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Cranbrook Herald Jan 31, 1907

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 Uglshtiv. I.ll,r,rf
April U-tt
      —    XfeTonLO^
A Vote|for Dr. J. H. King is a Vote for Liberal Victory in the Province
Your Credit is Good tor any line mentioned in this Ad. on the terms and conditions set forth with each article.
No. 30.   Price $14.00
Elm wood, lancy top, double doors,
two drawers, top 4 loot by 21 incites.
Cash, $3.25 and SI .1)1) per week until
No. 3.   Price $20.00
Kim wood, polished, mirror .llxlfi,
beveled British plate, top l foot by
22 inohes, two small drawers, one
large linen drawer, double doors.
Cash,    tl 00:  $1.25    per week until
No. 80.   Price $34.00
Solid oak wood, earved top, 3
drawers, earved double doors, swell
Iront, mirror 36x20, new stoek.
Cash, $5.0(1:     $1,511 per week    until
Extension Tables
No. 369.   Price $9.50
Elm   wood,    turned, 4 inch legs,
usual width, extends 6 loot,
Cash,    $2.00: $1.00   per week   until
No. 99.   Price $10.50
Oak    finish,   Mission    legs,  usual
width, extends 8 leet.
Cash, $2.00: $1.25   per    week  until
Centre Tables
we are showing   the
in the interior ot  Uie
In this line
largest stock
Prices from $2.50 to $10.50
Payments according to price, Irom
35 cents cash to $1.50, with a weekly installments accordingly.
Toilet Sets
No.O.   Price $2.75
5 Pieces.
Plain, wheat sheaf pattern.
Cash, 55 cents:     35 cents   per week
until paid.
No. I.   Price $3.50
10 Pieces.
Flanged basin,   each piece flowered
in light brown.
Cash, 70   cents: 4li    cents per  week
until   paid.
No. 2.   Price $4.00
10 Pieces.
Flanged    basin, flowered in   dark
blue, good value.
Cash, SO    cents: 45 cents per    week
until paid.
Curtains and Portieres
In Tapestry and Chenille.
This line was bought when prices were
15 per cent, lower than at the present time. We offer them at value
at time ot purchase.
PRICES in these lines ranges from
$1.50 per pair to $11.00. The $l.5ft
Hues will be sold on a cash payment
of 75 cents, 50 cents per week until
paid. ALL OTHER LINES will be
sold on a proportionate basis.
Will not cover this stock, if easy
terms of payment will move the lot,
we are prepared to deal with you.
The Iambus    Dominion Spring   in
I). E
In I).
$1.1111: 511 cents   iter wi«k until
Dinner Sets
No. to.   Price $11.75
Light green, flower.     85 Pieces.
Cash,    J2.1MI:   $1,011 per     week until
No. is.1,.    Price $16.00
Beautifully   flowered,   gold trimmed.
1)8 Pieces.
Cash,   $3.00: $1.25    per   week   until
No.   12.    Price $23.00
85 Pieces.
Flowered   in    light   brown, heavy
gold trimmed.
Cash, $4.00:   $1.05    per week   until
Iron Beds
In 1 It. only. 211 different .l.-si'zns
to select from. Prices ranging Irom
$11.50 to $lli..|ll will lie sold on .1
cash paymcnl of $1.50, with r,u rents
to $1 1111 vvccltlj payments.
Bedroom Furniture
No. 61.    Dresser.   Price $16.50
Elm wood, 3 drawers, carved top,
18x20 mirror, British plate, 11 Inch
Cash,  $3.5(1:    $1.25  per   week    until
No. 32. Withstand.  Price $20.00
Kcppled ...ila, polished, 3 drawers,
ltixJti mirror, beveled, designed (or
small rooms.
Cash, $3.St.:     $1.30 per week   until
No. 35.   With 5tand. Price $33,00
Keppled oak. polished, d.irk finish,
iu.'.' '..[.tains 3 drawers, in addition
to commode closet in stood, large
plate mirror 30x34.
Cash, H i.i.     Si T." per   week   until
As it is impossible for us to enumerate all the lines we have included in this Bpeoittl CREDIT SALE, we wish yon to hear In mind that ■ proportionato basis ol Credit, us appears above, will be extended to nil lines in our
FURNITURE DEPARTMENT. Our object in adopting this syBteni of credit is to nssist those who find it difficult to net sufficiently ulmud to furnish their homes its they would wish. This is the grandest opportunity ever presented to the
people of this district to furnish their Parlors, Dining-room., Bedrooms, or Kitchens with payments so slight tlint.tlie smallest wage earner can afford to buy. PRICES QIVI2N ARE Ol'R REGULAR SALE PRICES. With our regular
customers we will arrange 11 separate aooount, so that their instalments will not conflict with current accounts'.
Cranbrook Go-operative Stores
Paid-up Capital, (10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
*.. I. WALKBR, t.auT.1 Ma„.t.r ALEX. LAIRD, Art. thai
A ftMral lukl.y Suslnri. tr.n.ae.ed.  Accounts ma, bs opan*. sa. CMdf«M If
mall nils ill branch., .1 Ibis Bank.
Dflpnnlti ol  (I ami upwards received, and Interest allowW ■!
current rates.   The depositor in mihjcct to no delay whafr
ever lu the wllltdrnvrul of the whole er aay
portion uf the depofdt
Cranbrook Branch,    -      P. C. MALPAS, Manager
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
Imperial Bank ol Canada
ICiiptil Paid Up, $4,515,000. Rest Account, $4,515,000
Capital Authorized, $5,000,000
HEAD OFFICE      ■      •       TORONTO, ONT.
D. R. WILKIE, President. R, JAFPRAY, Vice-President
Brandies ill Provinces of Hritisli Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec,
INTEREST allowed on Savings Accounts PROM DATE OP
DEPOSIT at current rates and credited half-yearly.
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
******************************************* ;
. i
This If our country: Ut us do the best we can lor It.       < >
Fort Steele, Jan. 20.—J. A. Harvey tried to Steal away Irom Dr.
King ami arranged for a secret meeting ol his laitliiul henchmen at Fort
Steele to-night, where he might explain the wickedness ot the Liberals
who lately are unearthing so much
ot the crookedness uf the McBride*
llawtlionithwaite coalition in general, and the unscrupulous methods
ol the chief commissioner, Mr.
Green, in particular. Hut the
people nl th'.s place kmow Mr. Harvey's record ami methods most
thoroughly ami the many supporters
ol Or. Kin**, hero are always on the
alert to destroy the effect ol Harvey's eflbrts to strengthen his grip
Upon the throat ul South East Koo-
u-nay, nnd learning ol his plans,
through the indiscretion ol a Kelly
sup|K»itn, they decided to attend the
meeting if permitted and if possible
hoar his views upon the m:ent disclosures ol corruption ol the government. Accordingly, several old-
timers ol tho St. Marys valley and
Fort Steele came Into town just in
time to be present as the meeting
This miscarriage of his plans so upset Mr. Harvey thai he lost-Ms temper ami instead ol having a Harvey
love-feast at his old homo and a consoling exchange of those sympathies
thai the miserable rely upon gaining
by liav.ng companions in despair, he
was stung to a rajre and like a leopard bearded in his lair, he attempted to tight hack. Disregarding
Dr. King's customary lair oITers to
birth Kelly and Harvey he refused to
reciprocate to-night hy allowing -
carpenter from Marysville (who was
called upon to represent Dr. King)
to criticise his (Harvey's) speech.
He consented to allow the representative of Dr. King to talk fur a few
minutes before either Mr, Thompson
or Harvey himself had spoken.
This display of cowardice on the
part of two lawyers, who were afraid
lo allow an ordinary Liberal workingman an opportunity to criticise
their speech, gave Harvey's cause a
bad chill The audience showed
their appreciation of this by giving
Huchcroft an attentive hearing. As
he outlined Dr. King's legislative
record and gave a description of the
government's mal-adminislralions, he
showed that had he been given a
chance ol criticising tho speech of
the Czar ol South East Kootenay, he
would have turned that gentleman':;
meeting for only Conservatives into a
Liberal rally. Tbe speaker did not
attempt to give all the reasons for
Dr. King's return as the representative ot this district, but gave the
government a hard knock hy proving
that McBride and Carter-Cotton were
aware of the methods adopted by Mr.
Green while acting as chief commissioner of lands and works, and, after
limling that the truth was being
learned, bad admitted the guilt ot
the whole cabinet. He then asked
Mr. Harvey to explain how the electors of Cranbrook district could vote
for Harvey or Kelly in the face ol
these charges, which have been admitted as true.
Mr. Kelly's representative was a
Mr. Macdonald, who made his first
appearance before uu audience in
this electoral district. His argument was altogether different from
Leheney's or Mr. Sam Macdonald's
and shows that Kelly realizes he
must cut out all appearances; of
llawthorntliwaiteism in older to
draw many votes Irom Dr. King.
Mr. Thompson, a Cranbrook lawyer,
and one of the men who wire used
lo magnify the strength of Mr. Harvey at the hitter's convention, loi*
lowed in» talk of about hall an
hour, devoting himself lo personal
Then came the much Indignant Harvey, with an eighty minute cr.ticism
of Huchcroft and a harangue on the
North Atlantic Trailing company, the
Red Line Disenfranehisement In Manitoba and a pitiful plea for a high
duly on lumber. This punishment
became so exasperating, whin Harvey got io his pipe dream ol lumber
jacks pre-empting cut-out timber
limits, paying licenses for them and
acting as fire wardens for twenty
years in order to get second growth
of lack pine, that one old timer here
exclaimed, "That's a novelty."
Harvey being excited thought he
said, "All Ihe same as Arbor day,"
aud grasping for Ideas exclaimed,
"Yes, it wotiW be somewhat like the
sehintl hoys' Arbor day," nt which
the audience caught the ridiculous—
and laughed at Harvey's expense. His
temper then got beyond his control
and he ordered the ejectment of Mr.
Burns, a respecled rancher. From
this on he talked at random and the
meeting broke up with three cheers
for Dr. King.
The effect of this Harvey fiasco Is
noliceable. The thinking voters are
wondering what Harvey and Thompson were afraid of anil why Harvey
did not a Mempt I o refute the
charges against his party If an
ordinary carpenter can so terrify him
what would he he able to accomplish
if up against such men as Dr. King
nnd .1. A. Macdonald. This Harvey
frost is bringing many thinking Conservatives Into the Liberal camp.
Philadelphia, Jan. 29.—A lire which
started with an explosion iu the
paint shops destroyed one section oi
the big Baldwin Locomotive Works
to-night, entailing a loss of Jl.UUU,-
000. covered by insurance. The j
destroyed building was about 175 by
150 feet. About 1,000 men are employed in the burned building which
was five stories high, the pipe bend-!
in-g department on tlie first floor, the]
jacketing or sheet iron department
on the second floor, a metal pattern
store room and brass fitting room on
the third, the paint shop and cab
liuishin-g departments and puiul store
room on the fourth and the drafting
and designing room on tlie fifth. The
lire was discovered in Uie cast end
of the building adjoining the main
ollice building, a few minutes before
six o'clock when the workmen were
preparing to leave, and though the
flames spread rapidly, all men were
able to get out ol the building safely. Shortly after the fire started,
the upper portion of Uie wall on
Spring Garden street fell into the
street and one fireman and three
workmen were caught by the fulling
bricks but fortunately received onlv
very slight injuries. The firemen,
With the assistance of the fire put-
rol Irom the plant, succeeded in getting ihe Humes under control within
nn hour after it was discovered.
The Baldwin Locomotive works is
the largest industrial plant in the
t'nited States and employs 18,000
men in this city and nearly 10,000
In departments at Lewis-ton and
other places. C. W. Covers, president of Burnham, William 6: Company, which operates the Baldwin
plant, said that the 1000 men employed in the burned building would
Immediately be put to work in other
departments, The fire, he said,
would uot greatly hinder work, as tho
departments destroyed are duplicated in other parts ol tbe plant.
A. M. AND P. M.
Here is an excellent catch: Ingenuously ask any friend or acquaintance the meaning of a. m. and p. m.
You will receive some such answer
as "Why, morning and afternoon,"
or "Before dinner and after dinner,"
or "Up to 12 o'clock high noon and
after 12 high noon," or "From midnight to noon and from noon to
midnight," or "Ante meridian and
post meredian; before and after
noon." It is a conservative wager
that every one to whom the question
is put will stake his happiness on the
word meredian, while the correct
word is meridiem. Ante morediem
and post mcredlem are abbreviated
to a. m. and p. m.
a**********^^******* *fc*M*iM**-M^****JM!yMJM
Ten to one they came from a Jewelry Store, If you've
ii friend to remember; a birthday anniversary: or that
jolliest of all occasional a wedding here is the store that
stands for all that you could possibly imagine in the way
of suitable presents. The price will accommodate a
millionaire or tbe average sized pocket l>ook. And be
sun* to keep this in mind, this is pre-eminently the
store for presents.
| W. H. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician {
ii Open Again for Business
A complete new stock of WINES,
LIQUORS and CIOAKS just to
hand. Can fill all orders for Hotel or Family Trade	
Wholesale Wine Merchant, Phone 17, Cranbrook
* *
Your wuuh may run if a jewel is cracked, or broken
ami it may keep fairly good lime. The pivot revolving
in Btich a jewel noon cuts and frequently breaks, thus
increasing the damage and the coat of repair-?. If your
watch   is   varying, it will pay you to   hve it examined
iiWM. F.TATE &SON,0"
iciai. watch inspectors .
FOR THK C.  P,  It.
< *******************************************
i >  This is our country: Let us make the most we can out ol It. %
********************** ********************** TOE   CBANBBOOK   IIEKALI)
== <">
• >♦
of tin' very pick .>f tlie selectetl Inn,Is in ihe beantiful, Kootenay     ' ** *
20.000  ACRES
Valley, Bust Kootrjnay, II. C, extending Irani I'ninil Kim to
Klk... are offered (or sale ut ir..m *;', in ,1" per 11. if.
, ,11
, 111
, .11
, .,,
, ,1,
,,., |
111 ,
The Kootenay Valley "Is oflUnsurpassed Fertility
MatchlessfClimate and the Moat Picturesque Situation West'of the Rocky Mountains.
The lands present every leutum <>i usefulness. Including tlm
'vn'.l benches, brushy Hat'., toun-li, prairie anil meadow.   Tin
hrushy Bats, innrsh anil meadow lamia consist..( ,1,','!.. blttck     *■ >
l.tiiin;' the 1,,'in'li linn I l,i'iii|. a sandy loam, splendidly adapted     ' "'
lor fruit culture,    Where Irrlgiit ion may be necessary on it.,*     '"'
benohes, water canbeluul Irom tl., intain rroeks Mowing from        *
the Rockies into the Kootenay river. Tin' lands are hilly surveyed and nine of the l..i« have lieon sulwllvlileil Into fenced
lam.-..ful....11 80acres oacli.
The pureliaae prlca will Iiulotlio tlmlior, which can liesolil     ». i
by the pnrclinser without, any liublllly to got inonl or other     $1»
royalty. Ths timber will in many cases more than realise tin, pur
chase price, Biiilwllllnnllcasesiniiterlally recoup il
int'.ln-     j " '
. 1,1
. 10
Orte Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.      J [J [
•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
1 can I,.- driven tmthe Knolonay river, whloli loucli
as every lot -uve „in>. The mam wagon raatl through the valley
passes over or close 1.. ea.'li l..t, and tlm proposed Kootenay Cen*
tin] railway will parallel the wagon road,« 1'be (J. P. K. Is <|int.
convenient to tin- lands.
Kor further particulars apply in
' '♦
..»».....,,•, a(|Ji"<n«-«-»-a
Hotel ** s
tlueutH Comfort i Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Hhb accomuioda*
tion* for the public unequalled lu Craubrook.
;   Hoi and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins
0*»•****» *fc *»-*'*•*.**•»'«.'«*»-at-%*»-k-*-»4)  «3'*-**-».-k--*.%'-fc'-sV-*-k-fc-*.-»-k-k-k-*♦-».*k*J
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
MiLujiIln C.rrU;;<ani D::rin;] Implements (or Sale
. CRANBROOK,   B.    C.
I   Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box J 44 Barn Phone90   \
0*«.**».-**.-»*«. **•»•*, -%.*•■«
P. O. Box 144
,I„H„H,.|,.|„H.,I,,H..H4.I..I.H-H.H Hit 1 M.H-MH-M-H-H-I-:
Try a   Case of
Two  Doneii   Pints   $J.S»
E.iuul  to Guinness'   Tin (lmst  baverage   on   the  nuirkp
tor  family and table use.    Imports vigor uml
health, ami tones up the body generally
Brewer, Cranbrook   B. C
5-I-i-JjI 111J H ■litiM l.tii-l-t-t.i-t-T=I=R mini h-mh-w
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Manitoba is centrally located ami has one nl the best illningrooins
in the city.   The bur is supplied «lib the best of Liquors and Cigars
i  if*
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
Robinson=/HcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Nominations Made Saturday
Constituency—Retiring Member
Atlin—Dr. Young (Con.) 	
Allierni—Win. Manson (Con.) 	
'.ii Minn—.1. Murphy (Lib.) 	
:inl Seai-11. Jones (Lib.) 	
Illllltwnck—C. Miiiiio (Lib.) 	
'i.luniliia-W. ('. Hells (Lib.) 	
Uomox—R. (Irani (Con.) 	
I'iclllin—J. N. Kvnns (Lib.) 	
nbrniik—In.  KIiir (Lib.)  	
Delta—John Oliver (Lib.) 	
Dewdney—It. MoBrlde (Con.) 	
Esquimnlt—C. K. 1'nolcy (Con.) ...
I'Ymii—W.  1!. Hoss (Con.) 	
tirami Forks—Cen. Fraser (Con.) 	
Greenwood—J. II. Brown (Lib.) 	
Islands—T. W, Pnterson (Lib.) 	
Kamloops—F. J. Pulton (Con.) 	
Kaslo— ft. F. tlni'ii  (Con.) 	
unci...A. McDonald (Coll.) 	
Niin.iinin. J.W. Iliiwtluiiutliwnitc-(S)
Nelson—I. Houston (Con.) 	
Newcastle—P. Wllliama (Sou.) 	
New Westminster—T. Gilford (Con.)..,
Okanagun—P. Ellison (Con.) 	
Hovolstokc—T. Taylor (Con.) 	
liicliiiinml—F.I..  Carter-Cotton (Con)
Uossliiiul-.l. A. Macdonald (Lib.) ...
 niicli—II. Tanner (Lib.) 	
Siliiilkalnceil—L.  W.  Sbiitlord (Coll.).
Skii'iia-C. W. H. I'liiTnrd (Con.) 	
Slocan—Wm. Davidson (Lab. Soc.) ...
Vancouver—1—IX G. Tatlow (Con.) .
"      2—C. Wilson (Con.)	
"     3-.1. K. Garden (Con.) 	
"      4-W. .1. Bowser (Con.) 	
"     5—A. II. B. Macgowan (Con)
Victoria—I—II. L. Drury (Lib.) 	
a—W. G. Cameron (Lib.) 	
"     3-.I. D. McNiven (Lib.) 	
"      4-R. Hall (Lib.) 	
Yale—Stuart Henderson (Lib.) 	
Ymir—H. Wright (Con.) 	
