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Cranbrook Herald Oct 28, 1915

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Array y
Interesting Address by 1. W. Gibson,
M. A, of Victoria, In Edison
J. VV. Oibson, M. A., of Victoria, addressed a meeting of the cltlsens at
the Edison theatre on' last Friday
evening. There was a largo sprinkling
ot school children besides the teachers and members of tho hoard of
trustees In addition to tho Interested
parents who attended, tho hull being
comfortably filled.
Mr. Gibson's locturo was illustrated with Innltirn slldos. Ho dwelt upon
the natural way In which to educate
boys and girls. Ho thought that rather than continually reminding them
to "keep still" their energies should
be directed In the proper mannvr. His
subject was "School Hardening and
School Grounds Improvement" and he
illustrated In a most convincing manner tho decided improvement pocrlhle
In grounds with little effort and expense at the same tlmo providing the
children with Interesting recreation
which In all cases absorbed their Interest. Various ncenos beforo and
after school ground Improvement had
been undertaken ln British Columbia
were shown ln addition to sceneB from
Eastern Canada and tlio United States.
This waa followed by Illustrating the
finer points ot grouping of flowei s and
shrubbery from an artistic standpoint
and thc way In which lt applied to
homes, back yards, vacant spaces, and
streets and boulevards. Mr. Oibson
said, "We have llxed up tlie Inside of
our homes at great expense and neglected the outside when a few cents
and a little energy on the outside
would make the property much more
attractive and valuable."
Mr. Gibson thought that the Instilling Into the minds of the young tho
fundamental principle:; ot agriculture
was the prime necessity of the present
generation." Learn the boy and girl to
love the outdoor world and tho work
with Dame Nature and then leave
them (o choose their life vocation"
was the advice of the speaker.
Plane of various school grounds
were exhibited and Mr. Gibson complimented the Cranbrook schools ln
their flrst year's work with thc school
gardens and hoped that soon larger
garden space would be provided.
The meeting closed with God Save
tho King the school marching out of
the hall In a body.
by Secretary, Mr., M. E.
for tho C. P. R. against 1391 for   thc i ELLIS SENTENCED DONATIONS TO
"Y" team, the former winning by   a j T() Tw() y KARS j, 0. «. E. SCPPLY FUND
margin of eight pins.   The line up was ' - ,
as follows:  C. P. R.—Messrs. Har- Charles LeDuke, Charged With Jail  Monthly Snbscrlptlons Acknowledged
Bhaw, Connolly, Topham, Nowcll and'
Bancroft     Y. M.'C. A'.—Messrs. Cow-
an, Martin, Barnes, TiBdale and Brake. | Sentence
Tho manager of the Y. M. C. A. team
haB been severely criticised Tor playing tho Ex-C. P. R. Acting Manager
on his team In Saturday's game, as lt
is supposed that their defeat may have
boen due to previous arrangements on
thu part of the ex-manager with his
former aggregation.
Tlio All Stars were also defeated
on Wednesday evening by a Shop
Team under tho leadership of K. Y.
Brake who Is also proving his ability
to como back. Tlio match was one of
three Htralght games of five pins, the
shop men winning by a score of l>20
against that of 505 hy tho All Stars.
Tlu, teams wero Messrs. Brake, No-
Breaktng, Let Off on Suspended
The Fernie assises closed Friday afternoon last, so far as tho Cranbrook
eases were concerned. Nearly all of
the witnesses and Jurymen summoned
from this city returned home Saturday I
on the noon train. In the report of
the proceedings in the ease of A. A.
Johnson, manager ot the Ilex moving
picture tiioatre, puhlihhed In our luat
IsHiie. the llerald waH in error. In
that ease tlio Jury stood len for con-
! vletlon ami two for ccoulttal, not nine
! for aeiiulttal and tliroo for conviction
ua reported.
Suspended Sentrare
1    Charles LeUuke. of Craubrook, waB
Mrs. J. M. Coutts, financial secretary, begs to acknowledge receipt of
the following donations to the
Supply Fund of thc I. 0. D, B.
Per Mrs. McBrldo—
Chong Choy  10 course, the real truth about a mother's
Kwong 10
John and Agnes Rookie 115
Mrs.  McHride   50
The Father Who Counts on UN Son
(Jetting Through Ihe World Without e Guide is Fooling Himself
A lot of father-talk about mother-
Influence over boys is lazy. KllirkinR,
sneaking guff.
It sounds harsh to speak so. for. of
!St   !
llisli thought Is always I BOY SCOUT MEETING
intlucnce over her son is something
that deserves to be told In tlle most
enthusiastic language thnt anybody
can command.
But enthusiastic language nhoilt
the marvelous things that a mother
can do with a boy Is mere buncombe
when used by some shifty father fur
a blind behind  which  he dodges  re-
don.    He pleaded guilty, and was let
go on suspended sentence, It    being
***   "      ■        IN THETOILU
Tobacco Plains Indian Taken Within
the Drag Net of the
Mike Michel, a Tobacco Plains Indian, was arrested Saturday by Con-
atable Collins. Mlko Is wanted for
beating up another Indian near Tobacco Plains where. It Is alleged, ln
company with other members of the
tribe, he forced another Indian to
drink "Ore water" and afterwards
beat him for ho doing. Indian Con-
atable Ryekman has been on Mike's
trail for the past few days, following
htm throuh the Klko district to Fertile, at which place ho lost the trail.
Saturday evening Constable Collins
received word from Constable Ryekman at Fernie, to keep a sharp lookout for Michel, who, It was thought,
wos heading for Cranbrook.
When tho sun was setting In the
golden west, the bold Mike, who has
been eluding the pollco for a number
of days, stole into Cranbrook's "Groat
Whlto Way" of Baker street, where he
was apprehended by Constable Collins.
Mike showed fight and wns ready
for a tussle, but upon the arrival of
reinforcements — Constable Arden —
he showed the yellow, and marched
off between the constables to tho city
bastion. Ho woh taken to Fernie on
Monday aftenitain's truln, accompanied
by Indian Constable Ryekman—and u
pair of bracelets.
On Wednesday morning Tom Michel,
together with Mr. and Mrs. Palook. the
other offenders In the ense, ap|>carcd
before Judgo (I. F. Striker at Fernie
Bvtdence brought to light the fact that
Ram Andreannwlet, a RusHlan, In the
employ of the Oreat Northern railway, had supplied tho lire water. Thc
Judgo BBsessed hlm 150.00 nnd ecus
Tom Michel was handed one rm'.nth
or ISO and costs. Palook wns asked
to surrender 110 anl costs or spend
two weeka in tho house or correction.
Mra. Palook was let off on sur.pendeil
sentence, tt being her  flrst offence.
The authorities are making a determined stand to stamp out supplying
the red men with whiskey. This case
will rcBUlt ln much good both ln thc
Craabrook and Ferule districts.
well, Barnes, Lower and Leutnun for I charged with escaping from the Cran-
tho Shops opposed hy Messrs. Mar-1 brook Jail, where ho was serving a
tin, Bowness, Martin, Shankland and thirty duy sentence for vagrancy. Le
On Wednesday evening, November
3rd, a meeting of all those Interested
In bowling will bo held In the Y. M.
A. committee rooms at eight o'clock
for the purpose of orpanlslng this Benson's bowling league. All those who
wish to be Included In the schedule
aro asked to be present. Arrangements havo already been made for
matches with the Nelson Association
and an Interesting season is looked
forward to by all tho Cranbrook bowl-
The Udles Bowling gnmos overy
Tuesday evening are also proving of
Interest to a largo number, and the
alleys are being well putronixed by
the ladles. It Ib their intention to
organlpe a league In the near future,
so that all ladies wishing to take part
are asked to get in as much practice
as possible before hand.
On Sunday afternon, November 7th,
a special meeting for men will be held
In the association building at four
o'clock. This ls the first of a series of meetings to be held by the
association this winter to which all
men of tlie city are Invited. The programme will be published later, as It
Is not yet completely arranged, negotiations are under way, however, to
have a special speaker from Calgary
for the opening meeting.
Total    95
Per Mrs. King
Dr. MacKinnon  25
Mrs. King  26
J. U. Ilaslam  10
F. O. Murphy  10   sponslhlllty.
A. P. Noble 10      Adam shoving off blame on Bvo cut
Mrs. Reg. Johnson  50  no  meaner  figure  than  the  modern
    father  who  pretends  to believe that
Duke sawed away thc bars of hla cell j 1.30 I ho ought to leave his boy wholly to
ond made a sensational get-away, be- ■    Per Mrs. Wortlilngton— I his  wife's training, because "women
Ing caught at Moylo by Constable Ar- | Miss K. Green   20  have  an   Instinct   lor   thnt   kind  of
Miss W. Stephens 25  thing."
Mlsa K. Stephens  10!    It Ik, in fact, a hypocritically polite
W. K. Stephens  , 26 i form of wife-desertion, and If human
 j law  can't  punish  It  for that,  God's
.80 I law can and will.   Before going any
ii to du, that BolflBh thought puts
everything awry. The lirst thing the
boy is made to understand is that he
is going to lie compelled to do right
because liis parents can't put up with
having a naughty, troublesome
youngster around tiie house.
Thus itt the very outset the boy
i;ets tiie idea tliat being good ls
Bom.l lliing farced on him for the pleasure uf the grown-ups.
And must assuredly he takes care
not to be good p. whit longer nr a
whit otttraer than he ims to bc.
Chatacter can't lie approached hy
that road.
What a   wise father  will moko     s ■
I,miles  Heeled In Executive Board -
Officers Reports for the
There was a fair attendance at the
meeting of the Boy Scouts' Association held at the city hail on Monday
evening. The Boy Scouts In full uniform ushered' the visitors to their
seats Mr N A Wallinger, president ef the Hoy Scout Association, colled the meeting to   order and asked
M&yor Howness tn uke the chair.
Mr. Wblllngor thon in a few words
outlined  Uie work of tho provisional
boy understand instead is Uiot tho committee of the past three months
good principles taught him an, for and tho various problome with which
the sake ot furnishing him with a 1 they had been confronted,
manhood lhat wlll stand the test when ! Mr. W. C. Crebbln then rendered hie
' [■ has to play hit; own part in the j trlplo report as locretary-troaeurar
and scout uiusur. As secretary he reported Ave meetings of the executive.
Kven when exacting tlie most rigid
obedience, the father la never a master set ubove the boy to bend him to
iilr. pleasure, but always the compan-
who has heen over the rond be-
The revulsion against Toryism and
the swing toward Liberalism
ee rvhfcut Umwehout Canada and
seen in Its full force a few months ago
In Manitoba gave the Matheson Conservative government in Prince Edward Island a close shave for existence in the elections on September
16th. The Conservative majority of
26 In a house of 30, won less than four
years ago when only two Liberals
wore elected, wis reduced last month
to a bare and still problematical majority ot 4. The returns show 17
'straight" Conservatives, 1 Indcpend-
nt Conservative nr.d 13 Liberals
iected. Several government candidates succeeded by very small majorities and there are among those elect-
d at least two men who hare not
beani able to set- eye to eye with Premier Mathleson and whoso course when
the house moots will be watched with
a good deal of Interest
Strongly entrenched in power, with
nil the election prestige that the holding of 28 out of 30 seats could mean,
nnd with every help from the Federal
government that could bo afforded, the
Mathleson government barely escaped
defeat In a cantest which, whllo it Involved many local issues, showed that
In the main It was a light between
Toryism and Liberalism. The unprecedented turn-over Is in keeping with
the sentiment that Ib evident ln oil
parts of the country.
Just prior to tho elections In Prince
Kdward Island there were many indications lu British Columbia that the
McBrldo government was on the eve
of going to tho country and testing
the strength of tho groat wave of popular distrust which ties shown Itself In
the poBt year. Since September 16th,
llttlo has boom hoard of election ln
British Columbia In the near future.—
Liberal Monthly.
Cranbrook Couple Wedded in Spokane
Monday Evening
Harold Courtnoy Hall and Miss Violet Mary Boardsall Black, both of
Cranbrook, n. ('., wore married Monday night at tho home of the Rev. W,
\. A. Shipley. They were accompanied by the bride's slater, MIbs Beatrice
Block, and Mrs. Shipley. Thoy will
remain in Spokane for a short time
before returning to their home.—
Tho many friends of Mr. and MrB.
Hall will learn of their marriage with
pleasure. The bride is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. William Black, Durlck
and Mrs. J. B. Hall.
