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Cranbrook Herald Mar 7, 1912

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Array «•   >*
In tba Herald Fays—Try!
Our   Local   Columns
10c, a line
V/c ure well equipped to
lum out tlie best class
ol work.
NO. 10
Great Gathering of Liberals at Vancouver—Platform
and Resolutions Adopted—Officers Elected for
Ensuing Year
A   meeting of    tbe
was held on Tuesday
Y.M.CA.      President
the chair and in the al
board ol trade
evening at the
Gurd occupied
Bence of    Mr. I
ing had years of experience both    in
j litis country and ra England.
j   Mi,   Smith, vice-president, is     an
J authority of no mean ability, having
I worked
Ottawa, March 1..-O11 Saturday
evening thc parliamentary restaurant
was the scene of a large banquet
given by Uie Liberal members and
fixators in honor nl Mr. George P.
Oraham, (recently successful in the
South Renfrew by-election. Mr. Tom
Ixrwe, who retired in bis favor and a
number of Liberal workers from thc
county, including Dr. Connolly, president of thc Liberal association for
the county, were among the invited
guests. Sir Wilfrid I.aurier presided and proposed the toast to Mr.
Lowe,   while    the toast to Mr. (Ira-'
ham was   proposed   by Mr.    E,  M.
Tin* linal toast was to thc Liberal
t-hit f. It was proposed by Dr.
I Clark, of Itetl Deer, who de-
that with Laurier as leader
-Liberals would win when the
appeal was made to the coun-
try. Sit Wilfrid Laurler made a
practically definite statement ihat so
I ng as bis health remained good, and
he was wanted, hr would continue to
remain at the head of llie opposition.
n xt
The regular monthly meting ol the
rity    COttnCll     took place on Monday
evening    last,    Presenl Mayoi Bo*
ness.   Aldermen    Campbell, Johnson,
Clapp and   ttcWson
V. R, Wilson   wm appointed    . itj
solicitor    at a     salary   ol   $75
A representative of the Financial
Post, by permission, addressed the
council tc advertising. The matter
was referred to tin* Qoance com
The eitj clerk's salarj was fixed al
The in-    chief's
jr. per month,     to
house, water    and]
Davis Hros.. sewerage	
■ !. D, McBride, sewerage
McCreery Bros.,   sewerage
V   Parks A- Co. sewerage   .
Vt   ]■:   Worden, sewerage   ,
$125 pel    month
inlati was raised
SI 10.     wiib   fnj
,1. c. (iii-miat,  foreman    ol
watei works, had ins salary fixed
|8 50 i'.i diem
iv grant ol MOO to the st
gene hOBptttli in aid tl erection ol SO
isolation hospital, was confirmed.
Tin* following accounts f"t the paal
miritiii win- passed and ordered paid
\ special commHtee, consisting of
Lhe mayor, Aldermen Kriekson and
Johnson, v.as appoint nl to enquire
into llie matter of securing land for
n public park aud lake at tbo went
rnd ol 1 Ity limits.
Aid. Campbell gave notice ol his
11 Introducing a bylaw to
...-til lhe Kite Limits and 1 .milling
H\ 1 ;iu." in respect to storage of
gasoline and other explosives; also to
rarrj oui tho rules of the National
: 1 ndi ["writers re wiring.
Council then adjourned,
Dolegptcs to tbe number of between
1 In it and tout hundred gathered ut
Vancouver last week end for tbe annual provincial Liberal convention
The gathering was a surprise in
many respects. It was felt that ll
would in: impossible to secure anything like a representative cotivcntiou,
whereas there assembled in Vancouvci probubly the most thoroughly representative gathering of tlcb.-jial.es
that lias ever been held in this province. Moreover the spirit auhnalhg
this great convention was characteristic of Liberalism at its best. There
was no failure to face the facts.
Every delegate present fully recognised the ditliciilt.il s of the situation
They realized that the McBri.te-Uo'V-
ser government had taken them at a
di sail vantage, by rushing on the elections two years before they wcrn tie J,
that the government would appeal to
the country on a new and, generally
speaking, popular railway policy,
with the added advantage of enormous public worka appropriations.
Yet in face ol these obstacles to a
full, fair and free discussion of public
issues, it was the obvious determination of every delegate present, in so
far as possible, to force something
like a critical examination of .lie gov
ernment's record and to place bofori
thc electorate an alternative policy
having for its object the conservation
of public resources in the interests ot
the people. In thc necessarily brief
summary of proceedings that follows,
including the platform and resolu
tions adopted, .sufficient will bo indicated to show clearly the thorough
nature of tlie discussions and thc
businesslike attitude of thc delegates
on thc various subjects affecting lhe
welfare of thc province.
The convention was called to order
at* 2 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon
and continued in session until midnight on Friday, a lurtber session of
the executive iH'ing held on Saturday
Platform and 	
tecs    were appointed    at the outset,
* + + + + + + -I
+ ■	
J. -f * -f *\*
id when- conditions demand.
ifflcers lor
esulted as
The   election    of
thc    ensuing year
Hon.     Presidenl-Kl.    Hon.
Sir Willrid Laurier.
President—Mr.   H. c.
stcr, Alberni.
Vice-Presidents — Dr.
Kergin, Prince   Rupert
Deane, Cranbrook,
Treasurer—Mr.   A.   M.
Recording Secretary    — Mr.
C. L. Campbell, Vancouver.
Executive   Committee — 11.
Shepherd,   K. Wags-tuff and 13.
■I. Thomas, Nanaimti;   11. Mr
Fea, Thc Islands; A
er, Oeo. Bell, II. N.
and Dr.   E. Hall, Victoria; .1
A.   Rucham,    Wm, Kutheford,
M. A. Macdonald, .fas. Mur-
•f phy, A. D. Mclntyre, and K.
•fr c. McDonald, Kootenay-Carl-
•b boo; Ralph Smith, Oeo. E.
*f McCrossan, F. It. Mel). llus-
•f sell and L. 1). Taylor, Van-
■fr couverj Capt. Rumsey, J. W.
•fr Weart, R. W. Dick and R.
«fr .lardine. New Weslminsler;
-f Duncan Ross, fl. II Nnden,
»f Comox-Atlfn.
A provincial department of labor to
lie created ami free government
bureaus to Ir* established,
Thorough and    frequent   inspection
of all   Industrial    premises to assui
sanitation, health uml safety.
The complete prohibition of child
labor in factories and shops.
A  comprehensive system    of Indu
trial insurance.
The present    system   ot employer
liability insurance bears heavily upon
Pound   •!• employers and is a frequt-nt cause   of
.   injustice to   workers ami tlieir lamil-
*\* i,,s*
j. We advocate employers' liability in-
a Burance by the government, to he pro
j. vitbd for by a slight tax on cmploy-
,-v ers and industries with a view to
if litigation ami
overy    of Indem-
Bonediot,    Mr. W. Halsall acted
secretary. ^B^
Iu the meantime Mr W. Halsall
agreed to till the duties of secretary
In calling the meeting to order
President Qurd expressed his appreci
ation of the confidence displayed in
him by his election tn the olliee ol
president and promised to do Ins
utmost    to make good.       Mr. Gurd
u most of the lar^-r plants
in the    United States.      Mr. Smith
contributed valuable papers    on
poultry to  such   papers as "Tho
I World," "Thc Poultry Re-
'The Successful Poultryman"
ers and Indttstrii
B. Eras- * B0V,nS l"° MP*™**
Shandley  *\*
facilitating        ^^^^^^^^^^^
Mil V
The extension ol the scope of      the
Workmen's Compensation  \ct, and so
as   to cover all    hazardous cmploj
The payment of wages should )>
made at least fortnightly.
We favor 11 minimum wage with ai
8 hour dnv and a six-day week ou all
go vermin nl nhled-works,
6. Abolition of the system of giving away crown lamls for lownaltes
free of taxation and under railway
1. Aid to railways not to exceed
what is reasonably necessary to se-
CUje construction.
tf. The prevention of ovcr-capitali-,
zatfon of railways.
fl. Thc province to co-operate with
the Dominion in giving aid     to rail-
. ., .. . ways and highways    in British    Cc
resolutions commit-J ilimya
SLTl2SLT2i T "r ' 1''<*"• "P"""""*   «* ownership
time, discussion   i-nsucd, the outcome! i.«ni»„ „»   . . .... .. _
ol which  was the adoption    ol    the
fullnulng platform and resolutions
'Whereas, fair and equitable re*
presentation ol tla* people in the parliament lies at the very root of Iree
and representative government and
frequently revised and
voters' lisl. especially in a country
like this,    undergoing with the whole
leasing of  government-aided railways
tr be open lor public competition.
11. Freight, passenger  and express
rates to be under thc jurisdiction
thr Dominion Railway commission
12. With a view to meeting the demands for the transportation of grain
from Saskatchewan and Alberta, tin-
immediate construction of govern
ment-owncd elevators.
13. The people to control the rail-
utHo-dfttoj wa>s; not lhc '*■■*»>'» ■*■«• P^plc
* -    11.   That a railway line owned and
Ctmsd uml Onlwav ...
DimIhTOdIi police  payroll
City .illiiiaU pay toll   ...
I'm- dcpitilinrtii pa) ii.ll
SiImhiI Ii,'.ii,i DTdcni
my rugtoaar'a payioll
II. II. Slant
llmltii->liir|.ln In
cITir.'  Specialty  Mis  Ct
l'rii(.hiii.l      £it.rrmtl.nt
Cntuliin,,*   snsli mnl   Inh.ii- .
.1. I). Milltlih' 	
< Ynii.il M..it Mm lil	
Kill'.    Ml'HIlllllll'   I'm .   I.Ill
Mrasrs. Ward .tint Harris 	
W. II. Wilton 	
Kmpiii' Bleotiio Ct	
Ilirulil I'liliilshlns Co	
ProsiHvl.ir I'tililii.liin 1 Co	
.'ranbrnik Electric, Light Co..
(I. A. .Mmiin 	
City Clerk, .sundries 	
Cranbrook Klectric Light Co.. ir.s.2:i proposed
Craiihr.mk Foundry    03.71
Crai.'.r.x.k Cartage nnd Trans
ler Co	
►'rank llemll 	
II. V. Parker, nmdrloa 	
Sewerage payroll 	
W. B, Wonlen, sewerage   	
Adams - Hydraulics, Ltd., let
Herald Pub. Co.,  sewerage
llcaltlc-Muiphy   Co., sewcraru
'Die Imliiiglitly meeting ol thi
i i.iiilitniik Trades and Lnlioi Council
v ni li,ll Mmuliiy eviTiIng la Ihc
Prench club rooma, alioul thirty ilcle-
atee rcpi-cacnUttg Um various unii'ii*
inns proantL
Helure lhe r,*glilar liuslncss ol Ua?
• m'iih il had lieen prm-cediil with,
\.il I llainviin. smelary ol the
school board, addroned lhe im*eting
mi inliiili i.i iliiii body, In tetarenn
in ih,- oalabllabineiil ol a manual
ir.iiiiiiu; mIhni in Cranbrook. Mr.
Harrison briefly outlined the plans of
ih.' board In ihc mailer nl training
Un child, cosl nl materials, etc. Thc
i ,11111111 dincuasod lhc matter thor-
otlgfaly, scn-ral mombora being very
, iilhiisiaslic over tlw* prospects ol a
manual tralnlnn silmni r..r the city.
The council went on record as being
unanimously in lavor of lite projeot.
A movemcnl is on l.*ot Inr tha ear*
ly closing ol the stores in town
an I Is meeting witli the approval ol
mnsi of lhc business luen. It Is
tu close (he slores at 6
p.tn. except   on Saturdays, when the
closing I I will be 10 o'clock.
20.55     ""' Municipal ami Lett'slatlvc com-
U.'M1, miltcc repotted having lorwarded    a
1*3.01 r iiiiiniiallon to    lhc   city   council
'.•o askinii ihat In    making liilur- public
pranls lo s|*e«ity that the money  bc
.,'  . spent in Crnnhtook.
The    next
S 8.55
J I'..im
,i* i.'
Sll no
.    10.55
ll.I In
.    Jl.TII
.    :tl.:i:,
..    IS.7.".
.    51.10
.    511.11
of tbe Canadian Northwest rapid
growth and development, Is a necessary complement, and whereas tbere
lias bean no readjustment ot the provincial representation in British Columbia for nearly ten years—a decade
<t unexampled growth and development in the whole Canadian Northwest during which the population of
this province has more than doubled
an officially certified by the Dominion
census of last year, therefore, he it
resolved, that the McBride-Bowser
government and has merited the un-
peiher unnecessary election nearly
Iwo years before it is due, and de-
iniving tbi* country holh of an over-:
due redistribution    of the representa-|
by the government should
bc constructed to give direct connection by tbe best route, as to trades
atrl distances, between the Similka-
iiK-en and other interior districts and
the coast.
1. Agricultural land to he disposed
of only upon such conditions as will
ensure its continued use and occupation.
2. Free homesteads to bona fide
settlers, holders of pre-empt ir ns to
be given the benefit of this provision.
3. Advances to settlers on easy
terms to assist in land clearing,
dyking, irrigation and other permanent improvements.
4. Surveys of all accessible agricultural land   to be rapidly complet-
survev   sheets and all neces-
Abolition td the poll lax and llie
personal property lav and the raising
of tbe exemption of Income limit to
j$2iMio. Tho exemption of Improve*
[ments on all lauds paying taxes to
the provincial government. A readjustment of taxation whereby the
province may receive a fairer proportion of the unearned increment
Resolved, that the present method
of collection of school taxes iu unorganized districts is costly, cumbersome, veXsitinu** und inequitable, aud
this well-known grievance should be
remedied at once.
A civil service commission to Ik*
organized for both outside and inside
service. Appointments to civil ;-,er-
vlce to be based on fitness, and not
upon partisanship.
Fea then?
\ie\V,"   '	
and has also contributed to this
paper, Ha knows the business from
pip"   ot thc shell to the sendiny
of thc
poultry to market.
H. Brown, the new secretary-
treasurer, understands the poultry
business iu all its phases and tho
local association make no mistake in
appointing her to that position, one
nf the most important offices in the
VII    uf the
direetors are "chicken
of toe best type and will make
tion and of a notoriously much needed .»..»„,
thorough revision of the voters' lists, [ed the 	
has violated the very foundation    ol nary   information to   be made easily
representation    and      constitutional available to the public
govechment    and has merited the un*-    5.  Settlements in blocks to be  cn-
condemnation ot the people couraged by the   removal erf reserves
Columbia " which scatter population and greatly
The present government policy   of increase the   cost   of roads,   schools
preventing a   revision of tlie voters'  and oiber necessary facilities.
and a   proper redistribution    of     No public land for speculators
constituencies and precipitating     the    That this    convention emphatically
present election    is a complete    sub- condemns the conduct of the McBride \
version of all tlte principles    of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
presentatlve -|ivernnient. Wc insist evasions of the laml laws bv persons,
upon a new voters' list (or every gen- syndicates and corporations who have
eral election. Personal registration; lum allowed to obtain millions ol
immediate redistribution. acres ot the choicest accessible public
Woman suffrage—We   favor woman lands,   which they hold from use    to
suffrage." the detriment of   lhe province as     a
(pin I if led
of British
We condemn the present educational
autocracy of the government, recommending the appointment of a representative advisory board In educational matters as existing here and
in all other provinces
The present school curriculum being
bo overloaded with subjects as to
render a thorough education in any
particular branch quite impossible.
we advocate an Increase in agricultural, manual and domestic science
training, and the establishment of
technical schools; also that the presenl school system Ih* divided int
organized districts.
The liquor traffic of British Colun
hia is at    present under tlte ahsohiti
ntrol of the provincial government
antl is i -nl as a political machine
We insist upon the complete removal
of the HquoC Question from party
The control of thc liquor traffic
should lie vetted in municipalities or
under a locally elected board in un
organized territories.
A local option law for the protec
tion of ihe public we Insist upon, and
alao a careful Inspeottoa oi all httox-
icutiii-.'  Ilquon (tiered for sab'.
We emphatically declare our adherence to the principle of public ownership of public utilities, and advocate a limitation of franchises to
corporations, renewing the same it
in the public interest ot purchasing
on e*|tiitable terms.       We fav*.r gov-
I.   The Immediate construction ot a
railway to Peace River.
meeting of  the council
Cranbrook foundry, sewerage. 70H.',:. will be held un March 1Mb.
railway systems of the mainland
.1. The husbanding of the provincial credit tr. assist lines that will
open new territory.
I. The provincial credit and resources not to lie wasted in parallel-!
Ing existing lines.
5. No land subventions to railways
hryond what is necessary for railway
i (Tiiiiient ownership ot teli-plumes    We
nv government for Its comitv^cei f ^.condetnn the policy of the government
 ''■«-—■   (n   ari(,|,atjIIR ,,u,r increasing powers
to tlio lieulennnt-governor-in-eouiicil,
and to ministers in their departments, Such a policy is absolutely
at variance with the principles of representative government, We condemn
the action of the government for reversing the basic principle of llritish
law, which has always required that
a man musl !«• assumed to be Innocent until he is proved to lie guilty.
The reversion of the principle In lhe
Fon-stry nntl Automobile Acts is ab-
I whole.
TIMBER.     M^^
We condemn without reserve the
2. We will seek tbc en-* Deration of. wholesale disposal of timber lands to
the Dominion government in securing speculators which has lieen tbe only
all rail communication between    the timber policy of
^^^^^^^^     tlie present government.