Inlin living	
It. Brewster	
II. Jones 	
.1. Yorston 	
G. W. Munro 	
W. C. Wells 	
I. II. Bennett	
I. N. Evans 	
Dr. King	
John Oliver	
II. Jardine	
John Jardine	
Win. Milken 	
11. W. Gregory ....
(1. It. Nuili'ii :	
T. W. 1'ntersi.ii ...
.1. D. Swimson ...
John Keen   '
M. Kiigleson 	
H. Slteppulil 	
Dr. (1. A. II. Hall
I). Thomas 	
F. W. Howay 	
Dr. Macdonald 	
II. Culey 	
J. W. Wcart 	
.1. A. Macdonald ■
.1. Picrcy 	
Smith Curtis 	
Dr. Kergan	
A. B. Dockstcatler
It. F. McLennan ..
T. F. Ncclaiuis ....
A. Henderson 	
I. W. DeB. Fnrris
W.W.B. Mclnnes. .
It. L. Drury 	
W. G. Cameron ....
J. 1). McNiven 	
It. Hall 	
Stuart Henderson
1. Fred Hume	
Dr. Young	
Wm. Manson 	
C. Wilson 	
F. It. Campion ....
S. A. Cawley .....
II. G. Parsons ....
It. Grant 	
W, II. Hayward .
J. A. Harvey	
P. J. Mackenzie
It. McBride 	
C. E. Pooley	
W. It. Boss 	
E. Miller 	
E. G. Warren
Socialist, Labor or Independent
J. Cartwrlght (Soc.) 	
Dr. W. J. Curry .
T. E. Kelly	
W. Moore (Soc.) 	
John Mclnnes (Soc.) 	
!E. Dynes (Soc.) 	
A. E. McPhlllips  ;\v. J. I.edlngham (Soc.) .
F. J. Fulton	
N. McKay  I	
A. McDonald ..
Dr. O'Brien ....
J. Kirkpatrick
—. Cairns 	
T. GiUord 	
Priii. Ellison .
Thos. Taylor .
F.L. Carter-Cotton1
A. Campbell ... IA. F. Berry (Soc.)
D. M. Eberts  i .......
L. W. Shntlonl
W. It. Lord 	
Wm. Hunter 	
It. 0. Tatlow ..
I. F. Garden
J. W. HawlhornMiwiille (Sue.) .
F. Phillips (Soc.) 	
P. Williams (Soc.) 	
J. S. Italnsy (Lab.) 	
J. W. Logle (Soc.)	
W. I.efcaui (Soc.) 	
-. Winkler (Soc.) ....
Wm. Davidson (Soc. Lab.) 	
F. Williams (Lab); A. G. Perry I
iR. P. Pcttlplccc (Soc.) 	
A. II. Maegowan   A. Stctrbings (Soc); E. Kingslcy
W. Bowser  !k. H. MoVety (Soc.)	
Dr. Mctluire  I. |.;. Dubberlv (Soc.) 	
Dr. Ernest Hall (Lab.) 	
A. Johnson (Lab.) 	
It. McBride
II. II. Thompson ..
J. Behnsen 	
F. Davy 	
Chas. Semlin 	
las. Schofield 	
John Houston (Ind. Con.)
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tin: Vancouver World bay published
i long ai'tide under heavy head
lines, alleging tluit Robert Green,
while commissioner ol lands anu
works, accepted a gift ol t37,U00 in
stock in a .syndicate formed tor exploring lands in the north. The
World persists that it has the facts,
and it is alleged that Premier Mv-
Uride says that since no favors were
shown by the department, the acceptance of a block of stock by Mr.
Green from bis old friend Sir Uaron,
was legitimate in every way. Mr.
Green makes a denial of any misdeed
connected with the matter, and says
that be never took any of the stock
lor himself. Mr. Green's denial and
Mr. McBrtde's statement are given
herewith. It is strange, however,
that such serious charges as these
should follow the .sudden resignation
of Mr. Green. For the sake of the
fair name of the province, it is to be
hoped that the matter cau be cleared
up iu a manner satisfactory to everyone.
Vancouver, Jan. 20'.—Premier McBride, speaking last night ou behalf
of Hon. K. L. Carter-Cotton at Central Park, said that, from his point
ot view, there was nothing questionable iu It. h\ trreen's accepting a
present of stock from bis friend, Sir
Adolpli Caron, He made this remark in reply to J. A. Russell, who
poke on behalf of Weart, the Liberal candidate, and who drew tlie
premier's attention to the World's
disclosures. The premier related
his story about Carou's company
not having received any lands in the
Peace River country;. That question, was not, of course, the one
raised by the World. The premier
claimed that everything Green bad
done was in accordance with law.
Hon. Wm. Mausan, provincial secretary, when shown AlcUride's statement, was thunderstruck and insisted
that it could noL be otherwise than a
typographical error. As a result ol
the publication of the alleged scandal,
Burns aud Walkem, attorneys for R.
F. Green, this afternoon issued a
writ iti a libel suit against the
World. No stated damages are
claimed nor has a bill of particulars
been filed.
Locally nothing is being talked
about in political circles but the
Green story, ll is generally thought)
il is the last nail in tlie Conservative colli ii aud a Liberal victory is
assured in the face of the exposure
of such actions. The libel suit is
looked on as a mete make shift to
present a face before the election.
Advices bave been received from
Hazel ton Ibut the ballot boxes for
that district have mysteriously Ihth
delayed in shipment until it is feared
they cannot be delivered by election
day. This would prevent the vote iu
a .section winch is undoubtedly
Liberal, owing lo the many lands
and works department scandals.
Local betting on the election has
begun in earnest. Two even wagers
ol $1,000 each were made to-day that
the Liberals Would have more seats
than ihe Conservatives,
R. F. Green's answer to the direct
and specific charge ol corruption
made against him by the Vancouver
World, is reproduced below exactly
as it appeared yesterday in his own
organ, save that certain sentences aro
capitalized for tbe sake of emphasis:
Arrowhead, B. C, .Ian. 2f».—1 arrived here to-day (rom Trout Lake
and for the lirst time saw copies ot
the Vancouver World containing the
infamous charges against me. I reply that I do not hold nor have I
ever held any stock in the Transcontinental Exploration syndicate either
hy myself or through any other person, and Neil F. MacKay does not
hold, nor has he ever held any stock
in trust for me or upon any understanding direct or indirect, whereby
1 was to receive any benefit there-
J was never charged by any solid-
1 tors before the executive with having
been bribed by Sir A. P. Caron, or
anyone else to issue any coal licenses or leases to the said syndicate, or to the said A. P. Caron,
or his associates as the records of
tiie Lands and Works department will
show. No licenses or leases covering lands in the Pine River district
have ever been granted to the syndicate, or to A. P. Caron, or to anyone else.
Caron and his associates applied for
such licenses but their application
was refused on the ground that the
government would not deal with
lands in that district until the Dominion government had completed
their selection of the 3,500,01)0 acres
granted it by the settlers act. No
promise, direct or indirect, that such
licenses would be granted was ever
made to them, and no licenses have
ever been granted though they were
repeatedly applied for.
The applications were dealt with in
exactly the same manner as were all
applications made by others for
licenses over lands in that district
and all were refused. Prior to making the above applications Caron and
his associates applied tor, as far as
1 can remember, about a half dozen
coal licenses over lands In tlie
Telqua valley. These lands were
open to location, the requirement*! ot
tlie act were complied with and
licenses were granted to them, as
well as to other parties, over lands
in that valley. These licenses were
issued In strict accordance witb the
act. I state most emphatically that
no favumor concession of any kind
whatever was ever granted by the
government or myself or the lands
and works department to Caron
or his associates or the syndicate.
They only received what they were
entitled to receive and alt licenses to
which they were not entitled were refused them in the same way as others
were refused.
After the licenses in the Tetfjua
valley were granted and before the
applications for licenses in the Pine
River districts were before tlie department, CARON, whom I knew
very well, WROTE ME, SAYING HE
not wish any ot the stock. Mr.
Mackav, then secretary to the premier, was in my office when I received
the letter. I SHOWED IT TO HIM
SAYING THAT I did not want the
stock and that IF HE CARED TO
remarking that while I did not consider it of much value that it possibly might be worth something to
him some day. He signified his willingness to take the stock and I
The records ol the lands and works
will show conclusively that all transactions with Caron were carried out
in strict, accordance with the act.
The lirst intimation I ever had that
Cuppage was a director of the company, was when I saw it in the
World. I knew absolutely nothing
of what stock he holds or how he acquired it.
(Signed) R. F. Green.
Moyie, Jan. 211.—The Liberals of
Moyio heir) a most euthusiasiic meeting on Friday nibht, the principal
speaker being Dr. J. II. King, the
Liberal candidate, Mr. Lehency, the
Socialist orator, W. H. Clayton and
!■'. E. Simpson also spoke, it. Campbell presided and the great crowd
present remained until Dr. King closed the meeting with his second
speech. The doctor was iu line lorm
null in no campaign has be made a
mote telling speech. Facing an
audience that was composed cliielly
ol miners whose secretary, Thomas
Kelly, is the labor candidate, the
doctor reviewed his work in parliament mid stated that tor the good ol
the province   and the   good of    Ulis
j district he had dune all in his power.
He scored heavily against the Mc-
llride government    when    he showed
I that this district had been rclused
nileqiiaie appropriations although!
there was a revenue going into the
provincial treasury Irom the Cran-
brook district ol more than $175,000
a year straight Irom the shoulder.
Dr. King showed that the bringing
out ol a third candidate in this district was the result ol the McBride-
Hiiwthornthwaile combination arrangement, made last summer, and
that tliey hoped that every vote secured lor the candidate ol the Conservative-Socialist, alliance would
tend to weaken the chances of Uie
Liberal candidate. At the close of
the meeting it was easily seen that
the doctor, by his honest, manly
course, had made many new Irtends
in the auilimce.
The government's policy is its record.
That record spells high taxes;
Neglect ol roads and trails;
Monstrous school act;
Neglect to protect our forests;
Neglect to compile and furnish information about public lands in aid
ol settlement;
Broken promises to deal with railway situation after proclaiming neces.
sity for action;
Back dour method ol dealing;
A barefaced attempt on the premier's part to make better terms a
party i(sue anil elect ion cry in lace
of what took place in the bouse;
Subservency to a railway corporation evidenced by an unsuccessful attempt to give it a million and a
half in cash, and an actual grant oi
UtlU.illlO acres of public lands and a
refusal to make it pay its tales; and
An unnatural alliance with the declared enemies ol constitution;
Our policy is denned by our stand
ou the measures brought before the
house, plus our aims regarding other
measures, which cannot be introduced by an opposition, but only by
the government, which are:
The creation ol a department oi
labor and immigration, subjects too
important to be lelt as at present
without shape or provincial guidance
to guard us against undesirable immigrants;
Full inquiry into water records and
irrigation and while protecting ptior
rights providing lor a wider distribution of water available for irrigation;
An adequate system ol lorest protection;
Surveys of crown lands available
lor settlement, uud where practicable, parceling them into small
holdings as part ol an iiumigratiuu
Keport ol school account and return to a system ot state education;
Revision of the terms of placer and
dredging leases, and lessening the
danger ol inadvertent forfeiture;
No alliance with those' revolutionists who would destroy our system
oi government and haul down our
Hag, but on the contrary to co-operate with that great body of labor
which would reform abuses iu a constitutional way.
Cranbrook, Jan. 36.—The campaign
sheet issued in Nelson by Conservative money, has no weight in East
Kootenay politics. The screed published in this morning's paper Irom
tbe pen of tlie secretary ol the Cranbrook Conservative committee, stating that Dr. King has admitted defeat, Is ridiculed by Conservatives,
Liberals and Laborites alike in this
community. Those familiar with
the situation fully appreciate the fact,
Unit Dr. King Is making a great
campaign, that he is gaining ground
every day, and that J. A. Harvey,
the Conservative candidate, is going
to have a hard fight to save his deposit. The desperate situation ol
the Conservative party In this district is evinced by such dispicahle
tactics as telegrams like those
term! to above Irom this point,
emanating directly from the Conservative committee rooms anil paid lur
J Irom    the   Conservative    campaign
, money Unit is being distributed over
I this district.
The    supporters ot Dr. King    are
'Working like sure winners. They
have faith    in their cause and   their
I candidate, and    are urged on to re-
I ncwed efforts by the assurance ol a
glorious victory. Perlect harmony
prevails and the committee rooms
arc   crowded   each night    with cn-
I tliuslastic workers. The attack upon Frank Angers, the eloquent French
Canadian, is made lor the name reason, as the attack upon Mr. Mclnnes, simply because Mr. Angers is a
powerful factor in the movement Mint
insures success for Dr. King. The
Conservatives tried to secure dls Invaluable services, but he is strongly
entrenched in the principles of the
Liberal party and was glad of the
opportunity to lend his assistance to
Dr. King.'
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He—I didn't kiss you!
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1 (The Vaacouvet World.)
Mr. McBride and his party of political (riends   are   engaged in tellinp;
the   people   ol the Interior that   the
Liberals,   if they   .should     get   into
power, will Immediately arrange   to
convey to the    (i. T. 1J. 15,000 acres
ol land per mile as a subsidy lur constructing  then   main line  to     Kaien
island.        The accusation is intended
| as a counter-irritant, a sort ol set
i oti    to the generous treatment that
I company received at the hands of Mr.
j McBride.     Ho conveyed to Anderson
(and    Anderson    the   waterfront   at
Kaien island, and ten thousand acres
of excellent   land for towiisite    pin
poses.      it is true   the government
did decline   to rive the 0. T, P.   a
land subsidy and     we have Bearohod
the records    ol the day lor evidence
to show that their declination   met
with  the   disapproval  ol   the opposition   in   the  local    house  or   the  opposition press,     Ou     the contrary,
they show that Mr. Morse', proposal
was turned   ilown with the approval
of all parlies.     Hut it Is    worthy ol
remark   that    while tin* government
refused (ami  most proporly) to subsidize the    (l.  T.  P.,  Ihey did     not
.scruple to confirm the char tor ol the
Kilama.it   Hazel ton   company   wilh
subsidies of $660,000 ami tho Tlllpah
valley coal lands, and to contn
the conveyance of    that charier ami
the coal lands to the (1. T. P. hy the
company.   -This action was taken on
the very date    upon which the     act
confirming     ihe charter passed    the
house.       The ink on the lieutenant-
governor's signature was scarcely, dry-
when tho government sinned the conveyance.       Why this indecent haste?
Why this    hurry to   enrich     certain
members of     the     house   and their
friemls, who profited to lhc extent of
$75,000 by the sale?       The company
was composed of men who did    not
possess the means to build the    line
and who    never  meant    to build it.
They secured the charter and its appendage :or the purpose of sale,     No
secret    was  made of the    tact that
they did not intend to undertake construction    work.     Mr.    Clifford,   a
staunch supporter of the government
and a member of the house, was  one
of the syndicate, if such it   can   be
called,     who   profited hy the   sale.
No one   blamed     the syndicate   for
making what they could, although tho
appearance of   Mr. Clifford's     mime
among the beneficiaries    is a suspicious circumstance and Indicates   that.
he approached very near, if he     did
not violate the independence ol  parliament act.    But the action of   the
government cannot be palliated     or
excused.    They had refused to   grant
subsidy for a railway on   Queen
Charlotte islands; had refused to give
tbe O. ,T.    P. a land subsidy;     had
thrown    an obstacle in the way    of
the construction    of the Midway and
Vernon road; had    sold ten thousand
acres of government land for $10,000,
while,  "Lo, the poor Indian,"    had
received   $75,000    for ten     thousand
acres of inferior land adjoining    the
government's    ten     thousand acres.
But strangest of all, thev hud agreed
to give the C, P. R. company «' B00,-
000 for building a     line of railway
from Silence's   Bridge to Nicola valley, a line which the company afterward built With no subsidy at all!
The premier has published the correspondence between the government
and Mr. Morse, in which the latter
makes application for land subsidies
and the premier audaciously says
that had the Liberals been in power
they would have acceded to Mr
Morse's demands. The Liberals are
willing to be tried by their record.
There is no reason to .suppose that
they would have given Mr, Morse
a single acre; but there is every
reason to believe that it* ihe government had not been closely watched
by the Liberals they would have
given tbe whole ol the northern
country to Mr, Morse. Their policy
in permitting the Kitamaal railway
company to sell their charier witb
the subsidy attached, and denying Uie
right io sell to the Mldway-Vernon
toad, are evidence of their evil intentions. Their conduct with respect to the Speuce's Bridge railway
subsidy shows what they were prepared to do had they not been retrained by the fear of defeat by
their opponents In the house, while
tlte corruption of the Kaien island
transaction  "smells  to heaven."
the Yukon Liberal association of
November 10 was read, stating that
in its opinion Mclnnes had in his
two years' rule conducted affairs in
the Yukon in a conscientious and
businesslike manner, and created new
confidence with the people. A direction was given that the resolution
he forwarded to Ottawa as an expression ol confidence in Mclnnes. An
editorial irom the Dally Alaskan,
published at Skagway, in which the
rule of Mclnnes was praised as in
every way worthy and to the credit
of the nation he represented, followed. Finally, amid a burst of cheers,
which rose one after another, Mclnnes produced the autograph letter
from Sir Wilfrid Laurier accepting his
resignation in which the premier
"I desire in convey to you the sincere appreciation which the government feels at the manner in which
you have discharged your dittos in
the important position which has
been entrusted in you."
"II this was not enough to testify
of my work," added Mclnnes, "I
have hut to point to the unexampled
enthusiasm at the banquet tendered
me before I left the Yukon I appeal to liev. Dr Mcltea, who is now
in the hall, as to wlielhei my stute-
rueiiK   l.i-niliht      ate   lint   tin-     whole
mull and nothing hut tlie truth.
"Willi such hacking," cried Mcln-
ui's, when his voice could rise above
the cheering, "1 am nol afraid to
stand as tlie representative id any
constituency on ihe Liberal ticket,
and I defy my enemies to work any
harm to my name with such scurrilous and low means as are being
XcaMno Business
"focuses of fl&ai^s*
Villc   Chc Smclu'r Sttgj»
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come Into her own.
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ii pormanont uny-
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fory our goods.
Vancouver, Jan. 20.—Before au
f audience wuich howled appioval at
Deafly every sentence W. IV. B. Mo
1 mies tu n it lit refuted mosL positively scandalous charges made iu tne
mornings Colonist to the cDcct that
euort had been made by lhc Yukon
LiOi'i.il;. to remove luui iioin lliu
commissioner's posiliun, thai La una
ii.ni beard Wen plea with lavor una
tn.a uis resignation hau really been
bauded iu to tores tail his removal.
Mclnnes said thai wncn lu Nanaimo
recently be had received au anonymous letter staling thai unless be tie
listed Irom efforts tu cast discredit
on llie Conservative government, a
bomb would he exploded winch would
sweep bim fiom any confidence ot ihe
"Tins has been sprung this morning," he said, "but 1 want to say
ami to prove to you that the whole
tiling is a fabrication ol which I have
uumistakeable proof which 1 am
proud to show to you." He explained that when he went to the
Yukon be found several parties enjoying unusual privileges, and, in pursuit of fair and honest treatment of
ait, he trod on their toes. Enrag-
raged at this treatment, they formulated a petition for his removal and
sent it to Sir Wilfrid Laurier under
the name of the "Liberal Association." Sir Wilfrid Laurier returned
the petition to him. Astounded, he
consulted the leaders of the association and at once was told that it
never considered any such petition
and that its sending was au imposition. A resolution of the territorial
association passed in November last
year was then read, reciting that it
had come to the knowledge of the
association that a petition fin its
name had been sent to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier asking for Mclnnes' removal.
