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Cranbrook Herald Nov 14, 1907

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 ••Mul  'll in
^3S55» tose.,J\
201907       j
MMltEH   34
Great Interest Is Being Manifested in the Sport;
.ii dm
Shannon, .who I
living a tir camp hall a
'Swansea, on Saturday 1
ed his rook, James Fors
'other men who hail hoei
him. The namo al one
Amos    Morse, 1 bi
as been run-
uile wesi ol
isi dlscharg-
ih, aw) two
working lor
if    lllt'SC    Illt'll
popular j in- CommiWwfr-Goorgo Hoggarth,
i looks as J. F. Al. Pinkham ami 1'. 13, Wilson,
teres I In it j   oillcial Umpire— .lohn Cholditeh.
Representatives to llrilisli Columbia!
Uur liny Association—E. II. Small
ami F. K. Simpson.
Membership Commit tee— E. ll
Small, W. A. Hultllis ..nil Thomas
The skips will iinia a meeting uext
Wednesday    evening at ihe    rink lor
lhc purpose ol ilrawlug the rinks (or
Uii' season.     Under the arrangements
ntlmsing other people'im {trim rinks will he so drawn thai they
iiiiiii of ihis kind, .nul as    a   will     be     lairiy equalized in ability
Curling   promli
.spoil llns year.     In fact
if there would lie fitoto
this veai   lhan there was lasl,     and
if tills  is  the ease it   will be ,i   wtlill-
win.i this bcasoii. Lust evening the
organization mooting al the rink was
largel) attended there being between
forty ami titty enthusiastic curlers
presenl, Judge Wilson was called
to the chair, anil a hei lei man     loi
the    posiiion could noi    i»'   found.
The .iml)?- is an expert curler, an.l
what   is  mine lie possesses  the happy
nre unknown, on Sunday morning
tin- three discharged men returned lo
Shannon's ramp an,I James Forsyth
drew a -in revolver and shot Shannon  iu  lhe riglil  Side       lb ■   ihlec at
ome decamping westward aitei the
shooting. A telophonc message
brought the news of iho shooting
Ml. nr
It I
who .n
ul    .Mo
i Hi
wired peoph
.it- to he on  dying
Injured iii.ui   was ]   ^j|(l
Si. Eugene hospital on
ii.nii, where ho     was
Ur . Green, wh.. located
Windsor, Nov. U.—Emperor William
and Empress Augusta Victoria of
Germany arrived here at * o'clock
ibis afternoon. King Edward and
(Jueen Alexandra met Uiem al the
gnrlj ilodeckod and fla© I railway
station, where tho monarclis embraced and 'heir oonsorts di 1 likewise. Then the King escort* I Ins
guests Ui rough ball <* mile ol decorated streets lined With troops
nnd   thronged     with entering towns-
Governor Hanson is in town today.
It. ll. Benedict and wife were Cr.iu-
......I, visitors last Friday.
F. IV. Uiuri.-i. , nl Uio Trail smell-
The People of Cranbrook Show Their Enthusiasm
. Wii
result the meeting was given kite need-1
tul sciiiloll  bcfoie     he   vacated        the ,
elian li   is     conceded   hy  all  of
those    Interested in  curling in    Uw
eily that mueh of Die slieu-ss of the
curling last season Was due to the
hard work ami cnlhusiaslie aid given
hy Judge Wilson, ami ii he would
have consented his re-election es
president ol the club would bavcibcon
simply a matter of form, for every
member fully appreciated the good
work that he has done iu the past.
Hut  Mr. Wilson thought  that     there
ml thus make the chances for    the
ui<t\sis on au even even basis     us
possible under the circumstances.
thirling will   prove a    very popular  .       ,    ,     ,
sport  the   coming   season and dun-."l*.Uu  ",lH"
brook has a huucli uf curlers ihat can
inert anything in the west.     It   has i
been suggested  thai   lbe city should
arrange to send one or twu rinks to
Winnipeg for the annual bonspiel     in
that city, and it is the opinion    of
man'.' ihat such a scheme would prove
a mighty good advertisement lor the  EFFECT OF1
eily aud district.
I here are quite a number ol people
.IIS til III
the look .
brought i
the aftiiuo.i
a tl ended   hv
the bullet and extracted It,
dn Monday Constable Kouth 1
|,  tbe three men in .Movie
ihem ami     brought tin
brook, Constable Morrli
lo Kingsgate lo prevent the
t  Ul.it   |:
IV preliminary hearing will come   \Wt but "had been compelled    hv
up on Saturday    nt 3 o'clock*,     tho
charge against     Forsvth being;     at- torly miles east
tempted   murder    and ngninst      the     'phis     morning   the     1 Iohcnzolli
oth.-r two tor being accessories Ircforu looped ihroagh the chilling fi      i  i
lind Portsmouth
at eil
stle,  •
huge German bam
the    imperial pari
here the   weather was bea
it b.i.I   boon so wretched alt i
toast   that the arrival was
delayed,     and the   German s>
and     bis retinue wen- BUbjec
much discomfort.        The  Bi
yacht llohen/ollein    wus due
down Hav, Isle ol Wight, las
Ing, but had been compelled
to anchor over    night at Sel
bich    was
. i,  was in llu: uitj
ihis week.
■ iniiii Cholditeh is
business again aftei
ublo io attend to
a week's illness
r.i> ,n nuilli as
\ou    owe   and tha
ou can of    what
i will help every-
Horn-On Sunday,
in .ui. and .Wis. i
Nov,  lu, 19U7-
. A, Mckowan, a
u. ll Wilson, in.
Lhe fioul  ol his sit
jeweler,   lias  tlOll
ie painted a most
and ito  balance    U
at six, twelve    and
There is no longer any doubt ubout be paid
lbe race meeting that is to be held in equal pa
Uiiiiiiiiouk next year.    The people  of eighteen months.
Cranbrook,    in  then    characteristic it b..s bee:, arranged with V. lly-i.
manner, met last Monday evening and Baker    to    purchase    the Athietie
said tu a nun that there shouiU be a troumis lur the    sum uf J^.wu,    Um
j meeting next year and that it should payments to be   made in thu    same
!bs a success.     That settles it. 'Ihere maimer    as    the   payments for    the
Kenwlck .md It. T. Klclfcird-
Fort Steele, were ui Uie eity
ibis week.
should he a rotation in ollice,     and . „    .
he |H>sit'ivelv declined It) accept the iu this city who should be memfliers of
ofliee for ibis year, nnd placed iu the club. ' The management are in
nomination J. 0. McCallum, who was ell nod to be liberal lu all things,
the Vice-President last year. This hot it hardly seems right, after they
mel wiib tin- hearty approval of all have gone tu the great expense of
present and Mr. McCallum was elect- erecting a tine building, that people
til by acclamation as were all of should come in and enjoy the game
the other gentlemen nominated. Tbe without paying one cent in the way
11 '•■ ,of     keeping    up the expenses.     The
officers for tlie ensuing season will be
as follows:
President—I. G. McCallum.
Vice-President—V. A. Rollins.
Secretary—D. J. McSweyn.
Treasurer—James Arnold.
Executive Committee—P. E. Wilson,
George Hoggarth and E. 11. Patmore.
executive committee might make
stum? arrangement that the people of
tlie city, by paying a season's entrance fee, would be privileged to
ei.me as often as they desired to
watch the games. Such a proposition is only fuir and might prove a
source of revenue to the club'.
Rossland, Nov. 13.—It was announced here today that the closing
low ti oi the Boundary smelting
plants and mines means iln- blowing
out of at least two of the Trail smeller furnaces. No official statement
obtainable in the matter. No
reason is known tore for the closing
down of the Boundary plants ami
Tho Winnipeg Free Press (Liberal)
London,    Nov.    8.—The government  has already     complained that except
having decided not to recommend any
appointment to   the house of    lords
during the agitation against the upper bouse, tile list of honors on the
occasion of King Edward's birthday
(tomorrow) will he a comparatively
short one.
Sir Charles Tupper, lbe ex-premier
of Canada, appears lirst on the list of
the new privy councillors.
Right Hon. Sir Charles Tapper,
P. C, is the son of the late Rev.
Charles Tupper, D.D., ami was horn
at Aylvsford. N. S., July 2. 1831. He
was educated at Edinburgh University and for 11 consecutive times was
returned as M. P. for his native
county, Cumberland, N. S., whieh he
represented for :tl years, lie was
premier" nf Nova Scot in nt the time
of confederation, 18117, and entered the
Dominion cabinet iu Wii, He was
president of the privy council 1870-
72. minister of Inland revenue 1873-H,
minister of customs 1873, minister of
public worvs 1879-8H, minister ol
railways and canals IS?!)-*!, high
commissioner to Canada in England
1K.S.I-K7, minister of finance 1887-88,
re-appointed high commissi oner 1888,
and prime minister ol tlie Dominion
of Canada 18DB. He is nne of the
few surviving Inthers n
To   membership    o
privy council attaches
able dignity nnd honoi
poiiitment.     in some
more enviable .me tha
ihe sacred circle of the |i
ii  c.uiiiot  he obtained h*   "titer  than  s
distinguished service in lhc slate or n
tbe empire In some onr ni oUhsi     -■-  ,t
the many capacities in which M    may   ,
be given.     The members range down  ..
from the liisi     prince nl   the    blood   „
loyal to private gcnllcmrn possessing j.
no tlllo   except    tho dumbed one of „
"right  honorable." which  is conferred   s
mi membership itself      Privy     cum   ',
eillois who are commoners lake pre-  i,
eidtniv Immediately after lhe knights
of the   garter      The iluUes ol    tne
privy council  are more nominal  than
real, only   a   few members specially
summoned    attending   Uie     ordinary
lllDOtlltgfi       Oenel.il   L'aibei ings      arc
rare, being limited lo suelt occasion-,
as  the accession ..I a  new   sovereign
Membership is for life.
for seeing' their own ministers tin
west never gets a glimpse at a member of the Laurier government.
Montreal Gazette iConservaitlve):
The by-eieelions to the legislature
have given lhe Gouin government in
a way what it has not heretofore
bmi in a position to claim, an endorsement, that may besaid to come
from the province. Four constituencies were opened, and though they
w.-re all in the eastern section of
tbe province, they were lar enough
separated to give ito. victors ground
enough for claiming their judgment
represents that of lhe majority of the
electorate. Tliis may not be altogether a good thing. That there
bas been weakness in the administration of the present government i.s
indicated by the recent resignation
of Mr. Jean Provost and by the
criticism of mnny of its actions by
m. n nol opposed to it. It would
have been better if the majorities in
favor of the Liberal candidates bad
heen less pronounced. As it Is, they
constitute an authority to Uie ministers lo go on doing as they have
born doing, and, what may be more
unsatisfactory, for members of the
legislature to continue as they    have
■mil deration.
the   imperial
ei v  consider-
Ottawa    Free Pies
com u
ending    upon   11.    1,
reads a sharp    leetu
admission  to
il  leaders,  and espec
• (i vmn
mosl  s
■I    ball
Inlcr.-sl in tin
increase and llu
mlses to be a
Naturally, bask.
feature, ami lbe CoillcM-
lie very wotting between
teams that have been -.
rangemeuts nro being m
Instructions in atluutu
will prove n very vnlu
ibe program for th
mn is on the
season pro
ici'.-ssful one.
, ihe loading
promise to
ll.e (litleient
Iceted.     Ar-
ide lo    give
s   ,in,l      Ibis
Til,-  addition
a-asou.      The
price for the use nf all lb.   privileges  were in town
of   the   gymnasium,   including    the  «r; 0,m'' ls J*
leading room,  is only  %'1M (or
season aud eveiy young man in
eity should take advantage ol it
0 to the
IU lo the
h-is i.f tlie government, it
The return of Mr. R. L. Borden,
a tour which extended over
it weeks and Involved the delivery
er sixtv socecltcs, ought to bring
it a ' lesson for the Liberal
, namely, that if tbey want to
in touch with the people they
j;o among the people. There
seems loo much of an inclination, in
the English speaking piovlnces at
least, loi the Liberals to rest on
Ibeli oars. It is all very well to
make speiebes in the House of Commons, What is needed is morn ac-
hvily ou ito platform, and it should
be the first duty of the Liberal party
win n parliament meets tti draw up a
plan of campaign whieh will cover
lhc whole country from ocean to
ocean. It is not necessary that the
premier himself should underlain) the
work—though if he could spare the
lime il would be a great stroke of
parly tactics; but the other ministers
nnd lhe rank and flic of the ^arty
oiight to take of! their coatfi and defend tho policy of the government on
possible occasion.
Mr  and Mrs. John Oliver, of Delta,
n town     yesterday and today
e member from Delta
ninl is    recognized as    one    of the
irongcttl men  in  the opposition    in i
the Hritish Columbia assembly.     Mr.
nul after the fact.
She was unubli
till .just where she was until noon,
when she made out Uie lightship
Then sho anchored to wait until Uu
log should liM, and the tide serve ti
cross the bar.
N. It., Nov. II.—Thi
Michaelmas term of Uio New Brunswick supreme court has just closed,
and there has been no mention ol
Un- Emmerson-Crockot criminal libel
suit, which, if it were to be continued, would have lieen brought on.
A. 1/,'iich is in Winnipeg tins week
>ii business eonneeted with the l-ais.
Kootenay Lumber company.
.1. S. McEaebeiu, une of the loading
mtreiiains of Moyie, is iu the eil.
und will lake a trip to the coast.
'Iho money you owe the Herald belongs to ihe Herald, aud the lleralil
newts the money you owe the tiei-
Mrs, N. Stewart Scott will receive
i.n Thursday, November 28th, ami ai-
u-iward on the lirst Tuesday of each
'llu new si.b'walli on the north sid •
of Baker street is being put, in, very
tomu to iln- satisfaction of Uie people in pie iu general ami th,- men uo-
.iig misiiL'.ss on that side of \to streel
in particular.
will u* a meeting, and vwiu tbe
best people oi Cranbrook backing it
up there is uu question as to the outcome And mark yuu, this meeting
ts t.i be one oi tlie best boosts that
Uhm city ever hud, as there is to be a
big agricultural and iruit tan In
connection with it. This combination entertainment will show the
people of the distiiet and ol Western
inula that  Crauliiuok is the place
g io     re.
and  lhc
ing  lhat
nl' Nam
niv Spins Nenr Cranliro
Ottawa,   N.-v.
Dominion govern!
Hierate Willi t
io market Uie w
especially that pi
o to destroyed
IS [ilesi
ways of doing mi.
lain ft short loan ol
trot, which, under p
is likely to be adopt
to Utilize   some o|
which is    d.-pi
13.—Just   how     the
iti'iit is piing to cone banks in assisting
estern wheat crop,
riioii which is liable
if .stored away in
t \ ci been
\ merchants are lit1-
eivt! llieir Christmas
Herald feels justified
this year ito pcopl.-
l rid will have a better
hoitv ol pn-stnts when dealing wilh
i i.m;.rook merchants than Uiey ever
had before, an.l lhat is saying a
■ real deal.
Word has heen received by the Rol-
ins brothers that, their "father is
fjing vcr> low and W. A. Rollins will
piouably leave for Lucau, ont., to-
morrow, 'lhe father has been in very
poor health fnr the past two years
„iit has been sustained hy his woiider-
iul vitality, yel lhe suns fear thai
ihis last atlack may prove fatal.
Fred Genest and bride have returned
from iheir bridal trip and will make
iheir borne in Cranbrook. Mr. and
...I-.. Genest visitwi Uuliliu- Ireland,
i.i.ii.lo.i, Paris and other points iu
in,- Did Country, hut .dr. Genest says
iii.il with nil that he has sivn he is
pleased lo yet back to Cranbrotdi amt
,li..i   iliis  lown looks goud to him.
,i. E. Stephens, oi Morrissey, was
in i.nvn lasi Friday shaking hands
with his many friends in this eity.
hii. Stephens is one oi the pioneers of
!t!ns district and one wlio is strong in
;...- claim that East,Kootenay will
be one ot the best districts In the
whole province as soon as Uie' people
io_.ll/o tlie full possibilities of this Ur
I Mrs. Janus Finluy was ih* fortunate recipient lasi week of a solid
silver ton sel as a gift in commemoration of her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, from Mr. Van Dyke, of
New York, oue of tbe hf-avy stoek-
;„,,: I. i.s iu the Sulliv-aii mine. The
k.ii was of the latest design and wu>
tun m appreciation of the manv
| . 1 qualities of Mrs. Finlny. who is
■ •in-r.il favorite with all who know
I Those Interested in lbe success oi
! a band organization in Cranbroo
[have dona a lot of work in the way
of hrindng people into Cranhrook
who will to an alb to the Iwud. These
parties have sueeeediil in bringing to
Cranbrook Mr. James Austin, a band
master of recognized ability, ami
,i meeting is to he held tti see if Unpeople of this eity are willing to do
Iheir part in supporting a band or
denization. Cranbrook should have a
hand and the peokle should do their
part iu supporting such an institution.
I.  Eeksturm, proprietor of   tht!
come to bave a good time, and it follows:
will also    show them thai tbu
trict is just the place to engagi
iug   uf fruit ami     luuia, vege-
inti  gram.     Uf course  it     is
\ to   almw     the gumls,     and
'Xi year iliuse engaged in this   line
stock, with Interest at t> per cent.
This cU^cd the details uf the share.
holders' meeting and an avljuurmueat
was la-ken and then a meeting of the
directors was called. The following
named gentlemen bad been named as
uirevtors: V. A. Rollins, S. J. Migh-
tuii, A. Doyle, W. S. Bell, E. 11.
Small and J. P. Fink. James Ryan
was called to the chair and the elec-
ers  then  took place.     as
President—V. A. Rollins.
Vice-President—S. J. Mlghton,
Managing Director—James Ryan.
Secretary-Treasurer—T. M. Roberts
The executive committee is to   cou-
st ot   the ofliccrs elected and     A.
oi  work around Cianuiuuk will be iu  Doyle, W. S. Bell, E. 11. Small    and
a position lo do this very thing,     lu J. P. Finki.
laci they were in that position tins u was decidflj to pay Iho secretary
jear if ihere hail been au display ui flu a month for tbe present and
■hmi'ic tUml su Uiat a. public exnibitlon that he sliould furnish a bund for
might have been made, lu the opin- $1000, the premium to he pant by tL»
Ion oi the Herald tins    race meeting association.
and Iruit fair will do more for     the     After arranging scvetal matters of
ueveloiimeiit of  the  icsouices of  tbis  d.'.aii the meeting adjourned.
district lhan any move that has been     TIb    stockholders iu    the company
laken by the people ol i-'.asi kootenay are as follows:
since  the coin.liy   first  began  to  attract the at leu lion ol the people.
lhe meeting was held in Mighton's
hall and James Ryun was called lo
lbe chair and T. M, ItobertS was
asked lo officiate as secretary. There
was a largo attendance of those who
bad subsciibed for stuck in the
Cranlirook Pain.', Limited, and everyone present was an enthusiast un the
subjects to be discussed.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read aud approval and W. F.
Gur.l, solicitor for the new corporation, gave the desired information regarding the steps taken for iucunwra- i
On motion of J. 1'. Fink and V, A,
"Rollins, it was decided to limit the
number ol directors to seven.
On motion uf    R. E. Beattie    and
J. P. Fink the officers are to consist
of a president,     vice-piesidtnt, sec re-j
lary-treasurer     and managing direc- I
Time is to be SnOOO of stock issued
in shares ol 5'25 each, 20 per cent to j
.1. Muhton
Kink Mi-rtatitilo Co
*'.;ar'.!l A  Kollins
il 1 Liinlli')'
r, McKlnstry
\   Mi*l)or.alil
!•:. Wi rJcu
!!'..'.   1.V.ID
,i. M.itt.n
■ Matbeson
I', ii'.ril
A. ll.irv.v
C. Uowness
tttie re Atchison
S. Ui'll
: ._  Buchanan
11. Small
_s. Yandl.
1_. fcm-.pson
B. \ anDecar
.p., & Rollins
Arnold .t Retorts
11.  Baker
B. Kins
ii. Hill
Ottawa, Nov.    13.—The   post offii
department    gives out  the follow.iv
Although the usual official iioljjtafttion Inii"^^^ of lethbridge,
was given   of the fact lhat the unit      '   ,     ,.   ' Slllldav tQt iL
of   weight   umlcr ihe    inter-imperial ™. m J"\^ttgJy^JS
p .stage scheme,    was   raised     from'"' ln",m"       !  Ul   "       '
j. ounce to 1 ounce, there
i are only two
)nc is to he ob-
ihe British mar-
■si'iii conditions,
I. The other is
tho'gold reserve
with the finance
department as security against note
circiJaliaii. It is said that there is
more gold reserve lhan is required fur
ihis am) other purposes, and that
some, of ihis might bo used in emergency of this kind. At all events,
the idea     seems tn    lu- In pl.ic.' s.n,
viii.iHiii.Mini to the endit of certain
buiiikK. by way of loan, lhat are recognized iu tin* West as being grain
hanks aird that ate loaning money tti
move the crops.
There are some four hanks mention
IS some ri'a-
i iii lo believe that the public lus
n .t shown due appreciation of the
.ui. The public should understand
lint, whereas, .since Christmas, 1808,
thev have lieen able to send letters to
Great Britain and all parts of the
Briiish Empire for two cents per
i ounce, tbey can now send a letter
weighing up to one ounce for two
cents. It is a great boon, as it is
o longer necessary lo employ very
thin po|>er to send a letter of moderate length to Great Britain or one
of the colonies for two cents, and it
brings the standard weigh! into eon-
fornmy with thnt in use for domes I lc
ng over tlie new opera bouse,
he is at the head of a syndicate
that proposes to build one like it in
his home city. Mr. Ec&torm was
formerly a resident of this district,
having lirst located iu Wardner, but
is umv a prosperous hotel keeper in
Lt Urhridge and a man of public spirit
w.io is willing to spend his money lor
ib,- advancement of the town in
which lie has cast liis lot. There are
no better men in the west than Mr.
