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Cranbrook Herald Mar 8, 1917

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'RSDAL, MARCH Sth, 1917
V|lMHEit 10
vpr i..
(Christian  Science Monitor)
Already, on Canada'B horizon, there
looms. larger than the Industrial problem whicli the provinces must face,
with tlio return of volunteers who have
and are
s batth
fighting the British,
in  Europe, tlie pro- j
Tho Needs nud Progress of the  City and Dlstrolct are in Good jhUl" "' BBBlra'*ftting legions of menj
ii     i      Ktoe    * i>   i       -..-.. whoso vision I i    been broadened by
Hands—Knurls nre Mr inti .limit* to Increase
Tlte Demand for Local Product is Already Greuter thun SuppI)
Partners are Getting In Line tn Co-operate.
Uh* Noinliorsltlp.
Tin* Boating capacity of the city Hull
waa well taxed u< (he Board nf Trade
mooting Tueaday evening hint, and u
tremendous amount nf very useful
work waB accomplished. Muny nub*
jeeiK of vital importance to the town
nnd district were taken nt'. uml progress mado towards their accomplishment. A live enthusiastic interest wan
exhibited hy every member, and many
of the remarks und speeches wero
well worthy of verbatim report, but
there wus so much that was good H
would crowd out everything else, did
we attempt it. We strongly recommend everyone who has the progress
of the eity at heart to get iu line and
secure the benefit of tlie deliberations
of a. rally live body of business men.
An energetic, campaign is being made
for new members, and Mr. J. M. Christie wus warmly complimented upon tho
good work he had accomplished, bring- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ing in a long list of applicatins for Spreull suggested that an announce'
membership. The next meeting tuken ment board be erected in n consplcu-
place April Bth, ous place In the city and this met with
President W. A. Nisbet was in the i approval. Dr. Oreen suggested that the
chair and Mr. McPhee acting secretary i publicity committee co-operate with
The question is a probable labor short-j the Auto Clnb fn getting out a book-
age fn the district was discussed, und | let of Information  for  tourists and
slim   arose  as   In   Hie   portion:
paid by Hie Hoard of Trado tin* Retail
Merchant's Association, and the Agricultural Association. Mr, Ward's
inline was recommended, and appeared
to receive gonoral approval.
A most important itui ol' business
was the i| nos tlon of a flour mill for
Cranbrook, and Mr. Christie reported
that steps were bolng taken to get all
tho necessary Information before any
definite proposition could he made.
Mr. McCreery reported his committee had waited upon Mr, Harshaw
Supt. of the C. i', li.. inreference to the
newal or tiie local passenger service,
nl lie was glad to say tliat Mr. liar-1
show had already recommended that
tlie service be again put on. and tliat i
if the Hoard would also take action it \
would strengthen his hands in th
In the matter of new business, Mr
montlis nf tsturdy endeavor and accomplishment, and i>!' adjusting governmental ami social conditions to the
standards «lilch, it is now apparent,
will be demanded Thai there Ig to
fn* in' n pprlod nt reconstruction, comparable in a measure to lit pi rlod ui -
reeding the Civil War In lhe United
stair**, thero seems to be no efforl to
deny, Those closely In touch with
affairs in tlie Dominion Bee hope that
the result will make for thc enduring
good or .tin- national life,
in tlir broader knowledg
this contact of the soldferi
affairs,  a   promise  nf  tm
lt may not look much like spring
with the heavy full of snow of the past
few doys, but undoubtedly the spring
fueling is in the air. and  with  the
spring our farmers will be preparing! proml
tor tiie season's operations,   The best' creati
and most profitable lino ot business   Marel
tliat any farmer can engage in is the   '" Un
dairying business, and those who have cream
a few good cows coming In are in tin*  small
fortunate class, ami those who have t'raubj
the opportunity and the wherewithal  ket, tl
to handle a few good dairy cows dur-   tre fo
ing the coming summer should waste  Ihe <-\
no time iu getting started,
A chat with Mr. H. A. Amerman, the
Menial and kindly manager of our local
creamery, tills week, reveals a v'ry
satisfactory and encouraging out'oolt
lor the dairy busine
Ive a' thai distance,, it is pleasing to
nnil. however, in that respect, thai
tin* itulwiiy Commission, through the
efforts of our Board of Trade, have
promised Lo take up tlto question of
cream rates when they visit here io
next. Tiiere are many points
Itstricl   wliere a good deal  of
light  be
o  supply ;■
Ok provide:
ail pc
it was decided that a committee should
approach the Dominion Qovernment
on the matter and also see if the embargo on U. S. labor could not be removed. The co-operation of the Lumberman's Association was also sought.
Tlie question of a joint Secretary
was next taken up and some discus-
others ns to the attractions of this district. Tliis also met with general approval. Tlie probability of getting tlie
concentrator, recently burnt at Moylo.
placed at Cranbrook was introduced,
and the importance of the project was
at once recognized, tlie matter being
placed in the hands of a committee.
J. H. Laity was up on a charge of
vagrancy on the 5th, and given seven
On Saturday morning Inst Ed. Johnson, blacksmith at Fort Steele, was
up before Justices of the Peace B. A.
Hill atid Harry White charged with
selling an intoxicant to an Indian.
The case was proved and Johnson
fined $50 and costs or in default of
payment CO days in goal. There have
been several cases of Illegally giving
or selling fire water to Indians in
the vicinity of Fort Steele. With penalties such as meted out it surely will
huve the desired effect of stopping
this foolish traffic.
Moses, one or the St, Marys trite of
Kootenny  Indians, wns up before il, i
A, Hill and Harry White on Saturday I
hist charged wltli creating a dtstur- \
nance of tlie peace by being drunk
Moses pleaded gUltty to cleaning out'
a hotel In Fort Steele, of the proprlo-!
tor and guests, having in his posses-,
sfon a .28 Hoss Hifle which resembled
a (ierman field gun.   The Magistrates I
filled   Moses   JLTi  aud  costs or   thirty
days  and  admonished   the   Indian  to
I',' good u future and to tight shy of
flre   water     The   proprietor   of    tlio
hotel vatfibosed when Moses pointed
the gun at him anil was last seen In
Cranhrook.   We trust Mr Worden will
soon he bail, again on shift
\ ease arising oiil of tlie Interpretation of the liquor act was heard at
the police court Tuesday morn lng,
before Judge Arnold, when Geo. Smith,
luir tender ol tlio Cranbrook Hotel,
was charged by Chief Hersey with being within the bar duriug prohibited
hours. Mr. (i. J Spreull appeared for
Hn* prosecution, and Mr   \V, A. Nisbet
for the defendant, An argument occurred between thc contending law
>"i-i as to the exact meaning ami application ot tho act Wltll respect lo
allowing the bartender opportunity to
clean up tlo* bar, ami Mr Nlsbei asked for an atljournroont to give him
an opportunity to look up tiie question
more fully, Hie summons only having
b. ni laid Lhe day previous,   The ease
was adjourned lo Friday next.
'I'hc Police Commissioners are meeting tin Tuesday nexl the lSUi March,
at B pm . in the ctiy Hull, nnd nll
parsons Interested nro Invited to be
thi: mrmiAi pkcksmfk
(London Telegraph)
He feels his responsibility to CM—
he who decorated the commander nf
t!.< submarine which sank tlu* Lnsl
labia* and did not intorfero to save
Nurse Cavell! Ho has a heart even for
tlie peoples of his enemies—he who
never spoke a word in restraint of
tlie massacres of hundreds of thousands of Armenians—and he lias the
wllllo free the world from Its suffering, though at the outset he might have
stopned tho war with a gesture. That
would, in Iruth liave been a moral
deed, which would have made his
name fnmous for over, though the
great machine nf evil which lie hnd
created was even in August, 1914, getting fast beyond Ills control. But Uie
idea of the Supremo War Lord of the
World stepping down Into the arena
as a beneficent Prince of peace, because the weight or his armor had become irksome to him, and IiIh caprice
longed for another role Oils wus a
change Indeed which must have natis-
The object of this foreword to the
Appeal of tlie Cranbroolt Chapter of
the I, 0. 1). E. for funds to carry on
tlieir work of making supplies Tor our
wounded, is firstly to urge for a generous response to their house to house
canvas on March 16th, and to emphasize the necessity that tliis work should
not be allowed to decrease at this time
through lack of funds. In view of the
coming great drive on the Western
Front in the spring and tlie son sequent
Increase of casualties In the Canadian
Forres; and secondly to give a statement showing how the funds locally
subscribed have been expended. During tlie last twelve months the Cranbrook chapter have made and shipped
to the headquarters of the Canadian
i Hed Cross Society in Toronto the following articles:- 4rt7 Suits of Pyjamas; 2S6 Pair of Socks; 188 Hot Water
Bottle Covers; 135 Helpless Shirts;
13*1 Shirts; 1158 Miscellaneous articles
■ which include bandages, pads, towels,
i fomentation wringers, surgeons gowns
I fie, ftc.   The materials for the nbove
articles have all boen purchased from
■ the Flannelette Fund raised by volun-
: t: ry BiibBcrlptlons anti contributions.
the monthly tines of -5 cents paid by
members of the I- <* D, E. is entirely
absorbed by expenses incidental to the
running of the Order, and In paying j
rent, postage etc
Everyone realized the tremendous
urgency of the present requirements,
the serious shortage of supplies announced by the Canadian Red Cross
Society, Owing to the decrease in the
activities of our Canadian Workers the
dally Increasing need for supplies ofj
ail kinds would soon ba overcome, for!
surely it is fully time tliat each nnd i
every one of those  who are left  al
homo should ask themselves honestly
it  thej nro doing their full share, in
working for au early ami successful
foiiMiimition  of the war.
in conclusion ft mlghl be woll to
quote a resolution that was recently
passed by National Executive of the
(Vder. "Whereas 'tl"' almost concentration nt effort' must be limited by
time,   strength   and  menno    therefore.
be it revolved thnt ibis National Incentive of thc Imperial Order of the
Daughters of tho Empire do earnestly
urge all patriotic women to concentrate all tholr energy, strength and
means upon the Immediate and pressing demands brought about by the
circumstances of war, leaving all other
issues, however important in abeyance
until the war Is won."
A very interesting meeting In con-j
year. Starting In last May with nothing but a prospect, over 40 fanner
patrons are now on tlto books, and so
good has been the quality, of tlieir pro-
I ducts, that tlie demand is already far
j greater than they can supply, and Mr.
