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Cranbrook Herald May 10, 1917

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Illtl'I'ISII I oil i||iiv
THURSDAY, MAY 10th, 1H17
BRIDGE G 0 LLA PS ES—ON E DRUMMED""*™m m mu m   [m[ IB M mn r~^
The Cranbrook Band mad*.* Hs flfst _
i appearance fur this season on Tuesday 	
! evening when they march oil and play-
' ed from the Government building to  i-nriri- Crowd Gathers to Hear Grenl
I tlie Rex Theatre where the Women'-;
; Institute hod charge of tlte show for
the evening. After rendering a i*--\
I selections In Iron' of the theatre they
proceeded to the  band  room  above
'Clapp's  store for  their   weekly   nrae-
convoylng  tin* nnd  I lllgonco  that   by tho load  railing on  him or too ; lio,
Truonian 0, Horsoniaii wns drownod   seriously injured to extract himself of thoso short route march,
tliis morning iu tho Moylo River near  from beneath mnl drowned.. , fitturo In order to get themselves In
i proper  shape  for  any  eugageux nta
tliat muy tm securod during the com-
^^^^^^^^^^ l lng season ami wish to announce lhat
and wagon loaded wltli poles over a Hanson Avenue. \Vo extend our j lhBJ, wiIl (ll, QJ)tm for engaBoments
temporary brldgo when tho bridge col- heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved tn future, The Band has made good
lapsed.   Au the water la the Moyie itt   fumily. proves* during ihe past row months
     j mnl  iheir appcaranr *  last   T h di y
: — ■- —: spooks wen tor  he leador, Mr. Percy
^—^ CITIZENS (IF NORTH HAY WOULD | Parker, but Jiey are still short of a
As  we were about  to go to  press ; the present  time in not very deep it I
a ineKsnge wns received iu Crnnbrook   is presumed that ho WttS either killed
Yalik.    it appears rrom Information      Uo loaves to mourn his loss a wldo
received that In* was driving a team   and three small children  residing o
Violinist .mil Supporting Companj
a largo crowd assembled at the
Auditorium   last   Thursday   evening,
their    weekly    prac.     Mjy    .^     ^    |lf:,(r    ,y^    [amef.    j,.,,,^,,
i Intends to have more   violinist with the Metropolitan Opera
1,1 t,,e  Company
The audience was by no means disappointed In the quality of tbe evening's entertainment, which was of a
high standard.
Rev. Krwx  Wright Gives Illustrated
Lecture  and   Information   Ahout
British £  Foreign Bible
~ $
On Thursday last, tlie Rev. Knox
Wright, an Secretary of the BrltlBh
a Foreign Bible Society gave a particularly Interesting lecture, special
features of whicli were Illustrated by
lantern slides, In the preamble bo-
tore the lecture, he pave Instructive
Figures a. lo tin* issue of Bibles,
ami the uses to which they were being
put, it lo very encouraging to know
that the men iii the trenches, and at I
The programme opened wltli a duet tho various  points aro so generally
from ■•.Madam Butterfly" by Mesdames. eager to possess them, and In most
Susan Emma Drought nnd Mary Mai- cases read them with diligence,  There
ben    Allen      These   two   artists   are i- no doubt but lhat this tremendous
Tho Women's institute had charge
of tlie ilex Theatre on Tuesday ovonlng last and succeeded in clearing the
neat sum of between $90 mid $100
from sent sales aud at the sale of
candy and ice cream during the performance.    Tliey   wish   to  tuke   this
few players, and would ht
,  j In touch with auy players
Resolution Adapted at Public Meeting I now members of tlie bund
Urging Dominion Govt, to  -
Prohibit .Manufacture.
i Het
■ not
North Bay, April li.—At a meeting
I of citizens of North Bay held on April
', 11, tlie following resolution, moved by
.Mayor Patton, and seconded by ex-
Mayor Milne, was carried unanimously by a standing vote:
.,  .. ,,„ I    Whereas   the Imperial,   Dominion,
opportunity  to thank all those  who ,,,.,,
,',',, , Provincial and .Municipal governments
helped to make it a success and es- . ,.,,,,
, ,,     »,      „,   .,, , .,„   are   pressing  upon  every   Individual
pec ally   Mr.   Worthlngton   who  sang '        . . ,. ,
' *   ,      . *,    ,, * , on,,, i "10 absolute necessity ot the produc-
between the shows, the Universal Film I . ' '    ,
.   , ..     .,..       ,. _   tion of tood. and the prevention ot all
Company, who donated tbe Films tor
the evening free of charge, the Cran-
brook Band, and all those who gave I ^^^^ mamly
Cil™ y .„    .     ■      „..-.,„   .,i ,inD i atructlon of food and starvation of the
The following is a list ot tho articles   „_„,.,.    ,_    „ ,    ,___    ,     „
received at the shower held at their]
last meeting in aid of Canadian Soldiers:     9   towels,   4   wash   cloths,   3
And  whereas Germany places her
In the de-
I British   people,  through   her  deadly
.    And   whereas,  nearly  every  prov-
I [nee has met this danger by the pass-
Handkerchiefs, 1 pair pyjamas, loom-        Qf      MWt      ,uws (o t!lp exte|U
fort  bag,  '20  pair  socks,   i   packages '
envelopes, S writing tablets, 12 can*
dleis. S tins cocoa, 33 cakes of soap
17 boxes Oxo   4 pate de soie, '2 tins
•ImlUri beef. 24 packages of soup. 7."
packages gum, lib Posf.um, 1 Drlnke-t,
•J i ticks cards 37 chocolate barr 12
pack's peppermint, 3 boxes cntnl.*,
2 tubes tooth paste, 1 tooth brus i 1
shaving fcoep, 12 packets Old Chun
•> It'ti: ' . i m, 30 boxes cigar**'' -.
it plug:-. (O'ncco, and 113,75 in 'ash
fthieh will i'o spent and added ■ ■> the
of its powers, and Newfoundland has
already in force a law of total pro-
i hibition.
And whereas, the Dominion parliament permitted the waste of 150,000,-
000 pounds of food-stuffs in Canada
last year through the manufacture of
intoxicating beverages.
And whereas, the principle of national service demands of each citizen and government to give service
tn the fullest extent of its power.
We,   therefore,   citizens   of   North
possessed with excellent voices which
blended well together.
"Desert I.uve Songs" sung by
.Madame -Mildred Haynes, were exceptionally well rendered. This artist
has  a   full   soprano   voice   which   was
very  suited  to  the   plaintive  desert
The   re-appearance   of   .Skovgaard
brought forth a great ovation from the
audience,   in tlio celebrated "Andante"
(By our own correspondent)..      from. Mendelssohn's Concerto. Op.84.
News iias reached Fort Steele from ; skovgaard displayed a greal strength
Spokane that the long drawn out law- . mid mastery of the bow especially in
tlie second   half  of  this   movement
catyclysm of disaster is now bringing
Kurope to a new birth, and who
knows what effect this quiet reading |
of tlie word of God in the midst ot|
excellent.    Uev. j -A
ng very clearly i Y
suit aud celebrated case viz. Lnngly
vs Page & Devln and also It, L. T.
Qnlbrnltli of Fort Steele against same
defendants, has heen finally decided in
where the melody breaks Inlo tho harmony giving the effect of an accompanying violin.   Tlie "Allegro" follow-
favor of the plaintiffs.   This lawsuit ling Was rendered In fine artistic stylo
has been contested In superior court : bringing   out the   wonderful tochnlc
of Spokane and in the Supreme Court j which this great nrtlst possesses,
at Olympla, where the unanimous decision was that   the   Messrs.   Langly
should    receive two    thousand  and
eighty   (20801  shares of Corbln  Coal
& Coke Co.. and R. I, T. Galbraith I
one thousand and forty (10401 shares, j
The mine at present is heing worked
by D. C. Corbln and associates nnd Is
one of the most valuable In the Flathead country.
This transaction involved nearly one
third or a million. Cannon and Ferris
were the plaintiffs' lawyers nnd in
the ease are to be congratulated upon
the issue.
j M. Aubrey N. Fugle in the Prologue
I from "Pugliacci", was well received.
j With a voice of wonderful range, far
reaching, yet of a very mellow quality.
Mr, Fugle created great enthusiasm
whicli called for an encore number
which was equally well received,
The Polonnlso in F major by Liszt,
May 7th.—On Monda;
Bay. assembled to consider tiie   wel- j so** appeared   in
All those having addresses of B°Hfare nt mir emp*rCf  hm,by 9ntrcat charged with  being  drunk
diers at the' front, and who have not
yei handed tbem in to the secretary I ..
arc again requested to do so. as the
packages will very shortly be made
up and those in charge desire to send
everyone something. *
with all the force at our command, the
Dominion parliament, to forth
with pass an act prohibiting the man*
ufacture in. and the importation into, i T|ie fin
the Dominion of Canada, of intoxicat-
ing liquors for beverage purposes;
thus freeing Canada from the unbear-
TI.NNIS CLUB .nble disgrace of the waste of money,
  < food and manhood at this crucial hour
The courts of the Cranbrook Tennis : in the history of our empire and the
Club are now ready for play and, world. We feel tnat such an act will
thanks to tbe efforts of some of the : K|Ve dignity to onr national soul and
gentlemen members are In first class inspire our allies and the Hritish Km-
conditlon .The new tapes were laid, ptre to still nobler efforts and hasten
on Tuesday and play commenced on the day when our boys come back
Wednesday to which numerous en- wearing the laurels of victory,
thusiasts will bear witness with sore Further, be it resolved, that copies
backs nnd aching limbs. The Satur-* of this resolution be sent to tho leader of the Dominion government, the
leader of the opposition, the director
of national service, the district representative and the public press.
.lohn Custaf-
Police Court
on Snt-
re sueh
will be
afternoon   teas, wh
u   splendid   success   last
continued  this  year, the first  one t.
be held on Saturday next.   All those
desirous of becoming members of thi
Club   should   see   lhe   Set retary.   Mr
Raworth    The fees, etc., arc the same
sucli paroxysms of elemental passions
will have on the future life of tlu
nations. Have we no reason to hope
for the best? The lecture itself nnd
the illustrations were
Knox Wright speaking
mid interestingly. The views of the
various places and towns of South
Africa vividly recalled the times of thn
Boor War., when all these names were
The picture that seemed to appeal
the most to the audience (unfortunately very small) was tho representation
of the grave of Cecil Rhodes la tho
Maloppn Hills. The extreme simplicity of the resting place in a bed
of granite, without rail nor headstone,
nud surrounded by thc rough but majestic granite boulders of enormous I
size given thc idea a strange sign lfi-
canoe as though. In death, all the use- j *
less complements of civilization were j 5
torn away, and rude nature again
takes hold.
Itev. HIllls Wright acted as chair- I &
', rendered by .Madame Alice McClung- man very efficiently und at the open-1 »
\ Skovgaard, took the audience by storm |ng of business the snme officers were j
; by her wonderful execution. Her re-elected to act for tho coming your. I
I teohnlc and expression were perfect ,\ vote of thanks to Rov, Knox i ^
| and goes to show hor high standing Wright was passed unanimously, audi
I in the musical sphere. the ending of a very pleasant evening
The duet sung by Madame Haynes   como at ton o'clock.
j and Mr. Fngle made a very pleasing      It is a very great pity that more do
not take advantage of an opportunity
to hear more of the workings of the
Bible Society: a society that every
Christian should support; few people
outside of the aocietj .■..'.■
tin* amount of good it is doing, nor
tho immense influence It has In the
world; working as ft does hand in
hand with the missionary societies of
nearly every denomination, its Influ- i
ence and activities permeate every
clime and people, accompllshng tho I
command of Our Lord without flour
ish and without reward.
effect,  the two  voices  bolng  exceptionally well suited.
In the last four numbers on tho
programme Skovgaard excelled himself.   1,'Abeille by Schubert, and Pres-
Clothing For
Provincial Library ot
rour Reasons mm uuynig
Fit Reform Clothes
ist Because they are
hand tailored.
2nd Because all Coats
are Open Coats.
3rd Because they are
designed by foremost designers in
4th Because the Fit and
Finish tell the tale.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
orderly on  Burwell Av 	
urday nlgllt.     The accused   pleaded ; tlsslmo, Skovgaard's own composition,
guilty and was tlnod SS.00 or ten days,  are woll wortii)' ot special mention,
;iiii, I botli numbers tee'iui* rendered In that
lerilliiini and dashing stylo character-
Chief Hersey has served summonses  |gl,c of |||(, „,„,_
on a number ol owners of dogs who |
have  neglected  to  pay  the  dog   tax.
