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Cranbrook Herald Jan 4, 1916

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THURSDAY,      JANUARY (ith, 11)1(1.
Britannia Still «uli*s ihe Waves and Germans Must   Pay
(.enmity Demanded or Stay Off Seas Forever.
Rex Theatre Crowded to the Doors With Serious, Earnest Citizens Who Sink Differencs ofTreed to Unite in Prayer
for the Al lied Cnuse.
E nor nio.it. itiisslmi Army Thrcatviw Important Hallway Centre — Bmwta
Huh Urftftcd un Additional Fhe Million Mon - Hn* Nine Million lu
Reserve--Compulsion  lllll  Saiisi'ii's Nobody*
The cltlsens of Crunbrook gathered ]    The power to win this war ilejioiids
len maHSf at the Rex Theatre Sunday I upon two things, armaments and raunl-
(Sncclul iM'spiiicii to Tin'  lleruld)
LONDON, Jan; Oth
inlniHy has nunounoi
ley uf reprisals for
tacks ur tin* Toutonli
wliicti in ii Blrlklng ri
fact tlmt Britain Is Ml
Sunt*,. Tin1 navy will c
an army uf occupatloi
seas ami nu Qorman ve
Tin* British nil-
I ii BWQOnlllH P0l
it* suliimiriuc ut-
t in with, ami um*
Indor uf tin*
ross of Un1
i atltn I o Itsolf
nn Un* high
1*1 ur nun tin I
vosboI partly Owned by Qerman capital will be allowed ta ply tho bovsu
sons until the Indemnity which the
allies will demand ia paid in full. This
mlo will stand not only during the
war hut afterwards until the demandB
are mot.
Teutonic Itn-lway Centre Threatened
Kovel Volhyna is threatonod by enormous Russian southern armies, This
ls an Important railway centre forming a connection between the Austrian and German central Southern
armies. Teutons aro opposing the
Russians with the full strength at
their command hut tho Russian forces continue tn draw steadily nearer.
RubbIs has jusl drafted live million
mom men and has nine million mure
in reserve,
llrltlsh Compulsion Bill SuUsfles
The Press on evory utile attacks tho
BrltlBh Compulsion Hill and today's
labor conforonea will do the same.
Three uf tho Ministers, Henderson,
McKenna ami Uiinelmnn will resign
from tho cabinet If labor su decides.
Hon. Mr, Henderson, head of the department of education and labor, nays
he will ask his constituents to'endorse Conscription hy ballot If the
labor congress turns It down.
LONDON, Jan. 5—The British government today 'definitely embarked
upon a pulley of compulsory military
service when Premier Asquith submitted to the house of commons a bill
drafting eligible unmarried men to
duty and championed the' measure In a
stirring speech on t lie necessity of
this step to meet the growing needs
of the war.
carrying on tlie business of the council.    "During my four years In   the
council," said Mayoi  Bowness, "this
has been the easiest year I have had,
Favor Financial Assistance  lo Keep j and I can only attribute it to the hear-
Recruits In City for Training-—       ty support given me by tlie members
Mayor Thank** Council for of the council, and to the fact that
Support During tear. the chairmen of the different commit-
 ■ I tees lmvo always done their own work
A special meeting of the City Coun-1 and had tlieir reports ready instead
cil was held Wednesday, present | of getting tlie Mayor to do their work
Mayor Bowness In the chair; Aldor- j for tllcm-
men Erickson, Balment, Leask, Ban- I "The Council took office on a plat-
field and Campbell. The minutes of' forn* of retrenchment," continued the
last meeting were read and adopted. , Mayor, "wlt'» hard tlnwa storing them
The Finance Committee recommend-1ln t,1P facp* nml in BDlke of retrenchment and economy in  every deport
ed payment of the following accounts:
Arnold ii Roberts $85.60, Burrough
Adding Machine Co ?3..>o, Beattie Murphy Co. ?fi.2ii, Cranhrook Jobbers
$19.85, Cranbrook Electric Light Co.,
$206.11, City Clerk, sundries $4.70,
Cranbrook Foundry & Machine Shops
ment has worked in perfect harmony
during the whole year, very largely
cutting down the expenditure of tlie
city, so tlmt tlie business of the city
is run cheaper now than ever before.   The city police force was cut
$1.50, Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer  from four to two men aml salaries re-
duced,   and   tho   waterworks   force,
822.25. City Transfer b Warehouse
$26.10, Cranbrook Sash & Door To. 88c,
Dezall, P. H'-tt, Horald Publishing Co
$61.65, Kootenay Telephone Lines
$20.75, Kummer P. ?15, lra Manning
Ltd. $27.05, Mueller Mnnf. Co. S161.14,
Noptuno Meter Co. $4.64, P. Parks &
Co. $1.90, Patmore nros. ?•!:!.25, Payroll:—City officials $202.50. Pire Dept.
$265.60, Police $886, city Engineer
$125, School Doard $143 .03; Sullivan
Quick Print $14.
On motion of Alderman Krickson
and Campbell the report was adopted
nnd nccounts ordered paid.
The etlKl!"cer's report of work done
during the month of December was
largely of course owing to tho new
plant, very materially reduced." In
closing tho speaker again thanked
tlio council for tholr support during
tiie year and expressed the hope that
somo of the Aldermen would he on
next year's enuncil.
The  council  then  adjourned  without further ceremony.
rend and filed and
engineer wns Instr
detailed plan of tlie
Mr. .1. M. Christie,
Hoard of Trade, addn
In repard to koeptnfl
Cranhrook  for train!
a mot
ted to
nil  the City
prepare a i
wor !
'resident of the
sed the Council
tlie rocrnlts In
g.    A telegram
from rien. Sir Sain Hughes, Minister of
Militia, stated thai II was necessary
to   provide   billots   for   the   soldiers
where llcpuir was not sold on Ihe premises, nnd that If this were done the
recruits  would  he  trained  In  Cranbrook until required for mobilisation.
The recruits nro allowed CO cents per
dav for subsistence, nnd M'   chrlslle
was of the opinion thai the men could
be fed for Ihis hut  Hint It would he
necessary for the olty
the ronl of a building
wator. llallt and heat.
rented for MB per mnnll
thnt the Council gunrnnti
nl leant.
Considerable   dlaouitlon   followed,
norol   opinion   being   that   II
WOllld bo good husiness on  Ihe part
of the city io guarantee tbe amount
necessary 1° keep llioso
The wages nf loo recruits
subsistence allowance, would amount
lo over «5 000 per month, practically
nll nf which would ba anon! In tho city,
There was also the probability of Ihe
training OUftrtera heing made permanent If onco established h«ro. and If Ihe
liondonarlors officers visited tha olty
ond became Impressed with lhe advantages offered, the likelihood nf the
number ot recruits quartered here
benla Ineroased. Tho Mayor nnd
Mr. Christie wore authorised to take
tbe matter un with the mltltnrv authorities, nnd on mntlnn of Aldermen
Krickson and I.eask. the council nluc-
ed themselves on record n« being of
tbe onlnlon that It Is advisable to ron
der financial assistance tnwards bll
k   On.ilinul   Minister of the <<OKprl
Among (be Recruits of lo-Jtiil
Says he eau do Most Good
That Wa).
It may not ht* generally known that
tlie local recruits liave among their
number a properly Qualified minister
[of the goape] with the degree of D. n.
to his name, Frank Bspattosa, who
haa been conducting services in the
Salvation Army barracks from time to
time, la tin* gentleman In question,
and enlisted to continue liis work
among tbe soldlere. He thinks the
soldiers are more in need of spiritual
assistance nnd at the same time more
neglected than any otlier class, but believes that tie can get cloBor to   the
' heart of the men by enlisting ae ho has
done as » simple private, ilif meetings In the barracks noern to bar out
his contention in this respect; they
hnve been well attended by Ins com-
radea In the service and undoubtedly
have been productive of much wood.
Mr. BspanosB is a strapping hIx-
footer, a Canadian by birth but of
8panlsli descent. tfTough his mother
was an Englishwoman, Though he
speaks norfeot English by long residence In Mexico he bus acquired Ui#
traits ami peculiarities of the Span*
,t| .. jj l lard to Hiich an extent that he would
| probably b0 tuken foi n Spaniard. He
[ received bin education In IJacona Unl-
■ varsity, Oklahoma, whicli was under
I the  Northern  Baptist  Mission Hoard.
i wltli Prof. J. H. Hcott. He finished
and received liia doRree at Santana
Contlnental College, State or Mexico,
Caulllai which Is a Spanish College.
Mr. Kspanosa has spent seventeen
years In Mexico and Is an authority
on Mexican affairs. A conversation
with him on the Mexican situation Ib
most enlighten, up and Interesting. Hc
was President of a series of Independent missions with headquarters at
Vera Cruzo, his territory extending
through the Republics of Southern
Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa  Rica,   San
provide for
, with perhaps
He stated the
block   could   he
and asked
< tills much
afternoon last to attend the union Intercession service on behalf of tlie
llrltlsh and Allied cause. In the unavoidable absence of Lieut. Bnnfleld,
the Rev, Thos. Keyworth took the
Capt Kerr of tbe Snlvation Army
led in the Intercessory prayer for tl.e ' »»•? .<*'. s,'ir-"""' : ( ":
King, the Governments of Canada and
other Dominions and the allied countries, that the conscience of nil Nations may be so enlightened by the
Holy Spirit as to make for universal
peace, for the soldiers, Hailors, airmen,
wounded, and  everyone In  any  way
tions, and back of that tlu* power to
sacrifice. The hope of ultimate victory lies in tlie power of tlu* people
to sacrifice tin mselVOS.    livery step to
victory is ohm of self-conquest. For
Instance: Russia's greute.-it victory
since the commencement is the vie-
he abolished the sale of vodka throughout
tlie breadth of tie- entire Russian empire.
The barman theory of state is thut
there is no power above the state, that
the Individual <'>:(si> only to serve the
state.   The Christian theory Is the very
,        „,    ,   .   ,      ,.      ....       . I opposite,   that   thi'   Stat'
grievously affected  by  the  war.    A j   ■ •     ,,.„,.,
. ,       »,*_..- ...„, „i,    serve the  individual, and that above
short pause for silent prayer was OD- "       * '
served between each petition, and at **• «**>• «""""•' "■'affairs and -lithe conclusion the lord's Prayer was «*'»« '*" 'lra""los °' '"° ">m '» tlle
hand of God.
repeated ln unison by the entire congregation.
Appropriate Hymns were sung and
the united choir conducted by Mr. Nid*d
rendered "The Radiant Morn has
Passed Away".
In the view of tlie speaker the war
was not an unmixed evil. He declared
that had the outbreak of war been one
week later England would liave been
In the throes of a revolution. As It
was the  war  united all classes and
The address of the afternoon was . creeds toward the one end, of winning
given by the Rev. W. H. Bridge who
in his opening remniks spoke of the
different creeds and denominations
coming together on a common platform of unity before God and our great
cause. The basis of this unity Is, Ilrst
brotherhood, and second citizenship.
