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Cranbrook Herald Jan 11, 1912

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In the Herald Pays—Try1
Our   Local   Columns
10c. a line
MfJ 16
a nre Well  equipped
turnout iht; best Hubs
Ol work
NO. -.'
Tin* annual review number of tho
Nelson News canto in lutiitl on Tuesday ut ihis week, autl ;i distinctly
Creditable Issue ll Is, loo.
Tin* folio wing fi'oin iis review ul
Cranbrook district will lie read willi
interest locally:
In making a comparison between
any yi-ar's headway uml lliul nf Ihc
proceeding year <it u particular locality, ono .8 always ut a loss iu Iiml a
common factor. Everyone knows
dial ii is ,i much easier accomplishment, to make M.idhl out of (1,000
than to make $1,000 out of nothing, ami so in speaking about ilu*
improvement of a locality. Although
lor some few years past tlie Cranbrook district has neon forging ahead;
in a quiet way, tho advance has not,
boon phenomenal antl it would give
some difficulty, to almost anyone to
lay a finger on any particular spot
ami say: "Here is a remarkable
change"—and yet the Improvement
from year to year has been noticeable.
This year would probably be put in
the same category if the anticipations fm* next year were not so ex-,
oe-cdingly strong, ami there is no
doubt hut tliat this year is a connecting link between Was heretofore1
progress ami the jump into the li.r.f.-
Take for instance laml values; these j
have risen abnormally, because it is
demonstrated that fruit can be raised
successfully ami the government has
divided to start an observation ami
experimental farm In order to assist
incoming settlers with advice ami experience. It Is difficult for an ordinary outsider to estimate the difference this makes to would-be Investors, between laml that may posslbl)
bo ol nontc value ami Iftnti ituit in a
few years will pay hack cent for cent
per annum without doubt.
Why are the wooden buildings in
the town being replaced by brick,
stone ami concrete? Exactly for tlu
same reason. The doubtful period
bas passed ami we know and arc assured tbat the country Is on a com
mercial foundation with successful
fruit and mixed farming, a permanent
mining industry, ami a remunerative
lumbering trade lor guarantees, ami
wben we consider the extent ol the
farming and grazing lands ami the
large unexplored and unprosnected
mineral areas, whal lurther guarantees do-es future prosperltj  require?
Coming down to concrete facts—
tbere arc now several big Irrigation
schemes in course d! construction,
covering thousand*, nt acres each, the
principals of which, alter detailed
examination ami information, arc
ci-ntent in invest large amounts,
banking on tho future prosperit) ol
ihe countrj. litest! schemes Include
those at llaynes lake, si. Mary's
Pralrlc, Skookumchuck, Korl Steele,
Wasa, etc—Ttte land in these riclni
ties twin-' exceptional!) adapted fot
this purpose, and where agriculture
das been carried nn fot some years,
verj successfully, though nn a    small
This year's exhibition of frull and
vegetables sho*.. verj conclusive!)
that 11.1 place in liritisli Columbia ot
Canada um raise a supcrloi quailt)
than hit,-, unit each inrcecdln yi at
shows a marked Improvement in
quttllt) ami numbei ol < utrlcs from
ail ovei the district, showing Itn Hi
letttri thus is being taken ami the
Mid-mi desire ol doing belter, and
there is little   doubt bul that    this
totm ,,f ad\etl|seiueti1 is one of Ihe
most   lotting.
Tin* laml actually cropped Lhli yeai
was more than double that ot last
year, ami fiom what ihe agents ol
the various nurseries stale Ihere must
he ever sixty thousand trees ordered
for next season's planting, mostly in
small lots spread over the whole district and not confined lo one locality-
in the mining Industry, too, a
great deal more interest is Mug
shown and although the output ol
galena has been decreased by tlie
partial closing tb wn of the ".Sullivan'' and the "Society (iirl" the
reorganization of Ihe "Aurora,"
means a distinct advance; and there
is great, reason to hope tbat the
"Kstella" will soon be working full
force again, which will stimulate
greal activity in that eamp-
Late in the fall I'erry t'reek came
to tbo front again with discoveries
of free thrilling gold quartz nnd thcro
is no doubt that next spring will
see an influx of prospectors and Investors to that Section. The samples brought in would be difficult    to
heal, ami two outfits thought
enough ol ihe bIiowings to put In
winter camps. Also on the st.
Mary's ami Whitens!) work Is gc-Jng
mi continually and this year two
parties of mining experts wen; making reports on all Iht; properties
that were rept rled as having good
showings, so also on Track und
Skookumchuk, in fact there
restlessness in mining that portends
something doing in tlie near future.
Taking everything Into consideration, the Cranbrook division ean
look forward with perfect confidence
to the future, knowing that nothing
can prevent il  coming Into its    own
ns premier   district of   the   province   .,,,., ...    , . ..
(although     commercial     paroxysms  Nj-"om"" """>  <*»*■ ■<> ■"«■'. »'«*»
may   retard   it as     the late      coal  |'augin almost breathless sik*m -
miner's strike)    particularly as     the
Beforo one ol the greatest mooting!
over held in the cltj ol Montreal
Sir Willrid Laurier delivered an address on Monday night which wus
received with tumultuous acclaim, flioi frightened nor
Tin* old    chieftain    was In fine form has not affected yo
ml not Un- defeat of a greal end I have sought has been that ol
| the  greatness and prosperltj ol Cnn-
i young Uberals*," lie said, adn, and that is tbe idea wo have
the deieai has net- followed foi fifteen years and with
alarmed you. It some success. Fortune or prosperity
i, for yon an-     at   cannol  take away     fiom us the     [n-
showing that
i.i he]
autl aroused the great audience to the   tli
highest     heights of   enthusiasm.     H   your tarn
was a remarkable scene and one moro  these idea
likely to create the impression that a ism which
great conqueror  was    the attraction ■ faith and
rather than       the man who      three
months ago    wenl    down to defeat.
Hut lie went down     to defeat ou    a
principle—that   principle lives  — atu j
he reaffirmed   i
Monday night.
his hest.        At „^_,^,^_„^„^,^_
throng which  crowded the Monument J count of p
with emphasis      on'ponents?
It was Sir Wilfrid at  victorious
times*    the immense and   mica
nd <>f life, the beginning ol  tetioi     development   nt   the country
s—and you ait* turning to  whieh bus trebled in fifteen yeais   in
. ami principles of Liberal- agriculture aud commerce, and     they
gav« you every canst*    for   cannot take away    from us lhe     cx-
nthtisinsih.       iin* Liberal  tenia!     prestige and    power   of cui
party—the vanquished — walk    with country.      All this bas its roflccttoi
higher heads than over, never      were  in  the eyes of the world."
om    convict ions- mon* firmly founded!   Itcverling to the reciprocity    cam-
than    now   and and whal of our op-j puigu Sir Wilfrid said:
Already   those' Who      wet'
nro    experiencing   regit
Of  Cl
building of the Kootenay Central
railway is creating an interest that
effects all industries, and incidentally
opens up a country that, besides
commercial characteristics, possesses
some of the most beautiful scenery in
the world, combined with good fishing, shooting and bunting. Moreover it. will give us direct communication north, sti that our railway
transportation will bo as nearly perfect us possible, aud wo have reason
lo feel proud of our district and un
unfaltering confidence iu iis future.
of tho Windecmero Valley district,
tin* Nelson News has the following to say:
What is known as the Windermere
district of lho Columbia valley ol
tin- province of llritish Columbia U
one of the last great valleys of the
south eastern portion of this province tn be opened for settlement, and
a way made for development of Its
industrial possibilities ami tbe forming ol a greal national play ground.
Windermere district proper, nestles
between the Rocky Mountains on tho
east autl the Selkirk Mountains on
the west. its eastern boundary
narks the western limit of the province of Alberta, its southern outlet is
at Cranbrook on the Crows Nest
I'ass branch of the C.P.R. and its
northern entry port [a Oolden, on
the main line to Vancouver. At present the only means of transportation is In roads in winter ot hy
stenmi i on the Columbia river in
summer, but tbe C.P.R. are rapidly
pushing fm ward a branch of their
system, to In* known as the Kootena*. Central railway, which will connect Ihe two extremes ol the valley.
Contracts have already been let tor
the building d( the greater pan ol
this line and through travel should
Ih- possible hv the summer of It'll.
Wnh lhe completion of this railway
it is expected (bat a branch line will
be extended over the mountains up
Pohy creek by way of Karl Drey's
Pass to reach Koolenay lake at
Vrgenta neai its northern cxtremltj
Splendid roads, suitable for automo*
biting, pass up ami dawn the valleys
if this districl and bj way ol tin*
south and nul conneel il with the
prairie toads of Eastern Canada
while the trunk rood goes on down
llie KoOlflOaj i imi Uiioiigli Tohacci
Plains and   joins
bis cloqitebl words, onh* to break out
iu great surging cheers, which cos.
inileil the speaker to stop time ami
again   until the enthusiasm subsided.
Trenchant in bis criticism ot a government which has marked time for
three months, lias heen afraid to announce a policy on any great issue;
and which bus been dominated by the
Monk-Hourassa element, Sir Willrid
iu ringing words denounced Nationalism and all oilier extreme "isms"
and declared for a sane Imperialism
and dominant Canadlanlsm. splendid
was his effort when he expressed regret that the fanners of Western
Canada were denied the market which
they so much desired. A market
which would have added to their
prosperity and al the present time
would have been a Clod-send to them.
Hi* deelared that the principle of
freer markets would live, tliat the
present prosperity of Canada was
due to iln* great expansion of m**
kets made possible under the Liberal
policy, mnl that if llie Hritish
people were to resort to protection
il  would spell disaster to Canada.
The meeting, which was held undei
the auspices ol the association of
Voting Liberals, was presided over by
Mr Victor Beique and upon the
platform wllh Sir Wilfrid Laurier
were several of his late ministers.
Including Hon. Sydney Fisher. Hon.
flco. Graham, Hon. Mackenzie King
ami  lion. Charles Murphy.
Sir Wilfrid I.aurier. who was the
recipient ol a couple of botyqucta from
a little girl and who was received
with prolonged oval ions, suggested
that if ,i stranger were coming tu
the citv who ttid nol know anything
of recent history, he would, tm see-
irtg tbat great crowd with its loud
acclamations, ite lei to believe ihat
the} "en* celebrating some great vic-
iti'.fleiicc on     ac-
uiihlcs which began Ihe day after victory was at-
tumed, and which will he more manifest as tin* days go by. They were
going to regenerate tin
world ami    make changes ii
I have nothing to regrel about
t he reciprocity proposal, al t lu nigh
Canada chose to ignore it. \\v have
the Knglish market, which is the
cause of this prosperity and if it
were closed it would mean the ruin of
our country. For us Die American
political market is lhe most advantageous ami
religious for many years   the farmers of    ihr
and national mat lets, that they called nationalism. Those who have
appealed to the people to repeal
the naval programme aiid who have
pi el ended I ha 1 t hey welt* serious,
have already seen what their promises were worth ami you have seen
during the pasl three mouths what
they have done. You know I don't
exaggerate when I say lhal what
they have done has been It
patronage aud satisfy the
hunters and those ale tlie people wlio
abused my friends for doing such
things, while thej themselves are
lhe greatest corrupters Canada has
ever seen. It has been a formidable
debauch of office seeking.
"Ami their    promises before      tho
elections?      What have In
them'       What about  thei
west have wanted that market. Wc
linished by obtaining Die right to
that market, bul the Canadians re
jected it. We have Ibc right to as!.
what are the reasons that actuated
the majority. Don't speak to mi
of appeals to passion and race pre
judicc and history, wbieh are not
arguments. What I find against U'*
is a great number of financiers who
organize coalesced against us "
political j Sir Willrid embarked upou .. criticism of the Nationalists in regaid 1<
their attitude on the naval I'ticta.;.
and reviewed the essential Blag-**** In
the history of that law, re-afHrtung
his opinion that we were obliged to
defend our territory but at the same
time perfect autonomy must lie piconic tf served. lie commented upon Mi
principles, I Monk's statement   in the bouse that
ihey saitl they would follow'.' at   the time of tbe famous rcsotutloi
principles have gone." .of   March 2f>, j.tOfi, coining up in th
Wilfrid Laurier proceeded      to! house, be had gone home to bed   ami
(ua      ai lhe coalition, saying; so  dul noi vote on it.       In tbe far
that   Borden was flanked by
It   was    a ease     nt     the wc
down with tlu* lamb.     What
programme     he asked,     but
told    he nu
ism  and
Monk.| of Mr. Monk's present attitude Im
ll lying I declared that be bad performed a
is Iheir Icomplete right about face on the
be was; naval question.
nisi not speak of Imperial- Drawing tf a conclusion. Sii Wil-
natlonallsm there, as it frid said ihat they had the rotunda-
raised racial passions and prejudices, tion if they had been defeat** 1, thai
'Your character is darkened hy ' their reputation had nol been lar-
.allure, and you have become em-J nlshcd and they bad the greatest sut-
bittered and bilious." be was told. I isfaction in the knowledge tliat »h. \
"Why should I bo embittered? We had Ial len lor tbe defence nf tbril
have been defeated, but I know what noble ideals of making commerce lur
the gratitude    id    this worlil is, ami   Canada.
I   have loo much knowledge ol polttl-     "The day   will   ctme," be      s:i>\.
cal life to worry when political   vie-  "when Liberal   opinion #111 r
tory escapes    me.        Hut  1 say,   so,
thai     my    words shall Ik- beard outside  id this ball, that our adversaries   have
with their
itself and give you a victory,
than you ever saw."
lie proposed to them the words
advice given by Gladstone, when
io    reason   to  Im* plcowrf  ,mmd    htaweW hitni\„iy beatei
victory.        The supreme great issue: "Time is with us
i very wide and then* are
as of bench lands   which ate
settlement and development
i. M,,iti.mai automobile highway
it passes I In i nigh Mi tut ana. Othei
projected automobile roads fot which
surveys nn* now being made arc.
eastward, lo entet the National
I'.ni, in ai Banff, and westward, to
reach mi   lho  western    shores      nl
Kootena\   lake    anothei      main load
leading i"    Kelson mid coupling    up
With   tlie  toads ,,f West   Koolenay.
Onal    development   is   taking plftCO
throughout   Ibe district,     in the wuy
ni agricultural development several
ii Ligation companies—tin* more important ol whicli are Columbia Valley Irrigated l-'nilt Lands, Limited,
of Wilmer,    B.C.| and Columbia, Vat-1
Tbe vallej
large area
oiiiii for	
at once.
Tlw- Sell-iik Mountains contain
many large deposits of low grade
ore, somo ol which have been extensively developed, and will, it is hoped commence shipment wilb Ibe advent of thi* railway company.
With Ihc coming ol this mean,     of
transportation   ihe tlistriet  will also
Ih1 opened tip ami become more widely
il tbe great in-   ■,„„„.., as ., to,irjst „,,,firt
The record id Cranbrook lite de
partmenl, under Chief Foster, during
PHI was au eminently satisfactory
one. The number id tiles was small
and the resultant damage was quit
Tbc record is as follows:
lanuary     1H—Kire    at    Y
June I—Fire in    bouse   al Slater- learn of    tin* grand fruition ol     the
ville,   caused by defective stove pipe, lonti deferred liopes ol my ..id [riendi
Daman - SIOOo. in your   city.    1 also sea that     vou
. I une i—Kire in   Stable on Edwards will have as     guests upon that OCCA
street and Garden avenue, caused   by sion many of the young old-timeis o
lire cracker.    Damage $150.                 | the district, and I can predict      to:
July 21—Kire    in     A.    ( ameron
stable.      No damage.
