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Cranbrook Herald Oct 25, 1917

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\ I _ D
IDAY,   OCT.   ITilh,   l!H7
HELP       TO      W I i\       THE      WAR
Victoria     KI, l3
IlKITl.Sil « '<|.r nm a __—_
J, nILrtilU UnLLflj     Copy of Mayor Clapp's telegram to
Victoria, uiul reply:
  Vein* telegram of eleventh,   Wc are
informed by .Medical Board at Kernie ■ " n>
Solilinu, If ever, liave wo been enl-  (),„t „|| men must proeecil there forex-      Dn Saturday la-l Alex Grant mu in   * I dodl
led upon to chronicle ste snd a death amination. Kindly wire ifthisiacorrect,   tht, [,0noe (*om-i ■ „ ;,!i«v,,.r ,, charge      Gran
a* that which occttrod ou Thuradny L13STER CLAPP, Mayor,    ,,,- i„.ni._. ,iniui; fln<| dl nnl.-i-te on the   month*
night lnsl when John Wilfrid liii'lns.!    Arrangements mew  being made  by   previous   day     Uranl   pleaded  gulltj    trnolel
S,   l).
e   deatll   to
ii. nml li.l.i
poor ..Id I)
wiiii Desn
iptalu DuPensler, fori
i  Westminster; hc tv
i   after   we   hud   talk
id "in thai I was on.
's congregation and tl
ip>-'vV-w.  *J^^a^v.^w^..M^,, ,,^,   „^|   |<^|   mmjm
eldest son of Mr. tind Mrs. P. Dallas, which imulical board will visil Ci
passed to hla eternal roat In IiIb '.Tl   htnok,
year.    As late as the previous Salm- jj] p' \\
iliiv he wm; in Ills tiBUnl good houltli,
' aklng windows or doors, 01
m' inui-.'*.. <>r buildings, 01
Mnhle upon eon
be was taken ill ou Sunday morning
and dentil followed with Hindi torrlbiol
mill de micas that fow know of Ills ill
ness till tlio HOWS winl  I'mlli on  Frl
duy morning tlnn lie was doad To'
Bay thai ihe wholo community was
allocked Is but a  mild form in ox
press tin* sorrow Unit wit.; folt hy 0111*
and all at so nnttmoly ao ond lo one
with piuetically his Wliolo lit'.' In Inn
The deceased was horn in Winnipeg
on Augni t 2fltli, 1S.I7, but had sponl
the greater part of his lltV in this
city where he attended public and
high school till about two years ago
when he entered the services of tbe
local post office. About nine mouth. '
ago be joined the staff of the local
branch of tlio Royal Hank of Canada |
which position he held till this summer when he was forced to apply for :
leave of absence 0:1 account of eye i
trouble a.:d seel: employment in outdoor work. For the past few weeks
he had been in the employ of the
rranbrook Trading Company, ami was
at work until late Sal urday night.
On Sunday morning he was taken ill
and despite all efforts and the best of
attention of those attending him,
dreaded pneumonia developed witli
such severity that he shortly afterwards became delirious and practically remained unconscious until he died.
"Wilfrid.'' as lie was best known,
was an enthusiastic sportsman in tin-
true sense of the word and was a
valued member of the city hockey,
baseball, basketball and bowling
teams. Not only was lie popular
among the young people but wus also
thoughtful and attentive to the older
folk. To his mother nnd father he
watt a true son and an example thnt
many might follow.
He leaves to mourn liis loss, brsid-**
his father and mother, two brothers.
Melvlllo and Donald, aud one slator,
Kathleen, all at home.
The funeral was held from his parents' residence on Garden Avenue on
Sunday. .fltu:riw.m..a.id.y:!-=. out iiJ-ii.*.,.
largest ever seen in 'ills city, almost
th.* entire community turning oul tti
pay their last respects to the departed.
Ttie services were conducted by the
Kev. Hints Wright of Knox Presbyterian Church of which denomination
deceased was a member. During tin
services Mrs II. a. Ammorman *;ii'u
with good effeet "Some Tinii* \V*0".l
I'liderstand." Tin* floPnl offjrin-p.
were many ami benutlfol and a't ste.l
tu tlie high oateem In which In* *.*.;.
held hy all who knew him.
Interment took place ut thc 0:nu-
brook Public Cemetery,
destroying fenci
Virlinii   In   II    I'll
aid   !i.'  had  boughi   a   bottle  ol " il il nailed
'■  fr Irttg  Btore nnd  had to tin* wind   md ■■'■
an  overdose which  had  upset fore   Ida   t'ourl   uguh
The Chief who prosei uted said ' kan       ■  1
use  ivi     ;ni  Interesting one, In fh ■• I*
.|.i.,lr   willi   lh
'ti,>'   until.*,   mr   nl   ;
willful damage lo |in
wiih   hard
roquuBted   1
pollc   and
In  -w
uh flue
iiloil 1"
label ni
lined     Ui
a   liquor
on Thursday nexl the Isi November, tlle City Curfew Hell will ring
ni 8 pin. and will continue in ring
:'i tbat hour through the winter
months. Xo child under the nge of
Bixteen years inusl be on the Btrei ta
or ia a public place after 8 o'clock In
the evenings unless accompanied hy
an adult persbu,
My     I-., i -   -
well,  with  mosl    lien
.  ,.    ll threat) ll
.*■ , I gill     II   III
..   ...• eertitlnl)      d
wllllo nc,,.    Vou   will
IiiiiI   iiiii    been   arrested   wltl
"tonic" on iii*. pemon. u friend 1
laken charge of the ntuft.   The
Hi,. Chief lull!  tin- eiiiiiiiliiiiii   under
in  Vagrancy Acl which Include* per-
ike   uulte  ..Id   Imt   healthy   imil   i
Pli) i" I'* over here doing bia bit.
ii*:-. reading thc bible in find I
."   where il Bay* tluit the war will
il ■''  ii ei ii.iiii time:   Hi nl then
ee ii figured out thai  it will end
'  nl nexl month and I ror
lope   n   »ill      I   liave'm   .een
I   -"in   him  Hint   Herald
your parcel wltli tn. satin
llllii. nine.*   iliunk'i;  atrntr tliem rur
I Willie
.iM ti.si:vi:\ ii m: cassi ii
l'p  till   frldny.  ii.i iher   I'm..   t\i
men   have   lieen   before  (lie  1,mnl   inili-
Inry  Ilnnl hoard tor examination
li has I n arranged thai tlio local
nllllar)  i leal hoard will vl-ii Uu
litrgui .*iiin|is throughout the dlstrlcl
■ '■'■ ii"' convcnl ■ uf those who find
I    Impossible   10    lie   to   Knfiile   I'.ir
'3 inilnntlon.   Ferule Pi  Press.
Notices have heen received bj i
shareholders of the famous old Nortl
Star Mining t'ompany ot a meeting t
he belli In Toronto on iln- lTtu Instant
lo consider a hid for the acqulsltln
of all their holdings on th, Nor;1; Star
Mill,   opposite   tin-   Sullivan   Oi '.
near Kimberley Thu bid 180,000, Inn
been tree'veil from the Amerli i-
Stiicltlnfl anil llrfttiii.fi Company, !
Is generally expo led thai the nffo
Will be accepted and mnn) pro* i i
that eff.'ct have lie. a bi iu lo Tor n
hy the lorn] Bhnroholdcn It Is li
thai \ s ,. It. Co., hm secured lh.
Stemwlnder Group on the nam 111
from the MacKenzle \ Mann Interest*
and nlra icveral close by
Health) opposition hy rivul.  ol
Iras!, equal rinnnelnl calibre, tvlll d
tho Cnniiolldnted Mining &  Bineltl
Company na BorlouH hnrni   since op
position Is Jusl as much tho III	
mining a-* u i- ni other Hues of in
There i- n rumor, but ll Is morel)
a rumor, ihai iln* Oreni Northern
Railway is conlemplntlnB 'he running
of a Hue from Klko Into Klmherle)
Whet hor this lias any relation Ho the
activities oi Hn* A It. A S Co., Is, ol
course, nol known Thnt the rumor
synchronised with tlto proposed purchase of the old North Star Interests
and other mining property nonr Klmborloy is significant all the sann .
Chief    Justice   Htlll tor   arrived     in
Cranbrook last Tuesday for the Fall
Assizes which open in Craubrooli on \
Wedncsdny, 31ul  October,
Wednesday   next,   October   31st,   It
Hallowe'en, In connection with whirl
a   few    words  of  warning    lo  lho I
thoughtless lads und others who, not >
contented to stop al a joke, must al- j
ways  go  beyond  all   bounds  and  do
acuol damage to property, not stopping to consider that their ao-cnlle
prank   may  cause  considerable  inconvenience  aud   expenso   to  otJicb*
I wish ft to lu* clearly understood
that nny person damaging properly
uueh  as tiarlng  down   or  defacing
Why Canada
More Mon
*      ..:'.
TJP to date the war has cost Canada about $700,000,000.
Canada has spent in Canada over $400,000,000 on her own account.
Canada has spent in Canada on behalf of Great Britain over $300,000,000,
What Canada spends for Great Britain is really !■ aned to Great Britain
and will be repaid or credited to Canada later on.