Wfe are citizens, said the speaker, of a
vast Empire, though the British Empire was discovered In August, 1914.
Before that time we scarcely realized
that there was such a thing as the
British Empire. England seemed to
consider Canada and the other colonies as a great dumping ground for unsuccessful Englishmen. After August
however everything was changed. The
response from all pr*.rts of the Empire,
from the British Isles and from the
Dominions over the seas, was a revelation. For the flrst time we realized
the bonds of Empire, and realized that
only as a free and Independent people
could the Empire maintain Ub rightful place as the defender of liberty
and justice. If Canada did not come
to tho aid of the Mother Country tn
her hour of need, and the Mother
Country went under, Canada would
soon be under the heel of Prusslanlsm.
In this war we stand opposed to the
principle that right Is might.
from the common enemy.
Before closing he gave a timely
word of admonition and warning. If
we are to obtain any lasting benefit
from the victory we nil believe wlll
in the end hn ours, we must be careful that we do not ourselves become
tainted by the militarism and material-
ism of Germany. If wc do not resist
the tendency towards materialistic
things, the pleasures of wealth, luxury
and self Indulgence, we shall be no
better off than beforo. The greatness
of our people in the days to come will
be In proportion to their ability nnd
willingness to confess themselves ns
God's People and this empire as God's
The benediction was pronounced by
Rev. W. IC Thomson, and the erather-
ing disner=ed nfter sfngimr wltli right
good will the National Anthem.
The surplus over exnenses wns
handed over to the Trenrnrer of tlie
Belgian Relief Fund, amounting to
$13.2fi. The total collection amounted
to $25.50. tiie expenses being, printing $fi.r>0. rent, of ball S.r» fit), transfer-
on chairs 7T,r: The statement has
been signed hy Rev. Mr. Kevworth
and audited nnd found correct by Mr.
F. M. MacPherson.
M.  A.  .Macdonald,  Prominent  Coast
Liberal, Weds Prominent Young
Lady of Cranbrook.
A quiet wedding was solemnized
New Year's morning at 11 o'clock at
the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King
when Miss Ida Williams, cousin of
Mrs. King, was united in marriage to
Mr. M. A. Macdonald of Vancouver,
only the Immediate relatives and
friends being present. Mr. Macdonald
whs a former resident of Cranbrook
and is now one of tlie leading lawyers
at the coast city, President of the
Liberal Association, and the Liberal
nominee against the newly appointed
Minister of Public Works. The bride
is well known socially ln Cranbrook,
has been one of the ardent workers
In St. John Ambulance Association,
and a member of the Presbyterian
To the strains of Lohengrin's wedding March the bridal party took their
places beneath an arch of smilax
banked with yellow chrysanthemums
A meeting of the school board was
held Tuesday night, present Chairman H. White, W. Henderson, W. H.
Wilson, lra It, Manning. Minutes
of previous meeting read and adopted.
A letter was received from John
Kyle, organizer of technical education, stating it would be necessary
for him to postpone his visit to Cranbrook till February. A letter was received from the Supt. of Education
re the conducting of preliminary
course junior grade examinations.
Tlie Inspector of Rollers reported
the boilers at the school ln good condition. On motion the account for
inspection was ordered paid.
On motion tlie following accounts
were ordered paid, totalling $1,501.98:
Teachers' salaries $1,232,50, medical
officer $41.65, secretary $25, Janitors
$125, Cranbrook Electric Light Co.,
$2.65, Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd
$6.50, Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd.
$3.60, John Gilpin $3, Herald Publishing Co. $3.60, Cranbrook Sash & Door
.  . .     Co $21.65, Crnnbrook Cartage & Trans-
where the nuptial knot was tied by |m   Crnnbrook   Fot|m,ry   50Ct   p
Parks & Co. 50c, J. D. McBride $1.60,
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor of Knox
Church. Little Betty Green, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Green, was
a wlnsomo flower girl and carried a
basket of roses and violets. The brido
was dressed In her travelling suit of
navy blue with hat to match, and wore
a corsage bouquet of orchids. During
the ceremony Mrs. A. B. Macdonald
sung "Oh Promise Me" and as the'
party left the room MIbb Wellman,
organist, played Mendelssohn's wed-1
dlug march. After the ceremony a
dainty wedding breakfast was served
In the dining room, which was decorated with whlto chryanthemiims and
Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald wlll spend
a brief honeymoon at Portland, Ore.,
and after Feb. 1 will be at home to
their friends at 1256 Thirteenth Ave.,
Among the many gifts were checks
from Dr. J. H. King, Senator King of
Chlpman, N. B„ and others. The
grooni'B gift to the bride was a solitaire ring set In platinum and small
diamonds; a silver card case to MIbb
Wellman and a wrist watch to Miss
Betty Green.
City of Cranbrook  $11.95,  McCreery
Bros. $2.16, City Transfer $11.02.
The insurance on the South Ward
School wns ordered renewed through
Beale & Elwell.
lpMn* troons in the oltv. to the extent i Salvador and Guatemala.   In this way
nf 1140 a month.    Aid. Campbell   and  »° wnB ln a l,osit,on to »)ick "■' mucn
Banfield did not vote.
This being the last meeting of the
old council, and Mnvor newness not
being n candidate for re-election, Ills
Worship took the opportunity of
thanking tho council for tho generous
aad loyal support tendered blm in
IF you arc practising economy, you should be taking advantage of the wonderful
bargains tliat we are offering. Scons of people are very wisely laying up a store of
goods for future use. .Many ale preparing for their spring sewing now and are saving
money, too. i'ou havo only to come to see for yourself what a great opportunity we
are giving the people of Cranbroolt and district for buying dependable merchandise at
almost unheald of prices.
Below, we give you a partial lisi onlv.
from day lo day: —
Many other bargains will be put on sale
Ktery Suit or Idwcost In stuck taken In
PKIHP, *1MMJ, *1.,.IHI SlITS tor fli.<HI
ti&Ottj fc'II.IKI Sl'lTS (or       *H..M>
MilJNI, sttSM, titsjtm Sl'lTS tor  $17.00
tor       *I",.IKI
MEN'S OVERCOATS, wortli up to fit. *;.MI
MEN'S MACKINAW COATS U|> to ft* .   11.00
llo)»' Suit, anil ttiercosL* at .fry big re-
durtloiiH.   Vou ntu.t .«' tit,'",'.
Many Lines of Dry Goods,
Been Absolutely
Some of these lines have been damaged wil
TABLE LINEN, regular 00c tu $1.7:, per
yard, now   :t,",i< to Hue
ALL EAXCV GOODS, BUCll as Ellliej llinrs,
liouilofr Cups, I'in Cushions, Cos Hungers, etc  llulf Price.
NATURAL ART LIKEN, H In. wide, .regular $1..",5, now       *.*»c
ART SATEENS nnd CHINTZ, regular 25c
to 40c, now    Hie
ROLLER TOWELLINGS, regular 18ct/2 to
20c,  now   7c to lie
50c,  now   HOc
FANCV SKV citEI'E MiKSS GOODS, regular 85c, now  ,10c
Costs of which Have
h water.   Read these prices carefully
WRITE RED SPREADS priced from H E0
to I!l.^0 now are being sold at about
Hegular 35c, now   SOc
Hegular   30c.   now        lv
Regular 20c.  now   \il0e
PLAIN    WHITE    IRISH    LINENS,   about
HEMSTITCHED   SHEETS,   regular    12 75.
now pair '  $1.75
86c now, pair    25c
PLAIN PILLOW CASES regular 25c. now.
pair    15c
Any Trimmed Hat In Stock at ?2.:.0.
Do you realize tliis? Every hat Is
this season's   	
Newest  shapes,  all  colors,  regularly   *g   »A
sold at |8.00 and $3.50
Including everything In stock,  Silk.   HALF
Lawn, Flannel, Delaine, etc. I1!'? CE
Kntire   stock  of  Arrow   Brand    and
Success Collars 	
Include* our Entire Stock of all kinds    HALF
of Furs     PRICE
Regular 12.75 for   S1.75
Regular 12.25 tor     #1-15
Regular  $1.75 for       #1.1.*,
Mall orders will receive our best attention.    These prices are for Cash only.   No goods
charged or sent on approbation.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
The Council of Public Instruction
has decided to supplant tlie Readers
now ln use In the public schools of
this Province wltll an entirely new
scries. All clasiQB up to nnd including the Second Reader will bo sup
piled with these new Reudcrs after
the Christmas vacation; the new Third
and Fourth Renders will not be supplied until after the summer vacation.
This will mean that Entrance Class
of 1910—1917 wlll have to familiarise
themselves with the whole of the ncw
Reader In their last year, and in order
to provide ndequnte time for this thc
Junior Fourth class of the Central
School will take up the study of the
"Lady of the Lake" ln the coming
term. Thia poem would not otherwise
bo studied until they reached the Entrance Class.
At time nf writing ll looks as though
there would be no municipal election
for Cranbrook this year. For tbe
mayoralty Mr. Lester t'laini lias announced his candidature, and (or the
council the following are tlie probable
candidates: Messrs. N. Hanson, O,
Erickson, A. Balment, W. Cameron, W.
S. Santo.
For the School Hoard we understand
that Messrs W. J. Aolnson and W. II
Wilson have consented to stand for
election, and they will make callable
men for the two vacancies.
The Salvation Army wlll hold services Saturday night to which the
informntlon, nnd being a fluent con-1 K0|dlera are especially Invited. Pat-
versatlonnllst u talk with hlm is well j rlot|c apeoohes wlll be given and after-
worth while at any time. ymfa coffee and cake wlll be servod.
The meeting wlll commence at eight
The Crows Nest Puss Coal Co. at
Pernio gave each of the office staff a
turkey for Christmas.
o'clock.at the 8. A. Barracks, and a
cordial Invitation la eitended to resl-
■Wmt tlHRM lo ** tttjSSUl
Tho number of marriages, births
and douths registered In the Government Ollice, Cruulirook, during thc
year 1915 fs ua follows: Marriages,
thirty-seven: births, ono hundred and
City; deaths, forty. ■
Mr. W. D. Hill ls opening up nbout,
the 12th of this montii In the Ilalsall j
stand with a complete new stock, j
Watch for announcement next week.
According to thc plana of the C. P. R
in connection with the operation ot
the Rogers Pass tunnel Oolden will,
next summer, become what Is practically a divisional point on tho road.
Owing the numerous runaways
In connection with llie. delivery uf Internment supplies to Morrissey, the
army service men who had charge of
the work huve been replaced by real
Flour Higher This Week
II. o. C.
IM.00 CWT.
|l.7t CWT.
(let our prices on 5 sacks,     lluy now, It auy go higher   still.
A carload ol I'ralrle hay la this, week, also a ear  ol  Corn,
llran, Shorts etc.
Customs officer I.. H. Young Is back This year's attendance ut Nelson
on tho Job ut Port Hill after several high school is 30 per cent, higher thau
months absence In Montana
In 1914. and double 1913
i.i moro Italians nre lu readiness at, The P. Burns store at Rossland
Pontic to uo abroad for active service, handled over three tons of turkey this
I Till! brings Uie number to leave that Christmas. One of the birds weighed
I district well up to Uio 400 mark. i 36*4 pounds PAGE  TWO
THURSDAY,      JANUARY 6th, 1916.
