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Cranbrook Herald Sep 24, 1914

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 ^ **"  .
'I  .-
Very Important Decision Delivered en
the Point by His Honor (<corge
II. TluMiiiisoii, County
Court Judge
Immediately-after tlie declaration of
the Katsor's war quite a cniiKlileriiblc
number uf (iermniiH nml Auntriiinn,
alien eiieinii'H, rusliod to BGCUro tlieir
naturalisation papers under the pro-
viHiuiiH of the Dominion Naturalisation
Ad. Many of these Imd been domiciled In t.aiiadu for years witiiout showing any Inclination to drop tbeir nationality in favor uf Canadian alttxen-
sltlp; hut when tin* IiIiikI of war rang
lu our ears tliey wlBoly felt they
might be compelled to reglstor themselves with the local puller authorities nnd to carefully account for the
coming und thc going, tlie doing and
tlle undoing of themselves and tlie
member« or their families once every
week, or even oftener. Tlm mere affair of Hwearing 11 jiretendcd allegiance to King George V. would be a
trifling matter whereby they would be
endowed wltli the full rights of Canadian citizens, free to eome and free to
go unquestioned while carrying out
whatever work their fatherland' had
entrusted to their hands or to their
brains. No one denies thut the average German makes a good, average
eltizen. He may admire Canadian freedom and take full advantage of its
institutions, but if it comes to a matter
wliere the scale hus to be adjusted by
him between Interests of Germany and
Canadn, then tlie Canudiun f>ide will
kick tlie beam and stay there. It is
natural. It is the Deutsehland-uber-
Allcs-in-der-Welt (Germany before all
throughout the world) spirit. It is
the Kaiser's mailed fist and his shining armor in another form of expression. It Is the taste we here In Canada get of the insolence and brutal
Intolerance of the breed which wrecked the neutrality of gallant little Belgium, a neutrality guaranteed under
the hand of the grandfather of the
blasphemous autocrat" "whose heart
bleeds for the destruction of Louvaln."
It positively suggests the devil crying
ids eyes out over the sins of tbe
Ordinary caution dictates the folly
of taking an enemy into your house.
Hospitality is a gracious virtue, but
there are plenty willing to take advantage of the occasion it affords for
■of the notary publie granted.     If my  ( ItAMlKOOK DEFEATS
conclusions are correct, therefore,
these applicants have no right whatsoever to eome to a civil court and demand any rights or privileges, nor am
I able, however willing I might be, to
hear nny application on their behalf.
2. While there are no decisions
that I have been uble to discover directly bearing on the point, we hnve
the decision or the court of appeal In
Hex v. Lynch, 1908, l K.H. 444. In
tliis case. Col, Lynch, a Hritish subject, after the declaration of wur between Oreat Britain uud tha government or the Republic of Simtli Africa,
made application rm- natural lea tion as
a bttixen of Hie Republic, which was
granted. On his trial fur treason and
on appeal from the Judgment of the
trial court, the court were unanimous
lu holding that it was Impossible for
him to divest himself of his nationality
by taking tlie oath of allegiance to a
government with which Great Britain
was at war, The court held tlmt the
naturalization was lu Itself invalid aud
uu act of treason,    If, therefore, u
KxhiliEtion ►Name*, ut Spokane Hesull
In Victory I'or Kast  knnteuii)
At the Spokane Interstate fair last
week Cruubrook defeated .Nelson in lacrosse two games out of three. This
Is the second series of games played
tills year between these two teams Ulld
In botii series the team representing
Cranhrook   has   been   victorious.    At!of
the Chahko Mika held In Nelson In
July,  playing n   series of two  games
for a trophy, majority ur goals to
muni, the ('nnihrouk team won out
by one goal. (The trophy hus not yet
arrived here).
The Spokane games were exhibitions only and were intended to Introduce the game ou that side ot the linn.
W. Gibson of Victoria  addressed
NucHior- in Crnnbrook i,kk|
.Monthly Morning
J. W. Gibson, of Victoria, director
'leuieutury agricultural education
in tlie schools lor the department o
education, accompanied by Inspecta
Bruce, of Nelson, visited thin clt;
lust .Monday. .Mr. Uibsop addressed
meeting uf the school hoard ami th
principals of the school on Monde,
morning at 10..J0 at tlie city hull o
the subject of the Introduction o
Nature Study und School Gardens in
Cranbrook won two games or the three ' to the school work.
Played. ,    He lirst pointed out the  need  of
While the competing teams were ad-; skilled argicuiturists In this province,
vertlsed us Cranbrook and Nelson, In which was importing annually .unreality the players comprising those' | lions of dollars  worth of foodstuffs
teams  were  representatives of  East  which should be raised in the prov-
naturallza^ A1_. L ^^   ^   ^^   mm
though Cranbrook gets the honor?of |oriB|8) aiilrmed tlie speaker, the agriculturist will beur the upheaval better than the average business man.
It is in such times as these tliat the
necessity of having the backbone ol'
tlie country made up of prosperous
agriculturists becomes- apparent and
the best way in which to secure these
was to Interest tho youths iu the
schools along these lines aud give
them an education in practical growing and erop planting which would
naturally turn their attention tn the
soil ln after life.
foreign enemy is invalid. I should think
that the naturalization of an alien ^"^^"^"^800 we must give
enemy and tlie acquisition by him of | (,ue cped,t tQ thoge playerfl (rom Fer.
all tlie rights of a British subject ni(!_B,acki Burlandt Coiltna. Clode
would be Invalid. ,U|(. Wallace, who helped so materlal-
3. Looking at the question entirely *y m mak,ng that vj(.lory imiAlAli.
distinct from any question of law, i! T|)e Fedne player(} w,t|| the eXCOp.
would refuse the application in the tfon of WaUace, also formed a part of
exercise of my own discretion. I liave ; Uje Crii!lbrook cimhko Mika team and
grave doubts whether a man who was fay thejr atnjngi brUnaat piHy|ngt help-
willing and anxious to divest himself; fl(. yery gre(|Uy ,n uefeut(ng the Nel.
of his own nationality and assume , aQn leftm ,n t,1Q conte(Jt Qt th(l |aUer*8
tliat of an alien enemy, would make a ; |lome town
good citizen. 1 also gravely doubti ^ RamcB ,n s„okaI10 wero nIayrd
whether it would be fair to the com-, Qn & wet He|d on wMoh the ra|n waB
munity to give to an alien enemy the; beftUng down at m t|me or plfty|ng
same rights as are given to a British! or |)ad j(|Ht cea8ed before play com.
subject, for example, tlie right to vote m(;nced As the ovai *8 covered with
and other rights of a similiar nature, I R gQQA Uxr{ th|s added mo|8turo made
Another more serious objection to gHppery goins un(j the exhibitions
that at the present time, when an alien j WQVQ not wliat t)|oy
enemy is desirous of leaving Canada L^ more favoraWe conditions. Th
for the purpose of engaging in the, ^ iQ plfty thre(, mWH 0„ B„cceB.
Two   Thousand   Two   Hundred   ami
Sixty-Five Lives to he Accounted
Kor—Many are Saved by Flotilla
London, Sept. 23.—The British warships Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy
have heen sunk in tiie North Sen by
submarines, according to an announcement given out by the official
bureau this afternoon.
Continuing, tlie announcement Bays
that u considerable part of the crews
Of the vessels were saved by H.M.S.
Lowestoft and by a divislou of torpedo boat destroyers. Trawlers and
their boats also aided in the work of
The Aboukir was torpedoed lirst.
and the Hogue and Cressy drew In
close to her, und were standing by to
save her crew when tliey also were
The Cressy, Captain Robert \V.
Johnson; tiie Aboukir, Captain John
13, Drummond, and the Hogue, Captain
W'llmot S. Nicholson, were sister
ships. Tliey were armored cruisers
of a comparatively obsolete tpye, und
were built 14 years ago, The list of,
casualties among tlieir orews will be
published as soon as they are known.
Small Armored Vessels
Tlie Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy
are sister ships, being small armored
cruisers, known us tile "Cressy class"
six of which figured ln the naval program of 11)00-1901, the ships being
commissioned In the latter year and
In 1902. The other, three arc the
Kuryulus, Bacchante, aud Sutlej. At
the time of their construction they re-
Mr. Gibson reviewed the history of presented the last word In armored
the nature study and school garden : cruisers, but dreadnought era Iu naval
movement in America and stated that I architecture made necessary a much
It was becoming one of the forward larger type of armored cruisers.
movements of tho time and revolu-1 which lias found expression In the
lionizing tiie matter and planner of j gigantic battle cruisers of the Lion
in the field crop competitions in-1 Norman McClure. St. Mary's Prairie;
stltuted by the province of British Co-1 Ul*rd i|r'ZL'* $15* L J- Taylor, St.
lumbltt through the Department of Ar-1 Mary** Prairk': fourt'> P-"Ise, 510.
.    ,..,,, Harry   Stevens,   St.   Mary's   Prairie;
multure the prizes have been award-   „,,., , „.      4. '    ..     ' '       ri*u,c»
: fifth prize, $5.00, K. \\. Green, trailed In the Craubrook district as foi-. brook.
lows: First prize, $25, Frank Lye, St. '    Tiie following is the official score of
Mary's Prairie;  second prize, $20.00,  the competition:
Genera] appearance considering:
l    Method of planting 	
2.    Vigor or growth   	
Freedom from blight, scabs, and insects .
Method and thoruoghness of cultivation.
Purity of variety 	
Apparent yield considering:
1. Number nnd weight of marketable
tatoes per hill 	
2. Quality, color, shape, and smoothness.
8,   state and uniformity of maturity, and
freedom from sunburn   	
10 15    9*2    9H
100 Tit',
:*)**■ '!.**'i 6J
following is an extract from the  partment will appoint competent jud-
rulcs and regulations: ges to make the award.
Any winner of a prize in the erop In order to allow a little more time
competition may send an exhibit of for the preparation of the exhibits to
Lhe harvested product from the plot' be sent to Victoria, we arc extending
judged in the crop competition to the . the date anil tlie exhibits should he re-
J-*parinieiit of agriculture.    The de-;I ceived by October 20th, 1814.
HOW  IIIi: (.IMt.
war. lie can be stopped and imprison- B|ve dftVs on grounds that are in the
ed, and the mere act of his endeavor-1 best of 8,m])e .„ (|lj|te a bH of a grlnU
ing to leave the country is in itself fn ^ flH exhiWtlonB of skm and
sufficient reason to justify the authorl-  pndl|rancet the ganu>s werc wei| worth
ties in arresting him; but if he heroines a British subject, the authorities
have no right or license (in the absence of liis expressing un intention to
commit treason) to prevent liis leaving
the country.
It has heen urged that some of these
applicants are men who liave lived iu
Canada for some years and are good
citizens. I cannot, however, separate
the sheep from the goutt*.. It has also
been urged that by allowing alien
nemies to take the oath of allegiani
The report o fthe Canadian Pacific
Hallway company for the fiscal year
ending June 80th, 1014, has Just been
issued, and. us usual, is Interesting in
.ts every page. For complete details
reference must necessarily be made
to the report itseir. but we she!' brief-
?fer to some of its outstanding fev
not what they could lum bron I educatlon    K(lucHtore wcrc too pronoUnd Print!"*". Iloy.il cIiwk,
'.o consider a dilld'a head liko u hat. j    The Cretwy cIuhs dlfitilaces  K'.ooii
Tliey lilli'il it with (acts from book" ; tons, wltli a length of 410 feet, beam
and alter It was stuffed and crammed, seventy feet nnd draught of twenty-
they would sny "we are ready, bring' dx feet.  Tlieir Indlcuted horse power
on your examinations."    Today  the ; of 21,1125 can attain a speed of from f tures here.
old three II system of education was  20 to 22"/j knots, this variation being'
gradually giving way to the three II | duo to llieir being built at central; .rosB earnliiBs ol *129.S14.S24. a fall.
system, which meunt tlie education j y.irds and being equipped with differ-: „g „n- amounting to »f'.5SO.S7» as com-
ent types of engines. The Aboukir, rmtei with tlie prevtom Oscal year,
und the Cressy were built on the Arter deducting lixed clmrges. dlvl-
• 'lyde, while the Hogue was built al . j,,n(is „„,) „n„.r |tPIUS tjicre remained
IJurrow-ln-Fiirness, und the contrait   , ntt surplus of $9,689,161 as compar-
terestiog.    The potatoes were grown
serious mischief. Only the other day j we thereby liave a stronger hold upon
a certain prominent Qerman In one of them than wo formerly Had Inasmuch
the coast cilies came under the grave j is If they did fight against Croat llrlt-
susplclon of the authorities. Tlie 1 aiu. they would be guilty of treason.