Great Britain needs so much ready       {or rent, material*;, etc, Tliey inusl be paid
cash to finance her own expenditures at       in cash, or its equivalent,
home for herself and fer our Allies tliat she
must, buy on credit from Cauada, aud from
every other country where she  can gel
Of course Great Britain's credit is so
good that other countries,in order lo get her
trade, are quite as willing to give her credit
as we are iu Canada.
Canada wants to help Great Britain
not only because Canada wants Britain's
trade bin because we are Canada and she is
Great Britain—both members of tlie same
great Empire, kin of our kin, our mother-
For Canada it is both a filial and
patriotic duty to supply Great Britain's
war needs and remember, her needs are our
needs.   Also it is in Canada's self-interest
So Canada says to Great Britain:—"!
will lend you the n incy so that you can
pay cosh to Canada's producers for what
you want.
"1 will borrow this money from our
own people just as ynu borrow money from
your people.
"I will also borrow from tlie people of
Canada money to pay cash for all the products that Canada, :: well as Great Britain,
needs in Canada."
That is Canada's practical, patriotic
part in helping* to win the war.
Without this credit the Canadian producer could not sell tie Creat Britain, aud
without these Canadian products tlie war
would be prolonged.
So it is necessary for Canada to give
to Creat Britain the credit in order tliat
to supply those needs aud thus keep open       Canada's own producers, who need a market,
a market for our products.
* * *
Now, Britain needs our wheat, our
cheese, cattle, hogs, and many manufactured articles.
Cauada also needs many of these things
•—between the two it amounts to inure
than a million dollars a day iu cash.
And the producers must be paid iu
Neither Canada nor Great Britain
could go lo a Canadian fanner and buy
his wheat or his cattle on credit.
Tiie farmer and all otlier producers
might be ever so willing to give their
country credit but they could not do it
will have one; and in order that Creat
Britain which needs the products to win the
war, will get them.
* • *
Now how does Canada get the money
by which both Canada and Britain can pay
cash for Canada- products?
By borrowing il from the pen)ile eef
Canada through tlle sale of Canada's
Victory Bunds to be offered in November.
That is why Canada's Victor)' Bonds
are offered to tlu* peoplt —to raise money
to help to finish the war.
"Canada mu i bet p her shoulder to the
wheel even though il be* a chariot "f fire,"
and the way  for   Canada   to   keep   her
because they have to pay cash for wages,       shoulder tu the wheel is by buying
Canada's Victory Bonds
Next week this space will tell why Canada raises money
hy wiling Canada's Victory Bonds
I.-wic. by Can-da's Victory l.oun Cummiltte
la i" .,,,*-.,tii,m will, tlie MinUtrrof PinuiCC
nl iIr Dniuiiiiuii of Canada-
a   HATS
Big Sale of Mil-      l»
linery at Greatly   ,,
'    Reduced Prices
All This Season's Goods
I.A1HKS, so*,*, is imii t H \\* i; *|*o 4
'•IT  I  Mill  HAT, I I' Kit. '   :'"•'.■- °'      ..,-■       . ,
Brilisli Co'uninia, "'•* - ';        i >
ITU, AT  \ \ Kin  i.ou  (usi ,   ^sH
#1.5(1 HA Is Ml.IIM. A I
J>       3,(111
leCreery Bros.
Cranbrook'. Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
JV*»»_-^Mw-VU*»^A,a*«,i.<lfrw   m*/*** sssyk**sm*tsy^m*sssss*y**tQ
Hallowe'en Party Decorations
l.ri i .li.n-ei ii.-|... i', ;;.*li.*.. rii'iipkin iim. i in-. 1st* (-'Lanterns, etc.
IU••eimtcil l.nncli Set*,   l-ii.h- i .,,.*•-.   Vanklns,   etc.
i..ii:ii'i*il si-iil-.   I in inn-.,   iru.hr*,' Hula and Cain,   Hallowe'en Ties
 I ' ..!•-    Streamer*, and i-niliimN.
I  i nil II.I I i    t*.*-ni;l Ml \ |   11
I'resci'Il'lious n Special*).
Prompl Serilce onr Xotto.
Cranbrook  Drug & Book Co.
If. ;. ATCHI80», Ma-ifer.
Leave Your Money at Home
el-'i tin- Idea etui 'el your head 'hut you ran
save money by buying your Groceries from
Mail Order Mouses.
V, I  I.I Alt Wil |   hi l| ll, | ANV 11 All. (HfllKII IIOI'Si:
rim ts (is i in: siiii: ii:inis. viz:
i'.'.SII    IX    ADVA.NCK
i'l;i'l*:i:s   MUST   EXCEED   J26.00
Sfnplc (Jroccrlest liny, Grain, Feed, Fir.
-'".ff_r-irr_..:_" «**
The New Plant Food
For Potted Plants.
Makes   house   plants
grow,    flourish    and
3,i I IMS I'lll  I'll htl.l
THURSDAY,  OCT.  25th,   l!)17
'I.   I.  Ilrule, Si'iiYiiii*)   uml   Editor
ii. V. Kny. .Hiiiia|r.r,
t'riiiiliriink, ll. ('., iii'ii.iiii* -:,ili, im;
l\  Ml il 11 It I Ml
Veen  will I'lnel eieri  kind nl
I hi-*, stlre. See onr sclciitlfilnlli'
t'lill-tl'lK'U'il    ■eei'.irlll-.-.t"-    ll'lllcll
Ollllhlc "Hi In ske ts ivia.i,
IT in mi iilieifiii L'lnssos.
lle."'l i-iiin )*uur eyes beivnre
eel' cltenn glasses. Come in nml
llllll* il e-iinl'iili'lllilll lull, -it "ill
cost   ...ll  noi llillll.
i . i\ l{. Wntcti Inspectors
V\l Io tlio I'nsl Oilier
ii man in (his part of tin*
represents, in nnr way nl |
pretty   Kood   avert
ire.   Whenever Uie prench-
liurcli delivers a very hot!
g.  Jl.
6R1CC    I)
s *. a.m.
.1  **  JMIl.
lm* Dinner A*
Slie.ll (Ireli'l'a   j]
TO Till
Table  1
ir   Udles,
mrial sorvico I'or three of the
.ii killed in action in France,
M in Cranbrook Baptist
in Sunday evening last. The
\a- rilled to its capnclty by
itbetlc audience. Two an-
IMIVT    MISS    TIIK    POINT ! I thems were ably rendered by tlio choir
  | mi der the leadership of Mr. Palmer.
The service  was  brought lo a  close
with   "The   Doad   March"   ably   ren-
| dered by Miss Smith.
The   Kev.   James   Dunlop   gave   a
j brief and appropriate address on the
,   K.n|  Qf   text:   "11   a   man   die.   shall   he   live
i again'.'"
The preacher .aid: The question
contained in tlle text belongs to nn
age. it is confined to no people, ll
is a question to which every succeeding age lias had m bring its own answer. Th.' Inscription of Chllo on ihe
Lemple at Delphi has been written by
lhe band oi Clod nn every heart;
"Cunsldor Hie end" Wi* cannot I'or-
i; 'i the end even if we would. Humanity, generation aftor generation,
lias been uroplng its way. slowly,
across the stage nf time, sadly whispering as it goos: -If a man die, shall
lm live again?"
The drama nf life .md death bewilders.   The stage seems permanent-
There i
ji world  wii
\ humau ua
er in his
| sermon again
I sin. this man set:- enthusiastic and
' pn'** around lo the vestry to tell thel
preacher whal a fine sermon It was.
I Then he goes home and repeats ii  tn
Ills brother, ami tliey talk over the
j points and the peoplo tlie sermon hit I
'llie hardest.    But tliis particular mill.
never sees when tiie sermon hits him.
Early next mouth tin* biggest puhlic :
i campaign ever put nu in t'nuadu will
, he opened lo gel subscriptions lur in, i
| fiMirih Canadian war loan, the Victory i
Lean.   The thing people in this disirici
j must bear iu mind is: thai the appeals '
! are directed in each and every ono oi
1 Ml- III.      It    is   um    merely   the    ivell-off '
l -i.cn and women who ar.. he1 i ■ ah. . |
j to invest,   it is everybody,   The little
sermons which will lie "preached" In |,_    ,t._clin.nct°!'B.nro "ukkly clm"8"
| the advertising should nu' he taken
■i   Ills    It,    -,' Vf.l|-to-llo    pd d- un.,
| character may be Uml nf
i ui:
llll.lli: IIAKEKY
ilit. I'niine, I'ro|e.
lil't'llll, ('nkes. Pies
nnil I'lislrj*
Phone 37
Avo.      Opp  City Hull
Mon play their parts-  it mny In
'' nnu'.   tragody  or  comedy.
n uml womnn Bliould wntcli |   ,
villain.    It Is nil tin- sunn.   Tli,. piny
•nil*-.   Tlii* curtain rails.   Tin* actors
,»ns.s behind tin* set-tit's in join their
"'I'ln'   Innuuiornblc  car
0.11. F
ll, Nn. 4*!
ii II,ill' inv
__       M
?S     Ml
-ra*     al
lets   every
ndav night
l:   II   Mcl'li
.*      W
('. Adlnril
N. Q.
('rnnbronk, II. C.
