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Cranbrook Herald Aug 24, 1922

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        *tsr. i_.	
~'»*i .	
I I'ti'lll Hlllt THE IIOJfK—
1 RAMlltOOk,  B.C.  Till IISII.AV. AUGUST _., I9S_
__ _       __ j <, WX s*f~\ I     I     1 sf~^      W W ttT\. W   T (~V W^-i-. Released by the United Artist Corporation and the Star Naziinovo in the role of "Nora."
HfiliriK IDS6D S     DULL O  nUUob     Playing at the REX, To-Night & Saturday, Aug. 25-26
GOES UP 10 239
Alison loo Vote -Tmiiili'tl Nnluir-
.Iny l-n*| Adds (o Wiilllng-
cr's Load
on i-'riilay Iuhi tho o 111 a la I roo-uunl
in' the v-des cast lu Uio liy-elect Inn
I;i.*.I wook was held hy A. 11. Smith,
returning oftloor, along with (lie agents ul' lho two candidates. The majority from tin- voles i-atti In the ord-
imiry way wtlfl settled al --4. and lhe
nbaoiitoo votos rrom all over tlie district, !M in ull. also ali-owcd a coiufor-
laide mnjorlti for Walllnger, The
actual count was Walllnger 52, Taylor 87, rejected I, spoilt 1. The total majority for the Conservative candidate was accordingly increased lo
239, indicating a remarkable turnover since the last election. At that
time it. will be recalled that T. D.
Caven, Conservative, received a
small majority over Or. King iu the
city of Crnnbrook, but tills wan -converted Into tho barest of Liberal majorities by the outside vote, und Increased again by tlie absentee vote.
IS OUT A I* til) KOR KX-
The marriage was solemnized at
Wesley Methodist Church laat Saturday ut 11.30 a.m. at Miss Keziah Viola
Sarvis, Hanson Avenue, and William
James Wilson, son of Mr. P. Wilson.
Biggar, Sask.
The bride, who was given away hy
hor father, looked charming in a gown
nf white channelise satin und overdress of white pussy-willow crepe embroidered with silver beads. Sho wore
a picture hut of white georgette trimmed with white satin und oat rich
mounts and carried a shower bouquet
of ophelia roses.
Miss Alma, only slstor of the bride,
was bridesmaid, and wore a most becoming gown of pink silk with overdress of flowered pink silk marquisette and black mohair and tulle picture hat to match. Sho carried a
shower bouquet of pink carnations
und sweet peas.
Tlie groom was supported by hia
brother, S. Wesley Wilson, of Hogiua,
Mrs. J. T. Sarvis, motlier of the
bride, was gowned in an exquisite
dress of gray taffeta trimmed witii
navy georgette, and gray hat to
Tho church, which wns filled wiili
fri ends and woll wishers of the contracting parties, was beautifully decorated for tin. occasion with a bank of
ferns, sweet peas and asters, In front
of which was Iho conventional bridal
arch oi' vines and sweet peas.. Three
white wedding bells formed the key-
stum* of the arch, and tbo whole was
wound with baby's breath and white
Lillle, Tho groom's gift to lhe bride
was an nqunmnrluo and pearl pendant,
to iho bridesmaid a string of pearls,
and to the host man a gold tio pin and
cuff links.
Tlte initial puny hi mid under tho
olnborntoly decorated nrch during the
»t I'lcniony. which was performed by
Itev. It. C, Kreoman.
The USliers wore Mr, Martin Harris
ami Mr A. Ashworth. Mrs, A. Ash-
worlh, organist, played the Mindols-
BOllll   -Wedding   March,"   mid   Mrs.   ,1.
Nbrgrovo   rendered  n   very   pleasing
solo. "0 Promise Me." during the signing of the rigliler.
The   prosonis   wero   numerous   and
Just hefore going to press the Herald is Informed that the special rates
on livestock being brought In to the
Cninhrook Pall Pair here, on September 12 and 18, will a Kit in be In force
tliis your. Tho ruling applies to all
Shipments   of   livestock,   except    race
horses; merchandise, Implements and
id hor articles for exhibition.
When exhibits are roturnod within
leu days after the close of the fair
ami when accompanied hy the origln-
>ii expense bill or freight receipt, and
also by a certificate In duplicate from
the secretary of the exhibition, to the
effect that tho property bus not changed hands, same will be returned
ire,, of charge to tbo original shipping point. Shipments of pedigreed
livestock coming or returning to stations billed under speclul tariffs on
pure bred stock will not be entitled
to any reduction when returning to
the original point of shipment, but
will he billed at rates authorized in
special tariffs covering the movement
of same, whieh is half rate ln each
direction, when accompanied by a certificate in each direction.
Word came to the city on Thursday of a drowning accident which
took place at Waldo on Wednesday,
by which, the little six year old
daughter of Mr. and Mra, Thos. Anderson lost her life by falling In the
Kootenay river. There were several witnesses of Uie tragedy, it Is understood, but none were able to swim,
and it was necessary to go down the
river a short distance for a boat. The
body was recovered very soon, but life
was found to be extinct. Mr. Ander-j
sou is iti the Ross-Suskatoon store at
Coal dealers in tbe city on Thursday
received word from the coal company
nt Penile that the strike which has
been in progress there for some time
had heen settled, and they would be In
a position to quote prices on supplies
forthwith. Xo particulars were available as to the terms of settlement of
Uio difficulty, but If It Is true, It removes the only obstacle that has been
in the way of a big industrial forward
move that seems to be about to envelop the Kast Kootenay district. It
also makes the minds of a lot of ordinary peoplo easier, who were beginning to worry about their coal supply
this winter. With visible supplies
down to u low ebb, the resumption of
work at the mines should also mean a
-considerable Increase of freight traffic
nlong the t'row lino with Its attendant advantages.
Labor Day Week-End Will Sim
Tln» Crow's N*"!**! Golfers
On Craiiiinmk Gourde
Illy J.SK. In tho Lethbrldge Herald)
At the organization meeting or the
crow's Nest Uolf Association, hold at
Blalrmore In May, It was decided to
Irnld the first tournament over the
course of the Crauhrook Club. The
president. Chester Staples, of the Craubrook Club, has seen a lot of tournament uolf, particularly iu his college
days, and the details and running of
the meet aro being left to a great extent iu his hands and under hts direction.
He propoaes throwing the course
open for practice rounds and If possible team matches ou September 2nd
Tor the purpose of players familiarizing themselves with th£ Cranbrook
course. On tho morning of the llrd of
September a qualifying round medal
play, 18 holes. The first eight to qualify for the championship, und then the
balance will also be grouped into
Rights of eight according to their
scores in tlie qualifying round. Each
of the flights of eight players to pluy
down by match pluy. On the morning
of Labor Day the scmi-flnal» of all
groups to play, and in the afternoon
the finals, cleaning up the tournament.
with winners of each group being a
prize winner.
This plan assures everyone of at
least 36 holes of tournament gulf and
after the qualifying round being paired with players of practically the same
ability. This should mean many excellent matches. The plan gives every,'
golfer, no matter what his handicap,
a chance to distinguish himself In the
group he finds himself after the qualifying round. i
If u representative gathering of
Crow golfers attend, there van be lots
of golf supplied, as this plan lends itself to tlie pairing of the defeated
fours in each flight, playing down for
consolation prizes In their own flights.
The prizes outside the championship
will likely be golf balls or medals. It
should muke a very desirable three
days' outing, and those who ran afford
to take longer and make the trip by-
car will find golf courses all along the
route. MacLeod, Pincher Creek, Lund-
brcck, Blalrmore. Coleman, Pernie—
all have sporty courses and welcome
Blalrmore Bays that she will be
there with at least ten players. Practically the whole Fernie club will be
on band.   It looks like a good time.
Crnnbrook is iu B.C.   Nuff sed.
Mr. Staples lias asked anyone to offer suggestions, if reasonable, to make
the lirst Crow tournament a success.
The method of play suggested for
the tournament will likely be adopted
In one or both of Uie competitions still
to be played by the local members.
First Unit of Plant Is Already
Started.   Time Voars'
\. A. Wallluger, M.L.A., T. D.
Caven, nml oilier Prominent Conservatives Attend
(Calgary Herald)
A. C, McDougall. former Calgary
alderman, returned to that city Wednesday from Klko. where bis firm,
McDougull-McNelll, Limited, has secured the contract for the erection of
u plant for tho manufacture of newsprint in lurge quantities. Tho complete undertaking, so .Air. McDougall
informed a Calgary Herald representative, culls for au expenditure of
about $13,000,000, and work on ihe lirst
unit, which will entail au outlay of
$3,500-000; bus already been started.
On the completion of this unit, tho
second will be started,
The whole project will lako about
three years and construction activities approximately 1,000 men will ho
employed. It was quite likely. .Mr
McDougall stated, that many of those
would he obtained In Calgary and that
thus the unemployment situation could
he helped since the Work would be
carried ou in tlie fall and winter ot
this year.
After the unit was completed 1,000
men would be engaged in its operation
and the finished plant would employ
ubout 3.000 men, or i .000 for each
Mr. McDougall said that each unit
would have a production capacity of
100 tons of newsprint a day or 300
tons when the three units were finished. This would make it, he believed, the largest^ newsprint manufactory in Canada.
Combined Canadian and American
capital was behind the enterprise but
Canadian directors would lie In the
majority on the board.
Limits had been seemed which ensured production for at least 30 years.
Elko js In southern llrltlsh Columbia, not far from Nelson, and is served by the Canadian Pacific Hallway
aud tlie Great Northern Railway. The
l*:ik and Bull Rivers furnish ample
power and one of tbe first undertakings lu connection with the plant will
bo the building of a largo power dam
whicli in itself wfll require 35,000
cubic yards of concrete. The build
inn> will be of modern design and wll
be   constructed   of   re-inforced   don
Mrs W. Wilkinson, of Klko. Is a
patient at tho hospital at the present
Aubrey nud Ituth McKowan of Cranhrook are here on a visit to their father
nl (ho Sash und Door Company mill.—
Creston Review,
lo tho popularity
After the ceremony Hi
friends of the family wero escorted to'
tho home of the bride, where a reception was hehi. The living room!
was prettily decorated with pink and
while sweet peas. The dining room
whero a bullet luncheon was served,
was decorated with pink and white
ii weel pons, and the table hud as r
centerpiece the bride's wedding cake
Mrs. \V. II. Wilson aud Mrs. (I. M. Harney presided at the tea-table, while
Mrs. J. S. Hoy und Mrs. I<\ Buyuos cut
(he Ices. Assisting In serving were
Ihe Misses lOvn Molr, Jessie Baynes,
Margaret Morrison, Bessie Woodman,
Joan Wilson and Vivian Kummer.
Several musical selections were contributed by Mrs. R. W. Edmondson nnd
Mr. Henry Delloock. which were very
much enjoyed by all.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson left on the noon
train for Spokane and Portland on a
honoymoVm of two weeks.    On their
return home they will make their home
nn Baker Street. The bride's going
away SUlt was of navy nicotine opening over a blouse of pearl gray georgette and large navy taffeta hut to
Tho guests ai the reception were:
Mr. nnd Mrs. tl. M. Barney. Mr. and
Mrs .1 II. Argue, Mr. and Mrs. S.
Fylot, Mr. and Mrs. l-\ Baynes nnd
Mlsa Jessie Bifynos. Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Shankland, Mr. nnd Mrs. D. Campbell.
Mr. and Mrs. Q 11, Willis. Mr. and Mrs.
A. Ashworth, Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Dezall, Mr. aud Mrs. W. H. Wilson and
Miss Joan Wilson. Mrs. J. Roy. Mrs. A.
.1. Hnttilffc, Hev. and Mrs. Freeman.
Misses Eva Molr. Bessie Woodman,
Margaret Morrison, Eunice Parrett.
Vivian Kummer, Ktbel Clapp, Jessie
lto. Margarel St. Biol, Messrs. Martin,
Harris. P, W. Willis, and S. W. Wilson
of Hogiua, Mr. Henry DeRoeck, and
Mrs. ft, w. Edmondson.
The bride Is extremely popular here
having resided in the eity from infancy, and has a host of friends whose
wish fs thnt all happiness may attend
| her through the years nf matrimony.
The groom has been In business in
this city for some time. On their
return to Cranbrook to take up residence here they will receive a royal
H\S1,VM~( \HR
The wedding took place ou Sunday
evening lasl. Augusl 20th, of Miss
Helen Sarah Carr. of this city, to Mr.
Jack B. Haslam, well known business
man, also or this city.
Rev. p. B. Harrison officiated at tbe
ceremony, which took place very quietly. Mr. and Mrs. Haslam loft the
following day for Spokano and other
points where Ihey are enjoying a brief
honeymoon, expecting to return to the
■Ity next week. Tho bride Is a slstor
f Mrs. R. Finlay, of this city.
Vancouver.—Rising en masse the
Hi iti-h Columbia Conservative Convention gave the Crauhrook delegation!
a great ovation when the gathering
opened Monday morning. Nearly 500
delegates were scaled when ihe Cran-
brook contingent, carrying pennants.}
marched into the hall room of the'
Vancbuver Hotel, whore the convention Is heing held*
Rising to Ms feet lho crowd applaud- j
ed Cranbrook for several minutes.
Hardly were the Cranbrook delegates,
seated whon trom several quarters of
iho hall tho cheering was renewed and:
"throe cheers ami a tiger" gave further evidence of the enthusiasm in lho
Conservative ranks, which has been
created by the victory In Crauhrook.
Walking to thc platform, Thomas
D. Caven, who headed the Cranhrook
delegation, Introduced N. ,A. Wallinger,
lhe victorious candldato, who nlso received an ovation. Willi Mr. Wallln-J
ger standing on his right Mr. Caven
spoko of the result of the election,
paying tribute to those who supported
the Conservative candldato, and declaring that the size of Mr. Wallinger's
inajorlly was duo to the assistance
Which lhe party received from "Our
old und trusted loader. W. .1. Bowser,"
a statement which was applauded by
tho convention.
When the matter of the leadership
of the Conservative party within the
province came up at tlie convention
held at Vancouver this week, Mr W
,1. Bowser was elected hy ;i clear majority over the other two names proposed, H. 11. Stevens, .M.I1., and S. U
Howe, both of Vancouver, Following
the announcement of the figure . Mr,
Stevens moved to make tho appointment Of Mr, Dowser illumine as
was done. It Is evldeul that no III
feeling has heen engendered by tin
contest for the leadership; on the i on
trary, the atmosphere lin* : een :■ i
ed, and Mr. Bowser's position lu respect to his party hns now been quite
dearly defined. All sections ol thi
party in the province have pledged
•heir support to Mr. Bowser, and thus
the gaps in the ranks will be closed
up, so that a solid front will be presented, The name of Liberal-Conservative party was also adopted *■> a
vote of the convention. Hou. Arthur Meighen. M.P;, leader of thi Opposition at Ottawa, was preseni .it the
convention and got a fine roceptfoii
The delegates who attended the convention from Cranbroolt an expected
to return this week.
(Special lo The Herald)
Invermere, B.C., August 10.—The official program of the Lake Windermere Galu Week commencing ou the
.loth of this month, has just come off
tho press to the Secretary of tho local
Hoard of Trade. It Is very full and
exhaustive and shows many wonderfully interesting features, most of
which centre around the David Thomp
son mentor iai fort. Tho water pageant
the land pageant, the displays by the
Indians' und their own speclul barbecue are amongst the outstanding
The special part of the undertaking
ends with the official ball In the ball
of the "post" ou the evening of Thursday, the 31st.
The week closes with a baseball
match on the fuir grounds which Is
for the championship of Hast Kootenay. Following Is the program:
Wednesday, August :10th.
2.80 p.m.: Arrival of David Thompson and his party ln canoes. Firing of
guns und meeting tho Indians.
3,00 p.m.: Arrival of Rev. Father de
Sniet. accompanied by Indian guides.
.. -..v.... _ *'-^ '),m''   I11'!'1111   procession  from
crete7onVy"newsprint"andpulp'wllVbe,Im,lau e'"-,a"'Pme,,t to Hudson's Bay
manufactured and the product Is lu |fort' 1,ea,led b>" DavW Thompson, Rev.
tended for the use of Canadian and Kilt,,ei' (ie Smet' ett-   Fornml °Penln«
United States newspapers. |of RlUes °r fort*
Mr.   McDougall   admitted   modestly     :U0   »m"    Speeches,   interspersed
that his firm had beeu successful in wltn   mufl,c  1,y  PalHfier  Hotel   0r_
securlng the largest contract for plant t-!le8,ra"
construction In Canada in the face of      4:{0 l,m-:  War Canoe Uace- Wilites
keen   American   competition.    He   fJ vs. Indians.   Prize $25.00,
also engaged at   present  In  the cton-     § l'-m- 8n-,ww Ilm'e il1 War CnIloe8-
atructlon or a $750,000 sanitarium „t i'rize $10.00.