On Saturday afternoon, October
23rd, the C. P. R. bowling team proved themselves very much alive regardless of all that may have boen | avenue. The groom Ib the son ot Mr.
saM to tho contrary, by coming back
and defeating the Y. M. c. A. team In
a match of two gamoB bf ten pins and
oae of Dree.
The games wero keenly contested
and It le the opinion of the critics that
were It not for tho Inspiration due to
having their manager again in tho
gams, tho reputation of the C P. R.
leant would have boon ta serious dan-
(*-*.  Tha lata! eroreo wet. IM* plae
Tickets will be on sale during the
coming week at fifty cents each. A
plan of the seats wlll be shown at the
Beattie-Murphy Drug Store on November 8th. Ticket holdera will take
their ticket to the store aad reserve
their eeate fn* of charge.
found he was suffering from a loath-
Home disease, which would take all
tho medicine of an apothecary shop
to euro him.
Two Years for Ellis
The case of Rex vs. J. Ellis, aUo of
Cranbrook, was put on trial, thc prisoner being unrepresented by counsel.
Tho charge was that of obtufnlng
money under false pretences. Kills
deposited with Mr. I). A. McDonald,
of tho Wentworth hotel, a diamond
ring and later a stickpin. Ho represented the ring to be worth $210.00,
and received, during the evening $70
upon the ring. Ellis had promised to
repay the money, and redeem his ring
as soon bb the banks opened In the
morning, so ho could cash a cheque.
Mr. McDonald look thc ring to W. H.
Wilson, the Jewelor, tho next morning,
to have 11b worth determined, and was
told that the ring set was not a diamond, and wob probably worth ten or
twelve dollarB. The stickpin was of
no value whatever.
A warrant was Issued, and Elllr, waa
found at a house In the restricted district soon after ten o'clock the next
morning, and put lu Jail;
Ellis stated to tho Jury that the
ring wns not his, and that he had not
received $70.00 from tho hotel man.
The Jury found him guilty, and the
Judge sentenced him to two years In
the penitentiary. In doing this hc
took cognisance of Ellis' previous record, which was not a good one. he
having served a term In a Montana
Ells and Johnscn wore taken to the
penitentiary Wednesday in charge of
Constables Collins and Gorman.
Per Mrs. McKowan—
Mrs. Robinson  15
Mrs. Fyles     15
.Mrs. Phillips  15
MrH. Ward  10
Mm. Pock 10
Dorothy McKownn 10
From   the   Dominion   Experimental
Farms, l(l.,.l»16Farnm Should
, Make Application Early
By instructions of the Hon. Minister
of Agriculture a free distribution of
superior sorts of grain and potatoes
will be mode during the coming winter and spring to Canadian farmers.
The samples will consist of spring
wheat (about 5 Ibal. whlto oats (about
4 tbo.), barley (ubout 6 lbs), and
field peas (about 6 lbs.) These wlll be
sent out from Ottawa.
A distribution of potatoes (In 3 lb.
samples) will bo carried on from several of tho Experimental Farms, the
Central Farm at Ottawa supplying only
the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
Kncli application must be separate
Farms, l»l.',.|»l« Farmers Should
Only one sample of grain and one of
potatoes can be sent to each farm. If
both samples are asked for in the same
letter only ono will be sent. Applications on any kind of printed form
cannot bo accepted.
Thc destruction by flro of thc cereal building at Ottawa, which contained ginin-cleanlng machinery and a
largo stock of need grain for distribution, may make it necessary to curtail
the distribution to a certain extent. We
shall nil as many as possible of the applications which conform to thc
rules; but requests received after the
nd of December will probably be too
late. Samples cannot be sent in response to applications (no matter
when received) which foil to state
clearly the needs of tho applicant, his
experiences In crop-raising, and the
character of tho soil on which he Intends to sow tho seed.
All applications for grain (and applications from ths provinces of Ontario and Quebec for potatoes) should
be addressed to thc Dominion Ccreal-
iBt, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa. Such applications require no
postage. If otherwise addrescd, delay and disappointment may occur.
Applications for potatoes from farmers In any other province should be
addressed (postage prcpeld) to the
Superintendent of Uie nearest branch
Experimental Farm in that province.
Director Dominion Experimental Farm
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute will be held on
Tuesday afternoon, November 2nd, at
3 p.m. Subject, debate, "Resolved
That Woman Should Not do Work
Outaloe Her Own Hobo.'
Per Mrs. Paterson (Sept. and Oct>-
Mrs. F. M. MacPherson ...
W. F. Attridge 	
Dr. F. B. Miles 	
E. Paterson	
.. .50
.. .60
.. .60
... 60
Per Mrs. J. S. Broke-
Mrs. F. R. Morris 10
MIsh S. Symes    .16
Mr. N. Gardiner     50
Mr. C. Rowland     10
Mr. E. Davles  60
MIbb Klmpton  10
M.s. Dupont     10
Anon    26
MrH. Coutts   25
Mm. N, McClure 26
Mr. T. Roberts  26
Per Mrs. Halsall—
Mrs. Rumsey 10
Mrs. Haslam     10
Miss Hewett  26
Mrs. Beaton  '.'.." 25
Mra. Mecredy 10
Mrs. Miller 10
Miss Glegerlch   10
Mrs. Gill  40
Per Mrs. MacKinnon—
Miss J. Dewar   25
Mrs. Currie  10
Mr. T. Austin 26
Choy Glm  10
Eric MacKinnon    26
Per Mrs. McKowan—
Mrs. NlBbet  $6.00
Mrs. Wilson  $1.00
Mrs.   Laurie    60
MrH. McKowan  76
Per Mrs. Laurie—
Iaa Jennie Richards $1.00
Per Mrs. Barney-
Mrs. Bell   25
Per Mrs. Shackieton   $2.00
Further Donations
Collected by Mts. F. Ege. Kimberley    $20.00
Collected    by    Mrs.    E.    Bidder,
Marysville    $ 2.10
Orand total  $44.25
Toronto, Oct. 26.—The grand Jury
returned a true bill on six counts
against Gordon, David S. and Clar
ence McCtitcheon, charged with conspiracy to defraud ln connection with
various land deals in the weet and
oast. The Jury had examined witnesses for four daya before reaching a
decision. The charges are that they
mainly misrepresent, d the values of
lands and shares to the public with the
Idea of inducing them to purchase.
In specific eases thc Council Crest
syndicate shareholders ore sold to
have been defrauded out of $10,000;
Ilrockvlllo Investors syndicate, $2,260;
Muyfalr Investments. $56,000. H. Marshall and J. H. McCtitcheon, mentioned In former charges, are not included in the present bill.
N. F. Davidson. K., C, and Gordon
Shaver will act for the crown In the
further we want to state definitely
that this Ih not written by a preacher.
The truth Is that, however much n
good mother Ih able to do for a son,
there are some vltul things owing to
a young fellow nl prepnrntlon for
manhood which only his father can I
fiirnlHh, nnd nny father Ih an Inexcusable traltnr who won't give himself directly and personally to meeting Huch needs In IiIh boy's life. How-
many Cranbrook fathers ever take'
their sons out for a walk'.' They can !
he counted on one hand.
What are some of the debts a fntlier
owes hie son—which the best mother
on earth can't pay?
Primarily a father owes his son nn
example of the kind of life that the
son ought to aspire to.
It Is a never ending astonishment:
to see how complacently a multitude
of fathers assume that their .sons wlll,'
of course, be something different in
morals and behavior from what tliey j
themselves are.
A father in mean and tricky trade
expectB to see his son choose some
honorable line of livelihood. A father
who has smirched his record in corrupt politics counts on his son growing up to bc an honest and honored
citizen.' The drinking father Ih anxious that his son shall be sober And
strangest of all, the fntlier who has
spurned religion all his life would like
to see his eon Join the church.
And they are all relying on the
mothers to keep their own sons from
Imitating them.
All that cen be said about It Is that
if such a father has a Hon to be proud
of, It Is because the Lord's mercy Is
a million times better to him than he
As treasurer lie reported an expenditure ot |9.9U which hud been covered
with the exception of    18.00.       Aa
ion who lins been over the rond be- jscout master lie reported a troop of
fore, wiio therefore on this new trlpj'ort>' tK,>'s ln attendance and extend-
Is In hnnor bound not to let his |p(* tni' thanks of the scout master and
yo.inger comrade rtep Into any of the ! assistant to the executive tor Hide
pitfalls lie saw In the earlier Journey,   loyally  and  support  during  the  past
"A   younger  comrade*'—that's  the .three months,
core of the right relation.   The thirty!    T,u' r,'P°rts v"r0 "eceived and ac-
ur forty yenrs between the father and I CBP*ed.
son don't make tliem different orders Tlu' election of ollicers wns then an-
of beings. , nounced by .Mayor newness and tbe
The only difference Is that Ihe father ' ">l""*'l,"! "-""I'''"
knows tlie rond bettor nnd so Is   op-
pointed to guide
And the- Qod wiio appointed him Is
going in hold blm to hnrsli account
if li- doesn't get the son through safe.
A rather owes bis sun the txqilost
of his own unrealized Ideals.
This Is nut contradicting what has
Just heen said about tlie sliutu I cf a
fntlier's cxpoctlng 11 son to bc a good
man while lie himself continues to enjoy (lie profit or the pleasure of being
President--N. A   Wallinger.
Vice-President - K. s   Shields.
Secretary-Treasurer-- Mr. Ormston.
Executive committee    Mrs.  Hogarth
Mrs   s.  Macdonald,    Mr   P.  DeVere
Hunt. Mr. Harry White
i The matter of raising necessary
J funds was on motion left to the new
! executive to consider and If necessary
I they were empowered to call onother
( public meeting
Meeting  adjourned  with  Uod  Save
■ the King
Hut honest men trying to their utmost to set before their sons an up-
light Christian example, are yet conscious thut it Is not In tliem to be all
they would like to be.
Tiiere are tiie strengths of moa-
huud. elliclencles of zeal, capacities of
kindness, realities of fraternity, heroisms of service, perfections ot consecration and passions of devotion to
which tlie father has all his life been
reaching forward, and they are still
beyond hlm.
His time is shortened. Ie begins
lo be doubtful whether he Is going to
be able to attain the measure of the
stature he dreamed of and prayed
for. Has lie, then, dreamed and prayed in vain?
No, a son Is born.   The long youth ... .    .    .
nf .. nou- .,.*.. .■      1     , a    o       ...   : more than ordinarily felt, as he had
or a new generation is pledged to his ; ,. .    .
"later Show Will Receive Quod Ssp.
tiert From Baynes and Haldo
At the executive heeling of the
■.'ranbrook Poultry association Tuesday evening matters of vital importance 10 the welfare of the association
were  discussed       Owing to the sec-
I retary, Mr   J. E. Iticks, heing transferred to Lethbridge. Mr. K. T. Cooper
I was appointed secretary pro tem.
The    members    present . expressed
; their  regrets over    the  loss of    Mr.
■ Dicks, aa he was    proving a mighty
j useful man and coming at this time is
aspirations.    His  disappointed  hopes
revive In a new- and younger self who
1 may be all that he has not been—all
that now In  his own  person he has
. too scant time to be.
More sacred than  rights of Inher-
Tho only fathers who have a Just   ,
right to expect sons who will wear[ '""1.cf'  ° any *frtl,"r "'""^ "    "I
their names with credit in the coming• s°"s,''*"' to,be,sta»"" '- "» *™rld
generation are fathers who In their,   '"  'I™ ",s'>rati°n "< Motrin, what 1
own   generation   keep   their   names1 "d„t"    a T Tit "'* '**"
from stain j tr0Vt for' and ,h" kl"d»"it hope of
A boy Who can't look to his father' Z^n"?.? '°r T "*   m°"
with safe pride for an Index to the "T "?,?,.    T M*'
kind of character worth while In   the'    Don' 'M l0 ""*re wl,h rour bo'
the association's work on the show at
.ils fingers ends.
An order lor application to membership in the A P. A was passed and
(rraln order for the season was pawed
The preparation*- for the Winter
Show are going on well, The fanciers around Waldo are promising to
send up one hundred of their beat
birds, so It's up to Uit local fancier*
to brace ap.
world bas been cheated of a better
heritage than the world's most fabulous fortune.
The shyster who commits the
fraud in the father himself.
A father owes his son a really sympathetic helpfulness.
our best Ideals.
• forward   (.*■ nerou**   (entrlbnUon  tor
regular weekly card party and . UttU Wbo Xn ^^ ^
(Innc-e at St.  Mary'--:  hall    took place ......