Meets every TueBday nt & p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
H. C. Cnrr, 0. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. It. & S.
P. O. Boi 521!
Vlsltlnn brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets in M
tpl-j  Hall  second
J nerniay of every month  at 8
l*. m.
open   to   Brltiah
Visiting   m
jmhorB   cordlallv
E. Y. Brake.
J. F. Lower,
tor those advertisements and slur
now 10 gather up the necessary mon
.*>■ i.i Imy either u fifty or a handrail
i.r a (Ive hundred m* n thousand dollar bond. In iiu- United Stntes thoro
were nboul -I subscribers tu tine first
American loan mu of overy line reer-
sons. They only received ■'■'?'' tn
I'auiiil.i (nl* llii' lasl wai* loan there
were only about 41,000 i-nbscrlbeni or
-ay I in every Tun. Vol in Caniiiln
lhe Interest wus much higher on
Hi,* Victory li.niils ihat will probabli
lm Issued to yield nbout r.e*..;,
'I'ln- tirsi thing anyone should   I
in our opinion, is to i*ft  rid of iln*
iili-u Unit 111.ri* Is any sacrifice in
vnlved in Investing iu this loan. I:
lie true tluit llu* patriotic spirit is ap
pealed to ami ii Is etptnlly true'Hint
a LTuni ami generous response Is i*x
pected on thnl ground, lint tin* now
win- loan is n straightaway hllslues:
proposition: safe, profitable anil con
vi nii'iit livery man ami every wo
man  with as much ;:s fifty dollars l
s|.ara sl hi  own  om- or theso now
limiils. ami no! only  thai,  hut  should
help to show others the worth ol
tiiosc bonds hy recommending tliem
everywhere,    Tlie   rendora   or   till:
pnpor   ari'   among   th st thrifty
prosperous uml public s|iirih*ii li
th-' Dominion, When tin' sub
scriptlons to the Victory Loan an
added un from tin* vnrious diBtrlci:
: .md suh-dlBtrlels we .\|n*i*t Ihem t<
| show tiiat this purt ut tin* uranl lloiii
i Ims h,'*.|l Inn- lo Its tradltlom
jusi to ils opportut.itlos.
pale. I
an   whicli
alms of shndo, when
ut halls oi
us   to   Um
lu Inviting .Mr. II. It. Thomson ut
Victoria to represent blm iu import-
WOMES'8 INSTITUTE nni   negotiations  and   nrrnngementB,
.      srn. Meets In the  Mr. Ilaiina, tin* Dominion Food i-oti-
*iwe   ®   __      Pariah    lliill i trollcr, has mnde n wis,- step.    Mr.
%M_W      "r,?1   T""!"lay, ' Thomson
JȣT*-Ww4 afternoon    of '
/^*pj___3j.v\      every   month
^^£53^*^ Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane,
Secy, Mr.-. J, \V. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.
All ladies cordially invited.
Licensed by Prov. Government.
Special attention given to Nervous and Rheumatism casta by
Mnbt n»y Treatment
Build up the system and
steady the nerves through Electric Vibration, Internal Eierolae
Violet Ray and Ozone, a per-
feotly natural process.
i have bee,, conducting a publicity
campaign in Southern Alberta dttrlna
the last year, endeavoring to get the
prairie Farmers and cottle men interested in grazing lands, etc, in Kast
Kootenay, There is no demand for
large trocta al present, but there are
number ol people who are anxious io
procure a piece of cheap land in the
mountain dislrict where the buslncsf
ni' rnl dtift live BtocK cun be engaged
in. I am In a pOBltton to assist any
one in Kasi Kootenay wishing to dls-
 ■ llu Ir land at n price thai will
justify lis purchase, for grazing pur-
i" i Vddn - P. I.inui. Box 189,
Lethbridge, Alberta.
well Known as an experienced and level-headed business man,
and bis appointment will inspire confidence nol only iu tliis province but
throughout the West. Ho lias already
rendered conspicuous public service
in connection with tlie fisheries and
other departments and though lie will
assist the food controller without remuneration, lie may be depended upon
to bring to Ids new duties all energy,
a sense of justice and a capacity for
decision which are as Invaluable as
iliey are ran*. As a tlirlce-elected
member of the legislature, Mr. Thomson proved himself, as lie had already
in the large business ho controls, a
man of foresight and ability. The
appointment which Mr, Hanna has
made will give general satisfaction.-
The Vancouver Province.
Hunting anil Fishing
PR ■     ... * IRS,
Unionist 'itro.simati Co. Ctil
Oeneral Mangin on Verdun's Inured!-
<*uts   I Im lit till Will!
Commencing on the victories at Verdun.    Uenernl  Mangin    addressed a
striking order to his army,   lie wrote:
"No one (iiu  any  lunger doubt  tliat
It is possible to conquer tbe enemy.
who is superior In numbers nnd disposes of formidable artillery, by careful  preparation, good artillery   suit
abb- disposition of ground, a vigilant
j air   service,  ami   a   bravo  and   well
j trained infantry.   Friends! our savage
j aggressors, confessing themselves In-
| cnpnhle   of   conquering   us   on tlie
', battlefield, dare to sel for us a vulgar
I trap   a premature peace.    Yon know
I tin* trick.
! "Our forefathers .if th,. Revolution
refused io treat with th,. enemy so
long as he polluted tlie sacred soil of
the Fatherland, so long as lie hud not
been thrown beyond the natural frontiers, so long as the triumph of justice
and Hborty was not definitely assured
agalnsl the tyrants
"We will never treat with perjure,!
Uovoruments to whom treaties are but
craps or paper, and with ussm-idus
find torturers nf w *n and children.
After   tin-   final   victory,   which   will
His chamber in the si
This meditation bring:
noro personal aspect of nnr service.
Wo meet again under the shadow of
lie ureal world-crisis which lias staggered both tin* tnlnd.nnd heart of tin
nation. The European plains are
crimson-stained with the best blood
if ihe world's manhood. The trenches    seemed    dCStll.Qtl    10    become    tllC
burying place of some great dynasties. Tlie accumulated wealth of gen-
■raiioiis of honest endeavor is passing
nit. Ancient empires are nearly
bankrupt. Civilization Itself has heen
bunging In the balance.
The history of the race is the history of crime and suffering; but in
her long history, the Knee has seen
no crime so terrible in its results a*
the crime nf the Contrnl Powers In
iheir initiation and conduct of (!ii>
wnr. In tbo long record of the centuries, no suffering can be found so
•only calculated, and so terrible, ns
lie suffering inflicted by this terrible
war upon a helpless and unprepared
liumniilty, In every city and hamlet;
icross the busy haunts of men when*
commerce pursued her peaceful mission; on hind and sea; in tlie home,
md on tho hearth; nmong Innocent
ihlldren and helpless women, the
blood-red trail of lhe cruel and tner-
Clless Hun is seen. It seems as if
aell had been let loose for a season
in order to destroy the fair flower nt
humanity. With one fell blow, blind.
cruel and selfish nature has broken
ilown all barriers of love and mercy,
and plunged the continents Into
Our own community, and our own
churches, have been called upon to
diare in this great world-struggle and
sorrow. The price of victory has been
paid on our own hearths. Voting life
has again been cut dowu hy the same
ruthless hand. Our fathers served
iheir Hnd in their own day and teener
ntlon. Tlieir sous tire now arising to
walk in their footsteps, and serve tho
cause for which they lived nnd died.
To-night, we meel to pay our tribute
of respect to ttie memory of three of
these lads,
Itohiuson Cyril Brown was wounded
afier a successful raid on the enemy's
trench. With great resourcefulness
'ind gallantry he brought his men
safely through, when his officer was
meitally wounded. In the moment
■> triumph, Cyril also received the
wound that proved fatal. Had he
been spared, he would have been decorated for gallantry. Major Wood
said: "He was as fine a soldier as I
ever had iu my company." He now
sleeps among ihe nations brave:]
Harold aud l.awsou Cadwallader
were both brave bids. Though thej
dates uf tlieir enlistments were tar]
.Man. tbey both fell in one week.
Harold fell when entering the fourth!
'ierman trench. l.awsou likewise;
went down In Mils engagement. Tiny'
volume,.red for (he post of RUpremo
■mcrifico, and died as they had lived
all honor to the group or brnve hoys
who represent this land In her great'
hour of sacrifice and need.
Ties,' boys were as pure and good
as they wore brave and true.   To thos *
Hut the scent, of tlie roses will bang
round it still."
The memory of these unselfish lives
will be a sweet and abiding [ragrance.
Tn tin. parents and members of the
bereaved families, what can we say?
The hoys themselves being dead, yet
speak. Hear t licit.. Their lives forbid mourning witiiout hope. Tlieir
conduct dispells the gloom. It may
he well for a mother's tender heart
to heave a sigh:
"For tlie touch uf a vanished hand:
And the sound of a voice tbat Is
But tears will not honor the memory of the past. We honor them best
by thanking Ood i'or whnt they did:
fer what lluy were in life and in
death—and for what tliey are. The
communltj i*; proud of these, hor
sons. who. through blood and tears
tolled  mi;   and   did   tlieir   bit   to  save
the Itnco from ihe hand uf the cruel
Iel ns Mate Fuilli in (.ml
Hi*- ways ar.* ai limes inscrutable
i<» mortal man, Uul He never blunders, lb* W||l nut allow the Knee lu
bleed for nought. Cud's universe isi
in the grip of righteous law.   There Is
a Inw uf avorogeB iu operation, It;
will wnrk oui somewhere, sometime,
Mnn ami nations get their deserts |
ultimately. - Tin* wheels of end's,
chariots never break down on tho
way clod's charioteers of .justice will
cover tho rood, and reach the "far
uff divine event to which the whole
creation moves." iiml is never behind the hour, wait patiently for Him.
