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Cranbrook Herald Dec 3, 1914

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Women's Institute Entertain at Dance
and Social In Maple Hall—
The Program •
The Women'tt Institute held a most
successful social and dance on Friday
evening last, November 27th, In tho
Maple Hall to celebrate the liftli anniversary of tho Inception of the
local branch. Tho hall waa crowded
to Its capacity when proceedings commenced at 8.15 with tho president,
Mrs. K. 11, l.eamau, addressing a fow
remarks relative to tho object of the
Institute, nnd a brief record of Its
work. Immediately after MrH. lien-
man called upon thu vlec-prcsldunt,
Mra. W. II. McFarlane, to take thn
chair, owing to herself taking part lu
tho program.
The Ilrst Item was thc singing of
the Maple Leaf, In which tho audience
joined. Thia wan followed by a selection by tho Cranbrook Juvenile
Orchestra, which was loudly applauded. Those taking part were
Master Wallinger, Miss Wanda Fink,
Master Vincent Fink and Miss Helen
Worden. TheBe children acquitted
themselves splendidly, to the great
delight of the audience, and are a
great credit to their teacher, Mrs.
The standard bearer of the Institute, Mrs. Qeorge Hougham, recited
the "Union Jack," which was well received.
Mrs. Jack Kennedy gave a most
sympathetic rendition of thc "Song
That Reached My Heart," which call-
, ed forth vociferous applause.
The violin solo followed by Mrs.
Wallinger held; the audience ln clone
attention and was a great treat.
Mrs. Spence, with her humorous
reading caused much merriment and
waB thoroughly enjoyed.
MrB. B. D. Ireland's song of
"connubial bliss," which unfortunately was too elusive, being "ever so
tar away," took the audience by
storm and an encore being demanded
Mil. Ireland kindly replied.
The Juvenile Orchestra rendered
another selection In which they quite
surprised themselves.
which Mrs. R. W. Russell sang "Sll- \ the transition stage froia waiting on .
ver Threads Among the Gold," MrB. j speculative to the resumption of ac-
wntn«.™. ni«»in» . **n.ik «wi...n I tual farming is hard hit, the ono who
Wallinger playing a violin obligate)!
and Mrs. Dr. Kennedy and Mrs. O. j
P. Tisdale as the aged parents, elicit-.
ed rounds of applause.
Mrs. Dr. Kennedy waB the able ac- j
companlst throughout the program.
Refreshments were then served In
buffet style under the capable management of Mrs. D. Campbell, assisted by the directors.
Dancing opened with a sword dance
'by Miss (llenday, who being heartily
applauded, replied with the Highland
To the splendid time and tuno of
Mrs. Kdmondson the company (engaged ln dance until the early hours,
and thus ended a most enjoyable entertainment to the modest admission
of 35c.
A goodly sum Was realised after the
expenses were cleared, the proceeds
being devoted to the Belgian Relief
Tho ladles of the Institute are desirous of thanking Mrs. Dr, King and
Mrs. MacEachern and Mr. R. W. Russell for loan of costumes and apparatus and to all who helped to make lt
an entire success.
"Scottle In Japan" Is the title of tho
fascinating musical fantasy which the
"Versatllcs" will present at the Auditorium theatre on Wednesday, December 16th. The scenes of this mirth
producing farce are laid In a Japanese tea garden. Billy Oswald, the
never-to-be-forgotten "Scottle" of
"Thc Canadian Express," appears in
this piece as a vaudeville manager
whose world tour ends unexpectedly
in Fusan, Japan.
There are 24 musical numbers ln
the piece, every one better than the
other. Miss Zara Clinton, the versatile comedienne, will sing her original march song "It's a Long Way
to Tlpperary." Miss Clinton was the
first to Introduce this song ln London
In 1012, and her picture was featured on the cover of the first edition of
the song.
was all the time maintaining his production at the maximum is practically the only man in this broad dominion who is able lo contemplate his
personal affairs calmly.
During the past year a delegate wan
appointed to confer with those from
other organizations on the Chinese
question here as affecting both consumers and producers, but It was Just
before the outbreak of war that 1 received on behalf of our secretary, then At the first meeting of the directors
absent, due notice of the appointment of the Farmers' Institute held on Wed-
ShmS &g^*^&£8 »■«*-. ■»--*■! •* *■ *• *>■ *■»*»
out of KiKht by more pressing matters, was re-elected to the presidency. Mr.
1 believe we have now In Bight a IB. Palmer was elected vice-president,
more feasible method of at least mak- Mr A*bert H Wol)b waH ck>cted „6C.
Ing a start on this mutter, and nt the ■
Matter Taken Up by Local Farmer*'
:   Ins Irate—Can the Farmers of the
District Supply the Cood*?
same time working out another good
to the community. You will have read
of the success that has followed the
The program for the next meeting,
which wlll be held In the old gyranas*
^"'Tsibr'air.™"^'-^.!! :um -*!*•*,i10 mh'""'"' 'ithiV^uTc^ «;;.Ts r*
exceptionally successful and highly
satisfactory to both farmers nnd buyers, being well patronized and doing
THIS IS TIIK YEAK The wine merchant has nn excellent
FOK PRACTICAL GIFTS c^nce this Christmas to do a good
  business.    He should get his line be-
The   practical   gift   movement   |8 ™re the public early.
winning many adherents.   People are i    The grocer has probably the best
already on the lookout for gifts which ; chance of any to make good this sea-
will be ueeful us well as ornamental.!s°n.    People must cat, that has al-
We  are  living  in   practical   times   ways been the rule.   The several groc-
and we recognize tliat we must do  ery stores lu this city liave a golden
practical things. opportunity     awaiting     them     this
The war and the slump before tlie   Christmas,  provided,  of course, they
war hau a good deal to do with this  avail themselves of a little printer's
changed  condition,  but  not  nil.    It  fn*--   Attract!*
lias been gradually coming, for thc  ders.
people who gl*'o and tlie people who ■    There will be a demand for "Made
receive  nre  growing  more  practical   in    Canada"    swuotmeats.      Dealers
every day and do not enjoy wasteful-, handling this line of goods would be  uu»|e8t man ^Cranbrook today.
ness. ' wise In placing chocolates and other
The practical gift hn>, always been   dainties before the public.   Keep this
fuct before the young men.
And don't forget the fact, the great,
big, glaring fact, that you can make
your boy as proud aa a prince by giving him a new suit or overcoat at
FUST llllll SHOW
Over Four Hundred Entries Bccelied
for Poultry Show Ib Cranbrook--
Jndge Arrives
Mr. A. H. Pigott, show secretary tor
prices will work won-  the first annual winter poultry show
which thc Cranbrook Poultry and Pet
Stock   Association   nre   holding   tomorrow  ut tlie  t'iiir  grouuds, is  thc
acceptable and it will bo more
nlzcd desire not to waste when
i much ls domunded.   In the light or all
this thoughtful Cnnudluns are prone
p.m., was arranged.
A paper on hogs will be read by Mr.
. ,        ,    , .  , A. D. Smith.  This paper wus postpon-
much In each place to bring together  „. „, ,,,„  ,        ' '     ' „„__ ^^^^_^_
tho people who must be got In touch  cd ot ,l,e an"llal mMtng, aa the hour  ,0 economise to sec thnt nothing I
with ono another If, as a community,  *•'"•» "> 'ate.   A dlscussloL on the pro-  waslcd| t„ buy nothing tlmt lins not
wo aro to go forward. poBed market will bo held.   Tho sec-  m(.-it nf ntliitv    it „.,. .mM..   „.
It seems to me that this is tho great   retary will have a   renort   to   mat,. X' ^ "B K"t3
work ahead ot this Institute, the Wo- „„ ,/    ,,.   ,      , !?'°"   „   "fk'  <° our "^"^ I" Belgium.   They are
men's Institute nnd the Bord of Trade ;oa ihe 8UU'ect hr"i Mr- w- Hamilton : our Mcndaj  We rcc0gnlze ,.,„,   Anu
with the encouragement of the City and others aro expected to take a: we ar0 ending them practical gifts.; 	
Council in the coming year.    I wish  hand   n  the discussion.    The direr-1 «r„ i,„„„ ,. ..        . ,.      ,    ,      i„
you would think seriously on the mat-' tors  woM  -,..'   „,.'„„"',,, We hav0 cnught thc Br,lrlt "n<1 when  Mr- '■■T «ti»e Has Retnrned From
ter.   Cranbrook has arrived where It „"«*?, I?    attendance  of the gift giving time comes If will be
can no longer afford to overlook Its! members of tho board of trade and j (oun(1 that thls sp|rlt wl„ nreTa„
white agricultural element, and this : other Interested bodies. The _ „, „,„„   ,     ,„   , ,     ,
T you   taow'we0 S'ili l .,*" T, °' "'", """*'* "^ '° ! **""» *»W **■• °" •*• -*-* people
meetings during last winter and they„"g"°? ** 8 l»™tloni Can the farm- ,„ th„ lana _ ,t ,„ 8ure t0 bc thai    Mr. Harry White, Qrand Master of
proved a decided success, a number of, f" « »• dlBtrlot provide enough but-1 faahionabio thing to do. tho Independent Order cf Odd Fellow,
faces never seen at evening meetings [ter, eggs, vegetables, cream, cheese,:    whon   „,,  ,__t mmm returned last week from a three week''
The committee in charge of arrangements have been working faithfully and today the llerald man waa
informed that everything was ln readiness for the grand opening tomorrow morning.
Mr E. A. Orr, of Chilliwack, who
wlll   act  In   the  capacity  of official
  judge, arrived in the city today.   Mr.
r»tvn uiooiDD °" ,9 on* ot "" 'oremost Judges of
VISITS LODGES  tulr dealing to everyone.   Exhibitors
  ure ussured a square deal.
Tour af Kno ennj and Boundary
Vlsltlug Odd Fellows
Oh, tradesman! ln thine hours of eee
If on this paper you should ccc
Take our advice and now be yyy
Mr. E. H. Leaman was called upon j Go straight ahead and advert 111,
for a cornet solo,   accompanied   by j you'll find the project of some uuu
Miss Leaman.    Thia Item proved a   Kjegiect can offer no ex qq«
pleasant diversion and waa much on-1 Be wl90 a, once| pro|onj Tour jt „
Joyed. a   silent  business  soon  de  kkk.—
Then    ensued   the   tit-bit of   the  Woodyard Kindling,
evening, a farclal sketch being pro-j ,
duced by members of the Institute  Amu ADDRESS
entitled "How Mra. Oasklll Did Not „., pijp^ippyip SMITH
Hire a Cook." 	
CAST The   1'ahllc   Market   Al   If-.portf.it
Part ol Annnal Address Before
Farmers' Institute
SewVe7uTve'HM''™efittIohcrtlm!e!POr5' *,COn',hmey' mi llome -""'with Ills list of serviceable gifts He
Spractice    Wo aZfwVfS •?*! l° J'"*,f-V «10 "">'""»" * Ua. to offer, the buyer will rapidly
Ing at Wycliffe, at which Dr. Itutledgo | *•""■ CW of a public market?     Wc  mnko his nr her selection.
gave a very Interesting nnd Instruc- know they ought to bo able, hut will I    liM ii,. K«w> I'aire. tn t,l.^nl«,
tlve talk on symptoms of diseases of I they?   To make a test of tlie mnlier     1, .,,   "Htf",t" A l'""1"'
farm Btock .H  , „ .   , matter:    Sh0p,)lng this year Is going to he
During the past year a part of our \tne, «'"««>™ « the Institute have dono nl0Rt,v t|iru„Bh the newspapers
dlstrfct has formed an Institute of Its i waited on Mr. W. B. McFarlane, who' T|10 merchant will be able to uso Ills
own at Marysville, being asked by the (has kindly placed his old furniture advertising space to great advantage
department for an opinion as to oiir|Store at their disposal free of charge 'a„d „,.„„,., ,M .,,„. ,,,, ,,„„ „„ „,„
feelings ln the matter of losing part ,„„ „„„„,,„    . „ „, . .    ,„  """ Bnoul" "ee mat ne mis all tne 	
of our territory, I took the liberty on j'<»• December. A public market will „„ace h„ «,„„,,, „„d „„, bo craml„ (t
your behalf of saying that Crnnbrook j»« held In that store on Saturday, D::-. for room )n wh|C|, ,„ cn„mcrato tho
had only tho best of wishes for tlieir \ cemher 19th, Thursday, December { B00d ti,|„gB n0 has to offer
Twa'nt to thank the officers of this ' ?** **•,™™>*"' D^cr *™' \ Let the Cranbrook merchant ,ta-t
Institute for their support, nearly ull < I'00k oul ,or t,lc l'a',cr "cxt wenl< tc,r ' In nt onco to featuro his goods. He
of them were rcgulnr In their otteud- ^ particulars and let all get the market camBl Degin t0o early anil ho ennnnt
ance at meetings of the committee. I j spirit. The ranchers bring the stuff. b„ ,„„ nrr.iH.e„i i „, i,i„, „„„ „„
regret that one hns loft tho district, 1; and ti,e cltlicns attend and buv i I . P*™»t"'t- w| blm use up
refer to Mr. Payne, who when herei",       ,     ™*.?\. ..    . 'wnat "l>,c'! h" '"'" '" Ulc "ewapapers
was a hard working supporter of thej "*"> ls "° «0UBt tlie local stores and 1( lt lH nol „uinclent ho should
Institute. I am sure wo all wish him | would benefit by the presence of tlio g(,t more al onc0i Tho b|g „d„.rtia,,. Me conllnutu ms lourr
success In his new home. If I might: farmer and his wife coming to town i ,„„„,„ „P„ .„,„_',,, .„,. „,,„ ,.,,.,„, Okanagan by visiting
suggest since tho two latest appointed i each weev aB ,, ,g      „.„.,„.,,,„ ,l„„ ' "      ?, g     B     , *"'" ,.      ».-«»-  p-.i.,.i.. n„H c
directors have so far had no oppor-i!,   , W.e., 1   I ,    , , m""' bllt a,ey mmt bu brlBht' llcllnl"'
tunity to show their worth, having jmost "'tlle cosn obtained by sales In and truthful. Money spent on nil-
been only ono month !n office. I think ; the open market would find a resting vertlsing this Clirlstmns will be money
Sfta.rS1''        " "       K1 °m" : i"°Ce 'n "'e 8t<,rckc,!P,'r'8 "»'" *"' U'»   well spent.   The man who does not
I cannot close without mentlorlng I ,0"ow "K d,y-    Tl,e  dlrect»r8  ""vo j use the newspapers will not be in lt..            __,     .._    ....
