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Cranbrook Herald Dec 18, 1919

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Array Provlni'ial Library Mar
•V ■  ' .*■.'■
i r.tPtiK run Tin: uumk
CRANBROOK. It. ('.. TllllfSIHV. DECEMBER Is. 1919.
i: I <; il i p A (i i: s i o it A v
N i "i ii t: ii    i i
10 Mil
Always Active In l-i'Miopimut
Of District—Fit Mentation
to Mlmst'lf umi Wife
About sixty .representative business
men. associate.*: for tho time he has
lit'cu in Crnnbrook. tendered Mr. E.
H. Howard a farewell baii(]iiet Friday!
evening in the Masonic hall. The'
appointments were perfect and an enjoyable evening was spent In recounting past activities on the part of the
departing manager of thc Imporlal
Hank In the business life, patriotic
efforts and activities In connection
with sports.
The retiring manager of the Imperial
Hunk, this city, who was honor guest
at a banquet given by business men
of the district and fit/ in Masonic
j hull  Friday  evening.
efficiency among tlie workmen. He
thought the charge that lumbermen
wore profiteers should be analysod by
those inclined to this opinion. He was
glad and sorry to see Mr. Howard de-
To Mr. Howard and his estimable I part.   Glad that Mr. Howard was re-
wife, who also came in for a large
portion of the nice things said about
tlie departing guest of thc gathering,
a presentation was made of a magnificent hall clock, an elaborate carving set, and a coffee urn or beautiful
design, being presented to Mr. Howard
and his wife.
Regrets were many at the thought
of Mr. Howard's departure for Walk-
ervllle. Ontario, where his bank -will
open a branch, be being selected to
tako It over. Just when he will depart is not known, as no definite in-
cehing a promotion and sorry to see
him leave. It was the first time In bis
life he could honestly say he was sorry to see a bank manager leave.
(Applause). He credited Mr Howard
witli being one of the hardest working men bo ever met and as a public-
spirited man he was deserving of all
praise. Mr. Watts predicted a brilliant future for the departing guest.
('. J. Spreull. president of the Cranbrook board of trade, was the next
speaker, the toast assigned him being "The  Board of Trade" He  was
formation   along   these   lines   other i deeply Indebted to Mr. Howard for the
than that lie has been transferred,
having been received by Mr. Howard.
Mr. R. K. Beatty acted as toastmast-
er and, Introducing the sneakers,
caused con'.ldorable merriment as he
made refernc-e in his usual humorous
strain to some incident in the past
history of the district in connection
witli tlie several toasts responded to.
co-operation given In the work of the
board. Mr. Howard was enthusiastic
in getting members and subscriptions.
He said when Mr. Howard came to
Cranbrook he looked upon as an "easy
mark." (1 daughter I * Thc departing
banker had been most active fn many
things, sport, golfing, curling and
tennis, and movements tending to ibe
Caterer.Hurley bad charge.of tbe] upbuililinc of ■*>.*-*«>mmiiiiRy. " He re-
tables nnd an abundance of good I counted amusing happenings which
things to cat were at hand to satisfy (look place on the golf course bore,
the Inner man. wiien   Mr.   Howard   and   bis   caddy
After toasting the King, the first) clashed over the rules, but he credited
speaker caleld upon was Mr. H. White, the hanker with being o good sport,
who dealt with "T!.e Province."   Mr. J Ho Uiought it was rediculous to give
White eulogized Mr. Howard for having taken an active part in the work
ou behalf of the community; lie had
always done tli is willingly and the
success of many undertakings were
duo to Iiis energy and judgement.
.Mr. White referred to British Columbia as the province of provinces in
the Dominion and said he regretted
along wiih the many others tn see tlie
guest of the evening depart from our
Coupled with tlie toast "Our City,"
a banquet to a bank manager departing, hut he felt that it would be a
eaptial idea to honor a new arrival
with such a reception. (Applause).
Before closing and expressing his regrets ttiat Mr. II iward was going
away, Mr. Spreull paid a compliment
ttt iin* "moat excel)ont tiuaiitie*. of
Mr--  Howard."
Toast muster Beattie referred to the
Canadian Pacific Railway ns one ol
tlie great building factors in tlie Dominion   of   Canada   and   called   upon
were the names of Aldermen Mac-! Superintendent Mal>;.rg of the cont-
Kimion and City Clerk Roberts. Both pany to respond to ihe toast, "Tbe
spoke of their associations with Mr. j i'l'It.' Mr M.iharg suggested there
Howard during his stay here and of; was little use talking railroads—
his excellent business qualities, Mr. I "everyone in Cranhrook was a rail-
MiicKlnnon referred In most compli-'road man." He Bald the railroads
mentniy terms io Mr. Howard's net-i were passing through strenuous times;
that while the business was on tbe
increase cost of operation was likewise on the rise. He suggested the
sentiment shown in gatherings of the
kind tendered Mr. Howard were tbe
bright feature.-, of sueh affairs "What
(Continued on Page Seven)
ivlties in behalf of eom.iiunlty movements, his work for the Overseas Y.
M. (', A. and war work, as well as the
Untiring efforts be put forth during
the Influenza epidemic Inst year. He
regretted very much to have him depart from our midst.
City Clerk Huberts bad had many
business relations with Mr. Howard,
which were most pleasant and ho told
.if the scores of friends tlie departing
banker bad made while here    To Mr. j  .
[toward he extended his besl wishes!    The merchants of Cranbrook. in or-
for abundant success In his new home I der io accomodate lhe delayed Christ*
Toastinasfer Beatty, In calling upon' nuis shoppers aud the trade generally
tlie speakers lo the toast, "Lumber- ( will rem.'in open Ninas week even-
tug." Messrs. Simon Taylor and A. j lues until -"> or !i O'clock. Shoppers
B. Watts, pioneers In the lumbering j should not delay .purchases, however,
industry of British Columbia, espcel-1 so it is though! tho rush will come
ally in this section, referred to tho during tho Ins) dnys ond ell know the
Dials nnd trlbnlnilons of the lumber- unpleasantness of making selections
man during the past and predicted j when their time in limited,
that, tho Indusry was just now on the1
threshold of great prosperity, everybody would be pleased at tbe ont-
Mr. Taylor, lu responding to tho
toast, said ho had had many business}
transactions with Mr. Howard; he:
lind always found him n good adviser!
Peace May Yet
Come Before Xmas
PARIS. Dec. 17.- The Paris
mnl that it \w n pleasure to ileal I Supreme Council will spend 70
with him.   He, Ilka the speakers who! million dollars on the relief of
jirocrdeil him. regretted exceedingly to
sea Mr. Howard transferred to another sertlon of Canada so fnr away.
Mr A. E. Watts, In opening his address, roferred to the remarks of the
tonatmastei- who had recalled an In-j
rldcnt In Hie past when lumbermen
had boen dubbed "robber barons of
the mountains." The lumbermen were
only buffers between capital and labor. Workers were demanding shorter hours and moro pay; it would naturally follow that tho prices for tho
product of the lumbermen must Hoar,
the lumbermen were not, as a consequence, dolnK the We thing* many
people think for then eita also Itu
famine stricken Austria, taking Ihe priceless works of art
from the Vienna galleries as
German and Entente experts
are considering this afternoon
the Scapa Flow question, the
Germans claiming that the
tonnage demanded for reparation by the Allies cannot be
It is possible thut. rat mentions may be exchanged and
|>eace proclaimed this week.
The Council has conceded to
Germany the right, to collect
customs duel In gold.
Forward Movement
Given ajtoost Here
Largely   Attended Public Meeting in
the  Interest of Inter*
i lunch Cause.
A public meeting was held on Tue.s-1
day evening iu the Methodist church
In connection with the Inter-church
Forward movement. There was a ;
gootl attendniit'O when the meetiug
opened twenty minutes after tin-
scheduled time, tiie Hev, Lee Introducing the speakers tbo Hev u. Belli
M.L.A., Victoria, and Itev. W. J. Stp-
percll, D.D., of Vancouver, Incidentally
remarking the need and dire necessity of the church's movement at tills
time. Doth the doctor and Mr. Bell
were orators of no mean order and it
was much to be regretted that tho
time alloted for each speaker was so
After thc rendering cf "My Task," by
Mr. Para baker, of Klmberley, Mr. Bell
opened his discourse, declaring he had
no apology to make for the subject
of his address, viz.: of "Money"; the
quota-io be raised by the Methodists
set forth us tour and a half millions.
Money, given to Ood's service, said
Mr. Hell. I.-, a Worship, Inasmuch as
man toils to gain it. Spei.king of tho
one and half millions required for the
superannuation fund, paid a tribute to
loyalty to the unswerving devotion of
the ministers of fifty years ago who
gave tbo whole tenure of their lives to
tho Master's service.
Lest the sceptic enquired why the
ministers did not provide for old age,
the speaker deploied thc miserable
pittance existing in the church and
Instanced the case of a widow of a
dttporannuoted clergyman appealing
for assistance recently in Toronto.
Enquiries elicited the fact that her
husband's stipend averaged $457 for
21) years. The need of money to
equip colleges to train the youth of
of manhood to replace the heroic fallen In France; and also to fit young
women for ministry to the sick, suffering and rescue work was not the
least important plan In the movement. The need of thc gospel in the
homo was the only solution to the domestic un happiness emphasized Mr.
Bell, remarking that 108,000 divorces
wore granted annunly in the United
Stages. As applied to the social, business and material life the gospel was
tbo only sure foundation. Urging his
audience to produce more, spend less
and more forgetful of self, Mr. Bell
made some startling statements anent
the luxury of automobiles and amusements generally.
Dr. Sipperell followed in a 40-mln-
itto speech delivered rapidly and said
in part, speakiug on tbe challenge of
the war; Any basis in material things
as a foundation for national and world
progress has heen forever discredited
by the war. Our boys fought for
ideals that belong to us as n race and
therefore they challenge US to think
in contents today and not to be self-
centered or provincial in our thoughts.
The state is challenged to a reconstruction and revali^tion, and the
church is challenged to lead along
lines of spiritual progress and to have
rare in tbe mind as It proceeds, The
present program of the church is the
greatest in her history since Pentecost nnd she can carry it out on certain conditions, the first being:
A recognition of the stewardship
Of prayer. The hope of success lies
in thc fact that the church has begun
its task on her knees. Money alone
will damn civilization nnd the world.
Prayer wfll save both money and the
world. There should be a construction of our family affairs. Homes are
not thc bulwarks of tbe nation but
christian homes are such. Our hoys
and girls are out of the church in thc
world today largely because the card
table and the social dance and the
moving pictures have pushed aside
the family altar and the atmosphere
of the homes aro not conducive to the
growth of spiritual !if<v We should
pray for our children, our homos, na-
ion and church.
Thc church Is still a factor in nat-
tonal life; it Is the ono distribution
that stand*; for tho Ideal,, that make
lire wort) while; It is easy tn slay,
but lt is hard to replace; it has done
Its bit In the world war; its men have
gone forth in tho spirit of true heroism us the honor rolls of our church
walls would indicate. Tlie spirit of
these men prove our churches havu
made a valued contribution to winning the war.
Then too, must be recognized the
stewardship ol service as nlso the
stewardship of wealth.
Or. Sipprell's speech was a masterly
bit of oration and should have been
hoard by everyone in thc city.
TO       Predictions of
Forecasters Fail
Wll.l.    ISSI'i:    STATEMENT
IIKAMM,   Willi   IMS
Silt TIHMItN W III ri:
Sew l.'iivcriiiiii-iil In hi- l-iinii-
eil ami  I'liii-i'il in Charge
Vci'j  Sunn
OTTAWA, Dec. 17. -Premier Sir Robert Borden will issue  a statement   this evening
dealing with the report of his
The prcmii,-i"s successor it is
believed, will lie appointed and
the new government installed
within a very short time and
the beliel' is general that Sir
Thomas White, former financo
minister in the Borden government will lie tlie choice of
the causus for Ihe place.
lt is believed thut the direct
cause of the premier's retirement is his continued ill health
and the faet thai his recent trip
to Virginia has nol benefitted
him very materially.
Ruhiors say nlso thai a number of the members of the Unionists cabtnel will retire with
of Sir Robert Borden is anxiously awaited at ihe capital.
ITJiose  Wiseacres  Wlio  Claim  Thej
I iiii I'i-i-j, liitu tin- Future Fall
Tn .'lulu- (.'mnl Airiiiii
Tin- iveatlior prophets who in'edict-
,-,l wo would Imve die ,-iitl of the
" 111-111 or something iilone those lines
yi-H-rdiiv.  the  litli,  liiilpil t,i iiiaku
j->,'ii]   I   tholr  stuck   in   trade  will
bo mi iiu- decline liencefortb or until
; ther goneratio!) springs up.
Instead uf "tho coldert spell in 200
years, Hi,- u-eathor began modulating
Monday, ubout noon, nnd then nn
Wednesday morning ;t enow was railing and tlie stock or tlto 1 il mnthor
liropliote rose considerably, fnr many
ilil-iinicrs ami tliuso whn keep close
lab mi ilia wontlter lind hooted at tha
idea advanced by the big guns.
Conductor Thomas Cnveii was one
uf Ibesc. .Mr. I'avon nlnda a Wager
Willi 11 friend that tile water would bo
running off tho roofs ot buildings on
Thursday and while it was not pouring, "Ton" certainly inndo good in his
guess ami won the wager.
Those people, Inclined to be a nine iiii nervous over tlte predictions
that big tilings would happen yestor-
dny- the 17th- will now go on In their
usual way, although there remains
b  whn think that s cthlng terrible mny happen yet and that the
prophets were possibly, n little advanced In their predictions.
Weather Forecaster Smith covers
tin, weather's standing fnr the past
week anil up to iho present time,
which is given below and is Interest*
.   s	
! j:	
RED i:i.K>it:\r swim; -iin
to nn: iim iiii;
1 mo\
strike hii.i. (umi 11'
II KM AMIS  Vlll: Mil   MET
1'iu.tpr ut i!"' Cranbrook  Presoyter* Will *-*-*< Employers for tin In*
tan  church   who  has  dep-Hrted  for        m. , *,   ,    ,,     ,.,.
I Whim] .•[• where ho will wed n Winnipeg young  lady during the holiday (iter Preseni Scflle
' week. 	
