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Cranbrook Herald Jan 7, 1915

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Largely Attended Meeting In City Hall
Monday Evening Disease the
At the public meeting held at the
city ball on last Monday evening thero
waa a very fair attendance equally
divided botween residents of tho city
and those living outside, It waa .tho
consensu", ot opinion that the public
market should bo kept alivo in this
city for tho. bonoflt of the surrounding farmers as well no tlie cltltona of
Cranbrook. Tho matter of the huccoss
of the market depended entirely nn
the number of houuewlves who would
make lt a weekly practice to attend
tho market and purehasu whenever
they thought they wero securing bargains. The necessity of advertising
the market ue a bargain giving In-
atltution wus also emphasized. There
lfl no question but that the past three
markets have wopked out Ifor the
benefit of the district as a wholo, although a fow who occupied stalls were
somewhat dissatisfied with their results.
That certain commodities or products will Bell better tn certain seasons was also brought out by speakers
and the farmer wha haa to occasionally return to hla farm with part of hie
load should not feel discouraged. The
farmer must study the needs of the
buyors at the various seasons of the
year and the purchasers must also be
prepared to deliver' heir own purchases If the market Is "   ba a success.
The meeting was called to order
shortly after eight o'clock by Mayor
Taylor, who briefly outlined the objects of the meeting.
Secretary Webb then further enlarged upon the objects of the meeting which was to endeavor to make
the public market a permanent Institution and he pointed out that with the
curtailment ot the lumbering and the
discharge of the C. P. R. employees
the city must fall back upon the farmer for support and must give him
such encouragement as will assist ln
making him prosperous, which will
result In prosperity In the city. The
public market ls one ot the moat
necesary moves at the present time
as It provided a market for produce,
which the tanner had not enjoyed
lir. Watts then asked the object of
the meeting.
Moved by Mr. Frank Detail and
seconded by Mr. T. J. Doris that ln
the opinion of the meeting a regular
public market would be for the benefit of both consumers and producers
In Cranbrook and vicinity. Thin motion was unanimously carried.
A vote of thanks was then tendered
Messrs. W. Hamilton and W. B. Mac-
Farlane for the generous offers ot ac-
comodation given the market.
Mr. Watts thought that the municipality should be asked to provide a
public market.
Motion by Mr. B. Palmer, seconded
by A. B. Smith, was carried providing
thst a committee of six be elected to
act as a market committee and to be
named as follows: One alderman, and
one from each of tho following societies: Board of Trade, Agricultural
Aaociation, Farmers' Institute, Poultry
Association and Women's Institute.
Amendment proposed by Mr. Watts
waa defeated.
A motion was proposed that the
municipal authorities be called upon
to provide a market for Ihe sale ot
the products of the surrounding districts, Including a yard or encloaure
for tlie sale ot goods In large bulk
such as bay, wood, etc., thst a small
fee be charged those selling their produce, that lt la advisable to appoint
an official agent to handle small shipments on commission. Further, that
the municipal authorities bo atked to
levy a license on peddlers of produce,
and It the municipal act does not allow tbat thia means be taken to petition the government to amend the act
to that effect.  Motion carried.
It waa proposed by Mr. B. Palmer
that the members of the market com-
mltee should be elected pro tern st this
mooting to long ss one member It obtained from each ot the bodies mentioned In the motion.   Motion carried.
Members of the committee were
named as follows: C. R. Ward for the
board of trade, A. B. Smith for the
Farmer'a Institute. T. J. Doris for the
Agricultural Association, 8. Palmer
for the Poultry and Pet Stock sasocla-
tlon, Oeo. R. Usik for ths city council and the president et the Women's
Motion by Mr. Watta that committee
be required to report in all weeks was
lost. ,
Meeting adjourned.
Pnenmonls Claims Lite of Yoaag Lady
Who Recently Arrived From
The ball has taken Its place in the
A very sudden snd ssd death occur- mM cnr0nlcle as a very alluring
red In the St. Eugene hospital laat
Friday morning st 8:80 when Miss
Jane Hamilton Kerr Johnson passed
away. Miss Johnson arrived at Moyle
on the Tuesday before Chrlatmaa to remain for the winter keeping house for
her sister, Miss Florence Johnson,
who Is employed sa s teacher ln the
Moyie schools. She claimed to have
taken a alight cold on her arrival snd
thought she would be better in a few
days as soon aa ahe had recovered
from the tiring effects of her trip from
Nanaimo. She commenced to grow
weaker from day to day and she was
finally brought to this city where the
doctor discovered that she wss suffering from pneumonls snd s wesk
heart. She waa accompanied by her
sisters, Miss Margaret Johnson snd
Miss Florence Johnson, snd everything
poslble was done for her but ahe succumbed, on tr-r. following morning.
Deceased waa the second daughter
of the late Rev. William Johnson of
Vernon, B. C, and waa born at Hamilton, Ontario. After her mother's
death when the family were residents
of Orand Forks, B. C, ahe assumed
charge of the housekeeping and con
tlnued to make a home for her brother and Bisters. Four yeara ago the
brother, J. K. Johnaon, waa married
and since that time she has resided
with him. The other members of the
family always visited Nanaimo for
their holidays and this la the flrst
time they have failed. Her death coming at this time la especially aad for
Her life was practically devoted to
her brother and ulsters and while
deeply religious ahe only took a alight
Interest In public worship but always
conducted regular devotional services
In the home. Her favorite quotation
was, "In my Father's house are many
mansions.   I go to prepare a place for
A =„ o, the market question j *£ &*£»& *mZ
"St* bowness gave . vigorous fc - £-t J? «~ ial
apeeeh a ron,y commending he move ^^ ^ ^ w Cr,„brook „
the staff, for which the L. D. ls
known—waa thu crowning feature of
the evening. The turkey supper was
something which everyone enjoyed
to the fullest extent.
Two welt known musicians, Mr. L.
Von Staveren, piano, aud Mr. T. K.
South, mandolin, discoursed a select
program of high class music, adding
greatly to the success of the affair.
Some forty couples "piled" their;
"""   ~ {knives and forks to the accompaniment [
The first regimental ball of the 107th j of delightful music.   The soldier bo>s
11 OINjllFIED success;
Local Militiamen entertain Friend, la
a Lavish Style—Decorations
Most Striking
Furmer   t'ranbrook   Man   Killed   at
I'iisI (reek -Forte of Blast
The news of Provincial Mine In-
East Kootenay Light Infantry has
paBBed Into history. The Auditorium
theatre on New Year's Kve presented a
spectacle that will long he remembered by those privileged to attend the
flrst regimental bail of the local soldiers.
There have been New Year's Eves
and New Year's Eve 'unctions, in
Cranbrook galore, but there was never
auch a public New Year's Eve celebration as that held in the Auditorium,
when the people of Cranbrook and the
district met to attend the tlrst annual
ball of tho Volunteer Club and to bid
adieu to the old year and welcome the
new year. All the representative
people of town were there and everybody allowed the thought of war and
hard times to flee—even the soldiers
themselves—entered Into the spirit of
the evening with a "Ring out tlie old,
ring In the new, the best of lite is yet
to be" feeling.
The evening started very sedately. A
varied program of forty numbers, Including dances, waltzes, two-steps and
three steps had been planned, and admirably carried out. A feature was
the two moonlight walties, the dreamiest of dreams.
have takeu tlle palm as entertainers  "-pector  Evau   Evans' death  readied
and we take our hat off to you, Mr. | ('ranbrook Sunday morning and the; Tied over eaves caused hy the explo-
Bhortly after returning to the outer
air. Mr. Cuulleld assigns the cause
! of his exhaustion to overexertion In
endeavoring lo recover Mr. Evans and
Mr, Adamson. While endeavoring to
recover these men several of the rescuing party  were  slightly overcome' 	
from breathing the Impure air in the i Yoaag Son of .Mr, and Mrs. W, 0,
mine hut revived and resumed the task : Adlurd Leaves Victoria Fur
after coming out Into the fresh air fur Tlle Front
a few minutes.   The exploring party ' 	
iiad only penetrated the mine some ' Percy Adlartl son of Mr, and Mrs, W,
UOO feet before heing overcome and ns ; C, Adlard of this city who wub the
the unconscious men liu'l to be car-; youngest  member  of  the  Cranbrook
function. The people found at this
flrat annual event are people with a
common love, a common loyalty- a
common duty towards the men of the
home defence.
The spacloua Auditorium lent Itself
to decoration perfectly, and Friday
evening on entering the broad hall the
Herald acrlbe behold a sight simply
a delight to the eyes.
Tbe Btage and orchestra pit were
decorated with a finish that baffles
this country scribe and beggars description. This part of the hall was
decorated most effectively, the decorations being suggestive of the object
for which this ball was given—the
Volunteer Club benefit. The very soul
of the men tn charge of the decorations I hardship and perseverance In their
New Year's Reception at Home of lir.
and Mrs. J. H. King Well Attended.
Ur. and Mrs. J. H. King were at
home to their friends on New Year's
afternoon and evening and a large
number of their many friends in the
eity took advantage of the occasion to
extend to Mr. and Mrs. King the
heartiest of the season's gretings.
More than one hundred callers arrived during the afternoon aud evening.
Their beautiful home on Armstrong
avenue waB especially decorated for
the event The spacious drawing
rooms were decorated in green and red
with a charming display ot white
chrysanthemums. The dining room
was decorated with yellow chrysanthemums and presented a most inviting appearance.
In the afternoon Mrs. r. W. Oren,
MrB. A. C. Nelson, Mrs. W. A. Nisbet
and Mrs. G. H. Saddler poured tea
and in the evening Mrs. Oeo. Hoggarth
and Mrs. Maurice Qualn presided over
the tea urn. Miss Green, Miss Williams,
Miss Mcintosh and Miss Harrison also
assisted In receiving.
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger and Mrs. Lister played Instrumental music during
both receptions and a number of vocal
soloists were listened to with much
The host and hostess are among the
oldest residents of the city and among
the guests on New Year's evening
were many ot the old-timers of the
city, pioneer people who have stood
side by Bide as neighbors' and friends
through the many yearB of work*,
to establish the market believing It
to be a step In the right direction and
ho believed that the results so far
would Indicate that tlie market was to
be a success. The ladles he had spoken
to wero In favor of Its being continued because they stated tliey had been
able to save money 1.; their purchas- >
ea on tlio mnrket Ho thought it
ahould have been stnrted long ago and
that It waa up to the whole community
to get In and support the market. Mr.
Howness as a candidate tor tho
mayoralty In the coming year was listened to with considerable pleasure
by the boosters for the market.
Mr. Chas. R. Ward thought tliat a
food way to start the market off was
to ask tho city for a donation, In
which manner evory taxpayer contributed something toward the queatlon.
He thought that the building offered
by Mr. Hamilton would soon not be
large enough tn provide for the market, He waa of the opinion that the
patronage of the market would Increase ss soon bb the ladles of the
Iowa became familiar with the market
conditions. He thought it it the Chln-
ess peddlers should be restricted In
some wsy, especially on market days
and that the Incoming council ebould
be presented with the matter for
their favorable consideration.
Other people who spoke on the subject were T. 8. Olll, A. R. Smith, Fred
Russell, R. T. William., T. J. Doris,
Ira R. Manning sod Oeo. 8. Hougbam.
The last spesker ss s representative
ot ths Retail Merchants Association
touched a responsive chord when he
stated thst the market was not opposed by any merchant, because It
brought In a new phase of life In
Western Canada. Thst was cash.
The merchant welcomed anything
whioh started more cash In circulation.
Ur, Watta also spoXe.
nurse her youngest sister, Miss Florence Johnson, who was then III at St
Eugene hospital with Inflamatory
rheumatism. For three months ahe
sin-in her daya In the hospital looking
utter her sister until she waa able to
return homo with her. She died In the
room adjoining that occupied by her
sister during her Illness.
Two brothers and three sisters are
left to mourn her loss. They are Rev.
Fred W. Johnaon, pastor Flrat Preaby-
terlan church, New York city, J. K.
Johnson, a newpaperman of Nanaimo,
Mrs. A. V. Kniitli ot Copenhagen, Denmark, Miss Florence Johnson, teacher
at Moyle and Mlaa Margaret Johnaon,
ii teacher at Michel.
The body waa removed to the undertaking parlors of F. M. Macpherson.
Services were held In the Presbyterian
church on Sunday afternoon at 4:30
conducted by Rev. Thomson, assisted
by Rev. Fleweling. Oa ths arrival ot
the brother trom Nanaimo oa Monday
the body was shipped to Vernon, B.
C, for Interment In ths family burlsl
plot beside ths father and mother.
J. K. Johnson and Miss Msrgsret
Johnson accompanied ths body to Its
last resting place,
16c. Tin, I Tins for 85c.
li Tins for 11.40
Canned Strawberries, Raspber.
rles, Peaches, Pews, Apricots
•nd Blueberries at 18c, Mc,
85c ud 10c taa.
Canned Salmon at Ue, 18c, Me
and Me can
Special For Winter Nights
Candles, lo apiece.
