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Cranbrook Herald Jun 27, 1912

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We are well equipped to
turn out the beat ela*a
ol work,
In tbe Herald Pay.—Try
Our  Loeal  Column.
10c. a line
NO. 2G
MimhIiiv's Cnlgary AIIh'I'Ihii says'.
"Aumioiicciiictit wuh made yi'slcr-
iluy Mini' A. It. Poole mnl II. E,
llealtie puri'ltiiHtfl nu thlciest in Un'
.limit's r'lmllnv Drug company uml
Hml Mr. Kindlny will Hliorlly retire
Irom nctive asHociul itm iu Mu* liuni-
nras on account ol ill health. Tin-
IrniiKlfr Is one of 11m. largest ol the
kind ill the history ol Western Can
".luinc-s Findlay has been engaged
in Mu (linn business in Calgary lor
twenty-lire years, and in lhal time
has built up ont nl the largest, institutions in thc west. His laboratory is one ol the most perfectly
equipped in Canada.
"iA. R. Poole, one ol Uie purchasers, has heen engaged in the drug
business in Nelson, B. C, lor many
years. He is owner of the. Poole
Drug company at that place. R. E
Beattie has also bad long experience
as a pharmaclsr, having owned and
operated a drug store at franhtnok,
II. 0. Both mem arc university
graduates and rank high in their pro-
"Nine university graduates are enrolled on the stall ol assistants at
the Findlay drug store. There is no
other establishment ol the kind In
't'he west that carries so many thoroughly versed pharmacists.
"A number ol changes are being
made in thc interior ol tlie store,
the optical department is lieing improved, new equipment being installed and Uie departmeni. enlarged.
S. Bering, an expert optician, is in
"A truss room Is another feature
that is li'ing added. A conveniently
equipped . room has been fitted up
and both male and lemaie attendants
will be at hand to assist in the
fitting. This is a new deportment
and a valuable improvement.
''The confectionery department and
ice cream parlor has been artistically
fittod up, a seore ol colored lights
lending a pretty color effect. The
Kindlay is the equal cl any drug
store in Canada at Hie present
II. E. Beattie air Veil home trom
Calgary on Monday nml to a Herald
representative contlrnn<l llie above
Mr. Beattie will move down to
Calgary iu lac course ol a " lew
weeks, hut he has no tltout'it ol
severing hi* connection with Oranbrook, Ile still retains his business
interesls here nnd will continue to
tin «i. Whilst Ik' will make his
home In Calgary, alter a while, |>c
will be constantly In Crnnbrook anil
will keep un active wntch over his
liusii.'ss inleicsts in this city and
Mr. II. 10. Ilcatlic hns boon (or so
long ami so siu'cess'iilly idctitincd
wilh the business Interests of this
clly, and has Invariably played nu
active ami progressive part in nil
thai stood lor the (iphtilldinn of this
eily, Hint lhe lael ol Ills deciding to
divide his activitim between Cranbrook ami Calgary will !*• le.iunil
id with more or less regret by
every olllwn ol Cranlirook, at the
same time, it must be borne in mind
that Mr. llealtie has proved himscll
to Is, a man ol practically unlimited
energy and resource and it may well
be that thi* addition to his already
largo interests will but .nur him to
greater notivity. ' In any everit
every business man In Cranbrook
will wish him liiilesl measure nl
success In his new venture.
Frank Murphy will continue In
charge of tne slore In this city. Mr.
Murphy started with Mr. R. E. Iteat-
tlc, some len years ago, in the capacity ol delivery boy. Ile now own.
an undivided hall Interest in the
business and by his constant care
nbd imlalllng courtesy ha. materially
assisted In Uie upbuilding id the present flay biialiic.*, to which, as. In
Ike past., he Will devote Ma undivided
Dominion Day, Monday .luly lst, is
lo la- light royally observed nt Moyle
ami kimhciicy.
Al Moyle lhe lake will Ir Illi' great
attraction nnd acqiiatlc sports ol nil
kinds, will lorm part ol 41.' day's
program, There will also lie rock
drilling contests, Caledonian sport,
nnd children's sports. A grand ball
will lerminulc proceedings in thc evening, S|K-clally reduced railroad
lares have been secured tor the occasion.
A special coach will leave'the city
depot u.t 8.30 a.m. July 1st-. Fare
lor Uk round trip wtl be $1.10. Visitors can return Irom Moyle either by
the Flyer, at II.30 p.m. or hy special
coach at midnight. A tree motor
boat trip on thc lake will bc provided
all visitors.
Anyone who has already enjoyed a
day's sport at Moyie knows ihat a
good time is in store lor all thin
who desire to spend their Dominion
Day holiday at the city by the
At Kimbcrley very special preparations have lieen made [or a grand
Dominion Day celebration. Baseball
anil football matches figure on the
programme, which imi tides a long
list ol athletic events ol every
description, for grown ups as well
ns fnr Un? youth and lieauty ol both
sexes. Tliere will be a grand hall in
the evening, to which free admission
will he tendered all visitors and
special prizes will be awarded lhe
best Luly and gentleman waltacrs.
10I1N    M. RUDD,    OF   NANAIMO,
Two hundred and fitly Maaontc representatives from all parts ot British Columbia met last week in Orand
Lodge at llie Masonic Temple, corner
>t Seymour and Georgia streets,
Vancouver, and elected officers for Uni
ensuing year. Mr. F. J. Burd, grand
master, was in the chair throughout
1 lu* session,
IV oilicers elected arc: Mr .1. M
itistd, Nnrraimn, grand master, Mr.
A II. Skey, Kamploops, re-elected
grand senior warden; Mr. .lames
Sinrk, Vancouver, grand junior war-
id n, llr. ile Wolt Smith, New Westminster, rc-clcctod grand secretary;
Mr. II. 11 Watson, M. L. A., Vancouver, re-elected grand treasurer;
Mr. T. Michel Sr., grand tyh-r, and
Mr. F. .1. Burd, Immediate past
grand master.
The following appoint,*! officers
were installed: Rev. .1. A. Clealand,
I'enliclon, grand ehaplnin; Itev. C.C.
Iftiyle, Udner, grand historian, D.D.
fl. St., Distriet No.l, Mr. W. F. C.
Pope, Victoria, No.a, Mr. Oeorge (1.
Martin, New Westminster; No.2A,
Mr. W. ('. DiUnars, Vancouver; No.3,
Mr Hubert Oordon, Revelstoke; No.
I, Mr. E. D. Fargo, llnrkcrvlllo„ No.
Mi. William Mcflirr, Nanaimo; No.
Mr. John Hamilton, Nelson; No. 7
Mr, .lohn Milross, Trail; No. *, Dr.
I). Corsan, Fcrirfc; No, Mr. Hamilton
long, Vernon, ami No. 10, Mr. F.
Mclxiinan, While Horse; Mr, S. J.
Sidoman, Merritt, S.O.D.; Mr. Dod-
son, Duncan, J. o. D.; Mr. William
Astlcy, Rossland, G.D. ol O.j Hr. 0.
W. Carmiebael, O. Pur.; and Hr. J.
Christiansen, O. Supt. ol wks.
A meeting ol sixty Royal Arch Masons, representatives Irom all parts
ol British Columbia, wa. held at the
Masonic temple when the proposal to
lorm a Orand Royal Arch chapter lor
BriUsh Columbia was disciuwcd. The
opiniim was unanimously expressed
that an organitatlon ml this kind
would be very hcnenclal. Immediate
notion was deterred lor the piirpoac ol
arranging trie financial roqiUrcmciets.
Another meeting will he held In Vancouver shorUy In discuss this phase)
ol the situation.
"The mining situation In liritisli
Columbia is very promising, and as
soon us outside capital can Im, enlisted there are a number ol properties
tliat will speedily become valuable
producers," said D. J. Elmer, mining
man ol Cranbrook, II ('. on Sunday
lo Ihe Spokesman Review.
"The St. Eugene mine on Moyie
lake, which suspended operations the
first nf the yenr, has resumed with a
small force, but it is anticipated that
it will be worked at capacity belore
thc summer is over. The property
was one ol thc heaviest sllverlead
producers in Uie district and its reopening means a great deal lor thn
Cranbrook region.
Tho Aurora Mining & Milling company, operating tbe Aurora mine,
across Moyie lake) Irom the. St. Eugene, under bound lor two year. Irom
.lune 15, 1912, Irom the owners, .1.
H. Harvey ol Vancouver, B. C.;\ Captain I. E. Sanborn ol Portland, Ore.,
and O. .1. Johnson ot Coeur d'Alene,
Is working steadily. We had a hound
on the mine lor two years previous
to renewal and have expended about
lid.ooo in developing and equipping it
since we took it over. About 20,00(1
tons ol ore arc blocked out, samples
ot which assay 39 per cent -".inc. 20
percent lend and 11 ounces in silver
tricrty furnished by a Itohb high
speed 125 h.p. engine with generator,
Track scales with a capacity 11 1511
tons have been erect,*! near tho
tipple, and is used in weighing the
nml as it passes from Ihc mine. A
stable to accommodate twelve horses
has just been completed. One I'una-
ilian-Kaml air compressor 11x22 feet
with air receiver, has just been ud-
,l,<d to lis' plant. A I* iln house,
I power house ami lamp house, Mulatto cttjuippcil willi 1511 sulety
lamps, arc among the reecul additions U tin- plant. A wash house,
wiUi lockers, show,! Laths uml all
latest cuyiptnuit Is Ising erected
and will bt ready for use in a tew
weeks. A large building for office
purposes lias, also lieen deride,! upon
and all material for Ms' construction
of same is ihi the grounds and will
be utilized in the course ol the
next few weeks.
The Maple Leal collieries has an
expert and efficient general manager
in Mr. James Fiulay, id Cranbrook,
B.C., who has an able assistant in
Mr. .1. O. Ewan, Under such good
management, tbe prospects lor the
Maple Leal collieries are most encouraging and ere long Mils pros
porous mining camp will have developed into wonderful gioatncss.
instanced one   man having total 155 stock    being   marketable at      eight  larger packages.
Pit week   from    a 65 loot lot in  weeks from   hatching ami running at    Hut Miss     Dick recovered       Irom
Vancouver lor two months. 'that time   II anil    12 pounds      per her surprise and carried it od in    a
Alter sonic specific   advice as to couple.                                                | manner tlmt made all proud of   her,
crowing different (lowering bulbs, tho J   To obtain g<«*l   results they   must und
when she began to untie her
speaker recommended the autumn be early hatched. lncubutors arc gifts, and they were passed around
soiling nf sweet peas ami pansies as used entirely in this work. among tbe   guests, laughter  and gay
easily doubling the size of dowers and|    'lis. I'ekiu is llie only breed used in  chat filled tlie rooms.     Then rctresh-
ndvaiifiug the flowering seastn
least thn*. weeks.
In   the evening   Mrs. Davies
dressed a fairly large gathering
Coiuineriial poultry
A rancher, resident in llie districl,
writes thc Herald to the I, Mowing
The present ami not unusual dim-
to the ton. Our ore Is treated at ttul/culty that dairymen in lliis district
Alice mill at Creston, B. C, and we.have in securing cows lur their busi-
bavc shipped live ears ol concentrates was lends us to. wonder why some
to the smelter at Trail, Irom which .ol those ranchers, living loo lar out
we nave gotten excellent returns. The of town to engage in the milk dellv-
»lnc market on lhc Canadian side ol cry business, could not make a pro-
the line 1. not as active as it is on liable line of   work by rearing    ' to
the American side, and we are storing our zinc concentrates m the hope
of a better price Inter.
"We art running a tunnel on tbe
No. 3 level, at a vertical depth ot
1500 feet, which will intersect the
main lead showing on Uie surface. It
is in 350 leet and we anticipate cutting the vein at 750 leet. We have a
six-drill compressor at work and are
making five feet a day. As soon aa
wc tap the ledge we will install a 50-
ton mill."
producing age milking slock. At the
usual price of 175 and upwards we
«ee no reason why si"* grown in
this district, whose sires and dams
can he seen by the buyer nml their
performance verified, tlie stock itscll
coming into production anil trained
to gentleness in handling, could not
command a premium over stock purchased Irom utter strangers, an unknown quantity as to breeding and
"It seems reasonable to suppose
that any man would in a matter like
this, patronize home production and
we tail to discern where good methods on tbe part of the breeder would
not constitute this a most profitable
line of work.
(The Bellevue Timet).
A visit to the new town ol Maple
l.oal give, one an impetus which
prevails in a real live and active
community. The inanagenimt ol
Us1 Maple I .oal ed Merles seem to bc
specially endowed with the spirit ol
pna-drcMdveocss which is so characteristic of the growing west. They have
pr, viti this hy the large additions
they have made to their planl, hy
the siieccsslul operation ol their val-
property and the demand lot
iheir product which ci nsists ot high-
grade steam and domestic coal.
The Maple Leal       col
lieries, whieh commenced
operations on their large pro-
iikikhI operations en their large property at . MaPle.Leat only a abprt
time ago, have now Hi men at
work, mining and shipping upwards
ot 500 tons ot coal per day. A new
slope baa been driven 410 (ret down
in the mine to reach the conl at a
lower level nnd to make tne work
inside much easier and more profit- '" **» mitUnt "»lv<*»">* «« •»•■•
able.     Besides the one 150 h.p. boll- *' ■""•**' «*W    »« It «*" coal soot,
er   nlreadv    In Use, another    of the ,W« *** • **"** ■""■ '" » V""*1*
live to cut worms and the like. This
On Wednesday alternoon a meeting
cl Ute Women's Institute was h.ld at
the residence ol Mrs. Murgatroyd.
Owing to thr east bound train being an hour late Mrs. Davie., Uie
speaker of Uk occasion, had a very
limited time at her disposal to the
dirapprrintment ol a gathering ol
about filty or sixty ladies and one
poor lone man, who In spite ol the
cake nnd lee cream lavished upon
him. seemed about as much at ease
as a ben on a hot griddle.
For lack ol more time Mrs. Davies
confined ber remarks to floriculture
and especially bulbs.
Arrmig many valuable suggestions
.thrown out by the speaker were the
For the basis ol soil use clover scl
cut and piled together till well rotted and then mixed with well rotted'
stable   manure in   ofruel pftts, this
some size is now on the way    trom
St. Catherines,    Ont., and will    or
is an idea that ought to appeal
Carmen's hall.
was her theme.
Mrs. Davies began by saying Ihat
poultry keeping was generally considered to be the standby Ior anyone
who has been unable to succeed at
any other undertaking, hence the
number of failures that occur.
'lis' Miriness succeeded in propor-
t'on to how the poiiltryman was
possessed ol perseverance, attention
U detail and a goad business head
With a knowledge ot poultry must
also go a knowledge ol exactitude ol
cost ol production and methods tl
disposal ot product.
As illustration Mrs. Davies quoted
a woman in Vancouver whose eggs
were costing 70c. per dozen to produce.
Mrs. Davies dwelt strongly in the
vali*' of co-operation in purchasing ol
leed ami rcciimmendcd all concerned
to associate in this matter to their
own benefit.
Mrs. Davies, who formerly supplied
the King Edward hold at Toronto
wllh Irom 3,000 upwards ut eggn per
week at a premium contract, slated
Ihat a private market can always be
found if sought lor, but once got can
only be held hy straight dealing as
lo standard ol quality, times ol delivery, etc.
Tho Canadian market I. unlimited
at tbc present time tor first-class
stun. The usrlcssncss of growing
line poultry and tolling cull prices
was pointed out, and the special
poultry grower who purchased his
food was very short-sighted to bring
hi. product to market at the same
season as the farmers, who (cd cheaply on heme grown feeds.
As the early bird gets thc worm,
the poultryman should not batch later Ihan Hay nnd get to market before farmer, are competing.
With regard to inculiitors, Ciphers
and Prairie State, tbe speaker claims
to have had good results, which exactly coincides with what another
poultryman tdd the Farmers Institute here recently.
Cotton instead ot glass Iroot in
machines was a new idea that Mrs.
Davies bad lound beneficial in her
own work.
As to special lines of production
canons were not   recoinmended,
at America mated   in small pens,    lour j menls were served.
ducks and om' drake, early lu No-1 Mr. Logan had cut tAe ihoiccst
vcinber should lay in one month and blooms from the school plants, to
allcr lirst week run 75 per coot ler- assist in adorning tbe reception par-
tile. Qnoe hutched practically lor lor lhe occasion. AH tbe ladies
every bird slionld reach Ms? market,   j were in light, summer   dresses,    and
Mrs. Davies reported Toronto tlw scene was a most pleasing one,
price, as hnvii*. n«ii as high as 70c. which, together wilh thc evidences
Per It. for the first of the season.       nnd   expressions    of warm fiinidship
A nuiijl«.r of successful rations were and goisl wishes, will make tbe
given by Mrs. Davies for ducks al bappy occasion one ol Miss Dick's
different stages ol growth, alter brightest memories, and make her
which the meeting came to a close feel when she returns to Cranbrook
'by presenting the sneaker ol the Ilut she is making her home among
evening with the thank, of the gath- kind friends,
ering. ,
The     various     rations     (or ducks
whim Mrs. Davies has lound valvi-
ahle have been copied by your cor
iwpondcot and will lie filed with
Iln' secretary ol thc Poultry uss,.eia-
tion, wlicre they may lie obtained by
anyone wla* are interested.
(Special to Uw 11t-raid )f
Invermcrc, B. C„ June W.—Ei-
ivssivoiy warm weather by day and
liv night i'i causing (he rani-*' melting
of Ute snow ami tec ot 'the far, ft
Scllrirks and all lire tni-dest streams
of early spring arc now much swollen. Then* is not any possible
chance of tbem doing damage.
Two  interesting lectures were    delivered yesterday before (he members
of the    District   Farmers' Institute.