I 17
— 10
■ - 11
n :t
x 8
x .14
—* 3
X 38
Pretty Wedding
Here Yesterday
Mis--  Hum-   Heroines (he   Bride of
"ill lil III    M.    |-OII(ClltOll,   il    Hell
Known Nt'1-.ini . oting Hun
1 : ifl very bes;
len .1! Pernio,
swung into the
a ie make now
■ tho i-res-
A loud report. Whicli wna distinctly heard last* c-Vcti-.K aLmii. eiyh-r:
o'clock, 'startled nervously inclined
people, especially those who had taken stock in the predictions thut the'
world's end would come on the 17th.
Just what caused the eplosion cannot be learned .'but it is believed
that some one. thinking it would bo
an excellent prank to ploy on some,
fired a gun. The police have no Information   regarding  the  report
ioin\> iiiiiKr: .vk;   Kii.i.Kn
HKHIjIX, Dec. 17.—Forty-three men
and women engaged [^unloading ammunition near VVilhemshaven perished in frightful explosion. Over
one hundred were injured.
Vernon is :i!l stirred ni> over tho
report that a syndicate of Japanese
may acquire thc famous Coldstream
ranch from Lord Cowdray and residents there are protesting vigorously
against the sale to the yellow men.
Recently the ranch was offered to
the Provincial government, but the
government thought the price nsked
was ton high.
The standing of the various teams
in tlie howling league today are at
Supt's   Ofllce        ii      16
All  Stars        :.
,sky   Pilots        U
Yard Officers       -i
Olficers        4
High   School        .i
Engineers        3
Byng  Boys       0
C      15
On Wednesday evening, last the first
of a series of dances took placo in the
Masonic temple aud a vory enjoyable
evening wia» spent by all present.
The dances will continue throughout
tbe Winter, Riven by Uie Masonic order, of this city.
A pretty wedding took place Wednesday morning, Decembor 17th, at
the home of Mr. and Mrs E, Birce. ol
this city, when Miss Mftttle A Harvey,
third daughter of Mr and Mrs Ken-
son Harvey, Windsor Ont, was united hi mnrriage to Mr Wlliam M Urn-
gliton, son of Mr and Mr- DaTid
Lough ton. ot Nelson. B, C
To the strains ol the bridal chorus
from U>hettgrin. played by Miss Muriel Walllnger. of this eity, the bride
entered the prettily decorated living
room on tlie arm of her brother-in-
law. Mr. E. Bine. She looked charming in a wedding gown of white satin
and georgette crepe, wtth white net
veil caught with orange blossoms around her hair The bride !>nd croon;
were unattended.
Tlie marriage ceremony was performed by the Rewrend J P. Sinclair
in the presence of a few of the most
Intimate friends o! the yma% couple
After i- tta'j>*. ■*-•■-Mi-v- i» -1*^02..
lhe happy couple left oil the West
hound train, nnd will take up their
residence in Nol.on The groom is
employed by the P. Burn-- company
Tlie bride wore a tailored travelling !
suit of bine with pheasant hat to'
wiio have recently l
fold of the O H i
demands  or   the  a
forty per cent lncr<
ent «..>;.■ scale
This it was -aid was decided by tho
executive after the receni meeting
when the men were asked to give
their sanction to the suggestiou. The
reporl -.ay.- that, should the demands
nol be met. a .-trike will be the result,
this lo take place Januarj I, 1920,
Ti-.e Fertile Presa Press, of rnilay.
referring to the action of the men In
joining the o  B  r   says:
'Monday   was   an   idle   day   at   the
mines, it being an agreement holiday,
and the radicals of the union took the
opportunity to once more promulag-
t*> the Idea ol the One Big Union.
I'kk Beard, of Michael, who wns re-
cantly elected for president of the
organisation, was In (own and seems
to have pemiaded the local to again
return to the o B V- fold What the
men hope to gain by throwing in
their lot with a bunch of I.W.W.
reds it seems bard to understand, for
'her*- i.- one tiling certain thai neiih-
r the o;*r..iorf or i.e government or
ue public generally will for one moment tolerate the O.B.tT. organisations. If t»ie Tinted Miners wlthdafW
from District IS and the reds "-prlng
a ttfUte. wl-u'-( teems v. Ite;'l'Ai.
or.v object in life, It will lai-t about
four months, when every semblance
of a miners' union Will be crushed
and the men will be compelled to
accept almost any terms offered."
LONDON. Deec IT—The Bolshevik! forces claim they have captured
VICTORIA, B.C., Dec. 17.— The Provincial Legislature opens January 10
Cranbrook's Public schools will
■lose Friday morninp tor the Yule-
tide holiday season and will reopen
on tne first Monday after the New
Year Pupils will be given an opportunity of enjoying tlie Christmas
holidays, as will the teaching staff,
-ind the Herald wishes to extend the
.-eason's  compliments   to  each.
The usual Christmas exercises will
take [dace in the various rooms on
Friday morning
Who will hand over the reins of the premiership of the Dominion of Canada to n successor to be mimed by a cauctls to be held soon. Ill health
In given as lho cause for Sir Robert':; retirement. Reports nay several of
the members nf the cabinet will retire with him.
A delightful evening party was giv-j
en in honor of Mrs. B. E. Howard at
tlie home of Mrs. t. M. Roberts on
j Monday of last week Those present
' were Mesdames F V Harrison, O.
Wp Hallamore. (i, J Spreull, Thomas
M. Roberts. Robertson, Q. If Thompson and M. A. Beale.
; The firsi pari of the evening was
j spent In bridge and afterwards a
] dainty lunch was served.
j Mr- Howard waa tiie recipient on
I behalf of Lho geusta assembled of a
; gold thimble to Serve as a reminder
Of iier good friends. When she takes
up her residence in VValiterviHe, On-;
i tario.
Postmasters throughout the Dotnln-1
Ion havo received word to the effect i
thai no more money orders will lie it-- J
sued by the Canadian postofflces toj
United States points,
This action Is siid to be due toj
the marked drop In sterling of late.
Canadian exchange dropping in rouse-!
It ii believed -itnilar action wll] b< '
taken by the express companies, also
throughout the Dominion.
! The members of the Mission circle j
nnd lhe Ladles* aid ot tiie Baptist I
church, met in Ihe home of Mrs. Blrce
last Tuesday to bring In their self-
denial missionary money, and over $,id
! was subscribed. This was a special
efl'ori lo meet the extra exchange ou
, mission money bolng -sent to India,
where the rate of exchange has gone
up to 40 per cent.   The members each
] related how they had denied themselves In order tn rnlso the money
and  many  i-tronbe  experience:   were
PrlendS of Rev   Hugh Mackay Lyon
pastor  of   the  Presbyterian  church,
presented him with a neat purse before his departure for Winnipeg on
Tuesday evening, the presentation taking place in the reading room of tlie
"Y" *>n Monday evening
Snpt Maharg of tne CP.R,, presided and in a neat speech made tiie
presentation, tbe evening being made
up of .-ongs. etc . and a good time was
had   by   all
The i tneral at Mr- Charles Nelson,
whose death occurred at St. Bugone
hospital last Thursday morning, was
held here Sunday from the Presbyter-
ian church, Rev Hugh Mackay Lyon.
officiating Interment being in Cran*
brook cemetery
Deceased wai operated upon for gall
stones and could not survive the operation. Beside- the hucband, w io is i
section foreman and who rcsldei at
Yahk. from which place Mrs Nelson
was brought to this t My for treatment,
three children itrrvtve, Bather, 10;
Olgn. 7 and Kith. 3, two brothers. Julius Tonberg. Wycllffe and Charles
Tottberg, Seven Persons, Albta.
The brothers were present at the
World Nay Last
A Little Longer
VANCOUVER, B.C., Doc. 17.
-Heavy clouds prevent Vancouver from seelns what the
planets ure clolnfi to the sun.
but reports from oilier points
Indicate there is no unusual
It is likely the world will last
a lillle longer than prophesied. A II K   T « 0     r
r ii i:   C it a \ it itook   in: it a i,i)
Thursday, December 18, llllil
Umber Up With Penttrttlng
Himlln's Wltird Oil
A harmless and effective preparation to relieve thc pains ol Rheumatism, Sciatica. Lame Back and Lumbago is Hamlin's Wizard Oil It penetrates quickly,' drives out soreness,
and limbers up stiff aching joints and
Vou have no idea how useful lt
will be found in cases of every day
ailment or mishap, when there is
need oi an immediate healing, analeptic application, as in cases oi
sprains, bruises, ents, burns, bites
and stings.
Get it from ilrusni-ts for -'0 cents.
If not satisfied return tiie bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? lust try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pinU pills, 30
casts.   Guaranteed.
Drs. lit rill \  MiK-kinnoll
I'lu-h-liili* mnl Surgeon*
onl,,   at  residence, Armstrong
Avon tie
Forenoons   n.oo in lu.oo
Afternoons   2.00 lo   1.00
Evenings   ..ill) to  8.80
Sundays     U.IIO to    '.::«
Olllce In Hanson Block
!i lo  12, n.m.
1   to    f, p.m.
(IIAMtltmiK    COTTAIIl:
I'lhnl,- Nul'sing Hume
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Miitt-rnitv mul General Nursing
Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 250 P. 0. Boi 846
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
Crnnbrook, B. C.
HeetB every Tuesday at 8 p m In
the Fraternity Hall
C, G Borgstrom, C. C.
('. H. Collins, K   It. & S.
Visiting  brethren  cordially Invited to attend.*.
I. l.Y CITV LODGE, No. 42
Meets every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
Nohlo Grand, Itee. Sec,
J. H.Whltohouse   W. M. Harris
I'll A Mi HOOK
llegiilnr Heeling
SECOND   SATURDAY  nf i-ai-li
uu,ul li al 'J p.m. In the City Hall
Meets lu the
Parish Hall
lirst Tuesdaj
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres. Mrs. I).
Campbell, boi
Beey. Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Boi 681.
All ladloB co-dlally Invited.
Itnhl. Frame, Prop.
Fresh llreail. Cukes. Hies
anil I'a sir j
Phone 37
Norbury Ave       Opp City Hall
lli'iiiiidi'lllng umi lli'imlrs a
J.    K.    llll 11 CROFT
Forwarding  and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge ud llreenklll Coil
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars t Specialty
Untying nml Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phnne 83
Health Insurance
Commission Here
lllii irma 11     Hlini.     uj    I ..lupciwiti.-ii
board Heads Body Getting
Public Opinion
Chairman i*-. s. ti Winn, of the
Workmen's Compensation Board ol
It. v., i). McCallum, of the Labor De-
partmeni and Dr. rf. B. Oreen, of New
Westminster, weree hore last Thursday aftornoon, coming from Pernio,
ami holding a meeting in ihe Court
limine, Retting expressions til' opinion
of citizens ami delegations regarding
tlie   proposed   new   health    Insurance
net whldi will he brought into being
at the next session i>r the provincial
I Quito 11 number ul' citizens ami
' roprecontntlvus nf public lunik-.* were
proaont, among them bolng the Worn*
ion's liiHltiitc, W.C.T.U., l.O.DK.. board
Of trade, school trout yew, churches,
O.W.V.A.. and the Ladles' Auxiliary
railway, International IhhUcs ami the
; oily council ami a tow private Indtvld-
! unls,
Ueo. J. Spreull contended that the
i Health Insurance Act of 101 i of
I Oreut Britain had succeeded bo well
: that oven greater measures were bo-
j ing expended, unit iu spile uf the
i iierce opposition ut the outset.
Uev. .1. I'. Sinclair had ween tho
working ot uiothers'poni.ioiis in Man-
Itoba, and felt, that provision should
be made against mothers going out to;
work ami still receiving state assist-1
Mrs. .l.'W. Burton presented the
views til' the Women's institute, ns
unanimously supiporting any schemo
whereby destitute mothers could receive such aid us would enable thorn
tn care lor their children al home'
Also, with regard In the Victorian'
order of nurses the institute fell the
district was badly in need uf two
such nurses. Questioned as tu ihe
duties expected ul' such nurses. .Mrs,
Burton replied, tbey would assist at
medical and dental clinics, accidents
In the home, visiting patients bedridden, needing skilled attention, ami
also to be with the medical ofllcer at
tbe inspection of schools, and tu interview iMirents when necessary regarding tbe follow up of work.
It was the opinion of Mrs. A. A,
McKinnon that the rural districts
needed greater provision than tbat ot
the municipal.
Rev. H. W. Leo felt that maternity
benefits and mothers' pensions ought
not to savor of charity.
Another speaker voiced thc opinion
tbat the husbands have no opportunity "to go out and have a good time"
with tbe maternity benefit.
While all Ihe speakers concurred
with the beneficial properties of the
various subjects, » general sense of
the pitfalls ensnaring lhe health Insurance was evident, against whicli
the chairman ensured provision would
be made.
Some confusion about the duties
of the district nurso marked tbe discussion on public health nursing
some of the ladies averring thai thc
nurso should take entire charge. Tho
chairman reminded lhe objectors Unit
there nre already organizations Instituted assuming the responsibilities of
this nature.
After Inviting suggestions and advice correspondence to tbelr head-
puartcrs In Vancouver tlie chairman
declared tbe meeting closed.
The Commission, which was accompanied by Miss N. Fitzgerald, stenographer, Victoria and Mrs. C. Spoffor,
also of Victoria, departed on Friday
for Nelson, where a meeting was nlso
Choice Live Stock
Has Arrived Here
I rnnhnmk  Meat  Market  Makes  I'nr-
chase  ot   h't.rtj-M\   Head   of
I'rlZf'WIniif-rs  fur  Mnrkel
The Crnnbrook Meat Market made
a hlg strike when the proprietors suc-
j cowled this week lu securing dtrocl
from the recent Culgary Live Stuck
Show forty-six head of prime grain-
fed steers whlcb are being served to
tlieir customers for the holiday trade.
The slock, which arrived Wednesday morning, created much favorable
| comment as they were led through
tbe streets by a number of boys to
the barns of the market near Carr's
store wliere fourteen head, all ribbon
winners, will be kept until Sunday
thai parties Interested In lino entile
may have thc opportunity of Inspecting the lol. Among lhe numher Is tbe
champion, nil the prize-winners being bred and raised in Alberta liy
children under Hi years of age,
Already the counters of the market
show some of Hits choice beef, and
natrons of tho market will enjoy some
toothsome   steaks,   roasts  and  other
'choice cuts us long ors the stock lasts.
Citizens are cordially invited to call
nt the barn and inspect tbe stock -
every anlmnl is a beauty.