Gorman spy-system seems, even In 11 have said. Iiowevi
Victoria and Vancouver, to run down \ strongest hold possible on .01 alien
to the very dock rats; so that this | ;nemy whom the
super-spy,  somehow,  got
. that we have tlie
ilble on an alien
authorities believe is
hint of| going to llglil against oreat Britain,
what was afoot nnd flew to the shelter of a neutral power. So quickly
had he to make his clearance that lie
dared not approach liis palatini home
wliere the police were waiting to effect his arrest afler finding amongst
his papers a most perfect set of plans
of the naval defences of Kaqulluult.
Vancouver and Victoria. About n
week ago a Qorinan living down near
Swansea almost started a riot lu fronl
of the Drug and Rook company's
premises here in Crnnbrook with an '
harangue in a Bang ot Austrian bo-
hunks on what Qermany waa golnj i";
do wltli England mid Canada
Plainly the public cannot afford lo'
lake chances In tho face of snch ap-1
palling happenings mid serious treasons. The right slep has been taken in
compelling all Germans and Austrlans
to register lhe posters are out calllne.
On those people to come in and It is
to be earnestly hoped that the police.
both clly and provincial. Will do their
duty unflinchingly and thoroughly in
the mutter.
At the silting of the county court
here, certain alien enemies, Austrlans
aud Germans, amongst tlioni -lohn
Peters. 111.uie application for naturalisation to Ills Honor Judge Thompson,
who most rightly refused the applications, The lllll I'Xl of lhe Jlldgnienl
follows. It Is nol for us to comment
on the law. but we cannot help commending to the puhlic tlio robust
common sense of his honor where lie
says: 'i lune grave doubt* wllelher 11
mini wlm Is willing and noxious to
dliol himself of Ills tinn national!!)
ami assume flint of an alien enemy,
would make 11 goud rlllzcn." That lilts
namely, by arresting hlni on his endeavor to leave the country; but we
would have a very poor hold on a man.
who had become a naturalised Hritisli
lUbject, and then went ini" the ranks
>f the enemy, unless he chose to come
back again at tiie conclusion ot the
Ou these grounds, therefore. I have
.lisniissed these applications.
seeing and  tlle patrons of the fair
seemed to enjoy them to the full.
ln the first game, on Tuesday afternoon, Cranbrook sprang a surprise
on the Nelson team in the shape of a
dark horse called Thompson—Frank
D. Thompson—who scored four of the
six goals to Ills team's credit thnt day.
Thompson, although not very big,
proved conclusively that he had the
right kind ol courage tor the game.
Another player who starred throughout wns Geo. Clode. of Fernie. Clode
drew the applause of the grand stand
for his finished stick handling and
steady, consistent work. Elliott
Crowe also distinguished himself aa a
steady, persistent, fearless player and
gives great promise of Improvement in
the future.
Fraser. Mereler nnd McDonough, of j
Trail and Grand Forks, starred
Nelson. Tliey were well supported by
Hoe. Richardson nnd Valentine, while
Scutty Williams, formerly of Cranhrook. played bis usiiiil strong game.
Cranbrook was represented by McKay, Scott. Black, McDonald, Collins,
Powers. Pye. Clode. Crowe. Borland.
McMillan, Thompson, Manahan, Mat-
of the  heart  through   training  the
hand to practical work and the head
tu clear thinking.
School gadftms Interested tlle child
kien Inter..1 In Kaiys and Girls Com-
petition at Fair Grounds on
last Saturday afternoon the boys
""■  »' l';"..l!'.c.*'';';' *h,n*f and girls' chicken and potato show-
was held at the fair grounds and tiiere
waa a large number of young folks
present with most of them having u
keen Interest in the judging. There
were about thirty friends of the
youngsters     in     attendance.       The
iu a practical work which could bi
adopted in after llfo and which was  u,rs 0f a million sterling, or $3.370,-1 cjing June 30. 1813, a decrease ot
000. a total for the three of $11,250000 ps.^^oj.     Tne    worklDg    ntxme,  „„- ," handlai;,t „,„ ye„ s^g n
The complement of each Is 765 of-, ast year amounted to 67.32 pe, cent; mmmUy drT onc and u,e boys were
more important tlian mere culture. A
short   time eaell   day   m\»   all that
'wus required and it hnd heen found
! that this work made the child more
j efficient In other studies,    lt gave the
; children something to do which us-
nially greatly interested them and held
tlieir attention.   Good boyH were often transformed   from   village    oiit-
: laws by the school gardens.   It furth-
[ er bound the parent and community
more closely to the school and inves-
*~~ \ ligations and discoveries made in tho
school gardens had often been profitable for the whole district
He honed that Craubrook would
idont the school garden idea in the
near future. The eost of starting was
small and the work highly prolitabl
Ik-era and men, no that 2.266 lives have j ;,f (j,,,  gross' earnings as compared
to be accounted for.   The main arma-'
ment consists of two nine Inch guns
and twelve six Inch guns.
At the outbreak of the war these
ships were held in reserve, but they
were commissioned within 24 hours,
and have been doing police duty In the
North Sea.
.'eorge  Alnsloj   Fell  Between  Curs
of Construction Train and Was
Ins nelly   Killed
Qeorgo Aiusley. who bus been
working as tl reman on the construction train of the Kootenay Central
railway near Wasa for the past two
montlis, wus instantly killed last Saturday bv being run over by the eon-
^r1:,,"::™;"9!™:::;.,.,.,, ,„,„« «*—«»....,. - —■
man and on tbo day "   <>">•   llan"'
t'">"S'     ...     ,     ,. .  „  wiiu.m.   "lost  Interesting  and   prolltable  do-
Nelson by Terrier, llonall. Williams, .     . .'.       ,   _,  ,.
Valentine. Manhar, Klchardson, Roe.
llratil. Krnser, Mereler, McDonough.
Ferguson. Steele.
Nelson doesn't know yet how Cranbrook won and we won't tell. One j
hint, however. Cranbrook used their
lacrosse sticks to catch and throw the
Voting Ladles Will Make I'seful Ar.
tides for Men at the Front
A meeting of a number of the ladles
of the city was held last evening at
tlie home of Mrs. J. H. King, the obit goes hand In hand with domestic; jeet being to organise a club for the
science   and   manual   training   and ! purpose of making bed socks, wrlst-
wherc adopted has proven one of the I lets, handkerchiefs, etc., for the men |
at the front.   Miss M. E
pnrtments of the school work. | was elected president nnd Miss Uel-
Thosc In attendance at the meeting | Phlne Drummond secretary-treasurer
were: H. White. K. H. McPhee, W. H. of the club.
.1. Cranston,  H. C. Gnr-;    Dr. .1. H. King requested that the
on new ground.   The showing made
with 66.M per cent tn the previous „,.«*„•, was good and the prlie wln-
.„:--     N.t  • amines  were  32<«  per  ners rea||v had some very good specimens on exhibition.   The prizes were
won   as   follows:   Hugh   McDonald,
cent and 33.1s per cent In the two
years  respectively.    The  surplus  of
19,608,264 Is equal to 3.7 per cent on;^,.    mrTy   p^    sec.ond:   AlcI,
Ihe 5200,000,000 common stock of the M..nnl(,     t,]|rd.    0rl.,,|(,    T,10n).,s0I1
company as against 9 per cent in the ; jour11l
previous year.   I-ast year it should be
Wilson, 1
card and J.H. Thompson.
The  visitors  left  on   613   Monday
westward bound.
Spokane people are all right. When
the Humane Society Interferred with
tlie bull-dozing nl the Pendleton out-
fireman to cab!
of tlle accident wns walking from the
engine back over the train while it
was iii motion. He stepped on the
steel sheet between the curs, slipped
and fell In between, being run over by
the moving train
Ile hnd asked for a leave of absence
mid expected lo leave that night for
Calgary to meet his wife and baby who
were coming from Vancouver to meet
hlni Undertaker lleatty was called
and Hie body was sent to Calgary to
his wife by Hie Odd Fellows lodge, of
which deceased was a member.
Ills homo whs In Vulieouver and he
j belonged to one of th
i city.
tlie   lacrosse
Kllli.tt Crowe and Ilert Mcl'hee
would like us to announce that those
broken noses they are ..porting were
decorated In that way dnMng the
Spokane has put on two additional
policemen since Inspectors Manahan
and Clode left tlieir beats.
l,|put.-Col. Muckiiy and Capt. Moffatt
of Fernie, visited the city last Sun- I
day and hMil a meeting with the mlli-
lodges In that Un authorities and made thc preliminary arrangements for the organization
of two rompanlcs of tullltln here to
form purl of the Kast Kootenny Regiment Light infantry. Mr. V. Hyde
Itaker donated the grounds for an armory. Mr. C. Hungerford Pollen wns
named, ns major and O. P. Tisdale
and 11-11. Davles were chosen captains of the companies.
At nn enthusiastic, meeting hold at
the puhlic sentiment exactly.   Purth- ('|| t \HlilMlk HOYS
er, we may uccept the Judgment us DIVIDED I'P
being tinally declaratory nf tho luw ——•
and, therefore, tl.e county court of! H<w»l   With   Twelfth   B»t»llon-
Kasl   Kootenay   will   not   he   uguln!       Others Scattered in Various
troubled with applications for nntur-j Regiments
nllzntlon by alien enemies until the ] Edltor Hm(lM:
war Is over, at all events. s)r. Tho f0iiowing |a „ ||Bt of the
He John Peters el ul. I cranbrook boys who nre attached to the city hall on Monday evening tho
These are applications for nuturull- i I),   company,   12th   Battalion,   Snd companies wero formed and will bo
nation made hy Oerman und Austrian j Brigade: Srgt. J. Milne; Srgt. Cliam- known ns C. und D. companies.   Each
siililccts   the oath  of allegiance  In I hers;  Srgt, Underhlll;  Srgt.  Brulk;  company wlll consist of fifty men and
some cases wus taken prior to und In JJorpl.  Kettringham;   Pvte.   Blnyney, officers.   Sixty-four men have already
Clifford,  Flewelling, Gammon,  Mal-  been sworn In.   The company officers
colm,   Montgomery,   McAuloy,   Pass-  were chosen as follows: Kor C. Com-
moro,   SonncT   Stewart,   Thompson,  puny, Captain 11. D. Davis;  llctiton-
'WoodwuM.    We also have  with  us ants, W^lalsnll nnd H. H. Bourne.
The For I), •mpany, captain, 0. P. TIs-
remnlnder of our company nro scut-: dale; lieutenants, W. llurrls nnd Ilor-
i Venus; regimental (iiinrterninBtor,
tt'm.   French   ot   Wolf   (reek   llll'd
Last Friday- Funeral In Cm.il.
brook  .Miimluy   Afternoon
The death of Mr. William French of
Wolf Creek took place on September
18th. After about ten days illness lie
gradually sank, and though every
possible care wns taken of him. there
was little chance of recovery.
