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Cranbrook Herald Feb 27, 1913

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Vie are well e4ulpp.pl u
tuin out the best class
ol work.
Legislative Assen!
In the Herald Pay.—Try
Our   Local   Columns
iOc. a line
I'-' M Ml ■■
NO. f»
An Interesting and Handsomely Illustrated
Provincial Government Publication
The report ol Hie minister ol lands
lor Hie year ending December 31st
has come to hand. It is a very
handsome and instructive production,
quite the best and most comprehensive review ol this department's
work that the writer has read in the
past twenty years. The Illustrations throughout the report are excellent and the mass ol information
contained in its pages should convey
to the world at large, a very fair
insight into the great natural re-
rources of this province, in the shape
of arable lands and timber. There
is, of course, very little space devoted to South Rast Kootenay, both In
regard to the letter press and the II-
railway-fi will offer. Having kept
abreast of lhe requirements in the
way ol adequate surveys ol lands -set
aside for pre-emption entry, arrangements have been perfected lor
tlie securing of the necessary data as
to tho particular adaptability of the
several portions 0! the province to
the different lines of agricultural pursuits. By this means tbe department hopes to be able to inform the
intending settler, not only as to the
number ot acres and class ol land
within his holding, but to give valuable information as to thc class ol
farming his land is most suited (or.
The working out ol this plan will necessarily, take  considerable time, but
(MSB aud'CUBjces
lustrations but this appears to he 'each year's labor will add to thc
too rule with regard to all publica- store ol valuable information, and
tions ol the provincial and Dominion | will be supplemented greatly by the
governments. It Is useless simply settlers themselves who undertake to
to draw attention to this systematic pioneer In the settlement ot the vir-
neglect ol tho South Bast Kootenay gin areas traversed by the railways
district, local boards ol trade should now under construction and'nearing
arouse themselves and see that the completion. The aim ol the deport-
departments concerned are put in ment will be to get information of
possession ol information that this nature to the settler through the
ought, in tbe best interest of thc medium ol the various government
whole province, to be published in : agencies and the special bureau ol the
these departmental returns. department.
Looking through this last report of I While in a measure the settlement
the minister of lands, one is forcibly lot the province waits upon rail-way
influenced by tbe'rclative omission of construction, actual settlement made
tacts and figures, and in tbe matter | gratifying progress throughout the
ol Illustrations, of wise selection of year. The returns Indicate 3,055
lorest, agricultural, etc., views of pre-emption records as having been
the South East Kootenay district, as issuedl as against. 2,38.1 lor the orev-
compared with the great pains taken  ious year; the increase being slightly
to impress upon the readers the advantages of other districts, hy no
means so easy ol access, and with
nothing like the wide, rich resources
ol this lavored section, of tlie province.
Mr. Roht. A. Renwick, deputy minister of lands, opens the report with
his report to hia chief, the minister
of lands, Hon. W. R. Ross, in the
course ot which he says:
Thc revenue ol the lands branch lor .
the twelve months was S2.525.497, I «"» * mn* »s Possible, »*#M *
as against 13,526,544 for thc corres- 'or,s have ""^ ra,a"e *° f*8" such
ponding period in 1911. Theseftg-JPkS,**5L"« "."""''.'L ES,
ures relate only to the moneys re- ""»« '••v»™»* tte "*°« «' «* V™'
ceived direct at Victoria, and do not ! i0°slv «1stJ"8 »<*»* ot "»*■ •»
include the   collections made through -«"« »°rk the co-operation ot       tht
over 50 per cent. A considerable
number ol these records are lor lands
along tb? line ol the Grand Trunk
Pacific and Canadian Northern Pacific
ra.lways, but there has also been a
very marked increase in the settlement of lands on Vancouver Island,
especially in the lands administered!
through the Alberni agency.
One of the difficulties presenting itself to the settlement of lend are the
large areas.held under special timber
licences    and   leases.     To minimise,-
the several agencies throughout thc
province. At the first glance there
appears to be a shortage nl 51,000,-
000. This, however, does not indicate a fall in revenue to that extent, but is simply thc effect of the
transfer of the timber revenues for
the last six months from the lands
branch to the lorest branch.
Ol the rcvcnlc taken to account,
11,830,858.11 was credited tn land
sales. About rnMhird of this sum
represents the first payment of the
purchase-money in connection with
the highly successful sale nt government lots in the townslte of Prince
Rupert. At this sale 282 lots
brought, under tlie hammer, 11,192,-
475, us against the sale ol 1,446 lots
In 1900 lor I785.19I. In the 1912
sale the average price realized for
each lot sold was 11,328. as .gainst
an average price of J570 lor the 1909
sale. The 1912 sale at Prince Rupert stands out as the most sueeess-
lul s.le held by the lands department.
During the year the department at
Victoria consented In the sale of
517,231 acres ol crown lands. Of this
acreage 10,991 acres were surveyed,
and lhe difference represents the max-
iimiiii acreage railed lor in the applications for tinsurveyeil lands. The applications received lor the purchase
ol lands during the year total 331,-
899 acres. It would seem, there-
lore, that the Increase made in the
price ol lands has not checked their
sale to any mnrkfd extent, hut that
the reduction in the acreage sold will
lorest branch has lieen found of great
value. All ol such lands are examined as soon as convenient, and, if
found not to he the timber land or
land required lor reforestation, are
opened, lor pre-emption or rendered
available for purchase in small hord-
ings at public auction. Extensive examinations ol lands ol this nature;
were made throughout East Kootenay during the year, and arrangements have been perfected lor the
holding nl auction sales of the same
nt Irequent Intervals during the coming year.
The department lias token up the
closer supervision of prc-emptors and
pre-emptions with a view to securing
due performance, on the part ol tbe
pre-emptor,i of the requirements ol
the "Land Act" as to residence. On I
this work, one inspector -of pre-
empties w-as in the Held lor several months, effecting a fairly com-
i plete examination of tin .pre-emptions
throughout two agencies. His reports justify his employment, as in
a great number oi Instances it    was
About <«eon last Tuesday a young
man shown as Albert Winn, was seen
bv the barieatter ol the North Star
hotel at Kfatiberley, to enter the
hotel office which was empty at the
time, awl after a moment's stay
hurry, off.
When the Wnprteter, Harry Drew,
came in a lew minitm.later, the
bartender toM ten 0! what had happened, intimating that the visitor
might have stolen something. This
suggestion reminded Drew that he
had lelt his sale open. He immediately . rushed into the office and
made an examination, finding the
safe hnd been tampered with and
that 1550 dollars In cash, and cheques had heen stolen.
In a very short time Drew got 10-
gtther two or three men, with whom
he made tracks alter the thiol. His
footsteps tor some distance could be
easily followed in the snow. When
nearing, a little bridge, just between
Kimberley and tbe Sullivan'ore
shutcs, Winn fired,a shot at his pursuers, without effect, dropped oft the
bridge, and crawled underneath, completely hiding hlmscll. Tbe man hunters came to the bridge but could set.
no trace ol their man. However,
one ol the party thought he espied
part ol a man's leg at the tar end
of tbe bridge. Whereupon Drew-
said he would go home and return in
a lew minutes. Instead ol this, he
walked along the bridge, and at tbe
spot where he thought Winn was
hidden, Jumped oil and very quickly
bad the thief in his clutches, making
him disgorge Ms ill-gotten wealth.
It showed good grit on the part ol
Harry Drew to make that jump. The
thief obviously had a gun, and might
easily have plugged Drew. Anyway it
was a mighty lucky,jump lor Harry,
he got his -money and cheques and
turned the thief over, to the police.
Mr. E. A. Hill, ol this dty, acting
police magistrate, was sent for and
on Wednesday morning went .town to
Kimberley to give Winn bis prvllmin-
j ary hearing, with the result that thc|
'prisoner was committed lor ay trial
at the   next session   ot competent
I jurisdiction.
Winn   is a fair-haired man,    about
32 years of age, and obviously
dieted to dope.
-1     »   ■
take his medicine.
His home has been sold out and his
worldly possession include, at this
time, barely sufficient to remove his
wife and. family to a new home,
where he will take time to look
about him, although his heart is set
upon giving Cranbrook anotiier
chance to appreciate his woll meant
efforts to provide them with high-
class amusements.
Whilst little or no practical sympathy has been extended to Mr.
Oucrard, in tiis misfortune, it may
be safely, said that, the whole heedless community, will join with us in
wishing him better success elsewhere, where his. Tine talents as a
theatrical manager and his skill as,a
musician,   will be better appreciated.
The Messrs. Baldwin brothers propose lo close .-.ip the Auditorium for
several days, while it is being overhauled, re-painted in some parts, and
generally brightened up, at tlie outset of'its new career.
The Edison theatre wHrbe run
right along,-as al present, but there
will he moving pictures at the
Auditorium one night a week only,
for the time being.
sum 1
HVrfrrffW    1^*«>arwWW-W      WMIw"
BAIjWWN bkotwehs wiu. assume MANAGEMENT ON SA-
Wm. Guerard, mho uaavmanaged
the Auditorium during tbe past two
years, baa severed his connection
therewith, alter a manful struggle to
supply CraaTorohlr with an least one
up-to-date first-class house of entertainment. Wr. Guerard did excellent!
work, he entirely revolutionised tne
entertainment business in this city,
providing, week alter week, the best
ol shows of every description,
never hesitating to incurc heavy exit   he thought by importing
The Herald is in receipt of the
"Telephone Statistics ol the Dominion ol Canada for the Year Ending
June 30th, 1912," issued under the
supervision of A. IV. Campbell, deputy minister of the Department nf
Railways ami Canals. '
This little work contains a mass of
Interesting information concerning
the growth and development of the
telephone systems throughout the
01 thc Kootenay Telephones Lines,
Ltd., head offices, Cranbrook, B.C.,
the following, details are given'
Capital, 584,042.50; cost of property and equipment, $161,854.38; revenue. 530,563.(14; operating expenses,
(24,762.18; number ot telephones,
(magneto) 1500; employees, 211; their
rtmuneration, 519,260*00.
The total capital Invested, cost, revenue, operating expenses, number ol
.telephones, employees, etc., throughout the entire B.C., telephone systems, are given, as follows: Capital
stock, 52,871,922.50; funded debt,
5700,000.10; cost of property and
equipment, 11,100,960.86; revenue,
51,195,394.42; operating expenses,
5932,239.61; there are 22,248 central
ami 8,930 Magneto 'phones In use; the
total number ol employees, 1004, and
their remuneration amounted to
5573,208.48. In the urban districts
ol B. C. there ase 7,716 miles of
galvanized single wire (655 miles in
the Cranbrook district); there are
2,297 miles of copper wire, single,
ami -111,9111 miles of overhead copper
wire and 22,540,84 miles underground;
20 miles submarine; Taking thc
Dominion as a whole, there are 34,-
730.77 miles of galvanized single
wire, and of copper wire, over 3,600,-
000 miles.
The foregoing figures have reference
only to urban districts.
dom and     employers and employees
The British investigator was also
quick to see tlie broad (application of
the Liberal doctrine of trusting the
people in thc Canadian Act whim he
pointed out In his report that "The
real value ol the measure lies in permitting both, parties and the public
lo obtain lull knowledge of the real
causes of dispute and in causing
suggestions to be made as impartially as possible on the basis of such
knowledge in dealing with existing
difficulties." It is considered probable that as a result ol Sir George
Askwith's visit and, report,, the Canadian Act will be adopted In England with such modifications as conditions may demand.
It is remarkable that the legislative legacies of the Liberal government should be affecting in so important a manner the legislation of
tlie mother country at a time when
the Borden government hero is giving
silch a proof of legislative incompetence. For their whole tenure of
office they can scarcely point to a
single piece of effective legislation
except such as they Inherited from
the Laurier government, as for example the West Indies trade agreement. Such new legislation as has
been presented has proven so defective that it has liud to be dropped,
us was thc case with the proposed
tariff commission or amended hy the
senate In a manner distasteful to the
partisan government ns happened to
the Highways' Aid Bill and the T. ,v
N. O. Railway Subsidy Bill, both of
which contained dangerous principles
which would have made them mere
Instruments for partisan manipulation.
This dearth of elective legislation
is the more notable since the government is not met with mere factious opposition. Wherever measures were presented by the government which promised to be good
their principle was accepted by the
Liberals and criticism was only directed to assuring) theinff roper ad-
minlstrabion. This was shown recently when thc opposition accepted
Hon. Mr. Burrcll's proposition to
grant 510(000,600 for. aid to, agriculture during the next ten years and
intimated that criticism would only
be directed to insuring tbe expenditure ot this large sum so as to do
equal justice to each province without tho possibility ol special favors
for districts where thc government
it want to secure undue influence. Thus Laurier's work still goes
on whllo Borden is apparently unable
to begin his.
Meeting of Directors—Financial Report
Finally Adopted
On .Monday evening of this week
the directors of the Cranbrook District Agricultural association met at
the secretary's office.
After disposing of some routine
work, tlie following were appointed a
committee to get the prize list lor
the coming fair into shape: Messrs.
McQIilre, Hamilton, Russell, McFarlane and qill.
Financial reports and the auditor's
report wer? then dealt with as follows:
Cash ,j 11 bank  January 31st,
1911 cheques not paid
Notes for units paid ..
fash on account units
(late receipts      	
II. c. government
Kent and space .
Membership,Ices ...    .
Donations (cash) .. . .
Advts. in prize list ..
Mill accounts paid:
E  H. Small 	
II. Malhers 	
A. S  Ooodere	
Cash over deposited
Cash prizes 	
(leneral expense 	
Printing, etc	
Salaries anil labor   ..
fudges lees 	
Lethbridge expense 	
Baker and llauiield ...