1 ' J (Ha* was on bee culture by Mr. Har-
TIh* Herald last week briefly statc.l ris* »* Verne n. provincial bee ex-
that laud registry offices were lo be P«t, and the other was on the con-
esU&Htehed in Kasl Koolenay dis- serration of moisture by Duncan An-
sriet at Kemie and (.'ranbr«.k. At demon, travelling superintendent of
that, time the Herald bad not rcccir- Dominion 9r.rernn.ent experimental
ed the official notice contained in the 'arms.
Gazette. From this it appears that' Dominion day w|l be celebrated in
two land recording offices an* to he good form this year at Athelmere.
estaWlsbed, the one at Fernie and A good programme has been prepared
the other in Cranbrook. In de- of land and aquatic sports. This
limiting tbc boundaries of these Und will probably mark tbe first general
recording offices. Cranbn-ok g-*ts very patriotic derooastration of ttis char-
mui-h Uie worse of tlte deil, as
matter ui fact Hon. W. R. Ross, has
secured by far the best of tbe deal
and doubtless bas practically cinched
the land registry office for bis section of East Kootenay, whin that
latter shall be established.
It will bc noted by the boundaries
detailed in the Gazette, that the division of the territory into two land
recording districts, gives Fernie district, a large proportion of the territory, heretofore included in the
Cranbrook district, in fact all east
of Mayook, and may Ik* Mayook as
well, is.now included in the Fernie
land recording district.
This is a nasty crack at Cranbrook   district
acter this district har ever held.
this absolutely   unjustifiable diserim
(nation against Cranbrook.
rive In a lew day., when It will   lie *°fc * "f"*"™*    •Ml'tel, «*™
Immediately Installed. , **• mi™m   '" lm """* ,n pvMcI,0f
A 7» h.p. hoist has been installed tteterrlnn to bulbs lor -lowering,
nt ths mine and l». used in taking >•"• Davies reemimnided any loeal-
fJw coal Irom the dope. The mine Ity to order tbeir bulbs in quantity
is well venUlatol hy a Sirocco tan <ll*«*t Irom the gromr in Kurope.
driven by eleetciclty and having a Mr.. Davies gave satinfacU ry evld-
capactty ol 10,000 cubic leet ol alt enoe to ber hearers that floriculture
per minute. Thn several atom and properly handled I. not the leaat pro-
are lifjMad by ah*- MaMa M aMe IH" ot agikalWie nd
should immediately be made ia the
tlie buyer, were not yet willing to!'1*1* 1u*ftcrs l« a recUfteation ol
pay the requisite price in Canada.
Broiler, and the egg trade were
likely the moat nrolitablr. As small
broilers Mrs. Davies favored Minor-
cas and Leghorns, hatched trom December to Martli.
For roaster, the general purpose
breeds were to he preferred.
Dry leeding was the process producing best results lor all young chicks
except broilers, where a mash food
was best.
Crushed oat* and whole oats are
not soflVclcntly used lor the greatest
Green l.md was ntdnted nut to be
nf supreme Importance In all
(.ranches ol poultry livding. The
speaker herself had raved diuch money by sowing field pea. and turning
the fowl* in wben peas were wel
grown in the pod, and alter this was
consumed, having a held ol buckwheat about ripe to turn them Into.
Clover and rye lor hulk lood were
lound to«tut grain bills in tall.
Broilers are neshed during growth
and cannot be tattcrwd ns older
stock are.
For roasters the French system
was recommended l"r this country,
which is loose pens Inr ihc birds and
two Irerki per day, boiled wheat in
the    niornlun,
(Special to the Herald).
Invermcrc, B.C., June 2S.—A large
party ol surveyor, attached ta the
geolugicel department ol ebe Dominion eoiernment. with Mr McUnn, ol
Ottawa, as chiel, and Mr. Cbinman,
as assistant, are busily engaged in
carrying out tbe work so ably com-
. rneoced last year ot making a survey
I lor mapping parposes ol part ol  the
- Kast Kootenav distriet. The area al-
and   representations ^^ ^ )W js ,M000 „,„,„
miles awl    will be coeered by trian-
gulations and photography.
Mr Harvey .1. Ilalmer, CE.t con-
traotor for the Banrl-V.'lnderroere au-
tnnwMIe road was here last week in
connection with bis contract. He aays
work will at once he started Irom
this end    cemrrarncing . at Vermillion
The v,n inni.itm of a show*-1""«««*•>ltt- »°»***#***
these days is refreshing. We had one *tat l* hein« done lr0in r€8*e
yesterday afternoon-two rather,' moUn1ain «*>• « thf CPR ro»*n
both cf them delightful.
People dodged the one on their
way to the other, which took place
,n the parlors of Mrs. J. D. Murray's home on Fenwick avenue, Wednesday afternoon, .lune 26th, in honor of Miss Fanny I»u-W, whom cne nf
Cranbrook's most highly respected
and best known young men has induced to leave a profctaton in which
site hail few equals, and not-c to
surpass her.
As    a teacher    Miss Dick is loved
KltV ORAVB AT Bl'l.l.
A sad lability occurred at Hull
River nn Saturday morning, whereby
two lumberjacks lust their lives.
Hector McKimon   and a man named
and honored by every pupil in Cran- Merriman were the victim, ol the
Jbrook school, Irum the highest room disaster. They were working on a
to the lowest. I L.l*e ol reck,   aluve the tails, where
The warm regard she ha* won lor there had recently lieen a dyonniite
herself was wel attested by the nu- ..plosion. Heretofore, tbe ledge had
merous and r'-autllul gilts rtiowered hem perleetly sale, upwards ot twen-
tipon her this aticrnoon In loe pres- ty men working on it at one time.
cine ol the Cranbrook teaching stall Presumably the dynamite had loos-
awl Miss Dick's most intimate' m.l the rock, tor the ledge gave
Iricnds in Cranbrook. 'way. precipitating the two men into
She had not received the slightest ««. water and partially burying
and a mash of bran, hint, and understood that she was them under the debri.. The body ol
ont chop, corn mnl and aoiir milk In assisting Mrs. Murray to receive, I one of the) men was recovered, but ao
the evening, when lots ol green stud „„m utitlc Ruth Elmer and Darwin [ word has been received ol ihe idher
and no dr nk. , Murray struggled    In with a    laden having been recovered as y*t.
Speaking ol duck. Mr.. Davies con- basket,    which they Implored "Mlw •
sidered the prerenl to be a pmplt- <Hiick" to help them carry, andlfchlnd | ff h, Wilson has sold his Ford Au-
lous time to tater on the wotk. them came Mlsa Vera nradwin and tomobilc to Paul llandley ot Matys-
Daek   naiiat    gave quick    retura*,  Hiss    Eva Connelly   with* awm-nwe ville. THB   CRANBROOK   HERALD
108 Cheques Will be
Distributed Among Canadian
Farmers. Will You Get One of Them ?
In addition to the twenty-seven first prizes of $50 each, there "ill
be eighty-one other cash prizes, ranging from JIU to $25 in our
This contest is along the same lines as the
one which was so successful last year, except
that there are three times as many prizes, and
therefore three times as many chances for
each contestant to win. Every farmer in Canada who uses "Canada" Cement is eligible to
compete. The conditions are such that large
arid small users of cement have equal opportunities to win a £5U prize.
Tlie contest i» .liti-led iiitn three elutei. mid there
are fini. lecond, third .nul fourth prUei (ISO, $-5,
?IS anil fid) in rath clui,
LM»      V        I'.irr, ii. I*r .-..iitej tu tl,' luul   limiri. ill  rn.li  uimllut
■ i.u um uii'ti "Ctiitili" Crn-rni "i. ti.1 ii tjiui. In I'M J.
CLASS "B"    K.i*-. u I* •-•'J"l i" I'.- l«ur liim-u In Mcb
iliuiniLi*   •...(,   Kll*    ..l.il..(Uf,l....t tlif   tr.t WHitttt
ttwk June  Wilb    "ClMfe"    CttMHI   "<■   iWl*   ■■"»*■
CLAM "C"    Ptl«« lu I* t-.ti.K-d lo it,*  (Bur taHMH
inmtiiiro.il-- -»bu i-iiJ iti*   brtl itatlif*
tion, lelltliShiwwi *""« "' eauetne emk
■ it iltilW* witli "eilMth" Crluc'il'        ■ tulrin
Iti Illli pf!/• IHUII be ■wiMBi*-*-"'*-'   t»   ptiUu
mtfbi vi ifci **•<* I
of your
Prize Contest
In addition tu thu. bcine. divided into
classes, so as to give small users of cement an
equal chance with those who use more, the
(.'oiliest is also divided into nine divisions, one
lor each province. So you see you need only
to compete with the other farmers of your own
province, and not with those all over Canada.
Don't think that because yuu have never
used cement, yuu cannot win a prize. Many
uf U.I veil', uriie winner* l.a.l
never used cement liel.ire ihey
entered the I'oiile.t. We will .eiul
ynu * free tajuk, "U'liut the
Farmer Can Uu Willi Concrete,"   ^rtT^VSr**
iiml will nul only liel|i yuu ill the    vu ■*" *  ""   •
Contest, hut will tell yuu every.
tiling yuu ,-..1,1.1 want lu know aliutu
the uie of cement un the far,,,.
liwi'l del... bul .rn.l u. ,..ur
...an. and .Mt... lu-J.» .t.i (rt
itu. lie. buukaad lull [.m.ui.i.
.Ua. Pri» C..I..I Mibi ...».
I'm a Ira... *..!»! «i ,-u.uuj..
Adair... Publkltr Miu,«
Canada Cement Company
I lall.i
SOI Herald Blde.   -  Mtntml
tree book.
'What tlie Fiirmer,
p^can dowfth Concrete
will be sent to all
who request details
of the Prize Contest.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic,
contains one ingredient that,supplies
nourishment to the hair root, one
that kills ihe daiulrull germ,' and
another that puts llle and lustre into tlie hair. Each package contains
packet ot Machela Dry Shampoo Powder. Price tor complete homo treatment, (1.00. Sold and guaranteed hy
llm Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
The most s|>«'tucular of ull the
air rui-i'H so fur as itilernatioiml
interest is concerned Iiuh just lieen
planned for SepteJiiW next, By
tKiiupiirison with it the greatest
aerial contests in America and in
,Europe—the Inilflest ucllievelltentH
of airmen in tlio past- will dwindle
into comparative insignificance.
The coining competition will be
the longest, the must dangerous
and the most impressive, ll is to
begin ut 1'i'kin an end in Paris,
traversing* 11 large |mrt of China,
Mongolia. Silieriu, lliissia uud
Ki-uuce — a course H.l.HI miles in
The uviulors will lly over strange
of the I'nnti'st, there are at least
one down constructors and 100
aviators who can afford to take
Inili in the race and will do ho for
the prestige it will give.
While there ure enthusiasts whu
wlieve that the flight can lie accomplished, tliere ure others who
art' of the opinion that the olmtucles
ure too grout to be overcome. Some
who nre familiar with the conditions think that the ignorance and
sii|ieratitioi,s of the imputation nf
pints of China would materially
mid In the perils of the uiideitnk-
ing. They think that if hy niis-
oliunoe an aviator should drop into
ii village or town iu certain parts
uny airmail who takos part in the
race will lind plenty of obstacles to
Is, overcome. He says the hostile
attitude of the inhabitants in part.
nf China would imperil the life ul
any flier who landed among them.
He also thinks the utmospliei-it- uml
geographical conditions will present
obstacles not encountered in otlior
big events. All hough Capt. Bald-
win bus made flights nt most of iln
treaty |xii-ts in China, ho would not
venture into the interior territory.
The lung distance flying race-
have not been nccoiiiplish.'d witli.
out accidents; but, sti-ungc us il
may seem, tbe proportion of mi:
hu|is is not as great ns in ordinary
events, despite such tragedies
marked the limt day of the Paris-
Madrid race.
territory, some of it inhabited by  of the empire he would not have
people who hav.* never heard of a
Hying machine and to whom even
a white man is a curiosity. Two
years ago such a feat would have
been pronounced imiiosaihle, hut he
would be a Isild man who would
to-day pronounce any feat of aerial
navigation beyond the range uf
human possibility.
Both in the distance and in the
obstacles to Is, surmounted the projected I'ekiu to Paris race is a great
advance over ull contests that have
taken place su far. It is being organized by the Paris newspaper lai
Matin, aud it is likely to draw u
larger number of entries than any
of the great contests of the |iast.
The most formidable difficulties
involved in this race do not come
entirely from the length of distance
to bc covered, tine of the most
perplexing will Is- the fact tliat
the suitable lauding places along
the route are few and far between.
Then while it may Ih, |*w»ihle to
establish supply depots along the
Trans-Siberian Itailroad, it is yet
to lag seen whet her physical nud atmospheric comlilions are suitable
for Hying along that a|iecial route.
The aviators who took part in
the Paris-Madrid, the Paris-Koine
and the European and llritish circuits lust year found that it is by
no means easy to follow railroads.
The beat time to Hy is in the early
morning, from four ..'clock to nine
o'clock. Then lhe air is calm und
the atmosphere even. Later the
auu heats the soil nnd creates hot
air columns which, rising, bring
about what is known us Swim
cheese conditions. Thut is, the
aviator encounters putchi's of air of
different densities, which increases
the difficulties of Hying. But iu
the early mornings mist and tog
often Hereon tlie railroad and one
en Hy only by compass.
Not withstanding the many difficulties of the I'aiis-Pokin .nurse
thu conteHtauts will not Is* lacking.
There are l.UOU licensed aviators in
France at presenl, and while the
great majority will lind it liey.iiid
their means to defray Ihe expenses
much show of getting away with
his life.
In planning the race French
patriotism and French military
sentiment hare not been overlooked; in fact, the international
character of the contest has been
somewhat sacriliissl to meet the
demands of French patriotism'
Pilots of all nations can compete,
but only French built machines
may Is- entered. It is also stipulated -evidently to prevent foreign
linns from opening up .hows iu
franca - that mncerns building
uirshi|ia fyr the race must have
Ihsii established prior lo January 1
(In the itinerary Germany has
Ihs'i, carefully avoided. Two reasons are given for this One is
that the Wright intents are still
in litigation in liermany and the
other is that (icimniiy has planned
fourteen aerial events tn be held
during lhe summer, which brings
iu the element of rivalry.
The total prize money is $11,001'.
The prize for the winner is $20.11,10,
and then are four other prizes—
one of tVi.OlHI und three of $2,000
each, so that the lirst live to reach
Paris will receive prizes Should
none of the pilots make the whole
run, the sum of $10,000 will be
awarded to the aviator who makes
the greatest distance under certain
Control stations will lw organized
at I'ekiu. Irkutsk, on Lake Baikal,
ut I Ims, and al other |«iints in
Asia, and nl .Moscow, Warsaw,
Vienna, Trieste, Henna, Avignon,
Dijon and Paris. Repairs can be
made eu route. Thu different pails
of the aeroplane arc staui|ied officially at the start nnd ul least two
of then parts must remain iu pineal the tinish. The start takes
place from Pekin on Septcmlier 1
and the winner must roach Paris
la-fore midnight oil November 1,
allowing two months for the air
Capt. Thomas S. Baldwin tlie
lirst aviator to give exhibitions in
lhe Orient, Ih of the opinion that
Both Nominated to Contest Ihe
Presidential Election
Chicago, June 21. With nearly 350 ot the Hoosevelt delegates
declining to vote and hastening
away at adjournment, to tender the
nomination to Col. Roosevelt of a
new piirty.the fifteenth Republican
Convention at thu cud of n long
•cation on Saturday rcnoniiuutcd
Willian H. Taft, ot Ohio, for President and Junius S, Slu-raiiiu, of
New York, for Vice-President.
President Tnft received 6111 of
tlio 1.07H votes in the convention,
or 21 more than a majority.
The decision of the Roosevelt
people, under direction of their
leader to refrain from voting, left
no other candidate near the President, The announcement of thu
Taft victory was greeted with
cheering from his adherents nntl
groans and and hisses from the
When it b,-cnim< absolutely certain thut Mr. Tuft would ls<
nominated without great dlliculty.
the lenders in control of thu con
ventiuu decided In give him m
running mate his ciim|uini<m un
the ticket in 1008.
The vote recorded wus Tnft Ml,
Roosevelt 107. Lnfollcttc 11, Cum.
mins 17. Present but nut voting
844, absent mi.
Theodore Roosevelt wns nominated fer President on au Imlept-nd
•ot ticket on Monduy night in the
dying hours of the rciinblicnn national convention nt which hi- hod
met defeat. The followers of Col-
Roosevelt met in Orchestra hall,
lets than a mile from the coliseum
and pledged their support to the
former President.
In accepting tho nomination
Col. Roosevelt, appealed to the
people of all sections, rcgnnllen of
party affiliations to stand wilh the
founders of the new party, one of
whose cardinal principles, he said,
waa to ls>. "Thou shall not steal."
Colonel Roosevelt nt 12. In issued this slate lit: "A   majority nf
li'lcgatcB honstly elected to this
convention were chosen by the
people to nominate me. Under
the direction, and with the encouragement of Mr, Tuft, tho majority
of the national committee, by the
so called si,-uin roller' method und
with si'uiul.'iluiis disregard of every
principle uf elcuiuntary honesty
and decency, stole eighty or ninety delegates, putting on the temporary roll call a Biitticii'int number of fraudulent delegates to defeat the legally expressed will of
lhc people and to substitute a dishonest for an honest majority.
The convention has now declined to purge the roll call of fraudulent delegates placed thereon by
the defunct national committee,
and the majority which thus end
orsed fraud made themselves, who
ull sat as judges on another's case,
Therefore I hope the men elected
ns Roosevelt delegates will now
decline to vote on any matter beforo thc convention. I do not
close any delegates from hit lion
oruble obligation to vote for me if
he votes at all, but under the
actual conditions, I hope that he
will not vote at ull. The convention as now composed has no claim
to represent the voters of the Re'
publican party. It represents
nothing lint tuccesful fraud iu
overriding the will of the rank and
file of theyeoplc. Any man nominated by the convention, as now
constituted, would lie merely thc
beiieficinry of this succesful fraud.