Other snmtuumes arc being prepared ■ J-t"- ' ~~' *■*
and will be issued within tin* next few !
. last ;
Harrison-  On   Thursday,  May  .ird,
d Mr, ami Mra Harrison, a son.
say is thai the men nnd the women
who devote tbeir thought atul their
energy to these thtngc will be serving the country nnd conducting the
fight for pence and freedom just r.a
truly and just as effectively as the
men on the battlefield cr in tlie
trenches. The industrial force: 0.* the
country, men and women alike, will
be a grenl national, 0 greal Internationa 1 * Service Arm) 1 a notabl
and    honored     host     engaged
'     It  will  be appreciated  if  every
1 person receiving news of or from
'■ mir   Hoys   will   kindly   notify   the
' "Herald."
tt ti
Word has been received from l.ieut.
H. it. Htcks sayiim he is well.
We are glad to be abb* to report
that Arthur Crowe whom we announced last week as unofficially reported
•   I killed, has been since heard from and
President Wilson's Appeal to
the Farmers of the U. S.
1 arnicr*.!
! part  of  the  natic
us   with   whom  we
0 President of thc
States   have   now   made
common   cause,   in
.ils to you and to tlu
children 1 n the ran
• men,
women   whoso support ant
shall be fighting.
i by whose sides we
fellow country) ■ 0
We must  BUppI)
Ships  by   the   liiin-
e  entrance   of  our
beloved , deeds oui of our
shlpyards to carry
service of the nation and the world
efficient   friends   and   snvlc
men   everywlu re.     Thou:
is we
and in good spirits
died   of
{ the
the  efficient   friend*-   and   saviors  of
nds I wp regret to report that I'le. Vivian
nav. hundreds of thousands, of men Chant, who was formerly employed
otherwise liable to military service ** Raworth Bros*, jewelry store mid
will of rlghl and of necescity be ex- enlisted In the Hoyal Seafortli High-
cased from that service nnd assigned   landers  at   Vancouye"   '	
to ihe fundamental, sustaining work | wounds somewhere fi
of the fields ami factories and mines,
and they will he as much pnrt of the
great patriotic forces of thi   nation as
tho men under fire
1 take lhe liberty therefore, of addressing this word to the farmers of
the country and to -ill who work on
the   farms:     The   supreme   need   of
Wi rid eren
1*tonal llfo ii
action which calls for immediate c<
slderatlon and settlement that I hi
you Nili permit mo to address to >
a i>\\ word of earnest counsel n
appeal with regard to thorn,
We are rapidly putthjg our navy
country  Into  the  grim  nnd lorrtbln   to  the other side of tie sea,  sub-
war for democracy and human rights  marines or no submarines, whal will
which has shaken tho world ere s  every day'bo needed thoro, and abun.
nn many problems of uaMonal llfo and dnnl materials oul of nur fields ond
■u our mines and our factories with
ipo which not only to cloths and equip our
0U own forces on land and sea but also
nd to clothe and support our people for
whom the gallant followi under aims
<ui : can no longer work, to help clothe nnd
nn offoctlvo war footing und aro about oqulp the armies with which we are
to create nnd equip n ureal army, but co-operating In Kurope. nnd to keep
theso are tho slmplosl parts of the the looms nnd manufactories thero In
greal lask hi which we have addressed ; raw material; coal to Keep the flre.-f
ourselves. There Is noi a single self-, going hi chlpB p.l sea and in the furn-
jhIi element, sn far as 1 can see. in ihe ■ ncoa of hundreds of factories across
cause we are fighting for. We are the sea; Bteel out of whicli to make
righting for what we believe nnd wish arms r.nd ammunition both here nnd
to bo the rghta of mankind and for; there; rails for worn-out railways
buck of the fighting fronts:; loeom'o
our nation and of the nations with
which we aro co-opernting Is an 1 bun-
donee of  supplies,  and   especially  nf
food stuffs. The Importance of an
adequate food supply, especially f"r
I the present year, is superlative. Without abundant food, alike for the nr
mtos nnd the pCOpli
whole groat enterprise upc
the luture ponce nnd security of the
world, To do this great thing worthily and successfully we must devote
ourselves to the service without regard to profit or material advantage
nnd with en energy and Intelligence
tliat will rise to the level of the enterprise itnelf. Wio must realize to the
full how grout the task Is and how
many tilings, how many klndn and
elements of capacity and service and
nolf-sncrlfiee It involves.
Then', then, are the things we must
do, nnd do well, besides fighting,—
the things witiiout which, mere fighting would be fruitless.
We must supply abundant food fnr
ourselves nnd for our armies and onr
seamen not only, but nho for n large
The   Ladles   Aid   Society   of   Knox
Presbyterian Church, last February,
sent parcel, to tin* boys in active
service whose names are on the Honor
[toll of tiie Church.   During the last
week several letters of acknowledgement   have   been   received   and   tlie
Society feel more than amply repaid
when they know they liave given a little bit of cheer to the boys who are
fighting for uh.
We give  for  publicntion  the letter
'from Lieut (ieo. S. McCreery, which
! wo know will be Interesting readlnc
now cl war, the| lor t'u' citizens of t'ranbrook
1 which we!     France.  April   1.   1017
have embarked will break down nnd 1),,n'' Mn
fail.    The  world's  food  reserves nre
low.    Not   only  during   die   pre ent pl-insure
emergency hut  for some time after ^|a*i""h
It affords me a peculiar
through ymi, to express my
to the  Ladies Aid of Knox
pence shnll hnve come both our own Church, crnnbrook. for their gift of
people und a Inrge proportion of the' R'""' H'lngs which I have JiiKt received
people of Kurope must rely upon the f ln  splendid  condition
fives and rolling stock to take the
plnee or those every day going to pieces; mules, horses, cattle for labor
atul for military service; everything
with which the people of RnJglnnd and
France and Hnly and Russia hnve I
usually supplied themselves but con-1
not now afford the men, the materials'
or the machinery to make. |
It Is evident, to every thinking man |
that onr industries, on the fnrms. In j
the shipyards, fu the mines, In tho I
factories, must be made more prolific
nm! more efficient than ever und thnt
they must he more economically mnn-
ftgt.d nnd better adapted to the particular requlrementH of our task thnn
thry hnve been; and what 1 want to
harvest*; in America. Upon tlie farmers of this country, therefore, in large
measures, rests the fate of the war
and the fate of the nations. May the
tuition riot count upon them to omit
uo Btop that will in crease the production of their land or that will bring
about the most effectual co-oporatlon
in the sale and distribution of their
products? The time is short. It is of
the most imperative Importance that
everything  possible  he
It is reassuring to feel that back
hi the homo land there an- those who
take such a kindly interest in our
welfare. At the prcsenl time we are
occupying tents- four men In a tent.
consequently living together, we travel together and when a parcel arrive:-
from homo, ::!t four of us enjoy lt:<
contents; so. Mrs. Barney, three
other chaps beside mype'f are grateful for tlie gift from your Society,
Our life mil here i-; a varied one.
W'O have our rood times and our rough
times.   Doubtless   though you   hnvo
^^^^^^^^^^^^    lone  immediately to make sure of lar^e harvests.
I call upon young men and old alike
and upon the able-bodied boys of thelrpil11 description
land to accept, and net upon this duty! ('nul<' attempt  to wrile.  ho
-to turn In hosts to tlu* farms nnd I noto of optimism  is always  present
mako certain  that no pains and no j,l,,d Wl' ,,rP •''■■ conridehl thnt the war
labor Is lacking in thi.- grenl matter.  wl"  twmtnnta I'oforo many months
l particularly ttppoal to tho farmem otoPw.    Then   1  hope to  have the
of tho South to plant abundant food | Prt»il*a»« of thanking you In person.
The following Interesting letter has
been received by .Mr. Have Sutherland,
from Pte. A. Edglngton;
Hello Have—How are you? Well, I j
hope.. 1 can see your face when you 1
see the address. Yes, Have, I got a
little souvenir from Frit?. In the shape I
of a little shrapnel In the thigh when
we went over the top on Kaster Monday to take. Vimy Ilidge. but I ex-;
pect to In* able to get around h: a !
month or.so fairly well.
Well, Have, tdk about some show, I I
never was in such a one In my life.   I
expert you not a fairly good account
of  the  attack  in   the  papers, but  it
wouldn't be like being in it.   Talk a- j
bout courage nnd staying with it, you J
can't beat the Canr,dian.L;.   There was |
V.  C.s   earned  that  day  alright.      I
don't know how many will get them lfl
tin* rest of the battalions were like <
ours not very many, because we didn't
have an officer with us when we got
over to tlie German's third line, which j
. was the 102nd's objective, and we got:
' it and held it*    If we had fallen back;
at  all   We would  have  lost   it.    Fritz
didn't want to lose It, he fought like ;
1 hell to hold the third line but nothing
doing, we were asked to take It and!
we did    l/its of fine lads bit the dust.
(I mean the mud) but our casualties
were very lij-ht comparing the distance
taken.    I  got mine when  we were
scraping for the third line.   Ws had
tn bomb hlm out.   Fritz threw a bomb
amongst ns and wounded some of ns
a little, but don't worry, we thought
'•t Vpres, and all nf hi- dirty tricks,
and by hell, be paid for it with Interest    Those who showed fight were ktll,
eti    We were in no mood to argue.
Frits said that the Canadians would
1 never take the ridge unless they swam
.through their own blood, but we fouled him this trip, it was his own blood
we walked through,   We had the artillery this time, such as the world has
never seen, to back us up and the boys
knew it.   A more confident bunch you
never saw.   At 5.30 tlu* artillery opened up on the second after blowing up
tliree mines right under the (Ierman
lines.   It looked like, to us who were
looking over the parapet waitinc for
the sinnal, as if his line was on fire,
and then ho started to send up the
O. S. star shells, calling for arril
Wc Hnve Jusl Received tin*
Assortment of Children's
That has ever been shown in the City of Cranbrook.
The Prices are right and Quality bears comparison.
Prescriptions u Special!)*. Prompt Scrrice (lur .Mott.*.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. ATOIISON, Manager.
Canadian paper from Van-
(ribiog the attack, and nee
what our casualties are.    Vou Bee I
left rlgbt .'.fter we had got onr object
ed ns out. and the aeroplanes were
right over us so low that we wanted
a little more artillery on our left flank
which  wasn't quite cleaned out
we signaled him, alright: rat-tat-tat Ive, so don't kno-v how our ccsur.l-
with bis machine cun. Yea, he got our ties are. There wasn't many of tiie
signal, hack he goes to the batteries old original 102nd left before thi at-
and it isn't long before we have our tack, so f don't know how we stand
objective, our trench cleaned out of  now.
the Hun and a sorry looking bunch Pte A Edglngton
of Huns digging the trench out again
for our use.    Oh yes,  they <;in sure
dig. seared to death. Well, 1 have a Private John Marshall who enlisti I
report to take to Deflation headquart- in the 62nd Battalion In Vancouver
er-. My leg is getting stiff; yes, I -.in two yeni -..■<■ ft paying a ihorl visit
jn-t make it. Well. I have mud. P. de- ><> hi- brother, W. C. Marshall of this
llvered my report. I n" to the dress- city Pte Marshall i- on his way it,
ing station, «<-t my leg drefmed and Toronto T< be fitted for ;>n artlflcia
sent out and hen- I am in England k-g He lort his leg and suffered othei
ctttiiif: the te.-t of treatment very   ■ *  -    ■■ •red'- at the .3rd brittle
I expect it win bc a llttle tin,, he    '■' *'pre    in Jun   2nd 191B    His bro*
tore I'll get ba-.k t., the fronl   any-   '■■"r Kennetl  also had hli leg blown
way   I mr not in a Ir r-■    1 cui.8li|rr   "f|f '' '       e  'i:;'" "hell.
