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Cranbrook Herald Jun 15, 1916

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THURSDAY, JUNE lBtll, 1916
Li*ej?l"tlve Assembly
•ly. Apr.-io
B. CO. 0F22STH RRE CAPABLE HDSTSconsermtive gorveji
-Entertain the Citizen8 at Military  Dance nnd Snnner Wlileh
Will lie Reiiiemhereil hn Most Siiceessi'iil Social
Event of the Season.
Kootenay Orchard Settler
Case—No Proud In Case
CriuibriKik Sim .Mill*-
dood. Tlio Moor wba nearly ns perfect im ti In possible tn havo n danco
floor, whllo Uio music of Uio Cran-
iok Orchestra mny be described in
Kven  Uio elements weri> propitious
on  Hie, occasion  of  tin* dunce given
Wednesday nlglit l»y Uio ollleerti, non- Hi
commissioned offlcors and men of It. lir
Company of the 9261)1 Battalion,    It Hie same way.
was a glorious moonlight night with Bunpor was served on the Btaffo In
Uio weather just tlio right tempera* rolnys ns fust as tliey could be handled
turo to make a Bhort outing to and |(V tin- caterer, Mr. BYume, tho hoys li.
from tlm dance I lull enjoyable, and h|m|(| waiting on their guests at tho
very few fnmlltos In the city hat woro tallies,  iiiiiI   nothing  whh overlooked
roprosoutod at Lho hall that night. The Mint might add lo tbo pleasure of the
Largo  nml   Representative   General
Meeting so Decides—Date to be
iked by Executive*
A   I
auditorium was crowded witli a guy
and jolly crowd numbering dose to
BOO, and ror Lho tlmo being tin* uol-
dlor laddies dropped tho Btorner
thoughts of leaching tht* iinnniaii IiobLs
their proper place In tlie world aud
dovotcd thcmsolvos to the duty of looking after tlie pleasura ami comfort of
their numerous guests. That they stic-
i dod in uu unusual degree is thn unanimous opinion nf tin- many present,
and tin* danco In every wuy wns oue
of the most successful ami pleasant
events iii the history of tbe city. It
wus intended hy B. Company as an
acknowledgment of tho hospitality and
kindness of tho citizens to tliem during tlieir stay iu the city, and tho manner iu which the Invitation was so gen-
Short addresses were mude l>y Capt
whiihtw nf Parole, Lieutenants Broch-
in and Ailams and Kergt. Bryatlt, a
return od vetoron, and u eall mude for
recruits, five coming forwurd uud offering thcmsolvos to uphold their
country's honor, They were Messrs.
David Somorville, Alvln Blsch, Colin
W\ Smith, Wlnlfleld Moran and (leorge
A number of officers and others were
present from Pernie, among whom
were Ueut,-Col, MacKay, Capt. Whitlow, ('apt. Skinner, Cnpt. Barnes and
Lieutenants Rosewarne, Seaman, Mil-
ilceu, Wilson and Lockhart.
The event will long be remembered
orally accepted  is  indicative of tho by the citizens of Cranbrook, and when
uniformly pleasant relations existing the time comes for our soldier boys
between the soldiers and civilians. to do their duty on the battle field
Tlie hall  was prettily and tastily we know they will prove themselves
decorated with I'nion Jacks, banners unite as capable in the fighting line
and flags of the allied nations, with !ls they did last night in the role of
stacked rifles and cannon at Hie cor- ontertalners, and the prayers and good
ners of the stage, and wltli tlie gay wishes of those left behind will bc of-
dresses of the ladies, the khaki suits of fered In full measure for tbe safe re-
tlie soldiers and the darker suits of | turn of as many of "our boys" as the
tlie civilians made a pretty picture In- Omnipotent sees fit to spare.
Hotelmen Say (■overnment Cut In Hours Has Caused Great
lit-ellue In Their Husiness — Two City
Employees Iteslgn.
Tiie regular monthly meeting of tlie
City Council was held on Wednesday
morning, present Mayor Clapp in the
chair and Aldermen Balment, Leask
and Hanson. Aid. Santo took Ills seat
during tbo proceedings.
Tlie lirst business of tlie day after
the reading and passing of the minutes was the hearing of a deputation
from the local Licensed Victualler's
Association. Messrs. W. Stewart, Geo,
Hogarth and A. C. Bowness appeared
on behalf of the local liquor men to
ask the council for a redaction in their
license fee ou account of tin* greatly
reduced hours now in effect. Mr.
Stewprt, of Hie Hoyal Hotel..said the
government having cut five hours off
the license* hours it had made a big
reduction in their business, "which
had fallen off from 25 to BO per cent,
as could be shown hy their hooks, nnd
ho thought it was only right that
their license fee should he reduced.
Tbo provincial fee for a license outside the city was $125 and the city
proceedings to obtain possession of
the house. The contention was that
as tlie city was looking after tlie groceries for this indigent family the
landlord should not have to lose interest, taxes and water rates. On motion the letter was filed.
Tlie resignation of VV. Soden, gaoler,
owing to enlistment in the 225th was
received and accepted, ns -was the
resignation of J. \V. Foster as fire
chief. On motion of Aldermen Raiment nnd Hanson a vote of thanks was
extended to tiie late Chief of Kirc
Dept., J. W. Foster, and to W. Soden,
for tlieir long and faithful service.
^\n invitation from the officers and
men of B, Co., 225th Battalion, to attend the dance Wednesday evening.
was also received and accepted.
On motion the following accounts
were ordered paid:P. Burns & Co,
$10.96; Beattie-Murphy Co. $1.75, City
Livery. Engineers Oept., 6.50; City
Livery. Police Dept., $18.60; Cranbrook
Foundry $2.50;   City Clerk's sundries
license was $350. Mr. Hogarth of the i $Mt sr, Crftnbrook Sa8], & r)o0r Co.
Cranbrook Hotel concurred in the re- $? ,S; cranbrook Cartage & Transfer
marks of Mr Stowart and said it had *\1M City Trnnsft,r & warehouse
made a reduction ol easily one-third in lfll(>i„(iinR ]iayment for clean-up day)
his business. Mr. Howness said it #%M Cranbrook Herald Ltd. $18.50,
had teen hard enough getting along copeland-Clmtterson Ltd. $46.30, Cranbrook Electric Light Co. $21S.06, Koot-
these hard times before but with t'ivi
hours a day off it makes it much
worse. It had certainly meant a great
reduction in tlieir husiness. and ihey
would be willing to have tlio City
Clerk examine their books in confidence to verify the statements made
in regard to loss of business,
The Mayor and Aldermen Balment,
Leask and Hanson expressed their approval Of the request of the liquor men
and believed it only fair in view of the
reduction in hours to give eome measure of assistance iu tin* way of reducing UlC license foe Alderman
Santo was not present at this juncture so did imt express an opinion,
Notice wns given that at the next
meeting of tho couucll a moUon would
be made lo amend the license by-law.
A letter wus received from Harvey.
McCarler, McDonald ami Nisbet in regard to the house occupied by Mrs.
Stojack, and asking nn behnlf of th. ir
clients.  Messrs,   Heale A;   Klwell, that
the city pay a siiftlctenl rental for tlio
house   to   enable   llie   owners  of   the
property to look aftor taxes and water
charges, and suggested $6 per montii;
falling relief of some sort It would be
necessary for tiie owners tn commanao
cnay Telephone Lines JIT.:.*.; Little fi
Atchison $29.40, .1. 1). McHride $38.83,
lra Manning Ltd. $54.50, J, Manning
$18.85, A. J. Malsey $84.76, W. Malsey
$14, F. Parks £ Co. $9.86, T. N. Parrett s-j;::r». Payroll:- city Officials
$247.60, City Engineer $161.80, Police
Dept 8860, Police Dept special $6,
school board $1658.90, Fire Dept $:.'-'"-
7;'.; L. P. Sullivan $.*>. B. Sevmord
19.60, Ward .*.- Harris $14.
Tl.e city Engineer's re*>ort for tlie
month of May was received and fylea,
II deals with work done during the
montii, repairs, etc., on (lie water system, streets sitlewalks and sewer
A number of minor changes of n
technical nature were mude in the
water by-law to make It satisfactory
to tlie Provincial Department.
Mr. .1. M Christie on behalf of thc
recruiting committee appeared before
the council in regard to the promise of
a grant of $7.r. to lhe committee If the
recruits rernialnecl liere Mil the middle
of July.     IWlsion   was  left over  till
next meeting. Tim council then adjourned,
Herat meeting of the Conserva-
if tlie Cranbrook district was
l Clapp's Dull Tuesday night
Tiiere was a large and represent! ivi* attendance from ull parts
of the district, probably om* of the
best general meetings held in the
history of the Association. The Interest taken by those present, who prae-
1 len lly    nil    stayed    through u    long
i ting to the end, affords  striking
evidence that, the Conservatives of this
district are awake to the fact that an
election is pending, and are going to
make certain thut an endorsement of
tlie business-like und praiseworthy administration of the Bowser Qovernment Is recorded at the polls whicli
will result in the return of the Government candidate.
