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Cranbrook Herald Mar 21, 1912

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In tha Herald Pays—Tryl
Oar  Local  Columns
10c. a line
Wm, Fleet Robertson, provtavtal hutary to tho upper Kootenay ami
mineralogist, has issuoi) a preliminary upper Columbia valleys
review and estimate of llio mineral Sullivan Mine.—Much development
production of liritisli Columbia (or work was done lu lull, this adding
the yenr 1911. considerably tit the   available reserve
From   this   report     tin*   following of ore. To    facilitate getting ore out
figures ami statements are taken:       , of tho   mine,    a tunnel    waa driven
I from lhe shaft, on  the 100-foot level,
MLVMt* [out   to   the surface   on the hillside,
East    Kootenay   produced  360,000 uud   a largo   ore-sorting house    was
ox.,   more than     half of   which was
from (he Sullivan mine.
St.   Eugene, (,,01)0,0(10. tli.; Sulllvai
11,000,000 lb.
The net production of coal, estimated at 2,435,000 long tons, is 365,-
000 tons less than that of 1910. Coke
also shows a decrease—ol about 110,-
000 tons; tbe output in 1911 was only
about 78,000 tons as compared witb
218,000 tons in 1910. The eoal was
produced in tlie several districts in
the following approximate proportions: Vancouver Island, 1,785,000
Ions; Nicola valley and Similkamcen.
225,000 tons; and South East Kootenay, 425,000 tons. Practically all
tbe coke was from the last mentioned
In East Kootenay, apart from tlte
^suspension of production while the
employees- were on strike, there were
interesting developments. Tlie Crows
Nest Pass Coal company opened, three
or four practically new mines at its
Coke company's colliery an enormous
that from these a comparatively
large quantity of coal nf excellent
quality can be mined. This company
also did some effective prospecting
at its Carbonado colliery, where new
seems were found, and the work done
on some of the old seams led lo the
hope that mines can be opened there
in ground where the rock-structure Is;
more favorable to mining coal. At
the Hosmer colliery, of the llosmer1
Mines,    Ltd.,   another level has been!
rectcd near the outlet of this tunnel. Thc upper terminal of the aerial
tramway [rem the mine down to the
railway was removed to a storage-
bin built immediately below tlie
sorting-bouse. A hydro-electric power
plant is nearing completion, power to
tie developed by three 6-Ioot Pelton
i wlieels—two connected to a 40-driH
compressor and one to a 110-kw. generator. Compressed air will be conveyed to the mine through an 8-inCh
pipe 5,100 feet long. Besides the body
of lead-ore lieing mined here, there Is
in the mine an immense quantity of
lead-zinc ore awaiting development
of a suitable reduction process before
it can Im* turned to pn fit able account.
Tbe Sullivan property, like the St.
Eugene, is controlled by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company
of Canada, Limited.
Monarch Mine.—The Monarch mine,
near Field, in the Golden division,
next to tbe Bluebell, on Kootenay
lake, is one of the oldest lode mines
worked in British Cclumbia, its first
operation dating back to 1885. The
Mt. Stephen Syndicate, ot Vancouver,
has during the last year or two
spent about $60,000 on development
work and mine and mill equipment.
It is said to have between 20,000 and
25,000 tons of ore blocked out on
three sides. An aerial tramway 20,000
and 25,000 tons of ore blocked out on
three sides. An aerial tramway from
the mine down to the mill, 1,000 feet
below, has been constructed, with
ore-bins at its terminals; a water-
power, giving lid horse power under
280 feet head,    has been developed; a
mpressor    supplies air tor machine
The new   minister   of finance, Hon. that  tbe revenue    lias been sufficient, tin* late government is properly tu be
W. T. White,    in bis first budget dc- for the year   1911-12 lo meet all  ex- credited,   the    increase of the pun-He
llvcrance in    parliament   Inst Thurs- pendilures chargeable to consolidated debt would have been about $270,000,-
day dealt   witli    financial and fiscal fund  account,    to meet every dolla
data inherited from bis    predecessor expended   on    capital account repre
iu office, whicli gave little scope    for senting $20,000,0(10, 1 think, mnl    ti
controversy, ami   which    presented a provide for a reduction ol debt li
record tale ol    progress and national extent of $1,150,000.
financial stability.   Though not given,   It was with pleasure tbal wc
made along tlw outcrop of the    coal | artUfttn and hoist'ing. The   mill cquip-
seams, about 500 feet above the level;
of the main entry to the mine, awl
facilities have been provided for tran-,
spor'atmn of the eoal down to tho
main incline ami thence tt tbe shipping tipple. At tbe Coi bin Coal and
Coke company's COlHety an enormous
deposit of cool has been opened at
the surface, and preparations have
been made io work this coal open-
east, literally like a quarry. This
most unusual occurrence of cool is
situated nt an elevation of from SOU
to 1,200 leet above the main entry to
the mine, iu which latter the both of
coal is also of meat life, having a
maximum width ot nttotil 300 teet
There was little change in the situation affecting the large coat-areas ol
the upper Elk river of the Crows
Nest dlstrlot, described in the annual
report ol this department tor 1909,
for railwaj* transportation has nol
yet been provided, ami until it shall
have lieen there will no! be any commercial production »f coal in that
part of the province.
Tin' district ol East Koolenay appears to have had the largest total
decrease in mineral production of all
the districts    "i    the ptoVtAOO      Not
only did the strike ol the Crows Nest
conl linn,* employees cause a decrease
in output of coal and coke ot nearly
$3,000,000 as compared witb into,
but the district hail as well au estimated decrease In production ut sit
ver lo the extent ot about 145,000
Ot., and ol had if nearly 6,000,000
lb. The cause ol the smollei produc-
duction of eoal and coke has nticndv
boon stated, that of the lessened output ol silver ami lead was the direct
result of the practical exhaustion nf
the known ore-indies ol the St. Eugene mine, tlte decrease from which
was, however, in part offset hy an In*'
crease in output of these metals by
the Sullivan mine, owned by the
same company. There were only two
other mines in Kort Steele division
that shipped ore, but Iheir combined
output was not large. From mines in
Windermere division, in central East
Kootenay, no production ha* been reported; from Golden division, In
North East Kootenay, the only information received relates to progress at the Monarch mine. Tho
-total yield ol placer
gold    Is      placed    at    a    similar
small   value as that ol I9lu-$a,000
j ment includes crusher, rolls, trommels, jigs, Dcistcr conccntrating-
tahles, etc.. and its treatment capacity is 50 to fi0 tons per diem. It has
been designed for t bree product s—
namely, a   sorted high-trade lead-ail-!
ver ore to Ih- shipped crude, a lead-
silver concentrate, and a zinc-sit ver
The aggregate value of the mineral
production of British Columbia for all
years to the end of l!*ll is approximately $397,000,000. The greater pro-
cress of nx-ent years may be the het-
iii nv, Aiiisei it some comparisons he
made. The aggregate value of production for Iiiu years, 1058-1901, was
$172,843,000; (Ol ten years, 1902-
1911, ii was about $11*4,800,000.
These figures shew that nearly 57 pet
cent of the aggregate production of
Sixty years was made during the ten
yean last pa*-:, leaving but a little
mon* than i'l per cent for the fifty
yean thai went before, ll is, therefore, plainly cvtdcnl that in the last
decade there has been progress ot a
marked character Bringing comparison nearer to the present time, h
maj be shown, further, that the proportion of the last live years, 1907-
1911, was $123,000,000, as against
$101,000,000 for tbo five-year period
1008 1006 It is a striking laet- that,
of tho value of tin* mineral production for tlie whole period of sixty
years rot which figures are on official
record, just about .11 pec cent., or
nearly one-third, is the production rt
the last live years. This, surely, is
convincing evidence ol the substantial
and accelerating progress of the mining industry of llritish Columbia.
Secretary Halsall, of the Cranbrook Liberal association, has ro-
ceived the following communication
from Sir Wilfrid Lauricr's private
secretary, in reply lo his letter nob*
ifyIng the "old chief" ot his election
as honorary president of the Cranlirook Liberal association.
Dear Sir:—
I am directed by Sir Wilfrid I.aur*
i ier to   acknowledge the    receipt    of
your favor of the 8th inst., foe
Tho construction of the Kootenay j wnU* he prays ynu to accept lor
Central railway, from Golden, rn lho yourself, and convey tr, the members
Canadian Pacific   main   line railway,'nl Ihe Cranbrook Liberal association,
,.     .     ..     „ ..   ,     „      ■ , u*wnm» 9,»mn.iM    ^        income   awl  capital rxpenanures
south    to   the   Crows Nest railway (he eiprossion of his gratitude. „,H Mtimlv for ,hat -^ h„ ^
east of    Cranbrook,  now   in active,   Yours very sincerely, [ milled In ihe   statement   which has
with the vigor and lucidity of the experienced ex-minister of finance, Mr.
White's presentation of the year's record was characteristic of the financier rather than of the parliamentarian. He dealt with practically no
controversial subjects, and his only
references to the tariff were of a
ne-fttive character. There were no
changes proposed, pending the investigations of the tariff commission,
and the holies of the iron and steel
interests for bounty renewals were
The surplus of thirty-nine millions,
whieh lie announced, was sufficient to
cover every item of expenditure on
capital account, with a million odd
over for debt reduction. With regard
to the coming year, Mr. White ventured no prediction as to the probable surplus, merely expressing his
hope that revenue would considerably
more titan meet all ordinary expenditures.
The salient points of the budget
are: The largest surplus on record-
namely, $39,000,000, being the difference between a total estimated re
venue for the current year of $136,
000,000 and an expenditure on re
venue account amounting to $97,000,-
Capital expenditure for tbe year,
including an extra outlay ot $5,000,-
000 to implement the (irand Trunk
Pacific bond guarantee, met out of
revenue, with a balance left tor debt
reduction amounting to $1,150,000.
Total estimates for thc coming
year will probably reach $175,000,000
or $25,000,000 more than the "extravagant" Liberal government provided for lost year.
No tarifl changes and no bounty
renewals, pending investigations by
tbe new tarifl commission.
Hon. A. K Maclean (Halifax) after
complimenting the minister of finance
ou the lucidity, moderation, and fairness of his first budget speech, noted
that il contained little of a controversial nature, ami was tor the
most part made up of financial and.
fiscal data, for which the ex-minister
of finance, and not the present minister, was responsible Liberals could
heartily join in tlie congratulations
on the prosperity ol the country The
new government had but reaped the
Imrvcst whieh others had planted.
Continuing his speech, Mr. Maclean
It is hardly necessary, sir, that 1
sii.mill devote any considerable lime
lo the several financial statements ot,
the thtee fiscal periods referred to by
the bon. gentleman this afternoon, nt
least it is hardly necessary that I
should devote much time to the financial statement issued for the year
ended March BI, 1911. When Mr.
fielding presented bis budget lor that
fiscal year on the Mb April, he was
able only to estimate the expenditure and revenue for that year. He
did estimate the revenue at $117,500,-
ooo and the expenditure on consolidated fund account at $87,000,000,
leaving an estimated surplus tor tbe
year of $30,500,000. As the minister
of finance hns intimated tc us this
afternoon, and which knowledge came
previously to us Irom the public accounts which were submitted for that
year some time ago, the revenue appears to be $117,780,000, a slight
increase over the estimate of Mr.
fielding, while the expenditure was
slightly over the estimate, amounting to $87,774,198.32 ami leaving a
surplus for thc fiscal year 1910-11, as
stated by the minister of finance, of
$30,000,211.40. This Is gratifying to
the country and to those ol us at
least upon this side of the house. The
minister of finance nlsr congratulated
the country upon tlie financial statement tor Uie • fiscal year ending
March 31, 1912. The late minister ot
finance, in his last budget, while not
estimating in figures the probable revenue and expenditure, predicted such
ta substantial revenue as   would meet
000 instead of sevcniy-scven millions
us il now is. 1 would also remind the
bouse of the fact that only on six
occasions in the financial history of
this country, have then* neon actual
reductions of the debt, namely, in
1871, when Sir Francis Uincks was
llie minister of finance, and wben llie
reduction was $503,000; iii 1872, when
Sir Leonard Tlllcy was minister of
finance, when the reduction was
$1,781,120, These were the two occasions iu whicli there was reduction of
debt, under Conservative administration, but In tbe years 1900, 1003,
1004 aud 1907 under a Liberal ad
ministration, tbere were reductions in
ihe debi amounting in $15,112,143,
If to this the reduction for this year
is added, then we lind tliat under the
ndminlBlration ol the minister of finance In the late government, then* is
a total debt reduction of approximately sixteen and a hall million dol-
this side of tho house heard the announcement this afternoon, fiom the
finance minister, of a magnificent surplus of thirty-nine million dollars on
'the financial operations lor tin* year
1912, alter meeting all expenditures
on consolidated inml account, and
capital expenditures, and also effecting a diminution in th.- public debt
of over one million dollars. 11 is further gratifying to us on Ibis side of
the house to know that llie last year
of the administration of the financial
affairs of this country by tbe lion.
Mr. Fielding, ended with such success
as did every other fiscal year while
lie occupied the olliee ot finance minister. I trust I do not offend the sns-1^^^^^^^^^^_^^_^^^^_
ceptibilitics ol the minister td finance Mars which is another facl as to
when I say tbal iu all fairness the which hull, gentlemen on this side ol
Liberal parly may claim credit for tho house naturally foci proud. Ii
the major portion if not Lhc whole ol mlghl possibly he of Interest, were I
the success of the financial operations to n'.vo certain fuels [n connection
for tho year ending 3lsl March, with the financial ami material de-
1912. There is also this t' bo ob- velopmenl of the country during the
served, as the minister of finance In- time the late government were charg-
timated, that during llie fiscal year ed with the responsibility of adminis-
ihiw about ending, there were unusual: tering our public affairs, and I may
expenditures iu connection with con-; say that I shall quote from the latest
solidated fund account. In lhe first j available statistics for the year 1311
place there was a very considerable the situation fir the present financial
expenditure in connection with thei year not being yet lo band. Tb<
decennial census, while other pay-1 population of Canada has grown from
ments were made out of Ibe consolidated fund on account uf bounties, Dominion lauds, militia and
other items, which in years past,
were chargpd to capital account. In
order to impress upon the bouse and
the country the splendid record of the
late government, so far as surpluses
are concerned. I shall live the following tabulated statement, (lie surpluses for each financial ynu* since
1897, they are as follows:
progress, may be expected to lead to
a resumption ot  wining ta purls tii-
R. J. Lemaire,
been given us
Private Secretary,.finance   Ibis
by the minister       nl
afternoon, aad wo find
5,111,508 in 1897, to 7,207,121 in
1911, dm* largely to tbe vigorous im-
migratlon policy of the Liberal government, which was so severely criticised hy the Conservatives when ihey
were in opposition, but which was so
highly approved by the minister of
finance this afternoon, and which we
wire delighted to hear it was the in-
I en tion ol the government, of which
he is so distinguished a member, to
continue in lhe future. In IN ft 7 our revenue was $40,555,000 nntl in 1811 it
was $117,780,000.
This increase of revenue was obtainable without any Increase in the
rate of taxation, bui rather after a
slight  reduction.
lu 1807 our net debt was $201,538,-
900. In 1911, it was $110,113,000.
While tbo debt per capita in 1807 was
150.87, in 1911 it was only $17.21,
and in 'he financial year ending March
31, 1012, there will be a further
miiinution in tbe net debt per capita
nf this country.
Our import trade grew from $137,-
H'.ii.fioo in 1897 to $290,000,00(1 in
^^m^mmm^m^m^m^m^m^m^m^m^m^m^mm^i- and our lotal trade expanded
Altogether, the surpluses from 1807 from $257,168,000 in 1897 to 8789,-
down to the end of the fiscal year 140,000 in 1911. For tbe year ending
1011-12 aggregate nearly $300,000,- November, 1911, it amounted to
000. Thus, it will be seen that the $817,000,000. It will he of interest
finance minister in the late Liberal also to notice that our total export
government was, ever since 1807, able' trade to the I'niled Kingdom in 1911
to show a gradually increasing annual was $136,000,000. In lhe United
surplus, ranging from om* ami three* Kingdom our products meet with
quarter millions lo thirty-nine mil-' world-wide competition and run rx-
lion dollars lor the present year.| port trade to the United Kingdom
This two hundred million dollars of alone last year was practically equal
surplus, was available for the rcduc-j to our total export trade in 1897,
tion of additions to the public debt I which was, in round figures. $137,-
on capital expenditure, or, to put   it [000,000.
in another way, from |9»7 to 1912 Inasmuch as our export trade is an
capital expenditure was made to the'accurate barometer ol our real pro
extent of $850,000,000,   while the not\ duetlvo and   industrial strength.    Ih
...   1,837,749.00
...   7,291,308.06
... 14,345,166.17
i!io5-oi,   (9 months)
... 12,8!I8,71H.12
... 16,127,1117.2"
... 10,413,054.22
...    1,029,131.81
debt of Canada increased only hy
seventy-nine million dollars to the
end of 1911, and to about seventy*
seven million dollars to the end of
the present fiscal year. Were it noi
for these surpluses contained In Hie
budget of Mr. Fielding, together with
the surplus   for this year, (oi which
cause it is in tbat tradt* that wi
nui-t tin* world's competition! it
WOuM perhaps be not uninteresting t.
give to the house a summary of tht
development of the increase of nur
Chief items nf export trade- The com
pariaon is graphically shown in Us
following table:
Fiscal Year.
other Countries.   Total.
Kiports ol Agricultural P
1 2,110.811
* 2,055,400
Kxport ol Maniilarlinvs—
.   .1,017,128
.   6,078,820
Kiports nl Fisheries—
.    1,135,0(11
Thc Forest—
Animals anil Tlvlr I'rmliin—
ii'niiliiiiinl on pane right).
Under a search    warranl issued bj
Magistrate Ryan ilu- police raid d the
store uf Stanley   Reid In tha Hanson
block, as a common gflml Iin   I
the 13th   instant, arrested some   six
or seven men   who wero playing Btud
linker there at thi' time and captured
the money, chips, cards and gambling
table. In the    raid tliey also
several packs of   cards s i mat
tin* corners    that anyone a
with   the  markings   could | .
from aces, tiirees from fours,     jacks
from queens and so forth.
The men   fi und   on the    |
Truman   Horsman,     char!       C ite,
Frank (Jourtenay, Don [,a Font
Founlaine and Edward  I
boing brought before   ih
immediately afl i  Ui ■      I
amlned by I'.   K   WII
lor, ami all li.i-.i-L  d< ;*
been engaged  it.    plaj in
while clllter     Reid, ol a   *
Oreen, actt ti a> bankei. thi j
leased on their own recogni
give evidence latei   upon *
lion of Reid and Oreen.
Information    was laid by the chief
of police against     U Ed
22t; of tlio   criminal codi   oi keeping
a common gaming    housi and be fur-
tiler     laid    an     [fiformatina
Oreen under   seotfi n 142 foi cb at
al cards, an offence punishable    wil
three years in the   pen '
eb ii'-i* was subsequent I;  iln pj
one i d playing in    a   oi i
1 SC siibstnii1.il un.!. :
the code.