TKe \evy Best
for a Man
YOU are sure to be right if you give him a Gillette Safety Razor.   Let him know what
comfortable shaving really is.   With the 24 factory-sharpened edges that go with
every Gillette set you realize the importance of NO STROPP1NG-NO HON1NG-
there is no need for either.
It is a happy day that any man gets acquainted with Gillette shaving, and you do a
friend a right good turn when you select for his Christmas present one of the handsome
Gillette Safety Razor sets. Sold by the best dealert everywhere at $5.00 the let.
Wc can supply you with everything to be
had in a Gillette Razor-all styles and prices
Santa Claus Pays
Cranbrook a Visit
Iireel- Kiddies at lhe Kink Mercantile
Company's   Store— Hundreds
(ilrc lllm a (all
Santa Claus did not overlook Cranbrook ibis reason and Is still In the
land or tbo living, notwithstanding tlto
■weather prophets had the little folk
thinking they might not see him again.
■He was here at the Kink Mercantile
Company's store last fflplit and hundreds of the little folk—and some of
'ihe older ones—were there to bid him
■w. Iconic.
Oltl Santa looked not u year older
than ibe first time we got a peep at
lllm and he wore tlie same jovial sinilo
that   has made the  hearts of many
of the little folk merry in lho past.
Tho children were supposed to <
leave their names anil addresses and j
lho day and year ln which they \\<>tg !
born with Snntti on a card and while !
many bad senl tlieir cards In. large
numbers also left the cards with tbo
old Yuletitle visitor.
Santa Claim, like many others, has
Colt the effects of the late war, but
Is   "coming  back"  ard  ndvlsod   the
little folk that this would be an old-
time Xmas, ns he has been busy ar- !
ranging gifts for iliem and has unpolled  tlie  stores  of Cranhroolt  with j
large shipments with which to gladden   their   hearts   and  tug   well  Ihe
hearts of mother, father, sister, bro- j
ther ami sweetheart or friend.
From a neatly decorated stand in
thc rem* of tbe large storeroom Santa
gave each little rnller a substantial
gift of books, ••to., and the little folk
wen nwtiy smiting nnd (.e'.ighted with
Help your local merchant liy culling nnd doing your shopping early.
Ho will ho greatly aided In the days
when he will have to work mnny long
and hard hours nnd you will ho bettor
served nnd get the bent, of the bin-
K.iln-i available
Sea Grass
for Xmas
We have just passed
into stock a large assortment of Sea Grass
Rockers, Chairs, Cake
Stands, Tables, Child's
Rockers and Chairs,
Tall Sewing Baskets.
There could be nothing
nicer for a present or more
useful to any person.
Those who lane seen these goods remarked at the exiromely rea-
Mumble prices.
Christmas Suggestions for the Car Owner
at SERVICE STATION, Baker Street
Vale Auto Locks for Fords
Plash Lights
Ffllsll   Ufftlls
Hood i. Ititilltilor divers
Fundi Slits
Auto Theft Signal
Sunlit-urn Spot l.iglfts
Foot Wests
Spark Plug Cleaners
Itolic l.oeks
Tilting Steering Wheels
(I'm- all Makes of Cars)
Viilennklng Outlils
Diminishing Mirrors
Stewart Horns
Wool l'lnill Holies
(All Prices)
Clocks for Dash
Tire Ganges
Tiro Carriers
Mitts nnd Gauntlets
Tool Boxes
.lacks anil Pumps
The Hanson Garage
tbelr visit The whole affair waa very
cleverly staged and reflects great
credit upon the management.
The only thing now remaining is
for dad to loosen up on his puree
mother to do the shopping early—
lhe time is gelling abort.
BAPTIST   (III 11(11   WILL   BE
oni: of lioi.inw treats
The arrangements for the Christmas Cantata, "Santa Claus and the
Fairies,* al tho Baptist church, are
now almost complete. Almost forty
scholars of the church school will
take jart. This will mean that tlie
scholars are lo give tbelr parents and
others a real old Yulotldo musical festival, All In Cranbrook. irrespective
of church or creed, should hear this
cantata on Monday, December 22nd nt
7:..t) p. m. There will be no charge
for admission, but tin offering will be
taken up during tbe evening lor tlie
church building fund.
Tho services next Sunday will bo
of a Yulettdo nature. Special Chrlsl-
nnu*. Borvlces will bo proaohod by the
pafltor am) Mrs. J. Milroy will sing
at tbe ovoning service
Mrs. Spgfford uf Victoria, addressed
tlie prayer service IbbI Thursday evening on tho word or tllfl U&ptlBl mission.-, iu Western Canada. Klie sjoko
encouragingly ol lho now italinn Bnp-
Usi mission in Vancouver Which is superintended by Itev. nml Mrs. K. I'nu-
toiti. laic of tho Baptist church, Pernio.
A  (OltKCl'ION.
Hospeciing the report of tbo benefit
dance on behalf of tlie Women's Institute which took placo on Monday
December 8th, und appeared in our
last issue, we very mneho regret having made a mis-statement to ihe effect Hint the orohesra fave heir services for ho occasion. H local four-
piece orchestra was engaged by the
Institute and two member!-, of the cit-
izoons' band donated their services
A\'o will ho pleased to show our customers the prize beef cattle brought
from tho Calgary show. Call and see
Potatoes fll.fif) cwt, (Imirniiteod to
uslt   or  will   replace. J
-Q. ^oloVcr*,
* tur to
Automobile Heaters
Vacuum Cleaners,
Itoom Heaters.
Electric Itiinifcs.
Waffle Irons.
Cranbrook Electric Light
iV.r.^!f:nr-5,;-"F"'v-:,''.f- ■)■-• ■-■■K;vj:7!*;*- !■)"•-'■■ ;■■>'•! ■'•j-j^.i^agi-j .-JUT. L"Hvb
Shop Early!
■■ Thursday, December is, mill
THE    CRANBROOK     II i; It A 1,1)
:     '■
S-' - * , .     '
S£ '*»■*< •
*     i*.     ,*■*--
1' A I. K     T II li K X
lSRTEj ■ t<rwSTr?i
add JbyCt!
Your Pathe Dealer
Will Gladly Play
Over Any of These
Newest Records
for You
ft** (Issues Inventory of
W>       B.C. Water Powers
4fi    j < "iiiliiobcush•• Report Just Circulated j
5" nl' One of Wonderful lii'smnrce*.
BSMO—Naol (0 Holy Night) (Adam)   PoroyHoinus
Btnrol Bethlehem (Wonthoriy Adams) Povey Homus
SBI01—'Christmas Eve In Tho Toy Shop (I'.-llu) 	
 IIiishoII Kunllng fc Sterling Trio
•Twna Th.- Night Befora Chrlatmaa (Recitation)...
  RubsoII Hunting
201 IB—-Snnto Claus' Own Story   P.v Santa Glaus
s.int.i CI.™.' Journey with Hie Toya..By Santa Chins
20210—Nursery   Rhymes  No.  3   (Descriptive)	
  ih-i-imi-ii -i Hunting
Nursery Rhymes  No. -1  (Descriptive)    '
  Gerhard St Hunting
10141—The Birthday Of A King (Neldllnger)  (Organ Ace.)
    li.  Stonobill
Hear Me, Yo Winds und Waves (Hondol)„B, Slonchill
20402—Oh, Como All Yo Faithful and Christiana Awake....
  Pathe Military Bond
Hark Thc Herald Anrjels Sing and White Shepherds
Watctied   Pathe Military Band
20242— Holy, Holy, Holy   Marlon Crawford
O Holy Night   Willium Wheeler
-I0025—Adeste Fidolos (Oh, Come All To Faithful)	
    Clyrlo  Quartette
Silent Night, Hallowed Night Clyrlo Quartette '
20455--Joy To Tho World (Walts)  (Organ Ace.) 	
  Helen Clark nnd William Sims
In The Sweet Bye and Bye (WebBter)  	
   ChautauquaWFreaohers1 Quartette
■10127—The Lord Is My Light (AlllBtor) B. Stonchlll
The Trumpet Shall Sound (Handel)...,B. Stunehlll
22190—Rock of Ages (Hostlngs)  	
 shannon Poul', Unaccompanied
Abide   With Me (Monk) Earlc F. Wilde
20453—Christmas Valse (Margie).. Pathe Frcrcs Orchestra
Bells Of May (Dlttrtch)—Pathe Freres Orchestra
20454—Nearer, My God, to   Thee (Mason),   (Chimes   with
organ)  Chris, chapman
Lead, Kindly Light i Dykes),   Chimes    with  organ)
 Chris. Chapman
Pathe Distributors Limited
■■*■ *%
"Shubsrl" Wants gSiSSIfiS Furs
Ail You Can Ship
Anil Will Pay These Extremely lli-;h Prices
ii!i[AHt'i..i.'C,ii  I,'I i,.!,-,',!   I miMEDIUM I i, iSMALL |     N° Z     |
1.00 lo 3.50
3.00.IO 2.75
.125 lo 2.75
2.50 lo 2.25
2.50 lo 2.00
2.09 lo 1.C0
1.75 lo 1.50
1.50 lo 1.25
1.75 lo 1.25
1.50 lo 1.00
Usual Color
lO.OOlo 8.50
lLOOlo 9.00
8.OOI0 7.00
8.50lo 7.50
6.50io 6.00
9.00 lo 7.50
7.00 lo 6.00
5.00 lo 4.50
9.00 to 5.00
7.00 to 4.00
5.00 to 3.00
These extremely high prices aro bared on the well-known -'SHUBERT" liberal
Itradlni; and are quoted for immediate shipment No. 3, No. 4, ond otherwise
inferior skins at blithest market value, Por quulatluns on other British Columbia
Kurs, write (or "H-|» Wpinirt W|tp|irr." Ihe only reliable and accurate market
report and price list of lis kind published.  It's FREE—Write for II.
A shipment to "SHUBERT" will
result In "more ittoney"~"qnicker."
SHIP    ALL     YOUR     FURS     DIRECT    TO	
52-4 Donald St, Dept.   is   Winnipeg Canndr.
According tu Uie comprehensive re-
- iiort just issued '>>' tlie Commission or
Conservation on tho Wntor-Powora ut
BritiBh Columbia, it is estimated tlmt
; 3,000,000,   L'4-hour,   liorefc-power    nny
. bo devolopod from the wnters ot' tlie
! Province,   This estimate Is, admitted-
; ly, not conclusive nnd may be miis-
leadlng, esjiectally if compared with
, otiu-r totals wliere "no renl baslq for
| eunr:r"l.iun    has    been    established."
j   ..o mountain Byatotoa, glaciers, snow
I ielils and widely variant precipitation
! make the quosUou of water power In
j British Columbia an unique ono and
I render difficult comparisons witli oth-
j er i rovlncos.  There are already about
j 360,000   liorse-powt-'r   devolopod,  also
i oBtimated on a 34-hour basis    For
| various reasons n number of the possibilities «n mull rivers as the Kra.er.
, Thompson, Skeena and Nans cannot
* be economical))' developed under pre-
' sent conditions.   .Moreover, ft was not
possible to make adequate estimates
of the power potentialities of the more
northerly portion of the Province.   As
; tho country becomes more developed
cotiBldornblo nddltjjmal power may be
found available.
!    The author of the report, Mr. Arthur
[ V. White, deals fully with the relation*
! ship  between  water as  a source of
i power and Us use for domestic and
j munie'/ial supply, n-grleulture. irrtgn-
| Hon, navigation, fisheries, mining, forestry and reparian rights.   Tliei-o problems are too frequently neglected In
surveys of water-powers.   The development of the country's natural re-
sources can best be carried nn wfcoo i
each of them is given oddequato con- \
sidoratlon,   It is a mistake to concentrate on any single resource sueh aa!
water-power, or the soil, or the for-!
osts to tho exclusion of all others.
They are naturally Interdependent.
As every engineer knows, it is.
accessary to obtain records of stream
flow, precipitation and natural sior-l
age Tor a period of years to arrive at
average conditions, before attempting
to estimate the amount or potential I
power. Power possibilities at pres-
■nt must be based on the minimum
| How of streams.   I.-, nany Instancess,
■ however, artificial storage may be ttfl-
! eii economically and perform double
: function ot reducing floods and lu-
< creasing the amount of available pow-
:'    The report deals nt length with hls-
* torlciil arrets of water legislation In
i BritlFlt Columbia. A useful feature is
: the chronological key to water lcglsla-
| Hon In British Columbia Trom 1S58 to
• 1P17.   The chapter devoted io power
■ developments discusses the subject
from an historical standpoint which
ndda materially to It*; value and in-
! teresU
Detailed descriptions are given  of
,' the   topographical   features   on   the
larger  water.»heds,   such  as  Colum-
, bla and Prosor and Mackenzie River
' systems, Vancouver Island and Mainland Paclilc Coast.
A large amount of stream How data
; h&8 been assembled and carefully nna-
| Itcd.     Metcorogical   data   has   been
compiled witli similar care, a feature
that adds much to the value of the re-
, ]\m from a chemical standpoint.
j    A convenient sot of hydraulic con-
I version ' tables   aa   well   as   a list of
1 benchmarks on tho Vancouver Island
and Pacific Mainland coasts are given
In tho appendices.   As a work tor re-
erenco purposes tho report Ib great-
. ly enhanced by the Inclusion of a full
hlbllography and Index.
■ While relating particularly to Brlt-
| tab Columbia, thla publication ,prcs-
j ents a thorough examination of the
; economic, legal  and other problems
common to the efficient development
of water resources throughout tbe
On tke Amiable
Vanity of Chocolate*
A    GREAT deal   lias   been   written on  the  food
•Oalue of Chocolates, or candies (as some people
call them).    Well, as an emergenc*? ration,  a hox of
Neilson's or any other good Chocolates has a sound
food value.
But it is our belief that people buy Neilson's
Chocolates because they are luscious to the taste and
delightfully satisfy one's  craving for something sweet.
E-Jery maiden should know that when her "man"
or   her  "boy   friend"   (as   she   may  call  him)
comes bearing a gift  of Neilson's he is bringing to her the   most  delicious  Chocolates
that money" can bu*J.
$«C*. -y.vv
" The Chocolates that are Difterent"
HrlKadler M'Uan, from Vancouver,
. will conduct a revival service, assisl-
| (il liy Captain Harry Gray, Decein-
j bcr IS, at 8 p. in. Do nm full lo come
| and hear tho, HrlBadler.