Get Osr Prices
was made plain In the work. Who
bad not looked Into them and like
Utzy Hexam, "read fortunes?" Somebody's «■''■ >"n-. lipd otaceri here and
there a cluster of flowers as white as
snow, and thero a slender evergreen
harmonlouslr blended with Its magnificent surroundings. There Is no
artist like mother nature and there are
no colors like hers. The general effect was of glowing warmth, and an
accurate taste saw to It that while
there was not a leaf nor a flower too
few, there was not one too many.
The decorations which were along
patriotic and Imperial lines were em-
blamatlc of the allied nations taking
part with Oreat Britain in the present
war. Shields bearing the colours of
Great Britain, France, Japan, Russia,
Belgium and Servia were displayed
with the flags of these nations over
which were hu ngcrossed rifles. The
regimental crest of thc 107th regiment
occupied a prominent place. The stage
was decorated with evergreens and
trlcoloured bunting showing the national emblem I,
At midnight, when the great clock
struck 12, and the New Year was ushered In, all joined hands and "Old
Acquaintance" lustily rang out, and
with much hand-shaking and happy
New Yearlng" 1915 was ushered In.
The presence of the Cranbrook orchestra, under the most capable and
able leadership of Mrs. Arnold Wallinger, undoubtedly was a "star" attraction. MrB. Wallinger had made
special efforts for this occasion, and
that her efforts were successful wai
made apparent by the generous measure of applauso accorded the various numbers on thc lengthy program.
The music was almost continuous,
and many, yielding to the Influence of
its seductive note, remained for "Just
ono more" dance, or "sat out" two,
three or four numbers to drink In Its
soul-Ins pi ring strains. The Cranbrook orchestra waB at Its very best,
and that ts saying much. It was good
to be alive. Thoro composing tho orchestra were: Mrs. Wallinger, violin;
Mra. Mater, piano; Mr. Parker, flute
and plccaalo; Mr. Kettringham, cornet; Mr. P. Parker, violin cello; Mr.
W. Walsh, drums.
The various committees In charge of
the affair, who worked early and late
for Its success follows:
Decoration committee—Capt. Davles,
R. Q. M. S. Marchant, Lteuts. Halsall
and Bourne.
Oeneral committee—Capt. Davles
and Tisdale; Meuta. Hicks, Bourne,
Venus and Harris, Sergeant Murray.
Othera who helped with the decorations were Privates Stevens, Barnes,
Fouki, Atchison, McKinnon, Wilkin-
efforts to build up here a live and
civilized community. In every wort
of public Interest, charity or philanthropy Dr. and Mrs, King havi always been foremost not only with
ready and open purse, but with real
work fur the city's good, and warm
hearts full of sympathy for the poor
and oppressed.
There is not a person Is East Kootenay but has in some manner come In
touch with the efforts and Influence of
these people. This Is why they possess a warm spot ln the hearts of so
many people and the Herald desires
at this time to pay a tribute of praise
to their splendid achievements, characters and lives on this occasion ot
their New Year's reception.
Plenty of Clamor Bat No Disorder*--
Sounds of Bc.elrj at
With all the pandemonium and
noise that distinguishes such an occasion, Cranbrook duly celebrated the
Incoming of 1915. As the fateful old
year slipped over thu notch of midnight, dins, clamors, bells, shouts and
the strains of "Auld Ming Syne" made
every nook In the city rock ln due
keeping with tbe old-age custom of
welcoming the new year. In home, ln
dance hall, and In the streets, wakeful, watchful eyes followed the last
few minutes that quickly devoured
the remnants of the old year. Shouts
and noises, and the bursting of crackers, and songs, bid a hilarious welcome to whatever blind fate might
have under the cover of 1015. In
some of the churches the gravely Inclined bowed heads In reverent pray-
iiiiiny old-timers.
members of Selkirk Preceptory, NoJbIqo the tusk ot bringing them out
45, got busy at once to raise an escort ( wus  much hammered.    Mr. Adamson
to atteud the funeral of their esteemed ; required 3*^ hours' artificial respirn-
brother.   The    brethern    loft   Cran- j tion before he revived, but Mr. Evans
brook on the early morning train onl after five hours" application ot similar
Tuesday arriving at Fernie at 6 u. m. | methods whs Riven up.
The funeral was held at 2 p. m. und
was largely attended over 500 people
crowded into tlie Knglish church for
the services.    The streets were lined
•With people on botli side**.   The Fernie bund led the procession followed
hy the Miners' Union, Klk River Lodge
A. F. & A. M. and Selkirk Preceptory
Kscort, of which the deceased was a
member of all three. The Fernie band
rendered the Dead March In Saul very
solemnly while passing through the
street.   There was a large crowd at
the grave whore the final Masonic service waB held, which at all times Is
very Impressive.
Hev. Fleweling aslsted thc Fernie
pastor In conducting the church services. Them were a number of large
floral wreaths which showed the esteem ln which the deceased was held.
Klk River Lodge A. F. & A. M. and
Selkirk Preceptory No. 45 euch sent n
large floral wreath. The deceased was
burled on his 42d birthday.
After^the funeral services Dr. Cor-
san invited the Cranbrook Knight
Templar Kscort, 19 In number, to his
second contingent, wired his father
this week us follows. "Please send
consent for me to join tlie Princess
puts." His father Immediately wired
back: "I consent  Do your duty."
This young man. who is still under
age,   was  in   fine  physical  condition
when lie left the city und was second
Mr. Evan Kvans wns well known in   us marksman with u seore of 28 out
this city, liuving for a long time been a  of a possible 30.
resident.    His untimely death will be j    Excerpts from a letter received from
learned of with profound regret by the  him at Victoria lust week will prove of
**Piwtagcsw   Presents   "The   Wrong
Bird Co" to an Appreciative
The "Pantages" vaudeville bill presented ut the Auditorium Wednesday
and Thursday of this week Is undoubtedly ono ot the hest appearing
before Cranbrook audiences for many
moons. Tlio "Wrong Bird Co." which
Is the headllner, Is one of tha prettiest and most tuneful tabloid musical
comedies ever presented here and
made a decided lilt. A tine aggregu-
tlon of pretty girls In beautiful costumes comprise the  chorus,      While
tliey nre of the "show girl" type, they
residence wliere Mr. und Mrs. Corsan |.ar„ pleasantly free from any suggestion of tttugluess; their performance ls
had a fine tea prepared and which
every Knight enjoyed most heartily.
The Knights all join In thanking the
Doctor and Mrs. Corsan and family
for tlieir kindness.
The Knights who attended the Selkirk Preceptory No. 45 Kscort were
hs follows: Jame.i Finlay, A. B.
Grace, W. H. Wilson, James B. Henderson, F. A. Dunn, W. S. Santo, John
Martin, T. H. Banfleld, Simon Taylor,
A.J. Balment, J. A. Manlng, Bull River,
Jos. Austin, Elko, Lester Clapp, B. C.
Ht. Clair, A. McL Fletcher, Walter
Halsall, F. C. Dubois, Femle, Fred
Knfert, Fernie.
Kernfp. B. C, Jan. 3.—A terrific explosion In "B" north mine of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company at
Coal Creek, near here, occurred at
7.05 o'clock on Saturday morning, and
but for the fact tbat Saturday was an
off day at the mines a great disaster
might have occurred. As it was, one
fatality was caused directly by the
explosion. Provincial Mines Inspector Evan Evans, after entering the
mine some three hours after with an
exploring party, was overcome and
A certain number of company shift
men were on duty but these men had
not entered the mine at the time as
they were awaiting the arrival of the
Are bosB to test their safety lamps.
Fred Gillette, a driver, with his horse
was standing some 15 or twenty feet
In front of the pit mouth. The force of
the explosion crushed ln the skull of
the horse, while Gillette, Immediately
behind the horse, escaped with a few
cuts and a severe shaking up. Thomas
France, slightly farther away, was the
victim of the most serious injuries
caused by the explosion, being severely bruised about the head and limbs. |
He was removed to the Fernie hospl*
refreshing and    naturally    delightful
and their costumes are most effective.
'flic scene of the comedy is a taxidermist shop and a A. Morse Moon, asjou*>* B'v
Prof. Hogan, the comical taxidermist, | S°l ""thing at all
Ib excellent.
"The Justice of the Peace," a dram
atlc sketch by Walter Montague, was
also a great success. It (s an inter*
estlng playlet which purports to he a
scathing arraignment of the idle rich
It Is an exaggerated presentation of
class contrast and class prejudices,
but It ls capably cast and seems to
please. Geo. V. Gill as the champion
of tho common people, displayed considerable ability for intense dramatic
"Argo," the harpist, gives an excellent offering, with a rendition of
classical and popular  music on the
harp. He Is a clever player and his j Cranbrook bunch all right, but they
effort to demonstrate his wonderful | say opportunity comes only once and
talent were much appreciated by the if >'ou *a**5s it you're done. I've
audience. Although he contributed found that out in other things. Well,
only three numbers, much to the dfs-1l M** Ton wont worry because I
appointment of everybody, In these he sll*a11 bt* a11 ri*nt- ' am in with a
exhibited exceptional brilliancy and Wlow trom Creston. He's a good lot
technique. 'older than  I and a  pretty good  fel-
.,,.,, , _ .    ,,        , I low.     He Is going and I think I can
Paul Nevins and Ruby Krwood pre-i
Interest    to    his    muny    Crnnbrook
"D" Co.. 30th Bntt. C.E.F
Victoria. Deo 29th. 1914.
Dear Dad:
Tom came in this evening and I
was pleased to henr everything Is all
right in Crnnbrook. Well. I had a fine
Christmas and enjoyed the cake and
pudding very much. 1 received tt
the day after Christmas. 1 WW mess
orderly in the sergeant's mess on
Christmas day. and of course tliey always eat in bettor style than we
privates. I only eat turkey twice on
Christmas day and plum pudding and
ubout (Ive different kinds of sauce. I
was thinking about you all the time.
Well, I upheld my good start of shooting again today 1 nmde twenty out
of a possible 26, and there wns an
awful strong wind blowing at the
time. It wasn't counted by the bull's
eyes, but by grouping. We hnd to
group ull .-hoots iu a 12 lu. radius.
Well. I got all mine in 6 In. at 4
o'clock. Ask Carl Gill he'll tell you
what ft is. Even if you get four
shots all together and one away they
you ten. Quite a few men
Today they had
orders to send one hundred men to
fill up the Princess Pat's light Infantry and ot course if tliey had have
picked a bunch there would have been
a lot of kicking, so to make a square
deal of it they drew lots, ten from
each company and I was one of the
ten. so I guess I will be going away on
Saturday morning.
Well, the Cranhrook boys want me
to stay, but if 1 Stayed I think some
pcopU* would call me a piker and I
wouldn't like that. Well, in fact no one
will ever get the chance. I
look at it Is that if any otlier man
got the chance he would liave taken
it.      I   would   like   to   be   with   tbe
sent "The Coal Man and the Maid"
and are very good. As clog dancers
the twain are very clever, while some
new jokes and songs combine to make
the act very very pleasing.
Cummin and Seaham hnve an ac ro
ta k- care of myself by now. Perhaps
you would sooner have cie stay, but I
wouldn't like ft to get to Cranbrook
that I was picked <md wouldn't go. I
don't think that there* is any bigger
danger than with the 30th. They wlll
*..i liave to go to the front tome time.
batlc stunt which is decidedly out of, it only means that we shall  get to
the usual. This ls the opening number of the program and this pair introduce some original comedy In the
offering which Is enjoyable, especially because it Is so unusual.
Another Good Attraction Coming
Thc  managers  of  the   Auditorium
wish to announce that they have been
While Cranbrook bade the si
tbe coming year an uproarious
Ing, It wm not disorderly by any
means. No broken windows or heads
added distinction to the out-of-door
proceedings. All the same It entered
heart and soul Into the celebration,
and while evidences of thu flowing
bowl leaked out Into tho street—and
tal by special train and It Is expected j fortunate enough to book the entire
ten days or two weeks' treatment will ■ "Pantages" bill nppearlng In Calgary
be sufficient for a complete recovery,  this week, for Wednesday and Thurs*
J. Gydoslk, a tracklayer, also near the day, January 18th and 14th.   Tho bill
pit   mouth,   received   several   minor j consists of Gordon Brothers, novelty
bruises.   None of these men's Injuries j dancers; Dunlap and Vlrdin ln "Bits
are as serious as would be expected | of Wit," Bertie Fowler, comedienne, j ™t"f ~i.t*d
considering the force of the explo-. and two other big acts.    "The War of
"Ion. [Long*" Is a big spectacular produc*
"H" nortb mine Ib one of the small-; t*oll
er mines at the Coal Creek colliery
and Ib some fifty feel above the level
Kngland alt the quicker. I hope you
won't Judge me too harshly. I think
It's my duty to go, so I am going.
Well, I think I have said all I can Junt
now. I don't know where we are
going so I can't give you any address.
