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Cranbrook Herald Jun 1, 1916

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Pres Galley, Victoria, May 29, - -The  Liberals,
provincial government has solved tin*'    On tin* latter qui
question   of   the   Banff-Windermere ; Boss   informed   the
scenic,  highway and  this evening  an   hinds  were chiefly
slion  Hon.  W.  It.
house   that   lhc
"scenery",  except
act passed through all Us stages whicli that whicli had been alienated. 1'iv-
ensures tho completion and uinlnten- mier Bowser and H. K. Forsler (Col-
ance of the road. iitnbini ulso pointed out lhat the land
To date tlie Government 1ms expend-; handed over to ensure tho completion
od $277,000 on tho road, of which $76,- of tin* road was practically valueless
nun has been refunded by the Canadian except for park purposes.
Pacific railway. Cutler the agreement , Briioat Miller gave figures along
with the Dominion, Ihe federal gov- similar lines. Knemy aliens will bc
eminent will take over the  highway employed Mils summer by tlie Doinln
lly un uiiicmlment to the Tre-
tiiiri.il Liquor License Act, the
hours in which lli|uur may lie sold
in lintels hav been very materially
reduced. All bars inii-i close nt
II p.m. aud remain closed till I-
nonii the folloning day. Accord,
ini* to advice to the local inspector
Ihe new hours gn Inlo effect at
once. This is local lime. The
new hours "ill remain in effect for
llie duration oi Hie war.
aud in return will receive title to live
miles of provincial land along tlie
high way. This laud will he made
into a game reserve mid national park
hy the federal authorities, thus giving to British Columbia another national park.
Mineral rights on the laud nro re-
Borved by the province aud the rights
of settlers and those to whom timber
or land rights have been alienated
are- preserved by the bill.
lt did not pass   without   criticism
from tlie opposition.   Parker Williams ! would give th
declared tho Banff-Windermere road national park,
Ion goy.ornment upon rtiBhln-j tin*
work to completion at low cost. Hon
VV. It Boss told the house that of the
sixty miles ot road forty-two miles remained to lm completed.
"It will enable Ihoiisands of tourists
who go to Banff every year to run by
automobile into the mountain beauties
of Kootenay. where the scenery is of
a magnificence thnt is not excelled
perhaps by even the Alps," said tbe
The agreement witli the Dominion
province a strip of
10    miles    In   width.
was "one ot tlie government's wild-cat I Along the road through this park
and extravagant conceptions" and M, would travel the automobile parties to
A. Macdonald and H. C, Brewster .Golden, Windermere, Invermere, the
while admitting the value of the road, famous Sinclair hot springs, to Cran-
criticlzed the government for arrange- brook, Kernie and the prairies, and ,to
ments made in connection with its tho west to Creston and Kootenay
construction and on the ground that i Landing and thence by boat to Bal-
tlio value of the land turned over to j four, Nelson nnd other West Knote-
tho Dominion were unknown to the  nay und boundary points.
Reports still persist that the German ! clal drain to meet tills demand can
occupants of Belgium are profiting hy hardly be Imagined,
the Importation of foodstuffs under the; To meet this the committee Is send-
supervlslon of the Belgian Relief Com-1 lng out new appeals and directing
mlttee. The latest report to this effect tliem particularly to prosperous Can-
appears to have emanated from the ada. Local subscriptions may be left
French newspaper "Le Temps" Paris, at tho Herald ofllce or with Mrs. J.
Mr. Herbert Hoover, the head of the H. King, and will all he acknowledged
Relief Commission, firmly denies the through tbe columns of tho Herald.
truth of this. He has frequently made Tho response so far has been very en-
such denials and he again states that couraging but the need is great and it
all food and all supplies shipped ; Is hoped that many more will add their
through the Belgian Relief Commis- hit. If you cannot give ten dollars,
sion and Ub branches is assured of ■ live dollars, two and a half or one
safe delivery to its destination. Harly dollar, give what you can. Xo object
In the work of the commission small ils more worthy of support than the
portions of tho food were taken from starving Belgian1- who sacrificed their
local depots by the Germans but In country aud themselves1 for the sake of
every instance, after affairs were, the world's liberty. Tliey deserve all
straightened out, this food was paid the help and more than we enn gi
A most enjoyable .Song Service was
given at tlie Methodist church on Sunduy last. Beginning at 7.00 p.m. Prof.
C. P, Nidd, organist and choirmaster,
gave a short organ recital, Tliat this
was greatly appreciated was evident
from the fact that the scaling capacity
of the church was overtaxed Trom the
commencement and additional chairs
had to be requisitioned till It was impossible to seat any more, tlie aisles
being crowded.
The service began at 7.80 p.m., Mr.
Adlard olllciatlng iu the absence of
tho Hev. Thos. Keyworth, who was
attending the Methodist Conference.
Tlie anthems were well delivered, the
Hallelujah Chorus being exceptionally
well rendered. Thnt a body of local
talent should be able to handle thi:: difficult chorus In this manner speaks
volumes for the ability of Prof. Nidd
to train a choir in a very thorough
The solos were rendered with that
execution which we have learned to
expect from Mrs. Wallace and Mr. R.
W. Russel. Tlie violin solos given by
Mr. Percy Parker show tluit we are
fortunate to possess in Cranbrook a
violinist of sucli exceptional skill and
talent—though not at all us well appreciated as lie should he. Were Mr.
Barker living in a larger centre he
would receive that meed of praise
which is his just due, but unfortunately, ns other occasions liave shown,
the majority of our cltlpens apparently
have not reached n high plane of musical appreciation.
To Secure Election of l.ihernl Candidate In   Vancouver  Thru
Wholesale Personations—Man who Prepared Lists Puid
lly Provincial l-iheml Association — A Detective
Employed bj Liberals Could tret Nothing
on the Conservatives*
Victoria, B. ('., May 31.—The Leg- were brought from Seattle ami picked
Islaturo prorogued this evening when up in Vancouver at ten dollars each.
tho Lieut. Governor gave his formal They were paid by J. T. Seott or bis
assent to the bills parsed within the workers. J. T. Scott was found to
last montll or two. Tne session has ' have prepared lists for personating
been a record one, lasting three und to liave prepared also pluggers
months with approximately 85 :iittlngs cards, it was found that Scott was
of tin.* bouse und 130 committee meet- puid ids salary by tiie Provincial Llb-
Ings. The election writs are issuable oral Association, of which M. A. Mac-
July 5 and as nominations are this donald. tlie Liberal candidate, is chair-
year six weeks berore polling day the man. It was found by the committee
election cannot take place before Aug. that a detective employed by Mncdon-
1!0. It wlll probably como about the aid aud Scott to watch the Conservn-
flrst of September unless a decision is tlves found that uo illegal practice had
made later in favor of postponement, been carried on by them. H, H. Pearce,
Premier Bowser is to go on a tour of one of Scott's workers, was Induced to
Vancouver Island next Wednesday and go to Seattle by motor car and was
about June 17th will go north aud over j there kept practically in duress to pre-
the G. T. P. He will tour southern vent him appearing before the Inves-
B. C. some time toward the end of July tlgatlng committee. The committee
or early In August. does not make a finding on "some of
The report of the Vancouver elec- le* personal relations of the Liberal
tion frauds investigation committee candidates with those who curried on
was presented this afternoon. There personations" meaning the Qosden
was no discussion whatever. The com- Macdonald fifty dollar episode, as this
mlttee finds tliat there was a conspir- matter Is in dispute in the courts.
acy to carry on wholesale persona-! It recommends that the attorney
tlons ln Vancouver for tho election of general's department continue lhe
tlw  Liberal  candidate  and  pluggers   work of inveutigution.
Police Ciimmlssiimers Instruct Police
to Strictly Enforce ihe Law aud
Make t'ranbrook a (lean
U tt
Captain K. E. Hodgers. M
turned from a trip to Spillamachene
where on thc directions of Mr. R. K.
Neal the general manager of the Hudson Bay Mining Company of Spokane
and Salmo, he made an 'extensive examination of tbe Giant mine to whicli
reference was made some weeks ago
iu these notes. The result of Captain
Rodger's examination is, of course, a
matter of confidence between blm and
those lie represents, but it Is safe to
say that tin' property most favorably
for and the money placed to the credit   Have  you   sent  in  your  contribution j impressed certain of those wbo reeent-
of the Belgians. yet?
As a matter of fact there is no other C. A Cock ?.">. Miss Mary Burton $1,
safe way iu which food can be sent Mrs W. J, Mnnley BOc, Mr. and Mrs,
to Belgium except through the Belgian M McCrlndle |8.50. Q, W, P, Carter
Relief Committee. This committee $10, IV A. Kay $8.60, T. II. Kay $8,50,
just now has its work cut out for it. Mrs R T. Williams $2.r.0, Mrs. Pown-
The conditions in Belgium have rapid- all $10. Mrs. G. W. Johnson $3.50, Noel
ly grown worse until now tbere are Wallinger B5c, Dr. J. ll. King $r>, lir.
seven million people almost wholly I'. Miles ?:', a friend $3.60, Mr, How-
dependent on this organization for ard fl. Donald S. Burton BOc. Total
their dally food.   Tbe immense rinau- $60.26
Mr. Campbell be called to the box that
the might be questioned about his reu-
on for being la lhe bar, but counsel
for the defence objected   and   would
Has it Mrenser lhe Hlght lo be in Ills no, llMl)^ Mr Campbell to be sworn.
liar or Item sin   There   during
rrolilhllrd Itourtl   Referred
to tltorno-liciieiul fnr
Interpretation of Act
Iu arguing the  ruse   Mr. Macdonald
maintained that » licensee had a perfect rlghl to be in bis own bar (hiring
prohibited hours, that he could remain   thfre all  night,  sleep there, or
Aii Important case was up for hear-  hl)Vl, ni,.m|,lTR „,   i,js ,„V11   family  in
tug   Wednesday  morning   before  ill-; ,,u„ ,.,,,. „ilh ,lim jf h(, desired. Chief
Honor Judge Arnold, of much Interest Hersey in rebuttal claimed thnt the
movti   Act di.l not
hotelkeepers and to tin
public. A charge bad been laid by the|u,R* tno 0lllv IK.nis|,m n licensee was
Chief of Police against Mr. J. V. Camp- ft|iOW0(] |n thfl bar during prohibited
bell, proprietor of the Cosmopolitan hm||.s W(W to „*,„„•„ ft ,*r*nk for |,|m.