Bssondale, B.C., ueur New Westmin-      h-:w nn,-: Barbecue.
ster, which makes $5,500,000 work now j 9f)0 »•■*•' ,n,,iai1 Wedding Ceremony. Pipe of Peace. Indian Dances,
including the drum dance, snake
dance, moon dunce, etc.
The annual flower show of the Cranhrook Women's Institute, end general exhibition of fancy work, culinary
and household arts, took plan tl Is
afternoon, Thursday, at thi 0 VV V \
hall. Thore was a good ittei • •
during the afternoon, and the exhibition is understood to have passed ofl
nitc sucessfully, though the ex! [bits
fu somo of the classes wer.- not ; .-'•
iis numerous as some had hoped to
see. There was a fishpond foi tl
dies that   held all  kind- i I :...-'- *.*.- -
ami afternoon tea was served bj thi
ladles. Tlu- opening was formally
done by Mrs. E. W. MacKay, of this
city, who gave an address, and i
nl numbers were given by Mr- a Id r'
song. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Coutts, - >ng
wliile Mrs. P. Oeugeoo gave _. reading
A full list of the prize winner- will
be published In next week'-? issue.
going on, with more that 17,000,000
more assured. He Is the president and
general manager of the company and
J. II. McNeill, another Calgarlan, is
the vice-president and superintendent
The company is now making Its head-
(piarters in Vancouver.
Victoria.—A conference of Imperial
government officials, British steel
manufacturers, Canadian government
and British Columbia cabinet minis
ters. will be held in London next
month, In connection with the propos
od construction of a 112,000,000 steel
plant ou the British Columbia coast,
according to un announcement made
The project, it is claimed, is being
backed by the three governments. The
federal government will be represented by Hon. W. S. Fielding, minister of
finance, and British Columbia by either Hon. W. Sloan, minister of mines,
or Hon. John Hart, mlnlstor of nuance, according to H. J. Landahl, of
Vancouver, active In the promotion of
the undertaking.
Thursday, AugUMt 81st.
10.H0 a.m.: Awarding Uio following
prices at the Indian Encampment:
Finest li ink inn tepee. $5.00; Best
dressed s.ptaw and papoose, -$5,00;
Best dressed Indian, $5.00; Best dressed Indian on horse, $5.00; Best caparisoned horse. $5.00; Best equipped tra-
vois, $6,00.
  12.0ft noon:  Indian Procession.
(Special to The Horald) ]    2.:l0 p.m.:  Indian Stampede, Imiud-
Invermere, B.C., August 19,—Push* j lug the following. Windermere Derby,
ed to the wall for suitable huilding ac- best of three heats, half mile; prizes.
commodatioti for tlieir coming Fall First $36.00, second $80.00. Wilmer
Fair which opens on the lst of Sep-1 Piute: horses 14.2 and under: prizes,
tember, the directors of tho Winder- lirst $20.00, second $10.00. Squaw
mere District Agricultural Association)Race; prizes, first $10.00, second $6.00.
have finally decided to take the "bull
by the horns," and erect a structure
suitable to this year's requirements at
least. This will he a hall of simple
construction, having outside measurements of ;i2xti4 feet. Work commenced on it to-day on the fair
grounds under the direction of Presl-
'dent A. O. Cuthbert. Kverythlng
1 points to the coming fair being a larger oue thuu bus been held for some
With  Hatfield  over in funny Italy
and Foster Interested fn tlie outcome
of the two major ball league pennant
dashes, the weather dispenser is being
allowed to do almost what  he  ■'
with the result   that  al   the  preseni
time Cranhrook is having alniosf Ideal
weather, especially for the man  who
has his heaviest  work cut out lifting
an ice cream soda.   All the ..-'■ il reports Indicate that these am,* i] bei
ondltlons will prevail for Bome time
yet, at the  least   until  Italy is  oncel
more  getting   her  share of  moisture1
and either New York, St. Louis or CI i-
cago have cinched  the-  top rung of
either big league.
So It Is with the utmost confidence
in Ihe ability of the clouds io with-'
stand any temptation to Sprinkle
Cranbrook on Labor Day tlmt the ■
O.W.V.A. have arranged io hold their j
Keeping Faith Fund'' Garden Party I
on the evening of September I'h nt
the premises on Cranbrook Street
Although a trifle late In (he seas i.
for enjoyable out-of-door evenings, the
Association thinks thai there will he'
sufficient warm weather al thai date'
lo keep the minds of the public off
the coal famine and next year's liock-
ey race, uud aro planning accordingly.
The Club Is to again be open for
public Inspection to give those who1
missed August 4th, an opportunity to
look tilings over.
The same novelty race featun h .* i
popularized the last party and dance
will he one of the attractions
The Veterans invite all and sundry
to come along on Labor Day and lake
In their attraction
Bucking Contest: prizes, tlrst $:fft.ft0
second $15.1)0. Best Bucking Horse:
prize $80.00, Holiday Stakes: half-
mile open; prizes, tlrst $20.00, second
$15.00. Cigar Race: prizes, first $10.00,
second $6.00. Settlers' Race: (Whites
only) one mile, owners up, no race
horses, stock saddles; prizes, tlrst silver cup and $10.00. second $7.60, third
$6.00. Riding the Steer: prize $10.00.
Rpplng Contest: rope calf and tie; best
Mr. S. Wesley Wilson of Regina arrived In the City last week-end. and at*
tended Ihe wedding of bis brother Wm.
J. Wilson on Saturday hist.
son's Hay Port, music hy l*.uii>
tei Orchestra,
Friday, September 1st
sr Ho
years and promises of entries for com-  time; prizes, first $10.00, second $6,00.
petition are coming In on every side. 0.00 p.m.: official Grand Hall In Hud-
Placing   and    judging   exhibit
Windermere District Fall Fair.
Saturday, September l'iuI.
Windermere    District    Fall    Fair
Baseball  tournament   for  the cham
plnnshlp of Knst Kootenay.
Details Xon  Being Goue Into.
Kpeeluls Fnr Championship Cow And Hull
The weekly meeting of the Agricultural Association was held in the office
■ District Agriculturist on Mou-
day night, President Worden heing in
the chair.
Mr. W. U. Wilson fer the transport
■. v md advertising committee stat
■ ■ tbe C I'.u. was disinclined to
..  i\\ .   special rate on livestock  ship-
it * Cranbrook for the exhibition
i ■ that Mr. Moir, the local agent.
irou Id tak( up the matter with the
P Jtrlci Freight Agent al Nelson in an
endeavor to have the special rate again
opplled Mr Wilson nlso stated thai
there was sume difficulty in procuring
advertising matter from the U.S., and
it «as decided therefore to have poster- printed locally.
li was reported that work upon Uie
prjxe lists was progressing favorably.
nd ll was hoped these would be completed   in  a  few   days.    The principal
suss of delay appears lo be that don-
ijrs i*. special prises are a little back-
v. ird. and il is hoped ihat before lho
■!.-[ of the week quite a number o,'
lauuTacturers will he in lino to as
-i-M in this way.
• - lent Worden urged tbal the
rs of the various committees
• rate wllh their respective chair
and that committees which arc
.; •   strength should he mnde up
■ n as possible, and so share tho
.'*.  program suggested by Dr   Rut-
.-■   for  sports and attractions was
read to the meeting.   The suggestion?
'ere. Indian wrestling on horseback.
■ races, long and high jumping con-
- ind a competition to be divided
Into two classes, for the best drawing
■*■  -   one for 1.400 lbs. and under.
■ et 1,500 His. and over, teams to
1 tl   hi I to a stone boat loaded wltll
- - four trials to be allowed to each
team. Platform attractions, to be announced lat*r, will be put on during
the interral?. 3nd the sec-retahy is In
■ mmnnicatfon with various agents
vr.d managers in an efTort to secure
-ui'able performers. Other suggestions were that some horse jumping
contests be staged, and a wag-on race
oi 'earn race.
1 halrmen of the exhibits committees
reported that work in connection with
the >-* urine of exhibits was  forging
bead, and promise some very good
Mr Fi.'ik informed the meeting that
thc Canadian Bank of fVinimerce was
willing to donate a solid silver cup,
as a -special prize, to be given to the
.  :.-r   ot   the   champianship   class,
ifrj o * section.
Owing to the difficulty in securing
suitable ribbons for winners of the
various classes, it was decided that
ribbons denoting prizes would be con-
flned to winners in the live stock aud
cattle classes, all inanimate exhibits
heing decorated with cards. The winners of the poultry section also will be
Indicated by various colored cards.
ft was suggested that owing to the
difficulty in procuring a permanent
secretary who would be able to devote all his time tv secretarial duties,
a permanent treasurer he elected, with
tuthorlty to look after the financial
Ride of the exhibition, and that authority be given to the president and treasurer to siirn cheques on behalf of the
Association. This was put to the
meeting and carried, Mr. J P link
having thai office put upon him.
The appointment of W. F. Qough as
acting secretary pro tern, was confirmed by the meeting.
in order to balance the prize to the
■ hampionship Hairy cow. h was sug-
gested   that   the special   prize nf Jlft,
given  by ths Imperial Hark of Canada, be given to the winner of the
championship class, bull section.
The  meeting  then  adjourned   until
■ exi Monday, August 28th.
Official Thermometer Itcnillnu:*
At Cranbrook
Max. Mln.
Thursday, Augusl 17   82 ?,s
Friday, August 18   8.1 -40
1 Saturday. August 19  82 58
Sunday, August 20   8*"> 54
Monday. Augusl. 21    77 40
Tuesday, August 22   81 39
Wednesday, August 23  83 53
Cranbrook Fall Fair, Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. 12 &13
The Big East Kootenay Fair
Tuesday, September 12. Music by Crnnbrook Dane* Orcbntn.     ■       QftflCC flt  AuditOniHTl   EflCn   CVCniflfl^       "      Wednesday, 8.-pteml)«r IS, Musi, l.y llobliiRor-'a Orchestra. VAiM    1"W0
The Satisfaction that good
work gives Is worth many
limes what you pay.
Jewelers and Opticians
c I'll Wait ii Inspectors
Che Cranbrook Herald
I'u.li.li.il  ovyry Thursday.
Editor end Proprietor
Subscription Price
To I'lllteil Male* ..
.. S-.CII per year
.. $3,50 per j cur
"Willi  a   UlMlo.ll   Without   .  MUMle'
Crlnlnl   b.    I iili.it   I.ulmr
Ailv.ii I uiiiii r.i.i.H -n Application.
Chain''1* tur Ailv.MI„iti_ MUST be In
this olll.e IVcdne.iliLy nuuu the currant
mnl. t. secure attention.
free ami untrammelled electpi*!
and say they were "misled" in j
voting the way they did?
but the choicest morsel is in
the last paragraph of the statement the Premier makes, llel
has no hesitation in saying—
though perhaps if he Iiad such
laps! linguae would remain dis-'
creetly unsaid—that liolh tht
bootleggers and the prohibition- ]
ists were opposed to lllm. Ho
could not have offended any1
more had he gone a little far-:
ther and pointed out Who was
which. The bootleggers are the
people thai the Premier's Mod-
oration Act was going to wipe
out of existence, and the prohibitionists at one lime thought
the Premier their friend.
lt takes a well balanced mall
lo swallow losses philosophically, and the mail who does nol!
show up well when lie is loshiB.1
lacks one of Uie qualities ihal a
party leader should lmve. anil
much more so the leader of a
liut does not the Premier say
\w won, except for a 289 majority? Ah, well, Ihat setiles It;
there is nothing more to In* snicli
except that the Premier has
started out admirably to lose.
the next election contest that
may be held In Cranbroolt ■
whenever it comes.
Mystery Mack of Montreal
A Serial written specially for tbe Cranbrook Herald.
1. The Stanton Murder
"We wore !
v.. [Ud mir tint
government ui
Oliver nil  Iiis I
wliere lit.- spen
in liie ciaiilin
union simply becaiiBO
i in dismissing tlie late
ont," declurod Premier
.'iiirn rrom tbe Interior,
ton days campaigning
ult by-olecllon fight.
John Stantoni Ranmore Supertu-
leniteill ot the R.L'.It., lias boen found
murdered lu Iiis olllce. Mytery Mack
of Montreal, well known detective, is
called In b.v the railroad lo prolio tint
mystery. An Initialled pocket knife,
supposed to belong to Joe Murphy,
j who Is known to lmve had cause lo
dislike the murdered mini. Is fuuinl In
the room, liut tlie ilotoctlvo also tlmlH(
some clues thut seem to Indicate 11 fnm-
! inliie hand lu the mystery. He commences his Investigations by talking
wiili a Mrs. Ruscom, whose hunchback
sun is also known In havo burno a
strong dislike io the murdered rell-
        : rtiml oitlcinl.
Muiic  spenl   some  lime  llml   nlghl
— ,, ,,,      giving tho exterior ot tho building and
a Milder and IS. Mapson. auditors ^ „*_,..„„,,.._„ „ ,„.„„.„ ,„.„„„„„.
the Oeorge A. louche ft Co., Cal- _o mmnU . wwu.
■ *"'" "> Wv'""" ""s """" "" b"K- !„„•„ initialed Handkerchief.   This he
"Yes, I've heard as much."
"You hail trouble with the late Superintendent, hadn't you?"
"Wc lmd wtords."
"Did you see Mr. Stanton the day of
Iiis death, or during that evening?"
"fflo, t did not. i hadn't seen his
unwelcome self for more'n a week."
"What waa the rimse of the troulilti
between you and lhe murdered man?"
"He bawled me out over me wc.rk
wlihoiii cause, In front of me men,
and 1 threatened to kill him then and
"Ilow did It. happen that he didn't
tire you?"
"i couldn't Hay. perhaps because I
had heen wllh the H (Mt. ho Ioiij. tbat
In- didn't  like to rhnure It."
"Why nol? Why wouldn't he like
tn chance It?"
"Trouble uif-Khl spread amonKHt lhe
men. lor they till know me."
places along with his olher feminineI    "Had you ever tm(i wnr(Ia wln, Mr.
lues, and his next step Ih to ro and j stanton before?"
Wothin' nuich, but he was always
'.'No, never once."
Mystery Mack's lout; and dangling
arms seemed to reach to the Door aB
he adjusted one loug leg over the
other, and let those Hail like arms
drop loosely, while he gazed up at
the celling; there was silence for a
moment, then suddenly the great detective straightened up. thrust a hand
in n trouaer pocket, und pulled out
the knife which had beon found beside tlie murdered man; he said:
"Ever see this hefore, Murphy?"
"Why, that's ine knife. Where did
you get It?"
"It's yours, Is ll?"
"Yes, Hiirc, It, wus me father's beforo me."
"How  long since you saw It  last?"
"A week, maybe; where did you got
it ?"
"lt was Found beside tho dead man
ihe morning the body was discover*
Kill them all, and the
germs too. 10c a packet
at Druggists, (Jrocers
and General Stores.
ors siiir.ii i:\is
it!*ri.ivi:i> at
thaii, sMi:i,ri:it
Clark is Bnondlng a raw,
lie the Rliest of Mrs. Pre<l|80^^_r•,11^.,W•,0?Q..■_ml^0  """   """"'
' I near thc murdered man.
riiArrnt IV.
The locals came oui nu tlm wrong
end of a 4—3 score in an exhibition
game with Ferule on Sunday laat ou
ilie   Kernie   diamond.    Lewis   pitched _ _^^^^^________________________________________________
the  flrsl   four Innings allowing five I tll0>*e was a woman or girl in the case
hits.   Pour runs were scored off him, I -Somewhere.    Uud   Stanton  been   —
the bad tempered devil; hut 1 should
speak no ill of the dead."
"Was there  any  other reason  for
"Apart rrom that, wo Won," declared
ihe Premier. "I lmve no hesitation in
saying thai by false representations
Han man (Mr, Walllngor) created
sympathy ror himself whicli we could
nut overcome, Onr action in dismissing him was made the sole issue, and
iho administration record ot the Government was Ignored by tho electors,
who were ted astray through the tactics of the friends of lhe Conservative
"A situation was created In Cranbrook such as I have never before experienced in the whole length of my
polilical existence." declared Hon. Mr.
