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Cranbrook Herald Feb 12, 1914

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Array *%.
VTe an well equipped to
tarn oat the but class
ol work.
lin the HmU.Fqi-m
■     Our   Local  Column.
10c. • Hue
Hi, 1914
Citv council met at the Citv hall
nn lust Monday evening at k o'clock
those present being Mayor Sininn
Taylor, CKy clerk T. M. Roberts,
and Aldermen Horie, Genest, Leask.
Uampbell ami Hldcembotttani, Kiip-
nct't F. O'Hara.
Minutes „f the previous meeting
wore read and approved
Communication trom the Hoard of
School Trustees asking for the uso ol
Hip city hall (or Iheir meetings was
read and granted.
The Cranbrook Agricultural Association asked (or the use of tho
mayor's room as an office for their
socretary and this* on motion was
also wanted.
Communication (rom thc city band
asking for (600 as an annual grant
was read and laid over until the next
meeting on Wednesday night.
Dr. J. W. Rutledge was present and
addressed the council on tbo subject
of "Tuberculosis and dairy regulations." The doctor spoke on the disease as it existed in the cows and
stated tbat It bad been proven by tbe
best author ft j' tbat the disease was
transmissable from cows to humans
through the milk. The cows don't
often show tbe effect of the disease
and it can sometmes only be detected through the tuberculin test. He
thought some regulations should be
made in the .passage of bylaws regulating tbe sale of milk in the citv and
providing for the inspection of all
dairies selling milk in tbe city. Calgary inspection was carried on for -,
distance of fourtv miles outside the
city limits. The provincial government had at the present session passed an act giving tn municipalities the
power to regulate thc sale ot milk
within the city. He would suggest
tliat a bylaw providing for nil dairy j
' '•flt'-le to he tested.nemi-M'"*t!r'v iV*r
tuberculosis and a monthlv inspection
of all dairies together with milk
tests. He tnought the old time can
that had to be uncovered at every
house a most unsanitary way to
ban-die milk and thought all dairymen
should be forced to use the sealed
bottles. J)r. Rutledge was asked to
confer with the city solicitor in the
preparation of a .bylaw covering the
matter and which is to be introduced
at the next meeting ot the council.
Representatives fr.om the Cranbrook
Agsicultural Association were nrcsent
and on being voted to he beard, Mr.
T. B. O'Conncll stated that thev appeared with reference to a grant of
$500 for the association or such less
sum as tin* citv could *ive tbem. He
pointed out the advantages to accrue
to the citv from tin* success of the
fall fair and stated that ., largo number ot ratepayers never contributed
one cent to the expense except
through the city grant.
Mr. O'Conncll was followed by A.
I!. Webb in reference to the name
subject. It was moved and curried
that tho matter bo laid ovw to tlu*
noxt mooting i»f the council when the
estimates would tie taken up,
Tho finance committee reported the
following bills ami thev were ordered
Beattie-Murphy Co , Ltd .      13.95
It. 0. Gazette 2.50
Cranhrook Foundry lfi.00
City Transler A Warehouse Co. 32.47
city Livoty 15 bo
Cranbrook Sash and Door Co 75
Canadian Equipment and
Supply Co.
City Offlolall Salaries
City Clerks Sundries
City Kngineei's Payroll
Cranbrook Drug and Booh Co
Cranbrook Bleotrio Light Co
Cranhrook Cannre Co.
Fire Department Payroll
Herald Publishing C. Calgai*,
Herald Publishing Co. Cranbrook
Kootenav Telephone Lines Ltd
Manning, lra It
Neptlme Meter Co.
Niagara .Falls Metal Stamping Co.
Parks, F. & Co.
Police Payroll
Provincial Government (Kamloops)
Provincial Government (Nelson)
Quain Electric Co. H^^^
Roberts, T. M., Itoturning
Officer 25..00
St   Eueene Hospital 8.00
Ward & Harris 2.85
Jolmfcon, W. F. 3.00,
School Board Orders 1579.87
NO. 7
C.S. Motion by Genest and Horzie
and the city engineer was instructed
to see that new brick chimney be
built on Lots 12 and 13, block 88, to
conform to building bvlaw within the
tire limits.
Matter ot installing drinking fountain and horse watering trough was
discussed and laid over to be considered in the years estimates.
Tlie matter ,,f installing a police
call system was left in tlte hands ol
the committee on lire and police for
estimates on the cost ot installing.
Alderman Genest and Kile Chief
were Instructed to interview Superintendent Ilarshaw of tbe C.P.R. witli
regard to the city tire department
givinn protection lo C, P. R. property.
Motion by Campbell and Hickenbotham that thc services of city engineer be dispensed with after one
month's notice carried.
Temporary Loan Bylaw No- 134
passed first and second readings,
council resolved itself into committee
on the whole with tne mavor in the
chair for the discussion of tne bylaw
Bylaw was read third time -and passed.
Council adjohntcd.
Tot»I J3.937.34
Commute on works ami property
reported etlrnny recently erected fn
mlUikm ttt* W»C occupied     by   C.
A special session of the city council was Mil at the city hall on
Wednesday evening .. Those present
were Mayor Simon Taylor, AMermw
Genest, Cameron, Leask, Horie.
Campbell and Hickenbotham.
Tcmporaly Loan Bylaw No. 131
was finally passed and adopted.
The council then went into committee of the whole to consider and approve tbe estimates for the current
vear, which were adopted as follows:
Bills payable 21,800.00
Balance due School Board    1,061.28
Finance Committee 8.200.00
Debenture Repayment 21,344.09
Fire and Police Committee  13,375.00
Board of works 12,000.000
Health and Relief 1,300.00
Sewer Operation and Inspection
Water Committee
School HomA
Estimate    19,908.72
Leses Government
Grant 6,000.00
Wc remind the Cranbrook iheatrc-
going public, that on Saturday the
31st of this month, at 2:30 pin , in
the Auditorium, the anno iu ui ,n-
tertainmiiu by tbe pupals ni Kane
Edward School and Miss Rtimsev's
dancing classes will take niace
Thc little ones have bwu rractis-
in«. strenuously for tbe P**..l two
montlis, and n most attractive on -
gramme has been draws up lor the
Among the various features wa.* mav
mention Action songs, National dances, Court dances and drilling. A
mus:cal Fairy Play prod'ijad h a
number (>f little actresses nml actors
promises to be a most delightful display of the juvenile talent of Oun-
Sixteen well-known local ladies and
gentlemen will appear in , Wat tend
Shepherds' Dance, dres.,ed m the
original Rococo style costumes.
An Old Country Skirt disie and
Irish jig, rendered by two eei'lleinen
will cfoso the performance.
This will be the first ti'ne ll.at a
matinee of tlrs kind has heen auVrod
the Cranbrook public and .. la.ee attendance is solicited in order to encourage pupils and teachers to further promoted similar entertainments
In the luture.
J, McTavish was up Irom Hull River tin* first of tlie week.
Fresh   Cream, dailv slim incuts—Ira
K. Manning.
Itev. \V   K.   Thomson   is   spending
the week in Spokane on business
S. P. Swanson, a contractor   from
Ya^k, spent the week-end in the city.
Window Shades, c
Kink Mercantile Co.
A. A. Mackiunou, ,
Foundry, was ill the
tin* Crnnbrook
rsl pari uf the
A. Huti. of Uii* Fernie Brewer*
was lookrim niter business in the citv
Linoleum remnants and plt-cc carppta
at less than cost i o clear—FiuI.
Mercantile Co.
BOHN-To  Mr.   uud   Mrs. Robert
Harrison, in this city, nn Wednesday,
January 28th,  1814, a son.
Our Furniture
located nest to
Department  is noi
Canadian    Hotel-
Movrfd bv Campbell ani Hickenbotham that tlie rate ot taxation for
the year 1914 be fixed as follows:
Debenture repayment.  13 7-10 mills
School, fi mills
Health. 1 mill
General, 7 3-10 mills
and that a discount of one-sixth be
allowed on all taxes paid on or before June 30th which are levied (or
school, health and general purposes,
Motion carried.
In the matter of the public drinking fountain and horse trough, Aldermen Campbell and Clenest were appoint wl a committee to Interview
Superintendent Ilarshaw with te-
gards to obtaining ,, location for the
Council adjourned.
A special meeting was called (ot
next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
Tlio Curling Club will hold a Iw-'1'
bonspiel beginning Wednesday the 18th
ot February, {weather permit ting) -
There are two cups to play for, the
the Cautt and thc Corby, and it is
expected that possibly nnoMier and
perhaps two more competitions will
be put on. Quito a latgo number of
prizes have been offered, and will be
given in connection with the various
trophies Every member of ihe Club
should get tn on this bonplel. The
committee are endeavoring to make
arrangements to have enough rinks
entered to give every one -, ehauOe.
Tbo rinks which hnve l-wn Playing
in the competitions now being finished
will not plav, bin now rinks will be
picked up. Itinks -joing into the bous-
niel w.ill kindly make their entry with
tho Secretary as soon as peVsiblo.
The committee will not stand for any
packed rinks, and it is presumed that
no attempts of that kind will be
made. Fernie expects to send down
a couple of "beginners" rinks. Given
favourable weaitlier, there ought to be
two good davs sport on thel ice.
Any member wishing to play who
hands in his name lo Uie Secretary
will be placed on a rink. Kinks entering will be announced as soon as
possible. Fee for entry, $2 for a rink
or 50c a member.
Clifford Sifton, Premier of Alberta.
In an Interview, said, he considered
that thc worst of the financial stringency was over, and there should be
an improvement in conditions in the
near future. He was of the opinion
tliat tta sole of live million dollars
of Calgary bonds on the London market at « waa almwt hopeful sign.
The Cranbrook Branch of the Overseas Club held n very succcsful Social on the 5th instant in Maple Hall.
An interesting programme consisting of h whist drive, songs, recitation rCMUnfl*. etc., had been prepared hv Mr. and Mrs- II. Leaman.
The winners of the whist drive
were Miss C. Beits and Mr. J. Whit-
The   following;   look   part    in tbe
Pianoforte   Solo—'William THl'-Mr.
L. Van Stavcren.
Song—The   Old Brigade'—Mr, R. I).
IIccitation—'Barney   O'I.een   and the
Leeches'—Master Willie Leaman
Recitation—'Tommy   Stout'— Master
Wiflie* Leaman.
Song—'My   Heart    is   With You Tonight'—Mr. J. Lower.
Reading—'The Jealous Wife'—Mrs. H.
