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Cranbrook Herald Mar 9, 1911

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Array .**"■ s
A*' ''
f^tfJ  ^g*
We me well equipped to
turn out the best class
In Uio Herald Pays—Try
'lur   I,m*nl   Columns
10c. u line
The Flathead Valley in the Limelight
Joseph Ryan Secures Five Square Mllles of Coal
Land on Option
In ulK,
nml repair
nml  ulim
in iiii,intii    it
.ii 1.       ili>.
pittance and
HlC     IIITlk        il|
V  11103 hi mot
granl for the eonsti
n(  rOil.ll*.  si reel
\es miiini from $,'1,11111
tear (oi Mm- t-Mtiii- I'i
lli<l„a 11 ulv ijillriilim
entirely litRiifllciciil  lol
lhe locality.     Km   tin' i -in    mmi
die npp top rial I uti equals uoai
ly       I wenl) Utiles       (In- old
niggardly suppl,, or in actual hgurcs
fllA.MO. a v, IK     | i wllll which
effective work can he ilnnc nml the
conditions ol the dlatrlcl really ami
permanently Improved.
Km the Kernie district thc appro-
prlatloiis have been eqimllj generous
ami inn- locality where a fair amounl
of those allocations will he spent is
the valley of the Flathead river,
south ol Corhin, a wonderful country
mnl as little known to mosl ol ns
as the, land of llie lion-al pole, ll is a
secluded area, snugly Lucked nway
between Lwo tremendous parallel
ranges of tlir Rockies li is, al
presenl, a hard trip in there over a
had trail and a high pass .Ml necessaries must be packed In on horseback, Hut once over the divide al
ihe head ol the South Fork ol Michel
('reek the aspect of tin* country
changes as completely from whal we
arc accustomed to around t'ranbrook
as ii is possible to imagine The
bottom of the valley Is as level as a
lawn, densely limbered in parts and
watered by numerous si reams of the
most remarkable clearness. It arises from Uie presence ol a deal of
lime in the water. On hoth sides of
thc valley the splintered crags and
peaks, here and there, seem to leap
Into the an so sheer are Uie precipices and toil, faces. Again, on
one side you may have towering cliffs
with gouts ami spouts uf waler descending from the mouths of caverns
away up neat their summits and on
thc other side grassy slopes rising
two nr three thousand feet to n skyline marked hv knurled, stunted,
twisted spruces thnt vou cannot help
pitying up there swept by fearful
storms and bitten hy desperate cold
Ai your feel along the trail are all
manner ol hardy (lowers and occasional!) a recently tormed beaver
dam. There are plenty ol those
sagacious animals along the Flat
head And moose, ton Vou nevei
knew we had moose io neai . did
lu all direetii us are surveyors'
posts and camps where the worft ol
surveying the government wagon
road and the KIailic.nl valley rail
road was carried on The t'orbln
railway {nun McGHIivraj to thi
eoal town j>i t'orbln will, during lhe
i ontlng spring and summci. u*1 > oi
unl along the line "f Ihe reecnl
vey ovei the divide and down thc
vnUe) <■[ Ibe Flathead to Montana
The gnvcrnmt nl » agon road is eon
s true ted ("i i wenl) mth - north "i
the lioiiiiii.n \ and will be continued
as fast and men and material can he
gol on the giound until It
trans proi Ini Ial a I II      ml   t la
Cranbrook,    Fernle   »nn  the Crawi
Si si  I'ass ami v.. into  Vlbeita,   lhe
road <>*,i  .-in*i. Di   urni  and    hit
|i,n 11 matte Ihr ■ rip lasl [all        To
Kir ii... toi belong ■ lh< rrvdll nl    bi
Ing ilu- inst man nhn drove .i motoi
eat ovei thi bai libonc ol thi  R< • k|i
ni enure      t ranbrooh   i * |
him and hli [at i
The Flathead vallej Is wppow ii to
he rich in oil. (mi iiui, i* hm     sup
position   .ii ' M *    wraith
tiiiihi i    and      b 'M' uil ural  land
The inojorlt) id the ">.ii locations
an' held undei coal prospei tini Ih < n
res ami Hi."-■ ai« mm 11) found In
,,.liiin i    wtth ni ■ that 11
is ihai ui wi:-"- ilbh to li ii who
trail) own anj Hiing Hie g< vi rn
ment vei y right I irnnti nothing
i,. ih.- loealon      ll Is quite different
wilh  lhe  I.iml  l< l<!  "i    i oal  1'  i J
iii thos,* r.is.'s ih, ground has lo be
sniveled ami the title is i lea I In
Whatever nun be said . f rcclpro-
cll) ami iis possible Injurious effects
on ihe [mil Industry of llritisb   Co
lllinbla,  there   can  he no ilnuhl        it
will he a verj great stimulus to the
coal  trade There are   those who
say thai there will he a population
ol 11111,111111 men in the Crows Nest
I'ass from Morrissey to tlte Summit
inside two years if the agreement
goes through and Ihal Ihis market,
right at the doors of the [mil growers, will more than counteract lhe
free Importation of American fruit
owing io the more favorable, he
cause shorter, railway (ales Very
likely il was on account of the possible future activities iii Ihe coal
business lh.it Joseph Kyan was in
limed lo secure an option the oilier
day on live square miles of eoal land
iu lhe Flathead, down ueai Townsitc
1'iaiiie belonging to John It Pol
lock and   his    associates in Ferule.
The deal will involve some (70,000
lor (hr acquiring of ihe vendors' in
tares! ami llic fee simple from the
governmeiil It is said thai lhe
properly has been secured fot Kng
lish iiiieiests, represented i» old
Held, Kit liy ami (laid ner, of IVinni
peg, lor whom Mr. Ityan ails as
Jural agent. The proving ol the
existence, of eoal on the ground In
(omuictc.nl quantities will involve an
expenditure of from 13,000 to $1,000
during Uie coming summer, This
work will he in the charge of Mr.
Harry I,. Cummins, C.E., who bus
mastered every detail of the geology
id the coal area of the Crows \iM
area. Ile will bring in bis crew of
men about the middle of June ami
if his anticipations be realized the
property will he developed to u
shipping basis. Shipping will he
IhiiIi cheap and easy, as thc survey
lines of the Flatheart railway are run
diagonally across the claims, which
Include not alone the coal hut some
six or seven hundred acres of. line
agricultural land and a heavy eut of
white pine and other merchantable
t im her.
From the Fruit Growers Point of View
Thc Reciprocity Agreement Fully and Impartially Discussed by
Maxwell Smith, Editor of the Fruit Magazine
Cost of Sewerage
Chat with Chief Engineer of Gait
Engineering Company
. *
Figures published in the
on    criminal   statistics
which has just been issued,
lhe high figure for crime,
blue hook
for   1009,
show lhat
which was
a marked feature ol the statistics of
1008, is again apparent in 1900. In
IMS the total number of persons
1 rieil tor indictable offences was
08,110, a larger number than in any
previous year (or which figures arc
available In 1900, though not so
large as in 1908, it was 87,110,
which is considerably larger than
in any year before lildH. For the
live years IK!)IK the annual average
was 52,208, (or 1899-1903 it was
55,018, for 1904-8 it was 02,000, ami
for lifli.l il was 07,149. The real in
crease in crime, however, is prob
ably even greater than is shown hy
the record of actual prosecutions
The conclusion Is also given that the
figures indicate not so much an in
i tease In the number ol habitual
criminals as to a greater prevalence
id criminality in the community gen
trail v.
The Herald has devoted .. |[ood deal
u[ allelilion  lo  llie    in Ipiocit \   quel
lion. Mine it flral came before lhe
public, believing il In be one ol mi.i1
concern and ihai the public was en*
tided lo a careful review of the vai
tons aspects of ihe question   In one
particular, Uu- Herald has fell
llriiish Columbia's Interesl   we
liis article iu full read   .. ■ follows: ied articles are proposed in most ci
Tbe   reciprocll) agreemenl recently  os, and it rlqulrcs   the most dlllgc
entered Into In  representative*-;      un   search to find   tho few    of these i
behall ol the United States nud Can    eluded in the Iree llsl      Tin- only i
ada, and   which ai   present     writing  foronOO    which may be drawn     In
still awaits ratification bj
eininelils id    these icspeitn
tries, is perhaps   lha most .
ing subject ol public ami pri
lu-     g<M
..lie lllS-
Isiisly involved ami it
joiis Iii secure the bes
thai phase ol lhe qtiesl
It Is, therefore, with
that the Herald prese
today with Llic view
authoritative   writer
■n  anv
discussion of
um obtainable.
greal pleasure
its its readers
s uf llie mosl
ni anv mattei
dit or
affecting Hie fruit Industry in
province, Mr. Maxwell Smith,
of The Fruil Magazine, which
in hill below, as published in llic
latest issue rd his magazine It will
be observed that Mi. Maxwell Smith
discusses the question Impartially anil from a
national point of view, and wilh his
summing up, It is reasonable to as
sume Unit most fair minded men will
agree, particularly if Ihey have given
an intelligent consideration to the
subject Mr. Smith's unimarv is as
The Hritish  Columbia fruil grow-
will     he exposed   lo lhe     keenest
kind id competition from ihe south
in his own local aud Hie prairie markets, but with a little readjustment
of freight and express rates and a
little readjustment of himself and his
methods, with a Vigilant Dominion
and provincial inspection, we are satisfied that he can boh! bis own wilh
all comers, Ontario and Quebec
should enjoy a lair reciprocal trade
with the neighboring states, while
New Brunswick, Novo Scotia ami
Prince Kdward Island should greatly
benefit from lhe markets of Boston
and New York. Good, dean, well
put-up fruit will always be In de
iiiaiul, and anv sltghl modification ol
prices which may resull from the
free exchange ol fruit products across
lhe border will be more than made
up through better facilities and increased consumption "
shall he
i Taft,
sii Wll-
da, and
curatou nn ilu- North Ami
tlocnt today, if nol througlm
Knglish speaking  world,
llel.iiv attempting to iBscuh
jccl of such vital Importance
two high contracting parlies,
more or less significance '
neighboring nations, h is n
that we should recognize ceil;
controvertible [acts as a has
In this case our hypothesis
the presumption lhat Mr. Wit
president id the I nited and .
fiid Laurier, premier of Cans
Iheir immediate associates in
negotiations are honest men,
tin* welfare of their respective countries at heart and a dm- appreciation
of and respect for lhe national independable.and laudable ambitious of
self-governing and self respecting
branches of a parent   vine
This being the case, any duplicity
discovered in ihe conduct of either of
the parties to lhe agreemenl should
resull iu the defeat of lhe very object of the negotiations, \\?, closer
nml more rational trade relations be
twecn the two countries.
While we propose io nni,- particularly the probable effect of Ihis new
tariff arrangement on the fruit industry [rom a Canadian national
standpoint, a lew general remarks hy
way of Introduction may he in order.
While the agreement as a whole
would seem lo lie a fair bargain between the two countries, it is not an
equitable adjustment ns to advantag
es and sacrifices in respect to the
chief Interests While raw materials
and natural products form the major
portion of the free list agreed upon,
it will he observed that only slight
reductions of the duty on manutaclur
ibis fad is that the manufacturers
on both sides nf ihe International
boundary still huve the governments
by the throat and are dictating then
own terms Free machinery would
do the farmers of both countries as
much good us the fnr exchange of
natural products, but the powerful
"infant industries," whose operators
have become financial princes al the
expense of the consuming public,
must still be spoon-fed, while the
"backbone" of the country bends und
er the crushing weight of abnormal!)
high prices paid for manufactured
articles, If uu "infant industry"
like the Masscy-Hariis company,
whose walled cities have become
moss aud ivy-grown witb age, cannol
now compete iu Iheir home market
on lhe same terms as Ihey meet Iheir
rivals in foreign fields, il is high
lime thai the Canadian farmer knew
just how long il takes io establish
a manufacturing Industij on a sound
basis, aud whether I he game is
north the candle.
Something like ten years ago Mr
\ It. ivirie commenced the mnnu
facl ii re of crcuin separators al
(iuelpb, Out., notwithstanding thai
these machines were then ami have
been ever since admitted Into Con-
ida free of duty. About six years
ago he had a lire loss of about
1100,000, ufter which hercmoved ta
Hamilton, and is loday manufacturing and shipping cream separators
by tbe carload iu open competition
with the manufacturers of the l nited
states, and the concern is prospering
in a most satisfactory manner. If tl
is not time to take the nursing hot
tie away trom thc manufacturer,
surely it is pretty nearly time to pul
a nipple on lhe other end of it ami
give the farmer a square deal.
Granting thai reciprocity is a good
thing, why should the farmer and the
(Continued on page three.)
| Mi John Haildln, of Winnipeg,
chief engincct of thc John Qalt Engineering company, of Winnipeg and
, Toronto, was In lha city yesterdaj
nn bis wa) to Calgary, and tho Her-
aid took advantage of his pn n m i ...
town to discuss wnh him certain
points affecting the proposed - It)
sewerage system, which have la-en
raised during tin- discussion since the
defeat of ibe bylaw.
Mr lladdin is the engtneei moiul)
responsible for the reporl submitted
to the council last July, which is
republished In today's Issue of the
• Speaking generally Mi Hatldiii in
Umated that there were no serious
(engineering difficulties in thc wa) ol
the Installation uf a sewerage system
in this ciiy lie thoughl coadltions
were generally verj favorable toi
comparative!) cheap construction
He expressed the opinion thai (91,
000 would cover (he cosl of Die en
tire Installation within th,- eit)
limits, Including the purlfh at Ion
works In reference to the probable
tunc it would take to complete    In
tallntlon, Mt   lladdin said that pre
sum ing the bylait  be u lopted
next presented to the ratepayers and
au immediate    atari   be modi
was   uo reason   wh) the bulk
main sewers should nol be coi ■■' I
this year and lhe purification works
The    laterals   could   he pi
with as    convenience   required,    tin
v.hole being finished hv the fall
Questioned w Ith tegafd to p
cost of private i onm ctions
main sewer, Mr   Haddln Bald      thai
he would    not   hesitate to gua
that for 1"   com
foot,   Including   pipe, would    ampl.
cover cost      In the residential   dii
trict, Mr   Haddln - il ■ ial
decpesl  sewei will nol exceed '  feel
and in   the   busil * ss    se lioi
I    Mr    ll.i'i'ir.     hirtiiei
that if the plumbing has been
installed, householders will he put to
but    verv   little  additional   expeni
than the straight cost nr conni
|   Questioned   as   to   tbe d.-strabili".
■.MMKT3Ja*HBSS3E^^?:*^: i1^^ i. 3trf**t.£22*»3J:'niJ
Gnat Tr.in
round house
Two Transcontinental Railways, the Provincial Government and the
City of Kamloops are spending from $2,000,000.00 to $2,500,000.00 in and
around Kamloops this summer.
•it l men hi I  Railways like the ('I'll   and the ('N li   know  whal  Ite) aie doing       l*be C.P.R   purchased $860,01 0 v
.il  Kamloops
nml greal divisional point between the two groai Western Cl Ilea—Calgary and Van*
ting $250,000.00,
mill of property, t<*
It1    shops   cards and
el   llie
Unci, to get
I IMI0 or 5000 people will double its population within    fifteen   montlis   and     Will have
.mt lots for sab*     Lying south-east of the original townsitc
Thev real Ire that Knmloops is to bo the logical
its future as a manufacturing center is assured
Why are the C.N It   rushing their line down the North Branch of the Thompson Itiver and Imi
front of the City of Kamloops?
It is reasonable to come to the one natural conclusion—Kamloops with iis present population
10,000 in a few years.
The lots In the original townsitc, are held at a hicli Ogure ami Ihey are practically the only V
Ihe   City and   its   environments   to realize that—
ll Is tlu* only direction in which  there Is room lor thc I'ity lo expand and even al Ihe presenl lime, lhe houxf arc hulll rinlit oul in (In* border ol lhe   Beckman
block. Irom Iho highest priced properly In Ilu* lown, you ran Imagine how reasonable the prices nl *21<J to Mil per lot nre, when you consider each lol im 50 IceJ in
si»e ol lots Iii tbe average residential addition.    Tbe terms ollcred 1-s down und .*, per cenl per month lor is months place the opportunity lor sale Investment, with
Only ball ol lhe addition—every otber lol—will be sold ibis yenr,    They will lasl but a verv sle.it time.
SEEING is IlKI.IKVISG, ami allcr teeing Hn* pholoi ol iln* lown and addition, which w.* will In* pleased lo show you nl onr ollice, vou, loo, will believe nnd gel
Hon is hihmI ,
P. R. Simpson, Oeneral Sales Agent, Kamloops, B.C. CRANBROOK
Thompson   Ulcer,
it   needs bin a glance al
11. lhe
.i> (ink IS
-twice the
reach ol nil
ol a city ol the sire ol Cranbrook
undertaking to establish n sewerage
system, Mr. Haddln pointed out thai
towns ol 1.11 less population were ilu-
ini£ so In Alberta, and In also relei
red to tin* tad thai the towns ol
Vernon and Revelstoke, In nu par-
ticulai ul greater Importance than
Cranbrook, bave alread) established
Bcweragc >\ stems
Portfolio in Sight
T. D. Caven, M. L. r\. May Soon
Join the McBride Cabinet
Tom Caven 1- bad. from liis legis
lative duties al \ h toria, looking a<
though the work agreed with him.
\ Hera •■   Ial        n oyed   .1
chat with him regarding proceedings
ni" the 51 s-* nnd 1 alU ■ special
;:.*.. resl to the district he reprc
Ex, M 1
thi   ■ -■ derail),
Mr   Caven remarked that whilst       a
legl ...■   ,     .,   enai 1
dc • leasurc ol   any
apevial inti        *    thii district      He
regirded the  bill to amend the Coal
Mine** Ri 1 . • ai one ol the
■   tht
nee    io the appropriations
.>*::■'   Mi   Caven
ll-  Lul  imt
secured all asked for, hut he
tho ighl    obtained    a lair
than tl the approprla<
tiom :■.:.... *    n d .1 total
Mi   j .*■■■:  pointed out
. pmi 1 ■    ' tbe northern
llstri - led than
provini e in regard   \*t    transp rial aril)
r*s .nm
•   1   ... . : appro
prial   ■       - *                         lion .
U iu               ■ iw lairlj well provld
: *                       iccei
Asked .1   ■                        atas    id
Ui   ■  *"■ •.'      lid that «   d ■*' -      '"
preset l     irn getnenl      Hon   Thos
;.,-..               take ovei tbe portfolio
rllj      Probabl]   ritbin     the
nert     twelvi     month*   tbe po iltion
would be filled    by a 1        tn, and,
Mr.                     tip   "I
tbt    .' -*'               ■ wj
Hki lj ;■• ■:*■     member 101 f ranbroob
:. trict
Mi    ■ aid   "   ' *   thi    :•' laiied
polii;. ol •: ■  Mi Bride goveri   ■ • *  to
capai lit in
Dill ' Mm
I ted   to
,,, i«i
.1 M   |tw
pe< Ial       ■    ■   ■ r»prr
forward m hi   ■■ *»\
- . ■
Mi    Caret 1*    tta 01 lj   practical
railroad mai       the J and
1  letnand bt   ben   enl
1   < united railroad broth
rboods jj. tbe entire province This
li ,1     ;,,,. king ' Iderable
■mlgbl and will receive due consideration Mi Caven la nol losln anj
ileep ovei the mattei He has returned i*> Cranbrook with 'in- Intention "f at once resuming his dalles
.in the railroad ami Is prepared to
await the outcome ol events calmly
and bopelullj Mi Caven realize*
ihai he has very strong backing and
In view "i thc preccdenl established
by the premier in the mattei nl fill
mg government offices, he sees no
reason tn doubt that Hm- strength ol
his claims will be recognized in   due
SITUATION WANTED b) experienced lad) stcnographei Applv
Box 80, Fernle, it C Mt*
Miss Kllinit, nf T ni". arrived i»
town a few doyn ago, she has \ai.
en charge •>! the millinery department in McCreery Bros  itore TUB   UKANBUOOK  HKHALD
Calgary's popular Residential Annex.    The first hundred and fifty
went so Quickly that we are compelled to Raise the Prices on
March 20th
After that date Lots will sell at $140 to $165 but until then the old
price stands good while another 50 Lots Lasts.
This Week $97 and $123
If you take ten  lots   or   more   we  will  give a pair  of  corners at
$97.00 EACH
Listen! Listen!
The B and R Company, Ltd.
P.O. BOX 253
Fruit-Growing in Hritish Columbl—The East
Kootenay Section Specially .Favored
"Hearth   ami    Home," an Kngllsh
iih, .Mini weekly  i mil for gentlewoman, devotes considerable space m
a m ,iti Issue tn an Interview     with
Mi     \giips Dean. Cameron, ilu- well
known   1'iiiiiuhan    authoress,       The
: ui.iti.-i ol tins magazine's in
t,: ■. lew    w llh     Miss   Cameron   was
Superfluous      Woman,"    who
foomR   uji nltoKethei    Ion largelj   in
tin ,.iit land
\h * ' 'ameron, as might have heen
Mii (I.     li.nl    si,me   eminent!)
*.* ■ ii .ii    oh 11 ial Ion ■   in   submll,
wliu ii arc thn * oiitlineil bj hei Intel
,* . . 1
h is ii verj general Wee thai Uon
>   Mi.it t.. mi. 1   which   appeals
Kolel)  i" iln- tlomestli   working i loss
1       It is a well omc lacl   thai
1 1,1     11..mv othei   need -   \nd
lu   hi.   m urate   and reliable lai ts,
I recent I) nought an intervlett with
HI     \ [ne ■ Deans i 'ameron, tlie mosl
II liable autborltj   possible lo      ap
on thl    .ubjet I
lad].   "li" bo■ been iomrais
'j.    thi    < 'anadlan goveintueul
to luiii   tbe    Mothi il.iiui, to l«*. lure
tki known thr bcnefHi lo Kng
men ol   emigration, is perhopi
too well known n peraonalltj foi me
In eommenl upon here   I me Into
del presence is to (eel Immediate!)
Ihe Influence ■■( strength and power,
Hi.it    here   Is a   woman who knows
thai whal sin-    tells > ire reliable
facts, and thai sbe has the welfare nf
all sister women keenly al hear!