Eohslorm. He is always willing
with his means and his time to do
all in his power to help along the
community In which he lives, and if
(lie west had more men of his stamp
jit would he far better off.
The lirst annual ball given bv
j Oliver is on his way east for a trip'eil as likely to get part of this loan. Maple Leaf Rebekoh Lodge
to his old home in Ontario and It |They are: The Bank of Commerce, ihe evening nt the Fraternity ball
is the first vacation that he has latam  Imperial    Bank, the    Dominion Bank   a most pronounced success in
'in tliirtv years.     Dr. King, tho local  and the    Bank of   Hamilton.       Tbo   *        :- *    '
1 —In compli- member, arranged (or Mr. Oliver to .Union Bank is also spoken of,
ed here today meet a lew of the Liberals who could The railway companies have assured
Irom New York, the Grnuby smelter gaUrer nt the hall at 5 o'clock yes- parties concerned that Uuv will do
is being closed down and by tumor- tcrday afternoon, nnd those present all thev can to facilitate tho moving
row nighl all of the eight furnaces were pleased with tho informal talk 0( the'crop. The principal difficulty
will have lieen elenhed i.p and Imiiked made by that gentleman. He review- is with the lower grades ol grain
and not a hand will he stirring ntihe ed the lederal and provincial situa- Uiat have to he moved before navlga-
No reason is given for the lion in a most mnsterful manner and ttou    closes,   otherwise it     may be
Gland Forks,   Nov.  I
a nee with a  wire recci1
|   At    Christ   church, Cranbrook, on
tbe Monday,    November     11th, hy    the
Inst   Rev. C. P. Flewclling, rector,   were
Mis [marHod   John Henry     Robhins,    of
very  Coleman, Alia., and Nellio Totezama,
respect.     There was jusl about lhe 1 of    Kaslo,     B. C.       The bride and
right number present  to make     the bridegroom will sojourn for a     time
»d  in Montana, and     then make    their
homo in Coleman
eli.se down.
Take notice that the undersigned intends lo apply (or a transfer of his
retail H-tpior license        for
the      Central        hotel,       Wardner,
H.     C,      to      John       McDermid
impressed those who heard him wii
the fact that hp was thoroughly conversant with the situation.
occasion a most cnjovabti
everyone present joined i« sayini1 uiai
thev bad a very good time.    The lull'
w.i s  beaut ifully   decora t oil    by    t he
committee and the refreshments were
erved in a most admirable manner.
Thera is no doubt,    after the initial
nceess of the Rebekahs in their entertainment, that in the fulure they
wHI have no reason to complain     ol
he potronage of tbe people.
destroyed.     The   marine department
has arranged  to keep navigation on
Lake Superior    open until December
|lt>th.     A   telegram    was sent     lo
j Washington asking thai light house at ;
• Passage Island near Port   Arthur he j
kept going until that date, the Pom- j
inion paying the extra expenses.   This     Don't forget tbe hospital ball
primary has been agreed tti.   Everything Uiat  Momlay    evening,   Npventbei
At Christ church, Cranbrook, on
Thursday, November 12, by llie rector, Rev. E. P. Flewclling, were
mi tried John Mitchell, of Spokane,
11 it- nf Fergus, Ontario) to Ethel
Mnuil Crash, ot Moyie, (late of Gren-
f.ll, Sa&ntchowan.) The bride and
groom will leave todav fur Moyie.
Vancouver, B. C Nov 11 -It a decision given today by Judge clement
iu the British Columbia supreme court
is upheld by the court of appeals, all
the divorces given in Briiish Columbia during the last thirty-six year..
will bo declared illegal. The case
loday was between Henry Watt and
his wife, who were married in Uel-
Ithgham, fifteen years ago. The)
have large property interests there
and in Vancouver. The judge himsell questioned the divorce law in
operation here
The sound ot a Und word soon dies*,
but its memory lives forever.
Some people carry their Christianity in an undeposited church letter.
We would like to heal the apologies some men make to their conscience.
A lot of people cast their burdens
on the Lord and then go away and
forget them.
Dirty dollars are not cleansed by
throwing one of them into the con-
ti [button box.
whieh is the same
that which existed on the statute
bouks uf the uld crown colony ot
Briiish Columbia before confederation.
The cuurt decided this law went ,ut| A ^ ^ & ^ permMotlT
of business Jn 1871. ^Teonnicaliyj-nis fl_tv_inood by truckling for the support
nullities the"divorces oi hundreds ut ot a vicious element,
people and on the     other hand hue
Tbo first argument to use when you
want to convince a hungry man is a
square meal.
$11000 JOB
Vancouver, Nov. 13.—At
4 lection of delegates to the l-.il>-  is possible lor all thu parties to do,
era!    nominating convention for New   is being done, to see that  the move-
6 th,
i Wardner, D.    C„ al, Uie next sit- Westminster, J. B. Kennedy, M. P.,  ment of the crop is financed.    Should
ting of the. board ot  license commissioners lor the Cranbrook license dis
34-4t John Ryan.
ami his supimrters suffered signal de- any ol the gold reserve be used,
teat.    The men chosen are those rx- would    likely be   necessary to hn
ipi-cM to support Robert Jardine lor some legislation    on this subject
nomination for the Dominion house. the next session.
Cranbrook Is extremely loriunaii
having such an institution as the Si
Eugene hospital, and no man in lhe
district can invest $2 iu a more
worthy manner than by purchasing a
ticket to the ball, no matter whether
they attend or not.
(Ireds of marriages, and will natural-
liy affect  large property interests.
HIS i   Wilh the possibility of faulty legislation, thu provincial government to-
I day assumed   all the costs ol     boiii
Toronlo, Nov. 12.—Dr, Beattie Nes-  sidus iu     the case of Watt vs. Watt.     We are very apt to call that    man
hilt has- resigned the registrarship  ot   In tins event of the decision ot today  an iconoclast who knocks one ol  our
Weil Toronto hul will not discuss his  being uph.dd, legislation will likely be  pot theories into smithereens,
reasons for doing so at present.     It  brought    before   both the provincial. —
is believed ill health is the cause. So and federal houses to declare legal alt |   a kit of burglar's tools Is a "safe
gathered it is not likely he will   the divorces and marriages and to OS-j Investment," and fully as honest
For a long time polities bas mada
strange bedfellows; is It not tltM
that high finance made strange cell
enter the mavoiality contest as
been reported.
bas   Uhlish fully all
the present family'some that   are   offered   to tbe public. Till* OKA MtltOOK 11 Kit AM)
B. E. WALKER, Preitde.it
ALEX. LAIRD, Geuet»l Minijer
A. H. IRELAND, Superintend.... ol
K.ST t BU.,1.1 >,  18«7
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000.000
Branches throughout Canada, anil tn lhe United States and England
Deposits ul $1 anil iipwurds received, and Interest allowed «t
current rales. The depositor Ih •ublcct to no delay whatever In
the withdrawal ol the whole or auy portion ol the depuiiu
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Fire Insurance at
Reasonable Rates
Real Estate CHANHKODI., B. C. Insurance
,.l.:l shipment nf
It is n l.i iiii.I (Iii..i|ion..il llml will .lostroy liireitta uml Ilif- *
l!_uI: ,.ii j- 'Cattleuml Hop. ♦
Is.-it .ilinii. y.iiir I'.fillry llolisi'., $
ll  in Biumi I ... prutec.  lloiiiis uml  Cattle tr  Illea nml ♦
i, in: to kill I-iff on Cuttle mil  llo-wj to oxlermlnule  I'onllrj ♦
II.mil'Vi'iinin: touriiilinito Unit iluua, (.'oiikroni'lies nnil like liinive- ♦
Ilillil |i_st_ iil.i-n ll-i-.l  Uf ili.i,;lll .lililfliiillJ. J
Cut up in 7..C. and $1.50 patented screw top tins t
i'linv). 71 lli.pcilsinit In mir npi'i.iilli ♦
*****************************************<■ f>
********************** ******************** ♦*
This Hiili'l lias always lieen the leader
in lis line, anil will lie kept up ti. the
standard, It ynu want to meet tl.e
people, 1'i.nie to  tile (Jnt't'ii's Hotel.
jj   Queen's Hotel, Calgary
G. B. Chocolates
Sole Agents for Cranbrook, B. C.
i Slav away Irom Prince Rupert! Although Prince Ittinerl is a wllito
man's town, until lots nre placed on
tin- market llierc is not likely to he
any chance fm white men t» secure
either business locations ur employ-
mcnl as mceliairlcs ot clerks. Clearing Hit' luwnsite will give employment im four months to 150 to 2-.hi
axemen. These men will he boarded
and lodged by llie men who have llie
clearing contracts, as ihere are no
Uoartling or lodging houses on or near
Iho Imvnsile. The Empire understands tho townsite will ix- ojiened in
March or April, and 11 predicts that
ol lli.' hundreds who will como here
when il is opened many will go away
disappointed nl not being aide to
get hotel accommodations. In til
ihcro an- hotel accommodations
people should slay awav from .Prince
Ruperi! Slav awav, even if hy doing so llie price ol lots should he nil.
in two through    lack of buyers'
The people who live at Prince Rn-
I'l-ii should iml be compelled to got
fhcii clothes washed at -■ Chineso
laundry oi be forced to rat. sour dough
In.',Hi iii,uli- liy Chinese cooks. Vet
ih.- tii,.ml hunk Pacillc railroad, a
corporal Ion given life by the Liberal
part j nl Canada, and which Is being
im,.in.\l by the Laurier government,
compels while men at Prince Ruperi
I., gel thru clothes washed at a
Chiiif-so laundry, anil forces white nieit
.in.l women to eat sour doui_~li bread
made hy Chinese cooks. It is just
possible lbal. ('has. .VI. Hays, uf Montreal, president of the Grand Trunk
Pacilic Kail road company, is not
aware that his company has at Prince
Ruperi discriminated against ihe
white people ol llritisli Columbia in
lavor ol Chinese, hul if he rends The
Empire as regular! v us be reads bis
liiblc, lie will ho aware of the fact
when lie reads this issue of The Empire. Then, again, that eminent olti-
y.in and able financier, Senaioi Geo.
A. Cox, of Toronto, who Is one of
ibe board of directors of the Grand
Trunk Pad lie Railway company, and
who is opposed to the employment oi
either Japanese or Chinese in his
coal mines at Pernie, in this province,
surely will use his influence, in u
ipiiel way, to give white men a
v* In 11' man's chance al the Pacillc
coast terminus' of a railway that he
has staked bis reputation to build to
ill-' advantage of the people of Oan-
.. '.i. who have made him a rich man
ninl u senator for life. All the
white men and women ask tor nl
Prince Rupert is the riglil that is
freeiy accorded white mon and women
in every town in Cauada, that is,
ihe right to live and patronize whom
llie) please, a right that is denied
Ihem by the Grand Trunk Pacific
i.i i.i nail, a corporation that was
created hj   the Liberal party of Cun-
The Hamilton (Ontario) Times, n
Liberal newspaper, says: "it is a
woli-Known fact that the tlrund
Trunk Pacific lias not commenced
work uu the coast, and has no Japanese labor on Its payrolls." This
statement is cupcititud uu uu wHtmlui
in the Victoria Times, a Liberal
newspaper owned by Hon. William
I'umpleuinn, minister of inland revenue
in the Laurier government, it is &
wcll-knowu fact that the Uranu
Trunk Pacific railway lias nt Prince
Rupert, and has bad for monllis,
Japanese laborers on its payroll, anil
that il has given a contract for clearing a part of its townsite at Prince
Rupert to a Japanese contractor who
tiiiploys Japanese, tu the exclusion of
unite men when there uie hundreds oi
idle white men ou thu coast, 'i'he
Empire is a Conservative paper, ami
the above statement of fact ._■ nut
printed for political reasons. It is
printed lo let llie people of Camula
Know lhe truth.
The Cranbrook Prospector says,
"tin: policy of the Conservative patty
in this province is for it white Uritisb
Columbia," The Prospector is mistaken. The policy of lhe Conservative parly iu this province is the
same as is iu every other province in
Canada, that is, get into ollice uli
any nld promise, aud (hen do Ine
bidding of tbe C. P. II.
Judging Irom present indications,
lint next general Pominioti election
will nut take place before mid-sum-
ia-T next year and may not lake placo
!.. fur fall. All the present members
.ue likely to stand for re-election,
and ihe only one of the seven that
has better than a good chance of
being re-elected is William Sloan, of
Comox-Atlln, and even he may be
defeated if ho does not put himsell on
record standing on his feet in the
house oi questions in which his constituents are interested.
The Cranbrook Wood Fuel Dealers Association ♦
Ami owing to tbe high price of Horso Fuetl ami Labor
tho distance which dry wood hns now to he h tin Iod to
town, tin; following pricos have lu-eii soi, Tn TA
STnVK WOOD, 12 to 20-inch lengths, 2 Kicks
2_> " 2-4   "       " "      ...
FURNACE WOOD, over 24 inches and wider 48
inches, J Kick 	
CORDWOOD, per Conl   	
Onu Rick is 4 ft. high x liy « ft, long.
Crnnbrook, B.C., October 22, I'.IUT.
financed by the peoplo ol Canada
through tin' Laurier government, Hundreds ol white men are out of employment in Hritish Columbia, and
some of tin-in are arriving at Prince
Rupert on every steamer, pot these
men are hot even offered work by the
bead official oi ihe Grand Trunk Pacilic railwn) al Prince Ruperi. It is
a plain ease of "public opinion !>e
damned'" as far as the Grand Trunk)
Pacilic railroad and its officials are
' Prince Rupert would be a white
man's town, if lhe Grand Trunk Pacific railway would employ white men
only at Prince Rupert.
It. S. Ftaron                 P. Ilaywarrl W..Bush
J. P. Deackln              K. Corbctt R. Larger!
1. E. Fierce                  M. Trust W. J. Doran
Harris & Woods           Jos, Wallace It. K. Kritas
T. Mori fl- Morcbida
j ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Ottawa, Nov. 13.—In reply to questions concerning lbe financing uf the
western wheat crop the Uuu, VI. s.
Ei.ddiug said tho government regarded the difficulties that had arisen iu
the west as uf more than local Importance, inasmuch as lhe satisfactory marketing of lhe crop was a
iii.tti-rr .if ibe utmost concern tu the
Itiadc mid commerce ut the whole
country, The particulai feature of
the situation which impressed the
government, and catted lot some ac-
llon, was tlie fact, thai the close o(
hilii- navigation was near at hand
ami ihal iplltc a large poiiion of
ibe crop was reported to tie of such
H ibaraelri that if il wile not moved
mil immediately it would be dalnaged
if not destroy™. The government
have, therefore, toll        it
Iheir duty to meet the emergency by
co-operating with the banks in order
lu provide facilities for tiie bundling
of the crops iu the very short time
ihat yel remained before the lakes
wilt lie closed. The steps that were
being taken, -Mr. Fielding added,
gave assurance thai the banks which
usually handle this class of business
wuiild be able to meet all reasonable
demands as he believed thai lhc crop
wouhl nuw move quickly.
C, C. Castle, tne warehouse commissioner, arrived from Montreal tonight and in company with Senator
I'idlay and Senator Watson left at
midnight for lhe west. Asked as
lo bis business Mr. Castle said that
he came cast to work not talk. It is
understood, however, lhat tbe mis-
sum of the delegation to the east
was iu connection with the movement
of the gram crop and was .successful,
'the interview with the finance miuis-
ler given out tonight established ibis
fact. Tin- result will be thai the
governmenl, llie railways, and lhe
im uks will co-operate in this direction to git as much as possible of
the crop moved out before navigation
closes. The delegation held an interview witli Mr. Fielding, and '.i
.Mr. Castle had a lung lalk wilh Sir
Richard Catlwrighi this evening.
I  f	
Ottawa, Nov- a.—For tho lirst nine
months of the present year ending
September iilst the total immigration to Canada has been li.'iii.uus, an
increase of 5.1,7111 as compared witu
tlw t:oncs|iuiiiiing nine iiiomlra uf
hum. The increase above is nearly
double the total immigration tor
I'mii, and for the nine months the immigration is nearly nine times ihu
toial immigration of lhat year.
For llie lust six mouths of lhe
present fiscal year, beginning witli
April, the total immigration has
lieen 11)3,6110, of which tbe number
coming from the Untied Stales was
35,002. and lhe number via ocean
ports was 158,5116. The total increase as compared witli the corresponding mon lbs of last year is
15,1)30, or 31 per cent. The percentage of increase via ocean ports is 44.
Immigration irom the United States
shows a decrease of 2,8!H, or 8 pel
cent. Kor September the immigration from thu United States was
ueurly J,UUU. The number of arrivals via ocean ports for the month
was 15,204.
Since the 1st of April last immigrants have been arriving in Canada
at a rate averaging rt lillle over one
thousand per day.
i Japanese have no footJiuld in Koo-
tt-iiay district as laborers, except at
lbe little lown of Siiliuo, 2\ miles
soil III of Nelson, where they were
placed '>) force by the province al the
.in tiitii.ii of Joe Say ward, a million
.ui.' sawmill owner, of Victoria. The
laboring men in thai district are
centered at Michel, Feruie, nt sawmills in mind Cranbrook, at Moyie,
Crcston, NetBOtl, Trail, Rossland, in
tht' iniiies iu Slocan and Trout Lake
districts, at sawmills at Arrowhead,
at Revel stoke, Ooldcn and Field.
Were any syslemized Wlm t made to
place their names tm lbe voters' list,
ihe voting strength of Kootonay dislriel would be m per cent working
iiiiii. If this is a statement of fact,
why should uot ltd per conl uf the
voting strength of Kootenay be represented in parliament at Ottawa
by a representative workingman?
Rossland has in Peter McDonald,
who.is a carpenter and who has heen
her mayor two terms, a level-headed
workingman. Me might nol shine as
brightly un occasion, In some places,
as does "Big Dill" Galliher, the Liberal, or "Windy Willie" Macdonald,
lhe Conservative, but he would represent a class—the working people—
whereas "Rig BUI" ami "Windy Willie," when in parliament only represent the few who do their drinking at
"The Club" and their eating at
holds like lhe Waldorf-Astoria.
Is ii not strange that the only
Japanese employed nt Prince Ruperi
ate employed by the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway company, a company
brought into existence by the Liberal
parly of    Cauada, and one that    is
Loudon, Nov. tl.—King Edward, on
the occasion ot bis sixty-sixth birthday today received a present thai
was certainly "fit lor a king." This
was ihe famous Culliuaii diamond,
which was presetited lo His Majesty
iu Ihe name ut lhe Transvaal government. The diamond is alleged to be
worth $8110,000, and is regarded as
one of the largest and finest stones
tin- world has ever known.
in accordance wiib liis custom of
many years, King Edward passed the
day quietly at. SaiidriiigbuU), sur-
itiuuded by bis family. In the telegrams of'congratulation thai poured
in during the day all the crowned
heads of Europe, President Fallieres
uf France, President Roosevelt, of the
I iiited States, aud Ihe numerous
ambassadors of Great Britain lo
foreign powers were represented.
There were a number of congratulatory messages also from leading
municipalities of tbu United Kingdom
and from Canada and other parts of
the empire. The customary salutes
were fired by the warships at Portsmouth and other naval centres,
Vancouver, Nov. 7.—Jos. Martin,
K, C, former premier of Briiish Columbia, will likely lead Hk: exclusion
league forces iu the next Dominion
election, lie will probably he a candidate io Vancouver and will in r. 11
likelyhood lie assisted hy W. R.
Mclnnes, former governor of the
Resides making a special plea lo the
labor and exctuslonist vole the new
party will seek aid from tbe disgruntled Liberals aipl Conservatives
alike ami endeavor tu oleet candidates
betvvwii the two main parties.
Owing to ill-health 1 will lease the
Perry Creek hotel and ranch, or the
hotel alone. For terms wrile O. A.
Burgc, Cranbrnok, B. C, or call at
the hotel.
Prince Rupert Empire: OI the con-
t racti.rs clearing the townsite of
I'riucc Rupert, Dixon A. Moore, have
"iii men on their payroll. These men
have cleared a Strip south along the
eastern line of the reserve and se*m
io he making good headway. The
w tMt her has uot been loo bait, the
men losing but a day because of
rain. Dixon A Moore will start fo
hniiii a seeoml camp next week. H
will lie lnealed ou Ilays creek. W.
P. Anderson will begin building his
camp as soon as lie can get lumber
from the U. O. Tie & Timber company's mill, lie expects to have a
force at. vvurk clearing by the t5lh,
Ilo says be will build comfortable
quarters fur bis men, give Ibem good
boa nl, and hy doing so get good
workers. Flaser,  McPhersoiis     A
Atfhiii are iu full swing on llieir cou-
Iraci, and report getting ou well as
they expected. O. Kvindsen is
building a camp and will cleat 50
acres. ^ W. R. Morrison ami Sam
Johnson each have att acres, and both
expect lo In- at work within two
Judging Iroui tbe appearance uf the
men who have gone lo work, only
pioneers who know how to use an axe
are applying, uud judging by the number u[ tellers received liy tbe contractors, there will be no difficult) iu
gelling all the men needed.
