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Cranbrook Herald May 23, 1918

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Array ■
THURSDAY, MAY 23rd,  litis
On Monday night next, May 27th,
at eight-thirty o'clock, Captain Principal Clarence MacKinnon, I). I)., of
Halifax, will deliver a nubile nddrcas
In the Auditorium, on "What Our
Mon uro Doing in Flanders", Ho will
aUo loll something "f Hie work the
Chaplalna art doing, Prlnolpal MacKinnon lias Jimt returned on leave
from tho front in Frame where he waa
under appointment an chaplain to tho
Overscan Forces.
He la therefore able to apeak from
flrat hand knowledge o( tho condition",
there. He comes to ua nt the request
ot Colonel Almond, tho director of the
overseas chaplains. Or. MacKinnon
Is one of the ablist speakers and
foremost scholars in Canada to-day.
Citizens of Cranbrook should allow
nothing to bar thorn from hearing his
The Mayor of Crnnbrook will pre
side. A collection to defray local ex
ptoses will be taken up at tlie close of
the address. Members of the Great
War Veterans Association are spec
Ially invited.
An interested audience greeted Miss
Olive M. Hayes at the Parish Hall
on Tuesday afternoon when she gave
a most Instructive lecture on food
values, food conservation and substitute foods.
Miss Hayes Impressed upon her
hearers thc olready well known fact
that a large proportion ot the people
of the world are facing actual star
vatlon and It is of the utmost Impor
tanee thot we who have plenty of
food stuffs, should conserve them
a-nl whenever possible make use ot
substitutes for the foods which are
so greatly needed by the soldiers ond
the civilian population ot the countries devastated hy the war.
In defining the duties of the food
controller the speaker said that the
first duty of this official Is not to
keep down prices ot food In Canada,
which so many people imagine Is most
important. His first duty Is to see
that there Is food for thc army at the
front-, second, to see that there Is
food for the civilian population ot
Orwt-B-Rata aBA-her 411,01.-M"!, |,
third to see that there Is a supply
of food In Canada at reasonable
prices. He is bending all his oner-
KleB to fulfil these duties to thc best
of his ability, but to make a success
of It, he needs the willing co-opern-
tlon of every man and woman in
Canada. Miss Hayes told ot thc efforts of the food controller to reach
an agreement with the head ot tht
fish combine at Vancouver and of
their failure to come to any arrangement to sell fish at reasonable prices.
That Is the reason the price nf fish
in n. C, Is an exhorbltunt. At I'rinee
Rupert an agreement was rescind
with tlie result that flah Is being sold
at reasonable prices hy the dealers
there. The Oovernment has opened
municipal fish market" at Vancouver,
hut the fl»h combine is doing all they
can, short of lowering prices, to
discredit this venture with the public
The foods to b,, sent ovirseas, as
wc all know, are Ihe ones which keop
best. Ihe least bulky ones ua shipping space. Is limited, and tbe ones
which tho soldiers and the populace
need. These nre while flour, sugar,
meat and fats. For the housewives
of Canada to do their shore, It Is
necessary for thtm to use substitutes for those products wherever
possible. The use of oatmeal, potatoes, corn meal, rice, rye and graham
flours, In place of wheat flour, of
browtl sugar or molasses (by-product! of white sugar) In place of
sugar, and rice, cheeae and other
meat substitute diahis In place of
meat were urged.
It was pointed out that u great
many hotela In tho United Statea are
already using suhstltutts altogether
In place of wheal flour.
On Tuesday evening, Miss Hayes
demonstrated thc making ol oatmeal
bread and potato bread, made with
our new standard war flour. The result, as shown Wednesday afternoon,
waa most delicious, both ns to appearance nnd flavour. After samples
had been snjoyed by all present, the
loaves were auctioned off, bringing
very good prices. Wodncsday afternoon Miss HnyeB gave a number of
recipes and made samples of bran
health bread and bran rnlsln loaf
which woro eagerly bought. She
also gave a demonstration on methods
of cooking rice as a foundation tor
puddings and meat-substitute dishes.
On Wednesday evening chocolate
rice pudding, cheese fondue and a
rlco and cheese supper dish were
cooked and all were voted delicious
by the ladles present.
Miss Hayes Is a demonstrator ot
considerable ability and It Is to be
regretted that her lectures were not
heard by far larger audiences than
were In attendance.
The series of demonstrations were
given under the Joint auspices of tho
-Mtervatien eoamltL* and the Wn-
A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Hoard of Trade was held
In thc President's Office on Saturday
afternoon. May 18th, at ' p.m. for the
purpose of considering various matters of importance demanding Iho
Immediate attention of tho Hoard.
Tlie vacancy ou the Executive cans-
ed hy tilt death of Mr. Jos. Ryan was
filled by Ihe appointment of Mr. J. It.
Mr. K. H. MePhee was appointed
Chairman of thc Publicity Committee
and Mr. itolit. Eakln, Chairman ol tho
civic and legislation Committeo.
Tlie Secretary read a communication from the Weyburn Hoard ot
Trade in connection with the new
Canadian Freight Classification proposal by the Hoard of Hallway Commissioners, Tills Communication,
which was also dealt with at the
meeting of the Retail Merchants' Association is given In full in a report
of that meeting appearing in another
part of this issue of the Herald.
Tiie Secretary was instructed to
wire the Weyburn Board of Trade
fully endorsing the attitude that they
had taken In connection with the proposed new legislation.
The Secretary was further instructed to follow the w-ire up 'by a letter
conveying to what extent financial
assistance would be given for the
purpose of engaging an expert sol-
icltor familiar with railroad rates to
protect our case when this matterl
is brought up before the Board of
Railway Commissioners.
■Mr. F. Robson, chairman of tlie railway and transportation committee I
was Instructed to write to thc Board!
of Railway Commissioners protesting
very strongly against the adoption of
any new measures proposed In the
new classification which would In-
terfere with the privilege now being
enjoyed by the Jobbers in small towns
ln order to secure car load rating.
I John Francis Walsh was found
guilty of the murder of William Hall
I at the conclusion of tiie Spring Assizes, on May 16th at Ftrnie, and
sentenced by Mr. Justice Morrison to
be hanged at Nelson on Monday. July
The deed was committed at a lum-
' her camp near Bull River on Novem-
I her 19th and was of a particularly re-
; rolling nature.
i    A. M.   Johnson,  deputy  Attorney
i Oeneral for the Province, represented the crown and Sherwood Herch-
j mer of Fernie appeared on behalf of
I the accused, who pleaded self defence.
, Tile following were on lilt- grand
jury at tlie: Assize Court at Fernle last
I week: Fred Blnmore, John Choldttch
J. P. Fink and E. A. Hill.
! The Cranbrook men called on the
Petit Jury wereT. ('..Armstrong, It. J.
Hlnnlng, F. Carlson and A. A. MacKinnon.
f-d as the'Week-
A in end m >'n t  Art,
'Section 1 of Order Number -It of
Die Canada Food Board dated 'lit L'ath
dry'of Xpfn.TSiS, Is amended ly Tiding the .allowing subsections.
(c) A 1m.ii! fide farmer ."hall In
..(•rmlttfd u hold, subject u the
irder of tho (anada Pood Board, the
'■minut of I nur made wlioH* or tu
-ifci from ivn.ol lie may liavj In hl»
possession in excess of the amount
prescribed by the above order If, oa
or before the 15th day of June, 191S,
he report to the Miller or Dealer from
whom it wns purchased, or by whom
it was manufactured, tht excess a-
nimmt held by hint. It shall then be
the duty of such Miller or Dealer to
report all such holdings to the Canada Food Board, on forms to be supplied and at such times as he Is directed.
(d) Any person holding or having
In his posftcKBlon not more than i!5
pounds of flour made wholly or ln
pact from wheat or who holds or has
In his posm'sslon nt the date hereof
part only nf one original package tn
which such flour waa purchased,
though the amount exceeded 25 lbs.,
should be ptrmltted to hold the same.
u „
Iteclpes for canning chicken and
meats using Kconomy Jars:
Chicken—Cut up the same as for
an ordinary stew, leaving In the bones
pack into thc economy Jar, pepper and
salt to taste, and fill tlie Jar wtth
water, cover and camp. Boll three
hours, steadily. Remove from boiler
when boiling. Next day remove the
clump and test the sealing by trying
to lift cap. Test for several days. If
cap is loose add enough boiled water
to fill the Jar and boll Uoouo hall'
MQatB -Whtn fresh pack Jar full
without one drop of water, some fat
and teaspoon of salt to every quart
of meat.   Boll three Mim.
One thousand British Columbia
boys, between thc ages of fifteen and
nineteen years of age, are available
to assist you to increase production.
These are hoys are anxious to do their
little bit. In order to help you produce
your crop. There are numerous complaints about a shortage of labour.
Here Is a sourc,- of supply.
Application forms are in every post
ofllce, or may be had from Mr. Jas.
H. Beatty, "S.O.S." Office, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C. Pood will
help in winning the war.
"Tho man who rune this Ptorfi ban
Kti| 11 nr; right Idea, nil right"
' 'Hew so "
"Ho advertises bacptpas a.ul 'lust-
•.al iMtrtuMBtt"
The members of the Cranbrook Retail Merchants Association held their
regular monthly session in the City
Hall on Friday, May 17th. at 8.30 p.m.
The Secretary report .d that from
information received thc Post Ofllce
Department had not as yet taken any
steps towards remedying the present
unsatisfactory mall service between
Cranbrook and Kootenay Central
points. He further reported having
taken up the matter with Dr. Bonntll.