"Destiny is stronger than intrigue."
Already we see Humanity awaking
tn a new world "consciousness. The
new-world-democracy is already on
ihe wing, "doming events cast their
shadows beforo them." The shadow
nf a new world power that makes
for truth and righteousness is arising
above the greal conflict. Wrong will
be crushed. Right will sit triumphant
on tin* world's throne. The fight is
fierce. The victory is costly. Th"
end. however, is sure. Truth and
righteousness may lose a bnttle.
They never lose a war.
"i*'«u- freedom's bnttle once begun,
Bequeathed by bleeding sire to son.
Though baffled oft. is ever won."
AM tin* ureal resources of the universe are behind the men and the
nations who stand for truth and righteousness.
I.el  ns lune Faith in lhe Destiny nf
tbe Race.
Tli.  lti.ee has struggled through the
ages for nought.    She  has nm  heen .
lossed  upon   the  billows of age-long
conflict and suffering to sink at  last
into nothingness,    lu this great war,
the old order elumgeth.    Old  things
are passing.   All things are becoming
new.   The great world-sorrow is the
leath-pangs of the giant nf tyranny
nil autocracy.    Old-world systems of,
religion   are   breaking   down.     Old- j
world    philosophies    are    becoming
bankrupt.   A new age Is being born.
Like the Phoenix bird of the nncients.!
the new age is arising from the ashes
ot its own dead self onthe wings of a
tu'w faith nnd experience, to higher
heights of truth and freedom.
The dark and age-long silent con-1
tinenls  nre  awaking    t-.    new    life. |
From among the shadows of the silent
suffering past; out of the long night
or ignorance and serfdom, there comes
"the call of the human."   The   old-
world knocks at the door of the new.
In search of the bread or light and
liberty.   Tlie cry is the cry of a new
world grappling  wilh new ideas.
"An infant crying in the night
An Infant crying forthe light
And with no language but a cry."
Tlu*     Race   never   cried     in   vain.
Through fire and swnrd, it will reach
its destiny.
Ul us fm \ o Pa Mil in Hie Destiny of
our Own People.
The Hritish Kmpire Is bom anew.
Hritish seamanship has been exalted
on the high seas. Hritish devotion
has been exalted hy the women at
home. Hritish chivalry and gallantry
have been exalted by our armies in
strange lands. Hritish commerce and
industry are remade. There has arrived, tor the new day, a new type of
manhood and womanhood.
As she did a century ago, in another
great world-crisis, so to-day, again.
Oreat Britain's fleet and army have
saved ihe world from Die tyranny or
tlie despot.
In the lap of destiny tiiere lies the
babe of n new world of freedom and
a^ain r.reat Britain has been called
upon to protect the young life from
th. Herod cf oppression; to rock the
e.no'le of i.i s  r.ew-born  chill.
Tbe end Is not yet. The tight is on.
Let us exercise ourselves to be increasingly true; true to the traditions
of tho past; true to the claims of the
future; true to the demands of loyal !
and devoted citizenship; true to the de j
votion of our loyal sons at tlie front; j
true to Clod and ourselves; true to i
tbe living and the dead. Thus, hi the j
spirit of seirsacrlfice and loving loyal- ]
ty. we shall hasten the day when "tlie
kingdoms of the world shall become j
the kingdom of God and His Christ
nnd lie shall reign tor ever."
Stephen-On   October
and Mrs. Robert Stephci
l.llll.   to   M
, a dnughte
J        [l-aXEPVllOiNTWIhUIALi
Exemption Tribunals.
Exemption Boards have uct.-n chosen in such a way is to make them aosolutely independent and
removed from all influence. There are over 1,250 boardi throughout the country, each composed of two
men, one appointed by the county judge in the district concerned and one selected by a joint committee oi
Parliament. Being familiar with local conditions where they sit, the members are well-fitted to appreciate
auch reasons for exemption as are put belore them by men called up.
Exemption will be granted to those who can establish that it is in the national interest that they remain
in civilian Iiie.   This is for the Exemption Board to decide after having received full information in each case.
The grounds on which exemption may be claimed (which are similar to the grounds recognized in
Great Britain and the United States) are as follows:—
(*) Thai il is expedient in the national intereit thai the man ihc-uld, imtead of baing *mp!nyfd in Military Service,ba
engaged in other work in which he it habitually engaged.
(fc) Thut it ii expedient in the national interest lhat the man should, in.te.nl ol beinft employed in Military Service, be
engaged in othar work in which he withei lobe engaged and ior which he ha* special qualification!.
10 That it i> expedient in lhe national interest that, imtead of being employed in Militnry Service, he should continue
lo be educated or trained for any work lor which he ii then being educated and trained.
(V) That serious hardship would emue if the man were placed on active service, owing to hU exceptional financial or
business obligation) or domeilic position.
(()   111 health or infirmity.
t,fi That he conscientiously object! to the undertaking of combatant service and is prohibited from doing so by teneli
and articles of (ailh. In effect on the sixth day *>( July. 11.17, ol any atx-aniied religion, denomination existing and
wall recognized in Canada at surh date, and lo which he in good faith belong).
(fl)   That he should be exempt becauie disfranchised under the War Time Election Act.
Nd Claim for Exemption should be put forward unless one or other of these grounds in fact exists,
•nd no loyal citizen should assist in, or allow himself to be made a party to, any Claim for Exemption unless
thoroughly satisfied that it is made in good failh.
Exemption may be applied for by the men selected themselves or by their parents, nm relatives or
employer*. Application for exemption musHre Tna-derm printed forms to be found at every post office,
which are to be filled in and left with the postmaster if exemption is desired. The postmaster will forward
the form to a Registrar, who will send it to the appropriate Exemption Board. In due lime, then, tha
Applicant will get notice as to when he must present his case before the Board.
Issued b\) The Militarv Service Council.
Such unusual power of penetration does Zam-Buk possess that It
who knew them best, the sunny Bmilo is capable of reaching the under-
and .the frank, open natures, will b*| lying tissues. In cases ul* skin
an abiding memory. Thev had a ■_. ■ trouble, this ls where the great-
ii._ tn*. f«i„..,i i.i. *   mt    ' PSt accumulation of germs Is, and
Ins io. friendship.   'Ihey were new.     until  these  are destroyed a per-
jealous or envious. They rejoiced In
tholr neighbors' prosperity, They
coveted not .'mother's success. Their
only wish wus to follow peacefully
and   honestly   their   dally   avocation.
Tliey   we
luiiueiit cure cannot be effected.
Zam-Buk destroys all germs with
which lt comes In contact. When
the diseased part is thoroughly
cleansed and purified, the herbal
extracts, of which Zam-Buk Is com-
honored members ot t)iu ■■   posed, grow new skin, and a com-
church. They were esteemed in the
community. They were beloved by
their fellows. It seems part of life's
cruel irony that they should ho cut
down In early youth.   Tbey have lefl
^•^^SP^SH!!;; — ■ — w,,,
!.nie'-m.pV!'!^I,Ti''K'fin''ri'i' "r ",'1"""'.l" ""y ']Ul',,u' ",,r d'^iri's. To ilu-ir hypocrlt- 'mr fellowship., but, for our feliow-
Oi.Rfcfaiiuinpealoniarii'i "' ** ""' >MQ h'al overtures Prnncc replies with thel Blitp, they left a rich legnev of love
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN.   JffJH. mouth of your guns and the points of
 ,.;,l:i". N'rw* ;iti'i lirahi; Inercsses''grey l your bayonets,   Von hnve been good
MHll'T    .11  tulili'     ivlll I'Ulli) ymi III). 13 K UM   ur I
two lor u. at drug mores, or by uAlionAKii-nt  nmltnHBntlors of the Itopubllc, aud she
jfjrloa  1 „,.>,„„:,,. *,„,,.c6.,BLOMhaiuM* I lh(1IlkH yn„...
and devotion.   There are some things
thnt the enemy cannot kill.
"Vou may break, yon  may  shutter
the vnso, if ynn will;
plcie and lasting cure is the result.
Xatu link in a reliable cure for
eczema, ringworm, bad leg, running
sores, ulcers, abscesses, blood-pol-
i-oning, pllos, cuts, burns, scalds,
etc. All dealers or Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto.  BOc, box, 3 for $1.25.
'am Buk
8 l-l ii'i'l, In four colors,    llii], is onfliPlllslicil with
Badges Representing all Canadian Ba'talions.
Free with the Family Herald
and Weekly Star of Montreal
A SPECIAL 0FFER-$3.00 a year in advance for
vignet ffltngs
An Ideal Snldier's Gift,
and wonderfully popular
these days. Suitably engraved with recipient's
monogram makes a lasting gift and one that ia always appreciated. We have
just received a large assortment in new designs.
These come in both 10 and
1*1 karat, and arc sold by
weight, Trices range from
$4.00 to $ 12.00.
W. H. Wilson
Nickel plated
111:.IN POTS
IVc have I'ercolntcrs
as low as .... $:i.'..j
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     15. C.
Kilby frames picture.;.
-Mr. Uny sharp uf Nelson was u visitor in tbe city ot) Tuesduy.
Mr. \\\ J. Kaiser of Helena, Mont.,
was a visitor in tbe eity on Monday.