Such action was declared as "never
authorized, and the association regrets that its good name was used in
such unwarranted manner." It absolutely repudiated the document and
expressed the highest degree of confidence in the honestv and justice of
the Mclnnes* government.
Following hearty cheers of approval, tbe tmt ol the resolution  of
(Victoria Times.)
We admit it is rather disconcerting
to he told that the Times alone is
responsible for the militant spirit
ing displayed by the Socialists under
the leadership of Comrade Hawthornthwaite. Doubtless it will be of no
avail to point out that the people
who display their contempt for our
political institutions, and even ot the
fountain-head from which we derive
our individual freedom and liberty,
hy clapping on their headgear when
the National Anthem is being sung
hy loyal citizens, have not been encouraged by us. They have not obtained the resources which enabled
them to place a score or more of
candidates in the field and upon
which they are conducting a very
strenuous campaign from the Times
or from the cause the Times advocates. They are not in alliance with
the Liberal party, but with the degenerate wing of the Conservative
party led by Premier McBride. They
are not in the fight to assist the
Liberal party, but with the hope ot
weakening it and malting the connec-
lion which has been so profitable to
their leaders during the past throe
years sure for another term. And it Is
particularly noticeable that none of
the government organs have a word
lo say in condemnation of the alleged aims and principles of the red
revolutionists. The    government
press, when it notices the vagaries
^f the auxiliaries or Premier McBride at all, invariably apologizes
for them and attempts extenuation.
t probably realizes now that the
public have reached accurate conclu-
' ns respecting the relationship between Premier McBride and his revolutionary lieutenant. The events of
three sessions of the legislature have
demonstrated that there .*ce hut two
parties appealing for the confidence
of the people of the province, the
Socialist-Conservative parly and the
Liberal party. The partnership ot
the I wo sections of the government
party has been scaled and cannot be
broken. This consummation has
had tho natural effect, of arraying tlie
political elements solidly upon one
side or the other. Consequently the
alliance, instead of having the effect
designed of weakening the Liberal
party, has solidified and strengthened it, It enters as a unit, into tlie
contest. The government forces are
divided as McBride Conservatives and
Hawthornthwaite Socialists. The
one must inevitably sap the strength
o[ the other—it there be any vitality
in either to draw from, which . Is
doubtful when the revelations re-
pcctlhg the conditions which have
prevailed in the Lands and Works
Department, every one of which Comrade Hawthornthwaite, the self-appointed guardian of tbe public estate,
has approved and defended upon the
lloor of the legislature. Therefore,
it is not surprising that the government organs are in a panic and do
t know exactly what attitude to
assume in dealing with their incendiary allies.
The Conservatives held a meeting
,m Monday night and the star speaker was W. A. Macdonald, of Nelson.
Mr. Harvev. the Conservative candidate, and Mr. Leheney. who represented Mr. Kelly, and P. Lund, of
Wardner, were the other .speakers.
O. T. Rogers presided, and at tbe
opening of the meeting read a letter
from Dr. King in which that gentleman expressed his regrets at being
unable to attend the meeting bat
that the dangerous condition of his
brother. M. B. King, necessitated Ins
attendance at the hospital, Mr.
Ilogers, on behalf of the meeting, expressed his recret that the doctor
was compelled to be absent, and extended the sympathy ot the
over the serious condition
King. Mr. Leheney, when h
to speak, in helm 11 of the party thu
he represented, also extended the sin
cere sympathy nf his followers.
Mr. Harvey' was the first speak*
ami dealt entirely with local issues
Offering the propositions of a dia
iimnd drill and an initiation scheme
also a plan to give the lumbermen
of the country a chance to ra:
merchantable timber in ten or flftc
years if the men who got (he li
WOUhl officiate as lire warden;
Mr. Macdonald devoted most of his
time tn ronstin£- Mr. Mclnnes and
defending the McBride administration.
No mention was made of Boh Green
or Charles Wilson, but Mr. Mclnnes
seemed to be a thorn in his sid.
as it has been with all "
for the Consorvativ
•society and
Murphy & Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental
Patent  Ollice  Agents.
I Pie
nf   Mi
Practice Before It
Charles Murphy.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining (ingincers
and Surveyors,
J.  1. LAIDLAW. M. K.
.iiway Commission
Harold Fisher.
Orescent Loikik No. :y.,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesrtav  at 8 p.  m.  at
New Fraternity Hall.
T. M. Roberts, K.R.AS.
.1.  A. Arnold, C.C.
Visiting   brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
the speakers
cause in    this
In closing his speech at Grand
talks Mr. Matilonalil replied siwci-
liuilly to a question asked by Hal-
sty, us to the Liberal party's attitude lu the matter ol assistance to
the O. T. I'. With regard to
pioneer mails, Macdonald said it
might be necessary to assist roads
ol that kind, and as lar as the Liberal party was concerned, it's policy
is "to encourage the opening up uf
unsettled districts by the construction ol railways, etc. In such circumstances, the interests ot B. C.
must be safeguarded, and for any assistance rendered there must be an
adequate quid pro quo. SO FAR
means very much to 11. C, but
we see no reason why B. 0.
should supplement this assistance In
.my shape or lorm whatever.
$250,000 FOR FIGHT
Vancouver World: Among the
astonishing statements made in this
election the most astonishing is that
which is attributed to a well known
city architect, who is prominent in
Conservative circles nnd has done
government work. The statement, is
to the effect thai the Conservative
party has $250,000 to spend in this,
election-|2&0,U00 that has been got1
Irom a great corporation.
Stories, Illustrations and anecdotes
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old and young. Then there are special departments devoted to Temperance, the Sunday School, and the
Home. And a section entitled
"Little Polks" is printed in extra
large type. The paper is so popular
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Schools In Canada and the United
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scholars. The "Northern Messenger" is probably read every week by
well on to a quarter of a million
people, and for that reason the price
is extremely low. Samples free or
12-16 pages weekly *i0c\ a year.
S. S. Clubs a specialty. Prices on
application. John DongaII & Son,
Publishers, Montreal.
I met Rev. Charley crossing his
mother's grounds one wormug, ami
he told me this little tale. He had
been out to Chicago to attend a
convention of Congregational clergymen, and had    taken his little   son
Harriett Reedier Stowe's grandson)
witb bim. During tbe trip he reminded tlie Utile chap, every now
auu tuen, that he    must be ou     his
cry best behavior there 111 Chicago
He bald: "We snail he lhc guests u,
a clergyman, there wilt ue other
guests—clergymen and their wives—
aud you must be careiul to lei those
people see by your waiu and conversation that you are of a goodly
Household, be very careful about
tuis." The admonition bore fruit.
At Ihe first breakfast ut which they
ate in Uie Chicago clergyman's house
lie heard his little sou say in Uie
meekest and must reverent way to
the lady opposite him: "Please
won't you, for Christ's sake, pass the
I.O.O.F. Key City Lodge
No. 42. Meets every
>t^, u*aw Monday night at
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
('has. Smith, K. II. McKay,
N. U. Sec'y.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly ot British Columbia
ut its next session, for an Act to
ucorporatc the "East Kootenay Lug-
tint Railway Cumpau)," with
power io build, construct, maintain
and operate a line ui lines ui rail"
• ay of siamlaid or other tuage,
n Labi Kootenay district! to
te operated b> sieaw, electricity or
6n> otnei power, im Uie Harrying uf
Ireigbl, passengers auu express uier
■••*, lo
cranhrook Lodfc, No. ii
A. P. a.A.«.
Regular meetings on
the third Thursday
of every month.
'Twice a day tor two weeks he hail
called. Each time Uie servant declared tbe young lady was not in,
but He knew she was deceiving him.
Hut to-day be hud the prool. lie
Had seen iter through the window.
"At    last 1 have   found you out!
he hissed    as   he turntnl upon     his
Visiting flretl.en welcomed.
W, K. Atridge, Sec'y.
M. A. Rule, W. ii'.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday evening   at
8 p.m. In B. of L. V. Hall.
Dr. Coffin Aerie Physician
P. 0. Hoi 28'.
Chas. Smith, W.P.
.11. D. Hillings, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
Meet at B. ol L.  K. Hall 2nd
Itb Saturday each month.
Visiling brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, Jaa. E. Larrigan,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Ilszell Block Cranbrook B.C
C, H. DUNBAR      j
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   «
Public, Etc S
Cranbrook,    •    -    B. C.   I
DRS. MMi & GRfcEN,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave,.
Forenoons - * • • 1.30 to   11
Afternoons • • • • 1.30 to 1.30
Evening! 7.30 to 1.30
CRANBROOK tl    :;    ii    ,;    B. C.
i.   1-iuUi a   point     on iuc Crows
JCSt   PUSS       blaUU   ul     the   CaUaJUU
Iuc ilk   Railway,    at or   near whew
Uie saul lalLta)' CrOSSCS Lot 6SUB,
Gioup 1.
ia; lo a point ou iU* southerly
side ol ityt-i, Creek, a distance nut
exceeding fifteen miles, posing
wtuugii Lots JU, 318, 320 and   321,
(JrOUp  1, ahd adjacent  lai.il*>.
W; iu a point at ot near where
he Kootenay River is intersected byi
the international boundaiy, lulluwiug
course tuiou^b Lots 317, 315   and
oju, Giuup l,   auu   thence  tu Uuld
l leek and     lulluvtiiife   lhc said tlcCii
nil lhc saiu Kootenay River; or
loin any point ou the said route to
tbe aaiu southern terminus   Utereor,
.lib a ugut ui extension nortncily
or westerly up each ot tne brauoaes
of uie sam liuU Creek, to the source
ui tuv name respectively.
(c) Nortoerly tn-rou^h Lots tli,
.iii, 325, 313, 312 auu oil uud inlet-
veuiug or adjacent lauds.
-. \a) Mum a puiul al ui with*
iu fuui miles cast of Foil Steele
•unction uu We said Crows .Seal
Railway westerly, a distance ol Uu
miles, wuu branches iu tue north
» ->uuiu, not exceeding three miles,
v-> (Northerly ou tne north-easter*
ly aide ui wc said Crows Nest iUil-
.way, a distance uot exceeding three
>■   From a point on the .-...a Ciuwk
at iUiivvd)  between ^ui.n^ known
Low ami Swauscd.
,aj    io ucc or uiuie points uislaut
'. more    tbau ten    iuiUs easterly
uum wc puna ui commencement,
W>   Fyiiuttij-j  We course ul     the
pper Moyie Rivet  ami the branches
Wettui to a   point ubuut   six   mile*
•vest    oi We  easterly liinu uf   Loi
4dS2, Giuup 1, ami otoei ntaucn hues
ut   exceeding    ten miles in leugtn.
)Wtu    power to    couueel   wiw aud
Ciller Into iunnii'g arrangements with
Ue Canadian Pacific Railway, or any
oWer railway situate near   proposed
itway ui any part thereof ana    to
iuosUuci     sluing     at sueh conuec-
To receive from any persun,
government     ur     body     corpurate-,
grams ul land, money or other    as-
cu in aid ol the construction of the
aid    undertaking;    wiw    power to
onstruct ana opeiaie   telegraph and
elepuone lines lor the purpose of Us
ustness   ana    iui we    public, with
lower to own ical estate tor right-
of-way and    oiiitr purposes and    to
use and update water powers
convenient   to the road   for railway
ana other    purposes and    with sucn
power* and   privileges as are
usually given  to railway companies.
Dated at   Cranhrook,   ii.    U., this
third day oi December, A. D. 19Ut.
W, F. Gurd,
t Solicitor lor Applicant*
• to 12 a.m,
I to   I p.m.
T to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong xvt
The story of a misplaced mustard
piaster uuu the consequently losing
ol a goouiy portion ui cuticle by a
well anuwn xnigbl of uue grip,     us
told    by   Couauctor    of the
Aorth Coast Limited, is well worth
retelling aud is aisu illustrative ul
ine old saying that "A woman away
uum nome u a woman wuuout a
lue story, which is vouched for, is
thai a very dignified and reimed appearing la-uy aud her husbauu were
uccupauin oi tbe sleeper ou lue Norm
wvaat Limited on a trip between
unite ana wis city, a few days ago,
iu ewuiuou wiUt a number ol travui-
i/uuug the early part of the night
the la-uy la quesiiuu was compelled
iu ai ine aud Humiuuter lo ner fiUS-
■wnu wno was nuueriug aim intense
.■aw. aitti sought Wc alu ui
couuuulor ami wuu cluib Hutu we
(.talus medicine cniwt and mustaiu
luiuikueu by the chef ol we diner
a** abie to concoct a powenui
.iiustard plaster.
Armed wiui this powerful pain killer sue made her way bacx tu Wt
sleeper and placed tne plaster on lue
uucx of, as she supposed, her bus-
uaud, who, it appeared, had dropped
mto a sound sluuner. She Wen
sought the ladies' dressing room to
remove all vestages of tbe plaster
irom her hands.
When she returned to her berth
(for she found tbe right one this
lime) her husband inquired, amid
groans of pain, as to the whereabouts
uf the plaster. She replied that she
had already applied it to the ailing
portion of his anatomy and with a
woman's persistence succeeded in
persuading him tbat what she said
was so and tbe attiicted man dropped
od to sleep.
In the early hours ot the next
morning the occupant of the next
berth awoke with a smarting pain
on the back, investigated and found
that he had acquired a mustard
plaster but had lost a considerable
amount ot cuticle. With sounds of
muffled rage tie dressed and made the
rounds of tbe car in a vain attempt
to find which one of his fellow drummers had perpetrated the practical
and vile Joke upon him. He swears
that In the future he will always demand an uppex btitb.*-sptiki-snun-
R«*fl*w, I
• to 12 a.m,
1 to   I p.m.
I to   I p.m.
Office la new Reid block
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes maaVnew.   All kinds
of repair-ink*,   (live me i call.
Notice u hereby given that thirty
dayn otter u«lc l iuiena to apply tu
Wc Hon. Liuel Cooiini'iSioner ol
Lands and \\ orks lur a special
license to cut and carry away tim-
u-r from tne following described
lands, situate iu South Last Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a point 120
chains east ol we south-east corm-r
ui lot 338, group 1, thence east SO
cnaim>, thence nuiW ou chains, thence
west au chains, Wence iiouth eu
chains io point ol commenct-menl,
(.untaining UU acres, more or less.
2. Commencing at a point 120
chains east of the south-east corner
ot lot -i.i.1, group 1, thence easl 60
chains, thence soulh su chains, thence
west SO chains, thence north fid
chains, to point ol commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
James Foster.
W.    F.    Gurd,   Solicitor,      Cranhrook.
Dated at   Cranbrook,   IL C,   this
23th day of November, A. D. 1906.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work i- our advertUement, but we
put thiii ad in the Herald,to
emphasize it.
Near Ixiwer ^nnntrong Avenue.
I   A. W. McVittie
j Dominion and Provin-
I cial Land  Surveyor.
H.H. McVittie
General Agent
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Chad Commissioner ol Laudfi and
Works tor a special license lo cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands in South East
1, Commencing at a post planted
6U chains south and au chains east
ol mile post No. 1'j, on the easterly
limit of Lot No. ■J..!).., gioup 1;
thence north ItiO chains, east iii
chains, south 160 chains, west Hi
ciiaius to the place ol beginning, containing tiio acres.
William Uiggius.
Dated     the ftth   day ot December,
A. D. 1906.
2. Couimcnciag at a post planted
ii) chains south and 120 chains east
of mile post No. 19, on the casteily
limit ol lot No. 4592, group 1;
tnence north 200 chains, thence east
60 chains, south 60 chains, west   -10
hains, south 14U chains, west 20
chains to the place ol beginning, containing 6'40 acres.
William Higgins.
Dated    the 8th   day   of December,
*. D. 1907.
Eight teams of wull-nrokcn logging
horses. lour to nine years old.    Six
of these teams weigh from 3000    to
3100 pounds per team.
Apply to
Pineher Creek, Alta.
E. W. Lou, B. Acct., will recedra
private pupils for listructlon la
Uvuced accoutttl.g, leading to . df
{ree ol B. Acct., C. A.    Room No,
, fc-arkata, v AsMnw *tt-> 71. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
How to Mark Your Ballot
HARVEY,  .1.   A.
KING,   J.   H.
• ( "VV.- shall hiul down the Kritish ensign from the staff
* at Qjvi.-nnuiit buildings and run up the Red Plan in its
l>l■,:.-." Ir. Hawthornthwaite at the firand Theater, Van-
couv er, last June.
f "No alliance with those revolutionists who would de-
* stray  our system »f Government  and haul down our flan.
* but on the contrary co-operation  with thai great body of
♦ labor which would reform abuses in a constitutional way."
♦ .1. A. PtACDONALD.
Z "The treatment of the Cranbrook  District by the Hc-
z liride Qovernment was neither fair or just.
♦ "It is  said that the Kaien Island scandal iorced Bob
* Qreen out of the cabinet, and that Dick TIcBride was  in
t that deal as much as Boh Qreen."   .1. H. KING.
McBride and  Hawthornthwaite,   Harvey   and  Kelly.
A vote for Kelly is a vote for Harvey, Hawthorthwaite    ''
and TIcBride.
A   vote   for   Harvey   is   s    vote   for    McBride   and
i *******************************************,
By tlw Herald   PuWlstiing Company
-I. a,
Editor and Manager.
A gentleman who was a Member of
the sports committee on the first, of
July at Movie lasl year, stated on
Wednesday night that there was no
doubl In bis mind nboul Kelly being
n Socialist, or at least as to where
he would line up if he were elected.
The question of speakers came up
and Mr. Kelly Insisted that Mr.
Hawthornthwaito should be invited
by the committee, and Bald thai as
jar as lie was concerned he wanted
Mr. Hawthornthwaito and no one
else. This is a matter of record in
Movie and the member, of the committee who told the Herald -a ill
vouch for It. In fact it is ' well
known    nit over    the district    that
should   Mr.   Kellv  be elected   it  would
be cons id c nil a UawthocnUiwaHo
victory, if there had been a chance
in Mile district .1 straight Socialist
candidate would havo been nomlimt-
ed, bul Mr. Hawlhornthwnite is a
shrewd politician, and after bis trip
through tins district last summer he
saw that BUCh a move would he fatal
10 his schemes, and ili.it is why a
friend or his is running as a straight
Labor candidal.- The Herald wanti
tn be fair In 'ins matter, but It refuses to be bamboozled by Mr,
ilawthorn-thwatto  and   bis sefomers.
The   people   of   Ibis   district    will    Hot
Stand tor a  Soolnllsi I hnve    so
declared bhomselves, Mr. Kelly wan
in ihe V11111 dlstrlcl lust election,
.nul it  is    reported   here   thai    ho
did        all     he    could      against       the
eleel  of     Mr.  Parr,  who was    a
mlnci and a labor man. How can
he now come nut and ask for tho
support of the labor men iti Ihe face
of ili.it fact? If the leaders nf the labor party in
this district were playing the game
fair Ibcy would Ret a much larger
vote, but it is generallv conceded
that they are in the field to defeat
the Liberal candidate, Dr. King, and
in doing so they arc simply working
along the lines' laid down by Mr.
I l.i w thorn th wa i t r> a nd Premier McBride.
Nothing but a life preserver will
save Harvey from being swamped
nevt Saturday. There's nol a life
line in sight.