"Wednesday evening, when no less than BalUw _\__      P
ton  tables   were    occupfed    for  the
whist game.     Interest centered in the
Among  conscientious   fathers   who I men's  prize, the contest being kc*n
actually  desire   to  raise  their   boys  and hotly contested.     The successful I
right, It Is a thousand pities how bf-iP******  »'*nners  for the evening  were!
ten the effort goes wrong. | MW.    Hit-hards,   who   carried   off a |
When baby lies In mother's arms,
the    father's    fears    Bay    to    him,1 prize.     Mr. James Conroy won the
"Wouldn't tt be  awful  to  have that   gOfltlemen'a prize, a cigar cutter, after
boy grow up mean and wicked!    It  kwn competition.       Thirty   coupler,
would kill me to have that kind of   a graced the floor for the dance, which ,  L ,
'*■" light to th** death if neceajiary. The
disgrace In the family." So he buckles [immediately followed the whist. Re-
down not to get the son a splendid freshments were served before the
life but to save himself from sorrow', crowd dispersed for their serrTal
and shame. homes.
• The fighting spirit of the men in th*
i '.rencheg-a number of whom are from
| Kingsgate—will not lessen any when
they learn of the very generous donation sent into Mrs. J. H   King from
, , , , ,        .     ,       . .   . I Kingsgate.     In that little town only a
ird case and  pack of cards as first;,     *    ,   , , ,    .   . _       ...
• handful of people reaide, but the spirit
! "it the people is b'-nt along the right
i line of action- action which will buoy
, the ranadians on to greater things—
i the
R. E. Beattie, the Cranbrook drug
king, has been In Creston for a week
or more looking after one of his
branch stores as the late manager
could not overcome the desire to
throw a pill Into the Kaiser and went
to Winnipeg to enlist. Beattie has aold
more drugs ln the Kast Kootenay than
all the other drug stores combined.
He rodo Into Cranbrook on the hurrl-
cante deck ot a mule and now rides
behind an eight cylinder or in a Pullman when he Is not riding the harrow
on one of hla many farms. Beattie
haa become a capitalist with a big C
and never refused a man a meal, bed
or tfrtak IP he thought It waa needed.
—Tte Vletqifen.
Ammunition For Cleaning Up the Home
Before the winter arrives whan the ilcmrs ami windows
must be kept closed, every house should he thoroughly
cleaned. Summer means an accumulation of dust and
dirt and perhaps disease serins, so that a careful cleaning
up NOW may mean no doctor bills Ihis winter.
Housecleaning becomes easy with the |iro|ier helps. We
have them all In abundance. Jusl look over this |iar(lal
list of Important lines and let us show you others:
Powdered Ammonia, an  Indispensable rleaner,
per package i for ittt.
Sweeping Powder, kills Ihe  germs in ruits and
carpets :i lbs. fer Mc.
Old Dutch Powder, splendid sink ami pnrcelain
cleanser, per can inc. or II for 25c.
Chloride of Lime should be used in closets every
day 15c. nr 2 for 2i*,e.
In addition see our lines of liquid ammonia, jiowdered
borax, lye, silver and metal polishes, furniture polish,
brushes and brooms, knife polish, etc.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
i list of articif* fnmtahed art* a*   fol-
Kifly-eight face wipes.
Five hundred and forty mouth wipe*
Plfty-aeren triangular bandage*.
i    Four surgeon's gowns.
One night »hlrt
I     Six nurglcal night hhfrts.
One package old linen.
Twelve large rolled bandage*.
Two pair of nocks.
Kanuem1 Institute Will   Keep   Alive
Market I'ntll Next Annual
At the Farmers' Institute meeting
last Saturday the Institute arranged
to carry the market till the annual
meeting next month and If it Justifies
tliem doing v> till the end of the year.
Speaking on the matter Messrs. Hayes
of Fort Steele and Bechtel of Wasa,
and others felt It to be too bad to let
ft drop if there were any likelihood
of a revival wilh cold weather.
A number of routine matters were
disposed of and a paper on plowing
was read from one of the loading agricultural Journals and Mr. R. Palmer
gave a short talk on Die name matter,
laylnK itreas on the necessity of opening the land with everything cut and
doing this throughout if one would
keep his land free from weeds.
The president reminded members
tliat tb* annual mavtlng would be bela
NoMBtwr 19th. PAGE TWO
THK   I'KANBROOK   HERALD j ed, If necessary, with seed, machinery
L. P. Sullivan, Editor ■ ftnt*> mone>' 'O*1*18*    This is the only
J. K. Thompson, Business Manager      wny Canada will ever be able to meet
Sapsertptfea Mates
Om  Tear   	
Ss Moatha    	
Three Months   	
AdTarttaUf Mates
Maptar   Ainrttahi.   M   •
■ial'-g Notteas or Classified Ads. II
osmta par Haa.
the  treuieudous obligations  she has
.   Incurred.     Also it ts the only way to |
|I M prevent the city from stealing what
Cranbrook, B. C., October 28th) IMS
After serving Cranbrcok In Its Infancy, Us early growth *>nd it:: progress until the evil days laid tUlr
heavy bonds on m.u.y a mightier on-
terprlso, the Herald has found it uc-
osBsary to pull d( wn tlio blinds ond
fall out beaten, no', ov/ng to want cf
Bupnort but by the' circumstances
under which for tho pust year It has
struggled to carry on business, When
we took up tho work, just a year ago.
we found it necessary to shoulder n
load of debt, not of our own making,
of engagements, mortgage^ and other
burdens, which weok by week grew
heavier. The overhead charges never
reduced themselves by a dollar while
the means of meeting them grew
fainter and fainter and beautifully
lesa as each seventh day succeeded
tho other. A strong man may start
on the mountains in the early morning with a twenty pound pack and feel
it as nothing. It will feel like a ton
by the evening if ho haB not the wherewithal to sustain his strength on the
journey. That is the Heratd'o case.
Tho burden has. at long last, to bc
laid down.
More is the pity, The Herald in the
old days so forced the legend of tilt
rameit Banana licit on the public that
muny a stranger expected to see tlu
bunches growing from tlie steins of tin
telegraph poles along the streets. Tin
Old Man was a tower of strength,
of energy and persistence The times
favored him with the sinews of hope,
of unbounded faith in tho city—
thoroughly justified, be it recorded—
In the agriculture, the timber resources and the untouched mineral wealth
or the district. Ho went to Victoria,
following the gleam of tho Golden
Sunset like many another, and then
what happened happened. We did our
best to give tho public value for Its
money. We made friends und w<
mnde enemies too, we suppose, for
no mutter what way one may turn hit-
faco he must turn his beck on half the
world. We had plenty of assistance
from outside points—Klko, Wardner,
Kimberley, Marysville, Fort Steele,
Moyie, Wycliffe—which we greatly appreciated and for which we are glad
to .record our very eurnost thanks. We
sustained, us far as our abilities permitted, though never as far as our
heart dictated, the policy of the Liberal party and In so doing we brought
down on ourselves the curse of the
strict non-participation In the glories
and the emolument!; and the other
pleasures of the provincial pork bnr-
rel. That, however, saved us from the
rudo Jostllngs of the hogs who feed
therein and tli oreat, jowl deep, knee
deep, or ankle deep as the hog may
be a super-hog, a common or garden
every day hog, or a mere hoglet. well
contented with the draft swill and
husks condemned hy the larger and
better fed brutes. "Sour grapes," we
hoar some say. Maybe; but where
Is the one of you, you pure and spot-
Icrb apostles of the grand, old Conservative cause who does not measure
his allegiance to that cause by "What
Is In it for you?" No, not one, from
tho Hon. Price Ellison down to the
smallest hoglet of the herd.
Like Othello, "our occupation Is
gone." After a ton yenrs grind at
the keyboard of the Monollne and the
Linotype, wo close the door and hit
tlie sidewalk, the man1, the men. without a Job. And so farewell. The Herald has fallen into Its twilight sleep,"
tho Inclined plane to dreamless death
•**: was Intended for the country,
•'• For example, lust year fifty-six
thousand supposedly agricultural im-
^** migrants reached Saskatchewan from
England, but only sixteen thousand
of them took up homesteads. Dr.
Roche could never explain where he
lost the other forty thousand, but the
cities of the west, which know what
It Is to spend hundreds of thousands
of dollars Tor charitable relief during
the winter, could tell him a thing or
two. There Is also reason to believe
that many who came out to Canada
ns farmers or agricultural laborers
never saw a plot in their lives and
never expected to see one.
Such a one was the out-o'-work who
told a Western mayor that he had
come to Canada because the apples
and wheat sheaves In the Dominion
government's window on tho Strand
had convinced him that this was a
land of "milk and 'oney." "What
were you In London?" asked the
mayor. "I was a lamplighter, sir,"
"And what work did you, ns a lamplighter, expect to find in Canada? We
don't light lamps here—we Just push
a button." This was a puzzler to the
ivoor Cockney, but as he was classified ub an agricultural laborer, Mr.
Mayor got him a job as gardener wtth
a friend of his where he signalized his
knowledge of outdoor conditions by
digging up all the hardy perennials
and throwing them away as wends.
Mr. Magrath's constructive idea Is
that the proper men to till the fields
are not lamplighters. With this Idea
goes a lot of advice nbout making
country life attractive for the man
and convenient for the housewife—
radlals, good roads, social centres,
rural telephones, rural mall, electric
power, the elimination of drudgery,
cheaper transportation, better distribution, co-operative marketing, higher
prices for farm products—all the
counsels of perfection, In fact, with
which we are more or less familiar.
Another part of the Idea Is that one
hundred and sixty acre farms are as
a rule too big for the class of settlers
aim to get, and that much better results will be obtained from forty acre
homesteads Intensively cultivated—a
policy which not only utilizes every
acre for all It Is worth but leaves more
land free for other settlers.
.Navy might have done if it had been
allpwed to remain In the swim—all of
which kept the Marine Department
middling busy. And when Sir Richard
McBrldo stuck Canada for $1,160,000
for two sumbarincs previously quoted
at 1750,000, two submarines that swam
like a stone and dived liko a feather-
when Sir Richard did that, wo repeat.
it certainly must have meant more
work for the Marino Department.
"Constructive ideas still visit uu.
Department of Public WorkB where
Bob Rogers, the first year he took
hold, Bent construction up from $1,-
000,000 to }14,000,000 and similarly by
leaps and bounds for two years following but I understand that con-
Btructton beginB to lag now because j
tho money is running Bhort. Still the
constructive ideas are there, watting
to spring as it wero, and when the
money Is there to go on with wo shall j
havo as many unnecessary post offices,
armories, and harbor works as ever,
Is lt nothing ? Is"It to be neglected until It leads to that terrible
•courge consumption? Peps stand
between winter coughs and colds,
and serious consequences. Peps
are tablets made up of Pine
extracts and medicinal essences,
which when put into the mouth
turn Into healing vapors. These
are breathed down direct to the
lungs, throat and bronchial tubes
—not swallowed down to the
stomach, which is not ailing.
Trr •> 50c. bm nl 1'rpi for row cold. Tout
CoUth, brtinchilla ol anO.au. All rltutiiil* tut
Horn or eta* Cv., Toioulu, will »upnl?
Help Digestion
To keep your digestive
organs in good working order— tostimulate your liver,
tone your stomach and
regulate your bowels, take—
UriMl Sal* of Aar M-tdkb* fa th* WorU.
Sold r*«*Twk*r*.   In baiM. 25 c»to.
All persons owing accounts to Tho
Queen's Hotel, Craubrook, or to P. F.
Johnston, are hereby notified that
Frank Carlson has been appointed
bailiff by thu mortgagee and Is now
1 In possession of tbe Queen's Hotel and
Is entitled to collect the outstanding
I accounts nnd hook debtH.   Mr. Carlson
has authority to give a receipt for accounts nnd nny payments thereon.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
42-2t Solicitors for Mortgarecs.
Food lor Thonit-lit on thr "Bark to thr
Land" Movement—The
Ottawa, October 88.—From tbe snug
covert of a seven thousund dollar a
year Job on tho International Commission on Boundary Waters, a Job handed him by tlie Horden government, Mr.
0, A. Magrath reproaches Ills old
friends with not having constructive
ideas. Politicians ut the capital are
in doubt which to admire most—the
accuracy of Mr. Mngnith's statement
or his boldness In criticising his benefactors. The general opinion Is that
things must be pretty bad when one Is
obliged to bite tho band that feeds one
that way.