Federal member for Bast Kootenay,
but that he had not yet received a
reply from the Doctor. In connection
with the same matter ji communication was read from the secretary of
the Windermere Board of Trade who
stated that according to information
received from J. 0. MacLeod, Superintendent of Railway Mail Service,
Vancouver, thc anticipated cost of the
now service would be approximately
$632.00 per annum.
Tho Secretary was instructed not
to tnke nny further action in tlie
matter until word had been received
from Dr. Bunnell.
In connection with the proposed
new Canadian Freight Classification
the following,.communication waa re*,
reived and read by the Secretary:—
"Dear Sir- No doubt you are familiar with thc fact that the Canadian
Classification is going to be reissued
and the trnde lists are going to be
"In place of the trade lists a certain limited number of'mixtures will
be permitted to take care of the mixing which is necessary for the wholesale grocers In Western Canada. Thc
new classification will be made up on
the same general lines as the western I
classification in use ln the Western
States territory.
Under tlie present Canadian class!-,
ficatlon No 16 thc wholesalers are
permitted a carload rating. This
rUis.-lfinition divides the various Items under the distinct headings such
as "Groceries", "Hardware" nnd
"Furniture." It has been fo*.uid absolutely necessary for the small jobbing centres to have this privilege,
and It is with this idea that we are
asking your assistance to see that
this privilege will still be allowed, In
order that they may be able to continue in business.
"The proposed new classification i
would no 'Minit a Jobber bringing I
j-oods *'o w,-pl tn 'Ills manner, bt*. the
idi»n of th*s rnllff-iVl company is that
the syste. i -f allowing only anfllo-
gous items to be shipped tn ont car j
provided with a rn<-lo,-id rating would.
prove niiMv beneficial; hat ls, Items
which bear a semblance in ma mi tar-
ture, such as pickles, vlnegiv, cnt-j
sup and sauces would be permitted to |
be loaded In a car to have the car- j
load rate; soaps, liquid soap, wash-!
ing powders, scouring compounds, etc
would he In another car to have a ;
carload rating; canned or preserved!
fruits, canned soups, pork and beans,
canned vegetables, tn another car
with a carload rating. You will understand from these facts, It would there ,
fore be necessary for wholesalers to
bring In three separate cars to supply
their requirements for these sundry
mn, In order to secure carload rating. On the present classification,
however, they are permitted to bring
all these goods In one car and are
therefore able to enjoy the privilege
which they would not otherwise have!
on tliis new proposed classification.
Thc result will show that it will
only be possible for large centres
such as Winnipeg, Calgary and Van-,
couver to do wholesale business, as
the Jobber In the smaller town would'
be forced to purchase his goods and
ship them by local freight. The retailer will he working under the same,
handicap, as big mall order houses;
will buy from thc manufacturer in
most cases as cheaply as the wholesale grocer, and will be in a position
tn ship direct to thc consumer at a '
lower Belling price than that which
the retailer Is able to offer. I
Calgary. Winnipeg and Vancouver, I
art nllrely In a*m« wlln tks jn-
Tiiis Act may
ly Halt-Holiday
The    'Weekly     Unit-Holiday    Act'.
being chapter 75 <>r the statutes of
lint;, is hereby amended hy adding
thereto the following sections:
"13. Tha provisions ot this Act as
to the closing of shops and .the observance of a weekly half-holiday
shall nol apply in respect of any of
the seven days Immediately proceeding Christmas Day In any year.
"14, In the case of any of the following public holidays, that is to say.
New Year's Day. Good Friday, Victoria Day. Dominion Day, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day, the birthday of the
reigning Sovereign, and any day appointed by Proclamation and declared
to be a public holiday for (lie rjurposo
of this section, the provisions of this
Act as to tlie closing of shops and the
observance of a weekly half-holiday
shall not apply in respect of that
week, being the week before, or the
week after, or the week during which
such holiday occurs, In which the day
fixed in any case, pursuant to this
Act, for the observance of a weekly
half-holiday falls nearest to such public holiday."
French soldiers who are being car-
ed for at the American  hospital  at ■
Neuilly have become so proficient In
head work that quite an industry line.
been  established there and  the men
are able to realize a satisfactory re-!
turn for their work.   A lady in charge
provides the designs, beads, thread
and frames and both teaches and superintends the work.    Beautiful neck-
laces with a broad medallion tn front
sell for 35 francs, while simpler ones !
bring 25 francs. Bags and ring purses
could he made in any colour tn match
a costume, but of late, the supply of
beads is limited and consequently the
colour schemes are restricted.   From
the   first   the   French   soldiers   have
done really beautiful work with beads
and they could make a  good  living
were supplies available.   All returns
from the work go directly to tlie men..
When  purchased from oulsldcrs one
lias- nt,  means or knowi--^  'hat  the:
handiwork is that of men whom one)
wishes to benefit.
posed new classification owing to the
fact that it will entirely eliminate the
email distributing points where the
Jobbers now operate, From the evidence we can gather it appears the
railroad companies are very much In
favor of this nlso, as it will mer.n a I
larger revenue, owing to th,. longer!
haul of merchandise under thp les*--
than carload rates.
"The Railroad Commission sit in the
very near future to consider this
classification, and unless we show
our united action in our disapproval
there is no question hut what the big.
distributors and the various railroad
officials will see that the new class!-!
ficatlon is put into effect.
Wc would prefer engaging an ex-
pert solicitor who is familiar wtth the!
Railroad rates to present and protect'
our case before the Commission
when this matter Is brought up and
We would ask that your board If you
are willing, share a proportion of the
expense of this action, r.nd would ask
you to take this matter up with your;
full Board at once, wiring us prompt- i
ly your decision. We are writing ,
some thirty other cities between Fort
William and Vancouver, and thP co3t
proportion among all of us is a mere
This new classification will prove
to be a very drastic measure insofar
as the small Jobbing houses are con-
Corned, and will also effect very mat-
erlally the business of the retail trade:
As well as communicating with us,
we would Suggest that you write the
Railway Commission at Ottawa protesting viry strongly along the linen'
we have outlined."
"Treasurer.   Weyburn   Board
of Trade"
The Secretary was authorized tn
co-operate with the Board of Trade
in dealing with the measure.
Reference was made   by   several
members to the filthy and unsanitary1
condition of the back alleyways and
the Secretary was instructed to communicate with Sanitary Inspector and
to impress upon him the urgency of
adopting  stringent  measures  if uuc-,
essary to compel people to keep their 1
back premises in a cleaner nnd more
sanitary condition.
In order to fosier good fellowship
and stimulate interest iu the two
Associations, the Retail Merchants
appointed Mr, c. J, Little and A. 1-. .
McDermot as a committee to make
arrangements witli tlie Board of |
Trade for a friendly game of baseball to he held in the near future and
also to endeavor to make arrangements with the Board of Trade and
the Automobile Association for a joint
celebration in the shape of a businessmen's picnic or outing to be held some
tint neml month.
There was a special silting of the
County Court on Monday last for tiie
hearing of the appeal of Wlthelm Lind
against the sentence of six months
Imprisonment imposed on him by Pol-
Ice Magistrate John Leask in connection with a charge of Belling liquor at
the Cross Keys Hotel on the night or
March 30th.
The case was heard by His Honour
Judge Thompson. Mi, \\\ A, Nlsbet
represented the appellant and Mr.
Oeo. J. Spreull appeared for the City
of Cranbrook.
The evidence was very similar to
that adduced in the police court.
Chief of Police Hersey, Constable J.
Johns and Wilhelm Lind were on tlie
witness stand in the morning while
the afternoon was taken up wiih further witnesses for the accused and
the addresses of Counsel.
Before giving his decision, Judge
Thompson stated that he wished to
correct an impression that seemed to
prevail among the magistrates since
lie gave judgment in the recent appeal of Clauson vs Arnold and Hersey, that It Is only necessary for accused persons to deny knowledge of
liquor heing on their premises in or-
der to be relieved of liability, This,
he said, is not the ease. He held Hint
when liquor was found under such
circumstances that by all the doc-i
trines of common sense a man could'
not be presumed to know that it wns
there, and when accused denied all
knowledge of. or consent to its be-
ing on the premises, he satisfied the
onus placed on him under the Prohibition Act. Each individual rase,j
however, must be decided on its mer-'
lis. These remarks were made in !
view of what had taken place al this'
trial and if Line) be found guilty, the
Judge stated it appeared to him that:
a prima facie ■h.sp was very fully e-.-
tiablished against James Buchanan,
the proprietor of the hotel, The magistrate, however, seemed to have had '
the idea that under the finding in
the Clauson case, denial was sufficient
io satisfy th(. onus, but that decision
had been given from a point of law '
and not from the weight of evidence
Dealing with   the   case   before   the
Court,  His  Honour agreed   \yltli  Mr
Nisbet's argument on tlie question of
law, that if there Is any reasonable1
doubt the-accused must got the ben-;
efit, but considered that this was a
case of lying on one side or the other, j
Constable Johns had sworn he went
Into the hotel and saw two men drink-;
Ing  out  of glasses.    The  bartender.:
who did  not  see him until   he was
close up, then took the glasses and;
tried to throw them In the sink    He;
nlso  threw  thc  contents  of a  jug, j
which   was  produced,  into  the  sink {
and In the exhibits produced by   the
prosecution, Is the diluted water tak-!
en from the* sink and when the Con-'
stable and the Chief both say smells'
of Intoxicants.