Mr. H, J. Drown of Spokane is a"
visitor in tbe city this week.
Rubber Heels! Rents 75 cents, ladies
60 conta, ut tbe fcitar.
Can you think of any rea*on why
there should  not bc one in your
bom*. ? i
Mr. \V. II. ilerklusbaw of Calgary,
was a guest at the Cranbroolt Hotel
laat Saturday.
We aro carrying a full hue of boots
tnd shoes.— cranbrook Kichange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. J. It. Torrance nf CtUgury waa
transacting business iu tlto city lust
Mr. W. E. CflinnbOll u kutglit of the
grip from Montreal, WOS druiuiuini;
up business in tbe city Uit Monday.
Bring your cusb tu tbe Cruubrouk
Caali Storo, It will go from 10 to 2p9i
fnrt ber.
.Mrs. T. South returned uu Saturday
from a three weeks' visit to the Si.i-
biir Hot Springs.
Export piano and organ tuning, repairing and regulating. E. A. Packer,
pbone .tll, P. O, Dox 52.S, Cranbroolt.
Mr. J. A. Mitchell of Toronto wan a
guest at tbe Cranbrook Hotel Wednesday and Thursday.
Phono 72  for prices on Groceries
and Meat.   We guarautee the Best.—
| Cranbrook Trading Co. Cash Store.
Mr. E. Li. Clay of Vancouver ls In the
eity this week on one of his periodical visits.
Mr. K. J. Owen of Toronto was visiting friends in the city tlie early part
of this week.
Mr. James Bryan nf tbe Ens: Kootenay Lumbor Company, Jnffniy, :tnd
Mrs. Bryan, were visitors In tbe city
on Wednesday between trains.
Mr. I.. D. Blrely, a popular commercial traveller from Montreal, was In
lite city tbis week calling on bis regti-
I lar customers.
i     We deliver meat and grocery orders
promptly.—Cranbrook    Trading    Co.
! Cash Store.
| Christ Church Guild Duzaur wlll be
held nu Wedncsdny, November 2lHt,
; commencing at II o'clock, in the Parish
; Hall.   Dame in thc evening.
Mr. and .Mrs. Joseph Wallace left on
Wednesday for n visit to Spokane,
j whore they will be the guests of Mr.
' and Mrs. J. B. Wallace.
star. Pauline Froderlcb; "The Garden
o( Allah" an eight reel special, fea-!
luring Helen Ware; and "Joan the
Woman" another eight reel special.j
featuring Gerajdine Farrar the Pam-J
mis Grand Opera Singer who has also!
fallen « victim nf tlu* sunlight drama, j
Mr _.nci Mrs. P. Dallas aud family
wish to thank tbeir frlenda and acquaintances for tlie many kindnesses
and expressions of sympathy shown
thfm in their recent bereavement, and
fnr  the  many   floral  offerings.
. Mr. J. A. Frith of Vancouver, repr -
sentlng Uie old reliable clothing rirm
jof John W, Peck •*.- Co., of Winnipeg,
j was in the city ibis week Interviewing
tbe local clothing merchant.
Vour chance to save money buying
| for cash, Groceries and Meat at the
| new  store—Cranbrook   Trading   Co's
Cash   Store  between   Raworth   Urns
i and Pink Mercantile Co.
Be Patrloticl Buy for cash nnd
save for us as woll as yourselves, li
not convenient to pay for every order,
we will be glad to charge at our cash
J prices if a monthly deposit is made
i with your fir*t order, Cronbrook
' Trading i'o. Cash store.
Mr. W. A. Oswald of Vancouver,
i Assistant Censor of Moving Pictures
[ fnr the Province of B. C was in the
city last Friday and Saturday in cou-
i nectlon with the new Amusement Tux
j Act and incidentally to inspect tlie
I local theatres He al.su visited Kurt
! Steele belore returning tn the Const,
Shorthand. Typewriting ami   Book-
j keeping at King Edward's School.—All
day attendance $10.00 a month; Even-
■ Ing clusses, Mondavs and Thursdays
! from 7 to 9 p.m., $6.00 a month; Daily
| and evening attendance $12.00 a month
j Individual tuition.   Prlvnte lessons hy
■ arrangement.
;    Mombers of the Ideal  Exemption
! Tribunal, Messrs. Guy F. Pownall aud
| Harry White, were sworn in on Monday and together have made arrangement-, to hold sittings In the Cily Hall,
Crunbrook; have alsn advised tlie Provincial  Registrar that  fnr  the  convenience o fine men concerned, sittings should be held at other points iu
the District, particularly at Kimherli y.
| Dates will be published in due courto.
('apt. 11. A. Pearson, recently returned from France, Is expected in Cranbrook about November 13th to lecture
in the Interests of thc work of the V.
M. c. A, among tho soldiers at the
front.    Those who had tho pleasure
of bearing Capt. Pearson on bis form-
j er visit to Cranbrook will be glud of
j the opportunity of hearing him ngain.
1    Mrs. F, V. Harrison will receive at
| Christ church Rectory on Thursday
; afternoon next, November 1st.
Last Tuesday, Mr. -loe Jackson
brought iniu tiiis office four samples
of apples the like of which it has
seldom been nur privilege to **et eyes
ou. Tliey were grown by Mr. Fred
Little,  "Mayor" of Creston  and  were
called Passes Good .Nonesuch, tbe
four of them just tipping tlte scales
at six pounds. Mr. Jackson infotms
ua tiiat since Prohibition haa come
Into effect Mr. Little la going in exclusively for growing apples, and if
this Ib a sample of tho result after
bo short a period, what should
look for by next year?
Rev. It. E. Pnw, who retired as
Presbyterian pastor here ut the end
of September, has accepted the position as superintendent of the Kail-
way V, M. C. A. nt Cranbrook, und
with the two boys left for that towu
on Wednesday. Mrs, Pow and the
girls will remain in Creston for a few
days, until their new home ut Crate
brook is ready for occupancy. Prior
to leaving tbey were guests at a congregational farewell reception at the
at the Jront
NOW   IS Till;  TlflK TO GET
We offer a few suggestions j
Choeidare Hnr- oi ull kinds
Luxury Toffee In .'»* and 25c
package*, Mint, (' jot e uud
tt'ioteryreen Life Savers, Gum,
Fresh Suited Peanuts Condensed Coffee and Milk, 0*ndcii>e<l
Cocoa and Milk, Short cuke Bis-
rafts Ih packages Pimento and
Ingersnl Cheese, Fresh Layer
Fibs Hone), Jam, Cigars,
Cigarettes, und Tobacco, Toilet
Wc carr) a full liue of these
goods und gnarunlee tbem to
be the best oh the mitrLet.
eliurrh on Friday night where there   traveller, hut in tlii:
was ti large turnout of the parish-; have been
nncrs to take leave nf their former: In it and j
pastor nnd bis estimable wife.—Cres-' (lie direct
ton Review.
■ it BOI
The very numerous friends of Mr,
Joseph Brault of the Canadian Hotel
will sympathize with him iu the loss
nr bis daughter. Mfss Annette BratlU.
Her early death—she was only
twenty years of age—was occasioned
by heart disease which from Its manifestation*; rendered all hope of ultimate recovery Impossible. Tbe brothers of the deceased young lady were
recalled from Gonznga College, Spokane, for the funeral, which, after Ru-
qnlum Mass in the Catholic Church on
.Monday morning, was very largely attended to the Cemetery. The Rev.
Father Murphy, p. p., recited tbe burial service at the grave side. Then
were many elegant and beautiful
wroths lab! on tbe snow-white casket,
li ih
I- nl' Al   Hal
itlts   of   savi
life, After leaving lhe cn
lowed tbe truil down the
anil fell in witli snme of tli
were repair lim the road,
must have been a niost pn
ney be Wits I'..nud by Gold
bathing bis foot, which iv
cut to plnei s. <m [he bank -
Croek Uoldle and In. n
rigid Into .Man vill- from
point, as liana was wi 11 \>
wltli money, be mnde his wa
to Nelson, \v« can udd notliln.
must eloquent brevity of th.
written round the margin of tl
■mil,'  page
tins as folio
Agt, IV. t. Benin, Cnnihr •**,*. k Exchange
Mr. V. A. Rollins of Vancouver, tbe
, popular representative for "Tuckett"
Cigars Is soliciting business this week
in Crnnbrook and neighboring towns.
We are currying a full line of boots
and shoes.-- Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. .1 nines O'Shea, a prominent
young barrister of Nelson, of the legal
firm of O'Shea &Farrls, was In the
city last Tuesday on professional bttsl-
Major  H, Nation  is In  tbe city ns
the  Local -Military Representative at
the Local Exemption Tribunal.   Major
.Nation waa formerly o Lieutenant In
I ibe 80th Battalion whieh lefl Uie tor In
for England on llth November, 1915;
. be was later nttnehed to tht 2nd C, M.
j H. in France for active duty in thc
; trenches;:    he   was   also   with   the
I Corps Light   Railway   and   in charge
i of ammunition depots.    Major .Nation
Is    well    known    in    the    District;
To owner of Cabin: First I want
to tIni nlt ymi for the hospitality of
your cabin for I nm satisfied it raved
my life; second!) for the boots i
bave been four days coming from
Kootenay Hay. .lune ISth, 1017, I lost
my wny near tlio summit of Sawyer's
Pass ml account of heavy snow. Finally gained the Pass.   Getting dark
  [had  to spend  the  night there In  u
I'TE. FRANK SETTER ARRIVES IX  blinding snow storm.    Nexl morning
CRANHROOK , at   day-break   l   started   down   iii*
  ; side of the creek, that  ..   tiie nortl
Private   Frank   Setter   arrived   in   side, but bad difficulty in finding the
Cranbrook on the 16th, from Vancou-  trail.   That day  i  got down to thi
or and was met at tlle station by a
Dinniiite.. of the Roturnod Soldier-'
lommission and several friends.