Oliver. "I have no hesitation in suy
lug tho Government round itself confronted with ihe opposition uf both
the bootlegging and prohibition elements."
The Premier, supposedly the
first geutleinan In Hie province,
lowers himself si ill further in
Ihe estimation of those who,
even after his campaign methods in the by-election, were prepared to believe he still had in
him Uie qualities that go to
make up a same loser.
In the heal of an election contest one is prepared to understand even a prime minister is
prone to let fall some utterances that in cooler circumstances would probably go unsaid. But several days after, to
delived himself of statements as
indicated above, is not only
tactless, bnl vindictive and
worse. From another aspect it
is absurdly childish, and quite
iu keeping with the attitude of
the Premier from tlie lirst appearance he made in the campaign, tie arrived here quite
prepared to ram down the
throats of all and sundry some
information he had collected at
Victoria, disregarding entirely
what facts the Cranbroolt people knew of the matter at issue,
These things apparently he
cared nothing of. ami charged
bravely al the Mood opinion people held of Mr. Walllngor, expecting it would fall before iiis
onslaught like the walls of .ler-
The imputations Mr. Oliver
makes will not go unnoticed hy
the thousand odd electors wlio
saw lit lo disagree wiih him.
aud will arouse resentment.
Tbey know Mr. Walinger made
no false representations, but
merely answered the charges
the Premier levelled at his head.
Had he not tlie right to do this
even? And who made lhe matter the sole issue of the election,
but. the Premier himself, when
for lifty minutes lie labored on
the platform and endeavored in
language which was more forcible than il was elegant lo create the impression that it was
only through his forebear-
ance that Mr. Walllnger wiih
not. saddled with even more misdoing?
And what right lias the Premier to contradict a thousand
The election of Mr. Bowser to!
further leadership of the Conservative parly In tliis province
will be received witli something
akin to cahgrtn by those of his!
opponents wlio have delighted
to proclaim from the housetops
that. Mr. Bowser was a discredited man within his own party.
In a convert ion free from any
suspicion of manipulation, he
won the leadership over such a
man as II. II. Stevens. It is
well for the party that two such
men could come up in a matter
of this kind, antl from the conduct of the convention subsequently, when all signs of differences were put away, it is evident that any rift in the inner
workings of the political parties
provincially does not exist in
the Conservative ranks.
The retention of Mr. Dowser
in the leadership indicates anew
that a man may he temporarily
overshadowed by calumny and
abuse, but unless there is proper foundation for it. he will
come again into a place in the
sun. He has made mistakes—
who hasn't? — but his experience in provincial affairs,
stretching over two decades,
makes him the most versatile
man in B.C. politics today.
Ted Crowe making the error that
brought two over tho plate for thc
coal miners in the fourth, Hollister
decorated the knob ill the fifth and
pitched sensational bull, allowing only
iwo hits aud holding the crack Pernie
nine scoreless tor lho lust live innings.
Wycllffe came lo life in the sixth, got
next to Anil's offerings and scored
three runs off him in that inning. The
last three innings were scoreless on
both sides with both teams on their
toes. Tlie game was a good one
throughout, with very few errors and
gin id Holding. Pernio will ploy n
eturn game on the local diamond next
Stuulny, if Kimberley still refuses to
ay off with Wycllffe.
Mrs. (.*. 0, Staples is spending a few
days ai Premier Lake while Mr. staples is in Windermere on a business
C. (I. Staples len Wednesday for
Wliile River, about 70 miles north of
Sheep Creek, ou a survey trip.
Boh Trew surprised the natives of
tho vilhiKo on Sunday hy actually
bringing homo about twenty tish. Bob
generally gets about twice that numlier on bis hook every time he goes
(isliing, bui somehow or other they always get uway, but this time lie
brought  home the goods.
Extracts from the Cranbrook
Herald of this date,  1902,
The Paradise Mine in the Winder
mere has beeu closed down till comli
tions are more favorable lor mining
low grade silver-lead.
The (|iiestion of a water supply fnr
the clly adeiiuule to its growth is be
Ing discussed. The plan to incorpo
rale and then build a system seems t.
be the most favored suggestion.
Tbe Moyie .Lumber Company commenced this week the work of clearing at Lamb Creek. In order^o afford
an easy way for the logs down to the
The public school rc-opeiicil oa Monday with an attendance under a hundred, which was Increased to no on
the second dny, iu three rooms.
All the apparatus In the brewery
building at Fort Steele will be taken
nut and moved to [-'rank, where the
company will locate.
Mystery Muck spent the following! the had feeling between you and Mr.
day going over lhe evidence he hud so Stanton, 1 nsk you to be frank with
far accumulated.    It was evident that  me. Mr. Murphy."
Xothln' except the work."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If your work was really satisfac*
familiar terms with Bob Murphy's tory. as it must have heen i£ you were
wife? Was this perhaps the under-. with the R.C.R. tk> long, how wns it
lying reason for the enmity between that Mr. Stanton found fault with It?-'
the two men? "I don't know; he seemed to want
He secured Murphy's address, and in to show his authority whenever it
the evening visited his home. Murphy Came to a question of me work."
opened the door as Mystery Mack] "Did Mr. Stanton ever have similar
knocked, and ushered the detective in- trouble with tho other section forci-
lo the living room. -men under him?"
Murphy knew the detective hy sight.1 "Yes, sometimes, but he never
called him by name, and the two bawled them out tho way he did me."
shook hands. Mrs. Murphy came into, "You think he had a grudge asainst
the room, Murphy Introduced her, und  you?"
ihe latter invited the great, aaunt man     "Suro I always thought so."
to be seated. "Had you a grudge against htm?"
Murphy was evidently of Irish de-, "Sure. 1 hated him because he al-
sccti!. ns his name indicated, but he ways tried to make me the goat; he
spoke witli very little trace of the hurt mo standin' with the men work-
brogue, in' under me, and I could have kilted
"Mr. Murphy." Mystery Mack said, him for it."
as lie surveyed the sandy haired man1    "Bill   you   ever   threaten   to   kill
beforo him, "you know that  I  have him?"
boon detailed to take charffo of the     "Matiy's the time, tnlkln' just the
Stanton murder case, don't you?" same ns I'm doln" now, not menntii*
1 _  much of it."
'month of July. "You never planned to kill him  lu
— cold blood?"
The final touches are being put ou     "I couldn't;  I'm an Irishman, and
the exterior of the Thompson Memor- could only kill in a temper, if  you
lal Fort, so thai, in as far as the build- understand me."
ing at any rateJs"concerned, all should      "Yes, yes.    Where   were  you   the
bo  In   readiness   fnr  Wednesday.   Iho night nf tiio murder?"
thirtieth, when  the great  tiala  Week      "Here at home wtth me wife."
commences. "You were neither of you out thut
Following   is   a   statement   of   ore
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_       received at  Ibe Trail Smeller for lhe
"Holy st. Pttlrlckl   How did it got'.poriod during August 8th tn Nth hi-
tliere?" elnslvo:
'That's the question I want you to 1 Name of Mine and Locnlliy Tuns
answer.    When did the knife got out j Black Hock, Northport, Wn     BU
of your possession'." I California. Nelson.  B.C        Ll
"I  lost  It ahOUl a week ago, some-! Northport S. & It. Co,, Northpnrt      S3
wliere  on   the   railroad   irnck   where I Ottawa, BlOoan City, B.C       I"
wo wero workin", I thought." Paradise, Uko Windermere. B.C.     -if.
"You claim you have no knowledge Quflp, Hepublic. Wn     ir.lt
us to how this knife came to be found . Horn, lit? ry Surprise.  New   Deliver     84
beside the murdered mail?" I Rambler Lease, Rambler. n.C..,      43
"No, 1  have nni;   I cannot tell you , silversmith, Sandon. B.C       ..2
anything except that I lost it." Whitewater. Retalaek, B.C      70
"Was this knife well known among 1 COMPANY MINKS  0,824
the section men?"
"Yes. sure, they nearly all knew it |
tor  un told   Intel,   relic; Tv
showed it and talked of fl."
"Hud you any enemies amongst the
men who worked for you?"
"None amongst me own men."
"Hud  you any amongsl   tho otlior
"Yes, some;  I've fought with some
of them."
"Did   any   of   them   hear   you   a
Perhaps, bul  I didn't  know it, or
"I think that's all to-night, Mr.'
Murphy; I hope you haven't objected
to my questioning you, Your name
has beeu mentioned in connection
with this case, because you threatened the hue Superintendent. 1 may
Jiave to see you again."
"That's all right, Sir; goodnight."
Mystery Mack said good-night satisfied over ono thing—Mrs. Murphy
■hadn't black hair. It was red; good
honest Irish red hair that couldn't be
called by any other name.
Could  Murphy have committed  the
crime?    Certainly la-  had carried a
deep hatred of the murdered man.
(To he continued)
* \0TES •
(Special to The Herald)
Invermere,   B.C.,   Augusl   26.—The
Government liquor store Is expected
lo be open for business some time this
week or the beginning of next.
Master Frank Turner had the misfortune to break his arm while play-
lug at the camp of the Boy Scouts near i
i'anal Flal oue evening last week. Ho
had to ho convoyed the Torly miles by
automobile to the district hospital
Whal nearly approached n cloud-
hurst visited tliis Immediate neighborhood Iliis last week. Moro moisture
hy four times the total amount was
precipitated in three quarters of an
hour than fell during ihe whole of the
Tfotice to Parents
BIRTH CERTIFICATES will he required
for all new pupils entering the Primary
Class at opening of Fall Term, Septemher 5.
Cranbrook Sehooi ffioard
Mr. uud Mrs. C. Johnson, and sons
Bert and Harold, and Everett Staples
left Monday morning on a motor trip
to Spokune, Seattle. Vancouver and
other Coast points. They expect to be
gone ahout two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Masterman or
Stillwater, Minn., wore visiting in Wycllffe a fow days thla week, the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Staples. Mr. and
Mrs. Masterman and Mr. and Mrs. Staples left Tuesday for Vancouver in visit friends and relatives.
Mr. Wm, VollquoUe left Monday for
Rochester, N.Y., where ho will underdo
treatment wiih the Mayo Bros.
Mr. A. Slnplos who was operated on
lu the hospital lu Cranbrni.k ou Saturday last In progressing very favor-
WI MM! It 31 EKE
August  .1111 h tu September 2nd
I miii-she
Opening of Hudson's Bay Fort,
built in honour of David
Indian Pageants depleting fur
trading days and thu arrival of
Rev. Fattier doHiuot. S.J., tho
famous missionary.
Fret) c h-Caiiari.it ti and Indian
dances in costume,
War Canoe Races.
Exhibitions of Costumes, tepoes,
caparisoned horses, for till of
which prizes will he given.
Wild Wesl Stampede and Horse
Racing,    Barheqiie.
Grand Ball, with Hotel PalUsor
(Calgary) Orchestra,
Windermere Dlstrlcl Fall Fair.
Baseball Mulches for Championship of East Kootenay.
Write Hasll 0, II it milt on, Invermere, Secreliii j District Hoard of
Trade fur Olllclal Program, ur
further details.
Piano        Comet and Saxophone     Violin Drums and Bells
W. Smith W. A. Burton W. Thompson Nigel Thompson
The Cranbrook
Dance Orchestra
P.O. Hox 2811
l-Kiml Term. Dates can be made with any ot the players
Hay - Fever
spoil many a holiday.
Positively stops these troubles'
Sneezing, wcezing, coughing,
weeping eyes aren't necessary—
unless you like being that way.
■11 .no at ymir druntjiHt's, or write
remplelons, Toronto, fur a free trial.
Hold hy
—        AM.  TRADES
Eight Room Two Storey
Separate soalotl Tenders will be received by tbe undersigned up lu (I p.m., September Int. 1022, for un addition
l» tin1 Central School nl Cranbrook, B.C., Tin* Ibe Cranbrook
Board nl' Sebool Trustees. Tenders to be separated as
follows: I
(1) General, includes nll trades except t'i) and (3)
(2) Plumbing, Healing nud Ventilating.
(3) Electrical Work.
Certified cheques equal lo five per cent, of amount of
tender to accompany all bids, which cheque will be forfeited should contractor fail to enter Into contract when called upon.
Succesful contractors will 'be required to furnish approved Surely Bond to amount of twenty per cent, of amount of contract.
Copies of plans and specifications may be obtained
at the office of the Architect, II. L. SWAN, PENTICTON,
B.C.. or from the undersigned on deposit of a sum of Ten
Dollars, which will be refunded when plant! and specifications are returned in good order.
The lowest or any tender not hecesarily accepted.
Secretary, Cranbrook Board of School Trustees.
2R-27 Cranbrook.
MILK    12*_e. quart
Over 1 quarts a (lay .. lie
t/j pint   15c
— From —
gives you a receipt for
beautiful teeth
Use Jsvsscll sure
C'UANUnOOK      -      -  B.C.
Wliere It |>uys lo ileal
In China, doctors are paid so long as tlieir
patients keep well. That is a mighty good
theory for batteries as well as human beings.
Regular inspection and testing by our service
deportment will aid you in keeping your battery in a healthy condition.
We will keep the old battery going as long n3
possible, no matter what make, but when a new
one is needed we recommend the long life Exide.
Ratcliffe and Stewart
0 It AN II ROOK,   ll.C.
Bruce Robinson
Teacher ef Mush*
Studio above Murdock Mcl-cod's. PI ,• log
Sub-Agent -. Heintzman & Co. Pianos
■ »   »   »   ,,,,,1,11'* A   »   » '»' »   .  *
Thompson Memorial
Opening  Celebration
Lake Windermere Bungalow Camp
AUGUST SOth AND 81st, 1922.
For purllcularfl  of fares and special sleepers from Calgary,
August 2»ili, apply to
11. 'J'. Molr, Ticket Agent, Cranbrook, II.C. IFRS1MY, AUGUST 24,1922
What B.C. Thinks of the By-Election
Mr. Housor said the eyes of B.C. were on Cranbrook dur-
' Ing the By-Election, and Irom the newspaper comments
published below it would seem to be true.
'- (KamloopB Standard-Sentinel)
i >w  political  candidates have tri-
| lied over a greater combination of
i ■» thuu tlioso brought together at
; ibrook   this   week   lo  keep   N.   A.
linger oui of iho sunt rendered va-
by  Iho   promotion   ot  Hon.   Dr.
i to the Federal Cabinet.  This by-
Mon was proceeding along the uhu-
Inen when Hon. John Oliver hap-
id along and litfused bis tinmlslalc-
brand  of  poWOUUlltlflB  Into  lho
st, aeouBlng the Conservative cau«
i1 of malfeasance wlillo acting an
ritment   Agent.    Tluti   wan   the
and when tbo entire Victoria
lol camo along later, Ihere was
ng tdo gross or corrupt In tbo
if Insinuation.
Wulllnger'H advent to the LegtB-
nuiks at  Victoria will  be an
nil Ion to that body,   It will hold
more honorable und hardly one
peculiarly upright calibre,
3.*.is ii greal assault on Cranhrook
ihe Cabinet carried out.   There
otiilng too crude for these minis-
o pull off. either, mid bribes gu-
'-.•ere offered nnd for the most part
ilered at their true value.   John
r, the Liberal candidate, went ho
i stating that he would resign if
(Utton was not. forthcoming to tbe
louse, immediately he was elect-
Cranbrook kept its head and
he crestfallen legislators back to
•la, electing Mr. Walllnger, whose
:nt this is, having come through
retched   ordeal,   falsely   testified
against, yet wtth flying colors and an
enhanced reputation for fair dealing
and what these Victorians would be
the last to understand, the conduct of
a gentleman.
(Vancouver Province)
Whither we regard the Cranbrook
election us a political verdict or as a
electioneering presence or the Premier i
and practically all of his ministers, the ,
Cranbrook electors have tried to drive'
home the fact that the Oliver regime!
has losi the confidence of the people.    I
(Victoria Times)
The size of the majority attained by
tbe Conservative candidate is an indication of popular sentiment in his pur-
Bvery effort was mude to win the'particular case. The Cranbrook people
seat. Practically ihe whole personnel j should know him more than ordinarily
of the Cabinet camped iu the coustitu-1 well uud their decisfon in respect of
■aiicy for a fortnight; in addition they | his ability to enter the wider sphere
had such electioneering notables as! of public service must naturally be
Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith und Ian Mac-   respected.