The lad that a stall has been
made ai making Prince Rupert a
while man's town will bring guiti returns later uu, not only iti enhancing
and establishing values ol real properly, hut iu centering at Prime Ruperi the best class ul vv.ilking people
un lhe Pacilic coast. The credit foi
making ihis start is due solely It
the Pacific Stovctlorlng \ Contracting company, the United Supply A
Contracting company, Dixon & Moore,
Fraser, Mat Plu-rsons & Abbott, and
W. P. Alidursoii, all uf whom have
been nr will be employers of labor
al Prince Rupert. Not a HUle of
the credit will also he due "Jack"
Stewart, the managing member in
Canada of the great railway contracting firm of Foley Brothers, Larson iV
Company. lie gave il out straight
thai his firm will not employ Asiatics
on any work ihey do fur lbe Grand
Trunk Pacilie or any other railway
in Canada. Oilier contractors have
got to do likewise.
Make Northern British Columbia a
country in which respectable white
men ami women can make a decent
living without being placed iu competition with or classed as Asiatic
coolies, ami iis influence will he a
power for good in the province.
Eight or nine white men in the
legislature, representing white men,
can make themselves heard among
the men who sit ai Victoria making
laws, who first musl secure the approval of captains of Industry whose
employers are Asiatic coolies and
whoso constituents ate afraid tn disobey their masters.
t Ry PHt), when there will lie -. reapportionment of seats in tbe legislative assembly, the population ol
Northern British Columbia will he
fully 50,000, or as many people as
will be on Vancouver Island, or in
Kootenay and Yale districts combined. These .'ilUim, people will- he
whites, and thev will be entitled to
one-fifth of lhe seals in the legislature. One-fifth of 12, the number nf
seals in the house, would he eight.
I-.ight men standing for decent conditions for wliile working men and
women will have an Influence that
will cause things lo be done.
The new white pioneers uf Northern
British Columbia have started iu the
right way. They will meet wilh
obstacles, for greed and the love ol
money is strongly entrenched, but tbe
obstacles can lie overcome, if only
the people are true to themselves.
1 Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is
the mammoth double production ol
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" will appear on
Wednesday, November 20, at the
new opera house. The rendition of
Undo Tom by this well known and
well-liked company will never grow
old. Tbis management evidently believes iu the maxim: "What's worth
doing is worth doing well." There
rims through this grand story of
pathos peculiarly touching and sweet
11 speaks tho universal language of tiie heart, It reflects like a
mirror (he innermost phases of the
human emotions. It is more than a
play—it is a moral classic. It argues
for Iwo ot the greatest themes that
can engage the mind—human liberty
ami the immortality of the soul.
Notwithstanding the frequent production nf this play, it is never produced
in tbe sumptuous manner by other
companies as it is In Stetson's. It
is like meeting an old friend after a
yead's absence. In his theatrical offering Manager Washburn has brought
together all lhe requisites that go lo
make a really great production ami
one it will be a real loss to miss.
Whereas, the Great and Supreme
Ruler of the Universe, has in His iniiii lie wisdom removed from among
us one of our worthy and esteemed
brothers, W. E. Fraser, and whereas,
the long and intimate relation held
wiib bim in ibe faithful discharge of
Ins dilute makes ii eminently befitting that we record our appreciation
of him;
Therefore be it resolved, that the
wisdom and utility which he has exercised iu the aid of our organization by service, contributions and
council, will he held in grateful roil icmbcraucc;
Resolved, the sudden removal of
such a life from among our midst
leaves a vacancy ami a shadow chat
will be deeply realized by all tho
members and friends of this organization.
Resolved, lhat with deep smypathy
with the bereaved relatives of the deceased we express our hope that oven
so great a loss to us all may be
overruled for good by Him who doeth
all things well.
Resolved, that   a copy of these resolutions lie spread upon the records
of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, a copy printed in lhe Trainmen's
journal, tile local paper and a    copy
forwarded to the bereaved family.
0. H. Knocke, Master..
J. E. Kennedy, Sec.
C. McDonald. Financier.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits Irom date ol deposit
t Cranbrook Branch s J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
',  I'HONI: 'b _— -~~ I
! -------^TTriTY STORE |
,,       IH1--*     ""V__  FANCY Al-Dt
. i
. i
I'S.   WE IIAVI. THE l.Otll).
Pabst! Pabst ! Pabst!
.Ins. iviviv.1 ii CAU of I'A-ISI' BOTTLED BEER
'I'll,. HBER of QUALITY.
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars t
CKANBROOK, B. C.       -       -       PHONE 17 1
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores
ii Mackerel,   Cod, Whitefish,   jj
and lhe usual
Halibut and Salmon
ii P. BURNS <& CO., Ltd. ii
Hotel ** s
due... Ciimlnr. • Special, t
Iiiuiii S.-iMiiit Iii liimii-itliii!
NtKuent to iii.lriiiii. nnil depot,    lift, 'if.'.'iii.itoi i-
il.ini, lor the pulilli' nticiiiiill.'.l In C.niiliroik,
Ho. and Cold Ba.hi
Hoggarth & Rollins
If yon wunt OlothinR tlint. is "(lilt Edge" in nun...,
"(lilt Ellen" in maton.iliu.il "Hilt Edge in innki'.
will ami sii. mir NEW STOCK of Ready Made
Olitliitig, .TUI.T RECEIVED.   All Union Made
Leask C& Henderson
****************************** TnK   t'KANKOOK    II KltAI.lt
m llecord*making
A record is better than a prospectus.
Every   year   since   its   foundation,
F'it-I Morm made records.
Fit Reform originated hand tailored
garments, completely finished.
Fit-Rcfoim established * new and
ellcr standard of tailoring.
Fit-Refo.m prtfected a new system
o( sizes whereby the Iail man—short
man .'.tout man—ll.ii. man. as well ns lhe everage man,
can get absolutely perfect filling garments without paying
anything extra (or ll.e I.t.
Fit-Reform gave men nn honest dollar's worlh of flyle and
ionili.it and wear, for every dollar invested in a I'll-Reform
suit and overcoat.    $15 up. 267
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dealer in
Groceries  and Crockery
' I nn. having it large shipment of Croultory.   To nnike room for
Complete Dinner Sets, -Slffl '£ $15.00, Etc.
Try a   Case ol
Two Dozen  Pints   $1.50
Eipml  to Guinness'.   The finest liovorage 011  the market
for family nnd table use.   I mparta vigor and
health, and tones up tl.e Imdy generally
Brewer, Cranbrook, B. 0
< ******************************************i i
1 **************************
;; Head Office, Calgary Alta. Phone 57
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Our Meal is always fresh, as all our Beef is killed
in Cranhrook
si nt
g Canadian Hotel |
JH One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- H
jjj brook.   Warm rooms, good meals St
g| anil a bar stocked with the best @j
U 8
m ,       nt
§ Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
New l.n.l Slricll) firsl I'lass TBI.KIMIONE 20H.I
Aiiierii'iin I'h.n. S-J..M1 [H.rdny up
Ciiah. Hautnev, Proprietor.
Cor. Seymoxtr ami Cordova Sts,  ■ » n    ***
oppostec. p. h. station     Vancouver, B. C.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Rambling Reveries
Mr. EJdllor: Will vou kindly t*ive
space lu your Rambling Reveries department lot ;i farmer's wife to
."speak Iter piece." To begin with
[wo nil enjoy your Rambling Reveries
column and find much in ii Uiat is
luseful as well as interesting. Uf
[lale. howovdr, while wo fullv agree
wilih most that appears in this tl
IjiarUnent, we have read ,t few items
regarding the beauties ol life on the
farm with which wo differ, Whore is
the poetry of farming? 'Tell me,
ye Winged winds," ui nny one
|who cuii, for we really ask for
formation on the subject. Wo
beard of a person living all Iris
time in sight of a mosl beautiful
landscape, but lie never saw ihe
beauty nor dreamed of bucIi a thing,
till his attention was called io    the
liift   I))'  -iliolhei.       II   in,iv   In-  SO  Willi
us, we may in- living In the very
mi.Isl oi Mn- poetry .mil pleasure ol
rural life, ami out dulled senses fail
io realize the fuel. Therefore
please, who can, point US to Uie
bright way. Hut pleaao don't mention, among the attractions of country life the "woodland dells, where
liny leaflets clap iheir merry hands
ami all nature smiles in serene happiness-;" nor say anything about the
"pure, fresh country air." We have
a nice grove on our farm, uud often
when we run out for un armful of
wood or u pall of wuier, we look at
the grove and think how pleasant it
Would tnt to sil Ihere and test; hut
the ihet'tie wails for the water, the
fire for the wood, and hack we go.
And when the work is done, there is
the baby—she cannot be left alone,
und we think we prefer rest indoors
to an enjoyment of nature's beauties
under such c rcumstances.
As to the "pure, fresh air," we
[have b'reathed quite as pure air iu
cities us that which is wafted from
| the neighboring pig-yard. And when
(tho wind sweeps from our big marsh,
il is most too fresh for comfort or
[the well-being of the clothes switching on the clothes-line.
| We should never have thought so
mueh about this were (here not so
much written about the beauty anil
poetry of farm life, by those who
know least about it. There are
charming rural retreats, we know,
but charming rural life is another
thing. A party may spend a hut
siinimer day iu the cool woods and
be delighted; but let them pass the
same day over the conk stove or
ironing board, or in the hay field,
they will lind a difference. The former is the ideal rural life; the latter
the real.
There are many pleasures in tho
farmer's life, but plenty nf hard work
to destroy all idea of poetry, and
bring one' down to very common
prose. Is there poetry in butchering,
sausage making, lard frying'.' Is
there, oh, is there, poetry in picking
potato bugs?
■ A Prairie Farmer's Wife.
' We hope all who read this column
will endeavor to keep a low llnwers in
the home. lu addition to their
beauty and fragrance, they teach
neatness and order. The wile and
children like to have a clean room,
so lhat the llower, in its purity and
grace, may not shame them. And
then, too, a poor man likes io tec!
that he has an ornament in his dwelling similar to that which a rich
man chooses as the best embellishment of bis drawing-room. The cot-
tngo and tlie mansion differ very much
in structure and in furniture, but a
pretty llower, carefully watered and
tended, blooms as well in a cottage
as in a palace window, 'then the
llower speaks to the inmates of the
home and tells .hem of the wisdom
ami love of Uod; how lie sent these
beautiful flowers into the world to
please the eye ol man.
' Throe things tti love: Courage,
gentleness, affection. Three tilings
to admire: Intellectual power, dignity
ami gracefulness. Three things to
hate: cruelty, vengeance, ingratitude.
Three things to delight in: beauty,
frankness, freedom. Three things
to wish for: health, friends and a
cheerful spirit. Three things to
pray for: faith, peace, purity of
heart. Three things to like: good
humor, mtrthfulncss and tho Rambling Reveries department. Three
Urings tn avoid Idleness, loquacity,
fill)pant Jesting. Three things to
cultivate : good hooks, good friemls,
good humor. Three things lo contend for: honor, country, friemls.
Three things to govern; temper, tongue, conduct. Three things to think
ahoul: life, death, eternity.
I We lmve just been shown u matrimonial journal in which men advertise for wives the same as they wouhl
for a horse. The way iu which tlie
majority of men marry, is nothing
short of ii burlesque upon lhe "sacred
Institution." They set abuut looking
for a wife as Ihey Would for a horse.
They make uu inventory of her
"good points," ascertain Uio quickness of her movements, the state of
her digestion, her capacity for
economy, the yielding quality nf her
disposition; if she "suits" Ihey pro-
p080 partnership, and women arc
such fools, if we must Bay it, fools
from th.. force of circumstances and
custom, as to say "yes," when with
all the thunder of their souls they
should sny "no." Such offers of
marriage arc insults lo the women
who receive tbem, a shame and disgrace to the men who make them,
and rank disorder to the Lord who
created tbem.
There i.s nothing in the moral,
spiritual or physical universe that
mokes marriage respectable, hut
love. Without it there can be no
marriage, only a wretched, miserable
form, lhat rapidly degenerates into a
loathsome, demoralizing burden. The
time to marry is when love demands
it, and not simply because the
kitchen needs a coolo, lhc dining table
a figure-head in muslin or silk, or
the cucumber vines somebody to k
the hugs on them. The one to
marry is the woman you love, and no
other one. That, and that alone
should decide. Riches may take
wings and flee away; beauty may
fade; good health is a very excellent
and desirable thing in man or woman,
but the circumstance of an hour or a
moment may ruin the best ot health.
A man who marries from "married ucnl arrangement upon a silk waist
considerations,*' usually gels what wi'"" the yoke is tucked uud finished
he deserves—ils full equivalent in un- Wlt*' 'aoe insertion. Again, those
happiness. .\ man who marries for "'•' l,lins I,loli well for a small bo-
"muiried considerations,'' usually lero effeot, but they musl bo crescent
gOtfi what he deserves—its full equip- '" sh'l,M'' wilhoiit any gathers in the
a lent in itnttapptness.     A man   win.  I,uv
marries- for beauty,    learns, as     no!        PolKTFn PAHAruiAPHS
other ma,, ean lw.ru. how hideous and , lMX'i-"  ■ AK.u.K.M us
loathsome it may become. So, StoIen swcols ara ofton hard ,,,
young men, take    love for your guid- .lines
onee in this matter, remembering that        ' 	
't demamls the best ami nobVst     ,„ |   M .    „ ^      (
jou-th.ii  it. is sacred and 1ml-.,    and   ins a "i, .i.-si Lrvnd look
'■vim-, fn, it js of God. sUl    '        '
A in.in inclined to be crooked is apt
o go straighl to ihe had.
Hip the fingers in eoal oil
lhe throat to give relief fn
id     tul
Cluildrcn should not In- allowed 1
gel indigestion while young, ij bi
ing permitted    to eat eandj   Bplcc
popper nml very rich food, such     a
pies, fruit cake, etc.
Court plaster is a good
remedy. Cut tlio piaster Into triangles and strips to tit tlie wrinkles
ami paste on in the nighl. Remove
in the morning end massage gently for
live or ten minutes with a good cold
cream, l.'se a strong plaster .mil one
that will stick well. The black Variety is best for this purpose.
Stretching exercises of the throat
and neck will reduce a double chin
permanently. Hold the chin up as
far as it will go and with vour finger
tips massage it with a downward
motion. Pushing the lower jaw in
and out is also good. Once or twice
a week is often enough for such heroic
The girl with unusual hips—the
commonest of afflictions—may cure
them, ir the innfuallty be iml'ton far
advanced, by ;. ten minute exercise
daily.     Bring the knee on tho larger
lo up to the chest and lower it
again, all the while standing erect as
possible. Do this twenty or thirty
limes each dny.
Ten minutes manicuring does nol
promise very mueh. In thai time,
however, something mav he done to
keep the hands in good condition.
The nails may be Med and tbo skin
around the base pushed In wilh an
orange-wood stock—never cut. Then
u final polish may be given and a
whitening and softening lotion rubbed
"ilo the hands.
So many women lake short trips
ihese days of easy travel that thev
should know how to cure for the
complexion while soot and dust nro
sifling in through the windows and
floors of fast-moving trains. The soap
and water usually found in Uie dressing rooms of even the most luxurious
sleeping coaches play havoc with the
skin; lhe water is hard and the soap
unrefined. Creams of some sort
hould always he carried; a little
toih-t vinegar, some sort of soup
jelly, a nim|ilt. mmilct; Umhw will \».
found easily packed in a small linen
case or a little box that will lit |n
Mere is a practical plan for clean-
g and pressing skirts: Brush them
rst,     then   whisk off with a    clean
brush    dampened   in ammonia    und
warm water.
Any stain can be removed if rubbed
it at once with ;l mixture of equal
ils of ammonia, alcohol and water.
Afler the skirt is thoroughly cleaned
brushed and dried, lay it on ihe
pressing table or board, pin each
plait down in a proper fold, cover
ihe skirt with a piece of dark woollen
goods whieh Gas Ween previously
dampened and then press.
To remove dust from silk skirts do
mil use a brush, but wipe them with
a piece of velveteen, which will not
wear ihe silk and will remove the
dust very much more satisfactorily
than a brush.
Silk or ruffled skirts should he
fitted out with     tapes sewn ou     the
iwer ruffles, bv whieh tbey may be
hung upside down. This prevents the
skirt from sagging and the ruffles
from drooping.
Gowns of delicate material should
he put away in long boxes or drawers, each skirt being folded in plaits,
into which il should fall when   being
... -'ii. Tlw bodices should he stuffed
with tissue paper,     also   tho sleeves
ind trimmings tilled out with the
Wash frocks should always be put
away in trunks, boxes or drawers,
whether they have heen worn or not,
for in hanging they grow stringy, arc
more easily affected by dampness ami
lose their freshness before thev arc
(From an Eastern exchange)
Small, while spots which often ap- ja
eai on the nails aro caused Mnn. n
When ready to sew on a row of
hooks nnd eyes place the two edges
of lining to which they are tn be
sewed evenly together one on top of
tha other," I hen take the tracing
wheel and mark' places on hnih edges
al once.
If the ruffles of silk petticoats bonne flimsy and a trifle worn, rut,
off the fringed pieces and sew on the
bottom of each ruffle a very narrow
pieot ribbon. Place tho edge, of the
ruffle in the middle of the ribbon,
sewing at tho top onlv, leaving the
lower edge to fall below the ruffle
Pillow cases will have Iheir usefulness .prolonged if, when they, begin
, to show signs of wear, they are un-
I ripped at the bottom, and, before, being seamed up again, are folded so
that the seam at the side now
comes down the middle. In this way
I the whole of the pillow case gets an
equal amount ol wear.
You have two odd pieces of crescent shaped lace and wonder what
possible use then can he iu a waist
arrangement, lliey will serve nicely
for the outline of a luce yoke bv
bringing the two ends to a point in
.lhe center   front.      This makes    a
\ iith widow makes u poor invest-
lent when sho buys a husband.
mimed man says il isn't the
■ a death ih.u worry- him, but
iws of life.
When it cornea to Liking a long
in-.ith Uie giraffe has the rest of. the
in nogei io beaten,
.    It.    Ill'llll)
Took ti. f.
■ml Director
Pliono No, su
j is now located in its comfort-
' able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to- '
date and is motlcrnly equipped
to do just the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Pt. Steele Brewing Co.
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
A Good Investment
on your  house tli id winter will
save oiie-liulf your coal lull.
Order now- from the
Cranbrook Sash and
Door Company
All kinds of Huililing Material i
hand or made to order
Take notice that I, George Geary,
of Kort Steele, It. C, occupation,
Livery Stable Keeper, intend to apply for a special timber license over
the fuliowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
N. E. corner ol .1. Sullivan's preemption, theuce south St) chains,
thenco east 20 chains, thence south
80 chains, tbenee east 40 chains,
theme north Kb chains, thence west
2ii chains, Ihence north 77 chains,
thenco west 17 chains, thence north
.'{ chains, thence west 23 chains to
point of commencement, and contain-
ig 010 acres, more or less.
George Geary.
Dated September 27th, 1287.    21-6t
j   Take nolice that The King Lumber
[Mills, Limited, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land:
| Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of the I. Ca-
hill timber limit, Lot 7312, thence
running north thirty-five chalnsl
thence east twenty chains, thence
south twenty chains, more or less, to
j lhe B, 0. Southern right-of-way,
thence following the said right-of-
way in a south-westerly direction to
point of commencement, and containing fifty acres, more or less.
(Sgd) The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.,
Geo. Hungcrford, Locator.
Dated September 19th,  1907.  26-f-t
If you are in the market for loading chains, we have the
Trident teel Loading Chain
The chain thnt will outlast any other on the market.
Breaking sln.ii. for 5.16tb inch attain - 8,100 It.s.
1-ineh chain       -    6,150 lbs.
I It ll-l I-I-I I lllllll 111II 1111111 11 I I 11 11111111*
I The Cosmopolitan I
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
it ii 11111 iii ii i ni it 111 him 111111111; i ni i i
lllll 11 ll'l'l-l 1111 11 I H I 111111 11 I 11 I I 11111 »!■» .
-jJJ^I^i^i^i^^^l-^Uji   *mj*'ww*^*l4^4jtWtw^tw^HMafwww*mwWttmpt^^m$fmQ
   - '*
R.iili:!. a.lit,dressed ', Jk
LUriBER and If.
£    Also all  kinds ol i-gi
iitiln.lur.r, .1 I a*
hand dressed     , ~~
■Hit IS it
•liitt'r.y, Ryan nml    '
Cranbrook, H.C.
Head llllict. ■ Cr._brf.ok
...... .
Wentworth Hotel
CI.AIM' A ROLLINS. Proprietors
CRANBROOK        - - B. C.
This is the hotel that they talk about
Wlio are " they " '.'
The people.
Why do "they "talk?
On account of the good meal*, the comfortable room?, the excellent service, nml the cordial.courteous treatment accorded to all. Eati
meal at tiie Weiaworth and you become a Wentworth booster.   Try it.
When you buy meats in l.ot weather.   We pay
particular attention to this f.-ature of our business.
That is why people depend upon us for the ltest at
.  this season olthe yeat.
CALGARY CATTLE C0.cranbbrc°°k
Phone Ul P..0. Box 33
"It's a Put-up Job"
Tiii- fellow i- after.   Ik U going
t<> hang some of oui fine
which have been GREATLY SEDUCED I.N PRICE.   IVeliave a
e stock ol cholco .lwi«nii to
r to make room (or our new
b] h. SHORT & CO. I
^*~Z^A*m^?£5£*' •"''*Pi|0,erl aB4 Diws.«i
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, but we
put this nd in the Herald to
emphasise it.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
I have secured machinery for
sawing wood, and am now prepared to contract for Wood of any
length, in large or small quantities
Out-of-town contracts solicited.