To Miss Cameron, then, 1 advanced
mj Inquiries, ami ihesc solely on behalf ol tlie claas ol women -if whom
there is such a preponderance in Kngland today, and for whom work is an
uegenl necessity, After carefully explaining my mission, I was delighted
in learn thai Canada, liritisli Colum
hia, ami thai further land even be
\mnl tin- gpaa, In-ill open aims tn thr
women ol Kngland in almost all cap
nettles, no thai the rlghl women
Heeled In go ami tin* right work was
nppoi Honed
Sow, wc have in Kngland the lady
gardener,   i rained  ami    expei loncod,
Iml   I   il I   I'Mi ii   thai   lhat   profeS
'.imi iloes much foi lis devotees; in
fart, tin* lady gnrdenei is rare, Imi
hei financial success lfi even rarei
Thi, r* a subject  ihat strongly   np
peals in Mis-, Cameron, especially the
fruit growing Industry, oboul whleb
sin* was, perhaps, particularly em
phatii      Said she:
"In tht' woman ol small capital
anil bin brains, tin- fiuit lands nt
British Columbia today o0er an ideal
i.Uii-l       I   klU'W    ul   Iim   Culliet   of      t ll,-
world where ihe conditions ol lite,
working life, are mnn- alluring. Let
nn* say at the outset that British
Columbia has tin tm Itation fui thc
human derelict ol ellhei sex, iln* fail
ure, the misfit—the (Ireal Wesl Is
not foi these li is pre eminent)) a
land ui workers, and tin' rewards ol
Indus!rj an- great
"Ves. I etmstdei a woman lias
equal chance with tho man In the
fruit growing Industry In Itniish Co
lumbla; ii is a mattei nt good |udg
ment, honest   work nnd sound tense,
ir iiiiui iln- sai
In what part <>f British Columbia
would i advise Kngllsh folk lo lake
up fruit land' Thai is a large l|UeS
linn British Columbia is big
enough lo pla< <- within II tide b)
ildo ut ilu- name time t^n Kngland*,
three Irelands, ami foui Heotlands,
and still leave 11,0(111 square miles nn
covered it has bten estimated ilmi
within these boundaries an- 2,000,000
i' ns capable ol producing llic apple
in its flnesl perfection,
" \ district in British Columbia
that has recently come under my
notice, ami where, indeed, I mysi-li
have Just purchased a trull farm, is
m Hie shore nf Baynes Lake, Kast
'This js comparatively a new district, and iln> person going in here
now gets tin- advantage nt comparatively cheap land, with a firsl choice
location This corner nf Easl
Kootenay lies close to the south-easl
Innglo ol ihe province, at tlie foot nf
I Hie Uocky Mniinlaitiis and rinse tn
Uu- International boundary ol the
i'nited States The Rocky Moun
tains form a great sheltering wall In
Du- cast and north, attracting and
reflecting the rays nf the summer sun
and shutting the community on horn
ilif hleakei wind*, of Hie pralrfo provinces
"This favored ilistrict has more
hours of annual sunshine than iin\
iiait nf Kngland, being in practically
empire Ims none nf tin- hardships
which faced tin- pioneer ol two generations ago. Schools ami churches
arc established, and the people who
.in- growing fruit here arc largely
British folk nl culture and eduea
I inn, man; uf them rei lied officers nf
Die army aud navy, with professional women ami men
"li is ac Irrigated area, with the
irrigation works already established
and available. What size arc the
holdings? A woman can make a
competence for hersell nn a trael ol
live acres, a family can fie supported
on ten aires. The markets? The
neighboring towns nf Kernie ami
Hosmer, am) other centres in the
coal-producing region nf the Crow's
Nest pass fuitiisii an immediate mar
ket, accessible to Ihe gr ■ ••■ i ft'it .
tin- non-fruit-producing provinces ol
Mfierta, Saskatchewan uud Manitoba
in iiu* Immediate easl across the
Boekfes, with the Motherland across
one mean, and China and Japan,
Hawaii      ami    Me vim  un   (he  Pacific
edges, all clamouring fnr British Co
lumina liml, ilu- Kootcna) trult-cul
turist sees au ultimate markel foi
his producl which is practically Inex
"Il li  ill flic ul l for tho Knglish wo
man in accept as fact llie official Im
ures regarding ihe productiveness ol
iln- noil "i British Columbia trull
lands VI Kclowna, B, V , nine
tons ol peai > am) ien tuns ul prunes
pel   acre    ale  lint   uiieutnimui, \'
I,jttnii, iir. Tokaj grapes averag
mu foui pounds in the hunch were
grown in Hu- open Uu iln- Cold
stream    ranch     m acres   prodm eil
tj,  worth ot Northern Spy    ap
pies \t I'eathlaml nne -and a hai:
acn-s gave a return nl Cl m In
"I would advise the woman going
Into Kasl Kootenay tn plant hei
acres iu apple,; these are a standard
crop ami imt perishable. Five years
alter planting, an apple orchard becomes a permanent and Increasingly
lucrative life insurance, While the
apple trees are maturing crops ni
vegetables and small fruits, such as
strawberries, arc grown around the
(n-es, and an Independent living is
obtained from this source."
It is Impossible within ilu- limits
tif a magazine article, in go Into
specific del ail regarding prices ami
markets Miss Cameron has kindly
consented in furnish detailed Infor
uialinii hv letter tu any woman wlm
is Interested in the question nf Iruit
farming in British Columbia, II the
letters ul Inquiry an- addressed     in
lu-r at ll 1:1 Charing Cross, I Ion,
the same latitude as Paris The
skies are clear and llie air Invigorating in hoth summer and winter, the
yearly rainfall being but frum I- \o
2ii ins. Consumptives find their
lives lengthened in this climate, ami
malaria is absolutely unknown; tho
whole counlry is Nature's vast sanatorium.
"Tne   ploncel     who lakes up fruit
land   iu this    corner uf the British
Busy Season at
Local Brick Yards
The indications ure that there will
he considerable building activity iu
the <ity this coming spring and sum
met and all signs points to a marked
im nasi-  in      the    use     uf bricks fui
building purposes. Happily Cranbrook is well situated with regard
In brick supplies. A lucal company
can supply all demands at prices tlmt
make Ilu- ensl uf a hiUk huililini;
very little greater than a frame
1 The nctt city ball Is tu Ih- hulll uf
brick manufactured by the Cranbrook
Mi uk company, which has already
iiihii a contract fur 196,000 bricks
fm tin. purpose, the same being now
stacked un iho ground ready foi
building operations iu ibe spring.
S Hanson's proposed brick build
ing al the cornel uf Baker street and
Norbury avenue, will call fui a large
quant!t) of bricks, on Saturday
last Mi Hansen entered into a <im
Had with the Cranbrook Biick cum
pan) foi i.un,huh bucks, which are
now innii' delivered.
Tin - j iinn's operations ai the
brick yards will commence nhout
Mav    Kt Meantime Iln- company
have upwards or 900,000 bricks nn
hand foi sale
Tenders for Buildings
more nf tlie following Imifilim-s will
be received up till noun March 22ml,
11)11, at the ollice of Division Kngineer, Calgary, Alta. Plans, specifications and form of tenders ean In-
seen at Hie nlliee of tho Asst, Chief
Engineer, Winnipeg! Division Kngl-
neers, Munse .law, Calgary and Yan-
couvor. Resident Engineer's office
Medicine Hat and Cranbrook.
C. IV It Standard Nn. I Section
House ul Bo well, t-angdon, MahaiR,
Cbonoka, Gap, Anthracite, Snwlmek,
Stephen, Cat lied ml, Amine, Wessex,
lunisfaif, l'etihold, I.nhuma, Meimik,
Mile ii*7 Wctiisklwiir Subdivision,
Slowe, Lundbreck)   Prank, Coleman,
Cured nf Piles hy  Zam Huk
Mr. Thomas .1. Uogan, Champion
('lug and Pedestal Dancer uf Canada.
who resides at SO Chambord St.,
Montreal, writes: "It gives me much
pleasure to let you know my opinion
of your wonderful Zani-lluk. Km
some time past I have been troubled
with piles, but ihis yeai I suffered
so much that I was obliged to can
eel u number uf engagement -a. I
tried all the su called remedies thai
were recommended, but tiny seemed
tu du nn> tm good. Having been ad
vised to try Zam link 1 purchased a
box, and     after   applying     il a few
I times 1 fi-li marked    relief.     I ron
| tinned with Zam Buk treatment, and
I the rellel was extended Into a pm
maucnt cure. I gladly pcrmll you
to use my experience us an lllustra-
tion of Hie great      value nf Zam Buk
; Ior piles."
Another Illustration nf Imw    Zam
Huk   cures long-standing cases      uf
I piles is provided by Mr William
Kenty, of Upper Nine Mile River,
Hants Vo., N.   s,   He says:   "I nut
[fered terribly frum piles, lhe pain ai
times hiiiii'. almost unbearable   Kant
'link was recommended to me so I
procured   a  suppl) nnd  commi in ed
with the treatment. \flei a VPTJ
short time Zam link effected a com
plete cur'*."
Zam Buk is also n cute I |cei  .
abscesses, ec/ema, cold suits, chap
! pent hands, Varicose lib el i, ra *lu
[blood-poison, ringworm, cuts, hums,
bruises, children's abrasions, teller,
salt rheum, etc. Ml druggists ami
stores sell at 80c ur pnsl free from
j Zam Buk Vo , Toronto, foi price
j Zam Duk Snap, which    mat   hr     had
from any druggist at Site, pei tablet,
-should be used instead uf ordinnri
snap in nil cases uf eruptions and
skin diseases
Galloway, Eager, Sandstone, Azure,
c. P. H. Standard Nn. :. station
Western Lines at Tompkins, llcdcllff,
(with lit)' (nlghl .shed) Siilliefil, Bow
Island, Burdett.
c. P. r. Standard No. 10 Slnllon
nt Gleieben, Bassano, Hosmer.
C. P. It. No. 1 Bunkliutise at Calgary and Itch Deer.
c. P. It. Standard "A" Station
with Ml' freight slied at Canmnie
atid Bittern Lake.
Locomotive Foreman's cottage lied
Six stall addition tn Standard No.
2 Knglne House Hed Deer.
Lots in the Original
Townsite of
An Important Manitoba Divisional Puint un the main line ol
thc Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, 112 miles west of Winnipeg,
This live and rapidly growing young city imw bus a population
nf 1,200, At Rivers, the Grand Trunk Pacific maintains the
most extensive machine simps uu iis line, between Winnipeg and
Edmonton, The monthly payroll uf the Grand Trunk Pacific ai
Rivers is approximately $31,000.
No Lot More  Than  Four Blocks
From Main Street
\ lew -I'li'iiillilly located  business    lota   nn* nvullnlil	
Main HI rrot, anil on First, Second ami Thiol tvenues, rlsjil
in ilu* business dlatrlcl ol lllven So business ol reslilenllnl
Ial in Hu* lownsllo Is more Hi.m I  blocks fi  Halo Streei
Easy Monthly Payments
These Orand Trunk Pacific Iota In lhe lownsllo nf Blrom an'
offered upon ihe payment nf one-lcnlh ol Hu- purchase price with
application and ihe rcmalndei In     nine equal monlhlj   install
ments Ilseount nl flvo pei eenl   will    he allowed   fui mil
fash pny men 1 No Interest and no taxes in be paid b) Ihr pui
■ li.isei nnlil 1012 AM payments an- In be made diini In Ilu''
Laml Commissioner nf tin* Orand Trunk Pacific Itailway, and
upon iim completion uf payments perfect 11 tlo will fie issued bj
ibis railwa) Km further Information relative to ilu. ollerlng
nf rinse in lots in Rivers, write
237-2-43 Somerset Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Somerset Building, Winnipeg, Nan.
Exclusive Representatives for tho sale of Rivera Lois In
Cranbrook uml District.
Who will   ho   pliiisnl   In   furnish   i-,,iii|,I,>i,> iliforninlicu
ii[x,n request, THE   CBANBllOOK    HKKAI.il
From the Fruit
Growers Point ol View
(Con tin tied frum page nne.)
lunliciillurisl he chosen In hear
most uf Ilu- burden ol sacrifice iu
making*thu experiment The manu-
liieluri'is chilli) thai they have a capital Invested In Canada nf $1,20(1.11011,-
000, that Iheir annual output is
$1,0(10,000,000, and paying in wages
V-ifii*,111111,mm in     IHfi.OOO    workmen.
Bill  (liese figures    would look      small
when plnced nloiiKslile of those representing Hie ngliflllllirill  iuleiests    nf
llie c ill"., and yel  Uu- mautlfnetiif
er, (brough ihe proresRlounl politl-
oiniii jollies ih«' fanner Into support
ini'. a high protective Infill foi Iho
privilege of looking al lull chimneys
and paying Iwo prices lol  Ills  li
lllllll ll..
iiiiui kith
H  In   Mil*.   1
i.i   In* .ih
■1  l|M
.III     1
i,.|l,y .ip.li'i*
K  lillllli-lulls
un inn*    i
ul.*   ui   Ui
1 Ini)
i-  Hn*
, uml mosl
Of   llll'lll   H
Till      1 i
*  Willi    tin*
producers oi  llieii agents   lu ileullng
will) llie [rail   l|UfHtloll, II   musl      he
remembered Ibnl we endeavor to
serve llie besl interests, nni only of
the fruit grower ami the fruit dealer, hul nl the [mil consumer as well
—a class who seem to have been almost completely lust sight nf in the
prlisan discussion uf t his iptes-
linu. Tlie Canadian fruil grower
will pmhably have to sacrifice mure,
with less compensating benefits,
through tbe rat idea Hon nt this agreement than any other class, and when
fruit was placed un the free list the
machinery, boxes, spray materials
and other articles used in it:; production should   also have been admitted
(ice.      Hill   while  the i-Veli   teliol       of
the fruil growers' way is going to fie
somewhnl disturbed, wc cannol agree
willi tlie calamity bowlers Ihal the
industry is going io the everlasting
Hut um- thing is certain, that the
Dominion government will need to fie
jusi a little partietilnr about the
class uf men whom they employ as
fruit Inspectors, ami lhe provisions
nf the Inspection and Sales Act, j
Part IX., Will need lu be elifureed I
mure rigidly ami intelligently than
tliey are at present, imt only willi)
reference In exporl fruit, but also to
Imports and domestic Irade. The
weak spol iu iln* administration of
the Dominion fruit regulations is tin-
fact that special attention lias been
given tn exporl Irnft to ihe neglect
of the domestic and that coming
frnm outside Hie Dominion tt'e rightly claim to have the very best quality nf fruit, ami if high standards
wen- maintained in the grading,
packing ami quality of packages lot
domestic trade all over Canada thc
Imported article would not he in demand while our own lasted All
Imported fruil should imt only be
subject, but subjected, lo the name
rigid Inspection a*- in quality ami
si/e nl packages, and not n single
package should be permitted on sale
which lias nol been previously marked with tin- name and address ol the
Importer, thc name oi the variety
and the grade Then if lhe Canadian
fruit growei cannol hold Ins own—
and we still have ehenpei [mil lands
nnd bettei fruil than oui neighbors
iu the south- -It must be ins own
fault There i nn br nn doubl that
iiu- mnl season will be mm li extend
ed both north and sotilh, as In return foi ilu early supply Irom the
south tin- i".u;,iih u, may prosei ute
tin- sale ol in - latei nnd bettei (mil
in the t iiiIj.I Slates nt, i theli
gram Ing   easoi ■      fliis ..hould
fie a great ad' nntage In    lhe nenetal
Consume) ll    should   not   be   neies
*..n\ tn Inflict an Itniisiii', on one in
unlet to in Ing ,i ■ Muni, j, atlng profit
to .inoihei li (mil ; i<<i no* pro
duced as cheaply in Canada as It is
in ihe I iiiiiit States ii musl he i
question i-i methods, snd we have
slill something io learn Irom um
The itiiiish Columbia (mil
will fie exposed iu tin i,i. i,i I kind "<
competition Irom 'he south in his
own local ami lhe prairie markets,
imi wilh n lltli id I nn nt "i
ii, u lit anil i m>'. rati and a little
reanjuslmenl ol lilmarll ami ins
methods, win. i tii Hai I Dominion
ami provlni ial In ipn Hon, we nre
satisfied thai fie can hold lit - own
with all c i ■       Ontario and l-fiic
bei   BhflUllI      fflj»)     a   fan    i" IprOCTll
trade with Ihe neighboring stales,
while \ew llrun wfck, Nova Scotln
and Prince l-Mward I land should
greatly benefit from the markets    ni
Hoston ami New  Vorh    tl I. dean,
well pm up fruil will always to In
demand, and any slight modification
nf prices Which may resull from the
free exchange of (mil products across
iln- border will be more than made
up through better facilities and Increased consumption,
Suicly Canadians an- mil prepared
to admit Dial they can be beaten in a
square game. If sn, ihey are unworthy of tho heritage of n great
country over whoso destiny ihey are
called' Upon In preside. If the Imperial federal Imiists hnve nothing
stronger tn offer in binding llie empire together than an artificial trade
preference, Ihelr strength Is measured
by the treacherous cords of human
selfishness which nevet hound a true
patriot, and If this proposed reciprocity agreement   shatters Iheir hopes,
Ihey are surely nu dangerous ground.
H is the merest drivel to say thai
Ibis movement sliall decide whether
Canada is In remain nn integral pari
of the Hritish empire or become a
unit iu the United Slates, and we
lind il bard tn command language
sufficiently strong to express uur dis
gust and Impatience with those wlm
cannol see a higher destiny for this
gn-al Dominion than either one
While we will nut tolerate very much
Interference in our national affairs
fnun Downing Street, we simply will
imt stand any frum Washington, It
takes nu brilliant prophetic vision to
see thnt Hie time i.s fast approaching when ihe ICnglisli speaking, if
not all white, nations must combine
in a si rung offensive ami defensive
alliance for Relf-preservntlon and the
peace uf tin- world. While Canada
is bound in the mother country hv
the strung and emliiiiiig ties uf seuti
ineiil, she is rapidly developing into
a powerful self-reliant, self-governing,
Independent nation, and is destined
In play a must Important part in lhe
formation of a sane and equitable
friendly alliance between all other
English-speaking peoples.
Many of the best citizens of Canada ate lu fie found among those
who came from the United States
and quickly learned to admire uur
national institutions, nur administration n[ justice and the general enforcement of law and order. As Dr.
Elliott S. Howe says: "In theory
Ihey have been taught from their
mother's knee to love liberty and the
blessings of a thoroughly democratic
form of government, and come here
to enjoy tho realization." What we
want are men and women who will
be loyal and true to Canada, and in
sn doing they must be trite and just
tn the Mother nf Nations und to
each of her children. If our country
Justifies our boasting, aud if our
people have the qualities we claim
for them 1 every self-respecting Canadian should filitsli to hear the pessimistic earplngs nf those who arc unfit to occupy a position of importance in tlte public affairs uf a great,
free, enlightened and self-governing
people, If we do uut have confidence
iu ourselves, how can we expect to
command ibe respect nf the outside
world, Tbe United States has
quite enough domestic problems to
keep her busy during uur growing
time, hut should thc Fourth nf July
spread-eagle element get temporary
control and be indiscreet enough in
attempt in force Canada Into submission, they should find the warm
est joh on their hands they ever
tackled, Hm tin- best element in a
nation, though in the minority, usually rules, despite fire-eating politicians, and that being the case tin-
peace of the English speaking world
is assured.
Let the Hritish preference be con
tinned ami Increased if we gel auv
compensating response; let the rerip
rutin agreement be tested and en
l.irged if found tn work In nur unit
u.il benefit, and if not  let  there be a
cordial exchange ol notices at the
line tence, bid l nele Sam ., pleasant
good day as fie turns again lo
plough lus own commercial furrows,
ami Johnnie Canuck whistles the
"Maple l.eai" as his ships depart
east and west to all parts ol lhe
commercial world
Before    we quit ibis subject there
an-    two    men      Who arc entitled  to
some attention, vii , (lea E Poster,
of Ottawa, and Champ Clark, ol
Many nl us remcmbei wtth what
burning eloquence Mi Koslei dc
nounced the British preference when
ii was iust Introduced, as calculated
tn ruin Canadian Vested Interests,
ami  imw    li<   is  |US1   OS  loUll  in        Ins
demands loi more of the same mis
innii uml tin- abandonment ol the
proposed commercial agreement with
the iiuied stales Wr wonder what
a supremely   delightful sensation   II
wuuld  1 luce Should   Ml     Uuslet   lell
llie  11 titll mice
It is said that when CHamp Clark,
Democratic leader, speaking in sup
pmi uf tin- reciprocity agreemenl at
Washington, expressed tin- belief tlmt
ihe American,(lag would yel "float
over ever)    fool nf    British Ninth
\Indira," il brought  lhe members Ol
the house tn ihelr feet with cheers
We are sorry that the members of
the bouse at Wushingtun displayed
such supreme ignorance and had taste
as to be carried away hy Mr. Clark's
Impertinent   presumption, but     it is
'about Mr. Clark's attitude that we
wish lo say a word. We do not incline to tbe popular belief that Mr.
Clark was only joking, but thai he
did it deliberately as the result of a
[cunningly devised scheme to em-
harass Mr  Tuft's administration. If,
jon the other hand, he was honest
and meant what he said, tbe I'nited
Stales Congress mny take credit   to
.itself of having slain a multitude   uf
'conscientious supporters of reciprocity with the "moist jawbone of an
j Then when we beheld, nol in anger
hut in pity, representative Bennett
Introducing a bill at Washlngtnn asking lor "Canadian annexation negotiations with Ureal Britain," we are
franafln-d    with  auia/emcnt as   wr
!contemplate thc simplicity and cupid- [foi oui manufactures     Tin- Canadian
ily of some men   whom the fortunes governmeiil musl give the most cure
[of political warfare thrust into posl fui consideration lo lhe interests   ol
lions ui making funis nf themselves .ill sections, and in my  opinion    the
Does   Mr     Bennett   nol     know thai legislation now undei wn    is evidence
shnuld (lieat Britain otlempl (which   that   the)   are dlscliargliij   (1 ,*
is Impossible) to negotiate   for    the sponsibility wilh greal  wisdom   nud
annexation uf Canada   tu any   othei fairness.
country she would be met wllb   tins Canada is growing fast hceuuse   of
country's first    rial refusal lo bono, its greal  resources ami tlu-ii  Inlelll
the compact?    The people nr Camilla gent development, and lien... *. u\ the
must he the inst to he consulted with Btrenglh,   stability anil    |nuBrcsi,ivc
reference to the future disposition m ness of ihe government      I have no
their   country         There   ts   just as feai   thai   carrying uill  the propi
much likelihood   uf them agreeing in arrangement ui reciproi ty m i, i ,r*a|
be annexed to China oi  >'apan as to products will injure Im          genera!
the   I nited   Slates,  and  a   great   deal    Iv  ot   Inn |   jnterpl'UVil i   Made     lla
more probability  ui     the anmsntiiui Ibe contrary, tn my opinion mir pus
of tin- lulled Stales lo Canada than polity will     lend to increase because
eithei one,       So  let     the bragging   of   the arrangement,     ami  ail
politicians ami the calamity  howlers ways mil still nml themselves taxed
cease  their     'la 'I   ami allow sen on all  Ihcit   lines  m  carry Iiu        the
sihle   people in    pursue lhe peaceful ever-increasing      volume ol   bus'ness
walks uf life throughout  thr counti        ,i uliule.