'I he cases came    t» ton   LSI
Ityan on Mi i
son appearing for 1
\     it   Macdot ■ |
stein, of    Fen .
and iimn respt ctivi
I'pan the case agt
called Mi   Et kstein
been assured    tha
cheating at cards laid   i
clfenl would nol be
h<- entered a pies of - ■■'
ed the magistrate not
heavy fine, as no prerlo
had been recorded agalj  '   '
pointed out fhat  the to'
er the section is one nf f21 and    tht*
highest  $100  with ar. all
two months Impi
lincl forty dotlai -    *
of court.
In the case againsl
inn a common g&mtng I
ist rate   expressed :..-    d b
try the charge summarilj and  expressed the   view thai   ind
tion l. nl section 773 of tbe
had absolute jurisdh tion to 1
cases without    consen1
ant where the charg   *
Ing gaming bouses, bettl
opium joints.
Tbe question ol
the magistrate    wai i      ; -
length,     hut     a    verj     comddei
amount of doubt leen ed to e;
the minds   ol < ounsel both !■>:      tht
prosecution and ihe defcnci
"summary    and   ah olute'
try a    case    lol    the
gambling house    witbi
of the accused bartj .Tbi
tbe court     of appeal    ol Oni
Rex v, Lee Ouej appear d I
elusive on the point. Tin* easi
flared tba'  a  maj '    '
solute    and    summary powi i
section "I'l io try and determ
es of keeping gaming hou '
eision mention d »ai arrl ■ ■-. ,.*
the   court   of   appeal In i'"1", wben
sub-section f.   of section '•'■ of
COde    merely    gu'.e     pOWt r
trates to ileal   summarily a ith
in-r* or    being Inmates ol    d
bouses,    oi ul being    luiliitii.il    frequenters of suili places     Tbet
at tlie same time two deci lot
ma    \    Cook   snd   Rex ■
which wore
of the view thai   lhe
a perfect    right    lo   summarily trj
cases for   gaming, betting aad
like. Tile Ian    »as   tn a mo
brfactorj itatc on the i oinl and    to
clear away all doubt   ll was
in HMifl that   wbcftevci a person      Is
charged before    a   magistrate    with
keeping a dlsordi rlj bo*- ie un lei   ec-
lion 288 the magistrate  maj proceed
to bear and determine the case In    a
summarj waj, Section 228 del i.
disorderly    house    ai   anv common
bawdy bouse, common gam r.
common    Mtwg    bouse   ot
joint. There appeanl t" bo no po    I
question)    therefore,    of  the magistrate's absolute   jurisdiction to summarily try this class ol case without
the conaen I of the ni i used
Tin* charge having been read tc
Reid Mr Macdonald al ohm pleaded
"guilt*." for, tin* accused and very
aiih. Indeed, urgi-d lho courl lo len
iency, aiguing that to a man ol
Rcfd'l financial st,Hiding a Comparative!)   small imi*   would w as great
a   deterrent against    a recurrence of
Mi- offence for   which he was charged
as would a vastly greater fine to one
■ i mi ans.
Magistrate Ryan at once lined Reid
-   ■■ ai d furtht t ordered Ihat all tbe
cash,   chips,  cards, tables, etc., captured    hj  the     police in the raid on
tl      onccrns be forfeited.
He said that it   was notorious that
: ■ i-   was a deal    oi gambling going
mi   recently fn Uie city.     The offence
had  grown so    marked that the au-
had    determined  to   deal
ticallj with it.   Tin' city council
psi assi n ii that be would co-
fully   and    cordially   with
Ui    w or!     He wished       to
foi th* special benefit
in the citv whose
ach 1 lirougb     tho
■  ,r  il  laj In      hi**
o ■■■ ■ iii ...    tlie running
• ,:.   Cranl rook     a
risky   and   expensive busi-
•   lb  was pn i luded  from    refer-
Idt nt i'f the marked
cards, bul    tht    facl    Hml "lit'*,  were
it" of the fellow
.' .(■• m charge uf       tin*
. ame    waa    ol tlK*
!•   showed
i isk ol gam-
kind ran    the
■ • '...-thing
itai le than
the police
■ ictton        (Ot
es ht pledged
a ith the defendant,
with a fine,    but    with
prisonment snd a fine
the limit i f the section    em-
bim in Ihat regard    If this
be a Idi I »ith much empha-
not     heeded    he would be
•■i lo   keeping    lus    public
attt: wbo tbe offender
Wai i;.-1. was a
M  :!ay.
! has resumed buHfl-
Indian lndus-
l at   -     '■' -■-■■■■ Mission.
Hi      *   ra    il Creston, has
ner foi the prov-
Mr     Hilton   Young,    of  Creston,
-pending the last three
. ironto,   passed through
Uondaj      Mr. Young is   in
:. -s rr, Creston
*■ :■      winter in
■     .
'      ■*■: ■! Royal Arch
"V.h  m Toron-
I, ol Revet-
iperlntendent ot
u    listrlct
ba place    <M
' ■■■ •...:  having
honorary lieuicnant-
. :.t Hrit-
mbia H<   n
. pector at
[erred to Fort
tact In    tbe
■ district
.:.   Cache.
i. will be filled
Ks lo   who    will
.*.**:.    charge of both
Kootenay districts.
■  i  <i ■■   I.O.O.F., held    a
ion on   Tuesday
; •   ',>..     this
:■•■ r ol old*»Wn>
. PicuUr
;:..'■    |ias'.
egret al inability
read 1 rverai
■ :.,'.  them
9 I pi ■ n     The
: .     -^1 lit
. stand 'in if a:, excellent
ery 1 my sea-
ar, once
Oet    l     Can will
quartz pn-per-
*  am  shovel
i, i;  Qoyn-
■ ■ hydraulic outfit, will be
on the ground   * •   resume nprrations.
• local    men has been
a -  ol     the
tarti i brims Ibis sea-
n and 1 :■ ulta arc antici-
\ (• V   entertained
Carmen's hall last
\    whist    drive
formed    thi      irst item   on t    very
programme,    which   was
i d    in n\    ,t large number.
di Ive   oame light re-
[reabments and the    distribution    of
■ in winners in the drive,
Then followed a capital dance, kept
im ink going    until   Uw   wee   sma
i rs, in which a i presenl look part
Md   puled   ICVeral    very    plrwant
In evory part nl the world wo sec
llR. Socialist parties acltvc. in all Important rclorms lor tlw improvement
,,[ Hi,' condition ol tlio people In
Clormany, under tho name uf Immediate demands, they work (or a graduated income tax, against excessive
armaments, oppressive taxation and
increased cosl nf living, against Imperialism, ami inr the advancement of
the pence ol ihe world.
Hi,-; righl ihc battles (or
the Dreyfus case, lor llir
of slate and church and 1
thousand in mil.      It lias an annual
Income of about $275,000,
This political army is buttressed by
a vast organization of labor unions
almost equal in strength lo the llrilish Iradcs-unions, Unlike the American trades-unions llu- Ctorman unions
thoroughly   permeated    by    tho
si     IM
based on collec-
inl are so closely
lu France
istlce in
i* thc gen-
.meUoration oi Un- lot ol *■"'
workers, lu Belgium Uu* Socialists
build with Hie hesl ail oi the country
n magnificent temple nf labor, Ibc
Maison du Penple of Brussels, anil
through the People's i nlvoi iltj give
the workingmen an opportunity to
widen tholr horizons by n knowledge
of science, literature and art, they
organ i/o a wonderful system ol co-
operatlvo establishments, which by
largelj abolishing Hie middlemen's
profli raises the standard ui the
workingman'a life; ami they aro now
lorcing tin; Liberals to co operate
wilb them in the Btrugglc to obtain
lull manhood BUilrago.
Germany has always led in tbo
Socialist movement oi the world, and
until recently it scorned impossible
for any other Socialist par-:* oven to
approach It in pi wer, Bul ol lair
thc   remarkable   spread   oi Socialist
sent nl In tbe I ailed States,    the
stead) ami rapid growth i i Ute
Socialist organization, its many municipal rielories piliii(! 0»e upon Uu
. Uin in Lhe Uriel space ol two years
tin* Increasing number ol Socialist te
prcsentallies in tlw stale logisln
lures, and finally the appearance of
the Red Specter in a ugn is llsrll
seemed lo augur such a phenomi i
land inl' 'imt loi .1 momenl It was
thought American Socialism would
outstrip lire (lerman social democracy. Thi ii came lhe German eleo
Lion ol Janunrj,     l"T2i   i
Social: '    I ■ i ■ in lhc Retcb-
:,i ..„.] more than fotn million nnd
a qiiartei votes, And Uie American
.Son.ih its re. 1 Hint theli prospecl rrf li adersbip were mado more
iliiin nit than ever.
I be I- il strengtli «>f tho German
pai ly Is   far    greater than its repre-
■ entation in the Reichstag. With thc
elei oi liatriets property apportioned
tbe ' lerman parliament would now
have 312 Socialist members Instead
of 110, The discrepancies In proportional ropresoiitabion are so great
llial euual suffrage in Germany Is
practically no more than a myth.
Thus, for example, In the last election Llio Conservatives, returned seventeen delegates to the Reichstag
with a total vole "1 186,213, while
onr districl tin* Socialists elected
Imi ono delegate with n rote ol 102,
717, almost a large as lhal ol all
the seventeen Conservative districts
com bitted.
The history ol the German Social
Democracy has been one unintcrruptr
ed, continuous growth since iis birth
in 1875 whin the Lassalliana and thc
Marxists united. So steady and unswerving has been Its put [lose, so uni-
lormlj baa it proceeded from one victor) tn the other, so futile have
proved ail tbo direct attacks and
stratagems ol its enemies that In
contemplating it one wonders whothcij
ono is in the presence ol tbc movements ami actions nf men ol flesh and
blood oi in tin* presence of some
Inexorable natural phenomenon.
Wnii eagle eye tin* Social Demo-
cracj watches all the passing events,
readj to jump Into the fray mnl
seize ■•!•. advantage and follow it
up. li tests everything with thi
touch tone ol Its ultimato goal nnd
tim i, n a gem ral rule, escapes the
dangei nl mistaking a quick temporary advantage lor a permanent gain
nnd ol ' hoo Ing lhe lormt r in prefer
enic ''i lhe latter, In Ibis way,
with no actual   majority in city    oi
■ talc i' ba bn ughl aboul moro el-
frelive populai reform than In anj
other i mint ry, II mi thud hm been
to I'M ! t M (.i it, | pressure on the
other parties Vnd Its unwearying
criticism bas ci mpelb d respt cl be
cause tho people have given it tbi
stamp ol their approval in each succeeding election. "By Increasing
your membership you can make inure
in.i . m tb ■ Iteli hstag, thai la alV
was the launl thc governmenl group
anm ii ,tt the Socialists upon their
latest victory. But long experience
has tail .1 * ■■ Hernial [all I lhc
\ Irtue n siding In their nol i and
thej calmly replied: "We will makes
noise it a ill force tho govcrnmeni
!■> grant the people the power lo
make the laws In Germany."
My n queer Irony ol fate the German empire, which boasts of thc
most splendidly whipped and disciplined military army in Europe, is
..I o i.i   -;. ■ best disciplined
ami organized army <>f Social Democrat*, with a camp in each city, town
and center ol population, meeting at
fixed intervals to transact business
ami finance thc parlj rrom bho regular dues paid mostlj by wage workers. \I 'iif national congress of
Jena, ll furnished itntistlcs nf its
strength, it had five hundred and
Ihiriy thousand members in 1007;
five hundred and cliflrty-aeven thousand In 1008, ill hundred ami thirty
three thousand in 1000; seven hundred
ami twenty-two thommml in MM'),
nml   ofghl    hundred    ami   thlt i j   iv
(filiated with lho political movement
thai they may bc relied upon in any
■mergency to throw all their strength
niu ilu* Socialist parly. In 1009
their number had grown lo 1,852,000,
Iheir receipts lo $12,000,000.
There are doctrinal divisions among
tin* Socialists of the Fatherland.
How could it bi* otherwise among
Germans who musl gel down to lirst
principles, to lho philosophy of tbo
thing, even before tliey decide tu
drink n glass of beer. Despite their
fusion thirty-seven years ago, tho
currents, Lassalllarism and
Marxism, si ill run strong alongside
each i Liter, and recently another ten-
li my wns added, the revisionism ot
Bernstein. But tbe hard practical
id oi the German always rises superior lo Hie clash of theories, and
in lhe call for action sounds, they
nil united, each man Inspired by
ih' une great aim, the overthrow of
capitalism and tho ushering in ol the
Social Democracy,
There is no doubt Hint German Socialism is at least as revolutionary as
American  Socialism.       Tn  Germany
ell this
M    ll
well under-
Lho ly-
I'Uctlons Ihe N'orddriilsehu Allgemehio
Zciluiig In a last effort lo prevent
itampedc loward Socialism rnls-
eil tin* warning Unit Socialists bo-
tievo in tho polities ol "tho das;
struggle, tbe    Social Revolution nnd
(be  brother! ti    ol    nations. ' lho
Socialists made no attempt to deny
it on ihr con rary, iu the face of
Llie in elections still lo bo held, they
il elnrcd through Kautsky, one ul
ii. ,i leadcru, that tliey pleaded, gull-
h to the charge. Ii is this very
suit of politics, he said, that bud developed their extraordinary strength
ul the last election.
Every live man has an ambition — a
" bug" on some one thing. He can't help
it. One man is keen on politics; another
is doing his best to reach the pinnacle of
fame in science; another is trying to make
his ball team win the pennant.
Our "bug" is Shoes. We think Shoes. We talk Shoes. We
study Shoes. We want to sell more men their Shoes than any other
two stores in town.
And if GOODS and PRICES will do the trick, we'll accomplish it.
Just give us the chance to deliver" Shoe satisfaction " to you.
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' Classic" Shoes lor Girls
Perhaps lho most cogent testimony
io :h.- revolutionism of the German
Social Democracy is that supplied by
Hcrvc. Nerve is a fiery French revolutionist now* serving a.term of Imprisonment for his energetic light
against militarism. lie is a strong
believer iu mass action and rather
contemptuous of parliamentarism. At
mi, of tin* International Socialist
congresses he taunted the German
parly with being nothing but a
"voting uud counting machine." But
then magnificent display ol power
iai January satisfied oven his Impatient revolutionary heart, nnd be
now pats his respects to tbo German
party, lu his organ La Guerre Social" he admits Dial its method of
open inn HlO road to the Social Ke-
rolution is more effective than tho:
French labor movement. "I sec
now," he says, "that this machine!
can he turned against the Kaiser and
his retinue and I wish wc had as ef-
t ctlve a machine iu France. The
ii av) battalions of Hie German Social Democracy march methodically
forward, tiny make no mistakes, no
false manoeuvres, and occupy city nf-
t-i city, village after Village. ThcyJ
are preparing a new Sedan for the"
Kaiser, a new republic lor thc Germans. And the Kaiser knows it.
Tbo German victory is not only a
triumph for German liberty hut also
for iln* peace of the world. . . .
So f am beginning to' ask myself
wh Hut from ibc revolutionary point
ol rlew wc In Franco with our big
phrases ol Insurrection, direct action
ami sabotage are not mere children
beside the German voting Socialists."
t'nlversal suffrage is still a very
Important issue In many Kuropean
states. The light for it is carried
oil almost exclusively hy the Socialist . ami in somo countries they hav.,
mi '   with signal success.      The latest
iticty trained by th-'i was in Sworn. Tin* methods employed there
were almost lho Bamo as thost
whieli won the popular vote for Aus
hm. Tin* Socialists frightened tin
lukc-warm Liberals and oven tn<* Conservatives Into notion, They carried
on incessant agitation, nnd ns n last
resort mad.' us.* of the general
strike. In Austria the Immediate
result ol the granting ot tho suffrage
in IflOfl was au Increase ol tho Socialist representation In parliament from
il 'Ven lo iIghly-scven. in Sweden i'1
tin recent election they augmented
Hun representation in the Riksdag
from thirty-live to sixty-four nml
helped to eleel several Liberals besides.
Tho problems and conditions spring-
in? from the Btrugglc Tor more thoroughly democratic Institutions which
lhc Socialists iu some countries of
Europe still have to face, do not I
xisl In the United States. On the
ilher hand, the many years of Soc-.
alist activity in Europe in advance
ol lho United Stales have brourfit
about certain social ami Industrial
legislation nnd reforms still considered revolutionary in this country*'
ii i upon ihe Introduction of these
reforms that Iln* American Socialists
are now bending all tlieir energies.
Vlcloi Dcrger, the lone Socialist in
Congress, Introduced a very moderate
hill lor pensioning workmen, lie did
il m ,i    mere   propaganda   measure
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knowing it would not yet be passed—
nol with one Socialist congressman-
Contrast this with the situation iu
Europe. In Germany every workman
iai ning less than live hundred dollars
must lie insured not only against old
age but also againsl accident and
sickness. Laws ol a similar kind
have heen passed in France, Belgium,
Italy, Austria, and, moro recently, in
England. Speaking ol Uie effect of
tlie compulsory insurance law in
Germany, Hunter says:
"Ono no   longer
workmen suffering
of ilu- Socialists.
The  Socialist   administrations
Milwaukee,   Schenectady,    and
varlElls other   American cities     that! (ions In their rank
I lhe world the   Socialist parties have  Join a
of manifested a marked lendeiic)
lo heal: Cauatla
the- the breaches between the various fac-  party showed
Socialist party.    In
where   the Socialist
have turned "red*1 within tbe last
two years will have io grapple with
problems many of which were solvcl
by the Socialists iu hundreds of
European municipalities twenty
years ago. Municipal gns, electric,
ami telephone service, municipal car-
lines, laundries, slaughter-houses, and
lunch-rooms for school children,     are
lintls broken-down common In Socialistic
from tuberculosis palilies are acquiring
certain    points   of
Increased strength    in
whieli differ    on  the last election, its two wings,    thei   < *
theory.      Even eastern and the   western, have    Just Newbro's   Mtrpidu'c   Hailed  OS
| united into one solid body.
Turning to Southern Europe we see
'in tbe new little republic ol 1'nr-
j lugal, and in Spain, with Its revolu-
where they still cling to their particular theoretical tenets, they find it
easy to unite in practice. The
American ami   German parties    have
been   comparatively free from dlsaen*|tionary and   Industrial struggles
sions.    The French parties, with the Socialist parties stirred to new
exception of   tho Independent Social- tiviu.     In    Switzerland, Socialism
iBta, united iu 1808; bul the combined *j,M Q national   representation ol nine
to contend against; wil|,    a   voto stilling fl     to about
the Best Remedy for Hair
and Scalp.—Expert and
Unprejudiced Opinions
cities. Muuici- forces   still     hav
more laud he tin- Syndicalists,
chronic rheumatism) or other forms of ih.