Considerable business of Importance
to the Association was transected, and
reports presented to the meeting of
the work of the BxeoutlVO, Perhaps
tlm most Important Item of business
was the decision to hold a nominating
convention for the purpose of selecting a Conservative candidate for tbe
coming election. Mr. T. T). Caven, tho
present member, was the mover of the
motion, whicli was seconded by Mr.
Simon Taylor and Mr. E, S. Watts,
nnd carried unanimously. Tbe date
of tbe convention was left to the Executive of the district to set.
Mr. Caven, who had just returned
from the Coast that afternoon, was
called upon for u speech, and reviewed briefly the work of the session just
closed. He first referred to tlie attitude of the Opposition at tlie opening
of the session compared with the close
of tho house. Tlie Opposition had
made many and varied charges of corruption, on the hustings and on the
floor of the house, nnd though afforded every opportunity to prove
their statements had lieen unable to
lay theii finger on a single Item which
hnd been misappropriated from the
public funds. Though the Minister of
Public Work's in his Department had
handled over $35,000,000 every cent
hnd been accounted for. Tlie same
with the Songhees Reserve, the Kltsal-
Ino Reserve and the Parliament Buildings, In short the Government had the
most remarkable record for honesty
and Integrity of nny government In the
Dominion. More good legislation had
been passed tliis last session than In
any other previous session of. the
House. The Shipping Hill will do much
to relieve the lumber situation, and
will havc the effect of keeping tbe
prairie market for the interior lumbermen. The Workmen's Compensation
Act is acknowledged to be one of the
best measures of tiie kind ever placed
on tbe statute books of any province
of Canada or the I'nited States. Tt
was fair to the employer nnd employee
and would work a hardship with none.
The only measure of thc government
with which Mr, Caven did not agree
was tho Prohibition Bill. He favored a bill which prohibited the manufacture and use Istead of tbe sale of
liquor, and also was in favor of
compensation to the hotel keepers.
Before concluding Mr, Caven took
some time dealing with the revelations
of crooked work on the part of Liberal workers in tlie Vancouver bye-
'lection, which could not fail to have
a great influence with thc honest electorate of the country.
Mr. Dougan. a well-known Liberal
from Vancouver, was present at tlie
meeting and also spoke briefly. He had
boen In the province for 47 yeara under every Premier and Ueut.-fioveruor
of tbe province and be challenged
anyone to Instance a time when legislation as altruistic and as much for the
people as that of the last few months
had been enacted. Tt wns tlie duty
of every Conservative, and every citi-
to acquaint himself with the
progressive record of thc Conservative Government during tbe last l.'t
years, and he believed tbe last three
months was but an augmy of whnt
we may expect if Premier Howser is
returned tn power. Tbere never was
premier more honest, and honorable
than tlie present premier, Hon. W. J.
A resolution expressing confidence
in the Administration, and satisfaction
with the splendid program of legislation enacted nl, the last srsslon was
enthusiastically carried oy the audience.
Mr. T. 1). Caven, M.P.P., returned
from tlu* Coast Tuesday after attending the sessions of the Legislature just
closed. This session has been second
longest in the history of the province,
only heing exceeded by that of 1892,
and tin* government justified its reputation as a business admin ist rat ion
f useful   leyis-
l.nlr Wur Minister Orirmit/nl I nitre st    Volunteer   Armv
World Mas Ever Seen—Wus INihulur Idol of the
Brltlsii Emulro.
A memorial service to the hit
Ki toll on or, who with his staff
drowned off the Orkney Islands last
week while on a secret mission to
Russia, was held on Tuesday afternoon
at Hie bund stand on Bokor street by
the 0 ovor ninon I Building.
Most of the stores hi tlie city dosed
for an hour lu deference to the wishes
of Mayor Clapp. who took this step
lu Order that all ia the city could turn
out and show by their presence tlieir
Hense of the great loss uur Kmpire
has sustained in the tragic death of
Lord Kitchener.
Tho children of the Central aud
South Ward Schools marched In par
Mrs. Gordon Wright. President of
the Dominion Organization of tlie Women's Christian Temperance Union,
paid au ollicial visit to this city last
Friday and addressed two meetings
under the auspices of the local branch
of  the  society.
Tlie meeting on Friday evening was
held In the Presbyterian Cliurch nnd
was   presided   over   hy   Rev.   W.   K.
Thompson   who also introduced    the
Lord | short address  pointing out tlie great  speaker of the evening.   Mrs. Gordon
Pisa the Kmpire has sustain.'d by thi .Wright proved an aide speaker and a
death of Lord Kitchener, uiul ubly con-  clear thinker,    Some time was spent
trusting  the  life and  ideals of  Lord | upon furbelows quite unnecessary and
Kitchener with those of tlie German In little tiresome, but when tlie main
Kmpei'or. topic was reached   "Great   Gain    in
laord Kitchener stood next In Urd  «»^rlf|co". not a dull moment was re-
The Supreme Court sittings before
Mr. Justice Clement closed on  Satur-
dav afternoon last.
The action «>f Williams vs. Shields,
the test case of the associated settlers by the large am
in ihe Kootenay Orchards, hearings of latlou passed,
which commenced Tuesduy. was con- ' Mr. Caven expressed himself as par-
eluded Friday evening and Judgment liculurly pleased with the constructive
was reserved A large number of wit- legislation placed un Hie statutes dur-
nesses wore called hy hot!i sides and ii I lug   tiie   last   several   months.     The
great amount oi evidence was taken. Workmen's Compensation Act, tho Ship
Argument of counsel Is to lie sulimitteil iiml*hug Act aud tin- Agricultural
in wrlUnng. w. a. Nisbet for Plaintiff,;credits Act are some of Uio most Im-
Q. 3. McCarter for Defendant, portent measures ever passed by  a
Ro Roberts and Cranbrook saw Mills legislature in this province and menu
This was an action by the Liquidator j much to employees, employers, and
against the Director of the saw mill to the fnrmers. B. C, takes the lead
company as tn fraudulent disposition i not only iu Canada but iu ull purls
of tin* assets of the Company.    All of the American continent In afford!
charges of fraud were ills  '     	
abandoned. Judgment was reserved on
the; question as to whether certain
payments made Iiy tin company were
properly chargeable against the assets of the company. C, R. Ibimiltou.
K.C., and T. T. Mecredy for Plaintiff;
G. S. McCarter and VV. A. Nisbet for
Defendants, I
Mather vs. Matheson- An action to
set aside a conveyance made by the
late Peter Uoyle to the Defendant, This I
action was ponding al. the l..st sittings
:.i the Court and the Qetor-doiit wished
to have it dlsiioted of. Tin Plaintiff
applied for an adjournment, The adjournment was granted upon tlie terms
that the action shall stand dismissed
with costs unless proceeded with hy
the Plaintiff on or before August 1st
next. T. T. Mecredy for Plaintiff; A.
II. Macdonald for Defendant.
financial assistance to those who tin
Lho soil. The encouragement given
lo mining aud prospecting hy the measures of the Minister of .Mines will
also be very beneficial and result lu
the stimulation of tliis basic industry
of the province.
The recent plugging operations at
the coast, Mr. Caven says, have dono
much to disgust honest liberals, while
the record of the Conservative Qovernment during the last 13 years of offlce
has been such tliat no tab. of wrong
doing has been found afte*' searching investigation, and with a united
party behind the premier he will sweep
the country and be endorsed by an
overwhelming majority.
NOW  TOTALS 8178.85
Two most generous contributions to
tlio fund for tho starving Belgians
havo been received during the past
j week from surrounding points, Tbo
first received was $75 from the Sullt-j
I van Mine Relief Society per John Tay-,
lor, Secy.-Trens., Kimberley, aud the '
donors will have tho satisfaction of
, ..• i       i      i    it   i   i        .     uiiiiuim    win    iiuvu    uur   o-
laying.Charge Against   roteInM knowlng Umt their large-hearted gift
tor.Sfe-$ ft.5*F K'l&J™"      I Will keep no less than thirty Belgian
hllilled Hours, but (use
nm Dismissed
The case against Mr. J
bell of the Cosmopolitan
being in his bar during prohibited
hours, remanded from the 20th of May
to get an Interpretation of the clause
In tlie Liquor Act from the Attorney-
General, wus dismissed on Tuesday by
his Honor Judge Arnold. In his decision he stated, however, that he
wished It clearly understood that the
Chief of Police was quite justified in
bringing the case before the court.
He also ruled that it Is necessary that
all bars be closed and locked at 11
p.m. and blinds drawn ap und a full
view of the interior given so that the
polico can see into the bar. Proprietor
or bartender will be allowed a specified iwriod of 80 minutes to clean up.
The chief stated that he thought tills
a reasonable solution and he was satisfied with the action of His Worship.
He would put the matter before tlie
License Hoard, and the licensees
would be notified of the action of the
Hoard. Mr. A. it. MacDonald for the
defendant also expressed his satisfaction wltli the decision.
families  from  starvation    for    one
month.   The second was a money order for $24.10 which represents the
F. Camp- collections of Miss Jean Hunter and
Hotel   for'her brother from tho people of Jaf-
Followlng aro the new recruits a
ed to B. Company during the last wc
fray lu aid of the. Belgians. Mis Hunter and her brother would be well repaid for their work If they could witness the gratitude of the starving Belgians whom this donation will feed
for another month. With the other
donations sent ln the fund now reaches the gratifying total of $178.86,
There is still much need of further
contributions'Which will be gratefully
acknowledged through the Herald. Donations may be left with Mrs. King
or at the Herald Offlce.