To show that constructive Ideas arc
not scarce Mr: Magrath spreads a fow
In a pamphlet which tells what Canada ought to do nfter the wnr ln
order to pay debts and build up the
country. Theso Ideas are neither
startling nor highly original because
they have beer, entertained by thinking people for lo, these many years.
The chief Idea Is that the government
ahall develop an Immigration policy
Which will rcnlly put people on tlie
land, Instead of letting tliem drain
off Into the big Canadian cities to
which they ale ticketed by thc
atcomalilp and railway companies.
In other words, settlers must bo nettled. Not only must tho rlghl kind of
settlors bo brought to Canada, but
they must bo porsonnlly conducted, ro
to speak, to tholr Inrntloni and help-
Thls Is not a ncw Idea of Commissioner Magrath's. Many people have
thought of lt before but lt gains a new
instancy because the end of tho war
will let loose many millions of men
who will not be satisfied to drop back
Into tlieir old ruts. They will seek
new countries where life and property
are safer, taxes moro reasonable, living conditions better, where a man's a
man; for a' that, and doesn't have to
take Ills hut off to a sniffy squire who
rocks his rent and pays him fourteen
shillings a week for ten hours a day
toll. Canada answers to this description and is bound to get a big share
uf tlie land-lookers if the government
only goes after them in the right
way. lt seems to bo Mr. Magrath's
opinion: that the government ls not
going after tliem and what ho wants,
though he doesn't say lt ln so many
words, is for the government to stop
thimble rigging and get busy at some
real work for Canada.
Constructive ideas Invariably visit
Conservative governments ubout twenty minutes late. Tliey don't appear to
bear of them until everybody else has
talked them over and come to a
conclusion. For example, there Is the
Resources of Canada Commission, appointed only thc other day to discuss
most of the matters suspected in Mr.
Magrath's pamphlet six months ago.
The commission looks ull right on the
surface but It would bo a mistake to
rely on it to bring down thc cost of
living to uny considerable extent because tho government tins placed at
tho very heart and center of lt a large
IKirk packing luminary around wliom
the other commissions will naturally
revolve. A fat chance Canada has
with a commission: hog-tied that way!
Wo mention no names but wo look
straight at him.
Then there Is the Hospitals Commission whose duty Is to look after the
returned soldier, shelter his convalescence, provldo for his family, get him
a Job. put hlm on his feet again. This
commission, which should have started
work when tho war began, got down to
brass tacks about a month ago. By
thut time thc war had beat them to It
anti the sad procession of maimed, halt
and blind, was already straggling back
to our shores with nobody ready to
shake bands, puss them a kind word,
or help them on their way. It's a
little bettor now but tho Hospitals
Commission is still a long way behind
the time-table.
It Is the experience of people with
constructive Ideas, that Ottawa waves
them back. "Oo away!" says Ottawa, "Don't you see we're busy with
the war? We can't talk about anything else." Busy with tho war! What
deportments has the war made busier
—except Finance, which Belznd the
occasion to boost tho tariff by seven
and a half per cent., and militia,
which has been asleep at the switch
so long that a little extra work was
good for it?
And yes, tho Marine. It is true
that tho marine depat tment had washed its hands of the Lnnrler Navy and
had got rid of a certain amount of
work that way, but when tho war
broko out It had to borrow from tho
British and Australian navies to convoy Canadian soldiers across the
ocean and defend our shores and pollco tho North Atlantic and to do bov-
•ral other things which   the laurier
(Section 12)
mv the first day of December next ap-
plication wlll be made to tha Super-.
Intendent of Provincial Pollco for re-1
newal of the hotel license to aall
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, sltuato at
Perry Creek, In the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated this 7th day of October, 1»16.
ARTHUR smatxa,
IN THE MATTER OF the "Und Registry Act" and In the matter of
Uts 1 and 2, Block «2, and Lots
3 and 4, Block 68, of Lot 132,
Oroup 1. .
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE thot an Application
(No. 2930-1) has been made to register Douglas Philip Sturgls Morlson as
owner in tee simple of the above lots
under a conveyance to him from
Baynes Lake Land Company Limited
et al, dated 28th day of July, 1914,
and that unless within 30 days from
the date of the Ilrst publication hereof
you file In this ollice a caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens I shall register
the said Douglas Philip Sturgls Morlson aB owner in fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 30th day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom lt may concern.
Date of first publication 21st day
of October, 1916. 42-4t
the reserve existing on Lots Nos.
10365, 10388 and 11551, Kootenay District, by reason of a notice published
In the British Columbia Gazette on
the 27th of December, 1907, Is cancelled, and that the said lands will be
opened to entry by pre-emption at 9
o'clock In the forenoon, on Monday,
the 8th day of December, 1915, all applications to be made at tbe office of
the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. O,
September 24th,  1915.    39-10
IN THE MATTER OF the "Land Re-
glstry Act" and In the matter of
the north M, or Lot 6, Block 4, of
Lot 132, Group 1.
| on October 19, A.D. 1916, lt was order-
led by His Honor Judge George H.
Thompson, Esq., Judgo of the County
Court of Eust Kootenay, that James
A. Arnold, Official Administrator for
! thnt portion of the County of Kooten-
jay Included In the Electoral District
of Cranbrook bo Administrator of all
and singular the estate of John D.
Cameron, deceased intestate. ■
j Every person Indebted to the said
| deceased Is required to make payment
I forthwith to tho undersigned.
Every person having In possession
effects belonging to thc deceased is
j required forthwith to notify the under-
I signed.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or interest ln the
distribution of the estate of the said
deceased is required to send before
the 30th day of November, 1915 next,
by registered mail addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address
and the full particulars of his claim
or interest, and a statement of his
account and the nature of the security
(if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate havlns regard ta} those claims only of which he
shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 19th dny of
October, 1915.
42-2t Official Administrator.
IN THE MATTER OF the "land Registry Act" and ln the matter of
Lot 1, Block 09, of Lot IS! Oroap
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(28881) haa been made to register
Arthur Edward Blunden, of Valetta,
Malta, aa owner in fee simple of the
above lots under a conveyance to him
from the Baynes Lake Laud Company, Limited, dated the 3rd day of
December, 1913, anti that unless within
30 days from the .'ate of the first publication hereof you file ln this office a
caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens I
shall register the said Arthur Edward
Blunden as owner ln fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 18th day of September,
Samuel R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of flrst publication 23rd day of
September, 1916. 88-4t
IN THE MATTER OF the "Land Registry Act" and in the Batter of
Lot 2. Block 68, of Lot Ul, Group
1. „__
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
128691) has boen made to register
Thomas Lowndes Washington, of The
Marsa, Malta, aa owner in fee simple
nf the above loU under a conveyance
to him from Bavnes lake Uud Company, Limited, dated the 3rd day ot
December, 1913, anil that unless within
30 days from the date of the flrst publication hereof you Die In thia office a
caveat or Certificate ot Lis Pendens I
shall register the said Thomaa Lowndes Washington as owner in foe.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 18th day of September,
Samuel R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whom It nay concern.
Data et tat publier.tlon lird day et
September, fill. M-41
Registry Act" and ln the matt
Lot 1, Block 21, of Lot 132.
Map 1181
- TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2987-1) has been made to register
Lida Harriet Putnam, as owner la
fee simple of the above lota under a
Conveyance to her from Baynes Lake
Land Company. Limited, et al, dated
17th October, 1914, and that unless
within 30 days from the date of the
first publication hereof you file in this
office a caveat or Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register the said Llda
Harriet Putnam as owner in fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 23rd day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of flrat publication Tth day el
October, 1)18. .0 41
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2889-1) has been made to register William Freeman Wright as owner
in fee simple of the above land under
a Conveyance to hlm from Baynes
Lake Land Company, Limited, et al,
dated 23rd day of October, 1914, and
that unless within 30 days trom the
date of the flrst publication hereof you
file in this office a caveat or Certificate
of Lia Pendens I shall register the
said William Freeman Wright as owner lm fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 30th day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of flrst publication Tth day ot
Oetober. 1916. 48-4t
Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 4, Block 68, and Lot 2, Block
75 of Lot 132, Group 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2966-1) has been made to register Frederick James Gavin, of Waldo,
B. C, as owner in fee simple of the
above lots under a Conveyance to
him from Baynes Lake Land Company,
Limited, et al, dated 30th September,
1914, and that unless within 30 days
from the date of the firBt publication
hereof you file in this office a caveat or
Certificate of Lis Pendens I shall register the said Frederick James Gavin
as owner In fee.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Offlce,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of flrst publication 7th day of
October, 1915. 40-4t
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at Moyie,
ln the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 7th day of October, 1916.
40-41 Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to Bell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the International Hotel, cituate at
Kingsgate, in the Province of British
Dated this 7th day of October, 1916.
40-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on, the first day of December next application wlll be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the International Hotel, sltuato at
Moyle, ln the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 20)
on the first day of December next application wlll bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot wholesale liquor license, No.
107, for the sale of liquor by wholesale tn and upon the premises known
ns Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
situate on Baker Street, in tlie City of
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1914.
41-4t Applicant
(Section 42)
on the flrst day ot December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as tho Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranbrook, in the Province of
Hritish Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
J. H. Quartly, General Manager for
tlie Company.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application will be made to tbo Superintendent of Provincial Police tor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Central Hotel, situate at
Marysville, In the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as tho Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, In thc Province of Brltlsii
Dated this 15th day of October, 1915.
41-41 Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the North Star Hotel, sltuato at
Kimberley, In1 the Province of British
Dated thle Mth day of October, 1916.
41-41 Applicant.
(Section 42)
om the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Polico for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Canal Flats Hotel, situate at
Canal Flats, In the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate at Wy-
cllffe, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day ot October, 1916.
41-41 Applicant.
The New Shampoo
Keeps the scalp dean and
healthy so the hair has no
reason to fall out or fade.
Tbe Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
n* *WjmoW. star,
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant In
the West—Government inspected—approved by careful
housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OP
SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter,
Eggs, Sausage—wherever lt appears.
P.  BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
IS to (10 Watt, 88c. Each
Rudyard Kipling Wrote "THE   LIGHT  THAT   FAILS,"
Our lights never fall only 35c. each.
To England Under Neutral Flag
American Line (New York—Liverpool)
Large, Fast American Steamers, Under the American Flag
No Contraband of War Carried
S^ar-a^              "PHILADELPHIA" NOV. ISth
•.^J             **8T. LOUIS" NOV. 20th
Cj            "ST. PAUL" NOV. 87th
...         ******          "NEWYORK" HEC.4th
First Class »95.00; Second I'laass $65.00; Third Class «40
Company's Offlce, A. E. Disney, Passenger Agent,
619 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash.
Local Agentst
J. W. Spence, C. P. R. Station
Beale A Elwell
(Section 48).
do tbe first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotol license to sell
liquor by retail la the hotel known
as the Kootenay Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1816.
W. 3. UllEMNEH,
(Section 41).
on the first day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to aell
liquor by retail in tbe hotel known
us the Windsor Hotel, sltuato at
Kort Steele, ln the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October. 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
on Wednesday, the 8th day of December next, application will be made to
the License Commissioners for the
Municipality of Cranbrook. B. C, for
the sale of liquor by retail In and upon
the premises known as the Queen's
Hotel, situate at Cranbrook, British
Columbia, from Elisabeth Johnson to
Prank Carlson, of Cranbrook, British
Dated this tnjd day of October, A.
D. 1(16.
Elisabeth Johnson
by Lena Andeen, her attorney
Holder ol""
(Section 42)
on the first duy of December next application will bo mi.,],- tn tlio Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tlie liotel known
as tho Tourist Hotel, sltuato ut Dull
Hiver, In the Provlnc,: ot British Columbia.
Dated tills Till day of October, 1016
40-41 Applicant.
(Section  12)
onl the first duy of December next application wlll be mude to the Superintendent of Provincial Polico for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retnll ln the hotol known
aa tho Yalik hotel, sltuato nt Yahk, In
the Province of British Columbia.
Dated thin 7th dny of October, 1916.
40-4t Applicant
(Section 20)
on the first day of December next application will bo mado to tlio Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of wholesale llcenso No. 92, for
the Bale of liquor by wholesale In nnd
upon tbe premises known as the
Cranbrook Brewory, situate near
Cranbrook, upon tbe lands described
aa Lot 19, Oroup 1, South East Kootenay.
Dated this 16th day of Octobor, 1916.
Craabrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
4*-4tii-4t Applicant. "*"*    THUR8DAT, OCTOBER i*th, 1»U
Have your watch repaired
by an expert. Watch repairing is no mere "sideline" with us. We make a
most particular specialty
of this work. Our repair
department is thoroughly
modern, and no slip shod
jobs are permitted to leave
this shop. Bring your
WATCH In to and let's put
It right. Prices always
W.H. Wilson
Tb* "Crlili In B. C." for mU at th*
Herald office.   Price 0c.
Constable English, of Wardner, Is ln
the city on business.
Boys shoes of Western quality at
Eastern prices at Fink's.
Hr. and Mrs. A. J. Miller, of Wasa,
were Cranbrook visitors Monday and
FOR SALE.—Household furniture
and effects. Apply Mrs. D. H. McKay,
243 Hanson avenue. .   42-2t*
Rexall Orderlies are a specific for
the bowel troubles of ageing people.
Sold only by The Reznll Store, 10c.,
26c. k 60c. boxes.
Our men's suits are made by men
who know how and ot the best British
materials.   Perfect satisfaction guar*
an teed .—Fink's.
Constable Hilton, of Fernie, Is do
Ing duty ln the district, relieving Constable Collins, who Is away from the
city on official business.
Boys a!*** of W-ssMtw. ««U*
latum prt**» al T-H'b ____
Haa* Lund, of St Mary's lake, ss*t-
0T«d down on Wednesday
I   Th« Rorai hotel this wook roopanod
their poul and billiard rooms-.
Boys Kbotm ot Western quality   at
Kurt ten* prloel at Fink's
0. B. Willis In back in th* city after ,    C. I, Bechtel,
a two months trip to th* prairies.
M. B. King 1* In th* eity on a short
visit with his brother, Dr. J. H. Kins.
Mrs. Wllmot, of Jaffray, is spending a few day* In th* *lty visiting
Mr. Downs, manager of th* Crows ■
Nest Pass Lumber company, was in '
town last week.
(!■>■ viBitor In tlu* city.
Hoys military shoes,
ittl ttrnl workmanship a
dian arms shoe, $4.00.-
Born -To Mr. and Mr
of Jaffray, on Wedm
110th. is lfi, a sun.
i in the C
I. J. M'Tiv
sday,   Oct
The merchants have fl
.continue tie Wednesday
st the snd ot October.
Claudo Richard* in. ut (Jrsai Falls. I PETEB LC5D TO
Mont, was bwjouwi in by th* pnllcs        RESIDE AT LETHBRIDGE
in the early hours ur WstiaOBday muru* 	
Ing for making a disturbance ud tlie Mr Peter Lund lu.* moved tu Leth*
streets. He appeared before Judge bridge ufter having spent 16 years In
Arnold Wedposday and was given tiieIsoutheastern ttritiuh Columbia and
option of $10.00 nnd routs ur thirty southern Alberts,
dkya with friendly Society un the chain Mr. Lund has been residing at Ward'
mater- Kai,6- ' *■*■"• B- ( * "here he has built up ono
Pajm, -* ■ of the largest lumber manufacturine
M.-dley Lajoie un Wednesday after-  and timber holding concerns in Bri-
noon shot one of Tom Summers'blind tlsh Columbia known as the Crow's
grouse near St. Mary's prairie.   Just' Neat Pass Lumber company. Limited.
how Mr. Summers will view this mat-i This company employs about 300 men
ter  is not considered well by people the year round.    The product of the
who know him.    It is said Mr. Sum-'company's   mills   at   Wardner   and
a member of the Society for i Oalloway is mostly marketed In south-
to Animals.  era Alberta.   During last month there
. were over five million feet of lumber
elded to dls-
• the Prevention of Cruelty
Geo. W. Leask and N. Hanson have .,u_ mi||tarv Blloe6
returned from Nelson wh*r* th*y havs it| am, workmMBhip ,,
spent a fewdays on business. j (ilan ir01, s]lll,  ?4 M    p|nk^
A rertnln editor recently receiver!
Same mater- from a lady some verses, daintily ti«**i
in the Cana-'up wiht pink ribbon, nnd entitled, 'I
shipped to points in Alberta and Saskatchewan, which was the largest
output for any one month since the
1915, I
At Fort Steele, Hritish Coon Wednesday, October QOth,
Mr and Mn Jeffrey, a daugh-
Mrr*   (Dr)   H. K    Hall and familj
will arrive In Cranbi I    tly from
Calgary and  will  make   thi li   I om
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilson are
spending a few days In Spokane, combining business and pleasure
Mr. Ous Krickson waa a OrMton
visitor thl*  w*ek, th*  finest  *f  his
son-in-law, Mr. 0. U. B*nn*tt.
Boys military ahow. §*»• material and workmanship a* in tb* Cane-   	
dian army shoe, $4.00.—Flak's.
i Our b,< i. h : nits arc* made by men
Mr. and Mr*. T. Bat**, of Kingsgate, who kuuw how and uf the best British
arrived ln th* ally today to spend a tula*.'la Is Perfect satisfaction guar-
few day*, being gn**te *t th* Iteyal auteed,   Pink's.
  |    Fred Goggs, of Fort. Steele, a meinour men's suite are mad* by men :ber 0' tno third contingent, has been
who know how and of th* beat British WH*d in action      His name appeared
lon tbe casualty list.
Constable Arden, of Moyie. who ha**
, dono yeoman service in Cranbrook
j since the Fernie assizes last week, ha?
(been promoted to sergeant of tho
! Moyie force.
j Dr. H. E. Hall, of Calgary, Alia., has
returned to Cranbrook and will permanently locate hore. Ho can be
found ln offices over Parks' hardware
store, Baker street
Wonder If He'll M1ss WSoV After i company has been In business. Mr.
reading tbem lie returned the effort to\ Lund states that logging will be quite
the sender with the following not* .general along the Crows Ne t line thia
"Dear Madam: If he does he ought: winter and the Indications are that
never to bu trusted with firearm* ■ labor as far as the lumber industry
again." Is concerned wlll be fully employed ut
1 good wages. Mr. Lund resigned the
l^ist week the Ked truss 8o«t*ty j active management of this large man-
collections amounted to $160.11 A ■ ufacturlng company some months ago
number of young ladles canvassed tbe (hut retains his interest in th* com-
cfty and district, netting the handiomo | pgny and will continue to act as rt*si-
isum above mentioned. In uut ur twuldeut director, the other members of
overlooked f til(t board all living in the states.
Mr. Lund is president and principal
owner of tbe Lund Und and Develop-
u [ew streets
by the canvoBsera, much to their re-
grot. Anyone who has been neglected
by the ladies iu charge and who fee'
uh though tbey should contribute
something to this  worthy cause, can
ment Co., Limited, of Cranbrook, p.(
This company owns several thousand
acre* of land in the Kootenay valley
materials.   Perfeet aatlafestloa guaranteed.—Fink's.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. MaeFharasa entertained a number of Invited guests at
cards at their bom* on Garden
avenue last Friday *v*ntag.
Mrs. W. A. Nisbet. Garden avenue.
entertained a large numb*r of ladles
on Wednesday afternoon. A maal*al
programme was rendered aad tea
• -■ [    Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Bl-
Dr. H. K. Hall, of Calgary. Alia., has! uer Staples, of Wycliffe, left Wodnes-
returncd to Cranbrook asd wlll par- I day noon for a vacation trip tu the
manently 'locate here. He can bejpr.clflc coast. During their sojourn
found In offices over Parks' hardware they will take in th.- fair anl other
store, Baker street. I big attractions at the Pacific.
Commencing Monday Cranbrook Archie Elwell has taken a contract
will have one train dally *ach way. \ for blowing stumps on the Beittie-
It has definitely been decided to pall j Murphy farm near WyclliTe:     Mr. El-
hand In their contributions to Miss > along the Kootenay Central railway,
Helen Harrison, who will gratefully | til being especially picked locations,
acknowledge same I This company has made extensive de-
 ■ Prelopment on Bome of the lands owned
Cranbrook received a call  for taa j by them, preparatory to selling to de
mon this week for recruits to the
54th battalion at Vot non. This was the
IttFt call for men, and, unfortunately,
only ihrce were secured. Dr. Green,
the medical examiner, who tskes s
koen interest !•: military matters in
thic city, put forth ovory effort to enlist thc required number. He wss
successful, however, In securing three
men who left Wednesday for Vernon
They are John Bird, formerly In th*
employ of the c. P. It: Robort Raid
engineer at the Jewell mill at Han*
bury, and Harry Prc.ston, of WyclliTe.
the Flyer  off   at tb*  *nd of
By  Walt  Mason      	
I bought somo rags of Tailor Skaggs | daughter,  Miss  Haael.
and  paid him  when   I  got *em.   He | Miss Edith, Is a nurse and lives at
slrabte settlers on long terms of pay'
ment. Mr. Lund owns large Interests
In the vicintly of Lundbreck. Alberta,
and is th,* president of the Western
Canada Lumber company, Ltd., with
Its head office at Lethbridge and operating yards at the principal points
tween lethbridge and Cnlgary.
Lund also owns a large farm adjoin
Ing the town of Barons.
Rome months ago Mr. Lund's beautiful residence located at Wardner, B.C.,
was destroyed by flre, wheh prohsbly
accounts for his having moved to lethbridge.
Mr. Lund motored from Wardner to
Lethbridge,    accompanied    by
The  eldest.
Children s Shoes
Wc have just received another shipment of children's shoes that are fully
guaranteed or money refunded.
The Trot-Moc shoe is the best for
children, they cost a little more than
ordinary shoes but they wear better and
are correct in shape.
Just received a large assortment of
Ladies' Kimonas, the nicest we have
ever had ranging in price from $ 1.25 to
>;;| Physician's  Skin   Remedy
yield   to    thin    soothing
the I*   D   iv  Prescrlp*
ths | well will use the Skinner method of  wept with glee; "For now,'" said be, j Calgary and' hit, aon. Roger Lund, hus
Don't forget tho baxaar, afternoon
ten and cookery sale of the Methodist
Church Udles Aid to be held at the
V. M. C. A. on Wednesday, November
November 17th.
Rexall Druggists, everywhere, aell
nnd guarantee Rexall Orderlies as *
25c. ft 60c. boxes.
ent this
e picked
Mrs. Frank Abbott (as* Mlaa fferti*
Macdonald) returned to Cranbrook
the latter part of tb* week. Her
husband bas taken hla pla«* with hi*
company at Calgary, nnd will shortly j ground in E
go to Europe to defend his sonatry.       crocuses in    bl6(
  |around Cranbroo
__ __ Mr. James Beech waa in town last j office ». large nun
safe "and   gentle   laxaUve.-BentUe-1 w«* *»m Bull River   wh*r* h* Linear Wycliffe.
Mufphy Co., The Rexall Stbre,"10c.. i-.i*rlntflrtlilg the logging operations: 	
for tbe Crow* N«*t Pass Lumbar eosn- j Jimmy Olenday arrived In the city
pany and reports a very successful \ Tuesday from Luc.) for n few day:-
summer'* work, putting out about! r**t. He reports Loco a hive of in-
8,000,009 feet hauled and flamed and idustry again after being as quiet
Is now arranging for th* winter's! graveyard for sum-- time past. Mr.
work, wher* ha   will employ   about | Glenday's brother, who was injured at
"I'll pay my hills, dod rut 'em."   So
on tho run be took the mon, and paid
i the corner grocer,  whose trade wa*
^^^^^^^^^^ j bad  and   wbo   was  Bad,  because the
Hughle Woods, a lover of nature and   wolf grow closer.    This   made   hlm
a man who knows every Inch of   thc j smile, and fur awhile tlie man of tea
removing the stump, au old country
Idea which removes the large.,,
stump with half a Btick of powder.
ii iu the
. He lint
!i.t. which 1
made his home at the Lethbridge Y
M. C. A. for over a year and is engaged
In connection with the credit branch
of the Western Canada Lumber company and spends moat of his time vlaltlng  the  different  retail  yards and
Dr.  Holmes, tb*    Wftll-knoWU    skin   or    violent.
specialist, writes: liquid  wind.
"I am convinced tbat the D. D. D. tlon.
Prescription Ib aa much a specific for We sell P ti D., $1-00 a bottle. A
Eczema sb quinine for malaria. 1 generous trial bottle fur only 26c,
lmvo been prescribing the D. D. 1> Come in and let us tell you ubout our
remedy for years." This soothing money back guarantee that I). I). D.
, compound of oil of win ter green and will do what is claimed. Yuu will be
hla other healing ingredients gives la- the Judge Ask about D. I> 1> Soap.