" H. Phillips will shortly make a tour
, j of the district vlsltlag 'lie farmers in
nection with the Non Partizan League an endeavor to stimulate the prodnc
took- place in the Parish Assembly Uon of morG iim, morG cmim ■„ tno
Room on Mondny last at 8 p.m. Mrs. d*8tpict Considerably over double the
Baxter was in the chair and In the ab- ttmoUBt 0f cream can be produced
sence of Mrs, Bowley, Mrs. Burton was | rigIlt *n this district at th
asked to act as Secretary. The Committee, appointed to find suitable quarters to hold meetings, reported upon
their enquiries and were further asked
to secure rooms on Baker St. if possible aud apply for seating accommodation. The ladies of the League who
recently canvassed tlio city handed in
the signed cards and much encouragement was evinced when about 100 were
placed upon the table, together with
those having previously signed, making the League some 150 members
At the Invltatln o (Mrs. Baxter, tlie
Rev. W. H. Bridge addressed the meeting, strongly denying the Imputation
of any party ruling or using him as a
colleague. Having previously declared
himself free from any Conservative
or Liberal principles he asked them to
accept his statement as his word of
honor. Mr. Bridge further proceeded
to discourse upon ehe evils of party
scandals instancing the Boss nlfle;
ami showed women how much better
tbey could serve their country study-
right, in thii
I time, and we Imagine tliat once th
j farmers fully realize the gooil mono;
I thnt a creamery makes possible, tlii
i district will surely come into its own
I    Cream   is   being   received   from   .
radius of two hundred miles, but tin
express rates, which the company pay;
iu all cases, makes it almost prohibit
creamery, ami   at
the very best mar*
ils Is of course the natural een-
r your creamery, and provided
:press rates can be adjusted, a
deal of assistance can be given
outside points.
listing of all cream received,
yment being mado according to
Hikes It absolutely sure anti eer-
during the next   "■'" that the farmer gets paid for just
what he delivers, and Mr. Amerman
assures ns that so far no complaints
have been made, the farmers witiiout
exception being well satisfied with tlie
treatment received. During the cold
weather, when cream keeps well, just
i   flat rale is  paid, but during tiie
warm weather, when the quality of
cream is quickly affected, payment
will be mado according to grade. The
farmers so far liave always taken very
gooil care of their cream, and It Is ex-
pectcd that very little cream
will be offered, which is not up to
standard. Mr. Amerman also advises
the farmers to study well their book of
instructions wlich goes wltll the sepnr-
ulor, as a great deal depends upon the
proper adjustment of the cream screw
and the speed in order to get the most
nit. of Hit* milk.
ing laws and  social  i
■onditions. with
an  unbiased opinion.
and to get the
necessary education f-
nm other sourc-
es than any one party.
He hoped when
rooms  were sei ured
an  information
bureau   would   be   i si
ablfshed   which
could  be of Immens
*  value to the
With this idea in mind, it is of
ittle or no use to tie up to or nl'fili-
ite witb any political party; the aim
s to so hold the balance of power
that any member not supporting legislation brought in for the benefit, of
the province could and would be relegated to private life. As we are living at the present moment matters are
moving slowly forward for the betterment of civilization, but every institution must wnrk toward keeping tlie
equilibrium; if we move too fast, we
are liable to upsel the equilibrium
and cause disaster, as in the French
Revolution. Hasten slowly, is in
these days of turmoil and stress, a!
very excellent guide to conduct. The
very foundations of empires are being shaken and all institutions of civilization are being put to tlie lest, politics amongst others; in fact we ure
iu a transition period where* ami when
Cause of the Decline
of Lumber Industry
Ladies' Coats for
You will find a splendid decree ol
originality about these Spring Fashions
and we Know that they will meet with
your approval.
Most reasonably priced
$12.00 to $25.00
New Prints and Wash
Dress Goods
We have just put in a large
ranfie ot New Wash Dress Goods ot
English manufacture and dye Colors
are all guaranteed and are shown in
many different stripes and checks
Bargain in Mens Heavy
Wool Sox
1200 pairs Mens
Sox at
3 pair for $1.15
It   will   pay   you to  buy at least one
years supply at this price
For tin- nexl two months The Cranbrook
Herald will donate ONE HALF of all subscript inns received from whatever source to
the local Red Cross and Patriotic Societies.
Help the boys who are sick and wounded, and
their wives ami families at home, and
The Subscription price for the Herald is $2.00 per
year, and if ynu pay up your arrears, or pay
for six months, one yoar, or two years in advance, one ball' goes in the Red Cross and tbe
Gel bus;- everybody and help the pood cause alonu**
inui Incident!}' give your home paper a lift.
Everybody htniej nnd helneil m
with copy this week, nnd with such
trood will, wo wore completely
snowed undor. .Wo appreciate If
most lipurttly, nnd ask those whom
contributions wore not Inserted to
bear with us, und take Hit will for
tho dood.
Leogui A [ires', reporter waa appoint
ed uml il grateful acknowledgement
was made of the kindness or the
Editor of tho Horn Id offortng his Col
umn'* tn tlle Lengi
aired that report*
tli,. Nelson News.
Aftor Bomc comme
in draw up a form o
same to he sublimit!
Mooting,   which   Is
place the lasl Mond
;   It   wus aluo do-
liould  he went to
social and religious thought ure evolving! What will the result he?
Up to the present, the public has
allowed polities to descend into unworthy hnndH bocauso tho public hus
not tnken this most Important  sub-
, Jeet seriously; in fact sn far 1ms this
i ii was decided Bono that the word "i>oiitii*iun Is al-
constitutlon the most synonymous with   "disrepute".
1 to tin* Annual   The reason of this Is not easy to dis-
opod  win take corn; it should not be sn; politics is
tf In   March. the husiness of the people nnd surely
A monthly lee of 10 cents or over should bo on as high 0 plane as any
is carried on motion of Mesdames other matter of public Interest,
McFarlane and Burton
that those able to glvo financial assistance by supplementing the monthly
fee of ten cents could do us a reserve
fund. An entertainment committee
was selected (Mrs. Cameron and Miss
Cherrington) to
Initial expenses i
Why has it heen so separated from
religion?   Our religion   is   on   our
Statute hooks, put there hy politicians.
Present day politicians would deprecate any such action.  Now, why? Because few. If any, of them have  the
funds to clear j courage to sUind up for their con-
order to Invite i vlctlons (if any) so far lias the type
E. Watts. Wattsburg, B. C.)
In a series of articles I propose to
, deal exhaustively with this subject,
what I say will be based on statistics
and evidence beyond refutation, this
will prove that the enormous losses
sustained could have been obviated by
the use of ordinary precautions, ba^ed
nn common sense principles.
The Importance of this industry to
Hritish f'oumbfa and what the loss
means to the whole community was
not understood until the Trade was
destroyed hy the dumping of foreign
lumber during 1907 to 1910.
Railway men felt It, merclia.its fel!
i' working mon—the best of them
!•■ thousands 'ett l.e Province, hence
tin' numbers of empty house-? tn var-.
town; the City Corporations felt
•ffects, it is with us yet. and will
he fnj* years to come.
And why this destruction of an Im-1
pnrlant industry in its infancy?
The dumping of American  lumber!
was primarily responsible for it.    A
tariff equal to that on other manufactured goods would have saved the situation.
Why did the Liberals refuse tn grant
justice hy giving the lumbermen equal
Political expediency nlone was re-
sponsible A few Liberal tricksters iu
Parliament attacked lumbermen and
told atrocious lies about their rapacity
and enormous wealth.
When the Conservatives acceded
to power and ten members of
the Cabinet were willing to grant justice, the plethora of lies and vicious
attacks were redoubled hy Liberals.
such as ihe Hon. Frank Oliver and W
Knowles. Libera! member for Moose-
Jaw, anti the Tory Qovernment believed the gross mis-statements whieh
went unchallenged In the House Political expediency again ruled owing to
Pari lam en i having no evidence laid
before it to refute nr contradict the
falsehoods told by tin* liberal leaders
Undor tho circumstances Is II nol
Incredible that any pari of the elei tor
ate in   P.   C,  shnuld support  libera]-.
especially in Federal matters, when we
consider the fart that In power or nitt
of power tliey hnve consistently acted
n-W-hlBl  'lie interests of t!ii< Province*,
nnd in the case of the lumber Indurtry
were absolutely rosnonBlblo for killing tho "(loose that laid the golden
'. *s y*W
reery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Gnods and Clothing Stores
Tcloplionc 71.
Han Otitis Bwelre Prompt attenfon
If Baby is Fretful
(Held ovor rrom 1;
Hit-. William Irvine*, ni
''ok. Bjiojto for nn Iim
(London Dally Main vlsnlilMy eer linvlnt- ni
Tlie* wnr cannot e-etii till Germany tongue eel votom wiio In
leim ronoiracoil Uio bloodthirsty and tholr minds to aludy tli
unscrupulous military tyranny which o itry wonlt] eneiy vo
sho Is now trying to imposo upon ns; datoa who would unsw
.   ...             or until III,. |1U| rum) Ire thlee country I port  only tlineee* nee'iieell
«d his Chancellor soma troubled kauri. | wk* loves liberty is killed. for public good.
the host spenlters tee step off nt rrnn-! of politician retrograded. A great
brook while inessiiic through this vie- nutny blnme parly polllcs for this;
Inlty. Othor Items or business wore possibly they are right; I do not know
transacted and Hie* meeting niljtirned. ot a grenteer curse in our public life-
  - than purlyism.   It kills Individuality,
eolO i smothers initiative, rcfrlgcratoa r*n-
'ted Inst' tleaalasm and feerins a clonk and n liree-
tho nil-   tendon  tn eevfry leiiiel ni  rottenness
■ ■ .-:  :....• :   .' :- - :r- !;■ tier *.:.>- ne>*-<!
I' f I a a - rlghl rood.
There is no experience in feeding your baby Ait!, ehe* food* n*e-ntione*ei
tandard with mothre 'ur yean and years,
below.  They inn. 11
anil better like d to la; than
Cranbro.,k Drug & Book Co.
". J. Alt IIIMIV Maiiaift-r.
WOMKVS   INSTITUTE lude .n.'. !«"■.- .. a '•..? by Mr-   Adlai
  v.,:   ' i lally as well appreciated   Mrs
(Contributed) .. ...     . . , lM,iy arranged the niunie
The regular monthly meeting ot the fo; [..•■ afu rnoon and was fhe err;   ■   ■
Women's   Institute   was  held   in   the pianist throughout.