2. The survey, cruising and valuation of timber lands by the government before alienation and thc disposal ot all ntch lands by public
3. Improved methods of pn-vcnting
timber waste, and a system of ro-
4. Haadlofgrrs licenses to be grant
referred feelingly to the indlsj
of secretary Benedict, which has ne-
ii isitated In-, rt ■■■-
parturc for California. He also
touched upon the question of appointing a publicity commissioner, inti-
matrng that [n bis opinion the -■ . -
Interests would ; rat be ser
ved by wcurinfi the o(     a
man who would be
whole time to the dutl
and publicity commis I
In the discussion thai
pretty generally   agre d   pon     that
llu*   president'-.     -.   ':
the right    direction, but that       the
board    was in no   positi n to secure
tlm services of a competent man    at
this time.    The   Dual outcome    was
th■■ appointment   of a ccmmitl
canvass the situation and  r-port    at
the next   meetinc.       Tbe committee
having this matter   in charge is com-l
pos.-d as follows: Ira Manning, R. H J
Brymncr, E. Elwell,   F. A. *
P. I.und and K. McCreery.
Mr. Hassard,   representing the Financial Post, was present a; the meeting and    by request briefly addressed
the members relatlvi  ■
He- outlook in Kast   Kootenay     Mr.
Hassard spoke    v-tv enthusiastically
f the porsftflfties **•( East Ki
Ih* had been aatcntsbed
is  resouro t vfsibb
and   Mt    that it was onlj :■
to    make  these    potent lalities   ade-
tpiately known throughout the east to
attract hither capital and population-
So impressed   had he been with    tlr
prospects ol this section     of        tbe
province,    that   he Intended locating
here permanently just j-o soon as  he,
could make    the necessary   arrangements.
Messrs. E. Elwell and N   Ii
at the request   of    the
Several new members were Initiated during bhe evening. Qenerally
speaking, Uw association is in a
good condition financially.
The following from the minutes    of
the general   meeting    of    tbe H   C,
I'.-iltrv association will be read with
'.■■■  thc poultry fanciers      ot
intention    was  read from
-   asking thai the convention
be held in    Cranbrook,     Upon    the
il itlng that this application had nol been read with the others, because ol the tact tbat it    was
stated thai thr convention be held in
Cranbrook, and no mention made   ot
the   show.      Mrs.     Brown explained
bat it   was the   wish that the show
'■*■ held in Cranbrook as well as    the
nvflotion.       t'pon motion of    Mr.
Edwards,    .-*eeond--d   by Rev.   W. M.
Scott, and carried, tiro secretary  was
asked to acknowledge receipt of    ap-
*   cation, and   state that this asooci-
would, as soon as opportunity
sitting -'f the municipal court ot
was held at 10.30 a.m. last
■:. lining,     with Mayor Bow-
presidlag and     Aldermen Camp-
'.■!. flapp   and      Atchison   sitting
with him.
1 i.ankt-^s weie made as follows:
Improvements   on    lots   29 to 31,
■•   reduced   from $10,000      to
*>n Ms 8 and   I. block 300,
I   On lot   87, block 91, from 11600 to
On lot-: 15 to   IS, block B. (school
Iricl    from $1000 to $500.
on   lot 2T. block 37. from $1500 to
A=sessmen* on    lots 3 and 4, block
25   increased to (125 from $75.
cssments on   lot 4837, in school
•-.. - ■•.,.?■■  changed to read as fol-
W. F. Johnson   $250
Oeo. Donaldson  $500
W   Troup  ..$250
J. Roberta    $850
W. f). Jones  M50
■ * '■ and    Johnson's sawmill    at
Benedict    Siding was destroyed    by
. .   yesterday morning. The fire
is     ppo ed    to hav*- originated Irorn
briefly discussed the Manual Training; •'*■* overheated shaft.    Tbe mill   was
***********^^^m -mptetely   destroyed, and the mscb-
Bylaw and on the suggestion of Mr.
HcFarlane it wai decided to I ••
short circular letter to the ■■ '
set t ing fort h t be p-asoni which
should prompt ratepayers to support
the bylaw.
Oo motion of Messrs. McNah and
Cock the following committee was
appointed to canvass tor new mem
bers: Messrs, MoNab, Ward and K
M  Christian.
The meeting th*-n adjourned.
iaery was more or less badly injured.
Happily very little damage was done
to the itock of lumber on hand. The
'■ral less ,s eMi*nat*d at about
$5000, with no insurance Some thirty-five men will be, temporarily, at
least, thrown out of work by this unfortunate Mate.
ft is time to prepare for the mok-
.- '.f an exhibit at th*- Seventh ln-
'•rnational Dry (-arming Congress at
LetbMdge, Alberta, October 21-2V
If 'his district is going to carry off
any district or individual prizes at
'Li' big exposition, which is the Wg-
booiting project for Western
Canada that bus ever been undertaken, it is time to start thinking
about It light now. The district
ihat    wins tlie   big blue ribbon prize.
Tlte  annual    meeting ol  the Cran
brook 1'onltiv sod Pel Stock a    • Is
lion was h< id Tuesda*     ■ tring m the
government building,    A goodly numri
her of members were pn-sent and     a!
►nslderable amount I important |j
business transacted. In the absence the silver cups and the rich prem-
d tlie president, I. P. Sullivan oc- nuns, has got to deliver thc goods
upicd the chaii and Ed Slatei a<t-' this fall, for there js snre to bc the
d as secretary. After the disposal* keenest competition. It means hard
if routine business the election ol of*' and consistent   work to make a good
unwarranted   and  Indeten*
liters took  plan*, which resulted
Hon. President—W. It. Bardgett
President—C. It   Sbeppard,
Vire-President-A. D, Smith.
Secretary - Treasurer   — Mis
inreetors-A.  n Smith, II. White
I.   P  Sullivan and W. QarUtde,
In tlie   new  officers lhe poultry as
iatfofl has go'd men
ted   tluif from   ROW
this gathering   of reprcsentu
live I,literals in lhe  province of Hrit-H
Ish Columbia in convention duly con , he "something   doing."   Mr.    ('.    It
st Muted ami    regularly  assembled, do   Sheppard,    the newly    eleel.il pre<;id
IContinued on page two). cut, is a practical poultry man, hav
exhibit, and   this work has to be un-
token [rom the very beginning    of
the planting season, and yet there is
I not a    district in the tour    western
| provinces that  ran afford to let    this
tpportuiiity   of making that  district
I famous thi*   WOtM    over slip by.    If
everyone   endeavors    to  raise sotm*-*-
■Iiiiil: ,i httle    bit better than      his
'neighbor we can get together an  c«-
atid It Is ex-  bibit that   Wa    will   all |,,- proud ot,
m there will   and   we might    win tho best in    its
line.     Farmers   who desire Informa-
tfon should Write to ttx* tieadqiiarters
nf ibe OOOfreei at Lethbridge. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
The voice of all the people ON the stage
The choice of all the people OFF the stage
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Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Limited
Cranbrook, B. C.
(Continued from page one).
hereby place on record out continued
ami unshaken confidence in, und admiration im tin- spotless character,
i lean public record, political sagacity
and splendid patriotism ol the Hi.
Hon. Sn* Willrid Laurler as leader of
the greal Liberal party td Canada;
Lhal wc recognize his splendid achievements in promoting tbo wcltar
and ilovelopinenl of Canada, that Iris
work in the councils ol the empire
has resulted in credit to himself and
honoi to ibe Dominion. Thai we
tend to Su Willrid and bis colleagues
om mosl heart] congratulations
the splendid victory recently won
South Renfrew through the election
of Hon. Oeorge I'. Graham to repn*-
sent thai constituency in tbo Dominion house of commons; and bt* it lurtber resolved that we express our
sincere bono thai he may be Ion..;
spared to champion the rights of the
people as enunciated through the
principles of true Liberalism."
The resolution, which was moved
hv Mi. Maxwell Smith and seconded
by Mr. Stuart Henderson, was honored by a standing vote nnd loudly
Messrs. I*\ .1. Deane nnd .1, It. Motion honored Mr. II, C. Brewster In
too Following resolution which was
also spoken to by Mr. .1. 11. Senklei
nnd Mi.  Alexander Henderson.
"That the Liberal party of the
province of llritish Columbia in convention assembled desires to place on
record Its keen appreciation ol the
undivided attention, active interest
antl excellenl wort ol Mr. 11. C.
Brewster, member for Alberni, during
the past six sessions in the lefjisla-
tuie ol the province, his manly stand
on all public questions and who
without assistance 1ms ably acted on
all i ccastons in the interests of the
"Resolved, that this convention
plate on record In the strongest possible manner its reprobation of the
spirit displayed by lho McBrldc-Bow-
w-r governmenl throughout the late
session, and in the grossly unfair ui-
rangoments for the present election,
with the lived determination apparently to make Us already much too
strong rule absolute nnd crush out
by thr gross abuse of brute majority
toice the l.tst    vestige of Independent
opposition |n this province."
"-.Resolved, that the McBride-Bowsor
government, in rushing prorogation
and dissolution ol tho leglslatu
Within n lew days after Introducing
extraordinary and unprecedented rs-
tlmates .,f expenditure, and an important railway policy involving the
addition of many millions to the lifl-
hiiitn** ol iii- province, thus railroading this vast financial legislation
through the legislature, practically
without au opportunity for consideration and discussion, has disregarded
ordinary constitutional usage and
safeguards, nnd has given rise to the
gravest suspicion as to thc Root!
faith ol Ibe administration and forfeited the confidence ol the people."
"Wc unhesitatingly condemn the refusal of the provincial government to
re-enact tbe Natal Act, on lhc ground
Ihat it would embarasi the Dominion
government, Wo stand for a whit*'
llritish Columbia, nnd advoeaie continuously Increasing stringency in
immigration laws until tbe result is
"Wo Insist that the provincial nu-
tborttlei    shall enforce strict sanita
tion in all congested districts.
"And he it further resolved that
tins convention reiterates that the
Liberals of Hritish Columbia are in
favor of the total exclusion of
"We advoeaie that Immediate steps
be taken to restore the fishing indus-
Iry io white fishermen. Protection ot
llritish Columbia fisheries from tor
nu.li poachers hy the adequate polic-
[ng ol Canadian waters.
The present system ol land regis-
tration is expensive, cumbersome and
bads to scandalous delay In registering laud transactions. We advocate
the adoption of the Torrens system
uf titles and reduction of the registration fees.
"Wo condemn tlw shortsighted
policy ot the government in alienating the timber lands ou watersheds
tributary to eilies, towns and municipalities. It is tlw immediate duty
of the government to remedy this
mischief caused by this mistaken
"Coal not to be alienated, but
leased under conditions to be lind
periodically by the legislature-
' Wherever pracl icable, government
operation of a limited area of coal
mines Iti be at once undertaken with
view to reduction of existing
pi ices.
We insist upon the appointment of
a nival commission to investigate the
present exorbitant coul prices.
"Increase of 1,cal control in muni-
pal matters.       Klcction   of license
and police   commissioners by popular
"The   Liberal   party denounces the
n United    suppress ion   of the public
counts, anil   demands the organization   of au auditor-general's    department independent of the n.vcinment.
A further    resolution on the same
bjeel,   moved by Mr.    .1. K. Nor-
oss and seconded by Mr. L. D. Taylor, was:
"Tbnt   whereas the public accounts
-tiimittcf. has   met only once during
the term    ot olficc    of Premier   Mc
And whereas, in the absence ol an
Independent      provincial       auditing
board, the   presentation of the public
accounts to    the committee is        the
ile.   guarantee   that the public has
that the   funds    voted for the public
rvice arc properly applied;
"Ile it   resolved   that this convention    unanimously   i-oudeuins tbe deliberate suppression   of tlw* public accounts  committee by tlw government
nml the deprivation of thc people    ul
Dm ish Columbia uf   one ot tbo principal guarantees provided under     the
llritish constitution.
"Antl !w it. further resolved that we
demand a royal commission to examine the public accounts since l'Mrt
The establishment of a Canadian
navy was endorsed in a resolution
slating: 'That we heartily cud-use
tin* naval policy of Canada as inaugurated hy the Laurier government
with the lull approval of the Hritish
admiralty. That we condemn the
lamentable surrender of the present
Dominion administration to the t/w.-
Ini Nationalists on this question,
thereby outraging ibe patriotic sentiments of onr people."
Cornetist With the Polmaticr Sisters.
London, March !>.— Home Rule (or
Sot t land bas been Introduced into the
house ol commons on a motion by l>r.
('handler, who cited ns a prtceditit
tin- federal principles operative In
Canada. After coiishlerable opposition by Dnnar Law the motion was
carried by 112(1 votes for and 128
againsl Ths lucceas of tbe bill Is I
taid lo h«t assured. )
New Westminster, B. ('., Marcli Stir, order to stimulate Interest in
uni'il mails throughout Canada, Vi.
J. Kerr, president ol llir Canadian
Highway association, is offering
three valuable medals, lor thc liest
essay on "What Good Roads Mean to
Canada." The competition for these
medals is to la? conlincd to hoys ami
irirls under eighteen years of age,
and no distinction is lo he made Im*
swocn the sexes. Women have long
since taken a plac,* in literature
citial tc that occupied hy men, Mr.
Kerr believes, and a contest in
which girls will compete against boys
will be more interesting to ull concerned than one in which separate
pn/es are given.
The competition will he open to
students in all parts ol Canada and
tliere will bc no hard and last rules
us to the length ol the essay submitted, although articles ol six hundred to eight hundred words will he
preferred. The well known newspaper rule that writing must be on one
side ol the paper only will be strictly
Competitors will be required to
deal with fails as well as with
theories in the preparing of their papers, and all essays must bc in thc
bands of the secretary, I*. W. I.uce,
Sll Columbia Street, New Westminster, on or belore May 15th.
The first prize will lie B solid gold
medal bearing on the obverse a reproduction ol a part .1 the Canadian
Highway, encircled by the words,
"Canadian Highway Association,
1912." On the reverse thc name ol
the winner will be engraved, followed
hy the words, "Kirst Prize Winning
Canadian Highway Association Essay Competition.' Thc second and
third prizes will in- the same as thc|
gold medal, hut will bc ol silver gilt,
and ol silver. In addition a silver'
souvenir pin will be given every com-,
pctitor whose essay attains a certain
standard ol merit. i
In discussing the proposition to interest all young people in good roads
by means ol this competition Mr.
Kerr printed out that It was imperative that tbe gospel of good roads
should he preached to the boys and
girls because it is while the mind is
In a formative stage that Impressions are lasting and ideas easily
"lly Interesting the young people ol
Canada In tla' proposition to establish a Canadian Highway that will
reach Irom Alberni, B.C., to Halifax,
N S," says Mr. Kerr, "I expert to
Create wide Interest in this movement. I realize that once we have
tlie support and sympathy of the public at large the success of this enterprise is assured. Gel the young
people interested and willing to talk
about a cause that is lor the puhlic
good and it Is only a . question ol
time until success crowns our efforts, t would like every school
master an) school mistress In Canada to call the attention nl their
pupils to Uie offer I am making and
In |».T them all possible assistance
in preparing themselves tor the writing ol these essays, either hy giving
them compositions on such subjects
as "Oood Roads"; "Canadian Highway"; "The Building of Roads";
"Famous Hoad Builders"; "Early
and Modem Road Building"; or
'.'■loads as a Country's Asset."
All essays must he accompanied by
the name   nl the writer and hy     a
statement, signed by parent or guardian, declaring that the composition
is Hip competitor's own work and
tliat the writer is under eighteen
years of age.
Toronto, March li.—Mosl ol tile
hoards ol the city Melhodist churches
have cast their record as to how
they stand on the proposed amatga*
mation ol the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches iu
Canada, uml the figures show lis
votes have been east for union ami
only .'i.i againsl This number will
lie greatly increased, raising the proportion to near lhe twenty-live to
one mark.
t'p to dale the Presbyterian vote
stands, 5,505 for union, and 1,018
against. The proportion is 5.30 to
1. and unless il is maintained or bettered, -amalgamation is likely tc. tail
The Methodists have 1,101 in lavor
awl 20.1 against.
Winnipeg, Fob. M.—Tho   Broadway
Melhodist  church board voted unanimously for church union.
—   -♦-•«>•-♦-    —
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hair frnm thc rcots.
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:: Bull River Townsite
connects at
French Lessons
Commencingon March 1st. 1012,
Claases will be opened at l.ealei
, i Clapp's Hall on Wetlneaday and
. • Friday evening, at 8 p.m.
i i     For terms and condition, apply
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Five Rooms, Water and
Electric Light
] I Apply nt Office
t*. D.  HUNT
Held in Carmen's Hall
' ; Cents-Its- t>y Mrs. R. A. RMKLVEFT ' *
Certificated Teacher l< om
London School Board
Bonn : into 13 a.m.; II to4 p.B
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Jk THK   CBANBltODK    II Elf A 1,1)
"Our Personal Advice
to all Skin Sufferers"
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
lliis  dis*
13, (*., March   5.—The Iirsl
curling bcmspiel ever given In
iijci was brought to a    euc**
bermlnation  lasi    week. Tin*
ami -
Wc liavc lieen in    liusllicsfl in
town lor sniiic i inn*, and wo are looking in build n|'    trade bj always atl-
vlelng mil patrons right,
So when we tell vou llial, wo have
IhiiihI tin* fili'riiti* eczema remedy,
you can depend upon il thai wo give
mir whirr, nol In order lo sill u low
ImilIrs of medieiiui in wkln sufferers,
Imt, because we know how ii will help
mu iiu'iiiii-ss tf wc help um patrons.
Wo keep in ilocli ami sill all IV
well known nkin ri mi dies. Dul wo
will say thin: If ymi an* BUlTortlig
from any kind ut sMn trouble-, n
/.cilia, psoi-iastti, rnitli 01 totter, wo
waul ymi In liv n full sl/e lioLUn of
D.D.D. I'hsiiii it.
tliisi   Again ami again wo havo seen how competition   prlzca
fell equally hv~
a few drops of Ihis simple, wash, ap- tween rinks from Oolden and local
pi lod to tho skin, takes away ihe Itch rinks. The consolation prize re*
Instantly. And tho cures all scorn ma.ned with Wilmer anil was ihc
to In* permanent. i hist contesl to be played.  The    bon-
II. I>. I).   Proscription mado hy tho  spiel was brought officially lo a close
I). D.D, Laboratories nf Toronto    is  with a Binobor.
composed of  thymol, glycerine, oil ofi ■   ■*
wlntergreoii and'obhor healing, sooth- DOARD OF TRADK MEETING,
lug, cooling Ingredients. Ami if ymi Wilmer, li. ('., March B,—Tho an-
nit- jusl crazy wilh Itch, you will nual mooting uf ih.- Wilmer district
feel soothed and cooled, ihe Itch ab- board nf trade was held this week,
solulrly washed away lhe moment Satisfactory reports from lhc presi-
vini apply Ihis !». 1). It. dnit   und    Becretary-treasurcr    were
We havo made fast, friends of mere
than one family hy recnnimi'iuliiig this
remedy to a skin sufferer here and
Micro ami WO wan! you lo Iiy it now.