For further particular* add rem
$2.00 A YKAlt
TIIK   PAI'Kll   THAT   IS   HEAD   IIY   THE   l'EOl'l.E
NOVI.MBI.lt" 14, 1907
bi tl.e Herald   ruUli.-linm Company,
Editor and Mauagt't.
The lli'ruld is worth $10 a year, ll
costs only 12. No man iu Suinli
East Kootenay cun aflord to be without it. anil everyone living outside nl
the district, who is Interested in tlie
i. .ogress ot this section, should rem.
11. it publishes the news while it is
news. It is controlled absolutely hy
the publishers, Nu clii|ue, party or
Individual dictates its policy. It
don't uy lu ploase the people. 11 s
desire ir. lo publish a newspapei thai
will be a credit lo tlie community.
Send in your subscription aud you
w.ll he ibanklul ever atterward.
Advertising rales I. per Inch pel
month, im moie and no lens.
Reailine innilcr 15 cents per l.ne
lo uou-iiilveitiscrs; 10 cents per line
ti, rcRular advertisers.
I. vuu desire lu reach the peoulo ul
Sou.h Gust Kootenay you must ail-
vertiso ni The Herald.
The llcrnld Ims a drst-clnss lob
plant, .mil i.s work is ol tho best.
The Herald don't want charity. It
want:i a sipuu-e deal on your lob
wn.k. II we can't suit yuu in quality nn.l inii-c, kick, nml send your
wnrk lu some Cheap .lohn bouse in
the cast tbat ..eve. spends a cent in
4,600 * Month
This ii iln- {{im mu teed
.'illation of ihe Mora Id
Press to*.in ninl nuli!.crip-
tion lists open io investigation l.y advertisers at any
The Humid gives u dollar
in value for a dollai in money. Tlie advertiser lias ihe
right lo know what lit* in
receiving for hif money.
The Herald is one paper
that uourts iuvestltigntiun,
Fuliowing is a statement of the
circulation of tlie Craubrook Herald
fur the past tf months:
Augusl  5,270
September  4,315
October  4,805
November  5,460
December  5,400
January  6,600
Kebruary  4,425
March  4,425
April  4,423
Total for 1) months  43,623
The total for the B months is
43,623, which divided by 89, the
number ot issues during that period,
shows the average circulation per
Issue to have heen 1,118 and 31-39.
The above is a true aud correct
statement ol the circulation ot tha
Cranbrook Herald for the time stated.
F. K. Simpson, Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to belore me
hy the said F. K. Simpson, whom I
personally know, this 27 th day of
May,  1907.
J. A. Arnold,
.1. 1'. in and for British Columbia.
In eastern Canada and the States
It is considered a conservative estimate that live people read every
paper Issued. In Cranhrook, to be
on the safe side, we place the number at three, which is absolutely.
safe, and that would make 3,854 readers of the lleralil each week.
These circulation figures ean be
verified at any time by any advertiser who will take the trouble to go
over the subscription books or watch
the hig press roll out the papers.
This is where the advertiser nets „
run for bis money. The Herald
would like to see every newspaper
make a sworn statement or its circulation. The advertiser is entitled to know. He pays his money
and he sliould know what he is getting in return.
Why don't all papers do as the
Herald does?
S »Y THE Ol.l) MAN. »
The Herald has always been independent, and always will be so long
;is ii is under the present management.. Vet there arc some people
who do nol appreciate the full meaning of the term, and fall info the
error of thinking thai an individual
or ,t newspaper Uiat claims independence must have no opinions on polities or other matters of Importance.
The following from the Victoria
Colonist, ti recognized Conservative
paper, but nol a Conservative organ,
hits the nail on the head, and should
he un eye opener to some narrow-
minded individuals:
lu all parts of Canada there is a
protest on the part of leading
papers against their being regarded as party baeks, A great
change Is coming about iu t<his
respect. The time was not very
long ago when it could be truthfully saitl the poi tit leal parties
supported newspapers, now in the
majority of eases the newspapers
support the pany. The distinction is worth keeping iu mind.
Let us .u.ive an illustration. The
..ihi day a correspondent brought
a letter lo the Colonist, which be
wished to luve printed. It was
grossly personal and he was bold
ihal ii would nol be Liven a place
in on. columns. It had no reference io polities in any way. When
in* was refused hu grow quite Indignant, said that hit had always
been a Conservative aud that
things hatl come lo a pretty pass
"if I am nut allowed to print a
letter in our paper." He was
under 'the impression tbat In some
mysterious way he was a part
proprietor ui the Colonist, which
Iw seemed to suppose existed for
no other purpose than to enable
Conserva lives lo express their
opinions upon peoplu aud things
in general, no matter how bitterly. The Winnipeg Free Press
s.iys "it is not ito business of a
paper, however outspoken it may
he in its advocacy of political
opinions, iu act as a whipper-iu
for a party. It is its duty lo
a Ivoeate the principles and
policies   it   believes      to  he   light,
without regard io the doleful
tiniorousiicss of I inn-servers, conscious that in the long run it ean
thus best serve lhc party to
which it is allied and ito state ai
large," The Free I'ress is a
Liberal paper, aud the St. John
Telegraph, which claims to be Independent but lias a decided Conservative bias, declares the opin-
ii us oi iis Winnipeg contemporary
to    be     a    hopeful   sign of    Mie
We have in Canada newspapers
which are not conducted on this
principle and they arc not alt ou
one side of polities. They can
see nothing good in their opponents; Uiey can lind nothing wrong
iu iheir friends. They dare not
applaud a judicious act on the
pari ut whom they oppose, lest
they mi!,ht possibly influence
some one in their favor; they
dare not urge their own friends
Ui lake auy course lest by so doing ihey might enibarass tbem.
Sueh papers have very little in-
llucnee. Still less iutluence have
bhosc dealing with personalities.
Now, there arc personal references
io which objections cannot be
taken. A public man makes certain statements; it is proper for
Ins friends to applaud him and for
his opponents to criticise him,
provided the irut-h is adhered Uf,
bul it is not proper to indulge in
innuendoes reflecting upon the
motives of public men or to make
covert charges of dishonesty
against them. Sueh things can
Im: left by the papers supporting
,a party to those papers which
lhe party supports, and it would
be very much better for all concerned if the work were not done
at all.
A very great responsibility
rests upon tbe newspapers of Canada, a responsibility far greater
and mole lasting than lhat of seeing that the particular set of public men with whom the newspapers happen to be associated
get or remain in power. It is
the responsibility for elevating the
tone of public opinion. Too often
this duty is disregarded for the
sake of making an appearance of
smartness, or perhaps of winning
thu approval of some public man,
whose favor seems worth catering
for. Charges of corruption arc
had enough, when they are s-pecilii
and supported by evidence, but unfounded insinuations of corruption arc infinitely worse. Yet It
is In-coining the fashion In some
newspaper quarters to talk incessantly of corruption in connection
with every phase of public life.
This sort of tbing lowem the toue
of public sentiment. We bold
that, when corruption ean be established, it ought to be, and it
should he pressed home upon the
guilty parties without mercy; but
when' it cannot be established it.
ought nol lo he insinuated. We
do not believe an election was
ever gained by that soil of thing;
hut we do know thai the tone ol
public stiitintent has been lowered
and wrong impressions of ljfe in
lbe Dominion hnve been spread
M. S. McCarthy, M. I1., the brilliant member from Calgary, tins au-
tiouiier-d lhat In- would not be a Candida te for it-elect ion, and the t.'al-
;ait Conservatives are thrown into
ousicin-iiion in consequence, as they
.ie tree in their expression of opinion
hai Mi. McCarthy is the „nly Coii-
ii-rvat'lve who can cany the Calgary
(Ulen Ihere is n business man who
wonders if advertising pays, and
yet if he would stop and think for a
moment, he would be convinced that
in this modem day and age, telling
the people what you have for sale is
absolutely necessary for business success. Tliis fact is fully demonstrated by the. millions of dollars expended
in advertising by shrewd and successful business men each year. Some
months ngo, owing to a strike oil the
printers and pressmen at Butte,
Mont., all of the daily papers were
suspended for a few weeks, and during that time, the larger stores said
that their business fell off from 30 to
fift per cent, simply because tbey had
no medium of communication ' with
the people
Naturally the price for advertising
space depends upon tbe circulation and
standing of the publication. Some
of the larger advertisers spend fortunes for space in high class publica
tions. For instance, a single page
in one issue of tbe ''Chicago News"
costs $1141.50; in the "New York
American," $980.00; iu the "New
York Herald," $698,25: in "Collier's
Weekly," $1600.00; in the "Saturday
Kvenlng Post," JISOO.OO; in the
"Delineator," $1800.00; in the
"Woman's Home Companion,"' !
$1800.00; in the "Youth's Compau-!
ion," $iW0.O0; in the "Ladles Home!
Journal," $4000.00,
.This advertising musl pay, else the
advertiser could not afford lhe price.
And, it is llie same iu the largei
dailies ot Canada and the United
States. The paper ihat can give
results) gets tbe advertising and ihu
high price. Tlie Herald, iu a mod
est way, charges a higher price for
its advertising space lhan most weekly papers in Western Canada, yet it
gets the advertising, simply because
ihe Herald has ihc circulation and
gives the advertiser the results, it
is only Uw paper with the circulation,
lhe paper that is read by the people,
that can do ibis. The fact that
advertising pays is conceded by every
man in business, whether il be on a
large or small scale, and tlie fact
that advertising in the Herald pays
is further demonstrated by every
business man iu Cranbrook. Hu
knows what he is gelling tor his
money since lie knows, or can inform
himself, as lo thu actual circulation
of tbis paper, The Herald circulation is not a pig lu ibe poko proposition.
There is considerable talk about,
candidates lot mayor at the ucxL
municipal election, and Ihe names of
Ex-Mayor Rogers, Alderman Fink and
Alderman McCowau are being mentioned.
Head the Herald and keep posted.
Wbal Cranhrook needs for next
year is a broad-minded ma" in the
mayor's chair, a man who will he
aide to meet the demands of that office, fur the coming year promises io
he one of the most progressive in the
history of progressive Cranhrook. It
will take a big man tu make .(, success as mayor next year, and men in
thv council who will have in view the
progress ul Cranbrook above all
'Hints, and who will cut out petty
bickering and personal attacks. Such
a mayor and such a council will mean
much for the properly owner, the
wage earner und lhe town as a
Keep on boosting for Craubrook
ami the district.
The advertiser who pays money for
his advertising should take an interest
in the circulation of the paper tbal
gets his money. 'I'he Herald is only
too phased to give the advertisers
the very information that they have a
right lo receive. The Herald's circulation is Ivusui on lucUj nut wliul.
That is why advertising in the Herald brings satisfactory results.
The Herald job office lias been
rowded with work the past month.
An ollice that turns oul excellent
work invariably reaps its own reward.
Keep in mind thai race meeting.
It is going lo be a great boost for
Cranbrook and the whole district.
When you have a chance to say a
word for the Farmers' Institute, say
it. Its success means a great deal
tor this part of the country,
The banana crop has been a success
the past year.
The people of Cranhrook have the
well-earned reputation of working together. Let us maintain that reputation in the future.
It is easy to see that Cranbrook is
Send tbe Herald to the folks in the
east for a Christmas present. You
could not give them one that would
please them better.
A reader of the Herald remarked
last week, after reading the judgment in the celebrated oil lands
case and the latest news about the
Koolcnav Central: "Well, it is a
fad, that it there is anything of interest to the people of this district
it will always be found in the Herald."
The recent bye-elections in Ontario
move ilie Montreal Herald to remark that Ihere is nothing in their
results to indicate auy change in
political sentiment. The Star suggests the reason fol the failure of
the Conservatives to nuke headway
when it says: "The opposition—
'contrary to all tradltlon—has ho-
'eomc tin- timid party, substituting
'mild suggestion for positive ag-
'gression uud doing its official 'on*
'posing iu a halfhearted way. It is
'breaking no now ground with any
"implement more formidable than an
"erratic golf club, and leaves the
'people guessing what Ihey wouhl
'gain if tbey weir to work » poi it 1-
'enl revolution and lift the Conser-
"vative party to power."
Progress beats polities in lhe west,
aud the people in this part of the
Dominion are paying mole attention
to progress than Ihey ale to polities.
That Is why they are prosperous.
Head the Herald and gel all ihe
The new mail    boxes at the C. I*.
. station are proving a great convenience,     The Herald has (ought for
great many things for the benefit of
Cra-nbrook. and the new mail boxes
and free express delivery are among
the results. Publicity "is a great
thing if a paper hus the courage and
judgment  to go at it right.
■ There is a movement on foot in
England to do away with tbe
ehureh hell. This is a move in lhe
right direction. Tbe church bell is
a relic of early ages when time pieces
were scares, and   people bad to     be
Come and See the Very Latest Fall and Winter Overcoats
Have Your Clothes Made by Expert City Tailors
it is pretty generally unreal tlml tlie liesl tailors nro located in Toronto. They
lmve tin* jjopiilulion ami they lmve the won 1th there. \\\- are boIo uuents for ilo*
LEA DIN 01 Toronto TAlLOttS, whoso clothett nre known fnr ami wide us lhe
20th Century Brand Garments
Tho Clothes ure ail that the ntnne Implies. They are to the minute in stylo anl
art. easily the most eluverly talloretl garments in Canada. This firm takes lirst
place ami dominates lhe lino trade by  force of initiative and achievement
called    lo   worship   by a loud noise.
Willi every bouse containing one to a
dozen time   pieces,     the   ehureh bc'l
mill be easily dispensed with.
The people of Oalfjary are complaining of a lack of gas ami vet  It.
II. H.-iui.-lt and Paddy  Nob iv slill
in tin- land of ihe living.
Tl.r Lollrbrldge Herald will stall n
daily about the firsl of lhe year and
IV. \ Uuebunmi, ibe former editor,
will li,- in charge. It goes without
saying Unit the Lethbridge Dally
llcnihl will be one of the best iu the
wesi under sueh a management, Mr.
Much,!n,in has had years of experience
on dally papers in tbe east, and he
will give to Lethbridge tlm hem*fit of
tlml experience, If Lethbridge wants
ii daily pa|>er it should have a good
'ipe, ami Ihe Herald will he a gnod
Some time ago we wrote the    following    article, and   the    sentiment
; based    on our experience editing
pioneer newspapers in lbe west. Since
that  lime it has    apnearod In many
pers, and some of Ihem have given
edit, but as a rule il  was run     as
iginal matter.    The article in question is as billows:
The newspapers of the west, are
doing their part iu building up
Ihe west, and when Ihe present
boosters are dead and gone the
general Ions Hint follow will, no
doubt, begin lo realize this fact
and he filling   to    tarry for     a
moment in their race for the al-   tto the conditions tlml  Would follow
mighty dotlat and say a word of     in llie future
praise Im  those     who so loyally    j ___
stood bv the country in the early   j   "Honest    .lohn" Olivet     made    n
stages when il needed untilUBlnstlc    most favnrablo Impression upon those
friends, wlm bend hi take a shurl talk to
li seems slintifcu that editors ol tbu Liberals yesterday afternoon. Mr.
newspapers will persist in stealing Oliver has a level head, and what is
mn in ibis ma nnor, If the news- more be is honest in poll lies, in
paper tueli canuol he honest witb each business and in every phase of liis
other, wbal ean thev exprcl of out private life. When it comes nine to
siiicrs'* mime u senator Iroui nrlllsn t uiu n
bia .lohn Olivet should he Ihe man.
' Wbal Cranhrook needs is more
houses, 'there is a constant demand
for houses thai will rent for from
$12 to $l!i a month. A better in-
Msiimiit     cannot   be lound in    the
| ountry.
I .Minister Turgeon, of Quebec, when
i barged with dish -sty in ollice, resigned and went back to lhe peuple
fir a vindication' Hid vou ever hear
of ., minister iu Hritish Columbia
making a break like that'.     liar-fly.
Fighting -Ine Martin has butted into lhe arena again and is opposed to
loth Liberal anl Conservative policies. That is like Mr. Martin. He
nliist he il or nothing.
There are still people wlm ale ai'gu-
tig iu favor ot employing Japanese
abor with hundreds of white |icoplo
iu the province out of work. If they
were successful iu their desires the
hard times of the present woul I
prove a roseate dream    us compared
There is loo much prominence being
given to the writings of Harold Itig-
ble, of the London Times. Highie is
a cad of the worst kind, a man who
looks upon a Canadian as an Inferior
.being li'i-eaiise he is a colonial, aud
upon ou.- In.tu tbe I idled Stales as ,t
crude and Ignorant individual.
' .1. .1. Atbeiton bas moved tbe
Slocan Mining Iteview from Slocan ■*>
New Denver, the Lucerne of Canada,
.made famous by It. T. Lowry iu the
early boom days.    We trust that thu
[people of that city will appreciate tho
value of a paper like Mr. Athertoii
can produce and give him a support
Ihal will keop lhe sherilT oul of the
shop and give comfort and happiness
to him and bis family. The only
wav ilrai this can be done is lor
everv man engaged in business in
that' lown to    take an advertisement
'and pav for it, and furthermore, for
'everv resident in the town to get a
hust.ii- ou    himsell    aud try to    ln-
'i-rcosc  the subscript ion list  of     the
'paper.       New   Denver    has a great
illume to get on eal 111 onee more,  I
it is up to the citizens to do ihoh
_ 4	
'I'llltKK   COAL   MINIMS   Mil KD
1 llosinei. Nov. 11 —As lui- I. ill) of
i ..I.I.-nl.il    cXplllH     nl   lhe   Hi'H
imi coal mines at I la p m today,
one llaliau and Iwo Slavs wen- In
stonily tilled, and one Slav was scri
oi.slv Injured,
The men were blasting on a Rl le
hill to gel material lo till n treslle,
They bad seven boles drilled and wero
rilling the eighth. All the holes
were lo have liven discharged at !*i
p.m., hut a premature explosion occurred which is supposed to have been
Hie result of coining lu contact wilh
n' misfired hole.
Harry Moiitelbrtli, foreman, ngo
35, married.
.loe Liehazt. age 20, sihgle.
.1.  Malawich, agtll 20, single.
Uoutelbctli leaves a wife and two
children here, and is wrtl known in
bis locality. Lichaizt and Matawich
had onlv been here a few months.
This is the first fatality iu Hosmer, which promises lo to one of the
most prominent coal centers iu Hritish Columbia.
Coroner Hlrasdull arrived from Kernie tonight and summoned a jurv, bill
up to a late hour no verdict bad been
reached, TIIK   CIlANKOOK     Ul.ltAI.H
Your Druggist Is Just As
Important As Your Doctor
'l'l... Doctor ilirects whut medicine you ahull
l.iki', und it you do not get it oxuctly as lie orders,
his advice nnil efforts ure lost.
Tho public know when they see our label on a
proscription that it is just what their doctor
..rileri'il   nothing more -nothing less.
Wo en. till '.»y intelligently written prescription fn.... any doctor.   If we can't we will tell you
Thnl i« why we have the roputilliou of being
V.ni iluii'i tiikc ii chance a.
2 . if Lenmire's and  Colmont   tiros.' OPEltA
GLASSES just ii. from the Kumpeun market
in Pearl und Morocco Trimmings at ren.nrk-
* ably   I""' prices.   These  make .. handsome
t oiirlsllima (lift.   Huvo one put   aside now.
X      ■ — Za*ZmT
f      W.    H.   WILSON. Gradu"T«erOp..--l»'-
BEDS Springs
Mattresses     Comforters     Pillows
Rugs      Mats      Linoleums
Dresser and Stands Tables
ii Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd. ||
Real Estate Snaps
Vacant Lot	
Lot anil 2-room Sluu'k	
i Vnon.il l.ois   	
2Vncn.it Lots on Huker Hill
Do.   tin.      I'Vnwirk Aii'iiui'
l.nl ...ul House across Creek
Lot uml l-ronii.i'il House
i bul. .mil Shuck
I bu. anil House
but ...id House, link.'.' Hill
i Lots nnd Warehouse, down .own
Htiust' uml Lot, down town .
Liii-ffi' Warehouse
i Lois ...ul Bungalow
i bn.s uml '_ Si,in House
s H.o
* 1,0011
Wc lmve in-' i"ci'iM'il uu olognul line of metallic
.I i:\VKI. (ASKS iii Iti-onie. tloM Plate.
Antique nml French llrev I'lnlsh.   Those would
ilinke I.-i.-ii i- ivellus usrfiil XMAS GIFTS fnr
Iln- Indies Tin') rungo in price fm... SCI .Ml In
$,'. 5(1    Wo.  I iniiic your Inspection,
lill....l   l\',ili.|i  hi
Let us sell you one like the
illustration. The price is
right. Our tinner will put it
nnd the necessary pipes up
without profanity.
ORANBROOK    -   -   II. 0.
Yon spend most of your life in your liono*. ami if
you wish to live the allotted Hpan ui three m-ore
vears and ten, In* mm' you are well shod. We
liavu n
ll.ai wi- want Introduced. It i* made specially
fur railroaders, nn.l Iln- wearing quality in (iuiu-
antoeil.   Tin? regular price in I5..K).
During November we will sell this Boot
at. $4,011.   Just you try a pair.
We ai*. offering f|i_fi:il caili inducements. For
overv 'Inlliii spent with m loi BOYS' ll.ii.TS
thls'  ...until    wii   will    refund   vuu   TWENTY
0ENT8.   Tliii  uif- II 'ii. boolsfo. II :'u: J2.00
Boots for 11.60; |!.M Boots loi fS.OO.
