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Cranbrook Herald Oct 22, 1914

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THURSDAY, October 22nd, 1914
Now that we urc having hard times
everyone should patronize the "Hard
Times" dance. Little, if any, clothes
are required, and tlm more dissolute
thc more likely they nre to gain a
prize. It Ih a well known fact that
people aro known by their companions. Init thia Ih the exception tlmt
prOVCB the existence of a rule, and
oiio'h companions in thin coming
dance may he just mi distinguished
ethically ax tholr clothon are demoralized actually, ho the only thing to
bo done iw to accept the gifts the
god's'give and enjoy what is sure tu
bu there, good music, a good Hour and
good partners; what more* can anyone  want?
The Westminster Qaxotto tins n very
Incisive article on the subject of advertising during the war. lt la too
long for reproduction, but itH main
argument Is well worth mentioning. It
speaks of the 111 effect produced since
the outbreak of war by a number of
Arms who have ceased to advertise,
thus dislocating thc business machinery of the country, giving less work
to the printer, tlio paper-maker, the
bill-poster, the advertising agents, increasing distress and unemployment.
Wiser firms have adopted a different
policy, viz., to roach out for new markets by additional advertising. Thc
Westminster Gazette claims that business houses which have followed this
policy are doing their part to reduce
the inevitable harm of war. They are
the only ones who are living up to
the motto, "Business as Usual," and
they will come through the war
strengthened and with enhanced reputation. At no time Is advertising
more likely to poduce permanent results. New needs are being revealed
by the war; markets which have been
closed to us are now open; ndvertls-
Word has been received in the city
of the death of L. P. Eckstein, of
Fort George. Particulars are not to
hand. I*, li). Wilson Is looking after
his business. Mr. Eckstein left Ferule somo three years ago, going first
to Kdmonton, und afterwards to
Fort George, where he acted us solicitor for Foley. Welsh & Stewart, railway contractors. He opened u law
ollice in Fort George and hns been
practising his profession there blnoe.
Mr, Eckstein pructlsod law In Grand
Forks und In New Westminster. He
sold his practise hero to A. Mftonoil.—
Ferule Free Press.
today  would  not have  been in   the authoritative.    Here nre a few son-
grips of death in Europe.   But true to tences; "The efforts directed towards
(By A,  13. WrfttB)
ash. Whore are you when important meet-
it would  provide cheaper food  for   Ings  aro hold?    At the club, opera,
barroom,   at   home
reading   novels;
I Whilst the greatest war rages that
history ever recorded, financial affairs ami the minds of the people are j the mases. hall   room
: almost paralysed and little attention j It Is not hard to imagine whal might slippers   0
its arrogant and cruel nutur? -a nr*
tore that permits civilians to be slash'
ed by presumptlous self-conceited officers—war was declared on Russia
and France, and the excuse, forsooth
The "Scrap ni Paper.'*
with I ul* that
after   sword  li
Is paid to any other maters until the | have' been had the policy been adopted  something luxurious, yes! whilst some  read the "Correspondence" issued by
tlio abolition of war must not only be
termed   foolish,   but   absolutely   immoral, and must bo stigmatized as unworthy of the human race."   "World
power or downfall."    "We must remain   conscious . . . that   we   cannot
under any circumstances avoid flght-
ille, Britain had been doing I fng for our position In the world, and
ay In her power to keep tbe ' the all-important is not to postpone
the scabbard.    I have just j that war us long as possible, but to
(By Fred Boo.)
pinch of necessity ts felt, the timid
mil weak-minded imagine it is a sin j
to think, spank or read of anything
ulso, but It is well to boar in mind
that there are many phases uf put*
riotlsm.   The valiant fighters und tho 1
The reason these notes did not appear Inst week was, the regular cd'
Itor was down ln the Roosville and
Tobacco Plains buying Irish Apples
and vegutn-1 l's for the Fernie millionaires and other wild animals.
Tint' party responsible for the
changing of Gateway, B.C. to Newgate, B.C./.should be sent to the original Newgate for the rest of their
natural life.
Ken. It. Foster, tbo popular, government Vet. Surgeon and family passed
through Flagstone in their auto going north this week.
According to English, papers, Richard Harding Davis has quit tbe European war zone ln disgust. Hvid-
ently be has decided that General
Sherman was correct in' his observation. ',
Mr. and Mrs. Newton left Klko via
tbe AU Red 1 Route, Saturday (or
Netlcy Abbey, Vouth of England. Mr
Newton is bead gardener for Colonel
.Pyne of the Waldo orchards, and ulso
waa ".overseer of the B.C. Government Experimental Fruit tracts.
Several driving parties accompanied
which the writer has propounded uud   t
recommended during tht* past years;  a
hut It Is not too late to urge tin* governments to enact tlie necessary legislation.   Public opinion must be expressed In decided tones.    Jt is a well
hungry multitude must be fed.      If I known fuct that governments quickly
we allow ourselves to become stupl-  accede    to    public    dcniuuds    when
fled aud paralyzed witl; the contem-  prompted by common sense.   An expiation of the appalling magnitude of, ample occurred recently whoa muny
the greatest struggle tint earth  has - people were complaining thut uo html
over known, we sink to the lowest, in  this  vicinity   wus  open   for  pro-
depth of uselessness; yet this ootid!-  emptlon.   The writer suggested that u  choosing legislators Is decided. If you
tion prevails und is caused primarily j petition be presented to the British  tliluk the people do thut you ure misty four und apathy.   Politicians try to j Columbia    government    asking    for  taken,   if you doubt it, do your duty
hard-working manipulators hold I the government respecting the Euro-
it semi-public meeting und steal your peon crisis. Hone can read the tele-
franchlso und your right to recom- grams and communications without
mend men to seats In high places und being convinced that Britain suught
handle the emoluments of power, and , peace. Of the 159 telegrams, etc., Sir
When It Is too late you howl und curse  R. Urey sent over t>o from July 30th
government for all the Ills which  to August 4th. The othera are mainly
flesh Is heir to,
Vou may usk': "What has this to do
with the prosperity of the country?"
ll Is the crux or the wholo question;
it Is here thut the vital  matter of
show their patriotism by declaring
tbat nothing must be considered but
war. That is sheer nonsense when we
see hungry multitudes willing to he-
come producers aud thereby provide
the sinews of war, which if properly
directed, their Idleness instead of being as it is a source of weakness may
be made a source of mighty strength.
Hungry multitudes in droves hasten
to the cities because there ls no em
ployment for them on the land.
Government paternalism has been
Bneered at by those of narrow perception and short sightcdness; yet
the principle, lias been recognized as
correct by the greatest authorities,
and practical experience bas shown
that It has lifted countries from poverty to affluence. For example, Denmark. True the principle will not
convert the ordinary work-dodger Into a thrifty industrious farmer, but lt
would give a chance for all to work
and produce, and those who will not
do that should not be allowed to cat.
Can any reason be advanced why an
attempt should not be made to utilize
the thousands of acres of productive
crown lands to be thrown open. At a „rt citizens and attend meetings and
joint meting of Conservatives nnd Lib- ||nd out how things aro done. It is
;ra!s the suggestion was adopted—und hero thnt leglslutors are not only
at that meeting somo wise-acres said chosen but advised whut course to
nothing could como of it—before the follow. If you wish to suggest repetition was completed the lands were formB in any matters this is the place
thrown open for free settlement. w|,era it can be done, and your voice
The authorities did well and can do »"'d" vote will count whether you ho n
still better, and thoy will certainly do mechanic, farmer, hotel keeper or
so if supported by public opinion; but I clergyman,   and   the   latter   surely
l" i if the public ure too upnthetlc to ex
press an opinion or formulate an idea,
tliey must remain  in  the same old
them from Waldo to Elko to wish
Ing Is part of the normal machinery jthem B°n Voyage and at safe return.
of every prosperous business; it re-1 IiB Qu*te possible that the Newton's
presents the cheapest, the quickest | will return in the Bprlng with a lot
and tbe most certain means of ac-! of    new   settlers'  for   the Roosville
quiring new business.   Prosperity wlll' valley. ^M	
not come to the man who does noth-;    If the big Dally newspapers would I *and now idle, to provide work for wiling to evoke it, but to him who lets j cut out nine tenths of the fake war | "ng workers. Or why some assistance
the world know that ho Is In husiness. j news and give the cost of Buch rub-
that he intends to remain In business,; Msh to the Fernie and Elko Cana-
and that those who wish to do bust-' dian Patriotic Fund, it would be far
ne&3 will find him eager and willing in | better   than   having   the   European
should not bo given to the industrious
settlers, poverty stricken in their endeavors to find the means of subsist-
ance during their life's work of pull-
thelr service. In an editorial during ; Monarchs in ssventeen different places IinB stun,l3B and preparing u fnrm or
the early part of the week The Vic- j at the same time, which brings to j orchart!' nmn>' such cannot afford to
torla Colonist enforced this same : our m*nf^ whcn re n&A It th(B w | buy a pig or a cow, and yet are sur-
vfew. and pointed to the fact that it flion of the Umms nur8ery rnyme j rounaeu ny oue ot the nnest cattle
was carrying more outside advertising ; Emperor Kaiser King and Czar' rangeB on eart*1* Money advanced to
than ever before. This shows thai I how we'Wonaer ^htn we &n ' '
those in thc bet position to judge , MeflBr8 BleBf,del* Efne Md Qtq_
tbat there is business to he done, tt L, Rame, hunter9 ^ in (rom the
also show,-* that they recognise ad- 8outh Fork|thfB wwk w( ^ R
vertising as the legitimate means of  bowfTrout and Venlfl0[)
should not fall to do their duty as true
patriots In considering und advising
how to hold thc scales of justice even-
I from British ambassadors ut Berlin.
Paris. Home. Russia und Vienna. Each
not** breathes an Indescribable longing
to avert the threatened cataclysm. The
"conversations" corroborate conclusively what the foreign secretary said
in the house of commons: "Wo have
! worked for peace up to the lust mo-
f ment, and beyond the last moment."
, When France nnd Germany were ask-
ed If they. In event of war. would re**
■ spect the neutrality of Belgium,
France replied: "Tho French government are resolved to respect the neutrality nf Belgium. (Correspondence
p. 1)6); but (iermany evaded the
point 1 Uml p. 65).