Parish   Hall  tm   Tuesday  afternoon.
lng made up
noeds of the
• for nindl-
rvlngly buji-
ifl that, mnde
ami graft. Take ;n
and  the political   In
ronage destroyed ai
Handing of tbe Im;
political economy i:
ay party politics
■ler Ih dood, pal"
il a saner undor-
ortanco of social
bound to he tlie
remilt. Partylam hi really a detriment to every activity of public life;
It breeds and strengthens lack of
mora! passion and courage, it is a
hindrance to education, to th" study
of  political  economy, it  mu?,7.1e.s the
■ press in general and artificially en-
' courage.- party presr- and tiie demagogue! emise unnecessary division of
people with its attending ill feeling
and suspicion, in fact ll render*! ns
politically helpless and iu despair,
distrust ami disgust we hand over the
management to men whoBe moral fibre
is ol" the rubber kind, and wlinsr. In- j
stlnetH are Htibterranoan. It Is this'
rmrtylHm that loads tu the exploitation
of tli<> public, by giving absolute power
into the hands of tin* unscrupulous
; who cannot ho gol at oxcopl by np-
, Betting the Qovernment,
Cnm-ludrd on png« 4)
with the President, Mrs. McFarlane,
in the chair, Bttpported by ' e '■'.■ - ■
President, Mrs. J, w. Spence. Tiie
usual excellent attendance was maintained, 107 ladh beii resent T ic
business an-iuc oul Of tl ■■ •
led io a disciiBi i"'. ol I bi iter way
in dispose of tli
cent Volentlm   S -■••      ■ ■   *■ I
forty dollan    Ii ■>.       i Ided I    ipend
half   ror  yarn   tu   ■ on tin tie  knitting
Bocks, and half In   - m in n •-.•
■ ome -; ■    y       ■ cretary
nstructed I I       [what
N   inn t   ri■ « <|> <|     ■   ;   * ■ "
•aim- ih \:  meeting
Twi Ive pair ol
of mitts wet
ami friem    of tlte
yarn was dl trJbuti ■! to !■•   ■■ I lit. I
nfr  noxt  meeting.    Having       I   I
Librarian In tho ;■■ r on oi Mr     fl
roII, Mrs. .1 s. lir; kc kindly ■ minted
t-i  tal-:"  charge  of thl    it     rtmenl
atfesdames Wolf or and Panning
ti ■ re 11 ovl || t::,.   ti i: durini the i   ki
few :■ nntl      Mi moors knowing i
on   Dr King, S
; i knowledgl
ied at i
md promised I
thoso  linos
. will be
a1 ■ I trents on
equality n   In rights ami  powi r   tn
renpoct of minor children.
\ beautifully rendered violin solo by
Mrs. Wallinger, accom pan tod by Mrs
WhltohoiiBc proved a nicotiant Inter*
.Mrs. .1   /■'  Smltl   - ad an ea
■ii thi* "Laws pertaining
tc the Dfsii Ei - In ■■ .■■      This
l< livered by Mr-   Smit
tho Gi vernmei I Di legati
■'   .. tit te i onf< rem <■ in
Septi mix r    and
strongly with local voclal evil   li  •
oponlj  fls inted )•• fore I ■■ - .*
of 'Itizens, and .*■■ • In dlrei I  ihu > ol
Mi    M Karlane i om men ted up-
in the i onsiderable Improv. menl
:.<:■: ".    Ot clVC life llOCfl Mr1
■ ■ ■   ■*■ i ■  written and
■■' ■   ■  •   rjllfgentl) i  ■
m ki   i !n obrook   "a   i :■ nn
pi r onal  knowledge ol
. iti :■  idi ■. ■ ■ Bhould ht* Im-
mi di it. ly and '■ irli isly reported to
il ■■ polb ■  offlt. i.   ■■•■..'  will remedy
the wantonness    which has    existed
■ ifore.    At the invitation of the
■ .. ral took part In an animate'!
'i- -Um relative to the abuse ot
ch    laws; one member asserting thai
if i n. preying ujKin the souls of worn* :.. were .socially ostracised from decent homes, as the fallen woman i.s today, how very quickly n reform could
bc (ffi cted. Women .should, it was de-
dared very forcibly, hold out the hand
to tho betrayed and turn tlieir backs
to tin* betrayer,
other questions were directed upon
thfl reason why Fernie wap not cleared
Of ft> houses of prostitution simultaneously with that of Crnnbrook, and
was i' h Provincial order anil if so why
had nol the whole of H. C, boen clenns-
ed from thin porverslty?
Tho second part ofthe progrnm wain the hands of Mrs, U. Palmer who
was Delegate for tho Institute at Kootonay Conference at Nelson, 1910. Mrs
Palmar treated upon the keynote of
(Continued on page four) PAGE TWO
lui Fish for ll.'iiliii uml
We have jus:  received n
:      shipment eei'
theBc will be on Bale  Fn-
tlav and Saturday at
issued   Weekly   by   The   t'runbruoli
llerald. Limited,
(luts. II. Leuthloy*. Editor and .Hummer
12c PER LB.
Evory Egs Guaranteed
I'lT   Dee/.   BOc
Watch fur our Special Sale
of Mutton mi Saturday.
Prices and quality to suit
We* cater lee lho service of
the Public imil we can
surely pleas.* you.
Prompt   Deliveries '"
I'lmiir Orders
I'lllINi: III
Craubrook, li. C, Marek 8th, 1917.
We nre glad to announce that the
position of Kditor of the Herald haa
been filled. Mr. Chaa. H. Leuthloy has
taken over thi* Management ond a
weight has been lifted oft! our shoulders.
We desire to express our thanks to
nil those who so kindly assisted towards making the lust Issue of the
Herald presentable, without their valued assistance wo would have been
helpless, ami wo ask for the continuous support und assistance uf nil
readers nf tin1 Herald und which wo
a ri* assuring Mr. Leathley he cun count
upon. Tlie Herald in helping along
tlii- district helps every kind of Individual within It and we want the Her-
al'l 10 be a credit to the City of Cran-
A good many complaints are coming in relative tu thr curfew by-law.
Naturally some trouble might lie ox-
poctod at tie* first, ond it may bo the
screw i: too tight, but it will bc beat
to glvo it a fair trial before passlng
judgniont and bear any Inconvenience
as patiently as possbte. Meanwhile tho
police commissioners are meeting on
Me- t'th, and an opportunity will be
glvi n to talk the matter over.
An extra effort is now being made
io complete as early as puasible the
Inventry of the mau power of Canada.
and notices are being sent out by the
Director of .Nationa! Service to tlie of-
rect that tin* time for the return of
Mir completed National Service Cards
has beiu extended until the Illst duy
of March, and nil who have not done
BO ar*' now required to return their
cards Iiy that dato.
l.O.O. I.
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially invited.
B. II. McPHEE,        s. FYLES,
Secy. N. G.
The onorgy with which women are
seizing the opportunity to raise the
st;iiithirds of business und political
Iii" iu tho west is very gratifying to
all thoso who have the real welfare of
the country at heart, and it is to In-
hoped that tliey will have the strength
to avoid tho many pitfalls which will
he placed in tlieir path. Efforts aro
already bolng made to switch thein off
into the tortuous paths of politics,
where they would be quickly swallowed up in existing party organizations;, and their efforts effectively
muzzled. Wo plead with those who
may unwittingly have made a step In
tho wrong direction, to get in line
with their sisters who have so strongly
and  wisely forsworn all politics.
Crunbrook, n. c.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
tlio Fraternity Hall
n. 0. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. n. & S.
I'. 0. Boi 622
Visiting  lerctliren   cordially  Invited lo attend.
Mccta In Maple Hall second
Tueaday of every montll ut S
p. m.
Membership open to Brltiah
Visiting members cordially
E. V. Brake*.       j. r Lower,
President. Secretary
Jleie.ls   111   111,'
Parlsli     Hull
tlrst    Tuesday
afternoon eif
'very montll
el :: Ii.lll
Pros., Mrs   W.
i:    McFarlane
Secy, Mrs. ,1 W. Burton, P. 0. Dox 621,
All ladioB cordially Invited.
Mi sed by Prov. Government.
HKS, lii;vr. SUPT.
. , - al attention given to the
ti    tment of rheumatism
One or tho most valuable of recent
literary contributions to the great
cause Is n booklet by Professor Stephen Loacock, entitled "National Organization for War." In this booklet
Dr. Loacock makes an urgent call for
national thrift and national saving.
He attacks In vigorous style the evils
of extravagance at this crisis fu Canada's history, nnd by trenchant phrase
and apt illustration disposes or various common errors in regard to individual spending of money during war
This pamphlet was originally pub*
Itshod by Ur. Loacock himself, but
tho National Service Doard were so
convinced of Its value In connection
wltli tbeir Thrift Campaign that they
have had it republished and huve un
dertaken Us dlstrlbuton. Copies muy
be obtained by writing to tlie Secretary
of tbe National Service Doard at Ottawa, or by applying to tlie National
Service Director in any Provnco.
i a ion:its' unions
pi:htini:Yi'    1IKJI.UIKS
in nii: I'Aii.M i i.i:iik
(Left over from last week)
''-.   Dui " ii,   Mi   arlane  of   Cran
iok In      ■   ; ■     l his i osltion iu the ]
0 'li''*' f'' tl ■■ eoini in j In re. He leaves
i i tho first of i'"\! month to tak*,* up
1 position with his former employers.
the Taylor Lural i I uipany, of Wasa.
Mr. McFarlane bas been engaged in
W)   llffo for :bi* past iwo years nnd
■ will bo mis a d when he is gone.
Mr ind Mlsa Watktus of Alherta
liro tin gUi sts of Mr .1. Dennett of St.
Mi r;    Prairie.
I'i" : eoph   of VVyi llffe are going to
il   i "     * ■ in tb ' Club-house
larch   10th,   I ■   aid   of  tho   Red
rhe di tails bave not
ii fn Ij nrran red is yel but will be
■ .1 lator on.
■   I.   dth .   Ite   a  machinist
■     ni toy of the Otis Stnplos Lumber Co . wi     ..   mi -j ,,., i>% in*, rjreon
!•: tRi'iu'  il" | itul  on Tuosday.
VYV are sorry to learn that Mr. Mnn
■/el, Supt. of the St. Eugene Mi   Ion
nl will sin
directors and
katchov/r.n to work his
The district loose a real i
man ii; Mr. Manzel and it i
regret we learned of ids tli
»F fi;lt\11; district
Daliince SIlOCl   fur 1'
lu March ■
rind lYhrutii*.
, 11)17.
■ite  fell  from one
n .dmnn, of Cran-
\\r . Win. Wood-
■ . .Hi      were   tiie
''aldwell on Sun-
• r from last week)
iL: had the misfortune to
V road on Thursday and
ib- thigh bones. He was
xtrn heavy pocket kniife
kel ai tbe lime, nnd this
i'   leas   instrumental    iu
Are your bands chapped,
cracked, or sore ? Have you
"(.-oltl cracks" which open and
bleed when the skin is drawn
tight? Have you a cold sore,
frost bite, or chilblains, which
at times makes it agony for you
to go about your duties ? If so,
Zam-Buk will give you relief.
uml will heal the frost-damaged
Mlrts B, Strejtn, of East Hansford, N.S., writes: "My bands
were so badly chapped 1 was unable tu put them ln wnter. All
remedies foiled to heal until l
tried Zam-Buk. Perseverance
with tliis halm completely healed
the sores."