The following nro the amounts received during the last week:—amount
previously acknowledged $57.25; Sullivan Mine Relief Society $75; Ladles
Aid Knox Church, per Mrs. Surtees
$10; Mrs. J. C. Leslie $2; Mrs. T. B.
South $5, Dr. W. F. Green $6; collected by Miss Jean Hunter and George
Hunter, jr., $24.10 from the following,
E. B. Smith $1, G. O. Hunter $1, Mrs.
J. O. Abbott $2, M. Irving $1, I. Per-
[rett $1, Mrs. Cooke $1, Sam Carrlgon
|$1, Oeo. Hunter, jr., $1, Mr. Pooler
25c, J. R. Finley $1, Louie Dupont $1,
I J. B. James $1, A. K. Leitch $1, L.!
] Hornby 75c, W, L. Hunter $1, Evelyn
; Greenwood 10c, Ernest Greenwood 10c,;
i E. Greenwood 50c, S. G. Hall 50c, Jean
S. Hunter $1, Lillian O. Greenwood
John Prokop, lumberman, single. Rus- 10c, A. G. Wilmot $1, Mrs. Derosier $1,
sion; Thos. Alex. Chisholm. clerk, sin- Mary Derosier 10c, Colbert Nelson 25c,
gle, American; Onofrls Brossutti, lab- G. D. Brown 50c, A. H. Brown 25c,
orer, single, Italian; Wm. McGulre, Helen K. Brown 25c, Annie H. Fer-
transferred from Fernie; Lewis Hilton guson 10c, Muriel Mclntyre 10c, Mrs.
mill-hand, single, English; David Rom- Cameron $1, Mrs. C. Beck 25c, Hattlo
orvllle, chauffeur, single, Canadian; ,Jewell BOc, Dorothy Jewell 50c, And-
Alvln Blsch, machinist, single, ('ana- rew Rosen $1. Total to date $178.35.
dian; Colin W. Smith, mechanic, mar-1 Tbe local branch of tlu* St John
ried, Canadian; Wtnfleld Moran, mech- >nbula'-co A3seciatio ■ his dec! led *o
anlc, married, Canadian; George Rit- send $5.00 a month In aid of the Bel-
chle, rancher, single, Scotch. , glans.
Is Given Leave of Absence bv School Board  for  Duration  of
Wur—Two New Teachers Kniraired—A Readjustment
of Salaries—Much Other Business.
Huberts as the most admired military
idol In tlie British Empire.
He had been secretary of stale for
war In the British government since
Aug. 5, 1014, the day after that on
which declarations of war were exchanged between England and Germany.
Dcsnlte his years, I^ord Kitchener
ado to" tbe~servfco7the children of Miss ; WiJH in t,M; l,rime °,(•»•» y-K°r ll,1<J waH
Gherrlngton's School, and tho officers
and men of the local company of the
225th Battalion. The members of the
107th Batt. did not parade, uo arrangements having been mude by the Ofll-
cor commanding, but practically nil
of tliem wcre In the large crowd of
city folk who attended tin? service.
The service opened by the singing
of thc hymn "Fight the Good Fight",
In which, as in the other hymns sung,
those attending were able to join, a !were quadrupled by au increase from
special hymn sheet having been got less than 1,000,000 to nearly 4,000,000.
out and distributed. Rev. w. II. Bridge ! After the hymn "A Few More Years
then led the service ln prayer, ufter shall Roll", the national Anthem was
which Rev. W. Phillips read that sung, und the service brought to
touching   passage  of  Scripture   deal
a tower of strength In tlie grand war
councils that were held In Parts.
Of several things that entitle Karl
Kitchener to a place In world hls-
tnry, tiie most notable Is that lie organized the largest volunteer army
the world has ever seen, In the greatest war of all times.
Within a year from the sudden out-
lorded, but while reciting what Imd
been done by wny of sacrifice In most
of the allied nations since the commencement of the war, tlie enthusiasm
grew with eaeh fresh recital until the
applause was unrestrained.
Tho prohibition bill recently enacted
In B. C. and shortly to be submitted
to the peoplo was warmly eulogized
by Mrs. Wright nnd spoken of as a
splendid bill.
Mrs. Wright addressed a combined
meeting of W. C. T. U. and Red Croas
Workers on Saturday afternoon In the
Baptist Church on the topic "Women's
work in Wnr Times" showing need for
work nnd sacrifice during these strenuous times. Words of deprecation were
spoken concerning means used to
raise the money for Red Cross work,
Tho School Board had a busy time
nt tlieir regular meeting on Friday
last dealing with changes In tlie teaching staff, re-adjusting salaries, etc.
All the members were present.
Mr. Webb reported on behalf of the
Teacher's Committee* on the school
grounds Improvements. The following
Improvements have been added: 2 sand
pits, 1 set of 5 swings, :t sets of rotary
see-saws, :t basket ball courts and outfits, It Indoor basket ball outfits. 2
baseball outfits, 1 set quoits, 1 jumping npparatus. Tlie total cost of these
improvements amounts to $S8.,!0, of
of which a balance or $0.10 Is to be
paid by the School Board. The committee suggested that a set of six
swings In the lioy's corner of the playground would be well worth while.
The agreement entered into between
tho Chairman nnd Father Welch in
connection wltli tlie proposed purchase
of St. Marys School was read. On
motion of Trustees Manning and Hen*
deraon the agreement as entered Into
was accepted.
On motion of Trustees Wilson and
Henderson tlie following accounts were
ordered paid: teacher's salaries $1.-
232.50, medical olllcer $41.t>r>, secretary
$25, janitors $125, Beattie-Murphy Co.,
Ltd. 18.25, Cranbrook Electric Light
Co., Ltd. $2, Crnnbrook Herald $5,
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd. $51,
City Transfer A Warehouse Co., $14.40,
Carr, R. C. $1.20, Dezall, F. $1.50 Elliot, G., $211.40; Gilpin, John $2, Kootenay Telephone Lines Ltd. $.l.t>0, Ira
Manning, Ltd. $i:t.45. Macdonald, Jas.
break or the European war in August, ] particularly those forms of amusement
1914, tho ranks of British fighting men   which  seemed  so Incompatible with
tbo nature of work it was seeking to
stating that since the eye-sight tests
had been toned down sufficiently to enable men such as himself with some-.
what defective eyesight to enlist he
felt It his duty and privilege to do bis
share towards the maintenance of our
blrth-rlght of freedom and justice. After discussion it wns moved by Trustees Manning and Henderson, that Mr.
Bassett be given leave of absence till .
tbo end of the wnr. and that lie be notified tliat bo will be expected to give
two months notice prior to opening of
a new term of his desire to return to
the teaching staff.—Carried.
Nine applications were reoelved for
the vacancy caused by Miss Giegerich's
resignation, and one for Mr. Bassett's
position. Mr. Bates, who applied fnr
the position of Vice Principal, was
present and briefly addressed the
Board. Moved by Trustees Atchison
and Henderson thnt the application of
Mr. Bates for the position of Vice-
Principal be accepted ut $ioo imt
month. Mr. Bate's application specified a salary of $110 per mouth, and he
was given a week to consider the ofier.
Moved by Trustees Manning and
Henderson, that Miss Sybil White's ap-
I plication for position on the teaching
staff at Central School be accepted at
a salary of $70 per month as from the
commencement of the fall term.—Carried.
Mr. Shield's, Principal of Central
School, presented the report of the
school garden work, nnd applied for a
raise In salary on account of the Increase In his duties.   After discusson
ing iwitli the deuth of Jonathon and I nounclng the Benediction,
David's mourning for his deuth, ,    The singing was led by a small brass
Tho hymn "Nearer My God to Thee" j |)ltlld composed of Messrs. UMIdtt, W.
was next sung on the conclusion of i ||. WHsnn, Percy Parker and Cart-
wbleh  Uev. Thos.  Keyworlh gave a   wrlght, led by Prof. C. K. Nidd.
Corp. M. Niblock has boon promoted
lose by the Rev. W. K. Thompson pro- I to a Sergeant,   Sergt. Smith has been
transferred to 11. Co. from Fertile,
Miss J. Fcdker nf St. Eugene nursing
staff left this morning for Ashcroft
to apend hor vacation.
$52.50, Patmore Bros. $33, Parks, F. & of the salaries paid the staff and the
Co. $13.05. necessity of a  re-adjustment  It  was
A complaint was read from tbe prln- moved by Trustees Manning and Atehi-
cipal of South Ward School In regard son that Mr. Shields be given an into one of the pupils breaking o win- crease of salary to the amount or $10
dow, Moved by Trustees Wilson and iwr month, commencing with the fall
Henderson, that the* Secretary instruct tcrm.—Carrled.
the Principal of South Ward School to Moved by Trustees Henderson nnd
notify Mr. Shackieton of tho breakage Wilson that the salary paid the manual
of glass by his child and to request training instructor be reduced to $125
him to have same re pi need.—Carr led. per month, commencing with the fall
The resignation of Miss Giegorlcb term. On a division Manning and Atchl-
from tho teaching staff was read. Mov- son voted No and the chairman deed by TrustCOS Henderson and Wilson, clared the motion lost,
that tlio resignation of Miss Glegerlch Moved by Trustees Manning nnd
bo accepted witli a great doal of re- Atchison thnt the salaries of Miss
gret, and thnt she be so notified. Richards and Miss Faulkner be reduc-
Mr. Ivor BasHctl, Vice Principal of ed to $70 a month as from the com-
tlio Central School, applied for leave menccment of the fall term.--Carried.
of abtH'iic e fur tho duration of Um war i   The Hoard then adjourned.