Kenzie, and a Government organizer
had been on tbe job for muny weeks.
Heavy expenditures for roadwork,
promises of an irrigation system and a
new court house for Crunbrook within
a year, were some of the bribes.
,Au effort is being made to minimise
the effect of the loss of tbis Government scut by claiming that the per
mil vindication of Mr. Walllnger isonal element iu the campaign became
II Is ii local reverse for the Government Itoih (he pen-tonal aud political Issues were presented lo the electors hy tbe Premier aud his colleagues.
thu sole Issue. Hill thai wus ouly »
factor, there were many other factors.
The (ioverumenl's policies were fairly
placed before the p&pte by able ex-
Tho ministers cun not accuse them- ponents.
solves or be accused or neglecting thej 	
campaign, They were present lu force       ,,^y nt \Mii.ooh lttisri.T
unit lite people of the district had the
opportunity to hear both sides of the (Vancouver World)
political  argument from the  highest!    Mr.    Walllnger.    member-elect    ut
provincial authority. I Cranbrook, ought to make a popular
Thore Is little doubt, however, thai/11"1 diligent representative
ihe record of Mr. Walllnger as a pub- tin °r matters
He officer, his reputation In the community ami his dismissal by the Government largely effaced other Issues.
Mr. Walllnger Is to be congratulated
on the verdict given by his neighbors.
It Is evident that they believe him to
he worthy of their confidence. In its
party aspects this opposition victory
offsets the loss of Nelson by the Conservatives and leaves the Government
with the same majority that it had before the by-elections. This will give
greater interest In the forthcoming
Liberal-Conservative Convention and
In tbe provincial leadership.
(Grand Forks Gazette)
When Cranbrook voters elected Mr.
As a crl-
f Internal administration he should he useful If he overcomes the temptation to dwell on his
personal grievances with the Government.
So fur as the Government ls concerned, the loss of the Cranbrook seat
does uot affect Its standing In the new
House, being merely a set-off against
Ihe N'elson gain. Nor can the critics
of the Government claim the decision
to be a public reproof of Its policies.
The issue—despite ull effortB to thei
contrary—narrowed itself down to the)
personal grievance of Mr. Walllnger, j
In which he had a host of sympathizers
and supporters.
Mr, Wallinger's election ls being acclaimed by Mr. Bowser's friends as a
triumph for the Opposition leader, and
I'he Leader of the Opposition and
his supporters decided to turn the election into something like a court of appeal for Mr. Wa Mincer, and It will
have to be admitted thut a majority of
the voters consider the former Government Agenl at Cranbrook has been
harshly treated. On this account tbe
successful candidate is entitled to
place what value he choose upon thc
result nt yesterday's poll.
It cun be suid at tliis Juncture that
the campaign which has just beeu
brought to a close Is additional proof
of the fact thut human Interest and
parochialism in politics are just us
fashionable as ever. Matters relating
to broader Issues whlcb are of Importance to the people of British Columbia
as u whole were treated with scan) .
consideration. As a matter of fact j
the lust hours of the light saw tbe
Government's dismissal of Walllnger
on the one side and Mr. Taylor's promise of a courthouse on the other as the
paramount questions Involved. Human
interest triumphed over material considerations. That and nothing more
ls the only really significant factor In
the verdict. The Government is just
as well off as It was hefore the election.
Pomtlftr Car
The ChavAaol€t4M
pUBLIC favor changes when reasons for a change are obvious.
•*• Public opinion as to the most popular car of thc future is changing.
Users of low-priced motor transportation arc demanding completely equipped automobiles, modern In every respect, with nothing
left to buy tut the license plate. The new Superior Chevrolet is
fully equipped, including modern 3 speed forward and reverse, sliding gear transmission, standard service and hand brakes, electric
starter, demountable rims, water and oil pumps and speedometer.
In addition to completeness, buyers insist on real ecanmy in four
Important essentials. They demand low initial cost; low gasoline
consumption; low repair costs; and long tir. life. The new Chevrolet ....cells in these particulars. Twenty-five to thirty miles on a
gallon of gasoline is not uncommon. It c.cells i i oil economy as
well. Repair costs are low, because every Chevrolet part is built
to give long life under hard conditions.
You owe it to yourself to examine the new Chevrolet, the car
which is establishing a new standard and has become Canada's most
popular car.
Ask us about our deferred payment plan.
Kootenay   Garage
Cranbrook B.C.
N. A. Walllnger. Conservative, ns tlieir' *m""3 on the eve ot the Conservative
member In the Legislature last Tues-;<'""""••*''•• *•*** tlm party leader*
■lav over Mr. John Taylor, Liberal, ■■■■■-> ls »t Make, will strengthen Mr.
ihey spoke In no uncertain voice, andiiB^wsf '8 ■■-•"*• -J"'1 undoubtedly land
they decided quite a number of mat
ters ol' more than passing significance     The defeat of the Government can-
at this time.
First ot all they have given Premier
Oliver a stinging rebuke on his overworked policy of discharging faithful
didate makes it necessary to inquire
into the authenticity ot the reported
press dispatches wherein Mr. Taylor
was alleged to have declared ln his
.0 Wonder nil herbal balm tor la*
-Its t ikla dl.eaH. Stic, all auiorm.
servants to make room for political!closing speech of Ihe campaign that he
heelers, and have also administered a would resign from the Legislature unwell deserved snubbing to the Govern-j less the Government voted at the next
menl leader, who attempted to malign j session a grant for a new courthouse
the personal character of Mr. Wallln- for Cranbrook.
ger. This is an unpalatable form of cam-
t'.ranbrook electors have also clearly I palgn to electors on the coast who re-
Intinialed that they have souls ot their call the chain of courthousea and prl-
own and the constitution cannot be | sons which formed election bribes in
bartered; and by fairly ridiculing the| former regimes.
forthcliffe's Impression of Canada
(Vancouver Sun)
Whether or not the Liberal leaders
will concur, the rank aud file of Liberalism in British Columbia are pretty
much agreed that if the Liberal Party j -    ' — ■   ■■--*■■  ■      —'-'■"--
Is to continue ln power there mUBt be; After wasting six hundred thousand some slight indication tb,
no more stupid bungling in leadership on a court house for Prince Rupert' VV. J. Bowser bus nol quil
and conduct of party affairs, both Pro- (which was not required u fraction as!in completely ruining lho <
vinclal and Dominion. much us settler's roads), lho Govern- Party  In B.C.  uotwlthsti
The indignity of a Premier charging ment should have hud more sense than: thhif;   to the contrary  cl
thr-bugh   a   constituency   flourishing to try and bribe the citizens of ('run- enemy propaganda and si
puerile affidavits against a discharged [brook In u similar manner. [the fours of timid supporte
Government employee, is quite ln keep
Ing with tlie program of abuse and
Billingsgate which Hon. John Oliver
has dealt fn for the past five years.
Such a program is not good enough;
It never has been good enough; but: ,..,,,
I respect to B.C.-Federa
Hon. Dr. King's absence from lhe,
campaign, especially In view of the)
seat being the one just vacated by him. I
As a iliuii appeal in his campalgi
the   Governmeni    candidate   In   tin
Is uo more understandable than someI Cranbrook  by-election  promised   Lha
of his actions, and luck of action, iu ! if he was elected antl Lhe uew cour
Mrs *M K smith. ML A., wns bitten
' t dog during the election contest
in tlie ('ranbrook riding. This was
certainly carrying the Walllnger dis-
-mints] incident to most extraordinary
lengths. Why should the canine of the
species demonstrate such partisanship? -Victoria Times.
tliere seems to be no way of bringing
this truth home to the Llberul Tarty
until it ls everlastingly too late.
Governed always hy strong personal
prejudice, Premier Oliver has lost the
people of this province millions of dollars In revenue not collected or wasted, while his time has been taxed
twelve to eighteen hours daily with
To-day the general public wants uo-
nu: nt.tMiHook election
(Golden Star)
Tho very gratifying victory of N.
Arnold Walllnger (u former resident
of Golden), the Conservative candidate
at the recent election In Cranbrook
riding, in spite or nll tbe influence
brought  to bear  by  the  mobilization
ihing bul fact's; people can read and and hig push of JJieentire Government
write, and they insist on doing their
own thinking.   This then confines Gov-
house for Cranbrook did not materialize, he would resign. The man who
talked that sort of small stuff didn't
deserve to be given an opportunity i i
resign.—Calgary Herald.
i'l  loronto and \
tyachting,   it   is
in an old win'
firing — above i
P.R.    Just  three initials, which
t uf us have learnt during the
twenty years or so to regard
the    same     indifference     p«
R.. G.E.R., or Q.N.R.    Just  a
railway    which,   we   are   told.
from    thc    Atlantic    tn    tlie
He,   a   journey   of   over   3,600
r read about Cannae shares in
morning papers, we see beaut i-
'nodels of great steamers in the
.spur-street offices of 'he oom-
', and we hear enthusiastic de-
•tions of the gorgeous scenery
t.g.i which this three-letter rail-
■ runs. To most of us who have
crossed from sea to s.-a by this
'c! of marvels, there is perhaps
■a very great different'.1 hetwer j
R., P.L.M., and the other hit
vays of the world—an appeal :.i
romantic, which lies buried some
'•e in thc staidest Britisher- not
much more powerful.
He fact remains that there arc
•journeys more full nf romance,
beauty, of adventure titan the
I we are making this wce'< h •-
Toronto and Vancouver. It ll
is doubling Gape
'nd-jammer, It is
all it is pioneer-
ess tremendous trains run daily
I coast to coast with the sum
larity, almost with the same
tuality as do the expresses from
ton to Edinburgh, yet every one
u*m is. in a sense, a pioneer,
j we left Toronto we have
id through country which is ex-
the same wild, savage tract
one pines uud gaunt roots as il
{when the first blow of a pick-
' announced the birth of thi)
■ne but the wild animals live
|<, bear, black fox, elk, moose,
leer. The lakes and streams are
f bass and trout and pickerel
■lort of big perch -and to y<>.*
ig out of the window of a C.P,It
the whole land is a sport s-
i paradise, lt is a fair-sized
of tlie world which has not
•ed since the Creation,
ween Toronto and Culgary you
■•very sort of scenery tne world
how you. You find Norway,
ii"1. the Konun Campugua (the
il%t which is that little city
the great name, -Medicine Hal),
along lhe shore of Lake Ku-
•, the Mediterranean by the
■h Riviera, and bits of thc
by Corfu. For miles and miles
•aeh side of Winnipeg you
through limitless wheat-fields
hitig out on either side to the
an, North Norfolk magnified a
and times, a Sahara of grain.
it night I awoke in the small
it, It was not because the train
Mopped, but because a silence,
jitter absence of any sort of
A enveloped us. It is a eom-
tlace to say "a silence which can
hit." but it was, in truth, ex-
1 that. The wide world—the
•tation of Moose Jaw. I think
iia—lay buried beyond rescue
i- a crushing silence. The vast
If the land around us, the sense
solute loneliness bore down ou
ny atoms like the Atlantic on
•fables of its seafloor.
3 on board ths Montmorency I*
uely pleasant. This is what
« like. Outside shs is painted
. crimson aad bar lines give her
hat AUttnetion between a smart
" £*t  end a White Sat
h arc delightful to look
acht holds your eye the
trawler. Bo
at, but the .
At the stem is something rather
ike the captain's stern-walk in an
old three-decker, with a green and
white striped awning. Here is the
gangway, the way In, and here vou
sit In fair weather. Leading out to
the stern-walk is thc drawing-room
observation compartment, where
half a dozen full-sized people can sit
comfort, and where two of the
lame kind can sleep at night in beds
which are no sort of relation to the
offin-bunks on tr iiis-Kuropean express o.«.
Here, loo, is the speed indicator,
most fascinating toy, which is
hourly watched by us all as it climbs
md falls between zero and 55 miles
an hour. For'anl uf this come three
bedrooms, simply and reslfuliy decorated, each with its tables and
Chairs, it* cupboards, dressing-tables,
and wash-stands. Follows a bathroom with a shower.
Beyond these cornel the dining
room, where eight neople can sit
down tu dinner in all comfort and
ten can be arranged for with a little
good-will. This room, with its four
great windows, is also the writing-
.-oorn. A well-fitted desk of proper
•iize lets down out of a recess con-
;ainlng everything the busiest man
can need. In two of the corners are
x couple of spare beds, which disappear into the panelling, in case
you feel hospitable aud invite people
:o spend a night or two on board
this delightful car.
That is one of the charms of this
tremendous run from &ea to sea. It
is one journey for you, who begin
it at Montreal or Toronto and finish
within souml of Lhe Pacific breakers,
but it ia perhaps twenty or thirty
to people along the Hue. Duri..|
your cruise, therefore, you can sen<_
te.rjjraniH through the agency of the
CP.R. and invite a friend to join
you at, say, Winnipeg. Vou do not
say 'Do stay with me on Tuesday
or Wedneaday," but "Keep us com*
pany between Winnipeg   and   Cal-
fary, or betwr?a Woman River and
ndian Head." And, if ths fritnd
ts wise, he hastens to accept and
come aboard with a suit-case,
Beyond the dining-room corns ths
pantry and ths kitchen, whence isna delicto us naala. wkkh. an ******
the same, served in a quite parfect
manner. Nearly every day. at sunrise, one of those kindly. hospRabla
Canadian wayside station masters or
an agent of the C.P.R. boards the
cai with a present of freshly caught
speckled trout or bass, or, if you
happen to be out of the river-lands,
with the next best and most valued
■ hing. an armful of flowers with the
morning dew still on them.
At every hour you are given fresh
proof of the kind-heartedness of
Canadians, who go to any trouble
and travel any distance to do y#u a
simple kindness and wish you luck
on your way.
The courtesy of the C. P. R. officials, which I have known and enjoyed for nearly 30 years, is the
proud and justifiable boast of tha
company, but it is that sort of caairt-
esy which begins with kindness. All
along the line we have had a special
telegraph news-bulletin sent in twice
a day, and the various divisional
superintendents hava left nothing
undone to make our journey as
pleasant as possible. For exaaple,
at Kenora I was taken for a short
motor drive, abandoning the train,
which stopped to pick us up a few
miles further on.
Again, every official on the train
is eager to give you interesting information about the country, the
ities and the peoples, red and white.
One thing which has particularly
itruck me en this journey is the deep
affection in which the Prince df
Wales and the Duke of Connaoght
are everywhere held. From all sorts
of people I have heard just those
little familiar sentences about tbem
which mean so much and which
among English-bred folk are meet
only about people they really like.
Years ago when Canada was alas*
nly a huge, vague territory sprawling between the oceans, with noth
ing to bind it together or give thla
mighty Dominion real cohesion, people who were regarded as rip* far
the asylum used to say that one day
a great steel road would run aoreea
It from end to end and give it what
it needed most, an artery. One af
these dreamers was Butwer Lytton,
who made the prophecy mora thai
sixty years ago. He and ths real
were laughed at.
Then the C.P.R. came along and,
disregarding mountains and rlvara
and hundred-mile long chains of
lakes, every cenceirabla engtnectiu
obstacle, gave Canada and British
Columbia their mighty steal read,
over three thousand miles long, en
which the whole economic life of tha
Dominion depends. And tha whole
of the extraordinary efficiency wUch
Eermeatei this colossal organisation
as been due, each in their turn, ta
Van Home, Shaughnessy, and aaw
K. W. Beatty, presidents of tha a
P. R.
Ths C.P.R. Is one of the greateet
feats of engineering In tha world.
a thing before which a man should
stand bare-headed. And tha Mont-,
morency and her sisters flit over ItJ
back and forth, with ths unconcern!
of a tramway-ear.
1 shall see many wonderful tfata
on my long voyage round tha worH
but I do net think anything ls Ilka*
to impress me mere than thii fii
day run across a continent
(Copyright In United  States aaA
Caaada by UaitW Fna*    ^t
eminent members to the administration of public affairs, and only on the
record of that administration, appeal
to the public for retention of office.
Is tbe discharging of a Government
employee, regardless of cause, the only
forces and of all tbe promises of future government expenditure In that
district—"IF," and provided, etc.—is
above all else, a substantial proof of
the Intelligence, common sense and
fair mindedness of tbe great majority
of the electors of that constituency, to
whom we respectfully tender our sin-
"So far aa I can make out. the re-
-ult o( the by-election was largely Influenced by persona] issues.*' said M.