1 t:i;i'i ii.i.t*8 had thi luek ■■■ null thru      ''''    Marshall   lived   in   rranbrook
tor  eight   in.,mi,,   and   gel   I rougl    ■''" ■* " '■'■,:   ago and was in the em*
whal  we hnve |n entitled tt, ., Uttle  Ploy of the t   !• R; he left for Vancou-
rest, don'l you-   It ■ a wonder 1 didn't   **' ' 1       '   ■••* ■■ '■"' ths Uod Regi ■
get it wor-     I had tin   itling on my  "">' "!""  '':'' expects to resume thl*
rifle that l  waa carrying blown oft   petition on hla return
and fellowa killed right along sldi of
me:    It seems funny, but wi sure net*
tied a loi of old scores with our friend
Frit/   We got that consolation.   'Twas
the best chance we've had inr  11 mi
time and we made the best of il    it
seems funny for us fellows to bc talking this way. bul everything's fair In
love and war,    I can see the fellows
joshing as we went along over In what
used  to In- no man's land and  when
ihey got hit start to curse their luck
I'lll   MNWHW IMTRI0TH   H \n
stiiffH ns well an cotton.    They
(Otnthnted on page four)
I Slncorely yours,
f It better than T  ,Prv hm it flj()n-t romr.   «#
lot of his guns nut of action before
time was up. Now hoys, over we go,
dawn was just breaking, n drilling
ruin was falling, whlrh turned to
snow. Not a very nice morning hut
the work wiih done and in 11 way tlmt
that they didn't have a chanci   in
at tlto  Huns.
Well, I can't toll yon ninth n
I'm glad to he here.   I'm glad I wi
the shew,    I  wouldn't have mlssi
hnd put a   for anything, the four divisions 1
so you  can   Imagine the li:,
rl  it
ere*   Wi
e:-       On,,   mlglll    III.    lo!
real t
it tin* v.-nr and nol   ■•>
1 think If It will eiry nii:
■ill. BO
we. con gel thc Blum nc
Ol lection 8   for     tiie   Patriot!*
Fund for the month of April were
$21 : 18 which bring*-: the total for
the five months, beginning 1st December last, up to $9383.31, Included in
lust month's collection were the following from outside points:
St  Eugene Mine. .Moyie, $n.fiO
Kast Kootenay Lbr. Co., Loco, 149.on
Crows Nest Pass Lbr. Co., Ltd., 228.2T.
Otla Staplea Lbr Co Ltd , 494.25
Wattsburg  Lbr. Co., 47.50
yahk Lbr  Co , Wfcsa, 296.00
Moyle Valley Farmers Institute. 16.75
In addition, $100 was forwarded by
f I Mrs Ego of Kimberley, being proceeds of a raffle for a watch donated
by Mr Gamble The ladies nt Klm-
lierley havo .'-pent a lot of time and
thought in devising methods for rnis-
(1 tf McCreery ,
ing money tor Patriotic. Ited Croil and
1 the Germans won't forget for Mime | «iuh-k. we would no through most j other funds uml are to be emigrate*
time.   The tnnbs and thr cavalry hrlp-   anything     Well   fHivi*.   t   would   like | luted Oil  the lUCtttl of thrlr pfforts PAGE TWO
TTTm^nAY. MAT 10th. 1517
i. i ,i   iiicKl]   ii)   i'ln'  riiiiiiiriiiik
IICIIllll, l.llllltCll.
. Uny, Manna'.
V Sup) I] always   nn   hand   lu
ial.t   i an   uf yonr Orders
lll'it    AIM
l}|  UITV    SKIM H I
['.. ('., Maj 10th, 1013
111 t   iiL'. LSOHY MILITARY
. ■    ■    •   Leni nf enlistment'
■    ■ i   absolutely ulny-
.' forthcomlna at.
.   time  in  any  reasonable ■
i miutrj   i ither  for ■
■    i:i   tin    I'Apetiiiionnry j
t rvlce iu the He- j
Is heln ■ expressed free- '■
nil ng centres lhat '
uf ro n script ton is
MAOl? IN CftNAp;
[li      mpo    ilel.'   not
■  It)   Illl ll   lil'"tniseil
■ ■   Uur I n  bill  oven    tee
: ii .   n|i tn strength
or tho "8,'loc-
II      , illod Iii Hi.* I'eilli'il
 lopted lone
ii  he*i ei if Ut limn.
mienl   linil   luul  couragoltlon ro tho cultlvnlli
facts iii llii' face  in Hi.* neighborhood
lll*l    Iiml   those   foots   *.e 111.' Kev   .Mr, llrll
appeared In ymir lm
,    iinparently linvo i    .My own belli I li
Inn the uiii.imil- wo miiy i.r Crnnbrook,
\\ i'ilo Xol llolil line.rlii- llcsponslhli!
I*,,,- Opinions  l'!.\|HT.Vil'll ill
llii- I'eilnliin.
ri". Eilltor, Prim brook Herald.
n.'nr sir    I r.Mil wiiii n  ■: nt di
nl lutoroHl  Mr   M   A   llonli'     n
i.e. o.i'
E, Nee. 12
(jf{*£aai         Meet8    ''Vl,|'-V
i iy<~*C?\    Monday night
•***K ■'lZ>iy)    -it Fraternity
Hull.       Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E il
W. (
. Robina	
N. (1.
een how I duce tins y
produces forming n i'
draft" in I ih" ndvlsnbl
in*-'. Great ■ patriotic pu
it turn  lie   think wo  In
I ml
ii. c.
every '1
tlm Fr
nesday nt s p.m.In
teernity Hall
I', i
It. C.
. Vere
P. (
. llox
c. c.
K. It. & S
g   I.r.''.
to u
cordially Intend.
Meets in  Mnplu Hall stdcoud
Tuesday of every  montii  at S
\>. tu.
open   to   Hritish
Visiting   m
inters   cordially
E. Y. Drake,
J. P. Lower,
no.\n:vs iNsiiiiTi
■*■ w,
'if"... n'.i ■!%>
/   ■ .   '     '■ r\
■I   •• •*
f nnd how we nre
! .- ■■ cousIhb in  Axis*
•In . Iy Bhorl of ihe
.  tin   ■■ il wc shotild send.
■ 'i-   niithorltlos  are  at
i I- nnd ininkly .sny lhat
unahh   in make up the
fit limit some form of cotl-
■ - iiluntcer ay t ni lias sent men
tr acl ■ ■ i" he lost hy thous-
: ii   vhn ronld have helped win
■ ■  *-   "■  In m. ]■ purpose had
n   I lUth .   bl'i n   used   for  the
itli ni! aervice ihey were fit for.
i" :u 'inly ihe wrong men lmvo
I i.i Into uniforms. Thoso who
d have stayed home lmvo gone
lm-. who should have gone arc
lore ..ml will he here until forced
Tl i- i-; particularly the case in
i- centres ni' Canada.
■ ■'■"■ 'i-i      io    the    south    and
cwi   :   \'!i-.- are filing to try to
some ni' Die hiek of elilclency
•vo hnve shown and have by rouble' majorities in Senate and
•e h npprnvod of soloctlvo con-
Ion or iiu- druft. Soloctlvo con-
Llon menu - no moro and no less
puriab n.iH than putthip cverj able-bodied man at
first Tuesday thn |oh li can do be t in the interests
fternoou of ; nl- .tll. country, it is not waiting for
the fiMlivfdiiiii himself to put hlmstflf
nl his right job or to rind out what his
right   job  Is.    Those iu  charge and
iry   montii
at :i p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
U.   McFarlnne.
Si - y. Mr   .1  W. Burton, I'. 0. llox 621., whose duty it is to know, find out and
' All ladies cordially invited. ' toll the 11 ople how they can help host
  nni* t|„ „ ,:,.(. n,,,, ti,ey ,|0 [t<
..:-, ,     The  propoHnl  in  the  United States
_?] Is  to  siiiiiinon   nil   men   between   the
' "''>U^r^^^.-f-yHil ' ',r,:'':' "'' nmeteen and twenty-live and
Ml   WMMlr   OKKUNAI,   from those summoned to seied such
■U'J^^WjI/jj ■"■ ■"''' physlcnlly fit and sueh as are
v*i\tH/FP>'^in        ' ; llnt l',l-i,-',,i '" occupations more use-
j'mi»iAj/J only i r"' '" tl'o progress of lhe war than is
V-V^^f>/?/ I I that or tiie soldier himself.   This surc-
i/l(rtffl?mi®iT 6 i-iiMIM' ! ly Is a fair way and n common sense
way. Is tin re nny reason wliy it
should not tie adopted in this country
"4  ■"•-■'*■.•,;"',"
UNife lmil.ilh.ns
■ ' ■ **fiV.Jh Sold
...                  i**-"'i.i nil I im
....'." of
eir  ut  nny  rnti'  is  there* uny  reason
now li It why tho existing provisions
\ nt 111" Mililin Acl which e-eelllel ele'iel
wltll llie nil nut inn at-" Tint brought into
rm'".. l.\' nur Government at Ottawa.
j    Only lite ro daya lefl tee rcgieiter
I Have, y.ni registered?    If not, do so
wltli tin* bnsl
m-ory man lins a rlgb
i think it  nuns tu
tlvuto sufficient land I
.In." noccEsary for li
family. I subscribe in)
is willing to el y
rlghl lei
t tin- f-
tv   proyldi
iltlvatlon "
will    Of    Hi
produce required for our own fatni
I would be pleased If any othera
are willlnjr wtiulil coninllinlcuto
'lu. Herald.
Yours truly.
i;   II  Thompsi
m:\vs or iiii: woiu.i)
IN   It It 11.1
All ill" Laborltes who oppnsed rn
scriptlon have been defeated In I
niiiiiii-iiial elections In New Kcnhii
Tin- United Slali s Congress lias sustained th" President's selective con-
Bcrlptlon plntl fur raising all ; nny
of fiiio.nie nnil
Tlio Canadian n'-ithorltlcie nre nsk-
Ing tlir removal hy Grenl Britnlu ot
tin* ombnrgo itgitinst live Canadh n
Prince Bite] Frederick, second si.n
of tiie Kaiser, lias died of typhus t'.v. r,
according lo a ilispati'li from i'u|i"a-
Tin- Derby nnd eetlirr races In Jlng-
land have boen ci.ncellcd fen- HUT tit
tlie- Instance of thr Government. Tl "
slop was taken with a view to saving
foodstuffs which are now diverted to
the racing Btablos,
ni'i'i hm;ii siii.nii'its
it  week)
prospects nr
ir,- in.. Com-
, he tuattor of future i mployiuout is
"ii" which is based upon and will be
governed by so man) factors outside
ot tli" Individual Province thut it is
Ini n Ible to vli » II from a strictly
provincial standpoint There must be
ito com Iderai Ion tli" general
ro-ndju iti i i.i' li nonilc situation ... ;!:.• country ..■ a  whole.    Aal
Hi ■ i Illral .mi i.i ii". t'  E, F, was a '
matter In which tli" Individual provlnc-
i.   toolt tlieir plncc ... a part of tho
'   .. :      .. Illl   llllllti i ol .1 Iiilizalinn
with Its attendaal t. atiii'o of re-om-
ploynicnl nml In  regarded as  at-
I'.itim: ill" whole ainl nol confined to
any  nnr   part.    One  method   wiih'li
1     .   ii"— ted tor doming '■ III  11 a probli in nf providing om-'
ui.nt uni'ii di Imition Is thai
1   il   al ttiiv-irniu. al keep Hi" re-
'.nl1'  nui] nllllze llu'ii
■ Nali.in il lllgh-
", 'it'., ii "■ proh
nisinni-.    may warrant
provl i..ei ul employ-1
■i" nt In '  "ai l'\ th.. atnte, il a|i-
ir  I at ihe I-1...nr required to
'    mil     In    Nui ii    Highway
1'iiiild 1    "i 'no I i,. belter ml-
II '     i" in i- tallied on I'ay by
woro dlstrlh-
i'"s and  their .
tor  ivories  as   migbl   I."
ible ami oxpedlcnl by the'
ii. Ini Governments    An
rlbutlon "mil.] bc mail"
if enlistments.
1 ti." tail tlmt tli*. do-
II." natural resources of
evitll ill" I'linsnini'iil do-
pri'sonl ami "stalilish-
."In trlct would prove of
all", nut "lily In lin* llldi-
ices ami the Dominion
iii.ir.' as a whole, wo are
nf til ' "I ini..11 tliat til'   Whole qlle'Stimi
Is  mi"  whli:.   tn'.gl t   , ell   I.   made
::   .."!..; Ct   for   (lb"'!'., loll   In tie 11   til"
[.'odcrnl   ami   Imperial   aov-ernmonts
wiiii a view in arriving at a basis for
. rnnients.
* us is in create
i\" ralBed for war
any inr pence pur-
r uf which will li..