/.rttti-ihik heilacoti.burniibrnliM,
cm*.* j set a ma i plica, chapped hand*,
•.•.i.i tores, fro*I biiM, »n.i ull ikm
dLietaoa ami injuries, lU-fune aul>.
■tltutoa,  At all drugs I at* • ••*• ■<"»'>.
nornl col-
of C.N.P.
nil   Natal
Pernio iiml Coal Crei I;
lections $7.16.00, Employe
Coal   i'ii.   J070.80,   Michel
Employees  C.N.P.  Conl  Co,  S
Newgate- rjenornl  collections
Meadow   Creoli Lumber Co.
Phillips District $15.00; Fine tin
Waldo—Krag enul Wnldo gonei
lections Sn. Bnker Lumber Ce
$114.25, lliess Sasltatoon l.uml.
$247.;   Elko   Oeneral   rollcrtio
C.N.P.  Lumber Co. Cnmp I
Jaltray—Easl   Kootenny  Lumb
anil district $132.50; Hanbury
Lumbor Co. $186.50; Bull [live •
$37.76, l'. P. lly. logging cal  |
■i:,. r. N. P. Lumber Co., cam
Leyard Creoli $43;   Husm r   I
colieetlons $4.   Total $2807.85.
Returned Soldiers' Commlttei
I.O.I) I-:. Baynes Lnko aud Wnl
Uod Cross $25; Te baceo Fund,
Gould $15; Cnn, Patriotic Fund
Qoopel, treas. Victoria t2767.SH
Teitnl collected A. P. F. to dnto t50,
"i58,ll; Total scnl Canadian Patrlotli
Fund to date $40,250.15.
Alfred Cummlngs. dist. secy
(Left over from last week)
Jim Tbistlcboak nays, Platonic love
i.e aiiiiiii as appetizing as wanned over
flap-jacko, ubout as mysterious us a
camp mulligan, about as ancient in
flavor as store worn Llmburgor cheese
and ubout as Interesting as a country
cemetery on Christmas Eve.
No.  435420,  Pte.  Billy Shonfield nf
the  14th 'Canadians who was visiting
his family al Kllio for a few days is
now at tho Ogden Convalescent llos-
.           ...      pltal, Calgary, for the seventh opera-
intractor, is visit-' u       j,     stienCield was shot through
y  in   Fernie   this' .„„ i i
Inula Is as busy as th.*
ee putting up ice for all
Hill is -utre* some nlici'l
hn In
fully olilloqtlising on
ng la t we chanced to
nngllig to Waldo's pion-
n Quietly devouring an
large   cardboard   boi,
■ : isi r which consisted
of soapy water.   We an*
loss to understand this
menon, unless it be that
al tine taking of Hill DO in
.Many complaint
lhat runners who
linn  tie 11
dor tho Amii nltn
have been ninth
ive made nppllca-
etit for loans un
Credits Ait. have
it.' -"-' -V -...    V     ,   - ■ - -	
* *^';l!
jffi 8    Beware
**Jr.s#'.,r p      oi
een (lie
I &iC825ctS.faWH|       of
I      -'LIMITED ■    •   II
I' '■;iN'iiiM:1M(.wt.u *^fj.1|M >||-;.\'l'
been bo lar Ignored, even where the
appraiser's reporl has been favourable.
II any appHcante have real cause
fur complaint ami they will communicate with tiie Herald, not necessarily
fur publication, steps win be taken to
call a general meeting or fanners to
mnsitler not only that matter, bul
many others which are ol vital Interest
to all engaged in agriculture
n Is of the utmost Importance that
farmers should organize au Indopond
ant union for Kast Kootonay, entirely
fret* from party bios and when formed the union could affiliate witli other
Tin* raited Farmers of Alherta have
mado a record worth emulating, and
in this respect tin* women's section of
He- union Ih ii most powerful aid iu
protecting tho fanners' Interests. Tlio
aims and objects of this union In not
to upset or destroy governments, ns
the latter can he rolled upon to do
that part themselves by Ignoring public opinion and general mismanagement of affairs, especially those relating to agriculture, mining, and
other Industrial interests, and there
i.** no valid reason why formers' unions
and otiier unions should not co-operate in formulating a gonoral policy
whereby their varied interests may be
The Herald suggests that competent
speakers, male and female, should be
Invited to attend a general mooting,
each speaker being alloted a definite
subject to deal with, nml tlie Herald
will do Us part In giving full publicity,
ami recommends that bu (Helen! notice
be given so that thoso living in tlio
surrounding country may attend, We
nre glml to hoar tlmt a provlslonnl
commute.* has this matter In hand,
and it. can rely upon the onthUSl&Btlfl
support of tha Herald,
The Duke of Devonshire, who presided nt the Annual Meeting of thc
St. John Ambulance Association, has
become Patron, since ding II. It, ii
the Duke of Connaught. During tlu*
past year the Association hus Instructed over 10,000 Canadian Soldiers whal
to do In case or injuries. In almost
overy province school teachers are
required to qualify In First Aid, and in
tho mining districts this also applies
to those in charge. The Email button
worn by the discharged soldier, showing that ho has done service, is supplied through tli- Association. In
addition to the nurses and osslRtanl
nurses sent overseas, graduates In
First Aid and -Nursing are proving
of value in almost overy Convalescent
Home In Canada.
During tho year 1,300 resident:; of
Itrltlsli Columbia took a course of instruction Includng Normal Students,
miners, and policemen. Mr. C. (!.
Ponnock was again elected a Vic
President. The provincial Secretary.
Mr. Wm. nnriis. T.,'2 Granville Sir et.
Vancouver, will be glad to answer nny
Inquiries from pi rsons doalroui ef
forming classes throughout tlio province.
Tho St. John Ambulance Association
have decided to try ami make ono hundred Comfort Bags for wounded soldiers in the hospitals, to be sen! forward about the end of March, The
content*; of these bags are as follows:
Small band towel, wash cloth, toilet
snap, toolli brush, small brush and
comb, razor, handkerchief, boot laces.
writing pail, pencil, tobacco, pipe, clg-
arottes, chocolate, spearmint, playing
cards ami puzzle.
Donations of any of tlio abovo articles would be most gratefully acci pti d
ami acknowledged and may be senl to
lho St. John Ambulance Room (over
Mcf'reery Urns' storo mi Mondays or
Thursdays from 2 to 4.80 p.m., or by
telephoning   tho   Secretary,  the  sane-
will be called for.
The followng donation has already
been received: Leonard Piirlon BO
cents for soap.
Iguros ou delivering her milk "A la
arton" in the future.
Mr, Clalbraith of Fort Steele, liul-.iin
\gent, and F. Kyckman. Indian Ctiu-
tuble w ro visitors to the Indian
;'■ •• rvatlon   the   latter  part  of   fast
i  k en official business.
.!■ hn Krapp. a teamster in tiie em-
li : of tin  Rock Creek Lumber Clom-
■ y bad the misfortune to have liis
hand run over by a truck which ncces-
dtal d ,.i   going to :     Fernie Hoapit-
Mr und Mr i. Badgl j returned from
l.upka, Mont, aad will spend several
weeks In Flagstone before going to
their ranch In Montana,
Mlsa Janet McKay underwent an
"1 ration for appendicitis in tho Fernie Hospital lasl week, and is Improv
lie [Crag
Ludysmith, B. C,
daughter, Mrs. B.
if tho Internment
. paid a visit to bis
old ranch ai  Newgate Inst week.
Mrs VV. Murdock and children relumed this week from New Westminster where she was visiting with Imr
bi nd since Christmas. Mr. Murdock is now in England with a draft
of the 225th Battalion.
Mr. Tom Taylor of Flagstone wns a
bu :- ■ ss   vi imr   t<>   Lethbridge   last
week end.
Dtch Joyce, Gonoral Manager of the*
oel   Cn ■ l<  [jiunbor t'ompany, was a.
i 'ranbrook vlsii ir last week.
John House, a twrabor-jack who was
uihpoonod for a witness In a case
I : ■ heard in Elko this week, was
Icked oFf tho train tiiis week bv
nnstable Dryden. House was attempting to skip the country, but now
rests in the local bastlle.
II P, Gregson of Dorr, was a Fernie*
visitor this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kegan left last
week for Alberta, wliere they will take
up land and grow wheat and tea-bone
steaks. For the last three years they
have been ranching near Elko and
wero very successful ranchers and
very popular neighbors, and wore the
guests at several social functions In
tho old historic burg while settling up
their business. Mr. Regan said that
anyone that expected to make money
ranching in B, C., would have to work.
Ib* was well satisfied with B. C.,and
had done remarkably well, but two
dollar wheat was a great attraction
just now and he was anxious to take
advantage of it. Aboul twenty five of
tlio town's best was at the depot to
say au revoir.
Ibek McClure of Cranbrook. painter
and decorator, is putting some of the
Flagstone residences In the rainbow
class and brightening things up.
,1. I'. Sawyer, contractor, left for
Spokane where he will take a month's
Jim Bates of the Ames llolden-Mc-
! ('ready Co., Vancouver, wns In Klko
this week giving some split-kip talks
to the local shoe merchants tbis week.
The remarks wen* so funny tbey almost made you cry.
Contractor \V. Woods. College Ave.,
was a Calgary visitor this week.
Wash Away
Skin Sores
,.    .li.   D.   D.  the lii'iiid  wash, bas be-
I con io a household word.   It has proved
; itseilf  a remarkable remedy.    If you
1 an*  a sufferer from skin disease, in-
clnitiug  ulees,  pimples,  scales, crust
or Bcaema in any form, this remedy
will not disappoint you.   lt lias Htood
[ the test and today is the master pre-
; pnratton  for all skin diseases.    Try
■ D. 1). :i).   We guarantee it.
Craubrook Hook & Drug Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
When Tired n nd Nervous
Jf ihe end of the day fin ds you weary or irri-
table,with achinghead; md frayed nerves.you need
something to tone and s trengthen the system.
fire a remi civ which quicMy helps in restoring normal
conditions, They act on the s toraach, liver and bowels,
and ;:o renew the strength. ;md steady the nerves.
doses of these worDd -famed family pills will
§ Welci rnie Reliet
Saturday, March 17
W. B. Sherman presents
'I'ln* Original Turkish Musical Coined}' Production
"The Man in
The Moon"
a& %
'sSSff .Wl iS^ if**   ft-P* s*n^m
TZ. ^410 ^ 3 Sg. .■ $M*?w
.ji . ± J]
^ ^T»4-:;" ;*/.