A "Walkover Shoe" will not even
Bflvc Harvey next   Saturday.
News frnm Rossland of n most
reliable nature shows Ilia I Mi. .Macdonald will be circled by a much
larger majority than before, Mr.
Hawthornthwaite fried tn get in his
work (here, but Ihe laboring men nf
that district thoroughly understand
the situation   and have   every confi
dence in Mr. Macdonald, whom they
have known for such a Inns time, and
they repudiated the schemes of the
revolutionary Socialises.
Mr. Sam Macdonald is a most estimable genticmnn, a bard worker,
a believer in the cause of labor, but
his Inborn conservatism always
comes lo the fop, and iu his platform talks, although he sends a
harmless shaft now and then at
Harvey and tin- Conservative party,
his heavy ammunition is always fired
.11 Or. King and the Liberal' party.
And every labor speaker in this
campaign is tallowing Hie same
Premier   Mcllrfile   has   wired   his
deck hands    on  the coast slope    the
following cheerful news:
In    closing lhc    first week of
lhc enmimfgn    in the interior
can confldentlv report victory
all along (he line.
S-so-s-nme  pe-p-cnplc sn-s-s-s-av     1
si-l-l-ll-ut-er    b-ul        1     d-d-do-nt
no-n-no-not-i-notlce it.
Socialism is nn Ihe wane in (ier-
inaiiy. In tin* election last Friday
llie Socialists losf 2li seats. Thomas
K. Kelly will know how to swn-
nalliizc wilh his comrades in Germany next Saturday night.
Hail Green been running his pro-
eery store in Knsln instead nf the
lands ami works department nt Victoria do von suppose for one second
■hat his- old college chum, Sir
\dolph f'.iron, wmtlil have niTered
him $87,1100 worlh nf sh-eki in his
There is ,, nnnor .1 ll--..t U,fl| n
'llnmond dull company will bo form-
ed in this diiriricl and that Paul SI
■ lohli and  Ham   Mellon arc  Ihe chief
prnmotors       itnih „f   t|u.S(. K,.ni\^
"if '■ well   known in the rommiin-
Mr and without ,, dniibl thev will do
■•ll m llieh  power to mutae the   new
•'"HI \   il   SIII'IV-S \|,     \|,.||,m   js ,,
lo-daj ti.i
iron claims
<? ol  the
the  dish
1st     tsllll.tlllf
Will some Christian render nf this
column who possesses a itibic kindly
look up this verse ami advise us of
its import? Wc hnvo mislaid ours:
A certain man who lives nt a boarding house would come In the table at
every meal, dance over (he |nyonl
and muttei (he words: "Hebrews
13-8." I lis, landladv finally looked
up the pnssa-ge of scripture and sustained such a shock lhat for a lime
her recovery was doubtful.
The King majority wll! be inrger
this eleolinn than il  was last.
The fight Miat lhc Conservatives
nre punting up and the methods resorted to in the closing days of five
campaign in this district, shows that
they are getting desperate. The
managers realize that thev are put-
Ling tip n losing fight.
There arc a lot of people in this
dislrief whp Mill vote Lihernl this
lime nn lhc Kaien island record of
the McRride administration alone.
That was a hitler pill to the people
generally, and fo fhis day nnf nne ot
the McBride speakers lias been   ablo
to give an explanation on the platform that would satisfy any one hut
a rabid McBride supporter.
(live this district better terms.
That, is the crying need now. The
way to do ii is to vote for Dr. King
ami Uie Liberal party.
The Liberal parly asks for a square
ileal in this election and that only.
Vml furthermore it will not stand for
fraud nf any kind. The ballots must
be counted. There has been ballot
boxes stolen in this district and oilier work nl' that km*! done A sifuui'c
deal all around is all thai anyone
can a.sk lor.
Next Saturday the McBride government will be like a withered bouquet
—thrown nut.
Don*! make too much noise. The
McBride administration is dying
The Wl.inle administration was
one of philanthropy. They gave
SIMl.OOfl acres of land'to Ihe (I. P. II.
Refused lo tax .1,500,000 acres of
land belonging to the same com
pnny. Conveyed to Jimmy Antler
son and Mrs. .). Anderson the water
front at Kaien island aud 10,000
acres of good land for towns!te' pur
By placing an X opposite King's
name is a sure sign that yntr are
The McBride administration refused
to help the Kootenay Central rail
McBride's administration has been
"economical." — Rossland Miner.
This is another instance of a glaring
typographical eirnr—Ihe editor wrote
The Conservative campaign correspondent to Ihe Nelson Canadian
anil ttnssland Miner is so untruthful
lhat he makes Ananias look like n
Bets are being made that .1. A
Harvey will font the poll.
King will win in a walk, although
Harvey is running.
The Conservative party is nn tin
.side nf ihe corporations, tne specula
tors, Ihe exploiters and the grafters
The Libers! party are 011 ihe side ol
the people.
The McBride administration has
placed the financial credit ol British
Columbia on a sound tooling.—Vic
toria  Week.     At 5 per cent  interest.
If McBride gave away 800,0110 acre
nf the public domain to the C. P.  It.
iu one  year,  how  many  years  would
it lake for him   to give   away    the
It is staled that if Mr. Harvey Is
defeated (and he will be) he will' re
tire from politics. This sound
pretty much like a dead man tclliiu
his troubles to an undertaker.
Vote for King. He has an axe tf
Imagine Billy Esllllg, editor ol the
Kossland Miner, insulting working-
men—by telling them to vote for
Lome Campbell, "The friend of
labor." Esling and Campbell are
hitler opponents ot organized labor.
By the way—vote for King and
you'll never regret it.
Protect your province by voting the
T.iberal ticket.
A vote tor the McBride-Soclulist
government is a vole for di*shotiest
government, bitter terms and political strife.
The Conservative party stands for
provincial wrong*. The Liberal
party slands for provincial rights.
It will take more than a diamond
drill 10 locate Conservatives lit
this  place after Saturday.
The premier has issued bis pro-
iiouiicoment, It is a pretentious document and room should certainly
have been lound in it, fnr au explanation nf live Important points, viz.,
Why a compact was made with the
Socialists, who declare that their
iiui is lo haul down the British ling
t government buildings and n p
tin' red Hag in iis stead" Why Mr.
Charles Wilson seceded from the mlli-
rj and ran own} in New York nml
nttnwn while the house was in session? Why Ml. (iieeu lefl the ministry'.' Why the proclamation nf (lis-
soluiion was delayed until he li.nl resigned'' Ami win Mi. Whitm-v, the
Cinisei-vallvo premier of Ontario refused to vole for better lei ins' for
liritisii Columbia? As these Important matters were doubtless in-
.nlveiiciiih overlooked by the premier,     ihcy arc submitted as a      re-
The Belter Terms for British Columbia were defeated hv Mr. Whitney, Conservative premier nf On-
larin, who moved ihe resolution
which was carried and which caused
Air. MeBride to leave the conference
with a banc. In thirty davs he will
leave the government buildings al
■ lames Bay with another hang, or
rather, several nf them, fired at short
Mr. Hugh Oliniour, nf Vancouver
in an interview with llie Okanagan
said that after the election a man
witli nne hand will he able to count
ihe MeBride supporters on his five
Mr. Tatlow, minister of finance, has
been sworn in some more as chief
commissioner of lands and works—
thus following the precedent set by
Hon. Mr, Cotton some years ago.
This nominally fills the cabinet and
Ihe Colonist says that the government is now "complete in every   de-.
The root of all evil—affection for the Almighty Dollar—we
are told. We cannot claim to have any particular rejrard for
money (hence there can be no evil in us) but we have been told
by several of our creditors that we must dig it up or take the
consequences.   Therefore this, the greatest of all
or sacrifices that has ever occurred in this city. We have decided to place our entire stock, amounting in all to about
$60,000, at such prices that cannot help but appeal to the pur
chasers, and we will convince the most skeptical of the power of
the Almighty $. Note a few of our quotations, but as our stock
is so varied we cannot give a full list of quotations.
Sheets,   Pillow     Cases   ami white
Red Spreads nl following prices:
42x3(1 Hi   20c, worth ,15c
■Ifirili (5 22Jc worth Klc
nUxtW «i fine, worlh Sl.nn
5.1x11(1 ft 75c, worth 11.25
72x!in ft. 8f,c, worth $1.50
A full assortment nl extra   length
sheets and pillow cases nl correspondingly low prices.
Wc reserve Uie privilege ol restricting (plant it ii-s. While we (lo not object lo hold keepers or Institutions
stocking up WE DECLINE TO SELL
If hotel keepers will ask lor head
of department nnd introduce themselves they will receive special attention.
fifis'iii ft Olio worth (1 10
(i:ix!i0 ft 75c, worth 11.25
81x00 ft- 05c, worth $1.75
00x90 ft' $1.10,  worth $2.50
OOxflO  ft  $1.00,   worth   $.1.50
OOxilO  ft  $2.50,   worth   IM.75
Sheeting ami Pillow Casing hy the
yard at. correspondingly low prices.
We have a few hundred $$$ worth of
QUARTER lhc ACTUAL WHOLESALE COST. This is one line that
must move out.
Materials hv the yard in DRESS
lie tjuoted nt prices less than the average merchant can buy at today
Wc have about .'111 LADIES' TAILOR MADE SI'ITK in Broadcloth,
Cheviots, Panamas, Mixtures, black
anil colors, including uncommon nnd
elegant slyles, box, pony, blouse and
long coals, silk and sntccll lined,
newest style skirts last fall, ranging
in prices from $12 In $22, all tn go
from $1.50 up.
Anyone desiring to buy furniture
of any description, from the most
common kitchen chair to the most
ejahoraic parlor chair, we will be
pleased   indeed      to   give   you   qlinla-
tlous on application.
MATTRESSES we have iust passed
into stock a carload of this line
from the cheapest lo the most expensive. Ask to be shown this particular line as we will r|uotc tbe actual wholesale prices nn these goods,
adding only  the freight  charges.
one of ihe strongest and largest, departments iinder our eonlrnl. ft, too
must  he \isjtei| by our carving knife.
$3(1.00 Royal Snvonnerie AXir.instcr
the best values we ever offered, in
the most popular domestic colorings
as well as the softer shades of the
Orient perfectly reversible, si/.es
I)xl3, special at  $1-1.00.
$30.00 Royal Sounnerip Axminsicr
Seamless Hugs, shewn in Persian and
Oriental effects. !l feet wide and
12 feet long, values are positively
$30.00. Sale price. JP..00. These
we imported direct from the largest
carpet dealers in the world, viz.,
Thns. Tnpling & Co., London. England. Brussels Rugs, worth regular
$3,1.00, shewn in the most desirable
coloi combinations—Oriental, Persian
.md Floral designs—10.0 inches bv 12
feet, value ffl $25.00, will be sold
at -SI I.'in. Reversible Union Rugs,
worth    59.00,     !) fed hv  12    feet,
Wc will  sell at $5.00.
Wehavc all sizes in Ihese rugs it
correspondingly  low priops,
All our CARPETS by the yard will
he sold al prices never before quoted
in this city.
Boys' $2.75 Overcoats at $I.S0.
Boys' $3.40 Overcoats at $1.90.
Boys' Suits in very latest styles, regular $2.75 for $1.50
Boys' Suits in very latest styles, regular $3.50 (or $1.95
Also Boys' Knicker Pants to be sold at 45c and 55c, worth
$1.00 and $1.15
Ladies' Misses, Boys & Children's Shoes
This is one of the liner that must move if prices go for
anything. Ask to be shown this line as it would be impossible to quote prices.
TU n We will place no baits at the doors. The
*-• **"" prices on everything will be cut to the very
bone and prices will be quoted on any line of goods most
cheerfully, but
No goods will leave the store
without being paid for. Kindly do not ask for credit at sale
prices. Positively NO GOODS
tail of [is organisation*" Reminds
uy ol the way Paddy "completed"
his blanket—by cutting a piece off
the bottom and sewing it on to the
top.—Now Westminster News.
Tlie laboring   men nf   this district ,
have confidence m Dr- King.     He bus j
si I by thom   when there was    no
campaign in sight, when it was
Miupl*. a matter uf man treating
man right. And ihe men remember
ihese ibiitgs. If is easy to be a
gootl fellow four weeks In four years,
when you have an axe to grind.
[•.very man owns his own vote. I.el
r-vpiv inai. cast it as he thinks is
What has the McBride party ever
dune for the t'rauhrnnk district?
Thai, is a question thai every man
should ask himself before lie casts
his vote next Saturday.
he Liberal party will have control ol ihe province by a safe major-
ly and nt last Dr. King will sit wlthl
Llie government and the Cranbrook
district  will get what is due to    it,j
nd what Mr. Harvey, ns the controller of   Conservative    patronage,
hniild have given long ago.
Nn man has spent more of his own
money for the advancement of the
district ihan Dr. King, No man has
spent more of his own money in this
district for anything and everything
that would benefit humanity than
Dr. King No man has stood up
harder for the labor interests in this
district than Dr. King, and at time
when it was big money out of his
pocket. No man has worked harder
for Hit1 interests of the dislrief than
has Dr. King. Is he not the logical
man to represent this district? That
question will be answered on Saturday and the people will answer it.
With a great big yes.
Look nut fnr Mr. Harvey and his
diamond drill scheme. John Leask
is Ihe man who originated the plan
for this province and I diked it over
to Harry Mellon, ami sonn il became Harvey campaign thunder.
Vancouver, H. C, Jan. 30.—A
careful review of the political situation at Ibis time insures a safe
majority for tbe Liberals throjglvout
the province. All doubtful districts
have boon eliminated in the count,
Information from inside Conservative
parlv workers and the facts secured
from' the Liberals all over the province show conclusively that Mr. Macdonald, the Liberal leader, will be
the next promier of British ColnmMa,1
The Conservatives arc putting up a
strong tight and evidently! have
plenty ot money at their command,
hut from one cm) of the province tu
tbe other the Liberals arc confident
and the members of   thu party    nre
working like Irojans without  money
and  without    price, anxious  to     give
ihe province a change ol government,
Wherever  tllCIO are  Labor 01   Social
1st candidate* iu the Hold, tho monk
is now loin oh and they an- staling
openly  tu the people that  UlOJ   should
vote for tlie Mcltiide candidates ll
Ihcy cannot vote labor, and at .ill
limes devoting Uicil    criticisms   ami
abuse    to    lhc     Liberal   e lid.n>".
I l.i wi tun nl h\\ ;• m r openly boasts ib.il
he will liavu an increased foil..wing in
the iie\l house and that evety mail
who is I'll IUI lllg as a l.iboi candidate
will unite, wild him il elected.
I'llKMlKIl   McfililDH    SAYS  IIIIV
Kill Alllll.l'll t'AIHIN WKIII'I
STRICTLY   IN  Ai'i'lllili
VaiH'mivcr Province: Hon. Richard
Mi.Hriile, Premier, tins wired the
Province ns follows from Vernon,
concerning the charges uKiiinst R. I*'.
Green, former Chief Commissioner of
I.iirals uml Works:
"Arrived too lute last ntelit tn
nswer inur message ol January 2-
regarding charges against Green.
Hasten lo sinlo Hint no coal or oil
lands in l'racr River district have
In™ allotted to National Transport-
ilion company or nny oilier sviuti-
f.ite, person or persons.
Any   property   acquired by    Kir
Adolph ('.in  associates has boon
'I.  j'.. .'.I       ..I      Strictly   II.   iirr.il.l.llll'O
with    Hn' laws,     lliuiigh correspondence slinwod Hi,il Green, as  personal
liii.'iiil,   accepted stock   from    Caron
ivlii'ii company was tiring linimil
Tin'   h.i.i nothing i.. .1... dlrcclly
.11 hull Uv,    wllli   t is i.i public
business nnd Green   when Intel  confessions were sought In I'enra River
illilrid li) C i .iii.i assni'liilcs, .ili-
nilulel)  refused lo grnnl ilu-iu
"Nothing u.i'. il  Iij  il v Coin
lull  ""..'I  in ...i .'ti.ui wilh anv    ol
Uu- ili'|..,iiin.-iii.it business with Cnrnn
lhat  was In any way iiii'i'.nlni "
Lady Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
The Last Call on these Spedal Bargains
Everybody looks forward tu mir ANNUAL JANUARY SALE. It's « great l«lp to economy at a time
whan every one needs to make each dollar go as far us possible, It's an IM PORTANT SALE, because it is nol
confined to any one department, and uo matter what you want, there's A DISTINCT SAY ING l.\ BUYING
IN  JANUARY  AT   REID A CO.    Note a few ot the following prices!
Any Suit up to 110.00,   .
oili'.r than "Kit.lie-   tji QC
form," for    9t'~"
Anv Suit   In,in   ,10.1111   tJQ ()C
up to 118.00 lor aP7.7,J
Theae Suit, nro nil well TIHMMKD
an.I iiiB.lt' l.v ll..' I..'»i milkers, Bllcll in.
W, It, .loliuaon A r ml John W.
l-.-.-k * r„.
Pnalllvelj ii"it I" rlinrgisl oisonl
on approval nl HiiIp Prices,
All Fancy Silk Blonses, Lustre,
(Tunnel mid Flannelette Waists
will In, Bold at
rilli  In
Heavy Twill IHIIIa, Tweed. Ultra
gM.nl Working Pnnta, regulai
12.60 and 18.00, for    82.IKI
Pine Iweiil anil Wursled Ores. Pant,,
all sisos, regular 11.60, for   S.I.W
Beautifully trimmed
on Collar Cuff,   a*.,,,
slightly .Initial!,'.!.    Uvular price
Jl.S"".'1'.|:"''   Saleiirlee     8Sc,
Huldrens MsBnelciie  Drawers,  i-
Borted, regular .10.'., for ....   ,5c.
Regular price   ,1 .HI.   11.26 nml
11.60.   A big bargain if v da
CRANBROOK.      iii
S.  C. "3
Make   Your   Hark
G       G
R        R
In this World
You surely will II you use no other beverage than
G. T. R. TEA.
- AND -
We Have Them—Just What You Want
C. E. REID G^, CO. i;
The   Druggists
tenth Rossland
Winter Carnival
Feb. 12,13, 14/ »5 and l6
5 Grand Trophies and 1,2,000 in prises.   Two hands in attendance
HOCKEY—International nml Inter-Provincinl Championships
SNOWSHOKIXU   I'liriinpioiisliipof lirilisli Columbin
TOBOGGANING- A milo 11 minnta down tho " ZIP"
8K1-1NG—Jumplnff nnd ttneing.    Otanmpionship of Cnnndn
SKATING UACES-I'ur Olintnpionship of British Colnmbin
DUELING   A rr.niii.iiil Bonspiel
Horse Racing. Masquerading, Tuga-oI-\Vnr and other Interesting events
Red 111
J. 8. C
ed Railway Kates ou nil lines.      For fiirltu'r particulars apply to      i
O. ERASER. Pres.        God Save the King E. ADAMS, Sec.    |
************* **********************
Our new machinery is now in place. We
have plenty ol power, and as a consequence
we ever had.
P. Burns Cb% Co., Ltd. ii
What you want for the camp, the bush or the  '
shop.   Our
are of the best makes, and our prices are right  !',
down to a fair basis.
Cranlirook, B, C.
FEBRUARY 4 and 5
Summers Stock Co.
Presenting that great American .Mi'lo Drama
New Vaudeville between Acts
Seats 01 sale at Beattie &  Atcntsoo's
Dm, Stare
The Herald is authorized by Or.