Private Setter enlisted with the 54th
Cranbrook   in |
.vith  il:
bnldlaw, Surve
up to 100(1, win
to lake up a   p
in-: | of Mines.
i or McVittie *
at  Kort  Steele,
left for Victoria
In the Depnrt-
com i ii
St. Marys River at 1 nVloek. Foot
log being gone 1 started down ti;'
river to bunt for crossing. I started
to build one whore a tree nearly
reached from this side over to the
arriving In Plymouth the other side. After au kour in the cold
hen mber;   tliis   Battalion   water with nothing but an overshirt
0 Frame in August 19111 on, my effort wns a failure. Storting
into active service at St. down the fiver ',c'x' morning I watt
voto    Setter   was    In  the  stopped  two miles further down  by
le ui   u   month   when   1?' \ a huge brown bear and two cubs who
Bhrapnel   wound  causing  defied    me    to    lots.     Returning  I
,1 fracture of the log; he wenched and crossed the Sawyer Pa
1 in   hospital  at   Uontogne   Cre
ek.    Hi
Klndorgarten classes at King Edward's School from iu to 12 a.m.
Reading, Writing. Arithmetic, Sewing,
Drawing, Singing and Drill. Fees
$5.40 a mouth including use of books,
stationery and needlework material1.
(IMverslon uml IM'i
Take    Notice    tlmt     Win      BeggtllG
TAKK   NOTICK   thai   Win    llcgglne
Bardgott, whoso address Is Cran ■
bmok. B. e. will apply for a llconet ;
to take nnd use _l acre feet of wnter
out uf Joseph Creek which flows*
Northerly and drains into St. Marys
River about si. Eugcna Mission. The I
water will be diverted from the stream
at a point aboul ii feel irom the Nortb
Boundary of Lot 152 Crnnbrook TowItalia and will be used for Irrigation |
purpose upon tlio land described us;
Lois ISI and 182 ll subdivision of Lot
4, K. p. This notico was posted on
the ground on Hie 82nd day of October
1917. A copy of this notice and an
application pursuant thereto and to
the "Wator Act. 1014," will be filed
in the office nf ibe Water Recorder at
Cranhrook. Objections to the application may he riled wit hthe suid Water
Recorder nr with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria. B. C, within thirty days
nfter the first appearance of this notice In a local newspaper. The date
of the first publication of thin notico
In October 2501, 1917.
W. II   lUKIHIFTT, AppUcul
cretary-Treasurer   nf   the
nbro d; branch of the St. .lohn Am*
i btiiance   \ssoi ini on  acknowledges  a
donatlqn of $1 00 from Mr c A. Cock
towards  the  British  Ked cross  Day
Mr, c. ii   Macaulay ot Vancouvor
ivai in lho i It) Wednesday and Thurs-
! iy in (  nn ictlon with tho "Victory
Li in" and addressed the members of
Board of Trade on Thursday nfter
Mr  li  Onllaghor of Vancouver, tho
■ mnn  thnl  represents iho two little
Dub '; girl ■ I ■■ Inn tl ■ dual on "Old
1 lum li Clean or" was In tho city lasl
a h t nd I ttliifi bnsln ■- !n Ihe
i li n i- of his firm, lho Ludohy
Packing Compnny of Tt rent'.
Mrs.  Cltni    Magee  i
Avenue left nn Sunday
Medlclno   li.t   where
' *:■ some (line tit the bc
•j"   Bnrwell
Iternoon fo.
Will      Vi*:'!
of Mr. mi-
W   E   (
.   She will nlso vl-dt
ry  before   returning
A Hallowo'on card party and dame
vill he given by Christ church Guild
In the Parish Hall on Tuesday. Oct.
30th, Cards from s to 10 p.m; dancing
from 10 p.m. to l a.m. Admission 50
cents, Including supper. Crnnhrook
Orchestra in attendance.
Miss M. Hunter, who has been visiting ber sister, .Mrs. II. A. Ammermaii,
for the lnsl several months*, left to-day
for her home in Saqinau, Michigan.
Although her stay here was short,
ber charming personality won for
ber many friends who greatly rogret
tier departure, but w'jo wish her good
luek vhar* ever she star be.
Mr   Thomnn Stew irt  !■ tl on Tin s-
day i ii Vane ■ iver - Ins the
Mi    .r li nl    Trail    orta       "1   mmj '
hns bei n in the empio) of ;:    Hm    n
Oarage for tli
Ing here ti m   it n   n,  •■    m    ■    ■   v
deservedly ,.., u nr nm   ■
pro] le of II •■ clt)     H - .i   ■ ■
wish him all su ,. d a   I
in   Ills  efforts ti n
trust thnl hi may bc   ...]:■
safely  tn  tin m   r: en    . ,.:.   has a
lasl dawned.
Mr   \\    II   Ml .ki ii !  nnd   Mr    K
Hardakor, lite new .in
(orium Tho .tre, nn
pnttis nor ox]  n >e | . .;■-    :
ment   public of i ranbr   k
guaranteed to li   i ( tl o .  rj     .
order,    They  have  slgm
for somo of the  li   I  fe tu
iipor-foatun i on tl    S
. la>  M.'ik ■ of tin    Inj   i   ■
l;eep up the sain   ■     il ird i. '
the  cltlzeni   of  I rn ibroi k   b;   I
patroimgQ demand it.   Owinn '    '   ■
uncertain dale of llu nrrival nf i
new machine llu y arc .it • i'i ■■■<'■'
\o nnnounce the exact  d ilo  of  tii
opening of the Auriltorli-m foi n
plcturea, bul it wlll ; rn!  > ly b
the Ni  of N'ovcmh r    The)    i
ilonvoring iu nrrange for their o
bill n mosl timely ind pi w rl  '   '
play entitled "Tho Public he Dai
exposing the Food s. ■■   !•  ,   ;
causes, in five Irom ndoua i nn    i
leased by the Public Rlgli    i lm
poi allot! and f ■ itu ■ ::•■  M try I
and  Cherles   lllrl uv n,  two  cf   _._■.
most noted moving picture nrti
the   day.     Amongst   oilier   t tttu
films  that  tbey  b.-u >,  arranged   ror
are "On Record" n fivi   reel i. -l;-,-
picture featuring r.he Mnrrn); "Thi
Utw c,i Compen sat lon" a  flvo  rod
Scl/mlrk   featuring   thnl   charming
young    acltORs,    Kortna    Tnltnngt.
"Nanuetto of tlm Woodo" n five reid
ruuniw I'Uvw ftaiiiring thai fajnoua
re li waa operated upon and re
. d from t cre to Winchester, Eng-
i »lu re he underwent five more
v-aiinii-. lie Bpenkn in glowing
terms of tbe treatment received in thi
English bospilal. Ho returned in the
Vancouver Hospital today to undergo
iti other operation.
Private shut, before enlisting,
.'. irked with Die Ka-t Kootenay Lumber Company nt loco, as a blacksmith,
llu is om- of ten brothers, eight of
whom are on active Bervlce and two
in munition works Hi hopes io rr-
; in ii Cranbrook aftor treatment ai
-   i B1. |,. . 1   ..,|    ||io
Linn; will, liierd i.i-
iiiiiI  condensed
milk   for  8ii|i|eer  ni
grub heing nil
mil in portion I- In i
(tlio river)....
 wltli iu,. ro
slllt  llllll   1   Illl,
ta -wiin  il.
My .-In..-.- i.i
yo.l ..in nn  in.- I-:, i
llglil once 1  .
ii. compelled iu tnku
ynur..    1   ivill
my .nu for tliem.
-i llu-..;.  Nelton. n r.
iiii'tist   nn in ii
Preacher feer
Sunday, October hm:..
will |». tl.e Rev
H.iii.-i- Daniel ..i Tor
wivi:>tiih:  o>
HAHV8   Iti VI It
August llnitti lm** u (In-*)- 4ull
Last v.'  ;;  while J   l\ Hutchcroft
waq on an Inspection 'rip along the
. | | or   !■ .,   !:• -   Of   the   West   Fork   ol'
the SI Mi ryi Hiver, he halted for o
nlghl in tl t Old Offlco Cabin, which ' '
ivas renovated und provisioned non.'
monthi ago b> Al Hall Here Mr.
iiu;.-'' rofl fi md an extraordinary
narrative writien around the margin
■ f a pate of the American Magnxlm
which hnp| ened to be In the cabin
Tills documeni Is reproduced below
as far a*- r ivas i oaslblc tn tlo *n. and
a word or two Introduced to mnke the *
story plainer.