News of the District
Mr.   Norman Moora was in
brook last Thursdaj on buslnc
Mr. Clarence Martin, wlio
child, nf Kamloops, arrived iu town
last Wednesday and aro staying with
Mr. Marlin's mother. Wc understand that Clarence has heen offered
a good position at the company's
saw mill here.
Mr. O-ilber! I,. Montloth, uf tho
Canadian Ocneral Electric company,
of Calgary, was in Wardner on business a few days ago.
Messrs. La Potato, Johnson and
Eaton, were giicsls al the big dauci*
in Galloway last Thursday night.
Mr. l-\ M. Stearns, saw mill superintendent, was called tn Galloway
last Thursday mi business.
Mr. Arthur Ilollis returned ihis
week from Nova Scotia, after spending several months there with relatives and friends, He was occom-J
panted by his brother.
Mr. Levi Fern has rented Mr. Darling's cottage on Itiver street nn:l
will movo in shortly.
Kindly bear in mind ihr dale of the
dance, \u lie given by th.* Canadian
order of Foresters, March 22nd. This
promises to be a ran* treat.
The many friends nf Mr. Eaton,
Wardncr's popular school teacher,
wil! lit* very sorry to learn thai he
has heen obliged t.. ivsiifi his position, owing to his eyesight (ailing.
His resignation takes effeel April
Policeman Egglcshau* had a v.-ry
busy week last week, imt managed to
keep the strews clear of hoboes, He
went to Fernie mi Friday with some
prisoners, who will ban. tn spend a
few days then* at hard labor to pay
for the fun Ihey were having.
Mr. II. K. j.a Pi int-- was with
friends in Fernie last Monday.
Mr. Len Rcnwick, ,,* Galloway,
was in town mi business last Tuesday
Mis. Brown, uf Jaffray, is \isiting
with her Iriend, Mrs, tin,. Wiener,
this week.
Mr. Oh- 11..I;, : the king
Edward hotel Irom Mr P l.ant.*, of
Taber, Alia.
Mt. Mackindoi called un Cranhrook
Wends last Sunday. |'n"'r
"Mr. P, Metii,   v..i;, |n pernio     this  u
week nn liiisui,
Dealh ,-laiiin*,| onolhei victim In the
early hums  ,.f i.i • Monday morning,
iu thr'prison ol Mis    |t,lVd.   win, has   j0*'*)   ,,;11;
ini'ii ill ai in r sister's home since
iln* beginning .'( lasl Decembei Although Mis ii, \i\ had mo been In
(he besi nf health for about siv
vents, hei s\ mptoniH wen- nol it*
garded as iI.hihi rous, until a couple
o I weeks ego,    when it
* •
t I
' >
i »
Moyle last Frulay on official business.
Mrs. Louie Larson's brother, his
wife and child, silent lasl Wednesday
with her on their way home to En-
Mr. Sbooks, of Chase, B.C., has
been cngan'd as sawyer for lhe C.N.
P.L. company and is moving his
■family this week into one of tho
company's cottages on    Itiver street
(By Fred Roo).
If you are lonesome, or blue and
your friends are untrue, read psalms
Wi and 27, Luke 15, and then buy a
fruit iract down at Roosvllle, Tobacco Plains.
M was only last summer tliat Mine
Superintendent    Khanks    and llayas
Tyco Dave    Martin antl Minister    of
lhe    Interior Faiielough,     of     Coat
Creek, visited these fruit tracts    and
cal strawberries until the pressure of
th, ir     waist    bands slopped      their
Watches, ami   on their return    home
told   some   of    the most irresistible
I original ami    laughable stories     ever
I beard in Coal Creek,
i    11 was    reported   some time    ago
| thai Mr.   Martin intended building a
j palatial  residence near  RoOtfVllle Hi
j    If you     are out of sorts or feeling
depressed read    Hebrews 12, and lmy
youi groceries    fiom Frtd Roo, who
gives fifty per cent ot his profits    to
local charities.
Mrs. Annie Dunlop Bennett, vioc-
pi i Mill-in Canadian Woman's Press
club, Rofl'na, Sask., is visiting big
•lim McKcq and family at Kilmarnock Castle, College, avenue, accompanied hy her son Charlie.
Sid. Hinnmcll, thc undisputed
champion pool player of Smith Efesl
l fccftaj and Tobacco Plains, is registered at tbc Elk hotel.
Fernie, situated nineteen miles due
north from Elko, is entertaining the
Hun. W. K Boss, mlnistei it lauds,
\ li .Mia. thai is ihe Very very tew
Conservatives that is in the burg
We were around Pernio before ihe
posl mastd was, but we'tc newt
so :. ih.-rn delivei ihc bacon yet—bul
thej wanl all the plums. (Sure Htko)
a bunch up m Ferine that
v..'Hid wm every prize in ihe bog
class a\ cvclj fan they shuvml in
\\ i; B..ss «*H1 Im* ebvtnl E\ci\-
t»'.lv knows ihat, liv a MggSI wa
but It won't he in
I .ni i . tlosmoi oi Michel, hut
around Elko, Jaffray, and the big
red appl countrj Hundreds of
i -tilers .ne inovtnfl Into ihe Tobacco
Plains COUntl \   (mm all parts of      B.
C. aud Ibe lesl   nt      th''  world,     an.I
m.is learned  "|lV ■'■' -^I wlt'1 ,Iu' ''k'1' '"ol
ihat sin*    vun suffering   from cancel Vrohle    Cocrle, one ol tin- bustling
of ihe    stomach     Everything    was directors    ol   the    VYctterti Canada
done thai loWng hands could do    to Wbohwrfe    company,   passed through
siHtihe hei    terrible suffering,     imt Elko nn his  way in Kalispell     this
dealh i,ime its ■, greal blessing     c*n week.
M laj morning.    Mu   Uoyd wasa'   Mi. DeVere, limn, une    td tho
resident ..f Prince Edward Island for PhesterfleMs ol  Cranbrook,   was Ms-
several years,    where bet flrsl    hus- itlng Klko this   week; also the beau-
band.  Mi.    i'armiehai-1.  predeceased tiful country smith,
her a Utile   more than twentj rears!   -,   \.   ^oll     uas in  Elko selling
QRO        she bus been   a good   Indus- nutomobllca,   gasimiobiles,   and   lw
11 imis     woman,  working hard        to
maintain   the fa ml I)  ol     ele\< u  small
cbildr.li hft with her,     She tame oUl
lo British   Columbia about  six vears
ago and was married on October 2nd A  "um ****&*    with bcin8 ,,MIIlk
i.tsi to Mr. J. 0   Bud  who own
ranch    near  Castor,     \B.i       Mrs.
handled wheelbarrows   last Saturday.
I atl  Ingham,    ol Sheep   mountain,
went up to Pernio Ibis week.
Boyd only lived foi a few weeks lu
Alberta, wben she was laken very
ill and thinking thai perhaps the
mountain climate ink-ht restore hello health again she roturnod to her
slater's home, Mis. Ben Laird, where
she has since remained, Her dnugh-1 grower*
ter,   Mrs.     Moore,     of   Brandon, tawl<wrl 08
Elko said   he was just practicing
!*J for St. Patrick's Hav.
A big party of wealthy English
Bottlers to arrive nt Baynes Lake
next month. Lloyd Oeorge is sure
dihing the wealth out of Groat Britain and Enrl Grey is telling the
people where to go. The fruit
n TobDCCO Plains regard the
pippin     and   they grow a
been with her for several weeks.   The I"'"1' down     around    Roosville called
presented and accepted. Tin* meeting
aroused great enthusiasm and was
well attended. A large number of
new members were elected and tbere
is every appearance ol an increase of
membership during the coining year,
li was unanimously determined tn
remain affiliated with thc Associated
Boards nf Trade of South Eastern
British Columbia. On motion it
was resolved lo change the name
from the Wilmer District Board of
Trade to the Windermere District
Board of Trade. The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted in
the appointment of Harold E. For-
Btcr , as president; It. Randolph
Bruce, as vice-president; Basil G.
Hamilton, as secretary, Those
elected to the council were: C. W
Reade, .1. E. Cornwall, Joe. Lake,
.fudge Stalker, J. C. Pitts, D. .1.
Brady, Arthur Taylor, A. (1. Cnth-
bert and Geo. A. Starke.
Wilmer, B. C, March fi.-At a
very large and widely representative
tiKvtinn of the Windermere Districl
Hospital association an arrangement
was arrived at whereby the present
hospital building, situate at Wilmer
was sold In Dr. Darrell P. Haning-
ton, the resident physician iu charge.
The money which will result from
this sale is to he placed to the credit
of a building fund wilh which il is
hoped to erect the new hospital.
Wilmer, B. C, March u.—Information has been received from the British offices uf the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd., setting
out that at least'sixty families will
this year be leaving Great Britain
and settling on this company's
lands, The first contingent will
conic oui as a personally conducted
party. The return of Mr. E. Mallandaine, manager of the company,
is looked for in tin* course of a few
Wilmer, D, C, March fl.—Navigation on tin* Columbia rivrr has this
year received impetus by the building
"f a new |>nat hv Captain John
Blakley.       she    will   he     christened
The Invermcrc" alter the Columbia
Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd.,
new towns!tea and will he a fast
vessel devoted almost exclusively to
the carrying ol passengers.
will he privileged to purcl
extras in    thc win id foot
small      luxuries tn    supp
prison   dietary.      \u mm
change   bands     when    thr
"buy"     from   the cantoen,
cosl nf the purchases will
againsl   lhe   grain
have beon enabled
conduct and industr
lies not   spent in    this way
sent hy the   prisoners in  th
tii'es, or   Im* retained for their
use on discharge,
Forest  land is being cleared u
fm ihe    provision nf   allotincn
dens    for   prisoners of gond cm
who    will be credited with Ihe
ceetls of the sale     tu lho prison
orities  of the   produce of such
The prisoners will he taught
cultural ami horticultural worl
useful trades.
Tbe ordinary prison rubs in i
to visits hy relatives ai
the prisoners are to be
oin-r uud   visitors   will m
ney will
* pi Isonei
bul thc
lie charged
which tbey
i by    goo i
MARTCI1 l.vril.
\ny Fit-
ay may b
r relii
funeral look     place on Wednesday at-   ""' duchess,
tatioon al 2 o'clock rrom Mr. Laird's
'home and    proceedrtl    to the church,
where a shod service was held      hy
Rev.    Stephens.      Afterwards   the
remains were laid    lo rest in      UtoI 	
Wnr-'u r cemetery. Deceased leaves! To cleanse tbo system of undigest-
n host of warm friends, who extend til food, foul gases, excess bile m
to the bereaved family and relatives the llwr ntui waste matter tn the
their deepest sympathy in having BUs- bowels will impair your health. The
talrted UtO loss ol a kind and lovingl best system regulator Is PIG PILLS.
mother. A memorial service will lie At nil dealers 2!i and no cents or
held in the Prcsbylerian church next The Fig |>ill Co., St. Thomas, Out.
Sunday evening ni 7.:tn. i   Sold by The Cranhrook Drug   and
Mr.    Eggleshaw      was called      to'Book Co., Ltd.
fit RATED.
London, March a,—With the opening
some time this summer of the new
pnson for habitual criminals in the
Island of Wight, a new era begins in
I.iii-,luml in Hie reft rmative treatment
uf prisoners i)iy means of preventive
detention, from which Mr. Churchill
rxpeets greal results. The . first
block of buildings i*. now almost
complete and will snon be awaiting
Ibe arrival of the first batch of pris-
oners al lho expiration of their sen-
ii'iice of penal servitude. More than
one hundred acres of forest land have
been acquired tor this new "prison,"
which is entirely hidden from public
view by trees.
In outward appearance the new
prison is quite unlike the fnrhidding
convict piismis. Qne is not repelled
hi largr sc.uare-hiiilt barrack-like
buildings with ordinary cottage win-
dows Inuking out* from the cells.
in several Important respects, the
rigors nf ordinary prison life will bc
relaxed, Prisoners, whose conduct
merits il, after a period of probation, will he permitted to associate
with each ntber al meals and during
recreation time
An association hall, well lighted
and furnished, has been provided at
one end of every prism block, and on
each lloor. lien* lhe prisoners who
have gained Ihc privilege will mix
freely during the "association" intervals, although a warden wilt, of
course, keep n look-out. Tlie officer,
however, will he kept apnrt from the
prisoners in a small observnlion
ward at the end of each ball.
The cells, which are ranged on each
'.ide of a central corridor, are, with
thc exception of those in the punishment block, attractively colored;
spring mai Irt-sses arc provided for
sleeping, and the prisoners will Ih-
able al will to o|>cn and close their
"cotlago" windows, which Imve stout
steel grills Hillside \u prevent lhc
possibility ol escape.
In lhe offices ami stores block is
l thc prisoners'   canteen,   where    they
wmk  au I
s in regard
friends t i
laxed. Pris-
t In one
room with no Iron barrier between
All the buildings an* constructed in
cement bfocks, with bright nd glazed tile roofs, the cells and corridors
have red-tiled flooes, ami ihc associa-j
lion balls have block flooring.
Convict labor has been largely employed in the erection if tbe new :
prison, hut most ot the skilled labor
has been obtained by the home office
from the outside.
Lethbridge, March (J.-Advlces received b) the Herald lust before going to press, that tho Grand
Trunk Pacific will let the contract
for tbe Calgary-Maeleod, and Cal-
gary-Lcthbridgo   branches   on   March
Tin* company intends tn let only
ih.' contracts fnr the grading at this*
time, and the contractors will In
given tilt   fall to complete the work.
Vccording tn tht1 Information,
h lilcli comes from nutltentlc sources,
ihr <; T. P, intends to come inti
Lethbridge over the overhead bridge
ami will lie-m mi the Lethbridge-
Macleod branch of the C.P.R. |us1
west of Un- viaduct, Plans are also
under way for a union station here.
Several city contractors expect to
figure on somo uf the sub-contracts
which will be let tw.i weeks hence.
*i********4***t  4**********4,1,4,
. *
i «
i «
i «
iliivc ii wry line assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trci's offered fnr snlo are crown in our own nurseries on
the Coldstream Estate
^    P. DE VER; HUNT, Local Agent, CRANBROOK, B.C.  ^
************** 9**9«9#*9* 99', 4
Are Being Cured by Vinol
New Haven, Conn.—"I was troubled
with a molt peraistent chronic coukIi
for a long time and had tried ho many
romedlei and prescriptions without
benefit tbat I was discouraged. 1 waB
persuaded by my friends to try Vinol. After taking the second bottle,
my cough left me, and I must say 1
never felt better iu my life. I can also recommend Vlnol to any ono In .1
run-down condition as the best possible remedy."
It la the combined action of tho
medicinal elements of tho coils' livers, aided by the blood-mnkine; ami
strength-creating properties of tonic
iron which makes Vinol so efficient In
curing chronic coughs, colds und
bronchitis—at the same time building
np the weakened, run-down system.
Try a bottle of Vlnol with the understanding that your money will be
returned If It does not help you.
Cranbrook   Drug    anil   Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dominion Custom Grows Fourteen
Million Dollars
Ottawa-, March I—Camilla's cue-
linns ii-vi'iiiu- Im* Iln- fiscal year clus-
Ing at tho end ul March will probably
slimv an Increase nl Irom $18,600,000
lu SI 1,00(1,1100.
Knr llu- month ending February 20
lhc    receipts   were $77,710,100.54 as
against $lll,8!ll,.'(!II..-i!i fnr   tli -
responding period last year, an Increase nf $12,817,708.00. Ol lliis
Increase J>I, ir.7.K21.mu is accounted
fur in llu- February slatomeol issucil
tonight, Hn- lutiil rccclpte In. the
month being $7,117,90S.'10 as enm-
luiriil willi $5,000,083 lur February
lasl vear.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Dealers In
Fresh und Curiil
Poultry, Gamo and Fisli
in Season.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
®9®®®®<3® S"8SC«Si* ll
nf the head, face or body, the
agouizingpaiusof which si 1 ninny
people frequently suffer, Is gen*
erally caused by underfed nerves,
The tnu.' remedy is not a para-
lyziug drug which only temporarily relieves, Imt
. Asaya-Neurall *
THE     NEW     REMEDY     TOR
Nervous Exhaustion
which contains Lecithin (concen
trated from thousands of ej'irs'i
the form of phosphorus required
to rebuild nerve tissue and which
makes possible a permanent cure.
" Asaya-Neurall"  feeds the
nerves, quickens the appetite and
ligestion and induces sleep; free-
lom from pain and buoyancy of
spirits soon result.
The beneficial effectsare evident
hnost with the first dose.
10 oa. bottle, .Odaya' trc.tm.nt flM
Obtain f: um titer 1'x.l ugeuta.
Druggists, Craubrook, 11. C.
Davhlft l^twrettCCCa, Sole Mir*., Montreal.
Will,- llie ill for necbODk oil Nerval:,
*   Tin-: »
4' »
<      Columbian     »
* »
4 [fl a '_"i:ii:inti'c.l pulley. Tlmt i-\ -)
4. ■'iiticfitt-tion isguriraiiteeri in every a
-. respect.   The ^
If .vmi comet tu
••Xlif-M   |o     lie
<-,iml. If ntbprr,
l.im-fnilH espr-ci
nn* tu inr-* nm.
I/OICM 1 know
tlml I run run'
.vou 1 Hill not III-
't*|.t .vonr raw,
nm] in ffurj in-
Ktn.ii.-e I iMit I.v
uiv- own original
ml run'■**. I and
n-icliti Hi:    lut'-
Spermatorrhoea, Organic Weakness,
Lost Vigor, Varicocele. Hydrocele. Cm*
(ratted Dliorders, Specific Blood Poieon,
Piles aad   Slrictarea — restoring   all
affecledorganituiioniiiil ami heult Inaction in line i* hor tt'hi jios>tilile space
of time.