Cranbrook Sash and Door Co 2550.35
.1. Brault ..."...       10.60
P. D. Hunt 1911 account   ..       3.01
Pj« D.   Hunt,    cash balance
""July 31st          34.2J
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.      7.55
Balance in bank, less cheques
outstanding       15.17
J 249.55
.   '212.50
...    292.011
567 00
15 Oil '
i.UU I
lu.tm I
JttSW 11
.5 2313.30
...    133.40
.    581.01
found  pre-einpiors    were     availing (
themselves of the, privileges conferred |'H'n*,      , .„>.„,•„, „„.„„,
by this part of (he "Land Act"    lor I"*™** f* » vetv" mrM<? B»turc'
the sole purpose of securing title   by I
cash payment  at the   late of 51 per
acre with scant, regard to the statute
requirements as to occupation. It   Is
the intention  to   have   a number ol
pre-emption   inspectors   in    the Held
during the present year.
tn   the report   ol the surveyor-general will be found an interesting
sume ol the
he would give special satisfaction to
his patrons. Whilst Mr. Guerard Is
an experienced theatrical man, weJl
known.among the advance agents and
greatly liked and respected lor bis
invariable equate dealings, his flnbi-
j tion to serve the ssnusemeot public
of this city, outran Us judgment and
■ he incurred liabilities tbat practical-
rveys "piU^ '',«*-*"* * £&
he found to be due almost entirely .0 -£" ^"tlveZS.' Z^Z «*■*• '^ show for hi. money
lhe establishment ol the extensive re. ;TZlT Tin/™, °"!l   Cti»t  «* hi« «t«p1se.    He was, at tbe
  aml [time of   the sale ol the Auditorium
aggregate 10,194,360 acres,
the charge on the provincial treasury       u . ,   t
for the same   has   not exceeded II,- I J"11™*  ""1 J°* *° ,„„,, .„„ hie
500,000 m   round   figures,   M*3 L^^ r^Ll^ta       tta
the sum spent lor townslte and road , brotter-lr*-I»w. a   "»*»''»<*
ourveys.     Another interesting    fact. 1 ste**V «*** wouW tave 1™* *<"">»
Is   that, ol this  survey expenditure,
serves throughout the province,
which have closed such lands t,v sale
or lease, but lelt them available for
settlement hy pte-emptors. Tn connection with the mlmlmum prices ot
lands fixed hy tlie Land Act Amendment nl 1012, It Is worthy ol note
thti, assuming 10 per cent ol Ihe
acreage will he classified as Outclass land—a very liberal estimate as
ascertained classification shows—the
selling price ol land, Including survey
lee, will overage around 58 per acre,
as .gainst .11 average price of (12.08
secured by the railway and large
land-holding companies throughout
thc Dominion during thc year 1011.
In Ibe matter   ot land settlement, ,- -„-- (    8
, found practicable  to   ,M '    .. .„
one-halt ot the whole sum was
pended during the two fiscal years
.1909-10 and 1010-11. Thc surveys
made during the past year lull about
500,000 acres short ol the acreage
surveyed In 1911. The total acreage
sirveyod was 2,866,997 acres, ol
which there was surveyed on account ot the governmint 828,862
acres. The surveys ol the lane}
(purchases      aggregated       1,011,1134
It has not
force this ln advance ol railway construction, but measures have been
taken to be In readiness for tho
settler upon his
with the transportation
eadlncss    for  tbo
arrival coincident.!
iatlon facilities the/'
730 acres; pre-emptions, 00,461 acres;
coal and petroleum licenses, 90,236
acres, mineral claims, 16,615 acres;
and land leases, 8,560 acres.
(Continued on page three).
easy street, Hit before he could
ceivc word Irom -this source, he
I learned tbe building arid land it
stood upon had been sold ever his
I head. There was then nothing more
lor him ' to' do and - he disposed of
such ot his theatrical paraphernalia
as th? new occupants were prepared
to buy at slaughter prices. In the
outcome Mr. Oucrard raised sufficient to pay oil his creditors, and
will leave the town n great deal
poorer mm 'than when he came Into
it. Mr. Oucrard has made no murmur ol the treatment be has received
here. That would he ldreb> to his
nature. He has done his best to
serve the Croohrook public, but the
great, oast he onset
While the present sess.on nf parliament has. proven singularly barren ol
any concrete legislation or indication that .Mr. Borden's government
has the necessary grasp ol affairs toi
secure fruitful work from parliament,
the results of the Laurier. government's work are still going on both
at home ami abroad. In no particular is this more, evident Ihan in the
labor legislation which wns built up
during flltren years of Liberal administration in Canada until It is today regarded as a model lor labor
legislation the world over.
This Is shown hy thc fact that
Great Britain recently sent over Sir
George Askjvitb tn study the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act,
commonly known as (lie Lemieux
Act. After 11 thorough investigation
Sir George has reported that the
beneficent manner In which this measure has worked lo lielter Ihe relations between capital and labor net
only by ending, bul by averting
Strikes nnd lockouts met his unqualified approval. In Ills report Sir
George says, "Such 11 measure
the Lerrrieux Act, while not insuring
. complete absence ot strikes and
lockouts, would in my opinion give n
valuable    asset In the I'nited King
Rt. Hon. It. I. Borden Introduced
his naval resolution in.parliament,
December 5th, 1912.
It has been declared in the past,
and even during recent years, tbat
responsibility for foreign policy
could not be shared by Great Britain with the Dominions. In my
humble opinion, adherence to such a
position could have but one and
that a most disastrous result. During my recent visit to thc British
Isles, I ventured on many public occasions to propound that the Great
Dominions, sharing in Hie delence ol
thc empire upon the high seas must
necessarily he entitled to share also
in the responsibility lor and in the
control ol foreign policy. No declaration that I made was greeted more
heartily and enthusiastically than
this. It is satisfactory tn know-
that today not only his majesty's
ministers but also the leaders.pl the
opposite political parties In Great
Britain have explicitly accepted this
principle and have affirmed their conviction that the means by which it
can be constitutionally accomplished
must he sought, discovered and utilized without delay."
How bis majesty's ministers in the
Imperial government, have explicitly
refused this principle is shown hy the
following, official memorandum sent
by Rt. Hon. Lewis llarcoiin, secretary ol state lor the colonies, to the
Canadian government on Januarv 0th
"Mr. Asquith (prime minister) and
1 had subsequently several private
conversations with him (Mr. Borden)
at which he expressed the desire, that
the Canadian and other Dominion
ministers who might be in London as
ministers, who might be in London as
periat defence, should receive In, confidence, knowledge r,( the policy and
proceedings of the imperial government in foreign and other affairs. We
pointed nut to him that the committee ol Imperial defence is a purely
advisory body and is not nml caiinoL
under any circumstances become a
body to decide on policy, uliieh is
and must remain the sole prerogative
of the cabinet, subject lo the support nl the house ol commons."
Either Mr. Borden or Mr. Ilarcourl
(CcoUatara ea Page sis'
Advertising 5 137.15
Prizes, including specials and
amount deducted for entrance tees   2*05.52
Genera] expense     1565.74
1'tinting,     stationery      and
stamps     383.31
Judges fees       S4.MT
P. A. Russell, salary 353.03
P. I). Hunt, salary     175.00
F. It. Davis, salary    113.33
F. Ryckman. salary 50.00
Labor and sundry help      325.00
Gate receipts 	
1911 cheques, not presented at
bank        h-25
Special prizes     467.10 lied to profit and loss
year,   I have thought it advisable to ■
make It   longer   and    more detailed
tbau   is   usual,    anil also to revjew
bricfly the operations of the previous
With respect to the delay in presenting this report, one reason is
that the books were handed to me
several weeks later than your secretary originally intended, from a de-
hire on his pari, with which I fully
agree, to have, as far as possible,
the outstanding debits and credits
cleaned up, particularly with regard
ta Ihe expense undertaken by your
executive iu connection with the
Lethbridge Dry Farming Congress.
Tbis latter item is shown in the
statement as .n asset of Ihe association, and what deficiency there finally
proves to be. will reqiuie t,» be
charged tn the profit and loss account, but ilns Cannot tie done correctly until the evnet amount is
There is al<o    .mother item shown
as an asset    which   I think requires
'explanation,   namely, the nmount   of
I 534,23 owing by Mr   Hunt.
I   At the time    Mr.   Davis succeeded
Mr. Hunt   the hooks    showed a balance of cash in hand tip this amount,
I which balance I   verified in the pres-
ncc ol both    gentlemen, and it was
not brought -,o my notice aiterwards
until the present audit, when        Mr.
iBavis drew my attention t,i the fact
ithat it had noi hei-n tiiim-d over    (b
1 saw Mr. Hunt with regard to the
matter, and was informed that he
bod forwarded to Mr. Davis a bill ol
expense authorized by the executive,
hieh covered, or more than covered
this amount.
Mr. Davis assures me that he has
not received tbe account,, so the only-
course possible was to charge the
amount to Mr Hunt pending a settlement, therefore it appears in the.
ledger to bis debit
The amount shown i„ thc liabilities
under the head of "Endowment
Fund" consists of the cost of poultry
pens, owned by the association, before tbe purchase of tbe grounds by-
them, together with tbe government
grants of 520'iu.OO and 53000.00, making a total ol 15100.00.
Tbe reason I have shown this as a
liability is, that it is, in reality thc
icash capital ol tbe association, and
.any reduction of it would be exactly
ithe same as a business firm losing its
capital by paying working expenses
out ol it.
Ihe amount of 1350 on paid for
ierecting new fence ho-s been charged
to tbe -'Buildings Account," which
shows an increase to this extent over
last year.
The remainder ot expense incurred
for lumber and labor has heen charg-
Entrance fees   225.12
Cash over deposits at bank . .01
Rents and space  233.03
Membership fees     5M.30
Advts. in prize list  248.00
Subscriptions government 80»p08
General   1632.75
Less balance of profit last
Net loss to date	
8   68.70
I nits sold      4000 00
Less  amounts unpaid,
including  notes   not
met at maturity ... 360.00   3640.00
Endowment fund     5100.00
Mortgage    5300 00
Accounts payable     224.16
Interest acerused on units to
Not. 1st, 1912     146.41
Cash in'bank 	
Cost of grounds  	
Lethbridge expenses
Office furniture 	
Cost of buildings
Subscriptions unpaid  .
lllll rent
P. I). Hunt account
Advertisements not
Balance of liabilities over assets      •»•'•
Cranbrook, B.C., Feb. 17th, H1J.
To the Cranbrook Agricultural Association:
Gentlemen:   In presenting my     report as auditor lor the past fiaaarlal
I was aware tbat considerable
damage had been caused by a wind
storm, and made enquiries as to
whether any part cl these sums were
expended (or purposes other than actual working expense or repairs,
with a view to charging any legitimate and permanent improvements to
the Buildings Account, but was informed tbat such was not the case.
Since the completion of the balance
sheet, however, .Mr. Davis informs
me that part of the lumber awl labor
was utilized lor tin- purpose referred,
to, but there an- no reciprds tn show
the amount.
Should this be correct, I would
suggest that an easy manner nf adjusting it would be tn tin it at the
same time as the adjustment of the
Lethbridguj expense.
The item appearing In the Profit
end Loss Account under the liead of
General Expense, I have sub-divided
into, as many headings as practicable
and have handed the same to yaiiir
With regsril tn tlie year 1011. I
was instructed by the executive to
make an audit nt the books', being informed that the auditor appointed
had not commented tn act, and that
a statement, was desired nt once.
In accordano with these Instructions 1 prepared a "Cash Statement." Profit and Loss Account
and "Statement of Liabilities, and
Assets,!' which I submitted In a
general meeting of the association on
November 15th nf that yottr, at
which meeting it was adopted, I
suggested that, as the Profit and
Loss account showed a deficiency, the
city rouneil should he approached
with respect In a grant, and that If
this w.s secured, the amount should
(Continued on page tnree). THE CRANBROORBKKALD
By the Herald   Publishing Company.
f. .1. Deane, Managing Editor.
CIANHWM.C, Februry 21, 1913
The uprising of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers, some boards of
trade, and ol a lew independent
newspapers, have obviously made, a
strong impression upon the McBride
government, lor we find as a result
ol said uprising that the minister ot
lands, Hon.. W. R. Ross, fcas introduced a new bill, entitled an act to
amend thc "Forest Act."
In which wc read thc following
amendments, which, moderately, and
subject to very early re-amendment,
affects tho claims of the Mountain
Lumbermen, at any rate for some
three years the royalty upon their
cut will be 50 cents per thousand
leet instead ol 51.00.
9. Subsections (ln), (lb), and (lc)
ol section 58 ol said chapter arc
hereby repealed, and the following
are substituted therefor:
"(a). Upon all timber suitable lor
tbe manufacture of lumber, spars and
shingles, a royalty of fifty cents for
each thousand feet, board measure,
one cord of bolts being taken as
equivalent to five thousand feet
board measure:
"(b). Upon all timber suitable lor
piles and poles cut as aforesaid, a
royalty of one cent tor each and
every four feet ot running length:
"(c). Upon all timber suitable
tor railway ties, (ence posts or mining props, cut as aforesaid, a royalty
ol fifty cents per thousand leet,
board measure, or per cord ol tics,
fence posts or mining props."
10. Said section 58 is hereby lurther amended by adding the following
at the end of subsection (1) thcreol:
"Provided that alter the first day
ol January, 1916, or alter any prior
date fixed by order,in council previously advertised in the Gazette lor
a period ol not less than six calendar
months, there shall be.payable and
paid in respect o! all timber cut upon land comprised In any special or
hand-logger's license, or in any timber, pulp, or tan-bark lease containing no express provision to the contrary, and also in respect of merchantable timber lelt uncut or cut
and not removed, as provided in the
next preceeding paragraph, and also
in respect ol timber cut upon any
land thereafter granted, a royalty ot
one dollar lor each thousand leet,
board measure, on all said timber
suitable for the manufacture of lumber, spars, and shingles or lor each
cord ol said timber suitable for railway ties, fence posts, or mining
props, nnd u royalty of fifty cents
for each cord or said timber suitable
for the manufacture of wood-pulp or
paper and for each cord ol other
wood or bark cut as aforesaid, and
a royalty ol one cent lor each- and
every, two leet ol running length ol
.11 said timber suitable lor piles and
"Provided lurther that upon and
alter tbe first day of January, 1916,
or the date previous thereto fixed as
aforesaid, all royalty due to the
crown in respect ol timber described
in the next preceding paragraph shall
be payable and be paid at the rates
therein established, no matter when
said timber may have been cut."
It will be recalled that some lew-
weeks ago an amateur Cranbrook
company entered the competition
started by Everybody's Magazine, lor
the best amateur production, conditions ol place, size ot community,
etc., being taken into consideration,
ol "What   Became of .lennie Bricc?"
Everybody's    Magazine   lor March
gives the winners in this contest.
First-$500, Sorosls Club, Fort
Worth, Texas.
Second—First Christian Church,
Louisville, Ky. '
Third-1200,   St.   Matthews P. E.
Church Social Club, Homestead, Pa.
First—5100, Y.    M. C. A., Cobalt,
Second—MO, Young Men's Civic
Club of' First M. E. Church, St.
Thomas, Ont.
Third—525, Ladies ol Christ Church
Guild, Cranbrook, B. C.
$10, St. Andrews' Club, Niagara
Falls,, Ont.
510, Local Sell Detective Association, Antigonisb, N.S.
510, Young People's Society, Com-
wallis Street, Baptist Church, Halifax, N. S.
310, Kelowna Epworth League, Ke-
lowna, B. C.
$10, Young People's Society, Knox
Church, Mitchell, Ont.
$10, Davenport Road Presbyterian
Church, Toronto, Ont.
$10, Men's Social Club, St. Barnabas, Church, Toronto, Ont.
$10, Dulhousic University, Delta
Gamma, Halilax, N.S. ,
510, Brotherhood Donlorth Avo.
Baptist Church, Toronto, Ont.
