, a two-story house of I enriching the blood, and.giving new
good construction, which furnished j "trengtl. and health to the whole body.
1 It doesn t do this by means of alcohol
food for the apparently hungry flames,
| The heat from this building became so
1 great that the spectators and the vlc-
1 thus—like   tho   German   army—were
again forced back some distance.
For a time It looked as if the whole
| "row" would bc completely wiped
I out. The fiery tongues were now Hck-
j ing up the fourth building. A stiff
| south-west wind was blowing and it
habit-forming drugs, because it
contains none. Its strength and
health-giving power la due to pure
Olive Oil and the Hypophosphittu,
long endorsed by successful physicians, the one for its food value, the
other for Its tonic value. Here, for
the Ilrst time, thoy are combined, and
the result is a real nerve, blood and
body-building medicine — a reel
Btrongthener that we are proud to tell
you about.   You don't need to hesitate.
touill readers, lt is this news which
keeps up your advertising columns.
When un advertiser buys space In a
paper he dooa so because he desires
to reach and convince the public. He
does not patronize the paper out of
friendship for the editor or because he
likes Its editorial policy. He is socking publicity, aud he takes thc apace
in the paper on strictly business principles.
Print all tho news all the time, taking a stand on what yon believe ia
right. Do not sway with every wind
that blows. If au editor can bo
bought today with ah advertisement,
ho wlll "sell out" again tomorrow for
a larger advertisement. Control
every lino of news which Is printed In
your paper. Let no man get away
with  anything.
Trusting you will profit by this advice, I remain, yours truly,
An Old Newspaperman.
Lethbridge, Alta., November llth,
Second Lieut. Ilatton, Vancouver,
has been officially declared a prisoner of war ln Germany.
William Murray, of Vancouver, aged
G4, for fifteen years manager of thu
Canadian Uank of Commerce, is dead.
Judge Edgar H. Pfost, a Vancouver
financier, died at Seattle last week.'
Heart failure wns the cause of death.
Fruit growers of the Okanagan
Valley wlll exhibit at the Spokane
Apple Show, which opens on November 16th.
Engineer J. H. Shrapnel and Fireman G. W. Kiteley of the C.P.R. were
killed near Hope last week. Tbeir
engine struck a small rock slide.
required to give notlco In writing to
the assessor at least ten clear days
before the sitting of the Court of Revision.
Dated at Cranbrook, D.C,
October 28th, 1014. 45-4t
(Section 421.
on the first day of December next application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate at Wycliffe, lu tho Province of Hritish Columbia.
Dated this Kith day of Octoher, 1914.
4«-4t Applicant
More than 70
Quartettes, too
WH E N you rely on the
for your winter's entertain*
ment, you are not confined to
Grand Opera Sinferi or Tango
For instance j there are more thnn
■evenly Quartette Record-, j Irom the
wKi^OrerUBW I)lyel*yed B«by,"(end
tondcr melodic! like "old Black.Joe to
the magnificent quartette from Riloletto.
LM.i-/.irt'a Twelfth Mo»a and beautiful
Mer" hymni aa "Lead. Kindly LitftT and
"Abidi* Willi Me."
LIQl'Olt ACT, Mill
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of thc hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
a"s the Tourist Hotel, situate at Dull
River, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).'
on the Ilrst day of December next application will bn made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Perry ('reek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, in thc Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th dav of Octobor, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
If you like music thut
thrills — just come in
and let ni play some uf
the rousing selections
mnde expressly for thc
Edison Phonograph hy
the British Male
Quartette — Knickerbocker Quartette—and
Munhattan Ladies
Then, you'll be able
to examine the Edison
(or yourself — the
diamond reproducing
point, unbreakable and
long playing records,
superior motors and
horns, ind Cabinets
made io true Period
styles, in perfect
harmony with the
finest furniture.
The Beattie Murphy Co. Limited. Cranbrook Drug: tn Book Company.
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next ap- j
plication will be made to the Super-
Intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known I
as the International Hotel, situate at]
  [ Kingsgate, In the Province or British;
Twenty-five  thousand coyotes  re-| C°5^d*hiB 15th day of October. 1014.
A Good Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Conteutmeut
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault bas made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
imiiMii "nrrnw
looked us If every house was doomed. | In using It, because If It doesn't do all
Tbe fire (lend, however, spent his   we  "W  •*  Will  and  satisfy you  tn1
force when tin* fourth building went
every way, it will cost you nothing.
: If It doesn't make you strong and
down and out, the wind dying down Wl.\\ again, come back and get your
! about this time. ! money,   It will be given to you with-
I    The next house to be attacked by «"" Word or'question. Sold only at tlm
..... u * \ more than 7,000 Rexall Stores, und In
j the lire demon was run by one Agnes  U|lH t()Wn    <mly   by   Hffc «i.ML«ta
| and wait well fortified Inasmuch as It | Heattie-Murphy Co., Special Ajenta,    1*2-41
cently serenaded the people of Kaslo.
It is supposed that German agents
have been working among them.
Twenty-live thousand dollars' damage war, done early Sunday morning
ut Vancouver when tho old Eagle
hotel on Cordova street was burned.
Mcwa Singh, tho Hindu who murdered \V. C. Hopklnson, the Dominion
Immigration at Vancouver, a few
days ago, has been sentenced to
M. G. Wilson, a Sumtnerlutid resident, benefits to the extent of five
thousand dollars und^r the will of
I. R, Wilson, the Montreal Htoel magnate.
Fire visited Sulllvnn station on
Thursday morning, when it totally
destroyed a barn whicli had been recently erected on the ranch of Sullivan Bros, and Htland, entailing a loss
of nearly $4,600.
John R. Grey, aged 70, a director of
the defunct Dominion Trust company,
dropped dead of heart failure at Oakland, California, on Saturday last.
This ls thc third sudden death among
Vuncouvcr financial men that has
come with the sensational finish of
the Dominion Trust Co.
Nearly twenty-four years ago the
British Columbia Express company's
stage was held up by a lone highwayman on the Cariboo road. A short
time ago thc strong box was found
In the bushes close to the scene of
the crime. All the papers. Including
$250 in money orders, were ln a good
state of preservation and easily readable.
The annul exodus from British Columbia to China commenced last
week, when one thousand Chinks composed the passenger list on one
steamer. They arc on their way home
to celebrate the New Year. To the
thousunds of white men out of employment at Vancouver this must
have seemed encouraging.
(Section 42).
on the flrst day of December next application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tlio hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotol known
as the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Kort Steele, in the Province of British
Dated this 16th day of October, 1914.
■t2-4t Applicant
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Wasa Hotol, situate at Wusa,
near Cranbrook, in the Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
The Unionist Investment Co., Md
for Company
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotol known
ub the Kootenny Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
LiQidK Limst: ACT
(Section 2Q)
on the first dny of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale license No. 92, for
the sale of liquor by wholesale ln and
upon the premises known as the
Cranbrook Brewery, situate near
Cranbrook, upon the lands described
ns Lot 29, Group 1, South East Kootenay.