Taking the case for the defence, the
accused   went  into  the  witness   box;
and   absolutely   denied   the   charge,)
entering into details as to his conduct
and actions.   The Judge pointed out
that It was a simple matter for the ;
accused and his friends to deny the
charge and It was only by examlna-
Hon Into the essential parts of   the j
evidence, that that evidence could be
sifted.    Thc evidence on which    the!
defence relied was that of the accus- j
ed and Albin Benson, who was ob- i
viously a friend of the accused, but
their evidence differed on some points
and   Benson   not   only   contradicted
himself, but also cotradlcted Lind.
His Honour held that there was
no reasonable doubt In this case, but'
that an unlawful sale of liquor took]
place on the night in question and he
accordingly sustained the conviction,!
He stated, however, that he did notj
think Lind was the real offender but
that his employer, James Buchanan,
should he standing where he was.
The respondent's costs, set at $50 :
were ordered to be paid by .the ap-,
pcllant and thc liquor which hnd [
been produced as exhibits in the case ■
ordered to be confiscated.
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apply for a licence lo lake and use
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from the stream at a point about the
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ground on the 3rd day ot May. 1II1S.
A copy of this notice nnd an application pursuant thereto nnd tn tlie
"Water Act, 1!)H." will be filed In the
office of tlie Witter Recorder al crnnbrook. ii. C, Objection* to the application may he filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Mights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B. C„ within thirty
days after the first appearance of
ibis notice in a local newspaper.
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PJiom 850
Norbury Ave, next In  City Hall
Prniibronlf, U. *'-, May Bird, 1918
I Efforts liavo heen made throughoui
Canada to produce ami market more
fi-.li.   This country has fish resources,
1 which  have beon exploited coiwner-
■ dally for the export trade but only In
■ i)n>   hlg  cillos  liavo   Fresh   fish   been
1 availahh   regularly  to  private  con*
Burners. On the Pacific Coast ami the
Atlantic Const, •on the Inkes of the
West, on the lakes of Northern Ontario and the Qrenl Lakes, fishermen
i will procure flah If the demand for it
becomes regular and constant.   Bal
■ more fish and save meal for lin men
at tin* front.
Tho discovery of u German plot in
Ireland Is timely in mon' ways than
nn.'. ii,ii only lias li boon nipped In tlie
hud, but it will open the eyas or Irish-
men to the real nature of the Sinn
Fein activities, Inspired and propelled
by Clammily to defame tho honor  of
Irishmen   lot*   their   own   sinister   de-
gigiiB.   The majority of Irishmen are'
ready to fight to tlu   bitter end   for
whnl they consider to be for the welfare of their country, but they have
nol reached the point of degradation
■Alien Nicy will Riibiuit to the machin- j
iitlon of a foreign tyrant and thi-- Bee-,
ond exposure will  perhaps do much
to calm the troubled Irish waters and
help in restore a   reasonable   esprit !
d'eorps.   The   effective   manner   in
which tiie leaders of the conspiracy
have been rounded up should be fo|-;
lowed by a speedy publication of the
facts an<l by tho punishmenl usually
nn led oitl to traitors.
-,-:■-,  n,  •■,-■,.
The recent debute in ihe Dominion
House on tbe question of Titles is not
i particularly elevating topic at this
time when lhe Fate of the Empire Is
hanging in the balance; it makes one
wonder the kind of Impression conveyed in tlie troops at the Front pre*
paring to face another terrific German
onslaught when they beard Hint the
Canadian Parliament nre frittering
away valuable time iu trivial discussions as lo whether we are to be afflicted with more Lord Tweedledums
and Sir Tweedledees.
If titles had  In  recent  years  been J
discriminate!;.- bestowed for really de-:
serving merit alone,   no   complaints
would have nrisen bul the abtmo of
the ancient  custom  by   which    the
honours have been promiscuously cast
Into  the financial   market   lias   con-1
verted what   was once n reward  for
merltorioiiB    distinction    into    mere ;
rbawble, but after all is said uud done,
tbey do little harm to anyone except
perhaps the recipients and they have
no hearing on tbe progress of tiio war.
The  present  time  of  crises Is not)
propitious for such discussions which :
should he relegated to Hie background :
tit least until nfler the war.
There are plenty of potatoes, car!
mis. turnips end onions in Canada j
trom last year. "Eal them up". Bays
the Canada Food Board. "Do not
waste one of them. Kilting vegetables!
will save wheat. It is wheat that j
i hey want over there."
Tbe total of tbe third Liberty Loan
is $4,170,010,050, an  oversubscription
of I'.'.i per cent over the three billion
minimum sei,   tlie   number   of  sub- (
scribers  was about  17,000.000,  truly j
a   splendid   testimony   of   tin-   united \
determination of tlie American people i
to see the war through.
The Incoming of the United States
has outweighed the defection ot Russia, Her resources in men. energy.,
Inventiveness, money, ar-> without Ihn ,
:t. she Is growing passionately earn*
esi and is throwing them all Into tho
struggle, and with us she will sic 111
through,   she will not fail.
The past month has been the most!
but j
lives I
Our I
dis -
also i
must keep constantly before us lhe '
good reasons we have for confidence,!
i anxious wv have ever known,
when man's heart is suffering he
by hope, Hope is now a duty
we really believe tu our cause?
men at the front do. Never a
heartening word from them.   Wi
I. S. \. SKMHMJ I.AIM.t   llt.MY
Btirristt'rs. Etc.
W. K. f.'itrd 0. J. Spreull
Montunn UVs1i.iin.nt
Meal* at All Hours
Cigars Cigarette*, and Candy
JppoBlte the Bank of Commerce
I hi.in.k pill mr -Votrisn, j:, n I--'* or tlireolor
iu. S-JId Bt nil Print Hlorea. fir mailed t'>nny
iddnMonrafloJptol price,   run Boos .li. Pace
Co.,flt.f'.'iilii.nrsfN. Ontario. 	
Vltalltr;o,r Nirfr ind Hrulii; liirn'.M.'•««,
iaalMr'tfttahlfl -Will build yem up. ,3 n lwi.nr
\wti Im ,5. si tlniK st.ircs. ur li, m.ll on noalp,
■M.rlii- Tiik sr-.i-.i r tiai „ Co , Ml. Calharlnn.
According to the revised estlmntol
uf Major-Gonernl QeOrge W, Qocthnli,
acting quartermaster general, the j
Untied SflKts will liuvt nn army of|
".200,000 men by July 1. Tills means
that by that date there will lie 000,000
more men In training ilinn were contemplated when the original estimates
for lhe next fiscal year were sent to I
Congress. And as a result of the re-
Vlslon of these fiRiirrs It is probable |
Hint an appropriation or -lo.oon.fioo,-
000 lo $11,000,000,000 will be asked ror i
I the  army.    Upon   this  basis  of  In- |
urease, the army by the end of the I
year Is likely to be up to tlie strength
of li.ooo.OOO men.
li Is also proposed to Increase iho
1 strength of the marine corps from I
110,000 to 75.000 men. The plan Is to j
maintain a lull division of 28.000 marines on ihr haitlefields of France, permanently leaving 47,000 for replace*
mentH and reserves. When the United
Slates became Involved 111 the war the
marine corns number but if,.oim men.
This Ik America's response lo the
appeal of the allies for mon to help
dt feat Cermany    Washington  Post.
(Continue I from last week)
Ma-one, T., (1.00,
Marapodi, J.. *r»e.
Miller. B. A.. Me.
.Vi.,1111.  IV. J1.00.
Miles, Mrs. Dr., (S.00
Manly.  W,   J..  $10.00
Monker, A. 25c
Mittrhead, Mrs., 26c
Macdonald, Mrs. J., 35c.
Musser, Angus, 60c
Mehvvay, Tim. 60c
Miller,   J.  T.,   $2.00
Medium, K„ $3.00
A.II. Macdonald & W.A. Nlsbet$25.
Martin. John, $5.00
Miller, John, $2.00
Miles,   Dr.   P.  11..  $10.(10
Manning, John. $2.no
Malhesoa. P., $1.00
Motion, Bert $1.00
Moron, A., $1.00
Murphy, Father, $5.00
Marshall,  Bill,  $1.00
Malone. Fred, $1.00
Moroncy, Chas., $1.00
Maystre, Miss, $1.00
Miller. A. J., $1.00
.Moduli,  It.  P., $2.00
Marapodi. J., $2.00
Morris. Mr., $1.00
Mortal, Mrs. $1.00
Manning, I. It., $5.00
Mnrgava, K.. 50c.
Mannhan. Oeo., $2.00
Moll Tl,  (Wasa)  60c.
Mloy John  (Wasa)  $1.00
Mlha Hinder $1.00
Mllffel,  Mr.   (WasaI   $1.00
Mali Heggel (Wasa) $1.00
Morion, W. «., $2.00
Morrison. Q„ $2.00
Mali Jim. $1.00
Mulnhead, W„ 50c.
Mair C.  (Pt. Steele)  $20.00
Mather. H„  (Ft.  Steele)  $1.00
McBurney, H. A„ $».oo
McNeill. Jas, $1.00
McBrldo, Mrs. J. I).. $2.00
MoDonnld, Mrs. $1.00
McPhall, ('.. 50c
Mcllrlndle. Mr., $2.00
McDonald. James. $1.00
McFayden, Mrs.. 80c
Mcl.eod, W. D„ $5.00
Mclntyre,  Miss. $1.00
McCreery. It. J.. $10.00
MacDonald. ,1. F... $1.00
McKcnale, A. M.. $5.00
Mcl.eod,  Miss  M.  $2.00
McDonald, l>. M., $2.50
McPliee, Miss, 50c
McPliee, K. II., $5.00
McDonald. N. S.. $1.50
McCallum, J.. $2.oo
MacKinnon. Dr. (I. K. I... $10.00
McFayden. ('.. $5.00
McLean, J. II.. $1.00
MacPherson, F. M.. $10.00
McDermott, A. 1... $1.00
McKowan, Mrs.. $2.00
MacKay, Mrs. I).,  50c.