If-supporting, pro-;
Imiierial economy,
.. U." best kind nl'
■i"si   ami   I'frort." ]
tn til" willingness
to assist tlie I'oin-
ray in.ssilel" ami
methods adopted
■ity regarding tli"
wiirl,  nl ll" organization,  in   whicli
"A.- much publicity as possible has
been nhtolued for tli.- aims and work
..1 i!. Commission through the news-
paper. in 'li" Province, anil in deal
effectively with this matter we have
enlisted tli" co-oporation nf the subcommittees tn whom ih" following
letter lias heen Bent nut on different
III,. Ki
rl.   In
Til" ni
by employ.
ng mill!
you can get value and
satisfaction tailored to
your measure from a
choice of a wide range
of fabrics and models.
rE have a knack of
doing the unusual in
the clothes. We put more into
them than you get in any other
line—better style, better tailoring,  better cloth.    We  keep
pounding away on the advisability of
wearing Art Glothes-we're earnest about it-we believe
in it sincerely.  And when we once get you tt) believe,
you'll have a lot of satisfaction out of your clothes.
CRANBROOK      -       -        B.C
line    ri;i\M,l,l.    I 1.1 ll    Mill    |    ,,       ,, . .    ,   ..      "'"" '" ""   	
[HIM Ml   .lllXAHIl'H SilUHEltS !„'"'";  P.e"""'. ,°Z vTra\,l ployment for retun ion.   We fin.
•    f French Army defending Verdun du-1  verj.„.Il(,r(, tllat tncv „„ rcClu7 an
;       MMMKNT    y. u. ,. ,. sinrU Firsl ,,( Scries In  Jtaj th. eriti«l ttajm of tto battle l»   ,,„„„,,„ ns„st the Commission to tl,
'.      •" lleenn.leeiin llMrirl   in 'I',,,',,,,.,,. ^?!"7   ^  M™,''   ""' tl.         ' "< """ »Wllt>''
A down-town rendozvoua lur retnm-
l i'l-ii!1'"-   nnil othera temporarily in
un    jn. bo** or llirt-t* fu
I torts, or mnllerl lu im'
"   tlio city hm l.<-.'ii ononnd up in Toron-
i •  by  tlip  Military  Sorvlco   Dcpart-
mi ii' ' ■' H ■' \   \i i' A    It Ims given n
name llml »ill i trllcr* :i iieciillar note
in il" n tnrni d soldier, tho Red Trl-
angle i l«b, !'• ■■■ lie li i    i ml i' in dir-
i:    In the tralnlUR canti1   of
ami     nni Itospitnla nf
nd. I      htll    in Prance, and the
■   ;*i tli   bIicII [irona hohliul tlto
■ ■■   ei aiitlon   and  you'll   *., ,,.  jn n(,\.c .
ad Bleep once mon. , ...
Hi!   Ih II worth tr)        '      ' "h  '"" ■ "'    ' r°,mor ll",,'I■
i   ■ ith   todtu     i ■"■.,.   in I-,- i n nrnrio
i  i   >"IMm doe   i   ■ ■ nnd homo-like nunrtom
■   ■        "''iii ri     Thore nre amiisi**
-in . a rltinn room . mngnxlnog
.    bllHnnl tahlen, Bhowor baths.
til provided fr"* ot rlmrgo for
i ■   ■    "i' any BOldlors wbo aro room-
1   i'n.' at ti.i* ciuh (ir wIki may drop in.
I Tin' ul'! bar Im mi*.*, a cafeteria served
PHOSt'l'iOfiOI. I'OR MEN.  ?ff'S
V'ii '-..■■! rtrnln, Increjucs "frt-y
i    " I Mm up. 13 it boi.nr
:       ■■.*.     or lev until mi r l[>t
•) HI i, lu., BI. i'Hllmriiit-1,
Eczema Wash
M-- ■ ,'.  Booh ro
D. D   D.
li ...it...!   i,i  uvcre'iinue  all   run*
luivn,    ...ak,    devltalizi'i]    condlllous.
,...,,         ,( bj   Iodic     i  o   ■..   Ihclr time free.
■   ■    i    n trj   ni    *..    ii.   ul,n'' Br'  " nr" BrailnWo i'1 » I'"1'
■ ,i In Hal... '■" ' '"'il »'t*i
'I'l"- response fr the men lias been
' It-I  table will clinnt'o mosl  hearty tin   pasl fow days, nnd
Ird.   Two more trains, Nos,   |,|ans  nro  1 i*  mail"  in  establish
13 and 14, wlll bc put on the run.  This similar Red Trlanetc Clubs In other
will mi     ■        : a   enger trnlns eacli centres in rannrta for tli" benefit nf
wny 'i;:i',"    ii.iiai: tt,. tonrlal Benson, returned soldiers
nboul .Iaa" HOtli in Si.pt. 8th, an inter-	
hotel   ii'aia   will   ran   dally   in   each Thn United 81  :      i   "iniilnK splnn-
dlrecllon Imi    ■    i   Ignry and alaclcr. dldly to the hel   ot tho Entcnto Allien,
The                ; of tiii   train wlll be unit a billion elnllrrs a month Inrnee
bat'aai'" car, fli i i la-    conch, tin'"" will bc made
l.arle.r car   ul I    i observation   tlons:    Brltal.., . 	
,...,.   Tll. ,i. ,„,  .,     amnnnni    ie„   n i   „ ,K.   inllaniatlnii  eif the limes.    A ,ii|,i,,-  lioarlnn anil determining any nr nil
i.ill.'l  i<>  i.ll-iiilll,       -inn ||,in.altn     iii,,]     |(u... a,     uiii     ll.il>. , |     ., .       ,.        ri.lnnl nn    nr    nnv
,,...„ .„ I mutlBt  Is .'rodlteel will, till' slat,. „i   '^Ju^   „!,';„„""„„'  if,"  ?0gl«tor  of
that   Hlsslne's  crimes  li led  blm,  vnlw| ,.„, [|l0 sn|(| ,itBtrjct
especially the murder-of MIbb favcll,      Datotl at   t'rnnbroolt, ll.  ''.  April
'"Wi   are  enclosing  copy  uf  aa
article ivhich appeared in tlie' nf
il:.. Instant  dealing   witli  the
worli ilmi" in tl"- interests nf returned
soldiers hy the Provinclnl orgnnlza-
Great Britain has extended hor'dan-1 tlon, We hope lee send ynu similar
Bcrnus area' und warned all shipping articles trom time tn time.
nf this fact. Tli" now nroc stretcboa "'As ii Is mosl desirable that tho
out In inure thnn double' the eiz" of ..iilili" In gene i-.il- anil nur relumed
Hip main field previously laid hit .lm-   loldlers  in   particular, should lmow*
land, Germany's harbor entrances and   of il Torts being made to provide
the riutch comet. for tl." woltare nf tlm men who I'einm
i,.nii,. from fighting Urn battles nt
A declaration nt war :,ain*t Ger- ,]„. Empire, we should I." clad If you
many ley China Is expected within a wrfuld endeavor tn have those arih'li's
fortnight. The' special commission inr |,., produced as far as possible In ynur
Intcrnatlonnl affairs designated by tho |{)rn] papers.'
government lias ndvlscd that fi Ina "Employers eif laleenir liave been
enter the war. Tlie quost'on will rn written to frum time In tini" and
before Pcrliament shortly.. asked in Bupporl  in  every way Un*
k nf Hi" commlsBlnn in finding e*in-
hlef of staff nt llie War Minis!"
lie Is slxly-eni" years nf nge, bul Inoi
lilie a man nf fifty.
CIIANIIHOOIt    Illl! Ull    llEt.fllAX
11K1.1RF   I'l'NIi
Russian torpedo-boats in th" Hla. I, ,
Sea have been very active, bombnrd-   * 'Knowledge receipt ot tl.e follow-
Ing several  positions  in  tli- reg  m» donations,
..r Sninanrn. nlnl ■  enemy  vo eeelB,      "■• ''  ' , ,"'"' JJ-™
destroying  nrmy   supply   .I-,'....   on      Previously acknowletlged .18.70
shore, ami  capturli    large  giain     Tolnl  "  *'"','
Send   donntlona   tn "Tlm Editor", .
rranbrnnl; Herald; ncknowledgen I
laden ship.
Tli" Oormnnfl have again been bIioII- "'111 In made through those columns.
ing Rholms Cathedral with the .vi- 	
dont Intention eef dentroylng Hi" nn- ujjp   ,-.- f.-.-nuiP  ICTTCR
olont nnd beautiful otllflce,  Thonortb i"'"" till 11 UK 0 LL 11 Cn
een tower I   now at a ilnngornu  angle To Klin-Down, Ncrvoi'a Womon
anil inny oollnpso ol nny moment,  The       ' "ileeville,   l\,i      I   wu.   rvoui
vault   ■.. aopl   „,■"   Irrei  «* '   ■""' '"' ;' '"•uli. riiii-dmvn ron*
illl".1.    'mil   a   iii.a.I   luddll   iii"  I"  lev
'I aeotl by heavy slmlK i„.      , ,,,,1 .„ ,,< „ „..„|, i i,,,,,.
gained ia lieal ml -1 ]. i.u'H.     1 lliink
A Swiss newspnpor allogo  that Ger     \ 1 Is the best mrdldm In tlu world
inui'" |s closing her frontier ei In     .! 'or u nervous, uvnli, rundown system
BlipprcsalnE newspapers bee tan ""'[^'ZsZili'^t'   ""'        ''
epidemic  nt typhus  now  raging   in       \ inoi','which cuntaina beet ami  1
many bhe Industrial centres, tbo ill      liver   pepti -,   ii"ti   mnl   inatigauese
oaso bolng attributed lo malnulrltl ■■ pj'I'1 n«ti*«,     nml     glyceroiehoiplmtes,
In  ninny German  clttos  whole
Unas are hiolntod hy th- malady.
Constance  It is tloclared Hint overy ,.'r"".l,r'»'k„ "'}'* * .^":l!._!'l!l.^!!';
brook, I'., i'., also al lhe best druggists
slreet Is guarded, mid this I* eh is   ,„ .,„ Ilr]Msl, ro|,imWn towns.
an example nf tho sirbt wntel, kepi 	
In other Gorman cities. CltAMlllllOK    KI.Kt "I'dlHI.
tlon. Von Hissing, (lorm:,,, 'Govomor
-General' of rtolgiuiii, e'Xee'i'iit"il  for
his fuel crimes iik'alnst Hi" people ot      N'oti™ '" hereby Riven tliat I shall.
'I ' tnr. »nd also as t, xeen-  ™ *'0«'i1/S.t,1?„yreto,r«tn.hte
following iirniiur-ilil""'1' of ""' Engllsli nurse'. I- I, Cov- oovcrnmenl ortlco at Crnnbrook, hold
(„ .' Frlinoe, | oil, dlotl on April 18th ln Brussels from  a Courl ol Rovlslon for i lie purpns" eif |
ngers 11 -iiiK ll" s'i.'iii.enieii
lop ■ i en ite.ii car will am, thorofnre .,, Wush
bo  annoyed   by  clndcri     '.\'.>  extra   fnvorable
The   Ki
rhorgo i    mail" li.r   .. nl    ia llii    cor    Mill's  will
Oolden Btnr, . battle fronl
aline n very
! im doubt the
'  also al   the
ami tllat ll lllll met Sleep,   lie elai
ml 'Berlin was responsible'  thai
lhe Knlsor.
28th, IU 17.
N   A. Wallinger,
Registrar "f Vntors.       IS Rt.
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in Printing
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is accentuated when there Is h
knowledge of full perfection.
Sucli pride is natural to the
owner of one of our DIAMONDS
There is full assurance thut tlie
gem te perfect In shape, color
and cutting—perfect in **v* ry
Ami thero Is an added gratification; the fail Uml the DIAMOND cannot deteriorate, imt
will Increase in vain.* as lime
goes on,
When   considering   Diamonds
W. H. Wilson
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Apt, Yi* r- Doran, Crnnbroei Exchange
Kilby frames pictures.
Saddlery for gloves aud mlttB.   We
buy right and soil right.
.Mi  J Oordon Sutherland oi Wlnni i IRG1 E8 Vi t um. tti   ■..
peg, Inspector of Transportation tor ROUTI FOH 1'ltOl'OKl.li
the Western Division ol the C. P. It..' IIHiHti U
arrived in tho city Friday via the K. C, -	
El. and after conferring with the local      H.  Utyiont, now	
officials  proceeded  to  the Coast on  ton wbpfrc he ho
I lugs,   who  is   well   kn
  Rossland old-timers. In n letlei
Owlns to continued 111 health 1 will > Creston   Review   r
| sell my undertaking business oul right   I*08*?**' transcontim nu
Mr. J. D. Brownell of Portland. Ore., I or sepuralel)'.   Thu is not ■■ cut rate   "P :; strong argument
was a visitor in the city yesterday.       I proposition as I do nut Intend to renew I Rossiand-Creston   roi ■■     *
""" i rny stock.   There is no set price on !'-ayp*
Safety  Deposit   Vault  at  Beale it! anything I have.   Goods are new and      "A dlscusslou ou  the
Elwell's, ; some of them have not teen unpacked,; ontal highway Is now un I
—— No reasonable offer refused. the Provincial loglslatun
Mr and Mrs. W. G. Turpiii of Spokane are visiting friends in the eity
this woek.
ft' R. Beattie, Undertake
m -j-..