Hotol, for being In his bar during pro-j6ol( or r,unMv or ,„ ob1ll|n Hquor to
hlbfted hours.   Mr   \   B  Macdonald jBorvo a gU0f,t at a bona-fldo meal*, and
appeared for Mr. Campbell ami admit- :„,.,, .,liy .,,„.,, Interpretation of the Act
ted that Mr. Campbell had been In Ills M c|ftimw] hy the counsel for the debar at the time charged hut claimed I fonco would make tin- Act a Joke nnd
that In so doing ho was quite Within 'impossible to enforce,
his rights, tliat no law bad been bro- ;    ,1(s ,■„,,,„. .,ni,ouneed that he would
ken, and that bis client should not romftnd the rase for two weeks In nr-
have been forced to appear In court ...... ,., IV|Vr M|), nmttor ,0 (hp Atlor.
when nn offence against the law wns „,,.,..,•,.„,..-.,•  rnr „  ru||ng ,,H ,,, ti,0
Charged, and asked  that the rase be   im,a„|nK ,,r ,|u, A(.t
dismissed   without   further   waste  of
Chief of Police Hersey. who conducted his own prosecution, objected to such procedure, claiming that
the law had been broken, ami that It
was an offence against tlie net for the I
licensee to be hi his bar after closing :
tlmo. Despite the objections of Mr. j
Macdonald the Chief called Night Con-
stable Johns to the witness box and
established oil his evidence the fact
that Mr. Campbell was In the bar at
tho tlmo charged, as admitted by tho
defenoo, In an exchange of pleas*
an tries between Mr. Macdonald ami
the Chief, In which Mr. Macdonald re-
fer red to previous constables who
were In the habit of "nosing around"
not lasting very long the Chief
protested vigorously against such
"threats" being made against him by
the opposing solicitor, and particularly In open court, and asked His Worship to make a note of this threat,
Mr. Macdonald dented that It was a
threat but tlio Chief maintained that
It could bn construed In no other
iMhton.   Tbo protenitlon asked that
A   number   of   the   local   holelmen
The Greenwood smelter Is treating
1860 tons of ore dally. About 100 tons
of ibis Is custom ore.
ly went over it
Prior to examining lhe Giant. Captain Rodgers spent two days in Salmo
with Mr. Neal who is busily engaged
in the development of the Hudson Bay
mine near that point. The property is
some seven miles from the station and
the transport is heing handled with
caterpillar   tractors   and   six   horse
trams. Captain Hodgers states that
motor trnctlon will soon solve the
transportation difficulties of many of
the mines of tliis country. In the case
ef the Hudson Bay mine one of tbe
aterplllar tractors brings down a load
f twelve tons of ore from the property
and rt turns with an equal load of supplies, malting two round trips each
day, while the six horse teams make
but one trip a day, carrying not more
than eight tons on tbe down hill haul;
in other words, one man with gasoline
can do six limes the work of a man
At a full meeting of the Police
Commission last week the edict went
forth that henceforth and hereafter
the law must bc enforced In this city,
and no matter who the offenders the
penalty for breaking tlio law would
be enforced. Chief of Police Hersey is
also License Inspector, and was given
instructions to enforce tlte provisions
of the Liquor Lecense Act. No Immorality will be tolerated in tlie city
and the Ked Light habitues must confine their activities to fields outside
the city limits, which is under thc
Jurisdiction of the provincial police,
not the city.
It was also decided to put tlie local
police force in uniform. Minor improvements are being made to the
cells, such as putting on screens, etc.
1.11 'Kit.-LAKE
Tlie Calgary Albertan of May 26th
has the following account of a Victoria Day wedding of interest to many
Cranhrook friends of the groom:
A very Interesting event took place
in Heath Baptist church at 2.30 Wednesday afternoon, when Mr. Ralph
Laurie, son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Laurie of Craubrook, B. C, und Miss
Nellie Lake, daughter of the late Mr.
John A. H. Lako and Mrs. Lake of
117 Ninth Street east, this city, were
united in marriage by the Rev. Mr.
Da foe, pastor of Hlllerest Baptist
church. The ceremony was witnessed
by a large gathering of friends and
relatives of the  young  couple.    Thc
and six horses.    The economy of tlio | brldo, who looked charming in a robe
la Madame BulUrlly
Metropolitan Opera Company
Friday, June li
tractor method is apparent. It will occur to one. at once, how successfully
such appliances could Im* used between
('ranbrook and Perry Creek or between St. Mary Country and Marysville, The great advantage of the tractor Is that they do not cut up tlie roads
even to the extent that automobiles do.
This Is on account of the great width
of treads which tend rather to pound
down, flatten and harden the ronds
than do them injury.
The Veronica Gold Mining Company,
Ltd,, has been incorporated by Mr. T.
T. Mecredy with a capital of $360,000
divided Into one million shares of 25c
each, to develop the Kcllpse Group of
six claims adjoining the Homestake
Group on the north west side of Perry
Creek, The directorate of the company
consists of Dr. J. W. Rutledge, D. A.
Macintosh, Geo. R. Leask, Fred Bryan
and Ed, McMahon.
The snlient point in connection witli
the property Is tlmt the three of four
parallel veins of gold quartz which
traverse the Homestake group and on
whicli that ground wns stnked, run
right across the Eclipse ground and
from that property directly Into the
Garvan Group whicli was recently
bonded for $100,000, so it is stated, to
Mr. F. Le Rol Thurmond of Seattle
who returns here on the. 10th Inst to
make a farther examination of properties In the district.
Mr. it. \V. Wood of Fcrnie, accompanied by Mr. Williamson. M. 1*1, of
Spokane, spent a few hours In Crnnbrook on Tuesday Inst. It is snld that
Mr. Wood Is in the market for suitable
mining properties and lias already acquired two, ono in tiie Atnsworth camp
snd thn other lu Salmo,
of white silk with Shadow lace coatee,
and a veil of embroidered Brussels net
surmounted hy a wreath of orange
blossoms (tho gift of Miss Hester
Allan of San Francisco), entered tlie
church on the arm of Mr. A. M. Bartle.
She carried a lovely shower of white
roses, forms and bridal wreath, and
wns attended by her cousin, Miss
Freda Robinson.
The groom was supported by bis
brother, Mr. Charles Laurie of Dun-
more, Alberta.
The bride was the recipient of numerous useful and beautiful gifts a-
mongst them being a handsome silver
tea service, presented by the office
staff of the Western Canada Flour
Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Laurie left on the
evening truln for Banff, returning to
Calgary by way of the lake route, stopping at Cranbrook, B. ('.. to visit tlie
groom's parents.
Man Ontario" mounted on a waler wagon played an important part, as did
u float representing the length that
all of the petitions for prohibition
would have been If tbey had been pasted together.
The current Ford-Canadian Monthly
film of current events, to be seen al
the Rex Theatre on Monday, June 6,
shows this mummoth parade hi a graphic manner along with numerous
other interesting incidents aud events
throughout Canada.
Th Parish Hull was very prettily
and tastefully decorated on Wednesday
afternoon when the St. John's Ambulance Association gave tlieir Fete Dan-
Bant, which wus a splendid success.
The stall of eatables looked very appetizing and was soon sold out. while
the afternoon teas which were served
were very dainty. An excellent program was given, the following ladies
tendering their services: Mesdames
Patterson, Sinclair, Macdonald and
Nesblt, also Miss Roberts and Miss
Reid, a cousin of Mrs. Macdonald's
from tlie coast. Miss Wellman and
Miss Alexander played the accompaniments. After the program dancing
was indulged in and Miss Doris Wallinger and Prigate Tighe Mecredy
gave some of their popular dancing,
the dances heing the Mecredy Trot and
the Hesitation Waltz, which were very
much appreciated by tlie audience.
Tlie Cranbrook Orchestra supplied the
music in their usual pleasing style.
Those helping at tlie tea tables were:
The Misses Drummond, Marion Roberta, Madge Robertson, Roberts,
Whitehead. Lnrkum, Fisher. Kershaw,
B. Pye, McLennan, Woodland, Wallinger, Tayloi, Brown. The ladies in
charge of tho cookery table were: Mrs.
Miller and the Misses Harrison and
The watch was won by .Mr. Harry
Drew of Kimberley. the time being
3.40.   The net proceeds will amount
to about $40, in addition to nearly $70
on the watch.
A parade so long that it taker, an
hour and forty minutes to pass the
reviewing stand is one not to be forgotten In Canadian history. Such a
ono is that which recently was seen
| In Toronto. Every branch of the service was represented in the parade,
from dragoons to Held kitchens and
eaeh branch vied with the other In
presenting tlie most lit appearance.
Twenty thousand people in Toronto
paraded tn show their sympathy In
the cause of prohibition for Ontario.