McMnntn, John, $1.00
Mcflure. Mrs. John. $2.00
McFarlane. H. J., $1.00
McClare. N.  M.. Mrs. $6.00
MoClennnn, Miss, $2.00
McDonald, J. A.. $1.00
MacKinnon. A. A., $5.00
MacDonald, Mrs. H.. 75c
MacKay. Miss, $2.00
McCreery, M.. $10.00
McDermott,  A.  I...  50r.
McGee, Mrs. Chas.. $1.00
McEachorn, M„ 50c.
McFarlane. W. I).. (WasaI $5,011
McKaddcn, J. T„ 60c.
McDonald, Mrs.  W,  S.,  $3.00
McBride. J. D„ $25.00
McCce, Miss, $1.00
McKay, Mrs. W.. 60c.
McCoy, Moses, (Ft. Steeiei $1.00
McKwan. Miss, $1.00
Nell. Wm.. $2.00
North. T..  $1.00
XlblocH,  Geo.,  60r.
Nolle. Mrs.  A.  P.,  $1.00
Nelson, c. P., $2.oo
N'ltllolB, Jamie  lltnosvillel  $6.00
Owen. Mrs. P. I.., 26c
Offln   K. I'.. $1.00
Owen. I... $1.00
O'Brien, Miss, $l.oo
O'Neal. J.. (Wasa) $1.00
Provetiaano, F.. $5.00
Pascuzzo. lions. $1.00
Powell. (I. II.. $6.00
Park, Mrs. Geo., $1.00
Patterson, Mrs.. 60c.
Pow, Mrs. 11. E., $r,.oo
Pow. It. E.. $6.00
I'earroa. Loull, $1.00
Phillips, Meat. S . $0.00
Peters. Jns., $2.00
Pelton, Mrs. U. It.. $2.00
Parrett. T. N„ $6.00
Pnrnaby, Geo., $1.0$
Phillips. C. II.. $1.00
Pow, Mrs. J., $1.00
Peny. Mrs. P. $1.00
Pye, A. C, $2.00
Pattinson, John, 50c.
Pym. F. M., $5.00
P.l.A. of W.B.8.S.E. (C.I'H.I $10.00
Phillips T. C„ $2.00
Patmore Brothers. $10.00
Phillips, Miss, 60c.
Parks. F„ $6.00
Puley, C. 11.. $2.00
Pettlgrew, J. B„ $5.00
Parker, W. E., $5.00
J. Poley. $1.00
Parker, A. J.. $5.00
ItoslyhiR. P., 25c.
Heekle, Mrs. B., $2.00
Ratcliffo, E. J.. $1.00
Itomano, C, 45c.
Ryekman, Mrs., $1.00
llumsey, J. I.., $1.00
Iteid, 11. J„ $3.00
Itclil, Hnrry, $1.00
Iticlies. A. J., $2.00
Richardson, J. $1.00
Haworth. A.. $5.00
Itutledgc, Mrs., $1.00
Ryoliman, Fred. $2.00
Ratcliffo, W. P., $1.00
Robson, Mrs. P., $5.00
Robertson. Mrs., $5.00
lleece, Oeo., $5.00
Roberts, T. M.. $20.00
Robinson, Mrs. \v. j.. $1.00
Kadoseli. H„ $100
Reed, .Mrs.. 50c
Reatlo, w.. $1.00
Robson, Oeo., $1.00
Roshorg, ().. (Wasa)  $1.00
Rowland, Ceo.,  IWasa)  $2.00
Rickey, Jos., $1.00
ltoo, Fred. (Elko) $5.00
lloo. .Mrs. 10. Moy (Elko) $2.00
lion, Myra A.. (Roosviiie) $2.00     j
ltoo, Fred,  (Roosviiie)  $5.00
ltoo, diehard A., (Roosvlllel $2.oo
ltoo. Master B, (Roosviiie) $1.00
Ilussell, John,  (Ft. Steele)  $1.00
Held. Mrs.  (Fl.  Steele)  $1.00
Roy, James,  (Ft. Steele) $1.00
Roliertaon, Jos. (Pt. Steele)  $2.00
Rosa, lleo., lEIko) $1.00
Romano, C, $1.00
Sheppard, Mr,, 50e.
Swan, Mrs.. $1.00
Simpson, Mrs., $1.00
Spence, J. W„ $5.00
SI. Eloi, A., $1.00.
South, T.. -1.00
(Continued on pase ihreei
they gave
her vinol
And   She  Soon  Got   Back
Her Strength
New Castle, Ind.—"The muilet
left me run down, no appetite, could
not rest at night, and I took a severe
cold which settled on my lungs, so X
was unable to keep about my housework. My doctor advised me to take
Vinol, and six bottles restored my
health so I do all my housework, including washing. Vinol is the best
medicine I ever used."—Alice Record,
437 So. nth St., New Castle, Ind.
We guarantee this wonderful cod
liver and iron tonic, Vinol, for all
weak run-down, nervous conditions.
Cranhrook Drug & Book Co., Crnnbrook, D. C, also at tlie best druggists In all B. C. towr..-.
Improved Bred.lo.lay Single Comb
Ten headed by male bird Iron, Ferris.
$4.00 per Setting.
JOHN JOHNS,   Bol2r,;i,
12-lOe* 'Jranbrooit B C
Mliiiur, Chemical, CM!. Mechanical an,!
Kltt-trical Hufinccilng.
if foil;
3umn.tr Schaal    Navigation Seho*I
July mmI Auiiut D«c«Mb«r lo April
10 CEO. Y. rHOWN, R.fUlr»r
DIvcrNlon and Vw
Take Notlc« that 0. D, (larrott,
whose adilrcss Is ('ranbrook, B. C„
will apply for a licence to take and
use one second foot of water out of
New Lake and Dickson Creek In Lot
8014, which flows north easterly and
sinks. The water will be diverted from the stream nt a point
at lake In L, 8916 or at spring in I.,
8914, nnd will be used for Domestic
and Irrigation purpose upon the land
described as western half of L, V24X.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 24th day of April, litis. A copy
of this notice and un application pursuant thereto and to tliL> "Water Act,
1914," will be filed In tlie ofHce of the
Water Recorder nt ('ranbrook, B. (!.
Objections to the application may be
filed with the snid Water Ilecorder or
with the Comptroller uf Water UIkIus,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. ('.,
within thirty days alter the first appearance of tills notice in a local
newspaper. The date of the first
publication of this notice la April 25,
0, B. QARRETT, Applicant
—JSKfiSsLk.      "ecti   every
WStnS^V    >t Fraternity
Hull.     Sojourning   Oddfellow.
cordially Invited.
B. H
W  0. Adlard
N. Q.
lilt. P. II. MIl.KS
Ofllce In Hanson Block
0 to 12. a.m.
1 to    5 p.m.
Private Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Mntirnlti and (ienernl Nursing
Maasage and Rest Cure. Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
I'lione 250   • P. O. Box 846
Address, Garden Ave. Cranlirook
Crubrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ln
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
C. H. Collins. K. R. & S.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Putting the Heart
Into a Tire
THE tube is the heart of a tire. To
enjoy all the vitals of motoring—
safety, comfort and economy—use
They are built for long service and
especially cured to endure heat.
Strong, thick and "lively" they hold
the air season after season.
Cranbrook Saddlery Co.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Vulcanizing dona on our pramleaa
rimta. Tin nl ■...« Cap..,  Aba,, OU., V. S. A.
Blotchy Skin
Many a time you linve lonkrd lntotlit*
mirror anil wished tlmt your skin
would be llk« oilier people that yon
know, "without it lilemhih," Thin wlflli
can bo yours tor tin aaklnR. War.)) I).
!).!)„ the lotion of hc-allnK nll«, over
your pirni'lcs or blotPhes tonlelu- and
-.vakn up In tin*- morning to find them
. 'memtme^m
('mnbrooh Drm * Book Co.,
Craakrrok, B. C.
Why you should look for this
Trade-mark on your Shoes
A TRADE-MARK is a manufacturers' signature. If a firm makes
an article they are prepared to stand behind—they stamp it with
L their trade-mark. It is put on their goods so you may identify them.
It stands to reason, therefore, that it is safer for the public to always buy
"known" and "trade-marked" shoes rather than "anonymous" shoes.
Each working day of the year, the A. H. M.
trade-mark is stamped on the soles of thousands
of pairs of shoes for men, women and children,
because wc want you to knowour shoes when you
sec them—because we are making a sincere effort
lo produce good values in footwear—because wc
believe you will find our shoes satisfactory—and
buy them again and again.
Ames Holden McCready are Cauada'slargest
makers of shoes. A.H.M.footwearis sold by thousands of dealers in every part of Canada—and by
thc leading merchants in almost every town.
Wc make such a large proportion of the bunts
and shoes thut the Canadian people wear thai
you are probably wearing A. H. M. shoes now.
However, the next time you buy shoes, lo make
sure, look for this trade-mark ou the sole.
Wc make many grades and styles of footwear, but IIO matter what price you pay for
them you will iind them excellent value for the
money. You will lind it profitable and sails*
facwry in future to always make this trademark your guide iu buying footwear for yourself and your family.