It would be deeply discreditable
to any man to nccept the convention nomination under these fir-
coinstances, und any man thus accepting it would have no claim to
the support of any Republican ou
party grounds nnd would publicly
forfeit the right to ask the tnpport
of any honest man of any party on
moral grounds (Signed) Theodore
Collections—la-1 u. collect your
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Our bui maeti all train*
Tbc Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B OOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER. Secretary
Whn tht Mirror Warms.
Since the tissues receive their tone
from the nerve centres, lustrous
eyes, a clear complexion and symmetrical figure can only be preserved by maintaining full nerve
vigor.   Wben the mirror warns
* Asaya-Neurall—
rst    NEW    REMEDY    rOI
is required. It feeds the
with Lecithin (concentrated from
thousands of eggs), tht form of
phosphorus required for
pair. "Asaya-NeuraU"
the appetite, aids digestion, induces sleep, and soon restores the
sparkling radiance of full nerve
The beueficialeltects are evident
almost from the first dose.
Ho. bout., «.<-.«•' Mau.nl, rut,
ObUl. f>M> UM eH.1 IfM,
Druggist., Cranbrook, 11. C.
will celebrate
Dominion Day, July 1st 1912
Programme of Sports and Prizes
Kirst Prize 2nd Prlne
Unsebull Match  $50.00 	
Football  " 50.00
Sawing Uontest   10.00   $5.00
Chopping Contest  10.00   5.00
Putting 10 lb Shot  5.00   3.00
Standing Long .lump  3.00   2.00
Running Long Jump  3.00   2.00
Hop, Step and Jump  3.00   2.00
Married Ladies'Race ,  ;t.00   2.00
Singlo Ludies' Race.  3.00   2.00
Ladies'Egg and Spoon Race   3.00   2.00
100 Yards Foot Race !  3.00   2.00
Fnt Mini's Race   3.00  2.00
Three-Legged Race  3.00   2.0t»
Sack Race.  3.00  2.00
Hoys'Race, over ten   2.00   1.00
"     under ten.  2.00   1.00
Girls'   "        overtoil.  2.00   1.00
"       "       under ten  2.00   l.uo
Shovelling Contest  5.00   3.00
Tug-of-War (Sullivan Miners vs. All Comers),    First Prize, $27.00
A Grand Ball wil) be given in the ftiners' Hall.
ADMISSION FREE.   Prizes awarded the Best Ludy and Gentleman Waltzert
As an
Ocean Port
"As an ocean port ALBERNI will compare most favorably with Portland and San Francisco."—From Official Bulletin No. 24.
Read That Twice
Think of what this fact alone means to ALBERNI. situated at she it on the WEST
coast of Vancouver Island- S to 24 miles nearer Australia, the Orient ami the PANAMA
CANAL than is Vancouver.
The largest vessels — not excepting monsters of the ''Titanic" class — can easily dock
And in a very few years vessels uf this size WILL lie steaming np Alberni canal to
1'iiiiiulu's most \V esteru port.
Bridge to the Mainland
Vancouver Island will soon be connected by bridge with the mainland. Then mails,
express, freight and passengers from foreign ports will Is) transferred at ALBERNI to the
transcontinental trains of the C. P. R. and thu Caniidinu Northern, and start their Eastern
journey over ten hours sooner than they now do.
Predicts West Coast Metropolis
Not long ago n prominent raiwuv ollicinl - iu close touch with Vancouver Island and her
future predicted that a WEST COAST PI HIT, ami nut Vicloria, will bo the future inelro.
polis uf Vancouver Island.
Aud when you stop to think of it, why not';
Such a port-mid ALBERNI  Is tl nly ono iHissiblo.   It it an entier nnd nearer
harbor forocoail going vessels than is Victoria. Vessels entering Alls-rni canal and hnrhnr
do not have to pass dangerous I'a|s> Flattery or go through the treacherous straits of .1 mm
de Plica,
You Should Act To-day
ALBERNI offers you nn opportunity yon should uot overlook.
Soon prices will lie higher mid your ehiinc- will ho gone. A handsome booklet on
ALBERNI will Is, freely given to you ou rc,|iu>at.   Aak fur one to-day.
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
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41 Market Company
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Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
A trial order will convince you of their excellence
Try our Brookfield Creamery Butter
AIMU 1ST 2-ltli.
I'Miui'iili-i), Alia., .lints 2(1.— Colonel Sir Kiii/iny Donah) Mncl«*n, liart,
K.C.It., |t,I,., iH'ivditaiv lit-.nl n( Hit*
Clan MocLcfiti, lias scut Uio "fiery
crttss" throughout the world( stmi-
inuiiiiii' liis i*l a us mon uud claiiswntiisii,
t>( whom tln-tv aro 2fi,000 in llio V;.it-
etl States ami Canada, to Dniart
Caalle, Isle of Mull, Scotland, August 21, when he will unfurl his haulier and otherwise fittingly ceteltrato
the triumph of peace. It will he the
first national gathering ot any Scottish family stmcc 1715.
Writing from London, whciri* he passes most of his time, to members ot
the clan in Kd in on ton, Sir KiUroy
says in part:
"I am happy to say the ancient
stn.iitfhold of the Macleans is now my
property. This important historical
event is giving great satisfaction to
all the Macleans in every part of tlm
world and I am thankful that it lias
happened in my day."
Duart Castle, which has lieen out
of the family for more than 2IMI yeara
was built in t-he 13th century, soon
after lho formation of ttie clan, aljout
1250; it was repaired ami enlarged by'fro.,, m varlolIS owncrs, Thi8| hoW.
Hector Mor, lonl of Duart frnm i«»LW| wafl accomplished hy Sir Kit?.
to 1568, who was    compelled to *ut-\       ^ is now arranging lo restore
etl on title opposite) sitle of the St-
Lawromv river, with their combineil
forces to capture Quebec, the key to
llie coiii-ucsl of Canada. Maclean
I helil" tho eily for several weeks ami
filially, mi the last night of 177.ri, he
tli-friiioii iin* Invading forces, thus
-holding Canada fot the llritish empire.
Duart Castle, where metiilHris of the
Clan Maclean from all parts of the
world will gather late next August,
is situated nu a promontory forming
tin* northeastern part of ihe Isle ol
Mull, which is separated from the
mainland by a narrow strait. The
Castle faces tlie sea and is built on a
porpeiid icu Inr rock, inn feet in
It derives its name from the Scottish wonls, "Dulih" meaning black,
"niwl," a height or promontory. Ap-
proatlied from the sea tlie rock is
dark and forbidding. The sailors oal-
lod It "IMibh Ami," hence the stronghold built there by the Macleans became generally known as "Dubh Alrd
Castle." Later the name was combined in one word, "Duart." Tlte sea-
waits of tlte castle are 14 leel, while
on the land side the stone work is
in feet in tictacss.
Duart castle ami the personal estate of tlte chief of the Macleans fell
Into the bawls of the victors and in
1845 there were 11 owners. It has
lieen the constant aim of the family
tlte Cast 100 years to regain possession of the struclure nnd surrounding
grounds. One of the chief difficulties
was to secure an agreement on price
render it in 1601.  The present cWeI-jt,w    buiWtogfl
tain, wlio possesses great wealth, has I Rr(Wn(js<
already enterend upon work of restor-j .^.^
ation and repair    at a large evpense.
Sir Kit/rny paid more than $500,000
tor   the castle and tlw    surrounding
Tlie Macleans took the leading part
in the attempt to restore the Scottish family of Stuarts to tho throne
nf Cireat Britain, Sir John Maclean,
20th chief ot tlie clan, summoned his
followers to lhc support of the Kail
of Dundee, who
and    refurbish     tbe
Mr. II, ft, MacMillan. who bas been
in charge of   the statistical work tor
the Forestry    Branch of 'he Department of  the Interior at Ottawa, has
was at the head ot[heea appointed Chid Forester for tlie
f :•;■>•■
Chafed. .Plages,
Are your feet hot,
sore and blistered ?
As soon as
Zam-Buk is applied
it cools and soothes
injured smarting
sun and tissue.
Its rich, refined
herbal   essences
penetrate the skin;
its antiseptic pro- «
perties prevent oil fi
dan-ferof festering ■"
or inflammation
from cuts or sores;
nut iu  healing   essence,
kujld up new healthy tisuie.
For itinsc, sunburn, cuts,
burns, bruises, etc.- just aa
effective. y
Mothers find it invaluable for
baby's sores!
AU UruvvttU ,iU Stottt\—tQ*\ box.
IV Scottish forces, uikI tin- Iirsl en- i-L.vi,,,.,. „| iiiHish Columbia. Mr.
gogoraonl in tlio campaign mu it.y tin-1 M.uMillan is iln- foremost Canadian
Maclean, at BrockbKCk, sir John ,-,„,.*,,, ,,i u,.. present da; who is in
HaoleaiM also mis in command ol"*o ,,.1,-rnmeni employ. Be is an Ontario
right ol tlie army .a Ita babtlo oi („u„ b, ,,inh and ■ gredoato ol the
Kllliecranlric, In wWc* the Scottish Ontario Agriculiur.il College, He rc-
l.mvs were I'lctorii us | ,..,„,. ,„s t,-mi,ngi in rbtatrj .il \'al<
sir John Maclean was ogola In L'nlit-rsilr Porott Sohool, under Pro-
loliiliiaml ol Un light Hank ol tli,' ai .,.s.,„ [| g (ii.ivcs. now chic! ot 111.,
mi at Un battle ol sln-riHinuii .hisi , ,„,,,| st.,t.~. Forest Sor*4cc. In Hie!
More Un battle started Sir John opinion .-I Ml Graves, Mr, Mm'Millar,
utepM in front ol liis rim and In a u „„,. ,-r  ti»- most brilliant -indents
loud voice eiclalmcd:    "Hrr,- stands <„ i atrj   ever    turned mil bj ino
Maclean    lor King   Jamo., Chargel v«le Forcstri School    It was large-
gi-ntlonii'ii. oh.iig. Ihr result waa    L   upon the     m-ommorolalion ot Mr.
complete rtotorj lot the ScotUoh lor- oravoj Unt Un Hon W. It Ron,
"'s , Minisi, r    ->l   Land, and Fon-sis lot
in    Uw attempt to piece     I'mi'v iiriiish   iviumi'ia, sokotol.Ur. Mae
Charles smart   on  the Uirooc,   the| Milton lor tho   Important poslUon ol
Highland    Scottish    ' -    -"-'
adhered lo lhe bouse
heavily al Un battle ..I Oulloden I |„,,n ,
April 16, nm. Charles Maclean, wto ,..,,_,
was in cominaiiil. and BOO ol his ilan ,,(   ^h,
Mr. W. F. Ourd, president ol
hoard of trade, is at present in Victoria, and white there he is fully
alive lo tho needs or Cranhrook city
and district. Ho has made it his
business to wait upon the minister
of agriculture, Hon. Price Ellison,
ami discuss willi hlm the question -if
n experimental orchard for this dis-
rict. As will bc recalled :, sit'.-
lor one was- selected, tint ns it happened, to he on llie ranollo of lhal
K,a.d t.rit, .los. Brault, the minister's partisan leanings would not
permit ol its lieing retained. Now,
however, he apparently realizes the.
stupidity of his conduct iu Un mate
ter and has given President Ourd a
positive assurance lliat on experimental orchard will !*> established in
Cronhroob district at once.
\..i satisfied wiih promising the
Immediate establishment ol an ex-
porimeiital orchard in the distiict,
Mr. Prieo Ellison has given Mr. liurd
his personal assurance tbat be will
actively join with tho Dominion authorities In s-viiring the establishment, in this distriet, ol an ex-
ivnmenlal farm.
Keep it up Price Kllison, Cranbrook district warrants generous
treat mint al lho hands nf the government ami it will well r.-pay every
cent expended in tin* encuiiragcmenl
of llw farminei and horlioulturnl industries ,
Hearty conantulations must Ik,
ovtondial to President Ourd lor bis
good work in this oonnecUon.
assured the BriUsh -
lie attorwoids I,
Soudanese expedition
relicl "I iiruri.il llm
same year in the Bui
III 1001 when he
Iii-ohlcl iii Natal be
sniit'h ogalnsl tlii- ll
110 davs, and niter :
was appointed govc
icss nl Gibraltar.
1881 fi
u, and
i nh
,.l   III,' (lo
il Lady-
iogers toi
r war  bc
Un- furl
Sydney,     .lune 'il.—Tlie
wealth government has Inaugurated a
bonus system tm  all babies bom in
Australia.   The bonus for each chilli
is lu he 1350.
Manager nol later than NownHier
5U), 1012. Afklrcm ,il communications in \merlcan Land aad Irrigation Exposition, Singer Building, New
York City.
I cuaiHlii la threatened with a singular strike, which, if it cvci.tual.zes,
is likely to have very serious conse-
yUMiccs, especlaly with tire county ol
Lambton, Out. Arthur Ellis,
tho nlhcinl hangman, is dls-
tlsfled with the linamial sta-
ll-us oi Wa unenviable Job. Tbo Docdon
j (hjvciiimu'iiI cut t»n his annual rotaln-
Oommon- ing too of $700, and while Ellis looks
tm this .is ,i hardship, his grievance
is againsl Slier in Kllnkfl, ni Lamb-
son, who engaged Ellis in bang tbo
iiniiiiii. Stephen Kyoshk, on June 6.
Ellin niaili* tin* trip to Sarvln, but ,ts
Kyoslik was granted a reprieve till
November, the Bherin relusod lo pay
f p.
lulilioitj agenl ol II
Colonization  Co
1.1,1., CalgatJI .Mhrrln, wr
lows.—"! take pleasure
you lic.eiviih entry lilait
Potato Contest at the American
Land .I' Irrigation rCxlitbitlon, in Now
Virk city iii November 1012. "The
opinion of lhe writer is Ural sonic of
the growers in tin's ilislliel shuiild 14'
Kind to enter lliis contest. If you Intend to make au exhihit, please advise Gilbert McUlung, acnbrnl Manager
American Land and Irrigation Kxpo-
silion, Singer Building, New ,Vorb
eily, AT ONCE, sn ihat preparations may Ik* made in lake core ol
your entry,    Alt entrj blanks   must
1 he; usual {SO, hut     t..1,1 him he
Id ci udder    lilmsclt engaged    lot
.    Ellis      win, was     pul   t,,
considerable expense, lias lak'cn logal
ndvioo iu the     matter of his unpaid
sendingIelaim, und he has heen infer I that
for the'lie can sue for llio amount.
Hotel International
il..,,. Losuens, Proprietor
OneoftliabestliotelBin Brltlch
■ liirv Line,
Loenteil on the jteitn-
lielween   lho   United
State* uml L'aiiioln, iu u cpot 1
rare aceiiic beauty, whom can
abounds and Fialiaio plentiful.
OorruBpomlonco of touilst.
promptly answered
B. C.
is a  |iulilic duty.
Ilu.iltli is carrying
The destruction ol tin: house lly
Almost every American State Hoard ol
on a crusade against him. H^^^^^^^^^^^
His liltliy nrijn and habits, and the laet that Lis body
is generally laden with disease-producing germs, m.ii.es him
one of the greatest enemies of the human race.
If the housekeepers of Canada will use
petsistently, this peril would be tremendously reduced.
lamlllco,   who'cim.f ftrarUg 1,0 iho province sine,
i,f Stuart, lost ,,|s
graduation    Mr.  UncMtllM has
einphofd f„r ei|rht yi\,rs by tbe
y   Branch of tlie    I>cpi!!tincut
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tiileiioi,   nn,] has esl.flttisbetl
»,-io killed ll uas a decisive Wcto-^ ,,.„,„,k,.],l,- reputation lor ability,
iv l,,i ths ej.venmienl loton and WM ,,,.,,,, ,„„| iHhninis-trallve en|weity
the l0»t attempt made hi the hlfh ,11,. 1,11,1 olmrio' ol Uh- tint lon-alry
land Seoltlab talilllies to   ntnln  the  mv,    ,,.,,,,  „,   ,'nnada and started
" I   ,i"'"    "lailaii.   lot    tbo  ||„. M,u,., „i iho   H.K'kv     Mountain
Stuartf. I p..1,si Reserve   Ho tJso Inaufurotcd
Pollowlrrl tbe initio at Culloden ,,„. collection ol statistics of the
(TM l.iaii.li ,.f ihe Maclean lamUj mie ,|,„„|,., |„,|iislrv in Cnnnda. Mr.Mae
iai,- i„ Bwodcri, another branch mov-Umi^ ,, m irrtercsttrrg writer upon
inn to Philadelphia, Penu, goirsj nt-, [,„,...,,.,, .„„, |umhcrlng nibJcoU. lie
silt    QEORQG  WHITE, V.C., D&
tt'iwanls In WiliniiitiMiti, 1>»*1 Colonel
Allan M.11 lean, u tnttnlHT o| tin' Drill wan* hranrli, recalling Ute do!«tl nl
Oullodnr, won uv% ot tin1 first bo tal*
si- a ivi;miHit   to oppOSfl tlw* Hrilish
lias written alttiiit (lltodl Potwtty
Drftnoh liiiti'tlns nml 1ms Ix-tiii a (ro-
ffucnl contributor t<> tin' iMimmis o(
lira Canada I.umlK-rman oml <tbrr
Journals.   Pot the    past ymr hi* has
government. His regiment was known|nited tin- position o( assistant- t« the
na   Allan    Madi-aii's  iiniii Infantry.