22—Bewildering DlnglingSong Hits -22
A llevy of Delightful Dancing Dolls
A Riot of Color in Beautiful Costumes
.Magnificent Resplendent Stage Sellings
A Jingling, Joyful Song Show
Sale open at Boattie-Murphy Drug Store
Prices 50c, 75c and $1.00
Friday and Saturday
In llelelllieen lo tilt' re'iinlur |iree|*rilm
Mcdonald and coims »m apppar in
Admission .... B5c uml 25c
Special Matinee for Children Saturday       -    26c ami 15c
Famous Players Features
Will be Shown Kie'r.v MONDAY anil TUESDAY
The Famous Players Features are witiiout exception   the*   best
pictures released In Canada to-day.
Watch our boards for Monday's production.
"The Battle of Courcilcttc" ii "Thc Advance ol tlle Tanks"
Equal io
Here's another chance to help the
boys who aro giving tliplr all for yon
Ono luilf of whatever yon pay in Riih
scrlptlon to thn Herald rocs to tin
Itnl Cross nnil the Patriotic.
Consolidated Minin g & Smelting Co.
of I -inuilia,     Limited
Ofllce, Smelting and I 'cfining Department
S JI E I, T li It S   V. V I)   It li FI X E It S
rt Hi'ii.tsr.iis of coi.n. siLvi'.it. coppeh, i.k.mi ami zinc ohes
.-««,.,-.      , ,-;,..,„;,       ,.^^.,^.K^*>aaMuaraanaaaaaeaMaMHaaHli
Made Well by Delicious Vinol      *T    , '.;.:■:. :-:.18®LWS^^!&\
\\a    '■    '-:        "•!... FTWTWWM*. •■■■■-■'..■   m-      ■  ., *
tt" a llliB
Crestline, Ohi».—"I contracted a
lnerel, Lhriiiiiei oougll, nnil waa wrnli,
norvous and run down,   I have a sn  ll
family of three, and it waa I I *.
to do mv work.   I took dllTcrenl muii-
■« witiiout bcnellt   Finall)   I hrnrd
aboul Vlnol, and it has restored i	
health mnl Btrongtli, my counli le all
and I r.-t-l line."—Mrs, II. ft. Cmii i
Vinol ia n constitutional rcmcile fur
chronic coughs ami colds, ami for all
weak,   nervous,   run-down   condllioi
Try it em onr guarantee.
I'riiiiln li  Drug *  Book Co., Crnn
brook, li C, also nl lhe bosl ilruggl
lu all iirliiiili Columbia towns.
Gaiety First
liiualsmerolmportanttothil Fur
i, r thine il iiu: hii-lncsa with nn
Rdlablee - Roiponilbls—Safe
• Ilo.
■</%'-•'■■■   ■v.P-ii-t.
"Ship to Shubert"
'tho lomifflt how o in Ihs World tlcnllmr
cxcliulvely JjtjAa
MjlH'l-11   >i'll Will *-!*■   I.
nml i.ib. i .1 a uwrtt'
an Flaw Fu*
i. ielvonn Aeetti iku
etitibart" Bmolent,
Bpttwljr.l tourlcoMinrvlco,
Wrlla fnr U* Wn* ''',:,;"n of    Ull*
hlliitirrt  t*>!il|i|-fr" i-oti« i*i(f  val ttt bio
Matliat Information y«m mmi have.
, 2r,-27 WEST AUSTIN   AVF.
Inc. D.,p> (.UM.,CHICAGO.U.S.A.
Three sticks of Giant Stumping
Powder will do as much work
as ten horses and do it quicker,
cheaper and better.
British Columbia Experimental Farms,
Farmers' Institutes and farmers in practically
every town from Prince Rupert to Pernio
are constant users of
—the first stumping powder made in Canada,
If you have not already tried Giant Stumping
Powder, tcst it the nevt time you blast. You
will find that it goes further and therefore
costs less to use. When farmers use Giant
once, they always insist upon having
it in the future.
Get our
free book
It contains many illustrations showing
you how to save explosives in loading
stumps. It explains how you can get
the stumps out cleaner and easier with
Giant Stumping Powder. Mail the
coupon or write a postcard and lhe
book will be sent free.
j Free Book
i    Coupon
| Vancouvar, B. C.
I Crnd mc jntir beak, "Hrtlfi Fit mint wlih
? (.lam Sluiiiiiinir I'lmdct." I am Intrifitrd In
| Iheiubirtli which 1 have matkcl Xi
District ul East Kiinlenay
Notlco ls hereby ulvon that, sixty,
days from date, I Intend to apply to
tlio Minister of I.ands for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
tlie following described lands, situate,
III istsl 4D93, (South-Huet Knotminy,,
Commencing at ■ port planted at tk«|
BOUtll-oaat comer Ol l-a-et 7401; tlie-tico
about 70 chains south, enst nbout 70
chains, north about 7(1 chains, and
west about 71) chains to leolnt of e'oni-
ineuceinciit. Relocation of I .nt 7403.
Locateed this 2nd dav "' February,
N. li. Fisher, Uee.nleer.
Jamea Fisher, Agent.
Cut Glass
You are invited to inuueet. our
beautiful collection of Cut Glass
pieces, which ls considered by
connoisseurs to surpass the
stocks carried in many cities of
considerable greater size. Our
purchases are confined to perfect specimens of crystal, and
the cutting in many of the pieces
Is superb.
It is possible to select from
our stock ii pretty article In
out glass at almost any price
you wis!) to pay. from one
iiuiinr upwards,
W. H. Wilson
Kilby frames pictures.
Mrs. W. S. Ryekman is visiting
Mr.   I,.   Cadwallader  bas  return**,] n-
rrom   M> j waa   working
iit the concentrator recently burned.
Sorrj to i        the lost bia kit of tools.
Whi a   Bain   i 1< ins   it,   It's   clean.
Look lor Hie Big talw Sign
I* place
. 3      ale ot Men's
lt will bt* appreciated if ■ vt ry
person receiving news of ur rrom
uur Boys will kindly notify the
tt  -   li
r Mcther and Pa thi i
——- , both your most welcome letters quite
Mrs. !a. B. Burge baa returned from     •j»jle  |_<LtUit,.   ^|tJ  u:   Uie  MetliodiBt I sul*'' a3<* * Was 9ure rlatl '" ::,':ir lroni
a three month's holiday at Kallspell.  Church will hold a bean supper and ; >'t,u-   T!a're is n<-,Ul!l-S ' & 'era ua up
musici t aingol March 28th   lllt efl *etUr from home    'lV'!l ' fini
Ini Ujc old gym> | getting on fine and 1 am a fully trained
at I . the l Imrch;   upper serv
ed from li to s.   Adults 50 cents, chlld-
pi n i;   nt] tin li r . '■    ms.
Get Pink's ca
before buying.
prices on Furniture
is shares of Kootenay Telepbom
Lines Ltd. for sale at J7.00 per share
Apply to Heale ii Klwell.
tu   let,     r\pply  to
8     PHONE    8
\\V llunelle only
Smoked and
Cooked Meats
Buy Jseur supplies at the
Cranbrook Meat
Our  Own  Fresh   Killed   .Meats
are now famous.
Modern Cottage tu
Uoalo K Klwell
aol Fink's cash prlci
beforo buying.
rent,    fall  up
i mi Furnltun
The I irmers  En-
'.' ite lu ■   i i.otlce that tlio
Crop i e ■      ■ I be held again
tl '         ■■■ i'i  ■ omi H in
late mil lurtii ■■ ped will Im*
available al  the 1      Uiti   mei Ling on
tu     ij i   ■   10th
Safoly   Deposit   Boxes   to   rent  at
Qoalo & BIwoU's.   Tin* only safe place      1)nn*t mi ,
for valuables, gujt8
Miss Gftrbutt uf McCreery Bros. Is     -j'lu
attending tin* millinery openings lu i lorlai
Spokano this week. Teu a
Let us lix up your storage battery
now and have it ready for the fine
weather.   Kootenay Garage.
Don't miss Fink's Big Sale of Men's
The Kootenay Garage expect a cur
of Chevrolets in about the first of next
month, also a Dodge Sedan tills month.
Gel Fink's eu
before buying.
i prices on Furniture
Good Beef
For Good
Thin Week nv will Dare Some
Prime Fed Beef
St. Marys Pork
City Meat Market
\\* Ii. BLACK, Mgr.
2    DOORS   WEST    OF   OLD
It is the duty of every house-holder
to protect himself and his family
against loss by fire. The cost is trifling compared to the risk. Ask Beale
ft Klwell for rates.
Don't miss Fink's Big Sale of Men's
The Crnnbrook Poultry Association
meets at the City Hall, at 8 p.m. Friday week the 16th Inst. All Interested
are welcome.
Don't miss Fink's
IMg Sale of Men's
Wo a i
nnd sli
ig Av
Knox Presby-
,i Shamrock
Simon Taylor
o 6. Several
given during
tance fee will
ctlon  will be
;i full line of boots
nbrook    Bxchangi
machine-gunner now, and ready for
France and Fritz anj time, i wanl to
' '.'. you "iid every1'!' how good the
v M c. A. treat the sold! rs Wc can
go in any time and have all the games
we wain and fn b writing mi i
any time und they gh us om amusements every night; if it i- not b concert ll Is a moving pii luri show or ti
boxing contest, and it never cost us
a cent    The boys are all happy here
to-night; we liave just i i eauippi d
with Kitchener boots and they are fine.
Remember me to everybody in Cran
brook that I used to know and 1 hopi
tu set them ull again some day. Vonr
loving sun.
NOTE:—Private David Baldwin, the
son of Mr. and Mrs. 1). II. lialdwln or
this city, before enlisting, was an employee of the C, P. U. lie is
known and well liked by all who know
'fhe blending
is ejCceptiona/
finest Quality
The members of tin
bulanco Association «
of the Bex Theatre oi
ami evening of Mondi
when the famous plcf
Bncaneer" will bo sho<
Intermission  in  the
program wil] be put
and 5 cents; evening
and 16 cents.
St. John Am-
! take charge
the afternoon
, March 18th,
v the "Social
wn.   During the
veiling a   short
ni.   Matinee, 10
.\ special agent uf tlie House of Hob-
berlin will he at Fink's, March 13th,
with men';', special order suits.
Don't forget we split uO-50 with the
Bed Cross and the Patriotic on all i
subscriptions to thp Herald during the
next two months.
A feature uf tiie service at The Moth'
odlst Shurcli last. Sunday evening was
that In place of thi* vesper hymn s
the organ postlude, tlie choir rendered
an anthem setting of the national anthems of Belgium, Russia, Franco and
Britain including a verse of "Hule
Offciatlng nl the organ for the last
time Prof. Chas. F. Nidd seemed to ex
eel himself giving one or two very fine
numbers, the most delightful being
ttie organ offertoire which consisted
of the air of Lead Kindly Light, with
such variations as to reveal all the
scope of tlie organ, li was a number
enjoyed by all.
Cin yuu think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
home ?