(By A.   15. Watts,   Wattsburg, B.C.)  spccl   when   it was a matter if pro-
Seeing that it is   the only industry tcctitig the lumbei  Industry, Dutiable
in Canada which is unprotected   ami goods by the thousands   ol cal loads
that ii    fs   afflicted at   the present have been   passed   and all tho rcpre-
tlmo l>y the dumping uf hundreds   ot sentatlons made    to the government
American lumber-on the subject were Ignored,
the cost ol    pro-    It Is a    mistaken   Idea to Imagine
a sense of jus-jthot tbe    prairies   reap   any bonejjl
has Irom the dumping ol   this dteap lunj-
gov-lber on    tb,*   Canadian market,   Any
iu ti-j person   wlm   understands   the condt-
mlllliil.s  of    leet   ,
at less than half
duct Ion, no man  with
tiir    can sat that this industry
been fairly treated by the late
eminent, and readers must have
red  with disdain
..f   Mi.    Knowl
Jaw,   on   the
menl,   simply becat
of Hritish Columbia
mem to enforce the
on  the statute    b
attack   tnms nt     the
Moose  that     from
"overn- Uiousand ft. I
lumbermen being clmrgnl
lhal the g>
for.* ihc
bear upon
of   the   I
fact is would take
the  last stove of tin
the pi
I  the    ^^^
asked the govern- mon lumber, where composition does
law as ti stands not exist ot whore it has been dim
ska.     lie stated inatcd.       Ttte only .places tlmt      do
Irade knows right well
$28 OU to $8LOU pet
i- at tlm i■:,.-, .,i time
lo consumers tor corn-
forced it
mm,nun p.
!.i      this
emment went down    be-jbenefti by   the   cheap rubbish ore tho
i-t pressure brought     to big centres    Where competition       Is
t by the lumber   combine severe,   and the pool  settlers quoted
t, thai  the lumber manu-jby   Ml   Knowtes reap no benefit from
tin- last u\ and that.      Tlie jerry build:!, and    real
poor settlers ol estate boom *    ■        tot   only     ones
f the law was en- who receive any tangible benefit, and
would moon a loss of $13,- iin-v aru about   ..   . ■ rth) ol protcc-
li  him
HUM*   be. n
antl about
tmoiiiit   v
innum     by  the Canadian
The lion, member shows
latemeiit tbat his arithrae-
bat! as his arguments
ietf million feel of lumbei
Imported    during the year,
one third of the total
uild be dutiable if tbe cua-
Hon as Mi     Kno nuts are
■   i redence
One result <l non-proteetton is the
fact thai all the mills m ihe interioi
ui British Columbia art closed down
and loctiug operations suspended,
Ttn* interioi has only one market*—■
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the prairies—and thi-- is inundated
regulations wen* enforced, ami I with lumbei being sold in the large
■veti if (2.00 per thousand duty was|centres at ruinous prieea, which com-
i Diluted thai would aim uni t i petition Hnti-.li Columbia maiuifac-
(200,000 oi om sixtieth part of what turers arc unable (o meet. This
Mr. Knowles states, Bul even ai policy sets as a boomerang on the
that, this was the most truthful pat; farmers di producers on the prairies,
if any of the charges he made because British Columbia is one of
■uamst tho government. Tbe Conser- the largest and ■'■■-' customers the
,ativo government, Mr. Knowles is prairies nave, .t- Bhe consumes over
.'..-ll aware, iM-.i* >\ tin- Liberal gov- s.VMHHmhni wi.:tt. ,..t their agricul-
emment principally because the Con- tura-1 products per annum. She ateo
st natives advocated protection tci provides thousands of poor home-
all Canadian Industries, coupled with Bteaders *11 ans oi suhsist-
Britlsh preference and imperial unity. ariCt. uni,* ,[a.ir homesteads are pro-
Presuming the government were to ducttve Crowds of them who came
giant what Hn.-, industry Is entitled west during ite- winter on the train
'm n could not even then nc seeking work, I< md the logging
charged with being the "Tool ol camps ami mills closed down, and
Combines," a- stated by Mr. Know- great numbers* had to walk all the
lea, who know-, as well as up do wav back*. Great milling concerns
ihat the dumping clause was Special-j who were working hundreds rf teams
ly made t<» protect Canadian indus- have sold them and closed their
tries, and he knows that tbat and'plants down indefinitely,
other measures enacted for the pur-j There are many more arguments
pose ..*:■• deliberately isnored hv the and reasons why the lumber industry
late government; that th- evasion of \-> -entitled io protection Jusl the
the law was   winked at in ever*, re- same as other industries in Canada.
,j«^.^,aaaaa^a^.j.a^. ,arw. up Mayor Bowness expressed
"J" •¥ himself    a*, bcir.c     personally disin-
•*• THK NKW   COI SCIL,        $• elined t., act upon That board and in-
•$•   *4* timaied that be proposed    tc     take
•*• The civic -■Irciiori.s passed ofl +, the matter up with the attorney-
*\* entirely devoid ot excitement -J* general with a view to securing au-
■»$• ..( any kind    The new council  •fltboritj     for      tbe    council to elect
wa*, elected by automation as •■• ff-om among Hs  numb       member to
follows: •-• ierve m  lus place.
•»•    Tin* proposed board i-f license com-
Auldii Clarke
mayor, m-inmate-d
Oreen,   M.U., and
ff. J. Atchison,
nominated |,y K
M.H   and .1   p. Kink.
Wm.  Ki rest Cameron
bv F. ff.
I. i'. Kink,
W.   Oreen,
misMoners foi t *e ensuing year is as
follows Mayoi Bowness, rx-ofQctOi
Alderman Lestei Clapp and J. H.
Tne police commissionen as recommended will    be Mayoi Bowness, Al
lium,  nominated by E. Brwell *|o>nn**n Johnson and.I. tt. Kutiedge.
by   elect tic    wires,
M.C. A.,
ley Orchards, Limited, of Atbelmere, caused
B.C.,      Ate    putting   iu    irrigation (2000.
works, subdividing land, and In     the     February 17—Alarm  of lire
case of tho former arc carrying out a house on    Armstrong  avenue
strong, successful immigration policy,   damage.
The  Industries of the irrigation com-     February 18—Alarm   of fire
pany and  the prosecution of the lum-   old brewery.    No damage,
ber interesls    are largely responsible     April Sit—Alarm ol file from      tbe
for   tbe establishment and upkeep   of   Herald    otlice,   caused by overheated
the market centres of Wilmer, Athel-  stove setting   tire to partition. Dam-
mere, Windermere and Invermere.   At   age $200.
least one of lliese is destined lo be- April 21—Kire in shed on Mott
come a place ol some importance avenue, caused by boys playing with
when tlm through railway line is matches. Damage t:ton
completed. In the way ot agrieul- May 1—Kire in house on
tural development little has yet been avenue, caused hy defective
done,| bui experiments which have Damage $1100.
boon carried out .satisfactorily prove May 12—Kire in house on
Ihat vegetables, all fishier cereals, avenue. Damage $luoo
apples, cherries, and every variety ol May 2S-Klre|n bouse ou
small frull   will grow   in abundance, avenue.    No damage.
August SS—Fire in shell on Burwell
avenue.     Damuge S20u.
September 9—Fire In rear of store
on Armstrong avenue. No damage.
September 26—Chlmnej oo iin* in
house on Durei avenue. Do damage.
November 26—Fire in house ai
Buret avenue      No damage
All  Inspection of  the present        lire
liiill brings home verj forctbl) to any
person the urgt nt laid of new
quarters !•*• lhe toe department. The
present quarters ire altogether    loo
cold in wiulci bo satisfactory woik,
lei a I one comf-rl.     This is a mattei
tlmt will doubtless receive the careful attention of the new council al
an early date.
The fire department have to ac
know bilge the 11 dipt (rom Mr. V
Ilvdi* Bakei ol his cti.st-man Christ
mas cheuue.
At present the lire department con
sists ol ten men. iwo paid a regular
salary und the remaining eight receiving Jlu per month as call men
It. L. T. tialbiaith, Indian agent at
Kort Steele, has   received tbe     following   characteristic communication
from the "Old Man":
My Dear Gulbraiih:-
I have-  just learned   by llu* papers
that   steel   will be   laid into     your
town   within a   few days,   and that
: the good  cltitcni ni Fort Steele pro*1
Clark  pose    to  eelcbtale   the event In     a
piopei   mwiflCr,      I   was  pleased       to
them a most enjoyable time. Very
lew mdtitl, who came to Kast Kootenay twelve and fifteen years ag*>,
who did not first gi. to Kort Steele
and set their compass at that point
for the portion ol the district which
they intended to live. 1 know also
tbat every visitor will have a g!"<
lotn time because the people ot Fort
Steele have always borne ■ reputation for open handed hospitality, and
an evening spent as n guesl in thai
town always meant an evening tu be
icmcmbcred Permit me io extend
congratulations tn you, my good
friend Di. Halt and manv others
who have uevei    cea.w*d tn then      >f
forts to bring to Fort stole the
transportation facilities that it was
entitled to. The opi-mmr ot the
Columbia Valley, ooa ot the glorious
garden spots ot this piovince, tin- development Ol powet at Bull river, the
knowledge that the entire section of
South Kast Ko< tenay is destined to
lie one of the leading fruit raising
■eotlotu of tin- province means    sub
stnnlial and sat ist act on growth tfl
all of your towns, and Kort Steele
will enjoy these benefits with the
other towns in the district. At thll
time, with the New Year just dawning, permit me to wish for vmi and
all my friends in Kort Steele all the
prosperity ami happiness that jmu
so richly deserve, and inav tin- nanie
id Kort Steele be perpetuated not
onh as tbi* pioneer town ot South
Kast, kootetiav bul als»> as a town
that Ins a coinmcicial future full id
btiglitm-ss and piosprrlty.
I    have the   pleasure   to remain,
Your friend,
K   K. Simpson
kaliih'op,,   |LC.
ami P. DeYere Hunt
.los. Fletchei Campbell, alderman, nominated by J. T
Sarvl   and ff. II   Wilson
Lester Clapp, alderman, nominated bv Thos. Caven and
Oeo.  It   Leask.
Brie Oistare Erlckson, alderman, nominated by V, Hyd,
Maker and l»   K. Wilson
Donald .1. lohnson, alderman, ii anted by    I   D. Ml -
Bride .md ff, K. Worden.
u   .o.tii ipated  tliu two reining school trustees were re-
> Im 'i-|   w i'|i,,u1   opposition.
w v Gurd, nominated \>*
it c Kakto .i"i ' It McNabb
I li U ;■!. . nominated i.i
tt ll tt-, - md ' F Campbell.
•H    The first
•frldl •..-■
■    v.   i min-
*  Monday at ll
It  Brown, the local i-i resenl-
nf tin-   Cranbrook Poaltry  .md
Sto- k i :'!"-. 1 .y
foi Vsneouvi r toi ven*
tion of tin* I)    '   ['oultr*, „-
Tbe provl bet  rwi nue    lor
Decesnbet ■    leraWj      over
.*..*. .J. ,'. .*. |L
IMA \f,li
:• •:*
. »i. 4..». -r- -*- -i- -i- -i—i- -i- -s-
Mayoi diet \ c Bowness, fn
course ol s ehnl with a Herald representative -.ud he would like the
Herald '" express i" the ratepayers
and Hectors of the cltj ol Cranhrook
generally, hli heart) appreciation ol
the confidence expressed In Mmsell b)
bis election as mayoi by acclamation, lb dul not can* t,, iaj much
aiMiut hi> coming administration save
to intimate tba' he would cndcavoi
to conduit the affairs of the city
according to     lus b**st tudgment and
alotig    the  lines  be    pursued      as      BO
alderman.     He nrfshei also to   congratulate the   nti/ens upon the    ev-
eelleni I rd nt aldermen chosen    to
work with    him during the    coming
h Hv-   <,f further converantion
the question   of his memliernhip    ol
His     II .:   ■      Wil on
will   *•*i ip] - hall   at a
smoking  i dm Hi to (**■ held at
u.i-    Hotel     Crnnbrook   this
etening .■ Im k, al wbieh
■ : irobet o( cii
inregatbet foi the purpose ot
extending to Mr. M \ Mai -
d<maId best wishes for his fu-
tni«- iocV ■ . in the i ivy of
Vancouvci. wMtht i he do-
parts tomorrow.
The occasion -Mil '.*•• purely an informal one, the one
ami onh object being to aflord
an opportunity lor Mr Ma<-
donald'i manj friends to meet
lum once again befare Ins departure ami extend Io him
their hearty good wishes for
his succesi in his nev field ot
During the evening Mi   J, P.
hink     will be     called upon to
make a     pn enhstlon U    Mr.
Macdonald, a    token of esteem
from  the   cltliens   ol Cranbrook,
lhe board 11     license   cointiitHsioner-*' d> d> ***• d> **f •!• •!• •I* *l* •!' •!*
.;. .j. .j. +
MAC   ■(•
SALE PRICES continued for
balance of month at
Br the  Herald    Publishing  ' ..inj.siiiy,
►'.   I. Deane,'Managing Kditor,
CK.tNBKOOK. It. C, January II 1912
Cranbrook established a new record
this week by electing In acclamation
Uie council foi ihe new year, Under
these circumstances it must, he accepted in good faltli lhal tbe new
council i- composed        of
men ihoroiiglriy acceptable
to the greal majorit) ol citi/ens.
This botng the case *.*.>■ may look
forward confident!) to a year of
strong, progressive administration.
There is a greal deal to do and,
judiimg by lhe record eslohlisltod bv
present Mayor Bowness, as an alderman, that work .vill In- tackled In a
businesslike manner and pul through
in    lnsl-elass  sliape.
Sir Willrid Laurier delivered a
great speech ai Montreal on Monday
ol this week, a partial report ol
which lorms a special feature ol today's Issue. The grand old chlcltatn
was in splendid form and lus message
to Liberals throughout the Dominion
will hearten them iu good shape,
Lauriei stands by ,lu* guns, despito
tlie dlsasl s defeal of lasl September and establishes clear!) his loyalty    to the west  and  the liCSl   llitetcsts
of ibe gieai fanning population ol
the prairie provinces. It is hy no
means improbable that m tht; comparatively near Inline Sii Willrid
Laurier will again be at the helm,
carrying mil a well defined policy
for the general advancement of this
great Dominion, which during his
fifteen years ol office, prospered as it
never did before.
The provincial legislature reassembled lor business today. Tho programme lor the session, as at present outlined, does u> t Indicate the
probability of a prolonged session.
At the same time some very important business will be up lor consideration. Included iu this session's programme will ho consideration of tin- report of the taxation
commission, and amendments to the
land act, for Ihe systematic protection .uni conservation oi tin- provtn
clal forest rest urces.    The reply    to
the speech    Irom   tie-   I hi "lie  is to    tig
moved bj Mr  ll   h  Wai am, ML.A.,
Vancouver, and Mr Mi \ Lucas,
M L. \ . Vale.
The annual pllgrittWgi i f the executive of the Dominion Trades am!
I...*., Congress t . Ottawa t..,.k place
on Monday of full *.*"*. The delegation met Premier Borden and Labor Ulnlitei CroU pi and wi re promised "serious consideration1' of all
theli netnanui The Importation of
stiik«*hreakeis was condemned, ipoch
fir instants given, and an ll Hip
Uon was promised, \ day's rest In
seven was also demanded and the
Charge made that the steel mills In
Nova Scotll and al the "Hoo" worked their men seven davs a week,
Other subjects presented were    that
Nothing equals an aureole of beautiful haii as a frame (or a pretty
face. Without a background of nice
hair a really pretty lace frequently
becomes plain ami, with il, unattractive features assume life und beauty.