"Shotmaktrt to.tht Nation"
_^_^__^_ THURSDAY, MAY 23rd. 1918
Cut Slass
Fine Cut Glass serves so
many useful purposes, apart
from Hb attractiveness, that
It Is always welcome as a
birthday, wedding or anniversary gift.
For Instance, there are
Water Jugs and Sets, Salad
Bowls, Berry Sets, Sugar
and Cream Sots, Tumblers,
Bon Bona, etc. The gift problem Is easily solved by
looking over our assortment
of beautiful Cut Glass. You
will be surprised at the very
reasonable prices.
M. 115. TIHUteon
SQI'ANH the Kaiser
I'sc jnnr Mi AM, plant n itniileo.
l'Kl'I'KK  your irr.iun.l with seed
He prominent, like nn ON 10*1.
BKKT the lllirll ciiKl of llvlnif
lkardless youths mity raise
We have the
Hardware £ Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
Kllby frames picture*.
Mrs. Laylaud of Bull River wus
visitor In the city lust Monday.
Small modern cottage to lit, fur
nlshcd.   Apply to Beale & Klwell.
Mr.  Cliff  Parker of Wasa
lust week end lu Cranbrook,
Miss Grace McFarlane visited :ioyi« |
lost week end.
Mr. Guy Mutial'fy w.is In town on
Monday between trains,
Mrs, Wm. Flinch of Seattle is visiting her sister, Mrs. G. H. Thompson.
Safety Deposit Vault and Boxes atI
Beale & Bl well's.   Terms moderate,
Mrs. Stewart returned from New
Westminster on Thursday anil l» the
guest of Mrs. Martin McCreery
Miss Winnlfred Beale lift on Monday: to visit Mrs. Turner Use ut Hon-1
niugton Kails.
Owing to the lecture on Monduy ■'
night the card party and dance in the
Parish H::ll has been postponed.
ly with tht' rWBttl obtained
Ottawa and Branch Farms,
in a serits of articles that appear
in the May number of The Agricui-
■ tnral Gazette, both the Ottawa and
attelph BtmiorltleB agree that It does
! not do to change thi  diet from sweet
: to sour milk. Por young pigs the
sweet milk is much to be preferred.
For larger pigs it necm to make little difference whether or not it is fed
sweet or moderately sour, provided
whatever condition favoured is uni- ■
1 rornily kept up, that is to say, if the'
milk cannot he obtrlned always sweet,
then it should he fed son. as a rule.
Mr. Robert Burch ot Kyebrow, s.ish
is spending a few days ut his home
See Firth's Window for exhibition of j
China  Painting this week.   Reasons
given. tt
Can yon think of any reason why
(here should not be one In your
Vi.    Ilor-n,    I'riintiriiiik     Atrent
Spokane. WitHhlngton
This house has thi
happy distinction of being tlie favorite stopping place In Spokane
for tbe people of British
Colombia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make yon comfortable.
Our locution la excellent —
■lose in Grunt Northern Station
ind 0 W K # N. -Mtlwauke
terminal, and witlnn a mlo'-te'e
•rail from the principal business
ioupm and places of amusement.
*■.♦■•■  StcamHblD  oi  Bool
Mrs. A. D. James left on Saturday
for Calgary to join her husband who
has heen transferred to thnt point.
Mrs. W. 0. Marshall und son arrived
home last week after spending five
weeks at the Coast.
Mr. Haggarty nf Lethbridg* Is visiting Cranbrook for a few days, on
Mrs. I). Sims, of Winnipeg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. 0. Bowncss for
a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hogge of Toronto were visitors in the city on Wednesday.
Mr. G. J. Luhn of New York was a
guest at the Cranbrook Hotel on
Rooms to let tn Hanson Black, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for
family.   Apply to Beale k til well.
Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Medium arrived
home on Monday after spending their
honeymoon at the Corst and Calgary
for two weeks.
The r*,;i lar meeting of the W.G.T.U,
will bo held ut the homo of Mrs. H,
White, Norbury Ave., on Thursday.
May 30th, at 3.30 p.m,
'     Mr. W. A. Oswald of Vancouver, at-
; sistant Censor of Moving Pictures for
j B.C., visited the city lasl Friday on
Official business.
Highest prices paid for Hides. Furs.
Metals. Scrap Iron, Bottles, Old Machinery, and Pipe,—Western Hide and
Junk Co., Ltd., Calgary, Alta. Reference, Merchant*- Hank.
Mist; 11. Morrell. Messrs, A. It. Bd*
wards, Edward R. deUsno .ind Percy
Gtroux of "The Wolf" Company were
guests  at   the  Cranbrook   Hotel    nn
Mr    It.   C.   McAdams  of  P.   Burns,
Limited,   who   has   been   bookkeeper
for   the   local   branch   for   the   lust
few months, leaves on Thursday for
Mr. James B, Myers of Victoria, private secretary to the Hon. J. H. King :
Minister of Public Works, arrived in
tbe city Sunday and Is a guest at tha
('ranbrook Hotel.
A. II. Odin having resigned from 1
office nn Secretary of the Oreat Wat |
Veterans Association, Walter Soden i
has been elected secretary and A. ;
Hulling assistant secretary.
The  Udias Aid  of the Methodist I
Church will hold a tea and wur time
cookery sale In the   rooms   at   the
rear of tht Church, on Saturday, June
1st, at 3 p.m,
Mr. H. B. Murray, who was former*
| ly lu churge of the Cranhrook Branch
of the B. C. Forestry Department, arrived In the city on Tuesday and returned to his present home la Calgary on Wednesday.
Pte. it. C. Marshal] of Vancouver,
nephew of Mr. Wm. Marshall, is In
the city on a short visit. Pte. Marshall was badly wounded nt Iteglua
Trench on the Somme in November.
1916 and has been back from Kngland about a month. He was a member of the famous 72nd Sea forth Highlanders.
Messrs. K. H. McPluc, Dan Gil-!
roy and R. P. Moffat with a ful) com-]
plement of .fishing tackle, including
harpoons (In rase they should encounter whales) left for Premier Lake
on Tuesday with the determination
of getting the biggest fish in the lake.
Sons of Isaac Walton watch for Bob,
Moffat's new fish story when he returns.
The "Stampede" for Premier Lake
is now on. Mayor Clapp, S. Ker.tlng
and Walter Lamb were caught in lite:
mad rush and hustled ont to this new;
home of the landlork salmon on Wed-'
nesday in the Mayor's car, with a
traitor behind transporting ibe May-:
or's equipment of boats, fishing tnckte
and camping outfit.
The Honorable J. H. King. Minister
of Public Works, and Mrs. King, nr-
rlved in  tht  city  from Victoria  last |
Friday for a short  visit  with- Cran- j
1 brook   friends.  Accompanied   by   Dr.
| Green  they motored  up tlie  Winder*
: mere Valley on Monday nnd returned
' Wednesday, stopping off nl   Premier
'. Lake where they Indulged in a little
! fishing and brought home tome   fine,
! specimen:; of the landlock    salmon.
; They expect to return tt* their home
'■ In Victoria about Friday.
MK. A MRS. J. Y. Mad AllPKN
j     The  death   occurred  on   Sat unlay.
May 18th, of John Wesley MncFadden,
, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. .1. F.
> MaoFadden, following an operation
for appendicitis. The funeral took
plac- from tho residence of his parents on Tuesday, May 21st. Rev. H
Wright officiating. The sorrowing
parents have the sympathy of the
entire community In ihotr bereave-
The services at the Baptist Church
| next Sunday will be conducted by the
I new pastor, Rev. J. P. Sinclair.   Morning subject: "Calling up the Reserves";     Evening  subject,   "The   Boy
| Who Did Not Appreciate his Home"
!] Bible Heho.-I will meet at 3 p.m.
Mr. D. C. Coleman, General Man-j
I ager of Western Lines of the Cana- i
; dian Pacific Railway Co., and Mrs. j
: Coleman, arrived In the city on Frl-1
|[ i day In thtlr private car "Cham plain".
| Mr. Coleman is not here in any official i
j business but Is recuperating from s!
long lllnecH und hopes ere entertain- j
ed for his complete, recovery to health!
■ r.t an early date, They took a run up
on the K. C. R. on Monday and returned Wednesday. They expect to
be la the city Cat a few mere days
1 1KB OF Timk*
Mr. and Mrs, j, t MacFadden wish
to thank their many friends for the
kindnes*- nnd expressions of sympathy
shown them in their recent sad bereave mens.
In order to raise and furnish all tlie
extra pigs that will be furrowed In
Canada this year as a result of the
campaign for increased production. It
will bo necessary to exercise the utmost economy in tlie use of concen- j
(rated foods. Pig ralBcrs who have
access to dairy by-products have n
great advantage over others. Kxpcrl-,
ments have proven that when meat is
worth $40 a ton. milk is worth more]
than is.fio for nn equal weight, thai'
Is, provided It is fed economically.
Experiments curried on al the Dominion Experimental Farms und Sta-,
tlnns show that for growing hogs, 60.
lbs. and over, 400 lbs of skim milk'
produced results equal to 100 lbs of,
mixed meal. Buttermilk fed fresh is.
equal to skim milk. Whey Is not so
Valuable, One hundred pounds or I
whey was proved equal tn 19.2 lbs or]
milk,' Hint Is, .provided it Is fed In,
not too large quantities nnd before fl '
has soured.