Bargains in
Floor Coverings
Wool, Ingrains and Tapestry
Carpet Squares Greatly Reduced
These prices nro exceptional In vi, « ol the facl ilmt
the market for these goods Ims never beeu higher.
Reversible Wool and Ingram
Seamless Carpet Squares
Large assortment of colorings and patternsv sizes to
fit any room, good value :u $">."'i to $-1.60.
now 25 per cent off
1-3 reduction on all
Tapestry Squares
Nearn's Printed Linoluems
Short ends of two yard Linoleums from 1 to 6 lineal
yards in piece, for
for -Wc per .fi/uiire yard
Soo table for bargains In many lines of GEXERAI,
lil!V GOODS.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
For Wedding Gifts
One of the most acceptable gifts to a
newly married couple is a handsome and
useful piece of furniture. We have a
large stock to select from and can give
you something at moderate cost that,
will be used and prized for years.
v« v« o.
Norbury Avenue.
Special Saturday Sale
Wedd's Effervescent Grape Salts
A delightful morning aperient, ami  preventative of
Summer Complaint.    Cleanses the  syslem  and  relieves
itii.iiii sl/.c  50 cents
50 rent sl/r    '-'.'i cents
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded
Implements    Carriages    Wagons
Groceries   Feed
We Guarantee Our Goods
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PARE TWO
THURSDAY, JUNE 15th, 1916
IF YOU HAVE an i:n-
in our direction, wo Invite
call and look tlirougli our Block
ot new and high-class Jewelry,
neat in design and perfect in
quality. Wc make n specialty ot
Qem Engagement Uiuss and tlieir
successors Wedding nines. It
thinking ot either, wo would nn-
preclato o cull nml n look ovor
our stock.   Wo aro willing to Iobo
ii  Sill.- II' yoll I'llil  rOBlBt  tlitlOB
mut prloeB.
Jeweler*. A 0|itlolnns
Next to tlio I'obI Ollice
rMSai! eusiHBr If*
What more refreshing message of Good
Cheer to those Overseas than a box of
in the new style
packages ? Twenty
packages of thirst-
allaying Tutti Frutti.
A welcome boon to a
soldier friend. Each
stick separately wrapped
in wax paper and tin foil.
Opens up as fresh and
full flavored as it left the
factory. Any of five
mellow flavors to choose
from.   Ask your dealer.
confidence In provincial financing, a-
rnittl lu the inviolability ot legislation,
and this uiovoot Mr. Brewater'B cannot
de looked niton ns only a blow at tils
noli ileal opponents, bat a distinct menace to iiie welfare o( the whole provlneo, and. as sucli, BllOUld be brought
tu strict account,   it is Indeed dtlBoult
to assoeiali* such an unjustifiable
move, witli the dostro for the well-be
hit,' of tlie province so often expressed
by Mr. Brewster; it certainly does not
add dignity to his parliamentary record,
the purpose they have _ yet tried. If
you don't Ret your sample soon, there
will be* none left. So .-.' u the Secretary
ut -il!!, Hansen Ave. Without delay,
Don't forget tbat lhe postponed regular monthly meeting of th- Farmers'
Institute will he held in tie* City Hnll
on Saturday, .lane -.-'.th. at 2.30 p.m.
Al tluit meeting the matter nf up-
pealing against the decision banded
down In tbe recent case of Burdgett
vs C.P.R. will be brought up. with a
view to united action hy the Farmers'
Institutes of tlie Kootenays and otlier
parts of the Province to provide the
necessarv funds for an Appeal.
Tbe consideration of a Convention
u£ the Farmers' Institutes ot the Fast
Kootenays at the forthcoming Fall
Fair at Windermere, August 29th and
llOth ami the appointing 01' a Delegate
trom this Institute will also he discussed,
it is hoped thai all members ottend-
lug will take mile oi nny areas cd'
uoxiciiis weeds in lhc* vicinity of tholr
ranches so that definite information
can be given to the Provincial Constable wiio will (lien tako Blops to
have theni destroyed,
Issued   Weekly  by  Tlio   Crnnlirnoh
llerald, Limited.
T. II. buy, Keillor and Manager
Cniiibnmk, It. ('., June I.**. l!MU
V\U IIXATINfl cows
In virtually any dairy district, probably among the herds supplying one
factory, it Is possible to find contrasts
running something liko this: one herd
of H cows gives on the average 7,732
lbs. milk and 24S lbs, fat, while a
neighbor's herd of 14 cows averages
only 4,037 lbs milk and 156 His. fat.
Indeed. In luukiiiK over the. records lu
eleven districts the average difference
between the high herd averages and
the low ones amounted to 4,fi-.H lbs.
milk uud 140 lbs. fat per cow. This
is certainly tin extraordinary difference, aud indicates that It will pay to
calculate what cows can do.
Take, it another way: In 1014, sixty
patrons of two creameries began this
cow calculation, cow testing. Tt wa..
found In 11(15 th-.it tlieir herd-, had
made a gain over their l.H'.S record of
71 pounds of fat per cow, a gain of
eight per cent. But on the other hand
tho 1D18 patrons of tbe same* two
creameries who did not go in for cold
calculations Tell off 87 pounds ol fat
per cow, seventeen pur cent.
• he men not cow testing had made
gains with their cows In the two years
as thosti made who were testing, It.
would liave meant an Increase In the
output of 58,362 pounds of butter.
It pays to test.   Record forms are
furnished free of charge 011 npplli
tlon to the Dairy Division, Ottawa.
The* result of the Unsden trial stir
prised uo one, mixed up as It was 111'
oxtrlcnbly with the essentially crhr
Inal side of polttlci. What the deca'it
minded members of Uie British Col
uinblnn electorate think of It, would
nol. he difficult to s'irmiEc, but the
trouble is land particularly Is this so
iu large cities) thero are so many
whose morals are permanently warped that the violations of principle so
markedly brought out in this trial do
not bonify or disgust tbem, and In
consequence there Is no reason to suppose that the result of another election
in tbat district would show any condemnation of such tactics, judging
from the papers published tbere.
It seems a perfectly hopeless task
lo try and educate nu electorate on
the lines of clean morals; many men
who are honest In tlieir business dealings seem lo think thut anything and
everything is fair in iwlitlcs at election time* and even those who will not
themselves have anything to do 'with
dirty work close their eyes when their
own side practice questionable methods. It Is tills quiescent attitude of
tbe bettor class voters that constitutes
the danger for the future of B. C. poll
tics; if both parties bad a strong committee to exercise authority over election proceedings and rigidly went after
Ihose who violated the Elections Act,
there would. In a few yenrs, be very
litlle  to
•nil at
and B, C. would be-
to the Dominion In
Anyone wbo attempts to fathom the
reasoning which causes an act of another person has a difficult task, and
may unconsciously arrive nt a totally
erroneous conclusion; realizing tliis
fact we are of the opinion that Mr.
Brewster's attempt to nonsuit the ma-
part of the results of an arduous
parliamentary session, Including supply, Ib politically a mistake, and Is
bound (considering the circumstances
under which the attempt Is Initiated)
to be suspected as a red herring drawn
across tho sllino of tlie election enquiry, although it Is very unlikely to
be put Into words. After having made,
what wo consider 1 a mistake, Mr.
Brewster publishes 11 letter of explanation, whicli practically amounts to an
apology for ills mistake. Wltli one exception he proposes to murder every
act good or bad so that one net ma/
bo more, thoroughly thrashed out; tbe
excuse that the next parliament can
reaffirm those acts or declare tbem
Illegal makes the public utility of this
move less explainable.
Consequently, wo come to tbe conclusion that tt Is nothing but a political dodge, and as such cannot be condemned too strongly; surely It Is bail
enough that tlm business of tills Province for the last two or three years
has not been at Ils best witiiout having a perfectly unnecessary blow add- j
ed just at the tlmo when prospects
nm brightening,
There la nothing that tends tn reas-
suro foreign Investors and strengthen
Judging from the tone of the Liberal
papers and also of one or two speeches
iiy Liberal adherents, nothing was
wrong but the exposure. It Is a sad
commentary on the principles or a
great parly,
—    **> i»i »	
Tin* Secretary of the Farmers' Instl-
,0 has still a small quantity left of
- Gopher Poison tablets forwarded
the Department of Agriculture for
tribulion amongst the farmers of
1 District for trial purposes. All
1S0 who have obtained samples have
ii unanimous in their praise, and
■lure il to he the best material for
Why Shamed by
Blotchy Skin
If you arc* a sufferer from Eczema
or unsightly pimply skin you know
just what it means to have that humiliating backward feeling about meeting strangers and oftentimes friends.