I Tho Sunday ntf-ht eorvloe will tic
! conducted hy Captain Harry Gray, al
! 7:30 p. m.. Please do not lorpct tho
j Sunday school, commencing at 3 p. m.
; If there arc any children who do not
aticnd Sunday school, a hearty welcome It extended by the Salvation
A splendid program will lie given
by tho Sunday school children, consisting of drills, dialogues, recitations, songs and club swinging. Commencing at 7:30 p. m„ Monday, December 22.
Exclusive Agents for Neilson's Chocolates in Cranbrook
CranbrooK  Drug  and Book  Company
Away down on the storm swept,
coast ot Nova Scotia, lives Bonny-
castle Dale, thp well-known naturalist, who contributes articles to "Hod
and Gun in Canada." A few years ago
ho lived on the const of thc Pacltlc
Ocean gathering specimens and plio-
tos of Canadian Wild Ufc. December
Issue of "Hod antl Gun ln Canada"
telu the Interesting story ot how he
spent ou Christmas day amongst the
hulwr seals, son urchins and varledd
wacr life of the Quit of Georgia. Other
Interesting stories and articles Included in this Issueu arc: ""The Kcy-
holcy Bullet, " by thc skilled writer
of nature stories—George Gilbert; "ln
tho Basin," by H. C. Hnddon; "Silver
Tlj>—a talc of the l-'ur North," by Robert 13. Howes,; "Tho Propagation
of Brook Trout," by John A. Tltcomb.
In addition to those splendid features,
"Uod and Gun In Canada" for December contains thc usual high-class
Fishing. Guns and Trap I-lnc Depart-
partment and Drs. S. H. tlreen, of New-
stock,   Publisher..
Thc Ladles' Auxiliary of tlie O.W.V.
A. are giving the soldiort' kiddies a
Christmas tree and are seeking assistance In donations from thoso who
(eel kindly disposed towards tho undertaking. Anyone wishing to assist
can send donations to the Secretary,
Post Ofllce Box 76*.
Help your local merchant by calling and doing your shopping early.
He will he greatly aided In the days
when he will have to work many long
and hart) hours and you will be better
served Ud get the best ot tbe bargains a»|W»bl».
A retired incrcliant whose wife suf*
fered for yenrs from catarrh of the
stomach finally gavo hor simple gly-
od in Adler-l-ka ONE bottle produco.
good results. line--use Adler-l-ka.
acts on BOTH upper and lower,
bowel It removes nil foul mat-}
ter which polst :ietl stomach. |
Relieves ANY CAS1- sour stomach or
gat on stomach. Often CURBS constipation. Prevents appendtcltlc. Bea-
ttle-Noble, druggists.
Clarke & Sainsbury
Phone 7.1 or .171      P.O. Iloi WIS
If vou want tatlBfactlon
wlili vour waehlnr
•end It to
Soeclal orlcet for famllv
When in Cranbrook
The Place To Eat
is at
Alex Hurry's
Tables  in Connection
Hurry's White Lunch
Shop Early!
Montana Kcstanranl
Mnls at All Hoars
I'lfirs, I'liarettfi aad Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce PAGK     FOUB
'I' II V.    V It A N II It 0 0 K     II K It A I, P
I'liursilii), Uccoiitlior is, ll»l!»
Your Next
Will be a
Find out WHY
Call To-DAY
Raworth Bros.
Jewelers & Optician*
\.'\i id tha Posiottlce
Che Cranbrook gcrald
Published Every Thursday by
WILL A. BLU2TSON, Jit. Aaat Mgr,
baa expended lu a meritorious but
dismally tullio attempt to stem the
forces of Ute Bolshevist devil which
bus been lin-cking and slaying and
ruining and starving tbo people of
Russia? Why, to America, of course,
Drained by her vaBt expenditures in
keeping tiio world Bate trom the German devil, tlie motherland bus bad to
borrow enormous .sums from tbe rich
republic which looked ou from afar
and piled up more wealth, always
more billions, while the grim strug-
i gle went on.
And tlreat Britain's continued borrowings from the Unttod States toj
keep up her humanitarian campaigns
tlussiu, Turkey aud elsewhere
explains why she has bad to lower
her flag iu the finance market of
the world and has lived to see tlie
day when tbo pound storllug Is worth
only $3.83 in New York. Her pound
bus depreciated, but her honor stands
higher than ever throughout thej
We Would Like to Suggest to You the
Following for Suitable Gifts---
"With a Mission 1 Without a Mutrle'
Printed liy Union Labor
Sulmcrliitloii Price, *-*•«" « *•«•«
Subscription I'rlce, I'.*-.. t&M a Vear
AdverllsliiK Kates on A |i|illcutlou.
Changes for Advertising MUST be ll
this office Wednesday noon tbe
current   week   to   secure   attention.
THURSDAY,   DBOHMBBR    18.   1910
Oranbrook district should reap
many benefits from Uie predicted revival of the live stock Industry. No
section of British Columbia offers better inducements to the stock raiser
wore tiie natural resources of the district devolopod to -fairy on stock-
rululns business In  >  business   like
manner. .17"** ', ',..,. ,
It Is to be hoped that government for thorn so much the hetetl.
aid will be forthcoming to the |ioint|    The expense  Involved  In
The  proposal  twlvanoe  by  Major
tlcneral It. 0. B. Lcckiu lo the effect
that returned soldiers should be given
un opportunity to ro in for prospect
Inn throughout the province, deserves
sympathetic consideration by tho
Provincial Government, suys tho Vic
•oris t'olonlst. The Government has
n Departmnet of Mines, which might
advantageously extend tts work to
tlu- point of organized prospecting,
.jmetblng which would havo tlie effect of restoring tho confidence of outside capital In the mineral resources
of the Province. Thero Is nlso tlie
possibility that oritanlzer prospecting
would lead to the Increase revenue to
the Province, for discoveries, duly authenticated and given oilicial sanction,
would result in attracting capiat for
heir development. By degrees, ns the
policy of such organised prospecting
were developed, It would be possible
for the Govornment to draw up a mineral survey of the Province to the ex-
1,-hi of giving a good ((indication of
the actual resources thre aro In this
res.pcct. Such a survey is lacking at
the present time. If It can he drawn
up with the aid ot returned soldiers,
and incidonally provided employment
K. A. HILL, Men's Furnisher
din   nm    m„    .„. ...      .
thut Irrlgalon wll] be available and
feed necessary to winter the stock
through will bo produced. This la
one or the most perplexing problems
tin- Industry is Facing today. Stockmen are unnnlmoun in this. "Could
wo hut have tht. feed available with
whicli to winter the .stock throug, our
troubles would be at an end," thoy
Hon. Duncan Marshall, minister of
agriculture for tho Province of Alber
out a number of parties on prospecting tours would not be very great In
consideration of thc results Which are
likely to accrue. It is a .part of the
duty of a Department of Mines to
ascertain tlie extent of ttie resources
within tiio territory whicli It administers. So far there has been no attempt made in this direction, nnd the
suggestion of Major-General heckle
will, no doubt, be welcomed for this
reason alone.    Experienced prospec
Saving is a most beneficial habit, and an easy
one to acquire.
Place a certain amount of your income In this
Bank at regular intervals.    Deposits have a
marvelous way of growing and in a short time
vou will have a Savings Account of four
Report Made on
Lumber Industry
I Ottawa Ritrenu Supplies Data Covering Operations hurlng the
Yenr .lifl Passed
agr culture tor tne rruviu*-" «  ------      — •     -
ta. at a luncheon held in Calgary last   tors can be found among the ranks of
week bad this to say regarding tlie
"The next ten years will see more
boys aud girls trained for the business of farming than any other similar period In the history of world.
"Men and women are just aweken-
Ing to the Importance of knowing
their business on the land. We have
in Canada far too many many men
on farms who do not know enough
about the business. Some of us have
been trying for ifi to lit) years to know
more and wo know how hard it in lo
become really good stockmen. The
way Is to get the boys who are willing
to farm into schools and colleges
whre thow may learn tlieir business
and when they do learn it they will
quit wasting their time. They will
he ashamed to have scrub animals
on their places and they will be eon-
tented wltll nothing but the best.
A good move on the part of citizens
and commercial bodies of this district
would be to hammer home this question of irrigation with tlie government
In a manner which would claim that
attention which would result in some-
thin being done.
tlie returned men who would hi* will
Ing to undertake the task on terms
which could be arranged. The Minister of Mines, who is anxious to do
whatever is possible for promoting
development in the industry, will, no
doubt, give support to the proposal,
and we hope he will be able to persuade the Cabinet to permit the
necessary lcgilation to be Introduced
ln he Legislature.
Cranbrook Branch,
« -        B. E. Howard, Manager.
Sub- Agency it Kimberley.
J4.011.73o. The average number of \
persons working for wages totaled'
BG.Slfl, of whom 26,735 were employ-i
ed In operations in the woods, andj
30,081 in the mills, The total amount
pnbl i« wages was $-14,490,017.
By   i rovinces   the  total  number j
By provinces the value of tho lumber ■■iu was as follows:
Alberta. 5473,604; British Columbia,
  $27,902,076; Manitoba, $1,240,052; New
' According to a preliminary report Brunswick. $12,189,312; Nova Scotia,
ou the lumber industry of Canada, is-i W.080.080; Ontario. $33,105,137; Prince
sued by the Dominion Bureau of Sta-1 K(hvuri1 >•■•»»*■• $130-336; Quebec.
Italics, at Ottawa, the total capital in- -520.918,604; Saskatchewan.$2,122,807;
vested nl the end or 191S was $180,-1 Yuleon, $10,315.
17U.17N. of which logging and timber *"*"*
plants   contributed   $80*616,701,   and     The Udlca Auxiliary of lho Oront
i mill equipment $53Jftl,873. War Veterans Association will hold a
total   number   of   operating (dance on Friday. December \2. Whist
(timer Kane and Dewnr   Vves
Owing  to  the  death   of  Mr.
Taylor's wife he intends leav
ing the city and wishes to dis
pose of his  house  and   house
hold  effects.    A   good   chance
to secure everything cheap for
cash.   Call and inspect as soon
as possible.   Must be sold soon.
The house can be rented fur
tlie winter,   Also for sale at a
sacrifice  figure  of  $56.00,  one
horse. hamOBS, buggy and cut
ter.                                    ll-12-2t-
Extracts from the Cranbrook
Herald of this date. 1399
No wonder the British government
has grown tired of being tho goat of
the world. She refuses longer to light
bolshcvlsm in Russia and she tells
tho United States that she Is weary of
doing pollco duty and footing the
huge bill Turkey and Asia Minor,
says the Calgary Herald.
It is* easy to bo wise after the
event, but is was a bad day for Orent
Britain when she landed t roops at
Archangel mid began hor campaign
ugainst tlie Bolshevists. According to
a white paper recently issued In London, tho total cost of operations of
British troops lu Russia from thc day
on which liie armistice was signed
to October 81, 1919. was 94,830,000
pounds sterling. Of this amount
nearly half has beer, spout for surplus munitions and stores which arc
now un-marketable. The operations
of troops at Archangel and Murmanslc
eoHt Great Britain 17,364,000 pounds
the sum of 6,350,000 pounds was spent
in maintains the tleet in tho Batltlc
and Black seas, while another fat
sum, 3.410.000. was frittered away in
maintains an army In the Caucasus.
The difference between the sums
spent on British soldiers and munitions and the total colossal expenditure Is something like $Sfi,000,000, Of
this sum Gencrul Denckln swallowed
$38,000,000 and Admiral Kolchak gobbled UP over $42,000,000. And, according to recent advices from Russia,
Lenlne nnd Trotsky are still secure
from Results of their foes whom Britain tins backed to Hitch n huge extent.
And wliere has Great Britain had
to ico for this $474,000,000 which she
The White Rose Prince
September, a hundred and seventy-
four years ago, saw the coming of the
White Rose Prince, one of the most
picturesque, fascinating and beloved'
figures that ever flitted across the
pages of history, ln Scotland to this
day. people talk of Prince Charlie as
If they, themselves had seen him riding down tlie High street to Holyrood,
who strewed the ground with a carpet
of while roses and waved their whtte-
cockaded bonnets iu au estasy of
devotion. It ull reads like a fairy tale
—those brief weeks of happiness aud
gaiety under James thc VIII.. who
care no more than his White Rose
Court that Edinburgh Castle was held
against him. and that nndre Its sheltering guns good Mr. Maciver of he
West Kirk prayed—"for the young
in.:n who comes seeking nn artlily
crown, may Heaven speedily sond a
Heavenly one." A fairy Tale Court
and a Fairy Tale Prince Charming,
nml then out went the cadlea and
and there  wus only Black Culloden
to remember and—"tho brave, 4hp
noble that have died In vain for me,"
— London Morning Post
James Kerrigan has branched out
in the general produce business.
The .O.O.P. lodge will give its first
annual ball on the night of January
1st., In Forrest's hull.
James Greer, thc well-known contractor, has had a very busy year and
his work has been of a- character that
it has established his reputation as a (
good man with whom to moke a eon-
I oil Steele Subscribed #15,-WiO
The Editor, Cranbrook Horald:
Sir,---Will you kludly make known
the fact through tho columns of your
paper that Fort Steele subscribed
$15,450,00 during the recent Victory
Loan campaign.
I'uftM.uuatcly $ll,2ii0.*)o wis the
oftlctul umount given out, the discrepancy being brought about hy not having credited a sum from an out-of-
; Lown bank.
Vours truly.
hnirman, Canvassing Committee.
Me uf tJond (uurange
,1. W. H. Smytlio, manager of the; Articles are appearing from time to
branches of the Canadian Bank of I tlmo In different sections of the public
-Oommorco in Oranbrook'(fad (Port J press dealing with a malady called
Steele sees a groat future for Cran- "Steeping Sickness."
brook and district. He says the turn-, It is gratifying to know tiiat most
over of merchandise in Cranbrook and of tho statements which have appear-
Fort Steele would surprise the whole ed so far liavo been of a hopeful nu-
eastorn county. ure, expressing opinions that It may
——-- i not spread to the same extent as the;
"flu" did.
As the trouble seems to be nn unknown quantity one ordinary intelligent person might bo permitted to'
mako a statement regarding it with!
as much authority ns another.
ll is a fact that thero have always
been people In the world who have.
beon depressed in spirit and possessed
of mental lethargy. Indifference, and
carelessness as to their mortal body
which has been found lifeless.