It  wus then dear what Gormany
meant to do in  Belgium.    But the
Belgians had faith in Qerman honor
' In the Belgian "Cray Book" we read
bring It on under the most favorable
conditions possible." "France must
bo so completely subdued that she can
never come across, our path," These
quotations will make it evident what
we aro fighting. iJt.tr tn mind that
our quarrel Is noi with the Herman
peasant, nor is it with tho Qermany
of art. of music, of theology, of
science, of literature, of Integrity and
industry; DO I we shall need that Uer-
inany again: but wo. are praying uiul
fighting thut forever out of Kurope
shall bv swept thai accursed spirit of
domineering, ferocious, blood-letting,
terrifying Prussian militarism 1 Prussia has lived b? the sword, and by it
shall die.
Pray for Sucre*- to Britain
I do not defend war as war—heart
and soul 1 am sick of tho dreadful carnage, tho bloody cruelties, the barbarian rapacity, the dreadful human
toll—but I do try to vindicate Britain's course as an honorable one, and
the only one to secure permanent
peace In Europe, And so I have no
Compunction at all in nsklng you to
go home uiul in your prayers to bo-
ruts of grumbling, criticising, and ro- ly and fairly between the warring ele
ments, whether on local or Imperial
To Farmers and Stock Kaisers
At the next mooting which will ho
assisting   those   who   nre   tho   bash
peatlrtg the snmo old thing; that politics are controlled by a few grafters
and heelers; If thut he true, then the
community thnt permits thut slate of
affairs to exist have themselves alone
to blame for tt. Politics und public
agalrs are the business of all af us,
and If the public are too Idle to take
part In controlling the sume in do-1 source of wealth nnd prosperity
tall, then the latter will continue to
liave control of ullulrs usurped by u
handful of men whoso egotism is only
excelled by their impudence nnd effrontery. Miniature "Tammany
Rings" exist und rule wherever tho
people are too Idle to take nu Interest
in public affairs; but when the public
wenken up and fake u hand in the
same, tho gangs  forming the rings
respected,  ami
the  same  Von
         (ierman   ultl*
duly advertised, the writer will (iflmatum! Of course th.* Belgians were
permitted) explain "Government Pat-1 offered Indemnity for the passage of
ernallsm" as suggested in the way of
that on July :tlst, Von Buolow assur-1 teech Almighty Ood to give success to
od the Belgian foreign offlce that their j the allies in this war oppression, bar-
neutrality   would   be   respected,  andjbarism. and militarism
within  -is hours the same Von I "Thero is but one Usk for all
Buolow   delivered   tho  (ierman   ultl* (    For each ono life to give:*
Who stands If freedom fall
How the government can assist In
the establishment of creumerios,
which can be made n source of groat
wealth tn this community.
Why the people should ask for nn
"amendment to the Land Act," so that
clerks, railway employees or other
persons engaged in avocations which
make it impossible for them to take
, up land as pre-emptors or home-
«on disperse and! take to cover. They ateaderBi   ow,ng   |o   the   m{dmtM
the German troops through their
country; but they naturally refused |
to assist because such a course was
I tantamount to declaring war on
j France. The Germans got angry and
declared they would hack their way
Mirough Belgium and this they pro-
' ceeded to do.
1 Then Belgium appealed to Britain
, to aid them. Could Britain refuse?
; Could she break her pledge to help?
j Could she stand aside and see the doc-
! trine, "might is right," put Into prac-
j Use:    Would It have been right to
Who dies if Kngland  live'
Washington. Oct. lfi.—President
Wilson's neutrality proclamation was
torn to shreads in tho house today
when Representative Gardner of
Massachusetts flayed the Germans and
expressed the opinion that God would
visit defeat upon them.
"It is true that with respect to the
present European war my views are
not those of a neutral," said Mr, Gard-
getting their share.
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, pastor
Services 11.00 end 7.38 p.m.
All the servicjs will partake j,f tho
nature o! prepnrntion for the evangelistic campaign during tho month
of November.
The morning topic will bo P'With
Jesus in Houl Winning."
In the evening tho subject will be
"Modern Evangelism"—IU need, nn
ture nnd  results.
Sunday school 3.00 p.m.'
Fellowship Bible  t'lnss 3.00 p.m.
Baptist Young People's Pnion
Monday 8.00 p.m. Monthly Devotion
nl Meeting topic: "Girding on the
Weekly Prayer Mooting, Wedncsdny
8.00 p,m..Tlie Holy Spi'rlt in Soul
Winning.   '
Tho local Baptist Church will celo
brnto Its thirteenth birthday on Sunday, November 1st, Rev. Doctor
Bpinder ol Vancouver, B.C., has been
procured to give the special messages
on that day. As a preacher ho needs
no Introduction to thc people of
Cranbrook. Ho Ims boon board with
groat acceptance both in Baptist
church's nnd in other connections
and interests in the city. On Tue«
duy evening Nov. 3rd tho congrega
Hon will engage In an old fashioned
tea-meeting and concert whicli the
most of us enjoyed hack Kiwt am!
in the Old Country. Fut ther details
will   bo announced   next   week.
Tho Baptist Church 0I this city turn
COmpletlid arrangements for an uc
tlve campaign during the month of
November, beginning with the O-'lo*
hTatlon of the 13th nnnlvcrsnrv of the
church on November 1st nnd 3rd, tbo
meetings will Iw continued throughout the month. Hev. Doctor Spencer
of Vancouver will aSSttt the pastor
Rev. O. E. Kendall In this work.
Doctor Spenser brings to thn work
the wisdom and experience of thirty
yearB strenuous activity in pastoral
ond evangelistic cfTnrt In Canada and
Kngland. He has heen heard in this
eity on different occasions when presenting the interests of The Baptist
Denomination, and the British Columbia Moral and fiocll Reform League. The fads and fancies ol Modern
Ism And no place in the theology of
Dr. Spencer. I He all other preachers and evangelists iff our duy who
are getting the rnr ot the masses, he
finds that the orthodoxy preachid
and defended by thn Christian Church
for centuries moots the needs of the
human heart aa nn other system can.
Tlw presentation of his message ts
nrafltsrful, convincing, lucid, and Is
*v»tr ipliitiaX.
C.lC. Snowden, the Calgary Oil
man, was in Elko last week and mis-
took!the writer for J. D. Rockefeller
lahnot stand the scorching search
light of public opinion when openly
It Is not fair to blame n government t0ry
Tor what some local political ring imposes upon the populace, especially
if the so-called ring of anyparty unjustly usurps power, whether by illegally packing meetings or otherwise.
If the voice of the people can be
throttled and smothered by a few
manipulations then such people deserve to have their franchise as free
clause which might bc omitted, providing the pre-emptor by deputy or
otherwise does the usual or statu-
work   and   improvements,   of
culmly witness  Belgium  dismember- : mr.    "I cm entirely convinced that
unholy   and,
such on their Improved land, with a
Hen on cattle the government might
supply, would  be one of the best investments for benefits to be derived
by the farmer, the  people and the
It   would   attract   and   encourage
people from the cities to the land.
      _;- It would lift an enormous burden
Well, with the price of wigs, toupees I off the struggling hard-working set-
and hair going up th? way it is, we i tier and make him prosperous and
don't give a dam    if   we are bald; ; happy. ^_\
another thing we'd sooner have our j lt would provide a permanent I It is just as much the duty of pat-
health than J. D. s money, and dys- : source ot income for the government; riots to defend the principle of Justict
pepsin, and we don't have to poultice   In many ways. [ to all locally as tt is to defend tin
our conscience when we retire. It  would  attract  and  sustain  at-! same principle lu Imperial and Inter
mon taken from them, und to sink to present flnanclal conditions Ihere can
the thraldron, serfdom und Iron heo
of oppression which our forefathers
sacrificed their lives to abolish.
led, her soldiers helplessly slain, her;the  German   cause
1 women brutalized, her cities razed to i moreover, a menace to the principles
the ground by a brutal bully.   May I I of democracy.   Furthermore, l believe
„,     ..   , ..        . , I ask. is it right for any nation, great or 'the God of battles  will visit defeat
oourn with .tlpulatlon. to prevent snla], „ no ,0 ^ lD.: upon the GermaD5.
7!C"!* "!. °"! .. !L" Itw"™ -UHer-nt about tbe wrong., tbe cruel-, -But no matter which side wins we
ties that have boon perpetrated upon ! must remember that since tho begin-
unoffendfng. peace-seeking Belgium: ining cf time victorious nations have
I ask again: Is it a moral thing to. proved headstrong and highhanded,
stand aside if we believe In the broth- We must begin at once to recognize
erhood of man. in Christ. Christ stood ' our military strength if wo expect to
by' the oppressed—can we do less? j be able io resist high-handedness
Dare we do less? But apart from [when tho day of necessity comes."
brotherhood we had a treaty—a writ- Ho stated bis opinion that the Unit-
ten promise—signed also by Austria, ^d States is unprepared for any kind
Russia, Prussia und France to respect of war and the the effect of vast gums
Belgium's neutrality. of  money spent  by  Carnegie  in  bia
But, said the German: "Will you go P*a« propaganda had tended to blind
to war over a scrap of paper?" (The . Americans to tho fact that their na-
German trembled with emotion when  tlonal security from a military point
the change; but to give every possible encouragement nnd nsslstancc to
the bona fide worker, to become a
producer of wealth by thc financial
and moral assistance of the government. That the question is of paramount importance to the people under
bo no two opinions. Owing to tho
terrible stato of affairs caused by the
devastating war,authorities advise the
people to produce food to supply the
armies and the hungry victims of the
Pharoah commanded the Israelites j he aske() (he oue8tloDt not( T ^ sur(?i  D( view is undermined.