Mrs. H. S. Kelsey has returned from j An Ontario minister the otlier day
Vancouver where she lirus heen visiting J borrowed from the Military Hospitals
her daughter, Mrs. .1. Duncan, for the Commission a - I of inutern slides.
last six months. | These sli! b show n   il goes on al the
Floor Coverings at small cost.—see show something of how uur injured
The White Sales Co., odv. ia this issue,  soldiers arc being restored to health
  I and to power for self-support, how-
Apples, Creston,'Wagners. Jonothons ever serious their Injuries may he.
Spys, ?l.SFi a box.   Cranhrook Trading } The minister exhibited the slides at
Co. , three country    churches  under    liis
  i charge.     In   n turning   the  set    he
When   Bain   cleans   it,   iff
Phone 157 or 5S.
Miss Doris Wallinger arrived, bom
last  Saturday  frum  the  St.   iCugen<
hospital, after undergoing- a successful! Th
operation for appendicitis. wh
The Maple Leaf RcboiCah l.-ulgi* No,
19, will hold a St. Patricks Dance on
Thursday, March 16th, In the Maple
Hall; couples 76 cents.
writes, -
"My recording
the post-master
local   recruiting
We art* carrying a fuft line of boot1
md shoes.— Cranbronfk Exchange,
\rmstroiig Ave.
wood.  4 rictut $9.00; :
Crnnbrook Trading Co
igt, IY. V. Mown, Cninlirona Eirhnnge
Trappers, Farmers,
It does not cost you anything to
ou your furs.   Kxpress them to us
over a $5.00 valuation.   We make
you our offer
for your reply, returning them
If net purchased.   Try us
Ii) Business sin™ ihhk
Send for Price List,
Special pflofl paid for Park Martli
Mackay & Dippie
f IN Sth Avcftu, Calgary, Alta.
Hunt forgei we split r»o-r>rt with the
Red truss and tho Patriotic on all
subscriptions to the Herald during" thi
next two months.
Hunt neglect your fire Insurance;
no one can afford to carry tlieir own
rink, the cost is trlfllnp in comparison.
Get Beale & Blwell to quote rates.
Don't n rgel the Farm era Institute
on Snturd: > ai 2.80.   Everybody wc!**
A special ureal of lho Mouse of Hob-
berlln will be at Kink's. March 13th.
with men's special order milts.
Don't miss rink's Big Sale of Men's
Mr. Pearson of Moyie was a visitor
to Crnnhrook this week, laying in a
stock of furniture from the C. C, S*
It pays to advertise.
A special "gent of the HOtlSO of Hob-
berlln will bo at Pink's. Mart'h 13th,
with men's special order stills.
Attention! Ploor Coverings n*t snmll
cost. See the White Hales Co.. adv. In
this issue.
Tlio Cranbrook Tennis Chr.h will
hold Its annual dance on Friday,
March 16th at the Parish ffri 11. double
tlckotfl $1.60, extru lady .Vlr. from O.SO
till 1.30.   Rofroslimontv.
Mere's another chance- trr help the
b»ys who are giving their nil for J'OU,
One half of whatever yon niiy In subscription to tha Herald gales to the
H«l Croi« and thn Patriotic., .
steward, who is also
md i bairman of the
league, says they
In i vi ry community,
rest in many families
who have feared that the maimed
who return will be forced to sell lead
pencils or such like.
■'What I should have done was to
ask for tliem for a longer period and
put them on in evi ry available church
in this district A man with a well
prepared lecture and a few local slides
could ronder n valuable service to the
country, both in allaying the unrest
above referred to and in removing the
prejudlci In some families from which
recruits might be secured,
Pastor: Rev. Thus.
Services al   11  a in.
Sunday School and
Tho paator will
and  7.80  p.m.
i(iniI  class at
iduci  both  scr-
Sunday Services   ■
s nm    Holy Communion,
n a.m.   Mattlns and Litany,
:t   p.m.   Sunduy  School  and   Bible
7.30 p.m.   Evensong,
Address. Second of course on Science
of Religion     -What  is Matter?".
7.30p.m.   Meditation in Church.
.8.00 p.m.- Dramatic   Heading   and
mimical items, in Pariah Hnll.
h.OO p.m.Siicial Service Study Circle:
"The Coming  Triumph  of  christian
Friday—Intercession at 7.80 p.m.
Yields to Delicious Vinol
Dislrict of V.nsl Koolenily
Notice is hereby given that sixty
(UO) day-", from date 1 intend io apply
to tlie Minister of Lauds fur a licence
lo prospect for Coal and Petroleum
over tho following deccrlbed lands
situate In Lot 4503 South-East Kootenay, British Columbia. Commencing
ai. a pust planted at the south oast
corner of Loi 7307 thonco north .so
chains, east so chains, south about 20
cliuins. wesl about 10 chains, south
about 'io chains, vast about 20 chains,
south about 20 chains and west obout
fiO chains lo point, of commencement.
Relocation of Lui 7308.
Located ihis 3rd dav of February,
X. II. Plchor, Locator.
Jamos Fisher, Agont.
Phono 117
House 440
IN THR MATTER of the "Land
Registry Act" and in the matter
of l.nl 1, Block 70 of Lot 132,
Group 1, Kootenay District, Province of Hritish Columbb, Map 1181
Coal mining riglitB of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and In a portion of the Province of Brilisli Columbia, muy he leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre. No more than 2,500
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application fur a lease must be
made by the applicant iu person to
tlio Agent or Hull-Agent of (lie district in which tlie rights applied for
aro situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and in nnsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accom-! (No, 4450-1) has been mndo tc regis-
panied by a fee of $"> which will bo ter Bertram Artlmr Qraham Shell. >
refunded If the rightB applied for nre j on tho Register of Indefeasible Fees
not available, but not otherwise. A ' as owner in fee simple of the above
royalty shall be paid on the merch-llol under n Conveyance to hlm from
untuble output of the mine at tho rate Baynes Lake Laud Company Limited
of five cents per ton. ot ul, dated 12th August 1910, and thai
The person operating tlie mine shall   unless  within  30 days from  the date
furnish the Agent with sworn returns  of tha firsl publication hereof you til
accounting for the full  quantity of In this office a caveat or Certificate ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tlie   Lis Pendens I shall register the said
royalty thereon.   If the coal mining   Bertram Arthur Graham  Shelley
rights are not being operated sucli r<
turns should be furnished at least once   ..Dnte0\.a.(  ,.ll'\ ''j'1"1 jtcgfstry Offl
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lesee may he
wner in fee
Dated at th
Nelson, this lath day of February, 1017
Samuel it, Roe, District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of firsl publication March 1st,
permitted to purchase whatever avail-   j^-j ,,_4t
hie surface rights may be considered
Kootenay Garage
Complete  Plant  for
Repairing and  Charging
Notice Is hereby glve'ii that the first
sitting of tliee Court eef Revision   f*er-
necessary (or the working ot the mine COIU'OBATIOS ,l»K TIIK  n'I'V OF
lit the Hete* of $10.00 an acre*. I IIAMIKIIIIK
For   full information    application 	
should be made to the Secretary nf
the Department of   the*   Interior.   Ot-
taeva, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent J[,~ ]llir,,n!1(,  „r   houri„B  complaints I ten duys
ot Dominion Lands against tlie assessment for year 1917  Court.
W. W (OHM, „s ma(le |iy ,|1(, ASSBSaor fur th,. City      Datad at Crai 12th
Deputy Minister of the Interior. „,    rraiihreeeili   anil   Ihe   Cranbrook   day of Feb™ lo.Xmja.vlBr.ln  . namsse, -.•„,
N. B.—Unauthorized publication  of School  District, will be held in the ; • '. ,.■ ;5''. "/.-'r.'." .i".', '£,  ,"..',:',. '..\
this advertisement will not be  paid Municipal    Hall.    Norbury    Avenue, | ■ •■ •       ;«e i~astus leire-eo..-t, rjau.arinoa.
for.—30690. Cranbrook, II. ('. ou Monday. March
1917. al Ity Tim'-.,
tu giv
en In writing to the   *   -■-   r at 1     •
DR.iJeVA ' i iie.Uirli.lS....::
...-■    OU       }'      :■  *. ' r i   ■
;      •      . ;.    I    if -• ■■ • or nwl.   I ■   "■■'
i .  -    .... - price    ;jiii Ecomu. Dbuo
PHOSf HOKOt FOR MEN.  B      '
After Every If/leal
The Flavor Lasts
Shrovepart. t*a,—"I luul n bad Htom-
acli troiililc for  •,'piirs and  bcoatnu n»
weak  I  could  linrdly wnlk or do any
work.   My appetite was poor, my food
j would not digest, I bloatrd and was very
weak und nervous,   I Irlctl many remedies witiiout belp.    I saw Vlnol mlver-
I Used and tried It, and now my stomach
, trouble i« completely cured and I nm
I well."— E.  (j,  HARM ALL.
; Vinol ig guaranteed to tono up tbe
; tired, overtaxed und weakened nerves
1 ut tin* hIi i»ni fl. und create i-treiiytb.
[Cranbrooh Drug a Book Co,, Cran-
i brook, li. C, hIhii ni tie* boat dniggisti
1 in all DrltiBb Columbia towna.
We invite you particularly to
visit our STO RE during the
next few days of this GIGANTIC SALE. We have an enormous
range of p|00r   COVerillgS
Prices on which we have cut without mercy.    We hav e ev :ry line you
could desire and we can save your Dollars for you.    Don't delay!
The Big Sale is Now in Full Swing
Just bring along the size of the room you wish to cover and come with
the crowd.
Look for
the Big
Blue Sign
The Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
l\ im: IIAXIIS nl  un
is The
THURSDAI,. MARCH 8l.h, 1917
Barristers, Etc.
1. Ilnnl         II. .1. Sproull
OlBco in Hanson Block
v to 12 a.m.
1 tee   6 ie.ni.
Civil anil Mining Engineers
II. C. Laud Survoyors
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. 0. Boi 108 Phono 244
The Shew Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarter;) for all kinds of
Spokane, Washington
This house has tho
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping placo In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent - -
close to Groat Northern station
and O. W, R. & N. -Milwaukee
terminal, und within a minute's
walk from tin- principal business
houses and placoa of amusement,
Sre   Slt'iiiiislihi   »n   Uovt
WANT  A 1>S.
word for first week, and lc per
word tor each week after.
Sugar i lieapcr tlelee weok; $li.:ir, owt,
54.70   BO lbs.   Cranbrook Trading Co.
LOST- Two keys, finder please, return to Herald Offlco. lei-lt
His. (ireen .*e MacKlnnou
Physicians ami Surgeons
Ollice at  residence. Armstrong
Forenoons   0.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00   o 4 00
Evenings  7.30 to 8.30
Sundays  2.30 tre 4.30
Robt Frame, Prop.