Canada, as n   nation, is quite cap ;    I see with ama'/ciueiil not ,t      fi-w
able of conducting   lie) oi n business owners ol fnctoriei   In Un   lit;   ,vho
and taking care ol liewell   She is noi .will reap great bcncfll fi   n a. > i > ■ .,-■
likely to ndopt .i notional Hag which markets all   ovei  lhe ■■o.intrj up pot,
dues nm huir tin- Colon -Jack In its ing   tin-    agreement   on   tin- ground
makeup, ami mny  be trusted   nol  lo thai it   will lead in a <iunge m um
stultify herself by dishonoring     the political relation        \s aLlheral,    I
iiulherlnml. lo whom   be Is bound by have been proud to Bee the parly  led
in Inspiring ami ennobling sentiment j by Sir Wilfrid Laurlei showing      its
which shall outlive the changing evolutions nf commercial ami political
lu view of lhe pronouncement of Sir
Edmund Walker, president of tbe Canadian Hank nf Commerce nu tbe
reciprocity question, If is timely and
entirely appropriate thai lion. Senator Cox, ex-president ol the bunk
and a present director, should place
bis views on record, as he has dune
in the following letter addressed lo
Ihe Toronto Globe:
To the Editor nf The Globe: Lest
my silence shnuld be misunderstood,
will you permit nu- through your
columns In say thai, having careful
ly considered the situation involved
in tin- proposed reciprocity arrange
ment iu all iis bearings, I am unable
tn share in the alarm that in some
quarters has been manifested. [Vr
haps I look al lhe mallei superficial
ly, but I am at a loss to understand
how so natural an adjustment of the
trade arrangements between Canada
and the United States can involve
tlie serious state ur affairs lhat has
been predicted. I wuuld regard it
as a great public misfortune were
those employed in agriculture, lumbering, mining ami fishing, which arc
the industries almost solely affected
by the proposed tarifl changes, to
form the opinion that the men con
corned in tbe managemelil ol tlie financial Institutions uf lhe Dominion
have nut their welfare .it heart as
well as the welfare of the classes ol
the community engaged In manufacturing ami trading.
We should not forge! thai agriculture is still om greatest industry,
and anything that improves llie condition uf the agriculturist must promote the welfare of Cauada from om
t tin* Dominion tu tin- < ifi-- \
\ast portion of the capital and ue
posits iu nur banks and other financial Institutions consists ol the savings ol   the   people of    rural Canada.
I am convinced that financial author!
ties who condemn the agreement on
sentimental grounds, even when frequently, by theli own sense ol tali
play, they are forced to admit Its
values as a measure foi improving
uur trade relations, do imt represent
the opinions ol those whose money
they bold iu trust and on whose be
halt they take ii upon themselves to
I have iim utmost faith In the ability m' mv fellow countrymen ol rural
Can.iila    to hold     then  own against
the competition ul f I producers In
the l nited States They do so now
in the open markets uf thc world,
and Canadian wheat, cheese, bacon
ami nihei products aie everywhere
recognized as articles ol thc highest
standard The opening uf an additional and very valuable market fnr
his products will unl cause the Canadian agriculturist in lose fits skill ur
(be sml i«. lose iis fertility. We need
uni look fai Into tfie future to see
nn tliis continent a population nf two
bundled millions, The nutcase is
nver two millions yearly at the present lime. Tin- huge area of vacant
land iu Western Canada is lhe only
snlfii nut source frum wbicb tin- fond
■tub's fui tins luiL'v population can
Ontario has a vital Interest in tho
filling up oi ihe Canadian West. An
acceleration In the rapidity of settle
ment consoquenl nu the inaugural inn
uf relatively free irade in foodstuffs
ou this continent will bring lu the
province main such industries, as,
(or Instance, lhe Oliver Plow company, wliich will employ a verj
large force of men iu the city o(
Hamilton, ami which announces that
tbe trade agreement will make no
difference ia its plans, because it is
building lo take advantage of permanent basic conditions.
Possibly an underlying fear on tho
part of manufacturers is lhat, though
their position is not altered appreciably by the proposed arrangement,
its adoption will be a prelude (nr the
wholesale bringing down of duties
later on. 1 believe there Is no basis
(ur such anxiety. If I am nut mis
taken, Iln- opinion throughout Canada, entirely irrespective ol party
lines, is practically unanimous lhat
the prosperity n( the country for a
long, indefinite period is absolutely
fioiind up witb reasonable protection
affection fur the motherland u*. the
adoption ol the British preference, lu
ilu- sending of Canadian troops to
South Africa, In Hie taking over and
maintaining ui fortified liases at
Halifax ami ICsqiiimalt, ami Jjy the
laumhing ul' a project foi naval lie
fi'iice.     Ii is inconceivable thai    the
parly thai has | u responsible    for
these progressive steps toward the
closes! possible relations wilh (ireat
Britain should imw seek' In the re
mutest degree to endanger the future
nf Canada.
Oreat good in a business way, and,
in my opinion, no harm lu Canadian
nationality, will result from the
adoption uf the agreement, and Ior
tbat reason I mosl sincerely hope
thai il will he carried i lied.
Ceo      \     Cox,
Mr. .1.   T   Itcdmayne, author      of
Cruit Farming in llie Dry Hell nf
British Columbia," contributes a
timely letter in Uu- Standard ot Kmpire aiieul lhe proposed reciprocity
agreement, as follows:
Sir: Iliiring Ibe pasl few weeks (re
qut-nt Inquiries have been made hy
Englishmen Intending tn settle as
fruit (aimers in British Columbia as
to what will he tin- effect nf the
proposed agreement between Canada
and the I'nited States on fruit (arming.
Remembering thai the United
States is a smaller country than
Canada, and has a population nf
u- seventy eight millions as cum
pan-d witli Canada's six millions, il
seems fairly obvious that lhe efleet
il the agreement, su far as fruit farmers are concerned, will only he lo
open up additional market [nr Canada's raw material, particularly
wfii-at and fruit, and thai the result
if this, if anything, will be lo raise
the price or these raw products-
even in Canada itself.
I note that the Hun. .1. II.
Turner, the agent general for British
Columbia, is reported to have said
that "There has all along been some
difficulty regarding I tilled States
fruit being dumped Into British Columbia, and tbai British Columbians
will now suffer from the free Importation ol American fruit." I du
nut for a inomcnl suppose tbey will.
What will happen is this: The people
ol thc wet bell—Vancouver City,
New Westminster, Victoria, and the
coast towns of lhe wet bell—wlm al
presenl find a difficulty In marketing
(hen sottci apples in competition
with the superior fruit of lhe, dry
belt uf tbeii own province, may find
the United State- Importing inure irrigated Iruit to lhe coasl towns to
meet thc demand tor it. Iml this, il
it uccurrs, will be restricted to the
coast towns nf Hu wet belt, and lie
simply due lo the facl thai thc wel
belt cannol grow the required apple,
and cannol supply Ibe existing demand for (mil ol this quality.
On tha occasion •■( a recent visit
tu British Columbia at the conclusion of   the   apple   harvest  I    found
that it was a matter of complain! In
the very districts where the high
grade Irrigation nun was grown,
that it was locally difficult to obtain
a first class apple, as all the b«l
fruit   bad   been im! away    tu    the
The Cook says :—
"I do not know why it is better.
Perhaps the miller or Iho chemist could tell
you that, but I do know that it makes bread
of finer texture, better quality and mure pleasing appearance. Some flours I have tested
seem to be weak. They will rise all right for
a time, then they drop Hat. They seem to have
nosponginess- no resistance, and consequently
they nearly always make poor bread.
Now these are points in which SEAL OF
a ALBERTA is particularly strong. 1 like it
because it is always uniform. Sometimes you
may get a sack of flour that is very good,
and the next mav be
poor, but with SEAL
OF ALBERTA there is
absolute uniformity. I
sometimes think ' that
every bit of it must be
tested before it leaves the
mill. That is why I always insist upon SEAL
OF ALBERTA, and really
competent bakers everywhere unite in proclaiming SEAL OF ALBERTA
the king of Hours."
eastern Canadian markets, where thc
highest prices arc obtained. Kven
Calgary, east ol the Itockies, had 1 -
put up with second grade imported
United Stales fruit, while watching
tlu- superior grade llritisb Coin ml) in
fruil going through un tin- ears tu
1 am nut a politician, ami there
fore I am imt for (he mnnienl con
ceitied witli lhe political aspect id
the projected commercial agreement
between the limited stales and Can
ada. Iiui as regards fruit (arming
n Hu- liritisli t'olumhla dry bell,
the only effect uf (In- new arrange
ment I can see is thai it will open
up new markets fur fruit grown im
der Irrigation comfit!n:s, and nt the
same lime emphasise the difference
between fruit grown under irrigation
md without.
.1     1     Ueduiavne.
Author ol "Kiuit   Panning lu   tin
Dry Hell m' llritisb Columbia "
17 Waterloo place, Call mall, K W
ALEXANDER  LAIRD,  General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
klSI, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Hank of Coi  c v      receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is a ed * - rent rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing-the whole oi an; pc tion i tlu deposit, Small
deposits are welcomed, ,»3^
Accounts may be opened in Ihe i ar es ol two or more persons, to be
operated b) any one ol the nun survivor,   A joint account
of this icind saves expense in esl * .vnersh'ip ol the monej
nfier death, and is especial!) us *.   ■. - lo provide lot
his wife, or for others dependii , in the event of his death
K. P.Brymner, rianager Cranhrook Branch
Money to Loan x
**********v> **********************
Private parly will loan money
in various sums up to ll,ooo.oo.
C. Plnkney,
<J.P.O. Cranbrook. B.C.
P. 0.   tOX 331
AlwuyH llie Ilv.it Quality nni
Quick Service. BuilnflnHrn'a
Lunch.  Upvu Di» ami Night.
J. SAKAUm'lll. PHOP.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦ *********************************
MATIKC   tSLl-.lt*
Mi.*'   BO*)   I.OW
■ ■ -•■ ..in llaating
\ :.* Hum  Kj.1l ..
Sy.li n,-
U * , .-
■ ■ a -.-*. at,
■ n, *.* -   .....
Brighten Your  home
X, .*.*.* is i     time. Spring   - -
■   . • ■•      - ■ ■-. ■ I'        I and E     rated.
.   .: nl •
P. i). l;,.\ .*.*
.   H.   SHORT
1 he Painter and Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
Contra, tors for all klrdaof Cellm
Work, Ceupoole,  Foui ilatloitv,
Weill,  Pit*   Laying  mid any
work ol thai de*crlptlon.
\Vi.."lr!i    I'i) (J    LtUtltg.
I'll Nlil  III    ♦
Asaya Neural!
Nervous Exhaustion
Niyht sweats arc a Mire sign ol
nervous exhaustion, Tliey wi ak
en tbe body and depress the mind.
Asava - Nkurau." will overcome this condition, it feeds the
nerves with Lecithin, the element
required for nerve repair. Pull
control cf the bodily function*.
soon returns. Restful sleep is obtained, tbe appetite and digestion
improve, nerve vigor is regained.
(1.50 per tattle.    Local BgCOt.
•»♦.»♦♦•>«♦»«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•«.♦ ************** **********
it *
|| A  Good   Home
is what is dear 1* * ,-erj in, A home
.- **:. re Peace. C imtbrt, Contentment,
and Plenty - foui "1 t i •*.* reason
men I 11 .ughout Bril mbia, urban
"CranbrooY   ■ ned rI,ink of Ihe
1       sions Jos. Bi ada for an
ideal homi   *.' the
Canadian Hotel
********************** ***********************
t 'j
.lus! re.
Ill tit of fish
II -
* **********************j
Here's a Snap.
Good   For  One  Week  Only.
5  Roomed  Collage  and 2   Lots.     Water
Terms   Can   Be   Arranged
interested   sec
If   you
Baluu 11 -"-ni"
W Smoked Halibut
Tn   • Kin**'
Cod I*    '*
Hun Its 11 fi
II. mu. Kail Mackerel
Mink. Hall Herrii .»
Y.. ul:.-" *  *      .*•:*;*. Sltl 1 * "' to
P.   BURNS   CO..   LTD.
♦ Capital raid l'p 56,2>ijii.(mi(i Reserve S6i900tOoo
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
HOLT, President      l'. I.. PRASE, General Manii
Account! ol i n in-, Corporttlotii nnd IndlvWnela solicited.
(ini 'il town bmlneii receive! nverj attention.
BAV1NOH DKIMRTMRNT   Depoaltaol ll.OOand anwanlareceived
and Intoreal allowed at current rate    V> formality oi delay In
\ (ieneral I', in km,: Bualneai tra needed.
Cranbrook llranth: 11.1). McLAWS, Manaxir
********************************************* C-UANHKOUK. UJBJKA1.1)
CHAN 11 HOOK II 10 It A l,D  "J tin- lumbermen ami tliey will read     Tlie toiislniil   problem ol aitcquutu
with special Interest tin* reporl     ot car supply   mis  also up tor (llseus-
Bj* tin* llcinlil   Publishing Company,  llroccwl|        „,    tlll,      M ltn|„s|0„      Viler pri ignl consideration
J. u*-*;uir, Managing Editor,
CRANBROOK, B. C„ March 9, 1911
! Lumbermen's association ul llieli
mecling in tills cily yesterday. Thai
tin* [nduslrj should In* in such n
nourishing condition und thai prospects slioulil In* so linf.li! will I"*
learned with keen sallsrneliou In .ill
Tin* discussions thai have taken
place n* Iht* sewerage situation siiuv
Hie defeat of the Inlaw on February
:>K| I, hnve tended lu clear the atmos
pberc and to greatly strenglben    lhe
feeling in favor ol   pr pi mensures
In secure installation u*. speedily us
possible The board ni irade meel
Ing last Tuesday evening served n
useful purpose in pn mil I Inc an open,
unbiased dlsi nsslni   ol nil aspects ol
Hi,* quit i      I del  Ihai     those
speclall) Interested, Ihe property
owners, ma) have all Hu* llghl avail
abb* n e subject, ilu* Herald     re
produces elsewhere in 'his Issue, \h
.Inlin Hull's reporl in full, we also
publish ilu* purporl ol n conversation
l.i,l willi Mr John lladdin. chic! un
glneer ol the drill Rnglueerlug com
putt) lit IInddin peak* wilh mt
tEiiviitv- li was lu* who prepared
tin* reporl Issued   In  lhe Hull  Kngi
i ring compnii)       The Herald   Iiu*.
in, desire lo iiiulnh Inbot litis ipies
ium lis sole ii*ii I li. lii**» nil
tin* llghl     passible upon tin* subject,
clear nwai    mis leistnndlngs, uml,
geiternlly,    lo u *.*   sueb a public
inloresl in Ihe i|itesllon as will
Agricultural Association
Immadiate Steps lo be Taken to
Organize for Fall Fair
At Tuesday evening's meeting of
tin* board ol trade, Mayor Until
brought up tin* i|uc8tioii uf organizing
fot tin* coming Fall Fall He be
llevctl,, in new hi ilu* success <>i last
veal's fall.   Ihal   li isUl*    steps     well'
tuliiii ii could In* made mu* ol Hu*
liiu features ol Hu* Kasl Kootcna)
illstrlcl       H      I'.    Rardgi'll   spoke
along siliill.il   lines       Tl llte.iliu* ul
a general discussion wus Ilu* appoint
inenl ui iln* following eommllleei
i; r I'.t -.,i,11.*i. II II Uenedlet, M
\ Macdonald, *l I' Fink uml F A
Itussell, In eo-operale with Hu* exe
culive nf the Agricultural associa
linn in preliminary arrangciueltts an,I
gaai/ing ior ilu- uiiunul general
meeting, whieli is in be made a specially big uml .impniluiit affair.
The dates sel lor ilu* coming Fall
Foir nn* September mill and 20lb,
Tills is un annua] event, which
slioulil secure tin- nclive co-operation
ibe passage ..i ilu* bylav, when nexl lol every resident i.l t'ranbrook uml
presented in tin* public In this lhe district ll should I,.* ilu* nun
connection Hi.* Ilernld desires tu mon aim lo make t'rnnbrook's annual
stuli* Ihal Us columns un* open l,i. Full Fair lhe bisKcst and liusl even!
any propert) ownei for Hu* full and of the kind held in lliiiisli 1'nluinbln
flunk discussion ,,( um aspecl „i the We have ihr goods, lei ilu* world see
i|Uestlon     'I'lu* situation is such    as rem.
a plan was adopted wherebj uil the
mills uill ruporl I.i Hu* secrctnry,
within tin* next few days, as lu their
ii'quii'i'iiii'iii*j ami lu* will lake tbe
mallet* up directly with Uu* railroads
The meeting adjourned.lu re-asA'tn
hie at tlte call nf Ilu* secretary.
 I ■
reduced In $10110,
Improvements nn l"t 'i'i, block sis,
reduced In $10011.
lliiprnveliienl:     lul   IS, block   10,
reduced  to $130(1.
Improvements nn lots 17 and IS,
block 2:1, reduced In $3000.
Improvements on lots 30 and 27,
block 08, reduced in $3000.
Improvements mi lots *'ll and 33,
block 21, educed tu $2000.
Improvements un lot 7, block 31,
reduced lo $iiiiu
Improvement's nu lots 1" and 11,
block iln, reduced in $1000.
Improvements un lots in aud 20,
block IH, reduced In «I200.
Ou motion tlie! adjustment arrived
al between the cily assessor und Mr.
*' S, lii-iinis' representative, Mr.
Hart, re taxation uf Ilu* townsitc
company's propert) was approved by
Ihe hoard.
Al  Uu- eonclllsinn ui llie appeals in
The Herald interviewed Mr, .1. 0,
McCallum mi his return frum the
const, in icgurd tu the statement
made by the city solicitor thai      Ile
bad nil d bis services lu Uu* school  connection wiib residential property,
board, and thai tbe offer was re- the court resolved itself lain a hoard
Jccled The .Herald considers this of equalization to deal wilh the
mattei ot sufficient interest lo the assessment ot business Mocks, Asa
public tn Investigate thoroughly,    us   lt..sull  rates   were stunk as follows:
iti/i-ns generally ale debating
.pii'siiun somewltnt nctlvcl)
Cranbrook hotel eurner lot, mii.iiini.
I."is frum tlie livetv  stable    to    the
in demand active
leresl in ilu- quest
every pntrfntic   i II
dlllerenecs uml   ble
ul intelligent iu
n nil ilu* pun ui
in Ml iiiinni
s IL'.  .1 I.l    be
dropped     Tin* welfare n • ci
al slake, Ihal should suffice lo
all pnrtics in a common eltoi t
avert threatened evil
Outlook is Very Bright
Mountain Lumbermen Well Pleased 'v <-i>oosinB one lawyer m p,i*,,*.,*„.,*
lu another, save   possibly tin* dun*
with Trade Prospects
Mr. Thompson gave the public Hie I Methodist cliurch, Hanson avenue,
impression ihal prior In Ilu* liliga ■ $800 each. Old Imperial bank builil-
ii.ui wiiii ilu* Fernio Conslrucllnii itlg corner, $10,000. Inside lots Irom
company, he hail oHered his services |iank building lo 1'. Burns'corner,
in Ilu* school board, cither in cotutec- | t.siitin each. IV Mums' corner $10,-
llon willi Un* litigation in question mm. Lots on east side of Hanson
ur some other matter, and nlso thai avenue, from alleyway tu lot lacing
the school board would have bud Mr. Methodist cliurch, SflOfl each, corner
Thompson's services free in defending i„ts $1000 each Lots frum Little
this action. jnm| Atchison's corner in ihe Electric
Mi. McCallum asserts Ihal Mr. !|,igbl ollice, corner lots S25IIU, inside
Thompson's statement in both re- |„|S cir-no. on lhe opposite side
spiils is entirely contrary In tin* „f • •„. Kt,*,.,.t) ,.,„.„,.,. |nt!; $211110. in-
lacts, ami lu* says thai Mr. Tliomp |S|dc lots $1500. C.C.S. corner lul
sun bus written u letter to n mem- $|t),00fl, inside lots In Kaworth Hros.
In*i ui    tbe board   stating   " I have   st,,,,.,   $8,000.       Frnm the   Palm tn
slated t ie Ihal 1   nOeied nn   ,|u.   Roman Catholic  church,  corner
services in the school board," uml lots $2000 each, inside $1600. Bonus in Hi,* services being [rec Mr. Mc-   S„M.S ,.,..,„.,*   $711(111, inside lots      to
C'allum points out thai    Mr. Tbomp- L08t 0mCei $10 ach,   next      lot
sun is paid by Ibe cily lnr all liliga    $3000 and easl corner lot $1000.
linn wbicb In* lakes charge ol, in ml  |   ,,„ ,|„.    opposite    side   nf   Itaker
d' I '" his   retainer, and of course  str.-rl.     Imperial bank eurner $0000,
Hie board would be treated In lhe I Bealc nnd Elwell corner $8000,
same wny,and in that view ni tin* I inside lots $0000. Hunk nl t'uiu-
ase Hn- board    had nothing in gain \m.m. corner $nono.