*>taut relief Die moment It Is applied.      Its steady use keeps the skin always
It sinks through the pores, kills and   healthy,
throws off the gnawing disease germs   CK IMUKHih   HKI *.   A   HOOK   ( U„
and quickly heals the   Intlamed tis- CRAXBROOK
sues.    All cases of skin disease, mild       D.  I).  D   IS MADE  IN CANADA
D. D. D.--for 15 years--the Standard Skin Remedy
Aaaaal General Meeting of the € mn.
brook Liberal Association will be held
nt BJ0 p.m. 01 Norember llth, 19U.
All Liberals Invited.
Tbe regular monthly meeting of the
Methodist church Ladles Aid will be
hold nt the home of Mrs. Ira Manning,
Garden avenue, on Wednesday, November 3rd at 3 o'clock.
Dr. H. E. Hall, of CMgary, Alta., haa
returned to Cranbrook and will permanently locate hor-). He con be
found ln office* ovor Parks' hardware
•tore, Baker street.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles Aid of Knox Presbyterian
church will bc held at tho home of
Mrs. E. Pater win. Wetlnewlay afternoon, November 3rd, at half pant
three o'clock. I
Thomas Depiosthenen Caven, of
Cranbrook, member of the Provinclnl
has returned to lire. His name appeared In the Cranbrook Herald last
week. It ls evident that Tom refuses
to die.—The Victorian.
Cranbrook Italians are answering
tbe call to the, colors. Monday afternoon seven left here for Italy, going
via New York. At the station a number of comrades were present to hid
them (lod-speed.
FOR SALE CHEAP. <)ritl*ssni's
toot font, almost newt three saddle-*,
slightly Qsedi tear sets of hnrnesa,
single aad doable driving harness,
doable s*'s working hnrnesnt eross <
cat saw **d farm tools 1 oa* tatter,
•HWW.   Apply Phone 117. 41
Old Pat, Prank Parks' bull dog, has
gone to tbe canine cemetery. The
dog was probably tho oldest In the
city, being a resident of the city for
twelve yeara. Tuesday hn became
paralysed and Wednesday old Pat's
time was up and departed.
Mrs. T. T. Mecredy hus received
word that the sad news sent to her
some weeks ago of tho death of her
mother has proved to be a mistake.
While congratulating Mrs. Mecredy
that ber loss Ib not so great,' may we
•ympathlie with hor on the death
of a near relative.
Our Thets is busy at work at Perry
Creek, where he has four men work*
Ing. Mr. Thete haa Installed u
equipment for the carrying on of development work, Including n steam
power plant. Mr. Tbete Is; chief en
gineer. The sound of the whistle can
now be heard on the Creek and Mr.
Thel* haa given warning to tbe disciples of Isaak Walton thnt ther* will
Is) no nor* taking tn th**c*«fc
sixty men.
Everything at a sacrifice! Men's
and children's suits, men's paots and
underwear, top shirts, shoe*. Astounding bargains. Listen to this:
Men's blue serge suite worth 926.se
are being offered for $18; tweed suite.
regular price $20.00 for 111.**: under- j
wear, fleece lined, cost $2.M being sold
for P&e. a suit; boys suite, ages b to
12, $3.fi0. These bargain* ar* to bv
had at th* store of Solomon Koury
the front, is being invalided home
; may arrive any time.
1 forgot the kinks, and paid his clerks
their wages. And I'illhim Durk, the
; old head clerk, put up some thankful
phrases; his wife was 111—the drug-
Igtats bill had worried him Ilka biases.
.' The  druggist  cried,   "Doggone  your
hide, I  thank you for these roubles;
! I'm In the hole and need a roll to ease
s c I my weight of troubles."   The druggist
paid tlmt winsome maid, his first as-
Istant, Annie, and just for luck she
llul I blew   a   buck   for   roller   skates   for
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ granny.   And thus my scads brought
Mr.W.T.Har^T(Spn,(:„o,«-„rl,.|"p|l,'ol°d8   ™\ «lr'»    l""™d   **«
arri-,a iho first of the vroak and has »'»«»*. ™«" *-*onbla ceoaed, and
,   . „        ; 'oy increased and kept on mounting.
Creek to    eo..ime*ire „        ,, , ...
mounting. You see, my friend, if you
should spend your coin with local
dealers,   you're   nprcr.ding   glee  and
gone to Perry
operations on
placer propertj
their newly   acquired j
Mrs. Harker accom-
Lleut Harry Banfield arrived In th*
city Sunday from Wbrk Point Bar-
tacks, where he haa beeu for tht last
six weeks taking a course ln soldiery.
Mr. Banfield was eacceasfal In Ms
examinations, coming out with lying
colors. Ueuts. Black, of Fernie. Archer, of Nelson, and Halsall. of Craabrook, also passed. Ths latter gentleman Is taking tbe eaptaln's soarse.
which will require another six weeks
to complete.
Jimmy Donovan has beea drlakteg
too much grape juice lately. It went
to his head Monday when he took a it
In the Montana Restaurant.
I pnnle* him. w, H. Lucas, of Sprague,
came In as far an Cranbrook, returning Iiouie tbe next dny. The company
Intend to prosecute the development ol
the property vlgorouoly and will have
a force uf met, ;.t ■■". rlt i:i the ueai
I ecstacy to beat tho sunshine spielers.
per word for first week, and 1*. per
word for each week after
and   sages  thought  cheerful   thinks, | their customers.   The oldest son, Mr.
Arthur A, Lund, Is engaged ln the logging business and spends most of his
time In the woods and at the mills.
Mrs. Lund Is a sister of Mr. James
Cousene of Detroit, Mich., who is vice-
president and general manager of the
Ford Motor company of Detroit, and Is
also largely responsible for the estab- {
llehing of the Ford Motor company in
Canada, at Ford, Ontario.   Mrs. Lund
was born fn Chatham, Ont., and Is of j
English parentage!   Mr.  Lund Is of:
Swedish parentage.   He was born in |
Sweden and emigrated with his par- j
ents to the United States when 0 years
old, and came to British Columbia In
1896, where be has lived until moving
to Lethbridge.
Mr. Lund Is of the opinion that the
proceeds of the grain crop and livestock this year ln Alberta would be
sufficient, If It could be distributed for
tbat purpose to pay all the indebtedness or financial obligations In the
province,   save   public   debt.—Leth-
Furnished reom to rent, breakfast If bridge Herald,
desired, modern convenlencea.   Ap-1 —'
ply P.O. Box 4311.
j J E. Dick*. Dominion Express Agent
at Cranbrook for the past two year?:,
has been transferred to Lethbridge.
Mr. Dicks during bis residence in this
! city i.i.** been inuht Obliging uml courteous gentleman,       Patrons    of the
< Dominion depress company will miss
Mr. Dicks,     One was always sure of
being received politely at the D. E,
oflce, Apart from H*; duties as express agent Mr. Pi.ks v.ii> an active
wxirker for tho Cranbrook Poultry association,    holding    the    responsible |
position of secretary.     Mr. and Mrs. 1	
DIoks    and    family    left    Cranbrook i Furnished hease ;o reat- -F**r r*-NH
light wagon for sale cheap.   Apply
'■    *'Qe Belanger, city. tZ-tt
[cottage FOB KE.Vr-Fi?*
newly papsred and painted;
per month, including water.
l. P. Sullivan. Cranbrook SL
STABLE TO KENT, for tear hers**,
electric light, warm, well ventilated
with larg* hay loft and eat bin.
••"■ uo per month, apply Herald
offlce. tf
Th* po- j Thursday afternoon for their new lo
lice wcre called and he was taker In
charge.     He ls mow a resident of the
cation amid the good wishes of their j
many friends who were at the station I
city jail, nnder the doctor's care. When :,() HPe tlirm (lff Ml. r Pottei.( of Vfln. j
Jimmy has recovered sufficiently from | (.miV(ir ,R Mt)ng unt|, Ulo H,(,,oiDt.'
his lllncea he will be placed on the:,ntnt llf H BnceeiBOr tll Mr. Dicks.        j
water wagon, Judge Arnold a*ear1ng j 	
a reserved seat tor him oa Monday tor ;    A t.aBe w,,lrh fB rm,Hfllf, interest in !
thirty days. dJe prosecution  now being conducted
———- by the provincial   authcflties against
Joe Blewett, nltftl O'Leery. a F*rnle|thr Rw t,,^^.,,     VrUiay )n,t mmw
In order to facilitate the handling;
of mall at the front and to Insure
prompt delivery it is requested thut,
all mall be addressed as follows:
(a) Regimental number
(b) Rank
1c) Name
(d) Squadron, battery or company
le) Battalion, Regiment, (or other
unit) Staff   appointment   or   Depart-
If) Canadian Contingent
(g) British Expeditionary Foree
th) Army Post Offlce, London, Eng- ;
Unnecressary   mention   of   higher
The World's Best
with bath; fenced; close la; aewly
papered and painted;  piano If *\*>
slredj no children preferred; *nr** I
fnl tenant o*ly; $11 per month, In- (,„„„.„   -  Mtt_      ...    .      .. . .
eluding water    Apply Herald   at-   '""nations, such as brigades, divisions
lice IMf {I" strictly forbidden, and causes de
bum, was gathered ln by th* police
the first or the week. Joe Is well np in
thn scientific art of panhandling. He
was quite at home when lis arrived in Cranbrook—nr>t that Cranbrook ls the home of this gentry by
any means. He had made himself acquainted with a large number of Crnnj
brookltes at Fernie laat week daring | tl.jB wUh iUl.ir brother's ca
the criminal   court   proeeedtng*, to
which n large number of local people
were summoned.    Jo* wa* plying hi*
trade at the coal eity uuder the eyes
Smith appeared beforo the < un
charged with opcral ■■■. n moving picture reach too withoul a B, C. liconso,
Mr, Smith, ti i;> snld, applied to th)
department at Victoria for a Uconao
on the 7th Instant hid had not, up to
the time the John eon brothon uf tha
Hex were called to Fernie in c$hncc-'
  I ivccivcd
sr.me.    "srr.it i. was tht r< fore cummon-
ed before the court and was lined $:".,
Monday W. B, McFarlane was sum-1
atoned and Is h**ief* prosecuted along j
WE HAVE lhe opportunity of n Uf*
time fur an active, reliable, young
man to lun.die an article wanted In
ovcry home, offlce nnd factory. Toa
can earn fifty dollars weekly. Write
tod&y for pa rt lc ul,i r s,—Macdonald
-t Co., Rogers Building, Vancouver.
nr 41-*
Send for Five Roses
Cook Book—
chown  f'Mfl    ■}'    ",-•' ht'fjr.,   J    mf    t*0    •->•,,•*.' -t
■ve<"<***(ul iaAtss ot Tf* I'lasrs f'■ .■ '.■ ■- jfi.--.t Canada.
Alao la-lV ScM on iKt nfj-M <<aa*" ti rM ih-J-Ji
IQ   ML   *U   Of   whvh    |tt*l     '■•■■■    tU'i^itm    '''■!■!     aj.-J
^  ,«iK«.kfd bj; "jcrj't'r.t •'.'■■■.
mm *u totjga it uk or ng wooes mm ce mm. mga
Cranbrook Jobbers cESZ*.
or the Cranbrook police, who eould not j the same lines as Smith, i, c , for al-1
asy bo.     He collected quite a sum  lowing an unlicensed operator to run
and, as hla name suggests, blew It. t machine.    The latter cane, ban boen ,
Upon arrival In the eity he was   at postponed until the return to the city
one* recognised by the police, who. of Constable ColL'ns, who hr.s taken \
locked him up.     He *pp*nr*d b*fore two prisoners to- tho    penitentiary.
Judge Arnold Monday   nnd r*o*lv*d J vve are glveu to undernUind Mutt the I
thirty days on the chain gang. ' prosecution against the Hex ls being
«m**nm*«M.S,SBBBSBBBBBBBBSBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBB j con(|m.tP,l   tllTOUgh   tllfl   CL'llSOr   C.Cpill't-   !
I me.nt snd should n conviction be obtain ed n penalty of $800 tuny bo Imposed on 'he theatre management" On
the otlier hand Mr. McFarlane oltilms
that he is uu longer being prmxculcd
.but persecuted, He Bftys he lc*do-1
Itormlcod to son the Mutter through,!
cast whnt 11. will.     The* OOS* will ho
1 watched witli IntorOSt
MI88 H. riHTll
l*wlir !»•■• at Mnm* or
Mfl HaMOB AveiM
Cash for Coal
Owing to the fact that
all coal being Hhlpped baa
bill of lading attached,
which means we must pay
for same before opening
tho car, we are therefore
obliged to ask our customers for CASH on all coal
orders in future. Thar*
will be no exemption!.