Well, remember me to everybody I
know. Tell them 1 am in good
health and having a good time, you
know. I send my love to you and .
mother, and I wish I could have eome
home at Christmas. I wish 1 could
talk with yuu for about UO
minutes.       I would     then     do
Ither one thing or the other feeling
Hut  wi*  can't  talk, so  I
hope I am doing right in your mind. I
I don't think you'll be able to get a latitat   back   before   Saturday,  mj   good-
of the town.   There were two distinct I
reports, practically simultaneous, and IJj     ""'
It Is one of Mr. Pantages own acts j bye dad     Mop'' I'm doing right
and Is creating u very favorable Im-j    From your affectionate son
It  Is  a  story  of a  San '
, „ , people half smile from lhe mine data "J"***"0 "J" *""d"r _tvi™' '^Ifl'WHU 0>
*_* It felt .. If the around under l*4»lr «" »*'''°"l»""' * »*r.ctly OrientalJ" HBHAX I*>
' «"«*•-1....  _ .i.„m    *,.„. ... 'even In thr burning nl Joss sticks nnd ! -1 r'"   * *•■"*» B
l» A V
Tin; funeral on Naff Tsars afternoon from tin; Bsptlst church and
thenee tn Cranhrook csmstery of Mrs
Alfrml Joliffe. was remarkable for tbe
I feet waa swept from them.   Then ap- ""■ •" •"■ "urnl"« "' J"""
peered s dense cloud ol black emoke sajsrtuHr of ChlasSs coavsrsatiOB.
or coal duat, followed by a huso .heel     Tl"' hssHHasr of the hill la ' Tl,<
of flame thst lit  up the mountain 0r*«l   i>Mvn    Trunin" of   Russia*
8j(](. dunci-rH. Ktnser* anil limtruuientalliitK.
The coal le tranaported Irom thia' Here la what a Cslsary paner nay. j targ(, u,enam.,.    „,.„ ,., 1I1.1I|). ,„,.
mine to the tipple by meana of an about the act: »erM, wuU(s,,, |lr,. wtn mM |n l)|(,
wc are In a imaltloa lo vouch for thia ooUWe  tocllo«  haulsgo,  this  bolns     '•There hove been Russian dancers | long line of those who followed tho
—the   city   resounded   with   foolish Iblown *,WI' wh"° tl"! ,m "*"" "*'  ln '•'"'S*1''' mstm*, but none, to the j body to Its last resting plate, and on
' caped Injury. ' same degree, as Is the case with those I all sides were beard   cordial tributes
Ersas DM Hot Ketsrn at the Pantages this week, have Im- to Mrs. Jollfle's worth and ciprcssiona
Shortly before tea o'clock sn ei-  |,r,.Sh,.u w„. a8 8UC„ genuine products | of sorrow, ai her passing. She wa. a
ploring party, conalailng ot the pro-1 of Ule ian(i 0f t|,c. czars.   It Is a large | faithful  and  affectionate    wife  and
the city resounded with foolish
noises, the mldnlghtera were perfectly good humored sad Innocuous.
The police, who kept s watchful eye
but broad-minded eye on the scene,
had ao csuse to do snythlng rash, but
simply utter a mild protest and—
presto   peace reigned again.
A feature of the affair wss the dining room conducted In tho Palm build-
lag by Hr. Tom Herron, proprietor of
ths Little Davenport. Hr. Herron, In
keeping with the rest of tho affair, alto
mads special preparations, and when
the dancers repslred to the dining
with Its menu, Its appoint-
Its decorations snd favora,
with ths splsadld senfco st
Mr. snd Mra. F. A. Small, of Canal
Flats, are In town tills week. Hr,
Small ls a succeaaful merchant of
thia new town on tbe K.C.R. He
reports (rest rejoicing at tbe ban
on the srrlval ot tbe Hrst train over
the Kootenay Centrsl, which arrived
st Canal Plata yesterday. Mr. and
Mrs. Small will return home the first
of the week.
The less s man talks the more ho
says. This Is telling tbe truth but It
causes a Ml al trsasto.
vlnclal mine Inspector, E. Evans; B.,troupe wh|c„ „ aMea d,rt,clS| „„,,
Csulleld, colliery manager; R. Adam-
Its offerings vary from the whirlwind
son and W. McPegan, equipped with ; ef/ortj ,„ „„,,,,, Marv|„ Orlo(t „ fca.
self-contained   breathing   apparstua,
turcd, to the dainty valse de ballot
that a petite lady of the Pavlowa
school dances. Hers was the main
contribution to the beauty of tho act,
but IVe skill of the others was hardly [
less the object of admiration.     Thc
mother anil beloved by all who knew
her. She wilt be missed, not only in
her home, but also by the community.
A woman of sweet nature and deep
piety, she wus throughout her life a
most beautiful exponent of Christian
The attendance nt the funeral was
conclusive testimony to the fact that
entered  the mine  to  ascertain   tho
damage to tho Interior.   A short time
later Mr. McPegan alone returned to
tho surface In an eshauated condition
aad reported the other members of
the party to have been overcome. Rescuers   then   entered,   among ...    ...
were W. R. Wilson, general manager! "a"1"* *-''« «°'0 !«"«» ,rom ™ P'»°« j others. Mr. Jollffo wlll have the
of tbe company; J. Moore, E. Hesketh, i st lb" conductor's desk. The orches- j ,ymnil,1Jr „, , |nr|ic nvmbtt of Menat
T. Williams, mine Inspector; W. Un-il™l numbers Introduced Russian ln-,,„ M„ „d bereavement,
caster, W. Commona, Chsrlea O'Rrlen, j struments and concluded with "Rule j 11(,v 0 E Kendall, pastor of tbe
J. Dell, A. Wataon, D. Martin, J. Ha- Britannia" and "Tlpperary," both of j naptlat church, conducted the last
mer, A. Atkinson, J. Dlgga snd A. Wst- which wero warmly greeted. The j „,„ servlcos from the church commen-
acenle Investiture was splendid and | clng at 1 o'clock.   The body wss In-
, ,, ,, „„,,    i she was fully appreciated, not only by
whoml folksong, were well sung. M.aolden j ||cr comr,|(|„s   ,,„, by  „   ^ /,
son.   Tbo Drat to bo recovered wss
Mr.   OaalsM,  wbo   rearmed  sen [*** -ostusslat secUUdly artltttc.'*     ^terrea In the Cranbrook cemetery. *A01 FOUR
TiTi li       i    in
THURSDAY,    JANUARY 7th, 1915
L. P. Sullhan, Kditor
J. B. Thompson, Business Manager
Subscription Rates
One   Year   	
Six Months    	
Three Months   	
AdTerUslng Bates
Display   Advertiilug,   26   cents
Column Inch.
Reading NoUcea or Clasilfled Ads. 10
cents per line.
Cranhrook, U.( „ January 7th, 191
Under the caption, "Welfare of British Columbia" published In the Cranbrook Prospector lust week Mr. A. 1*3.
$2,00 Watts hus indited a Tew gems of
1.00 thought und for the elucidation of the
•M people of this district, the Herald and
a great body of the general public
P<r would he pleased If he would answer
the following questions :
Isn't he the self-appointed head of a
political clique that Is endeavoring to
wrest the reins of power and the
emoluments of ollice from the electorate of this district ?
Doesn't he attend all the political
meetings in this district iu
order to "break in" and doesn't ho expect by this method to become the
self-nominated candidate of thc Conservative party ?
Wasn't the above mentioned article
written for the clearly doflnod purpose
of discrediting Hon. Tims. Caven, tho
present member from tills district ?
Are not his efforts directed toward
Tiie desire to turn over a new leaf
gt the commencement of a new year
la not something to bc ridiculed. Few
people are satisfied with the life they
have led, and very few ought to be. ,,uU dMln* ftnd brow bwtlng all op-
. position and isn't he endeavoring to
It you have lived for your own en- mmW ^ mf> o( th|]) mm by
Joyment, and have sought lt in Idle-  intimidation ?
ness, you surely have met with disap-      Isn't It a fact that puternallsm (11-
polntment, and when tho New Year  r(ictud toward a few ls legislation for
comes upon you like the striking of a  Buoloal intereHts and wltu *oneral ,lc"
coptance is pure socialism ?
great clock Is tt not a good time for
Is he putting Into actual practice
In his private business the wonderful
ideals for the worklngmen that he ho
ably expounds from press und platform ?
Isn't it a fact that he hires only
the pursuits of business or ambition   Hm(ioo8  and  ch*namon  aB  common
that you have neglected self Improve-  laborers ?
the resolve that you would seek higher happiness in a life more Industrious
purposeful, and worthy of yourself.
If you have been so taken up with
to believe the anvil was swoeter than
the hurp; and when it waB discovered
that he Imd sturted a factory to make
hammer handles, they decided to
Ore him bodily. Ho the word was
passed along and he wns shot over
the balcony with his band of knockers.
Milton says he fell for two weeks and
went hurling In the direction of British Columbia. When he finally reached the earth, he gave it out that he
was a dispossessed prince, styled himself A* D'Evil, took up his residence in
Whosoburg and went into business
establishing agencies all over the
world. Through the middle ages he
got a good deal of advertising from a
country newspaper. He had the
editor under his thumb, and when he
whistled the editor jigged to thc
music, it was not to the editor's liking, hut he hud to dance just thc
siiine. Later tho playwrights and
spring poets took him up. Milton
wrote his biography nnd Bobby Burns
threw some spirited sidelights oil his
charaotor. This all tended to turn
liis head; but us a drawing curd he Is
a dead ono now. Ills character was
enst through with an essential unsoundness* the spirit of cynicism
which can see no good thing in the
heavens above or tho earth below.
The world grows weary of him and
liis ilk. The hest men are not affecting his society and are making it
known "thut he ts not one ut us."
He is popuhir only with a few, but he
ts happy,   Like the Kaiser-—"Me und
Kitchener Is ln East Kootenay. So
ls the "big noise" of a chosen few.
Mr. James Arnold la reported under the weather the past several days
with Influenza.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Services 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
w., „, m      ii a i *   *,.       i   *      Morning topic: "The Evil of Unbe-
We were called naughty things last  ucf,"
j week, but lt is better to be a good
i failure than
I pickles!
Evening topic: "The Hardening Ef-
bad success.   Pass tho ! *-eo' °' Shi-"
Sunday school, 3.00 p.m. |
                                Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
I Gus Erickson left this morning for :
I Wasa via motor car with a party for |
! a trip of Inspection over the Koote-,
' nay Central railway.
Tho annual congregational meeting
ni Knox church will be held In tho
school room on Friday evening, Jan- i
unry 15th. All members and ad-
iherents are requested to attend.
I Miss Jessie Kennedy returned to '■
i Kimberley Sunday afternoon to re-1
; sume her duties as school marm. Miss !
| Kennedy has been spending the'
; Christmas holidays with her parents.
I'uul  (liroux,  aged  Iili years, who
Saturday night at 8  p.m. u  song
service  entitled u Faithful  Stewart.
Sunday night at 8  p.m. a gospel
Tuesduy and ThurBdny bright Salvation metlugs.
All are invited.
Copt and Mrs. Hustler.
W. E. Dunham, rnstor.
Morning subject: "Tho Gospel of the
Left Hand."
Evening   subject:   "The   Tower  In
i died on the *7th day of December last   Nation Building,
at the Fort Steelo hospital was bur-:    A special musical program nt both
'led  from  Beatty's  undertaking  par-  florv'C88,	
j lors on Tuesday, January 6th, Rov.
ment, and let your home affections
grow dull, and forgotten the needs of
tho community about you, lt Is well to
call a halt, and give the better part of
yourself a chance.
How docs he explain the consistency between his oft repeated phrase of
"Hritish fair play" and his efforts to
throttle the press ?
Isn't It his great personal desire to
he one of thc heads of his proposed
If you sorrowfully feel that you have  Central Association and hasn't he
lost the simple trust of earlier days,
If faith, hope and love have grown dim
amid the dust und smoke of life's turmoil It surely will be best for you to
large number of self-suggested
nuinds ready to give his member ?
Does he think tlie people would get
lietter service under conimnnds of the
"man  behind thc bcciics" than they
get out of the turmoil  for a little would from the member working on
while, to aeek some quiet sanctuary, It '■'•■ own Initiative and answerable to
.      ... ,.          ,             .,   ., the electorate for every one of his
may be with those who assemble them- ,«,,.-
nlficiul acts ?
aelvcB together for God's worship, it Dooa lie consider the political clique
may be with the loved ones of your hi; represents any more honest or cfll-
home, or it mny be in the stillness of clent than the other wing of the Con-
your own spirit, to brighten up those
best possessions uf your soul and to
bind yourself by new ties to the Immortal life.
Let us ull this year help one another, and we will find by our side the
great Helper.
Elsewhere   In   this   issue
found  a   letter  from   Percy
will   be
seryatlve party ?
Would he name a few people whom
lie considers capable of "taking an active und Intelligent interest In public
Does he pay the Prospector for tho
personal advertising tliat paper Is giving him week by week ?
Does the editor of the Prospector
have any prerogative of his own except that given him strictly under orders of tlie mortgagee ?
Isn't Mr. Watts' interest In Cntn-
We hnve been asked to give a Hard
Times Dance nt Fort Steele on the
same lines as that given in Cranbrook
last month, so the hall at Fort Steele
has been engaged for the evening of
the 12th Jim unry next and everything
arranged for having a great time.
Anyone presenting him or herself in
civilized garb will be mistaken for a
Gorman spy and executed on the spot
with despatch or some other weapon.