Tho pictures show tlie monster parade
with Its banners from the various
counties and towns nud tbe thousand
gaily  decorated  automobiles.     "Old
ft i nvNllrrln Riiittrana
Mftri'tiidilHii Opera t'ompany
Friday, Jane 2
New Styles for Men
And Young Men
If you want clothing with a
gaurantee of good fabrics and
correct style, you will do well
to   inspect   our
Fit Reform Clothes
Our prices for made to
measure clothing range from
$22.00 up and when everything is considered they are the
most economical you can buy
Drop in and look over our
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Buy Linoleums Now
Although wholesale prices on Linoleums have advanced 65 per cent,
since the commencement of the war,
we can still supply from our large
stock, bought at before the war
Our lines ol CARPETS and
RUGS are complete and are well
worth your attention.
supply your needs at rock-bottom
Cranbrook Co-Opera-
tive Stores, Ltd,
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We Guarantee Our Goods
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAG B TWO
"Tlio Herald understands tlmt tlio
city is going to nndertuke to rid the
boulovarda of the dandelion, if tluit
is done, and it should be, every prop-
iiiy owner slionld do his lilt by ridding Id* lawn find back ynrd of the
weed. Don't spare it lor sentimental
reasons, and don't take any stock in
the report that a good grade of coffee
can be made from dandelion roots.
And aa dandelion wine will be out of
order utter July 1 tiiere is absolutely
no reason for allowing tbe lawn to be
messed up with tlie stuff. So swat the
A YOl\<; GIRL'S SNillT
is a verv precious thing. It
should not lie neglected it bIio
complains ot headaches. The
chances :iiv they are caused by
detective eyesight. Wo can ri m-
edy nil such troubles quickly by
providing Just tlio ripln kind (it
glasses that will ouahlo nor to
soo better and to dispense with
tho headaches. Our Borvlcc Ik up-
to-dato and our charges fall'.
.It'ivi'lci's \ Opticians
Next to the 1'cist Ofllco
No need to forego
the pleasure of a delicious mellow flavor
to get convenience in
chewing gum.
now has both. Special
machinery takes the
place of hand wrapping
and wraps each separate
stick in wax paper and
tinfoil, making a handy,
convenient package.
Choose any of five
mellow flavors. Your
dealer has them in
Tutti Frutti.
iHNiicd   Weekly   Iii   'I'hc   Crunliniiik
Herald, Limited.
T. II. Ka\, Editor nud Mimugcr
No fault will be found wltli tbe
Police Commission tor their action iu
Instructing tho police to strictly enforce tlie law, except perchance it be
by some coterie of iuw-breakers who
iu tlie past may have enjoyed special
privileges and now anticipate having
(o live up to the law tlie same as the
majority of the citizens have had to
do all along, in thnt ease they will
receive seanl sympathy from the law-
abiding citizen.
Rightly or wrongly ('ranbrook has
in the past earned an unenviable reputation as a wide-open town, und
though the days of that period liave
been but memories for some time back,
tlie reputation is hard to live dowu,
Afl long as the city authorities tolerate
the segregated district on the outskirts
of the city it cannot be expected tluit
we will liave, or deserve, a high ropu
tation for morality or virtue. It may
ibe argued that this district Is outsith
tlie control of the city authorities, and
to n, certain extent this is true, but
lat Uio same time it ls also true that if
the proper steps aro takeu the place
can bo cleaned up In short order, It
i exists only'on the sufferance of the
city, und If tlio Commissioners wlll
havo this hive of vice, which cannot be
i less than an eyesore and reproach to
all right-thinking citizens, summarily
removed tbey wlil have shown their
courago and worth, aud have earned
the thanks of tlie growing majority of
citizens who stand for a clean town In
'all respects.
i Tho Chief of Police is also License
; inspector for tiie city, and has full
authority to enforce the provisions of
tho Lbpior Act. Duo warning has
{been glvon all the hotelmcn that the
provisions of the Act will be strictly
j enforced, und if tlie law is observed
by tliem no action on liis part will be
necessary. If, however, there are im
l fractions of the law prosecution will
I follow, und with public opinion be.
ind the chief, as ft undoubtedly will
be, there can lie but one end.
I'runbniiik, II. ('., June I. I'M'-',
It will be welcomenows to Kootenay
tlmt the Banff-Winder mere highway
is to bo completed witiiout further delay. -Not only is the road to he completed but by the arrangement between the provincial and federal governments n new national park will be
established along a five mile stretch
of territory along tlie road. This land
is ceded to the Dominion Governmenl
by tlio province, aud Is to he maintained us ii game reserve and park
at tho expense of tlie federal authorities. This Will preserve one Of the
finest scenic territories lu tlie world,
and tlie completion of tlie road will
enable thousands of tourists lo travel
by unto along this truly "scenic highway" between Banff and Windermere.
The laml is mostly rough and rocky,
unsuitable for agricultural imrposes
and fit only for a park nr j-ame remove and as tin* provlneo retains the
minora! rinhts the bargain is an excellent one.
At the animal meeting of the Crnii-
bnmk Board of Trade hist February a
strong resolution was passed urging
the provincial government to devise
somo menus of completing this highway nnd suggesting the employment
of interned aliens to do the work. The
solution arrived at is rjultq iu llw
with the resolution.
Tiie dandelion is Increasing with alarming rapidity In tlilw eity, ami a united and systematic erfort should be
undertaken to eliminate the pest,
which It is now becoming. Dandelions
if not removed will soon ruin a lawn,
und it Is rather discouraging for one
householder to work untiringly to keep
bis lawn und garden Ireo while his
next door neighbor continues to raise
a crop sulliclenl to seed Un* entire
block, Tin* eity should also take a
hand and clear tlie "yellow peril" from
off the streets, Tiiere is a block on n
business street close to the centre of
tbo city which is at times one solid
mass of yellow, nnd should be cleaned up at once. Lethbridge is undertaking to fight the dandelion uud n
recent Issue of the Utlibridge Herald
contains the following good advleo:
"The pestiferous dandelion is beginning to show Its yellow head. Swat It.
Do it now. If you don't next year
thero will be one hundred to swat
wliero now there is one.
Tim dandelion may be a nice little
flower, but it is in tlu* wrong place
as a rule, so we call it a weed. Lethbridge has been particularly free from
the pest heretofore, hut the outlook
isn't so bright this year and It behooves every householder, if he is
anxious about ills peace of mind in
years to come, to go at. the extermination of the pest without delay. They
are not hard to kill. A common "spud"
such hh the fnrmers use In tl astern
provinces for killing thistles will do
tlio   work   effectively.     Cut   the   plant
out bolow the ground ami it win die.
Cut it good and low that la the secret.
The reusons why (Iermany is now
ryinfe for peace are discussed with
insight and intelligence hy the Now
York Tribune iu a lengthy article
tho essential portions of which we
herewith quote:
Tlie single fact in the world situation of today is that Qormany is cry-
iiiK for peace. For tlm lirst time the
ubterfuge of using neutral or appnr-
ntly neutral organs and citizens to
xpress (ierman desires for peace has
been laid aside, it is from Berlin that
the cry for an end of fighting comes
must insistently and persistently, and
tliis appeal finds no echo in the press
r among tlie puhlic men of the nations that aro fighting (.Iermany.
it is wortli remembering, too, that
the terms that (iermany now suggests
are Incommensurate with her actual
military posture at the present hour,
so far as this is disclosed by the map,
ud, what is most vital amount to a
renunciation of the precise purposes
that were in the tieriuan mind when
the war begun	
"(iermany, on her own statement of
conditions, Ims lost the war. But she
lins not lost the desire for her placo
iu tiie sun, und she has not lost confidence in that tremendous military
machine, whicli almost brought her
ietory in September, 1914. She stands
in precisely tlie intuition tlmt Louts
XIV stood alter his first encounter
witli the coalition of lOurope In which
his armies had overrun the Low
Countries und Southern (iermany hut
had missed supreme success because
of the fact tliat Europe bad risen
against hlm.
"Louis XIV made peace; lie made
peace, on terms quite as reasonable as
those of (iermany today. But a few
years later he resumed his effort, and
it was not until the Peace of Utrecht,
almost at the end of his life, that be
gave over the effort to assert the
supremacy of France In Europe. If the
terms of peace that Germany now
oilers mean anything, they mean that
Germany, recognizing that she has
lost this war, seeks to close out a
bad Investment before her military
power Is shaken or her army has lost
its reputation for something like in
vinelbility. After Waterloo there was
no Napoleonic legend In France for a
generation, but before Waterloo the
defeats of the Empire wero inslgnifl-
eaut when compared to the victories,
and France was willing to try once
"Europe, Paris, London und Petro-
grad believe that peace now would be
but a truce. Thev accept as true
what the (iermaiis have been asserting
Why Shamed by
Blotchy Skin
If you are a sufferer from Eczema
or unsightly pimply skin you know
just what it means to liave thut humil-
atiug buckward feeling about meeting strangers and oftentimes friends.
Many a time you liave looked Into tlie
mirror nnd wished tbat your skin
would bo like other people that you
know "without a blemish." This wish
can bo yours for tlio asking. If you
will go to the druggist and procure a
bottle of D. D. D, the greatest of all
skin remedies apply it according to
directions In a short time your skin
will he as soft as velvet.
Come In and ask for a oottle today
on our mouey-bai'k guarantee. Ark
also about 1). 1). I). Soap that keeps
the skin healthy.
Df\ f\ For 15 Yours
• U. V* Uie Standard
m^^mmmmmmwm Skin Itemed?
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co, Cranbroolt
I'ur u generation, namely, that the
Oerman peoplo are determined tn up-
•t the balance in world affairs, which
tln-v believe Is Inequitable to them.
They believe Unit tin* Herman army's
roally wonderful successes in the held,
despite, tlie lact that these have not
quite availed to bring a dcclslvo termination to tiie conflict und impose
Oerman will on Europe, will enable
Oerman statesmen to enlist tin* (ierman people iu a new crusade once tho
propitious moment arrives.  .   .   .