! our secretary.   Mr. Webb has proved j mA<"! tlleBe arrangements so that In . Tho pre8cnt9 must be presented for country  visited  was   suffering   from   iarBci,.  attended, embracing men  ot
jmost efficient and Is a decided acqul-  the event of the market being a sue- tnelr |nspectlon and the newspapers   financial   and   business   depression,  every walk of life in Cranbrook and
I emetic0 ■**_* .XS | Z£_2 IX. %_%_' "rc *'p,occ ,0"° "■The t'",,m"a- S^andTran were haT"1^ ~raarked br "^J^JL -?::
tour of the Boundary and Kootenay on
his odlolnl visits to the lodges of tho
province, Mr. White left Cranbrook
on November 4th for Nelson, accompanied by Mrs. White.
He first visited the Nelson lodgo,
proceeding from there to Hossland,
where Mrs. White visited with friend**
for a few days, returning home via
and stopped off there for a few
After leaving Hossland Mr. White
visited Trail, Phoenix. Greenwood.
Grand Forks and then by way of Oro-
vllle, Washington, to Princeton, anl
Keremos and then by aulo stage 11
Summerlaiid, Pentlcton and Kelowtut
He contlnmd his journey through tl
Vernon, Ana-
stroug, Enderby aad Salmon Arm aud
then homeward over the main line
visiting Revelstoke, Sandon and Slocan City eu route.
Entries for the show closed Mouday
night, lt is gratifying to Ftutc that
some four hundred entries have been
received, and that the show will be a
At a meeting of tlte executive held
Tuesday evening, the program waa
thoroughly pone over and every detail fully outlined, so that when Cranbrook's ilrst poultry show opens to
the Cranbrook public, things wlll run
exceptionally smooth.
The citizens of Cranbrook are earnestly invited to attend this, the Initial
effort of the local poultry men, and assist In making the show a success.
An admission fee of only 2f>c. will be
charged.   Unlirs and children-frea.
Ute  J. 1*. Lfillt  Burled  .Saturday
Afternoon-1 ast Be->n«ct->
The funeral of the late J. P. Leslie, whoso untimely death wc chronicled last week, took place Saturday
afternoon last at 2.30 o'clock from the
Church of England to the Cranbrook
Mr. White says that much of the  cemetery.   The    funeral   was   wry
'tion of the holiday goods will be their  *,mes as »" tb*? R>to*-*i «"ere working.   row aDtj sympathy.    Many
eral "capacities of service in the com-, .  	
munlty   render   him of more    thnn : (teneroua offer being taken up by the  own Be||cr8. and at Princeton the mines wcre run-
usual advantage to us                          | city council                   :    pcopIo In thfi ne|ghborlng townB are nlng full blast.   The shut down of the
the  comfnT^                                                                     '                        |now  ™k,n*  reparations   for  their Oranby smelter had seriously affected
extra; o.ur duty to the empire la not |                  vTiitaiitb  ninnno lCnrl8tma8  "hopping.    Crnnbrook   is the other  portions of the Boundary
to go to carry arms, but to fitay be-!                  VALUABLE  BADGES | the center to which they wlll flock to mining country,   people -generally ia
expressions of regret ot those who
followed the casket to its last resting place.
The service at the church—a very
simple and deeply impressive one-
Mrs. Oasklll   Mrs. Jack Burton
Mi*. Langton ther mother)	
  Mrs. 0. P. Tisdale
Miss Susan  Blghcad	
   Mrs. E. A. Leaman
Ah Ling (Chinaman)..Mr. w. Leaman
Miss Elizabeth Priscllla Hutchinson
Adams Parkins Mrs. John Slmw
Mlsfl   Bridget  O'Flnnnlgan
hind and provide for those who have
.gone; our fellow Britons In the field ' A Little Backbone and Digging In (lie
must be fed and horsed, our fellow I      m*^ j|a„ na*i Its Reward—
Canadlns ln tin* field have left their ,. „.,    R  .       . „ H	
I mothers, wives and children to our " nin ___,01 nomr culatlon  In  Moyie, Creston,  Sirdar,
care, perhaps fore^-er. _ Let n £ho      ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ | WardB^ ^   ^^ ^ ^
buy these presents.   The Herald ctr-  t,ie  Boundary  counary  were  of the   vas conducted by Ber. E.
culates  In  every town o( nny size opinion that the Gran by would resume
ln the district.    It has a large ctr-  operations soon again.
During Mr. White's visit to the var-
 ^^^^^^ P. Flew-
plllng. pastor of tha church. Tbe
little edifice was crowded to thc doors
and  many were unable to gain ad-
  ! stand to our guns, be it In tho field,  ~ e~ ... -,,,.,
President A. B. Smith, of the local i growing grain, on the range, growing  the  front to be  decorated  with  tlie, Marysville,  Wycliffe,  Kimberley  and
Farmers' Institute delivered an rtJj^fiLJ^ badB° °' h°D°r'    ^  b°y8 °f the ' a number of other nearby towns.   An
address at the annua, meeting of that ?rffi ***<*    *»   **   "It "J^ W'" d° TOdWi
  body last week.   Several matters of j of a hard pressed nation.  There is to-  enough to plant and attend to one-, draw tbe proplo.
annlgon     I vital  importance were  brought out *•» no man more l,rPcntl>' needed to tenth of an acre of potatoes during     Pe°P,e wl» not be coaxed to l
Mrs. Dr. Kennedy [ whlch wlll be r»d with Interest hv  Ptay ftt home ftn,t,1 ROt.,,own t0 « 8 tllBk  the PflBt 'cw mo^* 'elt quite proud , Tner ^^ ll<-vc »°*   lf >'ou sll0W t'1*1"1   8hape' tne ortJer mam
Mis. Maud Angelina Sn.ggenson..      ^ ClU.1 generallT of d I ^"e {WS^ttKffi. aUaK i - «"■■*« °n Monday when they  -meth.ng   they   think    would   suit  standard during tryin,
    Miss Couldwell  Rtld  dlstrlot.    The question of the i If so we will all go. but till then our : opened their mall and found them- \^iT «»* *& w'» *W It   When 	
Nancy (housemaid). .Mrs. Alf Mlrams [public market for Cranbrook ls dls- duty Is to feed the flghters. unfed they j selves the recipients of as nice a tne   Pfi0P'e   R°   fortn   to   buy   "*« CRANBROOK MAN POUND
No lady could be described as ex- cwst?A and ,„ tt ,hls tlme % qumUod I c,?Bl?.5hJ,0U ... for Binrortlng the«tadw " "yone could w,Bh for Thc Chrlfltma8 "iey *«" -*now what they
celling another in this screaming interesting to most men who till the : \u\^I^*xU^Ty^ «* I b°dBe8 "*,n the ,orm ot a bar* nade ■" ^ng after before they leave their
farce and nil present were loud    In   v0||a I sincerely hope thnt the next annual   like a brooch, containing the Inscrip-
thelr praiso of the Indies who put     The address: : meeting iwll bc In brighter times.        ! tion: "B. €. Boys and Girls Conpetl-
forth their efforts in so entertaining  flt»ntiPmen. ~™ | t,0B»  **•*■*"  Attached  to   this   is   n
a manner, ' At the close of this year, making the I SALVATION* ARMY purple ribbon with these words In
Mrs. Jack Burton quite captivated second occasion at which I have pre- j CONCERT WELL ATTENDED j K°*d lettering: "Better Boys and Bother audience In her portrayal of tho s,tl(*1- nt >'our ■"•nu*l meeting I wish " —- ««-'- «*.•-. r™.-» *nv«™ tn,
much tried Mrs. Oasklll                       to rov,,,w very WfBy »ne poinU ot i
lous cities lie came in contact with a mission.
number of former Cranbrookites. who Mr. Leslie will be greatly missed In
made  enquiries  about  a  number  of this city.   His kind heart and gener-
resldents in Cranbrook. 0Uf.  spirit, his desire to help those
Mr. Whits reports the lodge? In the [ess  fortunate than  himself, greatly
several towns   visited   in   Arst-clasi «doared himself to a host of friends,
shape, the order maintaining its hig:. especially    among   the    agricultural
Mrs. Tisdale presented qulto a
charming old lady In her role of Mrs.
1-angton, mother of Mrs. (lasklll, who
was called In to assist fn the selection of a new cook.
Mrs, Leamun. us the ilrst applicant
Miss Susan Blghcad created great
fun In her old English style dress
and the original wuy she bundled hor
allotted part.
the year's work and also comment on j About a hundred and fifty people
some connected phases affecting ag- j were present nt thc social and con-
rlculture In our province ^^^^^^m
You will recollect that ln July, 1913,
we had a visit from the Agricultural
Commission, taking evidence on practically alt matters pertaining to agriculture and country life. It's report
hns now been published some months
ter GlrlB, Better Crops." From the
ribbon a model of a potato In bas
relief Ib suspended.
Only sixteen of these badges are to
be found cast of tlte coast range. As
the secretary ot the Cranbrook Far
homes. Keep this fact well In mind.
Every Dealer Has Something to Sell
Now, ever) dealer In this city has
something that he can sell In this
connection. The jeweler will have
his share of the business, but there
wlll be a big demand for "gifts to
wear." The haberdnsher has an excellent chance to enlarge his Christmas trade.  He carries a variety of ar-
ng times.
Body Found In Box Car aad Thought
to be Ira King of Tlil-
and a great deal of valuable Informs
tion as contained therein and rccom
mendatlons mado that, If carried out, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wlll do much to relieve us ot many of ID ~%tl*L« mir-* Rimnson
the present handicaps under which we ' »lccllat,on  Misa 8lmPBOn
cert given ln aid of the local Salvation
Army funds, held in tho PreBbyterlnn
schoolroom on Wednesday evening
last.   Mr. J. P. Fink was in the chair,
and the program commenced at 7.301      ■--     —     ---» - hlh   .    . (.
.»..-.-,   Jith *h« fniinwins numbers*   money, the only way to secure one Is  Pub"c about them, ^^^^
sharp,  with the following numbers. re
Oh, Happy Day.    .    .Opening Hymn | *Jg ™ ™d« f°,r  l„(i,tiI(iirn |n,  home.   House   furnishings,   common
Solo  Mr. Frank Broughton
Last week the body of a man was
found ln an O. It. & N   box car tu
Spokane.    From   indications   It
first  thought   to   be  suicide
The Boy Scouts, of which the deceased was Scoutmaster tor a long
time, were In attendance at the funeral. The passing cf Mr. Leslie was
received by this body with a special
sense of loss, and tbey formed a
guard of honor about the casket as
the body made Its last Journey.
A particularly sad fact in connection   with  the case Is that  Donald,
the only son, who Is a telegraph operator in the employ of the C.p.It. at
but   on   Calgary, and who Is now in the city,
wM»mss.,ms.se, ,      learning  something of the man  the   was  the  operator  who  received  the
tides which the young man or the old   police decided that It might be mur-   message over the wires of hla father's
ino secretary oi uie k raiiuruun  rur-       ■^■MMW*B9HiHn^^^M,B*HHB*Ha^L^^^ii
mors'   Institute told    the boys,   the mftn 'or that matter will appreciate t der.   Students of an automobile school   sudden death,
tmriffpa    Pnnnnt    bP    hniieht    with ! "d the merchant has only to tell the   Identified  the  mau   as  Joe  King,  a      A wealth of
badges    cannot    be    bought    with
to get out and dig for It.