Invalidism, or maimed and Injured so th
ns lo he incapable    of further labor,(tin
building of     houses   and renting eel action rather  than political     nr"i party js
i directly lo     ihe poorer classes tion.     In Knglaml there has been    a   factions
doing away    with land specula- with* gup between     the Social Dcmo-
ir weary    uml   exhausted   veterans,1 tion and the unearned Increment. This cram- PedcreUon, the estrone Mars*
.iiii lorced lo maintain a tragic and! movement is particularly vigorous in iun wing, ami   the Independent Labor
who believe in die*!three times thai number, Tho Italianl
(utile struggle to earn ihe necessar*j Germany, when* the Socialists
les nl Iif'* To all these unfortun* j succeeded in wiping out the
atcs,    pensions are granted ut a cost (slums tliat     disgraced Europe,
ut iimt (100,000,000 a year." -through   direcl    legislatl f    their
Reccnl ly lho German Socialists own, bul through the pressure ihey
have been endeavoring to Improve broughl to bear upon the other purlin- compulsory Insurance law with a "es.     For In   Germany the election
bavo! porty, which   so far has .supplied the
worst chnf  Socialist    strength and       is
not  closely   affiliated    with   tin- ..trades*
union bodice,      Au attempt at re-ot
ganUatton.. however. Is licfng    mnde
nt    present lorn by various
li is confronted,    moreover, by a Syndicalist   movement aa
ilrong as I Imt of   France and marked *
by tbe sntne   distrust     of p-irliuim-n-
growlng chance Ol success since their
rernarkoblo victory at tlie polls in
last .lauuary.
In all other forms of labor legislation Europe, fiom the Socialist point
of view, is far in advance of the
United States, Most European
countries have Socialistic laws tor
the protection of workmen In    mines,
laws me    such tlmt with few exceptions,     the   Socialists are unable to
elect their tickets even In cities     in'Clarion Scouts, have united under the
which they are overwhelmingly in tbo name of the   Hritish Socialist  party.'
majority,    Another   method adopted since   the   Independent Labor party,
by the Herman party ot discouraging spurred   on hy the   growing    unrest
speculation in real   estate Is by tax-1among tho    BriUsh laborers, is tend-;
Ing transfers ami sales of land. ing more ami    mure toward the left,
Perhaps   the mosl significant move Imi simr "**' Federation has signified!
und workshops, lor effect Wo'In the direction toward Socialism   is i,s njeslre to surrender its impossible;
regulations,   for the preven-! Hie pensioning nl the unemployed,
I  have been using Newbro's lletpi-
[ eide for   the hist (our years and I'm I
il the heal thing made."
Joseph I'i/./eilo,
Hi 7 ft Itlchmond  Terrace,
West Brighton, 1. I., NY
"I ean truthfully say     that Herpi
eide is the best,   remedy   loi Ibe ban
I have ever used."
ii   \. Rathcnbuocher,
Vlnlcn, III.
"I have used many preparations m
my shop, and Iiml llerpieide hesl     ot
all lot falling   hair and all scalp    or
ak|n diseases.''
Ibe Federation, part ol tho lndcpcml-  -„ hold R united congress in Conatan-1 |  illo ' \ik
ent Labor party,     and    several ind*>   ,■„„,„,. flir thl.   .,„.,  „- ,m.scfltillR •
pendent   groups,    such ns that under n solid front against anv attempt up-  „=., .._ ... ftl „.„.,„.,■„,. „
tho leadership   ol Orayson and     thai on the integrity ol Turkey. K'U" "" ' "Tciwllibcra,
Kvcn iii llir lar Butt, on lite    con- Tcelrwlla, Wash.
f linriil ol Asia, In lnilia, China, an.1 While Hit' burbot necessarily car-
■lapan, Socialism bi rlilng IU head i rles otlier lialr romodioa, Newbro's
threateningly. Tho Japanese party, Horplchlo Is one bc swrars by t.i-canse
sirlrilv M-'rvinn Iii Hs trnctR, has lu> know*. Its merits, lie can con-
had a severe tussle- wilb llie niitbori- Rck-nltouftly recommend ll- lo kill Uw
liis s'mr Hs i.m.nii/.iin.ii In 1001, llandrufl germ nml slop falling hair.
Recently    tin1   Mikado's government In making an application ot Hetplchto
lory mottroda, Hn1 same strong leaiH
Ings toward Uto goneral strike nnd
direcl action, in Uw oitromo cast
j wr sis- the Socialists ol Greece, Uto
iiaikan Stales ami  Turkey preparing
crowned    it wiih martyrdom by executing somo of its loaders,
Incl  , . .
sanitary regulations,   lor the preven-1 Hn1 pensioning ol Uto tinemploye.1,   a Policy by merging In the llritish Km-
tion ol lomalo employment In    trades radical   Socialist   measure gradually; WW  party, the day   when Knglaml
particularly     Injurious    to women, making Its    way throughout Europe w"' taw ono united   Socialist party
There is persistent agitation to raise ami   already in    lull   working form Idoe* not scorn remote.     As lnr    tho
Ihc ane al wbieh children   innv liegin notably in   eerlain eities nl   Belgium! l-'ahians, they   will probably eontinu
to work to    fourteen ami to provide' and I'rnnoc.    Half of the fund Is sup-! '" lln Vlllil,n| scrvloo for Socialism by
lor n hall-day at work and a hull-day I piled by tho workmen, hall by     lhc (attracting attention   wilh their brll-
nt school between lho ages ol lourleun municipality,    lu   France even     tho ''al11    sallies,   hut   Ihey    will never I    Imported in tbe mljitrml .™|.,l parked
ami eighteen.   The labor laws are as national chamber  has voted   wbven- »t*op <"    so   prosaic    a ^roo.-.l.irc. | ,J*:7,*)ilril."V;;;^,*, .-t""5:.„,.'|,V..,rC.,'.*J.r,r;«.7i.'""*'"-
a rulo actually    enforced, dlia result,! l'°n> lo tta Innd. j wbieh  utterly    lacks orlginuliiy and!  a. J. WOODWAHO,Sole Agent
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W *F ▼*»▼**■•'*F*FW*F' I
News of the District
(By Prod Koo).
Blessed is he that oxpcototb nothing lor he shall not lie disappointed.
Mr. Bobson, the chilled lettuce producer, of Baynes, left for Vancouver,
where ho will grow orchids under
Sam Pike, of the Vancouver Rubber
company, came down the Pike in
the varnished cars Thursday and visited the Kootenay Itiver points. Sam
is a hale of a fine fellow and Hie Napoleon salesman for rubber footwear.
The writer visited Flagstone, Oate-
way and Koosvillc this week end and
was surprised to see thc local improvements around Flagstone. New
buildings, new settlers moving iu
, from the prairies, two families arriving from Claresholm, Alta., thc
Downs saw mill ami planer running
as smooth as a Wednesday evening
prayer meeting, Conservatives thicker
than coons al a cake walk and the
genial ami ever-refresh ing Frances
looking as bright as the bottom of a
new tinbueket. At Gateway, B. t'-,
they are busy plowing and clearing
land. The government is making some
repairs to the approaches to the
ferry anil a large party of settlers
are looked for any day from Scotland. On the United States side the
bulletins stated tbat lhe .laps were
taking Peruna. At Roosvllle wc
met .1. M. Prederickson, who had
just returned from New Mexico, who
stated before seventeen practical engineers, six plow pilots and a horse
doctor, that he had not seen anything to equal tho beautiful Tobacco
Plains. He said Wyoming, Nebraska.
Colorado and Kansas weie experiencing storms and snow blockades never
heard of before. At I.as
Vegas,        \\licic Nat Keiss'
tented shows were plating, the chief
attraction being a Spanish bull
fight In Texas thev were having rain
and political meetings, all the same
Fernie, Hosmer ami Michel. Mi.
Krederickson say*, ho had no Idea
Tobacco Plains Was stub a tine place
to live in, and i*. perfectly uatlsflcd
to stay tbere and watch the melons
get ripe from now on
Mr John Todhuntcl is in town
from Finding river visiting his family nt Cumberland house. His eon
Gibson, who i- down with the fevci
is now Inking light refreshment ami
getting along splendid,
Andrew Kennedy, the Imv expert,
ts getting enquiries Irom all pans of
the districl uml Bays he will have to
biie a stenographer
M, Phillipps. .) p . ,>f Fruitlands,
was in Klko Saturdaj Mi Phillipps
OWns some tine flint land iu tin* valley.
W r liCacey did the provincial
governmenl out of  six stead) board*
eis tbo othei dav hy giving (hein a
belt in the neck ami tlittv minutf! to
grt south in sia\ there loi the
presidential elections and not come
book, inn don't believe tn crowding
the government with i» n-paylng
It's reported that Fcrnlo will give
\V. K Rosa, mtnlslei ol lands, a RM
joriii.   lt\    onl) a    report though
Their aie inoie false alarms in Keinii'
than uni town iu It. IV Why, it they
had heaven lOI a hen must antl half
ot South Kast Kootenai d r a kitchen guidon you couldn't satisfy the
Ibdiimk element of that town. If
some of 'tlii-ni smarl Alex's would
take a run.down to Klko where tliey
Could inhale the pure air of heaven
we'd give them a few pointer
how to run up a big majority.
IfcuVt be a camel—always going
around witb your mvM up,
Bonnie Hick Fraser was in Klko
this week with a two and a bolt
limp antl a full line of Conservative
waters, pink elephant cocktails and
flttcephcrdera delight tonics. Dick's as
merry a soul ns ever got drunk at
Coniii'ii nra wakr Kvcn II be does
wear thunderstorm plaid on Sun
The Waldo (Ynscrvntives will give
Mr. Itoss a majority Hint will make
Fernie look like a Socialist meeting
in Klko. Brill ye terriers drill
The new   hail at    Baynes Lake will
a big
by    Sarah   Burnt     Heart
It. St. Clair, C.P.R. laud commissioner, Cranbrook, and Mr. Wob-
ftter, capitalist, same burg, passed
through Klko Tuesday for Gateway
and Itoosvi.le.
Davidson, the Socialist, bas just as
much chance lo win the election as a
yellow lien has to   roost in Paradise.
It sure pays to advertise when you
have the goods and wc sum have the
goods and always have our customers smiling when we sgy good bye.
Balfour registered at the Klk
hotel this week. Wonder if Lloyd
George will he out soon.
A Milwaukee paper (Socialist) all
the same Fernie, Hosmer and Michel,
said a man and a lumberjack had a
fight on the street and. the man won.
.lim Brown came in the other day
from the Ghost River gold fields.
Jim says there's a \»l of gold in
tlmt country, but it is a terrible
strain ou the back to lift it as its
roots run down so deep.
The best thing to say when you
have nothing to say is to say nothing aud stick, to it.
The canvas si ill goes merrily on
and every day shows that Ross'
majority will be a big one March
38tll uml on the 20th the lion. Billy
will wake up to the biggest majority
he ever had. Now go to it you Indians.
.1 \\. Kerr, ol the Klk hotel, was a
Cranbrook visitor this week looking
over his new joy wagon.
If you want to enjoy life make up
your mind to let the other fellow do
the worrying.
Sec the Roosvllle fruit tract. Then
vote for Billy Ross.
Don't forget our l»est care awaits
your commands at all tines. It's one
of our trade catchers. Dealing at onr
store will make you happy and re-
mombot if you are happy you aie
wealthy. Wealth eanjt  but  happiness.
(Special correspondence)
Mi Norman Moore went to Fcrt
Steele last Wednesday and remained
for the big dance Wednesday- evening
Mi snd Mrs P. Land and Miss
iia/i*i i.ui.d went to Cranhrook oo
Momlay evening Miss l.nnd is to nn-
dcrgo an operation on Iter Fool this
week,  Her many friends here hope to
ih'nr of a speedy recovery.
Mr Ham. <>f I'algarv, was wrfttl
(muds bete last' Wednesday.
Mi Kussie, ni Ta tonga, came In on
Wedneadaj on Ins way to Fori Steele
while he lemuined foi tin* dance tbnt
Mi Walter Mugo-n visited fiiends
in Cranbrook last Sunday.
Mrs. into Winer spent tbo beginning ol the WW* with Mr and Mrs.
I.i'ii Rcnwick in Callowa).
Mi    and Mis       CoulOftS, WgO     hove
been spending a tow days with tin*
former's sister, Mrs. P. Lund, left on
Sundaj afternoon for their home in
Detroit, Midi.
Mis H \ Oram, of High River,
Alia., formerly ol Wardner. passed
through nn Sundaj afternoon after
visiiitig wiih friends in Cranbrook.
Mi. Green accompanied her from Fernie, at which place be bad lieen at-
Midinii a meeting ol the c.p.H. op
What has become ot the Wardner
brass band'.' We sincerely hope that
en* the spring opens the boys will get
busy again.
Mr. Black. Hie Wardner C.P.R
agouti attended tlte npcrators meeting in Fernie last week.
Mr. aud Mrs. Pierson were successful in moving the remainder of their
household effects to tho ('.PH. tie
camp fast Sunday.
A meeting of the Kmployees Club
and Library was held last Sunday afternoon in the library hall. Tbe attendance was large and Ihe report
very encouraging. A large amount of
now business was discussed and
placed on file.
Mr. William Barclay, lhe representative of UM    Crows Nest Pass Lumber company, in the    prairie province opened  some  lime in April either | ees,   came Into    town    on   Sunday
morning and will remain for a few-
Mr. Ben Hargravc. is very ill at
the St. Eugene hospital. His many
fiiends here .extend sympathy and
hope to have bim return in the near
Mr. Earncy Holbrooke, of the
Crown Lumber company, cf Calgary,
afler spending nearly a year Inspect"
fug lumber purchased by his company
from the C.P.H. mill, left Tuesday
morning for his homo in Calgary.
Mrs. F. M. Stearns and daughter
Hazel, spent Tuesday with Irieiuls in
Messrs. Stearns. Barclay ami Pen-
nock, were iu Galloway last Tuesday
mi business.
Mr. and Mrs, Hart are moving UriS
week into tlie company's cottage vacated a few days ago by the removal
of Mr, ami Mrs. Pierson to the C.P.
ft. camp.
Mr. Kenny, of Cranbrook, was in
Wardner this week on business.
Messrs, Shaw and Doyle, of P.
Burns and Co., were in town last
Tucsdny on bus-incus.
After thoroughly inspecting tbe
work done on the new school building, tlie government Inspector lias
refused to accept It. He claims tliat
the contractors have not complied
with tlw written specifications
every detail. The old building, therefore, is still in use.
We are glad to know that tbe C.
N.P.L. Co. have secured tenants for
all of their cottages for the coming
season. Wardner is fast coming to
the front as a live and wide awake
A gloom has lieen cast over our
community by the death of Mrs.
BHzaboth Boyd, aged 63 years, after
six years of suffering Irom cancer of
the stomach. She passed peacefully
away at six o'elrek Monday morning,
March  1th, 1012,
She is survived hy six daughters-,
two sons, two brothers and four sisters. The two brothers are living in
Prince Edward Island, one sister in
Boston, one in Seattle and one sister
with the two sons and two daughters are in Nova Scotia, three daughters In Brandon, one In the States,
one sister witb whom she died (Mrs.
B. Lcand) of Wardner, B.C.
The funeral took place at the Presbyterian church, Wardner, at 2 p.m.
March 6th, tbe services heing conducted by Rev. Stephens, after which a
'number of relatives and frhiids folic wed the remains to tbc Wardncr
cemetery, where she was laid to
Tbe pall bearers were C S. Nixon,
W. F. McLaughlin. W. Selliker, C.
Martin. C. A. Embree and A. IMcker-
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema;
****** ****** 44
Three years ago Premier McBride of
British Columbia practically wiped
cut the Liberal' representation in the
legislature hy promulgating just m-
loro   tlie    general    election    a large
heme for railway building. The alliance between tlie Canadian Northern and thc McBride government became so close tbat it was difficult to
Saj Whether the C.N.R. was running
the government or Hie government
tin* C.N.R. Having proved that a
policy ol railway grants and guarantees was profitable politically, McBride la at it again Again the guarantees are on a colossal scale. British Columbia had less than four hundred thousand population In -tune,
1911. Yet this population, no larger
than that of the city of Toronto,
was commitUii by Mr. McBride and
bis colleagues at the recent session
Of tlw* legislature to tb*' following
giants and ffiarnntees:
To the Canadian Noi them Pacific a
guai antee of principal of $35,000 per
mile on I'ifl miles on Vancouver Islam! and OM hundred and lorty-five
mill's on the mainland from
Kamloops to Vernon, Kelowna and
Okanagan l.nke on the west side, opposite Okanagan Landing.
To Messrs. Foley, Welch and Stewart, incorporated under the name ol
tla* Pacific and Great Eastern Railway mm pany, a guarantee ol $35,000
pet   mile   (oi    -150 miles from     FOfl
George to Vancouver, Tin- interest is
also guaranteed at four per cent.
To the Kett4o Valley railway
boOUl ol $10,000 per mile lor fifty
miles from Hope on the Eraser river
to the Cflldwater Junction, the summit of Hie roast range.
A hridge across the Eraser from
Hope on the south side tn Ruby
Creek 00 the main line ol the C.P.R.,
A subsidy to the C.P.R. to help
them in taking over the Kaslo and
.Slocan, $100,000.
The repurchase ot the Hritish Columbia Southern land grant and of
the Columbia and Western land grant
from the C.P IL at 40 cents per aero
will amount to $l,M2,a72.
Commenting on this situation tbc
Toronto Glo}-e says: That British Columbia is dowered wHb wonderful
natural wealth is indisputable. That
some of thc railway project* outlined
above will aid materially in opening
up ami pit moling tlie settlement nl
Ibe province Is undoubted. Hut the
load that. .Premier Mollride has laid
upon bis- province is a tremendoua
one, and, should any large part of
the railway systems outlined fall to
pay tlndr Imndcd chargos, might well
cnirJi    llriUtdi   ColuinMg  b-*nrath   It.
Since the olil-fashiiim-d theorj of*
curing eczema through the blood has'
boon given up by scientists, many dlf-
ferent salves have been tried for skim
diseases. Bul it has been found that
these salvos only clou thc pores and,
cannot penetrate tu tlie inner skin bo-
iow the epidermis where the eczema
germs arc lodged.
This—the .quality of penetrating—
probably explains the tremendous sin--1
cess of the well known liquid eczema1
remedy, oil of wintcrgrcen, thymol,-
glycerine, etc., as compounded in D.
1). D. Prescription.
in troubles but none that wc can
■iiltimeiitl as highly as tills fur we
ow thai    D.D.D.   stops lhe itch al
We  have    sohl
other   remedii
Of course other druggists have D.
Ml. Prescription—-go tu them if you
ean'I rome to ys—but don't accept
some big profit substitute.
But if you come lo our store, we
can tell you all about 1>.D.D. Prescription and bow it cures eczema, be-
i-aiKi' we have had the agency for so
long. |
Oi you can get a fm* trial bottle
by writing lhe D.D.1). Laboratories.
| l» Cclbottrnc St., Toronto, Ont.—
fur. Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co,
Here is the liability of   the province:
Canadian Northern Pacific
(original   guarantee!   ..,$21,000,000
Pacific and Great Eastern   15,760,000
Canadian Northern Pad do
(new guarantee) 10,326,000
Total  $47,076,000
Tlie interest bill af four per cent
would be in ease ol default $l,-888,-j
(MM), or about a fifth of the revenue I
ol the province, A considerable parti
of British Columbia's Income, like j
that ot Ontario, is derived from tho
sale of lands, so that the province
trenches annually en its capital. No1
doubt by selling off great forests and
rich mining lauds Mr. McBride could
carry the interest burden of bis
grandiose railway policy even were
tlie companies to default, but the
load is not such as a prudent administrator would care to assume.