"Tlie men who uie lighting the lier-
nians are Just as anxious to net themselves out of tin* trenches ns men can
lie; but they are a little more anxious
to keep tlieir own boys out of these
trenches a few years hence. Therefore they tire willing to go on. Germany has lost a war, but her enemies
have only in part won a war; they
liave blocked, not convinced, Germany,
They are lighting now to establish the
fact that a (ierman attack upon
European civilization can never succeed, uud that the cost of It is beyond all conceivable profit. This, and
not peace terms, is important; this,
and not peace terms, is the thing tliat
prolongs the war and will prolong it
until the Allied purpose is realized or
Allied strength fails.
It is of tlie utmost Importance that
Americans should not permit themselves to be taken hi hy the present
Qerman campaign for peace or by
tlieir own horror of slaughter, if we
are to liave a durable peace after ull
tbis struggle and sacrifice it can only
come when Germany renounces her
determination to upset the balance in
tlie world. She lias not renounced.
Pence now means a new war at no
distant date, because the Germans
still believe, and they have every reason to believe, tliat what tliey have
almost accomplished Ibis time tliey
will accomplish next time. This spoils
a continuation of armaments, a prolongation of that situation which he-
fore the wnr had become only an
armed truce.
"The peace of the world depends upon the final destruction id' tlie German
idea of world power built oil the ruins
of other nations. Germany seeks
peace now to preserve the idea; she
recoils to leap forward later. The
day will come when then1 will be no
ono In Germany who holds this idea,
because the exhaustion of war will
carry tin* message, even If no hostile
soldier crosses the German frontier.
It is Tor this time that those who
really would serve the cause of peace
must wait."
CAN IT be noM.:
t Victoria Times)
Almost evervone will sympathize
with the desire that British Columbia's
soldiers overseas should have au opportunity to vote in the next election,
but apart altogether from the constitutional aspect of the matter, the
proposal does not seem practicable.
Tlie objections lodged against the fed-
oral scheme for taking the votes of
soldiers in Europe and elsewhere cun
be urged with even greater force and
certainly against the provincial proposal. Is there anybody in his senses
who imagines that General Joffre and
Sir Douglas Halg would permit a
British Columbia government emissary
witli a ballot box lo approach the
trenches any time this summer or tall
in the interests of un election in British Columbia while the greatest Issue
In the secular history of the world is
being determined through the sacrifice
of hundreds of thousands of precious
lives? Will General Sarrail allow electioneering to go on among the British
Columbians at Salonica? By that time
Britisli Columbians may be iu East
Africa, Mesopotamia. Albania. Will
the ballot box follow them? Tlie last
thing our gallant soldier!! will want to
think about at such a time in any case
is an election.
FA Ml KltH NO. 8.    |
i (lly Hull's Eye)
» tt
The poor workman always blames
liis tools. So says the ancient proverb,
This applies to tlie farmer us to the
mechanic. The grouch er nnd kicker
nre all too prominent in the farming
community. Do you ever henr them
complain of themselves? Nol They
ant thoroughly convinced thnt the
trouble is external, not internal, that
they are the sports of a cruel fnte.
Let us consider this. What ure tlu*
farmer's tools? First and foremost,
himself. Next, his laud. Then, his
equipment. And last hut not least, tlio
Of all these, the one over which lh"
farmer can exercise only a general
control Is the climate. He can determine in tbe first place whether he will
locate iu a wet, dry, moderate or extreme climate. Having decided tills
point ho has no further control, except
such as Irrigation In a dry climate.
By studying "Tlie Temperature nnd
Climate of British Columbia" which be
can get free from the Department of
Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, lie will
bo able to ascertain for himself the
recorded vagaries of tliat section in
which he decides to settle, and see the
periodical variation whicli almost invariably runs through a shorter or
longer term of years.
Equipment Is n "tool" which every
farmer has to decide on for himself,
depending largely on the depth nf his
pocket-book. But hero the personality
of the mau crops out, for a Judical
selection has much to do with the success or non-HucccHS of his "tool." Kven
», tho Dopartmont of Agriculture is
ways available for free expert advico
as to tlio best and wisest selection
having regard to the nulnre of tho
work, the land, aud the aforesaid depth
of tiie pockutbook.
The land Is a "tool" which is largely
ready to hand, though the variation
Xlsttng throughout a given climatic
belt gives scope to the display of judgment by the farmer—much again depending on the pocket-book. British
Columbia Is, however, fortunately
blessed with large areas of good land
nly needing the pre-emplor*s touch,
o that even with a slim purse there
is always a chance awaiting the man
■ ho will study possibilities. And while
t is the easiest thing in the world to
uipoverlsh the soil, there are iiullmit-
d vistas open to the man who studies
ds soil with a view to improving it.
. recent book o i the furiuiv *iy**Li] ns
f tlte Hast tells how the Chinese
liave so skilfully cultivated their hind
for more than 4,000 years that their
fields are today more fertile than when
ilrst cultivated hy man. Head whnt
the farmers of Denmark liave done to
build up Ihe poorest of soil until today
their crop yields rank amongst the
highest in the world, It takes time—
which is a great drawback to many
Canadian farmers who want to get
rich quick—but the results are sure.
Finally we come to the greatest
"tool" nf all—the farmer himself. It
is obvious from what has already been
said tliat the essence of gooil farming
lies In tiie man, moro so than in any
other factor. Given the right man, and
the nature of the soil, the vagaries of
tlio climate, or tho worries of a slim
pocket-book are as nought. The distinguishing factor which separates
man from the lower animals lies in
Ids ability to rise abovo his environment. He alone is gifted with reason
and judgment. On his ability to use
these godlike gifts rests Ills success-
ill farming ns in otlier occupations.
Tho good workman never blames his
other tools; he studies himself first
to see If tlie trouble is internal. And
ninety-nine times out of a hundred that
Is where hc finds it. Mr. Farmer, the
next time you feel like grouching at
everything stop for a moment; study
yourself, and try to discover if you
have exercised reuson and judgment in
planning your affairs. The poor workman always blames his tools—never
brook Jobbers Limited to whom thc )
samo is now payable.
Dated at Craubrook, B. C, tills 1st
day of June, 1910.
Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd.      i
per F. \V. Burgess,
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" und In the Matter of Lot 1,
Block 20 of Lot 132, Group 1, Kootenay District, Province of British
Columbia, Map 1181.
Take   Notice   tliat   an   Application
(No, B877-1) has been made to register
David Wallace Hart  us owner In fee
simple of tlie above lots under n Conveyance to him from Bancs Lake Land
Company, Limited et al, dated loth day
day of January 1915 and tbat unless
within 30 days from the date of the
lirst publication hereof you file in this!
ollice a caveat or Certificate of   Lis I
Pendens   I   shall   register   tlie   said I
David Wallace Hart as owner In foe
Philip John Hanham Aplin ns owner
in fee on tlie Register of Indefeasible
Dated at the Land Registry Olilce,
Nelson this 20tli day of May, 191(i.
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern,
Date of first publication that first
day of June, 19113. 22-lt
In the Matter.of the "Land Registry,
Act"  and  in*1 the  Matter  of   Lot  2,
Block 74 of Lot 182, Group 1, Koot-
enay District,  Province of British
Columbia, Map 1181.
Take Notice that an Application
(No. ,,974-1) lias been made to register
Arthur Galo as owner in fee
simple of the above lot under a Con-
veyance to him from Baynes Lake Land
Company Limited et al, dated 14th
day of May 1910 and that unless
within .10 days from the date of tlie I
first publication hereof you file in tliis j
ollice a caveat of Certificate of Lis
Pendens 1 shall register the said
Arthur Gale as owner In fee on the
Register of Indefeasible Fees.
Dated at the Land Registry Oftice,
Nelson, this 25th day of May. 1910.
To all tn whom it may concern.
Date of  first  publication   the   first j
day of June, 1916. 22-4t |
Contain no add and thu* keep tha leather soft, protecting it against
Cracking. They combine liquid and parte in a paste form and require
only half ths effort for a brilliant lasting shine. Easy to use for
all the family—children and adults.   Shine your shoes at home and
keep then neat
There will be sold by Sheriff's Sale
In Wardner in front of tlie police station at 10 o'clock Monday morning,
June 5, 1910, one brown driving horse,
gelding, about six years old, weight1
about 10ii0 to 1100 lbs., branded bar.
L on right shoulder.
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In the Mutter of Lot 8,
Block .!.!, and Uit .!, Block 80 of Ixit
132, Group 1. Kootenay District,
Province of British Columbia, Map
Take Notice that an Application
(No. B973-1) has been made to register
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner In
fee simple of the above lots under a conveyance to htm from Banes Lake Land
Company Limited et nl, dated 2nd
day December 1915 nnd that unless
within 20 duys from tlie date of the
ilrst publication hereof you file in tliis
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
Pendens 1 shall register the said
Dated at the Laud Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 25th day of May, 1910.
To all to whom It mny coucern.
Date of first publication the first
day of June, 1910. 22-4t
Pastor, Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. F. Nidd
Morning service at 11 a.m.
Sunday school and bible class II p.m.
Evening service 7.20 p.m.
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class 3 p.m.
Kvening Service 7.30 p.m.
Cottage services every Wednesday
Kootenay Orchard District 8 p.m.
Salvation service Saturday 8 p.m.
Sunday School 2.30 p.m.
Sunday evening 8 p.m. i
You are Invited to all the above services which arc bright and cheerful.
W. KERR, C. O.
TAKE NOTICE thnt the Cranbrook
Jobbers, Limited, have taken possession of all the stock In trade, fixtures,
assets, and book accounts of the Sun
Grocery, currying on business nt Cranbrook, under and by virtue of tho provisions contained in a certain chattel
mortgage dated the 15th day of March
1915 and now In default, and also by
virtue of tin* provisions contained in
an assignment of book debts dated tlie
mill day of January, 1910, and all persons who are indebted to the snid Sun
Grocery are hereby required to take
notice that payment of the said Indebtedness must he made to the said Cran-
Divine worship at 11 a.m.