Ni.l.l.-ll HOSIERY.—Wa buy our Hosiery from » dealer who
iu.puru his .liu'i't from England. We nave just received ■
lull Iim- in .11 sizes in Mi-,'.' nn.l Women's.   Kor Children
vi. H„. Double-Knee Cnsluuera I low...
G.   T.   ROGERS
The Homely Spud-
We Have the Ashcrofts
Tl.e real, genuine, "KEEP All. WINTER"
ASI1CR0FTS. No |''..ali. grown in the West
quite equals the ASHCROFTln quality.
Price $2.00 per 100 lbs.
APPLES—We luui' the usual winter varieties;
Spys, King.. Baldwius, 1.,i^--^ip. Greenings,
Price per ho,       1235
CK.B APPLES.—Etill a few hoies a. 11.78 per i-.x.
CRANtemiBS,-Cape Cod, per lb..   17c.
SPANISH ONI0NS.--1Y1 lb -  6c.
nil.HU OIAPCS.—Per lb. 30c.
CABBAOE.-1'nr lb  2c.
CAULIFLOWER.-Per lb  lie.
SWEET POtATOES.-lVr lb  6c.
. I'.s
Upliolatorcd chaiis.it cost.—*C
Wc    ll.l.I-   11     full   llllf    nf   1,01
ljlil.-l.otis.     Sep window —-Tfif 1
Mrs. ,1. ... McDonnell will receive "''I,'
on Wednesday, November _tHh, from ....'-'
.1 tn li o'clock and afterwards on Un* JjllpH
3rd Wednesday of every, month. ._,_.
Patmore Rros. are vt-.y busy   uiih bmci
their tall work just now, but    with i   i*u
extra    helps   are   endeavoring,     us rj, i
usual,   tu give   one   and all prompt |   A1. Dojrlo ,111S    me\muA t,i„ _IlU.i-
sm>ee. ests of his partner In tlio livery   firm
Horn-On Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 11107, '„t Ocary & Doyle and will bavo lull
In Mi. and Mrs. Dan MoDonald, a .hnrgo nf tlie liusiiiess hereafter. Mr.
sun. Mr. McDonn.il has lieen rccolv- deary, in retiring, (joes will, the
lag tlio congratulations ot his (rici.-.'s best wishes o. his many iriends
throughout    the   district,   ami   Mr.
recoivod u Inuu-h
s .mil fresh Host
this week with
uniy     grow fruit     in
wc ripen it ... Ward-
.Iiniii  for     Wardner.     This
Unit ll.c fruit belt in this ilia*
s a large nne anil virtually em-
llii* whole district,
lilii.e   is   going  cheap  at the
ever  since.
JUIKllN.i A  CltlAR
hy ll.e gnmliness of the box or oven
liv its price dues mil determine its
They judge solely l.y ll.e Haver, fragrance aud smoking quality ut Hie
cigar. That's how we wunt vou tn
judge nur EI, BRAVO cigar. ' After
yuu have enjoyed it thoroughly, you
si* the usefulness of a Pl'lco standard. Our figures are away below
what ynu'd naturally expect, to pay
Inr a cigar of such a grade.
oui n i*
IVd anil sprinKl $7.00.-C. C. S.
Ipholst-ered chair?* at cost.—C. C.S.
Now is the time to huv furniture.—
C. C. S.
U. II. Dollar! was up from Wardner
Paul Handley was in from Marys
ville Wednesday,
EA. Hill, of Moyie, spenl Sunday
last in Cranbrook.
VI. U. Andrews, of Edmonton, is at
the Cosmopolitan.
W. II, Wilson, the jeweler, visiied
Moylo Monday lasl.
Mrs. Naite, oi Movie, wns shopping
in lhe eity Saturday.
When von want, pure homo made
candy call at The Palm.
lie! a Kootcuay Range .iml he
happy, ai Patmore Bros.
K. 11. Jacobs, of Calgary, was at
ihe Cosmopolitan Friday.
li s. Barclay, of Regina, Was at
Um* Cosmopolitan Sunday.
Get your heating stove at Patmore
Bros.     They handle the best.
A. ('. Bowness was transacting
business in Movie Monday last,
Miss ll.-ndien, of Wanlaer, spent
Sunday with friends in the city.
Judge Wilson held a session ol Un'
county eoun ai Golden last week,
II. Y. Parker has been in town the
past few ilays to visit with Ids family,
P. MuUlCSon left Monday for a
week's trip through the Okanogan
J. Marshall and .lames Craig, of
Cnlgary, ate among the nuesis at.
the Cosmopolitan.
.1. R. Crowe. P. I lent y and H. 11.
Dim mock, of Movie, spent a few days
in tlie eity this week..
It will soon he lime fo
and lhe Interest this seasoi
even greater than lasl.
(let.. Kennedy is erecting two new
il well Ing houses in the soulh part of
lown on Dnriek avenue.
Wi- are "next" to the slove luisi-
iiiss and ean supply you with jusl lhe
one you now!.—Patmore Bros,
ll.l.. Harris and wife, of New
York, are al the Cosmopolitan. Mr.
I l.n ris mav loeato iu the city.
.fames .Johns, of Movie, was shaking hands wilh his many Cranbrook
friends Tuesday and Wednesday,
W.WTI-.D-Positmn as teamster or
>ihi-r worli around Craubrook. Ad-
Iress   W.   Walsh,   Cosmopolitan   hotel.
Mrs. Thos. Oil! ami two children
arrived home yesterday after a two
month's visit nt  Morris, Manitoba.
LOST—A black cocker spaniel pup.
Kinder will receive suitable reward by
returning same to Br. K. W. Green.
Mr. and Mrs. W. !>. Hill and Mr.
ami Mrs, Chas. Smith lelt Sunday
morning for a week's visit tn Spokane.
II. W. Drew, proprietor of lhe
North Star hotel at Kimberley, lelt
yesterday on a business trip to the
A. II. Nesbitt's new residence on
Soulh Norhury avenue is rapidly
muling completion and will soon bu
ready for occupancy.
Win. Matthews   went to Kimberley
Saturday last to take charge ol   tbe
North Star hotel during MP
absence at the coast.
Vlnec LkWIcoatt bas rcli.rned frnm
Mrs.  Ed. 1-Yagan, ol Mar
■it  the St. Eugene hospital,
the    illness of ber    baby hoy.     Mr.
Keagan has     been in     (own several
limes this week.
The Crnnbrook Trading i
have secured the services of
class harness maker and will pay
special attention lo repairing harness
and making extra parts. ri 1 -1C
Mrs. Lester Clapp returned Sunday
last from Spokane, whore she bad
been for a week at the bedside of
her mother, who was undergoing medical treatment in that city.
.1. McDermid has bought the John
Ryan hotel at Wardner and will take
immediate possession. Mr. Ryan lu.
lends going to his former hoinu in
Ontario to spend the winter.
Upholstered chairs at cost.—C, C.S.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. .1.
M. Agnew, of Waldo, has been con-
lined to the St. Kugene hospital for
the past two weeks with typhoid fever hut is doing very well now.
We have a full line ol Lowtmy's
bon-bons.     See window.—Tbe Palm.
The Cranlirook hotels arc crowded
nearly every day, ami yet there are
somo people who say  that the town
Doyle will have the good will of all,
as he is deservedly popular wherever
|   'i h.-   tnrull IcparlmciiL uf    Hill
\v. Co. has grown lo such proportion
that it has heen lound necessary to
su-iiie larger tf natters and in con-
sequeucu Mr. Hill is erecting a large
store building ou Armstrong avenue
iit\t io iht! Dominion Meat company.
'll.e building will he 1M-.I2, two
shins high, wilh plate glass front,
and is being constructed l.y Geo. K.
Leask & Co.
i Now is llm Lime lo buy lurnilure.—
c. C. s.
j The new Ci'aiiliruok hotel is crowded with business, and notwithstanding lhe addition of .i'i lo in rooms,
Ihere are very few days that they
ale nol taxed to their fullest eapa-
tiiy.     Messrs.   Hoggarth .t Rollins,
[accoaling lo the statements made by
travelling men, have now one of the
most popular hotels in the wesi, and
Uu- proprietors have worked hard and
sn.iii their money freely lo make it
the time to huv furniture.—
quiet.       Some     pessimists
kick in the nuiet solitude of a holler
j factory.
I The Antni.ai. 1 -hii. wilt bold its regular dance tomorrow (Friday) even-
ling, at the new opera house. The
tile has been postponed to Friday
iwjng to other attractions at the
opera house.
KOR SALE—Four thoroughbred
Toulouse ganders; big birds. P. T.
Haywood, P. 0. Box 112. 33
Tho Herald received a telephone
message from the Sullivan mine last
Monday staling tbat that set-lion ol
ih.* country was bathed in sunshlii
while ('ranbrook was covered with
heavy cloud of fog.
|    Now i-
0. c. s.
)   I),     C. Patmore,   of     Minneapolis,
came iu on Monday's Flyer ami slup-
"|!j pod over for a short visit with    his
will    be
lhe Patmore Bros, of this
eily. Mr. Patmore is draftsman lot
ii Minneapolis firm of     saw milt t'e-
M.guoi-B.,   ii tul   in   tinw   on   his   Way       to
Spirit Lake,   Idaho,     to superintend
the erection of a large mill for     the
Pan Handle Lumber company) at that
place, and whieh he expects to    have
running by spring.
Bed ami spring, J7.UU.-C. C. S.
('has. 0. Rodgers, lumber manufacturer of Creston, spent a couple    of
days in    Craubrook the lirst oi    the
week.    Mr, Rodgers stales that   the
financial depression has had no visablo
e eilict un Crcston, especially with the
i lumher market, as the large   amount
ol building going on there keeps    the
LOST—Oxydlzed silver
rooch witli head in ceinei
in.lly leave at Herald office.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rookes and T.
■). Lewis, a brother of Mrs. Rookes,
were in town last Tuesday en route
Seattle. Mrs. Rookes Is recovering
from a prolonged illness ami lhe
party stop|x«d over here to give her
oo.—c c. s.
Bed and spring, $7
NOTICK-Astray on
of ihe undersigned: two sorrel horses.
Tho same lmve done consider affile damage to garden. Owner may have
same by proving property and paying
for damages and expenses. Apply S.
I. Harrison, Box 5, Wardner, B.
0. 33-2t
If you see some of the men around
the city wearing mack-inaws with
reil stripes, don't imagine they are
escaped oonvicts or parole men. On
the contrary they are.winners In one
of the curling contests last season,
and the coats were the prizes awarded.
Nuw is the time to huv furniture.—
C. 0. s.
II. White, customs officer, has purchased a lot ji.st south ol 11. Y.
Parker's     residence     on      Ni
venue, and will erect a cottag1
spring. Engineer J. W. Robertson has
purchased the John Fink home and
will move his family there when Mr,
While vacates same.
R. L. T, Galbrailh, Indian agent,
was over Irom Fort Steele yesterday. Mr. Galhraith is kepi busy
these days looking after his wards
and had lust returned from an official
trip lo Windermere.    Ho leaves today
dollar ,0Cl1' uiarket, up lo the average. Mr.
Finder Rodgers is an enthusiast regarding
Crcston and vicinity and predicts a
bright future for that locality.
Furniture is going cheap at the
C. C. S.
S. S. Taylor, of Nelson, came over
lasi Sunday to meet Mrs. Taylor and
lhc remains ui their fifteen-year-old
son, who died at Rochester, Minn.,
where he had been taken for treatment. Mrs. Taylor arrives! on the
premises Klyt-r un .Monday and tbe remains
were transferred to the regular C. P.
R. train and taken un to Nelson that
day. The many friends of the bereaved parents in this city extend
their heartfelt sympathy.
Bed and spring, $7.00.—C. C. S.
II. K. Macloiiell and family passed
through the city last Monday tor St.
John, where Mr. Macdonell will take
the position as freight agent for that
territory for the U. P. It. Mr, Macdonell has been located at Nelson for
a number of years in tlio same capacity and it was with great regret uu
the part of bis friends that they
learned of his departure. "Mac" as
lie was so well known all through
iln- Kootenays, will ho missed, hut
In. will have the best wishes nf a
htny |l(1.t nf friends in this part of Biltish
next Columbia for bis future success.
For Your
All Orders will receive prompt
and immediate attention.
ii Telephone 102
P. 0. Box 786
WE     !
Ottawa, Nov. 11.—A report from
W. L. MacKenzie King to the secretary of state today says the final
adjustment has been made ot all the
damage claims of tbe Japanese in
Vancouver in connection with th-.-
riots of last September.
Mr. King has awarded damages
totaling nearly eleven thousand dot
lars. On the fifty-six claims presented the total amount asked for
was thirteen thousand five hundt-
dollars, but in a number of instances
it was found that the actual loss sustained was considerable less than
that claimed.
The awards were considered satisfactory by the Japanese and a
cheque tor the total amount will be
forwarded hy the finance department.
to Mr. King, and the amount will to
promptly paid to tbe Japanese. This
ends satisfactory and speedily what at
uie lime might have developed into a
serious international imbroglio. Hon.
Rodolphe Lemieux is expected to arrive at Y'okohama tomorrow or Wednesday and he will lie informed by
cable of the settlement.of the trouble.
When  vnu  want    pun; h.
candy call at The Palm.
A. I'.. Watts returned from an
teinM trip to the cast yesterday
.   registered at the   Cranbrook
ft .in Ottawa.     This may prove
Mr lin.' of prophecy.     Speaking
Norfolk, Va., Nov. ia.-Thfl American Federation of Labor convention
today took an aggressive step toward
lhe establishment of a universal eight
hour working day in America and
discussed the raising a fund to fight
the war against organized labor, th4t
iis executive council reports has been
brought about through lhc Manufacturers' Association, with an available
fund of $l,5iHf,nfm. The executive
committee's report discussed many
features of many years activity. Toronto is set'tini; the next year's convention.
the Tobacco Plains district     to
e. o. s.
few differences in that
going   cheap    at   lhe  [,-.
There are some chicken thieves doing work around the town at the present time, and within the past week
nearly a. hundred have been stolen.
A bear trap or a loaded shot gun
might do something to stop Ihis kind
of pilfering, and it might he tri.
with advantage to the owners ol Hie
Furniture   is   going  cheap   at the
C 0. S.
Thos. N. Parrot, who has been em-
ployod (or tho    past three years    as |iii,|.. -,]
blacksmith     for the   King    Lumln
1 conditions in Uie east,
Mi \'i.iils ^,i\-, that ihe west is really in a better condition financially
lhan tin- east, bul that he bctloVes
t.i.ii the worst of the situation is
Mr. Watts looks for a very
y immigration from Eastern Canada within the next three years, as
ho says that the people of the east
are just beginning to realize what
glorious opportunities are open to
lhe people who come west.
Sunday, Nov. 17th.
The Rev. D. W. Scott, from Creston, will conduct the services throughout  the day, and address tbe    Men's
Own    at  3,30,     Sunday school     and
l  :i.      Tuesday, prayer
Wednesday,  Epworlh
s,  evening    on    Canada.
in it r.NDARY CLOSE   DOWN     COS-
: Phoenix, Nov. 12.—Today the Graft-
by and Knowshoo mines, employing
about 700 men, closed down tight.
The action is said to be due to the
low priee of copper. The Mother
Lodo mine is reported to he doing
likewise and the ttirco smelters of the
'district will be blown out and bo idle
I probably by tomorrow, making a
(total of about 2000 men thrown out.
j No intimation is given by the mine or
! smelter managers when operations
'will be resumed.
Get the Best
i — tWPBWI—
Grown at
Grand Forks, 11. C.
For information .'.p_)ly to
their ;c<.nt.
Crcslon,   B. C.
Two Jims
When the people of Kant
Kootenay go to Spokane
they f-hoiiTd be eure to
visit the
Dell Dick Bar
SI2 Mill Street
Opposite Victoria Hotel
James Neil & James (ialbrailh
I'he Beet of Wines ami figure
compiiny has    piwetiasral    the tilat-k-
smill. shop ol 0<*n. Kennedy on Han- Thursday, services ut Wudshun.  and
son avenue and embarked in business |.;na|  Kootenay mills nl ?.:.(..      The
  hin.snlf.       Mr. l'arnit Is an    ..'xprrt ,,ilS(or Is at homo on Friday evenings
Idaho wliiM-e he wenl to kit his '.ui.lli- lluuse-shoor and will make a specialty (,,, tHo purpose nf consultation    ami
er Sydney, win. has heen very ill bul ol this line ot work in addition     to tin- conduct "! any   church business.
Is now recovering. regular    ibluete-miihiiw   and    repair visitors lo ll.c town and newcomers
Tl.e     Kings birthday was oliscrvod ",,irk <>• »" WlH-Si    ■'■ Parrot    m- „,-_ rcmicsled to call.     Will     those
in L'.anb.onk by a generous display ol l"'ols ™ a<W a carriage shop to   his having Thanksgiving envelopes kindlv
Hags, all ot the business houses with .l"wi"<'ss I" the spring. nUm )),,.,,, t„ the pastor at     Iheir
.lug pules being decorated. '   .'pholstered chairs ut cost.—0, C.S. earliest possible convenience.
New  York,  Bov.    11.—The   Times
suys: A     i»ool in   which the largest
copper consumers of Europe are   re-
|ii('Si-nti-il   was recently    formed     in
London and has purchased 50,0u0 tons
i.f copper,    Tire price paid is slightly
above lhe    prevailing   price in     the
maricct.     The copper is to be delivered in November and December. The
amount   Involved   is    approximately
.Iii..........uu which is   to be paid     In
London on delivery.
:: llandley Livery and
Feed Stables
i   Rigs, Riding Horses and
Pack Horses lur any
part ot the
********************* > THK   -JUANIUIOOK   UKUALI)
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
ut   a royal garage lot    motor \
Pope's Villa, Twickenham, luoluding
e    poet's    grotto    ami Stanhope's
■ ,ea\e    is   to In   s.illi   l:v ;ilit turn      this
ive resistors,
lohn Clifford,
|        WARDNER J
(Prom out own cui respondent)
Policeman Adney was called to
Fort Steele on Friday on business
and fiuiu  iheif will  procfol  In    Vi
ll.l i.L    I"    Spl'lltl    ;|
hi-, b rot Iter, win
■ oveitil by a tl,000 policy, hu
expired about a month ago.
this his message delivered thai day
iperhaps not.    If he is lucky lu* does, I
 . lotherwise be dues not.     As to getting
Mr \ Ferriss, boss carpenter at 'll message to Fernie and getting a
he St. Eugene, Is making good pro- "'i'ly tie same day, si.eh a thing is
gross with the new house, which he is J)*"™} "'■ we had a telephone
Building in il..- south end of lown.        ȣ   Hwwrt "'I',  district   tbat is, if
8  tlw hue   from CrnnbvooV to   Ferule
land     lhe  government      line   between
(i, A. M. Voting is hero from Crcs- IMaeleod and    Frank     were connected
ig in move here for     Ihe.ime might  transact business wilh any
I   The   Patldintiioii     pn
hoadtd by lhe ltev. Ur.
have hem siiminmiod to appear at thi
^ 'local police court for the fourteen Mi
md  »lme.
Rallies beiu-    Illegal,     a Limerick
competition has been organized at a
bezaal, opened hv lbe Countess nf
Cassilis, on behalf ol the Dalbeattie
Conservative club.
short vacation with cupy th
resides  there.
Ah    .iml Mis   l{,   11,  Hoh.ill  spenl
couple "i days this week in Feruie.
.Mis.  Pum.ll,   who has been ill i
the Fernie hospital for the nasl to
weeks, was nblo to return home ..
Monday   last,   accompanied hy lu
Mr.  Peter Lund spenl a few   dn)
tins week in WyclilTo on busiuoss.
Me and h
place    known
near the M-.i.i
bride win
thi- Elmer
the .
E. Kelly went over to Nelson
■eM lo attend lhe uxvting of
(itration board, hut he had his
nothing as lhe board did not
Mis Myers
three dnughtc
Idaho, where
ers, who left beru ;
Thi- double with
that wo neglect It
what we have put off
accompanied hy     her I
s, left for Smut Point, I
Uiey  will join Mr. M\ -
Thus u.mIh and family left Thurs-
diy [ol Morrissey Mines, where they
wil! ii-.ipm ihe Western hotel which
Ils he. ii closed down for a year or
more ilif hotel is the properly of
Ir   II,ul. i mid Chas. Farrell.
if l In*
most of    us
do lo mono
,'ies. the new manager
brewery, has ordered'*a
linlIer and a liltt-i. and also a
miplete bottling plant. He expects
0 he in a position to turn oat bob-
led beer within a month. The lm*w-
rv is enjoying splendid patronage.
There i
the thing
I lot ate
the conij
i,.iiiiii)'.',   so   uneell.
you are dead sine
Samuels, assistant
any's   boarding   ho
tor England.
Once upon a time opportunity failed
to liiiotk nt a wise man's door. He
advertised for her ami she came aud
Mr,     .lohn    McDis
from Calgnry on    Fiida>  la
hu lias heen spending a few days
n turned
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
(From The Frank Paper.)
taut    e
t   of   some
to district
of  the ven
.  lien.-ral
urges in the inaiiago-
..f tin- coal companies
will lake place    the
0. E. S. White-
nager of the    West
Trying lo
lag adds  a
get something tor no
iitlc mon- experience,
Mr. I,a Chance ami lamily, who
came here from Elko a few days ago,
arc now occupying the cottage recently vacated hy Mr. anl Mrs.
Louis Larson.
iriilge has spent
llie |.
asl  weel.
in Fort
Steele on husi-
with Ihe
The Crows Nesl. Pass Lumher eompany met with a serious loss lust
weok when out; of thplr booms broke
and allowed 13,500 railway tics in
Hoat at random down the river.