The department of agriculture intends holding a similar competition  P,oce- mW bc< but eminently staph ^^^^^^^
It behooves the boys aud  offer attractive gift suggestions.   This   viewed the body nt the morgue and
student at the fame school. Hi
wore some clothing which was marked with a Cranbrook merchant's
stamp,    Attorney  .*.,  n.  Macdonald
next year.
Master Willie Leaman ns Ah Ling,! tne present nannioaps unuer wnivo w*.*, t .     „      A n_lnh pftimer|»«« 7«r.   ... «««,« M« m,. „..», 	
- -  m.i    .... .  lohor.   In fact It present, a mpst ahie | Instrumental . .11. andnol^hjalracr  ^ ^ Crftnbrook ^ be up flnd dolng   department lends Itself readily to the ; identified the face as having been seen
1 -"*•*    -»-'--   •-■ ^   1.1-   s*se.mt*m   nt   Ito     V,u  l,|m      in      I ',., ti l,r.i, ,lr It      la      now
the wllllng-to-please Chinaman, was Spos'ltlon oYVu^'iwsItlott'andltt^
exceptionally good and one felt lt and on several lines adoption of Its
was Indeed a pity he wns not engaged advice would largely abate the most
for ho was most anxious to fulfil any outstanding grievances we have
... I .. , . i It remains to be seen whether It will
duties,   whether  000X6*9*   washeo,  or  -   ■•
makee shlrtec shlnee.
Mrs. Shaw, as Miss Perkins, a
student working her wny through
a University course, hut nut objecting
to cook during a vacation, was more
anxious to  feed  the  mind  nnd  BOUl
he acted upon or whether Its findings
wlll be Ignored ns has been the case
with nearly all the other special commissions so active in the last four
or five years In B.C.
During the past yoar the Institute
hns, through the assistance of tho
government, been able to hold a prun-
than tha ttomaolf und moro Intent on "if '^°°\ w,,ilc!'',;l":?„u;J ,'i0„",J" !Z
  '..   ,.     all who desired to attend, was found
spending a blissful summer in the
higher realms thun cooking In tin
lower realms of a kitchen.   Appear
In   Cranbrook,     It   Is   now
This year five prlzeB are due from the ! **■" *Mnt Idea and his merits of Its I by him 	
own In the practical gift giving move-   thought that the man may have been   Topham. M.  Barney and Harry Utt
Ber Itation  Miss Nora Little
Duet   Misses Bechtel and Eggar,	
Instrumental.. The Parker Orchestra «ww»"»«. *"   •"•. ***** •■*».!own " ™TTT ST ^JTT  \ ■''*«".«•'- - -» ™t-   •-
Mra  E  paterson  *200 Bnd -*100- Why not the calf next  ment-    A ,iHt of B°ods suitable for   Ira King, who ran an automobile for  nell
  'tlmo , gifts, with prices, would be a goodIhire here during the pest summer. Ha
..      . j „„„,„   ,.„„.,   (roni   Xcison.   where   he
^^^^^^^^ flowers, sent In token
of remembrance, lay upon the casket. They were given by employees
of the C.P.R., Maintenance of Way
l/idtfe, of which tbe deceased was
president, and ''has. ft  Ward.
The pall bearers were John Laurie,
John Morrow, Chas. It. Ward, Frank
hy those' able to do so to be especially
Instructive. Personally I much desire when we have another to attend
* '? • C0,1C«" 7, "- "7" M™   wHMI.c'nno'loi ^SSL^  '
Bhnws wns nn ndmlrublc cliurnctcr. ■    We   ulso   held   a   competition   In
Mrs. Dr. Kennedy, us Miss Bridget imtuto growing, the (ull account ot
OTlsnnlgan, Is  deserving  ot much I which our secretary has gWen tho
pr...., at-ectlng the brogue und man-1 ffi,"o %ttttft*i SSfi
ners of an Irish girl to a very fine; the coming yoar.
degree. !    The boys potato plots were not tbe i
Mrs. George Couldwell, as the Ber-! success they would have been ln an |
v.nt   if-uh .n as,naminn/,a nt «„„„,i„- ' avornge season, but they showed good !
\? V.. wperlonce of superior, work*by  BOTB^, of the  boy,, and
— - —-. «»  shoutd be encouraged. I wish to thank
Mr. palmer and Mr. Parnaby for the
trouble they took ln Inspecting those
plots and reporting on the same.
You will remember I spoke last
year of the collapse of the boom ln
land speculation as a blessing to agriculture In B.C., expressing the hope
that lt would not be accompanied by
sufficient distress to prevent affairs
settling -back to where farming Interests would regain their proper place
nnd land values return to where a
man could make returns of tho value
Recitation   Miss Vera Bradwln
.... Vincent and MIsb Wanda Fink
Recitation   Miss Ruth Stephens
Instrumental   Mr. Scott
The several numbers on thc program wero well received by the very
enthusiastic audience. It was an
evening well spent.
Tempting refreshments were served at 9.30 by Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Winn.
MrB. Hustler and the Misses Orr. i
The Salvation Army wish to thank ': '*
those who assisted In the program,
and the Cranbrook public generally
for their generous support.
All honor to the noble sixteen, may
there be a round two dozen ready for
the work when the snow departs.
Such work tends to make self-reliant, painstaking boys and girls and
we need as many of them In the
Cranbrook district as we can crowd.
gifts, with  prices, would
drawing card.
Tho dealer in fancy goods, toilet
goods, notions, will find great possibilities In the practical gift movement.
Take  the  hardware  stores.    Why.
their shelves are filled with gifts, uso*
worked ns n telephone lineman and
resided with his wlf. In the Chapman residence nu Baker Hill. He
kept his car nt the Hanson Harare
nnd ll stood mostly In front of the
Cosmopolitan hotel. Ijitr-r In the
Slimmer he sold his car and no one
One thing is certain.    No boy  who! fuI-   Practical,  ornamental   as
There Is not a hardware store ln this   m^his to know where he went.
owns such a badge will ever need to
be ashamed   of the fact.   The longer | clt* *■»•* eouW not fll1 a whoto news
he holds It the more he  wlll value'
The Spokane police are working on
the rase and if the unfortunate man
was Ira King, the fuet should be
known In the course of a few day*.
Ira King was generally supplied with
a roll of bills, a habit which the Spokane  auto  students  stated  that   Joe
families, waB also an excellent artist
and with her indignant exit Mrs.
(lasklll was reduced to the last stage
•of exasperation.
As an indignant little housemaid
Mrs. A. Mirans was a decided success.
At the conclusion of the sketch and
In response to the applause the ladles
re-appared and gave a Tlpperary
The sketch won followed by a song
by Mrs. Jack Kennedy, and a delight-1 oTillshoTdlngs.   I regret to Bay that
ful recitation by Mrs. W. B. McFnr-; just   when   thoro   wero   hopes   that
lane. j things would reach the bottom easily
Tho program was concluded by a «J["j*9**g "^ Mj» *ft
'   "     ,.„,    ... '      war broke out. adding Immensely to
».rir •Seethe little tableau acene In 10ur ilfflcultlM. Th. «!mm our.bt .n
The following is tho list ot this
week's donations to the Sunshine
A. 1). Smith for hauling wood;
Mayor Taylor tor giving use of ground
to cut wood on; Mr. M. A. Beale,
shack rent tree; Mrs. J. M. Robert.
son, 15.60 groceries; Mrs. Woods, 128
lbs. beer; Kenneth Oreen, two chickens, 16 quarts of milk; Mrs. E. Patterson, 1 quart milk dally; MrB. J. D.
McBride, BO lbs. flour; MrB. W. P.
Cameron, 25 ITih. flour; Altar Society
Catholic church, six pair wool bloom-
era for children nnd ono pair pantB
for email boy, and knit two pair chlld-
raa't mittens.
l'onng Workers Extend Imitation tn
I'aren's nd Friends to Visit
On Friday the llth of December the '
paper   page   with   a   descriptlun
enumeration  of tho  splendid  good
they carry suitable for Christmas fire
The shoe store  Is  always  a  saf<
place to buy Christmas gifts at. Slip ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pcrs are always acceptable and high- King  was nflllcti-ri  with.    Thoy valil
ly appreciated and even  boots and'that  he  usually  carried  about  two
shoes,  as   presents  to   members  of hundred dollar* with him nt nil time..
one's family, cannot be Improved upon. Robbery In  this  rnm'  would   linvve
Of course the dry goods stores wilt been the motive as a ten dollar hill
parents and friends of thc pupils nnd j come In for the larger part of the'and his watch were the only poss.s-
any others Interested  In  the well-. holiday gift trado this year and ll Is sinus discovered on the body
fare of the young people of the city are; well  that they prepare for an  In- 	
Invited to vvlslt the Manual Training j creased business, providing they tell WILL RESUME WORK
school, between the hours of three and , tho people what they have to offer and \f flKAMIV SMELTER
Ave ln tho afternoon.   Thc work done |f possible give the prices. —'■	
by tho pupils during tho past few j   The  Cranhrook  ment  stores   wlll firnnd   Forks.  II  C., Dec. 1—The
monthB wlll be on exhibition.   If the, benollt largely by (he practical Kirt Oranby company gave notice yester-
eldcr folkB only recognised thc wny movement.   A neat little ad. display- day aflernoon that tlie smelter would
the younger members npproclnto a |ng ihe prices of Christmas turkeys, start up again by Wowing In two fur-
visit from them moro people would chickens, etc, will bo a drawing card, nan., as soon u possible to be fol-
put In an appearance.   Severn! pupils,    H would not be Christinas without lowed by two moro when conditions
wlll he at work during the afternoon j n K|a,B 0f wine.   At least that lias ol-1 permit.    Wagon wlll be 2r, per cent
so the visitors will bc able to get a full, ways been the rule.   We must toast less thun prevailed ut the time nf the
Insight Into the working ol the school. I the boys who have gono to the front. I shutdown.
Halifax. Dec. 1.—With more than
2fjlt carloads of supplies for the suffering Belgians In her hold, the steamer Doris sailed yesterday for Rotterdam. She ts the second relief ship
■ent from here. Iter cargo of food and
clothing Is valued at tJiO.OO'i Klgh-
teen boxes of the cargo came all the
way from Cranbrook. llrltlsh Colum-
Corn UM • Hundred
Whole or ('recked
Almost an cheap ag wheat and
lietter feeding qualities especially In winter.
Two-ln-One or Nnffiret Polish,
tins, 8 for 2Sc.
Old Dutch Cleanser, tins, II for
Malkln's   Best  Tea,   50c.   lb
Hold Seal Tea, 40c. ID package
A package oi. Malkln's Vest
Matches Free with every lt>.
of either Tea
Apples Still Cheap- I1.S0, II.6S
| and 11.75
THE   CHAN BROOK   II KHALI) your aye. to se. ouly the dead rosea In
,   „ „ ,„        .. „, the   garden.     True   things   ure   In
I., v. SulUvim, hdltoi nmty poor glmpe bu( thm ,8 lltt,e
-jr'^Tl"!!!"'*""' »"-"""" ■'■"'"'ter, ; to bt Butaell „uw by kloklng.     Tell
I vour trouble, to the next man who
SntiscrlpUon Kales . ; mU ym oa the baI,k an(1 aaks ,or
Su MoSha ■::        ::: 18 p»vo"at,"'next elect,on-
Three Montlis    60 i 	
Stand Almost Impregnable        I peculiar habit of coming upon some
It must flrst be realized thnt the, with   terrifying   swiftness,   and   to
Advertising Hates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line.   __^________
Next week the Herald will give a
write-up of the Cranbrook houses that |
cater to the Christmas shopper. Even
though   the   war   has   curtailed   Importations ot some lines of Christmas
goods, yet the Cranhrook stores are
well stocked on orders given early in
the year.    The Yule-tide season this
year  may  not  Bee tho  usual  lavish
-  ' buying   of  previous  years,  still  the
Cranbrookj IU., Wn-emher iird, 1914 1 8eason alwajrs opens the purse strings
j of everyone and there will undoubted-
ANJfOUNCEMESl1 ! ly be considerable money spent in the
city this year. It will bc the patriotic
duty of those with money to spend
to patronize the local merchants and
■■■■■:. »'fi many other; t0 buy Made-|n-Canada goodB as far
as possible
Since the
llerald In i
operated at
change wa*
owners refi
throiifili   Hi
outbreak of Hit* war thr
if tlu
Country has been
Some time ago a
necessary as the
The Industrial Workers of the
d to finance the paper I World, better known to organized
stringency,    The   first   laDor as t'ie *• Wlil*t Whisktee, have
Germans north of Slssons proposed to
hold a line of defence at any cost.
While the British wero occupied in
fighting their way across the river the
Hermans on the hills to the north
had ample time to prepare for their
The henpecked husband should re-1 determined stand.    Their guns were
joice that he Isn't a Mormon. I placed on the crest of the hillside,
where they had as much protection as
thc best genius of tlieir ollicers could
provide. Some two hundred yards ln
front of the guns the flrst row of
trenches, known as "cover trenches,"
were dug and some hundred yards further forward rows of "Are trenches"
were carefully prepared. In front of
Steamers     passing    through     the | the "fire trenches" were placed land
Panama Canal are forced to make a  mlne8 invisible to the enemy.
full  stop   at   Colon.    I've   got   you, j    Ti,[8 y,or){ com,,ieted, machine guns
Steve, were disposed ln and behind the rows
Goats milk makes good butter.