Dated this 15th day ot October, 1914.
Cranbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 20)
on the first day of December next .application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale liquor HcenBe, No.
107, for the sale of liquor by wholesale In and upon thc premises known
as Howness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
situate un Baker Street, lit thc City of
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent or Provlnclul Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail lu the hotel known
as the-North Star Hotel, situate at
Kimberley, In tho Province or British
Dated this 16th duy or October, 1014,
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first day or December next application will be made to the Superintendent or Provincial Pollco for le-
newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Central liotel. situate at
Marysville. ln tho Province of British
Dated this 15th day of Octobor. 1914,
42-4t Applicant
CRANBROOK       •       -       BRITISH COLUMBIA
that they do not
need the Treatment
—yet go on taking
5, 10, 15 drinks a '
day, and soon thoy
can not do without
twice that many,
and are con firmed
A Stitch In Time
Saves Nine. Tike
the Treatment, and
be a man.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up     7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided Profits     8,366,000.00
D. R. WILKIE, President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued" available In any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
1,11(1011 AIT, 10111
(Section 42).
on the lirst day of December next application will bc made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for rc-
llouor by retail In thc hotel known
us thc Windsor Motel, situate at
Port Steele, In the Province of llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated this 15tli duy of October. 1914.
42-4t Annllcftnt
1.11(1 OK ACT, 191(1
(Section 421.
Ion the first day of December ii'-xt application wlll be made to tlio Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
j newal of thu hotel IloenaO to Hell
Ihiuor by r tall in thc hotel known
as thc Yahk Hotel, situate al Yahk, In
thc Province of British Columbia,
Dnted this 16tli dny of October, 11)14.
12-41 Applicant
i.uiroii ACT, llllll
(Section 42).
on the Ilrst dny of December next application will bc mudc to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known !
ns the Contral liotel, situate nt Moyle,
in the Province of British Columbia.
I'nted this 15th dny nf October, ISM.
42-4t Applicant I
fulillng WW (or Wouu'ti, |"> k tm «r tl reolor
3'"   Sold nt till Druff atorw. or nuillcd to »ny
■eiioiircccliit i.i j.rl'v    Tin --'conit.. DRtld
Vltelltyifor Ner?« nml Hrnln; Incr-MMi "xny
mtter'.iiTnn,.*—will liiiltd rmi Up 13 n iwi,or
two ior $.'■. at drug itofM, or l»y nn.il im. •Mel-it
•f price Tin aoorji...., Drvu QO., Bt. OfttbllUMh
BMttto-Murphy Co., Md., f\«eittt.
(Section 42),
on tlio first Uny of December next ap-1
plication will be mnde to thr Superintendent of Provincial Police for ro-:
newal   of   tlie   liotel   license   to   .■• ii
liquor by retail in the liotel known
as the International Hotel, situate at '
Moyle, In tbo Province of liritlnlt Co-
Dated tbis Kitb day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant IA
Wo Arc Introducing
American silk
American Cftfllimero
American Cotton-Mule
nos11: it v
They have stood Uio test, Glvo
r<yil foot comfort. No eoaina to
rip. Never become Iqobo or
btiKKy. Tito Bbapo In knit In -
not iircHHcil in,
GUARANTKO for dnenoss,
Htyle, superiority of material and
workmanship. Abitolutely Htaln-
Ichh. Will wear tl luontlm witiiout holes, or new ones free.
oni special om.it
to every one Hcmllng ns $1.00 In
currency or postal note, to
cover advertising und sbtpptng
chart-en, we will send post-paid,
with written guarantee, backed
by a live million dollar company,
•I Pairs of our 7.*io. valuo
American Silk Hosiery   ~   <
or   4 Pairs of our 'Aiv, value
American Casbmero Hosiery
or  4 Pairs of our &0c. value
Amer'n Cotton-Mule Hosiery
or   (I Pairs of Children's Hosiery
Glvo   tbe   color,   size,   and
whether Ladles' or Gent's hosiery ls desired.
DON'T DELAY.—Offer expires
when n dealer in your locality Ib
1'. 0. llox 244
t 42-12 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, 1914
Watch Repairing
The mechanism of a
watch is an intricate
and delicate thing.
Many good watches
have been ruined by
bungling repairs. We
do expert repairing.
We know how to
handle a cheap watch
as well as, tbe expensive timepiece — yet
either gets Ibe same
honest attention and
care in tbis shop. We
promise lo repair your
watch iu a workmanlike manner und ut a
reasonable price.
W. H. Wilson
Charles F. Nidd returned from
Pernio Friday.
Beale & Elwell, steamship agents for
European points.
Mrs, E. H. Small, of Canal Flats,
wus a visitor in town Tuesday.'
A horse belonging to a local Chinaman died at the city pound last Friday morning. *
Horn—In Cranbrook on Tuesday,
November 10th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Vance, twins.
Hard Times—Are you buying to
best advantage? We can save you
money.—Oranbrook Trading Co,
Uoger and Gaston Chenuz left last
week fur Skookumchuck to work on
their homestead for a few weeks.
Tlie Ladies of Christ Church Guild
will hold a tea und sale of work at
the Rectory on Saturday, November
2Rth. 46-3t
Louis Perron is back to work
again after being confined to St.
Eugene, hospital for about n month
wltli pneumonia.
The local miiltla paraded to the
Edison theatre last evening for their
regular weekly lecture. Capt. Tisdale
gave a talk on "Musketry."
The alarm of fire on Friday evening
was for a small blaze at the home of
A. J. Balment. The fire department
responded in its usual prompt way.
Remember the sale of work at the
Christ Church Rectory. November
28th. The plaee to buy your Xmas
presents. Special Hani Times
prices. 46-3t
Mr. John Miller, of the local staff or
the Canadian Bank of Commerce, left
on Friday last for tlio Windermere
country, where he wtjl spend his
Mrs. Haney, of Nelson. w,i.- i.i the
city on Saturday en route to Char-
lottetown, Prince Edward Island. A
number of her Cnrilir.Ks1; friends
were at the station to meet her
Roy s. Shields, teacher nf the Central school, received a wire on Sunday stating that his father hnil died
suddenly nt Colburn. Out. Mr. Shields
left on the early morning train on
Monday morning for thnt place.
The Indies of St. Mary's church will
bold a sale of cookery and sewing on
Saturday afternoon, from 3 to ti, on '
November 81st, nt tho store formerly
oecuptod by "The Palm," Norbury
avenue.   Tea will he served.       46-21
Dr. Anderson, of Fernie, passed
through Cranbrook on Saturday
morning on liis way to Victoria on receipt of Instructions from tho chief
medical Ollloor of this district. It is
expected ho will go with the second
t       ,
Mr. M. A. Macdonald, a former resident of this city, is in town on a
visit, to liis brother, Mr. A. 11. Macdonald. Mr. Maedoi.uhl was ln attendance at the Qrand Forks assi7.es,
whicli opened there on the Mb inst,
nnd being within a short run of this
city, made it a point to visit with old
friends. "Mac" always ims a good
word for Cranbrook.