Please permit me to say that this
Col. Baker returned last evening
from his sojourn in Kngland He
loaves tomorrow for Victoria to bo
ready for parliament on the 4th of
January. The Colonel was well pleased with the conditions in (.ranbrook,
and says thut a powerful syndicate In
London is Interested in n smelter proposition for Crnnbrook and will linve
ropresnmtlves hero as soon as next
spring opens to took over the fleld.
■ In
Cranbrook Is peculiarly fortumit
Tlte Enemy Within
Revolutionists are trying to destroy
labor unions as the first obstacle In
their paths. Willi thler system or joint
wage conferences between employers
and workmen, at whicli collective
bargains are made and time contracts are signed, and with their
practice of disciplining members who
violate these contracts, the unions,
notwithstanding their strikes, work
toward Industrial peace under the
present form of government. Hence,
they are regarded as enemies by tlie
I.W.W., which at first openly nttch-
cd them from wlthuot. The important developments of this year is
that the revolutionists now attack the
unions from within, by enlisting as
members and using their position to
rausc adoption of their destructive
plans. If successful, this policy
would destroy the unions by destroying the entire system nf bettoring the
conditions of labor by ngrcoment
wllh employers, and would leave the
ground clear to build n soviet or nny
other system that tho revolutionists
many choose    Portland Oregonlnu.
tier five hotels nnd proprietors. The'(rouble will spread and become an
houses aro good ones, they ure well* I epidemic exactly to the extent that
kept and the managers are men of WO spread It and according lo the na-
Btnnding In tho community. James) turo or the .publicity given It.
Ryan Is proprietor of lhe (.ranbrook; I Hundreds of thousands of our fellow
H. II. Small lias purchased the In-1 beings are susceptible, ninny of whom
lerest of hi;- partner, L. K. Musgravc,' would succumb to a deadly BUggoatlon
In the Cosmopolitan; the Joyce broth- \ tion, who nre not prepared to sny
ors have made a success of the Com- with sutllcieut authority: "Got thee
nierelnt;  L, B. VunDoear ft Son, of! behind me."  Let us meet this subtle
the Royal, are doing a good business;
T. T. Richards of the East Kootenay
has secured a nice business fo • himself nnd T. F. Forrest, of the Forrest
House hns one of the best constructed hotel bulhllngs In tho East Kootenay,
Tho report of the proceedings of the
Britlsii Columbia Conservatives held
in Vancouver on September 27-29, is
io baud and contains thc business In a
clear and concise form ns transacted
hy tho party In convention. The book
Is nicely arranged and Is an Interesting document.
silent, creeping evil fearlessly. He is
a liar and has boon so from the beginning.
There Is an abundant, store always
at hnnd io good Lie, Health, Truth
nnd Love. Lot ns lay hold of these
and live.
lf.U-fith Avenue, S..
lethbrldge, Alta,
If you are considering a trip to (he
Old Country Sec Beale ft Elweli, lhe
Steamship AgenU.
If It's job printing you nre In need
of. telephone the Herald and lei our
solicitor call. Wo are nt your service
with an equipment second to none In
the Province. Buy at home and help
make Cranbrook a bigger city.
A Worth mile
Sotlrise    I	
A pleasant surprise that fills a long-felt .want -^.A gift that all
the family will enjoy — not only on Christmas day to Brighton thu
Yuletide festivities, but throughout the entire new year — uwlien
friends drop in — for impromptu dances — in fact its diversified
entertainment will give both old and young many happy opportunities to recall thc giver.
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needle machines — thc Pathephone, through
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you music through a pcrmunent polished
sapphire ball — uu needles to chungo and
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List your bouse with the Cranhrook
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«■■■■ I'liurstlay, December IN, Ittlll
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Patronize - Home - Merchants
The complaint Is general throughout mining sections that the work
oi' mining aud developmeul has been
hard hit by the cold spell and In
many instances mines have shut up
shooon and may not resume until the
early Spring. The cold snap has been
general and the reports from the
Northern sections especially are dls-
ccouraglng as to tho likelihood of
anything being done of cousequence
beforo Spring.
Silver miners especially notice the
handicap, for they were pushing mat-
tors lu an effort to get out the fullest prodduccton.
Will (Jet Active ou Copper
Property (lose to Princeton
Fred F. Foster, president and manager of the Princeton Mining & Development Company, urrlvcd at Princeton recently and Is .preparing to
resume active work on the company's
property, which is situated about four
miles down the Sinillknmoen river
from Princeton. He has ordered a
carload of lumber from the sawmill
at Allenby for the erection of a bunk-
house. It* x .12 feet in size, Early In
spring a com pressor and boiler Is
to be installed, after which mining
will he carried on with machine
drills. Work done so far has proven
this to be an excellent property, and
ihe   carload   of   copper   ore   shipped
'   WRITE To-Day
For GUIDE Mot 7*
rUS SumtM. Shippmi
T--KI, Price* on Hioit
1 and Funs, «nd other
vnlu»We inforin*!i<-n.
(KitttlhhtJ tsm        mm-KAFou*. Minn.
ItEPATOLA removesOnll Stones
rdrrects Appendicitis In 34 hours
without pain, Registered under
I'urc- rood nnd Drug Aci. |6.00
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Mils.   GEO,   S.   ALMAS
Ilex lli;:i m Ith Ave. g.
Nii-.kut.MU., S»«k.
PRIDE ot> thi. wist
KNITTKIl «0008
llilll-h-t elunihhi.MHilc
lluv nt Home
Mnrlui).    Smith,     lilulr   A   C
\imeuimr, H.C.
Konttiltfty <« ran lie A Mnn-
iiiiicmIhI fn., Mil.
(icueral Sione Contractors and
Monumental Works
ritint Si.. NelMin    P.O. box MbV
I lust summer gave very satisfactory
i results. This property was located
j and held for several years by Col.
, Robert Stevenson. It was then
I known as the Copper Farm Group.
Placer Mines of Cariboo
Contain Much Rich Oore
Tho Ashcroft Jounral, says;
"All the gold has not been taken
out of tho Cariboo. Millions of dollars were mined at the time of the
lirst gold ruch, but at that time only
the surface of the ground was disturbed und a thin veneer removed.
Facilities for mining in those days
were uot so efficient as they are today, aud transportation form one
part of the Province to the other was
ono of the greatest drawbacks to
mining on n large scale. Today
rau-sporution facilities are not yet
what they might be In the north,
but the advent of he I*. O.. E. will
ameliorate this condition in the Carl-
boo to a groat extent.
"But the richest pay dirt was in
the vicinity of Harkorvllle. which is
still many miles away from the toot
of the iron horse; but then, the proximity of thc railway nt Quesncl brings
Barkersville nnd vicinity within i ;
touching distance of civilization ond
the means of getting adequate equipment for mining on a large scale,,
and then the miner will penetrate
far below tho surface, where the real
deposits are supposed to Up a hiding.
'•The richest creeks In the Cariboo
in the catty days were Antler, Lightning uud Keathlay. all tributaries of
the Frosor river. Tlie names of those
■reek-; have long since been world
renowned But according to "Doc"
English, of Ashcroft. who visited
Cariboo tn the early sixties, nud who
,'iciii about three yenrs in that Vicinity, the great bbulk of he gold deposit! i>f those crocks is still untouched.
Hoc never was a miner but he has
watched tli miner.-- mine and he could
give them pointers Pehaps he did
but his advice was not taken in the
early days, perhaps because it was'
Impracticable, and that is tha reason
much of the gold Ih still lying in
the Cariboo unmolested.
"It remained for tho miners of the
present day to grusp the situation*
or to have the facilities to cope with;
It, for thc rich deposits lie away,
"Mr, Knglisli hus not been in Carl-
boo tor fifty years, bui lie remembers
the conditions well, and lias nlwaysj
maintained that Maloncy flat, in the
vicinity of Antler crook, would one
day prove  the rlchosl   mine in  thel
"In Hii1- v.-iy location some very
rich locations are reported to havo
been  discovered  recently by a  party
consisting ot Tommy Hums, the atlf«
latO ami others.    And it  Is a colncl-,
donco thai Tommy Burns should havo
tor had sized up forthersoec- mfw
located tho exact spot that the doctor had sized up fifty years ago as
UlO most likely .proposition In tho
"It has always heen the opinion of]
geologists and englneerf that the sue-1
cessfnl tenure of the raining industry,
in Northen British Columbia must depend upon the development of primary ores of comparllively low metal
| i en ii re.
"Due to heavy glaciatlon most ot,
lhe oxidized portions of the outcropping ore bodies havo been removed,
tho same can besald of the surface-
enriched soues, as few ore bodies on
the north coast on development, show
definite evidences of surface enrich-
"The recent discovery of extensive
oro bodies carrying minerals that are
unquestionably of secondary orlgiu
establishes a reversal of the conditions thought to exist, as well ns a
change in the oplnon of mining en-
gineors regarding the types of ore to '
be encountered in the district
"Prospecting for minerals tu north-
orn latitudes hus never been carried
on as enthusiastically as in tho districts farther south, such as California. Arizona and Mexico, due to
the lack of rich surface ores, In
theso southern climates no glacial ■'
erosion occurred at tho t Into t he »
northern jiortion of the hemisphere
was enveloped in ice, which left that
area free in the processes of oxidation and subsequent enrichment.
Tbls producer many rich surface ores
whicli were eagerly sought for by the
prospector, and when found could
I easily be turned to his credit,
I "The northern prospector generally
I had low-grade ore to deal with, tlie
j development of which usually entail- j
ed much capital, unless specially favored by location or other .physical \
"The discovery of rich surface ores
in the Stewart district has so stimu-'
lated prospecting that tlie final re- j
suits to the prospector, mine oper- j
ator and the Province should be manifold, and such discoveries should be|
an Incentive to the further examina- j
tion of other districts, and the uncovering of new ore bodies."
Outlining the geological features of
the Salmon Hlver section Mr. Campbell stated:
"Provided a substantial tonnage of
ore Is developed, the district offers
no obstruction to successful mine
equipment and development. The
mineral area is from 12 to 20 miles
from thc tidewater, and no real difficulties to railway consructlon exist.
For an elevaton up to 2,000 feet, the
hills are densely wooded with a good
quality of spruce, hemlock and cedur.
Many thousand horse-power continuous throughout the year, could be
developed from Cascade creek, which
flows across thc mineral area.
"This district should prove of great
coring profession affords'
Will Vn Out New Process
On Ores nf California Mine
Mr John it. Cassln, president of
the California Mining Company statu
thai the process by which tlie ore of
the Calif orn ill Mine, situated near
Nelson, B, C, is to be treated, has
been decided, and thai the necessary
now machinery; will be ordered. Experiments' with the iiold-silver nre ol
this property carried nn al the Athabasca Mill provided the basis on
which the process was determined.
Ai present the mill, wHiIch was built
to treat Athabasca Mine ore, is purely
a stamp milt. To the in stamps will
be added a ball mill which will bo
used for primary grading and will
operate in close circuit with the
classifcr. The product will pass over
tho Semi amalgamating tables and
finally will be treated by oil flotation.
Theexperlments Indicate that, ito per
cent of tho values may bo recovered
by the treatment outlined. No extension of ihe mill buildings will be required. The capacity of 26 to i!0 tons
may ho increased by pulling In additional grinders and tables, as lhe output may neesessltnte.
len to the Dominions and Colonies by-
tlie Governmeni of Qroat Britain In
' so fur as tho purchasing of raw and
manufactured material Is concerned,
and that the Government Impress upon the Government of Great  Britain
' tin* importance and imperative need
of a preference being given to the Dominions and the Colonies in purchasing goods, which , if consummated
would be the means of bringing ahout j
■ a more favorable balance of trade in
Canada's favor, thereby increasing
the volume of trade within  the Em-
. plre.
Belmont Surf Inlet Mine
Is Improving Conditions
The Belmont Surf Inlet Mines. Ltd.,
operating one of the largest gold producing properties In British Columbia, ts reported to be improving work-
in*: conditions al their camp. A model little town is being built, homes
and public buildings all being equipped with electric light, steam heat-
Ing and running water. There Is a
tine modem club holel. as well as
chnrchos, post ofllce and school, The
mine output Is shipped to the Tacoma
Smelter. Surf Inlet Is one of the
most prosperous and wealthy mining camps of Ihe north.
S|H,ndard Silver-Lead Mine
niNfovers Sew Ore Body
"The presence of a new ore shoot,
developed recently, begins to show in,
, the October report of the Standard
Silver-Load Mining Company, which
indicates a relative operating gain of
i $1*1,8.12.
I    "Tho oro body is .too feet long and
| 12 feet wide, and lies between the
fifth aim seventh tunnel levels. It
contains an average of 14 per cent
Zinc and ii por cent loud, but a higher'
percentage of lend was appearing at:
an ond of a stopo a week ago, according t» ;• report, from Silverton."
Protect your valuables by renting
a Safety Deposit llox at neale & El-
EPT secret
and special
and personal for
you is
in its air-tisht
sealed  package.
A goody that is
worthy of your
lasting regard
because of its
lasting quality.
j attraction to the engineer. The ore
| ic complex, and will require skill in
j its treatment. The rich ore enn be
! smelted direct, but the low-grade of-
i fers a broad field for the exercise ot
! the greatest Ingenuity that the engln-
I'rginu Government to Ghe
Preference to B. C. Zinc
Some indication Is expressed in
British Columbia, mining circles because of the reports thai deal Britain has been an inquirer In the 1'iiitod
States for large quantities of zinc,
when difficulty is being experienced
in the moving of Canadian zinc for
want of a market
Mr. F. A. Starkey, commissioner of
the Associated Hoards of Trade for
Eastern British Columbia, hus taken
the matter up with -Sir Robert Borden, urging that a preference be glv-
kT-*>■ -vlw *■ ■d\i '
I'lioni- Lift
Nnrlmrj Ait-, nnt In ('II; Hill
Tilt; Shot' Specialist
.Mil-: -lAHAl'Oni
ttatliheUiin fluimlMil
■(■'tiiquarivri for all kind* of
* monthly
Hlt'lldtl,, for HI! I ,-m ,1,- C j.hiiil.   f.', a Iiu,,
.,„ uu,.- i.ir til), in tinii' More,   iiiiil,.! tonny
-iililnM, ,| rt-,\ij,t, I |, it-   Yin; S.„nt:u. IIHl'o
if'»r Nerve nml |iffllntlncftni,w"jn'cy tnnttet ;
.nTmin   will hiildyotiup. >ui box, or two for
15. n t ,i i im i.i.i--, ol tiy I'm il* hi t '..-*■ i j ■ t nt piiip
ittH •....(U.kl.l. llHt'u CO., Bt k-allulUlM, OllUl.W
Anyox Mining Men Mors
Big Future fur Slweart
For the past year no part of Brlt-i
i.'h Columbia has demanded more in-
teres( from a prospective mineral
producing standpoint than tbat tributary of Stewart. Ahout ten years
ago this .place was the centre of a
noted mining boom, and, ntthough nt
that time several properties of decided merit wore found, the district was
more or less discredited by the fool-
oxploitntlon of of a few properties of
questionable value.