A study of experiments with skim
milk show thut for young pigs 1 lb of
milk fed with 2% or 3 lbs. of meal
gives best results. For larger hogs
less milk may be used. For hogs over
100 lbs. In weight not more than 5 ,
lbs. of skim milk dally should he fed;
In order to get the greatest value
from the milk. {
At tlie Nova Scotia Agricultural
Coltegu t was shown that th.' ht-sl
gains were made by feeding n lot of
pig ration composed of 14ft lbs. of
grain, 900 lbs of sk'm milk, and 110
lbs of mangels, At the Ontario Vuri-
Cultural College the best results w»tv
obtained where the proportion of milk
to meul was 2.6 to 1. In one trial tn'
which this proportion waa used, SHJr-j
ibe. of ikim milk were equal to 100 j
Ibe. ot Mai. Tble agrees fclrlf cUie>
,la«lt, IS.M
M. (Mko) 11.00
Jai   (Roojvllle)
Mury  (RoOHVille
Ell-.,   (Roosvllll
)    "C..0U
Tlu handsome sum of $104.00 was
made. :,t tlie dance al Wyclltte on Friday. .May 17U\. '63.00 i.i «*litoli was
donated to tin lied Trlanglo Fund.
Tin; young ladles nt Wycllffe who were
responsible for thp dance, certain!)
an- to be congratulated i n their siik-n.
did achievement.
Por Sale- 6 acres on l,ol 391°,
vegetable garden, tl roomed cottage in
first elass condition, water in house
small stable, workah i» 10 x 12,
chicken house 10 x 24. mile am] hall
from town, price -lino, terms in easy
monthly instalments. This is a snap
Apply lo Heale £ Elweli. lS-tl.
I.lT.e.,1, RED TKUXr.I.E H Ml
(Continued from pa,;- iwol
Smith, a., $1.00
Spence, W. J., $5.00
Sponco, Qladys, $2.00
Stender, W. II.. $2.00
smith. A. ('.. $10.00
Sain  SillK, r,0r.
Seaman. II. C.  $0.00
Steward, Wm.. $.1.(io
Sutherland, Dave, $1.00
smith, .1  P., $1 no
Sheppard, Mrs. W„ 60c,
Shenfleld, Miss, :,«!■.
Saddler,  t'.eo..  $1.00
Stnvern, I.. V.  $1,011
Stebbtns, Miss $1.00
Sarvls, .1. T.. $5.00
Symod, Ed., 50c.
St. Eugene Hospital, $i;.00
Slmpsln, nick. $1.00
Schwnn, It.. $2.00
Smith. .Mrs., $1.00
Scott, Barney, $1.00
Sullivan, U I'., $5.00
Selby, M. 30c.
Simpson, J., 50c.
Soon, flliln, $5.00
StendoII, I!. S., 50c.
Sodeu. Mr., $2.00
Saknclil, It.. $1.00
Steward, W., lac.
Smith, J. P., $1.00
Siirtees, 1)., $l.on
Simpson. It.. 26c.
Stone. I)., BOC,
St. Johns Ambulance, canvas
('. P. II. irnins $25.00
Sutherland. II. A. $1.00
St. Johns Ambulance $75.00
Shurant, O., (Wasa), $1.00
Snkata, P., tWaaa), $1.00
Shant-, Tim. 1 Wasa 1 $1.00
Surham. Singh, (Wlisil) $1.00
Stcpck,  ,l„   I Wasa I.  $1.00
Saddler, Geo., $1.00
Santo. W. S.. $5.00.
South. Tims..  $2.00
Stover. Miss. $1.00
Spreull. O. J.. $.1.00
Stephenson, ('has.,  (lloosvillol  $1
Slocks, J. It.. (Roosviiie) $1.00
Srott. Geo. II. (Roosviiie) $1.00
Stephenson, Master II. (do! $1.50.
Smith, Wm.. $2.00
Shanklanil. A. P., $2.00
ISmlstcr. M.. (Fl. Sleolel M.OO
Stewart, Mrs. E. M„ $5,011
Smoke. Mrs.. $1.00
Simpson. Miss, $1,110
Shaw. John, $1.00
Taylor. J. S.. $1.00
Tito, Antonla. 50c.
Thompson, J., 60c.
Thompson. F.  I).. $:l.O0
Thompson. \v. (1.. $2.00
Thompson, -indue. 0. II.. $.',00
Thorpe, Mrs. I).. $3.00
Terrace, Mary. 26c.
Tophum. Mrs. 0., $5.00
Taylor.  Mrs.  Geo.. $1,00
Taylor, s.. $5.00
Teetlng, M. E., $1.00
Thompson, Mrs. J., $1,00
Thompson, ,las.. $1.00
Taylor, Jas.. (Wasa) $5.00
Tannhauser, Joe.. (Ft. steeiei $1.00
Isher. Jay. $1.00
Venus, Mrs. J.. $1.00
Van tlraam. C. $1.00
Wood. P., 25c.
Woodland.  Mrs.  $2.00
Wilson. A.. $1.25
Williams. Mrs. A. A.. $1.(10
Willis. Mrs.. $1.(10
W'ylis, .1.. 50c.
Woodman. J., $1.00
White. II.. $2.00
Whlttaker, Mr. $1.00
Wtbstcr. A. II., $1.00
Walters.   Walter.  $5.00.
Wilson. W.  II.. $15.00
Worthlnglon, F. H„ $1.00
Williams, ft. T., $5.00
Ward, C. It.. $5.00
Wright, Mr.. $2.00
Wolfer. W.. Mrs.. 25r.
WylcB, .Mrs.. $1.00
Wormian. W. II.. Mr-.. $1.00
Wing. Chas., $1.00
Ward, Mrs., 35c.
Wasson, Mrs.. $10.00
Walkley   Joe.. $10.00
Weatherall. M. P.. $1.00
Wright. Mrs..  I Rev) $1.00
Whiting  Mrs,. iii-.
White. Mrs.. $2.00
Wing.  M.  A..  25e.
Who  len,  J..  $1.00
Washington, l.l-zie, $1.00
Woodland. Miss, $5.00
White, Miss s., $1.00
Walker. Time., 60c.
Ward, A. A., $2.00
Walkley. J   It.. $1.25
Weatherall. P.. $3.00
Watiic. It.  IWasnl $1.00
Wnll't.t-r, X. A., $5.00
White,  ti . $3.00
Worden, W. B„ $2.00
Be Careful
—to keep the stomach well, the
liver ana bowels regular, by the
timely and helpful aid of
.Vlllocoinb U ^ s.. (Ft, Steele) $1
Walsh, Jus. tKi. Steele) (1.00
Warden, li   W., iKt   Steele) (2.0'
Wirth, John   il-'i.  Steele),  50c.
Watson, O. B., (Pt. Stpelei $l'.(io
Wortman, W. if. (2.00.
Woods, P.. $15.00    |
Wliitehouae, J. H., $1.00.
Omitted from last weeVa lf*«l
Balment, a. j., $5.00
Mrs. Bell (srl $1,00.
Fallows.  Miss..  $5.00
l.ponard, W.. $1.00.
Correction from last tveefc
n. a. Cock, $4.00
HIXIN ti    N (I T E S
I'l* "tin el lie Mill*—
There are 5fi producing mlnos being
worked in British Columbia Bt the
present timo. Of theso the Orenby
Compnny'B Hidden Croeh Mine Is the*
largest producer, tlie snme company's
Phoenix mines tnklnc second place,
Britannia is the third largesi producer. All tliesc are copper mines.
Lode f*olil production will be limited
to two mines with thp suspension ot
operations al Rossland, Of these iho
Surf Inlet Mine Is the largest producer, with .1000 ton.-, a day, and the
Hedley Gold Mining Company's Nickel
Plate Mine is the second largest producer, mining about 200 tons a day.
Throe mines are steady shippers of
zinc, one being thc Sullivan, In Kast
Kootenay. another the Standard at
Silverton, and the third Is th,. Lucky
Jim, which in the oldest zinc producer
in the province. Thirty-nine mines
have shipped silver and lead ores to
Trail smelter this year, six small
properties have shipped copper, it
American mines have shipped ore to
Trail smelter, the product being mainly copper.
Crown Nest Pans Ciml in* Ltd.
The annual report of tlie Crows
Xest Pass Coal* Company Limited
shows tbe production for IM" to haVg
been only B04.7U8 tons coal and 14*i.-
533 tons coke, as compared with ftlft.-
S3fi ions coal and 268.089 tons coke for
previous year. The year's operations
showed a profit of (67,036 for the
year, or less than 1 per cent, on the
Issued share capital of the company.
(15,102.67 was spent on improvements,
Including (10,000 In fitting out the
mines with a supply of electric storage battery lamps to replace the
nauze. safety lamps, ami thus reduce
the possible causes of gas explosions.
The company has purchased from the
0, P. B.. the Coal Creek branch railway running between tbe town of
Fernle, and the company's mines at
Coal Creek. The company expects a
better outlook for the current year
as a dividend of one and one-half per
cent has been declared for thc half-
year ending June 30th nexl.— "The
KNOX    till 'HC1I,   (KANBIIOOK
Rev. Hillla Wright, Minister.
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Union Service at 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Voung   People's   Guild   on   Monday
nights at 8 p.m.
Strangers and visitors to our City
are   invited   to   make   Knot   their
Church  home while in our midst.
Seats are Free
Everybody made Welcome
that will astonish you %
with their moderate |
cost and their crisp §
m»«m or rwc cuna rem mem
have shown many a
man how to keep
economically in the
fore-front of the well-
dressed. Prices $20
to $45, made to your
Armstrong; Av,'.
Crtnihrmik     •      II. ('.