Born in Sussex. England, Mr.
French came to Canada In l*-si and
farmed for three years nenr Turtle
Mountains. Manitoba In IS8I ho
came west and took up his rosideuco
In Enst Kootenay, nt the Upper (o-
lumblu lakes, where he liven for two
years. In the spring of l^'i Im became manager for Colonel Hiker ni
the Cranbrook rnneiie. which position
he occupied with temporary Intermissions until 18114.
In 1901 he took over the Wolf Creok
rnncho and has lived there ever since
up to the time of his death.
sinco his advent to Fast Kootenny
ho has seen many changes, and on
tho occasion nf his few visits to Crnnbrook has taken great Interest In
noting the growth of the city buildings over the bind on which
ago he was farming.
noted, however, that the net earnings
if the Pacific coast st.-amers. commercial telegraph system and news de-
partcent, amounted to 12.115.842
vere deducted from the surplus and
transferred to a special Income account. In former years It was the
practice to include these earnings in
the ordinary income, so that for the
purpose of comparing the surplus of
Patterson ' Pr«Vtal» yenrs the above sum ol »2.-
i U",.S42 should be added to last yeaff
i Earnings per ton mile for freight
J showed a decrease of 5.7 per cent., the
l -ash figure being 76 cents as comjiar-
il with 77 cents 111 1913 and 1512. On
the other hand, a larger number ol ■
passengers were carried, and the earnings per passenger mile showed 2.0",
cents us compared with 1.09 cents In
1013 and 1.96 cents In 1912.
One new feature In the balance sheet.
's the Inclusion for the first time of
"Other Assets." an Item which Inelud-
is active and inactive assets, amount-
ng to It33.022.494.    These consist of
lecurlfies of othor concerns in which
Hie  company  Is  interested,  surplus
and.   buildings,   mineral,   farm   and
•Iniber lands, all of which are valued
D.   Companies, "of I .it an extremely safe figure.   Aft.-r all
I .he liabilities are taken Into account
——— j md  generous allowances  made  for
DEATH OF MRS. I reserves and appropriations, there is.
JOSEPH  HR.M'l.Ti , surplus under the heading of "Sur-
Revenue   From   Operation"   of
meeting be called and the club Is t:
work In connection with the St
John's Ambulance Corps, of which
.lir. King Is a member.
At the dance to be held in the
Auditorium on Tuesday evening.
September the 29th, In aid of the
Fast Kootenay Light Infantry. C, and
D. companies, of Cranbrook, the club
will serve supper from the hours of
10 to 2, tlle proceeds of same to be
used in connection with the work oi
the club. It is understood thut the
proceeds of tlle dance are for tlle purpose of defraying expenses in connection with the Kast Kootenay Light
Infantry, c. und
In the chicken competition there
were both boys and girls competing
and considering that this was their
first year to undertake chicken raising the result was very good Indeed.
Otto Olll carried off first prize with
I'atrldge Wyandottes, ekhlblting a
number of large, healthy and vigorous birds. Charles Chapman won
second with some fine Rhode Island
Reds and A. R. Webb took third with
Huff Orpingtons. John Noble fourth
with Barred Rocks and Milo Drummond fifth with White Leghorns,
The prize winners In the tHitatn
comKtltlon will send 20 lbs. each this
week to Victoria to compete at the
provincial exhibition.
The  following   was  the   results  of
Judging last Baton**.)
otlmrs subsequently to the declaration
of war, but In all coses, applications
to the court were iniido subsequently
I havo refused the applications on ! thirty-four of the Fernie boys,
the following grounds:
1. No alien enemy hns a right to j tared through so many different rcgl-
upply to the civil courts during war. men'ts It Ih ultnost Impossible for mo
HIh civil rights are suspended—Hals- to get a complete list of them. Hr.
bury, Vol. I, n.911, see. 1183; Cyc. J,   11.   M.   Bell   Is   with   the   medical
Under thn Naturalisation Act, thosfeorps.   Wu nre ull well and enjoying
' application Is made In open court and [the trip so far very much,
Resident   of   Cranhrook   for   Sixteen
Vear. and In.alld for the   l'u«i
Four  tears
Mrs. Kmellu Brault. beloved wlfi
of Joseph Brault. died nt their home
In this city last Tuesday night. September 22nd. 1914. Mrs. Ilraillt had
been In very bad health for the past
four years; being confined lo her bed
for the greater part of that tlmo,
Deceased was born at Les Sumption. Quebec, and was 48 yenrs of
age. She was married to Joseph
liroiilt in Winnipeg In 1892, and thoy
came to Crnnbrook In the spring of
1898. Mr. Brault opened the Cans-
"" dlan hotel, which has been one of the
! leading  hotels  Of  the  city.    Three
His friends were many—and ninny I chl|,iren wcro bom to them and nre
wlll be the travellers nn the Winder-; |cft (0 mBVn her |0SB.    They are:
Allan Mareliunt.
Six additional companies are lo bo
tiiinle up In Penile, Waldo, Klko and
Creston. The men ure sworn in for
three years.  Thn regiment wlll be un
n\ere road who will miss onlllng ln
to have a chat with him. .The funeral
was largely attended nnd the body-
was Interred In the Cranbrook cemetery on Monday nftornoop. The pall
bearers were W. Carlin, A. Doyle. N.
Hanson, T. T. McVittie. P. Woods nnd
I Geo. Hoggarth. Rev. hn P. Flewelling
ondueted the services and Undertaker lleatty hnd charge of tin- funeral
Muglolro,  Annette  and  Wilfrid,  all
residing in Cranbrook'.   A sister. Mrs.
Rltehot. has been with the family for
the past four years and assisted In  paratlvcly  short space  of time
taking care of the In.alld.   Another company  has been In existence.
170,711,001 und a 'Surplus In Other
is-et-" of 1137,268,782. This makes a
otal surplus of »2iiil.!ui4.87.1, a figure
lot Just so very lar shoe* of the
■mount "f tha common stock of th*
lompany. The working assets total
108,780,918, ol which amount l::«,777.-
72:, Is cash. This latter slim roni-
lares with >30,274,838 In the previous
It Is both interesting and Important
la note that as a going ronrorn the
company shows ussets of 1300 for
■very $100 share of common stock
outstanding alter allowing for all
prior liens on assets. In view of this
exe llngly comfortable position tho
vagaries of stock exchanges are not
likely to arouse nny degree of apprehension In the niltlds of the hold- !
ers   of   Canadian    Pacilic   common
stock.   Such silbstimtlnl assets are In-
d 1 remarkable considering the com-
Col. Sh'w T'l
..    26   34   09
1. John Turner 	
2. Joe Swafo 	
3. Harry Webb	
4. Hugh Hannah 	
:,.    II.   Fowler   	
0.   Oordon Argue 	
7.   .Mcrritt Leask      09   IS   S7
«.   Eddie Malcolm      50   95   85
10. .Orvllle Thompson  ..    00
11. JAIcX Mennle    Ofi
12. Philip Briggs     23
12.   Fred Swuln      25
11.   Willie Daniels      4«
15. (Harry  Doris       90
10.    Hugh Macdonald 1'";
i Fourth prize.
JThlrd prize.
..Second prize
First prize.
Judges—B. Palmer and Win
Total Points
1. Hugh Macdonald     I"5
2. A. II. Webb, Jr.   .
3. tOtto till!   	
,-,o no
12 35
14 39
8 51
45 130
45 151
Hli ui-
not when tho oath of allegiance Is James Milne.    . d,,r the command of Ueut.-Cot. Mac-
algnetl and sworn ana tbo certificate I   Valcartler Camp, Sept. 18th, KM.   m*tf, tt Panto.
WANTKD.  A general senaul,
ply    Mln.    A.    K.    Lelleli.    Julfriiy,
,   B.C.
sister. Miss Tiirgeim. and lour broth- he  uble  to submit  a   balance  sheet
ers. Joe Turgcon, J.   L   Turgoou, Z. which has llie merit of being sntlsfnr-
Turgcon, and M. Turgcon are ull re- tory In n period of great all-round di-
sldonts of Montreal. : presslon I table achievement. And
Requiem mans wlll In- lield«|n  St. the  fuct  thai  llie  liulali beet  for
Mary's   church   tomorrow   (Friday) last year shows a total not very far
morning at 0.30 a.m.   Undertaken short of ■ billion dollars demonstrates
;V'i Macpherson has charge of tho funeral  the wonderful growth ot this world
"lit I arrangements. [embracing undertaking.
Drummond     ^
IA. R  Webb 	
Robt. A. Pye	
Ashton Powers .
'Charles chapman
Chas, Armstrong
joe Frost 	
Harold Haslam .
Oeo. Orr 	
Miss A. Reed ...
Madge K
K. MacKinnon
John  Pye   	
18. *John Nnhle 	
(First prize.
(Second prize
JThlrd prize.
Filth prize
•Fourth prize
'    Judges-W.   W.   McGregor,
Shepp.ri» and A. II. Smith
Howard St. uml Trent Ave.
A New And
Modern Hotel
A   modem   equipped   Cafo   at
moderate prices
Rates $1.00 and up por day
Our hus meets nil trains
Tin* Coour d'Alcno Co.
JACOB GOE'1% President
HAHBY    Y.   BAKU,   Ser.
IV. E. Worden, Prop.
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Itutririiuri- Transfer
Sand uml Grovel Supplied
(limit Ponder
Moving Pianos it Specially
Furniture    anil    llagirairc
.1. MILNE, Malinger
Corner  Cranbrook  Street
Phone 201
Open Hay aud Might
Candies, Fruits and Cigars
Good Rooms in Connection
Billiard   Boom  ami  Cljcnr
For   a   QuIH    -Maine   of
Pocket  Billiards or
KimlM) Billianls
J. K. THUMI'SUN, Editor and Manager
Snpscrlpttoa Batei
One   Year     12.00
Six Months         1.00
Three Months 50
Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line. '
Crunhrook, IM.'* September 24th, 1914,
The editor ot n Winnipeg weekly
has been arrested for criticising tin*
militia department. The article made
no Bpeclflo charges, simply stated that
conditions at Valcartler should be Investigated by the Horden government
ami tlmt Col. Sam Hughes would be
Instantly discharged ns the result, lfl
the Investigation wus made. He ex-
pressed the opinion that Col. Sam
was not a big enough man for the,
job at times of wur, however good a
follow lie might be iu "piping times
of peace," The arrest of this editor
would indicate tlmt iu Canada we are
nearing u militarist rule. We understand that he has been freed but the
Impossibility of such an occurrence I
again happening should be made positive without delay. The militia au-
[ tlioritles should no more be above
criticism than any otlier department
of the government and even In times
of war, Just criticism may cause tin
inllltia to work out its own questions
more thoroughly. Just now we ure
all patriotic and anxious to do every-
liiug for the best lu Canada and a
little criticism of the militia, If substantiated will do good, and If untrue
vill soon wreak its own destruction
mi the author. At the same time how
can Die militia department square a
policy which causeH the arrest of an
editor for a small criticism when ai
the same time Henri Mourassi, thc
leader of tlie Nationalist party, Is
voicing treasonable sentiments in the
cast similar to the following recently published in his organ, Lc Devoir,
and is let go scot free:
Canada, an unresponsible depen-
lency of Great Britain, hns no moral
>r constitutional obligation nor any
immediate interest in the present
■imllict. . . The very remote dangers which her commerce may run
ire due to the fact tliat Canada is ii
British possession, and that sin- ls
obliged to endure the consequences
if a policy of whicli Great Britain Is
sole mistress. It Is therefore the duty
if Kngland to defend Canada and
not that of Canada to defend Kngland
Creat Britain itself is running ii.
minimum of danger ln this war, but
vill derive from It, whatever happens,
very great benefits.