Kvery woman can increase ber na-
| luml charm by using Newbro's Herpiclde. llerpicide makes hair beautiful. Thu dandrufl germ saps tho
vilirlity ul the hair. llerpicide kills
ihis germ and prevents the hair Irom
failing oui, giving it a snap and
luster, u suit, silky ilultincss which
can Ih* acquired in no other way.
Your druggist will sell you a one
dollar size bottle under an absolute
Semi 10c. in postage lor sample
autl booklet to the llerpicide Co.,
Dipt. It., Detroit, Mich.
Applications may be obtained at
tlie best barber shops and hair dressing parlors.
Heat lie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
Repair Department
«ll Klsds tl Furniture Pcpnircd
UpssUterlsi, Matlrets Uaklnt.
Ntw In Ike tbnc lo lim i trur work
east, before ihe ru-.ii hexim
Chapman's Agency;:
Nariary Avcsie, Near Ihr -ttiJIlorlum \ '
all wages be paid in cash instead ol
by cheques; that correspondents ol
tin* Labor Gazette should be com
I idled to report the condition ul the
unemployed in their districts; that no
bounties or bonuses should be grant-
id. that tlie fair wage clause should
apply to all government contracts;
that Ibe alien law be repealed and a
more stringent tne be made; that the
customs duty be lifted from the buttons worn by members ot the inter
national unions on the ground that
ihey were not made In Canada, that
railway employees be paid lortnlghtly
instead of monthly; that the senate
should be abolished; tbat a departmeni of public health should be
When the Dominion Trades and
Labor Congress are considering the
question of fortnightly pay for railroad mm they might welt give some
attention to the matter of the
pay of men employed in the lumber
mills and logging camps. Recently a
iuIc bas gone into effect among the
Mountain Lumbermen deterring pay
until some time In April nr May.
There may be good and valid na
ions for this innovation, but it certainly works considerable hardship
on both employees and those who
cater to their wants, Including hotels and business houses.
It certain reports that have reached the Herald during tlie past lew
davs are well founded tliere is urgent newt (or some very energetU
work un tbe part id tbe city police
ihe Herald bas heen informed, upon
whal it is prepared to accept as en
11rely reliable authority, that* the
city Is, just at this present moment, infested by a considerable number of tin-horns and pimps, a class
ol men no city can afford to harbor.
Specific instances oi thr work ot
these gentry have been brought tb
tta* notice ol tbe Herald and .....
only course open to this paper, nnd
ci tlie circumstances is to thus notify the civic authorities of the prevailing conditions. The new council
start with a clean sheK and It) Is up
lo them to see thai effective measures be immediately taken to rid
tla* city of these vermin.
Cranbrook won the first hockey
same ot      the season   at the Arena
| rink Monday night from Macleod hy
a score of 5—3. This was the first
game of ths season In Cranbrook
and   was a good contest, considering
1 Ihat the local boys had not played
logeUw before, . ] "
The M.u b-ad tesm was composed ot
players from the east end ot the
Crow, Macleod, Kernic, Waldo and
llosmer being reprssssitni In Us
visitors line-up
Both teams played well and it was
an interestin g game from start to
finish. Cranbrook started in the
lead with two goals and laid their
an interesting game Irom start tu
several brilliant individual plays
made during the game.
Sims aud McManus, on Cranbrook's defense, were exceptional
stars and saved the score many
Tbc Cranbrook team was slow in
Iheir formation plays and team Work
with the forwards, due to this being the first game, and having no
practice together.
Friday and Saturday nights at
8 o'clock at the Arena rink the
COleman hockey team will play tbe
Cranhrook puck chasers. These two
matches are championship games, being played for the Crows Nest championship and the Hcrchemcr cup now
held by Cranbrook, winners 1910-11,
The Coleman team were the winners 1909-1910 and will he here
slrongly prepared to take away
the cup. The total goals of the
two nights' play will count .or the
cup. The locals are prepared to defend their honors and two ml iv.'.
tames are anticipated.
(lames   with Nelson and Kernic are
being arranged for next week.
Cranbrmk's star hockey team will
compete for tbc U. C. hockey championship at Rossland during carnival
week, February 6-10.
■ -'     ♦
A very enjoyable and largely attend
ed nurting of tlie Epwortb League
was held tn the Methodist Church
lasl Tuesday evening. The meeting
was ably conducted by the Missionary vice-president, Miss Chapman.
An excellent paper was read hy
Mrs. tt'. Hay ward on "-lapau and the
The League are conducting a skating party at the rink this (Thursday)
Next Tuesday evening the League
will be under the direction ot the
Citizenship Committee. (IwieraJ topic "A Nation in the Making," to be
discussed In tour papers. I. "Upper
Canada to the Time of Confederation.
2, Lower t'anatla to the Time of Con-
lethration." 3. Northwest Territories up to Confederation. 4. Hritish
Columbia Ht fore Confederation."
Sections 24-M, chap t».
Summary of receipts and expcmli
Una incurred by .lames Horace King
Esij., Doctor id Medicine, a candidate at Hm* recent Dominion Election of a Member for the House of
Commons in the Kootenay Electoral
District, made under the provisions
oi the above Act, and rendered to
me by the said candidate nn the Mb
day of January, A.D. 1912.
John Keen,
Returning Officer.
Kaslo, B.C.,
Kill January, 1912.
To receipts JiM0.no
mil nl lull.
 » 200.1111
rent 0
newspapers   and advcrtls-
ind, elc.
hotel t
CerlHlcd ccrrect,
,1.11. Kiii(
H. C.
.'Inl January,
mu.           2ii
Our Mr. Parks
Ih busy figuring out tlie coming
tilu-rutions in our store. It will
ho longtht'iietl ut least ten feet.
There will also be other improvements.
Our Mr. Brown
is busy tigtiring out how ha ia
going to get nwity on the first of
next month to be present at his
father and mother's golden wedding anniversary in Vancouver.
The query is, How eon he gut
onr accounts out too.
Our Mr. Haynes
Is busy figuring how he enn go
to lunch und buck in nn hour.
Ho is ulso working nighls on
our price bonk.
Our Mr. Garvey
(who is from Peterburg) is busy
figuring out tin* quickest way to
take stock in our wn rehouses :
w« tiikt1 our annual inventory
Inst two weeks in February.
Our Mr. Payer
is busy figuring ont the expAti*
sive properties of .22 calibre
Hollow Point Cartridges. He
will be un authority whan this
paper appears,
Our Miss Keefe
Is busy figuring out some plan
whieli will make some of our
staff write tho charges plainer in
the counter books.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,        •        B. C.
RENT.—Vefy   larjp
suii.iiili. lur furniture,
tc ,     $111  pet   ino:,111.
On   und allii lliis date I will   ■ot
lie responsible   lor any debts      eon-
Iractcd by my wife, Elizabeth Lucln-
ila Livcsk-y or Mrs. Margaret Law.
(Signed)     "    II, C. LlvMlt*/.
Moyle, B.C., lire. :ilst, 1011.    1-lt
To cleanse tlie system ol iiniligest-
iil food, foul gases, excess bile in
tlie liver ami waste matter In the
imwi-is will Impair your health, The
liest system regulator is FIG PILLS.
At all dealers 'Jft and Mi cents or
Tlie Kin Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by The Cranbrook Drug ami
Hunk Co.. Ltd.
As I inn crratinuitlf- my lute hiin-
limnl's business, 1 would nsk (or
the continued |mtronngeo( ull old
customers, nml respectfully solicit
llle tindo oE nil.
Best ol Rigs and Horses
e.  iv. ivinnoivsoN. ussaygr
.\NII CHEMIST -Charges: Ool'l,
silver, copper and lead, tl eacb;
gold-silver, 11 .SO; sliver-lead, 11.50;
gold-silver, «i>h copper or lead,
li all; line, 12; ,llvcr-Icad-7.lnc, IS.
Prices for otlier metals on application. P. 0. nox CD., I1M, Nelson, II. C <• tl
Special Sale of Whitewear !i
. i
For the balance of lliis mouth we ure lioldinir a Sale of   ' [
mir entire stock of Whitewear, consisting of
Gowns, Drawers, Corset Covers,
Chemises, Combinations and
Princess Slips
as we want to reduce onr slock.   We offer you sjiecial induce-
ments lo buy now.   Below we run only give u few iiuotutions.
Other prices are in proportion.
13.95 Gown, lor
2.(10     •'
1.60 Skirts
2(10     "
3,00     "
$2.50 11.00 Corset Covers _      .65
1.35 -'.no    «        ••     ....  $).25
,95 lillc. Draw...-        ,40
1.25 100     '•       66
1.95     I      I .so     "            ,96
Strongest       Brightest
Most Economical
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
A dance Is lo lie held at Kort
Steele on the evening ol Thursday,
January J5tli. Don't miss il. A
good time Is assured. 1-31
4,4 Acrea, «l minute*'' walk In in
I*. O, All Improvement! Iisve
l*i*n iluuu In iln* in**i ittoyenti-
Miiiiil.lt- I'iiluT for Chicken
lUii.-h, Trin-k Panning or Dnlty«
iiniii.iv-'iiifiiiw consist ol one of
tin* Uncut uml ino»*t mi-m iluit'
chicken Ii-iium***., T'i (i. long; large
llir il Imt or room' btontlei home
wiih hot water A|ipsrstltSt
chicken yarda; winter iiml ml'
forcing cellar, Him root* iii|>.uii\:
Imt Ih*i|h timl fa-plif**; woven wlio
fence; phe-Mant**' catre; 175(mil
treei; onthutlilin*ir; om* RQro
alfalfa; and a writer riulit (or
Irrigation of '4 coble foot per
eecoml. Aluo Rttltab e foi platting
ami eiilMlivl'litiir Into building
lots.   Will null for
|1,000 Ca**h; I>a1iincp one nml t wo
tears at 0  per icnt   Ittterrst,
For all cash xale. 10per tout, dis-
count.—Address t
ti. A. M.. Iloi 267, CrnntMOok
roltum on the following lands, situ-
■ ate In tliu Di.strirt of South Kast
Kootenay, llritish t'oluinbia, in
liiutk 4598:
j    Commencing at a post planlnl     al
or   mar i   mile* or ItiO cliaintt   vast
Of -17 mile post of   CIMl. survey 011
1 wesl iHiumlary of Mock WS amt bring
I the N. W. cornet post of Mr. Sellam
largely   oJalm;    thenre   kouHi    m
i t hiuiis, tbenco cut so t-lmins,   Uwnoo
I north   Mt   ehains;     thence    WOtt 80
ili.tin^, to ti   point of commencement,
making (110 acres, more or less.
Located lliis 6th day ol Novembei,
Itoy Allen, A Kent for
Mr.   Sellam Largely, Locator
Witness: John Virgo. 2-fit
, •
that thirty days after date, I lntesi
tu apply to Hi* Hon. Chief Com-
lulMlonr ol titntui and Works lor s
lissta* ta   prospact lor coal aid int-
Unit, thirty days alter date, I iuta*»
In apply to Uw Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to, i
HcensB to prospect tor eoal and petroleum uu tho lollowlng lands, situate in the District ol South East,
Kno.i nay, llritish Columbia, in
Block 4903:
Commencing at a post planted al
or near 3 miles cast ol the 13 mile
post on the C.I'.H. survey on the
wesl boundary ot Block 45113, and being the N. Vi. comer post ol Harry
II. Walker claim; thenco south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence
north 80 eliains, thence west 811
chains; lo a polnl ol cominsneament,
making S4n acres, sacra ot wa*.
l.<K'atcd this 15lh dny of November,
Roy Allen, Agenl lor
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness; John Virgo. 3-5t
thai thirty days alter dale, I InleW
lo apply to the Hon. Chiel Coin*
missioncr oi l.ands nnd Works fn, .-
limise lo prospect lor coal and petroleum on the following lands, situ*
ale in the District ol South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Couuneneing at a post planted nl
nr near 4 miles east of the 4:1 mile
post on llie C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary ol Blork 4593 and being the S.W. corner post of Bert E.
Palmer claim; thenco nortii 80 chains;
Ihencc east 80 chains; thence south
Sll eliains; tbonca west 80 chains to a
point ol commencement, making till)
acres, more or less.
Located this I5ih day uf November,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Bert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days alter date, I intuw
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works lur fc.
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District ot Soulb East
Koolenay, British Columbia, in
Block 1593:
Commencing at a post planted al
or near 4 miles cast ol the 43 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
West boundary of Block 45li:i and being llie N. W. corner post ol Bert E.
Palmer claim, thence si ulh 80
eliains; thence east 80 ehains; thenee
north 80 chains; thence we-sl su
eliains to a point ul commencement,
making tilu acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day ol -s'ovcnrbrr,
Itoy Allen, Agent for
Bert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 3-5t
that thirty days alter dale, I iiiLw
In apply   tu    the Hon.   Chiel Com*
mission,'! nf Lands and Works In, »
license to prospect lor coal and pet-
riileum on tho lollowlng lands, situate in tlu* Dislriet ol Smith East
Koolenay, British Columbia, in
Block 45113: _
Commencing at a posl planlisl al
or neai 2 nulls cast ul lhe 41 mill'
pnst on lis' C.P.R. survey on the
west iii.niiii.ilv ,,i ni,«k i.vii ami being the s.w. corner post ol Wm. It,
Nenl claim; tbence nan III 80 chains,
bhenci st     an chains. Ihencc miiiIIi
811   eiiniiis, thence west sn cbnlnn to
11    point uf    iiimmelieemcnl, Inftltlng
(110 aeies. mote is- len
LiH-nictl this luiii day nf November,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Wm. M   Neai, Liaalm
Witness John Virgo, n "it
llial thirty duys alter date. I luteal
(o apply lo tho Hon. Chiel Commissioner ol Lands and Works for *>
license to prospect lor cisil uml pel*
rnlciim uu the lollowlng lamls, siluate in the District ol South Kast
Koolenay. llrilish Columbia, In
Block 4593:
Commencing al a post planted at
or near 2 miles east ot tho 41 mile
post on tho C.P.R. survey on, llie
west boundary ol Block 45»S and being Ihe N.W. corner post ol Wm. M
Neai claim; thenee south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; Ihence north
80 chains; Ihencc west 80 chains lo a
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Ucatcd this 16th day ol November,
Itoy Allen, Agent for
Wm. M. Neai, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. t-51 THB   CRANBKOOK    HICK A LI)
"Wc arc only little ones, but we know Zam-
Buk cased our pain and cured oar sores. Perhaps it would cute, you, too, if you tried it?'