A   well    ntlcitdcd    meeting of tlu
Mountain    Lumbermen's associali
''ini* ia their   respective capabililie
Mr. Thompson    in naotlier part
liis letter says thai In* did offer    bis     Owing lo the   prevalence of small*
vices in iln-  school hoard    in
mlvisory capacity prior to tliis
Frji'iifls    "f  Iln-    temperance    raiiKi
anil all those   wlm    wia]    ilu
Rlricl cnforccmi'iil ol  the new  In cum
liontakjii    In       Rev      V.     Ihi.hcs   f^'^ »«'artl 1,r   Hea,th'   '^ed the 31st of
,rsi'  those present were the fotlowlnic It   nctio11 ,llil1 vvas R°InB to he hroughl   January,   mil,   respecting   vaccina
ii   Anilprson, WvclflTe; !•'. V, Dubois
look place yesterday aflernoon al the m'r   lffln*   hranI    ,,f' and explains  the    regulations
'pox in the Immediate vicinity      ul
Cranbrook,   attention is directed   to
of   lhe   Provincial
nl zeal Im been fatal t., man;
l:<.imI cause ,nul this )■■* mih annthe
case -ii' excessive real The Hotel
Cratihroot. has lieen ni ■ * iHiiti1 one
iif the besl conducted hotels in lhe
province, hi to toi as nbsri vat u-n nf
Hn- laws and license n  -: 1.• i ion -   are
rainst  ihe school board over
itt.-  lion:
l,rljJl(,  (•  |,     HcVnli  Wihli c   o' Icinploymenl of an engineer.   Mr, t'.i  I   It is hereby ordered thai all Local
Jewell' Jnffrav   ('  o  ItodserE   Ores  ',JI""m    silvs  ,llilt ""' warrant was .Boards of Health shall arrange siiit-
' isued against   the school trustees in   able times and places for vaccination
ton; T   A   Smith, Crnnhrook; II   0   |
lloppins, Arrowhead; 1'   I.nml ami ('   '
mneclion with the matte
the   ami give public notice thereof.
M   Pennock, Wardner; John Hanbury, I
ami Ihai ihis warrant is dated      Kvery   resident   oi    this  province
Th.lt        the
i tm
Vancouver; t'    K   Ayres, Klko
should he brought up in the police
j unit upon a manifestly frivolous
charge, is nol calculated to ivtrengtb
ed his determination to conduct his
house with stint regard to Iln lettei
ami the spirit ol the law S'eilbi i I'll calculated to bold to the cai
temperance the average man, wlm,
whilst strongh favoring fail and Im
partial enforcement ni nil regulations
governing the llipioi t rufl
Joyce, Klk... ll it Carter, Standard
Lumber Co . il \ McKowan, Crnnhrook Sash ami Door Factory; K. S
Home, A ami li \ Leitch, .Jaffray;
\ Downs, Flagstone; \ K. Watts,
Wattsburg, ami Seeretorj W   A   Aus
tie. Nelson.
The special object ol ihe meeting
was tn discuss market conditions
Owing to llie severe winter, business
was slow iu opening up this year ami
-      I the 3rd day of February, 1010, and in   shall forthwith be vaccinated or pro-
hen  duce to the Medical Health officer of
nv event it musl have been     wh
tin- heavy snowfal  had prevented thv
strongl) dcpiecat, ■ urn  m In n    ih.it '   , ,    , '
„ movement ol lumbei        .ninn.    in
sav.us ..i   persona  an mus    In ... *.      ■   ,      -
..   .      . . ihe past ien days   there had     been
Hunhes    has    gained       Iln    ii'sii.-rl   nt ,    , ,
,,   .     . , .i marked revival, substantia  orders
citizens lai-neialh  In   I  r '!■.  fa ...
, .i.i were imuiiim   in tn all the mils ami
ami in.it.h coin e Ihal hu   ■ haraeter ,,, ,
,      . ,     , evrrvlhlliR   pi.nits    In      steal-.    Mill
izeil    his efforts tn set stri<l ' .,
. . .. i ■ ments for smneiiine tn come   If pre
enforcement uf   all laws and regula        ,     ,.   , , ,;
., , _ seni indications    .-mint for nnytbng
Imns    governli i    raffle  •  . ' ..
bottle  retted,  ,i       I, ^J™* '"''; """" '-' f™
, in  Uu* IllHtori  nl Mil*    assnilallnll   li-
lilltllts       itiln       r.iliti'lnp     l.*i;il il  Inn*. , ,,,.,.
,.,.,., ,, „ lore     ihem       All Ilu*   urge   towns
tlmt   have been    vvniViii.^ viiv i*fl.*-
,.  , . thrnugl t Un* pi,inn* iir,,vinri*s pin*
Itvelv    in ilu*    eaiiKf nf lei Tanee ..... .
.,.,     „„„, „ ,     , ,,, ini^.* lo  -ulisluiiliu Iv      nu n-usi* I u-n
Ilu* Inriistil Iniiii,i seller, wlm nnt i .   .,,
, ,,    „,,       ,   ,, ,,. imildiiig piiunis orri   •' n an,  Irom
mllv adhere, tn tin* eondltlontt   .*^nv      ,,    ,    '
.„,,    i,i.ii~. ,,,, i all inlniimitnm ii  itiiiiimiuiimi      ,,|i
erning In- license i    .ii'illnl I..        n .   .    ,,   ,,
,    , lultiabli* there innluisfs in In* a vasl
sipiaii* deal, insl .1* imi.!, ,1   .mv ,,th ., ,    ..,
.    , , ,. Increase m iln* nillu\ m s.*t   .*ts, par-
ei   li.nlri  in Ilu* .iiinmim tv .    ,    ,    ,   '
iu ul.11I1 limn ilu* I mini Stated     \
large au ut nf railroad extension is
following up Hi, .li .ii*.|.,n ,„   tin, .„,! red, which will materially in-
reclproelt)   que tion,    we this w,s*k crease    the     markel    loi   lumber,
•:i. 11    readers    .1 uu Important throne;!, II penlng up ol new Icrrl
aad instructive    review      ..f       the imv.       Wlillsl    11  I-   1 ailv  to
ease Irom lhe fruil growers 1 il   ol lorecasl crop conditions, slill      iln*
vnvv. written In Ihe eilltoi     ol   thc lad thai there was more snmv      nn
l-'iiin Mqgai  Mi   Maxwell Smith, ilu* prairies than fnr many years,   is
ailmiltcdl-  the greatest authorit) nn regarded as   a    very favorable sign
llic Irull Indn •     In   liritisli Colum- Another matter dlacussed ivai n pro
lu*1      Vnothci feature ol this week's ponal from the Itetailera' association,
review is Ihe statement from lioam advocating an unll  slandnrd    ni
abb* Si'iiat.it fnv. ilu* vviii known tin manufactured slws and patterns     <»f
nnclei and   ex-presldrnJ ol lhe Hank lumber, 01   well as ol sashes     ami
ol   I'm 1,1*     I'resldeal Tail    has doors and mill work ol all kinds, on
railed .1 special icsalon of ci ngress to the pari ol all the   mills ol Western
ili-.il   with   'In    reciprocity measure ranada. Irom Ham,  Itiver in Pacific
anil 11  1-  pn.Iml.I.   Uuil   tin* vote    on n-asl       ilu* II   (■   null*, (coaal    and
tin* t|UesJ will in- taken n 1 owu rnountaln] have alread) adopted   an
parllameal thi uniform scale and it Is proposed   in
* endeavor to Induce the spin,,      and
Herald readers are deeply Inleresl pirn* nulls ol  Uborla, Saskatchewan,
id in all thai pertains lo Ihe welfare Manitoba and Ontario lo lollow suit,
**************■< ******** **********************
ihe building was occupied, and the the district or municipality where
boilers in use, whereas Mr Tbomp he or she resides a certificate ot
son look up ibe ease before tin- proof oi successful vaccination within
building was occupied, the preceding .seven years, or a cer-
Mr. Thompson says also thai he tificatc th.it such person i.s at the
did this thing in good faith, bellev- present Insusceptible *»f vaccination,
ing bis advice would be acceptable, loi a certificate of phvsical unfitness
and that   his advice to Mr. Iloshins [for   vaccination.        Such certificate
Taylor Milling and Elevator Co.,
Mnrmfactiirors of tlio ruinous
" Pride n(   Alberla "
" Mother's Favorite Flour."
Olllco nml Ww-elionae on O.PH, Lltnlta,
tt.*,t of Fmiulit Shall
*********************************************    Improrcmenta    m 1, block 35, i'to (j'oiossoum of Itmrirhm'akaii
was thai if the etiginecr "was not
pin|ii-rly i|iialifti*il, tn either gel a
properly (piaHfled one nr maki* tin*
iiian gel a   temporary    certificate."
Tin- Herald lias 1 11 shown a letter
from Mr llnskias in which In* dailv
denies thai any   such suggestion wi
sliall In* (1  a   duly qualified medical practitioner.
II sliall be tin* duty of tin* School
Trustees anil teachers ol all schools
(public or private) lo sir that the
provisions nf tbe preceding subsection   an*   forthwith   compiled   with
made, or advice given, bul tbat Mr. by all children attending such
Thompson's laaguago was mandatory, [schools, biiMi schools, or colleges.
or dictatorial and thai the school All persons art* require! lo produce
iniKiii-s resented bis action al the to ilu* Medical Health Officer ol the
time, believing il was merely an City a certificate or prool ol succcss-
attempl tn assist a clienl nr in help .fui vaccination within th,* preceding
'I seven years nr a certificate Ibat such
1-1 person is Insusceptible of vaccination
a certificate nf  physical unfitness
, or to  attend, cither
a   vaccination;
before Huir own   physician or before
Uu* Medical Health omccr ol lhe City
at bis nlliee,  \rnistroUR Avenue    tor
vaccination prior lo the 15th day ol
Mareh, lllll.
Mated tbis 2nd day „l Marcli, mil
P, DeVere Hunt
Chairman ol Local    Hoard ol Health
I*:    w  Conaolly
Medical Health Officer.
a political liii-ml, ami tn force
frighten tin* school board lain     1
ploying a man whom they believed
be entirely unlit ted fm* the position
Mi McCallum savs that the members nf Uu- board bave allowed these
remarks in pass iinrcpllcd 10, and
mill consents in ibis interview in
view nf tin* Insistence nt the public
tbat Hu- trustees make Iheit position
plain.        'rin* members       nf
Un* school board lelt al
Hu* tinu*. ami slill lell Unit
anv strong language tbat may have
been used tn Mr Thompson in replj
was eniiiely ilesetved and lie understands ibat Mr, Thompson bas enm
plained in Individuals tbat be was
Healed unfairly ami Improperly i*i Herbert Booth, "I London, Kng.
connection    with ibe matter,      lun  delivered bis famous lecturo  on   the
Mi    McCallum   has    1 n unable lo ,"I'-arlj   Christiana" In Knox  churcli
lind iu what way any unfairness was on Tuesdaj night, licfnrc a large aad-
sbnvvn Jlence,     The lecture was much   more
 ^  1 ban a moving picture show, because
tlie slides ami pictures were accompanied in a fluent, grupblc story ol
Hu* various scenes, li began wilh the
Tin* mini nl revision sat In ilu* death ol Hu* nisi martyr Stephen,
city council room nn Tuesday Irian ami Introduced scene! descriptive „(
10.30 a.m until neat Iv .1 p in Ilu* lintne in tin* days ol her pride, with
court consisted ol Mayor Hunt, Md hoi profligate emperor Nero, The
ernien Taylor, NvN'nb, Bowness uml animated scene depleting Iho burning
•lohnson ol Home bv Vein was Hie belt   plc-
A long lisi ni objections was ean*   im,. i.f all      Then followed descrip-
fully gone  Into,    reductions    being tions ,,f    11 pprtascd  Christiana
made in Hie following eases: worshipping nn bills, in fnrests    and
Improvements    nn Iota    ; ami    \   cave, b tiled by tbe llomun odlcinls
block 21, leilu I lo $1000. n| the law
Improv eats nn lol in, block 20, •   Probably tin*   most Interesting Ica-
riilliocd  tn 11000, tare of Ibe evening was Ibe pictures
Assessment un Inls '.7 nnd *. block and descriptions ol the fnmous cata-
2ii, reduced to 11500. combs or underground mulls  ol  the
Improvements nn bus 39 ami 113, christians. These consisted of miles
blnek ill, reduced to <l2nn. „| undcrgrt I passages in thc sides
Improvements nn hu s, block 31, ni which were excavations to hold
reduced io 11000 the bodies nf Hu*   Christiana,    Pour
Improvements on hits 5, I, and 7. million are said In have heen burled
block >0, reduced to 11100, In these catacombs,    Here were held
Improvements nn loll &22 nml M, ihelr secrcl services of worship In
block :w, reduced In 121100 rudo temples hewn out ol the earth,
Assessment nn hit 27 In school ills*   their marriages, funerals, etc.
Hul. reduced lo M800. Then followed scones depleting   lhe
Assessment nu hits 11 aiid;ll. tn-tihl,- sufferings arid magnificent va-
block  i'i. reduced in tliuio |„, nml devotion uf the Christians In
sands ul .Hie noblest men and
met horrible deaths for Un*
to give brutal sport In tin* ell
Rome. Tbe closing scene w
ui the early martyr mother,
ol high station, wlm lieeai
Christian, and surrendered liei
babe as well as her life as
mony lnr tbo Christ.
Suntlmyi—Low mass at 8,:io a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday scbool
from 2 to 8 p.m.; Uomiry and Uuui.'-
dletlon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obllga
Moo—Man at 8 a.m.
Waak daya—liftM at fl a.m. nt tlw
Father IMamondou,
Pariah Print
March 12th.
Tin- Rev, .1 II. Wlillc, I) l> , sup
ciiiiti'inliiit of missions fui iiir prov
inn-, is expected lo occupy iln- pulpll
on Ibis date. Dr, While is an until
or it j* on mir Immr work, null il iv
hoped tbnl n largo coiigrcgntlon will
gather to hear bim. The annual
missionary offer ing wilt in- taken on
Sunday, March 10th, when lhe pas
tor will preach on "Tlie Victory oi
the Gospel." The Rev K. W, Morgan will be with us on Tburnilny,
tbe 90th, and will speak mi thc work
in China, in whieli country he has
been recently working. He wil! he
accompanied by the Rev. h'ong Dick-
man, our Chinese missionary iu
Vancouver! who will address his fellow-countrymen in Ihis city. All
through this month, missionary
themes will be discussed in all lhe
departments of the church.
Tuesday.—Kpworth League. Sub
Jcct: "Paul's Third Missionary .lour
Thursday.—Devotional limn.
Friday.—Choir practice.
Morning subject: "The Comforl ol
Ood's Presence." There will In- a
special "Shepherd sonn service" 7.30
p.m. The new 1201* edition uf sat*
red songs and solos will lie used ai
tbis service. The pastor, Rev ('has.
\V, King, at both services.
Hible school with Philethca and
Burac.t classes for young people <
Wednesday.—Mid-week meeting, J*
A cordial Christian welcome,
March liib
Morning service at 11 o'clock Sub
ject: "Christians as the Light of the
S. S. and Bible class at t p in
Evening service at 7.30.
Voung People's Guild on Tuesdaj
at 8 p.m. Subject; "The Gospel in
Great America" Leader: Mis. \
.1. Raiment.
Discussing the trend of public opinion anent the reciprocity proposals,
the Toronto Globe points out that
the opponents of reciprocity iu natural products Hnd no ground for opposition within the four corners of
the agreement. They have given up
the light, so far as tbe present pro
posals are concerned, and ho longer
seek to justify the earlier plea that
the agreement is disadvantageous lo
There are still not a few, it tv
marks, however, who persist in calling the agreement a treaty ! t\
press regret tbat Canada is going to
hamper her llscal freedom Ine ->f
most prominent Liberal dissidents iu
Toronto—not one uf the Itfaccn,
however—has been basing bH ".i;i ■■-
tions to reciprocity in natural product* on tbe ernmeons .WtUti.plIon
that the agreement is for a Used
period of ten years and 'annul be
terminated before 1**21, no matter
what dissatisfaction mlgbl develop.
When we learned thai the Canadian
people are quite at liberl> lo restore
the old rates of duty al nexl session
of parliament if tliey desire tn do -jo,
and that the only agreement that
has been made is one by Which each
government in Ibe evereise oi its undoubted rlghta reduces Ibe duties lev
ied by its own tariff, he was the
most surprised man In Toronto The
word "treaty" bad been so dinned in
to his ears tbat be supposed Canada
was in some way parting With hm
fiscal liberty.
The ease cited warrant! Liberal-.
who understand the agreement in
calling (or particulars whenever tbey
hear critics denouncing it. "How
does it hurt you?" is the question
that should be put to those who Bee
in it nothing hut ruin fur Canada. In
most cases it will be discovered that
the critic is not affected in the re
molest degree by the agreement, ami
that opposition is based iml on
economic grounds at nil, bul on lha
fear that (he loyalty of Ibe farmers
of Canada will be sapped bv better
trade relations with the people nf
the I'nited Slates.
To men who put forward this view
the words of Hon. S. II. Blake
should carry a message of warning
He does not fear tbat Canadians will
sell their country with Iheir wheat
and dairy products.       "If permitted
• • •
Joseph Ryan
Real Estate,   Notary Public,
Conveyancing, Deeds,
Contracts of every kind
WANTED FOR PURCHASE Coal Lunch held under
Louse, Lands held 11>■ al.>■- Coal Prospeotlni}
Licences will not bo entertained.
Large arena of Tlinbor  Lands in any purt*o{
the Province.
Ra.aworth Block,
Baker St., Cranbrook.
• ••
Your .property in
Town may need a
new one or perhaps
you are going to fence
your farm
If this is so in either
case we would be
glad to talk the matter
over with you as we
are the sole agents for
which we honestly believe is the BEST
and we have a stock
on hand of both
LAWN and
We shall   be glad to
show it to you at any
The Hardware Men
®,a)la*,a) .,..*(.* ....*. la)*®®
t ®
® ®
    — ®
Dealers In ®
Fresli and Cured ®
Meats. ®
Poultry, (inuie  and Pish   ®
in Season, ®
'GIVE   US   A   TRIAL       (j,
___________ ®
The Old P. Wood's      %
Business. ®
®9 ®®®®®®®@®®®®®
if you appreciate a pure
sparklini: beverage. There
is not another brand ?.. well
known nt*
You mny onlef anv Uavor
you like, one is equally as
mol uo another. If you
nave never tasttil Our
Drinks, you nre surely
loslngn treat. Order to-tlay
wnrk on tin- lines tlmt open      to
Iiiiui Midi trade, business, uml firmn-
lal results as win comlutr in their
prosperity," nays Mr liluk,', "then
tliey uill not think nf any change nf
allegiance; but if they an- thwarted
in this respect, dissatisfaction will lie
Introduced and change will in- desired
h is always very repulsive to me to
lind thai sn many turn are now be
ginning in place thc Integrity nf thr
Urltlsh empire upon tin- lo« platform
f tariff, trade relations, preference,
tie., ns if some huh' change m duly
r some little rearrangement ol Inrlfl
considered to in- necessary In tin- In*
leresl nf piihci Kngland oi Canada
shnuld sever thr I lei nf loyally uml
degrade ns tn ihr low level ol persons
»im desire in continue ilu- union oalj
because nf some material advantage
tlmt may arise "
Pregnant words these, carrying n
profound meaning nmi a grave warn
ni", fm all wlm seek' in liml a foundation fnr patriotism in Hu* ba^liiii:
nf tin- market jii.uv
that thirty days after date, 1 Intend
tn apply to the t'liii'l Commissioner
nf Lands nml tn tbr Assistant Commissioner nf Lands fm the distriet of
Mast Kootenay, for a license to prospeel for coal ami petroleum <>n tin-
following described laml, located nn
tlie North Pork of Sflehel Creek, live
luiles north    nf tbe CrOWS NeSl  Pass
Branch nf tbr Canadian Pacific Railway!
t'miiiiu-ii. int'. at the B. W. corner ut
East Kootenay Bottling
Kerry  Ninlit
Saturday Mntlneo at '.', pin
Programme lor
I'liJ.iy and S.ituiJay
Ilia>,.u M-ll  I'll Ml \
COM Bl>\
A. ES. W-ivliuul's claim, hdng tin- in.
tcm-rllotl nl Hi,, mu lli Hu,. nf     lIn*
properly of iln*  Crows Nest     Pass
Coal Company's   i-unt. uml a stirvpy
line  miming   north anil   south,   tin*
sanir being iln* Initial pnsl nf I. II.
Preston's il.utn  uml marker! **i   n
Preston's southeast corner,"   thence
mi rhains west,   thenee  nu    chains
north, llirm*,. Wl   chains nasi, thence
sn chains south tn plan* nl beginning,
containing M0 acres, more nr less.
I. If. Preston, Locator
Matin* Lameroux, Agcht,
I.muti-U .lau. astli. 1911. Mt» THBORANBBOOK HERALD
March Winds Play Havoc
With the Complexion
Unless you use a Good Cream and Talcum
Powder. We have ALL THE GOOD
ONES, bul reccommend Our
Cream of Witch Hazel
Lyman's Talcum
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
Wlllilll! IT  PAYS Til DEAL
British Columbia
= New Prints =■
More dainty and   more beautiful th.
our new
an ever are
prints.     Our  assortment   was  never
Quality guaranteed.
We have just received a very
ohoice selection of Ladies1
Umbrellas with the newest mid
most attractive handles in noli!
and pearl effects,
The covering for these an*
the best silk and wool mixture,
and an- guaranteed not tu cut.
Prices range from $4.50
To |I5.00
time is
in* ri*.
' s
and Mr*.
w .1
. Al,
Visit ill:
; Mrs  C
.i. i.
t iin«- is
' S,
mu, ti
i Ilii*
le i
•f It
ill,   headquarters
Flesh       sup
is boon gai
pr foi     ik.
• >f    Iti It
V   Id  Illl'
Hiymiiei. a (laughter
Slim- time is here.-
Utile ami Atchiso
fur all kinds ol fruit,
plies arriving daily.
F. VV     Green, M I)
Hied mcdi'ul  health	
ilistrict uf Cranbrook.
Shoe I nni' is here,—C V s
Frou Frou biscuit nt Kink's I'm
Food Grocer)
J R Kenned). former!;
bridge, Is in town, on liis «
Shoe time Is here — V c fl
\h \li'\ w Lilian ! ■ i lias ai i cpted
.i position with iln- Kim'. I.umboi
MilK compan;
[•opbam's chocolates, thp mosl do
llghlful to in- li ul. always frojth at
I.itlle .mil   Ui 'n ni '*
M. no Frank    Slatei nhoi s, 11 W
C  C  S
\li I.      MjltilMl-, of
ovei  is visit ii
Seattle, Wash , Un- week
Ifl ur Frank
('. ('. s.
A branch of the Imperial Hank uf
Canada lias been opened at Kedcliff,
Alberta, under tin.' management ol A.