A. MacDonald, K<\. president of the
Provincial Liberal Association, ln an
Interview with The Province. "I do
not think it was a wise policy on the
part of the supporters of the Government candidate to attack Mr. Walllnger the way they did. Such a method
of campaign defeats- its own end. The
loss ul Cranbrook even-? up the gain by
the Government at Nelson, and I can
hardly regard the loss of the seat yesterday as a strong party defeat in view
justification for retaining tlie Liberal] *-'8r* congratulations,
Party In office? Incidentally it may be accepted as
News reports of the Cranbrook by-
election campaign stated that at the
Liberal rally the electors presented
Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith, who resigned
from the Oliver Cabinet because she
. wanted to be free to criticise the Govornment, with a handsome bouquet,
j The one the Crnnbrook people had for of rhe personal issues tbat developed."
, "Honest" John was reserved for elec-l —-Vancouver Province.
J Hon day—and they gave It to him. At- 	
tempts to bribe the elcetors of Cran-j " * *
ibrook  with promises of a new rourt.    "Have you read Scott's novels."
house,   expensive   Irrigation  and   re-      "All but his "Emulsion.'   I have seen
iclamatton projects failed to win over i< advertised, but I have never been
the sane people of that riding. Were- able to get a copy."—The Novelist's
Iterate again that tiie Oliver r*?eime is Journal.
To Holders of Five Year
5\ per cent Canada's
Victory Bonds
Issued In 1917 and Maturing lst December, 1922.
THE MINISTER OF FINANCE offers to holders
of these bonds who desire to continue their
investment in Dominion of Canada securities the
privilege of exchanging the maturing bonds for new
bonds bearing 5) per cent interest, payable half yearly,
of either of the following classes: -
(a) Five year bonds, dated lst November,
1922, to mature lst November, 1927.
(b) Ten year bonds, dated lst November,
1922, to mature lst November, 1932.
While the maturing bonds will carry interest to lst
December, 1922, the new bonds will commence to earn
interest from lst November, 1922, GIVING A BONUS
This offer is made to holders of the maturing bonds
and is not open to other investors. The bonds to be
issued under this proposal will be substantially of the
same character as those which are maturing, except
that the exemption from taxation does not apply to the
new issue.
Dated at Ottawa, 8th August, 1922.
Holders of the maturing bonds who wish to avail
themselves of this conversion privilege should take
LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30th, to a Branch of
any Chartered Bank In Canada and receive in exchange
an ofiicial receipt for the Iw.ids surrendered, containing
an undertaking to deliver the corresponding bonds of
the new issue.
Holders of maturing fully registered bonds, interest
payable by cheque from Ottawa, will receive their
December 1 intere-t cheque as usual. Holders of
coupon bonds will dct.ch and retain thc last unmatured
coupon before surrenderins thc bond itself for conversion
The surrendered bonds will be forwarded by banks
to the Minister of Finance at Ottawa, where they will
be exchanged for bonds of the new issue, in fully
registered, or coupon registered or coupon bearer form
carrying interest payable lst May and lst November
of each year of the duration of tlie loan, the first interest
payment accruing and payable lst May. 1923. Bonds
of the new issue will be sent to the banks for
delivery immediately after the receipt of the surrendered
The bonds of thc maturing issue which are not
converted under this proposal will be paid off in cash on
the lst December, 1922.
Minister of Finance. PAGE FOUR
> ^aamiHHimmiiiiiiiiiHi^
Cut Brier
More Tobacco for the Money
Canada's best bqy<-
the ECONOMY Package
• -lit   hv
ilatod Mil
ai thoNfl
Tho 1922 Edition of lho Canadian
Newspaper Directory haa been Issued
by A. McKlm, Limited, of Montreal,
Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg nnd London, England.
Messrs. MoKlm nro the foremost authorities on tho newspaper situation
in Canada and their annual publication
—The Canadian Nowspaper Directory
—Is Lhe one authentic record of tli
standing of the Dominion's advertising
The linn of A. McKlm, Limited, is
the oldest and largest organization in
the advertising agency business in the
country, and tho new edition of the
Canatllun Newspaper Directory is tho
fifteenth issue of this work. A. McKlm, Limited, the newspapers of Canada, and the Directory have nil grown
up together, Ihe Oral edition of the
bonk being published moro thuu thirty
years ago,
I nun.*', [trend is OOOD Brood
Ills pies, Cakes nnd Pastry are
made in a tasty manner whicli
InvllCfl the most exacting pei'-
. >u hi dill again, nt
1'lionc B7      •      Norbury Ave.
The Canadian Newspaper Directory
describes In detail every town and village iu the Dominion which boasts n
newspaper of any description at all;
it gives also the .surrounding towns
and villages that have no papers of
their own and are obliged to look to
the towns listed for their news :>f the
world's happenings.
The Directory gives the exact location of each lown in its relation to
other centres of importance, Hie railroads and waterways by which It Is
served; the telegraph, banking and
express facilities; the public- buildings,
tho chief Industries and the various
occupations in which the people of the
lown engage. It proceeds then to describe lhe papers that arc published
thero. giving their periods of issue-
dates of publication, names nf pnliish-
ci's, politics, subscription prices, number and sizes of pages, circulations,
The Canadian Newspaper Directory
shows that there are to-day 12fi daily
papers being Issued In the Dominion,
as compured with 121 last year; .).».-
weeklies, and 801 monthlies, Witli tho
other publications issued at various
Intervals (here are fn all 1643 journals
of one sori and another being published and read by Ihe people of Canada
at this moment.
The 1922 Edition or the Canadian
Newspaper Directory is indispensable
to everyone connected with publishing
and advertising and, by no means, t-
Ihese fields alone are lis uses confined
It will lie found Invaluable to the
salesman planning hfs Itinerary, to tho
shipper routing his goods, und to
everyone who has occasion to visualize
thu Dominion of Canada cither us a
whole or section by section, from a
merchandiser's point of view.
it Is a business publication wtth a
thousand and one uses for business
men everywhere. Price $3.00, from the
How BrlliBli Columbia is taking an
important! position in the British Empire   with   respect   to   the   industrial
metals of copper, lead uud zinc, and
their utilization lu industry, is com?
mented upon by the industrial Progress and Commercial Record of British Columbia, in its August issue.   Research work of the highest type is being dene, comments the Record, and
the metallurgists of the province are
ig discoveries, which will rapidly
sslble tlie economic dovelop-
thu complex ores of British
, whicli are different In many
frnm those round elsewhere,
onnoctlou, the Record makes
in an interesting announce-
the manager of lhe Consoll-
ning and Smelting Chit* pany,
ii .Mining Convention.  This
company, as the manager showed, has
il ready done, much to mako possible
ilie* economic production of load, zinc
and copper from the Interior ores of;
the province.
The new development is the production of a new chemically pure Iron
from pyrrhotte, which is u complex ore
mined at the Sullivan Mines at Kim-,
berley. The process, as it was des-1
crlbed in the newspaper notices, Is un
electrolytic one for the manufacture
on a large scale of pure iron, whieh on
account of its purity is not readily
oxldlzable and would have a. very wide
commercial field with practically an
unlimited market. This ore, ns it has
boen described, can be rolled cold in
sheets of great thickness and it resembles raw Iron in all respects, but it is
practically free from any impurities.
The Record in this reference to the
convention, notes the very optimistic
address given  by  tho Hon. William
, , Sloan. Minister of Mines  for  British
tale, with plenty ol action and not a _ .     ..    .      .. .   .      ...,,,
  Columbia, in which he stated that at
no lime In Canadian history have the
Port Coquitlam, B.C.—On July BO
the city treasurer received $10,000,
the C. P. tt. taxes, which were not
really payable until August 31. There
is jubiluliun in the City Hall fur
these taxe-i are the first paid since
the expiry of the by-law fixing the
flat rate.
St. John, N.B.—All the C. P. R.
employees now living who served in
the recent war will have a token to
commemorate their sacrifice In the
shape of a scroll which is a fine
piece of work and Ls almost a copy
of the large bronze tablet unveiled
by the C, P. R. here on April 28,
1922, The scroll is signed by E. W.
Beatty, President C, P. It.,'and
E. Alexander, Secretary. The inscription on the scroll reads:
"In honor of duty nobly dime. Thia
scroll serves to commemorate that,
while in thc service of the Canadian
Pacific Railway (ths recipient's name
appears here), relinquished his position in response to thc call of King
and country and served during the
Great  War 1014-1018,"
Tlie base of the scroll in set olT hy
the names of the following battles:
Ypres. Festubert, the Som me, Vimy,
Mill 70, Passchcndaele, Amiens, Cambrai, Drocourt-Queant and Mons.
M.m:.Miti:it itou ami gun
Tbe September Issue of Rod and
Gun In Canada, now on sale, ts one
which should please tlie spoilsman
and tho outdoors man, for there are
many attractive features, all of which
should prove of Interest. JL Mortimer Ratten, whose work bus achieved prominence through the columns
of this magazine, has an absorbing
story, entitled: "The Terror of The
Canyon."  which is a  swiftly moving
In offering to renew the five and a
half per cent. Canadian Government
bonds maturing December 1st al the
samo rate of interest as Is carried by
the maturing bonds, and allowing a
bonus of one month's Interest, the
Minister of Finance Is making a mute-
rial concession to the Canadian investor, as this rate fs higher than
was paid on the recent Canadian loan
In New Vork. The high class of the
security, which is the very best that
cun he otTered In Canada, and tbe liberal rate or interest sbould lead to
large investment In these Dominion
bonds. Attention is directed to the
official advertisement giving details.
few thrills. There aro other good
stories, also, while Bonnycnstle Dale's
usual article fs one of decided merit.
A special feature is the complete
tabid of iho seasons for all game,
largo and small. Ui each province of
the Dominion, and this Information,
being complete and yet compact,
should be u boon to hunters nnd
sportsmen everywhere. The guns and
Ammunition department, edited by C.
S. Landis, easily upholds the splendid
standards previously established, antl
that Is a guarantee of value and quality.
Robert Page Lincoln's Fishing Notes
wilb Queries and Answers, contain
much material of importance lo the
angler, and this popular department
again offers something good for the
delectation of all those who pursue the
finny beauties. The Kennel department, as well as tbe Trap and Photo
departments, are of high  merit, nnd
mines of British Columbia and of the
entire Pacific Northwest been more to I
tho forefront, and, in his opinion, ihe I
tide has turned, iu pointing out the
signs that indicate improvement, Mr.'
Sloan emphasized that while tho value
of mineral production in British Columbia has decreased 21 per cent in
1921, as compared wllh the previous
year, the aggregate value lor lust year
being $28,000,000, this decrease compared very favorably with the 77 per
cent decrease In Arizona, 7i"> per cent
in Montana. 70 per cent in Washing-'
mn, 77 per cent in New Mexico. In
.Mr. Sloan's view, notwithstanding adverse influsnees. British Columbia In *
the mining industries has been more,
than holding her own.
As for mining activities throughout |
the  province,  this  is  reported  to bei
continuing   on   a    very   satisfactory j
scale.   In all branches oi' the industry
there are many other artfcles and sto-j copper, gold, silver mining, new dev-|
ries. loo numerous to mention, whicl
gv> to complete a magazine of quantity
plus quality.
ROD AND GUN IN CANADA Is published monthly by W. J. Taylor. Limited, at Woodstock, Ontario.
A man took his wife to Mie doctor.
Ho was a simple follow, and had lived
in the country all his life. The doctor
placed a thermometer in the wife's
mouth. Just before he removed R the
man, who had watched spellbound, being unused to such silence on the pnrt
of his bettor half, blurted out: "Doctor, whal will you take for that thing
you put lu her mouth?"
—Boston Posl.
olopments are being reported every
month, ami it appears likely that a
numlier of new mines will enter the
shipping list during the present season. There is also the prediction that
tho large copper companies will reenter the dividend list from which!
they have been absentees for the past
threo years or more.
Mrs. Brown and daughter Jessie of
Cranbrook, who have been here on a
visit to Mrs. Fransen, have returned
home.—Creston Review.
Word has jusi. been received from
Cranbrook Hospital tbat Mr. Crowe's
condition is improving.—Creston Review.
Regina.-—The Saskatchewan better
farming train brought its highly
successful tour to a conclusion recently, and Mr. Williams, agricultural agent of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, expressed his belief that this train, the biggest yet
operated, with the biggest attendance, also got bigger and better re-
sull   than any of its predecessors.
"Many silos," said Professor Winters, of the Animal Husbandry Department of the College of Agriculture, who was on the train through
the whole trip, "will be built ns a
result of tho visit of the better
farming train."
Professor Potts, who was lecturing on dairying and who was in
charge of the dairy exhibit car, stated that in the southern and eastern
parts of th-? province there is a very
noticeable increase in the interest
taken in cow testing work, and one
result of the tour of the train, he
was convinced, will be that a very
large number nf dairymen will now
adopt this method and many others,
formerly doubters, are now convinced of the value of this system.
Lubrication, ignition and carburetor troubles were the chief matter-?
upon whit h farmers sought the assistance of Mr. Joseph-son in the
fa- . mechanics car. nnd he believed
that an unprecedented number of
power users benefited by brir.giir;
thei problems for solution to the
better farming train.
Roth the hous-_ho!d science and Ihe
forestry sections were very busy
throughout the triri.
In the field h-islundry car Miss
Erayford's bees nttracteo considerable attention. This lady has kept
bees for many years near Wawota,
ar.d last year her output of honey
reached  well  over 000  pounds
J. K. Finlayson, who was in charge
of the poultry eai the greater part
of the trip, states tliere- seem-i to be
a good deal of doubt regarding the
cotton fronted poultry house, some
complaining that the birds froze
their combs. Thi*. he said, was ■ c-
cau3e the house was overcrowded,
and the more hens there are the
more moisture conies from the condensing breath. A hen's tempera*
ture is lOfi, and she can stand the
cold perfectly well, es long as the
air is dry. The cotton fronted poultry house, with insulated walls and
properly ventilated, has been fo-iml
absolutely satisfactory at the College
of Agriculture.
The total attendee? for the tour
wae 32.881, and surpa«-ed *S* f'-nor
Vest on record by 107, The di.Tor-
ence between this year nrd last year
would have been many more had it
r,ot been for the fad that heavy rain
spoiled the Ia°t day's attend men,
when three meetings were ■cVd'i-ed
The average daily attendance was
1,001, and thp total alterd^nri. was
comprised of 0.27R men; 0-112 wn-
mp-n: 1.1,071 boys ar.d c.rls; and
8,303 babies.
Tke Vice-Regal  Visit to Banff
Montana itestnurant
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Meals at All Hours
Opposite the Bonk of Commerce
Victoria. B.C.— Greater production,
mailer Importation and greater exportation of farm products were preillcieil last woek by thc Hon. E. D,
Barrow, Minister or Agriculture,
through tbo Increased area of land
under cultivation as a result of work
nderlakeii hy the Government.
Because of the rebates given by the
Oovernment on stumping powder 0,702
acres have beeu brought under cultivation. Altogether 2,995 persona received rebates on 10,178 cases or
slumping powder thoy used for land
clearing. Tbo rebates are covered by
the grant or $30,000 made by the Legislature last session at the request nr
Mr.  Barrow to stimulate cleuring.
There will also be 44,000 more acres
muter cultivation next year when tho
Government  finishes the reclamation
and Irrigation work at Somas and Oso-
oos, Mr. Barrow said.
in iheir fcxceiltncifi, Baron tne Lid; Umi, *«• mUi*.
•ited  ipectatora  ■!  lh* a parti.
(2) Tht aquiwi helped nil thi f ran<titand anS clwalj watched
tt.-j.; ti.a.i-« In llu racing and oth.-r -.porta.
(31 Tha arrival of tha Storia. Indiana at Banff ta rra-tt
Their Emlltncl-w, tha (iavarnar-tiantral and Lad; Bynt, wm ■
alattly paf-.mil of old daya.
it) Tha racca wcm keenly oanlcated tnd many tseHInf
finish** added largely to tha (un.
BANFF, nestling down among the mountains, ever
beautiful, and always interesting, was more than
ever bo when Their Excellencies the Governor-General
and Lady Byng spent a few days there recently, while
on their way west over the C. P. R. to the Pacific
Coast. It was natural that they should plan to stop
over for a quiet rest at this most delightful of Canada's
mountain resorts where the glories of the Rockies are
seen at their best. The occasion of the Vice-Regal
visit was made the more notable by the arrival in
Banff of about 600 Stoney Indians, who came to greet
Lord Byng, the Great White Chief, and to hold their
annual pony races and other sporta.