Isn't t?iiti sound advice from
"babesami Buckllbgi'1 Take iti
'Hie span!*or* aro llm cliMilieii of
Mrs, K. Wolcter, of BelgmmrB Bt.,
Montreal, uml the tnoil.fr oittlfl
weight to their appeal, Bho says i
"My lltihi girl coiiLraoiai bwl!-
diaoaneat school, Uud tfutherltigs
(onuid all over her head, and net
only cnu-i-'il the clii d aettto pain
but math* her very ill. Tl.o aorafl
iiith*uitrj-;i>tll ami ocourrbig on tint
sealp wo fottii'd nhe> Wuuld lose
all !ier l*iir. She was in a. pitiable
plight when we tried Zitin Buk,
Zam-Buk ts "aomstlilogduTorottt''In the way of b
<*oiiliun8|.-(»w-.rfullii*!\liii'r,'h(iib:ili--.Bvncc.', '.vi.!.-li,:m-oo*l.i*-.t*>(ilii:d I rppp dav
U>akindiieiv*H»,Uil!-..ItUtu^.riii8,-.Mii t.il t;ioi;.iititiiI;i:'.iri iiju I ""*»•» ""A
Otherm unoMceuUltied in ^ani-Biik bo nt'ii-mii e lho cells thai I Send nalcenb
new hesl Iiy tfssao Is speedily formed* Emjjiia,Udi.«Icer!i,coltl I stamp for po»t-
•w■p6J.ab■^c*J•^atl-,fll^t'^^illt'Kllrr,-, blood poiho ing, ohrotitowoillitls, logo, nnd wo will
eoldoraoks,et-j..are Hurtled and oared n thisn v. Use Ih for all I moll trial box
slLiniojuneiaiidiLirJC'i.*i:f. Itlttalnoefgeca' Burvioeforpllrsa. All jfres. Mention
dra"gtBtn nnd nrortwAt SOcenta bnx. orZ-.ni R«ii fin., Tnrfinto Ithutpflpor
ijnt. u few diyw' troat-tiieut with this
I'ulm gavo her ease, Then tlio
aoroa began lo Iiniii, nnd we con-
timii-il tlio Zam Utile treatment
I n a abort time. hI.c wutitjuite healed.
" My I * Li Its boy sustained a sori-
<*un Fnilil on tins nook, It set up
a bad sore, and quite a few things
wo tried, {ailed io boa] it or give
liiiu floto, Onco moro we turned
to Zura Buk, nn I we were uot m
disappointed. It acted like a
cl..um in drawing away the pain,
lod tin; wound."
It \h reported in .Montreal that Sir
the Canadian Pacific has definitely
decided to give up his onerous duties
as the executive head of the railway
at an early date, and to assume the
post of chairmnii of the board ol
directors of the company, in succession to Sir William Van Hornc.
Although the president is still a
comparatively young man. he has had
a hard life, devoting himself unremittingly to the duties of his various positions, and working night and
day for tin* Canadian Pacific for
many years. During the past year
he has freed himself from the'consideration of much of the detail whicli
formerly came before him, bul is
still said to feel ihr pressure ol
tho affairs of the corporal inn
Should the president decide to retire
wholly from Uie direct administration, ii is expected thai the matter
will In* dealt wilh al Ihe next annual meeting ol the board of dlrec-
sir Thomas Is now In hit* '■■'■■1
yi-.ii. He wai born In Milwaukee on
October '*. 18BS. He entered rail
way wort on ill- Milwaukee railway
in 1*869, in tin* purchasing department 1 le became t ho purchasing
agent ol this load, and remained
with it until 1889 when the eagle eye
of Sn William Van lTornc MI on
hlm, ami he was made the pun hen
mu agenl nl itn- Canadian Pai Wc
He tose taptdh undei Sii William
Van Hornc, becoming asslstanl to
the pn-siih-iii in 1888 Two yeai
Inter he became lhe vice president
and a dircotol He haa been the
president since   'une 13, is'-R.
i, M Bosworth, vice presided nl
the Canadian Pacific railway, who .**
slalcd io siircvii Su Thomas
Hhauglinrrs). was born al 11 d '<i
burg, HI Lawrence count). ****■«
York, on .laini.m  -T. 1876,
Since 1882 Mr. Bosworth has been
identified with llie work or the C.P.
It., and has been connected with the
traffic department, of which, for a
number of years, he Iins been the
The fourth vice-president is a
man of medium height, well built
and clean shaven, and in manner exceedingly alert. He is recognized as
a line type ot the successful man of
affairs, lie has the general supervision of holh the passenger and
freight business of the company,
these two hranches being Included in
the traffic department.
The supervision of the steamships,
telegraphs, and hotels was passed
over to Mr. Bosworth by ilie president at the close ol the past year.
Woman i Narva*
nit* m» line ami delicate it is DO
woiiilei .hat tlioatraiu of life to
lay causal litem to sn frequently
breakdown. Morealeep, selected
diet ami extra feeding of tbe ex*
lmiistc«liieivcfil>H'> with Lecithin,
tin* form of phosphorus required
for nerve repair) Is the only sue
lesaful euro for this condition.
- Asaya Neural!
THK     NEW     REMEDY     F O H
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs), ami
makes possible this cure.
Asaya- Xetirall'' feeds the nerves, induces sleep, quickens the
appetite, aids digestion, and soon
restores full nerve vitality.
The beneficial effects are evident almost with the first dose.
It ok. N.lMe,40ilȴs,tre-itim*iil. fl .Ml.
Ohtnlu from Ihr luciil hi*, nl*..
"niKcists, Craubrook, tl, C.
iMvIa A I,«wn*n<-(* Co.. Soli* Mf».. Monlr-fl.
Write Ihem Inr iter iHH.k mi Net v.ni» *
\n Interesting government publication has just been issued in the report ot the seed commissi inci fm
the period fiom January, 1805, to
Manh. 1911. Tho report contains an
historical record of the work of the
seed branch since Its organization
undei a seed eommlsstonei in 1905
and a brief review ol the work in
seed Improvement done previous to
that time bj the seed division under
the direction ol the commissioner ol
agriculture and dairying.
Since the   seed brum li was orgaoU-
cd on iu presenl basis Its work has
hivn prosecuted along two main
lines — commercial and educational
The commercial work entails the enforcement ol the Seed Control Act.
the in-pi", tion ol seeds and seed
crops, seed testing, seed trade Inves-
UgaWon an I the distribution of reference collect imi-, n( economic seeds
Vmong the subjects Investigated and
reported up.m are the vitalitj ol field
and garden Reeds, weed seeds in
feeding staffs, tho influence ol age o-i
th.- vitality ol weds, and the production of Canadian grown loot and
vegetable seeds. The educational
wort Includes the various means
I adopted for stimulating Intercsl      In
; the   production     and     use    of lu-Mei
seeds \ vigorous propaganda has
I been maintained fot tbat purpose
through organization and assisting In
conducting local seed hdrs, provincial seed -■vhibitiniis. field crop competitions,  seed Judging classes,  otll||*J
i*i dance lo the Canadian Seed
Clrowi i ■   .i rot Int Ion,      The   report
Dtltll -    whal   has lieen    tlone    along
lliesi- various lines.
l-'toni iln* standpoint of thr farmer
tin* urns! valuable and im cresting
pari oi tin* report is the large section th-Voted   lo    llie evolution ol tile
icjiishiiioti respecting the Inspection
and sale of seeds in Canada up lo the
Heed Control Act of mil and the
wort connected with its enforcement.
The regulations at present in lorce
nre clearly outlined and the standards of quality In respect to weed
seed content for the four grades nl
timothy, red clover, alslko and
alfalfa seed aro graphically Illustrated, The weeds classed, as noxious
under thenct, numbering about
2.i, are illustrated and described as
well as about 75 other weeds of
minor Importance. The Illustrations
of Hit* plants and seeds nnd the descriptive matter are largely taken
from "Farm Weeds," the hook with
full pit".*, colored illustrations published hy the department in 1909 and
now sold nl $1 per copy. This ro-
pt rt may he bad on application lo
tho seed Commissioner, department ol
agriculture, Ottawa.
llial thirty days after date, I intern!
to apply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands and. Works foi t
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4993:
Commencing at a post planted **at or
near 2 miles east of the -IB m'le posl
on tire C.P.H. survey on the west
boundary of Block 1593 and being
Uie N.W. corner post of Alva A
Young claim, Uience south wo
eliains, thenco cast 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains; thence west H»
chains to a point of commeiuvmenl,
making 840 acres, more or less,
Located ibis liith day of November,
Iti y Allen, Agent for
Alva A. Young, Locator.
Witness. John VlffO. 8-5t
that thirty days after date, I in tew
in apply to the Hon. Chief Cos*
missioiier td Lands and Winks fot t
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east ol the 43 mile
post on tlie C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary ol Block 4593 and being the N.W. corner post ol Harry
II. Walker claims; tnence south 80
chains; thenct! east 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making- 840 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of November, 1911.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry 11. Walker, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, I int*.
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works lor a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situalc in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4993:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 43 mile
post on tlw C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4*593 and being the N.E. corner post of Harry
II. Walker claim; ihence south 80
(bains, thence west 80 chains; tbence
north 80 chains; thenco east 80
chains to a point cf commencement,
making R40 acres, more or less.
Located this l-vth day ot November, mu.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry H. Walker. Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
tbat thirty days after date. 1 inteW
to apply to the Hon. CMef Cos*
missioner of Lands and Works fort »
license to prospect for eoal and pet'
roleum on the following lands, situate in ibe District fj South East
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, io
Block 45*93:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of tlie 43 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on tbe
west boundary of Block 4593, and o*»
ing the S W. corner post of Harry
II Walker claim, thence north 80
eliains, thence east 80 chains;' tbence
south 80 chains; tbence west 80
chains, to a point ot commencement,
making blu aires, more or less.
Located .his lftth day ot November,
Boy Allen, Agent lor
Harry 11. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Vtlfp. 2-M
that thirty days after date, 1 inflJft*
to apply to the Hon. CMef Commissioner of Lands and Works fot i
license to prospect lor coal and pet*
roleum on the following lands, situalc in the District ot South Kael
Kootenay, lint ish Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near . miles east of the *t*» mile
post on the C.P.It. survey on Ihc
west boundary nf Hloek 4593 anil ba*
Ing the S.E. comer post ot Harry
II. Walker claim; thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence cut 80
chains, to a point ol commencement,
making 610 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Ucator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
that' thirty days after date, I in tea*
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works foi a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situ-
air in lhe -Dlatrlet of South East
K not may, British Columbia, in
Block 1993:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of the 48 mile
post on tlie C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary ot Block 4593 and being the N.E. corner post ol Bert K.
Palmer claims; thenco south 80
cbaiiis, thence west BO chains, thence
north 8tl eliains; thence easl su
chains to a point of commencement,
making (i4() acres, moro or less.
Located this 1Mb day of November.
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Bert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
i    Columbia,
post planted
that thirty days after dale, I intend
to apply lo the Hon Chief Con*.
missioner of Lands and Works fot ■
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on lhe following lands, siluate in the District of South East
Kootenay, llritish Columbia, in J
Block 4993:
Commencing al n posl planted ai
or near I mile east of ibe 11 mile I
post on the c.l'.H. survey on tho
west boundaly oi hloek 1593 aud be-1
iug Hit* S. W. coiner post of Mary
Largely claim, thenco north so
chains, tbenco east hu ehains, thence
south 80 chains; thenco west mi
eliains, to a point ol commencement,
making till) acres, more or less.
Located this llth day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5L
Kootenay,     Hriti
Block 4598:
Commencing at
or near I mile east of ibe 13 mile
post, un the C.P.H. survey; on tin-
west boundary ol Block 4593 and being llie S.E, corner post of John
llaynes claim; thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 eliains, thence
south 80 eliains; thence east 8u
chains; lo a point of commencement,
making 640 acres, more nr less.
l.oeiiH'd this lfith dav ol Ni vembei,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
John Haynes, Localo
Witness: John Virgo.
Butcher Co.
@® ® ® ® ® (•> ® <•) ® ® ® ® (a)
| East Kootenay
® Dealers In
® Fresh nml Cured
® Meats.
Poultry, Uinm..  ami Fish
in Season.
that thirty days after dale, 1 inltsu
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for i
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 45*93:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near I mile east of tlw II mile
post on the C.P.R. survey ou the
west boundary ol Block 4593 and being tho N. E. corner post of John
llaynes claim; thence south K0 chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence north
80 chains; ihence east 80 eliains tn a
point of commencement, makjin; ti-tat
acres, moro or less.
Located this llth day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo, 2-51
that thirty days after date, I tnU*w j
to apply* to the Hon. Chief Com- {
missioner of Lands and Works for * !
license to prospect tor coal and petroleum on the following lands, situ- ]
ate in the District of South East'
Kootenay, British Columbia, iu j
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted     at
or   near 1   mile east   of the It mile;
post nn   the   C.P.R. survey on    the
west boundary of Block 4593 and being the  N. W. comer post of    John |
llaynes' claim;    thence    south      80.
chains; thence east 80 chains; then- e,
north 80 chains;      thence    west    80
chains, to a point of commencement,
making 640 acres, more or less.
Located this llth dav of November,
Roy Allen. Agent for
John llaynes. Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
1 hiit* thirty days after dute, 1 inlet,.'
to apply In lhe Hon. Chief Com-
missioner of Lands uml Works for *
license to prospect for cnal and .-»
roleum on Hie following lands, situate in the IMstrict of South Kasl
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Block 4098;
Commencing ul a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of thu lit mile
post on lho C.P.H. survey on the
west boundary of Block 1503, and being the S. W, corner post ol John
llaynes claim; thence north mi
chains; thenee east 80 chains; thence
south 8(1 chains; then re west Mi
chains; to a point of commencement,
making tilu acres, more or less.
Located tlus lSth dav of November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
®        GIVE   US   A   TRIAL
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooma with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the pretnlflefl,
Thoroughly tip-la date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLK, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manager
that thirty days after date, I inua-
to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for s
license to prospect for coal and pet*
roleum on the following lands, situate in     the District of   South East
*    THK *
« *
* Columbian     »
«aj ia a guaranteed pulley. Thai is, ,*•*>
4 nat Olfaction ia guaranteed in every .
-. respect.   The
* Nelson Iron Works
4 Hai an   aver increasing Mock.
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i| Imperial Bank o! Canada!
li. K. WII.KIK. Prtal.leiit.
HON. IMrlKKT JAKKKAY. Viee.PrMi.lant
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers und I'rivate Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters ot Credit issued available in any part of
the wort I.
SAVINGS DKI'AHTMENT-.Special attention
given to Savings Hank Account*. Deposits nf I I.i hi nml
upwards received and interest allowed from date nf deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men thruuirlmut British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think ot the
provisions .Ins. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
i Canadian Hotel
a East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
® JS'J ® 8 ® t ® ® ® ® £ ® Si
lhe Old P. Wood's
Boiling our xuaraniccd lo t'we 9
Mllflfaclloo Mock. Free out tit. S
Cash weekly,   Kxcluslve terri-   •
A. M. Can.Soc. 0. E.
Civil Lnniiiccr and Architect
Olllco over UcCrH(y Bros,
Tolsihim IM P.O. Bex87
r*Q.    ■       '     ■       ~/~
Tim tamllng Business College
ol the Nurtliweet
Where voting people ran receive
a thorongh business trsinlng.
commehci«i uw, nc.
la in aeuion twelve tnonth, in
tliH year.
Noentrsnes examinations.
Hoa"l uii'l room at very reason-
al.le rate*.
Wc aertire politioDI f..r our
Ilnr new beautltully illii.trate.l
catalogue sent dee >iv»»n re.j'ie.1.
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H. C. BLAIR, Principal
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imidi to r t, r. I'fiiiiv
Speraiatorrtura.   Ilrgani.   l\e.koe.a,
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tra.uj Disorder** Specific hlnad PoImo.
I'llea aal Slrictsrc, — restoring all
RrTecieilorgsn, lunormal .nil healthy
aeti.ui in ilu- ahortest possible spsce
nf time.
tns1llht>foriDR ol Dim-ammoI Mm
1 m   -i ■! itutnictlve l...,.kl,.t (rpr
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Spokane. Wash.
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Corner of 11o«at-t Bt. ami Ftonl Ave.