The following have enlisted in the
Independent Forestry Battalion which
District Chief Constable Welsby of  -s at present recruiting iu  thia dls-
Fernle was in the eity last Friday and   •ri<,t:   Shaw   KrlKKs.   Frank   Salcke,
Saturday on official business . Peter GublndMle. a   Kimzfo. T. Tom-
. knm, Andrew  Brady,  M. Kmltre, J. |'
We are carrying n Mil Une of boots Ryan' D   Sneddon, P   Chrystal.   B
tntl   shoes.— t'ranbrook    Bichange,   MeDougall, P,   Bujant,   W, I-owl    3.
\rnistrong Avo, j Young, P, Sauvllle, .1  Brown, .1  Mor*
  an,   P.   McGlnness,   B,   Peevor,    it
We nell rubber heels mens and | Carson. C, Ferguson, M McClure*,
womeiis, all sizes. Cranbrook Sudd-, Roche, It. Lon dull, N. Newman, r
lory Co, i I,em button,   C,   Coughstone,   M,   Mc-
  i Uughltn, J, Blogg. N. Ltpscome,  C
Mrs. Ali.li Wllmot and sons, of Jaf-'' Munn. Paul Cms.*.
fray, spent a few days in  town last | ■	
week. ;    Tlio   Ladteo   Aid   Society   of   Knox
■—— Presbyterian Church, entertained Mrs.
Mrs. A. B. Macdonald returned ou G,  !'. Tisdale on  Monday afternoon,
Wednesday from Victoria where che | April 30th, In tho Sunday School room
has been visiting her parents. prior to her leaving for Granum, Alta.
■ ■ Mrs. Tit-dale has been a worker ia
Judgo and Mrs. 0. H, Thompson und , the Society for many years and it was
children returned from Seattle on Prl- only fitting that she should receive
duy, j this recognition of her servicer..
The room was carpeted and taste*
Don't forget the Belgian Tag Day on
Ifith May. This is our first Belgian
day.   Save for it!
Mr. Charles Allen a prominent lumberman of Grand Forks, B. C. was a
visitor In the city the latter part of
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. F, L. Adolph and Miss
F. W. Adolph of Baynes l^ake were 1n
the city last Saturday and Sunday the
guests of Mr. and Mra. W. H. Wilson.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
\rm strong Ave.
Mr. A. K. Leitch, Manager of the
East Kootenay Lumber Co., at Jaffray,
and Mrs. Leitch were shopping in the
city last Saturday.
Mr. Axel Skovgaard. the eminent
violinist and Mrs. Skovgaard of Copenhagen, Denmark, were guests at the
Cranbrook Hotel last Thursday.
The Cranbrook Golf Club will open
their season on Saturday. The course
Is in excellent condition and a large
turn nut of members is anticipated.
The Maple Leaf Rebekah I<odge No.
19 will hold a patriotic whist drive iu
the Oddfellows Hall on Wednesday.?;!
at S.30 (sharp).   Everybody welcome.
fully decorated with  flowers for lhe
Mrs. McPhorson sang several plona-
Ing selections, ln the guessing contest Mrs. T. It, Brown vou the prize.
During the afternoon nn adJvcss eulogizing on the faithful work of Mrs.
Tisdale and nlso regretting her departure wns read by Mrs. Burney and
a set cf Coffee spoon.-. \\;>s presented
by Mrs. McKachern to which Mrs.
Tisdale suitably replied, Good wishes
were expressed by all fo- Mrs. Tisdale
in her new heme.
THK     WOMAN    *«SI..U KM.."
It  pains  me  when   I'm   silting  in  a
tram or in a train
To see the women look ;it me and
And   nudge  each   other   gently,  nnd
then look at me again;
I know jusl what they say, though
I can't bear.
They're whlsp'rlng to each other what
a shame It is a strong.
Big,    able-bodied    chop    like    me
should be
! A-shirking of my duty, and n-hnng-
ing bark so long.
When    there's   room    oul    at   tlie
Front for snch as me.
It makes me wonder if their boy is
old . nough to no.
■   ■ ■■■ ;    (There's many, who talk big, that
Mr. J. il. Wilson representing thej       have no son.)
Shlnn Wholesale Fruit Co., of Spokane How easy 'tis for such ..s they their
was in the eity this week in serious -        loyalty to show.
consultation with the local fruit mer*;     And say that every Ind should -Let
chants, n gun.
Mr   Harry Thomas of Calgary. Fire I Tho>' sit and look :'t C»*W '*k'' >™-1 |"h ,   ,.,,,,
Insurance Adjuster, arrived in the city !       an,i tWnh •■•''>''» shirkers all;       | ^ *        N>|
Tuesday in connection  with the ad-!    If  'tWMn'l   lultc    mi  sad    I'd  be1
justment of a  claim in  reference to!       .eii.n-.,!
the flre on P. Matheson's ranch
mill'- t!i ■ i.i ■ t
between  Rossland and
otln r points not yei link
to  enable  engineer    I
and plana of tlu- : roi
"Tlie highway betwi
Rossland. if bulll   i
ill he of Brent lm]
tmi valley ami it*-  I
Two routes are und. i
nn.- i- from H"   I
a northerly dlrei tlon i
Km.i. nay lake, tlu
Sirdar iiml Cre toi
i-. rrom Rossland running h u
east ami followlni;  tl •■   dd  D w h   ■
trail in Cr' ston      VftPl
question for elghl  >•   i     I    uve tin
following   comparison    tu   inn
tween thc two routes
"First   The rottti   rrom   Ito
way  nf  Nelson   i-   appri xlni   n
miles off the main ron I. and twh
necessary distance the trunl   road i  -
quires in order to be hulld, nnd will
be both slow and luconvi uleut rn ,■ i
"Second-  The route from Rot dai il
running due east to Cre ton, and h *
ing one-half tlu* distnnce, hn i  :»ai ,
oilier    advantages ovor  thc    Nels >n
route    It will oiien  up ncw  fields of
industry.    It will puss through largi
tracts   of   timber   country,   minei
lauds and farming rout
a  continuous  highway
will eliminate the grenl immediate n
cessiiy of building a   road over I
same ground io top the ri ■ ■
the unlimited wealth now deni
transportation nnd open way oul I'
thoso who hav,  already b|mmiI lum
reils of thousands of dollar    in    i!
mining Industry adjncenl in this rout
besides connecting two largi  areas
bench lands on eacli side nf lhe Ko.
enay Hats, with a raised high wai
level road built in the form or a dy!
similar to the one na the boundary I
between British Columbia ami  Idul
which is not more than a fow feel wi
which lias withstood the flood w.itt
of the Kootenny  tints since its co:
structlon over IE years ago.   The pi
pos-t'd road could he much wider, wi
viaducts built where necessary to •
low pnusage of tiie overflow waters:
tho Kootenny flats and n hridgi  built   «
over the Kootenay River, will make  in
this a    permanent    cennm rclnl  nud   ,;il
tourist route, which can be lapped by   wa
branch Hues to places tributary.    By   ■ ■■
placing the main trunk road on tills   •*'••
short and practicable route would nn-   ■-'■■■
swer tin* requirements of the grontes!   \ i
number of people more officii ntly than   «'•'
a line built by way of Nelson, w Hie
would  have little or i
value to any place otltl
"Nelson  people wnt:i
verted from its main
| through   Southern   il "i
By the simple operation of pulling out tlio
seat and lowering tho back, you huve a 1 It,
x 6 ft, B»m| of strong angle steel, finish™] in
oxidized copper, with the celebrated Vlasku
twin wire link spring attached l<> each end
of the frame by seventy evenly tempered
helical springs; verj'comfortable to sleei	
Makes a most desirable extra Ii.-ii for ihe
home. Size of scat, '2. it. 0 in*. \ | ft. 0 ins.
Size uf hed, I ft. 0 ins, \ 6 It. o ins. Weight
120 lbs.
Ash your dealer for it, or writs)
ut for the iiatne oj nearest agent
The Alaska B.C. Bedding
Makers of Bedsteads and Budding
\ ancouver
a handsome, easy, upholstered
settee which will Jit in anv room
Is a compact, handsome piece of furniture, tho ends ar.* solid <iak. turned finish;
the mattress is made of soft fluffy cotton,
nndcnri red with tlie best quality denim,
closel) tufted. The bade cau be lowered
t" three difierenl angles, ensuring the
same luxury and «*a-.' nf the highest price
Tlie but looking and motl comforubla
»teelcoui hon thfl market. A*kyour dealer.
n will
i md
mid connect Croston with thou-
ft' acres of lands suitable fnr
! forming, situated In llie ravines
■ wesl side of the Kootenny flats
it' tiHBisl lumbering nnd man*
iring, farming ar
[mis of bmdnesH i.i the Creston
ici. This trade all belongs tn
mi when transportation facilities
direi i trunk line with Ymir. Trail
; nd, and  through to tho Coast
olor tourists and others, who will
make Creston n prominent poinl
nize our hotels, our fnrmorj und
limits, whereas the Nelson route
ee tin- motorists und others fit
i Nelson und uftor a joy ride on
aves of the Kootenay lake, they
.weep past Creston without csk-
ie name of tho pli.ee, slmllni to
wiio travel through on the rail-
Tui-   trunk road when built In
■tt line from Creston to Rossland
benefit Creston  people In many
Industry will bring population.
aperotia community depends upon
h ntly than   tt'*10 ,'"- people are and what judgment
ion, wlih li   -hey use.    Creston hu.s the resources
ommerclal   tbnl   will  uiake thousands of people
0f \, !•, i    prosperous.   I would suggest thnt the
■  rond dl-  citizens  of this  valley communicate
y].\ conrac   their approval of a direct route of the
Columbia   proposed highway through Creston to
m ft f w% wnsf*-
TMREE Flavours
Get a package of the new "JuicyFruit"-
See  what   a   joyous,   lasting
flavour   has   been  crowded
in  to give  you  a great, BIG
Specials for
this Week
Fresh Killed Local
i.It I  I S l llllll
City Meat Market
tv. ii. in,Ark, Mgr.
.'   nouns   IVBBT   OB   inn
I'lltisi'liTiill OPBICB
PHONG 'in:
The'y  lecvpr  cue's*  Ileal Ir.ls  nt men
lik,* nif have h«*nnl the call,
Mr. Tle.es. A   Parker of Nelson, In-     M:1V|' answered more than once,
inoctor .ef Keeo.is. Weights anil Meas*;       1,n'1 bo<111 r.-rt,soit.
in the' ,'tty (lets week tee se*t*
Now. hero's n Utile' question  I  would
that tho regulations of the fure Pood i       „k, „n .„„„.„,. ,„
Uwsnre eetrlctly adhered lo.
eu the bk
long li'" ■
lines that the C. P. It. Is und has
doing, wherons i.i the interesl
every other pie''"- In Briti h Colin
the  hlghwny  should   bc  coostru
dand  ley  way of Summit e'ree-ii.
Dewdney Military Trail."
crytlilng they
Mr.   Ales   I   l>eiv
Schools, arrived in the eity Thursday
and Bfter his usual Inspection of lhe*
various schools of tin* district returned io hi-, lionie n Nelson on Tueaday, j
Are ihey all doing
!: '       "'   Are there nny   women   shirkers  wh
as yet have failed In do
What they ought Io do to help th
men who fight'.'
Pedigree Strawberry
Hardy northern grown stork
of tlu< following uirh'ties:
Senator, Ihiuhip, Parsons Hen-
u(y, Glen Mary, GunuYll and
Mugimn, One hundred plants
postpaid for $l.r>0; one thous.
and plants f.o.b. here %1M»
1 ii-k-rmit bashes, Fay I'mllfle
(red) and lllaek Naples htrge
two year oltl plants if.!.•">« per
t\tt/.„ pestptild, or #7.75 prr
hundred f.u.h. here. Hlseotint
of Ih per rent, fur rash hi full
with order,
Monrad Wigen, Wynndel, B. C
I see them nt the pictures, and 1 sec
The annual  meeting of tho ditch        them at the play;
holders on the Horie Hlock (3912) and      I see them strolling round the city
others Interested, Will be held on Sat-;    blocks;
urday, Mny ISth »t 2 p.m. nt the re. I* 11 see them playing tennis und such
dence of A. It. Smith    (Signed) A B games, most every day,
Smith, Secretary of Committee. Bul there's lots of them l don't see
  knitting Micks
Mr. Charlie Girling ol the Bank of
Commerce staff, returned on Sunduy
aftor upending Ills vacation nt his
home in New Denver, but left again on
Tuesd: >■ for Ooston wliere ho Is rail viiic  M  the  BrilOCh  there
j I know thero's many thousands who
nre working nlghl nnd day.