$10, Canadian   Order.ol Foresters,
Court ol Elks, No. 21, Elkhorn, Man.
$10, Young   Men's Club, Metropolitan Methohist Church, Regina, Sask.
Thc forthcoming charity ball at
the Auditorium on Easter Monday,
March 24th, will mark the opening of
the social season following Lent and
promises in brilliancy to set a high
mark for tlie events which may follow. This ball will be given in aid
of St. Eugene hospital, and a vigorous, effort will bt made to net a gen-
craus contribution from this affair.
The executive force is in the hands
of a number of leading business men
of the cit>v who are working under
the direction of Mr. Harold Scott
and Mr. A. L. McDcrraot. The lady
patronnesses have been chosen and as
soon as they have signified their willingness to respond their names will
be made known.
Nil more worthy Institution
work, could present itself for this
purpose than that of .St. Eugene hospital. No one is ever refused admittance, no matter the condition of
their finances* or ability to pay. Men
and women come from all parts of
the district in time of sickness- to
seek the    shelter   of this     hospital,
They, are never turned away, and all
are given the best care the hospital
affords. Over $20,000 are on the
books of this institution, more than
is carried by* the largest of our mercantile houses in book accounts
Much of this money will never be
paid and for this reason the Sisters
find it difficult at man): times to
properly finance their institution.
Thoy are in. need of money at the
present time for improvements and
additions and it is hoped that the
charity ball will be .well attended and
generously patronized.
Albert Winn was brought into tlte
provincial,Jail here on Wednesday and
appeared this morning before His
Honor Judge Thompson, to elect for
trial. Doubtless impressed with
the kindly and charitable appearance
of Ms honor, the prisoner elected for
speedy trial.
Thc trial, proceeded, and there is no
use In.retelling the story here. The
outcome was that thc prisoner was
convicted and sentenced to twelve
months hard labor. He certainly
showed good intelligence In electing
for a speedy trial. The Herald is
informed that a gun was found on his,
person as well as some cartridges.
We were also informed,, and our readers can giv? it such cr?dcnce as they
please, that the idea that the prisoner was under the influence nf liquor
wihen he committed the crime of
robbing the North Star Hotel safe,
and of shooting at his pursuers, had
a good deal of influence in his honor's
flee for this dl.ff;iict in this city.
In re question ot the present boundaries of the Cranbrook land district,
Mr. Harold Darling produced a niup
recently, issued by the lands depaet-
meut, showing them.
The question of a Dominion experimental farm was next taken up. Secretary Ilalsall announced tbat be had
written the minister of agriculture,
Hon. Mr. Martin Burrell, Mr. R. F.
Green, the member for the district,
and had received no replies. Hon.
Price Ellison, provincial minister of
agriculture, informed Mr. Ilalsall
that he also bad written to thc
Dominion government on the same
Mr. T. H. 0'Comic.I asked for a
joint meeting nf the local associations interested in the securing of
building to be used by each of them
at their convenience. He had heard
that the provincial government
would contribute 75 per centpt thc
cost of a suitable building it the
Cranbrook people would find the
other 25 per cent.
Mrs. It. Brown, a delegate to Victoria, for the Poultry and Pet
Stock association, had, informed one
of the members that in discussing
this matter with Mr. Price Ellison,
he had definitely promised the terms
of assistance set forth above. A
committee of two, Mr. O'Conncll and
Geo. W. Leask, was appointed to go
thoroughly into the matter, interview representatives of other institutions concerned, figure out cost, etc.
On motion of Mr. Harold Darling,
seconded by E. H. McPhee, it
was decided to send as delegates tb
the city council the executive board
to ask for (1,000.
Question of provincial experimental
farm. It was decided to advertise
iu local papers, setting forth conditions, etc., under which the provincial,
governmtnt will grant their experimental farms, and solicit applications from any and all farmers nearby to send in particulars, etc., of
any reasonable block from 5 to 40
acres, they would be prepared to
turn omt to the agricultural department, for a period of several
The secretary was instructed, to
write to the department of agriculture for above particulars.
(Balance of report will appear in
next issue).
Have you ictti
Haley - Atkinson
Addition ?
Largest Lots over sold in Cranbrook. Each one contains 7,850
square feet.
Price $150.00 up
Easy terms
There nre only u few
I ha
Chapman Land Alnv. Co.
Two doors from I lie Res Theatre
It is quite impossible to give any
detailed report ol the above; meeting
lit this, Issue. It lasted irom 8 p.m.
to close around 10 p.m. and the
Herald can only publish tbe briefest.
summary, on this occasion.
Officers were elected as follows:
Presldont-W. F. Gurd (re-elected).
Vice-President—H. Darting.
Secretary—W. Ilalsall, pro torn.
Ececutivc— Messrs. 11. T. Hrymner, I
I. R. McNab,   I. R. Manning, .1. P. ,
Fink, T. B. O'Conncll, W. II.    Wilson, W.   Ilalsall and W.    II   McFarlane.
The secretary was instructed to
communicate witb Mr. Thos. Caven,
Ml. A., at Victoria, re long asked
lor establishment ol land registry ol-
Different from any other
Absorbs the dust
'  Kills all germs
Destroys mollis
Purities the nir
.Saves work
And carpets
Says the Nelson News pi today:
1'hr bill amending thc Constitution
Act romes down by message tomorrow and provides lor an extension of
the parliamentary term from four to
five, years, as well as .lor an increase ol sessional indemnity by
$100 per annum. This to apply lor
this session unless thc house votes'
contrary.    It is not.expected to.
Thc sessional indemnity will bo
$1600 instead ol (1200. There's
nothing) like a majority ol 38 In
house; of 42.
is indispensable to the
Household, Office, .Store, Hospital.
School, Theatre
In 5 lb. Cartons and 100 lb. Garbage Cans
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Rouse
Victoria,    B. C, Feb. 2I.-In    de- ra      „_., „,.,  „„„u „,
livering the budget speech in the leg-j incessant and, ol course, justifiable,
islature    this   afternoon, Hon. Price |   Administration   ql   justice   (other
next, Mr. Ellison said'     ,   '
FOR 1013.
Turning now to the expenditure,
the first item is, of .course, the public debt, which is being amply provided lor. Tho civil service vote
has been increased'from $899,852 to
$1,412,060, or an increase ol (523,000
over tlie, estimates of last year. *The
largeness of,the increase is to a considerable measure accounted lor by
the [act that only the salaries ot the
lands branch were chargeable to the
lands department. Three other
brandies—surveyor-general's, forestry;
and water—were formerly paid out of
ii lump appropriation, but are now
included under, this head.
These alone make a difference ol
$230,000. The balance ol 1293,000 ol
increase is thc allowance made by
the government to the civil service
on account ol the higher cost ot living, and also includes thc statutory
Increase and tho .salaries ol the new
officials. Among the last named are
those of the government agency at
Vancouver, which was established
last year. Under the head ol administration ol justice, (salaries). the
vote $37,548 has been increased to
$58,158, the increase providing lor
thc prison farm at Okalla and the
increase ol, salaries.
Legislation has been increased Irom
$72,420 to $90,720. This is accounted tor largely by an increased
sessional indemnity ol members from
$1200 to $1600.
Public institutions (maintenance)
has been increased Irom $406,700 to
$496,020, due principally to tbe increased requirements ol the Mental
hospital at New Westminster snd
Essendale and the colony larm at the
latter place.
The voted sums for hospitals and
charities hare been increased Irom
$426,200 to $704,100. The principal
items ol increase under this head are
grants to hospitals, $50,000; to the
tuberculosis sanitarium, $45,
and assistance in building, hospitals,
$175,000. The demands lor incr.'js-
ed expenditure in this connection are
Ellison said: *'Our expenditure     for
thc ensuing year    will be the largest
on record—almost unthinkable ten
years ago, and wilt be much In excess ot the estimated revenue; but
wc are building lor the future, and
the government deems it wiser to
anticipate the requirements of rapid
development in the way ot public
improvements than to wait and impede progress ot settlement. Thousands aro coining now and many
thousands more will come each year,
spreading themselves over thc province to assist, in turning our natural
resources into wealth and making it
a great heritage.
"The big undertakings now in hand
—railway .building and road making,
the erection of a provincial university and improved inland facilities of
all kinds, and the making ot extensive surveys—will" to a large extent,
satisfy fluture requirements, and we
shall have a million or a million and
a hall in ten years to help bear thc
burden and,create revenues to balance
the large expenditures ol today. II
we had had sufficient revenue tn the
lean years of lhe past It would, not
have been  necessary   now to expend j $8,236,303   to   $9,057,600,  an      in
than salaries) has been Increased by
$00,000. This is an appropriation
which cannot be anticipated as it
varies from year to year according
to thc requirements nl justice. Last
year the expenditure was largely increased owing to tho railway strikes
and thc pursuit ot two Indian murderers, who were captured.
The increase under thc head ol education is $202,510, and.the whole ot
that, practically will be devoted to
I the per capita grants to municipalities and schools in thc more remote
It will be seen that transport has
risen Irom $85,000 to $103,000 even.
This is duo to the tact that the travelling expenses ot forestry, land and
water officials last year were paid
nut ot a lump sum vote, but will be
Included this year under the regular
We now come to the most important spending department—that ot
public works. Under this head the
expenditure   has been increased Irom
to any .thing like the same extent. '     crease of nearly ' one million dollars
In 1912   British Columbia paid out | and   a half.      This    may  appear a
more thlin a, hundred millions ot dol- very large   expenditure, but the gov-
lars in minerals,   timber anil    other ernment   is laced with the (act that
natural products.
Revenues lor thc coming year are
estimated at $10,320,085.06. Whereas
il is estimated that the expenditures
during the   same    period will exceed
the rapid development ol the province everywhere, and especially In the
parts helng opened hy the Grand
Trunk Pacific and the Canadian Northern, is making unusual demands on
$12,000,000, totalling at least $12,- the treasury. In order-to have sct-
769,010. ,In-the course ol his bud- (lenient there must be works and
get speech Hon. Mr. Ellison is re- buildings; roads, streets, wharves
ported to have made some prelirnin- and bridges and subsidies to stcam-
ary remarks relative to the revenues boats, terries and bridges, and many
and expenditures, nl the year ended uselul contingencies. The number ol
April aist, 1912. Dealing with 1913, items under this head Is so numerous .
which, Irom a propinclal Onancial that It makes it almost Impossible I
point ol    view closes on April 31st or    impracticable to deal with them
Halsall & Co.
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A Splendid Showing of Bright, New, Crisp Spring Goods
in detail, but a glance at the various
items will show to what extent thc
newer parts pi the province arc making    demands   upon   thc    revenue.
Unfortunately the official estimates
have sot as yet reached this office,
but in order to ascertain definitely
just what was coming to this district, telegraphic communication was
had with a Victoria press correspondent.    He replied as. follows:
"Only items, appearing in estimates
lor your district arc roads, streets
and bridges, $135,000; salaries ol
teacher, S900-; Cranbrook agency stall
agent, $1960; deputy assessor, $1776;
clerk and registrar, $1572; clerk,
$1212r, two clerks each $1080; clerk,
$1020; junior clerk, $720; .stenographer, $720; janitor, $840."
A little later the following explanatory despatch was received:
Bull River bridge will be built,
although not mentioned in estimate;
$50,000 is allowed lor bridges in a
lump sum, which covers Bull River
Today coast papers came in containing summaries ol the finance minister's budget speech, and of the revenue and expenditures for the year
ed April 1st, 1912, and of the
year ending April 1st, 1013, which
latter, ol course, Is purely problem-
Lost Vitality
Caused    by    Kidney
Stom&ch and Bowel
St. John, N.B., September 13th,
1911.—My brother was a great sufferer Irom kidney, stomach and bow
el troubles and was given up by two
doctors. He was advised to try
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The Fig PHI Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
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atical at present.
However, we have delayed publication in order to give our readers
some particulars ot the present financial condition ot thc province, which
s        "
W. Kelman Thomson, pastor.
Morning service at 11. Subject: "I
Am the Bread of Life."
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Evening service at 7.30. Subject:
"Studies in Old Testament Characters: Joseph."
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor.
Services 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
In the morning the subject ol the
rcrmon will be: "A Persian Revival." In the evening the pastor
will continue the series "Conversions
In the Acts," desling with the
"Conversion ot Saul, or the Qoa'M
ol (lod ln Conversion." The evening
meeting will be commenced with a
service ol song. An invitntian is
cordially extended to you.
Hardy Northern Urown Pedigree
And other leading varioties, licet
suited to this district
Express charges prepaid and 10 per
rent, discount allowed on al) ordeia
with remittance in full received befoie
March 20.
Catalogue sent on it-uncut
Wynndel.B. C.
That Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic
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MSMe. >-H
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LI..II., D.C.L., Pr.aid.nt
General Manaaar Aaalalant General Manaser
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Interest ut the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be Opened find, operated by miiil.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. -
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B. C.
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Bind Hearting Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
For all the News read the Herald
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It is estimated there are 6,225,000
acres of land held throughout the
provisos uuurvered, but special timber licenses account for the greater
bulk ot this acreage, the figures being
5,eoo,ooo acres. The balance is
made up ot 130,000 acres held under
land-purchase applications, 55,000
acres under pre-emption record, and
110,000 acres under coal and petroleum license.
The past year witnessed the organization ot the forest branch, and thc
commencement of a practical stocktaking of the forest areas of the
province. The ends sought by the
officers ot this branch arc not only the
protection of the lorest Irom fire,
but also the most economical handling In the cutting and milling of thc
timber. It may also be noted that a
start has been made in thc matter
ol the disposition ol Isolated stands
of timber. This Involves offering
the same lor sale at public auction,
subject to an upset price based upon
stumpage values; the purchaser's
title being in the lorm ot a special
timber license lor such term as may
be fixed, and subject to the usual
provisoes and conditions contained in
special timber licenses. This policy
will ensure the utilization ol isolate,!
timber, and also provide a new
source of revenue. Attention Is directed to the report of the chief forester attached hereto.
Thc reports of the several officers
ot the water branch indicate satisfactory progress throughout tho
year, aad a perusal ot them cannot
fail to impress the reader with thc
great Importance ol the water question in its relation to the development of the province, and tbe necessity tor conservation. In the
months of their earlier experience the
officers of the board had to combat
the idea tbat their efforts at conservation were rarimioa! to the interests of
the settlers, and that they contemplated an intrusion of vested Interests detrimental to such Interests,
and with no compensating advantage
to the public. This attitude, however, has been largely overcome. It is
generally conceded now that the leg-
I islation lor water conservation is in
I the main following prouer lines, and
that assured intelligent interpretation ol the provisions ot the'"Watcr
Act" by Its administrative officials
a marked advance can be counted upon lor the ensuing year.
(Continued Irom page one),
be Included in that year's accounts.
This was agreed to, the final
statement prepaid accordingly and
submitted to the regular annual
meeting ol, the association in February last.