Our boi raei'ts all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
H. L  BTBP1IEM8, Proj..
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation'*
You'll get your Money's Worth.
tncorporaUd 1*^.9
Capital Paid Up $6,300,000 ktser*.c $6,goo,ooo
Total Assets, Over S95.ooo.ow1
fl. B. M-M.l, I'reaiilent
. PEASE, (ieneral MaiiHRflr
Accoontaof Pirmi.Corporatioriiaod IndWidaali loliclted,
Ont-o( town iiunirifnp raeolTei everv attention.
BAVINGfl DBPARTMBKT»Depe*ftaof $1.00 ami opwardi raeetrad
ami Itttarsat allowed at oorrent rate.  No (onnajlty or delay in
wl Mid re wing.
A Qeneral Bannng Bnafnaaitrantaetat),
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONN'ELL, Manager       4
»»#*>•>»»■»♦♦•• ♦»»*»»»♦♦♦♦♦••#•••• •••••♦••♦♦•♦•»»
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The Cosmopolitan
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E, II, SMALL. PRopbtjtob
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
IV. P, JOHNSON S .**< .N, Proprlttors
Making Records at Home
a great feature of the
Edison Phonograph
The ability to make snd reproduce your own recorda
in your own home—the tonga and ttoriea of every
member of your family and all your f rienda—in addition to all of the greatest entertainment of every kind
Think what that means! The Edition
Phonograph—the instrument that
you would choose nn j* way, been uac of
the purity and swectnnta of Edison
toner, because Its volume of sound Is
exactly suited to your home; because
it plays both Edison Standard and
the Ions-playing Edison Amberol
Ittxwnls; because it hns the sapphire
reproducing-polnt that docs not
scratch or wear the records, and lasts
forever—gives yon this great home-
recording feature besides! And this
feature doubltm tho pleasure of owning
a sound-reproducing fn&t rumen I.
Most Eaison styles are regularly
equipped to make records at home,
liecording wjuipmriit for styles not
so equipped can bo purchased at
sli-;ht additional cost.
When you goto your Edison dealer
t ii [tick out your Edison Phonograph,
bo sure to ask about this home-
recording feature, and to get recording equipment with the Instrument
you buy.
Tliere nre. fc.iin.ili (Iritlrr-. everywhere. On In Hip nearest and
hear tlie HsiiM't] riintK-ernph piny hoth Kdi-um Standard and
Kdimn Amherol Records,  Get mniplrler*t«tj|iri from your i-m-oi-mmutku
dealer or from ii**.   Kilinon Phonofraplifi.lie.8etoW40.00. . ,.   .
MiMnSUndnrrtRwi.rds.40e. Edinon AmN-rol^wd-JpUy 100 Ukwoi **"»»••
twice aa luofl),6Sc. Bdltwn G rand Opera R«ords,85e.ti>»2.80. Oraaie, N. J..U. 9. A.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited, Agents
Cranbrouk, B. C.
,\ Montreal press correspondent
The NatlonoHats are illsaatlsfled
with Uieii lot, ami are seeking to
break their alliance with tlie Conservatives. Your correspondent learns
Irom u thoroughly reliable -source
thai a Bow days ago the Nationalists
made overtures to Sir Willrid l-atir-
ier, asking that they bo taken back
into the Liberal fold.
Sir Willrid replied thei so long as
he remained al tin* head ol the
Liberals tbe party would have nothing to do wilh tho Nationalists '»r
their po-Hcle* 01 course, Mr. llourassa did nol go hVmaell to Sir Wilfrid. Tin- Nationalist leader was
too shrewd for that, bui he secured
envoys, wlio approached Sir Willrid,
only to have their advances scornfully
The Nationalists feel thai they
have been inaih* tools of by (he Con-
servative party, bul Mr. Henri Bour-
assn is not the type of man tu tie
made a catspaw by Conservatives and
quiet ly submit.      The  Conservatives
Used i 1m*mi    tn  get   into  pOWCr, hut
now have such a large majority that
they tind Ihey can Ignore the Nationalists. Ii is trui* that stum* recognition was given ihc Nationalists
at the very otlUet, hut since then
the power of Mi llourassa has heen
on Ibe wane lie wants to Ih* thu
Warwick of modern limes and to
make .imi unmake culiiitt-ts, il there
at" no kinn. at hand to dispose of.
Mis recent attack on the belligerent
minister of militia is taken ns an
index ol what his views of the new
cabinet are. It is well known that
Mr. llourassa had planned to make an
attack on Mr. Borden, Colonel Sam
Hughes, antl other members af the
cabinet, at tin- forthcoming banquet
of Le Devoir's supporters. The banquet nan been postponed In order
to give the government an opportunity to weM   to the liery  Nationalist
leader's demands, should these not
b»* met, it is certain that Mr. Rour-
assa will break completely with the
govern nw-nt
On the other hand, it |s Impossible
for Mr llordcn to yield to Mr Itmii
assa, as such a step would mean his
going back on all tlu- loyal pledges.
ht* gave to the Kuglish-speaklnu Canadians.
It looks very much as if Mr Hour*
IIU would shortly break with the
government, anil In* fined to lend a
government, and be forced to lead a
lions that tin mure Intelligent
Frem-h-t'aiiadians aie turning against
Um* Nationalists and their policy ol
stagnation and clericalism. Lc Pays,
Um* iniiueiiti.il weekly papa edited hy
Mr. Godfrey Lsmgloli, M 1* P., has
bwn attacking the system ot education and clerical rule |n the province
of Quebec.
In recent articles it has been
point-ed out that no French-Canadians
are represented on the boards nl our
great transportation systems or nt
the head nl our great industrial enterprises, in brief, that they are the
hewers ol wood and drawers of water, all because of their lack ,,| education and their slavish submission to
clerical rule. It is this policy ol
stagnation in education matters,
clerical rule nnd the furtherance of
the French lainMian- and ideals that
Mr. Hoiirassn is seeking. It is likely that in a few wceki he will he a
fi*ee lame, to    seek it to his heart's
Content Whether iii mot he can
wreck the gMemmciit it doiibtlul.
Evidently "Tlie Private Secretary
has onco more caught the public
fancy, judging from the way it was
received on its late revival in New
York, wherr it broke all records at
[he Empire theatre. This laughable
play has long been acknowledged to
be one of the foremost of the high-
class American comedies. The story
is an intensely Interesting one, hut
at thu same time absolutely clean
and pure. The plot is not, in the
main, an improbable one. It i*
made up of Incidents that are not
improbable in themselves, indeed
most ol them could very easily occur
iu everyday life, but they are so
uniquely grouped that the effect is
absolutely irresistible. The whole
play is a series ol comparatively natural situations but these, by reason
ol their relation to each other, make
up a succession of events that are as
a whole Irresistibly funny. The dialogue is extremely witty and sparkling (mm beginning to end aud the
effervescent wit and line literary finish of the whole comedy constitute
one of its greatest charms.
Mr. r. James Bancroft, the eminent
English comedian, has delighted Loudon with his interpretation of "The
Private Secretary," playing the part
of the (lev. Robert Spauldiug over
two thousand five hundred times, lie
has surrounded himself with the same
company ol Knglish artists that met
wiHh such unanimous approval in
(ireat Britain. Mr. Bancroft and
Ins London comedy company will appear at the .Auditorium theatre on
Friday night, .January 12th.
Rev. O.C.P. Prlnglo, ol Vernon,
Is liilli-rl l,i address thi' men's ineet-
iiiir al tin. Y.M.CA. on Sunday at
1.16 p.m.
nn Saturday evening a mooting wi'.'.
la.  held at thr Y.M.CA. to nrganl»
ll  practicable, a  BnOW  shoe llul..    All
Interested an- inviUat to attend.
Nvw schedule lur ensiling three
months at tbc Y.M.O.A. alleys:
■ Ian. 5—Sharks vs. II. S. South.
.Ian. H— Itainblers rs. t'.P.It. Olliee.
Ian. ID—Shops vs. Tigers.
.Ian.  12—11. S. Soulb vs. Itauililers
Ian.   1J-C.P II. Ofllce   vs     c. p,
IE. Shops.
■ Ian.  17—Tigers vs   Sharks.
■ Ian. 19—Ramblers vs. Sharks.
• Ian 19—C.P.R. Simps vs. II. S
• Ian. M—Tigers vs. C.P.R, Mice,
■ Ian   2«—Sharks   vs. C.P.R. Shops
•Ian. 29-C.IUt. Office    vs.     tl. S.
.Ian. 81—Hamblen vs. Tigers.
Feb. 2—Shops vs   Itauililers.
Feb 5—Sharks vs. CP.lt, Ofllce.
Feb. 7—Tigers vs. II. S. South.
Feb. Il-ll. S, South vs. Sharks.
Feb. 1J-C.P.R. Ofllce vs! Ramblers.
Feb. 14-Tigers vs. C.P.H, Shop,.
Feb. 16—Ramblers vs. B. S. South.
Feb. IJ—C.P.R. Ofllce vs. Ram-
Feb  21—Sharks vs. Tigers.
Feb. 2:1—Sharks vs. Ramblers.
Feb. 2(1—B. S. South vs. ('. P, R.
Feb. M-C.P.R. Offlce vs. Tigers.
Mar. I—C.P.R.   Shops vs. Sharks.
Mar. 4—II. S. South vs. ('. P. R,
Mar. 6—Tigers vs. Ramblers.
Mar  8—Ramblers vs   C.P.R. Shops
Mai    11—C.P.R,   Offlce vs. Sharks.
Mai    18—B. S. South vs. Tigers.
FOR SALE.—A pair ol good
shalta, almost new. Apply Bos S,
Herald ofllc.. .7-U*
Do you know that fully nine out ol  missioner ol Lands and Winks for    u
every ten cases ol rheumatism      aro j liconso to   .prospect lor cnal ami pet-
siiniily rheumatism ot the muscles
due lo cold or dainji, nr chronic
rheumatism, and require no Internal
treatment whatever? Apply Chamberlain's Liniment Ircely and sec liow
quickly it. gives relief. For sale by
all dealers. WI
lhal thirty days niter dale, 1 lntt*i
In apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner ol Lauds and Works fnr &
liconso to prospect lor coal and net-
roleum on lhe following lands, situalc in the Illstrlct ol South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block l.ill.'l:
Commencing at n post planted al
or near I mile easl ol the :lll mile
post on C.P.R. survey on tho west
boundary ol block 1688 and being lho
S. [•:. corner post ol Mary Largely
claim; lihcnco north 80 chains; thence
wesl Ull chains, thence south Sll
chains; thenco cast so eliains to
point nl commencement, making Iiiu
acres, more or less.
Located this 14th day ol NovcmJutJl',
Hoy Allen, Agenl for
Mary Largely, Locati r.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
Unit thirty days alter date, 1 Into
in apply to Uie Hon. Chid Cos*
missioner ol Lamls anil Works lur a
license In prospect for cnal and pet.
roleum nu the lollowlng lands, situate in the District ol South East
Kootenny,     British    Columbia,     iu
Hloek .15(13:
('miimcnciiig at a post planted al
ol near 1 mile cast ol the 311 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on west
boundary ol Block 151,3 and being Uie
S.W. comer post ol Mary Largely
claim; thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains, tliencc south 311
ehains; thenee west 80 chains to
point ol commencement, making lllll
acres, more or less.
Located ihis Illli day nl Novcmlier,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Mary Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days alter dale, 1 inlet.'
in apply lo the Hon. Chlel Coo*
missioner ol Lands and Works lot a
livens;. In prospect Inr coal and |«-l
roleum on the lollowlng lands, situate in llie District ol South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post plauicd at
or near 1 mi.e east of the 311
mile post on the C.P.H. survey
the west boundary ol Block 15113 anil
being the N. E, comer posl ol Mrs.
Mary Largely claim; tliencc south 811
eliains; tliencc west 80 chains;, thence
north 80 chains; .thence east 311
chains; lo a point ol commencement, making 1140 acres, more or
Located    this llth   day ol November, 1911.
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Mary Largely, Locator.
Witness. John Virgo. 2-5t
Ihat thirty days alter date, I inttai
lo apply to the Hon. Chiel Commissioner id Lands und Works lor ;.
license to prospect for coal and ;-*-
rnleiim on the lollowlng lands, simile in Hie District ol South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4503:
I'oinmcncing at a post planted nt
or near 1 mile east ol tlie 30 mile
posl on Ihe C.P.R. survey on Ihe
west boundary ot Block 4503 ami
lieing lhe N.W. corner post ol Mary
Largely claim, tlwncc south 8(1
chains; tliencc cast 811 chains; thenee
nni til 811 chains; I In-nee west 80
chains to a point ol commencement,
making lilu acres, more or less.
Located Ibis llth day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Mary Largely, Locator-
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5y
Hint thirty days alter dale, I ln(u-
to   apply    to     the Hon.   Chief Com-
Made Strong by Vinol
"I wish I could Indue* siery mother who bu a delicate, sickly child, to
try your delicious cod llisr Iran tonic,
"tt restored om- little daughter to
health and strength after everything
el.e bad {ailed. It tastes so good sho
loved to take It—not a bit ot cod liver
oil taste.—Mrs. 0. W. Stomp, Caaton,
Tha reason Vlnol Is to soccesstul
In building us pnny, daUcate, ailing
children, Is because It Is a combination ot the two moat world-tamed tonics—th* medicinal body-building element* ot cod Brer oil, ailed by the
blood-making and str*ngtb<reatlng
properties ot tonle Iron.
It w* can Induce you to try a bottle
ot Vlnol aa a body-builder ami
strength-creator for your child, and
yon do not find It la all wa claim, wo
will return yonr money on demand
Cranbrook Drug aad Book Co.,
Crenbroch, B.C.
roleum on tho following lands, situ-
uie iii tho District of South Kast
Koolenay, British Columbia, in
Block  15113:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile cast of the 11 mile
post nn tho C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 15(13 and being the S.E, corner post ol John
llaynes' claim, thenco north 80
eliains; tliencc west 811 eliains; thence
south 80 eliains; thi'iiee east 80
eliains; In a point of cnmriiciicoment,
making 040 acres, moro or less.
Located this 13th day of NoveritjfaiH,
Hoy   Mien, Agenl for
John llaynes, Locator,
Witness:  John Virgo. 2-81
llial, tllll't)
lo nppl)
m Undone
license i
roleum ,
days nflcr dale, 1 intesti
In lhe linn. Chief Com*
( Lands and Works In, I
prospect for coal antl paV
tho lollowlng lands, situate in lhe District of Smith East
Kootenny, British Columbia, in
lllork 46*3:
Commencing at a pnst planted nt
or near 2 miles east of the 30 mile
posl nn the C.P.R. survey on the
west, boundary ol Block 15(13 and bo
ing tho S.W. cornel' post ol Howard
Neai claim; llienoo north 811 chains;
tbence east 80 chains; thenco south
Sll chains; Ihencc wesl 80 chains; to
a point nf commencement, making
II10 acres, more or less.
Located lliis liitli day of November,
Itoy  Allen, Agent for
Howard Neai, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
the intention of Lhe undersigned to
apply to tlie Lieutenant-Governor in
Council for approval of their proposed undertakings and works in connects n with Waler License Number
1571, dated June 25th, 1011, lor
twenty-live cubic leet per second out
nf Mark Creek. The maps and plans
nl the proposed undertaking aud
works will be open to public inspec-
linn at any lime during business
hours at the office ol Ihc Water
Commissioner al llie Government
Building in llie City nf Cranbrook lor
thirty days alter the first publication
nf this notice in the Cranbrook Herald. Application will also he mad
In the Lieutenant-Governor in Conn
eil tn correct the description ol the
point nl diversion from Stcniwinder
dam, Lot 30.I2A, to Stemwindcr dam
Lot 3033, and desr* iption of the
point, rf user os nn Lot 2043, instead
nf on Lot 0828, flroup One, Kootenay
The Consolidated   Mining & Smelling
By Their Solicitors,
Hamilton & Wragge.