The first sign of   overstrain may he
found in the depreciation of the value!
of the guaranteed    bunds, which may
go very considerably below par.    Tbo
London    market   has    shown   great j
favor for Canadian    railway bonds in i
recent     years,     hut then* are limits
even to its digestive   *oi*uIpmcnt, and
Mr.    McBride    seems    to have done
mere than any other   man to overtax
The people of Hrilish Columbia
should remember that it mny take but'
a few hours to fasten a loud of debt
upon tlieir sbaulders that will hamper ami cripple them for generations.
For the moment tbe reckless, debt-
incurring premier may he the hero of
bis province, but if ever the time,
comes tor the bondholders' chorus
of "pay, pay, pay," British Columbia
may be sorry that she Imped before
she looked.
Night Sweats
arc a sure sign of nervous exhaustion. Tliey weaken the body and
depress the mind.
The first step towards recovery
from this condition lies iu rebuilding the weakened nerve fibres,
whicli can best be done with Lecithin, the form of phosphorus required for nerve repair.
1* H E     NEW     REMEDY     T O «
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs), and
makes possible this cure.
It feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
quickens the appetite, aids digestion, and soon full nerro vigor and
freedom from these exhausting
sweats is obtained.
The beneficial effects are evident
almost with the first dose.
10 os, Imiii ie, 40 daw' treatment. fl.M
oblnin fiom lhc local agents.
Druggists, Cranbrook, it. C,
!».ivl*..StI,awniic-*Co.,SoleMfr«., Moit real
Write tli;in fur ftce l,ui>k Otl NumUl
That Macbela, Nature's Scalp Tonic,
bas a record for growing halr—95
ras*-s out of 100. It is lhe only remedy ever discovered that is .similar
tc lhe natural hair foods or liquids
of tbe scalp. Removes dandruff.
Prevents falling hair. Bach package
contains a packet of Macbela Dry
Shampoo Powder. Price for complete
home treatment, $1.00. Sold and
guaranteed hy the Oranbrook Drue
and Book Co.
i m\m\Mm\44 0VCR •• YEARS'
^■■■■■r   TnAOC MAnKt
'TmHTO^ Ocaicr-i)
. nf-iwi ir-rnllii-f h ftJcclrh an J rtwcrlptlmi tn*o
it If M*i-crf-tlii 'in-* (•I'liii-iu fm wh-tthor ci
(.■mion !• i»r-.ti**l.ly intt-i.taMn, Cum muni ft*
■iiilrlctlf nmili'eu!Ul. HAN0B0H <"• P«l**itU
it rre->. oiiint -.ffiK-r ror-wcu-itiirMtaiita.
'..K'uta Uki.ii liir-iuvb Mui.u Jt Cu. riu*lT*
.. i-i' rotttt, without cbantt. In tot
Scientific American.
A lii-tiita-m -ly iliiwtntnl wetklf. Un*-** drill;, im i.f any tiifuilfln )uiiiii»i. iwnia lor
i inula, $.1.**, *. ye*-, iHNtatte prepaid,   ix-ld trf
<('■■[ i."n*l"*lfffc>
East Kootenay      ;
Butcher Co. 1
KOR SALE.—One rubber tired IWfi-
gv; almost new. Apply Herald office. H-tl
You Only Feel Old
DlfMtln orfiu ire weak—don't
aaalmtlatt food aa they used to.
Other organ* act nor* slowly nd
aa effectually.
Blood la thin and *liipr>h.
Renewal of strength doea not equal
the wear nnd tear of yonr ayatem.
That's what make* yon feel old.
Nothing In tht world will tone up
nd lr.yl.or.te thoee weak, back-slid-
Ing organ*, make rich blood and ere.
at* strength so quickly aa Vlnol.
Vlnol ta not a tecret nostrum. limply th* medicinal elementa of the
roda* Hrert, with the uaeteis nanieat-
tag otl eliminated, and tonic Iron added. Try a bottle of Vlnol with the
nnderatandlng that your money will
be returned If It doea not make you
atronger, fee! younger nnd fire you
nn added tntereat In life.
t'ranbrook Drug anil Rook Co.,
franbroek, B.C.
Oealera In
Fresh and Cared
Game and Fish
ii Season.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
rare*,   II <>
lull.  ' III.   I .
Vntl I
tent  your nn".
nml in I'vur.v ill-
stance I treat ''.v
my own original
mi enneed and
. r- i...... tl.-    IIU'-
I llli.I-
Orgaalc  Wcalat..
Vhtr, VarkKtk, Hylm.lc. On
4 WMnttrs, Specific Bieod Piilua,
Pile* aad SMclarca — r.^t...i..k- all
effected organs lottqrtnalnntlhnaltliy
action in the shorten possible space
«•* all ih. lorm* ul DIseaasBol Men,
rol.a*tltatloaiindln.tnirthi. I kl.-l frvi-
nt uiti"- "i I'l mail-
Huve a very fine assortment "f
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All Ireesoffered for snle ,'irc grown in mir own nurseries on
the Coldstream Kstate
#♦#»###******-> **************
' Imperial Bank of Canada
D. R,
111 IN.
II.KIK, President.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants
tanners iukI Private Individuals invited.
Drafts am! Letters of Oretlil issued available, in an- part of
the worl'l.
SAVINGS IIKI'AUTMI'NT Special attention
given to Saving Bonk Accounts Deposits of J1.00 aud
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
********************** *********************;
I The
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural. Grazing and Timber Land!..
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
H. L. BTEPHESS, Pro;-.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
in ii euarniiti-eil pulley. "Unit is, i*
satlslsotlon i* guaranteed in every f*
respect,   Tbe *v
t Nelson Iron Works J
*. LIISITin        ^
*, llu- an   ever  inrreasinii *to<k. ^
. Writs Ihsin for particular*. .
T fTfWrfvtlVTW*! W
laeorporel*d IMS
Capital Paid Up $6,250,000 Reserve $7,450,000
Total Assets, 1110,518,512.19
II. S. HOLT, President^      E7i.."l'KASE, General Vl.n.j.r
Account* of Firms.Gorporstlonsand In.livi.liial* solfetttsd.
Out-of town liiLiiie*. receive* sverjr attention.
SAYINGS DEPARTMENT- !"•!••'-■> ol |1.00 ami onwards r.c.ive.l
and interest ;.'.    ■■•■ I at corrfnt rate,   No (ormality or .l.lay in
A tieiieral Bankini: Bnslnssstransacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONSbLL, Manager
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A nevTand
A mnilern »|iii|>|>etl Cftteat ooiltrftt«
Half* lUtU mnl np peril*?
Cnmer of Mnwctnl Pt.mnl Front Avr.
Onr hui mtett nil trelnt
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
*****4>************ ♦»••♦♦♦♦»
A Good  Home
la what is dear t<> etwy man. A lionu;
i» wiii*n* iV.-M'i'. Oomfort, Oontoainitot)
iumI I'lfuty is (bond. Timt is tlie nuon
ini'ii tbronghoat British Columbia, when
"OnnbrooE*1 is mentioned think oi the
provisions *Ii>b. lirault lias made for an
i*le;tl home at tin*
Canadian Hotel
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
Vi. t, IDMNMIN   v I
99********************** 4
Publishing Company.
Managing Editor,
Bv  tin'  Ilt'ralii
V, .1, Deane,
CRANBROOK, B. C, March 21,1912
Tlie contt
jiaiil sccrcti
wlm   will
duties »iili
plated appointment uf a
i ,,( lliv board ot trade,
■Diiiliine Uie secretarial
nose ul ii publicity com-
iiiisMiii.il, is ;i matter calling lor tho
musl earnest consideration of tho
propcrtj owners und businessmen ul
ihis city mil district. Cranbrook is
certainly behind, Hm ,ilm's '" ""'
mailer ul systcmntlc publicity aud it
will never make good this delect un-
fccl ....txI such lime
happy Indeed il at the end ol his
term he can present as the result oi
Ws own system ol financing figures su
remarkable as thuse ot Canada's record budget.
The Cranbrook Oarage Co., P. K.
Patrick manager, received live new
McLaughlhvBiiIck motor ears this
week Irom the factory. One ol these
u 30 h.p. live passcngot car, was consigned to Geo. Hoggarth, proprietor
uf tho Hotel Cranbrook: another, a
11 b.ji. runabout was consigned to
Vi. Kerr, proprietor uf flic Elk hotel,
Elko, and a third wns consigned to
that enlhiisiaslie anlnniohilisl, P.
one of the
>t been ln>
, conceded thai ai tho present! ported Into Cranbrook, a 80 h.p.
time ii is practically Impossible to gentleman's roadster, thoroughly up
engage lor Ihis work a thoroughly Uo-dato hi overy particular, and a
experienced man, bul il should he pos- sell starting machine. Maurice <(unie
Bible, wilh tbo co-operation ol the has purchased Mr. Malheson's run-
city council, to secure the services o! about. Mr, Patrick has other
a capable man. who would acl In ths] cars on order nml anticipates a very
ul   a    thoroughly   capable   publicity Mntlieson,    This   ear is
commissioner arc secured. It must be. handsomest that hns as
whole linn
In this   conn
city council i
(jucstion ol  s
cities,  no lii;zi
providing   sin
ilu.iMiii   pci annum for this class
work,   now  generally recognised
essential il a cltj In lhe west is
huid its own.
nrv to    tho. busy season.
ommissloner,     Mr. A. .1. Mott,-proprietor oi    the
lu the work. Kootenay Oarage,   also anticipates a
up   to tho. very busy season,    ile is looking ie
thc_(he early
arclully consider, the'(he early arrival of lour Knrd ears,
tantlnl aid. Other] which he has already disposed ol, and
•lum Cranbrook, arc til another shipment nf lour cars
ol from    $2500    to within two or llun' week;
ol     Tlie prospects    hit lhal Cranbrook
as city will   he Iln-    center ol a    very
to active  nulomobillng  district      this
I coming    season.  Wilh Ihc new roads
instructed   and   under   construction
ranbrook is Ibe center ol as line
uinnn).    section, as iheir is in tl
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.HO a.m.; Sunday school
Irom 2 to 3 p.m.; Kosary and Bene*
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
p. Platnondon, O.M.I.
Rov. 0. 12. Kendall, pastor.
Morning worship, 11.00 o'clock,
Subject: "Pence mnl its Fruitful-
Sunday school, 3 p.m.
10 von ing worship, 7.30 o'clock, Sublet: "I,ifi> ami More Abundant LiCo
All are invited lo attend.
Rev, W.  Klsou Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services; Tho pastor wil
preach al 11 a.m. and 7,80 p.m.
Morning subjeut. "1.lie's Mystcr
Kvoning subject: "Thi- Greato-ai
Pprlrait in lho World."
Tlio choir will   render special music
Wi- publish in ihis Issuo
Bontc lengthy extracts Irom thf rc-
porl <if tin* budget debate at Olr
lawaf In particular, special prominence i v'wiu i.i ihr reply in Uie
finance minister bj Hon. \ K. Mue-
It-an, K.i'., of Halifax, tin* opposition
financial critic. Thi' chief interest attached li. Mi, Maclean's remarks is
ih- facl Dial In- deals almost exclii-
• i.ii. wiih the actual achievements nf
Mr. While's predecessor in tlu* ofllce
of finance minister, lion. W. s. Fielding, ;i record that can he rem! with
unqualified pride ami satisfaction by
i-vi'tv Liberal.
'ih'* voice Hiai announced Canada's
greatest surplus was iln* voice nf Mr.
White, remarks thc Toronto Globe,
hut iin- hand-; that fashioned it were
tin- hands -it Mr. Fielding. The lirst
budget i<l the new minister ut finance,
presented yesterday al Ottawa, indicated clearlj liow sound and sano
bad been thr policy of bis predeccs-
sut. Under Mr. Fielding moncj
found for tin* vasl expenditures upon
canal deepening, tin- construction of
tlu* National Transcontinental rail-
win, iiml Die erection of puhlic
buildings throughout the Dominion!
on an adequate, perhaps In some casts
OVim mi a l,n ish, scale, yet at tlie end
of ii period of expansion without precedent in the history of the Dominion
the Liberal party turns over lo its
successors in office a fiscal system
that produced during lira past year a
mirplus ever current expenditure that
will probabl) he aboul three million
dollars more than the total revenue
of Hi.- Dominion in 1808, when ihc
Conservatives wcnl nut nf power.
■ific Northwest, which
advantage "f from now
11 I
t ak
(Special lo the Herald).
Wardner, .March 21.—The voto on
church union in St. Andrew's Presbyterian mission lleid, including .lal-
fray ami Elko, resulted as follows
Km union, commimicants, 3il; adherents, 1".    Total for union, 58.
Perhapi lhc heal illustration ,,( the
splendid financial position nf Canada
at tin* end of fifteen years of Liberal
rule, iii tin* opinion nf the Globe, is
to be found in the tables showing tht'
puhlic debt and the public asset*.
Wben sir Wilfrid Laurier. became
premier the net debt was $258,170,-
000, ami the population was slightly
under rather than over five millions.
Th.' n.t debt was therefore about
Wl.70 iti* head nf population. The
mt dcbl ol    Canada last month was
estimated al 1332, 1,000, and as ihe
population was nt least seven and a
half millions llu* net debt per head
of population was J11.25. The Improvement is Illustrated also by the
annual cost nf the debt, It cost $10,-
761, ti 1800 t..    carry    thecoun
try's debt, or (3.15 pel lead of popu
laWon. it. LOU it cost $13,010,000 i
tarry the debt, or, on a population
bull <•( 7,300,000 at the end of the
fiscal vear lull, the sum of $179
lier head of population, After fifteen
yeari ■ ■! tremendous activity nnd the
spending nf great sums in ihe tl-'vcl-
opment nf tbe country's transportn-
tlon system the debt load is material)] less than ii was when Hon.
rieori*-' R   !'...•.i    presented his last
budgel     si m   it h<-   Hon. W  T.
White's fortune to remain in office for
nnt   consldcrabh period he will     be
The new spring bats display a Iai
greater amount tf trimming than
Ihey have lor some lime, autl not
only of one kind, but combinations:
such as ribbon and   flowers, lace and
I piece goodB, ribbon and lace, and
leal hers and flowers. Fancy ornaments are frequently added fo any of
the above combinations.
I    The simple fabric or straw hat will
[again Ih* worn but will be restricted
to serve for fcnockaltoiit wear exclusively. The "coolie" shapes—shapes
with   a   Hat low     crown   anh wide
I brims me shown. Napoleon shapes
are again   to the   fire.   Thin* is    a
! large variety of flower trimmings and
many new ideas   have been prr-dueed.
| Small flowers are decidedly in VOgUo*
lu colors, Past idle shades will be
popular for summer. Black antl
white, and fans will he much in
evidence. However, no one particular
color can be said to stand out preeminent.
The display   at   McCreery Bros. Is
**><!** *'*t*wwwwf+, .
<j Chapman's Ajjencyjj
* Nor hue) \tcnuc, Nrarlhc •.utliiqrliim
« »
< *■
; i
* *        Kcsl t -i;uc Loins
t , Km-itoymcnl Inn-i-lment-.
' '     Autllon Snle nt nur rooms ever)
] \ Silur.ln; at I .10 nnd 7 .10.
ti     If JOM time SSylklS| to sell, hrlni
' ! It t.i us,     If vim want nmthln* come
to mir *ilcs.
:; Chapman's Agency ;>
in int" the largest they have over presented .mil tin- milling's natrons
have evory reason to rejoice over tlie
new chapenux lor lltey are extraordinarily hanilsotne.
Call and see us about that new
Buggy you want. Our stock Is
the largest In East Kootenay and
our prices are Eastern plus
freight. Please remember our
stock is new and you have thc
choice of the latest styles East
Kootenay ricrcantile House.
■     >
OVER   SEAS Cl.ril.
The Overseas cluh will linlil a smiiil ami dance next Tuesday, 2lllt
Insi m the Carmen's hall, tar mem*
heis awl prospective members.
at liit-
evening BCrvjC(
are   cordial))
in vitti
lo Ull
Sunday Services.
ng,      ll
Afternoon,       2
tiooii   — 3.'1(1 <
Free and
easy mooting.
, 8 o'clocl.-S
Some of the
wits of
a city.
Theatre-goers ure anticipating with
a remarkable show ol Interest the
forthcoming product-ion In this city
ot "The (tirl [-'rom Rector's," which
ran over three hundred nights at-
Weber's Music hall, New York. AH
box otlice record
ih.'   engagement
have  continued indefinably weie    il
in t lor tho necessity of filling out-of-
town contracts   that had been made,
and it is    being   received everywhere
with the   same amount of enthusiasm
that it   was  received in   New York.
One of the criticisms we mi) tc:
Charlotte-, N.   ('..  News, January .i,
Kdiltd by Urine Q, Sabers.
A Oood Laugh.
(oming as the first attraction In
the new year, the farce eomejdy "Tbc
Oirl From Rector's," opened at the
Academy of Music last night and
proved to he ull that one could wish
viewed the luilueneo ol the Bible aa
the prime factor,in shaping and securing political, civil, religious and
intellectual freedom for ull lauds,
wherein it is freely distributed aud
studied, It was also pointed out that
the study of the Ilible was largely responsible for thc social uiuest and religious activity su pre-eminent in our
day, A solo was sweetly rendered by
Mrs. Weisbrod. The meeting was
brought to a close by llev. I. W.
Williamson, superintendent ot the
Hritish Columbia association, forecasting the meetings to he held next
On Thursday afternoon lho association held its session in the school
room of Knox church. llev. 1). .1.
Welsh, superintendent ol the provincial teacher training department, addressed lhe Sunday school workers on
tlu* needs nnd methods of teacher
training. Hi, address was brim-full
of suggestions ino..I vuluahlo to the
worker among children. Itev. I. W.
Williamson then conducted -A round
table conference, which (jive rise to
spirited discussions on questions asked hy members of tht; audience. A
paper by Mrs. .1. S. Mcimie, on missions in the Sunday school, dealt iu a
clear manner With the method, matter aud results of this department of
Sunday School effort, The evening
session was held in the Baptisl
chinch. Mr. Welsh addressed the association on the church antl the children, a discussion bristling with startling statistics revealing the results
of present day methods in the work
of the church to conserve the children
for the ehurcli and society. The
closing address wns given by Mr..
Williamson, in bis inimitable and
cheery manner, iu which he presented
some of the suggestions awakened hy
the meetin-.fi of the association.
Illustrating Brown's dog
ileiiiiiiittt rating
60 Cents to $1.50
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,       -        B. C.
HALSALL & CO. Ar?.r* *
Special Showing of Wash
Dresses and W ash Fabrics i i
Wo aro showing u really splendid variety of Ladies'.
Misses' and Children's Wash Dresses -in Fancy Ginghams,
Percale and Indian Heads, livery garment new nnd tip-to-dale
direet from New York. Wo invite your inspection of tliese
Special Chamois Gloves $2.00 a pair j:
The now olbow longth Chamois Glove, all sizes. Easy
to wash and clean.   Special al $2.1111 per pair.
320 Pieces of Potter's Famous Prints
lly fur llio Largos! Assort won t o£ Prints shown in
Oranbrook. Over Hon plooos lo choose from. Neat, olean
effects mnl perfect wusliiug qualities.   Bp.et.iHd value ot 16o yd
New Suits and Coats
If you anticipate buying a Suit or ('out. don't fail to Inspect our stock. Evory garment a model in itself, No two
alike. We are always pleased lo show you. whether you wish
to huy or not.