Song—'Four Jolly   Blacksmiths'—Mr,
R. D. Cameron.
Pianoforte  Solo—'Poet and Peasant'
—Mr. L. Van Stavcren.
The entertainment came to a close
bv midnight with three cheers for .Mr.
and Mrs. II. Leaman and thc singiug
of the national anthem.
In the future the branch will m«it
the second and fourth Tuesday instead of tbe first and third Thursday
as before.
Members are requested tn take
note of 'this chamre as the next meeting will be on the 24th instant,
when thc members and their friends
will he entertained to a dance.
Mrs. II. H. Diukley wishes to an*
nounce to all her friends that she ba-s
not .riven up nursing and expects to
remain in lhe city.
Remnants of Floor Oil Cloth and
Linoleums manv of suiricient voyage to cover a large room. Ifi cfs.
sq. yd.-C.C.S.
F. M. Macpherson was called to
Galloway on Tuesday to take charge
of the body of the 5-vveeks old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.Kalluni. The
funeral services were held from the
train on Tuesday afternoon. Kev. W.
F. Dunham, officiating.
Mrs. J. Smoke entertained at her
residence in Slalerviilc last Friday
evening with a whist drive, ■■ large
number of invited guestsjwing present. Miss L. Ryekman won the first
:>rize. Refreshments were served and
all report a most enjoyable time.
Remnants of Floor Oil Cloth ami
Linoleums, manv of sufficient yardage to cover a large room. 15 cts.
sq. yd.—('.C.S.
To obtain funds for the formation
of a new brass band, an Instrumental
concert and dance will bo given bv
Prof. Ma ugh an, ol the Star Theatre
Orchestra, on Wednesday, Fehruan
18th, DI2*. in the Band Hall, Fort
Steele. Mr. Maughan has n great
reputation both in the States and
Cannda for his cood music, lie will
lie assisted bv the best players thai
can tie obtained The orchestration
will also be a special feature of this
occasion, Concerl ?nd dance admission 75c; Children to concerl 85c
Florida Graoc Fruit, Hoi House
Lettuce, California Celorv, Sweet
Potatoes and Hawaiian Pineapples—
lin R. Manning
aee   to   cov
sq. vd,—c.C.
of   Floor Oil Cloth and
manv   of sufficient vard-
Urgc room, 15 cts.
When the name of Tom Marks is
flashed on the boards or In the news
papers every one sits up and takes
notice to sec if he is paying a visit
to their town and on what date. It is
welcome news to thc theatre goers of
Cranbrook to ste that he is announced to appear at the Auditorium Theatre for six nights commencing Monday, February 18th. The "Golden
Rule,, a beautiful pastoral cornedv
will he offered the first night. There
is intense interest throughout the
play, plenty of lively situations that
Srln the audience and quiteness remains supreme, and at another situation the quiteness changes to one ot
merriment' and the theatre rings with
laughter of the heatity kind.
The plav is original in every wav
and deals with thc money kings- of
Wall Street and the Church- Mr.
O'Neil, thc kindly pastor of St.
Michaels church, New York City,
This particular part is classed as
one nr Mr. Marks' best achievements.
His support inn cast is all a complete
he desired. There will be acompletc
change of program each evening with
Wednesday and Friday Matinee.
Prices (to suit everyhpdv. Seats on
sale at neattle-Murphy's Drug Store.
Call at the old C.C.S. comer SaV
urdav, February 14th —Lloyd Crown
* Co.
overheated stove caused a (ir*
n .* passenger coach in the C.P.R.
ara early last Monday morning.
The fire department was called out
and succeeded in subduing the blaze
after it had badly liurned one end of
the car.
Opening on Saturday, February It,
in the premises lately nec'ipied hv
the Cranbrook Cooperative note
with a verv complete stock ol China,
Crockery and Glassware; also confectionery and fresh fruits,—Lloyd
Crowe & Co.
Little Addie Rosindale, thc six-
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.
Rosindale, had the misfortune t- slip
on the ice while going to school last
Monday and break hi-r leg above the
knee. The accident occurred near the
Sfjvernment building and she was accompanied by Patricia McDermot al
the time nf lhe accident.
Remnants of Floor Oil Cloth and
Linoleunjs, manv of sufficient yardage to cover a large room, -15 cts.
sq. yd.—C.C.S.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist" church aro having an afternoon tea and Sale of Home Cooking
on Saturday afternoon, February 11
in the ojd stand ol the C.C.S., cor.
Armstrong Ave., awl Baker St. Tea
will he served from :. to ti. All are
invited to attend
Remnants ol Floor Oil Cloth and
Linoleums,   manv   of sufficient vard-
•f-e   to   cover a large room. 45 cts.
sn. yd.-C.C.S.
The Cranbrook boys retaliated on
the Blairmore team last Thursday
nurhlt and wiped out their defeat of
thc night before by winning .. fust
game 8-1. The Blairmore boys plavcd fast hockev and the two games
were about the fastest hockev
ever witnessed on the local io*. There
is no question but that Cranhrook
lias ., fast team this season and thev
arc able to give .. hum! account of
themselves at all times. Tm* Blair
more team played a clean gam** and
it is to Ik- hoped that return games
may be arranged before the close of
the season. The local cluh is paving
., visit to Blairmore next week,
Fernie stopped off on their return
from the c onqucst ol the West Koo-
lenians al Rossland on Tuesday afternoon and played at Aronp rink in
the evening. They onlv played six
men which made the game appear
slow from the spectators point ol
view. The boys however plavcd hard
and both sides were oil to win.
Cranbrook   started   in the lead with
me goal in the first period.
In the second period the locals seemed two more but Fernie took the
lead with four straight and in the
last period they scored once. Cranhrook making three and winning thc
game 6-5.
The lineup was as (ol'ows:
Fernie: J. Dunlop, ff»); B. Wallace, point; Turiff. cover point; Rogers, right wing; Dunlop, center;
Battle, left wing.
Cranbrook: Crowe, goal; Sims,
point; Connolly, cover point; Chat-
lord, centre; Mclllwaine, lpft wing
Mcintosh, right wimi
Referee, H. J. Scott.
The Cranbrook Conferences of The
Lav men's Missionary Movement ol
the 2Mb (February) of this month invite lin- ti ten tion and cooperation oi
overv layman hi the district The
visiting uneakers are nun of broad
vision ati'l alilit*. in llieii alio ted
subnets The greatest miracle oi
the present generation is in the line
of rapid and wide expansion «>f tho
Christian church The great reformation movements found the activities of Christianity* congealed in
semi-pagan peremonfal and formall-
leaders openly espoused
universal sovereignty iu
temporal,  political  and
the cause
all   matter
Chrfstlaniti during the first four
centuries was Intensely missionary In
character. Tin* evangel of redeeming
grace was heralded southward into
Arabia and Africa, Eastward into India and even China. Westward into
Europe and Northward Into Asia Mill the early church maintain*
peratcness anti holy charac-
vvould have also mainlalnc.!
noi II.
a-,1 lira s
la-a. sin
her hoi)
itiK   intaa
Uiallal    CI
uaaalil  .al
a-ll     l.a   lh
Tha-   reformat
which   in   the
power.    Hut. laps-
larRic securitv n( a
with   ilia,   whole
.l.a' quickly ra'vvri-
SS   aai   tha'   |aaC.,IllSni
overthrown, -anal v\-
ROSSI,AND, B.C., Feb. 9-Charli
Lucca, thc agressive little lightweighv
of Hossland, was returned winner in
his 20 round bout nn Thursday night
with Young Maxwell, after Q rousing wind-up to the fastest exhibit inn
ever staged in this vicinity. The decision of Referee Frank Boyd was
popularly received, Lucca being thc
ageressor fron thi? first tan of the
gong. In til the sixteenth round
both boys shared honors about evenly
hut from then on it was alt Lucca,
Uie gong saving Maxwell in the eirj'i-
toenth. Both boys tried hard in the
twentieth for a knockout, bul both
seemed to lack thc necessary steam.
although both w,r»rc in cood condition
at the end.
(Pounds Weight;
(Addr«rm>d to)                 1      2     3     4     !i     ti     7
X    II    10   11
Any post ollice within 'J.0 mllei.
including place of mailing 9 >09  ,0fl .07 .ns ,io .12 .14
.10 ,18 .-'" .21
Any post ofHlce beyond iii) mil's.
bat within Brit lib Columbia .10 ,H  A* .2? .211 .30 :m
■'■'*   .<•-'  .4,1   M
Any post oMIce In Alberts   10 .1^ ,22   sk ..h .40 ,4ti
.65  ,(8  .,.1   .71
Any (witofllce In Saskatchewan   .12 .20 .28 M\ ,44 .62 .no
.!«  .7,1  ,84   .».!
Any postofliicein Manitoba   .12  .24  ,::4 .44   .54   ,84  .74
.84  .1,4 1 04 1.14
Any po-tt ofli.e in Ontnrio, Que*
bee or Mariiime Provinces ...  . 12  .24  ,36 ,4k ,i;o   72   m
•tin 1.081.201::'.'
Parcels Post for the Dominion ol
Canada went into effect in February
lf>th, and Postmaster Henderson reports that the new service is being
rapidly adopted for the shipment of
smaK parcels and the local business
In this line shows every sign of becoming a large department of the local
office in the near future.
Parcels weighing over six pounds
will not be received until after April
30th, as the post office department
wish to use the next three months
for organizing Ihis new system and
working out all the details.
Any para-Is containing third class
mail matter may bo sent by Parcel.,
Post, with the exception of any parcel cugUinin*; intoxicating liquorK or
Parcels must all be prepared for
posting in such a manner that the
contents can he easily examined
The limit of weight for a panels
post package is eleven pounds, after
April .'iQih, and the general limit of
size is thirty inches in length by One
foot in width or depth, but parcels
will be received up to 8 teet 6 inches
in length provided that the combined
lenflth and girth do not exceed six
Articles ol a fragile nature should
be marked "fragile, handle with
cure" and parcels containing articles
of a perishable nature should be n.a>
ked "Perishable." Articles or goods
likely to spoil during traiwportatioii
will act to icaaivf*.
in oE tlu nfteenth
ilays ol In r p'ortQUS
onlv partially restored the
0 her primitive throne -v>
consori with hei divine Lord and
Mastei It remained for tin* coming
of the nineteenth centurr to sound
appointed task for (..llin- foe nations
tlte awakening call to her dlvmelj
again to the scepter of the Christ
Ai tin' beginning ol the nineteenth
century all doors to missionary endeavor were closed against the church
The throne of Grace was importuned
for open doors, men and money, with
sutii power that thc close of the cen-
turv found thousands oi rr.is-.u.naric-:
and tens of thousands of converts and
practically every door i>;«a Sen tut-
welcome of the evangel of trace.