Mr. K. K. Campbell, mine superintendent at Anyox, declares tlto Stewart district to bo a Hold tn which results to the prospector, mine operator and tho Province in generul
should bo manifold. In nn address
boforn tho Mining Institute at Vancouver recently, Mr. Campbell said:
Notice is hereby given that un up-1
plication  will be made to the Legls-
; latlve Assembly or tlte Province of |
i llrltlsh Columbia at the next session |
j on behalf of the AsaJcHtion of Pro-1
fossional Engineers of British Colum-
j hia for a Private Bill to Incorporate I
i tho said A.-.-Ociatton, the '-aid bill to!
ACT  for the purposes of governing!
and regulating the practice of Civil,'
Mining, Mctulurglcal, Mechanical and.
Chemical  Engineering in  tho Prov-
i In CO ot British Columbia, and the qual-'
ifirution, examination aud registration!
of Intending .practionors. lhe discipline of its members and for the acquiring of real and personal property
and the disposal of the same and for
the   general management of the Association.
DATED at the City of Vancouver,
B. C, this 5th dny of December, A. D.,
Of the firm of Pattullo £ Tobln,
Solicitors for the Applicants.    |
18-12-6t !
(Section 24).
IN THE MATTER of Lot 14, Block 7
Lot It, Block 11, Town of Kimberley,'
Map 664, Kootenay District.
Proof having een filed In my ofllce J
of the loss of Certificate of Title No.
.!4tI7K. to the nove mentioned lands j
in the name of Robert S. I-ennle, and
bearing   date  the   26th  May,  1900,  I:
hereby give notice of my intention nt
the expiration of one calender month
from the first publication hereof to
issue to the said Robert S. Lennie a
I fresh Certificate of Title in lieu of
such lost Certificate. Any person having any information with reference to
such  lost Certificate of Title Is requested to communicate with the undersigned.
Dated at the Uind Registry Office,
Nelson, B.C., this third day of December. 1S19.
District  Registrar of Titles
Date Of first publication. Thursday-
llth day of December. 1919.
Three flavours
to suit all tastes.
Be SURE to get
Sealed Tight
Kept Right
Flavour Lasts
i !=3 !-^3lJj= = -~ -S -*-:*--- \xzr~~
Rev  Hugh McKay Lyon   Minister
11 a m.    Divine Service
12 noon    Sabbath School
7.30 p m Evening Service
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canadft Limited
Officos. Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of fiold, Sllrer, Copper and Lend Ores
Producer* of (h.IiI, Silver, Copper, Milestone, IMir Lend und
Zinc "TADANAC" Brand.
Application for permits to graze
1 livestock on the Crown range within
each grazing district of the Province
of British Columbia must bo filed with
the District Forester nt Cranbrook,
Ft. George. Kamloops. Nelson. Prlnee
Rupert, Vancouver ami Vernon or'
with the Commissioner <>f Grazing.
Parliament Buildings. Victoria. B. C,
on or before February 29lll, 1920.
BlanK forms upon which to submit'
applications mny bo obtained from the
District Foresters at tho above named;
places or from the Department of
! I.unds nt Victoria, B.C.
. d. R. NADEN,    I
Deputy Minister nf Land;*,
| Department of l.ands,
Victoria, fi. C,
Dec. nth, 1919. 13-11-41
Hi-l-uli Wort Solicited.    Price- li,a-„i,ui,i,
Agent- fur
The Studebaker
i.k.ht ion:
If e n n side ring linjlng a car call on ns.   If JOB hnte a llttht ear ire
nil) ink*- It on part payment at a fMMDftble price.
iiii:   c ii A mi itook   iii: it a mi
Thursday, Decemlior IK, llil.l
Tlie Crime of Wales cap-
lured ttie hearts of tbe people
of tbe I'nMed Stales just as
be did the hearts of tbe Canadian*'-. Enthusiastic receptions greeted him everywhere
he went, In Washington be
made a profound impression
amongst American statesmen.
tux! iu thui capital as well as
In all the other cities visited
the Prince was idolized by the
people, who were glad to
learn that an English Prince
ran be as democratic as the
humblest ot his countrymen.
The Prince" wan made a freeman of New York city. When
leaving there he promised to
nee tbe United States soon
agaiu. The visit just completed will no doubt arid to
the friendly relations that
.'iclsi between the British Empire ami ibi- great American
Republic. .   _. -
With tbe eyes of the world concentrated on that all important area
known as "The Western Front",
the arena of thc greatest crusade in
the worlds history, the progress of
Urea i Britain's I esser campaigns
have passed aluiu.^t unnoticed. Yet
the successful occupation of Mesopotamia wau the termination of all
Oormnny's hopes in the fciaat; and
in nn other area of the war has
Bi Itisb prestige suffered greater
vicissitudes, With the surrender of
tbat ill-fated hand of heroes under
General Towushend our prestige in
our vast Eastern possessions war, at
im lowest, and to no instance has
it been more brilliantly upheld than
in the subsequent route of the Turks
ami the British occupation of all
that vasl territory. No other campaign has rxemplifleri with greater
clarity the pertinacity of British
troop**! iu llu* face of almost unsur-
mountablc difficulties; no other campaign in proportion has placed a
lilgger loll on tbe lives, health and
reason of the Umpire's defenders.
Jt ts not my purpose ln this short
article    to    describe    the    military
operations  in  detail,  these are already, or will in time he adequately
recorded iu literature.    I can. how -
, ever, try to visualize to all who live
1 under thp protection of the British
flag the untiling and  heroic efforts
which   have   been   made to reduce
these     vast     deserts    peopled    by
I nomadic    and    often    recalcitrant
| tribes io tome, semblance   of   law
| and   order,     The   rise   and   fall   of
civilization In thin country has lieen
ntfecteil more than uuy other by tbe
energy  or  the  Ulster faire of its
various conquerors,   of   which    the
British occupation Is the addition oi
bin one more to a list  which comprises all   the  preceding    Empires
which ate recorded in history,   hike
n-page from the history of the great
Alexander's triumphant wars In the
East,   tbe   British   occupation   has
been  marked hy tin* same remorse-
less fights ugajn.-i  the enemy, lho
continual    depretiaiions of  nomads
on its lung line ot march, the un*
reusing   toll on th    lives of   brave
men  by r-iccsslv-* lieai  and lack  of
water  and .transport, and  the wantage of every   scourge   and   disease
that   the  flesh  nf  man  is  heir  lo.
Following In the wake of om  ills-
case   strick.'ii   emaciated bill, victorious troops, have som* tbe fust
inculcalors <»r llrltlsh rule Intrepid
I missionaries   ol    British   la*   and
order.    At-the call  of duty, these
j men—than whom none are braver—
I hnvc carried the initial propagondn
the Empire's political policy inio
| the vniftn esses  of  tlie  desert; here
ilTiJnt; iiu* allegiance of mm wan-
ring Irlhe, there being foully nun-
red and Uls body subjected lo all
j the    Indecencies    which    religious
| fanaticism can  prescribe-    ■' la In
' p/e byways nr ihe w.orhl (lint lhe
npire puis lis p,,'.it.-j.i tLot on the
| loyaltv of us subjects,
Imlf-wsj !-
of the Far
A contrast of the conditions in
Baghdad tinder Turkish and British
rule is in Itself a conclusive testimony to the beneficial results which
have accrued io the population of
this town liuder our regime. .Needless to say the Baghdad of today is
very different to the same city in
the tlmo of the Great Caliph. It
has tbat worn and dissipated look
which Is sometimes seen in
who after a prosperous youth and
prime middle-age drags out his remaining years in poverty and make-
believe, Any romance whieh
have existed among its delapidatlons,
lhe rigors ol martial law have successfully exterminated. The Bazaars, at one time the richest in the
East, consist now of long gloomy
alleys of Ihere holes in the walls,
punctuated by gups of brilliant light
where tbe roofs have iallen In; these
spaces only serving to accentuate
the tawdrineRs of the wares and the
filth of thc merchants. Handicrafts
are confined to the crudest only of
workmanship, a sufficient indication
of the centuries ot poverty which
by a miracle the place has been
able to survive.
At the taking of the city the
■street bazaars, houses and people
were In an apalllng condition loo
loathsome to describe. lt is remarkable that any-one who entered
a Turkish hospital over left it alive,
for on our arrival the patients were
slowly being devoured by parasites
in the most obnoxious atmosphere
ami filth It i.s possible to imagine.
Conditions in this last respect, are so
entirely different now, that 1 can
truthfully say thai with a few
reservations the hospitals of this
lown ran compare very favorably
with our home institutions. Tbe
streets and banners are now clean,
wholesome, ami moderately passable.
.There are*special sanitary police, who
attend lo and prevent the necessity for scavenging, a condition very
different to affairs under the regime
of tbo Turks, when the streets were
tiif receptable for nil rubbish and
the scavenging left to dogs and
crows. Since our arrival the main
streets, principal houses, hospitals
and public buddings are lit through-
niii by eleclrlclt) and furnished with
electric r.ms for the first time in
thi li  ion: and verted history.
This nren of Mesopotamia, wlilob
unriei an .-id system of Irrigation
long Mm •■ dei im,.i'.i. enjoyi
prosperity and ranked as the greal
est Brain producing country of III
llu ii i.nmvji world Is with tin* com
pletlon lo British • nglneers of in
dam across ti
Get Behind the Women's Auxiliary Q. W. V. A.
and Provide a Merry Xmas for Soldiers Kiddies
L Thursday, December IS, 19111
T HE    (' 11 A M» It 0 0 K    II I. It A I, II
I' A U i:  s k v i; N
V -vV-      *-—wfri-IV
It Is Getting Nearer to Xmas
(Continued from Pi
constitutes a good citizen." hi
"was the man who gives his t
community work for us a ru
burden generally falls upon a
Mr. Howard, he said, was alwa;
of that number—always to the
lor things thai would make f
betterment of the community, lit
ed by extending his best withes for the
spotted trom the depths of his heart
tf aay goodbye. Cranbrook waa
nol :i place where he hiid slopped; ll
was a   place   whore  he  had  had  a
 ■, home.   He hoped some time in the fu-
said, tare to holiday here and said farewell
ne toj and extended slncereat thanks to,
• the' those present for the many nice!
few," things said of .Mrs. Howard and him-
s oik- self. He appreciated the courtesies
trout shown him while :i rodent here; he
r tiie loved this country.
Clos- Toastmaster Ucaltie said the only
crtlcism he had to offer of tiie bank-
The Stomach Begins
And the nearer It net
Conie In  and  lei
the hnrder It   seems  t"  decide  on   your Bli'ts.
s  hel|>  yon.
ximiH Perfumes,
I'erfunie Atomizers,
Ebony Tollot Ail Ides.
French ivory Toilet Artlel
Fancy Work Baskets,
Fancy China,
Cut (llnRR,
llrass Goods,
F.lei-trlc 1-amps,
■ e'lrinn'a Chocolates,
Waterman Fountain Pens
Everaharp Pencils,
Thermos llotlles.
Thermos Kits,
Smoker Heis,
Tobacco Jars,
Flash Lights,
Safely Razors,
Shaving Brushes,
Edison Phonographs.
Minne 74 Might Phone 204
□»,<ywn  i<lfti» irjftn  iHftt)
q dep&rtlag
und  suid
be w-alke
future wr-lfar,- ot Ul
er mid  his  family
brook's  loss   v.-ould
On behalf or iiu- employees ,
1 0. P It. .Mr I l'\ Qutaonl »'«
j.nejct   speaker     He   was  aware
many of ibe employeea of tlie i
1 bud  business  relations   will,   til
parting bunker, us well us nun
bank- lug system of Canada
Cran*  bank
r tbe
■ the
•   lie*
y la*
bor organisations and tlu
hud always been |)leasan
been associated wltll Mr.
community work snd hi
had been mosl pleasant
nt tin- cmployeei ho wi h
ml Ills family sm
and  happiness   in
Ir dealings
He had
Howard in
■ relations
On behalf j
■ti Mr   Ho-
cess,   goodj
thler   new ;
lu- i
unies of
rtli.  the
bo Am*
msi\\ftM iiH/hsm >>   ti\/*s*,all}frSe*stymtei}frm,,l\frS*eeiyfrM,isl*Q
A shipment ol' Choice Alberta Grain Fed Cattle for
onr Christmas trade. Direct from the Alberta Mve
Stock Show.
And prices for this choice
ment remain the same—as
low as of late.
The choicest  line of  Fine.
Fat birds to be had anywhere
Phono &
Nnrlmry Avenue
On Thursday night, the llth, the
"Whiz-Bangs" of the ladies* bowling
league took three points from the
j "Ace", Mrs. A. f*. Shankland rolling
high scores tor the winners, while
Mrs. M. I*. Howard roled high for the
■ "Ace."
Again  un   Tuesday  afternoon,  the
10th, tho "Ace" played the "Snipers"
the "Ace" winning 3 to 1.   Miss Dor-
' othy Mackey rolled high for the "Snl-
■ pers" and Mrs. M, I-. Howard for the
Tht Ladies' Auxiliary of the G.W.V.
; A, nro giving lhe soldiers' kiddles a
Christmas tree and arc seeking ns-
. si stance In donations from those who
i feci kindly disposed towards the un-
I dertaklug.   Anyone wishing to assist
can send donations to the Secretary-
Post  Ofllcfl Itox 7i!7.
When toMlmttBtor Bt
the toast, "The Ca
1th whicb in- eoupletl
Mujor   !licks  and   A.
&UggOStion   was tin-  u.i
i burst of applause win
dubbed  tne great  fig
I Canadn     sent     Overs..