Invite tenders lor the slnkiiu, ci a
winze a distance ol H>5 leet, more or
less, and also an extension lo the
present tunnel on llle Aurora mine at
Moyle, B.C. Tliu ronlrartor to pro-
l.oiidun, March 20.—Prorata As- vide all supplies .and out lit ncecssaiy
ijulili yesterday introduced In the n,it (,tle company will permit the use
house ol commons the coal mines bill „[ whatever toois and equipment now
Intended to establish a flxod mlrai- on hand at tho mine,
mum wage lor underground workers.] p0[ [nether Information address
The    premier   exploinod that    the THE AURORA  MINING AND Milr
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
measure was only a tcinparary one,
whose specific purpose was to settle
the present difficulty iu the coal
trade in Groat Britain.
Thu enactment will therefore he et-
were broken dtir-ml' fccUvc tor only three years unless lho
and the run might coa| industry wishes to prolong II. A
reasonable mimimum wage fur miners
with safeguards lo protect ilu* owners against slackness and deficiency ol
output will bo settled hy district
Tlio minimum rate ot wages will he
retroactive, the men being paid from
the <lat<u ol their return to work at
the rate subsequently fixed by the
district boards.
T. 0. Jones,
Acting Secretary,
Cranhrook, It. I'-
lor i„   the   matter ol Iun producing' Keotenay Mercantile House.
.shows. It is a play lor those wlm
desire a hearty laugh ni a good picture of the ridiculous side ol lile.
Replete with comical situations and
astounding revelations it kept the
audience 'in a stale of amused cx-
pcclancy r.nd made them laugh all
tlie time.
■•The Oirl    Fron
comedy, 's a clever
worlli seeing.    The
company will present
is one thai will ilrivi
tor 8 as a
* and well
-nine admirable
it. The comedy
away dull care
and make its auditors forget all
earthly troubles ami enjoy a good,
To he at Ihe Auditorium Thursday,
March 28th.
ial capacities, alter tho regular performance, and the ono adjudged to
have shown the. greatest artistic
merit will be awarded a IS gold
piece. On Saturday afternoon there
will lie a matinee at 'I o'clock.
are sending a lot to the cleaners this
j week. Do you wish yours cleaned'—
(Fink Mercantile Co. 1-Mt
In a memorandum issued at Ottawa
on Monday ot    this week, announcing
that forty thousand cadets will start
training    this   year,    Colonel   Sam
Hughes, minister of militia, expresses
tlie hope that   in a few years    every
hoy in Canada   will be proficient    i»
drill and   calisthenics,  and be a perfect rifle   shot. Under lhc plan tl organization   recently    outlined,  school
i    Mrs. Tims. I.eask has returned from |Mpcctora   ami   teachers will receive
a long visit    to  her old    heme    ot returns *rom evety section of Canada
Spanish River, Ontario. | |rwn *joya   -rom   12 tf, 16 years    ol
Manuel Dainatd, one of OoWen's age, who desire to attend camp and
first residents, died al Ihe family re- be trained for one week in -luly or
sidence yesterday morning after a August. The schools of the township
hmg illness. Mr. Dalnard was very or similar unit will constitute a
well known and his demise has cast company. Companies from each conn-
a gloom over the entire district. De- ty will make up a regiment or hrig-
ccast'd was a prominent member of jade under the name of the home
Oxo cubes at Fink's Pure Food
|   A   meeting  of     the   Trades    and
and Milling ( Ul(0r CoUnCn t0(li( pjaco iasi Monday
We are now 5»le Agents for
the McLaughlin and Tudhope
buggies, Democrats,   Etc.    Hast
Have you planted yours?
Now is the time and we have the
All new and fresh.    No c!J stock.
All Varieties
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
• i
■ i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
A iluiiiiy pattern    Im
le.—Campbell anil Man
the local lodge of Odd Fellows, lie i:
survived lit* liis wife, one son and one
daughter. The funeral will lie held on
The   Aurora     Mining
company,   ol    Movie, are calling torl""^^     when fl U(t oI ro,mn(l bugi.
tenders for ihe sinking ,,f a winze andL^ was dl*sposv(l   ,,*, Am0ng other
also f.»r   an extension to tho present mfttten for   (Usi.lIssion   ,vas a
tunnel on the Aurora mine. It is very1
tin* continued ac-
communication    from Winnipeg,     re
ferring to   representations mado hv a
of the Agricultural Society met
and transacted considerable business.
Among other matters discussed was
the recent visit of the secretary to
Elko, llaynes Lake ami Waldo. The
secretary reported that Mr. A. M.
Beattle, of Waldo, had promised to
donate a cup for competition among
(he poultry fanciers. The Becrotary
alsi, had an interview with Mr. Wilkinson, secretary ol the llaynes Lake
Agricultural association, who undertook to do what hi- could lo secure
the co-operation of his association in
securing the success of the coming
I.asi Thursday evening Uto young Cranbrook Agricultural exhibition.
lady hockey players of this city tried A i"i,lt nwollng of tbo Women's In-
conclusions with lhe young ladies ol|aHtuta and tho directors of the ox-
Moyie, and after a stubbornly con- bihllion has been arranged fot to l»'i-
testid    game,   came    out victorious I 'eel plans lor  Increasing membership
gratifying to note
iivlty ot this company, in which Winnipeg real .-state firm regarding
fin Monday of lliis week, the direc-' many_CrnnbrooK citizens are toteresV creobrook really. Many of these representations, particularly iu regard
to wages and accommodations, were
very misleading and the council instructed the secretary to so communicate to their correspondent.
Free demonstration of Tetley's
Teas this week. Drop in anil try a
cup of this delicious beverage.—
Campbell and Manning.
Tbe Heat tie-Murphy Drug ami Hook
company have this season added to
| their until't ..v attractions a very
I full and varied stock of wall papers.
I They have made large purchases and
in a posl Won iu supply the needs
ed. The prospects arc of thc bright
est and thc Aurora will undoubtedly
yet miik among the big shipping
mines of Easl  Kootenay.
One of the chief u inter takings, in
the way nt road construction this
si,wii, will be the new road to Gateway, round Baker Mountain. This
new toad shnuld prove of very greal
Importance to Cranhrook business
imn, allordiiig, as it will, direct communication between lliis city ami the
rapidly settling up district between
Itaket Mountain wnil Qateway. The
sit this will Iiml it more convenient
and less expensive lo drive into town
like Lining
every day
Fire broke out in the C.I'.IL hoarding house early Saturday morning,
causing serious damage. Happily all
tho inmates, escaped uninjured and
most of them, some eighteen in number, removed their belongings without loss. The proprietor, Mr. T.
Ford, sacrificed his own belongings in
his efforts to arouse his boarders- and
assist them to get clear ot the hurtling building. The lire is supposed to
have originated in the kitchen and to
have travelled upwards through the
plastering, although il is not definitely known what the exact cause of
the outbreak was. The upper slory
and the roof were completely destroyed. The city lire brigade was not
culled until the (lames had secured a
firm hold on the building, thc C-l'.lL
brigade taking charge at the outset.
Mr. Ford estimates his loss, not covered by Insurance, at about $400. The
building is the property cf lhe C.P.R.
fJoing out of wall paper business,
Choice stock must be disposed cf at
any price—H. II. Short. 11-tt
Eggs for Hatching!
Beale and Elwell have for sale
property of lhe Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, LUL, situated in
the Windermere District; also, a few
lots in the Townsite of Invermere.
Call ami sec them. ll-tt
Furnished front room for rent
close in; suitable for one or two, Apply Hox A., Herald office.        10-lt*
White Wyandotte eggs $2.no per
16; duck eggs $1.50 per setting; one
IL C. Rhode Island Rod cockerel lor
sale. Apply to Mrs. Cad walla-
der. ll-Ht*
in prefetencc to travelling by the 11.
N. IL into Fernie, when on shopping
Ugaged. j
Harold Darling has returned from'
uitli n score of one goal t« 0. Oaring!in -ho Agricultural association. In Montreal, where he Journeyed to nt-l
the Hist hall neither side scored, in! H» eourso of a low flays several of M Un funeral of his father. After
tho second   halt   Miss Gladys QaskiU|tho directors   will visit Creston with  attending lo his late    father's estate1
of city and district patrons at prices
that will compare favorably wilh
those quoted by eastern linns. For
display purposes they have rented the
store formerly occupied by Brown's
cigar store and Ihere patrons enn Inspect lhe finest range ol wall papers
ever imported into Kast  Kootenay.
Do you.want your Panama cleaned?
Bring It. We are sending a lot
away   this   week— Fin'*     Mercantile
Co. ia-it
The Young People of the Melhodist.
ehurcli will lw at home to their
Iriends in the  gymnasium nexl TueS-
 day  evening,    tbe 88th   inst.,   from
months t*an°Cranbrook! olg*-' o'clock p.m. until halt past ten.
rnn up a score of  eight goals to the' odist church   on lhe evening of March district. Everybody is    welcome to  come and
visitors' three.     The scoring for the'13th with a good   representation     of     Tom    Marks hns   been in town allIcomo   and    pni°J*   "« musical   pro-
t«iin    was done by the follow-] the Sunday School fraternity present   week, and    wilh his   clever company j Kramme and eatables. A small charge
the presence   of Premier |,as been   dfllffitlng    "•*'■•'■■■'■"■■ »"■■■■-* o!    15c*    wil1 ))C   mBdo    ,or   *wtrcsh"
view   to    securing n representative *\ir.     Hailing     Immediately returned
Vl.ry exhibit from that section nt the com- home. Throughout his long transcon-
iug fnll fair. .tlnentol    Journey    Mr.   Darling was
4  ■" ' ' amazed by   tlte evidences  ol prosper
ity.      This    is certainly    Canada's
growing time    and in    Mr. Darling's
opinion,    formed upon close observa-
The bi-annual   meeting of the Cran- Hon, no   section of the great Domln-
brook District   Sunday School nssoci- ion promises   more rapid growth    in
Cranhrook boys, who'tion was convened   in thc local Moth- tho next lew
placed the ball lor   Cranbrook.    Thu|
game, on thc   whole, proved a
fair exhibition of hockey.
Following the ladies' match came a
game between the Moyle juniors and
the Cranbrook Hovers, which also resulted in a w'li lor lhe home team.
The Moyie youngsters certainly put
Up a good game, but they were outclassed hy the
From lho Evangeline Strain ol S. I
lllinili' lslnntl Kills, AI stock nnd ral
to llm shin; (lllll iter 13; snlisttiction
giuti nutcctl.
Also oggs Irom pil/e-winning lilac*
Cochin Bantams, yum per 13.
I'. 0. Iloi 228.        Crnnbrook, n. ('.
r-rowtlcd lionsos
political meeting at ilu-  Auditorium   nightly.
He wlir "lc"ls   lo""* '""'' tomc ""■     """
McNabb,    point, 1,   Passmorc,I In view ol
cover, I;   McKay, center, 1; Bridges. McBrldo nt    the
right wing, li Elmer, lett wing, 8,    | held In tin   city   at tho same hour" bo Ihcro   lor Uw remainder ol   lho!   Boalo and  Elwell tiavo inquiries lot
In   th.-    Intermission    races took n wns derided  to adjourn lhe assort- week and tomorrow evening (Friday)|Canadian Marconi stock around $5.00
place la which tho following were thc ation promptly nt nine o'clock.   Tin
winners;    Ladles doubles,   Miss   O.J opening address on "Tlio Bible In thi	
Uusklll and Mr. Williams. World," was delivered by Rev. O. E,  leet. Local amateurs will lie given au1   See our    stock cl white and    gold
Ladles' single, Miss (I  lluskill. Kendall, ia    which the speaker    ro- opportunity   ot eihlblUnri their spec- poreclalu dinnerware.    Looks almost
promises sonirlhimi specially intrrcst-|l«'t share. Kindly  call II this Is    la-
iug la thc  shape ol an amateur con- torestlng to you." 12 U
Held iu t'armen'* Hall
Conducted by Mr*. R. A. R.CKLVGFT
Certificated Tonoher I om
London School Hoard
Hour*; 10 to 111 n.itl. I 0 to d p.m.
< > CHUNK 1120 I', O. BOX 11.18
that the Hrilish Columbia Southern
Railway Company intends to apply
to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Yictorin, Hritish Columbia, for a
linal license under part XL ol the
Water Act, limit, antl Amending
Aels, to clear and remove obstacles
Irom Hull River, in Fast Kootenay,
inr Ihe purpose ol making tbe same
nt tor raiting aad driving logs.
The maps and plans and particulars
ol the proposed Improvements aud
woiks hate been filed wilh the Chlel
Waler Commissioner, at Victoria,
British Columh.a, wlihtn 211 days
aflet llie lir.l publication ot tills
Hot lee.
Haled ui Cranbrook, British Columbia,   the I'.lli   day ot   Felitn.tlv,
W. V. Hard,
Kit Soliciliir lor the Applicant
|j Strawberry Plants;;
, Scnal.tr Duntop snd I'.rsnn'. Rcluly
Two of llio most hardy nml , I
[irtxlnctivo varieties,
Propagator] miilor the moat
favorable coiiilitions from Hie
It. M. Kell.aw strain of iinli-
groo plants.
Price |I0.00 per Thousand '< '■
t. o. b. wymitiei      ;:
111% Discount on ull onlers \ ',
with remittance in full   ri
eetvetl before March 20th.
TURE5 AT THE AUDITORIUM.   Admission igc. and ioc.
Wo have lhe largest stork of Wall Paper uvor brouuht
lo the Kootenays. Every decorator who has inspected it
Bays: "The best assortment ever."
We Imtl to buy the quantity to get the priee. We give
you the bonelit.
All we ask of you is tiis|xict our stock, compare the
prices, uml we will be sutislietl with the result.
We are prepared to give tin estiiiiulo on any job of
House Decorating.
Sam pie llooks sent lo out-of-town customers for selection.
Freight or express paid on all orders of ten dollars
or over.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The Ifexott Store
Cranbrook - - B.C.
We have an exceptionally
nice assortment of Diamonds
in Single .Stones and Com.
bination Settings. Single
stones are of the finest quality
white Wesseltons, and prices
range from $20 to $430. Our
combination rings are made
np with a great variety of the
more precious stones and nre
priced at from $10 to $100.
Young num. if you contemplate the purchase of an Engagement Ring, look over our
asssortment and you'll surely
find something to please you.
Our prices are reasonable.
Large Warehouse. — Apply F.J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
New season's Tunis dates at Fink's
Pure Pood Grocery.
Mr. and Mis. Woodman are Visiting
nut nl Un' city.
Miss v. Santa Is  slowly recovering
from nn uttack of erysipelas.
('hirers'   ported      mode jams   and
marmalade nt v.  K. Men*. House,
Allen    DeWolfc   is enjoying a visli
from ins lathee
A.    C. Pye has been a visitor      al
Klko .nni Waldo during the past week,
Itbode Island    Ucd   MP iu\ hatching. Apply to John Lovett,       IMP
Bom.—To Mr. and Mrs. d, Bmory,
ol tins eiiy, a son, March l"tb, 1012.
E. A. Hill is recovering from an attack ol lagrippe.
Mr. Howard Douglas came in Irom
Vancouver on Sunday last.
Best potatoes in town at Ward and
Mrs. J. 11. 0. England and little
son returned home from the Cottage
hospital last week.
Mr. and Mrs. (lus. Erlckson returned lust Monday from a visit with
frit mis in Winnipeg.
The dance of thc junior auxiliary ot
lhe Knglish church was a great, success on last Tuesday ewning.
Clearance 5ale in Children'*
Boots and Shoes, Saturday only.
East Kootenay Mercantile House.
Mrs. J, K. Kennedy is speeding the
week at Spokane visiting with
11 lends.
The Interior of the store of E. A.
Hill and Co. is being renovated and
brightened with a new white finish.
W B. McFarlanc has plans prepared
for a new residence be intceds electing on Ibe Hill.
Florida nnd California grape iruit.
—Campbell and Manning.
Mr, and Mrs. I*. Lund were in
town on Tuesday, returning to Wardner yesterday.
Mr. ami Mrs. II. S. Mather, of Fort
Steele, wero shopping in the city on
Tuesday afternoon.
Clearance 5ale In Children's
Boots and Shoes, Saturday only.
Fast Kootenay Mercantile House.
Mrs Wm. Ouerard is spending Iht*
week   visiting    with friend"! in Spok-
■Indge   Thompson    is
A Full Stock
Of the following goods just received this week
which we are selling at low prices:
International Stock Foods
" Poultry Foods
" Worm Powder
Honey Tar Foot Remedy
Healing Powder
Louse Killer
Roup Cure
" Condition Powders
D. P. White Liniment
Oyster Shell, 3c. lb.; $3,75 per 100 IK*;.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery..
Implements, Harness Repairing
Large Warehouse—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. "tf
holding county
court at   Golden to-
doing out ol wall paper business
Choice stock must be disposed ol at
any |iricc.-li. II. Short. 1 l-tf
Horn—To Mr. and Mrs. M. B.
Thompson, ol this city, . son, March
ltith, 1912.
A pound ol Wind and Harris' Ho.
collce will convince you tbat wa bava
the right goods.
Clearance Sale In Children'!
Boot! and Shoes, Saturday only.
East Kootenay Mercantile House.
Bom.—At tlie Cottage hospital!
t'lanbrook, to Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. B.
Watson, ol Fort Steele, on Monday,
March 18th, a son.
,). A. Gillespie, formerly ol Cratr-
brook, now ol Vancouver, was In the
city this week renewing acquaintances
and shaking hands witb old triends-
Try a pound ot Kexawa tea, 35c.
50c. and 60c. per th. at Ward an
The next primary class at the puhlic school will open Monday, April
lst, when all new six year olds will
be received.
Among out ol town visitors this
week were J. A. Manning, ot Wardner, J. M. Agnew, ol Elko, and 11.
It. Hazelwood, ol Moyle.
Clearance Sale In Children's
Boot! and Shoei, Saturday only.
East Kootenay Mercantile House.
The remains ol Tug Wilson, wbo
died last Monday, arc lying in Beat-
ty's morgue, awaiting instructions
from his relatives.
lack    Davis,  of   the    Davis Bros.
Electric Co.,    was spending a     tew,
days at    the coast on business    the.
past week.
Sweet juicy naval oranges, special
prices on quantities.—Campbell and
Arthur Morris and Mr. Jones have
returned Irom a trip to England,
leaving Cranbrook before Christmas.
They report a very enjryable trip.
A. B. Stanley lelt today lor Nelson, where he bas accepted a position with the mechanical department
ol the Daily News,
(I. W. Patmore has been laid np lor
repairs this week, caused by an attack   ol
And facilities in buying, places us in a
position to give you
every advantage in
supplying your wants
Your Watchmaker,' Jeweler,
and Optician
All Eyes Are Now On Easter Fashions
that   spring   malady,    la
New  shipment of   dill   pickles
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
Geo. 1). Mackie, engineer in charge
ot the sewerage works lor tbe John
Gait company, has received official
notlttcation of his appointment as
town engineer lor Swilt Current,
Sask., to date from April lst.
Clearance Sale In Children's
Roots and Shoes, Saturday only.
East Kootenay Mercantile House,
W. II. Wilson has returned Irom a
few days visit at tbc coast and reports Vancouver business very active.