While the simple Canadians are on-
dreumfug of battles and carnage-
from afar—the agents of English commerce arc scouring tbe world and
preparing to pick everywhere tiie
bones of ruined German Industry.
In low and In fact Canada, a Brit
h colony, has thus no direct cause
to intervene in the struggle. Tiiere
.vere very strong reasons why
it should abstain. And the future will
show bitterly enough, perhaps, that Its
military intervention, of little use to
tiie wnrring nations, will have disastrous consequences for itself.
Wire and Fibre
Priced From
$1.00 to $2.50
You will need one
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware  nml   >l ill   Supplies
Cranhrook, B.C.
unoxemplllled increase in Immigration
to Greater Britain, where the victims
o( militarism may find pence, security aud prosperity under the all-embracing folds of the British (lag.
That the feeling In the trade is very
much more assured than it was four
weeks ago Is the opinion of Mr. It. I).
Fairbairn, president of the R. I). Pair-
balm Company, Limited, manufactures of ladles" outer garments and
!ancy dry goods.
Mr. Fairbairn believes the manufacturers of Canada as a class have large-
y in their own hands the matter of
whether there will be good business
for Canadian factories. "The business
;s there," said Mr. Fairbairn, "if the
manufacturers will only get after it
The depression In trade whicli was in
force before the war hns certainly not
ncreased since tlie war began; and,
in tbe whole, manufacturers can be
issured of good business, provided
they do two things—advertise and
nish the selling department to the
Referring to his own business, Mr.
Fairbairn said lie did not anticipate
cutting down one hour of labor or
lisniissing one employee or reducing
,vages as a result of the war. On the
lontfary, tho present stafT of upwards
>f 200 is being slightly increased. This
■ontinucd activity is not due to any
'cmoval of competition, but to the
■ontiiiueii demand throughout the
■on n try.
"We are absolutely confident," said
Mr. Fairbairn, "that with the business
to be done at home there Is absolutely
no excuse for any manufacturer of
garments curtailing Ids output. People
'mve to be clothed; our farmers arc
getting big money for their produce;
ind the $450,000,000 represented by
mr export business for tbis year
must be circulated. The generaUradt
nf the country must of necessity not
■mly hold its own, but ndvance."
I Editor Herald:
! Sir: In connection with this con-
• troversy between Mr. O. E. Kendal)
and Mr. Giles re Husselism, I would
! ask why does not Mr. Kendall bring
forth his proof instead of saying "We
advise him (Mr. Giles) to exteud his
munificence und offer another $50.00
i for a text that say.*; 'the soul is mortal.'M
This side stepping may be all right
; fur some people, but the Apostle Peter
I tn his first epistle :i:ir> exhorts us to
; be ready always in give un answer to
I every man that asketh you a reason
of the hope tliat is in you with meek-
; ness and fear.
I It wu believe the word of God to be
true, and that wc emphatically do, for
Paul writing to Timothy In his second
epistle, chapter 8, and lUlh verse,
says: "All scripture is, given by inspiration of Ood."
Therefore, iu the light of this testimony we will examine a few of the
many passages of scripture In eonnee-
'. tion with Un- soul, lu tbe nt'th chapter of Levi. Ist verse we read: "Aud if
a soul sin, and hear the voice of
swearing and Is Witness, whether he
hath seen or known of It. If he do
not utter it then lie shall bear tils
Iniquity. Hen* wo can plainly set-
that n soul can sin, can hear, can
sec, and can speak; also look at Und.
I tli and 17th verses, showing that n
soul ih mortal. And if you will bear
with me a little longer, render, we
will exiimin e the testimony of Peter,
Acts 2:27, where we read, "Hicame
thou wilt not leave my soul lu I" 11."
Notice here Peter Is quoting from
Psalm it! and the tenth verse. And
again God speaking through Bzeklel,
chapter IS, fourth verse, we read,
"Behold all souls are mine, as tlu
oul of the Father so also the soul of
the son is mine. The soul that sin
neth it shall die." In verse twenty of
the same chapter we read. "The sou'
hut sfuueth shall die."
In conclusion I would ask what
could be more unmlstakeable, especially when we read: "Shall mortal
man be more just than God." And
.gain Romans 2:7: "Seek for glory.
honor and immortality—eternal life.
If immortality is a something to be
-wight for how can it be a present
Now, reader, do not take my word
"or this testimony, but do even as
he noble Bereans, of whom wo read
■n Acts 17:11. They received the
word with all readiness of mind and
icorched the scriptures daily whether
'.hose tilings were so.
John Roper.
Cranhrook, B.C., Sept. 23, 1914.
Now in order to prove that the outline of  Russell's  teachings ua  given
by this critic is incorrect, some statements false, some half staled, others
true.   I   beg   leave   to   cite   volumes,
pages  und  chapters   plainly   proving
If these prove this teacher a sur- j
face reader, skimmer or these works, j
making statements without thorough
examination, will, it not suggest a'
like  superficial   study  of  the  Scrip-
lures and account for his claim of
the fundamentals of our faith's being
the dogma.   Eternal suffering! A God-
man   must   die   to   ransom   thc   man j
Adam  aud  race;   fleshly  bodies  for i
Lord  and  resurrected;   the  Trinity
(God his own father, Jesus liis own
son,   God    praying   to   himself    In;
Gethsemiine, crying   to   himself     on
Calvary, etc), which no man ims ever
been able to explain nor any to comprehend.    "Russelllsm  Unveiled" exhibits   the   same   shallowness  of   research and similar inls-statemeiils.
He   communication    August 87th;
Second advent: Scripture Studies,
ol. H, page iSS; pro-existence: Scripture Studies, vol. r>
of Christ: bcrlptui
hap ter 10 and vol
surrertion:    sume;
■ 84; divinity
illes, vol.  1,
aptor 3; re-
resurrection    lu
b   153,   near   foot;
last part in Tab-
chapter 4;  death
, chapter It; second
Opposite C PR Station
Plan* to Get a Quick Meal
and a Good Meal
Rooms to Rent
Smith Kast Kootenay
NOTICE Is hereby given that 80
days after date I intend to apply to
tin* linn, the Minister of Lauds for a
license under the Coal und Petroleum
Act to prospect over the following
described land:
Commencing at a post about 100
yards .south-west of. the north-west
corner of Lot 1001, (J. I, K. D„ thence
earn .so chains, thence south SO chnlns
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to the point of commencement.
Located July llth, ION;
M-Gt J. H. HAYES, LocHtor
South l.Hit Ko'itenay
NOTICK Is hereby given that .10
diyf-i after date I Intend to apply to
Hit Hon   the tuh.lstcr of Iambi for a
Hi'MiM* iiiiiier tin* Coal and Petroleum
Act to proDpccI ovor thc following
d*>ncrlher| lund
Commencing nt :i post about 200
yards South-west of the South-east
comer of Lot 4i!.i. thence Kast 80
chains, thonce South Hn chains, thence
Went 80 chains, thence North 80 chains
to point of commencement,
S6-Ct OEO GIOARY, Locator.
Located July nth, 191*1.
i London Financier and Bullionist)
Presently it may appear thnt dark
as the European situation is, then
may be bright spots elsewhere, and
these mainly in the far-flung Dom.n-
Ions nnd dependencies of the British
Empire. They, like the United States
are feeling tlie shock of Europe's financial stress at the moment, but then
seems no reason to apprehend that
their ever-expanding activities will
bo checked. On the contrary, they
and America—which is quite outsidi
the sphere of Europe's great war-
may positively henefit by the develop
ment of their natural resources while
the trade and industry of the European continent are brought to a standstill and thc desolation of land areas
Induce the horrors of famine. Tin
fertile soil of Canada will yield abundantly, and the manifold other soiir-
ftes of wealth In the Dominion will
still be available without let or
hindrance. Her mines und those or
South Africa and Australasia will still
he producing, India will continue to
yield a surplus of grain for OX porta*
'Ion to the i'nited Kingdom, and the
Empire's plantation Interests will remain tn being. Why, then, should the
hivcstor In Imperial securities waver
in confidence? He is In an enviable
position compared with the investor
on the continent, where destruction,
not production. Is now the law of lift*.
It is true that such Imperial securities ns Canada's have had a nasty
slump, but why have tbey fallen?
Largely because there hns been panicky selling by Continental holders,
wbo hnve found them easier to realize
on thnn European securities on the
ovo of n war that means chaos. But
Bourse panics in Europe* do not affect intrinsic conditions In Greater
Britain, where no such calamity Impends as now threatens to devastate
tho continent. When the situation
that has come to pass Is seen in true
focus, British investors In the oversea Dominions of the empire may
well see cause for thankfulness, and,
whatever else may happen us tho result of the awful conflict now begun, It Is extremely likely that when
Continental nations are hied to the
white hy exhaustion, there may he nu
The designer of this new fighting
machine is Quartermaster-Sergeant
II. It. Northover of the Ninetieth Regiment of Canadian militia. The motorcycle with Maxim gun mounted on
i sidecar chassis has a greatly increased radius of effective action as
compared with other artillery. It
•an travel four miles per hour (the
pace of Infantry march) or be hurried
to a distant point at a rate faster than
forty miles per hour.
In the maneuvers at the barracks,
when word was received that the
Ninetieth Regiment probably would bc
In tbe first division from Canada to
be sent to Europe, the motorcycle artillery was driven for two and one-
half hours through lines of people extending from the sidewalk to the
middle of the road; it travelled
through water and plowed fields; It
went everywhere with the rest of tin
artillery. The chief advantage, however, of the motorcycle Maxim gun li
its superior speed, compared with
other artillery, and the rapidity wltli
which It can be mobilized where needed for effective action.-Sclentllh
Mr. John Venua und Miss Clara
Betts were married at Christ church
; last Saturday evening, September
| 19th, 1014, al 5 o'clock, hy the rector
f Rev. E. P. Flewelling. They wilt re-
i side at 2% Norbury avenue.
Ite Rev. Kendall's Statements
Editor Herald:
Dear Sir: Many of our residents remember tbat this gentleman, so earnest
re blasphemous doctrines, is tbe same
wbo some time since published an article in support of eternal Buffering
is a punishment for sin, a doctrine so
blasphemous that most Christian
teachers of today avoid the mention of
t and blush for shame that their sects
iver countenanced it and which ls not
mpported by a single literal text in
thc Bible.
That the Great Jehovah should in-
itall a race of beings, He knowing the
end from the beginning, that they
ivould unceasingly suffer severely
through the onslaught etaoetaotaoi
through the oncoming ages ls so hideous, so utterly unthinkable, that It
would shame a Nero and disgrace the
devil. And in the next breath this
teacher would declare him a God of infinite love. Be he ever so earnest and
honest, he ls simply deceived by thc
prince of deceivers—Satan—who we
.ire taught is the author of this lie.
Let us hope his vision may soon be
cleared, that ho may see what a bountiful provision the Ix>rd has prepared
for the teeming millions, when in his
"due time" he shall spread tbe feast
before them as tliey emerge from the
prison house of death through bis powers and love, and merit of the great I
sacrifice on the Cross.
Now. re tho letter of the 10th lnct. ]
Does the gentleman accept any item of
Uie challenge? No. Neither will the
author of "Rnsselllum Unveiled." Has :
he Inquired of the cited banks as to
tho "bluff" in this challenge? He |
doesn't say so. No further comment!
seems necessary otlier than to stig-
ro chronology: He docs well to "give
It up," Tor any advanced school boy
can prove it with slate and pencil to
be correct.
Re mortal soul: Gen. 3.19, 5:5, 2
and 7; Er.ek 18:4; Matt. 10:28.