Winning paper, bend* line,  (Food  tendant industries which always foi- j national   matters,   lot   lethargy  and to make bricks without straw, ancient | ovpr  Britain's  projected  action   but      "I simply cannot understand," said
Is going down) Sure, we are putting ; Iow   prosperous  agricultural  opera-' apathy destroy the former and the lat- --tyle.   The modern way—give a poor! ovef ,|Js own sin|    Britain answered ■ Mr. Gardner, "how any intelligent stu-
it down in Elko all the time it was  tion the smokeless chimneys and sll-  ter could no longer exist.   Lethargy man and Mb family virgin soil and  ..Yes,"   for   that " scrap of   paper"  dont of history can fail to se that ws
going up.                                              ; ont factories would be no more.             and luxury  destroyed the mightieBt tell film to produce food for armies.  repro8ented !lonor   It WM the proU(j  are impotent to defend ourselves and
Some men are born to greatneBS      It wold provide work for Idle rail- empires, its birthplace being locally navies and the hungry millions of  ,)0ast of lhf, pagan i^ang that they to enforce the  Monroe doctrine .by
and others have it thrust upon them' I way
nnd enn't'get away from it, but the  W8.
employees and thousands of oth- amongst the common people,    local  helpless victims.    We will ask onr I ^^^ ^j; fi^iiSdrit^'wi' I »o»l
critics ponder and think it may hurt, ■ government to be a little kinder than |Jfttea   fl   C(jntra(Jt     ^J^   0Prpat  alone.
man who predicted the European wafij
is getting to be fl goshed darned
Mr. and MrR.. Lou Folay and family
with Mrs. John Young motored to
Flagstone this week visiting with tho
Hfl%'8, chauffeur Alex Bimie at the
The Ladies Aid gave a very gUOtes*
ful Cookery Hale and 5 o'clock tea,
Saturday, at the Elko Drug Cos Ice
Orsatn Parlors; Mrs. H. Joyce, Mrs,
Hay Hirtz nnd Miss Irene McKoe
poured the ton, while the other 1ml-1
Icb attended to thc sale ot cakes,otc ,
The Ladies Aid nre to ho congratu-
lated on the:success they have made;
It would provide the merchants with it may be an unusual experiment; but Pharoah and to supply at least th*
business   from   many   sources   now think and then act. straw or its equivalent.
dried up. Take an active interest in the con- Our next Issue will contain an ar-
It  would  make  tbo country  self- trol of public acairs, you who squeal tide by the same writer entitled "Why
sustaining, UiBtead of Importing and nnd sometimes   even   curse   because the Lumber Trade In British Colum-
existing on borrowed capital. power Is held and used by what you bin ts Nearly Extinct and How Legis-
It  would export nnd  hnndlo real call a clique;   whose fnult Is that? lation Can Revive It."
suasion   and   financial   might
Tho  time  has  not  yet come
Sermon    by
Kev.    C.
In spite of nations arming to the j nations not educated up to the id.*al those boons of deprivation, ascetic-
teeth,  1  hnd always  hoped that no; would lead, as hns been clearly prov- ism, strenuous work, poverty, which
01 those sales during the past sum-1 Ef^"l^,?/!£ JITS^H ,n lhfl ,,Tesent W| to d,sI,»n('stv mank(n(1 s™™"* ha" »«ver learned | Is ln keeping with her history and hor
„„,,. tho loosing of the   dogs of war." But ]lo the caao of some.  Tho last, that of to obtain save	
Tlio 01 o Hoavv Dragons assom-: IK WU\ *", "\ h?PPOr»* ltK bloody i "eating a now military power, to pro- and experience of the terrible, fierce
.-> ncavy uragoons asscm- carnage, Its barbarism, Its toll, has
bled  in   Westmoreland  Park   Sunday,
Britain could not be less honorable! when the United States tan afford to
Had she deserted Belgium, after ■ allow the martial spirit of her FonB to
pledging to help hor to ko**p her ter- be destroyed and all the Carnegie
ritory Inviolate, when that, country millions in the world will not silence
was overrun by hordes of buccan- those of us who believe that bullets
oering brigands and her land and \ cannot bo stopped with bombast nor
people blooding under the heel of th«-   powder vanquished with platitudes."
jack-boot of accursed Prussian mill* 	
tarism, Britain's uct to all tlmo would | |j»truvo ■ \tiy u \ \( in If
have boon hold up to execration. That
would have boon the meanest treachery, and would hnve been to lose herself, for wltli tutony Britain might
have snid, und by her not did say, "If
I lose mine honor, I lost* myself."
Qermany   broke   her   plfght<d   are]
scattered honor to the winds; but thi;
serve   the   balance   of   the   world's  nnd  great  passions of lamentation,
witli terrifying swiftness.   Two  pence falls, ns ii  writer points out,   pity, despair, exultation In strife and
further particulars suppressed by or- \ months ugo we wore congratulating | "considering human nature Is whut sacrifice.   Those philosophers deolnr.
instinctive In humanity a sense thnt ii
der of Jim ThlBtlobeak, war corres-1 ourselves on the peace of the world I it Is, who would mnnage the business,
pondent, j nnd the progress of Christian clvllitta- would insure that they managed it
  j tion;  today we stand aghast at tho j with     far-sighted     statesmanship?"
Just n few wofds from the Toronto : terrific European conflict and bemoan  Whatever be tlio (Inn) solution of the
Telegram: "What use Is It to flaunt i u relapse Into worse atrocities than ' problem the signs of the times nre on-
through bloodletting ' teachings, Wantonly and lavishly she
hiiH spilt blood, today she Is keeping
true to her nature. One of Frederick
the Great's maxims was: "I** not
make tlio foolish mistake of not
breaking alliances when you believe
that your interest requires it." Bo
sure the Prussian learned his leason
thoroughly!     But  with   Britain  it ts
Ik well to forsake the glittering tables,
dnsh down the winecup, tear o.'f roftes
of toasting, wave away the mimes,
across tho door a sign saytng: 'Bust-1 ever drenmed of by pagan Attlla.
ness us Usual' If the proprietor ts in | Portent-*, ot Warld-Peace
ii state of coma?   What profits ft to
use a 'Made In Canada' stamp If a \ ,m(1 (l V|H|on
(Inn ceases to advertise Us wares Tind '
thus creates the impression that lt is
not making anything at all?"
couraglng, und loud us to Joyfully anticipate the dny when  "nation  shall
4  lbs 85
Box $1.65
Two Boxes $8.25
i-ong yours ago the prophet Isaiah     ____________________
They shall beat their j Causes of War
swords Into plowshares, und tholr | They are legion—from the prectpl-
spears Into pruntnghooks: nation tate shaving of a moustache to the
shall not lift up the sword against na-1 annexation of a neighbor's territory.
Hon, neither shall they learn war any j I can but mention u few. "Military
more." How far ls the prophet's dream | philosophers," said E. W, Thomson, in
correct?   Is It correct at all?  My own | the  University   Magazine  two  years
not lift up tho sword against nation." I moro prove how the spirit, cabined In
flesh, can defy the stare of death."
Let that bo as It may, ono tiling U.
certain thut wars have arisen because
opinion Is that he foresaw what Is ac-
, tually developing in this decade. Dark
as thB present is, the portents aro of a
 1 world-wide peace. We cannot read our
The days are getting longer! pap!r8 todfly and '*" t0 be C0DvInced
now and you need OIK      ; ract that   fl n(ltionB ftre Befik*
By the Gal 45       ImB ot,ier means tlmn war to BettIe
By the Can tl*S0 i disputes.   A "parliament of nations"
By the Case II 50 ,1BR ,Jcen H,,RBt'st°d- t0 which nil dtf-
These are  net "cash* prices ■foreBC" ma* bo takon-  y***»
or  monthly account to those ,ncnt'  '» another theory* still anoth-
who puy every 30 days or   n Pww*ti«ni peace congress," to
- ' | which  shall   be  granted  "a  greater
What about Wheat,  Shorts, j military power than that now pos-
Poultry Supplies, Etc.   A large J Housed by any two of tho world's
greatest nations."   I think tho flrst
ls the most feasible at present.   Dls-
ago, "tell us thnt war comes of man's
spiritual Indigestion after long peace
whieh never yet led classes and
masses to what the soul profoundly
craves—plain living, high thinking,
arduous and heroic exertion. By
lengthy peace commercial Ideals become,  dormant.    Through   long,   un-
stock how in  ^^^^^^
arnaoMat, at tbe present stage, witb
the lutes and the, dancers, laugh to I different. With hor it is death before
scorn shrieking traders and money- ' honor. We all believe with the Chle-
innngors, strip for combat, and Once (ago Herald that:
"Without words, nnd faith In thorn,
nnd keeping of faith In thorn, there
could be no order, no security, no
property, no sunetlty of the homo, no
reverenced law. no culture, no clvlll-
of commercial greed and the desire
to acgulrc colonies. Lust of money
and lust of land have brought about
wars that have almost declmutc-d
countries, indeed, extinguished some!
We are being reminded today by the
press that the Franco-Prussian wnr of
1870 wns the outcome of a telegram
forged by Bismarck! A dirty stain,
surely, in tho history of Prussia.
The cause of the present war, thr
Initial stage of it at any rate, was
bridled commerce certain despicable j Austria's anger ovor tin
human elements— the avaricious, the
cunning, the unscrupulous, the ostentatious, the devotees of comfort,
pleasure and luxury—flourish, flaunt,
allure, soften, corrupt, hy establishing their Ideals  tu  Imitative  multl-
Prlnee Ferdinand by tw
Thut could* havo boon :
patched up und wur avei
of Austria's excessive an
mands of Servia; but Hi
otlier factor to recto
•ihootlng of
,i Bosnlaks
ied in spite
I unjust dc-
1 re wus an-
with, namely,
tudes. Nations en masno wax fut, bll-j Prussian ndlitarisra. c.n.M tlmt gap-
lous, confused, in a sort of vertigo, va- ing und blood-seeking monster hav:
jgucly awuru oC a pressing need forllwca strangled ln youth, tho nations
zatfon. There could be only disorder,
anarchy; only the law of tooth and
claw; nothing but chaos. Tho sanctity 'of the spoken or written wcrd
that man" gives to his fellow-man is
thc most vital, tho most sacred of all
the conceptions of the human mind."