Spokane and Seattle seemed quiet in
I. O McCallum, thc contractor lor
the new post office, lias started a
lew men at work making ready lor an
rly general resumption ol work on
tbr building.
New season's veeptable and flower
seeds, large variety, at Kink's Pure
Kood Grocery.
Mrs. E. A. Hill and two children
will leave this week lor Vancouver to
spend tbe summer. Mrs. Hill leans in
thc hope that the coaat climate will
he ol benefit to her heoltb.
Wall papers slaughtered In order to
close out. Any price takes toem.—
B. II. Short. U-tl
ludgc Brown, ot Greenwood, will
hold a speeial session ot the county
court, in this city, on Wednesday,
March 27th, when tbc case ot Emma
Livingstone, petition under the Coal
Mines Act, will be disposed ol.
Clearance Sale la Children's
Boots and Shoes, Saturday only,
Bast Kootenay Mercantile House,
Mr. A. C. Blaine, who has been eon.
lined to his home lor tbe put three
weeks with a serious attack ot
bronchitis and lagrippe, was oo
street again this week and Is slowly
These are interesting days at this store Beautiful styles and delighted ladies
is the story in a nutshell of our style show.
We want to remind you of the approach of Easter—less than two weeks
You will surely want your New Suit and Hat for then and we desire to impress
the fact of making your selection NOW, when the choice is best and when you
will have the opportunity of making a careful inspection.
company, with headquarters at Loth-
bridge, was in the city this week to
secure warehouse und storage room
lor his company.
fresh lettuce, celery, ripe tomatoes, etc., at E. K. Merc. House.
Pete Savony, ol Hosmer, who died
at tbe St. Eugene huspilal last Friday was buried ou Tuesday under
the auspices of thc Catholic ehurcli.
t'ndertaker Macphcrson hail charge of
the remains.
Nice juicy naval oranges, from 25c,
to 50c. per dozen.—Waul anil Harris.
E. A. Hill will be awarding a contract lor tbe erection of a house on
tbe corner ol Garden avenue and
Kain street in the course ol a day or
two. This bouse will likely tie a concrete structure.
Apple* I Apples I Roman Beauty, the apple that has no com.
parison, on Saturday only, Si.o •
per case.—East Kootenay Mercantile House.
K. E. Ileddiek anh Miss Catherine
Mary Curley, both ot Fort Steele, secures a marriage certificate at thc
local government office yesterday,
They returned to Fort Steele itn-.
mediately where they were to bc
Gorgonzola cheese al Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Tbe East Kootenay Mercantile
House this week received a carload
of McLaughlin carriages, which makes the fifth carload of vehicles lor this
company in the past five months.    It
Furniture sale ends April lst. Wc
have just a tew lines left which must
be cleared to make room lor spring
shipment. Come and make us an offer.
—E. K. Merc. House.
Resident members ol tlie Sons ot
England Benefit Society arc desirous
nl starting a lodge in this city. With
view to accomplishing this object
all members ot this society are requested to communicate with 'phone
All kinds ol green vegetables arriving dally: Cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce and ripe
tomatoes.—Campbell and Manning.
Geo. Leask is put ling up another
store on Norbury avenue, adjoining
Ward and Harris' grocery store. In
addition to the store proper, there
will be a large warehouse at thc
rear lor tbc convenience ol Messrs.
Ward aad Harris ami the Quain Electric** Co.
Mr.   Esllck, ol the    urn, ol Esllck
Assortment of
Suits and Coats for
And of Coats for Children
Excellence nml distinctive Kur-
uieuls characterize our showing.
Space does not permit a description of the various stylos wo aro
showing. We invite you to look
them over.
Special attention is beinj; givra
to Children's and Misses' Coats,
Onr prices will save .vou money.
The styles are the season's most
popular productions.
This week We Imve placed
in stoek a IiuihIsdiiio assortment of Ginghams, Zephyrs,
Dress Muslins. I'lintnliruvs.
Prints, Vmtiiigs. Marquisettes, etc! We can safely say
that never before 1ms a more
beautiful range of BUMMER
KAIiHICS been shown in
this city,
The first day of our Spring Opening is over. Scores of ladies have visited
this Department and great has been the admiration of the styles You are again
most cordially invited to view the new models.
and Hart-nett, railroad contractors at
Kurt Steele, was in tbc city this
week. His firm arc commencing construction on twenty miles ol the
Kootenay Central, (or which they
have tbo cunt ract to complete this
Shelled Pecans ami Filberts at
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
■lack Davis ami J. Kletcher have
returned Irom a two months* holiday
trip to Southern California and Mexico.     They spent several weeks      in
C. MoLanigan,  district superintendent (or  the    International llarveatrr
$1,675.00— Six roomed. Craubrook Street.
$2,000.00—Seven roomed, Garden Avenue. 2 Lois.
$2,800.00—Six roomed, Armstrong Avenue.
$2,600.00—Six roomed. Hanson Avenue.
$2,600.00—Ten roomed. Armstrong Avenue, 2 Lots.
$2,600.00—Seven roomed, Burwell Avenue, H Lots.
$2,750.00— Eight roomed. Himson Avenue, li Lois.
$3,000.00—Nine roomed. Dewar Avenue, 2 Lots.
$3,500 00—Eleven roomed, Fenwick Avenue, 2 Lois.
$4,200.00—Ten roomed. Armslrong Avenue, 2 Lots.
$4,500.00--Seven-roDimd, Lttnisden Avenue, li Lots.
$6,000.00—Twelve roomed, Armstrong Avenue. 2 Lots.
$7,600.00 - Eight roomed, close in, 70 ncres.
$8,600.00—Twelve roomed. Armstrong Avenue. I Lots.
fata hi lulled 18U7
Los Angeles and started -for Hextco considering the conditions prevalent
City, hilt were turned back by the | Throughout tbe district during tb**
surmoil of revolution. They report a' past twelve months. Officers of the
very enjoyable time. lornpany wen re-elect* '1 without
 .                       I change.
Patmore Bros, bavo ;ust received]
their spring stock of Massey "Silver]
Ribbon" Bicycles and accessories;
also a large stoek of tin* celebrated
Dun top pattern Muhelin tins. These
an* absolutely the best tires on the
inarki't,     Let us shew you 1 l-tf
Harness   of  sll   d ■ i riptlon.    Wby
not buy the best wben you can get It
at the price ol lb  Inferior.   We only
'stork   one   quality—the beat—E.   K
I Merc. II"* ■
The Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd ,
their    ann»n!   general meeting
Monday evening
of this week.
Wall papers slaughtered In order t«>
Any price takei then.—
n  il  si, u-tt
' '. .'- In filass
tatemnit ,,t the past -.ear's trnnsac-. bottles, heavy synips, nt Kink's Pure
Mora   proved eminently satisfactory, Kood Grocery.
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., LL.D , D.O.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General M.n.cer
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000 REST,-   $8,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. A2S«
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one ol the number or hy the mrvivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense iu establishing lhe ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires tn provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon bim, in tbc event of bis death.
R. T. Brymncr, rinnnjjcr Cranbrook, B. C. THK   OBANBROOK   HBUALD
Do not fail to hear the AMBEROLA
development of his own instrument, the
Edison Phonograph
Musically—the Amberola lias the truest, surest, smoothest
tone, the most lifelike reproduction, Exactly the right volume
of sound for the home. It has the sapphire reproducing
point, which is permanent- no changing needles. It renders
all compositions completely*, without cutting or hurrying, on
Edison Amherol (four-and-one-half minute) Records—and
all short selections on KJison (two-minute) Records, as well.
Artistically—a masterpiece of the cabinet maker's art, as
beautiful to look at as it is wonderful to hear. You have
your choice of four finishes, Circassian Walnut, Mahogany,
Golden Oak and Mission Oak.
Mechanically—perfect. T'he silent motor will play five
Amherol Records, each four-and-one-half minutes long
without rewinding.
'There are various other styles of Edison Phonographs at almost
any price you wish to pay ami each offers definite Edison
advantages. Hut the Amberola is tlie greatest of all. Hear it today.
for the last. *The Girl" was played
by Katherine Haynore. She was the
embodiment of just what the author
wanted. She has beauty, marked
beauty, too; a roguish eye, a bright,
winning smile, a figure divine anil a
personality that is charming. Her
work was artistic and while she
overlooked no opportunity to be
witching or do wickedly, the sting
was gone in her capable hands and
tin* audience left the theatre alter
having laughed through the entire
evening and hugely enjoyed themselves, judging from the applause. 12-11
ii Kdlmi
__^_^^^___     liinl nnd
abcrol HeconLi. Oct ■ plclts catnlog- m-m your
'r.nt. na, Bil.-'.ii rii.ni-.k-r.'iDli-, $ 18.50 u, S240.00.
itul-tnl It-'' m(-K40c. Mi AiiiUti.I lt.-ii.ri|slp*uy
mi,'', 65c. I'..li ■<■■■■■ i.r. null i|'i'i,ilL'iur.l-,H5cli>S2.S0.
100 Lakei.-U AfiiUl
Or.*ue, N.J..U.S.A.
A complete line of EdUon Phonograph*, and Record* will be found at
Cranbrook Drug and Hunk Co. Ltd
llealtie Murphy Co. Limited
ees2s»? -»tOTi
i call
Tbc editor ol the Krn Magazine was
Dntly asked     to eoniptlc   a lis' ,,f
women.     BcloW
lion i', liccnuso sne didn't enr
mi a iiiiin ful  itrsistatiee.
li SARAH WEDGWOOD, insplrcr,
j pari net and wile ol Josiah Wedgwood, founder nf Etrurla, Inventor of
the famous Wedgwood art-pottery.
sii,* was iln* grandmother <if a wotld-
inn^er—t'linrlea Darwin—and in degree Darwfn was heir to her patience,
li. i persistency, ber   purpose and ber
the twenl
1, SAPPHO, poel, teacher, philosopher. Aristotle, in man', respect \
tin- best ballasted, nioi i ellicient man
who ever lived, said ol Sappho, "Her
«',rki"    P-*"7**i ul K. Unit    "'i"'SV.;'ANN|.:     ,IUTCHIS0N,     win
'"""■':   "'"    "".j'001"  ani ,""1  hr.tcxpr-.ml   Irec thought In Amcr.
phers since    her   time have been pro- ,„. .,■, ,, *
•     .. '   „ lea; orator and   thinker  mother    ol
ftiunulv in Hi net d bv lu*r utterances.     ll(, ....        .    . .   ,    ,        „
,    i ,,.,...,„.■•     ',■•      ,       ,   ,   I lifii-.*ii   children   banished    Irom  los-
mat, toMlicr,   mother.     M. • nnrml j   M    LOTlzIA  ROTHSCHILD,
jnoinibl and   teacher; mother of
^^^^^^^^ mtitbi*' H
iln- jealous) ami Uu* wrath ol many
men in Athens. Commonplace people
are never so honored. Ihey accusal
ber Urns: "You are an alien!" Hei
answer was. '•Yes, I am mi alien, bui
my sun is     Tliriiiisloeli'S." She     was
counselor and adviser ol ber sun, the
man who loundnl the glory that was'
Greece. I
3.   ASPAS1 \,   counselor,   Insplrcr j
friend and wife ut Pericles, wbo took
up tbo wuik ni Thcmtstocles ami ear-.
liiil ii through t«> .i successful conclu-      , ■ ,,. ....       ,
'ant  Influence.      Ibe only woman
sftil conclu-1
sion, .imi    under    whose    leadership   ...
sculpture, drama, poetry and physical I on
culture reached perfection, if ever.
I. CORNELI V mother tf the
Gracchi, Wben some Roman ladies
at a Four-o'Clock   were boosting    ol
great girls ami live oreai boys. Her
five boys were mado barons in a
single day, ami llu* girls would have
been, weit* it nnt for lho accident of
ll. ELLA FLAGG YOUNG, teach-
er, writer, executive, reformer.
business woman, financier, teacher,
humanist; is never in the spotlight
bul  wields    a very wide and import
llielr gauds and finery, Uie two son;.
ol Cornelia entered the room. The
proud mother b-d them forward ami
said, "These ate my jewels."' She
was the teacher ol ber sons, and
when tin ir power became supreme
sbe was their chlel counselor, ami
r.. CLEOPATRA, Queen nl Egypt,
beloved by >f ulius Caesar, the great*
eat man uf Initiative tbe world has
ever seen; afterward wife ol Mark
Anthony. Plutarch says. ''Cleopatra
was always .i ruling queen; she received embassies from every country
in the world, and prided herself on
being able i" address each ambassa
dor in bis own native tongue." She
knew history, and was; au adept in
philosophy, science and statecraft.
.. HYPATIA, tl.e world's lirst
martyr to Irce-tboughl and new
thought, organizci ol women's clubs
and a unlvcrsllj foi women, site was
world whose life is Insured lor
Din* million dollars.
it.. CLARA BARTON, teacher,
exreutive, foumler of the American
Kid Cross Society; spaken of by
Abraham Lincoln as the most able
and noble woman be hail ever met
Exponent of peace, ol commonsonso
in religion ami education, advocate of
the lights of women, children ami
dumb animals, Recipient of thc
I.i mon if Honor from France, the
Iron Cross (rom Germany, and many
jollier decorations ami degrees.
who has diluted the power ol the
male preacher and the male doctor
one-halt. Two million people believe
iu Iter Implicity, A hundred million
an* Influenced in their daily thinking
through lur philosophy.
is \l.ici-: in BBARD, housekeeper, mother, economist, teacher, factory superintendent, farmer, hotel
manager, writer, speaker and humanist.
19. MADAME     CURIE,    teacher,
scientist,    discoverer of radium,
tipitiit oi the Kobel prize,        ^B^^
20. SUSAN B. ANTHONY, Friend
(Ottawa   Evening Journal, Conservative).
Sir Willrid Laurler, in the fuce uf
strong dislike lo the proposition in
•the province of Quobce, where lie was
strongest, initiated and pushed
through a plan for the 'beginning ot a
Canadian navy, which, in five years,
al a cost of $20,000,000, would have
slu wu a number of powerful Canadian
war cruisers on the sea, ready and
able to assist in the protection of
the trade ol the empire, and to help
to Ireo Britain's full strength tor
-naval battle with any foe. The plan
was possibly not Ideal hi details.
But it was doing something In Unsafe line of Canadian self-govern-
ment; it was promoting Canadian
si'lf-idueation and .self-reliance, and
Canadian industry; and it was taking
a share iu the burden of tbe empire
in fairly good time, in view of possible early danger.
Tht' Conservatives, on attain...;
power last fall, cancelled the contracts made, and now the announcement   follows that  tin* Laurler naval
laiute will Ih* repealed alter a while
and that some new proposition will
then he considered, which will even
tiiully, in some shape or other, he
put to the people before action is
taken. Whether by plebiscite or in a
general election is not clear. The only
thing deal is thai long delay must
occur More anything is begun.
Possibly this is inevitable. The
Conservatives, in their anxiety
while in opposition, to score against
the Laurier government, denounced
bis naval plan intemperately, and
now their chickens have come home
to most. This mlghl not be disturbing if the Conservative leaders were
promptly substituting for Lauder's
Idea some action of their own. But
the Conservatives who, three years
agti, were shouting for Canadian
Dreadnoughts as Immediately desirable in the cause of the empire, are
now postponing to some years in the
future any beginning of Canadian ac-
sion Canada does nothing, and
isn't going to begin to do anything
,n the near future. Id ita n can go on
whacking up her hundreds ol millions
sterling lor the naval cause ol tlie
empire, hacked by Australian and
New Zealand ships already on the
ocean, while Canada ties the string
around the neck of her fat purse
confines her energy to the bellowing
of inexpensive loyalty.
This is not an ideal national posi-
tic.i. N'nr is it a safe one tor tbe
Conservative leaders or party. If
row should occur, and Canada, despite years ol warning, be found in the
humiliating position of being unable
to assist the flag whieh she keeps
floating above her, a feeling will boil
up which will take no account of
Conservative good intentions.
War, however, is not the sole lest
In the mere anticipation of thc possibility of war Great Britain is compelled by the course ol Germany to
mei't an ever-increasing load of naval
expenditure-and wc ought lo lw doing our share, even though some of us
choose to scout   the idea ot any near
I        —
fro y-**'
Overheard in a Street-Car.
There's a lesson right there I
Little blemishes of complexion, small sores, eruptions,
spots, are not only unpleasa.it
to the person afflicted, Lut are
the first thing noticed by other
A little Zam-Buk applied at
night tc spots, eruptions, sores
of any 1. inn will do wonders.
Zam-Buk is not a greasy
preparation which will go rancid on your dressing table.
It is made from healing, herbal
extracts and essences. Always
pure, fresh and ready for use.
Doesn't lose its power. Keeps
indefinitely. Healing, soothing
and antiseptic all the time.
Try Iti
dOc. box all druggist, ami ../oreii.
KOR     SALE.-A    pair  ot    good i«
shafts; almost    new
Herald ofllce.
Apply Box fi,
The Lending Business College
of the Northwest
Where young people can receive
a thorough business training.
Ih in session twelve months in
the year.
No entrance examinations.
Board antl room at very renmin-
nlde rates.
Wo secure positions for our
Our new beautifully illtiHtrateil
catalogue cent [roe upon request.
Write for it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
let A Mfldlnoii    -     BP0KAKK
■a '*«
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loun on favorable term..
i Archie Waller:
the (li -    woman    lo demand equal  ||V hirlh a|||| ilislim.t| oralor. writer,
right* foi women before tho law. She  unitarian,    tor   more than sixty
pleaded for opportunity.      Her reliB- u.tirs    Hvlng a|1    BCliV0i expanding,
monism,   which is puM|c ,if(. ,.sliri.ssilli. i„.rS(.]f [orcdut-
l\. yet without heat, on every proper
which Is
of today,!
ui ol  tbo
in easlon. Tlne-c
her; those who
imt know her.
inn wai   that ol
fast becoming    (bc religion
nml which will be ilu- religii
author of "The Rights ol Women, '
ami the able assistant to Doctor
•lohnson in compiling bis dictionary
No author writes on tin? subject ol
won hti today   without quoV
im: Hn j ffoUstonrcraft.
B, ELIZABETH FRYI ., Quakeress, wbn reformed thc prison system
ol Knglai 'i and gave u ■ s new treatment ol the Insane, slu- was the
rnothel ol a h\a, family,
'ind a model housekeeper
i.nit to make money ami mtb it. She
.. .1 . rotoi and a w titer. She eaH
to the King ol Prance, "Thee should
build im dark tills in thy prison."
And thc King said, "Why?" And her
nnswci v a "Bet tut c thee ami thy
children shall occupy them."
B, SUSANNAH WESLEY, founder ol the Methodist Church, mother
nl John and Charles Wesley, nml of
seventeen other littir- Wesley s. She
preached to the people from tavern- appears in "Tin*
steps, in graveyards, on the Btreete.'