Even here the church did hot recognise nor fully accept  her task
First, the few God-fearing men and
women wen' forth for duty often
faintly supported bv their bom,
churches Then Th? call was heard
bv the women, who ouu-.lv organized
themselves into Guilds, Missions,
Circles. Societies, etc. for the better prosecution of the work. N'ext
to hear the call was the young men
and women in the churches and colleges. These formed themselves into
Endeavor Societies and student Volunteers etc., giving 3 powerful Impetus to the miss'onary enterpris s of
the world. Then last of all the call
was heard hv the men of Christendom. They are answering with a
mighty shout of victory. These lorm
the last class of unOtiltzcd forces in
the Christian Church.
What the Laymen's Missionary
Movement did for an Ontario Church,
The membership of this country
church approximately two hundred
Fourteen years ago the pastor ol this
cburoh served a parish covering a territory nine by eifjbteen miles ol thickly settled (arming lands His stipend of $600 with Manse, barely |UfHc-
cd to meet his ever increasing expen-
Thc congregation was generous
opcnliartded, hut lacking in organization The pastor organized the work-
ng tones for efficiency with considerable response and sympathy. Vol
the churcb found some difficulty raising Hi" stipend and $400 foi mission
After a pastorate of flvo vears the
njsterjjras ■ucceededjfcy  another,
'o-inefdent with   Els settlement was
the birth of the  l.avmen's Missionary
Movement After one year the chunn
lelt the first thrill of tbe Movement
AboUl thc same time a movement ol
the members inward tbo West grbatllv
lepletcd the nnanctal strength of thc
'liurcb However, under the Impulse
if ihis Movement MOO win* added to
the pact or* stipend add the o1°riDga
to denominational enterprises were
increased from $400 lo 1200, annually,
Kor years this church has maHntalnod
this standard ,,f giving and has done
it with greater facility than when she
cave the lesser amount. It has been
truthfully said thai ttto most hopeless poverty of the Christian church
is poverty of vision. Conferences on
lhe 27th insl.
It is announced by the Canada Cement Company tbat, owing to the
dullness of business, they have decided to close down four of their plants
for the balance of ihe year mil, or
Until further notice The plants affected are those at. Marlbantt, tint.,
Lakcfteld, Out , Shallow Lake. Ont.,
and Calgary. Alta.
The School Hoard nureicg tor the
month ot Pebruarj was held it the
citv hall last Kridav evening, thos*
present being chairman II White,
Secretary Itoocrts and Trus-tee* Wilson, Kink, (Juani and Laurie
Tlie minutes ni the previous meet-
in; wen- read and on motion ap-
p roved
Communication from A. II. W*bb
regarding special high school certificates necessary for doing extra work
I was read and on motion of Kink and
Wilson it was decided that the ta 00
necessary for scouring certificates be
paid In  the board.
Communication from K a. ilex-
ter askimi for an increase of salary
for special work was read and the
opinion Mac that no increase could
be nude for thr balance of the pres
ent term Chairman White was authorized to interview Mr IVxter re-
gardtttg the same
Communication regarding children
carrying lum-h *. to school on seoers
davs was read and secretary authorized to reply stating that the
board was takmi; the matter up
The secretary was inst meted to com-
municete with Principal Cranston
askinc him to exercise leniency and
reasonableness in this regard in all
cases durinc inclement  weather.
On motion by Quain and Laurie.
the janitor was instructed to remain
a* tbe school buildinx between 13
o'clock noon and 1.30 p.m. during
svbool dav>.
The secretary wris instructed to adders a communication to the police
commission calling attention to tbe
fact that minors are securing tobaccn
and specially cigarettes in the city
and are often seen frequeutinc pool
rooms, and asking._the commission *o
request the police to take *?teps to
remedy this serious evil
The secretary was instructed to
remit annual fee of $25 to the B. C.
School Trustees Association for tb*
vear 1914.
The following slanding committees
were named:
Building   and    Improvement: Tras-
Ws Laurie and Kink.
Finance. Trustees Wilson and
Supplies and rontiugincies: Pink
and Laurie
Motion carried that insurance 0'
S4,ooo be placed immediately oa ta*
:'.,,:,:■.'■ training school wilding and
on fixtures in all the schools to 75
per cent of the value aad tbe matter
placed in the hands of tbe committee
on building and improverm-nts.
Finance committee reported tbe lollowlng accounts which were ordered
Tvaebcis'  Salaries
Health officer
41. U
Cranbrook Steam Laundr;
It. C. Can
J. ChoWrU-b
C  S. Parker
Cranbrook Drug a- Book C
a,         35.00
Ilalsall & Co
Herald Publishing ' 0
E. K. Johnson
.1  I)  McBride
1:  h. McPhee
F.  Parks A Co.
U   .). Selbv
Cranbrook Bleotrio Light I
30.      I.M
Kootenai Telephone Lines,
Ltd    720
'a:: January th,' Mb, lasl a I ban*
man. Don I.ui   was find SIM 00 tut
ntenODd tu three months in jail, tot
an alliftud ofTi-na*. of supplying liquet
to "Pete" a Mission Indian.
An appeal mi, taken by the accustxl
to tin County Court and was low*
this week resulting in the appeal
heing aillaiu.-.! the fine remitt«d aad
the sentcriee of three months imprls*
onment set aside.
His Honor .Judg Thompson in giving; judgment allowing the appall
commented very strongly upon the
praetiee of Magistrates assisting in
Mi-uring evidence against a prisoner
and thereafter sitting on the case.
This practice Judge Thompson held
to he improper on the part of tbe
Magistrate and unfair fjo tne person
Kvidencc ot this kind and secured in
this way is in its nature .forced evidence and cannot be relied up, i
A II. Maedonald appeared for Uu
tlie appelant, and T. T. Mci.'ro,ly for
the Indian Conilablc and private prosecutor. TUB   CRANBUOOK   HERALD
P. 0. Box 134 CALQARY, ALTA
Wholesalers and Retailer.
All our Moats nro Government
shnulil rcrxil THC OLD
GAME hv Samuel (J. Blythe.
In Feb. 7th imme of the "Saturday Evenintr Host, and re*
member that the
kills nil the alcohol In the sys-
l(*m in 3 DAYS instead of the
old way of (Ighiinif it out for
18 months with yourself-»ii
nciimce proven that It taku-
logel it oul of the ayutem.
Phone 27H     P. 0. Box 31
Mm. G. BENT. Matron
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
D.v Modern AkLUaiis.
!t My motto: Quirt, lusting curea urofir-tntft'il nt modern t«
■iri h*. Expert, niciliiVLl i*xtiminntltn) fnii* Fif-B pxamiii-
thin ol urine when noeeHHary. Ooneult me—fwe Don't
lUilny. Dela*!! ar** ilaiiKeroni. Call or write. Free booklet. Bvorythlng uonfltlontlal. Hour*' 9n.ro. to 5p.m.
SnniltiyN, Hi n m i'i 1 [i.m.
210 llaawaail
Mac Manus
Of Donegal, Ireland
Will Lecture in Cranbrook at the
Under the auspices of St. Mary's School
ADMISSION : 50c and 75c.   Children, 25c
There is just one question to ask
after you've heard an
Edison Phonograph
"How soon can I get one?"
The wonderful new hornless instruments have talked ind sung and
played themselves into amazing popularity. The silent, smooth-
running motor, lhe diamond reproducing point lhat doe. away with
bothersome changing of needle., the beauty of design and the sweet-
toned, unbreakable Blue Amberol Records require no argument
Litten and Me (or youfteli. Any UP-
lo.al.at. phoMgrapl, afealer will be glad
lo split you . he. concerl on the
E'liwn today,  lniiil upon hearing the
EdiKn. You can get one without delay.
Edam, I'honop.ph, .nd Record, aae .old hy
CKANBR00K DRUtft* BOOK CO., Limited.
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in Two
See Our
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
This Woman Knows
How D. D. D. Cures
Skin Troubles
(This letter is just received)
"1 am thc mother of twelve children. 1 took, a bad leg at the birth
of my last child I was laid up five
weeks, with a doctor attending me
who docs nothing but treat this kind
of skin disease. Six weeks ago I
heard of D.D.D. As I used to tear
my leg at nlghl until it was a bleeding muss, I applied aa bottle of D.D.I),
1 can't tell you the ease lit gave me.
Manv a time I nearly fell with ihn
ness from want of sleep. Now my
leg is completely healed up, thanks
to tlm bli used D.D.D.   I never expect
I). D. D. '■:;:■ laMfJ.'li V M
ed a cure, I onlv got D.D.D. to take
the terrible itch away. But bv degrees 1 saw the big sore getting
smaller. I have a thankful heart today.
Mrs. SUit, 202 N. Weston Rd.,
Weat Toronto.
The cures of D.D.D. are past be
lief. All druggists have this sooth
ing, cooling wash and also the efficient D.D.D. Skin Soap.
Come lo us anil   wo will sell yam
tlw first full size bottle on thc guar
ante,-   that   it will stop the Itch at
onco or vour money refunded.
Heattle-Muriihv   Co . I.inn,*.'.
•win Standard Skin Remedy
ing fervent prater fur speedy death
to political opponents will not enthuse thc puiplc of Western Canada.
They arc mil. built that, way.—Lcth-
brida'i' Herald.
1. It. THOMPSON, Editor and Mamger
Subscription Rates
One Year - - - $2,00
Six Months - - jl.OU
Three Months        -       • .5U
Advertising Rates
Display Advertising 25 cents
per inch.
Reading notices or classified ads.
10 cts per line.
CSANBKOOK, B.C., Febraary I2tb, 19U
It is reported that the steel work
for thc new bridge at Wasa has been
let to a firm ofVancouvcr contractors
Mr. A. A. Mackionon, the proprietor
of the Cranhrook foundry, states
that he was not given an ouportunitv
to estimate tin job. Thc money for
the erection of this bridge was appropriated to this district and it
seems onlv fair that thc money
should be spent here if at all possible. The Cranbrook Foundry has
every facility for handling thc work
and the Dcaartment 0f Works are liable to the accusation of discriminating against the inter'or in favor of
coast concerns in thus depriving the
district of the money which rightful
ly should have been expended here.