Re future probation: Ezek 16:46-63;
Arts 8:20-26; Keith 8:9; 1 Potor 3:18:
Scripture Studios No, 1 Chap. 9.   Tho |
conflict between Trinitarian and Unl-:
tarlan is old and well known fc also re
"Mother."   Space ls limited.
Now bis letter of August 27th endorses free press; still is not willing |
the books shall speak.   He insinuates j
he has something to tell re character, i
then refers to trials in court.   Does he
forget the trials of Jesus and appost- j
les;  tho reformers, and war of the
Baptists own Roger "Willams?   Every
ono of the victims lie endorses today
All down the line of progress—reilg-1
Ions, civil nnd educational—prejudice |
hns entrenched by misrepresentation |
and slander; has shunned a frontal j
attack on tbe premises and by a flanking movement, aimed at the source by
besmirching   the   character   of    tlie
, author.    Jesus was a Nnzareno, the
apostles were fishermen and laborers,
the  reformers  wero  heretics,  Roger
Williams wns a disturber.   Prejudice
slew the Lord and scattered his disciples and tlie reformers, and faanlsh-
| ed WIllinniH from Massachusetts. Yet j
• truth ever triumphs In the end.
body:   vol.   2,   pag
high priest: vol. ft,
ernacle;   shadows:
Is extinction: vol, 1
chance Is well stated, vol, l, chapter
3;   resurrection   of   believers,   etc.,
vol. 1, chapter 10; holy spirit: vol. B, i
chapter 10.
This teacher recommends "Russell-'
Ism Unveiled," a 1"> cent pamphlet to .
expose the errors in near 2,000 pages
:>f controversial matter, while nt tbe
same time a great part of its space is
illottcd to a personal attack upon the
author, Russell. And what seems to
bethe main objection? That the1
hooks teach that mankind will never ■
be the main objection? That the,
trial under full knoweldge, following
the long experience with sin past; not
before Judges sitting to review past
deeds, but to decide as judges decide
games and races—by the merits of
performers passing before them—not
In the brief time of such contests but
through centuries allotted to the
And why object? They sny that
mankind will wait in hope of such
rather than repent now. The world's
statistics show that in one century the
heathen increased six hundred millions, while the wildest claim for
missionary work was under two millions converted to Christianity. And
what of Christendom? We hear the
plaint that the church Is losing influence amongst the common people. We
organize young peoples societies,
men's forward movement, clubs and
guilds. Grout missionary movements
hacked by loading financiers to check
this worldly trend, ami bring thc
world to Christ, And what happens?
Germany, the great Protestant nation of the 16th century and since
leads an armed host to battle with all
comers, and with all the modern inventions Applied to warfare meets
her foes and together they strew the
ground and dam the streams with
dead nnd dying and mangled men until this very critic In an able sermon
lately showed that the nations were
war-mad and that thc blood lust
would never be quenched in them till
the great kingdom should be set up
and men bent their swords into plowshares, ete.
And the heathen look on aghast.
Now, Mr. Editor, few take interest
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Assortment of Overcoats
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Prices range from$4.50 to $9.00
Bring the boy along to see them
Halsall & Co.
CRANBROOK       ■        ■       BRITISH COLUMBIA
you'd quit, eh?
Could you? Prove
It. Stop drinking for
a week. It you can't
—or even fear to
try—you are scientifically classed as a
Dp i:iiiaii('l|mlcd.
The NEAL Treatment will help you
back to Health,
Wealth and Happiness.
Imperial Bank et Canada
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000.00
Capital l'alii Up     7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided Prolits    8,206,000.00
D. n. WILKIB, President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and Interest allowed from date of deposit.
In such discussions but many non- j.   Cranbrook, H.C, Seiit. 2tst, 1914.
professors—men of the world-love fair 	
l>la>\ Tbe writer ls such and Judges ! [NOTE.—The writer will loan any
Mr. Giles lo be sucb. C. T. Kussell ' volume mentioned in this article tree
probably had no part In thc dial- to any interested reader who might
lenge. care to peruse same.    Apply to the
ONE WHO READ THE AIIT1CI.ES   Herald lor lurormation.l
Quality t
Double Value
THE big difference in quality between
Firestones and ordinary tires would
make Firestones cost much more
under ordinary conditions.
But Firestone conditions are not ordinary.
The picked experts of the tire making; industry
build Firestone tires.
The largest exclusive tire factory in America
produces Firestone tires.
The most efiicbnt distributing system in America markets Firestone tires.
That's why these tires have the quality and endurance to beat all the tires of the world—and still
come to you at only average price.
The record of races won on Firestone Tires has
been spectacular. Their read-work in daily grind
has clinched the Firestone slogan —
Most Miles per Dollar
Therefore choose Firestones—for the common-sense
reason of Firestone quality put out in enormous quantity
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See the Firestone Dealer NOW.
You pay only ordinary price and
gat the Extraordinary in Service.
C.  TV.  J O II N S 0 N
Distributors For
•'America'" Largest Exclusive Tire and Kim Makers"
CHANUROOK      . . British Columbia
1 tl
The "JtWCCj Jbw.
Tbe Store witb a reputation
Konteniiy's Greatest Drug
and Booh Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wluirl It payh ta ileal
can never he so serious 11ml Ihey ure beyond   our   ability   to
rectify, Sometimes it
happens Unit u watch
suffers from a combination of ruin pin ill Is.
And sometimes such
a watch is a particularly valuable one.
Hut no matter—you
will find us equal to
the occasion.
This is always GOOD
ADVICE: Take your
repair work to a repair shop that "knows
To ours, for I n-
W. H. Wilson
Send your heads to the Cranbrook
Choice preserving crab apples at
Ward & Harris.
Mr. A. B. Grace has been on the
Hick list the past week.
Maurice Quain left on Monday
for a wliort business trip went.
See Fink's window for cold weather necessaries at hard times prices.
D. McNee, of Spokane, was a business visitor in Cranbrook on Monday.
Just arrived, standard pattern of
crockery, clover leaf design, at Ward
& Harris.
Mr. J. F. Broughton, formerly with
the 41 Market Co., has accepted a position with the local government
Born—In this city to Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Kiev* on Sunday, September
20th, a daughter.
Born—In Cranbrook. B.C., on Saturday, September 19th, 1914. to .Mr.
and Mrs. j. Gibson, a daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. .1 11. Lee, formerly of
Victoria, arrived in the city lust week,
Mr. Loe being the new bookkeeper at
the 41 Market Co.
A son was born to Mr. und Mrs. F.
QodderlB on last Friday. September
18th, The In rant died on Tuesday
morning,  September  Hind.
Geo. Carr and Gus Tlieis arrlvod tn
the city from tlie Homestake mine on
Parry Crook on Tuesday morning and
are spending n row days here.
Miss Whlteley left Monday for Fernie. when* alia has accepted a position. She has been employed nt i
Hal anil * Co.'a for the past year.
Hev K. IV Flewelling and Clias. A.
Cock left Tuesday (or Nelson to attend a committee meeting of tlie
synod h)r Kootenay. They returned
lu our account of the funeral of
thu late Bharlfl F\ U. Morris Inst
•veeh we omitted mention of n wreath
given by tin* "Provincial i onitables
of Fast Kootenay."
A sitting of the supreme court has
been announced to be held in Cruulirook to commence, on Wednesday,
October 88til. The session of tho fall
nsslzes at Fernie Iihh been fixed to begin on October 19th.
Peter .1. Woods, the Cherry Creek
farmer, returned on Sunday from a
trip to Spokane, where he spent several days visiting the fair. Mr.
Woods sold eight head of horses to
the goveiirniont remount department
the ilrst of the week.
Corporat Nelson, of the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police oi Edmonton, arrived In the city Inst Run-
ri"" to take In charge Mali Chong. u
Chinaman, who was wanted In that
city for breaking jail and who was
apprehended by tlio city police force,
Pat Moore, formerly telegraph
operator at Caithness, was arrested In
this city last Saturday on a charge
of having stolen six express money
order blanks from the station at
Waldo. One order had been tilled
out for $50.00 and the signature of
tho agent forged and the order cashed. Constable Arthur Gorman, of
Itilko, arrived on Sunday and took
tbe prisoner Id charge.
Fall line of pickling specialties am
vinegars at Ward & Harris.
See Fink's window for cold weatli
er necessaries at hard times prices.
C. B. Garrett, taxidermist, is now ■
ready for business at the old stand.
The city police force has been reduced, the services of the jailer having beeu dispensed with.
Next Saturday afternoon an Ameri-1
can tennis tournament will be held on
thc  local  courts.    Members   wishing
to join in the toiinianieut should be j
at the grounds at '■' o'clock sharp
Mr. J. J, Dougan, a school trustee,
from Vancouver, Is lu the city today J
being ou a pleasure trip through the-
Kootenays after attending the school ',
trustees' convention which was held
at Nelson this week.
Fink's window for cold weather necessaries at bard times prices.
Try a pound of Rajcawa tea 35., 50c
and 00c. per pound at Ward it Harris.
Thanksgiving   day   has   been   fixed
for Monthly, October 12th.
t, and P. Companies
Week ending Oct 3rd, 1
By Capt. G. P. Tisdale, U <
By Capt. R. I). Davles, c, *
w for
,1*1 wentli.
r net
b al 1
aril I
■s prices,
flip  fam-
ns \\
ut w
nl fi
W. J. Selby hud n runaway on
Cranbrook street Tuesday noon which
was caused by a pair of dogs lighting,
scaring the rig, Furniture was
strewn for some distance along the
street. Mr. Sol by was thrown off the
rig under a bed spring but emerged
John Leask lias received an assay
from the Cranbrook Group Mining
property on Perry Creek, "samples
across 40 feet $.!.25." Tills Is certainly a gratifying showing and has
greatly stimulated the confidence of
tho owners. The samples were takeu
practically from the surface.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Paterson left Sunday for Calgary to attend the wedding of Miss Margaret Janet (Greta)
Moffatt and Mr. Goo. Smith, which
was solemnized at Graco Presbyterian church on Wednesday afternoon
MrH. Paterson Is an old friend of the
bride. They expect to return home
James Stewart is in St. Eugene
hospital and Fred Dubois is in jail
on a charge of assault as the result
of a personal encounter, which occurred in the red light district on
Wednesday ' evening. Thc injured
man has a broken nose und was severely beaten but is rapidly recovering.
On Tuesday, October 0th, a grand
concert will be given at St. Mary's
hall for the benefit of the school. The
Cranbrook orchestra will render several special selections and the program will consist in addition of Instrumental salos, danceB, recftatinns,
vocal boIos, etc. Refreshments will
be served.
Gordon Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs
C. T. Davis, arrived home this week
from California and will remain until
Christmas time when he expects to
go to college. His friend. Arthur
Cyril, accompanied him and will remain for a few weeks. They recently completed a short circuit of
California with their playlet "Alias
Trixie Kix."
Arthur Matlinson, of Nelson, ha**
been appointed master mechanic to
take the position vacated ■ by thc
transference of W. J. Renlx, Tin
new master mechanic arrived this
week and his family is expected to
follow later. He was formerly employed in the C.P.R. shops here nnd
has considerable acquaintance among
the old-timers in tlie eity.
Hotson. bettor & Goode will start
the work on the city water system
next Monday morning. All tin* exposed pipe will be lowered, the new
steel pipe being laid wherever necessary to open the old mains. A force
of thirty or forty men will be Btartod
at once. The pipe on Edward street
will be relaid for the full length of
the street anil the streta leading into
it for ut least one or two blocks
Orderly   Oflh
er for tlu
1.    Li
H. Venus
Next for tint.