A reader tells us that thc cost of
courtship is also affected by thc high
prices,   lsch ka blbble, Kred.
It Is proposed to change the name ■
of Lillooet to the Holy City. Someone
must have It in for tho Holy City.
The   supcr-drcadnought   Audacious
Is sunk and thc Audacious Is afloat,
change broached was an amalgamation I af*ain made a demonstration in New
scheme, whicli proposed to absorb the ' York.     James   Larkln,   an   Knglish
Prospector, This
most nusutlsfactor
trial and the arrangement wai
ver,   proved
abor man addressed four hundred of
tier one week's I  liat *an6 recently In the Manhattan
i.yccum.   Larkln took It upon himself
'.o Insult tho Stars and Stripes and
solved, thc Herald continuing there-   ;he VnUm Jack   rcferrlng t0 them
after to be issued as formerly. Dur- j *j0th as dirty rags. This was to bc
Ing the mix-up several articles appear- \ expected. Fortunately ln this part of
ed for wl.l.h the former management ! -lie country we arc free from the I. W.
was In no way reBponslbl
planed  the  Herald  in  an   unenviable
position with its friends,
Thc undersigned have now leased
the plant und business of the Herald
Publishing Company and wlll continue
tlie business hereafter, following out
the policy of the llerald as it has been
conducted for many years, as a paper
that stands first and foremost ror thc
upbuilding of East Kootenay
not be the purpose of the new owners
to Inaugurate any drastic changes, but
we shall try to make the Herald a
lively, newsy local paper, and with the
assistance ol our friends with items
Hnd notes of general interest, endeavor
to thoroughly cover the local field.
We have many advancements which
but which i vV< a8'tfttor who- masquerading under
'.ho guise of organized labor, and
vho prey on the few weaklings who
isten to their tale of woe. When
.vork ts plentiful the I.W.W. (I Wont
Work) man is looking for trouble
md In times such as we are experiencing he is shouting because he can-
not secure employment. Organized
abor generally shun this bunch as
hey would a rattle snakes abode.
iVherever there Is a bunch of I. W.
it wlll I ,v's tliert! is a bigger bunch of trouble.
The International Typographical
Union, the foremost organized labor
iody of Canada and the United States
ias for years refused to recognize
his aggregation  of union smashers.
of trenches tn such manner that they
; could   deliver   frontal,   oblique   and
v„u pay your money and you tnkl! I nanklng lire at the anvronehlng onemy.
your choice. ' I» addition there were, of course, the
  thousands of spitting rifles flred by
Having done the "hesitation" for < the Infantry so burled in the trenches
some time, Cranbrook dancers are that they could scarcely be seen at all.
now looking for the Ottoman empire      By the nature and contour of the
to do the "Turkey trot."
The mayor of Bangor, Maine, was
hit by a rolling keg of beer as he
walkod past a local tavern. This Is
one of the risks of living ln u prohibition state.
Mr. Schnaderschotzschmldt, of Vancouver, ls confined to his home with
ground the British to storm these positions, had to first expose themselves
to Are from a distance of nearly a
mile. From the layman's viewpoint
the disadvantage of the troops trying
to climb up a hill and drive back an,
euemy conveniently situated near the
top Is In Itself sufficiently disconcerting.
illness.   We don't wish that gentleman   un a staircase and beat down a man
any harm, but that name would put a   Wilitlng on the top step.
prevent that we seek aid. "Safety
first" is the ncw slogan being posted
In some cities on the American continent, and is being adopted by a
number of railways aud factories. This
is wise for safety with loss ot time is
better than danger with gain of time.
The latter may mangle you, the first
cannot. "Safety first" is a new translation of the old watchword. "Prevention Is better than cure."
The principle on which each nation
arms itself is "Safety FirBt." Home
defence Is Instinctive. Germany and
France built their forts nnd organized
tlicir armies and Great Britain developed a navy. Purely and simply
the Initial stage wus "Safety First."
Aggressiveness nnd the curse ot conquest are a later evolution. America
und Canada lead the world In believing that tliat safety la enhanced by
an undefended frontier. Armed men
of different nations facing each other
aro apt to lose their temper, which Is
often to lose their reason. "Safety
first"—guns have an uncanny way of
going off!
Let us Bee how this principle of
"safety first" works out in the spiritual realm.
Whilst It Is true that the gospel
teaches unselfishness to our fellows,
it no less Inculcates selfishness in the
highest relation of all. To us as individuals, primarily, comes the slg-
nlficent exhortation, "Seek first the
It resembles a man trying to get  klngdom of God »   In the meantime it
we will Intfoduc
' us financial i-ondf-
tlons warrant.
ti  (lie meantime  we
ask for your buj
port, for your newt
Items and your n
me on our stibscrlp-
firm lift..
Politically, tli"
Herald will continue
Its policy of UlO
inst six years in thr
Interests of lhe
jlbcral party.     This
is done through patriotic loyalty to the
best Interests of British Columbia, and
our belief thai the return of Liberal
rule would moan bettor times und
greater pros] i rltj ror Canada.
Ml accounts owing lo the HeralU
Publishing Co. to the end of Octoher,
except subscriptions, are payable to
tho owner, Mra .1 M Deane, and the
leasees have nothing whatever to do
with cither accounts receivable or
bills payable prior lo that date.
All subscription accounts are payable at the Herald office to the lessees
and we thank you. subscribers, In advance for hurrying In with the small
amounts owing and which are needed
at this time.
Last week the Herald was the only
paper pubbllphod in Cranbrook aud we
believe the town should support one
paper,  that   It   is  of  public  Interest,
crimp In most anything.
The editor of the Fraser Valey Bo-
cord Is asking for a few plugs of
tobacco, not for himself or thc office
help, but, remember, tor tho soldiers
it the front.
An article published ln last week's
.lerald concerning the need ot a
public market has begun already to
>ear fruit. At a meeting of the Farm-
tra' Institute on Wednesday evening
he farmers were offered the use ot
.notlier local building for the purpose of giving the market Idea a trial,
rite city clerk was Interviewed and
• lated that so long as home-grown
ir home-made articles only were of-
'erod for sale from farms within a
adlus of sixty miles of Cranbrook
here would bc no objections ou the
art of the city. The farmers, there-
.'ore, decided to try the matter out and
iccepted Mr. McFarlane's offer of the
ild C.C.S. furniture store, where thc
list public market day will be held
•n Saturday. December 19th. Three
lays this mouth will be devoted to the
uarket, The farmers are invited to
iring In their produce and the pubic are invited to atend and purchase.
! f the move proves successful the
tarmers will then accept Mr. Hamll-
on's offer of his building, make the
loeded changes and establish a per-
nanent market place. As pointed out
by the farmers none of the Cranbrook
-tores will suffer from this move as
he cash received from sales of pro-
luce wlll be quickly transferred to
he coffers of the storekeepers for
ieeded Bupplles. We believe that the
citizens of Cranbrook generally should
iinke an effort to visit the market on
'.ho opening day and learn for them-
elves whether they believe the move
Let thc render picture just roughly
what the British troops were called
upon to do ln getting even to within
striking distance of thc Germans concealed In the covered trenches nortli of
From the British troops must come
into view at something like mile's distance. The guns from the crest of the
hill, which incidentally have the range
found In distance, Bend their shells
vital public interest, lo keep one paper 1 mo in the right direction.   They wlll
alive even through stringent times. To
this end we propose lo lend our supreme efforts and with the co-operation of tho public wo believe we wlll
succeed aud continue tu serve you to
the best of our ability.
Trusting that tho many valued customers of the Herald will continue
their generous support and that we
may he accorded a shuro of your business In the future as In the past.
Wo remain
Yours truly.
.1. It. Thompson
U !' Bulllval
i*ather knowledge of the products of
the district even If they do not buy.
KOI Illl
Coch a <l 11
Attend the pi
ultry show tomorrow
md boost tin 1
luustry in this eity.
The Crimean  war la. ted 73*1 days,
cost 486,000 lives and Tl.r.LTi.ouoooo.
Tlie Overseas Club (Cranbrook
Branch) will hold their Third Annual
Oance In the Auditorium theatre on
Thursday. December 17th. The St,
folio's Ambulance Corps wlll serve
refreshments. Music by the Kootenay Orchestra. Dancing 9.30k.
Tickets fl.00. Kxtro lady 50c.
B. Y. Brake, J. Lower,
President. Sec-Treos.
le, per word for flrst week, and lc. per
w-ird for each week after
KOR RUNT - Comfortable five-roomed cottage, flfi per month. Apply
Box S., Herald office. 49
Buy   Canadian
these   goods   ut
money  move  In  ■
comes back to yoi
goods;   buy
make   your
e;   the  profit
hotel.    For  particulars apply  Box
i     208 or at the hotel. 47-4t*
There is a big demand lor German
toy soldiers, Little Cranbrook boys
want the German soldiers to put
against tlieir Hritish toy soldiers, and
It Is remarkable whut always happens
to the (Ierman soldier,
Vancouver papers are not saying
much in connection with tho Dominion
Trust Co. smash The 6,600 depositors, mostly of tho working cIosb,
nre showing signs of anxiety, The
affair should In* looked inlo at once.
It surely    Is a had habit to train
, We have been Instructed by the owner
i to sell or rent that nice bungalow
I on the corner of Leitch and Koote-
l nay (near school house) at figures
! away below value. — Martin
|     Bros. 47-3t
[corporation of tiie  „
(ity of cranbkook
! GIVEN that on the 10th day ot De-
; cember nest, the Court of Revision,
fur the purpose of correcting and revising the Voters' List of the Municipality of the City of Cranbrook for
the year 1016, will sit at the Munlcl-
I pnl  Olliecn,  Norbury  Avenue, In  the
suld ('Hy, ut the hour of 10.30 a.m.
Iloeul lime).
i Cranbrook, B.C.,
1 November  llith, 191*1. 47-31
An Irishman walked into a hotel and
noticed two men fighting at the far
end of the room. Leaning over the
bar he earnestly incrulred of the bartender: "Is that a private scrap or crashing Into the ranks as soon ns
:an anyone get into it?" t,ie-v arc visible, while at the sume
  time the rapid fire guns nnd the In-
We have received from the Depart- fantry ribes from the cover trenches
ment of Naval Service at Ottawa a begin pouring out their deadly missies,
booklet containing some 160 recipes ( Needless to say, the effect of this on-
or cooking fish. Thc only thing that j slaught tears gaps in the ranks, which
s not fully explained Is how to get the I must Immediately be filled up by fresh
Ish. Since Billy Matthews and Dad men If the attack is to have its force.
Iruce have caught all the fish that From this distance of nearly a mile to
were in the streams around Cran-; the toot to the slopes the British liave
'>rook during the summer, wc have ; to surge forward, while every man re-
.urnod the book over to them. mains a target for the fire from the
guns on the hlllerest and for the infantry In the cover trenches. When
they reach within three hundred yards
of the ribes and invisible infantrymen
All the talk Is now of apples and
here are several questions wc would
like to ask: If "Wagner" eloped with
i "Pippin" would he bc shadowed by
i "Northern Spy," and if an "Arkansas
Black" kissed a "Duchess" would ft
make the "Maiden Blush." If "Jonathan" slipped on a "Winter Banana"—
hold enough! Quick, get the rope,
ie's loose again.
As a headllner for Floating Buncombe this week we must quote from
Major General Sam Hughes' address
it London, Ont: "I would not accept
Lord Kitchener's advice that ample
•irotectlon had been afforded for the
rnnsports and demanded to know
•vhat ships were being provided, with
the guns they carried, and so on." We
ire thankful that our own Sam did
not get this one off while In England.
It looks as though there was something wrong with the major general's
upper stope.
they are met wfith machine guns,
which compel them to bring up artillery to engage them. Pushing further forward, they necessarily encounter thc mines, and here at this moment pours forth the full blasts of Infantry and rapid fire from the "fire
trenches," heretofore silent so that
their location remains undetected until the proper moment.
The   blasts   of   firing   more   than
Is Imperative that we forget the rest
of mankind. To evangelize the world
is a later command. Today our business is to grasp tlie import of the
message of Jesus as it bears upon us
as individuals, and to heed the call
and to obey Is to follow the Instinct
of our nature that of "safety firBt."
The spiritual safety of others is to be
sought when we ore assured ot our
own safety.
I give briefly two thoughts ou the
1. It Is a command that sets before us
the highest good—"the Kingdom of
God." If you will read through Matt.