1 greatest fighting mnchim
j orican  contlno
t    Major Hleka, briefly recounting his
! experiences and acquiescing In what
the tonstmaater hnd snld. told of his
residence in this section! ho had had
some experience In converting civilians into lighting men., he said. He-
sides having the ability to destroy and cent years to the good service of Mr.!
kill au army must possess other -iiinl- Howard. Ihis patron of the Imperial'
itlos—one of these wns to piny a part B«nk, saying hud Mr. Howard been1
in reconstruction Hero Is where their hero four years before his arlval he;
manhood must he shown. Ho had would havo boon hottor 'off financially
seen sufllelonl atrocities on the part of hnd he followed the advice, given lllm.
the Germans to feel the term "Hun," Many were the compliments he lind
as applied to the whole lloche army beard from customers of the ltnper-
TO LET—Two furnished rooms. Apply seven o'clock p.m., 115 Armstrong avenue. 11-12-lt
New Clothes for Old
i *      Daltoti Avonuo. or llox 981, Fernie
Semi  us jdiir garments t»  bo t'leaned. Hjed  en
Pressed and save the |irlee uf lien. i
Cranbrook Gleaners * Dyers,
( V.  «'.   WILMS,   JUmMtiT
! 1
Foremost Cleaners and Dyers of ETcrythlng
Plume I'm CltAMlItOOK, II. I. Boa J2    '
n^>H»H)|^ m*t\' es*Al>< *tto..mtfa.mtl\,mswtfrsmw*tGt
WANTED—'Gentleman wants eonifort-
ablo room. (close inl. in private
family, with use nf bath. Address
II. Herald office. ll-2.-rit
ll   C.
Udlei' silk twists, Gowni, Klnionni, Pane) Iimi-Hter*
chief-. Iliinil I'alnlcil (hlnaviurc. Tallica, I luilr*. Hii-kcK
All   Hindu   of   I liini'-c   ami   Ju|>h<i.,-<>   linnd.   Ini|iiir|pil    Direct.
Iiu rick Avonuo, at roar of Metlmillut Church
j@S^i5^i^i:.n|jC^.K::,':ii.,.''i'i un:; i-.:.;? (-"..fit ": !-i'.1 :'•?; '■ ■-"■! ':':"':' ^'■•■■'- '-^•-^^■""^-■'''■^■'■-^•^^
iWrrtjoUtst Cljuiti)
When   In   Spokane   Make
It the
The lintel Wllh a Personality.
11.10 P. M.—Divine Worship.
Prenelteri BEV. II. Vi. I.EE
Ymi are Invited
Phone No. 409
Oranbrook.   .    .    . B. ('.
wus, that the
hunk managers were not permitted
to remain longer in a town. He railed upon Messrs, Hallamore, manager
of tin- Canadian Hank of Commerce
uud Manager Robertson, uf the Royal
Rank to respond to the toast: "The
Banking Interests ol Cauadu."
Mr Hallamore said lie waa pleased
and wrry too, that Mr. Howard was
abonl to depart from Cranbrook; he
bnd been a competitor of the departing banker in tho Held here, but Mr.
Howard was n mnn who had always
played ihe game. Ho hoped ihe story
told by Mr. Spreull on Mr. Howard ol
u receni game of sol!' would not get to
U'iilkiTvill.' abend of him—It would
work a hardship on him when lie participated in the Bporta there. Mr. Hallamoro extended his best wishes for
Mr. Howard's success nt Walkervllle.
Manager Robcrteon. of the Royal
Bank explained how the reserve operations of iiu* bantu worked out and
as a hanker defended tlie banks from
the charges made some times** that
the hanks were profiteers. The difference between the Interest rate paid
hy tlif hanks and the rate for loans,
liter expenses ,'ere deducted showed
the hanks were operating on a very
narrow margin: they, loo. bad their
trltilfi and tribulations along with other buslpdsHes. lie told of n citizen '•
who had attributed his success In re-i
digestion, but mo most important
work is done by the bowels, liver and
kidneys, Failure of these to, act
efficiently allows the whole body to
be poisoned,
BEECHAM'S PILLS do more than
produce bowel movement. Liver,skin
and kidneys are influenced to more
active effort with resulting increased
effect.   It is always safe to take
Beecham's Pills
SoM e»ery<w..«re ;-> C«n*d«.
In bo
YL ,Ma7Ticj_r°''d /«"Tho Hoodlum"
Who will He Seep at ihe Hex Theatre, December 91*&,
during the war wa;*. Justified; many of
tho German people were good citizens
but ns a nation Germany had shown
herself In the war to be most barbarous. Nothing of tbis sort could be
said of the Canadians—tboy bad played tbo gnino, (Applausol. lie considered it an honor to huve heen a pnrt | nes
of Canadn'-* fighting machine,   Major'.! «
lal for the dopnitltig hanker. Mr.
Robertson foil .Mr. Howard's departure would he a loss to the city.
M6srs. Kink ami Little were called
upon  to respond  to the  toast:   "The
retail merchants position iu the bnsi-
reiail Tiirohnnl's position in the bust*
world to day was not as rosy as
s supposed liy many to hn ,   He
Hicks hoped the actual fighting was  spoke  in   tlu
over; ir Germany does not keep faith | Howard us a
with the Allies the British will only  relation*
have to  mobilize one of hor  fleets, ant, the
highest terms of Mr.
ts it bunker; their business
had alwns been very pleas-
treatment accorded him by
possibly a portion of her fleet to
bring her to time: there would not be
nny necessity for further land fighting. He had found it a pleasure to
work with Mr. Howard during the recent Victory Loan campaign; Mr. Howard was a strenuous worker and he
wished him abi.pdunt success in his.
new field f}i labors,
Mr. Anhworth, accountn.il at the
Imperial l-.ink. who likewise seen
overseas service, concurred in all Major Hicks had said, he was but a private but he was glad to have heen
a part of the army, He thought the
chief objective of them- who had taken
part in the war should be, in tlie ftt-
tur, to try and do as well in the work
of reconstruction as they did in aiding in the conduct or thc war. (Applause), Mr, Ashworth spoke of his
chief in tlie highest terms and joined
in wishing him success wherever he
Possibly the most prolonged applause followed tlie rendition of a
vocal solo by Mr. B. T. Cooper, who
was called to ihe piano by Toast-
master Beattie.
"Our Guest, " wan the toasl which
fell to the lot of Mr. M. A. Beale,
who said all the ex;treasons of regret
extended by the previous sneakers, he
knew, were from the hedTt. He wanted to say something of his impressions of Mr. Howard as a bunker. Mr.
Howurd's personality and even temper bore him in good stead »s a
banker. The speaker said he had en-
Joyed an auto trip of three weeks
with the banker at the end of which
time, after sharing a tent with him
during the trip they had been the
best of friends-a pood recommendation. Mrs. Howard had endeared herself to many and he regretted to see
them go, und he knew that there
were many others who would join
with blm In these expressions, and be
very sorry to nee them depart, lie-
fore closing Mr. Bealo presented Mr.
Hovferd with the marmIflcient ball
dock, carving set. and the coffee urn
for Mrs. Howard, the hall clock,
which had been secreted nt one end of
the ball, being uncovered to the view
of the recipient by Toostmaster Boat-
tie. Considerable applause followed
Mr. Bottle's complimentary reforuce
to Mr. and Mrs. Howard. Mr. Howard
being copletely tnk-m off bis feet and
outwardly showing he fully appreciated the tokens of esteem.
When Mr. Howard rose to speak
he was greeted with prolonged applause and all song: "Kor He's a
Jolly Good Fellow." He i:ald that he
felt he occupied a position of great
honor; be knew some arrangements
were being taken to give blm a farewell but the program was one for
which It was difficult for him to find
words with which io express his deepest appreciation. He had thought of
somo things he would say during the
evening, but It was beyond him to
recall them—they bad evaporated
completely, lie lecounted his experiences nnd the plensure he had had
since coming to Cranbrnnk. He hnd
enjoyed the nports offored and re-
Mr. Howard had made him feel be
wns a partner In the Imperial Bank.!
He said Mrs. Howard's departure
would likewise, be regretted by many,
for she was au excellent woman. "A
good woman in a community at work,
overtops the WOj'k of any map." BUg-'
gosted i he speaker. He hoped Mr.
Howard would come back to Cranhrook and sis best wishes for the success of the banker aud good health
aim happiness of the entire family
waa his hope.
I    Mr. Little said be had enjoyed the
i business relations had with the depart ing   manager   of   the   Imperial,!
i and regretted tu see blm leave.    He!
; hoped when Mr, Howard got to Walk-1
ervllte he w-oilld not forget his friends
here.   (Applause).
Messrs, McPhee, Hogarth und Lyons
, Were assigned the toast: "Sports."
.Mr. McPhee appreciated thc pleasure
ot heing among those present to say
fnrewoll to Mr. Howard, although his
I regret at seeing him leave was very,
' deeply felt, he desired to take the
opportunity to extend to Mr, Howard
and his family his best wishes for
ia safe journey and success In their;
i new place of residence. He recount-;
ed some of the pleasant experiences!
; Ite had had in the enjoyment of curling with  Mr.  Howard, and of their!
' trip to Pernie when his rink on which
Mr. Howard was curling annexed Lhe,
Welshman cup from the Pernie rock;
!    Mr. Hogarth had always had a very'
| pleasant   time  with  Mr.  Howard  In,
I sports, and ndvauced the opinion that,
lio man could beat Mr. Howard us a
banker. He hoped Mr, Howard's successor would "make as good as Mr.
' Hev Lyon -*aih Mr. Howard was one
man. who. in hi Judgement, had done
great good for ''ranbrook He said
,t man's nblllty was not lirafted to
tlte position he occupies; that he had
learned to know Mr, Howard ae a
man with a hig heart and a will. He
was sorry Mr Howard was leaving!
It was a i<-s- i • Cranbrook; it was an
111 day to lose n man of Mr. Howard's
callbor. God Bpeed and success was
the reverend gentlemae's best wish.
"The Learned Profession" was assigned Messrs. Harrison. Green and
MacKinnon. Uev, Harrison's address
was puctnoted with many incidents of
a pleasant nature be had experienced
through enjoying the acquaintance of
Mr. Howard; Mr. Howard bad given
hlmsolf and Mrs. Harrison a warm
welcome when they came to this city.
On behalf of himself and bis wife he!
expressed rogret at the departuro of
the Howard family Kev. Harrison
sdia parsons had little to do with
hanks, so he could not advance any
compliments Wong 'those lines re*
gnrdfng Hie departing banker. He'
said parsons hud llllo to do with
the departure of Mr. Howard.
Hr. Green said Jh* had recalled that
the greatest number of hunqucts glv-
on since he came to Cranbrook was to
hank malingers; some people go because the police ask them to, while)
others depart of tbelr own tree will,
without sayinfi good bye. (Applause),
lie regretted the call had been sent
out for Mr. Howard to go. and joined
In thee expressions of regret at hi***
Dr. MacKinnon said it was now u
settled fad as to which of the firm
of Green and MacKinnon "peddled the
hol air." Ho concurred In all the
nice iliingn that had heen .-aid about
Mr. Howard -*--d wished him good
luck and the fullest measure ol prosperity in tlieir new home.
"Tlto Press" was assigned to Will
'A. tilletson, nf the Herald, the editor
expressed regret over the departure
ot Mr. Howard and tellinc of the
many complemnts he bad heard paid
the hanker by citizens and business
men. 41o thought many of the rtings
at the hank.*, wore not Justified and
recited an iurident where a young
mnn who had Lien such a critic of the
blinkers and bad later become a manager had been declared by his friends
as being "the hardest t el low to do
business with or from whom to get an
accommodation they had ever been
up against." He --au. that bank manager was on 'he inside looking out
The editor wa.- oleased however.
that the newspaper fraternity had not
been termed "robber barons." This
could not honestly be said of them.
Messrs. i-;. a Hill and Walllnger
wore aslgned the toast "The I^die?.'
both blushing like a bride when they
arose to speak, but they handled the
subject admirably. Mr. Walllnger said
without the ladle? any phvcp would V*
a poor place in which to live. He
hoped Mr. Howard would be abb* at
some future time to return here if
only for a visit. Mr. Hill outlined
the part the ladies had played in tiie
conduct of he war; they had been a
most important factor: he thought the
whole world of them. Tin many good
things said of Mr. Howard had made
Mr. Hill regret he had not been a
customer of the Imperial bank. Mr.
Hill Joined with all in the expressions
of regret al Mr. Howard's departure
and wished the Howard family good
health and no end of ,vappine-s in
their new home.
Toostmaster Beattie called for
"Auld Lang Syne" which was sung
with a win, the guests Joining hands
and putting the finishing touches on
a most enjoyable evening.
Mr. Howard has been a resident of
Cranbrook tor about four years, having succeeeded to the management of
the ImiK-rlal bank formerly held by
Manager Supple, now in Calgary.
Those present were-     Toutmaster
Beattie, Mr Howard, M \ Beale, E T
Cooper, * J Little, Dr, P U Miles.
T M Roberts, W. t; Goddard, A,
Ashworth, 1. Baxter, Robert Taylor,
r H Detail, Sltucn Taylor, H McPhee. Daniel Gllory, T. Stewart, Mr.
Noble,   tt    Willis.   K    A    Hill,   A    K
Watts, J. P, Pink. Rer. ll M, Lyon,
'" s Maharg, Major Hfclis, George
Hogarth, A. A. MacKinnon. J P
Oulmont, Will a. Ellelaon, ll. White.
r s Maharg Majoi Hicks, George
A. Cock, Kev. Harrison. Mr. Hichard-
son, In- Green and MacKinnon, Ro-
bert and Martin McCreery.