1'rtesli Bread, Cukes, Pies
nml Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Avo.      Opp  City Hall
..FOR SALE- Dominion organ, enst
! $120.00 will sell cheap for cash, Apply
Box 31 B Herald Office. S-31'
WASTED   Man and Wife to work
on farm.   Apply to Canadian Hotel.
WASTED- Iiy   young  lady, oxper-
ionced, position us stenographer.   Ap-
j ply Herald Offlco. 10-lt.
KOll SALE    house ua Nurhbiiry Aye..
Particulars at Clapp's .tee**'.
ii.m;    DOLLAR    REWARD   Lost]
Briar pipe un Bakor street. Tuesday
afternoon.  Finder apply Herald Offlc •
 1      Music loverB e,r Cranbrook will bo
sorry to learn of tlie departure   of
Prof. Nielil from nne midst.   Fur real
excellent talent, genial fiieeed nature,
A. u   Monkbou a and F.  ttlglitaou   .,,„, a |a,.,rlv n-hole-souled desire to
left Mny,.- on Saturday for Trail. ,,,,. ,,,„, l(l giV(, ti„, atmost pleasure
Mrs. Hugh    Weir    returned   from  trom u.a (ino „nlsj,.ai abilities, Prof.
Cranbrook Sunday i Vi,i,i. will be hard to replace.   Tlie
Frank West, employed In the upper   Rov   TnoB    Keyworth,   elue-lng   the
workings ol the St, Eugene Mine had;,.,,,.V|,,(. Sunday evening lust, paid a
his fuee very badly cut on Thursday  „|g|, tribute to tlie • steem In whicli j
by u rock falling on hlm.   He is now  th,, im)ri,Ssor has been held by   all
In the St. Eugene Hospital, Crunbrook.   m, mi,ora amj jriends of the Methodist
tli AN
MutcriiTfj i.i.l General Nursing
Garden Ave.
Teems on Application
MRS. A. SALMON. Matron
Phone 259               P. 0. Box Sl.re
iou SULK- Small modern sawmill
nnd logging oittftt. Apply. P. Lund,
Itox 189, Lethbridge, Alta, 8-5t,
in !ii:\T About April 1st, roomy
cottage; rurnlahed or unfurnished; nll
modern conveniences; close in; large
garden. Phone 453 between tho hours
of twelve nnd half pust one.
HI ll SALE- Bight year old horse,
sound, drive single or double; driving
harness, buggy, also linht wagon; all
for one hundred dollars. Apply llerald Ofllco. 10-i't
0ni*oMown girl wishing lu attend
school will be given board and room
in exchange for help around liou.se.
Mrs. Hersey, Burwell Ave., Cranbbrooh
It. C. 10-lt.
V. M
Hay I'liune 888, Night Plione 8I>
Ave, next to City Hull
I'lll'ller ill
link, II. I'
WASTED- IWHIi well cleaned seed
spring rye, also Home pullets or young
hens, Let mo know what you have,
with prices,   llox 4S. Cranbrook, B. ('.
WANTED* by un old country gar*
donor, 215 years experience, position on
fruit farm, .Married, will two children
Appl) J. <'.. 5002 Burnsland Ave., Mum
cheater, Calgary, Alta. ft-llt*
- Mr
. It
DONOVAN, TOM   Lnsl heard uf six
years ago, was then with the 1'orto
Rico Lumber Co., Moyle, Auy Information will be gladly rceeived by lllf
sister, Nun Donovan, Letchworth Village, Tliellls. .New York, U. S. A.   9-21*
I    EXAMINATIONS tor B. ('. Licensed
i Scalers  will   be  held  by the  Forest
i Branch at Waldo on March twenty-
j third and Crunbrook cm March twenty
sixth,    further Information may be
obtained  from  tlie   District Forester,
anbrook, B.C. I»-3t.
If vou
t to
prices for familv
(HAS. S.  I'AUKEll
Forwardlne.  and   Distributing
Acent for
Lothbrldgc und Grocnllill Conl
linperinl Oil t'o.
Dlstrbution Cars u Specialty.
lieuiliiu nml Traiisforriiig
Given prompt attention
Phono 03
FOK Hi:NT   The Dan Howe place
near Marysville; 1'. acres rendy for
crop; very best potatoe or hay land
Vou tan raise 50 tons potatoes and
some hay this year. Vou want a good
team ami a little money. Write, P.
Lund, Box ISO, Lethbridge, Alia.   8-6t.
FOR KK.NT The Clayton Itnneli,
I miles west of Mnryoville, 20 nere^
under cultivation;; house and burn;
00 tons of potatoes and some buy can
be rab*eil the first year. Itenter must
have a good team and a little capital
Writ-* I'. Lund. Itox 189, Lethbridge
FOH KENT—The Clayton Ranch, 1
i miles west of Marysville; 2 acres under cultivation; house und burn; 50
tons potatoes and some hay can be
raised the first year. Renter must, huve
good team and a llttlo capital. Write
P. Lund, Hon 180, Lethbridge, Alta
FOK KENT on shares ur rush The
Belanger Ranch at Marysville, H. (*..
125 acres under cultivation—fenced
Cood buildings. Parties renting must
have experience und some capital; or
will sell to right parly on easy terms.
Write, I'. Lund, Box ISO, Lethbridge,
Farm, 2-/6 miles south of Cranbrook,
about 200 acres fe u'td and abuu
20 acre* cleared, let;; of water and
i buildings on the prcyerty, for furlier
; information term-;, etc., apn'v I'
: Hickenbotham, 125 llegina St., Xew
I Westminster, B.C. 10-31
THOROUGH 1,1 MltKIMIAV of twenty years practical experience In ull
branches of the business, bavins good
connections with prairie yards and
with a few thousand dollars to Invest,
wishes to net In touch with parties
having timber holdings who nre willing to enter into manufacturing partnership, and supply timber on a cash
Btumpago basis. Address all correspondence to p. o. Box 633, Nelson, B.
"The Man In the Moon", one of the
finest musical comedy hits of the season with Hyatt nnd Lenore und un
excellent cast surrounded with a bevy
of pretty and bewitching girls, will be
the attraction at the opera house on
Saturday, March 17th.
W. P. .Sherman who Is booking tlie
attraction gives Ids personal guarantee
that tliis show wil] compare very
favorably with tli" best shows of this
kind that have toured Canada.
Hyatt and Lenore who nre featured
with the "Man in the Moon" have heen
identified for many seasons with eome
of tiie best musical attractions In the
"The Alan in tho Moon", a musical
comedy iu two acta and twenty two
mtiBlcal numhors Introducing nll the
latost lilts nf tin' day and presenting
for thr lirst time during the action of
ihe production, Ednn Lonoro and Bunny Whlllook in uii to dnto uml Hassl-
cal hull  room dam-In**,.
t\\| h'MIIM
The i-ixii unnuut meeting uf the
Windermere District  Board ot Trade
was recently held hero al which tin'
reports of Die vorloui olllcur and thai
of the Hoard's council wore i"
Uiul   the   Ollicers   elected   (nf   M:.'   com
hiK year. Amongsl iiu'' more Imporl
ant resolutions prosi nted wan ono asking the Provincial Government to Introduce into this dlstricl ;i pol ■ pal
rol fashioned along similar hues to
that of ihe Royal Norm SVest Mounted
Police 'un! *.im unotlu i' unking tbat
the fees lor a li*. -ii- u to Bhool big
game be reduced for nun r di ui
from oue hundred dollars to n ton
dollar f.-e wilh an additional charge
of twenty live dollttra per head for
ch head of game taken or killed.
The report ot the Mining ■ ommlttec
es on to show thai during the past
year the mining industry has developed In u manner that it has not dom
for the Inst ten oi nion- years, due in
purl io tlie construction of the Kootenay Central Branch of tbe Canadian
Pacific Hallway but moro particularly
to the high price m metal us brought
about by the exigencies of tbo Ureal
War. The report shows that th Pur
adlse, the Lead Queen, lie- Isaac, and
the Silver HelL have all shipped ore to
the total of thirty-six curs and al tin
sent moment with the addition of
the Hitting Hull property Unit there I
are seventy men engaged in the mining Industry.
The report of the Council dealt witli
tbo existing conditions of the work of
construction on the Banff-Windermen !
road and explained that tiiere was
every hope of more work being done
on it (his year, and this time under
the direction of lhe National Park
authorities of the Dominion Government; It explained thai through tin
kindly influence of Mr. Join! MacLeod
of Nelson. B.C., that we imd i very
hope of having the spawn oi' some
thirty-thousand Kamloops trout deposited in Windermere Lake thh year;
that tlie fruit production showed a
small increase over the year befon
and that, in accordance with the mini
ber of young trees whicli are reporl
ed us having come into bearing thai
there is reason to suppose that 1018
will see the district producing i
least sufficient tree fruit for its ow
consumption, lu regard to agrlcul
tural development the answers receli
ed to circulars sent oui. canvassing tli
District snowed that a marked increase hud taken place in the area!
that had been brought under cultl
vatlon this being more particularly
evident In the case of alfalfa grow
The report of the Secretary-Treas
urer showed the Hoard's finances t
bo in a good healthy state.
The officers for the ensuing year
nre: J. C. Pitts, of Windermere, President; ,1. E. Cornwall of Athalmer, Via
President; Basil O. Hamilton of Invermere,   Secretary-Treasurer;    .Messrs.
G. li. Parham, Lawrence J. Peake,
Joseph Lake, George A. Ileum tt, A. M
Chlsholm, George A. Starles, C, Cuthbert, J. L. McKay and G, C, T. Hurcourt to be tlie Hoard's council. Messrs'
J. B. Cornwall and G. C. T. Hareourt
were re appointed auditors.
The Liberals of ihe Windermere
District held their annual ABSOclatlo.
meeting last nlgllt in Athalmer. -Mai
tors of intfost to the party were dl*;
cussed and passed upon, am >n .-:
others being the establishment of
sysieii' of mounted police patrol an
tin appointing ofa Road Supn itend
cut for Columbia Riding as separat
from otlier districts. A resolution
was passed expressing confidence in
Premier II. C. Brewster aud ins government also in the policy put forward by Sir Wilfred Laurier. A vote
of condolence was also passed over
the death of the Hon. Ralph Smith.
The following are the ollicers for
tho ensuing year: Honorary Presidents, Sir Wilfred Laurier, lion. II. C.
Brewster, J. A. Buckham, M.P.P., and
Samuel Brewor; President, Ed. Tunnacliffe; Vice Presidents. F. C. Stock-
dale, Rufus A. Kimpton, W. C. Bennett, and James I.. McKay; Secretary
Treasurer. W. II. cleland: Executive
Committee, Ccorgo A. Starke, Alex,
Ritchie. Cecil A. Davidson, John S
Harbour. Hope Brewer, t lirlstlnn
Troyer, Joseph Lake, ami Wesley II.