There is being issued tills week
Trom the press of the Cranbrook Herald, a ncw nnd up-to-the-minute telephone directory for the locul tolC'
phone company. The book Is neatly
printed and the general make-up of
the book shows what tills oilier can
do In the art of printing. This is,
perhaps, tooting our own horn, but
nevertheless It's a fnct.
Mr. J. H. Doyle, u former resident
of this city, and a regular
monthly visitor, wlll take over the
management or the King (leorge
hotel at Creston. Mr. Doyle has had
wide experience as a hotelman in til lfl
district, being for yeara connected
wltli hotels at Marysville and Moyle.
In addition to being a good liotel man
Mr. I>..yle Is an excellent*story toller,
aad guests at tho King tleorgo will
be assured a good time.
Eastern Concord grapes at Ward &
Buy your steamship tickets at Beale
& Elwell.
W." A.WIlmot Is in Nelson on a few
days business
Fresh dairy butter, It lbs. for $1.00 at
Ward & Harris,
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Brown have returned from a fortnight's shooting trlji
Into the st. Mary's Ijiko country.
Mrs. Amy Campbell left on today's
train for Dcrldder, Louisiana, whore
she will spend the winter with her sister.
Court of revision for the provincial
voters' list will be held at the gov-
ornmoiit QflkOB next Monday, Noveni-1
her Kith.
Mrs. 0, .1. Little underwent a successful operation at Mrs. Bent's hospital on Wednesday. She Is reported
Improving rapidly.
Solomon Koury has moved his stock |
of goods into the U'usk building on
linker street.   The new quarters will
greatly Increase his store room.
W. C. Adlard and H. Coleman have
leased the Cruiihrunk Steam Laundry
from Mr. C. T. Davis Indefinitely uud
solicit the patronage of thu public
Lieut. Fred It. Martin, of the lOIlrd
Calgary Rifles, a machine gun officer,
who will leave soon for the front, is
a cousin of Mrs. J. M. Deane, of this
Tlie address of the Cranbrook members of,the second Canadian contingent, who are camped at Victoria is
"P. Co., 30th Battalion, Thc Willows,
Victoria, B. C."
At the last sitting of the police commission the police were Instructed to
notify all girls ln the restricted district to move away from the city by
the 30th November.
A good house greeted tho Pantagcs
at the Auditorium Wednesday and
Thursday evenings. Tho show wan of
in exceedingly high order and was
well up to the record of this circuit.
Elsewhere in this issue will be found
an advertisement announcing an assignee's sale by auction. Those desiring household and office furniture
will profit by reading this ad.
The "beautiful" has arrived. Citizens
experienced tlie first real touch of
winter this evening, when a heavy fall
of ,snow about a foot deep, covered
the city with a garb of white.
Mrs. Edgar Sainsbury left on Wednesday for London, England, on a
visit to jiier relatives In the Old Country. Mr. Edgar Sainsbury. who accompanied her part ot the way, returning an 513 today.
Mr. Edgar Sainsbury is an Ex-Ser- j
scant of the County of London Officers
Training Corps nnd is awaiting orders and transportation to rejoin his
old regiment in response to l,ord Kitchener's appeal.
The local officers of St. John's Ambulance Corps wish to thank the following mentioned ladles for contributions; Mrs. Edward Watts, 1 pair.
socks, 1 pair wristers; Miss Grace ;
Watts. 1 belt. 1 helmet: Mrs. Hill, 3;
pair socks,
Are you still keeping yonr title
papers and valuables in your house,
where they are liable to be destroyed
by fire? Why not put them in a perfectly safe place? In one of Beale
and Klwell'A safety deposit boxes—
the cost Si a mere trifle.
Rev. W. E. Dunhnm, pastor of the
Methodist Church, will leave this week .
for Hossland, to conduct anniversary
services there next Sunday. On next
Monday evening he will lecture in tlie '.
Methodist church of that city on j
'Yukon, the Und of Gold."
Lester Clapp, Dan Derail nnd Medley Lnjoie returned on Monday from
;i ten days' hunting trip In the Finlay
Creek country. The party was successful hi bringing down two fine deer, |
nnd ns a result friends of the hunters are now living high.
,1. F. Armstrong, ol Victoria, water :
commissioner for B. C, will hold a
hearing on water euses in Cranbrook
on Wednesday, November 18th. Mr*,
Armstrong will visit Cranbrook friends
for a fortnight before returning to the
eoast. He will bc the guest of his
daughter, Mrs. M. A. Beale.
Miss Flo Baldwin I?, raffling a
handsome crocheted table cover. This
piece of work represents six montlis
toil, and is iu every respect n most
striking piece of work. Miss Baldwin has been offered the sum of $26
for tliis article. Pnrt of the proceeds
from tiie drawing, which takes place
on Monday, February 1st, 1916, at the
old C.C.S. store, Armstrong avenue,
will be devoted to the Belgian relief
fund, a very worthy cause, and one
which should meet with the approval
of the loyal people of Cranbrook.
On Friday night last the store of W.
Halsall & Co. wos broken into and
the till robbed of |32 In bills' and
small change. The thief forced nn entrance In the rear of the store by
breaking the panel ln a door. This is
a daring piece of business, considering that on the evening mentioned tlie
Conservative association held their
meeting on the same street and men
were coming and going until ubout 2
o'clock In the morning. Tlie police
are working on tho vano atul It Is
hoped the guilty party wlll bn tho
guest of tbe city for a period of time.
James Finlay and  ■**'"
inn tin' coast mi Tuesda;
Born—in Crnnbrook  on   November
sth, to Mr. and .Mrs. T. 0. Horsman, a
I son,
, A meeting for men only will be held
i in tho Hex theatre on .Sunday afternoon next. Dr. Spencer will address
tho gathering un the subject of
"Cranbrook's Four Greatest Instltu-
! tlons."
- The memhers of St. John Ambulance take tliis opportunity of thank-
'■ ing Mrs. LawBon lor her kind donation
! of 1 pair of socks and 1 pair of
; towels, and Mrs. A. II. Webb for 2
pair socks, l muffler and 1 helmet.
A Herald reader left tit the office of
I tliis paper on Saturday,last a bunch
! of rtpo raspberries, picked from his
own berry patch, The fruit was of
excellent llavor, eacli berry being well
formed. The editor enjoyed berries
and cream for once In ills life.
The Cranbrook branch of St, John's
Ambulance Corps nre ip receipt of a
grand donation from Mrs. Pownall, of
Fish Lakes. The donation consists of
six flannel military shirts. The association also wish to thank the children
of tills lady for a pair of wristers each.