At the November meeting I suggested the advisability, ot opening up
a set ot books which would be a permanent record ot the altairs ot the
association, and a resolution was
passed to the effect that this be
i done, | on the basis of the balance
sheet then submitted and approved.
I In accordance ) with this resolution
II opened up the books and as before
stated, prepared a final balance, sheet
, alter the receipt of the city grant,
giving full details of receipts and expenditure for the entire,year.
| I must pay a tribute,to Mr. Davis
lor not only the, willingness, but anxiety he has shown to get a statement prepared which would be absol-
' (itely correct, and give all the details
possible of the operations aad financial position of tht association.
I would . suggest that tAn; association, consider thc advisability of appointing some person who understands bookkeeping, to do thc clerical
work of the oflice, so that tlie records would,be in a proper condition
to submit to tho auditor at ihe 'end
ol the year.
Tho secretary of nn association of
tiie size or Ibis holds a position uf
great responsibility, and is not only
responsible for the money bandied, hy
him, but to a very large extent, nl-
lor its financial success, and it is
rarely possible to have an office o|
this nature filled hy n person with
the necessary executive ability, who
is also a competent bookkeeper.
Thc suggestion made should, cost
little, the principle iwnrk being a
short time before aiid after the fair,
at which time tho Secretarial duties
pure and simple, arO also the most
pressing, anil n permanent bookkeeper
would have a better opportunity ol
keeping tlu. hooks correctly II in
touch with them the whole year, than
if employed only at a busy season,
and it would certainly reduce thc
cost, of auditing.
Should I have omitted any detail
which a member wishes further reasonable explanation of, I shall only
be too pleased to give whatever explanation Is possible, but I wish it
to be distinctly understood that I do
not pretend to have committed to
memory the hundreds of individual
Items ol which the year's business
consists, thc fullest possible details
of which are contained in "the books.
Yours truly,
G. H. Ashworth:
has been a brisk one. It 1ms witnessed the formation of two social
'1'lntef, trtrft'of Invertnrtc TunJ-tfiir' 61
Atiialiiu're. They have given several
functions, including popular suliscriu
tion dances for the latter ami _sleighing parties, danees anil skating party
for the former. The Windermere
District Hoard of Trade propose giving their first entertainment shortly
It will be in the form of a subscription dance. The invitations are
about to be sent ont. Tbe Invermere Hockey club scheduled a carnival but it had to be postponed on account of the uncertainty ol Ibe weather, a heavy thaw having recently
set in.
Work has been commenced on the
magnificent . new traffic bridge which
is being built by the provincial government to span the Columbia river
just at Athalniere. Tbis bridge Is a
further step on tlie perfecting of the
main traffic automobile road, which
passes through this part nnd connects with the International automobile highway.
The thermometer touched a temperature of fifty-four degrees one day
last week. Much of ■■ the snow in
this immediate vicinity lias gone for
this time and winter in its worst aspect is over. Windermere lalie is
oneet more a glare sheet of ice in
good condition for ice-boating or for
long distance skating.
Work on thc construction of the
Kootenay Central branch of the.CP.
R. is being proceeded with. Tho
construction of the dump has been
brought forward to fifty-four mile
post and steel has been laid to forty-
one mile post. Work on the southern extension in this direction is being pushed along.
London, Feb. 26.—Judging Irom the
statements made by Colonel Scely,
secretary lor war, in, a speech a I
Ikcston tbe other duy on compulsory
military training, the Asquith government docs not tear any grave emergency, or danger ol invasion.
In commenting on Lord Robert's
campaign in favor of compulsory miliary training, Colonel Scely declared
hat the government would not. .introduce any such system ol conscription until the country could be frankly told that some great danger was
menacing it.
"It is wrong," continued tdc colonel, "to gull the people Into taking
up a system which is alien to their
nature and lor which there is at present absolutely no need."
In concluding Colonel Scely statvil
that tbe government would shortly
announce a plan to be Introduced
which would mJke it easier lor wor-
tay men in the army ranks to rise
Irom the humblest to the highest position in the service.
PUTS    AN     END   TO    ICE
Invermere, B.C., Feb.' 18.—The
winter sports in this immediate vicinity, arc about over lor this season,
hut the season has been one ot moment anil an Impetus given to the
amusements whieh will carry them
well over anil make a good foundation tor thc year of lflia-UIU. Sinrc
winter sfarted a series ol games in
hockey have been played between
rinks from this place, A thai hut and
Wilmer. Today a new comer was
introduced Into the ranks in a team
trom Spilliumeliene. This team
played un exhibit ion game on the
local rink against lhe Invermere aggregation, which is looked upon as
thc strongest of the three local clubs
and beat them in a good clean
match with a score ol six to one.
One ol thc strong men on the visiting
team is ' Oardinci, who is credited
with having played on some ol thc
strong learns in the east. Athal-
mere plays Spillimaehene here tomorrow.
The game of curling lias been boomed a peg by Ine playing of the second
district bonspiel under the auspices
ol the Wilmer club. There are propositions under way lor the construction of more than one covered rink
to be ready for next winter. The one
furthest advanced to dale is that
of Albalinere, lhe shareholders ot
which held a meeting this week and
alter reviewing the work ol the past
year and considering the finances,
passed a strong resolution urging tbe
newly eroded directors to go ahead
and complete In as
far as possible, and as
has been under way for some time.
The social season In this part during the period   which Is now closing
Tells Mothers What To Do For
Delicate Children.
"My fourtMn-retr-old daughter was
very thin and delicate. She had a
bad cough ao that X became very much
alarmed about her health. She waa
nervous and did not sleep well, had
very little appetite and doctors did
not help her. Having heard so much
about Vlnol, I decided to give It a
trial. It has helped her wonderfully.
She can sleep all night now without
coughing once; ln fact, her cough is
gone. Her appetite la greatly improved and she has gained ln weight
Vinol Is a wonderful medicine, and (
will always keep It In the house. I
wish every mother knew what Vlnol
will do for delicate children." Mrs.
Wnt. Archer, 223 Broadway, Long
Branch, N. J,
This decllcloua cod liver and Iron
preparation without oil Is a wonderful
body-builder and strength-creator for
both young and old. We promise
to give back yonr money In every
such case where Vlnol does not
benefit. This shows our faith In Vlnol
Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
•'or a License to Take and L'se Water
that E. i\ Cummings, ol Crcnbrook,
H.C., will apply for a license to take
anil use four cubic feet per second of
water out of Cherry Creek, which;
(lows in a south easterly direction,
through Kast Kootenay and empties
into Kootenay     River near Lot 332,
Take notice that Alice Gertrude
.lords, married woman, of Cran-
rook, B. I-.,. intends to apply to
urchosfl    the     following    described
Commencing about 40 chains south
and 120 chains east of the south east
orner   of   Lot   9970,   Group    One,
thence south   forty    chains,     thence
west   eighty   chains,   thence    north
orty     chains,    thence   east   eighty
Alice Gertrude Morris.
•I. O. Cummings, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
Group 1.    The water will be diverted at or near westerly boundary and
will-lie" usrtl-'for frtigatii»t»- purposes'
•on.the laml   -described   .as west.305 ,
S acres of Lot (iM.*,, Group 1,
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 27th day of .lanuary,
1913. The application will he filed
in the office of the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
E. C. Cummings, Applicant,
by W. F„ Gurd, Agent. 6-H
East Kootenay District
Take notice tiigt Stewart Morris,
urveyor's assistant, of Cranbrook,
B. C, intends to apply to purchase
the following described land:
Commencing about forty chains
south and eighty chains cast of the
south east corner of Lot 9970 G, I., .
thence north forty chains; thence
west forty chains, thence south forty
chains, thence cast forty chains.
Stewart Morris.
J. G. Cummings, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
CAPITAL PAID UP    -      -
RESERVE FUND        -      -
0. If. IVII.K1E. t'rtipi.lelil.
Accounts   of   Cnrporatioua,    MuuioipalHios,
FuriniTB anil Private IiuliviilnaU invited.
Draffs am! Letters of Creilit issmil available in miy |mrt of
tlie worl I.
SAVINGS DEl'AUTMENT-Social attention
niven to Savings Bank Account*. Deposits of Jl.1'0 and
upward* received and interest allowed from date of depotiit,
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE,Mgr.
Nm daagerof Importing p*»t*..  So iojarj trim hinigatlop
No ilryiujr oral in ntarw r,| f-liipm^nt
All onr Ircw ar* wint.Ti-i in (rotit-proof De-Hart
Therefore protect vunreelf by buying oor fi****.   ffrite for Catalogue
and I'rirv LUt to
C-tppl.li-lp^.) 19HO.   On. annrfrH and Ivantr-flr. n> r..
Representative: F. H. WORTHINfJTON
X. II— H'ltiopr. DW.UIF »IoHi ia llilmoab Red, WmIOjj, .foiinirinn, Cni'a
Crfltig... Otptnri,,, Norllp.np *r.j nrp.l Wn,cip*-r
Large Basement Warehouse, 20 x 100 ft.
Very warm and dry. $7.00 per month if
rented for 3 months or more. Apply at
Herald Office. tf
thirty days alter date I Intend lo
apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and to tbe Assistant Commissioner of Lands lor the District of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
following described lands, situate on
tbe North Fork ol Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad anil lying between the Mclnnes (Iroup and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted a{
A. E. Wayland's northeast corner,
same being the Initial post of R. flfj
Belden's claim, and marked "It. 0.
Belden's northwest corner'; tlnnee
80 chains south; thence Rn chains
east; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains west to place nf beglnnim:.
roiitainlng 640 acres, more or less.
|  Located January 21, 1013.
1 R. O. BeJden, Locator,
Batice Laneroas, Agent. 0 lit
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have some Gilt Bilged Orifriunl Prairie Tonnsites
(not Biilxliviiioni), which appeal to the intelligent investor, nml we intend to put on an extensive advertising campaign iu CRANBROOK aa soon na we complete arrangements witli a fi-Bt-elasa man, who can follow un inquiries,
We mail the district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself ran make tbis n permanent and very profitable position. Apply H. W. McCnrdy, M2 Temple Building, Toronto,
Inrnrporntffl 1w;tt
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $12,500,000
II. S. flOLT, President      K. I,. PEASE, General MsnHner
Account of Firms, Corporstiona anil Individuals aolicitepl.
Out-of town business receives every attention.
'SAVINGS DEPARTMENT- l'epoaitaof |1.00 anil upwards rep-elveil
ami interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A ' I, ml llaukinii lliialneastraniacteil.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNEI.I., Manager \
News of the District
^^0t^k^0w^www ♦♦▼••'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'
(By Fred Roo)..
II. II. Cowley, of the Vancouver
Sun, arrived in Wlko on the last two
boats from Fernie. Tuesday ni|rlit,
considerably after sunset, und like
tbe fisherman, he riseth up while it is
early in the morning;, and disturbed
the whole historic burn, with sea
front premiums as thick ns daisies in
u sununer field, and when the day Is
hall,spent he runneth uut of dirt and
subdivisions anil rrtiirncth to Vancouver, a haPl'v man well satisfied with
his visit lo Klko, the fjuecn ot the
Crows Nest Pass. His magazine
patter, rendered without any musical
accompaniment, gives you the impression of a troop of cavalry going
over a wooden bridge at full gallop
Hut as merry a soul as ever got
drunk at a Gonnoraara wake.. Angels
above and Saints in Glory he kind to
.1. S. T. 'Alexander,, government
agent at Fernie, was In Klko last
week rm business.
L. W. Mowry, real estate agent,
was, visiting the Roosville Valley
last week.
Mrs. ,Fred Roo, of Roosville, Is
visiting Elko anil the Pass towns
this week.
Dan Manning, ol Roosville, was
visiting Fernie, and Cranbrook last
Charley Kllngcnsmlth, writing from
.Santiago, Cat., stated that he had
just returned from Tia .lunaa, Mexico, where it was hotter than boiled
geese cooling off, and reminded him
of the South Fork in the deer season.
Jim Thistlobeak, Elko's "philosopher," nays that thc whiskers and
tail feathers of the hog will he seen
on all >the most expensive womens
hats nest season.
The lady that, came in from beautiful Baynes the other morning to
catch thc Lethbridge train, and missed it by one minute and fifty-nine
seconds does not believe in the old
proverb, "Better late than never."
Not by a jugful.
A special to the Cranbrook Herald
last week gives II.. W. McGuire, an
Elko rancher, special mention. "Howard" lives in the Roosville Valley
and is eighteen miles south ol Klko,
and he is farming land, not rocks or
mountain scenery.
"Those Dreadlul Twins" will hi'
presented to Elko's four hundred
Ttiursday, February 27th. Rumor
says that one ol thc twins weighs
195 pounds in his summer hair cut
Mr. Sweet, Elko's new tonsorial
artist, Weary Willie twister, soup
strainer, trimmer and hair cutter,
who opened up in the billiard hall, is
doing a great business and intends in
the near future to put in Turkish
baths for visitors.
American papers say that tin- students of Cornwall University have
found a perfect woman. She is nearly
six teet tall, weighs 17.1 pounds, has
a 30 inch waist,, large bust development, never fainted, has always had
good health, has a human complexion, and resembles one ol Laura Jean
l.ibby's heroines about as much as a
Roosville Valley sunset looks like a
glow worm in a tin can.
Sylvester Bradley, ol the Cranbrook Jobbers, and T, Prentice, of
the A. MacDonald Co., Fernie, both
gentlemen and scholars, and n credit
to the firms they work for, and the
firms make it u pleasure tn do business with. Thc bargains these men
offer will grow hair on a retailer's
chest and take it nil the back of his
Don't fall to read next week's Elko
Jack Tanner says it is soon enough
to shake hands with the devil when
you meet him. Jack won thc Victoria Cross with his tease.
See "Those Dreadful Twins'
Thursday night. They will smooth
tbe wrinkles out and drive dull care
away. . Sore beads, flat heads, and
bald beads and pin heads. Come and
enjoy yourselves.
The Waldo plek-eni-flowers-on-tlie-
way railroad made the trip last
Wednesday to Elko In four hours and
a half (distance 12 miles).
A large sleighing party drove down
to Waldo last Friday night to attend
the dance.
For the Lord's sake, Tom Taylor,
Rive us some good roads so we can
bring our freight In by teams. For
this C.P.R. is the last feeble whisper
ot a summer dream, and is like Bowser's Hotel Act, nothing but a com-
edy farce, and.the only salvation in
both eases is competition. Sir Rich,
ard get busy and do unto others ai
you would have them to do you.
the habit has the hold.
.Mrs. Oscar Buck aud daughter Al-
vetia left on Wednesday afternoon for
Lethbridge, Alta. They will be gone
some time.
Sam Harrison arrived home a day
or so ago and dropped into see us.
Sam is very;much impressed with
conditions south, travelling Florida
from lop to bottom and gaining, iu
addition to a great knowledge of thc"
country, fifteen pounds,in weight.