What Britain ts Fighting
Whilst It Is true thnt Britain is
fighting for her honor, she Is also endeavoring to suppress a mad military
autocracy that acts as if I might wore
right nnd driven lho weaker to tho
well. Ma'ny perhaps think that all
this talk about Prussian militarism
is exaggerated. It Is not so. Out of
tholr own mouths comes tholr condemnation. Ono of tho loaders of the
Qerman wnr party wrote a hook In
1911 entitled "(Iermany and tha Next
War." which may be regarded   aa
j Pernie, Bt'.. Oct. l«- At thi regular
'sitting of th.' county court bars In the
(ease of W. A. Barter and D. W Hart
(vs, David Mclntyro flt Baynes Uke,
!the jury rendered a verdict In the
form Of answers to somo twenty <jue«-
! tlons agreed upon by Judge Thompson and tht* counsel for both sfdeS,
I which wns entirely in favor of the defendant   The defendant bad bought
] some land from tho plaintiffs, agree*
| Ing to pay I certain sum In cash and
five unnunl instalment:;, for which
promissory notes wore glvon. Tho
plaintiffs brought suit upon the default of the second payment, the defense  being thnt  the  land  hud  boon
| misrepresented,
If your bowels are out of order, Instead of using some harsh salt or
other physio, take n Rexall Ordedllo
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looseness thnt follows the taking of
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rellovlhg the constipation, making r.
unlikely to occur again.
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itin,ins to Kent
IV. li. Wnrili'ii, Prop.
66   PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Haggage Transfer
ftainl anil Grnrol Suppllm!
(■hull I'onilrr
.Muring I'limos a Speclallj
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.1. MILNE, Manager
Corner  Cranhrook  Slreet
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Errari of Diet
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*■ Dl Krv
"Krult S-dlt,"
uLiiril   fuiwir   hr
ind relfttiBT
I prevent1"K >
I  til fiirrtiiiial tiitordniftf
I thc liver.
Wwb, tOXDON, Utiami
• MrC.ulSi.lOHOffTO
IIAM'II I'OH HUNT rtimferUililf
house, Btahln for ulx Itoraoii chout
ten acres broken; yowl Krazlns
land, plenty wood and wnter. A |»*
lly Herald otTlco.
iii K. THOMPSON. Kditor and Manager
Snpscrlptlon Rates
Oae   Year     $2.00
Six  Month*          1.00
Three Months    50
Adiei'tisiuif  Hates
'DUplay    Advertising,    -5   cents    per
Column inch.
Heeding Notlc« or Classified Ads. 10
ueatt per line.
•    ■ __f'i^_____^
Cranbrook', B.C., October 22nd, 1914
1 The coalition of the Herald an't
Prospector has been arranged for
purely economic reasons. Politics
has no part in the scheme, tho intcn-
tioH of the management heing that;
an attempt he mode to raise the
•status of the paper above party poli-
ties. If thia policy is approved hy
the people a paper ot ABSOLUTE
INDEPENDENCE will lie maintained; but this depends 'entirely upon the
financial support accorded by the,
people, Owing to the cxtraoMinary
depression in business the linancla1
affairs of both papers have recently
been unsatisfactory, nnd it was decided by the proprietors of both papers to cloBe the Pronpcctor and to
'ipcrate the Herald under the title of
the "Cranbrook Herald and Prospector." An agreeable arrangement
was made with Mr. Thompson to re-,
tain his position as managing editor
and the workmen to receive remuneration on the co-operative plan with
an additional bonus if a profit was
made by the business. For reasons i
unknown Mr. Thompson on Wodrirjs
day morning locked up the Herald
nfTice and too', the keys to tbe pre -
j-iietress—hence the reason for tht
delay in getting out tho popo: and
thc job printing work for,whieh customers wero waiting.
• •  •  •
The co-operative plan   suggested tit
the workmen was as follows:   Union
scale of wages to prevail, payment to
be made per collections received after ;
ixed   chnrges are met;  in the   event
of there not being sufficient money to '
cover   the wageB in full the balance
to be made immediately same Is col* I
lected.    in   addition   to this a   five j
per cent, bonus of all the profits will,
be   given   to them and credited   and
;i«id as soon ns the collections war-
i ant.
• a   *   a
It was felt that owing to there being quite a large amount of printing
to be done in th* city, nnd that al
his time of money stringency collections are very hard to make, thlf
■ilnn' was suggested for thc benefit o'
all concerned.
Food Chopper
Cuts Like a
Pair of Shears
Cranbrook, B. C, Oct. 23
The Editor Cranbrook Herald:        *
Dear Sir,—At a social given by the
Orange ladieB, as reported In your issue of the 15th Octoher, two reverend
gentlemen are credited with remark*?
about Roman Catholics thnt call for
Number three ol the objects of the
League is "To resist tbat infamous
thing, tho Ne Tenure decree." The
public must be by this time perfectly
satisfied that this decree hroupht into force those greater precautions
against careless or improper marriages that were already in force in
other parts of the world, and makes
it perfectly clear to Catholics that
to receive the Sacrament of Marriage
Catholics must observe the regulations of the Church. No civil law
could in any way affect the decree
nny more than it would any internal
regulation of the Church governing
the other sacraments, nnd the only
;icrsonB who have any cause tor complaint arc th? Catholics wbo are inconvenienced by its disabilities. But
recognizing its great influence towards a higher morality, and tbe
evil tendencies ol the time, tbey are
quite contented to obey It.
There is, however, a sort ot  backhanded compliment In these   sort   of
swnggerln» Btrlrtures against  Catho-
ics,   It Is recognized that th«re are j
nti party divisions in thc Church   to i
rend different meanings Into her doctrines, according to one a fancy.     In
tbe    dark    days of Catholic pcrseru- i
tion in England, the Imposition  of a j
simple oath known to be against the
Catholic   conscience   was   rncojinbel
among their enemies a-, a   sufficient
trenna   of convicting   Catholics    of
ther opin'ons.     So today   the consolidating effect of her marriage regulations is viewed with alarm by her
On the calumnies against the
Church in South America some illuminating remarks fall from the editor
of the Southern Cross, the great English paper nt Buenos Ayrcs: "These
men a" given a free hand here to
nreach in their churches and in the
open streets. They are never molested by word or deed, although thc offenses against good taste of which
they are guilty would bring a blush
of shame to the cheeks of a Paris
Apache. We have seen them distributing tracts vilifying the religion of
tbe country at the church doors and
at the gates of the cemeteries on the
Dny of the Dead. The truth ol the
cats is that these canting hypocrites
are a complete failure. Tbe results
of their proselyting work In Latin
America are practically nil,   and tbe
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware  nnd   Mill  Supplies
Cruulirook, B.C.
old women who finance the colporteurs arc being deceived. Bet lies
these people are producing a very bad
impression of the Protestant Church
:n Latin America. We do not object
to these men asking for money from
their co-rcligloniBtB, hut we do oh*
ect to the lies about Latin America
which they disseminate over the
world. And in the long run they do
nothing hut waste time and money
ind bring discredit on tbeir own
Speaking 0( the proportion of children born out ot wedlock "History
tells us that similar condition) ap-
•ly largely to all Catholic countries"
say the reverend gentlemen. Com-
'nrlng Ireland where illlgitimacy is
uractlcilly unknown to England or
Scotland, thia style of reasoning
would be entirely in favour of the
Catholic country. The fact remains
lint the Catholic religion is the state
religion of all tbe ten Republics or
South   America.     In spite of   wars,
ertllence; Political upheavals and thc
destruction of their works and build-
ngs, at different times, the Catholic
missionaries continue to do magnificent work in these vast countries of
mixed races, numbering many millions.
It comes very strangely from one
-irofessing religious tolerance to learn
that he would prevent the carrying
of the Sacred Host at the Eucharistic
Congress in Protestant Canada. He
is bo far wrong in thinking that it
was forbidden in London, that the restrictions suggested were 'on account
of the vast throng numbering hundreds or thousands of persons who
participated in the ceremonies. Public opinion In England and in Cunida
to this gentleman's chagrin, no
doubt, seemB to be in favor of Britons being free to follow tbeir consciences and 410 amount of bigotry or
chicanery is likely to bring a return
of those dark ages when It was otherwise, a
It was hardly a happy comparison
Lo liken the Catholics to the German
nrmy seeing that we English are
fighting side by side witb Boldiera of
Catholic countries against tbe German oppression. Rather the other
way about and the Germans are do-
'ng the work that these gentlemen
would like to assist in, the demolition of those old monuments of the
piety of former ages. As an example of the tolerance of the Catholic
clergy in the war the priest who
translated the English clergyman's
prayers to tbe dying man, as report*
ed in tbe papers, should serve as a
rebuke to those who Bit in safety
squirting their venom.
Is there not somewhere In the religious paraphernalia of these men   a
maxim which says:   "Bear not false
witness against thy neighbour."
I composition.
Mr. Nidd had complete control   of
'■ every feature of tbe program, anu tDe
excellent training manifest in both
choir and orchestra, Bhowed- .the
painstaking care with which the entire cantata had been characteristically prepared. ' 1
While it would be invidious to
make comparisons of the soloiBts it
is only fair to say that each one
rose to the occasion and acquitted
himself or herself well.   It was   alBO
■ noteworthy f% see that the solo work
was well Carried through by the members of the choir itself, no recourse
to outside talent being necessary.
It is some years since anything in
the nature of a sacred concert Iiuh
been given <n Crnn'irookiand it is to
be hoped that ln the near future that
local music lovers may have another
opportunity of another treat such as
The choir and orchestra wero very
kindly entertained hy Mr. and Mrs.
G. Patmore at their home on Fenwick avenue after the performance,
Tho second public meeting of the
Sunshine Society was held Monday,
October 19, in the Presbyterian Sunday School room. The convenors of
the various committees gave complete reports of all work dona hy
them since the Society organized a
month ago.
The investigating committee reported having investigated and reported 19 families in need ot food
and -clothing.
The relief committee reported ns
hiving assisted the families investigated as near as it waa possible to
do bo.
The donations given by the school
children as a thanksgiving offering
were arranged In boxes and distributed to the different families on our
list on Thanksgiving Day.
The store committee reported having received 213 articles of women's
wear and given to the relief committee 44; 178 articles of men's wear
and given o**t 20; children's wear 237
1 ieces and given out 23.
The sick committee reported having looked after several people reported sick and assisted them as
much as they could.
The treasurer reported having on
hand 1176.85.
The society Ib now thoroughly organized and in good working order,
and we feel that we can assist all
the real needy of Cranhrook this winter bit we sincerely hope that now
the water works has employed so
many men we will not have much to
(Section up) ■
on the first duy or December next application will bc made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor renewal of wholesale 'license No. 1)2, for
the sale of liquor by wholesale In and
upon thu premises known us the
Cranbrook Brewery, situate near
Cranbrook, upon the lands described
as Lot 2D, Group l, South Ettst Kootenay.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1014.
Cranbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be mnde to the Superintendent of Provlnclul Police fur renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotol known
as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate at Wycliffe, In tho Province ol llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of Octoher, 11)14.
42-4t Applicant
iwmi ACT, llllll
(Section 48),
on the tlrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Tourist Hotel, situate ut Hull
River, In the Province of llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of Octoher. 1014.
42-4t Applicant
I.MJl'OH ACT, 11)10
(Section 42).
on the tlrst day of December next application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
Mquor by retail tn the hotel known
as tbe Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this ISth dav of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next ap-
plication will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell j
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ua thc International Hotel, situate at
Kingsgate, in the Province of British
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
us the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, in the Province of British
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
Stranger (alter being ruthlessly
butchered by rural barber lor twe
minutes)—Are you interested In poetry?
Barber (astonished)—No, sir.
Stranger — Indeed, I thought tbat
you- might be trying to give an imitation of the "Man witb tbe Hoe."
(Section 42)
i on the first day of December next ap-,
I plication will be made to the Super-1
j fntendent ol Provincial Police for re-1
I newal of the hotel license to sell j
I liquor by retail In tho hotel known ,
i as thc Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranbrook, In the Province ofj
British Columbia.
I    Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
The Unionist Investment Co.. Ltd    I
for Company
42-4t Applicant
The cantata "The Good Shepherd"
by T. McPatttson, was given in the
Methodist church Inst Wednesday <>v
enfng by the choir and orchestra under the baton of Mr. Charles F.
The Church was filled to its utmost
capacity by' a very appreciative audience, shown by the miried attention
Riven each number in its order.
The choir numbered twenty-two
voices and was made up as follows:
eight Bopranos, four contraltos, four
tenors, nnd six bnssos, and was remarkably well balanced.
The orchestra numbered eleven
pieces, blending beautifully as an orchestra, while the accompnniment to
lhe chorus and solo work was satisfactory to a very marked degree ot
sympathetic efficiency.
The line and closely written harmonies in thc chorus work, though
not of nn elabornte nature were sufficient to call forth the beat efforts of
all performers, and, ns Indicated by
the wrapt attention of the audience,
the old tlmt true love of four   pari
(Section 20)
on the first day of December next ap-
iiltcatlon will be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal or wholesale liquor license, No.
107, for the sale of liquor by wholesale ln and upon the premises known
l as Bowness' Wholesale' Liquor Store,
situate on Baker Street, in the City of
I Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on tlio first dav of December next application will bo made to tlm Superintendent of Provlnclul Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
us the North Star Hotel, situate ut
Kimberley, ln the Province of British
Columbia.      . ■   .
Dated this 15th duy of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
~~  LIQUOR ACT, 1910
(Section 42).
on the first dav of December next application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at
.Marysville, in the Province of British
Columbia. A .
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-41 Applicant
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American Silk
*     American Cashmere
American Cotton-Lisle
ii o s 11: it v
They have stood the test. Give
real foot comfort. No seams to
rip. Never become loose or
baggy. The shape Is knit in—
not pressed In.
GUARANTEED for fineness,
style, superiority of material nnd
workmanship. Absolutely stainless. Will wear 6 months without holes, or new ones free.
to every one sending us S1.00 in
currency, or postal note, to
cover advertising and shipping
charges, we will send post-paid,
with written guarantee, backed
by a five million dollar company,
il Pairs of our 7.1c. value
American Silk Hosiery
or   4 Pairs of our .'.Oc. value
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or   4 Pairs oi our 'Vic, vulue
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whether Ladles' or Gent's hosiery is desired,
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when a dealer in your locality Is
V* O. Box 244
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Boys Winter Overcoats
We have just received a nice
Assortment of Overcoats
for Boys from four years to
twelve years.
Prices range from$4.50 to $9.00
Bring the boy along to see them   N
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'*.¥,<-K.::i;Mi,::^' '^'1M-':''lV
' ' " •         .
inspire  a  strained
—-^afea^Ntfafafl  Hi
tolerance in others.
gfM                     H
But most of them
s^U         HmB    H
get the "big stick"
**•*•>           KS^ml H
ssmU  HllfilKlMnl
Hurt thus,  they
illH                       R
pull on£heir whisk
nH^HMI     IKr
ey chain, find it
IB^fli hi™   13s
tautly  wrapped  a-
"*************    pSff.4*JfelwW ttWsism
round their very
aHHKl   ^B6|T<t»fi*)^T™ "W!
souls and despair
ing, seek bottom in
the 'slough of sot-
tishness.'    Truly
lucky ones take the
CRANBROOK                          BRIT lEHCOLl'hBM
NEAL treatment.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized  110,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up     7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided Profits     8,366,000.00
D. R. WILKIE, President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available In any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and Interest allowed from date of deposit. >
A Good Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranhrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for au
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
X *
\ P.  BURNS & CO., LTD.:
T ^___^ Packers and Provisloner* j!
Yield When
the right help Is sought at the right
time. Indigestion Is a torment
Biliousness causes suffering. Either
is likely to leud to woreo and weakening sickness. Tho right help,
the best corrective for disordered
conditions of the stomach, liver,
kidneys or bowels Ib now known to be
Ndw Zetland ami Shamrock Graamery*
•l()<! pur Iti. or i lbs. lor 7,riu.
Empress (Jrnwn Creamery—
85o ner Ib, or S Ilia lor 11,00
l.'ltH LAKD-8'a, Kir;  5'a, S,V;   III'.
$1.70] 20'a, «:l :io.
COM HOUND LARD-S'n, IV; r,'«, ir,c
|0'», |1.«; 20'e, ♦J.BO.
I.IQl'OR AIT, 1010
(af.ctfon 42).
dii the tlrat day of December next application will be made to tlie Superintendent ot Provincial Police tor re-
llmior bv retail In the hotel known
iih the Windsor Hotel, Bltllttto al
Fori .Steele, In tho Province ot DM-
lali Columbia.
Dated thia 15th dny ot October, 1914.
4Li 4t Applicant
and the right time to take thia fa.
moua family remedy le at the first
sign of coming trouble. Beecham's
Fills have so Immediate an effect
for good, by cleansing the system
and purifying the blood,' that you
will know after a few doses they
Are the
Un** Sak«f A*** IMUM hi$■ W-mW.
I.KJl'OH ACT, llllll
(Section   42).
nn the first day of December next application will be made to the Supcr-
Intcndrnt of Provincial Pollco for renewal of the hotel license to Hell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
an the Kootenay Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
I.IQl'OR ACT, 1910
(Section 42).
nn the ilrst day of December next application will be made to thc Superintendent of Provinelal Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail tn thc hotel known
mi the Yulik Hotel, situate at Yahk, In
the Province of British Columbia.
Dated thin 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
MQI'Olt ACT, 1910
(.Section 42).
on the ilrst day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotol license to sell
Mmior by retail In the hotel known
ah Llie Central Hotel, situate at Moyle,
in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
'iiewid or the liotel license to sell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate at
Moyle, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t , Applicant THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15th, 1914
Notice 1b hereby given tbat sixty
days after date Z intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following lands situate in the
district of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the N. E. corner of Lot 11960
and being the 8. E. corner of the
Dr, T. C. WithprBpoon claim, thence
North 50 chains; thence West 80
chains; thence South 50 chains; thence
East 80 chaina; to tho point of commencement, making 400 acres more
or less.
Located thia 1st day of September,
T. C. WtttorspoOll, Locator
John Virgo, Agent
Witness:  Arthur Rowley. -40
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that Edward Cov-
cll (rancher) whoso address is Kings-
gate, I). 0., will apply for a license
to take and use one-hnlf cubic loot
per second of wnter out^ ol
two springs about 50
apart, known as (unnamed),
cnted about 300 ft. B. E. o[ N. ,E.
cor. Lot ,6424, which flow 8, ,W. and
drain Into and sink on Lot 6424, Thc
water will he diverted from the
stream at a point about 100 yards
8. E. of N. E. corner post of Lot
C424, and will be used for irrigation
and domestic purposes upon thei.l»nd
descrihed as Lot 11421, G. 1, K. D.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 3rd day d,' October, 1914. A
copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed ih
the office of the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B. C. Objections to the
application may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. O.,
within thirty (days after the first appearance of this notice in a local
TAKE NOTICE that CO days aftfcr
date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for a license to   prospect for coal nnd petroleum on thu
following   land,    Block    4593,   Kast
Kootenay,   commencing   at   a   post
placed one mile east of the C. P. R.
Survey line at 34 mite post
thence wst 80 chains,    *
thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains,
tbence south SO chains.
Surveyed as Lot 5926.
Dated this 7th day of' August, 1914
TAKK NOTICE that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lends for a license to   prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following    land,    Block    4593,   East
Kootenay,   commencing   at    n   post
placed one mile east of the C. P. R.
Survey line at 32 mile post
thence w»st 80 chains,
thence north. 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains.
thence south 8(1 chains,
surveyed as lot 5930,
Dated this 7th day or August, 1914
Save Your Eyes
tflf there is anything
the matter with your
EYES, go to the man
who has made a special study of visual defects, and one who
haB the proper facilities for their correction. Our 14 years of
experience, and the
many caseB in this
district we have benefited Is sufficient proof
lhat you should come
II Wc guarantee satisfaction.
W. li. Wilson
TAKE NOTIOH that 60 days alter
date l Intend to apply to the Minister of Lends tor a lidinse to   prospect for coal and petroleum cn the
following    land,    Hlock    4808,   East
Kootenay,   commencing   nt   a   post
placed one mile enst of tho ('. P, It,
HiW'cy line at  32 mile post
thence Wist fit) chains,
thrncr couth HO chains.
thence east HO chain*,
thence north 80 chains,
surveyed as lot 5927.
Hated this 7th dny Ol August, 1911
W. E. punham, Pastor.
Sunday Morning: The pastor will
preach at 11 a- <"■ Bubiect "God Is
i Love."
At 7.30 there will be a son? service
.at which the eantit.i "Th? Good
! Fhenberd," will be repeated with
j pipe organ accompaniment, inter-
■ spersed with congregational singing.