Issued   Weekly   by  Tlu*  (ranbrook
llerald, Limited.
T. II. Kay, tdl or and Manager.
(.ranbrook, B. I"., January titli, 1918
The announcement of « limited form
of conscription in the Mother Country,
coupled with the New Year message
of Premier Borden tlmt Cunadu will
raise the number of trooiis to hall a
million men, mines the question
whether this number can be obtained
by tho voluntary system or If a similar form ol couBorlptlon to that of
Great Britain may bo necessary. In
round numbers the troops raised to
date total 300,000 men. is tt possible
to obtain another 800,000 men In Canada by a continuation of tho present
system? That will depend entirely on
the response of the uble-bodlod eligible men ni' tin* country. Your King
and Country Need Vou.   It's up to you.
One of tlie main tuples of discussion
In local business circles tho hist weok
lias been tho rumored removal of
half the recruits from Cranbrook to
tlie Const. The Hoard of Trade, the
city Council and the Conservative
Executive havo been in consultation
over the matter, and have laid the
particulars of tiie case before (loneral
tho Hon. Sum  Hughes, Minister of
Militia His reply Is to the effect
that if proper quarters are furnished
the mon they will be trained here
until required for mobilization, but
that thoy must not be bllletled on
prcmlsos where liquor Is sold.
Cra n brook feds that It Is deserving
of some consideration at the hands
of the authorities iu the matter of
training recruits here. This city has
already furnished over UOO reemfts
for overseas service, a record which
we believe is unequalled by sny city
of liko size In Canada. Until the recruiting of the present company the
city has received no benefit whatever
from tin* enlistments, the boys holng
moved tn training quarters oUewhere
practically as soon as sinned uo,
If it were a question of m'Mtarv
ellicien'cy only. If the boys cou'd be
trained better and dispatched overseas
quicker when trained at headquarters and If this wero heiiiR done, thoro
Is not one patriotic citizen nmong us
who would have a word of comnlatnt.
Hut this does not'soem to be (he eas?.
Without going Into a criticism of our
military authorities, which under thn
circumstances and at the prosenl t'.ne
Is not advisable, it looks as If the
coast cities were attempting to fatten nt the expense of tlie inland cities,
Tlie wagOB of even one hundred ui.n
Is a big Item to the business interests
of a small city at the present time,
and the distribution of $6,000 a mouth
nmonc tlie various interests nf the
city would help very considerably
during a time of monetary stringency
The Minister of Militia promised
this city quite definitely that nil recruits enlisted here after November 1
lust would be trained during the winter or until required for mobilization.
If tliey nre required for mobillzatii-r.
or if a frank statement Is made that
It Is necessary to move them as a
matter of military necessity, well and
good. On the other hand. If the men
are being forced to ask for transfer
tn headquarters on account of lack of
uniforms and equipment and reduction in wages, a protest is qalte Justl-
(led and worthy of recognition hy
the powers thnt he.
We understand the clly council Is
ready to pay the rent of u suitable
building for quartering the troops, together with light and water, This
will remove the present strong objection of the militia department tn soldiers being quartered nn licensed premises, and will enable the officers to
maintain proper discipline and control
over their men. The men hav** thc
privilege of the Clnb building with
swimming pool, and appreciate it very
much. Wltli uniforms, equipment, and
comfortable sleeping quarters the
men would lie quite as well off in
Cranbrook as at the Coast, anil could
be given several months of necessary
preliminary drilling and training, putting them In proper condition so (lint
tlieir military (raining could be rapidly completed at Battalion headquarters
In the spring.
(Maeleod Spectator I
Advertise In and subscribe to «*our
'■eal pnper. It may not ho worth a
damm, but support local industry
O'vo us a trial before trying elsewhere.
n.ethbrldfe HcrnM i
Tbe nropnsal ef the militia dennrt-
ment to retain half the pay of Canadian soldiers nt the front or in trnin-
Iok In Kngland until the conclusion
of the war is a good one. The new
mentation, if it Is put In force, will
Ben'v only to those soldiers who have
ent mnde nv- half tlieir pay to their
families nt home, simile men not
cunrortlna relatives will therefore he
the niici who will come under the
new rule. Their comrades nt the
front are getting along on half pay;
there Is no reason why they cannot
do so too. The rule should make for
lietter discipline, and there will be
manv a one of (he men affected who
will be glad of the nest egg accumulated at the end of the war.
« onihth «8 hood in kootenay
vnii boundary.
(Nelson News)
In common with tlie rest of the Dominion, Kootenny and Boundary,
which has suffered less auoutely from
war conditions than many districts,
can look forward to 1910 with a confidence begotten of inherently sound
condition?, successful passage through
.i period of economic unsettlenient and
kpowledgo tbat the aggregate value of
Lhe output from its mines, lumber
mills and agricultural lands during
die past li. months was one of the
greatest in Its history,
Kootenny and Boundary bus more
than held its own In 1016. During
the 12 months it has made marked
progress, especially in tho mining industry and in the lumber business.
The former has been stimulated by
the high price of metals nnd a revival
,)f Investment interest tn tlu* Industry.
The lutter has benefitted from the increased demand resulting from the record grain crops iu the prairie provinces, Agriculture has hnd easily
ihe largest out] ut in its history. Con-
litlous lu nil three of these basic industries point to still further betterment during 1810,
Ims made possible tlie progross already
made towards the establlsLmoat or a
creamery. It is an unfortauato tact,
but nevertheless true, that farmers as
a class do not respond rc.id.1y to a
call for a puhlic meeting unless right
at their doors. Everyone who has had
any experience along that line know;
how difficult lt is to get farmers or
ranchers to attend, nnd this is tlie reason tiiere ure not more public meetings culled. The "get together" spirit
is what makes a prosperous and happy
community, but unless both sides are
willing, and are ready to sacrifice their
own convenience at times for tlie gen
eral good tiiere can he little progress.
Our correspondent has raised a good
point, nnd we would he glad to hear
from others who may have u remedy
to suggest.!
Aleck at home, George K. at Trainer,
Tho funeral was conducted by Rev
Mr. Stephens Thursday afternoon, i
large number of citizens attending tlie
funeral to show their respect aud
doi Mi
IM*. III*.
(Creston tlovlow)
The theory commonly held that poll-
leal piling huth great aud small, are
llBtrlbutod to friends or the party in
ower on very much the same prln-
ilpte as that enunciated by the Bruce
county Scotchman who was wont to
iroy, "Ood Bless nu* and my wife, my
ou John and daughter Annie, us four
md no more," was very rudely upset
it Cranbrook last week when the Con-
lOrvnttVO Association recommended
Private Olenday, a returned wur horo,
for the position of inland revenue collector rendered vacant by the death
of A. 11. Orace.
Although nine of the party Btalwnrtf
had tholr applications in for the Job,
the Herald tells us "that without even
i-sking us to his previous political
imitations tlie executive unanimously
igrccd to recommend lJto. Q len duy fot
lie position"- his certificate of injur)
n action in defence of Ills country was
.ill that wus necessary.
Such a move Is alike commendable
md remarkable — for Cranbrook,
where they have more politics to tlw
iquaro Inch thun obtains even In
Ireston, whicli is hud enough—and we
hope to see It become epidemic from
Halifax to Victoria. Indeed the cx-
implc set at Cruubrook Is such a
^ood one that both tlie dominion und
irovlnclal   Governments   might   welt
make some systematic effort to fill
■very possible vacancy occurlng In tin
'•Ivll service, with these heroes, n-
lopting the policy of local returned
lOldlcrs for local positions, ns fur as
may be feasible,
These  disabled   soldiers,   who   were
iropared to make the supreme sacri-
iice in defence of the empire, nre cn-
.Itlcd to the liest the country can give
'hem, and granted they have tin* ability for the posts assigned them the
ountry can, in this way, do the hand
■onie thing for many, of our gallant defenders at absolutely no expense or ln-
■onvenlcnce to the people genernlly.
I    The regular meeting of the Minister-
; lei association of this city was hold
1 on .Monday afternoon lust when in addition to other business night litter-
| grams were Hent to Major Oeneral
Hughes and Col. Ogllvlo ca'llnir their
attention to the fact thut the recruits
stationed in Ornnbruok were without
uniform or auy of the regular equipment served to nil who enlist, and thut
contrary to army regulations St ont of
the 80 recruits were billeted in hotels
where licensed bars exist.
The association urged upon these
authorities the absolute necessity of
properly housing and equipping the
men whilst hero, for without these,
military discipline nnd army regula-
tlnns were impossible nnd the best
Interests of the soldiers endangered.
A reply hns been received to these
representations from Col. Ogllvle stnt-
tng thut lie was unaware that such
conditions existed and promised Immediate action to remedy thc same.
fKd. Note—Nothing wns further
rrom tlie intention of the Ministerial
iVBBoclntlon than the thought nf hastening the departure of tho snMlors
from the city, It was almnly to bnt-
•er the conditions of the soldiers and
hasten the providing of proper nuar-
ters as Intended by the militia authorities thnt action was taken as Indicated.]
We do nut hold ourselves responsible
fur opinions expressed by
Co ii trlli n tors
Cruubrook, B. O, Jan. :t. 1106.
Mr. Kditor. Crunbrook Herald:—
I have spent considerable time In
your district looking up locations for
self and friends with the idea of going Into mixed farming. The district
around Cranbrook is well adapted for
that, also for dairy farms, but tlie
way you run things lu your country
seems rather crude to me, Your people do not tuke advantage of Farming
Institutions. I talked to many fanners aud tliey suy tliey art? not Invited
aud seldom know ubout meetings, till
all Is over aud settled- a few city people tuke it upon themselves to rim the
whole shooting match. Tliis is a pity
because your country cannot develop
without the co-operation of the country
and city people. I have watched your
public market, what's the mutter with
It? A large amount of farm truck must
bo used in your city, The farmers
say if they bring It to market they
have to take It back nguln. The town
people won't buy It. It struck me ns
a poor layout for fanners, tiiere must
be some reason for it surely. Mr. Kditor, if I was fu your place I would
find out and show up the causes. It
would do you good, your pnuer would
be interesting to farmers. I like your
country but there's a nigger in the
wood pile somewhere. I noticed in yonr
paper that a Creamery is talked about
and that Interested me a whole lot and
I made inquiries and found there Is
something in what I have been told
Cor instance, a meeting to arrange for
a creamery was hold and not a farmer was nt It. It looks to me as If all
was to he settled without tin* men most
Interested being consulted, That kind
of business, believe me, wlll never do
and until tlie farmers In your locality
enn have a say in matters relating to
their own buslnessl will go back to
my old stand and watch for a while
In the meantime a friend will send
your paper to inc.