We are sole agenta aa
usual for Gait, Bankhaad
and Steam Coals.
Trices on applieatlaa.
W. ,:. wound, Vt**.
I a. ra. Holy Communioo.
II a.m. Matins and Hoty i nmniiinU.n
7.30 p.m. E.fnBonK.
Praaekw Rev. W. H BrltJg,. BA., Uh
(Rotor J
Paalar, w. K. Tknawa
Morning eerTlce, 11 a.ni. flubjKt-
"Tlia Power of Principle."
8. S. and Bible clane, 3 p.m.
Sfealng aerTlce 7.10 p.m. Babjet-t!
The Third Commandment: "Thou
Shalt Not Take the Name of thr l/,nl
Thy God ln Vain."
Anthem: Morning and evening.
Bible etudy cIbrb Wednesday, s p.m.
Bar. TkM. Keyworta, tutor.
fharle, W. Nidd, orgaaiK
On Sunday, October flint. Inter-
emmrj nervlcea wilt bn held by World
Wide Mcthodlnm on behalf of the Empire and her Allien.
Tht local church nervlct will bt In
full harmony with abovt plan and all
memberi and frlenda are urged to he
preaent. Rtrvlceo tt 11 a.m. tnd
*.M *M.
tamSmt icattl at 1 )I
  ... E
H \m ssnl i wlwil Mssn-sir, 1
*mVL\m * .Me*n*M*>* sBsksnssnssI fan (yj
wwfawS n*w rsaoi as Mnvp pl.^^bs ** b
mm*m**t*sj**m\nm*l*. V
Tm Inn aal m* *m **%** M I
m*m\**t************* I .',
llief* vt tots of honest people m
the world. II you hive tat wane,
ihtftg perhaps in lionotsble p*-.- ;n,
found K.
This is .in honest piper and honest
people reads.
Tell ihem ahnm your loss in our
Classified Want Ads.
TKe Herald $2.00 a. pi.• PAGE FOUR
Loyal Oraaffa
No.   18T1
Meeta flrat aad tklrd
,.'■'. v ..   Thursdays at i f.ai.
Wlaea.ia«U> In        Royal       ~"     "
Knight, ol irtlaad Hall,
R. 8. Oarrttt, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Roc. Sec.
M111 a tvtry
Monday   algal
at    Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning    OddfelVtwi
•orillally Invited.
W. M. Harris,     R. \». Russsll,
Sec. N.G.
Cruulirook. B.C.
Mtttl every Tuesday at I p.a. la
the Frnternlty Hall
R. 0, Carr, ('.(".
F. M, Christian, K. It. ts s.
V.  0.  Boa Ml
Visiting brethren eerdlallr •»-
vlttd to attend.
Meets every second aad
Wtdnesday  at   rrateralty
Sojourning Rebekahs t«
ly invited.
Sis. c. Bonnet, N. O.
Sis. A. Hickenbotham, Sec.
Meets  In   Maple Ball ******
and   fourth   Tieseey  ef  *****
month nt a p til.
Menibei'sblp   art*   A   Beavaa
E. Y. Ilrake, J. F Umm,
President SlsssSnsy
Visiting    attaibara    sordtaBl
Meete In tiie Mapll Hall
flrat Tuesday afternoon of avtiy
month ut 'A p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Boi Mi
AU ladles cordially Invited.
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
thc Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
ls ojjcii fur engagement
Dances, Social! Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
PHONE till
Cranbrook, B.C.
forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl-ltr Pander
Imperial OU Ce.
Braying and Transferring
tflvt.li prompt attention
Phone 63
is   open   for  engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms apply to
Cruiilirook, II. C.
BeadeiiarUt a  for  ail  kinds of
Satisfaction  Guarantee!
The Shoe Specialist
Banisters, Solicitors aad
Meaty to Loaa
laparfcl Baak Ballelaf
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   aal
P. 0. Box SU
Pkyslelaas anl Sargeens
Mm at rttldtnet. Arastreag
Ftreaeoas    S.St te IMS
Afternoons  ISO te   4.0S
Bvaatags    7.10 te   MS
■aaaayt    1.10 to   til
Cranbrook, B.C.
f—UfflTBli ■ •
pitatliiK nii for VVonwn,  r- a boi ur tiirMfor
Itii, frViia ut HI Iimj* StOni, or mulle-l u>*uj
00 receipt ol jinoa Tin kiubblu Diva
putjim/ii-a. OM.ifiii
'N0L FOR MEN. f8_\\
Vitality; for   Norv** an'I Hralii; InoNHM "Ml
»l«CTr  ii'lni.lr -wnii.Mii.i v »  «.,.,,. -.
• f«r (-., ni .if,,-
■Apflq**     TIIK hi:.>lii
take la Bansoa Block
S to 11 a.m.
Ito   • pm.
T to   I pa
Ma*n% aal Sonera! Sarsla*
tardea Ave.
Tsrmts ea Applicative
SOU. A. SALMON, Matron
Vkaae IM P. 0. Boi 141
Pkaae 144 P. 0. Box Ul
Funeral Director and Emsalmsr
Undertaking Parlora
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
atta aal Mlnlag Englattrt
■■ C Land Sorvtjrtrs
•sr Pkeae Ml Night Paoae II
W***rsir Ats, east to City Ball
Phont 105 P. O. Box II
Organist lltthoditt Church
Rtttirtt Paatlt ler
Organ, Pianoforte, Voloa,
Studio: II Norbnry Are
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
■and lt to
Special pricei for family
HAH provenzano
•eaeral Merchant
BBpleymeata igtatt
t. * Bex Ul Phoaa Ml
Belt frame, Prof,.
iNah Bread, Cakes, Pies
nni Pastry
Pkeae If
Barkery Are.     Opp. air Hell
L.   M.   SMITH
Ladles   and   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
I'lione 204
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Haa juit purchaaed a ear of
(All Tuberculin Teeted)
Milk and cream twice dally
Bnttermllk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
Wo gaarantee te Pleaae
I yon up. 13 n lioa.nr
ea. „r Iiy mail on rrrmtrm
liiii.. Co., St. CUurinta
•aalllt-MarrAr Ca, UA.
l.lQI'Olt ACT, 11)10
(Section 12)
ont the first dny of December next ap.
plication wlll bc mnde to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to eell
liquor by retail In the hotol known
at the ferry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Crcok, In tlie Province of British Columbia
Datvd this 7th ilny of October, 1116.
tt« ApvBeaal.
(Proa tte Creatoa Befit*.)
Birth—ln Creston, on October 21st,
to Mr. and Mra. W\ H. Crawford,    a
Floyd Rodgera left on Saturday for
a few days' visit with friends In Cranbrook.
Capt. Mallandaine came in from
Morrissey Mines yesterday on a
short business visit.
Mrs. Martin, of Erickson, returned
the latter part of tho week from her
visit with friends at Cranbrook.
Miss Dalton, who haB spent the
past three weeks with her sister, Mrs.
W. H. Hilton, returned to Edmonton
Mrs. and Mlaa Nina Attwood, of
Moyle, returned home on Saturday
afler spending a couple of days with
Creston friends.
The Fruit Growers Union Is loading
a car of potatoes here this week for
eastern export. Spuds are bringing
about 111 a ton now.
Thc valley's crop of No. 1 Mcintosh
Red apples ls the lightest for some
seasons. Up to the middle ot the week
not a box of that grade had reached
tbe Union warehouse, though we understand T. E. Goodwin haa a few
boxes to ship.
Baptisms are becoming almost a
regular feature of the once-a-month
services at Christ church Just now,
Rev. Mr. Mahood having had one the
last two visits. On Sunday tbe Infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hli
ton was christened—Joan Mary.
The first of the season's wild geese
to be offered for sale changed hands
on Tuesday, a local Indian parting
with two of them to one of the train
hands at 11.60 per head. Fruit In
specter Fletcher picked up a 13-
pounder at the Landing for the same
price on Monday.
The root crop at Erickson other than
vegetables, gives promise of being
about the best yet F. Klingensmith
has a bumper yield of carrots and E.
Cartwright is slmillarly favored with
mangolds. Mr. Llttlejohn haa commenced shipping some of his crop In
both these lines, a couple of tons going out Tuesday.
Dr. Henderson bad a rush call to
the eastbound express on Tueaday to
attend one of tbe wipers from Sirdar
who had fallen off the engine between
Kootenay Landing and Sirdar that
morning. He waa suffering from
couple of broken ribs and an Injured
shoulder. The doctor went east with
him. He will be treated at Cranbrook
■l',\ night lie gave a bi.; dance to the
residents of the valley. The affair
was a golden event, ull ton rare ln
these grey days.
The following resolution was passed by the Elko board of trade at their
last meeting and forwarded to the Hon.
Major General, Sir Sum Hughes,
K. C. B„ Ottawa. Ontario; Sir, At a
meeting of the Elko board of trade,
October 22nd. the following resolution
waB made: Whereas, there are considerable aliens In this district that are
paying no tuxes, and getting preference of work offered, while Britishers
are allowed to remain Idle, and this
meeting strongly recommend that
these aliens he taxed to help defray
the expense of the country, and,
whereas, every paper In tlie country
Is calling for recruits und different
societies arc asking for nid, wo realize
the hardships we have lo meet these
demands, and wo feel lu allowing
these aliens to Illl every lumber camp
and railroad section gang, thnt It Is an
Injustice to our boys at the front, and
their families we arc called upon to
support, and we strongly demand that
these working aliens should bc taxed
at least 10 per cent of their earnings.
And whereas, there Is nt this writing
some 180 aliens interned at Morrissey
while every camp and railroad sec
tlon gang ln the district employ 90
per cent of them to the very serious
disadvantage of those that are asked
to meet the demands of carrying on
thlB war to a successful issue, nnd we
very Btrongly recommend tho government either Intern them or tax them at
Yours truly,
A. Blrnle
Fred Roo
A. Blrnle
The Norrla government It sure looking after their frlenda. We admire
tbeir Grit
Mike McCarthy's steam shovel gang
is working near Elko cleaning out tbe
big sand slide.
Elko Board of Trade and the Conservative Association held special
meetings last Friday night.
Wis wonder It Pat Burns Ib giving
another machine gun, aa his bacon and
lard have taken another big Jump.
The Elko Literary and Social League
held another successful concert In the
Presbyterian church, which waa well
To the pure ln mind all things are
pure. Yea, Bays Jim Thlatlebeak.
and also to tbe lunatic everybody else
Is crazy.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson and family,
of Spokane, have motored to Elko and
have taken up their residence In North
Star Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Klingensmlth, Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Agnew and ton motored to
Kort Steele, St. Eugene Mission and
Mr. John Livingstone, head gardener for the Sunkist Orchard Co., Roosville Valley, Is vlaltlng frlenda at Bull
River this week.
Miss Agnes Allen, ot Fcrnie, Is
spending the week-end the guest of her
cousin, Miss Belle Thomson, at the
Columbia hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. King, of Waldo, and
Mr. C. M. Edwards, of Baynea, are
hunting big game and are camped on
Lodge Pole Creek.
The latest fashion sheets are showing that Parisian women are wearing
long trousers, and Jim Thlatlebeak remarked that he knows of women who
have been "wearing tbe pants" for a
long time.
Jim Thistlebeak says a pessimist Is
so thick-headed and disagreeable, you
can't even coax him to eat anything
that will agree with him, and an optimist, says Jim, Is a fellow who can
eat suet dumpling to nice that you
really think he Is a cattle king and
owns a big ranch.
We were up to Fernie a few daya
ago and walking up from the Oreat
Northern depot an old woman was
bawling ont a young woman for wearing short skirts, which generously
showed her ankles. Don't them silly
old women know that everything is
higher since the war.
The palatial residence of A. E.
Newendorf, of Flagstone, was burned
to the ground Saturday night. The
family waB at a dance in the village,
and the cause of the lire Is thought Incendiary, as the house stands alone In
twenty acres of ground all fenced and
was one of the finest houses In the
J. A, Broley, manager of the Sunkist Orchards, Roosville, drove
through Elko on his way to Fernie, j
having shipped all ihe pro lore and
tbe Irult to 111. faun MWHS       Oal I'd-
{Trom tht Ftrnl* Tr— Pr«M)
Mr. and Mrs, Ellas Rogers, of Toronto, aro expected to vfuit Fertile next
Born—On Thursday, Oetober 21st, to
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Wm.   Todhunter,
Corp. E. Colling,'*, of thc 54th, who
haa been confined to the Fcrnie hospital with rheumatism, is able to be
around again.