Afterward, when Uh- state ol Dela-
wan* ratiimi tin* tf.iii.il oontUUitdon,
Colonel Macloon   rignetl Uu ratiiici-
I.OIIlll.ll,     .llllll' '1
in Oeorgo Stuart
■1 Chelaoa hospital
lt» agiil    stiltlii'is,
motl dlat*Jngulahed
Tuesday, July 2nd   |
first time in C-iiin.l.i. America's Favorite Comedian uml
Operatic Stur
In the new I'.ili' Edition, tlio
Musical Comedy tie luxe
"The Flirting Princess"
By Adams, Hough nml Qownrd, authors of "Tho Prince
nf To-Night," " Nobody from Starland," Eta
Complotc protliic'iou Company 52
PRICES ■ $2.00,51.50, $1.00,75c., 50c.
Scuts on Sail* at Bcnttle-Marpliy's Dmg Stow
-Vlcl.l Marshall
White, governor
l.tilitloli's hntilt'
mil nm* of tlio
.nlilli-r.s m      tlii'
lion on iH-halt of lhi- county of Kent.
Wlillo Colonel Allan Maclean in Delaware was doing ovetyMng wWhtn his
imwcr lu oppose tin* Hritish ItirccR,
anollHT liMtnlMT o tin* family, Sir
Allan Maclean, a general tn the British army in chargr of -, BooHlrti regiment In eastern t'anatla, rcm-hcil the
rity of Quebec by forced inarclieH just
Mho Huntgnnwry und ArnoM arrlv
Itiitisli aiinv, is tlcatl in his nvenly
sfVMith year.
Sir Oeorgo UIii'i*. wlm was an
Irisliniaii, paaapd ilnnii);li a itronuouj
life ua n soldier, ii-litui'. Britain's
hat lies in all parts of tlte world. Ho
went through the teriihlc hardships
of oho Indian mutiny in 1857, as a
young ofllccr. It was, however, during the Afghan war, in IH79-8H, that
Ih* matle his fame, ami won the rare
ilistinctiuii of tin* Victoria Cross tor
♦♦♦♦♦•»♦»♦♦♦♦«>♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*'>
JP-  BURNS & CO., LTD. |
Cranbrook, B. C,
At Uie battle nt t'ttiirasiiin i
In- led tlie I WO i,,ni|,;itiies nt liis
DlROlor "t Forestry. During his!
eniits,' nt Vale Mr. MurMillan wos|
lin'siiletn    ,il the Yale   Forest Club.
lie Is also a ineinW-r nl Uie executive IRtiiient, the Gordon IHshlawlers, tip a
oommltlM    ol tl»- Snelety  ,it fana-[ st«-p mountoin lo nttocli the Btrong-
<li„ii Forest   Errglnwrs,  Mr. MaeMII-jl) |inst«l AlRlians.
In liritisli l',iluinlila.l»>"sl«l, lw   sel/i*l
All Our Meats arc Government
Head Olliee. CALGARY, ALTA.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦■»»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦• ■>♦♦♦♦♦■»
Iiui will not ko
until he has taken a holiday. His
work nt Ottawa has been most, exacting nntl a Wetl-enhied lest is necessary Mon* In* attempts to take up
ihe arduous ami extremely Important
duties of his ih*w position in Uh*
With his men ex- *
ritlt*, und     nil-  *
vnneod alone,  ami  shot    an Afghan '
general tlead. I'
lie accompanied l.ortl Holier!**,    on *
his march to Kandahar, and in     the ,
final charge, he, rude straight up    to '
the iiinz/hs of    I !if Afghan eanuons,
cuplni««l one with ttU own |uu«ls amlj
Apples, Plums, Pears and
Hen,I iis your n.-mi.- mill ii'lilress nml wo will iiniii yon our
Now Oatalogno
B.talillilied in inoo.   Ill Aere*
************** **************
q VERNON, B. C. »
4}     Have ;i very line nssorttiit'iit ,,f *
4i Fruit Trees »
*     Ornamental and Shade Trees     »
« and Shrubs *
*l    All treeB offered for solo aro grown iu our owti nurseries on
*» tin- ColiUtrentn Estate *
J     P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent, CRANBROOK, B.C.    *
4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 *********** 4* *"* 4 4
\ Imperial Bank of Canada |
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED ■ $10,000,000.00
RESERVE FUND         . . 6,000,000.00
TOTAL ASSETS          - - 572.000,000.00
11. B. WILKIE, PrwlUent.
Accounts   u!   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants  j
Pnrmors anil Private Individuals invited, *
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in nny part of
the world.
SAVINGS I'Kl'AUTMi:NT Special attention
^ivt-n to Savings Bank Aocounts Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received aud interest allow,,! from date of deposit.
j    Cranbrook Branch: !i. VV. SUPPLE, Mgr.
************** 4******4*****4
* The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd.
Head Office   .  •       Cranbrook. B. C.
« <*
See us about I-.nils in the Beautiful
Kootenay Valley  	
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit our Experimental Farm-- at Wardner, B. O.,
and Marysville. li. C.
k> fcAAAAAAAAAA **A*-*»*i4AAj
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Ineor, ,,r»T. !  IMS
Capital Paid Up $6,350,000 Reserve $7,450,000
Total Assets, $110,538,512,19
II. S. HOLT, PrMldtrit      E. I.. PEABB, O.ner.l H.ii.g.r
AcconntH ol Firm., Corporation, and IndWldusti solicited,
lint-uf town ba.lne.. receive, every .ttentlon.
SAVINGS DEPARTilENT-DoposlUol 11.00 tnd nnw.rdl rec.lyed
and latereet allowed at current rate,   Nu lormailt" or ,lelay in
A (ieuerftl Banking Badness transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. II. O'CONNELL, Manager
A  Good   Home
h whal is dear to every man, A homo
i-i nrboro Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is fonnd. That is the reason
men throughout liritisli Columbia, whon
"OranbrooK" ts mentioned think of tbe
provisions Jos. Ifntnlt has made for an
ideal homo ut the
Canadian Hotel
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
w. K. JOHNSON, Proprietor
*****444**»*m**W*e»*»**9m4**tt**t****************i Ult/YN IlltOOK. HERALD
Bt the Herald   Publishing Company,
V. J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CRANBROOK. B. C, Jnae 2,, 1912
It is high time the electors ot
Cranlirook   district   took  serious
thought ut the manner in whieh
this constituency is being treated
by the   Provincial   Government,
The Herald mekes this statement
in no partisan spirit, but solely
with   the  idea of conserving tin1
best interests of tlie district.    It
Jias been noticeable for some time
(inst  that in many minor, and in
soinu   major  matters.   Oranbrook
district's  best   interests   nre   not
receiving the consideration their
Importance merits.   It is true that
a  very large autn of money  was
appropriated last session for road
and other public works in this dis
triet.   This was no more than was
due the district, but the Herald, in
common with the electorate goner
ally, is fully prepared to give llr,
Thos. Caven. M.L. A., full credit
for securing bo generous au appropriation.    Hut road work is not the
only requisite, and even generous
appropriations for  that  purpose
may not always be expended will)
the best results.    At  the present
moment the mutter to which th,
Herald   particularly    wishes   to
direct attention is the division of
the former Fort Steele lund recording district into two. the Oranbrook
and   Fernie  Laud  recording dis.
tricts.    In this division anything
but justice has been done the Crunbrook district.    A  very large proportion of the lauds to the east,
forming a section of the Cranbrook
electoral distriet, has been placed
iu the Fernie land recording district, doubtless   with   a view   to
securing the land registry otlice for
Fernie iu preference to Cranbrook
This is  undoubtedly   u move of
Hon. W. It. Itoss. who seeks to
magnify his own riding at the expense of Cranbrook, an altogether
indefensible move, and one that
should   be   warmly resented   by
Crunbrook residents.   In another
direction   it   would   appear   that
Cranbrook's   interests   are being
sacrificed for the benefit of W. II.
Itoss's riding.    The construction
of a direct road between this city
and Gateway was under way—a
very   benefioial   piece of  work,
lieni'hriul alike to Gateway settlers
and Craubrook tradesmen.    The
Herald is   informed by Gateway
settlors that this work has come to
a standstill.    Under existing conditions the Gateway settlers are
seriously handicapped in marketing their produce and in securing
supplies, owing to the difficulties
of access to centres of imputation.
At present most of their trade goes
to Fernie: but Oranbrook is their
uatii rid market,.ind withn good road
between this city and Gateway tbe
great proportion of it would come
this way.   It is therefore distinctly
unfair to have the   member   for
Fernie. a Cabinet Minister, using
bis Influence witb his Ministerial
colleagues to side track this city
and district.   The Herald wishes
merely   to place tliese few facts
liefore the electors of Cranbrook
district with a view to arousing
them to a sense of the situation, so
tlmt tliey may be up nnd doing.
Conservatives ami  Liberals alike
must be prepared to join hands in
impressing upon the Victoria au
thorities that Cranbrook  district
will not tolerate unfair treatment,
It may well la- that Mr. Thos.
Caven is overridden by Hon. \V,
K. Itoss iu his recommendations
to the Government,  The Herald
lias no desire to belittlo his itrorts,
or to suggest thut ho has been
looking iu any particular where
this district's welfare is concerned;
but the facts indicate that Cranbrook distriet is not receiving a
si|uare deal, und it is up to the
electors of the district, irrespective
of party leanings, to demand an
immediate change in this respect.
rilli'iit'TIMI, QUEBEC,
Quebec, Juno 26.—A fire which
broke out in I'hicoutiini in the district) ol Saguanay destroyed a large
number nl buildings, including the
Chateau ile Kageunay, tlu- cathedral,
town hall ami the dticoutltnl hotel.
Also a number ol buildings, private
residences and stoles. At 0 o'clock
the lire was under control.
'Ifci. mayor of Clucouttml wired
Mayor Orouin, of this city, tor help,
but us it would have taken about
eleven or twelve hours lor a detach,
unlit , f the brigade. t,> reach tne
scene by special train, llie request
iv.is not acceded tn. A despatch le-
ceiiid tonteM staled Ihat Hie lire
was under control al ti o'clock, although il was still burning fiercely
and four bouses had beon blown up to
slop its progress, The telephone and
government telegraph offices were
,iu ol order 'between Quebec and
t'liicoiil mi early tbis evening.
Ottawa, dune 26.—Alter many
years ol faithful and efficient work in
tlie civil service ol Canada, Col.
Fred White, supcrintt'ndent ol the
R.N.W.M.P., is to retire. Col. White
wns at one time in the. servlec ol the
id Police, and as tile loree grew in
private in the Fenian raid trouble,
lie became secretary to Sir .John
Mnnh nald and enjoyed thc confidence
of the great Conservative premier to
an unusual degcee, While acting as
private secretary he was largely Instrumental in organizing the Mounted Police, and as tlie loree grew n
strength, lie gave his whole time to
direction. As Mounted Police
commissioner he has done valuable
Utterly he has been in poor
health and has lieen on leave ol absence. This leave bad been extended
at his own rnouest till .lanunry 1,
when he will retire. Col. White was
also commissioner in charge ol thc
when he wil retire, t'ol. Whleo was
government ol the unorganized territories in Canada.
Sundays-Low   ma., at 8.30 a.m.
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom 2 to .1 p.m.; Rosary and B
diction at 1.90 p.m.
Mondays sad   holy days el obligation—Max at I a.m.
Weak days-Mass at ( a.m. at Mm
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock — Holiness meeting.
Sunday alternoon, 2 o'clock —Sunday school.
Sunday alternoon, .1.30 o'clock —
Free and easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8 o'clock — Salvation meeting.
Ilible lesson: "The Fruits tl Salvation."
Tuesday night—Salvation meeting.
Thursday night—Holiness meeting.
Saturday nigfct — Praise meeting.
Everybedy heartily invited to these
Fred'k A. Stride, Captals
Rev. \v. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor wil
preach at 11 a in. nnd 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Builders and
Their lliilhllng."
A special servlec in romnieniora
lion ol tin- Cradle Roll Parents especially Invited,
Evening subject: "The Land ol
Promise," A patriotic address, Special music hy thc choir.
All arc .oi'dinllv invited.
The Cranbrook Drug and Book
Store is the only place in the
city where you can buy the
Great French Tonic and
Blood Purifier
Get a Bottle To-day and Tomorrow You'll be Better.
YlOOnoii is a Frond. Tonic com*-
posed of harmless higredloniSj com-
pouiulwi by chemists. 11 ts very rarely you can ft", a medicine tlmt will .
do 'itf* work as (illicitly as VKIOHOI..1 *
effects. Uh.imallsm can and will lie
driven away if you Uk- VKIOHOI..
li makes jrou led like a now person
in a lew days. Are yon not tooling
yourself? Have yon that tired, lazy,
feeling? I*n ynn tVil di//.y'f II so,
tliere is something wrnn*4. Drive it
away by taking VIGOROL, Von will
eat and leol lit'ltei* in a few days. If
ymi doii'l. Tlie ('raiilitouk DtUg and
Hook will refund yon vmir dollar,
VIGOROL will fiin* all kidney, liver
ami stomach trouble, biliousness antl
IiKlrgestlon, t.iui touts ti)) the out ire
F you  are  going
Fishing on Suu-
iluy or lst of
July nnd need to
sweeten up yonr outfit, just -rive us au
Wo have tliu dope..
Hardware, Stoves,   House Furnishing Goods
,**»***%*%*% jk%*\ 4A*4.*aA*sAAAAAAAAA g%
.  Hubert llrnwn will not
during 'luly mid August,
irood (rami' is anticipated,
Won. I.6at
Conuncicials  3 0
t'.P.lt 2 1
Cubs 1 1
Y.M.CA 1 2
Tlu- Y.M.CA. Tennis club lias lieen
organized with the following) oilicers:
■President—P. Itossotor.
Vice-Presideiet—1. R. Thompson.
Sec-Treas.—.los. Burgoyne.
The grounds arc in Rood shape ami
the club anticipate a goml season's
At tlie Y.M.CA. alltys last Thursday night the Y.M.CA. Icaro again
(Ideated lhe Brunswick team by 175
pins. Burr made the high score, 207
also the high three, 012. Followin
were the scores:
ion 012
111) tin 128 378
M0 Mil 108 400
119 125 100 380
.101 110 132 379
■lohn Armour, of Armour uud Kennedy, sp)lit the week end ut I'it-
Burr    200  20
Campbell ...
Chambers ....
715   701
Y. M. C. A.
733   2209
Milne ...
Stephens .
150 530
150 479
152 510
171 439
113 417
781   822   778   2381
Tbo lacrosse team leave Sunday lor
Nelson and will meet that team on
Monday, July 1st. The boys have
been practising (aitlilully under tho
direction ol t'nptain Matthews ami schedulut (nr Wednesday evening was
expert to retrieve tlieir honors wlirn postponed on account ol the circus
thej lost to Nelson in rraiitirunk on on Um grounds. Krldny night thai
May 2teh.
Iln last Friday evening Uie Y.M.C.
A. team deleated tlie CP.R. team in
the city league. This is the first
game won by thc Y.M.CA. and their
defeat r,l the league leaders proves
that they will yet have t0 be reckoned wilh before the end ol the season.    The   Commercirl-Cl'.lt. game
The t'ranbrook Gun club will hold a
special shoot on Dominion day at 3
p.m. at the grounds on the WypllOe
Yesterday some ol the new meuilaers
engaged in a shoot, tbc see res being
as folows:
Kirst Event.
Supple ...
Mcl.aws .
Hoggarth   3
Second Event.
Supple ....
Paterson .
Paterson .
I.aidlaw ..
Mcl.aws ..
.... 1
Itev. Mr. Kendall is attending the
Baptist convention on the coast this
Mrs. C. .!. Stevens, fenwick Ave,
oKy. 20-lt
Tlie puliic school closes tomorrow
for the summer holidays. Principal
and Mrs. Cranston will spend their
vacation at Victoria. The other
teachers will leave lor their respective homes- early next week.
Fresh Rhubarb.—Watson's, Box 21,
Creston, B. C, will supply lintels and)
families direct, 10 lo 30 pound
eases, 5c. per lh., larger quantities,
■1JC; express paid to Cranhrook, B.
C 20-4t*
Captain Stride, nl tlie local Salvation Army corps, has been notified
that in response to petitions tor-
warded to,headquarters Irom this
city, he is not to be removed at
present, but will put Iu another term
hen-. Captain Stride Is naturally
highly pleased at this evidence ol the
eonlidence Cranbrook people have in
asked a tee of merely $21) uud would
gladly have pul. on a IH'liormnucc . if
olrcuntstniices had permitted. The
manager said that owing lo lhe
late hour of arrival nnd the wet
weather he fell that they could not
put on a really giH.il show and be
would not give anything inferior in
Cranhrook. The Kit Wild West
show will he here again in the
spring, when the manager promises
an extra special pel'oi'maticc.
LOST. — Between Wyclifle and
Cranbrook, folding kodak. Reward
oUcrcd at Herald ofllce. 20-lt
WANTED.-A     houscawper.
wages. Apply Herald office.
Come anal we "Redemption" at
Auditorium Theatre Friday, June
28th. A great play with a moral.
Every woman in Cranbrook should I summer
Lcthlridgc Herald: White on his
trip to Alberta the executive ot the
hoard of control ot the Dry Farming
Congress will entertain Sir Richard
McBride, premier ol, British,Columbia, at the Alberta club, Calgary.
Il.ni. Premier Sifton will also lie one
of tlie guests, of honor. Thc function
will be held on Saturday evening at
nine o'clock, and besides the members of thc board of control Irom
Lethbridge, there will likely be in
attendance several of the members of
the Alberta board of, control, invitations having been issued by Secretary Burns to all the nicinbcrs in
the province. Tlia, affair promises
to be one of some importance, for
Mr. McBride has Interested himself
personally in the work i f the congress, and has promised a provincial
exhibit to the congress from his
see this great masterpiece. Admission, 10c and 15c.