J. II. Kinit tn deny emphatically
the statement in the Daily Canadian signed by James Finlay that
he 1 King 1 had admitted his defeat,
and furthermore that he had
made no statement at any time
that could be so construed; and
Dr. King's word is good in this
.1 11. Doyle wns up from Moyie
Kn.lny last.
T. M. I'.ivin went to Calgary on
Sunday last.
.tallies Joyce was up from linker
Saturday last.
Wm. Staples was down from Uy-
cllflc Friday last.
LOST—Between Wnitworth hotel
and station, orescent shaped pearl
broot-h. Kinder please leave at
Herald office.
K E, .loin's, ol Kimberley, was in
town Saturday last.
K. .1. Smyth, ol the Movie Leader,
visited Cranbrook Monday.
.lames Walsh, ol Fort Steele, was
a CranbroOK visitor Saturday.
11. !•: Taylor was down from Kim-
lii'ihv sevoral days last week.
Win Lawsoii, ol Movie, spent several davs in Cranbrook this week.
LOST—Between Cranhrook and
Wnltshurg, 11 parcel, Kinder please
leave wilh .las Nolll, at Wallshurg,
or at Herald office.
Ed. Foagan and A. Bunco, ol
Marysville, were in town Tuesday.
Dust. Tin-is was down from Perry
I'lr.L1 couple ol days Ilia past
Bom—Monday, January 2», l»07,
to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. South,
a son.
Duncan MoFnrlnne was down Irom
North Star hill a couple id days
this week.
WANTED—Situations for two men
ns engineer and firemen, good reler-
enees; twelve years experience; sober
and reliable. Apply at Herald office. *0
P. J. Summers and Joe Goupill
of Moyie, visited Cranbrook Satur
day last.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McPcak, of
Sirdar, were Cranhrook visitors Friday last.
D. .1. Elmer, who is running the
hotel at Klngsgato, visited Cranbrook
Saturday last.
Through tire generosity, of tlie citizens nf Sirdar and llie railroad boys
a sehoollmuse has been erected at
that place and the government induced to make an appropriation for
the employment of a teacher, thus
Insuring educational facilities for the
children ol that vicinity. Mrs. M.
•1. MePeak is entitled to great, credit
for her untiring efforts in behalf of
the project, as had it not been for
her work Uie children ol that town
would atUI be without a   ackoul.
T. T. McVitue aad N Hughes
were ovei Irom Fori Steele Friday.
I il WIlIsou, C. 1'. li- agenl at
Wardner, made a business trip to
Cranbrook Monday.
A. M.iw. ..1 tin- F1.1t Steele Brewing company, Fernie, was it, town
the 111^t ol tlie week.
T. (1    JoilCS ami  A.   Helll, ol Wnril-
rn-i, were lakina in tin- skills ol the
metropolis Monday  Inst.
K P. White, superintendent ol the
St, Eugene mine, visited Cranbrook
11 couple uf days last week.
Fill! SALE—Residence ,.n Arni-
sironn Avenue, also one near tlie
Park.-J. Harris. Meat Market.
Rev, Father Wagner, of tlm St.
Eugene Mission, celebrated mass in
tin- Catholic church Sunday last.
.1. Mighton,   who was quite   ill
lasl  week is     convalescent, and    is
gain on duly at his tobacco store.
Robert Campbell, one ot Moyie's
successful merchants, was transacting business iti Cranbrook Monday.
P. Burns & Co. have installed a
.ste.un engine iu the sausage making
department of their Cranbiooki shop.
Geo. Cartwright, who is engaged
in the lumber business at Crcston,
spent Sunday last with his lair.ily in
Lee Mifnsfield, who now holds an
important position Willi a lumber
company at Ilosnier, visited Oran-
biook friends Friday last.
Jos. Jackson has been called to
Winnipeg on business connected with
tlie Order of Railway Conductors, and
left for that point Sunday last.
Mrs. Win. Cameron, who has been
quite ill the past, week, was taken to
St. Eugene hospital Sunday last,
where she is slowly improving.
T. M. Gill lias been a sufferer the
past week with iiillanilliatioii ol tlie
yes, aggravated by an attack ol
Roy Hill, son ol Mi. and Mrs. W.
I). Hill, has been very ill with
pneumonia the past lew days, hut is
slightly improved at present.
Frank Dickinson's sou Georgle has
been a slight sufferer from grippe the
past week and is now ul SI. Eugene
hospital, where he is rapidly reenver-
I'. fii'Vcre Hunt led. Friday last
for Winnipeg and other eastern
points on business connected with
tin- Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.
Mrs. .1. M. Robertson and Miss
Annie McDonald left Thursday last
for .Moose Jaw, Alia., where they
were called by 1 the illness 01' their
sister, Mrs. W. A. Martin.
J. W. Murphy, who lias charge ol
the new McDonald mill, of Morrissey,
was in town Kridav last in search
ot help. He slates that the mill
will soon be running full blast.
John Brcmncr, who has been work
ing lor au electrical company in Van
couver ihe past year, arrived home
.Monday evening. Mr. Brt'lniier will
lisit iu Ciii'iihrookj about three weeks
and will then leave for tin. Edmonton country.
The captain ol the Movie junior
hockey team writes tlie Herald to
know if there's a .junior team in
Cranbrook. If so they would like
10 get on a game, within a week,
del together anil show Moyie tho
Cranbrook spirit.
Regular public preaching services
will be held iu tlm Methodist church
next Sunday as usual. The pastor
will take for his evening subject,
"Buying Good Things." Song service commences at 7.30. Chorus ol
twenty voices.     The public is invit-
llarry Bowness has been visiting
bis many Cranhrook friends the past
few 'lays. Mr. Bowness and Leslie
Fox, another former Cranbrookitc,
arc engaged in the general merchandise business at Asquitli, Sask., and
ihcy have been very successful the
past year.
Dan McDonald and bride returned
this week Irom the east, and Mr.
Macdonald has been kept busy since
receiving the hearty congratulations
ol his many friends in this city. Mrs.
Macdonald is already pleased with
Cranhrook and the people-and looks
forward with pleasure to her future
residence in this city.
FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Plymouth Rock cockerels, SI..1(1 to 13.
Relangre A Smith, Marysville, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rohichaud arrived home Monday alter an eitended
and pleasant visit in Ontario, Quebec. New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Harry says that whiio in
Boston an.1 other seaport towns he
ale fresh fish until he had the average Nova Scot inn backed off the
Rev. Benj. Goodfieid, for the past
I wo years paskir ol tlie Baptist
church, left Tuesday for Red Deer,
Alta., where be will be stationed in
future. Mr. Goodfieid is an eloqeent
speaker and an earnest worker and
his many Cranbrook friends, while
regretting his departure, wish bim
every success in his new sphere.
It. II. Rohart and John Ryan,
two ol Wardner's popular hotel
men, were transacting business in
Cranbrook the first ol the week.
L. S. Murdoch, formerly one ol
Cranbrook's popular young men, was
shaking hands with his many friemls
Monday last. Mr. Murdoch is now
a successful commercial traveler and
represents a Vancouver firm.
Will J. White, the popular entertainer ol Toronto will appear in the
"gym" on Thursday evening ot next
weckt. Mr. White is one ol the great
humorists of Ihe day and makes
great hit wherever he goes. A Toronto paper thus speaks ol him
"Will J. White snug "a long way to
go" and you certainly would go a
long way to hear the same artist
who is always brimming over with
fun and amusement, and who kept
the aiNlience in a Ot of laughter nnd
good humor." In the "gym" next
C   w   Donahue, ol Wardner, visited
i.inbiook Friday last.
V.   It.     McKay, oi   Elko, wan    •'
rwnbrook vlsltoi Friday last.
\   .1   Dandumml, ol Movie, was a
Cranbrook   visitor Wednesday.
(l.ii  Laurie, ol    Crcston, was    in
town several days Die past   week.
C, 1. McCrea, ol Marysville, was
transacting business in town rriuayt
Policeman D. McLean has been on
tl.e sick li.t the past Couple ..1
davs. .
F II. McKav lias been a sutlerer
horn an attack ol grippe the past
tew davs.
Fred Lorsch, the WarSner^on-
stable,  was  registered at the   Roial
,l,-l Monday.
Mrs. F, IL Pearson, ol Janraj,
..as a gucsi oi the Royal hotel
Monday ol this week.
i.' t Crowley, Dne of 'he
proprietors ol the Marysville livery,
was iu town yesterday.
FOR REST-A lurnisbed house.
Apply to Dczull Bros. »»•"
W H. Bradford, proprietor of the
WvclUle hotel, was transacting business 111 Cranbrook Friday last.
W E Zwlcky, of Kaslo, manager
ol the Rambler Cariboo mine nt
Mcliulgiin was one ol llie many guests
registered at ihe Cranlirook Satur-
Win Webster, of Lcthbridgc, one
ol the pioneers of the construction
of tlie Crow, was shaking hands with
the old timers ol Cranhrook the past
lew days.
L B VaiiDecar is repainting and
papering the office and bar-room ol
tlie Royal hotel and otherwise Improving the interior of that popular
The Misses Tannhauser gave a
very enjoyable sleighing parly to a
number ol their friends on Tuesday
evening of this week. A four-horse
team was secured and the party,
about fifteen iu all, were driven to
Fort Steele, where they were pleasantly entertained at the home ot
Mr. ami Mrs. Tannhauser, parents ol
the Misses Tannhauser. A delightful evening was passed by all and the
occasion voted one ol the most enjoyable ol the season.
A quiet wedding was solemnized on
Wednesday afternoon at tbe Methodist parsonage when Rev. J. P. West-
man united in marriage Mr. Charles
Henry Read and Miss Hellen Crernr.
Mr Read is a popular engineer 011
the 0. P. R. road and has a host ol
friemls in town. Miss Croarar
comes from Shakespeare, Out., ami
during her stay here has made many
friends who wish her many years ol
happy life. The bride looked charming in beautiful silver grey silk gown
and was attended hy Miss Annie
Wise who was attired iu a lovely
dress ol sill, voile. The gloom was
supported by Mr. J. Shaver. Ihe
happy couple left for points in Alberta and will be away for about
ten days ami returning will reside 111
town. Thev were the recipients oi
many beautiful and handsome
,1. D. MeBride, J. M. Agnew and
A. G. Wilmot arrived iu Cranbrook Monday evening after a pleasant visit in eastern cities, and
thereby hangs a tale ol the trials ol
travel this winter. Ml. Agnew
started lor home five days later than
Mr. Wilmot, and Mr. McBride started
three days later than Mr. Agnew.
All came via Chicago and St. Paul.
When Mr. McBride arrived in St.
Paul he learned that the "Sou" line
was blocked and was routed via Winnipeg. On walking into the diner
thai evening he met Mr. Agnew, who
had been snowbound in St. Paul. The
next morning who should Ihcy meet
but Air. Wilmot. The latter had endeavored to get through on the
"Soo" and had been marooned in a
North Dakota snow bank lor a solid
week. Mr. McBride was the only
lucky one iu the bunch, leaving London, Out., on January 2:1 and arriving home on the 2Kth, after spending
an entire day in Chicago.
Cranbrook, B. C, Jan. 30, 1007.
J. II. King, M.U., Cranbrook, B.C.:
Dear Sir: 1 have just learned wit),
vcrv great regret the sad news of
your mother's death. Permit me to
extend my deepest sympathy in your
Under the circumstances, I think it
would be improper on our part to
proceed with our proposed meeting
on Friday evening, and I have asked
tie committee in charge to cancel it.
Again expressing my sympathy, 1
Yours truly,
J. A. Harvey.
The bonspiel Is over, the curlers
have departed lor their homes and
once more the enthusiastic dcsciples
ol tbe "roarin" game In Cranbrook
aie at leisure to cultivate the
acquaintance.ol their families. Notwithstanding the lact that the
weather and tbe political campaign
were serious drawbacks, the bonspiel was a decided success Irom
start to finish, and at the close the
visitors departed with words ot high
praise for generous treatment accorded them by the citizens ol Cranbrook.
The last of the finals were played
Saturday and the finish found Nelson
carrying off the honors with five ol
the eight cups competed for, namely:
The Urund Challenge, the B. C. Curling, tlie Oliver, the Hudson's Bay
and the All Comers. Cranbrook
was second with two cups to her
credit, the Walborville and the
Tuckett, while Rossland secured the
P. Burns Consolation cup.
Owing to the condition of the ice
the competition for the Spring cup
was not pulled off, but will be competed tor later. This competition is
a test ol skill between individual
players, instead ol rinks, and all participants in tbe bonspiel are eligible
to enter and will be allowed to contest the same on their borne rinks.
The finals resulted as follows:
Grand Challenge—Carrie, Nelson,
beat Rogers, Cranbrook.
B. C. Curling—Walley, Nelson, heat
Fox, Nelson.
Oliver—Carrie, Nelson, beat Fox,
Walkcrville— Pinkham, Cranbrook,
heat Forln, Nelson.
Hudson's Bay—Richardson, Nelson,
heat Watson, Rossland.
Tuekett—Pinkham, Cranhrook, boat
Rollc, Rossland.
p. Burns Consolation—Siniires,
Rossland, beat McNiihol, Phoenix.
Besides the two cups won for
Crankfotikv hi   l'iiikbam'. rink, Rur
won     Second    prize     in  tbe    (Ji nul
Challenge   competition,  tbe principal
Weill  nl   tile bonspiel.
F..linn uu; is   Uie   complete record
of in.' Ii.ni principal events:
*      & i
5 5   §
1 i 11 i i 11
x x  ox  ax  is
a. a.
*      3        .i *      .
X      is      x
%\   J!   §1   J.
ES    ■?*    ES    r. £
ll    1
if li Ii 3I
XI    f  X    l'    XX
e   «
£ ir
Il Is
x x   X x
X v.
Notice is hereby j;i\cu that tho firm
doing tiu:-. 1 cess uiittcr ilic name oi tue
'.. ALU)--   Keetf   a    Livery stable,
,tli \\. J. Allan, K. T. Crowley iuhI
J. F. Huchcrott as partners is
hereby (HssolreU, Mr. Huchcroft retiring. Messrs. Allan am! Crowley
will *j.iv all accounts against s.ud
I'nu, ami all bills due Uie In iu will
lie L'o.litU-U hv tueui.
W.   J.  Allan,
K. T. Crowley,
J, F. Huchcrolt,
luted this Mth da) ol December,
iyi'0, at Marysville, B. C.      4j*3t
Kor bef-inners the Cranbrook curlers have nothinfi to be ashamed of.
Two firsts ami one second in pifcht
events is a Rood record.
The Phoenix rink, conceded hy all
to he one of the strongest aggregations at the bonspiel, had hard luck
altogether, and were unable to land
n siiiph* trophy, but like most cut'
lers tney art t-utroufh sports     tmA
took their defeats as calmlj :ia 'iVy
would Imvo taken a »Inning.
ftolfo and lus Rossland bunch took
a brace on themselves and «i,i|inired
ihr Consolation cup.
Knie Small and Jack Mi Sweyn
will register a kick at future hou-
spiels against getting ii|> .it 5.30 a.m.
i" iiui. Early rising may lie all
riiilit for some people but no moro
un  them.
McSweyn'a Short's, McCallum's,
and Roger's nnks surprised the best
of them hy their good work, and
with another season's practice anyone of them will be able to travel
with the besl rinkv m tbe province.
The dirirrmt rmks participating in
tin- bonspiel j<,< togethei Friday and
presented A. C Nelson, secretary of
the association witl .' handsome and
valuable traveling dressing case as a
token of -ben- appreciation of his
Ai   the regular    meeting ol    Krr
City I.uilce, No. 4J. 1. u. O, F.,
.Monday evening, 11. lluheuboUiam,
1>._D. t;. il., Installed officers for tbe
ensuing u\ir as iolkms.
<-has.  Smith,  N; U.
IV. T. Haynes, V. t.;.
F. H. McKav, Sec.
J. H, Fink, Treas,
C. U. Aluoic, K. S. N. G.
ti. W. Reese, L. S. N. li.
F. E, Haines, K. S. V. G.
R. Lhrwn, L. S. V. G.
Wm. Harns, Warden.
U. s. McDonald, Conductor.
11. HiekivntJoUiani, Organist.
J. .Manning, Chaplain.
The above company will play a return engagement .». the Cranbrook
opera bouse on Monday, February -J,
iu Ulivoi Dowd uuui. a great American melodrama in four acts, "The
i"*.ungcr. iu. Summers has a very
strong coined} part In this bill, even
bvuvi unan in "Tbe Black Flag."
liieie wui i/c new vaudeville leatures
between the acts, ..;.- thi company
oar lies a complete production of
mia piece. Don t miss tms play,
next Monday night, because R is the
Wat oi anj that the Summers lolu-
pany h«^ played ia Cranbrook.
Prices: Reserved seats, 75c, genuial
admission, SOc. Seats on sale at
Beullit: •.*»■ Atebisoo s diug store.—
Special wires have been sent out
from tbe local Couseivaiive rooms
to paptrs over thi* province stating
that Ur. King had admuutl defeat,
Tbe man who wrote the scurrilous
stun Knows well mat Dr. King never
diii anything oi the kod, but did
say that a -three cornered fight
Changed conditions lor all candidates.
Men who know Dr. Kiug know that
such talk is tlie veriest rot, aud
further more those who know the
workings oi tiie Liberal committee
know that better, harder or more
harmonious and loyal wurk never
was done by the supported of any
candidate, Jt is conviction of defeat and desperate straits that the
Harvey managers find themselves,
that prompts ihtm to fill the press
with such stuff.
While there will doubtless be a few
•lighs of regret, there will at the
same time be a general feeling of
relief that we are now at the close of
the political campaign. Never before has Wardner been so saturated
with politics, and whatever the result the calm, which we hope will
succeed the storm, will be a refreshing change.
Even our worthy pastor on Sunday
could not refrain from the ubiquitous
topic, but diverged rather freely fiom
his usual path in a vehement discourse on the unscrupulous methods
ol the present day politician.
Quite a number ol enthusiastic
politicians Journeyed to Cianniook to
attend the Conservative meeting on
Monday night, and as proof of the
great interest taken in the subject it
was observed that "Dad" Ryan was
in the peaceful realms oi dreams
during the greater part of the evening.
The polling booth will be located in
Mr. D. J.   McOlnnts' house, at the
extreme west ol the town, and the
duties of deputy returning officer will
be filled by Mr   A   Sheppard, The
voting hours are from II a.m. till
S p.m.
Mr   George   A   Wilson, who    has
been in the St. Eugene hospital lor
several days with a severe attack of
grippe, has now returned to Wardner
and is able to lie about again.
Armstrong Ave. THE   OB AN BROOK   n USUAL 0
,081  |>i
Hi     lb(
grenl show of pel
i-iii ly.     Altogethot
of i;;iii per
much bigger.
I bin v
Each link of the en
'unaHers weigh 150
Fully four million |
,ro    'willed for the
,le in this country
■allons of    gum
'postage stamps
otor fatality occurred
mad   'us!    outside
Lytic, of Sinews-
and his chauffeur, were ascend-
steep hill when the gears refus-
Work, and the ear ran back-
The brakes also failed to
ml the imi overturned In a
pinning Pain, the chauffeur
lentil, killing him instantly,,
Admitting that he had twisted »
row's tail nil, Samuel Prince, a farm
laborer, was lined £3 ami costs at
Idol worship is said to be secretly
practised in Liverpool's Chinatown.