! Mr. Chas. F. Nidd, organist and
: tholr master.
All are cordially invited.
. per word for first week, and U per
word for «ai*ti wnk afur
cutter used only sli weeks.
roll   SALE—A    good
wood   stove,   nearly
Herald office.
In last week's issue of the Prospector we quoted Frank Proveniano
as having said: "I would like to
make a bet that I could pick 10
italiana who would do ns much work
a.H 1T» white men." This should have
read "I would like tu .make a bet
that I could pick 10 Italians who
would do as much as 15 Englishmen
now at worn on the streets." An
Italian is as much a? a white man
as an Englishman and we peg leave
to make the correction.
Pastor- w. K. Thomson
: Morning service, 11 a. m. Subject
i—Report of Banbath School Conven*
j tion.
Hunday .School and Blblo Class, 3
p. m.
Kvening service, 7.30 p. m. Subject "St. John's Paradox Concerning
! the Dead."   Rev.  14-13.
Anthem morn ng -md evrn'ng.
Choir Leader—Mrs.  ffi, Paterson.
Organist—Mr. H. Stephens.
i    "Faithful    are the wounds    o!    ft
friend but the kisses of an enemy are
deceitful."   Prov. 27-C.
Even thieves are showing patriot-1
Sundays—Low mass at 8:SO
In connection with ,
Dally November 7th to December 31st Inclusive
Limit: Five Months; Stop-Over
and Extension
Fffll information re rail and
steamship tickets from
The Ladles' Aid Society of
Presbyteriun Church wilt put on a
play (entitled "The Minister's Bride,"
on tbe evening o: Nov. 16th. Half
the proceeds will be given to the Belgian Relief Fund, and as this is a
worthy object they expect a bumper
house.  Full particulars later.        45
James Finlay returned last Saturday from a business trip to his mining  property at' Hlllerest,  Alherta.
J. D. Gilmore returned home on
Thursday aftsr enjoying a visit to
Ills relatives at Moosejaw.
. HILIl'S IRON COT for sale cheap.
Phone 317. , 42
WANTED—Room with private use ol
piano.  Apply L. Van Stavereu, Y,
M. C. A., City. »43-lt
Mrs. McGregor will receive on the
third .Wednesday instead of the third
Thursday as formerly.
LOST—On September 15th, a crescent set in pearls, one pearl mis-
ing. 43
Send your heads to the Cranbrook
James Doyle, who is now manag-
ng*  *   hotel   at   Cr**r*t.nn,   «■«•   in   tbe
city  the flrst of tbe week visiting
with his family.
Rev. J. A. Clark, of Knoi Church,
Calgary, will conduct anniversary
services in the Presbyterian church
on Sunday, November 1st, 1914.
Green repairs Bicycles. Oreen
makes keys. Green repairs
(tins, etc. 41-21
The next meeting of the W.C.T.U.
will bc held at thc home of tbe President Mrs. A. A. Johnson, 'riiit
Thursday, Octoher 29th at 3.30 p.m.
On Saturday night at 8 p. m. a
gospel service will be held. Sunday
afternoon at 3 p. m. Sunday school;
subject "Ood's Means o* Guiding the
Israelites," Evening at 8 p. m., a
gospel service.   All are welcome
Miss Cherrington held a most pleas-
a*it musical evening on .Wednesday at
which tbere was a large attendance.
Several locnl ladies took part in the
Entertainment, a large number of
friends being in attendance.
WANTED-Co plea of the Herald of
hint* 18th, 1914, and July 2nd and 16.
1014,   Anyone having copies of these
! Intoa will confer a favor If tliey will
| nform the offlce as we ne d same for
ik' purposes.
The Stinshlno Society would appreciate it if those contributing food
Supplies to the Society would -kindly
deliver th* same to 1 the home of Mrs
John Lealk, Garden avenue. Supplies of clothing will he received as
usual at the City Hall every day
from 4 to 5 .o'clock.
'Mrs. A. ,A. Johnson,
Hoc. Sunshine Society
The Sunshine Society have arranged with the captain of thc Salvation
•\rtny to act as employment agent,
wh0 will furnish work as far as possible to applicants needing employment. Many citizens will need their
lawns and ba:k yards cleaned up before winter, wood split, etc., wbo
we recommend to Captain Hustler
who wlll h% pleased to assist in securing men to do the work.
Mrs, A. A, Johnson,
Ree. Sec. Sunshine Society
Oreen repairs Bicycles. Oreen
makes keys. Oreen repairs
guns, etc.  41-2t
The Ladles' Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church will put- on
playlentltled "The Minister's Bride,"
on the evening ot Nov. ICth. Half
thn proceeds will he given to the Belgian Relief Fund, and as tbis Is a
worthy object they expect a bumper
house.   Full particulars later.       45
Ism in this great crisis, and Robert 'high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sui day School
Wallace, K.C., addressing the grand ! from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Bono*
;ury at the London session, compll-1 diction at 7:30, p.m.
mented them.   "Praise is- due to the     Mondays and holy dnys of obllga*
criminals for the restraint tliey are ! tion— Mass at 8 a.m.
I FOR HE*IV- A Htc room modern
cottage In good location on Garden
avenue; vacant September 15th
Apply W. J. Atchison. 3B:tf
FOR NALE.-Tweet? young pig*,
eight weeks old, and two brood
sows, Cheap If taken at once. Apply W. J. Hamilton, city. *i.!-2t*
NOTICE—Strayed  to   my   premises,
near Mission, about three montlis
ago, one bull, brand S.O. left hip.
Owner will kindly pay expenses and
remove at ones,—*C,F, McPhee. 44-;.*
WANTED-Horses for winter pasture
—Hare abuudunce of good grass
stubble, straw stacks and four miles
wnter frontage. Price $1.60 per
head month.—George Cow. Cowley,
Alta. :ii)-U
W tNTED.—Nome llve person to re-
present us for the sale of Canada's
War Patriotic Picture, "Doubling
the Watch." Send 35c. for colored
sample copy and our terms.—Malone Moulding k Framing Co.. Ltd..
Montreal, Qee. 41--I
Firebox linings withstand years of use because made of McClary Semi-Steel.  See a
$?QJ2(f(* You'll notice the linings are
>- &      made in nine pieces. There's
a good reason-ask the McCIarv dealer.      ,
   MADE   IN   CANADA  —_
Sold by Patmore Bros.,
Cranbrook, B. C.
P.  0. B0x   ICI
rftorf   Armstrong
exercising during this period of stress
and anxiety. There has been a decrease of nearly -10 per cent In crime
in the county of London, a fact which
i?Ives satisfaction to all who have the
interests of tWi country at heart.
WANTED.—A live manager ta rcprt-
AGENCY In this town. Must be
good tpylst and bookkeeper, with n
P. Plamondon, O.M.Ta knowledge of the collection business, and must be ready to devote
whole time to It. Apply at onco,
stating previous experience to Box
IIM. Pentlcton, D.C. 41-tit
President—J.    F. Smith;
Ryan;  Business Manager.
N.   A.   Wallinger.  Kev.   E.
Vice-President,    Joserh
E. Sainsbury;   Patrons,
P. Flewelling. Q, p. T.s-
A letter In optimistic and advisory
terms has just been Issued to the
people of western Canada by George J.
Bury, vice-president of the Canadian
Pacilic In charge of western lines.
"My personal advice is that this is a
time when people should, above all
things, holds their heads. The west
this year will ■ receive more for iti
crops and cattle than last your. Foreign capital will not come in until j averaging just over 30 men per corn-
after the war but I do not know that pany or 61 men from the two Crun
'.his is an unmixed evil. I believe legi-1 brcok companies. The orders further
tlmata business will not suffer on ac-, fltate that the mpn wU1 he etm!ppcd
count of the war and that effective | amJ prepared ,oca,*y( ,mt wheUlcr
steps taken by the _«wrni^ ■ will | ^ their own companieg or ttt tlle
headquarters Ot the regiment nt Fer-
Orders received nt Regina from Ottawa regarding thu mobilization of
the reinforcing contingent from Canada give details as follows regarding
the quota required from the 95th regiment. In all 252 men are called
for. The local militia regiment being
of similar organisation, viz., e ght
companies to the 95th, it is reasonable to suppose that they will te
asked   to furnish   the Faiie number,
linen sheet aud two pair new pillow cases; very hi rge double
Damask table cloth; table centres;
case silver tea knives; beautiful old
lace veil. Apply "U." Herald nf-
llce. 42-lt"
LOST.-Ob Tuesday afternoon near
llurwcll avenue, black and gold
mourning ring, set with small diamond; inscribed on inside with
name of James Kent. Finder will
he rewarded on return to Herald
ollice. 42
The society  will  be no  on  a strictly   co-operative   principle,
all profits to go to members going to the front.
Every kind of help supplied.   Cordwood supplied,  split aad
packed away.     All kinds of truck garden produce fresh dally.
Any of the following supplied at the lowest  market   purrs
Potatoes, Beets, Carrot* Parsnips, Turnips
Uachelor Caller—My dear fellow, 1
thought your wife had forgiven you.
and promised to forget tt?
Husband—So she has, my boy. But
she didn't promise to lft me fornt
she's forgiven me.
'■»*<''. j
nle or of the District at Victoria Is,
not made clear.
make a monetary .crisis impossible.
The empire's existence is at stake
ind every one must present a bold
and cheerful front and be prepnred
for every sacrifice should the worst
come, and that appears impossible."
\ Quite a number of subscribers are
behind with their renewal subscriptions. We urgently need the money
at this time of stringency, and as the
individual amount Is small, it should
cause little trouble to those In ar-, Toronto, which is being distributed
rears to pay the printer and make i very widely. The book is issued in
themselves solid with the editor for a j the hope that every Canadian who
first-class   obituary   notice-in   case | reHdB it win aRree thut there existB
'Wake up, Canada!"   is   thc   title
a   practical little book issued by
the Board of   Trade of the city   of
the Germans get you.
For two weeks beginning October
21st between the hours of four and
live there will be a box located at
the old C.C.S. store, Armstrong avenue, Tor the reception of contributions of clothing, etc., in relief of the
Belgian refugees. Thia is e^sentially
YOl'R pntriotic duty, when we coa-
sider the awful suffering of the people of thnt little country and the
sacrifice they have made which in the
end may mean so much to our own
today an unparalleled opportunity to
make and keep Canada prosperous.