Their arrival in Banff was a dramatic affair. In
all the glories of ceremonial paint and feathers, they
rode silently down from the mountains In single file
to the new atone bridge that crosses the Bow River,
and there met the Governor, who reviewed them,
Later in the day exciting pony races were held,
and archery and other feats of eontests of skill ana
strength were held. Little stands «f rough boards
accommodated a crowd of on-lookere which Included
Lord and Lady Byng, * large aombes ei tourists and
the Indian squawi of varying ages from little girls to
comely maidens and old women, who displayed the
greatest interest in the prowess of their braves. At the
end of the day the prizes were distributed to the winners In the courtyard of Banff Springs Hotel, by Lady
Byng, and some of tho ladies of her party.
During the visit, Their Excellencies were delighted
hy ths attractions of the district. Lord Byng went for
sn early morning gallop every day over lha superb
bridle trails that lead In al."dlrectlona Into tha i
tains,   Wild Rocky Mountain Bheep and gw
and even bears were frequently seen on thtsa I _
and ail tha nuay points el ieteteet wen rMtot L
tflethotitst efturcjj
-■-■■*""""■" j-r'   i      MBaaaea —a. ..     -    l af-e
KEV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
Morning Service at 11 a.m.
Sunday School at 12.15.
Evening Service at 7.30 p.m.
Everyone 1st Coriliall-' Invited lo Those Sorvlco*.
'^ffu*_nmtjinnimnm__! oo_ gml (jug) _9^ffijH_ Jig SJSsg |£§ f
Consolidated Mining & Smelting C
of Canada Limited
THAU.,   BHITH.lt    t'OI.IMlUA
Purchasers of Oold, Silver, -Topper, Lead & Zinc On
Producers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lend uui! Zin<
Head of Western Grocers, Ltd.,
After Tour of Brunches,
Makes Statement
Business will he temporarily revived
hy the big (-hop in the west this year,
but ihere will be no permanent stability established until things get back
to old time conditions in which real
values prevail, \V. P. Riley, president
of Western Grocers, Ltd., of Winnipeg,
who recently spent some time going
through the west looking over the
business of the local branches, states
at the conclusion of his tour.
Mr. Riley is convinced that only
thrift, rigid economy and a steady lowering of prices along all lines will
bring back prosperity. "Ii will probably take 30 years for Ihis country to
get back to a stable basis. I agree
with Babson that there will likely be a
period of declining prices over that
period." Mr. Riley said.
"The Americans took their loss nt a
gulp and are coming hack slowly. I
think conditions across the line are
improving much fuster than in Canada.
We In Canada preferred to hang on to
the old war prices. We weren't prepared to accept tlie decline. But before prosperity comes back, we'll have
to come down a whole lot," he continued. "We must get back to the old
basis of living. Thrift, rigid economy
and greater production ure the only
things that can bring about better
times as I see It. We talk about more
Immigrants and all that sort of thing—
that part of It will take care of Itself
If Canada looks after thc simple fundamentals of prosperity."
Canadians are looking to the government to work ont tlieir salvation,
but. he pointed out, thc people are
really the government. Legislation
may help, but is can't bring about prosperity. Mr. Riley admitted the tariff
was too high, freight rates were too
high, taxes wore too high, wages were
too high, prices were too high—In fact,
Canada was trying to struggle along
on too high a standard, with the national debt steadily mounting.
"We look everywhere but the right
place for ttie cause of our depression.
We've got to get back. Merchants
might just as well understand it now
aa later. Labor must accept a cut,
and this Includes miners, railway men
and all otlier groups of labor. When
we start getting down to a pre-war
basis, go to work, produce and start
having a little, just that soon will the
country begin to prosper."
"We find business the best In the
mixed farming sections of the west.
If our farmers will abandon the old
"Safety Fir
Four generations of ba
have been kept clean, fr
fragrant, and free from
troubles by the use of
careless methods of farming, tl
get along alright, tlieir cotun
will grow, their land values wll
and their schools will not have
for want of money to operati
Furthermore, Western Canad
get away from this growing :
of appealing to the goveritm
help in this or that thing. V
help ourselves. We must cut i
urles until we huve laid soi
aside lu the bnnk, entitling us
Joy them. These are some
things Western Canada must 1<
NO. 67 DAILI—To Nelson,  '
ver, Spokane, etc.   Arris.
m.; lean 12.20 p.m.
NO.   U  DAILY—To   Fernle,
bridge, Medicine Hat, Calga
Arrive 4.10 pjn.; leave 4.20
Cranbrook, Wj.Ufle, Klmlierl
Mo. KM—Leave 7.05 a.m.   No..
rive 2.10 pjn.
Cranbrook, Lake Wludermer
Golden 8-trivM!
Monday and Thuradajr, eac
-NO. 821, leave • a.m Wei
and "nturdaj—NO. __* arrli
For further  particular,  ai
any ticket agen
niatrlct Patnenger Agent, Ci
Plant "HOME HIMMVN" Nursery Slock Only.
aru growing a lull lino of fruit trees, Khriilm, HOSES I
ornamentals, Including the most hardy varieties.
Intending planters can have onr descriptive calalo,
and price list on application liy staling what tliey a#(*]
lercsted ln planting.
Wo list over 100 varieties of "Roses" all grown liy
at onr Sardis Nurseries (Near Chilliwack), strong, vig
ous plants that can be delivered direct (rom our nurq
les in prime condition, assuring bloom the first year.
Address: 904 Yorkshire Bid*., Vancouver, B, C,
A live salesman wanted for the Cranbrook district.
- G. W. V. A. HAL
Oood Floor, Dressing Booms, Card Tables,
Kitchen- All Conveniences
For Prices aid Other Fartlcnlars Enqalre
I'lioue tit
P.O. Bex 333
A.M.E.I.C, & B.C.L.S.
Cranbrook    •     • B. c.
Cainpbell-llannlng Block
l-hoie 97.    Office Houm
I lo IS, I to li p.m.  Sati.
lira. Green & MacKinnon
l-hjulclan asd 8grfee»
Offlu* at  residence, Armitrong
Forenoons   BOO to 10.00
Afternoons   1.00 to   4.00
Kveulnis  7.S0 to   s.10
Sundays   ISO to   4.30
0 to 12 a.m.     1 to 5 p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Phone 3.'ill
Noiliiirj Ave, next to City Hall
Full Line of Wall Paper
In Sleek.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Plume 409 at all hours
CKANHHOOK     •    ■    ■    B.C.
Practical Commercial Course In
Shorthand, Typewriting
Bookkeeping, Commercial  Uw
CommercUl English nd
Kor Particulars Apply to
C. W. TYLEB, Principal
P. O. Boi, 14, Nelson, B.C
Whon 1IK1'AT0|.A removes gall
stuiies In 24 liours without pain and
relieves npiMuitllcltls, stomach an.
liver troubles. Contains no poison.
Nut sold hy druggists.
Sole Manufacturer
ami Fourth Ave., So., Saskatoon, Saak.
Price fti.r.ll Phone 485f>
llegalar Meellag
MU'OMi  SATIIBDAT  et eaek
 tl. m 1 |i.m. In the Clly Hall
Meets III tlto
O.W.V.A. Hull
Hlteriioon of the
lirst Tuesdny at
It p.m.
All holies are
  cordially Invited
I'l .-.lit. nt:    Mrs.  1'. I iMi.lanlliii'.
Nrr.-Trninureri   Mrs. 8. Taylor.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeta every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Ill the Fraternity Hall
B. A. Hill, CC.
H. I.. Harrison, K.B. * 8.
B. C. Carr, M.F.
Visiting brethren curdlully Invited tn attend
I. O. O. F.
Meets every
.Monday night at
rriie Auditorium
Sojourning OddNllowa cordially
B. P. Moffatt    -   Noble Orand
W. C. Adlard, P.O.  -  Rao. Sec.
Sold By
I rn it brook Unit: & Hook Co.
In the Realm of Moving Pictures - People & Things of Interest
Sir Francis Drake Uses Sword
as Implement ui Peart* Wlien
He Re-Visits Karth.
1-1 I.. l.an_ston siu'eessfnlly underwent IiIh operution at tho Crnnbrook
HoHiillal ou Thursday last, and ia pro
grossing so nicely that lie expects to
tie lionie attain early next week.—
Creston Itevlew;
■'U'.'l!'"i| I  i. I :,"!■■■• 'i'it "lil'I      ;:
PARKER  .V  Ji e G E E I
Flour and Feed MerehanlK
Hay anil (linlli of All Kinds
11 ii ii so ii Avenue
Oilier Plume 92    Res. Phone 310 ;
wn ■aatNii i ■■ a a: iinjMiiiiiBiiiiiiifc
id  rilfl l.-il  ™l
sllile In llliil i
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Cranbrook Collage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Oovt)
Maternity and General Nursing
Terms Moderate
MRS. A. CRAWFORD,  Matron.
U-rden Avenue     -   Phone 259
Satisfaction or Money Refunded
Rollers and Yorkshires a
Specialty, from $15.00 up.
Breeding Hens.
415 1Kb 81. S.   .   LetfcbrMge
In one scene ol "Moral Fibre,"
which will be Bhown at the Star Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug.
30 and 31. William Parks, Jr., who
plays the brother, appears its Sir
Francis Drake in a day 'Ileum io Uie
heroine, a role assumed by Oorinne
Griffith. M required considerable dip-
fomacy mid manipulating to get the
actor into the costume worn by ihis
explorer, it represents the Colonial
period .mil with tights nml trunks und
trappings and luces
lars, It Ih alinottt Imp
way Into the costume
An electrician win
lights looked nt lilm       ^^^^^^^
seen an iippurition.
"My goodness, whut's thut?" exclaimed the electrioian. "Am I really
Keelng things or does it really exist?"
When informed thut the vision that
met his gaze was a reality, ihe surprised mechanic exclaimed, "And
what's he supposed to represent?"
"Sir Fram-is Drake,'' wus the reply
"Oh, 1 see,'' said the tnuti. a smile
•inning into his face as a bright idea
flushed into iiis iniinl. "It's u sort of
un ad. for that yon are using."
"When the story of the great explorer was told to the man, he laughed
heartily at his mistake.
.is tli
fixing iln.'
Ugh he had
Tale ol  Love, Adreuture antl
Thwarted Greoil Is Given
Vivid Production
Corlnne Griffith Finds It Hard
On Her Knees.
The new Goldwyn picture, "Yellow
Men and (Sold," coming to the Star
Theatre for two days, beginning Aug,
28th, Monday, Is one of Gouverneftr
Morris' most tbrilling romances for
the screen. It is fundamentally an adreuture story, filled with hair raising
episodes ami dominated by a beaulifit
love story. In the telling of Die story
tbt? Goldwyn company bus shown tin
artistic restraint necessary for a convincing portrayal
t ji it*. Among the i
at  sea   between   Itt
carrying a group ■>
There is a bund to 1
ihey reach an Island In mid-ocean,
wiili victory coming at lasl to the legal possessors of tho secretly buried
treasure. However, a mere recital of
incidents cannot convoy the rich flavor
of adventure thai   runs through thej —	
story. Pathos and love go together up , SIMIM AltY
to the sacrifice of her life by an adventuress, whose lust act Is to free
the man she loves from the complications that her existence has helped
to bring about. Rosemary Tbeby plays
tbe role of the adventuress wltll marvellous effectiveness. Never in her
career bus she acted more sincerely.
She wears no gorgeous clothes, she
has no moments of elation; yel. her
art Is so genuine that tbe observer
shares her sorrows.
The leading roles have been entrusted to Helen Chadwick nnd Richard
Dix. who.starred In "Dangerous Curves
Ahead." Miss Cluulwiek's pari calls for
the portrayal of uu American girl who
hus been saved from death as a child
by a Chinese sea captain and broughi
'up by him on board his ship.   In this
headlluer in "Moral Fibre," ul the star
Thentre, Wednesday nnd Thursday next, August 30-31,
in:pom of
"Don't look at me." exclaimed Cor-j
inne Griffith, the Vltagraph star, to an Pnrt- demanding a suggestion of the
interviewer who entered the set while fantastic. Miss Chadwick is the de-
she was making scenes for "Moral Fibre," which will be shown al the Star
Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday.
August 30 and 31. She wns dressed In
a gingham gown cut knee length, hnd
bare feet and legs aud her hair hung
in long curls over her shoulders.
"This twelve-year-old child buslnesa
hns absolutely left no skin on my
knees, and just think." she added vehemently,   "there   are   still   three   or
llghtfii! ingenue. No one can deny that
Richard Dix has every reason to fall
In love with her, especially after she
had saved his life.
Richard Dix. as the daring adventurer who has to light his way to the
lost, island and there dig up the hull
of a sunken galleon that had been
stranded on the shore, plays with all
the dash and vigor of an actor given
his first big part.   As an out-of-doors
Prizes awarded in the recent
Pacific Milk Contest are as
Mrs. M. Niven   *."»»
Mission City, B.C.
Mrs. c. J. Cameron  #3.1
514 Homer St.. Vancouver.
Mrs. Harris   *10
Shuslinrtle Bay, B.C.
tine case of Milk Free to each
of the following: Mrs. A. C.
Alexander, 1193 Pender St.
West, Vancouver; Mrs. Carlisle, B838 Quebec St., Vancouver; Mrs. K. A. Cbappell,
4330 Victory St., Burnaby;
Mrs. Johnson, P.O. Box 429.
Prince Rupert, B.(\; Mrs. S.
Francis. 2354 First Avenue,
West, Vancouver; Mrs. Jos,
Harlow, 999 Blenkiusop Rd.,
Victoria; Mrs'. Nellie Gibson,
1054 Venables St. Vancouver;
Harriet Joyner, 753 Prior Si.,
Vancouver; Mrs. Jos. Ward,
sot I,unison St., Victoria;
Mrs. D. L. Irvine, 1817 Seventh Avenue West, Vancouver; Mrs. T, H, Morris, Nelson, II.C.; Mrs. lt. Bruce. 2615
.        Ash St., Vancouver.
Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Ili'iiil Mill'.', Vuni-oaver, B.C.
Knrliit-li". ut  l.uillirr null AI>bot«ford.
Rev. E. W. MaoKay will conduct the services.
Morning Service at 11 a.m.,
12 noon—Sunday Bchool,
7.30 p.m.—Evening itrvlce.
Thursday, I p.m.—Prayer matting and B. Y. P. U.
tour weeks ot this son ot thins. 11ma"' "» *'"" "s " drawing-room lover,
won't he able to walk It il "Keeps up. Rleliard nix Is equally at his ease.
To-morrow my dancing teacher. Alexis' Clayton Hamilton, who was rormer-
Koslnft will arrive to conch me in a Is* •> professor of English literature at
dance that any awkward child might! Columbia University and Is now on
attempt and I um almost crippled. I j ""> editorial slnfr ot Ooldwyn, cure-
think that wtihout Instruction I will f"H>' edited the finished picture und
be uwkwanl enough. You see the s*--» l0 •• *■"•' a Perfectly balancedj
dance goes something like tliis." photodrama left thc Goldwyn studios.
She rose from her chair IO give an "Yellow Men anil Gold" was directed
idea »f the dance and pirouetted n*08' vigorously by Irvln Wlllat. Il
around, kicking with tier toes up ln-lls "■-> fl,'sl' Goldwyn production he hns
The summary roporl of lhe Geoli
(lml Survey for 1921, Pari A, lias been
published, This presents liie results
of geological investigations conducted
by Dr, W. 10. Cockflold In lho Mayo
district, Yukon, by Dr. George Hanson
in tlm Upper Kllznull Valley. British
Columbia, liy In-. V. Dolmuge along
the coast ami Islands ot British Colum-
lila betwoon Burke ami Douglas channels, by I". .1 n. MacKenzIe mi the
coppdr deposits of LusquotI Island, by
W. A. Johnston on tlte placers of the
Burkerville area, by Dr. \V. I., t'glnw
in Hie valley of north Thompson River
ami by ,\t. F. Buncroft in tho Lurdoau
ii. The report may be hail by applying to the Director, Geological Survey. Ottawa, or r,10 Pacific Building,
Vancouver, B.C.
Program of Week Commencing Aug. 28th
i Ihe famous ti
ale i
the spot  when
■ fol
lures    THE Al
ate by Gouverneur
i, where peril lurk*.