One of the most Important measures before the present Dominion
house is a bill providing for the abolition of capital punishment- The introduction ol this hill proves that
Canada is taking , step forward in
the ranks of the highest civilized nations. Capital punishment, is a relic
of barbarism with no means of justifying the law tbat courts may take a
man's life. Criminality is * disease
of thc mind into which the medical
profession have not delved verv deeply but into which they arte making
vast inroads each vear. Many criminals have been reformed by supplying them with proper eye-glasses,
others with operations for brain pressure, etc. Thc state has as much
right to decapitate a man tor measles as for murder, both mav be cured
by proper methods. There Is no pun
ishinent in capital punishment, on|£
a sordid appealing to thc spirit ot revenge which through centuries of
practice has proven woefully inadequate to reform anybody or to sup-
cress crime. With the medical profession inouirin. more closely into
the diseases of the mind, with reforms in the manv prisons of the
world, the twentieth century mav
witness a rise in civilization and a
dawn ot hope lor the darkened minds
of the criminal and the Insane
The Herald is not disposed to
clamor for the continued existence of
the Senate, but we do protest strung
fy against thinlv veiled wishes ex-
pressed in nearly everv government
paper In tbe country that there
would be sudden death come !„ a
number of Liberal members of thc
upper house. The Conservative party
is grotesquely Insincere in the crv lor
Senate reform, when thc onlv method
of reform suggested is death to Liberals and the filling of the vacancies
with Conservative party hacks. The
Conservative nress has no desire for
Senate reform. All that Is Hishcd
for, is Liberal funerals so that thc
red chamber will pass to thc control
of Premier Borden. Such a policy is
no credit to toe Conerhvaolve partv
and is certainly not designed to appeal to thc imagination of the country. What dn thc vounaitnen think
of the pollcv which involves nothing
more than ridipg into thc Senate astride another man's coffin. If thc
Premier Is sincere ip his desire lor
Senate reform, his newspaper sup-
nort In this countrv docs not reflect
It. If wc are to have senate reform
let us have it in one ot two ways.
Let us have an elective Senate or no
Senate at all. The Herald believes
the voice ol Western Canada would
say no Senate at ull. and eerlainlv
no. Senate at all is preferrahle to one
tbat exists for the mere purpose ot
reglsterm* tht will of thc Prime
MhrilMt   The ghoulish policy in*>lv
To the Edk'0r of tbe Herald:
Dear Sir:
In a recent pamplet from the B.C.
Stoct-lire'dorii' Association, tbe motto Riven was "Moro and Better
otoo.f." Not many local (armors
arc members ol that association but
what is there to hinder them Irom
uddiiting oho quotation as their slo-
Kau. (or wherever you find it used
and followed up it is absolutely an
impossibility to find soils becoming
more impoverished each year, and il
the soil is hAnx continually enriched
what must perforce happen to the
larmer who at thn same limo uses
any up-to-date and seasonable method of croppiiiR? Such condition*
would lead one to recast the stock
breeders motto to suit.our local requirements. It should read thus:
"More and Better Stock with richer
soils and bumper crops." In conclusion, sir, 1 ta o pltusur? in inviting
the farmers and ranchers to a meeting of the Institute to-be held in the
Old OvmnaslUm on Saturday, Feb*
24th., at 2:00 p.m. Messrs -Levett,
Palmer and Pain will be there to en-
lar^c upon the richer.soils and bumper crops and arrangements will be
made to have sonic* phase of the first
part ("More and Better Stock")
dealt with at the next mectine.
Thankim't vou for allowing mo space
in vour valuable paper,
I beg to semaln, sir.
Yours verv truly,
Albert H. Webb,
Secretary Farmers' Institute,
Kort OeorgO, in tho Province of British Column.,.,  id.c.nsedj.
NOTICE is .hereby rIvoii that all
porsons tailing any claims or demands against the late Uroigo Pickering who died on or about tne fourteenth (14th) day ol April, 11113, at
Fort George, in tlie Province ol Bri
tish Columbia, are required to send
by post prepaid or to deliver to the,
undersigned E. J. Avison, ol Qucsnal,
B. C. Solicitor for Clara Pickering,
administratrix of the estate ot the
sa.d George Pickering, their names
und addresses and full particulars in
writing of their claims and statements of their accounts and tlu nature ol their security (if any) held
by them, verified by Statutory Declaration.
And take notice that after the first
(Ist*. day of April, 1814, thc said
Clara Pickering will proceed to distribute the assets, of Hi;* said deceased
among tlie persons entitod thereto
having regard only to the claims ol
which she shall Mien have had notice
and that tho said assets or any part
thereof to any persons ol whose
claims she shall not then have received notice.
Dated at Quesnel, B.C. this 7th day
of February, A.D. 1914.
Ed. J. Avison,
(Jucsnel. B. C.
Solicitor for   Clara Pickering.    Administratrix. 7-5t
ENROLL NOW forN°w Term, openi-.*
—' ' JAN. o.   New class***; in
Bookkef.pl ng. Shorthand, Pon-
mknshlp, Typewriting, and ull business lir;.;.dies.     | )j,y atlrl Night Sesslatl.
time free by Hunus flan. Auk for free
bouklit.-R.»vmorid P. Kelley, Principal, .1,nits Bldg., north uf Post Otl.ce,
Uranwtat of,lie Maathoiliat Chureb
Kea-a-i va-a l'aipila for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Hi alalia), MilliaidiatChlln-li
Vary likelv others liave advised roll
to use Kcxull Dyspepsia Tablets,
because scores ot prople is this community believe them, io be tbe best
remedy ever made for Dyspepsia and
Indigestion. That Is what we think,
too, because we know what they have
done tor others and what they are
made of. We have so inSch talMi ia
them that wc urge vou to try them
at our risk. If they don't help you,
thej; won't cost you a cent. It they
don't ilo all that you want them to
do—if they don't restore your
stomach to health and make vour digestion easy—just tell us and wc will
give back vour money without a wort)
or quest ion.
("ont.-iin11« Pepsin and Bismuth,
two of the rreatest digestive aids
known to medical science, they soothe
the Inllami'd stomach llnjnn, help is
Uie secretion ol gastric juice, cheek
heartburn und distresx, promote tegular bowel action, and make it possible for vou to eat whatever vou tike
whenever VOU li^e. witb the comfort
Inar assurance that there will be no
bad after-effects. We believe them to
he tbe best remedy made for dyspepsia nnd iiiil'irestiiaii Sold onlv at the
more than 7,MM Rerall Stores, and
in this town onlv at our store, three
si/cs. 2Sc. 50c. and $1.00.
Beattie-Murphy, Co , Ltd. Agents
The Partnership existing between
David II McKay and Joseph Jackson
both ol Cranbrook, and known as
McKav & Jackson Fruit and Confectionery Merchants is this dav dissolve,! bv mutaiial consent.
Dated at Cranbrook this llth dav
of FcoTuary, A.I)., 1114.
Joseph Jackson
D. H. McKnv
W. A. Nishet 7-lt
fn   the   matter of   lhe estate   ot
Oeorge Pickering, late of the town of
NOTICE IS hereby given that
thirty days after date I Intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands, situate on
the nortb fork of Michel Creek, about
twelve miles northwest ot the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Commencing at thc intersection of
the South line of Lot 6443 with the
weat Branch of thc North Fork of
Michel Creek, thence cast 80 chains,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains
north to place of beginning, contain-
in» 640 acres, more or less.
Located Dec. 23rd, mrf3.
R. O. Belden,
5-5t. Agent.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard Bt. and Trent Ave.
A modem equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates 11.00 and up per day
Our bus meets all train.
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB Q0ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER. Secretary
No Man's Collar
ia comfortable; if it doesn't lit
perfectly. Neither is tlie collar worn by your liorsc We
hnve lieen fi.ll.il tlie 'horse's
merchnnt tailor" beentiee we
are so particular about the fit
of the linrncBS we sell. The
better you treat your horse
the better he will treat you.
Oet hie harness here.
Your Opportunity
To get Seasonable Goods at Prices
Save You Money
Our February Sale is Goinp; Strong
and trill continue until the end of
tbe month.   We are giving special
prices on
Winter Underwear
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Potter's Perfect Prints
10c Yd.
ilalsall & Co.
"Oranges with
f<Sunkist" Spoopo
While you are eating luscious, juicy, tangy,
seedless "Sunkist" oranges, you are delighted with the
magnificent silverware you are getting for your table.
You always order "Sunkist" oranges because they are the
finest, richest, selected fruit grown anywhere in the world.
Picked and packed by gloved hands—the cleanest of all fruits.
Thin-skinned, fibrelesa.
Not a Seed in "Sunkist"
Cut the trademarks from the wrappers around "Sunkist"
oranges and lemons and send them to us. Select silver pieces
from our 27 different premiums. Every piece the famous
Jicgers Standard A-l guaranteed silver plate.
The Rogers orange spoon shown above is sent to you for
12 trademarks from "Sunkist" oranges or lemons and 12 cents.
Trademark!*, from "Red BaII"'orange nnd lemon wrappers count
same as "Sunkist." In remitting, send amounts of 20 cents or
over in Postal Note, Post Office or Express Money Order.
JSity "Slltltist' oranges by the box, halt-box or dozen—Irom
your dealer.
Send your name for our
complete free premium sheet
and Premium Club Plan.
Send all orders lor premiums
iV]r>      <g»v»*»   and all inquiries io (iso)
California Fruit Growers Exchange
105 Kin Slra.1. Eaat, Cor. Clunk
Suffering Humanity Finds
thatrelief must be found for the ills which may come any day,
—else suffering is prolonged and thereisdangerthatgraver
trouble will follow. Most serious sicknesses start in disorders of the organs of digestion and elimination. Thebestcor-
rective and preventive,in such cases, is acknowledged to be
This standard home remedy tones the stomach, stimulates the sluggish liver, regulates tho inactive bowels.
Taken whenever thero is need, Beecham's Pills will
spare you hours of suffering and so improve your
general health and strength that you can better
resist disease. Tested by time, Beecham's Pills have
proved safe, certain, prompt, convenient and that they
Worth a Guinea a Box
*l*J*ra*I Ml. tr Thoma. Bt.cb.m, Si. H.lni, Laaaa-laa,.. aPaial.al
»aald c.tnrwana an Caaaalaaa. II. S. Am.,,,.,   I„ a,,,,.,» .'	
Notice li hereby given that llatrv
Washington llarr, ot Wasa, H.C,
Kast Kootenay District, will apply
lor a Home to take and use six id)
cubic feet per second ol water Irom
I.cwii Creek; tin stream has its
source In tho Koeky Mountains, flows
in a westerly direction and empties
into Uie Kootenay River about two
miles Irom Wasa.