Yours truly,
fKd Note,- "An Investigator" Is
slightly In error In regard to tho
creamery at least. Any action taken
so far has been joint action of the
Board of Trade, the Agricultural Society nnd the Farmers' Institute, the
latter two being farmers' organizations. Letters have been mailed to
every farmer or rancher fn the district
having cows, accompanied hy a stamped and nddressed envelnec, and only
n little over one-third of the recipients
have taken the trouble to reply. It Is
far from the desire of tlie citizens of
this city to "run the whole shooting
match" as our correspondent snys, The
business men realize that tlieir Interests and those of the farmers nnd
ranchers In the district are Identical,
and 1Mb the spirit of co operation that
Those Clocks thut are stopped
or  not  giving  satisfaction
Wo win call for ally clock,
put in ordor and roplnop, uud
out prices un; rouBOtiftble.
Jeweler ii Optician
Next to the Post Ollice
One of thc most hilarious publications of the day Is The Fatherland
of Ncw York, u Journal banned by
thc Canadian censor, but so full of
rich humor and comprehensive mendacity that It should be welcomed In
the Dominion by everyone who likes
a hearty laugh.
Culling Kir itobert Borden politely
"Canada's cruel satrap", The Fatherland, in horror-struck tones, tells the
hyphenated German-American the
most grisly tales of "outrages" perpetrated by the "cruel satrap" on the
Interned Germans In Canada. "At all
Canadian towns nnd countrysides, from
British Columbia to Quebec," writes
the lineal descendant of Ananias,
"The Canuck ran riot nnd typified him
self with brutal Cossack deeds. He
burned houses, plundered shops, and
stoned unoffending women and child
ren In city streets and on country
roads. No one deterred him. German,
Austrian and Hungarian men and women were dragged from tlieir homes
and slaughtered In tlie open. Native-
born sons, who defended forelgn-bom
parents, were slain— the daughters
were brutalized by the mob. Then
these fathers who survived were dragged to desolate detention tumps, old
sheds, open to winter winds and rains,
flung into factory ovens, starving, and
left unclad. Tlio mortality among
them was frightful. The permanent Illness worse. One-third of these men
can never work again, and they have
been lured into this country, remember
by the soft persuasions of the men who
had done them these wrongs. And
their wives and children in rags today
still roam the streets and byways of
Canadian cities, butts of tho mocking
mob. begging in vain for food and shelter."
A couple of columns of rubbish of
this kind follow, climax being heaped
on climax until an appropriately insane conclusion Is reached in the following words:
"After the mob nnd massacre In
Canada the Canuck stopped, breathless and terrified by his own work
Factories had been ruined, forms
burned down, and unemployment began to rolso his grisly head. 'Hie
dreadful fact was driven hotn-l to the
plutocrats of Kngland that Knglish
workmen, whom they hnd ground
down to pauperism, would absolute!)
not go to war with them. They conferred and sent out InHtructlors to
their satraps In many lands: 'Drive
In the men from the colonies aud
make them fight."
The Hymn of Hate wan mild In
compnrlson with this; the Madrigals
of Malice were but lyrical benevolence: the Howls of Horrors, but
trifles of affection and esteem. This
Is the last and greatest of the Jokes
of the enemy and it does not need a
hectic description of Sir Itobert Borden and Sir Sam Hughos as "two
pitiful figures with lined faces and
downcast spirits slinking In obscure
hotels in New York" to lend nn elr
of mendacity to nn otherwise wild
and unconvincing narrative.
We beg the censor to let down tbe
bars and admit The Fatherland. Tt
would be a source of never-ending
amusement to the Canadian people;
they would revel Just ns much In Its
rich outpourings of intoxicated Ms-
saurisin as the British "Tommy" does
when he Imperils his life In the
trenches in an endenvor to hear tlie
Huns chant tho "Yum of llltc" before they lie them down to sleep.
Ainmnl Report Presented and Officers
Fleeted for lhe Vear.
On Tuesday, January 4th, In the
Maple Hall, the directors of the Women's Institute met nt 2 o'clock to
discuss and accept the annual report
of the Secretury-Trcni-mrer, the Auditors and Directors.
Tho ordinary meeting was convened
at 3 o'clock witli the president, Mrs.
W. B. McFnrlane In tho chair, who
gave an address thanking tbe members for the support accorded her
during tho past year.
In the absence of tbe senior director,
Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. R. W. Russel read
the report. There hnve been held nine
directors' meetings, 12 regular meetings, five lectures on Home Nursing
hy Nurse Speed of Victoria who was
appointed by the Department of Agriculture, three social gatherings, eight
fancy* work classes, and two afternoons making quilts for Belglnn relief. A very successful flower show
was held In August. Tbe membership
Is now 104, an incrense of eight over
last year, and n lending library has
been Inaugurated with 07 books. Thc
ladies are now working on a cookbook wlilcli will likely be published
The Treasurer's report showed the
total income for the year amounted
to $t;fif>.ti5, with n balance on band of
^27.60. A donation of $50 was made
to endow a cot In Bushey Park on
King George's estate, for Canadian
soldiers, und $15.50 to local Red Cross
The election of officers for the year
resulted ns follows: President—Mrs.
W. B. McFarlane; Vice President -—
Mrs. J. p. Sarvis; Sec-Treas.— Mrs.
John Shaw; Directors—Mrs. R. W.
Russel. Mrs. J. W. Spence and Mrs.
B. Palmer.
Dame Rumor lias been a busy matron In Cranbrook this week, and the
poor newspaper scribe has been kept
busy running expected "scoops" to the
ground. The alarming story was told
that three lumberjacks had been
brought into Cranbrook In a box car
frozen stiff, Nothing to It. Stories
without end have heen in circulation
ubout the training quarters for the
present recruits enlisted hero but official word lias been received by Lleot.
Banfield that uniforms and equipment
hnve been shipped from tho Coast.
The reported death of a former resident of this city, recently removed to
Lethbridge, In tlie words of Mark
Twain, also seems to tie "greatly exaggerated ", a telegram naving been
received from C. P. R. ofllclals at
that city tlmt thc gentleman in question was still In thc land of thc living.
And so It goes. The newspaper
icrlbe who printed all he heard would
be In a pretty pickle In a short time,
and as we havu no desire to lose our
reputation for veracity bo early In
Uie game we try to bo suro of our
facts before printing them. However
man is human and liable to orr, and
wlillo we trust that the eagle-eyed
censor will always bo Johnny-on-the-
spot, we ask your indulgence In ad-
wince if some smooth story without
the right foundation gets past tlie old
The death occurred In Cranbrook on
Monday morning of James Samuel
Mennle in Ids 51st year. The deceased
lias been a sufferer fur some time past
from Brlght's Disease and death came
as a welcome relief.
The late Mr, Mennie came to Cranbrook six years ago Christmas, and
lias heen a respected and industrious
citizen of this city ever since. He was
horn ln London, Kngland, and came
to Canada In 1881. first settling fn
Kastern Cauada, but removing to Manitoba two years later. In 1887 he was
married to Rose Stuart Chalmers, who
with a family of ono daughter and
two sons survives:  Ellen L. aad J.
Ht. John Ambulance Assoc la ton Are
Hostesses at tbo Auditorium.
The auditorium was the scene of a
: gay and jolly crowd Thursday evon-
! Ing, lt being the New Year's Dance
given by the members of St. John Ambulance  Association.    The  hall   was
prettily decorated In a color scheme of
red and green, and with the gay colors I
of thc ladles' evening dresses made a
beautiful and Impressive scene.   Dane-;
Ing was kept up from ten In the evening till  tour in the morning, music
being provided by the Cranbrook Orch- i
estra in tlieir usual happy   manner
Supper was served in the Palm build-1
Ing, which was also decorated for tin I
occasion, and was   donated   free   of
charge by Joseph Jackson.
The committees responsible for the
success of the evening were: Decorating—Miss Whitehead, Miss Marion
Robinson, Miss Woodland aud Miss
Fisher; supper- Miss Christie, Miss
McBride, Miss Delia Drummond and
Miss Madge Robinson; advertising —
Miss Hewitt, Miss Watt and Miss Alex^
an der.
A meeting nf the Association WOS to
liave been held this woek but owing
to tbe absence of some of the members
was postponed for a week when a report of the dance will be prepared and
published. The attendance at the dance
though very good was not as large
as expected.
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class .1 p.m j
Evening Service 7.30 p.m.
Preacher Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th I
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r~m cut out and mail uam
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MKTiiomsT church
Pastor,   Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. P. N'ldd
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
The service on Sunday morning will
be In the character of children's service and to whicli all parents are cordially Invited.
Prior to the evening service a song
service will be conducted under th<?
auspices of the Young Ladles' Progressive Bible class commencing at 7 o'clock.
A hearty welcome is extended io
any of the soldiers or visiting friends.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning servlco 11 a.m.
Sunday school and Bible Class 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m.
Anthem morning und evening.
"O Come and Let Us Worship the
Cold Weather Heaters
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needed for this cold simp, a' prices to suit every pocket.
hockey Skates
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Hockey Sticks
A big stock to select from.  Come in und see them.
Pioneer Hardware Store
Prank Espcnosa, D. D., Sunday
night, 7.30.   Theme: "Our Inheritance.
"As„ this may be my last sermon
hero I should like to see a large number of Christian people present. Tbe
purpose of this sermon is to place Inspiration in Its scriptural position. It
Is a service dealing with natural
and religious resources therefore a
truly patriotic, Christian and soldiers'
Calgary, Alia.
A Chureli, Residential and Buy
Sehiiol lor Oirls
Preparation for tho Universities,
Pull Commercial Course. Special
Courses in Music nnd Voice Culture.
Attention (then to Individual
Extensive    grounds,   outdoor
games  and   Physical  Training.
Preparatory and Kintergarten
Next term begins Tuesday, Jan.
llth, 1016.
For prospectus anply to
A high class boys' iclirool for
resident nnd day pupils, Pupils
aro prepnred for professional
nnd commercial examinations,
Special classes for Senior nnd
Junior Matriculation und for
Exrellenl (iyinniisiuin nnd Athletic UroiiniN.   Terms .Moderate
For list of successes and terms,
apply to
Calgary, Al u.
Next Term Begins Tuesduy, Jan.
 llth, 191(1.	
The Map of Europe
M iv be Changed, but the
Quality of Burns's
Remains THE BEST
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ittef t I
l [it
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
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Marten and other Fur bearers collected i,i ■.„„, n-num
HHIP ynrn I THS DIltFCT In "Kll I t:i:t1' ■ fjc InrOMl
house In (lie Uprtddi-aUnarxcliislvcIv Iii NOKmI A..'.       '." i:\,V FtJIS
i reliali]"—■ responsible—ti«i'* I'ur 1
minion exhtinu for "mure, tin*" ,ii
ceuful record oliendtogPurShlBii
ANDl/ROPlTAIll-Brouirna, v-
tlii* only rcHiible, in ■'.■urate tunrlt i'l
B 1' 1.1*: KM!*
1 '»l|iP[).*r,*"
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Write tar It-NUW—U'a FRF
M.D.onuDLni.i.nc, Un:tcv:.:::   >co,u.s.A.