Dated Dec. 181h, 1011. 51-St
Under the power of sale contained
lu a certain Chattel Mortgage given
by O. L. Knight & Company, Limit-
id, to William W. Douglas, ol Taber,
Alberta, covering chattels mentioned
below, situate at Kimbcrley, B. C,
there will be offered lor sale by public auction, the 15th day ot January,
1012, at 11.30 o'clock in the lore-
noon, at Kimbcrley, B. C, the fol-
lowing goods, chattels and effects,
Twelve carbon, weighing 17 let,.-,
eight carbon, weighing 3 kts.; eight
carbon, weighing 5 kts., two Beauty
drills; one l.nngyear A Hodge drill,
si/e U.O.; 300 feet E. rods; one Cameron pump, si/.e A. special; one ten
loot reaming barrel; one 5 tt. E. core
barrel, new; two 10 It. E. tube.;
Ihr™ 8 It. E. s. core barrels, old;
five 5 It.    E.S.    euro   barrels,  old;
eight 5 It. E.S. core barrels, old;
three 8 It. U.S. tubes old; seventy-
five E. S. bits; twenty-live E. bits;
our extra Beauty chucks; ten extra
set Beauty leed gears; three E. hoisting plugs; thirteen E. water swivels;
two E. safety damps, three extra
sots clamp Jaws; three E. hoisting
bales; two Beauty crank shalt gears;
sot Beauty crank shaft brasses; one
fltteen leet IJ in. suction hose; three
nslde rod recovering tnps, three outside recovering tups; one coupling
tap; one left hand Inside hit tap; one
Beauty Iced nut; two Canada Foundry pumps, 4Jx2jx4, with ten t«t
nl li in. suction hose; two Canada
Foundry pumps, 2x3x2; une 8 in.
Parker vise; one Millers Falls breast
drill XXX; one 12 in. Trlnio monkey
wrench; five brace jacks; three chopping bits; 000 It. E. rods; one 20
H.P, vortical Initial; one Shelve
wheel; one beauty cylinder head; one
Beauty feeil screw; six casting lilts;
two four lb. hammers, ono Bet
Brown's longs; one set babbits In
CO. drill; ono set crank shall
For terms and cunditions nf sale
apply to the undersigned or his solicitors.
William W. Douglas, Mortgagee.
Harvey,    McCartcr,    Macdonald    *
Macdonald,     His    Solicitors,
Cranbrook, B.C. 5l-1t
Builder and
Septic Tanks anil Concrete
Work generally u
specialty. 2
Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. Box 316 ♦
Cranbrook, B.C. •
Dr. de Van'* Female Pills
A inhabit French Ttgu'atnr; never latli. These
pills art ffxcetdlngiy powertul lu r**gtlUttng il-r
f eoertttve portion ol thr* female intern. Kt-IW
■il 1 cheap imitations. llr. ita Taa'l are sold Hi
•ft a be.*, or three inr lit-. Ma.lnl to anv a ! tn*-**.
Tht leatoU Drag Co., Bt. rMharlue-a. "nt
tor sale at Ueattc,  Murphy  &   Co..
Uppn.it. CPU Btallon
THE    PLACE    TO     O^T    A
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Uunrnnteed
The Shoo Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
Gen*r»l Merchant*
Employment Agent*
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
It yuo want satisfaction with
your washing send
it to
Bpeclal prices (or family wotk.
I'lione: Seymour il'liU
Palace Hotel
UOLL1NS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience. Elevator service.' Cafe in connection. Rooms
$l.0U per dny nnd upwards,
Dp-country visitors to the Terminal City will find every
convenience nnd comfort at the Granville Palace, s|iooinl
utt.'iii i.hi Iici nn paid to their wants.
I           1
•J «■■■■*■■■.■*■• .VMfcBBs,
W. F. aURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on fnvorul.le tetina.
Evory euro ami comfort
A homo from homo
S'l.'v.iiil Attention in oacoB <>(
Mitti'ttiit)', I'lioniimtiHiii
nml I'nt'iiiiiiHiiii
Tor ma modornto
MKS. I:. BENT, Matron.
IMV  Itui I'll.uie U7JI
Physicians and Surgeons.
iHlc* al Kr.lil.ac., Arm.troni A...
Koiwio.ina » 110 to 111 IIII
Allerooolis - - - 9.(10 to 4.00
Evenings - ■ - - 7.10 to 1.80
cinndafa - - - - 11.10 to   4.t0
ORANBROOK :,    II    li    it    B. O,
I to li are.
1 to  • p.m.
7 to   » p m.
Oflicc In Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -        - B. C
Crunlirook uud Fort Steele
\   J. (j. CU/VUVUNGS
mVu.'^i'" Cranbrook. B.C.!!
F. M. riACl'Ht-RSON
Norlmrv Ave., nest to City lliill
Uny I'll..ne .':i:l Nlglll I'lione 301
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     ■      B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATEI
For family nae there 1. nothing
ao wliiileaotne mnl ao pure ua
W. R. ttMUy. run.nl lUraclw
Cranbeanh B.C.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 2.7.1 Matron.
1*. O. Box 845    Armstrong Ave
il. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown and llridpi Work
n s'ucinlty.
OIBoe over F. Parks Hardware
Store, Hnker Street
PI ; No. 200
Villi   tluriie  Slreel    (opposite    l'.'|.<it>
(!itrrii'H u full Block of
Repair, fnr nliove always
in .lock
Electric Restorer for Men
MhoSOhonol ratona ever, nerve In Ih. body
I" lla pn.per tenalun ; feature.
.Cu aii.t vitality. 1'reaiatiitu ilcray an.l all aasalH
v. ■ .km-., avrrtcil at ence. PlMMa.lum.1 will
mak. JOB a near man. I'tlc. SSa Imi. nr two lol
,V Ma!lf,lloanva.!r!r«.a. * ku, Bo»Wu Dna|
For sale at Baaltle-Horphy Co., Ltd.
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. St
M'i/jf!rj        *•'• * A.  IL
•  Regular meetings oa
tlie   third   Thursday
ol every month,
.'tailing brethren welcomed.
I). J, McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peck, Secretary.
OiiBSOKNT litiiuii: No. .'Ill
CrntiliriHik, B. C.
Meets   overy   Tuesday at S p.m. al
Fraternity Hall.
T. (I. Jones, 0, 0,
,1. M. lloyes.K. ul It. N. 3.
Visiting lirethren   cordially Invltsd
to attend.
Meet. In    Frnternlty Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Eraser, E. 0.
M. MacKinnon, M. ll. and 0.
Visiting Misters cordially invited.
1.0.0.E., KEY CITY LODOE, No. <!
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
.1. A. Fergusson W. M. Harris.
N. Q. Ssc'y.
durham encampment no. 12.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe—W. M. Harris.
No. IS.
Meet, every second and   lourtb W**V
m-ailay at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Itebekahe cordially lent***.
Miss Ada Ilickenbotbnin.N O.
Miss M. Hickcubotbam, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chiel Ranger.
L. Hent. Secretary.
Visiting iirethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday ol each month at
*. p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, lire. Sec.
Vi. H. McParlanc, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
♦*>*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********
Presbyterian eburcb;:
Sunday morning wrvic. at 11
Sunday    evening    service   at
i.30 o'clock
Sunday       School   and     lillil.
Class at a o'clock
Presbyterian   (luild, Tuesday,
at *, o'clock
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone. Ill,      P. O. Boi 117. [
Regular Servicei:—Sunday, 11
', a.m.     and     7.30   p.m.;    Ilible
School    with     Young   Mm'
I'lnlrtlica    and    Youag   Men's' i
Ilible Class, i p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   I
, p.m.
Wcdnreday, Mid Week Meeting, i
A cordial   Cbristlaa welcome1
tu all.
', CI'AMIKIMIk-l■l.kNII:
I'rMfdetlt :  T* K 4.11.1,
Swri'laty: f\ MaODONALD
i ,  I i>t  niloriiiutioli  i-r*«iintini* IhihIr i
Hml ngritiulturfl   »\>v*y   m tlie <
Si'at'hu ■,', I'miilitiKik, |i. <U.
I'.vri y NT* un I \\ nlnrt iluy
i 66 vcAnr
Tram Marks
no trinlt-ic K 1-I.Mrt. Hint t1"*n*r1"llori mu
rux'rrt-ilii i.iir Ki'iiii'.ii i*iM mmlIim- «tl
invr iiiii.ii i* |.rr.|ini,|T iinffiilAhls. Omntimlp-,.
tltJinn.ltli'tl)rnililUt,iitlril. HAK0B0M on TatckU
■cut tir-tt, ul.lt-'l untitle** f«r»ci1irlii|ri«t<*iil».
-— A Co»r    •-
■cut lim. u|.l,-«l nwctit*)  „ .
l'Hlniiiii f«M«>ii iiiniUHh J*untt A Ct
wjwwf*tk*\ mnpm*mitf% m Iw
Scientific JHnerlcaii.
A ti.*iin1**"ii 'W IllintrtttH w^klT.    lM""H •*f^
iilnii. ii i l nny   »■ iriiiin.t   )i,iininl.    Itiun   lor
I mi ,.i.i. f*1Tn I.   V*'**!, IHMtKK-i H«l»ttt    M>ld by
ftllDrwHlMleii. THB   CRAMiltOOK HJCltALI)
Thanking All
for their Patronage during the
past year and wishing all
a Happy and Prosperous New
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The $®xaJUL Store
W **MBtMu*flnnMBn
Do Your Eyes
Need Attention?
Now tlmt the holiday rush
is over, it's n splendid time to
Imve your eyes attended to.
We have nil the modem appliances for eye testing and
will guarantee to give you
satisfaction, If you don't
care to take onr word for it.
usk your neighlior.
Appointments made nny
hour of the day.
•Jjj. optician M
-Down town
Apply Box It. Herald.
K   ,i. Dickenson is In Irom JalTray.
c. McL. Troop was up    fi'-i" VahV
Golden   Itttss.-t     eating  apples   nl
Kink's Pure Food Orocecy.
.Ins Walsh   and wilt*   were In from
Ft rt Steele yestcrdo,
.1. ff. Robinson came In Irom Van-
r-niv«*r today,
Tho    Vales! i-n   children's bearskin Mcsabh
lliifhcrofl, ol this city, a daughter,
.January llth.
Tims. Caven, M.L.A., lclt this week
[or Victoria to attend the session of
tlm provincial legislature.
Bargains in ladies ami gentlcmenis
handkerchiefs at. the Variety store.
A. E. Hupps, ol Calgary, inspector
oi the Imperial bank, Is in town on
an official visit.
.1, Haddin, of Winnipeg, engineer
for the .John (Salt Engineering company, arrived in town today.
"Sweet Briar" creamery butter—
a little heller article at the same
price as the other brands—at Kink's
Pure Komi Grocery.
.1. K. Pinkham, of Calgary, is visiting iu the city, the guest ol Hr.
ami Mrs. ("reeii.
Medicines that aid nature arc always most effectual, Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy acts on this plan. Il
allays the cough, relieves the lungs,
opens tht* Becretlona and aids nature
in restoring tho system to a healthy
condition. Thousands have testified
to its superior excellence. Sold by
all dealers. l-tl
Born.—To Mr. and Mrs. Dale, ol
Ihis city, a daughter, .January Ith,
La-test styles in iri.tlemeit's neckties and armbands at the Variety
.J. n. McBride left on Tuesday tor
Vancouvci en route fi»i California
where   In*    will spend several weeks.
Mis (,. Pratt, of Sotiris, Man.,
wlm has been visiting her sister,
Mrs. -I. R McNabh. for r»vcral
weeks, has returned home.
Bargains in Turkish towels, ladies
nlghl dtesM's and children's slippers
,i*   Hi* Variety store.
Mr. ami Mrs. Chester Staples, of
Wycliffo, wen* in tlie rity Tuestla\
evening attending the cluh dance,
Mr-.. Rutledge, of Port William,
has arrived in   town on an extendi*..
isii   i,i her   daughter,  Mrs.   ... r.
bonnets i<>  cleai at    85c. each
tin* Variety sii re.
D,  l»   Mel.aws is liaek from n
vacation spent  in the east.
M C. Llveslev, nf Moyie, was in
lhe fit*. Wednesdaj on business
\     Mt Lean, nl   Ketnir. wa   nmoi
the visitors in town Mondaj
Sit* our   selection "I chocolate bon
lions.       The best     that   tan he had
Tlio Palm
I' Lmid wa-- In fiom Wardnit* to-
\   k  Battertnan, ol Jaffray,    was
registered at ihe   Cranl *      Mon
Rnl Rom tea i*- good .'*.* Ward
ami Harris.
llOlll       i.
and   Mi
Kn!    Rose tea    is i*,ood    tea—Ward
and Harris.
Mrs ! P Kink will enterlain at
tea i i Knox church Ladles' \t«l r»n
h'ridaj. lanuan IWh, from 8.30 tn
i; p.m.   \ cordial Invitation to all.
Tli.' Rebecca tea *.ull he held at
iln- home ol Mrs v 0. Blaine on
Wniiiesdav evening, .Inuuacv 17th,
from : to in
To) brooms     at Kink's Pure Food
'ihe Christmas Ireo given by Christ
church in Carmen's hall lasl Satnr
il.u afternoon was well attended and
enjoyed hv   ihe ihildren.
KOR HALE.—Two ho his. twi
engine nnd   sawmill   machinery.    Ni
i.  K.  reasonable  om-i   will bo refused   for
We wish to inform our customers that we have
received  a
Large New Stock of Harness
In Team, Driving, and lixpress
The Driving we have in all orices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock of CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter cr son a new Cutler for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
tbii maebinsry. Apply tu Thus. w.
Leask, Cranbrook oi Mayook. 61-5t
Mrs. Geo. Longpre, ol Kingsgate,
is visit ing her mother, Mrs. Frank
Leelerk m Cranbrook for a lev.
I Sink strainers, potato mashers and
roasters at Lie. each at the Variety
!W. McDermint, formerly with th
Heattit-Murphy Co., now with tbe
Canada Drug and Uook company
Nelson, is visiting in town lot a lew
KOR RENT.—Very large ware
house suitable lor furniture, pianos,
Iced, etc; $1(1 per month Applv
Herald office. 47-tf*
It, T. Brymnei. manager i ( the
local branch ol Hn* Hani, of Commerce, leli last Thursday night on a
huninl trip to Toronto, lie will he
back   in     the ionise, of a lew days.
Red Rose tea is good tea.—Ward
and Harris.
An Knglish billiard match li to
tuke place on Friday uud Saturday
evenings at tlie Royal hotel, botween
W. (ilt-asoii and w. ll. John ton. A
thoroughly good exhibition of thu
game is assured.
Home made candy, 25c, per lb. Saturday only. Other days 35c—The
Rehearsals for the coming piod5*v
tion of the "Country Girl," by the
Cranhrook Operatic Society are being
held at the Y.M.CA. The costuming
of the production bas been placed In
the hands uf a tomniitiee consisting
tt Mesdames Brymner, Stevenson and
Benedict. A large orchestra is lieing
arranged and a successful performance is anticipated nn February
6th and 7sh.