The annual meeting of the Windermere District Agricultural Association
and Farmers' Institute was recently
held lu Athalmer. Tlie reports sleeved that very good results had come
from the work of last year and thai
the finances were in most excellent
condition. Tho following w >ro elected
ollicers I'or tin* coming year, being
hoseii from the director,: Presld ut,
G. E. Parham; Vice Presidents, Jo epb
Lake and John Joins; Seen tary
Treasurer. A. O, Cuthbert. In addition to the above Messrs. James Lam.
bort, Jumes Johnston. T. A. Pope. II
II. Peters. N. M. Marples, w. II. Stoddart, F. c. Kenward and J. W. Crawford were elected to the Hoard of |Hr-
otors. Among other matters dealt
with was a motion asking the Dominion Government to extend iheir telephone system from ils present ler-
minus to Fairmont Springs, with tin*
nd in view of going on to Cranbrook
and one giving encouragement to the
stabllshment of a creamery a' Golden,
Tho members of Ihe church and
. imir met lasl Friday, and in bidding
farewell to Ur. Nidd presented bim
with n club bag, and ihe following
vol,, of thanks and appreciation:
Cranhrook, B.C., March 2,1017 |
To Prof. Chas, F. Nidd:
Dear Sir:
u o ar ■ mel together tonight us
m mber nt The Cranhrook Methodist
; 1 um! und Choir lo give expression,
le lho happiest way possible, to
■ i , feelings which an* engendered
by Hi.' Uioilghts of your early removal
from our midst, and the severance of
11   relationships that  have existed
for almosi three years hy virtue of
your position as organist and Choir-
lender in our Church.
T i '.* that you have been consclon-
tous and pulnstaklng in the fulfilment
of your duties is tn leave unnieittioned
ii.ii devotion and self-consuming en-
■■■.■> ih;,! has always characterized
ynur work amongst us.
Vour zeal for the cultivation of a
high musical tone both in church and
community, Is n fact patent to all
who havi   conic into touch with your
Ladies'  Spring  Coats
We have just received a shipment of the most exquisite
Coats we have ever shown*-the fabrics are of excellent quality,
the shades most pleasing and the prices inviting.
You must really see these coats to appreciate them, they
have an air of individuality nnd distinctiveness, never shown
Included in the lot are the plain and belted styles in Coverts, Fancy Tweeds, also Silk Coats-not sweaters.
Our showing of Skirts and Blouses can nol be excelled in
any of the larger cities—we can show you jusl as many styles
and our prices are lower. Just come in, compare quality and
see il we arc right.
MARCH 15th will be a Big Money Saving Day on
Ladies' Silk Dresses.
Saturday Specials-Girls Middies 65c & $1.15
(Continued from pngo emi' e
tlie* Conference, lllei letter "E" U,
lonBplcuoua, aee Btnorge, Effort,
FCffloloncy governed women's live
tlio liomc. for tlie country nnd
other wnlk  of life.    Tlie  edm
necessary to bocomo offlclonl v.,
feireed and tin* need of economy i i I
on the victorious Issue nf tlle eeiu
ompliasla'Qd  as absolutely  eaa	
Over ft hiiinlreel laelles  were  |ir
and  eleven   new  mombors  onrol
ifidently assure you that the
mpress of yonr niuslcal taste and abil-
ly will loin*, remain upon Uioho who
mvc beon under your training and
■' rt ni ''H lhat larger constituency
f . who have .-id under your
We assure you thai ihe fad of
your removal from our church and
ity leavos a vacancy hard lo fill, and
many hearts are filled with genuine
,,  ;■ ijotce however iu the hope that
your removal is one which holds lhe!
iromlae of larger opportunity for the;
xerelse of your ability, and also for.
mntorlnl  advnnci nr ut.
We hope that prosperity and health !
may favour yon. and lhat happiness j
may constantly attend you.
ia i■■ iiiuony id' tlu e deep nnd
eariu st wishoa, we ash yon to nccept
thl ■ mall gift, wlih li wo trust will
ilwavs have for you very pleasant
(in behalf of th* I ongrogntton and
Choir, we are. with every good wish,
Yours .etc.,
Kffie M, Bechtel, choir representative
t\. w. Patmore, S, s. Superintendent.
Thos. Keyworth. Pastor.
w. ll. wil,mi. Recording Steward.
Vour Honey Hack
ii' (.imhIs arc not ns
(Ncw Vork Tribune)
The United Slates cannot adhere at
lie same time to two contrary policies
■ it cannot ut tl:
* moment ride
ipposlte direc-
iiist either abandon the
I'ii.r or greatly modify it
i becoino a party to tin*
enforcement of peace.
(Continued from pago 1)
Of course wc havo ourselves to
blame for it; and il is only ourselves
that can gel fill of it. und the easiest
way is hy means of a .Non I'artizan
'i."ai;u(*. the power of which you can
,;:i readily perceive. The politics of
today do not reflect the highest
thought.**, of the peoplo nor represent
■'ir earnesl views of ihose who make
* ht udy of this subject, so It Is pruc-
tically linpossltle to expect a political
.i.'oiir under the present regime.
Tin n what can we (lo? First, by the
velght of Uie Non  Pnrttzan League',
.■I* < i our own representatives, a man
. :• woman of strong moral obligation
unbind willi nu earnest desire for the
lllprovi nn nl of social and political
life, [fete it should he stnled that the
expense of ihe election should be paid
hy the people; not out of tlie pocket of
lie' eandiihiie, who might be looking
to  reimburse himself in  unorthodox
ways, nor by party, as he would then
be subject to it. not by uny strong iu-
■8t or company for the same reason.
but out of the pockets of lhe confltlt-
lenta   iu   general   so   that  everyone
vould have an interest in tlm member
md hi' would in* responsible only to
he people he represents.
Secondly,  hy demanding a  purely
business administration with govcrn-
lenl ownership of public utilities, not
Ininisteted hy a party bureau, but by
national government representative
Tt In* hest In the country.
Here   is     where   Wouittll     Suffrage
lines In j they are not at present tied
to any particular poilcy and If they
e   (he   faiiite-d   conception   of   the
usefulness  to  which  tlieir  influence
n he put, they will not allow them-
Ives to be governed by any party,
bul   remain  strictly independent,  ab-
Intoly resolved to use their Influence
the interest of public issues only
id   eschewing   participation   in   any
irely party measures.
ii Is the chance of nn iw. afflllu-
m wilh either political party means
sumption on the old miserable party
:. Independence means rising above
e sordid considerations of party into
i> ethereal realms of higher citizen-
Ip, wliere opinions are unbiased, and ,
Principal repayable 1st Oetober, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by
cheque (free of exchange nt any chartered Bank in Canada) at
the rate of live per cent per annum from the date of purelmflc.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering
at par and accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue in
Canada other than an isaue of Treasury Bills or other like short
date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per rent will be allowed
to recognized bond and atcok brokers on allotments made iu
respect of applications for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy MiniHler of
Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
Tliis cannot be done indivlduall, but
collectively and n order to do so n a
seemly manner, t Is necessary to form
an organization, embracing not only
tlio women but those men who, of
strong moral character, are disgusted
with the present condition and are
willing to assist in tbe cleansing of
In this way the women must set beforo them the Ideal of not doing as
well as the men, but of creating something higher that will so alter public
opinion that nothing crooked nor underhanded will be tolerated, and make
both parties, in catering for friendship and support, show themselves to
bo actuated by a sense of public re-,
Women, do not let this chance go by,
It will never return again; It Is at your I
feet to do as you will; a clean B. C. or
not! Isn't It worth the effort?
HO ItV i
Jolllfe—On I*Vb. 19th, to Mr, and Mrs
l\, Jollffe, a daughter.
(ertii'U'ute of Improvements,
ilrev Eagle Mineral Claim, sltuato
in the Fort Steele Mining Division of
Kast Kootenay District.
Where located:- About 3 miles
southwest of Craubrook.
TAKK NOTU'K that John Wright,
Proo Miner's Certificate No 80092B,
Intend, sixty days from the dato hereof, to apply to the Mining Hecorder for
a Certificate or Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant
of the above claim.
And further tako notice thnt action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the Issuance of sueh Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 8th day of January, A. D.
1017 2-»t.
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 /, o. b, Ford, Ont.
$560.00 Cranbrook
or for your husiness, the Ford Touring Cur at $4% Is the
best investment you can make.
It gives you everything you can ask of a motor car In tbo
way of service; It's yours for less than live hundred dollars
and It exacts but little from you for running expenses after
you buy It.
By all means, see our models demonstrated and give uh
your order early—
HaefrcelimoiitH belllR flQrVOd tllO Null", i| | wlieTie   tlle'   iSHiipse   of   party   lmvo   nn
Alltllcin trreiiliinli'il JI Rlileeiullil eeeiesinii    mamtlnff.
ill;s11: nisi'KHT
lll-lllel eef Kllsl keiieti'llll)
Notion is hereby nlve-n that sixty
null daya from dato 1 Intend to apply
tee (lie; Minister eel Lnnds for a licence
lee prospect I'or Coal and Petroleum
over tlie following ilescrlbeud landH
situate' In Lot 4508 SouUl-BMt Kootonay. Commencing ut a poHt planted
at line BOUtll east nirneer of Lot 7937.
thence seetith 811 chains, enst about 10
chains, north about 20 chnlns, e-nst
nbout GO chains, north nhout 110 chains,
anil west about HO chnlns to point of
commoncoment. Relocation of Ixet 73-
Tfloated Ihis 3rd day of Februnry,
N. II. Pisheer, Locator.
Jamea Fisher, Agent
Wanted for Cash
and lllghent I'rlees paid (or Hide*
and Junk.
(ireen Salt Cored Cow and Sleer
Hides ISe per lb.
(ireen  Salt  Cored  Sound   Call
Sklna  S5c per lb.
Froien and Green Hides and Skins
11 to ile per lb. leas (ban Salt Cured
null's Slaggs and Oxen  	
  10c to 18e per lb.
Dry Flint Hides and Call Skins
  Siie to Mc per lb.
Wool felts Ste to *lJill eaeh
Old Rubber   Boots  and   Rubber
Shoes  8e to tc per lb.
(lid Copper ud Brass Scraps ...
 10c to 18c per lb.
a. manna hub, wc
Mr. Alvln K. I'crklus. Kiprrt
I'liinei Tuner and Regulator.
I'iunielus and l'lujer planus,
latest meitli'ls overhauled.
MARCH bring Inter Ihan usual
owing tn illness And ceenics
strongly endorsed by six best
piniiii manufacturers. Why) Because they know that It Is tin*
hind of workmanship that foi.
lows their Instruments In tlie
homes that wlll hulld or destroy
lhe reputnllon o( the makers.
I'urllos rciiiilrlng his services
lor tuning etc.. will kindly lean
their orders at the ofllce of lh'


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