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We I'ajr All Charges
over a $5.00 valuation.  We make you
our offer
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at Our Expense
If not purchased.   Try us.   In
business since 1888.
218 Eighth avenue west, Calgary, Alta. 47-tf
■ffiSAy January 7th and 8th, 1916
I'*. Stuart Wliyto presents tlio Biggest Musical Comedy
Hit <>f 1016
" The Girl
From Nowhere"
A Oay Qnlnxyol Oirls, niggles, and Qowns
Reserved Seats, 75c and $1.00. General Admission, SOc
Reserved Scat l'lan at lleattio-Murphy's THURSDAY,     JANUARY 6th, 1916.
Eyeglass Wearers
Appreciate the firm but
comfortable cling of our
Eye Glass mountings.
Thoy always keep your
lenses lu optically correct
position, and will not tlit,
slip or fall off.
If you have had difficulty
with your present mounting, or have been told your
nose Is "not adapted to
eyeglasses," come in and
try on one of our mountings before you give up
in despair. Your present
lenses can bc put inlo one
of our mountings at a
small cost.
W. H. Wilson
town Torus
MrH. 0. \v. Johnson will not rocolve
llils fii'iimm uod tin any foriniil culling.
Mr. R. 13. Beattlo returned home
from Calgary Thursday noon.
Furnished modern houso to rent.—
Apply to Beale & Elwell.
Mr. G. Erickson wns n Christmas
visitor In Creston,
Miss Gray spent the New Yonr nt
Mr. and Mrs. Ashmore spent the
Christmas vacation in Spokane.
Miss Bechtel spent tlie Christmas
vacation with iier brother at Wasa.
Found—Gold brooch. Owner apply
to VY. H. Wilson, jeweller. M—lt
Dr. McKinnon went to Moyie on a
professional visit Monday noon.
See "Tlie Spoilers" at thc Rex, Jan.
"The Spoilers" in nine reels at the
Rex, Jan. llth.
Christian—In Cranbrook on Dec. 4th,
to Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Christian, a
McDermott—In Cranbrook, on January 2nd, to Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
McDermott, a son.   i
Mrs. Johnson spent the Christmas
holidays with Mrs. Stroetor at Erickson.
Ten dnys only. 25 per cent off nil
Skates and Sporting Goods at the
Model Variety Store.
For sale—Strictly fresh eggs, 12 dnz.
|6, dairy butter 35c lb, wheat $150
per 100 lbs., live and dressed poultry.
h. J. Boag, Pincher Station 1». 0,
Alberta. 51-St
For Sale—Single cutter, good as
new, cheap.—A, M. Davis, Box 61fi,
Cranbrook. 53—1
The visit of Mr. Kyle, organizer for
Technical Education, lias been postponed till February.
Documents and valuables wifpiy
stored in Beale & Elwell's vault. Deposit boxes to rent ut nominal charges.
Mr. and Mrs. E, Martin and family,
of Ericksim, were visitors in Cranbrook during the holidays.
Tiie ii. c. Censor condemned "The
Spoilers"  as  "too  Immoral."    See    tt
yourself. Jan. Ulh at Uio Hex
Wanted Use of piano for storage nr
small rental. Good care given.-—.Apply Box "ll". Herald Offlce.
Em- Bale Hood* fresh milch rows.
Apply Cranbrook Meet Market, ik-x
445, US—If
Mr. J. Beech of Crows Nest  POSS I.
Co., null Hiver. spent Christmas holidays with Mm family In town,
The three Anderson Brothers, from
Kimberley, spent Now Years day at
Recruiting is still brisk In Craubrook, the roll-call now numbering
Judge Arnold returned from Spokane
Monday, where he spent the Xew Year
holiday with.friends.
Miss Ruth Stephens haB taken a
position as teacher at Baynes Lake
and commences on her duties next
Mr. T. R. Sledding, representing
the Hrown Mfg. Co., Winnipeg, was
in the city the latter part of last
week soliciting business for his firm
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rutledge of
Portage Lu Prairie arrived In the city
tliis week for un extended visit at tin
home of their son, Dr. J. W. Rutledge
Miss Bradley from crows Nest arrived In the city on Friday and wil.
be spending a few weeks with her slu
ler, Mrs. Elmer A. Miller.
Jud Miller -cume iu frum Ta-Ta
Creek for u few duys, and was OX
changing the compliments of the
season with A. li, Smith.
Mrs. Everett Leek and little daughter, of Alberta were In Cranbrook at
tending the funeral of her mother, tin
lato Mrs. Gillis. They will returr
home on Sunday.
j "The Spoilers", In nine reels, tin
i greatest romance yet produced on th;
• screen, wlll be shown at the Ilex, or
ijan. llth.
; John Stenhousc, formerly with the
I Merchants Bank at Elko, and a reg
! ulur visitor to this city passed througl
I on liis way to Spokane this week.
! Mr. Syd. Small of Wasa arrived lr
; Cranbrook Tuesday and expects to
jleave for the coast the latter part o
j thlB week for an extended visit witl
friends and relatives.
| Fernie will havc a fighting parson
' Rev. D. E. D. Robertson expects ti
; leave in a few days for tho coast
where lie will qualify for a commlssiot
; for active service abroad.
I Lost— Monday afternoon, a Final
silver ladies green wristwatch, E. G. C
engraved on back. Finder please re
turn to Cranbrook Herald Ofllce ant
receive reward. 1—lt*
I Mr. Jock Thomson and wife return
; ed hoiue on Tuesday from Calgary
i where they spent tlie Christmas holi
; duys, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. a
\ Leuman.
! Mr. A. B. Macdonald is In Victor!.-
, this week on professional bustnesi
.connected with the Court of Appeal
Mrs. Macdonald accompanied him   to
Victoria for the week.
"The Spoilers" is a romance of
Alaskan life, full of henrt-stirrim
scenes. Don't miss It nt the Ilex
Jan. llth.
Dr. Miles nnd Mr?. Miles returner
Tuesday from Spokane, where the;
spent the New Years' holidays, am
witnessed the Inauguration of a drj
Spokane—where for the future wines
whiskey and beer are not on salt'.
Look to yonr Flro Insurance thest
frosty days. Overheated pipes, elec
trie wiring, may cause the toss of
your homo, no matter how careful you
jure. Purchase Fire Insurance tluit in
sures anil see Heale & Blwell for'rates
Mr. und Mrs, Ruker aud youneesi
■ son of Nanuikn. Alta, spent their
Christmas holidays witli Mrs. J. Beech
. sister of Mrs, Huker. They left on tin
19th for tlieir home nn the prairie go
Ing via Bull  Hiver to Golden.
«V?*. George Brown, of Kootenay
Landing, died Mondny In St. Eui-cne
Hospital from pleurisy, Mrs. Hrowi
' wns n former resident of Cranbrook
coming here about seven years are
Tlie   funeral   took   place   Wednesday
afternoon, a little daughter six yuan
old and sorrowing husband survive
The regular Conservative mooting
will be hold to-morrow. Friday, night
in   Olanp'a   Hal]   commencing   nt     s
Worth a Guinea
a Box
as a remedy for the evil effects of quick
eating, overeating and strenuous living. The medicine that meet, thi,
need-that tones the stomach, f*Jimi>
lates th, liver, regulate, the bbweut-i.
9*1 S.I. ol An, Malkas. la AaWarll
>-" ..antwh«..  Iahn,»«k
The Best
Aro always tiie most eninnmlcal In the long run. We handle
only tiie very best, and Inlying in large quantities direct from
(lie wholesaler our stocks are always fresh and pure. Onr
guarantee of quality Is behind everything wc sell, and you can
depend upon getting prompt and satisfactory service.
Headquarters for China and Cut Glass
o'clock. Every Conservative is invlt-
■ tl to attend.
Are yon a regular subscriber to the
Herald? Two dollars will pay for a
year's subscription, one dollar for six
iiuntlis. start the New Year right by
ending in your subscription.
Lost- Pair of gold-rlmmcd eyeglass*
is, In case, between residence and St.
flarys Mall or in alleyway. Reward
ui leaving at Herald Olilce or retiming to Joe Jackson. 63,—3t
No need to send any printing orders
mt of tlie city. Thc Hurald Job dept.
b equipped to supply your needs
iromptly und satisfactorily. Our
ruaranteo. money back if not satis-
Mr. Walter Soden and wife, Cran-
irook, and Palma Gunderaen, of Ed-
nonton, u sister of tlie late Mrs. Chas.
.arsen, spent New Years Day at
titchener, returning ou Monday. They
•eport a very enjoyable trip.
Tliis is lOlti and Leap Year. It will
>.'hoove those of the male sex who de-
tire to cling to the state of single
desscdncss to beware of the wiles and
■harm-; of tlie ladies for the next
.welve montlis.
Tlie Cotonial Theatre at Vancouver
dayed "The Spoilers" eight nights In
succession at 75 cents a seat. See
'The Spoilers" at the Rex, Jan. llth.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute will be
leld at the City Hall on Saturday, Jan.
Ith, ut :;..i0 ]j. m. Remember your New
Ycur resolution: "I will become a
Bomber of the Cranhrook Farmers' In-
itltute." 1—It
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
reasurer of the Cranbrook Branch of
.he St. John Ambulance Association,
icknowledges tlie following donations:
Mrs. T. J. Brown, one pound wool;
Model Variety Store, flags for deeorat-
i ng curds.
!    The Masonic Social Club will hold
'. heir next regular dance at the Mason-
c   Temple  Thursday,  Jan.   13.    All
plnsons nnd their wives and daughters
ire cordially invited.
, "Tho Girl from Nowhere" will be
lie attraction at the Auditorium the
loxt two nights, Friday and Saturday.
■ This ls a good clean musical comedy,
vlth a comely chorus of buxom lass-
: es who can really sing. They are
veil spoken of wherever they have
L'5 per cent off nil Boys' and Girls'
Underwear, Sweaters, Dresses, and
Heece Sleepers. Come in now and
ie convinced of our bargains—Model
.'nrltty Store.
Mr. and Mrs. E, G. Hnrding and
laughter, Hilda, arrived from Cran-
irook on Thursday lust and are guests
if Mr. Weber on tiie Botterill ranch.
They hnve a ranch leased and will
make their future home ln the Valley
Erickson correspondence to Creston
Have you rend Rex.Beach's famous
'.ook "The Spoilers"? Jan llth this
-rent story will be told on the screen
it the Hex theatre iu nine reels,
With the enlistment this week of Ted
Hawkes of Twelve-mile In the B. C..
Mriutiiius, four members of the Hawkes
family nre now in the service of the
'ountry. The enlistment also brings
o Edwin Hnwkes thc distinction of
having contributed four sons to the
irmy.-Golden Star.
Mr. "Joe" Duly, the genial and pop-
ilnr Mayor of Sirdar, was In the city
Monday and Tuesday exchanging com-
ollmonts of tlie season with his many
friends, joe, who has been under
'he weather for some time, expects
o leave shortly for Honolulu, Hawaln
Island, where he hopes to regain his
health busking In the sun with the
"Koola Koola" girls.