Iv Farmer, formerly accountant at
tbr Stratheona branch of the bank.
$0.00 Frank Slater shoes, $1.50.-
C. c, s.
M, 15, Guy, of the Canadian Hank
of Commerce stall, has been transferred to the Fernio branch and has
been replaced here by A. Manly, of
I Fernie.
$7.00 K. shoes, $5.90.—O, C. S.
j   Choice Malaga grapes at Little and
Mrs.   Galloway, of Brandon, Man.,
visiting   lier   daughter, Mrs.      Fred
Wells, lias been   seriously ill, but   is
now much Improved.
$7.fto K. shoos, $5.00.—C. C. S.       lis
S. Villa, of Hamilton, Out., manager    of   the   -fas. Turner  wholesale
grocery ol   that    city, was in town
during the week on business.
$7.00 K. shoes, $5.00.—C. C. S.
Miss Hazel Lawrence, who has been
the guest of Mrs. A. ('. Pye for sev-
ral weeks past,    returned to      lier
home in .Spokane last .Sunday.
Finest Florida grape fruit al Little
ami Atchison's.
K. shoes keep the feet dry. and are
guaranteed to wear six montlis
Price, $5.90.—C. (\ S.
Tlie three days old daughter of Mr
ami Mrs Cayo, of this city, died ou
Tuesday ami was hurled yesterday,
Rev. E. P. Flewelllng officiating.
McVIttie and Price's "Madiera"
biscuits arc dainty, toothsome morsels Ask to sir them at Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
K. shoes keep the feet dry. and are
guaranteed to wear six months '
Price, $5 90.—C (' S,
W F Doran has taken over thc
■roiiil band store lately conducted by
.1 K Jordan, who has hern compel I-
nl to move to a lower altitude an
account of liis health,
K shoes keep the feet drv. and arr
guaranteed t<» wear sts months
Price, $5.90.—C   ('  s
Lee Glnn, a Chinese, employed as
,i wlpci at Crows Nest, met with an
Occident there last Saturday and was
brought Into thc st ESugene hospital
foi treat men I He died there tins
Seeding time will soon be here
Call ami see om collection ol garden
and   Held   seeds —Cranbrook Trading
K. slioes keep the feet dry
guaranteed    to   wear   six
Price, $5,00.—C   ('. S.
Han   ItfcKolizlc,    a native of Scotland, died at Uie si   Eugene hospital
on Monday,     Tbe body is being held
al Beatty's undertaking parlors pond
ing Instructions from members uf the
family al Detroit, Mich.
I   K. shoos keep the feet dry, and are
.guaranteed     to   wear   six    montlis.
i Price, $5.00.—C, C   S.
FOIt SALK—320 acres bench land,
lfi acres in cultivation, fair buildings
[on line K.C.K., going cheap owing to
,Ill-health of owner. Apply .I.II.C,
care Cranbrook Herald. ,'i :ii
I Thc funeral of the late Mrs. Mary
Foisy, of Klko, took place in tins city
yesterday from tbe Catholic ehurcb.
Deceased was a pioneer resilient ol
this district and was well known Lo
all old timers Sbe was in ber seventy-eighth year. She died at hei
borne in Elko on Monday last.
K. slioes are made in Kngland and
recognized as superior to all others,
$5.00.—c. c. s.
I Choice celery, lettuce and cucumbers at Little and Atchison's,
j Warren Delleck, formerly a resident
of Cranbrook, who until recently has
been up iu the Fort George district,
js at present an inmate of the sanitarium at Kamloops lie is in a
serious condition, with consumption, and hm little hope is entertained of bis recovery
K. slioes are made iu England and
recognized as superior to all others,
$5.90.—C. c. s,
PARENTS nol employing help by
llie week and wishing to spend an
evening out al sum.- entertainment,
can liml a competent, steady woman,
to look after their ehildren, and care
for their bone' during their absence,
by employing mc at tweaty-flvc cents
an hour. Mrs Belle Butler, residence
fourth   house    west side    nf  Clark
avenue, south of Lewis street       WAX*
Tbe managemenl ol the Vuditorfum
tins morning wen- advised by tele
graph that the "Managing Mildred"
company were weather bound at Oro
ville. Wash , and could not keep theii
engagement here this evening The
regulai picture show will form this
evening's programme under the cir
I New laid eggs that we guarantee al
Little and Attbison's
Satisfaction Is aaothci name for
K   shoes.—CCS
A (' Pye has moved Into hfi new
premises, formerl) the Imperial bank
building These premises have been
wry tasteful!) fitted up, special ac
coramodatton being provided ior the
ladles' boot and shoe department
The new Blow makes an attractive
addition to the Bakei streei business
troubled with painful feet—corns oi
otherwise—can hud rellel by paying
mc a lea risits—fifty cents a \isit—
will call ai ladies residences if re
quired Same terms Mis ih-lle
Butler,    Clark    avenue,   wesi side,
foarth bouse south ol Lewis SI    III*
I Keep youi feel dry, wearing K
shoes     Price $5.00.—C. C  s.
I Mis Thomas V Lee. who mulct
went an operation loi appendicitis on
Tuesday is doing nicely; and Mr Lit,
who reccntlj broke bis leg a second
time, is on bis ini .main, though tin
able to work
. Knoi Church Ladies' Aid will bold
a sab- of cookery and aprons on Su
iiiidav. \pnl 15th Watch foi post
ers S 1'
I Keep vour feet dn. Wearing K
shoes        Pll.e  $5.00.—C    C.   S.
t What might bave been a very set
ions if nol fatal aecldenl occurred on
Tuesday, when a snow and Ice slide
from tbe roof of their home struck
Mrs Charles Shepperd, who happened
tn be standing in iis unccrtmontous
way and hurl ber severely.
|    If you nre lining up Tor spring call
wagons. We
, and
s Pure
old lime
I butter.
demonstrate thai  Un
ol this    industry   have now i
ihe acme of perfection.
The Baptist Voung People's
held an enjoyable skating pari
the Arena rink Monday evenin
is the guests or Mi .ini
.1 Woodman, A social time
names and refreshments was
Mt Harold Bridges pleased tin
puny with a number of excellent
lections from ins phonograph
Satisfaction    Is another  name
K   shoes.—C.C.S.
The classification    of the
lines     of foodstUlTs in Pirn
Kood Grocery eliminates tin
complaint of   codfish flavor,
coal oil tainted tea, etc,    Their ever
increasing patronage exemplifies    the
business    pulling   power of   modern
Mrs. Wm. Ouerard is actively engaged just at present in organizing a
St. Patrick's day concert lo be held
in the Auditorium under the auspices
of the Catholic ehurcb. St. Patrick's day falls on Frida) of next
week, March 17th. Lovers of good
music are advised to keep this even
ing free tor the concert,
Satisfaction is another name fur
K. shoes.—C.C S
(ieorge Iloggarth,    proprietor    of
the Hole) Cranbrook, appeared in tbe
police court on Monday morning   In
answer to a charge, preferred against
him    by   Itev, It. Hughes, of having
his bar window blinds too high to be
seen over on Sunday, February I.Mli
nil.     The evidence adduced in    sup- I
pori of the charge was quite unsalis
factory, and thc   case was dismissed j
hy Police Magistrate Ityan. !
Satisfaction is another name for I
K. shoes.—C.C.S. I
Very unpleasant, but decidedly emphatic evidence of ine urgent need of ■
sewerage    in      tbis      city    has    been
brought home lo   many citizens din- '
ing the past few days in the Hooding
if their   cellars       Tin- cement built i „
,*11,„    mulct the   Fink    Mercantile I ".pon M
Company's building was flooded   this
ruing to the depth of upwards <f a
fool.    The basemen! of the Auditorium     was also deep in water yesterday       From several others       com- '
plaints of flooded    cellars have beeu
received,      There is a menace      to i
health in these    flooding*?, altogether !
from ihe damage to   property,   thut i
one hardly likes to dwell upon. 'Null
said      del  ready     for the resubinis
sion of tbe sewerage Inlaw.
FOB SALE—TWO ponies, cutter,
buggy and one set of harness. Apply to W. K. .lohnson, plumber and
tinsmith, Hanson avenue. 2-tf
Mr -lohn Fink has notified bis
local associates iu ibe organization
id the proposed wholesale grocery establishment, thai it will be Impossible for him to fill ihe position of
general manager His business interests and deals pending make it i
quite impossible for bim lo break
loose just at present. Arrangements have since been made to se
cure the services Ol an eminently capable and experienced man for this
position, whose name will be announced shorth
J iih t the   th i nt;   for  these
Tlie map of a match and you have* a
Comfortable  Hlaze,
.Ium nay tlm word mnl we will stmil
one Up.
"The Range Store'
12 l-2c, and 15c
Novelties   in   Fancy   Collars,   Jabots,
Ties,   Belts,   Etc.
hroughl as quickly as possible Into
the hospital. Miss Walsh is pro
grossing as well as can be expected,
the shock was more serious than the
actual burns. Very little damage
was done to Ibe store building, Hie
lire being quickly subdued by willing
workers wbo had hurried to the
scene upon learning of Ihe accident,
School Inspector McLaren has been
visiting tbe schools in tbo surrounding district flu ring the past week.
Vie,    Itollins is bin!* iu Cranhrook
The Very latest ideas in these dr6B8 accessaries are now
to be found here; embodying the m-w chiffon bowl, stock
collars, and new styles in jibots. at prices ranging from
moc. to$B.0Q.
Kimona and Dress Crepes
jusl   arrived     Let   us
A large shipment
you Ihem.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores.
Decline ot Socialism
the continent, Hi    tt'eiscngrun
  Ives tbat   "in   Austin,  as well .
VERITABLE REJt'VKNATlON nF|Oermnny,   socialism    thrives t
the   pi
again after a v
somewhat hurried,
London town. i'i
eessitaled Mr. Roll:
oeean and, short as
old Kngland, be sa;
cd anything mon
that circumstances
o good
>f tbe sn
oul     tbe World
the judgment <
the   Austrian
analysis ot the
of its opponents " He says:
Is this ineptitude ol the bom
impending    in
! and organi ..
I'nii'iii through-
towei j
ism, '.jj
wbien ma) be regarded as thc
il strength ot practical Marx-
be accounted tor? If the ma-
[al mm
il wc ar.- to    accepl
Di   Paul IVcisengrun,
student     .<f |iolitn,il
In    a long, scholarh [
progress ol political
ns- crossing the
Ins stay was in
s be never enjoy
aud only regrets
_^_^^^^_, Q "(,t Permit of
bis devoting more than twelve days
to the world's metropolis Evcrybod)
who knows Vic. knows that be travels with bis eyes and ears open ami a
chat with him about the recent trip
will impress anyone with the fad
that they are kept open to good
purpose. During his brief stay certain facts were impressed strongly
Itollins om- circumstance
tbal made a deep impression was
the prevalence of foreigners in London. From what he could observe
and learn In course of conversation
Mr. Itollins realized tbat probably
the greatest problem facing thi' nil
ers of old Kngland is the alien immigration question Thc best stock
of tho old land is rapidly being dis
placed by a foreign element, which iu
many particulars is greatly inferior
This state of affairs appears to have
made n deep impression upon Mr
Itollins. In many other directions
Mr. Itollins' talks of Impressions
gained and observations made tha*
are extremely interesting. Returning
homeward, Mr. Rollins was struck by
the practically universal interest in
the reciprocity question In eastern
Canada, he says, that is the only
topic of conversation. Mr Rollins
is completing business negotiations ol
an important character aud will
shortly be in a position to make
some definite announcement as to his
future plans
Libby's   sacur   kraut     (the   finest
packed) put   up in three pound tins—
at Kink's Pure Kood (irocerv.
RENT.-A large .-arm st.We | _™° .'j1*^™' °.rd^ "' Forra,or"
and kit our harness nnd
have a full line of the besl at reason
able prices,—Cranbrook Trading Co.
. Ridgwny's S o'clock lea—tbe mosl
delightful beverage in the tea world—
al Kink's Pure Kood (irocerv,
I The feature picture tomorrow ami
.Saturday ai the Auditorium is en
mini "Industries of Southern California." This is a particularly
good piece and shows amongst oilier
things a pigeon farm, an ostrich farm
nml au alligator farm.
I Chicken fanciers in the district are
Importing slock rrom Hie easl ami
trom the Sleles in preparation for
thc next (air in   Crnnhrook. Several
can be   used as warehouse, 16      peri
month or  $"> on lease.      Apply Ner
aid office. 45*tf*
The Calgary .Uheil.m has Issued an
eighty page anniversary edition,
which tells in ibe most forceful and
eloquent mannei of the remarkable
growth and expansion ol the chief
city of Sunny Alberta The issue
speaks volumes fm the enterprise
aud progressiveness «*»f the business
men of the cily of Calgary, Such a
publication is onh possible in u
thoroughly Im- cltj Thr AlboVtan
known throughout ihe weal as a
bright,  bewsy   dailv  morning    pupei
ami its latest anniversary Issue will
assuredly greatly enhance Its stand
ing throughout the territory it      so
ucccssfiiih covers
ORGAN kor SAl.i;-ln first-class
condition, tfS.OOcaah, Apply Dos
t. Herald ofllce. Ml
Miss Llulc Walsh, a daughter ol
Constable Walsh, of Fori Steele, is
an inmate of the St. Eugene hospital, suffering from thc elTects of
serious burns sustained in a fire at
ber home ou Sunday last It ap
pears thai her brother had mowved a
can of gasoline just outside
door of the store, and In «
had spilled a Utile of 111.'
some mischance he dropped
met in regular session Thursday,
March 2nd. On Ibe 33rd of the
month a pie social will In- held in
Carmen's hall The order has a re
pntation for it's successful socials
and all who attend on the 23rd are
assured of a good time
Let us overhaul youi Blower Sys
lem and put it iu lirsi class running
condition foi thi- season Wc install
ibe latest and best systems In sepal
ators and switch boxes now in us.
anywhere We have had mam years
experience in ibis hm- of work and
can guarantee a lirst class ami satis
factory working |ob
Patmore Uros
malch upon the oil, which i .oiictti.ile-
ly flared up. His sister, ho' lad
followed him out of the d mr, stepped forward to remove the can. The
flames ignited Ibe tag stopping iu the
can, and spread lo ber clothes, burn
ing her bands, ears and necf. Her
father was nearby and on rHiiic* to
ascertain tho cause of ber cries,
found her rolling iu the snow- Hying
to quell Hie flames He lupidly extinguished the flames and had      her
Wiunipeg,    March K —The eonferen-
ti between the c P R offlclilj and
.ii, o   tonductors and lra.'<-ici,
,!,.'li Itir.in   i inuary 0th, ended /('•
the bnek   'terday   and the   result wai   •ntircl)
doing   satisfactory lo the men, who      will
receive a straight  increase In pay   ol
!tcn per cent        It may be rctrospci
live from January t, 1911 Tlw
increase is effective on all lines west
of Porl   Arthur        Ttie last   revision
of trainmen's schedules was made five
years ago Changes of a radical nature have meantime been made The
new arrangement   is specially bencfl
i ini to the men, who are paid        bv
the mile who formerly were paid bj
the Ihhii as Ihey are on heavier
trains which are not making the
salkagr ol previous years
socialism which he contributes to a
recent number of the Dsterreichischc
Rundschu (Vienna), in Weisengmn
maintains thai "all the really rn-
tingtened minds ol Kurope now recognize the fact that theon tical
Marxism is nearfng Its end "
j "The pious souls whose wishes take
the form of social Ideals for the future may still, ol course, lie counted
by the hundred thousands tnd In
such circles the phrases "exploiters
."increment of value." --inherent law
ol capitalistic development," are
still regarded as sai red
Bul even iu this army ol believers
.the old dogmas arc losing their
magic, the doubters are multiplying
daily. The Issue now turns upon
overcoming "revisionism" itself, upon showing that it [s impossible t"
permanently reconcile a i.i! Idealist
(with social realism, that no path,
however difficult of discovery, leads
from Kant to Marv. from a freer
mitre real psychological conception o!
I1 things to a mechanical socialism."
This judgment. Dr   Weisengmn ad-
i mils,    applies    onlj    to theoretical
Marxism     He goes on to sa)
"The collapse ol "practical Marxism" is a most reecnl cunt, and we
arc witnessing only the Ilrsi act oi
this stupendous drama Those who
think only uf a "revolutionary
wing" and an "evolutional-) dire
tion" do nut realize the true relation
of things The actual facts are
these: as long as, following Marx, it
could be believed thai capitalism was
digging its own grave, sa long did
thc working classes need to follow
only a simple, straight policy Con
tinual agitai ion, enlightening the
masses—thai was all If, however,
it can no longer be held that the present social order is being destroyed
by industrial development, tbe doom
of that simple policy Is sealed. Tbe
question assumes quite a diffcrenl as
pect The term "a cohercnl reac
tlonary mass." applied ti. tbe boui
gcoisle, begins to lose its force The
new movement favors the coalition ol
all liberal elements In order to r--
move thc remnant-, ol economb ten
dalism That this movement Is io
general and vigorous is the In-: ob
vlous sign ol the decline ol prai tii al
Marxism "
"Practical Marxism Is based <*n a
correspondence—presumably ment li v
—between thc Increase ><l industrial
ism and the growth of social demo
cran " li Is a strange fai I tl >.*
neither Ureal Hritain, whh fa «.i- ih.
founder ot modern Industrialism, noi
America, thi real perfw lei of it, can
point i.i a real s*k i.il Demo rati
pariy The Austrian wrltei be
I (eves that, despite the strength "■
Hritish trade unionism political sa
lallsm In England is still in i's infancy, ami the same statement, he
maintains, holds good.of the l nited
"The comparative weakness "i" Uu
lahoi movcmcnl hi that country ol
pronounced capitalism Is undeniable
Nay, oven thc antitrust agitation,
which has dominated politics thn. In
reecnl vears, has not had Ihi efftel
ol essentially strengthening American
terialisi interpretation ol history
were correct, if political movements
represented directly and simp!) the
[results ui economic forces, wc should
not have such strong remnants ol pa
llitical and economic feudalism in
i • ■ boi sin b differentiation in
ipean capitalism Hut Uie materialist interpretation of history is
fundamentally erroneous The striving for economic power is nol
ilei of the    world—sexual
Itions, emotional considerations,
■  extent abstract thinking
other factors, influence the devious
load of economic development The
social straight mad exists only in
tbe imagination of one-sided, even
if able, economists '*
It l- the tragedy of Marxism, continues this writer, that "it cannot
adapt itself ai all to a health) capitalism and that it forgets
the fact that there is in process a
veritable rejuvenation of capitalism
.:. gen *".*.-
"Thus we have a rivalry between
the Jack of insight of the bourgeoisie
arid the political impatence of practi-
cal Marxism fn Kngland thoro is
no such struggle, owing to the discernment of ihe bourgeoisie Prussia
is a striking evidence af how tbe
government, too,   by iis reactionary
[policy has played Into the bands    of
. ihe socialists "
lallsm The extension mi! -
trlatlsm, thc powei of ■•■■ hnii il ■ on
centra tion, the Increase of steal
concerns—the growth of Social     He
tnocracy assuredly,   I hen,  does        li.tl
depend upon these factors alone    Iti
progress must   turn on other elrcuio
slaiues "
I   Turning now   lo   ibe consideration
of the no cal I'll Social Democracy  en
tt'e handle the
S1500   F.O.B.
The Car that Iim tlie '-rots continent
record: Sin Francisco—Ken Vork
hi '■■■■■ days, 15 hours : heati!** previous record mad*- by   I40UO cat   by
4'i days,
I.et as have yoor enqul iet.
that all persons having any rlaim
against the estate of the late David
Href ken ridge, who died on nr about
the nth day nf February, lt|d, at
Cranbrook, British Columbia, are ie
quired on oi bafors the ist day of
May, Jill, to send by post prepaid
to the undersigned solfclton lor Annie llrcrkenridge, the .Administratrix
o| the said estate, their names and
addresses and full particulars of tbeli
ilaim.s in writing and a statement ol
thc accounts and the nature of the
securities, if any, held by tnem. and
Rich statement sliall be willed by
statutory declaration
AND TAKK NOTICE that after
the 1st day of .Mar, till, Annie
Breckenrldge will proceed to distribute tbe assets of the said deceased,
having regard only to the claims of
which sbe shall then have had notice,
and will not be liable to any person
of whose claim she shall not then
have hah notice
Hated this 20th day of February,
A.D. 1911.
Harvey, McCarter and Macdonald,
Solicitors for said Administratrix.
The Job department of tbis paper li
equipped with the most up-to-date
faces of type. You get what you
want when you want It at tbe Herald. THE cuanbrook hjoaald
♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦||Dr Martc|-S fema|e pi||s
t    News of the District    IL!I!!I!"VY^8,,THE,?T1A,NDARD
(Hy Kred It""*)
Thr snow Is ilis;i]*|)(*ui ini; us fasl UK
l„,'i at ii ii,-iin,ui iltinci' in Klkn,
1 loulalian, tin* sewing machine* man.
•■■i*. in Ulkn Insl ivm'k [rom Nelson
wild snmpk's ol N'l'W \Vi*sliiiiiislt*]
real i-Hiaii* nml **t,*in wtnilliii; mouse
Cleoine I'nwrll, ol Cranbrook, wns
an Klko visitor this week, lining Imsl
ni-ss; nlsii rlsillng Kootenny      rlvei
Clien|nu'ss always proilucvs inlsprj
—nevei lmp|iiness
\ stitch in tun,* may save nine, till!
a li,,iih* ol [ton's ii.iil'Ii mixture mny
s.i*,* yotll life. Hig stoek ot limits
U.ii, I i   nilverlise nl on  li-li
in*; taekle, Uie lliggesl ami 1,,-st in
Ihi* I'ass     Oui usual enrlonil line to
arrive this week      Don't 1 ■•   youi
iNiiiiii laekle lo Mil am ranis
I,, Coal CriH'k
Say, mi Un* ilenil level, ain't Kit
iii,< a iirnv town Tin* mil;, reason
we ean account im  it '-■ there is si,
main   lllell   living   III   il   tli.it       slioulil
lun,* heen drowned when the) were
Ui* eal uill ami in* sleep well anil
»■•• lliin'l    won*)   am If um an*
hnpp) you an* weullllj Wl'llllll
mn'l  Ini)  liappiuess.