TURE OP Tllltll.
Added Attraction i
Comedy i -Till   IV18E IM Ik"
on hal/ac in mi:
stead ol down,    A prima*
pnl ii
directed, nnd he curried out closely
distorted her beautiful face nnd alio!*"** Mess of the author, (louverneur
dropped Into a chair, Morris.  Though the story was difficult
"It's no nae.   1 can't do it.   I shall,'° transfer to the scheen, the produc-
never be graceful again.   Just tWnH t,on l8 one of the most onteHaining
of me, a grown woman, Jumping fences; adventure tales ever produced.
crawling around under tables and do- -    —  * * *
ing things that are expected of a- A. R. Webb received the unwelcome
twelve year old child. If you tliink the Intelligence late last week that his
life of a star Is all roses, just follow mother had died at White Hock, B.C.,
me around one day," a  couple of days previous.   The late
The story of "Moral Fibre" deals Mrs. Webb was u prominent resident
with a young girl who starts out to of Cranbrook up till about six years
avenge a great wrong done her bro- ago, and was quite well known at East
ther, but finds that vengeance ls n'ot Kootenay points where her services
o bo tier portion. She runs into a were in demand as n judge of needle-
erles of adventures which makes Iliis work and domestic science at fall fairs,
a most unusual photoplay. J—Creston Review.
Km many luch momants—Unse crists that take one's breath
awny,  so  real  art tlity
Adaptmd Ay June Mutkia frees BuWi "SugtmU 6raiu_WH
"The Conquering Power" Is on-
nounced by the Star Theatre for twn
days, beginning on September 1st.
It Is a Hex Ingram production for
Metro and in it  Mr.  Ingram has had
he assistance of nil the principals
who aided htm In malting "Tlie Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse" the superb production that it was. At its
New York premiere. "The Conquering
!Power" was acclaimed with unstinted
enthusiasm, some reviewers asserting
tbat It even surpassed "The Four
It is an adaptation by June Math Is
of Balzac's novel, "Eugenie Grander.."
The scene is laid in a provincial city
of France, where the miserly old
Grandet hoards his gold and lives fn
poverty with his daughter. Eugenie.
A nephew, Charles, a young boulevar-
dier from Paris, son of a bankrupt
suicide, is thrown upon thc miser's
charity—and is accordingly thrown
out, shipping to Martinique witb little
money, but with the treasured memory
of Eugenie's love.
This is the beginning of Balzac's tremendous story of love and greed.
In tbe screen version Alice Terry,
the exquisitely beautiful Marguerite
of "The Four Horsemen," has scored a
sensational triumph through her portrayal of Eugenie. Rudolph Valentino,
whose Lathi temperament and graceful fascination fitted him pre-eminently for the role of Julio In "Tlie Four
Horsemen,"is cast as the Pa rlsia n
dandy, Charles. Ralph Lewis, one of
the most effective of character actors,
plays old Grandet,
New York Times:—When "The Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse" name.
Mr. Ingram was revealed as one of the
master workmen of the screen. Tlie
production was a fresh promise as i
well as a fulfilment—and now comes |
"The   Conquering    Power"   to   rfl_tl_7__l
much that, it foreshadows
W E I > N 13 .
A producth
its quei
Corrine Griffith
child and grown up      The bc»i dressed woman of the
in a new type ot role and a score ol beautiful creations
Dame Fas!,ion     *\ film I    I is different from nl! oilier*
Cornell) Special — "IIAHI'MS AMI IIOKl'M"
"WHITE I Al.l.!■:.- \"o. 5.
PR I II A Y-SA T I' It li
Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry.
ul the balance of tin   fini  supporting Cast of   "Tl
FOUR HORSEMEN,'  offer for your approval,
"The Conquering Power"
Tho Ret
it'il> Special.
'. Singing Selected Popular
■ ptctui
dinary complh
Woman," but tin
two delightful love stories   It ;•. a Paramount   picture,    and  besl leg   Mi ft
Reubens, some of tlie membei i of
remarkably fine coat are El
Qeorge McQuarrie. Harris      F
Norman  Kerry.  Henry  Sedley.   El -
Duray, Arthur Donaldson
(tl  r WUHAN LIFE,
eht of
Fashions withheld from
and Pun's for three mon thi
in a style display   in   "Hi
Nights,"   a   Onl versa 1   attraction   i:.
which Marie Prevost will star at thi
Rex Theatre, on Wednesday and T:
rsday.      Peggy Hamilton, the    La
Duff-Gordon of America." who dictates the styles not only of the ei :1m
society set of southern California tml
of many cities of the English speakll g
world, staged an elaborate revue in the
filming    of    "Her  Night of  NlghU.'
Peggy Hamilton's styles are alwa -
exotic, never hound by any -fashion   ■
straiuts.     One of the feature- ,.* tl ■
style show Is a gown ot batik in bizarre effects, which It ia predicted will
'■■■ "-■- Melfonl. hts staff ami play-
en   -:*.t. several weeks in northern
filming scenes for his lat-
tmonnt production,    "A   Wise
hit h will be shown at the Rex
.   ■   aeott Friday and Saturday.   It
i.~ a delightful  story of Canadian life
and besides being a pictorial master-
i ii- e, is rich in human Interest.    Ja-
mes Kfrkwood      and   Alice Hollister
play (he leading parts.
waken unprecedented interest
is circles when It is allowed
shown there.
n I';
Coined) ami Falling With Lov.
ami Rniiuine-r In NazhnovnN
It Is really one of,the besl pictures!
ihat has come to hroiulwiiy.
New Vork Tribune: We sat spell
bound whll« the story was unfolded Oti
the screen, charmed hy the youthful
appeal. v|va-ity and cleverness or Hit-:
dolph Valentino, by the restful and,
perfect continuity of the story, by the
gorgeous photography, hy the most excellent and beautifully brief titles, and
hy the splendid direction ot ihis man.
Rex Ingram.   Need we say more?
Globe:—II Is a little film masterpiece, composed, directed and lighted
with sympathy and charm.
Every human emotion i- pictured,
ml all the elements of a really great
photoplay are to he found in "A Doll'i
House," which the greal Nazlmova,
who made this play tremendously po]
ular on the speaking stage, has trans-
to realise ferr0{) to ,,1(, Bcreen j,, her ,int pro,
jductfon for United Artists, -.uui which
ppf;ars   ill
"The Doll'i House' at the Rex,
Tonight and Saturday, Aug. 25-2*1.
Those critics of the a
maintain.-<l that Lha •
motion pictures is so
good deal of the Inlere
oreen who have
tiding of most
obvious that a
il. is lost, would
do well to go to the Rex Theatre on
Monday and Tuesday when "Kind the
Woman," featuring Alma Reubens, is
to be presented.
Tbis Cosmopolitan production is undoubtedly ttie niosi baffling mystery
picture ever produced, bocCLUSO up to
the last foot oi lilm. tlu- real murderer, who lias been sought Tor weeks hy
the police, is not known io the spectators.     Thrill succeeds thrill as huh-
vvlll be seen to-night and Saturday al j
the Rex Theatre.
Tliere is col ty and pathot even U
the point of laughter and [ears, si
cording to ihe theatre management;
there Is humor In lhe situation* whore
in Nora, the doil-llkn wife, thi character pictured by Naslmova, makes
her odd and ludicrous mistakes aa I
house-keeper umi as a mother ol two
beautiful children and a tiny Infant,
and there is the lesson for all women
everywhere that brings out ths big
point in the play, namely, thai every
woman has a right to control Iter own
destiny, to the development of her
own individuality.
In addition to the aforementioned
high lights in "A Doll's llouse," Nazi-
mova has surrounded herself with an
exceptionally strong cast and the acting is such that all the subtleties and
ull the Incidents that have gone to
make Mils drama one of the most popular are made to stand oui clear-cut
and apparent at the first glance.
"A Doll's llbusc" is a picture for all
to see, and il is particularly true that
every woman, either young or old, in
tills city ahould make it her business
to see this Ibsen play, for his waa the
idea mil of which grew the prosonl day
stiiius of women in the Untied Stales
and Canada; bis was tlie ihoiight thai
uffrage, and
piclnn la (minted now at thla girl, now [mnde possible unlvcrKtil
at tbat.     Not only are thorn staHllDg! woman's placn In the realm of btisl
advent uren, daring uacapea and extra- LatM snd
De Luxe Shows —
".:!" and 9.16 p.ni,
Honda; .v Tm-«il»), Aim. •.'-"■-'ii
SULtrfni   A Iiiih   lliilirn-.
A I'aniiiiount Picture
"Seven llulil 1'nlrs."
l-ntlie   RevlOW
iredne*. A  Tliursn Amu. I0.HI
•lllilt Ml'III nl NIGHTS'
Starring Marie I'revosl
Round Three
Starring Iteirlniiltl Denny
i liriii- x Saturday* Scpi. 1 . •_-
•a nisi: fool"
Starring .linn.-*  Klrknnml
.\ilii|>lc(l liy Sir Ollbort  I'urker
trom iii>. novel, "THK MONEY
A  Paramount  Picture
"I.Otll.NSO.N  CKD80R,"
l'ha|ilrr luur page   six
City Hems of Interest
Insure with Boale & Elweli.
•+-   +   t
Tbe principal of Cranbroolt High
School, Mr. Win. ('. Wilson, will be at
the school on Thursday and Friday.
/August Slat and September 1st, between 2.30 and '.iM p.tn., to talk over
school matters wiih any parents or
pupils who desire any information.
+   +   +
Tbe cottage meetings at the homo of
Mrs. J. s. Taylor will not commence
till tbe first Wednesday of September,
+    +    -r
Wlmt looked like a wedding party
arrived nl Fori Steele last Saturday
afternoon, but when they saw the
populace hurrying lownrds the
church io lako it ail iu ihoy decided
h, call ii "iT thoy had already boot:
at oik- tiiat day.
•+•   +    +
'N'M-STt.N I,AMI'S Ifi w.iit. 36c|
Uf., 4(1 anil Tin wait. 40c;   100 wall  Nil
rogen, $1.00; 160 wall Nitrogen $1.36
i>ur low pricos win every time.
w. r. iMUMN.
+  +   .
Freight   and   passenger   Iridic   oi
UlO  CrOW   lltlO   IB   reported   exception
ally good, aud Cranhrook is gelling
its share o£ the benefit. Many mon
are putting in lull linn- on the road
who have nol done so Por n long lime
hack. Passenger traffic in and mil
and through is reported to be heavy,
and much lumber Is reported moving
.since the lower frolghl rates went into
effect, assisting business that much.
+   +   +
A sort of jinx seems lo have come
over the passenger engines of late
or more properly during last week,
when three breakdowns wero registered wll hin six days. On election day T. S. Gill's engine had a
mishap east, as menH'oued lasl week.
Saturday 11. .1. Brock's engine developed trouble with a steampipe at the
head end, aboul Duck Creek. Sunday, while slowing down just out
of the tunnel at Jerome, an archbar
on the rear truck of the tender on
J. T. Sarvis' engine broke, putting
Iho wheels off tlie track, an old flaw
being responsible for the break, it
was later found.
+    +    +
About   twenty   fi-iemis   of   Miss   V.
Sarvls   wero   present   on   Wednesday
of lasl   week al   a  miscellaneous shower party given by Miss Ethel Clapp
iu  her honor,       Mr,   mid   Mrs.  W.  I
Adlard chaperoned ihe gathering, and
many useful and handsome gifts wer
added to lhe slore of the hrldo-olecl
during tlie parly.       Music, and dancing wore indulged    In,   and refresh
iiienls   were also served,
+    +    +
A number from this ciiy are expect
Ing to take in the Lake Windermere
Weok Celebration which is being held
next week at Invermere. Tlie opening
of the Hudson's Day Post which has
been erected thero Will tako place,
and for this gathering a number nf
notabilities from different parts of the
country are expected to attend. It is
hoped thai among those going up from
this city will bo a numlier of business
men, as it is stated that a strong representation will he present from Fertile, and Cranbrook should see that it
is represented just as slrotigly, or
See   BeaUie-Nohle's  Window,
-t-    +    +
It is stated that Morris Hall, of Boston, will arrive in the district some
lime next month, wheu ho will go into
the matter of the development of the
pulp  proposition   recently  spoken  of
for the Pindlay Creek district, near
Canal Flat.   The company In which litis Intereated*haa large timber holdings
In   that  section,   where   the  developments are planned.
■^ -f +
It is tbe intention of the city fathers
to have the new school by-law submitted lo the electors at. an early date.
No time should be lost in this matter
•school accommodation is badly
iled and work on lho building
should bo completed before the cold
weal her arrives.- -Ferule Free Press.
Pour or live members of lhe loe
Hotary Club will attend the big dli
rid rally al Spokane Oil September
Cranhrook Club expects t
inn   per   conl   strong.   Ft
..-. i .-      : i ■ I,*.../. ■:-_:■ ■ :.,!_i" ■ ■"'■,:'.i
.j   PLANTS    AltlO    (il.AKANTEKI)
Complete   with    IIKM'0.1.1 (JUT
BATTERY, f.o.b, Cranbrook,
Klectric Distributors
Delco-Light  Products
ITJM'ordnwi HU Vniuoim-r, IU'.
Mrs. C. Larson, ot Yahk, was
brought Into the hospital on Tuesday
seriously ill
Fresh Victoria Hand Rolled Chocolates. Some treat. At Beattie-No-
hle, Ltd.
Hev. R. V. Harrison has been spending a few days this week with his
family ut Kaslo.
Horn. — At tho St. Eugene Hocptt-
al. on Tuesday, August 88, to Mr. and
Mrs, Henry Curie, of this city, a daughter.
Dr. Thompson of Yahk Is iu tho ciiy iliis week relieving for Dr. MacKinnon in his absence for a week or Ion
For 111 roo i.-Mims
Furniture.    Pictures    Bedding,
all  complete.    Also
Suitable Tor lugging cnmp. mill,
mining, etc.    Comprising Tools
and full Camp  Equipment
Cheap For Quick Salt;
Apply in flrsl  instance at
II li It A I 1»    O IFI OK
•+   +   +
The lire insurance cnuipunlc*. repre-
311 tod by Heale fi  Klwell are strong
and  reliable.    Hates given  on  application.
+ + +
A casually Is staled lo have
been left, here by the cI.'cuh last week
in lhe shape of one of the elephants
which rell when being unloaded from
a car, and broke its leg. It was later found necessary to despatch tho
injured animal, and two oilier elephants were employed to pull a rope
about Its neck lo strangle il. Thus
passed ingloriously a jungle denizen
far from its native haunts, a victim
to tlie desire of tbo white people I
see "simielhing    different."
■f f T
Ono of the tnose disastrous fires in
the history of Corbin,. about, thirty
miles east of Fernie. ou the Eastern
B.C. Railway, occurred Monday afternoon when tire of unknown origin
completely destroyed the roundhouse
of lhe Eastern British Columbia Hail-
way Company and their machine shop
adjoining the roundhouse. Damage is
roughly estimated al between $70.01)0
and $80,000. Two engines went
through the tire and are thought to be
complete losses.
-t-    +    -*■
Just arrived; The largest
assortment of Sehooi Supplies
we have ever shown in Cranbrook. Watch out whitlows
for displays at
Moffatt's Variety Store.
+   +   -+
Mrs. Hoyden, formerly of Parkers,
Ltd., will open a Dressmaking Parlor
in the Kink Mercantile Co. store. September 1st.     Entire satisfaction guaranteed. 20
+    +    +
Do you pay rent?   Why? when you
can own your own home hy means of
our plan  of easy monthly payments.
Apply to Beale * Elweli.
+    +    +
Ahout twenty-tlvo auto loads of Per-
nieites took in the big circus at. Cranbrook yesterday.    None of those attending were disappointed.   Rlngllng
Bros, circus is the biggest attraction
of Hie kind in the world.—Pernie Free
+ + +
Isaac Baxter suffered a painful
mishap last week-end at the mill at
Calloway, wliere he has been working as millwright, losing as a result
tlie first finger of his left hand. He
was making Home adjustment to Hie
saw carriage when Hie mishup occurred, and It was lucky that the entire hand was not taken off. By nn-
■other accident yenrs ago Mr. Baxter
lost Iho corresponding linger on his
right hand. After tbe accident last
week-end, his injured finger was ieit
hanging so precariously Hint uniputa
tion was liie only course open for
the doctor.