Charles Barnes ami associates are
busy placing roils in the church and
doing other repair work to prolong,
the life of the building.       ,
This is .v.irely a country for the
young. There are so many young
married couples iu town, thai Ute
plaee seems wrapped in perpetual
happiness and bliss.    Wc hope so.
Messrs. Gardner and Bradley, called
on Iriends in town Thursday, told a
tew jokes, did a little business and
left us.
Miss Addie Buck spent a, couple of
days at Cranbrook.
George Smith was on a business
trip to Cranlirook Thursday.
Caring for hens this winter has
been for many in town a very profitable business proposition. We feel
sure that this will bo exploited
greatly in the near future.
Mr. 0. W. Donahoe returned home
Friday after spending n couple ol
days at Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown went to Fernie Saturday, spending the day, returning on the local.
Roger Lund is making rather i Ire-
quent visits to Cranbrook these days
in the interests ol the C.P.R. and
Dr. Dentist.
Mrs. Louie Larson was in Cranbrook Saturday last.
Miss Addie Buck called on friends
in Cranbrook last Saturday.
Mr. Carss, of the Carss Mackinaw
Clothing Co.,Orillia, Ont., called in
town Saturday. Wc are always
glad io see Mr. Carss, as we treat'
his appearance as a harbinger of
Louie Larson, of Corbin, II. ('., is
spending a few days at his home here
this week.
Mr. Aeliesoli ocoupied thc pulpit
Sunday evening in thc absence ot thc
Rev. Mr. Stevens, who preached at
.Morris Kwing, who has occupied
the position ol night clerk at the
Wardner hotel, left Sunday afternoon
for Edmonton, where be. has a ranch.
The many friends ol Mrs. .{'has.
Biireaw will be glad to hear that
she is slowly recovering her former
strength and will be with us again
II. E. LnPuint. Baynes Lake artjst,
dropped in Saturday to See the boys
anil, girls over Suiidny. Hank will
have his contract completed in the
course of a week anil then he will 'be
up for a good visit.
(I. W. Sinclair spent Sunday at his
home in town.
Gordon Skead returned Sunday afternoon.
Some of the boys journeyed to Fernie to sir the scrap and returned
broke. They figured on the wrong
man and placed their money on the
white.    Black won.
The boys are beginning to talk
baseball, a sure sign ol spring, and
should have a good team here this
year. We can use a good first sack-
er and catcher; also a mound artist,
so don't hesitate, boys, to come and
join us.
Mr. W. II. McFarlane, ol the Cooperative Stores, Cranbrook, dopped
oft on business Thursday.
Mr. Armour, of Armour and Kcrip-
nedy, ol Cranbrook, called on friends
in town Monday.
Mr. .1. P. Fink, of Cranbrook,
passed through town on his way to
Bull River this week.
The bridge at Bull River has been
allowed in this year's estimates, so
the people at that plaee have cause
to rejoice, as It wilt be a great convenience to them.
Once more we express our regrets.
One more good genial chap severs his
connection with Wardner, namely,
Mr. James Houston, who has heen
employed as operator at the depot.
We are sorry to see you go, Jim. He
left on Tuesday afternoon for Calgary, where he has secured a more
lucrative position.
(Special correspondence)
Mr.    Melrenn, provincial constable,
ol this place, is under treatment    at
the hospital at present writing.
is suffering Irom a severe attack
typhoid. ...
Walter Magoon  has been with
attain for a few days, going to ('ran-
brook on Wednesday.
Mr. and .Mrs. Clyde Nixon have
their share of trouble this week. Mrs.
Nixon and tlie baby are both sick.
Motion picture shows are so common In Wardner the past few
months that   everybody goes because  most ol my life.
(Special to the Herald)
Edmonton, Alta., Feb. 25—Henry
McAllister, a native of what is now
the province of Manitoba, born in St.
Andrew's parish on October 15, 1847,
who is declared to be the oldest
white settler north of the Peace river, has come to Edmonton lor supplies. This is his first visit to a
city.    Everything is new to him.
"Modern as   Edmonton is in      all
! things," he    said today, "I    would
us rather be back on   the homestead   in
the  Burnt   River   district,      where
I have passed tlie last 29 years. Mrs.
McAllister is a sister ol the Rt. Rev.
.1. C.    Brick, a missionary ol      thc
Anglican church.    1 have learned   to
love the wilderness as a mother does
ber first-born.     I have lived    there
belong there."
Mr. McAllister left Winnipeg, tben
Fort Gurry, in ,1870, on.an expedition
to the north country In tbe employ of
tbt Hudson's Bay company. He contracted blood poisoning In the hand
at Carlton, now Prince Albert, Sask.
and hovered between life.and death
tor three months. Finally, his condition became so serious that his
companions left him to die. Accompanied by an Indian guide he reached
Fort Cltipewyau lute in tbe summer
of 1H71. lie was re-engaged by the
Hudson's Buy company and served as
•instable at ibe lort.
Afterward he was transferred to
the Peace River country and remained twenty years. There he made the
acquaintance of the missionary, whose
sister is the pioneer's wife. Mr. McAllister has visited every settlement
north of the 55th parallel. He speaks
the Crce and other tribal tongues
with the fluency of 4 native. He predicts important development work for
the north country.
During the.past year the live
stock branch ol the department of
agriculture bus been engaged in a
preliminary investigation ol the Canadian egg trade. Certain, facts relating lo thc enormous loss that is
charged back against thc farmer and
the ; unsatisfactory status of, the
trade as a whole have been catleeted
and presented in bulletin No. 10, entitled "The Care ol Market Eggs."
Realizing, howeber, the necessity of
recuring more detailed information
belore Inaugurating any policy having
for its ohjevl the bringing about ol
improvement in the condition of the
business, the minister of agriculture
has authorized the appointment of .1.
II. Hare, U.S.A., ot Whitby, to undertake the necessary investigation.
Mr. Hare,has held the position ol
district representative in, Ontario
County, Out., for tlie past four years.
He was horn at Cobourg, tint., and
received his early training on the
farm. He entered the Ontario Agriculture College in 1001 and graduated in 1008. Since taking up the district representative work in Ontario
County he has devoted much time
and has been very successful in the
organization of co-operative egg
circles. Not only has he paid particular attention to conditions of the
egg trade as they exist in the rural
districts, but he has also made a
close study of thc poultry business In
general and has written numerous
articles, among which,is a bulletin
now In press. By virtue of his'
technical training and his practical
experience Mr. Hare is, therefore,
well qualified as a specialist in poultry work.
Mr. Hare will first be concerned
with the collection ol all tdata that
is available on the grading of eggs
as they have been received at wholesale produce houses of Canada during
the past two'years. The inlorma--
tion thus obtained will be used to'
form j basis for such action as may
be taken hy the government in Inflating a movement to improve and
properly regulate Ihe trade.
Mr. Hare will be located at Ottawa, but will travel extensively
throughout the Dominion, lirst in the
east and later In the west.
District ol   South    Division,   East
TAKE NOTICE tnnt Phineas De-,
Vere Hunt, ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Agent, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted    at
the north   west corner of Lot 5805,
Group I,   Kootenay    district, East
Kootenay;   thence    south to chains;
thence west 20 chains, more or less,
to   the   east boundary ol Lot   6345,
Oroup    1;   thence  north 80 chains;
thence east 20 chains, more or less,
to tbe piece of beginning, containing
10 acres, more or less.
Phineas DeVere Hunt,
per   l.'ihert  Williamson Henry,
Dated February 1, 1113.        6-10t
Cranbrook Land District
District ot South East Kootenay
Take notice tbat Gjeorge S. McCreery ol Cranbrook, B. C, occupation elerk, Intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest comer ol Lot 656 G.
I., thence west 80 chains, thence
north 20 chains mote or less to the
south boundary ot Lot 1235 0.1.,
thence east 40 chains to the southeast
coraer ol Lot 1285 O. I., Kootenay
District, thence north 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
20 chains .to the point ol commencement, containing 200 acres more or
George 8. McCreery.
Stewart Mortis, Agent.
Dated Uth el Deeemkar,ttl2.
To Rent—Large Fireproof base.'
ment, 30 x 100 ft., $7.00 pctf]
month.—Apply Herald Office.
Have you heard about Peps?
Peps is a new scientific
preparation put up into tabloid
or pastille form, which provides an entirely new and
effective treatment for coughs,
colda and lung snd throat,
There is no connection
between the lungs and the
stomach. •
Suppose something were
wrong with your stomach-
say indigestion, or ulceration
—would you think ot taking
some medicine which went—
not to your stomach, 'but to
your lungs?  Certainly not I
Why then, when your lungs
and chest are affected, should
you dose your stomach—an
absolutely separate organ —
with medicine? Is It not far
better to treat the ailing organ |
Papa provide a direct
treatment for
coughs, coI.Ib,
and ell lung,
chest and
throat trou.
bias. Pepa
contain highly medicinal
pine extracts
into tablet
lorm. You
put a Pap on
your tongue,
mud as it
Bl„wly dia-
aiilves, th«Ee
volatile    as-
>«n.es    turn ^^^^^^^^^^
into vapor.
Vtiu BREATHE the remedy to your
Bppre ailing lung, direct—not swallow It
to your stomach, whieh ia not ailing.
(Sea diagram.) The healing f umsa, thus
IroatheiT down, hatha the delicate, in-
lli'.tpipppl roeiiilpranoa ol your brwthiug-
tithea an-l paas right on to the tiny |>aaB-
n;-es ot the lungs—a cipuraa no litiuid or
solid,inadloine could possibly take.
Pepa fumes ar. healing and anti-
aentit'. They heal sore ti.su. Btnl kill
diaaaao germa. Pepa bring pmo-toreai
funics to your home, instead of you going
to the pioo forest!
For thnt cold, that nip.plit cough,
tli it touch of brom-liitis, don't dose yiiur
stomach 1    Tho  trouble liaa in  your ,
lungs.     P«|ifl go  to  the  1i:ii,;«
dire, t and will cure you. I
All drugvp'sts RLtl etera 50c h.p I. |
Write fur free sample to Papa .
Co.,  Toronto, or 62 l'iiii-,t
cesa St.,   Winnipeg.   Send [
only le. atainp tor —*
- poaUgflatiilenoloaa
i   thia silver-    ^
thirty days after date 1 intend to
apply to thc Chief Commissioner of'
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands tor the District ol
East Kootenay lor a license to prospect tor coal and petroleum on thc
lollowing described lands, situate on
the North Fork ol Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup and tne
Crows Nest Pass I'oal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north of a point one mile east
of the intersection of the cast side
lino of the Mclnnes Croup and the
north side line of the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being the initial post r,l A. E. Way-
fanrt's claim and marked "A. E.1
YYayland's northeast corner," thence
80 chains south, Ihencc 80 chains
west; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains east to plaee ol beginning!,
containing 610 ucres, more or loss.
Located January 21, 1013.
A. E. Wayland, Locator,
Bntiee Lnmcroux, Agent. 6-Bt
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11 x 11. Price
$1150.(111. May be seen at Bone-
iliet Siding, one mile cast of
Mnyook, B. C.
One Oxfonl Snw Carriage, complete witli rack feed, 8 blooks.
It post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One -Oxfonl Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves nnd
drive pulleys. Price $150,00, at
ut Elko, B. O.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elku, B. C.
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cart
Dr. Martcl's Female Pills
Forty years in use, 20 years the
standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martel's Female
Pills, at your druggist.   .
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
the" third   Thursday
ot every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J, S. Peek, Secretary.
Cbbsoent Lodge No. ill!
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K. ol R &S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to, attend.
Meets every Monday
night at   New Fra-
 ternlly  Hall.   Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
R. Dixon, W. M. Harris,
N. a. Sec'y.
Meete first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A  cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe.
No. 16.
Meets every second and  fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially in
Mrs. Alma Liddlcoat, N.G.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second aad
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
J. MeLaohlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618,
^Visiting brethren made welcome.
"""        OVER SEASCLUB.
Meete in Carmen's Hall 2nd and
4th Tueeday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to British citl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres. Sec.
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcora
Cranbrook Lodge
No. toil)
Meeta every Watlni-atlu.
nt, N p.m. In Royal Black
Knights' Hall, linker
Fiiku. W. fhMIHi Dirt.    H. H. Uashstt, S«
Pride ot Cranbrook   Circle,.No. 153,
Companions ot tne Forest.        '
Meeta In Cannen's Hall 2nd sad 4th
Thursday ol each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Waittaker, CO.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Secretary/.
Visiting Companions cordially, welcome.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol restoew aver, earn In the body
T In llaorotar tension | restore,
vim and vitality. PenuHnradecay aput all sexual
weakness avrrtad at anea. MuataplBBae. will
make you a new man. Price ISaboa. or two for
IS. Mailer] loanr address. tk.BMa.aUa.ewi
For sale at Beattle-Murphy Co., Ul.
It lashes no dlffenaca whit jo. tyflra e.
Iilautlns tula season—w, can supply you,
aad with las finest quality ot nursery stack
anr irowa.
Alt Ipse,, plsnts.  elnea. berries, senna,
aald by aa are fas'-
It will par you to let IB tosrb with as.
•AGES,       IO*fSTAMP«)
East Kootenay District
Take notice that H. C. Miller,
married woman, Ot Hossland, II. ('.,
intends to apply to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at A. O. Morris'
north east eorner, thence south'
eighty chains, thence east eighty!
chains, thence north eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains.
H, 0. Miller.
U. O. Cummlngs, Agent.
Date* December 7th, 1912.
Hotel International
l! so. Losoess, Proprietor
Situated at Klngegate, B.C., on
the Boundary Line, in a spot ol
rare scenic beauty ami the sportsman's paradise.
Headquarters for Commer.
clal Men and Tourists
B. .C
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe «t moderate
Rates |1.00 and up per day
Corner of Howard Rt. and Front Ave.
Our bua meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB 00ETZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
Robust Fha.uk, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pits, ind
Pastries or All Kinds
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries a full stock of
Repairs for above always
in stock
gneeeaaor to F. T. P. I'KRIU
I ,10-
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Roomi with Baths.  'Phone ln
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly np-to-dete.
Rates, $2.00 a day
and up
President: J. II.McOuns'
Secretary: 8, Macdoxaui
. For Information retarding lands 1
i and atrlealtnrs   apply   to the *
• Secretary, Cranbrook, B. 0. 'f
Every second Wednesday
President: 0. a. BrlRPPARD
Meeta refrnln'ly the flrat Kriiliiy evei.lns each
Information on Poultry matter, alpplletl
Atliliwa the Ser-Mtiiry.
A. II. SMITH, lli.x 8.M1
Hcndmlstww: Minn Chkrswutun
:   Auiatant: Mian HonosoN
ItiiimJiiigKefr, Sfl.00 pfr wotk
(Ext'liaiive of tuition)
Bchnnl F*wt 99 00 per work
(Incliuiing stationer;, use of books, tto.)