The water is to be diverted from
the stream about tour hundred (400)
feet up stream from the west line of
Lot 1266; and Is to be used for Industrial purposes on said I.ot 1266.
This notice was posted on thc
ground on the 16th day of January
MM. The application will be filed i,i
tlie office of tho Water Recorder at
Kernie,. B.C.
Objections  nay be Med  with  the
said  Water   Recorder, or the Comptroller   ol Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Our Furniture Department is now
located next to Canadlaa lintel—
The Cranbrook Drug & Book
Co. sells
The (Ireat French Tonic
V10OKAI, will do all we claim for
It. It not, wo refund vou vour inon-
cv. VIOORAL not onlv prolongs
life, but makes the old Iwl und look
young. It restores vim and enerfgy.
VlOOItAl. takes bold of the insido
nerves at once and braecs vou up.
Somo of your nerves have b.-en dor-.
muht lor years, and if tliey are not
looked after will dry up and die.
VIOORAL reaches thc nerve centre,
im-nrtlni lite, youth and vlR„r
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niovod, all your pains and aches are
driven awav. Thc most wonderful
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he a burden to yourself and others,
eet a bottle of VIGORAI. to-day and
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Jones & Doris
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Ut un Qudto Ynu Priciw H-lnre.
Yuu Build
8fr ai ii bout .your Cot crvlt- and
Hiunuaut Work
Take Care Of
Your Waich
H.WR it loaaked „v,T
once in n whili>.
L.'iiv,' it with us ith'aui. n,'< n
year, anil tln-r,' is no rruson
in the word why it shuiilil
merIn- any him: bu' aa i> oil
r lialile time-ti'ller A tiist
cIisk maivempnt. with some
oi'casintin1 Httention from us,
ought to b» your servHiit Tor
years Our rnpair department
is auxiians to show you what
it can do.
Meet me at Bot's Place.
Sweet Apple Cider at Ward & Harris.
Window Shades, complete, lor 25e.
Fink Mercantile Co.
Mrs. W. .1. Atchison and little son
returned home on Tuesday last from
Nurse Bent's hospital
See our^urniture Man tor real
Barf»liw.—Fink Mercantile Co.
li.T. L. Galhraitlr, of Fort Steele.
was > business visitor ia thc city on
Oui Eurniture Department is now
located   next   to   Canadian   Hotel—
The Cranbrook orrjicstra went to
Sirdar aft last Monday evening where
thev were engaged to plav for a
Mrs. Mc tiee, mother aal Mrs U.
Campbell was taken to tha' St. Eugene hospital this week.
Linoleum remnants and piece enrpcta,
at less than cost to elear—Fink
Mercantile Co.
Miss Skinner v.as over from Fort
Steele Wednesday, spend.ng the dav
with Iriends hi tic city.
Anv man's suit or overeoal in the
hou* at IIS.Oft—Nest Tuesday and
Weiluesiluv Onlv—Kink Mercantile Co.
You can't annul to miss the bargains thaat will be oflered from Feb
roarv II until the balance of the
month —l.lotd Crowe at Co
PHONE 8 Fresh killed, tmAt
(ml pork nt tin, Crnnbrook Mont
All members of Key City Lodge,
I.O.O.F,. are rcniiested to he pres
ent nest Monday night, February 10,
at 8 o'clock p.m. Third degree mail
Remnants of Kloor Oil Cloth ami
Linoleums, manv of sufficient vard-
ate tn cover a large room. 45 cts.
sn. -d.-C.C.S.
Tbe fire department was called to
tlie residence of V. Hyde Baker last
Thursday evening, the alarm proving
onlv g fire scare.
A (Ireat Rig Sale of China, Crockery and Olasswarc, beginning Saturday. February 14, in the old C.C.S.
stand—Lloyd Crowe & Co.
' nst Fridav morning a hurnlne,
ihimnev at the residence of Dr. Bav-
IWd called out the fire depstitmeat".
There was no damage reported.
US ner cent Discount off all lines
m China snd^rockerv for opening
dav, Saturday. February 14, at the
oM C.C.S. corner.—Lloyd Crowe
Tho great competition in
thin class ul timepiecehaf brought
about inch a high standard tbat
alarm clocks are now told bytuat
a mure fraction of their former
price. No one need be without an
alarm clock whan they can be
bought at the pricei we auk.
Wa hav* » lant« Ntock at oltior elm-tin
- from tha nUlrly old hall dock In thti
[■rutty mantel time-jUn,, Cuma In and
atimlra ■■ wr know yuu will buy.
Nest tf, tli. i'oat Oflle.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Wood for sale. Phone 400.
Fancy Limburger cheese at Ward &
See   our   Furniture   Man tor real
Bargains.—Fink Mercantile Co.
Miss Marie Shep'.ard, of Spo'<ane,
recently with the St. Derma'ne theatre, arrived today to accept an en-
gagement with tlie Rex theatre.
Remnants of Floor Oil Cloth anl
L'noleuros manv of sufficient vard-
age to cover a large room. 45 cts.
si. Td.-C.C.S.
A Shamrock Tea, under the auspices ot the Knox Church Ladies Aid.
will be held at the home ol Mrs. Simon Taylor, Norbury Ave., on March
PHONE 8 - We handle only
fresh-killed, choice stock, nnd our
meats are the best to be had Give
us a trial — Cranbrook Meat Market.
Mrs. J. D. Gilmore, Armstrong
Avenue, will receive next Tuesday
February 17th, and on the third
Tuesday of each month in future.
Remnant; of Kloor Oil Cloth and
Linoleums, manv of sufficient yardage to cover a large room, 45 cts.
sq. Td.-C.C.S,
Anv man's suit or overeoaat. in the
house at 115.00—Next Tuesday and
Wednesday Onlv—Fink Mercantile Co.
Linoleum remnants and piece carpets
at less than eost to elear—Kink
Mercantile Co.
Tbe Palm closed its doors for husiness on Tuesday evening, and the
partners, .loe .ladison and 1) McKay
having dissolved partnership, thc
business is being offered for sale.
Remnants a,f Floor Oil Cloth and
Linoleums, manv ol suflicient yardage to cover a large room. 45 cts.
so. vd— C.C.S.
PHONE 8 - Fresh Sauaaffea
daily We make them on the pre.
mises and can recommend them.—
Cranbrook Meat Market.
California Redland Navel Oranges-
sweet and juicy at Ward & Harris.
Father Plamondon, of St. Mary's
Catholic Clurch, conducted thc luner-
al ol Patrick Miller from thc neattv
undertaking parlors Wednesday morning.
Saturday Special—10 otl per pound
on all lines ol Hiawatha Te,.—Ira
R. Manning
C fl 11enn,-tt. ol the Canadian
Hank aif Commerce, was Ca.lled to
Creston the lirst ol the week to act
as manager of thc Creston branch.
Tlae former mnnatger having been
transferred to annUicr location.
Our Furniture
locatasl next to
Depart iiieiit Is now
Cniiailiiin   Hotel—
The I adv members of the Women'
Institute will be "At Home" to
their hustiands or a gentleman friend
in the Maple hall on Fridav even.
Irg February 20th at 8:00 p.m.,
Our Furnjture Department is now
located next to Canadian Hotel—
Mrs David A. Sutherland will receive on Wednesday. February 18th
at her home o» Hanson Ave., from 4
to B n.m.. and thcrealter on the
third Thursday of each month.
Remnants of Floor Oil Cloth anl
Linoleums, man" of sufficient yard-
aec to cover a large room, 45 cts.
so. Td.-C.C.S.
Edith Leard. the infant daughter oi
Mr. a^d Mrs. Fred I*ard. of Wardner
died at the Cottaee hospital on Tuesdav e»ening. Tb» bod" was shi"ned
to Wardner hv f'ndertaker Macphcr-
snn Wednesday afternoon.
.^co our Furniture Man for real
Bargains.—Fink Mercantile Co.
Choice Umsett and Roman Reautv
Annies,   12.50 per hox.-Ira It. Man-
' 0bakin&labeL!
ialum POWDER
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Fancy Hawaiian Pineapples nt Ward
A Harris
Prices cut in ball on several lines
of Glassware—Llovd Crowe tc Co.
Results of the C.C.S. pianaa voting
contest which closed this week were
as follows: Miss I. Kvles, No. 11.
156. Dili, 710; Miss A. Yardwood,
No. 132, 270, 650; Mrs Duncan, Kort
Steele, 11,136,485. Miss Kvles. tht
winner of the contest, desires to
thank her manv friends who assisted
her with votes.
Anv man's suit or overcoat in tlie
house ail 115.(111—Next Tuesday and
Wednesday onlv—Fink Mercantile Co.
Horace Steward, wbo underwent an
operation at St. Kugene hospital |a,t
week tor an internal trouble, is
around again and. recovering nicely.
He is , brother 0I Wm. Steward of
the Royal hotel.
.IuIkis Godderis, who has resided in
the citv for the past eight vears and
who owns property in Slatervillc.
died at St. Eugene hospital on Tuesdav evening. Kuneral services were
conducted from the Catholic church
this morn'nc at nine o'clock, Itev.
Kather Plamondon officiating.
Anv man's suit or aavercoat in the
house at $15.00—Next Tuesday and
Wednesday Onlv—Fink Mercantile Co.
Wm. Matthews and wife returned
today from a month's visit with relatives and friends at Fort Williaai
and Winnipeg. Whale away the/ attended the wedding of his necc. lie
reports conditions quiet in lho cast
generally. Fort William is nnsy busy
with several bin underU'iiuii, (.citing
an early spring start nml things are
promising tor the coming summer.
The last dance before Lent is to be
given at the Auditorium bythe young
people of St. Mary's parish on Mon
day evening, February 23. The Rex
orchestra has been engaged for tl.e
occasion, luncheon will be provided
and those promoting the affair promise a good time to all Vim attend.
Crescent City Lodge No. 33,
Knights of Pythias are making preparations for the Golden Jubilee celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of
the founding of the order, which will
be held on Thursday evening, February 19th, a, Fraternitv hall. Invitations are being issued to friends
ol the members and a good time provided for the guests.
DRESSMAKING & Ladies' Tailoring—Ladies' Suits Cleaned and
Pressed, Chicago Experience—Miss
Baker, near I.eask's Store.
Last Monday eveing a jolty sleighing party from thc Young Men's club
including, the Thistle Basket Hall
team drove out to Wycliffe where
they engaged in , basket-ball match
with the Wycliffe team. There were
about twenty young people in tlie
party deluding ladies and they
proved very successful rooters for
the Thistles as the'game was cap-
turad hy a score of 18-10. It was a
hard fought contest throughout,
marked bv aonsiderabe rough play.