'i'he box social .mil dance, which
Was given by Ihe Wardner school on
Thursday evening last was a grand
success in every particular
boxes made hy the ladies were very
numerous .md handsome. Mr.. II-
Limlsay, who acted as auctioneer,
deserves meat praise for the manner
in which he filled his position. The
proceeds of the sale amounted to thu
handsome sum of $70.ill). This sum
will he used iu decorating a large
Christmas tree for all the children ot
the town. Oood music was furnished
by Mr. LaChancc and all present en-1
gaged in dancing until lhe wee mua'
hours of the morning, all present
having spent a most delightful evening.
t.nliaii Collieries fm the past three
rs, will leave the West Canadian
in become manager of the international Coal cV Coke company, at
Coleman, while a new manager for
the West Canadian will come from
Franco. Oeorge L. Eraser, superin-
temlenl fur the International eom-
anv, will in all probability assume
ihe management of the Alberts Coal
company, of Lumlhreek, and the
J,o\;il Collieries, of Lethbridge.
Vice-President 11. N. Galer, ot the
International, Alberta <V Koyal companies, will shortly remove to Spokane, where be will make headquar-
lers ami will exorcist) supervisory control over all three companies. The
Alberta Coal company interests
vhich look over the Breckenridgc A
■und mine at Lundhrcck took charge
of the property last week. It is ex-
puctod that the preparatory work in-
Th-B c*,k,nt ,0 'he re-opei.ing of tlie mine
will be completed within a weet- and
Shipments of coal commence. Proctor
White, superintendent for the Gal-
I'uIt-h company, will direct the
underground work and .Mr. Short, accountant for the Oiilbraith carnally will have charge of the office.
other town on the line at probably tu
greater expense than
a tin word message r_mmma—mmaammamm
something of a contrast to this soil
of service if om* were able to call up
Mm* mnn he wishes io do business
with in another town and In two
minutes I causae t liis business with
out having to wait, one never knows
how tuna, for a >eply to a lelu^raph
message. Tbe Frank Paper hopes io
see lhe local Hoard of Trade take the
initiative and interest the other
boards on tbe line in a united effort
lo bring about a connection of lhe
two svstems.
made to the
of     England
orders.    The
isis to send  new plant hn*
11  would be
Aftei lasi in
miners' strike
liery, Mexbon
iim Ibis pern..
Intuited in sti
"Whal ditl
name was?"
magistrate ol
able lo pron
elerki,     "It i>
additions are being
unchlnei) ut ihe Bank
lor producing postal
ursi Installment of   the
,er three
igh, is i
ike pay.
Ith it.
Mr. E. Sliijiloin, of Harkley East,
Cape Colony, has sold his farm, ou
which mineral indications hnve been
found, for £36,000*.
A memorial tablet was elected hy
the   London   County Council on
askinl     the Cleikciiwell
ihe clerk.    "I am   not.
iiiiiiv it," replied     the
^^^^^_  K-r-e-d-r-l-t-sM-li."
| Inhabitants of Nowcastle-ou-Tync
arc admiring a tine sea painting exhibited in the shop window of a picture dealer, ami painted by a local
train conductor named Graham iu his
leisure moments,
Major Arthur Haggard, who worked so well to engineer tho Union
•lack duh, has undertaken to form a
similar club for ex-sallors and soldiers iu London, and is already pro-
t ni sit) Influential support.
I Myriads of greeff Hies have descended as a plague in the Nottingham
district. One day recently tbey
swept along    the Hul well roads
>iiucan 'iYrraee.'isiiugton. n". "when!  sticli   clouds' Uiat   cyclists and pedes-
n^nBMMHMMH-^amwHaM """^ iiliipelli'd    to seek  itduge
Charles Lamb resided at one time,
Husband and  wife and father   and.
daughter    sit   together   on Croydon'
Education committee, vi/.., Aid. "and Sophie Triggs obtained a separation
Mrs. Allen and Aid. and Miss Mor- order. She stated that she was mar-
land. Iricd to her husband, Thomas Trigg:
, Iriaus were
Al the West Holder petty   sessions
rabbit trapper, iu 1873, uud had had
twenty-one children. He was persistently cruel to her.
Vico-Admiral        Hobert     Leonard
Grooine, C. V. O., lias lieen selected ___________^^____^^_^^^__^_
succeed Vice-Admiral Sir George ; 	
T. II. Boycs, K. C. B., as director of     Orimshy     lishing   fleets and      tl'
transports. .Scottish herring lasses are bewail in
„ ,  .. tlm prevalent line weather, the
Owing to the    number of Hebrews •«« and the    sunshine, because
using iht* Whitcchapel Public Library
vhu know     little or no English     it
l.as l.tH'ii found necessary to appoint
a Yidtish-spcaking assistant.
herring shoals
surface    to he
roughens, and
vails at    the
will not rise to    the
caught     till the sea
herring famine   pre-
lisliing port in cousti-
Tbe mail who   'gets
wait for the crowd.
He who cultivates
vales riches.
I hero
Wm.     Somwion   retired     Monday
mm ilu> position of station agent for
the c. P. It., which be has   held so 'jj'mrt-reri
long.      Ue is    succeeded by G. II. '(|it^|,
Jlrowlev, who was installed    Tuesday '
by    Auditor   H.   S.    Wright.      Mr.
|  omerton is undecided as to what his
cm ise will be.     He. has extensive in-
Itcrests in Frank and may decide   to
emaiu   here, but   has     received    a
empting    offer    to     take the High
Itiver station and may decide to   accept it.
A corner house at Ipswich, with a
history of 500 vears, has been sold
lor £7ii on condition that it is pulled
down for improvements. Efforts will
be made to preserve part of the house
| in a museum.
The German Empress lias sent Miss
j.Liiiotham as her court pianist, a
hroovli in tbe shape of a tyle with
Ithe Iintien.il monogram and'crown iu
diamonds and sapphires, to he worn
as a decoration.
A burn uv »ponortn, wetticrliy,
Yorkshire, caught lire, and wlien the
brigade arrived a man wns seen in
the burning straw. Though frightfully binned, be was conscious, and
several    hours before     he
Air. Jarvis, who has been employed
with lhe lumher company as sawyer
during lbe pust season, lefl on Monday for his home in Portland, Ore.
Mr. Jnrvls is succeeded by Mr. Porte
while the season remains open.
i moyie I
(Frsm the Moyi* Leader)
I»r. Collin returned to Moyie    yesterday from Wasa.
A son Wiis horn to Mr. and Mrs.
Goldie Stewart early this (Saturday)
Mrs. Hoi lister returned to Moyie
yesterday after a two months visit
with friemls    in Vancouver, Victoria
and Seal lie.
T. T. McVittie, the surveyor, was
hero during the week running some
disputed lines on a certain piece of
property in lhe Movie townsite,
I>. ,1, Elmer and some others are
Interested in a silver-lead proposition
about two miles from Kingsgate on
the American side of lhe line, whieh
is to be the makings of a mine. A
sma'll force of men has been at work
tm some lime driving a tunnel on tbe
lead. This tunnel is now iu about
Wl feet.
Ihal  .
is reported   on good authority        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
very important strike bas been  possibility if not a probability
The mongrel cur of a man who was
aught peeking iu at the window of
be women's   dressing room at    the
hail last Thursday evening, should, if
iveu liis deserts, receive the old-
ashloned treatment of a coat of tar
and     feathers   and be   ridden out of
•town ou a rail.
The development work being presented     by lbe   Canadian     American
ompany is proceeding with satislac-
ory results.      The drifting on     the
ew seam is going uhead rapidly,, the
he south drift Ireing in now 125 feet
ud the north one about 100.        The
lope on tlie main seam is down    75
cot and is   being sunk steadily    und
with good progress.     With a continuance oi conditions tlie output of   lhe
mine will be greatly increased in    a
few months.     At present tlie output
is averaging over 71HJ tons a day.
The Maple Leaf company is making
good progress in the work opening
its property near Bellevue. Tlie tunnel is now in about 125 feet and
.Manager Dempsie expects to cut the
lirst seam in another week's time.
The company's siding on the railroad
is in and the contract lor building the
tipple is let.      Wnrki is expected     lo
tart next week.
(Tlm Frank Paper.)
'Iln* announcement last week that
tlie Cranlirook Telephone company has
completed connection with Fernie b>
ong distance line, was one of more
than ordinary importance to the
Crows Nest i'ass as it indicales
made at lhe upper workings of
St. Eugene, and that a big body
ore has been uncovered.
The rapid increase in business
Moyie lias induced the C. P. H.
put in an extra siding just south
their station.
elephoitie communication for tho
vhole I'ass may not he lar distant.
Minister of Public Works Oushlirg, of
the Alberta government, has signified
u willingness to build the government
ung distance line now completed to
Frank, through to (.rows Eest, and
| he Cranbrook company will build to
."rows Nest from the west. It would
e good business on the parts of the
arious board of trade along the
Crows Nest line if they were to make
concerted effort to bring about such
connection of the two telephone
'systems. Certainly no other public
.Jim Grant, master of transporta- utility is worse needed in the Crows
tion at the St, Eugene, went to see Nest Pass from Mie west. It would
the "Kilties" at Cranbrook Wednes- be good business on the parts of the
day, ami Herb Lowes and .lack' arious lioards of trade along the
OaVanaflh went ulong to prevent Mm Crows Nesl line if they were to make
from following tlie aggregation out of I concerted effort to bring about such
the country. .Iim never enjoyed j    connection   o[     the two telephone
himself   so much    since he left    the    ystems,     Certainly no other   public
"Glen," j tility is worse needed in the Crows
  I Jest' Pass in    view of   tlie wretched
There was no insurance on the log elOgraph service. One pays twenty-
building which was destroyed bv fire ' ii'o cents for a ten word message to
last week.
On account   of     the 10th of     the
month falling on Sunday tbe men em- '
ployed al  Ihe St.     Eugene will     he
given Iheir   chctpios  Monday.       The 1
amount disbursed will he $12,500,
Although deaf and nearly blind, Mr.
VI. Callow, the famous water color
artist of Misseiideji, is able to take
country walks at the patriarchal age
of .17. He is upright a ml alert, and
still lakes the keenest interest in his
James Childs, a farm foreman cf
Wit ley, has been awarded a silver
medal of the Royal Horticultural
Society as the cultivator of the best
cottage garden iu Surrey. The best
allotment in the county has been adjudged to be at Merton,
Assistant Jailer James Brlstowe,
who has retired from tlm Metropoli-
tau police after completing twenty-
six years' service as the officer of
Clerkeawclt police court, is estimated
to have passed through his hands a
quarter of a million prisoners.
Northumberland miners' wages were
advanced H;J per cent by the Coal
Conciliation board at Newcastle, making a total advance in underground
woiii'is' wages on lhe I Kill basis id
171 per cent, and in other labor    ot
Society's demands on Mr. Scott,
the Burlington Arcade dog outfitter,
for tlie coming winter include a dog's
bedstead, fur coats, handkerchiefs,
laved hoots (half a guinea per set uf
lour!)), silk-braided blankets, motor
goggles, ami nickel-plated foot-warmers for Fido when travelling.
Official returns of the. deliveries of
China black tea in Great Britain fur
the four months from June to September, 1!)U7, inclusive, show an   in-
uttMMio of   1,000,000  itoumle,  ot  38  put
cent., compared with tlie corresponding period of IDOB, while the deliveries of Indian tea show a decline of
about 11 per cent.
Tlie Dover military prison (the old
convict prison) on the eastern cliffs,
it is stated, is to be converted into
barracks for the Koyal marines, who
will be quartered at Dover in connection with the protection of the naval
harbor. Tlie prison at Woking, which
is at present only a detention bar
racks, will be tbe chief military prison from the first of next mouth, but
the Dover prison will probably nol, he
lin,illy disused until about P-.h:u.iry.
"Guilty—I'm alius guilty," was
tbe reply of James Woodham when
at Ipswich be was asked to plead to
a charge of begging. While iu thu
cells the mau tore his clothes to
pieces, and he presented a comical appearance, clad only in two rugs, on
entering the dock. There were forty
previous convictions in the borough
ami fifty iu the county against him.
"And so there are in Essex," he said.
The magistrate prescribed three
mouths' bard labor.
.,.,- -        .-..,,. ■   (,«'r il"*l over again lhe value    ot
i*Iie"L„A,!?.^Iar'",Van.™ Wi!s  /im-Huk for chapped    and     cracked
places" has been demonstrated. Mrs.
Yellcu, of Portland, adds her testimony, ami says: "My hnnds were
so sole and cracked that I could not
put litem near water. When 1 tried
to do so they would smart and burn
as if 1 had scalded them.    1   seemed
.needed three months ago, nnd tho
present mak-cs a total Increase of
23] per cent in a year.
North London music lovers will
shortly have an opportunity of hearing Fritz Kreisler for the sum of one   ,, , ,
penny. The celebrated violinist has quite unable to get relief from any-
promised to play on October III at thing 1 put on Ihem until I tried
tbe hull ol the Great Northern Poly- /uni-Buk, and the halm succecded
techuic, Hollowav road. Tbe occii- when all else had failed. It closed
sion Is   the first of a scries of    six  Mie l>l£ clucks, gave me WW, soothed
concerts     under the   auspices of * ■ ■
society, which
high-class music.
seeks to   popularize
Miss Florence Nightingale has granted a small pension to Miss Emma
Fagg, one of the first muses in tlie
Crimea, who was discovered recently
Minster workhouse, where she had
been for twenly-two years. Tir publicity given to the case a few weeks
ago has brought  several commuuica-
tlie inflammation, and in a very short
time healed my hands completely."
Hands tbat nre chapped may be restored to the smoothness of health hy
judicious application of Zam-lliik.
Tin* value of Znm-Buk, either as a
protective or a corrective, cannot be
overestimated. A box should Ih* ou
every dressing table.
Zam-Buk hcjjls sores, cures eczema, skin eruptions, ulcers, ringworm, itch, barber's rash, blood
poison, bad    leg, salt    rheum, abra
yp-    - ° ;.        / v   —: :*""    poison,   nan    leg,   sail    imuin, luna
tions, amongst them being two from J.Ums ,ai,'sCcsseS)   cuts, bums, scalds,
relatives Who^ lost j'^^L        ll,«l •■•■ ski» •*$*•*■■ »«d (l.is«is,'s' "f
old lady for about half a century,
The first national memorial to Mrs.
Browning, the poetess, has just lieen
furnished by the addition of the following words to lhe epitaph on her
husband's tomb iu Westminster Abbey: "llis wife, miMvlietb Barrett
Browning, is buried in Florence,
1H(HM861." The addition was sanctioned by the dean at the request of
the Browning Social Settlement,
all stores and   druggists at 5(t cents,
or from Zam-Buk Co., Toronlo,   for
price.    3 boxes for $1.25.
— ♦	
Auy person or persons who take a
paper regularly trom the post office
whether addressed in his name or another's or whether he has subscribed
or not Is responsible for payment.
If a person orders his paper discontinued, he must pay all arrears, or
Ihe crown has purchased a number the publisher may continue to send
of properties in Park street, Windsor, jt untu payment is made, and then
leading to the Long Walk and adja- collect, the whole amount whether the
cent in tho castle precincts. The paper is taken or not,
tenants have been given six months' The courts have decided that retus-
notlce to cuit, when the houses will mK to take newspapers or periodicals
be demolished, and others, as they irom tbe post offico or removing amt
are acquired, to make room for a leaving them uncalled for while suh-
- j,,~   .      -.    - ,- ,.      .*,        .numtMrt- of projected improvements at scrlption     remains unpaid, is prima
For years it has   been ' tie nearest town and perhaps he gets Windsor    Castle, including the provi- facie evidence ot intentional fraud.
Mont re
Boiirossu's ci
admits lhat
quence, hul   r
with lbe iilr,i
slab, and Mm
wav Iln
hul' IMC!
bill  si
bis lie
ill, Nov. 5.—"End Of a Night-
the heading under which La
•fers     to the result of     Mr.
uipaigu. Tbe   article
he has     talent   and elo-
•gre-ts     that  he start.d
that  he was Mie   Mes-
ighl himsell a hig   man
wiihtiiit having worked   bis
gh,     "lie had no program,
eh     charges; no lofty views,
ply  lhe aim to destroy     out
Sueh is nol      the real
imposes himself     l\
i.l Ins personality. Mr.
io wanting in both re-
had to waltt undei     a
I  seek stipjioit   in.m a
. nol bis own.     While
igh ihe c ity of Bel-
picture ol his grand
ii, who dnil outside thu
the diuu-il,     be caused hies-
to  tie asked   (ol   his  election.   Ill
of such temporal Interesi ns
.I Mr BmmiKsn prayer rather
like jiioianatioii
1'alrie says ihe    result  of     the
[lilfeslly  equivaleill     to
in. doubtful vole of confidence in Mm
(ioinii administration and a categorical approbation of his policy.
l.e Canada savs: "The people have
given their verdict. It is a brilliant
testimonial for the G-outn government; it is an unequivocal vengeance
for lbe Tory calumnies, and it is a
sweeping condemnation of Hio shameful and defamatory campaign of Mr.
thai   he
•  ling a i
party Hmt w.i
be ci llie I   Ihi.
leclmsse lhe
falher, Paplnei
I elc el i.
the kitchen
.vi hunt you HOW
iuu...! into deli-
it! addition of it
ed-over  meals tin*
original cooking.
Mueh of the lel't-i
throw out can bi
(.SOUS dishes   liy  I
little Bovrll.
It  gives warn
juiciness of ihe
It given body and tttrungth to soups
and gravies.
It gives a delicious, piquant flavor
to cold meats ami hashes.
Every day yOu will And Bovrll a help
and itn economy   ii.  your kitchen.
Itovril contains thu essence, flavor
and nutrient substiincu of the very
liesi beer. It gives Hlrengtb and
nourishment to the invalid, and helpfulness and economy to the conk.
AU good tracer* sell BOVRIL
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer
Family Herald and Weekly Star
Cranbrook Herald
The Western Canadian reading public U imulo up elilelly of tliepe classes:
Persons who have lived iu Mie Wuat for a lengthy purlotl and are Out-and-out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the -M.1 Country, from the United
Stales and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps 110 one 11 ewfpaper could eater with complete snli.-faetion to all
tlie»e ("lasHcs, but l.y this combination offer every Kpeclnl need i-< met.
Tl Weekly Kn-e Press and Prairie Farmer" jive- a complete record
week by week of all happenings in Mie Western Provinces. In addition ii
lets special deiwHtnontfl for American nnd Brttlflh settlers. The " Futility
lleral.l and Weekly Star" supplies llm former resident of iMistern Canada
with the news of the Hasten) portion of the Momlulon In detailed form, nnd
the "Oranbrook Herald" provides Hie local Western news, which you cannot
do without.
Kind enclosed $2.50, for whieh s
Prairie Farmer," Winnipeg; " F.i
Montreal; and ''OaubruoK Herald
ml me " Weekly Five Press and
lily Herald nnd Weekly Star,"
" for one year each.
Tbis offer is open onlv to those who are new sul.scril.ers, or those who
pay up iu lull, mul WILL CLOCK HKCKMBKH 1st.
NOW IS THK TIMK to take advantage of THK BEST OFFKlt KVKH
This Space
The   East
All roniiiiuiilcntlotis n.l.llowc.1 to
your LOCAL AIIKNT in- llm i.niliir-
^i^'iii'.l will In- n.to'mlcil i» promptly.
Call on, nr wrllo
l>   I'. A ,
XUI..S..N II..'.
E. J. C0YI.E
A.I   P.  . .
Livery S
Teams and driven rurniaheri lor to,
point In tbe diatrtct.
A. nOVI.E. Mnnairer
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing.   Hive me a call.
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing: Tackle suitable
for the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big: Game Heads, and Souvenirs ol The Great West.
I'IIONI. Iil. I'.O. HON III    i
lli..y.'l« Kupalrs hIivuvh in Hl„i'k.    Mimltlttiu fur piittixu on llnxny
lliililmr Tyros, with Tyros nlwnys on linn.I.
.'HUM': ih. ■■	
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
00.10 11 mm al v.v-i to uu iiai.
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba is centrally locntol nn.l Ims one ol tlio host dining-rooms
in the eity.   The bar Is supplied will, the best ol Liquors and Cigars Tin: i KAMJitooK   iii'i; .i.n
Murphy & Fisher,
Parliamentary,    Departmental    and
Patent Ollice Agent*.
Practice Belore Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold F.shTt.
Chkhi'Ent I.oiiue No. Hit
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at B p. ni. al
New Fraternity Hall.
.1. ll. Hemlorson, K. ot ll. * 8.
IV.  A.  Rollins, O.-O,
Visiting   brethren  cordially tav.tel
to attend.
...MM'. Key Clly ..a-tgr
No 11. Heetn e.ary
Mi.ni.ay night a.
N.-w Fraternity ....... Sojourning OtldfnlL.w* cordially ...vllfil
.'has   Siuilli, F. II. McKay,
N. (I. Sec'y.
. f.ilKf.ml, 1 iiiIkc Nil. J.
. i a v m,
ItrSnlai   llirelln*.  "I
u. ii.i.J    Thu..day
■ I.   rvriy    in.iota.
Visiting imli. eii welcomed.
I.ilwi.ril Klwell, W.ll
W. F. Attriilge, Seo'y.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening al I
p. in.
Chas. Smith, W.P.
M.  I., .tilling., Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
Meet at 11. ol L. V. Hall 2nd  and
Ith Saturday each month.
Visiting bretfa.cn always welcome
T. tluyter, Jas. E. Ls^-lgan,
W. M. t&i'j.
Barrister, Solicitor, Elc.