25 per cent off all Ladles' Underwear, Sweaters and Blouses. Bee our
window for bargains.-Model Variety
The Free Press office was used as
n recruiting office on Thursday afternoon to attest seven stalwart huskies
for overseas service, the rink being
much too cold. It Is Interesting to
note thnt nt Cranbrook the civic authorities havo granted the recruiting
officer the free use of a room In the
council chambers for this purpose—
Fernie Free Press.
Packed houses through Canada have
received "The Spoilers" which wlll be
shown at tiie Rex, Jon. llth.
McCreery Bros.' big flood and water
«n'p Is In full swing this woek, and
the store Is thronged every day wlih
citizens tnktng advantage of the bargains-offered. Thero nre many slightly
damaged pieces of goods for sale at
big reductions, and splendid
has been done by the firm on  tlie
opening days.
Another pleasant evening wns spent
In St. Marys Parish Hall last night at
the regular Wednesday whist party
and dance. The hall wns well filled
and as ut>iml moat excellent music was
provided by. the Cranbrook orchestra
Mrs. to pan won the ladies prize in
the wblst drive, a fancy butter knife,
while Mr. C. B. Simpson captured the
gentleman's prize, a tie clip.
JUt* lye %-
stretcher bearers got me to the first
dressing station. They filled mo up
with morphine to kill tlie pain and
soon moved me to one of tiie large
In the competition for new business I hospitals where they dressed my
production for the province of British I wounds. The next day they sent me
Columbia for the period commencing Ito tno lmse where I am at present.
Nov. 23rd and ending Dec. 31st. 1915. ■ Yesterday tliey put me under thc
Martin Bros of this city have been j x'ni>'' tlie Bhrapnel still being in my
awarded first prise by the Sun Life'. •)at:k antl thigh. I^ist night was the
Insurance Company of Canada. Dur- wor8t nl*ht l lmvc llad 80 far* th"
Ing the year 19ir, the company did over; Wfll,nd ln W blu'k hurting me-very
one million dollars' worth of business j much* My leK a,s0 ■inins me steady.
In the province. The Hun Life Is Can- j' tIlillk thp 'I0'"*0'"1 a*"1' going to operant's largest insurance company, hav- tttB for tue Hl,r"imel sometime today
Ing over $300,000,000 worth of busl- TIi0re  ftro  KPV,!raI   n08D,tftlfl  ,irrn"
Barrister*, Solicitors  and
" M.iney to Loan
Imperial  Bank   Building
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    anf
P. O. Box 859
ness In force. During 1015 the Sun
Life absorbed the Federal Insuranco
(.Company, with twenty-six million dollars' worth of business, und the Manufacturers' Life, wltli ninety million.
The Belgian Hulief Committee de*
dre to thank Rev. W. H. Bridge and
Dr. J. H. King for donations of |G
■*ach In cash, anil also the following:
Prom Mrs. Off in, 2 pair Women's
Shoes, 1 woman's coat, 1 child's coat;
.Mrs. Oordon Mecredy, 2 women's suits,
1 set furs, (collar and muff) 2 women's hand bags; Mrs. Leslie, C Infants' woollen shirts, 6 Infants' woollen bands; Mrs. McBride, I woman's sweater, one suit of women's
woollen underwear, 1 blouse; Miss
McBride, 1 dress skirt, 1 petticoat, 1
iuR woman's woollen underwear; Mrs
Patterson, 3 men's coats, 3 men's vests
3 men's night shirts, I man's woollen
sweater, 1 woman's coat, 1 woolen
scarf; Mrs. McNab, 3 men's woollen
undershirts, 1 pr. woollen underdraw-
ers, 1 man's white cotton shirt, 1 pr.
pants, 3 pr. woollen socks.
British, Canadian and B, R. A I mt:
in tiie American one and from what
the boys say it Ib tlie best of the lot
tt Is a hospital building put up sine,
'ho start of the wur, tin* rest of tlu
hpspltal units being under canvas. I
may go to Kngland with my wound-
but many of the cases are kept here
Both sides started bombarding the
Ilrst of the month und some men win
have been here since the beginning of
'be wur suy It was the licavlOBt sine
•he battle of Mons. The men ln the
trenches wear gum boots*—hip length
—also sheep skin coatH. Where we
were the River Dube had overflowed
md ran down our trenches. The parapet was falling in from the ruin and
was half knocked down during , the
bombardment. Our regiment ram"
off pretty lucky, our casualties belns
light when I loft white thc regiments
on our right and left were hit pretty
Odk" in  Bansoo  Block
9 to ID am.
1 to   0 p m.
7 to   8 pm
Father McGulre, O. M. I., has been
appointed pastor of St. Marys church,
Cranbrook, ln place of Father Anthony. Father Kennedy, O. M. L, of
Ottawa, takes charge of the district
south of Cranbrook and Father John,
O. M. I., goes to Pentlcton.
Although It has not heen definitely
settled we understand Father Anthony
Is likely to be stationed at Fernie.
News of Father Anthony's approaching departure will be received with regret by hla many friends here. Although he has been here relieving only
during the last eight or nine months.
by his hard work and untiring efforts
In behalf of thc parish he has endear*
ed himself to the members of the
church, while his manly piety and
sterling character have also won hlm
many friends outside of his own flock.
Mr, and Mrs. Osborne and daughter '-
Freda left on Wednesday on the West
Bound  Train   for  Bunnell,   Florida,
where Mr. Osborne has purchased a
I tract of land and Ib going into the
'market gardening and farming. Than ,
was a large number of friends at the j
station to bid them farewell and Clod j
■meed to their new home In Florida I
Mr. nnd Mrs. Osborne came to Cran-1
brook about three years ago and  immediately went into the  employ  of j
V. Hyde Baker as cook, housekeeper J
and gardener, where they have resided :
up till their departure.   Mr. Baker's!
garden and grounds were brought under a high state of cultivation  last i
year and did Mr. Osborne much credit
Duternlty and tieneral Nnralag
GurUau Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phon* 268 P. O. Box 141
Phone 34ti P. O. Box lit
Funeral Director and Fmbalner
Undertaking  Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Soar Baker St.
Clril and Mining Engineer*
B. C Land Nunfjori
The following obituary notice refera
to the father of Mt. <>. W. Johnson
of this city:
An old-time resident of Point St
Charles, (Montreal), und a llfe.long
member of Grace Church passed a*
way on Christmas Dny In thc person
of George Johnson, born ln WoKt
Bromwlch, County of Surrey, England.
Mr. Johnson was one of the oldest
■mgineers of the Grand Trunk Rail*
way, being employed by that com-
oany since 1874, and running the
Grand Trunk Railway International
Limited between Montreal and Bolle-
ville for many years. Mr. Johnson
retired from this service several years
ago. He Is survived by his widow.
four sons and three daughters- Kdward, Montreal; George \\'., ('ranbrook, B. C; Mrs. G. F. Smith. Vancouver; Mra. 8. A. Simpson, Winnipeg; T. Ernest, Portland; J. Albert,
Montreal; Mra. W. E. Kvans, West-
Cranbrook   Soldier   Badly   Wounded
While on "Listening Post"—
Is Non in Base
Friends of Frank Cryderman, who
was reported wounded a few weeks
ago, wlll be pleased to hear that he
will recover from his wounds. In a
letter to his mother dated December
8th ho says:
"A few lines to let you know that I
wu wounded on Dec. 4th while ln thc
front line trenches, and am for the
present ln the Base Hospital. I was
out on "Listening Post" (two men go
between the lines and try to hear anything the enemy has to say, also find
out If they have any working party
out). But first of all I don't want you
to worry about mo as I will pull
through all right. It was about ten
o'clock at night when we (two men
and a corporal) crawled over the parapet to go out We had not gone far
when tbe Germans sent up a flare,
they spotted up and turned a machine
gun on us. We fell flat on the ground
and'had no sooner done bo when a
shrapnel shell burst over us. The
three of us wcre wounded. I managed
to drag myself back to our parapet,
the other two men following. I was
the most severely wounded, having
shrapnel wounds ln the head, back,
hip and thigh. Thc other two were
only slightly touched and walked out
to the dressing station. It was six
o'clock la the uornlng beforo   too
Famous ••Spoilers" Film Coming   to
Rex Theatre Tuesday.
January llth.
"The Spoilers" will be seen for tlie
lirst tour in Canada at the Rex theatre
one night only, Tuesday, January llth.
This famous story was written by Rex
Beach, the popular American author.
and has now been vfsuullzed by thc
Sellg Company, at an enormous cost
It Is nine reels long, In three acts.
and It takes two hours and twenty
mlnutcB for a single presentation. Mr, I
William Faruum and Miss Katliiyn j
Williams, with whom all the world '
are familiar, gre the stars. The story j
Kb familiar. It tells of un ambitious i
ibut wicket attempt by a corrupt body \
ot Puget Sound politicians, in conjunction with a weak judge at the Supreme '
[Court, to oust all the miners ojiuut
Nome from their claims. Glenlstor j
ind Dextry, partners In the Midas ;
Mine, come out to Seattle for the Win-;
..er. Alex. McNamara, the genius ol ;
he conspiracy, goes to Nome, imports
his Judge, institutes proceedings to get
the Midas Mine Into his hands through |
a court Injunction. Helen Chester.'
niece of the Judge, and Cherry Malotte,
d young woman of Nome, play Import-
tut parts in the development of thc
story. Glenlster Is a fighter and Mc-
Xainara Is no less fearless, though fur
less honorable. It Is a struggle to the
death in a country where vital questions arc settled by the bark of revol-
"rrs, and where treachery and decep- j
tlon have scant courtesy.
"Tl"* Stjoilern" U big, moving, mas-
terful and wholesome fn  Its  human
Interests, '.hrllllng in incident, absorb- i
Ing In situation, powerful in progreo-'
■ilon from start to finish.   It is a thrill- j
Ing red-blooded story of strong men
battling for supremacy, witli nil their
power of mind and muscle, aleft for
every cast of chance.
Day Pbone 133 Night Phone II
Norbary Ave,, next to City Hall
1'hooe lOfi P. O. Box 13
Organist   Methodist  Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
if   you   want   satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
General Merchant
Employment* Agents
P. O. Box mi Phone 144
Wednesday afternoon of Inst week ;
the Ladles' Aid of the Metht .list church
gave an At Home In tlie church for,
the parents and children. They worn
entertained with music, games ind a'
Mrs. K. A. Hill and children of Cran-
brook spent Wednesday and Thursday
Of last week here visiting Mrs. J. W.
Provincial Constable Arden left on
Saturday for Hosmer, B. C, where he
has exchanged places with Provincial
Constable O/Connel who arrived on
Friday to take charge here.
Mlsa Snider returned from Vancouver Sunday.
Miss Cartwright returned from Cres-
ton Saturday.
Moyle public school opened Monday i
On Monday evening Thomas Bates,
Immigration Inspector, sllptved on n j
piece of Ice in Kings Gate and broke a \
leg. He was taken to St. Kugene hospital, Cranbrook.