A brief introduction precedes a list
of nrticles imported into Canada during the fiscal year ending March 31,
1'jH, and tbe list shows that they
amounted In value to the following
totals: From Germany $14,6i6,069,
from Austrfa 11,787,473, from other
countries $601,855,332. The Introduction to the book is a forcible appeal
to Canadians to purchase Canadian
goods whenever possible.
J. F. Morris, an insurance agent,
was this morning fined $400 and costs
by Magistrate Shaw for having issued two policies in an unregistered
insurance company. In imposing thc
tines, Magistrate Shaw remarked that
TAKE NOTICE that Kootenay Cen-1 he ^^ ^ ^   ^^ ^ ^
technically guilty and that he wo ill
join with Crown Prosecutor W. V,
McKay in urging upon tbe attorney*
general that the fines be remitted.
It appears from the evidence given
that Mr. Morris who was representing registered board companies, insured the contents * f a building for
$9,000. Later the underwriters and
insurance companies cancelled the insurance. Mr. Morris was asked by
the   insured to secure for him re-in*
Use anl  Storage.
tral Railway Company whose address
Is Montreal will apply for a licence
to take and use one-lifth cubic teet
l*er second nnd to store 18,000 gal-
'ons of water out of Copper Creek,
whicb .flows southeasterly nnd drains
nto Kootenny River alfout 350 feet
south from the South Boundary of
Stlb Lot 44 ot part of lot 4596 of the I
Kast Kootenay District (Mile 55.3 of I
tha railway). The storage-dam will
be located at about 500 feet distant
South 71 degrees O E from the west ■ "^£~ ^^ C(impFny[ and en.
Post No, 10 of the said Sub Lot 44,
The capacity of the reservoir to be
created is about 18,000 gallons, and
It wlll flood about Two Hundredths
acres of land, The water will be diverted from the stream at the aforementioned dam, and will be used for
Steam Locomotive purpose upon the
Railway described as Kootenay Central Railway.
This   notice   was posted    on    the
deavored to do so. Finally he was
told that Seeley & Comprny would
accept Insurance of $2000 and to
oblige bis client he placed that risk
with them.
Mr. Morris was summoned for having placed the insurance which was
In two policies in unregistered com-
Magistrate Sbaw Bald that ' f
thought tbat it was  only   technical
ground   on the 20th day of October, j on thepflrt q. Mr   ^^ ^
-or write
Dint. Fafwunicttr Agent,
Calgary, Alt*.
TO KKNT. Fhe roomed collage with
bath and all modern conveniences;
good location on Baker Hill; fen-
red; newly papered and painted
throughout. Very warm and comfortable; |U per month to good
tenant   Apply phone 111. 41
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in
the office of thc Water Recorder at
Objections to the application may
b. 1*11 with the Mld Water Recorder , ^
or with   the Comptroller   ot   Water I      l"
Rijjhts,   Parliament   Buildings,   Vic-. 	
as the section of the act did not give
him any option, he must fine him
$200 and coBta on each charge, His
worship remarked that he would
concur ln the suggestion of Crown
Prosecutor McKay that representations be made to the attorney-general
tori i, B. C, within thirty days alter
the,flrst aPPearancc of this notice In
a local newspaper,
Kootenay Central Railway Company, Applicant,
By J. (1. Osborne, Right of Way
nnd Lease Agent, Calgary, Agent.
The date of tho first publication ol
tbla   notice   la 23rd day ol October,
The'hotel patron had waited fully
an hour for a very slow waiter to
serve two courses.
"Now, my man," he said to th
waiter, "can you bring mc some tomato salad?"
"Yes, sir," said thc waiter.
"And,"   continued    the   customer,
"wbilr you're away; you might aend
***4t>nw a picture postcard every do* and,
"Business as Usual"
Look for Our
Next Issue
Something doing
with this
space »A«E FOUk
Regular meet-
 -lugs   on   the
third Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. Hickenbotham, W.M.
J.   L.   Cranston,   Sec.
llarrlster,   Solicitor,   Etc
362 Richards St
(Successor to W. P. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   nnd
1'. O. Box 859
t'runlirook Lodge
Meets every Wed-
;nesday at 8 p.m.
In   Royal    Mack
K n i g li ts' Hall
^^^^^^ Baker Street.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank  Carlson.  Sir.,   Bos   750
l.iijul   iirunar
No.   1S71
Meets first and third
Thursdays ut & p.m.
in Koyal mark
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
It. S. Garrett, W.M.'
W. C. Duustan, Ree. Sec.
Barristers,  Solicitors anil
Money to Loan
liniirrial Bank  Building
•jSasu   m<
e t s  every
KlSS »"
iday   night
;5S**S-) at
Oddfellow a
cordially Invited.
K. 11.
S. L. Coop,
Fin. Sec.
W. M
Harris, Hoc.
riijslcians  and   Surgeons
Oflh o at residence. Armstrong
Forenoons  u.uo to ni.oii
Afternoons  2.00 to 4.00
Evenings   7.30 to s.;io
Sundays    2.30 to 4.30
('ranbrook,   B.C,
12. I.O.O.F.
Meets lirst and third Wednes
iu eae
i month.
invitation extended
to v
W. Ru
sell, Ohio! Patriarch
Dit. F. B. MILES
Ollice  in  Hanson  Block
li to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Pride III Crnnbrook Circle, Nii.158
Meets In Carmen's Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday    ot   each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, CC.
Mrs. A. Clutlirie, See.
P, 0. Box (102
Visiting Companions ccrdlally
Maternity and tieneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Terms ou Application
■MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
PI ■ 25'J P. O. llox 846
,1. ti. CUMMINGS
Irrigation Knglneer
lloiiilnlon and Provincial Land
P. (I   llox 218     Telephone 143
Criinliroiik. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday af S p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
Ahx. Hurry, CC.
IS, Halsall. Is'   of I!. & S,
P.  II.  llox 522
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Ch il and Mining Engineers
B. ('. Land Surveyors
Funeral   Director
ie 3411 P. O. llox 5S5
i.oiii;i:. no. in
Meets every second anil fourth
Wednesday at  Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Reliekalia cordially Invited.
Sis. 1.111a Blaine, N.C
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. Sec
Day Phone 233 Night Plione 35
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Court Cruulirook. 8948
Meets In  Maple  Hall second
and tourtli Thursdays of each
month at 8 p.m. sham.
John Shaw, (  It
i,. Pearron, See. llox r,is
Visiting brethren made welcome
Generul Merchant
Kinploymenls Agent.
P. O. Box  108 Phone 244
In   Maple  ||
M second
snd   fun
•th  Tuesday
of  every
in..Ml. a
s p.m.
rslllp  open
n   British
K. V. Br
ke,        J I'
ll t
!   members
For warding    and    Distributing
Agent for
I,Hli bridge   (mil
Xl-lt*,* I'mviiii
Imperial fill Co.
Driiying anil Transferring
Given  prompt attention
I'lione 63
Kolit. Frame, Prun.
Fi-i'mIi  11 nml, Takes IMes
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. city Hall
s  lu  tb
• Carmen's
first T
icsday i
ftermmil of I
nl   '. p
n  uiul tne f
•lass m<
els ou third
day evening In tlie same phi
8 pin
t. 1!   II
Lealiuin. Pi
s.  .1,   Ml
aw. Kec Tr,
P. (1
Bos 112
adlca ci
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction   tluarantecd
The Shoe Specialist
President:   A.  II.  Smith
Meets regularly the tlrst l-'riday
evening each month
Information mi poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McGregor,
p, 0. Drawer 41)1)
Short hand.    Stenograph).
Ilookkeepinit. Etc
on linn. Tecs, and Tliurs. Ii'ii.
from 7 to 9 o'clock. ?8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per  week
High School course :     3.50
School  course      2.50
Kindergarten       .1.85
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrlngtoi.
Phone 200
President—A. II  smith
Secretary—Alb. II. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lainls and agriculture apply to
the Secretary, ('ranbrook. B.C,
Meeting The third Thursday
Of each month, at old Oym, ut 8
The Columbia
llox 2Htt
Trims on Application
The weather lor the past week baa
b«n bright and warm; but on Friday
it changed and rain and wind pre-
\ ailed since then,
Mr. Norton, the Methodist miBBion-
aiy hero, went to Kingsgate on Saturday to hold services there. He re-
turned on Sunday afternoon and held
service here in the evening which was
well attended considering the stormy
That .Moyie is not behind the times
Ib-shown by the fact that a special
Thanksgiving service was held in thc
Methodist church here which wus well
The church was prettily decorated
With flowers anil special music was
furnished  hy  the  choir.
That hard times does not effect the
residents of Moyie, may he Been by
the fact that two of our citizenB,
Messrs, Bates nni Nutt have recently
n restod in pianos for their homes.
This chows confidence in the place
and mav be ta'ien as a good omen.
Mrs. El wings, who has been danger-
OtlBly i'l is now rerovering fast and
iirr ninny friends will be pleased to
learn 'hat she will soon be about th*
house again.
Munroe Bay is a favorite Bpot for
fishing these days; and many of our
residents have made some good catches of late. One' lucky flBherman
landed UO in a t?v/ hours one morning.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist church here held a meeting
recently in the parlors of the church
and nfter some dtsGUMSion It waB decided to hold monthly meetings during the winter at the homes of the
different members. The Aid Society
has hern taking the summer months
but all seem unite enthusiastic about
taking up the w0rk again for the win
ter.    The next meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. Nordman.
Tt  was  announced   that   Rev.   Mr.
Riiiutim: ['111 for Women. I.I 11 box or threelor
Jlu. .SoM at nil 1'rtiir store,, or m.lleil 10 any
aihire,,in recoiptof price. Thi Scoaitr. Dana
Co,,St. c.itliiirinca. Ontario.	