2 Banister, Solicitor, Notary
| Public Etc.
*   Cranbrook,    •    -    B. C.
Physician-* and Surgeons.
Ofllc* at Residence, Armstrong Alt
Forenoons - - - - a no to io.no
Allernoiins - - - 2.00 to   1.00
Evenings .... 7.80 to   8.30
Sundays - - - - 2.30 to   1.80
CRANBROOK li    ::    i:    ::    B. C
9 to il a.m.
I to   li p....
7 tn   8 p.m.
Ofliee unit residence mi Armstrong uv,
CRANBROOK       -      -      -    111!
DR. P. B. .MlLPS
OFFICE   ll... IIS.
II lo 12 i. in.
I in  (i p.m.
7 l.i   8 p in
I lllif,- in new He Iil lit,., k
CRANHROOK      . -      -       - 11. .'.
I , j ii.,-. mu.,..- , .. nun
J \ CIVII.   IMilVtl KS  .Ml   DOMINION ■
<i       *M> II.C. I. .Ml SUHVBYOItS
'.I 'r,'i'\!")i.V Cranbrook,B.C,
Civil   Engineer
Railway ..n.l Mining
Engineering- a Specialty
i   IVI I'   ...   Mux   II
Nnw il.el 8pool.il liiii.it.   I'miii-
iltiiu or American m-iki-s always
' nil Iiilnii
Iteforeneos in .' uni.-iml-: Kink
Mercantile fn.. V   II,.In Baker,
.    ... Wll-i.n   iin.I  Ituid's Pry
. llimil. Store,   Addioxs:
j P.O. Box .1.0:.       Calgary, Alto.
(Canadian Shoe and Leather Journal)
There are men who slop over socially, slop over religiously, and
those who even spill their superabundant sweetness. Of all tbe tiresome fools deliver us from the fellow
who goes about slapping people on
llu* back, calling everybody '"oW lellow," and wanting to kiss everybody
from tiro innocent bahy to tin devil.
When you get a man slopping over
religiously, you have (he disease
dovclopcd to a still more dangerous
us well as obnoxious degree. Keep
your eye on the mnm whose team and
smiles aro always slopping over, and
whose tmcket handkerchief is always
st i etching out from beneath his coat
tail- There are people wlto can weep
bucket fills that it wouldn't bv safe
lo trust wilh u watch key under their
nose, with your hack turned, There
are meu who slop over with religion,
.uul let Iheir wives stlOVOl snow or
spill kindling while they talk holiness
nr foreign missions till they can't
spit. lu business the gushing mau
is an Insufferable nuisance. He
thinks it line (hiiig lo embrace every
man he meets and empty upon him
his ava'auehe of sweetness, lie
heeifully deposits his scanty stock
.[ Ideas with each transient visitor,
.ml seeks either his commendation or
advice. His tale, whether tit weal or
uoe, must he told, and with an
amount uf empty egotism that is ful-
ie. He Wat e of giving or receiving
cwilidence, llcware,     above     all
things, of "shipping over." There is
plenty of room for earnestness and
uihusiiism in this world, but don't
noddle or tiawk your thoughts or business up ami down every back street
of your acquaintance, "A fool
uttci-t'th all his mind."
firs't time thai  that department    has hard, 21 billion; pulp wood, Tl".    mil-
found it necessary to take this course lion cords; ties, 730 mllllou.
which is an iiKlica.tion of the    extent | —   .
of preparations being made this   sea-     Quebec has 92 lobster plants,     nml
son fur work in the lumber     woods.  G(l whales were caught in 1005.
Kailway ties, telegraph and telephone ■-
poles, saw logs, piles and nil classes]   Quebec   has 71 agricultural     socio- -J'
of timber will this   winter he taken ties, with 17.K42 members, and    568
out in greater quantities than     ever fanners' clubs, with 40,415 members,
before, if tiro number   uf applications
for permits can be taken as a criter-
ccnt, that of pears and plums bv   NOTICE OF     DISSOL1 TIOE     OF
1,000 per tent. ' . PARTNERSHIP
There is no heat in last yen
There are forces in tlie world that
if Lliey could only be harnessed and
put to use, steam and electricity
would soon to out of the race. If
talk would cut wood and run a store
a good many of the honest poor
would be out of a job, and a good
many fouls would be provided with
profitable, il not honest, employment.
If tlie/e Is anything from which this
old world is suITering today more than
another, it is talk. The affliction
runs the whole gamut, from the chatter of the society noodle to the disgusting ' twaddle of the editorial idiot
lhat sits iu a sanctum and prates of
war with the nonchalance and vivacity of a ball game spectator. We
have ft—this carnival of talk—in
church, in society, in politics, lu business, until a deep, longing comes
over the thoughtful man for some
lodge in tho wilderness," far Irom
ilie sound of its headsplitting din.
The evidence of tbis popular weakness
is everywhere. It is an age of contentions, booms and sensations of
I'Very kind, and tlie danger of being
drawn into tiro vortex ot verbosity
rtaily confronts the sober-thinking
man. As evidenced by the daily
newspaper, it is a world—
Where facts are feigned to tickle
bile ears,
Where good and evil play nt tournament,
\ud end in amity—a world ol lies—
A carnival of     words, where    every
Stale falsehoods serve fresh men."
A day of doing is worth a year of
talk; a committee of one that means
business is worth a dozen conventions
of mouth reformers. Heware, more*
r, of the danger that always lurks
'the multitude of words."
The French Dry Cleaning process
enables us to clean mens pants, suits
and neckties, ladies suits and skirts
In such a way that Uiey positively
took as good as new.
Wc are experienced dyers and cleaners, therefore, wc do not require to
send anything iluwn cast pr up west.
o_L™HJ.  LEASK, Tailor
Ihere are a lot of people iu this
world iliat remind une ul the country
swain who brought his sweetheart to
lown to see tho circus. They wandered hand iu hand alung tiro main
street absorbing the wonders of urban life; every window was a miracle
.iml every ojron door an astonishment, Presently they were attracted
in the vicinity of a confectioner's
establishment by the sputtering of
nne of these contrivances that dispense liquid refreshment to weary
teetotallers in the dog days. The
pair paused, and through the window
wntonod ihe dapper young man in the
wtiite cual iis he deftly manipulated
ihe glasses ami faucet for the delectation of his customers. "Say, Sal!''
said the anient knight of the leans,
"lei's trv it!" ln they ambled.
.in.l wiih tlie aii of ii connoisseur tht;
order was given. "Say, Mister,
squirt us out a glass of that ar' li/.-
rin1 stuff," After a preliminary
skirmish as to flavorings, in which
ihe fad was developed that the establishment was out of "onion,"
raspberry syrup was decided upon.
Thu requisite quantity was poured
out, ami ilicu commenced the operation ihui challenged tiie admiration of
hotil Um swain and bis girl. Tbe
faucet was tunrod first this way and
then that until tiro whole glass fairly
ovorflowored with the rich creamy
foam. So absorbed did the spectators become that they forgot eho
purpose ut tlie liquid, and finally saw
ii subside to an inch of pink fluid in
(he ln.i torn of the glass. Witb u
look nf disgust tiro male member of
ihe party put his tumbler on the
marble counter ami said: "Look
here, partner, this is ft t--ke in. This
is not bin' but sweetened wind."
There is a good deal of swwtcued
wiinl about. There ate plenty of
people who try to pass of! smiles for
dollars ami honied words for righteousness. These are tbe people who
move complimentary resolutions and
sn fortb to save their pockets. They
ho around with a pat on the
back for everytbody out of whom there
Is any prospect of making anything.
Newspapers enjoy a patronage of
this kind that would make them (at,
if wind could be depended upon to
i>ay compositors and pressmen. People
pat a journal on the back in private
ami public that you could no more
get a subscription or an advertisement out of than you could milk out
ol sandstone.
cades,     without   mueh Increase i
ui tlie 126 million    acres, 33 mil-'   Ontario's      government     revenue, '   Notice Is    hereby given that     the
lions have been    disposed of, leaving  Crown Lands    department, 1006, 12,-  partnership heretofore carried un    by
IH3     millions in the clown, 85 mil- 360,387,                                                  tin- imderslgued under the firm   name
nil unsurveyed. I   ami stylo ol Goaty & Doyle at Cran-
  I   «>f thK, 51,000,01-1 from woods and brodc   ami ai   Fori     Steele, British
■ has
71 engaged in fishery  forests;   (350,082
(Gleaned Irom exchanges,)
Keep sweet!
The ticst way is always tho easiest
frnm mines, $101,- Columbia, i*  ihis dav dissolved.
—i industry; capital Invested, si.un.oini,  2\~ from lands. |   The business will lie continued   hy
Quebec's tobacccrcrop, 1006,3,750,- value of catch, 1905, $1,708,000. I   the   under-signed     Alfred   Doyle,    io
uuu His. * I   )   Ontario had (1801) ii77 nut of   the  whom   ail   accounts   will be payable
—    ■ I   Ontario government has spent   ovei   1,240     newspapers    and    periodicals  and who assumes all liabilities.
Quebec's   output of    sawn lumlier, 35 millions   on    toads, bridges    and  published In Canada. | Ueorge Geary,
1005, 300 million feet. buildings. |   Alfred Doyle.
Ontario's receipts, 1900, $7,113,478;   Witness; 11   L. T. Oalbraith.
The shrine of St. Am
s visited yearly by i"-'.
ii ten years.
do Beaum
thousand    and fifty    fanners [expenditure
led experiments on their   <>wn
Quebec City is Can
Technicalities will ""t avail at the founded in 1608.
linal judgment.
Bargain counter marriages ate stl-
tloiu profitable,
"Good politics" often covers up n
lot of crooked work.
Tiie licit I tlml. harbors bate i.s nev-
i a home tor happiness.
A lot of cht'.ip notoriety can be
smiled by posing us a critic.
We'd rather believe a dug's tail
than thi' handshake uf some politicians.
Tbo things thai never happen arc
usually tbe things that most    worry
It Is so easy to lind fault thai a
lot nf people s|K"iid most of their
spare time nt it.
t is a waste of time to talk to a
starving man about ihe benefits of
occasional fasting.
Fur Iiuil hard limes feeling, take
Dr. Cheerup's Extract of Sunshine
aifd Good Cheer.
Repentance professed tor tho purpose of getting into n position lo do
It again does not count for anything.
It is easy tn smile while vou are
winning, hut the world loves n man
who can keep right on smiling while
The open season for fish is no more
and now we ivanl lo go fishing worse
than ever.     Isn't that natural'.'
One-half tiro world does not know
how the other half lives, and wouldn't)
under si and it if somebody showed
The man who is quite sure he can
get into heaven bis own way knows
trotter than to try to g--l, into the
Masonic order that way.
The city man who is now hustling
to put some potatoes, cabbage, and
other vegetables in bis cellar is quite
sure tbat next year he will have a
good garden of his own.
Fashion's decrees are funny things.
For instance, as soon as a man purchases a soft hat be deems it necessity to jab a few dents into It. But
l.e gets mad if Anybody puis a dent
into his   hew stiff hai.
Perhaps tiro women, dear creatures,
call tbem "mushroom bats" because
papa has to put up such * Mg stake
lo get one.
What tickles us is to hear a man
whn has e.irehillv tinned up Lhe
bottom of his trousers and tabbed
four geometrical dents in his hat.
tnlkiin* in sarcastic tones about feminine headgear.
Quetiec is nearly three times as
largo as the l nlted Kingdom.
Quebec comprises less than in per
nil of Canada's area.
(ii.lf of St. Lawrence is five times
the area  of Switzerland.
Quebec is the second largest province in the Dominion.
Convicts in five Canadian penitentiaries, June 30, 1000, 1,435; I to
every -1,000 of population.
107 total abstainers, 607 temperate,
iita intemperate.
Roman Catholic, 702; Church of
England, 205; Methodist, M3; Presbyterian,  136; Baptist, 72.
■S98 Canadians; ■ 217 from Great
Britain and Ireland; 137 Irom C. S.
Those under 2b made up i of number; 181 paroles granted during tiro
Cnnndn has 103 prisons, goals, etc.
l-htehi-f   bad
papulation  .HUH) of
Quebec City has the oldesl continu I Ontario has six billion feel of un-
ously occupied house in Canada, al sold pine, worth 12 millions. (Esti-
SHlery, 270 years old.                        .mate.)
ildesl city, I   Ontario has a greater variety of
.mineral     deposits in proportion to
population  than any country  in the
li be .,.[,.. world,
Its 300th annivcrsarj
hiand in 1908.
Quebec    city's   grenl    flic
,529 houses burned.
Canada has 11,111 post offices, as
against 3,638 at Confederation,
1,907 post offices are fn Iho Cam
liau West.
Letters  mailed,    1868,   18  lilllli ;,
1900, 323 millions.
Post cards mailed, 1006, 33 j. millions.
Money orders Issued, 1006, 2,178,-
90, value 37 millions.
Newspapers, books and parcels
mailed, 1905, 30 millions.
Canada's postal surplus, 1406,
;127 new jrost. ollices were opened
iu 1906, nearly une for every day in
the year.
Canada was tbe first colony of the
Empire to have a penny pnst.
|   Ontario's cheese exports are     now
1866, 'worth 22 millions, butter, nine  mil-
Ilions; bacon. 15 millions;  (.; in     all,
in addition to 50 millions for    home
In 1001, 131,151 Ontario people had
gone lo n..' Canadian west.
|   Ontario     has   i:.ihmhi    people     of
.French descent.
Ontario   has   3,349,100    acres     of
[cleared pasture land.
Ontario    has 688,147 horses; 1,253,-
92 cattle;  1,301,803 sheep; 1,819,778
Ontario has 10,254,634 poultry.
Ontario is Iho breeding ground of
thoroughbred slock for the American
\t   Chicago     Fair,    1893, Ontario
eedcrs   won   132 live stock awards;
nil of IT. S. 1894.
\l SI. I is Fair, 1904, one-half of
total awards     in cattle    and horses
were wuu by Ontario stock,
Ontario has 1,129,017 dairy cows,
worlh over in millions.
Ill six years, from 1896 lo 1002,
ihe production of beef Increased by
nearly 100 per cent.
For tlio same period the increase
in Imcon production was just o:er
that rate.
his increase was not (due to an
increase in producing land, but to a
greater productivity of the same
lu cheese the corresponding rate of
crease was 70 per cent.
Dated this
Wlml a lot of misery must bo en-
li.nd by lhe man who thinks that
jvcrybony else is dishonest.
Will some scientist explain why it
is that when lbe light leaves boglu
falling, heavy coal begins rising.'
dav of October, A.
Take notice thai William Sherwood
Bell, ut Uranbrook, IS. 0., occupation,
Veterinary surgeon, Intends to apply
Somehow or other it is easier to to* » special umber license over u«
remember what real happiness wwlhMlowing described land:,.
Hun to realize what happiness Is, Commencing at a pu^t planted    *k
., the  north-west    coiner ot Lot 27a*,
Come to think ul it now, can \uu Group i, thence west Mi chaiu*.
blame Oktuhanu fur preferring 'to tqence suuth au chains, tbenee cast
cast her lot with Texas rathel than 6U L'"'>"'3. thence north ftu chains to
with Pennsylvania? |Ux" Plftce of boginmng, containing 640
acres ui land, mure ur .
Two women talking across the
back gate cau stir up mme neighborhood trouble than the Hague peace
conference can settle.
When a man is too busy to take
lime to laugh it is a sign thai you
would better be uii your guard W|,en
you do business with him.
Columbian College
New Wcatmlniter, li
Kuillidwl 1802.   liK'orpumi
1'nivi.ii'n u UhrUtiun tioinu i>
Ik.il. hoxvh «t moiieraic nuw*.
p.o'iii.ii' i iiu** lur junior i«iii>
, iii-iii* .it-liuui   worn,    now   niga  sw
work, and prepares fur I'tuvificmi teuu
hxiiuiimii lulls.   i.-n.iii'N uii ti ram'lu-i. .
I   .i
I'nlUllt'Ul     liUHllHHMf     L'UlllHt',      UUU     «"t
iiipluiiniH,   iiiipuritj 1. uuvrul i-mi'iuii.
i n.
iU inil.'uiiii.. . nurse,  ai    Hit'  Ltti
ruins.- lur Al. K. *.-, mul 11. 1.   \    In i
lugv i-iiiit.ih tin* Di'-jnw oi If.l'-   In i in
siiy wtui uiih  ink., mii.tt'i.tit tlimugu
L-oulplulu Am turn-Ms lur Limit A <i"~u
r-mmtul iiis.-iMi.v. aim wuiNiUiu tul
in in full ioiiliiiiii>i..   hi .-..i.i.iv. ii'iulif*
li rut vi'iir ..t I uiiuii i. M'l.o 1 "i Science,
l.t.h a r-pt'.-iiil KngliiP-PtillH 1 uurw mlupl«
1 t.i
prai'iii'iil i-liKllietMim tvurt III tbis 1'tuvi
Mi Aiume, iiL-uiupii'ievuurwiiii itiwrj. >
i iiiiiii*, mm iiium .m.i organ, m i uuj
u.< •
lion twili iiu*   i.i'.tiUi tj in leg*   .a   >i
tt iiiii' nil muui'iiis <<i'' nsjuimi tu ■«*.-' i
".. "
Kind | ruining, Willi uli Hit H.lvnnlugw
ll ,i
well H|uipinm  gymmum-m.-tur tuiw
mlil If msi ii lllllll Un li , u I !>>_>■.
Port Arthur, Nov. 9,—So great Is
the number of applications for permits to cut timber In this district
during the coming winter that instructions have been Issued by the
crown lands department to crown
timber agents tnait no further permits
Will be granted on applications received alter this date.    This is    the
Ontario is 75'lxlOOO miles in size.
Ontario is as large as four Kng-
lands, and but little less than France
n.l  (li-vninny.
Ontario is 78,000 miles larger than
the United Kingdom.
Only 20 per cent is thlcWy settled,
or a part as large as Wales.
Southern Ontario is in the same
latitude as Southern France and
Northern Italy.
Ontario comprises 7 per cent of
Canada's area-
Ontario contains 40 per cent of
Canada's population.
Ontario first settled 120 years ago
by 10,000 United Empire Loyalists
and others.
Population 1812, 80.000; 1837, 307,-
5n0; today, over 2,500,000.
Agriculture is Ontario's chief industry representing (1901) one billion of invested capital and ybnrly
production of 200 millions.
70 per cent of Ontario's populai ion
is engaged in agriculture.
Ontario has a 55 million acre clay
belt in her northeast.
Ontario's total grain crop, 1900
178 million bushels, viz., wheat, 22
millions; barley, 25 millions; oats, 111
millions; peas and beans. 10 millions; hay and clover, 1,862, Rft tons.
Fnr. di ment in Ourlph Agricultural
college,  1906,  1100.
Ontario's fall wheat average, 1606,
23.9 bushels per acre.
Ontario's banking capital has more
than doubled in ten years.
Of nine millions of Ontario bonds
issued, 1906. Canada took, about 3
millions; flreo-t Britain, six millions.
Ontario's birth rate, 1001, 21.R per
thousand of population; death rale,
ll.l—each an increase of 0 7 over
Ontario's   urban     pupuIaUon, 1890-
1900, increased hv 14j per cent.; rural
decreased by 3} per cent.
Ontario's   rural   population.      1600-
1901, declined 27,000 while cities and
towns increased from 791,000 to 887,-
Ontario spends 5A millions on public schools.
Ontario has 5,793 public schools,
with 397,170 puplffs.
Ontario has 1242 mitnioipalitics—
988 townships; 254 cities, towns and
villages, etc.
Ontario leads in its legislation for
neglected and needy children. There
are 40 children's aid societies.
Ontario has 126 million acres of
land, 40 millions surveyed,
Ontario has 10 million acres under
Ontario's  farming industry  output
Take notice that Easi Kootenay
Lumber Company, Limited, ul Cranbrook, U. C, occupation, Lumbei
The production of butter has In-1 Manufacturers, intends to apply tor
creased at an even greater rate for permission to purcha.se the iollotwu£
lhe past seven years, since an iide- described land:
quale system of cold storage trans-1 Commencing at a post planled
puliation has been in operation. about 30 chaius south of the N.     W.
— corner uf 1-ot 5808, Uroup one, Kw
Though the fruit industry is only in   u*nay district, tironce west 2u chains,
ts infancy, there are over ten    "mil-  thence south 20 chains, thence   east
lion apple trees In the province. h(j ehains, thence north 2(J chains lo
— place of commencement, ami contain-
Tlw   pr-nituoHon nt email   fruits and   ing Hi acres, more or less.
vegetables is relatively as important, j.;abt,    Kootenay     Lumber Company,
nnd no less successful. i      Limited,
— 'per Archibald Kenneth Leiuh, Agent.
Ontario's apple crop, loon, 15 mil-,   Dated at   Jaffray,   H. C, Novem-
liou bushels, from 6,888.810 trees.       ber 11th, 1907. 34-tft
Ontario had, 1906, 352,300 acres in
iichaids aud gardens and 12,785 acres
In vineyards.
Scaled tenderi. addressed to the un-
Ontario has     20,000 members     uf dersigned. and    endorsud "Tender fur
tanners'     •-■■•"- ■' ^ •         ■■        -■ ■   -■     •■   •■   ■
'aimers'     Institutes and 8,500 mctu-  Detention Building, Victoria, D. C,
iers of 208 Women's Institutes. will Iw received    at    tbis office unti
—— Momlay, December 2,  1907, inclusive-
Ontario sold, or slaughtered,  1906,  \yt for the    construction of a Deteo-
11,476 cattle; 64,761 horses; 574,116  iion Builduig at Victoria, B. C.
beep; 2,222,758 swine. \   persons tendering are notified   that
—■"■ tenders will not be considered unless
Ontario has 75. millions' worth of made on the printed form supplied,
horseflesh. and   signed   with their actual sigoa-
—— tures.