VI. you will find that Jesus deals with
prayer, values, and, strange to relate,
the things upon which wc lay most
emphasis, those very things He regards of but little moment. We
scheme and worry to get "treasures
on earth," Christ points to the ad
vantage of having "treasures in heaven." Wc ure over-anxious about tomorrow's needs, Christ says, "Every
day has trouble enough of its own"
CJOth Cent. N. T.) How we fret over
what we shall "eat" and "drink" nnd
"put on," Christ commands ue to
"seek first the Kingdom of God." The
importance of the former things are
not minimized, but only so spoken
of as to place In greater relief tlie
necessity of seeking the highest good
2. It Is a cummand not to buy but
to seek* I am not forgetting the pas
:>ionate appeal of Isalth to "come and
buy;" but the unorthodox conditions
laid down by the prophet Is that one
double, and at this moment Invisible i haa *°*buy "without money and with*
German troops, waiting tor the at-1•■* Prlce" ***** Q«»lM<»Uon liar-
tackers to be In their position of \ mon!zeB tlle »PPeaI with the command
greatest weakness, spring forward and
German Position Su S'rong Tbat Capture Seemed Impossible —Advance Under Heavy Fire
I-ondon. Oct. 24.—(By mall.)—One
)f the signal achievements of British
bulldog pluck last week and one which
Is magnified tenfold when properly understood, was the success of General
French's army In taking the German
trenches north of Slssons. Tho news
came merely as an Incident of tho
battle all along the line and caused no
more than a ripple of satisfaction. But
to those who understood how the Germans had succeeded tn entrenching
themselves on thc sloping hills, the
feat stands out* as one of the strikingly brilliant bits of attack which overcome almost Insurmountable obstacles.
It Is Interesting, perhaps, for the
layman to realize something of the
task that the British were called upon
to perform. To the fire-burned, smoke-
blackened troops and their officers It
has all become more or less a matter
of grim, determined routine, so far as
the nctual work of dislodging an
enemy Is concerned, but to the average Individual the odds wlll doubtless
seem one hundred to one against success when the conditions of attack and
defence are outlined.
charge the climbing Britishers to
drive them down thc slopo. Here tt Is
an attack of crouching, ready Germans
with a maximum of rest protection and
the advantage of being uphill, against
Britishers shot at by artillery, infantry, machine guns and rapid lire guns
and with ranks thinned by the terrific explosion of concealed mines.
It seems, Indeed, as If there could bc
only one result, and that only by n
miracle could the attacking force escape. That Ib the German theory, and,
on paper, ninety-nine persons out of a
hundred persons agree It ls sound.
But In practice at Solssons the British
bulldog did not try to escape. He
just kept on coming, to Judge by the
results, and took over the German
trenches for himself.
(By Cleric)
"Seek first the kingdom of God."—
Matt 6:83.
We are all, I trust, seeking safety.
None Is so reckless as to deny the necessity of taking heed to It; none but
fools avoid preparation to secure It.
To seek to be safe Is a law of life;
to neglect lt Is spiritual, physical, and
financial suicide.
The moment a crash comes, ln thc
money market some men go to the
wall. Tha careful man seeks, as soon
as signs appear ominous, to safeguard
his Interests, and tries to "break
even." For him that Is the safety line.
When warning pains strike ub we
send hurriedly for tlio physician. Why?
We want to be safe.   Death ha* thc
of Jesus to "seek.' Salvation then,
cannot be bought; but lt may be
sought, and the seeker is promised
that none ever sought tn vain. Lowell
truly sings:
At thc devil's booth all things are
Bach ounce of dross costs its ounce
of gold;
For a cap and bells our HveB we
Bubbles wc buy with a whole soul's
'Tis heaven alone tbat is given away,
'Tis only God may be had for the ask-
We Are Introducing
American Silk
American Cashmere
American Cotton-Lisle
They havo stood thc test. Give
real foot comfort.   No seams to
rip.    Never   become   loose   or
baggy.   The shape Is knit In—
not pressed in.
GUARANTEE I) for fineness,
style, superiority of material and
workmanship. Absolutely stainless. Wlll wear 0 months without holes, or ncw ones free.
to every ono sending us $1.00 In
currency or postal note, to
cover advertising and shipping
charges, we will send post-paid,
with written guarantee, backed
by a five million dollar company,
tl Pairs of our 75c. value
American Silk Hosiery ■■ *
or   4 Pairs of our 60c. value
American Cashmere Hosiery
or   4 Pairs of onr 50c. value
Amer'n Cotton-Lisle Hosiery
or  6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery
Give   the   color,   size,   and
whether Ladles' or Gent's hosiery Is desired.
DON'T DELAY.—Offer expires
when a dealer ln your locality Is
\\ 0. Box 344
t   42-12
THE tone of the Violin li excep-
tioiiftlly difficult to reproduce.
Iti richness and lusoiouineti
depend on over-tones, bo loft, io
delicate, io fleeting, that the ordinary
"talking machine" can neither'record
nor reproduce them.
But Mr. BdUon-the wlxtrd-the
inventor ot the PhonoKniph, the wonder
ot the musical world—accompli abed
tha seemingly impossible In
So perfect «r. lh. Edlwo method.
of Rcciirilinij-.o perfect >r. Ediioa
instruments .nd record, (which r»»
may liave In your own hon. at .mall
coat) that th. violin record, hicoan
th. violin ol Ol. Bull aad Joachim.
All th. rlchn.H fullne.l, .oftneu—.11
th. IhrobbhuJ, beurt-.ppe.llnj t.ndw
nea.-.ll th. luulou. tone, and overtime.—Bo«l Irom thi. amaaini In.tru-
ment |u.t » tb. treat artlat. achlava
them on their pricei... violin..
Th. new Ediion l'hono(r.ph ha. tha
diamond reproducinl point, unbreak*
able and lon| pl.ylnt record., .uparlor
motor, and con.truction, concealed
horn., and th. C.blnet. ara mad. la
true Period .tylea, la perfeot barmoaf
with the finest furniture.
The Beattie Murphy Co. Limited.
Cranbrook Drug ft Book
Excursions to Eastern Canada and
the United States
On sale  December 1st to December 31st, 1914
Very low fares to Toronto, Hanil'.'in. Sarnia, Windsor,
Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Kingston, St. John, Moncton,
Halifax, and all other points in Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Provinces.
Reduced rates to points in Central States, Including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Chicago, Kansas City and other
AU further information from any Ticket Agent.
District Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alberta.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized  »10,000,000.0»
Capital Fald Up     7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided Profits    8,860,000.00
D. R. WILKIE, President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available In any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Packers and Provision***
Fresh Eastern Sauer Kraut
Shamrock Mince Meat
See our Windows for
Saturday Specials
«•>«♦♦«•>.>•>««.>♦«> •>♦.>«> »*>*>♦
For Wlge^Dn aM Biliousness
those foes'cf comfort and well-being, thero i3 ono
family rar.c '-,• t. l.-.vsally regarded as the best
corrective cf dor.::-.d conditions cf the organs of
digestion. Present [suffering is relieved promptly,
and   worse   sloltnca'J prevented   by   timely   use   of
Let this wonderful remedy tone your stomach, stimulate
your liver nnd .l.iijheys, regulate your bowels and
you will feel improved throughout your entire system.
A few dosc3 \;.'t\ prove to you why, for the
common and miner ailments of .life, Beecham's Pills
Are the Right First Aid
Prepa-nd only by Ttajw Wk*a*)Bm, Rt. HoImi, ' "—. Tagmt. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 1914
Pretty Rings
are not limited to ex-
pensive Dla mond
Rings. There are
dozens of moderately
priced rings here set
with opals, sapphires,
emeralds, garnets and
amythists. A handsome, artistic ring
adds much to the appearance of the prettiest hand. Just now
we are showing a nice
assortment of Cameos,
set up In 14k settings
from $3.50 up.
W. H. Wilson
Shop In tlio Herald before you shop
In tho storo.
Get your fire Insurance policy at
Bealo ft Elwell's.
'.' Mr. A. D. Macdonald, barrister, re
turned Monday from a visit to Spokane and Seattle.
I J. Llndqulst left the later part of
:*.*-■'. the week for Deer Park, in the Bound
ary country, on n visit to Mr. C. H.
Mr. A. A. Johnson, manager of the
... Rex theatre, returned from Seattle on
Sunday last from a two weeks' business trip.
R. A. Fraser left last Saturday for
., Vancouver, accompanied by his two
children.   He expects to make his future home at the coast.
Mr.  and Mrs.  James  Chester,  of
* Neepawa, Manitoba, and family, arrived tn Cranbrook this week and are
looking for a location.
Slater and Orr, of Chilliwack, have
won a number of prizes at the Nelson
poultry .how. E. H. Slater was for-
mery a resident of Cranbrook.
Cutter, and buggies. A largo assortment of above In good condition
* tor sale at the Hanson Oarage, plione
126. ..   ..„ 41-tt
Steamship tickets for sale at Beale
ft Elwell's.
Jap oranges 11.00 a box at Ira R.
Manning, Ltd.
Mrs. William Marshall I. confined
to her home with illness.
Tho fortnightly dance of thc Maple
Hall Dancing club was held Tuesday
Harold J. Scott returned on Tuesday
from Calgary, where ho spent a few
days on business.
New 1914 stock of peels, nuts, raisins, dates and figs Just received at
lra R. Manning, Ltd.
T. T. McVittie, F. M. Young and H.
Sltergold of Fort Steele, were Mon.
day visitors In the city.
Dully shipments of tomatoes, eel-
ery, lettuce aud other green vegetables at Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
J. A. Manning was up from Bull
Hiver on Wednesday and waB registered at tlio Hotel Cranbrook.
Only a small house greeted the 1'an-
tnges at tlio Auditorium last night.
Moral, It takes newspaper advertising to till tho house.
Monday witnessed tho closing of the
restricted district in Cranbrook. A
number of the girls went to Nelson,
Fernie and Lethbridge.
MIbs Goodyear, who has been employed in the local telephone office,
left today for England to spend
Christmas with her parents.
At the last meeting of the Methodist Church Ladles Aid Society It was
decided to put on a "play" about
Easter time. Watch for particulars
Postmaster J. B. Henderson informs
the Herald tliat there was no falling
off In mall for the old country. In
fact thc Christmas mall was quite
A dance was held at the home of
Mr. F. Wallace, east of town on
Tuesday evening last. A number of
people from Cranbrook went out
about 9 o'clock.
The Maple Leaf Rebekah lodge will
meet Wednesday, Dec. 9th, at 6 p. m.
There are eight candidates for Initiation to be folowcd by a social. All
members arc requested to be present.
The annual meeting ot the Cranbrook Civilian Rifle Association will
be held ln the council chambers, city
hall, Tuesday evening, December llth,
•it S o'clock. All members are requested to bc present.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mr. A. Raworth attended the patrio-
W. Arthur Wilson, a C.P.R. brake-1 -lc concert at Moyle last Friday even-
man, left the city on Tuesday for : ,nB taking Part on the program. As
Winnipeg, where he will be married j UBUnl ho w»» one of the hits of the j
today. He will return with Ills bride ■ evening and ho reports an enjoyable
tha first of next week and tliey wlll' tlra0 »l'™t with the Moyleitcs.
make their home in Cranbrook. 	
—— Rev. w. E. Dunham returned on |
Mr. A. J. Venables was in the city Tuesday from Creston, where he I
Monday on his way to England, where i preached tho anniversary services in
ht will onllBt for active service. Mr. tho Methodist church last Sunday. On I
Venables was in the employ of the, Monday evening he lectured In that;
provincial government nt Nelson and | city on "Klondike, The Land of Gold."
wa. presented with a gold watch by . 	
the employees of thc  water  rights j    Tha special meetings which have
'ranch. | lieen held at the Baptist church for
the past month were closed on Mon-
Mrs. H. B. Goode, Mr. llooile. sr..
and Mr. and Mrs. Cavnnngh wish to
extend their sincere thanks to thc
Cranbrook Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen, members of the Rrother-
hoods of Trainmen and Kiiginetnen residing tn Fernie, nnd tho other friends
day evening and Dr. Spencer returned |
to Calgary on Tuesday. A farewell
social waa tendered Dr. Spencer at tbe
church on Monday evening.
Four horses were killed on the C.
V. H. tracks near tho Cranbrook Sash
who so kindly aided and sympathised  & n0or Co. on last   Monday   night.
with them In their lata bereavement.
Jack Armour, of the linn of Armour
ft Kennedy, returned this week from
tho fnr north, having spent the summer at Pence River Crossing, Alherta.
He reports times quiet in that country as here but believes thut tlie
spring will see a great revival ot business In that section. He will spend
the winter in Crnnbrook.
Tho llerald has received a communication from J. M. Landry, a
French Cnnndian uvlutor. stating thnt
tie Intends to tour tlie western cities
next spring nnd would like to get In ] ('ranbrook are giving a dance open to
touch with the leading sportsmen of j nil Oddfellows and their wives ud all
the burg. Mr. ljindry can ninke ac- j llrficknh. and their escorts, on Friday,
robatic nights and generally loop the I (lerrnibcr llth, Iron ( p. m. to l&M.
loop. Refreshments will be served.. .Mule
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. U MoDermot were J*** ''»ln»W. orche.tm Ticket.
visitors at the patriotic concerl at [ *,'fl0* ntn **» «****
Moyle last Friday evening. They ( |n t„c urt „lv(m ln . recent ,Mue
report a most enjoyable time. The j 0f contributions for tho St. John's
program waB replete with Interesting j Ambulance Society, Mrs. W. A. NlBbet
numbers and tho dance was well ut- ] wns given credit for six Bhlrts. This
tended  and  a  success.    Tliey  were | vv„„ not correct.   Mrs. Nlabct contri-
Tliree of them belonged to W. B. Bardgett nnd the other one to F. J. Deacon.