Vineland canned fruits and vegetables—the kind that excel in flavor—
at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Captain .Stride, of the Salvation
Army, reports a growing demand to:
old clothes from needy individuals
ami he will welcome any contributions readers of the Herald may
lie able to place at his disposal.
Ring up the Salvation Army barracks if you have any discarded raiment to give away.
■lust arrived.—A Iresh shipment of
Clark, Nicholson and Ccoins* fancy
confectionery.—The I'alm.
The Knights of Columbus wero
hosts at a very enjoyable social
niul dunce held in the Auditorium
last evening. During the first purl
of the evening, cards were tin* ordtt
of the programme, later dancing
was indulged in and kept going until
the early morning hours. Guerard's
orchestra provided th*- music. Everyone privileged to be present enjoyed
au excellent eventafi's amusement and
the hope was expressed that the
Knights would repeat this sort of
thing frequently.
Purity Flour"—the finest in the
world—makes more bread and hctter
bread.—The     Kink    Mercantile   Co.,
le agents.
A convention of the road superintendents atid surveyors ol the province will be held in Victoria next
month, arrangements for which are
now being made by \V. VV. Kostcr.
depot] minister of public works It is
anticipated that lhe effect of the
convention will result In improvements of the highways of tin*
province. Tlie question ol road location ami COOStruction, modern road
machinen    and     general    up-to-date
tin nis in mad Imi ding nnd surveying will lie discussed.
Horn  d'oeuvre     al Kink's    pure
mid Grocery.    Ask to see them.
"A eall     to prayet to the men     of
Canada" lor Sunday, January Slat,
has been issued hy    the officials    -*f
the Canadian churi'trs antl the chairman ol the Canadian Council of the
Laymen's        Missionary     Mt veuirtit
li jin occasion Is unique in lhe
ehurcli life of the Dominion and,
probably, In ao other country, at tbe
presenl time, would it Im* possible to
mile all brethren lor such a purpose.
The Kink Mercantile company's
'hum sale has been a decided suc-
•e\s—avail yourself ol this opportun-
,1V of securing some pretty pieces •*..
bargain prices. See display count*::
and noi,- the values.
During i !>11 two hundred ami eighteen eases   were disposed of in     the
i<<ai county court, ns compared with
one hundred and soventy-oiia during
1810, In tltt' judge's criminal
court, of tin* county court, thirty
nine case* were tried, as compared
with nineteen in IMO. In the supreme court sixty-seven taws w#.*t
dealt wilh, i-oinp-arcd with forty-six
Hi   Ifiin.
VVAN'I'K.D— Thoroughly competent
housekeeper for period of three
months. Apply Ht ll., Herald office, a-tf
V. Hyde Baker lefl for Portland,
Ore., Inst night, where he will join
Messrs. N. Hanson, (1. K rick son
.1. I.aullaw. who preceded him a few
days. They will divide whether
not to proceed with tlielr proposed
motor trip to California, alter studying tlie loeal weather and road conditions.
WANTED TO KKNT-Two furnished rooms tor light housekeeping.
Address W.H.B., Herald olliee.   W
Gifts to foreign missions In Hill by
Protestant Christians throughout the
world, as tabulated hy the * Missionary Review,'
A movement
the opening oT
Sunday aftermn
appeals   to be
Uickenbothatu on Bakei lllll, House,
wash house, barn ami chicken house
on two lots. Apply 11. llickeiibolh-
3-2 L
n foot Lo si—.
Arena rink on
s, from 2 to 5. Thi*
i entirely leusomil,'..
There is very little
else for many ol our young people
tu du on Sunday afternoons, during
the cold spell and skating is u very
healthy and harmless form of amusement. A petition is being circulated
requesting the Arena Rink company
in meet the wishes of the seasot
ticket     holders in this respect.
WANTED.—A competent maid. Apply Mis. (". If. Thompson. 3-t(
FOR SALE niKAl'.-One Chat
ham incubator, 250 egg capacity, ami
Iwo Peerless incubators, 200 egg
pacity each, ami iwo brooders. All
as good as new. Apply K. IL Slater, city. Mt
Severs*] changes have taken plate
rooently In iln- stall of the Royal
Hunk in this city. II 11. Luiiisdcu
is leaving on Saturday lor Cumber
laml, - *H c., and bis successor hut*
already arrived, Mr, II s. Waiters,
formerly of    Vancouver, R.   K.
.It hnston is also leaving the hank's
employ to accept u position with
E. A. Hill. He will be succeeded by
II. A. Hosegood, formerly of Vancouver. M. c. Macbey, u local hoy,
has joined    the staff as a junior.
Red Rose tea is good tea.—Ward
and Harris.
Rev. Father John, O.M.I., of tlio
St. Eugene Mission, had a very narrow escape from what might have
proved a serious accident on Tuesday.
He was driving in his cutter when
his horse took fright at a passing
motor and bolted. Tearing up Baker
street the cutter came in violent con*
tact with Alderman D. J, .lonnsnn's
rig, smashing it up pretty badly.
Thence ihe frightened horse careened
across the street and brought the
cutter into contact with a fire hydrant, which demolished the rig and
threw Father John out, still boldinn
on to the reins, into the street.
Happily the animal was stopped lie-
lore further damage was done and
tin- father's injuries were found to Ik*
< f  a slight nature.
North Vancouver property wanted
near second narrows or close in tc
llie city; we have buyers, and want
your listings; owners only.—Tbe
People's Trust Co., Ltd., 122 Pender
St. W., Vancouver, B.C. 2-2t
When buying a cough medicine for
children bear in mind tliat Chamberlain's CcUgh Remedy is most effectual
lor colds, croup and whooping cough
and that it contains no harmful
drug.   Kor sale by all dealers.      1-tf
Bdward Brown, one of the men >»
rested in connectlr.ii with the rerent
robbery at .1. D, McBride's h*w.
wan* store, is enjoying bis liberty
just ul present, notwithstanding thnt
he bas as yet not hail his trial. It
appears that Monday afternoon
Brown was working around Ihe provincial jail with Janitor Hawkins.
At supper lime Hawkins went home
and apparently forgot all about
Brown, In any event when Hawkins
returned Brown had taken his departure and lias since maintained a
discreet silence. The police are
hunting (or him, bul as yet have se
cured no clue  as to his whereabouts
At the Arena rink on Monday evening next there is to be a fancy dress
carnival, starling at **• o'clock.
Prizes will be awarded as follows: Best gentleman's costume,
best lady's costume, best boy's costume, best girl's costume, best comic
costume, best lady and gentleman
walt/ers on skates. The band will
Ih*    in attendance.
Good opening tor a man with a
little capital. Restaurant business.
Must have good references. Apply
lower box 21, Cranbrook. 2-11
When given as soon ns the rrcupy
cough appears Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy will ward off an attack ot
err up and prevent all danger
cause id anxiety. Thousands
mothers use it successfully. Sold
all dealers.
A Kansas City dispatch says
companied hy a special escort
police, a committee of women, religious workers, among them many
well known socially, visited houses
in   what is known as "the south red
It Pays
To Bear in Mind
Tlmt repairs nf high-olnss
worltniaaihip can be obtained
»l mir .iun. lit reasonable
price*. Try u. nml !«• con-
0, I*, it. Watch Inspectois
light district" ot the city In an effort to persuade the women residents
lo take a new start in life with the
new year. Bach woman was offered
a respectable, home and a position in
which she can earn an honest living. Tbe home, to be conducted as
nn ordinary boarding house, its address to he kept secret, will be provided for those women wlio determine to accept the offer. Conditions will be so arranged thai no
stigma may follow the reformed. Tin'
effort to help the unfortunate women of the city is a part of the
religious forward movement. In addition to plans for earing for the women, the organization has secured
the names of all the property owners
of the district who rent the places
for immoral purposes, and will ask
that action he slutted against them
Overy house in lhe red light districl
will bi? closed at midnight, by
squad of police.
Constipation is the cause of many
ailments aud disorders that make
life miserable. Take Chamberlain'-;
Stomach ami Liver Tablets, keep
your bowels regular and you will
avoid these diseases. Kor sale hv
all dealers. 1-tf
Tlie installation nf officers ■■:
Itocky Mountain Chapter, No. 121,
II.A.M., took place on Tuesday evening, P.P. E. Elwell, ail inn aa installing mauler. The officers Installed were:
Ist Ppl.-T. H. Bufield.
2nd Ppl.-W. K. Attrldge.
■Inl Ppl.-W. H. Wilson.
Scribe E.—A. C. Shanklanrl.
Scribe X.—P. A. Dunn.
Trea-s.-W. S. Santo.
P. S.-M. A. Beale.
S. S.-P. C'oc.
.1. S.-B. St. Clair.
As previously announced in ilie-
columns the Masons of Cranbrook
are to give a ball this season, ami
the dale for same lias been Axed toi
Thursday, January 25th, Burns'
day, a very fitting occasion as the
grand old Scots poet was an honored
member ol the craft. The arrangements are in the hands ol a joint
committee, representing the Blue,
lied and Black lodges. The hall vill
be held in the Auditorium ami es-
Ira special arrangements are being
mad,- lor the supper. All local
and visiting Masons with their wives
and sweethearts will he invited ami
invitations will also be extended to
the members ol the craft al Fori
Steele, Creston, Moyie and Fernie.
This is an air of discoveries. To
grow hair alter it has fallen out today li a reality.
SALVIA, the (Ireat Hair Tonic
and Dressing, will positively create a
new growth of hair.
If yru want to have a hcautilul
bead ol hair, tree from Dandrufl, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
SALVIA is guaranteed tn stop tailing hair and restore the hair to It.
natural color. The greatest Hair
Vigor known.
SALVIA Is compounded by eiptrt
Watch ynur hair if it is tailing out
II you don't, you wil sooner nr lal-
show an Increase over'er he bald.
the   preceding    year    ol    1175,(1(111.|   SALVIA prevents baldness hy las-
North America  shows * total appro- tt-nlng the hair to Hie root*,
prialion   of   113,300,(1(111    tor nearly   i,,dlcs will find    SALVIA lust Ihe
I hall nl      tlie grand total ol UVHId,   hair dressing they are looking lor. II
1100.       (Ireat Britain        gave ,„,!,„ t|„. hair suit and Unity an.! ih
Sl.iH.u.tKMi. not *llcky.   A large bottle, SOvt*. At
• I   FOB SAI.K-Tlif r.sMMc* ol    ll. th* Cranhrook mug aid Book Co.
on Monday evenlBg ol next week
the B.C. championship curling tot
nanictit opens In Nels.m. Itlnks In
Ihis city, skipped by W. F. Cumcr,
I). .1. McSweyn anil probably, Tli<
Roberts, will go down to take pan
on Sunday and Monday
Women's Institute
Tlw annual m.a-ling ol Ua V. i,
Institute   was   held in the Car ii -
hall on TiMtalay, January 2nd, arltl
lhe president. Mrs II I'altner, in thi
hair. There was a giaal uttcli'l.ii'"
considering the cold weather. Mi -
Palmer was re-elected president; Mr-
II. Unman, no-presidei.t anil Mr*
John Shaw sccretary-tn-.iMiret. Mill. II. Mel.ure, Mrs Koran, Mr* I
II. Mel.ure and Mrs. Tlsdale, dire.
tors. The meetings are lield in tin
Carmen's hall on tlie fust Tuesday h
each month, when all ladies are welcome,
This week we are continuing to give real
• bargains — bargains that are worth while look-
m ing inio. This is a saving opportunity of vital
s importance to everyone who can reach our
■   store.
Tn make room for mir
S|irini_' Clothing wo must
snerittee mir splendid slock
'•r Boys' Soils mid Over-
mala, UV handle llie Wri
lint' ot Boys' Clothing in
Cunadn "The Lion
ll rn ii'I" uml vou may
depend upon those rare
$8.00 Overcoats tor *.."..!>.">
(1.00     • ••     -1.85
7.1 HI Suits        ■•      "(.'.Tj
4.00      •• "     :l.!l.">
Almnl lOdoz. light col-
und Flannel Shirts with
collars   attached.     Hood
patterns    1 serviceable,
•Inst the thing fnr this
weather. All sizes. Regular up to $1 85,
NOW   !l.->. .
These lies! English und
t'-uii-diau. AIL Wool t'n-
dershirls will p. ut
There are Several mill lilies
which must lie oleared.
This a.-enmils for this remarkable price.
No escna to  lai
without nn , ■■•    ■   ■     \\',.
are  -■! inj        . ied
hui  iii llie slore  il  muoh
less than who] -   ■  price
in fact, al insi ui • half "f
mir usual close price.
We will
any fur-      I
marked nur enl ol
Furs nl li
wholi snle prii es y'ri
reliable,   ti o.    U     -: n ,1
behind   ni j    il
This is n i. :'       • lion,
Everj   I. ■    •   md
Coat in this a
musl Le
values wet*,11
$3?J 0   Suits foi   s^i;,7^
HO.OO     ■•
25.0   ('  its
20.00     -
15.00     "
I I.7S
l 1.50
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
*************************************** *****
Have installed a set of
which are offered to the public at
moderate rental, either monthly
or yearly Your inspection is
Also some funds have been
lelt with them by clients for investment in first mortgages or
other good security
l      ANNOUNCEMENT     *
I am lie," prepare.! t<i put up iee
tor shipment at reasonalile price
All orders will be Riven prompt attention.
V (I. MeFarlane,
Morie, B.C.
11'it. Jr..in., i Wt
Tne Management here have arranged ui'h W. li Kl.hli
to present in this eit> the tin
nf all Far.-,. Comedii .
with tin* distinguished Englisl '
Mr. C. James Bancroft
a- tin llev Rolrert rjpanlding.as played hj
2,000 limes in Bugund.
FRIDAY, JAN'Y 12th, 1012
Seat, mi Sale ut Bealiii-Murpl J * Dl  -• Sion
Prices    ■    ■    50c, 75c, and $1.00
444*44**************** 4*4*44***************4
Vital Statistics
Cranl i. districl I '.it»l statistic:
,-ar wen- Rl
I, r    tin-   pssl
i omparod uiili the flumes ler Ifll
tliey are fi-rtnilily etieiuiraRinp, During inn* iin* recordi slwiwe.1
Itn ill— S5.
M.uiiiii:. ■•,—'»-.'
IK-Ill l,»—101.
Tin-   public     I ''1 altec
the   Chrii on Monday,
with an ftttcndai ova    Hie
average   In ■ nt   cot«l
snui> \ tn >'■ '■ ■ added lo Ibt laff, Ml • lew n . "f
Nanaimo, who hi ■■ 11 Uio
inst rradci da VII the class
rooms am now occupied,
KUt SAI.K rilKAl',—Ua-bj r.if-
rllgn lo lood condition Vpply Boa
l, Herald offlce ^;H* THE   CUANBUOOK   HERALD
All our, Winter Goods in
Men's Wear
Mackinaw Coats, $4.00
Hewson Tweed, Heavy, $3.50
Ribbed Wool Underwear,
$1.60 per Suit
Cranbrooh Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.   M
Cumberland House New Year'*, returned Tuesday.
\ C.P.H. brakesman fell till a box
cat onto iiu* platform the t lliet* day
ill Klko, when u sour looking cliromo
rushed out nf the Wttlttoifi room and
asked, '.'Did it hurt you?" "Not until I struck thi1 boards," lie repMed,
The woman who will wash tho
dishes and sing "We'll Work Till
.Jesus Conies" while her daughter
goes out skating every afternoon and
evening and three times on a ttim-
tlay, is in the same elass with the
man who gives a share ol bis hard
ear nod salary to his son to blow in
playing pool.
I— T ""'"".—!