After thc game lunch was served and
the party returned to thc eity at a
verv late hour. Those composing the
Thistle te,m were W. Dallas, C.
Gill, A. Bridges, .las Urchin and C.
Kuhnert. Referee, W. Hopkins; umpire, A. Mirams. Thev report a
pleasant trip and were rovallv treated by the Wycliffe people.
WOOD FOR SALE.-Stove leagtks,
any sire; good wood, prompt delivery. 14.00 cord COD. Phone Reed,
Herald office. 50-tf
Ladies of Culture and Refinement Uses Salvid Hair Tonic
It Makes tbe Hair Beautiful.
AT last a remedy has bees discovered that will positively destroy the
Pest Dandruff.
Tint Dandruff is caused by germs
is accepted by every sensible person.
Dandruff is the root ol all bair
SALVIA will kill the dandrull
germs and remove dandruff in ten
days, or money back;
The manufacturers guaraneee it.
it will grow hair, stop itching scalp,
lulling hair, and make the hair thick
and abundant. It prevents hair Irom
turning gran, and adds life and lustre.
SALVIA is a hair dressing that
has become the favorite with women
of taste and culture, who know the
social value of beautiful hair. A
large, generous bottle costs onlv 50c
at leading druggists everywhere. The
word "SALVIA" is on every bottle
At the Cranbrook Drug :.v Book
Praetlsal Nun*
Phone 187    Cranbrook, B.C.
II you want     P.O. Box 137
Phone 485
•nd your order will
receive prompt
Cranbrook, B. C.
If your child is undo v
ailin*.    liable to   j$et
Bight, lisilesH
ici. easily, it
needs „ medicine* to build iiis weight
and strengh. Fur this purpose there
is nothing else we know oi thai we
can so strongly endorsee us Hexali
Olive Emulsion. The remarkable success of this splendid medicine is due
to tbe fact that it contains ingredients tbat tone the nerves, enrich
the blood und furnish to the entire
system the strength, weight and
health-building substances it needs.
And, it dojjs all this wlthoul injuring
the stomach In fact, Kcxull Olive
Oil Kmulsion is not onlv pleasant in
take, hut even the most sensitive
stomach is benefited by [t, and tin*
digestion Improved On the othoi
baud it contains no alcohol <>i habit-
lormnii* drugs, whicli mofll parents
object to giving their children It
does its good work tiv taking hold ol
the weakness and builds tbe body up
to its natural strength, ai Ihe same
time makiug H slioiig to resist disease.
If Rexall Olive oil Emulsion doosn't
build your child up, feed the stunted,
puny muscles., ,,nd make the little one
lively, strong, well, and full of the
animal spirits children uie meant bv
nature tu have, come back and tell
us und get your money hack. vYe
don't want you to lose a cent. We
think this no more than fair, and il
leaves vou no cause to hesitate. Foi
old people also—for convalescents—
for all who are nervous, (Ired-out,
run-uown, no matter what tbe cause
wc offer Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion
with the same guarantee of entire
satisfaction or monev back. Sold
onlv at tbe 7100H Rexall Stores, and
in this town onlv bv The Heal tie-
Murphy Co., Ltd., $1.00.
W. S. Santo, tlelrealp Iaa llie nnmi-
al convention of British Columliln
Fair Association.1 bas tetni'neil U
the citv ami ronorts a verv success
fill anal enthusiastic mcotlntr,.
Anion* the Fair dates arranged
were the following: Cranbrook sept
8-4; Crawford Hav. Sept 21; Nelson.
Sept. 23-25; New Denver, Oct. 1-2
Trail. Sept. 17-18; Kniilvale, Sept.
22; Slnean Valla;. Sept. 2!l; liaiss
land, (date left nnen): Revclstokc.
Sept. 18-Ifl; Robson, Sept. If; Grand
Forks, Sept. 34-25; Greenwood, Si-nt.
22-23; Needles, Sept. 28-21); Hiirtini
City, Oct. 1-2: Arrow Lakes Naskusp
Oct. 8-11; Kaslo, Oct. 13; Creslon.
Oct. 15.
Among thc delegates krescnt from
the Kootenav anfl Boundary districts
were ,1. II. Vestr'np, Arrow lakes; \V.
Oiddings. Burton City; W. s. Santn.
Cranbrook; W. V. Jackson, Creston'
S. Brewster, Fniilvalc: A. Schnllltcr
Grand For's: W. .lenks. Greenwood'
F. S. Chandler. Kaslo; J. A. Irving,
Nelson: A. Mellae, Revclstokc; .1. I).
Tlpklng. Slocan Valley; .1. W. Strickland. Slocan lake anal N Binns,
, .   ,,     ,
Worthy the Attention of
People Who Wish to
Preserve the Hair
Always have your own linisli and
comb at home or at hair dresser's,
Never use a brusti or comb found in
public places, tliey are usually a over*
ed with dandruff germs
Wash your hair brush weekly with
soap and warm water to which may
be added an antiseptic.
Shampoo the hair every week* or so
with pure soap aad water.
Use Parisian Sage every day, rubbing thoroughly into thc scalp.
'arisian Sage, which comes in a
large 50 cent bottle, is guaranteed
by the Beattie-Murphy Co to destroy dandruff germs and abolish dua-
drufT—to stop hair from falling und
scalp from   Itching, or money retimd-
To put life and beauty into dull-
dry or faded hair and make it, soft,
and fluffy surely use Parisian Sage-
it is oae of the. quickest acting bair
tonics known.
$3.50 Recipe Free,
For Weak Men
Stmt Nime and Address To-day.
You Can Have It Free and Be
Strong andVigorous
W« invM iti oar (i< wm*. nii in tt prDonrtption
for nermun iWiilitv. lurk of vigor, veaMtlfd
mntihixul. Ming memory nml In me back,
brought mi by excwiM. uiuiiiiuriililrnlni, ot
tbefollirtof youth, thnt Iihh eur«| m man*/
won and iierroiin men ny,\ti ia their okii
bom*"—without anyu.l.litimiHl )i<-l|i nrruHli-
etat*—tbafcwtt ink rvrry mini *Tio wi-h*-** to
regain hiH manly [ifiwcr ami virility, quick!;
and i|uietly, nhnulil have n ropy Ht> we have
datermiiitd to ni'iid n copy of the pn-wrlptlnn
fiw of charge, in a plain, nr'liiuir** -.>n.i.,|
fttmlope, to any man who will write ub for it
Tali prescription conir*. from a pliy«i<*iiin
wbo ban made n Piierlal study uf men, nml wn
are ri>nvini*"d it in the Mirmt nctlnpcomhi-
nation lor tbe ■■itre of tloficietit mnnhooit um)
Tlgor failure «Ter put together.
W 8 think we owe it to our tcllnw tnan ti
■end them a copy in confidence, ho tbat any
man anywhere who in weak ami discourage*-:.
with repeated failures may  etoii drugging
himtell with harmful pntotit m*-dii'i , m-niri*
what we believe fl tbe oniclcHt ..,.■* ing nst or-
atiTs. upbuild.ng,SI OT-TODOHINO remedy
»ver defile*!, and so cure himself at home
quietly ami quickly. .Tiu*t drop w a line like
this: Interstate Remcly Vo., 7830 Onodyear
Budding. Detroit. Midi., nnd we will send ynu
ft copy of this splendid recipe In apfrihinnliti*
ary enrelope free of charge A great many
doctors would char^n f H 00 to |5.< 0 for
merely writing out a presuriptJon like thia—
but m mnd It entirety Irte.
im IDE 10-
YOU always yot your money's
worth in Comfort, Music and En-
taininent'iJ   And you always will.
VOL- take no chances in Beeing
anything that will otfenil the most
refined wlion you go to the "Box."
It has always been the policy of
the management to get the best
whenever it lum been posoihlr. r,'-
gardlees of expense aud trouble.
Beginning to-nighi Miss Mtirir
S/iepprird will eing tlie latent popu.
lar hiuu;b. We have alio Im?,'H for-
tiinnte to secure i\lr. P, Eckhnnlt.
Violinist of Experience, who will
•vry uiateriully add to the quality
and popularity of the "Rex' Orchestra and the
Tin* Ueeinu citv council will be
callod upon in the near future to appoint a *'oa| and wood inspector. Pqi
years past there has been an afiita
lion on foot to secure this appointment, and several of the aldermen re*
contly elected had uhampioned .such
an appointment. Their pledgo n this
eeard has heeir hillillcd.
The abundance of money in the
London martiet and tho reduction "(li
the Dank of England rate from four
lo tlireo per cent ruVo a further powerful stimulus to the revival, which
h.is Iwen ta>itt).| plaee in the stocii
exchange securities since the bORin-
nlitC of the vear, The behaviour ol
consols, amazed even the oldest mem
hers of the exchange- The securities
rose as liiuh a« 78], ., rise of 5\
ahovo tho low record Lo which thev
dropped only ■■ few weeks belore
Vbrnon has had n record year in
fruit exports-. Three mil Hon cans
have been used, $150,(100 paid oul lot
boxes, and 1,-HtJU carloads (,f fruil
shipped, tho value of which is esUraB
ted ut over $1,2511,1)00. Higher pri
ces of produce have bein secured b)
tho* central selliiiR agency «f tho fruit
growers, and it is stated that some
of the full-bearing orchards aro pa*,
itiR .10 per cent, nn the Investment.
Ladies' Suits, Coats and Skirts
We will be delighted to have you
inspect these garments. You will
be under no obligation to buy
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
The hair is mQr. exposed ami Irene*.*   healthy, luxuriant growth is found in
more   liable   in accumulate dust and   Newbro's Herpn-idt*
dirt   than   am   other  portion of the    The   dandrull   cannot remain   on a
of the i.ouv head to which Herpicide is regularly
In spite of this thc hatr receives,
as u rule, the hast attention am, no
real efiorl is made to keep II heal
I In
li" tlw itaiidniD
.pplied     The hair .vases to fall    Tlm
terrible it chine stops almost instant-
Mewhro's Hrrpicldo
II    IK   .llloWftl    1,.
wt»:ii   unmolested   and    tbe scalp lh-
cpmes   i rusl  !   «iti    ,iirt acoumula*
lions, one mat    expeel   the hair to die
and fall oui      rbere is no cause foi
surmise   in   tins   pheuomenon;   ll 1st    ^.    .    .
natural and happens in every Instance   , ,v,kI ,-t m st^wks ('" booMev aml
Newbro's 11 irplclde In :i»i and
M 00 sites is sold in all dealers who
euacanleo it io do allthat is claimed-
If you are not satisfied vour money
wi'\ |h- refunded
I where the care of tin* bat:  and  -calp
I is overlooked
I    The   ,me   sure   remedy whioh prevents the loss of hair awl permit* a
tample Id The Herpicide *.'« . Dept
It . Detroit, Mich
Applications   al    Uie   nood barber
Boattie-Murphr, Co . Ltd   Agents,
Don't be skeptical about RHEUMA. the
modern enemy of Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Sciatica, Arthritis, liout. Chronic Neural*
gia,orKidney Disease. After taking a few
doses ynu will know that the poiounoua
Uric Acid is leaving the system.