Rev. W. K. Thompson bas arrived
in town to take charge ol thc
Presbyterian church in this city. For
the present bc is tbe guest ot Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon, but in
the course ol a day or two will
move into -tlie manse. Mr. Thompson
will conduct both services at the
Prcspyleriau church on Sunday. The
formal induction service will bc held
on Wednesday, July 3rd.
Alfred Murphy was in from Gateway during the week. Mr. Murphy,
speaking on firholt ol himsell and
many Gateway residents, expressed
serious concern at the discontinuance
ot work on the highway 'between
this city and Gateway. Mr. Murphy
emphasized the necessity ol such
highway and told ol the important
service sum a road would render, not
thc residents at Gateway but
the business men ol this city as well
The Gateway country is rapidly fill
ing up with a line class ol settlers.
Mrs. W. Rankin, ol Bull R ver, is
visiting in the city.
WANTED AT ONCE.- Oirl to do
general housework. Apply to Mrs.
II. White. 31-tf
FURNISHED   HOUSE   to let   for
Burwell avenue.     Apply
Box B , Herald office. 2U-3t
A LAUGE LOT on Block 1H4, near the Public Schools,
212 feet by 80 foot, with  house suitable for n small family ] \
and lotting for rent ut $8.00 per month und presently occu
pied by u tenant.   Price, with feo simple title,
$000,00, Cash and terms
1110 ACHES, in fee simple, one million feet timber, excellent eight-room dwelling house nud offices; abundant wuter; |'
2(1 iici'i's under cultivation.
$0,000, Cash nud tortus.
Host buy in tlie Kootenny country.   Convenient to rail und
IK) ACRES   Crown grouted, 15 acres under cultivation,
ii acres almost roatly for the plough,  $1,000 worth of Ioks ' >
on luml;  1 loam ol' horses, wtlgoil nud harness, mower nud ''
ootnpleto outfit of line agricultural Implements; boiler und
engine with ciirdwoiKl Bttwltlg outfit:ten room dwelling house,
water iu kitchen; burn witli new liny currier fork; carpenter 11
and hlni'ksiuiUi shop, fully equipped, 120 chickens, ineulia
lorn, brood,'i'n,    Will sell ns u going concern
$10,000, Cusli uud lerms.
I guaranteo the (ongoing to lm wel
investigation Iiy prospective investors,
worthy the closest
Raworth Block CRANBROOK
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O.. LL.D, D.C.L.. Pre.ld.nl
General Manager Aaaiatant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce enable the traveller to
provide himself with funds without delay at each point of his journey in
a convenient yet inexpensive manner. They are issued payable in every
country in the world in denominations of
$10,   $20,   $50,   $100,   $200
with Lhe exact equivalent in the moneys o( tliu principal countries stated
on tlie face of each cheque.    They are economical* absolutely safe self-
Identifying and easily negotiated. B 3
K. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B. C.
Third Event,
The "Over Seas" Club
(Ireat disappointment wm caused
iu town today by tlu- lalluic ol the
tut Wild West show to nut on u performance. The show was late la
arriving ami the tain added to tlieir
,19'difficulties, so that the manager Iin-
12 ally decided nnt to hold a prrlur-
in.iiici', as they had to leave at six
o'clock for Lethbridge. There would
have lieen a record breaking attendance had a performance been given,
the town being literally crowded
willi visitors Irom outside points, all
anxious to sec the show,
l.aST.-fflctwccn Wycllffe and
Cranbrook, folding kodak. Reward
offered at Herald office. 26-lt
There will lw a great gathering at
the Auditorium this evening ol members and friends ol tbe Over-Seas
club, to hear    nn address by
It was    rumored around town during the alternoon that the real   rca-
I'ubs and Y.M.CA. will play and
Mr | son why the 101 WIW West show did
not put on a show was because a
demand ol 11,000 tor a license Ice
was made ol them. Tne manager ot
tlie show told a Herald representative tbat there was absolutely no,
inula in sunk a statement. Tbey were.
Evelyn Wrench, organizer of the club.!*0' '"" "" " sl,mv TO Uxmm!
Mr. Wrench will tell of thc     club's
origin, its aims and objects. Admission will Ik- Iiy ticki.'t only, no
Manager Gurnard, of tlu- Auditorium, has completed arrangements
with Messrs. Butler and Hell, whereby tbey will present a series ol popular plays at tbe Auditorium theatre
during tbc summer mouths, opening' p|a]lt
.Inly 8th, and ('hanging plays three
times weekly, full details are not
at present available, but popular
prices will prevail, giving Cranbrook,
iu this respect, thc same advantages
as many larger eilies. Each, play
will ,run for two nights, changing
Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. There will lie special scenery
lor each play ami special vaudeville
numbers between all acts. Tbis is a
move in thc right direction and it
tlte opening plays prove attractive
tho company will doubtless remain
here lor a long time.
Strayed    hay marc came   into my
place at   Wardncr    In early   spring.
Owner may have same by paying for
this ad. arid  hrr keep.—Arthur l.und
Wardner, B.C. 25-41
Come ard ue " Redemption " at
Auditorium Theatre, Friday, June
28th. A great play with a moral,
Every woman in Cranbrook should
see this great masterpiece. Admission 10c and 13c.
At the next meeting ol the t'ran
brook Poultry and Pet Stock Association to lie held Friday, Jul? Mb,
Rev. W. E, iviiuham will speak tn
Market Poultry and give a demonstration by plucking nnd dressing n
fowl to illustrate his addicss.
Anyone with any knowledge ol how
eholec poultry should lie prepared tor
market will agree that the maimer ol
preparing llie poultry offered the public in this town could lie much improved upon and in view ol llw laet
tliat Mr. Dunham has in the past
'been in charge ol such concerns as the
poultry fattening department ol Wm.
Davis Co., Toronto, and others, any
one who has poultry to market will
do well to come and hear Mr. Dunham and bring a good bunch ol questions i'ong.
WANTED.-A competent maid lor
Kcncral housework. Apply to Mrs.
Oeo. A. I.elteh alter June 27th. 25 tl
Illairmorc, Alta., is to have a cement plant to cost lour, hundred tkous-
aiul dollars. This announcement was
made last week by directors ot the
Keystone Portland Dement company
following the decision of the directors
to authorize tile construction of tlie
plant. It is to have a capacity cf
fifteen hundred barrels per day and
vv.1.1 be completed early in 1913. The
mill will bc located within a short
distance of the lime, oo.il. and shale
deposits of the Keystone company.
The Company is hacked by a groupe
of Brussels bankers. The
will consist of twelve
buildings, the largest of whicli will
be a stock house 250 . BO leet. The
power kotise will bc 1 to x 110. The
plant wifl ts- one of the largest in
Canada. Thc syndicate financing thc construction, ol
the Illairmorc plant has
announced that a 2,500 barrel establishment will be elected on the Pacil
le coast. Construction work on the
Blalrmoro plant vill commence .luly
ne Cement Company are in Calgary
I, Carl Newtoa Corwln, hereby
make application to purchase lb.
following described lands:
Commencing at the S.W. corner ot
P. R. 1278, thence north 40 chains,
tbence west 40 chains, thence south
■III chains, tkence east 40 chains to
point ot commencement, containing
160 acres, more or less.
Carl Newton Corwin.
Dated March 23rd, 1913. 17-91*
FOR   SAI.E.-Uaby carriage 37.00.
Apply Box 3, Herald office.       21-tf
A. N. Moiiat having retired from thc
management ol the 41 market compa
managlment otthe 41 market company W. M. Hay has Iktii appointed general manager: Mr. Hay comes Irom
Toronto and Winnipeg, and has bad
maiuy years experience In thc business, both wholesale and rctal. S.
McLean Norton, who is secretary-
treasurer, will have control ol the
financial, accounting and auditing de
|-,utie!iienls of the company, t'nder
tlie ailminislialiin of Mr. Mount tbe
operations ol the II Muikct company
dale hum largely cxicndial, and branches are now In full swing ul Nilson.
I'raii/m.h, Fernie, Hosmer uud Natal
in Itiilisb Ciilunibis, uud at Cob-man,
Illairmorc, Frank, Hellenic, pinrbci
Creek and Macleod ill Alberta. Willi
Die rapidly ilicrcasiug business iu
tlie province of Hritish Columbia, it
has turn lound necessary to change
the location ol the bead office Irom
Pitichcr Creek, Alta., to Fernie, B.C.
This will necessitate during the current month, a transfer nl tin? head
office lo Fernie, where the Company
has recently acquired commodious and
centrally licatcd premises.
wheeled English cart and single harness; in lirst class condition. Apply
Herald office, Box A. 21-11*
WANTED.—Married man (thoroughly experienced wilb horses) to work
on runchc in East Kootenay; steady
all-year job to suitable party, separ-
I Lake View
| Hotel
|] I'lUU'KIKfi'H
| St. Mary's Lake. B. C.
B Gnosis conveyed from
H Marysville to the hotel
I by motor enr or team.
| Excellent Fishing Retort
(iiisoliuo and Row
Boats for Hire
au tm fa
For a License    to Take and      Use
that Walter Halsall, of Cranbrook,
IHC., will apply tor a license tn take
and use 1 cubic loot ot waler out ol
Booth Creek, which How. tn a northerly direction through lots 10303 and
10,300 .,,,,1 rmptles int., St. Mary's
Itiver n,-ar Wyellfle, li C. The water will be diverted at 200 yards north
ol Post 6, Lot 10302 and will bo
used for Irrigation punioscs un lb.
land ili'scribed a. hit 10300.
This nutbc wa. posted nn th.
ground on the 18th day ol May,
IIU, Tbe application will la' tiled
In tbc office ot tne Water llrconler ut
Cranlirook, B.C.
objections may be filed witb      the
suid  Water  Recorder    or   with  th.
Comptroller ol Water Rtglfts, Parliament Buildings, Vicloria, B.C.
31-51 Walter Halsall, Applicant.
The Home Bakery
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
nlu tree house, luel and board; wages
145 per nionlb; one child not objected to; man to milk three cows and
wile to churn. Apply Pownall, Fort
Steele, East Kootenay. B.C.     IMV THE UBAJN BROOK H KHALI)
Come and See "REDEMPTION;' Auditorium, Friday, June 28
Wo Imvo just received u large consignment of
Thermos Goods
niul tiro procured to give mir customers prices on lliis line
never beforo hoard of,
Pint Bottles  $1.25 to $2.75
Quart   "  $2.76 to $4.50
Ooltoo Pots  $7.50
Luiiili Kits   $'_'.7o
Thermos Otipa, sot of ti, nickel
plated   $l.r.t)
All rolillulilc
Something New -The Thermos Carafe
•lust the thing to keep that summer drink at the right
temperature.    Keep litinors cool for Sli hours without ice.
Quart size, ull nickel plated finish    $11.00
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The iRexaML Store
Cranbrook - - B. C.
C. Hungcrford Pollen, ol Hits city,
is to be married In Victoria on
July loth to .Miss Dumblolon, Alter
the- weddimg Mr. and .Mrs. Pollen
will iqo to England lor tlieir honey
moon, returning! ti CrainVook somi
time in September,
r   For   ">i
June Brides
Let ua help you to select something for the hrlila to he. Wa
have just ailileil to onr stock u
flpleu-iiil aesort menl of
Sterling Silver
Cut Glass
in a great variety of pattern! ami
A in I rememher that every
article ve tell in hacked up hy
our broad gtiarantpe ami you'll
not lie disappointed in anything
piirchaodl at tlii-* store.
Come and have a look anyway.
Freeh pineapples    am)   ranWupe.*
Dampbell ami Manning
ta.75 is    tbc   C.C.
price i'ii iron beds.
('. A. Kllttgenaroitti and trite   were
down trom Elko during Uie week.
%i 75 is    Um  0.C.S, rioting    ou)
pi [co un iron bttis.
.1.  .1      it'liaia, tbe l'af<rtiy atclti-
Icot, was in town dm inn tbo week.
\sk Hlnmly, Hloiidv knOWfl.   MMtone
08. 22 -II
$2 7.r. is    tin*  C CS. dosing    out
pi in* on Iron beds
Iv Home was in rrom Jaflray yo*
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
$2.75 is thc C.C.S. closing out
price on iron beds.
Hr. and Mrs. Oreen and Miss Oreen
motored to Wasa on Wednesday afternoon.
Cultivators, Plows, Harrows, Waggons, Buggies etc.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Your choice ol over 100 suits tor
less than $10.00 at C.C.S. sale.
Mrs. Pollock, of Fernie, is visiting
in the    city the guest ot Mrs. E. II.
Hall price only is being charged tor
a great hunch of crockery at Vat
A.Y.M. Pinkham, ol Calgary, has
been in town for several days, renewing old actpisintjuiees.
Choice oranges, lemons and banan-
aa at Ward and Harris.
Half price only is being charged for
a great bunch of crockery at the
E C Leonard, general manager ol
tin Motor Supply Co.. ol Calgary,
was in town this week.
Your choice nt over 100 suits tor
Inn than $10.00 at C.C.S, sale.
Mi-s Lottie Mott, of Fernie, arrived in the city Ihis wctk and is the
guest ol Ml   and Mil A   J. Mott.
Fine, ripe, juicy cantelotipe at the
l.isi  Koott*n.iy Merc. House,
Sunday on Cherry Creek.
Hall price only is being charged tor
great bunch  of   crockery at   the
Mr. and Mrs. Lome Langln, W,
Mackay and Miss Sadie Moran spent
Sunday at Moyie Lake.
J. Tannhauser, jr., C.P.R. timber
inspector, was in town this week the
guest of Mr. and Mrs,   L. L. Langiu.
All kinds of chick food, clam shell,
grit, beef .scraps, etc—Campbell and
Tlte Epwortfc League of the Metbo-
itis't church .gave a very dulightlul
social at tlte parsonage grounds on
Tuesday evening.
Hall price only is being clrarged for
great bunch of   crockery at   tbc
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. S. Oill and
Iheir younger children will bc leaving
shortly on a two months vacation
to Morris, Man.
Water     gltSSCl
i.v doten.
Mr   and Mrs,   A.  .1. Mott   Mr. anl
Mn   Cooper     ami Miss    Mott spent
tho brand Wttl so good, And Ihu cook—hi. nod wife —
promptly ordered nnotltor melt of th,, mime goal Hour frum
whicli ii wuh mads -
There IS aoim>tliin>* iu that old auw tlmt "tho way to
,   reach u 1111111'* henrt in tlironu;h hia stomach," and there's
>   Hint Iliiil quality in our Hour whicli unfiiilinidy Hnili the
A simile suck will satisfy you that you can't buy better
Hour.   TRY IT..
Cranbrook, B.C.
FROM S1.00 TO 1100.00
Please Cull and Hee Our
1912 Stock
Jewelers and Opticians
Fresh Fruits ami vegetables.-
brook Trading t'o.
, ran-
Mr 0. R. Furlong has taken over
thc upholstering and cabinet repairing work formerly carried on by Mr.
Fred Chapman, ol Charmum's Agnicy.
Your choice ol    over 100 suits
leas than Uu in, at CCS. sale.
Miss Dlga Wigen It-It lor t'ranbrook
raft Friday- where .he will study to
be a nurse, at the Sister's Hospital.
Creator,  Hcview.
Ask 111, nd,   Blondy knows.
I.    Hiiiiv Walker,   the    Dominion
immigration officer,    ol    Winnipeg,
spoilt a lew hours   in lown on Wednesday.
Your choice ot    over 100 suits
less tliun llu IIU at C.C.S. sale.
II. i: Foster, M.I. A., and wil.
passed through town on Monday, on
tlieir wuy home to Wilmer Irom
New   potatoes,    cabbage,
'tc , al Ward and Harris.
ea riots
New   potatoes1   Now
lotiiioca!  (i
loiinds    for    25c—Kast
Merc. House.
The (.decomposed body of a man
was found on Sunday taorntng bom
Benedict's Skiing. It had evidently
!I.fii in the water fot several weeks.
Coroner Hell, oi this city, has opened an investigation. Tbe body was
caught  in a log jam.
ni Lethbridge.
Baby's hammocks at $1.25; full
length hammocks from $3.00 up; special line at $5.00i—Easl Kootenay
Merc, House.
• lames Fii.lay is presenting a $50
cup for competition at the coming
Kail Fair. Thc cup will lie awarded
It tlio winner of tlie five inili* fool
race, and to become , the personal
property of any individual must be
won twice in accession.
Many lines ul mete's shoes setllug
half price.-C.O.S.
cups uml   saucers 82e,    hall
Surely a closing out price—
Mr. ami Mrs. E. Mallandaine came
in from Wilmer on Wudnrsday. Mrs
Mallandaine went on to Creston to
look after her strawberry crop and
Mr. Mallandaine returned to Wilmer
Preserving strawberries next week,
Tho lowest price tills season.—Campbell and Manning.
Married—(in Wednesday afternoon,
Juno 86th, 1912, at tlie home of
ttto bride's parents, east of thc city,
Mr. John Johns anil Miss Alioe Austin, Hev. W. E. Dundam, pastor
Methodist clmrch, offlciaUog.
Ask Blondy. Hlondy knows.
The liarons Enterprise Bays: White
V. II. Chapman Was onB&tged with
bis well drilling outfit on Paler
Lund's farm, northwest of town,
a good jAjr\ scam oi cnal was discovered at a depth of about 85 feel, and
plenty of good water ot  133 feet.
cups und   saucers 32c,   hall
Surely a closing out price.—
Fresh cantaloupes, pineapples, cherries, etc., at Ward and Harris.
Mrs. li. T. Hrymuer, is reported
convalescent ,iiid will soon bc able
to leave thr* St. Eugene hospital,
where sbe lias Ihi*ii for the past sct-
eral days.
Water    glasses   —
15c. dozen.