Sunday School and Adult Bible class
at 3 p.m.
Dlvlno worsiiip at 7.30 p.m.
Y.P.S.C.E. Monday at 7.30 p.m. Topic
"The Consecration of Money", leader,
Miss E. l^ewis.
Mid-week Scrvico Thursday 8 p.m.
A hearty welcome to all.
8.00 a.m.—Corporato Communion of
tho Ladies Guild.
11.00 a. in,—Mattlns and Litany.
3.15 p.m.—Address to Young People:
"Some Builders of our Faith  and
Empire: Robert l^mls Stevenson."
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
Prenclier, Rev. W, II. Bridge.
Healthful Sleep
is necessary for the enjoyment and prolongation
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Pernio Free Press: Tlio continuous
recruiting campaign In tills district
among tho miners is Intorlorlng wltli
tho mining Industry. Already It Is
Impossible (or the C.N.P. Coal Co. to
supply tho demand for coui.
UoHslimd Ims .no ninny stray canines
*nd a city dog catcher mny Im appointed. THURSDAY, JUNE 1, lUKi
Wedding Gifts
Should be Useful
Brides do not expect nor Uosire
gifts of great cost. But usually
tliey most appreciate the more
simple and useful articles—the
onces tlmt can be used ull tin*
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0 0 0 11 IIV T T I) I!
Cranbrook Meat
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g*™ two milium nllur COW OWtlfnl Who have
made Una test liave found they had mud*.
5 YOU CSn't afford to wall.   I-fl the De
2 I.av.il Sf.-ihtrnttir start s.ivmn cream iur
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SS btintl   a   in.i.liinr
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2 any lima you say.
5 Sooner or
j= later you
£ will  buy a
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mrs, ti. H. Thompson took a trip out
to Wycliffe on Wednesday.
Mrs.   Elmer   Staples   of   Wycliffe,
leaves this week for a trip to Spokane.
Tho Eternal City is Hall Cain's muster piece.
Mrs. Joe Campbell left for a short
holiday in Bpokane this week.
Mr, and Mis. J. P. Smith leave
day for Wlunipegd.
Coloy  entertained  nt tea  on
second hand carriages Tor Bait
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Modern  residence, i'lirnlslii'il,
- Apply to Heale A Blwell.
The Anglican Church ftihie class
re having a picnic on Saturday. June
hilhy Franiis Pictures.
'offering for sale at favorable prit
These are pure-bred and grade co
Don't miss Beelng the Eternal city all tested at tbe Claresholm Experi-
Friduy ami Saturday at the Rex. .VI- mental Farm, and an opportunity is
mission 25 and 50 cents. thUB afforded fanners whu desire to
  | increase  tlieir  dairy  stuck  to  obtain
Mrs. Archie Leech passed through reliable milch cows ut prices within
Cranbro.il; on Wednesday on her way their reach. If he finds there is suf-
from Jaffray to Portland, Ore., owing 'ficieut demand Mr. Playle will bring
to the deatli uf .
whose home is
,i-r father, Mr. Hurvill,
Mra. John
ilnvi. month
Mlllo* rottlrliotl from n
x trip to tlio const lust
Mr. Ftonry
town this wi
Hall oi' Hpoknno war. In
oh fidjiiBtlng various tiro
Mr. Noel Wallinger left on. Tuesduy for Wardner where he will drive
the stage from that place to Bull
Mr. Lloyd Crowe and brother Elliott are opening up a grocery business in Trail. Lloyd has been employed at lra Manning's for some tin*
past and was a popular and obliging
grocery salesman.
Every fashionable feature demanded by ladies of discriminating taste
will in- found iu the range of shirtwaists and skirts shown exclusively
by ns.    W. I), lllll.
The Boattlo-Murphy Co. have put
tow flooring in their drug store during the past week.
Wc arc carrying a lull line of hoots
and shoes. — Cranhrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
The Eternal City is one of tiie greatest pieturizeil drama yet produced.
Several cars of No. 1 Timothy Hay
just unloaded.— Cranhrook Trading
Mrs. Waldim McKay, nee Sadie
Moran, of Phoenix, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Byron McFarlane.
The Eternal City is shown In S reels
a full evening's program. Rex, Friday
and Saturday, admission 25c ard 50c.
Miss Agnes White who was taken
to St. Kugene Hospital suffering with
a stroke is progressing favorably.
Wc arc carrying a full line of boots
and shoes. — Cranhrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. John Laurie have received ollicial notification that their
son Robert J. lias been wounded by
being shot in tlie neck. Ho joined
the Winnipeg Rifles at Winnipeg.
Mrs. John Hoyden left on Monday
for Cranbrook where site will visit
friends for a few days.—Creston Review.
.Tnst a few dozen left. Wo will sell
while they last a line of Ladies' Black
Hose at. 3 pair for fine, regular price
35c each pair.—W. D. Hill.
ED, Johnson, logging contractor
for the Canadian Pacific railway at
Hull River, was fu tin* city on his way
to Spokane. He reports having started his No. 12 camp a few days ago and
now bus about .'l"> men, which number
will shortly be raised to til) or 70.
Owing to the length of program In
showing the Eternal City, tlte R"X
theatre will open at 7 o'clock instead
of 7.80 Friday and Saturday.
James Deech of the Crow's Nest
Pass Lumber company at Bull River
spent Sunday with his family. His
camp is busy getting tlio timber cut
during the winter into tlio river to
supply the bfg mill at Wardner.
Frank J. McMahon of Camp 14, Bull
River, was In the city this week on
business connected with liis firm, McMahon & Jarbcau. He reports having
a crew of 85 men at work cutting und
skidding logs.
meeting ol tho M
.list   1
-a ill
's Aid will bo
hold at
Willis on
. .Inn
Ti h, at :'.
&   11
oho QriU)
in i
asy t
'nos, nppl
• to IV;
10 S
nl II,
!■' H ryni 1,-1't this work to
:.t htiBunml ai Pittsburg, Alta.,
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i Co., 1.1,1. I'ninhrooU 11. C.
gront advance in
it IVahoily's ovor-
now SI .Ml each at
For tho Cranbroolt lorest district lho
linn coi of timber is estimated at
from If," lo 100 million teol
Bllvorton   school
wltli pupils ami a n
other teacher will I"
Is overcrowdod
w I'oooi ami an*
Mr .1. P. Ford of Nelson, district
govornmcnl onglneor for tho Fedora!
Qovornmont, was in town on Sunday
ami left for tho Windermere country
Monday morning.
nninoB of lhe last rovls
roll at Rovelstoko lie si
Mr. and Mrs. \\\ ll. Wilson and Mr.
~ vi.... ii'.'i   "nn ami Mrs, ll. A  McKowan lefl for fal-
rals  aro iiKhlm.  Uml    -,,n 	
llt   tony  on  Sunday.    Mr.  McKowan  has
purchased a new car in Calgary ami
• he party win return lo Cranbroolt in
.,.    Ill''   "III"
line tlini of aatoiaolifl
1'lioonlx claims to lmvo ,
loads of nnlos already thl
illl  live ei
Henry Johnson of Ferule, who lias chur
four sons overseas, has himself enlist Mrs.
od In the MStli Battalion. June
i regular monthly mooting of the
s'   Aid   of Knox   Presbyterian
li will he held at lhe homo of
Tlsiiale on Wednesday afternoon,
Till, at half pust throe o'clock.
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SALE, every convenience, price only
$157!i. This very desirable property
can bo purchased on tlie monthly instalment plan. Apply at once to Beale
& Elwell.
Miss Helen Harrison. Sec.-Treas of
St. John Ambulance Association lias
received a check from Miss Cherrington for 132.26, being the proceeds of
tiie performance of Lady Ursula at
Fort Steele and half the proceeds of
the Wycliffe performance.
A lady of easy virtue wns up in police court Tuesday morning and assessed $-!"► and costs or two months In
Nelson. She was given twenty-four
hours to obtain the money or go down.
At the eleventh hour she produced the
money nud saved herself a free journey.
David Baldwin was assessed $2n and
eosts for assaulting his wife. The
assault occurred while the accused
was under the influence of liquor. Ills
honor Judge Arnold lectured the accused very strongly upon the seriousness of liis offence and gave hlm plain
warning as to what would happen if it
were repeated.
A special meeting of the School
Hoard was held Monday afternoon at
whicb the new agreement with thc
Trustees of the St. Mary's R, C. school
was submitted. A by-law will ho
drawn up and submilted to the ratepayers at an early date in connection
with the purchase of this building for
use as a High School.
A quiet house wedding took place
on the 22nd of May at the residence
of Mr. Percy Hartmoll, slaterville.
when Frank Salg, who recently enlisted In the 226th Battalion here, was
united in marriage tn Miss Jean Cornell, of Ihis city. Mr. Hnrtmell and
Mrs. Miller were the only attendants.
Hev. Mr. Phillips of the Baptist church
performed the ceremony.
The reguls.r monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute will he held In the
Muple Hall on Tuesday next, June fith
at 8 p.m. Demonstrations on "Preserving strawberries uncooked" by
Mrs. W. B, McFarlane, also :i talk and
demonstration on "What Malic* to
I'repnre when Appetites need coaxing"
by Mrs. Clapp.
A party consisting of Rev. Mr.
Bridge, Mrs. Cherrington, nnd Mrs.
Leslie were driven out to Wnsn on
Tuesday hy Mrs. J. F. Smith, returning on Wednesday. Mr. Bridge conducted n service there und wns pleased
to find sucli a large congregation turn
out. Mrs. Smith says the roads arc
very bad owing to the wet weather.