There are opium dens, and gambling
\ robin has built its nest in
skeleton of a carrion <j^™,
nailed to a     wall a    DottellU    1
noar KUlmm, Yorkshire.
Neither Oxford tu
likelv to accept the
ut tho regatta to h
town exposition ucx
Cambridge a
■ivilalion 'to io
i held at Jam*
Eleanor Ramsc
Poplar, lias died
ud by hei ears being pU'
friend with   an old net
Miii iivin
ccd by
Owing to tho mlluen
on the physique ot girl
use at Tunbrldge Wells
had to be raised several luetic
Alter   a  flight     of
pigeon boughttby Mi
the desks in
•chools have
Knbrldgo Wells, some mouths
old home at Co-
has arrived at Its
logne. ___
Giving    evidence a
Weston police    court
a waterman, stated that he had
ed  1711  lives   from
the Souther""
William Cobb,
..lessor "l
visit India
aching    ol
Mr. Mncdoncll, M.A.,
Sanscrit at Oxford, is
to carry out researches
•with the studying and
The new tube railway connctling
the West End of London with the
Great Northern railway has been
ily opened, a  special  tram  ■ ■■■'-
nlng from
end to end.
It. was announced
division   recently   tli
have been made for the cony
the  proprietorship
u hunted company
In opening the \ oik ass
lord chief justice stated that, npau
from drink, lie knew ol no cause that
led more 1,0 crime than young pcopii
Idling about the streets.
No live animals except bees will he
carried bv post between Oreal unip
ain and Nicaragua, according to a
parcel post agreement just, concluded
between the two countries.
Mr. Sidney Davlca, a medical ol-
(leer, while inspecting depots in
Wiltshire, was invited to test the
coolness of the milk by plunging his
hand into a churn waiting to he sent
"Throwing stones at trains is as
had as murder," remarked the Stratford magistrate when ho ordered two
boys to go to a reformatory until
they were nineteen years ol age.
A naval signalman has been arrested at Chatham on a charge ol stealing a signal bonk. It is alleged
that he attempted to sell it to a detective who he thought was n foreign
The number of persons proceeded
against for drunkenness and breach
of the peace in Scotland rose from
01,957 In Htni-the lirst year of the
early closing of public bouses—to
94,768 in 1905.
In tho Manx House of Keys {Isle of
Man) Colonel Moore has Introduced a
bill in which it, is proposed to constitute a government hoard, with
power to acquire and conduct licensed
houses, any profits to be devoted to
public purposes.
It is Interesting to recall witb regard to an attack on the House of
Lords that since IBM* Liberal governments have been in ollice 42 years,
and have created 2.J2 peers. Conservative ministers have been in
power ;il years, and have created 1 SI
Seven Roman urns in a good state
of preservation, a Roman spur, two
drinking bowls, severs! other vessels, and some bronze plate were
unearthed four feet below the surface
by workmen engaged in diverting a
roadway at Hertfordshire.
With a view of diminishing the high
rate of infantile mortality, ihe mayor
Ol Marylehone has decided to present,
the mother of each child born in
Marylehone with £1 on its becoming
a year old, the gift to be limited to
parents in receipt of less than £2 a
At Messrs. Olendinning's rooms recently a rare unused Tasmanian Id.
orange stamp of 1853 was sold for
£28, while a 5o. yellow stamp, used,
of British Guinea, issued in 1850,
realized £22, and an 8c. green stamp,
of the same country and dale, fetched £16 10s.
It is stated that King Edward will
spend March and April next in Biarritz. It is understood that the Chateau Boulevard, also known as the
Villa Beliefontaltie, which is surrounded by a splendid park, has
been taken for his Majesty's occupation during his stay.
Imperial penny postage will shortly be an actual fact for an ounce letter. As regards internal ional postage an ounce is to go in future at
the price of the present half ounce,
and after the first ounce the rate
will be ltd. instead of 2ftd. The
elinnge will only cost the country
One thousand and eighty-four small
pel dogs were wildly yelping In uni-
son at the horticultural hall    where
An extr,
identity has
hnm suburb,
on a man In
nineteen witi
as that oi I'
Identified it
tier's who I
account nf «
found (hat
Pnlrlow hut
Pair low tu
was p
nli mi
c of mistaken
iu a Birming-
!Uiest was held
mi drowned and while
esses Identified tho body
•let' Kairlow, a woman
s (hat of a lodger ol
ad threatened suicide on
nit of work. The jury
ihe body was that of
just before the funeral
net) up, so the funeral
tnd the body
thai of the woman's hoard
Lord t'ur/on, in a letter at
Aiite-tiau.bling League meeting
Liverpool, made the following
marks on  gambling:      "I  have never
b-  able lo see why sport, which
a very manly and noble thing, should
so frequently earn* in its train
gambling, which is neither; nor why
the spectators of sport, not content
with the legitimate excitoment blurt
is provided for them, should require
the additional and unhealthy excitement of slaking their money upon
efforts over which thev have'no control."
It is stated that the German emperor will pay ;i private visit to
England in the course of the coming
spring The Kaiser was last in England in NoveiilN'i, 1902, when he paid
a private visit tn the King.
if the     British
mi pa living aiionvnioi
greeting tn raise I
knowledge "ii  the head!
lied Irish Unionist pi
e with the
i inscription,
ii- bump of
of the so-
The Eai
Usfnctory recn
that his illness
hiiited bv overwo
ed by his medic
,iu operation pert
ago, but his work
Irish Congestion
pressing that lie
operation until fu
making a
cry, It seems
v.is greatly accetl-
•c. lie was order-
1 advisers lo have
rmed some time
is chairman of the
nmmission was so
postponed the
ther delay was
.Mil N
death has taken place of Henry
iirnev, of t'arrickanure, Clonti-
Mnuaghau, at the age
lie was never known
v's sickness and he rc-
,i remarknble degree all his
almost  unimpaired to     the
delighted in
came under hi
early years of
last  ven
while,   tl
lhat   the
extraordinary   popularity       of
Is testified   to by tho revenue
from which it appears    that
the   sale of playing    cards
to the revenue over £23,1199;
us     year,   ii   is anticipated
figures will be largely    in-
Kvery  pack nf cards'   sold
luce   pence in excise    stamp
A remnrkoh e record was achieved
at the conclusion of the miniature
Misley prize meeting, which has been
in progress this week at the headquarters of the London Itille brigade.
•Mrs, laylor, n member of the Crawley (Sussex) Kith* club, made 49
out of a possible 50 in the "green-
•' the extreme distance, fifty
Mrs. Taylor     has only
Used s
otfng for two months.
Ihe Princess of Wales, al Sandring-
h.un recently, had her carriage stop-
fed by a policeman. With three nf
her children in an open carriage she
was about to enter one of the. park
gates when the equipage was stopped
hy a constable, who intimated that
carriages were not allowed in the
park. The coachman revealed the
identity of the occupants of the carriage, and the officer promptly withdrew his veto,
Mine. Patti, who has just said
farewell professionally to the London
concert platform, tells a delightful
story nf a chef she had at Craig-y-
N'os. "One afternoon, when he could
not, he found in any of the usual
haunts in the castle. I discovered hint
in the concert hall, sitting with
white cap and apron, and doing his
best to play 'Home, Sweet. Home' on
the piano. His ennfuslon aud
apologies on my entrance were too
much for me. I had a piano sent
tn his room, so that he might not
lack an opportunity for future practice."
The new statutory company which
is being formed lor the further prosecution of ihe channel tunnel scheme
will include Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Campbell, recently retired from
the royal navy, and Major-Genera)
Sir Alfred Turner, late inspector-
general of auxiliary forces. The
scheme is engaging the attention of
the committee of imperial defence,
who are hei tig furnished with important particulars relating to the
The Irish trade mark has been registered at the trade mark office, in
London, and will he available fnr use
At. Belfast Mr, .lustice Kenny sentenced Michael O'llara, against whonu
Ihere were 8X previous convictions,
to six years' penal servitude for
manslaughter in Newry.
Mrs. Fitzgerald was granted
divorce at Dublin on the ground of
the cruelly and adultery of her husband, (Mud nephew of "the translator
of "Omar Khayyam."
Col. Sir W'il
formerly of th
al   his   resident
mote, County,
He   at     one
Ninth brigade,
C. B. iu 1881.
iam K. L. Convgham
• With regiment, died
r, Springhill, Money-
Londonderry, aged 82,
lime commanded tin
ami     was created  K
The K ing's bench division gave
judgment in n case iu which the system followed by the commissioners
of valuation iu valuing mansion
houses and lands was condemned ns
not being iu accordance with the acl
of parliament. They indicated the
lines on which some valuation should
be arrived at and remitted the case
back to the county court judge of
Meath tn hi' reheard.
The district of Coal Island, Tyrone,
s in a state of terror on account of
the nightly visitations of a ghost,
uid in consequence of this the coal
miners have several times refused to
work at night, despite the visits and
ssurances of local clergymen. The
ghost is that of a woman dressed in
white. Large numbers ot men de-
la re thev have seen the figure between midnight and three in the
A tramp, in giving his opinion
about a wife, says the County Clare
correspondent of the Irish Independent, states that she should be "ar
all-round woman," between forty and
fifty years, not handsome, but tern-
iier'nte. "If there is any drinking to
be done," he savs, "I can see tn
it. She should be able tn walk
twentv miles a day and be good at
begging bottles and potatoes, and
also at ballad-singing. She should
uot mind what the public said, and
she should be able to tight  a   round
tr two to   defend her husband when
ii action."
A splendid aet of .heroism in mid-
Atlantic has just been reported at
Queens town. The Liverpool steamer
Alleghanv was in mid-ocean when the
brother of chief officer Sydenham fell
overboard. The chief officer at once
jumped overboard to bis rescue, and
had to swim through a tempestuous
for half a mile. The steamer's
engines were reversed, a boat lower-
■d. and both brothers were rescued
At the Connnught winter assizes
Sligo nine men were charged with
int and unlawful assembly at a
place called Llsgallon, County Ilos-
cnmir.on. The prisoners were members of a crowd which beat and
dispersed forty head of cattle while
they were being driven lo a farm recently purchased by a Mr. Bryne, a
butcher residing at Ballinasloe. The
jury disagreed, and the accused were
put' back till next assizes.
(Fr*H» the Ftnie Free Press.)
.1. Illingworth, -LP., ot Morrissey,
was iu the city Wednesday. He reports that the new mill being erected by Mr. McDonald is giving employment to a number of men.
Ernest Tuttle returned from South
Africa on Saturday, after being away
nearly a year. Mr. Tuttle is glad to
get back tn Eernie, where he will
likely remain. He says South Africa is not what it was before the
war and hard times now prevail
Itev. Mr. Goodfieid left on Monday
for Cranhrook after holding a    two
eeks' series of special services
le    Baptist church.     Mr. Goodfieid
is accepted a call to Red Deer.
Three accidents are reported   from
the Elk Lumber company camps   at
I losnier     this    week,     One was    a
Pieuehinan brought   down yesterday
by Constable Herchnicr.     He     was
gaged as a  leamster and broke his
leg while skidding.     Another, ;\ Slavonian, from   camp 3,   met with   a
milar accident  on Monday,  a   log
idling on him and causing a fracture
f the leg,     On Saturday a Slnvon-
in from camp 3 received a gash in
the thigh from an axe.     All    three
men are in the Home hospital under
Dr. Higgles' care.
The first annual meeting of the Elk
Development company was held in Its
bead office. Pernio, on Tuesday night,
when the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: President, Joseph Jean; vice-president,
Frank White; treasurer, Dr. John
Barber? secretary, J. s. Volume;
directors, J. R. Lawry and P. R.
Lundic. Tbe annual financial report
showed a very satisfactory condition. The members of this company look for a large sale in their
Ilosmer townslte during the coming
year. The second dividend was declared at this meeting.
At A o'clock on Monday, at the
home of the bride's parents, 41
Enderby Road, East Toronto, was
solemnized the marriage of Mr. Arthur J. Mott, of this city, and Miss
Eva Lamb. After the ceremonv the
happy couple left for Niagara ' and
Buffalo In visit friends nf the bride.
They are expected to arrive in Fernie
early in February to make their
home here, where they have a host
of friends who will give them a
hearty welcome.
carefully searched/* In a writing
desk were found 932 roubles and of
Ihese the pscudo officer gravely took
possession. It, was not for him lo
declare whether they were goixl
money or spurious, if the former,
they would of course be returned to
ScmiharitoiT. Meanwhile they were
wrapped up, lied and sealed, the own-
being required to witness this
operation, A receipt was given, tho
supposed officer signing "Captain
Valtslokcn" and tbe merchant was
left tn his reflections. It was not,
until he applied days later fnr tho
return of the roubles that the fact
of his having been victimized by a
cunning rogue was made apparent.
The seventh annual meeting or the
Canadian Association for the Prevention of Consumption ami other
forms of tuberculosis will be held in
Ottawa the 13th and llth of March
next. A public meeting of tho
members of the association and of
the ciii/.ens generally, at which His
Excellency will preside, vv 11 be held
iu the assembly hall of the Normal
schaol here on Wednesday evening,
March 13th, al which Dr. Sheard. the
chairman of the Ontario Provincial
Hoard of Health, will deliver a
lecture upon "Home Treatment. of
At Belfast assizes dinner Jnhn-
stone, of the Antrim artillery, was
found guilty of the murder of a comrade named McLean, by stabbing him
with a bayonet. The jury found,
however, that he was insane at the
time, and be wns ordered to he detained.
The death has taken place at her
residence at Gcnshilt. nf Sarah Egan,
at the remarkable age of one hundred
and seven years. ftp to her final
illness she wns in complete possesion
of her mental faculties, and told
thrilling tales in connection with the
great. Irish famine.
The death is announced of the Rev.
Arthur Bell Nicholls, at Banagher,
in the west of Ireland. He was the
husband of Charlotte Bronte, whom
he married in June, 1851. The famous novelist died in the following
March, so that Mr. Nicholls survived
her more than half a century. He
was in his ninetieth year.
A doubtful joke comes from County
Antrim. It arrived by post recently
in the shape of a fine specimen of a
"blackthorn" addressed to tho speak-
it was discovered on the arrival
nn tlie east coast express at Aberdeen from London that Mr. II. D-
Leslie, a passenger, had died of heart,
failure in a sleeping compartment
during the night.
The Olasgow Distress Charitable
Organization society purchased from
the Glasgow corporation the island
of Shuna, which lies between the island of Luing and Argyllshire. The
society will use Shuna as a labor
At a meeting of the West of Scotland makers oi iron and steel bars,
held at Glasgow it was agreed to
advance prices ten shillings per ton.
The rise is due to the exceptional demand which has sprung up for export of all classes ol Scotch iron
The Duke of Fyfe has presented his
Banffshire residence, Duff House, and
110 acres ot the park laud surrounding it, to the towns of Banff and
Macduff. Duff house was built between 1740 and 1745, after a design
of the elder Adam. The mansion
contains more than 70 rooms.
About the beginning ot September,
when the herring fishing was still
being prosecuted from Aberdeen, one
of Hie local bouts in drawing its nets
found among the fish a grilse between 5 pounds and 6 pounds m
Weight. The boat was some fifty
miles off Rattray Head at the time,
which adds to the rarity ol such a
capture, ll is lure, if not unique, lo
IIml a belated grilse so lar out as
was the case here.
The Sensational cake poisoning ease
at Cumnock, in Hie west of Scot-
hind, has adversely affected tbe sale
of iced shortbread' coming as it has
done on the eve of the festive season
in Scotland. As Miss McKerrow,
who died from strychnine poisoning,
and her uncle, Mr. Lennox, a retired
farmer, for whom she was house-
k-epci, were both well endowed with
means, the theory is held that, at
there is an entire absence of any suspicion against their acquaintances,
the deed was the work of some insane person.
It bus been found impossible to
carry out the intention of the late
Earl of Leven ami Melville to restore
the Chapel Royal at Holyrood. The
execution of the work was, by the.
terms of Lord Leven's will, made
conditional ou the acceptance by
Lord Balcarres and Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of the responsibility of
supervising it. The decision Is the
outcome of a report from Professor
Leathaby, F.S.A., who considers
that either to adtl to the ruin without rebuilding it, or to rebuild It,
would he disastmus to it as a great
historical monument. Ten beautiful
pieces of tapestry have been found in
Holyrood, says the "Scotsman,"
while the office of public works were
clearing out the rooms. They had
lain there since the visit of the late
Queen Victoria in 1850.
Victoria, Jan. 21.— Without food
or water during ten terrible days,
too weak to handle their crippled
ship which threatened momentarily
to carry all to a merciful death by
drowning, Captain Uyemaki and bis
seventeen men of the crew of the
Japanese schooner Kiagawa Maru,
to-day found their way here having
been picked up by tho Holt liner
Tydeus, when death either by drowning or starvation was most imminent. The rescue was made about
200 miles off the Japanese coast and
seeing that the injured schooner
was beyond the possibility of salvation, Captain Campbell gave the
hull to the (lames least it should become* a derelect, a menace to navigation in the ocean highway.
The Kiagawa Maru left Maiko for
Kobe, 40 miles distant, on Decembei
19 and within a few hours was
caught in a tempestuous south wester
and blown far out to sea. For
several days her captain labored to
tack up to his course, but the
schooner was steadily driven farther
and farther off shore", strained fore
and aft ami making water fast. To
add to the horror ot the situation
but a very limited supply of provisions had been carried, the run being
expected to consume only two or
three days at most and within eight
days half rations were ordered with
a ' prospect of starvation looming
ominously. Then Captain Uyemaki
lost his bearings absolutely and the
position of the schooner became at
most hopeless. A few days later
the hist few treasured grains of rice
were eaten and then for ten days the
18 stolidly waited for death in some
one of the variety of forms which it
It was on the 18th inst. the Holt
liner sighted the crippled craft and
made nut her distress signals as announcing shortage of stores. The
Tydeus ran in as close as possible in
the choppy sea and Captain Campbell signalled that provisions would
be furnished If a boat were sent for
them. The wrecked Japanese succeeded In launching a sampon and
started for the Tydeus but were too
weak to make the distance. The
steamer's boats were accordingly
lowered and the emaciated refugees
rescued, Inspection showed that
nothing could be done with the
schooner and ns the hulk lay directly
In the highway of traffic the torch
was applied to her. Captain and
erew of the Kiagawa Maru were
handed over upon arrival to the
Japanese vice-enunsul nnd arrangements made by him to return them
to their homes by the Tango Maru.
The Only Perfect Emulsion
Any well made emulsion ofgood Cod Liver Oil is
good us far as it Roes, but if it lucks Iron it is not a
perfect emulsion, because I nm is even more necessnry
and more valuable than the oil.
Kerrol is not only made of the best Cod Liver
Oil, but it combines with the oil Iron ami Phosphorus
and is the only emulsion that contains Iron »t all.
is finer, more palatable and easier to digest than any
other preparation nl Cod Liver Oil. Anyone can
take Ferrol; few can take Cod Liver Oil in any
other way.
livery intelligent person knows that three of the
greatest remedial agents known to science are tod
Liver Oil, Iron and Phosphorus. To net them in
combination and in proper proportion you must have
Ferrol.   There ia no other way.