Ami they euro a soldier's blesolng,
every one,
' But some others, well, they're shirkers in tlieeir own  peculiar wny;
They  haven't  oven   tried,  us  we
liave done.
Mr. V. W, Gaston of Tacoraa, Wash..
Inspector  for  the   Scottish   Union  &
N'ntlona]  Inauranco Co.,  wns in thoI So 1 think beforo (boy talk about the
city  Friday  and  Saturday conferring men thut stay behind.
with the local agents, Messrs. Benlo ft I   Thoy inlnht guess there i- a ron-
BIWOll gon that Is sn,
■-■ — iAnd (hose who'ro doing nothing, If
Mrs  J   H,   Hoyle ami daughter, Miss i they look around   Will  find
Augusta Doyle nf Creston, who were I    Many wnys to help the chap that's
■""' """ fit to gn.
Visiting at the homo nf Mr. and Mrs,
T. H. Armstrong left on Monday for
Nelson where they will reside In
Mr. John Miller, accountant of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, returned
to the city on Saturday from Vancouver where he has been for the past
four weeks visiting friends and re*
Mr. C. It. Gordon of Vancouver. Inspector Machinery fnr mills and Factories arrived In the eity Wednesday
on a tour nf inspection and wlll visit
In his official capacity the various
mills and factories of the district.
Mr. R. J. patch of the Circulation
Dopartmont of the Nelson Dully News
Is In the eity this week drumming up
business for the brightest, ncwilost
and sernpplrftt llttlo dally paper In
From an Australian Bxchang*
in ii miAi'ii.
Here lies P  pnnr  wom;i:i  who nlways
was tired;
Who lived In a house where help was
not hired;
Her last words nn earth were: "Dear
friends, -I am gninn
Wliere washing ain't dnne. nnr sweep.
hiff. not sowing;
Hut everything there no exact to my
wish Is,
For  where they dnn't  eat there's no
washing of dishes,
I'll he where loud  nnthoniB  furever
are ringing,
But, having nn voice.  I'll  got elear
of the singing,
Don't weep for me now   don't  weep
for me never
I'm golirg to do nothing for ever nnd
Corbln School.
jY        SEALED   TENDERS,   superscribed
"Tender for Corbln School," will  1.
•al     receivi •! by tho Honorable tb   M *■
i .    of P iblic Works up to 1- o'cln- i; noon
ig   of Tuesday, thc 22nd day of May. 1D17,
for the erection and completion of a
"   largo on -.ocm school-house at Coibin,
In thc Ftrnle Electoral District.
in      Plans,  flieel f I cation s, contract, and
Sffi    5 cent package of refreshment!
Sealed Tight—
Kept Right!
and Independent of b.«rge   and
tliat   are  most   Inconvenlenl   to
(ravelling public, and that cour
on a line due e:ist and weBt bei
Creston and Hossland.
"Ii   should  bo  understood  tin
case the road connecting Croston with   fl ''' Jenilel m:'>' bp «°n on li;"J
V      i e     :i*: '■    J■"' day .it .May, nn,. a* th*'
tho summit country to the we t Is nol   o| , K n, W;1,_ GoV( pnmen( AgQn,
built   then   Nelson   can   retain   theii    pern| , x. A. Walllngor, Govcituuent
ng thi nt::' , Cranbrook; a. Spencer, Secre-
I our tin. :.   I  '"■ •"' Scl.col Bcurd, Corblr.; and the
i ; ! of Public Works, Vlct'irlo.
'n . Hon u- tbe undi --i * .od,
tor   mi y t btain a copy oi Hie
trade and continue
inn Industry praetl
which rightly belongs to the ■
houses  and  farmers  of  the  Cre ton
Valley. I speelfltatlons for"-.he sun
"Nelson people and Iheir pympnl -   ,'1' "'ll dollars ill"), which will b<
funded on their return In good ordci
i;   .   iropi sul musl be accompi nle>
Chew  it  after   evety  meal!
ht-r* ite the diveralon ot this hiBhwiiy
se-e'in in lmvo ii Chine bo droani nvi r
tin* Impossibility nf ennlnoorltiK ;i ronil
nvr tin- liicli and snott bour.,
tains he'tivi'e'ti Crm'ton and Ito   laml
while' history tells ut thai Iho Di »'el
tie'v Military H"iee! - rved yi ar
liniienis truffle' and al o mlnlt
piles find Its way over I ■
liiins  ovor   slnco  Iho   toundatl ' uieun lho oxociitii tth
Nelson wns first lui-i
"At iho worst thcro 1- onl)
Dyanaotoi hank cheque on a cnar-   i      |||CT     ADDIl/cn   I
lorod hunk of Canada, mado payable to   J     JUo I     AnnlVtalj   ! !
nrablc  the Minister eef Publli    J i
I   A Large Shipment oi Ladies' Misses' tk Gents' !
!■ a* a tiuil. 11,0(1 ii box,   :' for ^l.'.'.'t.   :i i,,r .l..',u {
fur ei sum equal to 20 per
■■■■., r, which shall h.  forfeited If
■;   ii ndcrlng decline to enter
■ tracl when called upon tn .1,. I i
.. rail "i coniplolo lhe work i J
mirai tod fnr.   The cheques of un-, ,
ful tenderers wlll h" returned   t
IU mill's mi tin' Summll   ■' here ilii
i> - mnl,. nut mi iii,. forms
Ith tin ,n nml slgnaturo of Iiu
mow may lay longer than lowoi  I md onclo   d In the cnvolopi
hioh can I"' ovi rcome by tunnolln -
or building  snov      i Is, and nest ot any tender i ioci
would be nnlv a frnctl it   Df I '"\ ,, FOri|jMAN
ponso nf the dally co I i ad Inonnvei Public Work, Engine r
lanco ot maintaining a wator r Works Department,
Kootenay lake flotorla, B v.. April "6th, 11)17.
"Tills mad would conm it tho largi _   .__
rea ot bench li s on thc c e well known physicians In 1 -
of iho Kootenay flati   approxlm tolj ,, .,   aJ t.,,,,,1,,,,.,.. are becoming moro
lo.fin ires of tlio tlnosl land In Cr.  ■ viv ;. allll  UgM „r ,tePi and  in
lon Dlstrlcl een the wesl sldi   ot tl i „....,.,.,,   „„„.,, i.r-^iti,,*,-. as the rcstill
Kootenny finis    li would brlns Wi I ,„■ ,,,,. f,„„i restrictions.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
in' I 'lunula.  I.lnilti'il
uiii".. sin, itini* ami Rejfjnini Dtptrtmrat
s m i: II i: IIS   IN I)   K E KIN Kits
Eestored To Health By Vinol
Shollivvill,', Ind.—"I nm a clerk iei a
hotel stiil vas all run down, no energy,
my Itluied evaa poor ami een fan* covered
with pimples. I gol sn weak I had to
put up nn awful nghi '" 'i'":1 a' work.
Aftor tskiuir eieneey eillii'r rel it*s v Ith-
out hi'iii'lit, Vimel has l, stnr.il mi hraltll
•nd strirngtb."— Ruv !•'. Hilne.
Kor all runilneni. weak, nervous
conditions, nothing "|inil» Vlnol, whirl]
Is s combiiistimi of tin-  *l  su v
ful tonii's known.   Try n on our guar.
ft   * ~*#> -
■ iea6fe.ii
i!,,- Agent nr Sub-Agent ot tin1 elis-. riul.t- ar,- nol being operated such re-
trtct in which tin' rights applied tor turns should be furnished at least once
ur'' situated. ' a year,
In surveyed territory the land must The le-ase will Include' tho coal minim described ley sections, of Icsal sub-; lng riulits only, but the leate may be
divisions of sections, and In unsuryey- permitted to purchase whatever avail-
r." !?I!'.i",'ry.'1'.',..t.r,a':l aPPlietJ.'or shall ,,M,. mTtMe rights may be considered
lie' mlno
Conl mining rights of tho Domin-  be staked out by the applicant himself,  necessary tor the working of Ol
on, in  Mnnltoba, Saskatchewan  and      tach application  must be accom- at ih,- rmo of *1000 an aero.
Alberta,   tlie   Viilinn   TiTritiiry.
panled by a tee of %:, which wlll be
rofnndod if tho rights tippled fnr
Fnr    full   informa'ioii    application
rth-West Territories and in a por- not nvatlablo, but nokotberwi'se    A *!'"ii!,i i"* mada to the Secretary  of
tlon of the Province of British Colum-  royalty shall bo paid nn the morch- the Department of  the   interior,   Oi-
hin. may  bo  loascd  fnr a  term ol antable output of the mine at tho rate tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
,                                           ,         ,  nl five cents ner ton "f Iinmlnloii Lands
twenty-one years at an annua  renta      .,               '         ,      ,      ,      ,  ,, u   tu   pnnmv
„^.                                                             , .,                     ..              .,       „..„       Hi" Iiit-i.ii iipi-riiliiig llie mine shall ». W.  (OtlH,
******                  .  „   ,   ,.     ,.        of 11 an acre.   No more thnn 2,6001 furnlBli the Agent wltll sworn roturni Doputy Minister of the Interior,
i,'rn"v""',,.'>1.*  !.ri«M „. ii„'."i',;.si lirrn'riMiM Mm wMI b0 ,mMi t00'" ■M"1**""- accounting  fnr tho full , ntlty ol N  ti   Unauthorised publication  of
brook. II. O..»l«o."'V,,,, , .„„»           i    APPllentlon  fnr a  lease  must  be merchantable coal i id and psy the this advertisement will not be paid
lu all Hritlnii I omnium lawns.           | „,  hj   applicant ,„ parson to I royalty thoi i.   It ihe neal mining for   :ior,»o PA CI HI FOUR
Barristers, Kit1.
IV. K. (lord (i. J. Spreull
( BANltltOOK, B. f.
lilt. V. B. MILES
Office In Honsou Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
HaternK) »,i.l tieneral Nursing
Qardeo Ave.
To, ma on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone -nil
[*. O. Box 846
tliII and Mining Engineers
11. ('. I.ami Surveyors
cltA.NBHOOK, B. C.
Day I'lione 288, Night Plume 89
.Viirliury Ave, noxt to City Hall
'1 cher ol Pianoforte
Crnnhrook, II. ('. Box 889
Montana Restaurant
Minis ul All Hours
Hilars, riiriiri'tloH nnd lund)
Opposite tlio Bunk of Commerce
if vou want satisfaction
with vour washine
send tt to
Snecial nrices for familv
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and Oreenhill Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Distrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Drilling and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Pbone 03
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. 0. Box 108 Phono 244
Tlii' Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
nn: home hakerv
llniil. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Dread, Cakes, Pies
mnl Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Avo.       Opp   City Hall
Spokane, Washington
Tills house has Lho
happy distinction of Peine; tlie favorite stopping placo In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia Wo appreciate
this patronago and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Ib excellent —
elose to Croat Northern Station
and 0. W. R. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walli from tlie principal bustncsH
houses ond places of amusement.
Hue SfeiuiiHliln on Roof
JVeivs of the Surrounding District
stmi of Feme
Hi-. Green & MacKinnon
Physicians und Surgeons
Qfflce  at  residence,  Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 :o   4.00
Eveulngs 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
with Mrs. s. Jeffory.
II. Barr nf Wasa lias been vory busy I obtained ol
tlie last low days gettlnig the ladles eif , Colnniissinl
Wasa  on  the  voters  list.
P. Vallancourt of Wasa has purchased a now Ford intending to run
a Jitney between Wasa and Cranbrook.
Mr. Curl Wester left Sunday week
for Vancouver wliere he will tako up
his work in the future'.
Mrs. Juilii ot Wasa left here Friday
on tho K. C, R. for Calgary to visit her
Miss Johnson of Calgary has been
year old gave 21  pounds
an 8-year-old gave 390 pi
eiw testing may 1
tlw guest of he
fnr tin* past fo
tn her home In
stnr. Mrs. I
I III I lelM.   I I'  IMIIMlllMl,  Villi.II
1  herd in Ontarl
n lasi year gave
an average yield nf
7.nm pounds nf
milk, IM  1,-1 ami 261
e pounds of fnt.