Kpe all the form" of IHrpiihw of Men.
Con mil tnt Ion nml liuttuctlre Imoklet frta
at offl-'Por \.\ mail.
J Nelson Iron Works
[ 41 LIMITED _
4, Has nn   ever iricreaehiK Mmk.^
.. Write them for particulate. „
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a ne\Tand
A modern equipped Cute at ruo.ierate
Rates 11.00 nml up per dny
Coiner of Howard .St. and Front Ave.
Our litis meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
i A Good   Home
is what ia ilciir to every man, A homo
is whero Peaoo, Comfort, Contentment,
ami Plenty is found, That is tbe reason
mon throughout liritisli Columbia, when
"Cranbrook'' is mentioned think of the
provisions .los. Briiult hns niri.lt' for nn
Idonl home nl tbe
Canadian Hotel
ffffffS*' »»*»»»»»» VfVfVfffffffVffff
I Imperial Bank of Canada
t 9.$llTAh AUTHORIZED   -      $10,000,000.00
t CAPITAL PAID UP - - 600000000
t RESERVE FUND          -       .          b.O00.O00.0O
* TOTAL ASSETS -      .      J72.oeo.OCO.00
D. B. WII.KIK. 1'r.aident.
Accounts  of   Corporations,   Muniolpalitiei
tartnersand Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters ot Credit issued available in an* part of
the worn. - *
• SA,V'N,.iS •'■•I'AI.TMI.NT Special attention
given to Savings Hnnk Accounts. Deposit, of $1.00 nml
upwards received ami interest allowed from date of deposit
CranbrooR Branch: ff. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
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Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural. Grazing and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
H. L  BTBPHES8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation" ;
You'll get your Money's Worth. !
11.' ...'i.'-rpi**- i   ]•*•'<
Capital Paid Up $6,250,000 Re&erve $7,450,000
Total Assets, $110,538,512.19
IL S. HOLT, President
K. I,. PBABB, (ienenl Manager
Accoontl n( Kiiin-. C'l-j.firat.;,,*,-11*. ; Individttalf
om-of town baiineai reeelvei everj attention.
BAVINQS DEPARTMENT-Depotltiol $1.00 end nmrerdi rcc-*i^..«i
Ami interer-t illowed it OOrrent rule.   No furmalitv or delay in
A -ieneral ilenlcint.' H'i-irn-"-i 'at<-a- ■*■■!
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
It's   tlie Sunn, I'liii-,.
Tho I'lac that is Popular
Hood iis thc Host
Better than tho lies)
The Cosmopolitan
If you couie one,
You will ooma again.
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
P.O. BOS not
By trie Herald   Publishing Company,
K. .1. Deane, Managing Editor.
CRANBROOK. B. C, March 11012
would mean a direct expense ol Wl.nQ
to each lot holder, spread over a
period ol five years. In other words
for a direct outlay of some (12 a
year owners o! lots on Bakei street
•an -secure first-class concrete sidewalks. This is BomoUilOg worth
serious consideration, and in that
belief the Herald throws out theso
figures so that those interested may
have reliable data to work upon.
The city looks as if in a state of
siege. Nearly every store window is
hoarded up. The banks main tain
ipeclal guards to keep -the women
away. Tlie entire police force is on
continual duty, and everyone is kept
moving. Women suspected are rushed io the police station and seureh-
That Liberalism is hy no means
dead in this province was clearly
manifested at the groat provincial
convention heltl in Vancouver last
week. Owing to sovece reverses,
both in the provincial antl dominion
fields, in recent years, the Liberal
party in British Columbia had boon
pretty tiadly shattered and the outlook for its revival seemed poor in
deed. The McBride-Bowser govern
ment evidently determined to put it
out of existence altogether. Eloe
tions were brought on two year:
ahead of time ami enormous ptihlii
works appropriations provided whero
with lo Influence the electorate, lu
response to this challenge there assembled in Vancouver the largest,
most enthusiastic and most determined convention of Liberals ever held
in this province. Whilst the utmost
enthusiasm prevailed throughout thc
sessions this enthusiasm was characterized hy a sincerity of purpose und
-,i full recognition of the difficulties
to he encountered, The measure of
the convention can best lie guaged by
Hie plalform and resolutions adopted,
which an- published iu full elsewhere
in this issue. Liberalism is alive
and active iu this province. It may
In- that in face of the heavy odds
confronting it at this juncture,
comparatively little headway will be
mado iu the coming general election,
but Unit the tide lias turned and that
Literalism will prevail in this prov
Ince In lhc near future is as sure as
any political prediction can well be.
Owing io the very abort Mine at
lowed by tbo McBrWe-Bowser gov
emmenl in which lo organize for the
campaign it may be that the Liberals will be unable to place oandldatos
in lho field in every constituency, but
thej will certainly contest a sufficient
number ol seals to afford ample opportunity of conducting such an educational campaign as will serve to
awaken the electorate generally to a
sense of lhe situation and to pave
ibe way for the complete defeat ol
the government lour vears hence.
Oadsby, ol the Montreal Herald,
thus concludes some excellent com
inent, on the result in South Hen
"Ol course, defeat is had medicine
even to a government with a ma]oi
ity ol filly-five, and somebody bas It
bo the goat. Strangely enough, Dr
Keid is putting It all. Cochrane
goes scot free. Considering all the
circumstances, and chewing then
over again, the opinion ■■*, expressed
by his party friends that ".lack Held
made a liirtLe-hend play."
Some queen rumors are afloat, One
is Ihat there is a cabinet Intrigue to
oust Premier Borden because he was
weak sister, and allowed a hopeless
ridirifi to he contest* d. You don't
need to believe all you hear, but just
compare Premier Borden's weakness
in opening the constituency and Bob
lingers' strength of mind in keeping
bis nose out ol it."
Citi/ens generally would wclcomo
some definite statement from the city
council as lo the probability of an
early start being made with thc. laying of concrete sidewalks along Baker
street, from the station to tbe government offices. The Herald has
taken some pains to arrive at a fair
estimate ol the cost of this work,
which would add so much to thc appearance of the city aud to thc
value of Baker street property. On
the basis of the cost in Macleod,
Alt-u., where concrete sidewalks were
recently laid down, the cost locally
would hi- a little under ten thousand
dollars, Including 30,000 square feet
ol sidewalk, 7000 feel of crossing and
.-.000 feet of curbing. But, as the
Macleod costs may be a little lower
than it would be possible to secure
here, we have worked out the costs
at 25 cents, instead of 17; cents, thc
Macleod cost, which brings the total
cost ol sidewalks on Baker street to
$10,750, and ol curbing, at SO cents
instead ol M cents, to $1500, or
total of 113,250, which would mean a
cost of 1185 per lot for every lot on
Baker street. In thc event, of this
work being done partly on a front am
tax and partly on a general tax,    it
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m..
high mass, 10.30 a.tr..; Sunday sohool
Irom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—MaiM at 8 a.m.
Week days—Masa at II am. at tha
p. I'lamoiulon, O.M.I.
Morning worship, 11.00. Subject:
"A Debt ol Honor."
Sunday school :i p.m.
"A Task lor Men t,l Mettle
levelling    worship, 7.30.
Tho pastor, Itev. 0.
will conduct tlw services
A cordial welcome is
E, Kendall
ol the day
extended to
Rev. \V. Klson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services:   Tlie past, r
preach al 11 a.m. and 7 30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Message
Ecumerlcal Methodism."
Kvcninn    siilijccl:   "Fi.ii Play
Religious Thinking."
Special music will bo rendered
llir choir.
\ cordial Invitation is extended In
nil in attend tlte above services.
11 lalgnry News-Telegram),
li It. II. Bennett Is an ..bscrvinii
man he   must    have s.*en on his way
at, a lew days afio, Held alter
field, nml milt* after mile ol stooked
grain avvaitiuii    inevitable rot.    Tlw
'.vine, '..nil leaping ol tills grain
these vast prairies was an outcome ol
the magnificent policy ..I Mr. Hen-
ni'ii's opponents, tho Laurier government. It was the Laurier policy
Ihat this grain should grow. It is the
policy ol Mr. Dennett's party that it
shall rot. The splendid opportunity
fnr opening markets lor it, this
party has tumid down.
The object lesson must have de-
preascd Mr. Bennett, but on his ar-
rlval home he finds a remedy in the
thoughtful uml encouraging sur|;cs-
lions of his organ "Stop growing
wheat t.. such un extent and licgin
mixed fanning."
I.oiidon, .March «.—-A million earnest women, linn in the belief that
they have hern rclused rights guaranteed a nicntb ugo by Premier As-
-|'iith, and stung to anger by the
Im refusal of Mr. As-juith's col
igue.H to H''il|,i Il"'m a hearing,
have brought about a situation that
today threatens to overshadow the
labor troubles. The suffrage demon-
titrations have reached a point where
the police ure no longer able to prevent or control them. Peculiarly
aggravating as the violence has beet<
tho ordered wholesale arrests have
merely enhanced lhe determination uf
the leaders. There is a grave danger today that the outcome will be
bloodshed.     It is   known that    Mrs.
J !♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
^Chapman's Agency,
* Norbury Avenue, N«r tbe Aydllnrlum *
Real Eltat. I.aaa*.
] ; Employment laveitmest.
Auction Sale al our rooma every
Saturday .1 2 :M aid 7 .111.
II you have invthiar. to aell, hrlnf ]
II to ui,    II you wasi anvlalr,* come
, i lo our sale*.
i| Chapman's Agency
' <********************i
Pankhursl    and   other leaders    hope
this will come. As sbe was led to
her cell last week Mrs. Pankhurst declared the cause would have omi
advanced ten vears i bad she been
Mounted and loot police alike were
defied by the women today. They
refused to   move od when tho oflicers
.hoved their h* rses ai|iin«t them,
and tried to drag tbe men to tbe
street. The foot police were baited
with a determination extremely nerve
rufliing. Tbc women wanted to be
arrested. Their hope is that Un
jails will he-tilled until tliere are no
places to confine them. The police
know this and also realize that a*
soon as tin* women are released Irom
Custody they arm themselves with
hammers and go bock to break more
Tlte women participating in the
movement are no east side rabble,
but the most representative women
ia llritain.
Mrs. Frederick Pethick l^wrence, a
highly educated powerful platform
speaker and editor of note, made this
plain tonight! "Wc will terrorize the
country nr get our rights." An audience ol wealthy, refined gentlewomen
cheered this to the echo.
Mow Street police court was jammed today with women arrested at
last night's demonstration. Most of
them were bound over for lalcr hearings.
Two of tbe noted leaden got two
month*, in prison, and both defied tho
\N     AGGREGATION   OF     llfttt,
one of the best chamber concerts
ever given iu Salt Lake City was
that given ia the Tabernacle last
night, says the Ueserct Evening
News. The nudience -quickly recognized the unusually high order of Ure
performance, and thc result was g
bouquet of encores to which Uie assists responded with an accommodating spirit.
of Miss Verna Page, It is safe to
say a more accomplished lady violinist has never visited tlie west. The
writer has heard Camillo Urso, Maud
Powell and other noted lady artists,
but the little woman who appeared
here last night, seemed to bring
mote out of her violin than them
Miss Page's touch and expression
were delightfully exquisite and dainty, her execution clean cut and clear,
wilh never a suggestion of roughness,
atut her coloring was warm ami
bruiht. In the matter of schools,
her phrylag appeared lyric and romantic rather than ponderous, in accordance with her temperament, and
the tone quality of her instrument
was light and grawtul rather titan
heavy and dramatic. Miss Page has
a musical soul, a fact very evident
before she had played over a hall
dozen bars, but it was brought out
in all its warmth and beauty when
as an    encore,   she   responded    with
Annie    Laurie."       This  was
questionably one   of    the most
trancing    performances    ever    given
Her double stopping and modulation were of tbc highest musical
merit, swees, soothing and rich,
flowery and elaborate without being
overdone—a hoquet abounding in such
musical perfume that the audience
wus charmed. Her stage presence Is
youthful una fleeted ness itself.
Mr. Ernest (iambic, Uie basso can-
tante, has a voice of excellent quality
and volume, well placud and with lim-
breadth. His style is good and his
stage presence pleasing. He is
scholarly musical elocutionist and
rhetorician and he was deservedly
well received.
ele™. notes
'llie Conservative nomination con-
vention lor Columbia riding will be
held in Golden at five o'clock totnor
row (Friday) atternoon.
.1. C. Pitts, ol Windermere, has received official notification that lie bu
been appointee) returning officer lor
Columbia riding in tin- lorthcoramfli
provincial elections.
Thc Tories of Nelson hcM their
Humiliating convent iun last night
Harry Wright, who has represented
Hie constituency lor some years past,
was unable to be present, havinn
in 11' caught in a t rain wreck on the
C 1.11. near Revelstoke, whilst homc-
v-.ii.l bound.
At the convention Wright's name
was not even mentioned. W. R. McLean and Fred Starkey were up lor
the nomination, the. latter withdrew
and Mr. McLean's nomination was
made unanimous.
Harry Wright has since telegraphed
that he will bc in thc field as an independent government Conservative
In Rossland W. R. Ilraden was
sidetracked by lxtrne Campbell, manager ol lire West Kootenay Powei
and Light company.
In Fernie Hon. \V. R. Ross v. as
In a preface to Mr. Harold Spend-
tr's "Home Rule," just published by
Messrs. Hodder and Stoiiffiton, Sir
Kdwanl Grey, secretary tor foreign
affairs, says:
"It must surely be clear today tc
many nf those who opposed the home
rule bill in 1893 that there ia a problem of which the solution is now
more urgent than ever. We who
wen' Oladstonian home rulers approached the problem originally from
tin* Irish side, those who did not
then approach it Irom that side refused to admit the existence of any
problem nt ull. Since that time circumstances have made It necessary to
approach Uie problem from the Hilt-
From the Evangeline Strain ol S. C.
Rhode Island Reds, Al stock and rod
to tlie skin; $2.(30 per 13; satistactioii
Also oggs Irom prize-winning Ulack
Cochin Bantams, $3*00 per 13.
P. 0. Box 22S.        t'ranbrook, B. 0.
ish as well as Irom tho Irish side.
"Tlie British parliament has hitherto heen regarded as a model to be
imitated; it it continues to attempt
the impossible task ol transacting
business in detail, both local antl
imperial, it will end us an example to
be avoided. During the lust tilty
years the amount of work demanded
for particular portions of the United
Kingdom, for the United Kingdom as
a whole, or for tlie empire, has
creased enormously; in all three categories the work is still increasing
and will increase. One parliament
cannot do it all. This is one i
aspect ol thc home rule question.
"Mr. Spender states thc case with
force and smypathy from the Irish
point of view, with, which none of
us who were convinced supporters oi
home rule twenty years ago can ever
lose sympathy, and with which the
younger generation should make itself acquainted. lie makes also
very valuable and opportune review
tf recent changes in tbc .situation,
antl considers how home rule should
be adopted to British and imperial
needs and should serve them. The
whole bock is bho result of his own
rctlection, observation, and research:
the conclusions to which he comes
for tlte settlement of the financial
and other details < f home rule ought
to receive most- careful consideration
as valuable contributions to the discussion of the subject. But, of
course, they musl not he assumed
necessarily to he mine or to bc those
that will Im* adopted in the government bill.
"But I agree with him entirely
that home rule is necessary to heal
bitterness of Ireland, and to effect
that reconciliation without which
there cannot be real union; that 11 is
necessary to relieve parliament at
Westminster; and lo set it free lor
work that concerns the United Kingdom as a whole or the empire; in other words, tbat there Is n problem to
be solved, and that the lirst step in
solving it must he Irish home rule in
a form that opens the way for federal
home rule.
"In the autumn of 1010 a considerable part, at any rate, of thc Conservative party seemed ready to admit tbe need for some solution; today they have apparently drifted back
to the barren position of opposing all
proposals for home rule; if they were
to render this solution impossible
they would but make the problem
more urgent."
Everything points to a gay ami
merry time at the Auditorium
Monday evening, March 18th, when
Tom Marks' company will present for
the first time in this city the gay
comedy in three acts, entitled "(lis
Irish Honor." Before booking this
attraction Manager Guerard had
numerous proofs of its great popularity as a big laugh maker. This is n
three act comedy with a most original story and extremely amusing
characters. It is thoroughly up-to-
date in the tone of its comedy aud
is a continuous laugh from the first
to lhe last, and its bright music and
popular song hits has made for it the
record breaker. Mr. Marks has
surrounded himself with an excellent
company of farceurs, who never fail
to keep the audience in good humor
throughout the entire performance.
White Orpingtons; specially selected
breeders from strictly. first-class
stock. Strong winter laying strain;
18.00 per sitting of IS; fertility guaranteed.—K. o. Kendall, Cranhrook,
Box  inn. 10-11
Tlie steady rise in local ival estate
values is evidenced by the sate       of
lot on Norbury avenue, adjoining
Uw Auditorium by Messrs. Campbell
and Manning this week for $3800, representing an increase over purchase
price of a few months back of $1700.
The Polmatirr Sisters company is
composed of five artists and it
would )h> a difficult task to get together another company of five that
could produce the varied programme
tliese labnted sisters put on for an
evening's entertainment. Miss Lu
Seha, the directress, not only directs thc orchestra and mandolin orchestra with a style and grace that
would make most ot thc male direc-
sors "sit up and take notice," but
she is a clever player on thc violin
am) mandolin, and has an excellent
alto voice, which is used effectively tn
the vocal trio and chorus work, and
her   up-to-date readings   with speeial
costumes, .she never fails to hold her
ludience spellbound. M.ss Helens E.
is u cornetist of rare ability and it is
doubtful if another lady would bo
found that could equal her ou this
difficult instrument. She also plays
thc mandolin and lias a fine soprano
voice. Miss I ma K. is a very accomplished enU'i-tainer. Her special-'
ties are the drums and traps, bells]
ami xylophone, mandolin, flute and.
piano. Sbe also has a good soprano
voice, and with her artistic ability,
grace and unassuming ways, she
seems to captivate her audience.