Kindergarten 91S5     "
Bolt Eitraa:
Franch, (VOfl p« M*l; Mviir. flOcfrtwml.
Many Good Men Robbed 61 High
Builnei and Social standing.
by Drink
Oil red at
in three tlaya
Bos Sail, t'ranbrook, B. C.
UT     I
il High
iri'K      |
W. P. O.URD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terme.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
OSes at ReoMsaoe, Armatroai lea,
Forenoons . 1.00 to 10.01
Attenoooi 100 to   1.00.
Evening! - . . . 7.00 to   8.80
tartars .... 1.80 to   4.81
CRANBROOK :i    »    h    H    B. O,
0 to 11 a.m.
1 to  1 p.m.
7 to  0 p.m.
OfAee ia Haasoa Block.
ORANBROOK -       ■       - B. O,
Cmnbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
!$&M!8 Cranbrook, B.C.
B. C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■     B. C.
A M. Can. Boo. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Dtog and Book
Co'a. "tors
Telephone 389
P. O. Boa 37
W. R. Mtr. ruaral Dtraetaa
Phone 34(1
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone 388
Night Phone 8M
Frank Provenzano
General Merahante
Employment Agente
CRANBROOK    -    B. C.
p.o. ou us       mm aw
It you want satisfaction with
your washing  tend
Special prices lor family work.
Opposite O.F.K. Station
TUB    PLACE    TO     OET    A
I'lrailiiate of London College ol
Muiie, Englsnd
Visits anil Receives Pupils (or
uiiMO m -mm mm) yom pmhwothm
Also representative tor Mason &
Risen Pianos
Paper      -       40c lb
Envelopes -      40c lb
2 lbs for 75c
The Beattie-Murphy Co..Limited
The QoxcJUL Store
Cranbrook . . gg
That Pain hi
the Temples
Those dull aches across
the forehead, those frequent siek or nervous
headaches, are all the
result of eye strain that
tbe proper ((lasses will
cure. Not ranch mm
dosing yourself with
drugs when the real
trouble is with your
eyes—you've simply
got to take tho strain
off the eyes before
relief will come. Shall
ire find what's wrong
and ri'Kht it V
W. It Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
OF the five senses
—bearing, feeling, see.
tog, tailing and imelling — the
eight ia the mien destroyed —
and it ii a terrible thing to loee
your light. Whenever anything
il wrong with your eyea corns lo
sn expert st ones—come to thia
store. We will tell you whether
lo us in oculiit or whether we
have the ours. Delays are dm-
gsraui. Come to day. Kxnniiua-
tion tree.
Read This!
The Fink Mercantile Co. wish
to announce that they have received a large consignment of
California triple weight Navel
Oranges, which are without «•
ceptloa the finest ever brought
into the city, fully matured,
sweet and juicy, andt in fact,
all that one could wish for.
Prices no higher than the ordinary packs— 30c, 40c, 50c,
and 60c doien.
Meet me at Rob's Plaee.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. (I. I'umniings intend visiting Spokane this week.
Mrs. .1. I). Mellriite will receive Urn
lirst Friday ol each month.
A lull line nl lanry evaporated
fruits at Ward and Ilnrris.
Don't tnrget the Veterans' meeting
at the Itnys! hotel on Saturday
Marrh I at *. p.m.
P. DeVcro Hunt, who has been
away in Medicine Hat during the
week, will return on Saturday.
Genuine Seville oranges for marmalade at Fink's Puro Food Grocery.
Mrs. R, H.p Moore, Hanson avenue,
will receive on the first Friday in
Bom.—Wednesday, 26th February,
to the. wife ol Dr. F. B. Miles, a
daughter. i
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
H. G. Hall, ol Moyie, at the Cottage hospital last Friday.
Special. Saturday only, one lb. tin
Williams Talcum powder, a5e. Hi.—
Model Variety Store.
Chester Staples, ol Wycliffe, was a
visitor In town the beginning ol the
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ilalsall will be
leaving this -week end on a visit ol
two weeks to coast points.
The oranges the Fink Mercantile
Co. ate showing are guaranteed absolutely Ireo trom trost.
Mr. W. Blackitock,. of the local
Hank of Commerce staff, has been
j transferred to Phoenix. He left for
his new ouarters on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. ,1. Atthison, who
have been enjoying a two weeks' vacation in Spokane and Missoula returned home last Saturday.
Mr. Orr's handsome home in llucna
Vista Gardens is nearing completion.
This is the third substantial building erected there.
On Wednesday, February 26th, at
the Cottage hospital a boy was
born to Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Burgess,
ol Wardner.
There is anticipated some lively
times at, tbo City ol Cranbrook
court ol revision on Wednesday,
Monti 5th, at 10.80 a.m. (local
Itaxawa tea 35c., 50c. and 60c. per
pound at Ward and Harris.
S. G. Newell, inspector lor the
Eneclsior Life Insurance Co., came
down trom Nelson on Wednesday and
is spending a lew days with the
district agent, Mr. Fred Chapman.
Mrs. Hopper, of Kootenay Orchards
and Mrs. Powell, of Winnipeg, were
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. .lohn
Phillips at their ranch tlie first, ol
the week. Mrs. Powell likes the
t'rnnbrook country very much.
One would think from the appearance ol the oranges In Fink's Grocery,
Window that the IroSl scare in the
Golden State was a joke. It's a treat
to even see such line specimens.
No Need to Send to Eaton's
W   AKt^aSfeaT^4ll
Come to Our Store, See Our Stock, and Oet
!   our Prices
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Dnriok Ave., opp. C. P. B. Station
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Warden are
spending a lew days fa Calgary this
■H. E. Stinson was up Irom Bull
River this week oa business.
.lames Bates, proprietor ol ■ the
Tourist hotel at Bull River, was in
the city Wedaeeday on business.
The Dominion Express company announce the establishment of a branch
office at Bull River.
Mr. Wm. Henderson, Dominion Inspector of public works, wss up from
Victoria last week end, when he in..
spected the new post office building,
which he expects will he opened to
the public on MondaJ next.
Beel, scrap and ground bone at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
R. E. Benedict, of Victoria, an official of the lorestry department,
was in town last week end. He left
on Sunday, for Calgary, Winnipeg and
other eastern points, oa official business Saturday night.
1750' cash buys new tour roomed
house and lot in city; good shed and
chicken run.    Enquire in office. 9-lt*
Mrs. A. C. Harshaw has returned
Irom the east, and will receive on
Thursday, March 6th.
A joint social ol Rebekah and Odd
Fellows, waa held at Fraternity hall
oa Wednesday evening. A programme
of music, songs aad speeches was
rendered. W. B. McFarlane acted as
toaitmaster. A very delightful supper, was served sad all present enjoyed a happy social evening.
Tbe newly orgaalied Cranbrook
Choral Society have started rehearsals on three choruses, and are making excellent progress. These choruses include: 'Hail! Bright Abode,"
From Taaahauser, The Vikings, by
Eaton Fanning aad "A Gladsome
Light," from' "The Golden legend."
So tar aa the telegraphed figures
can he relied upon, It would appear
that all the staff at the local government office are to receive substantial increase in their pay. It is
to be hoped that this is true, as the
pay heretofore in force has heen
quite- inadequate.
Jacob's fancy biscuits, Ires* shipment just received at Ward and.
According to figures published in
the resort ol the minister of lands,
lor the year ending Slit December,
1912: The number ol pre-emption records entered In the Cranbrook district was 84, certificates of Improvements were Issued to tl, and
certificates ol purchase to 153.
• .1. H. Woods, editor and managing
director ol the Calgary Herald, and
Robert .leanings, editor of the Edmonton .Journal, passed through
town on Wednesday en route lor
California, where they Intend enjoying a well earned vacation. "Boh"
Jennings is the president ol the Alberta and South Eastern B. C. Press
Meet me at Bah's Place.
Iloecoe Parker, better known as
"Blondy," who coiftucted sn automobile service in tbis city last summer, died at the St. Eugene hoipital
oh Saturday night last of pneumonia.
He only returned to the city last
week alter several month! absence
and his death came alter only a' lew
hours illness, snd was ouite.unexpected hy doctor or nurse. Ills remains were placed ia charge ol Undertaker MacPberson.
Special Saturday only Se. per box
best quality English hair pint, assorted sites, 120 la each hoi, at
Model Variety Store.
The explosion of a kerosene oil
lamp ia the basement ot W. Neil's
house Thursday evening about 10
o'clock, gave the fire brigade a run
out to Watt avenue, opposite the
power house. Happily a few buckets of water subdued the flames, and
little or no damage was done, save
tbe burning ol a table, some boxes
and other, small thlags stored in the
II you are longing for a luscious
lull flavored navel orange, sattsty
your longing! at Fink's Pure Food
A sua was killed   mm Moyie   en
sores from elbow to ping-
zam-buk worked a miracle
of healing.
Reverend Gentleman Fully Corroborates.
Miss Kate L. Dolliver, ol Caledonia, Queen's County, N.S., says:
"I must add my testimony to the
value ol Zam-Buk. Ulcers and sores
broke out on my arm, and although!
I tried to heal them by using various
preparations, nothing seemed to do
me any good. The sores spread until from fingers to elbow was one
mass ol ulceration.
! "I have five different doctors, and
faithfully carried out their instructions. I drank pint alter pint ol
| blood medicines, tried salve alter
salve, and lotion after lotion; hut It
| was ol no avail.
"My lather then rook me thirty
miles to see a well-known doctor. He
photographed the arm and hand. This]
photograph was sent to a New York
j hospital to the specialist; but they
sent word they could do nothing lur-
ther lor tne, and I was in despair.
"One day a Irlend asked me il I had
tried Zam-Buk. I said I bad not,
bul I got a box right away. Tbat
first box did me more good than all
the medicine I had tried up to that
time, so I continued the treatment.
Every box healed the sores more and
more until, to make a long story
short, Zam-Buk healed all the sores
completely. Everybody in this place
knows of my case, and that it is
Zani-lJiik alone which cured me."
Minister corroborates.—The Rev. W.
B. M. Parker, of Caledonia, Miss
Dolliver's minister, writes: "This is
to certify thut tho testimonial ot
Miss Dolliver is correct as far as my
knowledge goes. I have known ber
lor a year anil u half, and her cure
effected by Zam-Buk is remarkable."
Wherever there Is ulceration, blood-
poison, sores, cold-cracks, abscesses,
cuts, burns, bruises, or any skin in-
Jury or disease, there Zam-Buk
should bo applied. It is also a sure
cure lor piles. All druggists ami
stores sell at 50c. per box, or post
tree from Zam-Buh Co., Toronto, for
price. Refuse cheap anil harmful Imitations and substitutes.
Tuesday night, who is supposed to
have been trying to board a train.
Death, ln the doctor's opinion, was
practically instantaneous. His rigbli
arm and right leg were torn. off. The
man was entirely unknown and was
apparently In his middle age. Coroner
Dr. J. 11. M. Hell investigated the
case, not holding an official inquiry,
as there was no evidence to be adduced. The remains were brought
into town today and buried Irom F.
M. MacPhcrson's undertaking parlors.
Just in tor spring and summer, fine
line ol ladies waists, bouse dresses,
wash dresses, corset covers, drawers
and wrappers, at Model .Variety
Another ol the popular debates under the Citizenship Department of the
Kpworth league was given at the
Methodist church last Tuesday evening and proved an enjoyable event.
The question debated was "Resolved,
That Women Should Have Suffrage."
Mrs. Fred Chapman and Miss Bechtcl
spoke on the affirmative and Messrs.
R. I). Cameron and W. 0. Adlanl,
defended the negative. The debate
was won by the affirmative, the. decision-being lelt to a vote ol those
present. The vote was 25 to 5 in
their lavor. The next debate will be
upon the subject o( "single tax" and
will be held an March 25th.
Tenders will lie received by tbe
undersigned lor clearing thirty acres
of land near Gateway, B. C—Alex-
H. Smith, Gateway, B.C. ft-lt
The office ol tlie Hotel Cronbrooki
has been more like old times the
past lew days, with the presence of
Uncle "Jim" Ryan, Dr. W. S. Bell
and Dave Elmer Tlie latter tirade
only a brief visit. El Doro's are
selling better than ever and "Dave"
is kept rustling Irom town lo town
all over the province. Mr. James
Ryan looks, il anything, younger
than ever.' I le Is here on private
business and will remain for a few
days only. Dr. W. S. Bell is looking unusually well. He is enjoying
his renewal nl Cranbrook acquaintances and is quickly getting tami-
liarired with the changes around his
favorite hostelry.
Don't forget that we still have a
lew odd lines nl woolen and cashmere)
waists at half price, to go before
March 4th.—Model Variety Store.
D. R. Mclvor, Cowley, Alta., is
prepared to supply a limited number
ol customers with strictly fresh butter and eggs. Price, which will be
revised weekly, Is at present, butler
15c. per lip., eggs, 40c. per dor., F.O.
B., Cowley, Alto. Mt*
Special Saturday only, 5c. per box
best quality English hair pins, assorted sires, 120 pins each.—Model
Variety Store.
Few odd lines, ot hockey sticks at
85c. each.; spring skates 60c. pair;
skate straps 10c. pair; hockey shin
pads at 35c. pair to clear next few
days—Model Variety Store.
Work wanted by thoroughly competent housekeeper, lor a lew hours
dally. Address (1. S., care O. Russell, P. O. city. 8-2t*
Come to my barnyard: Two strange
cowi, red and black, with two red
salves, brands   tatooed da the right
side of head ot cows, and piece cut
out ot lelt ear ot calves.—D. J. Mc-
Oinnis, Wardner, B.C. 8-2t*
FOR RENT.-Five roomed modern
house on two lots; fine garden,
chicken house, etc. For terms apply to Herald office. 9-lt
FOR SALE.-House and two lots
la the city on Dewar avenue, two vacant lots on Watt avenue; also Veterans' grant o[ 164 acres in New-
Ontario. For price and particulars
apply to A. C. Pigott, P. O. Box
225, city. .»-tI
FOR SALE.—A registered Fercher-
on stallion, rising six year; weight
about 1650 lbs.; sound and gentle;
broken to single and double harness
and sure foal getter. This horse is
tho purest bred Percheron in the
Kootenays. Cheap lor quick sale.
No reasonable offer refused.—Apply
S. J. Harrison, Wardner, British Columbia. 9-2t*
FOR SALE.-Offers wanted lor
that valuable piece ol land, Lot T, ot
ubdivislou ol district lots 22, 29,
30 and 32,. group one, Kootenay district, map 887, containing one acre.
Wm. Stilling, Box 91, Fernie, British
Columbia. 8-2t*
FOR SALE.-Good paying restaurant at a bargain. For inlormation
address Restaurant, Bull River, II.