Ontario s wool clip, 1906, 4,543,961 , fciaeh tender must be accompanied by
pounds. an  accepted    cheque on a chartered
1 ' - ' hank, made payable to the order    of
Ontario has 196,387 colonies of the Honorable the Minister of Public
bees. Works, oqual to ten per cent (10 p.c)
—— of the amount uf    the tender, whicb
Ontario's annual mineral production will be furfcitcd if the person tender-
1005, 16^ millions, or including steel, mg decline to enter into a contract
20 millions, 1006, 221 millions, wlrou called upon to do so, ur if    he
—■ fail lo complete   the work contracted
Ontario has lieen paid $1,085,000 for f0r. If the teudcr be not accepted
part of bed of Cobalt lake. the cheque will be returned.
■■—"■ t   The Department does, nofj hind itself
Cobalt  shipments: 1904, 158     tons  t,, accept tho lowest or anv tender,
ore, value $130,217, 1905, 2114    tons By order,
William Sherwood   Bill, Locator,
per Arthur   Charles Yeager, Agent.
uaUM October  nn, 1907.        J2*«
Take nolice that The East Kootenay Lumber Company, Lmnieu, ol
Oranbrook-, 0. C, occupation, Lumber Manutacturers, Inlend to apply
ur a special timber license over iuu
following described lands;
Lot number 617S, Uroup One, Kootenay district.
'I be East   Kootenay     Lumbvi  i ompany. Limited.
Dated October 2lst,  1907.       32-61
Take notice tbat Robert Robson, oj
Mayook), B. c, occupation, Rancnet,
intends tu apply for a special timber
Icense ovei the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the "suu.h-eaal corner ul Lot Mil,
Group I, tlience uoilh 50 chains,
theuce east 55 chains, Uience norlb
lu chains, Uience cast Ai ctiains,
tironce south 4u chains, Uience west
u chains, thence suuth 50 chains,
thence west uuu chains to the point
of commencement.
Robert Robson.
Dated November 1st, iyu7.     33-St
Take notice lhat William Sherwood
Bell, ol Cranbrook, B. C, occupa-
tiun, Veterinary Surgeon, intends to
apply for a special timber license
over the fuil-jwiiig described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
thrtt chains nui.*; from the northwest corner of Lo: 3694,' Croup 1,
thence south 2i chains, mole or less,
to tbe northerly limit of J. Shannon s prt-empuun, thence west 20
cbains, thence ioum iu chain:.,
thence west 60 chains, thence north
90 chains, thence east 40 chains,
tironce north 20 chains, thence east
20 chains, more ur leas, to the
sooth-westerly buundary of Uw
Crows Nest Pass Railway right-of-
way, thence sooth-easterly along the
.said right-of-way i0 chains, more or
leas, to a point in the said boundary
due mirth of the north-west corner of
Lot 3691, Group 1, bein__ the point of
W ilium Sherwood Bell.
D-ited October 26th, 1907.       32-6t
Qllpbec bad (1901) 1,322,115 of
French descent; 290,600 of English
Quebec's dairy products Increased,
1801-1001, 341 per cent.
Quebec's dairy products nuw yield
20 millions annually.
Quebec's annual value of field ami
live stoek products in 100| wus 8;
Quebec fanners cultivate 5 million
of its 22h million acres of land
less (ban 3 per cent.
Quebec farmers own 218 millions
of luml, 102 of buildings.
Quebec has over 2,00(i cheese factories.
Quebec has 3 million apple trees.
Quebec's timber lands cover 225,000
square miles.
Quelle, has 7 million acres of crown
lauds open for settlement.
Quebec bas surveyed 13 water (lowers during last two years.
Quebec showed a decrease of 29 per
cent, of illiterates in 1901 over 1*91.
Quebec's fishery yield, 1870-1905, 70
Quebec's fishery yield, 1905, two
34,185 Quebec fishermen have received 9763,287 iu bounties since
Quebec's birth rntp {1901 census)
36.83 per 1,000; for all Canada,
Quebec's timber supply is estimated      „..„ ., s   ,„.,. . ,,„.,
at: soft wood    logs, 165 billion feet; has   doubled    in the    last two    do-  Irom    1831 to 1901    by nearly     300 |   Bated October 21, 1907
value 51,473,190; 1206, value
By order,
Fred Gelirias,
-■— Department of Public Works,
20 cobalt mines are   producing; Jive Ottawa, November 2, 1907.
have partd dividends. I   Newspapers    will not be paid    (or
—— this advertisement if they insert    it
Helen iron   mine produced one mil- without authority    from lhe depart-
lion tons in six years. ment. $*''**
Lake     Superior Corporation assets TRANSFER OF LIQUOR LICENSE
at Sault Ste.    Marie, June 20, 1006, ; 	
51 millions. |   Know All Meu    By These Presents
•—- that I, Nils Peter Molandcr, of    the
Ontario crude oil output, ltiOti, City ol Crnnbroob, III the Province of
11,928.322 gallons; bounty paid there- British Columbia, Hotel Keeper, do
on,  $248,021. hereby assign, transfer and set   over
—■■ unto Gust Alidccli, ol the same place,
Ontario had,    Hint;, 0,887 acres    in hotel keeper, all my right, title   and
tobacco,    witb     crop     of 7,675,000  interest in and to that certain     re-
pounds. 1 tail liqvor license issued in my favor
— on th-     11th   day ol    June, A. D.,
Ontario's annual value of field and   J5<». *« ■*}>"} spirituous liquors    in
livestock    produce. IHOi, 197     mil- the   Queen's hotel, at said City    ol
on-                                                  I Cranbrook, In    consideration ol    tho
.,.   ,. sum ol one dollar (the receipt where-
Ontario's    Immigration,   1900, il,- "f is h«rt'by !? m* ^"^f^'L
058-lncreaso    of 25 per cent     over!   Daled at   Cranbrook,    B. C, tbis
1005. ,11th day of October, 1907.
Clarence Darling.     N. P. Molander
Take notice that Ross-Saskatooa
Lumber Company, Limited, occupation, Lumber Manufacturers, intend
to apply fur a special limber license
over the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at
tiie south-west corner of Timber License No. 'J'Ji-., ibence running west
80 chains, thence north t. cbains,
thence cast iu chains, thence south 80
chains to the place uf commencement
nnd containing 640 acres, more or
Row-Saskatoon     Lumlier   Company,
Dated October 7tb, 1907. 32-«t
5,000 deer hunters killed 10,000 deer
in Ontario, 1906.
Temiskaming and Northern Ontario
all way wilt have cost 12 millions
when it reaches the O. T. P. jirnction
—250 miles north of North Day.
Notice is hereby given that I, Harry
fllamtlton   McVittie,    of  Cranbrook,
/■. .   •   i  a itnnt* mi     no       t    'B- C.,    occupation,   General Agent;
v/ ."X SiV^"w5iM jrt, !£vi?%A,£,BW_^i
_;rstal-ne"rly 50 s "* °' fetti & sstwes
___ s-ion to    purchase    six   hundred and
Salaries and wae.es (1901) ...   mil- ilorty acres ol land bounded as    tol-
liu.isi. enoiis produced, 231 ...Wilms— lows:   .
5U per cent ol total araounl. I   Commencing at a post planted    on
  I the west boundary ot Lot 339, O. 1,
Ontario has 8,000 miles ol railway; ! Kast Kootenay,   eighty chains south
nearly 40 per cent ot Canada's mllo- ol the northwest corner ot Bald Lot;
ne,.  1 417 miles at .'onlcdoraMon. ..race   north    eighty chains, thence
  west eighty    chains,    Uienco    soutll
Ontario has 18,000 square miles    ot I igMy   chains,    tlience    east eighty
forest reserves. .chains lo place ot commencement.
  '     Victor Albert Rollins,
The production    ot apples increased I     Harry Hamilton McVittie, Agent.
Any available Dominion
within the Iteilway Belt in Britok
Columbia, may be homesteaded by
any person w.,0 ts the sole head ot m
lamily, or any male over Is y«.i» ti
age, to tlw extent ol on-rWlarUt
section ot 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally al
Uie local land olt.ee lor the oistrlo*
iu which lie land is situate.
The homesteader .s reo-uired toJt-
lorm tbe conditions connected toer**
witb under one ol tbe tollowl_»
(1> At le.i^t six months' residence
upou and cultivation ot tha land Ift
each year lor three years.
(2) It lbe lather (or mother, II
the lather is deceased), ot the hoo*
stcadcr resides upon a larm hi Ito
vicinity ot the land entered lor, Ito
requirements as to residence mar to
satisfied by sueh person residing **m
the lather or mother.
(3) II the settler has his pema-
..-•nt residence upon farming UN
owned by him in tbe vicinity ot Ml
homestead, tbe requirement* H t*.
residence may be satislied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in wrrttaf
should be given to the Cmnmtattwr
ol Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol Intention lo apply tor patent.
Coal lands may be purchased M
110 per acre lur soft coal and AM}
for anthracite. Not more than HI
acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at tto
rate of ten cents per ton ol 2,mt
pounds shall be collected on Ito
grown output. f f ^
Deputy ot the minister ol Ito THE ORANBROOK   llKRAl.l)
**********************************************************************<:•*** i ****************
♦♦ "  i it*
. ii .
, hi
, KI
I X .
„ .
. „ ,
. ,1 ,
. „ I
■ „ I
,,. I
>. ,
' •*
, ,<>
,,. i
.. .
,i ■
,. .
. .. •
,,. ,
.,' ■
.. ,
< 't
' 't
' '♦
' '♦
. i*
• 't
1 't
' 't
i ,<V
< '♦
Sole Agents for the
H. S. Peters
Your New Fall and Winter Clothes
arc ready for you in our store
and every day is an opening day
now to introduce you to them.
You're invited, and when you
come you'll meet a let of the
finest Clothes you ever saw. We
feel that our good friends and our
good clothes ought to know each
other better.   "These are
Campbell's and Johnston's Clothes
and you can put it down as a fact
that better clothes, more stylish,
more perfectly tailored, never
came from the hand of a taiIor.__
The new- suits are in a number
of very smart models, and the
patterns are varied enough to
suit every taste — Greys and
browns in stripes, plaids and
checks. Prices range from $10.00
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The new Winter Overcoats are
certainly very snappy; you'll find
your kind here. We have all
<iy the very latest styles in light and
heavy weights. The prices range
from $12.00 to $30.00.
Men's Gloves
are an interesting  item to
talk about now that winter
We carry, perhaps, the
largest stock of gloves in the
interior of British Columbia.
Our stock contains all the
latest ideas of such tvell
known glove makers js
We have the kird you want.
Those Heavy Shoes
made by Geo. A. Slater aud
C. B. Dayfoot are just about
as nice as anyone could wish
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weather wear. They are as
near waterproof as can be
made of leather. The tops
are made of best chrome
calf, the soles of Scotch oak;
the counters and insoles are
solid sole leather.
Every pair guaranteed.
We are not over-estimating
when    we   tell   you  those
English Shirts, Vests,
Dressing Gowns and
Smoking Jackets
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They have the Fit, the Style
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Santa Will Soon Be Here
You may require a Suit before
he arrives. We wilt be pleased
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variety to select Irom we will
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pitted, because our tailors are
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clothes that will fit.
Irish Poplin Ties
are  very   p'.eas'ng, judging
from the way they are selling.
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
11. OF R. T. BALL
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 20th, 1907
SKImii's Original Die lloukle
The Iiui,iiii.i nl Il,_m All
'.'..ii.  tiruuii  Novelties  lhan  liver
Two If..-- Uumla nm liii.'l... nu
IVoF .y .links
Iw,. Mi_.liiu\.iiii_'r.i|.sio-
< .,,|'._..'.,,|- S., v, wlt.l I'i'ililtili.l
l.li'.liii'iil KITi.-l.
dram! Vision nn.l Traimlo.million
III Willi
i.l .'..in
ill.,. Wall...
Wold, lur .lie lilt  Slreel  I'ari.ie
if II.li...
llu III I'..:
'si'neo ol Engineer l>aly, is t'.i.oy>ng   n 	
low days   vaoatioii.    Hat bos    been,  The Brotherhood ol Railway Train-
kept busy since lus roturu to    Can vvill    lv   lllcir     nua, ,J„
brook giving -ho hoys Iho details    ol Nt,„ Voar's Eve this year at the new
his siiMessful hour hunts ... the lulls „,„.,,, Uol|w, .„„,    „..• committ™    1„
ni'.ir . .ri...... ^ charge hit making arrangements    to
,.    . . .    ... , 'Rivo    llu* ...'iiiiIl' of   Cranlirook     llie
....;iii,i'r    John Pinnresy has given i„S| hail i„ tho history ot ll.o order
"1 l";s "' .footing a deer this sea- lh Ulta ,.•„,.    „,,„. ,„ mhl(1 l]l(,   Me
sou und decided   to depend on Road- aw .H fall to secure a ticket.
master Knlort s snare f..." Ins winter |                                              09-11
supply ol venison. j	
„./;" ■& --st t&w ;»..■'";,.: **********************
,1'"""1 ,,"t" '♦"STEWARTS
;■-•■' *"-■
--1  ■■
nowadays.     Men are   Learning    that
there's a heap of comfort in
lint il isn't everybody knows how
lo select a good one. Lot us help
you in that direction. Wo hnvo pipes
t-Sjoi all kinds from tho modest com
4+ coh to tlie ornamental meerschaum.
♦ ♦■('..nit' awl get one and try it. Get
Tj the tobacco for it here, too. We can
Xx give you some good tips on smoking
-*--   tobacco.
> I.
X* *
t* *
3_*   *
Harry Wilson has   succeeded
Iteynolds in  ilie trainmaster's
t* *
->Z: **********************
*% i
** I Win, Reynolds, assistant lo Tiain-
** master McSnMi, has been promoted
£$ i" tin- imsiiii.ii nl general yardninster
** a. Frank, wilh Jurisdiction Irom
,-,£ Coleman .u Burmlss. Conductor
4>% I'li'.uy, who hns been filling the posl-
*> $ tion lhe past f.'W months, will rc-
_?* sunie running i.n tlm Lethbridge scc-
?* Hon.
<*t     Conductors Pltolan and Waters,    of
♦ J, Medicine   Hat, have been transferred
♦ *   lo Crnnbrook.
44' Win.   Twoltey,   of lhe   car dopart-
tw4 monl,   returned   from   England with
T liis bride ito lirst of the week.    The
*%* a many   friends   of   Mr.   Twohey Join
44 with llie Herald in wishing a happy
4*\ and prosperous life   lo himself    nnd
to bride.
52 ll. K.   Walton,    locomotive     time
<tX keeper, lias   been   promoted lo Mcdt-
44 cine Hat,    uud is   succeeded in     lhc
♦ ♦ Cranbrook shops by Mr. Little,    of
!♦ Calgary
b - ~
Despatcher W. K. Cllne lelt Sunday
for a visit will, his father nt North
Conductor Lindsay has been la.li!
up the past, week with a Bovere at-
lafk ol tonsllitis, but is able to lie
annuid again anil expects to resume
tluty within a day or two.
l|.„.l.|ll.,ll..|> lo.
iXTAItlOtm.l'l'. n'ii\ 'nun.
.'HOICK l'll.\NIII!ltllll!fl
.'IXIiAIM'l.l;-. I'KA.'NI'S
I'KAltH      MM I.m
I'li.n... ;.'. Atmstroi.g A.
The Winnipeg
Free Press
and Prairie Farmer
and the Montreal
Family Herald
and Weekly Star
For $2.50
Regular Price $4
Ihis is the Last Month
HoptiirhiK ti S|u-i-i;ili>
Ail..-us Hlm.k,Onuilirook
High-Clas* Dressmaking
Tiiilor-niHiluCoHtuiiius.  Kiuuy
Waists,   Anything In
Clillilrou's Wear.
(_'.  I'. li,  I10USK tUpstalm
i    No person    shall ulluw anv horse,
I mule, bull, ox, cow, sheep, goal, pig
or other cattle or poultry to run at
large within tho city, otherwise the
I same may, be Impounded and tlie own-
\ er thereof is liable for damages caus-
! ed.
: Any iictaon may impound an animal
found tunning at bilge. The line to
the pun ml keeper for   every animal is
las follows:
1    Stallions, $5.00.
I Otiior horses, mares, geldings, fillies or mules, $1.00 each.
:    Hull, 55.00.
I   Cow or oilier kind of cuttle, (3.00.
:    Hoar nig, $1.00.
j   Pig, sneep or goat, $1.00.
j    Fowl, 25 cents.
; Tint [loundkeeper may also collect
51.00 for impounding any animal und
__5 cents   for     Impounding any fowl,
| and for feed may charge as follows:
i    Kowl anil geeso 25 cents per diem.
I    If tbe animals are not redeemed the
I poundkeeper will proceed to sell.
| There shall be a tax on all dogs of
$1.75 an.l on all bitches J5.00.
It is the duly of tbe owner of dogs
to procure n tug from the City Clerk,
otherwise the dogs will to Impounded
,uul unless redeemed will lie sold or
destroyed. Tags must be placed on
dog's collar so as to he plainly seen,
ln addition lo the above charges,
any person guilty of an infraction of
llie In-law is liable to a penalty ol
(ino.on nml costs or two months Imprisonment
1st Th q   i
T  M   Roberts,
City Uleik.
Superintendent Krickson went east
Monday on a tour of inspection of
Uie road.
%4 „,,.,  „,.,	
J? Hairy    Wilson
4*\ Btcnofflrnphcr
A.T ......in-     _,n —
Miss Wilson, sister of Arthur
bas been    appointed
         Chief    Despatcher
Scott's ollice.
!'. K. I'tdniider li.is been appointed
gonornl yardmnstcr at Crnnbrook ami
will have charge of all train crews.
Conductor K. Sprnguo, of trains fivu
nnd six, is taking a vacation,    and
left   tliis week with   Mrs   flpniKUB for
Si, Paul,    Conductor Dnvcro 1 luui is
relieving Ah, Sprnguo.
.1. Mnddook, boiler makwr, has heen
Ir.insf.'iii-il to l.eitibi itlge anil is sue-
ii-edeil bv .lames Douralt,
i» , .	
4}1 Mi-   Wm. llaslam nml children   ar-
*>*X* rlvml Friday   insl  to   join Mr. Has-
♦i bun.   who has  linn  braking out.     of
t4 Cranlirook    ibe   past   six   months.
^T Tlioy have taken up housekeeping on
$2 Pen wick avenue.     Mrs. llaslam   was
*l*w wry  prominent   iu church and  social
4W iiicl.s in St. Thomas, Out., ami will
4<y in- cordially welcomes io CranW'ook.
♦ a 	
^Y     Mm ray Claiissen, n  brnkoma-i, bad
-f J ,i narrow escape from death at Ryan
w*** Monday    nigbl.       Tbe     crew    were
♦Z about to make a drop of a couple of
♦♦ cars and Mr. ('lausscn was riding tliemi
TJ down preparing to uncouple them. In
ZjJ Mime inaniier,    when the Black     was
44 given, he lost bis bold and fell   and
44 was struck by the ears, but fortunate-
\tz 'J1 w,,s knockod lo one side and thus
sty escaped being run -over.    He was un-
T? conscious when picked up and     was
$■** brought to Craubrook and placed in
w4 si. Eugene hospital, where it    wns
♦ ♦ round that he was seriously but not
TT falally injured ami at present is ou a
11 fair way to recovery.
♦ ♦'
Profits and Past Prices Forgotten at
Now is Your Opportunity to buy Up-to-Date
Warm Coats, Skirts, Millinery at
Greatly Reduced Prices
   l.nKiiii'oi' I'nt l.oaliy, wlio, lor scv-
******************************************************************************************* oral   months   li.nl     clinrgo ol    tlio
^i^^*^*^*.**^*********.***.^**.*.*.**.*.**^^^**.***.*.*.**.*.*.*.***.*.*.**.*.**.**.*.**.*.*.^*.*.*.*.^***.*.*.*.**.**.*^    "goal" al   Sirdar,   during tlio    ab-
Misses'  Tweed
During   Friday,   Satunliiy,
Monday nnd Tuesday, wo will
Only Iwo left.    Mud..   1'.,..
uivc .. Special  Discount of
I'li'iilod.   Si/.i'H.n lit II vi'iira
nml IV yenrs.   Were Jll.110,
2 5 % Off
Now Half Price. $5.50
Ladies'Tweed and
All N'.'w  Millinery,    ('..in.'
...irly   and   Bum.ro thu pluk.
Serge Skirls
Wi' linvu iv iniiii....1 tin'in nl
Ladies'  Tweed
rlfjclil milol. sellliiK prices, so
In. in lit.io.
Absolutely   NVw 8look nml
1 mini I rti'i'
Latest StyleN.
$5,00       now     Sl!.i..">
In Plaid nml I'lniii i'11'i'i'tn.
$5.50                V8.05
t',.1.,.'' :  Browns, tireyu nml
:i;.:ni         "     s.">.....
I'suiil  I'riee
Slii.llll              S.S,.Ml
S10.75      now ^1 H.75
$12.50,.,       "   SII 1.00
Sir..r.l)    "   fl8.01)
SlU.oO    "   Vl'1.75
Two Only Black Silk Taf
$20.00    "   *17.,r>H
feta Skirts to so at
$25.00    "  VS 1.50
$5.00 each.
Reid Block


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