Miss Helen Harnett, the soprano
soloist, has u sweet and brilliant
voice welt under control, ami with
her up-to-date select songs, she always receives hearty applause. Sho
also plays guitar ami piano. David 0.
lho brother, is an exceptionally line
pianist, and his rich baritone voice is
used to advantage in the solo and
chorus work of tho musiczl acts. One
can see ni a glance that this is an
out of the ordinary combination, antl
if you like an up-to-date varied programme do not miss this grand
P. DoVerc Hunt has returned from
a business trip to Waldo and the
Baynes Lake districl. Mr. Hunt
was amazed at the evidences of progress and prosperity every where noticeable iu these districts. Oood
settlers are steadily Hocking in and
evidently intend to make good. Mr.
Hunt saw two fine motor cars unloaded at Waldo during his stay
tliere. A. M. Beattle, of Waldo, a
very enthusiastic poultryman, will
present a silver cup to he competed
for at the next Cranbrook Agricultural exhibition hy tho poultrymen of
the district. Mr. llunl encountered
many otlier encouraging signs of interest in Cranbrock's big annual fair
and he confidently anticipates that
competition from outside points will
be far greater and keener this year
than ever before.
While away on a business trip
through the Waldo district, Mr. P.
■pcVcrc Hunt ran across Mr. Nai-
smilb, general manager of tbe
Alberta Railway and Irrigation company, who is just about joining forces
with Mr. .1. S. Dennis at Calgary,
.who has charge oi the natural resources department of the C.P.R.'
Mr. Naismith will hereafter actively
devote himself to the work ol making
known the natural resources ot
Kast Kootenay and he was specially
laken with Mr. Hunt's suggestion re
making use of Cranbrook's big annual agricultural fair with that object in view. Mr. Naismith will Ih1
among the chief boosters of the big
fair on    thc outside hereafter.
Tlw most common cause of lnsom-j
nia is disorders of tlu- stomach.1
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets correct these disorders and ,
enable you to sleep. For sale by'
all dealers. 10-3t
The Week, of Victoria, publishes'
tbc following announcement of local
interest: The engagement is announced of ('. Hungcrford Pollen, son of
the late .lohn Hungcrford Pollen, M,
A., and cousin of Sir It. Hungcrford
Pollen, Bart., of    Hcdeiibam, Hants.
and Rodhoiirnc, Malmcsbury, Wilts,
and Mabel Uremia Dnmhleton, eldest
daughter of Alan Southey Dumbletou,
barrister, of this city, and granddaughter of the late Henry Piitiiblr-
ten ol "Rocklands," Rockland Ave,
and "Hall drove," Ungshot. Surrey,
England. (Mr. Pollen is president ol
tho Kootenay Central Railway company.)
No disease germs or insects
can exUt on a wall covered with
Alabastine. And Alabutine,
from tests, has proven it allows
air to circulate through the
walls, thus keeping air
room pure and
S lb. pkg. of this
artistic and unitary
inly 50c
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
1 120 rj-j' Incubator, I'hatham.
1 White 1'i'kln Drake.
1 Rhode Island H«l Cockerel.
10-lt S. Macdonald.
Whi'ii ynu have rheumatism in yo»r
fiml rn- instep npply Chamberlain's'
l.injint'iit and .mi will get quick relief. It cists lint a quarter. Why
suffer?    For sale hy all dealers. 10-M
FOR SALE.—Clooso feather pillows. Apply Mrs. John llrennau,
eily, near St. Joseph's creek.   10-2t*
FOR RENT.—Furnished house;
fiini April 1st; $iu per month, In*
eluding water. Apply Mrs. L. I*.
Sullivan, Cranbrook street. lU-t(
Rest fight pictures ever taken in
tbo world. Look, lor tbo date. They
will bo shown at the Auditorium
theatre. Mt
Over 500 high grade Iruit trees lor
sale or will exchange (value (ISO) on
a young, sound, first-class general
purpose horse weighing about 1200
pounds. Write to R. Lament, Creston, R.C. 9-2t
FOR SALE.—House, (nine rooms,
electric wired, water) stable, woodshed and hen yard, and hall acre ol
land, northwestol tho Sash and Door
Factory. Apply to Mrs. W. Slater,
P.O. City. 6-4t*
llmt. tbo British Columbia Southern
Railway Company Intends to apply
to the Lieutenant Governor In Council, Victoria, British Columbia, lor u
llunl license under part XL of thu
Wator Act, 1900, and Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
Irom Hull River, in East Kootenay,
Inr lhc purpose ol making thc same
lit lor rafting und driving logs.
Tho maps and plans and particulars
ol tlte proposed Improvements uud
works have been filed with tho Chiel
Water Commissioner, at Victoria,
British Coluinb.a, within 20 days
after the first publication ol this
Dated at Cranbrook, British Columbia, the 17th day ol February,
W. F. Qurd,
R-tl Solicitor lor thc Applicant
Restaurant Business
For Sale
In Town on Crows Nest Pass Railway
Lot nnd 2-story Building, 10 roomi
fully furnished. Restaurant business
guaranteed by owner to clear f 150 per
month if properly run. Included wiih
this propertv is one driving team, set of
liar nest. v. anon, sluigh, pig, chickens
and one ton hay.
PRICE $1,650
mr clear title to property and tbe business. Terms: |tl60 cash, balance on easy
payments.   See
BEALE & ELWELL, Sole Agents
Cranbrook, B.C.
riage in good condition,
t. Herald ofllce.
-Baby car-
Apply Bos
FOR SALE.—Thoroughbred single
comb White Leghorn eggs. Prize winners at the Iall fairs. $2.00 for If. j
Fertility guaranteed. Apply E. 11.j
Slater, phone 202. H-lt
choice out of 32 head; weighing Irom
1300 to 1700—Canyon City Lumber!
Company, Lid., Creston, B.C.     8-U
nld office.
-One cart. Apply ller-
j: Strawberry Plants;;
, Scaal.r D.sktp lid P..,..', Busty i >
Two of the most liar.lv anil
productive varieties.
Propagate! under the most
favorable conditions from Hit.
It. JI. Kellogt* strain of pt'di-
uri'.' plants.
Price $10.00 per Thousand \ [
t. o. b. Wynmlel
10% Discount on all unlet* ! !
with remittance in full  re
ceived before March 20th.
Wynmlel, B.C.
S. A. RKII', Proprietor
I have just received a
complete line of new
Come and see our lines
Je viena dc recevolr
un assortlment complct
Venn voir pour vous
vous convaincra.
Returning Officer.
A New Lot Just Arrived
Best Line in the City
i I Must be Seen to be Appreciated
No Trouble to Show Them
i: Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
<'*****************4**444********************i THB UBANBItOOK. 11KHALD
Music in the Home
Nothing gives more [.leiisuro to home life than good
music, und no music is buttet  than that given by the
Edison Phonograph and Victor Oramaphone
With one of thoso mncliiites you can hear the best
Artists of Europe and America in your own home at a
minimal price.
Edisons from $19.50 to $200.00
Victors and Victrolas from $20.00 to $150.00
We curry the most complete Block of EdiBou aud
Victor Records in 11. ('. and enn supply you with nny
Record published,
Cull iu nnd hear your favorite singor or Mttsieiuu.
Ask tiB about funns.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The IfexoCC Store
Cranbrook - - B. C.
Proof Case
Does not make cleaning ii
watch unnecessary. Tho oil
dries out in about a year und
produces grit, which niust he
removed and new oil applied
tr trouble results. Huve
your wntch examined to-day.
Large Warehouse. - Apply F.J.
Deane, Herald Office *tf
Choice celery. I.eltuee anil cucumbers at  Little and Atchison s.
Rev. C, O. Mam left [or his new
field of label   ai Vellum on Tuesday,
II. A. McKowan Is away in Calgary anil will la' track nesl week.
Ilo.s' suits, a bargain Saturday
only.—E. K. Merc. Unit*,'.
Born.—Al St. klugene hospital on
Uarcb lllh, to Mr. and Mrs \Y. Kan
kins, a daughter.
Phil —tin March lib, 1919, at the
Cottage hospital, Cranlnook, it. 0.,
r:.ia Main. Wagstane. graduate nurse
.lust arrived—Another shlpraenl ot
lto,»nt'\ 's bon-bons in fancy boses -
1'he I'nliu.
.ins. Arnold bas been appointed* re
turning oiticri lol the Cranbrook
electoral district
Horn—At Cranbrook, on Saturday,
Marat I, Ull, to Mayoi anil Mis
A  c  Bowness, a dsugbtet
(let a  lill,!, i'I ItaSelwOOd in' ili'llm
tm your Sunday dinner.—Little and
(He Holm, a hotel man Irom Wardncr, was in the city Monday on
Customs collections lor thc month
o. February amounted to I7317.U2;
Inland revenue lor thc same period to
The house tor children's footwear.'
1-1. K. Merc. House.
Patmore Hros. arc busy at present
installing the vacuum steam beating
plant anil the plumbing futures in
Dr. Hall's new residence.
Harry Swcatman, who has been ou
an extended trip to England, spending the winter there, is expected back
Ibis week.
For choice high grade confectionery
go lo Little and Atchison's.
Miss Pye's music pupils held their
first recital on Tuesday, March 5th
at her residence. Another recital
will be held at Faster time.
Mrs. P. E. Wilson, accompanied by
In r mother. Mrs. Hawkey, ol Nelson,
went to Spokane on Tuesday for a
few days trip.
oak dining set. ". chairs and 1 arm
Clair. Saturn's, only t.S.90 — K. K.
Mere. House.
Mi liny Ciirwin, of Nelson, and
Mr. I P. Kootit, „f Vancouver, have
joined the sialt „t the local branch ol
'I - Royal tank.
Mis V. Boyd, aged 7.1 died al
Wards r, Monday,    March 4th.    The
I ll ral took place there, W. It. Beat-
, i\  being in   charge    of   the arrange-
' in.'Ills
Vineland tanned tantatots, litre
t.ui. lor at*' Vinrfand canned com.
pen nr beans, tw„ cans foi 25c —
Kink Mercantile Co. Ltd., sole
Mis P, F Wiesbrod will give a
Shamrock Tea in aid ol tne I.adirs
Aid Society ot the Mctiodist church
at hei home on l.umsdct. avenue on
Saturday, March lath.    Don't forget
lliis—keep thc dale opm.
Our Watch Sales
Because being C. P. R.
Watch InBpeotors, we know
and handle the most tellable
Because we give our guar-
antee with each wntch, which
ia fully backed up by the
Ladies'   15-i.welod   Watch   in >
Hunting 25-year case.
Price 18 Ili.llara
lientB' 21-jewelleil Watch in ■ 20
year case.
Price 25 Dollar*
We are alwuyi pleaised to ihow
C.P. It. Watch Inspectors
We would like you lo sou the atirootive
ETC., for Spring    "
excellent quality.
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
A Full Stock
Of the following goods just received this week,
which we arc selling at low prices:
International Stock Food*.
Poultry Poods
" Worm Powder
Honey Tar Foot Remedy
Healing Powder
Louse Killer
" Roup Cure
Condition Powders
D. P. White Liniment
Oyster Shell, 3c. lb.; $3,75 per 100 lbs.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriiges, Saddlery,.
Implements, Harness Repairing
Nothing Small about our Stock
of grain and feeds we are ready
for all comers, whether they
want bushels, tlnfuls, cartloads
er carloads, the quantity don't
worry us, the quality wont worry
you, however you buy you will
find our oats, hay and all feeds
the right sort and we got them
all skinned In price.—East Koote.
nay Mercantile House.
Sweet cream at Little and Atchison's.
Tlie regular meeting of Ihc Farmers' Institute will be held next Wednesday evening, the 13th in the government building at K o'clock
Everybody welcome.
Tile Herald staff enjoyed a treat
today from the Kink Mercantile company, in lire shape nl a big bag oi
juicy "Golden Shield" orunges, lor
which the force wish to express their
Ha/.elwood Double Jersey Buttermilk at Little and Atchison's.
Dr. H. II. Maxwell has arrived in
town Irom Vernon. He will relieve
Dr. J. II. M. Dell lor a lew weeks,
whilst the latter enjoys a well earned
vacation. Dr. Maxwell hails Irom
Edinburgh and practised in England
before migrating to Vernon.
William Ardell, an cmpltyec at the
t'.P.H. null Itiver camp, died
Monday of typhoid lever. The
mains are lieing held by Undertaker
IV. It. Beauty, pending Instructions
from relatives as to tlieir disposal.
(lur men's suits on Saturday are
real bargains.-!-:. K. Merc. House.
The linal hockey game ot thc see-
«n lor tlie Cranbrook team will be
played in Kemie on Friday night, and
»ill decide who holds the Herchmer
ap lor tin* championship ol toe
Crows Nest Pass for 1912.
Miss A. Elliott, ol McCreery Bros.,
has returned from several weeks' ab-
s»-nce visiting Toronto, Detroit and
('Imago While away Miss Elliott
Inspeoted all the millinery shops and
returns with a great selection ol
newest designs and styles In ladies'
Choice asparagus and ripe tomatoes at Little and Atchison's.
The two rinks from Cranbrook
wbieh recently contested in the Nelson honspicl played a local contest
here on Tuesday night to settle the
question ol honors. Hoggarth won
Irom Cameron in a closely contested
game with a brilliant finish in the
12th end with one score to tbe good.
Alaska .lack" and his E»|iiimaux
gave two nights show at the Auditorium this week. The nurtures,
which wore taken In too lar north-
land, were very realistic ol the many
picturesque scenes In the land ol the'
midnight sun.
A latal accident occurred at Bull
River yesterday, whereby a man'
named Mike V,,lossy was Instantly!
killed by a Iall nt earth, which completely burled him. Lite was extinct when Ihe body was recovered
Irom thc debris.
Wm. Selinil, a well known null River rancher, is establlshlnn a stage between Wardner ami the new townsite
of   Bull River.     Ile will meet both
.lele- v
Tlieir equal fur beauty and elegam	
The perfect fil und the splendid values we
Blues and Grey a
are the predominating colorB in
Suits. The styles
are exceptional],-
handsome and the
laat wont in the
realm of fashion,
Tho prieeB are
ailch thntwill harmonize with the
means of all.
IIS.M lo 1(0.00
Dresses and
This season we
are giving mure
attention toLudiea'
and Miaaea' Dreaa-
es and Costa. We
have happily combined style* ami
value in mir assort
ment of these.
The newest approved Ideas anil
their peifect lit
and clean liniehure
Positive assurance
of satisfaction.
May we show
■ showing in SUITS, CHATS, DHESSES,
11 not bo found in the eily. The materials
are offering will be especially pleasing to yen.
New Shoes
We are uowshow-
ing the largest as-
fiortinciitiii Ladies'
and Children's
Footwear aver
Bhown iu lliis city.
You will tind an
abundance of Now
Hhapes — shapes
wherein ate comfort und atyle.
Tliey come iu all
the pojiular lea-
tlieie. too. as Gun
M!etal, Velum,
Box Calf. Patent
aiul Ponirola Kid,
In sliori, for
Shoes with that
smart look of Individuality ami a
variety of styles ol
surpassing   excellence,yon will llllll
nothing to equal
und work:
tnnnsliip are of
In BnmitlH, Wilton, Axniiiistt-rN,
placed in Htock this week. Vou
will Hml juit what you nn* looking for.
Cretonnes, Art Satins.
Curtain Muslins
Large flHRiirtmciit of Cnrtiiin
Materials of all kititltt just lo
liamt.   Jnopect tlietn.
Tliey will enable you lo work
nnt any color rtehemu for draperies that you may Imve thuuj-lii nf.
Hearth Rugs in Oriental
•tucli I ,** bean \W admiration
■  •■-■•    1 hey're uow on display,
$1.75 TO $11.50
Madras. Scrims,
Brussels Nets
We quota a few ot onr prlcei; -
Mid-as   Sew designs, nil colon,
35c to il in par yd,
Scrim—Beaut If ol path'-ne,
I.V to 40c prr yd.
Ntrti-Kxtri'iiiely popular. A wid«
range to Baled 'com,
30c to 7*V per yd.
Cbtali -a lovely range of pattern*
l& to 40c per yd.
Mall Orders shipped
same day as
Mail Orders Shipped
same day as
trains, east and west, daily anil convey passengers to anil Irom Hull
Itiver townsite.
Speeial prices en Saturday in
men's hats.—E. K. Merc. House.
Thos. K. Hurley, barrister, has
arrived Irom Vancouver to join Unlaw Arm ol Wilson, llcrchiner and
Hurley. Mr. Hurley was formerly
connected with Mr. A. 11. McNeil, tho
well known Great Northern railroad
lawyer el Vancouver.
Eat lots ol oranges! l'hysicians
say to use them Irccly is as good
as a trip south. "Red Shield"
hrand hare a delicious flavor and are
much heavier than thc other brands,
because they contain so much more
juice. Kor sale bv the Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
On Tuesday Dr. II. E. Hall received
lull blooded thoroughbred English
setter direct Irom Indiana. The
doctor's new hunting dog is a black
ami white beauty and is thoroughly
trained In all Ihc arts ol the nlmrod
game. Ile answers to the name ol
See us on Saturday lor men's
shirts.—E. K. Merc. House-
Evan Evans, eoal mines inspector,
who bas been making his headquarters la this city lor some time
past, left lor Kernic yesterday, where
Ih- will reside permanently in [mure.
The Fink Mercantile Co. report the
largest sale nl oranges in all their
business experience. They attribute
the increased demand tn the Ian
that Ihey are handling the -lied
Shield" brand, which are without
questioo the finest the tlolden State
II you want sweet juicy oranges
phone 75.—Little and Atchison.