You Want to
When you take baby
out that thc cart or
carriage is perfectly
We take particular pains with our
vehicles and see
that they are in
a safe condition.
Then the kind we sell will give satisfactory service.  The prices are right.
It's a
Chew it after every meal
The Flavour Lasts!
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting »ud Retlnlni Otptrtmwt
NMKI.TERS   AM)   R E F I > K It N
THURSDAY, MAY 23rd, 1918
Wnter hns boon si null ul the
Olanvllle Roncli liy the Government
Arli'slim uoll null'!! ai n ■ I. i>t!• of lsr>
A. A. Ward u( Cranbrook was a
visitor in Marysvllle on Friday.
Harold  Bidder  len  on   Wednesday
for Nelson where lie inis nei
position ou the C.  r   li   fir
rauher of tiio i
, has I. -.-ii i.i.it i,
i part wiiii iiu'
inn views of i
ularly of the
Hi' llnse   lull
ml with Ihelr work.
noil  olllclal  photos-
I'  H„ from Montreal
in m,nu- days In liiis
end in view of obtlllll-
Hie I list riei but parllc-
irrlgatlon work.   Souto
r may lie used in con-
n  Irrlgati
HAKK   KVEIIT  I lilt Ki:\  (HINT
Tho aim this year slinnlii   lie   in :
make overytlilng count,   Make every j
I   lay her best, make every chick
niaiiirt early enough and thereby make |
, very pound of feed give Hie ntnxl-
lie held    In   ni
■ Blalr'a Colltge,
HUNKS I. V k 1.
Nurse Kllpatrlck, lately nf Nelson,
Willi   lius   been   ill   charge   of tile dis-   '"
irlcl  hospital her, ims resigned her   he
|,nsitiim  and   left   tor  Calgary.    She   Br
ll  take  uii  In ir  work  in  u  wider  ,.
Elslt   .MeKwnu,   who  Im
luateil  from  tiio  itev I
: , , iiisimnl.   lias   arrived   In   tale
■ etud-lthe position vacated by Miss Kiipal
patrol   field,
II.lill MITIS HV I'ltlll Itllll
A very successful theatrical plaj
was given at llayues Lake by lhe
Pernio Amatcin Society which netted
tlie sum of $86.(13.
A well attended dauce was given
al Waldo, the net proceeds nf which
were SSL'.OO.
The Farmers' Institute gave a very
successful dance at Haynes nf which
pari of the proceeds were V~-.n-
These functions were held In April
aud the amounts above Btoted were;
donated in the Easl Kootenay Chapter nf Hie   I.  II.   11    E.    The Chapter
wishes in express their appreciation
of these contributions,
ien the chicks ure removed   tu
brooding quartors there should
nine  coarse  sand   or   fine   chick
grit   scuttered   wliere  they   can   linve
tree  access  tn ii.    They  should  he
lefi until they show positive signs of
hunger, which  would he between Hie
seennd  and  third  days  nfter  hatching.    They may then  he given  some
broad crumbs tliul  have    been    very
slightly   moistened  with   milk,    this!
may lie scattered on clean sand nr I
, !|t I chick grit.    If being brooded hy   a i
r and   hen  she  will sei   thai  no fund  Is al-
them,   lowed in lie around, hut if in a brooder,   that    purl   nf  Hie   fund     tli.it     Ihe
chicks ilii nut pick up in a few minutes
The Cnnndn Food Hoard i
and ii's up in every atoreke
,-hi'en iu lie country in hi
Instead nl grouching und worrying
Worry Is Inst energy. It Is like a rook
inn choir, keeps going bill never gel
anywhere, li is like n mill-owner Bliotild he removed, ns nothing In teed-
.lurling all Hie machinery of his mill lug emises so much trouble as leav-
ili.n geiiic away leaving ii running in ill(, r,„„| 0[ nm, nutMro around until
Injurs a'"' destruction.   H is u niser-
able   hnblt,   il   makes   you  and  others " ,s
slruy. your 'I'l"1  following  dally  ration   Inr  Ihe
hea'llh  ami  chicks frnm ■» r throe days old tn
kills your Joy.    All tho Fond Hoard ten or twelve dun or age la suggested
wants you to do   doo,    He men and
women.    Un your hit. atari new, as
AM Ton a sufferer? Kno-r
that terrible aching, draggllg-
down pain, that robs you of
ttleasure, even of rest, and makes
life miserable? Don't you believe
ln the law of average? If a remedy
lias cured hundreds of people, don't
you think It likely it nieht at leait
cure you?
Just give Zam-Buk a fair trial!
Mr. J. McKwen, of Dundas, suffered from piles for fifteen years.
He says: "I tried pretty nearly
everything, but got no permanent
relief until I tried Zam-Buk. This
balm relieved thc pain; continued
use completely and permanently
cured me."
The rich herbal essences of which
Zam-Buk is composed, quickly remove congestion, relieve the dull,
gnawing, burning pain, and cure.
All druggists and stores, or postpaid from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
for price, 60c. box, I boxes |1.25.
n \itiiMit
Tho     V    M.   I'   Jl      Ca ligll     ill
Wardner was a vory successful one
The number of subscribers bolng IU
the total amount ni subscription., was
The local committee for the Y.M.C.A. desire lo express their Ihnnks
to tlie citizens of Wardner and vicinity for tlieir hearty co-operation In
the reeeni drive und for their goner
ons donations to the worthy cause.
Miss  Dorothy  Feldl sen   wm   on
iiu  sick li»i  lasl  week.
AbOUl   eight   ear   1 Is   ni   Wanlnel
people motored to Waldo Sunday tn
see ihe big ball game between Waldo
and Wardner.
The girls nf the Wardner Rooters'
Club are busy this week reviewing
some of ihelr old yells and snugs.
Some of Wardner's professional rooters are: Dn! Feldhausen (yeli leader), Millie Harnes, Margarel Feldhausen, Laura Thompson and Mrs,
Gene Stone. Their good rooting helps
the buys to bring In audi scores »,
i'l to :: in tlieir favor.
Mrs. Allen and .Mrs. Reeves of
Coal Valley wire in town Wednesday.
I \n:ll in: Iti:
the monkey said when he ate the babys
bonnet, ilrnw something, save ull yon
can for tlie hoys over yonder.
Lou Fnlsy. wlin runs Hie Auto Relink simp ut Elko, Iililde a slleecss nl
Hilly Morrison's Hlg Oakland touring
car thai for the last six months had
i baffled  ami   bliffal I   every  expert
i until iiiaelilnis! between Calgary and
Spokane. Insi week.
j     Mr, and .Mrs. Ray Hlrts and Miss 15.
I May Hon visited tho Brewers not al
Pino llaneh. south fork of Klk River,
lasi Sunday, also the copper proper-
I His near Apple Orchard.
II' It. F. Green hnd the supporl he
should have down nl Ottawa, there
wouldn't In- so many enemy nllena
loafing in every town along Hi, CrowH
Nesl 1'uss. refusing In work and demanding outrngentts wages.   Did Doc
! Honnoll sny anything?
i Fred Hall of Edmonton, Aim., wus
visiting Hie I'ass towns Ibis week with
\   Rooth nt Fernie.
Mr. anil Mrs. .lack Graham anil .Miss
Peggy returned frnm Grnuuni, Alta..
where Mr. Graham owns a large trael
' nf wheal land.
Ai tlie mining exchange tlie  ntlier
night In  Elko Jim Tiiistlebenk   was
lolling lhe crowd about his dog Trig-,
gor, a pointed he once had.   A most
marvellous dug. keenest scenl in  Hit':
First feed- Dry bread rriir.it
ly moistened witli milk.
Second feed -Finely cracked mixed
gruins nr commercial chick feed
Third  feed.—Rolled mils.
Fourth feed—Broad crumbs moistened witli milk.
Fiflll  teed.—Finely   cracked   mixed
The Name
Alvin E. Perkins
with ;ifl years of valuable ractory and;
other experience, stand* tor positively
lhe lust in tin* profession nf
Tuning and Repairing!
of Pianos
—you must keep your stomach well, your liver active,  j
the bowels regular, and your
blood pure.   Your physical
condition depends on the  I
health of these organs.  I
When anything goes wrong  [
just take |
a few doses of Beecham's Pills
and avoid any serious illness.
They are a fine corrective and
tonic for the system, and a
great help in maintaining good j
health. A single box will !
prove the remedial value of   I
il one day I was told by a friend thai!
lie name ot the people who had mov-
iil Into next door was   called Wood-1 Cimvor.
Invermero, If. C, May 21, l-lo.i, '
il. King, M. I).. Provincial Minister
of Public Works, is in this part today, having motored up from Cran-
brook, While on an olllclal visit he
is also enjoying n Utile relaxation
from Iiis onorcoiiH duties by spending some tlmo on Lhe Units of tin
Invermere Golf and Country Club. On
Ills way through the Doctor stopped
for a few hours and aBl a line in
Premier Lake about fifty miles to the
south of here and was successful In
landing two Kamloops trout, one
weighing 11 pounds and Hie other
tipping 'he scales at fourteen pounds.