So every one is invited to put on
iheir worst glad rags with the expectation of having the time of the season, and appear on that evening de-
tormlnod to make hard times good
times. The orchestra will consist of
live pieces and the music chosen lfi of
the hest, while for the benefit of the
dancers two prizes are offered for the
boat or worst dressed lady (birthday
clothes hot eligible) and one for the
best exposition of thc demoralized
tramp of thc male species. The
judges to be chosen from well known
citizens. Payment to be made at the
dour. fiO cents eacli person.
Father Planioiidon officiating.
On Wednesday next, January 13th,
at the Ry. Y.M.C.A. a social evening
wlll bc held. The program will bc
given by association members nni
the Ladles' Auxiliary wlll ■J'.ive
charge of the refreshments,
About ninety men turned out Sunday evening to tho church parade of
thu 107th regiment, services being
held ln Knox Presbyterian church.
•Rov. W. K. Thomson preached a sermon In keeping with the day of prayer which was generally observed In
all the churches.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning Bervlco, 11.00 u.m.
Thc Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be dispensed ut this service.
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
A Series of Sermons on Lessons
From tho War—First, Wlint is Man?
Communion preparatory service on
Friday evening, January 8th, nt 8 p.m.
"What Is man that Thou ure miud-
fnl_gf_lilm?"   Psalm 8:4.
Tuke notice thut I, John Venus, as
bailiff for the Cunndian Bunk of Com-
"  mcrce, will sell by auction on the 15th
The ninth anniversary of the open-1 day of January, A. D., 1915, at 12
o'clock noon ut McGulnncss Ranch
about four milea from Wardmr on
the Jaffray road the following goods
and chattels:
E000 mining props
Terms cash.
Agent for thc Canadian Bank of
Ing of Knox church will be celebrated with a birthday party under
the auspices of the Ladies Aid
Society. A program wlll be rendered and refreshments served. Proceeds will be used for the budget
scheme of the church.
who went witli the second Cranbrook  ,,r»l* ^nln. self-nsumed, especially
lu the policy of the newspapers y
Does he own uny Cruubrook property outside of his mortgage on the
Prospector ?
Would a judgment against him, say
i'ur criminal libel, he worth any more
than the paper It is written on 7
How many worklngmen in the district does he Imagine would be interested ln his analysis of the Herald
scribes, especially at this time when
they want brend .o keep tlieir bodies
together ?
contingent. The letter Is well worth
the perusal of every reader of this
paper, ns It Is written in a spirit
characteristic of the men of Cranbrook, who went forward to fight in
the defence of the country.
Cranbrook can hnve no worse
enemy than the mnn who endeavors to
work party politics into municipal affairs. Ratepayers nre urged to Investigate closely the records nnd ambitions of all candidates. Any candidate using any party organization to
further his interests should bc defeated ut all cost. Such a man Is developing the germs of n curse which
wlll spread like wildfire from Cran-  *»
brook throughout British Columbia. It: ness ns beasts of burden. Every
wilt be remembered thut at a recent | town has Its local chapter of the an-
elcctlon an endeavor was made to '■ dent order of armchair critics whose
"work the machine." That endeavor \ motto is "tho greatest good to the
was hopelessly unsuccessful and; greatest number"—with tho mental
brought discredit to those rospon-, reservation that that Is Number Otic
Bible. Why should a five cent polltl-' A crisis like the present is always
clan, who hus no property In this; "open season" for such gentry, who
city, have uny sny ns to how It; seem to be impressed with thc pon-
ahould be run? Kill the Peanut Polltl* liloroua feeling thnt tho contemporary
clan and register your vote against | auditing of accounts will be turned
the "petty party politics of the parish , over to them on Judgment Day. This
pump." I Is a harmless obsession und hurts no
one but themselves In ordinary time:*
This city like u good many others
hus a few would-be politicians who
■ni to regard steady men of husl-
The Herald Is pleased with the number that turned out to the meeting at
the city hull on .Monday evening. The
Interest shown augurs well for the
future success  of the market.   The
but when great und serious business
Is afoot, their case reminds one of the
old story which runs somewhat as follows:
Satan wns once a man.   Later he
farmers are Interested ln the market   developed  Into a god and dwelt In
and many citizens are using their In-   Paradise.   But Satun was of a pecu-
fluenco toward securing the support
of tho consumers In the city. Every
housewife should visit the market It
only to see what Is being offered for
The market committee have a great
amount of work ahead <>f them, We*
believe this committee should endenv-
linr disposition, lie had the "artistic
temperament" which lit to sny he
wns moody, Irritable, fnult-flnding and
a good part of the time idle. Instead of trying to remedy the faults
of ParudlHe he merely pointed them
out. Whenever he attempted to do
anything he had to have a witness.
or to keep the control of the market j Ile would neither tunc harps, launder
in the hunds of the farmers, If the robes, nor polish the pavement. He
city authorities are usked to provide! merely whispered unkind things
a market  entirely  the market  will,: about thn Great Designer and kicked
perforce, come under city control. This
may lead to friction in a small way
and the city authorities have no desire at the present time to control the
market. But should they finance the
move entirely they would necessarily
dictate tlu- rules and regulations.   If
about the severity of tin- discipline.
When warned from time tu time to
get busy, he replied, "I um." Hn was,
too, but In the wrong way.
They tried to induce him to live
the true life and lead tho Choral Society and break In the new arrivals,
About one hundred people were
present at the annual meeting of the
Onward Bible Class of the Methodist
church on Tuesday evening. The ban-
'iuet commenced nt seven o'clock.
Mrs. VV. c. Adlard, Mrs. Dunham,
Mrs. Messanger. Miss Quance and
Miss Vera Bradwln gave their services
as waitresses at the table. After n
Himptous repast of cold meats salads,
pies, cakes, fruits and jellies, thc
birthday cake, a delicious looking con-
f fiction, bedecked with Icelng and
cherries, weighing twelve pounds and
made by Mrs. Ci. B. Wilis, was cut with
due ceremony by Mr. Martin Harris.
The orchestra composed of MIbs F.
Bolnu piano, Reginald Hockey, violin,
Jack Ketterlngham, cornet, and Mr.
Qarney Patmore, clarionet, played
soveral selections while thc supper
was being dispensed with.
A progrnm of toasts was followed
by a musical program after which the
olcctlon of the new officers for the
class resulted as follows: Honorary
president,, Mr. Martin Harris; president, Mr. Arthur Ashworth; vice
president, Mr. G. B. Willis; secretary,
Mr. Hcndnll; treasurer, Miss Eggar;
teacher Rev. Dunham,
The meeting broke up at eleven
o'clock, all reporting a good time.
We huve good nows for every per-
son fu this town who has any form of
stomach trouble.     It Ib about a remedy   for   Indigestion   and   dyspepsia
that we have so much faith In aB to
offer  It  to  you  with  our  personal
guarantee thut If It docs not relieve
you and satisfy you ln every way, we
will refund tho money you paid for It
witiiout question or argument of any
kind.     You    risk    nothing;    either
Roxall Dyspepsia Tablets will relieve
i your stomach ailments or the money
you puid for them will be handed back
I to yuu.   There Is no red tape about
I our guarantee,  it means just what It
■ says.      Your  word  Ib  enough.      If
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets don't satisfy
you, tlie money Is yours and we want
vou to huve It.
Roxall Dyspepsia Tablets soothe the
Inflamed stomach, check heartburn
und distress, stimulate u healthy secretion of gastric Juice, aid In rapid
and comfortable digestion of the food,
and help to quickly restore tha stomach to u comfortable, easy-uctlng,
healthy state. They also aid greatly
in promoting regular bowel action.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets are Bold
, only at tlie 7,000 Rexall Stores, and
hi this town only by us. Three Bites,
35c., BOo, and fl.00.—Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
On Tuesday next January 12th the
Overseas Club (local branch) will
: hold their annual election of officers
: for the coming year. After the usual
business and election, the remainder
; of the evening will be devoted to a
whist drive and social. The prizes
i for the whist drive are ducks and a
: rooster. A large attendance is ex-
; pected.
' The hoys ot the Young Men's Club
■gave a very enjoyable sleigh-rldo to
I their friends on Friday evening.
| About twenty-two were present. They
■ left for Fort Steele about eight o'clock
! and were .entertained by Doris Ker-
| shaw at her home. Mr. and Mrs.
: Mlrams chaperoned the party.   They
returned home at a  late hour thc
same evening.
The Cranbrook schools opened on
Monday morning with enrollment as
follows: High school 31 scholars;
Central Public School, 347; South
Ward Public School, 94; Kootenay
Orchard School, 20 pupils; total 492.
Miss E. Stevens ot Nanaimo, Is on the
staff In place ot MIbs Cartwright, resigned, and Miss B. Fisher of Victoria, is on thc stuff of the South
Ward School in place of Mrs. Deane.
The Installation of officers of the
Pride of Cranbrook Circle No. 153,
Companions of the Forest of the Ancient Order Of Foresters took place In
Maple Hall on Wedneaday, January
6th, the following being duly Installed
by Bro. J. Shaw and Bro. J. Bird, I. O.
and W. M. respectively: Mrs. Shaw,
C. C; MrB. O. Couldwell, S. C. C; Mrs.
Laurie, P. C. C; Mrs. J. Bird, secretary; Mrs. J. F. Lower, treasurer; Mrs.
C. McMillan, R. O.; Mrs. Jas. Haley,
I. G.; and Mrs. F. Wood, O. O. After
the business of the meeting was concluded refreshments were served and
the new C. C, Mrs. Shaw presented to
the Past C. C. the jewel of that offlce,
Mrs. Laurie suitably replying.
I desire to express my heartfelt
thanks to the many kind friends, who
gave their help and sympathy so freely
during the recent illness and deuth ol'
my beloved wife.
Municipal Elections
I have served the city
for the past two years as
alderman and have been
urgently requested to run
again, and therefore announce my candidacy and
solicit the support of thc
I believe that only by
the strictest retrenchment
can the city cope with the
future and my record as an
economist of the city's
funds during my alder-
manic incumbency, should
I believe, entitle me to
their kindly consideration
at the next election.
Very truly,
s farmers' nsosclntlon could be formed j somo ot whom sang slightly off key;
for till, purpose so much the better., hut he refused to lead the singing or
lt can poHluly lie bundled by a com-' conduct the orchestra. He was drlll-
mlttec from the various organizations i Ing a little "class" of bis own, whicli
who can plan the course of tbe market [ he christened the Anvil Chorus. Tliey
and then appeal to the city for needed I tried to make use of blm for he wss
help In gctlng started and endeavor ' clover after a fashion, but it was no
to keep tbe market on u paying or self-1 use. He would not do what he was
supporting basis. I told.   He always knew a better way
In this way the control of the mar- J nnd sneered at every plan for heaven-
kct will remain In thc bands of those j ly betterment which he did not hlm-
most vitally Interested nnd the city I .elf suggest; he suggested precious
wlll not tie burdened with the entire I few and these be could not carry out.
upkeep nf the mnrket or tlie work of J The one thing that renlly Interested
making It a success. ! him wns the Anvil Chorus.   Whenever
Tlio farmers have been shown that! the saints lifted a pman nf praise, lie
they have the support of the gront  would start up his fnvorite Instrument
majority nf the  Cranbrook  citizens nnd  pound.   He wan  lnditHtrlous In
therefore It is up to tbem to co-op-1 nothing but knocking,
•rate and carry on their own market.      Finally he got a (ood many pcoiilo
tc. per word for first week, and lc. per
word for each week after
WANTED AT OM'K- General ser-
vant. Apply Mrs, E. S. Home, Bull
River, D. C. 62-2t*
Kilt HUNT—Comfortable live-room-
ed cottnRo, J15 per month.   Apply
Box S., Herald offlco. 60-tf
FOR SAI.K Oil TO IKT.—Two roomed
house on Armstrong avenue. Apply
Neal Institute. '   B2-tt
Experienced dressmaker wants work
at homo nr by tho day. Apply to
Miss M. Chester, 110 Van Homo
Hi. 62
hum:, tu |,»AN.  in small amounts
nt u full' rate of Interest on good
seem Illes; strictly confidential. Apply llnx P., llerald olllco. 1-lt
MIST. (In New Years day, a pair
nf long white kid gloves; cash re-
ward.    Apply Herald ollice.   Mt*
Municipal Elections
Being that a large number of influential citizens
have been neselglng me
with requests to become a
candidate for alderman I
have decided to allow my
name to go before the
Cranbrook electors for
consideration. I have
served aB alderman before
and am willing to rely
upon my record for support by the electors. I
believe in economy in public affairs and this year it
will be more necessary
than ever before to emphasize this point. Look
up my record as alderman.
It will bear investigation.
Yours truly,
Municipal Elections
Geo. F.Stevenson
After careful consideration I have decided to
place my name before the
electorate of Cranbrook.
In doing so I appreciate
tho confidence of my
many friends In persuading me of the importance
of sane, business, civic
government. As managing director of the largest
commercial company operating In the city, and
with a wide financial experience extending for
over a period of fourteen
yoars, 1 feel reasonably
sure my services as an
alderman will meet with
the approval of the ratepayers of the City of Cranbrook.