Provincial timber returns for1
February show a t< tal of 900 licenses
issued lor lands west ol the Cascade
range, the receipts amounted to Hit,
1126.90. for lands cast ol the
Cascades (at) liceases were issued, thc
receipts showing 172,473.50. Timber:
license transfer Ices aggregated $8*0;'
penalties produced J5."2.'.. Coal'
prospecting licenses issued during the
month were 340, bringing in receipt!
ot 191,100, while coal prospecting license lees aggregated JIM and mis-'
eellancous receipts tor the month
were f2,*3e.«2. The grand total
ol the timber branch revenues was,
BROS. 10-tl
The provincial department ol agriculture has arranged Inr five demonstration    orchards to determine fully
tin- best varieties fur planting anil
the most .successful process tc adopt
iu tla. growth of fruits in the different sections oi the Koolenay districts. One will he eslali.lshed ut
Cianhrook on the farm ol Joseph
Itranlt, another bas been assigned to
Col. Pyne ol Haynes Lake, ycl another at Windermere, while a fourth, for
the'upper Columbia, goes lo William
Wright in the locality ol Golden.
The filth will be on thc property of
Vi. Eccles, ot New Denver. H will!
serve the Slocan country generally.   I
l'hone 75 — Little and Atchison —
lor a brick ol Hazelwood ice
cream. I
On Wednesday and Thursday ol
next week the Cranbrook District.
Sunday School Association will he in
session In this city. The speakers
will include Rev. D. J. Welsh, ol Kelowna, B. C, and Itev. I. W. Williamson, ot Vancouver. Wednesday
t-vffiin,|s session will he held In the
Melhodist church, when an address
will be delivered by llev. U. B, Kendall. Itev. Williamson will also
speak ou this occasion, on Thursday
afternoon a- session will Ik- held in
thc Knox church school room, when
the speakers will Ik llev. Welsh and
Mrs. 0. S. Mennie. - In the evening
thc meeting will be held in the Halt-
list church, when both Kevs. Welsh
ami Williamson will deliu-r ipecia
Commencing Saturday, Match 9th.
The Palm will serve ice cream an'l
ice cream sodas in their parlors.
Furnished front ifM.m tor rent
close in, suitable for one or two. Ap-
plj Hox A , Herald office.        10-lt*
The sudden dealh ol Miss Ki.a M.
Waptaff, a trained nurse, at one
time employed at the St. Ku'f-nc
hospital, on Monday morntog last, nc-
Oaaioned a great deal ol regret among
ber Iriends hero, Miss Wngstad
wished to have sntne teeth estract.al
and railed in Dr. Hall lor that put
pose. She expressed a d*-sirc to be
gi.cn an anaesthetic and fur that
jniij,"-, iir. M-linn.';, wai called.
The doctor, who i* a newcomer Ir.-re,
is a McGill graduate, and alter ial -
ing bis degree practised in one rl the
big Montreal hospitals, his spicial
work lieine, llie administering ol ana--
stheties. Miss Wag-staff was hi.cn
au anaesthetic, Un tsoth were extracted, ant! death ensued without
her recovering consciousness. Tlie
usual uni' i.ii investigation into the
cause ol death was made hy Coroner
Hell, no blame being altrteutahle to
any person lor lis- untoward Dvenl
Vccy little is known locally concern-
llig the relations ol the ilii'-aivd.
She eatne lo I'lulihrirftk from llalilav,
N. S,, where she bail been ptfl|Bd in
nursing for several years, nnd lol
some m.mtlis was employed -it tin-
Si. Bugeae hospital,    itirtnily   she
l'ilW'1 lhe slafl ol tla' t'oltaai- hospital. The funeral will take place
on   Friday    nlleiiiiain nt 3    o'eleckj
If you are in need
consider our prices —
We Guarantee
of HAY or  GRAIN
Xo. 1 Timothy Iluy. $21.00 ] er t< n ; single bales, $1.20 cwt.
Timothy Hny. slightly mixed witi. Green Wheat, $]*.00 per
ton". $1 do per cwt
Feeil Wheat. $31.00 per ton -. single sack.. SI .05 per cwt.
Fee.1 Hats       29.00      " -        -       1.55
26.1 0
Campbell & Manning
$1,575.00—Six roomed, Cranbrook -Street.
$2.0.1(100   Sever, roomed. (inr'!. n Avenue, i Lots.
!$2,3uo.Uti—Six roomed, Armstrong Avenue.
$2.500.i 10 -Six roomed, Hanson Avenue.
$2,500.00   Ten roomed, Armstrong Avenue. 2 Lots.
$2,500.00   Seven roomed, Hurwell Avenue, 1J LoIb.
$2,760.00- Eight roomed, Hanson Avenue. 1} Lots.
$8,000.00-  Nine roomed, Dowar Avenue. 2 Lots.
$3,60000- Eleven roomed, Fenwick Avenue. 2 Lots.
$4,100.00   T.n roomed, Armstrong Avenue. 2 Lots.
$l.5oti.U0   Seven-room.(1. Lumsden Avenue, 0 Lots.
$''•.000 00- Twelve roomed, Armstrong Avenue. 2 Lots.
$7,500.00    Eight roomeil. close in, 70 ncres.
$o\600.00—Twelve roomed, Armstrong Avenue, I Lots.
K*.t.il.lii.|.i*.l IS'
I AAA A *fc**a#.|
ALEXANDER LAIRD. General M.n.oes
CAPITAL.- $10,000,000
REST.-   $8,000,000
(ruin Christ chntrli
luis t-liatgr ot   Om<
lin*n u
w. it. Batty
i i,-*r.il *irr*n(r
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerc-a nre the most convenient
form in which lo carry money when travelling. Tliey are negotiable
everywhere, Mlf*ld«nUfying, and the exact amount payable in the principal foreign countries is printed on the face of every cheque. Tht
cheques are issued in denomination*, ol
J10. «0, JS0, J100 nnd 5200. »„.
an.l may be obtained on application at the Hank.
In connection with iis Travellers' Cheques lhe Canadian Bank of
Commerce bas Issued a booklet entitled "information ol interest to those
about to travel", which will he lent Ini; to invoni applying for it.
R. T. Brymncr, "l.in.iKcr Cranbrook, B. C. THE   URAJSBKOOK.   HUB ALU
Wherever you are, whenever you want it,
all that is newest and best in the theatres
is yours to hear and to enjoy, right in
your own home when you own an
The Edison is the theatre—with the
volume of sound exactly suited to your
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docs away with changing needles, does
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\— K'vii'K ft" the verses of every song
land rendering instrumental composi-
/titin-s as meant to be played.   The
lluiiie lin-tirdinj; feature enables you
to make and reproduce your own records in your own home, true to life.
There arc Kdiran ileuli-n cmywlwe. Oo to the
iifiiroit mnl liiiir tlir K«li»im I'lintutf rupli pUy both
Kill-nil Stiiiiil'int Mini Kill-mi Amherol R«-o*ri<i.
(Jet i-fimiili-ti* t'atiiloi*'i from yonr dealer or from
in.    Bfttioii 1*1 KTitpli*..  flf.BO to 9240.00.   I
It.-i.iril-. 'play   twice aa low), 08c.     Kdi-H-n
Grand 0|n.-ni Rrcortl*., ISc. to $2.50.
aoollsliwl,    us it gave   me thc    only
hope fur my old age."
We are glad 1o say thai the annuities system has not been aliolislitnl.
In transferring the branch to tli"
post offlce department under the administration ot the postmaster general, it is believed that a wider publicity will be given lo the system,
ami thai both old and young will
more readily loam of the opportunity
parliament has afTorded them of
making provision for old age; the
postmasters now becoming active,
while formerly they were only passive, agents of the branch. The bene*
Ills will, of course, bo more apparent
where payments are begun at an early
age, the accumulation being longer,
antl the marvelous earning power of
compound interest at t per cent being
more slrikingly demonstrated; and
there is always the danger if payment
is deferred to a late age that unfortunate investments or expend.tin*
may be made, and the necessary
amount be not then available. There
is no time like the present.
Full information in regard to thc
various plans on which annuities may
he purchased may be obtained at the
post office or on application to thc
Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa,
tn whom letters on annuities business go free of postage.
shafts; almost    new.
Herald offlce.
pair  of    good
Apply Box 5,
Ofi.. N.J.
' U.S. A.
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Bealtie-Murphy Co. Limited
A new chapter in Poland's sad romantic history opens in the Russian
provinces nf that ancient kingdom,
and like many episodes of the past it
promises to Im* of an unhappy    char-
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Our new beautifully illustrated
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H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lst A Madison     •      BI'OKANK
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Money to limn ou fuvortiMe terms.
The joy td tin* Polish festive season
marking tin* end id the "Id and the
beginning 11 tho new year was mar-
rod by national sorrow. A bill to
diminish tht* area ol the kingdom ol
Poland is din- im discussion iu the
Imperial Duma, aud it is practically
certain that a largo portion ol rast-
atn Poland will 1m* withdrawn Irom
the Jurisdiction of tho governor-genera! oi Warsaw and siAJecled to a
drastic process oi Russlficatlon,
This was the greatly ohcriahed project of the celebrated patriarch stai-
tsinan, Pobledonostzcff, procurator of
the Holy Synod, hut he did not live
lo set* it effected. His colleagues in
thc cabinet were opposed to It, and
Sipiatrin, Uu* minister of thc Interior, who was afterwards assassinated liv revolutionists, denounced it
as a measure of (oo reactionary a
character, Tin* scheme was revived
hy the late M. Stolypln, ami has
been received with favor hy n committee ul Un* Duma, whieh has boon
engaged in examining it for more
than a year. The proposal is Veenly
resettled in Russian Poland :\nd also
in Oalicla niul Posen.
There is no more Interesting contra
of Europe than tin* Chclm district of
eastern Poland, the territory in
question. It is a wild*and romantie
country with great forests where lhe
Polish nobles hunt the deer and the
wild hoar, it is untouched by the
modern spirit nf materialism' the
peasant still greets one with the
words, "May Jesus Christ he praised," antl his faith is as ardent as
was his forefathers' a thousand years
ago.       This is partly due to the laet
that a persecution, ol which the rest
of Europe knew little, raged in this
part ol Poland fiom 1878 until the
Czar granted his subjects freedom ol
religion hy the manifesto of April
In lhe year 1878 the Russian ,i*.ov
eminent decided that thf peasantry of
Chclm should become members of the
Ort-hodoi church. Most of them
were Vnlats, thai Is to say, they
were under the |urlsdlcHon of the
Holy See and accepted the creed ol
Rome, bul the services in the ohurcn-
es were similar to thos,. nf tht* Orthodox church, and their clergy were
married, The government thought it
Would Ih* an easy task to induce these
simple folk to substitute the procurator nf the Holy Synod for the Pope
as their spiritual head. The peasants, however, refused to obey, ami
Cossacks   were sent to convert them.
Some of the old people tell ol tlte
process ol conversion. In some places
when the inhabitants heard that   the
ed as Orthodox in spite ol protests.
In a few places peasants were shot
tlown at the ehurcli doors while trying to prevent bhe entrance of the
(face registered as Orthodox it was
illegal for a peasant to receive the
BRcramcnts from a Latin or a t'niat
priest, A clergyman who broke the
low in this respect was liable to
exile in Siberia. The peasants
[us.d to accept the ministrations of
Orthodox clergy sent by tho
iriment, and, until 1905, there
a rcllgioloufi strike throughout)
tbc countryside. Jesuits, disguised
as pedlars, came from Austrian Poland to minister to the persecuted
peasantry. They said mass and administered tht* sacraments in the
heart of the forest.
When Nicholas II. granted religious liberty, a splendid measure ol reform due solely to the personal initial ive of the emperor, the Chclm district went mad with delight.
It hati been ho|>ed to Russify the
people of Chclm by making them
Orthodox; in becoming Roman Catholics they have also become more Intense)) Polish in sentiment, although
tliey are of little Russian origin*
The hill for iii.tkinti this dislrict into a purely Russian province is a new
attempt to Russify these unfortunate
people. The urea uf Russian Poland
has remained unchanged since 1816,
when Alexander I assumed the title
of King of Poland with the permission of (ireat Britain and tbc other
powers represented at the congress
of Vienna. The Poles, who eannot
forget ihe time when their sway ex-
11 mliil io the Hall it- on the north and
to KIcfl ou the east, are indicant at
tin- proposal to lesson the territory
which can claim the name of Poland.
They form the most conservative element in the Russian empire, and tin-
posit ion of the kingdom, a halter
province between Russia and Germain, would seem to he sufficient
reason for treating them with consideration.
Nothing, as Lord Castlereagh pointed OUI at the Congress of Vienna, is
more calculated to disafTect them
than the attempt to suppress their
language, their religion and their nationality. Tho Chclm bill provides
that the Polish language shall not lull l.'iated in the courts ot law, even
when a witness is ignorant ol Russian, that Polish shall not la* employed in schools, and Hint nn plays
shall be acted in Polish. Such provisions WOUnd the Polos to the quick,
and many hnpe that whatever the
Duma may do, the Council ol Empire   will     throw   out    a hill which
nnt   Wit ir
ul: 11 in power, refused
The superintendent of annuities has
received the following enquiry from
an anxious correspondent who, probably, had read the announcement
thai the agency stall of the breach
bail been discontinued:
"I wish to ask, Is it a tact that
tin* annuities system has been abolished*'      II -so,     I am terribly disap-
soldieis were coming they left their pointed, as I have Intended Inr some
houses ami lied to the forests, where! time to buy an annuity next summer
they hit) themselves for weeks Every-'paying the full price. I neve;
where the order to sign nn act of sub- 1 bought that the act could bc abolish-
mission to the Orthodox church was ttl. and had lieen using the money in
resisted. Numbers of persons were oilier ways until I was of age to re-
(logged; many were thrown Into prls- odve the Iirsl payment. I and many
rn and the most obdurate WCtO exiled others have thought that the annui-
lo Siberia. In one village the sol-(ties was a line provision for poor
diers forced tho men to carry blocks people, Can I still bu> a governed loo Up and down tin* road, hour mint aniiuily, and II not, Is there
after hour, and then drove them at anything that will take Its place
Hie point of the bayonet to the par-: that cuu lie bought7 I do hope it is
Ish church, where they were rrgister | not true   that the annuities has been
London, March 5.—There is now being built at Portsmouth, a warship
that will be over **S,01M> tons larger j
than the Dreadnought, and, further,
will ho able lo lire a broadside more
than twice as heavy as that of tho
record-breaking ship of 190(1.
The ship is thc first of thc live armored vessels, provided for in the
navy estimates of 1911-12 to bc laid
down. No name has yet been given
to her, bul it has been suggested that
she should he named Marlborough in
honor of Mr. Winston Churchill. The
ceremony of laying the first keel
plate was performed by Miss Moore,
sister of Admiral Sir A. W. Moore,
commander-in-chief at   Portsmouth.
Her displacement will Ite nearer
ati.miu than 25,000 tons—which means
thai she will he over 3,000 tons larger than the supcwDrcadnoughl
UiiUes'iip Orion, completed only a
fortnight ago.
Her armament wilt lie the same as
the Orion's ten 18.2 inch guns, hut
these are Of a greatly improvedlype,
aud instead of firing shells of 1,25(1
pounds, the weight will he 1,400
pounds. The broadside lire of the
ship will thus amount to 11,000
pounds as compared with 1,500
pounds from the Orion, and only
IS.800 pounds for the Dreadnought.
There will also lie a great Improvement in the weapons mounted
for tlie purpose of driving off hostile
torpedo craft. Hitherto, Hritish
ships have had only 1 inch i|ins for
this purpose, firing shells of 31
pounds, but the new ships will have
Iti six inch guns and all Tiring 100
pound shells, ten or twelve a minute.
Modern torpedo boat destroyers arc
so large and strongly built that the
4 inch gun could not In* relied upon
to keep them ut hay, hut thc 6 inch
gun will give the> new battleships
ample prelection against this form of
In case ol a Inrpedn ever getting
home on the side of the ship, however, the hull has heen divided and
subdivided in a manner, not hitherto
thought possible. The result of this
is that even if a torpedo should make
a hole iu the side not more than a
very small part of the ship would be
The new ship will also be faster
than our previous Dreadnought battleships, having a designed speed ol
tweftty-two knots in place of the earlier twenty-one.
When all five have been laid down
there will Ik* no lewer than thirty-
two ships of the "All-big-gun" type
built nnd building for tho llritish
Sixteen ol tliese will be ordinary
Dreadnoughts armed with 12 Inch
The remaining ships will he armed
with the 18,8 inch gun, aud thus will
In1 super-Dreadnoughts.
(From the Calgary Albcrtan)
The reports of the grain blockade
in Southern Alberta are not exaggerated. The farmers arc unable to
market their grain and many thousands ol bushels of wheat are spread
out in rough and unprotected bins on
the prairie. When warm weather
comes it will seriously damage this
grain it there is no relief before that
time.     There is no relief in sight.
This is a deplorable condition ol affairs. This is not an exceptional
year. The blockade has been very
serious every year with thc exception
of last year, when there was but
little crop.
Thc railway company is unprepared
lo handle all thc grain that Is presented lor shipment. That is the
real meaning of it. Thc railway
company opposes a reciprocity which
it fears will open up wider market
and  additional    railway competition
for our    grain growers, but It is unable, to carry the grain to market.
The entire country is suffering. The
farmers cannot market the grain.
They cannot pay the merchant. The
merchant cannot pay tho wholesaler
or the manufacturer, and right along
thc line it goes.
Re cast half of Lot 13, in Block 8,
Subdivision of District Lot 200a,
Group 1, Vancouver District.
Whereas proof of loss of certificate
of title No. 7258c to thc above
named property issued in the name
of George Mead has been filed in this
office.' Notice is hereby given that I
shall at the expiration of one
month from the date of the first
publication hereof issue a duplicate ol
said certificate of title unless in the
meantime valid objection he made to
me in writing.
Dated at   the   Land Registry Office
this 0th   day ol Augdst, AD. 1011.
Arthur O. Smith,
6-5t District Registrar.
Builder and
Septic Tnnks ami Concrete
Work generally a
Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. Box 3*16
Cranbrook, B.C.