C. 7-2t«
WANTBD.-Probntloners for Fernie
hoipital. Two years' course. Apply
Superintendent, Fernie, B.C.       6-tt
FOR SALE.-A Hall safe ln good
condition. Apply City Clerk at
city hall. 7-tl
WANTED.-By Alberta sawmill ol
forty thousand capacity, mill foreman, filer, edgerman and planer mechanic. Only experienced men need
apply. Give references and wuges
expected. Box Y., Cranbrook Herald. Mt
good logging horses; average weight
1500 His. Cae lie seen at. Jewell's
Lumber camp, Jaffray. Apply W.
O. Hole, Haaburv, n.C. 8-2f
On Tuesday nl this week the city
license commissioners met at tin-
city hall for the transaction ol business. > Among those in attendance
were Mayor Bowness, Alderman
Clapp and Mr. Jas. Caslakc.
The first application dealt with
was that of W. A. Rollins, recently
proprietor ol thc Royal hotel, for a
transfer of his license to the new
proprietor, Mr. W. Steward. Granted.
The next application was made by
Mr, R. A. Fraser, in respect to the
premises on lot 6, block 93, Baker
street (Worden's building) for which
lie wanted a wholesale license.
Mr. A. B. Macdonald appeared lor
the applicant, whilst Revs. Kendall,
Thomson and Dunham opposed the
granting ol the license. The arguments advanced by the opposition
were that ia view ol certain sections
ol the city ol Cranbrook License bylaw, which declare that only two
wholesale |licenses shall be granted,
and on the ground that the requirements ol tbe town were adequately
supplied by the present wholesale licenses.
A somewhat lengthy discussion ensued upon the interpretation ot the
bylaw, etc.,.and settlement ol the
case was adjourned until the next
regular meeting, March 26th.
Lee Mow and Let Fat have purchased the property at the corner of
French avenue and Van Home street.
and are conducting the Kwnng Chong
Wing restaurant thereon. 9-41
THE m Ml
Tbis week a Herald representative
paid another visit to the Men's club
building, now rapidly scaring completion, but he quickly realized that
it would be at least two or three
weeks yet before tbe club can he
opened lor thc convenience und coin-
tort ol members.
The swimming tank is completed,
all but some slight improvements,
and a, very templing looking swimming pool It is, too. Thc gymnasium hall, is all but completed un I
ready lor the installation nl the various apparatus. It will make u lin>
exercise hall, well lighted, heated,
with a nne smooth floor, which will
permit ot dancing, when tbe club led
frivolous enough to engage in that
kind ol amusement. A large dressing room, with shower baths handy,
has been fitted up, in tact there arc
many other little conveniences which
will go to make this a very desirable resort lor the young men about
town. It should be kept in mind
that there will be no sectarianism in
the conduct ol the club Any young
man raa join and will be accorded
the Bante privileges as all other
Manager Guerard certainly closed
his connection with the Auditorium
under a blaze ol glory. His enterprise in'securing the Durbar In, Kinemacolor, was amply juitified. On
Monday night the opera house was
crowded la ■vetgwwlaf with a tbor-
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O secure Furs, Ladies', and Children's
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Sweater Coats, Etc., at a straight discount of
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»:i5.00 8CIT8for.
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Men's and Boys' Clothing
Tltie week we have put into stock big shipment! of
Clothing. They embody new atyle features which arc of
The body .fitting suit is picked to be the most popular.
It is a comfortable atyle that does away with padding, producing a cost that it no way cumbersome. The three-button
style with soft roll effects predominate*. The trousers are
out straighter and the peg-top ia little need. Brown, followed
by Navy and Grey are the popular colors.   Price* range from
$tO.SO to $28.00
It will be a pleasure for us to show you the new styles.
McCreery Bros.
ii    Cranbrook's Dry Goods aad Clothing Stores
oughly delighted audience. On Tues-
day alternoan the school children
largtfl) ,icd noisily occupied the
Inv-isc, whether or not tbey enjoyed
Ihe pictures, no one could tell. From
Ihe outset they yelled aad made so
much noise that the pleasure ot the
afternoon was entirely spoiled lor
their elders present, many ot whom
were compelled to leave being unable
to stand tbe racket.
On Tuesday night another and even
more enthusiastic audience than
Monday night's crowded tbe Auditorium lor the last appearance of tbe
Certainly Cranbrook people thoroughly enjoyed the treat provided by
Mr. Guerard, the pictures were by
long odds tbe best ever sera ia tbe
west. And it would be almost impossible to conceive of say better
plan whersby to arouse the patriotic
sentiments of tbe Canadian people
tban these representations of tbe
empire's power and wealth in the
great Indian dependency.
Tlie Kinemacolor pictures proved
not to be a mere representation:
They were the thing itself, or as
near actuality as anything can be.
The pageant lends itsell admirably
to color illustration. An Indian
sky, thc passion ol tbe Oriental lor
the spectacular, and tbe historic
iinii|ueness ol King George's Coronation Durbar, combined to this end. In
Kinemacolor one saw thc whole pageant.! From tbe genesis ot it, tbe Indian, workmen Preparing the great
Delhi camp, raising tbe Royal pavilion, painting and decorating tbe grotesque and gorgeous ornamentations.
He were shown the arrival ol tbe
King-Emperor with bii gracious consort at Bombay, and the royal procession through tbe city—a prophecy
ol the brilliant grouping ia succession ol tbe Hritish and native troops
to follow- in subsequent' scenes.
The pageant is presented in aa ascending scale ol interest, through the
preliminaries ol'the royal activities
in India to Ihe Durbar itsell. Their
majesties arrive at Sellmgarli by
train, lollowing which is tbe grand
slat? entry through tbe Elephant,
Gate ol the Delhi fort, a wonderful
No one can have witnessed these
lifelike pictures without having el-
perienbed an accts* ot pride and devotion to the crown and to the grand
ild Hritish empire. It would be difficult to conceive ol better,means to
arouse the latent ol loyalty ol the
world-wide race ol Britishers than
thcaexhibition ol these splendid realistic pictures, telling in thc most
unequivocal manner of the splendor
and might of Great Britain's Indian
Mr. Harold B. Mead, lormerly of
lie 19th Hussars, gave a very able
exposition ol the varloui pictures,
having lived in India and knowing by
practical eiperierice the names ol all
the troops, places ot Interest,'etc.
It was a fine show altogether aad a
return visit would be very welcome.
As I am i retiring, I wish to repress on the many patrons ol tbe
Auditorium during the past two yeaca
my sincere thanks lor their patronage
and, hope tbat some time ia the luture   I may be again eflrrlag anwaa-
narnts to tbe Cranbrook public and
again be accorded their generous support ,
Win. .1   1)  Ouerard.
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Price 11.00 a bottle, or sis lor ta.OO.
A public meeting will be held in tbe
city hall about tbe middle o! March
under the auspices ol the Veterans'
One of the objects of tbe brigade il
to encourage marksmanship With
this arm ia view they would like to
co-operate with tbe citizens ot Cranbrook, some ot whom have already
made a move in this direction, in aa
attempt to lorm a Hide association.
Every citixen who has the welfare at
Cranbrook and district at heart is
earnestly invited to attend the meeting. We understood that the great
obstacle to tbe formation ol a local
association was the inability to secure a suitable range, so In order to
lacllitate business we beg ot all ia-
tetested to give that point their
serious consideration ere the night ol
meeting, when any lUggestion will be
fully diaenswd.
The date ol tbis meeting will be
announced later.
Alderman G. Erickson returned to
town this slternoon Irom Bull River
where he has been superintending the
Installation by the C.I'.R. ol an Immense bridge across the Kooimay
rirer. The C.I'.R. have a very
large plant oa band, as well as upwards ol Mty nam THK CHANBBOOK HKBA LD
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"The Beattie-Murphy Company. Ltd."
"The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd."
(Continued from page one).
has made an absolutely Inaccurate
statement since they contradict each
other on the essential point ot a
voice in the control ol Imperial foreign policy lor Canada. It should
not be difficult to locate thc* inaccuracy.
Premier Borden in his naval speech
in parliament on December 6th,
19)2, discussing his proposi-d contribution said: "Canada is sending
these ships to range themselves in
the battle line ol the empire witli
those of the mother land, Australia
aad New Zealand."
Thi Is pretty as rhetoric and lo
appearances, but not in accord with
the lacts. The Australian Act
places the control ot the
Australian ships under thc control ol thc Australian
government. Mr. Ilordon's proposal*
plaee . the Canadian ships wholly
beyond the control of the Canadian
parliament Moreover Australia
some years ago abandoned the emergency contribution idea, "Thc admiralty agreeing that it might bo wiser J
tor pher to concentrate upon the per- '
nunent task which was then allotted
to her in the joint programme tor the
Pacific." As a result Australia tins
one battle cruiser finished, two more
nearly ready and a number ol smaller
etait being built in British and Australian shipyards, and they will nil
be used lo patrol and guard Austral-
tan waters, in line with Mr. Chur- ;
chill's plans.
Mr.   Churchill   in a    recent speech I
also said    tbat   Great   Britain still '
could    by special arrangements send
out » strong fleet ol battleships  ami
crullers    to the    Pacific,   to  unite
the-Royal Australian navy and      the
British   China squadron lor the    do- |
fence nl British  Columbia, Australia
and New Zealand.
No    mention ol   Canada's tribute
inents     are   resignations, dismissals
and scandals.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his cabinet
were sworn in on .luly 11th, 181)6. A
brief session ol parliament was held
irom August loth to October 5th.
Then the cabinet settled down to the
promised revision ol the tariff. They
were ready again and called parliament on March 25th, 18117. A month
later the famous Fielding tariff with
its beneficent readjustment ol duties
and the inauguration of tlie imperial
preference, which aroused the enthusiasm of the empire, was brought into
effect, and on .lunc 3rd; Sir Wilfrid
left lor England, where tit the Queens
Jubilee and the imperial conference
he woo still greater lame for Canada. This was all within the lirst
year of Liberal administration.
Tin- change ol llnrdcn rule docs not
seem to have benefited Canada.
Evidently inspired efforts have been
mode by the Conservative press to
make it appear that thc seven Nationalists who voted against the Horden naval resolution on Thursday
night were supporting thc Liberal
party, ami absolutely misleading reports seeking lo convey this cltect
were sent out. The exact opposite
ils the truth. When at tbe conclusion ol Ibe long debate the lirst division was called on Mr. Vervillc's
sub-amendment calling for an appeal
to the people this was accepted by Sir
Wilfrid l-aiirier and supported by the
Lilieral party. It was as staunchly
opposed by the government side and
their Nationalist allies, each ot tlie
lallcr being greeted with derisive
laughter Irom the Liberal benches as
they swallowed their principles to
vole against It.
Again when the vole was taken on
Sir Wilfrid I.aurier's main amendment calling lor two Canadian lleet
units the Nationalists to a man
joined the government in defeating
When the final vote on Mr. Borden's
resolution came seven ol the Nationalists, Messrs. Achiin, Mondou,
Lamarchr, Guilbault, Hnulny, Belle-
mare end Harrette voted against it.
In so dolng^they did not support the
Laurier amendment, but voted as  an
companies ,has been, not to publish a
financial statement, butetnerelya record of the business ol tlie year, and
Irom the lorm in which it is put out
it is not always possible to.give as
careful an analysis as one would like,
but in thc case ol the -Excelsior Lite
we do not have this to complain ol,
nnd it must be gratifying to both
policyholders and shareholders tbat
one can see, without waiting for
the blue book, just what the position
of the company is.
That the Excelsior Lite is makiiig
satisfactory progress, will he seen
from the financial statement, which
appears elsewhere iu this issue.
The amount of new insurance issued
and paid lor during the past year
was (3,471,680.110, an increase Over
the previous year ol (132,987, and
making tlie total amount ol insurance in force, at the end of thc year,
The not premium income lor lhe
year was (501,021.34, and the amount
received Irom tbe interest, rents,
etc., was (172,219.46, making u
total Income for thc year ol $011,-
219.81), an increase over 1911 ill
(73,734.07. The total disbursements
lor tiro year were (316,135.36, and ol
this amount (118,830.44, was paid to
policyholders, part of this amount,
(66,359.80, being paid lor death
claims; the balance being in surrendered policies, annuities, matured endowments and investment policies,
nnd (6,959.36 being profits to policyholders for the year. ,    ,
The total assets on the 31st December amounted to (2,853,069.66,
while the surplus on policyholders'
account, over and above the reserve,
according to government standard ol
(2,364,358, was (140,721.48, an increase, during the year, of (99,-
8311.10. We might note here that
the company continues the practice of
not talcing credit tor an item, this
year amounting'to (63,237, on account ol new hnsiness which the
Insurance Act   would permit,   being
While shopping tlie most annoying
thing lor mc is to have someone try
to sell me something "just as good"
when 1 ask lor Newbro's Herpicide.
To be sure there are not many druggists who do this, -but what . lew
there arc should know that such a
policy will destroy the customer's
confidence. When they try it on me,
I never wait lor the story, simply
hunt a store where they will sell me
what, , want.
It Is absurd lor anyone to say that
a preparation is us good as Herpicide. I don't think they believe it
themselves. Every druggist .knows
that there is but one genuine original dandruff germ    dcslroyer and that
is Newbro's Herpicide.
It keeps the head tree Irom dandruff, prevents the hair from coming
out and stops itching ol the scalp.
Herpicide Is really a wonderful remedy which does lust what you want
and expect It to do.
Applications at good barber sbops.
Send 10c. in .postage for a sample
to The Herpicide Co., Dept. It., Detroit, Mich.
Newbro'i Herpicide in SOc. and
11.00.sites ii told.by all dealers who
guarantee it |0 do all that ii claimed. II you are not satisfied your
money will be relunded.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
boundary on the east the country is
more or less all suited to agriculture) portions ol it are excecdrlugly
tortile, while the rest can be made
equally rich by irrigation. Much ol
the land is open and rolling, a beautiful park-like region, ideal lor stock-
raising, a profitable industry, as
there is a good home market lot-
horses, cattle, sheep and hogs.
. isolated group,   opposed in both p.o-
tnere.    On the contrary instead    ol positions.       It
our ships "ranging themselves in the
battle line with those of the mother
land.aad Australia and New Zealand" our Pacific coast will depend
for its defence upon the battle line
of Imperial and Australian ships,
without a Canadian   vessel or sailor
is altogether   likely
deducted Irom the reserve liabilities;
or, in other,words, the total surplus
on policyholders' account could have
been increased by this amount.
A lew features which arc always interesting in, the financial statement
of the Excelsior Life are the low
death rate which has been experienced to that expected (and during thc
past year the death rate has only
been 37 per cent ol the expected),
and tho expense ratio, which year
alter year shows a downward tendency and as compared with the
year 1911 there has been a decrease
ol 5, per cont. Interest earnings
have always been high, and the past
year shows another gain, tin: interest
earned on the mean net ledger assets
being 7.13 per cenl., on increase ol
16 per cent., while the interest earned on the invested assets was 7.54
per cent., nil ol these have a ten-
crease Ihe .profits to policyholders.—
Insurance and Financial Review.