Yours truly,
A. C. Bowness
Having beetl solicited by a large number of the ratepayers lo stand again as a candidate for Mayor, I wIbIi to
announce that I will offer myself as a candidate and I
BOliolt the supporl of the voters for Ihe honorable ollice of
Mayor of tlio Cily of ('ranbrook.
I ilii tliis feeling lhat It Is the desire of a majority of
(lie ratepayers and voters that a change should be made In
(he administration ut the City Hall.
Everyone knows my past record as Alderman nnd
Mayor and upon this record I respectfully solicit your
cordial support.
1 have uo political ambitious to gratify or axes to
grind, and no sect, section or individual has any strings
on me.
I believe that Ihe business of thc city is the business
of the ratepayers and should be conducted in an efficient
manner, In the interets of the city as a whole, that all
business should be open nnd above board and that pull,
politics and religion should have no consideration.
In asking for your votes for Mayor I also ask for
your votes for the six councilmon supporting me, four of
whom have had varied experience of from two to seven
years on the council of this city, the other two being men
of unquestioned business ability. If you see fit to elect me
as Mayor for the incoming term, I shall endeavor, with
their assistance to carry on every legitimate public undertaking for tlie advancement of Cranbrook, I will give my
time and attention to the affairs of the city and will endeavor to see tliat the public interest is in every way carefully safeguarded.
Yours Faithfully,
Municipal  Elections
To the Eloetors:
Knowing the financial
condition of the city at the
present time and the general conditions which surround the city, it has been
with extreme reluctance
thai I have yielded to the
entrealies of many electors to run for alderman
tliis year and it is only
upon a platform of strictest economy tliat I hereby
announce my candidacy.
I served for two years as
alderman and know the
necessities which confront
us at this time. Therefore,
If I am. elected alderman,
my time will be devoted to
conserving the city's interests. My record for two
years as alderman will
bear your scrutiny, and
upon this record I respectfully solicit your support.
Yours truly,
The Pink of Health
is every woman's right:
but many are troubled
with sallow complexions,
headaches, backaches, low
spirits—until they learn that
sure relief mav be found in
Sold iftffWMrt.   Ii baits, 25 Malt
Municipal Elections
At Ihe urgent request
of a large number of electors I have decided to announce to lhe public my
candidacy for alderman of
the City of Cranbrook for
the coming yoar. My platform is one of economy
solely and tlie transaction
of the city business efficiently and with the Interests of the whole city In
view. 1 respectfully solicit
your cordial support and,
If elected, will give my
best nbilily to the city's
Yours truly,
Municipal Elections
Submitting to the persuasion of many friends I
hereby announce my candidacy for alderman for
the City of Cranbrook. I
solicit the support of my
friends and all voters and
ratepayers upon a platform of strictest economy
In civic affairs and my former record aB alderman.
Not as in past years, I will
be located permanently ln
the city during the coming
Yours truly,
Wit Are liilrnilm'liiK
Amorlcaii Bilk
American Cashmors
American I'utton-iilaiu
ll it s I i; it v
'I'lu y inn,, stood Un' lost, uivo
real foot comfort,  Nu scums to
rip.    Never   liiiruiuit   looso  or
Iiiikkj-.   Tlio shape In knit In—
nut pressed In,
aUAHANmi) tor Oneness,
ntyli'. superiority of material and
workmanship. Absolutely ctalll-
Iuhh. Will wi'iir I) months without iiolilH, nr new iiiii'H fro«.
to every one sending us |l,00 ln
currency or postal note, to
cover advertising und shipping
charges, we wlll send post-paid,
with written guarantee, backed
hy a five million dollar company,
II Pairs ol our Mr. value
American Silk Hosiery
er  4 Pairs uf our Mt. value
American CnBlimere'HoelerT
er  4 Pairs ol our Stic value
Amcr'n Cotton-Lisle Hoalen
or « Pairs ef Children's Hosiery
Give   the ■ color,   slse," and
whether Ladies' or Gent's hosiery Is deslrou.
DON'T DEI,AY.-Olfer expires
when a dealer In your locality Is
P. O. Rex 244
J 4W»
%J, JANUARY 7th, 191S
» iii
* 4?
% «r
i .»
» <*
•    V'
0   *i
v bj
• *f:;
• •J"*-
«, #|
• }]
It Pays
to   have   your eyes examined
every little while.
In olden tlmoB eyeglasses had
only one use—to assist the old
folks In reading or seeing.
Nowadays we lead more strenuous Uvea and the eyes suffer ln
consequence. Near-sightedness,
Neuralgia, Headacho and many
other affections aro promptly relieved by properly fitted glasses.
We sell only such glasses as we
can thoroughly recommend, and
surround tlio soiling with every
poBHlbl.i courtly.
W. H. Wilson
Take a look at Fink's adv. and then
at the goods.
L. M. Robertson lctt tor Fernie
yesterday on a visit.
Passed by censor. The Fink Mercantile adv. in this Issue.
Tea days ls the time given Finks
tor their half-price sale.
J. F. Bridges, ot Bummer's Flats,
was In the city Wednesday.
J. P. Fink left Monday for Toronto
on a two week's business trip.
F. M. Macpherson was called to
Medicine Hat Tuesday on business.
Harry Edwards, of the Wycliffe
hotel, paid the city a visit yesterday.
Peter J. Woods was in from Cherry
creek ranch on Wednesday on busl-
It Isn't the horrible lies but the
horrible truth that has thrown Albert
Edward Into convulsions.
Ed Fulljames returned Monday from
Spokane where he has been under
doctor's care.
Mrs. E. H. Small arrived in the city
yesterday from Canal Flats and will
remain for a couple ot days.
Warren Woodland, tho village
smithy of Fort Steele, arrived from
unknown points ln the east Monday.
O. E. Barber ot the Cranbrook Drug
A Book Co., Ltd., spent a few daya at
Spokane the Ilrst of the week on business.
Dr. Rutledge left yesterday for
Perry Creek where he will pan gold
for a short while and develop thc
"pay streak."
Patmore Bros, are distributing a
neat calendar to their patrons this
week. "A Glimpse of I,nke Chnm-
plaln" Is thc title.
Len Clark, ot the historic burg ol
Kort Steele, was In thc city of opportunity. Ills "dry'' friend regrets
his early return liome.
W. F. Attridge has handed In to the
Herald a chllds fur, which he tound
on Garden nventie Tuesday morning.
Tho fur Hob In this ofllce awaiting
the loser.
Billy Harrison returned to Victoria
Saturday to rejoin Ills company, having had a leave of absence to take in
thc Brut regimental ball of the Bast
Kootenay boys.
It. i. l'nke, Um leading druggist ot
Klko, wns among the visitors In the
city of opportunity to atend the Ncw
Year's bnll. Pake reports the dance
tho best ever.
The Maple Hall Dancing t'luli lielil
thoir regular fortnightly dance
Tuesday evening In Maple hall. There
was the usual good attendance and a
good time was hud.
Dr. and Mrs. F. II. Miles spent tlie
week-end at Spokane returning Tuesday. The doctor's dental parlors In
tha Hanson block were thoroughly
overhauled by J. 8. Mennle, the Interior decorator, during their absence.
Herald ads. tell a wonderful little
story. Mrs. J. Cook, of Hnnbury, B.
C, was tho lady who lost the watch
la this city and which waB found by
Mrs. John Shaw. A line In this
paper and presto! everybody is made
Gus Thels arrived ia the city today
from his Perry Creek mining property
for a few days oa business. He reports work on the property progress-,
Ing and the company will have an Important announcement to make within
a few days.
Last week's Prospector carried 86
Inches of space under the name ot A.
E. Watts. This would mean four
columns ot type, which, figured at
our advertising rate, would mean $20
to "the poor newspaperman." Tha
inula Is, "How old It jastV
William Erler left for Butte, Mont.,     Ashton G. Powers waB a visitor to [ ANNUAL MEETING
the first of the week.
Peter Lund, ot Wardner, was lu
town between trains Tuesday.
Maglolre and Wilfred Brault returned to Goniaga College, Spokane,
It. E. Beattie went to Lethbridge
Sunday on a business trip. He returned home Wednesday.
Miss Enid Etter, teacher in the
Fernlo public achool, spent the weekend with Miss Sybil White.
Last week the Herald received five
ncw subscribers and the paper sales
Increased eighty copies.   Thanku.
Fred Wells returned to Oranbrook
from Chilliwack., B. C, and has once
again engaged ln tho barber business.
A SNAP.—Two-story hIx roomed
dwelling for sale; open lire place;
not far from the school. Terms. Apply to Beale ft Elwell.
Miss Annie McCulloch, ot the
Ilruntford General Hospital stair.
spent the Christmas holidays at tin
home of Mr. and Mrs. II. White.
Healu & Elwell havo secured a stuck
of ever handy telophono directories.
They are attached to tho mouthpiece
ot the telephone and aro great tlmo-
savers. They will be pleased to pro-
Bent one to you If you will call at their
Jack Taylor, who has lust completed a large lumbering contract for
thc C.P.R. at Bull River, arrived ln
the city the last day of the year. Mr.
Taylor has been quite successful ln
his numerous contracts of late and
has accumulated considerable wealth.
Tomorrow night a masquerade carnival will be held at the Open Air i
Rink. Mr. Lezert is allowing 40 per
cent of the gate receipts for prizes.
There will be two prizes for gentlemen and three prizes for ladles. A
season ticket will be given to the
best dressed clown on the Ice.
Tomorrow (Friday) evening the
annual meeting of the Cranbrook
Poultry and Pet Stock Association
will be held in the old gymnasium
building. The election of officers
and other business of Interest to thc
association wlll be taken up. Members are requested to be on hand at
8 p.m. promptly.
R. E. Nafe, formerly the proprietor
of Bob's Place, returned to the city
the first of the week from North
Yakima, Wash., where he is now cm-
ployed as a machinist on the Northern
Pacific railway. He spent a few days
here renewing old acquaintances before returning to the famous Irrigated valley in central Washington.
The flrst St. Mary's school entertainment and Christmas tree at that
school was held last Thursday. The
little tots were all remembered and
enjoyed a thoroughly good time. Thp
Sisters provided a good program nnd
had charge of the entertainment. Mrs.
Joseph Jackson, secretary of the Altar Society, distributed tho presents.
On Sunday last a special service
wab conducted at the chapel of the
St. Eugene hospital, to celebrate the
return of Rev. Father Welch, head
of thc Oblate Fathers, who has Jusl
returned from the east. Benediction
was celebrated. Tho Sisters sung the
Adcsto FldclU and Milliard's Ave
Marie was sung by Mrs. II. II
lloiirne. Mrs. N. A, Wallinger rendered two violin solos, while Mrs.
(!)r). Kennedy presided at the orgnn.
On Monday, January 18th, the
Uillos Auxiliary, Brotherhood of
Railroad Trainmen, will hold a social
dance In the Auditorium. Thc ladles
promise something out of the ubiiiiI
run of dances on this occasion. The
services ot the Cranhrook orchestra
hus been secured. Tho patronesses
are: Mrs. P. Dallas, Mrs. II, HilRhes.
Mrs. R. E. Knight, Mrs. W. J Flowers, Mrs. J. Cameron. Mrs. .1. Laurie,
Miss Ella ltyckman, Miss Elsie
Parks. The hall vill be decorated
with the lings of the lodge. Refresh,
nienls wlll he served by the Indies
Further particulars next week.
and   Kimberley   Sunday
; Maryavl]
i last.
Tlie Tennis Club dances at the Masonic hull huve Indefinitely been postponed ror the present.
Encouraging Report Shawn at Meeting Held Tuesday Kvening
President's Address
Harold Hickenbotham and Hughle
SttvenB returned to Calgary Sunday
ufter spending New Year's day in the
Oeo. S. McCreery. of the firm of Mc-
Ilros., left several days ago
• list on nn
for th
trip.   He is expected to return during
Odd Fellows,
gulur meeting
January nth,
The annual meeting of the Women's .
Institute was held on Tuesday, Janu-
ary 6th, ln thc Maple Hall, when a
very representative gathering was ns-1
sembled. The president (Mrs. Lea-
man) called tlie meeting to order and
"tended business | proceedings commenced with the singing of the Maple Leaf, Mrs. E. D. Ireland accompanying.
The secretary (Mrs. Shaw) read the!
minutes of the December meeting,
which wero accepted. Among thc ;
geese, chickens and roasts I correspondence was read a most in-1
for forty-throe boxes from u.rt.st|ng icttcr frol„ Mrs, Watt, who Is
visiting In England. Mrs. Wutt Is thc
secretary of the advisory board of
Women's Institutes for llrltlsh Columbia, and her communication will he
published next week, being of generul j
Interest lo tlie whole community.
The president's address, which foi- j
  lowed Immediately, was as follows:
0. King arrived from udles and Fellow Members:
Tuesday to spend the \ am expected ut this stage of the
son, Dr. J. H. King. He j meeting to give au address, but I think
you all know by this time I am not
good at speech-making. However, 1
would not like this opportunity to
pass without saying u few words.