Kvory cure ami cotnlort
A In,in,' Irom home
S|,i'i'inl attention in oases of
Maternity, Rliouinatism
anil I'm,mi,iiiuu,',
Turma inodoralo
MRS, E. BENT, Matron.
l-.l). Iloi I'lione U7H
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 84
A.F. & A.  M.
lingular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
_ of every iiionth.
Visiting lirethren welcomed.
1). J. McSweyn, W.M,
,1. S. Peek, Secretary.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olliee at  Ktlliltaca,   Arinatroni   «...
omcrc hours i
Ciiiist'tiNT Lodge No. iiii
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. al
Fraternity  Hall.
T. O. .loin's, C. C.
J. M. lioycs.K. ol 11. N. S.
Vti.li.liiR brethren   cordially Invltsd
to attend.
Sunday* - •
. •.1)11 to 10.110
2.1111 to 4.00
1.80 to 8.80
11.30 to   4.80
II     ,1     »     I.
A.M. Can.Soc. C. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Drug and Book
Co's. store
Telephone 3BI)
P. O. Box 37
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
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Apply to
R. S. McNeil
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Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Hhop on the premises,
Thoronghly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UKO. P. WEI.L8, Proprietor
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pilli art eiceedingly powerful in refulitlog the
generative portion of the female system. Refuse
all cheap imitations. Dr.doTM'i art sold at
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Th* leeMI Drag Co., tt. C**tWln** Out
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Opposite C.F.K. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     GOT    A
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist .
Provenzano Bros.
Gtntral Mtrehant*
Employment Agents
CRANHROOK    •     ■. C.
• to 11 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   « p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
t.i°n??i,s18 Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets tu    Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays
T. Fraser, E. 0.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlellows cordially Invited.
II. .1. Kendall, W, M. Harris,
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Dav Phone 2a:l
Ntglll I'lione MS
B.   C.  line)  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
Askfor Halcyon LITHIA WATEK
For family uae there ia nothing
so wholesome uml ao pure na
Ii yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing send
Special prices lor family work.
Phone: Seymour 7930
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER       -       B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenionce. Elevator service. Cafe in connection. Rooms
JJ1.00 per day and upwards.
tip-country visitors to tho Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort at the Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to tlieir wants.
W. R. BMHJT. ruapntl Director
Cnnbrook B. C
Phone U-Hi
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 845    Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown nnd Hridge Work
n specialty.
Offloo ovor F. Parks Hardware
Store, Baker Street
| Phone No. 2ii0
Van Home Hlreel   (opposite   Depot
Curnufi u [nil stock of
Rupture for above always
ill clock
Electric Restorer for Men
N. O.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe-W. M. Harris.
Phoanhnnal .ctarca every nervo In tlie body
'   Jy"""   ' ■" It, prop., Ienal',.11 it.lore,
vial and vitality. J'renialu.e derjiv mnl all aeauii! i
No. It.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourn i;   Rebekaba cordially la*
Miss Ada Ilk'kcnliolhani.N.O.
Mtss M. Hickenbothatn, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hail Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp
Wm. Henderson, CU.
A. Clark, jr., Box 278, See'y.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday ol each month et
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. ll.-Mi'Farlane, Chlel Hunger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
| Presbyterian Cburcb |
Sunday morning service at 11 4
o'clock ♦
Sunday   evening
7.30 o'clock
service   at' |
i >.
Hii.ie ''
Sunday      School   and
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian    Ouild, Tuesday,
at 8 o'clock
i: .Baptist Chinch
J i Pastor, 11. S. Speller.               !!
11 Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.      ''
i i 'i'lione.  284.       P. O.  Box 287. ' '
,,   ' i
'' Regular Services:—Sunday, II ] |
,, a.m.     aad    7.30   p.m.;   lllbls , i
,, School    with     Young   Ladies' < >
,, Philelhea    and     Young   Men's ' '
< . Bible Class, 3 p.m. ' '
' ' Monday, Young Peoples', • t \
11 p.m. 11
1, Wednesdav, Mld-Week Meeting, . >
< i A cordial Christian weluonia ' '
i > to all.                                        ' '
: CIvANI'KlllllvlIKNII;
President t T. ■**. Uiu
SeoreUry i B, &Iaoiiorai.d
, Kor iiifiiiiiuiiioii regarding l-uult*
i uml  agrloultuie  ■M|»ly   to Uie
* Kwri-lnry, UrmilHook. It, (!.
Kvery Heroin I Wi'ilm uliiy
Kn-rnnftRfniUniT Hnlir-lfl. niirtiV >c-rlnl Inti It J"?
■lut.'Ul-f ro'-nri.iiu i"ir ni'inmii tt',4 Hlicilmr it:]
• Livciiiiti.ii istiri>hiil.iv i"ti* iii.'i'U)   c iTi-ini -\.
li.iIISMrlClUri.liliilfi'llFil. I'.'UflBOMonl"-.!.'!.'".
c-iit fituj. (ililfit nil, •h-j' ft.ri- i-iirii.aiiuionls.
T'ltcnti lakon thru-nth Jluim ,l Cj. iimIv-
tfcMrothi, without chnifo, la tho
Fhoiphonol *a
WL*akiicss nvptletl at once, .   __      	
niake yoni new man. Prica JBibos.*-* two lor
$\ Matlrrlt-i.Hivii-liIri'**!!. TtwSooWllDruf
t ;*., M. CalhM-laM, Ont.
For sale at Beattin-Mtirphy Co., Ltd
Scientific flmciicoi?.
Illiivt rated WHtttr*    iMptt  *JP
'   0, Ifllllllc    lulltll.ll.      tut,..*    lor
year, potUne I'n-iw.M.   Mild I. ■
A lia-i-lpoirrlr Ulmtratrd w-i*l:!y.
i illation of un*/  '   — 	
fritmia, 1-1.75 i.
nil itsawsdonlnrt. THE   OBANBROOK   HERALD
Auditorium, March nth.
01 fj
v iS     "S
| 4*   Sis
. 38     21.71   61.26
..  18   .17.65   78.13
Division I.—
Miss   Dick
Division II.—
Miss Close ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Division III —
Miss I.. Close . IH H.00 87.70
Division IV.—
Miss Suttnliy      17   11.0!)   87.43
Division V.—
Miss Hiscocks ... . 18 12.10 87.70
Division VI.—
Miss Cart-wright 50 13.43 88.28
Division VII.—
Miss Easlon ... . 10 13.70 87.27
Divlsioa VIII.—
Miss Thompson . 13 36.115 85.23
Division X.—
Miss Stephens   12   30.07   85.88
High School— ^^^^^^^^^^^
1.. .1. Cranston ... 12    11.05  92.08
Ull   359.51   87.03
Division 111. tMiss I.. Close) wins
the Nelson Shield lor al tendance.
Division I.
Lauretta Armstrong.
Nathan Barnhardt.
Percy Bardgett.
Kh.rcw.' Itathie.
Frances Driinimoml.
Vincent Fink.
Wanda Fink,
.lack llaslani.
Grade Higgins.
Augusta Doyle,
Bertram Murgatroyd.
Division II
Mellonl Carson.
Delia Dow.
Douglas Kinnlss.
Enid 0111,
Willi.* t.ramnn.
I."in* McKague.
Frances Noble.
Oeorgo Pratt.
Robert I've
llevrinal.l  Sa.nst.ill>'
Division ill.
Flora Baldwin.
l-hilip Brlggs.
Ilradfonl Carson
Willi.' Daniels.
Iliriixilel tr Doyle.
Chaili.' I-'.lint'i
Oordon McKcnnn.
Ale. Meliiii,'
Loin,- Moon).
Sidney  Mur.f.tlovd.
John Noble.
Itaiiisfoid Parks.
Dora Pye.
Agnes  Rookie.
Vigil SfUltO.
Margaret si. Eloi.
Russell st  Eloi.
Oordon Tayloi.
-.ini,- Taylor,
Nett ie Ten ace.
Dorothy Wbitmore.
Ueolgin Wilson.
Division IV.
Howard Aniistiiing.
Muriel Baxter.
Elsie Health'
flladys Brookes.
Mabel Brown.
Ruby Deacon.
Harold Kay.
(Irate MeFarlane.
Mabel McOoldrlc.
May Smith.
Crossley Taylor.
Mllo Drummond.
Mary Barnhardt.
Dorothy McLean.
Division V.
Austin Chapman.
Charles Clapp.
Edward Barnhanll.
Otto OUI.
Harold Hummer.
Margaret Laeey.
Evelyn Moore.
Margaret Morrison.
Hugh Hannah.
Nina Belanger.
Edith Murgatroyd.
David Reekie.
Winona Stinson.
Muriel Walllnger.
Verna Woodman.
Division VI.
Mario Bartlam.
Robert Beaton.
Merle Bennett.
Albert Brault.
Kathleen Brown.
Mary Carson-
Donald Dallas.
Chnrlcr DompBter.
Marion Drummond.
Mabel Finlay.
.loc Frost.
Hrueo Laurie.
Slanley Moffat.
Erlo MacKinnon.
Wilnia Parks.
Pearl Pratt.
Palmer Rutledge.
Alma Sarvis.
Iluy Scott.
Samuel Sneers.
Mali 1'ii.HiH Kim.
llm Tito.
Faith Kendall.
Division VII.
Malcolm Belanger.
Raymond Brault.
Frederic Brlggs.
Elizabeth Chapman.
Alfred .loliffc.
.lames Ketnhall.
Allan Livingstone.
Margorot McLaren.
Thomas Reekie.
Oladys Shackletou.
Milton Sissons.
Harry Smith.
ThHina Stinson.
Hope Taylor.
Ivan Mac Weisbrod.
Helen Worden.
Leo Frost.
Helen Li'clerc.
Division VIII.
timer Bernard.
Vera Baxter.
Lloyd Boss.
Christie Oormley.
Hector Herniman.
•lames Logan.
Thrcsa Laeey.
Donald Morrison,
lack Moftatt.
Michael Moore.
Willie Noyce.
Leslie Snedden.
I.enore Mill.
William Ouerard.
Archie Horie.
Mali On.
Ruby Scott.
Mali Moil.
Division X.
Irene Bernard.
Mali Bing.
Andrew Brault.
Allen Brown.
Muriel Johnston.
■ lanette .tones.
Allen Laeey.
Waller Laurie.
Downy McNeil.
Harry Musser.
Wong Quong.
Viola Sarvis.
David Watson.
Evcrot Wilson.
Helen Whitmore.
Ruth Kendal.
Toronto, March 1— Maintaining al-
mosi to the last his mental suprem-
iii i over Uie ailment that bad been
gapping Ins strength lor the lasl
roue years, Rt. lloa. Edward Blake.
M V., K.C, P.O., I.L.D., died peacefully at his residence, 449 Jarvis
sthri, shortly before 7 o'clock last
Krid.i. cvciiing Sine.* his return
Irom England, where he sustained a
paralytic stroke in August ol 1907,
Mi Illake had lieen under tbe immediate care ot his physicians. The
decline in his condition had neon
gradual hut continuous and .luring
the last year especially his ailment
had made marked progress. About
two weeks ago symptoms developed
which indtcatod that the end was np-
liioai'hing. hut the distinguished pal-
on! had repeatedly/ shown such re-
cuperattvo powers that no Immediate/
alarm was aroused. While unable
to n't downstairs, as was his custom
until a week ago, Nr. Blake arose
ami spont each day In his flitting
About siv o'clock in 1he evening
Mr, Illake evinced a desire to he taken Irom the sitting room to his bedroom, but collapsed while walking
across the room on a nurse's arm.
Restoratives were applied, and Dr.
William Ooldie, the attending physician, arrived within tea minutes hut
Mr. Blake's heart (ailed to respond
to thc usual stimulant*.
Mrs. Blake and her daughter, Mrs.
Wrong, were cut at the time ol Mr.
Blake's seizure but were notified ot
his critical condition. When they
reached thc house Mr. Blake was unconscious, and tho end came soon alter. Since returning from England
Mr. Blake has resided quietly at his
•larvis street residence, spending the
summers up to last year at his summer home at Murray Bay. He at
first was able to pay some attention
to business hut abandoned It with
the progress ol his malady. His la
tellect, however, remained keen, Ma
memory was unimpaired and his wit
lo the end was as caustic as at* the
height ol his parliamnrtary oereriv
Does Not Follow Neglect of the
Aside from combing it when they
think necessary many people giye no
attention whatever to Iheir hair
Tben when the hair begins to fall
out it never occurs to them that
their trouble is the result of personal
An occasional application ol Newbro's HeTpk'iile will not only prevent
loss of hair but permits a luxuriant
llerpicitlc kills tht* genu tliat causes (hunt nil) anil to tins germ most
Imir losses an- attributable. It Keeps
the scalp clean und free from dirt,
allowing tin* hair to grow unhampered hy accumulation of tiumimn.
Newbro's Herpiclde is sold by ull
druggists antl lis manufacturers have
such conlk)ei.cn in jls gepn destroying
power that tliey authorize all druggists to guarantee tlie one dollar si/e
bottles to do as claimed or money
Applications may tie obtained at
go.nl barber shops.
Send 10c, in postage for sample and
booklet to The llerpicide Co., Dept.
R.p Detroit, Mich. ,
HeattiisMuiphy Co., Ltd., Speeial
London, March (.—A new test for
drunkenness lias been adopted by
police magistrates. li the suspect
can say "Hritish constitution'' without stumbling he is discharged, The
first prisoner to try it at the London
sessions got three months. The best
he could do was "bish cuss."
MAIL-BAGS      OF       THE
The mail bags at the Vatican probably contains thc largest number of
letters that arc addressed lo any
single person or institution. After the
Pope, thc Kaiser receives the greatest number! fully half lieing addressed
to him personally. Emperor William
has never less than 7,500 letters
daily, a goodly proportion of which
are appeals to right wrongs about
which he knows nothing and would
be powerless to act if he did. Many
are private diplomatic letters. After
him comes the president of tht* 1'nited States, who gets a daily average
of five thousand letters. The mail of
the present King of England has
dwindled to 2,500 letters, probably a
third of the numbei* received by his
father. The mail bag of the Tsar
is smaller still, about five hundred
persons writing daily to one well
known to Ik* hedged in by officialdom.
It is said tliat the royal palace in
Madrid gets three hundred letters, addressed for lho most part to his democratic majesty, the young Alfonso,
but a goodly share falling tn the lot
of the queen. The Italian King gets
only about two hundred letters daily,
while the mail-bag of the president
of France varies greatly. When the
foreign population in Paris is most
numerous, his mail reaches as high an
average as the American president,
but in other months the average is
comparatively small. It is said that
the emperor of Japan has only recently begun to be troubled in this
manner, letters to him lieing mainly
in the nature ft appeals to add by
swift anil glorious war to the territory of the sun kingdom,
arose, see that Cranbrook's application received favorable consideration
Chicago, March a.—-Win. Cattanach,
land settlement commissioner for the
government of Victoria, Australia,
who is swinging round thc circle in
tht1. United States and Canada will
leave (Ihicago for Calgary in a day or
two for the purpose of inquiring into
irrigation matters in Western Canada. While in Calgary he will familiarize himself with the conditions
there and make a side trip to the
great irrigated area.
The Victorian government will conduct a landscckcrs' excursion from
San Francisco to Melbourne April 3,
on which dato the steamer Tahiti
will leave San Francisco, bearing a
large aggregation from the United
Slates and a sprinkling from Canada. The state ot Victoria has already betii favored with many
settlers from (Ireat Britain and
northern European countries but
Americans and Canadians an» desirable because of their familiarity
with irrigation conditions.
John W, Sickelsmith, (ircciihoro.
Pa-, has three children, and like most
children they frequently take cold.
t"\Vc have tried several kinds of cough
medicine," he says, "but have never
found any yet that did them as much
good as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy."    For sale by all dealers.   lu-3t
TAKE NOTICE that William Murdoch, of Flagstone, B.C., occupation
millman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the south end of an island In the
East Kootenay river, and in a direct
line with thc north line of Block
327, commencing at the said post
and confining along shore to point of
William Murdoch,
Dated January flth, 1011 Ml
Ib not u hiinl thing to obtain,
If you will only ko nt it in tlio
right manner, imf you should
not expeot to get a Brst-olasa
piece of printing by going
frum shop to shop und accept'
Ing tbe lowest bid, regardless
of the olasfl of work you will
get in tlio end. Nine time-*)
out of ten you will got something thut misrepresents your
house uml drives business
uwuy. instead of obtaining a
class of work that will show
you up in your true light und
bring trade to your house.
Would you purchase goods
from a drummer in overalls V
We don't believe you would.
What right, then, have you to
expect thc buying public to
patronize your firm when you
issue shoddy printing mattert
As you well know, you are
" judged by the company
you keep," and as your advertising literature is your
silent snlcsman, you arc
judged accordingly. It is not
at all necessary to have a
long-winded story, but it is
very essential that you hnvo
your matter so attractive thai
the receiver is compelled to
take a second look at it bofore
casting it in the waste basket.
Yonr story should be told in
ns few words as possible, but
the most important part is to
have the matter attractive,
nml something that's out of
the ordinary.
You have rend what competent judges Imve to say about
our work* nnd we would like
to "show yoti,'' that we "deliver the goods" when it comes
to good printing. We will
gladly furnish you estimates
 on anything in the printing
line you mny want, from a one
inch label to n newspaper, and
we will deliver your job the
exact dny we promise you.
I'lione 18 Cranlirook, li. C.
Skilled nod unnkilli-tl lielp furiiinhed on shoii
.•"Snotir**.    Writs or phone yonr urden-.
"scorn employhentoffice"
AMM otlli.in 0670
910 (ir.nlt.nlwk SPOKANE, Wall).
Dr. Matters Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed and rccom mended for women's ailments, a scientideally prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick and per
manent.   For rmle at alt drugstores.
BoKMorto 1' T. P. I'KllllV
| White Leghorns
Well known for
i To keep op  the .Umina ia llie &
I great*., problem of tl.e* breeder.
»8.50 per 111 17.00 por Ml 112.00
per 100,1100 per 1,000.
Oowlolnn, V, 1.
Every Dollar
Of an Ad=Reader's Money
Is Above Par
Your dollars vary in value as
they vary in purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
work of two.