Several horses wero on tho track and
It Is supposed that they were struck by
a train during the night.
A special reel of moving pictures
showing the development of the Flathead Petroleum Co. on their oil property In British Columbia, reached the
eity this week. The pictures will be
shown at the Rex theatre In addition
to the regular program on next Tuesday evening.
The llililfelliine  and  Rebekah.  ef
Deposit boxes to rent ut Beale &
it J. Long, merchant ut Creston,
wus ln the city on business this week.
Get your fire Insurance policy at
Beale ts Elwell's.
W, J. Duncan wus over from Fort
Steele this week, spending a day In tbe
G. W. I.mliis und family returned to
the city last Friday, utter being in the
east for a considerable time.
Foil ItENT-Flrst-class room;
warm; for uue or two gentlemen;
good locality.   Apply Herald ollice. lt
Geo. E. Henderson was a city visitor from Bull River this week. Ho ls
the manager of tho Bull River Electric Power Co., Ltd.
A court of revision fur correcting
and revising the city voters' list, will
be held ln the city hall on Thursday,
December 10th, at 10.30.
Roy Shields, teacher in the Central
public school, returned to Cranbrook
the first of the week from Colburn,
Ont., where he was suddenly called by
the death of his father.
Rev. E. P. Flewelling nnd Mr. C. A
Cock, delegates from this city in attendance at the meeting of the diocese of Kootenay, held at Nelson last
Wednesday, returned to the city on
Residents of Cranbrook and the
district aro advised to mail all Christmas letters for delivery in the United
Kingdom and certain foreign countries not later than tomorrow; for the
Maritime Provinces by December IS;
Quebec and Ontario by December 19;
Manitoba and Saskatchewan by December 21, and all other points in
Canada, except the Yukon and far
northern points, by the 22nd. People
are asked to see that all purcels are
securely tied and to have a knowledge of the contents as same ls required for customs declaration.
An open meeting of tiie Women's
Mission Circle of the Baptist church
will be held in thc church on Wednesday evening, December 9th nt 8
o'clock. A good musical program Is
being prcpaied, and all arc cordially
invited. Admission free. Thc annual
meeting of the Bnptlct Women'B Mission Circle for the election of ofl-
ners, and the transaction of general
business, will be held on Thursday afternoon, December 10th, at 3 o'clock,
at the homo of Mrs. J. W. Spence. Tho
presence of all members Is requested.
A patriotic dance was held at the
Band Hall. Fort Steele, on Monday
evenilf!, <St. Andrew's Night) In aid
of the Canadian Patriotic Fund nnd
Belgian Relief Fund. Many Cranbrook people were In attendance, several automobile toads going over and
they all report a good time. The patronesses were Mrs. R. L T. Galbraith, Mrs. F. Blnmore, Mrs. F. O.
Cnnn, Mrs. A. B. Fenwick. The crowd
was so large that supper was served
In the Masonic hall. Over 190 were
realized from the proceeds of tbe
dance. The Cranbrook orchestra furnished the music. Dancing continued until an early morning hour.
lra R. Manning, Ltd., stated to the
Herald man today that they had successfully moved everything but the
office cat to their new location and
from all appearances everything was
In ship shape In the new premises
with several clerks smilingly Introducing the old customers to new
goods and ncw fixtures. While tho
firm wlll continue to make re-arrangements and Improvements at the new
store for somo time to come they are
now prepared to greet their customers nnd the new store will receive the
admiration of all who visit. There Is
ample space and all thc goods are being tastefully arranged and temptingly displayed.
Pallor, W. K. Tliom.on
The pastor wlll preach at both services.
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"The Christian Promise of Empire."
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
Choir leader—Mrs. E. Paterson.
Organist—Mr. H. Stephens.
"Pleusaut words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to
thc bones."—Proverb 16c24v.
rmoLic ciuich
Sunday.—Low mau at IM a.m.,
nigh mau. 10:S0 a.m.; Sunday School
from 1 to 3 p.m.; Ro«ary aad Benediction at 7:19. p.m.
Monday, and holy day. of oblige-
Hon— Mau at I a.m.
P. Pleesoodoe. O.M.I
Saturday at 8 a song service wlll be
Sunday at 3 p.m. a children's service .
At 8 p.m. Sunday a gospel service.
Tuesday and Thursday bright ser- j
All are welcome.
Capt. and Mrs. Hustler.    |
shown every kindness by the hospitable Moyle people.
The engagement of Mr. Raymond
Vogan ot Walkerton, Ont., and Miss
Jean Russell, youngest daughter of
Mr. Robert Russell, of Walkerton,
haa been announced, the marriage to
take place early In January.—Walkerton Herald and Times. Miss Russell
haa realded In Cranbrook for several
years with her uncle, Mr. John Benson. She will leave early In the New
Year for the east
Mra. J, H. Doyle returned from
Creaton Monday, where she spent a
week visiting with Mr. Doylo, manager
of the King George hotel." About the
middle ot the month Mrs. Doyle and
her daughter, Miss Bornadotto, wlll
move to Creston to reside. Miss Augusta, the eldest daughter, who holds
* responsible position with tho Kootenay Tclophono company, will re-
mis la th* city.
hutcd thc material but the Bhlrts were
made by Mrs. Hoggarth, Mra. Joseph
Campbell, Mrs. Woodland and Mrs.
At the flrst meeting of the new directors of the Cranbrook Agricultural
Asoclatlon held at the city hall on
Wednesday evening Mr. G. 8. Houghnm was elected secretary for the ensuing year and A. H, Webster waa
elected director to Oil s vacancy
caused by the retirement of Mr. John
Levett from the Board.
Mr. E. A. Orr, the poultry Judge for
Cranbrook's annual winter show, will
give a title talk on the various breeds
which will be on exhibition tt the fair,
In the old gymnasium building tomorrow (Friday). There le a good chance
tn ask all manner of questions concerning this or that bird and why lt
was not in tho money line. Everyone
Interested In the welfare of Biddy
la Invited to attend.
The time for the monthly report of
the Cranbrook school has again rolled
ronnd. The month of November
shows a good attendance, the report
being most encouraging.
The pupils attaining perfect attendance, together with the division fol-
| lows:
Perfect Attendance
i   Dlvlson 1—H. C. Garrard, Teacher
Gordon Argue
Philip Briggs
Helen Bridges
;    Alice Brown
Edwin Malcolm
Mary Malcolm
;    Sydney Murgatroyd
Division 2—R. S. Shields, Teacher
' Enrolled 21
I Total attendance 396
■ Percentage 89.67
Muriel Baxter
!    Francis Cadwnllader
'    Melville Dallas
firenvtlle Musser
John Noble
Agnes Reekie
Fred Swain
Josephine Severe
Clarence Hlggenbotham
Margaret St. Eloi
Division   3—Mlsa   Effle   M.   Bechtcl.
Enrollment  34
Percentage  93.63
Frank Bridgea
Gladys Brookes
Grace Doris
Jennie Hopkins
Violet Jones
Ruth Kendall
Harold Leask
Mary Mann
Dewey McNeil
Evelyn Moor*
Violet Simpson
Alfred Sindall
Edward Turner
Irene Beach
Ruby Deacon
Doris Sainsbury
Division   4—Mlaa   Helen   Oelgcrich,
Attendance    86.82
No. on roll 40
Donna Argue
Malcolm Belanger
Allen Brown
Ruby Flnley
John Grant
Ella Kendall
Jack Kirkland
Annie McBlrnle
Maude Malcolm
Martha Messenger
Margaret Morrison
Joe Mueller
Edith Murgatroyd
David Reekie
Ray Scott
;   Crossley Taylor
i   Garfield Taylor
I    Everett Williams
j    Norman Beech
!   Ruth Simpson
Now in New Quarters
Wc are now located in our new store building, ^corner of
Armstrong avenue and Baker street and our many customers
will find us at that location doing
Business as Usual
The new store gives us more room to display our stock
of Crockery, China, Earthenware and Glassware and we wilj
be glad to have you call and let us show you through it. In
addition to all standard lines we carry a full assortment of
Jugs, Crocks, Lamps and Lamp stock, also many dainty stock
patterns in Limoges, Wedgewood, Bavarian ard Havilard.
See our Fancy Hand Painted China
If you are considering buying a new dinner set for
Xmas. we have over forty patterns to choose from,
priees from $ J 2.00 to $45.00.
Special for Christmas Cooking
We have just received our new 1914 stock of peels,
nuts, raisins, dates, figs and other accessories for the
Christmas table.
Jap Oranges $1.00 a box   ,
Daily shipment of tomatoes, celery,
lettuce and other green vegetables.
Phone 56
Cranbrook, B. C.
R.v. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Morning service, 11.00k. Subject:
"God's Revelation of Salvation In
Jesus Christ."
Sunday school and Bible class, 3.00
Evening worship, 7.30k. Subject:
"A Momentous Alternative—Eternal
Life or Eternal Wrath."
Thc Ordinance ot Baptism and Holy
Communion will he administered In
the evening.
Monday, 8.00 p.m. Baptist Young
People's Union. Devotional meeting.
Topic: "How We Can Best Conserve
the Good o( our Special Meetings."
Wednesday, 8.00 p.m. Social Prayer
Service and monthly business meeting
All are Invited.
W. E. Dunham, Pastor.
. Sunday services: The pastor will
perach at 11 a.m. and T.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Thought vs.
Evening subject: "Baptism."
The subject or tho evening service
has been chosen hy roqucst.
There will bo special music by the
choir at each aervice.
All are Invited.
Division   6—Miss   J.   M.   Richards,
Christine Carson
Charlie Chapman
Herman Hollander
Harold Kummer
Ruasell Leask
Hilda Little
Marlon MacKinnon
Eric MacKinnon
Barry McDonald
Arthur Pigott
Alma Sarvis
Viola Sarvis
Harry Smith
Joe Swain
John Turner
Keith Wasson
Verne Woodman
Division I.—MIbb Bessie Pye, Teacher
Number on roll BO
Percentage attendance 93.33
Vera Baxter
Fred Briggs
Lena Brogan
Leonard Burton
Margaret Carr
Norval Caslake
Elisabeth Chapman
Bella Foster
Stanley Fyles
Murray Henderson
Gertrude Hopkins
braise Kelaey
Jam.. Kendall
i Logan
Ethel Nicholas
Freda Osborn
Sam Specrs
Jack Stevens
Hope Taylor
Jack Ward
Norman Wasson
Division 7
Rex Garrard
Msrjorle Burton
C'andace Henderson
Marlon Henderson
Wong Hong
Vera Lister
Jack Ogden
Muriel Relo
Ruby Scott
Jnmes Taylor
Division   8-Mlss   N.   E.
Delia Baxter
Malcolm Brogan
Dubbins Bowness
Helen Brennen
Jack Dixon
Jim Hlng
Frank Hawksworth
Gladys Johnston
Grey Mosley
Murray McFarlano
Jean McLeod
George Nicholas
Reginald Parret
William Selby
Gertrude Scott
Olive Simpson
Douglas Thompson Elsie Black
Irene Taylor Stella Johnson
Kate Watson Jean Donaldson
Rovena McQInnls Archie Hoiie
Division O-MlssTTicUnnan. Teach- *"*" "'I™"'"1
Tom Reekie
.,  ,                                      ,, Frank Roberts
.No. enroled M ,     _
Reive Parker
Percentage  S5 ,.       ......
...    .     n. brma McNeil
Illrnley Blaney „           „ .
.„,-    , -, George Coleman
<Ifford Blaney ..      n ,
...    ,,. Nora Finlay
Alice Chapman r      ..    _    .
... ,   ... , I'orothy Davis
Mck Chlopan ,         '    -     .
m,  ,      „      . Leonard Marchant
I helms Hcrret ,.,   .     „.    .'
,    ,      ,, Gladys Shackieton
Jemima Houston ,     ,   _
,,             ,   , Jessie Fennessy
Donovan Jecks ,.,.„    .*
,,     .,    ,, „ I lifford Fennessy
Dorothy McKowan r.   , „
.. ...,   .. ,    , Larl Fennessy
Hobble Malcolm . ,    .,    ,.    ..