First, 1 muBt wish you all a very
happy and prosperous New Year. The
past year has been a very sad and sorrowful one, attended by so many disasters on land and sea, and this most
terrible war which has been going on
so long,
Tho prospects ut present are not
very bright, but wc hope and pray before long we shall have peace. I am
pleased to say the past year has been
very successful one for our Instl-
Araong tlie Santa Claus donations
received by the Sunshine Society was
of beef
l' Burns .1 Q
'Ili>. Sunshine Society wish to
thank the Ladies Aid of Knox Pros-
hyieriiiii church, Bull Hiver, for their
gonoroni donation of clothing on
December -11li.— Mrs. J. II. King, president.
Senator .1
Kdmonton oi
week wilh hli
wlll Icuvo the Ilrst of next week for
his home nt Chlpmun, N.B., nnd will
bo nccuiiipiiuled east by Mrs. J. H.
Mr. and Mrs. J. lingul Smith entertained n number of Invited friends
to cards In tlieir home on Tuesday
evening. After tiie cards daintily
served refreshments wcre passed
around by Mrs. Smith. The party
broke up at an early hour and everyone reported a great time.
Attention! At the re-
i;i Monday evening,
D.   D.   0.   M.,   J.   H.
To Our Sales People
To Forget the Price but Sell the Goods.
Ladies' Suits, Ladies' Coats,
Children's Coats, Children's Dresses,
Ladies' Sweaters, Ladies' Furs
Have Been Selected as Our Special Line of Attack
The Prices on the above mentioned lines
have been Slashed square in two.
Fifty Cents Has the Purchasing Power of A Dollar
Half Price for Ten Days Only
Turnley will Install the officers of tute. I need not go Into dctallB ot
Key City lodge, No. 42, for the ensu- j thc different work which lias been i
Ing term. After the regular meeting I donei „„ the secretry-treasurer's and j
a social session will be held. Every j ,,,„ airectors report will deal with
member Is requested to be present.    J that.
Our success has not been achieved i
"Club   Girls"  defoatod    'The I
by ono individual, but    by tho    co-,
President—Mrs. W. B. McFarlane.
First Vice-President—Mrs.  Sarvis.
Second Vice-President—Mrs. Couldwell.
Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs.    John
The „,   „„,. ,„„ „,   „ j
Boys" In  Tuesday evening's hockey opcr"atlon"of'cach and'every member.! Sh°r
game, held at the Open Air Skating
rink,  with a score of two to seven.
The game started at 7.45, and as the
After tho election of ollicers Messrs
girlB'were new to the game the boyi
were only allowed to wear one skate,
which was somewhat odd to navigate
with. Thc llno-np was as follows:
Club Girls—Enid GUI, Dorothy Mack-
ey, Bertha Gill, Glodys Hickenbotham,
Delia Drummond, Francis Drummond, Delia Greaves. Thc Boys—
J. Oreaves, t'nrl Gill, Harry Mac-
Eachorn, Dave Somcrvllle, Gordon
Wallinger, Mr. Mcllwalne retereed
the came, with Miss Mae Whitehead
acting for thc ladles sb umpire and
Mr. Arthur Crowe for the boys.
, ,.   ,.,,...   ..,,,, i, ..   ,   , ,,    ,„        Directors — Mesdames     Campbell,
I feel that you will have bad the In-(„      „   ,,, .  .,        _,*, ,
.      ,    ...    ,   ,„ ,    .,     , Russell, (Dr). Kennedy, O. P. T sdn e
terests ot the Institute at heart, as you , ,  ' *    ' "
...     . . ..   j i ., .,      'and J. Burton.
would not have attended the meetings ,
so well as you have done.
Before closing my few remarks I
would like to thank every member for
the kind support given to mc during
my term of ofllce and I would urge
each one of you to give the same support and co-operation to my successor sb you have to me.
Let us everr keep our motto before us
"For Home and Country" and if we
continue working together ln unity
there Is no reason why our Institute
A. B. Smith, ot the Farmers Institute,
and II. Palmer, Poultry Association respectively, addressed tlle ladles re tlie
pulblc market question. They appealed to the Women's Institute to co-
bperato with them and help In every
possible way to make the market a
success. The distinct advantages
both to the farmers around Cranbrook
and the community In general, of having a market were outlined and an
urgent appeal was solicited for the
should not be even more successful In j mutual |ntereBt| patl.ona|,e and 8np.
thc future. , port of the women of Cranbrook.
WATCH :    Again I   thank   you   sincerely for j    Tho odviBablllty of establishing a
CRANBROOK GROW your kind support and wish you all a i permanent market hall was also dls-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Autliorlictl  »10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up     7,000,000.00
Unserve and Undivided Profits     6,266,000.00
MR. ELIAS ROGERS, Vice-President.
MR. EDWARD HAY, General Manager
MR. WILLIAM MOFFATT. Assistant General Manager
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
cussed at length and in reply Mrs.
McFarlane expressed   her   sympathy, ,
with the movement and vouched   for '"c old B>™»^ium.
the   whole-hearted    support of   the
Women's  Institute, and  the market
hall question was adjourned.
Tho meeting closed with the dls-
Happy New Year.
Born—At Cranbrook, B. C, on De-      The president's address was accept-
eetnbcr  .list,  1914. to  Mr. and Mrs.   od and a hearty vote of thanks ac-
■Leek, a daughter. . corded Mrs.   Leaman for the   kindly
Horn—At   Cranbrook,   British Co- tactful and courteous manner In which
lumbia. on Tuesday,    January    Bth, shc has always conducted the meet-
191;", to Mr. and Mrs. Huchcroft, a ing9.
daughter. The directors' report was read by I penslng of tea, cakes, sandwiches, and
Born—On December 21st, 1914, at Mrs   Couldwell und showed an In-' God Save the King.
the Collage hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. ■ creasl, 0, membership by four against | 	
H, Gammon, a daughter. that of 1913—the total number of mem-
bers to December 31st, 1914, being 96.
Tiie number of meetings held during
1914 were 12 regular meetings, eight
directors' meetings, eight fancy work
classes, one sewing meeting, three
socials and dnuces and fifteen dress- '
At a recent meeting of the Cran
Horn—At the Cottage hospital,
Cranbrook, on Tuesday. January 5th.
W15, to Mrs. and Mrs. C. Savage, of
Klko, a daughter.
Horn—In this city on Monday, Janu-
nry 4th. 1915, at the Cottage hospital,
to Mr. nml Mrs. F. Burgess, a dailgll-
Edison Theatre   Will   be   Scene   ef
Grand Concert on Friday
Evening Next
of the local companies as follows in   fants slips, 14 infants shirts' 4 bands,
2  long while  underskirts. 1  flannel-
C Cempany ette short  underskirt, 6 long infant
Physical  training  and  squad  drill ' dresses.  3   wool   overalls,  3  bibs,  3
with Intervals.   Division A for officers'dressing  jackets.   1   bonnet.   3   pairs
X. C. Os and men  for qualification,  booties. 1 i air mitts.
Monday, January llth, 7:30 p. m. (liven Out
C and I) Company Groceries to 2 sick families, fuel to
Lecture, regimental duties, organi-  one, jelly to two.  1 suit, 1 waist, 4
zntlon  establishment  on  Wednesday,   pair  sheets,  6   pair   pillow  cases,  6
nightgowns. 2 infant slips, 1  suit of
January 13, at 7:30 p. m,
II Company
Drill parade on Friday, January IS
at 7:30 p. m.
Born   A
ary 7th.
Dow.a i
my 7th
tlle    Cotngc    hospital,
B.C.. on Thursday, Janu-
1916, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam
In   lhc   City   of   Cranbrook, I
or British Columbia, at the
losptt&l, on Thursday, Janu-1
1915,  to   Mr.  and  Mrs.  H. I 'nKS n"
ii  daughter,
making classes by Madame tlrohl. The
average attendance for thc year was
In August throe delegates were sent
to the convention at Nelson, the ladies
elected being Mesdames Shaw, H. H.
McClure and W. 11. McFarlane,
Thc program for the regular meet-
brook Volunteer Club a letter was
read from the B. 0. Active Service
(The following is the complete re
port of  the   receipts  and   disburse
Ethel M. Little,
Chairman   Sick   Committee.
September  llth. 1911, to Jan
uary 4th. 191',
Little & Atchison  	
Fund AsoBclation at Vancouver, which ments ot tha Sunshine Society from ('rl">br°"1;  M"
January—Annual meeting and election of officers.
February—Demonstration   on    pull
letter had been referred to the club by itl)  organization   last   September   up
thc local committee of the Canadian t„ the  ,,rescnt  week.     The  report
Patriotic Fund.   After a thorough dls- shows the amount of substantial as-
cuBBion, the feeling of the Club com- Bi»t0|,cc.  that   lias   ben   given,    but
mlttee was embodied in a letter drawn does not show tbo amount of suf-
up by thc president, for communlca- t,.r|n)i that hv been relieved by this
tion to tho    Vancouver    Association. n|i|ne,ud society.   Many a poor family
Til PALATIAL CHAMBERS! P»stry by Mrs. Shaw.
1   March—Demonstration on dinner de
Mr   T. T   Mecredy, barrister, who
recently took over the practice of Mr.
w   r*. Gurd, lias changed his offices
from the concerns formerly occupied
u> his predecessor on the north Bide L
of linker street, to the ncw, elegant'
and   commodious   chambers   inime-
The King mill at camp 5 wns started this week with a crew of about
sixty men and will opernlc for some
lime culling enough lumber lo re-
slock the local yards, which have been
depleted through small shipments,
locnl sales, etc. The sight ot
lumbermen carrying their blankets
through the strectB revived thoughts
of familiar scenes when the devll-
may-caro lumberjack formerly wns
Cranbrook's best patron. Tho clly
wlll welcome tho time when all the
mills can start ngaln and we can hear
tho tntoota of the hob-nallod shoe on :"■<'">' "'"' :i'' ""' ' 0,,t m" "" «"«
the   sidewalks   and   can greet   the
happy lumberman with his "stake."
dlatoly over the Royal Bank In the
II.it.h:i block,
in such times ns wo are cxpcrlenc-
Inc. when every effort Is being made
even hy the biggest cunecmB to cciino-
Illlte nml reduce expense, It ncords
us pleasure to note that one of our.
firon ill citllona has found It neces-  biscuits by Mrs. J. It. McNabb.
■ary In provide himself with elbow i    October-"Head, Sing, (live a Sug-
ruiiiii  iiueiiiiiiriile with thc rapid- |«oBtlon or Pays 5 Cent Kino."
ly Increasing volume of his business.!   Novembor-llcmonstratlon on short
The new offices, which nre beautifully I hread by Mrs. Shaw,
turnlshod nnd appointed, cannot be
    October. 2 quilts; Novem-
for soclntlon for reasons which will bc ' tari :, ,,„„,,,  t D|||0W>1 i blanket, 1
Hunnelette blanket
bettered Iii point of situation being dl-
Norbury avenue corner, close by the
Canadian Hank of Commerce and ln
the very center of tho husiness por-
A very enjoyable sleigh ride was j tion of the city. Those whose busl-
glvcn by Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Cranston | ness brings them to Cranbrook will
to the pupils of tho high school on '■ hove no trouble lu finding the place.
Thursday evonlng last. Tho party, i We congratulate Mr. Mecredy,
thirty-one In all, left town at 8 p.m.' whose reputation as a lawyer and as
and drove to Heath's ranch, noar \ a reliable man of business Is firmly
Baker mountain, where they were cn-'. and deservedly established. One of
tertalned at games and a light sup- the recent matters in which he was
per. A contoBt was held and prizes Instructed Is tho Incorporation ot the
were given for the best piece of now gold mining company operating
poetry about the Kaiser, which wns on perry Crook. Some difllculty arose
won by Miss Edith Macdonald. The about the name suggested by tho prolines run something liko this: Kaiser |motors, "The Perry Creek Gold Mln
BUI—Tho Kaiser, a half-witted loon,
Shown up best tn cartoon; Thought
This letter together with the communication from Vancouver was to bc
published In the local papers for the
current week but owing to the length
Berts by Mrs. Powell. • of ,„„  two communications it has
April—Paper on the Cultivation of i bet,n f0,lud impossible to Include them
Flowers by Mr. Willis (E. K. Green-1 ln ,„,„ Ke^a „,,ws. It is undcr-
hoiiBe Co.) ntood that tho Volunteer Club Ib un-
May-Parllamcntary   drill   by Mre. '■ „b|,, to conform to the suggestions November
W. B. McFarlane !rana> hy the Active Service Fund As-     Bedding-
June—Buttonhole   competition   "
members only.   Prize won by Mrs. II. I given later,
Grtdley, It has, however, been decided    In
July—Sandwiches by Mrs. B. Pal-' view of tin- fact that Cranbrook has
mer.      , ninety men already serving In tho (.'u-
August—Suggestions for fnll fair.      uiiillun Kxpcditlunary force ta hold a
September-Demonstration   on   tea monthly concert In Crnnbrook for the
benefit of the men on active service October
at which a nominal admission fee will November
be charged. Although the Idea lias
heen formulated at a meeting of tlie
Volunteer Club and it Is thought Ill-
December—Roll Call to be answered I "ng that the concerts should bo held
by a favorite recipe. under tbe auspices of the 107th Rcgl-
At the conclusion of the senior dl- "e"*" »he co-operation of everyone In
rector's report, a vote of thanks was Cranbrook Is hoped for to make these
moved and carried unanimously to all; entertainments a success not only
tho directors, tho hostess ot each re- trom » n»»ncl»l »olut of v,ew but »"
gular meeting and also tho fancy work '» "»»"" of "minding the people of
ClaBa()g Cranbrook of the men who havo gone
1 to tho front.