Mr. F. Chapman is district agent
for the above company.
that tlie rest of the fourteen Nationalists sitting on Ihe Conservative
side would have refused to swallow
their election promises, and would
also have voted against the Borden
resolution bin lor the influence of tho ' reached the
three Nationalist     ministers   In   his i turning out
TURE IN fl. G.
The above mentioned bulletin lias
just reached this office, and,, generally speaking, it Is very well edited,
contains very much interesting information, but there Is the customary ignorance displayed of the Great
East Kootenay district, which is
mentioned very briefly and without
exact detail:
East Kootenay forms tne southeastern portion of British Columbia,
and is lamed lor the immense coal
measures through which tbe Crows
Nest railway runs for many miles
both in Alberta and British Cerium-
bin. These mines are estimated to
be capable ol yielding 10,000,000
tons ol coal a year lor 7,000 years.
Several mining companies are developing properties, and those that have
producing stage are
close   to 1,000,000 tons
to share in any possible light. Prom- J cabinet, Messrs. Pelletier, Nantel and | annually.      There are also extensive
...   ,...j„...      '""''" Coaerre,   who unlike Mr. Monk, pre- .deposits ol  petroleum in fills section
ler the emnlumenls ol office to cor- <>< the district, hut these have not,as
rying nut pre-election pledges. The'yd reached the commercial stage,
seven Nationalists who voted against Entering the province by thc Crows
the Borden   resolution and the Laur-1 Nest Pass railway, which crosses the
ler Borden's eloquence can hardly
iiaike Canadians proud ol such n position.
ob October inth, 1911, Premies
Borden and bis ministry were sworn
In. They hnve already laced one
parliamentary   session nnd are    now
4cr amendment were only doing what
all the Nationalists were pledged to
do at tbe, time Mr. Borden took
three ol them into his cabinet with
the hope of winning tlieni all over to
toward the end ol the third month ol his side.    He lost Mr. Monk alter
a second.    It would be hard to point  year, but by placing part of the gov
. eminent of the country in their howls
to my useful legislation tbey hav
acoompllshcd in that time, lhe outstanding facts ot the Conservative
regime so far as the resignation ol
Hon. Mr. Monk owing to the shunting
over the. naval question; thc refusal
ol the government to proceed with
the project (or building a Canadian
navy: the proposition to send a gHt
ol (35,000,000 to Great Britain, tor
which they have no mandate, and
upon which tbe country is absolutely
divided; the proposition to grant (10,
000,000 In aid tn agriculture, a continuation ol liberal policy; the proposition, to secure hotter trade rotations with the West Indies, also part
ol the Liberal policy; the dismissals [company (or tlie past year, and
of thousands nf government, employes such as might,, with; advantage,
all over the country and thc election copied by many ol the other life
scandals of  Macdonald, Richelieu and  snrnnce companies doing business
has succeeded in holding sonic ol  thc
The financial statement ol the
cclsior   Lite Insurance company,
submitted-to. thc shareholders
policyholders oi the company, is
which gives    lhe   liillest Information
and details ol   lhe business ol      the
Rocky Mountains through the Crows
Nest Pass, ono descends into the
magnificent Kootenay Valley, water-
ered by the Kootenay and Elk rivers
ami severaf smaller streams. The
scenery along litis route and in the
valley is indescribably picturesque.
Sheltered to the north and cast by
tlie Rockyi Mountains, and open to
the sooth and west, the climate Is
exceptionally mild and healthful. Thc
bottom lands will produce all kinds
[nl crops In perfection, but the uplands require irrigation, which may
he obtained Irom the Elk river and
other streams. Fruit trees planted
late in thc tall stand the winter, and
thrive (a severe test lor nursery
stock), and whorover orchards have
been cstablisned they are doing well.
Conditions very somewhat with l(i-
onc cnllty everywhere, more especially in
the mountainous country; but, speaking generally ol the district, there is
isi Iln (Jin,,,   valley In Hritish Columbl,
be nnd    none better   lit ted  lor general
in lormlng,   Irult growing, dairying and
in cattle    raising.      From     Kootenay
Antlgonlsh.     The   main accomplish-1 Canada.    The policy nl some of   our   Landtag on the  west to the Alberta
Going northward, Irom the Crows
Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific
railway, the Columbia Valley is entered at Canal Flats, where the
Kootenay Valley merges Into the
Columbia. Thc scenic beauty and
fertility ol    this
baffle description. Dominated on the
cost by thc Rocky and west by the
Selkirk mountgins, the diversity and
grandeur ol scene Irom every point ol
view is fairly bewildering. The only
present means nl transportation is by
stage from Cranbrook and Fort
Steele to Wilmer and Windermere,
ami by sleamer from Windermere and
Golden, on the Canadian Pacific railway main line, or vice versa, but a
railway will shortly traverse tho
valley Irom north to south. The advent of such a road would be followed by an inrush ol settlers and the
development ol the minerals and
timber, for the country is well endowed in both respects. Quite a lew
settlers have taken up land in the
valley, and, despite tlie lack ol quick
communication! with the outside
world, they arc all doing well.
Grains, vegetables, and Irults flourish, and cattle and sheep thrive on
the nutritious bunch grass which'
covers the benches and hillsides. Thc
snowfall is sn light that the live
stock winter out, and winter (ceding
is the exception.
The lands in the Kootenay and Columbia valleys Irom Golden, south
to Tobacco Plains, on the border ol
thc United States, are mostly in the
hands ol private owners and the Canadian Pacific Railway company. Mr.
I. F. Armstrong, government agent
at Cranbrook. reports to the depart-'
ment of lands: "There Is now no land
in tbis district open lor pre-emption
which is fit lor agriculture."
The Upper Columbia valley, lorm-
ing the northern portion ol Kootenay,
varies in width Irom one to twelve
miles,, being bounded on thc east by
the Rocky anil nn the west hy the-
Selkirk Mountains. Much ot the
land is low and swampy, but when
reclaimed by dyking Is very fertile.
Most ol this low land is at present-
only valuable for tlie wild bay whieh
it produces In abundance. There, il
also considerable land lightly timbered and easily cleared, which, il
brought under cultivation and irrigated, would produce splendid crops
ol all kinds, including small Irults,
apples, pears, plums, etc. Tbe
foot-hills are spaqrscly limbered and
foothills are sparsely timbered and
eminent land available tor pre-emption throughout the 'Kootenays is
limited In extent and II largely confined to bench lands which cannot be
Irrigated. The Canadian Pacifia
railway has some good land, which
may be bought at reasonable prices.
Many large holdings and improved
farms are also on thc market, at
prices ranging Irom (10 to (50 per
The hot torn lands nic a rich black
alluvial ami very fertile, the tenches
being a gravelly loam, well adapted
to fruit growing. At thc southern
end nl Kootenay Lake There Is a
tract ol 47,060 acres ol meadow land
which has been partially reclaimed,
and is very productive. Wherever
Irult trees have been planted In tbis
district they have given great satisfaction, and Irult growing on a commercial basis is now well established
In thc Kootenay lake section. The
shores ol Kootenay lake arc proved
to be well suited to Irult growing,
and many orchards have been planted.
On the West Arm, near Nelson, this
is especially noticeable, the number
ol plantations indicating that in time'
the whole available lake Iront will
be one immense orchard. Peaches oi
large size and exquisite flavor are
grown in the Nelson district.
Thc country bordering and south
ol thc Arrow Lakes Includes some
large areas of goad land, which will'
all be settled upon and cultivated'hc-
lore many years. Summer Irosts
may nip the trnderest shoots on thc
lands In thc creek bottoms,'but
wherever tbe land is ten leet or more
above the  water level there ia     no
danger    ol    damage. Professor
Thomas A, Sharpe, who made a trip
ol observation through Southern
British Columbia in the summer of
1905, says of this part ol Kootenay:
"III owned land anywhere along this
section I would have no hesitation in
planting an orchard."
Potatoes yield 300 to 406 bushels
to the acre, and other roots give
equally heavy returns. Garden vegetables grow to perfection, and even
tne more delicate varieties are seldom Injured by frosts ot drought.
Although .the acreage and aggregate
yield ol vegetables, grain and root
crops arc Increasing yearly, ' tho
quantity produced is (ar Irom satis-
ingnlflcent veileH'y'llS tne loca' oernand. Mining,
lumbering, and railway construction
employ laigc numbers of men whose
wants the farmers cannot supply, so
that very much which the country
'can produce has to be imported.
In the Columbia Valley and throughout thc Kootenay districts the high
altitude rarities the air and makes it
bracing. The* rainfall averages trom
18 to 20 inches per annum, thc lesser
precipitations being io East Kootenay, and the snowtdll varies from 1
to 3 leet. The winters extend Irom
December to March, snow not falling
to lie, as a rule, earlier, than tho end
of December. Navigation on the
Upper Columbia closes early in November and on Arrow Lakes and
Lower Columbia about the end of
that month. The Kootenay Lakes
do not freeze over. During the winter the mercury occasionally drops
below Hero, but these cold "snaps"
ats of short duration, and, owing to
tlie dryness ol the air, the cold is
not severely lelt. The highest summer temperatures varies Irom 80 to
90 degrees in the shade, with compensating!)' cool nights. .
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Canadian woman can have lustrous
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non-sttcky Hair Tonic.
John B. Stetson
Clothes Cleaned tnd Pruied Neatly tad Quickly
Furniture, Pianos, Trunks, Buggies,
Sleighs, Etc., stored at very reasonable
rates, In good dry warehouse.
Commencing at a post planted at
  R.    O.   Belden's northwest   corner,
' lame being the initial post ol It.
I have the lollowlng machinery lor Covington's claim, and marked "It.
sale and in .order to clear them out, Covington's southwest corner,"
oiler thdm at the prices below, which thence 80 chains north; thence 00
are about one-fifth the price that chains east; thence 80 chains south;
new machinery would cost: , thence 80 chains west to place ol lie-
1 Chandler and Tavlor firebox boll- S"M>tn«, containing 640 acres,    more
er,   54"xl8' long.    Preuure 10 III.  ™|MS-
Cranbrook Kindergarten
Edward Itreat
Certllcsted Teacher, School B'd ler London
Hour.: 10to 13, »to4
TERMS:-III IS "for four weeks
Now is the time to hare your planing mill exhaust system put in good
unnlng order lor the season's work.
Don't  put it off   till tbe rush.    Dun
last B. C. inipection, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on can at- McNelllie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1   Atlas     Return tubular holler,
56"xl4' loag.    Preuure 140 lbs. lest i
B.    C.   inspection,   45   h.p.    Price
loaded on   can at MeNeillie,    near
Creston, B.C., $115.00.
Located January 21, 1919.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batlce Lameroux, Agent. Mt
alter date I Intend to
Chief Commissioner ol
I thirty,    dav
line, ll"xl6" stroke.    Price
Cranbrook, B. C, $800.00.
1 refitted    Atlas automatic *.* £* fc ^^ Cmmi%_
sioner ol Lands   tor the District    ol
I Eaat Kootenay for a- license to pros-
1 aaw busk complete with top saw 1^ fot coil a„d petroleum on Ihe
frame and maadnli and sawi and following described lands, situate on
30 leet extension shaft, $150.00.        |tbe   North  Fork ol    Michel   Creek,
1 lour m eager with laws. Price about six miles north ol the Canu-
at Cranbrook, 4100.00.
1 Hoyt   planer and matcher, 24"
Price at Cranbrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity ot shilling, etc.
Apply to
Bike. B. C.
All holders ol receipts .roni Organ-
zcrs ol the Loyal Order ol Moose lor
Cranbrook Lodge No. 1040, are hereby notified that the charter lor   tbe
Mr. E. II. Patmore, who is in charge •"<"* lodge wni closed on December
el our blower wfftk, has had     many
yean   experience   and is an expert.
Our work,    gives entire satisfaction.
Let us hear Irom you at once.    #
Patmore Bros.
The corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
OIVEN that the Court ol Revision
will sit on Wednesday, March 5th,
1912, nt the hour ol 10,80 a.m. (local
time) at the Municipal Buildings,
Cranbrook, B.C., lor tbe purpose of
collecting and revising the assessment roll ol the City ol Cranbroo't.
Slit, 1012,    and   tbat you ate requested to   communicate witb    tbe
Secretary, R. S. Garrett.    And lurther, that   receipt! lor Charter Fee
Membership will not be accepted tales! presented before the exalretloa of
00 days Irom that date.
By Order,
Fred W. Swain, Dictator
R, S. Garrett, Secretary.
Cranbrook   Lodge No. 1048, Loyal
Order ol Moose. 7-St
thirty    days alter date  I Intend to
apply   to lhe   t'hlcl Commissioner ol
Lands and to the Assistant Commis-
Any person complaining of an error sioner ol Lands   tor the District    ol
or omission In the said roll shall give  East Kootenay lor a license to pros-
notice ol his complaint tn writing to  pert lor  coal and petroleum on    thc
the Alienor, and the grounds ol his lollowlng   described lands, situate on
complaint, at leaat tea (10) days before tbe sitting ot the laid Court.
dlaa Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Group and thc
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
R. O. Belden's northwest corner,
•ante being the initial post ol It.
Covington's claim, and marked "It.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thence 80 chains north; thtnee 80
chains, east; thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains west to place ol beginning, containing 040 acres, mare
or less
Located January 31, 1018.
R. Covington, Locator.
Hatice Lameroux, Agent   Ml
For a License to Take and Uie Water
that The Jewish Colonisation Association ol Montreal, Quebec, will apply lor a license to take aad use
twenty cubic bet per second ol water
out ot Cherry Creek, which flow, in
aaearterly direction through Eaat
Kootenay and empties Into Kootenay)
River near Lot 181, Group 1. The
water will be diverted at about hall
mile east ol west limit ol Lot 5185,
and will be used lor Irrigation pur-
lot It, ol Lot 341, Group 1, and easterly (08 5 acres ol Lot Bias and
lUb-loti 2, 7, > and 11 ol Lot 338,
Group 1.
This notice was posted .on the
ground on the 27th day ol January,
1813. Tbe application will be filed
la the office ol Water Recorder at
Objections may be Hied with the
■aid   Water Recordtr or with     tbe
Cranbrook, B. C,
the   North Fork ol    Michel   Creek,
about six   miles   north ol the Canadian Pacific   Railroad and lying    be- j Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parlla-
I ween the    Mclnnes  Group   and the I meat ButhUogi, Victoria, B.C.
Crows   Nest  I*aii   Coal Compaay's  The Jewish Colonisation Aisoclatiou
.lanuary 20th, IMS.
4-Ot land:
by W. t. Ourd, agent.


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