Tin. Individual tests
varied from :'■"
In 4.3 per cenl ot fn
l  as an average
for Hi   i ill lactation i
icrloil.   Oui' cow
gave 10.420 pounds i
it milk, another
7 years old, gave mil
y 0,200 pound*:
think nf It, four thousi
mil pounds lo"-!
One damn ot elghtoei
i summers gave
270 imiiiiiis ot tat, nni
1 a two year old
gave 2iiT pounds.
Tho highest yield
m   I.u   was  337
pounds ni' fat from a
7-yonr-old, an-
other 7-year-old gave
only 205 pounds
nr fal.     If  tllOSO  tun
cows wore fed
grain  in   proportion
In   yield   nf   fill.
Tim Bros. Junes of the Selkirk Mine
loft on Tuesday fur Lardo, It. C, when
they will iu future rosiili'.
.Mrs. E, Bidder who was aii Inmate
at tlio Si. Eugene Ho'spltnl fnr the
last two montlis. returned homo mi
.Mr. Dove, Inspector eef Schools, paid
a visit tn iho local school nn Friday.
Mrs. Coo. Shlpman was a visitor in
Cranbrook this week.
II. Parsons, foreman of the wroi I,
lug crew  at tho S Iter hore hail a
hurrlod rail to ItoBsland mi Friday,
his wife lining taken seriously ill
.1 w. aiftord, Manager nf tlm Sol-
Kirk Mining. Co., returned mi Tuesdnj
from Spokane where ho has been on
official business.
Tlm young ladles nf Mnrysvlllu are
glvlngn ilai i lho Falls view Hotel
mi Saturday nlgllt for Un' Rolglau Re-
Hot Fund, a largo crowd is expected
as imil nliir nf tickets have I n
sold at Klmborloy, Sullivan Mine, Wycliffe, Crnnbrook otc. Tickets am si
for gents, ladles I'l-oo; a Ian slipper
will In* served at midnight. Music win
lie furnished ley Deo. James' six piece
orchestra, a good time is assiin-ii
Kastiifi' Into long pants.
Frank Letcher i.r tlm Siiuaro Doal
ranch, Roosville Valley, drove tlireeiigh
in Fernie Uiis woek.
At a mooting of Mm Queen-bees the
nl Imi' day a  Waldo lady asked "How
: nm 1 mako bread rise"  I Mrs. .Iim
Thistlebeak said "good gracious Mabel
its higl 11111*11 now in all conscience.
.1. A. Frith of Vancouver was in
town this week Willi hats and caps,
■ overalls ami jumpers, side and back
rmnbs for bee-hives ami other kinds
or lawnU'iinis furnishings. Fourteen
yours with tlio same house and never
lost a sample.
Any bipod witli a sartorial adornment enn get u wile but not every
woman who gets such au anlinal gets
J. All
i.r li.'av,
in i and family
Is ill Elko this
tlm   Fernie
nlnl'i'il tu Klko
tlm   pure   air
hail  nlisnlnl
lal. Rlelui
Mountain C
Klko Salnl'il
ampli ' ni' eopre
nu   fisher v.lii
A   Lethbridge
thai "in ■ *v.i
key-hole ni  his
gated wiiii a ■:
, Mm
■i'i' I
tor from Fornlo
,. other dav that
prohibition  125
ThlBtleboak told
OVOIl Um Ki'inii'
llillg  limn.
ger ut Mm SI p
oporties, was iu
mn.. ni Um I'iiiest
rn- taken from u
I imp].
\ ill r
.■icnt    ot
.dura tlio disflgl
:s mid blttckltonds
i.i you nt them.
Mr. Henry Holmes of Shellbrook,
.' i ..i„ writ's: "Thore te nothing
c m I'ljunl Zulu-link us a skin Iiealoi,
! y Inco war, literally covered with
I Imples and blackheads, but the
persistent use of Zam-Buk ha^
c it'rely rid me of tliem, and my
i 'rln te now quite deur and smooth."
/iitn-Itiik i-i C(4-posed I'xclusively
in' herbal extrat-la and vogetabU!
oils, and is 100*-! medicine. That
I-. v:hy It is mi BUCCOBsful In cases
it' chronic skin trouble.
Thero Is nothing can compare
witli Zam-Buk tor eczema, running
sorcH. blood-poisoning", bad legs,
pile**, burns, scalds and cutH. All
r.Oc. box, 3 for 11.2.1.
. Hu
found Iii* v
id a .bi|i li
while she v
A herd of
averaged onl;
pays to find
contrnst!- an*
A ll nt I
mile nr two, Iiml   il
year old-, avoruged
milk and 207 pound
cows within ;i
linl.il five tWO-
780 pounds of
nf  till.    A   tWO-
Win dor moro Lake was freed from
ice last night after having been trozt :i!
over since the eleventh of Novembr, i
Windermere Lake te one of the chief
sources of the headwaters of tin- Coi-
umbia River.   For aa far back as L9U3
nteon cows cioso by | theso dates hold Uu* record, the aver-
~< pounds of f;it.    It nge time within that period for free'.-!
just what Individual   lng ever has been 20th November, and
liidod in averanGfi     'fnr t,,l> doporture of the ice aboul the
b       ; loth of April.  Tho soaaon generally Is I
backward ami the snow fall in  tin j
mountains is said to be fairly heavy, I
If warm weather is delayed for mm ii
longer it will mean excessively liig.i
water for places situated on the lower
lands of tlie upper part of the Columbia Hiver Vallev.
Word lias been received that Herbert
Buckingham of San t-Yansisco, Cnl.,
has joined tin* Engineers Battalion for
overseas service. Mr. Bucklngh: tn is
an Englishman by birth, ami architect
by profesi'.ioi, ami in addition to owning laud in Ibis part was at one lime ;;
resident of Hossland, II. C.
A late list of casualties, reports the
wounding of 1'te. Tims. N. Weir, next
of kin, Scotland. Pte. Weir, while being a native of Scotland, enlisted in
Calgary in March 1910 anil is a brother
of William Weir, accountant of this
Mr. Sam Brewer a very old timer
In the Windermere Mining Division
has just passed liis eightieth birthday.
He lias boon ill the Columbin-Kootenny
valley since the early eighties where
In; has resided wtb bis wife and son.
Mr. Brewer is a veteran of the American Civil Wir. having served in the
(llii Illinois regiment under Captain
not tako
sail, oltl)
' Sillt.
gli llie
fire door. InvoBtl-
tgo full m' peppor
ni homo in dinner
With her eye ban
:; atrui k her in lhe
hopping wood.
ot believe everything you
In* war, but then you enn-
erythlng with a grain of
lest, you raise the price of
by tl
of Fern
and ui
!  Lake,
e, was an Elko
itored down to
Bombuy  Flats
io per word for first week, anil lo por
word for each week after.
IVANTLll Tiiikej eggs or jonng
turkeys.   Apply, Royal Hotel.     10-lt*
Kill! SAM-!- I'resh Milk Cons,
apply W. il. Bardgett. 10-lt'
WASTED- A young girl III er 17 fur
company to young married woman;
will pay small wage'. Apply Herald
Offleie. 19-lt.
I'lAMlKOliTi:  cottage) iu splendid
condition, lino tone, just the thing fur
a beginner; great bargain, $75.—Apply
Kilby, Armstrong Avenue. 10-tf
FOK SAIeK"linlinn" motor cycle,
roasonahlo fur cash. Apply Ilernlil
KOll SAI.K   Small lumber building.
lei x 11 ft., very cheap, $25.   Apply
I.. P. Sullivan. 19-lt*
PIANO- feer sale or rent; mission
oak finish; $2110 cash.—Olll Curiosity
WASTED—l'lauii in good condition,
prico must In; reasonable.   Apply to
lleruld Offlci
dairy eow. Apply lo Edwin Griffiths,
Fernie, II. 0. 17-111.*
Widow billy, with spnre lime, would
bo willing tn go to ladles' homos lo iiu
sowing or mending elthor hy day or
hour. Apply I*. O. llox Mil or 121
Hanson Avenue. Ill-It*
FOK sai.i:
111 III I.HKIN lllll li
lloiulslir;   llii
a mr  with extras cost
$1400; runs i
lm hoi-. .IU foi
■ $000 or would consider
trade for smi
Ul [Ive pm '■ iger i nr. -
It. .1. Binning
WANTED Bj the Independent For-
ostry Company, Revclstokc, a young
man tn run typewriting machjino;
Bhould he nble lo speed up more than
Hie one-finger artlRtB. Apply recruiting offlcer, Sergt Martin, Royal Hotel,
i.wtm:\ i'i:\s for su,r.   imorl.
cun Wonder variety, home grown;
dwarf (12 in it im li high), r.irl.v
varleiy. a good yielding sort, excellent
eating. 1 lb 2Bc; fi Ihs $1.00; m Ib,
ULSO;'  20   lbs.   99-40;    delivered   at
Cranbrook,   Sample al Herald OKIco,
For  sale   by  John   l-nv-'ll,  I'ranhrnnk.
I'o, Grant Lands, Title tn same re-
vented in United States Iiy Act nf Congress dated .lune '.I. Illl'; Two million three hundred thousand acres to
hn opened fnr Homesteads ami Sal<\
Timber and Agricultural Lands containing some nl' tin* besl land left III
United States.    Now is the opportune
time.x Large sectional maps showing
land and description nt' soil, climate,
rainfall, elevation, etc. Postpaid one
dollar. Orant Lands locating fo,
Box   610,   Portland,   Oregon. lfitf.
; Fcnnessey of Cranbrook, autlv
"When  tho mighty locomotive
» slipping un tlie track", was
liis week nn bis way to ('alga
ompany  of   friends   enjoyed
ovi nlng at llie home of Mr. and
,1.  Gorman, Court   Street, tlili
En m
■nteen w
Fernie v
, '2 from
nnd   the
ed  Bib
> Sunday: '2
Ij-.iynes anil
th.*  Ki
'tiie pleasure ground of
lays", where tnnrisls loe.ve the four
'allroads running Into the old historic
nirg for the [asclnatlng sights of lofty
nountnin peaks ami boautlful drlvos.
Licensed iiy Prov, Government
■Jpccial attention given to Nervous nnd Rheumatism cases hy
Vinict Ray Treatment
Hulld up the system and
Hteady tbt* nerves ihrough Electric. Vibration, Internal Kxerdsc
Violet Ray and Ozone, a perfectly natural process,
Patriotic Society list of subscribers
for March.—R, L. T. Galbraith, $5;
C, Muir, $6; R. T. Richardson, $:'.a(i;
H. Kershaw, $2.50; Reg Baker, $:*;
G. Baker, ?1; A. J. Ore/., Jl; .Mrs. F.
G. Cann, 50e;  Miss A. M. Bale, 50c;
The t'ranbrook Board nf Trade
luncheon which took place on Wednesday last at tin* Imperial Hotel, was
well attended and an enjoyable affair.
Tiie dining-room was decorated with
pineapple plants and geraniums, The
luncheon was well prepared and served. Tho.si* from Craubrook were:
J. I'. Fink. l. It. Manning, I., l'. Puloy,
E. II. McPhee, W, A. Nlnbet, C. R,
Ward, P. W. Hurgcss, F. A. Robson,
A. J. Schell, il. K. Beattie, .1. Ryan.
W. W. Kilby, a. 13. Bowley, It. P. Moffat, J. T. Laldlaw, Jno. Martin, F. C,
Seaman.   Jas.   Martin,   .1.   II.   Coates,
J. McCreery, .1. It. M.McCreery, I,. 13,
Toombs, Mr. F. H, Mile::, Dr. A. A.
-MacKinnon. .1. A, Arnold. G. Spreull.
II. IL MacKinnon, E II. Hold, Geo
Hogarth, P. M, MacPherson, P. A.
.1. s. Parker of Skookumchuck was
in  town   last  week.
Oeo, Hakman. Steam Shovel Engineer of ibe K. I'. IL. was in town nn
ike 7th. He reported thai they would
begin work on tlie railroad this week.
Tbe gravol will he hauled from Tor-
.1. 0. Cummlngs, road superintend*
anl, visited Port Steel,, on alio weekend, A culvert Jusl ncrns**- the river
is being rebuilt and the roads being
improved upon.
Mr. A. Doylo is encouraging the
boys in their trapping nf gnphers by
offering 2 pontu fnr overy tall, Quite
a few have boon destroyed by tmppli.*-;
and also hy ibe gopher cartridge.