On account of the war the Anglican
Church has bad to economize resulting in the staff being cut down to half
Its former number. This makes the
Crnnbrook district take in Yahk.
Wasa, Kimherly, Marysville, Wycliffe
and Moyle. Rev. Mr, Bridge Is hoping
he may be able to get a car now he
has to go to theso out of town
A carload of milch cows has boon
Imported from Alherta by A. H.
Ploylo, ono of tlm pnigresslvo dairy
fanners of this district, which ho ta
in a second carload. Mr. Williams of
Claresholm brought the cattle here.
Mr. W. J. Atchison has purchased
the stock and good-will of the Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.. and is now
iu possession at the old stand. Tlle
building Is being repaired as quickly
as possible and as soon ns tin rout'
is ou Mr. Atchison will put ou a big
sab* and clear off all the old stock,
putting in a complete new stock of
drugs, stationery, etc without delay.
The danco last night in St. Mary's
Mall was well attended nml a most
pleasant evening was spent by all
present.    In the whist play before the
dancing Mr. Ban to won the gent's prize
and Mr. A. Wallace the ladles', After ten o'clock dancing was enjoyed to
the music supplied by the Cranbrook
Orchestra.     These   will   In*   continued
every Wednesday In this hall, cards
from eight to ten, dancing Irom ten
to twelve.
Mr. J. Finlay, Shawnlgan Lake, Victoria Island, is in tlie city this week
looking after his interests in tlie build-
lng occupied by the Cranhrook Drug
Co., which he is having repaired and ,
put In shape for occupation again. The
roof will he raised a foot higher than
before and covered with a cement composition. Mr. Finlay carried no insurance on tin* building. Our statement
last week that the building was covered by Insurance being in error.
Thero was a splendid attendance
at the Tenuis Tea Saturday afternoon
last, at which Miss Hewitt was hostess. Play has been commenced for
the local championships and the tennis
courts nre daily the scene of much activity.   The courts are In capital shape
The Value of a Dollar
It has been said, and truly, that what one earns does not
matter half so much as what one saves. Study ol the lives of
those who in pleasant affluence, are enjoying the fall of life.
reveals that they have almost without exception, in their earning days mastered the science of thrift. They have learned
how to drive the shrewd bargain, how to accurately measure
values. They have learned that price and value are not
necessarily synonymous. They have realized the extravagance
of paying two prices lor any article, when that same article
may be had for the one price. Call upon us and be convinced thai one price is all we ask and that we carry the
most complete line of LADIES SUITS, LADIES, SKIRTS,
and that we specialize in LADIES BLOUSE WAISTS We
represent lines that are exclusively controled by us. We invite inspection. We invite comparison.
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies', Misses', and Children's Store
been some two years since this In-
I ternatiouaily famous company of
| young ladles was last seen here and
j reports come to us that tbe Bostouiaiis
and provide most agreeable and pleas- ' &*■''•» »re eve» b,lttt-'r tlmn over'
ant recreation and exercise for ladles     Since last heing In Craubrook the
and  gentlemen.    Those  desirous  of
playing this year hut who have not
yet joined the club should make application to the Secretary for membership so as to get the full benefit of
the season's play. In the recent American Tournament Mrs, McKowan nnd
Mr. S. Rumsey won out.
2c per word for first week, nnd lc |
word for each week after.
FOH SALE—Household Furniture.
Apply Mrs. J. Brechin, phone 397, P.O.
Box 243.
Residents of ('ranbrook were interested in an old-time caravan after thc
style of a prairie schooner which passed through the city Tuesday nioruing.
There are six persons in the outfit,
Mr. and Mrs. Paterson, tlieir v*a and
wife, and son-in-law and wife. Tae
party conies from tlie State of Washington and Is travelling to Alherta
They intend to buy C. P, R. 'and and
settle north of Calgary. They hn-fi
with them sixty horses, as well as
complete camping outfits. Thej travel
by ensy stages covering from 15 to 20
miles a day, and grazing the horses
as they go, Tlyy have travelled n-
hout 100 miles so far.   Mr. Pattorson
is a hardy robust American who has ! jo, Box 243, Crnnorook.
travelled  pretty extensively over  te
continent, and  is enthusiastic in llii
praise of the prairie lands, wnere lie
Boston tans have been to the Hawaiian
Isles, Alaska, the Yukon and through
the states and the provinces. The
young ladles are more capable entertainers than when last seen here aud
we aro assured of perhaps the most
delightful musical comedy attraction
of tbis season June 12.
Seats   should  be  booked   early   at
Beattic and Murphy's drug store.
Garden Tools
No matter whal you need in the way nf garden tools
we mn supply your wains.
lius Hill SAl.t: •• montlis old.
Apply Mrs. C'ailwalliuk'r, near Cranbrook.
.jul>  sti'iioiirujiliir wishes position
its Cranbrook about July 1st.   Bxpur-
ienc<;! in grocery and hardware.  —
TO BEST—Large, dry warehouse
with basement, 100 ft. long. $5.00 per
s going which hn describes as tlie hest month.   Will hold several carloads ol
hay or furniture—Apply Herald.
I Will, SELL my house on Craubrook street and take rent for payment. J. P. Broughton, box 291, Cranbrook. I'-tt
»VUIII»—  The  undersigned   mints
quotations on dry four foot wood and
prairie provinces In slabs.    Describe quality and weight.
stock and farming land lie lias ever
seen. These are the finest type., of
emigrants Canada can get and though
not coming to our own provlneo we
are glad to see "invasions" of this
nature fronl across the line. There
are still millions of acres of good a-
vallable agricultural land in British
Columbia and tin
■ed of just such settlers as these.
Famous AIM.irl Company Here line
Nlghl in "Tlpperary Mary"
— Tato Coal Company, River Street,
West, Moose Jaw, Sask.
FOB SALE—A number of purebred
and grade milch cows, all highly tested at Government Experimental Kami.
Claresholm. Apply A. II. Playle, ls,x
410. Cranbrook. -2-tf
Tlieatregoes   will   he   delighted
know that the famous Hostoniun Opera I ——	
Company wlll return to the Auditor- LOST—Between II. K. Ileallle's and
lum theatre for one night, Monday, [the Cranbrook Cleaning works, one
Juno 12. In a new musical comedy of:brown vest with a small stripe. Will
auld Erin "Tipperary Mary."   It has I tinder please phone 167. 20-lt*
liave a full stock on hand
Tinsinltlilng, Plumliini! nnd Heating
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nf Canada, Limited
Office. Smelting and Refining Departrai.nl
S M E L TKKS   A \ D   It E FI X E II S
Purchasers of Gold. Silver. Copped anil Lead (Ires
Change In Price Of Cream
Owing io tl»* Incrctwd nippl) of ilairj iirodoctx »i thl- season ol
tin* year, and .h* lower price* obtainable for hntter b) reason lhereof,
wo have found il neceaiar) to re-adJuM onr prices for cream ti- follows,
N«. I Sour Cream xie per Ib, butterfnf
Special Cream  82c   **   *
Sweei Cream ft&c   **   •*       M
Hot all sweet cream wc are able to o-e io niMkioL' fee Cream wc
will im*. tiie uiii price of .Is rent*, iluritii* tbe entire summer.
Norbury Avonue. Cranbrook, H. C.
The Neal 3 Day Treatment
will  CUW   UlO    li di vlent
drinker of nl I dealre
for alcoholic eUmalants.
It not only remorei the
desire tor drink but re*
-trir«*s tii*- organi 'if tho
body to their normal
functions. No Injurious
after-effecta. Write for
free booklet
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cream Separator
Until Villi  IlllVe Heell
The Magnet
The Kootenay Garage
Plume -V-
l.ow Huh--,
nny hour nf
cnllltiK Wi.
Cara can bfl Kit
day   or iiIkM   by
J. V.. MellONAI.lt, Prep, •PAGE FOUR
Barristers, Solicitors ami
Money to I.nan
Imperial Hank Huililiin;
to W. F. Gurd)
P. O. llox Soil
Meets every
Mondny night
ut Fraternity
Hull.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
VV. M. Harris, s. Fyles.
Secy. N. G.
lilts. KING & lilt!
Pliysicillil8 iiiiiI SiiiL
Office nt rcsldenco, Am
i 10.110
i   4.IHI
1    S.II0
i   4.80
Afternoons L'.OIl t
lOvi'liiiiK-s  7.Illl 1
Sundays  2.110 t
lilt. V. II. MILES
Olllco iu Hanson Block
9 to 12 a in
1 to   5 p.in.
Mali'i'iiit, ami Gonornl Nursing
Garden Avo.
Terms on Apnllcntlon
MltK. A. SALMON, Matron
I'lione 2r,n p. o. llox sir,
p.o. iiox r,sr>
Yf. It.
Funeral Hire
lor nnd Knilmlinrr
kiiiit' Parlors
Fenwick A,
o, near Baker St.
Civil and .Miniim Pnalnei-rH
II. C. laml Surveyors
CRANBROOK, ll. i'.
lluy I'lione 2:12, Klglil I'll Il.'i
Norbnry Air, noxl In Illy Hull
Phono 10B P. O. llox 33
Organist Mothodlet Church
Recelvos Pupils for
Orpin, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 23 Norbnry Ayr.
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 10S Phono 241
Bpokane, Washington
W« believe we
have more regular patron u from
BrltlBh Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
■how you why
this le true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates ae low
as at the more ordinary
Sm Steamship on the Hoof
Crunbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday nt S p.m. tn
tho Fraternity Hull
It. C. Purr, C. C.
P. do Vere Hunt, K. It. & S.
P. 0. Box 522
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Meets in Maple Hull second
Tuesday of every mouth at S
li. in.