The Ladies Aid Society of tlle Methodist church are having tlicir annual
bazaar and. sale of home cookery on
Wednesday afternoon, November ISth
lu the old C. C, S, store on Armstrong
avenue. Afternoon tea will be served
from 3 to 0. All articles are very useful and marked at reasonable prices.
The Sunshine Society Store Committee have several plates and tea
towels that were left at the Sunshine
tea and cookery sale and hard times
dance. Anyone having' lost these
articles will please call for them at
the store in City Hall any dny from
4 to tt o'clock.
Mr. Chas. F. Nidd will give his
fourth organ recital at the Methodist
church on Wednesday. November 25th.
1914. He will be assisted by Mr. John
Venus, basso, who will render a solo,
"Neath the Rolling Tide," nnd will
sing a duett with Mr. Nidd from Handel's oratorio, "Israel in Egypt," en-1
titled, "The Lord is a Man of War."
The annual meeting of tbe Cran-'
brook Agricultural association will be
held In the city hall on Wednesday.
November 25th at S p.m. All interest-
ed In tlie welfare of the association j
should make a point of heing in nt- j
tendance, as the directors are in office
to carry out tlte wishes of the < itizens
In regard to the properly bold by
Miss  'L. 0.  Dalton  returned  from
Creston on Tuesday nnd .was a guest
at the rectory between trains, leaving
early    Wednesday      morning      for
Onowagi forty miles west of Edinon-
ton,  where  she  will  be  engaged   al |
hospital work.   Her dutlct*? will be un- j
dertaken in connection with what is
known as the Archbishop's Western
Canada  Fund, an  Institution  for the
advancement   of   tho   work   ot  the j
Anglican church in Canada east of the
The directors of tlte Women's  Institute mot With Mrs. tl. P. Tisdale on
Wednesday afternoon and decided to
1 celebrate their fifth anniversary which
I occurs on Friday. November 27th, with
I an   anniversary   social   and   dance
I which wlll be held at Maple Mall. Thc
i annual dues lo the Institute nre only
j 50 cents per year ami the ladles us-
' unlly find themselves at the end of
I tho year with a small deficit which
! hitherto has heen mnde up by their
(annual social.   This year they havo
! heen  asked -to  donate  1!5  cents   per
; member to the Patriotic Fund, and so
have decided to donate the proceeds
of tlieir annual Boclal to the Patriotic Fund In place of personal .contributions and tuke cure of their own Indebtedness In some oilier way.    Refreshments will he served free nnd the
smalt charge of 35 cents secures admission for the full evening's enjoyment.
(fillet Rut Highly Interesting Wcddlim
of Well gnown i runbrook
Young I'e.ipli
, On Wednesday evening last a fow
intimate iriends gathered at the home
of Mr. McAulay to witness tlie marriage of Miss Katiierni. Morrison, a
popular young lady of tliis city, to
John Alexander McAulay, a Cranbrook resident for u number of years
and well known to most cltliens of
Cranbrook. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. K Thomson,
pastor of Knnx Presbyti riou church.
The bride was tastefully dressed In
: Ivory masBellne and carried a bouquet
of   white  carnations.    She   was  at-
tonded by Miss Christie McAulay, sister of tho  bridegroom,  who  looked
pretty anti was dresBed in blue crepe
de chene,   Mr. John McLennan acted
as best man.   The party entered' the
parlor to the strains of the wedding
niiireh played by Miss Abbott and presented   n   most   pleasing   spectacle.
After the    ceremony    refreshments j
wero served  in  the tailing room   by j
Uie  Misses  Stevens,  Miss Chalmers
and Miss Abbott.   The evming was j
spent with music, Blnglng and fianc- I
ing.   The happy couple received numy |
useful presents, IncluJlng money, cut)
glass, silverware and china.
Mr. nnd Mrs. McAulay left on tho j
morning train for Calgary, Haney and I
Vancouver.    After  tlieir  return   tliey |
will reside at tho bridegroom's home,
225 Lumcden avenue.
8c, per word for first week, aad lc. per
word for each week an>r
NOTICK-Strayed   to   niy   prt-pIitH,
near Mission, about thrtm montlis
ago. oue bull, brand S.U. I*h hip.
Owner will kindly puy expenses and
remove ul ouce.   -CF. McPhee. 44-',*    '
in private bouse, furnace heated und
with all modern conveniences, and
use or setting room. Apply Herald
office. 44-lt*
trade; wlll exchange for dry wood;
either standing or cut and loaded
ou ears. ii. p. Mecleodi Box 808,
('ranbrook. 44-Ht*
MHt S.U.K thicken feed. ::imd
wheat. |2.00 per 100 lbs; also quantity of pullets. $9.00 per dozen.
Terms cash with order. L, J.
Hon a. Ptnrher Station. Alta.   45-::t
LOST.   l.'reciiMlk coal near St. Kit*
gem* hospital on Wednesday, November llth. ('out trimmed with
while ribbon. Reward offered for
return to Mrs. Lister, Slatervvllle.
Sundays- -Low muss at 9:110 a.m.,
nigh niasB, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
from 2 to 2 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays aud holy days of obligation— Mass at 8 a.m.
P. Plamondon. OM I
Loral Talent Hill Appear at Auditor-
j it mi  Monday Night—The
"Places! Flash jour footlights and
take up tlie curtain," will be the order given by the stage manager at the
Auditorium theatre on Monday evening next, when the Udles Aid of the
Presbyterian church will present for
the first time in Cranbrook "The
Minister's Bride." a four-net comedy,
Which is brim full t.f fun and occasionally runs over. There will be no
such thing as "stage frights," as
most of the performers have had considerable stage experience, several
taking leading parts In local productions, whicli have been a credit to
this city.
Display window cards arc out announcing the event and giving In de
tail the object of tlie show. A neat
program is being printed, whicli will
be distributed on tie*.evening of the
j The Belgian relief fund will share
largely in the proceeds of this presentation, ns one hail' of tlie money
realized win be devoted to that very
worthy cause. I'raiibro-jk merchants
will also share in the money collected. It is the intention of tbe com-
mlttee to purchase from Craubrook
business houses al! the goods, which
will be packed and sent on to the
Belgian people. By patronizing this
, affair you will be greatly assisting
. three good causes—local performers,
! Cranbrook business men and the heroic Belgians.
The following is the caste of characters and the special numbers of tbe
Industry ai 'I'almcco Plains Will Give
..  LniphijiHcnl lo Large .Number
of Men
Elko, Nov. IL—Tobacco Plains in
io have one of tho largest sawmill
plants iu Kootenay, costing $150,000
ind thoroughly modern throughout.
About six weeks ago the Eureka Lumber company's -mill was burnt down
anil construction lias already started.