Miss Conrade accompaaled Mra. Alex
■      a sacssss^asas—as
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
hare more regular patron, trom
Britlnh Columbia
than any othar
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, lot ui
enow you why
this Ib true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all placet el
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates ai low
as at the more ordinary
Nee Steamship na tht B*M»f
Physlciiins  und  Surgeons
Ollice at   residonce. Armstrong
...200 to   4 00
■ ..2 30 to    4.1-9
k,   BC.
Meets  every
Munhiy   night
-    . -    st    Fraternity
H,U      Sojuurnlnj.   OJU'eiloM
oorallallr Invli.u 	
W. M. Harris. ' ' R. .\*-:. Rusrelli.
■Sec.    . n.g.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets ewr TuMdsy st 8 s m I,
th. Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M   Christian, K. R, * S
P    O    Box   .22
Vislt'itj brethren oordlallr l»-
•Ited to attend
Meets every second snd tourtts
Wednesday   at   Fraternity   Hall
Sojourning Rebekaha eoraflal-
ly Invited
Sli ('  Unmet. N (I
sis. a. rtlckentoibsm, Sm
Mueta In MatWe li.ill teenoi
and fourth T,«eiaa> of every
month at 8 p a
Membarsbl,   .,«   u>   Brlttak
I  Y  Brake. j  F  lower.
Prealdem Secretary
Vlaltlng awban aardlally
Meets In th, Mapla Hall
■rat Tuesday afternoon sf every
month at 3 p ni
President, Mrs. W n McFsrlsn,
Secretary. Mrs. John Shaw
f O Boi ««]
All ladies cordially Invited.
T II E    (  It A > II K no K
O R (  II E S 1 II A
I, open for engagement
Daaees, Socials Elr.
Apply to
Mrs. Aranld IValllnger
PHONE IM     -
"ranbrook, B.C.
19   open   for   engagements   for
dar.ces. socials, etc
For terms apply to
Cranbrook. B. C.
rvrwarduif    and    Dlatrlbutlnf
Asenl for
UUibrldft  fr>«l
XI-1U Powder
Imperial ull Co.
Draylag aad Transferring
given prompt attention
Phone S3
Headqaartor,  for all  kinds  of
failstectlo,  Uaaruteed
The Shoe Specialist
L.   M.   SMITH
II A T    K E N O V A T O R
Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
Cleaned and Blocked
0LII   HTVI.ES   ilr.MOIill
Phone ini
km**, Prut, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cake,, Pies
aad Pastry
PaMM 17
*mt**n A**-       Op, City Hall
Cameron and non  to Kimberley  last
\Vnnted—Position nt general lioiiRe-
work.   Apply care of Box 403, city.
It In stilted tlmt tin* llrltli-tli government has contracted for nil of the
Trail   smelter's   tiutmit   fur   nevt-ml
milltiiiir I'i.I Uit Wuiiitu |, (, |.,( or i•,.,.■ f,>r
(lu. .*.:.! tt nil I'm* nlfiua. nr mallni t*< it>r
udnuon rcotlptol HHei, thi s-opku. Dstra
Ot ,ttL<.4trMriiiii, Oftti-nt- 	
Vitality; for San* *nA hrtln; InCfMUH "Bt*y
nuittr':*Toiirr-wlMI>iilltl*/(m up. tin boi, of
l*o for p. at .l-'itt tlnm, nr hy matt mt rivwlfrt
•Itirtc* Tm .Houiii-L Haw (Jo, Bt. dUurlbtk
THURSDAY,     JANUARY Gth, 1016,
V, M. C< A. NOTES,
Y. M. t. A. Team fflDB 1015 Howling
(Imiiiploiiship—('. I'. It. Takes
Second liave.
On Sunday afternoon in the Y. M. C
A., there will be n meeting for men
commencing nt 4.15 o'clock.   The Rev.
No Slackeulnr to the Enlistment* und
the leal try Murk Mill Soon
Uo Iteaelied.
The number of recruits enlisted at
Craubrook till noon yesterday by.Lieut
... v «. ,,, .    , „    ... „     A i Banfield haa reached the exceedingly
\\. K. Thomson will be present to ad-        ,,,,..,„„„       .....
,        .,._ ■     ., . ,, ... .   i ered table total of 90, and It Is only a
dress the meeting, and there will be j ' _ '
...» , matter of i\ few days now until the
special music. ,      ,    ,        ,   , ,   ,    „ •
».,,,. m,      ,       ,    ,  , a   ■ hundred murk   s reached.   Tho ques-
A cordial Invitation is extended to | ,       a   ,    ,      ,       4. .        ,„
, _     ,      ,   .    . .  tion of whether the entire number will
the men of Cranbrook to be present .   ,   ,    _     .      ,   ,   ,
train in Cranbrook during the winter
at this meeting.
On Monday afternoon, January 10,
at 3.30, the regular monthly meeting
of the Ladles Auxiliary of this Association will be held. This being the
Ilrst meeting of the year the annual
election of ollicers will take place, for
which n full turn out of the members
is requested,
The following is the standing of the
different teams at the close ot tlio
league for the 1915 championship, on
Dec, 17th, which has not previously
been published on account of the nb-
senoe or the Secretary from the city.
Tho Championship for the year waB
carried off by the Y. M. C. A. team
witli a margin of four points on the
P, P, It. ollice team which won second ,
lillice. Y. M, C. A. 28; ollice 19, city
18, Tigers 18, Hhop 7.
The personal of the winning team
was us follows: i). M. Cowan. Capt.
Jno, Martin, W. S. Disney, Jas Martin,
Kenneth McDonald, W. F. Cameron,
The Individual championship for the
league was won by D. M- Cowan with
an average of 164-6.6, !»■ Sutherland
coming second with 153-4|7 and C. C.
Connolly third  with  160-1|6,
The Ladies Tournament for the
1915-16 championship is drawing to a
close there remaining but two more
matches to play, The standing of the
teams at present Is as follows: Lilies
ll, Tulips s, Roses 7, Shamrocks 3.
Pansles ::
The next match being the second
last on the schedule will he played
next Tuesday evening between the
Lilies and the Shamrocks. All those
interested are invited to he present
to see these games which decide who
Will hold the Trophy for the year.
A Challenge lias been Issued by Miss
Ada Hickenbotham to the 102nd Regiment for a Ten Pin Match between
that body and au all-star team of ladles which she has organized for the
occasion. The games will take place
on Saturday evening the management
of the association having reserved the
alleys for the free use of tin* teams
for the match.
Those interested in the contest an*
Invited to come and give the competing teams tiie benefit of their support.
Lieut. W. M. Harris has kindly offered to present a box of chocolates as a
prize to the winning team.
On Monday evening, a meeting will
he held in tlie Committee Room of tlie
Association for the purpose of starting another tournament for those
wishing to take part in a ten pin com
petition, with teams composed of three
men each. Tliis wlll make a fnHtor
game and a much mom interesting
competition for those taking part than
the five man teams. Those wishing
tlieir names entered in tlie shedule
should have them In before Saturday
night In order that the schedule may
be arranged without delay, and should
also be present nt the meeting on
Mondny evening which commences at
eight o'clock.
or whether a part of them will accompany Lieut. Banfield to the Coast iu
the course of a few days has been a
live topic during the last few days. The
men enlisting have the choice of joining any battalion they desire, and n
number of them have signified their
desire to accompany Lieut. Bunlleld.
The city authorities are making every
effort to keep tho men here, and the
'wires have been hot with telegrams the
last few days. The next fow days
will probably settle the matter.
The following lire the names of tiie
most recent recruits:
Walter   Giddlugs,   single,   rancher.
Carl Johnson, single, fireman, Swedish.
Thomas Kelly, single, miner. Irish.
Wle.   LbnO,  single,  laborer,   Italian.
Thomas Marks, single, miner, Irish.
chas Joseph McQruder, single, team-
, ster, American.
Hugh   Romley,  single,  stonecutter,
son, single,  lumberman
don't you have the £oo3 ol ycur
family at heart? Don't you "tfant
to get tor your family th.: Very
hest? For internal ailments—Lho
best medicine? For sons ami skt.i
ci:;: ases—the beat ointments If so.
gen Zam-Buk. Mothers who lmvo
used Zam-Buk say there is nothing
to equal its soothing, healing puwer
iu cases of skin diseases and hi--
juries, and uuiliiug so suitable for
sensitive sklua,
This is because Zani-Buli is composed entirely of medicinal herbal
essences and extracts, and I free
from ihe poisonous color.: n matter and harsh minerals found in
ordinary ointments.
Children, having mice used '■■ im-
Buk,  will   cry  for   ii   wl on   Uu y
bow quickly it stops the pain
8, single, teamster, Eng*
_^t^M3kss*~ i, . .     . v
Clyde Sai
William Si      ^^^^^^
James Alex. Stevenson, single lum
herman, Canadian.
Joseph   Alburt   Stevenson
cook, Canadian.
ttenj. William Tolfreo, single,
man, English.
John Kdward Vogel, single, rancher,
Joseph  A.  McQce, married, salesman, Canadian,
Robert Fred Canning, single, lumberman. Knglish.
John Fraser Gulllon, single, lumberman. Canadian*
Morgan   McQrath,   single,  brldge-
bultder, Canadian.
Andrew L, Dayneau, single, lumberman, Canadian.
John    Ryan,    single,    lumberman
Robert John Duff, single, wild cat
lumberjack, Canadian.
Prank Clark,   single,   lumberman,
Harry Benjamin Gates, single, construction foreman, Canadian.
Lorne   Raymond,   single,  lumberman, Canadian.
Daniel  Nolan, single,   lumberman,
Robert Albert Carr, widower, cook
John Robinson, single, lumberman.
Duncan McDonald, single,  lumberman, Canadian.
Gustavo Si hinder,    single,    section
foreman. Swede.
i hi: development of thi
(By A. K. Watts
Tiie installation of officers for Key
City Lodge No. 42, I, O. O. F. will be
held on Monday evening, January 10,
with a banquet after, All members are
requested to he present. 52—2t.
The Rev. W. K. Thomson preached
a strong recruiting sermon Sunday
night last. The British Kmplre Is the
greatest empire tlie world has ever
seen. It is lu need nf our service. "Is
it worth fighting for? Is it worth
dying for?" While making a strong
plea for able-bodied men to rally to
the defence of the flag which stands
for justice, liberty, and fair play, Mr.
Thomson believed that it was a mutter
of conscience to eacli individual who
ther or not he should enlist.
The output of the Grunby mine at
Phoenix will run close to 1,000,000 tons
this year.
Your Money Will Go
Farthest Here
We arc bent on getting rid
of our Furniture stock, and
have no hesitation in stating
that nowhere In town will your
money go as far as at our Furniture Department.
No extra charge for packing. Freight paid to all local
Cranbrook Co-Opera-
tive Stores, Ltd.