Membership open to Hritish
Visiting members cordially
15. V. Brake,       J. V. Lower.
President. Secretary
Meets in tlie
Maple Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon ot
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pros., Mrs. W.
11.  McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. John Shaw, P. 0. Box 442
All lnilies cordially invited.
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
l.elhbrlilire Coal
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Drnylng nml Transferring
Olven prompt uttention
Phono Gil
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction fjuaruntecd
Headquarters for all kinds of
Ladles anil flentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone '201
l{i,Id. Frame. Prop.
Fresh Brcud, Cakes, Pics
mid Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Maternity work a specialty
Phone 819.
on Hie
if vou wanl satisfaction
with vour washing
send it to
Special nrtces for famtlv
tuUtUiit Hli (nr Women, v> n l>o\ nr threofor
in. SoM ut Hi) Prog Btoret or milled to any
Sdnuoiirfiaolntoi j-ru-o.  t.ik Bcobku. Dmo
ii   Ht. Citltinrili. -  Mfituriii.
VlUllty;f'>r Nitvii nnd J.rnln; liii*r»*itn*-,*t"wrwy
Miiltor ';i.T«i!il<* >W)llbuild y»"i ti|". flftttoi.oi
ftro tn tf. Ht <lrwr iLOTft, <ir Iiy mill on r Mjolpj
0( [1/1*10     Till, ttGUH. . l. I'lUiU I ., , tal   f .lUmrlt.f*.
Utattle-Mur.iliy Co., Md, Agcnta
IHm r*-ii»n mid 1st*
TAKE NOTICE that the Crows Nest
Pas* Lumber <'o., Umlted whoso address is Wardner, B, c, will apply for
ii license to Luke iiiiiI nne *-00 acre- feet
of water out of Hu Ha which flows
easterly ami drains Into tho Kootenay
River about Sub lot D of lot 325, by
. underground passage,
, Tho water will ho diverted from tlie
stream at a point nbout 10 rods downstream from where a dam Ih now built
mi tlie land, or about 15 chains from
Westerly boundary of land and will be
Used for Irrigation purposes upon the
land described as sub lot R of district
lot 325, plan 524.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day of May, 191*3.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto und to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed In tlie
office of the Water Hecorder nt Cranbrook,
Objections to the application may he
(lied wltli tho said Water Hecorder or
with H"! Comptroller of Water nights,
Parliament Building, Victoria, B. C,
within thirty duys ufter tho ilrst appearance of ihis notice In a local
Crows Nest Puss Lumber Co. Md.,
Iiy VV. !•', Ourd, Agent,
The data nf the Tlrst publication of
Mils notice in 25th of May, 1916,
A social evening was spent by a
number of the citizens of Moyie at the
Central Hotel on 24th of May. Dane
inn was the amusement and refreshments wen* served.
N. it. Smith of Ottawa, Qovernment
Surveyor and party who have been
here for a week, left last Mondny.
Mr. and Mrs. Kred Kesler, old time
residents of Movie, left on Friday to
make their honlo In silverton, lt. 0.
' William Byflold who lias lived in
Movie fur the past six years, left Saturday to Join tho llth C, M. K.'s,
Victoria. IV C.
Itobert Nelson und son of Kingsgate
have been employed by tbe ownors of
tlie Kmpire mine to drive a tunnel.
They went up to the mine Tuesday.
Mrs. Conrad, Mrs. Montpelller and
Mrs. Wills and their children went to
Cranbrook on Sunday to attend s»r-
vlces conducted by Ills Grace, the most
reverend Timothy Casey, I). D., Archbishop of Vancouver, B. C,
Through the generosity of tho Exec-
ecutive of tlie Invermere Qold nud
Country Club and thai of Mr. .lames U
McKav illld tlie untiring efforts nf the
Directors of the Windermere District
Oeneral Hospital, assisted by outside
ladies, the children of this neighborhood and the adults who attended were
given it first class treat in the celebration of Empire duy and Incidentally
the hospital funds were benefitted to
an extent of over one hundred dollars,
Tlie afternoon was spent on tlie
grounds of the club in witnessing
children's sports and minor festivities
were indulged in while In the evening
a dance was given In McKay's ball
at Athalmer. Before the opening event*-
of the afternoon a rifle shoot wus
brought off on an impromptu range, As
all of the men who are of an athletic
mind and body from this part have
long since left for the Croat War, it
was found impossible to have any of
the moro strenuous amusements of the
field introduced.
Mr. and Mrs. Wedd left on Tuesday's
train for their new home tit Xatal,
B. C, to which point Mr. Wedd has
lieen transferred as manager of the
Imperial Bank of Canada there,
J, H. Pollock, wife und daughter,
motored to Elko Empire Day.
Miss Jaffery, teacher, and Miss Most-
berg, stenographer, of Wardner, rode
to Elko Muy 24th and visited the Elk
Canyon uud Tails.
Corp. J. Huberts of the Horse Transports, writing from some place in
France to Jim Thistlebeak says the
Hermans are preparing for another
spring. This news will discourage
those who hoped the war would be
over tills summer.
Mrs. A. Hnrby of Flagstone wns an
Elko visitor this week the guest of
Mrs. John Young.
And now a scientist lias discovered
a way to make lien's lay eggs that
won't spoil. Jim Thistlebeak says lie
prefers eggs that haven't had a chance
to spoil.
E. K. Stewart and wife of Kernie
gave n motor party down to Klko. on
Empire Day.
The Berlin, Germany, papers reports
tliat the Russians are on the roud to
ruin; Jim Thistlebeak says that Russia hus a lot of company.
Lieut. Jack Lewis of the 225th is
visiting Ills family in town this week.
Mrs. J. McKee, Miss Irene and Muster Carl, College Ave., with Mr. P. C.
Robson, the druggist, motored to Eureka tliis week.
H. Hirtz. president the Klko Conservative Association and Kred Roo,
secretary-treasurer, were delegates to
the Conservative Convention, Fernie,
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood and daughter of Fernie wcre Elko visitors this
Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood and daughter of Fernie were Elko visitors tliis
United States papers say that Germany Is worried about the decrease in
the birth rate. Jim Thistlebeak Bays
If they were human the death rate
Bhould worry them some too.
Frank Martin, a well known lumberjack from the United states near Tobacco Plains, passed through Elko
to join tho 225th at Fernie this week
A United States correspondent iu
tlm European War Zone wires the Chicago Tribune that the Prussian Guards
are surrounded on three sides und Jim
Thistlebeak says he would like to see
this Illustrated.
Tho Hev. Hilly Sunday lrecelvo,d
something like $35,000 for liis revival
in Trenton, Xew York. Jim Thistlebeak says he notices that even salvation Isn't as cheap us it used to be
before the war.
Dozens of Austrlans und Germans
brought in here by tho Lumber Co.'s
from Alberta and Saskatchewan are
crossing the   International Boundary
Line into Uie United States via the
Itoosville Valley and Flagstone routes.
May God speed them.
Eureka, Tobacco Plains, will hold
u big celebration June 8-0-10, dedicating the opening of the big Glen Lake
irrigation Project und completion of
thn mammoth $200,000 lumber mill.
Mrs. Parnell of the RoOBVlllo Valley
returned after spending two weeks in
Fernie, glad to get buck to the sunshine. Three of her sons and a son-in-
law lmvo Joined tin* colors.
Mr. Tom Letcher of RoobvIUo Vallev
wns appointed Flre Warden for thai
district by Mr. Murry, Chief District
Forester. Mr. Letcher was one of
the first flre wardens In this district
und tlm appointment is u very popular
Geo. Hammond, the Itoosville stage
driver, und Jack, his brother, both
Joined the 225tll in Fernie this week
Tlio comedy "Lady Ursula" was
played here Monday last week in a
thoroughly competent manner by the
Crnnbrook Amateur Dramatic Society.
Much credit is due Miss Cherrington
for hor preparation of tin* play, and
ulso to Hev. Mr. Bridge for his assistance, Miss Hoherts made a charming Lady Ursula und a very smart
dandy of by-gone days. Miss Cherrington cleverly Impersonated the Karl of
Hassan den. Miss Alexander took a
difficult part, that of Sir George Sylvester {woman hater), with tlie greatest of ease. Miss Woodland also deserves credit for Impersonation of
Dorothy Fenton. Mr. Raworth acted
well the dilllcult part of an aged
clergyman. In fact all did well, Others
taking part were Miss Whitehead, Miss
Kumsey. Miss Watts, Mr. Crebbln, Mr.
Davidson. A tidy little sum was cleared and everyone in the audience enjoyed the performance. Afterwards
tlie company und their C ity nbrook
friends were entertained by u few Fort
Steele ladies at the home of Mrs. Cann,
Tom Chlsholm returned to Foa't
Steele on Monday after a very successful operation at the Crnnbrook
hospital. After a few Weeks rest he
will train with the 225th Battalion.
Mr, H. L. T. Qalbralth returned from
a trip to Tobacco Plains and Montana.
Mr. T. McVittie returned from Kimberley where be was surveying.
T, n. H. Laviugton of Canal Flats
is spending u few days In town.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C Howness, Mr. T.
Roberts, Mr. Thompson, A. J, Schell,
G. F. Pownall and De Vere Hunt, were
Cranbrook visitors on 24th and 20th.
Muny carloads of Cranhrook friends
arrived in town or passed through ou
Empire Day.
Mr. Agabob left Monday for Trull
where he met Mrs. Agabob aud young
son. Tliey will arrive iu Fort Steele
this week. The manse has been nicely
polished up in honor of Mrs. Agubob's
Mrs. Cann, Miss Cann, Mrs. H. L, T.