.1,,,*    \gnew    says the lirel i,*.ii	
nlioul Ins sntety razors is \   wife
can't  use Hi,*m li, rut her cuius willi
Vie liolllns |ias*.,*,l llirough Klk.,
Salimlny so swiftl) In* lefl a hole in
llic air lldllllll him
.lolinnj Thompson, ol lhe Columbln
I I.   received a posl ennl       [rom
Cranlirook willi   Ins trip    tickei loi
Ilu* loggers' .special ,,n il In* ran I,,
Waldo wilh ami lie Iill loi Cranlirook
Tiicsilav looking l.n Un* .Jasper thai
scut tin* eanl So you see ii pays
i,, nilverlise—when you've c*.i Unicornis.
Don'l tliiuk you're ic",nl because
youi grandpa was.
How sum,* peoples heads ilo swell
when <li*Hi,,   iu a liiilc brief author
il, These heads would remind vou
ni pumpkins with the seeds scraped
Considerable building . is gnlng on
iu Klk,* ami    Uu*   lown is spreading
mil     like    measles   in    a I riling
s,| 1.
Chump Clark. Hi,* .Iim Thisllciicuk
oi the U. S senate sais tin* United
Stales wouldn't annex Canada even
with the am,na horcalis thrown In.
What ii I- that keeps men Irom
alien,hm* church, asks a lady. In
Klko It's lhe loin; hai pins
The reason Ihal Klko prospers is
because there's uohotl* In ilu* mule
.lack Davis and Homer .loins, tele
phone experts I a gang of      wire
stretchers ate pui iim: In a telephone
system in Klko.
.lust   keep  your  eye on   tills  col li
and you'll read something Unit's
worth while writing home lo mho
aunty about, .Inc .lackson, the
p..pulai ciiinlmt.il, ma- have nothing
up his sice*,* hul ;i vaccination mark.
hill   la*   tells   llie    si   .iliillslll*.   ghost
story about a mute) cow w,* ever
listened to
'the V.ulli Star |il.mini; mill is
running full blast and mnkittg miitc a
l,n// in Hi,* place
I'haile'. Kay's rooster whipped
Sherldon's .Monday.
There is ,i good opening here for a
barber * hop and restaurant Thai's
all al presenl
(Special correspondent
Mi sievciist.ii, ui Kernie, npenl the
week end in lown, ihe giiesl "f Mr.
nnd Mrs   [{   A   tlreen.
Miss  I,iih   Shcpji.ml.  win. bas heen
attending business college in Vancouver, lias completed her course ami
Mincssiiiiiv passed ail cxnininnlions
Miss Sheppard .irritei hoiui a ,•»
days ago ami ami w ill ni eepl a position in Cranbrook,
Miss .loslo llanll. ..f llic posl olflei;
slab, ('ranbrook, spenl Kuiidaj with
her niNihci, Mi-  Otto Wisnei
Itev. It Hughes, j i Cranbrook,
gave a very Interesting ami proiit able
let line   ami     lantern     eiitn i.uimirlil
lasi evening in thc Wardnei Prcsby
terlan church
Mi \ *i H..1.-.. <.f Vancouver,
spenl Tuesdaj lasi with Wardnei
Mrs Oeo I lay ward ami Mis [»ick-
erlng wen- in Cranhrook last Monday,
Mi \ Johnson ami Mi Henry La
I'oinie wen- visiting friends in Cranbrook last .Sunday.
Mr Sinclair, of Cranbrook, visited
friends in town last Monday.
Police Constable Adnoy was in
.laffray lasi Monday on business
Miss lla/el l.uml visited Cranhrook
friends last week.
Mr A. Sheppard, of J a IT ray, spent
Sunday  With his family iu town.
Mr. A. Lund ami Mr f, Rcnwick,
ol Galloway, were in town over Sunday
Mr    Thomas    (ioinl   spent   the  week
end in Cranbrook,
Mi James Mavis am! daughtci
speni Monday willi FYrnlr rrlends
Mr Sykes and family ban- taken
up their residence in (own Mr
Sake, has neecpted a position nl  lb.'
tss Lumber n
i ! Prescribed and recominctided i
f linen's iiilmeiils,    a scieiilitically pn
Crows   Nest 1
aw mill,
Mr. and   Mrs,   Cleo   Dnvli
patiied by Mis. Davis' broil
ihis week for Portland,   Ore., wliere
they intend in reside.
Mi Wm. Oreen, of the company's
boarding bouse Mali, wan in Criui-
brook last  Mondaj  on business.
Mi   Martin left last Monday morn
g fm N'elson on n business trip.
(Special correspondence).
In a letter to .1. In in, wlm during
Mi V II. Pollen's absence in Kim-
laud manages bis ranch, Mr. Pollen
mentions liml people over there,
take grenl Inleresl iu Hritish Columbia  1   incidentally   in   this valley
Mr Pollen expect* lo be back here
Several men came down trom V.
II. Pearson's logging camp last week.
I'iic heavy snow at Skookiiiiicbiick is
the cause oi ibe forn- ot' men being
tccrcased iempornrih
Messrs, (}, Krickson and .1. 11
Dickson, ui Cranbrook, were visitors
a Wasa last week, Mr. Dickson accompanied Mr Kricksiui lo the C.P,
It. camp ul Skookumchuck and was
there given llic opportunity to sec
logging iu full swiug.
las. A. Duncan, manager of the
Columbia Itiver Lumber company at
Ulialtncr, went llirough Wasa last
week on bis way to Cranbrook,
Wm. Dunn, who for some lime hns
been working on .lohn Sullivan's mining property near Tracy, came down
the other day. He hroughl with
him several fine specimens of ore,
which were sent oui for assay. As
work on this properly progresses il
becomes evident Uml there are rich
nimral deposits,
Mining men have lot years known
if valuable mineral deposits in this
.alley, but lack ot transportation
acililics has held back development
if .same.     Old  timers have hung   on
u Ihelr claims with the line spirit
if ibe prospector and begin to see
Iheir hopes materialize with the
building ol the railroad, whieli can
tot come loo soon. There is no
loubt thai this road will be lhe
naklng of the valley.
"Hilly" sliiia intends to commence
levclopmeiil work on bis mineral
■latins on Lewis creek, the "Mary
I." and the "Hub." Mr. Shlra who
lasl summer did some work on the
"Swan" mine, owned by Spokane
capitalists, has received news from
the owners lhat work will he resumed on suid properly al an early
Mr. Hanson returned from a bus!
ness trip in Calgary the end of last
Mis M. Donohite bas returned
home from several weeks stay in
Calgary. She expressed her pleasure
ii being back iu Wasa.
Mr. and Mrs. P. |-\ Patrick, of
Cranbrook, were guests al the Wasa
hotel fm  tbe week end.
.1 A Duncan, of lhe Columbia
Itiver Lumber company, returned
from Cranbrook Sunday. He hroughl
wilh him several men from town for
the camp at Toby Creek. Mr. Dun
can estimates this winter's output of
logs at about fifteen million feet,
which will make the spring "drive" a
considerable one. According to Mr
Duman's slatemcnl tlie people in the
Uppci   part   of  the      valley anticipate
much activity during the summer.
It looks ns if the winter was over.
We have had a spell nf warm weather Die lasl few days and may now
expeel "Chlnooks" to do the rest.
pared remedy of proven worth.   The
suit    from their use is quick nml
permanent. l-'or    sale al  all drug
stores. 3 loDela
If you know il, you would mil wil*
llllgly accept counterfeit money,, Instead you would probably raise a
disturbance and seek some means   of
Hat, spent a few days In lown lasl , Why then accepl a preparation said
week, guests of Ml', and Mrs. W. II. to be "just as good as Newbro's
Wbimsler. They left for llic cast llerpiciile'" Vou know it is a coutl-
ngaln on Monday. let-fell,   an   Inllatfoii   of   the    real
Kev, M. Wilson, of Ilosmci, occupy- [tiling. You w.inl the original dallied the pulpit in Iln1 Presbyterian tUiifl germ destroyer, Herpicide, and
church ou Sunday and delivered two jyou can gel it, loo, if you insist,
very able and learned discourses, In I Redress is always possible iu such
ibe morning be spoke on lhe meaning an Instance. 'Iln- mosl effective moot tbo gospel and in the evening     lie [thod is to irade where you get what
look as bis subject: "Why Does Man
(io Wrong?" On Saturday evening
be addressed lhe Ferule Literary So
clot) on Shakespeare,
Perhaps one of the most enjoyable
events of lhe winter's social fune
lions was given by Mrs Dr Corson
ou Friday evening, when she entertained some of (be young people bj
giving a snow shoe tramp. Those
who did imt core lo snow shoe staj
ed al tin- house unit played bridge
About eleven, the hampers returned
and finished tlu- evening iu anj wny
most pleasing lo themselves, After
lunch some obi fashioned games ami
music were thoroughly enjoyed by all.
'I'lu- Five   Hundred club mil        at
Mrs, Lamb's on Tuesday evening.
Miss Jessie Denisou returned trom
Calgary on Monday night.
Mr. Kra/cr Wbimsler was ibe guesl
of his uncle,     Mr. W   11   Whlmster,
last  week.
vou ask in
id no suggestions oltot
With the death j I ihe dandnid germ
the haii stops fulling and is permit
ted to resume its natural growth and
beauty. Such results follow the use
• >t Newbro's llcrplcide, It stops
Itching of tlie scalp almost Instantly,
A counterfeit article is never "jusl
as good." Herpicide is sold and
guaranteed by all druggist*,
Applications uiay.be obtained at all
good barber shops and huir dressers.
Send llic in postage for sample
and booklel "ii the care of the hair
to The Herpicide Co., Dept. It , Detroit, Mich.
Hcattii-Murpliy Co., Ltd., Special
Electric Restorer for Men
PtlOSphonol "stores every nerve In Hi
■ hotly
vim nnd vitality. HrciiiHliirudt'niv .iml
wenkneas avt'rlcd at once. Fhoaphonol will
make vuu n new man, PrlCfl Jpabox.or two (or
(fi. Mailed to nny address. The BCOPOll Drue
Co,, It. CMhftrlQM, Unl.
For Bale at Beatio,  Murphy & Co.,
within forty live minutes of Victoria
ami London H ridge. Thc cost of
making Brighton practically a suburb
of Loudon is likely to be a million
and a half sterling. Thc initial expenses of the specification are considerable, for Ihis work alone will lake
the engineers two years lo complete.
(Special correspondence).
The stall nf the Home Dank have
moved Into their new building across
Hu- street from Hu- temporary   one,
This building is t.nc of tin- liucsl lo
he found iii any small western city
and adds greatly in the appearance
of our Main streei.
Mayor H .ensile 11 has been going
over the West Kootetio) distlicl ou
business matters  during ilu-     past
week.      .1.    L    Mclntyre  has        been
ailing mayor during his absence,
\. Mm/ and family an- moving to
Kingsgate,   where   the)   will   reside  in
Mis. Kllcy bas taken over Hie fiuil
and confectioner) stand lately occu
pi.-d by Mr RetxIlaK Mr, l.ei/ilofi
ami family an- moving back io their
• ibl borne in Montana.
The first Lenten tea of ihe Ladies
(hi!Id of Christ church was held at
ihe homo of Mrs, Laurie on Wednesday afternoon of this week.
Tbe regular monthly meeting oi
Hu- Kno\ cliurch Ladies Aid was
held at the home of Mrs. Carmeickle
on Monday afternoon,
Mrs. A, 11. free, wbo bus been
spending the winter months with her
mother in Herlin, Oui , returned
home on Sunday morning.
Hei tram Wilkins, a Hritish army
veteran, passed away bete on Friday
afternoon, a victim of typhoid.    The
(Special correspondence).
Miss Nellie Handle)  returned home I 	
ou Saturday, nfler   spending a    few A    remarkable    sight will he wil-
duys visiting friends iu Cranhrook, nesscd iu London on Good Friday at-
Mr. K.     tt.   McDonald, oi Calgary, tcrnoon, when n large procession    of
representing the National Land com some two hundred    clergy and three
pany, of    Cam rose, Alia., registered thousand laity, headed by the Bishop
al the Central on Saturday.            • ol   London and    bis suffragans, will
II. B.     MeCausland, of Vancouver, 'march from St. MarlinVin-the-Kields
was a Marysville visitor lasl week, to St.  Caul's cathedral.     Tbe Itev.
■I.  A. Tunnel,  ol Vancouver, regis A. (I.    H.     West, vicar of St. Dun-
lered at the Central on Kriday. stan's-ln-the-Kast, secretary of     the
Al. Jones, of Kimberley, was down evangelical council, who is organizing
on a business trip on Kriday lhe    procession,     states     thai  il   is
Chief   Constable   Munro, of Fernle, meant to be a public act of interces-
nml Constable Morris, of Crnnhrook, slon in which all churchmen can take
were     Inspecting   holds in   lown on part.     "The idea is to make a pub.
Thursday. lit- act of faith,"     he says, "and to
A. ('. I've, the Cranbrook tailor, intercede in unison on the greal day
registered al the Central on Kriday of atonement for Kngland and the
and reports business In his particular empire. Tin- presenl year is destinline to be very good. ed to be   a memorable one, and this
Mi. and Mrs.   .las. Watklns return- -* to be the lirst    of a series       of
ed   home on   Tuesday afler spending schemes which we in the church   nre
the winter at Moyie. preparing for Coronation time,"
■lames  H,   Doyle,    nl  Cranbrook, I
spenl lhe   week end with bis   familv '   The Stanhope g      medal,   which
llRrc goes to the    person   accredited with
.,„ ,  the bravest act of the vear, has been
Ibe      prnviiuial      scboo     inspector ;  . ,     ,.     ., ... ,,
1 ... .      awarded bv the Royal Humane socle-
inado an unexpected vlsi   on  ruesdny   ,    ,   ,.     ■   ,. , * , ,
.    .   ' ty to I-rank h laser, chief engineer of
and found all correct. ,     ,,     .,      ,  .,
the steam  trawler Donsule, of  Aber-
■las. Sampson bus got through with ,|ecn, shortly afler midnight 'on
his lumber haul ten days earlier than Augus| 37f ,h('. Donsidc was on thc
he expected, hauling at lb.- rate ol viking bank, 23a miles from Aber-
a little heller than 100,000 M. per lU.rl,t „H, nig|„ bc|ng pUcl, lUxrk mi\
month.      Luckily   for    him,   as the   UlV vvwlu,cr roUg|,.      Although there
roads now are nearly Impassable.       \iis „ \lvaXy S(.., , ing ,i„. captain
Mr. ami Mrs. Alex. Taylor and decided to shoot the trawl, and when
daughter Bella, of Kimberley, were he thought all was clear shouted to
Marysville visitors-on Saturday. let go, and   lohn Fraser, a deck hand,
——--+-1- | was carried over the side.     Hearing
the cry,    "Man     overboard!" Frank
Fraser rushed   up from below, pltiug-
Into   the sea,    and reached tlie
be truly inler-ruciul; for India, China,
Japan, Turkey, Persia and Egypt, as
well as the African and other races,
will be represented by writers of
their own kith and kin, (Ireat Britain lieing represented by Sir Sydney
Oliver, K.C.M.G., Sir Charles Bruce,
G.C.M.G., and Sir Harry Johnston,
G.C.M.G'., among others.
No empire occupies such a vnsl
area nor has its constituent parts
so widely scattered as llie British
empire, and accordingly no other em
pile has to face so constantly (lie
grave problem of being fair ami .iust
to other races. Kor this reason it
was only right Ihal the First Culver
sal Knees Congress should lake place
in Loudon, and ihal Ibe Klip porl
should mainly come from tin- em
pile. No less than twelve colonial
governors ami cighl colonial prem
iers are among lhe lion vice presld
cuts of the congress, besides several
cabinet ministers in Rnglniid.
The congress executive issues here
with a hearty Invitation it. all
friends of the cause of iiiirriaci.il
friendship in the colonics to make a
very special effort lo attend the con
gress aud convert it into an Imposing
demonstration in favor of good will
between the peoples of Kuropean nml
those of Asiatic, African, and Australian descent. The committee hopes that the coronation of the King
and the festivities and exhibitions
connected therewith will act as an
additional incentive lo colonial svm
pathizers of the great cause to under
lake the long journey. It feels sure
that those who attend will carry
away with them precious memories,
-valuable knowledge, and a new hope
for the near future.
Full details concerning the congress
may be obtained free of charge from
fj, Spiller, ium. organizer, i'*'i South
Hill Dark, Hainpstcnd, London.
w j man,
J       INTERESTING ITEMS      %,br0 lpl
The BUCCCSS which has attended the
policy of the British admiralty in
substituting oil fuel for coal has
been so great that the government
Is now asking for tenders for 200,000
tons of oil for use as fuel iu the
navy. It will be remembered tltut
it was announced lasl year Ihal llie
admiralty had definitely decided to
adopt liquid fuel. Forty live thou
sand pounds was allotted iu the last
navy estimates to provide additional
storage accommodation for oil fuel
for warships al Chatham, while dm
ing     the lasl   few    years oil   tanks
liaVC been elected at I'lyillolltll and
other      naval    bases \ll   the  Hew
vessels are now lilted wiib i.il tanks
as well as coal bunkers. The enormous increase in Ibe use nl oil fuel
is shown by the fact thai Ilu- lirst
order lust year was for 100,000 Ions,
which has been doubled iu twelve
\ pbenominnl development uf llie
South Yorkshire eoal area is in pn.
gress, and ibe nexl five yeara will
see large tracts of land near Doncns
ter dotted over with collieries and
large Industrial undei takings. Don
■caster is destined lo become the ecu
ler of the coal Industry of South
Yorkshire. It is predicted that
within a few years there will be
forty thousand pit employees, mostly
in the neighborhood of Duncastcr,
with an increased population of 130,-
0110. Moreover it is safe to say
that there are no fewer than twelve
new pits in prospeel at the present
lime within lhe Doncnster ilistrict.
In five years' time It is hoped thai
Ihe tremendous    tusk of electrifying
the main lines of the Loudon. Brigh-
fiinernl services took place in Christ's   lon) „„,,    Smin, ,.|mst rn„woy   w,u
church   Sunday      afternoon.      The ;,„. mIliplcte.i     The preliminary steps
hearse and casket were draped    with |mVQ a\tctM\y bcon   token, the     line
lhe   I mon .lack    and ilu- Salvation h8 lirhlg   BUrvoyctl, and specifications
Army band was in attendance j prepared.     When the scheme is com-
Mi   nml Mis   llargrnvc, of Medicine 1 pb-led,    Brighton     will    he b rough I
Both drifted astern, hut a
lope was thrown, which Frank Fraser managed to grasp, hut his hands
were greasy wilh oil from the engine,
and he had the utmost ililliculty in
retaining his hold. II was only after fifteen minutes' strenuous exertion thai  they were got ou hoard.
The Central Building of the University of London will witness ibis
■ Inly (2fltb-29tll) oue of the most
Inspiring sights of history. Representatives of nil the races in the
world will meet ns equals and iu
council lo discuss how prejudices may
be removed and friendlier relations
established hei ween Ibe western nations ami the other peoples of thu
earth, Never before has a meeting
of this kind taken place, and it is to
he hoped that il will he only Ibe lirst
of n series of such gatherings. The
First  Iniveisal  Knees   Congress will
and Richest
New Country
on the Continent
Is British Columbia
372.620 square miles (equal to 238,-
1211,81)0 acres) of almost virgin territory—composed of thirty million
acres of the finest agricultural ami
fruit land, fifty million acres of tin
best timber iu lhe world, the balance
containing millions of acres of the
richest gold, silver, copper, lead and
zinc mining country, as well as thc
largest eoal deposits on the contin
ent; all will be opened up to development within the next five years by
three transcontinental and other lines
of railroad.
Seven railroads are chartered l<
build to Fort (Ieorge, lhe gcograpbi
eal and strategic commercial ceutci
of British Columbia, nnd the natural
supply point for Canada's great lu
land Empire.
Fort (ieorge is nt the junction of
1100 miles of navigable waterways,
nnd will be one of the largest cities
in the West.
You can get iu ahead of the rail
road and lake advantage of the wonderful advance in values if you ael
Let us send you a free copy of "British Columbia Bulletin of Information," containing up-to-date develop
ment news and synopsis of government land, mining and timber laws
Act quick; write today*
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
Paid-up Capital (250,000
Joint Owners  and    Sole Agents
Fori (Jeorge Townsile.
flOfl Bower Building, Vancouver, B.C.
|.'e 3 Mar.i
V      *f"\  haa*,-*"'-,1'*.l iv* )\
                                         "      )    ) l-r.. products -.■ ■*           -  *
im- fii-     _ „..*w-*•—•;iJJiaamfBW',
. nfiwtij-
" JmLT—*-?7-TTTTT$Wi' km
:: ',- :.:A-i
TMt bulliUnn
NU'tmsi-l    Puroid   by  tht ft
handt thtmitlve:
* ^   >»^^.,*..
IT     ^W^-',.;':^'b
No Saving in First Cost Can Pay a Fractional Part
of the Cott of ihs** First Leak
When it comes to roollni;, ynu need the In > tho
kind that has/''.'wi/it will nol leal< proved il i.i ail
climates, through many rears , l service lo thoui antlsi
*,| farmers and manufacturers throughout the country,
to Governments and all leadiny railways.
For Barns, Stables, Poultry-Houses and
Oiher Farm Building..
NEPrjf.scT I'.iroi,! Roofing is becoming I'ruli year more tin*! more
recognized as iln* mosl tliorouglil}' satisfactory roofing and siding,
More.lasting than shingles: easier lo lay, and a safeguard against ln<*.
Fnr tlie residence NeposseT Proslale Roofing gives a i* nidsomc
effect, and saves you from repair hills and all roofing trotihl
Write for the Bird NEponsET Book
which gives lull information concerning tl„* different t-iEPo'incr
Roofings   for   different   types   of   buildings.     Also descrih i
Neponset Waterproof Building Papers, whieli keep <>ut cold and
dampness from your house and reduce the fuel bill.
7 here arr NEaaasET A',*,".**,* Dealett treryvhtrt.  !■ , ud.nelt   **,
i    . •■ m i «■ Imllly.vnli ;,* and :. ■ .*.*" It   < ■■    II> a     .1 * ■
/... i n .*-.-* building! .'-.i.,'*, ;.*,<■■ NCnascT.'. .**,*,,■*• /i.r..- ...  .*,- ..'
F. VV. BIRD & SON, W* Lotteridge Strati, Hamilton, Ontario
/>.-:. *... ITU.   (J..*,,.-**.-,.. i,mi.,. k.,j, «..--,, j.i it..,.f.. ..*.-..„,.- r.,,...,.