"For six years 1 was practicaliy a cripple
lh crutches from Rheumatism. One bottle of Rheuma cored me."-J. K.Green*
^rj*, 3839 Cottage. Grove Ave.. Chicago. Ill
RHEUMA—guaranteed—50c. a bottle.
foroarden and farm are best
for B.C.aoil Sop Catalogue f0I
■olid (Juorantee of purity
Svnd new for Copy frt*
Sutton *Sem.Th«Kini"s Sovdmcn
R«.«dan^ England
. A. J.Woo d wa rd
Vtc.ptB     ft      V.ncuv..
.i.r.rrar. «.>*r.nviii.i,
Do Not Forget
Grand Opening
Of The
"Kootenay Grill"
Cranbrook, B.C.
Monday, February 16th, 1914
Visit the much talked about Grill
The Hanson Building
(under the Royal Bank)
Business Men's Lunch from 11:30 a.m.,
40 cents
Music from 5:30 until 11:30 p.m.
Family and Private Dinners:   also, Club Banquets prepared on
short notice THK   CBANRKOOK   HEBALD
News of the District
(By Fred Uoo).
Jim Tnistleblak says, aive everybody a chance and you will probably
get a chance yourself.
Mr. .aid Mrs. E. Cooper oi Galloway was iu Klko this week.
H. M. White of San Francisco and
Los Angeles California was in Klko
this week visit...)*; the writer. Mr
White was the first man east ui Fort
Steele aud west of Crows Nest to ^'L
a Liquor license und built tin* Victoria Hotel in old town, Fernie.
Du account ol the mills, Factories,
Camps all being closed down and tho
upper crust ol the Old Historic Burg
rusticating in Colilornia during the
cold snap. Maria l.lovd Hit* popular
Music Hall Artist, will no*, sing (q
l-Jlko next week as reporLed m the
Roosville Times
Papers li'.oiu the cent belt report
money easier, easier to i4M Ot
easier to got rid of.
KQinaUOu is a lovely tiling, but in
the lorn: inn nol so tilling as a Ton-
hone steal, with onions.
Al. I'hilhpps .i. r. drove, in from
I'((inlands this week on business.
Mr. Bauer, manager Canadian OU
Co., Calgary and wife ate visiting
Iriends in Lido and Kootenav Rlvci
points this week.
Alex Blrnle who »«iis the Automobile l.ivery in Elko, says the population of .Scotland is about four and a
hat! millions, ibis includes Andrew
Uarneglo. It Jus " peculiar laitguagc
ol its own, and if one can pronounce
it coherently, it Is an infallible test
of sobriety. It also says "Alex" possesses considerable mineral wealth,
but very little uf it linds its way out
of tin* country.
A company of Iriends enjoyed a
happy evening at the home of Mrs. C
15. Avre, Nesbit Cottage, North
Star 1'arK last, week.
Jack Tanner ol Cranhrook "Ship
today is the Malkin way", was in
Klko this week giving demonstrations
on, how to eook a Turtle in the shell
lie is the I.ilv of the Malkins Salesman and the glass uf fashion, his
favorite song is "Work fur the night
is cutning."
The writer is visiting tbe Roosville
Vallev and Tobacco Plains. Country
tliis week.
Eggs Is EJgKS "said" the Vancouver
Drummer with Stanley Park whiskers
anil then again thev are'nt. Waiter
remove this egg, what shall 1 do with
it, sir, Jjnve it properly stuck, dry
picked and fried for vour supper,
Jack McTavish lhe Potter Palmer
Ol Jaffray H. C, was in Elko this
week between trains. He is ^ great
advocate of seeimi Canada first especially 11. C. whose mountain sccii-en
makes Switzerland look like a prairie
(arm and the rest, of You Hupp like
New York in a ra'n storm, and
Strongly advises new Married couples
to keen nwav from the twin Cities.
Three Rivers and the Thousand
Young Fcarman was in Klko ibis
week from Calgary with pickled
Mootte, salted Whale, Rib Roasts
bettor known as dlgbv chicks for
Lent, subject to slehf draft.
One reason for the hicli cost of liv
ing may be found in the use of Machinery for preparing food. The Bread
Factory relieves the housewife from
cooking her own bread and the llno-
tlpe machine prevents the printer
Irom making liis own pi.
Miss Blanche Goodyear from Cranbrook arrived tn Klko and drove down
to Roosville Sunday returning Monday on the moonlight local to Cranbrook.
A political    machine can't   be held
together by belts.
On tlu* burning sand ho walked
His feet were full ofb'isters.
He shivered and shook with ., frightened look.
And the Band blew through his whiskers
W K ltisset t of Nelson was in
town Saturday, with a fine, display of
Cut Glass Bedroom sailing vessels,
and Harn Lantern Globes, making arrangements to meet his friends In
Nelson Julv 18-18
"No Jack" there's no lodge in Klko
of the Ancient Ordor of Moose to our
knowledge, but there's a lot ol
Bohunks with names like Russian
(inn Duals
There is a corner in Kggs in tbe
United States, around IDlKO and Tobacco Plains the. K^gs are of the oval
shaped variety.
Mr, Hicks of the Lands Dept, Nelson i*> visiting the Roosville Valley
this week.
The Directors of the Klko Water,
Power and Light Co . held a special
melting Monday night, and accepted
the resignation of the Superintendent
of Works, also Secretasy-Treasurer,
io take Affect March 10th. A Shareholders meeting will be held February
llith at. the Klk Hotel, important
The regular meeting of the Klko
Board of Trade meets this week
week to .take into consideration what
color the new hall should he whitewashed.
The. Indians on Tobacco Plains) are
sending complaints to Ottawa
through the writer.
Mrs, T. Haidinan gave a musical
evening Monday to a lew friends, the
guest of honor was Miss Blanche
Goodycat of Cranbrook, Miss Taylor
Principal of Elko's rural Temple ut
Bill Shakespcre. A pleasant time Was
A Hardware Traveller from Alberta
landed in town this week, recommending washing machines, Patent
Churns, and specialized in Labor saving self wringing mops.
A Suffragette arrived in town with
a face like a stulTcd cat, taking subscriptions for the homeless Spinsters
Funds. We recommended her for deportation aud suggested she call on
Lloyd George.
C. A. Klingcnsmith of Klko who is
wintering in California has fully recovered from his Rheumatism and is
once more in the lime light, and (riving instructions iu the Tango at Man-
nington Beach. On Washington's
Birthday February   22nd he performs
The long promised blizzard has
come and gone withotlt any seriuus.
damagjo except to indoor pot plants
In the night following, when the temperature fell to 25 degrees below-
zero in most places and down to ■'!•!
degrtes below in exposed and wind
swept situations. The wind onlv
lasted from about 7 a, m. on Wednesday, February 4, till tha small
hours of Thursday, Feb. 5, but zero
weather did not prevail during tlie
gale in daylight. On Thursday night
the temperature in exposed localities
fell to '.tl degrees below zero.
On Monday, Feb. 2, about 8'a. nt.-,
there passed away the wife of W.
White of Baynes. Mrs. White was
quite well, though somewhat weak
from nu Influenza attack some weeks
ago, and whilst ],i*r husband went out
to attend to something fur two 0r
three minutes she was attacked with
heart failure and Mr. White returned
onlv in time to see her gasping out
her last breath. The husband is lelt
with a young baby and au infant ot
two years of age.
On Thursday the Bavnes and District Free Reading Room and Library association mat, Rov, J, Philip
being in the chair. S. Eoll, <lit*
(treasurer, reported n Bound balance
shirt and the first accession to lho
permanent stock of books tu the shelves ip thc shape of 11 volumes ol
"Stoddard.1 a Travels," donated bv
Dr. T. Fy.sun Saunders. A commodious set ol bookshelves now accomodates these and the fill volumes of
the government traveling library.
The librarian reported that these
were in active reniicst and il was resolved that he be askot to present a
monthly report on tiie work of the library for thc future.
The "hard times" dame, undo! the
auspices of the Anglican -Ladies
guild, in aid ot the projected new-
church, came oft on Fridav, Fob. ti,
at Baker's hall, Waldo, anil was an
unmitigated success In spin* nf tho
very cold weather, for an even largoi
number were present from all parts
than was the case at the recent Foresters' dance at the same place. The
full CrnnbrooK ladies' orchestra officiated, giving universal satisfaction.
Some of the costumes created great
amusement bevond the usual efforts
wjlh sacks, flour bags, nails and
string. Mr. lluiijiton, of Calgary,
was funny, as an old broken down
Knglish gentleman, with a watch
made out of blacking tins painted
with a dial. Mr. Bridge, did well
toward> raising a fund for the or
chestra expenses, dressed as a cowboy "sandwich-man," with revolver
and the notice: "Hands up! We simply must have the dough, you bet
yer!!" Mrs. D. \V. Marl, in brown
paper, was also good. Very few
failed to come dressed in accordance
witb the fujiclion, out of 2ftll present
in all, and a few black, yellow, white
and pink domino alone failed to
come unite into line in this respect,
The costume prizes were awarded as
follows: Ladies' prize. ■>, leather satchel, Mrs Bridges, of Bavnes; gentleman's prize, a watch chain, Mr.
Gould, uf Waldo. Tlie cost times of
both the prize-winners were conspicuous for restraint and absence of exaggeration and the awards gave complete satisfaction. Mrs. Jackson, as
Iso deserves men-
contest. Foi Kernie, the pick were
McBain Dunlop and C. Cotnuns, who
with their club mates,, ran up only
18 goals, whilst R Jackson, who
scored the onlv goal for Waldo as
the result of n brilliant effort, deserves praise for the plucky and un-
Rinohlng wav ho led the forlorn hope.
Mr. and Mrs. Kred Adolph are visiting friends m Victoria this week.
The "Kntre-N'ous" Practice Dance
dub arc getting up a special Valentine's dance on Friday, Feb. 13, in
the Adolph hall. Baynes.