Vitality; for Nerve nncl Brain: Increue. "grey
matter": n Tonic—will Imlld you up. IS a box, or
two for 15. at (true; .tore., or liy mall on receipt
ol price Tim hcobkll Drco Co., St OaUuriaet,
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., Agents.
lin! Renovator
Remodelling Ladles Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
• Apply to
Mrs. Aruold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Taxidermist  and Fur
1'. 0. Box 131
Calgary, Alberta
J. Taylor, Proprietor
11 us just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin TeBtetl)
Milk and cream twice dally
lluttcrmilk twice a week
Tho only clarified milk ln
Wo   guarantee  to  Please
li   you   want   satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special  prices for family
Phone 106 P. O. Box 33
Organist Mutliadtet Church
Receives Pupils for
Onrmi.  Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Mount:   2 to 6
ISvontngs by arrangemont
Phono 2*34 P. O. Box 788
Carpenter and llulldcr
Hum, nml IMlmnti'M Furnished
Mil Short Notice
Westman or Calgary would bold a
meeting here last week and give a
lecture illustrated with latern HlUles
Unfortunately/the Illness of his child
necessitated Mr. Westman'B speedy re
turn home, ao the lecture has heen
postponed to someday in tbe near
future. ,
The hunting iD the vicinity ol Moyie ia excellent thia year and many
of the residents of neighboring town
are taking advantage .of it. Mr.
Lloyd Crowe of Cranbrook spent several days here this week the guest of
Charlie Nordman and Messrs. Nordman and Crowe have been camping
at Green Bay where the hunting is
Mrs. Pitman came home Sunday
after spending over three weeks in
the St. Eugene hospital at Cranjtfoo
Mrs. Pitman hus quite recovers
from h;r illness and her many friends
are pleased to welcome her home a-
That the owners of tbe Society
Girl Mine near here have not lost
faith in the mine, it being able to
produce ure is shown by the [act
that a gang of men is at present at
work in the tunnel and are following
a lend, which they hope will result
in the striking ore in paying ftUantl-
Messrs. Henry Sambol and Fred
Ka;.-ie of Kimberley sp;nt several
days here hunting this ween. They
motored down from Kimberley aud
report hiving had a splendid trip,
Mrs. Harrison of Lethbridge, Bister of Mra. Kenny of this place, wbo
has heen visiting here for some time
hus returned to her home in Lethbridge.   ,
Mr. J. Martin of Cranbrook spent
lhc  wee't end here  visiting  friends.
There has been a lot of petty thieving going on here of late and the
pollcfe have now taken the matter up
■'o it is hoped tbe thieves, will soon
be traded down. Some time ago a
small house situated near the Moyle
hotel was broken into and some of
the trunks stolen. This little house
had been used as a sort of , store
room for trnnks. Then another of
the small house-:-: situated near tbe
wheal ;house and belonging to Mr.
Bottomly was broken into and two
'•eds, a carpet, and a cooking stove
were bodily carried off. This is getting to be a serious matter and those
destroying other \ peoples* property in
this way should be caught and sever-
ly punished.
Little Thora Muir who broke ber
leg some time ago is convalesing
Mr. lt. Hume was a visitor at Fernie last week-end.
The hum of the Ba».er planer has
been a welcom/* sound the last few
Hunting parties are popular in this
part. Gold Creek is getting to be
something of a resort. For hunting
and fishing try this locality.
Three automobiles from this district
belonging to Hr. Ross of Waldo, Mr
Griffith of Baynes, Dr. Foster of
Gateway, made a tour of the Windermere .country laBt week. The party
numbered twelve, i.e., Mr. and Mrs.
H. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. D. Griffith,
Dr. and Mrs. Foster, Rev. C. L. and
Mrs. Oowan, Mr. and Mrs. T. Anderson, Mr. K, Hudson, and Mr. B. Coll
PreBbyterian Services will be held
in Adolph Hall at 11 a.m., and in
Ross Hall at 7.30 p.m. Subject:
at evening Bervice:  "The Hurabug.'j
Mrs. Smith's daughter from Montana ia visiting here at present.
(Special correspondence)
Messrs. Galbraith, Duncan, Whelp-
ley, Baker and McCallum, motored
ever to Cranbrook on Thursday last
to meet the Grand Master of B.C,
(James Stark, Vancouver) who was
paying his official visit to Cran|)rook
Lodgfi No. 14.
J. Kink and his brother motored
over from Crnnbrook and renewed
old  acquaintances-!  Inst week.
W. W. Douglas and wife from Bull
River were visitors in Steel), Friday
Krnie Howard arrived In town on
Saturday last to relieve Bill Myers
at the Imperial. Bill Is going out
hunting at an early date.
Messrs, Richardson, Ward, H'nnore
and Hicks, left on Sunday morning
for Sheep Creek for a week's hunting
and fishing up the mountains, we do
wish them every success.
John W. Wolfe, who has carried on
business as a ahoemfci.er here for a
good many years win taken HI Mon
day, his condition is rather serious,
One of Emperor Williams sausage
manufacturers was up for trial here
Monday, for creating a j disturbance
at Wasa, he was Bent to Nelson for
a period and will afterwards be sent
to the detention 'home until after the
Bill Yeasling has gone trapping up
the St. Olalr Pass; it took Jim
White and a four-horse team to clear
him out of town.
Chas. J. Reynolds left for Bull
River .Falls Monday to do some1 work
for the Bull River Electric Light &
Power Comapny,
Robt. Barber, Bill Myers an! W.
TnenhiiiRrr have eone to St, Clal
Springs, they will be gone over a
w-vk.if the shooting Is right. Bob
took his mr nlong.
Arthur Nlcol left on Tuesday for
New York.    Arthur has a few goats
An Important and Remarkable Announcement in
Women's Wearing Apparel
That Will be of Special and Unusual
We have made arrangements with Messrs.
Carstens, Goldstone, Limited, whereby their
exclusive line of Coats, Suits and Dresses will
be shown In our mantle department by their
Mr. VV. Carstens on
Friday, October 23 '
It Is an even! you have been waiting for—
an opportunity lo have a custom tailored wilt
made at a moderate price, and thin line is one
of the newest ami most complete made.
Carstens, Goldstone, Limited, are described
by the trade as tlie "House of Practical and
Stylish Clothes"; every garment they make
possesses a distinction tlfat is compellingly
A feature suit at $27.50 that we would particularly like you to see, comes in three styles
and In several of the new clothes in Copen,
Maroon, Purple. Blue and Black; the coats
have cape effect backs and the skirts are the
newest flare tunic styles.
Mr. Carstens will take your measures and
each garment will be tailored to your individual requirements.
Delivery will be made in ten days.
he ib taiing to the Zoological Gardens by request, it is to be regretted
that lifter all his trouble and labor
he had the miB.'ortune to ,lo3e three
out of a bunch dl six.
A bestiful specimen ot the loon
was seen swimming on the Kootenay
on Momday, it tot.i; Beveral of the
Crack shots no less than, thirty shell
to hit it, and then some crazy fool
swam the river to get it.
(From our own correspondent)
C. M. Pennook returned Friday
from a business trip to the prairie.
William Carlin was a visitor from
Fort Steele last week.
Mrs. Breckenridge left for Reglna
last Thursday and will spend the
winter there.
Fred Burgess has moved Ills family
to Craubrook,
Mr. McCollum, ot the P. Burns Co.,
spent the week-end in town the friend
of Bert Johnson.
W. F. Burgess, C.P.R. agent, returned Friday from a holiday spent
in Spokane and West Kootenny
J. McHavish, J. A. Manning and
Bob Kellock, cf Bull River; Constable Dixon, Chas. Wilson and Chas.
Martin, of Wardner, are attending the
Hlndos murder trial at Fernie.
Miss Eva Burgess spent the* weekend with her brother at Fernie.
Otto Wisner, superintendent of tlie
C.N.P.L. Co's pluning mill ls doing
some expert work for the Canyon
L'ity Lumber Co. at Canyon City tliis
Mr. Robson. of Fernie, wns a business visitor Monday.
The C.P.R. have taken off the watchman at the bridge.
Borne excellent football was witnessed laBt Saturday afternoon when
a Soccer Football match wasiplayed
between teams representing the Y.M.
CA- and the Kast Kootenay Light
Infantry. Considering that the majority of the players were in want of
training; that the ground was in a
somewhat patchy stnto and that a
high wind prevailed the football was
of a high class, and the spectators
were treated to an enjoyable afternoon's display The match ended in
a win for thc Y.M.C.A. by the odd
goal in three, and the result on the
whole is a fair Index of tbe play.
Neither of the teams' forward contingent apparently had on their
shooting boots. The goals for the
,Y.M. were scored by Fairbairn and
Richards, the latter from nn excellent
centre by Welsh, the Y.M.'b crack
right winger. The Volunteer's goal
was from a melee in frosit of tlHr
opponent's, goal. The backs and the
halves worked hard, the pick of them
perhaps being Rumsey.
A return match will be played on
the ground behind the Government
building on Saturday afternoon next
24th.inst, starting at. 2.30 p.m.,when
Soccer;enthusiasts can W> assured of
a full afternoon's enjoyment.
Canadian Pacific
Very Low Fares
in connection with
Excursions to the Old Country
Daily Nov. 7 th to Dec. 31st inclusive.
Limit five months, stop over and extension
Full information re Kail and STEAMSHIP TICKETS from
Ticket Ai,'i>nt, or write
District Pas8i'ii|;er Agent, Calgary.
j either Flemish or Walloon universal, Ictlcs. Thcjeforo wo propose that
because of the rivalry ot races.    We  Belgium should adopt English st her
: don't desire to encourage the further j national language, making herself tbe
' use of French, wishing to maintain ; sister nation of the England of the
our distinct Individuality and cultivate  Isle.
1 British rather than Prench character-
A renmrlmble protioml comes from
nclBlnu loaders: "We realise," tlior
say, "that our nation Is seriously
hampered by the lack cl! ono national
languuge.   It la Impossible to make
The World's Best
Send/or Five Roses
Wilt*  Nam-  tnd  AddttM   g
Don't forftt to nthm T«n C
Cook Book—
chtMen from lhe conlribuSoni of over two thooMffcl
•ucctufut Wtii of Five Rom Flour ihtoi*|hou. CaintA*.
Also U«(ul Notee on the vtrioui cUwee ol food thins*
lu eal, (JI ol which We been cwefully clinked titd
-e-chfeked by competent authority.
mu _ jjjwjgl to _ Of TO WOWS MIIIIM CO. LIMITtO. WIHHIrtt
Cranbrook Jobbers oSSJSm^


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