Between 200 and 800 men will be employed. The ncw mill wil! lie ot
double size, with two band saws and
a gang saw, with a total capacity of
,100.000 ft. for 26 hours.
The Great Northern engineer was
here and surveyed for a spur from the,
industry track to the timber docks of
tho new mill. This will he constructed right away nnd will facilitate the
;*onsanction of the mill. The new
plant will have un entire new yard
system whereby the lumber will be
.•onvcyed from the mill by motor
trucks, automatically loaded; electric
-lackers will he used in piling lumber thereby doubling the piling capacity of the yards.
C, M. Edwards and Dr. Saunders left
for the Blacktail mountains to hunt
sheep tills week.
Tlie Ladies Patriotic club, headed by
Mrs. E, B. Holbrook, held a successful whist drive lost week. About HO
were present.
W. E. Dunham, Pastor.
The pastor wlll be nt Rossland for i
Sunday, taking thc anniversary services there.
The local services wlll be supplied
in the morning by Rev. Dr. Spencer, of
In the .'veiling the speuker will be.
Mr. Q. II. Thorpe, secretnry of the'
Tiiere will be special music by the
choir nt both services.
All an; cordially invited.
REMEMBER! The ointment
you put on your child's skin nets
into the system just as surely as
food the child cats. Don't let
impure fais and inincral c(»!nrin«
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointments contain) get
into your child's blood! /.unlink Is purely herbal, No pois-
coloring.   Use it always*.
. Bat ■( /H Dmgglth end Sloni.
At lhe Young Men's Club last Monday evening there were two games of
basket ball both according to schedule. In the junior league the Early
Birds were defeated by tbe Night
Hawks by the score of 20 points to
It; points. Tlie game wus fast and
well contested, the boys putting up
;m excellent game.
Ernie Jones and Cliff McNabb played
a plucky game for the losers, whilst
(Jordon Wallinger and Frank Mum-
ford starred for the winners. The
teHms are great rivals and meet again
next Monday night.
in the' senior league ilxture the
crack High School team were not called upon to extend themselves, they
won from the C. P. R. team by the
score of 29 points to 1» points. The
boys of the C. P. R. team were, liow-
;ver, a game lot, butwere sadly out of
condition, so tlmt tlieir splendid start
nt the beginning of the match was
sliurt lived, for the splendid condition
and great speed of tbe High School
boys soon wore down the ambition and
aggressiveness of the C. P. R. lads.
Howevejr, the losers played on doggedly and wi re ever on the job to tnke
ndvnntuge of any weakness. With
more training the material of the C.
P. R. team should give a gocd account
or themselves.
The teams::
C, p. n. High School,
Right Forward
C. K. Crowe ?A. Crowe
Left Forward
F. Cryderman.. Carl Gil1
IC. Phillips W\ Dallas
Right Guard
C. Connolly  J- Brechin
Lett tluard
A. Kuhnert A. Bridges
Referee—A. Mlrans.
Next Monday night tlte Night Hawks
and Early Birds meet fn the junior
game, nnd C. P. R. and Bankers In thc
senior gnme.
m ni
—•ywwwi* .... ...
*?■"!» ewn-aatiif, a_
Good Nights
aro enjoyed by those in bom! health.
Tho perfect digestion, clear syntcro,
and pure blood upon which sound
health depend!, will bc given you by
IviMt ft-."*** of Any M-**Jlriii» •*****• W-*ld
fluH --—»-*-■■■--   '.ss 1*1***, 28 casta
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"The Kingdom of Truth."
S. S. und Bible Class, :: p.m.
Evening service, 7.110 p.m. Subject:
"Tlie- Religions of lhe World-
Anthem—Morning und evening service.
Choir Leader—Mrs, E. Paterson.
Organist—Mr.H. Stephens       '
"Can u man take fire In Ills bosom,
and liis clothes not be burned."—
Prov. Oc, 27v.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Evangelistic services throughout the
Services 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
The pastor will preach in the morning. Theme: ,"If Any Man Have Not
tho Spirit of Christ, He Is None of
Dr. Spencer will preach in the evening. Theme: "Will a Man Li"
Sunday school, 3.00 p.m.
Evangelistic meetings will continue
throughout the week under the leadership of Doctor Spencer. An invitation Is extended to all.
The meeting of the Veteran's Brigade called at the Royal hotel for
Thursday evening last was adjourned
to the Edison theatre.
President J. Fingal Smith having
taken the chair the acting secretary
stated tliat Lt. Col. J. Mackay, who
was in town that day, had been obliged to return to his headquarters
at Fernie.
On motion of tlie president, seconded by Hon. Vice-President A. E, Watts.
the meeting wus adjourned to a date
to suit the convenience of the colonel
of whicli the longest possible notice
will be given.
The members present were J. F.
Sipitli, A. E. Watts, E. Sainsbury, W.
F Johnson, S. Baldwin,. A. L Marchant.
Dr. J. H. King (Hon. medical officer),
N. A. Wallinger, C A Cock, F H. Wor-
thlngton and others.
Sixteen comrades on the roll of the
Cranbrook company have adready
v?one or are proceeding to the front,
of whom more than one have appeared
In lists of wounded.
The Acting Secretary, P. O. Box Ifi3.
will be glad to receive the names of
any Veterans, I.e., men of previous
service, who may not be already on the
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Arthur Collins, as Bailiff for Nils Hanson, will
sell by Auction on the 18th day of
November, A. D. 1914, at 12 o'clock
p.m. at P. Matheson's Old Onrage,
chitk Avenue, the following goods and
3 Ford Automobiles.
3 Single Buggies
1 Three-Seat Sleigh.
2 Two Seat Sleighs
4 Buffalo Rugs
1 Set Heavy Harness
2 Double Light Harness
1 Double Light Harness
2 Bridles
1 Sulkey
i Skerry
1 Wagon
1 Set Heavy Sleighs
<; Woollen Rugs
1 Safe
2 Double Light Harness
1 Double Light Harness
2 Single Harness
Sundry Straps
Terms: Cash
Arthur Collins,
4C-K Agent for Nits Hanson
Miss Iv Van Slyke
.Mr. Jack Martin
Cast of Characters
Bride  Mrs. Kd. Paterson
Bridegroom Mr. K. Macpherson
Mrs. Anna Charity Mrs. C. Patmore
Mrs. Bettertlay Mrs, M. Barney
Miss Jones 1 wt     „M .   ,
Mrs. Jos. Crab I    Miss u Mtehead
Mrs. Seegood Mrs. E. Ireland
Mrs. Sharp Mrs. Geo. Taylor
Molly Charity Miss E. McBride
Mirandas Meek..   A
Miss Smiley f     	
Jos- Crab (
Mr. Snelgrove I       	
Jim Curtis Mr. Geo, McCreery
Robt. Speace, a City Youth W. K. Thomson
Amos Rlgh|  Mr. A. Raworth
Program and Special
Musical Numbers
Selection Tho Cranbrook Juvenile Orchestra
Tableau—Male Quartette Tenting Tonight
Highland Dance Mr. Fairbairn
Recitation Miss Van Slyke
Solo  Mrs. Quain
Act I The Minister's Bride
Solo Mr. Ueo. Stevenson
Act 11 The Minister's liride
Selection The Ci anbrook Juvenile Orchestra
Acts III. and IV The Minister's Bride
God Save the King
"Lest We Forget"
We need tn lie reminded quite us much as t<> lie informed.