C.O.S.-c cs.
Mrs. L. L. Litngin has returned
from Victoria, where she represented
the local Rebekah lodge in Uk- provincial assembly, and reports a
sum's-dul meeting and enjoyable
Leave your orders for preserving
fruits and arrange data ol delivery
later. We guarantee to please you.
Campbell and Manning.
Ed. Paterson was hurriedly called
to Iron    Itiver, Wis., on Sunday by
Dr. I). I.abau, formerly of Nelson,
w-ho for the past few years, lias carried on his practice in Spokane, was
a visitor in town this week, He h-is
retired trom the medical profession
and is now engaged in the real estate business.
Ladies bouse dresses, big new
stock, at 90c, $1.25 and $1.50.-
Kast Kootenay Merc. House.
Dr. and Mrs. Bi--gar and -Miss Hig-
Kiir, of Edmonton, have been visitors
in town during the week, guests of
Mr. II. W. Supple, manager, of the
Imperial bank. Tbey drove through
from Calgary in their motor car.
Many liars of inch's shoes selling at
half price.—C.c.s,
FOR RENT.—Furnished house on
frittftrnok street for [our months.
$30 per month. Apply L. p. Sullivan.
I). J.,McSweyn returned home on
Wednesday from a very enjoyable
trip to Kdmoaton mid Vancouver He
attended the meeting ot MaSOfllc
(Hand Lodge in the latter city. Mr
McSweyn's mother and slater accompanied him from Vancouver and
will remain here rs bis guests fur the
next two weeks.
Our store fixtures are all for sale,
including wardrobes, show cases,
counters, store ladders, safe, cash register, etc.—C.C.S.
Mr. A. Lewis, wife and son, ci
Kimheiley, were in town on Tuesday,
when Mrs. Lew s and son left fur
Nova Scotia tor a .prolonged visit at
their old home.
Our store fixtures are all fur sale,
including wardrobes, show ease?,
counters, store ladders safe, cash register, etc.-C.C.S.
P. DeVerc Hunt is back lioni a
pleasant and profitable business trip
to Lethbridge. Mr. Hunt drove
around a great deal and was particularly impressed with the condition <<■
the crops. Everything points to a
bumper harvest in Southern Alberta
this year. Mr. Hunt also noted the
lavish scde upon which tlte citizens
of Lethbridge are preparing fur thc
Dry Fanning Congress to tu held this
telegram announcing the sodden death m aDd    r°r lWr   aDDUal ,aU  Iair
ot bis brother, I»r. A. Patterson.   He, ^*i>bridge people are providing tltem-
left on the llyer Sunday evi-iiii**,-   Dr
Paterson  formerly conducted a   s*»''
itorium at Fort William.
Most nl Fort Steele's lending residents have Iky* in town during thc
week, Uie circuirs, no doubt, being
tlie attraction.
White dips and saucers 32c. hall
ilo.*e,ii Stirelv a closing out price.—
Guy Morris, youngest son of Mr
and Mrs. F It. Morris, has been at
St. Eugene hospital fir tbe past
week suffering trom a severe attack
ot pleurisy.
What about your preserving jars we
sell Economy, come and aee tbctn. A
silver spoon tree with each down.
-Cranbrook Trading Co.
We have to congratulate Rev. W.
Stephens, ol Wardner, on having received his tull status front .the general assembly recently held in Edmonton.
White cups and saucers 32c. hall
dozen. Surely a closing ont prior.—
selves with a fine lake, of the extent
-1 115 acres.
team ol  work horses, harness,
ons,   etc.
t'aa be had on
terms.    Apply 11. II  McLcod,
The Calgary Herald on Saturday
contained the report ot the deatti ol
Fred Hale, I,.unci M. P. lor Carle-
ton, NU., and a former resident ol
Fernie. Mr. Hale was well known
in Ibis district. II.- was at the bead
of a, syndicate that purchased Um
t'cd.r Valley limber limits and
mill. Alter the lug lire ol inn*.
Whra the mill waa nuna-d. Mr Hair
disposed ol In* inteicts here and r,-
m.»v,d to Kn,!i'ttiy lie lias also el
tensive Umbel inteiests up llie Ku.,
ttnay Valley Iiiu then were disposed
id a short time ago. Mt. Hale ■
iii Cranbrook on .lune 2nd. He came
In Irom tlie coast on the flyci. IT«
was leeling in netlrct ln-atth al »hat
time. Xo particulais .-I liis dc
have been received 1..-1 *■
Summer Hats
Never before has such a splendid selection
of Men's Shirts been shown in Cranbrook A
wealth of patterns made up in all styles, with
detached or attached collars and soft double or
stiff cuffs.
The merits of these elegant shirts are well
known among men. For Fit. Style and Quality they are unexcelled.
r-RICEV FHOM ft.25  TO J3.73
Dainty Summer
Vuii'll appreciate tho
beautiful Muslins we nre
now allowing, In white.
especially, yon will 8nil
new iilens ami patterns.
The ipiallties are extra tine
iiiiil the pricesaro from Ida
to 50c p'-r yd.
Our rango ot Cotton
Voileeantl Foulardi is extremely h.'tntlsome.
Ladies' Summer
Y,,u will iiml a good as-
aorttneut    of   Summer
I'r.sa.s liora
beantitully designed, Bheor
Lingerie frocks lavishly
trimmed with Isoe. and
embroideries, i»n,le from
Linen. (.,intimitis. Lswns.
iu dainty now plaids,
stripes and cheeks: also in
plain material. I'rieessturt
as low as $2.75.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Store*
and 3 Lots, on Armstrong Ave.,
Choice Location.
Come and wc " Redemption'' at
Auditorium Theatre, Friday, June
23th. A great play with a moral.
Evenr women In Cranbrook should
see this great masterpiece. Admission 10c and 15c.
Many lines ol men's shin's sidling at
hall prlee.-C.C.S.
F. 1. Brown has severed lit. connection with Uie Kink Mercantile Co.
and accompanied by his wile, will
leave thc latter end ol tlie week I, i
lied Deer, Alberta, «h»re he will
open a gents' liirnislilng business
lajave your orders early lor pie-
srrvtng strawberries. Out price*, cannot be beaten — But Kootenay Merc
Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield, ol Lethbridge, have been at Uie Hotel t'ranbrook lor the past lew days. Tliey
are on their wedding trip ami will
gyi to lhe coast alter a lew days stay
Many lines ol men's shoes wiling at
hall prlct.-O.C.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raworth, ot
(Word, Kngland, nre visitors in   the
clly, guests ol tlieir. son. Ankle l'-i | '| i„»i,,v   evening   the    Ladios Oulld
worth.    Tliey are going lo sp.nd    a Mil a .irawucrry lestlval. Tis- lawn
lew days at,    Miik-Ik-iii's place on ih„ was nicely    decora!,*:!    with eUolrli
St. Mary's,.and Item proceed to   the Irgbt. aBd   flag,   and Imotln
coast, aad   .trwe honiewaid by way' pcnlded     ovei   by     youag
White Addition
is the time to secure a good Imildiug lot in what is
daily growing into tlw BEST reetuential ix,rtio«
of tlie city, lu.'iiii! on  Norbnry and  Arn.*tr,,i,.'
Lots are all ploughed and levelled,
$200.00.    Easy Terms
st raw 1,1111,-. ami i".' oreem uer.
M'iv,*l at tables dLrtrRMted over tt»
lawn, L'andie. ami nuts were sold
Ih little gills and Harold 1'arlint
oflirial.-d as auctioneer Hint sold various edibles. The ciel land Played
during llie evening.
rrwted and .lal-llr-l as to til* ».n
ii, Sl.-rt.inie wa. dul. angled
and attained 10 l>r« Hell ...l He-
l.inn,-!,. .ho cisiciirred in andiag
liini ol uti...utHj nund
tlur store fixtures ai.' all l„i sale,
incliKling wardrobes. -I»>w ,,ises,
coimlers, store lad,lers, sate, cash register, etc.—C.C.S.
At tlie rectoiy id Christ ilmi.
LOST. — Between      WyclUto    ami!
Cranbrook,    loWtng ,kod.k.   R.wardl
liensl ni Itcrald ollloe. Jlt-lt
Brainy r,,i'ng
i,,i  worlr.a-Apply
11,ah a, looking   ,,'T
letdfs, ll.rald oS-
Richard   .lames Sherborne, employ-
,tl on goveriiiii.-nl road \ioii-, at tbe
si. KugeiM' Mission, has been declared insane and WM li-moveil to     Sew
vVHtratnster asylum iliis morning.
Sli.'i tri.urirc is a man ol abtui 40
yeerii a naiin* ol    England  His an
ii,,s .ilarintai i.sMt.-t.i■- ai si   Eugene
une,   Mission ami  word was sent  into   tlie
ladles I provincial police to Iwvr Ihe man ar
Within a tew days an order is
tpMtcd liom thc Ilomtnom railwa.
ajoanl which will i,impel tt*- rale... I
in Canada to give relict t.> raerehanta
and snippers in tbe matter el leea
than carload lot* ot Inighl. This
order is etneetol tc direct the rall-
» ,,s to put on more w». ti.igtus
met dclnei the giants wtlnin . r,ms-
ulialde liim' Inst.i.d ot allowing «in-
sl**imentl to lar at, t.rmlo*! nnd
junctional points nam tliere is >um-
cienl Ireight for ,*e pla« to liiak.
News of the District
(By Fred Roo.)
Mr. and Mrs. .!. IV. Kerr, ol tne
Klk hotel, have lett tur a month's
visit to the land ol oast iron dollar,
ami wotklen nutmegs.
Percy 0- Uadtoy, ex Champion tennis player Irom Three Weasel Mead
OW9, siniit tho week end in Elko,
II KooavcH holt Irom ChloagO ho
may corao to Elko and put in the war
ler works ami hunt the weiablo gii-1
?.ly in llie cool of the evening.
LotbrWgB real estate men are jott
Ing Iniererteil in Ute Tobacco Plaint.
country, no less than si*, arrived in
Klko last Week and drove to tlte
Plains, Ono party is outfitting at
Roosvllle and going into the Flat-
hofMl via tho Roosville trail. There is
some (ine land, Umber and mineral
ami every acre is staked on the Montana side ot tlte International Boundary Line. Ttie early bird catches the
worm and there are an awftil lot ot
worms along the trail.
There were no less than Alteon real
estate pedlars from Allterta ami
Sask., in Klko last week ami these
sharks are selling city lots to corral
towns and are tying un more money
Ihan is good lor Uk* country.
Tbo strawberry season is in lull
tlaM in Klko just now ami we lind
the strawberry short cake alright if
it wasn't so gosh darned short. Thc
Ladies Guild of the Knglish clniivh
gave a xtraMierry festival at the palatial reetdence of Mrs. J. M. Agncw
on Tuesday night, tve were unfortunately called to Fernie that night and
unable to gel our fill of the luscious
berries or send in a f'-tll report ot thu
Francis Downs, Flagstone's lumbei
king, premier booster, philosopher
and all round good lelluw, was in Fl*
go Momlay with a smile on his (ace
the width ol a pine bound and received the freedom of the city and introduced several live wires from flares
holm ami Ix'tliridge.
Mrs. L. Simms, ol franlirook, is
visiting Manager and Mrs. Smith of
thc Klk Hotel. Sbe is delated wiih
Klko aud lett Monday evening and
will return in a few days wilh lu-r
Tobacco Plains are attracting considerable attention among mining men
II. Jones, a mining man ol considerable note from Phoenix, B.C., visited
•the liHit*iNiid«-tin- Mine and saitl that
.showings are of a high grade and
that there is sufficient ore in sight- to
induct* capital to take hold ul it.
There ar« also tlie Copper Kettle, the
Copper King, thc Midnight, and the
Blue Bird and none of tin's*.* mines
are recent discoveries, hut are known
to have tlw goods. Tlie only reason
for their lying dorment lieing a lack
of transportation facilities. Tho activity of the Milwaukee railroad is
causing capitalists to visit- the properties and within t lew Weeks some
ot these mines will he working. Roosville Pass in the short cut into the
north fork ■-. the Flathead River.
(Special Correspondent)
All the tributaries of the Columbia
River In and about its source have
Uim running at tlnr full llm-d now
lor over ten days simtiltnm-iKisly with
the rise of water in the streams the
big li>« drive ol tlw Columbia River
Lumber company, situate on Tobl
Creek, was released nml [..-.ind its
way to the Columbia River so that
now at intervals logs may be found
floating anywhere along the 85 miles
of water between here mid Oolden.
The head offices of the Columbia
Valley lrrigaU-d Fruit Lands, Ltd.
were llle week moved from Wilmer
to this townsite.
Two most inst rut-lives lectures under Uie auspices ot the Farmers Institute were, last week) delivered In
Athalmer, one by Mr. French, tin
Asst. Provincial hort ic-ulturlst, oi
Irrigation and another on Poultry by
Mr. .1. Terry the Provincial Poultry
Agricultural work is boing pushed
<si tin* Dominion Oovernment1-- Y.x-
per I mental Farm here
(special corrcspontlotice).
Mrs. Thos, Kiild, ot Sutoeville
Out., wlio has been visitinij with
her sister Mrs. Qutfney, left last
Friday afternoon to visit with
friends in Reginn, Fairlight and
Winnipeg, before returning to he-
home in tho East.
Mr. and Mrs. 1'. Lund, accompanied by MissusHazel and Eilythc
l.und, Left Inst week, ill Mr. A.
Fonwlok's ear, for a trip in the
Windermere country.
Mr. II. K. La l'ointe came into
town a few days a.-o with his loj,'
drive, he will leave in the course
of a few days for an extended visit
to his old home.
Mr. Alinty, chief of Police at
Fernie, was iu Wanlner Inst Tuesday on business.
Mrs. Kimball and sister spent
hist Wednesday at Fernie.
Mr. Alfred Johnson was with
friends in Fort Steelejtattinluy of
last week.
A very sad accident happened
at Hull River a few days lino,
whereby it is supposed that two
men, Mr. Merrynmii and Mr. Mc
Kinuon lost their lives.
These two men were eii({ngeil in
driving lot's in Bull River above
tin' fulls. Where last seen they
were standing on u rock which
projeoled over the water. It is
supposed that the rock gave away
ami the two men were thrown, into
the raging falls. No one witnessed the accident.
Tin- Ixxly of M. Merryman has
been recovered, but although
Buarchers have worked diligently
trying to recover the otlier body,
their tusk has, as yet proved unsuccessful.
Mr. 11. K. Lu l'ointe wasa Lethbridge visitor lost Saturday.
A few of thu Wardner base ball
boys drove to Uullowuy last Sunday to witness the game between
tlallowny and Elko.
liaine Warden Lewis was in
town lust Monday on business.
The Ladies' Club gave a very
successful dance iu the Library
Kail last Friday evening. Despite
th-. warm weather the young folks
turned out in large numbers uud
all express,*! themselves as being
thorougly pleused with theeveu-
iug'B enjoyment.
Mr. It. C. Eaton, B. A. was with
friends in Fernie last week.
Mr. t'huriiu Martin was ut the
Circus in Cranbrook last Wedncs-
Mrs. Anderson visited with
friuds iu Fernie this week.
Uu Monday June 24th Misj
Emma Eosluiid und Mr. Clyde
Nixon both of Wardner, were
married in Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. Nixon will settle
in Wanlner for a tiuie.
Mrs. Louie Larson was with
friends in Crunbrook last Wednesday.
A uuuider from town took in the
Circus iu Crnnbrook this week.
Roger Lund, entertained a few
young friends nt his home lust
Wednesday evening.
The Rev, Hr. Uavtil flcorgc
Mri'iin'ii, who has received the koiiur
1 election loi.tlM lilRli.'st |>ti*itlon in
the I'lcstiylciiiiii t'hurcti in I'muila,
ihat uf Moderator i,l the (Icncral As-
m-iiI.1v. is coDsiilciisI one nt Hi,' ninsi
ciiiaHilr, as' Is- Is also on, v 'In- most
popular Presbyterian divines nl West-
rn t'utut.la. He is a |ii„(iinnd tlrlokel
ami „ very capable orgaui/cr, his own
parislics   having already been models
,1 tlmroiigb „rgani/ali,>n and good
order.        Since going to
Alberta        bis power lor
organizing the various ehurcli
liodics bas resulted In the stimulation
ol church effort, particularly in the
small settlements and the more] remote anas ol lis; mission Held. While
bis .iwii parishioners consider bim to
I*' one ol the    very strongest pulpit
raters in Canada, many arc disposed)
to think that bis efforts outside tbe
lunch count lor most. In bis mission and parochial efforts lie follows
somewhat the lines ol the la-rolc
lucut-hcr* wis, arc     such conspicuous
■liaiaclers iu llio page* nl Ralph Connor's books, In dealing wllh the
rougher elements in the wesl, he be
lieves i u gaining and keeping their
confidence anil hi working willi them
rattier than above them, Sisco 10OB
no lias been Protestant chaplain of
the Alberta pniilciiliaty nt Edmonton, and stories are tilil ml discharged coiivicis living new lives, striving to do light, and giving all the
credit to the preacher who, alter
winning their cnnliilciicc, and esteem
sliuwod them thc righ path and, ss
far as he can, sees to il that tbey
keep it. The new moderator is also
olraplain of the HHsi tMmonton Kits-
liters, and is much beloved hy oilicers
and men ot tho corps lot bis manliness mid slraighforward hearing. Dr.