Many a time you have looked Into the
mirror and wished that your skin
would be like otlier people that you
know "without a blemish." This wish
can be* yours for the asking. If you
will go to the druggist and procure a
bottle of I). Ii. D. the greatest of all
skin remedies apply lt according to
directions In a short time your skin
will be as soft as velvet.
Como iu and ask for a oottle today
on our money-hack guarantee. Apk
also about D. D, 1), Soaii Mut keeps
the skin healthy.
Df\  f\    For lfi Years
• V* Uo the   Standard
tmnBHa^sssasi Sklu    Remedy
Craubrook Drug & Book Co, Cranbrook
A quiet wedding took place Saturday
noon. June Kith, at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Sainsbury, Hanson
Avenue, when tlieir only daughter
Irene was united iu marriage to Mr.
L. J. whitter. tin* Rev. Thos. Key-
worth, officiating. Tlie bride, who
looked charming, was attired iu cream
silk, the gilt of her uncle in London.
Bug. Both the bride nud groom are
very popular young people; having
■esided in Cranbrook for a number of
'ears. They were the recipients of
many useful presents. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Whitter.
A number of prizes for the Cranbrook Fair on Sept. 0 aud 7 are offered by the B. C. Dairymen's Association to exhibitors wiio arc members of tliat Association. Tliey are
us follows:
Bacon Hogs—Best pen of three bacon hogs, nny breed or cross, live
weight 180-2^0 lbs., to be judged as
bacon bogs, 1st $7.50, 2nd $5.00.
Milk, Special for Producers—Best
gallon of milk In quart bottles, 1st
choice of 4-bottle Babcock tester or
spring dial milk scale and milk fever
outfit, 2nd choice of spring dial scale
or sanitary pail and milk fever outfit,
3rd sanitary milk pall.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned not later than ii p.m. on
Tuesday next, June 19, for the vacant
position of Fre Chief at a salary of
$103.50 per mouth, and Janitor, at a
salary of $75 per month.
Tho Fire Chief will be expected to
live ut the Flre Hall and to fulfill such
duties as may be imposed upon him
by tbo Council trom time to time.
The duties of the Janitor, in addition
to tbe usual duties entailed ns janitor of the City Hall, will also include
tbe care of the prisoners while engaged outside the jail, under the supervision of the city engineer,
City Clerk.
City Hall, June 14, 1910.
TIMBKlt SAM! No. (ill)
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Minister of hands not later than
noon on the 5th day of July, 191(1, lor
tbe purchase of Licence No. 849, to cut
3,000,000 feet of Sprue.*, Fir, Uals.uu
and Jackplnc, on on area situ it *d on
Bugaboo Creek, Kootenay District.
One (1) year will be allowed for removal of timber.
Further particulars of tlie Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 24-lt
Scaled tenders will bo received by
the Minister of Lands not later*than
noon on the 5th day of July, 1916, for
the purchase of Licence No. 549, to
cut ..,000,000 feet of Spruce, Fir. Balsam and Jackplno, on au area adjoining   1-iOt   '.1023,   BUgaboO   Creek,   Koot-
enuy District.
One (1) year will he allowed for
removal of Umber.
Further particulars of the cider Forester. Victoria. H. c. 24--U
Healthful Sleep
is necessary for the enjoyment and prolongation
of life. During sleep Nature renews; the vital
forces of the body and restores the energy.
Sleeplessness is one of the evil results of indigestion,
To avoid it, keep the stomach well, the liver active and
the towels regular. The health of these organs
Is Assured by
Beecham's Pills. A harmless vegetable remedy, which
acts immediately on the stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys, toning and putting them in good working order.
Millions of people sleep well and keep well because, at
the first unfavorable symptom, they begin to take
Worth a Gulncta n Box
Frepind - hv Humm n*i*.i.«r», Si, Mel-mi, Une«»hlt
Sold every when) in (.until., uml tl. S. Aim rim.   In bo)U,
also  be discussed, and 1
tendance is contldontlj axpeclad.   Oet
your chores done and eome along,
Xevel mind about Bpriicllig up its yoll
we want, not the idad rags.
Mr. Ivor Bassett, Vleo-prlnclpal of
tin* Central School) was granted leave
of absence hy tlie School Board to
enable him to gratify hin desire of
"doing bis bit" for Ids country's sake.
Mr. Bassett has been unable to oil-
list previously on account of poor eyesight, but now that the regulations
have  been   relaxed  lie is  not waiting
fur a commission or appointment but
will enlist ns a plain private in the
ranks. Mr. Bassett is a married man
but believes It Is up to every man to
make any sacrifice* necessary that the
Empire and the world may be saved
for tlte cause of righteousness and
Handsome  and   durable.
Equipped with the latest improvements.   The   "Massey"
runs very   smoothly,   quietly
and easily.
Price  *i.,.iio
C. C, HI. Model «F» WI-..00
Crillmrook Ak'HiK 1'nllllllre. lires.
Toronto, Oi\l.
For Sale by Patmore Bros.
Let's Go
Motor Wheeling
For business or pleasure a SMITH MOTOR WHEEL
attached to your bicycle will give you the maximum
amount ot comfort and satisfaction. So simple a child can
understand it, was tlie maker's slogan. Absolutely reliable;
4 to -'is miles an hour, and 100 miles to a gallon of gasoline.
Call and try it out yourself, or write for further information.
Notice To Housewives
we are offering choice fresh made
Butter 3 lb For $1.00
at reduced prices.   Do not miss this splendid opportunity
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offlce, Smelting anil Helming Department
Purchasers of Hold. Silver, Conned nnd Lend Ores
Change In Price Of Cream
... lining t,i llie nrressll) ill meeting enmiii'lUlnii In Hie nrh (lintler
nt Mil- nuot we hare (mind II necessar* l« again ro-mljiisl onr prleea
(nr .'ream a* follow*,!—
>'». I Sour Cream illr per Hi liilllerl'nl
Special    C'lTiini    '.'He per Hi liilllerl'nl
Sweel Cream 88c per III. Iiiillcrl'iil
For all Snri'l ('mini ne ore lilile In IIMI In making lee Ileum ni'
alii |w> Hie iilil |irlre ol :i* tenia ilnrliw Hie entire mil ',
Insist iiii KOOTENAY IIIIA Ml I'ren ry Hillier, Always
Ciiuiil iiiiiI Mnile III I'rniiliroiik
Nm'lmi'y Avon 110, (Viiiiln'Mul*., IV (',
Refrigerators,  Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Hose,
Garden Tools.
Everything Needfull For the Summer Monthi
Tlnsnilllilng, Plumbing and Healing THURSDAY, JUNE 15tl), 191C
One Pair of Glasses
Instead of Two
Do you liave tu remove your
reading glares when looking a-
croBS the room or at :.ny tlle taut
object? Or do you use two pairs
or glasnes—one pair for rear
and tho other Cor far vision? If
so, why not lot ns tit you with
adapted for both fur and near
Let us explain and demonstrate
Hi.iu in vnti. it will ti" a pleasure tu us, whether you Intend
to adopt them or not.
W. li. Wilson
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mrs. J. Stennett, caretaker at tin
Masonic Halt, is ill at the Hospital.
Mr.  P. Woods  left tliis week  with
a ear of horses for the prairie.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Ou the occasion of his .•nlistiiiK in
Uie 226th Battalion Carl Gill was presented by his fellow students uf tin*
High School with a leather writing
8PHONE    8
Quality in our Goods
IS (lilt AIM
Satisfied Buyers
Anything In llie Meal Une
Cranbrook Meat
The Bostonlans had a packed house
at the Auditorium Monday night and
put on a bright clean show highly Bat-
Furnishod bouse to let.—Apply  tojtstactory to the audience.
Beale & Elwell. -lohn   E.  Lurtou of  Montreal.  Can-
Pete Woods of Cherry Creek shipped j    The weather the last few days bas
a carload of burses to the Prairie.      been all that could be desired, the
  lirst toiicii ol real lint summer weather
('apt. Armstrong of Nelson was m we have fiad so lar.   It is making veg-
the city hist week. etatton grow by leaps and bounds.
S Just a tew dozen left. Wo will sell
while tbey last a line of Ladies* Black
Hose jit :: pair for BOc, regular prlci
360 each pati.—W, D. Hill.
Mrs.  Leslie entertained  at tea  on
Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Wolfe |h visiting her step-son
in iOdmonton for a lew days.
Mrs. McMaii unci Mr. Harry Drew ad Ian representative of Mackle ft Co.,
of Klmborloy wen* In town tbis week. Glasgow Distillers ot tho famous brand
|o(  "White   Horse'"   Scotch    whiskey,
i. Monday in th" city conferring
Reports of tlm  I.O.D.E,  havo unavoidably been  held hack Mils woek
for laelt of space.
ItOV, W. II. BrldgO leaves on tlie Mill
to attorn! a mooting uf the Synod in
Two second hand carriages fur sale
cheap.   Craubrook Trading Co.
Mrs. George Lynch and children
len vo on tbe 20th for an extended visit
with relatives in Ited Deer.
with   the  local
ale  wine me
Patmore Bros.,
of Cranbrook
have to say about
cream separators
this week
— T) EMEMBER that a cream sep-
~ |\   arator  h*13 to be used  730
Z XV limes every ye;ir.   If it runs
S hard, or isn't easy to wash, or doesn't
SS skim clean, it is a constant annoy*
~ ance and bother.