.It is proposed to hold in the same
building,   op   Thursday,   March
visit I
Mr. ;
ami M
ichool funds,
i*it iu aid of Baynes
If.   \. .Smith   made   ;i  Hying
Cuinhiook last week.
ii,i hi .  .1. McTavish, of Hull
ll .   Kaa.il,., a.f StottlerAHa.i
,   ,1 Mrs   PI Mend, ail Letll-
Wta ,    \wli'    in    Maivii' tlli.s
.ai  nim'   ilia'   lunorol iii tho
i,     Iii.    Vi     Kalii'lli, Whiti-
al   la,
hi is
ladles'    I, . '
Wa,' aro I'l
IIIK   ll
hospital in n few ilav
Hiss Esthot li
lirrlcv laisi wool
Mi.   nml   Mia
Collar drove Fn
.Mullalii.v  III,' Hill
Mr. Eddie Des
anil   his   Inula'
week where tlm
bhuslastic it
til tho woo
Mil,-,! Knsi
in.il iNni Miss
la-iiilily recover-
ailtiia-la aaf rheli-
l.a   loom tho
lasaili   ll'fl   fall   Kiln-
Balacman, of
o in town on
,111:1 In.I
Jim McNeil,
town Uiis wed
Mrs. A. Rwl
In-, late illn.
she will soon I
The Methodl
lho  homo   of
Wednesdnv nnd
coaxed  every
their   1:
ii. W.
tn. wor
iilniel, of Bull Hiver
arrived in Movie last
received a verv en-
whloli lasted un-
i ni*\ L morning,
suddenly ill
tiiaiiiiiiiL'i  and loft on the
rain   [or   Ilia' Cimibrook
aal  tiiisworlli, was in
'Covering from
wc trust that
e around again.
at   Ladies' Aid met at
Mrs. A. Cameron last
the beautiful weather
memher   out.     Didn't
oiec when thev saw
tho lovely little lunch tliat Mrs. Can*
I'i'aiai had prepared?
Mr. W. II   Willan si t n few alms
in Ornnhrook Ihis week.
The funeral of Mis. Isabella White
head, who alied in Lethbridgo Hospital, February llth, was hold from the
1 Roman Catholic 'Church, Mojie, Feb-
riintv nth. Thi' demise of Mrs,
Whitehead   manias tin' tiassi." of on.
nl vera Cruz in the Mexican Dip, or nn   indian squaw,
a long w;ie from home,   Charlie is a, tion as verv aood
great favorite in   California's winter     On   Saturday   tho   Juvenile hockey
resorts, nml carries   his lutirels witli  teams   ol   Kernie anil Waldo met on
lhe iiride of tin- Prince -of Wales. the   Kootenav   rink   in   a one-sided
t residents.   She leaves
husband, four suns and
In    loving
February iii
Today am.
Another n
In tin
Another ■,
Her f,'.
oi noon
or ■
Tin' wai
who died
memory oi M
•f Movie, B.C
.ri vacant seat
lie hearth is found;
i ".a   made glaive is seen
-  .li!l burial ground;
:, able heart is si ill,
er bead al rest;
"'il before lhe Throne
iatlv beauty dressed.
au re sla'^i'il irPnn the hill
el, tbe brighter beams
me melted in tha' rav
"ning ni'tiile clcanis.
aiar ainiri'l miner drew
laiii'bi'd the mystic chord,
The Ladies in this Town are Simply Going Wild
over Harmony Hair Betiutifier, And no wonder, because to make
llie hair lustrous, soft and silky we believe there's nothing else—
and we sell about, all the various hair preparations made—that anywhere near conies up to Harmony Hair lleautifier.
Ask any otie of the many women in this town who use it—
she'll Veil you she "loves" it. Just look at her hair, aud you'll come
lo us and get some yourself.
lustrous, more
full easily unit
Is just what ils name Implies,—Just to iniikc the hair gloss,
beautiful.—Just to make il cosier l„ dress, and more natural t
gracefully into the wavy lines and folds of the coiffure,
It leaves a delightful fresh und cool effect, ami n lingering, delicate perfume.
Will not change or darken the color, Contains no oil; therefore doesn't leave tlie
hair .stiiky or stringy. Simply sprinkle a lillle on your huir ,,„li time before
brushing It, Hut lirst, make sine that your hair and;scalp arc clean, by using
Harmony Shampoo
—A lii|iiial shampoo fa, keep the bair clean, soft, smooth uiul beautiful. It gives
mi Instantaneous, rich, foaming lather, penetrating to every part „f tin, hair nod
sculp, ll is washed off just us quickly, llie entire operation taking only h few
momenta. /(leaves nolumpi nr slickineit,- Jusl. a, refreshing sense of cool, sweet
cleanliness,—Just a dainty, pleasant and clean fragrance.
—!!„U, iii odd-shaped ornamental bottles, with sprinkler tops.
Harmony flair Beatttifier, $1.00, Harmony Shampoo,  SOe.
llotli are guaranteed to please you, or your money back.
——— These Stage Beauties Endorse Them	
Th.re is no cl.s. of w en who know ha-tl.r how to discriminate in the use of thine, lo make
tba,m mora, beautiful than .CtreaaKfl.   Anaaalafj the aaaaiaay celebrated ..luge laritutic. ullaa use and
eathuaiaalicHUy prai.v both Harmony Hair Beautificr and Harmony Shampoo are!
.Slar la "Tana.." Kaaapira Theater, N*ew York.
bur ia "A dtaaaie Waaanua,"  Lyceaana. .War
Star ia "Potaua anal Perlanaatt.r," Q, M. Cohan
Tta.il*!, S.w York.
Klaar ia "Pes aa' My Ilea,,," (fcrt Theater, New
Star ia "Aaletaa," Irfaagacre Theater, New York.
Star iaa "l-'iaan Feather.." uaaw toaarana lb. Halted
Sold only al tha mora than 7000 3ksjJJ Stores.        Ours is th. JfasjJJ Stora In tlila Tawn
Girls' Coats
"E have just placed on sale a splendid lot of Girls' Coats ranging
in age lour to sixteen years.     These garments just arrived by
express from one of the best Canadian makers, and represent
the latest American styles.
The lot contains many colors and a variety of cloths.
Prices are very low for such neat, well-made garments.
See Our East Window
Ladies' Blouses
Several new numbers have arrived and are on display.
The syles are pleasing, and they are priced very reasonable.
To clear, we are offering a number of articles at really hard time
prices :
One Lot of SILK BLOUSES, regular up to $0.00, to clear at  . $3,50
One Lot of regular 50c. CASHMERE HOSE at
One Lot of regular 2ue.
3 PAIRS FOR $1.00
t PAIRS FOR $1.00
EfiEfc jaKOftMBE«^*^Ml^^ .>#■£-♦      •
And lhe jioble spirit passed, tn he
Forever with Hie J^ord.
Wo   call   her dead:   In that bright
Where now slii, dwells nn lika.
Tltere arc no dead.   Tlie beautiful—
These never fade nnd die.
Not   dead,   but crowned with it..!-
Hess 1 ile
And clad in carmen.s white.
She walks, unwearied, evermore
The tranquil courts ,.f liuit.
A little while we iouraov on,
A few ishort years, nr.il thnt.
Vou, who are parted from her now
Shall meet vour loved attain.
N'o more to miss   her   from   vour
N'o more to say, Farewell,
Safe in the sonfi-blest land ve all
Shall reunited dwell.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
(Special correspondence).
INVERMERE, B. 0. Feb. 6th-
Thc annual meetine ol the .Windermere Board of Trade was held here
today. The attendance was a large
one. The reports ol thc President,
the Secretary Treasurer and of the
council were all presented and passed
after discussion. Otherwise not much
husiness of importance was transacted. There were several motions introduced whicli brought on warm discussion hut these wore1 either defeated or referred to thc Board's
council for action.
The membership has nt;ain Increased
(hero now being over sixty-live on
thu list. The election of officers ro
suited in Mr. .1. U Pitts, of Winder
mere, bt'omin.- President; Mr, j. K,
Cornwall, Vice-president, und Basil
0. Hamilton, of this place being ro
elected Secrctarv-Trcnsim<r Tlm
members of the Counofl wen* ohOMfn
an representative1, and are A M.
chisholm, Windermere; 0. P\ Stalker.
Wilmer; Joseph Lake and Lionel >J
Brake, Athalmer; with 0, A I'ai
ham, 1. 0. Wedd, Geotfo A Starke
and G. A, Bennett, from Winder mere;
(i. a. Cuthbnrt, as representing lho
ranching communitv.
The report of the council tthoWB
that a slight increase has taken
place during the past year in the
areas under crop and bears speeiallv
on tho urgency of fostering ., local
market for farm produce.
The usual votes ol thanfts to retiring officers and others who have
given assistance were passed.
February 16th to 21st
Tom Marks
and His Own Company
In n Change of Play Every Evening
Monday Feb. 16th
"The Golden Rule"
Night Prices   •   25c, 50c and 75c.
Matinee Prices  -   10c and 25c
Seats on Sole Now and Every Day at Beattie-Murpby's Kluro
Wc want to tell those in Cran
brook MifterlnK Irom stomach 01
bowel trouble that wc arc atrcul» [otitic simple mixture ol buckthorne
bark, Elyccrine, etc., known as Alder-
i-ka, the remedy which became tam-
aiuK bv curing appendicitis. This Is
tho most thorough bowel cleanser
Known and .IUST ONK DO.SE relieves sour stomach, gas on tlio stomach nnd constipation almost IMMEDIATELY. You will he surprised at
the QUICK notion nl Adler-i-ka.
Itoattie-Miirnhv Co.. I.imiW,!
Pamoui the World Over
Quality Unexcelled.   Always at thc lead
Por eale at all First-class Hotels
P. O. Box 500 VICTORIA, B. C.
If Your'rc a Sportsman-lf You're a Hunter
Hriiil v■'in1 nnim" uiul iniiirifw for a
enpyuf "THE WK*TBR*N 3P0KTS-
MAN." 11 monthly magAiine deroteil
to itajmrt of till WtiHaB tn Western Ctili-
inl'i. Tltere i» unmet .ling ol value and
ImportuiKe tn every iicrion in tbe
Wettt, jnttinritfi) Import. I.nrKepaneH,
mwiy illu*fit.rHtiotin.ti*.(>fiiltmn(r.'i«(ionn,
and Flirts. Ht-nd 111" iuunniieditampii
tircoln toi'OvercoKt.
The Western SportsmanS-Winnipeg, Man.


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