Accompanying the gifts to Mr and
Mrs. Howard from their friends in
("ranbrook was the following beauti-
*illy engrossed document, containing thc names of those who were
•anie- to the presentation:
Mr, II. }.. Hi.«an.. from the following
in tbe Cranbrook Dlstrlcl
Dr. F. \V. Green
J. Aicnison
Will a. Elletson
P Attrlcilt
B, Matson
.1   Barre--
Dr  P. B. .Miles
K. 0, Montgomery
A. Ueak
A. A. MacKinnon
E   Be&t'.i,-
P. M. MacPherson
C. W. Hallamoro
V.'. -Surge-*
J. U Mi Bride
il  (arlin
J. B. Henderson
B. farter
1 . 1). McNabb
E. H. Mil':.,-•
A   P. Noble
A. Cock
K. Patterson
T. Cooper
0. W. Patmore
Jas T. Laldlaw
F. Doran
Itev 11. M. Lyon
T. M. Roberts
**, MattarK
.1. M. Robertson
P. Fink
Dr J 1. Rutledge
C 0. Staple,
IJ. Gilroy
G. J. Spreull   •
il. Goddard
1.  P. Sullivan
S. Taylor
F. Guimont
R. J. Taylor
N. a. Walllnger
v. Harrison
J. Wo Ik ley
A   1:   Watts
11. Ili,-k-
Edwar Watts
A. Hill
Frank Watt-
n. llofrarti:
It W Werden
J. Little
II   Wl.ite
c, ll. Willis
w 11 Wilson
Ur  0   1
L MacV.lnoon
Yahk l.-.i
mber Company
Hi-   Honor
Judite Thotnr-ion
SMOK INC TO BAT CO r i (.■ i:    i: i t. 11 r
Thursday, December is. till!)
-!■:■"■■. J'   .■  ■•■-'tt -:--vr:::i*T-:i:"-::y:r:r!r;*r-:':':';:ji'rL:: ;' :■  .^-*
— mem _. -**—**.«.. U-i, - ■*■   . :*»*J
Georgette  Blouses
Skirts and Camisoles
Lingerie Underwear
Excellent line of Handlings and Purs, antl everything   ;[
in lho lino ol' 1.allies' Wear.
Everything ul  Reduced Prices In Cut Down the Stock.
' is.
ii:.:.:: M-icff^'iS,
:.:.:;!,J.'.-Si..:; :.::.::; ,
u   iii::;::nt:::'..i;n: ....   ,n. "
Wishing Vou All the Compliments   of   thc   Season
••The Milk-Fed Vamp"
mioii COMEI.T
Final  F|iisinle of Serial
Wednesday umi Thursday
Kveiiinirs Only: Adults 50c
Children --"ie.   No matinee
tho coal bin.   We hope lit
1 Over Ibe tea flips
Insure with Heale & Elweli.
Flouuctngs of .let, Crystal or irri-,
descenl Sequins, in stiver ami gold
offsets also help to glorify the even-'
Ing gown and add much to the radium color OffOCt. We have them nil.
The Exclusive Utiles' Wear Storej
We have again thin year secured i
some of the best beet cattle In the
Calgary Fat Stock Show, Including
the champion.
TAFFETA.  SATIN and NET.     Net,
in all its varieties, dominates the materials lined or Evening Dresses for
young and old, Few Evening dresses
leave the designer's studio without at
least u. touch of net, but more often it
is yards Instead of a touch. Ask to he
shown our Ball dresses.
W. 1). HILL
The Exclusive Ladles' Wear Store
"Songs Unbidden," by the Prospector, will make a nice gift book for
your eastern friends. Poems of Love,
Nature, Religion and Sociology. It iti
fragrant with the breath and balsams
and pines. Leatherette covers, $1.50;
velvet .sheep binding, $2.00, post paid,
Published by the Victoria Printing &
Piiblisliing Co., 521 Yates St. Victoria.
B. C, 12-11-21
Alfalfa. Timothy and Prairie Hay
Ion hand. Straw r.nd ont lay arriving
You hail better secure your Xmas
turkey now.   Our stock Is limited.
How would like to he the plumber
these days?
Insure with the Cranbrook Agency
Beale & Elweli have for Bale a
nice cottage on Hansen anvenue and
two lota (or seven  hundred dollars.
This Is a snap—don't overlook It.
Tf the predictions of Foster, the
weather prophet come true the coldest weather In two hundred years will
prevail during the week of the 17th of
December, we will have to look after
Why not a pair of gloves, trunk,
robe or a club bag for a Christmas
.present? We have a large stock to
select from. The Cranhrook Saddlery
Co. Trunks and Travelling Goods,
I Harness and Shoe repairs,
Grapes. 30c lb.; Jap oranges. $1.00
per box; Cranberries, 25c lb.; Shell
! Almonds, $1.00 .lb; Shell Walntiits,
$1.00 lb.; Crystallized Cherries. $1.00
box; Sultana Raisin:;, 25 and :.(■ cents
package; Mixed nuts, 60 cents lb.;
Peanuts, 35c lb.; Filberts. 40c lb.
T.   Di-iuiiiuonil   I
her inline with Illness
Mrs, 1>. Patenol, of Yahk, is a Cranbrook visitor this week.
Mr W. Ami-ron. of Fort Steele, is
spending a few days In town.
Mrs H llradtier and her daughter,
of Fori Steele, were in the city on
A.   tl.   Wllmot   of   tho   East   Kootenay   1.ii tuber   Coninay.  Jaffray.   is   a
visitor hore this week.
Trail smelter and is spending a holiday with his parentB.
Mr, J. Unrrott left Sunday to visit
his sister in New York, and will be
away about a month.
Mlfis Nellie Handle? is now a mom-|
her ni the sales staff lu W. D. Hill's
ladle--' ri-aily-to-wear store.
p i-\ Willis, manager or the Cranhroolt Cleaners and Dyers, hns returned from n business trip 1" Cal*
A. C, Blnlne, togother with Mrs.
Blaine and tho family, who have been
visiting In Ontario, have arrived hack
J. W Burton, who has been on tho
sick list for a month With a dislocated
shoulder, is now able io resume his
Chief of Police Adams, who has
been lighting off an attack of the old
type nt' la grippe, is able to be about
Mr, E. Spence. of the C.P.R. forces
here, lias accepted the position of
telegraph operator at Salmon Arm and
lias departed for that .place.
Mrs. M. McKay who, with her sister,
have been tho guests of Mr. and Mrs.
M. P. Wetherell here, have departed
for tlieir home at Grand Forks
Mrs. Eld red Jewell, who has been
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Harry
Gamble for some time on Hanson ave.,
leaves tomorrow for her home at
Frank Dezoll, thc auto dealer and
garage man. who has been in Calgary on business, hns returned. Mr.
Delziill says the cold weather there
was almost unberable.
Mrs. Lewis Owen and children have
gone to Winnipeg where they will
join Mr. Owen and last week sailed for
the Old Country. They intend to remain away at least for three months.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
E. K. Leitch. of Jaffray, who has been
so critically ill at St, Eugene hospital
with pneumonia, is improving.
Douglas Carter. Grand Forks, who
recently returned from service in the
army overseas, has arrived here and
will 'boo employed nt MacKinnon's
machine shop.
Robert W. King, Kimberley, arrived
here Mils week on business.
A. P. Ferris. Moyie. was a business
visitor here this week.
.1. H. and L. E. and Miss Katy Hayes
of Fori Steele, arrived here tliis week
on a shopping tour.
John Mellar. Alask. Sask. was a
new arrival this week.
\V. Goddard. Victoria, has arrived in
the city aud Is assisting the staff at
the Imperial Bank.
The whrlst drive and dance held at
the Great War Veterans' parlors under the auspices of the Ladies' Auxiliary on Friday evening, was a dis-
j tinct success in spite of thc severity
of the elements. The winners of tho
| whist drive were Mrs. McCallum and
Mr. Lewellyn, and the conssolatiou
I prizes went to Mrs. McGee and W.
j Laurie, respectively. About fifty
J couples attended the dance, refresh*
TIIK KNTH'lNfl CHARM OK BEAUTY.   To those women who love tho daintiness
of beautiful apparel, who recognize the potent Influence convoyed by tho excluslvc-
ness of person and rollned elegance of dress, cannot bul be pleased with onr efforts
In selectlng-models In Evening Dresses, Dinner Dresses, llnll Dresses, Reception
Dresses, House Dresses and Night Dresses, silltablo for tlie I'nst approaching festive
NEW YORK'S BERT DESIGNERS hove sent to ns the very latest croutons and
exact replicas of Paris styles, These Models will bo shown exclusively by OUR-
SRliVES, all of whieh will lie very modestly priced from $22.50 lo (185*00.
The extreme decollete of Fashionable Feminine Evening Toilet is demonstrated
in the gown of Silver Metallic Brocade, with Angel sleeves.
An Evening dress of Canary colored sym-fa-ni .Tacquard Silk, in Metallic effects,
with trimmings of .lade. Cold or Silver to match, is considered very popular.
An afternoon dress of Brown, Navy or Taupe Charmeuse, on which fringe is used
as tassels, being an adaptation of a French   idea, is extremely clever.
A Duvetyn Kedingote dress, after which some of the Spring models are being
fashioned, shades in Joffre, Taupe. Brown and Navy, will he looked upon with favor
for street wear.
Exclusive Ladies'
Wear Store
Christmas Suggestions/
Beautiful Dresses
For parties, danci-s and afternoon wear.  Prices to suit every purse $..0.00 to $50.(1(1
Georgette Blouses
Many new styles and colors to choose from #5.(1(1 tn #2(1.(1(1
Silk Hose
All colors.  Holeproof nnd other makes. #2.(1(1 and #2.5(1 per pair.
Pretty New Pumps and Slippers
Kor afternoon and evening wear in Soft Kid, Patent  Leather and Satin, #8.50 to
$10.0(1 per pair.
Large assortment of Handkerchiefs and fancy hand-made articles.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
inents bolng served mean while in the
tipper room* Fifteen card tables have)
boen purchased for the rooms by the'
auxiliary and new curtains grace the
front windows. Tlieir energetic sec-;
relary, Mrs. lleorge Smith, Is sparing j
no pains to give the kiddies a right;
royal time on Tuesday next with the
Christmas iree arrangements.
Mr. G. Dcsrosiers. of Jaffra, who has
been a patient at St. Eugene hospital,
has so far recovered as to be able to,
depart for his home.
Horn—At the St. Eugene hospital,!
December 13, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. j
J. Langlols, of Kitchener.
Luther Chase, Wasa, wns a business;
visitor here thia week.
Miss Helen Grigor, who has been!
teaching school near here will leave
tomorrow for her home in Rossland
where she will spend the holidays
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. WI
Grigor at their home on Thompson ,
H. Sinclair Smith, Creston, was a
business visitor here this week.
W. ('. Miller, Kimberley, was here
last week-end on business.
A. E. Watts, Wattsburg's lumberman, was here last Friday to attend
tin- banquet given in honor of Manager Howard of the Imperial Bank.
N, Emms Head, of Trail, represent-
ing "Who's Who In Canada," was here
the past few days in the Interests of
his publication,
J. M. Rothwell. Wardner, was a
business visitor here last week-end.
J. M. M'Laughlin and wife. Vancouver, arrived here last Thurcday.
Mr. W. Oarbutt, Wnttsburg, was in
the city last week-end.
W. H. Sliira, Wasa, was among the
arivals In Cranbrook on Wednesday,
to spend the holidays.
Mrs. E. Bnrrell, who has been on
an etended visit to her old home in
England, Is expected to arrive back
in Cranbrook this week.
E. KHngsworth, Yahk, was a business In the city Friday.
Do your Xmas shopping early.
Thirteen blue-coats, a French named
highball antl an abscessed tooth make
Jack Robin's life one continual round
of surprises, in Jiick Pickford's tntesst
First National Exhibitors' Circuit e-
lease, "Buglnr by Prroxy," at the Rex
theatre, on Friday and Saturday.
:   ■' I
-:: \i
Beautiful Jewelry for
Tho dainty nnd novel effect of our beautiful dlHpluy
of Clirlstmaa Jewelry thla yenr Ib exceedingly enticing.
Como In nnd see onr nrrny of Tendantw. Brooche*. Cult
Links, Scnrf Plus, Tie Clips anil Wntcli Chums.
IthiKs trom 10K Solid Cold, tinny Rings al 11.26 to
our flashing Diamond from *2r>nn (o $351)00. carrying
unoqnnllcd values.
High quality gold-tilled Cuff Unlet, trom *L>00 to
Other Useful Gifts
Watches for Men. Ladles' Wrist Watches in gold
nnd gold-filled, from J20.00 to (75.(10. Umbrellas from
$5.00 to * 12.00
French Ivory, a wonderful assortment of tlie highest
Pipes and Tobacco Pouches for the smoker. (Illicit
Safety Razors at $5.00. Eversharp Pencils from $1.50 up.
Men's sterling silver buckle Belts from $5.00 to $7.00.
Yonr Gift Problem Is easily united by a visit to this
Store, nont fall to see our MM telle and KM Tables
of exceptional values.
W. H. Wilson, Jeweler
Chief of Police Adams- only had one
guest tit his: place of detention this
week—this befog an Individual who
had evidently thought this was Christinas and had taken tt little ton much
joy water, so much >o that the chief,
deemed It wise to place him where
he might not freeze to death.
See the nice line of French ivory
toilet rolls ut the Oranbrook Drug and
Hook Company's store, from which
to raalto Christmas selections.
Potatoes $3.50 cwt. (Guaranteed to
suit or will replace.
Through an error the Herald man
overlooked mentioning the excellent
line of substantial gifts for Christmas!
giving carried by tho Cranbrook Snd-'
tilery Company fn the article lasti
week setting forth what tho reporter!
seen while making a tour of the load-:
ing shops. Tlie company's line of
Choice gifts cannot be excelled anywhere.
Satin or Metallic cloth is the popular foundation for net or lace, he-
cause of their soft and shimmering
properties. Soft taffetas, especially
do taffeta, in light shades, has heen
used a great deal so far, nnd it is
ou frocks of this kind that codes'-
comb ruffles are at their best. Ueo-
gette crepe, while noi a leader, Is still
a favorite for evening wear, and brocades are both new. that Is. revived--
and beautiful. Ask to he shown our
Ball dresses.
The Exclusive Utiles' Wear Store
Choice grain fed Alberta bnby beef,
the best at the Fat Stock Show, Calgary.
<y W
Our stocks nf Toys. Polls. Htmlis. (Innics. Fancy Goods,
china and Dlnnorware aro yci complete
Exceptional values in Ten Seis nt $0.25; Dinner sets ul
$38.50; Hand Painted Nippon China at 26c, !16c, 60c, and
$1.00 each.
The most heatitiful creation in Dressed Dolls from $3.00
to $23.5(1 each, and a nice line of Knockabout Dolls from
50c to $5 00 each.
['HONE 3113
I'llOM: 303
.Mull Orders Promptly Attended To
We will lie open every night and Wednesday one week
licfore Clirlstmaa. 	


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