S No machine or implement on the
55 farm  receives such constant uso
2 and there is no other machine on
5 the farm where quality of work
5 means so much and lirst cost means
= so little.
*_ A little* Inis nf cream wilh n cream sep-
S** nmitir, rnltiplifd 730 timet, loon runs into
g- money,  it's loo ubj n handicap tui any
— cow owner to try to work under.
— Crcrmiirvmni all -»<*r the work! ton*
S; iiKo came lo tho conclurion ;hnt tho lie
55 l-.iv.il was Hie only machine they could
-2 afford lo use, Th it's whs W d*t cenl of
•3; ihe cream acDarntora uaed in creameries
S il"-- world ovor am De Uvala.
5 You will find the biggcit
25 and bt-»t dairymen nlmoit
« imvnri'.tiiy Using Dc I-nVilli.
~ Experience has louiiht tlierathat ii is Uie
will,   ym
know tu
In ns ei
Mrs. Mauley and children left last
Friday lor a month's holiday in Nan-
ton, Alherta.
Mrs. Cartwright of Erickson is in
town visiting her daughter Win. Mc-
1 Kowaii.
Kev. W*. H. Bridge will hold a memorial service In Wycliffe on Sunday
Quarter-Master Sergeant and Mrs.
Dennison and children are In town
this week from Hlairmore.
Steamship tickets to England by the
safe American Dine, for aale by Heale
& Klwell.
Miss Ireno Wade Is in town from
Vancouver for a short visit with her
sister, Mrs. O. E. Barber.
■ Mrs. Martin McCreery entertained
on Wednesday previous to the uilll-
, tary dance.
1 Several cars of No. 1 Timothy Hay
ijust   unloaded.— Crnnbrook  Trading
j Mrs, Edwards, who has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Henderson,
has returned to ber home in Soutli
< Edmonton.
Lieutenants    Brechin,    McCreery,
Mrs. John Paterson was the hostess
at an enjoyahlo musical tea ou Friday last. Among those who contrlbJ
11tod solos wore Miss It-ill. Mrs. A. B,
Macdonald, Mrs, H. D, Patterson anil
Miss Hewitt.
Mr. John Phillips from south of Die
city left for Fort Steele on the sixth
inst where he will be employed for
some considerable time lu taking the
wool off about a thousand sheep belong to Mr. A. Doyle.
Tbe Women's Institute is holding a
"Cookery Sale" on Saturday, June 17th
at 3 p. tn. in the Presbyterian school
room. The entire proceeds to be devoted to Red Cross purposes. Afternoon Tea will also he servel,
Mrs. W. B. McFarlane and Mrs.
Argue visited tlie Anglican Sunday
Schuol on Sunday where they succeeded in getting quite a number to sign
the pledge. They are visiting all the
Sunday Schools In the city, one eacli
Mr. W. E. Worden has received a
letter from tiie 102nd Battalion thanking him for assistance given to the
recruiting of that Battalion, nud informing hlm that he has been elected
an honorary member of the Sergeant's
Tho wedding took place at the Baptist Church on Tuesday afternoon of
Corp. Lloyd Griffiths of the 22fith
Battalion, to Agnes Blaney of Cranhrook. The ceremony was performed
by Hev. Mr. Phillips in the presence
of a few of the friends and relatives
Bev. Thos. Keyworth returned last
week from attending the Methodist
Conference at the Coast. Mr. Key-
worth will remain In ('ranbrook for
the coming year, aud there is only
one change in pastorates in this dls-
Adams unci Harris left to-day for tho | Wet. ^Hev.^ Mr. Carpenter otCreston
Coast where "  *    " '    ' '  ' '
cer'a training
Coast where they will tako the olll- Boes to Salmon Arm, anil Ills [ilace
cer'a training course. ' w"l lie taken by Itev. Mortimer w.
==   thai IK' I
3 Sooner or
H later   you
= will buy a
will hold a
Conundrum Social
on Hie evening nf
Tuesday June 20th
in the building known as
Tin: out mm.
Come and tiring your friends and
enjoy the delicious as well as unique
menu provided, The Itonm uml tin*
prices to be charged for each are as
We mnv live without Poetry, Music and
We may live without confidence and
live without heart,
We may live without friends, wo mny
live without books,
But civilized men cannot live witiiout
Order by Number
No. 1.—Before, Go,
2.—April Offering, 50.
.!,—A pig In tlio fold, Re.
4.—The Pride of Arabia, 5o.
6,—Old maid's comfort, Re.
0,—Lovers' Delight, He.
7.—Dark as night. Bo.
8—An unruly member, tie.
».—History's Delight, Go.
10—Polly's Favorite, Be,
11.—Tbe Gl-dek's friend, Re.
13.—Ruin  of the  world, fie.
Hi.—Porous mariner substance, fie.
14.—P. 8., Go.
K>.   North Pole special, 10c.
10.—-Afterwords, fie.
I Lees, who was ordained at tliis ses-
We are carrying a full line of boots !flkm ot thc Conference,
aud   shoes.-Cranbrook   Exchange,;    The I. 0. D. E. have charge of the
Armstrong Ave. opening of the Auditorium Theatre
  early in July, when they intend to put
Mr. Pete Woods of Cherry Creek   on a play which will be a treat for
took delivery of a Xo. 2 Magnet Cream tlie general public. High prices will
Separator last week from the Kootenay be no excuse for not attending as the
Oarage. admission fee will lie only L'f. and IG
  cents.   Ice cream and home-made can-
Mrs, Elmore staples of Wycliffe en- dy will be served.   Don't miss it us
tertained at tea ou Monday afternoon something well wortii while Is promts*
Several enrs from Cranbrook were in
We are carrying a full Hue of boots
and shoes. — Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Miss Joan M. Mackintosh, formerly
a resident of Cranbrook, is in town on
way lo Portland. Oregon, from
North liattleford.
The infant daughter of Sergeant and
Mrs. Mecredy was baptised In the
Anglican Church on Sunday last by
Uev. W. 11. Bridge.
Tlie Prize List of the Cninbrool-
District Agricultural Association lo ou
of the printers' hands. The date of
the fair is Sept and 7. Write to
the Secretary, Mr. Albert li Webb for
a copy or call at tbe Herald Ollice and
get one. The prizes are generous for
the times we are passing through, hut
with the support that has always been
forthcoming from tho residents and
the merchants of the district a E
cessfnl fair Should easily b,  pill'
lleicl who has been making a
18c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
Short visit here with her cousin, Mrs.   ||A|M   ,„„,.   ,,„.,   SA, K   g(   ..^
a. n. Macdonald, leaves fur the voost brook Dairy.- w. It. Bardgett. 34-lt
vie Bpokane on Friday. ■■■ -
POlt SALE   Good eating potatoes a(
Mr. Ben],  Garrett,   of  Vancouver, *■ D*r Back.—Mrs. Cadwallader, near
inspector for the Phoenix Insurance Ranbrook. 24*
Co,  Is  in   lown   this  week  wilh  the       FOH N UK    lord Car in At riniiiing
local representative, Heale & Blwell. condition.   Tins nearly new, terms to
responsible parties.   Box A21 Herald
The Ladles Aid of the Methodist   — ~ —
church purpose holding their Annual' WANTED- Young woman or girl to
Bazaar on tlio afternoon of November wait on customers, one able to sew
Sth, 1910, i we]]    preferred.    Apply    Cranbrook
Don't   forgot   that   l-'lre   Insurance
Policy   Pire Insurance is a necessity,
I'Ik Beale & Elwell and they win do
tli.* rest.
Cleaning WorkB,
l.aclj "•Iciinai'iipher ills lies |i'i*I1tc»*i
In Cranhrook about,.Tuly 1st. Experienced in grocery and hardware, —
1.0. Box 848, Cnnurouk. 20—8t"
The regular monthly meeting of thi
Cranbrook Poultry Association win i><
beld in tlie city lliill on Friday, June,
...Ird at S p.m.—K. T. Cooper. Secy,     land grade milch cows, all highly tost-
  cd ai Qovernment Kxporlmontal Farm,
The marriage or MIhh Delia Dow, I Claresholm. Apply A. II. Playle, box
Idesl  daughter  of   Corey   and   Mar- 410, Craubrook. l!2-tf
garot   Dow  of  this   city,  to   Private	
Prank Uoycruft of tbe 22fith HaU. 0, [ LOST - On Sunduy a lie nun in, a gold
K. K„ wim performed by the Itev. uud pearl brooch on black velvet bow.
Thos. Keyworth al Uie home of the between French Ave. and St, Kugene
bride's parents on Wednesday after*. Hospital. Reward given to anyone re-
noon, In llie presence of Immediate turning same tn Mrs. tl. Cam. box Pis.
friends only. I Crnnbrook. 84-lt
PHIt BALK- A  number ul' purebred
Cut off the FREE COUPON
It entities you to a full sized tin of "VULKIN'S BEST"=-the purest
spice obtainable
"flALKIN'S BEST" Extracts and spices are packed in our new
Hygienic Factory with the must modern machinery.