!;  He
Parade of;
11 ranks Siunht
', Sept
ber 27th. ut
-' p.m, for
outpost and reconnaissance
Parade nf
all   ranks
drill   Monde
.   WcdncM
ami   1
day at 7.15 p
ami   iinihi
parades   will
be   arranged
Sergt. IiiHtru
tor.-; of eut
li C
i. aud
nouncod late
It  Ih  hope
1  in  view
d"  la
amount of w
ork  to  he
that  there w
11  be a sti
Mrs.  I1   Aihtlils will lit- at heme oil
Friday, October 2nd, and thereafter
un tli.- nrnt Friday In eaeli montll,
All members ur,. requested tn re-
mem the Poultry Association meeting nl cadi parade.
Friday evening, October uml   Special     ''"r ll"' Sunday parade mon tm a,!
business ou hand. j vised to conic in old clothing if pes
Bible to avoid damage from brush, ,<t<
ll.D. Davles, '.'mt.
MrH. A. Leitch has gono to Vancouver to spend tbe winter, havinc;
told out tbe home pluce. west of',
town, which was ber home for many
yearB. Her new address is suite ir>. ■
Broughton Apartments, Vancouver.
Sundays~l*ow mass at 8:30 a.m.,
liit'i muss, 19:20 a.m.; Surday School
from I lo 3 p.m.; Houary and Bene-
dh lion at 7:81, p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation— Mass at I a.m.
Fttv. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Services 11.00 am. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning topic: "Tbe Christ of tiie
Church Today."
livening topic: "Behold He Cometh
•The Judgment of the Ureal White
Sunday Bchool, 3.oo p m.
fellowship Bible Class. 3:00 pin.
Ilapllat Young People's Union, Monday 8.00 p.m. Socinl evening at the
home fo J. s. Mennle.
Week-night prayer service Wednesday. 8.oo p.m.
B.Y.P.U, Junior. Friday, t.16 p.m.
All are cordially Invited to the above
Acting Adjutant
k.\oi riaimTiwAX cm mil
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
' YcHterduy was Rally Dny lor all the
j babies wbo are members , >r Knox
i Church Cradle Roll, and more than a
I hundred mothers and tl
Joe Kay. a Chinese farmer south of
tho clly on the Horie lund. reported
to   the   police   this   week   tbat   some I ''""d'eu mothers anil their llttt
thief had driven to his place during j "I"'"'  "   l»W  afternoon  amid  tli
the night und loaded up about a dozen j S'oriouB sunshln
sucks of potatoes which tliey success- ! lflwn.
fully made away witli. j    Mlss  Sutherland  was assisted  hy
  | young  Indies of hor Bible class nnd
Miss Lilian Loftls und Mrs. Baillie, j others wbo tried In every way to
of l.os Angeles, California, arrived j make It a day not soon to be forgot-
lust week for a visit with Mr. and (ten.
Mrs. J. I). McBride. Karly this week j Messrs. Heatlie and Fink nnd Mrs.
Mr. McBride left with a party consist- j A. C. Bowness and .Mi's. J. F. Smith
Ing of the visitors and Miss Edith | delighted every one by tlie generous use of tlieir nutos.
McBride for u  tor drive to Golden.
Tbey will visit at Banff for n few days
returning the hitter end of the week
Mr. G. H. Thorpe, of Cbapleau. I
Oct., arrived in tlie city today to take
Ills ncw position as secretary of the
Ry. Y.M.C.A. lie has been rcllevinr
Mr. J. S. Teet, formerly secretary
here, at Cartler, Ontario, for tbe past j
two montlis. Mr. Thorpe was formerly u resident of Vancouver Island
and says that be is glad to return to j
OH,ME! Oil. MV! I'M 1!
[Translated from a Qerman memorandum found In the Kaiser's personal
wnstepaper basket.   The original bus
been presented to tbe Hritish Museum
by the finder, John Kcndrlck Bungs.;
Oil Me!
Ob My!i
And likewise I!! 1
Ball  Day Service
Motto: "Others"
Morning service,  11 a.m.  Subject:
"The Pattern of Service."
K.  S. nnd  Bible class, .1  p.m.  Ad-
Mrs. Tisdnle's dresses hy Miss Dewar, Miss Sutherland,   Miss   White.    Recitations  nnd
songs hy scholars.
Kvening service, 7.30 p.m.   Subject:
"Service and Fellowship."
Music appropriate to the spirit -of
the day.
"O  come,   let us   sing   unto   the
A hearty invitation Is given lo ull.
Voting Peoples' Meting Monday nl
I S p.m.
'This   is   um'   remark
nearly everyone who Ims visifi
our Kali Opening, hns iracle
* We want to make Ihis tact
known to the people of this
community, Vou ure now able
lo obtain your new lint, suit.
••oal, dress, etc., at a price that
cannot be bettered anywhere.
'This is a liis statement. \Ve
want you to eome in. try on the
suits, eoats, lials, ete. We can
then prove to you our superior
'Our assortments of Fall Merchandise are larger ihan ever.
We feel sure thai we can please
We  are  always
show    you    iii
new goods.
Cranbrook's    •*,
Dry   li uud s   and
Clothing Store
McCreery Bros.
Congregational      soehil
Wednesday 8 p.m.
Preparatory servlep Friday,
W. B. Dunham, Pastor.
tiie mountains again after his resid- j S*t still, my curls, while i orate
■nee in the effete east.
1 Me, I, Myself. Tlie Throne, The State
j I am the earth thc moon the sun
All rolled in one.
I Both hemispheres am I,
Oh My!
! If there were three, the '
I'd be.
The first meeting of the new department of the Onward Bible elans of
the Methodist church was held last
Tuesday in the Bible class room. The
program was under the direction of
Miss Bechtel, Miss Egger and Rev.
w. E, Dunham. Miss Ada HfrKen-
bothuni pave a short talk on "Reminiscences of My Trip to Kngland,
which was very interesting. Miss
Davles and Miss Hggi*r sang a duett
Rev. W. B. Dunham gave a blackboard or swim or creep,
talk on the "War Situation to Date,"
which was a feature of the evening., jt makes me tremble like the aspen I TWENTY-SIX  PEACE
At the close of tbe program tlie meet* tree
ing was banded over to the games; To think I'm me!
committee and a very enjoyable time \ And bllnk **ke tnrs U|) in tho skv
was spent by all.   Next week the pro-j *j*0 thi,^ j*m |_
gram will consist of a talk on "War, Aml 8hrlnk in terror like a frightened
the marching songs of        (,jf
To realize tliat I'm myself
, I am the Dipper, Night and Day,
] Tlie North nnd Southern  Poles, tbe
Milky way.
I am they that walk or fly on wing,
I'm everything.
Sunday services:  The  pastor
i iireach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
I    Morning   subject:   "Vision   of
! Wheels."
Kvening subject: "The Power of the
' Spirit."
j At 3 p.m. the Sunday School will be
j in open session. It will be the Rally
| Day anniversary. The program will
, '(insist of a specially prepared pro-
' gram of music and  recitation.    All
friends of the Sunday school are tir-
' ged to be present.
Both the morning and evening ser-
: vice will be in harmony with Rally
, AU are invited to the above ser-
! vices.
A Good Home
is whal is dear to every man. A home
is wliere Peace, Comfort, Contentiiienl
and Plenty is tound. Thai is Ihe reason
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of .the
provisions Jos. ISrauli lias made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
China. These governments, together
with the governments of the I'nited
States, exercise authority over more
than a billion souls. The twenty-two
treaties previously signed add one
hundred and fifty million more, making in ull more than two-thirds of all
the population of the globe. The
peace plan i* a success. It goes further and lias spread more rapidly than
any previous plan. The prfnciplp is
simple, so simple that thirty-four na-
' , tlons   have   endorsed   it.   including
More than one billion, one hundred  Germany, Russia and Austria.    It
uiul Music
the Nations, with pianoforte selections. Rev. W. E. Dunham will again
give a talk on tbe "War Situation."
It took six days to make the land and
But centuries were passed iu making
The universe? An easy task!-but I—
Oh, My!!
At the September meeting of the
Poultry, association the .secretary
was instructed to get into communication witli sources from which the
asspolatton may purchase tlieir winter feed, action looking to tlie ordering of a ear of grain and one of mill
feed will ,U Is hoped, be possible on
the October meeting of tlie association. All members or would-be members desiring lo get the ben ofl I of direct from the producer prices are
roqUQBted to send Iheir estimates to
the secretary before Friday, October
Unit, or bring tin tn to tin meeting
on lhat evening,
c. and D. company's of the Kast
Kootenny Light Infantry are announcing their ilrst regimental dance, which
is (o take place at the Auditorium
I'r.mhnmk,    on   Tuesday.   September
80th, l!Hl. These two companies an*
now drilling In the city and expect
to be called with the second Canadian
contingent. Tlu* Cranbrook orchestra
has beeu engaged for the occasion
and the following ladles are acting
as patronesses for the event: Mrs. C.
H. Pollen, Mrs. G. II. Thompson, Mrs.
A. L. McDermot, Mrs. G. V. Tisdale,
Mrs. J. M. Christie, Mrs. H. A. McKowan, Mrs, Walter Halsall. Dancing wlll be from nine till two.
Prank A, Clark, who was a member
of the lirst Craubrook contingent to
go tn tlie front, arrived in the city
yesterday from Valcartler, there having heen a mix-Up in bis papers and
he was forced to return here In order
to have them llxed up. He expects
everything will be in shape for his return about the end of the week. Mr,
Clark joined the Strathcona Horse and
passed all e xamlnations when the
mix-up fn his original papers was discovered, the trouble nrislug over two  —■■=--=
Chirks being In the Cranbrook-Fernie: WANT ADS.
contingent.   The Fernie man passed i 2c. per word for first week, and lc. pei
on the Cranhrook boy's papers, but the I word for each week after
hitler did not answer to the descrip-j ' --—•■■   ■■     ■ ■
tion of thc remaining papers and he I K0R SALE-Very  strong  llemacrat,
was rejected.    He reports conditions
at tb
Some of the Crnnbrook boys Joined
the Highlanders, some the Strathcona Horse and some the Quebec
million people are now pledged to only a question of time when treaties
each other, by treaty not to begin war will be concluded witli these nations
until alter the matters in dispute and all tlie other important nations,
have been thoroughly investigated, and then we may expect treaties be-
..,,.. Treaties were signed September 15. tween otlier nations until investigate blithering slaves beneath my iron | 1914i   by   the   UnUed   StatMi   w.th Uon wm be thR rule_w   j   Bryan
Great   Britain,   France,   Spain   and in the Commoner.
1    What know ye of tbe things I feel?
, Didst ever wake at dcud of night,
And   stand  in  awe of thine own
ia very affective in tbe treat-
meat of Colds. By helping
the organ* of excretion to
eliminate the noxious substance* Irom the blood, Eno'i
"Fruil Salt" uiiM Nature to
bring about a apeedy cure.
h ia moat refreshing as a cooling beverage and ia unsur-
paaaad for quenching thirst.
Oi-Jcr a koHs TO-DAY
ttstm rant «i**]*r.
Prtpartd only by
SJt" Wa»k..
Imim, tM,U»i
almost new.   Appply Herald.
camp better now than at flrst. j KttOMMMM) grain sacks for sale.
,    Apply 2A, Herald. 39
ANV iiKNTMMAN wishing repairing;
i     of clothing plense plione 160.    :*!»lit
About, midnight last Friday evening ■
the lire brigade was called to Slater-
Ville, where a stable on the property |
of Jim Crow, of Fort -Steele, was j
found to bc blading in a serious man- <
ner. The Are started In an adjoining
chicken house In some mysterious
wuy. There were a number of closely ;
adjoining frame buildings and bad the j
lire been allowed to spread a serious i
loss would hnve resulted. Several of
the nearby residents Imd commerced
the removal of their furniture before
the brigade succeeded In getting the
Are under control. The loss of the j
chicken house and barn and a large |
number ot chickens belonging to a i
Mr. McDonald wu the total damage. 1
Microbes ln Your Scalp
Authorities aay tbat a mlcrab*
causes baldncis.   If you art Uali
hair try our remedy at our risk.