Memory has been jocular!)' described as "the thing we
forget with."   Out ut shrill is apt to be out ol' mind.
An advertiser who relies on the memory of the public
leans on u broken reed. The absence of lis advertising
from the newspapers has been the heginniiiL' ot Ibe end
for many a firm. "The present suitor halh ctcr lhe advantage over Ihe absent lover.**
A business that has achieved II* magnitude or strength as
the result of faithful advertising plays Itself false if II
suspends or ceases Ils advertising, on lhe grounds of
economy. It Is poor business vision which falls to sec Ihe
principal feeder of business, und fatal judgment whicli
cuts It off or Interrupts Ils How. Economist, may he warranted, but they had belter I fleeted In any other department than In lhe sales department—Ihe department of
revenue. Any course which shines your customer hack
ls ruinous. Tl uu with the money needs to be constantly sought. Advertising Is lhe greal discoverer of new
customers, the great retainer of old ones.
If You Forget the Public, the Public
Will Forget You
TheHeraJd $2.00 si year THR CRANBP,0»\  HI1ULD
No. 34
A. F. * A. H.
Regular meetings    on    tlte
third Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,    See.
t'ranhrvok Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
tn   Royal    Black
K n 1 g h ts' HaU
Halter Street.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank   Carlson,  Sec.,   Box   756
l.uyul  Orange
No.   1871 .
Meets first and third
Thursdays at a p.m.
iu Royal Black
Knights ot Ireland Hall, Baker
H. S. (Jarrett, W.M.
W. I.'. Duiwtan, Ree. Sec.
Meets every
Monday nighc
at    Fraternity
Hall."  'Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
B. H. McPhee, S. L, Coop,
N.G. Fin. Sec.
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
NO. 12. I.O.O.F.
Meets Ilrst und third Wednesdays In each month.
A cordial invitation extended
to visiting brothers.
It. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe
Pride ol (ranbrook Circle, No.168
Meets   In   Maple  Hull   1st  and
3rd    Wednesday    ot    each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, CC.
Mrs. A. Guthrie, Sec.
P. 0. Box 602
Visiting Companions cordially
Cranbrook, II.C.
Meets every Tuesduy at S p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
Alex. Hurry. CC.
K. Halsall, It. of R. ts B.
P. 0. llox 52J
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday  at   Fraternity   Hall
Sojourning Rchckahs cordial,
ly Invited.
81s. 1.111a Blaine, N.O
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. Sec
Court Cranbrook. 8943
Meets In   Maple  Hall   second
and   fourth   Thursdays  of each
montll at 8 p.m. sharp.
John Shaw, ('.It.
L.   Pearron,  Sec,  Box   618
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets in Maple Hull second
and fourth Tuesday uf every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership  open  to   British
E. Y. Brake, J F. Lower.
President Secretary
Visiting members cordially
Meets In the Maple Hall
flrst Tuesday afternoon of every
month nt S p m. and the fancy
work class meets on third Friday evening in tlie same place at
I tun
Mrs. Iv II. Leaman. Pres,
Mrs. .1   Shaw, Sec.-Treas
P. O. llox 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
President:   A.  B.  Smith
Meets regularly thc Ilrst Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McGregor.
V. O. Drawer 459
President   A.  II   Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For     Information    regarding
lands aud agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C
Meeting—The third Thursday
of each month, at old Gym, at 8
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
352 Richards St
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P. 0. Box 859
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
Physicians  and Surgeons
Office at  residence.  Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Evenings    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook.   B.C.
Office  ln  Hanson   Rlock
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Maternity aud General Nursing
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Irrigation Engineer
liomlniun and Provincial Land
P. O.  llox 218     Telephone 143
I'lvll and Mining Engineers
B. C. Land Surveyors
Funeral   Director
Phone 346 P. O. Box 585
Day Phone 233 Night Phone 35
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
General Merchant
Kaployments Agents
P. O. Box 108 Phone 244
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl.lte Powder
Imperial Illl Co.
Ilraying and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 611
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,   Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
en Mob. Tues. and Thurs. Ev'gs
from 7 to 9 o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
High School course       3.50
School  course       2.50
Kindergarten        1.35
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
The Columbia
Hex 2N1I
Tenuis on Application
(By  Rev. C.uirlea W. Gordon,  D.D.)
O Camilla! A voice culls through the
mint und spume
Across the wide, wet, sully leagues of
For aid.   Whose voice thus penetrates
thy peace?
Whose?   Thy Mother's, Canada, Thy
Mother's voice.
O Canada! A drum beats through
the night und day.
Unresting, eager, strident, summoning
To arms. Whose drum thus throbs
Whose? Old England's, Canada, Old
Kngland's drum.
O Cunadu!  A sword gleams leaping
swift to strike
At foes that press and leap to kill
brave men
On guard.   Whose word thus gleams
fierce death?
Whose?   'Tis Britain's, Canada, Great
Britain's sword.
O Canada!   A prayer beats hard ut
Heaven's gate,
Tearing the heart wide open to God's
For   righteousness.     Whoso   prayer
thus pierces Heaven?
Whose?   'Tis God'3 prayer, Canada,
Thy Kingdom come?
O  Canada!   What answer make  to
calling voice md beating drum,
To   sword-gleam   and   to   pleading
prayer of God
For right?   What answer mukes my
"Mother, to thee!  God, to Thy help.
Quick! My sword!"
Mr. T. A. Browne, of the Immigration brancll, department of thc Interior, Ottawa, adds two verses as
follows to Tlpperary:
"Back to Tlpperary started Paddy on
tiie run,
"But when half way he heard them
say: 'The righting has begun,'
"He wrote to Molly, saying, "Dear, although I love you so,
"My country's callin', darlln'; as I'm
Irish, I must go.
"Now Paddy's In the trenches, figlitin'
like a lion bold,
"And   Irish   Molly's   waitln',   with   a
heart as true as gold.
"But when the Kaiser's down and out
. and Belgium's free again,
"He'll   start  for  Tlpperary  town   a
sin gin' this refrain:
RobL Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.       Opp. City Hall
ia open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
Taxidermist and Fur
P. 0. Box IU
Calgary, Alberta
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
We guarantee to Please
(From the Creston Review).
W. Smith is home from Kenora,
P. Knott has returned from Vancouver and Seattle.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. J. Blinco,
on October 31st, u daughter.