Wluntp,.*     Uaatr-.l     St John, N B.      V.n.-n.v-r. a C. ^H^^^
£a,tWal!>-:«. Mat*.      S,w York      Wxhinjtoa      Chi.*..*,       Fortl.ni. Or,.       S.o jT.c.Uc,
Calgary Realty write us (or full particulars.   We will *
[d'lllly glre you full information iih to tin* value of mil- •
Bide subdivisions. *
Calgary Realty is souring.   Now is lhu tilllO to inns! •
hofore the oar lines nre completed, J
CALQARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
The Wonderful Cure
l>r. Klitllch's Spci'Ulcor "U00" ifl tlio only specific
ever illncovoreil to cure blood uoteon qnfekh unl
tnci-offihilly. We have seemed lliifl remurknble
Pliecfle"OOrt" wlilcli liaa beentnllyleateilnml nrovi-.l
ui ben POSITIVE cure fnr tbe teriHyiiiji H|icclflc
l.luinl tllseoie. "GOO" in now in iim* in uur
Inliorfttory. Romemtter "000" Ium cured tboiiBande
i.f men in Kurope; most ot tlu'in wore etiretl nftei
liot I real men t. Wo are experienced medical
doctors and know bow tti diagnose your case, ui \nm
Von Diingerii's Blood Test.
Write for  Information.
Spr.-ial   ticiitineiit   for   all   other  diseases   of   men,   Nervous
Weakness,   Varicose  Vein-.  Hydrocele.  Kl.md   end   Skin   Disorders,
S-rcs,    Ulcers,   Kidney.    Madder   and   Keitil  Disorders,  hu.. snd
Cuntracled   Ailment*
lirst Anatomical Museum in the North-west.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash!
\ imperial Bank o! Canada I
X CAPITAL AUTHORIZED  -      $10,000,000.00
RESERVE FUND -      - 5,575 00000
$5,905,000.00 ♦
5,575,000.00 *
It. li. WILKIE, l'rosulcnl.
HOX. ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vlco.l'rs«l,lenl
Acooituts of Oorportttlons, Mtiiiiolpnliliea, MerclianU,
Farmers null Privatu Ititlivitluala invit,ul,
Dnifls nml LilliTs of ('ivilit Issuctl available iii nny pnrl of
tbe worl 1,
SAVlNtiS DKl'AUTMBNT    S| ini   at ion
givon to Havltif/B llnnk Aocoutits. Ilfposits of $1 nu anil
upwni'il*, r,.|.i'ivi.il nml intorost ttllowctl from ilnlr of ili*|nmil
Cranbrook Branch: !i. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
**'' ****************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *************
It is tlm Siiinc l'liu-i*
Tlto I'lni'i' tlmt U Populur
tlooil iih tlie llest
Better tlinii llie Ilrsi
The Cosmopolitan
y If >uu conio onco.
j Vou will ooiiie iiL^aiii.
1 E. H. SMALL, Pkoi'iiiktok
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year THB   CRANBROOK    HifiRALD
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan un luvoniblo terms,
A  hon
Bl ini all
,. trom homo
mtiiiii in owes ul
v, llliuumilllBlil
s moiloi	
MRS. 1*.
I'.O. Ilu,
BUNT, Matron.
1 *J7:i
Opposite O.P.R. Sniiinii
THE    PLACE    TO      OKI'    A
Physicians and Surgeons,
Oltlr. tt  Ittalilr,,*.,  Arinalroni Aa,
Forenoons - - - - mm to 10.00
Afternoons - - - HOI) tn   4.00
Evenings - - - - 7.80 to   S SO
Smnlava - - - - 3.80 to   4.30
CRANHROOK :l     II     ll    11     B, O
Qrniluoto   of   Ontario   Veterinary
College, Toronto, in  IHIIH
Orii.lnun* iin.l Mmlnlllsl ol SleKllllp's
VeterinuryOollaipi  Uliloago.
in  1000
Ninr years experience In Veterinary
practice In Manitoba
Ollice—nexl iloor lo Po»l Office
Phone 139 P.O. Box 184
Nlghl call — B. 11. Short'. Ilettdenee
9 to IH a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ollleaj in new Reid Block
CRANBROOK        -      -      - B. C.
Crnnlirook nml Fort Steele
ii    J. Q. CUMMINGS   X
11 t.i°'no?i4818 Cranbrook, B.C. |
' **********************
9.   C.   a-i I   Surveyor
I    CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
Askfor Halo on L11IIIA VATEI
For family ,i-,* there in nothing
ao wholesome and ... pure na
II tl.i-YitN I I Nil A WATER.
Hi. in ivn.1 hi.Ollice i'i.mi Bakei llroel
to Nnrhniy nvenno, nexl iloot
|,i llinniniis I'holo Studio,
w   It  laea'tr. runeral "I
IV. ll*   I, 11 I'.
(ieneral Blacksmltblng
SU-i^h Repairing
Logging SlcljjbS made lo order.
Large Slock ol llnrtlvvood Runners on hand.
Hencl(|iinrter8 for all  kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tho Shoe Specialist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C.
P. 0. (OX 104 PHONE 244
II  yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
H|>fluiiil prices for family wurk.
Is prepared to supply help, .killed oi
unskilled, on shortest potelble notice; to find employment end guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms end to sell
you Iruit lands or other property lor
s small commission.
AddN>i:-W. Parker, 111 Baker tt*
NELSON, B. C. 48-ly
AND OHEMIST.-Charges: Gold,
silver, copper and lead, $1 each;
gold-silver, $1.50; silver-lead, 11.50;
gold-silver, with copper or lead,
$2.50; zlno, $2; silver-lcad-zinc, $3.
Prices tor other metals on application. P. O. Boi CD., 1108, Nelson, B. C. 4fi-tf
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manager
wise mono, mor.
Chop  Susy   Noodle
A Quid, M* ..I an,! a , i—i Meat
[rem ian id  axxvallvI
Enables trader! throughout the world
to communicate direct with   English
in each .luifc oi goodi<   i**»i.j,'- belne
ii complete commercial guide to London uuil iiii mbnrbi,  the  directory
contains lists of    *
with tlu> Qoodi theyibip, a ndthe
Colonial uiul   Foreign  Markets they
ananged under tlie Porte to which Ihey
nil, and indicating the approximate
if leading Manufacturers, Merchantt,
•ii.,iu iht* principal provincial towns
and Industrial centra ol the I'miml
A copy of the current edition will he
forwarded, freight pni.l. on receipt ol
PoatalOrdei lorWs,
Dealen leaking Agenciea can ad ver
Use theli trade cards for 80a., or largre
advertiiementi from 60s
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
IS \tittutrck Ine. (oitfii. EC.
Traoe Marks
HBfBMHndlll| ft oWHrli nn t il.'»flrt|tllnn titBj
< t.Hlf ■•'■<■rt-i.ii i.i.r ■■ Hi") wlirltirr nil
 Mini Ir I'laltjiitiiM",   ('iihimnul',r>.
mil .ii.il. WtDDBOOK «•» i'" ia
iiiTunlliin hi
■•nl frotj. tilili<*t «ii«ni-» riirpi'^iniia J«i«iiit.
I'alMU taken tBrOOin Mui.ii A UhlMMf!
•y«rWroriff, wnhimttlmrKfl, lulli*
Scientific American.
A kMdMMtf iih»»ii»t«i w^Mr.   Lnmj nr
iilUluti «-r any (Mitiillfl''   limmal.     It'iiii*   lnr
I'lllKll,  |*.7i  M   JTJMf,   pStMNMU   |l|.'laJ»lll     NiM   tlf
all mwailMlPta. . ..    .
« »
* »
^     Dim I pay eiprafa or duty
~ ou Sheet Music or Miisinil
liislriinii'iils    when   I   can*
Bttpply vou  with  KVERY-*
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* at prici's wliich   cannot Iw O
4 benten, Anywhere. *
4     Year's nf niusicnl  exper- .*,
* lence have enalileil ine to f
41 cater to a uiiisic-lovin*,* *
*) public.
., If You arc a
Music Student
* Singing Teacher
* Choir Leader or
* Concert Singer
Report on Sewerage System
and Sewage Disposal works
To tin* Mayor and Councillors, Cranbrook, Ii. <*.—
(iViitk-inrn :—
Wo take pleasure in submitting herewith report with plans for the
sowerago of your city,
The design consists nf nn Intercepting main drain through llic un
along Uu1 lowest lying ground, into whieli all subsidiary drainage will
discharge, thenco In an outfall si-wit to sewage purification works fully
it null' in ihr northeast of the cily limits, where an outlet is obtained
into St. .Joseph's creek, where II crosses tho railway through culvert
Tin- capacitj ol the drainage system Is ample for extension and
growth to a population uf about 16,000 uml capable ol taking a reason
able proportion of surface waler, while the first Installation al purlftra
tinu works is good foi  fully 5000 people.
We lind ibat with youi excellent system of lanes 20 feel wide, Ihey
work out economically and to advantage, thus saving most of the streets,
Including Maker si reel, from being torn up fur sewers and branch connections lo buildings. Tbe construction on tbe lanes behind llie business
blocks ou Baker street can be carried out quickly in short stretches and
will give but little Interruption to traffic,
The purification and disposal works consist ol (I) a small screen
chamber wliere the sewage is first roughly screened before passing into
(2) the liquefying or Sep tic tank. This is a cover-ill lank of concrete,
with necessary steel reinforcing, of dimensions shown ou plan,
having battle walls, sludge pockets, manholes ami all necessary
appliances. The liquid effluent from the tank is passed onto (3) the
percolating, filter built up of coarse sized material to a depth of i; teet
ou a concrete floor fill ft. x iiO ft. The tank liquid is spread evenly
over the entire surface of this filter by means of special patented
sewage distributors. The effluent from the percolating filter, which
Is already iu a high purified state, is finally passed through (I) a
fine-grained finishing filler of sand, 110 ft, x 30 ft. j. :J ft, deep, where
the final stage of prijlieatioii takes place, resulting iu an effluent wilh
a very high degree of purification physically, chemically and bacteiiolo-
gically. A sludge (5) is provided onto which lhe mineral sludge
which accumulates in the tank can be run periodically for drying out
and final disposal. The filters am arranged so that compartments ean lie
shut off for surface cleaning, etc., without interfering with the continuous use of the works. All byepass pipes, valves, storm-overflows, etc.,
for the efficient operation of thc works are Included.
We submit herewith a carefully prepared schedule giving iu detail
full and explicit description with particulars, costs, etc., all as per accompanying plans.
Size Description Un.
of Pipe. Depth. Feet. Rate. Amount,     Totals
15 ineh in Cranbrook street   7'fi" 5280 $2.05 $10821.00
I") inch in Shaughiicssy St.. and Cranbrook Lane to Harold St  7'li" llalid   2.05
IR inch in Cranbrook l.ane and Garden Lane to S, Baker Lane   8'fl" 1750   2.55
15 inch in South Maker Lane, Fen-
wick I,., Louis St. and Armstrong L 11
15 inch in Kdwards St. to Clark L.... 8
10 inch iu Kdwards St. to Van
Home St  8
8 ineh in Clark L., Louis St., Van
Home St., and Dewar L  8
2150   2.20
lllllll   2 15
150 Oil
1150    1.05      1807.50
1750    1.50     21125.00   (81814.00
800    1.10
fifiO    1.00
7'fi"  1M8    1.05      2fW7.M
8 inch in Watt Ave   and in Block.....',
8 inch in Watt Lane 	
8 inch in Dewar, French and Durick
ii inch in Hanson. Armstrong, Norhury, Fcnwick, Garden, Burwell
and Lumsdcn Lanes. Poole "and
Martin Ave     7'fi" 5fll)|     ,95     5004.30
S inch iu Edwards   from Burwell I..
to Martin Ave     0'       832   125     10|ft 00   $10878.20
8 nub in French, Durick, Hanson ami
Noihiuy Lanes                        8' 2«|M 1.20
1 Inch in Fenwick and Garden Lanes.. 7'fi" 1332 .05
I Inch iu Burwell l.ane  10' lifili 1 lfi
032 to      5.101 nil
« inch iu Clark Lane      8'       27u   1 10       201 00
8 inch in Durick. Hanson.  Armstrong
and Norbury Lanes      B'
S Inch in (.allien, Burwell and South
Baker Lanes  8'
u Inch in South Baker Lane     10'
lu inch in North Bakei l.ane   H'
8 inch in North Baker Lane   0'
lo Inch iu   Harold     ami Van Home
Lane   8*
S Inch   in Villi    Home   and    Burwell
Lanes   8'
121 concrete manholes complete^	
7 lampholei In South Baker Latu
Flushing connections 	
1 111
.'limn nu
1 in
1800 2"
1 .-Hi
l.'ii.i, nn
1 l.li
800 Mi
I r,n
I30S im
I i.ii
1 ll,K Illl
I'i 10
1 T.I in
Kjigiueetiiig, legal and  contingencies
tu pvr cent	
176036 00
T oan supply your overy want* *
*       MIMIC DEALER      *
J CRANBROOK,    •    B.C*
« 52-11 a,
Total for tewcrago Ryitem 	
Liquefying or septic tank  $ 1000.00
Percolating Filter  8000.00
Sand 01 lor   3000.Ofl
Sludge bed   "ifiOOll
Pipes, \al\es, ete  500.00
Engineering, legal ami  contingencies
12 percent       2010.00
Total for sewage disposal works          10010 00
Total   for sewerage syslem    aud    disposal Works   104,076.00
Il may be, of coarse, that you will desire some modification as to
tbe extent of the system, vi/: more or less than is shown on tbr plan
This can all he adjusted nml covered in the bylaw which youi honorable
body will prepare.
We are sending on two sets oi plans, one hem. for lhe provincial
hoard of health at Victoria, which ymi can forward to Dr Kican, the
director and secretary, as soon as you have passed on the matter, as it
is legally incumbent to do so and receive their approval.
We also em-lose herewith a copy of the bylaw framed to suit your
ease, similar to what wns passed here hy the i-niiinil as a local improve
ment, as il may be interesting nml Useful fur guidance should you adopt
a similar policy.
If there is any further   Information   desired, bearing on   this   reporl,
kitullv let us know and we shall be only too plensed to furnish it.
Yours obediently,
Consulting Kngineer fot Gait and South
Vernon, It (', 20th July, IftO.i.
NOTE.—In the Estimate <>l Cost "Lanes" have been designated hi
the name of Street nr Aveiiiir iininediateli In the west oi nnrthwpsl of
Ihr tunc.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills S1
A reliable French rtgulatoi itiovor (ails. Tin ie O
pills are exceedingly powerful m regulatlna the 8
generative portion ol tho temalo syslem. Kefum , B
nil cheap imitations. Ur. tin Van'i .ire soli! al fl
Mihiw, oi-thi.-cl..r*lii. Maili-rl in um ■nMr,**-*.. 'fl
Th* Heobell llrug Co., St. Cottwrlnei. ">it     X
Foe gale at Doallo, -Murphy ,v  Ci
Stnivi.l   inln    m.v   i-li.l..*
 I.v'aliiir. Ilrandeil ** I"
ilea -.linn- l.niii an lop ul r
Mini III K.V... Hanoi* |.l.*.ii
'.ii-.*** nn.l Ink.- nililuill ii'wi.v.
Ii. .1. MrQlNNIS,
ill. po
vskkok aaan ■■■ a-ajK
CltEBUliNT  I. IE No
Cranhrook, li. C.
illiilii' iliii! | Meets   every    Tuesday at 8 p.m. tt
Fraternity Hall.
• I. M. Boyse, C C.
I*'. M. Christian, K. I!. ,*.* s.
Visiting brclliieii   cordially Invited
to attend.
I**** ,.* .-
"AT IT HERE SIIICE 1*10:      ^}
iL -
We Muaxit ever*/oTieto lillOW i
fyal we are paying *
c~4% Inferesl^
peraimum cre3ite3 m'tlilj'
on savings Jeposits,*!-
.& U{ward) subject ToWith-
dnmwA by cheque 6 •*
f^-5^ Inters
Vemvesl monej'for tlienla
deneial (fnaiKiailiusim:*:',
We aVflnfttar savinja accnt
Sifyoii are not savin j •
sjfaJtcmaMv. *■*■*•*•
Commence Now Willi Uo.
* * * ca3il)'liiiu31e3 —
Youcan 8en9 W Draff,
Post 0(?ice * 6jq)rco3
OrJer or rttjistereif-*-^
belter & wifticlrawala
can be made ->♦■»-?-.
■***> any way you wish.
Ware Respoiwible
RcllrtiT^* **■>■
or To anyone In*
Write usaboutitto-dc
i im
321 Gamble Street,
^Vaivcouver B.C.c
I.O.O.K., KEV CITV I.OI1GK, No. 43
-*yg*tif*'*3i^. Meets every Monday
t^L^W*; ;!v\ niijlit at N'ew Fr»-
^£^'' - "'.->•• ternltjr Hall. So-
Journlng Oddfellows cordially Invited
I:   II   Palmare tt   M   llarrli
x* (i* Sec'y.
' ffi, " Cranbrooh     l.odse,
V"*)«*'   ' No   31
«    '■:•,.'■.■   .*,        AF. AA    M.
, Wa An ■ 	
'/ V*V li    il ir meetings on
1*\>;' '■      ""'   tllir'1   Thursday
'' li uf every month.
Visiting hrethren welcomed,
A. C. Sliankland, W M
1*:. IV. Connotl]. Secretary.
No. la.
Meets every sitond and   loiirt* Wed
iii'sday al Fraternity Hall.
.Sojourning    Rebekahl   cordially In
Miss ]•:. Johntton, N n
Miss HlckonbotliBSi, Sec'y.
Meeti In    Fraternity Mall Firtt ar..
Third Frldayi
T  Fraser, i:  C
,M. MaeKinnon, M. i:  and C
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second anil
Fourth Thursda] • .■ rth at s
|i m, sharp
Wm. Anderson, CI Eel Ranger,
L. Bent. Secretarr
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Mall first and
third Thursday ol racl. month a'
•i p.m. sharp.
Mrs   Lulu Hay ward, Rec Sec.
W. H. McFarlane, Chiel Range.
Visiting brethren made welcome
that un application will he made un
der Part V. ol the "Water Act,
ItiOV to obtain a license i» the
Cranbrook Water Distriet.
(a). The name, address, and occupation -if the applicant. Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Vo , Ltd , head office,
Waldo, B. C, eapilal $55,000 in ai'iui
shares of $100 each. Amount paid
up $100,000.
(It.) The name nf lhe lake, stream,
or source (if iiminmed, the description is). A spring in Timber License
No. 32017, in the canyon near thc
(C), The point of diversion: At the
(d). Tbe quantity of watei applied
[or: One cubic lool per second,
(e). The character of the proposed
works: A dam, pipe, and a watci
tank. ,
(I). The premises nn which the wai
er is to be used (describe same):
The losing railwav of the applicant
(g). The purposes fi»r which tlm
water is to he used: Supplying loco-
(j). Area of Crown land Intended
to be iKcupied by the proposed
works: None except highway.
tk). This notice was posted on the
I Stb day ol February, IOU, and ap
plication will be made :«. ihe Com-
inissioner nn the 4th day of Appl.
fl). Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or Heen-
sers who or whose lands are llkelj
to be affected by the proposed
works, either above or below the
nutlet: The Baker Lumber Company.
Ltd , and Fred Hammond
It'iss Saskatoon Lumber Co , Ltd ,
II. II. Ross
Waldo, It   C I II
| Presbyterian Church |
Sunday* m.jrtiir,-* service at 11 ♦
o'clock ♦
Sunday    evening     itrvice   al *
7.30 o'clock ♦
.    Sundav      Sch.j.l   an*!    Bible J
J        Clua at 3 o'clock J
x   t'resliyttrlan   Ouild, Tuttdisf, *
X at 8 o'clock a>
• ♦
TAKE    NOTICE thai    I, John .1.
* ujiatlon Farmer, Intend to apply lor
permission to purchase tlie fi'lluwin^
described lands:
Commencing .i1 a posl planted    at
'I rth-ea i   cornel     ot Lot No.
8106; thenco 20 chains cis*,, thenco
In chains south, thenco 20 chains
west, thence i" chains north to place
ot commem ctnent.
.Inlin .1. Johnston.
Dated February 7th,  1911.    "■ J - ■ < t *
♦ ffiaptist Cburcb I
l'ast,,r, rhsilts ff. King. *
I'arsonajre.  Norbury Avt*n*ie.      *
'Phone,  Hi.       P, 0,  Boi 287. •
Regular Services:—.Sui.daa, 11 *
am.     ana     7.30   p.m.:    Bible *
.School     with      Young   lAdieV ♦
I'iiilrthea     and     Ycung    Men's ♦
HlMe Claw, 3 p.m. ♦
Monday.    Young Peoplaa',    a  T
. P in. •
H'eil.-irn'l-iy. Mil-Week Me-tinr.
A COtdlu    I'hristltn welcome
to all.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•»♦-»*«»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
illVI. i - A THUL,
1 .Ml g
Itbin ilwaj   Belt In   British
imesteaded     by
any person is tl e sole bead ol a
family, i t anj     ale over 18 years ut
age, to    tbe    j. tU ..   i I one qua. tei
..   I L6Q acres, more ur less.
Entry i       be n ade perj nail; at
be local Ior ih* district
in which : lati. Entr>
nay, bowevei. be made ou
i  Dditlons by   the    lather,
. brother      or
: ader,
The homesteadei Is required to per-
for, the conditions connected   therewith    undi i    one   * I the   lollowing
(1).   Al least six ■;  .....s  residenco
the land    in
Mch yeai * : three yean
: .   ther,    if
.   I ther      di ■ .**■• d .      ol      the
... tanu in
ty ol        . md entered    for,
.. ■ to ;  lidenoe maj
• icfa Person ci sldlug
with the Eathei
Uler has bis pi rnian-
lena .   . nd own-
cinltj      ol   Ins
i    to
lb]  resid-
:     "       dd 1
notice   In   writing
should W gf ■ I   mmission-
■ ittawa ol
'- ■        -       | |   ■ ■
CO W. —I .',:■ i rights may 1>b
I for a   period      I twenty-oae
.' an annual rental t.f ll   prr
l re      N ■■ :;. n 0    acres
ihall be leased to     •      tlvidual    or
pan;       . :       I       t the rate ol
La ■ 11 be collected
i : ined.
w. w   CORY,
iKputy of the Minister   ol   the   Interior. 29 26t
::._■ any claim
  the I ."■• David
who died on nr about
. *    : HO, al
:   '   ! mbla, are re-
i.'.y    of
■; prepaid
- : foi  An-
. .    .....
and full par'.