Profemor linns, o( Germany, aad
Dr. Hnbnnrninl, lin* great French
Dermatologiat, H-tini thai a Microbe cauMw baldnoM, and their
theory has been vcritica by eminent
Hcientiits, This microbe destroys
the huir follicle-*, in lime csuaini the
hcaIp pores to close mid the scrJp to
become shiny. Then, it is believed
nothing will revive the growth. If
treated before this occurs, baldness
may be overcome.
We know of nothing that has
given such universal satisfaction ia
treating the acalp aud hair aa Reiall ■
"Oil" Hair Tonic, It has been designed after long study to overcome
the cause of falling hair as discovered
by Prof, Until*., Dr. Sabouraud and
other acalp and hair special mta, sad
we believe it will do more than anything else can to remove dandruff and i "
atop falling hair; and If any humaa
agency can promote a new growth
of huir it will do that, too.
We want you to make us prove it
We will nay for a month's treatment
of Reiall "03" Hair Tonte used during a trial, if you will use it according to directions, and are' not
thoroughly satisfied. When we will
do this, you surely should not hesitate
to at least try it*
Start the treatment today. Ytui
mere request will get your money
back if you want it. Two bums, Mo
and 11.00.
fou can buy Rexall "03" Bair Todt
In this community only at our stort:
Crenlirook ltrliir.li Columbia
Tiara is • Itexall liture In nearly every town
and citv In Um United Slates, Csnads aad
(Jrnsl Britain.   Thuro  Is a  different  Itciatt
FOK   SALK   VERY   niKU'-Slruiig
cutter used only six weeks.   Apply
| WANTED*—To rem -mall  furnished
house   with   bathroom   if   j>oKHibte.
|    Apply Herald office, ;*»-2t* j
ANY   Pt:itSO.\   wishing   help   with!
housework, or cleaning of furnaces
and yards please phono ICO,   ao-lt
; VYASTEO TO  IH'Y.   A good MWtld'
hnd eoal cooking stove; also coal
heater.    Apply Cranbrook Trading'
(.'o. 88'
WANTED AT ONt'E.-l.ight ng uuu
horse suituhh* for rancher; must be
Obeap for cash. Whut offers? Mux
K.V., Herald offlce. :t!)-lt-:
FOK   KENT.—A   ihe   ruuiu   uimii-ru
\    cottage lu good location on Harden
avenue;    vacant   September   ISth.
;    Apply W. J. Atchison. 35-tf
BANC1I    FOB   BENT-COintorUble
' house, stable for six horses, f.bout
ten acres broken; good grazing
land, plenty wood and water. Apply Herald office. ..'
WANTED—Horses for winter pasture
—Hnve abundance of good grass,
stubble, straw stacks and four miles
water frontage. Price $1.50 per
head month.— Qeorge (low, Cowley,
Alta. :i9-lt
HcRtady lor nearly evtry ordinary human ill-
e»oh eapseially dtalfned (
for lhe parUoular HI
WANTKII.—Mm reliable man •*
local at'i'tit- New steering device
for Fnnl Automobiles. Uimrunteed.
Sells Fust, tiiioil money tor right
man. Kuril Equalizer Co, BUS llurrard
Street.   Vancouver. ilS-lt"
I'lfiH Mill N.H.I'.. I'ure hreil Berk.
Hlilre hour, IT, montliK old; T brood
hows Iii pig, and :l(l bead elock iilgn, j
It mi,nllis old.   PrlCO, brood iiowh al
lie. lb llvve weight.   Mock iilgn $4'
each.    K.O.II. Plnchcr.   Apply llaln I
ft Baker, Plnchcr Crack, Alta. M-21* '
Keep Dp
The Momemtum
Anil linn he incnllolled iiilwrlMiiu a. our nf die
lliliiir* he would ilu Hill 1.11 nlll I lie war Is liter.
IVillliiiil going info Hli' merlin of Ills crniriil pnlli)
(if rctri'iicliiiH'iil. hi us sit nlint linpinii- when sued u
mini stops uiltiTlishiL'.
Advertising Is most effective when continuous. Us
main purpose Is to set up h iiiomentuni of reputation,
prestige, anil gooil-wllli Hint EATER ON creates sales.
Nn, if a manufacturer fulls to keep up Ids advertising
to-day—If ile lets Hie momentum uf liis liuslness-creutinu'
campaign cease—where will his sales lie three months
or a year hence] Wtiat of his business when Ihe war is
overt Whal will It rust him to sel the wheels In motion
again 1
If we helleve, and experience compels iu lu believe,
that advertising builds reputation, prestige, good-will—
what utter folly to slop thc process of Mut reputation
building, jusl because there's a war In Europel THE CRANBKU '\   HERALD
1'ra it hrook
No. 34
A. F, Jt A. M.
_   ■}
Regular meetings    on    the
third Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W.M.
J.   L.   Cranston,   Sec.
•   No. 11)411
Meets every Wed
nesday at
8 p.m.
In   Koyal
K n 1 g h ts
linker stre
. Dictator
k Carlson, Sec,  lh
x  TBO
Loynl Drang*.
No,   1871
Meets Ilrst and third
Thiil'sdnys at Si p.m.
» In      Hoyal      lllack
Kuiglits i
t Ireland Hull, Duller
11. S.
Ourrett, W.M.
W. 0
Iliinstau, Ree, Sec.
(ITV 1,0111
E. No. li
a**?J*i^        Ml
eta  ever/
ILK?*!  Monday   night
■^Sfajes*   at
cordially Invited.
B. II.
S. Is. t'oop,
Pin. Sec.
W. M
Ilnrris. Ree,
cts lirst
and lliird Weduea-
fa each
Invitation extended
lo V
sitlua 1
W. ltUBsell, Chief Patrlarcu
I'rldc ol Cruulirook Circle, Nii.taS
Meets In Carmen's Hall 1st aud
:sr,l   Wednesday   ot   each
month at 8 m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, 0.0.
Mrs. A. Uutbrle, Sec.
P. O. Box 002
Visiting Companions cordially
Meets every Tuesdii.
at S p.m. in
Hi,. Fraternll
Alex. Hurry, l
13. Ilalsall, K,
it It. ii S.
P,  0.  llnx
Vlsiiliijr brethri u
lordtally In-'
vlted to attend.
Moots every second and fourth
Wednesday ui   fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Rebeltalis cordially Invited.
sis. bin Baxter, N.O.
sis. Ada Hickcnbotham, Kec. Sec
Meets In Maple Hall second
and fourth Tuesday of every
uiontli at S p III.
Membership open  to  Hritish
V.. V. Ilrake, .1. P. Lower,
President secretary
visiting   members   cordially
Meets Iii the Carmen's Hull
lirst Tl lay ufternoiin of every
month at k i'm uud tie' fancy
work class meel,  third Friday evening in He -nine place at
li p.m.
Mrs   K   il   Leaman. Pre..
Mra. J. Sbaw, See -Treas
P ii llox 443
All ladles cordially invited
Till: rilAMlllOOk
President:   A.   II   Smith
Meets regularly tiie lirst Friday
evening each montll
Information cm poultry matters
AddresH the Secretary
\v. W. McOregor,
p. 0. Drawer 4!J!i
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
252 Richards st
(Successor to W. P. Uurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   nnd
P. O. Box Sell
Barristers, Solicitors  anil
Money to Loan
Imperial  Hank  Building
Ollice  la  Hanson   Block
!i to 12 a.m.
1 to   li p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Cl.ll and Mining Kngfneors
II. I'. Lund Surveyors
General Merchant
Employment* Agents
I*. O. Box  1(18 Phone 244
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
l.ellibrhlirc  loal
XI.He Powder
Imperial Illl Co.
Ilraylng anil Transferrin);
Given prompt attention
Phone III!
Itobt. Frame, I'rnp.
Fresli  Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.       Opp. City Hall
Headquarters  for all  kinds of
NatMartliin   l.'iuirunl I
JOE   MA It A 1*0111
Tlle Slide S|»'i'iallst
Shorlliand,   Stenography,
Klnu' Edivnrd's School
Cranbrook, B.C,
Per  week
Commercial coiirso    $:i.uo
High Sehoul COUrSO       8.50
School course     B.BO
Klndergurtcu       l,8S
Private lessons      1.00
Mlaa v. M. Cliorflngton
Plione 230
A    ll   Smith
Alb. II   Webb
For    Inforn
itliin     regarding
Ian,1:.  and  ugr
culture apply to
tiie Secretary,
'riinhrnnk, B.C.
Meeting   Th
third Thursday
of each month,
ut uld (ly il 8
Physicians mid  Surgeons
Ollice at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   ».oo to 10.00
Afternoons  :!.oo to   4.00
Evenings    7.no to  8..10
Sundays   3.80 to   4.:tu
Cranbrook,  B.C.
(Special   ('orrespoodence).
For the last two or three weeks
tliery lias heen absolutely nothing to
report. All the mills are closed down
and Baynes is worse than the "Deserted Village/' though not worth a
poem. Everyone who could get away
lias gone.
Letters from Valcartler report the
Baynes ami Waldo boys all well. They
have all sot tlieir full marching kit
and expect to leave any duy, though
the time of departure and destination
are kept dark. Tliey liave all heen Inoculated for typhoid. One boy says:
"You would not know the Fcrnie hoys
now. They look like real soldiers."
Well, that's what wo want them to bo
and good ones.
On Soptombor loth one Matt Tik-
kiuiee wus sent up for thirty days
hard labor, charged with vagrancy,
drunk and disorderly.
On September 33nd W. II. Armstrong was given thirty days In the
cooler for the mime offence at the
Waldo police station. Mr. A. J. Joule
sitting justice.
Notwithstanding the many departures from Haynes tlie school opened
with au attendance of thirty acholurs.
Mr. Fraser is the new principal.
A robbery was committed at Waldo
itation on Saturday last. The agent,
Mr. Desmond, allowed a man, who
was until lately station agent at the
main line end of the waldo branch, to
sleep in the waiting room. He took
thc opportunity to steal three express
orders valued at $1!>0.00. The man,
named Moore, was arrested at Kings-
gate. Mr. Desmond had fed him and
loaned hlni money. Such Is gratitude.
Maternity snd General Nprxliig
Qarden Ave.
Terms ou Application
MRS. A. SALMON'. Matron
Phone -.fill P. 0. Box mr*
Irrigation Kngineer
Dominion nml  I'm*, inciiil  I,nnd
I\ 0, llox 2in     Telephone 143
Day Phone 233 NlghtrPhone 35
Norbury Ave., next to Clly Hall
Butter & Cream
Deliveries Hade Promptly When
You Order
McPhee's Ranch
iTuialliif*. 1'ill for Women, fft a. boi or three for
flu. Soiit at all Drag Storea. or inultcl to any
udOrt'NNuii recelpto! price. The Scobeli, Druq
Co , St. ("iitharineB, Ontario.	
Vitality: (»r Nerve and Ilratn: inCiMMl "gray
matter ".a Tonic—will hulld you up. ft a box, or
two for $:*. at driift itnrc-i, or by mail on receipt
I of price    _    . 	
i Ontario.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
IV. 11.
o :i4«
P. 0. Box
5sr, •
Hal Renovator
Remodelling Ladies  Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
THK    (' R A Ml 1(0(1 K
0 II C 11 E S T li A
is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Taxidermist and Eur
l*. 0. Box mi
Calgary, Alberta
.I. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Ulllk and cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
tte   guarantee  to   Please
tBy Fretl Roo.)
Don't he u pessimist, it shows you
have mental indigestion.