Two curs of apples, for prairie cen-
eres, were sent out by the Union this
Mrs. Coffin, of Cranbrook Is spending a few days witli Mrs. Geo. Johnson.
A. Greco and It. Gurofalo, Italians,
have returned to Italy to rejoin their
Mrs. G. Andeen und daughter Ellen,
of Kitchener, ure spending a couple of
days In ('ranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. Topham, of Cranbrook,
were here for a few days laBt week,
guests of Mrs. Loasby.
Mrs. Erickson, of Cranbrook, ls
visitor at Creston, the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. C. G. Bennett.
Joe Jackson and Fred Wasson, two
well-known C.P.R. conductors, Cruubrook, were here a couple of days this
Mrs. W. D. Boll and daughter, Mrs.
Hedley McLeod, of Cranbrook, who
liave been guests of Mrs, W. Leqec-
que, returned on Wednesday.
Ed. Klingensmlth has moved Into
the new residence he has had erected
on his ranch—a comfortabble two-
story structure.
S. E. Bradley who has been manager of the fruit growers' union for the
past two years has resigned. George
Heald succeeds him.
The doparturo of Lieut. Crompton
and the second contingent leaves the
Creston company shy one of Us officers and about nine of the volunteers.
Dick Smith while out hunting on
Tuesday afternoon bagged a fine
sample of a black bear In the country
buck of Mr. McMurtie's shack He
will possibly tan the hide and donate
it to the patriotic fund.
The potato crop ln the valley is
.surprising even tbe optimist and the
August estimate of ten cars will bc
away under the mark. The average
yield will be around ten tons to the
The concert in aid of the patriotic
fund on Friday night brought out
the biggest crowd ever seen at a
public meeting entertainment here.
The proceeds were over $150. A
patriotic ball will be held Wednesday.
The anniversary services of the
Creston Methodist church will be
held on Sunday and Monday, November 29th and 30th. Rev. W. E. Dunham, chairman of the East Kootenay
District and pastor of Cranbrook
Methodist church, wlll preach on
Sunday, and give a lantern slide lecture on "The Land of Gold' on Monday.
Fire broke out In the home of A. E.
Wells at Duck Creek oa Saturday
night. Shortly after they had retired
Mrs. Wells smelled a strong odor of
burning cotton and upon investigation
found it was the bed on fire. After a
lot of work she was able to put lt out
but not before lt had spoiled a mattress, a number of blankets and some
cotton quilts and sundry other articles.
(From the Fernie FresB Press)
Barbers supply conversation at
iut rates.
Mrs. Mutz has landed In New York
ind Is expected home on the 10th.
Two of the school teachers from
Michel have left for England to join
the Hampshire regiment.
Lt.-Col. McKay left today for Victoria. While there he wlll consult the
Dominion architect with regard to the
armory building to be erected there.
Moisture in the form of rain, as it
were, fell to the extent of 4.97 in. on
the Coal Co. lawn ln Fernie during the
past seven days, according to the
julcometer stationed there.
R. Reading, C.P.R. agent, has again
received the $60 prize for tbe best
kept station garden In the Alberta division. This ls the third year In succession that Mr. Reading has won this
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
Phone 106 p. O. Box S3
Organist Methodist Church
Receive! Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: 2 to 6
Evenings by arrangement
Phone 264
P. O. Box 788
Carpenter and Builder
Plans nnd Eitlmatei turalifae-J
on Short Notice
(Special   correspondence)
F. C. Douglas and his canine friend
from Bull River arrived .Monday for
a short stay.
The first consignment of snow fell
Tuesday but departed after a stay of
about an hour.
Mr. and Mrs. Galbraith returned to
town Thursday after a two weeks
stay at Victoria.
Billy Richardson, the piano thumper, left the burg Saturday to fulfil
an Important position with the Athalmer Dance Club.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Tannhauser arrived Friday from Nelson and proceeded to Wasa Saturday to reside
The Fort Steele Water ft Electric
Co. held Its quarterly meeting on
Thursday last. The gravity system
was running to a late hour.
Arthur Nlcol returned to the old
burg Sunday from New York. Arthur
found the cost of living a little high,
but remarked he would hate to be
broke there.
Departed but not forgotten, J. A
McGlllivary, saddler to his majesty, A.
Doyle. Mack has gone to do some
Important work for the Greut West
Co. of Calgary.
Bob Barber motored down from
Canal FlatB Wednesday last to procure additional shooting gear and
grub. He reports that Bill Myers is
having the time of his life up at St.
Clair Springs.
The local Conservative party held
a general meeting last Thursday and
appointed their representatives to
attend the various district meetings.
"ThoBe who were not ut the meeting
were better off by two dollars."
(Special correspondence)
Mr. Miller, proprietor of tho TouriBt
hotel at Crows Nest, spent the weekend here visiting friends.
Miss Nina Attwood spent tlie weekend visiting In Cranbrook, being tho
guest of her sister, MrB. P. Adams, ot
that city.
The regular weekly service was
held In the church on Monday night,
as Mr. Norton was preaching elsewhere on Sunday.
Mr, Weir, who lives down on tho
Porto Rico Flats, shot two door on
Monday while out with a companion
on the lake.
There was service in tlio Catholic
church on Sunday morning und muss
on Monday and Tuesday morning, conducted by Father John.
The weather which has been bright
and clear, turned wet this week and
the snow ls fast accumulating in the
surrounding mountains.
Mr. Pitman leaves here today for
Cranbrook en route to Kimberley
where he has obtained work for tho
winter montlis. Mrs. Pitman and
family well remain here.
Mr. Norton, the Methodist missionary here, went to Cranbrook on
Friday and then on to Kimberley and
Marysville, where he held services
which were well attended.
Ar.ungements  are  beiug  made  to
Irrigated lands in Southern Alberta, j
when devoted to alfalfa growing, return a net profit ot eight per cent on a
valuation of over $100.00 per acre, according to S. S. Dunham, chairman of
the Rural Relations Committee of the
Lethbridge Board of Trade.
Mr. Dunham presented his figures
at a meeting of farmers, recently held
neur Lethbridge to petition the Dominion government to extend the Irrigation systems in Southern Alberta. A
petition, praying the government to
undertake Important Irrigation enterprises, was signed by ovor two hundred farmers. The cost of bringing
the land under Irrigation wus estimated at $18.00 per acre, und the farmers
expressed their willingness to pay
this amount, with Interest ut four per
cent., thc government to extend re-
puyment over a period of forty years.
It wns ln connection with the estimated cost of $18.00 per uere that
Mr. Dunham presented his figures.
"Get irrigation ut $18.00 un acre If
you can," ho said. "If you cannot get
It at $18.00 an acre, get It ut $50.00
or $80.00, but get lt."