Sufferers from Anremia, Bronchitis, Chronic
Coughs and Colds, Lung Troubles of any kind,
Nervous Prostration, Chronic Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
General Debility, Loss of Weight, Whooping Cough,
Croup, La Grippe or any of the ailments known as
wasting diseases, can take Ferrol with llie confident
assurance that it will cure them if a cute is possible,
Each dose of Ferrol contains a full medicinal dose
of Iron and in no other way can Iron be properly
Ferrol holds the record (or increasing the weight.
Ferrol contains neither alcohol, "dope" nor dangerous drugs of any kind.
Ferrol is the Ideal Infant Food. If your baby is
not thriving, give it Ferrol and watch it grow.
FERROI. i< nol a palcnt myrterv. Tlie formula i- fr.'c'ly liillilislmil. It i- lirescrilml by
IlirliM Physicians. It is tmlnrseil liyrlie moil eminent Medical J..urn.il>. manual in
prominent Hospitals, Sanitariums, etc.
Beattie & Atchison Druggists, Cranbrook
For particulars rail up 'pliow No.
UK between the horns ul 11 a.m. ui I
p.m., ur 'phone No. mi alter office
hums. All orders will receive
prompt attention.
2J O   .1.  MANSFIELD.
P.O. llOX 1003
Take notice that thirty days after
ate we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria for a special license to cut
nd rari> away limber from the foi-
owing described lands in South Kant
Commencing at a post planted at
Ihe south-west corner ot lot 3553,
group I, Kootenay district; thence
outb 1 HI chains, thence east ft!
chains, thence north Kill chains.
more or less, to the southerly limit
of Michael Kelly's pre-emption No.
U22, thence westerly along said
southerly limit uf said pre-emption
JtU chains, more or loss, to the
south-west corner ol the said preemption, thence north forty chains
to the southerly limit of said lot
11553, thence westerly 21) chains to
the place of beginning, containing
till, acres, more or less.
The Standard Lumber Co.,  Ltd.
W. K. Uurd, Solicitor, Cranbrook,
B. 0.
Dated the 12th day of November,
A. U.  1'Jliti. 38-5t
Sixty days after date I Intend to
apply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, for permission to purchase
tbe following described land In South
East Kootenay;
Commencing at a post plan-ted
.ihunt one chain south of the south
L'omer post of Lot three hundred and
sixty-three (,.u-.), thence north about
twenty-eight (28) chains, thence east
about three (■'() chains, thence south
about twenty-eight (28) chains,
thence west about three (3) chains  to
a' place ol commencement.
U. K. Green,
.1. Lynch, Locators,
Hated the 6th day of December,
liHUJ. 38-9t*
: o
11A1IKN    A    SONS*    SQUARE!
PIANO, orifflnnlly wiltl t*.
Nu. AS, i.mv i.rtvml for -
ASiiK L It S Orchestral Piano
1'luyer. No. I'll, wtu MOO, now—
Soetavea, 2 wu rtttlH, 7 tuo*,*,
V..x Human,, cic, No, g	
DAVIS UPRIGHT PIANO. 7 octaves, Wulnut I'iisf, Nn. fill.
offored for	
hogany, Style S. 7 1-2 octave**,
nVifrstruiijjT. U really fln-t rail-
Pinna wan *&."■'*. No. ll!, call lie
buiiirht fur.---  -	
PIANOLA, Walnut Case, perfect
condition, Nu. 1*8, win* f;'iKi,
tnke.it for 	
,".! 150
Our '• Glean-Up" Sale disponed of many of the Plnuoa nml Organs wo
ndvertitied, but we still have u nnmtier of iiisLruineiits on bun I thai have
been taken iu exchange for
We are lacritlclng these ut prices below what we allowed for them
We must have the warehouse room for new Stock, HereareafewHpecinls—
KVANS' PIANO. Mahogany case,
in ifiK»l coiiditinn. No. G6, may liei
bought for -	
DOHKRTY   ORGAN.   5  Octave,
Walnut Parlor Case, witti bevelled French Plate Mirror, u hand-
some   Instrument   In  splendid
older, No, 03	
KARHUFF ORGAN. Walnut I'liie.
high back, 6octave, 3 sets -veil-..
lffstopa.  Mothproof. No. 7—
5 octave parlor, Walnut case,
good aa new. No. B ll-.—	
DYER BROS.' ORGAN, 6 octave,
Walnut, bevelled mirror, high
back. No, 08, a good ■
30 I
350 I
225 J
We have a few other Iiargains ami will send full list on application
We will take any of these Instruments back at full value, as partial ft
payment on a new Mason & Rtach Piano.   Von can't go wrong, W
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd. f
Hudson's Buy Block       NELSON, B. 0. P. (). Box 615 X
Victoria, .Inn. 24.—The famous
bogus captain of Koepeiilk, who impersonated an officer of the Oermaii
army, dragooned a number of soldiers into bis service, and seized tho
revenues of n town, has found a
prototype or imitator in Vladivostok
more successful than the original,
for the swindler nf the Siberian seaport got away with his plunder and
has not yet. been apprehended or
The Tydeus just in from the
Orient, brings the story. The operator, wearing a long overcoat of
military- fashion, with conspicuous
buttons, sword and revolver, appeared at the door of a rich merchant,
named Scmlnaritoff and brusquely
displayed an "order" purporting to
be signed by the commandant. Ilia
Instructions were, lie said, to search
for revolutionary proclamations and
also counterfeit money, The ostensible nature of the "order" was by
no means unusual for Vladivostok
ami tbe completely deceived citizen,
feeling himself safe in his innocence,
Invited the "officer" to "do his
duty." Thereupon the visitor called
in three soldiers, four police and
civil officer    and the premises   were
iii I Distillers Company, Limited iii
',',',', in wood ;;,,
;•'!! in wood ;;;;
D.   C.  L.
D. V. L. Scotch 12 Years Old
IN Wool)
: R. R. Rithet & Co., Limited J!
: j    Victoria, British Columbia
in i
Ol I
i - -     -
Chrisima$ Photos :
Your folk*' at
would rather have
your picture than
anything else. Heller
have it taken early iH
there is always a rush
the   hint   few   weeks.
Prcst Photo Studio
I will linvi. my winter supply
of Coal in ii few days, ami am
ruaily to laku urilrrs.      I   will
Bankhead Hard Coal $8.75
Soft Coal $6.7s
I,list winter I was out of Coal
part of time, Tills year I pro-
pose to keep a goml supply on
liaiul, ami will sell
Uf does modern work
iu n modern manner
When you waul paint.
iuu decorating, imimr
I have the lincst lot nf
Wi»hI ever put iu this
seotion. Any length,
will deliver on   order.
Anything in 8toves and
any old thing to fix up
your house.
]VJrTO"flH    #1
i i#5|t --fl**,    w
i^B^&m^\~-Tri         \» 7
•mm. ■ovum
JM   afllf / -*"lw r IT        ••■"
*Sy>Gl^B'WH-        |! said the clerk;
^7v   yi23^t^        "Ai I'm not up to
(r XiB^^^v.      t,ie m*r'*—
BMt ^S/OSr    ' M'd   "*-■
The Cranbrook Herald
Winnipeg Daily Free Press
Just think of iti The Herald is well
known, and so is the Free Press, as the
leading Papers in their respective fields.
By reading the two anyone can keep
thoroughly posted on the local news of
the district and the news of Canada and
the rest of the world.
There is One Condition
To take advantage of this extraordinary offer, you must be a new subscriber, with subscription paid; or an
old subscriber with your subscription
paid one year in advance.
Limit of Time
This offer will remain open only to
March 1, 1907. No subscription
taken after that date for this unprecedented price,
Njw is the Time to Act
If you are not a subscriber of the
Herald, subscribe and get the best
weekly in British Columbia and the
best daily in Canada for the small sum
of $3,25 a year.
If you are a subscriber of the Herald,
pay your subscription to the Herald one
year in advance and secure the Daily
Free Press for only $1.25 more*
The long winter evenings arc here
and this is an opportunity of a life time*
for    <fr2 *}C    a
ONLY    $0*LO    YEAR
F. E SIMPSON, Manager Herald
Rambling Reveries  ,
Take a little dish of water cold
Aud a little leaven of prayer,
Ami ii little bit of morning gold
Dissolved in the morning air.
Add to your meal some merriment
Ami    a thought for your kith    and
And then, as your prime ingredient,
A plenty of'work thrown in.
But spice it all with the essence of
And a little whiff of plav,
Let a wise   old    book and a glance
Complete the well made day.
Young man, did you ever think
that It Is not manly' or noble to
make yourself appear tough? If you
nre tough people will find it out soon
enough without your trying to make
it so prominent.' A gentleman is al-
wavs reaper ted hv fi gentleman,
while a tough is respected by toughs.
Do you know that, bovs are rhOch
more pnrt-icular who thev go with
than girls are- You may think this
Is a strange statement, but it. is so.
A girl will go on the streets with n
boy thntgets drunk, but if a bov
finds out that the girl gets drunk
he won't go with her. We wish our
gills would be ns particular about
whom they go with as the boys are.
Be as careful to keep the weeds out
of the minds of your children as von
are to keep them out of vour garden. But remember something will
grow there. If you don't plant them
with good grain, the tares will take
root in spite of you. Keep a library of good clean bonks, and by all
means keep your home paper before
If young bovs and girls could onlv
understand how happv.it makes their
parents when thev are doing well and
conducting themselves like ladies and
gentlemen, it seems to us thev would
make a greater effort than they do
to avoid evil deeds ami acts. A
greater part of the pleasures of this
life, to Parents, is found in the success and welfare of their children
going out of their home. And much
of the misery is caused by waywardness and misdeeds of sons nnd daughters.
If there Is one thing above another
a young man should he ashamed of
doing, it Is loafing without aim, purpose or profit, on:the streets or in
stores, day after day all week. If
you have nothing to do, stay at.
home—a part of the time at any
rate. No young man with any self-
respect will'content himself with aspiring tn no higher reputation than
that of a chronic loafer and a store
box magnate. Nothing will so blunt
the higher faculties of the mind as
inactivity; and no Inactivity is so
baneful and malevolent in iis effect
as that voluntary idleness termed
Let. us say to benedicts, young and
old. if you did but show nn ordinary,
civility toward those common
articles of housekeeping*— your wives—
if you would give them a hundred and
sixteenth part of tbe compliments
you almost choked them with before
you were married, fewer women
would seek for other sources of affection. Praise your wife, then, for
all the good (qualities she has and
you may rest assured that her deficiencies are counter-balanced bv
your own.
We have great respect for the
woman who knows bow to spare
herself, tor the one who knows when
she has enough. We have respect
for the one who has the courage to
say, "I am not strong enough to sew
for the heathen and do my home
duties also, and my home is' first,"
ami who dares set in her house and
see others conduct sewing societies.
This is no plea for idleness, or for
selfishness that is like a ranker to the
soul, only a plea for a knowledge ot
one's own powers and limitations, for,
a courage according to the convictions, tor a judgment T hn t is en-
lightietriNi and generous, not only
towards others but towards herself.
It is the daily life that tests us,
the manner of men we are. It is
not our prayers, it is not our profession, but it is the tone ot daily
intercourse and conduct that decides
how we stand. The little homely
graces; the cheerful, evcrv-dav amei>
ities; the Christ-like spirit uttering
itself, not so much in conscience act
as in an unconscious influence; uot so
much In deed as in that subtle aroma
which, without name, excludes from
the saintly soul, to equals nnd inferiors, to agreeable and disagreeable, to rich, poor, ignorant, to
young, to old; bearing burdens; accepting crosses; seeking no great
thing to do, content to put sell by
and to a servant of the lowest,—these
are fruits of one mot—fruits that
none ran counterfeit.
We recently spent a pleasant evening with an nged couple, and what
added 1n the pleasantness wns the
fart that Although this couple was
basking.in the sunset, of a well spent
life, they were as devoted to each
other as when the "honeymoon" first
shown in their pathway. We could
not hut compliment our friend upon
his devotion to his aged companion,
and in reply he said to us, "You
mistake me it you think age has
blotted nut my heart. Though silver hair falls over a brow all furrowed, yet I am a lover still. I
love all nature, and I love von aged
dame. Look at her. Her face is
careworn, -but it has ever held a
smile for me. Often have I shared
the same bitter cup with her, and so
shared, id seems almost sweet.
Years of sickness have stolen the
freshness of life; but like the faded
rose, the perfume of her love is richer than when fit the full bloom of
youth and maturity. Together we
have wept over graves. Through
sunshine and storm we have clung
t together, and now she sits with her
knitting, her cap quaintly frilled, the
old style kerchief crossed white and
1 prim about the heart that beat so
I long and true for me; the dim blue
eyes that shrinkingly front the glnd
..day; the sunlight throwing a parting
[farewell, kisses her brow and leaves
upon it Taint tracing of wrinkles an-
ffellc rnd-inner. T see. though no one
I p!*> jan, the bright, glad young
| face that    won me  first, and     tbe
glowing love of forty years thrills
through my heart till tears come,
'hough this form be bowed, Ood imparts eternal life within. Let the
car be deaf, the eve blind, the bands
palsied, the limbs withered. the
brain clouded, yet the heart—the true,
heart—may hold such wealth of lovo
lhat all flowers of death and the victorious grave shall not be able to
put out this quenchless flame."
As we meandered home we could.
but think what a heaven upon earth
this would be if such devotion existed between all who had taken the
marriage vow. To such a couple the
mellow rays of life's sunset are the
most beautiful of any on the long
journey from the cradle to the
Cranbrook, B.C., Jan -'(0, 1007.
To   the    Editor    of   the   Cranhrook
Dear Sir: Would you kindly insert
the following in your next edition of
the Cranhrook Herald:
lu order to remove a false impression which serins to have gotten
abroad with regard to our late pastor's (Rev. B. Goodfieid) removal
from Cranbrook, we would say that
when Mr. Ooodfield resigned, everything possible was done by the deacons ami members of tlie church to
persuade Mr. Ooodfield to reconsider
his resignation, but as Mr. Ooodfield
bad already accepted a call to the
Baptist church at Red Deer, we were
compelled, as there was no other
alternative, to accept his resignation;
Never was a man loved and respected
as wc love and respect Mr. Ooodfield. We fully appreciated his sterling worth, his noble character, his
fearlessness in preaching against
those which are evil in the sight of
Ood. His work* among the camps
has been blessed by God, and has
also been appreciated by the hoys
of the camps in a substantial manner, one camp just lately presented;
him with a purse of $8.1.00. This
is just one instance and we could
enumerate others, but space forbids.
Mr. Goodfield's reasons tor leaving
were that his health has failed late*,
ly, lie feels also that God has called
him to the prairie and like a true
disciple of Jesus Christ he must
answer that call.
On Sunday Mr. Goodfieid preached!
his farewell" sermon and a large congregation listened to au eloquent
sermon preached from the text in
Matthew 7, 13: "Enter ye in at
the straight, gate, for wide is the
gate ami broad is the way that
leadeth to destruction."
On Monday evening a farewell
gathering was held at the home ot
Mr. and Mrs. J. Woodman, about
forty being present, and a very enjoyable time was spent. After refreshments bad been served Mr.
Woodman voiced the sent intents of
all, when in n few words he expressed the keen regret and sorrow we
11 felt to see Mr. Ooodfield going out)
from amongst us. He wished Mr.
Ooodfield God-speed, and called for
that well known hvmn "Ood be
With You Till We ' Meet Again,"
which was sung with great feeling.
In losing Mr. Ooodfield we feel that
we have lost a really consecrated
man who thought not of himself but
of the work to which he has been
Yours respect fully,
O. M. Brooks,
Jos. Woodman,
H. Kumert.
Deacons of the Baptist Church.
Winnipeg, Jan. 24. — Tbe Trades and
Labor council to-night, passed
revolution expressing the deepest regret at the death of D. J
O'Donoghu, dominion fair wage officer, which occurred in Toronto
cently. The resolution character It-,
es Mr. O'Donoghu as one of the
friends of organized labor in Canada
and also expressed appreciation of his
many fine personal qualities.
REFUSED   TO   CLOSE    FOR      4
Zam-Buk Healed Them Inside    Two
Have you some eruption, or sore;
or ulcer, or wound, on any part of
your body which has hitherto refused
to close, no matter how treated? It
so, that is a case for Zam-Buk, the
great herbal balm. The herbal saps
and essences in this balm are so
powerful that tbey can heal the
worst cases of chronic sores, ulcers',
blood poison and skin diseases. Here
aie proofs of this:
Mrs. W. II. Taylor, of North Bay,
Out., says: "1 bad a scaly spot as
big as a cent piece on my (ace. 1
had it (or four years, and hardly a
night during that time went by but
what 1 applied cold cream, or some
ointment or other, but it would always be there. 1 recently applied
Zum-Buk, and in about u week's time
the spot hud disappeared completely.
1 cannot thank you enough for your
remedy, and 1 tell everyone to be
sure and keep Zam-Buk iu tlreii
Mrs. S. J. Iloldeu, of 343 West
Hannah St., Hamilton, says: "My
tittle girl had a running sore on her
leg which defied all treatment. I
applied Zam-Buk and in about a
week's time the wound was closed.
I have found Zam-Buk just as good
(or other skin troubles and injuries."
Mr. J. 11. Hamilton, of Tliombury,
says: "The first Zam-lluk 1 obtained was for a friend who had an obstinate sore on her temple. It had
been treated once or twice by a doctor, and would heal up for a short
time, hut would break out again.
Zam-Buk healed it permanently, and
it shows no sign whatever ol returning."
Similar grateful testimony is to
hand from men and women in all
parts of Canada. Zam-Buk is a sure
cure for all skin diseases and injuries,
such a (cuts, burns, bruises, eczema,
psoriasis, ulcers, scalp sores, cold
sores, chapped hands, itch, rashes,
tetter, face sores, etc. It is also an
unequalled embrocation, and ruWbcd
well on to parts affected cures
rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia,
colds on chest, etc. All druggists
sell at 50c. a box, or may be obtained post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of price. 6
boxes lor 12.68,
Those who walk by faith are never
Agitation is   the deadliest foe   «>t
Tbe door of hope has no locks, '
bolts or burs.
An honest workman novel steals his
employer's time.
Some men mistake moral dyspepsia
tor sancti Ilea tion.
Sunday piety is not an antidote for
week day depravity.
A boost is belter than a thousand
knocks in any market.
When doubt enters the door fnith
flies out ui tbe window.
When a man begins wondering il
he looks his age he does.
Now if it had only been a green
persimmon lhat Eve pluckvd!
Some people make no bones about
ihe skeletons in their closets.
Men who fear death ale thoso who
are always looking backwards.
A receipt for the.pew rent is uot a
pass through the heavenly portals.
■ It's bard to make your boy believe
the stories of your early struggles.
-The man who declared that "talk
is cheap" lived before the days ot
telephone bills.
When a man la convinced that he
is right he can submit to a great
many wrongs.
Thu -quicker you lift a fallen brother tlie less danger there is that be
Will drug you down to his level.
Every .time you see an undersized
man married to a big wife it's almost a cinch he calls her "Birdie."
If we were worth 'stern millions
we would take great delight iu talking about the blessings ot poverty.
Many a tool lias secured a reputation lor wisdom merely by knowing
enough to keep bis mouth shut.
There will be something new under
the sun when some luulli-millionaiie
admits that poverty is u hard grind.
Job acquired the reputation of being a patient man, but he lived before the days of Hats and amateur
cornel is ts.
Right now is when the city man
puts in his evenings planning how be
would make u garden in the spring it
he had lund enough to begin on.