In tlie Installation and operation ol
.t Creamery, or other Institutions, no
great advance can be made without*)
o-operntion, centralization of effort
and power. Local journuls can be of
great assirtance iu disseminating the
knowledge necessary to attract practical interest in the upbuilding of industries for which this district Is emin-
intly suited, the development of which
means much not only to the producer
but to every citizen directly or indirectly. For years past a Creamery
has been talked about aud several
ichemes suggested but none so far
appeal to the Indigent farmers, and
without their enthusiastic work and
support It can never be a success.
In business propositions the first
things to consider are tlie obstacles |
md difficulties nnd how to overcome
them; the chief one Is lack of capital
and until that question is dealt with
there will be very little cream for n
Creamery; to nsceitain how many
cows are iu the neighborhood provides
no criterion as to how much cream 1?
available, most of the cows in this
district are kept for stock raising, not
cream producers; tlie kind dairymen
require have to be imported and it will
take considerable capital to provide
good milkers to produce enough for a
very small creamery.
Another problem that must he dealt
witli is that not many farmers are
producing feed required for the production of butter fat, although they
may have plenty of feed for wintering
range cattle, and tliat Is a matter that
will not adjust itself but requires foresight and preparations mnde ahead, for
whilst a dairyman who retails milk
and cream can nfford to buy all foodstuffs and still make ?1 per day profit from an avc.r.g.^ talrly ( lu ixw,-,
he could not If supplying cream to n
crenmery make SOc profit even If Iw
'-ot 35c per lb. for his butter fat.
For instance, at 10c per quart n
dair>mian makes $4.00 per 100 lbs. of'
milk, which should contain II to 4 per
"ent fat, 4 lbs. of butter fat nt 35-
•,'ivcs $1.40 In place of $4.00 for hh
milk—true he hns his skimmed milk
left but thnt Is not of equal value tr
the $2.(10 balance against him. It
therefore follows that the dairy farmers to make a permanent success, must
grow food stuffs rich In protein, most
of whicli dairymen now import, but
capital Is needed says the would-be-
The above remarks are not cynical
criticisms which are destructive; hut a
fair analysis to bo followed by constructive and practical suggestions, all
will agree tliat if a creamery was
equipped, started nnd leased the lessee
could not remain long if there war*, n
shortage of cream for an Indefinite
period, he would have nothing to iu-
duce him to stay.
Ity Cn.operation
On the other hnnd, if all concerned
havo n permanent Interest in such
ventures as intended (and provided
for) under tho Agricultural Association Act tiiere would be hopes of certain succoss.
Farmers Institute* are subsidised by
Mm Government witli tho object of
formulating ideas and practically assisting in the development of the agricultural resources of the country. Tt
Is said they (tho Institutes) have labored like the mouiitnln but the mouse
is still in embryo. Maybe Its nrrlva'
hus only been delayed, perhaps a few
gentle progs may Induce them to make
a stupendous effort, or a brilliant
Idea may strike them suddenly, like
one struck the poor fellow who war
confined in a loathsome dungeon for
years when suddenly a brilliant iflen
struck him--he opened the window and
got out—Artemus Ward labelled it,
"this is not writ sarkastlk."
However, follow me nnd wo will examine the1 window mado March 4th.' mers;'
11)14, Agricultural Act, Chap. I, sec. 20,
"Tlie Lieutenant Governor in Council may advance out of the unapproi
Mated revenue and public moneys nf
the Province nnd lend to each Assoeln-
tlon now or hereafter duly incorpornt
ed under tills part from time to time
for the purpose of erecting, or ncqulr -
ing and maintaining managing vid operating within the Province any of
the industries enumerated in Section
21 of this Act, and complying with
thc requirements laid down in this
part of the Act or in regulations framed hereunder, a sum not exceeding to
any one Association of 80 per cent
(eighty per centum ot its subscribed
Section 21: Any twenty-five persons
who desire to associate themselves together under this Pnrt for nny or all
of the purposes following, that Ib to
pay:—- • '
"fal Tlie manufacturing of cheese,
butler, elder, jams, pickles, and spray
mixtures, and the drying and canning
of fruit and vegetables,
"(b) The keeping of farm live-stock
ind bees, and the manufacturing and
Jttlo of the various products arising
"(e) The dealing in all fnrm llvo-
-toek, eugs, milk, cream, nnd nil other
! Lgrtcultiiral and horticultural pro-
i ducts, and tlie materials, Implements,
[ >r other articles requisite and neces
! -ary for the production, packing and
I distribution thereof, as the same may
Ibe from lime to time required by tlie
| members,
"till The dealing in flour, feed, fertilizers, explosives, spray materials |
and food of ull kinds for farm livestock, and the component parts or ma-
'• torlals from which the same are made,
1 "(e) The erection and maintenance
lof buildings requisite und necessary
for the carrying out of tlio purposes of
j tho association,
"(f) The erection and maintenance
f a cold-storage plant nnd the sale of
"(g) The purchase of and dealing in
farm Implements and machinery for
sale or hire to members of the association,
"(h) For any purpose which may
he approved by the Minister having for
its object tlie development of agrlcul
Farmers will appreciate the fact that
the "window" Is open, that at one fell-
swoop a Paternal and Conservative
Government has struck off tlie financial shackles, hitherto rlvettod so well
ind sure, tliat if a poor farmer wanted
?100 wherewitli to buy a cow If he had
twice $20 towards It he could not borrow the balance from tbe modern Shy-
lock except at usurious rates of interest and compounded every month, and
besides that the danger ot being forced
to realize at a moments notice and his
herd of two or less cows, Ills means of
subsistence, walked off by the Sheriff.
Farmers, industrious and frugal men,
this means your emancipation from
noslttve serfdom, a glorious vista is
opened up whereby you can transform
East Kootenay Into a veritable (not
■iromised) land, flowing with milk and
honey, a much easier and more proflt-
tble avocation thnn growing the "big
red apples" of which we have too many
md our American cousins are in the
same fix through overproduction.
For many years you cannot overproduce butter, cream and cheese, you
have generous merchants wbo offer to
'aUo more than you can produce at
top prices.
The Latest System
The latest system of extracting but-
ler from cream is worth study and
nvestigatlon, it differs from the old
■hurnfng process, the separation of the
'nitter globules from the cream Is ef-
'nctcd hy centrifugal force and the
•oration of the cream. It Is claimed
hat tliis process is much superior to
hat of a churn which beats nnd whips j
'lie cream which Is apt to break-the
-rain and destroys tiie texture of the
'uitter granules which mix with milk
solids and produces butter that qulck-
'y goes rancid. Churns leave from
nne to four per cent of butter fat ln
'he butter-milk, analytical tests show
'hat tlie new method leaves less than
one rnurth of one per cent of fat in
the bntter-mlllt. The makers of the
machine are nddlng some minor Improvements which will be finished In a
few days, they will then send a small
hand power mnchine-to Cranbrook for
'Mihlic demonstration of which duo notice will be given.
Now for the practical part of tbe
husluoss, a declaration lins already
'ieen Drawn up nnd nn application for
Incorporation, as required by the Act,
has been signed by farmers and dairy
''eople, male and female, under the
titlo of:—
The   Kootenay  Farmers* Industrial
formed for alt or part of thnt purposes
■et forth under .Section 21 of the Act
ts may he decided by the subscribers
•hereto; this is not a close corporation
'mt ypen to all nrltlsh subjects resident In the KootennyB; ns set forth hi
'he Act the business of such associations wilt bo under the direct nnd
strict supervision nf the Government,
therefore this venture wltl not be por-
mtUr-d to be nf a bnrn-bralned typo, as
wo hnve a Husiness man with a big
IV at tlie helm. B In Prance was
the emplem of Bonaparte, Napoleons
ind Kitcheners are needed in trade
and commerce in Cnnnda, just as much
is they are needed at the front, and
'hose who are too old or tbo rickety to
IrIU mtlBt do all thev can to produce
the sinews of wnr "Wealth-' which we
"pn win from the soil of which British
Columbia has such a rich abundance.
In conclusion, members of the Par-
Tnstltute, whom I have gently
ritfelscd. may retort that tliey elected
me Honornry President of their Institution, granted—therefore, ns their
"lected senior T have the right to sublet them to discipline and If they go
to sleep on duty to gently wake them
up and set them to work along proper
lines, the base of success ln all maters.
Don't Buy Anything
DPY   One Night Only   I A IV    11
IV Li/Va,  TUESDAY, »Jr\l 1.    II
Selig's Wonderful Nine-Reel Produclion of
From the Famous Nove'
by Rex Bsacli, featuring
William Farnum,.
Kathlyn Williams,
Thomas Santchi
.^^*%hI if
y**" from Hit   \{
*^L    coo.: bv
Irex. beach m
This Picture has
Been Shown
First Show Commences at 7,00, Second Show nt 9.15
Admission:   Adults 35c, Children 25c.
A solid two and a quarter hours' entertainment of intense interest.
excitement and thrills. A great human interest story of people wilh rich.
red blood in their veins facing supreme difficulties and fightin;! Icr their
Municipal Elections, 1916
Lester Clapp
At tlio enrncHt request of n Jorge
number of tlio Imsim-.■.■< men ami ratepayers of thu city ot Crunbrook I
have consented to stand tor the ollice
of Mayor, and solicit the support of
the voters of this city for election to
that office.
If elected I will serve the city to the
best of my ability, having always iu
view tho necessity for retrenchment
and economy in the administration of
the affairs of the city.
I seek election upon my record ns
alderman   during   the   past severnl
years, nnd thank yon m antidilution
of your support.
jfoJv  V.'1
Notice Is hereby given thut nil tuxes
for the year 101(1 ror properties situate in the Fort Steele Assessment
District ure now due und payable ut
my office in the Court House, City of
Crunbrook, B. C.
And, morovor, take notice, tho publication of this notice ts deemed to hc
equivalent to a personnl demand by
tho Assessor and Collector of nil tuxes
due und payable by persons liable to
pay tlio same.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this 2nd
day of January, 191(1,
H, S. CLARK, *
Assessor and Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District.
Greenwood people, who for months
havo had two moving picture shows
wockly, are again reduced to one performance—on Wcdacidaya.
Ono motor bool capable i»r currying
olghl posset.gors. two plato gimm mirrors 80x00 In che , <m« National Cash
Register Nn. 104481. nil in good condition.
Tin*- abovo mentioned   ih lmvo
been seised by mo for debt and will be
offer* tl fur sale h, public auction ut
the City Hall. Cranbrook, ou Friday,
Jan    81,   1910,
clock   in   the
, ilr Vero Hunt,
Deputy Sheriff.
•      68—It
"IN THB MATTER OF THB 'WINDING UP' nnd ametadlng Acts, and
In the matter of thc Cruulirook Saw
Mills Company, Limited.
TAKE NOTICE that the time   and
place for the appointment of an Official Liquidator, has been fixed for tho
inth dny of January, 1010, at the hour
of 10.30 o'clock lu tho fore-noon, at
the Supreme Court Chambers, Court
House, Vnnoonver, B, (.'., by order of
the Honourable Mr. Justice Macdonald,
dated the first dny tit November, 1916.
"T. T, Meorody"
Solicitor for tho Petitioner*


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