It appear- that some people in Nel |
pon told Hi-p.1, who Is greatly inter-
• led   in   making   photographs   of
t \ltM Ol   THANKS
Mr  Joseph lirinili nnd famll) wl.
to thank their friends, and ■- ■
lhe Sisters ol the Sl r.itgene l-lospli il
for the many kindnesses and cxpri
-inn- r,f sympathy shown them durlnn
their recont *ad h< re ivetiu nt
Be Careful
—to keep the stomach well, th*
liver and bowels regular, by the
timely and helpful aid of
And   Sha  Soon  Got   Back
Hor Strength
New Caitlc. Ind.—"The measles
left me run down, no appetite, could
not rest at night, and I took a severe
cold which settled on my lungs, so I
was unable to keep about my housework. My doctor advised me to take
Vinol, and six bottlea restored my
health ao I do all my housework, including washing. Vinol is the best
medicine I ever used."—Alice Record,
4.17 So. nth St., New Castlt, Ind.
We guarantee thia wonderful cod
livet  and iron tonic,  Vinol, for all
weak   Tun-dowa, nervous conditions.
Cruolironk Drug A   Itnnk Co.. ('ran
' brook, II. C,   alio at lhe h.*xt dm*
liar* la all i V  (awna
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It bus a pleasing
Tt is tnbacco scien-
tifically prepared
for man's use.
mountain aconery, Hint a wonderrul
new country lay to the eaat of lhe
head oE Crawford Creel;, and that
once he made the ascent to the Sawyer PnsB, he would have easy going
into tiie valley of the St. Marys. To
nu extent tho story wns true enough,
hut those responsible for telling him
of good trails and good going, look ii
chance whieh very nearly resulted iu
the death of this plucky young fellow,
Judging by lhe name. Augual Haga,
he is a Norwegian, and inusl certainly have come of a btont-hcarted und
sturdy stock, The Old Office Cabin
hus heen ii refuge fnr many a wenry
WIf ■»$ • -
The Gsjjij ai Gumpi   ..
Cleanses  the  teeth—sweetens  the
mouth —allays thirst  and  fatigue.
The Forces in Europe arc finding il a
great comfort.
It gives  them  vim    /' ::\
and   staying  power. -*[q 6\p
It  is  refreshing   J&*
to workers :■■?■■'
everywhere. M\ _,VV'F'yC:*
mane in
Smokers will
find It soothing
and cooling
Chew It
!   fl A   °      TH£ P *.,   *'F :   ■   .'   MM ir    -.
y/.WMmflmZK   _V__i*£a
seriIl- ,:-~;r-- ..    ' .'.""'
- - -'■***?'■
""isiC.-. -*V*-.'"aTi ™
"a?.1*-.- *T  , t*^i-  "
_ai|-t,.i.n     j __
-^*Wms.i —-..*_-
*St3     ___»*A-**-*-   -.I..**.  .   .      i
'    .^CMEWINGGO  i£__ i<
mstVk^TZ ::**?t:_. _>''.-_     y
■THF tl-      UB IBS.
Equal io
10 Horses
Three sticks of Giant Stumping
Powder will do its much work
us ten horses and •!«> it quicker,
cheaper and better.
British Columbia Kxpenmental  I arm*.,
Farmers'Institutes and fanners in practi
every town from Prince Kupeit to 1 ernie
are constant ner* of
—the first stumping powder made In ( ai ids.
Ii y,u liave nm already tried Giant Stumping
Powder, test it the next time mu blast,
will find that it goes further and then
costs le-.s to use.   When farmers use (
once, they always insist upon having
it  in the future.
Get our
free book
It contains many illustrations showing
you how io sau* explosives in loading
stump*. It explains how you can pei
thc stumps om cleaner ami easier with
Giant   Stumping   Powder.      Mail  tlie
counoi   or write a postcard and jhe
.MXilt  will  Ite sfm   free.
{ Free Book
i    Coupon
I KM. -;■
THURSDAY, OCT.  2511).  1917
Barristers, Etc.
IV. I■'. Gurd        G. J. Spreull
Ihs. Green * MacKinnon
I'lijslclans und Surgeons
Offlce   at   rt-sidtiuce,  Armstrong
Forenoons  900 to 10.00
.•\tt».iuo(ins 2.00 .0   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4.30
lilt. 1'. B. MILES
Offlce In Hnnson Tllo'-k
li lu 12 a.ue.
1  t.e    ts L'.Ul.
He, ■  , ,i by Provincial Govt.
Haternw) taJ antral Nurslni
Mai mt" i'i"l Rosl Curo, Highest
ll. [eroncat,   tair  terms,  Apply
MRS   A   SALMON'. Matron
Phona 260 P. o. uox sir,
Wldrcas.nardi n *.vo„ Cranlironk
Civil anil Mining engineers
ll. ft Lund Surveyors
llini- Kxniiitnullnns anel llepnrls
.i. is. PA it k i: it
Mining Bngh p
208 200   Herald  Pig.,   Culgnry,
mill  Kline.   I!   c.
Iiii) I'lione '-'UK, Nlgl't I'huie a.*,
Norlmry Ave, next lo Clly Hall
Montana Rostauranl
Minis ul All Hours
Cteius, Cigarettes and Candy
O|i|ioslit! the? Bank of Commerce
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washhip-
send it to
Special nrices for familv
Forwarding  and  Distributing
Agent for
I.ellibrldge and GreenhUl Coil
Imperial Oil Co.
DlBtrleutlon Cars a Specialty.
Ilrnjliitf ami Transferrin'';
Given prompt attention
Plione. 63
General Merchant
employment Agent
P. O   Box 108 Plione 244
Tlie Shoe: Specialist
HalisfncUim Guaranteed
Hi'iuleitiartorie for all kinds of
Spokane, Washington
This house baa the
lmppy distinction of being the favorite stopping placo In Spokane
for tiio people of British
Columbia We appreciate
thia patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our lorn tf on la excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
and o. W, n. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, und within a minute'H
wnlk from the principal business
bounce and places of amiiHoment.
Noo  St(>uiiiNhlD on  Roof
(Lefl  over from lasl  week)
The dance held by tbe Kurt Steele
Hed Cross was attended by many people from Cranbrook and Fernie. Tlie
floor was not too crowded as it was
nt. tiie July 4th dance. Tlu* music
was rendered by tbe Crnnbrook Orchestra. A beautiful crotcheted and
embroidered luncheon set was given
by the ladies nf the Patriotic Society
to In* raffled at tbe dance, Tin* net
proceeds of the dance Is estimated at
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wise and family
have removed to Crnnbrook wliere
thev will reside.
Mr. and Mrs, Itobert Mavis are leav-
iug town.
The Dibble Mine al Horse Shoe Canon which has not been worked for
some length of time is now being developed. .1. Hlagli of Fort Steele is
at work clearing the trail to tbe mine,
tlnd a gang nT eight men will arrive
shortly u. work at tiie claim,
>1 .i.Ysvii.u:
(Loft  over  from  last  week)
Hans Chas.  Lund, the enterprising
| proprietor ot the St, Marys Lake out-:
ing  placo  came   in   town  on   Friday ■
! Hans said fishing was now at Us best
1 IL* had on exhibition an SVa lb char
Whicli  In-  landed  nl   the  Lake  last ■
week.    Oetober   is  always  the best!
I montii  In  tbe year at St. Marys  for
1 tbo dlciplc of old Isaac
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Taylor motored
I through   town   lasl    week   nfter   an I
extended   vlsll   with   their  daughter, j
I Mrs, C, f  Snuwden ul Calgary.
We are  very  Jubilant  these  days
With the prospect  of the North Star'
Mine again resuming operations, the
"Stemwlnder" and the "Ontario" bus!
[already changed hands nnd are now j
i owned by the Federal Mining Co., who
have   placed   their   diamond   drilling
I outfit on Ihe ground; It is also rumor- j
I ed that the samo Company intends to
give the Star aforesaid a trial.
;     Shortly after noon on Saturday Fire
Warden Rabichaud called out all tho
nvailabl n in town "> fight a flre
I on Mr. Lund's Ranch which originated
from near the river nnd with the high
; wind which prevailed nt tho time the
i flre travelled Very fast; the crew wns'
1 rushed lo the fire in automobiles, and '
fought tbe flames like demons, not- •
i withstanding  their efforts. ;i   12 ton
i stack of liny belonging In Mr. Benneli !
[ was destroyed, the crew however, wns
j Buccessful in saving the farm build-
| ings bolongng  to  Mr.  Lund also  Mr. I
lilanvillc's   dwelling  Illume;   we  syin- |
pnthizo with Mr. Bennett in bis loss.
The Itev.  A.  B.  Lane preached  liis
farewell  sermon   to  a   large  congregation at Hn* Church of England on
i Sunday lust.
I There was a good attendance at
I ihe local Farmers' Institute on Satur-
' day, when those who received seeds
from the Agricultural Department
last spring for experimental purpose
gave in their reports. A carload of
feed was also ordered through the
Miss N, Handley returned home on
Tuesday after spending six weeks'
vacation at Calgary, Cayley and other
2a per word for firBt week, and lc per
word for each week after.
has no equal
t?fe price is no
higher than o-
ther makes but
the quality has
stood the test
tor years.   See
our showing ol
Coats, Pants,
NTKOV; BOV, age BI years, mints
a Job after school and on Saturdays,
Apply llox 41)0, crnnbrook, B. C. 42-lt.
l'ii (hind lumber horses for sale.
Write L. F. Bonnell, or phone 11)5:1.