Bruce Brown, of Cranbrook, former
ly of Fernie, ts on the pitlt jury here
this week and haa been around extending the glad hand to old friend.*.
Edgar Dudley, of the 47th, Vernon,
laiit week transferred to a pioneer
corps who were leaving Immediately
for tho front. Thoy .ire now en
Tbere will bc a big christening at
Hosmer on Sunday evening when Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Labclle will decorate
the twins. Aid. Roblchaud will act us
The Internment guards at Morrissey
have organized a football team and
wish to ohaiittUfe the loci) coun miles
■•f the »'Hh to a ball game any Wednesday afternoon
Cranbrook has raleod for the Patriotic Fund during the past year the
sum of $1861.90. Fernie has ralced
during thc same period, that Is to
September 1, $3,000.00.
Wm. Bird, of thc Home Bank staff,
Winnipeg, ls in town visiting his par
ents. Billy has been In the hospital
with typhoid fever for eight weeks but
is still looking very fit.
R. Morton, who h-;c had charge of
the 41 Market Co.'c district offlce here
for tho past four years, leaves tomorrow for Edmonton, where he will take
a sltur.tlon with Swift & Co.
On October 10th, Mr. Jonas Gerrai
and Miss Margaret Brown, both of this
city, were quietly married at the par-
sonago by Rev. D. M. Perley. Mr. and
Mrs. Oerrard will make tholr home in
West Fernie.
Tom Corsan, writing from a hos
pltal In London, where he Is undergoing treatment for paralysis of one
of his legs, says that there has been
no visible improvement yet, He will
likely be Invalided home shortly.
If Tabor does not want the District
bonspiel this year Fernie will havo
the n«xt opportunity as Cranbrook,
the next In lino, has declined. If It is
held in Fernie the local club wlll do
all In their power to give the vlrltors
a big time.
Three now casca of diphtheria have
made their appearance in Fernie. Io
It not time that the Isolation hospital
was put Into commlsulon again? A
few more cases and the disease will
have become epidemic and the schools
will have to be closed.
On Tuesday, October 12th, Mr. Robt.
W. Croft and Miss Olive Peacock, both
ot Commerce, Alta., wcre united in
marriage at the Methodist parsonage.
After a visit with tholr relatives, Mr.
and Mrs. Alstead, of Coal Crook, thc
young couple toft for their home In
Chief Brown and his staff nre determined that the hotels will IIvo up
to the letter of the law. Tho Northern
was fined $125 by Police Magistrate
Whlmotcr on Tuesday for selling liquor after hours, and the Waldorf bartender was fined $74 for selling to an
interdict. The latter case will b.* appealed.
(Special corraapmdM-M)
On Monday last Chief George Welsby
of Fernie, was visiting at Wardner on
official busltiiess.
Dan MeGlnnis received word yesterday to the effect that three of his heifers were killed on tho C. P. R. track
near Jaffray.
The Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co. Is
making preparations to start a number
of logging camps on the little Bull,
where their main cutting will be done
tliis winter.
Ole Holmes is undertaking to grade
a road leading to his store on Wallace
street whieh tlie present government
did not see fit to put In, but Ole expects to have tho road In before next
election, anyway.
On Tuesday, the 10th inst. tho O, P,
R. mill at Hull Hiver closed down for
the season, The company still have
a bunch of logs and ties ln tho Bull,
but could not got them down to the
mill on account of tho low water.
On Friday morning October 22nd, H.
Hnmlorson, nf Dull Hiver, had his Ford
overturned at the sharp curve near tlio
government bridge at Wardner. Both
passengers and car sustained quite an
Injury but fortunutoly not seriously.
Without the pale! Ah, who can know
the anguish,
When God himself lt scorns hath turned his face
Within those hearts 1 thought myself
I have no place.
Who knows the dread of silent midnight watches,
When conscience reigns supreme and
tortured heart,
No longer gains relief in scalding teardrops?
Ix't me depart.
I pray that those whose hearts doth
know not pity.
May never feel tho anguish that   Is
For will my life bc bare rind cheerless
Till strength decline.
And when at last my tortured heart
doth falter,
And eyes   grow   dim   and   fluttering
breath shall fail,
Oh, will my Father caBt me then forever
Without the Pale?
—Marie Brown.
Oranbrook, B. C,
October 28th, 1915.
You will fimJ retiaf tn ZutrBoh I
II wm «w bmlng, stiitgfng
ptln, stops klttdlng nd bring*
int. Pertamanw, wilh Ism.
tuk,masseur*,. Why sot prove
a cold-blooded and strictly legal sense.
It tacks entirely that human equation
we hear so much about theso days.
And It is nothing to thc credit or glory
of any country that a man or woman
can openly do as this man and his
neighbor's wife have dono, and that
there is no law on tlie statute books
to say them nay. Such lnrldtmtH as
this make It almost easy to catch the
lino of vision of tho man who declared
that "Tho law Is un ass."—Coleman
(Alta). Bulletin.
Help Digestion
To keep your digestive
organs in good working order—tostimulate your liver,
tone your stomach and
regulate your bowels, take—
Uri«t Silk af At MWkb* h flw W**rfJi
Sold «*«Twk«r«.   laban-M,2S«Mto.
IN THB HATTER OF tha "Land Ba>
flatrr Act" and in the mattar ol
tba north tt of Lot i, Bk»k 4, ot
Ut 132, Group 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an appUcatioa
(No. 2889-1) has been mado to rvjfta-
ter William Freeman Wright aa owoar
in fee simple of tlie above land undar
a Conveyance to hlm from Baynea
lAke Land Company, Limited, et al,
dated 23rd day of October, 1914, and
that unless within 30 days from ths
date of the first publication hereof you
file In this ollice a caveat or Certificate
of Lis Pendens I sliull register tha
said William Freeman Wright aa owner la fee.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Oflss.
Nelson, tills 30th day of September,
SAMl'Kl, R.  ROE,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of first pnhllaatlon Tth day al
ttoabar, 1914. .4-44
One of our local literary lights haa
sent In the following for publication.
Tommy Atkins' version of a popular
The Union Jack
Has ne'er turned back,
And It Boon will wave In Berlin;
And tlie Huns who survive will be
heard to say:
"Gott strafe Wilhelm" the Allies have
their way;
We have been tricked ,
We know we're licked ,
And we're pleased for to surrender
Vou can tell the world that we're all
Down and out, and we know that we
can't help it.
It's a fact,
Our Kaiser's cracked,
And we'll goose step for him no more.
"Let us rise and sing"
Justice! What does that mean
anyway? Up in the Wetasklwln dls
trlct a woman has been sentenced to
death for shooting another woman
with whom her husBband was living in
open shame. It matters not apparently that the men (?) had wrecked
his wife's life, his home, and everything which most people hold dear;
nor did it matter at all that he had
brought his paramour Into his own
home, in open doDnncc uf every law of
common decency which man knows,
thereby creating a situation that must
have had Just as greut a deteriorating
Influence on the community, and on
that organization which we are prone
to cull "society," us did the act of
women in deBtroylng the peculiar species of human vermin that had Invaded
the Bunctlty of her home. The man
was the cause of the trouble; ho it
wns who by lowering himself to the
level ot the brute beast destroyed his
home; yet, because his wife, whom hc
had sworn to cherish and love, destroyed the Invader of her home, she
must herself die. The Bulletin has no
doubt but that the Judge'B sentence
was In ejact accord with the evidence
submitted, but It Is only In accord in
ALCURA, the widely known trent-
mont for Alcoholism enn now bo obtained at our storo. It Is guaranteed
to cure or benefit, or rnonoy refunded.
Remedy that has been tried by thousands and found to do Just as It
Drunkenness Is n dlctnse. Those
who aro afflicted with thc craving for
liquor have to bo helped to throw it
off. Alcura No. 1 can be given secretly In Coffee or food. Alcura No. 2 Is
the voluntary treatment.
Help your loved ones to restore
themselves to lives of sobriety and usefulness and to regain the respect of tho
community in which you llve.
_ Only 11.00 per box. Ask for Free
Booklet—Beattie - Murphy Oo„ umlted. Druggists, Oranhrock, B. C
Liyi'OH ACT, Hli
(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at
Marysville, in the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
41-4t Applicant
(Section 4»
oa tbe flrst day of December next application wlll be made to tho Super,
Intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the North Star Hotel, situate at
Kimberley, in the Province of Brltiah
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
41-44 Applicant.
the reserve existing on Lots Nos.
10355, 10368 and 11551, Kootenay District, by reason of a notice published
In tbe British Columbia Oaaette on
the 27th of December, 1907, Is can-
celled, and that the aald landa will be
opened to entry by pre-emption at I
o'clock ln the forenoon, on Monday,
the tth day of December, 1*15, all applications to be made at the offlce of
the Government Agent at Cranhrook.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C,
September 24th,   1916.     39-10
IN THB MATTER OF the "Und Registry Act" and ln tha matter of
Lot 1, Block IS, of Lot IM Oroap
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(26681) haa been made to register
Arthur Edward Blunden, of Valetta,
Malta, as owner in fas simple of the
above lots under a conveyance to hlm
from tlie Baynea lake Land Company, Limited, dated the 3rd day of
December, 1913, and that unloas within
30 daya from the .'ate of tba Irat publication hereof you llie In thia odes a
caveat or Certilieate of Lie Pendens I
shall register the said Arthur Edward
Blunden as owner In fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this llth day of September,
Samuel R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of Ilrst publication llrd day of
September, 1116. 38-41
gistry Act" aad In ths mattar of
Lot i. Block II, of Lot 111, Oroup
Map Ull
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(26691) has been mads to register
Thomas Lowndes Washington, of Ths
Maraa, Malta, aa owner In fse simple
of the above lots undar a conveyance
to him trom Baynes Uke Und Company, Umlted, dated the Ird day ot
December, 1*18, and that aaless within
30 daya from the date of the flrat publication hereof you llie in this ollice a
caveat or Certilieate of Lis Pendens I
shall register ths said Thomas Lowndes Washington as owner ln fse.
Dated at the Und Registry Offlss,
Nelson, this UU day of September,
Samuel R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whom It may sot*"***.
Data *t as-i paWSatloa iM aayat
IN THE MATTER OK the "land
Registry Act" and In tlio matter ot
Lot 4, Hlock 68. anil Lot I, Block
15 of Uit 188, Uroup 1.
Man 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an appllcatloa
(No. 2956-1) has been mado to register Frederick James Gavin, of Waldo,
B. C, as owner In fee Blmple of tha
above lots under a Conveyance to
him from BayncH Lake Land Company,
Limited, et al, dated 30th September,
1914, and that unless within 30 days
from the date of the flrst publication
hereof you file In this ofllce a caveat or
Certlflcato of Lis Pendens 1 shall register tbe said Frederick Jamea Gavin
aa owner ln fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of first publication 7th day ot
October, 1915. 41-44
(Section 20)
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of wholesale liquor license,- No.
107, for the sale of liquor by wholesale in and upon the premises known
as Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
aituate on Baker Street, In the City ot
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1*14.
41-4t Applicant
Registry Act" and in the matter ot
Lot 1, Block 21, of Lot 131.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an appllcatloa
(No. 2987-1) has been made to register
Llda Harriet Putnam, as owner la
fee simple of the above lota under a
Conveyance to her from Baynes Lake
Und Company, Limited, et al, dated
17th Octoher, 1914, and that unless
within 30 days from the date of ths
flrst publication hereof you file lh this
office a caveat or Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register the said Uda
Harriet Putnam as owner in fee.
Dated at the Und Registry Office.
Nelson, this 23rd day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of flrst publication 7th day ot
October, 1915. 40-44
Capital AsUorlsed  .
Capital Fall Up	
Sessrve  aad   Uadlvldel
Accounts of Corporations. Maal-
clpalltles .Merchants, Farmers aad
Private Individuals invited.
Drafts snd -Utters of Credit leased
available ln any part ot ths world.
attention given to Savings Baak Aa
counts. Deposits ot 11.00 and ea-
wsrds received,and Interest allows*]
trom dats ot deposit
A branch ls also established al
Athslmer,  B.C.,  under ths
ment of Irving C. Wedd.
Craabrook Branca
B. W. SUPPLE, Baaagar
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
hare more regular patrons from
Brltiah Columbia
' than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ua
show you why
this is true,
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places el
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
aa at the more ordinary
to Steamship aa the lee*


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