Premier Lake Is situated alongside
the Kootenay River and Is a beautiful mountain tarn in many respects
roseraj-llng .U.ke   Louise . at . Field-
peaking to lhe question of the
Banff-Windermere Koad, the missing
'Ink In the great International highway, through Ihi e parts, Dr. Klnp
said that the Act passed by the Provincial GovertiB 'it ol ' ■ ; -inn
practically i *!-**tJ the rlghuof-wuy to
ihe Dominion aoverumehl to be Incorporated in the National Park system. There art still a few matters
to be. none through with in complete
the arratlgemeni but these are pun ly
formal in their character, lie expressed hlmBolf as being much in
sympathy with th«- underlaking nnd
said thai, while it is admitted that j
this is not tlie time in ask lor the ;
expenditure of monry on such works'
as  this  yet   he   hoped  that  a  suffl-1
dent sum might from vear to yean veneor* remnants, rummage sules
be spent by the Federal Government  fl» expedient love bargain for wealth
as to keep the part already construct-  ia J"sl •■b"llt »s 8a'e »s ■> celluloid
ed in a good stale nf repair and    to    cookoo in that southern city made in
enable the settlers In thai, part    to   Germany commonly called Hell.
have easy access lo and from the!
if  Purpose   and   Uonaclen-
| Moos Workmanship, and strongly on-
ada. piano manufacturers who are pos
Itlvely particular where they put their
signature, as follows:
world.   Nothing In the shupr of game I i-tonesty
lould possibly escape his nose, be said,   tlous Wl
Why time after time I've seenilhnt dog aorsed by''the'bMt'authority,'in'aCn
(top suddenly nn lhe point ot lin inn
ment any of the members of the next
door neighbors family showed themselves outside   Ibe   donr,  he'd  stand
'here pointing until they disappeared.' Ilcinl/muu & Co.
V would   "pon my honor   and then t }]itvris ^ K)|n, (.(>>
turn round and give me the most re- ,„  .,,„„, ,.„
■n-oachtul look because T hadn't seized ,,,,",1">   P'ano Co'
i gun and shot them.   And I couldn't I I- Inton Plana Co,
make mil   whnl  the dickens was   Ibe \cweombe Piano Co,
lining of this curious procedure, un- J p|etc!icr lints.
(•cfi-hurd   llcinl/inan   House,   Van
Uriail Sale of Any Medicine in thc World.
Sold uvcrywhero.   In bo-tci, 25c.
The Ford Saves the Hay and Oats
the Horses Eat
"T HAS been estimated that Ave acres of land are required to maintain
one horse for a year, and that the same five acres would produce
nearly enough food for two people. If 60,000 Canadian farmers cuch
■ replaced one horse with a Ford, 260,000 acres would be added to the
Nation's source of food supply and enough extra food made available to
feed 100,000 people.
Just think what a great service this means to the country at the present
time and the benefit to the farmers from the sale of food produced on
this acreage.
A Ford car also saves the farmer a week or more of valuable time each
year, which can be used for further productive work. The Ford traveh
three times as fast as a horse and rig—costs less to run and keep, and is
far easier to take care of. With labor so scarce and high priced, tima
means money, so do not delay in getting your Ford,
Touring ■ •
Runabout -
Coupe - - -
Sedan - - -
Chassis - -
One-ton Truck
Hanson Garage « Dealers- Cranbrook
Mrs. T. I'ureel Hardiuan aud family
and Miss Annie Murray moved to Per*
■iTiT" where fn future they will reside.
.Mrs. Hardmen uccepiinn the Chief's
"oaltlnn for the Kooienay Telephone
Co. for tho Peniic district. There's a
'ot nf young people in Klko will in las
\nnlp and \nni» will m\»* Iho ehoe-
I'rof. J, It, A. Tripp. Vancouver.
Meson k Kisch To,
And a great host of sails! led clients
Authorised  Tuner for  Mason ami!
Mr. Perkins will be In Cranbrook |
■ii August und will make his usual
Love "Mabel" is one of   the   few
things, thai are never displayed on the
bargain   counter.    If   you   had   the'
weighl of Castle Mountain, Klko. in ' —
gold eagles you couldn't buy enough
love to make a humming bird
Von can buy passion, you can
slavery,    you can  buy flattery     Tbo
thrilling thing about love is, thatii -
uey cannot buy it. nor poverty desirov
it.   Then is a deal of bargain counter
love around iu the old world, tinsel,
Amongst other visitors lo this part
this week are Assistant General Manager D. C Coleman of till C. P. It.,
Winnipeg, and Mrs. Coleman. Mr.
Coleman U m ore nf hia official Inspection ton***, Ih n'.d Mrs !■" v\.
Green, Mr. and Mrs. A, It. MacDonald,
J. G. Cummlngs, Engineer of the Department of Public Works. .1. ('. Brady
Assistant Public Works Engineer and
Mr. T. Kllpatrlck, Superintendoni
of lhe same department are here on
Next week  Klko is expecting a big
delegation of travellers from Manitoba and the Prairie Provinces. The
ll. O, Travellers are all busy building
shins and catching fish.
But lo get hack lo tlie .mustard,
"Rays Jim ThUtlebeak", the great
trouble jusl now Is that the hig men
nr.- gobbling up everything In Bight,
One down-oast millionaire said lasl
week that he believes In taking Ihe
world as he finds il. bul the trouble
is he wants to tako it all at once. Another said lie only lakes what is right,
he speaks tho truth, be only takes
what is right and the people lake
what, is left.
Local Business Men
Are realizing: more every day
the value of the concise,
memory tickling Classified
Want Ads. Make your story
short and pithy and our Want
Ad. Columns will repay you
a hundred fold for the small
WVM •*•< Ml*
WASTED-*..*-,   I....,*,.,,,,,!,!,  .■■Jg**-"*'   "*    ■"*    ■»    ■•*    "*    ~*    "*■?
ply Mrs. F. W. Green. 21-tf
WASTED—A  liiunrlras,   Ipplj  to
Mrs. G. 11. Thompson.
for sale.—See Binning. M-tf. ■ , >
FOR SAI.K -IIiiIij   Itnggj   In   ir I
condition.—Apply Hernld outre.
Edit SALE CHEAT   A  huh 11 >'■■■--'
nact suitable for ii or (> roomed house.
Apply to llox til'., Crnnbrook.    20-81
HKSTAIlilVi' to Let- 0 1 l ej
money-maker.   Apply Tom Summe
Klmberley, I). C. 19
WAYH-;i> l.lrl to look after baby
from 2 to li In the afternoon. Apply
Mrs  ('. Van Hranm.
LOST   Silver purse euiilnliiinu ino-   ( ,
ney and receipt, initial II on one side     ' '
Finder return  to  Herald Odlce    and :
claim reward. 211t*:
>VANTKI»- Man and  fftfo U
restaurant in Kimberloy, splen
lid op-
portunity for a good business.
to_T. J. Summers, Klmberley.
Vulcanizing Works
will open
Wednesday, May 29th
Automobile Owners are Invited to mil and inspect our plant
I I     which Is lhe most up lo dale in tbe West.
CAN your Fruit ami Vegetables, (
meat or fifth, by lhe Sham Pressure , >
System. Send for Catalogue ami
prloea of Flomi ond Jommorclal Can-
nlng I'lauls. Equlpmotlt Dept., Vancouver Island Fruit I.andu. Limited
Llelnjonl Bldg., Victoria. B. C. QV
Por overy (.'using brought In for repair before June 1st, we will
repair one Inner Tube free.
tpresilgati   our uclonllffi' mothotla of tire repairing, and compare
our prices with those you have been paying In the past.
t*^"11^"1 ift»» ''ift* <^ftw "i/m -yww.^ft.^1
$200.oo REWARD!
For the Best Title for This Picture we are Offering the Following Prizes:
First Prize, $100.00        Second Prize, $50.00        Third Prize, $30.00
Fourth Priza. $15.00 Fifth Prize, $5.00
1—"U'rito your answer on a plain sheet of paper with your
name and address at the bottom nt the pane, -write nothing else or your answer will be disqualified.
2—Your answer must contain not more than twelva words,
but may contain leas than twelve words.
8- IMI'OUTANT. Go to your grocery and buy a •ten-cent
package of Cowan's Supreme Chocolate, cut out neatly
the colored Maple Leaf from thc package1 and pin It to
your answer. If you Tail to pin tbe Maple Leaf to your
answer your title for the picture will be disqualified,
4—Only one answer is allowed for every Maple I.raf enclosed.
In other words, if you enclose Hiree Maple Leaves from
three packages von are entitled to three answers tor the
best title to the picture, or as many answers as you have
Maple Leaves enclosed.
-Mall your answer lo Mr. U h. Berry, ear# of Klrkland *
ftose. Water Street, Vancouver. B.C.- who are the Cowan
Company's Agents in this city, l»« not M»ml any letter io
Toronto, as this competition Is exclusively for British
—Your answer must Im, In before June Htti, as this competition closes on Jurtfl l Gib.
—Your   answer   need   nol   contain   ibe   words,   '-'Cowan'a
Supremo Chocolate," unless yon wish lu use It.
The Cowan Company Limited reserves the right to be ihe
side judges in this competition, und their decision »n to
the winners will be final.
-The winning titles will be published iu all papers throughout British Columbia durum the first two weeks lu July
of this year.
Do not forget this fact, that If you do not win a
prize you have the Cooking Chocolate. Well now, what
are you going to du with It? Here is what to do: Walt
for a few days and every person who sends in an answer
to this competition, enclosing a Maple Leaf from tbe
package of Supreme Chocolate, will receive free a
beautifully illustrated Recipe Book, just off tbe press,
containing one hundred recipes for Supreme Chocolate
und Perfection Cocoa. When you get this book you
will know what to make and how to use this special
unsweetened Cooking Chocolate. Remember the name.
Tliin CuuipctUion ia Exoliialvely for British Columbia.
For Cookinq Purposes,Unsweetened.


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