Lethbridge, 42-lt
t'Oll   SAM.    Berkshire   Boar,  one
,'ear old.   J.   II.   Hayes.  Fort  Steele.
I ui;      SAI.i:   Crrslim ■ Beautiful
Home.'-.   R, Lamont, creston, 11. C.
IJ I Ul, IV ANTE 1) for general house.
work, good wages.- Apply to Mrs. W
F. Worden. Armstrong Avenue.   HD-tf.
FOB     lit: VI    ;.     B ed     House,
j furnished, *L.  month.   Apply to Box
• BSD, or  Hnnson   Block. 43-21,
1MVm>   small furnished houset
no children,   tail oj   phono  Dominion  Kxpress Company. rt-ir
Hilt SALI IMt KIM Team of
horses, about 1200 pounds, Apply to
Can ud Ian Hotel 43-11,
TO HUNT House mi Harden Avenue;
l rooms and kitchen. Apply li.
Herald Office, 43-11
;    IH'KUKi:   II HAT Kit   KOll  8 ALU,
Apply  I)..  Herald Office. 48-lt,
HHt   SAI.K    l.iidC.   Ilk-yell*   *I0.
Apply Herald  Offlco 48-lt.
TO HUNT Ver) cheap, u.i-.il norm
stable or double stable Apply Herald j
Office. 48-11
TO  RENT—5  niiiined  modern  col-
j tage on Garden Avenue    Apply W   .1,
(Left over from last week)
It is reported on the very highest
authority that Mr. tt, Randolph Bruce,
l*\ ll. o. s„ C. E., of this place haa
arranged for tbe acquirement of the
I'aradlse Mine from the executors of
the late Herbert Carlyle Hammond of
Toronto. Il Is of interest to know
mi this connection that Mr. Bruce has
oeen the manager aud local controller
of tliis well known mine since operations were first started upon il eighteen years ago. To-day outside the
Sullivan Croup it is the largest shipper In the Fast Kootenays. Mr. Robt.
MacDonald u well known West Kootenay mining man is In charge as
mperlntondenl and Mr. H. l'erry
Leake is assnyer and mining engineer In charge of that branch of the
Hervlce. Paradise Mine is situated in
lhe Selkirks to the West of here in
tlie Paradise basin at the tool of
Mount Nelson. It is one of lead
concentrates which bave nuggets of
galena scattered through the ore. The
easy method of securing the ore by
merely a simple process of shoveling
it out as one might so much sand,
makes it a very paying proposition.
Cnder the new management the development of the property will he very
_,n*atly pushed, A new bunk house
capable of taking care of the forty odd
employees who are already on tlie
property bas just been completed.
rills building is thoroughly up to
date being equipped with hot and cold
water, having a pool table and hugh
lounging room with easy chairs.
A Girls Club has been organized
under the direction of Mrs. H. E. Par-1
ham, tho purpose of the organization
is io continue on broader lines the
Htii il tea of those girls who for various
rensons liave left school. Miss Margaret Walker is President; Miss Katie
Stewart. Vice-President; nnd Miss
Maye Howell Secretary-Treasurer.
Mesdames. Parham, Oeorge, Allan.
Bennett, Turner, Harcourt, and Basil
C. Hamilton liave kindly promised
10 give nsslstance in regular form In
the way of teaching and lecturing on
the useful arts and accomplishments
Of life,
The annual meeting of the Bed
Cross Society of Canada, Windermere.
Dlstrlcl llraiicb, was held on the evening of Saturday in the Windsor Hotel,
Athalmer. The report of the Executive showed that during the past year
over sixteen hundred dollars had heen
collected of which some thirteen odd
llItlldrod had been forwarded to the
AlhortO Branch of tho Society. Mrs.
II. E, Parham and Mrs. A. G, Cuthbert were again unanimously elected
representing each of the local communities and an executive committee
of olglit members was aluo put in by
ballot, Mrs. G. C, T. Harcourt having
resigned as Treasurer. Mrs. A, G.
Cuthbert wos elected in her place.
later and re-examined or they may
be called for non-combatant services.
The Immediate need, of course, Is for
men  fit for active service.
Experience shows that physical
condition of men varies greatly; that
ia, a man may improve greatly In a
few weeks or montlis. Some of those
passed as fit hy the medical boards
recently hail heen rejected by the
doctors when they had applied for
enlistment in the volunteer forces.
hand  Registry  Acl
IN THK MATTER OP AN APPLICATION for the issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to l_ots lt and 10
Block 1, "Lake Shore Addition", Town
of Moyle. Province of Brilisli Columbia, Mai) 081.
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one montll after thfl first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lots, In the name of James
Ryan, which Certificate is daled thfl
»• tli day of December 1809 ami numbered  2611K.
Dated at the Land Registry Office
at Nelson, 11. C, this 5th dav of October 1017.
Date of firsl publication Octobei
LTith. 1017.
E, S. Stokes.
District   Registrar
FOOD   On   l'air  l-rimmls parcel:
containing   money  and jewelry;   de-!
livery will be made on proof of ownership and cost of this notlco, J. P. Fink j
» 1(
FOR SAI.K   Berkshire    Boar,    10
months old, also 100 bran aud Bitot '
sacks, cheap.—Ceo. James, Miir/svlleil
II. C. 41-21*
WANTED   ip to ili'l. earl) hatched pullets.    Huve tor sale some pure
bred  white  leghorn cockerels;   price
$1.50  each.—Box   H,   Wardner,   It.   C
FOK SALE- Organ, llnmlnlnn Organ
Co., piano shape, In splendid condition, 11 Htops, _. knee swells, cost
|160i for quick sale $46..- -Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue, B3-t&
Tlm..* in First Has*. Under Military
sen lee Act are Pbieeil
in Grades
Ottawa, Oct, -Only those men
found physically fit lor combatant
service overseas by the medical
boards will be included hi the first i
quotas culled to the colors under!
the Military Service Act. All such
men a re no w being placed by t lie
examiners iu Category A.
Men not In flawless physical con-!
ditiou are titling classed as to their \
fitness for wur service iu non-combatant units, either in Canada or |
overseas according 10 the shape they j
ar.*, In.   Such men may be called up
The Kort  Steele Development Syndicate   Limited, of London.  England,
and Charles Kstmere of Plat, Alaska,
Delia May Bigelow, formerly of
Kimberley, fn tiie Province of British
Columbia.   Married   Woman,
To the above named defendant. Delia
May Bigelow*. -
TAKK NOTICK that this action was
on tbe 12th day of Oetober lfll" commenced against you, and that the
Plaintiffs claims specific performance
of the said contract or alternatively
reclssion of the said contract.
AND TAKK NOTICK that the Court
has by au order dated the 12th dny of
October I'll?, authorised service of the
said Writ of Summons on you by thn
insertion of this notice once In the
"Cranbrook Herald. '
that you nre requited within fourteen
days of the insertion of tbis advertisement inclusive of the dny of such insertion, to cause an appearance to be
entered for you at the Office of the
Registrar of tlie County Court of Kast
Kootenay at Crnnhrook, nnd that in
'efault of your so doing, the Plaintiff
tuny proceed with this action and
Judgment be given against you in
your absence.
G, J. Spreull,
Plaintiffs Solicitor.
I,KT 1'S QUOTE YOl' on
your   ear   lot   shipments.
Our Prices urc Hie linYest une]
nur Imy Is Mil* besl - unemul
Ken. A Simpson & Co.
.Mill  Illh Ave. West,     Vslgwty
Briefly speaking that's our guarantee; and it's
just as broad as we can make it. In fact, it's
so broad that unless El Sidelo Cigars please
your taste and win your approval, they cost you
absolutely nothing.   Here is our offer:
Step into a cigar store
and buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or Club House size). Smoke them critically; note their mild, delicate flavor, and
rich fragrance. Judge them from the standpoint
of your own likes and dislikes. Then if you are
not thoroughly satisfied, return the bands to us
and get your money back.
el Sidcip
™     CIGAR        v
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf.
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada.
Actual Siie
5 inch..
ii. .1.
li. t'. sai.ks manager, :iti". Aii;i:i!Ti
II. C.
Complete Service to Ford
Owners Everywhere
OURTEOUS attention to your needs wherever you may
travel is something you appreciate, and being a Ford
owner you can get it.   You are always ' 'among friends".
There are more than 700 Ford Dealer Service Stations through-
Enut Canada.   These are always within easy reach of Ford owners
for gasoline, oil, tires, repairs, accessories, expert advice or
....tor adjustments.
The cost of Ford Service is as remarkably low as the cost of
the car itself. Nineteen of the most called for parts cost only
$5.40. Just compare this with the cost of spare parts for other
cars and you will realize the advantage of owning a Ford.
Runabout • • $475
Touring • • $495
Hanson Garage, Dealer, Cranbrook, B.C.
Famous Wash
Heals Skin
D.D.D., the greatest ot Bkln remedies will remove those skin afflictions that havo made ynur life h burden. That intolerable Itching, burning and discomforl will disappear under thc mafclo of this remedy, it tins
cured many cases pronounced Incurable mid will reach ymir case. We
guarantee the Hrst bottle t» bring relief.
Ttve Liquid Wash
The Crnnbrook Drug ft Bonk Cn. Ltd.
Cfaiihriuik, II   C.
Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co.
of Camilla. Limited
Ollleeee, smelting and Refining lieimrtment
Herald Want Adds Bring Results


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