■    .
"    ■
[Jed     by
;... • • '■':-. 1911,   tnnle
'.:•        ■
,.'    ■
:■ ■ ■ claims i
ind will not be liable
■  -    .
\ .'.  : ill
Hi '•' ■ '"    I inald,
♦ ♦
Nearly every   store   advertisement
holds "probable profit" for fOM   V-
body else ran decide lnr jrqti whal ad
It is—or in what way il holds pmfll
lor ynu.
200 Tons Oood Slougli
in    Northern   AllierU
♦ For partionlnn npply, !
The Job department ol Mils paper la   ♦ T
•quipped with    Iho most u|i-t<Hdiile   J A. O. I illAM'.RI.I,     T
hUM ol type.     You jet what    you,* PIKISTO, ALTA. 4
want when <ou wsnt II tt the ller-j J Ml .
•M. I **********************
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Rl ll-
tv modern I
Rates t :-■!-■■
('.,-: *' .' ][■ ■. ■ ■ •■    nd Front Ave.
j ' 11 :i i- meets all trains
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
l'i.-*l.*i,i     I   h.dltl
Recreury   v  llAcwiiaALp
Pot iii(..iinntii.ii raginling Uii.la
11 iiii.I   nun* uli'iii*   iii'i'ly   in the * i
< i -.*, ,.>iHi*  Cranbrooh, ll. 0
M 11
I i. ■>  ..I Wialm    s)
******************»**o THK   C'KNBKOOK   HERALD
Must Nave Sewerage
Crowded Meeting of Board uf
Trade Unanimously Approve
Resubmission of By-Law
Ium tin
Tin* regi
hoard ol
Tuesday ovening a
hotel committee i
gethcr an unusunll
flucntlal gathering
mnl properly ownei
iliiiiliii'illy iliu* in Hi
general!) uiulersloi
intended in take so
garil in Hn* .*.iil> ii*
sewerage bylaw
The leellng has
since last week il:
ests,ol iln* iiu il*
ium in this    sewet
eting ut Ilu
| insl will
anil In* ir
Sin* sin
i all*.
j   Mayor
In* better
illation in
| nexl few
I* wmilil never
bylaw   unlll
In*  li*.
i Un* i.
ked Mai
in* Idea i
i.iii* would I"*,
llunl if In* niuld
In   iln* probable
able '
' ilefinlli
In*™   hehl   .im! Ihey woulil
,* in ,i iiosilion   in strike a
■li In*
nu   ,atl.
,ok       h,
OUglll   I
unl       i
I lii.ln
ul lin* b*
■nmml pi
ige n
111    is   Unl   111
Kink In
alum ii
bock ami Uu* lieallh ol Ik clll,
seriously   jeopardized
flee President .11   II   Wilson
eupled iln*   .liuii in ilu* ahsm
I'lesldelll     III lllllll*!,    Who    wa
porarily delnyeil      Utei s	
it'spiiiiilftiri* bail brrli disposed
opened    up iln*   si*
ami     ealled upu
mt licit- his views
i  c niclitcd up
..i.il In   tin* unl.
leal   m    Hn* In law lasi
effectively alluded i" Hn*
biisiin-ss nnd   property In
iln* menace lo   public lieallh
inslal an elliiicni sewerage s
Mi     Kink    presented   a
ubull bis honor   Judge Wil*.
Ium i niiil.itiim    I'm  slgnatll
pealing in the council in re i
t Inter-
ll.pt   ill*- !
Mil*,  if llm '
mils      set j
l*ili/l'IIS  In* '
I A   Mill!
Mi    l*'in
I   Iln*   sit
lunate 4.
eek at
lamagc t
Illl I
iln* sewerage   bylaw
possible opportunity
nl Unit Uu* hoard ni
dorse this petllion a
dividual n Isu -Im
in I Hi* supiuiM  ill sit
Hesl ;
Kink ask   i
null* slioulil .'ii
id tbal encli in   ;
bl pledge
linn Us |i
when next submitted t>. the ratepay
Hi*  nn
. which
ondeil bv
Iii     response   in a   cal
chair, Mayor limn said a
lb* po
I   nHicl.il*,
i inside
1  Iron
fen  ii
Ibnl il would In*
pari nl ib<> i ni
a thorough .J.i
Sanitary  regulai
in ilu* past, luiii im n.li ctitorceii,
would ilom now on have lo In* Tin
mayor nlsn reterreil t.. tin* s,*t bml;
sustained bj tin* city In Un* defeat
nf ilu* bi law and pointed nut um* oi
two Instances where, as a resull,
civic improvements would In* delayed
Hi* specially deall wllb tin* (|uestlon
ol ilu* removal ol telephone posts
trom Iln* main streets to alleys, an
improvement tlmt bml bun delayed
pending lhe laying nf sewers nnd now
mlgbl linn* In In* dcloycd iiiili'llnilcly
■ I ll McCallum endorsed tin* re
minks i.l previous speakers ami wenl
nil   In   slIKCesI   liml   tin*  defeat
Inlaw hud been largely  .Im* i
lack nl interest displayed by tin* city
council      Hud a public meeting been
called .mil tin* ilii.nl* ni ibe proposed
scheme thoroughly espial !. In* had
nu ilnlil.I   bill   iili.it   il   would
K      Klwell   referred   lo Hi
expense of cess| Is. keeping
order, etc . ami expressed the
tin* propert) owners would nni      ii
more   economical   lo Instnl a p, ■■ *
sewerage system
I'liniP'iiiii   Wilson    liere   remarked
liuii um*   properly    ownei   hud told
ining spoke hi icily
i certain objection
in property owuo
nf tin* city.
It enlivened proceedings
um* very plain and pertinent re-
s Hi* remarked that obviously
preceding speakers did not know
what they were talking about. Tbey
ivi'ii* unable ■ lo sin* citizens any dc
iiiiin*     information.       How      I hen
mid    limy     expeel    Uu* ratepayers
, inn* Im sn large an expenditure,
when those in atithorll) could nm
tell Ihem jusl bun lhe money was
n, in* expended He wenl mi In say
Ihal a number nf side issues, quite
irrelevant, bail Inlluenced iln* vote,
and whilst this was so il was no use
Ignoring them. His recommendation
would be thai a committee he nppolnted tn ascertain jusl whal these
objections arc, in order tbat they
mighl In* Investigated ami redress
provided wherever possible.
Oeo. II. Tl tpson spoke next     at
some length, dealing with certain im
portanl Unnnclnl aspects uf ilu* [[ties
Mr 0. II Thompson, city solicitor, spoke of the tin* necessity for
sewerage from a saailary standpoint.
He bad been Informed hy physicians
i.l tin* city thnt ibe sewage from ibe
cesspools bad seeped from lhe hill onto Hn* Ilui ami i imlil nm now In* carried away liy Ilu* natural (low uf
water under ground.
Speaking as lo iln* 'probable
while unable lo gin- any definite
lires us In the rate until Ilu* assess
iiii-iiI had been totalled up altei tin*
innii ul revision, and unlit ibe lime
im appeals bail expired, which would
lake nt least linm ten days in nm
weeks, In* estimated lhe
* ni laud anil Improved!
ly ut approximately (1000,01111.110.
Vssuming llnil tin- sinking Iuud
would beai :i per cent Interest,    the
III lilt    thill   Would   llllle   In   be     col
leited yearly wuuld In* $1,100.00 principal uiul approximately 15000.00 iu
teres! (the ligures in Ibe Inlaw an*
II320..'I7, fm tin* purpose uf creating
n sinking (uiul). This would make a
collection ul $0300.00 per annum, provided thai Hu- sinking fund bun- no
further Inleresl than -'( per cent. On
a taxable value uf $1000,000.00 Ihis
would mean a tale of a little more
than six mills. l-'or example, a
man witli lund assessed al $1,000.00
and a house assessed at $1,000.00 has
a   tax   value nf  $3,000.00.  This  would
menu thai on tin* present assessment,
be would huve in pay between SIS Illl
mnl $20.00 per annum. JU course,
us the assessment   increased,       liis
rule wuuld gel   less, and  i!  the  sink-
' 'In'   mu Iiiiui    wen* invested iu securities
the j yielding    over 3    per     eenl,  Illl* laic
would proportionately decrease, Tin*
bylaw could not be pul belore the
people until about lhe middle or end
nt May. and, in Hu* meantime, he advocated a public meeting wliere the
question could he discussed nml lull
information given In Hu* mayor nml
< nil und Ilu* cily officials.
S I Harrison asked lhe question
whether it wen* ilu* intention oi the
council tu rnjse the full amount required ul one time ur in spread il
uver a period.
Mi      Thompson    intimated    thai
Bowling League
following is the schedule
Kriday, March 3rd 	
Monday, March nth 	
Wednesday, Marcli 8th	
Thursday, March mb 	
Friday, March iiiih 	
above league:
 (MM!. Shop
 linker SI. \
 Kink Merc. I
...C.P.R. .Shop
...C.l'.lt.   Ollices
s vs
Monday, March 13th  Y.M.C.A. vs  C I
Wednesday, March 1-itli  Kink Men*. v„  \
Thursday, March Hilli  linker si. South
Saturday, March I8II1  C.P.R, Offices vs
Monday, March sTIlh  Kink Men*. Co. v
linker SI. South
vs.  C.l'.lt. Olllces
I,  V.M.C.A.
linker St.. North
s.   linker St.  South
H. Shops
i. linker SI. North
is.  Y.M.C.A.
C.l'.lt. Simps.
,  Baker St. Smith
Wednesday, March i'iiiil
Thursday, March 23rd
Friday, March 24 th 	
Monday, March 27tli ,..
Wednesday, March i lib
Thursday, March 30th
Friday, March  list  ....
Monday, April 'lid 	
Wednesday, April .iih ..
Thursday, April Oth   ..,
Friday, April 7tb 	
Monday, April 10th    Baker SI
Wednesday, April 12th — —Y.M.C.A
Thursday, Ap
Friday, April
linker SI. North vs. Y.M.C.A.
C.l'.lt. Shuns is.   Kink  Men*.  Cn.
C.l'.lt. Olllces vs,   Y.M.C.A.
.linker Si. South is   Baker St. North
C.P.R, Olllces vs. Kink Men*. Co.
Bakei Si. South vs. C.P.R. Simps
CP.lt   unices is   linker SI,  North
.Y.M.C.A, vs   Fink Men*  Cn,
linker si. Norlh is. C.P.II. shops
Baker St. South vs   C.P.R. Ollices
C.I'll, shops is   V.M.C A,
North is   Fink Men*  Cu.
vs. Baker St. South
1   13th   . C I'.It. Shops vs. C.P.R, Olllces
llh  Baker SI. South vs. Fink Merc. Co.
April  I7lh 	
ii, April HHli
, April 2111I1 .„
April 21st  	
April 2llh 	
ty, April 2(ilh
*, April 27lh
April 2Slb 	
Monday, May 1st 	
Wednesday, Muy 'ltd	
Thursday, May Ith 	
Ki.ilay, May alb 	
Monday, Muy Mb 	
Wednesday, May llilh 	
Thursday, May I lib 	
Friday, May 'l21.li 	
Monday, May 15th 	
Wednesday, May I7lb 	
Thursday, Mny lKtli 	
Friday, May lfltll 	
All games called lur 8.30 p.m. sharp
Y.M.C.A. vs.  Baker St.  North
Fink Merc. Co   is   c.l'.lt. Simps
C.l'.lt. Olhces vs. Y.M.C.A.
Baker St. North vs. Baker SI. South
Kink Merc. Cu. vs. c P.R. Olllces
C.l'.lt. Shops vs. Baker SI. South
■ Baker SI. Norlh vs. C.P.R. Olllces
Fink Merc. Cu. vs.  Y.M.C.A.
C.P.R, Shops vs. Baker St. North
I'I'.It. unices vs. Baker SI. South
Y.M.C.A. vs. C.l'.lt. Shops
Kink Mere. Cn. vs. Baker SI. Norlh
linker SI. South vs.  Y.M.C.A.
.C.P.R. Ollices vs. C.l'.lt. Simps
Kink Merc. Cn. vs. Baker SI. South
Baker si. North vs. Y.M.C.A.
('.I'll. Shops vs.  Kink Mere. Co.
Baker SI. Smith vs. C.l'.lt. Offices
C.l'.lt. Olllces is. Fink Mere. Co.
Tin* opening match, C.P.R, Shops
ed 1111 Friday lust nnd resulted in a
strings to nil.
vs. South Side linker St., was play-
win for the simps by 11 score of three
Bulbil*  .
Sinclair ...
I ml
Barber   ...
Myers ...   .
Martin ...
.. 05
011 Monday evening  lasi Hie C.P.R. unices uml N
played a very close gnme, Hie Offices winning by two
difference iii total pins scored was
022 uon mo 1830
nth Side Baker St.
strings to one. The
Brymner ...
I.undburg .
(Inrrell ...
Mcl.aws ...
v sixteen.
Manic)  ...
Phillips ...
Topham ...
121   1112
If AH That Stands
between you and a pair of jjood shoes is the question of
price, thai obstacle is removed; for every day, until the stock
is exhausted, we will continue our Clean Up Sale of Men's
Shoes. These are worth much more than their price. We
have hunted through our stock and picked oul all small lots
and broken size ranges and have cut the price on every pair
to cost or less, so it's a feast of Shoe Values to which we
invite you. Every pair is sold under our" Money Back if
you are not satisfied," guarantee.
The Invictus«The Hart==The Barry"and the American
Gentlemen are included in the sale.
The Sale Price
ii $3.50
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦»♦ i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦o >**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
lilT   (113   615   IHT I
635   501   (.71   I860
loubtlcss Iho council would adopt the
course ol hypothecating the ilebentur-
anil raising amounts requisite
Irom time tu time, deterring tin* sale
ul debentures until they could he disposed ul to greatest advantage.
Chairman Wilsim here naked Mayor
Hnnl what lu- thought as to the advisability oi calling a public meeting
fnr thc full discussion ol this problem. Mayor llunl replied that he
v.as fully in accord with the idea.
Mr believed thai such a course was
entirely proper.
Mr .1. (i. McCallum moved thai
Kngineer Gait's report he republished and suggested lhat the hoard id
Irade request the council to take I his
course. Mr. A A. MacKinnon sec
ondod a motion tu this effect, whicl
was adopted.
N   I. Harrison moved fur lhe   ap
pointmcnl id a Bclect committee to
take charge oi the campaign fur the
rc-submisston and passage of the bylaw Mayoi Ilmii seconded the motion, which carried aud,the chairman
appointed the following. Messrs. N. I.
Harrison, A. A. MacKinnon and K.
This practically closed the discussion, all present joining in a pledge
to do their utmost to secure the passage ot lhe Inlaw, when next presented to the ratepayers.
fuel, light and waler for the joint
government and municipal building,
'amounting to $382.11, was read and
upon recommendation of the finance
committee the account was ordered
| A communication was read from
iMrs. Bent in reference to taxation ol
lier hospital property, pointing    oui
• that       this    properly      was legally	
exempt    from taxation       This being |	
'the ease, the claim already submitted Leforc l!u. Nl.,v Vl*:u ,!iat  ,h(.   queg.
for taxes will be withdrawn. .imi ()f Mrs   K[ng,a ,H.ahIli owing ltl
The following accounts were order-   the high a|titll(|(, and   llu. physician's
repeated    ami     imperative   warning,
made an early move inevitable,
Pastor and   Mrs.  King regret  very
278D    tl'ALKI.EY, .1. I!  ll.-r.i.la-ii*i*
City Fathers
nl paid:
School boant orders 	
City oUU'tals salaries 	
Police salaries   	
City engineer's pay roll
| Kire department pay roll
[City elerk sundries   	
Cranbrook Klectric Ltglit I
We Have Moved
The Old Imperial Bank
Phone 23
Latest Issue of City Debentures
Disposed of at Par
I Lethbridge Herald
R. S. Oarrett 	
|W. s. Bell, poll clerk election
Neptune Meter Co	
I Frank Dezall 	
P. .1. Perry 	
I t'ranbrook Drug and Hook Co
.P, .1. Perry, school board ...
There   were    presenl, Harvey,   McCartcr  and Mm-
Aldermen    .lohnson, |   donald, school hoard 	
. sum.11
.. mm.nil
. :l III.im
., 326.00
.. 170.70
1.    120.75
.     21.50'
II. While, duly 	
.1. I). McBride 	
W. E. Worden 	
Quain Electrical Supply Co..,
Herald Publishing Cu	
K. W. Connolly	
E. I). Johnson 	
Kink Mercantile Co	
Mri'alluiii anil Cn	
W. P. Doran 	
Charlie Wing 	
Arnold and Roberts 	
W. A. Rollins 	
Vancouver Rubber Co	
Kasl     Kootenay    Provision
T M. Roberts,   returning ol
Kootcna)     Telephone     Lines,
i.l 05
I .In
j ."ill
.-, 2.'i
105 nn
26 Oil
781 Vi
70 II
11 ."iii
regular monthly meeting ot the
rily    council took   place on Monday
Mayor   Hunt
Taylor, Campbell ami Bowness,
A communication was read from
lhe attorney-general intimating that
llic clerk nl thc peace hail recommended an increase in police magis-
1 rat,- Ryan's salary from tin to
m:u per month, on motion of Aldermen Johnson anil Itowness the proposed Increase was assented tn.
I W. Edmunds recently slipped on
an icy sidi'ivatk, sostnlntng injuries
that confined him Iii his house.
Through his solicitors, Messrs. fliii
vcy, Mil'attci and Macdonald, lie
wtiiie tin* council intimating tluii he
would put in a claim against the
city fm Insl lime and his doctor's
lull Tins communication had been
referred to Hie city solicitor, who ad-
il iiu* council, in writing, that
thej wen- imi liable. On motion the
clerk was instructed lo so notify Mr.
A communication (mm Lieut.-
Colonel Halliard Turner, of the head
quarters stall, Salvation Army, was
read, requesting civic assistance towards the Army's Prison date, Women's Rescue and Children's Homes
throughout Canada. The communication briefly outlined (he work curried on hy thc Army and suggested
thai it would he in order for the city
lo assist therein. The sentiment
expressed by lhe councillors was,
lhat in  view of thc assistance    now
. licing rendered Ihe Army, in the lorm
ot refund nf taxes, the cily was unable al the present lime lo do more,
I greatly as il appreciated the work ot     A1 .,„ *■,„,„,„, ,„„„,„„ ,.„„„„,,„•„„
""' Alm* Rev. Charles W. King, pasim ol  llie
A communication from Government  Baptist church, presented his resigns.
Agent Armstrong, request.ng .mined- Hon lo take effect on or al I     Ilu*
iale settlement ol outstanding      ac-| ilrsi of May.    This eame as no sur-
enunt lor lhe city's share in cost   of  prise to the members, It being known
much leaving Crnnhrook, hnth he-
cause they believe in its coming
steady growth and like the place for
many reasons, and because Ihey believe lhe larger and more permanent
results arc generally frnm the longer
pastorates. In' his resignation Pastor King said: "God has been wilh
us, souls have been saved, lhe work
is well organized; and thc future, tiu-
80.12 der God's blessing is bright. Found -
3.30   ations   have heen     laid, the precious
101.31 J .stones, the gold and silver o! consecrated heart, character and lite    have
dull*! .111
At this stage of proceedings, Maim
Hunt made the pleasing announce
ment that tlie »l.',,iinn debentures
most recently authorized hail been
disposed of at par to the Canadian
Debenture Incorporation company.
Temporary Loan Bylaw Hill, No.
112, to authorise Ihr loan of 113,000
for current expenditun s, was |uil
through its several readings ami lin-
ally passed.
Council then adjourned.
been placed into the structure of onr
ehurcb here, others will build thereon. Wc shall nnt soon forget thc
Christian love and consecrated zeal
for the I.mil we have found In this
.church; ami I mist thai friendships
formed sn dear to us shall never he
broken, Por all ymir loyal and lov-
* ing support iu prayer, aud word ami
work I thank you sincerely."
I   Mr.    Kin*;'*    other llelds of labor
lucre   iu      I iiiiui     street,  Klnnsl	
Parliament street, Toronto and oxford street, Woodstock, Ontario,
where In* served about lificen years
He was honored with th,* presldcnc)
of three denominational associations
whore lu* has labored, ami wus the
held secretary ol tin* Toronto Church
Extension board dm lug a special
campaign, when six new Interests
wen* established al strategic poInU,
all of whieli me now thriving churches, Both Air. and Mrs. King have
served mi Hn* Baptist Porclgn Mis
sion boards ol ihe Ontario and Quebec convent inn. Mr. King is from
Nova Scotia, hul his training for Ihe
work was secured in Woodstock College and McMaster University, Toronto, lie expects lo remain in lhe
st, nud Miss Stark, Mrs. King's
sister,  will also likely remain.
1*o have a lame hack or painful
stitches means Disorder,.*,! Kidneys,
anil lhe sonner ynu have the Kidneys
and Bladder in a perfectly healthy
condition llic sooner you will enjoy
life. As far as wc know ihere is
only nne remedy lha! is guaranteed
In cure you, nud Ihal is Kill I'll.I.S
If tliey don't make yon a strong,
healthy person iu two weeks your
money will he refunded. 25e. a box
al all leading drug stores, or mailed
on receipt of price liy The Pig 1'ill
Co., St. Thomas, om.
t'nless you can make it profitable.
tor people lo watch your store ads
you'll not make your store ads. pin
fitatile lo ymi. Nothing is surer
than that.
REV.    C, IV,
Hr. E.' W. Connolly tins received
lhe lollowing .Instructions hy win*
from c. .1. Pagan, provincial medical
health olliccr:
General vaccination, especially
school vaccination, shnuld he insisted
subject iii sworn statement of
individuals or parents having conscientious objections "
The Central  Meat
Wc nro booking oiilors fnr
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Red lijjjjs
for hatching.
Price $2.00 per selling
Prom   1st
prize   winners'   ut
Agricultural  HI10W,
A. .lol I Ile, Proprietor.
*********** * ***** *****
We offer tho above frnm
lienvy laying strains, iih
woll nsSliow Winners in
White Wyiuulottrs   ami
S.C.   White Leghorns.
Send in your orders early


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