+   +   +
Do yon own a safety deposit box?--
tlie  only   safe  place  for  title  deeds.
bonds, etc.   Only $.1.00 per annum with
[Beale A Elweli.
+ + +
! Bachelordom In the city, or that
part of It holding state on BurweP
Avenue, did itself proud when ll met
| for the purpose of counting out another from Hie ranks ou Friday ov-
'enlng. Tills lime it was Mr. W. .1.
Wilson, whose wedding to Miss Viola
; Sarvls took place ou lho day follow-
, ing. Mr. und Mrs. A. E. Turner noted as cliiiperones for the occasion,
and between twenty-five and thirty
guests were present. Thero wns
dancing, music and other occupations
lending io camouflage Ihe sorrowful
I nature of the occasion, and the or-
i cnltlsm of "Mysterious Raymond,"
[the clairvoyant, was culled into notion to see what tho future held. As
iu push-off nn to the sen of matrimony
j ii somewhat .Ifggsiiin presentation
< was made to Mr. Wilson in tlie shape
Of a rolling pin. but with it went
| another article to be used in goner-
ous doses afterwards, it large and
i comfortable arm choir.
Qi^>»ii#'lii^n mifo   W-A" M"1^"   tf*t"* "4MB
, >    Why,Blame the Boy
( for wearing mil  his Shoes too quick?
made, and pay less, IF VOU HUV IT AT WESTON'S,
For Your 01 rl
a nicely made DreBB In Blue Serge or Gingham, ui a price that yon can'l buy the material for.
B. WESTON The Store That SHI* Kor Um
■fri-A' Mi^i ml}? m-A1 w^» ■m*«'^ft" 'V"* 'V"Q
Joseph Desrosiers, of Jaffray, was
nblo io return home on Monday last
aflor a few days spent In ttie hospital hero.
Robt, Dcuipsey, cattlo rancher of
llanhury. near Jaffray, one of the old
timers of the Kast Kootenay, was iu
lown on Tuesday.
\V. H. Fulton, teller ut the Imperial
Hank, has been confined lo the hospital this week, whore he Is now reported doing fairly well.
Mr. apd Mrs. 10. Paterson nnd family
have been spending this week at Iu-
verniere on holiday, intending to return tho end of tho week.
Mr. aud Mrs. Harry Reid and little
one returned on Tuesday to their home
al Michel, after a visit at the home of
Mr. nud Mrs. J. Woodman.
A. K. Knight, of iho Cranhrook
Drug and Book Co., is away from the
storo for a short holiday which he
Is spending ut St. Mary's Lake.
Verne Woodman, Frank Bridges and
Howard Henderson have gone to the
prairies for the harvest, being located
for tho present in Saskatchewan.
Lieut. E. Langston, of Camp Lister,
was able to return to his home nn
Saturday last, after a slay at Ihe lio-a-
piial here, much Improved in health.
Tlie accused In tlie. attempted murder case ut Port Steele, were up this
woek before Judge Thompson, but tlie
caso was stood over till lhe first of
next month.
Prank UiFortune of this city has
been a patient nt tiie hospital this
week, and is now doing well.
On Wednesday next Iho last trap
shoot or lhe season will take place
on the usual grounds, when tliere
will bo a tournament held among
those present.
Miss Bessie Gibson, or Chilliwack,
has notified the School Board of her
acceptance of a position on the Central School staff lu charge of Division
V'., formerly taught by Miss Currie.
H. Eye, accompanied by IX, P. Moffatt. and son Stanley, are leaving ou
Thursday evening for St. Mary's Lako
on a fishing expedition, intending to
remain out llll lho end of tho week.
Go to Moffatt's Variety Store
for yonr Public School Text
Books and Sehooi Supplies. We
specialize in Exercise Rooks
ami Reeve's Paints.
Mr. lAmbrose Staples, of Wycllffe,
Is a patient al the hospital here, having undergone a serious operation on
Saturday hist, fVom which he In now
reported to bo making a fine recov-
P, II. Wenlpbgt, of Wasa. was able
to return to his homo at Wasa on Saturday last. Hu was brought In about six months ago lu poor condition
nnd has now recovered KuMlcietitly lo
ret urn lo his ranch home,
.1. A. Crowe, of Kitchener, who -suffered serious Injuries when a tree
fell on him, when he was engaged in
lighting fires, Is reported holding his
own at the hospital, his condition remaining about the same.
RoblnsOH'a orchestra, three strong,
went, tu Moyie lasl Saturday evening,
and provided the music for a very
uleasaiil danco which the people nf
that town put on In tho Hchoolhouse
Miss Bessie Woodman is leaving on
Monday for Victoria, wliere she will
enter the normal sehooi for the next
term. Among others from tho High
School here who may attend normal
thore are Winnie Lippett, Irma "Ward
and Margaret Morrison.
A firm of Victorin contractors aro
at work this week renovating and
completely redecorating the dominion
government building In the city. No
Utile comment Is being heard ns to
why it wits not found possiblo to award a contract of this nature to a local firm. It ts staled that local tenders wero nsked for some timo back,
and tho Victoria firm wlio woro given
tho work have a series nf similar Jobs
It In stated, that take them from ono
government building to another In
thle part of the province.
See Beattte-Noble'a Window.
Geo.  Harper, (.'. !'. it. baggagemas
tor, is spending his holidays    at the]
Coast at present.
Born. —- On Sunday, August 20th, j
at the Cottngo Hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. A. Wallace, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Oilroy and lit-'
tie daughter aro spending a holiday
at St. Mury's Luke, leaving on Sunday last.
1). 1<\ Lloyd, of Kitchener, was
brought In on Wednesday to the hospital. Buffeting from a broken leg.
Ii was expected thai a special meeting of tho city council would have
boon held Mils mouth 10 consider the
proposed new light rntcs, which It
was hoped would lane gone iuto effect nexl .inn.th.
Miss Stanton, of lhe Western Jobbers sin IT Ih spending a holiday at SI.
Mary's lake, a guest- with Mr. and
Mrs. W. 1). Oilroy.
Mrs. Hoyden, formerly of I'arkers,
Ltd., will open a Dressmaking Parlor
in lhe Fink -Mercantile Co, store, September 1st. Entire satisfaction guaranteed. 2d
Chas. Armstrong, of thy freight office stuff, luts been fu hospital this
week, and is now reported doing well.
13. W. Carlin of Port Steele has had
his new house there painted, J. II.
Collins having had the work in hand.
P, M. MacPherson has been confined
to his home this week with an attack
of tonsilitis. His hoys aud a daughter
of Mrs. Armstrong, who are visiting
iu Hie home, have also been affected
with the bad cold.
Mrs. J. P. Pink and two daughters.
Barbara and Wanda, of Cranbrook are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Olegerlch. They
leave Friday morning to spend a day
al Ainsworth prior to returning tn
Cranbrook.—Kusdo Kootenatun.
J. Woodman and sou Qordon, and A.
1). Bridges left tills week by tar for
Vancouver for a short stay. Word
ciime from Spokane that Ihey hnd successfully completed the first leg of
ihelr journey without mishap.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sarvls and
daughter. Miss Alma Sarvis. left Wednesday for Vancouver and other coast
points, where they will spend a short
holiday before Miss Sarvis enters Columbian College at New Westminster.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spence left on
Saturday on their way to Portland,
Ore., where they will make tholr new
home. They stopped off at Yahk for
it short stay with Mrs. Spence's mother and sister, who are residing at
that point.
Dr. Q. K. L. MacKinnon loft on Saturday last for the Coast, where he has
been attending sessions of tho B. C.
Medical Association, expecting to return early next week. Mrs. MacKinnon, who hns heen holidaying at Kaslo was expected to accompany Dr.
MacKinnon from there.
The Kimberley train came In on
Monday evening behind a double header, ami thirty-two cars in lenglh, an
indication of how business is lu thai
uiirt of the district nnd points between.      Later In the week another
train of thirty-one cars came In.
Mr, Lewis Poisy of the Klko Garage
was In the city Thursday for a time.
lie reports great activity at Klko iu
connection with the hydro-electric
plant now under const ruction, ulso
much preliminary work being done ou
the site of the big pulp mill nine miles
south of tbe town.
Another attempt Is being made on
Sunday nexl to get a play-off between
Kimberley and Wycliffe for the privilege of meeting Fernie to decide the
Kast Koolenay League baseball Championship. Klmberley and Wycllffe are
now announced to meet ou Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at the Wycllffe
I). R. McLaren. Delco Light representative, haa heen In the district
fur a few days this week, aud has closed contracts fnr installations of
considerable magnitude in, the Koot
etiay district. Tho company now lias
a journeyman eteotriclaii out all the
lime ou Installation work iu the
southern  part of the province.
Paul N. Whitley, a last year's graduate from tho University of B.O., who
lius heen In the district all summer
with Ihe geological survey parly working under direction of the Dominion
Oovernment, was In tho city this week
on hts way to Vernon, where he bus
•niton a position on tlie Vernon High
School staff. He was president of tho
student council body nt Ilie University
laut yenr.
A. J. Palmquist bus a Pord car
which lias attained a somersaulting
record that many nn ordinary dog
can't equal. Tlie car was standing
at Perry Creek one morning, and of
its own accord started off down the
Incline, wont over the bank nnd turned handsprings and somersaults galore beforo finally coming to rest a
good distance down from the road.
However it. was recovored and
brought In to Ihe city under Us own
power, though tho top was damaged,
aa might ba exported.
A   Splendid   Selection   ot
Onyx and Pearl,
also Onyr with  Diamonds.
Theso    are    set  fn  18 carat
white gold.   Some of these settings the just a little nut of the
Prices from $S.im to $50.(10.
W. H. Wilson
Mrs. A. Itosicky, or Wardnor, who
has been a palieut at Ihn hospital
here, iH now recovering nicely.
LOST, — Between Fenwlck Avenue
and Posl Olllce iNorbury Avenue) certificate of title of l.ot 4, Block 41, issued to Miss Ellen Agnes Emma Maystre. Finder kindly band to Herald
or Courier Olllce, or City Hall. 2fi
The Knights of Pythias are holding
i heir annual memorial service on
Wednesday afternoon next, when curs
will convey lhe brethren to the cemetery, with flowers to decorate the K.
P. graves there. For a long time the
lodge has never missed a yearly memorial service here.
Coast papers last week-end brought
word of the death in Vancouver of G.
T. Itogers, formerly of this city, but
in later years residing at the const. He
was formerly in business here, conducting a grocery store as far back
as twenty years or more ago. He was
also oue of the mayors of this city in
the early years of incorporation.
Green Bay is becoming the popular
centre for picnic parties from this city, and this week on Weilnesduy the
Presbyterian Sunday School picnic
look place tliere, cars being requisitioned from the congregation to carry
lhe crowd of children and parents out.
It proved au ideal day, and an exceedingly pleasant time is reported.
Arrangements have been completed
at Vancouver for a complimentary banquet to he tendered Hon. Dr. J. H.
King, minister or public works in the
federal cabinet, on his arrival there
toward the latter part of this month.
According to tlie latest word received
Hon. Or. King is expected to arrive in
B.C. on August, 23rd. and the banquet
will be held ou August 24th or 25th.
Jules Verne's (anions tale that fascinated so many in childhood duys,
"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." came
lo thc Star in film form on Tuesday
evening, and proved to be a worthy reproduction of a wonderful story. Captain Nemo of the "Nantilaiis" the underwater sea boat, was seen In command of hfs wonderful craft, and the
under water scenes wero reproduced
very vividly.
Fred Archer, of Canal Flut, paid lhe
city one of his business visits Ibis
week. Like everyone else from thut
section ho is looking forward to big
developments that will not only nffect
that part, tmt will reflect over the entire district. He has received a good
offer for his standing timber, and may
operate the former dishing mill on It
this winter. Iu the meantime he is
going in strongly for bacon hogs.
Mrs. Wm. Armstrong of Lethbridge,
is visiting in the oily, a guest nt the
home or Mr. and Mrs. F. M. MacPherson.
(J. T. Itogers, an ex-mayor of Crnnbrook died at nu oi|rly hour Friday
morning after a short illness. Deceased was In IiIh "itiih year and before coming to this city resided In
Craubrook aud wiih olected lirst mayor of that city, nnd for three yenrs after. Ho Imd res id eil here for the
pnsl ten.years and during that poriod
had held positions with lhe provincial government, uud wus one of the
chief liquor vendors In Die Vancouver
liquor stores, HIh wife predeceased
him a couple of years. The funeral
was arranged by his friends, as he
had no relatives.—Vanoonvor World.
TJho o/Cast Word in
Style and SSeauty
Is what we are sure you will
say when you see the shipment
of Kail Coats and Dresses whieh
we have just placed In stock.
The Materials are back to Pre-
War Quality, and the Styles arc
Mosl of the Coals are Pur Trimmed, with llest Quality Silk
I.IiiIiik to match.
Priced at #25 to $125.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Willis of Trail,
and Mn. ami Mrs. w. Rutherford of
Nelson  have been visiting Ihis week i
at the home of Mr
Wasson. They are
bv car for Golden.
and  Mrs
saving on
W. E.
HKKK to ni:f CLASH
Word which came from Dr. and Mrs.
Miles on Friday last indicated that
the condition of their daughter Nancy,
who wns taken 111 with infantile par
nlysis, was not ijult
lirst seemed to bo tlie
(Fernio Free Press)
Four   car   loads   of   baseball   fans
journeyed to Wycllffe on Sunday to
witness the game between Wycllffe and
Klmberley, but returned disappointed,
serious as at1'11'11 murring any effort lo start tlie
ise. notwlth- game.   This end of the league is still
■standing rumors to the contrary which ■ undecided and although a knock-out.
went around this woek. competition Is being staged and Wy-
_^ .cllffo and Klmberley are left  in the
duals. Wycllffe has to win twice owing
to Kimberloy being virtual winners hefore Viihk's demise as a league team
upsel the dope.
However, If Kimberley wins the lirst
trict. On Wednesday of next week the!Sai"° ,ll°y wl" '* th" lenm '« l,lll-v <,n'
wedding or Mr. UUierts takes place to! w,lh *wnle' °" Thursday the teams
Miss Dcrrv of Kenora. Ont.. the cere- mot in <'™«»»"™* In an effort lo .lemony to he performed at the home ofjti,,e the flr8t K"»»e. postponed rrom
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Archer, FIndlay »>»** «"<» darkness-Intervened with
Creek, by Itev. F 11. Atkinson, of w1ii.!"h> ^coro standing 0 all.
The Ed. Johnson ranch iu the Windermere Is being taken over by J. L.
Roberts and brother, who came out
from England some two years ago or
so, and have since resided In Ihal ills-
Mrs. E. I). Johnson and daughter,1
Miss Gladys Johnson, who have been,
In (lie city for some time visiting at
tho home of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Bridges, left on Wednesday of this week.
returning to tbelr home at Edmonton.
Some nine or ten years ago Ihey made
their home In this ciiy and they have
been renewing friendships of former
limes while here. Ou Monday afternoon Mrs. W. K. MacFui'laiie etiter-
lained at afternoon len in their honor
at hor homo, ami the following afternoon Mrs. A. D. Bridges also entertained for her guests.
You ran get Pood for Yourself
and Pood for Vour Car at
Full Line of Groceries und Provisions
Nnrltur.v ItHiiM' Rolwoon lho
1! moving picture tlnmtro.. Por*
mer oflloo of Crnnbrook Agency.
(live u ll.lm mimI Mun ii Trial
Pine Juicy, Mllk-Pod
inc. um.
The Hrown I'linllrj Hunch
TORT 8TRBLH    -    Il.r.
J. K. Chorlton
•('l.l,l.(> umi VIOLIN
THUMB fl Per Union
• -   l-linne .120 —
Pboit ».
We iier tli*) beet prlcee wing tor ill
kinds ot furniture. We bui northing from n mouse trap to nn nuto*
VI. W. Kllby, Auctioneer nnd Valuer
POUND—Nenr town, litlil brown automobile conl, Owner may have same
by paying for advertisement and np-
plylng to T. A. Wallace, Cranbrook.
WANTED. — Washing or cleaning by
tho dny, or hour. Mrs. rollings, 23S
French Avenue. 25-6
POIl 11HNT- Three bedroome, bath
and tallet, bot nnd cold wnter. Ml
Dewar Avene. tt-M
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer Co.,
Furniture and  Haw-icr TraiinI.-rr.Ml
tl    PHONE    •!


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