Tk W. fl. MALKIN CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Grocers and
KEGS,.'-.. ~::a^8*wim**aa*mi?i!iY^ffias*aa*g'.-.'.g;*K-^:w-aanai
50 Strawberry
Pickers Wanted
by the
to arrive nl Wynndel il. ('. bctiveen
June '.'.'Ird ami Mill, Combine pleasure
nith profit, eluli together parlies of
IP or 1."> wltli cnmplng outfit and Inaugurate something that nil) become
un annual evonl its Hie requirements
ii .mi mnv on will double ami triple
each year.
Sel 1 teacher** ami matured matrons should lake a lend in tin-, new Ik-
dustry for a summer rocuflon for ladies and children In congested cities,
Fur further Information address
VVynndel, It.
KiB.-.^'f".' ;--l':<s\TlE'*,'i~Atm—
Aeomtinilioncf both liquid ud
Cute.   Th-j produce a brilliinl,
itiof ibine witk «ry litlle effort.
Theft poliiVi coat tin no acid ud
will ittmck tie leaiW. Tber
pnterre Ike UaUWaod iacreau
tte lit* «f y»r ikee*.
Including Mining, Clwrait l. Civil Mechanical and Hleclrleot niiftoeerfog.
During lha Wm i'":'"" wi" b" coaUooooi
iriiioria in M-*d.ciiir.
Tin* Art*- Coutte roi y be taken by corra-
inondencc, but lUidemadeiiringlogTBiltrf
au wuit iiitinJ ciiu *^»aaioa,
SUMMER SCHOOL    oeo y. cmowm
For A Charming Summer Dress See Our
Selection of
Snowflake Voiles
Uf lmvo ii greal variety In I'ink. Illiic Corn, H'lillc ivitli
I'ink liosi's, nml White wltli Blue Roses tliat »ill make lienullful
ilrossesi llglil and cool to wear during the hot weather wc Impi'
is now starling, nnd pleasing In the eye.   Buttons to match all goods.
No matter how discriminating nor how hard tn please ynu
may ho we know ymi will lie nhle to iiml something tn sull you in
our largo iiml varied stock.
Long Silk Gloves
Long Black and White Silk Gloves, double tip, is inches long, a
splendid article ami wortii more than we are asking.
Ladies Pumps
Our slink of Ladies' Pumps is exceptionally well selected.    All
sizes  in   Palenl    Leather,   Velvet,  and Satin,  with  Cuban Heel  on
Paris Last.    Very stylish.
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies', Misses', and Children's Store
It O It \
Van  Braam—To Mr. nml Mrs. Van
Urn  Modlclne lint, uu iv r.ili lust.
ii (tnuglitor.
Nolson—At Mrs. Unit's hospital, Oranbrook, nu tl"' Htll Imt.. tn Mr. and
Mrs. CharlM Nelion ot Ynlik. n
Moore—In Cranbrook, on tho :tnl June,
tn Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Mooro, a ,on.
When Your Energy is All Gone
Just wlinl you wnnl round Hie house, Stone
Crocks iu sizes I tu ti gallons, useful for sn many
Pitnsn vi:<;i:taui,i:s every dav
and ymi tool Ilk,- ending it all Hint's when
the Neal will prove It's
worth. It puts io yeara
on the llto uf the ilrlnk-
ing inun.
Free Booklet.
The Neal Institute
Cranbrook, B. C.
imiom: :*.«
An milo line* service; lias beon ostab-iii four laontlis.
I tolled botwofln Rossland and Trail.
  dim Swanson, an Alnsworth miner,
. ,,  ,    ,.     , ,    ,     ,      i suicided on Saturday last
iiiiiiici Forks fir« brigade cleared
$300 nn their IMtli of May HjwrlH. , ,.,,».
'   ' At soma places on Uio trail between
, UohhIiuhI find Blioop Creek tbo mow Is
TlUll   bad   IU new  \Aimwh IiihUIIi-iI   htiii i-ix tt^.t (|,-,-|i PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, JUNE 15th, 1916
MiiillONAl.ll \ NISBET
Barristers, Solicitors aad
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank ltuilditii:
(Stiecosscr to \V. F. Gurd)
Barrister, Solicitor ami
P. O. llox SfiS
Physicians uml Surgeons
Ofllce nt reslitenco, Armstrong
Foronoons  O.oo to lo.nii
Afti'rminilB 2.00 to    4.(10
ISventngs  T.:iO tn   s.:io
Sundays  l'.m to   4.30
OIllco iii Hanson Hlock
il to 12 u.m.
1 tn   5 p.m.
Maternity anti General Nursing
Garden Avo.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Plione 350 P. 0. llnx 846
1'1ioiio340 P.O. Box 685
liimTtil Director uml Biulinluicr
Undertaking I'lirlors
Fonwii-k Avi', near Bakor Kt.
Civil atul Mining Engineers
B. ('. I.iunl Surveyors
Buy I'limii' i'.t'.t, .Niuhl I'lione 85
Norbury Ave, next to City Hull
Tliolio 105 P. 0. Hux 33
PROP. C. I'. Mill)
Organist Methodist Cliurcli
Receives ruplls for
Organ, l'innol'orte, Voice
Studio: 23 Norbury Avo.
General Merchant
Kuiploynient Agent
P. 0. Box 10S Phono 211
Spokane,  Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
•how you why
this li true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
6m Steamship on the Roof
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send it to
Special nrices for faniilv
viiiutiuy rm lor Women,  (fin boi or throalor
|iu. Si.id at nil Unit* Ht'ircN. or mailed la any
MdHlMOn rBOflptof l-rt-JU.    TlIK KtoitKU. Imnt
Co ,Ht. (■..thiiriii.,. OliUirio
-^Iffv^HXa-. Meets every
Kim 'wJKlvS Monday night
*¥"-ti vS*Sssm* at Fraternity
HaU. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially invited.
W. M. Harris, S. Fyles,
Secy. N. O.
Cruiilironk, B, C,
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m, In
tho Fraternity Hall
R, C, Carr, C. C.
P. Ue Vere Hunt, K. It. & s,
IV l»   llox 582
Visiting brethren  cordially Invited to uttend.
<»\ i:i.si:as run
Meets in Maplo Hall second
Tuesday ol every month ut 8
p. in.
Membership open   to   Hritish
Visiting members cordially
i:. v. Drake,        J, F. Lower,
Meets in tlie
Maple HaU
ilrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at a p.m.
Pres., Mrs. w.
B.  McFarlane,
Shaw, P. O. Box 44U
Ml ladies cordially invited.
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-lte Powder
liii|M>i-inl OU (X
Dray Ing nnd TnuisiYrrhitr
Olven prompt attention
I'lione till
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction ..imnnilei'.l
Headquai'torB for all kinds of
I,   M.  SMITH
Ladies and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
IMinth* 20*1
iloht. Frame, Prop.
.Prcxli Bread, Cakes, l'les
nml Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Maternity work a specialty
Plume 31!).
Vitality. f„r  Nitvci find llrnlt
Oo, Bt, Oathannu,
uf|irl.'i> ' Ink ftcuiiKi.i. 1.
Dcnttle-Miirphy Co., Ltd, Agents.
Diversion mid lhe
TAKK NOTICE that the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber Co., Limited whoso address is Wardner, B. ('., will apply for
a license to take and use 200 acre feet
lof water out of Ha Ha which flows
easterly and drains inlo the Kootenay
I River about Sub lot D of lot 325, by
underground passage.
Tlm wator wlll he diverted from the
stream at a point about 10 rods downstream from where a dam is now built
on tho land, or about 15 chains from
Westerly boundary of land and will be
used for irrigation purposes upon the
land described as sub lot D of district
lot 326, plan X 10.
Tliis notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day of May, 1916.
A ropy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
'•Water Act, 1914," will be filed In the
ofllce of tlio Water Recorder at Crnnbrook.
Objections to the application may be
(lied wilb tho said Water Recorder or
with tho Comptroller of Water nights,
Parliament Hull.ling, Victoria, 11. V...
within thirty days after thn ilrst ap-
poaranco of this notlco ln a local
crows Nest i'ass Lumber Co. Ltd.,
Ry W, F. Gurd, Agent.
The. dale of lhe Hrst publication of
thin notice is 26th of May, liilti,
3i o v 11:
Joe Whitehead of tlle 137th Over-
sens Battalion Calgary is here visiting relations.
.Mrs. Roberts and Miss Roberts returned from Cranbrook Sunday.
A gooil time will be given to all
who attend the celebration held here
July 1st.
John Holland of Kimberley is in
Mrs. Win. Bremner and son left on
Saturday to visit Iriends In Wallace,
Father Kennedy held services in the
Catholic Church Sunday.
Tin* ladies of Ui.* Methodist Church
conducted a very successful sale of ice
cream aud cake on J uue 10th.
Pte. Wm. Attwood was a Movie visitor last week.
Pte. Arthur Arden  returned from
Kingsgate Monday.
Maine Humour lias reported a wedding of greal Interest will tako place
here July 4th.
If you want to keep In the sunlight
come dowu lo Elko.
Sherwood Herchmer, K.C., and family motored to Klko Sunday wilh his
new car. also Mr. Prod Johnston, merchant, Kernie, witli wife and friends.
Motor parties from Fornle, Klko.
Cranbrook, Jaffray, Baynes, Waldo
and Flagstone visited tho Enreka Tobacco Plains Celebration and report
having a good lime.