The first concert will be held In the
Edison theatre on Friday, January
16th, at 8.30 p.m.  Admission 25c.
has been helped by praetlral suggestions, Job secured, work provided,
etc., und which Is not shown In this
Clothing liireiil-d
Mens. Women's. Children's
September ..90 112 17B
October    SO 91 136
135 M 177
Mrs. Cahlll
Salvation Army for Meals —
W. B. McFarlane 	
Home Bakery  	
Halsall & Co	
Crowe Bros	
.Mrs. Cook, for work	
J. J. Smith, for work 	
.Stationery and stamp!	
C I'. II. ticket for Mrs. Stone.
B. A. Hill 	
 351 315
Clothing III. rlliulcd
September    -77 BO
Atchison's Dairy       6.00
Cutting wood (or poor people.
Soup kitchen,  police station.
Chas. Kmslle  	
Beuttle.Murphy Co	
c. P. It, ticket lo Fernie	
J, l.lddlcoatt 	
Leask hi  Son     	
Cranbrook Jobbers, Santa Clam
Ira ll. Manning 	
I'  Hums h Co	
2 55
Ilea tuber
Total   ....
211 105 487
October, 1 quilt; November, 2 quilts, 4 pillows, l blanket] December, 2 quilts, 1 flannelette blanket.
Total, 11 articles.
Grand total received  1250 articles
Grand total distributed..
Amount collected    1396.30
Santa I t.iti* Donations He.
r, boxes Jap oranges, 4 dos. large
oranges. 3 boxes toys. 10 dolls, 12
books, 12 S. C. stockings, 6 cookery,
5 pkg. raisins, Hi Ih candy, 4 lb. nuts,
10 handkerchiefs. 10 ChHstmas bags.
21 pis. honey, 4 boxes apples, 5 rabbits, 3 plum puddings, 1 Christmas
.864 articles cake. 4 chickens, 1 roast pork. 21 Jars
Shaw, Jam and jelly. 1    pall Jam.   3 boxes
to rule tho world and all, Soon shall; panics. Mr. Mceredy suggested that
taste the tyrant's tall. No moro war, S the name be "The Crnnbrook Home-
no more dread, Freedom and peace stake Cold Mining Company, Ltd."
shall then be spread; Kaiser Bill the thereby providing nn advertisement
put shall be, Never more tor us to for our city which wo truat will bo
The Becretary-trensurer's report was
submitted by Mrs. John Shaw, showing a successful financial statement.
Two hundred and ninety-six dollars
had been collected and donated to
the Patriotic Fund (result of birthday
social In November) and $6.80 (seven
nightgowns) to tho Sunshine Society.
Tho financial statement was then
read by the senior auditor, Mrs. Jack
Burton, showing     receipts     1562.10,
Ing Company, Ltd." owing to Its slml- agBlnst an expenditure of 1606.60, leav-
lurlty to  the names ot other com- Ing a balance ot $56.50 In hand.
louual to the promise of tbe property, for 1916, and the following ladles were
Tho secretary treasurer's report was
accepted and a hearty vote ot thanks
passed' to Mrs. Show for her year's
Then followed tho election of officers
107th Regiment
Week ending, January 16th, 16th, 1915
lt has been oftlclnlly announced by I
thc Officer Commanding 107th Regiment thnt In future all drills and
training will bo carried out In accordance with tho Infantry Training i
Convener, Store Committee,   groceries, 2 tl). tea, 2 sks. vegetables,
  6 tins R. beef, 6 kippers, cash, $91.50,
Donations groceries,    $2.00,    roasts    chickens.
Received From September 22nd, 1914.  geese and ducks—43 purcels.
to January 1st, 1915. Mrs.  Miles,  Mrs.  Shackieton,  Mrs.
11 sks. potatoes, 2 sks. turnips, 2 {Cameron and Mrs. Burton received
ska. carrots, 16 sks. cabbage, 1 sks j the donations at Little k Atchison's
assorted vegetables, 10 Jars of Jam, 4 store.
tins of cream, 1 slab of bacon, 21 Mrs. King, Worden, Shackieton,
pkgs. cornstarch, 6 sks. of rolled oats, i Miles, Harney, Cameron and Burton
2 chickens, 115 lbs. beef, 1 roast of with the help of Misses I.eask and
beef, 125 lbs. of tea, 1 Jnr of pickles. I IngllB packed 52 boxes, and the day
1 tin of biscuits. before Christmas Mrs. King. Worden
Mrs. W. F. Cameron.      and   Burton   sorted   same,  and   Carl ,
  JGIll and Dr. King furnished cars to
Donations to Sick Committee        deliver same.     Mr. Worden sent a
6 Jars Jelly, 1 cord of wood, rolls,' man to help and Mr. l-llllott also help-
Manual Issued under date of August I tie and cake, 13 pair sheets. 7 linen   ed Mr. (Illl.     J. A. Macdonald, of thu
10th, 1914. .towels, 6 bath towels, 10 pillow cases, I city Livery, also guvu the use of a
Tbere will be a parade of all ranks i 3 shawls, 7 Infants nightgowns, t in- team tor afternoon. f_m XWO
No. 34
a. r, * a. ji..
Regular meetings   on    the
tklrd Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham. W.M.
J.   L.   Cranston,   Sec.
Barrister.    Solicitor,    Etc
352 Richards St
Cranbrook Ledge
No. 194$
j Meats tvery Wednesday at $ pa.
'in   Royal   Bleat
Knights' Hall
Bakar Street.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank Carlson,  Sec, Box 7$l
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    and
V. O. Box 859
Loyal Orange
No.   1871
Meets first aad tklrd
Thursdays at 8 p.m.
I ln Royal Bleek
Knights of Ireland Hall, laker
R. S. Garrstt, W.M.
T. O. llorsman, Roc. Sec.
BfaWlsters, Solicitors and
Money to" Loan
Imperial Bank Building
Meets every
Monday   nlghl
 at   Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
C. H. McPhee, I. L. Coop,
NO. Fin. See
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
»tl  HIT I SsV
NO. IS. I.O.O.F.
Meets first and third Wednesdays In each month.
A cordial Invltatlea aateaded
to visiting brothers.
R. W. Russell, Chief Petrlerek
H. White, Scribe
Mde el Cranbrook Ctralo, XclR
Meets In Maple Hall 1st aad
Ird Wadnesday ef easts
month at I p.m. ekerp.
Mrs. A. Laurie. CC.
Mrs. A. Gethrte, lee.
P. 0. BR 61$
Visiting Companions eerditHy
Cranbrook. B.C.
Masts every Tuesday at 8 p.m. lu
the Fraternity Hall
Alex. Hurry, cc.
E. Halsall. K. ot R. & S.
p. 0. Box $1$
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to atteod.
L0D6E. NO. 1*
Meets every seeond and sturft
Wednesday at Fratsralty All
Sojourning Rekekahs eerftal-
ly invited.
Sis. Lllla Blalas, NO
Sis. Ada HlekeoeoUaam, Ree. lee
Court Craakrook. IMS
Meets In Maple Hall leaad
and fourth Thursdays ef eaea
month at I lin. sharp
Johu Shaw, C.R
.   L. Pearron, Bee, Bex (18
Vliltlag brethren made we
Meets U Maple HaU oooekd
aad foarth  Tuesday  ef every
month at I a ■
Members.!* open le  liMUei.
I Y. Brake, I. t Uwer,
President *mmst*tt
Visiting    members    eardUikr
Meets In the Maple Hall
first Tuesday sfteruoua el evety
moutli st 8 pm and Ibe laney
work claaa meets eti tklrd Frl
dey evening In lbs same plaee st
( p.m.
Mrs. E H  LeaMaa, Bvei.
Mrs. J. Shew, See.-Trcsa
P. 0. Box 449
All ladles eerdlally lavlteeV
President:   A.  B.   Smith
Meets regularly the first Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McGregor,
P. O. Drawer 4M
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary-Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
Ike Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—Tlie third Thursday
•f eaeb month, at old Gym, at •
•mee  In Sanson  Block
9 to lt a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Taxidermist and  Fur
p. 0. Box 131
Calgary, Alberta
(tvll and Mining Engineers
B. ('. Land Surveyor!
Headuuartera  for  all  kinds
Satisfaction Uuaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,   Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
on Hon, Tnes. and Thnrs. Ev'gs
from 7 to 9 o'clock. 88 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
High School course      3.60
School eouree      2.50
Kindergarten       1.35
Private lesions       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
PkyelHaas and Surgeons
SISee  at  residence,  Armstrong
Forenoons    900 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Bteelngs    7.30 to   8.80
Suadays   2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook,  B.C.
Materailr and Veneral Nursing
Burden Ave.
Terms ou Application
MBS. A. SALMON, Matron
Pkeae Ml P. O. Box 846
Funeral  Director
Phone 846 P. O. Box 585
Bay Pkene 283 Night Phone 35
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
tteaeral Merchant
Employments Agents
P. *. Box 108 Phono 844
Forwarding    ami    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  dial
.     M-lte Powder
Imperial Oil I'u.
Braying and Transferring
Otvaii prompt attention
Phone 63
Hebl. frame, Prop.
Freeh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Plione 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
n latin* I'll) lor Women,  r u bot or throe for
§1(1. Sold m nil |>rii*f BtorM, or innllctl tu any
Rdtlrcu un recti [it of price. 1 tl I Hcomi. Jtil'fJ
CO..Hi. flt,tll»r 10t*>. Ouiiirlo. 	
Vitality: lor K.rvn nml Kralni IncwuM "grey
Natler'!*Tonlo  wllll.nild you up. II a. boi,or
two for |.',, at Urns atnral, nr try mall on reoalnt
el price TBI wcoiiK, i. luirucu, Bt. CtltiarlUHt
BeetUe-Murpby Co, Ltd
(By Fred Roo.l
Mrs. Wm. Hutchinson and family, of
Vancouver, nre visiting friends here.
Mrs. Roo, of Roosville, Is visiting
Klko   this   week,   the  guest  ot  the
Dug McKee came in from tho Windermere valley to spend the New
Year's with his pa.entB.
Miss Jesse Nicholson, of Trail, who
is spending the holidays here, left for
Manitoba for a short visit.
No Mabel, It Is not true that they
call It football because each player
stands on the balls of his feet.
Walter Jordan, ot Robson, B.C., Is
spending thc New Year's holidays at
Klko with Jim Thistlebeak Ashing.
Jack Draycott got a bunch of money
from a rich uncle In tho United States
tills week and Is feeling as happy as a
white-washed pig.
Miss Allen, of Fernie, was vlsltlug
her aunt, Mrs. J. Thomson, of the
Columbia hotel, Klko, B.C., during the
Ncw Year's holidays.
The Adolphu, II. H. Ross and family,
0, D. McNab and family, Dr. and Mrs.
Saunders, of Baynes and Waldo,
motored to Klko Saturday.
Thc fako war news you get In the
Spokane Chronicle and other United
States pro-Ocrmnu papers begins to
smell like Llmburger.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Letcher passed
through Klko on their way to thc
Itoosville Valley after spending thc
Christmas holidays in Femle.
Thc Elko Conservatives Intend giving a big smoker some time this month
> und inviting tiie neighbors. J. Seho-
; Held, of Trail, will be Invited.
i F. And.mon, of tho Merchants
Bank, drove down to Flagstone Sunday. The bank staff expect to leave
Klko for points in Alberta on the 6th
of January.
i Capt. Pake, of Elko, attonded the
I military ball at Cranbrook, New
Year's Eve and reports a splendid
time. Thc Cranbrook boys wcre always greai entertainers and princes of
good fellows.
The Associated Press omitted to
state when it reported the German
I army had retreated from the Yser.
should have stated that the Qerman
general was YBcr than to try to hold
his position.
I M. Phillipps, J. P., of Fruitlands and
j Miss Alice were Elko visitors this
i week end. Mr. Phillipps ls the plnoeer
i fruit grower of South East Kootenay
and had charge ot the Hudson Bay
I stores on Tobacco Plains.
| Tliat "Washington Despatch" recclv-
; ed In Scobcy, Montana, stating that the
[ Boundary line between ,the United
States and Canada has been altered 25
miles north, thus taking in that much
Canadian country Into the United
States, Is selling moro papers around
the Boundary towns than the war
| news.
I !.'. S. to get strip of Dominion territory, u. S. papers going wild over
j dispatch received In Scobey from
j Washington saying the boundary line
between thc U. S. and Canada had been
altered 25 miles to the north, from the
Great Lakes to the Pacilic coast. The
writer received a wire from Kalispcll
stating that a leter is following with
R. T. Lowery, of Greenwood, will
possibly attend the big Conservative
meeting to be held In Elko In the near
future. It Is the Intention of the Elko
bunch to call ln delegates from Bull
River, Jaffray, Baynes, Waldo, Flagstone and the Roosville Valley, to
form a central committee with meeting place at Elko, noted for Its scenic
beauties, trout, big red rasppcrrles and
disciples ot Sir Richard McBride.