Mcl'ilceti is of Scottish dlscenl, Ills
parents 'raving coine from liuintiies
shire; mil bc was horn on an Ontal'i,
farm near Kirkwall," on iliiistmas
Dny, ISM. lie was nlm-utul at ra
try schools, al Toronto fnivcisiiy,
and nt Knox College, Toronto, lie
look his fi, A. at Toronto in mill,
and graduated in divinity at Knox lu
1HH7, obtaining the degree ol l>. D. in
1005. He was ordained in 1S87 and
tor a brief period before removing to
the West, did ministerial duty in bis
native province, lie has been pastor
of the I'ri-sbylccinn clmrch of Edmonton since 180,'f, the lion. Frank
Oliver, late minister ot the interior.
being one ol his leading parishioners
Two species ol caterpillar, the cut
worm and the army-worm, have been
considered by tho officials ol the Experimental Farms to tic ot sufficient
inl,'rest, to tlie crop growers in Canada to warrant the preparation nf a
bulletin upon them lor publlj distribution. These two common enemies
ol crops arc credited wllh cau .in,;
every year damage amounting to a
large sum of money, reac >ing iu sonic
seasons hundreds      of        thou
sands of dollars. They are
bolh night feeders and art-
most destructive caitty in the season
when vegetation is tender and, therefore, easily eaten off. tieaiu cultivation and the encouragement ol birds
an- recommended as factors iu tlu
control of cut worms. The ilislrilAi-
tion ol poisoned bran nod Ircsh clover
is i.lso advised where praotioal whenever the worms arc detected, T,
check the progress of army-worms on
march furrows with holes dug at, intervals are said to lie clfcctive. This
Illustrated bulletin ol i'i pages, No. ;<
of the Division ol Entomology and
No. 70 ol the Experimental Farms,
was rtrcpariai at tlte request ot the
Dominion Entomologist by liis chief
Assistant, Mr. Arthur Gibson, ll is
pulilishnl Iiy direction <>( 11,,11. Martin Barrel, minister ot agriculture. Copies may .be
obtained lly applying to the Pllbli
cations Brandt, Hcpartnunt nf Agriculture, flttawa.
hustle apply in writing to Sales
Agency and Adjustment Co., Box
310, Cranbrook. 21-tf
Persons desirous ol having sewerage connection made should apply t,
K. Provenzann, P, tl. Hox 101 01
phnnii 24-1, who is prepared to tender
1,11 the work ol excavation and ditching. 22-tl
Maktn Short Work of
Dvr|»*wate-J anil apparently hopelcM catun of
Sciatic.*, l.umlwKo. (.out. Nt'iiralViu uml all other
furtna uf Khrurruillim yi. hf at on.-* to A I.but t Ilrof,.
Kheumatk Kenvrdy. Like* an ntiKcl of nutty It
hai ui vmi Inaunt -.lief toik**p.for»k«i ■ulTama,
iHtad them from beds of airtiny and for 28 yeara
haa been eurin-f men, women and children for
whom then Mcmed no help. Just • few bottle*
havacured eaaca of from 110 to W yearn'duration
and today It ttandi iinrfvalM aa a -,'iii-k. aafa and
fbaolutcly reliable treatment for all uric arid itia-
•aaei. weak kidneys, ttC.   Let adultnr Imt lie of
ttfcett Ith. Rhtumitlo ftimtdy
end your palna at once-aUrt your euro today.
Sent prepaid by Abbott Bt—., 711 S. Ihiirinrn St.,
Chk-aco, IU.* If your druKiiit .io*.'* r-it huve It
Sold by lhc ('runliruok Drug and
Hook Co.
| East Kootenay      ■
2 Butcher Co. 1
Dealers In
Fresh anil Cureil
Poultry, Hume ami Fish   ®
in Season. ®
GIVE   Url   A   TIIIAI.
• East Kootenay
Butcher Co. f
®      The Old P. Wood's
• a ^ a a a • a «is <t> a «, ivl>
Semi-ready Suits
To Sp.cl.1 Old*.
IP THUS I, na Geml-reidr itoi. I.
your town ,,,,, m,r ba.c aSctnl-teldr
eul, mad, to root tpei-lal old.. Iiont ,»•
tela,. Bead lo, ' Kin,', Own" kib.
,uit, a, 120, with ttrle book aa. ,01-
nteiatilni toim,. Gu.tuteed. lold It
the (Int. pike ...i.wheie In Cin.da.
H.,e you le.n tbe, 1,1, book, Sill"
On. ,0, you at .eml-ie.dy Uatilad,
•nsl-rtdg a.llitta(
11. Fretl Johnston, Fertile, n. C,
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths to suit.
Apply to
R. S. McNeill
PHONE 31 -o
* THU *
* *
* Columbian     »
* §
«|d) ih a Kiinrunlfud |>ulley. Tlmt in, **
^ HiitiritiictitHi iftj-uaraiitct'il in every «
j, reB|iect.   The „
* Nelson Iron Works*
^ Hits an ever increasing stock..
j. Write them for particulars. —
w4 4444444444 4 4
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Hooma with Batlm.   'l'hone in
every room
Uarber Shop on the preiniHes,
Thorouuhly up-to-tlate.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
fi. TOMKIN, Manager
If vou corao to
expect   to    Le
Illti'l)       If   utlllTl*
Imve fatlcdexpect
Bn lo iiin* yon.
liili-**-. I kiiim
tlmt I ran <*tirf>
you 1 will not ao*
■f|»* your caHj
iiml in evert/ in-
stance I trcut by
mv own oriKiiiiil
U'l vu i I   mnl
•-<'ifiit.hr nn*-
Spermilorrboei, Orgiaic Wcakaeu,
Lett Vigor. Varicocele, Hydrocele, Con-
trncted DlMrders, Specific Blood Poison,
Piles aad Strlclires — restoring all
affect etl organs tononnal anil healthy
action in the shortest possible space
of time.
re,, all the lorn,* nl IliaftiM* ot Men.
I'niiMillntiiiii andinetmctlre 1,,,,,1,1,-t tne
,it tittlieor l,.v inail.
910 1IOWA till STIIKKT
For a   l.ii'i'iisi-  to    Tate   and   t'se
Hint .lonathmi \V. Innocent, ol Fort
Steele, II.C, will apply lor a license
lo take and use 200 acre leet of
water out ol unnamed spring and
slniiKti which (lews In a southerly direct inn through T. I.. 34222 and
Kinks N. ol Lot 8112, near Fort
Stifle. Thc water will It- diverted
at southerly end ol slough and will
l,e used lor irrigation purposes on
llu- land described as lots 1882 and
"118, Oroup One, and to store same
hi reservoir 1 acre by Ave leet deep
at point ol inversion.
This notice was posted o. the
ground im the loth day ot -lune,
1919, Thc application will Ik filed
in the oflicc ol thc Water llccordcr a1
Objections may Ik filed with the
said Water llccordcr or with thc
Comptroller ol Water lllghts, Parliament tliiiblingn, Victoria, It. C.
• ttniathan W. Innocent, Applicant.
Iiy W. K. Ourd, Agent. 34-51
Fur a    License   to  Take   and  Use
that .lonalhan W. Innocent, ot Fort
Steele, B.C., will apply lor a license
to take and use .096 cubic leet per
second ol water out ol unnamed
spring and slough whicb flows In a
southerly direction through T. L.
Nn. 31222 and sinks N. ot lot 8112
near Fort Steele. The waler will be
diverted at southerly end ol slough
nnd will 1st used lor domestic purposes on the land described as lots
8112 and 7218, Oroup Om.
This notice wu posted      on    the
ground on tho lOlh day ol Juno,
1012, Tlie application will bo tiled
in the office ol the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook.
Objections may bc filed with the
Water Recorder or with tlie Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament
Uuildings, Victoria, B.C.
Jonathan W. Innocent, Applicant.
by W. F, (iuril, Am-nt. 24-5t
A.F. A A.
Regular meetings ou
ths   third   Thur.il.y
ol evory month,
Vl.lting lirethren welcomed.
II. .1. McSweyn, W.M.
,i. S. Peck, Secretary.
liMisri'NT lioniii: Nu. XI
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meet*   .very   Tueaday at 6 p.m. st
Fraternity Hall.
T, 0. .tunes, C. C.
J. M. Boycs.K. nl It. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invltsd
to attend.
Meets ev.ry Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially luvittd.
II. J. Rendall, VV. M. Harris,
N- O. Seo'y.
Meet, first and    third Wednssday.
in each month.
A   cordial reception eitendcd     to
visiting brother..
Officers July lst to Decsmbcr 31st
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe—W. M. Harris.
No. 19.
Meet, every .econd snd   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rabekahs  cordially Invited.
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Beattie,   Rec. Sec.
Meet, tn Carmen'. Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at i
p.m. .harp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pcarron, Sec, Box 018.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meet, in Carmen's Hall Drst sad
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   clti
N. A. Walllngcr, W. C. Crcbbin
Pre.. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
Sunday morning service at 11 •
Sunday   evening    service   at' '
7.80 o'clock
Sunday     School   aad    Bible
Class at 8 o'clock
Presbyterian    Quttd, Tueaday,',
at 8 o'clock
4*******************4 i
.Baptist Cbttrcb
I'Mtt.r, 11. S. Speller. I !
1'ar.onage, Norbury Avenue.     <
'Phone, 1B4._ P. 0. Boi lil. |
Itegulsr Service.:—Sunday, 11 ] ]
a.m. snd 7.30 p.m.; Bible,,
School with Young Indies' i ,
Phllethea and Youag atta'B < '
Ilible Class, 8 p.m. ' '
Monday, Young Peoples', 8 \ \
P.m. , ,
Wednesday, Illd-Week Meettaf, i i
A cordial Chrlatlaa welcome' '
'   to all. '
President: T. 6, Out,
,       Ne.tr.tatv: H. Macihihai.i)
, For information regarding land.
I and   agriculture   apply   lo the
I Hecretary, Cranhrook. ll. C.
' Meeting—
Every second Wednesday
Dr. Maud's Female Pills
Nineteen Years thc Standard
Prescribed and recommended (or women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result Irom their use I. quick and
Permanent. For aala at all drugstores
Tho Loading Business College
of theNurthwcHt
Whore young people can receive
u thorough business training.
1b in HUBsion twelve months in
tlm yenr.
No entrance examinations.
Board nml room ut very reasonable rates.
We Bcoure positions fur our
Onr now bountifully Illustrated
catalogue Bent free upon request.
Wrltoforlt NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
ifi .*.■ Madison    -     SPOKANE
i     Builder and
*     Contractor
Septic Tanks nutt Cottorot-
Work (generally u
speciiilty. *
; Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. Box 316
Cranbrook, B.C.
A. M. Can. Boc. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Oilicc over Crnnbrook  Prug and Book
Co*8. Rtore
Telephone 880
P. O. Box .J.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Prench regulatormmf laiis. Tntu
pills are BxcMdlagre powerful la i<.-m.U!in<* the
generattva portion oi tin* Innala iniem. Kc(l>c
nil cIiimii tiiittatii.n*.. Or. ile Vttn'a ure s-i.it at
"r,iil...x..»rtlu-. '-■Itil. M'.ik-iltuMiiV itlJii-.*.
Tl» .*». r»'i. II llrov COh St. •'Hthiii-ltii't. '»nt
For  sal.*  at   lloulit*.   Murphy   &   Co.,
Oppo.lt. IM'.lt. Stiitiiiit
THE     PLACE     TO      OCT     A
Hentlqunrters for all kimls of
Siltisfiictioii (luarniitt'til
Tho Shoo SiM'uiiilist
Frank Provenzano
G.neral Merchant*
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P.O. BOH 194 mO-1144
II yuo want satisfaction wilb
your wishing  tend
it to
Special prieea (or family work.
"-a.,1 l„ P, T. F. I'KllliV
94,; |
i White Leghorns
j \v-l*Il known for
I To keep up  tlm .Iniiiinu ia llie,
I xruate.t ptuliieiu ol tltt- t.rt'.-.li-r.
I IL'.miprr IA; 17.00 per'ill; IL'.OO S
! per 100, |I00 |*'r 1,000. pi
I OllllEH NOW fj
\ ernestThanson I
I Cimii'li.n, V. I.       r, it I
W. F. (WRD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan ou favorable term*.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OfAue at Re.ld.aee, Arm*trom •"••
Forenoon. • - - • 1.00 to 10 00
Alternoon. • • - 1.00 to   1.(0
Evenlni. .... 7.10 to   I.M
tluml.fH ■ - - - |.|0 to   1.10
ORANBROOC II    il    H    M    I. O,
I to ia a.m.
I to   I p.DI.
7 to   II p.ni.
officii in Hanson lllock.
L'ltANIIIlOOK -        -        -HO,
Cranlirook uml 1'ort Stoele
Tii?kS?i«8 Cranbrook, B.C.
Norbury Aviv, neit to City 11.11
Huy I'lione 283 Niul,I I'lione 1150
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
For lainily use tliere ie notltiug
.o wiiolt-aome anil *n pure a*
W. K. fealty. Funeral IXr-Mlor
Cranbronm B. C.
Phone 846
Cranbrook Cottnge Hospital
Tt-rniB on Application,
Phono 2511 Matron.
P. O. Box 845    Armstrong Are
H. E. HALL, U. D. S.
Crown and Bridgo Work
n specially.
OIKco over F. Parke Hardware
8toro, Bnker Strci-t
Phone Xo. 2!K)
J. Q. Mitchell
(lame Head., Birds, Ruga, Fish
»\trtie>t n hill nltwk nl
lli'imifit for alNivo ■Iwuyi
in itni-k
Hlectric Restorer for Men
1 Id III tirnpcr teniUm; rttlorti
 - ..J MQr ,~	
un nntl vitality. HrtMitute decaf •ndallHtuaj
ikn.'.t iivnted at anrt. ffcotph—oI will
' I ihu a new man.   Met        '   "    —     -
Mnl-*.! In any -nMrtM.   .
.. it. C'aiharinM. QmU
Kor tale at Bwttle-lfurph' Co.. LU.
liii|inrh*i| in tha uriidnnl pmIdI |wrh<>la
Inmi Siit lim A Nun*, thf Kllift'aHf-nlpinrii,
Iteittlilitr, KiikIiimI.   HvimI lor otinlnKtit*.
A. J. WOODWARD, Sol* Agtnt
MiUraariUtHteTuctNiTflr. Ata»TMori» THE   CRANBROOK    IIKRALD
Great thiiiKN nre oxiwoted of
Hurry Bulger unci his lii^ supporting organ.ztitiun when this popular
comedian comes to the Auditorium
next Tuesduy uiglit.
Jn the new edition of ''The Flirting Princess," Bulger's present
starring vehicle, whieh is said to hi
far ahead niul away from anything
he luts yet appeared in, his "Sporty
Bungs" is even better, il' such were
possihle, iiniii his "Bluojay" in
"Woorllimd." It is well romoin-
licretl I Imt tint jolly Hurry wus ox-
ft'plionu'lly go<H| hi this latter clmr-
ui'lt*r nml plcusuutly reim*nihi>i*i>i|
hy the uiuuy hundreds ol' people
who witncsseil his olovol' pprlW-
111111111'. ITowovoi'i in the ncwcili-
lion of "The l-'lirtiiig PrlnnofW,"
every opportunity is given .Mi*.
Bulger to show himself ut his boat
uml he quite readily grasps the opportunity.
"The Klirting IVincess" is from
tin* |H'ii of those versatile authors,
Adnms, Hough uml Howard, uud
is by far their best effort, especial I.v
from u mimical standpoint. The
piece contains- seventeen musical
gems of a superior quality, which
ure sure to he whistled uml hummed for weeks to come. My
Heart's Bouquet," "Go hack to the
town where you were born,"
"Cairo," "My Jaok Q'Lantem,"
"Tell Her in the Oolden Summer,"
" Never choose it girl from her photograph," " I've heen kissed in San
Francisco," and Mr. Moon," are
numbered mmuigst the hits.
Mortimer II- Singer,under whose
ulili* direction "Tho Flirting Princess" is presented, has sent, the
piece out in a sumptuous and lavish
manner, and everything has heen
done to place it on a scale second
to none. Several limiting sciisu
tiniis havo he Introduced throughout    the   itnll il'   the   piece,   lhe
'Gloomy Glooms," lhe "Oogia
Da noo," a weird Chinese panto*
mimic ti ii in her introduced hy Hale
Ful lor and Kileeii Hheriduu, and
(he pivHcnt much talked of "Kgyp
tiuu Turkey Trot," aiv suit' to
cause as much talk iu Cranbrook
This is an agp of discoveries. Tc
row hair after it lias fallen out today ia a reality.
.SALVIA, the Great Hair Tonic
nd Dressing, will positively create a
new growth ol hair.
If yon want to have a beautiful
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SALVIA is -compounded hy expert
Watch your hair if it is falling out
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SALVIA prevents baldness hy fas
teuing tht- hair to tlie roots.
Ladles will lind SALVIA Just Uie
bair dressing Miry are looking for. It
makes the hair soft and fluffy and i->
not stleky. A large tiottle, OOcts. A t
the Cranhrook Drug and Book Co.
We Have the Goods
Hose Screens
Screen Doors
ii Freezers   Refrigerators ii
See the
The Best Made
i Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
Is at its best a hard proposition.   Let us
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With an experienced operator
Call us upland have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything inlElectrical.Equipment
Vir. KOI.I.INS. Mgr,
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Palace Hotel
ROLLINS liltos., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
B. C.
Two liunilrul elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience. Klevntor service. Uafe in connection. Itoonia
$1.00 per day antl upwnnla.
Up-country viailor. to tliu Terminal City will Iiml every
convenience nnd comfort nt Die tlrunvillu I'nlnce, special
attention boing paid to their wants.
un tliey have in other places. Tin
oust inning ami scenery is sniil to l«
exceptionally lniinlHonie.