Ualbruitli. Mr. T. McVittie and Miss
A. M. Bate drove to Cranhrook last
Thursday and in tlie evening attended
(he  .Minstrel  Show.
C. D. McNab, T. Verhoffo of Waldo,
Geo. Hogarth of Crnnbrook visited Ft.
Steele on  88th,
Mr. Mason of Finley Creek, formerly
of Fort Steele, wus ti visitor Inst week.
. .Mrs. A. Fenwick and daughter Theo
left Monday for u visit to Spokane.
Miss Anderson, Miss Mntlier, Wallie
Tannhauser and Archie Chlsholm attended the dance at Wasa on 24th.
Mr. Dougherty an old timer, was a
visitor in town Friday.
('lins. Reynolds, who soverel montlis
ago left for Portland, has returned to
Tho pupils of Div. I had a jolly
basket picnic on thc 24th.
The Ladies Aid met on Wednesday
nt tlio home of Mrs. Chlsholm.
Ou Thursday evening nt S.30 Mr.
Agabob will give a recital. There will
lie vocal aud instrumental selections
between tiie reudlngs, and then refreshments.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Fenwick, and Mr.
iind Mrs. Binmore motored to Mayook
on 24th inst.
Miss B. Bally left Fort Steele Monday after spending tlie week-end here.
After spending a few days at Mayook
she will return to Trull. A sister of
Miss Bally. Miss M. Baily, Is expected at Kort Steele this week end.
Mr. Fleming was the week-end guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Young.
Patriotic society account of monthly
subscribers-Amount collected $2!f.50;
list of subscribers—A Doyle $">, H. L.
T. Galbraith $5, Chas. Main ?5, Henry
Kershaw $2.50, il. T. Richardson $2.
A. J. Orez $1, Heb. linker $2, G. S.
Baker $1, Miss E. Curley $1, G. Philips
$1, F. W. Young $1, W. Woodland SOc,
W. Agabob 50c, Mrs. F. Cann 50c, Miss
J. Curley 50c, Miss A. M. Bate 50c.
At a meeting called by the Board
last week it was decided to give thc
five youngest of tlie Dilts children
temporarily over to the Children's
Protective Association at Vancouver.
.Mr. South of Vancouver accompanied
them, also Miss Marian McFarlane,
These children havo been witiiout
tlieir mother for some time as Mrs.
Dills lias been and is ill at tlie Cranbrook hospital.
The school children are enrolling as
members of the Junior League of the
Canadian Independent Naturllst Association. This association has for it!t
object the arousing of children's interest in the study of nature nnd will for
the sum of 5c grant a life membership,
also a badge, to any school child.
More definite news or the fate of
Douglas Vernon Dunlop, formerly of
Fort Steele, has been received from
his brother Colin, his ulster, nud J.
Harvey, (lr tho same battalion, On
April llth, Douglas Dunlop wns rnport-
Bd missing. Later It wns reported ho
was killed, but lust week ft was ollt-
lully announced that he was a prison-
Ills draco, tho Archbishop, will hold
confirmation services ut Mission on
The namo of Bruce Northrop or Vancouver appoarod in the list of casual-:
tics Inst week. BfllOO Northrop was j
a nephew of Mr. F. Crowe of Fori I
Lost—On Baker St., 1 gold plated
umbrella, engraved "S. A. P.", suitable
reward will bo paid for return to tlie
Heruld ofllce.
Thursday was pay day for the locnl
members of tlio 225th. The paymaster
and acting adjutant were here issuing
Miss Gan.et BInkley, student nurse
of the Generul Hospital, Calgary, is
spending hor holidays with her sister,
Mrs. H. R. Miller.
Fred G. Xease of tho local Imperial
Bank stuff left last week for Calgary,
where he expects to enlist shortly with
a Cuigary regiment for overrscas service.
Dr. J. K. Barrett of Winnipeg, Dominion inspector of Breweries, wnu in
tin* city Wednesday on his annual tour
of inspection of the local Brewing In-
j dustrles.
Supreme Court will bo held in
Cruulirook on Mondny, June 5th next
by Mr, Justice Clement. A number of
cases are on the docket, nil civil actions,
Prof. W, G. Aloxandor hus been cou-
dnellng lectures in tlio Edison Theatre
this week, his theme being the old one
of phrenology. The Professor is a
shrewd judge of humun nature and u
ready talker und manages to keep his
audience In good humor.
The wives nnd mothers of ull em
listed men were tho guests of Mrs. J.
II. King at an enjoyable tea Thursday
afternoon. The Inclement weather did
not prevent a large number from attending and Mrs. King's commodious
! residence on Armstrong Avenue was
j filled with those who have given their
husbands and sons to their country's
canned. Mucic was supplied by Hie
Cranbrook orchestra and a number of
local ladies assisted with vocal selections.
In tlie report of the Patriotic Fund
Inst weok tho total contributions for
the month of April should have rend
$1244.71. Although the disbursements
for the Crunbrook Branch are less
than tho receipts it would bo idle to
get tho Idea that tiiere is a surplus of
money over tho requirements. Tbe
total contributions In the province foi
tho mouth of April were $77,50ti.7l aud
Furniture of Quality
We invite companion of prict and quality of furniture Our
stock is quite complete, considering conditions, possibly the
largest in East Kootenay.
We receive daily, new price lists showing advances of prices
but we have not yet advanced our prices except on a few
Anyone contemplating starting housekeeping during June
will make no mistake in making their selections NOW and
having the goods set aside, only a small payment will be required.
After June 10th
the price oi imported linoleums will be advanced 25 cents
per lineal yard on all grades and widths.
Including Mining, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical and Klcctrical Engineering.
During the Wnr there will be coatinuoue
■eetiona ia Medicine.
The Arts Course mny be taken by corre*
Dpaiidence, but Minimis desiring to graduate must attend oue session,
SUMMER SCHOOL    Oio, Y. chown
The Western
University Battn.
Needa Fifty Slore .Hen ttt Complete the l.sliililishnu'iit
Lenders In the community, should help
the cause, by Impressing upon the public the need for men, and the common
duty. There is only oue convincing
way to do tliis—by ENLISTING
You not only give your own services
to the nation, but incite others by
your example.
You have no future, your dependents
havo nothing to live for, if Germany
wins. Dare you take any chance in
sucli a matter.
Tlio greater the number of men
available for service, tho Hhorter the
war, and the fewer the losses. You
owo it to yourself, your country, and
tlm boys at the front, to act at once.
Men of the university type have already dono much — thousands have
gone—but tlieir identity lias been lost
In the various units they have joined,
Tho University Battalion was designed to preserve their identity—to help
by force of example as well as by service in tlie field.
You have an opportunity of rendering the double service, under most
agreeable conditions in tiie Western
University Battalion. Don't wait for
your neighbor to point tlie way or to
force you to do your hit.
Apply at onco to the Officer Commanding, U. of B. C. Company, 196th
Overseas Battalion, 0. K. P., cor. 10th
and Laurel Streets, Vancouver, B. 0.
Transportation to Headquarters for
warded on receipt of medical certificate or telegram from a doctor as to
medical fitness.
< eilh'lcalc of Improvement
Comet Mineral Claim, situate in tlie
Port Steele Mining Division or Mast
Kootenay  District.    Where located:
one and a half mites above Kimberley
on north side of Mark Creek.
Take notlco that I, TllOS. T. MoVlttlc
P. M. 0, No. 8788 IO 11. agents for 131-
gin ii Jones. Pree Miner's Certificate
No. 1) 70008 intend, sixty days from tho
date hereof, to apply to the Minim
Recorder for a Certlflcato of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining ti
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section .17, must be commenced
beforo the Issuance of sucli Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of
May, 1916.
tho total disbursements lfl03.8Bl.88, tho
balance being supplied by the head office of the fund in Ottawa.
Between nix and seven Saturday
morning fire broke out In the, shed In
tho rear of Christ Church Rectory.
Tlio brigade responded promptly an 1
with a water pressure of over one
hundred pounds to tlio square Inch
'short work was made of the blaze.
Considerable damage was done to the
shed and tbo sleeping porch at the
rear by tho blaze while snioko and
water did much damage to the rest of
the limine and to the contents. A little
daughter of Hev. Mr. Bridge had her
Fresh Government Inspected Meats
At Cut Rate Prices
Buy Prom Burns And Economise
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Vladimar Neveloff Presents
Denmark's Greatest Violinist and
at the
Auditorium, Friday, June 2
Aries from the favorite 0|ierasln original costumes, 'unions,   sextette
from "Lucia" and  the  "Barcarolle" from the "Talcs of Hoffmann."
An Entertainment by Instrumental Artists anil (iraml Opera Singers
of exceptional merit.
General Admission 50c.    Reserved Seats, 75c, $1.00
Seats on Sale at Beattle-Muriihy Company's limit Store
A  U  D I T O R I U M
-   -MON.,JUNE 12
Thia Ih NOT ii Motion Ptoturo
(12th Successful Seusou)
Mr. ll. K. I.hiik Presents the Kniiiiius
Tipperary Mary
"A Breath of Mirth and Melody from Auld Erin"
Music, Comedy, Dancing-Last Musical Coined} this Ncuson
Prices*-$1.00, 75c, 50c.   Children 25c.
Seat on Bale at Beattie-Murphy Company'* Urug Store
hair singer and Mies Roberts wns also i BOBN
slightly burned.   Tho loss on the Hec- j Adams—At Cottago Hospital, on May
tory will be covered by Insurance but i 24th, to Lieut, and Mrs. Percy Adams
nouo was carried on the contents.   It' a son,
ls believed tliat tho tiro was caused | Robson—At Cottage Hospital, on May
from anlies In a wooden null barrel In . 29tb, to Mr. and Mrs. Flndlay   A.
the abed.                                           I Uobnoii, a dautfhtor.


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