Mr. Dunham proceeded to show tho
profits which Irrigation made possible. He instanced alfalfa, which has
come to be an Important crop In tho
irrigated ureas of Alberta, and presented the following figures for an
acre ot alfalfa: $1.00 an acre for
water; 75 cents for applying tho
water three times during the -season,
and $3.75 per acre for putting the
crop in stack—a total cost of $5.50
per acre. A crop of two and a half
tons per acre (many irrigation, farmers are getting four and five tons per
acre) would show a net profit of
$8.25 per acre at the low price of $5.50
per ton, without any depletion of the
soil, but actually Increasing Its fertility. On this basis alfalfa will pay
eight per cent net profit on land valued at $103.33 per acre.
The fact that farmers where irrigation is not available are petitioning
for it and are willing to bear the whole
cost of Its installation ls a tribute to
London, Nov. 10.—"According to
private information received here
from Constantinople," says the
Morning Post's Berne corresppondent,
'the Turkish treasury Is empty and an
economic crisis ther eaten s the country. The Turkish customs receipts
for August were only $40,000, aa
against $350,000 last year during the
same period. The government employees have received no salaries tor
.several months. The money advanced by Germany already has been exhausted."
hold a Xmas entertainment for the
children belonging to the Methodist! the success of the Irrigation  enter-
Sunday school here. A practice will
be held this afternoon In thc church,
and a short program by the children
will be arranged and regular practices
A party of Indians which passed
through here on Friday were camped
at the Porto Rico flats for some days.
They succeeded In killing five deer
and a large quantity of ducks. They
are now returning from a visit to the
Mission, near Cranbrook, and ore
bound for Creston, near which town
the reserve is situated.
Mr. and Mrs. Alcot Johnson, of this
place, spent several days visiting
Mrs. Tundlne, of Marysville and Mrs.
Johnson, of Kimberley. It appears
that Mrs. Tundlno Is an old school
friend of Mrs. Johnson and they just
happened to let out here quite accld-
ently, far from their native land.
Mr. Evans, mine inspector, who has
been staying at the International
hotel this week, has had some unique
experiences. While here he was suspected of being a German spy and our
local police authorities were about to
have him placed under arrest, when
some of his old friends identified him.
Mrs. Nutt, wife of the principal of
our school here, has been busy getting subscribers for the Tobacco fund
for the Canadian soldiers at the
front. Enough funds were raised to
purchase five pounds of tobacco for
the brave boys at the front. This was
sent at once to headquarters bo that
there wlll be aB little delay as possible.
prises already established ln Alberta,
which Include the Immense undertaking of the Canadian Pacific railway, the largest irrigation project on
the American continent.
London, Nov. 10.—Rarely has London's population turned out In such
vast numbers to witness the Lord
Mayor's show as today, when Sir
Charles Johnston assumed the ancient
office. Interest ln the affair was immensely Increased by the show partaking largely of a military display,
In which Canadians played a most conspicuous part. Three hundred men of
nearly every branch of the service
now established at Salisbury travelled to London under the command
of Col. Williams and Col. Reid. A
detachment of Strathcona's Horse and
the Princess Pats Pets wcre also included. The men, who came from
each brigade, Including Cranbrook,
British Columbia men, received vociferous welcome. By special request of Sir Charles Johnston, the
Canadians were placed immediately
around the state coach, in recognition of his lordship's lifelong connection with the Dominion.
Interest in the special evangelistic
effort centered in the Baptist church
grows     apace.     Those     who     had
A   meeting   of   the   Ladles   Aid  tbe rare privilege of hearing Doctor
Society of the Methodist church was
held on Wednesday afternoon at the
home of MrB. Nordman. There was a
good attendance and after the business part ot the meeting was over, a
tempting repast was served, which
was much appreciated by all present. The next meeting of the
Ladies Aid will be at the home of MrB.
Algot Johnson.
Louis Haws, the owner of a valuable gold mine some two miles east
of the Porto Rico flats, has recently
had some ore assayed! which ran
over $30 per ton and some went as
high as $60 per ton. It Is reported
that In former times some of the ore
from this mine assayed $600 to tlie
ton, so the owner still has every
confidence in the success of his mining operations.
A number of our citizens have decided to get up an entertainment to
raise money for the patriotic fund,
and a meeting was held on Monday
night at the homo of Mr. Browning,
provincial constable for this district.
There was u good attendance and all
wero enthusiastic over tho project. It
was decided to hold a concert, followed by a dance on the evening ot the
28th Inst. A good program Is being
prepared by the committee who have
this In charge and frequent practices
and meetings will be held ln .order to
perfect arrangements.
Refreshments were served during
the evening and a committee of ladles
has been formed to attend to this part
of the program. Those on the refreshment committee are Mesdames Nutt,
Browning, Bates, Desaulnlcr and
Brown. Mrs. Desaulnler has kindly
donated the use of her dining room
and sitting room for the entertainment. At the close of thc business
part ot the meeting Mrs. Browning
sorved dainty refreshments and a
very pleasant' musical evening was
then spent and all departed singing
Tlpperary. The next meetin.; Is at
the home of Mr. Batet on Friday
Spencer's lucid exposition ot vital
themes laBt Sunday were free In their
expressions of praise of his method
and matter. The meetings continue
nightly throughout the week. Next
Sunday the evangelist will occupy
the pulpit of the Methodist church In
the morning. In the afternoon he will
address a mass meeting for men
only,, in the Rex theatre at 4.00 o'clock
on the Bubject "Cranbrook's Four
Greatest Institutions." He will be assisted by a male quartette, and gospel hymns projected by lantern wlll
be sung. In the evening the doctor
will again be in the Baptist church,
when he wlll present that most perplexing question: "Wlll a Man Live
ln connection with
Dally November 7th to December 31st inclusive
Limit: Five Months; Stop-Over
and Extension
Full information re rati and
steamship tickets from
or write
DliU Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alt*.
On TiiPHilny, tho Kill of Noveaber,
1911, In tlio OM Fink Mercantile
Warehouse, Near the Kdison
Theatre nt 2.80 ii.m.
Ccrlmrd-Ilclntzmnnn IMano
Singer Sewing Muehlne
Steel Range
Bearskin Robe
Booku. Etc.
Ind on Wednesday, tlle 18th ol November at the Townslte Ollice
at 2.311 i>.ni.
Typewriter Desk
Flat Top Desk
Double Sloping Top Desk
Mimeograph, Etc.
'Also several sets of harness.
Terms: ('anil.
Illiii^SrS The
™MMmM original
•W ist   yt
%m. .cil
\        1
on the
1§||W&Bk4     Merlt8
||:D1ce25ct$.Jst*(        of
^SKL^jME!^   minabdw
■wi^ncimrS&"   LINIMENT
P-   J
W. E. Worden, Prop.
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Raggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture   and   Raggage
J. MILNE, Manager
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this Ib true.
Opposite new U|iion Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rated as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Root


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