Visitors in town on ibe week-end
were: .1. E. Gruudv of Spokane, who
lator left ftir tlie Victor Mine. Mouse
Creek; R. E. Rounds, Calgary; W Kay
Wasa; P, Armour mid tlie Mltses
Drummnntl of Cranbrook,
Visitors m Monday were: A. Dove,
Inspector nf Schools. Nelson: flu ler
Staples, Miss M. Itailly. Wycliffe.
B.   S*.   Newhnm.   of   Wardner.   llie1
newly   appoint eu   missloimry   of   tlm
Preshyteran Church there, held morn
ing service here nu Sunday, Uiii.
At tlie woinens suffrage meeting the
other night tin- subject was "What Is
a womaiis opinion of Man" and Mrs.
Flareup jumped up and said she could
answer that subject in two words.,}
"not much," so then the matter of
other peoples business went through
tin* threaahlng machine and over the
straw stacker.
Mr. Joe Hncke;. "Tie original ,!,.,. ,
eei merchant in tl.e crows Nest Pai f
wbo with Harry Johnston who ennci Is '
pottage stamps in the Pernio offl i,
cpened up tbe first store in Pernit-
Old Town, Tin* old orlglnul Crows Nest,
Trading Co, was In Elko and Kootonay Hiver points this last week for
a Vnncouvor House. Joe was ona of
bent base-hall couches In the Pass nt i
thnt time, and the man that put Mill
IContituict] fr,
tlii'lr patriotl!
convincing w
lniRe ono)
in no better or
tlinn ley reulst-
* t
g   1
il t
Ir   Lilt
rid' n
i   nm
nr,'   l
nr mn
■r.l tomp
r cotton
i Broat
1  Hip  i*
•own,  '1
iin of Hue pres-
1 helping, lielp-
le, in fecil tlio
li-s  everywhere
tholr Uborttea
variety ot tlii'lr
tic tho
tile measure ot
i' tholr national
i' H
V in I'n-i
tlio II. S. nnil
■ Bevornl state*
ut,*.   They will
■i ii
lit; 11088)
irlng nn
to assist farm-
I'ltinile forco ol
iim vv
lion ilii'j
till!!'.     1
o most needed,
the means of
expedtntlng shipments of fertilisers
and farm machinery, as well as of ihe
crops themselves when hurvostecl
The courso of trade shall bo as unhampered as it is possible to make it
ami there Bliall be no unwarranted
manipulation of the nation's food supply Iiy ibose who handle It on its way
In lhe consumer. Thi.; is nur opportunity in demonstrate the efficiency
of a great Democracy and wc shall
not fall short of it!
Tliis lei me say to the middle-men
of every iort, whether tbey are handling our fond stuffs or our raw niaicr-
lals of manufacture of tbe products of
onr mills and factories: The ''yes of
tli" country will be especially upon
you. Thi; is yonr opportunity for
signal service, efficient and disinterested. The country expects you, as It
expects all others, to forego unusual
profits, to organize and expcdlato
shipments of supplies of every kind.
imi ospeclnlly of food, with an eye to
tlio service ymi are rendering and in
tin. spirit, of ilinstj wbo enlist in the
rentes, for tlieir people, not for themselves, I shall confidently expect you
in deserve and win tlie confidence nt
people of every ^nrt and station.
To Uie men wiio run the railway-*
of ihe country whether they he man-
agers of operative employees, let me
say that tlie railways are the arlerics
of tin* niitlon'K life and that upon them
rest tlu- Immense responsibility-, of
seeing m ii tliat tlioco arteries suffer
n-* obstruction ef any kind, no Inefficiency or sla ikenod power, To
:!, ■ mi i'i hanl let me sitggo i the motto,
"i mill : raflts and nulck sprvleoj1 and
,.   . h
Imllil'i' lhe thought lhal
fi   nl
e war ile|ieiuls upon hlni.
,. !'
,1 ni-
llie war supplies must he
thr -eas no matter how
are  s,,T,(  t,,  the bottom,
of those  that   bo down
lm el
•   Ul'
i- I'n1
t 11
lied nml supplied at onco.
Iel me aay that he stands
ruler dues',  the work of
,iil mi hllll.    If lie I'llU'k-
riiiiis : ml stntesniiT are
- also is enlisted in the
Army.  Tlie niaiiiiliicliir-
epd to be tolel 1 hope thai
• ti
looks to him to speeil and
:-t ev
process; and 1 want mi
nis employees that their
" i."
olntely indispensable and
ley every man who loves
. CI
y a
I'd Its liberties.
lleesl nlso, Hint everyone
or cultivates a garden
Ips greatly lo solve the
,, feeding of the nations;
1 that
ry housewife who pi'iie-
i It'll
't  1
economy puis herself In
, ri
thoso who serve the mi-
It   ll
the tlmo for America to
unpardonable fault ol
and oxtrnVAgatica.   t,rt 1
every man and every woman assume
the duty of careful, provident use aud
expenditi.re ;,s a public duly, a:; a
dictate of patriotism which no one can
now expect ever to lie excused or forgiven i'or ignoring.
In the hope tlmt Hits statement of
Ibe needs of tho nation ami of the
world in tills hour of supreme crlsln
may stimulate those to whom it conies
and remind nil wiio need reminder of
llie solemn duties of a time such as
the world lias never sccn before, I
beg tluit all editors and publishers
everywhere will give as prominent
publication and as wide circulation as
possible to this appeal. I venture
to suggest, also, to all advertising
agencies thnt they would perhaps render a very substantial and timely service to tiie country If they would give
it widespread repllltlon. And I hope
that clergymen wilt not think tin*!
theme of it an unworthy or Inappropriate subject of comment and homily
f^om tho pulpits.
Tho enpremo test of the nation lias j
come. We must all speak, aet, and]
serve together!
n American Correspondent in
We find today the German Emperor
ut the pinnacle of his power, lusty in
health, save for the shadow of tliat
disease which has cursed ids family
and which at any time may insidiously
creep over him.
Tbe Kaiser has the vitality lo keep
continually active during the war.
Crave, bearing his responsibilities
heavily, rarely brightening except at
the news of a victory, he sternly and
grimly goes through tlie daily routine,
knowing exactly what is going on In
every department of the German war
machine. Intensely religious, calling
upon Got] in his hour of trial mor.1
even than lie called upon Him in peace
the Kaiser is religious today almost to
the point of fanntlcism. One might
almost say Hint bis whole life Is held
together by his belief that God te on
tiie side of Germany in tills war.
Without tliat deep anil sincere religious conviction—It is almost Insanity,
what Dergson called a 'mentnl com-
ulex'—it Rectus incredible that tlu*
Kaiser Could have stood up against tlm
strain, so deeply has he plunged himself into the war, as long as be has
In considering Uie Kaiser today too
much stress cannot he laid upon this
religious side of liis character. If he
were acting, if his ranting about God
were mummery, tlie task of the world
would be easier. Por a hypocrite analyses and compromises quickly. Not
a fanatic. And the Kaiser's belief that
he is a being put on this earth hy God
and annotated by God to rule the German nation, and to lead it to its destiny—which destiny tho writers of
Germany liave often assured us has
no small limbs—this belief of the Kaiser's that God Is the protector of German Kultur. tliis makes bim in this
war tlu* strongest ruler in tin* world.
Kor he will not compromise. Believing as he does that God is with hlm
be will go on righting on and on. put-
ling nll tbe life and treasures of Germany into what lie believes to be the
nu of the Almighty.     He will   fight
n, and he will be able to, because his
cnple love him, despite the appalling
Qcrlflces he has called upon tliem to
make, Impelled by Ills religious liys-
n. be will continue tbe war until he
'ts an end like Hint of the old German gotta, and tlie whole fabric of bis
iiiplrc h ronl asunder, Elthor that
or tlie world fighting him will be as
Christ aud try to end humanity's anguish by overcoming the though I of
'punishment' wiih one of charity. Hut
if ihe world should be merciful the
Kaiser would believe lhat 'our old German God'--privately tagging the Almighty as be so often does—had
brought bim victory. And on the Linden tlie imperial fanfares would sound,
ami from Hie gray stone balcony of the
BCltlOBB oue of 11)080 'wltll God' speeches would stir the Merlin soul. . . .
Yet—yet there would he peace.
A CollOBSUB today is the Kaiser. A
conqueror, lusty and hah?, nut tomorrow, what of that?
Ity his own words the Kaiser stands
condemned. Again and again he hns
claimed direct responsibility for the
countless crimes of Germany, and now
lie must hear his hideous burden,
Here are a few examples:
Only ono Is Master In the Kmpire,
nnd I am tluit one; 1 will tolerate no
I roprrHeiit Monarchy by the grace
or God.
Ynu must nil have one will, nnd
It will pay you to test Giant Stumping Powder
in competition with any other stumping powder.
After using one case of it you will continue to use
it for all of your stumping.   J. 1 -. Eidson writes:
"I have used practically every powder on the
market and timl there is more strength in Giant
Stumping Powder than in any other. Neither 1
nor my men had the least bit of trouble in getting the very hest results,"
will get yonr stumps out cleanest and cheapest
because it is made especially
for blasting stumps in
British Columbia. It is the
pioneer Canadian stumping
powder, made in British
Columbia for 32 years.
Free Book
Send en. ynu, book, "Hnire Parmlte,
olaeel Slucnalni Povdcr." I *ni meer,,
eLir md'ccU wbicb I lino markci ,\
You will want **-££
our free book "*"*«[ ^-
mis ot blasting stumps in this section, lt was
written especially to cover conditions
in lintisli Columbia. You will find
it well worth fending for. Mail the
Anything for Sale?
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quite regardless oe its
nature, can readily he
disposed 0e ami cox-
verted into (ash thru
a "herald" want ad.tiie
"cranbrook hurald" is
east kootexay's awihks-
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will place tiik story oe
your salable goods uk-
Call, Phone or Write
Cranbrook Herald
QinyMtti-Tftnn"Tfti .ny-ji n^ft-  Tfr" ~ift~  Tfii~ I'Q
tlmt is* My will; Uion
ami thnt In My law.
H I nril.-r ymi to
n-lutlvr-H,  bro tli era,
imri'tiis   ynu must  i
is miiy nne In
ilioot down yo
yen,   I'vcn   yn
licy   Mo   wltlii
mnrinnrlnti. (Bpeecli in Potniltim ro-
Tlio oplrlt nf (1ml Iiiih doseomloiJ up-,
nn Mr because I iim (li-mii-ii ISuipor-
01", I nm tin* in; IniMHnl nl' lin* Mosl
I Hr I' 1 nm lib mvnnl. 11 Ih ropri khi-
intivc (ii) earth.   Woo and Doutb tn
tllQBQ Who OppOHQ My will. DoOtll In
tiie infidel who denlOQ -My mission!
Loi nil ttii> cm-mil's nf iiu* Gorman nation perish! (ind ilcmnndH tholr ilo-
Htructlon- t.ody who by My mouth
summons ynu to curry nut Mis decrees.
— Proclamation tn Army, sent, 18,
lflU.)—London Dally Mail.
Your Uver
has Important work to do. Un-
dur favorable conditions it dues
it well. If sluggish, relieve it with
Lrtfier-t Sttf of Any Mcdlcllti in la* WorU,
SoM i-vil vv.lure.    In iHiirl, 2Sc.
sai.i: or ooviiiiNJiKJiT lots hv
I'l lllll   U'CTIOS.
So far ntio neetlvte imiltl-milllonalro
aelvmeato of oonsirlptlon nf moil lens
definitely declared for conscription eef
wealth. Tlie distinction lielmiRs to
R W. Scrlmes of Sail dope, who lens
slsncd tin* demand nf tier American
Committee on War Finance for Hu*
tnking for war purposes of all Incomoa
of over JIOO.OOO n year. Mr. Scrlmis
makes clear that ho does not ask Hint
Ills wealth be treated mnr<* tenderly
than tho lives of othor men. But how
lonely he must feel ninon* his fellow
i Kngsgnlc, 11. C. An auction sale nf
I Government Lots Nees. l, 4, anil 11.
will tie- hold nt Kingsgate nt tlm Klngs-
tgato Hotol ;<i llo'clock n.m. nn ttie
:11st inst. Nn bid under upset price
■ nccopted.
x. A. Walllngor,
Government Agent.
conscrlptionlst millionaires. Requests
! to take a positton similar to tliat of Mr.
, SeTlpps linve been nent by ttie Com-
' mlttee nn Wnr Finance to John 15.
[ Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, and otlier
wealthy mon prominent In urging
drafting eef men. So Tar Ihey havc
given no Intimation that tliey would
have tlieir property treated In the
same way.   Public, New York.


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