She did her own housework, mid wns
u woman nf lingular powet ami
strength ol character,
iu   ' VROL1NK   itr.HsriH-.t
wbo knew her loved
diil m>1 loVQ her did
Thursday, March 2Slh, the management of llie   Auditorium will present   to  their    patrons    "The oirl
From    Hector's."    This    Well known
comedy larcr, will Ih* presented by a
ver> capable   companj nf comedians
,i good cook nnd    special   weiiery.       Among  the
She    knew   many notices    this comedy bus      rc-
CCived we quote the following:
The Shulieit    theatre held one      ol
tin* largest    audiences of tbo season
last night,   to    see "Tbo Oirl From
Rector's,"   there being nothing    lelt
when tbe   curtain    rose but standing
room. Antl ludies vied with men
gaining entrance   into the theatre to
\ lei tho play,
tlm* of the liest easts ol the season
[ftlrl   From    Rector's." When* sn many  people     have
such importnni parts, ii ts really re-
markablo that imt a    weakness      is
shown    Seldom   is it   ever required
as-  tbnt overy male character In a   play
Ironotncr,   musician, scientist,     she shall    be equal      lo   good    comedy
lived ti  be a hundred   years old, otH- porta, but On*- is exact!) lhe com in
olonl to the Inst.        \t seventy    sho this play.
climbed a Itddct and painted her own Natarallj the lust .shall he saved np
The Cranhrook Drug and Book Co.,
Ltd., backed up by the Manufacture**-*
ot SALVIA, tbe Great Hair Grower,
gmiiantiTS it to grow hair.
SALVIA destroys dandrufl in ten
Tl.e roots ol the hair arc so nourished and fcrd that a new crop of hair
springs up, to the amazement ami delight ol thc user. Tbe hair is made
soft and fluffy. Like all American
pn^Ktrations SALVIA is daintily perfumed. It is hard to find an actress
wlio does not use SALVIA continually.
Ladies ot society and Influence use
no other.
SALVIA is a non-sticky preparation, and is tbe ladles' favorite. A
large, generous bottle, 50c. The Sco-
hell Drug Co., St. Catharines, Canadian distributors.
I desire to extend my most sincere
thanks nnd deepest appreciation tor
the most efficient and valuable help
Ol Ibe C.P.R. and rity fire depart
ments nt tlte fire in my boarding
In an early Saturday morning,
lit It       (Signed) T. Ford.
splendid magic lantern (wilh 12
slides!, steam engine (nearly one
font high) with whistle, lly wheel
ami everything complete lot tunning;
solid gold signet ring, or guaranteed
wntch free to any boy. Send your
name nnd we will semi you 30 sets
ol beautiful season, birthday and
other post cards, to sell at ten cents
a set (six cards in each s;-t). When
sold, send us tin* money nntl we will
send you which ever prize you choose-
Kor selling 40 sets we will give you
"Simplex      Typewriter"   or     a
Daisy" air rifle. Wo prepay all
charges. Address Homer-Warren Co.,
Depl.  12!>, Toronto, Onl. 12-11
Large   warehouse    and   ground   il
stands on.
Apply B., Herald office. 12-tt*
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths to suit.
Builder and
Every cure uml comfort
A  homo from  home
Special attention in cnees of
tVIntorulty, Ithoumntlsui
uml rno union la
Tonus   moilerate
MRS. I!. HlfNT, Matron.
P.O. Dm I'll ono 8711
Oranbrook     Lodga,
No. 81
A.F. & A. H.
Wm'      —
mm* n, i ,„t
Ilcgular meeting* on
"vSgjSi.'iiix tlie third Thiirida.
Wp ot every month.
Visiting lirethren welcomed.
1). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
J. .S. I'eck, Secretary.
Physicians and Surgeons.
ii*™ at itnlilr*'., Arimlroni tt.
Forenoon. UM to in nil
Afternoon* - - - 2.011 lo 1.00
Evening. - - - - 7.311 to 0.80
Siimtnys - ■ - - 1.10 to   4.
I'ltANimooK :■
II      li      II
«. o.
Orubount Loixiii No. SU
Crnnlirook, 11. C.
Meet,    every    Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T, o. Jorum, ('. 0,
,1. M. lloyus.lv. ol It. N. H.
Visiting brethren   cordially invite,
tu attend.
Meet. In    Fraternity Hall Flrrt an.
Third Friday*.
T. FmsiT, E. 0.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. aud 0,
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
t   Septic Tsiuka nml Conoreto
4 Work gon'ernlly u
| Estimates   Freely  liivcn.
P.O. Box 316
| Cranbrook, B.C.
L... i
A.M. Can. Sou. 0. E,
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olliee over Cranlirook linie: nml Book
Co'*. Store
Telephone 880
P. 0. Bo* 31
Apply to
R. S. McNeil
PHONE 31-c
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Room* with lliilli...   'Phone in
every room
Rnrlwr Klin|inn the preiime*.
Thoroughly op-To dat*.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WKI.l.H, Proprietor
It. TOMKIN, Manager
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator;m*verfnils. Tliese
pill* ;irc csccediiiRly powerful In re-julatini! 'lie
i-t-uerativc portion ol tlie (croak* nvntcm. K**ftiJi.
nil chop Imitations. Dr. do Van's nre uld at
Uobai, prjhrea I rllti. Mailed to any a.itin*5i,
111* Scabell Ui-uk <*'<»■. Ht* *,»ibarliic*. "'it
For Bale at  Deatlo,  Murphy  &  Co.,
O|i|ionite O.P.H. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     OET    A
Headquarters for nil kimls of
Satisfaction GimriinUiil
The Shoe Specialist
1)K. F. B. MILES
8 to 12 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
om.ee in Hanson Block.
B. C
Crunbrook uml Port Steele
S  .i. a. cuMMiNas
?„i0s„0i«8 Cranbrook.
.B.C. 1
Meet, every Monday
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to ill.
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V^lUKAiPlUI^^ » lJ' ,,f P«»yen wnril.    The
 Hi  («ilutrhi». »nl. i i--.nil (nun Mm ii nru im iinirk ntui per-
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In the early days of ready-to-wear clothes, the purchase of a suit was attended by
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The wonderful development of tailoring methods by some of our leading clothes
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Theatrical Managers and Great Actors all
Turning Their Attention to the
(By   RoIhmi Orau).
Is tlw* mortal) picture crowding out New York, thut are unable to oflc. a
tlw old-time slate" Is seienee and single stage lo a company ol real BC-
mechanical ait, hv  the   production oil tuts.       In all     tiMM cities the local
mHea upon miles ol laacinattng films, I managers, tired ol tempting disaster
enwroaeblog on Uw "lcglUmato" along tho usual lines, bavo turned
drama--Hi fact, revolutlonliing Un ttxfii "opry" bouses into theaters ot
theaiiiiiil business' Wlwlli.i  (Ins     lie[cinematography,   with the result     in
true oi not, it is nevcrt-hekes .1 tacl
that Hit- producers and manager* who
enter to   Un  entertainment i>(    tbe
AiiM'tii.in public   in   this  second do-
cade of tlie twtutirtIt ei-ntuiy nre not
-•tartly burdened with prosperity, in
laet they.timl theli postltoni mote
tinstuble than at nny time siuee those
early davs when lhe amtisi-ment tall
iitR wus regarded as eiceedingly i»io-
eattous, nml when lew theatrical
managen bait arrived at the dlffilty
<d a "titistuess ofllce,"
The numbei ol "suits'
liance and drawing powei
public is mallei todaj
tune in the lasl   thlrtj *
than a moro oi   playen
whose lini-
at Iiml Uw
bu at an.
ars    Hon
u( the liist
and arc now engaged in improving
tlieir environment and raising the
standard of their offerings. The num-
l»er ol theatrical producer! is now
tlte smallest in twenty-five years,
while the moving picture magnates
are yearly increasing. A dozen different manufacturers have a capital of
mere than a million dollars each.
The Tines company of Rome has ten
millions Invented, the Kinemacolor
company has six millions, and the
same total is available to the rathe
Preres of Paris ami New York.
The progress of the "silent drama'
lias been on an unparalleled scale. In
fact, sonic of the * developments in
tins Md in the last few months have
utterly amated the prominent theat*
tical managers and producers. Aa
recently as twi yean ago, th«e
gentlemen were inclined to regard tlw
moving picture as a temporary fad,;
but when such offerings came as Uie
Kinemncoloi pictures of the English
ciTimation festivities, and it was
observed that the public willingly
paid regular tlieatei price* to see tlie
wondroul spectacle, they marveled-
One ol lhe [onmttl ol these, William A. Brady, thus expressed him*
self: "if the manufacturer, of a photoplay ean a (lord in spend 1100,000 (or
a single olleiing < n thi* screen, he has
us heat many a mile, tur that is just
I twice as much as it cost to produce
j Hm I Int. a pluy that has run twelve
j yean." This enormous sum has in
tliere are in the ffl,.t ,K„, K|>,.n1 m ,„„„. „mn ftM fl,m
thirtv studios
tank who ittrted out on tout in the
iall of i»n, have been lorced lo
abandon tltni enlerprlara, ami many
ol these HOW     find UmnaelVM foi the
first lime without an engagement.
A lurther Impmnton ul Uw conditions existing may be gained Irom
the fact that in ,1 tingle week iu December oi 1911 seventy travelling
combinations were forced to close
their season's labors. Moreover, in
New York   City,   when nil lhe 1*0111-
nenrl] everj Instance of tranitonmng
their   losing   ventures      into   "gold
mince." Even the lea theatres in nt
its ol this class     tliat have not been
wholly given   ovei to rooming-picture
shows, turn to thene entertainments
Whenever Ihere are no visiting combinations. Tins policy prevents.—or
.it (eaal lessens,—tlie losses of ihe
local management.
Conlrast with this deptcssed condition in the t heal ileal world, tbe prodigious prosperity of the picture-play
business Inclusive ol tbe film maim
lecturers of Europe
IiiUmI   State!     some    liniu  Minims   ,,.,„,..,..„,.,        i|(1     ■ |titlltt,-s   lnft.tW
produdnfiphoto-pray films. Thypro- k,oluW| rnst evn. more than this,
duct .1 tliese concerns goes to 17,0001 whj|t, .,,.,„, Kal, ot Tn „ „Th(, (.ru.
Uvatrvi throughout the country.    In n-Jjn," "Clnderellt"    and "A Tale
H '"' year between   November I.I „• two Cltlen"   all coat Irom IU.000
IfltO, to November   1, UU, M4,0Mt-|lo $W(0oo oach.
Him [cot of mm wen* placed   on  the'
Vmorican market.   And the output Is]   QUALITY IN PICTURE PI.AYS
instantly imieasiug.  As for the pic-     A„ Ulnrtrotlng lhe trend of the .11-
uroahow house, Uiey are roulUply-| m( (lralm, u js   si(rnlficftnt thal ^
Ing lite   muahroomi,  almost   over- MHwo    n||n    . ol  m
night,   111 nearly every    city in    Ihe
. which evolved   the
pelllng attractions ol tbe country are daily attendance at 4,000,000. The
congregated, fully one-third nf lho flood ol humanity that visits Uw
theatres have been able to escape Hn-j movinn picture    houses Is said to be
...      ..   .    , ...    » -•*■■■■•■   ■*■•    Dante1! Inferno'
•oun ly.       1„ New ^ork alone, with    k., m     „,„, ^ ^
is 600 picture show places, thc most    ((>n (|f     ,„H)lORrftp,lU. spccUclc (rom
.1-1 1 !itivi>     i>stitn:iti>       tilanxa        llu.'., ,       *   „ , ,,       _. ,
Homers   "Odyssey."     This Immense
conservative   estimate    places
ancial disaster only by a resort to
moving pictures. In fact, hardly a
week goes by that some theater management, having become weary ol
facing deficits, dors not install a
mm in'-picture machine, thereby
avoiding bankruptcy.
One may form some idea ol the conditions   which caused n   drastic cur-
six times greater in volume than the
coming patronage of all the regular
theatres. In every phase ol the in-
dustry,—piodticiion. exhibition, and
pal 1 image,—development is proceeding with enormous strides.
It has come to I* a battle 0! money nnd brains, thc theatrical managers on   000   side and the film mnnu*
tailment of the lisl of potent stars facturcrs on tlte other The former
and the premature closing nl seventy are iu the position of untenability In
road companies, when It is stated Unit lliey are strkinn n solution ol
their problems, whereas the newer interests—tho moving    picture
that there are more than fifty towns,
wltfi populations ranitfng from ten to
forty thousand, within IM mil™    nl have    solved    their initial probtana' paniomfmistK of established tenate on
production involved an expenditure of
$200,000, and was two years in preparation. It is comprised in three
"reels," which means that there are
about .1,000 feet of lilm. requiring
full hour to run. This photoplay
"Tbe Return of I'lysses," was written hy no less a distinguished personage than .lutes I.amaltre, a member ol the French Academy, and was*
reproduced by n company ol well-
known players. Thirty artists
engaged in producing the scenery and
paraphernalia, while tbe mise en
scene is said to have Involved the
services ol over two thousand persons, including a settle ot players and
tbe Italian stage. Tins series uf lilm
will be exhibited within two weeks,
and to protect the producing company from piracy, tbo services of William J. Burns, the famous detective,
have been secured. Perhaps thc most
serious competition to the living
stage will result from the advent
the "full play" film producers. 11'
tofore the photo-play lias been a brief
affair averaging about twenty minutes
to unfold. Hut in bho United States
and abroad thc "special release" is
coming forth wilh a vigorous Impe
tus. Madame Ke.iane and tho Parisian company have rendered before
the camera Sardou'a "Madame Sans
Gene" in its entirety, and Now Yorkers w*ill Ik* enabled to view ibis spectacle at the same time that I.ith-
hardt's "OamUle" is presented, the
two offerings being disposed of to
exhibitors as a single flvo-reel production,  constituting om- entertainment.
In France and Italy the plot
play is being developed on a very high
class scale as tt, aulhors, actors, and
elaborateness of singing. The best
plays are chosen, and eminent autli
ors write tlie scenarios, Not only
have Lemaftre and Snrdou been engaged in this work, but also Analole
France, Henry Lavedon antl others.
It ls this activity abroad and tlu
certainty that American lilm manufacturers will follow along similar
lines that has caused the ci nvcrslon
of so many theaters into photo-
playhouses,In Hartford, New Haven
and Bridgeport, three cities of the
first grade, theatrically speaking, tho
one theater in each still remaining t<
the theatrical syndicate is no longer
available to the traveling companies.
All thro-, on the same date (January
29,1912*), reverted to William Fox,
the moving picture magnate. Thus
even Yale's own town will be denied
to the Maude Adamses, the .lohn
Drews, and the players under the directions ol Messrs. Krolmian, Klaw
and Krlanger, and their various nl
Tlw amazing thing about the cinematograph Industry is that, even the
most expensive productions are seen
for only a single day iu the ten thru-
sand or more picture theatres, tho
only exception to this rule being
where the pictures are exhibited
vaudeville theaters as numbers
the programme. Here Ihey are shown
for at least a week and sometimes
But Uw star actors who have found
their vogue with .the public waning,
have not hesitated to avail themselves of the gold-laden opportunities
resulting from the advance of thi
very invention's which seem to havi
brought about the adverse conditions
in their profession. It is, in fact, the
actor who makes possible the pi
petity ot the film industry, for he
absolutely necessary to tho original
production ol the photo-play. And indeed it would be a decidedly heart
rending situation on "The Rialto"
were it not for the employment thus
furnished for the actors. The lilm
manufacturers now cmploj over 400
players permanently. Nor do these represent, by any means, merely the
rank and file of thc stage. The roster
of one prominent tilm-producing eon
rem contains uu less than fourteen
actors and actresses who were, last
season, members of Charles Froilman's companies. In a single reel recently U» writer recognized four players whose weekly salaries in recent
years have never been quoted in less
than three figures.
Some famous stars have succumbed
to tbc inducements offered by the
cinematographic companies. Mabel
Taliaferro received more money for
posing (or tbe "Cinderella" pictures
(or the Nelig company, than she has
earned as a star lor an entire season's efforts. Among other celebrities
in this country who have become allies to the camera man, may be named McKee Rankin, Sydney Booth,
Mildred Holland, Nat C. Goodwin,
Charles Kent, Mary Fuller, and others. Tbe "star" phase of the motion-
picture business, however, is as yet
in its infancy. But it is not to be
doubted that the same orate that
resulted iu advanced vaudeville is
now in the process of evolution in thc
newer field, in Europe, some ol the
greatest players have poind lietorc
Uh* camera without apparent toss ol
grace or dignity. Itt-jane, .lane Hailing, Mounet-Sully and tl.e younger
CoqiK'lins, are all "photo-players.''
*.ven the great Sarah Barnhardt bus
conaentfld to the reproduction of
Sardou's* play "Camille" on tho
screen, wt-Ui the divine one herself ft!
'Marguerite Gautfcr." Filty thousand dollars was reported to be thc
inducement Held out to the great
French actress. Another year should
witness the entrance of so many well
known players into the newer held
that Uie difference to tbe theater-going puWic between the real and the
mechanical drama will tend to be
visibly diminished.
Already one may gate on the spectacle of crowds paying one dollar
each for reserved seats tm see such
special film presentation-, ns tht
"Kinemacolor" and "Dante's In
ferno." Surely the same public, ac
customed to stand in tine lor hours to
reeure seats to see the great Surah
Bernhardt in the lleah at $3 each,
will not be unwilling to pay at least
one-third as much to see her artistic
triumphs portrayed on the moving-
I picture screen. An Knglish writer
recently asked    Madame Bernhardt if
she did not consider her capitulation
to Uie camera man as a retrograde
movement in her eminently artistic
career. "1 am playing tor posterity," responded Sarah); *'art is always art, no mattei where or what
the environment. What would we all
give up tlie art of o»r own Rachel
could have been preserved in this
manner? And who does not regret •
thai science and invention could not j
have been resorted to in tho days of
Kcan and Gar/rick, that we might
now Ire enthralled by them?"
Perhaps the most important achievement in the field ol cinematography, however, comes from Italy,
when* lhe great Tommaso Salvini,
whom Charlotte Cushman pronounced
1 Hie greatest actor the world ever
saw"—now over eighty years of age,
lias consented to present his sublime
portrayal of "Othello" before tha
camera. Here indeed is something
worth while, and if it is really true
that thu ponderous Italian's talents
arc still unimpaired, then tlie advent
of this series of film will tie worth
waiting for.
lu Chicago two men started, a few
years ago, to make film. Between
Ihem ihey had (10,000. These men
were Messrs. Spoor and Anderson,
Today both are millionaires and
their annual income is prodigious. In
the same city, Oeorge Kleine, an
erstwhile optician, started in a few-
years ago on the motion picture
movement. Today he is n rich man,
conl rolling a majority of thc output
of European manufacturers. Mr
Kleine is conspicuous* In every effort
lo raise lhe artistic, level of cinematography, and educational films are
his hobby. In Philadelphia Siginuud
I.iiliin, also formerly an optician, cn-
lerod the film field in 18 05 in a small
way. Today he is not only a millionaire, but one of Philadelphia's most
public-spirited citizens. About eight
years ago a man named John Rock I
war; wont to go about the country,
In the smaller towns, with a camera'
aud a lew reels nf film. He had for a
partner nn opera house manager from j
a small New Kngtand town. Rock
saw profits ahead and wanted to expand his operations; his partner,
however, had no faith in motion pictures; so they parted. The country
manager is sWH at his "opry"
house, ami Rock is a millionaire.