Tho people ol Western Ontario were
shucked a lew days ago on reading in
a contemporary the announcement
Uiat a lormer "merchant prince" ut
K...,..had died in the House ot Iteluge
aged 77 years. In a short hlograph
leal ahctoh it was observed that lie
was- a nephew ol the late Senator,
and about a quarter ol a century i
was one ol the big dry goods men oi
B   That he should have passed
away in a poor house ls a sad kit
striking instance ol the irony ol late
It was .aid that never being married
lie was not ruined by thc citravagan-
rc and ingratitude ol his lainily, and
tliat not being a drinker King Alcohol never played a part In bis undoing. Nevertheless, tbe years came
and he was relieved ol his wealth and
wrecked in health and wrecked in tor-
tune be wa. obliged some two years
ago to make that saddest ot all trips
"Over the lllll to lie Poor House."
What stronger example than the
above could any man require or desire as to tbc desirability of a safe
means of investment such a. the- Canadian Government's Annuity System, under which absolutely sure provision may be made by every man,
woman and child domiciled in Canada
against want and poverty? In his
declining years, when his physical
and mental dowcts may have tailed,
when in consequence he may be no
longer capable ol earning a livelihood
or of looking alter his affairs, wben
perhaps all those near and dear to
him have passed away, he will it he
has purchased a Qovcrmticnt Annuity
have the haunting (oar ot destitution
in <dd age forever dispelled. That
little messenger, bis Annuity obequi
wilt go to him every three months
carrying with it comfort and happiness. It will bc a steadfast trieo'l
It will never desert him.
Awake young man nnd young woman to your opportunity, and act on
Ihe advice nl sir Walter Raleigh g-<-
en over .100 years ago, but non; Ihe
less sane to-day, namely, to "Ms Hy
youth so that thou mayest ha\ ;• con,'
fort to ren»m*^r it when it bath lol-
silken tin*- ami not sigh and grieve
at Ibe account) thcrcol," nul act today.
Apply to your Postmaster or Wilt.
to the Superintend,.,. <•! Annuities,
Ottawa, l.u information •'. regard to
this most advantageniH system nt
it'ltuoiuiil llnupr nn Vim H.-rii-- Street, (or
fliVttf n month. Uutiw will tie liil-ittniiK-I
(iMh fur iiii'um.tijr ttnunt nml inti in tlmt-
rliM -.h-t|*.~Appl.r to J. Bennett. Itnrnell
Afc, or Kootsmajr Otrhartli Anew'jr.
loll mnd tlmtlWlon mny
piiihw frM tf dfrther ao
l«rv--*jl Hr
."intiii"' ,"..«.-.».,   Vi'in t<*r
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And the experienced reader of
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a dollar command a premium —
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prices " of things.
How much " above par" are
the dollars in your pocket worth ?
It will depend on how closely you
study the buying opportunities
outlined in the store ads.
Nearly everybody understands
that a store's advertising. IF BIG
enables it to sell the same things
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sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
Rc-glna, Sask., .lune 21.—With   the
Saskatchewan    elections   only thres
Ut scouts at Blackley Municipal
School has met with extraordinary
The classes were attended by famous
200 boy». «nA no fewer thnu 146
passeil the examinations for proficiency in a number of subjects,
some of which were of a very practical character,
One evening, for example,
weeks away, the campaign is uoginn- ^ ioelli uai„tCT instructed them in
ing to worm up, althcugh tlw siw.ling jij,, art 0f painting doors and
point has not yet been reached. Fifty
two constituencies will vote on July 9mith opened his smithy another
11, two being postponed.  The Cons- evening to give the lads an oppor-
Wieslhyen, Germany, June 25.—Sir
Uurens Alma-Tnilcma, the lamous
English painter, died here last nifclit.
He had been sutleiiiig trim ulceration
was Undergoing
whitewashing ceilings; the black- "• «*> s'"""'l'h  awl
treatment.    He was in his (77th year
,-rvatives and Liberals    have each 51
candidates in thc held.
Tho only seat where the government
is without a nomine* is Sln.Hjbn.oU, a
new constituency carved out ol l'rli-
oo Albert county. Samuel D>mald-
son opposition member Hi the last
house, i* thc eamlldate and though
llw Liberals will doubtless put up a
man, his election is conceded. The
only scat on the other hand where
Hi.' Conservatives are without a candidate is Vonda, which has always
been overwhclmintly Literal. Hr
ToUke, Literal member lor Vonda In
the last house is again thc candidate
and will likely have a walkover.
Two candidates have announced
themselves in Uie field as independents and it is very possible that one
<>l Ihem will be endorsed by the oppn
sltion. Both sides are working hard
and talk confidently ol victory. As a
matter ot laet the province is so
large, the constituencies *, new, the
voters' list is si, vastly changed Irom
Uie last fight, the communities so
scattered, and the homesteaders so
isolated that no one can safely si/e
up the situation.
premier Scott is at present in his
own constituency, Swift Current,
where it is said he wil bold a number of meetings.
Tht Conservatives are making a
Kood deal ol the laet that the Premier has sn lar nddressed no large
gatherings and bas made no amu-iinr-
tromt ol a tour ol the province. Thcyi
claim it means be I. not strong
enough to make a vigorous campaign
and that he will retire Immediately
alter tbe election to be succeeded by
Hon. A. .1. I'alder. The Lihtnls nn
the other hand, state Ihat Premier
Scott is in the fight lor good.
Charges were made hy tbe Conseiv
•lives today that a large number ol
names     ol       Conservative     voters,
tunity of seeing actual forge work
in operation, while the plumber
showed them how to repair gas
fittings, gas washers, etc.
'•'It is my conviotion,'said Mr.
Ben Wilde, tho head master, at
the presentation of the badges and
certificates this week,'that there
is no liner educational movement
in existence at the present time
for the purpose of making a boy
between the ages of 11 and IH a
man who enn be trusted.'
-' Sir Thomas Shann, chairman
of the Education Committee, who
made the presentation, said thu
•xperiment at Blackley had exec, de I their expectations, and had
set tha pace to the rest of the
New Westminster, Juno 20.—One
hundred dollars has liceti oflerd hy
tno Progressive Association ol thc
City Inr tht l.'st slogan tn be adopted as thc motto    Ior Hie liiuurr ol
progress that has
A second prize ol
given.       The
competition     are
All    slogans
the secretary
September 12.
iH-i-n raised tore.
$.r,u will also be
rules        ol    tiic
are    very simple
must lie suit to
ol the association hy
To win tliey must be
short and snappy ami Imve a good
lilt to-them. They must also include
either tbe words New Westminster or,
New Westminster on the broad Fraser river aims at being tbe greatest
freshwater port on tbo Pacific coast,
and Hie chlel opening to tbe western
spout lor the prairie's grain, once the
.Itinama canal is open, With that cud
in view, big sums are lieing silent on
harbor development. All last year
Mr. Powell, an American engineer
Spokane, 'lune 25.—An entirely new
feature offered at this year's Spoke
an,- Interstate lar will bc tbe Lum-.
bcrman's Woodmanslrlp contests, lor international repute, was drawing up
which prizes amounting to 1300 will 11 an. lor Un- harbor, and Ihc city il
I*'given. There will he lour con-Ju"t about to pass the first install-
tests, consisting ol chopping nerpen-J ment ol half a million dollars to lie
diciilar log, chopping horizontal log,'spent ™ improving Uie waler front
horizontal log, I '•' anticipation of Uw coming of
As the woods canal.  The Dominion government has
eg.'also started on the three and a halt
tun-hainlcd    sawing
und cant-hook contest
of thc Inland Empire are bill of
pert woodsmen, a large entry is   --
ted, and the chips should fly with I*"*'1"'   *° Improve Ihe river channel
.'million dollar work, which they have
a vengeance when thc starter's signal
is given on October 2nd. Competition
is open to all linnlwrmen, wbo may
..Main lurther information from
Sherman Bush, superintendent ol
contest, Pritchard, Idaho.
all the way up thc short fitt,i'ii miles
frum the sea to the city.
One ol the most brilliant intellects
in tlw llritish House of Commons-
'lhe inheritor of three centuries ol
unrivalled training, ami experience In
East Las Vegas, N. M., June 20.- public Wc- Lord Hugh Cecil, in a
The arena in which the Flynn-.lohn- volume just published sets out lo de-
Ihroughout the province have tian'son battle lor thc heavyweight clam- line and defend the principles ol con-
left    oil the    printed   lists.   At the'pioiisbip ol thc world will be   lought sevatism.
f'onsctvtttive beadquarters tbey claim'here  on    July 4 bas been completed]   The author is carelul at the outset
they   arc getting    protests from all and everything
tlw bout.
parts ol the province.
The statement appearing in Uw
Swilt Current- Express and ttk&apla.
ed throughout Ihe west tbat Premier
Scott would retire trom tbe contest
in the Swilt Current constituency anil
would be succeeded as Liberal candidate by Mr. D. K. McEwan I. without the slightest loundatiim. iPremier
Scotl, who bad been lor some days
past in his own riding and on Thursday sight, addressed Ibe largest political meeting sver held la Webb. In
a speseh of an tour's duration Hr.
Scott reviewed the work ot his gev-
,-rnmetrt and discussed the policies
which he is today presenting to the
people ot Saskatchewan.
Cranbrook's Brigade of Boy
Scouts turned out last 8nturday
afternoon in goodly numliers.
They met at the Gymnasium,
where tliey listened to a few words
of timely advice anil instruction
(rom their officers, alter which
they marched out. Their objective
point was • small lake on Scout
Muter Leslie's ranch, where the
youngsters enjoyed a swim. Following the swim came lunch ami
then the march home, under
leadership ot Messrs. Dunham and
Uil.bs. The boys will hold troop
parade on Friday afternoon at the
Gymnasium, and will meet again
at 3 o clock on Saturday afternoon
at the usual place for another
march out.
in readiness
for to distinguish
conservatism, which is
U'tween the natural
leniency ol
lohnson has trained down to 215 some human minds, and the tenets ol
and will make 212 by the day of the] the Conservative party. He also
battle. Flynn weighs HO aad will !*•*." to disarm criticism Hy a-lmlit
weigh in at about IM or 18», acting the possillc existence of a wide
curding to his statement. Tom Flan- g"" between the ideals of Conscrva-
agan, manager lor Johnson, says the gull between the ideals ol Conserve-
battle will be 50 per cent better than] Hsm and the tnctliods and actions
Uie .l.diii.son-.lcllrics fight and       25 of the Conservative
'........      But
per   cent   better    than Ihc Johnson-j Party
he concedes jiil'-als? Whst Ih-s at
Burns    bout,   showing
Flynn'. ability In give the negro
hard fight.
Wardner Conservatives   appear
he having a little trouklel due to
misunderstanding in    regard td
recent   organization   meeting,
.lames   Crippen, ol    Wardner, write,
to the pres. as follows  in that   connection:
"Sir: Please allow me space In
your valuable paper lo show the public how good loyal Conservatives
ban' Ih.ii treated in South East
-'tSome tew days ago five individuals ol tlw town ul Wardner, B. C,
closeted themselves In a secluded
place without any public notice and
formed a "so-called Liberal Conservative association," voting themselves all into olliee, wilh P. Lund as
president, wbo was a visitor
U'thbrMgc   during the progress
what are these
Ihc root ot lhe
/human tendency to conservatism?
What is conservatism? Natural conservation, which Is t
tendency ol thc human mind, and
whieh Is thc recruiting ground for the
Conservative party, is, as Lord Hugh
frankly concedes, "a disposition avcr-
to'se Irom change." It springs, he says,
a( "partly - from a distrust ol tbe unknown and a    corresponding reliance
Mr. Ion experience rather than on theoretic reasoning." The element tf caul
ion is a wise provision, and it is to
Is- lound among Liberals as well as
among Conservatives. But history's
indictment ol Conservatism is not
that it halts reform* in order to examine carefully tlw path ol progress,
hut that it Is instinctively averse
from any change that seeks to broaden tho rights and privileges ot the
common people.
Conservatives took Iheir name alter
1832 in    order to escape   the odium
tbat attached tn   Toryism as tlw hoof the reform bill,  lias Conservatism
nl renounced   Ihe old  spirit of Toryism
ol,with the   name?  It.   consistent np-
According to  an   English  ex-
exchange, the  Boy Scout movement is proving a great success in | purpolle „, ^ning',' public
tion in tlw said town.
Ibc meeting, at the same time lor- position to every subsequent reform
getting that wc have an honorable demanded by the democracy—includ-
ineiiincr representing us. ling the   Franchise   Hills of 1867 anil
■"Two of    the no-called association i8Mi and tbc    Plural Voting Bill ol
have    always   worked   their hardest n^t date-stows    that Uw leopard
against the party, and country,    un-' has not changed Us spnts.  On every
short  time ago one took out'great fane tn which Uw privileges ol
Manchester.   We read ■•
' The Boy Scout movement in
his   naturalization    papers   lor   tbe 'be few may    be distinguished   Irom
posl- the rights nl thc many Conservatism
has been    thc h'dnboiind    acolyte ol
v     This state ol things ls likely     to privilege   and caste.   It    Is not dls-
Manchester has become something .,,,„ «„ Conservative party, but ar- trust of the    unknown,   but a sctflsh
more than a mere ornamunUl or- rangements arc being made for       a spirit (l( aggrandisement and distrust
Ionization. ^[c ,neetitift, in Uw Interests      ol of thc people Ihst inspire its oppo.it-
" The experiment inaugurati*! by ltoB    Conservative   party, to rescind Ion to uncial progress.   C.mservatiim
the   Education   Committee    lost anything that bat lieen dons by    ths is a city    ol refuge   lor  the   Haves
winter of opening evening classes would-be assnelatloa." against the clamorous   necessities ol!
To cleanse the system ol undigested food, loul gases, excess bile in
the liver and waste matter in the
bowels will impair your health. The
best system regulator Is FIG PILLS.
At all dealers 25 and 50 cent, or
The Kin Pill Co., St. Thorns., Ont.
the Have Nots. When expediency
rules, Conservatism is guided, in the
words of Lord Hugh, hy thc saying:
"I would not exclude alteration •either; but even when I changed, It
should bc to preserve." Ixird Hugh
Is not more convincing when he
claims that Conservatism is tlw natural giinidii.il el Iho faith and morals
ol the pen le. It would he nearer
tlw Until lo describe it as the natural guardian nl thc vested Interest*.
Alter six years ol bitter opposltlnu
tu Liberal social legislation on tlw
ground that It was Stwlallstlc it is
refreshing to leain Irom Lord Hugh
'-It cannot lw denied that there is
strong ground lor Christians to ecu.
sure the existing organization of commerce and Industry. The competitive
system Is certainly nut a Christian
Hut In thin, as throughout the volume, there is a wide gull between
Lonl Hugh's ideals and the practices
of Uw Conservative party. A. he
himself admits'—
A critic nl Conservatism might
complain that selfishness, avarice,
ami an uncontrolled taste lor alcoholic Honors were all elements thai
made Ior thc success of Conservative
politics. It docs not seem to me to
Iall within the compass ol my task
to consider Conservatism otherwise
than in Its ideal lorm."
It is ol course difficult ,to argue
with one who takes up this position.
To jnstily Conservatism on the
ground that its ideals must not be
conloundcd with its practices Is tc
condemn it with faint praise.
FOR SAI.K.—(loud saddle pony,
broken to harness. Will also work;
good horse lor small rancher. Cheap
lur cash. Applv Herald office, Box
A. M-tt*
FOR RENT.—Two furnished rooms;
al modern condeniences. Apply Herald office. 23-tl
tbat the llritish Columbia Southern
Railway Company ct Montreal, Quebec, will apply for a license to take
and uso 2 cubic leet per second el
water out ot Moyle River, which
flows In a south westerly direction
through East Kootenay and empties
into Kootenay River. Tbs watei
will be diverted at Yahk and will be
used tor railway purposes oa '
land described as tbe applicants
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the llth day ot June,
1812. Tbe application will be filed
In the office of tbe Water Recorder at
Objections may he Med srltb     the
sold Water    Recorder or   with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Iluildings, Victoria, B.C.
British  Columbia  Southern Railway
Company, Applicants.
hy W. F.  Gurd,   Agent., Cranhrook,
B.C. 34-51
Closing Out
Crockery and
Prices Cut
in Half
Many Money Saving Opportunities
in Every Department
in the Store
High Grade Goods
Low Grade Prices
that the BriUsh Columbia Souther
Railway Company Intends to apply,
to tbs Lieutenant Governor in Coun-j
eil, Victoria, British Columbia, lur I
final license under part XI. of ths
Water Act, IMI, aad Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
trom Bull River, in East Kootenay,
for tbs purpose ot making tbe same
fit for ratting aad driving logs.
Tbe maps and plans and particulars
ot tbe proposed Improvements snd
works nave been filed with the Chiel
Water CommiMioner, at Victoria
British Columbia, within 20 days
alter tbe first publication ol tbis
Dated at Cranbrook, British Columbia, the 17th day ol February,
W. F. Ourd,
20-lt        .Solicitor for the Applicant'
i: Spend Dominion Day at
A Big Celebration will be Held with a good
Programme of Sport*
—■--■     ■ i. ■■■_..   .-       ii  ■■ i    ...    ■ ■   i ■    *i.* ,—g
Free Motor Boat Excursion on the
Lake to All
A Day Spent on the Beautiful Moyie Lake
will never be regretted
Big Dance in the Evening
Special Train from Cranbrook
Train will leave Oranbrook at H.Uo a m.
Betuming, will leave Moyie at midnight.
Persons desiring can return at 9.30 p.m. on the Flyer.
-    J. P. FARRELL, Chairman       F. J. SMYTH, Secretary
JUNE is here
Snaps in Men's Wear at the
Boston Clothiers
A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
Save a few dollars in the purchase of your
Summer Wear
Summer Weight Suits
Tweeds, snd Good Ones
Fancy Worsteds
You usually pay at least $211.00 tor values like these
June Price $15.00
Medium Weight Shoes
and Oxfords
$5.00 Vuluea for «p4.UU
Balbriggan Underwear
Suit, 65c
$1.25 Caps
Where to go for First Class Job Work


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