A.  I*:.  Waits, the lumber king  of
Wattsburg, B.C., waa
Ellto visitor
tills week, stopping off on hi.s return
from the jiruiric provinces, meeting
sonic of the old-timers lie had known
ten und fifteen yearn ago, lie wus j
well pleased with what he saw on tiie I
prairies and carried samples ot the
golden grain with him and was very
optimistic with the prospects of the
future for Blko and the rest of Canada, und the way Tommy Atkins was
playing the game over In Europe, aud
suld lie didn't want to lie any happier
in heaven than he was right now.
If some of the great dally papors
have to pay for tho wur dope they
publish) wo don't wonder tiiere ore no
millionaire editors, and Its it pleasure,
brethren, tlmt there is no law to make
you rend it.
About nil tin* wur news In the evening paper amounts to, is to cause yon
to long to seo the morning paper. The
news luts boeomo largely like fiction
to he continued in our next.
The government have somo queer
ideas of holding Investigations. We
understand they have just been holding one down ut Tobacco Plains, but
wo never heard that anyone thnt
knows anything was asked to he
there and there ls a wlolo lot of
tilings need llxttig down there in tho
worst way. Two automobiles passed
through Itoosville at midnight, said to
be currying tlie commission last week
going like it streak of lightning. It's
li—-1 what the taxpayer is up against
in this country. Tobacco Plains needs
a good mounted policeman on that reserve just us soon as possible. But
wo shall see whut we shull see, und
wlll express our views on the work of
the Commission Inter on.
A party of hunters came hi from
Waldo and Fertile and left for the
south fork of the Elk river, Carl Ingham and Oordon Hockley acting as
If the weather continues like tho
present, the Water company intend
taking off the town sprinkler,
Stan Todhuntcr, late of Grand
Forks, B.C., pitched hull for tlie Eureka team lit the Lincoln County
Fair agiilnst Libby, Mont., nnd won
both days. The ilrst day putting Libby out 4 to 0 iu favor of Eureka.
Whut hits become of all the olive oil
and sardine travellers.
The Elko contingent that visited the I
Lincoln County fair at Eureka return- j
ed and say tho man who invented Ian-
| guage couldn't begin to describe the \
pleasant associations they met with !
their cousins across the line.
Mr. Qrogson, of Dorr, was In Klko
this week meeting Mr. Watts.
Of Dependable Quality
We Have Just Placed in Stock
A Full Range of
Abom Shoes For Ladies
For Fall Wear at Prices Ranging From
$3.50 to $5.50
Every pair guaranteed
Please Call in and See the New Styles.
(Special correspondence)
R. Hardle, sr.. left on Wednesday
last for England, via Now York.
J. Hawthorne, of Nelson, was in
town last week and pulled off a few
ease lots of real Hudson Hay blend.
The Itoyal Indian commission, who
are visiting the reservations of the
Kootenay, iu company with H. L, T.
Galbraith, spent Thursday and Friday night In Steele, and departed for
Windermere Saturday.
Bill Hoss, who Is travelling with tho i
Indian commission, and A. 11. Feuwick ' raany MeluU arc alwrt>'8 «■•*" to sec
camp S Tuesday.
Arthur Lund and party of friends
motored to Fernie Sunday evening returning Monday morning.
Miss Eaton Whlteley left for Fernie Monday afternoon. Miss Whlteley
has accepted a position with the
Trltes-Wood Co. and her many friends
extend good wishes for success iu tlie
new field.
Mrs. P, Lund entertained at five
hundred Saturday night.
Mr. Lewis, who has Imd charge ot
the Mission Held the past month left
for Montreal Monday night to attend tiie fall and winter college term.
G. W. Donahoe was a visitor in
Cranbrook Monday.
Oscar Hcllman shot a nice deer last
week. Oscar's butcher bill will be
small this month.
Otto Wlsner is running the night
shift of the C.P.It. planer at Bull
R. H, Bohart nnd wife left for Na-
kusp Sunday morning nnd will spend
the winter with their son Henry.
Bert Johnson visited the Bull River
country Monday.
•   Chief Constable Wellsby, of Fcrnie,
was  In   town   lust   week.    George's
It'  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send It to
Special prices for family
I'lione 105 P. 0. Box 33
PROF. C. F. NII>1>
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Orpin, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Avo
Hours: 2 to d
Evenings by arrangement
paid a visit to Eureka, Montana, while
down nt Gateway. Somebody said
they got lost.    Who?
A. Doyle returned Sunday from
Spokane fair. Al. says there Is some
class to that Davenport hotel, but he'd
like to know who's to keep lt paying.
He met Mutz, the man from thc
mountains, nnd both took in tho banquet on the opening duy.
J. A. Young and Finlay Robson
came Into Steele Monday. Neither
cigars nor groceries Interested the
local magnates, nnd they had a
quick trip Tuesday.,,
Mrs. J. W. Wolfe returned to Steele
Monday having attended tlie Spokane
fair, etc. Mrs. Wolfe had the pleasure of attending thc opening of the
new Davenport hotel, through tho
courtesy of thc proprietors.
An unfortunate accident befell a
young married man who was employed on the construction train near
Wasa. While the train was In progress, he hud tlie misfortune to fall
between the cars and was run over
and he died Immediately. An Inquest
was hetd here Sunday morning by
Coroner Mallundalne, who motored
j over from Cranhrook.
Messrs. Carlin, Doyle, McVittie,
Worden, Geary, Richardson, Walsh,
Judd and Roger Moore attended thc
funeral of the late Mr. French nt
('ranbrook Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Len Clark left Steele
Sunday for Invermere, where Len Intends to resume his old pastime of
The purchasing agent for the army
remount came over to Steele Monday. The large stock of thoroughbreds owned in tho district didn't
seem to Interest them.
Thi'   Koolcnii)   Orchestra
arc  i,;hii   I'm-  cilKngcmciil   for
SurlilK  Panel's,   Kir.
For leryis Apply I"
Mr*. I'liliiiiiiiilsmi
Nllll*. Hull               •*'.< iii)
I m
PllOUe 264 P. 0. Box 788
■   R. 1HXON
Carpenter uml Builder
Plan* ind KsUnmlei Furnished
eo Hlwrl Notice
Details of German atrocities, as related by the Belgian commission now
In the United States, are so revolting
that one finds it difficult to believe that
this Is the twentieth century. Old men
are tortured and sluin; women and
even little girls arc ravished; sheer,
wanton murder to satisfy the blood
lust of the Prussian brutes is practised wherever German arms are
triumphant—-these are sonic of tho accusations sworn to by responsible
persons and placed In evidence before
the United States. Christianity and I
civilization are dead. Huniunity has |
been outraged and the penalty must fit
the crime.
"An old man hnd his arm cut in
three longitudinal slices; he wus then
hanged head downward and burned
alive. Mutilations loo horrible to describe were Inflicted on other Inhabitants."  This happened at Oramaol.
"Another time, near a fort at Loneln.
a group of German Infantry hoisted
the white Hag and when tho Belgian
soldiers approached them to take them
prisoners they wero tired upon at
close range."
These arc but two of tho horrible in-.
stances related hy the Itdglan commission. It Is made plain thut no woman, young or old, Is safe from nut-
rage by the Germans. It is shown that
Inoffensive villagers urc massacred for
sport. The white flag aud red croBS
are used as decoys. Is there anything
more to be said ? We have been taught
that there is a God in Heaven and that
Ho Is a just God.   Believing this, the
tin* United States to take an active
part ln the campaign, thoy merely
wish actual conditions to be under-
stood. It will not be long before Ger-
many Is called upon to pay tlu* penal- j
ty for the riot of crime tliat hus follow- 1
ed in the wake of her soldiers. The
penalty will be severe. Tho German !
Empire will be dismembered and the j
autocracy will be crushed, never to
rise again. The United States, may
think it to severe, but the revelation of
German atrocities will prevent any
sentiment In favor of the enraged
cattle calling themselves German soldiers. They are even lower than cattle
—they are as the wild swine that delight In carrion flesh. Civilisation demands that they be taught a lesson
which wlll end forever their powers of
evil and will restrain all other peoples
wiio think to overcome justice and democracy.
There will be counter charges made
by the German authorities. They have
already made the statement that British aud French troops arc using tlie
deadly dum-dum bullet. These accusations are officially denied, yet were
tliey true, lt would be no shame to the
allies. Dum-dum bullets are against
international conventions, but they at
least are used only against men In uniform. They are not turned against
Inoffensive non-combatants. The Belgians and French are fighting for their
homes and for the sacredncss of their
womenfolk. They are fighting against
the allies of the devil and victory must
be theirs If the world is to believe that
the God in Heaven is n just God.—
Vancouver Saturday Sunset.
Weekly Special
llest Eating
IMS a llox
1 liis. for 2,"x'.
Cranbrook Trading
Company, Limited
Woman's Health
and spirits depend upon her digestion
and circulation. Sallow ski.-., pimples, I
facial blemiuhes und il.'|>ret>-.ion din- i
appear uftor the syslem hus been |
cleansed and tho blood purified hy j
DlrtctiMi«IS'McUI VilMl-W-wtwiiL Emr Im.
UU arsnmima.  la an**, 2i cut*
powers contained In a curtain mortgage, wllldl wlll bo produced at tlie
time of sale, there will be offered for
sale by public auction on the 6th day
uf October, 1911, at the hour of
twelve o'clock noon at the ollice of the
undersigned In the City of Crnnbrook,
by Thomas- M. Roberts, auctioneer,
the following property, namely:
AM, AND SINGULAR that certain
parcel or tract of land and promisor
situate lying und being In tho District
uf Kootenay, In tlio Province of British Columbia, moro particularly
known and described as Block Number
Two (2) being sub-division of l.nt
Four Thousand Hlght Hundred and
Thirty-Six (4830) Uroup One (I) Kootenay District.
Upon tho said property there Is
said to be erected a frame aud log
dwelling  house.
TERMS OP SALE: Ten per cent of
tlie purchase money to be paid down
ut the tlmo of the sale and tlio balance
to be paid upon terms to be arranged
with the vendor's solicitors.
for further particulars and conditions of sale npply to the undersigned.
Dated at Cranbrook this l"th duy of
September, All.. 11114.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald * Ms-
110-21 Solicitors for  Vendor.
Mrs. B. W. Worden and family left, world has advanced from the cruelty
Tuesday for tlio Nelson fruit fair.      | of Nero to a day when human rights
re regarded as sacred. Moro than
nineteen hundred years have passed
since the birth of Christ and the world
has grown better with each yenr, yet
(Special  correspondence)
The Crow's Nost Puhs Lumber com-1 Qermany, easting aside nil pretence, j
puny's sawmill closed down lust week : Ims broken out Into a campaign of
nnd many of the men have left fur! brutality and savagery unequalled in
now (lelds.   A few men aro gettlnK , Uio days of Nero.   Cnn a Just Ood look !
the plant and grounds In slinpo for | on and allow vicious disregard of hu-
tho winter. '""" J<i»*.lM and rights to triumph ?    j
John Uwson left Tuesday for' In presenting tho ense of Belgium i
Spokane and will winter In Undo before the President of the United
Sum's domain Slates, the commission lins as Its solo
Dan Moss and Chester Lyons havo object a desire to create public senll-
gouo lo Cu'iir d'Alene for tho winter,    ment lu tho  great republic to the
Jock Ferguson wob In town from [»outli.  They do not auk the people of
War Courage
]y[ANY a man in Canada, willing to
go a-warring across thc seas, is unwilling to fight at home-agamst the shadowy
foes of bad times or of business
HTlils Is a time lu Canada when Canadian liuslueNs
men should light—Unlit to capture new trade
and to hold old trade. To slop one's uilvorttslni* Is
to withdraw a powerful offensive and defensive
force, and to expose one's husiness without a
Ulf thc courage of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers—the generals and captains of trade and Industry—falls, the courage of the nntlon wlll ehli.


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