',,.,, Leslie Sneddon ■
Mary Park
Willie Stewart  —
Itohbie Taylor Division 2—Mrs   Deane, Teacher
  ' No. 'enrolled 6:
Kootenay Orchard-, School John Drew
Mrs. Racklyeft- Teacher Joe Belanger
No. enrolled  'ill Samuel Shaw
| Average attendance  17.r,0 Harold Hailing
J'ercentage of attendance 83.38 John Mitchell
Ull Yeung Helen Shackieton
Fanny Gartsldc Margaret Horie
I'laudid Gilpin Donald Marchant
Muriel Gilpin James Malone
Blanche Gilpin Winnie Malone
Bertie Malsoy Agnes'McCoach
Krlc Stone Frank Roy
SOITII BAUD FBB11C 8CH001 I"""1," ,,!°n'''dK",
  Bessie Ritchie
Division   1—Miss  Woodland. Teacher Janette Ritchie
Sn. enrolled  46 Sydney Troup
Annie Shaw John Millar
Heme ot Ibe Principal* Playing la •The Versatile.", who wlll Appear at Ihe Auditorium Theatre ea Wednesday,
December Mtk la «Nc«t*Je la "anaa." THR CRANBltOK HU1ULB
N*. 34
A. fa*  A.  ».
ltoguar »..t-
lag.   .a   Om
third Thuraday st .very meaik.
vi.ltlng bnthrea w.l..md,
H. Hlekeahattam. W.M.
J.   Is.   Craaataa,   IWi
»W"rUWr,   Selialtor,
m Btehard. gt
vaKcouvir, b. c.
i    AavJS'i.*** t'raakr.ek Lea***
^krflfiB M..M .v.ry Wed-
Bg|   BliMiH at 3 ».**.
■     tB ss   Hoyal   atoek
""tW K a 1 g k tl' ■ a 11
T^ * Baker ltn*t.
Wm. Matth.w., Dlatater
Frank  Carlwa, lee., lex 7H
(lUHWier to W. F. Ourd)
•attlitar,   Saitcttar   »*.«
P. 0. Box III
I.eyal  tml|l
No.   1111
. u..t. It.t aad *M
Thuraday. at I p.m.
 lie     Reyal     fetaak
Knight, ef lr.l.ad «»H, *****
lt. t. (larr.tt, W.M.
W. C. Do*.!**, Re* ••»•
r*e-*j*a*>        Meet, every
•jWMi.Daa Hosier   atlki
JBlT "ieliTr.lai   OdtWlawi
•ordlally Invite*.
R. H. MePhM, 1. L- C«*»,
N.G. 'In. ■«*.
yt. at. Harrla, Ree. Sewrtery.
■•rrlatari, flaHeltart anil
Mea.y to Loan
lapartal Bank lilldlag
»tS. II*« * GBEEN
Fky«l*laa* Rid Sf.rge-.iu
Me* at realdea... Armatroag
orrica HOFRk
BvMlag.    7.M to   ISO
t'raaer.ok.  B.C.
VI. F. I. Xf LIS
«*■** m Iaa... Bleak
I te 11 a.m.
1 to  * p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
MO. II. I.O.O.F.
M.at. Ir.t aa* tklr* WaBua-
*ara la *a.k meat*.
A cardial lamella* ss*m*s*
M vi.ltlng brather..
R. W. rtu.Mll, Oalel PaltlaraB
H. White, feribe
MMM> Ml •*•**•» lUr.lag
•at*** An.
T*r»l ok Awlleatlea
ttaae til     .    P. 0. Box 14.
A.O.r.. COMPANIM* •*
Trlde .1 ('raiatweOerrt*. JU«
Meets In   Maple Hall let aad
>rd    W.eaxaaj   fit   •"***
mwtfc at I ».•• *S*»f.
Mr.. A. U*rl«. C*.
Mr.. A. Bafkrtk,a**..
Visiting Camiaale*. •«**»
TaiM»r**.ist and Tn
r. ♦. Bex H4
Calgary, ilkaria
Craakraaft. B.C.
M.at. ...ry Tne«*ay at I p.m. I*
ll,. Frateralar Ball
Alex. Kerry, C.C.
t Italian. K. «t R. • B.
P. 0. Bex Ht
Tl.lilug bretbrea wreak*** la-
.ind to .UM*.
Wffl aa* Walat figlaeer.
B. C. Ua* Rirveyer.
Mo*. 141
LODGE. 1*0. »
Matt, .vary saaaa* «* fMrfk
W.dneaday at rrateralty *aavH
Sojmir.l.t R.aekaae eeettil.
w Invited.
Ila. l.llla hlala*. N.G
lit. Ada Hlekaabatham, Re*. Be*
ANCIENT    1111)11    »F
Coirt CrBBhraik. IMI
M..1. In Maple Mall aeaea*
aad foarth Thare**ye of enek
ainnth at I p.m. .harp.
Julia lhaw, C.R.
I,.  Pearron, Be*., Bn 111
Tuning br.tkrw Bad* weleam*
Meat. I* Maple Han
aad  foarth  Teeeaar *t stmt
month at I p.m.
M.mher.blp open ta BrUlak
I! T. Brake,        J. I. Uw«r,
Preildaat leareHry
Vi.ltlng   mtabari   earakly
Meets In th. Maple Mall
Drat Tueaeey afteraeaa *f sssrj
month at I p.m. an* the faaay
work elaae meat, aa tklr* Brl-
day .vealai In tke na. plaee at
Mrs. B B. Leamaa, *tm.
Mr.. J. Ikaw, Bae.-Traae
P. O. Bn 441
All ledlee Mrttally lavNe*.
Prmideat:  A. B.
Meets regularly th* Irrt
evening each mat*
lafermatloa oa potltry ma
Addren th* B*ar**ary
W. W. M.Greaar.
P. 0. Drawer 411
Pr.aldent-A. B. SMtk
RerreUry—Alb. B. Wtjkh
For    luturmatloa    r.i.rtlai
hmda and agrl.ultar. apply to
the Secretary, iTaabreok, B.C.
Meeting—The third Tkaralu
of each month, at ol* tya, at I
The Columbia
Box !»•
(Speciul  correspondence).
Notlcc?3 nre out culling for a gonoral
meeting of tlm members ot the Windermere District Bourd of Trade to bo
held here on the afternoon of Friday,
the 4th of December.
Mr. li. <!. Hamilton, of Invermere,
had the misfortune to lose ills Scotch
deer hound answering to the name of
j Laddie.   It Is believed the animal was
| either stolon or destroyed.   The dog is
i well known to people throughout this
part of tlm country,   Mr. Hamilton ia
offering a reward for the recovery of
the dog dead or alive.
The ceremony of driving thc last
spike in the construction of the Kootenay Central branch of the Canadian
Pacific railway took place this week
at a point about twenty miles south of
of here. Tlm work of ballasting tlm
track is being pushed with vigor. The
weather for the past few days has
beeu very mild and has greatly assisted in this work.
A statement from the auditor has
just been published, showing thnt the
Windermere District Branch of the
Red Cross Society have collected the
sum of 1181.85. of whicli a large sum
has been spent in the supplying of
such desirable articles as socks, nightingales and other requisites for the
forces in tlm Held and other sums of
money have been forwarded to headquarters of the society to which the
local branch reports.
The annual meeting of tho Windermere District association ot the
Hoyal   Caledonian    Curling    cluh of
' Scotlnnd   (Alberta branch)   holds Its
annual meeting this week.   In antici-
. patlon of the coming games a number
of enthusiasts gathered together and
cleared a sheet of ice while the Ice I
still lasted and had the primary j
trials of the season. Steps are being j
taken for the formation of Ice rinks on [
land as well as those which are anticipated will be made on tlm lakes
and sloughs surrounding the different
: villages.
i    The annual meeting of the Invcr-
; mere  Curling   club was held    , last
stream to thia vicinity and was made
happy  tn  discovering the source ot
what he afterwards found out to be
the  Columbia  river  which  he knew
emptied  Us  waters into  the  Pacific
ocean.   Ever since   the advent    of
David Thompson with the exception
of a few decades In the middle of thc
nineteenth   centuary   the   Columbia j rive,j on Wednesday from Bankhead,
river and Its tributary lakes have been j ^j*(a#
(From the Creston Review).
C. 0. Rodgers was a business visitor at Craubrook the latter part of the
H. S. McCreath Is unloading his
second car ot coal this season.   It ar-
the main artery of traffic which fed
this part. It has heen traversed by
canoe men, by men in row boats and
by the flat bottomed shallow drafts
river steamerB but slowly and for
many years the Kootenay Central
railway haH been pushing its length
ulong until now It is at last an ac-
ompllshed fact.
(Special correspondence)
Mr. Raworth, of Cranbrook, arrived
here on Friday to take in the concert
and dnnce.
The weather for the past week has
been mild and pleasant wlih occa-
iionnl Sails of w.ow
Herman Peterson, who Is an old resident In this district, left this week
for Kimberley, Sweden.
Mr. and Mrs. A. U McDermot, of
Cranbrook, were here on Friday to
■ittend the patriotic concert.
Mr. Norton, the Methodist missionary, went to Kingsgate on Saturday,
where he held services on Sunday,
which were well atended.
Mr. Bescigh left here on Wednesday
i'or Kimberley, B.C., where he has secured work for the winter. Mrs. Bc-
selgh and family will remain here for
the present.
Old Pete, thc Indian, who has been
ainped near here tor some time and
has been ailing for the past two
weeks, suddenly toolt a turn for the
worse and was taken to the hospital
at Cranbrook on Wednesday.
Chas. Romano, section foreman at
Jerome, some six miles north of here,
went to Creston on Saturday, where
he was summoned by the sad news of
the death of his wife. Charlie has the
.ympathy of a large number of
friends ln this district in the loss of
his young  wife.    Mrs.  Romano  was
The Creston Farmers' Institute has
voted $50 to the Canadian Patriotic
Fund—two bits per head of the local
Both the Creston hotels as well as
those at Kitchener, Erickson and Sirdar, are applying for a renewal of
their licenses.
Creston ranchers who did their pig-
killing during last weeks' cold snap
are unanimous In tho verdict that the
"melts" Invariably Indicated a mild
Friends of Mike Walsh, a prosper^,
tor well-known in CrcBton, will bc
glad to hear he la recovering from u
rather severe illness at Alnsworth,
B. 0,
Death—At Cloverdalo Ranch, Crcs-
not be appealing to the population of
Oreat Britain for half a million men,
but there would be ten million men
In tho empire clamoring for rifles.
With this picture before one can
one expect that Germany wlll respect
treaties or anything else? The prize
Ib too big, and from the point of view
that they are barbarians thoy cannot
bo blamed. But they should not be
treated as if they were sportsmen or
honorable foes. Docs anyone believe
that if the German war party could
get hold of a gas or explosive which
would murder every man, woman and
child in France and England they
would hesitate about using it? There
ure two classes ln Germany, tho Socialist and the war party, all are soldiers, and everyono of them carries a
"Castle in Spain" in his haversack.
Thirty yearB ago I was staying at
Slough near Windsor, and mot a
highly educated German wild wuh
mathematical master at au army
coach. I went for a walk with him,
and shall never forgot llie conviction
with whieh he spoke when he said,
"Wc Germans arc barbarians and In
: Kexaii "93" ruir iodic omm
Improve the health ot your
Ip and hair, -we wlll pay lor
at you uge during tbe trial*
ton, on Novembor 21st, Lydla, relict I tho next war you will seo It." Tlio edit
of tho late Henry Knight, aged 72 | catod German Is a scientific harbar
yeara. Tho remains wero taken to J Ian, and his Intention to do the very
Qrand Forks for burial. | thing he Is doing now In ull Its do-1
Latest woid from the CrcBton dele- i tails has been shewn In many ways
gates with the second contingent at | in the Inst ten days, only we wouldn't
Victoria Is to the effect that thoy all' believe It.
have their uniforms now. So far drill > i was in England three years ago,
has been by companies only but It and still remember Robert Blatch-
won't he long before the entire force ford's pamphlet. He showed plainly
works out together. There are over , that "Germany will he ready In 1914
1,100 officers and men In camp. i to light England tor possession of the
Paul Hagen, of Duck Creek, wns , empire, and will make, or seize upon,
taken to tho Cranbrook hospital on ■•■some small excuse to declare war.
Sunday suffering with appendicitis.! pew listened to him. Even he, I think, j
He was operated upon on Sunday did not grasp the full extent of what
night and on Monday was reported Germany means by tho conquest of]
progressing well. Wo hope we shall i Europe. It isn't trade, though that
soon sec him around once more. " would come, nor even dominion; It Is
Thc commute named by the Cres- ■ dispossession, and the German lan-
ton board of trade to go Into the re- guage from end to end, and all that
distribution of Ymir riding question,' that implies. A temporary loss of
with the object of making recom- commerce while fighting for the ac-
mendatlons to the provincial govern- tual ownership of thc country—
ment to safeguard CreBton's Interests j houses and treasures of Europe and
tn the forthcoming carving up of con-1 England, was foreseen nnd Is nothing
stttuenclcB, held Its first meeting on j to her. This explains why she locks
Wednesday night. They report pro- up her fleet at present, she never In-
greBB and beg leave to Bit again—in tended to use it until Europe should be
parliamentary parlance. j at her feet, and the French and Rus-
The  grim   reaper  paid  Creston   a   slan fleets should be hers,
evening and the reports of tlm retlr-1 only Hixteen years of age and died at j visit and at au  early hour Monday      In one matter we are to blame, we
For Hair Health
If Rexall "93" Hair Toole deoa
scalp i
what you use during t
We could not *o ■tronfly tndona
HgxoU"B3" Hair Tonic and continue
to sell it to tbe iimi people if it did
nut do all we claim. Should it not
prove entirely tatiriaetory our oue*
tomeri would low faith in ui, we
would lose their patronage, and out
buuiiiwi would luffer.