Mr. Gorman,  Provincial Constable.
returned from the coast this week.  Ho
said Vancouver wolud go solid Conservative and that he nover met a Grit on
ills round trip,
There's a big demand for tiemakers
at Klko right now.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ingham of Hosmer motored out to Sheep Mountain
Sunday to visit his parents.
The Elko Board of Trade is calling
a meeting tliis week and will pass
resolutions re subjects that effect the
Mr. and Mrs. c. A. Klingensmith,
Mrs. 11. Watt and Miss M. Nicholson
motored to Fort Steele Sunday visiting
old friends.
Mr. John McTavish of Jaffray will
open up a Oeneral Store, near the C.
P.R. depot. Jaffray. in the near future.
Jim Thistlebeak says Sir Roger
Casement is the man wiio put the ii
in Rebels and when tho treason trial
is over wo shall know exactly what
tbo Case-mont.
Dr. Rutledge, the well known vet,
was  in   town   and   Kootenay   River
points tbis week.
Wave Brown, Sheriff of Lincoln
County, Montana, was iu the old historic burg this week.
Ed. Neldratt of Klko accepted a position with the C.P.R. mechanical department at Cranbrook.
Harrlo Gorrio is moving liis family
down into tlie Roosville Valley from
the; Morrissey Trendies. He says there
is no possible chance of. the war ending until peace is declared.
A voung man iu Winnipeg wrote the
Klko Hoard of Trade- asking If there
was any positions in town With some
snap about tbem vacant and Jim
Thistlebcak wrote liiin offering him a
good position to peddle gopher traps
on commission.
W. Kerr of Passburg, Alberta, General Merchant and big game hunter,
was in Elko the last week looking over
the district and be intends spending
a month this fall in the mountains
adjacent to Elko, Mr. Kerr owns considerable land in B.C. aud spends several montlis every year In the Sunset
Province. lie returned to Passburg
Monday by motor car accompanied by
Mrs. J. Thomson and Miss Belle
Thomson who will visit with Mrs. Kerr
a few days.
Jim Thistlebeak says that preparedness we read so much about in tho
papers these days means also having
some small change in yonr pocket
when tho Church collection plate is
Rev. 1). M. Perley of Fernie nud
party motored to Klko and visited tlie
Falls this week.
H. Hirtz, General Merchant, was n
Pernio visitor tliis week.
Tbe Klko Hiver is on tlie rampage
and one of the greatest sights in B.C.
right now Is the Klk Canyon and Falls.
On Saturday morning a few junior
grade pupils with tbeir teacher Miss
Mnjo Bate, were driven our. lo the
ranch of Mrs. j. Walsh and remained
as her guests for tho day. During Ihe
day the visitors were taken to the
mines owned hy Angus McLeod and
shown through parts of the tunnel.
Hinii water is becoming1 a menace to
tho gardens ami roads across the river.
Loo One slates that bis garden is in
dally danger of annihilation. Also Anders One's island (formerly Greg's) is
being washed over badly and directly
iu danger of being dislodged.
Tbo Rov. W. K. Thompson hold
church and communion service hero
on Sunday tiie list last. The resident
missionary, w. J. Agabob hold morning and evening services at Knox
church in Cranbroolt. itev. W, K.
Thompson left horo at noon for Bull
River where lie held service In the
Miss Nora Pownall, Cranbrook, was
the  weekend  guest of Miss  Kiln  Fen-
Among tin* Sunday motorists noticed in town were Mr. and Mrs. <'. Kliug-
eusmltb, Mrs. Hugh tt'jitt, Miss May
Nicholson of Klko.
Dr. King and party motored from
Crnnbrook Sunday,
J. Colvtn of Vancouver was transacting business iu town ou Hie 10th,
The following wen* Klko visitors for
the clay ou Sunday llth, Mr. and Mrs.
Klingensmlth, Mrs. Hugh Walt. Miss
May Nicholson.
On Saturday Win, Kerr of Passburg,
Alta., T. If. Duncan, W. Duncan, Jan.
Thompson and J. Thompson, Jr., of
Elko motored into town.
Mrs. B. Werden and family visited
Cranbrook Monday.
Mr. Leeson McLeod was In town on
Tho late Mrs. Malloy, who died recently at Walla Walla, was well known
hero as she spent her childhood days
at Wild Horse. She was bore about
'69 and 70-and also two yenrs ngo
when she came to revisit tlio old
haunts and old friends.
Tbe following Fort Steelites were In
Cranbrook at the "Bostonlans" on
Monday: Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Fenwick,
Mr, and Mrs. F. Benmore, Mr. A. O.
Doyle, Mrs. F Cann, Miss B. Cann,
Miss Mayo Hate and Mr. T. McVittie.
Mr. Norman McLeod lins returned
from Atholmere nnd will visit ids brother Mr. Angus McLeod at his mine
near Pishes Lakes.
Tom Chisholm on Monday enlisted
formally as he is now almost fully recuperated from his operation and is
looking fal.
Mr. J. Walsh visited Canal Plain
Monday uud Tuesday.
Yoifwill find relief in Zam-Buh!
11 tun the burning, stinging
pain, steps bleeding tnd brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam.
Buk, means curt; Why Mt prove
thit.? MDn^,Smi~
am buk
Messrs. Martin and Motli of Cranhrook motored to town on Sunday.
Tiie folowlng six prizes will be given
in tbo Snd division of tbe Fort Steele
School on June 30th, for reading, writing, attention, neatness, spelling, und
general improvement.
Tho Nip and Tuck Placer Company
are working ilglit and day shift.
George Geary is spending a few days
iu town.
Wild strawberries aro now ripe and
red on the roads to Cranhrook aud
Wo.-.l has lien received from Miss
M. Dunlop, Kngland, tliat her brother
Douglas has written to his home stat
itiK merely that be was u prisoner and
giving liis address In Allemagne, (ler
Certiflcat*.* of Improvement
Comet Mineral Claim, situate in the
Fort Steele Mining Division of East
Kootenay District.   Where located:
one and a half miles above Kimberley
on nortli side of Mark Creek.
Take notice that I, Thos. T. McVittie,
P. M. C. No. 0738 E B, agents for Elgin E, Jones, Free. Miner's Certificate
No. B 79«0S intend, sixty days from tho
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the ubove claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 117, must be commenced
before the issunnce of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of
May, 1916.
In tho Matter of the "Land Itegistry
Act" and in the Matter of Lot 2,
Block 74 of Lot 132, Oroup 1, Kootenay District, Province of British
Columbia, Map 1181.
Tuke Notico tliat an Application
(No. 3974-1) has been made to register
Arthur Gale as owner in fee
simple of the above lot under n Conveyance to him from Baynes Lake Land
Company Limited et al, dated 14th
day of May 1910 and tlmt unless
within 30 days from tlie date of the
lirst publication hereof you file in thia
ollice a caveat of Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register tlie said
Arthur Gale as owner in fee on the
Register of Indefeasible Fees.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 25th day of May, 1910.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of ilrst publication tlie flrst
day of June, 1910. 22-4t
In the Matter of tlie "Land Registry
Act" and In the Matter of Lot 1,
Bloek 20 of Lot 132, Group 1, Kootenav District, Province of British
Columbia, Map 1181.
Tako Notlco that an Application
(No. 3877-1) has been made to register
David Wallace Hart as owner in fee
simple of tlie above lots under a Con
veyance to him from Banes Lake Land
Company, Limited et ul, dated 15th day
day of January 1915 and that unless
within 30 days from the date of the
flrst publication hereof you file in this
ofllco a caveat or Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register the said
David Wallace Hart as owner in fee
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
in fee on the Register of Indefeasible
Dated at tlio Land Registry Office,
Nelson tliis 20th day of May, 1916.
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication that flrst
duy of June, 1916. 22-4t
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In tho Matter of Lot 8,
Block 33, and Lot 3, Block 36 of Lot
132, Group 1, Kootenay District,
Province of British Columbia, Map
Take Notico that an Application
(No. 3973-1) has been made to register
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner in
fee simple of the above lots under a conveyance to him from Bancs Lake Land
Company Limited et al, dated 2nd
day December 1915 and that unless
within 30 days from tho date of the
Ilrst publication hereof you file in tbis
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
Pendens I shall register the said
Dated at tho Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 25th day of May, 1916.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of flrst publication the flrst
day of June, 1916. 22-4t
KhaltllH lit
tlnrliiK Hn* Nfamin
iiml balance of time nt tlie
1 mile from Wycliffe
(JOINO IUTKS-June 88th to July 4th
Full  particulars and tickets from
any Canadian Pacific Ticket Agent, ur
District PiiHsenRiT Agent,
Warm Weather
Our stock ot
Ladies Wash Dresses,
Blouses. Skirts, Middies and
Under Muslins
is very complete, and the prices are very low
We would advise that you
Make Your Selections Early
as it is becoming very difficult to obtain goods at any price
and as a result the quality is being reduced
Doyou know why
Live Wire Mechanic
of a versatile range of no-
coiiil>li«,liincuts, by the day,
hour or Jolt?
Operator  Rex Theatre
Canadian and American
(Hatched 1915)
Heavy   Laying   Slrnlu
Stands nl
Phone for prices
Reliable   Kgg   Farm
during the llllll season


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