(Special correspondence)
Christmas Eve waB sure a hummer
In Steele, but ob you next day.
Mr. and Mrs. Desmondo from Waldo,
were tho guests ot Mr. and MrB. Mc-
ilurncy last week.
We are glad to say that business
closed a slight Improvement In thc
burg Christmas week.
Frank McLaggan and his bunch
(rom Bull River came Into town lost
; Tuesday and made things hum for the
local bartenders.
! Tlio brethren of North Star lodge,
' No. 30, A.F.&A.M. held tholr annual
festival of St. John on the 26th, n
large number being present.
! W. J. Ferguson, ot the Banwell
' lioxte Fence Co., Winnipeg, arrived on
tho above mentioned train with his
< crew, cn route to the coat again.
The following have gone to 6 mile
Sanitarium to recuperate their Ill-
health since Christmas: Messrs.
Campbell, Sutherland, Orny, Early,
Mlcklesen and Smith.
The local express departed on
Thursday of Christmas week, Instead
of Friday, as usual. "Wise stunt,
too." Everybody ought to be on holidays except bartenders.
R. L. T. Galbraith and Al. Doyle left
for Fernie Sunday rather hurriedly.
Wo hope they will wake oul Muti up.
There has been no beer In Steele for a
Barney Olddcld and his racing "Six"
came down from Windermere for
Christmas. Ho brought Mr. and Mrs.
Len Clark down from Invcrmorc for
tlie holidays.
Ncw Your's Eve Been the arrival of
un unusually lurge Influx ot foreign
clement tn tho town that night. It
was discovered that the train came in
from the north wltli practically all the
construction squad from Canal Flats,
i According to Postmaster Qlbbs and
Express Agent Held the number of
Christmas gifts to reach Creston this
, ChrlBtmaB wlll compare favorably
with a year ago. The export of
Yulettde tokens was also well up to
1913 standard according to these same
(From the Fernie Free Press)
The dog races havo been postponed
Bine die.
Franklin Bonnell and Henry John-
': son are the guests of tho Hoggarth
\ twins at Cranbrook.
The demand for Christmas fowl
cleaned out everything ln town. A
fresh Bupply arrived this morning.
MrB. II. Cummings and Miss Edith
CummlngB, of Crnnbrook, nro tho
gucBts of Mr. and Mrs. A. Cum
No licenses wero lesuod this week
Standing ef Cranbrook Boys in the
Competition at Victoria—A Uood
Showing Hade
Herewith Is published the standing
of the three Cranbrook lads who dis
played such courage and go In sending tlieir exhibits to the show at
Victoria. Tho report Is encouraging
Indeed, and lt is hoped that next year
instead of three competitors at Victoria, we will have something like
The firBt passenger train to Golden
on the K. C. railway departed trom
Bull River on Monday morning, leaving Steele at 6.30 a.m.     Quito a few  ^^^^s^ for~tti"i high dive
from hero made thc initial trip.    Our
genial Bport Mcllurucy was In cburge
with big Jim Wurnick nt tlio throttle
MoBBrs. Doyle, McVittie, llllilliore,
Worden, Judd, Ross uml Barber motored to Wnso Friday (Ncw Yoar'B) and
had dinner there.     They wero wel-
Into tho tempestuous sea of conjugal
Sneak thieves got away with quite
a bunch of dry goods, etc., trom thu
storo of A. F. Huddnd on Sunday
evening last. The store was entered
from tho roar.  The police have not as
corned by thc managers ot tho hotel, I      mJ clu0 ,0 tllc meym
ulso a number of Cranbrook's promln- '
ent aldermen who licked them Into i
shape before departing.
(Special correspondence).
After an Illness ot several weeks,
J. C. Drewry, of Cowley, Alta., died
Monday night at 9.30, complications of
tho heart being the cause,
Tho death of this well known Albertan removes ono of the men who
has helped to make Alberta known as
thc "Kentucky of Canada," for to men
Hon the name of J. C. Drewry was to
mention one ot the most prominent
horse-breeders of North America,
Waldo Presbyterian church will be I man whoso pride ln thc horse-flesh on
held in Ross hall on Friday, January his famouB Glenvlew Ranch at Cow-
15th. ley, was his very life.
Several turkey-shooting matches j Mr. Drewry, before coming to Al-
have been held In Waldo of late date. I ■>«"» "id making stock-breeding his
Such effective marksmanship, as was ! occupation, was a Journalist and mln
seen, would not be wasted If aimed | ing man. He was born In Barrie, Ont.
at the "Turkey" in Asia.
Rev. A. B. Lane, ot Cranbrook, gave
a service in Baker hall on Sunday
Intercession day was observed at
both Anglican and Presbyterian places
of worship on Sunday.
The  annual   business   meeting  of
This has been a bUBy week for the
stork. First, Mrs. JatneB Muir presents her husband with a son; and, on
New Year's day, Mrs. V. Divers giveB
birth to a daughter. Congratulations
to both.
about 60 years ago, and drifted Into
newspaper work, being the first man to
work exclusively on the Illustrated
section of the Toronto Globe. It was
in this capacity that he made his first
western trip, going through the Kootenays ln thc days of thc first mining
boom.   He interested himself in the
A chrlBtening party wts held at the Hoyle ,cad m[ae and the vcnture be-
home of Mrs. J. Taylor, where Rev. C. j |ng fmcceasfui, h0 made his flrst stake.
(.. Cowan baptized Mr. Taylor's baby. shorliy after he left the newspaper
daughter and Mr. Wm. Muir's baby busmeaB and became further identified
boy. The company afterwards sat |n mlal„g throughout B. C, buying
lown to a feast of good things. ; „cavliy m the collieries at PasBburg.
Last Thursday In Adolph hall a very     About ten years ago, Mr. Drowery
successful dance   was given  by the | bought hlc big roach at Cowley, out
local chapter of tiie Daughters of the , nf which he has mndo a great success.
Kmplrc In aid of the patriotic fund. —Fcrnie Freo Press.
The hall waB tastefully decorated and \ ———^——
an    enjoyable   evening   was   spent.' 1'}|]£ BOY SCOUT
Folks from Elko and Waldo attended, j       READY FOR THE  FRAY
On Tuesday last the children had a
glorious time   ln the way of sleigh \ ~
rides, games, refreshments, candles,1    The   following   announcement   Is
orangeB.    The Daughters ot the Em- \ made on behalf of the Dominion Coun-
plre have the credit of this.      Many • cu of the Canadian Boy Scouts:
of the children brought presents to bc'    A„ „,.„ Cm_ Boy 8c0uU nav0
sent to the Belgian children.   Thanks .      ,     ,A
......   .,     ua.      .i    .. . i been proffering their services ln aid
are extended to the different lumber "
companies   and   others   who   gave
ot both the civil and military author!-
sleighs, and brought the children to ties In the present emergency.      At
and from thc hall.
(From the Creston Review.)
this stage It does not seem wise for
the Dominion Council to advise as to
the exact form or forma In which tbe
organization as a whole can beat take
its part ln the existing struggle. Tbere
Blrth-At Creston, on December 31st j|ahowe,erj   m  nuch   „,   ,„   doM
to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ross, a son.    , ,
quickly In every locality that all Boy
Mrs. Algulre, of Chrysler, Ontario, ,   ,
I. here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. s"uU who "« dMlrou» »' he""D**
George Nichols. wl" flIla Plenty of opportunities ot do
Jack Cameron, of Cranbrook, was al -'"« so, 'B ■*• Brtu»h I'les their
home for his Christmas dinner, re- ! brother Scouts are assisting in the
turning thc same day. j maintenance   of   the   police,   coast
To date four automobilo and one , guards, and post ofllce services, In
motor cycle license have been Issued j gu,rdlng telegraph „_ „ m„.
at Creston for 1916. , ^^ ,gr ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^
The bund  serenaded   most  of the  ,
business places Christmas eve.   Their jln v",ol,, 0,DW "">"
new music sounded fine.    ' |    ">• Dominion Council Is assured
Mrs. Erickson, of Cranbrook, Is ("'at Canadian Scouts will be found
spending the holiday week with her i willing and prepared to lend a hand In
daughter, Mrs. C. G. Bennett. ; the war preparations now under way,
W. Briggs, of Cranbrook, Is spend- j by doing whatever It may locally bo In
Ing the Christmas holidays nt the
home of Mr. und Mrs. G. M. llenncy.
Miss Augusta Doyle, of Cruubrook.
spent tho Christinas holidays with hor
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Doyle, of
the King George.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Ryekman and
children who spent the Christmas
holidays with Cranhrook friends, returned homo on Monday.
Mrs. McKowan nnd two children, of
Cranbrook, were ut Erickson for the
ChrlstmaB festivities, with hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, sr.
Miss Georgian and Molva Cartwright
who are home from Normal School,
Vancouver, for the Christmas holidays, arc returning to resume their
studies on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, formorly of
the Review, Creston, are now quite
comfortably settled on their rnnch,
their power to do.
How to provide tor thc army of
men thrown out ot work by the war
Ib a problem which confronts many
Canadian cities, Tho city fathers of
Edmonton havo found a most novel
way ot helping the unemployed. Tho
bars of sand In the Saskatchewan
river which runs through the city,
contains considerable gold of the
flour variety. In the early daya np
to the year of 1900 these bars wero
worked by miners at a profit of
about ten dollars a day, but of recent years operations have been
abandoned. With the necessity of
providing work for the starving, tbe
city turned to this Industry, which
about three-quarters of a mile from !„,,„„ „,„„, „,„,,„ , „„„,,„„ .„„,
town.    Welcome, and good luck to    .'    •       ,
them, say we all. !of lhe mia ,*reet M'ner'' wel,-t°-
HcartloBt congratulations to Mr. |do M"d™*' °* ,ho ■=""• oBered *helr
and Mrs. Murdock McLeod (nee Daisy j services free to Instruct the men.
Klingensmlth) who were united In The gold Is secured with a sluice-box
holy matrimony on Wednesday. Both I a little quick silver and a piece of
bridei and groom arc Immensely popu-, „„      ,,„ ,„„,,,.   The , wlge
lar here, and they  have  tho   best! ■     , ...
wishes of all for a long nnd happy life. Icarood iaTia* the •***■*tw0 m0'''1,, "
If the clothing awaiting shipment \m" dol,»r »nd m* c<lnU, P" ds!r'
to thc Belgians ls not hustled out j It might ho well for those In author-
pretty soon tho recipients of these Ity In Cranbrook to try this scheme
hand-me-downs wlll get thc Impres- oul |,ere. The streams around Cranston that wo are a pretty canny lot btmk ,„ ^^ ,0 conta|B ,„ „,,
In Creston—waiting until spring ar-   ,
rived before parting with our cool *»** e<""«",*n« °* » •*UB,0,r ot Be**
wool* fea a m*n MS*.
Standing Crop—
Uniformity ot stand 331^
v|K°r   19
Cultivation  ujj
Freedom from blight, disease etc 171^
Evidences of coro In selection ot plot 13
a   1
ni   *,
a «
01U   83      62
Exhibits at Victoria-
Uniformity In slzo, color, etc—  14
Truoucss to type  e
Shape  jj
Size (10 ounces)  jj
Eyes (not too deep) but well marked  3K,
Skin  2tt
Texture (fairly One and brittle)  3
Soundness   9
Freedom from blemishes   7
Certified reports-
Accuracy  26
Completeness  jo
Neatness   lt
Largest net profit .
-       1*
58       61       61       IN
Tota,s   216H 214Vij 201       160
H. Doris gets the first prize $6.00, book and medal
H. Macdonald gets the second prize $4.00, book and medal
A, Mennle gets the third prize 13.00, book and medal
Mr. Albert H. Webb is now open for names for the 1915 competition
under similar rules. The public market wlll give the boys a means of disposing of their produce for cash. Step out boys and get ln the buBy line.
Every producer Is doing something to benefit his country. Don't be a
drone. Last year was not a good one for the potato crop so get in at once
and share the benefits thnt the coming year should bring.
Sunshine Society gratefully acknowledges the following gifts :
MrB. T. S. QUI $3.00 groceries, house
rent for three months; Mrs. M. Horlo,
1 carpet, box dishes, 1 pan, 2 pair pillow cases, one towel; Mrs. Powell, tea
kettle; A Friend, dish pan nnd bake
dishes; Dan Hurtjn, 1 load wood;
P. Burns & Co., 13 parcels of roasts,
geese, ducks and chickens; Mrs.
Shackieton, 1 bed, 1 stove; Mrs. Gil-
more, Infant's stockings; MrB. Kelsey,
ono pillow.
is not the only aourco
of severe wounds luid
injuries. However
caused, wounds, cuts,
burns, eczema, piles,
skin diseases undentp-
tions are most quickly cured by Zam-Buk.
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
Ib open for engagement
Daaces, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Walllager
Cranbrook, B.C.
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
Phone 106 P. (). llox 31
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte,  Voire,
Studio: 23 Norbury Avs
Hours: 2 to >
Evenings by arrangement
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk aad cream twice dally
Buttermilk twlee a week
The only clarified milk ln
We gnarantee to Fleas*
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel tn Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
Sea Steamship oa tha Boot


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