If your hair is falling out or you
suffer any scalp trouble, we believe
Reiall "03" Hair Tonlo will do more
to eradicate tho dandruff, five health
to tho scalp, stimulate new hair
growth and prevent premature bald-
uesa than any other human ageaey.
We want you to make ua prove
this. We aak you to risk no money
whatever. Buy a bottle ot Rexatt
"93" Hair Tonlo, use It according to
directions for thirty daya: then It
you ore not entirely tatiified, eome
and toll ua and we will promptly band
back the money you paid ua for It
We won't aak you to iign any*
thing, nor even to bring the bottle
hack. Wo woo't obligate you la
any way. We will take your mere
word. Could anything be more lair?
Could we do anything more taproye
our belief in Ueiall "03" Hair Tonle,
nnd our honesty of purpose In reoom-
mcndlng it to yout
Reiall" 03 " Hair Tonle it u pleasant to um aa npring water and has
but a faint, pleasing odor. It eomes
In two siies of bottles, We and 11.00.
You can buy Rexall "03" Bair Tonle
In this comuiunity only at our store:
Heattie-Murphy Co.
Th* $___\Stor*
There U a Reiall Btote in neatly wry towa
ud oily In the Uutli-d 8luie», C-uutda ud
3£e,"Britain? Thm b a dWi ftmB
Hemsdy lor nearly every ordinary human hi—
euh eBpecUUy .to-.icn«l for the peiliouUr IU
far which It is recommended.
The Resell Stores are America's Cieata*
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladies HaU
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
ing officers received and adopted. The : t]le Det,jj*, 0f her child.
tT. 1. HATTY
raioral  Plrortor
P. 0. Bob iH
Uy Photo »l Night ttoae 36
XerUry Are., next to City HaU
ttoioral Varefcait
K«»lerMtti Afeati
F 0. Bex IM Phone 144
reception of tlie reports was followed
; by tlie election of officers for the cn-1
: snlriK year, the following being ap- j
j pointed to fill the positions:
! Honorary President—Qeorge A. '■.
! Starke.
S    President—Frank C. Stockdale.
:    Vice-President—George A. Bennett,,
'    Secretary-Treasurer—D. C. Howell.
Executive     Committee—Irving    C. |
Wcdd. A. D. McKinnon, Goldie Stcw-
j art, Alexander Ritchie. A. G. Cuth-
I bert.
It was decided to at once commence
the making of a large outdoor rink, to ;
be put on  vacant property just off |
Bruce avenue.
The finances of the club were sliown
to be in a satisfactory condition.
During the last ten days Winder-
\ mere lake was covered with Its first
sheet of ice for the season. This
closing down for the year marks the
1 finish of river navigation on tlie Co-
lumbla for frelglit and pnssengers and
; when next the Question of transport-
; at Urn arises the traffic will ho by
1 rail, lt Is now a little over one liun-
! dred and seven yenrs since David
Thompson ns explorer and astronomer for the North-West Trading Company, of Montreal, launched his
, canoes on tiie Columbia river to n
point north of the main line of the
; Canadian Pacific railway, where the
Blueberry Creek units with the great
Columbia.   Prom there he paddled up
The patriotic concert which was
held here on Friday night was a great
success, both socially and financially.
Thc hall was crowded to the doors
and punctually at 8 o'clock the program   began   by   four   ladies,   Mrs.
there paBsed to her reward Mrs, Chas.; hftVe unc0ncBlously fooled Cermany;
Romano, one of the most popular of for year3 we Imve Bhown preftt fear
our Italian citizens. Deceased, who j of her[ and she luis mistaken fear for
was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jon. i cowardice; she came to the conclu-
Tolerlco, had been In falling health B,on t*,lftt wc wore no morc lo bo rock.
for some months—a victim of the i oned with on lan(1 t-,an Bolglum or
dread tuberculosis.   The funeral took ; gervia.   Three surprises which should
Browning, Mrs. Brown, Miss Nutt and ] P-acc on Wednesday morning, Father C08t her tlie Eaniei
John officiating. Service was held at
the Roman Catholic church, interment
being In the Creston cemetery. The
following were the pallbearers: Sam
Lombardo, Sirdar; John Tclorlco, The
Loop; J. Provenzano, Cranbrook; Mr.
Torche, A. Mlrabelli, M. Hulsh, Sirdar.
In addition to the husband a baby girl
some five months old ls left to mourn.
My Ain Folk" ITo tlie bereaved Is extended thc sym-
Mrs. Browning I !*«■? of the community.
 "Llmburger  Cheese"
Miss   Johnson   singing   "The   Maple
Leaf Forever."   The following is Uncomplete program:
Opening  chorus—"The  Maple   Leaf"
By four ladies
Piano solo "II Corricolo"
Mrs. Whitehead
I Song     Comic
Mr. Raworth
B. C. Land Surveyor.
Victoria, B.C.
ferwar«i|    akd    Dletrlbatlng
Afloat for
Letoerttfe (eel
XMfto Powder
toatitol Oil Ce.
BraylBff aad TraBiftrrlae;
•Its*; eroait attention
Phone H
loot Fraae, rrep.
Vr«l ami. Caltflfl, Flat
•Bi Faitry
Paoae V
Itekary Ato.      Opp. City Hall
is open for engagement
'   for
■lances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Aruold WaHInger
Cranbrook, B.C.
ftejadiurters for all kinds ot
letfetftetJem «aam»eed
Tha Iboa flpacialitt
ftBortmaad,   -StoBography,
Beekkecplag, Etc
eo lee* Tees, aai Than. EVfn
•from Ttolo'eloek. II per month
IS* liwart'i Sekeol
Creabroek, B.C.
Per week
BSfla ftebool eotne     UO
Bel eal aoaree     1.50
Ktoderaartea      1.86
Pileate leeeeaa       1.00
Btfle T. at. Cherrington
Phoae Ml
J. Tnyli.r. Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
lll'.ll GRADE COWS
(All Tuberculin Tented)
Milk and cream twice dally
lliittcrmllk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
IV e  guarantee to Please
Phono 105 P. O. Box 33
rilOF. C. F. NIDI)
Organist  Methodist Church
Receive. Pupil, for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: 2 to 6
EveolngB by arrangement
Reading.. ■
Mr. Pitch
Song "The Midshli.i.tate"
Mr. Nutt
Song "Winter Lullaby"
Miss Johnson
Piano duet "Witches Flight"
Mrs. and Miss Nutt
Song "Man of War"
Mr. Bates
Song  "Veteran's Song"
Mr. Norton
Speech Hy Father .lohn
Song and Chorus "Tlmiera.-y'
Mrs. Browning
Plnno Duet "Silver Trumpets"
Mrs. and Miss Nutt
Song (Comic)  Mr. Raworth
Song "True Till  Death"
Miss Nutt
Character Song "Capt. Jinks"
Mr. Browning
Piano solo "March of Cavalry"
Mrs. Whitehead
Song  "Enoch"
Mr. Bates
Song    "Marseillaise"
Mrs. Desaulnlers
Song   Topical
Mr. Nutt
Chorus   "Rule Brittanla"
Mrs. Browning Mrs. Brown, Miss
Nutt and MIbs Johnson
Mrs. A. L. McDermot, ol Cranbrook,
dressed In a suitable costume, made a
charming Brittanla, while the ladles
dressed In white middy suits and carrying flags grouped themselves about
her. The chorua was well sung and
made a suitable ending for tho programme. All the numbers were well
rendered and much appreciated by the
At the close of the concert all adjourned to the Central hotel, where a
very enjoyable dance was held and
Bupper was served at 12 o'clock. The
dancing was kept up until after 3
o'clock in the morning. The sum of
$33.60 was realised out of the entertainment. This was sent to tho Belgian Relief Fund. The committee In
charge of tills affair arc to bo congratulated on the success which has
attended their efforts.
T«i mi on Application
Phone 2G4
P. 0. Box 788
t'arpenler and lluilder
Plans and Estimate. Fuml.lie*
on gbort Notice
(From the Femle Free Press)
! Tho members of the Provincial
Water Commission left for the west
on Sunday morning.
The city Jail Ib housing nothing but
prisoners of war, vagrants and those
desiring accommodation.
On November 24th a marriage license was issued to David Martin and
Isabella Branch, both of Coal Creek.
W. W. Tuttlc, formerly mayor of
Fernie, now a resident of Spokane,
was In the city this week looking after
business Interests hare.
all persons having any claim against
the estate of thc late John W. Wolf.
deceased, who died on or about thc.
26th day of October, 1914. at Fort
Steele, ln the Province of British Columbia are required oh or before
the 1st day of January, A. D. 1816 to
send by post prepaid to thc undersigned solicitors for James A. Ar-
THIS GREAT WORLD WAR nold, or to the said James A. Arnold,
____ the executor of the said estate, their'
' names and addresses and full paitlcu-!
Correspondent See. Terrible Results ' lars of their claims in writing aud a
ii ,..,..„ ahnnij n.h.1 ! statement of the account* nnd the na- [
If Germany Shonld Defeat        i ,„„ Q| ,„„ sccur,tiMi „ 0!r/t ,,eid by
England them, and such statement shall bc
■ verified by stututory declaration.
o... „■„, . „. _„ „.„„ «„ i„ »h«      AND TAKE NOTICE thnt nftcr the
Sir: Sitting at my camp lire In the , m day of January A „ im th0 Mld
almost Impenetrable forest of Graham jomcs \. Arnold wlll proceed to dls-
laland, B.C., a few miles from the : tribute the assets of tho Bald de-
most northwesterly corner of the ceased, having regard only to tho
D.i.i.1, „„„i.. .h. «„„.„i.i,.i„ m„n clams of which he shall then have
BrltlBh empire, tho fortnightly mail   h>a ^^ nnd w,„ not bc Ha01e t0
iust in, 1 search through my paper for  ony person of whoso claim he shall
the latset war news and read Septem- i not then havo had notice,
ber llth, Vancouver News. Then IJ    Dated at Cranbrook tills 28th day
turn to the English papers and And   Harvey.Vcarter,'Macdonald & Nisbet
"Spectator," "Dally Telegraph" and j 49.2   solicitors for tho Bald Executor.
"Times" of mid-August; then the "Lit-1 ——	
erary Digest" of Philadelphia, and 1
settle down to the leading articles. In
three out of the four last named I
find the words "This Amazing War."
Now, I am amazed to see the "Spectator" writing In n vein which shows
It has no Idea of the situation whatever. It speaks of England beaten to
her knees. How many seconds would
England be on her knees? JUBt as
long as lt took Germany to dig thc
grave, and no longer. Do the English
papers really think, as I gather they
do, that Germany is lighting for England's trade and commorce, or that
she didn't quite foresee that for a'
tlmo she (Ocrmany) must lose all her'
own foreign trade while fighting for
tor more than that. Tho most that!
England seems to expect from a defeat j
ls tho loss of hor empire and tho pay- j
ment of ubout three-fourths of tlio I
the cost of tlio war. That's a small j
part of what Germany Is fighting for. j
Does England understand that where-1
bb William the First conquered Eng-}
land, dispossessed most ot tho Saxons
and gavo their property to Normans,
  ttts- I
JaUtliii Hli lor Woman. |5 a box or thn. for
10. Sold «t oil Urojl Store., or mailed to ray
.damson rcc.iptof ptIob. Ta. 600.au Para
Co . St ClharlDfra. Ontario.   .
VlUlltyifor Norw «no Bnln: lucre*
m.tt.r'l.Tonle-wlU miDd you up. B
two (or |&. .t dru. atonu, or l.y malllc
Btprlce    TUI bCO.ILL IIBUO Co., St. C
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd.. Agent.
. jatMalpt
you want satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
in connection wilh
William tho Second would do far I EXCURSIONS TO TIIE  OLD
worse than that: all would be dls- > COUNTRY
possessed after being most thoroughly I
Does England think that if Franco j rja||y November 7th to Decem-
were defeated French would still be!
taught In French schools, or English
spoken and anywhere but in America (or as near as they like to get tn
lt). The kaiser has six sons, If they
win they will be the six kings of Europe and Great Britain.
Germany has fourteen million sol-
dlors, If thoy win they wlll bo tho fourteen million land owners ot Europe.
Something worth lighting for!
This, and this only, explains the
tearing up of treaties. This, and this
only, explains the German atrocities.
For, not only must tho war be won by
any means fair or foul, but the populations which are to be subjected must
in the procosB bo thoroughly terrorized.
If only tho picturo were once seen
In He completed form Kitchener would
ber 31st inclusive
Limit: Five Months; Slop-Over
and Extension
Full information re rail and
steamship tickets from
or write
Dint. Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alta.
W. E. Worden, Prop.
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Ponder
Moving Pianos • Specialty
Furniture   and   Baggage
J. MILNE, Manager
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
havo more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
show you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Boot


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