You will cheerfully admit that the
printer earns good wages after you
nave tried to read some "popular
Gold minted from the toil ot children does not have a musical sound
when dropped into tbe church collection box.
Some men never look into the Bible
until they want to liud some scripture they can distort into au excuse
lur their meanness.
A lot of homes would be happier ii
some husbands would treat their
wives as well and as ofteu as they
treat their friends.
Isn't it funny bow well preserved
a man's summer trousers look to him.
when the thermometer is pointing to
ten or twelve below?
People who have tried lighting the
devil with lire have gained some valuable lessons in the handling of the
devil's favorite weapon.
In this golden age there is no
doubt that the lamp of knowledge
will continue to bum as long as a
trust can make us pay any price it
sets ou tbe oil it sells.
A whole lot of men who talk loud
and long about civic righteousness
die responsible for a lot of had language by neglectiug to sift ashes ou
their icy sidewalks.
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
, This institution is just up-to-
♦ date and is modemly equipped
J to do just the best work in all
I branches ot the tonsorial art.
+■»  Mil  |i|i|i«.*,i»i|'H'>ii»*'|ii|i.»H
Why Bileans Prove   so Beneficial.
A medical specialist states that
eight out of tea cases ol headache,
dizifoess, sallow complexion aud various ailments peculiar to women
for which be is consulted have their
origin in constipation. Although
this ailment iu very common
amongst both sexes, women appear
to be the greater sullerurs. Bileans
cure constipation by stimulating the
liver and regulating the bile flow.
Bile in the natural purgative of the
body. bileans regulate its secretion.
Mrs. S. E. Baldwin, of 38 St. Paul
St., Toronto, says: "1 have taken
Bileans for constipation and dizziness
and found most satisfactory results.
Btfeans do not cause any griping,
and not only cure constipation but
also improve Un general health."
Mr. A. Monaghan, of Berlin, recently proved this vegetable remedy
in a similar way. He says: "For
many years 1 suffered from both constipation and piles. Nothing I have
ever tried is to be compared for bone-
lieial result to Bileans. They have
made me a different man, and if any
sufferer would like to ask me any
question on their operation ami
their value I will be glad to give
all the information I can."
Such is the result ot exhaustive
tests of Bileans. This great vegetable remedy is invaluable also for
sallow complexions (due to bile in
the blood), pimples, greasy, saliow
skin, and blood impurities generally.
Bileans also cure indigestion, debility, rheumatism, anemia, female ailments and irregularities "run-down
feelings," liver and kidney complaint, headache, sleeplessness, wind
spasms, palpitation, etc. All druggists sell at 60c. a box, or obtainable post free from the Bilean Co.
Toronto, upon receipt ol price, fi
taM told Is* IflrVMl.
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Kuckendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
:: Cranbrook  Foun-::
dry and
::Machine  Shop::
;; McKinnon & Johnston ;;
We lire prepared to
do ull kintlB of repair work heavy uud
Unlit, make castings,
turn sliiifm. etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   ■ J
■1.1-11 1111 *** II I I' I '1-1 "l"l
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory ;
All kinds of finish work,in j
way of doors, windows, trau- J
sums, etc,   Kiln dried lumber J
for inside work.   Our work is I
guaranteed and our prices are i
satisfactory,    Screen   doors \
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
-   j
Notice is hereby given that 60
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, for permission to purchase the following described lands situate on the easterly
side of Goat River Canyon, adjoining the northerly boundary of lot
812, group one, more particularly
described as follows:
Commencing at a point on the
northerly boundary of lot el2,
group 1, distant 40 chains west from
the most northerly angle on the
easterly boundary of the said lot
812, thence north 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains, more or less, lo the
right-of-way of the Canadian Pacific
Railway (Crows Nest Branch),
thence following the easterly boundary of the said right-of-way in a
southerly direction 20 chains, more
or less, to the northerly boundary ol
lot 812, group 1, thence easterly following said northerly boundary 2b
-.bains, more or less, to the point
of commencement, the whole containing 40 acres, more or less.
T. W. Leask.
Dated this 24th day ot December,
1SUS. 40-91
Any available Dominion Lands
within tbe Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be homesteaded by
any person who is tbe sole bead ol a
family, or any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent ot one-quarter
section of uu acres, more or nets.
Entry must be made personally at
tbe local laud olflee fur tbe district
in which the laud is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected there
wilh under one of the lolluwing
(1) At least six months' resident*
upon and cultivation of tne land is
each year lor three years.
(2) ll the father (or mother, if the
lather is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in tbe vicinity of the laud entered for, the requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing witb
the father or mother.
(3) If tbe settler has bis permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in tbe vicinity of his
homestead, tbe requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon tbe said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to tbe Couimissionsr
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention lo apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at XI*,
per acre for soft coal and $20 for
anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at ihe
rate of tea cents per ton of 2,000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
Osyutv »l the HhWttec ol the totstJM
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Take notice that thirty days alter
date we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works at
Victoria, B. C, for a special license
to cut aud carry away timber Irom
the following described lands situate
iti S, E. Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the suulh-east corner of lot 'Ail,
thence east forty chains, thence
north forty chains, thence west forty
chains, thence south for ty chains to
place ol commencement, containing
160 acres, more or less.
Mayook Lumber Co., Ltd.
Dated the 12 th day oi January,
1907. *WM
Take notice una; sixty days after
dale 1 iuu*nd to apply to tne thiel
Louunisawuer ot Lauds aad Works at
wuoita lor permission io purOiaae
ihe follow tug ikscrioeu lonas situaied-
.n Squin kast huoujuy.
CoftUieuving ai the south-east corner 01 lot (316, thence uorUi 46
turn.-, whence east 80 chains, thence
south to torn. Paoli's u-jiu tine,
ilience west mi chains, along Uiu.
Paoli's line and the Ureal .Northern
railway tiacs. to point ol cciumence-
.u■.■at, containing 3-0 acres, mure ox
W. R. MacKay.
Uatad at Elko, B. C, October 24,
190*. 34-MV
"You can't du any good work in
ihe wurid without offending sorne-
uody," said Congressman Longworth
m au address. "The man who
makes no enemies is the man     who
does  no g*JOd.
"aoiue men but lor this fear of
makiug enemies might aixouiplisb,
something. As it is, they remind
me ot toe dying man. who was too
cautious even to make his peace witb
" "Do you renounce the devil and
all his work?' ihe minister said to
tins man.
"And the dying mau replied in a
weak, nesitaiing toic*.
" "Please don't ask me ol that.
I'm going to a strange country, and
1 don't want to make myself
enemies.' "
Notice is hereby given that sixty,
days alter date 1 intend making application to tbe Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the foi-
lowing described lands:
Commencing with a post planted
at the Dorti>west corner oi lot 7006,
Soulh East Kootenay, thence running north twenty chains, thence
running east twenty-live chains,
south twenty chains, west twenty-five chains to place of commencement.
A. F. Krapfel, Elko, B.C.
Dated January lath, 1907.    44-9t
In the matter ol tbe Act respecting
certain works in and over certain
navigable waters, being Chapter 22,
R. S. C, 1886.
Notice is hereby given that one
month alter date an application will
be made to the Governor-in-Council
by Hales Hingston Ross and Joseph
Ubitehead- Ross, carrying on business
at Elkinouth, in tbe province *ot
British Columbia, under the firm
name of Hoss Bros. & Company,
under the provisions ot the above
Act for permission to construct
dams, booms and other improvements for logging and saw milling
purposes in Kootenay River in South
East Kootenay, British Columbia.
The plans ol the works proposed to
be constructed and a description of
the site thereof bave been deposited
with the Registrar of Land Titles at
Nelson, B. C, and with tbe Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa, Ontario.
W. F. Gurd,
Solicitor for tbe Applicants.
Dated at   Cranbrook, B. C,    this
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Post Office, Fernie, B. C," will
be received at thu office until Monday, February IK, 1907, Inclusively,
(0( Hit* conhtiuuioij ol a Post
Office, Ac., building at pernio, B.C.
Plans and sperm, bMods can be
seen and forms ol lender Obtained at
this Department and on application
to Robert \ Kerr, Esq., Clerk Of
Works, Fenrie, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not lie considered unless
made on the printed form supplied,
nml signed with theft actual signatures.
Bach tender must be acoompanled
by nn accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, made payable to the order ot
the Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10
pc.) of the amount ot the tender,
which will be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so,
or if he fail to complete the work
contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to arcept the lowest or any
By Order
Fred Gelinas,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 18, 1M7<
Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority from tho
Department will not be paid foe
The best possible articles
The best possible prices
Absolutely without equal anywhere
MEN'S $12.00 OVERCOATS for $ 9.00
14.00         "              " 10.50
"        15.00          «              " 11.00
"       20.00          "              " 15.00
30.00          "              " 24.00
BOYS' $ 9.00 OVERCOATS for -   $6.00
10.00         "              " 7.00
MEN'S    6.00 PEA JACKETS " 4.75
BOYS'     5.50 REEFERS         " 4.25
4.50          "               " 3.75
3.50         "              " 2.50
5.50         "              " 4.50
6.00         "               " 5.00
7.00         "              " 5.75
MEN'S    $2.50    BTDB-PBOOF
RUBBERS for    $1.75
MEN'S    $3.25     S1TB-PROOF
BUBBBBS for       $2.50
MEN'S    14.0(1    BTITB-PBOOF
BUBBBBS for    $3-25
MKN'S    *4.2»    STUB-PBOOF
BUBBEBS for    $3.50
for       .75
for       .95
For    $1.20
For     $1.00
For         .85
For        .65
For       .50
For       .25
MENS' $1.50 LUMBERMEN'S SOX for  $1.10
"      "  .95
"      "  .75
"       "                               .60
MENS' $1.25
MKN'S $1.00
MEN'S 75o.
MKN'S $3.00 SWEATERS tor           ..   $2.25
MKN'S $2.0(1 " "        1.50
MKN'S $1.5(1 SWEATERS for    $1.15
BOYS'     .115 "       .40
MKN'S Slim SEATING  BOOTS for $3.00
HOYS' $8.00 SKATING BOOTS fur $2.15
These Goods MUST BE SOLD before FEBRUARY 15th, Stocktaking Day. Make
your money work overtime by buying from a Thoroughly Reliable House Thoroughly
Reliable Goods bearing Fink's Thoroughly Reliable Guarantee.
Our Goods are
(Written for     the   Herald hy    Paul
Miss Jane Phillipps, ol "Fruit-
lands/' north ol Hoosville, passed
through Elko on her way to Moyie.
Tbe cold-nosed ice company, of
Elko, is filling the hotel ice houses
and meat market refrigerators with
beautiful clear ice from the river.
Paddy Martin, "An Italian count,
was an Elko visitor this week leaving tor the Sunny South Friday.
F. E. Simpson, ot Cranbrook, was
in Elko this week warming up a
little. He met a lot oi friends and
no enemies.
The Elko string band went to
Wardner to play for the Loggers
banquet Friday evening.
Sylvester Fallon, who owns some
of the fast trotting horses on
Tobacco Plains, near Hoosville, was
in- Elko this week.
Mr., and .Mrs. John Molt, of the
Hoffman house, gave a very nice
dance iu honor of Miss Grade Mr-
Guire, of the Mountain Meadow
Stork ranch, north of Hoosville, on
Monday evening. At- intervals Miss
MrGuire gave .some choice selections
ou the piano. IMrcshmcnts were
served in the dining room during the
evening's devcrsiou.
Fred Lorsoh, of Wardner, was
spending a few davs south this
Walter H. McKay, the popular
young contractor, of Elko, entertained a large party of his bachelor
friends to a champagne supper' iu
honor of his birthday. He wits
the recipient of many presents,
from glass shaving sets to sacks of
gold nuggets. May the well of his
hospitality never leak nor his cellar
run dry.
Eagle Creek Tommy, from the
Horse Shoe Bur Stock ranch, visited
Elko this week with a look on him
like a sheepherdcr at a funeral.
Mr. Sinclair, of the C. P. R. laud
department, Cranbrook, was in Elko
visitor this week.
Visitors arriving here from Alberta
say it is the worst winter they have
seen since the Eye Opener was horn
iu Calgary, ami that the jack rabbits can be seen parking their
lunches on their backs.
Tommy Youatt, who has been
down with a very severe attack of
In grippe, we are pleased lo say is
getting around O, K. and will soon
he dispensing Mount Joy to the patrons of the Hoffman house.
Prof. Harry Steele, of "Zone-o-
phone fame," was an Elko visitor
this week.
A. E. Ingham, of Sheep Mountain,
was in Elko this week aud stated It
was the coldest winter he had seen
since he came to the country in
1807 and Fred Roo says the grass is
ten inches high at Hoosville.
M. Phillipps. of Fruit lands, passed
through Elko on his way to Cranbrook this week.
M. Mclnnes, of Elkmouth, was
visiting old friends in Hoosville this
The Livery stables in Elko are doing a rushing business these days.
It just heats the Dieken's how business keeps up and still Moore
"Bob The Fyke," from Jaw none
Coulee, was giving the residents of
Elko some of the latest songs from
ncross the herring pond at the Hoffman house.
Tlie engagement between young
Bill Broncho and Miss Pansyhlossom
is called off until after the elections.
W. Weaver, of the "Turner Beeton
Co." was in town hut left for the
south via the Sheridan-Harby Rocky
Mountain Stage line.
What Elko needs is a telephone
system, a Great Northern depot and
nn agent for same, a school teacher
for the new school everybody was
kicking for, and a little warmer
weather and not so much wind.
A good for nothing man is no worse,
than a man that's good because it
pavs him.
Stillenan O'Neal is visiting friends
in Elko.
Mr. Moore, the Socialist candidate, ran up against a first-class hurricane at the Elk hotel after the big
political meeting. This year seems
to he opening up with all kinds of
disasters, earthquakes in Kingston,
floods in the Mississippi Valley,
seventeen trains lost in the Dakotas,
cattle dving by hundreds in Manitoba and Alberta, and an election In
British Columbia.
George Millett, of the Columbia
hotel, was visiting Fernie this
Jack Guest, of- "baseball fame,"
came down from Jaffray, looking as
if he'd a burden on his mind as big
as a haystack, registered at the
Columbia' hotel for a lew days rest.
W. R. McEwen gave an exhibition
of the cold water cure in the Hoffman house Monday evening.
C. A. Dow, one of the most popular
government officials . In British Columbia, was seen twice In Elko
this week.
It's an easy matter to say
black's white or a yellow dog Is a
man but to prove it is another matter.
Fernie capitalists arc paying fancy
prices for land north of Hoosville.
Timber men nre around Irylng to
buy up the timber.
The Independence mine, "an valuable copper" property, Tobacco
Plains, near Hoosville, started operation January HHh, after having
liren closed down a number of years.
'he Copper Kettle is expected" to
start up March 1st.
Time may be rash hitt wc can't ex-
rhnnge mdse. for it.
Wm. Leilcey was a Fernie visitor
this week
The future prospects of Hoosville
unil Elko milk™ it Mint pleasant
that we eat well, sleep well, and
don't worry a gosh darned bit.
AOAf'NST  the  postal  laws.
She you really shouldn't have proposed to me by mail.
He-And why not?
She-Why  marriage    Is a  lottery
von know.—Ex.
"The reason you don't sympathize
with me is that you liave never been
disappointed in love yoursell."
"I haven't eh?J That's all you
know. Wby, I once advertised for a
wife with a million dollars, and I
1 nover got a single reply."—Ex.
The Big Stick
among ranges is t he KOOTENAY RANQIi. It has
the biggest sale in the
country. It Is the STAY
For Sale by
Patmore Bros
Armslrotifr Ave.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
This ll.itrl hits always boon the leader
in Ms Iiui'. nn.I will In' kepi up to tlm
standard, If you wuil lo iiioet tho
people, coino to tlm Queen's Hotel,
Queen's Hotel, Calgary " ' s™"'«*
********************** ***********
I Canadian Hotel 1
Jgj One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- Q
gj brook.   Warm rooms, good meals JjJ
Jgt and a bar stocked with the best $3
|Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
si @
In the matter of the Companies Art
ami Amendments—and—In the
matter of the Cranbrook Electric
Light Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made to the Supreme Court, of British Columbia on
Monday, the 4th duy of February,
1007, at the hour of 10.30 o'clock,
in the forenoon, at the Court House,
Victoria, D. C, for un order confirming the alteration made to the
Menorandum of Association of the
above mentioned Company by the
pecial resolution of the above mentioned Company passed at a general
meeting of the said Company held on
tbe 15th day of November, lilUti,
and subsequently unanimously confirmed at a meeting ol the shareholders of the Company, held on the 20th
day of November, 1906.
Ami notice is also hereby given
that all creditors who wish to object
to the said petition must tile their
objections with the Registrar of the
Supreme Court of British Columbia
at Victoria on or before the 1st day
of February, 1907.
W. F. Gurd,
Solicitor for "The   Cranbrook  Electric Light Company,  Limited."
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
: the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
I Lands and Works for a special Titn-
I her License to cut and carry away
! timber from tbe following described
| lands, situate in South East h'-ote-
1 nay:
Commencing at the north-east corner of Harold Darling's timber
license, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north till chains to the
place of commencement, containing
i; lu acres, more or less.
Jus. Warnock.
W. F. Gurd, Solicitor, Cranbrook.
Dated at   Cranbrook, U. C,    this
twenty-eighth day of November,    A.
D. lUOtf. 37-5t
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in a certain trust
deed made in pursuance of the
"Creditors Trust Deeds Act, 1001,
and amending Acts" and which will
be produced at the time of sale,
there will be offered for sale by public auction, on
the following property, namely:
All the stock in trade, liquors,
cigars, etc. Bar fixtures aud furnishings in the said hotel, and also
nil furniture, carpets, bedroom
suites, etc., therein, belonging to the
estate John Frederick Pringlc
The furniture, carpets, etc, to he
offered for sale are of excellent quality, and have only been In use a
short time.
Inspection of the above property
may be made at any time on tlm
Terms of sale: Twenty per rent
nf the purchase money to be pa hi nt
the time of sale, payment of balance
to he arranged at time of sale.
For further particulars and     conditions of sale apply to
Or to  Harvey,   McCartcr   &    Macdonald,   solicitors    for   Asignee,
Cranhrook, B.C. 43-2t
Public notice is hereby given that
the British Columbia Southern
Railway company, did, on the 2nd
day of October A. 1). 1006, deposit
in Nelson Land Registry Office at
Nelson, in the Province of British
Columbia, in accordance with the
provisions of the Railway Act,
1003, plans, profile and book of
reference, as No. 521 "Y," showing
the revised location of its Yahk
branch as located from Yahk ou the
said railway in the Province of
British Columbia, to the International boundary, mile 0 to mile 8.57,
to be built under authority of 62-03
Victoria (Dom), Chap. 55, Sec. 2.
Dated at Winnipeg this 27th day
of December A. D. 1006.
P. McPherson,
Asst. Right of Way and Lease
Agent. 41-21
Miss A. L. Hillam, teacher of
the pianaforte Terms moderate
.Armstrong Ave    Cranbrook
Winter Carnival
From Rev.lstiikc, Ferule and
all intermediate and hranch
line points
i In Hill.- I'Vlir •>•   11  In   III,
Limit   February IN.
I',,r .li'iuili'.l Information, apply lo
.OCIll ll(...|ll«.
E. J. COVLE       .1. S. CARTER
A. 11. I'. >., II. P. A ,
Maternity Cases a Specialty.
Address :
General Delivery, Cranbrook, B.C


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