News of the District
i * i
(Hy Fred Roo)
Cheer up Cranbrook
i.lil   weatbel
11 it wasn't
thcre'd Im*
lor   this 	
itn ling
Mary had u little hen
it caused bei   man)1 a tear;
It  always laid when eggS  were rlieap
And not   ..lien lliev wen* deai.
New l.ml eggs 76c. dozen in Klkt.
Alien-ill eggs 85c. No guarantee goes
with these.
Mi. .1. DojTte, td the A 1- MeDer*
in..' Co , Cranbrook, was in Klko
tlir. week selling nerve bracers and
sw.-f-t cordials from Sonny Franca
He is a veritable lypMct) of good
nature and makes last friends while
some people would I*, Retting ar-
The tlcicomps and mine prop factories are working full time niound
Klkti. while tin* mills are nil closed
down [i.-iiiliiii* the high laiiff wall i n
line ol  l!l
A young man in Klko is very en-
tlniMastie ovei the safely razor Ingot tin*, riiristmas becauae he limls
he does not have lo bold his i-ai
when  be shaves bis cheek
There was a profound sensation
in Klko this week Hot* Uu* C.P.R,
und lb** (Heat Northern trains bi**
rlffd on tunc.
Tlu- Klko. Kitiiihinds Bnd Rooavtllc
Conservative association held theli
annual meeting Friday night in the
Klk hotel parlors Election ■>( offl*
ws fot Iflia uml other Imporlanl
business ll  was the most entluis-
iiistn poll Ileal meeting ever held m
Klko since the nlghl <>f lhe trig
Tite retail of the election wts     ss
Honorary    Pntldent>*--The Hon \v
H   ROM, minister of lands
PresWentr-Fred Roo, .1 P
ViM-rresbhfit—I   W. Kerr
Nittetaiy— \   Harby,
K*mutivr—.1 M. Agnew, Charlie
KUngcnsnrltb, ilex, Pirate, Joseph
HocMey, Andrew Kennedy. *' Me*
Kii*. Roberl Hake. Wm, Woods, Tom
Foley, V Austin and Thomas Hard
Several items of Important business
alTeetitig the district were forwarded
to Mr. A. K. Goodeve at Ottawa ami
l.he Hon. W. H. Itoss, minister of
lands at Victoria.
A full report of the meeting was
.vinil to Champ Clark, also a tjckt-1
loi KIko's big drawing.
Voting .lack (ikdliill was making u
U-w calls in Klko ibis week. He c\-
(eels to leave Klku in the near Inline for llrandon, Man.
Business is beginning to pick up in
Klko. It was awful dull there lor
two uml a half days, but prospects
Are now brighter than ever.
Flagstone is rapidly coming to tin
front. The advertising matter ol
(lie Flagstone townsile company is
poor truck and land seekers will
find conditions far better than the
pamphlet states. The cuts are lhe
poorest they could haw got. The
party who got it up must have been
aught in an Alberta blizzard. He is
sure not acquainted with the rose
tinted style of adveiUsing ll C
laml. Mike Hoeser's Phi/ hog with
abhage background would have
been far better advertising than n
ie of pussy willows on the Kootenay downs.
M Phillipps, of Fruitlands, was in
Klko Monday.
■lames Thomson. nf t|M* Columbia
hotel, has returned from Passburg,
where be had been spending New
Year's with his daughter, Mis. Tom
Duncan,, id the Pnssburg hotel, .llm
says Canada's all light, hut It. C.
for his.
Tbo Oolden West Orchard company,
south of Hmisville, aie getting read]
lor big things m tin- spring. Tht
tub COppei mines near this propcrl)
will make it a gilt idi-.nl Investment
llie owners of a    lew shares oi tins
orchard stock will have .i big     tIiiu*
in   a tew yen is This lite nl tht re
tiuii'ti.-t and twenty aires was sr
luted by tlie fust and most v\
perlenced   fruit  growers in Flathead
.md Tobacrn Valley.
A ClOUd's silver lining li alwa\s
pewtff to tlie itessiuiisl Smile,
gosfa darn ynu, smile.
Miss .lane Tixlhunfer, of Edmonton
who was    visiting her parents       al
| J. D. M c B R. ID £ j
Stoves and Ranges
PAINTS        OILS        GLASS
| Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
WARDNER    i^,
(Special correspondence)),
Mrs.   Miller, ol    tlio Kinn Edward,
hotel, spent Inst Sunday with IrlonilB.
in Cranbrook, i
Soliool ro-opimcd Inst Monday, January mli, with  lhe iisiuil aWendancB.
As llie  Im110.1*0 hus mil orrlv.il    lor
tin-   new selinol, Ilif teacher has lieen
bllgod to use ihe old  building lor a
few days. I
Miss Mauile llruee, liirini-rly a
teacher nl the Wardner school, pass-1
ed lhroii|;h uiwn on her way I",
Rossland lo resinue her tint ira as
lirst assistant uf the Rossland public
school. Miss Uruce, who has been
spending tbo holiday with ber
brother, Principal I.. Urucc in Fernie, slates tliat s-he is foclini? none
lhe worse of hrr exciting experience
nt a lew wcoks ago, .and that tnc|
newspaper reports reKariling tills
were very much exaggerated.
Mr. I.en Kenwiek, of llnllowiiv,
canto up to Wardner lust Thursday on
a   business trip.
Mi. Harold Darling, ol lhe Lund
Laud and Development company, nl
Cranbrook, was in Wardner last Friday   wilb friends.
Mr. Charlie Martin spent a lew
days recently wilb Spokane, friends.
Mr. Marsh, ol Chicago, was doing
business in town last Friday. !
Mr. A. Sbeppard spent last Sunday
with his family in town.
Mi Win. Barclay, ol Clareshete.!
wbn has Ihvii here for lhe pasl lew
weeks straightening affairs at tin'
rmnpniiy's planing mill, lelt lasl
Sunday d r the prairie to resume his
Mr. Fri-d Audit I went tn Loth
hridge Inst Monday nn business.
Mrs. Benedict spent last Tuesday
iu Cranbrook with friends.
Mr. dm ial, nf Swilt Current, wbn
has been spending u few' days witli
Wardnei friends returned ou Tuesday
Mr. Clrabam Donahoc s|niit last
Monday in Cranbrook wilh friends.
Itev. McLean addressed tbc teachers
and pupils ol Si. Andrew's Sunday
hchool last Monday evening.
Mr. II. c. Baton, B.A., returned os
Friday alter spending a few days
with his Mend, Mr. II. E, LaPointc
ut Fort. Steele.
Ai ttte annual meeting of the Mountain l.timlni Manufacturers OSSOCla-
llon to Im- held at Nelson, January
mli,   1912, the following resolutions
will Im* proposed by A. K. Watts.
1. That this association tender its
Ihanks for ami expresses its high ap
prodatlon of the many efforts made
wlth the view of olitaiiiing Justice
and protection for the lumber industry, by the various boards of trade in
the province during several years
past, and tbal we especially wish io
convey our thanks to the president nf
the Associated Hoards of Trade and
lhe eit-i/etis of Nelson for their uioial
sii|i|nirt uml Ibe many courtesies e\-
ii-nded to this association, which has
been a source ol gratification felt by
t-vi-iy imIimiIii.ii member but so far
h it without niTiciai recognition.
2. That whereas al lhe last animal
meeting resolutions wero unanimously
passed condemning "Iteciprocity*1 ns
being Injurious lo the fruit and lum
bet  Industries*, that  wcare aware   ol
tbe fait Hui afterwards a few Individual members who voted for the re
solutions, publicly it'iland in lavoi
of tin* opposite, but that no official
of ihis association was ever author*
i/od to speak in favor of reciprocity;
that We were and are in favor of pro*
iti'tion not only to the lumber in
duslrv but all others in Canada, and
consider that the fruit intlustit
should Ik* encouraged Ity every possible means, unit placed at least on
an equal basis of exchange With
American fruit.
-I. That the t'licouraging ami fostering of the milling Industry is of
paramount Importance to this province.
I. It is therefore resolved that the
executive board of this association
is hereby empowered and directed to
work in unison with the boards of
trade and the representatives ol other Industries, for the purpose of maintaining a vigorous and united campaign to educate Hie publie of Can-
itd.i, and win their support in aid of
justice, heing aware ol the fact that
no wrongs can In- righted nor much
impression made on the authorities
without the BUppoH ot public opinion.
6. That this association wishes to
call the attention of the chief officers of the various   railway compan
Don t Throw Any Money
CARDS.   They will save you many dollars.
You will find them in all departments of the store.
The Men's and Furniture Departments especially are filled to over
flowing with
ies purchasing lies, limbers and other articles of wood iu the United
Stales, for use on Canadian lines,
heavily suhiitli/.ed at the expense of
ilu- Canadian people, that we con-1
sitlci* such a policy is not true economy, and is Inimical to ihe interests
nf ihc Canadian public from whom
the railway companies obtain their
stibsistance, and fiom whom Ihey obtained kingdoms of land, limber and
other concessions, besides huge sums
oi money.
ti. Thai (he railway companies owe
the public some consideration in return fm fuvni*. granted, and owe :t
especially to the only unprotected industry in Canada, now languishing
and prostrated under tin* dumping cl
foreign lumber an Iheir restricted
7. That all mills in tin- interior
are closed down and logging opera-
t ions pracl Ically suspended, and
these operations usually provided
the means ol stibsistance to thousands of pom* homesteaders from the
prairies during llu- winter; large numbers coming this winter looking for
Ih.- usual Work hati to walk back
hundreds of miles. The many million dollars usually paid to
ihe pralrlc pn vlnces for agricultural
products used iu mills and camps
hate gone to support a fureign eoun-
try; lhe far reaching effect is felt
by farmers, lumbermen of all kinds,
and tin- allied   trades and merchants.
In tin* production of lumber labor
is Hie chief Item, therefore the
workmen of Canada an* bit tlie hard-
esl by Hie dumping of lhe Iorelj|.
product. Ni\t i< labor the heavies! t.i\ on lumber is levied by the
railway companies lor freight, users
of iln- foreign product pay for the
long haul io American and the short
haul io Canadian railways.
Kimu a national standpoint those
Mm ,insist in fostering a foreign industry in preference lo the Canadian
an- following principles of false economy, which cannot show compensating advantages for tin* Canadian
cash [laid in foreigners.
K. Thai in times of acute depression iii the lumber Irade the effects
<>t tins dumping of foreign product is
most keenly fell, ami m the opinion
of ibis association ilu* subject is
worth) of tin- consideration of tail
woj companies who an* supposing
foieimi Industries to the delriment
ol ih- |teoplc ol Canada, ami also to
tin* iiniii Injur) of om* of the most
profitable customers ihe railway companies have, tin* lumber hade.
0, That a copj nf these resolutions
I.e siiii io each II.C. M.I1, ut Ottawa, io the prcsfdcnl of each railway company, to each cabinet mlnia-
ler, and in the prcsMcnts of the
boards of irade.
that thirty days after date, 1 iiita-i
to apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for ..
license lo prospecl lor coal and petroleum ou the following lands, situalc it, Uie District of South Kast
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 4893:
Commencing at a post, planted nl.
or near 2 miles or Hill chains east of
37 mile post ot C.I'.H. survey en
west boundary of Hock l.vrt, and ne-
ing the N. K. cornet post of Mr.
.Sellais Largely claims; tlicnce south
mi chains,    (hence   west Kn    chains,
thence north 8li chains; thence east
KO chains; to a point of commencement, making lilo acres, more oi
Located this tub day ol November,
Uny Allen, Agent for
Mr. Sellars Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days after date, 1 iiit«»«
to apply to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for *
license to prospect for eoal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay. llrilish Columbia, in
Hloek 4693:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles or Kill chains east
of 37 mile post of C.P.H. survey on
west boundary of Block 4598 ami being the S. W. corner post of Mr.
.Sellars Largely claim; ihence north
HO chains; thence east- mi chains,
thence- south Kl) chains; thence wesl
KU chains, to a point oi commencement, making till).acres, more or
Located Ibis nth day of November,
Hoy Allen. Agent foi
Mr.   Sellars Largely, Locator,
Witness   John Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days alter date, 1 Infant
to apply to the Hon. Chief Com*
missioner of Lands and Works for *
license to prospect lor coal and pctr
roleum ou the following lands, situate in the IWstriel of South Kast
Koo tenav. Hritish Columbia, iu
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 11 miles or I till chains cast
of 37 mile post if C.I'.H. survey mi
west boundary of Hloek tv.M and lieing tlie S. K. corner post of Mr.
SellarH I .at gel*, claim. Ibcacc north
KO     chain**-,  thence     west  Ml eliains,
thenco south kii chains, thenco easl
ko chains, to a point oi commence*
ment, making lllll acres, mon* 01
Located ihis nth da) of Novembei
Hoy Mien, Agent foi
Mr. Sellars Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. •    S-tt|
«♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•«*♦*>    **>+wwwww4ww*>*>*>\
t    Mttmram-   Our Veal Has
a Pull
wi'li peop'e who know mnl
appreciate choice men'. We
bamlie only Ibe milk fed
grade, with white, lender
flesh ami tb-.it ex-jui-ite
llnvor htckii.g in inferior
guiles.   Try   a   ioiift   leg,
loin ot shoulder. It will
tsste ssgood as the lender.
        e*-! cliii'keli yon eior ate.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
************** **************
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
«** - •
* Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and  *
• Baker Street. ♦
4 »
44444444 9 9999944*4 4*44444**4
Fruit. Agricultural. tirazlnjt and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General M.n.mii
WIST, -   $8,000,000
CAPITAL. - $10,000,000
that thirty days alter dale, I IrrUsal
tu apply In Hi.' Htm. riiirf Con>
missioner ul Lands nm! Worka fur a
licensr ti. prospect fur cosl uml pet*
roleum ,m tlie f>>llm\iii>! lands, nliu-
,lr in tin Dtslrirl ol Kuutli Kail
Kia.tHiiiv. Hi ill-It t'ollllllbia, in
lilnck 4.W.I:
CiiiiniH'iiriiiir nl n post planliil at
nr near :l milt's rasl uf tlu- .'17 mil,'
post „n the C.P.R, survey on wi-st
la.uii.lary ol Murk I5!i:i and beiu
the S. Vi. corner post ,.i Mr. Set*
:urs Largely claim; theme nortii Ku
rhaiii'l thence east 80 chains; themr
south R0 chains; .thenee west Kll
eliains; to a point ot eiHinneneenicnt,
making 610 acres, more or less.
Located this nih dav oi November,
Hoy Allen, Ak.iiI lor
Mr. Sellars Largely, Localm
Witness: .lohn Vllfp. Ml
of The Canadian Bank of Commcive will receive deposits of $( niul
upwards, on wtiich intcrevt is allowed tit current rates. There Is no
•J-lay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
ile I   sit. ure welcomed. AM4
Accounts may be opened hi the names of two or more persons, lo he
operated hy sny one of the number or In ilie survivor. A joint account
oi this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership ol the money
after death, nnd is especially useful when a man desires to provide lor
hia wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death,
R. T.Brymner, rianagcr Cranbrook, li. C.
•*♦#*####*-*#**•* ##»**#*# ft* ft * ft ft
It ivc ii very line nssortiiiont nf
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trees .ilfereil (ur snlo lire crown in onr own nurseries on
the Colilstreiini Kstnte
V. D. CURRY, Oii-oral Aiani    -     VERNON, B. C.
^^^^mta^gaWta^taweAm\^kmmAiamkm\\\\\\\\\\^mme4m •^k*mem^9^9^ktt*mi. 6mo-
«••»•**«****%>» 4*44 4 449999999


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