Frequently Its Buying
Power is Actually
And the experienced reader of
advertisements will always make
a dollar command a premium —
make it buy MORE than a dollar's worth, as figured on " ruling
prices " of things.
How much " above par" are
the dollars in your pocket worth ?
It will depend on how closely you
study the buying opportunities
outlined in the store ads.
Nearly everybody understands
that a store's advertising, IF BIG
enables it to sell the same things
more cheaply, at a smaller per
sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
Our message to you each week is information that we are endeavoring to bring to your notice concerning our store, the stock we carry, and
our prices.
We use our best judgment in buying goods, keeping before us the
needs of our customers and the people in general. Our stock is always
well assorted in the different lines that we carry, namely,
Furniture and General House Furnishings, including Rugs
and Linoleums, Crockery, Men's Suits and Furnishings,
Children's and Men's Footwear
We are planning big changes in our business and will acquaint you
at an early date with the nature of our plans, which will mean a great
deal to you. If you are inclined to purchase at home we want your
business, and our plans for the future will bring it to us.
Read Our Messages, Watch Our Windows, Examine Our
Stock, Compare Our Prices, Buy Where Your
Money Brings You Best Value
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, [Ltd.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«*«»«**»^*>»«'*»»»**>*>»»*>*»«><>*>«*»*>* <
Iran lin>
.11 .-[•;.
There is much Indignation    among
ful cslale men regarding the amend.
wills In lhe liind registry act, whicli
in,    among    the legislation   rushed
through in llu'  lasl hours ol the session, ami    llie increase  in let's.     In
Victoria   ilii'.v    lilaino the city mem-
hern fm nut advising them cl the hill
Inn if the liiith    were known    these
gentlemen    will    prohahly know    as
lit lie nl Ihat hill as Ihey .Mil nl     the
way    legislation and many other
ini        yesterday       in       lavor    The    govcrnmeni    has  made some
Manual Training Scl 1 lur tills J sweeping changes in tin- procedure ol
cjly. ii\ a role ,'l l"'i Im, in 39lregistration nl deeds, and so sweep-
ogainst, tin- Iiy Ian authorizing tin. ing were tliey thai the land registry
raising ol a loan ul $05011 lot build- ofllce al Victoria was at a standstill
fug purposes was adopted. for a day    because ol the blundering
This    is    giiuil business ami maths caused Iiy tlm government rush   tac-
anothet    decidedly   forward step    in ties.    There arc new    forms ul    al-
jlidavit provided, but when the    mea-
siisi-    suddenly became law and    lhe
uiil   forms were no longer legal    the
provincial   registry business stopped.
Iu Victoria the government hlumlcr
lasted only a day, during whicli    the
muchtnea  at the government printing
ofllce hummed, but lhe business in remote portions ol tin- province will lie
held up for days until the new forms
ean I.e sent oal.        A  serious holdup
,,f liiisitiess   has oeeurr.il    at   Prince
Rupert, it is reported.
lhe |il
of Cranbrook,
A it-w days ago thcro waa counldi
able    talk oi a    split in   local Tory
rank-- ovct tin* nomination.    U    was
freely      predicted    thai  Tom Caven'
would   ite turned    down.     Howcvci.
Tom   Caven returned home Irom Vic-j
tuna on Monday last, and since then
all smti chatter bos terminated. Tom
Caven is the only man in sight    Im j
tin* im us ami, u mav Ih* safely pre-|
dieted,    In-    will Ih-     Un*  iinnntnion
choice ol    tlu- nominating convention
next Monday    night.      Whilst there
wus talk uf nominating half a dozen
different   men,   prominent   in    I wai
Tory ranks, und it looVed tor a HUM
as it  Tom   was tu in* thrown down,
liis return   home ami liis pi, a       foi
! v, \l. Wood worth, om* of the best
l known Tories in Vancouver, objects
I.- itn- McBride government caucus
bum of administration, He may lie
an Independent candidate on this occasion. In a recent interview he
j saitl:
"l have been    asked by many Con-*
..eivatives   to allow  my name to go
another chance quickly   killed oil all- ^.^    ||i(>    Vancouver or Richmond
ranks.    Tom   Caven has the Promise J nominating   convention,       I   thank
these     very much for their kindness.
etl upon the new lailway commission to in* created by the Mc-
Hrnli- government. Of course this
promts.* is dependent upon bis -Mtv-
erlng Um goods, m ths shape" ol
Craabronli constituency, Local Tories
feel lhal Tom is the only man that
can deliver the goods and consttaeftfe*
ly they promise fn line up behind
him tn a man tin the Mth. It CftTea
be re-elected and Dick McBride mm
fit to make good Ms promise, Tom
will be crested a railway commissioner and there will be n bye-election in litis coostltoeney, when several of the aspirants for office on
(his Occasion, who have had to curb
their pi lit itai ambitions, will have
the chance nf emmeint-, in a roti*h
and tuinlili- fight for flit* seat. So
Inr ns ran lw lenrned there is very
little likelihood ol local Mla-rals
putting up any fight ngams1 Tom
Oaten. They recognise that with
solid Tory support and the short
time al iheir disposal, it would be
|ira*'tn.tlly useless |„ (tiler tbe c-m-
ttoless coupled with the condition
that I should be allowed u very tree
band, 1 wotibt refuse even a unanimous ixmiinatun from either convention, I nm as decided a t'onscr-
\ iti ive as ever, and .un in hearty accord With the general policy of the
Mcllrtde administration, I decidedly
diffei with the policy of the government on many important questions
which vitally auVcl Vancouver and'
vicinity. Further, I say government
by caucus- is had ami when the opposition is weak It Is dangerous.
Qovernmenl by the cabinet alone is
Wone. I shall tuke part in the election I do not say 1 will contest a
seat "
Mr. Woodworth added that he
would not contest any seat whicli
would split tlie Conservative strength
and thus allow a Liberal to be elected.
Peace does   not reign supreme   in
tin*  Tory     eamp at  Nelson, ns     tbe
following lelegrani, circulated aroundl
that     city,     clearly     demonstrate
ibis t
tin* telegram and   Mr.
printed   in dodger    form
(ioMitil,   Nelson, D. C: I cer-
nm going   to run.   Premier's
Make it public.    Will       be
Tuesday or Wednesday,     (live
o Dally News—Harry Wright."
some reason    the loeal   Tory
the  News, declined to publish
iell had it
anil lieely
m:u   warehouse por   kink
mercantile   company-
club building with
larok swimming pool.
The Fink Mercantile company pur
pose erecting at an early date a big
warehouse, adjoining P. DezaU's place
of business on Durick avenue. Whilst
the plans for same arc* not as yet
definitely decided upon, it has been
decided to have the foundations o!
stone and the superstructure of galvanized iron.
The Men's club have had plans prepared for a handsome building, Including a swimming pool, to be
erected at the back of the Methodist
church, and adjoining Uie present
gymnasium building, which will be
included in the new structure. The
building will consist of a full basement 'and two storeys. A swimming
poil, 2iixlU leet, seven feel deep at
om* end at three feet deep at the
other, with a clear space on two
sides for spectators, will be a feature
<>f this basement. There will also
be a large locker room, with one
hundred lockers, three shower baths
and a lavatory. A boiler room and
eoal bin will tuke up the balance of
the basement.
The ground tloor will be mainly devoted to the gymnasium, 60x30 feet
which will be fitted up with a very
complete apparatus, which can be
readily removed to an apparatus
room, so as to permit of the hall tie-
ing used for social purposes. Upstairs, one end will be utilized as
reading room, fitted with rolling
shutters, so as to permit of its being
used as a balcony for spectator:
when exhibitions are being held in
ihe gymnasium.
Concrete foundations will be placet
under the present gym building,
which will be connected up with and
made part ot tbe new building.
Tenders will tie called for at
early dale awl the work rushed
Ihrotigh to eompletiim. The plans ai.d
specifications have been prepared by
Mr. P. S. Kossvter.
Contractor II. .1. Johnson lias al
ready about completed the new isolation hospital for the St. Eugene hospital, Workmen now being engaged in
plastering und in installing heating
apparatus. .1. I>. Mcllride has the
contract for (he Iwal mg plant antl
the Empire Electric Co. are doing
ihe wiring for lights.
The nnt ract for Dr. II. E. Hall's
new building has not lieen awarded
as yet, although tenders uie in. h
is ex'iected that dlfinite action will
In* taken earlv next week.
Plans for the new public school
building, out by the power house,
now lieing prepared and const nnt ion
work will be placed underway
spiiilily as possible. There has been
some comment relative to thc location picked upon by the school trus-
Lrcea tor the new building, in so far
as it is outside the city limits, friths should beat *n mind that the
school trustees represent not only the
city, but tbe Cranlirook school district, which runs outside the city
limit**:, and in selecting sites for
schools they have to he governed by
the requirements of tire whole district. Whilst It is true tbat the
new building wilt he outside the city
limits, the site has been selected
wilh a view to serving tbc convenience of the hulk of the children who
will attend. Tho section nround
Um* powtt house Is becoming quite
lint SALE.—One rubber tired bug- thickly set tied, and, moreover, there
gy; almost mw Apply Herald of-Jare upwards of twenty children, of
flef *Mlj school age, on   the hill, north ol the
distributed. As n matter ol faot
'It. re nre fully half a do/en candidates for the Tory nomination and
Harry Wright will have bis work cut
out to control the convention.
Look for tbe date that Manage
Guerard of the Auditorium will put
on the Woltfist-Moran fight pictures.
They are lhe real fight or you can
get your money back. 9-2t
tired Hull Orpington eggs tor sale.
Price $2.ntl per sitting ol 13. Apply Mis. Phillips at ranch fl-ac1
power house, ull ot whom will attend
the new school, antl will even now
have to walk fully a mite to reach
The most Interesting game of
hockey of the present season was
played at the Arena rink Wednesday!
night, when the Fernie puck chasers.
were defeated by the Cranbrook
team 1-3. There was a good attendance ami thc spectators wero
kept enthusiastic hy tho fast playing. The first and last periods wero
exceptionally t! isliing. Both teams
started out lo win, and rough play
was freely indulged in during tho
first period. Williams and .lohnson
for Cranhio'i'i pulled off thc star
combination plays ni tlio game antl
won the admiration of the crowd.
The lust gallic of the season between
these two well matched teams for
the honors nf 1012, thc championship
of the Crows Nest Pass ntid tho
Hei chiner cup, will lie played at
Fernie nn Friday night. The local
hoys are one score to the good, the
total nf both games counting for the
Last night's line-up:
Cranbrook,       Position. Fernie
McManus  Ladden
Lett Wing.
• lohnson .
Pye .
Right Wing.
. Thompson
, Wallace
... Dunlop
. Thresher
M. A. and Mrs. Beale left last
night for England, where they will
spend several months. Mr. Boale
comes from England uud has not lieen
home lor several years* He is looking forward to a very pleasant time
In tlie oh! land, am), incidentally,
will do what he can to interest otlier Englishmen in this land of promise.
Mr ami Mrs. V. Hyde Baker have
returned from a very pleasant sir
j-iurti in California. Mr. Baker, it
will he recalled, accompanied Messrs.
Erlckson, Hanson and Laidlaw on
their recent motor trip through Irom
San Francisco to Mexico. Mr. link
er enjoyed bis vacation in California
ver) much and is delighted to be
back in Cranhrook once again.
JUST take a look at our west window and we
are sure it will convince you that our House
Furnishing   Department   is   up-to-date   in
every respect.
Just at this time oi the year, when Spring
cleaning is beginning, and new Curtains are
required, it will be very advantageous to you to
carefully inspect our stock, which consists of the
very latest designs and qualities of
Cloths and Made-up Curtains
At Extremely Attractive Prices
Perhaps we can be of service in deciding on
your scheme of decoration. We are always glad
to assist you in any way we can.
4 AND 14
(crests in this city he has no intention of quitting Cranbrook. He will
shortly leave tor Vancouver ou a
vacation trip and upon his return
will decide what line of business bo
will engage in in future. E. H. Small
has for many years been one of
Cranbrook's most popular hosts and
bis numerous friends will heartily
wish him all manner of good luck
whatever new venture he may start
upon after a well earned vacation.
London, March 5.—Tbe estimates ol
expenditures for thc British army for
the fiscal year of 1912-13, including
both effective and noneffective services, aggregate $i:i.i.:*mkumiu, or an
increase of $850,000 over those of
the year 1911-12.
The entire increase in tlie estimates
is due to tbe proposed expenditure by
the government In development of
aviation in the British army, as it is
planned to spend $800,000 on the acquisition ol aeroplanes alone.
I n a memorandum accompany ing
the estimates, Viscount Haldane, secretary uf stale for war, says that a
complete military aviation school
and all the workshops necessary to
train officers of both the army and
navy will bc established soon on
.Salisbury Wain, tbe great manneii-
veiing ground ol the armv.
K. II. Small has disposed of bis
interests in the Cosmopolitan hotel
to A. 1). Cameron, formerly ol Moy*
Mr. Cameron took possession ou
Monday night last. Whilst Mr.
Small    has  disposed of his hotel in-
Tin- four-year period, 11*08-11, lias
witnessed marvelous «l<'V«>lo|im<,iit in
llir science ol avtalioit, liolli In resort-! nl distance ami .l.irallou ot
flights, and in tlie mailer ot heights
ami speeds atlnlned. Wilhur
Wrlght'a memorable flight ol scvcnly-
seven miles was made in UMik. In tin'
following year Henry Karman flew
141 miles; in 11)10 Maurice. Tabateau
Hew MU miles, and last year M
Kourny made a flight ol 417 miles
and M. (lids' one ol 2621 miles.
With regard lo the lime aeroplanes
have been unable to remain in the
air, progress ia equally striking. Wilbur Wright in 19ns remained alolt 2
hours. 20 minutes and 33 seconds. In
I non Hair* Parmair's rra.nl was
four hours 17 minutes 35J seconds.
Tlie same aviator in lull) attained to
8 hours 12 minutes, which last yeur
was beaten by It. Goto with 8 hours
18 minutes.
Turning to speed it is found that in
1(108 Wilbur Wright attained 40.S
miles an hour; Louis Hit-riot In 190(1
mnile 18. A. Leblanc In 1010 reached 87, and last year M. Nlcupnrt
made tho great speed ol 82 miles an
In high flying    the aeroplane    has
IP   BURNS & CO., LTD.::
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Mott are Government
Head Ofllce CALGARY, ALTA.
exceeded all expectations. In 1908
Wilbur Wright (lew at an altitude ot
828 feet, Hubert Latham in 1909
readied 1,560 feet, and last year Harms flow at a height ot 11,750 (cut.
Iu Wright carrying, too, the aeroplane has surpassed expectation. In
1909 one passanger was carried to
comparatively short distances only.
In 1910, two, three, (our, five und
six passengers successively were tarried.
In February of 1911 M. l.cmartin
ascended with seven passengers in a
four-seated monoplane at l*nru. Ware-
ly a montb luter M. Itreguet, lhe designer ol the Breguet biplane, carried eleven persons. This teat was
soon eclipsed by thu late M. I'M ward
Meiiport, who made a cr wii t aide
(light wilh twelve passengers on
- !*♦     f.t» ■>     »	
Over Seas Club
Cranhrook llranch.
Meets iu Carmen'.    Hall tod    and
Iiii Tuesday every in.inth at 8 u>.ni.
.Membership   open    to British    cill-
V  A. Walllngcr,
tint an application will be made to
Un Hoard ol License Commissioners
lor lhc City ot Cranhrook, thirty
days alter date ol this notice, lor a
minuter ol Ihc Hotel License held by
Eneas Harding Small lor Uw Cosmopolitan hotel, situate on lot 2ti,
and the west, hall ol Lot 27, in Block
90, Itakcr Street, Cranbrook, n. C,
to Alexander Cameron.
Dated this r.lh day c* March, 1012.
lo-at E. II. Small
W. 0, Crebhln,
I*. O. llm 42S
Visiting members cordiully welcom-
Believing the British empire lo
si ami tor justice, tieedim, order and
good government, we pledge ourselves
as citi/ens ol tbc greatest empire in
llm world, to maintain the heritage
Ijumlfd down to us by r.ur lathers.
Social eventugs in Cnrmen's hall
second ami lo.irlh Teosdays In the
month at 8 p.m.
Unci, to llritish nil tons.
1. To help one ajiothcr.
2. To urge on every able-bndled
man the necessity nl being] able to
bear arms.
». To draw together in thc bond ol
comradeship the peoples now living
under tbo folds of,the British flag.
4.. To Insist on, •Um vital necessity
lo t/ie Empire ol Hritish supremacy,
.'*, the sea.
IN THE HATTER OK AN APPLICATION lor thc issue td a duplicate
IVrtifiratc id Title lo la.t IS, Block
I l'i. being part td District Lois I,
.-,, 22. 'ill ami SO, tlroup I, Town nl
Cranbrook, Map Sit.
Ihat it is my intuition lo issue al
tla- expiration ol one month alter lis1
Iirsl publication hereol a duplicate nl
the Ccrliliealc of Till,1 lo Ihr above
mentioned lot in the name ol Charles
Ernest Morllll, which Crrtiftratr     Is
iiini Un 2Mb day <d January,
.IH*. ul '.i .'in a.m. ant numbered
71**. A.
Saml. II. Ilia'.
District Itrgtstrai
Nelson, B.C., Mil March, Ull,  III I
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION lor Um- Issue ol a dupllralc
(Vrtllicnlc of Title to Lot 11, Block
14.1, being part ol Dislrict I.i ts I, .',,
22. 211 ami 30, tlroup I, Town ol
t'ranb k, Map 6611.
lhal it is my, intention to issue at
the expiration of one month alter the
first publication tiercel a duplicate ol
the Certificate ot Title to the above
mentioned lot In the name ol Elite-
fcclh Amelia Morfltt, which Certificate
Is dal.,1 the 2Sth January, 1908, al
n.30 a.m. and numbered 7M7A.
Saml. R. Roc,
District Registrar.
Nelson,, B. »'., 5th March, IIII.  111-4


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