There are so many cases of this
description on the operating side ol
the industry that a separate article
could bo devoted entirely to this
phase ol the subject. It ls quite the
same on the exhibiting side of the
business. The meteoric rise of two
men is especially noteworthy. Five
years ago a middle-aged man was
operating a penny arcade in Harlem.
He noticed that the cra/e for moving]
pictures was greatly reducing his
ceipts, so he promptly shifted to the
newer field. That mam was the Marcus
Loew of today. In just five years he
has become a millionaire. He owns,
leasts or controls forty theatres,
one-third of which arc in thc greater
rity. In the last year he has erected
J 125,000 a year, and another expressed to thc writer his willingness
io purchase tbo property outright,
without loss to the original backers.
While such offers may at this time be
declined, it is not prophesying too
much to say that it will be in just
such magnificent playhouses, that tho
photo-play of tbe future will be presented, reproducing, for the masses,
with all the latest inventions and the
refinements of science, the splendid
art ot the Rernhardts and the Sal*
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utinui'il   (iiiiii page ono).
point i
Uu llul
ml In lum. gentle
lad     llial Ol i'l"
export trade ol $200,000,000 In
8,000,000 was    Uu- product
tin' forest ami a.m,.
I„. Keen how es-| i,.n ,„
nutcrlal develop-
nnrkel    loi
II     IS
here i
. Inl 11
SO  llllll
llliii)1 |iu fii
1 wis)
Il it'll    til
VMI,     ^^^^^^
ol Un- farm, Die   mine
tilt-  M'il.    Il      Will   Hill
sent lal il is t« om
menl to have a sufflciei:
Hit: expanding natural markets nl tills! -a-,v
country, govt
Hmi   Bcittloiiiei) un this sitl
house ii-wi'w   with gratification tu>
facts which record Uie development
Canada    during lhal period nf
when ihey were charged   with the ro-j
sponslbilitj ui   administering   the al-'
fairs uf Uu- country. I submit ihat It
ilistltisi.s a record whieh, when viewed
dispassionately   and   without prejudice, is one ol   whieli   wc on this side
ol thc house   may nnd   do leel justly j
proud, ami one   which thc country, l|whether it ht
hcLicvc, will olao regard as commendable. K may become more Impressive
wh'i. reviewed In   tho future      com-
paratlpelj with thc ftnandal ami   national development    which will   tak *
place in this country under lho aegis
of the present government,
lion, gentlemen, wlicr tliey wore In
opposition, promised Lhla country
lime and time again thai the) could,
with iht* greatest ease, find ample
markets somewhere for mir surplus
products. 1 have in my bund a cam
paign document oi the Conservativi
party. I would just like to
ami when I have finished
conclude my remarks, This political
documcnl is entitled "Where Arc Utc
Markets?' Thai is a question lhal is
very apropos to bc asktd ul thc government today. That is p 141 upturn
that a greal numbci of people in this
country, and particularly in tht* west,
arc asking themselves;
"The* Liberals were to open up
markets loi farm produce in the
United States and othei countries.
Have they done so?"
Well, wi* irled in hut failed Hon.
gentlemen opposite now have Iheir
opportunity. Will thev obtain markets
in Hn* United States or in any other
country for Un- Biirpltis products    of
the West*' I
"The Dritlsh markel is Jreo as be-
lore, but no more so. The embargo
againsl Canadian cattle remains, andi
will be harder ta remove because i»I
mir freer quarantine relations witb
the United States."
Hon. gentlemen promised this country lo obtain prcfcrentinl rates in Un*
Hrilish market. Will U»ey undertake
to promise that they will obtain Uh*
removal ol the embargo againsl Car
Radian cattle? A preference in the
Hritish market upon food products Is
a thing tha' 1 iln uni anticipate tan
in* brought aboul by the presenl governmenl noi do I believe it is UMy
ever lit happen, \s my hon. friend
from Hit! |)cei (Mr. Clark) said the
other night in this house, al the
opening ol lhc British house ol commons a low days ago Uie prime minister asked thc leader ol the opposition, Mr. Bonar Law, what bail be
fi im* nf the usual amendment tn tho
address respecting tarifl reform. Ho
asked h
they remove iht- prohibition
ei'.'    Then il says further:
"Thc Gorman market,   wii
lal.e millions <>f        [arm
has been absolute!) closed lo Canada
In   the    surtax   added lo   the  hitf.
Thai diliicully    has  been removed,
We will   not     trouble hon. gentlemen
wilh thai task. Thc statement    goes
hr Weal   Indies have raised their
s againsl us In spite of our pro*
imi' that wilh
ill mi'i'i  iu     fi
li a low
iu Ot-
posers is rendered hy &ood orchestras
This will ho Hied out in gome 0! the
large cities first, and if successful,
may well lead to the popularization
of tho best works of the masters, and
the general enjoy 1110111 of what is now
.or many thousands an unattainable
Thomas Aha Edison has also turned his inventive genius in ihe direction of a mechanical theater. T'he
"Wizard of Mcnlo Park" has announced, simultaneously with this
writing, the completion of tlw
"Edison speaking pictures." Very recently, too. Mr. I'.ilison uttered the
prophecy that within a very short1
lime thu workingmnn will tic able, hy
laying down his   dime at the modern
theater of
grand open
with sound,
lion, nil     si
complete    ci
science, of
dramatic enl
nematography,   to enjoy
und dramatic productions
dialogue, color nnd ac-
1 niiiiiaih produced,—*
1 iipii'st, apparently, hy.
the art of musical ami
wonder tlmt tlw theatr
;    regard their business
With   Billiousness   and   Sick
Calgary, Alberta, July 8, 1011.
I was a great sufferer for it long
time wilh Billiousness, Sick Headache
iiml Liver Trouble. Nothing seemed
to tin mt; any good. 1 bail almost
given mi in despair when I decided to
Afler    t
fifth bo»
ean hem
with   members of the-Canadian
anient   delegates   from the West
and one   ol the   purposes of
conference, I assume, is to    oh-
from the   Hritish   West Indies a
nee tariff rate on Canadian exports. I trust   the conference will   b»
successful ami   thai when it is    concluded they   will he able to aniiouiin
an   arrangement   hy     which  Canadi
maj export her products ti> lhe Brit
ish   West   Indies    under a prclcrcno
tariff rate. Itut,   1 douhl very    much
 hossible  nf acconiplish-
incnt.   There are one 11  two matters
which will   develop   Canadian    trade
with the Hritish Wesl  Indies to       a
Vel \   much    greater  degree  posslblj
ihan a tariff preference; I refoi    par
liciilaily    to     Un-    Improvement   of
transportation and cable rates.    Hut,
il we wen* to obtain Increased    mar-*
!ki ts iu     Australia     anil   the llrilish
I Weal Indies, as lhe minister of  trade
luml   commerce    (Mr. Foster) desires
'and hopes ii means ultimately    very
! lit ile. and hv no means will il satisfy
i the demands of   ihe Canadian people
refer to It 'or increased   markets   for their stir-
ii 1 will' I,llls  productions.   ! say Ihnl thc Ca-
peoplo   will   hold this govcrn-
■sponsihle, and properly sn, if
1 Ihey do not, by   some means or other, obtain a new and enlarged    market fm  the country's surplus produc-
I linns.
I I am sura that tbe country will be
much disappointed today ihat in tho
flrsl budget presented by thc governmenl to parliament and the country,
there was not somo intimation Irom
the government or fit 111 Uie minister
nf finance thai they wen* about lo
Implement their promise to reduce
public expenditures, nnd to reduce tho
iat.* of taxation. There will he great
disappointment in the country that
they did not announce what is to he
the tarifl policy of the government in
the future.  We tlid not evpeel   ihe an-
nouncotnent ol many nr any specific
changes in lhe tariff, il is true, because it would have been unfair to
have expected the same from the
i-e.i'iiimeiit considering the slmrt time
that they have lieen iu olliee, but, we
would have liked to hoard whether it
was 1 hen Intention to obtain, tf possible, preferential treatment in the
lulled  Kingdom.  It  woutd haw* been
very interesting indeed lo have heard
some intimation   from    lho minister,!   Looming up 1
btcause it would have given a sec-! .,„;,.,.,. ,;„,„.,.
lion of Ihis country at lout tho .„„, ,,, ,„,,,-,_
hope that in the future, in some way ,.a**l(| "(diking
and nl some    time, tliey would    find  ■/a.jt,n ,,f   Un.
markets for the    people ol this coun- |,| ogrnph
tn  which they ilcsiie ami whieh they, ^.j,.,^,. .,
ing about half a hox tlte
slopped ami my appetite
I have inst finished the
.ml reel as well as ever. 1
lj recommend Fig rills for
and   liver    troubles.—Mrs.
Mary Kllson.
Sold at all dealers in 25 and 51)
cent boxes or mailed hy The Fig Pill
Co., SI. Thomas, Onl.
Sold by The Cranhrook Drug and
Hook Co., Ltd.
ul mm d irom page seven).
t an anyone
lical manager
situation seriously, or that new
methods must be found lo compete
successfully with the prosperous proprietors of picture show houses?
These gentlemen had for a while consoled themselves with Uie hope that,
like other crazes and fails, the vogue
id photo-plays would he slmrt. Hut
the moving picture business is now iu
its seventeenth year, and the development in the last three years has been
far ip'cater than i'li the fourteen preceding. Moreover, tbere is no indication of a recessional movement in the
near future. On the contrary, the 1
next )Wo years should record tho
zenith of achievement in this most
lucrative field of   public entertaining. |
While tho oltler autl more dignified
of lho public amusement caterers are
reducing prices for .seats, anil resorting to strategy to Induce public patronage by the sale of their seats en
bloc to cut-rate agencies, the photoplay operators are improving, their
productions and raising their prices'
of admission. How high tbe moving-
picture men are aspiring is evidenced
by the fact that on the very day tbe
abandonment of lhc New Theater, in
New York City, was announced, a
motion pit-Hire magnate offered to
take the building nt a rental of
$125,000 a year, and another ex- J
pressed to the writer bis willingness
to purebnse tho property outright. I
without loss to tbe original backers.'
While such offers may at this lime be
di dined, it is not prophesying too
much to say that it will be in just
such magnificent playhouses, that tho
photo-play of the future will be presented, reproducing, for tbe masses,
with a'l tin* latest inventions and tho
refinements of science, the splendid
art of the Bernhardts antl the Sal-
v ol si
mu thousand.
on Fourteenth
.   11
1 N
trcs,   '
there were five
today thcro    is
hecomo moving*
IV   li
lhc exception of
nl Music.   Kvcn
only 1
pu tin
I I     .^^^.*------_-----------------------
this former   home of grand opera lias
hein leased bj  William Fox, the mov-
Ing-picturc    showman,   at au annual
re:.tal of F100,G00, foi   no other pur
p< s.* ihan to   prevent any other mov-
lug-plcture magnate from  securing it
an I     competing     with   Fox's   two
theatres of oln?matography, thc City
and tho Dewey. directly opposite.
This man Fox, five years ago, opened
a small tlieatei in a store in Brooklyn; today ho ha-, ten theatres ii
greater New York alone and liis animal prniil is estimated at $300,000
(in Fourteenth strict, just west ol
Sixth avenue, stands the historic
playhouse where French opera bouffi
wns flrsl exploit etl iu the sixties.
Here, for fori) veais or more, al
most every prominent theatrical
manager has tempted fate, only tc
become bankrupt. Three years ago
Uw lessee, Mr. RoscnqucBt, decided tc
emulate      the      policy      nf  the  I'nion
Square theatre, another historic
playhouse where the camera man has
soivui ihe financial problem. In
these three years Mr. Koscnquost has
male i( fortune. Trnlj ii is an amazing illustration of a public knowing
whal it wauls,
Beautiful    French     dressed thill,
him if tarifl reform had gone on , inches tall,    witb eyes that op* 11 and |
I Journey or If ll was taking lhc put; rolled gold locket and chain, ot -^
I \"n& .mmmummmmmmmmu   mmmmmmmmmm 	
rest cure. However, hon. gentlemen 8°ld gold signet ring free to nny
opposite have been promising this girl. Send us your name and we will
country for imtny years that they «cnd you thirty sets ol beautiful sea-
would obtain preferential treatment son, birthday and other post cauls to
lor Canadian products iu the United Mil al ten cents a set (six cards in
Kingdom. It Is up to these hon. caoh set.) When sold send us lho
gentlemen now to implement their] money nnd we will send you which-
promise and Uicy boast constantly of ''Vl'* priM you chouse. For selling 40
their ability aud Intention to Implo- nta we will give you a rolled gold
ment their promises. This pamphlet extension bracelet. We prepay all
goes on to say: charges  Address Homer-Warren Com-..      .    ,,,..,,,    ,  a,    , ,„   ,
nni.v     Mi.nt      10(1     Tm     'Inl 111    •■"■'■"        PlCMlIelll      ■!.   SlUlllt    Back
"Th-    United    states duty on our W. Bopt. 130, Toronto, Ont.    IM        of ^ VUagraph cmmy  T|||g
farm products is si ill prohibitive,"    I *■■   ' "I     '■   ' j will h
Ate hon.   gentlemen  opposite going'   Foil   SALE.—Goose   feather    pil- the  fi
1o obtain a reduction? Ale thev going1 lows.        Apply
lo diminish    the   prohibition or   will.city, near St
•n the   horizon, a siill
to lhe old-lime Bingo
(here appeals the so*
picture," a synihron-
cincmntograpli and the
In      wlm h    electrical
 nn important pari     Al
I ready in London mnl Paris Un* talk
tim; pictures are a era/e. So promt*
jin.i have he.-i these reproductions ol
j plays and operas thai two of our
' mosl prominent producers, Charles
Frohmnn nnd Henry W. Savage, com*
I for the American rights. "Qui
s" has been "photo-played,"
wilh Ihe spoken   parts taken hy    the
[ phonograuh,   while "Pinafore, 1'he
Mikado," anil lhe "Chimes ol Normandy," have also hein produced on
Uu* screen, iheir tuneful strains proceeding from the "canned orchestca."
A more ambitious and promising
scheme, however, seems to he thai
undertaken by lho New York Philharmonic Society, with the collahora-
. let
The event ol the season's theatricals will he marked by the appearance
at the Auditorium ol "The (lirl
From Rector's" company on Thurs-1
day, March 2Mb. It is said to bc a
scn-am from start to liuish. Kaeh
acl bubbles over with tunny situa-|
sion's and many Jests. Presented as
it is by a first-class company ol j
ei medians who have improved their i
abilities in many productions ot
farce, our puhlic can be assured ot an
excellent performance. 12-lt
The penc
turned the
Ing alfra),
ant   keeper
' of Fort Steele was (Brother evening hy a shoot-
111 wbieh a Chinese restaurant! a lumberjack were the
principal participants. The lumberjack bail a dispute with the restaurant man over a meal, with the result
thai the Chink kicked him out. Thc
lumberjack ran ofl a little way, loaded up with rocks and returned, open-
id hie upon the restaurant windows
with disastrous results. This attack
Infuriated the Chink, who picked up a
hit: revolver and gave chase to thei
lumberjack, Before he was arrested
th- Chink tired three or Ii ur shots at
lhe (toeing lumberjack, happily without effect. The Chink has been sent
down to Nelson to await trial. |
A militia order issued last Saturday contains official announcement
ih.ii   Col.     S. II.    Steele, C.B., M.V.
ii.. district officer commanding Dislrict No. i, vacates the command of
Lord Strathcona's Horse, "Royal
Canadians," on April 1. Mnjot A. C*
Macdonell, B.S.O., will lake tlw
command ot the StraUtcona Horse.
aim red and black currant hushes,
760 gooseberries (Oregon champion)
2 White I'liimotiUi Rock roosters;
White Plymouth Rock eggs, good lay
ing strain, taking prize past two
years nt Cranbrook Agricultural Association, 12.00 per do/..
ll-tf Box 0\'i, Cranbrook
How About That
Suit for Easter?
Our stock of fabrics is in
the pink of condition for your inspection.
We guarantee our material, fit and workmanship in every respect. It Is true we are
charging just a little more now than last
year, and perhaps a little more than some
of our competitors, but we are turning out
just a little better suits than ever before.
Yet we have always prided ourselves on our
work, and then we are paying our tailors
more than union scale, but the work they
do justifies it. Our cutting and fitting follow
the latest and best of modern methods, the
fabrics are guaranteed the Best, and if you
are not completely satisfied your money
will be waiting you.
Your   money   back
when you are not
Your   money  back
when you are not
Quain Electric Company, Ltd.
You are only building that House once. The Wiring of it is a
serious consideration. Get it done by first-class mechanics. We employ
that class only and personally supervise all work.
The best Tungsten Lamp on the market is the
" General Electric Tungsten "
Edison says so, and he ought to know.   We sell them
P. O. BOX 008
MAURICE QUAIN, General Manager
Norbury Avenue
CATION Inr the issue ol a duplicate
Certificate ol Title lo l.ot 1:1, Hloek;
115, bcine, part ol Dlatrlet Lots 1,
5, 22, 29 and 30, Group I, Town of
Cranbrook, Map 11110.
that it is mv intention tu Inue ot
Uh- expiration ol one month alter the
lirst piihlieation hereof n duplicate ol
the I'rrtilleale of Title to the above
mentioned lot in the name of Charles
Ernest Morfltt, which (Vrtillrate Is
dated the -Mli day ot January,'
HOI, at 11.111 a.m. uni numbered
71198 A. :
Saml. It. Hoc,
lilstiirt ItvjilKtrar.J
Nelson, H.C., 5th March, 1D11. In I
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION   Inr tlie Issue nl a duplicate
Certificate ol   Title to Lot 13, Block
115, heiuj; part of District Lets I, S,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, 22, 29 and    30, Group 1, Town     ol
NOTICE    IS   HEREBY    GIVEN Cranbrook, Map 089. I
that an application will he made to NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
Ih,' Hoard ol License Commissioner | that it is my intention lo issue ut
fur the City ol Cranlirook, thirty, the expiration ol one month alter thc
days alter date of this notice, tor a first publication lirrcr.t a duplicate ol
transfer of the Hotel Licenso held by the Certificate ol Title, to thc above
Kneas Harding Small lor the Cos , mentioned lot In thc name ot ElUa-
mopolltan   hotel,   situate on lot 2G, belli Amelia Morfltt, whlrh Certificate
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats arc Govcrnmeni
Head Office, CALGARY, ALTA.
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I. C.
Have siill on liund lor Spring PUnllng
Wani-ncr Northern Spy Wealthy
Jonathan Hclntorh Ped Wlncsep
Snows tlravcnstclii Klnr David
Rome Beauty Red Cheeked Pippin
Plume, Pears and Peaches
I'Mal.li.lied in Intnl.   125 Acre*
P. It. WORTHINOTON, Local Agent
Mrs. John  llrennun,
Joseph's creek.   10 2t*
iiiiiI Ihe west hall ol Lot 21, ta Mock
:s ihan the production of100. linker Street,   Cranbrook, n. 0,
minus    operas, the notions and  to Alexander Cameron.
appeal ini; in   minimi picliircs, |   Hated this 5th day ol March, 1912.
lhe classic music of the    com-  IMt E. II. Small.
Is dated Ihc 25th   January, 1908, at
9.9(1 a.m. and numbered 7997A.
Saml. It. Roc,
District Reglatn
Nelson, II. I'., 5th March, 1912.
sj Read the Herald, $2.00 Year


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